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Canberran Committee Members Maninda Amarasekara Year 11 Ahmed al Ghardaqa Year 10 Andrew Hall Year 9 Tom Jordan Year 9

Lachlan Marshall Year 11 Zac Martin Year 10 Nic McGinness Year 9 Sam Osbourne Year 8

Julian Richardson Year 11 Anand Siththaranjan Year 7 Prasad Siththaranjan Year 8 and Mrs Krista Hooke.

The year 2011 saw the formation of the Canberran Student Committee. Each week a group of committed and enthusiastic students came together to work on ‘The Canberran’ under the guidance of the dedicated Mrs Hooke. We took photos at various events around the School over the course of the year, identified people for captions, and wrote, chased up and edited some articles.

However, none of this would have been possible without the steadfast dedication, passion and commitment of the various student members, as well as the constant encouragement, support and guidance of Mrs Hooke. With the close of the 2011 school year, we hope that you will find the achievements and successes of the students as interesting and riveting to read, as it was for us to write about.

The committee’s goal had been to increase the overall focus on the students, and we discussed various ways to make this happen. Our most successful achievement in this regard was the complete remodelling of the cover of ‘The Canberran’ by those who the magazine means the most to – the students.

Maninda Amarasekera

Canberran 2011 Front Cover Submissions CANBERRAN


Thank you to all of the students who submitted cover designs for The Canberran. The winning designs were by Lachlan Marshall for the front cover and by James Feng for the back cover


Introduction from the Head. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Head of Primary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Pre-School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 PKF. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 PKM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 PKN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 KGN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 KF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 KK. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 1B. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 1D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 1N. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 2F . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 2B. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 2N. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 3B. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 3C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 3/4 K . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 4G. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 4M. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 5D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 5J. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 5K. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 5/6 D . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 6C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 6H. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 6J. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Enrichment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Pre-School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Pre-Kindergarten. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Kindergarten. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Year 1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Year 2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Year 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Year 3/4. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Year 4. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Year 5. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Year 5/6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Year 6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Junior School Presentation Evening. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Visual Arts in the Primary School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Farewell to Year 2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Co-Curricular . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Primary School Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 PE and Sport in the Primary School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 End of Year Celebrations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60

Head of Senior School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 HSC Results 2011. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Chaplaincy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65 Captains. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 The Gallery. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Resource Centre. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Reports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 Student Submissions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Trips and Exchanges. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Winter Projects. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 Blaxland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 Burgess . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Burgmann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86 Clements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 Eddison . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90 Edwards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 92 Garnsey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94 Garran . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 Hay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98 Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 Sheaffe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 Manaro Shield. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 104 Athletics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 105 Badminton. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 Basketball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 107 Cricket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 Cross Country . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109 Dragon Boating. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 110 Drama. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112 Football. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116 Hockey. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Karting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 118 Mountain biking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 Outdoor Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 123 Orienteering. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125 Rowing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 126 Rugby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 127 Squash. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 130 Swimming. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 Taekwondo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 The Life of the Mind. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 133 Water Polo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 136 Sony Camp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 137 Year 12 Formal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 141 Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 148 School Roll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 153

Introduction from the Head

Welcome to The Canberran for 2011, another record of a full and exciting year in the history of our School. It was a year of many changes as we entered the next stage of our development and set our aspirations for the future: to educate students who are intelligent, innovative and internationally minded, who are confident, creative and compassionate young leaders of their generation. It was also a year in which we built on all that is finest in our traditions: our commitment to academic excellence, to deep pastoral care, to community service and to co-curricular opportunity and distinction.


The range of activity represented in these pages reflects the packed diversity of School life. On any given day, students and staff may turn from music rehearsals before School, to lessons punctuated by Chapel and House meetings, followed by sporting practices, then drama rehearsals and more. You see in these pages everything from art to abseiling, biology to basketball, concerts to canoeing, debating to DofE, and so on. There was hardly a day of my first year in the School in which I did not enjoy the richness of endeavour that abounds, be it in our unique Australian Studies lessons, in our groundbreaking Code Cadet seminars, on the giant swing at Year 7 camp, in the verve of the House Music Competition, in the high emotion of the Year 12 valediction, or amidst the happiness of the Primary School Christmas concerts.


I am immensely grateful to my colleagues who make all this happen, to our parents who support their boys and young girls with such commitment, and of course to the students themselves, who are the life of the place. It is a pleasure to read these pages and to celebrate their extraordinary achievements. To collate such a volume is an enormous task, which was – for the first time in some years – undertaken by a student editorial committee. I know how hard and at times frustrating they found their work but I believe firmly that student leadership and initiative is vital to the prosperity of our School and I thank all members of the committee for their efforts. They have learnt much and laid the foundations for editorial committees to come. The cover, which was chosen by competition, is certainly a departure from tradition and will be controversial, I have no doubt; but sometimes that’s as art should be. I commend the artist and the judges on their bravery in eschewing formal convention to convey the bursting vibrancy of our School life. We are a School with a traditional ivy-clad Quad at our heart but with great enjoyment in the diversity of our community, in the range of our potential and in the opportunities that our future holds. Dr Justin Garrick Head

Head of Primary With the end of the School year on the horizon the impetus to reflect on the successes of a year past comes to the fore. As educators we examine more closely the priorities that had been set to commence the year, measure the momentum gained, and realign our thinking as we prepare for the forthcoming year. The year commenced with excitement and anticipation – the welcoming of new families, students and staff. Amongst those to be welcomed were a new Head, Dr Justin Garrick, and his wife Ms Dharini Ganesan Raju. The third Headmaster of Canberra Grammar School with whom I have worked, Dr Garrick’s capacity to lead the School in an ambitious and innovative manner was apparent from the start. Taking little time to acclimatise to the Canberra Grammar ways, Dr Garrick rapidly formulated a vision for future thinking and direction that will continue to inform our decisions. Throughout the past year we have begun to re-examine our approach to admissions and the sports and music programs of our School while also opening up possibilities for new approaches to curriculum planning and implementation. We have been challenged to focus on what it means to be a student at Canberra Grammar – the aspirations and outcomes of an exceptional education and what we want for our students. Moving forward we will focus on enabling our students to be intelligent, innovative and international in outlook; to be responsible and compassionate leaders who place the welfare of others before self and who are determined and skilled to embrace challenges. As the year unfolded there were many memorable and rewarding moments which will differ for all members of our community. For me I will cherish those times spent out of the office being with our students; the moments that enable the warmth of connection with individuals. A teacher at the core, the transactional aspects of my role can consume endless amounts of time if not kept

in check. Teaching PE lessons, attending Junior School Chapel services, dropping in for morning reading at Southside, helping to deliver the ELC students to the library, sharing before school moments at Northside with our Before School Care group, working with the Student Representative Councillors, watching our Taekwondo boys break boards for the first time, telling stories to Year 3…it is the simple moments spent with our students which keeps the purpose of all other tasks I undertake in fine focus. When making decisions, planning pathways ahead and engaging with staff and members of the School community it is the children who are at the heart. As the year comes to a close I would like to acknowledge the work of the teaching and nonteaching staff of CGS Primary School. Their cohesiveness, deep understanding of successful educational practices and capacity to reflect and adapt, will ensure that we can look forward, confident that the Primary School will continue to evolve and respond to the changing needs of education while remaining steadfast to the traditional values and aspirations we have always held. In particular I would like to thank Mr Tony Laudenbach for his assistance in leading the Junior School for the past two years with a clear passion for educating boys and Mrs Vicki Dabro for her contributions to the visual arts area of the School over the past eighteen years. Mr Tony Laudenbach will continue to be a positive and influential member of the Primary School staff in 2012, returning to his class teaching responsibilities

Primary School


in semester one before taking long-service leave in semester two. Mrs Vicki Dabro has played an influential part in consolidating our beliefs around the importance that visual arts has to play in the educational patchwork. More than playing with shape, colour and textures and the development of skills, our visual arts program is renowned for its rigour. Drawing upon children’s creative and original responses to problems posed, belief that visual expression is a vital method of communication and knowledge that a child’s capacity should not be limited by narrow definitions, the visual arts program of our School is undoubtedly of the highest standard. I thank Mrs Dabro for her tireless and determined efforts and wish her all the best in retirement.


I would also like to thank the assiduous efforts of those parents who work as part of the Parents and Friends Association (P&F) of the School. Mrs Felicity Williams, President of the Whole School P&F, Mrs Jo Dowse, President of Southside P&F and joint Presidents of Northside P&F Mrs Melissa Russell and Mrs Michelle Morrissey. Through the work and efforts of our supportive parent group the learning environment for our children is enhanced and the sense of community amongst parents strengthened.


Our happy students

As we emerge into the new school year it will be with anticipation and enthusiasm for what lies ahead. While I do not doubt there will be unexpected challenges along the way the cohesiveness of the Canberra Grammar community, commitment to open and ongoing communication and a dedication to the best possible care and education of our students will provide the basis from which to continue our work together. Mrs Rosalie Reeves

Airport excursion

Experimenting with Gravity: Robert Hanson, Dougal Cameron, Hannah Clarke-Leitch, Bella Rotondo, Harry Sly

Jasmine Byrne and family

Lana Sault and family

Pre-K Northside Healthy Bones Day

Primary School


Ella Welsh

Harriet Allen

Construction Site visit


Pre-School at work



Freya Stevens-Morice, Julia Rose, Lana Sault and Zara Clelland


Pre-School Music

Easter Hat Parade

Nicholas Platis

Ned Kelly masks

Primary School










Primary School










Primary School


Rose Coloured Glasses — Harry Bodman (Pre-K)

After School Care – Northside

Duka Drini


Art and craft at After School Care – Junior School


Building castles

Aleyna Mertsoy



3/4 K

Primary School









5/6 D

Primary School







Athletics Carnival – Primary School – Radford House

Bad Hair Day with Huw Smith, Noah Burchett-Knott, Hugh Mitchell and Luke Neiper


Primary School Rugby

Primary School


Enrichment The Enrichment Program aims to implement effective learning experiences that enliven aspirations of intelligence, innovation and international mindedness in all our students.

The Enrichment Team has traditionally supported children who need a little extra help, and extended children who learn faster than the classroom pace. In 2011, a well-planned and researched change was implemented, coming from a belief that every child’s learning is able to be enriched by providing the right learning opportunities.


The Enrichment Team offered a number of programs throughout the year, and class, small group and individual programs have run in conjunction with regular classroom teaching. Children who have English as an Additional Language have worked with Mrs Emma Johnston-Robinson for three lessons each week that target specifics of the English language and are tailored to individual needs. Mr Andrew Cumming Thom and Mrs Cathy Dangar have offered extension Maths programs to Year 4 – 6 children for the year. They have guided the children to achieve extraordinary results in a number of mathematics competitions, with 138 children receiving Distinctions, High Distinctions and prizes throughout the year. Mrs Dangar also facilitated the ‘Friday Group’ – developed to inspire and regenerate learning through the exploration of interests and passions. Investigation programs developed from the ideas and passions of the children included a trip to the Police Dog Squad, digital photography, engineering and ancient Egyptian history. The success of these days was reflected in many weeks of focused and positive learning within the classroom.


campuses, working with small groups each term to improve Literacy skills; Mrs Julie Watson, Mrs Alison Hague and Mr Richard Wyche also provided support programs for the children who need a little extra explicit teaching in the area of Literacy; and Mrs Cathy Sutton has worked with children who are awarded disability funding to assist them to reach their potential in the classroom. We have worked hard to gather testing and classroom data to track students, using this information to set priorities for support and extension, and monitor the performance of the established programs. Make sure that you regularly look at Edukite, and listen out for the multiple opportunities offered by the Enrichment Team for children in 2012. Lucy Garven

Mrs Rosalind Perfect continued to guide and support students from the Northside and Southside Infants

Linus Kirkwood, Panos Morogiannis & Joshua Gittleman

Max Hartmann, Lachlan Morgan, Hugo Korte

Da Vinci Decathlon

Let’s play ball!

Barnabe White & Zachary Morgan

Paul Minglis

Andrew Liang

CSIRO Science Expo with Harry Kilcullen, Ronan Beltrami, Nicholas Allnutt and Lachlan Ings

Vishal Ganeshan

Jessica McLaren

Charlie Carey

Science Demonstration

Mrs Dangar & Angus Finney

Lachlan Hocking & Jayden Esguerra

Primary School



Pre-School Teacher: Debbie Hogan


re-School teaches you manners you have to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you very much’ Jasmin Prior eading stories in Pre-School is fun because we read lots of big books and on the smartboard too. Ella Welsh

veryone has a good time on the playground I like the pole on the fort you can swing off it if you like. Demi Katheklakis ometimes I play in the dress ups. I like to wear the purple dress. Eva Purdy onstruction blocks, Lego and puzzles are my best things at Pre-School William Warboys

aving the Year 6 boys come over to play with us. They are our BIG buddies. Jacob Everett


Aidan Dawson

utside I play on the bikes. I ride the yellow bikes the handles don’t twist off and they are easy to steer. Oliver Mitchell

ver in the sandpit I like to build castles. But once we made a real volcano and the teachers made fire come out! Nicholas Platis

istening to music and writing at the writing table are the most special things that I love about Pre-School. Harriet Allen


Amber Gibson


Oliver Mitchell

Anthony Cao

Macy Strickland, Marcus Tremopoulos, Willem Hehir

PRE-SCHOOL Jacob Everett, Alex Hughes, Campbell Barrett, Marcus Tremopoulos

Willem Hehir

Harriet Allen and Amber Gibson

Dimitri Tremopoulos, Luca Down, Henry MacCallum, Charlie Woonton

Oliver Mitchell, Alex Hughes, Nicholas Clothier, Aidan Dawson, James Blencowe, Henry MacCallum

Pre-School Class

Geometric castles

Nicholas Clothier

Primary School Yr 6 Buddies – Huw Smith & Barnabe White



Pre-Kindergarten Teachers: Jennifer Thompson, Anne Nicolaou, Anna Fox, Christy Murray

The children of Pre-Kindergarten M established strong friendships with each other from the very first day and these relationships have strengthened enormously over the year. Tremendous learning and lots of fun has been experienced by all the children in PKM with the special focus areas of “Eric Carle”, “Fasten your Seatbelts”, “Sharing Shapes” and “The Art of Giving”. The highlight of the year, the “Fasten your Seatbelt” focus, was the celebration and sharing of each child’s country of origin. Through a sharing program, every child presented information about their particular country. An aeroplane and a travel agency provided wonderful dramatic play opportunities as the children booked their flight and travelled to far away destinations. This focus area culminated in an excursion to the Canberra airport which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Pre-Kindergarten F’s favourite term topics this year were titled “Enormous Small Tiny Tall” – (focusing particularly on the children’s passions for dinosaurs and insects) and “Fact or Fiction” (where plenty of magnetic and electric experimentation took place along with the exploration of many fairy tales). PKF were asked “what was the most important thing you’ve learnt this year?” Many of the children’s responses highlighted the importance of early social development in Pre-Kindergarten. Some of the children’s answers included —

There is no doubt that in 2011, the Northside Pre-Kindergarten has added much to the spirit of this part of the School. The ‘Grammarkins’ as they are affectionately known, have been a delight and their joy in learning has positively impacted on all of those around them. When the Reggio Emilia Conference was held in Canberra in July, a coach of conference delegates visited Canberra Grammar School. The greater proportion of the visitors’ time was spent in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom where the delegates poured over the learning journals and studied the beautiful art and other creative pieces. It has been a great honour for Mrs Nicolaou, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Nancarrow to be involved in Pre-Kindergarten’s learning journey this year and for these teachers to witness the enormous gains their students have made socially, emotionally and cognitively.

“to listen to what the teacher says” (Romeo Parsa) “helping people – if they fall, you help them” (Hannah Clarke-Leitch)

Northside drawing fun


“if you share, it’s kind and other people will play with you” (Robbie Hanson)


“putting your jumper on by yourself” (Isaac Roberts) “I just like everything that I learn in this school” (William Owen)

Pre-K Northside Spring Has Sprung

PRE-KINDERGARTEN Pre-K Northside – Little People Who Help Us

Sam Hosking

Experimenting with balance — Karlotta Sikatzis and Ryan Farrell

Julia Rose and Mum

Robert Hanson and William Owen

Bethany Irvine, Lucinda Wilson and Nadia Tidimane




Kindergarten The Big Friendly Group. Teachers: Amy Tilden, Fiona Rooks, Kristin Read, Lea Lester

The Kindergarten children began the year reacquainting themselves with each other after the Christmas holidays last year and getting used to their new classroom environment. Our first Independent Discovery Program, ’The Big Friendly Group’ lent itself well to the start of the year and fitted perfectly with our ‘Bounce Back’ program. The children learnt that to be a big friendly group we need to cooperate with others and follow rules to maintain a happy and safe school environment. They learnt about the important people who work in our school and enjoyed a walk to visit these people in their workplace. The children learnt to appreciate the importance of others in our school who help contribute to the wonderful place we learn in. We asked some of the Kindergarten students what they enjoyed most about the Investigations this year:

“I liked it when we learnt about materials. We had to design and make something for the playground and then make it from different materials” – Finlay Barrett.

Our skills in design, as well as our newfound knowledge of materials, were put to the test as we were encouraged to design a new piece of equipment that we would like in our playground. Our senses are continually working when we encounter new things, so that we can investigate what it is made of.

“My favourite IDP was The Big Friendly Group. I liked making new friends” – Alison Kennelly. “I liked Materials because we got to make things” – Chloe Caldwell. “I liked the Weather Rotations, because we got to make sunglasses and we got to make boats” – Henry de Zylva.

“I enjoyed the thermometer activity when we measured how hot someone’s hand was and how cold an ice pack was” – Daniel Fox.

“I like the Big Friendly Group, because I like it when we all work together” – Rania Danthanarayana.

“I liked learning about the different materials that floated and sank” – Thomas Hedley. THE CANBERRAN 2011

It all started in Term 3 with an Adventure walk around our playground. The investigators, armed with recording implements and a keen eye, identified many items and buildings as well as what they were made of. We then investigated the properties of many different materials, and naturally we loved the processes involved in discovering whether or not they were waterproof!

“I liked the Weather Rotations because the children at the stormy table got to touch a lightning ball” – William Carroll.

“I enjoyed the Weather Rotations especially when we made sunglasses to protect our eyes” – Isabella Oloyede.


What’s it made of?

Weather in my world This unit encouraged the Kindergarten students to be weather watchers! They began by wondering about the weather and discovering all the ways weather can affect their everyday lives. They learnt to observe the weather using all of their senses before experimenting with weather tools to record their findings. This year, literacy rotations were used to explore factual information about the weather. The children read books about the sun, clouds, rain, wind and thunder. We would like to thank all of our parents who came in to help with these rotations.

KINDERGARTEN Northside Kindergarten – Whole Class

Thomas Lodge-Patch and Sebastian Savage

“I loved it when my daddy came in to tell us about the weather and the clouds” – Charlotte Young. “I liked it when we were making the boats and I liked it when we blew the boats around on the water and crashed into each other” – William Medwin. “My favourite thing of the school time in kindergarten was when we were testing out the materials” – Sebastian Savage. “I don’t know what I liked best because I liked everything!” – Sarah Lacey. “I liked feeling the materials to feel if they were soft or cold” – Jasleen Kaur. Cameron Allnutt




Year 1 Teachers: Melinda Hamilton, Tricia Brodrick, Margo Donaldson

Year 1 was a year full of.... growing, reading, writing, listening, thinking, looking, solving, reflecting, drawing, sharing, pretending, painting, gluing, cutting, playing, laughing watching, learning, playing and losing teeth... Some thoughts about the year from the children...

“The best thing was visiting the Canberra Airport. We saw planes taking off and landing” – Dylan C 1H. “We got to ride the skateboards and play Titanic during PE” – Nicholas 1H. “We worked in literacy groups. We read hard books and wrote stories. I tried to use WOW words to make my writing interesting” – Jesse 1H. “We got to do lots of fun art activities including painting, drawing and colouring in. We tried lots of tricky activities” – Zoe 1H. “We have fun solving math problems and I love chunking in my mental maths book. I can find half of 3 digit numbers in my head” – Matthew 1H.


“When I read, I am trying to imagine the story to be like a DVD in my head. When I write, I use describing words so that other people can imagine my story like a DVD too!” – Michael 1B.


“I loved learning about sounds. Did you know that you can feel sound vibrations when you speak close to a balloon while holding the balloon! It’s great!” – Kathryn 1B.

“I like our A to Z book on transport and thinking about all sorts of vehicles... It is hard to think of a transport that starts with X!” – Riley 1B. “It was funny when Mrs Brodrick and Mrs Donaldson pretended that we were on a plane in the theatre. We got tickets, saw a Magic School Bus video and ate a jelly-snake treat as if we were on plane!” – Emily 1B. “I loved wearing ‘thinking hats’. I use my White Information hat when I look at the detail of things that I am drawing. I use my Green Creative hat when I draw things from my imagination” – Indiana 1B. “I learnt that recycling and reusing things again and again is important so that I can protect our environment” – Alice 1D. “I liked it when Dad came in to help make our sound machine using different sized pipes. We hit it with thongs to make different sounds” – Anton 1D. “It’s fun to grow plants like our beans, sunflowers and vegetables in our class garden. It is good for us and our environment” – Miranda 1D. “We do some hard things in maths like sharing and grouping. It’s really fun too!” – Oscar 1D.

  YEAR 1 Sophia Champion de Crespigny

Nicholas Maleganeas and Quinn Blakers

Mia Milosis and James Maleganeas

Brie Allinson-Brasser



Penelope Robson, Mia Byron, Indiana Saunders

(Left to Right) Angus Byatt, Riley Byrne, Colton Goodear, Matthew Johnston, Donald Taylor, Cameron Lindsay (at back)

Shivam Minani

1H visits the airport

Primary School



Year 2 Teachers: Angela Turner, Matthew Ferguson, Nerida Bennett

Human Body The Human Body was a wonderful unit of inquiry to start the year. The children were engrossed in investigating a range of human body systems and how these affect how our bodies function including the skeleton, organs, circulation and nerves. A variety of medical experts from our parent group, including a General Practitioner, Ophthalmologist, Anaesthetist and an Orthopaedic Surgeon presented in each of the Year 2 classrooms. These wonderful presentations gave the children a deeper understanding of each of these body systems with a hands on aspect included. The children also enjoyed a variety of science experiments including testing heart rate, lung capacity, fingerprints and dexterity.

Families Past and Present The second inquiry that we studied was Families Past and Present. The children enjoyed investigating how people lived in the past and comparing the differences with modern day life. All of the Year 2 students visited the National Museum of Australia, where the children were able to explore household items and had to predict what the items were used for. We were also lucky enough to visit the historic Lanyon Homestead. The children were able to see how food was produced in the gardens and how it was stored. They explored the different buildings and learnt what their purpose was. Some of the children were even able to dress up in clothing from long ago!

2B and 2F

Playing lego – Charles Merchant, Charlie Wiggins, Angus Develin and Alexander Morgan




Wetlands are full of life! They shelter many species and are a valuable part of the Australian environment. The third inquiry in Year 2, ‘Wetlands’, allowed for the children to explore this unique living environment. The children posed questions such as: “what is a wetland and why is it important?”, “what can be found in a wetland?” and “where can local wetlands be found?” These questions set up some initial points of discovery. This exciting inquiry encouraged the children to think about living creatures and how they existed in the past, today and into the future.

Ziggy Goiser

  YEAR 2 Charlie Daniell

Sachin Lalloo

Angus Develin

Elise Finney

Alexander Morgan and Kenzo Sly

Kiera Chua, Meagan Ngai and Sophie Jessup


Brooke Corkhill, Hannah Berger, Eri Niisato, Charlotte Morrissey and Alexandria Benson

Tristan Ho and Hassan Ahmed

Year Two at Northside

Primary School



Year 3 Teachers: Sue Blumenthal and Adam Chad

Year 3 has been full of learning, excitement and adventure. The year began with a group of enthusiastic boys who were new to the Junior School, arriving from a variety of other schools. A huge achievement was learning to use diaries effectively and to read the class timetable accurately. The initial focus was on getting to know each other and Canberra Grammar School. The boys enjoyed learning about the history of CGS and what makes it special and unique. This involved visiting the Senior School and exploring many special places including the Chapel, Breezeway, Dining Hall and Quad. Our second unit of inquiry was Australia’s First People. The focus was on how the Aborigines lived before white settlement, the importance of the Dreamtime and significant Aborigines both past and present. In music, the boys prepared a composition which represented a billabong scene. This included elements of percussion instruments as well as dance. Parents also listened to some Readers’ Theatres, got to read some Dreamtime stories written by the boys and viewed their work, including a PowerPoint presentation. A visit to the National Gallery and Museum helped deepen the students’ understanding of Australia’s First People.

This is a wonderful group of boys and we wish them all the best as they continue their journey at CGS. Mr Adam Chad and Mrs Sue Blumenthal

Denzel Kibukamusoke, Duncan Soros, Carl Rumbens, Dylan Turner and Naife Albishri


The three day camp to Birrigai was a highlight for most of the boys. For many boys it was their very first camp (and time away from their parents). An action packed agenda included a bushwalk with an indigenous focus on bush medicine and food, camp fires and making damper, problem solving and group initiatives activities, and the very popular Web of Life game. The Year 10 helpers coordinated a very memorable Talent Show which displayed a wide variety of talent and skill and the boys participated with great enthusiasm.


In Term 3 and 4, our unit of inquiry was on Australia. The boys learnt many facts about the states and territories, nationalities that make up our nation and a variety of celebrations. Each boy completed a project about Australia in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, poster or diorama. The students put considerable effort into their presentations. Using the Publisher program, the boys also developed a brochure about a significant place in Australia. Throughout the year the boys have grown academically, physically, socially, artistically and spiritually. 3C

  YEAR 3 Birrigai Camp

Daniel Greenwood, Mikey Taychouri, Keenan Piazza, Oliver Kovaceski

Noah Stuart, Levi Campbell, Lachlan Ings and Michael Cali

Year 3 at Birrigai

Dimitri Lourandos, Aidan Page

Levi Campbell and Oliver Fox

Primary School


YEAR 3/4

Year 3/4 Teacher: Dharmala Kumar

Classified Information

Charge into Action

In this fascinating production of intriguing tactics and methods, the actors were tricked by the mass media into doing their dirty work. In the struggle to overcome this tyranny, the protagonists decided to go against society’s popular opinion and place both genders evenly in the battle of perceptions.

Twenty-four actors were surprised but switched on when they were informed that they had to construct their own props for the documentary ‘Machines and Sustainable Energy’. They charged into action: researching, designing and constructing to solve the energy crisis. They pulled the plug on non-renewable energy sources like coal. They generated machines that used solar, wind or wave energy. These sustainable machines worked like a treat!

In their final effort to rally the troops, the actors unmasked the media’s powerful weapons: persuasive techniques and devices. Now they are ready to see past the media’s influential push and continue the battle for free will. Stay tuned for more breaking news! Stephen Brighenti, Hugo Korte, Ethan Nguyen, Hugo Nilsson, Harrison Pietsch and Roko Vidovic

The team remain positive and happy with their respective learning and its impact on their future progress. They predict a roaring success! Benjamin Daniell, Nicholas Hedley, Frederick Klein, Harry Kilcullen, Andrew Millar and Matthew Rensch.

Ship Shape The gripping adventure began when 24 bony convicts escaped the noose and boarded one of the 11 tall ships and set sail for the other end of the world. The journey had its ups and downs but our heroes survived the hazardous journey and their metallic manacles to land safely at Botany Bay. The prisoners, shackled together, laboured hard to clear the land and build dwellings. They physically helped to lay the limestone foundations for the first settlement in Australia. Some convicts earned their ticket of leave and sailed on to achieve a place in Australian history.

Year 3/4 Choir

Matthew Birch, Jack Bolton, Dylan Kennelly, Tom Iverach, Tomas Ostroumoff and Alfred Taylor.


Sound Bite The audience of 3/4 picked the best of the bunch and learned to eat two and five serves of fruit and vegetables. The captivated viewers gasped when they realised how easy it was to pack a nutritious lunch and correctly fuel their bodies. At the breathtaking climax, these spectators appreciated that living a healthy life included eating the right serving sizes of nutrients from carbohydrates, proteins, dairy, fats, minerals and vitamins; sleep; exercise, and happy thoughts. Full of beans, they eat, play and sleep well; they are always ready for more learning action. Nathan Heldon, Thomas Larcombe, James Lloyd, David Mackey, Taylor Miners and Lachlan Noble. 32

Ethan Nguyen, Roko Vidovic, Hugo Korte, Hugo Nilsson, Harrison Pietsch, Stephen Brighenti

  YEAR 3/4 16 Tonnes

Bad Hair Day

Harry Kilcullen, Dylan Kennelly David Mackey

Fred Taylor, Stephen Brighenti, Ethan Nguyen Jack Bolton

Dylan Kennelly and Ben Daniell

Colonial Day class photo

David Mackey, Harry Kilcullen, James Lloyd, Taylor Miners

Ethan Nyugen

Lachlan Noble, Thomas Larcombe, Nathan Heldon, Taylor Miners, David Mackey, James LLoyd

Primary School



Year 4 Teachers: Deb Griffin, Rose De Angelis, David Messina

Intrepid explorers, media critics, health buffs and environmentalists investigating machines and sustainability, Year 4 have had an exciting year learning about the many dimensions of their world and their role in it. The year began with the Term 1 unit on the media. The boys took a step back and looked closely how the media influences their lives. They took pleasure in making their own inventions and trying to sell their invention using a variety of advertisements.

I liked making our inventions and advertising them to others. – James Sankey 4G In Term 2, the students set off on a ‘Voyage of Discovery’. This unit required children to imagine early Australian life and the role of explorers. They learnt mapping skills tracking the journey of the voyages of ships such as the Janszoon, Tasman and Dampier. Students transported themselves back in time and wrote a diary that captured the lives of early Australians. A culminating activity was Colonial Day, where children participated in a dramatisation of early Australian life.

Colonial Day was really fun. I liked learning about how convicts were transported to Australia and their terrible living conditions. – James Miller 4M

I loved learning about the different machines and all the different ways to be energy efficient. – Jack Carey 4G Thrown into the mix of this busy year have been two camps, the first in Term 2 where the boys went to Warrambui. Set amongst a mountainous landscape, the camp experience introduced the children to the experience of outdoor education and the importance of team work. They had the opportunity to experience archery, orienteering, and learn about the web of life. Friendships were strengthened, fun was had, and memories were made. The second camp to Sydney in Term 4 was a culmination of the Explorers Unit, in which children learnt about early Australian life. The highlight of the camp was the stay on the ‘James Craig’, a beautifully restored vessel originating in 1878. The children also visited the Maritime Museum and the Rocks. 2011 was a wonderful year, filled with amazing memories, and learning that challenged children to look at themselves and their world with a new perspective.


Our Term 3 unit, Nutting Out Nutrition, challenged the boys to think about the many dimensions of a healthy lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing. Children reflected on the healthy choices they make and their consequences. Year 4 also participated in the Global Children’s Challenge. As part of this challenge, each boy was provided with a pedometer and asked to record their daily steps. Often the greatest challenge for the boys was not losing their pedometer!


I liked learning about how our body works and how to make a healthy lifestyle. –Stefan Stanczew 4M Term 4 was all about machines that simplify our lives or entertain us. Children learnt about different energy and machines and how these choices contribute to sustainable society. Angus Finney

  YEAR 4 Year 4 Group

Thomas Cumming

Colonial Day

Year 4 in Sydney

Dario Kmet and Max Hartmann

Linus Kirkwood, James Miller, Tom Niisato and Stefan Stanczew

Darcy Maloney

Liam Thompson, Samuel Bisa, Nicholas Barnard, Oliver Merchant and Lachlan Morgan

Primary School Year 4 Group Jump



Year 5 Teachers: Loretta Kennedy, Stephen James, Susan Daniell

Travelling through time is a key feature of Year 5. They have had the opportunity of exploring the wonders of Medieval Life, discovering Gold in Australia, fighting at the Eureka Stockade, shaping a nation through Federation and solving a modern day Ecological Crime. Travel has been exciting as well as informative!

Being new to the school this year I loved the activities and the way our teachers approached different activities. I loved the photography activity with Mrs Dangar. We had to take photos and pick the best ones so they could be framed. – Ajesh Sharma 5J One of my favourite things about Year 5 was the Murder Under the Microscope unit. There were so many different species and locations, that it was like a giant game of Cluedo. – Luke Morrissey 5J


My favourite part of Year 5 was the Eureka Stockade simulation. We had Mr Cumming Thom dress up as a French Director and we did the different parts as scenes. I was Fredrick Vern and had to make up a speech on the spot. We also enjoyed burning down the Eureka Hotel (a stack of boxes). – James Rogers 5J


Year 5

My favourite part of Year 5 was games at the end of the week, where we got to play games with the other Year 5 classes. – Oliver Love 5K I remember when I broke my arm at rugby training. Our classroom was decorated each term to match the unit we were studying. My favourite room was the medieval castle. – Benedict Findlay 5K My most favourite thing that I’ve done this year was the Gold simulation. We had lots of fun drinking ginger beer, finding gold and talking with fellow diggers. – Shaahil Lalloo 5K I enjoyed the James Hird Cup and Year 5 shared time where we played sport. – Ben Hick 5D My favourite thing we did this year was the Gold simulation. I liked it because I was the only bushranger who went undetected by the police. – Harrison Pike 5D I enjoyed the tennis tournament even though I lost in the 2nd round, I still had a great time. – Dimitri Efstathiadis

  YEAR 5 From back: Harrison Leatham, Benedict Findlay, Brendan Warr and Nicholas Firth with Dr Heather Keith

From back: Jan Bock, Edward Deeks, Edwin Hur-Thompson, Harrison Leatham

Bad Hair Day

Kristian Leslie and Matthew Cauley

Nicholas and Jane Dimoff

Angus Roberston, Jacob Bugden and Dimitri Efstathiadis

(Front) Iain Lambert, (Back from left) Luka Ekmescic, Lachlan Peaden, Matthew Norton

Nicholas Wilson

Primary School


YEAR 5/6

Year 5/6 Teacher: Craig Donaldson

...And the winners are... The Academy would like to acknowledge some of the critically acclaimed “features”, playing to a packed “theatre” of 25 students on a daily basis in 5/6D. This year featured many exciting and educational experiences. In this list of highlights, we pay homage to... Firstly, the Earth shook in the epic tale “Tsunami”, an on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller about a coastal town – carefully constructed with bottle-tops, paddle-pop sticks and bits of material – threatened by some serious convergent plate activity.

dropped into the fire, cliffs scaled, mountains conquered and friendships cemented forever. We closed the year with another ripper, the highly acclaimed masterpiece, “Passions”: a tale of life and love or, rather, a love of life. In this romp across the scenic landscapes of endless possibilities, our protagonists are given the opportunity to share some of their passions with fellow cast-members. What a year! What a line-up! Let’s take a moment to enjoy, reflect and appreciate... Then, roll the reel on 2012!

Next, audiences were amazed by the depth and emotion of the historical classic “Rescuing Nelson”, a tale of leadership, inspiration and success against all odds. The “film” teaches us about great leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, who fought against injustice and oppression. “Live from a Closed Circuit” is an electrifying thriller in which 25 heroes have to design an “auto-pilot” containing no fewer than two failsafe devices. Their lives depend on it. The protagonists use electrical wire, makeshift switches, LEDs, light-bulbs, batteries, motors and buzzers to accomplish their mission. Not even a bag full of unruly lemon batteries can deter them. In the award-winning documentary “Aquas”, our heroes explore a fictitious planet in search of fresh water. The movie is a timely reminder of the importance of respecting our planet and its people. Producers hope never to make the sequel “A World Without Water”.


