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Moving businesses forward for over 90 years. Evolving with the times and doing our best to meet the needs of our clients In the spring we lowered our rates for gym/fitness facility insurance and we are now urging Business Members to ask us for a quote. We also added coverage for “on-line training” for fitness trainers, which given the COVID-19 circumstance was more important than ever. To deal with the pandemic and its challenges, we temporarily eliminated the requirement for 50% of training revenue from “on-line training” so that fitness instructors could continue to work while face-to-face appointments were not possible and fitness facilities were closed.* *This condition will be reinstated once the COVID-19 situation has dissipated.

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Increasing Metabolism in Your Clients

This is an excerpt from Secrets Of Successful Program Design By Alwyn Cosgrove & Craig Rasmussen NUTRITION & WELLNESS




Simple practices to help your clients adopt a whole-self-health approach for sustained success HEALTHY LIVING





BREATH, MOVE, REFLECT... Building movement literacy with fundamental and playful patterns to improve efficiency



Se tourner vers 2021

Faites grandir votre entreprise en explorant le pouvoir du pivot




Communication strategies to make fitness spaces more race and gender inclusive





Make high intensity training accessible for a wider variety of clients


Grow your business by exploring the power of the pivot








4 canfitpro November/December 2020




Establishing systems and a detailed action plan ensure success COACHING



Teach your clients three steps to creating sustainable habits for life BUSINESS



5 rules for separating yourself on social media


3 programming opportunities to help you serve your clients and grow your business













CREATE A ROWING EXPERIENCE UNLIKE ANY OTHER Reinvigorate rowing and make your facility stand out with metrics that matter. Our advanced RXP Target Training Rower makes it easy for members to establish personalized targets just right for their ability level and track their progress with bright color guidance. Only the RXP pairs the effectiveness of personalized training with the excitement and energy of group exercise to keep members motivated to reach their goals.

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Note from the COO

November/December, 2020 Photo Credit: Dawn Bowman

Chief Operating Officer Maureen Hagan Vice President Kyle Tomlin Managing Editor Erin Andersen Graphic Designer Imran Mahmood Doris Li Marketing & Communications Manager Janessa Gazmen, Certification Operations Manager Barb Pontes,

Prepare to Live the Story You Wish to Tell in 2021 It has been an incredible year of chaos, challenge, and change not only for those of us who work in the fitness industry, but also for the entire world! Although we have had to endure and MO’ve through much hardship, I want to remind you that this year is not over and how we position ourselves at the close of 2020 will strengthen us for the year to come. How can you prepare to live the story you wish to tell in 2021? First, take time to reflect on both the struggles and the silver linings from 2020. Reflection is a powerful process for learning from experience. In the past year, we have had to reimagine our businesses and careers as fitness professionals. For canfitpro specifically, the challenges brought about by COVID-19 presented us with the opportunity to redefine our company by shifting our entire business online – certifications and courses, to delivering the first ever canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series. I am incredibly proud of our team and together we are all so grateful to you for your trust and loyalty. Reflecting on our victories and celebrating our success of those “silver linings” creates powerful MO’mentum for the future. The next step is to reconnect with what matters most and contributes to your personal and professional WHY. To prepare to live the story you wish to tell, you need to begin with WHY. When you know your WHY, the way will appear and shine a light on your true authentic purpose. As Todd Durkin will declare in canfitpro’s final keynote address in November, “Be that light! Be that lighthouse!” This attitude will shift you from just "going through the motions" to actually living and becoming the person you most desire to be. As Silken Laumann, four-time Olympic medalist and our closing keynote speaker at the canfitpro Virtual Series in August reminded us: COVID-19 presented us with an opportunity for transformation. We are transformed by our lived experience and the times where things seem the hardest are where we change the most. Everyone has a story and no one’s story is more important than another’s. We find meaning and understand the reason for our experience through telling our story and honouring each other’s stories as well. This is a powerful practice and process which I know will help us connect deeper, stay more resilient, and start 2021 stronger. Who needs New Year’s resolutions when you have a story of greatness to tell!

Maureen “Mo” Hagan

Chief Operating Officer

Manager, B2B Sales & Strategic Partnerships Robert Robinson, Member Experience Manager Kelly Ladd,

Fitness Advisory Panel CANADA INTERNATIONAL Nathalie Lacombe Kristen Green Dr. Gillian Mandich Dan McDonogh Dione Mason Sgt. Ken Weichert Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas Sean Greeley Tracie Smith-Beyak Scott Wildeman

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canfitpro November/December 2020





REGISTER NOW! I had my Fitness Instructor Specialist certification for a while. I wanted to update my skill set with Personal Training but was afraid of the science, as I lack that background. PRO TRAINER Trevor made it super fun and approachable! I am so glad I took the course! I am also impressed with the way he taught on ZOOM and used breakout rooms to keep our interest while learning! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! KARINA M. PTS STUDENT


I’m so excited about how online certifications will greatly expand my reach across the country, particularly into remote areas that never had access to a PRO TRAINER or enough candidates to run a course SUE STARESINIC, FIS PRO TRAINER

HEALTH OBSESSED AND FITNESS FUELLED™ A career that will inspire you to bring out your best.

Join Canada’s best team and change lives.

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At Schwinn, we create a space that embraces inclusivity, making room for everyone in a community that melds fun and sweat. Our approach offers an equal cycling experience to different fitness levels. Our philosophy has always been to create

Prepare and refresh your space with the TRX Studio Line: Single Bay which provides a customizable suspension anchoring and storage solution, allowing you to maximize space efficiency and exercise functionality while still emphasizing design and aesthetics to suit the needs of each unique member, space, and activity. TRX will work with you directly to examine your space, understand your needs and goals, and create areas that encourage friendly social distance training within your space.

10 canfitpro November/December 2020

leading products, programs and experiences, no matter the vision. We’ve built our reputation through consistent innovation rooted in authentic cycling. An authenticity that touches every part of what we do.

Our YogaFit for Athletes 100-hour teacher training provides the fundamentals you need to incorporate yoga principles into any athletic training endeavor—either for your students or yourself. Ideal for yoga teachers and fitness professionals who want to learn more about the complex world of the athlete (professional, die¬hard, or weekend warrior) and how yoga can support and supplement fitness conditioning sessions. Take 15% off all trainings in our Athletes track with discount code Athlete15.

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Pelvic floor fitness is on trend, but it is not trendy. Learn the 3C approach to kegels and reduce or eliminate your symptoms from overactive pelvic floor muscles, incontinence, organ prolapse, diastasis recti, and back pain. This app based program gives you reminders, a daily pelvic floor workout, and bonus content to help with core and pelvic floor dysfunction. Join the next challenge with code CPF2020 to save 50%!

canfitpro November/December 2020




Taking the necessary steps that will lead to impactful change within the fitness community By Robert Robinson, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Chair EARLIER THIS SUMMER, WE WENT ON RECORD IN THE WAKE OF RECENT INSTANCES OF POLICE BRUTALITY AND THE DEHUMANIZATION OF BLACK PEOPLE. The glaring inequalities within the justice system and in law-enforcement also 12 canfitpro November/December 2020

paved the way for the world to take a deeper look at other forms of systemic racism that exist around us, including in our workplaces and our homes. Unsure of what to say, many organizational leaders remained silent until it was absolutely necessary to make a statement. There are many of us who wondered if the statements made by these organizations were truly genuine, or just a necessary

politically correct reaction to the social unrest that was in full effect. “Our lives begin to end the day that we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr. We (canfitpro) also made a statement which read: WE’RE LISTENING. WE’RE LEARNING. WE’RE STANDING WITH YOU.

We want to ensure you that we meant it. It was time to speak and now it is time act. Real and lasting change does not arrive overnight or by reacting to every situation that arises, rather it comes by taking a phased approach and implementing systems mobilized by passionate human beings – this is our belief towards creating real and lasting change. As a membershipbased organization connected to thousands of fitness professionals, fitness businesses, and partners, we understand the importance of a strategic plan to combat the issues related to Diversity & Inclusion. Our commitment is to keep listening, learning, and standing with our BIPOC community, and acknowledge the disparities of other marginalized groups as well. After many conversations, we have taken the necessary steps to create a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy to lead us to significant and impactful change within our organization. This conversation is about human beings, equality, and freedom. If we try to make it about something else, we will lose sight of the root cause (problem) and fail to provide the right solutions. The steps we have taken towards leading the way in the fitness community include the following: STEP ONE: Diversity & Inclusion Committee In September 2020, canfitpro announced the assembly of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee. The team, comprised of passionate employees, shared their personal why; why diversity and inclusion is a priority for them. Tasked to steer the overall Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and champion change, the members embrace taking an unbiased approach to problemsolving and establishing corporate measurements to monitor progress against the initial organizational baseline data. With the support of canfitpro’s leadership team, staff, and partners, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee will work to identify biases, systemic levers, and areas of exclusion that continue to impact our ability to build a strong culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity within the canfitpro community at large. STEP TWO: Diversity & Inclusion Strategy After surveying our staff, members, and partners, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee with the help of the leadership

team, identified the top organizational priorities and created a 12-month strategy. One of many top priorities include shifting the diversity scale of our internal and external representation to align with our member demographics and advocating for career justice and equal opportunities in the fitness industry, starting at the home office. The clear objectives are to remove barriers to underrepresented people groups, educate ourselves on issues related to bias, and be intentional about decisions impacting our members. STEP THREE: Accountability-Based Learning Aware that everyone learns differently we are promoting continued learning through a wide-array of resources to create a successful learning organization. Our focus is to provide book titles, movies, documentaries, and online training modules. Interactive group trainings are an equally engaging option that can happen both virtually or in-person. Building the right culture starts with leading by example so organizational leaders must actively immerse in lifelong learning. TIP: Accountability Learning: creating a learning club that connects regularly to discuss a planned learning path will create accountability and enhance the learning experience. When creating a learning club, it is important to establish the group as a safe space. Learning is also Listening Thank you to all our canfitpro members who took the time to complete the recent Member Survey. Your responses allow canfitpro to make critical strategic decisions on matters such as Diversity & Inclusion and more. Understanding our members helps us to best service you with products, resources, and community. As you can see, the conversations have started. We want to be the change we want to see in the fitness community. Acknowledging that there are significant gaps in our representation of diversity, we intend to do better. More information and data will be shared with canfitpro members in future communications. We are accountable to our members and the transparency of our progress will support our organization priorities to lead change. “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Remembering the very moment that started this global awakening - Black Lives Matter - we invite you to join us in the fight against anti-black racism, systemic racism, racial injustice, and inequality. “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing!” – Stephen Covey

