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Tips on How to Get Ready for the MCCEE Medical Examination The Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination is the first step in getting a medical license to practice in Canada. You must take and pass it before you can sit for the MCCQE, or the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination, which ultimately leads to your licensure. Here are some tips on preparing for the MCCEE. Start Preparing Early The MCCEE is one of the most difficult examinations you’ll ever take, so it’s important that you start preparing well in advance. The best way to do this is to come up with a long-term study plan that will allow you to take in information in smaller chunks, master it, and review it as you go along. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content, and you can keep reviewing the things you know to keep them fresh in your memory. Study in Shorter Sessions Although it’s important to set aside plenty of study time, it’s also important to make sure that you schedule in some time for breaks. Think of your brain like a muscle. It’s great to exercise it, but pushing it too hard can result in strain. Studies have shown that you will remember far more if you absorb information in smaller chunks. Study periods that are too long can cause exhaustion and actually hinder your ability to retain information over long periods of time. Take Care of Yourself Your brain is a very important part of your body, and like anything else, it suffers when you don’t take care of it. In order to retain the most information possible for the longest amount of time, make sure that you’re eating right throughout the day, drinking plenty of water, and getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep at night. Several studies suggest that your brain “organizes” the information you take in during wakeful periods as you sleep, so getting enough rest can help you recall more information on test day. Practice Often If there’s one rule of thumb that applies to the MCCEE and other medical examinations, it’s “practice as often as possible.” There are numerous options available to you, and an online question bank with plenty of tools to personalize your experience is one of the best. You can study at your own pace, review the things you’re struggling with, and access only the highest quality sample questions available. These questions are almost exactly as they will appear on the exam, so they’re the best practice you’ll get. Review them frequently and make sure to go back and check the topics you struggle with the most.

Above all else, when preparing for the MCCEE, it’s important to stay positive and motivated to succeed. After all, it’s up to you to make sure you understand all of the information that is presented to you. If you don’t, or if you find yourself struggling with certain topics, make use of the resources provided to you by your university, whether these include study groups or tutoring sessions. For more information please visit:

Tips on How to Get Ready for the MCCEE Medical Examination