The beautifully rendered classic, “Kids of Asia”, asks the question, “Are we really that different?” The plot explores Maslow’s Hierarchy and the relationship between human needs and achieving one’s potential. The movie is a moving affair, an awe-inspiring epic, in which the audience opts to study and support various charity organisations.


During the filming of the wildlife feature “Biloela or Bust” rumour has it paddles were used as weapons in waterfights, pillows stolen in the dead of night, marshmallows

Tristan Yip, Jason Tran and Connor Vlahos

  YEAR 5/6 Eliezer Rubenstein-Sturgess, Nicholas Jordan, Angus Chesworth and Nicholas Sever

Nicholas Graham, Thomas Krnc, Hugh Speck, Domenico Pelle and George Dan

David Hii, Samuel Reading-Thompson, Matthew Williams and Matthew Grohmann

Nicholas Katsogiannis, Thomas Agnew, Max Young, James Maleganeas, Ryan Martin

Primary School



Year 6 Teachers: Kathy Johnson, Geoff Hill, James Cooper, Tim Guthrie


Exchange Days

Leadership plays a big part of what we do in Year 6. Most of us had some sort of leadership role, be it through peer support, sport, library, media, SRC, CCC or House Captaincy. These roles took us to many parts of the campus where we did things like playground duty, assisted at sports carnivals, helped the librarians, and hosted and guided visitors about our School.

Our two exchanges with Canberra Girls Grammar School were very different and interesting – one was a ballroom dancing session, learning dances like the Waltz, the Pride of Erin and the slow Fox Trot; the second exchange saw us rotating through initiative games, art, quizzes and sport.

To support these roles we spent a day at the AIS, with several other schools doing an ‘Impact Leadership’ course. The skills learnt and the tips they gave us were very beneficial. We also ran a ‘Buddies’ system where each of us were responsible for organising and running an activity for a group of boys from a different year level.

One Up Day

Units of work One of the best units we did this year was ‘Passions’. Here we were able to explore our individual interests and then present our learning to the class in a variety of ways. The idea was not to present what we already knew but research our area and take our learning to the next level, which most of us did.

This was an orientation day in Year 7 of the Senior School and we followed a class of Year 7 students throughout the day on their regular timetable.



Our camp at Biloela was fantastic. We learnt how to cook out and pitch a tent which was to be our home for three nights. Three in a small tent can create a lot of amusing situations. The days were warm and sunny but the mornings were frosty. We enjoyed abseiling, canoeing, raft building, bush walking and land clearing, some of us trying these activities for the first time. Some of us were challenged to reach new heights whilst supported by our mates. What impressed many of our teachers was how supportive we were and willing to help out with various tasks.


Year 6 in the Amphitheatre

Ballroom Dancing with the girls from CGGS

  YEAR 6 6J boys

Shriram having a chat with Dr Garrick

Kesh, Devesh, Joe and William

Lachlan Skill

Rocco Mollica

Heading back to Biloela

Primary School


Junior School Presentation Evening

A special evening to celebrate the closing of the school year in the Junior School, the annual Presentation Evening once again highlighted the achievements of the year and performances from our various music groups. The combined String Orchestra and Concert Band conducted by Head of Primary Music, Mrs Karyn Brown performed with vigour and enthusiasm followed by a performance by the Chorale who sang ‘The Little Road to Bethlehem’ by Michael Head and Margaret Rose. A stirring performance by the Percussion Ensemble captured every-ones attention and we were delight to see Mr Luke Gavin, one of our Year 11 students,


Special congratulations is extended to all our Academic, Effort, Citizenship and Specialist award winners, in particular our major Year 6 prize winners. Thanks is also extended to Elliot Merchant, Devesh Naido and Huw Smith for their assistance on the evening in leading the audience through the program.

Robert Pollet Poetry Prize

Keshav Karupiah

The Guy Harrison Prize for French

James Deane

The Information, Communication & Technology Prize

Jack Andrighetto

The J L Davies Prize (Best All Round Sportsman)

William Goddard

The Smith Music Prize

Jason Tran

The Jean Mewett Prize for Services to Choral Music

Matthew Williams

The Lennox Prize for Creativity in Music

Shayan Rasaratnam

The Fowler Creative Arts Prize

Daniel Lutze

The Audley Fletcher Prize for Citizenship

Hugh Mitchell

The Douglas Prize for Work, Leadership and Sport

Harry Paradice

Boys left the night reminded that their attitudes and daily choices form the foundation on which they will live their lives in the future. Every day is important. Boys were asked to not waste time and effort waiting for others to make thinks happen for them or for others


conducting the group. Completing the evening, the 2012 Chorale sang the blessing before the Year 6 students, lead by their class teachers Mr Geoff Hill, Mr Tim Guthrie, Mr Craig Donaldson and Mrs Kathy Johnston, paraded out of the theatre to a thunderous applause by all.

to validate what they are doing. Rather each boy was encouraged to set his own goals, find his own internal motivation to succeed and continue to build upon his individual strengths and successes.

Chess in the Library

Lego Robotics with Lachlan Smith

Tony Bones and Mark Greenwood


Archie Gordon reading with Year 6


Primary School



Visual Arts in the Primary School Another year has gone and the journey has been full of exploration and learning to see with greater depth and awareness. The students have developed new skills by working with and exploring different materials. Work was sent to the Independent Schools Travelling Art Show, we are always proud of the way our work compares with other schools. Another opportunity arose this year as we participated in the Australian National Capital Artists Primary Schools Exhibition. Several works were framed and looked very grand at the opening. Every boy had work on display at our big annual exhibition held in the School Gallery. It was a happy night that combined the musical and visual art skills of our talented boys. Vicki Dabro


Head of Visual Arts Primary School


Art Space

Primary School



Felix Taylor, 1D

Sevi Dascarolis, KK

Justin Effting, 1B


Amelia Oloyede, 2B


Dougal Cameron, PKF

Julia Wagstaff, Preschool

Joshua Bugden, PKM

Tristan Ho, 2B

Ziggy Goiser, 2F

Harry Sly, PKF

Amalia Merrifield, KK

Art Space

  ELC NORTHSIDE Angus Davie, Year 1

Charlotte Morrissey, Year 2

Ava Farrah, Kindergarten

Charles Merchant, Year 2

Euan Creig, Pre-Kindergarten

Flynn Russell, Kindergarten

Jesse O’Sullivan, Year 1

William Robson, Year 1

Madison Duncan, Pre-Kindergarten

Primary School


Farewell to Year 2

Many of the Year 2 girls that we farewell this year have spent the last four years of their schooling life enjoying the wonderful learning environments at our Northside and Southside Infants Campuses. These gorgeous girls have touched the lives of many a student, teacher and CGS families and have contributed to many exciting School events. We farewell our girls knowing that they are well prepared for their future endeavours. We also farewell a small number of our Year 2 boys who are moving on to new exciting adventures in different cities in both Australia and around the world. We hope one day soon that they will come back to visit their old friends at Canberra Grammar School.

Although it’s hard to say goodbye, We know that you are set to fly, So spread your wings and reach up high And take that leap into the sky!


Ian Chapman and Paul Nicolaou


Southside 2B Girls

Northside Year Two Girls

Southside 2F Girls

Year 2 Girls at Floriade


Cricket Five teams from the Junior School participated in both the weekend and twilight ACT Cricket competitions this season. All of the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and made significant improvement in batting, bowling and fielding. The boys’ comments of the 2010/2011 cricket season sum up the season nicely.


“I really liked playing cricket on my birthday and getting a wicket on my first bowl”

U12 “The best part of the season was the cricket tour to Mossvale to play against Tudor House” “It was great to be able to play cricket with a few of my close mates” “I enjoyed playing in a tough division and having to work hard to win”

“I like wearing my cricket whites to training” “I loved knowing that every Friday after school I get to play cricket” “The best part of the season was when I hit my first four and it took a long time for the opposition to find the ball”

U11 “The best part for me was when I dived for a catch and got it” “It was funny when I was on a hat-trick and all the fielders moved in close to the batsmen”

I would like to thank all coaches and managers for their hard work, it was much appreciated by all of the boys and parents. I also must thank Rosalie Reeves, Head of Primary, for all of her support and the Grammar Association for their desire to make cricket bigger and better every year. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the season and I look forward to seeing you all next year. Mr David Messina MiC Cricket

U12A Cricket Team

U10 Grammar Blue

Awards TEAM





U10 Blue

Sean Thurbon

Sam Reading-Thompson

Nick Hammett

Craig Donaldson

U10 White

Harry Dickinson

Hugh Robinson

Edward Budd

Kathy Johnston

U11 Blue

William Goddard

William Hanson

Isaac Singhal

Stephen James

U11 White

Rocco Mollica

Keshav Karupiah

Nick Westerburg

David Messina


Luca Tosolini

Patrick Robertson

David Badcock

Chris Behrens

Primary Senior School School


Football in the Primary School During the winter season, the Junior School fielded four teams in the ACT Football Competition. Our Year 5 students played in two ungraded teams and both were very successful. Each team was able to record a positive win/loss record and showed great improvement as the season progressed. In the Year 6 competition, the two teams were graded. The 12A team played in Division 2 and from the start, displayed excellent team work and fine skills. In the end they were only beaten by two teams and were able to improve on their result each time they met.

The 12B team struggled early in a strong competition but with enthusiastic determination, began to show huge improvement. Towards the end of the season their hard work was rewarded with a very good win and some close results. All boys should be congratulated on a fine season. Thanks must go to our dedicated coaches who did a sterling job throughout the year. This group included Jack Pettit, Alex Hutchinson, Matthew Burey, Matthew Cauley, Karl Goiser, Michael Hodda and Tom Brunskill. Thanks also to team managers, Sarah Paradice, Sheree Seidl, Deb Griffin and Alison Pike.


Under 12 A with Josh Small


Vincent Attanasio

Grammar v Mosman Prep

Orienteering – the Thought Sport Orienteering continued as a year round sport this year. During the summer terms we participated in the Twilight Series, a series of events held round Canberra on Wednesday evenings, and held on the weekends during the winter season, both around Canberra and further afield. The Junior Orienteering League was held in conjunction with the Saturday events, with students gaining points for every course successfully completed over the season, and extra points earned for achieving a place.

Matthew Birch and Andrew Cumming Thom

Notable results in the Junior League were: Ryan Turner, 1st M12; James Phillips, 3rd M12; James Rogers 4th M12; Duncan Miller, 5th M12; Aidan Page, 3rd M10; Matthew Birch 4th M10; Keenan Piazza, 5th M10. At the end of the winter season, School Awards are given to members of the school team, with Ryan Turner awarded as School Champion Orienteer and James Rogers as the Most Improved Orienteer. The most pleasing aspect of the season was the number of students who successfully learned the intricacies of map-reading, route choice and navigation. To complete a different course each week in an unfamiliar area is a real challenge and all our orienteers learned to do this well. Congratulations to everyone who competed and practised regularly over the year. Orienteering lived up to its other motto “The Family Sport” with a number of parents also completing courses during the season. Thank you very much to those parents who supported their junior orienteers by driving them around the district each Saturday and by waiting at the finish for their sons to return from their courses.

The Orienteering Group

James Phillips, Ryan Turner and Aidan Page

Andrew Cumming Thom Orienteering Coach

James Rogers and Andrew Cumming Thom

Primary Senior School School


Rugby The Rugby season started with real enthusiasm with higher numbers representing the School than in previous years. The U12A and U10 Blue had fantastic seasons, both making the semi-final stage. Mr Andy Friend and Mr Russell Ingram both imparted wisdom on the boys and the improvement shown by all was testament to the hard work put in by both players and coaching staff. The U11 age group deserve special mention for their perseverance and attitude shown towards training and matches and the improvement and development it brought to their game.

U12B (Archie Gordon)

Justin Abrahams

U10A (Nicholas Hammett)

U9 Blue

U11B (Jan Bock, Edward Deeks, Joshua Skinner and Hugh Robertson)

U9 Aqua (Hugo Korte)










U9 Aqua

Matthew Duncan

Angus Jones

Monty White

Sanjay West

U9 Blue

Denzel Kibukamusoke

Ben Allen

Nic Barclay

Sam Bettle


Thomas Iverach

Charlie Mitchell

Nicholas Hammett

Kai Freebody


Kyle de la Rue

Ben Rose

Sam Green

Freddie Klein

U11A U11B U12A U12B

Harrison Reid Jan Bock Stuart Sellar Noah Burchett-Knott

Angus Robertson Cameron Howard William Goddard Archie Gordon

Duncan Miller Domenic Vido Nicholas Katsogiannis Riley Tanton

Kai Tanton Hugh Robertson Nicholas Lowe Reilly Box

Mr Geoff Hill & Mr Clive Jones Mr Richard Wyche & Mr Karl Grohmann Mr James Cooper & Mr Ian Freebody Mr Peter Maloney & Mr Craig de la Rue Mr Mark Leatham Mr Tony Laudenbach Mr Justin Abrahams Mr Tim Morris

Snowsports Snowsports continues to thrive in the Primary School. This year we had over 40 students participate in the ACT and Southern NSW Snowsports Championships, with eight students representing the School at Nationals. We also were well represented at the ACT Schools Cup where we won a brace of medals and came second to Radford College in the Most Successful School Competition. Tom Agnew was the star of the season, coming second in cross country at the National Championships, while William Hyles was handed a Rising Star Award for his outstanding season. The Division 5 snowboard team of Lachlan Morgan and Thomas Larcombe finished second overall; in the Division 4 snowboard and snowboardX, Zac Morgan, Kai Miller and Nathan Burton achieved fourth overall.

Matthew Duncan

In Division 5 moguls, the knees of Fred Taylor, Callum Vass and Charlie Daniell held up admirably, giving the boys fourth position overall. The Division 4 duo of Lachlan Peadon and Ben Foote also performed very well, finishing in sixth place. In Division 4 alpine, the three-man team of Constantine Nikias, Lachlan Peadon and Tristan Yip grabbed third place overall, with Tristan setting the fifth fastest time of the race. Still in the alpine discipline, the boys of Division 5, comprising of William Hyles, Dimitri Lourandos, Callum Vass and Harrison Pietsch put in an excellent performance and finished third. William hurtled down the mountain with flair and technique, notching up the fastest overall time. The Team B skiers also put in an outstanding effort and came in fourth place. The perfect weather and great snow held up for Friday’s SkierX events, and our Division 4 and 5 gladiators made the most of it. Constantine and Tristan finished fifth in the Division 4 events, with Tristan setting the seventh fastest time. In Division 5, the trio of Harrison Pietsch, Ben Daniell and Tomas Ostroumoff stepped onto the podium in third place. The dips and humps of the skierX course didn’t faze William Hyles, who was the quickest CGS boy and third fastest overall.

Taking a break

A huge thank you to all the parents who looked after transport, accommodation and team management – your contribution is immense and greatly appreciated. Thanks also to Madam Mermillod and Mrs Susan Daniell who both contributed to a very successful season. Tony Laudenbach

Primary Senior School School On the slopes


Triathlon Canberra Grammar Junior School continues to be a powerhouse for triathlons in the ACT. This year over 24 students participated in triathlons, many of them representing the School at various events. The season started with the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon where Canberra Grammar supplied the majority of the starters in the Junior Joyathon. Dimitri Tremopoulos was first across the line in the 11 and 12 Years age group closely followed by Zac Morgan and Archie Gordon. Duncan Miller took out the 10 Years age group, he was chased home by Tom Iverach and Ben Foote. The TRYstars Series commenced in November and our boys once again showed the way. Emerging superstar, Duncan Miller, underlined his ability by winning the first event and was then unstoppable for the remainder of the series. Other boys to do well were Nicholas Dimoff, Tom Bryson and Lachlan Peadon. Throughout the series the Canberra Grammar School boys participated with enthusiasm and vigour and showed tremendous improvement across all three disciplines.

Kai Tanton, Angus Chesworth, Tom Iverach, Ben Foote, William Burns, Lachlan Peadon, Nicholas Dimoff, Angus Robinson, Dimitri Tromopoulos, Benjamin Daniell

Ben Foote

At the end of season presentation, CGS Old Boy and Olympian, Roy Daniell, was on hand to present ‘The Roy’ to Duncan Miller for an outstanding season. Rookie of the Year went to Tom Iverach and Ben Foote was awarded the Most Improved Triathlete. As a wonderful season comes to a close I would like to thank Mr Tim Guthrie and Mrs Susan Daniell for their help, enthusiasm and continual support. Tony Laudenbach


The race begins


Training Ride

Tom Iverach, Duncan Miller and Ben Foote

Primary School Music

In class, students sing, move, listen and play the music of others. Music allows them to think in the abstract and involvement in this music making helps to develop the skills to create their own music. One of the most important and integral parts of the classroom program is developing the skills to allow the students to compose their own music. Throughout the Primary School, composition is taking place, and students are actively involved in developing their own unique way of expressing their musical creativity through composition. In the Early Learning Centre, informal composition activities allow students to express themselves creatively. Students have created instrumental soundscapes in response to a particular song, made up individual body percussion patterns in dance and explored different vocal and instrumental timbres. These skills are further expanded upon in the infants school where Year 2 children have created music to accompany fairy tales, Year 1 have performed body percussion to accompany their songs and Kindergarten have created starry improvisations.

Infants Class Music No. 2

A variety of composition styles are explored in the Primary School. Year 3 have experimented with sound and texture in their Indigenous compositions, and Year 5 delved into Renaissance Music and Dance, where they explored new tonalities and created their own dance music in this style. Working on the theme of nutrition, Year 4 used words related to healthy eating and experimented rhythmically with this text to create ostinatos and body percussion patterns, creating accompaniments to melodic improvisations. The 5 /6 music class has experimented with different tonalities and irregular time signatures to broaden and relinquish conservative composition boundaries, opening up the possibilities for new musical ideas. Year 6 have explored the composition techniques found in African and Asian music to influence their own compositions.

Choral and Tiffin’s trebles

Co-Curricular Music 2011 has been a year where the focus has been on performance, and there have been some truly wonderful performances, particularly Choral. Term 1 started with a bang, with the Chamber Choir performing at the Commissioning of Dr Garrick. There were several Welcome assemblies, the opening of the BER at which both the Stage Band and the Chorale performed, the

Pre-Kindergarten Music with Mrs Van Dijk

Primary Senior School School


‘Welcome to the New Heads’ Autumn Concert and the Chorale and Chamber Choir supported the Malkara School by performing at their ‘Hats and Gloves’ High Tea held at Government House. ‘Pemulwuy’, the National Male Choral Festival, was held in late April in Brisbane and the Chamber Choir was invited to perform at this event, representing the ACT. They were applauded for their high level of musicianship and boys enjoyed meeting the composer Paul Jarman and participating in the 600 strong male choir which featured in the finale. The Canberra International Music Festival kicked off in May and the Chorale took part in a performance of Karl Jenkin’s ‘Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary’ as part of this wonderful event. Two of the choral highlights for 2011 were the concerts with the Tiffin Boys’ Choir from England, and Tobias Cole, the wonderful Australian counter tenor. These two events provided not only wonderful learning experiences for our boys, but gave them a chance to connect with other students and professional musicians. Mrs Brown took the Infants choirs into the recording studio, recording a CD with some of their favourite songs. The Year 2 Choir also performed splendidly at the National Choral Eisteddfod and were awarded 3rd place.


The CGS Stage Band, JS Concert Band and JS String Orchestra again performed in the National Bands and Orchestra’s Eisteddfod, coming away with a Gold, Silver


Zadok The Priest combined choir and orchestra at Tiffin Concert

and Bronze respectively. In Term 3, the Combined Junior Schools’ Instrumental Concert was held with the Canberra Girls’ Junior School ensembles, performing a selection of funky tunes. Our Junior School Percussion Ensemble also performed this evening. The concert was the product of lots of hard work, mentoring and direction from the wonderful music staff: Ms Sally Greenaway, Mrs Karyn Brown, Ms Rosy Davidson, Ms Wyana Etherington, Mrs Juliette O’Connor and Darsha Kumar. The Soiree’s across the Primary School continue to be an event to look forward to. There were also performances at ‘Floriade’, Mother’s Day, Easter, Open Days, Carols, the Christmas Proms, Speech Night and Leavers Service, and then there were individual performances throughout the year at assemblies. All in all, there were approximately 300 individual performances throughout the year, from boys and girls, beginners to advanced musicians and on a variety of instruments, various genres and repertoire. These concerts would not be possible without the support and dedication of the instrumental staff at Canberra Grammar School and outside, and the support of parents. 2011 was a wonderful year for music for showcasing the talent within the Primary School. Heather Percy

PE and Sport in the Primary School

In my first year at Canberra Grammar School, I have been so incredibly impressed with the enthusiasm towards physical education and sport and the programs in place. Over the year, children from Northside and Southside have enjoyed participating in a variety of activities such as the Perceptual Motor Program. Through this program and in further facets of the curriculum, children have developed their skills and fitness levels in the Cross Country Carnival, Sports Day and Jump Rope for Heart. Duncan Miller deserves particular mention for achieving a Silver Medal in the Under 11 3000m at the Australian Cross-Country Championships and a Bronze Medal in the Under 11 800m at the Australian Track and Field Championships. The School has also been very fortunate to have employed former New Zealand Cricketer Mr Chris Cairns to mentor both players and coaches and most importantly to further develop the Cricket Program at CGS. There are more exciting times ahead for CGS Sport.

South Canberra PSSA Representatives

Congratulations to the 2011 Sports Leaders on their efforts this year.


5/6D – Nicholas Katsogiannis, Hugh Speck. 6C – Barnabe White, Noah Burchett-Knott, Vincent Attanasio, Nicholas Badcock, Dimitri Tremopoulos, Angus Hartmann, Constantine Nikias, Neil Morris, Zachary Morgan, Joseph Robertson, Zachary Collins, William Hanson. 6H – Archie Gordon, Matthew Robson, Nicholas Thorne, Michael Roach, Lucas Thompson, James Powderly.

Athletics 8 Years – Alfred Taylor 9 Years – Ben Allen, Oliver Fox, Olaoluwa Arogundade 10 Years – Brendan Warr, William Hyles, Nicholas Hammett, Thomas Kennealy, Panayiotis Morogiannis 11 Years – Nicholas Jordan, Harrison Leatham, Tommy Milin, Duncan Miller 12 Years – Hugh Speck, Nicholas Lowe AFL Benjamin Hick, Thomas Willingham, Hugh Mitchell Basketball Vincent Attanasio, Nicholas Jordan, Matthew Norton, Thomas Hart, Josh Newberry, Angus Hartmann Cricket Keshav Karupiah, Joseph Sullivan, William Goddard, Rocco Mollica, James Deane 9 Years – Lachlan Morgan, Oliver Fox 10 Years – Dario Kmet 11 Years – Duncan Miller Rugby Stuart Sellar, Nicholas Katsogiannis, Nicholas Badcock, David Badcock, Dimitri Tremopoulos, William Goddard, Rocco Mollica, Nicholas Haridemos Football

6J – Joseph Sullivan, Nicholas Haridemos, John Kemp, Daniel Hosie, Jack Gaetjens, Isaac Singhal, David Badcock, Reilly Box, Ethan Harper, Reilly Lynn, Thomas Hart, Kai Miller, William Goddard, Nicholas Lowe, Liam Brodrick, Kesh Karupiah.

Luca Tosolini, Luca Kmet, Barnabe White, Nicholas Haridemos Softball Angus Hartmann Swimming 8 Years – Nicholas Allnut, Jack Viljoen 9 Years – Nicholas Barclay, Samuel Bettle, Matthew Duncan, Tom Iverach 11 Years – Jan Bock, Matthew Harrison, Duncan Miller 12 Years – Liam Brodrick, Ethan Harper, Kai Miller, Matthew Robson, Liam Thompson

Primary School


House Captains HOUSE



CJ Shakespeare

Dimitri Tremopoulos

Luca Kmet


Christian Flynn

James Maleganeas


Hugh Mitchell

Riley Tanton


Rocco Mollica

Barnabe White

Age Champions AGE GROUP




8 Years

Alfred Taylor

Nicholas Allnutt

Nicholas Allnutt

9 Years

Ben Allen

Lachlan Morgan

Nicholas Barclay

10 Years

Brendan Warr

Dario Kmet

Tom Iverach

11 Years

Nicholas Jordan

Duncan Miller

Duncan Miller

12 Years

Hugh Speck

Dimitri Tremopoulos

Ethan Harper

Final House Standing after each Carnival POSITION





CJ Shakespeare

CJ Shakespeare





CJ Shakespeare









ACT Representatives



Luca Kmet, Nicholas Haridemos

Duncan Miller, Hugh Speck



William Goddard, Stuart Sellar, Nicholas Katsogiannis

Nicholas Graham



Duncan Miller, Matthew Harrison

Vincent Attanasio, Josh Newberry, Nicholas Graham, Matthew Norton, Nicholas Jordan


Cross Country


Duncan Miller


2011 Age Champions

Dario Kmet Justin Abrahams Head of Primary School Physical Education

2011 Sydney Rugby Trip

Infants Sports Day

Thomas Kennealy, Brendan Warr, Nicholas Hammett, Kristian Larsen

Infants Sports Day

Junior School Swimming Carnival with Tom Niisato, Hugh Robinson, Declan-Ray Smith, James Miller and James Sankey

Junior School Cross-Country

Primary School


End of Year Celebrations

The Christmas concert is always a highlight of the year and in many ways represents the culmination of the musical learning and understanding that develops throughout the year. It is wonderful to hear such beautiful singing, and see the fun and excitement the students experience in sharing their amazing concert with their parents. The Early Learning Centre performed a beautiful arrangement of Dick Bruna’s story The Christmas Book for their annual Christmas Concert. The children shined during the performance, wearing beautiful costumes, and singing together perfectly, along with performing with percussion instruments. The Pre-Kindergarten classes performed You Will Find a Baby and Gold and Myrrh and Frankincense, both highlighting the ability of the children to carefully observe conducting cues and respond verbally. The Pre-School class performed Star Light, Star Bright, complemented with spectacular gestures and a solo metallic percussion section. Thank you to the dedication and direction of the classroom teachers and support staff and our technical theatre staff for making these wonderfully memorable events.


Calling All Little Angels


“Calling all little angels, won’t you come and join in our Christmas song.......the whole world can sing along.” These were the fitting final words to the Early Childhood 2011 Christmas Concerts, Little Angels, a musical based on the story of the Nativity. The story was brought alive by the very capable Year 2 storytellers and actors, ably portraying the surprise of Mary and Joseph, the glory of the Angel Gabriel, the extremely clever and sneaky Wise Men, a frightening King Herod, his threatening soldiers, and the sleepy shepherds who thought they must be dreaming. All Year 2 students worked incredibly hard to not only learn their lines, but deliver them with expression and refinement. The concert opened with a beautiful and starry Kindergarten song and dance, telling Mary to see the shining stars, listen to the joyful song of the Angels, and not to be scared or surprised. Northside enjoyed

a beautiful dance sequence performed by the PreKindergarten students. Year 1 used their instruments to play the song of the Wise Men on their journey over hills and down through the valleys. The Year 2 boys were wonderful as the groovy security detail for the Inns of Bethlehem, telling Mary and Joseph that there was no room in the town, no matter how tired and weary they were, and the Year 2 girls danced a beautiful and delicate ballet lullaby to rock the baby Jesus to sleep. The music was greatly enhanced by the contribution of the “Reindeer Band”, Jeanine Keenan on piano, Craig Woodland on keyboard and two Year 11 boys, Luke Gavin on drums and Jack Johnson on bass guitar. Their contribution is greatly appreciated. All teachers, assistants and specialist staff were very much involved in concert preparations, including painting backdrops, making costumes, issuing tickets, and changing costumes on the night all while continuing with their ordinary learning in the midst of it all. Thank you to all the staff who contributed so much to this event, including Felix Schwartz, who graciously and calmy managed sound, lighting, staging and all the small unexpected things that take place in theatre! Thank you too, to the many parents and grandparents who assisted with costumes. I would like to add a personal acknowledgement of the hard work Mrs Karyn Brown did during Term 3, to ensure that all preparations for the concert were in place so that I was able to step in to her role so smoothly. Kylie Van Dijk Music Teacher Southside and Northside

Year 6 Graduation The last week of term is always an exceptionally special one for the Year 6 boys and their parents. It was fabulous to see families arrive early on the Wednesday morning for a bacon and egg roll breakfast, a tradition for many years, followed by the Graduation Chapel Service. It was a chance for families and friends to gather and celebrate the journey of the graduating class. It was wonderful

to see the Chapel full with proud parents eagerly awaiting their child’s name to be read out and watch them receive their graduation certificate. Father Nikolai led the Chapel and encouraged the boys to look for the creativity within them and to never lose the curious nature young children have. Father Nikolai gave the message to the boys that they should continue to dream big, and to work hard to achieve their dreams. The Year 6 teachers spoke with pride and passion about their class. Mr Hill spoke of his class’ achievement of balance between academic excellence and social enjoyment. Mr Guthrie spoke on behalf of Mr Cooper and himself and stated that his boys had grown into exceptional young men. Mrs Johnston simply said thank you. She thanked the boys for their hard work, enthusiastic attitude to life and learning. She thanked them for their passion and for sharing it so willingly with her. Mr Donaldson’s poem has become a tradition for the music class. Each boy was acknowledged for their strengths with great humour and fondness. As the classes stood on the Chapel Terrace to take their final recognition as a graduating class, teachers, parents and friends hearts filled with pride. Pride at what these young gentlemen had given of themselves within the School,

the confidence they have built in their abilities and for the journey they are about to embark on. Confidently knowing that these boys are ready to take on any challenge, and knowing that these boys have done their best. The Year 6 boys finished off by forming a guard of honour outside the Chapel doors where all the parents, friends, Year 5 boys and teachers could congratulate them individually and to wish them well. This was my first Year 6 graduation ceremony and one that I cherished as there were a number of boys graduating that I had taught in Pre-School. Thank you to Mr Tony Laudenbach, Mrs Rosalie Reeves and the Year 6 teachers for organising such a magical event. Congratulations and good luck to the graduating class of 2011. Lucy Garven Deputy Head of Primary

Primary School


Head of Senior School It is my pleasure to report on a wonderful year in the history of Canberra Grammar School. I trust that this edition of the Canberran will highlight and bring back many fond memories of an exciting year in the life of our School.



The 2011 School year commenced with a different leadership team in the Senior School. The decision to operate in this manner was made in order to allow our new Head of School to determine the structure that he believed would be best for CGS. The team consisted of: Mr Goddard as Director of Co-Curricular, Ms Rock as Director of Studies (combining Curriculum and Teaching and Learning issues), Mr Smart as Head of Senior School including responsibility for Pastoral Care and Dr Garrick as Head of School. The direction and initiative provided by each of these staff members towards their particular portfolios and also the overall functioning of the Senior School has allowed this year to move ahead with a sense of purpose and commencing the process of developing a new direction.


We also welcomed a number of new (and returning) staff to the Senior School at Canberra Grammar during the year for varying terms of appointment and they have settled in well to our community. These staff included: Mitchell Burey, Linda Collins, Joanne Cook, Gary Edmonds, Greg Elliott, Anna Forshaw, Kim Glidden, Patrice Gordon, Sally Greenaway, Anne Holland, Krista Hooke, Jim McCartan, Graham Maltby, Susan Pascoe, Yvette Riordan, Nathalie Ross and Kathryn Yeo.

SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES School Assemblies have been used as a time to celebrate the life of the school through the many achievements and talents of the boys. They have also been a time of setting the tone and culture of the School

through vital messages, from both Dr Garrick and myself. This has been achieved through the expression of ideas in weekly assemblies and then encouraging boys and staff to have further discussions of these issues during Tutor Group time or in casual conversations. This process commenced with the unveiling of the “annual motto” for the year. For 2011 this motto was, “Share the Moment”. Each boy in the Senior School received a Mintie to remind them of this motto, which is linked to the famous slogans used by Minties over the years. Boys were encouraged to talk about their “Minties Magic Moments” and their “Moments like these you need Minties” with staff or others rather than just keeping it all inside. Other issues that have been raised throughout the year have included: »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

Manners A Fresh Approach to Facebook Happiness Expressing gratitude and love Positive human relationships Holding on to things of value Various examples of appropriate behaviour “RUOK” Day Eddison and Burgmann House 50 Year Celebrations unacceptable nature of bullying, violence and harassment

Hopefully considering all these issues has enable us to be a School that values people for who they are and celebrates difference rather than being threatened by them. The musical talent displayed on assembly this year has also been outstanding. This included all senior musicians for the HSC performing, as well as other bands and the visiting Tiffen Choir.

LIFE OF OUR BOYS Canberra Grammar School has always impressed me as a School that has allowed boys to express their leadership in a wide variety of ways. This has certainly been evident throughout 2011 with many boys having a strong connection with their school and actively seeking ways that they can contribute and develop the spirit within the School. This occurs through many

areas including Houses, Year-groups, various clubs and committees and co-curricular activities. The sense of belonging has appeared to continue to grow during the year and is exemplified through activities such as ADD “BBQ Masterchef”, the Captain’s Cup, Medical Warfare, fundraising initiatives and contributing to the wider community through acts of service, the Ramadam Club and many other smaller events too numerous to mention. The Sony Foundation Camp held in December was a wonderful new initiative. These activities allow boys to express something that is important to them and to feel valued as a member of the CGS community. I would especially like to thank our School Leaders for 2011 from Year 12 who had such a positive influence on the life of Canberra Grammar School. Tim Sanderson, Jack McDonald Crowley and Tom Morrison were all inspirational Captains and they were superbly supported by the House Captains and many others without “official” leadership titles.

PASTORAL CARE Many whole Senior School events were held this year to assist boys develop in terms of their character and relationships. These included visits by professional actors conducting thought-provoking drama productions, a challenging audiovisual presentation on three large screens in the WMH, The AFP High Tech Crime Prevention Unit seminars and the Cybersmart seminar. We also held ongoing leadership training for all boys in Year 11 and the Captains from Year 12. The highlight of these days was the visit to RMC Duntroon where the boys participated in many leadership and teamwork challenges including the above pool obstacle course at ADFA. These days and leadership training hopefully help to develop the skills of all boys that will assist them throughout their lives.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS The academic culture of the Senior School remained vibrant and strong in 2011 with many boys excelling in nationally conducted competitions and activities. Through the Director of Studies many initiatives were developed or continued to improve study skills and develop the ability of boys to reach their potential. As will be evident from the individual department reports many students have performed superbly in the range of subjects that we offer at Canberra Grammar School.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITES Our Co-curricular program in 2011 has engaged many boys in healthy activity and it has been extremely successful.

Sport We have again offered many sports at a highly competitive level and others of a more social nature. This has enabled a large number of boys to be part of a team and also to learn a variety of skills in many different situations. It is wonderful to witness and be part of the environment during training after school and matches on the weekends. Camps Ms Donoghoe has conducted a wonderful Outdoor Education program that has involved camps for each Year-group from Year 7 to 10. As well as many additional camps for those interested during the holiday periods and also a Year 11 PDHPE Camp. The highlight of this program is without doubt the Year 10 Expedition which was again held at the start of second term in the Deua National Park. Music and Drama The Music Department held many wonderful concerts this year in conjunction with CGGS, with the annual Spring and Autumn Concerts being wonderful events. Our Drama Department produced numerous plays and a superb mime called “Le School”.