Meet the Diversity & Inclusion Committee Robert Robinson Manager, B2B Sales & Strategic Partnerships Background: Black (Jamaican-Canadian) My Two-Word Why: Generational Empowerment Janessa Gazmen Manager, Digital Marketing and Communications Background: Southeast Asian (Filipino-Canadian) My Two-Word Why: Ignite Change Santiago Martinez B2B Marketing Coordinator, B2B Team Background: Hispanic/Latino (Colombian) My Two-Word Why: Intercultural Understanding Michael O’Neil Finance & Accounting Manager Background: Caucasian and Native American (Ojibwe) My Two-Word Why: Passionate Learner Cheryl Williams Event Experience Coordinator Background: Black (St. Vincent and the Grenadines-Canadian) My Two-Word Why: Equality and Education

Robert Robinson is the Manager of B2B Sales & Strategic Partnerships at canfitpro and a certified Personal Training Specialist for over seven years. He was the manuscript coordinator for the current edition of canfitpro’s Personal Training Specialist (PTS) course manual and now oversees the B2B Business Unit. Robert is an experienced sales professional with over 15 years in the financial and fitness industry.

canfitpro November/December 2020




Meet Sue Staresinic, canfitpro finalist for Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year 2020 Tell us about your fitness career journey. Although I didn’t consider dance “exercise”, I was leading classes in high school, teaching kids ballet and jazz. I then left to study physiotherapy and got a part-time job at a gym. I took my instructor certification in 1997 and quickly realized how important being part of a fitness

14 canfitpro November/December 2020

community was for my mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. I’ve been a group fitness geek ever since, attending countless courses, trainings, and the canfitpro conference religiously! I’ve always been privileged to have employers that provide ample opportunities for training and mentoring.

This led to my recognition as NEWBODY Idol at GoodLife Fitness and provided me the opportunity to participate in master class filming, and present at the canfitpro conference and, most recently, canfitpro Virtual Series, virtual fitness platform. I now reciprocate by providing professional development as a GoodLife Fitness National Presenter.

Besides working as a physiotherapist and teaching regular classes, one of the most rewarding roles I have is that of canfitpro FIS PRO TRAINER. Mentoring and certifying instructors, who then go out into the community to lead and inspire others, results in even more Canadians leading healthier lives! Where would you like your career path to take you? I’m so excited by the opportunities that have presented themselves because of the pandemic. Now that canfitpro FIS certification courses are offered in person or live, it greatly expands my reach, particularly to remote areas that did not have access to a PRO TRAINER or enough participants to run a live course. I have a special interest in rehabilitation of individuals impacted by cancer and it’s treatments. I would love to expand on the ways I serve this population. I plan to combine my new technology skills with my knowledge in health care and in the fitness industry to promote exercise as medicine. What challenges have you overcome and what have you learned that has made you a better professional? When the gym and clinic closed due to COVID-19, I had to serve my physiotherapy clients and my participants virtually. This required me to master multiple different technology platforms, while learning a new electronic medical record system and developing COVID-19 protocols. The learning curve was intense. There were many moments when I envied my neighbours who were organizing

READING THE LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATIONS FROM MY PARTICIPANTS AND COLLEAGUES BROUGHT ME TO TEARS. I WAS DEEPLY TOUCHED TO READ ABOUT THE IMPACT I’VE HAD ON THEM. AS FITNESS PROFESSIONALS WE REALLY ARE CHANGING LIVES! closets and watching Net Flix! But, thanks to that experience, I’ve realized that I can learn anything! All I need is a good YouTube “how to” video and a laser sharp focus on my “WHY”- helping people move and lead with confidence. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Over my 23 years in the business, I’ve benefited from countless tips shared by incredible mentors. All of those pointers and words of wisdom have helped me get to this point in my career. However, the best advice I ever received came from WHY GUY- Gerry Visca. He reminded me that to truly serve the world and live my purpose I would have to stop comparing myself to others. What piece of advice would you give your younger self? When stepping into learning opportunities

that increased my visibility in the fitness community, I worried about being judged for my motives. Knowing what I know now, I would tell my younger self: “focus on how your participants will benefit.” I was very self-conscious about judgement when I earned my second and third NEWBODY Idol titles. But, Mo Hagan and Lisa Mastracchio mentored me to teach with better clarity and confidence. Ultimately, my members and course participants reaped the rewards as I applied and passed on that knowledge and skill. If you were to write a motto for yourself, what would it be? Mindset is everything. There is incredible power in positive thinking. How did you get nominated for this award? I’m most grateful and humbled that I was nominated by one of my respected mentors, and winner of last year’s Fitness Instructor Specialist award, Lisa Mastracchio. Completing the questionnaire was an amazing opportunity for me to reflect on my values and all I’ve accomplished this year. Reading the letters of recommendations from my participants and colleagues brought me to tears. I was deeply touched to read about the impact I’ve had on them. As fitness professionals we really are changing lives!

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Specialized yoga education for fitness professionals Tracks include Athletes, Active Adults, Mind/Body Women's Health, and more! All ONLINE! | 855-607-9642

canfitpro November/December 2020



Photo Credit: Dawn Bowman



16 canfitpro November/December 2020

Can you describe what it is that you do within the fitness industry? My passion has always been health and fitness, and over the years I’ve had various roles, including as a yoga teacher, fitness model, Reebok ambassador, and most recently as an educator. I’m a happiness researcher and my personal mission is to educate people about evidence-based health information so they can lead a happier, healthier life. How long have you been active in this role? I spent over a decade at Western University where I taught in the Faculty of Health Science and I also earned my PhD in Health Science, with a specialization in Health Promotion. My PhD research investigates happiness and health. What do you love about what you do? I believe there is no secret to happiness, but there is a science to it. What I love most about what I do is having the opportunity to bring academic research to life by combining the latest research with real-world wisdom to provide practical, evidence-based solutions that empower people to live happier, healthier lives.


What is the most memorable career experience for you to date and why? One of my most memorable career experiences was this past August at the first ever canfitpro Virtual Series. I have presented, in-person, at the canfitpro Toronto event for the past six years and to watch the creativity and innovation of the canfitpro team this year, who made this event happen, is something I will never forget. During the conference, my session, Women’s Health, Hormones, and Happiness, was the most attended session and to be able to find a way to come together in the middle of a global pandemic to share the latest research for women about health and happiness is an experience I will never forget. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made and how have you learned from it? The biggest mistake I’ve made is not staying in my own lane. Especially when I started out in fitness, I would look to my peers and compare myself, which often led me down a road of feeling like I wasn’t good enough, doing enough, or doing the “right” things. I quickly realized that I am the best for myself and for others when I don’t look out and instead look in. I believe that each of us has unique skills, talents, and gifts to bring to the world and the best way to do that is to live our

truth and be who we are instead of trying to be someone we aren’t, doing what we “should do”, or doing what feels safe instead of doing what feels right. You’ve had the opportunity to travel the world experiencing fitness. What’s the most interesting story you’d like to share? One of my favourite memories from my fitness travels was being in San Francisco for my Yoga Tune Up Level 1 training. The training coincided with Pride Week and it was so fun to be able to go with my classmates to the Castro and experience the energy and excitement of Pride Week firsthand. What do you believe sets certain fitness professionals apart from the rest? While we are all united in our shared passion for wellness, one thing that sets certain fitness professionals apart from the rest is their ability to listen. Because we are all unique, I think that the professionals that take the time to ask questions and really listen to answers have an exceptional superpower. What advice can you share to those new to the field? One of the things I have learned from my research is that the pursuit of happiness doesn’t mean the goal is to be happy all the time. As we learn and grow, we experience ups, downs, and challenges. I think it’s important to remember, especially when we are new in a journey, that happiness is not something that we earn or a destination that we arrive at, rather it’s something that we learn and practice. Just like fitness, happiness is something that we have to work at our entire life. What does this award represent to you? This award is a reflection of the leadership, guidance, and support of so many people who have helped, taught, and mentored me during my work in the fitness industry. It is so meaningful because it comes from my peers – I was selected by delegates based on feedback and attendance from my 2019 sessions as well as the impact my work has had on the Canadian fitness industry. @gillianmandich

canfitpro November/December 2020


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18 canfitpro November/December 2020



FITNESS BUSINESS JOURNAL Keeping club and boutique owners, operators, and managers informed with industry news, trends, and insights.










Boutique Studio to Globally-Recognized Brand

Lindsay G. Merrithew, shares how Merrithew™ has grown the Pilates method into a mindful movement for people all over the world 20 canfitpro November/December 2020

COMPANY PROFILE Number of years in business: 32 years

Head Quarter Location: Toronto, Ontario

To what do you attribute your success? Over the last 32 years, Merrithew™ has become known as the Leaders in Mindful Movement™ because of our high-quality education programs and innovative equipment, the expertise of our instructors and partners, and our commitment to safety, effectiveness, and originality. Working with a team of physical therapists, engineers, sports medicine and fitness professionals, we have continued to evolve and adapt our programming, products, and services over the years to accommodate more diverse populations and exercise needs, including elite athletes, rehab patients, active aging patrons, among others. We are dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life through mindful movement. What is your company’s mission? Merrithew’s philosophy is that effective, responsible, and mindful movement is the foundation of a better life – and should be accessible regardless of age, fitness level or ability. Our mission is to motivate people of all ages and life stages to lead healthier lives and achieve optimal fitness and wellness through high-quality, mindfulness-based education programs, and cutting-edge equipment. By moving mindfully— with intention, focus, and awareness – we can boost the connection between mind and body, improving performance, building resilience, and combating stress. Does your company help the community where it is located? We believe in giving back to our community. We participate in and donate to charity events big and small that align with our company philosophy to support health and wellness. One of the events we fundraise for and participate in annually is the Heart & Stroke Big Bike, a 30-person bike ride around the Yonge and Eglinton area where our head office is located. The money raised from this event goes to critical heart health research at hospitals

and universities across Canada. In addition to this, we also regularly donate retail products and equipment to support charity events hosted by our partners, such as a California studio and Merrithew Host Training Center that raised $3,000 for breast cancer research. Why are you in this type of business? Pilates and mindful movement offer real and tangible benefits to people of all ages and abilities. We founded Merrithew with the aim to demystify and bring awareness to the Pilates method, making it available to a wider audience. To this day, we are driven by the latest research, innovating our equipment and education to deliver safe, effective and premium services, products, and solutions to our partners so they can bring the benefits of mindful movement to people around the world. Where do you see your business over the next one to five years? The pandemic has only reinforced the importance of being healthy, mindful, and active. In the coming years, we expect even more demand for online and virtual education, training and fitness opportunities, and more awareness of and interest in mind-body movement modalities. Over the last few months, we have adapted our education for an online environment and we’ll continue to expand that offering in the coming months. We wanted to make sure that our students and instructors could continue to deepen their knowledge, experience, and expertise as uninterrupted as possible. To meet the demand for virtual fitness options we launched Merrithew Connect™, our new Pilates and mind-body video streaming platform featuring ondemand workouts from our top Instructor Trainers. This platform is intended to inspire, enhance, and complement our students’ and instructors’ ongoing education and training, and provide fitness enthusiasts with best-in-class instruction and workouts to help them deepen their practice. We will continue to expand the workout library and the range of Merrithew education programs available on the platform in the coming months and years

