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Today’s world means that a successful fitness professional is working in a hybrid of a ‘live’ and ‘online’ environment to meet the needs of their clients and participants. As a result, there has been an increased demand for online fitness education and training. canfitpro has teamed up with international fitness industry experts to create The Online Fitness Professional Course which gives students the skills, tools and practical tips to teach, train and present online.

For registration and details, visit: * This is an online course (self-directed) † 4 FIS, 4 PTS, & 4 HWL CECs upon completion


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Four pillars for creating a successful strength-training program for women

46 ELEVATE YOUR PROGRAMMING AND OFFERINGS WITH MINDFUL MOVEMENT EDUCATION FROM MERRITHEW™ Three ways you can reignite your enthusiasm for learning, expand your skillset, and keep your clients engaged through mindful movement





Help your clients improve upon their nutrition while staying within your scope of practice DIVERSITY & INCLUSION




Inclusivity is critical to make fitness welcoming for all EXPERTS WEIGH IN


Women and LeadHERship

We asked industry experts to share the best decision they made for their fitness career





C.H.A.N.G.E. LeadHERship Ensure you are ready and resilient to serve the world in the future





Finding Customers is Like Online Dating The formula for success to create awareness and attract fans


Five must haves to create a website that gets noticed and creates transactions

50 Active Aging Nutrition

A checklist to affirm what you and your clients are doing to live longer and stronger

52 Nutrition pour vieillir en forme

Une liste pour confirmer vos actions et les actions de vos clients pour vivre plus longtemps et en forme. HEALTHY LIVING



How to live a healthy, vibrant life ACTIVE AGING



Hand, wrist, and finger exercises to help relieve repetitive stress, strain, and arthritic symptoms.




Learning to embrace the unpredictability of life within structured programming






Exercise should be the vehicle that sustains the activities we enjoy


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Moving businesses forward for over 90 years. Evolving with the times and doing our best to meet the needs of our clients Last spring we added coverage for “on-line training” for fitness trainers, which given the COVID-19 circumstance was more important than ever. To deal with the coronavirus and its challenges, we temporarily eliminated the requirement for 50% of training revenue from “on-line training” so that fitness instructors could continue to work while face-to-face appointments were not possible and fitness facilities were closed.* *This condition will be reinstated once the COVID-19 situation has dissipated.

Annual premium starting as low as



Risk management is all about you. That’s why Gallagher partners with you by learning the needs of your business to anticipate challenges so you can focus on the success of your mission. Apply online or learn more by visiting: © 2021 Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. | Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited

• General & professional liability, including abuse • Working with children • Fitness equipment protection • Fitness facility protection • In-home studio protection • CPR training coverage

Note from the COO March/April, 2021

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Chief Operating Officer Maureen Hagan Vice President Kyle Tomlin Managing Editor Erin Andersen Graphic Designer Imran Mahmood Doris Li Marketing & Communications Manager Janessa Gazmen, Certification Operations Manager Barb Pontes,

Re-Fuel Your Tank for the Journey Ahead With a year of lingering lockdowns, economic upheaval, and all the unpredictable changes we have had to endure, it would make sense that we would feel exhausted and, for some, ready to retire. However, remember my friends – passion does not retire! Passion fuels purpose and refueling your purpose with knowledge, self-care, and self-love is key to how we show up every day. Oh, the places you’ll go when you know why and how. To reiterate from my previous editorials, your future and that of the fitness industry will be dependent on you and me together. There will be times when you will need someone to lift you up, pull you along, and then there will be times when you will need to do the same for others, and that is why we need to nourish ourselves so that we are ready to act. I urge you to fill up your cup of knowledge beginning with the articles featured in this rich edition of the canfitpro Magazine. Together, with our online blogs and free webinars, canfitpro is committed to be a source of fuel for your journey forward this year. This issue, like previous issues, is bursting with rich education that will support you in your work, but most importantly by nourishing your mind, stimulating your creativity, and boosting your confidence. As we embark on 2021, canfitpro is providing even more choices and opportunities to acquire new and relevant knowledge and additional ways to connect with industry leaders and peers so that we can continue to learn from each other. Be sure to check out canfitpro’s brand new website where you can find and access everything you need to support and guide you on your 2021 comeback journey! I encourage you to imagine yourself one year from today and stay there long enough to get a clear image. Revisit this image often. Go deep in this journey of imagining your life one year from today so that you can feel the emotions—joy, excitement, surprise, and even fear. These emotions will help to fuel your passion to pursue the journey. Focus on your goals and the daily, weekly, and monthly actions that will get you there. Trust the journey and believe that your GPS, inner knowing-navigation system, will guide you and the teachers and mentors that will support you will appear along your journey as needed. As you fuel your mind with knowledge, your body with self-care, and your spirit with self-love, you will become more resilient to walk your path with your head high. This is going to be your year—I can feel it!

Maureen “Mo” Hagan

Chief Operating Officer

Manager, B2B Sales & Strategic Partnerships Robert Robinson, Member Experience Manager Kelly Ladd,

Fitness Advisory Panel Tony Felgueiras Paul Galloro Teri Gentes Amina Khan Ken Kinakin Tatiana Kolovou Sara Kooperman Nathalie Lacombe Sheldon McBee Ron McPhee Samantha Montpetit-Huynh Fraser Quelch Scott Wildeman Eric Wong Kai Pun To Subscribe canfitpro Magazine is published six times per year by Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. New Professional Memberships with canfitpro are $98 per year (plus GST/HST) and renewals are $78 per year (plus GST/HST) and include a subscription to the magazine. For more information, please contact Member Services at ext. 301. Feedback or to contribute to canfitpro Magazine please contact: canfitpro Magazine 110-225 Select Ave. Toronto, ON M1X 0B5 416-493-3515 Toll Free 1-800-667-5622 Fax (416) 493-1756 Contact for questions regarding membership, conferences, and Canadian fitness resources. canfitpro is a division of Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. Canada Post Canadian Publications Mail Sales Product Agreement No. 40783518 - Return Postage Guaranteed

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6 canfitpro March/April 2021

Yvette Styner @mipstickyvette Victoria BC

Crossfit Lolo @crossfitlolo

Yvette Styner is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ who has occupied space in the fitness & nutrition industry for over twenty years. After enjoying success in running, recreational squash, Crossfit, and competitive fitness and body building, Yvette settled into what she now considers her true calling — helping other athletes and fitness enthusiasts optimally fuel to build and sustain their best bodies.


From the wise words of my own coach, show yourself some love. A hug is much more motivating than cracking the whip! I’m all about working toward goals, but empathy and acceptance along the journey goes a long way in motivating positive action. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE FITNESS?

Yvette’s other accolades and accomplishments have included NNCP (Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner), PTS (Personal Trainer), CCF (Certified Coaching Federation), Pn1 (Precision Nutrition), AHN (Advanced Holistic Nutrition) in Sports & Athletics, ISW Certified Adult Educator for the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and now retired Elite Pro Figure Athlete.

I believe that a strong healthy body forms the foundation upon which wellness in every other area of one’s life can then be built upon. Feeling good — physically, mentally, emotionally — it changes you and positively impacts your life and your relationships.

When she’s not wearing her nutritionist hat, you can find Yvette grinding it out at Crossfit Lolo or walking her pup along the ocean in Victoria, BC where she calls home. @K AIZENNATUR ALS |

Want to become the next Kaizen Naturals ® Trainer and see your story in a future issue of canfitpro Magazine? Send an email to: for details.



UPDATES canfitpro is proud of our staff and their commitment to helping you, our valued members, be successful. Our staff come from diverse and varied backgrounds and bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to their roles.

Meet Santiago - B2B Coordinator


What’s amazing about Empanadas is the variety in the filling, from melted cheese to any combination of meats, and that you can find them all over Latin America (fried or baked), and in many other countries under different names, like Poland (Perogies), Italy (Calzones), and India (Samosas). Favourite holiday: New Year’s: A time to re-energize, set new goals, and celebrate new beginnings. Fun fact about you: I love cooking and trying out new recipes that challenge my skills. It’s a fantastic way to focus, forget about any stress, and learn new techniques. And that feeling when the person you served it to smiles and thinks it’s delicious... priceless.

Country of birth: Colombia Cultural background: Hispanic / Latino What is your favourite food or recipe? As most Colombians know, nothing compares to a crispy Empanada. For me, they have to be filled with shredded beef and potato and are the best as a morning or afternoon snack.

Role at canfitpro: My role is B2B Marketing Coordinator. From communicating with our advertisers, sponsors, and partners, to building our monthly B2B Newsletter and executing our marketing plans, every day is a challenge worth taking to contribute to the success of this incredible organization. Length of time at canfitpro: One year. Why is what you do with canfitpro important to you? I get to contribute to an organization that does so much for the fitness industry, while I continue

to learn and grow every single day. I am also part of the Diversity & Inclusion and Social Committees, where I get to tackle D&I issues, engage with canfitpro associates, and help bring some joy. Which canfitpro core value most resonates with you? All of canfitpro’s core values resonate with me, but Curiosity is the value that leads me to learn, to challenge common practices, to wonder ‘why’ so we can make improvements, and to find solutions outside the box. What is your favourite form of exercise or physical activity? The best way to stay active is to play sports like Football (soccer), golf, and baseball, as there is an amazing connection between the physical activity, focus, and a goal. How do you incorporate fitness into your life? For the most part, I work out in my basement using bodyweight exercises or go out for long walks on trails. What is your two-word WHY statement? Intercultural understanding. What is your Super-Power? I don’t have a Super-Power, but I do have the power to be the best person I can be. What do you want to be remembered for? I would like to be remembered for the joy and support I gave my loved ones.




Equip yourself with the tools to handle stress and recharge body and mind.

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This is an online program. 4 FIS 4 PTS 4 HWL CECs upon completion.




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Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) is the not-for-profit trade association that represents the voice of fitness facility operators across Canada. Representing more than 6,000 facilities with more than six million members nationwide, FIC pursues a legislative agenda in the hope of bettering the fitness industry for both consumers and operators. FIC aims to work with both industry and government to improve the health and physical activity levels of Canadians. Become a member today at

canfitpro March/April 2021




SHOWCASE Chris Fansher, Calgary AB canfitpro Programs Taught: PTS, CPR, FMA What fires you up to teach? What fires me up the most about teaching is watching the students get excited to help people and get started in the fitness industry. The best part is when I get texts, calls, and emails about their first sessions with their clients and to see how excited they are to tell me when their clients have 10 canfitpro March/April 2021

reached one of their goals. Every time I get one of those messages, it really gets me excited to teach my next class and help the next student. These trainers can really help people, so the more good people we can have in the industry, the more people that can be helped!

How are you navigating the new fitness world since the pandemic hit? With a lot of patience. I still think the jury is out on the best approach to what the new fitness world will be. I think the industry is still evolving and nobody really knows how it will fall based off the ever-changing landscape.

Are you ready to create the legacy of fitness professionals in Canada?

canfitpro is looking for PRO TRAINERS. Learn more about this entrepreneurial opportunity at

I have moved most of my business online - teaching, training, and consulting. I still train in person as well as continue to service my fascial stretch therapy, but one of the biggest lessons that can be taken away from this pandemic is that it is important to diversify your personal training business, and learn different ways to help your clients.

times a week and explore a lot of new trails and summits. I got to take more frequent and longer walks with my dogs and my foster dog. As well, I got to work a lot more on my mobility, stability, and breathing then I usually do. I find myself keeping up with a lot of these even as things are slowly getting back to normal and time becomes more of an issue.

The challenging part is adapting to all the new technology (I think I have become a Zoom expert) as well as adapting to all the restrictions as they come and go.

What is the biggest piece of advice you can give a new fitness professional coming into the industry? Learn from as many different people in as many ways as possible. Reading an article a day, listening to podcasts, YouTube videos, taking courses online and in person, going to seminars, finding mentors and shadowing other trainers and other fitness professionals as much as possible. Just don’t get stuck in tunnel vision though by following just one person or one approach. Nobody has all the answers.

