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"Professional quality ramps at a do-it-yourself price"

"One skateboarders dream" Canadian Ramp Company is the result of one skateboarder’s dream to do what he loved. From humble beginnings as the son of a missionary living in Southeast Asia, CRC founder and president, Nathan Bemo was always looking for a place to skateboard, and if he could not find a place, he made a place. In fact, designing skate ramps has been Nathan’s passion for over 20 years. Even today, Nathan is very active in our design department simply because he loves designing obstacles and park layouts that skaters want to ride. This level of experience is not common in the skatepark industry. However, it has been key to our success in becoming the largest skate park designer and builder in the world, constructing over 200 skate parks annually. Specializing in above-ground, in-ground, and hybrid design/build options, CRC remains the only manufacturer in the industry offering every available method of skate park construction – even do-it-yourself kits for those smaller budget projects. CRC’s innovative approach to skatepark design and construction can be experienced all over the world in very diverse cultures and climates. From Canada to the United Kingdom, the United States to Puerto Rico, Iceland to Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong to Taiwan, skateboarders, inline skaters, and BMX bikers are all enjoying creative, challenging, and safe CRC parks that allow them the opportunity to practice their respective sports away from city traffic and landscapes. We look forward to working with you from start to finish in your endeavor to provide such an environment for the youth of your community.

Nathan Bemo, Thailand, 1989

- Jim Moss, CEO

Nathan Bemo, Seattle, Today

"Innovative skatepark design – direct to your community"

Greetings from Canadian Ramp Company! We feel that every community should have a safe place for its skateboarders and BMX riders. CRC wants to support your commitment to providing the current skate generation a high quality facility to safely develop their skills. That’s why Canadian Ramp Company has created a line of Do-itYourself Series skatepark kits, perfect for your small town, community, church, or youth organization. These kits offer a unique opportunity to provide a professional quality product at a greatly discounted price and bring communities together through building the skatepark as a team. Also, involving the youth of the community in the build process will help them to develop a heightened level of pride and respect for their skatepark. In this catalog you will find four sample kit designs ranging in price from $6,500 to $17,500 with freight included. We can even mix and match different elements to customize a skatepark that meets your budget goals and imagination. DIY skatepark kits are delivered 30-60 days after the order is placed. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect skatepark to meet your budget and the needs of the youth in your community. Sincerely,

Nathan Bemo President/Owner/Skateboarder/Designer Canadian Ramp Company

Professionaly designed ramps – competition grade materials – half the price!


all diy kits feature:

CNC Precision

CNC Slotted Locations for Easy Assembly

Heavy Duty 2x6 Precut Framework

Heavy Duty Precut Plywood Substrate

Exclusive UNI-FORM coping System

Galvanized Steel Approach Plate and Galvanized Steel Fasteners

Galvanized Steel Guardrail System

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Edge Protection

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Grindrails

Professional Competition Grade Ramp Armor速 Riding Surface in Your Choice of Black or Tan

From the CNC cut framing templates with lumber slots, to the pre-cut/pre-drilled Ramp Armor 速 surface; Canadian Ramp Company DIY kits include everything you will need to create your own professional grade ramps. All you need are some basic carpentry tools to assemble the ramps because the difficult work is already done. With a little labor and our detailed assembly instructions, installation is a snap!


$6.5K DIY KIT Features: Grind Rails Skate Bench Wedge Launch Ramp Radius Launch Ramp Skate Barrier Grind box

Shown on 21 x 18 m pad.

$12K DIY KIT Features: Quarter Pipe Bank Ramp Grind Boxes Wedge/Flat/Stair Wedge/Flat/Wedge Radius Launch Ramp Grind Rails

Shown on 27 x 14 m pad.

$17.5K street course DIY KIT Features: Quarter Pipes Bank Ramps Grind Boxes Stairs Wedge/Flat/Wedge Planter Grind Rails

Shown on 26 x 10 m pad.

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$17.5K half pipe DIY KIT Features: 4' tall, 20' wide halfpipe with 5' extensions

Shown on 12 x 10 m pad. 7

“When planning a skatepark, your first decision is not what kind of equipment to buy, but rather what company to trust.�

800.591.2417 Canadian Ramp Company 1155 North Service Road West Unit 11 Oakville, ON L6M 3E3 Canada Toll Free: 1-800-591-2417 International: 1-905-777-1SK8 Fax: 1-289-644-2975

Canadian Ramp Company - DIY Kits catalogue  

8 page catalogue featuring 4 unique kits designed by Canadian Ramp Company.

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