to keep the content fresh, exciting, and relevant to our fitness professional and fitness enthusiast audience. Do you currently compete in the global market place? Merrithew is an international business that competes in the global marketplace. Our 269 Instructor Trainers and 194 active Training Centers have delivered education to more than 60,000 students in 135 countries. We work with distributors and resellers in 23 countries. Our head office and manufacturing facility are located in Toronto, Canada. How has your business leveraged technology / innovative solutions to conduct and drive results? Merrithew has leveraged technology by creating and launching our new Pilates and mind-body streaming platform, Merrithew Connect™, in May. This video streaming platform is geared towards Pilates, yoga and group instructors, personal trainers, and rehab and health care practitioners who want to complement their Merrithew training with workout inspiration in the comfort of their own homes. Instructors will gain new teaching skills, cueing techniques, and programming ideas that they can take back to their clients— whether in-person or virtually. We’re also leveraging technology to provide Merrithew workshops virtually to our students and we will soon be allowing our students to take their practical exams virtually to accommodate social distancing/lockdown requirements in different countries. During this time, we have improved and upgraded our website, online shop, and blog to enhance the user experience and improve access to information. To support our partners in providing a safe studio environment to their clients, we created an innovative solution – vinyl straps and vinyl strap coverings for our professional line of Reformers to make cleaning and disinfecting this high-touch surface quicker and easier. What makes your company unique from the competition? Merrithew is recognized globally for its safe, effective and results-oriented education and training, and for its highquality, long-lasting, versatile equipment and products, designed for maximum canfitpro November/December 2020


research, fitness education, and innovation.


We owe our success to our local and Canadian partners who believed in our education, equipment and services from the start, and supported our growth across Canada and abroad. As the Leaders in Mindful Movement, we are committed to championing, nurturing and elevating Canadian fitness professionals and studio owners, and growing the mind-body fitness industry in Canada and beyond.

performance and rehabilitation for both professional and personal use. What is your contribution to the Canadian Fitness Industry? We got our start as a boutique Pilates

22 canfitpro November/December 2020

studio in downtown Toronto and today we are a globally-recognized brand with more than 200 staff at our head office and manufacturing facility in Ontario. We are proud of our Canadian roots and to support Canadian manufacturing,

Lindsay G. Merrithew, Co-Founder, CEO and President, is the driving force behind the growth of Merrithew™ and its premium education programs: STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training, Total Barre® and Halo® Training. He has been instrumental in designing, producing, and marketing the company’s extensive equipment and video lines, and is a member of Ontario’s prestigious Innovators Alliance for elite entrepreneurs.

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canfitpro November/December 2020



Success in Running a Fitness Business (And Your Life)

10 proven principles to create an unbreakable, winning mindset By Sean Greeley, NPE Founder & CEO Starting and building a business is one of the most challenging things you will ever do. More people fail than succeed. Those who succeed often only do so after tons of trial and error.

NPE Success Principles that follow have been developed and proven over the last 14+ years working with 45,000+ fitness professionals and studio/gym owners in 96 countries.

NPE Success Principle # 1: Personal responsibility “Take active responsibility for your success, because no one else can do it for you.”

The MINDSET you must bring to the table to succeed as a small business owner is the MOST important key to WINNING. The

Follow these principles and you’ll create an unbreakable, winning mindset.

All personal growth and development MUST begin with taking full responsibility for where you are now, how you got

24 canfitpro November/December 2020

there, and the changes that must be made to grow. If you’re willing to take full responsibility, continue. If you’re not, we can’t help you. And nobody else can, either. Are you ready? If so, let’s continue.... NPE Success Principle #2: Have courage, practice faith “As a business owner you must attack your fears to grow.” You’re going to be challenged as never before. You may start running out of money and don’t know how to find clients. And, you may not see how the solution will come together. You must have courage that you are going to figure things out. You must practice faith that when you take the right steps, you will find help – in the form of mentors and coaches that will show up to guide you on your way. NPE Success Principle #3: Your business is not different We hear a lot of people say their businesses are different: I do CrossFit, I work with Grandmas, I do Pilates … It doesn’t matter HOW you serve clients. The fundamentals for business success are the same for EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS. Revenues - Expenses = Net Profit. Keep it simple for success. Master the fundamentals. NPE Success Principle #4: Follow the dang instructions “Don’t reinvent the wheel, just follow the dang instructions.” Some of our clients have been slogging it out for 20 years before coming to us, going to the gym in the dark, praying in the parking lot, training the first client at 4 a.m. and repeating that same day for 20 years. Don’t do that. Instead, follow proven models for business success. Ask someone who has succeeded what they did, listen to them, and then do what they tell you to do. NPE Success Principle #5: CVMVGP “Know WHAT you stand for, WHY it’s important to you, WHERE you want to go, and HOW you are going to get there.”

THE FUNDAMENTALS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS ARE THE SAME FOR EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS. This stands for Core Values, Mission, Vision, Goals, and Priorities. When you align your time, energy, and focus with all these pieces, you’re going to wake up with your heart on fire, you’re going to go after your goals, and be successful. NPE Success Principle #6: Value = CE + R + R “Value is perceived by the client experience, relationship, and results you deliver. Focus on delivering value and price becomes irrelevant.” Good (sustainable) business is all about delivering value to your client. We measure that with: • Client experience - everything from their first contact through renewing their membership • Client relationships - the bond your clients share with your team and community, and… • Results - the transformational results your clients experience PRICE is less important than the VALUE you deliver to those you serve. If you focus on value, you can raise your prices and (almost) charge whatever you want! NPE Success Principle #7: Get your crap together “No explanation needed.” Get organized. You can’t be successful when you’re all over the place. Take care of yourself; create an environment where you can succeed and surround yourself with the people and systems that will support your journey. NPE Success Principle #8: Margin=Profitability “It’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep.” Many businesses have fundamental problems in the math of how they make money. They want to solve this problem with marketing. But, if your business isn’t

profitable, more unprofitable clients will make things worse! Businesses are ONLY sustainable when they are profitable. NPE Success Principle #9: Know your numbers Many fitness professionals and studio/ gym owners have no awareness of where they are with targets in their business. They don’t know the number of leads being generated each month, cost per lead, margin on labor, cash forecast, and more. We train our clients on 17 “Must Know” metrics you should always have a handle on as a business owner. If you’re going to own a business, knowing these numbers... at all times... is YOUR responsibility (see NPE Success Principle #1).

… IF YOUR BUSINESS ISN’T PROFITABLE, MORE UNPROFITABLE CLIENTS WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE! NPE Success Principle #10: Commit to results, not activity “Don’t get lost in activity, hold yourself accountable to results.” Focusing on doing lots of “stuff” will always mislead you. You MUST commit yourself to results, not just lots of activity. Process will distract you from the thing that matters most in the end, which is the results you produce.

Sean Greeley, Founder and CEO of NPE, has an unrelenting passion for empowering fitness business owners to grow their business and create the life they want. Since 2006, NPE has helped over 45,000+ fitness professionals and studio owners to grow their business, take home more money, and have the time freedom to enjoy it.

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Building a Badass Boutique: Part 6

Your 10-Touch Journey to Designing a Fitness Studio that Rocks: Understanding the final overview - Polish, and what’s next for boutiques By Emma Barry

Build Your Badass Boutique Blueprint So, there you have it: 10-touches to designing a fitness studio that rocks. In this final part, we bring the symphony together. By working through each P, you will have done all the thinking to create your Blueprint for the journey ahead. You have identified your areas of strength—the things you love to do and the areas in which you can contribute genuine value. You know your gaps—the things you need expert help with. You acknowledge the team you need to realize your vision. It’s now time to sense-check each P and complete that Blueprint. This will be divided into a 3x3 matrix based on the 10-P methodology, with the key elements re-grouped under the following three categories: 26 canfitpro November/December 2020

See the Big Picture As a business operator, one of the great stresses of operating a studio is the minutiae to be addressed on a daily basis, measured against the need to look forward and work on the business. Take time to step back from the myopic and gain a 10,000 feet view of the big picture. Here’s your checklist. BRAND Purpose, Pain, Positioning. How the business is placed to meet a need in the community, how it’s positioned against competitors, and how it differentiates itself in the market. These three Ps make up your why. Purpose: Explain what would be missing in the world if your business did not exist.

Badass Bullets: • Know why you exist • Know what you are great at Pain: What solution are you providing? Badass Bullets: • Business is simply about providing solutions • Deliver these elegantly and comprehensively Positioning: Name the trends you intersect and place a price on the value that brings. Badass Bullets: • Reside at the intersection of trends • Know who you are and who you are not

PRODUCT People, Programming, and Place. These address the core offerings of a fitness facility, including the services and physical environment of the business that are presented to members. These must be deeply considered, and immaculately executed, to be considered credible and powerful in an ever-more discerning and competitive fitness landscape. These three Ps make up your what. People: Describe your ideal staff and member (avatar). Badass Bullets: • Create human bonds • Hire attitude over aptitude Programming: In a nutshell, what service do you provide? Badass Bullets: • Content is King and consistency is Queen • Sit on Science, but deliver to the soul Place: Your place rocks because... Badass Bullets: • Design the backdrop for members to live their best lives • Envelop the experience with full sensory stimulation SYSTEMS Process, Plan, and Pace logistically deliver the experience consistently and comprehensively. Aided by technology, this aspect of the business must be delivered seamlessly. Without this being nailed down, scaling is not possible. These three Ps make up your how. Processes: The key processes that make your place hum are… Badass Bullets: • Create frictionless experiences • (Wo)man and machine is the future Plan: Do you have the right people lined up for the right work? Badass Bullets: • PLOTT-T your key projects • Put the right teams in place to do the right work. Stand in your strengths and farm out the rest. Pace: Are you at the right tempo to get things done efficiently and as best you can?