What new fitness routines have you adopted to maintain and work towards your goals? I am not sure I really practice anything new, but rather use the time to focus on things I can control. I was able to take my 2020 course learnings and not only apply them to my clients, but I worked on incorporating them more into my own programing. I am a big hiker and live close to the mountains, so I was able to hike multiple

A lot of clients will respond to different things and prefer different approaches, training styles, and exercises. So, the more

ways you’re able to adjust to clients in different ways, the more successful you’ll be. What does fitness mean to you? It’s not just about being healthy or physically and mentally fit. It’s about empowering someone to have the ability to live a long healthy life with the people they love, being able to enjoy the things they love to do without restriction, and giving them the confidence to do the things they thought they may never have been able to do. What is your favourite piece of fitness equipment and why? It would be the barbell. The barbell is extremely versatile, not only can you train every part of your body effectively with the barbell, but no other piece of equipment has the versatility to drastically improve your overall strength. Not to mention it is extremely affordable, it doesn’t take up much space, you can adjust the weight on them quickly, and it can be easily added to home gyms.

canfitpro March/April 2021




Tiffany Moffatt, canfitpro finalist for Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year 2020 Tell us about your fitness career journey. I was 16 years old when the “aerobics” fitness craze surfaced in the early 80’s. Captivated by the music, energy, and group fitness experience (not to mention the leg warmers and thong leotards!), I was hooked! I became a disciple of Jane

12 canfitpro March/April 2021

Fonda, the City TV television show The 20 Minute Workout, and many others, including Kathy Smith, Billy Blanks, and Greg Smithey (creator of the Buns of Steel workouts). In 1985, I completed my fitness instructor certification with the YMCA and landed my first job leading classes at the

University of Western Ontario to a gym full of 200 people. By the time I had my first child in 1997, I became a co-author of the canfitpro Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist certification and made teaching new moms my area of specialty through my business, Sporty Moms & Babies. While raising my

three children, teaching fitness was a great way to stay fit, inspire others to be healthy and it afforded me an amazing work life balance. Fast forward to today, 34 years later, I still have the same passion for teaching fitness! I recently became a canfitpro PRO TRAINER so that I could share my passion for group fitness with new up and coming instructors. I also stepped into a full-time role as a Fitness Programmer with the District of West Vancouver four years ago, once my kids were grown. Both positions have taught me so much about leadership and building connections with others, all the while doing what I love! Inspiring others to love their bodies, to find the joy in fitness, and to feel alive and healthy continues to be my WHY! Where would you like your career path to take you? There is a real need in our industry to recognize and celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes, to transform our thinking away from the definition of “fit” being the equivalent of the perfect bikini-ready body to one that is healthy at any shape or size. The work I do in facilitating Dove SelfEsteem Workshops for girls and lectures for women, such as ‘Beauty & The Beast’ and ‘Healthy at Any Size’ that address body image, speaks to this important need to change the narrative and shift our focus from one of size to health. I love working with women and inspiring them to love their bodies. This is important work to me and the path that I’d like to see my career emerge more into. My dream is to write a book and begin an online and in-person coaching business specifically for women focusing on fitness, nutrition, and body image.

What challenges have you overcome and what did you learn that has made you a better professional? Confidence! I have always been comfortable teaching on a smaller stage and building community locally, but incredibly nervous about taking my message to a larger audience. Lately though, I am inspired by other leaders in our industry like Petra Kolber, who remind us that “fear is a sign that we are getting closer to the truth” and that if we show up and shine brightly, we allow others to do the same! So, I am working on stepping out of my comfort zone! I know that in doing so I am closer to my goals and I am living my life purpose, and that this act inspires others to find the courage to do the same. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Saying yes to things before you’re ready! Saying yes to opportunities opens the gateway to new challenges. If you say yes before you’re ready and then do the work to prepare, you will stretch and grow and develop courage! If you wait until you feel you are ready to pursue an opportunity, it is likely that it will pass you by. So, get out of your comfort zone, say yes and embrace a new challenge or opportunity, and then work hard to prepare! Now that you have reached this point in your career, what piece of advice would you give your younger self? My best advice would be to be a lifelong student. In a 2012 blog article that I wrote about what makes a great fitness leader, I interviewed David Snively (one of the premier fitness experts in the world with over 20 health and fitness certifications) and he said, “In my opinion, a great instructor has a strong commitment to ongoing and never-ending continuing

education.” This always stuck with me and has been a driving force reminding me that to be the most engaged, passionate fitness leader, I need to be constantly learning. It has given my career staying power as I never feel bored. It is also humbling because I know there is always so much more to learn. Truly, becoming a great teacher means being an enthusiastic student. If you were to write a motto for yourself, what would it be? For me, it’s all about spreading the joy of movement! If we can approach every day with happiness and a positive outlook, and share this with our group fitness classes, we will be a bright light for everyone we meet! By spreading the joy of movement versus seeing fitness as a chore, drudgery or as only a path to six-pack abs, we can inspire so many more people to exercise, to be healthier, and live their best lives. Why did you decide to nominate yourself for Fitness Professional of the Year? I nominated myself for this award because it’s important for me to continue to develop my leadership skills and to inspire and mentor younger fitness professionals. Having been in the fitness industry for 34 years, I feel that I have so much experience and passion to share. Receiving this recognition means I have an obligation to continue mentoring a younger generation of fitness professionals by modelling integrity, courage, perseverance, and a strong work ethic. It is the highest of honours to be recognized by my peers and clients, who continue to lift me up every day. In return, my goal is to bring happiness, joy, laughter, and inspiration to as many people as possible. Instagram: @tiffmoff17 and @tiffprotrainer Facebook: Tiffany Moffatt

If you have a passion for nutrition, fitness or just helping people, we want to hear from you! Real Nutrition. Real Lifestyle. Real Opportunity. canfitpro March/April 2021




Adenike (Nike) Charles shares her love for fitness and how she transformed her business 14 canfitpro March/April 2021

Tell us a little about your fitness career journey. I’ve been into fitness ever since I could remember. I played on a several sports teams while growing up, but basketball was my favourite. I was awarded a basketball scholarship to play in California at San Deigo Christian, where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Sports Medicine. Fitness is my passion and, in 2016, after working nearly 10 years in corporate Canada, I wanted to return to my love for fitness. I first enrolled in the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS) course and obtained my certification. The next year I opened a studio called Just2Sweat where I transform lives physically and emotionally using fitness and my love for health. What challenges have you overcome and what did you learn that has made you a better fitness professional? Gaining over 65 pounds during my first

pregnancy really gave me a bigger perspective on the physical, mental, and emotional toll it takes on the body. I struggled a lot to lose the weight and really had to dig deep into my mental capacity. I grappled my way out of my postpartum and learned news things about my body. I used that knowledge to find out how I was going to achieve my goals. It took me one year to fully regain my confidence and be happy in my “mom body”. What types of transformations have you made as a result of COVID and how has it changed you as a fitness professional? COVID really opened my eyes to envision beyond the “now” moments. Prior to the pandemic, I had 35-40 clients in my basement studio doing bootcamps. When COVID and the lockdown hit, I immediately pivoted all my clients live via Zoom. Streaming my live classes through

Zoom has expanded my reach. I now have over 120 clients online doing group bootcamp classes a few times a week and several private clients. They are all a part of the virtual community that I call Just2ZoomNation Bootcamp. At this point in your career, what piece of advice would you give your younger self? Do what you love and take the risks because the possibilities are endless. I would repeat my current mantra time and again, “I can, I shall, I must”. What keeps you motivated and ready for the next challenge? My faith is my compass in all seasons of my life. The expectancy for greater and bigger things in life keep me motivated and grounded.

! s U r o F e t i r W

Email your submission to

Instagram: @just2sweat Facebook: Just2Sweat

We believe that canfitpro members are some of the best and brightest fitness professionals, and have thoughts, ideas, and inspiration to share with the world, and improve lives. Add your voice to our communication conduits… this is YOUR opportunity!

Some of the influential writers of the canfitpro magazine

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Andrea U-Shi Chang

Executive Director of Fitness

FIS, PTS, RYT200, is an

M.A, M.Ed., is an experienced

Master SFG Instructor, FMS

Industry Council of Canada.

awarding winning Fitness &

facilitator, educator, and

Instructor, Ground Force

She is a doctoral candidate, a

Lifestyle Coach, 2017 canfitpro

certified personal trainer with

Method Global Instructor,

university instructor, and an

Fitness Instructor of the Year,

over ten years of experience in

Z-Health Movement Coach,

accomplished communications

2019 canfitpro New Presenter

personal training, education,

and advisory board member for R2P. She has specialized

professional. She was

of the Year, and has been

and community healthcare.

recognized in 2020 for IHRSA’s

featured in numerous media

Adam has wide and ranging

in movement training and

Woman Who Inspire.

outlets such as CP24, CityTV,

experience working with

kettlebell coaching since 2005.

Toronto Star, and more.

diverse populations.

canfitpro March/April 2021


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KYLE BYRON Can you describe what it is that you do within the fitness industry? I have been a nutrition coach since 2006. I help people eat better for their goals and help them handle the stressful

16 canfitpro March/April 2021


process of changing how we eat. I work with everyday people, elite athletes, and children. I mentor other nutrition coaches and dietitians. I was also a personal trainer for 10 years, earlier in

my nutrition career. What do you love about what you do? Helping people. Especially when the client is vulnerable, like a child or a young

female athlete. In cases like those, I know that everything I say, and do, is incredibly influential. I have the opportunity to help them have a positive relationship with food and their bodies for the rest of their lives. I take that responsibility extremely seriously. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made and how have you learned from it? Honestly, I made several catastrophic errors early in my career. Relationships, marketing, finances, and more. That said, I was doing my best at the time, so I’ve forgiven myself for all that. We must have a growth mindset not only to evolve, but to be at peace. Humans learn a lot from mistakes, so you can be sure I’m pretty knowledgeable by now. And, I have a wonderful wife and two kids. What types of transformations have you made as a result of COVID and how has it changed you as a fitness professional? When the first lockdown occurred, some of my clients paused their services until office sessions could resume. Since then, my sales have been about 25% of usual, given

the morale and economics of the average potential customer. But that was a good thing because without daycare, I have less hours to devote to work. It’s been wonderful to spend so much time with my girls. Luckily, my overhead is not as high as some others in the business who have truly struggled. My business will survive. As for the virtual coaching side of things, I’ve been providing virtual sessions from day one of my practice. Literally, my first client was virtual back in May 2006. So, that aspect is no big deal. What do you believe sets certain fitness professionals apart from the rest? Well first, some fitness pros are purposely only in it for fun, and they soon leave the industry to pursue their true passions. Of those that stick with it, it takes incredible grit and determination to be great. On top of that, ongoing education. Not only do we need to understand the physical biology, we must learn marketing, sales, and psychology.

What advice can you share to those new to the field in order to be successful? You’re going to make mistakes, so you better have some self compassion and ability to learn from them. Learning also comes from taking courses and finding good mentors. Beyond that it’s about hard work and of course, great customer service. What does this award represent to you? It means a lot to me! To win this award in the company of world-class presenters, fills me with pride and confidence. I talk a lot about determination, and this award validates a lot of that hard work I’ve put in over the years. I have a lot of gratitude for my relationship with Maureen (Mo) Hagan and the wonderful events team at canfitpro. Instagram: @kylebyronnutrition Mentorship: MTPVX3P YouTube: TorontoNutritionist Email:

ARE YOUR CLIENTS READY TO PURSUE ACTIVITY AND EXERCISE? HOW DO YOU KNOW? Physical inactivity is a leading contributor to many health-related problems. Too often the solution is to increase physical activity and exercise. Many individuals do not know where to start or what to do and they simply start exercising. But we know that exercise often leads to injury, which increases physical inactivity. Your job as a fitness professional is to break this cycle, and we can help. Learn how our approach to movement can help you better identify strategies for long-term exercise success. A Common Sense Approach to Evaluating Movement is a one-hour introduction to our way of looking at movement through the lens of function. This course is an overview of the movement philosophy and principles that drive our company. It also serves as a primer on the Functional Movement Screen, our tool for fitness professionals like you.

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1/4/21 3:37 PM

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Inclusivity is critical to make fitness welcoming for all

18 canfitpro March/April 2021


Name: Amina Khan Religion: Muslim Country of birth: Canada Cultural background: Canadian-born Muslim woman with Indian heritage. How would you describe how you grew up? Growing up as a visibly Muslim woman and ethnic minority, I always felt I had to work harder to prove I belonged amongst white classmates, friends, and peers. How would you best describe your role in fitness? My role is to empower women of diverse cultural backgrounds to begin their own fitness journeys - after years of feeling they’ve never belonged in mainstream fitness culture. Inclusivity is critical to make fitness welcoming for all.

How did you find your interest in fitness? I struggled with my weight for years growing up. I really didn’t have any relatable fitness role models I could look to for inspiration. Through my own 60-pound weight loss journey, I fell in love with fitness and wanted to show other women, who looked like me, just how fun and inviting fitness can really be regardless of race, religion, or skin colour! How does exercising make you feel? Exercise is my stress relief coping strategy! Before a workout, I might feel worried or overwhelmed, but after a good sweat I always feel more in-control and prepared to take on whatever comes my way! How have you experienced racism in fitness? I constantly experience microaggressions in fitness spaces. During races, triathlons, and at gyms, I frequently hear sarcastic, condescending comments about my headscarf as a Muslim woman like, “You’re pretty fast... considering you have to wear all THAT!” My clothing is MY choice and it always shocks me that strangers can be so rude. In your role, how are you helping BIPOC individuals get hired, promoted, or recognized? In my role, we are recognizing that diversity in fitness is here to stay and needs to be celebrated! We highlight Muslim female fitness professionals from diverse backgrounds to expand the mainstream definition of what a “fit woman” looks like.

I believe we need a major improvement in more representation of fitness professionals from many diverse communities - so we can hear true representations of the struggles and needs of these minority groups. These struggles must be reflected in the education and opportunities provided by mainstream fitness businesses if they want to stay relevant for members of minority communities. Very few mainstream fitness organizations even acknowledge diverse cultural health struggles (e.g. Ramadan fasting). Inclusivity is not much to ask for, but it makes a big difference. There is a lack of BIPOC leadership in the fitness industry. How do you see this changing over the next five years and what needs to happen for this imminent change? I think the landscape of fitness leadership is going to become more inclusive and diverse. Culturally diverse communities and minority groups are finding leaders within to follow for fitness education. Many of these individuals are already stepping into leadership roles. Mainstream fitness organizations need to be part of this positive change and reach out to ask how they can support and be a part of increasing inclusivity for everyone.