HOUSES The House system continues to be one of the finest aspects of a Canberra Grammar education. The Pastoral Care provided to boys through this system helps to increase the connectedness of the boys to their school and this arises through the many unique facets of each House. The broader House competition and Captains’ Cup events which are run through the House system also play a valuable role in this regard. I am always pleased at the end of the year when boys speak passionately about their experience within their Houses and encourage younger boys to not waste the many opportunities that are available to them. I would like to publicly thank the staff, parents and boys for their support throughout this year and the spirit of co-operation and enthusiasm that has been a hallmark of 2011. I trust you will enjoy reading and remembering many of the highlights from this year in the life of our School on the pages that follow. David A Smart Head of Senior School

Senior School


HSC Results 2011

All at CGS are delighted to congratulate our Year 12 students of 2011. Our students gained 169 places on the NSW Higher School Certificate Honour Roll, with 43% earning a place on the Distinguished Achievers’ List for attaining more than 90% in at least one of their subjects.

The following boys attained an ATAR of 98 or more: Rohan Curtotti

Andrew Barnett

Prashant Kelshiker

Emmett Richardson

Evan Cranney

Tom Morrison

Ciaran Edwards-McKeown

Albert Ho-Huynh

This outstanding performance confirms the School’s dramatic return to the HSC top 100 table last year, with the School outperforming many of its comparable HSC Schools in Sydney.

The Dux of the school for 2011 is Rohan Curtotti with an ATAR of 99.95.

The School community is especially delighted to congratulate those five students who attained results in the Top Achievers’ List for placing in the highest ranks of their subjects:

The students’ results overall and at the top end this year are significantly stronger than predictions based on their baseline assessments. This confirms the School’s and the boys’ commitment to academic excellence.

Latin Extension

Rohan Curtotti

1st out of 100

Latin Continuers

Rohan Curtotti

2nd out of 170


Joseph Cavanagh

5th out of 4431


Andrew Barnett

6th out of 9407

Design and Technology

Ashley Jenkins

8th out of 3414

Ancient History

Adrian Trowell

11th out of 12,212

We are very proud of these boys who will receive Premier’s Awards for Excellence for attaining 90% or more in at least 10 of their units: Andrew Barnett Rohan Curtotti Ciaran Edwards-McKeown Ben Li

Joseph Cavanagh

“I am delighted to see the boys of 2011 do so outstandingly well, all the more so given the breadth of their commitment, not just to their academic success but to their sporting, musical and artistic life. They are a great year group and we are very proud of their achievements.” Dr Garrick Head of School

“These results are a reflection of our renewed commitment toward teacher-student collaboration ensuring that every student can reach their true potential. We have raised the bar substantially and both our teachers and our students have done an extraordinary job in reaching these expectations.” Kerri Rock


Director of Academic Studies


Dylan Simpson, Adrian Trowell, Ian Lawford, Daniel Bennett

Sharing a post-HSC laugh


In this results-driven culture where everything seems to be measured, or the subject of a poll, one often wonders how anyone might assess the work of the chaplaincy. What on earth (never mind elsewhere!) might we employ to set as targets or to account for what we seek to do? Perhaps MySchool could develop a league table for those institutions employing chaplains to see which are doing better. Of course such nonsense besets too many of the less quantifiable purposes of education, but there is always a need in my mind to take stock. Qualitative research may help, as long as there is some notion of what we are hoping to find. I could provide a list of services held in the Chapel, of baptisms, weddings and funerals, of the seven young men confirmed in November, of those who meet faithfully every Wednesday for Communion. But in all this, there is nothing to paint a picture of people’s chance, or planned, encounters with God, of those moments when any of us asks questions of the eternal things of life. I am constantly encouraged by the genuine search for meaning that is ever-present among the students and

Fr Chris Welsh

others, too. It is a reminder that we never arrive at a place of certainty, and if we imagine we do, the God of surprises brings us back. At a time when humankind believes more than ever that we are as omniscient as the Creator, there is great comfort in the frequent embrace of mystery, of a reluctant admission that there are things we know we know, things we know we don’t know and much that we know we don’t know. There is strength in letting go and letting God. We are given huge capacity to achieve much, but we are neither the source nor the progenitors. We must continue to seek, to know, but also to recognise our limits. Chaplaincy offers a great privilege to sit with, to travel with people on their pilgrimage. There are four words that remind me of what my work is. Listen; listen; love; love, all in the hope that others will find this a better way to be. It is very simple but far from easy. I have been greatly blessed again this year to have had the support of Fr Nikolai Blaskow who brings his own understanding of all these things. Rev’d Chris Welsh

Senior School


Captains School Captain: Tim Sanderson Vice Captains: Jack McDonald Crowley, Tom Morrison

With my HSC exams in Sydney for the final judgement, and my room finally uncovered from the agglomeration of notes, books, and assorted uniform items, my time as a Canberra Grammar School student has finally concluded. The leaving class of 2011 have grown up surrounded by Grammar buildings and the Grammar community, and as such, have grown up to be true Grammar boys, or now perhaps, Grammar men. It is a phenomenon that I have witnessed every year, as a group of boys march out of the Quad and say their farewells to their community. Despite the diverse range of backgrounds, differing passions and conflicting perspectives of the Grammar community, the leavers each year feel a powerful sense of emotion and connection to their CGS family.

Canberra Grammar family that has seen myself and the rest of the class of 2011 grow up into the men that marched out of the Quad just a few short weeks ago. Despite our diversity, a part of Canberra Grammar School, through its powerful influence, lives in all Grammar boys and men, be they students, or leavers. To the inspirational, diverse and powerful Canberra Grammar School community, on behalf of the class of 2011, thank you for allowing us to grow into the men we are today. Jack McDonald Crowley Vice Captain


It is strange to think that the school, which has seemed a simple, routine aspect of my life so far, has been able to bind together my 1000 peers into a close and welcoming community – a place of belonging. It is the


Tim Sanderson, Tom Morrison and Jack McDonald Crowley with Rev’d Chris Welsh and Mr David Smart

The Gallery

The Canberra Grammar School Gallery has continued to present exhibitions that support the young and emerging in our exhibition programme. ANU Visual Arts graduates from 2009, Claire Pendrigh and Dan Vanderaak, provided challenging and engaging exhibitions for our community. Johanna Witter, wife of the German Ambassador, exhibited with us in June, while Term 3 saw the usual dynamic exhibitions from the Junior School, the Design Centre students and the HSC Visual Arts and Design students. To complement our support of the young and emerging we had the pleasure of hosting a retrospective exhibition of the work of Concrete Abstractionist Garth Dixon OAM. Garth has well and truly emerged and we were pleased to be given the opportunity to host this event. The exhibition programme concluded with a body of work by Eden sculptor Jesse Graham.

The sculpture commission by Braidwood artists Andrew Townsend and Susie Bleach is complete and will be installed in the terraced area outside the International Centre in early 2012. The sculpture has been financed by commissions from sales of work in The Gallery over the past 11 years and will be a dynamic inclusion to the cultural landscape of our School. The Gallery continues its strong links with the ANU’s Art School as part of the Emerging Artists Support Scheme where we award two exhibition prizes for graduate students. This year we also awarded a residency to a young animator, Sam Thow, who worked with our Year 10 Visual Arts students for a term, assisting them in developing their animation skills with Photoshop software. 2012 will continue to offer our community exhibitions that offer diverse and profound efforts relating to the world in which we live. Trevor Dunbar

Jesse Graham and Nick Perillo with unidentified welder in the metalwork room.

Senior School


Resource Centre

The Resource Centre’s main focus continues to centre upon serving the information and research needs of the Senior School staff and students. We have also encouraged links with other school libraries, particularly during a weekend Professional Development seminar held on our campus in February. This year we have increased our focus on digital literacy and communications and are in the process of launching an eBook borrowing option. Displays in the Library’s central space included a focus on new books and to complement many curriculum units. During August, the Centre was festooned with national flags to celebrate the Book Week theme – One World, Many Stories, with a visit from author Dr Anthony Eaton. The use of our reinvigorated reading and relaxation space has strengthened partnerships between other areas of the School, and in particular, the English Department. The hosting of special events such as the Winning Words Competition in August and the Year 7 Parent Evening has provided an after-hours venue for interactions between staff, students and parents.

Lunchtime chess

We welcomed two new members of staff this year – Ms Linda Collins and Ms Melissa Wheeler. Gai Dennett


Inside the Resource Centre


P&F Year 11 Interview Day – James Macarthur, Eoin White, Christopher Valencic and Dr Rob Bearlin

Lochie Ferrier

Reports Asian Studies After four years, Asian Studies is well entrenched in the Year 8 curriculum at CGS. Although only an optional course, there has been an obvious demand to study Asia at CGS; its people, landscapes, politics, history and culture. This exposure to and understanding of our nearest neighbour is crucial to the holistic education of our boys in their path to become global citizens of the 21st century. As Dr Garrick said at Speech Night 2010, “Any school that does not countenance globalisation through a curriculum with a truly international outlook, through the teaching of other languages, and the appreciation of cultural diversity is doing its students a serious disservice. We have every opportunity and every reason here in Canberra to be not only the leading school in this city, but to become a recognised leader in internationally focused education in Australia and beyond”. Mrs Carol Pogson Head of Geography Department

our lectures and class discussions. One of the best things about Australian Studies is that it is an interdisciplinary course. Everybody has an opportunity to contribute in their own unique way. In Australian Studies we are extremely privileged to always have speakers who not only work in, but are active members of that field of expertise. Guest speakers often hold very impressive credentials within their field and are able to clearly express their views in a clear, concise and appropriate level to their audience. In short we are always given the best of the best. A key idea that comes through in each lecture is the urgency and the need for our generation to take an active role in the affairs of the State – both domestically and globally. Comments made by lecturers such as ‘it is now up to you to make a difference” serve only to underscore the importance of a subject such as Australian Studies. As a relatively new student to Canberra Grammar, I can attest to the value of Australian Studies. The subject has been an extremely interesting and insightful journey into what makes this nation ’tick’. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and I see myself reaping the rewards of this particular course in the future. By Maninda Amarasekera Year 11

Design, Art and Technology

Australian Studies Today you don’t have to step out of your front door to realise what is happening around you. Every day we are bombarded with information on how the world is changing economically, culturally and socially; dictatorship overthrown here, a new tax there. But how do we make sense of this? The answer lies in Australian Studies.

This year in the Design, Art and Technology Department we continue to respond to the changes in technology whilst building on the students’ design practice, knowledge and skill development. We have continued to explore and implement new ways in which our young students learn and the challenges that will shape their future learning. Teachers continue working on establishing high expectations for the students whilst also taking into account the diverse learning needs as they develop.

This course deals with the current issues that face Australia both domestically and globally. It is an extremely valuable tool which enables us to broaden our horizons, to think in new and critical ways; adapting our own knowledge regardless of what we may be studying, as well as the knowledge we gain through

Senior School


have applied this to a project using Photoshop and Illustrator to create their work. The DAT department received a staff professional development grant to enhance the Artist In Residence programme to broaden the skills of both staff and students for 2012. Ms Lucy Atkinson, Head of Design, Art and Technology Department

We have had a number of collaborative activities that have enabled students to work in teams and communicate their ideas in a variety of ways. Year 9 visual arts students undertook a mural project at the Brumbies club. As part of our Artist In Residence program, Sam Thow, an ANU Honours student, worked with Year 10 visual arts students in an animation programme for Term 2. Landscape designer Andrew Mc Niece visited to help develop design and model making for Year 9 and Year 12. Students have used the art and design process that includes planning, organising, flexible and analytical thinking, generating and communicating ideas. They are beginning to see themselves as part of community life and the implication of their designs on the world. Our students from Years 7 –12 were exposed to a range of excursions and exhibitions including Artist In Residence and specialist speakers. They have had opportunities to develop links and participate in activities in the community outside of the school context.


We started the year off by taking 160 Year 7s to the National Gallery of Australia to view the new Indigenous galleries. There were visits to Sydney for the Powerhouse Museum and Board of Studies seminars for Design Technology senior students; visual art students visited the galleries such as Museum of Contemporary Art, Australian Gallery of NSW and Artexpress exhibitions. Finishing off the year a number of Year 9 and 10 students participated in a weekend activity at ‘Outpost’ art from the streets festival at Cockatoo Island, where they undertook an advanced stencilling course.


There were a number of specialist speakers visiting such as architect David Clarke to speak about passive solar energy use in house design for the Year 9 Built Environment class, and Ross Jenkins came to speak about time and project management to the Year 11 Design and Technology class. Junior Design and Technology went to the University of Canberra to see the use of laser cutting technology and the students

Economics and Business Studies The Economics and Business Studies Department continued to engage strongly with the boys and the School. Departmental staffing changed following the departure of Ms Catherine Trinh and arrival of Mr Chris James. Our boys have benefited from his deep understanding of NSW curricula and manifest expertise in teaching. Years 11 and 12 Economics and Business Studies students again competed in the Australian Economics and Business Studies Competition managed by the University of New South Wales and sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Our results were once again strong and continue to attest to the strength of both subjects at Canberra Grammar School. This is particularly so given the timing of the competition precludes participation by our Year 12 Economics students who were undertaking their Term 2 examinations. Two High Distinctions, three Distinctions, five Merits and seven Credits were achieved in the Junior division

of the Economics Competition. Guy Lemmon was awarded a cash prize of $250 for achieving at the highest level of the High Distinction grade. Four High Distinctions, five Distinctions, nine Merits and eight credits were obtained in the Junior and Senior divisions of the Business Studies Competition which is open to Year 11 and 12 students respectively. Sebastian Tu and Max Cusack also received cash prizes of $250 for achieving at the highest level of the High Distinction grade. Cash prizes, High Distinctions, Distinctions and Credits were awarded at a ceremony held in Canberra in September; Grammar recipients accounted for 90% of awards. Pleasingly, an opportunity was created for our Year 10 students to receive advice on commercial careers from The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. I thank both students and staff for their efforts. The classroom continued to be complemented by lectures in Australian Studies by Mr Chris Richardson of Access Economics, and Mr Richard Dennis of the Australia Institute. Year 9 Commerce also visited the ACT Legislative Assembly and received a presentation from the Electoral Commission as part of their study of political involvement. I remain privileged to head a team of dedicated professionals whose unswerving focus is the development of students undertaking commercial subjects. Mr Ben Power Head Economics and Business Studies Department

English As conservationists of all that is deemed “literature”, English teachers are constantly dealing with the rapid pace of change in the way we communicate with those in our immediate world, and also as global citizens. This year, the English Department has experimented with written communication, traditional and emoticon, and the submission of assessment tasks that reflect changes in technology and communication. As a Department we will always advocate traditional means of writing, but it would be remiss of us not to embrace the “new” as we establish and maintain engagement and creativity. The opportunity to invite visiting performances into this School is one way in which we encourage student engagement. This year we offered a series of Shakespeare workshops that dealt specifically with texts that were being studied from Years 8 to 12. Yet another successful evening of Winning Words was held, and the progressive rejuvenation of it will ensure its continued success.

In 2011 we welcomed Mr Burey and Ms Yeo to the English staff, and both have had a positive impact on learning in the classroom. Mr Burey will unfortunately be leaving us at the end of 2011, and we wish him well for the challenges that await him. Likewise, Mrs Adams will take up a new position in the senior campus at St Mary MacKillop College in 2012. In the ten years that she has been at this school, Mrs Adams has worked extensively across all year groups, and all courses in Years 11 and 12. Her experience and professionalism are amongst her greatest attributes, and we wish her well in all that lies ahead. Parents often ask how they can best help their son study for English. I think if we could make it our shared mission as educators (scholastic and paternal) to ensure that our boys are reading and sharing their experiences, then we would all be on the same page in not only academic development, but in the fostering of productive and engaging relationships. Mr Simon Hughes Head of English Department

Geography Geography in 2011 continues to make a significant contribution to the ‘international’ education of boys at Canberra Grammar School; it is a subject that caters for all abilities and interests. Our aim is to provide the best possible environment for every boy at CGS to achieve and to provide the tools necessary to prepare him for the challenges of the 21st century. In newspaper articles published nationally during September 2010, Tim Costello (the Patron of the Australian Geography Teachers Association) emphasised that “Our children need a great education that equips them to be global citizens in an increasingly globalised world – and Geography has a unique role to play. No other learning area in school draws on both the natural and social sciences in the same integrated way”. As a department we are committed to serving the local community. We have hosted a number of Geography National Curriculum forums and professional training days for ACT and regional NSW teachers and we are currently trialling the National Curriculum in our classes: we see ourselves as important leaders and mentors for all teachers of Geography in our region. Information technology and fieldwork continue to be integral parts of the curriculum and are embedded throughout the syllabus. They are avenues for which a variety of inquiry skills and methodologies are explored. Excellent results have continued in the 2010 HSC where 46% of students gained a Band 6 or 5 and 77% of

Senior School


Geography students reached or exceeded their personal averages across the curriculum. In the Australian Geography Competition, CGS students also achieved equal second in Australia and first in the ACT for the 12th consecutive year. The competition attracts students from all over Australia – around 80,000 of them each year – so it is a real indicator of how well CGS students are doing in this subject. As part of the competition, students were required to demonstrate their knowledge about global issues, such as the major flooding in Pakistan, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, asylum seekers entering industrialised countries, and regional trade. Students Callum Macgill and Benjamin Mynott placed equal first in the ACT in the Junior Division of the Competition, with Nicholas McClelland placing equal first in the ACT in the Senior Division. There were over 160 High Distinction awards given to boys in Years 8 – 12. Outstanding High Distinction achievers were Ivan Ip, Fearghuas MacFarlane, Nithin Mathew, Reece Pahn, Liam Pik in the Junior Section; Nicholas Doody, Richard Annison, Leigh Cassells, Christopher Hammett, Sebastian Mitchell and Cameron Tysoe in the Intermediate Section, and Scott Russell and Timothy Sanderson in the Senior Section.

This was a very enjoyable experience for the boys – listening to a lecture as they were shown around the exhibits, including three Egyptian mummies, but of greater interest were the afternoon activities, where they were able to handle and examine exhibits that were up to 5,000 years old. This is the second time that we have taken this trip and in both years, the boys have really enjoyed the experience to play archaeologist. Again this year we held our Vietnam seminar under the efficient organisation of Mr Iain Dillon. This featured four excellent lecturers (Dr Bill O’Malley, Dr Milton Osborne, Professor David Marr and Mr Luat Vuong) and was a great success, with a number of teachers from Sydney making the trip to take part. Finally, the Year 6 one-up day was a great success, with a number of our future students being lectured on Greek and Roman warfare, and to their great enjoyment, they were able to handle and/or wear replica armour and weapons form the period.

I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with such a talented group of Geography teachers who are dedicated and passionate about the effective teaching of Geography. As Michael Palin, former Python and current President of the Royal Geographical Society, has noted: ‘Geography explains the past, illuminates the present, and prepares us for the future, what can be more important than that?’




As has been the case in most years, the highlight of 2011 for the History Department was the results in the previous year’s HSC. Once again the results were excellent. In History Extension, Michael McNamara was announced 8th in the state and Jack Lattimore scored 100% in the exam. In all, seven out of 20 boys gained a Band 4 (the highest possible) and all of the rest scored a Band 3. Our average was 9.36% above the state average. In Ancient History, nine (out of 20) boys gained a Band 6 and our marks were 13.3% above the state average. Finally, in Modern History, 10 boys scored a Band 6, which was over 3.5 times the state average and the group as a whole scored marks 7.82% above the state average. Obviously, these outstanding results have been a matter of great pride for the Department In other areas, the Year 11 Ancient History classes travelled to the Nicholson Museum at Sydney University.

Languages According to an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 28 October 2011, just 9% of 72,391 HSC students studied a language in 2011. By comparison, 20% of Canberra Grammar School’s Year 12 students sat the HSC in one of the four languages offered. This is a strong indication that the study of a Language Other than English continues to be valued at Canberra Grammar School. 2011 has been another eventful year for the CGS Languages Department. Our French Assistant, Mr Patrice Gordon arrived in late January and quickly assumed responsibility for teaching students from Years 7–10 in the Extension French stream. Having

almost completed his Masters in Teaching French as a Foreign Language, his assistance was invaluable during the year. He was particularly helpful in improving the speaking skills of Year 11 and 12 French students due to the conversation classes he held with them on a weekly basis. In February we hosted 25 students from our Sister School in Alençon, France, while from September to October, 16 boys participated in the 2011 China Study Tour accompanied by Mrs Shabai Li, Mr Bob Alexander and Mr James Cameron. The boys visited some of China’s touristic highlights and were able to improve their Chinese speaking skills during home stays in Beijing. Many individual students experienced success in competitions during the year. In June three Year 11 boys, Eoin White (Burgmann), Kevin Kelly (Edwards) and Christopher Parr (Garran), travelled to Adelaide University with Ms Jian to compete in the 4th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition. Eoin won the 1st prize and went on to represent Australia in the International Final which was held in China in October. Kevin Kelly won the prize for Speech, while Christopher Parr missed out on a prize by a very small margin. Later in the year, Christopher Parr won first prize in the Chinese Writing Competition organised by the Confucius Institutes at the University of Western Australia and the University of Adelaide. He will be invited to participate in the 2012 Hanyu Qiao Competition in Australia and be recommended for scholarships to study in China. Callum Smith (Year 12 Burgmann) won the 2nd prize in the same competition and as a result he has been offered a one year’s scholarship to study in Shandong University of China next year. Nine Students received gold medals in the National Latin Exam which is sat by over 100,000 students worldwide. These students were Rohan Curtotti (Year 12 Garran), Connor McMaster (Year 12 Garran), Prashant Kelshiker (Year 12 Garnsey), Sheehan Lim (Year 11 Garnsey), Abhijith Prakash (Year 11 Garnsey), Hugh McCarthy (Year 11 Garran), David Cribb (Year 11 Eddison), Isaia Curtotti, (Year 10 Garran) and Brenton Dally (Year 10 Garnsey). Isaac Hampton (Year 7 Clements) won second prize in the Year 7 division of the ACT French Poetry Competition.

Mathematics This has been a successful and busy year for the Canberra Grammar School Mathematics Department. Students have experienced a range of competitions and enrichment activities.

In August, 586 students sat the Australian Mathematics Competition, with an amazing 482 receiving certificates of Proficiency or greater. Twenty three students achieved High Distinctions, placing them in the top 2% of all the students who entered. Also Chris Naco (Year 12), Benjamin Mynott and Shane Arora (Year 8) gained prizes placing them in the top 0.3% of students. Benjamin Mynott also received the Prudence Award for the most consecutive correct answers. Based on their results from the Maths Competition and Enrichment, we had 25 students compete in Australian Mathematical Olympiad; Sanjay Farshid (Year 10), and Brendan Falk (Year 8) attained a Credit while Tony Park (Year 10) received a Distinction in the Intermediate Paper. During Terms 2 and 3, over 150 students attempted the Maths Enrichment Competition. There were many outstanding results, including the following students who gained High Distinctions for their efforts: Mark Glanville, Benjamin Mynott, Reece Pahn, Henry Xu, Brendan Falk, Alexander Malaganeas, Stephen Melhuish, Kevin Jacob, Sanjeev Prabaharan, Andrew Nguyen, Alastair Barnett, Mustafa Albekaa, Srikar Jha, Phillip Zhu, Sanjay Farshid. This year we sent two teams to the ANU Maths Day held in May. This competition has Year 12 students across the ACT region (including some Sydney schools). CGS 1 consisted of Ben Li, Chris Naco, Mayank Tuteja, Andrew Barnett and Rohan Curtotti. CGS 2 consisted of Albert Ho-Huynh, Prashant Kelshiker, Anthony Wild-Taylor, Aaron Chew and Scott Murn. Both teams performed exceptionally well, CGS 1 was the highest placed ACT school and CGS 2 finished 9th overall. All the boys and accompanying teachers Mr Corey Nix and Mr Robert Welsh enjoyed the day and we would like to thank the ANU for continuing to provide this opportunity for the top mathematicians in the ACT and the region to get together and share their enjoyment and love of Mathematics.

PDHPE 2011 was another busy year for the PDHPE Department. We farewelled a wonderful teacher in Mr Joel Cruickshank at the end of Term 1, and subsequently welcomed Mr Greg Elliott, who has been a great addition to our department. Student and teacher evaluation of our units continue to be a valuable source of feedback in revamping units for the following year. Year 10 can look forward to a new course booklet for next year. Our Year 10 elective Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) continues to be popular amongst the boys with excursions to golf, indoor rock climbing, go karts, and Lawn Bowls, a particular feature. Year 9 students participated in a mini unit A Taste of PASS to

Senior School


gain a better insight into the theoretical and physical aspects of this popular elective. The Year 8 Alcohol Poster Competition requires students to create a poster that depicts the potential dangers of excessive alcohol use. The 2011 competition again proved popular amongst students with some outstanding entries. First Place: Alexander Maleganeas, Second Place: Patrick Russell, Third Place: Benjamin Caulton. CGS Health and PE Week aims to promote and highlight the benefits of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Some new activities this year proved extremely popular, including Wii Sport. The CGS Strongman Competition, Ironman Challenge, Powerade Challenge, and strawberry smoothies all continued to be well supported by the students and a lot of fun. Our 2011 Year 12 PDHPE cohort totalled 41 students, the most for some time. Results from some of the 2011 competitions are: »» The Trivia Competition was won by Agnivesh Nambissan. »» The 2011 Peter Doherty Prize for first place in Year 12 PDHPE went to Darcy Gibbs. »» Sinan Brown received the 2011 West Virginia University Prize for first place in Year 11 PDHPE. The PDHPE Department continues to look at new and innovative ways of delivering course material that is fundamental to equipping our students with the knowledge and skills to lead healthy, physically active and balanced lifestyles.

RaVE The Religious and Values Education Department has continued to develop and improve its curriculum in 2011, both in the junior years for RaVE and in the senior offering of Studies of Religion (HSC). Year 7 students worked through units on ‘Easter in a Christian Community’ and an introduction to the world’s major religious traditions in Semester 1, and then further developed their biblical learning on some of the Old Testament stories in Semester 2. Year 8 have been introduced to some basic approaches to ethical thinking, and have examined the two major Indian religious traditions (Hinduism and Buddhism) in some detail. Year 9 moved forward in their ethical thinking in Term 1, investigating Islam in Term 2 and learned about some basic philosophical ideas through the ‘Matrix’ movie series in Term 3. This was supplemented with an investigation of East Asian philosophy and religion in Term 4. Year 10 began the year with some basic epistemology, then worked to apply this learning to some issues in the interaction of religion and science in Term 2. They then returned with more mature eyes to the gospel stories in Term 3 and to notions of evil in Term 4. The senior students in Year 11 have fully explored the Preliminary Course in 2-unit Studies of Religion and were armed with this preparatory learning when they embarked on their tour of Sacred Sites in Sydney later in the year. At the same time, the Year 12 students studiously applied themselves to preparing for their HSC examinations. In 2012 we look forward to some more developments in the RaVE programme as we continue to ensure that we remain relevant to the lives of our students but true to our values as a Christian community.




This was the International Year of Chemistry, but there were many more exciting events within the CGS Science Department in 2011. Seven pupils and two staff attended the inaugural Global Artificial Photosynthesis Conference on Lord Howe Island. This was a wonderful experience that allowed pupils to attend and present at an international science conference, as well as interacting with world leading researchers and experiencing the pristine environment of the World Heritage listed surrounds of Lord Howe. CGS also maintained its links with extension opportunities run by local institutions such as the ANU. Seven pupils

and two staff study or lecture through the ANU College program. Pupils also had the opportunity of attending spectacular lectures run by visiting experts as well as competing in the annual Titration Stakes Competition. Kevin Jacob and Max Wallner (both Year 8) gained first prizes for their scientific investigations for the ACT Science Fair. Guy Lemmon and Hugh McCarthy (both Year 11) attended the National Youth Science Forum in January 2012. Mustafa Awni, Thomas Barnsley, William Choy, Thomas Jordan and Dillon McGrath entered the Engineering Games run by Questacon and secured first place for their hovercraft design. In keeping with recent years, the School excelled in the RACI National Chemistry Quiz with nine pupils from Years 8–11 gaining plaques for excellence and another 52 gaining certificates of High Distinction. For the fourth year in a row, CGS students competed successfully in the ANU Brain Bee Challenge pitting students’ knowledge of neuroscience against teams from across the ACT. This year the team of Benson Deme, James Feng, Shabbir Khanbhai and Matthew Leditschke secured second place. We aim to inspire and excite the minds of our pupils, giving them an understanding and interest that will hopefully serve them well while at CGS and beyond. Mr Andrew Shelley Head of Science Department

Software Design and Development A highlight of the last 12 months has been the HSC results achieved by the Class of 2010. All of the boys in the class finished in the top third of all SDD candidates and seven of the 11 boys achieved a Band 6 mark, a result achieved by only 8% of all candidates. In addition, Angus Gibson was placed equal second in the course from a field of nearly 1800 students. Software Design and Development (SDD) teacher Matthew Purcell attended the finals of the Microsoft Innovative Teachers’ Award in Phuket, Thailand, after being announced the ACT winner of the Award which recognises outstanding teaching and the use of technology to engage students. SDD students in 2011 were involved in a number of activities, including the Year 12 class applying their skills in solving complex algorithms towards an Orienteering ACT Street Orienteering event throughout the suburb of Forrest. Finding the most efficient route to collect the required number of checkpoints proved to be quite an interesting challenge. Some students from the Year 11 class, as well as interested boys from Years 8–10, participated in Sydney University’s Python Programming Challenge. Stephen Melhuish and Brendan Falk (both in Year 8) finished in the top 16 from approximately 1400 students. Year 11 SDD students and some other boys from Years 9 and 10 sat the Australian Informatics Olympiad, a computer programming competition for high school students. Alastair Barnett from Year 9 achieved a Bronze medal in the Intermediate Division and has been invited to attend the Olympiad training school at ANU in December. Mr Andrew Gray and Mr Matthew Purcell Software Design and Development

Senior School


Student Submissions

Poetry The Unseen Isthmus There is a greater rope that ties me to you. an innermost connection, links us, if not obvious in skin and colour, then by our unconscious. it is like the ocean floor, between islands. Unseen at first, visible on a greater scale. Sometimes we only see in gaps and we question, “What similarity?” “Who are you?” this short-sightedness spreads that hate and cuts those ties. Birmingham is bombed, oppression spreads like cancer. we harden ourselves to each other, despite roots that connect, these roots, dwarf those shoots. Madhav Fisher

An Orange, Crackling Beast An orange, crackling beast. Blazing claws ripping, rending, and ravaging unfortunate shrubbery and fallen branches. Hot razor-sharp teeth biting, tearing and destroying everything in reach. A taunting tongue, laughing and licking at the once-alive trees. Death and devastation, embodied in this inferno of a beast.


Like a tidal wave of annihilation, it trundles and trips forward,


Devouring everything in its path. As it exhales heavily, the air heats up. The foliage and flowers melt and burn into cinders and ashes. Nothing can stop it. Wherever it has gone a smouldering, bubbling mess is left. Nothing is left. All has been incinerated.

No work can be done. Nothing can be fixed. Run, Run away. Run away now. Before it gets you, And chokes the life out of you. Reduces you to nothing more than smoke and ashes. Nothing to do now. It cannot be stopped. Can’t be extinguished. Its massacre cannot be halted. Its slaughter cannot end. Not until you have nothing left to defend. That orange, crackling, destructive beast. Life and happiness are what it cares for least. Alex Barilaro

A Winter’s Morning Grass crackles underfoot, frost turning green to white. In ice shine miniature suns, trapped in their icy prison. The occasional bird calls its piercing song, heard in the silence of cold. Lonely headlights travel down foggy road, the steel hulk follows, as the driver shivers in their cage of solitude. Trees hang limp, discarded in the morning mist, a lonely monument to the harsh winter. A single flower, battling frost, climbs up through the pavement cracks, brilliant yellow in sea of white, sign of hope in the cold emptiness. Sun, rises above the trees, makes white turn gold, and yellow flower echoes yellow ground. Grass revealed, trees revived, birdsong frequent in the warming air. Damp grass come anew, lush, soft, beautiful, its frozen memory removed. All cold has vanished, trees stand tall, birds proud, and the morning is alive once more. Liam Pik

The Apple


It hangs there golden, ripe, juicy and in so many ways magnificent and majestic, rising above all else. It seems to be the fruit of the gods, to be untouched by a single human. It is the only one of its kind, the only one held high up upon this strong and mighty tree, not to be moved it any circumstances. The great gates gawk at me, sending me away. But I can’t resist. I start to climb, it seems impossible at first, but further I go past the barbarous beast who roars at me but will not attack, I climb and climb, it seems to have gone on forever, I look down, I shouldn’t Have, the fear inside me is growing trying to reign over all my other feelings. I keep going with the prize in mind but I feel the chance of winning it is now slim. I decide to resign, I climb back down The tree, past the barbarous beast who laughs and flies away, I reach the bottom, the soil feels reassuring under my bare feet. But then as if it was the gods themselves, the apple drops in all its beauty and lands in my grubby hands.

That’s an unfamiliar sound. Hay! For dollas!

Damien Thomson

Why Does Everyone Walk Past? Why does everyone work past? Do they feel emoshun? Just some spair chainge. All I need. Pleese. You’re all hyenas, larfing and cackleing and haveing fun. Let me larff too. Why does everyone walk past? Do they feel emotion? Why can’t they say yes to the question in their mind? Does the question even run through their head? Pah! He doesn’t need help! Stop talking to me! Get a job and stop asking for help and money.

I’m not being generous. I’m not being good. I’m just trying to make the right choice. Alex Barilaro

Writing Hollywood Physics Good evening, for the next few minutes I will be speaking to you about Hollywood physics. In any genre or medium, whether it is novels, films or comic books, authors and directors are always finding ways to “gloss-over” a few of the fundamental laws of physics in order to spin a good yarn. One of the worst offenders in this area is, of course, Hollywood. A classic example of this is virtually any sci-fi action movie set in outer space. In these types of films, all that you can ever hear during the multi-million dollar, CGI-crammed intergalactic battle sequences is a torrent of laser beams and thunderous explosions. Now, as physics tells us, sound requires a medium such as air through which to travel. In space, however, there is no air; therefore sound can’t travel through space. On the other hand, though, I can understand why a director might choose to embrace this scientific inaccuracy. Can you imagine queuing for hours to buy a ticket to the latest Star Wars movie, filled with anticipation; you take your seat in the cinema and the opening credits begin to roll; all of a sudden, the colossal intergalactic battle scene begins; laser beams are flying across the screen, spacecrafts are erupting into flames and all that you can hear is…nothing? Despite being lauded by the science teachers among us for its factual content, I can’t imagine that film doing too well at the box office.

I’ve made my choice. This is my spare change.

Another law of physics that is commonly ignored by filmmakers is the law of conservation of energy, which basically states that energy cannot be destroyed and, conversely, you can’t simply pluck it out of thin air. The whole premise of the film The Matrix, for instance, relies on humans being kept alive in a big farm to act as a type of electricity generator. This is not just unlikely, it is fundamentally impossible, since the humans would require far more energy to be fed and kept alive than what they would produce as thermal energy.

What a fool! I would never give my hard-earned money away!

A similar example to this is Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons, which was recently adapted into a film.

Hear comes anotha. Just like all the othas. Reeches into his pockets, Then has second thorts. As selfish as all the othas.

Senior School


In this book, Dan Brown claims that antimatter (which actually exists) could one day be the solution to the world’s energy crisis. This is because antimatter annihilates when it comes into contact with regular matter, creating a large explosion. One thing that Dan Brown leaves out of his novel, however, is that a given quantity of antimatter only produces one ten billionth of the energy it takes to make that antimatter in the first place. In fact, if you took all of the antimatter that has ever been produced in the entire world and annihilated it at once, it would only produce enough energy to power a small light bulb for a few minutes. Clearly, as long as we can acknowledge that not everything we see in movies is scientifically accurate, we can all sit back and enjoy our Hollywood sci-fi for what it is: pure entertainment.