BY WORKING THROUGH EACH P… YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED YOUR AREAS OF STRENGTH … YOU KNOW YOUR GAPS … Badass Bullets: • Find the rhythm that makes your business hum • Balance the cadence of excellent execution with fresh innovation Polish: Opportunities you see on the horizon include... Badass Bullets: • Be greater than the sum of your parts • Expect setbacks. Get a mentor. Make that call. Align and Refine Everything You can download the full 3x3 matrix for your Blueprint from This brings all your information together— your game plan at a glance. Keep your template up-to-date and schedule checkins at times that align with the rhythm and maturity of your business. Leadership - Be What’s Missing Yet, even with all this planning, most projects will come with their obstacles and nasty surprises along the way. Extra sound-proofing may be required to meet regulations; a wall you thought you could demolish may prove to be structural, killing your design dreams of open space; there may be integration issues with technology. Because even with a great team in place, there will absolutely be times such as these when you have to dive into the detail to help navigate and achieve the best outcome. Great leaders will leap into the fire when needed. They will also recognize when they need the support of a mentor. Ultimately, leadership has many hats. My favorite definition of leadership is quite simply: ‘Be what’s missing in the room.’ • If strong direction is demanded, deliver that with clear and deliberate resolve. • If positive energy is required, bring it in abundance. • If a gentle ear is requested, listen intently, all the way through, until fully heard.

• If a project needs kicking back to life, create the fire to re-inspire. • If you are being asked to lead by example, simply do that. What’s Next? In summary, remember that boutique fitness exists to super-service, surprise, and delight avid fans. Every. Single. Time. That’s why you’re commanding the big bucks. As a segment, it’s enticing newcomers to exercise through its seductive powers of entertainment, hyper-personalization, high-touch service, and a close-knit community. In doing so, it joins the frontline of fitness offerings that are collectively striving to overcome the main challenge we face as an industry: getting people to come and keep coming back. It’s important to remember that a long runway of opportunity exists in terms of participation—but set against this, the couch remains our biggest competitor. Collectively, we must address inactivity and its associated diseases that make it the fourth largest global killer, as reported by the World Health Organization. Yet, it’s fair to say that boutique fitness has already bent the experiential curve. The motivating force of this sector is more potent than other alternatives because of its deep focus—the undiluted joy in the delivery of a specific genre. Thankfully, we were forged in the fires of commitment and movement. It is in our sector that ordinary people do extraordinary things with purpose, passion, and a plan. The world needs you – now go rock the room. Founding member of Les Mills International and former Equinox Director, Emma Barry consults to budget clubs, boutique studios and fit-tech start-ups. Emma is a published author, keynote speaker and mentor, and is fluent in what happens NEXT in fitness. Emma’s #1 International Bestselling Book, Building a Badass Boutique, is available on Amazon and the online course is available on

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BREATH, MOVE, REFLECT... Building movement literacy with fundamental and playful patterns to improve efficiency By Andrea U-Shi Chang


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Movement is life. Without healthy painfree movement, movement slows and eventually stops. Reflection encourages change. If we cannot see and feel what we are doing, it becomes impossible to build better habits and better skills. Functional Movement Systems’ system partner, Ground Force Method and their

concept of movement literacy sets the stage for living a better, stronger life. Gray Cook and Lee Burton, founders of FMS, discuss in their article, The Importance of Primitive Patterns, that “Fitness and performance enhancement professionals too often overlook the

IF WE CANNOT SEE AND FEEL WHAT WE ARE DOING, IT BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE TO BUILD BETTER HABITS AND BETTER SKILLS. fundamental movements because general fitness and athletic populations can often perform many high-level movements without easily observable deficits. In many instances, individuals can accomplish this by utilizing compensatory and inefficient movement patterns due to limitations and asymmetries. The Functional Movement Screen was first introduced to give us greater relative insight into primitive patterns by identifying these limitations and asymmetries.” The FMS Screen directs the appropriate correctives and then system partner, GFM, takes up the logical next step, the furthering of movement literacy. With the combination of breath work, postural alignment, and the ownership of primitive movement patterns, FMS and GFM team up to build better movement from the ground up. Squat, bend, lunge, twist or rotate, push, pull, roll, plus the gait patterns: walk, run, crawl. Combining these primitive or fundamental patterns into a ‘flow’ or a repeatable series of movement similar to the Japanese ‘kata’, enables the GFM student, coach or enthusiast to move more elegantly, and maybe more importantly, efficiently. Efficient and precise movement allows the central nervous system to reduce the threat response the body creates when moving poorly and when in pain or discomfort. Efficiency improves motor control, integration, strength, and power. Enhancing proper movement, and re-patterning lost or inefficient ones, begins with building movement literacy, the foundation of any good movement challenge. Changing position, direction, varying speed and power, and loading patterns is all about expanding the brain’s proprioceptive map. Additionally, adding breathing cadences in time with the movements creates a relaxed yet powerful state of mindfulness. Layering and combining dynamic positions into GFM flows allow the student and enthusiast to ‘play’ with movement again.

Human beings are born to play, and through playful movement good work gets done. When movement literacy allows for paragraphs and sonnets instead of just single words or short sentences, engagement is high and the flow state can be achieved. When literacy is high, there is greater time for reflection, time slows and gives the mover the ability to see and feel their body in space and time. Deliberate practice and joyful movement combine to help us create the best possible way to live the life that we all want - to be able, strong, and confident. Here is a short GFM flow you can enjoy as you work on your movement literacy.

• Figure 4 Front Lunge + S-Arms (A)

• Figure 4 Front Lunge + S-Arms (B)

• Figure 4 Front Lunge + S-Arms (C)

GFM Progressive Movement Flow: Hips and Spine Breath work: nasal breathing only. If that feels easy, hold a small amount of water in your mouth as you perform the movement flow. For the full flow, see the video at

• Figure 4 Front Lunge + Knee Circles

• Figure 4 Hip Switches • Figure 4 Hip Switches + Head Rotations

• Figure 4 Front Lunge + Backwards Shoulder Roll

• Figure 4 Front Lunge • Figure 4 Front Lunge + Lateral Head Tilts

• Figure 4 Front Lunge + Cat/Cow

Andrea U-Shi Chang is a Master SFG Instructor, FMS Instructor, Ground Force Method Global Instructor, Z-Health Movement Coach, and advisory board member for R2P. She has specialized in movement training and kettlebell coaching since 2005. Andrea owns the Pacific Northwest’s first kettlebell gym, Kettlebility, and her Russian Kettlebell Instruction and Elite Performance Coaching studio in Seattle.

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We often strive towards creating diverse environments, but inclusive environments take this to the next step. The analogy delivered by diversity and inclusion expert Verna Myers is that “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” Many of us can recall stories of family and friends, and their first experiences

with the gym. Many of us probably also have our own first experiences we can share. Fitness spaces are intimidating, especially for the inexperienced. This usually shifts as we become more familiar with the space and begin connecting with others. However, some racial and gender minorities report that they continue feeling discomfort in fitness spaces. The research is telling us that this is connected

ENVIRONMENTAL MICROAGGRESSIONS ALSO COMMUNICATE THE SUBTLE MESSAGE TO THOSE THAT DO NOT FIT INTO THESE CATEGORIES THAT THEY DO NOT BELONG. to the ways in which fitness spaces are constructed and the subtle messages that we communicate to Black, Indigenous, Racialized, and Gender-Diverse clients. In EDI, this phenomenon is referred to as “environmental microaggressions”. Environmental microaggressions occur “when something in the physical or social context communicates a negative message to members of marginalized groups”. In this case, spaces often feature images that exclude Black people, gender diverse people, and people of colour. These spaces also do not have diverse staff members that reflect the membership. Environmental microaggressions also communicate the subtle message to those that do not fit into these categories that they do not belong. Building inclusive environments requires a fundamental shift and requires taking decisive action. These actions include continual equity and bias training, diversity hiring targets, and developing equity policies and protocol. A shift like this will not happen overnight, or after reading a few articles on diversity and taking a few trainings. However, in fitness environments, there are key steps that fitness professionals can take to make spaces more inclusive for all clients. One suggestion, put forward by scholar Derald Wing Sue, is to develop a culture where participants encounter “microinterventions”. Wing Sue defines microinterventions as “the everyday words or deeds, whether intentional or unintentional” that communicate key messages to targets of microaggressions. In fitness environments, some of these messages could be communicated in a few different ways: Communicate “validation of ‘their’ experiential reality” by recognizing and celebrating diversity.

Canadians approach race and racial difference with a “colour blind” lens. They see talking about race and difference as potentially offensive. Many Canadians lean on a premise that everyone should be treated the same. The truth is by neglecting race and difference; Canadians are invalidating a key part of Black, Indigenous, Racialized, and GenderDiverse identities. Your clients do not leave their race or gender at the door when they enter a space. This also means that if you are not recognizing that there is diversity coming through your doors, you may not be meeting the needs of your clients. Diverse clients have diverse needs. These needs can be met in a number of ways. This could look like: • Reflecting racial and gender diversity in your staff • Ensuring you have all-gender washrooms/change rooms • Stocking soaps, lotions, other products from companies Black, Indigenous, and racialized people use • Playing music/songs that reflect diversity

WE OFTEN STRIVE TOWARDS CREATING DIVERSE ENVIRONMENTS, BUT INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENTS TAKE THIS TO THE NEXT STEP. Communicating “value as a person” through gender inclusive forms. Valuing individuals of racial and gender diversity means that I validate the lived reality of racial and gender diverse individuals in the images, forms, and language I use. I know I am valued when I see myself reflected in the images, when my experience is reflected in the forms and initiation processes. I know I am valued when people make a genuine effort to learn and say my name. I know I am valued when people respect my chosen pronoun. Gendered language can reproduce gender binaries that are harmful to trans and gender non-binary people. Presenting trans and non-binary people with only male/female options excludes them.

This also extends to gender options on forms. Ensure people are able to express their gender on your forms and in your processes. • Instead of asking if the individual is male or female, try asking how that person identifies, or what their chosen pronoun is. Or better yet, start your conversations by sharing your chosen gender pronouns. • Instead of having male/female options on your forms, try including a blank space for individuals to express their gender; or, if you need specific data, include an array of options so individuals can see themselves in one of the options. Provide reassurance that they are not alone. Over the past few months, emerging data has confirmed the effects of anti-Black systemic racism on disproportionately poorer COVID-19 health outcomes for Black individuals and communities. As well, there has been a growing global awareness of anti-Black racism as a result of the killing of George Floyd in the United States, in addition to the deaths of a number of Black individuals in Canada, including Regis Korchinski-Paquet and D’Andre Campbell. One positive outcome from this has been the global outpouring of support and condemnation of racism and anti-Black racism. As highlighted earlier, creating inclusive environments requires deep sustained actions that move beyond pledges. However, in a world filled with environmental microaggressions, messaging reminding racial and gender identities is an important first step in renewing your relationship with Black, Racialized, and Gender-Diverse communities.