How do you actively promote fitness to your [BIPOC/Religious] community? I run Amanah Fitness, an organization dedicated to promoting health and fitness in Muslim communities worldwide. We provide culturally sensitive health education, workouts with diverse and relatable fitness role models, and we work with other religious organizations to provide unique fitness education opportunities within their communities. Our goal is to bring fitness and faith together. What advice would you share to fitness businesses ready to make systemic changes in their organizations? Organizational change must start with fitness businesses proactively reaching out to diverse fitness professionals and asking them what their community needs to feel supported, included, and welcome. canfitpro March/April 2021


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By Sean Greeley, NPE Founder & CEO

22 canfitpro March/April 2021

EVERY FITNESS BUSINESS GETS STUCK. WHETHER YOU ARE BRAND NEW OR RUNNING A STUDIO FOR YEARS…YOU REACH A POINT WHERE YOU STOP GROWING. THE TWO BIGGEST REASONS: 1. Net client count stays the same or shrinks. 2. Client lifetime value hits a ceiling or declines. Why? Usually, you’re focusing on one thing at the expense of another. You go out and get clients and let client experience slide. Or you get a bunch of clients and forget about marketing. What’s the answer? We’ve found fitness business owners need to create a perfect client journey that creates lifetime relationships. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Attract Leads Most fitness professionals and business owners serve any client who comes their way. They don’t want to miss out on any opportunity.

MOST FITNESS BUSINESS OWNERS GO WRONG AND THINK IT’S ALL ABOUT PROMOTIONS AND HYPE. Problem: If you’re trying to talk to “anybody,” you end up with generic, boring messaging. No one will listen. Better: Speak directly to one kind of client – Moms, C-suite execs, 70-year-olds. Choose one. Next, define your message. What problem can’t they solve? What’s holding them back? How can your solution help? You can only answer those questions if you know your ideal client at a deep level. Once you have your messaging strategy, look for leads. Don’t fall for the trap of using only word of mouth to grow. Broaden your channels and lead sources with organic, social, and local SEO, public speaking, networking, partners, new mover lists with direct mail, and more!

Next, capture leads. Your website needs to be simple, direct, and organized. Your home page must clearly communicate your value proposition (target market + benefits), an offer, a credibility statement, a call to action, and testimonials. And for visitors that are in research mode, offer them something of value for their contact info, and then you’re ready for the next step.

IF YOU’RE TRYING TO TALK TO “ANYBODY,” YOU END UP WITH GENERIC, BORING MESSAGING. Step 2: Convert Prospects Turn prospects into clients. Do that by becoming a trusted source of info about solving their problems. Most fitness business owners go wrong and think it’s all about promotions and hype. It’s not. People stop listening to hype. Better strategy: Educate prospective clients. Show yourself working with other clients, answer FAQs, create short how-to videos … and include lots of PROOF. Next, craft the right offers. Most fitness business owners fail to refine and test offers and then get weak results. Instead, choose among the following: free trial, paid trial, free consult, and paid assessment. Give people a powerful reason to engage. One of our clients has used a paid trial -- 3 sessions for $99 -- successfully for years. But when we tested his language and nuances around the offer, we increased response significantly! Once people engage in a meeting with you, inspire them to make a strong commitment to their health and fitness goals. We teach a 7-step sales system called AUTO-CLOSERTM that’s worked for thousands of fitness businesses since 2006 and has produced more than $1 billion in fitness sales. This is a powerful system. When you master this, you can close 80-100% of the people you meet with high-ticket premium priced programs. More important, you’ll have clients who are “all in” and inspired. Step 3: Wow Clients Congrats, you’ve got clients! Now you need to wow them with massive value, so

they become long-term and even lifetime clients. More value equals less churn. And you do that by consistently auditing and improving client experience, relationships, and delivering great results. When you’ve done that well, then you’ve got happy clients you can engage in promoting your business with reviews and referring you to friends and family looking for the solution your business provides. Finally, renew and upsell. Remind people on a schedule so renewal becomes natural. And look for additional problems that you can help them solve and create more value with new product and service upsell opportunities. Remember, you are serving when you are helping them continue progressing with their fitness journey. Summary Getting stuck is normal. Staying stuck is optional. To gain momentum again, you’ll need to assess and upgrade the journey, leads, prospects, and clients to go with your business. Target the right people, generate leads, and capture contact info. Convert these leads into clients. Then once they’ve signed up and are committed, “wow’ them and continue leading and serving to create clients for life!

Sean Greeley, Founder and CEO of NPE, has an unrelenting passion for empowering fitness business owners to grow their business and create the life they want. Since 2006, NPE has helped over 45,000+ fitness professionals and studio owners to grow their business, take home more money, and have the time freedom to enjoy it. ‘Assess Don’t Guess’ your Fitness Marketing Capabilities. #MakeGains in just five minutes with this FREE 27-point assessment (comes with individualized plan) at

canfitpro March/April 2021



Preparing Equipment For Re-Opening Part two of a three-part series, Matrix shares how to ensure your equipment is up to standard for re-opening By Ben Mcginn 1. Social distancing and placement for usage: Most facilities do not have storage or floor space capabilities to remove or place machines to coordinate with mandated or ideal distancing protocols. While it is easier for an exerciser to wait for the adequate distancing on strength machines, the same can’t be said for cardio machines that are typically placed much closer together. If you don’t have the space to spread things out, our recommendation is to block every second unit from use for prescribed hours, days, or weeks for the distancing required and alternate accordingly to ensure the mileage/ usage is as uniform as possible. Most good suppliers can help you with layout services as part of your ongoing partnership with them. If not available in your region, Matrix Fitness Canada will gladly provide these services at no charge. 2. Creation of exercise “pods”: Another idea to control traffic and 24 canfitpro March/April 2021

equipment usage is to move any number of desired pieces of equipment to an area that a small number of exercisers are required to stay in for the duration of their workout. This method could coincide well with a facility system that requires online bookings for the regulated number of people allowed.

4. Technology: An overlooked feature on internetcapable cardio machines is their connection to the internet. It is common that they will drop the wi-fi or hard-lined connection from time to time, so it is recommended to go through each to ensure they are up and running.

It will also instill confidence for members, knowing that they will need to socially distance with a limited number of people, rather than many in all corners of the facility. 3. Operational checks: Timing is important on this one. We recommend that upon advanced notice of a government approved go-ahead to open, to have staff do a thorough operational check of each machine as soon as possible to ensure you have enough time to have a technician visit for a fix/diagnosis, or to be able to block or remove any problematic units before welcoming members back.

Ben Mcginn is a Matrix Fitness representative in Southern Alberta, and former service technician. Ben has extensive experience in supporting organizations that offer fitness. His perspective in unique and skillset highly qualified in supporting facilities of all sizes. You can reach Ben at Ben.

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Listen To What Industry Leaders And Business Owners From Around The World Have To Say About NPE: “With NPE’s help, I learned how to attract the right clients and restructure my pricing and packaging strategy. In just 4 months I took my business from $2,294/month to $12,267/month.” — Leslie Robertson, PRIME Personal Training Studio, Orléans, Ontario “I took the approach of ‘we have to keep doing this but this is how we do it now’ and never gave anyone the option for cancelling. I moved my services online, lost only one member and added 35+ new members to my roster. Revenue is up 31% and I even signed a new corporate client, all because everyone else closed down!” — Kate Laird, Love Your Body, Ottawa, Ontario “If you are an entrepreneur in the world of fitness and you are struggling in any manner with your business, then I would recommend NPE and Sean Greeley as your ‘go-to-guys.’ Many of our certified instructors have seen their businesses grow exponentially thanks to Sean’s expertise. Whatever aspect of your fitness enterprise you need help with, the signposts all point to NPE and Sean Greeley.” — Paul Chek, C.H.E.K Institute

“I was charging less than other fitness studios because I was new and wanted to break into the market. I nearly went out of business. An NPE flash sale saved me, Now I’ve grown to 150+ clients and $27k+ in revenue thanks to NPE.” — Suzy Kaitman, The Ballet Lounge, Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia “I don’t do business coaching because there are other people that do, and they do it well, and they do it as well as I do nutrition, and that’s where I want to send people. That’s why we have the NPE partnership." — John Berardi, Precision Nutrition

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Passion-Fueled Business Kids fitness is the perfect post-pandemic business opportunity to build lifestyle-supporting profits By Melanie Levenberg, Founder & CEO - PL3Y Inc.

26 canfitpro March/April 2021

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. THOSE WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT WORKING WITH KIDS AND THOSE WHO ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING KIDS BUT HAVE A LIMITED DESIRE TO INTERACT WITH THEM. A common misconception in the fitness industry is that in order to make a living doing something you care about you need to dive in and do it all yourself. Although most fitness businesses begin with the single trainer/instructor delivering services to clients then growing their teams and businesses from their own following, some of the world’s most successful fitness entrepreneurs have never once taught the services that they sell. • David Patchell-Evans, Founder/CEO of Goodlife Fitness, didn’t start his career as a Personal Trainer on the gym floor • Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice were new moms, not spin instructors, when they launched Soul Cycle • And two of the three founders of Zumba weren’t sweating to the salsa beats when they created the world’s most popular Latin workout


everyone, so let’s check in: • Prioritizing all your passions on a list, is your number one passion connected to working directly with clients? • Do you prefer to work IN your business more than ON your business? • Would you rather be a ‘single-person’ business more than a ‘lead a team’ based business? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, shifting your career from your current dream job to a different way of operating may not be the fit to sustain your passion buckets.

… MODELS THAT LET OWNERS CREATE SCALABLE COMPANIES THAT CONNECTED THEIR PASSIONS WITH LIFESTYLE-SUPPORTING PROFITS. However, if you’re ready to explore new ways of expanding your revenue potential, and consciously aligning those opportunities to your personal values, let the passion-fueled work begin. At PL3Y, we have been supporting local entrepreneurs in launching their successful kids’ fitness businesses since 2013. Over 18 regional operators currently deliver programs in territories across Canada and the USA. But not all operators teach classes – some have never attended an instructor program training! Great business decisions don’t always come from what you want to do, but rather where the opportunities present themselves.

These fitness businesses and empires were built on solid business models – models that let owners create scalable companies that connected their passions with lifestyle-supporting profits.

In this period of anticipated postpandemic recalibration, profit-seeking entrepreneurs can find the cross section between what they care about, while addressing the needs of their community.

This is where we call in the entrepreneurs who desire to make fitness their full-time gig and are ready for strategies on how to build a portfolio that supports career-level income.

Here is our top three reasons Kids Fitness is the perfect post-pandemic business opportunity:

Are you ready to own a passion-fueled business? This career path isn’t for

1) Quarantines, isolation, virtual schooling… grown ups are doing their best to manage this new world, and they are seeking help from qualified

movement specialists to keep their kids active. 2) Schools, community organizations, and parents are looking for pro-active and safe ways to repair the effects of the pandemic – especially as it relates to kids practicing positive interpersonal social skills as they go out into the world and move again. 3) Plenty of people (instructors) want to work with children but may not be at the level/ready to launch their own business. Your business could be the perfect structure where these local leaders can build their own careers doing what they love. In an episode of The Simpsons, the one mom always called out “Won’t someone please think of the children?” I believe that the majority.... of people want kids to have healthier, happier experiences with physical activity as they grow up. But not everyone wants to be the one teaching kids fitness programs themselves. Through purposefully planned and pandemic-proofed models, entrepreneurs can build a successful business that services, helps, and supports the needs of their community, while also providing employment for local leaders. Passion doesn’t always lead to profit and profits don’t always come from passion. When you align your career with what your heart truly cares about, and put key people or systems in place to help you carry out your vision, you can go to bed at night blissfully satisfied from building a profitable and passion-fueled business.

Melanie Levenberg, M.Ed., is an international speaker, author, TEDx Presenter, and the Founder/ CEO of PL3Y INC - world leader in pre-packaged kids fitness programs, instructor trainings, and licensing. PL3Y offers award-winning programs designed by kid’s fitness experts to develop physical literacy through dance, yoga, and fitness.

canfitpro March/April 2021



Moving Forward and in Running Shoes Increasing representation in the fitness industry By Trisha Sarker MULTIPLE STUDIES HAVE SHOWN THAT WITH A RANGE OF DIVERSITY, ORGANIZATIONS ARE ABLE TO EXPAND THEIR FRAME-OFREFERENCE, ENGAGE IN HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY, AND BOOST EMPLOYEE MORAL – WHICH ARE ALL AMAZING THINGS. In fact, companies with the highest levels of diversity are 15-35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry’s national average. However, the knowledge of these benefits is not enough. If organizations do not evolve and focus on the importance of having diversity in leadership, an enormous opportunity is lost. This makes it vital for more leadership positions to expand and be represented by people from different backgrounds and intersectionalities (gender, sex, age, ability, ethnicity, race, etc.). Having representation in leadership recognizes the talents among our colleagues and creates a safe and open space for dialogue and inclusion… especially in an industry dedicated to the well-being of others. I have been with Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) for over ten years. As the executive director and as a visible minority, I am overjoyed to see a growing number of female leaders in our industry, 28 canfitpro March/April 2021

including FIC’s vice president, Nathalie Lacombe. In Canada, women hold only 25% of vice-president positions, and 15% of CEO positions. The fitness industry is proudly leading the way with having more females enter the field than every before. What is incredible is how the industry is celebrating the accomplishments of woman in leadership, such as canfitpro’s Women Who Influence event and IHRSA’s Women Who Inspire recognitions. FIC is dedicated to the future of the organization by increasing our representation. FIC has developed a Diversity and Inclusion Committee focused on working towards creating a more inclusive trade association for the fitness industry. As we are increasingly inspired by the women who lead the way, I would like to send a big THANK YOU to all the women who work hard to accomplish their goals, push through adversity, and shatter glass ceilings. Historically, the fitness industry has been seen as a “boys club” – but this view is shifting drastically. Not just due to female perseverance, but also due to our allies and supporters. As we become more knowledgeable about gender identification and its scope in the workplace, as well as gain understanding

for the importance of diversity and representation, we can inspire growth through offering opportunities, encouraging possibilities, and harnessing potentials. Yes, leadership takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Yes, sometimes extra effort may be required. There is a metaphor that women must “dance backwards and in high heels” – an expression that originated from the dance team of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, iconic partners in 10 popular movies in the 1930s. Although they were both remarkably talented, Astaire’s acclaim and professional success ultimately exceeded that of Rogers, who did everything he did, but “backwards and in high heels”. However, things are changing; it is time to lead, evolve, and tear down barriers. While we still have a long way to go, this time, we move forward and in running shoes. Trisha Sarker is the Executive Director of Fitness Industry Council of Canada. She is a doctoral candidate, a university instructor, and an accomplished communications professional. She was recognized in 2020 for IHRSA’s Woman Who Inspire.