Ma áfu returned to Tonga to see the King, trying to take Wainiqolo with him, but Wainiqolo leapt off the boat and swam back to his beloved island. While Maáfu was away, Wainiqolo disobeyed orders and went to fight another great Fijian chief he hadn’t fought before. When he was about to fight, thinking himself invincible he was hit in the head by a bullet and killed. His last words were “born in Tonga, only a Tongan could kill me”. My great, great grandfather was dead. It is told that when the Fijians carved open his body to eat him his great heart spanned both the left and right sides of his chest. In the end, Ma’afu never became king, but instead, Fiji became a British colony. Wainiqolo’s death brought an end to the Tongans invasion of Fiji as they could not continue without him.

Guy Lemmon

For me, Wainiqolo means pride – pride to share the name of such a great man.


I reckon I could find a way to make that much chaos for the next two hundred years!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Solomon Grainger, and today I would like to tell you a little about myself, and where I come from. Once upon a time in Tonga, around 200 years ago, a fifteen year old Tongan Warrior impaled more than fifteen Fijian soldiers on bamboo stakes. For this act of strength his chief awarded him the bravery title Wainiqolo Ni tolo Ni bitu meaning

Although I don’t think Ill take up cannibalism any time soon. Solomon Grainger


“Bamboo whose strength holds back the mighty river torrents”. From that day he was known to history as Wainiqolo. My full name is Solomon Wainiqolo Grainger and that man was my great, great grandfather. When I heard this incredible story about my name sake I wanted to find out more, because, well, not everyone has a great, great grandfather that was a conquering warrior.


Wainiqolo became a great Tongan warlord and set off on a journey to conquer Fiji with his cousin Prince Henry Ma afu in the 1850’s.


Alex Barilaro

At the time the Fijians were cannibals and were going around eating each other (yum, yum) so under the pretence of Christianising or saving the Fijians they started a religious war that was really about Tonga conquering Fiji and Ma afu becoming the king of Fiji. He knew he would never be king of Tonga so Fiji was the next best thing. After many violent battles and shocking victories, Wainiqolo had poured fear into the hearts of the Fijian soldiers. They believed he was invincible and he and Ma afu were given the islands called the Exploring Isles in Eastern Fiji.

Alex Barilaro

Trips and Exchanges

China Tour 2011 Our group of 16 boys and three teachers landed in Hong Kong. We went out for our first real meal in China, and saw the sights of the closely crowded streets. We were amazed by the bamboo scaffolding featured in Hong Kong, in an effort to reduce damage should they fall down. We stayed briefly in this city and then transferred to the mainland; the trip had begun in earnest. After we left Zhang Jia Jie, where Avatar was filmed, amongst the beautiful grit stone columns and peaks, we arrived in Shanghai. The boys were mesmerized by the sheer size of the place. Being the first major city in mainland China that we visited, we fell in love with the busy and fast-paced life shared by over 23 million people. On our first day, we visited the most famous street the Nanjing Road. Filled with the largest and most modern department stores in the world, we instantly

found ourselves at home when roaming the multi-storied monstrosities that stood before us. As a first experience for most of us, this opened our eyes to the thrills of modern China. One of the most spectacular buildings we saw was the Shanghai Global Financial Building, one of the tallest buildings in the world. We were all shocked by the size of the building and even more shocked by the interior. The inside was incredibly modern, and the lift looked amazing, but the most spectacular of all was the top floor. At the peak there was a panoramic view of Shanghai, this bird’s eye view of the city was amazing. We could see most of the city from the top and we all took many photos of the view. We then travelled to the city of Zheng Zhou, to visit not only the highly acclaimed Shaolin Temple, but also a Martial Arts school. We spent a day at the Temple and

Senior School


saw two demonstrations, the second one being much more impressive, as the finale featured a student throwing a nail through glass to pop a balloon. That night some boys went to see an open air musical on the history of the Temple. An exceedingly wellconstructed spectacle, the show was beautiful, and featured many real monks. Then we visited a Martial Arts school, in which students are drilled in not only martial arts, but also schoolwork. The last week of the trip was spent in Beijing with our Chinese host families. Many of us were initially nervous about the home stay; however we were all relieved once we were introduced to our families. All the host families were incredibly hospitable, and showed great care for each of us, we were treated to Beijing roast duck almost every day, and each family made sacrifices to accommodate us, that we are all very grateful for. Each school day was very long; we were up at 6.30am to be at school by 7.20am and would return home from school around 6pm, older students of the school participate in Night School, and are there even later! Dinner would soon follow, after which the boys of our host families would go to their room and study for the rest of the evening. We would then spend some time getting to know our host parents, and maybe watching some television before retiring to bed. In the afternoons we would have specific classes for our contingent, which included basketball, Tai Chi, and even a class on Chinese Swordsmanship. The Forbidden City was an incredible sight, and we soon learnt why it is so highly acclaimed. When we walked through security, all we were able to see was a wide open plaza with massive buildings on all sides. In total there were hundreds of buildings but we only had one hour to explore them, as a result, we only scratched the surface of all the Forbidden City had to offer.


Our last day in Beijing was finished by our farewell party. Featuring speeches from students, and commendably speeches in Chinese by Alex Vuong and Eoin White, the party was an excellent way to conclude our stay in China.


Thank you to all the people who made this trip go so smoothly and made it so enjoyable. Thank you to the teachers who accompanied us, Ms Li, Mr Cameron and Mr Alexander, the boys wouldn’t have had such a great time without your efforts. Brenton Dally

Thailand Community Service Trip In early July, a collection of lucky boys and staff assembled at dawn at the freezing Canberra airport, ready to embark upon a two week journey of cultural experience and growth to Thailand. The trip was action-packed from day one, with opportunities to embrace the unique Thailand experience, including a forest hike through the hill tribe villages and a visit to a ‘cheddie’ or temple on the first day; the trip continued to keep the boys busy with the endless new sights, sounds and tastes. The trip centred around four days of community service at the Tha Ma Kaeng School, the students of which epitomised the optimistic, upbeat Thai spirit in the face of lack of luxuries unimaginable by the CGS students. Having raised over $8500 for work at the school, including a donation from the Australia Thailand Institute, our time was split attempting to teach English to the younger students and labouring upon the construction of a new building. While at the school we also had the experience of playing the local students in a few friendly soccer matches, but with the 30+ temperatures and high humidity making the matches more exhausting than the physical labour, the final win tally was 3–1 to the TMK students. All in all, every taste of Thai culture during our stay left us wanting more, and it is doubtless that the trip will not be forgotten by all involved. Lucas Anderson Year 10

Winter Projects

The editorial from the 1963 edition of The Canberran discussed the education of the ‘whole boy’ and included in that analysis, a description of that year’s Winter Project as it showed “previously undiscovered talents within ourselves and instilled in many more a sense of pride of craftsmanship”. The 2011 Winter Project continues to reveal the diverse range of interests and talents of Year 7 boys by way of exploration of arts, crafts, pastimes and new skills shared and developed with family members. Exhibitors displayed their skills with furniture both built, and in some cases, rescued and restored. They included a variety of finely crafted tables, bookshelves, chairs and cupboards. Mountain bikes, skateboards and go-karts made from scratch, repaired and decorated. Bird feeders, chook houses and dog kennels jostled for space with documentation of building and renovation projects, bush-walks, holidays and overseas trips. Perfume was manufactured, mosaics assembled and novels and plays were written. Many dioramas and models were created of subjects as diverse as the Normandy beach landing, sports stadiums, medieval castles, a model lighthouse and scenes imagined and constructed from novels and board games. This year many exhibitors showed their skill and patience in using IT to build games, animate plasticene, compose music and edit home movies. A number of boys participated in CIT cooking courses, their hand-made cookbooks showing pride in the mastering of new-found skills in the kitchen. The diversity of this year’s exhibits continues to illustrate the interests and passions of the exhibitors and their families. 2011 has been another year where the Winter Projects has instilled a sense of achievement and pride in investigating a new skill, activity or pastime. Mr David Hodges MiC Winter Projects

Senior School



Blaxland Housemaster: Mr Peter Dunn House Captain: Jason Hubbard

In 1936 REV W J Edwards wrote “the greatest advantage a boy receives from a school like this is the fact that he forms part of a community which lives and works together. No day boy ever gets into the life of a school like a boarder.” Blaxland and the boys in it are a testament to this. Their pride, determination and energy are, and have been essential to the life blood of the school. After a well deserved summer holiday, the men of Blaxland cruised swimmingly into preparation for the annual swimming carnival. Although due to our numbers we were not always seen in the pool, we were always heard with an abundance of passionate pride on display, including mean war cries that have in the past been likened to the Maori Haka. No boy was dampened by our 8th place finish. A boarder knows how to play to their strengths, and restoring dominance and bragging rights over the day boys came not too long after, with a very dominant display of endurance in the cross country carnival. After weeks of ever cooling morning runs, the other houses stood no chance. Congratulations must go to Alan Neverov and George Hancock for top 10 finishes.


Blaxland boys acknowledge the need to give back to the community that has served them so well. Blaxland House members sold bandanas for bandana day and Year 12 kindly removed the hair off their head to raise much needed funds for cancer research. The contributions made by each boy are a testament to the profound sense of care and consideration Blaxland boys hold.


After an energetic first term, the Blaxland boys kept up the e around the boarding house, as much hard work went into the preparation of House music. An exciting time for any Blaxland boy, as the countless hours of practice (including in the showers) built up the anticipation, which culminated in a teary rendition of Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl. Clearly the judges didn’t like crying, as we were placed 6th. Admirable courage was shown by all boys who participated in 4–20 voices, particularly Jimmy Binks and Josh Gould. A highlight of not only House music, but of the year was the performance of Hugo Hodge, Jack Stanford and Josh Miles in House rock. Their law breaking, boundary pushing and at times heart throbbing cover of The Sex

Pistols’ Anarchy in the UK surprised and astounded us all, particularly Jack Stanford’s apparent ability to sing with an English accent. The boys were rewarded with a 3rd place finish. Term 3, being the Year 12’s last term is always an exciting time in the boarding house. The Blaxland boys set out to show their pride in athletics standards, an event which has not been lost by the boarders. A comfortable victory was achieved spurred by George Hancock, Jamil Khalfan, Henry Nash, Jack Stanford, Archie Sampson, Alan Neverov, James English, Jackson Barry and Jonno Sainty who all scored above 100 points. An unfortunate inability to fill many junior events did not see this standards success transferred into the athletics carnival. However highlights were Kieran Gosney’s 100m race, as well as the 15 Years and Opens relays. Blaxland also excelled in many of the Captain’s Cup events, which included a second place in House Cricket and masterchef, a semi-final placing in House Touch, a mighty fine effort in House debating and a very solid victory in House tug-o-war. Blaxland boys can be proud of their dedication towards these events, with all boys willing to participate at the drop of a hat. In this, the last year of Blaxland House, the loving banter between the houses had never been so heart warming...or entertaining. The annual House of Origin match between Blaxland and Jones set out to put to rest the eternal of debate of which was the better House. Blaxland won 10 tries to 3, need more be said? All competition between the Houses was conducted with the best of intentions, and will be remembered by both houses long into the new Manaro House. We would like to thank all those associated with the boarding house, particularly Mr Dunn and Mrs Warren, our beloved housemother. Also, the health clinic, kitchen and cleaning staff, your services are invaluable to us. Thank you to all tutors, resident and nonresident, your support is greatly appreciated. We wish the Year 12’s of 2012 the best of luck in setting a whole new level of house spirit, particularly Archie Sampson and Josh Miles, the Captain and Vice Captain of Blaxland House next year. Good luck to Mr. Barrett in maintaining and pushing this passionate lot, onto further successes in their school life.


Finally, thank you to all Blaxland boys, for making this such a memorable year. Be greatful for the opportunity you have been given, and make the most of everything that comes your way in the future. Don’t ever forget where you have come from, keep Blaxland alive, and the values it holds close to your heart. Thanks for everything Jason Hubbard

Boarders rugby team

Josh Miles, Ciaran Edwards-McKeown and Jack Stanford


Year 12 boarders

Leadership day for Year 11




Burgess Housemaster: Mrs Jennie Holbrook House Captain: Will Spencer

2011 was a wonderful year for Burgess House, with all boys putting on a brave face, but clearly in awe of their new senior school. The first few days at any school are crucial and Burgess House already adopted its motto to “Seize the Day”. They were off to camp in their second week, probably one of the most memorable weeks of their lives. Archery, giant swing, raft building and the ever popular crate-climb were just some of the activities enjoyed by the boys, along with building friendships that would undoubtedly survive throughout their schooling years. This year was the most challenging Year 7 camp to date, with everyone sleeping outside for two nights, instead of the usual one, and climbing the dreaded Mt Jelore. The boys got the first taste of their senior houses in the Swimming Carnival, and all boys performed admirably even if they were not natural swimmers. James Hanson was a standout winning the U13 age champion Fitzgerald Cup.


The annual House Play took a lot of the boys’ time in the first half of Term Two. The event was subsequently a great success, and a laugh for all as the record number of boys performed a wide selection of Monty Python skits. House Music was next on the calendar for Term Two. While not Burgess specific, it is one of the best events on the CGS calendar and all Burgess Boys had a ball. A very special mention should go to Jayden Bhummabhuti and Dominic Neil on their efforts in the “Double Dream Feet” competition. Many laughs were had as the boys danced on stage, in front of the school, to a YouTube-video inspired display of flailing arms and legs.


Jackson Markey performing exceptionally well to win the Ward Cup for the under 12 age group Burgess won the Year 7 Inter-House shield competition this year despite two competitions left to be played, Basket Ball and Tug-o’-War. Kristan Weereratne brought the burgess boys to a victory in the house cricket, and strong wins in the House Touch-Rugby and Debating were recorded as well. Burgess also convincingly won the Chess with Mark Glanville dominating any and all opposition. This was enough to secure a definite win for Burgess for the second year running. Other notable events would be the “Best Year 7 Social in 20 Years” and the Burgess Ski trip. The Year 7 social between CGGS and CGS was a huge success, themed ‘Cowboys and Indians’, boys and girls dressed up and had a great time, building new friendships between the two schools. The Burgess Ski trip was also a great success as a large group of boys got up in the early hours of the morning and travelled by bus to the snow. Boys of all skill levels spent the day skiing the Blue Cow slopes and a great day was had by all. It has been a privilege and an honour to lead all these boys this year, in their first year of Senior School at CGS. They are an incredible bunch of boys, and I wish them all the very best and more, in their future endeavours. Will Spencer

Term Three took a more leisurely pace to start with. But before long, they were right back into it. Athletic standards were undertaken with a record attendance in the first week, owed in no small part to the participation of the Burgess boys. Calum Taylor and Will Stokoe both managed remarkable results with scores over 120 in the athletic standards. Burgess reflected these results in the Athletics Carnival, with Burgess cricket team with Mr Shelley

  BURGESS HOUSE Mitch Fuller & Patrick Robertson at Burgess Milkshakes

James Field & Zach lagos and Burgess Milkshakes

Max Jesiolowski, Ricky Hudson, Ewan Barnett and Joseph Neave

JaeHee Lee, Lachlan Marshall and Sebastian Hooke

Fraser Baird

Burgess ski trip

Burgess and Clements touch rugby teams

Jayden Bhummabhuti and Robert Bruessel

Senior Burgess School



Burgmann Housemaster: Mrs Carol Javes House Captains: Edward L’Estrange and Nicholas McClelland

Burgmann has experienced an extremely successful year in this, its 50th year. The House has continued its strong tradition of sporting results and positive house atmosphere. Indeed, Burgmann has not only seen success in major House and Captains Cup events, but has sustained an upbeat feeling around the House area and continues to nurture strong relationships between boys of different year groups. The annual Swimming Carnival was the first event of the year for the House. This saw several notable performances from many boys across the years; notable swimmers were Kade Howitt, Nick McClelland, Oliver Bourne and Henry Xu. Burgmann successfully repeated the feat of 1961, its first year as a House, in winning the carnival in its 50th year. This was a great achievement, not just in swimming success, but also in the House spirit that accompanied the day. A great deal of this crowd support can be attributed to the encouragement of Cheer Squad Captain, Harry Rasheed.


Looking to build on the victory at the Swimming carnival, the end of Term 1 saw the Cross Country Carnival, for which the boys had prepared with numerous runs around the School. The carnival was a great day both on and off the track. Stand-out performances from Burgmann included both Alex Cronan and Tom Harrison as Age Champions for their respective age groups. Other notable performers include James Lightbody (2nd), Alex Maleganeas (4th), Peter Bassett (6th) and Angus Hayes (8th). The House finished a very respectable 4th and exhibited a positive tone throughout the day.


The much anticipated House Music event was the next major event in the House calendar. Looking to improve from last years’ disappointment, all members of the House were involved in the House shout production of ‘It’s a long way to the top’ by the ACDC. Led very capably by Marko Sever and Oscar Tigwell, the House ably prepared for the event with numerous practices. Unfortunately, Burgmann’s House Shout result was a repeat of last year, finishing 8th. However, this was not a reflection of the effort and enjoyment that the boys received from the event. Many thanks must go to Ryan

Smith and Jack McDonald Crowley for their contributions to House Rock, House Instrumental and 4–20 Voices. Throughout the year, Burgmann has also been very heavily involved with Captains Cup events. This competition involves a variety of activities, ranging from House Cricket to Debating. The emphasis of these events is to involve as many House members from different age groups and show the variety of talent that exists. The House competed in all events very competitively, and was the inaugural winner of the fiercely contested House Medical Warfare competition as well as the House Touch Football. Other notable performances include our team reaching the final of House soccer, and the semi finals of Tug of War. The boys have enthusiastically supported every one of the events, and have enjoyed themselves in competition against friends. Burgmann this year has also celebrated its 50th Jubilee with a Gala Dinner, in recognition of the House’s establishment in 1961. The celebration, in mid-Term 3, celebrated the development of the House over the last 50 years to its current state. The night saw a great turn out from the House community, involving current members, old boys and parents, and former Housemaster Mr Rob Merrell. The proceedings highlighted the origins of the House, with a focus on Ernest Burgmann, after whom the House is named. Whilst breaking up the night with the annual play, produced by Eoin White, the dinner also marked the beginnings of the farewells for the current Year 12s. The last House event of the year was the Athletics Carnival, in which Burgmann again competed strongly. The venue for the day, the main oval, complemented that tireless cheering and chants of the House, led again by Harry Rasheed and Charlie Royds leading to the House winning the spirit award for the carnival. This encouragement from the House lifted several individuals to exemplar performances, including age champions Alex Cronan and Connor Sanderson. The effort seen from all boys in the House was reflected in our finishing 2nd. The House can be very proud of this effort. All in all, our consistent placing in all the elements of the House Shield competition, including Effort Certificates, saw Burgmann House coming 2nd this year, our best recent result.


Overall, Burgmann can look back with great pride at 2011, the 50th year of the House. Many thanks must go to Ms Javes, Housemaster, and Mr Shelley, Acting Housemaster for Term 2, for their efforts this year, and to all the tutors. It has been a great pleasure for Nick and I to be House Captains for Burgmann, and we are confident the House will strive to exceed the high standards it has set this year. Edward L’Estrange Nicholas McClelland

Jacob Cantrill, Glenn Brigenti, Mr Welsh, Ben Reading-Thompson

Ryan Smith, Peter Kiemann, Oscar Tigwell House Rock

John Sutton

Edward L’Estrange and Mr L’Estrange

Andrew Krnc, Alex Fricker Lopez, Jack McDonald Crowley

Storm Strauss, Jason Marsh training for Medical Warfare

Cheering the winning House

House cricket team




Clements Housemaster: Mr Joel Cruickshank and Mr Alastair Hunt House Captain: Jason Marsh

As is always the case, Year 7 is all about the next step in the great journey, and the time when a new chapter in school life begins. Clements House is the hub, the ‘home’ within the school for the Clements boys and in which they are not only given the support to help make a positive beginning to Secondary School, but are also given the room to grow as they head on into young adult life. This year has been a tremendously positive start to that journey and many of the boys have commented on just how quickly it has raced by – so carpe diem springs to mind!


At the year’s beginning, the boys showed great enthusiasm and spirit at the Year 7 Wambaroo Camp. Without the usual creature comforts of home and without knowing all of the other boys in their camp groups, most of the boys were pushed outside their comfort zones. It was pleasing that nearly all of the boys adopted a positive attitude and rose to the challenges presented to them. Many of the activities involved overcoming their fears, including abseiling, the big swing and also camping out in the bush as part of a two day hike to climb Mt Jellore. Working together to solve problems, shared responsibility and looking after each other were also key themes on the camp. Many new friendships developed over the five days as they worked together. One of the highlights for the boys was organising and cooking a yummy evening dinner whilst out on camp in the bush!


The first term ended with some sadness for the Clements boys with the departure of Mr Joel Cruikshank as their House Master. As do I, the boys owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Cruikshank for helping them get off to a most productive start in the Senior School. It is to their credit that I immediately felt welcome and together we have all built on the great start to the year and the fine set of values that Mr Cruikshank encouraged in each boy right from the start of the year. Community service and the act of selfless giving to those in need has been a key theme for the House this year and one met with great success. In the World’s Greatest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation of Term 1, Mr Cruikshank was most impressed by the generosity

of the boys in raising nearly $2000, and greatly amused at the consequent loss of House Captain Jason Marsh’s hair! As the major House event of the Year, The Clements Marathon of Term 3 also provided the opportunity to raise funds for yet another worthy cause, Guide Dogs. Nearly $4000 was raised from this event! Not only an impressive total was raised, but the boys also met the range of challenges presented to them in the Marathon with outstanding determination and mateship and it was great to see parents, boys and Tutors enjoying a wonderful night together. It was the Sheaffe Tutor Group that raised the highest total in both fund raising events and they were amply rewarded both times with their favourite, a pizza lunch at school! Special mention must be made of Kevin Huynh and Alexander Bezos for their impressive contributions and for the enterprise they showed in raising the money. The Garran Tutor Group were the overall winners in the games component of the evening. Carpe diem – seize the day! Throughout the year, there have been plenty of opportunities for the boys to get more richly involved in school life and connect with their Senior Houses through competing in the School Swimming Carnival, Cross Country, Athletics Standards and the Athletics Carnival. In so doing, all those involved enjoyed mixing with the older boys of the Houses they will be joining next year. The Year 7 House Shield Competition with Burgess House was another opportunity to make a contribution, get among the fun and build relationships across the year group. Cricket, Soccer, Chess, Debating, Touch Football, and Tug-of-War were the games organised for the boys and provided for some interesting and at times intense competition. At the time of writing, Clements were keen to make a comeback in the Tug-of-war of Term 4 after Burgess House took the lead in Term 3 by winning Chess, Debating and Touch Football. The Winter Project continued a long running tradition that gives the boys the opportunity to complete a significant work of their own choice and many of the Clements boys displayed good planning, craftsmanship and creativity. Counter balancing this significant task was the fun, glitz and glamour of the Year 7 Social. The theme of Cowboys and Indians produced feathered flashes of colour and range of interpretations, which


made for a wonderful spectacle as the boys and girls danced to the energetic music and light show played by Canberra Grammar’s own DJ, Toby Speck. As the year draws to a close, we remember how it started and just how far the boys have come in that time. From so much to get familiar with at start of the year, the boys would agree that these challenges have now been largely conquered, that they have had an action packed year and are well ready to take on the next chapter, the move upwards into Year 8 and their Senior Houses. Raft making at Year 7 Camp

Swim and Gym, Term 1

Giant swing at Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Disco

The Junior Division under way in the Cross Country

Clements rugby team with Mr Hunt

House Chess Competition

Clements Jonty Kevin



Eddison Housemaster: Mr John Klein House Captain: Aneale Banerjee

2011 marked the 50th anniversary of Eddison House – the Jubilee Year. It was important for us to honour the three Eddison brothers – Tom, Jack and Keith Eddison and the history behind the House. In Term One we invited the Eddison Community to a picnic in Eddison Park, where the boys enjoyed snacks and various games. In Term Three we had a special ‘Eddison Assembly’ where we presented the House history to the School. We were fortunate to have the youngest sister of the Eddison brothers, with us that day, Pamela Younge, where the whole School sang Happy Birthday to celebrate her 90th Birthday. The year started off with the annual ‘Eddison Pitch and Putt Tournament’. Groups were formed by linking different year groups together so that the House can get to know each other better. The day went spectacularly well with the McCredie family winning the tournament with a stunning Eddison House course record, 9 under par.


The Swimming Carnival showed the spirited side of Eddison. With the final placing not going our way, the outstanding performance on the day was the exuberant display of House Spirit and encouragement as we belted out new chants such as “All You’ll See Is Navy Blue” earning Eddison House the fiercely sought after ‘Sphere of Spirit’. Declan Moore (Yr 11) continued his string of Age Champion awards. The spirit was extended to Cross-Country Carnival, where despite disappointing performances, we were able to win the newly instituted Sportsmaster’s Cup. Individual results on the day of note were; Andrew Robertson (Yr10) 4th, Bailey Stringer (Yr 9) 5th, Ben Croker (Yr 8) 10th and David Carroll (Yr 12) 11th.


After the somewhat disappointing performances in the House Shield Events, Eddison House moved to the eagerly awaited House Music Competition. The most memorable performance of the whole competition was the win in the instrumental section with Ehsan Farshid’s arrangement of MGMT’s “Kids”. The arrangement catered in particular to the hidden talents within the House, such as Ashley Jenkins marvellous piano-accordion skills and Jared Baum

on bass guitar. However, the entire School was blown away by Jonathan Peake’s brilliant harmonica performance, which formed the centre of the piece. This was a truly spectacular performance, earning a rousing ovation from the entire School and giving Eddison a sizable boost of pride. The Carnivals are only one aspect of the House life, with pastoral care and fundraising efforts being equally, if not more important. The year started with ‘sunshine dollars’ being collected at the Headmaster’s picnic for the QLD Flood Relief Appeal. Through our car parking organization at the Fete, gold coin donations were collected for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. Eddison House continued our support for its sponsor child – Sidy Samb – with every member of the Eddison House Community buying an Eddison House ‘Jubilee’ wristband, as well as the Swear Jar and hot pancakes in the morning contributing to the House’s efforts to raise money. The Year 12 boys also put their heads, stubble and luscious leg hair to the test with the House raising money for Movember and the Head Shave appeal. In the 50th Year, we decided to introduce more House events to further strengthen the House. In Term Three, around 100 boys braved the Eddison/ Kilburn Social, held for the first time in many, many years. It was a night for boys to be able to make new friends and strengthen links with the CGGS community and with Kilburn in particular. The boys also bonded strongly over the Inter-Tutor Group Medical Warfare Tournament. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the intense competition, which saw Ms Bardwell’s Tutor Group emerging as victors. A House Report is never complete without a huge thank you Mr Klein, Ms O’Dell-Teys and the Tutors on behalf of all the boys in Eddison 2011. Over the past six years I have made many friends in Eddison, both past and present. It has been an honour, a privilege and an absolute joy to be House Captain. I wish all the boys every success in the future and hope that your time in Eddison is as fulfilling as mine has been. Aneale Banerjee

  EDDISON HOUSE Matthew Keighley and Jonathan Peake

Jonathan Peake, Ashley Jenkins and Liam Pik

House swimming

House tug-of-war

House Shout: Pokemon

Joseph Cavanagh and Luke Gavin




Edwards Housemaster: Mr Neil Dunkley House Captain: Nicholas Gilmore

2011 has been yet another strong year for Edwards’s House. With the growth of the special House spirit continuing and great success in music and sport being some of the many prominent features throughout the year. There have been numerous House events throughout the year which have continued to build up the already strong Edwards community. The Activities Night saw the boys from all years come together for some relaxed games and socialising. The Mystery dinner soon followed with the Edwards’ families being scattered throughout Canberra at generous host family houses before the converged on the American Embassy for Supper. Mid year saw the Edwards House Chapel service return. Mr Smart was the guest speaker and he maintained his new year theme of ‘Moments like these’. The House events recently culminated in the Edward’s House Dinner, a night of good food and fine music in which the house came together to celebrate the year and farewell the outgoing Year 12s. The House area itself has also undergone substantial change with the previous dust-bowl transformed into an indigenous style garden. The shaded seating area, permanent BBQ area and vegetable patch are now some of the many features. The House has taken full advantage of this with regular barbeques which help to bring the whole House together.

section which placed 1st out of all the houses for the second year running. Thanks have to go to Aaron Chew who organised the boys in all areas of the house music. There are many carnivals and house competitions throughout the year all of which helped to build Edward’s pride and unity. For the first time in many years Edwards house won the house soccer competition, this thrilling game went to penalty shot out where the goalie skills of Dj Kang were tested. This was great game and defied the odds proving to the other houses that Edwards has many skilful athletes. At the end of term 2, Edwards suffered a big loss with its assistant housemaster Mr Walker leaving us for Melbourne. After being Edward’s Year 11 tutor and our house music adviser for many years, this was indeed a great loss to the house. However the House is again in good hands after the appointment of Mr Van Zyl as new assistant housemaster. Thanks have to go to Mr Dunkley and all the tutors for their continued support throughout the year. Helping the house and the Year 12’s in particular to enjoy their final year while maintaining the focus on their studies. Nick Gilmore and Angus Bowers


It is the impact of all the boys combined which defines Edwards’s House within the school. However throughout the year there have been some spectacular efforts of individuals whether it is in chess championships or Cross country, sailing or golf, music or commerce. All these achievements have helped establish Canberra Grammar school and Edwards House in the wider community.


This year saw Edwards win house music for the second year in a row. This occasion was exemplified by the tremendous efforts of all the boys in the house which gave it their all for the house shout section. Special mention goes to the all the boys who volunteered to be a part of the rock, instrumental and 4–20 sections. Congratulations go to the boys of the 4–20 voices

4 and 20 Voices at House Music

  E D WA R D S H O U S E Edwards House banner

Mitch Jenkins, Darcy Welsh

Lunch together

Eliot Bassili, Darcy Welsh

Mr Olsen and Kurt Olsen

House Music

Head shave

House Shout

Kurt Olsen, Tim Chen




Garnsey Housemaster: Mr Matthew Bugden Captain: Max Bayly

The Garnsey year began strongly, as usual, with the prospect of a possible 6 years straight of victory, an effort achieved only once before in the history of the school. This possibility acted as a bonding agent, with boys of all ages coming together and forming house fellowship, something that has been strong in the Garnsey community for many years. With the House mentor group system being reestablished immediately, chief mentors Chris Naco and Preshant Kelshiker set about creating activities and a points system, as has become the norm of Garnsey House. This led to the Garnsey activities afternoon, when mentor groups competing head to head in activities such as Pictionary, table tennis and the “Garnsey House quiz”.


The first House Shield event, the swimming carnival, came along, and with bys giving up their lunch times to complete their trials, teams were put together by newly appointed sports captains Hayden Clinch, Andrew Bradbury and Eliot Osborne. The Swimming carnival day arrived and the Sports Captains ensured boys attended their events. The tradition of the House Captain swimming the 200 IM was not extinguished, and much to my regret, I attempted the race, with the cheers of 100 sky blue shirts behind me. With a second place in this carnival, the House Shield campaign began strongly.


The cross country carnival began to creep up on us, and once again the Sports Captains led the way with the running club. With fruit loop Fridays and the promise of pancakes if runs were completed, and of course the desire to complete their runs to improve their physical fitness, almost all boys completed the required 10 runs, with lunch time sessions being held for those who could not make the morning sessions. The running club showed to have a significant improvement on the lads performance, with many boys improving on their last years result, an aim that was strongly emphasised during the lead up to the carnival. Another second place behind the unbeatable Boarders led to an uplift in spirit. This year also saw the introduction of the Garnsey talent show – a weekly segment during house meeting in which hidden “talents” of boys within the house

were uncovered. Some memorable acts included a variety of musical pieces from lads such as James Mountain and Ashwin and Avinash Devenanthan, a gymnastic routine by Hugh Elliott, a so called “magic show” performed by Oscar Bayly, and many more. With House music around the corner, vice captain John Raineri and Nicholas Lyall took on the lead roles in relation to the various acts. With the promise of a “special performance” from Mr Bugden and Mr Waterford if we were to place first in the House Shout Competition, the boys set about practising the counting crows “accidentally in love” After many House meetings and a few minutes of lunch time spent practising, judgement day came along and the boys performed to their upmost ability, which was enough to secure the first place in House Shout, with an overall second place in the House Music carnival. The trend of Garnsey House’s dominance in athletics continued this year, with outstanding athletic ability combining with determination and commitment through both the athletics standards and the athletics carnival. With an athletics standards completion of well over 90 %, second place, behind the nearunbeatable boarders, set Garnsey up for a strong finish in the athletics carnival, in which we delivered, securing a massive tally of points. The day itself was visibly enjoyed by all, with grins on the faces of all Garnsey members from the first to last event. Captain of cheering, Brody Ingram, ensured boys competing received full encouragement from the lads, and it truly was a great finish to the year. Although this report is based around the various carnivals, Garnsey is focused on much more than these. It is true, that our competitive nature is emphasised by our desire to perform to the best of our ability, but the day to day interactions between lads of all ages is what truly highlights the nature of Garnsey House, and is what the Year 12’s will all miss so dearly. John and I leave the house in very capable hands with the new Vice Captain, Tom Staniforth, and the new Captain, Josh Friend. This year in Garnsey House has been purely amazing, and I look forward to the stories about the house in future years to come from my younger brothers at home. Cheers Boys. Max Bayly

  GARNSEY HOUSE Ready to race

Go Garnsey!

Josh Friend

House Rock

Tom Bryson

Nicholas Lyall

Andrew Bradbury, Matt Narracott

Year 8 Camp

Garnsey House banner

William Stokoe, Sebastian Hooke, Damien Thompson, Chris Phillips




Garran Housemaster: Mr Graeme Lendrum House Captain: Adrian Trowell

What a year it has been in Garran! We started the year by welcoming Mrs Linda Collins as a new Tutor into the House. As a Teacher Librarian, Linda has been able to enjoy more flexibility as a Tutor and has thrived in her new role in Garran. Her mouth watering soups and Activities Evening Dinner Extravaganza during the Live Below The Line Campaign were one of the highlights of the year in Garran. Mr Jock McLean enjoyed returning to Garran as a support Tutor and his work, particularly with Year 9 was sensational. We wish Mr McLean a healthy and happy retirement.


An enthusiastic and committed group of Year 12’s under the inspirational leadership of Adrian Trowell (Captain) and James Wayte (Vice Captain) began the year determined to help Garran be more outward looking. Under the motto ‘Purple Inside and Out’, the seniors established strong relationships with their Year 8 Mentor Partners and encouraged the mentoring program throughout the Tutor Groups.


The ‘Live Below The Line’ campaign was enthusiastically supported by 30 members of the House in which both boys and staff lived on less than $2 per day for a week. The camaraderie generated by eating, cooking and toughing it out will long be remembered and we were all challenged to think how we could help make a difference to the lives of those living below the poverty line. In the process Garran managed to raise $1500 for this worthwhile cause. During Term 3 and 4, Tutor Groups have been raising money to support KIVA, an online lending platform which allows us to help provide loans to small business entrepreneurs in third world countries. Although this initiative has just started, we are hoping that it will help us in our understanding of some of the challenges faced overseas as well as provide much needed help abroad. Sporting carnivals have continued to provide great opportunities for the House to train and compete together. Cross Country Training and Athletics Standards were both very successful endeavours and the boys all showed huge amounts of ‘ticker’

in training for their Tutor Group and House. The House Music Festival was a great way to end Term 2 and under the inspirational leadership of Gurtej Singh and Hugo Horwood, Garran managed to come second in the House Shout singing the Hudu Guru Classic ‘Bittersweet’. We were fortunate to have three outstanding guitarists in our senior group and they were able to provide some memorable moments during assemblies and at the House dinner. The Captain’s Cup events organised by the boys provided some classic moments and although we were pipped at the post this year by Burgmann, the boys did not disappoint winning both the House Cricket and Master Chef Titles. ‘The burgers are better at Garran!’ The House Dinner provided a fitting end to a busy year and was well attended by over 200 boys, parents and staff. Congratulations should once again go to Mr Gray’s Tutor Group who won the Daphne Fullagar Award for the champion Tutor Group. Their participation and enthusiasm has been inspirational and they have continued to set the bar very high in all they have done. It was sad to farewell the Year 12’s and we wish them well as they begin the next chapter in their adventures. They all leave us with at least some purple pumping through their veins and we hope that the current group of seniors will respond just as well to the challenge of leading Garran in 2012.

