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What are the Benefits of Stucco Contractors CandC Plastering

â–Ť The Stucco contractor San Jose CA slides the material by adding a few materials, such as cement, lime, sand, and water. It is applied in three coats and made over a lathe base which provides the wall with a solid, seamless and a durable structure.

Traditional Stucco Installation


Applying Stucco over the mesh is one of the traditional and most

commonly used methods of sliding Stucco. The method makes the mixed concrete and this mixture is generally applied over a wooden lath. The traditional Stucco has an acrylic-polymer finish and is usually expansive also expands and contracts according to the weather.

The New Stucco Installation

The new stucco is a new wave which refers to the exterior installation and the finish system. Stucco Contractors San Jose says that this acrylic polymer coat is sprayed on to the of board insulation or fiberglass mesh. It generally never cracks also provides the home

with extra insulation during the extreme weathers.

The Advantages of Stucco • It is a great insulator for both warm and cold kinds of weather • The Stucco exterior has a very cheap and easy maintenance • From the design standpoint, you can never ever beat the finish that it

provides • You can always add the color of your choice to the cement coats.

• Once the cement dries, it is not easily washed away and can be used to carve any type of innovative hands on the walls

Stucco can also be applied as a do-it-

yourself way but it is a very laborious, time-consuming, backbreaking task that any homeowner will want to take. For this reason alone, the homeowners want to hire a contractor who is

experienced in Stucco application.

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