Our vision is to inspire and provide a culture where Associates are celebrated and encouraged to grow within the company. Join the GoodLife community, where health, fitness, and changing lives matter. APPLY TODAY

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xperts Weigh In



Photo Credit K.Ho Photography

WE ASKED INDUSTRY EXPERTS TO SHARE THE BEST DECISION THEY MADE FOR THEIR FITNESS CAREER RUBY SMITH DÍAZ I would say that clearly defining my vision around who my business was created for was the best decision in my business career. The fitness industry can often let diets, weight loss, and ableism dominate the narrative around who ‘belongs’. For so many people like myself, who are healing from eating disorders, it can be a huge trigger to constantly have weight loss defined as the marker of success for our own bodies, and to also have to reproduce this narrative with our clients. Through my own healing journey, I have also learned that this

NATHALIE LACOMBE Je l’ai traitée comme une carrière, quel que soit le nombre d’heures par semaine que j’y ai consacrées. Que je sois entrepreneur indépendant, instructeur ou entraîneur à temps partiel ou cadre à temps plein, j’ai consacré du temps et de l’énergie à l’évolution de ma carrière et j’ai entretenu des relations professionnelles. En apportant un esprit d’entrepreneuriat à mon travail dans le domaine du fitness, il m’a été beaucoup plus facile de choisir les bonnes opportunités, surtout dans un secteur aussi axé sur la réputation. C’est très bien de faire du fitness comme un travail à temps partiel ou comme une activité secondaire, mais comme pour

30 canfitpro March/April 2021

fatphobic narrative actively harms Black people, poor people, and people with disabilities. Once I fully understood the extent of that harm, I made the decision to not take on clients who were interested in weight loss for aesthetic reasons. At first, I was told by my business mentors that setting these boundaries and defining such a specific target audience was ‘too bold’; but I knew that it was something that I needed to do for my own well-being and that many others out there wanted this too. To my business mentors’ amazement, defining such a specific target audience was precisely what brought people knocking at my door almost immediately. Fast forward to today and I still have a steady stream of people emailing me weekly, feeling so relieved to have finally found a trauma informed personal trainer who celebrates their bodies as they are. toute autre activité, ce que nous choisissons d’y mettre, nous le récupérons... en masse ! Je choisis mes lieux de travail, mes partenaires et mes collaborateurs en fonction de nos passions, puis je m’assure que la rémunération me convient. Pour cela, il faut connaître ma valeur et la valeur des services que je fournis ; j’ai demandé ce que je méritais et j’apporte une créativité confiante dans les négociations salariales lorsque c’est nécessaire par exemple des dates fixées pour réévaluer mon tarif, des avantages sociaux et même des primes à la signature. J’ai parfois quitté mes lieux de travail parce que j’avais l’impression de ne plus être épanouie et que mes performances commençaient à en souffrir. J’ai même parfois quitté sans “plan de secours”, si ce n’est que je savais pertinemment que ma passion et mes compétences

seraient au bon endroit au bon moment. J’aime absolument ma carrière et je continuerai à l’entretenir afin de m’épanouir. I’ve treated it as a career, regardless of how many hours per week I worked in it. Whether I was an independent contractor, a part-time instructor or trainer, or a full-time executive I dedicated time and energy to career growth and nurtured the professional relationships. Bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to my work in fitness made it much easier to choose the right opportunities, especially in such a reputation-driven industry. It’s perfectly fine to have fitness as a parttime job or side-hustle, but like any other endeavor what we choose to put into it we get back…in droves!

MAUREEN (MO) HAGAN Success in my fitness career has come from taking chances and making career MO’ves that were guided by listening to and trusting in what my heart was telling me to do. When I transitioned into a full-time fitness career, the position I stepped into had never before existed. While I was entering uncharted territory, it resonated with me on a deeper level because I knew my deeper desire was to influence a fitness MO’vement.  Since then, I have learned the importance of listening to my heart and being open to trailblaze a path that had not been mapped out – yet.   I encourage others to recognize opportunities that excite them. Observe how closely they align with the emotion that drives their passion. Passion will steer you towards your purpose and

SARA KOOPERMAN In reviewing my fitness career choices, my best decisions have always revolved around taking a chance and having a willingness/ ability to fail. This means that if you are going to take a chance either in starting a new venture or opening a new business, you know the limits of your choices and challenges. Many times this requires an evaluation of financial investments versus monetary risks. As women, we also need to review and incorporate family into these choices. We need to look at time investments as well as stressors that will affect our personal life. Balancing the positives and negatives of business choices involves a wider perspective.

HELEN VANDERBURG My most successful and best decision I have made in my fitness career to date is to trust my intuition. To understand something instinctively and to lean in when I feel I need to move in a direction. To trust the process and move on it. This has allowed me to continue to evolve and adapt my fitness career over the past 35 plus years. The challenge is to know the difference between your inner voice and your intuition. I think of the inner voice as the conversation that continually goes on in your head. These are

I choose my workplaces, partners, and collaborators based on fit, then ensure the compensation works for me. This requires knowing my worth and the value of the services I provide; I’ve asked for what I deserve and bring confident creativity to salary negotiations when needed. Everything from set dates to re-assess my rate, to perks, to signing bonuses. I’ve left workplaces because I felt like I was no longer fulfilled, and my performance was beginning to suffer. I’ve sometimes even left without a “back up plan” aside from the deep-seated knowledge that my passion and skills would land in the right place at the right time. I absolutely love my career and will continue to nurture it in order to thrive.

when you find opportunities that align with your passion, your purpose (how you wish to serve the world) will become clear.  When you know your why and find opportunities that align with your passion and purpose, this will light you up and show you the way.  I can’t say it won’t be difficult sometimes. Beware of letting your head overanalyze things; it will always side with fear and come up with endless “what if’s”. Don’t listen to the dream stealers and pessimists – those who say it can’t be done and question you because they can’t see or understand your MO’tives. To stay steadfast on your course, it’s very helpful and important to ally with like-minded people who will pull you along and who will inspire you to push yourself to your next level (mentors and teachers). Keep looking up to see the way forward. Sometimes the way will not be clear, but you make the climb when you work to keep your power of belief strong. Just say “yes” and trust yourself to figure it out.

For me, I also want to feel comfortable in my professional involvement as well as challenged by the individuals that I have the benefit of working with. I want to always know that I am growing and expanding and improving. One of my best and most lucrative choices was to work with Les Mills International. Being the only female agent worldwide, lead me into a world that was quite different from all my previous experiences. Group fitness is heavily female dominated in the United States, which is not always the case worldwide. I loved the challenge of this experience and the financial rewards of this choice. It was more than just a mere leap and it expanded my business expertise tremendously. Yes, there were demands both personally and professionally on my time and energy, but the rewards were great. Please always remember that the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward!

the voices that talk to you and can be organized or random, empowering or inhibiting us from moving in the direction you want to go. Intuition, for me, is a deeper feeling that something is right or not right for me. I believe that intuition develops with experiences. In order to feel confident in making decisions and moving on them requires us to experience them in a different way, both with successes and failures, so we become more in tune with who we are, what we value, and what is intimately the best course of action for us. Developing a strategy for cultivating intuition is to determine what you need to do to allow the process to happen. For me, I have learned to “take a moment”. This may be as simple as taking a deep breath to listen to my gut or to find the courage to move forward.

canfitpro March/April 2021




While leadership is not gender, race or culturally specific, I am passionate about supporting women on their path forward as leaders. It is in dedication of this year’s International Women’s Day — “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”— that I share my perspective on how leadership has changed. There is much to be learned

from those who have led their company through the pandemic, embraced change, addressed social injustice and last, but not least, embodied personal leadership. Those who know me understand that I am passionate about moving all people forward in every aspect of work and life, and positively influencing women

worldwide is a true passion of mine. I feel it is both a privilege and a responsibility to pave the way forward for women leaders as a way of honouring those great women mentors in my career who lifted me up and supported me on my own journey. By no means do I wish to leave men out of this conversation, so please join in as you are equally important leaders, mentors, and cheerleaders. We are all being asked to do more and to be more in all areas of our life, not just at work. With change happening at an unprecedentedly rapid pace and on a trajectory to continue well into this next decade, we need to understand that “for things to change we must change and for things to get better we must get better” (Jim Rohn). Please recognize that to change and to get better is not going to be about doing more, but rather about becoming more — becoming more of your authentic and true self-directed change leader; one who is aligned with purpose, vision, and the personal power of knowing WHY you are here to serve the world. Let us first understand what leadership is, then we will explore six areas of self-care driven leadership that will ensure you are ready and resilient to serve the world in the future. “Leadership is not about titles, status and wielding power. A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for recognizing the potential in people and ideas and has the courage to develop that potential”. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. Leadership Defined According to Jacob Morgan, bestselling author and one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership and the future of work, everyone has a slightly different idea of how to define leadership. In his groundbreaking new book, Jacob sought to explore the meaning of leadership. If you love to listen to podcasts, and if you are a leader of an organization, I encourage you to listen to his podcast The Future of Work. There are many great discussions on leadership as well as insights from CEO’s from around the globe as to how the world of work is changing and how you can prepare for and embrace the future of work. In one-episode, Jacob spoke about how, when he interviewed 140 of the world’s top CEOs for his book called The Future Leader—9 Skills and Mindsets To Succeed In The Next Decade, he asked them for their definition of a leader and he

received a different definition from each one! He also brought forward the point that your personal definition of leadership will change as you move through your career but declares that defining what leadership means to you is a critical first step to becoming a future ready leader. Therefore, I ask you, what does leadership mean to you? How have the events of 2020 changed or influenced your definition of leadership and, more importantly, changed you as a leader? Write down your personal definition of leadership along with your intentions for leading as your declaration for 2021. Share this declaration with those who will be able to both support and challenge you to rise as the leader you desire to be, and the leader that they, and the world, needs you to be. C.H.A.N.G.E LEADHERSHIP This style of leadership encourages those who lead to embrace innovation and create change through adopting a practice of self-care driven leadership. C - Being Courageous H - Honesty with where you are at A - Always doing your best N - Nurturing your strengths G - Gratitude E - Embracing Empathy Courageous leaders create purpose and meaning and help others discover their potential: Purpose is like a bridge that connects the work you do with the impact that work has on your employees, customers, community, and the world. Meaning is the why behind the work you do; it’s a feeling and sense of clarity you get from the work. Knowing and reminding yourself why you are here will be your compass and will help you stay on the right path even when you are uncertain of where this path is taking you. A leader is someone who takes the responsibility of finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential. Honesty with where you are at: As a leader, knowing your strengths and your weaknesses, and being open to receiving honest feedback about your leadership, is key to your growth. This constitutes half of the ‘being honest where you are at’ equation. The other half of this equation is ‘being of service to yourself’ by practicing personal self-care. Practicing self-care includes, but is not limited to, having a daily practice of meditation and exercise, eating healthy, giving yourself personal downtime to enjoy hobbies,

family and friends, and giving yourself space in your schedule to commit to personal and professional development. Being of service to yourself also includes confronting your weaknesses, being vulnerable, and asking for help when you are in need. Unfortunately, many leaders believe that because they are in positions of leadership, they constantly must perform at 110% and they cannot ask for help, nor can they admit weaknesses, struggle or be vulnerable with others. Not making time for self-care can be detrimental to you and to the organization you serve. Leading by example in practicing self-care will set the example for others within your organization. There is a lot of work still to do in this area as research from Harvard Medical School discovered, a few years ago, 96% of senior leaders feel somewhat burned out, and a third describe it as extreme burn out. Today, more than ever before, it’s going to become more crucial for leaders to be able to support their own well-being so that they can better serve others. If you

UPCOMING EVENTS Monday March 8 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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are constantly feeling burned out, overly stressed, and overworked, you will not be able to practice many of the skills and mindset of effective leadership. Please focus on having this honest conversation with yourself and then reach out for support or help. Trust me, we all need help at times. Always doing your best: This is the fourth agreement within The Four Agreements Wisdom Book by Don Miguel Ruiz. This fourth agreement allows the other three agreements to become ingrained habits, and the fourth agreement is the action of the first three. For those who haven’t read this book, allow me to highlight canfitpro March/April 2021


the first three agreements: “Being Impeccable with Your Word”, “Don’t Take Anything Personally” and “Don’t Make Assumptions”. In summary, when you always do your best, you take action and learn from your mistakes, and in the process of learning you become better. Always doing your best is taking the action because you love it, not because you expect recognition or a reward for having done so. You are doing your best for the sheer pleasure of doing it, living fully in the experience. If you always do you best, you will become a master of change leadership. Nurturing your strengths: Notice here that we are focusing on strengths, not skills. Change leaders focus on leveraging their unique strengths to lead people and companies. They know their weaknesses, hire for leadership gaps they may possess, and understand their leadership style so to master communication and relationship building. This will help them connect, collaborate, influence, sell, and serve people the way people wish to be served and supported. Understanding the similarities and differences that exist between people allows you to build on strengths — both yours and theirs. Knowing yourself and being able to effectively relate to and connect with others sets you up for having great relationships. There is a fun and easy way to learn about your own leadership style and the styles of those who work and live with you — take the “Style-L.I.S.T.” assessment complementary by going to