Daniel Smart, Benjamin Smart, Ben McGinness, Nic McGinness

GARRAN HOUSE Oliver Tridgell

Garran’s gourmet fare at House Masterchef Challenge

Alex Vidler, Christian Maldoni

Oska Dean

Live Below The Line Team

Gurtej Singh

Year 8 Camp

Year 10 Camp – Patrick Warr, Dominic Cooper, Cameron Nicholls




Hay Housemaster: Mr Kevin Taylor House Captain: Angus Balmaks

Hay House has endured many hardships this year to end on a high coming third at the Athletics Carnival. Our year started at the Swimming Carnival with a great show of support and some outstanding performances. Most prominent of these was Luke Abberton who, while single-handedly organising the Hay House Swimming team, dominated the opens age group. He was rewarded by being named Age Champion and Captain of Swimming. Hay House ended the carnival in 6th place. The next event was the dreaded cross country. This year, under Sam Raiz’s enthusiastic leadership Hay House boys undertook morning training sessions around the school. Unfortunately, this hard work didn’t carry on into the carnival, as Hay managed to finish in 6th place. After the cross country, which it is safe to say is not the favourite time for any Hay boy, House Music appeared on the calendar. Hay was led by a very passionate Zach Dowse who in turn was supported by Daniel Ferrington, Christian Abhayaratna and Chris Valencic. The House had been preparing for over a term for this annual competition. A standout of this event was in the House rock section. Gaining first place was lead singer Callum Bodman, drummer Jack Ashurst, guitarists Christian Abhayaratna and Daniel Ferrington. Although performing well in all areas the judges gave marks lower than deserved to see Hay finish in 5th place.


As usual athletics standards presented problems due to busy schedules and lagging motivation. There was however some standout performers breaking


And the race is on...

the prestigious 100 point mark. These include: Conor Burdette, Patrick Breis, Michael Bai, James Field, Sahil Chopra, Jonathan Lindsey, Samuel Coggins, Hamish Roberts, Rohaan Mathew and Rupert Denham. Although finishing 6th in this event it did not reflect the Houses ability and performance in the Athletics Carnival. The carnival day saw many great performances with Hay dominating many races throughout the day. The opens put Hay off to a good start by blitzing the field events with five 1st places, one 2nd place and two 3rd places. The final event however showed the dedication of Hay’s finest athletes adding to an already impressive 1993 age group relay record with three 3rd places and two 2nd places. The reliable pair of Daniel Bennet as no.1 runner and Angus Balmaks as no.4 runner took the track as the underdogs. Although none of the Hay relay team made the ASC 100m relay team, clean baton changes led to a great win in 48 seconds flat, only 4 seconds off the school record. Hay finished a well deserved 3rd place in the athletics carnival for the 2nd year in a row. This led to Hay receiving a respectable 5th place in the inter-House competition. Captaining Hay House this year has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I would like to thank my two great House Vice Captains, Daniel Bennet and Nick Purnell, who have supported me throughout the year. Mr Taylor, I truly believe is one of the best Housemasters (if not the best) at the school and Hay is lucky to have his services. Finally I would like to wish the best to the incoming Captain Harry Rumble and Vice Captains Chris Valencic and Patrick Breis as well as Hay House for the year ahead.

Frazer Knight, Daniel Kirkland

H AY H O U S E Harry Bryant, Oliver Sawyer

House Shout

Mr Corey Nix, Primal De Silva, Sam Raiz

Tatu Parzefall

Jack Madew

David Rule, Sam Hudson

Cormac O’Dwyer, Oliver Bruer, David Rule & Nick Ryan

Sam Raiz, Jack Giffard, Harry Bryant, Madhav Fisher, Jackson Cox, Christian Abhayartna, Daniel Bennett




Jones Housemaster: Mr Mark Perkins House Captain: Harrison Cottle

Success came from many areas of the House in Jones this year. We started the year well in the Swimming Carnival where the house spirit of Jones was felt by everyone who was there with our dominant Manaro war cry. Although we have small numbers in the boarding house everyone participated in the carnival which contributed to our sense of pride. Early in Term 1, Cross-Country training began which is one of the events boarders take great pride in and have won for many consecutive years. As Cross-Country Captain, Tim Gregory led the house enthusiastically for the term. His efforts and encouragement during training at 6:00 am led the boarders to an easy victory placing first in the Cross-Country Shield. House Cricket was the next event which we also did exceptionally well in considering the low numbers and experience of cricket in the house. Manaro reached the grand final; however, we were defeated by Garran.


Manaro took to the stage in House Music with enthusiasm and confidence. The boys in the 4–20 voices and instrumental sections put in a great effort, and represented the house well. Third place was achieved in the House Rock section with a thrilling performance of “Anarchy in the UK.” Manaro placed fifth in the House Shout competition, singing “Brown Eyed Girl.” Well done to all the boys for their hard work in rehearsals, which resulted in an excellent performance, particularly with the sharp moves, well choreographed by the seniors.


Ciaran Edwards-McKeown, Tim Gregory, Elliot McLean, Pipe Nuntavisit and William Webber. The Griffin Award, presented by Year 12, went to Max Hood in Year 10. This year was also the first time Mr Perkins present the Jones Housemasters Award, recognizing the outstanding efforts of a Year 12 who is not one of the Captains; congratulations to Elliott McLean who was the inaugural recipient. On behalf of Jones house I would like to thank the tutors, Pat McCann, Sam Graves, Connor Barrett, Aaran Booth, Weiliang Chung and Richard Greig for their support, guidance and help they have given us throughout 2011. A special thanks to Mr Perkins as he nears the end of his time in boarding where he has successfully led Jones House forward as Housemaster. Overall 2011 has been a successful year for Jones House in which we won the events we pride ourselves on – Cross-Country and Athletics Standards. The Year 12 boys of Jones 2011 will look back on the year as a great one with many fond memories and a great sense of achievement. It is also the last time that Jones House will stand as a separate house and we take great pride in how we have maintained our standards and the strong relationships we have fostered and developed. We wish to see these continue in the new entity of Manaro House. I would like to wish the captains Matthew Devereux and Jack Tyson all the best for 2012. Harrison Cottle

Athletic Standards began late in Term 3 which we dominated from the second week, taking the lead and keeping it that way until the end. Matthew Devereux and Lachlan Fisher were the Captains of athletics and they showed great leadership and encouragement, which was a great help in the approach taken by the junior boys. The boarders were not able to keep this lead up on the day of the Athletics Carnival ; however, house pride and spirit was always evident in our house area during the day. It was good to be competing on the Main Oval once again after many years on the P&F. The following boys received House Colours for their efforts this year: Matthew Campbell, Harrison Cottle,

Jones House

JONES HOUSE Jones swimming

House Rock – Josh Miles, Ciaran Edwards-McKeown, Jack Stanford

Jones swimming

Lining up for the Open Cross Country

4 and 20 Voices




Sheaffe Housemaster: Mr James Cameron House Captain: Joshua Robertson-Elliot

According to legend, whenever Pegasus, the winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth, spreading energy, loyalty and wisdom, traits that have shone brightly throughout this year in Sheaffe House. Whether on the sporting field or on the stage, the talent, commitment, passion and teamwork of the men in Sheaffe has been very evident. We are a community truly bonded with a sense of loyalty, dignity and support for others. This prevailing team atmosphere has been complemented with some fantastic individual achievements and effort as well as the consistent support of all our teachers and parents this year.


The essence of Sheaffe culture is our enthusiastic participation in a series of fund-raising events. The House Mini-Fete in Term 4 saw the return of many favourite attractions from earlier years, like the sponge throw and the cloisters run (won by Ian Lawford, Year 12 Garran), all proving so popular that we raised a total of $4,626 donated to Yipirinya School in Alice Springs to help support their nutrition program for their Aboriginal students . The annual St Vincent de Paul Doorknock sizzled along with the traditional bacon and egg Sunday breakfast in February, raising just over $5 500. This spirit of dynamic participation continued on at the School Fete in April with the successful Juice Booth Stall, organised by Mrs Holt and her team of parent and student helpers.


Sheaffe’s participation in House Shield activities this year further highlighted our culture of support and encouragement. The competitive year began with the Swimming Carnival in Term 1. Under the organisation and leadership of Max Morris and Samuel La Salle, Sheaffe House found themselves in a good position to start the year strongly. There were many robust performances this year; in particular Hugo Morris who shattered many school records and bolstered our House to 4th place overall. On the back of this success, Sheaffe House launched itself passionately into the Cross Country Carnival, with many morning practices enthusiastically taken up by the majority of the boys, encouraged yet again by the consistent support of Samuel La Salle. Our collective commitment to giving of our best efforts really shone during House Music. Scott

Russell and Lachlan Shelley put in a truly outstanding effort in all sections of the competition. Of particular merit was our performance in the House Shout where we sang “Africa” by Toto. The absolutely tremendous show of House Spirit on this day rocketed us all well beyond our 4th placing; and it was indeed a day to remember. The fantastic turnout for Athletics Standards, thanks to “the iron fist in a velvet glove” approach by Lachlan Shelley, has shown that the boys in Sheaffe maintained the zeal of the House Shout spirit. Special mention goes to Constantine Karapanagos whose sterling effort racked up an amazing 142 points to earn him Age Champion for the Senior Division. The Captains Cup activities have shown the diverse range of talents of the Sheaffe boys. Beginning with medical warfare in late 2010 the boys enthusiastically jumped into all opportunities that Captains Cup brought including Cricket, Tug-Of-War, Debating, Soccer and most recently House Touch. Each event allowed the talents of Sheaffe House to be explored and for all to participate. Under the leadership of Mr James Cameron and Mr Ashley Hogan, and through the dedication of our fantastic tutors, Mr Ben Power, Ms Verity Beman, Mr Chris Blain, Mr Peter Dixon and Mr Andrew Nielson, Sheaffe House has had a fantastic year. I’d like to thank all staff members for their effort this year and also extend my appreciation to the extremely hard working, friendly and supportive Year 12 team, most especially my Vice Captain Rohith Kumar – you have been a massive help, a fantastic role model and a good friend. I wish you all the best for the forthcoming HSC and for the years beyond. Whilst my time as Sheaffe Captain is now at an end, the cultures and traditions of Sheaffe House will continue to shine on into the future. What each individual brings to this House helps foster the Pegasus legend of passionate action, loyalty and care for others. This legend will be carried on by all of the Sheaffe boys here tonight and especially the members of Year 12 in 2012 and your new Captain for 2012, Maninda Amarasekera, and Vice Captains, Michael Holt and Alexander Nuthall. And finally to Mr Cameron, a special thank you for everything you have done for Sheaffe House and the Class of 2011.

  SHEAFFE HOUSE Lewis Pedersen

Marko Trkujla, Zena Wolba, Lewis Pedersen

House Shout

Henry England

Zena Wolba

Flying the Sheaffe House banner

Thumbs up for the St Vincent de Paul doorknock

Discussing Sheaffe news

William Spencer and Joshua Mak




Manaro Shield




















































































Athletics Standards

Athletics Carnival

Once again the prelude to the School’s Athletics Carnival, the Athletics Standards, was a huge success in 2011. With only one cancelled session due to rain, over 7000 results were included into the database to produce the final winning House. With up to 700 entries being collected per afternoon, both staff and students were busy in running the two weeks of standards. All boys are to be congratulated for their effort, with some 830 students competing in the program, most Houses recorded over 85% of all 10 events being completed. Some 116 boys achieved scores over 100 points which is a fine achievement given that 530 students completed all 10 events.

With fine weather and a location change to the main oval, staff and students were in high spirits for the annual School Athletics Carnival. Although winds were gusty throughout the day, it could not dampen the House spirit of the boys. After a fantastic Athletics Standards program, all boys were ready and willing to compete for their House in the Carnival. The boys are to be commended for their involvement and application to the day. A huge thank you also to the staff who assisted and the many parents and grandparents who came to support their sons.

Athletics Standards is not about being the best athlete, although those students are recognised, it is about House involvement. Turning up and having a go for the benefit of the House you are in is paramount.


Many thanks to the staff who make this event occur and for the boys who make the sessions enjoyable. Mr Connor Barrett Athletics Standards Organiser 2011

Athletics Standards Awards 2011 The Blocks (Junior Division Standards winner)

Kolya Cook (Garnsey)

151 points

Medallion (Intermediate Connor Sanderson Division Standards winner) (Burgmann)

159 points

Medallion (Senior Division Standards winner)

148 points

Constantine Karapanagos (Sheaffe) & Alan Neverov (Blaxland)

Athletics Standards House Results 1st


























Winner of the Standards Shield: Manaro – 75.2

Athletics Carnival Awards 2011 NAME






Cameron Garran Nicholls

16 yrs 100m




Age Champions The Ward Cup (12 yrs)

Jackson Markey (Garran)

The Smith Cup (13 yrs)

Kolya Cook (Garnsey)

The Leitch Cup (14 yrs)

Alexander Cronan (Burgmann)

The CGS Cup (15 yrs)

Connor Sanderson (Burgmann)

The Tillyard Cup (16 yrs)

Cameron Nicholls (Garran)

The Manaro Grammar Cup (Opens)

Angus Balmaks (Hay)

CGS Gift Race winner: Tom Wate-Bootle (Garnsey) Triple Crown Trophy winner: Not awarded. The Triple Crown Trophy is awarded to a boy in the Opens division who achieves first place in the 100m, 200m and 400m events. 117, 59, 83. Athletics Carnival House Results 1tst

























Winner of the Tancred Cup: Garnsey – 1836

Senior School



It has been another successful year for badminton, with training sessions experiencing strong attendance. Whilst badminton has often been perceived as an alternative for the physically challenged, nothing could be further from the truth. Over the course of this year, students have participated in matches of increasing fervour and tenacity, and their performance on and off the court remains exemplary.


The continuation of Thursday night sessions remains an invaluable part of Grammar badminton, providing more challenging training for our advanced players as well as broader opportunities to compete against different, and often stronger adversaries. School representation has been positive with ongoing participation in various local competitions. Shashi Sentham, Aran Ravishankar, Dion Georgopolis, Edwin Leung, Harry Olsen (Captain), Sheehan Lim and Terrance Wong have played in the Junior Open, Interclub Team Challenge and the Inaugural Canberra Grammar School Open, held at various locations including Kaleen and ANU. Sheehan and Terrance have also played in a number of national competitions including the Australian Under 19’s Championship and the Australian Seniors Championship. Recognition should be given to Edwin Leung, Sheehan Lim and Terrance Wong who continually display incredible skill and dexterity against opponents who play to a national standard. Their achievements often go unnoticed within a school sport that maintains a consistently modest profile.


William Choy, Richard Graham

Under the guidance of Mr Shelley and Mr Clark, students have steadily improved their technique over the course of the year. Additional coaches throughout this year have included Mrs Shabai Li, Dr Bearlin and Mr Power. Thanks to these staff members for their tireless commitment throughout yet another academically gruelling year. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to lead and train with students who encapsulate the spirit of honour and sportsmanship. Badminton at Grammar will continue to improve and I wish my compatriots the best of luck in the year ahead. Harry Olsen

Richard Bakkum, Jonathan Liu


2011 has brought about another successful year of CGS Basketball. During the challenging season, we had a staggering 15 teams competing, enjoying this learning part of the basketball year to improve their skills in preparation for the winter competition. Once the winter season came around, we had 13 teams competing, and of that, five teams made it to the final rounds. All teams should be congratulated in their efforts both during games and at trainings, as it has helped them become better players and teams. This year, three teams were sent to compete in ASC Basketball Tournament. These teams comprised of grades 7/8, another for 9/10 and one more for 11/12. This year, two teams were successful in winning the five game tournaments. Each team played their hardest, and the end of the day resulted in two teams taking out the competition. The 7/8 took out their division, and the 11/12 finished a very close game against Marist to win as well. The 9/10 age groups must also be congratulated on the tireless efforts. The day was a great success, and thanks must be given out to all the coaches who made it possible: Mr Graves, Ms Steele-Hick, Mr Bugden and Mr Meers In December last year a group of 17 boys (two teams) embarked on an 18-day tour of the east coast of USA. The tour went through Virginia where they saw the White House and the Capitol. During their time in Virginia they also had a home-stay which was a great experience, and each team played two games. Their next stop was North Carolina where they spent most of their time on the tour. On the first day, they had a game in the afternoon and shortly after went to Duke University to see the team play Bradley. Duke is one of the most storied college teams in America and it was a great experience witnessing the college atmosphere and great game. This was definitely a highlight of the tour. During the rest of their time in North and South Carolina, the boys spent time on the Duke University campus and the North Carolina University campus. Each of the boys played six games, of which the senior team won two, shopped, had another home-stay, and saw an NBA game of Boston vs. Charlotte. All of these experiences were great fun for the boys. Finally, for the last two days of the tour, the boys went to LA where unfortunately it rained the whole time. However, the

boys still had a great time at Disneyland and on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as going to the Hard Rock Café as our last meal in America. Many thanks must be given to Mr Graves, Mr Bugden and Ms SteeleHick for making the USA tour such an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The basketball community is built on great foundations, of sportsman-like playing, committed players and parents, dedicated coaches and organisers. Special thanks must go to all the coaches who have helped out during the entirety of the season. They must be congratulated in their continued persistent effort in enriching their team’s ability and teamwork. Not only this, but the effort of the players parents must also be mentioned, without your continued support and dedication in running duty and getting boys to their games/early morning trainings, we wouldn’t have a community which is so strong in basketball at CGS.

u12: ACT Southern Junior League Squad – Nick Graham, Nick Jordan, Josh Newbery, Matt Norton

u14: ACT Southern Junior League Squad – Shane Arora (Division 2 Grand Final MVP), Vincent Attanasio, Ryan Borg-Caruana, Brody Doran, Charlie Jordan, Ojas Jyoti, Pat Robertson, Trent Storen, Oliver Tonks ACT PSSA side (Gold medal) – Brody Doran, Charlie Jordan, Pat Robertson ACT State Team – Charlie Jordan, Oliver Tonks (CoCaptain)

u16: ACT Southern Junior League Squad – Oscar Bayly, Andrew Nguyen, Connor Wroe ACT State Team (Silver Medal, first ACT boys’ side to medal at National Championships in their current format) – Andrew Nguyen

u18: ACT State Team – Nick Peters, Dylan Simpson

Senior School



2010/11 was an incredibly successful season for Grammar cricket in the Senior School. We fielded 10 competitive teams from U13 to Opens with four of these teams – the 13Cs, 14As, 2nds Navy and the 1st XI making the Grand Finals in their competitions. The U14s hosted Camberwell Grammar School from Melbourne in their annual reciprocal tour while the U15As travelled down to Camberwell for their tour. Both teams are to be commended for their standard of cricket and sportsmanship. Opens Cricket had a very successful season following on from the terrific successes of both teams the preceding season. The 2nd XI narrowly missed out on first place in the ASC competition due to a close loss in the final round of the season, and the 1st XI won the ASC One-Day competition and came a very close second in the overall competition to Marist.

House Cricket was a closely fought out affair this year, with Garran eventually emerging winners after a strong performance in the final against Monaro. The competition saw relentless big hitting and accurate bowling and was played in great spirits. It was a great experience for some of the younger members of the Grammar cricket community to play against the older more established players. Congratulations to Mitchell Taylor-Briscoe, Emmett Richardson, Edward L’Estrange, Finn McHugh-Dillon and Nicholas Lyall who were selected for the ASC representative side throughout the season.

The 2nd XI travelled to Riverview in January to compete in the annual Festival of Cricket. They played matches against Riverview, Downlands College from Toowoomba and The Armidale School. The standard of competition was very high as per usual and the team finished the festival a much more hardened side.


The Trans-Tasman Cricket Tour was the highlight of the season for the 1st XI. The boys travelled to Christchurch in early January and had a stellar week boarding at Christ’s College. The team won their matches against Kings College from Auckland and Shore School from Sydney and managed a hardfought draw against the strong home team, Christ’s. This was the best result that a Grammar 1st XI has achieved in this competition in recent memory and showed great skill from the players to remain undefeated. Other highlights from this tour included jet boating, relaxing in the Hanmer Springs, paintball and sightseeing in Christchurch.


What a catch!

The 1sts were very saddened by the horrific impacts of the Christchurch earthquakes in February and organized a fundraising lunchtime BBQ to raise some much-needed funds for the heavily damaged Christ’s College which had so warmly hosted the team during the tour. Off for a stroll

Sam Osborne

Cross Country

Cross Country Carnival With perfect running conditions and solid preparations from all Houses, the boys were enthusiastic to take to the new course. Whilst competing staff were less enthusiastic about the course, it was great to see over 20 staff take to the course and demonstrate to the boys their willingness to participate in the event. Whilst many boys struggled through their respective events, it was great to see the sense of accomplishment that many expressed post race. The event is all about House participation and again, given the range of House t-shirts and running attire, the boys all gave their best for their House, running with pride and determination.

Cross Country Awards 2011 Age Champions 12 years

Jackson Markey



13 years

Ewan Barnett



14 years

Alexander Cronan



15 years

Thomas Harrison



16 years

Oliver Tridgell




Ian Lawford



House Results 1st



Many thanks to all staff and students for the day, it was certainly enjoyable. It was also very pleasing to see many parents cheering from various vantage points around the course.





Mr Connor Barrett

6th 7

Cross Country Carnival Organiser



















Cross Country

Hugh MacKay, Madison Winnel, Matthew Clayton

The race is on...

Senior School


Dragon Boating

The 2010/2011 Dragon Boating season was one of great success. The start of the season set the tone for the rest of the season, where the boys willingly volunteered their time at the annual Dragon’s Abreast Corporate Regatta. The racing season started early and despite not having many training sessions, the boys achieved a respectable third place against adult teams. Two extended training sessions marked the start of the second half of the season, with a busy term ahead of us. The first regatta was the Chinese New Year where the Mixed A team placed second. Proving their determination, they continued their form at the regatta at Lake Jindabyne; the long day trip able to prove the squad’s cohesion with fourth overall, with the mixed teams placing first and second in the junior races. After two weeks without a regatta, the boys once again proved themselves at the ACT Championships placing 1st in the Junior Division. At the conclusion of the ACT season, Grammar placed 3rd overall in the Open’s Division and 2nd overall in the Club Championships, an outstanding achievement considering they were competing against a majority of adult teams. We also won the Junior Club Championship.


With the National Championships being held in Canberra for the first time, the majority of the Year 12s were also able to attend the Championships for the first time. The three days of club competition saw Grammar face some fierce competition from other teams, but they managed to come out on top with at least two podium placings in every race. As a result of this success, Grammar won the right to participate in the 2012 Club Crew Championships in Hong Kong.


Up for the race

Practising strokes

Concluding the successful season was the annual dinner celebrating the highly successful season and the much loved Fred ‘Kruger’ Lehman, coach of Grammar for four years, was farewelled. Thank you too Mrs O’Dell-Teys for being such a wonderfully effective MiC for the year and Sally Gates for helping coach the team to victory. Ashley Jenkins Captain of Dragon Boats (2010–2011) Team group hug

Are we organised yet?

Excitement builds

Sebastian Singh and John Hooke


The colour and festivity of the ACT Championships

Senior School



Achievements Fergus Symon’s Lighting Project was included in OnStage, an exhibition of exemplary Drama projects from the 2010 HSC Drama examination. He is the fourth student of Canberra Grammar School to produce an exemplary lighting project over the last six years, and is a credit to the rich co-curricular opportunities offered by the School. Fergus was Technical Captain in 2009. Les Miserable, the School musical of 2010, was awarded Best School or Youth Musical at the Canberra Area Theatre Awards. Year 9 exhibited their class film over five nights at the Come Alive Festival of Museum Theatre, at the National Museum of Australia. The Film class based their work around an exhibition piece, a camera owned by Frank Hurley. They researched his life and created a narrative that explored some of his film and photography work done during WW1 and in Antarctica.

Dramatic lighting

Students Bright Lai, James Feng and Toby Speck were awarded a Finalist prize of $1000 for their film entered in the National Oasis Homeless Film Competition, presented in Sydney by Cate Blanchett, the event Patron. Angus Mackie has been invited to exhibit his Set Design in OnStage for 2012, as an exemplary work from the 2011 HSC drama exam. He is the second Canberra Grammar School student to be honoured for set design since Tom Studholme in 2009. We look forward to seeing this work when we take the Drama students to the exhibition in February 2012

Colourful dynamics

Co Curricular Season


Future Culture


The season began with 12 students working with the Zen Zen Zo company and the director Drew der Kinderen to create an original theatrical multimedia experience dealing with the lives and online experiences of contemporary teenagers. It was a powerful piece of physical theatre that evoked a range of ideas about community, belonging and Future playground

relationships in the fast paced, internet connected, game playing, digital world of teenagers. Drew was able to stay at the School for a month thanks to the Artist in Residence program and the cast worked intensively in that time to create the innovative one hour production. The play has been nominated for a several awards by the Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) judges. Best Director of a School or Youth Play

Le School

Le School

Drew der Kinderen Best Ensemble in a Play The cast – Future Culture Encouragement Award Future Culture (Stage Management) Best Lighting Designer Patti Kennedy – Future Culture Technical Achievement Drew der Kinderen – Future Culture (Sound and Multi-media) Best Production a School or Youth Play Future Culture

Creative costuming

Le School

Senior School


Woyzeck Directed by Joe Shellard our Gap year student, this Artaud-inspired production was a confronting exploration of the exploitation of class and rank. The students explored new material and approaches in this play and the final scene ending in a rain of blood was certainly a new experience for Canberra Grammar School audiences. Joe used many actors new to the stage and an outstanding new comer was Callum Bodmam, who was nominated for a CAT Award in two areas of work. Best Youth Actor in a Featured Role in a Play Callum Bodman (as the Drum Major) Encouragement Award Callum Bodman – Woyzeck (Fight Choreography)

Dealer’s Choice Directed by Mr Derek Walker, this darkly funny play explored the relationship between master and servant and the lure of gambling made easy by the ‘mug’. Set in a restaurant, this play introduced Mrs Verity Beman to the stage as Set Designer, and saw some of our experienced

senior students work their magic for the last time. The comic styling of Jordan Shaw and Sam Kennedy – Hine (both Drama Captains in 2011) held the play together, but it was the relationship between Tom Aitken and James Quiggan that got the CAT Judge’s vote and nomination for their outstanding stage work. Nathan Storen was also recognised for his outstanding work backstage, particularly setting up hundreds of decks of cards and chips to ensure the correct players lost each night. Nathan has been made Drama Technical Captain for 2012. Best Youth Actor in a Leading Role in a Play Tom Aitken (as Stephen) James Quiggen (as Mugsy) Encouragement Award Nathan Storen – Dealers Choice (Stage Management) Best Production a School or Youth Play Dealer’s Choice

Le School This play was Mr Felix Schwartz’s first play at Canberra Grammar School and judging by the audience engagement and the long list of nominations it received, we hope it is


Dealer’s Choice


Dealer’s Choice

Dealer’s Choice

the start of many more. Felix as a performing artist was trained in traditional mime and clowning and through this play he constructed a delightfully light hearted examination of the way we learn to live, love and share. The school yard was just a metaphor for life’s larger lessons and the outcome was laughter, sadness and dancing by the audience at the end in a celebration of what it is to be human. The cast included students from Year 7 to Year 12 and was a wonderful and original way

to end the year. The CAT Judges were impressed with so many aspects of the production, we were asked to restage one of the scenes from Le School as part of the entertainment at the Awards evening. Felix and the cast worked hard for this outstanding show. NIDA’s loss is Canberra Grammar School’s gain. Best Original Work for a School or Youth Production Felix Schwartz Best Director of a School or Youth Play Felix Schwartz Best Choreographer Felix Schwartz Best Ensemble in a Play The cast – Le School Magic Moment of Theatre “The Principal’s Coat” – Le School Technical Achievement The Production Team – Le School (Special Effects) Best Production a School or Youth Play Le School

Le School

Le School

Farewell The Drama department also said goodbye to its long standing drama students in Year 12, who supported co-curricular drama during their time at Canberra Grammar School – Zack Dowse, Jack McDonald – Crowley, Alex Ferraro and Jason Marsh. Zack also received the Award for Outstanding Commitment in Theatre for his work in so many areas of stage work. Jock McLean also retired this year from teaching and it would be remiss if I did not mention him here in the Drama report. While his last play with us was The Truth in 2009, he will long be remembered for his many years of service to the Drama department, both as a director and as a former Head of Drama. We wish him all the best in his well earned retirement. Finally, while it has been a very busy year for the Drama department, with many exits and entrances, the quality of what we do has not diminished but been invigorated with energy and enthusiasm from so many people contributing to the rich work we do both on and off the stage and in the classroom as well. Our students continue to be recognised as outstanding performers and students of drama and we continue to draw on the rich and varied talents of all who work in the drama area to ensure our audiences have a great night at the theatre. Ms Patti Kennedy Head of Drama & MIC Co-Curricular Drama 2011

Dealer’s Choice

Senior School



CGS Football 2011 has developed significantly since being brought back to the School’s co-curricular program in 2006, with experienced coaches developing their players not only into skilled footballers but also into good sportsmen. I hope the coaches will continue their endeavors in advancing the School’s 1st XI team to their highest levels of achievements, which has been Premiers of Division 1 for four years. Other great achievements within CGS Football has been the U13’s Division 2 Gold, Open U15’s Division 2 Blue coming first in their leagues, and Open U15’s Division 3 coming second in their league. 16A team

John Raineri


On the field


Ready for action BEST & FAIREST



18A’s 1sts

Matthew Keighley

Matthew Keighley

Constantine Karapanagos

18B’s 2nds

Proshanta Thapa

Fergus Longbottom

Samuel Bonner


Connor Sanderson

Samuel Coggins

Dominic Cooper


Timon Howes

Matthew Bleich

Jonathan Liu


Jonathan Sainty

Rohaan Mathew

Alexander Di Dio


Daniel Hesse

Kevin Murphy

Alastair Kemp


Omar Gannash

Omar Gannash

James Cooper


Samuel Moore

Oliver Bruer

Leo Coleman


Dimitri Morogiannis

Toby Nolan

Justin Kniley


Cameron Hammer

Jack Gorman

Chaitanya Fisher


Matthew Robson

Harry Paradice

Hugh Speck


James Deane

Daniel Hosie

Ryan Turner


Nicholas Firth

David Hii

Benjamin Johnstone


Lewis Barr

Karl Goiser

Kristian Leslie


The 2011 season was a tough one for Canberra Grammar School, with only three teams and lots of inexperienced players. With two Under 18 teams (one in each competition), Grammar was hopeful of playing in September. However, only the Under 15 division two team managed this feat, after unfortunately being relegated early in the season. They achieved second place in this division; congratulations are due to the boys for playing in a sportsmanlike manner and fighting on through their tough finals campaign when all others were relaxing. Special mention must go to Mr Cantrill in his first year of coaching and Captain Jacob Cantrill, for the important roles they played this season. With only three members remaining from 2010’s 1st XI, Grammar underwent a rebuilding year exposing many players to the difficult competition. This paid off with the Firsts continually improving throughout the season culminating in winning a game in the penultimate round, a deserved result after being competitive all

year and avoiding blowouts. Though next year will be a tough one for the 1sts (having lost the current Year 12s and leaders) they are in a strong position to continue improving under Mrs Dromgold’s leadership, with many talented players coming up through the ranks. The 2nd XI this year was once again under Mr Cameron’s tutelage. With a significant proportion of the team still being eligible for Under 15s, the team showed some remarkable maturity and teamwork to grind out a solid and consistent season, unfortunately unable to compete with the older and stronger boys. This experience will serve them well next year as many of them make the step up to the 1st XI permanently. Overall Canberra Grammar School is placed well for next year and, if an Under 13 team can be raised and nurtured, will be seeing September action in the not too distant future. David Carroll Captain of Hockey

Under 18s Division 2 – Ethan Berryman, Cameron Phillips against Marist College

Senior School



Racing karts is built on a strong will on the part of all to be good team members. The challenge is to optimise a kart for the conditions and to prepare a driver able to get the best out of it. The karts had an extensive summer rebuild, so the initial challenge was in driver training. After the formal “L plate” licensing, we went for a full day at the Canberra track, then a few days later to Grenfell to live and breathe motor racing for a weekend, even to the extent of sleeping beside the track! We walked the circuit and examined every bump, every camber change and irregularity, working out lines and braking points – then set out to put this knowledge into practice. Progress was rapid and by the start of the second day we were doing mock races using the traditional rolling grid. The boys proved highly competent, and together worked well to keep these fast two stroke machines running strongly all weekend. A few more Saturday sessions in Canberra saw all boys safe to race and they were granted “P plates”, allowing them to race in any company from the rear of the grid.


The Australian Karting Association permitted us two race meetings rather than one this season, so we chose Grenfell as a curtain raiser to the end-ofseason Canberra meeting. All members of our team raced (11 students and three staff members) and we entered six Junior drivers (under 16 years) in the field of nine. Harrison Knight won in the Light category, with Angus Gabbedy and Tom Lees also finishing on the podium. Matthew Hansen, Josh Matthews and


Tom Lees

Hugh Whitton all drove very strongly. In the Senior categories Sam Lees, Ryley Spears, Max Cusack and Marian Emmanuel drove superbly. Ollie Howse excelled by gaining a podium spot in the tough Senior Heavy class. A highlight of the weekend was the presentation of Grenfell Kart Club shirts to all of our members for their sportsmanlike conduct and friendly manner. Two weeks later we were racing in Canberra. In a large field of 15 accomplished Light Juniors, Harrison Knight drove from 9th to 3rd place in Heat 1 and eventually finished the final in 5th against far more fancied drivers. Tom Lees, Matthew Hansen, Angus Gabbedy and Josh Matthews were close behind, and all conducted themselves in a manner that brought great credit to them. Hugh Whitton drove smoothly and quickly to finish third in the Junior Heavy category. Illness within the team dictated that Marian Emmanuel and Sam Lees carried the flag for Canberra Grammar School in the Seniors, with Marian driving in a cool and focused manner and showing much promise. Sam Lees gave up a drive in his powerful Rotax kart to ensure that Marian had good opposition, and went on to win that class. Many thanks to Sam Lees, Bob Alexander and Gary Edmonds for their work both before and during the season. Mr Terry Werner MiC Karting

Mountain biking

With the mantra ‘the more you ride, the more you enjoy it’, CGS Mountain Biking rode our mountain bikes in many places during the summer season. Venues such as Sparrow Hill, Majura Pines, Stromlo Forest Park, Kowen Forest, Orchard Road and Namadgi National Park were all well used as we searched for the perfect view or the finest single tracks that the ACT region can offer.

Paton (Les), Lachy Paton and Mr Joy would like to say thank you to all those boys who displayed commitment throughout the season and a willingness to ‘have a go’ when faced with conditions outside their comfort zone. We hope to see many boys return for another summer of riding next season.