Adam Benn, M.A, M.Ed., is an experienced facilitator, educator, and certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience in personal training, education, and community healthcare. Adam has wide and ranging experience working with diverse populations with unique needs, and supporting individuals and groups to create inclusive environments. canfitpro November/December 2020




Make high intensity training accessible for a wider variety of clients By Nike Charles, BSc, PTS

WHEN I GAVE BIRTH TO MY FIRST CHILD IN 2005, I WAS LOOKING AT DIFFERENT OPTIONS ON HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT. It happened to be around the time that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts were becoming increasingly popular. So I spent 20-40 minutes doing HIIT workouts three times a week. I ended 32 canfitpro November/December 2020

up losing 60 lbs. in six months! It was a game changer. I found something where I didn’t have to spend hours in the gym, but could still burn a crazy number of calories. I now try to incorporate HIIT into my group and private fitness classes as much as I can. HIIT continues to be one of the most effective training styles used by individuals, personal trainers, and in group

fitness programs all over the world. It can be incorporated in a spin class, using a rowing machine, using weights (like dumbbells or kettlebells), or by simply exercising without any equipment at all. There’s a stigma that HIIT is all about cardio, but it also helps to add muscle and eliminate stubborn fat. The base formula is the harder you work (the higher the intensity) = the higher your oxygen intake

= the higher the number of calories you burn. The combination of short bursts of high intensity exercises of 20-90 seconds with rest periods of 10-60 seconds in between help burn more calories both during your workout, but even better, for a period of time after your workout is complete. For most good things, there’s always a “but” not far behind. As efficient as HIIT is, most of the exercises are usually high impact and include a variety of jumping. This can cause wear and tear on the body, leading to injuries in the muscles and joints. The general rule is “everything in moderation”. That also goes for HIIT. Using my background in Kinesiology and personal training, I have modified HIIT in my classes and training to minimize the risk for external pounding or jarring on the joints. This makes my classes more accessible to clients of all different levels, providing everyone the benefits of boosting their endurance and increasing fat loss. Clients get to grow at their own pace and choose the level their body can manage that day. The modifications I’ve incorporated include low impact exercises or LIIT (Low Intensity Interval Training), which has been proven to have a positive effect on clients. Don’t underestimate the acronym. These exercises can still achieve a high calorie burn workout. Examples of low impact exercises I use include the inchworm, modified power jacks, mountain climbers, skaters, and knee drives. Clients often associate low impact training as a “light day”, which is far from the truth. You can still reap the fat-burning, metabolismboosting benefits of a HIIT workout with low impact exercises. If the intensity of your work-to-rest ratio is right, and the intensity of your workout is high enough, you can burn an equal number of calories. Just keep moving! I believe part of the responsibility about being a personal trainer is to bring all possible solutions and methods to our clients, educating them and breaking stigmas. This includes meeting them where they are and leading them through their own path of progress, not to perfection. With the holidays around the corner, I’ve included a quick 20-minute LIIT workout you can share with your clients or try for yourself. Instructions: Do each exercise listed below, performing each move at maximum

intensity for 45 seconds and follow with 15 seconds of rest by stepping side-to-side or walking around the room to catch your breath. Complete four total rounds. Inchworm 1. Start with feet hip-width apart, hands at sides. 2. Hinge forward from your hips and place palms on the mat, bending knees as needed to reach hands to the floor. 3. Walk hands forward to a plank position, shoulders above wrists. 4. Walk hands back to feet and hinge from hips back up to stand.

Modified Standing Jacks 1. Stand with feet together, hands at sides. 2. Step to the right and bring both hands above the head. 3. Bring right leg in, lower arms and return to the starting position. 4. Repeat with the left leg, alternating sides.

Modified Mountain Climbers 1. Start in a plank position, shoulders above wrists. 2. Step left knee in towards chest then step it back. 3. Repeat with right knee, alternating back and forth.

Skaters 1. Start with feet hip-width apart, hands at your sides. 2. Step back with left leg into a diagonal lunge. 3. For added momentum, swing left arm in front of front knee. 4. Come back to start position, repeating on the other side.

Squats 1. Start with feet hip-width apart, toes pointed forward. 2. Keep weight in heels and hinge at the hips, bend the knees, and sit down and back, keep head and chest up. 3. Push through heels to come back to the start position.

Adenike (Nike) Charles is the owner of JUST2SWEAT studio where faith and fitness transform lives! She holds a BSc in Kinesiology and a Minor in Sports Medicine and is a canfitpro PTS. Nike thrives on seeing people living healthy and active lives. Connect with her @just2sweat on all social media platforms.

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Exerting willpower requires awareness and the ability to consciously stop and think, “Should I have the cookie or the apple?” Willpower is akin to a “selfsurveillance muscle”; like any muscle, it gets exhausted.

Motivation is an emotion. Emotions come and go — they come in waves. Motivation differs in degree, intensity, and consistency depending on the person and the situation.

Motivation and willpower are fickle friends; they show-up when we are already motivated or well rested, properly nourished, and not emotionally triggered. How unhelpful. These are not the times

34 canfitpro November/December 2020

when any of us need help staying on our health horse. We need friends who show up when we are about to fall off the horse — friends that catch us. Sure, you might make the healthier choice when you are newly motivated (say, Monday), or in the morning before life gets crazy, but as you get tired, angry, overwhelmed, depressed, etc., you are more likely to make lessthan-ideal choices.

The Solution Harness the moments when clients are motivated to establish systems that will save them from their future less-motivated, exhausted, sad, or overwhelmed self. Create environments — in advance — that both decrease the amount of willpower required (e.g., don’t have crap in the house so you can’t binge at 11 p.m.) and work to strengthen the willpower muscle (e.g., nail down the “why” and connect decisions to values — maybe one client’s version of exercise is planting trees to save the environment). Think of it this way … clients will not rise to the height of their goals; they will fall to the level of their systems. Our job is to embolden clients with powerful systems so that their future less-disciplined, exhausted, and unmotivated self has no choice but to follow through. Examples of systems: • Suggest your clients purge their house of all foods they don’t want their future self to consume. • Piggyback workouts onto something they already do (e.g., turn dog walks into intense cardio workouts, walk on conference calls). • Eat from smaller plates. Drink from smaller glasses. We eat and drink less from smaller dishes. • Suggest bringing a healthy food item when going to someone’s house — a salad, for example — so they know they will have something nutritious to eat. • Recommend they portion out snacks — especially when watching TV. • Suggest a workout buddy or joining a sports team for accountability. • Encourage them to keep a workout bag

in the car so they can always hop to the gym last minute. • If it fits their personality, find simple, creative, enjoyable, and effective ways they can “gamify” their health. Create a health challenge at home or work, explain how playing a few minutes of a pattern recognition game such as Tetris or Candy Crush can squash cravings, encourage them to find fitness allies and pinpoint villains (e.g., make a joke out of the “Evil Chair” who always wants to keep them from their workout). An excellent book to share on this topic is SuperBetter. How to “Curate” Appropriate Systems Follow this three-step plan to ensure that the systems you create are tailored to fit each client’s unique goals, lifestyle, age, injury history, etc. 1. Work with clients to clarify goals. Make sure their goals reflect how much time and energy they actually have (not how much they wish they had), their finances, and their equipment. 2. Figure out their WHAT, WHEN, HOW, and WHERE. Where and when will your client work out? Before work? After? Lunchtime? The gym? Home? What exercise will they do outside of your training sessions? If they love being outside, have them research the local ravine system or find a nature walking group. If they love group sports, have them find a convenient team to join. When do they want to accomplish their goal by? Be specific. How will they weave the new habits into their life? What accommodations do they need to make? Do they need to rearrange who

will drive the kids to school? Block off time during the workday? Download fitness podcasts to train in the living room? Arrange daycare? 3. “Pre-mortem” the plan. Figure out what might go wrong. Get them to create an “If X then Y” plan — if my child gets sick, I will work out at home; if I get called into a work lunch, I will have a salad and the inner parts of the sandwich not the bun; if I get called into a work meeting, I will take the stairs all day to get my steps in. Main Take-Away Motivation can provide inspiration. Goals provide the destination. Systems and a detailed action plan ensure success! Your clients will not always feel as motivated as they do in your session or on Monday morning. Help your clients create systems that set their future less-motivated self up for success.

Kathleen Trotter holds a masters degree in Exercise Science, is the author of two books including the new book Your Fittest Future Self, and is a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Pilates Specialist, and Life Coach. Find out more at

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Teach your clients three steps to creating sustainable habits for life By Casey Zavaleta

36 canfitpro November/December 2020

SIMPLE ACTIONS COMPOUND OVER TIME TO PRODUCE UNEXPECTEDLY POWERFUL RESULTS. SOMETIMES, THE CHANGE IS SO GRADUAL THAT YOU BARELY NOTICE IT HAPPENING, UNTIL YOU LOOK BACK AND REALIZE, “WOW- I’VE COME SO FAR.” Habits are one of the most underrated tools we can wield if we desire massive, long-term change for ourselves and our clients. Let’s talk about three steps you can take to create habits that will serve you and your clients for life. When we picture someone with a consistent training routine – the kind that perseveres through every season of the year and every season of life - we tend to label them as “disciplined,” as if they have an elusive personality trait that the rest of us do not. In fact, it has nothing to do with personality and everything to do with their habits, which stem from their beliefs about themselves. Step One: Nix Limiting Beliefs Have you ever walked into a new environment and felt like an outsider? It’s common for the newbie client to look around at “gym rats” loading their barbells and think, “I’m not the type of person who knows their way around the gym; I don’t belong here.” Our habits fall in line with the beliefs we have about ourselves. If you believe you are a “morning person,” you are much more likely to do what it takes to get to bed early so you can rise with the sun. If you believe you are a “social person,” you are much more likely to accept a friend’s impromptu invitation to grab coffee. For this reason, step one when it comes to creating sustainable training habits is addressing our limiting beliefs. Flip the narrative and embrace the identity you want to embody and encourage your clients to do the same. Show them that they ARE the type of person that belongs in the gym by helping them feel comfortable and celebrating their small wins. Highlighting your client’s progress is not only motivating, it also shows them that they’re “better at the gym” than they thought. They just might start to think, “Maybe I do belong here.”

HABITS ARE ONE OF THE MOST UNDERRATED TOOLS WE CAN WIELD IF WE DESIRE MASSIVE, LONGTERM CHANGE … Next, ask yourself or your client: “When will you do it?” A great way to decide when you will perform your habit is to “stack” it after another habit that already happens automatically. For example, you might decide: I will run after I finish my morning coffee and before I get ready for work. Step Two: Start Small Onc of the most common mistakes we make when implementing a new habit is that we bite off more than we can chew. Instead of striving to go for a 20-minute jog twice a week, we think we should run every day. Instead of focusing on simply eating more protein with breakfast, we think we should go on a strict diet. We strive for perfection, when in reality, perfection is the enemy of success. Consistency trumps perfection every day of the week, and starting small makes it easier to be more consistent.