Daily practice of Gratitude: There are a host of practices to serve and support you as a leader, but one of the most important practices is gratitude. A study between gratitude and transformational leadership among university teachers found a positive relationship between these two constructs, which leads to conclusions that practicing gratitude can make you more efficient and effective as a leader. Everyone can benefit from a tangible gratitude practice, be it a gratitude journal, gratitude or jar, taking time each day to share three things you are grateful for with your family, friends, and colleagues. As leaders, and those who desire to be future-ready leaders, we especially need to make a gratitude practice an uncompromisable component of leadership and life. How can you find ways to be grateful? Start small and commit to one action daily – be it a journal, an app, a gratitude accountability partner or coach. Build the habit and commit to sustaining this practice and you will experience positive changes. The more grateful you are, the more things you will realize you have to be grateful for and this will create greater MO’tivation for you to succeed in your leadership and life. Embracing Empathy: Empathy is the ability to recognize the emotions in others and to imagine or understand how they might be feeling. Having empathy enables you to develop deeper and more trusting relationships with others, and while this interpersonal skill can be developed, empathy to some degree comes naturally to most people. The extent of your own emotional intelligence – that ability to

know what you are feeling and to identify and manage your emotions to inform your thinking — will make it easier or harder for you to be empathetic. The more you are connected to your own emotions, the greater your ability to feel for others. To embrace empathy, seek to understand: how you come across to others, how you interact and perceive others and finally, how well you can lead, influence, and build bridges between people. Become what you seek. Conclusion Leadership is not a topic to be addressed with a “one size fits all” or linear approach. It is a dynamic and multi-dimensional concept that will be constantly evolving with you, influenced by the people, places, events, experiences, and seasons you encounter throughout your career and life. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable and embrace discomfort as opportunity for growth. Practice C.H.A.N.G.E. leadership and you will go further than you can ever begin to imagine.

Maureen (Mo) Hagan is Chief Operating Officer for canfitpro. She is a global fitness ambassador, recognized for her leadership in the fitness industry that spans over three decades. Mo is an award-winning fitness leader, member of the Board of Directors for Prescription to Get Active, and WIFA.



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The formula for success to create awareness and attract fans By Ashley Shaw

FINDING YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER IS A LOT LIKE ONLINE DATING...THEY’RE PRETTY MUCH THE EXACT SAME THING AND HERE’S WHY. The overall goal of dating is to meet a stranger and eventually get them to marry you. The goal of sales is to meet a stranger and eventually get them to buy from you.

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And the proof is in the protein pudding. Think of how attraction normally works in dating. You might dress up, put on your best perfume or cologne, and try to make the BEST first impression. You want them to notice you - and above all, you want them to keep noticing you time and time again. But to do that, you need to stick out from the competition.

You need to move past all the other offers on the table and potential bachelors or bachelorettes sliding onto their radar. And you need to bring them from being aware of you, to taking an interest, to deciding to commit to you, and then taking the plunge of action (aka engagement, marriage, kids, etc.). And this is EXACTLY why you need a sales funnel if you want to attract a constant flow

of customers. The sales funnel lays out the perfect formula for success in your business and your relationships. • Awareness • Interest • Decision • Action Awareness Before your customers can buy your products or services, they need to know that you exist. Imagine following a prospective spouse who has never met you and all of a sudden you walk up to them and ask them to marry you. They would definitely be more than a little confused - and totally weirded out! You can’t afford to turn-off your customers by coming on too strong. You must move in slowly and let them get to know you before you pop the question. The awareness stage is where you’re going to encounter the most people. From there, the funnel gets smaller to narrow your efforts down to your ideal customer. Interest You can start developing interest by putting yourself out there. Post about relevant topics on social media or promote Facebook ads. This is where you want your customers to start “crushing” on your business - you want them to really want what only you have to offer. Whatever you post on your page or in your stories - you want to keep people’s curiosity. Try using the five-finger rule. Assign your fingers to different topics to

talk about that week. Talk about fitness, but also talk about yourself. Treat your posts like flirting. You must get your people to like you before they agree to anything you’re offering.

By now, you should have asked them to join your email list. This is so, so crucial because your customers are 10 times more likely to see your message if it’s in their inbox.

Decision Now that you have your customers hooked, you can try to press them into a decision. You can do this by asking them to join your Facebook group or an email list. This will let you know if they are interested enough in you to commit.

Once you get their email, you still want to hold off on asking them for their credit card number. Offer them value in the form of freebies and build rapport first. After you establish more trust, you can ask them to buy something and start smaller before asking for bigger commitments.

Eventually, you have to take a chance and “ask them out” if you’re going to start a relationship. To do this, you can’t be afraid to “dump” your customers. After all, you’re looking for the perfect match. And sometimes that means you must narrow down your options.

Final Tips I want you to think about yourself as becoming the ‘Justin Bieber’ of your industry; constantly creating awareness and attracting a flood of fans in …. and letting your sales funnel and marketing do the rest!

You can also post freebies. You can share anything from a list of tips, a recipe, or a personality quiz. You want to give your audience something before you ask them for something; this is how you establish trust.

When you have a sales funnel in place, you have an online formula that helps put your lead generation on autopilot.

You could even offer to let them join a free challenge group of yours; it could be the perfect chance to let them have a test drive with you and your business. That way, they can figure out how they feel about you before they commit to what you’re offering. Consider this your first date. Impress them!

Ashley Shaw is on a mission to help fitness coaches eliminate the overwhelm in their marketing efforts so they can have the business of their dreams. She has taught over one million students and has made over 500 presentations for training sessions. To learn more about Ashley and how she can help you slay your marketing strategy, visit

Action Essentially, you want your customers to: 1. Decide to buy something from you 2. Actually buy from you.


Introducing a new experience that redefines dance fitness. FxD is Fitness by Dancers, where the power of athleticism meets the artistry of dance.

Fitness is how we move, dance is how we move others. Are you ready to create an experience that moves people?


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Five must haves to create a website that gets noticed and creates transactions By Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas A high-quality, well-functioning website is an absolute must in today’s fitness world. The gyms used to be where transactions happened, and today websites are where a majority of fitness professionals market their business, draw in new leads and, in most cases, bring in sales and revenues. If you have a limited budget and not much cash for marketing and advertising, you must capitalize on every opportunity you can to increase exposure and improve your brand’s visibility. 1. Great Home Page Content Your home page is where you really sell those leads on your business. It’s

38 canfitpro March/April 2021

where they learn about who you are, what you do, and how you can help them solve their problems. If those leads like what they see, they’ll move on to other pages and maybe even contact you, buy your training package or register to your classes. If they don’t, they’ll click that “X” and go find another site to browse in seconds. • Make your content about your client, not about you. Address their problems and challenges and show them how you can help them get through and triumph. • Keep it short and sweet. You want to be informative, but you don’t want

to take up all their time. Remember, most web users are in a hurry. • Add a photo. Add a photo of YOU on the home page. This helps them establish a personal connection with you, and it makes them more likely to use your services in the future. • Have a clear call to action. What is your homepage driving leads to do? To download a FREE magnet so you can capture their name and email (recommended)? To click on your service pages and learn more? To contact you for a free consultation? To buy a product? Make sure your call to action is clear, concise and, most of all, easy to locate.

2. Contact Information Throughout By displaying your contact information - phone number, address and even a map everywhere on your site - you ensure that if they have a question or need more guidance, they can easily spot your phone number or email, and contact you to get help. 3. A Blog Too many fitness professionals think you need exciting, innovative stuff to start a blog, and that’s just not the truth. A blog should be a part of every small business’ marketing strategy. As long as you have customers willing to buy from you, you have a captive audience waiting for your blog posts. Blogs serve to inform your customers, help guide them through their challenges, and provide them value for interacting with your brand. They also establish your brand as an authority in your industry, and they have a great impact on SEO. 4. Proof Customers don’t want to just take your word for it. They want to know that other people have used your services and come out on top because of it. They want proof. Have a testimonial section that gives potential leads insight into your performance. It should show them exactly what you can do, how you’ve helped others, and how that can translate to their needs and issues, too. When mentioning a past client or case study, be sure to link out to their

WEBSITES ARE NOT JUST A WAY TO SHOW THE WORLD YOUR CREDIBILITY. A PROFESSIONAL AND WELL-DESIGNED WEBSITE WILL ALSO BRING YOU LEADS AND CONVERT POTENTIAL VISITORS INTO PAYING CLIENTS website and social pages. The more high-quality links your website offers, the more informative it looks, and the higher search engines will rank it. 5. Off-Site Tips If you want to have the most successful online presence possible, you also have to build up your visibility elsewhere, too. Here are a few ways to do that: • Create a Google+ business page and connect it to your website. This is crucial, as Google favors sites that use Google+. Additionally, it gives you another place to get the word out, network with potential customers, and even get reviews. • Create a Yelp listing. Yelp plays a role in your SEO performance, as well as how a customer views and interacts with your brand. As Yelp is a highly used, long-standing and trusted domain, Google will often display a business’ Yelp listing long before their actual domain – especially

if they have good ratings. As a bonus, a great rating also increases customer confidence, and it makes them more likely to buy from that business in the future. • Get on social media. Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube (chose the platform that best suits you) and start interacting with the movers and shakers in the industry. Use social media to advertise FREE magnets to attract them to your website and leave their name and email address behind. If you don’t have a website yet, check out the new online course BUILD Your WEBSITE, part of the THINK Yourself® TECH PRO series - www.thinkyourself. com/canfitpro and learn how to Build a Money-Making Website Without Breaking the Bank. The tips in this article were provided to you in collaboration with Michelle Castillo, web-engineer and cocreator of the course THINK Yourself® A TECH PRO - BUILD Your WEBSITE.

Founder of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, Speaker, Master Life Coach, No.1 BestSelling Author of seven books on wellness and empowerment, and canfitpro Fitness Instructor of the Year 2007, Nathalie PlamondonThomas combines 25 years in sales and 30 years in the fitness industry. She uses neuroscience to get you transformational results.

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INTUITIVE MOVEMENT VS. STRUCTURED PROGRAMMING Learning to embrace the unpredictability of life within structured programming By Casey Zavaleta

IN THE WORLD OF TRAINING, INTUITIVE MOVEMENT AND STRUCTURED PROGRAMS ARE OFTEN PINNED AS OPPOSITES. We think of “intuitive movement” as moving in a way that is unplanned and unstructured, based on whatever you feel your body needs in that moment. Yoga, stretching, and flows often come to mind when we think about intuitive movement.

40 canfitpro March/April 2021

On the other hand, a structured training program is often thought of as the opposite; it is a pre-planned formula for reaching a goal. We picture a series of prescribed exercises, sets, and reps when we think about a structured training program. If you are a personal trainer, you likely write and coach your clients through structured programs. The question is: Is it possible to value these two seemingly contradictory ideas at the same time? I believe it is. The ability to move intuitively requires an awareness of how your body (and mind) feel in a given moment. It also requires an ability to draw a connection between how you’re feeling and what your body needs to either feel better or get better. The idea is relatively simple, but it is far from easy to put into practice. To develop this skill, it is essential to practice moving mindfully in daily life and in workouts. Practice noticing what movements feel good. Think about what movements don’t feel good. Notice the range of motion you have in movements. How does it feel to add load? Does anything change under load? Intuitive movement is sometimes, unnecessarily, regarded as needing to look like some kind of interpretive dance or complicated yoga flow. Perhaps on less of an extreme, we might romanticize walking into the gym and doing whatever exercises we feel inspired to do based on how we feel at that time. Is this kind of free-for-all movement possible, and likely good for us at certain times? Yes. But if you have any semblance of a specific goal in mind, you’re going to need a little more structure than this type of movement alone.

This is the benefit of programming. A training program is your roadmap to take you (or your clients) from where you are right now to where you would like to be. It allows you to maximize the time you spend in the gym and to prioritize what will move you forward. It is especially valuable for beginners in the gym who might not have a deep enough understanding of training to know what exercises would be most beneficial for them.

INTUITIVE MOVEMENT IS SOMETIMES … REGARDED AS NEEDING TO LOOK LIKE SOME KIND OF INTERPRETIVE DANCE OR COMPLICATED YOGA FLOW. So, how exactly do these two concepts go hand in hand? While I wholeheartedly believe in the power of programming, I also believe that no program will be followed exactly as it is written. A program is written for a human being, not a robot. Humans have ups, downs, fears, stressors, and an entire life outside of the gym. That life is beautifully unpredictable. This is where it becomes crucial to understand what edits need to be made to a prescribed program based on your physical, mental, and emotional state that day. I encourage coaches to empower their clients to practice intuitive movement within their programs. Trainers need to be

willing to make edits when it is called for, and they should have a process in place for this. Begin every session with a set of questions to assess how your client is feeling that day. What is their focus level? What is their energy level? How does their body feel? How did they sleep last night? As you progress through your session, continue checking in and encouraging your client to be mindful of how things are feeling for them on that day. Some days you will be able to push it, and other days you will need to back off. Help your clients learn to embrace both types of days. Let’s empower clients with the skill of intuitive movement as they reach their goals using structured programs. If you would like to further explore how your clients’ lives outside the gym and their daily habits have an impact on their training and overall wellbeing, DTS Fitness Education has launched a new course this year called DTS Habits Coach, and we would love to have you join us. If you are interested, please send an email to for registration details.