As our skills developed and fitness improved, we rode further and for longer, culminating in an epic whole day ride of 75km in the wonderful Namadgi National Park (our backyard!) We also learned a lot about bike maintenance and correct setup and which tyres were best for what conditions. A very important lesson was occasionally learned by those that failed to bring a spare tube and a pump, quite a lot of walking ensued or mobile phone calls were made to mum and dad. Mr


Music in 2011 was kicked off with the first major event of the music calendar – the Autumn Concert. With new Heads at both CGS and CGGS returning from England to Australia, the concert took on a theme of English and Australian music. The final item featured massed choirs and orchestra performing Land of Hope and Glory, accompanied by the enthusiastic waving of Australian and English flags by the audience. A great night that was enjoyed by all who attended. The Chamber Choir had the privilege to participate in the Pemulwuy Festival for Male Voices in Brisbane in late April, involving 32 young male choirs from every state in Australia. The Chamber Choir, with boys from Years 5 to 11, participated in several days of rigorous rehearsal for the spectacular concert in the Brisbane Performing Arts Centre.

In Term 2, the CGS Bands and Orchestras participated in the National Eisteddfod at Llewellyn Hall. Each ensemble entered benefitted from professional critique from highly esteemed adjudicators. Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Wind Band/Grainger Concert Band all played extremely well and were all awarded trophies. Burrows Jazz Band won the Kaaren Talty Jazz Trophy for the Most Outstanding Band at the Eisteddfod. Burrows Big Band enjoyed two special highlights this year; our participation in the 31st annual Merimbula Jazz Festival during the June long weekend, along with the opportunity to be recorded for radio by Artsound FM. We adapted very well to an entirely new playing experience, enjoying it all the while. The band’s hourlong set was broadcasted on 16 September during the station’s Friday Night Live slot.

Senior School


The annual Bands Concert took place in June and was opened by the Stanhope Band. The audience was treated to pieces performed by the Morrison Jazz Band, the Hultgren Concert Band, the Symphonic Wind Band (the School’s most senior concert band), with the Grainger Band bringing another musical evening to a close. The House Music Competition is one of the four Senior School events that decide the overall 2011 CGS House Shield. Performers enthusiastically performed their pieces at a very high standard, displaying virtuosic ability with great musicality. The final section, House Shout, required a collective collaboration from all members of each House. The selection of repertoire was ambitious and varied; after tough consultation between the adjudicators, Garnsey House secured first place with Accidentally in Love, followed closely by Garran’s Bittersweet and Edwards’ The Circle of Life.

Cormac O’Dwyer, Harry Bolton

The final overall placing saw Edwards House defend their victory of 2010, closely followed by Garnsey and Garran. Regardless of result, the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we look forward to the competition for next year. In July, the Tiffin School Choir from London was hosted by CGS. During their brief stay, the Tiffin Choir performed in assembly, and with the Chamber Choir, CGS Choir, and Motet choir in the CGS Choral Concert. A smorgasbord of complex and diverse repertoire was presented. The Tiffinian’s were especially popular with their a cappella renditions and close harmony singing.


On Thursday 4 August, the Stanhope Concert Band travelled to Sydney for what promised to be an exciting tour. For many of the students this was to be their first music trip. Friday was spent with Arden Anglican School, where we did a great workshop with their concert band; introducing them to some of our instruments they weren’t familiar with: the French horn and the bassoon. The trip ended at a high point, with performances at Darling Harbour


Nick Lyall, Symphony Orchestra

In August the 25th Evening of Fine Music was celebrated, showcasing the talents of the Year 12 Music Class as they present a piece from their HSC Performance repertoire to an audience of proud parents, staff and friends. This is always the highlight of the year for Year 12 music students and this year’s special 25th Anniversary was no exception. Memorable performances were presented by Nicholas Jackson, Marko Sever, Ciaran Edwards-

Stanhope Band RMC Workshop

McKeown, Lachlan Shelley, John Raineri, Nick Lyall, Hugo Horwood and Gurtej Singh. Also performed was the world premiere of Fantasia, by Mrs Sally Greenaway, commissioned for the occasion. This piece was performed by Reid Furlanetto (Cooper Scholar 2010/2011), James Moorhouse (Music Capitan 2006), Tom Azoury (Music Capitan 2007), Mr Steve Rabe (CGS clarinet teacher) and Anthony Smith (piano). The 2011 Spring Concert was an opportunity for performers in the top ensembles from the combined CGS and CGGS music program to showcase the work they have been doing throughout the year. The finale of the concert consisted of three compositions from Karl Jenkin’s Songs of Sanctuary which was performed by a massed choir from both Schools. 2011 has been another extremely busy but rewarding year for Music at CGS. Special thanks to the boys (and girls) involved and to the support given by parents and friends. Thanks you also to the music staff, Mr Woodland, Ms Collins, Ms Greenaway, Mr Allen, Mr Brassington, Mrs Percy, Mrs Keenan and Mrs McConchie for all their hard work and dedication in making this a memorable year.

CGS Chamber Choir Choral Concert at CGGS

Hugo Horwood

Senior School



Lachlan Bayliss, Joseph Williams


House Shout

Outdoor Education

Following on from a successful Year 7 Camp, the Year 8 Outdoor Education Program ran with a new format utilising the local region around Canberra. The highlight for many boys was the journey down the Murrumbidgee River, possible due to recent rain. Paddling in two-man canoes proved to be a challenge, but by lunchtime, most were able to negotiate the rapids with ease, well almost! A day at Stromlo Mountain Bike Park provided to be exciting, with many discovering a fantastic facility right on their door step. I have no doubt many students will return to Stromlo Park, now that they know it exists.

extremely positive. Dr Garrick ventured out, spending a night out with “Group Yellow” and joining in with the daily activities. This year the students paddled a section of the Deua River, which is crystal clear and gave everyone a chance to rest their weary legs. The Deua National Park is a spectacular place, providing a real sense of wilderness and remoteness, even though it is only 40 minutes drive south of Braidwood. The concept of a nine day journey has proved to be a very powerful experience for all boys and staff involved, for many it is an experience of a lifetime.

The Year 11 PE Camp was held on the South Coast and “The Castle” was conquered. The Castle is a commanding climb that requires strength and endurance and a head for heights to complete. The second part of their camp enabled students to experience surfing and snorkelling in the local waters near Batemans Bay.

Year 9 Camps continued to run throughout the year with the weather creating some interesting conditions at times. Despite the often cooler than usual weather, the tradition of the “Polar Bear Challenge” continued. The Year 9 Camps provide students with consolidation of skills in the outdoors and provide the opportunity to develop confidence in their own abilities. The five day camps are a great lead into the Year 10 journey.

During the April holidays a climbing camp was held in the Blue Mountains. Here students attempted over 40 climbs on the spectacular Blue Mountains sandstone. Mt Boyce was a standout with the 50 metre walls offering a challenge to all who dared to abseil down, only to have to climb out. This holiday trip has now been a regular on the calendar for five years and looks set to stay as many students discover the challenge of climbing. The Year 10 Expedition, now in its third year, generated much excitement as well as the usual nervousness amongst the year group. The camp is a logistical challenge with close to 200 people in the field for nine days and runs smoothly due to a significant contribution from many staff at Canberra Grammar School. The feedback from the expedition again was

Whitsundays kayaking trip

Sea kayaking in the Whitsundays took place in the October holidays. As always the trips were breathtakingly beautiful. Over 30 members of the Canberra Grammar School community participated in the trips. The trips provide an ideal opportunity for families to spend time working towards a common goal. This year, fathers and sons, mothers and sons and brothers all were part of the unique experience that has now become a regular on the Canberra Grammar calendar. The clear blue skies and turquoise blue water has to be seen to be believed. The Outdoor Education Award winners from 2011, Sam Beaver and Mitchell Jenkins hardly wasted any time and headed off to Arapiles for some rock climbing in

Senior School


December. They climbed for five days straight, camping with the local climbing community at “The Pines”. Meanwhile Nick Perillo and Patrick Ryan have entered the 2012 Wildside Mountain Bike Event, to be held in Tasmania 2012 as part of their Award. This is an event that takes riders over 200kms of some of the most spectacular countryside Australia has to offer. During December 2011 the boys will undertake some training in Kosciusko National Park. 2012 starts with a ski trip to Japan, running for the third time it provides parents and students with the opportunity to ski some of the driest power snow in the world. Proposed for December 2012 is a trekking journey to Nepal. Still in the planning phase it is hoped that this attracts students in Year 10 and above to journey to one most interesting and beautiful places in the world. Ms Sue Donoghoe Director of Outdoor Education

The Duke of Edinburgh Award The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award continues to grow in both strength and numbers at Canberra Grammar School. The year has seen many awards completed and those boys should feel proud of their achievement, as it represents a high level of determination and initiative on their part. During the course of 2011, we have had 15 new participants enrol at the Bronze level, four boys starting at Silver level and one new participant at the Gold level. It is worth noting that this student (Joseph Williams, Year 11) was also awarded the inaugural Outdoor Education Award designed to help a boy in Year 11 or 12 complete his Gold Award. I would like to congratulate Joe on this achievement and look forward to his supporting him as he progresses towards his goals.


It was once again a pleasure to attend the Gold Award Ceremony at Government House earlier this year. This time we had three Canberra Grammar boys who were presented with their badges and certificates by Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce, Governor General of Australia. James Scott, Nawaaz Khalfan (Class of 2010) and Angus Bowers (Class of 2011) were all able to attend the ceremony and were each honoured with a short one on one talk with Her Excellency.


Year 8 Garran

Student Perspective The Duke of Edinburgh scheme challenges young people to explore the areas outside their comfort zone, allowing them to consider and take action on any situation that may arise throughout the different stages. It makes the participant think differently and adjust too many different environments which they may not be use to. Canberra Grammar School supports all three award stages of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. The awards comprise of Bronze, Silver and Gold, the main difference between them is the greater amount of hours needed to achieve each stage. Each award requires four aspects to be completed: volunteering, physical recreation, skill and a camp. All these aspects allow young people to give something back to the community and learn a thing or two in the process. For Bronze the minimum amount of time spent to achieve the stage is three months, averaging an hour a week learning a skill, volunteering or physical recreation. Whilst for Silver it increases to six months and for gold 12 months. With the time spent on camp increasing at each of the awards. I recently finished the Gold award where I completed 12 months of teaching Sunday School (volunteering), rugby and tennis (physical recreation) and Army Cadets (skill). Although it may seem like a lot of time many people use the things that they already do at school, such as learning an instrument, coaching a sporting team or school sport. However throughout the whole scheme, the most exciting part were the camps. For Bronze and Silver I was able to use school camps but for Gold I was able to organise my own expedition. It was quite a learning curve as I had to organise the itinerary, food, risk management plans, safety equipment and advertise it to my peers, to name just a few things. With the help of the Outdoor Education department I chose lead an expedition of two students, three teachers and a gap student to the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory.

All in all, 2011 has been a successful year for the Duke of Edinburgh Award at Canberra Grammar School. I would like to thank all boys for their enthusiastic support of the program, and Mrs Sue Donoghoe for all the work her Outdoor Education Department does to support the Adventurous Journey section of the award.

This experience was life changing. Throughout the trip we battled steep slopes, burning sun, fog and torrential rain. However my Gold camp really summed up my whole experience of this award scheme – how to cope with adversity and the unpredictability of a situation whilst still being able to make a rational informed judgement.

Ms Rosie Carlson

Angus Bowers Year 12


The 2011 season proved again successful for the Canberra Grammar Senior School Orienteering team. Under the expert guidance of coaches (and former students and members of the School and orienteering team) Dane Broughton (2010) and Robert D’Ascenzo (2007), the skills and ability of the entire team improved markedly across the season. Weekday training sessions consisted of activities on-campus including map reviews and orienteering technique theory, together with practice and training on the convenient Red Hill map located across the road from the school. On the weekend, the team competed in the Orienteering ACT events staged at a different bushland location around Canberra each weekend, including popular maps such as Black Mountain, Mt Ainslie together with the University of Canberra and Radford College “sprint” and urbanised maps.

As part of the weekend competition, the boys participated in the Orienteering ACT Metro Junior League, a cumulative point score competition where points are awarded each week based upon the performance of a competitor in their course. The Canberra Grammar School team always performs highly and during 2011, five of our team members achieved a top three placing within their respective age classes: team Captain Andrew Barnett (1st M18), Hugh McCarthy (1st M16), Stephen Melhuish (1st M14), Ewan Barnett (3rd M14), and Mark Glanville (2nd M12). Thanks are extended to team Captain Andrew Barnett, for his leadership of the team throughout the season, together with Dane and Robert for their coaching. We look forward to seeing the team again during the 2012 season.

Next stop

Dane Broughton (Coach) and George Gordon

The group

Robert D’Ascenzo (Coach) and Mitchell St George

Senior School



The 2010/2011 rowing season at Canberra Grammar School was again one of great success. There were 94 rowers that represented the School in rowing regattas across the season. The Year 8 group was filled with great excitement from the start by both the boys and coaches. I was lucky enough to coach a crew in this year group, which allowed me to connect with these younger years. The potential across the year group for future success is very high as they achieved great results and progress throughout the season. The Year 9 group again has plenty of potential and the boys were able to excel during the season with a number of good results in the local regattas. The highlight of this year group was the top two crews coming 1st and 2nd at the ACT Championships, meaning next year, they should be able to combine well to form a very competitive Junior VIII. The three other even ranked quads also showed their potential with all five crews qualifying for the A Final at the Independent Schools Rowing Association Regatta.


The Year 10 group had one of the highlights of the 2010/2011 season, winning the U17 VIII race at the Australian National Championships held in South Australia. This was a momentous achievement and a big mention must go to the coach Jason Cain for his part in this result. I wish these boys luck with their senior rowing as they have the potential to do something very special. The 1st Year 10 quad produced great results in all ACT regattas across the season, with them winning majority of the C Quad races over 1500m.


Sebastian Hooke

1st Year 8 Quad

I would like to personally thank all the rowers for all the support they have provided, especially Vice Captain of Boats, Scott Russell. As well as all the parents and coaches, your role in the sport is vital and you all do a fantastic job. Lastly I would like to thank Mr Mark Halpin for all the work that he does for the CGS rowing community. Thanks for the memories over the years and I look forward to being involved with the shed over the next few years and witnessing the potential results that can be achieved. Nicholas Purnell

Naming the Rowing Boat


9 April in round-robin style matches against Daramalan, West and Burgmann. An Easter Holiday Rugby Camp was held in the last few days of the Term 2 holidays to finally prepare the boys for the regular season. A good indication of the dedicated preparation and the growing strength across the school this season is that six teams made the Semi-Finals in 2011. Unfortunately only the 2nd XV and the 3rd XV went through to play in their Grand Finals. SEMI-FINAL RESULTS 27 AUGUST 2011

Just over 200 players registered to play rugby for CGS in 2011, the School was able to field a total of 17 teams across the Junior and Senior School to compete in the 2011 ACTJRU Competition. A generally positive season ensued, with a wide range of results encountered by CGS teams. We unfortunately did see a couple of CGS teams not register a victory for the entire season, but we did witness all our teams build in confidence and their competitiveness through the season to become a force within their division. The 2011 rugby season kicked off with CGS hosting a number of in-bound tour matches against All Saints College Bathurst, St Aloysius College Sydney and The Scots College Sydney. The inaugural CGS Invitational 10’s Tournament was held at Griffith Oval on 2 April, with a number of local ACT Clubs competing in this pre-season tournament. A whole School trial day was held at CGS on

CGS Team





Marist College

RMC Duntroon



Daramalan College

RMC Duntroon



Uni/Norths Owls

RMC Duntroon



Radford College

St Edmunds College



Marist College

Rivett Fields


9 Blue


Nicholls Fields




The Annual Presentation Evening was held in the John Lingard Hall on 6 September, where more than 350 students and parents were in attendance. Rod Kafer was the guest speaker and helped reward those boys who achieved their best on the rugby paddock in 2011. The Opens Players and Parents Dinner was another excellent evening with over 125 boys and parents attending. Rod Kafer gave an entertaining and inspirational talk, telling all who attended how his time at Grammar was instrumental in reaching his rugby goals after school.

Congratulations to all the 2011 Award Recipients. 2011 AWARD RECIPIENTS


Best Forward

Best Back

Players’ Player

Most Improved


Junya Eguchi

George Hancock

Harrison Cottle

Edward L’Estrange


Nicholas Perillo

Peter Ethell

Jamil Khalfan

Madhav Fisher


Max Cusack

Matthew Devereux

Nick Fuller

Joseph Cavanagh


Andrew Robertson

Patrick Warr

Seb Singh

Christopher Baldwin


Angus Lattimore

Harry Tyson

Patrick Rumble

Alexander Jobson


Sam Irvine

Benjamin Reading-Thompson Bradley Andrews

Ben Campbell


Alex Cronan

Jacob Angelatos

Bailey Stringer

Peter Kiemann


Kelepi Baba

Angus Williams

William Stokoe

Aidan Thurbon


Arogundade Teniola

Riley Brown

Solomon Grainger

Patrick Daly



Senior School


Congratulations must also go to the players who represented CGS in higher teams for ACT. 2011 ACT REPRESENTATIVE PLAYERS

2011 ACT Brumbies U17 squad

Tatu Parzefall

2011 ACT Brumbies U17 squad

Bradley Potts

2011 ACT Brumbies U17, ACT & Australian Schoolboy Representative

Tom Staniforth

2011 ACT Brumbies U17 squad

Edward L’Estrange

2011 ACT Brumbies U17 squad

Matthew Narracott

2011 U13 ACT Representative

Tim Creer

2011 U14 ACT Representative

Alex Cronan

2011 U14 ACT Representative

Nicholas Saunders

2011 U14 ACT Representative

Ethan Zissler

2011 U15 ACT Representative

Henri Ritman

2011 U15 ACT Representative

Harry Tyson

2011 U15 ACT Representative

Patrick Rumble

2011 U16 ACT Representative

Patrick Warr


2011 Captain of the First XV – Harrison Cottle Captain of the First XV Cup – Angus Whittle The Singh Trophy – Brodie Ingram The David Mulford Trophy – Riley Tanton The David Hickey Award – Pat Rumble The Sun Corp Best Kicker Award – Jamil Khalfan John Taylor Award – The Lyall Family CGS Best Team – 2nd XV 2011 ACTJRU & CGS RUGBY REFEREES

Alex Champion De Crespigny Alex Cronan Andrew Whittle Angus Whittle Anne Nelson Ben Nelson Brodie Ingram Edward Barker Nicholas Saunders Nicholas Sutherland Rob Nelson


Sam Whittle


Tom Brown

A special mention must go to the CGS Rugby Association, led by Mr Peter Doherty. The 2011 committee members have delivered substantial funds to the programme to ensure our boys receive the best rugby coaching and best rugby training equipment available. A substantial donation was made this season for the refurbishment of

the scrum machine as well as the purchasing of much needed gym machinery. Special mention must go to Ms Judy Turbayne for her dedication and organisation of The Van and Mr Greg Pickering for his BBQing and social skills. What these two people and others bring to the committee can only be described as essential ingredients which go towards the smooth running of home games. Thank you to the Opens mothers for providing the after match teas and creating a welcoming atmosphere after each home game. Special thanks also to Angela Parzefall, Jane L’Estrange, Kate Lyall, Anna Kourpanidis, Kerri Rawlings and many more. Thanks to Dr Bruce Faraday for his photography skills and his weekly publication of The Lineout. This has been an excellent publication that wraps up the weekend rugby results and delivers team reports to boys and families from CGS and beyond. Thanks to Mr John Ross, 2011 Director of Coaching, for his efforts helping the boys and the coaches across the School to reach their rugby goals, especially for his efforts with the U16 team. Thanks go to the CGSRA for again funding this position in 2011. John’s dedication and passion for raising the standards of our coaches and players is greatly appreciated. Many thanks to the Senior School coaches who put in a great effort this season. Mr Johan van Zyl (U13A); Mr Simon Webber and Mr Quinton Brown (U13B); Mr Mark Perkins, Mr Mike Zissler and Mr Paul Angelatos (U14A); Mr Andrew Balmaks (U15A); Mr Jeremy Waterford (U15B); Mr Chris James (U16A); the Opens coaches and managers; Mr Connor Barrett and Mr Andrew Shelley (1st XV); Mr Aaran Booth and Mrs Debra Booth (2nd XV); Mr David McMullin and Mr Jackson Smith (3rdXV). Thanks also to our physiotherapist Mr Cameron Boland from Berg Physiotherapy. And finally, Mr Justin Abrahams, the Junior School Rugby MiC, who helped deliver a much improved programme of rugby in the Junior School, the efforts and fruits of which will be felt through the Senior School in the years to come. The 2011 season saw our CGS Rugby coaches and players commit themselves to fostering a love for the game through disciplined effort and team work, and not to look for victory by any means. As I write this report the 2011 Rugby World Cup is being played in New Zealand. I know that a lot of players competing in this World Cup would have had their love of rugby ignited at their own school. I hope that we are also igniting a passion for the game here at Grammar which they will carry with them for many years to come. We will endeavour to build upon our successes for the 2012 season. Mr Jason W. Reilly Master in Charge

Rugby 1st XV In 2011 all opens teams managed to secure places in the Semi Finals, and with skill and determination, both the 2nd and 3rd XV’s played in the Grand Final, a huge success for opens rugby. To have some 44 Year 12 boys playing this year was remarkable. This year again saw father and son breakfasts, preseason trial games, holiday training camps, Saturday breakfasts and canteen duties. To all parents involved it has been excellent. To the 3rd XV in what was a shaky beginning, you were complimented for a strong finish. To the coaches David McMullin and Jackson Smith you have worked well with the boys. To the 2nd XV, whilst it is rare to ever see an undefeated team, CGS is certainly very fortunate to have witnessed this special moment in your season this year. The Grand Final was a great display of discipline and you are once again to be commended for your organised and well structured game play, it certainly was entertaining to watch.

Harry Fleming, Timothy Gregory, George Hancock, Harrison Cottle

To the 1st XV players, it was a year to remember. You enjoyed wins and losses as a team, however, what is important is what you have learnt from the season. You will never be handed everything you want in life, you will fail at times and you will have to find the courage to get up and go again. Loyal friends will stick by you when all else seems to fail and hopefully the love of playing the game, far outweighs the pain of loss. We tried our best and fell short of a Grand Final appearance. Whilst every decision and game did not go our way, you gave your best each week. To beat St Edmund’s twice in a season and prove that the win in 2010 was not a fluke was spectacular. Similarly to have beaten them twice out of three games in the season, finish on the same points on the table as them and then to see them win the Grand Final, again was heart breaking and resembles just how close the competition was, even after 12 rounds. To Mr and Mrs Booth, Mr Shelley, Mr Reilly, Cameron Boland, Dr Faraday and the CGS Rugby Association, a huge thank you for a very memorable year. Mr Connor Barrett

Senior School



Squash is a fast paced, exciting and rigorous sport which has been identified as one of the healthiest that you can play. This year has seen many boys take up the challenge of playing squash for the first time. With increased numbers of boys participating as part of co-curricular, the level of interest and enthusiasm has also grown. As a result, Canberra Grammar School has been well represented in the ACT Pennant Competition, with our School having the most players out of any club. We have many ACT representatives at our School and they have participated in a variety competitions both locally and interstate.

A big thank you to the coaches we have had this year – Neil McLeod, Pat Sicilliano, Joshua Southwell–Nobbs and Jeremy Salter. Mr Chad and Gap student Alex Hutchinson have also helped out and coached on a variety of occasions. Congratulations to Brenton Dally who will be our Squash Captain in 2012. We look forward to an even more successful year in 2012! Mr Adam Chad Squash MiC

Canberra Grammar School continues to produce some highly skilled players; this year four boys from our School represented the ACT in the Green Shield Competition. These students were Brenton Dally, Anand Siththaranjan, Jamie Thompson and Prasad Siththaranjan. Prasad Siththaranjan was also successful at winning the Vikings Junior Challenge for his age group. This event was held before the Australian Open and Prasad was lucky enough to be presented with his prizes by the top male and female players in the world, Nick Matthew (UK) and Nicol David (Malaysia). Congratulations to Jamie Thompson who has also ended the year as the number 1 ranked player for the Under 13 division in the ACT.


The Australian Squash Open was held in Canberra in early August and we were fortunate for some players to visit the School for an afternoon demonstration session. Stewart Boswell (ex-Canberran and world number 21) and James Willstrop (UK – world number 4) showed the boys some of the finer skills of playing squash. They also answered a variety of questions about playing professionally, maintaining fitness levels and good nutrition. The boys enjoyed the afternoon and managed to get their autographs as well as some great photos.


Jamie Thompson and James Wilstrop

In November, 11 boys competed in the ACT High School Squash Championships. They played extremely well throughout the day and represented the School with pride. They showed great sportsmanship and consideration when playing other Schools that had beginner players. CGS entered four teams on the day and finished first, second, fifth and sixth. Squash Group


Senior School Swimming Carnival With a location change to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), the boys benefitted from a first class swimming pool and facilities. High student attendance and over enthusiasm quickly took over the venue and it was not long before each House began their chants. Amidst the noise and fast racing, all boys performed well, whether in the team events or individually; each House point was vital and in the final points tally, first to fifth place were separated by less than 200 points.

Age Champions 12 years (The Hay Cup)

Jack Gorman


13 years (The Fitzgerald Cup) James Hanson


14 years (The Peterson Cup) Angus Funnell


15 years (The Ollard Cup)

Alec Morris


16 years (The Davies Cup)

Declan Moore


17 years (The Bailey Trophy)

Hugo Morris


Open Champion (The Bracegirdle Cup)

Luke Abberton


Whilst the staff will claim they won the staff v student relay, we are still awaiting the photo finish from the AIS staff! The staff were cetainly competitive and enjoyed a chance to get into the pool.

(38) Open Individual Medley (The MD Barber Trophy)

Hugo Morris


(74) Open 50m Freestyle (The Maynard Cup)

Luke Abberton


Many thanks to all staff and students and the support from parents.

(–4) 400m Freestyle (The Moufarrige Cup)

Hugo Morris


(37) Open Medley Relay Team (The Huntley Cup)

Thomas Atkin Matthew Riddell Mateya Tomii Alec Morris


Mr Connor Barrett Swimming Carnival Organiser

Swimming Carnival Results 2011

House results





In the 17 Years 50m Butterfly, Hugo Morris from Sheaffe House achieved a time of 26.13 seconds. The previous record of 26.25 seconds had been held since 2008 and was set by Ben Treffers.


In the 15 Years 100m Freestyle, the previous record was 57.61 seconds, set in 2000. Two boys broke the record in that race this year – Cameron Tysoe from Edwards House swam 57.36 seconds, and the new record holder is Alec Morris from Sheaffe House with a time of 57.15 seconds.


























Winner of the Tom Groggin Cup: Burgmann with 1190 points.

Ready for a swim

Senior School



Canberra Grammar School is unique among Australian schools in having self-defence training as part of its co-curricular program. 2011 marks the 8th year of taekwondo at CGS, with over 300 boys having trained in the program in that time, and 10 having developed their skills to such an extent that they have passed black belt examinations. You can see in the photos a time lapse sequence of the sort of transformation the students work so hard to achieve. In this instance, Alex Vidler pictured as a beginner, an intermediate and then a black belt student, across four years of training. To produce these transformations, the program makes tough demands of its participants. Among the many strength and conditioning breakthroughs this year, we’ve seen Mustafa Albekaa reaching full side-splits, joining students such as Jordan Kibukamusoke, Alex Vidler and Hugh Elliot who have previously reached the same milestone, while students such as Joe Daley are looking likely to achieve the same feat in

2012; we’ve seen Zane Vidovic (Year 4) match former student Tom Burke’s legendary 100 continuous pushups and then follow it with 200 crunches. In the technique power and focus tests, we’ve seen Fergus Stafford and Chris Naco demonstrate three-board turning kick breaks, a feat that many 1st degree black belts struggle to match, while Alex Vuong reproduced the same feat with a gliding side kick. We’ve seen the first jumping spinning heel kick board breaks— one of the most technically challenging kicks in the repertoire—from black belts Alex Vidler and Alex Vuong, and then at the end of the year by intermediate student Matthew Davies, while James Feng managed a triple spinning-heel kick break, taking out three different targets in 2.7 seconds. This, together with knife-self defence, joint-locks, sparring and takedown and probably the strongest group of beginner students so far. Mr Philip Johnston MIC and Instructor, CGS Taekwondo Program


2007 – Alex Vidler as a white belt


2009 – Alex Vidler as a green belt

2011 – Alex Vidler as a black belt

The Life of the Mind

Debating 2011 Captain: Connor MacMaster Vice-Captains: Joshua Robertson Elliot (Ford) David Sheridan (Murray) MiC: Ms Angela Bardwell Ford Coach: Mr Andrew Gray Murray Coach: Ms Kylie French This year the School presented 14 teams from Years 7 to 12 in the ACT Debating Union competition. CGS Debaters experienced keen opposition in this year’s competition. Rising to the challenge, all teams performed their roles with alacrity and skill. The annual Kitchen Tyrrel debates against CGGS were hosted by CGS this year and performed to a full house in the Tim Murray Theatre. While the Year 9 team, comprising James Richardson, Primal de Silva, Michael Bai and Dillon McGrath, put up a brave fight, the Tyrrel trophy went to the CGGS team. Emerging victorious on the night, however, was the Year 12 Kitchen team (Tom Morrison, Josh Robertson-Elliot and Connor MacMaster). The Burton Theatre was again the venue for the annual Staff versus Students Debate. The staff team, Dr Bruce Faraday, Dr Justin Garrick and Mr Jock McLean drew verbal swords against student team Tom Morrison, Josh Robertson-Elliot and Connor MacMaster; the staff team proving incontrovertibly that “We must love and cherish our nerds”. Adjudicator, Ms Kylie French, declared a win for the staff team by a very narrow margin. It was splendid to see staff and students in the audience enjoying the good-natured verbal sparring together. A highlight of the year was the Year 9 CGS2 team winning the Junior Crime Prevention competition. Congratulations to Andrew Hall, Dillon McGrath, Connor Wilkinson and Peter Yang. Andrew Hall also received the trophy for best speaker in the Grand Final. Particular thanks must go to Vice-Captain, David Sheridan for the Trojan effort he has made this year in ensuring the smooth running of debating for all teams. I would also like to thank Josh Robertson-Elliot, Abi Prakash and David Cribb for all of the excellent work they have done with the Ford teams, in addition to their own commitment to Douse debating. Ms A. Bardwell

CGS2, winners of the Junior Crime Prevention competition: Peter Yang, Connor Wilkinson, Andrew Hall and Dillon McGrath.

da Vinci Decathlon Year 7 and 8 The da Vinci Decathlon is an initiative of Knox Grammar School and has been running for 10 years. It exists to capture the interest and talents of the most academically able students and has branched out from being a NSWbased activity to include schools from all Australian states and territories. It will become an international challenge in 2012 when schools from China will compete. On 28 June 2011, Canberra Grammar School hosted the annual Year 7 and 8 da Vinci Decathlon for schools in the ACT and the surrounding region. Around 26 schools and 50 teams from Years 7 and 8 participated. Both the Year 8 and the Year 7 CGS teams were successful in placing first overall. We were all extremely excited, and particularly the Year 7 team as this meant that we would be competing in the National Competition in Sydney at the end of September. The Year 7 team to compete in Canberra comprised of Charlie Templeman, Charlie Jordan, Alex James, Vinay Goel, Mark Glanville, Patrick Soulsby, Callum Webb and Anand Siththaranjan. Ojas Jyoti replaced Charlie Jordan in the National Competition as Charlie had a conflicting commitment with the National Basketball Competition. The Year 8 team to compete in Canberra was: Stephen Melhuish; Benjamin Mynott; Kevin Jacob; Thomas McCredie; Reece Pahn; Sahil Chopra; Max Wallner; Leo Coleman and Henry Xu.

Senior School


Unlike an Olympic decathlon, the da Vinci Decathlon is a team challenge and not an individual pursuit. I would describe it as an inter-school super-day run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon, but with events of an academic nature. The challenges are set in the disciplines of: »» Mathematics – with an emphasis on problem solving, number patterns and logic puzzles. »» English – focusing on word origins, definitions, spelling, grammar and writing. »» Science – involving higher level scientific concepts and challenges to apply them. »» Code Breaking – in the spirit of World War II, team decipher several codes. »» Engineering – centering on a building task designed to test creativity and ingenuity. »» Forensic Sleuths – dealing with logic, observation, maps, photographs and other types of evidence. »» Creative Producers – where a sub-group from each team has ten minutes to develop and present a 30-second performance on a given topic. »» Art and Poetry – concentrating on drafting a poem and complementary work of art on a given theme. »» Games of Strategy – including Mastermind, 3Dimensional Connect 4 and other games. »» General Knowledge – bringing together current affairs issues, history, science, entertainment, sport and world facts. The National Competition also includes a “Symposium” where we responded to the topic of “access and use of technology and the effects of technology on young people”. It was a wonderful few days in Sydney, participating with other students from around Australia, and staying with them all in the boarding house at Knox Grammar.


The competition was fierce, and we were pleased with our overall placing of fourth. We had a brilliant and challenging time at the National Decathlon and would like to thank Ms Edwards for her continual guidance and support, and Mr Burey for accompanying us to Sydney.


We can’t wait to keep up the tradition of successfully representing CGS in the da Vinci Decathlon next year! Charlie Templeman Year 7

Year 9 and 10 On 5 September, 16 boys from Year 9 and 10 travelled to Sydney to once again compete in the State da Vinci Decathlon Competition. Fuelled with a ‘high carb’ dinner, and a motel style cooked breakfast the next morning, the boys were eager to arrive at Knox Grammar to begin their day of mind-bending activities. The day of competition was divided into three sessions. The morning session comprised the engineering challenge, art and poetry, science and games of strategy. The middle session of the day saw the boys compete against the other schools in being creative producers, mathematicians, forensic sleuths and English specialists. The final session was the code breaking and general knowledge component. Each boy contributed co-operatively, enthusiastically and competitively, showing their true strengths and talents. In most categories across both year groups we were ranked in the top 10 places. Each boy was an exemplary ambassador for our school and should be proud of their achievements. The Year 9 team comprised Alastair Barnett, John Freeman, Daniel Greiss, Andrew Hall, Srikar Jha, Thomas Jordan, Angus Lattimore and James Richardson. The Year 10 team was Alastair Ashley, Sanjay Farshid, Anthony Huynh, Brock Katsanevas, Liam Kensitt, Shabbir Khanbhai, Raghav Sharma-Burton and Hugh Whitton. Ms Bronwyn Edwards da Vinci Decathlon Co-ordinator

Ulysses Society This year the Ulysses Society met three times, giving the boys a valuable opportunity to engage in an evening of conversation with a variety of speakers. The three guest speakers this year came from diverse backgrounds covering topics including Disability and the Paralympics; Microbiology and Infectious Diseases; and Australian Security and Policing. Robin Poke, former rower and member of the Australian Olympic Committee, was the guest in Term 1. He spoke about Australia’s involvement in the Olympic Games and his time as a member of the Australian Olympic Organising Committee for the Atlanta, Sydney and Athens Olympic Games, as well as the different committees within the Olympic Games. He was able to give them a rare first-hand insight into how the Games are run and operated.