FLIP THE NARRATIVE AND EMBRACE THE IDENTITY YOU WANT TO EMBODY … Ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and coach your clients to do the same. Forming a brand-new habit is going to take consistent, focused EFFORT and ENERGY in the beginning. Eventually, as that action becomes more and more automatic, the amount of effort and energy required to keep going will decrease, and you’ll be able to add more. That’s the beauty of habits! If you’re in this for the long haul and not the two-week haul, be okay with starting small. Step Three: Be Specific Another common misstep is trying to implement habits that are vague. We decide to “run more” or “eat better” without specifying EXACTLY what actions we will take to make that happen. Ask yourself or your client: “What exactly will you do?” For example, you might decide: I will go on one longer run and one shorter run every week.

Your next question is: “Where will you do it?” If you embark on a running habit, but it’s nearing winter, and you don’t own a treadmill, and don’t have a gym membership, that might be a barrier to your success. Make a specific plan about where the action will occur and construct the environment to set yourself up for the best chance at success possible. The Bottom Line Zoom out and put into perspective the power that solid habits have over the course of a lifetime. You and your clients must first address limiting beliefs to form habits that are sustainable. Second, don’t be afraid to start small, and third, be specific about what it is you’re setting out to do. Coming Soon DTS Fitness Education will be launching the DTS Habits Coach program in November. The course will provide a comprehensive system to help you address behavior change with your clients. For an exclusive chance to enroll in the beta course, please email Casey Zavaleta is an instructor for DTS Fitness Education. She began her career developing cognitive programs for youth and professional athletes. Now, as a trainer and instructor, she integrates her understanding of behavioral science with proven principles of training to help people make sustainable changes and ultimately feel better. canfitpro November/December 2020



PIVOTING TOWARD 2021 Grow your business by exploring the power of the pivot By Melanie Levenberg, Founder & CEO - PL3Y Inc.


38 canfitpro November/December 2020

where you have two feet firmly on the floor. One is planted with strength, fully supported and grounded. The other, willing to explode into action, redirect, land, and reassess. The pivot is a powerful move. As we sit, ponder, envision, and design our next year, I invite you to build your dreams from YOUR pivots in the past year.

us face greater challenges than we ever have before. As fitness professionals, our resilience was pushed to the edge when we were forced to innovate massive changes to our business models. It was a year of stress, discomfort, evolution, and a recalibration towards our most authentic values, priorities, and passions. In your pivot, what kept you stable?

First, let’s explore the stabilizing leg.

Which aspects of your life gave you strength and connection?

2020 has been a year that saw many of

What passions grounded you so deeply

that no opponent (or pandemic) could waiver you off-balance? At PL3Y, our passion is to inspire kids to live healthier and happier lives through movement and play. During the first 90 days of COVID-19 isolations, our community of certified PL3Y instructors came together to deliver 304 free online classes, reaching over 4,421 families, who completed 441,165 workouts. Through our school-based programs, we supported 3,500 educators through professional development workshops and impacted 319,565 students through virtual physical education programs. Passion fuels action. Passion overcomes adversity. Passion yields results. Build your dreams from your passions and also build them from your strengths. Let’s go back to that pivot. The first foot stabilizes, but the second foot is where the magic happens. It’s the potential of movement, the explosion of power, and the exploration of options. Do you feel you manoeuvred well through the changes in 2020? Were you nimble on your toes or less timely with your response? How can you adapt, change, and explore in 2021? Reaching New Audiences As fitness professionals, we all know that physical activity makes for a healthier mind and a happier life. Grow your business by reaching a new audience of


passionate and eager learners who are ready and inspired to move. Kids fitness is a unique market opportunity because it remains a steady source of investment for parents who desire their children to learn and maintain healthy habits for optimal growth and development. Our Certified PL3Y Instructors get the opportunity to work with millions of kids worldwide to help them cultivate positive mindsets as they move and play with programs that help them build physical literacy for life. Growing Your Business Have you always dreamed of having that ‘be-your-own-boss’ freedom, but haven’t figured out how to do it (or feel it) yet? Make 2021 the year to grow and scale with purpose. Explore new business models that allow you to find flexibility in your schedule while growing your income and profit margins. Maybe that means refining your admin systems, investing in marketing software, or even hiring and training a team of passionate fitness instructors so you can share your passion for health and wellness while making an impact on more people in your community. PL3Y Regional Operators have shown how you can achieve your goals in less time by working with proven models and systems that allow us as fitness professionals to thrive, regardless of shifts in the economy. Finding New Inspiration Switch up your routine this year and find new inspiration in your fitness career by expanding your programming repertoire. PL3Y instructors get access to a proven methodology with pre-set choreography, a database of playlists, and all of the marketing tools to put your passion into


action. Our DANCEPL3Y, YOGAPL3Y and POWERPL3Y programs are innovative, interactive, and fun! We foster physical literacy in kids by purposefully developing fundamental movement skills, igniting their confidence in their ability to move, and motivating them through play-based teaching methods that spark creativity, social connections, and a motivation to be active for life. Make 2021 the year that you’re motivated to help more people live and lead healthy and happy lives, while working with new clients and class participants along the way. Whether you choose to expand your programs to include kids fitness, pivot into another sector that ignites your heart, or continue your dedication to the business you’ve been building, I hope you find power in your pivot. Two feet are firmly on the floor. One is planted with strength, fully supported and grounded. The other, willing to explode into action, redirect, land, and reassess. The pivot is a powerful move. What will your move be? Melanie Levenberg, M.Ed., is an international speaker, author, TEDx Presenter, and the Founder/CEO of PL3Y INC - world leader in pre-packaged kids fitness programs, instructor trainings, and licensing. PL3Y offers awardwinning programs designed by kid’s fitness experts to develop physical literacy through dance, yoga, and fitness.



canfitpro November/December 2020





It ALL starts with knowing EXACTLY how to separate yourself in a sea of fitness sameness because when you deeply connect with your audience and know how to differentiate yourself, you’ll never be wondering where your next client will come from.

Does this sound familiar?

Here are the five rules for separating yourself on social.

You don’t know what to post so you don’t post very often. Your posts aren’t getting engagement so you don’t see any ROI. No leads are being generated and, therefore, you see it as a waste of time.

40 canfitpro November/December 2020

1) Tell Your Story This helps your ideal customers define why they should trust you. When all things are equal, people will always do business with and refer business to

people they know, like, and trust. Social media allows us to tell that story so that other people can see themselves in us. When it comes down to actually choosing someone in the fitness industry, people will choose those they feel like they have a preexisting relationship with and those they have commonalities with. It all starts with people knowing you, trusting you, and liking you before they’ll ever decide to do business with you.

2) Showcase Your Sweet Spot This is what makes you a magical fitness unicorn. It holds no weight telling your audience that you’re better than your competition. You want to communicate how you’re different. We all got into the fitness industry for different reasons and can empathize with our ideal customers in a way that other fitness professionals can’t. That’s what your prospects are really looking for. When we do product research, we want the dots to connect on why this product fits me better than the others. It’s up to you to connect these dots, showcase your sweet spot, and speak directly to that person that needs you. If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one, so make sure to be specific in who you help. 3) Define Your Values Who do you want to attract? It’s really important to identify which clients are the ones that you really like to work with and which ones you don’t. Who are the people who pull out the magic and not the madness? If you’re somebody that values work ethic and people that really want results, you want to identify those things. It’s a powerful marketing technique to say, “I am looking for people that are _____________. These other people need not apply!” Versus, if you’re not solidifying that

decision, your prospects are left wondering if you’re the right fit. They’ll sit in that indecisive space of not knowing if they should work with you or not and they don’t take action. 4) Talk To Your Ideal Customer Who’s your best client that can’t get enough of you? That’s your ideal customer - somebody that you’re destined to work with. This is the person that ALWAYS renews, you NEVER have to convince and is begging you for more. Let’s use the example of the mom with a corporate job and the things you know about her. She makes six figures. She’s always been very athletic and being in shape is really important to her. It really impacts how she feels about herself and her ability to manage stress at work and at home. She never uses money as a reason not to get in shape. She is a 6amer. Knowing those things is crucial when you’re talking to her on social media. You know what she thinks about and you’re dialed into what she really wants and needs. When you’re that clear on your ideal customer, you can speak directly to her which stands out and breaks through the noise on social media. You can tweak the language you use, what you’re putting out there on your Facebook and Instagram stories, and

what themes and topics you talk about - it all ties together and helps you reel in those people that you really love to help and work with. 5) The 80/20 Rule The Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule tells us that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients. Who is your 20% that you should pay attention to? These stats tell you a story and tell you who you should be going after. This will allow you to separate yourself because you won’t be wasting time going after people that don’t fall into your 80/20 and you can be specific with who you’re targeting. To show up on social media consistently, you’ll want to have a clear picture of who you are, who you help, and what you stand for. There’s a whole new level of confidence that comes when you connect these dots in your business and you start focusing on the right people you LOVE working with. This is how you end up driving an endless list of clients who can’t wait to work with you. Ashley Shaw eliminates the overwhelm in your social media efforts so you can build your dream business. She’ll give you tools to separate yourself in a sea of sameness. With 16 years of fitness and sales experience, Ashley cuts to what’s working right now in social media and marketing.

canfitpro November/December 2020



CAN WE SET CAREER GOALS FOR 2021? 3 programming opportunities to help you serve your clients and grow your business By Nathalie Lacombe, M.Sc.

42 canfitpro November/December 2020


will help carry us through potential waves and closures as well as the more challenging weather of the coming months.

One of the most impressive realizations of 2020 was how fitness leaders found creative ways to connect with their clients to continue to provide our muchneeded services. Now that our facilities have reopened and we’re back to a new version of our routines, finding ways to serve them during the upcoming ups and downs remains critical to their success and ours.

Kids are essentially sedentary: School systems across the country are struggling tremendously with providing physical education or movement of any kind and organized sports opportunities have been sporadic at best. Parents are searching high and low for coaches and leaders who can provide some form of engaging physical activity and children are already suffering the consequences of lack of exercise.