Casey Zavaleta is an instructor for DTS Fitness Education. She began her career developing cognitive programs for youth and professional athletes. Now, as a trainer and instructor, she integrates her understanding of behavioral science with proven principles of training to help people make sustainable changes and ultimately feel better.


Cannabis Competent Consultant Certification Course $197 | online | on-demand | 5-7 hrs of study canfitpro accredited for 4 PTS, FIS & HWL CECs save 20% off of tuition by using code CFP20 visit: canfitpro March/April 2021





RECENTLY, I WAS ASKED TO LECTURE AT AN EVENT ORGANIZED BY EQUINOX. I was both honored and humbled to be in the presence of many wonderful speakers, and at the end of the day, we all looked forward to the panel discussion. One of the questions came to the panel very similar to this:

42 canfitpro March/April 2021

“All of you travel abroad and speak at international conferences. What is the biggest difference between the United States and the rest of the world regarding how we look at exercise, fitness, and active lifestyles?” I took the opportunity to provide my insight on this.

“One of the things that I became immediately aware of in my international travels for education and teaching was the fact that, in the United States, we speak of someone’s exercise program. When I’m working outside of the US, often, people don’t ask about exercise, they ask: What activities do you enjoy?”

I think that mindset is more representative of an active lifestyle than any exercise. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with exercise and many of us define ourselves by the exercises that we enjoy the most. But that is only one small part of an active lifestyle. It’s almost like asking someone, “What are your favorite supplements?” as opposed to asking them, “What foods do you like to eat? What meals and food combinations do you enjoy?” Internationally, I think there might be a slightly more authentic appreciation of an active lifestyle, whereas in the US, where we spend much more time working and entertaining ourselves than actually focusing on mindful movement, we often want to package that in sets and reps, and quick little trips to the gym. An active lifestyle and the activities that you enjoy should take precedence and the exercises should be the vehicle that makes the activities easier and more enjoyable. In the book The Rise of Superman, Steven Kotler tells us that the flow state is one of the most important factors in action/ adventure sports and that’s why we’re seeing records fall at an astounding rate. He also used flow as a way to describe why surfers and skateboarders don’t have to be begged to practice—they don’t even have to schedule it—practice spontaneously occurs through the love

of the flow state that is generated by participating in that activity. They don’t need fitness monitors to remind them of the need to skateboard or surf today. But those aren’t the only activities that create a flow state. For some people, it is a conveniently put together exercise program. We must ask ourselves: Is it sustainable and will it fulfill our active needs throughout our entire lifespan? My good friend and accomplished

… DON’T LET THE FOCUS ON EXERCISE OVERSHADOW THE FLOW STATE OR THE REASON YOU LIKE MOVING IN THE FIRST PLACE. strength coach, Jon Torine, and I have many conversations, talking about everything from high-end performance training and upcoming teams we’re going to consult with, to ways to fix physical education. Jon has recently been involved in climbing because both of his sons are engaged in that activity. He’s challenged himself to start climbing as well—and it has revealed many things (in some of the most astounding ways) that his performance and conditioning background hadn’t seen.

Take some time to think more about activity than exercise. If you focus on an activity, you will quickly identify the exercises that will help you with that activity, but if you focus your life only on exercise, you’ll have to constantly be reminded to “take your vitamins and your supplements.” Sometimes, I feel guilty because I haven’t been in the gym enough. But I never feel guilty that I haven’t hiked, or paddle boarded enough, because every time life gives me an opportunity, to do either of those activities, I will do them. I would hope that no matter how involved you are in the exercise profession or the exercise life, you don’t let the focus on exercise overshadow the flow state or the reason you like moving in the first place.

Gray Cook is a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Cook’s work with Functional Movement Systems and his book, Athletic Body in Balance and Movement, promote the concept of movement pattern screening and assessment and have helped redefine corrective exercise, and modern conditioning practices.

canfitpro March/April 2021



MUSCLE AND MINDSET Four pillars for creating a successful strength-training program for women

By Lisa Mastracchio FIS, PTS, HWL Today’s woman craves more…more muscle, stamina, and more strength as she travels throughout her forties and beyond. As coaches, our mission is to guide her in the right direction, where strength-training is the foundation from which a stronger

body and mind can be built. The quest to preserve lean muscle tissue is at the forefront of programming. We all know, and can agree, that the metabolic “game-changer” for any woman in her

forties is to lift weights. Because our basal metabolic rate declines with age, protecting muscle tissue is our first line of defense to offset sarcopenia, maintain bone density, and improve overall health and vitality.


Superset A: 10 Reps-3 Sets

Heel-Elevated Squat with Bicep into Overhead Press

44 canfitpro March/April 2021

Single Arm Fly and Overhead Combo

Superset B: 10 Reps-3 Sets

Offset Deadlift into Reverse Lunge

Slow Tempo Push-up

Superset C: 10 Reps-3 Sets

High Carry Lateral Lunge

Kettlebell/ Dumbbell Swing

There are four pillars to help effectively train this female client. The “Muscle and Mindset Training Program” has been built with these basic principles in mind. This results-driven six-week online program caters to the busy woman who knows she needs to get stronger and equips her with the tools to help her get there. Four Pillars for Programming 1. Keep it Simple. Simplicity is the work of genius they say and when it comes to training, the simpler the better. No need for complex choreography or complicated patterns. This client wants simple and effective training where “user-friendly” programming allows her to acquire the skills needed to get the results she wants. For example, the effective “one-dumbbell/kettlebell” workout uses only one tool to gain strength and endurance. With minimal equipment required, this simple program design lowers the barrier to entry, whereby she feels both successful and strong! 2. Keep it Short. Efficiency is a must! Short workouts that last under 40 minutes are the best way to encourage adherence and consistency in training. Long drawn-out cardio sessions may be what she once used in the past as a training method, but today’s woman is juggling many responsibilities at once. As the “master of multi-tasking”, she needs efficient workouts that can be done without having to carve out too much time out of her already busy schedule.

3. Keep it Smart. Smart fitness, or intelligent programming, is key. It means offering the most in strength-building in the least amount of time. This simply means program design which includes compound exercises. This will inevitably boost her metabolic rate by increasing her heart rate, while stimulating both muscle growth and preservation. Instead of focusing on one small muscle group at a time or “accessory” work, maximizing foundation movement patterns will ultimately yield the best results. These are, according to Dr. John Rusin, squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, and carry. Likewise, using strengthtraining supersets, bodyweight training, and metabolic conditioning will allow her to benefit from an array of training modalities. Smart training also means keeping the program for six weeks to track progress and encourage progressive overload, both of which are the cornerstone of any resistance training program. 4. Keep it Social. Small group training is an effective way to encourage the social connections and energy that so many women love. Most women thrive through these social connections by bonding with those who have likeminded goals. Creating a group, whether that’s online or in person, is a “winning formula” that drives success through social connections, motivation, and support. We are social beings! As coaches, creating programs that foster this innate need for connection will allow your

clients to not only soar in strength but build connections in a world when we need it most! Final Thoughts As coaches, our goal is to help our female clients tap into their potential and lead them on a path that empowers them with a stronger body and mind. The pillars described will help you achieve that goal and grow your reach to the women who need your expertise and passion through simple, effective, and smart program design. View the full workout at

Lisa Mastracchio, FIS, PTS, HWL, and PN Coach, is a fitness professional with over 25 years of experience as a group fitness leader, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. She was awarded canfitpro’s Fitness Instructor of the Year Award in 2019. She has developed her brand “Coach Lisa” and offers online group coaching programs geared to women in their forties. She released her first eBook “Eat To Live” and created the membership site, WOW (Women on Weights).

canfitpro March/April 2021



ELEVATE YOUR PROGRAMMING AND OFFERINGS WITH MINDFUL MOVEMENT EDUCATION FROM MERRITHEW™ Three ways you can reignite your enthusiasm for learning, expand your skillset, and keep your clients engaged through mindful movement By MerrithewTM If your commitment to continuing education hit a speedbump last year, you’re not alone. The key to reinvigorating your learning journey is to find what makes you and your clients excited to move. In 2020, mindful movement, such as Pilates, yoga and meditation, increased in popularity because of its ability to reduce stress, enhance focus, and provide a sense of calm. That trend is expected to continue this year. So, if you’re looking to elevate your programming and client offering, now might be the time to explore an education in mindful movement. With three decades of experience in the 46 canfitpro March/April 2021

fitness industry, Merrithew™ is recognized as the global leader in mind-body education and equipment. Through our Corporate Training Center in Toronto and Training Centers around the world, Merrithew™ offers full certification courses, as well as several online workshops in STOTT PILATES®, ZEN∙GA®, CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™ and Halo® Training. And the learning doesn’t end once your workshop does. Through our on-demand education and training platform, Merrithew Connect™, we’ll keep you up-to-date on all the latest developments in mindful movement. Whether you opt to take an online workshop or a full-length course, Merrithew’s experienced Instructor

Trainers and inspiring programming will reignite your enthusiasm for learning and increase your marketability, so you can keep your clients engaged in this everevolving fitness world. 1. Pursue a new certification or continuing education workshop online in mindful movement. Merrithew’s courses and online workshops will teach you how to design your own mindful movement programming and integrate mindful movement principles and practices into your existing sessions, so you can elevate your clients’ workouts.

“The more education you have, the better you can serve your clients. If your clients are like mine, they want a wellbalanced workout schedule that includes cardio training, strength training, and at least one mind-body modality,” says Carol Earle, a Merrithew™ Lead Instructor Trainer and personal trainer. “When you have an understanding of mindful movement practices as a personal trainer, you can help your client connect more deeply to their movements and muscular activations, which carries over to every other physical activity. Having a broad education also helps you add variety to your programming, which is important if your clients come to see you more than once a week.” Merrithew offers plenty of convenient and flexible learning options for fitness professionals— including online workshops taught through our Corporate Training Center in Toronto and via our Training Centers around the world. 2. Live, breath, and experience mindful movement on Merrithew Connect™ While these are some of the traditional avenues for continuing your education, Merrithew also offers experiential ways

of enhancing your skillset, absorbing knowledge, and perfecting your technique through our on-demand mindbody education and training platform, Merrithew Connect™. Merrithew Connect was designed to empower fitness professionals at every stage of their education journey. Learn the latest mindful movement programming and teaching techniques from the top Instructor Trainers in the field, including Co-founder and Master Instructor Trainer Moira Merrithew. 3. Learn alongside our online community of mind-body instructors Browse the Merrithew blog, where our team of experienced mind-body instructors share their teaching tips, client success stories, exercise technique videos, and business strategy insights. You can also join the conversation on our Instagram, where you’ll learn from peers around the world on such topics as how to boost clients who are feeling demotivated and how to avoid burnout. Whether you learn best by reading, watching, listening or doing, Merrithew has options for everyone— including certification courses and online


workshops through our worldwide network of Training Centers, a virtual on-demand education platform, and via our informed and engaged community online— to help you reignite your passion and enthusiasm for learning for a long and successful career in fitness. Find out how to kick-start your mindful movement learning journey at: www. Merrithew™ is the global leader in mind-body education and equipment. Founded in 1988, the company has trained more than 60,000 instructors and partners worldwide, developed six innovative education programs— STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, Total Barre®, Halo® Training, Merrithew Fascial Movement and CORE™ Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training™— and has produced an extensive line of industry-leading professional and at-home equipment and accessories for personal and professional use.






HOW TO COACH NUTRITION SAFELY Help your clients improve upon their nutrition while staying within your scope of practice

By Kyle Byron As Fitness Pros, we want the best for our clients. Long ago we realized that most clients need to eat better to get results (not just exercise). So, it’s natural if you want to help your client eat better. But just like we must be careful with our clients’ lifting form, we must be careful when it comes to talking about nutrition.

Canada’s Food Guide (CFG). It has changed significantly, and I’ll admit it’s not perfect or all-encompassing, but it often gets overlooked as a fat loss tool or a high-performance plan. But look more closely. Most clients would get tremendous results if they changed their current diet to following CFG.

processed carbs – great for fat loss and energy levels • Drinking water instead of sugary or fatty drinks – great for fat loss, energy levels, reduction of chronic disease, and maybe even a better complexion • Limiting sugar, salt, and saturated fat – chronic disease reduction and fat loss

As a canfitpro professional, we have rules of conduct to protect our clients and protect ourselves. There are boundaries around what we legally can and cannot do, teach, say, and so on. The good news is, there is still a lot you can do!

And guess what? By sticking with CFG as your teaching tool, you are inside your scope of practice when it comes to nutrition guidance.

CFG may not be as sexy as that Instagram diet your client found, or macro counting, but it works for most clients. You can help them make better decisions. You can add value to your services. You can be their hero.

This article will help you improve your client’s nutrition all while staying within your scope of practice. We will also cover the Healthy Eating & Weight Loss (HWL) Coach program. Many trainers have not seen the new 48 canfitpro March/April 2021

Here are some awesome aspects to the CFG that your clients probably need: • Eating more vegetables – great for health and fat loss • Selecting healthy proteins vs. processed or high-fat proteins – great for chronic disease reduction and fat loss • Selecting whole grain carbs vs.