The second speaker was Professor Peter Collignon, Head of Infectious Diseases at Canberra Hospital. The evening’s topic of conversation proved to be of great interest to the boys, with many questions being posed throughout the night. Professor Collignon’s knowledge of medicine is wide-spread, ranging from cardiology to pathology, immunology to pharmacology. The boys heard the Professor’s views on infectious disease treatment, and the overuse of antibiotics in medicine today. The boys thoroughly engaged with the topics covered. Our final speaker in Term 3 was Mr Mick Keelty, former ACT Police Commissioner and currently Adjunct Professor at the ANU and Charles Sturt Universities. Mr Keelty talked to the boys about International Security and the post-9/11 world. He gave the boys a first-hand description of the Bali Bombings, having been involved with the investigation from the outset. His was a fascinating, and at times sombre, account of the forensics involved in a major bomb explosion. Mr Keetly’s open and frank discussion was greatly appreciated by all, and he was a fitting end to a very interesting year. The Society wishes to thank Mrs Dennett, Mr Shelley and Mrs O’Dell-Teys for their involvement in arranging engaging and informative speakers. In turn, the staff wish the boys every success and trust they have enjoyed their membership of the Society.

Tournament of Minds Tournament of Minds this year has yet again been a great success, even though our team was unsuccessful in placing next to the highly creative Girls’ Grammar teams. The CGS ToMS tradition was once again shown here. The premise of the social studies component was related to the impact of altering technology on our understanding of the truth. Our team wrote an altered story of The Seven Dwarves where a photo of the dwarves had been altered through digital means to distort the truth about each member. Our performances ran a little over time, but we were commended on our use of creativity in interpretation of the task. The 2011 ToMs team were: Dominic Behrens, James Mountain (Year 9), Anand Siththaranjan (Year 7), Angus Lattimore (Year 9), Ojas Jyoti (Year 7) , Daniel Greiss (Year 9) and David Templeman (Year 7). An enjoyable day was had by all.

The Alternate Reality Club This year saw the birth of the Alternate Reality Club, or ARC for short. The brainchild of Mrs Krista Hooke, this club celebrates and discusses the genres of fantasy and science fiction. The club was met with a great response by many of the students, from all years. We gather every Thursday lunch to share opinions and play some trivia. These meetings are always the highlight of the day. Our inaugural event was a Harry Potter themed night, full of mystical games and an enchanting feast, courtesy of the Canberra Grammar School kitchen staff. Our corresponding club from CGGS, Nexus, joined us for the evening. Together we played Quidditch, were sorted into our Hogwarts Houses, watched the first Harry Potter movie, and had a magical time. This was followed a fortnight later by a movie marathon extravaganza, spanning two days, in which we watched all the rest of the Harry Potter films, bar the last, and ate some pizzas, all in anticipation of the upcoming release of the final instalment of the movies. In Term 3 ARC sent several teams to the CGGS ‘Fandom’ trivia night for science fiction and fantasy. The results were very good for our club. The teachers placed a fantastic second and the Year 9s third. In Term 4 ARC had another sleepover: this time it was Star Wars! We watched all six movies, from one to six; leading up to this we had been entertaining ourselves with competitive Star Wars trivia during our lunchtime meetings, with the Year Nines always coming out victorious. ARC has been very successful in its first year, and will continue for many years to come, with topics to focus on like The Lord of the Rings (there’s the new Hobbit movie to look forward to!), Batman, Doctor Who, Star Trek and many more. The club is open to be joined by all, so if you have a love of Middle-Earth or a Batcave in your house, feel free to join. From all ARC members: ‘Live long, and prosper!’ Thomas Jordan Year 9

Anand Siththaranjan Year 7 Quadditch

Senior School


Water Polo

Water Polo has seen a changing of the guard with the sad loss of former MiC Mr Joel Cruickshank, moving to his hometown of Newcastle. The water polo community at Canberra Grammar School are extremely grateful for his hard work and dedication to the sport to make it the strongest water polo school in the ACT for six consecutive years. The 14’s age group showed great commitment and determination throughout the season. The 14A’s narrowly missed out on the grand final going down by one goal in the semi-final to a combined team from Daramalan College and St Edmunds College. They demonstrated great structure throughout the season and often lead at three quarter time, only to unfortunately loose composure in the final quarter of many matches. Special mention must go to Oliver Wayte making the ACT team and also being a key member of the team. Daniel Mustaine, Riley Fallon and Henry Xu also had great seasons scoring many goals with a high level of execution.


For the 14B’s, this was a new sport for many of the players and they increased their water polo skills almost exponentially. Two afternoons of training and a game most Friday nights meant that they moved from simple swimming training and building fitness, to learning the rules of water polo, the finesse of the game, and the skills needed in defence and goal scoring. It is difficult to decide on the most improved player but special mention must go to Fabian Bock for his level of commitment in defence, Scott Noak for overall field positioning and Patrick Souslbry for team work. All the team members are to be congratulated for their improvement over the other teams as the season progressed. Although they did not reach the finals, they gave the other teams a run for their money in the latter part of the season.


For the 16A’s this was another great year for our school-based program with Declan Moore, Oliver Atkinson-Perillo and Storm Stratus all stepping up to the plate in terms of attendance to training and also game time commitment. We remained unbeaten by other schools in the local competition and had no trouble displacing the Tuggeranong Vikings Water Polo Club team on a number of occasions. The boys faught

hard in their final against a very strong club team and did themselves proud never giving up and fighting all the way to the last whistle. The U16B’s have had a very interesting season with a number of changes to the team, mainly the amalgamation with the Daramalan and St Edmunds boys. Naturally the changes took a little time to get used to as the boys learnt how to combine their skills and work together. The final four games of the season were a testament to all of the boys’ hard work and commitment where they became like a new team, and I’d like to congratulate them all of their outstanding efforts. The final games of the season all showed a tremendous strength and desire in all the boys to play the best they could, never giving up and playing right down to the final seconds of the game. Unfortunately they narrowly lost their final game against the boys from Vikings 10–9, but all of the boys should be strongly congratulated for their determination and character. All of the boys showed tremendous improvement throughout the season, but the most improved player is Jordan Viet as easily the most consistent and reliable player. The most valuable player goes to James Hancock for his great enthusiasm and willingness to do his best in all aspects of his game. The year started softly with low attendance at training and games, and too many games were lost by one or two goals which resulted in us not making the playoffs. The second half of the season saw a return to our winning ways, once the boys put their minds back on the job that is! Nick McLealand and Nick Pullinen were the stand-outs at training, with Josh Pogson and Jack Brownrigg confirming their improvement come game time with very solid performances. The Opens group have been great role models for the younger boys in the Canberra Grammar School water polo community and their efforts in the past few seasons have been greatly appreciated.

Sony Camp

Every year The Sony Foundation holds several “Sony Camps� throughout Australia; these camps offer the opportunity for students in Year 11 and 12 to give up some of their time in order to take on the immense responsibility of caring for children with disabilities. These camps also provide the opportunity for the parents to take a short break while their children enjoy a fun and unique experience. This year saw the opportunity for Canberra Grammar School to host the first ever Sony Foundation Camp in Canberra. Ten boys from Canberra Grammar School and ten girls from Canberra Girls Grammar School were chosen from a long list of applicants for the position of carers on this Camp, where they would look after the camper in their charge for three days and two nights. As the days counted down, anticipation continued to grow as the carers took part in various training sessions, as well as talks and activities in order to prepare themselves for the Camp. This culminated in a very successful barbecue at the end of the year to raise funds for the Camp. Finally, the day arrived, and the carers rose early to await the arrival of their little campers, understandably filled with nerves and excitement. However the moment the first camper arrived, this disappeared as campers and carers alike greeted each other eagerly.

alike. All of this culminated in an excellent mini fete, followed by a Christmas lunch with a visit from Santa. When it was time to say goodbye, many tears were shed from both campers and carers. Although the Camp was challenging, it also proved to be an immensely rewarding as well as a life changing experience. By the end of the Camp each and every person had learned more about themselves as well as those they were caring for. However a camp of this magnitude could not have been able be held without support; and so thank you to Canberra Grammar School and the Boarding House for allowing us to host this camp. Thank you also to The Sony Foundation for allowing us to run the Camp. But most importantly thank you to all the Carers as well as staff for giving up their own time to make an enormous difference in the lives of the involved families. Special thanks to Mr Graeme Lendrum, Mr Steve Allen, Ms Sally Gates, Ms Jenny Hunter, Mrs Jill Woodger, Mrs Anne Ryan and Mrs Rachel Gurney who formed the Camp Committee, and thank you to all the numerous volunteers who came throughout the duration of the Camp to lend their support. Without any of these people the camp would not have been a reality. Maninda Amarasekara

Each day was filled with a range of fantastic activities including a trip to the Zoo, African drumming and swimming. Anytime you looked around, all you could see were the exuberant faces of campers and carers

The camp participants, carers and volunteers

Senior School



Hamish Francis

Harry O’Connor

Brendan Falk

Aran Dean


Adam Mundzic


Alex Di Dio

Daniel Smart

Ty Anderson

Oliver Bruer

Peter Tsarpalias

Ryan Jeffreson

Art Space

  VISUAL ART TECH Nicholas Saunders

Henry Bessell

Ben Goodnow

Oscar Bailey

Damon Doyle

Tom Burke

Leigh Cassells

Riley Fallon

Michael Liang

Ty Anderson

Daniel Clayton

Kelepi Baba

Senior School


  V I S U A L A R T H S C 2 01 1 THE CANBERRAN 2011

Sam Lees


Mitchell Jenkins

Micheal Korpanedis

Art Space

Marco Trkulja

Angus Bowers and Family

Marco Trkulja

Nick Purnell and parents Janette and Kevin

Year 12 Formal

Senior School




Luke Abberton

Christian Abhayaratna

Thomas Ashton

Angus Balmaks

Aneale Banerjee

Andrew Barnett

Billy Barron

Maxwell Bayly

Mark Beaver

Sam Beaver

Daniel Bennett

Jake Bleich

Luke Blumenthal

Shaan Boolell

Angus Bowers

Andrew Bradbury

Andrew Bromwich

Matthew Brown

Jack Brownrigg

Harrison Bryant

Jonathan Burn

Matthew Campbell

David Carroll

Joseph Cavanagh

Geoffrey Chan

Timothy Chen

Aaron Chew

Chan Choi

Hayden Clinch

Harrison Cottle

Jackson Cox

Evan Cranney

Rohan Curtotti

Max Cusack

Scott Davis

Timothy Dickson

Zachary Dowse

Petros Drakakis

Ciaran EdwardsMcKeown

Junya Eguchi

Henry England

Peter Ethell

Ehsan Farshid

Alex Ferraro

Daniel Ferrington

Madhav Fisher

Samuel Fisher

Nicholas Fuller

Joel Garbutt

Georgie Giannitsios

Year 12 Valette




Darcy Gibbs

Jack Giffard

Nicholas Gilmore

Nicholas Graham

Timothy Gregory

Samuel Hallett

George Hancock

Steven Harrison

Calvin Hayes

Daniel Hernandez

Albert Ho-Huynh

Hugo Horwood

Haikun Huang

Jason Hubbard

Nicholas Jackson

Ashley Jenkins

Mitchell Jenkins

Christopher Johnson

Matthew Keighley

Prashant Kelshiker

Rowan Kennett

Sebastian Kinghorne

Michael Kourpanidis

Rohith Kumar

Samuel La Salle

Ian Lawford

Colin Lees

Sam Lees

Edward L’Estrange

Edwin Leung

Ben Li

Nicholas Lyall

Joshua Mak

Jason Marsh

Paul Marshall

Nicholas McClelland

Jack McDonald Crowley

Finn McHugh-Dillon

Angus McKerral

Elliott McLean

Connor McMaster

Angus Moore

Max Morris

Tom Morrison

Scott Murn

Christopher Naco

Benjamin Nelson

Scott NicholsonRussell

Pipe Nuntavisit

Harry Olsen

Year 12 Valette




Kurtis Olsen

Eliot Osborne

Jonathan Peake

Lewis Pedersen

Jack PerrenLeveridge

Nick Peters

Matthew Pilkinton

Joshua Pogson

Nicholas Purnell

John Raineri

Samuel Raiz

Harry Rasheed

Emmett Richardson

Joshua RobertsonElliott

William Rocks

Charles Royds

David Royle

Timothy Sanderson

Oliver Sawyer

Spencer Scutt

Marko Sever

Lachlan Shelley

Dylan Simpson

Gurtej Singh

Max Singh

Callum Smith

Ryan Smith

Will Spencer

Jishnu Sreedaran

James Stuart-Smith

Nicholas Sutherland

Nicholas Swan

Mitchell TaylorBriscoe

Oscar Tigwell

Marko Trkulja

Adrian Trowell

Sebastian Tsui

Mayank Tuteja

William Vickers

James Wayte

William Webber

Alan Weiss

Anthony Wild Taylor

Zena Wolba

Eric Yang

Year 12 Valette




The Board of Directors Visitor: The Right Rev’d Stuart Robinson Chairman: Mr Mark Brandon-Baker Vice Chairman: Mr Graham Matthews Members: Mr Stewart Ellis (Old Boys’ Association), Dr Justin A Garrick (Headmaster), Dr Pauline Griffiths, Mrs Alyson Groom, Mr Anthony Howard, Mr Ian Johnson, Ms Jane Seaborn, Mr Dino Vido, Mr Jeff Whalan, Dr Samuel Whittle, Dr Felicity Williams (P & F), Mr David A Evans (Secretary) Dates in brackets at the end of each listing indicate when staff started (and in some cases finished) at CGS. Headmaster: Dr Justin A Garrick, BA (Hons) (Syd) MEd (UNE) PhD (Cambridge) MBA (Educational Leadership, International) (London) (2011) Chaplain: The Rev’d Christopher J Welsh, BA (Hons) (Wales) MEd (UNE) GradDipTheol (CSU) DipEd (UNE) FACE (2008) Business Director: Mr David A Evans, BA (Mil) (NSW) MBA (Otago) BCom (USQ) GradDipDef Studies (Deakin) PSC CPA (2005) Registrar: Mrs Nikki M Elliott (2005)


Senior School Staff Head of Senior School: Mr David A Smart, BEc (UNE) MLMEd (Newcastle) MACE (2000) Director of Studies: Ms Kerri M Rock, BAdmin (Lakehead Uni Canada) GradDipEd (Sec) (UWS) Cert IV Assess & W’place Training (SWSI) GradCertRE (Aquinas Academy) (2008) Director of Co-Curricular Program: Mr Alexander N Goddard, BA DipEd MEd Admin (UNE) MACEA (1989) Director of Gallery: Mr Trevor J Dunbar, DipFineArts DipEd (RCAE) (1991) School Counsellor: Mr Gregg C Chapman, BA (Macq) DipEd (Syd) GradDipSpecEd (CSU) GradDipOrgPsych (UCAN) MBus (Hons) (CSU) MACE MAPS Registered Psychologist (ACT & NSW) (2005) Careers Adviser: Dr Robert K Bearlin, BSc DipEd (Melb) BSc (Hons) (Monash) PhD (Otago) GradCertCareersEdDev (RMIT) (1992) School Sergeant: Mr Aaran J M Booth (2004) Housemasters Blaxland: Mr Peter N Dunn, BEd (SA) (1994) Burgess: Mrs Jennie M Holbrook, BA BEd (Latrobe) DipTeach (ATTI) (1991) Burgmann: Ms Carol H Javes, BEd GradDipComputer Studies (CCAE) (2001) and Acting Housemaster for Term 2 Andrew I Shelley, BSc MAg DipEd (Syd) JP MRSC (1996) Clements: Mr Joel B Cruickshank, BTeach/BHealth & PE (Hons) (Newcastle) (2004 until April 2011); Mr Alastair J Hunt, BSc (Hons) (ANU) GradDipEd (UTS) (from Term 2 2011) (2001)

Eddison: Mr John R Klein, BA GradDipEd (UQ) (1992–1997, 2000) Edwards Mr Neil H Dunkley, BEd(Sec) (UC) (1995) Garnsey: Mr Matthew R Bugden, BPhysEd (ACPE) (1997) Garran: Mr Graeme L Lendrum, BSc (Hons) DipEd (Natal) (2004) Hay: Mr Kevin Taylor, BEd (Hull) DipMathsEd (Birmingham Polytechnic) (1996) Jones: Mr Mark C Perkins, BA DipEd (UNE) (1999) Sheaffe: Mr James A Cameron, BA DipEd (UNE) (1994) and (Acting Housemaster for Term 4) Mr Chris J Blain, BA (Qld) MA (UNSW) DipEd (ACU Qld) (2000) Heads of Department Australian Studies: Mr Ashley I Hogan, BEd (CCAE) GradCert Sports Management (UC) (1996) Design Art Technology: Ms Lucy A Atkinson, BA (Graphic Design) (Swinburne UT) DipEd (VisArt) (Melb) (2003) Drama: Ms Patti Kennedy-Hine, BEd (Vis Arts) (Alexander Mackie/City Art Instit) (2000) Economics: Mr Ben Power, BEc (Macq) DipEd (UNE) MPP (ANU) (1999) English: Mr Simon G Hughes, BA DipEd (UNE) (2003) Geography: Mrs Carol G Pogson, BA DipEd (Macq) (2001) History: Dr Bruce D Faraday, BA MLitt (Newcastle) PhD (UNSW) TC (Newcastle) (1993) Languages: Ms Sarah E Payne, BA (ANU) DipEd (UC) (2002) Mathematics: Mrs Rebecca J Dromgold, BEd (Secondary Maths) (Bathurst) (2007) Resource Centre: Mrs Gai T Dennett, BA DipEd (UNSW) GradDipLibrarianship (UC) (2001) (on LSL Term 3 2011) for Term 3 2011 only Mrs Linda Collins, BA BEd GradDip(Sec) GradDip Lib&InfMngmt (2011) Music: Mr Craig A Woodland, BMusEd LMusA (SCM) (2002) Outdoor Education: Ms Sue P Donoghoe, OAM BAppSc (CCAE) DipEd PE/Outdoor Ed (Hawthorn) GradDip Elite Sports Coaching (2005) Personal Development, Health and Physical Education: Mr Peter S Bailey, BSc Human Movement (UWO) GradDipEd PDHPE (UNSW) GradCertRE (ACU) MEd Leadership (UC) (2006) RaVE: Mr Philip J Chappell, BA (Hons) (History & Philosophy) (ANU) GradDipEd (UC) (2002) Science: Mr Ed Gilmour, BSc (Hons) (Glasgow) (1990– 1999) (2002) until Term 2 2011, from Term 3 2011 Mr Andrew I Shelley, BSc MAg DipEd (Syd) JP MRSC (1996) Sportsmaster: Mr Connor G J Barrett, BPhysEd (ACPE) BEd (CHC) (2008) Teaching & Learning Support: Dr Pauline E Griffiths, BA (Monash) GradDipEd (UC) MA (UC) PhD (Melb) (2005)

Teaching Staff Mrs M Ruth Adams, BA (Syd) DipEd (Syd CAE) (2002) Mr Steve J Allen, B Mus (CSOM) DipEd (UNE) (2005) Ms Angela J M Bardwell, BA (UWO) DipEd (UNSW) MA (UNSW) (2007) Ms Verity A Beman, BA (Syd) GradDipEd (Curtin) MEd (UWS) (2008) Mr Chris J Blain, BA (Qld) MA (UNSW) DipEd (ACU Qld) (2000) Mr Derrick Brassington, BMusic (UNE) (on leave from Term 2 2011) (2003) Mrs Jane C Brown, MPubAdmin (UC) DipGeol (UC) BA Ed Science (UC) (2007) Mr Mitchell K Burey, B Theatre Arts Grad Dip Learning & Teaching (USQ) (2011) Ms Rosemary M Carlson BA (Syd) DipEd (UTS) AMusA (Flute) (2008) Mr Rowland H Clark, DipAppSc (Hawkesbury Ag College) DipEd (GIAE) (1989) Miss Anita M Collins, BMus (ANU) DipEd (UC) MEd (Deakin) (1997) Ms Joanne P Cook, BArt (English) GradDip Secondary GradCert (Sem 1 2011) Mr Iain C Dillon, BA (Hons) (ANU) (1983) Mr Peter G Dixon, BA (Hons) (London) DipEd (UC) (1987) Mrs Helen M Dodds, BA (UNE) LTCL AMusA (Th) (2008) Mr Gary W Edmonds, Diploma of Teaching BEd Cert IV (Assessment & Workplace Training) (Term 2 only 2011) Ms Bronwyn G Edwards, BSc (UNE) GradDipEd (UNE) (2002) Mr Gregory P Elliott, BEdPE (2011) Miss Anna E Forshaw, BA (Hons) PGCE Term 4 only (2011) Mrs Kylie L French, BEd (Sec) (Avondale College) (2007) Mr Kim R Glidden, BSc (Chemistry) Term 4 only (2011) Mr Patrice Gordon, BA (UTM, France) GradDipEnglish, Master French as a Foreign Language (in process) French Assistant (2011) Mr Andrew M Gray, BA DipEd (Macq) MLMEd (Newcastle) (2005) Ms Sally E Greenaway, BMus GDipEd (2011) Ms Gaëlle Guillermo-Tregoning, Post Master’s degree in Mediaeval Studies DipEd (2009) Mr Mark D Halpin, BEd (Sec) (UC) (2008) Mr Tim M Harrison, BA (CCAE) (1982) Ms Anna L Hills, B Sc DipModLangs Grad Dip Ed (Melb) (2010) Mr David Hodges, BA (Vis Arts) (ANU) Dip Ed (UC) (2010) Dr Anne E Holland, BA (Hons) (Manchester), PhD (Reading), Post-Grad Cert in Education, ISTAA accreditation Experienced Teacher (2011) Mr Nicholas L Hollier, BA (Hons) (UNE) GradDipEd (QUT) (2007) Mrs Krista L Hooke, BA (Melb Uni) Grad Dip Ed (Aquinas) Grad Cert RaVE (CSU) (2011)

Mr Christopher James, DipTeach (ACU) (2010) Ms Jane P Jian, BEd (Flinders) BA (Zhongshan Uni China) GradDipInfoStudies (SAust) (2001) Mr Kevin Joy, BEd (STC) (1992) Mrs Katherine M Kavanagh, BEd (UC) (2005) Mrs Madeline Leslé, BA DipEd (Macquarie) (2009) Ms Shabai Li, BEd (Hons) (East China Uni) (1994) (1996) Mrs Nicole F Mackey, BSc DipEd (Monash) (2008) Mr Graham Maltby, BSc (Vic Uni Wellington) Grad DipTeach (Wellington College of Ed) (2011) Mr Jim McCartan, TC; BEd; CRE; MA (Term 2 only 2011) Mrs Lada Marcelja, BA BMus (Hons) (ANU); Grad Dip Ed (UC) (2011) Mr Peter E Muller, BA (ANU) DipEd (Northern Rivers CAE) (2004) Dr Roderick E Nazer, BSc (Hons) (ANU) PhD (Qld) DipEd (Mitchell CAE) (1978–1987 and 2001) (LSL Term 2) Mr Andrew J Neilson, BA GradDipEd (SCA) (1991) (LSL Term 2) Mr Corey D Nix, BSc (Architecture) (UNSW) BEd (Sec Maths) (SCU) (2008) Mrs Sarah C Nockels, BSc (Macq) GradDipAg (Syd) GradDipEd (UNE) (Maternity Leave 2011) (2003) Mrs Janet E O’Dell-Teys, BA (International Relations) (ANU) DipEd (UNE) (2009) Mr Geoff L Olsen, BEng (Elec) (SAust) GradDipBusMan (RMIT) GradDipEd (UC) (2004) Mrs S J Pascoe, BEd MEd Mngmnt (UWA) MEd (Special Learning) (Term 1 2011 only) Mr Neville C Punch, BSc (UWA) DipEd (UWA) (2007) Mr Jason W Reilly, BA MTeach (Syd) MPhil (Cantab) (2010) Mrs Yvette S Riordan, BCA GDipEd (UWollongong) (2011) Mr Struan J Robertson, BA (Syd) DipTeach (Goulburn) MEd (CSU) (1982) Mr Kevin J Ross, TC (Newcastle) BSc (ANU) AssocDipAppSc (UC) (2005) Mrs Janette Soper, BSc (UWA) GradDipEd (UWA) (2008) Mrs Biljana Trkulja, BEc (Syd) Grad Dip Ed (Macq) (2009) Ms Christine S Van Rens, BA GradDipEd (Adelaide) GradCertRemedialTeach (Ku-ring-gai CAE) (2003) Mr Johan L Van Zyl, BEd (Technical) (North-West University) (PUK) (2008) Mr Derek R Walker, BA BEd (UNSW) (2008–2011) Mr Jeremy C Waterford, BA (ANU) DipEd (UC) (2005) Mr Robert M Welsh, BSc (Hons) (ANU) DipEd (CCAE) (1983) Mr Terry A Werner, BAppSc (CCAE) GradDipElectronics (CCAE) DipEd (MCAE) (1979) Mr Andrew J Williams, BA (Hons) BSc (ANU) GradDipEd (UC) (2010) Ms Kathryn E Yeo, BA BEd MA (UNSW) (2011)



Boarding Staff Jones Housemaster: Mr Mark C Perkins, BA DipEd (UNE) (1999) Blaxland Housemaster: Mr Peter N Dunn, BEd (SA) (1994) Assistant Housemaster to Boarding: Mr Aaran J M Booth Housemother: Mrs Jennifer A Warren (2007) Resident Tutors Mr Weiliang Chung Mr Andrew Fletcher Mr Richard Greig Mr Ashoor Khan Mr Patrick J McCann Mr Nikolai Sidhu Non Resident Tutors Mr Connor G J Barrett Mr Sam Graves Mr Paul Swinbourne Gap Tutors Mr Alexander Hutchinson Mr Roan McCabe Mr David J Short Mr Joshua D Small Mr Thomas O Smithdale Mr James C Taylor


Senior School Assistants Mr Robert J Alexander, MechEngCert Design Centre Technician (1987) Mr Andrew A Deck, Design Centre Technician (1999) Mr Michael S Forrest, Assoc Dip Recreation Leadership (VUT) (2010) Mrs Ingrid L Foster, BSc (ANU) (Science Laboratory Assistant) (1988) Mrs Louise N Hyndes, B Ed (Sci) (UC) (Science Laboratory Assistant) (2009) Mrs Jane L’Estrange, Special Teaching Assistant (2006) Mrs Joy McLeod (English/Maths) (2005) Mrs Susan M Nurmi, (Science Laboratory Manager) (1985) Mr Asher Felix Schwartz, BEc (Odessa) (Theatre Manager) (2011) Ms Bisika M O’Sullivan, (Languages/Property/Operations) (2008) Mrs Helen L Tate, Bachelor of School Music (Melb Uni) (Geography/Economics) (2000) Mr Shane D H Whiting (Audiovisual & Theatre Technician) (2011) Primary School Staff Head of Primary: Mrs Rosalie A Reeves, BTeach (Primary) (Deakin) GradDipCurric (Melb) (1995) Deputy Head of Primary: Mrs Lucy A Garven, BEd (Early Childhood) (UC) (2001) School Chaplain: The Rev’d Christopher J Welsh, BA (Hons) (Wales) MEd (UNE) GradDipTheol (CSU) DipEd (UNE) FACE (2008)

Counsellor Junior School: Mrs Sandra Dunne, BA (Hons) MPsych (Tas) TC (Tas) MAPS Registered Psychologist (ACT & NSW) (2000) Director of Junior School: Mr Tony T Laudenbach, BEd (CCAE) MA (Deakin) (1988) Director of Northside Early Childhood: Mrs Jennifer A Thompson, BEd (Hons) (Syd) GradCert of Gifted Education (UNSW) MEd (UC) (1999) Director of Southside Early Childhood: Mrs Leith M Biggs, DipTeach (Early Childhood) GradDipEd (Educational Management) (2008) Enrichment Team Mr Andrew A Cumming Thom, BA (ANU) DipEd (CCAE) DipEd Literacy (CSU) GradCertGiftedEd (UNSW) (1984) Mrs Catherine A Dangar, DipTeach (Primary) BEd (Primary) (Mitchell CAE) MEd (Literacy) Grad Cert Spec Ed (CSU) (2011) Mrs Lucy A Garven, BEd (Early Childhood) (UC) (2001) Mrs Alison Hague, BEd (Hons) (Nott.) (on Exchange from UK) (2010–2011) Mrs Corinne B Hoorweg, BEd BTeaching (Maternity Leave 2011) (2009) Ms Emma V Johnston-Robinson, GradDipEd (Primary) (ECU) BSc (UWA) (2009) Mrs Rosalind J Perfect, BEd (Deakin) Natal Teachers Senior Dip III (Edgewood College South Africa) (2003) Mrs Catherine C Sutton, DipTeach (ACU Canberra) (2007) Mrs Julie M Watson, DipTeach (Ku-ring-gai CAE) Reading Recovery (2003) Teaching Staff Mr Justin Abrahams, BSc (Hons) Post Grad Cert in Ed (Loughborough) (2011) Ms Nerida F Bennett, BTeaching & Learning Christchurch College of Education (2010) Mrs Sue B Blumenthal, DipTeach (UWS) BEd (USQ) (2005) Mrs Tricia A Brodrick, BEd (Primary) BEc (Syd) (2009) Mrs Karyn H Brown, Acting Head of Primary Music (from T4 2011–2012), BA (Mus) (Syd) GradDipEd (UC) (2003) Mr Adam R Chad, BEd (Primary) Grad Dip in Inclusive Ed (2011) Mr James B Cooper, BManagement Studies GradDip Teaching (Waikato) (2009–2011) Mrs Vicki F Dabro, Head of Primary Visual Arts, DipPainting (Syd) DipEd (UC) (1994) Mrs Susan J Daniell, DipTeach BEd (Melb) (LSL Term 3) (1994) Mrs Rose De Angelis, BAppSc, UC and BEd Signadou (2011) Mr Craig D Donaldson, BA (Michigan USA) HDE (Uni Capetown SA) (2004) Mrs Margo J Donaldson, BEd (Primary) (Notre Dame WA) Cert IV in TESOL (RMIT Melbourne) (2009) Mr Matthew T Ferguson, BEd (Prim) Communication (UC) (2006) Mrs Anna Fox, BEd (Early Childhood) (CSU) (2000) Ms Belinda L Gordon, BEd (Early Childhood) (UWS) (Maternity Leave) (2007)

Mrs Deborah Griffin, B Ed (Prim) (Griffith) Cert Internet Webmaster (Maternity Leave from Term 3) (2010) Mr Tim J Guthrie, BEd (ACU) (2001) Miss Melinda Hamilton, BEd (Prim) (CSU) (2010) Mr Geoff S Hill, BEd DipTeach (Mitchell CAE) (1989) Mrs Debbie B Hogan, BA (Prim Ed) (CSU) DipTeach (PhysEd) (ACPE) (Syd) (1997) Mrs Rachel C Howden, BEd (PhysEd) (UC) (Maternity Leave) (2007) Mrs Janine C Hudson, BBus BA (Education) Grad Dip AppSc (2009) Ms Stephen R James, BA (Admin) CCAE GradDipTch (QUT) MEd (Ed Leadership) (USQ) (2009) Mrs Katherine V Johnston, BEd (UC) (1995) Mrs Loretta J Kennedy, BEd (UC) (2002) Mrs Dharmala D Kumar, BA (UWA) BEd (Primary) (CSU) (2004) Ms Marion Mermillod-Blondin, BA Maîtrise FLE (Stendhal) (2011) Mr David Messina, BA (Primary Education) (2008) Mrs Christiana M Murray, DipTeach (SKTC) (2002) Mrs Anne Nicolaou, DipTeach BEd (Prim) (SCAE) (2010) Mrs Juliette L O’Connor, BMus (ANU SoM) DipEd (UC) (2008) Mrs Heather L Percy, Head of Primary Music, Churchill Fellow, BMusEd (SCM) GDIM (UNSW) (Maternity Leave from Term 4) (2003) Mrs Kristin A Read, BEd (Prim) (ACU) (Maternity Leave from Term 4) (2010) Mrs Fiona M Rooks, BAppliedSc (EnvDes) (CCAE) GradDipEd (Primary) (SCAE) DipEd (Christchurch TC) (2005) Mrs Anne M Smyth, BEd (Primary) (Syd) (2002) Mrs Nadia J Sullivan, BEd (Early Childhood) (UC) (Maternity Leave) (2003) Miss Amy E Tilden, BEd (Primary) (2011) Mrs Angela J Turner, BTeach (Primary) (UWO) BEd (Primary) (CSU) (2007) Mrs Kylie A Van Dijk, BMus (CSM) (1997) Mr Richard S Wyche, DipTeach (ACU) BEd (ACU) MEd Leadership (ACU) (2004) Junior School Administration Manager: Mrs Michelle E Gavin (2003) Head of Primary’s PA: Mrs Mandy Peacock (2009) Reception/Co-Curricular Secretary: Mrs Cinzia F P Bromwich (2006) Assistant Secretary Southside: Mrs Gai Donald (2000– 2002) (2006) Assistant Secretary Northside: Mrs Leisa J Brassington (2003) Assistant Secretary ELC: Mrs Christa M Culley (2007) Primary School Assistants Mrs Andrea Arnold, BA (Hons) Cert III in Business (2010) Ms Kathleen Baird, BA MA (Journalism) (Missouri) (2006) Mrs Danielle Bugden (2010) Ms Angela J Dixon, BA (ANU) Cert II Floristry (2010) Mrs Dianne Drew (2011)

Miss Sally Dunbar, BA (Visual Arts) (ANU) DipEd (UC) (2007) Mrs Michelle A Freeman, DipTeach (QUT) (2001) Mrs Deborah E Gordon, TA Dip (ECU) (2006) Mrs Tracey L Grey, BTeach (Prim) Cert Office Skills & Practice (2009) Mrs Lea Lester, BEd (EC) (Macq) (2010) Mrs Maria McPherson (2007) Mrs Louise J Nancarrow, TPFirstAid, DipChServ (2011) Mrs Fiona G Rayns, BSc (Hons) (Otago) Diploma Library/ Info Services (CIT) (2009) Visiting Instrumental Staff Ms Inessa Bano Mr David Brown Mr John Couch Ms Rosy Davidson Mr Mark Du Rieu Mr John Gilbert Mr John Gould Ms Christina Hopgood Mr Phillip Horneman Mrs Barbara Jergen Mr Chris Johnson Ms Jeannine Keenan Ms Helen Larmour Mr James Luke Mr John Mackey Mr Dan McLean Mr Charles Martin Mr Vivian Martin Mr Toby Morison Ms Lyndal Nevin Miss Sarah Pettigrew Mrs Teresa Rabe Mr Steve Rabe Mrs Theresa F Rayner Mr Kieran Roberts Ms Margaret Sim Ms Penny Stuart-Smith Ms Lillian Tan Ms Rebecca Timoney Mr Peter Williamson Mr Matt Withers Resource Centre Staff Ms Jane P Jian, BEd (Flinders) BA (Zhongshan Uni China) GradDipInfoStudies (SAust) (2001) Ms Alison M Kesby, Assistant Head of Resource Centre, BA DipEd (UNE) MEd (Teach Lib) (CSU) (2003) Ms Susan M Kearns, BA DipEd (Flinders), GradDipLib Inf Management (UC) Cert IV Assessment & Workplace Training (CIT) (2009–2010) and (Term 3 2011) Ms Georgina M McGrath, AdvDipLibrary & Information Services (Maternity Leave 2011) (2007) and Miss Melissa D Wheeler (2011) Mrs Meg A Smith, BA (Asian Studies) DipLib CCAE DipEd (UC) Cert of TESOL (UC) (2009) 151

Education Technology Support (ETS) Education Technology Director: Mr Grant Werner, BSc BE MMat (2010) ICT Manager: Mr Matthew P Purcell, BComm (Accounting) BInfoTech (Info Systems) BComm (Info Systems) (Hons) (ANU) GradDipEd (UC) (2006) Service Desk Manager: Mr Adrian Cengia, BA (Tas) DipNetwork Management (Tas) CNA (2001) Education Technology Service Technicians Mr Chamath C De Silva (2011) Mr Tony Jakimovski (2010) Mr Stephen P Maunsell (2011) Mr William Openshaw (2010)