As we look to varying the ways in which we can provide our services and the people who don’t normally access what we do best, here are three programming avenues that have become key markets for fitness: The comfort of our own homes: We know that about 20% of the population exercises in a structured facility. This creates a massive opportunity for fitness pros, gyms, and studios who are offering their services virtually to attract clients that would have never come through our doors. The virtual platforms that were set up before March 2020 have seen surges in sales, and fitness leaders who strategically launched their online services are continuing to grow. Our learning curve on virtual has been fast and can absolutely be fabulous. Providing a well-developed variety of health and fitness virtual offers

PARENTS ARE SEARCHING HIGH AND LOW FOR COACHES AND LEADERS WHO CAN PROVIDE SOME FORM OF ENGAGING PHYSICAL ACTIVITY … Creating fun and accessible programs focused on different age groups, movement styles, and sports specific will be a massive draw both in person and virtually.

Snowbirds aren’t heading south: Countless active agers and retirees normally head south of the border each winter towards warmer climates where they enjoy sunshine and outdoor activity. This season we have an opportunity to think outside our cold and dark box to create an inviting environment that helps them stay active. Providing safe and social programming in person and virtually (they’re often much more tech savvy than we assume) will support their needs related to physical, mental, and immune health. Get your creative juices flowing and perhaps look into a new educational program to help grow your career and connect with more people in 2021; more than ever fit pros, it’s time to serve! Your next step: Get FREE access to the THINK Yourself® A VIRTUAL FITNESS PRO Checklist! It will help you decide between pre-recorded or live virtual workouts AND help you and your clients properly set up for success. Visit As a speaker, leadership coach, and strategic partner, Nathalie Lacombe is dedicated to coaching leaders and managers in the fitness industry towards mindfully built strategies to thrive in their business from a place of trust, optimism, and joy.

Do You Train Women? #pregnancy #motherhood #menopause 33% have Incontinence 50% have Pelvic Organ Prolapse Learn How You Can Help Live and Online Courses Available canfitpro November/December 2020




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to decrease quickly. Maybe someone used to burn 2,000 calories per day at rest, but after losing a few pounds of muscle, now burns only 1,800 calories or so. Therefore, it becomes very easy to eat less than ever but actually gain weight because there is no longer a deficit. At our facility, we have found that the majority of clients, especially women, have a lifetime history of dieting and have lost muscle, as described previously, over and over again by eating low-calorie diets. Eventually, their bodies get to a point where their muscle mass, and therefore metabolism, is so low that previously effective low-calorie diets no longer work, and they decide to hire a professional. By the time they turn to us they usually have a history of low-calorie diets that we have to undo.

Daily energy expenditure. Often, when you explain this to potential fat-loss clients, their first instinct is to decide that they will determine their resting metabolic rate (the amount just needed to survive) and only consume calories for that number, or even below. They think that all their additional metabolic demands (the thermic effect of feeding and activities) will create a massive deficit so that they will lose fat rapidly. While it’s true that the idea of any fat-loss plan is to cut calories and create a gap between intake and output, with the goal of burning fat stores, it’s important to note that when we consume too few calories to support basic functions, the body simply slows down everything because it doesn’t have enough energy to function efficiently. Extreme low-calorie diets don’t necessarily expend more body fat. Instead, muscle is burned (it’s easier for the body: four calories per gram for muscle (protein) instead of nine calories per gram for fat). Lean muscle is a major factor in resting metabolic rate, so losing muscle will actually cause metabolism

Increasing activity levels and increasing muscle, with the result of increasing RMR is a more effective approach than just cutting calories from the diet. Dieting deprives the body of energy, and that works to an extent, but ramping up the system demands is the more effective way to go. Therefore, a metabolic resistance training program is key; this not only increases calories burned, but it also forces the body to recognize muscle, meaning that during a caloric deficit it will burn fat stores, not muscle. Acknowledging muscle as it pertains to exercise is one of the most important factors in changing body composition (body fat to lean tissue ratio). In other words, exercise designed to grow, or at least maintain, muscle (i.e., resistance exercise) is one of the most important factors in an exercise program designed

ACKNOWLEDGING MUSCLE AS IT PERTAINS TO EXERCISE IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS IN CHANGING BODY COMPOSITION … to change a person’s ratio of body fat to total body weight. In summary, our goal when designing fat-loss programs is to increase metabolic rate to accomplish the following: • Burn as many calories as possible through resting metabolic rate (lean muscle is metabolically active so building muscle, or at least maintaining it, is extremely important). • Burn more calories through the thermic effect of food by adjusting meal frequency and manipulating macronutrients. (The thermic effect of protein is twice as high as the thermic effect of fat or carbohydrate.) • Burn calories through metabolic disturbance (increased activity levels and EPOC). • Create a gap between total metabolism (calories burned) and intake (calories consumed). In addition, increase calories burned so that calories consumed can be as high as possible. If this situation is met, and adequate protein is consumed and an effective resistance training program is implemented, the body will borrow from its fat stores.

Copyright © 2021 by Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc. Excerpted by permission of Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL. Available to order from Human Kinetics Canada at or by calling 1-800-465-7301.

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medical institutions. Blended in are essential everyday life solutions from a holiday and entertaining loving chef/ bartender/foodie and self-proclaimed healthie. You and your clients will find simple practices to implement for wholeself-health including: • Four simple pillars that can dramatically lower the risk of chronic illnesses • The top seven proven essentials for great health and vitality

• A delish and nourishing whole-foods recipe that’s comforting perfection Oh the holiday season! Anticipated and longed for; planned and perfectly orchestrated by some and dreaded with distaste in high vibe mode for others. I fall into the love it camp. No, not the barrage of materialistic, gift focused exploitations, nor all the high fat, rich and sugar laden indulgences.

It’s the festivities and sentimental goodness; the social gatherings with loved ones, witnessing kid’s excitement and relishing in the once upon a time rituals this holiday inspires in we lovers of the lights. For others, this is a season of stress, over-scheduling, excess spending and strained scenarios with family members, or heart-ache over circumstances that are anything but holiday like. If healthy practices aren’t imprinted in your daily routine, there are temptations of excess that can lure you into default. Excess consumption of food and drink, overly busy days, late nights, compromised self-care, year-end deadlines, and the looming New Year’s resolutions we’ve been conditioned to make. In addition, the current world scenario of social distancing adds all kinds of new challenges. If we’ve been over-indulging or feeling consumed with stress, our resolutions are likely to be extreme. This is what we dive into; the pendulum swings, caused by a shameful sense of remorse, guilt, and disappointment in ourselves, post reckless behaviours.

FOUR SIMPLE LIFESTYLE HABITS CAN HELP PREVENT CHRONIC DISEASE DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRESSION BY MORE THAN 90%. Are you or your clients prone to extremes with a ‘cheat day a week’ mind-set, or an ’I can exercise it off’ defense when deviating from healthful habits? Did you realize this approach disrupts ‘the repeat it until it becomes habit’ proven practice for sustained change? In this mode, we are likely to suffer far more collateral damage than understood. Even a little of an addictive indulgence is toxic to the addict. Experts in human behaviour remind us that the familiar is where our subconscious habitually defaults.

Our brain loves the familiar and new habits are only instilled with consistent practice. The ‘it’s just one day a week’ or ‘I deserve it’ mindset disrupts positive habit imprinting. Just as muscular endurance is built up with regular everyday practice of activity, the same rings true with dietary habits. Consistency is the key. There is a better way to navigate temptations of any kind, including those arising in the holiday season with grandiose intentions of making up for it in January. Success is much more likely when we establish daily, doable, nonnegotiable practices! Just as we learned the habit of starting our day by checking our phone or pouring a coffee, we can learn to begin the day with healthful habits, such as spending a few minutes focusing our healthful intentions. The more we do this, the better we get at imprinting it into our sub-conscious mind. Now, the research below is sure to excite you, for even the simplest of healthy habits can have impressive impact. What if I told you there is an investment in healthy habits that delivers a 90% return?

canfitpro November/December 2020


An EPIC study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine followed 23,000 people for nearly eight years, examining smoking behavior, food consumption, exercise, and maintenance of a healthy weight. Researchers discovered that those participants who practiced the following four lifestyle habits… 1. Didn’t smoke. 2. Consumed a diet high in fresh vegetables and low in meat. 3. Exercised at least three and half hours per week. 4. Maintained a normal weight (BMI less than 30)…

cancer prevention from the American Institute for Cancer Research: • Eat a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans • Limit consumption of red (beef, pork and lamb) and processed meat • Limit consumption of “fast foods” and processed foods high in fat, starches, and sugars • Limit consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks • Limit alcohol consumption • Be a healthy weight • Be physically active With over thirty years of experience working with clients on healthy lifestyle interventions, what’s consistently proven most effective is taking charge of our wellbeing and determining what we’re willing to do for it. The steps below are the ones that have consistently lead to sustained success.

…had the following results: • Reduced their risk of developing diabetes by 93% • Heart attack risk was reduced by 81% • Stroke risk was cut in half • 36% of all cancers were prevented Most crucial is truly grasping the powerful impact of these four pillars and putting them into practice. If, however, this isn’t enough to ignite your immediate action, consider some recommendations for

Teri’s Top Seven Essential Lifestyle Factors 1. Have a clear picture of your goals. 2. Reset your mindset – know you can do it. 3. Embody how it feels being in that healthy state. 4. Clarify the needed actions/practices.

5. Determine where you are ready to begin. 6. Map out your plan. 7. Get busy doing what you need to do.

Before we can truly implement sustainable habits, we must determine what we want and decide upon our non-negotiable practices to see our way to success. Get clear on your own health goals and New Year’s Resolutions will become a thing of the past. Your resolve for health will be in your every heartbeat, your lifestyle practice. This is my wish for you, now and always. Happy New Year – Happy New You!

A 30 year veteran in whole-self lifestyle wellness as practitioner, coach, international speaker and published author, Teri Gentes enables action with her inspiring and empowering approach. No matter where you are on the path to better health she paves a perfect route for you to ace and sustain healthier, everyday living for life. Find her at




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Sweet Potato Soup with Roasted Garlic and Lemon Grass Fabulous tasting foods nourish us in so many ways, especially when they are made nutrient dense with whole foods in their prime. When you’re cooking begin with the best quality foods you can get your hands on and enjoy your food prep process. It’s the love we bring to making meals that truly instills that comfort we all long for. This easy to make soup makes it a cinch to ace doing just that. • Main course soup • Vegan, gluten and nut-free • Approx. 8 servings

• Organic lime zest and fresh coriander to garnish

and serve with a generous garnish of lime zest and coriander.