Furthermore, regarding the basics of nutrition, as a nutritionist for 15 years, I promise you that I spend about 90% of my time coaching “the basics” for three reasons. 1. Most people aren’t doing them or doing them consistently enough.

2. They work! 3. Eating better isn’t really about knowledge. It’s mostly about psychology and behaviour change. How to Coach Healthy Eating without a Nutrition Certification A great way to do this is with an informal chat. Picture taking your client out for coffee. Don’t spring it on them that you want to talk about healthy food choices. Make sure they know in advance that this is a chat to help them reach their goals. DO NOT talk about food during training sessions. First, it’s a waste of training time. Secondly, their brain cannot absorb complex information while exercising. Thirdly, the client may not be interested at that time. You could get fired by your client for this. I’ve seen it happen a few times when new clients arrive in my practice, looking for nutrition advice in a meeting, not on the gym floor - and they ask me, “Do you know a trainer who won’t talk to me about nutrition while we are training?” So, there you are, with your client for your healthy eating chat. Guess what? Before you even say anything, you are already being a positive influence on their nutrition. They are already accountable to you and supported BY you. They are ready to change because they agreed to this chat. A client can get tremendous nutrition results simply by being more mindful of their eating, tracking, and being accountable to their trainer. 1. Start by asking them about what they eat. Listen. It’s not unusual for clients to talk for 30 minutes straight here, so be patient. 2. Ask them what they think they can change. Listen. 3. Help them decide if that’s a good idea or not, using common sense and CFG. And if they don’t know what to change, start with CFG. Most of your clients need to: • Put more thought into what they eat • Prepare more food in advance (eat less take out) • Eat more protein • Eat healthier proteins • Eat more vegetables • Eat treats and junk food less often • Chew more • Listen to their appetite and respond appropriately (not wait until starving and not eating until stuffed) • Eat a little bit of dessert sometimes,

instead of a lot of dessert most times 4. Ask them to do a food journal and set up another coffee date a few weeks later. You could help this person improve their cooking skills with a hands-on lesson or a grocery store tour. Refer any complicated questions to someone with a nutrition certification, or to their doctor. What you can’t do as a Fitness Pro with no nutrition certification: • Provide meals plans that instruct the client to follow an exact diet • Provide specific macros or calories to follow, and then change those ongoing • Recommend supplements • Instruct on diets like Keto, Paleo, Vegan (b/c it requires supplements), etc. • You cannot charge a fee for nutrition coaching (you can if you complete the HWL certification) • Talk about food and medication contraindications • Diagnose or advise on a disease or condition So, you must decide if it’s worth it to proceed without getting paid. Yes, it’s more of your time, but if your client is getting results that’s one of the top two reasons clients buy more of your services. The other top reason is that the relationship is strong. Overall, you need to decide if your business model will include these free healthy eating chats. If you want to generate income from nutrition chats – get certified! Healthy Eating & Weight Loss (HWL) Coach As I mentioned above, with this certification you can charge a fee for your coaching. Above, I also talk about psychology. Nutrition is 99% psychology and 1% knowledge acquisition. The client will struggle to change their eating much more than they struggle in the gym. In the gym, you can instruct, tell, … heck, you can even bark orders. And clients do it. They jump, they lift, they dance. Because you told them to. Try telling someone to eat better. Even if you are a great teacher, it doesn’t work. Or at least not for long. Instead of telling, we guide clients. We coach them through a nutrition change process.

You have to be a very special kind of coach, a very experienced coach, to help people change how they eat. It’s rare to see a client burst into tears on the gym floor because they are frustrated. It happens, but it’s rare. In nutrition coaching, it happens every week. Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared to deal with people’s problems? To hold them accountable without sounding like a jerk? It’s awkward. It’s difficult. It’s sensitive. That’s nutrition coaching. What’s the best way to talk about nutrition? I spoke with Nicky Coyne, PRO TRAINER for the HWL Coach certification. “We teach people how to talk to clients about food, including the soft skills of coaching, crucial conversations, and setting expectations. And we do this with instruction and role play. With the HWL certification, you’ll be much more equipped to handle the stressful conversations that occur with healthy eating coaching. And you’ll be able to legally charge for healthy eating coaching. There are still some subjects that you cannot cover, such as supplements and proving calorie targets or meal plans.” It is a good idea to have a trusted colleague who is an experienced and certified nutrition coach, like myself, and/ or a registered dietitian, like my colleague. You might need to refer your complex nutrition clients to them. Your client will be grateful, and this nutrition pro would probably refer training clients to you. Win-win. In conclusion, most of us have been tempted to help our clients eat better. You need to be aware of the laws and regulations of your profession. And if you find healthy eating coaching is too difficult, up your game (and your income) with the HWL Coach certification.

Kyle Byron is a Dad, Nutrition Coach (BSc and 15 years experience), a speaker, a professional mentor, and he used to moonlight as a Trainer. He helps people eat for their goals and manage the stressful process of change. His clients include Moms and Dads, athletes, and children.

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By Tricia Silverman ADULTS 60 YEARS AND OLDER, OFTEN CATEGORIZED AS ACTIVE AGERS, MAKE UP ONE BILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE; A NUMBER EXPECTED TO MORE THAN DOUBLE BY 2050. This growth will likely lead to more opportunities to work with this population. To help serve active agers, and plan for your own longevity, use the following active aging nutrition checklist. 50 canfitpro March/April 2021

Are you eating enough and a rainbow array of vegetables and fruit? Fresh vegetables and fruit create vitality. A simple way to get enough vegetables is to divide your plate in half and fill half with vegetables at lunch and dinner. Aim to include them at snacks and breakfast, too. A good target for fruit is three servings a day (approximately ½ cup or a small to medium piece in a serving). This helps to prevent against macular

degeneration and cancer. Additionally, it provides the vitamin C that is a nutritional rock star for your immune system, a key factor for the integrity of your skin as you age and may be helpful for arthritis. Consuming different colors of fruits and vegetables boosts your antioxidant and phytochemical intake, which helps prevent against the leading causes of mortality.

Are you getting enough protein? Protein is a critical factor in immune function, skin health, and muscle preservation and synthesis. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass and strength associated with aging and is estimated to affect 10% of people 60 years and older. The great news is that fitness and nutrition can help prevent and treat sarcopenia. And protein is the nutritional game-changer. How much is enough? Research indicates that 1 - 1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight is an appropriate target. For older athletes and those that desire hypertrophy, 1.2 – 1.4 grams per kilogram are recommended. More research needs to be done on the best type of protein, however, incorporating some plant protein such as beans, appears to have additional health benefits. Fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, Greek yogurt and low-fat dairy foods, as well as nuts and seeds are also beneficial sources of protein. Red meat such as pork, beef, and lamb should be limited, as these may lead to heart disease, earlier mortality, and Alzheimer’s. Spread protein throughout the day for optimal muscle protein synthesis. Are you consuming healthy fats? Omega-3 fats help to protect against inflammation, heart disease, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and more! Fish contains the most absorbable source of this fat and aiming for 8 oz over the course of a week is a “fin-tastic” goal. Additional sources of omega-3 fats are walnuts, hemp seed, flaxseed, chia seed, pumpkin seeds, non-genetically modified soy foods, and organic canola oil. Other healthy sources of fat are extra virgin olive oil, avocadoes, and nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds and hazelnuts. These contain vitamin E which supports cognition, healthy skin, and a robust immune system. Are you eating calcium rich foods? If you are eating three servings of dairy foods a day, and eat a variety of foods, you are most likely meeting your calcium needs. However, if you are not eating dairy, some supplemental calcium may be warranted. There are non-dairy foods that supply some calcium such as broccoli, kale, almonds, poppy seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, and dried figs. Are you making wise beverage choices? The sense of thirst can diminish with

age, so it can’t always be relied on as a prompt for hydrating. Older adults should drink a minimum of 6 (8 oz) glasses of water per day (48 oz), and aim for the following ranges: • Women: 7 - 9 cups (1.6- 2.2 L) per day • Men: 8.5 – 13 cups (2 -3 L) per day Water is the best choice, although other beverages count toward this limit.

SARCOPENIA … IS ESTIMATED TO AFFECT 10% OF PEOPLE 60 YEARS AND OLDER. Beverages that should be limited or avoided: • Alcohol: Too much alcohol can lead to falls, displace some of the food that contributes to vibrant health, contribute to excess weight, interfere with nutrient absorption, and negatively affect many organs in your body. Canadian and US alcohol limits may be too high, so aiming for less may be advisable. Canadian guidelines set a maximum of 10 drinks per week for women, with no more than two drinks a day most days, and 15 drinks a week for men, with no more than three drinks a day most days. US guidelines limit alcohol to one drink a day for women and two for men. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recommends a limit of one drink per day for everyone 65 and older. One drink is defined as a 12 oz beer, 5 oz glass of wine, or 1.5 oz of a spirit. • Diet Soda: Diet soda is associated with stroke, heart attack, and dementia. • Sugary Beverages: Sugary beverages may play a role in diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, gout, and arthritis. How is your vitamin D and vitamin B12 status? Older adults are at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency, especially if they are vegan, as vitamin B12 is found in the highest amounts in fish, meat, dairy and eggs. Health Canada recommends people over 50 years of age take supplemental vitamin D daily (400 International Units). Getting tested for vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiency are helpful in determining if you may need a supplement.

Are you getting enough fiber? Taking too many medications and not eating enough fiber can be constipating for older adults. Aim for a minimum of 25 grams of fiber per day. Beans, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts and seeds are valuable sources of fiber. As you bump up your fiber, remember to increase your water. Are you managing your weight? Although weight loss may be indicated for older adults who are obese, (Body Mass Index (BMI) of ≥30), an overweight BMI (25 - <30) may in fact be protective. For active agers looking to lose weight, a combination of a modest reduction in calories (up to 500 per day) with an increase in exercise can prevent against muscle loss and sarcopenia. Planning for adequate protein must be part of a weight loss plan for active agers. Are you limiting sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar? Too much sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar can raise your risk for heart disease, and lead to poor outcomes for active agers. Limiting processed foods and making more of your food from home can help you to significantly reduce excess sodium, saturated fat, and sugar. Checking off the items above is a quick way to affirm what you and your clients are doing to live a longer, stronger life. The unchecked items are areas for more focus that can pave the way for optimal longevity.

Tricia is a registered dietitian, fitness instructor, and wellness coach. She is an international virtual and live presenter and is the author of the award-winning international Amazon Bestseller, Healthy Dividends: Investments in Nutrition, Movement, and Healthy Habits that Pay Off. She developed and leads the SCW Nutrition for Active Aging Certification. She teaches Nutrition Entrepreneurship and Healthy Aging for Northeastern University.

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UNE LISTE POUR CONFIRMER VOS ACTIONS ET LES ACTIONS DE VOS CLIENTS POUR VIVRE PLUS LONGTEMPS ET EN FORME. By Tricia Silverman LES ADULTES ÂGÉS DE 60 ANS ET PLUS, SOUVENT CATÉGORISÉS COMME LES AÎNÉS ACTIFS, COMPTENT POUR PRÈS D’UN MILLIARD DE PERSONNES DANS LE MONDE ; UN NOMBRE QUI DEVRAIT PLUS QUE DOUBLER D’ICI 2050. Cette croissance apportera surement plus d’occasions de travailler avec cette population. Pour vous aider à servir les aînés actifs, et planifier pour votre propre longévité, utilisez la liste suivante pour une nutrition saine en vue d’un vieillissement actif. Mangez-vous suffisamment des fruits et des légumes de toutes les couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel ? Les légumes et les fruits frais sont source de vitalité. Une façon simple d’être certain de consommer assez de légumes est de diviser votre assiette en deux et de remplir une de ces moitiés par des légumes au diner et au souper. Visez aussi à en inclure à votre petit-déjeuner et dans vos collations. La quantité de fruits à cibler est de trois portions par jour (approx. 1/2 t ou 125 ml ou un morceau de petite à moyenne taille dans une portion). Manger les bonnes portions de fruits et légumes aide à prévenir la dégénérescence maculaire et les cancers. De plus, ils fournissent de la vitamine C, qui est une rock star nutritionnelle pour le système immunitaire, un facteur clé pour maintenir une peau vieillissante en santé, et qui peut également agir contre l’arthrite. La consommation de fruits et légumes de couleurs variées augmente la consommation d’antioxydants et de phytochimiques, ce qui aide à prévenir les 52 canfitpro March/April 2021

principales causes de décès.

des tissus musculaires.