Community Relations Office Director of Community Relations: Ms Linda J Fagan, BA (Hons) Cert in Direct Marketing (2009) (2010) Archivist: Ms Pamela M Hunt, BA (ANU) GradDipEdStudies (RCAE) BEdStudies (Qld) MEd (CSU) (2008) Community Relations Co-ordinator: Mrs Tammy Foley (2011) Events and Fete Co-ordinator: Mrs Rachel Gurney (2009) Graphic Designer: Mr David J Alcorn, AdvDipGraphic Design (ABA) (2007–2011) Graphic Design Co-ordinator: Ms Catherine N Riley, Master of New Media Arts (2011) Marketing Coordinator: Mrs Emma Young, BBus (ECU) (2010) Philanthropic Program Manager: Mrs Winifred R Rosser OAM (2009 – May 2011) Website Manager: Mr Robert J Armstrong, BA Environmental Design (UC) (2009 – March 2011)


Administration Business Office Finance Manager: Mr Stephen M Wilde, BComm (Cape Town) CMA (2010) Payroll Manager: Mrs Lois M Logue (1991) Assistant to Finance Manager: Ms Shirallee Standen (2011) Finance Officer – Accounts Payable: Mrs Tricia Sadlo (2007) Finance Officer – Accounts Receivable: Mrs Lauren Brown (Maternity Leave) and Mrs Barbara Robertson (2011) Headmaster’s PA: Miss Jayne Thackray (2011) Human Resources Manager: Mr William J Maude, BA (Syd) DipEd (1976) Operations Manager: Mrs Sally J Gates, BSc GradDipCivEng GradDipPersMgt (2007) Business Office & Property Assistant: Mrs Melissa S Kenny (2011) Secretary to Senior Staff: Mrs Deanne M Sutton (1993) Computer Systems Supervisor: Mrs Maureen A Treherne (1992) Sports Administrator: Mr Michael S Graves (2010) Assistant to Director of Co-Curricular: Ms Fiona M Fenton, MAppSc (UNSW) BSc (Hons) (UNSW) (2006) Data Entry Officer: Ms Lee A Miller (Dec 1992–1998) (2010)

Music Secretary: Mrs Elizabeth McConchie (1999) Receptionists: Mrs Suzan L Powell (2007); Mrs Janny M Poate (2008); Ms Rachael E Warren (2009–2011) Mrs Kristina A Skiadopoulos (2011) Staff Support Officer/Student Support Services: Mrs Jeanette Scarr (2007) Defence Transition Mentor: Mrs Kristen Adams (Maternity Leave) and Mrs Nathalie V Ross BA BSc DipEd GDipOE GDipPsySt MEd (2011) Print Room Fuji Xerox Team Mrs Nola D Greaves (1995) Mr John Barnes (2010) Health Clinic Registered Nurses: Ms Jill C Woodger, RN RCH BA (ANU) MA (Psych) (Syd) Midwifery RCH (2007) Ms Kerrie L Jesiolowski, RN HKH AssDipSc (Sport & Exercise) (SCU) (2007) Mrs Jennifer M Brandon-Baker, (Relief) Registered Nurse/ Midwife St Vincent’s Hospital (2007) School Shop Supervisor: Mrs Anna Kourpanidis (2002– 2011) Property Manager: Mrs Bridget E Middleton until Sem 1 2011 (1982) and Mr Michael S Iliff from Sem 2 (2011) Assistant to Property Manager & Business Office: Mrs Melissa S Kenney (2011) Contracts Manager: Mrs Bridget E Middleton from Sem 2 2011 (1982) Maintenance Foreman: Mr George L Hyder (1983) Maintenance Staff Mr R Bruce Adams (1980) Mr Wayne J Bolton (2005) Mr Peter V Dariol (2011) Mr Gavin P Judd (2009) Mr Peter J S Rumble (1979) Caretaker: Mr Richard A Gaisbauer, BAppSc (Information Technology) (RMIT) (2009) Ground Staff Team Leader: Mr Tom Lording Cleaning Staff (Rose Cleaning) Supervisor: Mr Anthony Gum Laundry Assistants Mrs Carol Gazzagon (2010) Ms Manda Paulic (1995) Catering Staff (Alliance) Catering Manager: Ms Melissa Young (2007) Mrs Jean Anderson (2009) Mrs Sandra Butt (1989) Ms Cheryl Drayton (2004) Mr Lachlan Dromgold (2009) Mrs Debra Gittleman (2010) Ms Perrie Morris (1989) Mrs Robyn Mugridge (1989) Ms Jessica Niven (2010) Mr Zachary Tomas (2008) Ms Janine Watson – Tuckshop Supervisor (1998)

School Roll

Pre Kinder Daniel Bailey Ryan Bernabe Gianni Bisa Harry Bodman Sophie Bolton Noah Bontempelli Joshua Bugden Jasmine Byrne Nellie Byron Dougal Cameron Raghuviir Choudhary Yosef Chua Hannah Clarke-Leitch Zara Clelland Liam Collett Catherine Coulton Daniel Da Silva Bishan Dhillon Madison Duncan Jack Ellwood Miles Essex Ryan Farrell Jacob French Aryaan Ganeshan Euan Greig Robert Hanson Nathan Harrington John Hatton Sam Hosking Holly Howard Karl Howe Bethany Irvine Oscar Jackson Sophia Katsanevakis Jonathon Katz Luke Kendall Adam Kovaceski Erin Lacey Michael Lim Kitty MacKinnon Tomo May Jack McCracken Adele McKellar Spencer McPherson Tommy Milicevic Amelia Milicevic Meyler Milne Sam Mollica Stirling Musgrove William Owen Romeo Parsa Michael Pedler George Pourpouras Matthew Power Isaac Roberts James Robertson Julia Rose Bella Rotondo Paul Rueger Lana Sault Reshmi Senanayake Karlotta Sikatzis Harry Sly Freya Stevens-Morice Soraya Sullivan Zachary Summersby Brandon Teng Nadia Tidimane Clement Tsai Lakshay Vallam

Cael Ward George Wawn Lucinda Wilson Andrew Winfield

Pre School Harriet Allen Campbell Barrett Amaryn Bertles James Biddington James Blencowe Thomas Bonansea Hao Jing Cao Nicholas Clothier Aidan Dawson Luca Down Jacob Everett Ciara Ford Amber Gibson Willem Hehir Alex Hughes Emma Lea Kalenjuk Demetra Katheklakis Henry MacCallum Oliver Mitchell Alexandria Noonan Nicholas Platis Jasmin Prior Eva Purdy Alicia Robertson Macy Strickland Marcus Tremopoulos Andreas Tsoulias Marina Tzanetos Julia Wagstaff Ella Welsh William Worboys

Kinder Vinuki Abeya Cameron Allnutt Jamie Ashworth Lilly Barnes Finlay Barrett Dominic Barry Alec Bell Thomas Bennett Thomas BigsbyChamberlin Gian Bonansea Chloe Caldwell William Carroll Maximilian Cassidy Owen Charles Tahlia Daly Rania Danthanarayana Sevasto Dascarolis Hunter Dawe Henry de Zylva Maisy Develin Elizabeth Diedricks Bardh Drini Ava Farrah Daniel Fox Mitchell Fraser Jake Gibson Henry Gotzinger Thomas Hedley Charlotte Hillsdon Lachlan Ho Zoe Hughes Oliver James

Peijia Ji Mischa Johansen Benjamin Kalenjuk Kate Katheklakis Jasleen Kaur Alison Kennelly Mason Kon Audrey Kuan Sarah Lacey Benjamin Levine Angelo Liangis Thomas Lodge Patch Edward Magee Declan Marshall Laila Marshall Max McCarthy-Lee Molly McCoullough Jack McDonald William Medwin Amalia Merrifield Aleyna Mertsoy Peter Milin Benedict Milo Aleksandar Milovic Paul Minglis Emma Moloney Mikayla Moore Yasmin Moraitis Jack Morrissey Isabella Oloyede Dashiell Osler Sienna Page Domniki Platis Peter Robertson Timothy Robinson Flynn Russell Lucy Sampson Sebastian Savage Konstantin Sikatzis Zara Skill Olivia Sorenson Anoushka Vegunta Charlotte Young

Year 1 Kathryn Allen Brie Allinson-Brasser Sophie Alonso Jasmine Bagnall Lachlan Barclay Ellis Birrer Quinn Blakers Zoe Bond Dashiell Brown-Rees Phoebe Budd Angus Byatt Riley Byrne Mia Byron Alice Cameron Dylan Campbell Oscar Chamberlain Sophia Champion deCrespigny Zya Coleman Isabella Da Costa Angus Davie Justin Effting Isra Eski Colton Goodear Hayley Greenwood Oliver Grgic

Zachary Howarth Angus Hudson Holly Irvine Matthew Johnston Isabella Joseph Michael Katz Claudia Kendall Matilda Klein Cameron Lindsay Ella Lister Finn Love Finlay Macgill Isabel MacKinnon Alexandra Malegan Nicholas Maleganeas Shivam Manani Harrison McCoullough Emily McHugh Aeron McLachlan Jessica McLaren Poppy McPherson Declan Memmolo Miranda Memmolo Mia Milosis Amy Miners Isabella Mun Eva Newham Flynn Nyhof Jesse O’Sullivan Calvin Pickering Zachary Proctor Kasturi Rasaratnam James Rensch Matthew Robertson William Robson Penelope Robson Dylan Rose Oliver Ross Charlotte Roux Indiana Saunders Sahana Selvadurai Amish Sharma Angus Skrbinsek Hugh Strickland Donald Taylor Felix Taylor Caitlin Teng Anton Vidovic Joshua Westcombe Sebastien Willemsen Hassan Ahmed

Year 2 Eve Anderson Elizabeth Armstrong Alexandria Benson Hannah Berger Logan Bertles Luca Bisa Nicholas Bonansea Reuben Bonson-Damaso Lachlan Bugden Lachlan Byron Charlie Carey Ian Chapman Brooke Corkhill Charlie Daniell Angus Develin Dukagjin Drini Audrey Ellwood Emmanuel Esguerra

Lara Essex Elise Finney London-Rose Fisher Elizabeth Foote Luke Foote Alexander Fraser Michael Galland David Goiser Charlotte Grose Oliver Hansen Jack Hedley Emma Heldon Tristan Ho Lachlan Hocking Sophie Jessup Alexander Jones Aditi Kamath Lincoln Karavas Oliver Koch Alexandra Krope Sachin Lalloo Joshua Lee Zak Levine Georgia Lister Angela Marino Charles Merchant Bella Milicevic Sotiri Minglis Alexander Morgan Charlotte Morrissey Meagan Ngai Paul Nicolaou Eri Niisato Amelia Oloyede Sachintha Panagoda Diego Parsa Akash Pathirage Olivia Powderly Angus Rixon Alexander Rose Lucy Russell Zak Sarris Anna Schier Saesha Senanayake Kenzo Sly Ryan Storch Dylan Teng Constantinos Tsiokantas Daniel Van Wijk Callum Vass Tahnee Vivian Cian Ward Phoebe Warr Angus Whitford Charlie Wiggins Robert Willingham

Year 3 Naife Albishri Ben Allen Nicholas Allnutt Matan Barchad Nicholas Barclay Ronan Beltrami Samuel Bettle Matthew Birch Nicholas Bisa Sebastian Bonanno Stephen Brighenti Nicholas Bull Michael Cali


Levi Campbell Angus Cleary Samuel Cook Oliver Dicer Lachlan Dowse Alec Farmer Oliver Fox Vishal Ganeshan Daniel Greenwood Timothy Hunt Lachlan Ings Oliver Juttner-Melland Dylan Kennelly Denzel Kibukamusoke Harry Kilcullen Lachlan King Oliver Kovaceski Callum Lambert Andrew Liang James Lloyd Dimitri Lourandos Connor McHugh Campbell McKellar Andrew Millar Taylor Miners Hugo Nilsson Wan Lin Niu Lachlan Noble Zack Noyes Dominic Padanyi-Ryan Aidan Page Keenan Piazza Maathulan Pranavan Adrian Prego Callum Prior Thomas Renault Matthew Rensch Jonathan Robson Finn Rose Carl Rumbens Jordan Rushbrook Matthew Shelley Rylan Simpson Akhila Siththaranjan Nabil Smair Duncan Soros Noah Stuart Mohamad Taychouri Alfred Taylor Dylan Turner Rhys Vickers Roko Vidovic Jacque Viljoen Sanjay West Alexander Xirakis Jacob Zivko


Year 4


Lachlan Allinson-Brasser Lachlan Alonso Olaolu Arogundade Nicholas Barnard Leo Barnard Jacob Barry Samuel Bisa Thomas Bolton Jack Bolton Matthew Bruer Edward Budd Jack Carey Thomas Cumming Benjamin Daniell Kyle de la Rue Harry Dickinson Daniel Dreher Matthew Duncan Angus Finney Kai Freebody Rishi Ganeshan Thomas Gedye Joshua Gittleman Sam Green Augustin Grgic Nicholas Hammett Christopher Haridemos

Max Hartmann Nicholas Hedley Nathan Heldon Tom Howarth Bailey Hudson William Hyles Tom Iverach Angus Jones Thomas Kennealy Linus Kirkwood Frederick Klein Dario Kmet Hugo Korte Thomas Larcombe Kristian Larsen David Mackey Darcy Maloney Oliver Merchant James Miller Zak Milo Charlie Mitchell Lachlan Morgan Panayiotis Morogiannis Adam Mujic Ethan Nguyen Tom Niisato Tomas Ostroumoff Harrison Pietsch James Piira Edan Reynolds Hugh Robinson Ben Rose James Sankey Oscar Skrbinsek Lachlan Smith Declan-Ray Smith Stefan Stanczew Sasha Stevanovic Liam Thompson Sean Thurbon Zane Vidovic Montgomery White

Year 5 Salman Al Askar Lewis Barr Jan Bock Jacob Bugden William Burns Matthew Cauley Angus Chesworth Spencer Crome Timothy Cross George Dan Maxim de Somer Edward Deeks Nicholas Dimoff Dimitri Efstathiadis Luka Ekmescic Thomas Faulder Joseph Fergusson Benedict Findlay Nicholas Firth Louis Fletcher Benjamin Foote Lachlan Gale Karl Goiser Matthew Grohmann Finn Halloran Justin Harper Luca Hehir Jeremy Herzog Benjamin Hick David Hii Gavin Ho Robin Hodda Cameron Howard Edwin Hur-Thompson Braeden Jaugietis Mohammad Javaid Benjamin Johnstone Nicholas Jordan Shaahil Lalloo Iain Lambert Jasper Larcombe

Harrison Leatham Jonathan Lee Sheldon Lee Kristian Leslie Oliver Love Nicholas McPherson Timothy Memmolo Tommy Milin Duncan Miller Luke Morrissey Tam Nguyen Andrew Noble Matthew Norton Lachlan Peadon Rowan Peden Domenico Pelle James Phillips Harrison Pike Samuel ReadingThompson Harrison Reid Angus Robertson Hugh Robertson James Rogers Eliezer Rubenstein Sturgess Nicholas Russell Pieter Schermers Nicholas Sever Neil Shankar Ajesh Sharma Jack Sheehan Joshua Skinner Jonathon Soper Maximilian Stuart Kai Tanton Lachlan Thompson Daniel Tian Domenic Vido Ayrton Vidovic Connor Vlahos Rawson Wade Avon Wang Brendan Warr Jack Westcombe Casey Nicholas Westerburg Thomas Willingham Nicholas Wilson Tian Ru Yang Tristan Yip

Year 6 Thomas Agnew Darcy Allen Jack Andrighetto Vincent Attanasio David Badcock Nicholas Badcock Sam Blomley James Boric Reilly Box Liam Brodrick Noah Burchett-Knott Nathan Burton Steele Butler Brendan Chan Jared Cheung Elliott Clark Sean Crowther James Deane Luke Faulder Christian Flynn Jack Gaetjens Sean Gibbons William Goddard Archie Gordon Nicholas Graham Jack Hall William Hanson Nicholas Haridemos Ethan Harper Matthew Harrison Thomas Hart Angus Hartmann Daniel Hosie

Jordan Huynh Irwin Ip Kishor J William Jaggers Keshav Karupiah Nicholas Katsogiannis John Kemp John King Luca Kmet Thomas Krnc Deepan Kumar Nicholas Lowe Daniel Lutze Reilly Lynn James Maleganeas Alexander Malone Ryan Martin Elliott Merchant Kai Miller Hugh Mitchell Rocco-Nicholas Mollica Zachary Morgan Neal Morris Devesh Naidoo Nicholas Neiper Joshua Newbery Constantine Nikias Jeremiah O’Connor Harry Paradice Connaugh Pearson James Powderly Rafi Rahman Shayan Rasaratnam Benjamin Reynolds Michael Roach Joseph Robertson Matthew Robson Jordan Schultz Christopher Seidl Stuart Sellar Isaac Singhal Lachlan Skill Huw Smith Hugh Speck Joseph Sullivan Riley Tanton Lucas Thomson Nicholas Thorne Luca Tosolini Jason Tran Dimitri Tremopoulos Ryan Turner Shriram Vaitheeswaran Zachary Weavers Quinn Weber Barnabe White Matthew Williams Dylan Winslade Charlie Woonton Maxwell Young Tal Zwikael

Year 7 Timothy Aitken Mahmoud Al Askar Eisa Al Athari Omar Al Ghardaqa Yassir Albekaa Turki Alsekhan Yasasvie Attygalle Albert Bain Fraser Baird Alessandro Barilaro Ewan Barnett Daniel Barry Dominic Behrens Hugh Beith Leighton Beman Alexander Bezos Jayden Bhummabhuti Thomas Binns Hugo Blomley Fabian Bock Daniel Bokulic Bradley Bolton

Ryan Borg Caruana Heath Bortolin Lawrence Bowler Ewan Boyes Jackson Bretton Thomas Briese Lucas Brinkmeyer Riley Brown James Bruer Robert Bruessel Thomas Bryson Jack Buchanan James Caffery Sean Chan Benjamin Chesworth Marcus Clay Matthew Clearwater Ben Collins Timothy Creer Nicholas Cumming Kye Cummins Joseph Daley Patrick Daly Alex Dao Miles Davis Matthew Di Dio Matthew Docwra Broderick Doran Hugh Douglas Joshua Dowse Ilija Dragovich Cameron Dunn Ewan Dunn Dylan Earley Giuliano Farzan James Field Chaitanya Fisher Ian Fleming David Foote Mitchell Fuller William Geiselhart Eric Gittleman Mark Glanville Vinay Goel Luis Goldacre Christian Gordon Jack Gorman Solomon Grainger Cameron Hammer Isaac Hampton Charles Hancock James Hanson Ryan Harper Angus Harrison Xue Xiao He Dominic Hill Sebastian Hooke Ben Howarth Ricky Hudson Kevin Huynh Alexander James Alexander Jansen Meth Jayawardena Max Jesiolowski Marcus Johnson Charles Jordan Ojas Jyoti Stephen Kemp Jonathon Kevin Thomas King Justin Kniley Matthew Koost Harrison Korte Oskar Koukoulas Zachary Lagos JaeHee Lee Callum Lightbody Jaymes Lindsay Alex Love Hamish Lynn David Maher Liam Maldoni Jackson Markey Nicholas McCabe Benjamin McGinness

Robert Memmolo James Milson-Mahy Dimitri Morogiannis Joseph Neave Dominic Neil Toby Nolan Angus Overheu Jacob Peden Franklin Percy Callum Phillips Lachlan Pino Patrick Robertson Luke Roden Matthew Royds Sheikh Shahriyar Pawan Sharma John Shaw Jesse Sidaros Joshua Silk-Jones Geoffrey Sims Anand Siththaranjan Zachary Skinner Carlin Sloan Benjamin Smart Patrick Soulsby Mitchell St George Bradley Staufenbiel Harry Stephenson Eddie Stewart William Stokoe Trent Storen Daniel Talanine Calum Taylor David Templeman Drew Thompson James Thompson Aidan Thurbon Jeremy Tsuei Mitchell Veit Reagan Vickers Nicholas Volis Kurt von Demleux Anthony Walker Maximilian Wang Connor Warren Jarod Watson Callum Webb Kristan Weereratne Oliver Whitehead Angus Williams Charles Wilson Bezza Wolba Owen Young

Year 8 Olalekan Adeyemi Nabhan Ahmad Nagib Ahmad Yazeed Alqarni Ty Anderson Owen Andrakovic Teniola Arogundade Shane Arora Kelepi Baba Mathew Bailey Matthew_John Bailey Edward Barker Joshua Bernabe Alexander Bicket-Caperal Timothy Black Glenn Brighenti Thomas Brown Oliver Bruer Jacob Cantrill Benjamin Caulton Alexander Champion de Crespigny Sahil Chopra Daniel Clayton Oliver Clinch Leo Coleman Kolya Cook James Cooper Benjamin Croker Alexander Cronan

Thomas Cubbin John Cumming Logan Day Dylan Day Aran Dean Oska Dean Harry Denham Alexander Eckersley Hugh Elliott Brendan Falk Riley Fallon Charles Fleming James Frampton Reid Hamish Francis Angus Funnell Edward Gallagher Omar Gannash Alexander Gellel Thomas Gielen James Gillespie Hooy James Griggs Joseph Hall-Lomax Matthew Hansen Neil Haron Nathaniel Harper Dominic Harvey-Taylor Zija Haxhimolla Hansen He Patrick Hendy Oliver Herzog Daniel Hick Matthew Huckstep Samuel Hudson Christopher Hume Ivan Ip Kevin Jacob Daniel Jang Ryan Jeffreson Aidan Jessup Ryan Kensitt Lachlan Kerton Jordan Kibukamusoke Peter Kiemann Andrew Krnc Daniel Leditschke Tom Lees Zhong Liang John Licinio Jonathan Lindsey Alexander Lombe Brody Lowder Fearghas Macfarlane Callum Macgill Jack Madew Alexander Maleganeas Alexander Markey Joshua Martin Brandon Martin Nithin Mathew Josh Matthews Thomas Matz Rory McCarthy Connor McCormack Thomas McCredie Lorenzo McMiken Samuel McPherson Stephen Melhuish Robert Miniter Jonathon Moore Samuel Moore Daniel Mustaine Benjamin Mynott Scott Noack Cormac O’Dwyer Patrick O’Neil Edward Oakenfull Samuel Osborne Finnegan Osler-Seymour Nicholas Owen Reece Pahn Christopher Phillips Sanjeev Prabaharan Nicholas Roberts Charlie Rotondo David Rule

Patrick Russell Nicholas Ryan Harry Sampson Nicholas Saunders Oliver Savazzi-Kyneur Karl Schaefer Julian Sherman Reis Simpson Edward Sisson A_Prasad Siththaranjan Daniel Smart Aidan Smith Fergus Stafford Dominic Sullivan Damien Thomson Connor Tigwell Oliver Tonks James Waldron Matthew Wallace Jake Waller Max Wallner David Wang Joshua Waugh Oliver Wayte Andrew Whittle Giles Widdicombe Timothy Williams Henry Winter Henry Xu Hyeok Sang Yu Jamie Zhou Ethan Zissler

Year 9 Ali Al Ghardaqa Mustafa Albekaa Andreas Alexandra Bradley Andrews Nathan Andrews Jacob Angelatos Jack Ashurst Oliver Atkinson Perillo Mustafa Awni Michael Bai Sandy Barber Alastair Barnett Thomas Barnsley Andrew Barron Jackson Barry Peter Bassett Adison Bassili Jared Baum Lachlan Bayliss Oscar Bayly Napana Benyasri Niels Beowulf-McGowan William Boag Taylor Callum Bodman Harry Bolton Matthew Boyer Thomas Brodrick Fergus Buckley Thomas Burke Ben Campbell Eamonn Carpenter Stephen Carroll Daniel Carwithen Leigh Cassells Nicholas Champion de Crespigny William Choy Remy Clarke Angus Corbett William Cranney Dominic Dao Lachlan Darrow Brandon Day Anujaya De Silva Alexander Di Dio Otto Dickman Timothy Dowling Damon Doyle Patrick Doyle Nicolas Everett Lochie Ferrier

John Freeman Joshua Fridgant Jackson Friend Christopher Fuller Brendan Fulton Angus Gabbedy Aaron Garbutt Jacob Giannitsios Rohan Gibson James Gilbert James Goddard Alistair Goggs Benjamin Goodnow George Gordon Michael Gordon Kieran Gosney Thomas Gregory Daniel Greiss Matthew Haal-Jensen Andrew Hall Christopher Hammett James Hancock Liam Harris Thomas Harrison Abdullah Hassan Joshua Healey Tobias Herbert Daniel Hesse Robert Hofman William Horsley David Horsley James Howarth James Hughes Sam Irvine Neth Jayawardena Srikar Jha Alexander Jobson Manraj Johal Thomas Jordan Armin Kashan Matthew Kehoe Alastair Kemp Casper Kenworthy Christopher Kim Rory King Harrison Knight Osman Koi Angus Lattimore Leonard Laval-Sebire LongTing Lee James Lightbody Arthur Livanes Daniel Lok Rohan Longbottom Joshua Ly Christopher Lyon Michael Lyristakis Mark MacInnes Maxwell Madew Liam Markey Rohaan Mathew Marcus McCairns Nicholas McGinness Dillon McGrath Dominic Miles Ethan Miller Marko Milutinovic Maxwell Moore Richard Moses James Mountain Adam Mundzic Kevin Murphy Andrew Nguyen Ethan Norman Harry O’Connor Hugh O’Neill Danyon O’Rourke Benjamin Osborne Jack Parker Timothy Peadon Benjamin Peios Harrison Petkovich Lachlan Phillips Liam Pik Zakary Pino

Jason Pover Eranga Punchihewa Benjamin ReadingThompson James Richardson Michael Ridley Hamish Roberts Blake Roden Patrick Rumble Jonathan Sainty Theshikan Santhirasegaran Bailey Scifleet Kean Senaratne Joshua Sidaros Harry Skacel Brayden Sloan Hamish Stafford Owen Steer Storm Strauss Sebastian SummersbyMitchell James Sweetman Shahriar Syed Isaac Tan Thaweekit Tanthaweewong Samuel Thompson David Tian Lachlan Townsend Jordan Trkulja Peter Tsarpalias Alexander Turnbull Oliver Tye Cameron Tysoe Harry Tyson Jordan Veit Luka Vertessy Ryan Vickers Harrison Vlahos Tom Wate-Bootle Oliver Webeck Robert Wells Jacob West Henry Whitehead Connor Wilkinson Max Wills Thomas Willson Ryan Wilshire Alexander Wolski Stewart Woolmer Connor Wroe Peter Yang Tsz Chun Yim Sonam Yoketsang Daniel Zhong

Year 10 Munroe Aboud Ahmed Al Ghardaqa James Allen Faris Alotaibi Sinan Amin Lucas Anderson Richard Annison Caleb Antill Nickolas Archinal Alastair Ashley Richard Bakkum Leland Barnett Elliot Bell-Rowe Ethan Berryman James Binks Matthew Bleich Andrew Bondaruk Ty Bonneau Samuel Bonner Timothy Boxsell William Bruce Thomas Bruer Conor Burdette Philip Burn Robert Campbell James Carwithen Tristan Chedeville




Sathya Chitturi Matthew Clayton Samuel Coggins Dominic Cooper Sean Cross Isaia Curtotti Brenton Dally Cameron Dalzell Matthew Davies Mackenzie Davis Adrian Dawson Nicholas del Rio Benson Deme Rupert Denham Rhys Derwort Ashwin Devanathan Avinash Devanathan Calvin Dicker Nicholas Divall Nicholas Doody Emmanuel Drakakis Rhys Driver Edward Dunlop James English Sanjay Farshid Daniel Fenderson James Feng Patrick Fisher Andrew Flint Alexander Fricker Lopez Aidan Frisch Charlie Frost Dion Georgopoulos Guy Gillespie Joshua Gould Richard Graham Guy Green Tyler Greening Timothy Grey Alasdair Holden Max Hood John Hooke Daniel Horn Timon Howes Kade Howitt Mathew Hull Alistair Hunt Anthony Huynh Sorial Ibraheim Brodie Ingram Michael Ireland Duncan Jamieson Harrison Jenkins Michael Jones Dongjin Kang Constantine Karapanagos Brock Katsanevas Liam Kelly Colin Kelly Liam Kensitt Shabbir Khanbhai Stuart Kiemann Thomas Killalea Frazer Knight Nicholas Kochinos Bright Lai Matthew Leditschke Jonathan Liu Jonathan Locke Edward Lombe Timothy Lyness Oliver MacIntyre Hugh MacKay Charlie Mackenzie Howard Maclean Christian Maldoni Zachary Martin Alex Matthews Oliver Maxwell Callum McKerral Henry Metcalfe Patrick Miller Jacob Miller Toomas Mirlieb Ted Moffitt Alec Morris

Hugh Morrison Clayton Mueller Thuthukani Ndlovu Alan Neverov Cameron Nicholls Lewis Nott Hyungjin Park Vaughn Pears Joseph Percy Richard Perret Dominic Pretorius James Quiggin Auneep Rahim Aran Ravishanker George Rayns Alexander Richards Matthew Riddell Peter Ridley Henri Ritman Samuel Roberts Andrew Robertson Riley Sandeman Connor Sanderson Evripide Sarris Cadeyrn Schmidt Jesse Scully Angus Scutt Shashiharan Senthan Raghav Sharma-Burton Samuel Shelley Sebastian Singh Lachlan Smith Edward Smith-Roberts Tobias Speck Nathan Storen Alexander Swan Mitchell Taylor Damon Taylor Mitchell Taylor Oliver Tridgell Jack Ungerer Russell Vickers Alex Vidler Alexander Vuong Charles Walpole Patrick Warr Sean Whitfield Angus Whittle Hugh Whitton Madison Winnel Edward Winter Terrance Wong Philip Zhu

Year 11 Punkaja Amarasekera Ryan Andrakovic Thomas Atkin Nicholas Babington Christopher Baldwin Harrison Barnett Eliot Bassili Jasper Bedwell Jerome Borg Caruana Oliver Bourne Patrick Breis Hayden Brown Jake Brown Sinan Brown Shin Choi Adam Chyb Peter Clynes Nathan Cook Alexander Coppa David Cribb Naresh Danthanarayana Mitchell Deeble David Dennis Matthew Devereux Liam Doherty James Dowden Matthew Elder Jeremy Ellingham Marian Emmanuel Mark Evans Alexander Fenton

Jeremy Fenton-Menzies Lachlan Fisher Harry Fleming James Foote Thomas Foster Joshua Friend George Frost Ka Hong Fung Reid Furlanetto Luke Gavin Alexander Gondzioulis Harry Gordon Toby Graham Hamish Hardy Zissis Haridemos Angus Hayes Hugo Hodge Benjamin Hogan Michael Holt William Hopkins Oliver Howse Alexander Hutchesson Kerin Jacob Matthew Johnson Jack Johnson Mesake Kaisuva Kevin Kelly Samuel Kennedy-Hine Jamil Khalfan Phillip Khanthavivone Mohammad Khider Alex Kim Karam Kim Daniel Kirkland Johann Kwan Carlyle Laurie Guy Lemmon Adam Lilleyman Sheehan Lim Fergus Longbottom Lachlan Marshall James McArthur Angus McCarthy Hugh McCarthy William McLeod Shane McMiken Joshua Miles Christopher Milford Nicholas Mobbs Declan Moore Hugo Morris Agnivesh Nambissan Matthew Narracott Henry Nash Thomas Nixon Declan Norrie Alexander Nuthall Christopher Parr Tatu Parzefall Patrick Paton Nicholas Perillo Cameron Phillips Hugh Phillips Lawson Pickering Bradley Potts Abhijith Prakash Thomas Pratt Mahesh Preeyadarshanan Nicholas Pullinen Julian Richardson Harry Rumble Michael Ryan Patrick Ryan Archer Sampson Nicholas Schmidt Hal Sefton Jordan Shaw David Sheridan Axel Sidaros Alexander Snowdon Ryley Spears Jack Stanford Thomas Staniforth John Sutton Peter Sweetman Pan Teparak

Proshanta Thapa Timothy Thorne Campbell Tilley Mateya Tomii Vincent Tran Oliver Trump Sebastian Tu Alister Turbayne Bain Samuel Turner Jack Tyson Christopher Valencic James Volis Mark Wearn Darcy Welsh Eoin White Nicholas Willenberg Joseph Williams Emerson Yang Tsz Yim Guo Yu Yi Yuan Chi Zhang

Year 12 Luke Abberton Christian Abhayaratna Thomas Ashton Angus Balmaks Aneale Banerjee Andrew Barnett William Barron Maxwell Bayly Mark Beaver Sam Beaver Daniel Bennett Jacob Bleich Luke Blumenthal Shaan Boolell Angus Bowers Andrew Bradbury Andrew Bromwich Matthew Brown Jack Brownrigg Harrison Bryant Jonathan Burn Matthew Campbell David Carroll Joseph Cavanagh Chun Chan Timothy Chen Aaron Chew Chan Choi Hayden Clinch Harrison Cottle Jackson Cox Evan Cranney Rohan Curtotti Max Cusack Scott Davis Timothy Dickson Zachary Dowse Petros Drakakis Ciaran Edwards-McKeown Junya Eguchi Henry England Peter Ethell Ehsan Farshid Alexander Ferraro Daniel Ferrington Madhav Fisher Samuel Fisher Nicholas Fuller Joel Garbutt George Giannitsios Darcy Gibbs Jack Giffard Nicholas Gilmore Nicholas Graham Timothy Gregory Samuel Hallett George Hancock Steven Harrison Calvin Hayes Daniel Hernandez Albert Ho-Huynh Hugo Horwood

Haikun Huang Jason Hubbard Nicholas Jackson Ashley Jenkins Mitchell Jenkins Christopher Johnson Matthew Keighley Prashant Kelshiker Rowan Kennett Sebastian Kinghorne Michael Kourpanidis Rohith Kumar Edward L’Estrange Samuel La Salle Ian Lawford Samuel Lees Colin Lees Edwin Leung Huan Li Nicholas Lyall Angus Mackie Joshua Mak Jason Marsh Paul Marshall Nicholas McClelland Jack McDonald Crowley Finnian McHugh-Dillon Angus McKerral Elliott McLean Connor McMaster Angus Moore Max Morris Thomas Morrison Scott Murn Christopher Naco Benjamin Nelson Pufah Nuntavisit Kurtis Olsen Henry Olsen Eliot Osborne Jonathan Peake Lewis Pedersen Jack Perren-Leveridge Nicholas Peters Matthew Pilkinton Joshua Pogson Nicholas Purnell John Raineri Samuel Raiz Harry Rasheed Emmett Richardson Joshua Robertson-Elliott William Rocks Charles Royds David Royle Scott Russell Timothy Sanderson Oliver Sawyer Spencer Scutt Marko Sever Lachlan Shelley Dylan Simpson Gurtej Singh Max Singh Ryan Smith Callum Smith William Spencer Jishnu Sreedaran James Stuart-Smith Nicholas Sutherland Nicholas Swan Mitchell Taylor-Briscoe Oscar Tigwell Marko Trkulja Adrian Trowell Sebastian Tsui Mayank Tuteja William Vickers James Wayte William Webber Alan Weiss Anthony Wild Taylor Zena Wolba Yun-Ta Yang

The Canberran 2011, No.79 Copyright Š Canberra Grammar School A publication of Canberra Grammar School With thanks to staff and students across the School for their contributions and invaluable assistance. Editor: Emma Young Graphic Designer: Cate Riley

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