INGREDIENTS: • 1 tsp virgin coconut or extra virgin olive oil • 1 Vidalia onion, chopped • 1 heaping tbsp lemon grass, minced - use the soft centre of stalks or substitute w/ lemon zest • 2 bulbs garlic, roasted or poached – see Teri’s tips or sub with 2 tsp fresh garlic • 4 large sweet potatoes, roughly chopped (approx 2 lbs.) • 6 cups vegetable stock • 1-2 tbsp red Thai Kitchen curry paste • 1/2 cup canned coconut milk • 1 tsp Fine Grey Sea Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

DIRECTIONS: 1. Heat a large saucepan over medium heat, add the oil, sauté the onions in oil until soft. 2. Press roasted garlic out of the skins, mash and add to onions along with the lemon grass, potatoes, and stock. Stir in a generous tbsp of red curry paste. 3. Bring to a boil then reduce heat, cover loosely and simmer until potatoes are tender, approximately 30 minutes. 4. Add coconut milk, return to boil then remove from heat, cool slightly and puree in batches with a submersible hand blender or in a food processor until smooth. 5. Taste, adjusting seasonings if needed

TERI’S TIPS: To roast garlic bulbs preheat the oven to 400 degrees F and slice off the top tips of each garlic head exposing some of the cloves inside. Place in a ceramic ramekin and drizzle with a little olive oil. Now wrap tightly with parchment or foil and roast until cloves are lightly browned and tender, about 30 minutes. This is garlic butter at its best! Nutritional Information (This is approximate depending on exact ingredients used). Calories: 269; Fat 8g; Protein: 6g; Carbohydrate: 30g; Fiber: 6g; Sodium: approx 224mg


canfitpro November/December 2020



ENJOYING THE POSTPANDEMIC GYM: PART 2 Avoiding high risk equipment

By Claudiu Popa, PTS

50 canfitpro November/December 2020

WITHOUT A DOUBT, FITNESS CENTERS HAVE TRADITIONALLY BEEN SOCIAL PLACES WHERE PEOPLE ENJOYED SPENDING TIME AND EVEN BUILDING UP FRIENDSHIPS. This doesn’t have to change, but the time spent socializing now has to be moved outdoors. No more lingering and spending hours on full-body workouts. The new normal has empowered members to better understand their workout objectives, while bringing the role of the personal trainer closer to that of a project manager. The first order of business is to match your workout objectives to a precise inventory of the exercise equipment you will need to meet those goals. Building on the risk mindset we discussed previously, split up your workout into three parts: 1. Exercises you can do at home These can be floor exercises, push ups, planks, sit-ups, and many body weight exercises, like calf-presses. Anything you can do at home should require little to no equipment. From a safety perspective, it should also include lowto-moderate intensity exercises only. 2. Outdoor training There is a lot of diverse exercises you can enjoy outside, from warming up before the gym to complementing the workout with actual exercises in the fresh air. Practically everything you can do in your home, you can also do

outside, but if you can get your daily steps in while soaking in some Vitamin D, it’s a bonus. 3. Gym exercises Whatever is left over will require some professional equipment, perhaps heavier weights and professional supervision. To make the best use of gym equipment while minimizing risk, remember to reduce your reliance on isolation exercises and focus instead on compound movements. It is not only safer from the perspective of being able to do more in a smaller area of the gym, but it is also safer for joints and

THE NEW NORMAL HAS EMPOWERED MEMBERS TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THEIR WORKOUT OBJECTIVES muscles, particularly when returning to the gym after a prolonged period of sheltering in place at home. • Avoid equipment diversity. Just because the gym has 12 machines that work your forearms, it does not mean you need to include them in your workout. • Have alternative exercises ready. If exercise machines are tightly grouped together, that’s a good indication that you should skip that area and go to a place with fewer bodies. • Now is not the time to perform one rep maximums or lift your heaviest weight. If you can avoid having to have spotters, it will reduce everyone’s risk.

… IT’S AS GOOD A TIME AS ANY TO ADOPT FRESHLY EFFICIENT PRACTICES INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE GYM … We should all consider the ‘new normal’ an unprecedented opportunity to streamline our workouts and better understand what we are trying to achieve. For members and clients, that kinesthetic grasp on their own fitness is likely to deliver superior results. For all of us, it’s as good a time as any to adopt freshly efficient practices inside and outside the gym with more limited reliance on superficial services and unnecessary distractions. Minimize that risk surface and as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would say: don’t forget to bring your own towel. Claudiu Popa, PTS, enjoys strength training and fitness conditioning, specializes in older adult fitness, appreciates working with exceptional clients and collaborating with outstanding professionals. Claudiu is the founder of Workout Smart and can be reached in confidence at Claudiu@ Be sure to follow him at on Twitter @WorkoutSmart and on

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SE TOURNER VERS 2021 Faites grandir votre entreprise en explorant le pouvoir du pivot


Pour moi, l’année m’a offert la maîtrise d’un pivot. Oui, oui, la capacité d’effectuer ce mouvement fondamental qui consiste à se tenir debout, les deux pieds fermement posés au sol. Le premier solidement ancré, supporté et enraciné. L’autre, prêt à exploser dans l’action, à se rediriger, à atterrir et réévaluer. Le pivot est un mouvement très puissant. Alors que nous nous déposons, réfléchissons, envisageons et créons

mentalement notre prochaine année, je vous encourage à construire vos rêves à partir de VOS pivots de la dernière année. Mais d’abord, explorons cette jambe qui nous sert d’appui. L’année 2020 a été une année qui a vu plusieurs d’entre nous faire face à des défis plus importants que jamais auparavant. À titre de professionnels du conditionnement physique, notre résilience a été poussée à bout et nous avons été forcés d’apporter des changements importants et de réinventer

nos modèles d’affaires. Ce fut une année de stress, d’inconfort, d’évolution, et d’ajustement de nos valeurs les plus fondamentales, de nos priorités, et de nos passions. En exécutant ce pivot, qu’est-ce qui vous a permis de rester stable ? Quels aspects de votre vie vous a conféré force et connexion ? Quelles passions vous ont permis de vous ancrer si profondément qu’aucun adversaire (ou pandémie) n’aurait pu vous déstabiliser ? Chez PL3Y, notre passion est d’inspirer les enfants à vivre une vie plus saine et plus heureuse grâce au mouvement et au jeu. Au cours des 90 premiers jours de confinement dû à la pandémie, notre communauté d’instructeurs PL3Y s’est réunie pour offrir 304 classes virtuelles gratuites, et a atteint plus de 4 421 familles qui ont complété 441 165 séances d’entrainement. Grâce à nos programmes scolaires, nous avons appuyé 3 500 éducateurs avec des ateliers de développement professionnel et avons eu un impact sur 319 565 étudiants dans le cadre de programmes virtuels d’éducation physique. La passion est le carburant de l’action. La passion surmonte l’adversité. La passion entraine des résultats. Concrétisez vos rêves grâce à vos passions et vos forces. Revenons à ce pivot. Le premier pied nous stabilise, mais le deuxième, c’est là où la magie opère. C’est tout le potentiel que renferme le mouvement, l’explosion de la puissance, et la découverte de tout ce qui est possible. Avez-vous l’impression d’avoir bien manœuvré ces changements qu’a apportés l’année 2020 ?


Comment pourrez-vous vous adapter, changer et explorer en 2021 ? Atteindre une nouvelle clientèle À titre de professionnels du conditionnement physique, nous savons tous que l’activité physique contribue à un esprit plus sain et à une vie plus heureuse. Développez votre entreprise en atteignant une nouvelle clientèle passionnée prête à apprendre et inspirée par l’activité physique. L’activité physique chez les enfants est un marché unique puisque c’est un investissement régulier des parents qui souhaitent voir leurs enfants développer et maintenir des habitudes saines en vue d’une croissance et d’un développement optimaux. Nos instructeurs PL3Y certifiés ont la chance de travailler avec des millions d’enfants à travers le monde pour les aider à cultiver un état d’esprit positif alors qu’ils bougent et jouent grâce à des programmes qui les aident à développer des réflexes d’activité physique pour la vie.

FAITES DE 2021 UNE ANNÉE DE CROISSANCE ET D’ÉVOLUTION EN CONSCIENCE. Faites évoluer votre entreprise Rêvez-vous depuis toujours d’avoir la liberté d’être votre propre patron, mais vous n’avez toujours pas trouvé comment y arriver (ni d’atteindre ce sentiment de liberté) ? Faites de 2021 une année de croissance et d’évolution. Explorez de nouveaux modèles d’affaires qui permettent flexibilité d’horaire et augmentation de revenus et de bénéfices. Peut-être devrez-vous raffiner vos méthodes administratives, investir dans un logiciel marketing, ou même embaucher et former une équipe d’instructeurs de conditionnement physique passionnés tout en ayant un impact sur un plus grand nombre de personnes dans votre communauté. Les exploitants régionaux PL3Y ont démontré comment vous pouvez atteindre vos objectifs en moins de temps grâce à des modèles et des systèmes qui nous permettent, professionnels du conditionnement physique, d’évoluer, malgré la conjoncture économique. Trouver une nouvelle source d’inspiration Changez de routine pour le mieux cette année et trouvez une nouvelle source d’inspiration pour votre carrière en conditionnement physique en

bonifiant votre offre de programmes. Les instructeurs PL3Y accèdent à une méthodologie éprouvée avec des routines préchorégraphiées, une librairie de listes de chansons, et tous les outils marketing pour activer votre passion. Nos programmes DANCEPL3Y, YOGAPL3Y et POWERPL3Y sont innovants, interactifs, et amusants ! Nous encourageons l’éducation physique des enfants en développant en conscience leurs compétences d’exécution de mouvements fondamentaux, en suscitant leur confiance dans leur habilité à bouger, et en les motivant grâce à des méthodes d’apprentissage par le jeu qui stimule leur créativité, leurs aptitudes sociales, et leur volonté de rester actifs tout au long de leur vie. Faites de 2021 l’année pendant laquelle vous serez motivé à aider plus de gens à mener une vie plus saine et heureuse tout en travaillant avec de nouveaux clients et ce faisant, de groupe de participants. Que vous choisissiez d’élargir votre offre de programmes pour y inclure le conditionnement physique pour enfants, de vous tourner vers un nouveau secteur qui allumera votre passion, ou que vous continuiez à vous consacrer à l’entreprise que vous avez créée, je vous souhaite de trouver la puissance de votre pivot. Les deux pieds fermement posés au sol. Le premier solidement ancré, supporté et enraciné. L’autre, prêt à exploser dans l’action, à se rediriger, à atterrir et réévaluer. Le pivot est un mouvement très puissant. Quel sera votre prochain mouvement ?

Melanie Levenberg, M.Éd. est une conférencière internationale, auteure, conférencière TEDx, et fondatrice et présidente directrice générale de PL3Y Inc. - leader mondial de programmes clé en main d’éducation physique pour enfants, de formations d’instructeurs, et d’octroi de licences. PL3Y offre des programmes primés conçus par des experts en condition physique juvénile pour développer leur réflexe d’activité physique par la danse, le yoga, et le conditionnement physique.

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