Mangez-vous suffisamment de protéines ? Les protéines sont un facteur critique de la fonction immunitaire, essentielles à la santé de la peau, et à la préservation et la synthèse des muscles. La sarcopénie est la perte de masse et de force musculaire associée au vieillissement ; on estime qu’elle affecte 10 % des gens de 60 ans et plus. La bonne nouvelle, c’est qu’une nutrition saine combinée à l’exercice physique peut aider à prévenir et à traiter la sarcopénie. Et les protéines sont l’élément qui change la donne. Quelle quantité de protéines est suffisante ? Les recherches démontrent que 1 à 1,2 g par kilogramme de poids corporel serait une bonne cible. Pour les athlètes plus âgés, et ceux qui recherchent l’hypertrophie, on recommande de consommer de 1,2 à 1,4 g par kilogramme de poids corporel. Par contre, il serait nécessaire de conduire plus d’études quant à la meilleure source de protéines; inclure des protéines végétales, par exemple des légumineuses, à notre alimentation semble comporter des bienfaits additionnels pour la santé. Le poisson, poulet, dinde, œufs, yogourt grec, et les produits laitiers faibles en gras, noix, et graines sont aussi de bonnes sources de protéines. On devrait limiter la consommation de viandes rouges comme le porc, le bœuf, et l’agneau, puisqu’ils pourraient mener à des maladies cardiaques, mortalité précoce, et à l’Alzheimer. Il faut bien répartir la consommation de protéines tout au long de la journée pour une synthèse optimale

Mangez-vous des gras sains? Les gras oméga-3 aident à prévenir l’inflammation, les maladies cardiaques, la dépression, la démence, l’Alzheimer, et plus ! Le poisson est la source d’oméga-3 le plus assimilable, il faudra cibler en manger environ 8 onces par semaine. On retrouve également les oméga-3 dans les noix de Grenoble, les graines de lin, de chia, et de citrouille, dans les aliments à base de soya non modifié génétiquement, et dans l’huile de canola biologique. D’autres sources de bons gras sont l’huile d’olive extra-vierge, les avocats, et les noix et graines comme les graines de tournesol et les noisettes. Ils contiennent de la vitamine E qui contribue à la santé cognitive, la santé de la peau, et à un système immunitaire fort. Mangez-vous des aliments riches en calcium ? Si vous consommez trois portions de produits laitiers par jour, et que vous mangez une grande variété d’aliments, vos besoins en calcium sont surement comblés. Par contre, si vous ne consommez pas de produits laitiers, il sera peut-être nécessaire de prendre un supplément de calcium. Il existe des aliments non laitiers qui fournissent du calcium comme le brocoli, le chou frisé (kale), les graines de pavot, de chia, et de tournesol, et les figues séchées. Choisissez-vous les bonnes boissons ? La sensation de soif peut diminuer avec l’âge, on ne peut donc pas s’y fier pour

nous avertir qu’il faut s’hydrater. Les gens • Les boissons gazeuses diètes : Les plus âgés devraient boire au moins 6 verres boissons gazeuses diètes sont associées d’eau de 8 oz (250 ml) par jour, soit 48 oz aux AVC, crises cardiaques, et à la (1,4 L), et viser les quantités suivantes: démence. • Les boissons sucrées : Les boissons • Femmes : 7 à 9 tasses (1,6 à 2,2 L) par sucrées peuvent jouer un rôle dans le jour diabète, l’obésité, les maladies rénales, • Hommes : 8,5 à 13 tasses (2 à -3 L) par maladies cardiaques, la goutte, et jour l’arthrite. Bien que d’autres boissons comptent également dans l’atteinte de cet objectif, l’eau demeure le meilleur choix. Les boissons à limiter ou éviter : • Alcool : Trop d’alcool peut causer des chutes, remplacer des aliments qui contribuent à une vie saine, contribuer à un surplus de poids, empêcher une bonne absorption de nutriments, et affecter plusieurs organes corporels. Les limites canadiennes et américaines peuvent être trop élevées, il est donc plus sage de cibler une plus petite quantité. Les directives canadiennes établissent un maximum de 10 consommations par semaine pour les femmes, sans dépasser deux consommations par jour la plupart des jours, et de 15 consommations par semaine pour les hommes, sans dépasser trois consommations par jour la plupart des jours. Les directives américaines limitent la consommation d’alcool à une consommation par jour pour les femmes et à deux pour les hommes. Le NIAAA (l’institut national américain pour l’abus d’alcool et de l’alcoolisme) recommande une limite d’une consommation par jour pour toute personne de 65 ans et plus. Une consommation est équivalente à 12 oz de bière, un verre de 5 oz de vin, ou à 1,5 oz de spiritueux.

les aînés actifs cherchant à perdre du poids, peuvent prévenir la perte de masse musculaire précieuse et la sarcopénie. Il faudra maintenir une consommation appropriée de protéines dans le cadre d’un programme de perte de poids chez les aînés actifs.

Limitez-vous votre consommation de sodium, gras saturés et de sucres Qu’en est-il de votre apport en vitamines ajoutés ? D et B12 ? Trop de sodium, de gras saturés et de Les personnes âgées sont à risque de sucres ajoutés peuvent augmenter le risque déficience de vitamine B12, spécialement de maladies cardiaques et mener à des si elles sont véganes, puisque cette résultats peu souhaitables pour les aînés vitamine se retrouve majoritairement dans actifs. Limiter les aliments transformés et le poisson, la viande, les produits laitiers, et préparer les repas à la maison peut réduire les œufs. Santé Canada recommande que de manière importante l’excès de sodium, les personnes de 50 ans et plus prennent de gras saturés, et de sucres. des suppléments de vitamine D (400 UI) quotidiennement. Un test sanguin peut En cochant les éléments de la liste déterminer si vous avez besoin de prendre ci-dessus, vous pourrez rapidement un supplément de vitamines D et B12. déterminer ce que vous et vos clients faites pour vivre plus longtemps et en forme. Consommez-vous suffisamment de Les éléments qui ne seront pas cochés fibres ? sont ceux sur lesquels vous devriez vous Une trop grande prise de médicaments attarder plus longuement pour vous assurer et trop peu de fibres peuvent causer la une longévité optimale. constipation chez les personnes âgées. Visez un minimum de 25 g de fibres par Tricia est une jour. Les haricots, légumes, fruits, grains nutritionniste certifiée, entiers, et les noix et graines sont une instructrice de importante source de fibres. N’oubliez pas conditionnement physique, et coach de bien-être. d’augmenter votre consommation d’eau Elle est une présentatrice lorsque vous augmentez vos fibres. Gérez-vous bien votre poids ? Bien que la perte de poids est recommandée pour les personnes âgées qui sont obèses (IMC ≥ 30) un indice de masse corporelle en surpoids (25 à <30) pourrait s’avérer protecteur. La combinaison d’une réduction modeste en calories (jusqu’à 500 par jour) et d’une augmentation de l’activité physique chez

internationale lors d’événements en ligne et en présentiel et auteure du livre, meilleur vendeur Amazon, Healthy Dividends : Investments in Nutrition, Movement, and Healthy Habits that Pay Off. Elle a développé et dirige le programme de certification de nutrition SCW pour vieillir en action (AAC). Elle enseigne Nutrition Entrepreneurship et Healthy Aging au Northeastern University.




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How to live a healthy, vibrant life By Christina Raskin Ayurveda, the “Sister Science” to yoga, is a holistic science that helps us live in balance with nature to maximize the body and mind’s potential to heal itself. This ancient science believes that we are part of nature and that we are made up of the same five elements that make up everything. We all have our own unique combination of these elements; space, air, fire, water, and earth. To maintain vitality, we want to maintain balance. To achieve this balance, we must first know our Dosha. Your Dosha Your unique combination of the elements is called your dosha (constitution). Your dosha takes your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic qualities into consideration. We all start off with our balanced dosha, which is established at conception. When we know this dosha, we understand what our balanced state is. Ayurveda is a qualitative science - by understanding the qualities within food, time of day, season, and disease we can distinguish what foods, environment, and lifestyle choices will be the most supportive for us. If we don’t live in harmony with nature then, over the years, our body will let 54 canfitpro March/April 2021

us know by way of symptoms that can eventually lead to disease and illness. Through practicing Ayurveda, we can help ourselves move from our current imbalanced state back to our true nature, where our health is restored. An ancient text, the Charaka Samhita, talks about the pillars of life, including having proper food and digestion. It also mentions causes of disease. One of my favorites is prajnaparadha, crimes against wisdom. We all know what things make us feel better, like exercise and eating healthy, and that increase our well-being. The study of Ayurveda gives us more wisdom about the specifics of how to make wise, individual choices for ourselves. When we don’t act in accordance with this wisdom, it leads to dis-ease. Ayurveda and Nutrition Not one food can be right for everyone and every food is right for someone. What foods work for you will be based on your dosha. Ayurveda believes that how we eat is as important as what we eat. Sit down for a meal without distractions, eat mindfully with gratitude. It is best to have your largest meal in the middle of

the day when your digestive fire is at its highest. Your food should be fresh, easily digestible, and prepared with love. Tips to Find Balance Routine, Routine, Routine! This helps to regulate your digestion, circadian rhythm, and mood. It can also be helpful to start your day with a few cleansing practices like scraping your tongue and drinking a large glass of warm lemon water. Add lemon for additional cleansing, Turmeric for anti-inflammatory, and Cayenne if you have challenges with constipation. Lastly, start your day with an intention to focus and relax the mind. Living in balance with nature and in balance with our natural state will lead to more peace, health, and vitality! Christina Raskin is the National Training Director of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness and the head of the O2 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program. She owns two Oxygen studios and has taught yoga and fitness for over 18 years. She is a 500hr E-RYT who absolutely loves yoga, learning, and swimming in the ocean.

E N D L E S S P O S S IB IL I T IES Your choices make all the difference, so we made it easier to choose the solutions right for you and your budget, your space and the people you serve. Our new cardio series are compatible with five reimagined consoles for exciting new combinations of performance, entertainment and connectivity. When it comes to achieving your goals, it’s easy to choose Matrix — and know you’ve chosen wisely.

Explore the possibilities at

matrixfitnesscanada | |

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Hand, wrist, and finger exercises to help relieve repetitive stress, strain, and arthritic symptoms. By Ona McDonald, canfitpro PRO TRAINER How often do you use your hands on any given day? Does your daily routine or job require you to do repetitive actions with your fingers and hands? Are you treating them with the care they deserve? Your hands are needed all day long for countless activities. They are constantly moving.… brushing your teeth, fixing your hair, getting dressed, gripping the steering wheel, holding a cup of coffee, typing a message, paying your bills, etc. Do you rely on your hands and fingers for your employment? Are you a gamer? Do you work at a computer for hours? The Importance of Exercising and Stretching Your Hands • improves circulation • increases flexibility and range of motion • reduces the risk of injury and strain • eases discomfort in the joints 56 canfitpro March/April 2021

• reduces stiffness • builds strength • enhances dexterity Repetitive actions create tension in the forearm muscles and tendons, which generate stiff and achy hands and fingers. Arthritic changes obstruct motion and use, even further. With age, we lose the ability to grip objects securely. Repetitive stress and strain from computer use may contribute to other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Motion is lotion. Movement and exercises can help. Take a few minutes a day to treat your hands and fingers and thank them for all that they do for you. Strengthen, stretch, and massage! Start with warming up the fingers, hands, and wrists……… • run them under warm water

• rub the hands together quickly to create heat • use a “washing your hands” motion • open and close the fingers • clapping and tapping movements • clasp and open the hands/fingers • shake them out Strive to do one, or a few, of these exercise suggestions every day or even numerous times a day. Open Wide Stretch the hand out wide, spreading the fingers. Finger Joint Decompressions Use a passive motion of pulling the tips of each finger to decompress the joints. Wrist Circles Make a fist with the thumb inside, but don’t squeeze.

Grip the Ball Using a softer ball, make a fist around the ball, squeeze/release, squeeze and hold for three to five seconds. Squeeze the thumb and second finger only, thumb and third finger, thumb and fourth finger, thumb and fifth finger.

Prayer Stretch Hands in prayer position, elbows come together while raising hands, then elbows separate as hands lower as far as they can go trying to keep the palms together.

Open Wide with Resistance Wrap a wider hair elastic/scrunchie around the base of the thumb and fingers and open the hand, spreading the fingers. Reverse Prayer Stretch Placing the backs of the hands together, lift hands upwards and bring elbow together as much as possible.

Wrap Your Hand Wrap a resistance band around the whole hand, let hand rest on a table and try to spread out the fingers, hold and release slowly.

Windshield Wipers Place hands on table and without moving the elbows, do a windshield wiper blade action with the hands.

Desk Press In a seated position, place hands under a desk/table, palms up, press fingers into the table and hold. Reverse and place hands on top of desk/table. Figure Eights Keeping elbows tucked into your sides, do figure eight motions with the hands. Try with hands clasped together. Fingertip Touches Using the top pad of the fingers, touch the thumb to each finger individually and squeeze.

Finger Walks Hands on table, walk each finger over to one side, then walk each finger back over to the other side.

Hand on Chest, Thumb Pull - Assisted Stretch Make sure fingers stay in contact with chest.

Thumb Slide Touch thumb to each finger individually and then slide it down to the base of each finger.

Finger Circles Individual fingers only. Try holding two fingers together and circling.

Flexion, Extension Done freely, with resistance bands, small weights or weighted balls - position forearm on your thigh or a tabletop making sure the elbow joint stays in contact with the resting surface.

Wring out the Cloth Use a towel or rag and use a ‘wringing out’ motion in both directions.

Pinch Strengthener Pinch the thumb and one finger individually on a cloth/towel and use the other hand to try and pull the cloth/towel out/free.

Flip the Cups/Cans Using three paper cups or cans, grip around the furthest cup and flip it over upside-down quickly towards you, repeating with the second and third cup. Reverse the motion and flip them back over, one at a time, quickly.

Ona McDonald has been involved in the fitness industry for over 40 years. Physical and Health Education, Bachelor of Education degrees, and working in the teaching and fitness professions have given her the skills and knowledge to work with all age groups. As a PRO TRAINER for canfitpro & Fitness Consultant, Ona can be found educating others in the field of healthy, active living.

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