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The paper created EXCLUSIVELY for farm families and rural residents of east central Alberta 8 PAGES | MAY 21, 2024 Inside... A variety of merchandise, auctions, services and more! Win a colour photo of your farm! See page 4 News Features Agriculture Foundation to build pavilion 2 Cargill proposes expansion . . . . . . 5 Wetaskiwin takes on waste initiative 8
Acres, owned by the
has been drawing attention from people all over the world as part of a growing fascination with the company’s characters, a fold of adorable Highland cattle. See inside story on page 4 of this edition.
Above: Vanessa (Gratrix) Ostrosser, lends a motherly hand to this year’s calf Sugar, who sadly lost her mama Roz shortly after being born.
Gratrix family,
Photo by Lori Larsen

County Corner


Attention Camrose County Businesses!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Business Directory, and we want YOU to be a par t of it!

Are you tired of potential customers or partners not knowing abou t your business in Camrose Coun ty ? With our user-friendly directory, you can easily showcase your business and ser vices to the entire community

Here’s how it w ks:

■ Check It Ou t:

Head over to our website and take a look at the directory

You’ll find a w ide range of businesses already listed, representing the diverse o erings within Camrose County http s ://county camrose .ab ca/work-in.../business-directory/

■ Edit Your Information:

Found your business but noticed some incorrect or incomplete info? No problem! You can edi t your listing with just a few clicks . Keep your details fresh and accurate for all to see.

■ Add Your Listing:

Can’ t find your business in the directory ?

Simply click on “Add L isting” and fill in your business information. After Count y approval, it will be automatically listed.

Our new director y not only helps promote your ser vices but also highlights any job oppor tunitie s you may have available.


Camrose County Greenhouses


Camrose Count y residents can deposit household recycling in the mixed use bins at:

■ Camrose Count y Agricultural Ser vices O ice , 4238-37 Street , Camrose

■ K ingman Transfer Site

■ Kelse y Transfer Site

■ West Dried Meat Lake Regional Land fill

More information can be found by clicking the “Rec ycling” bu tton on the Count y website home page at county camrose .ab ca.


Camrose Count y will be spraying along County Roadsides for the control of brush and weeds commenc ing June 1. Spraying will not be done in front of building sites . The brush control program will be under taken for safet y, ease of snow removal and sight line improvement. Persons must complete an “Agreement for the Restricted Use of Herbic ides for Brush & Weed Control in Sensitive Areas” and must POST Camrose Count y “DO NOT SPRAY AREA” signs prior to May 31, 2024. Agreement s are available on the Camrose Count y website www county camrose .ab .ca

DO NOT SPRAY SIGNS are available for purchase at Camrose Count y Agricultural Ser vice O ice

■ Avonroy Gardens, 1934 6 Township Road 472

■ Ferr y Point Greenhouse, 18532 Township Road 434

■ Glenview Greenhouse , Township Road 491

■ Maplewood Acres Market Garden and Greenhouse, 207 Main Street , Armena

■ Westway Gardens, 200 Railway Avenue, Bittern Lake

■ Wipf ’s Greenhouse , 1 7570 Highway 26

Foundation to build a pavilion

Renaissance Agriculture Foundation wants to build an education pavilion.

The Round Hill Renaissance Agriculture Foundation proposed to construct an education pavilion on the parcel of land they lease from Camrose County on Pt SW 30-48-18-W4.

“I move that Camrose County council approve the proposed construction of an education pavilion for the Round Hill Renaissance Agriculture Foundation on their leased portion subject to Round Hill Renaissance Agriculture Foundation receiving planning approval and proper development permits for the project,” said councillor Tina Sroka.

The Round Hill Renaissance Agriculture Foundation submitted a Legacy Grant application to the recreation committee. They are proposing to build an Education Pavilion on land leased from Camrose County. According to Section 8 of the lease, “the Lessee may upon application to and approval from the County construct or cause to be constructed such permanent developments as may be approved by the County.”

The proposed Pavilion is a permanent structure that will be built on leased land, meaning it then becomes County property.

Now that council approved the project going forward, the recreation com

The COUNTRY BOOSTER, May 21, 2024 – Page 2 Agriculture
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Financing** Available

The rock stars of cattle

Highland cattle are becoming a more familiar sight in pastures around the province, attracting the attention of passersby admiring their fluffy, cartoonlike appearance, curious about the breed and their growing popularity among acreage owners.

For Flagstaff County resident Teresa Gratrix, raising the incredibly unique breed of cattle started with her love for animals, cows in particular. Shortly after the family moved to their acreage in 2006, they joined the Wavy Lake 4-H Beef Club and the passion continued to grow.

“We purchased our fold of Highland cattle in 2020,” said Teresa.

The farm appearing in this photograph is located in the Camrose trading area. If you recognize it as yours, come to the Camrose Booster, 4925-48 Street, Camrose. You will be presented with a free 8” x 10” colour enlargement of the photo.

Of interest, Highland breeders do not call their herd a herd. Instead, it is called a fold, coined in early days when, in the winter, the cattle were brought together at night into open shelters made of stone called folds, in order to protect them from the elements and predators.

“Highland cows are great acreage cows,” noted Teresa. “They are low maintenance and personable.”

Currently, Grazing Acres has a bull (Moses), three cows (Momma, Maggie and Dottie), and their babies (Theodore, Gus, Cinnamon, Sugar and Hazel).

“Our bottle baby Sugar (pictured on front cover), lost her mom Roz a week after she was born this spring.”

Equally passionate about the fold is Teresa’s daughter Vanessa, who has taken the interest in Grazing Acres further through her very talented graphic design and photography work.

“We started an Instagram account for the cows in the fall of 2020, and named it Grazing Acres, (@ grazing_acres),” explained Vanessa. “We shared our Highland hijinks with the world and our following grew quickly to almost 20,000.”

Since its inception, some of Grazing Acres more popular reels, featuring lighthearted music and the shenanigans of these lovable creatures, have accrued over four million views.

“We also create merchandise (including soap, candles, postcards, stationery, wall art and puzzles) with my illustrations and photography, allowing fellow cow lovers to bring home a piece of Grazing Acres,” said Vanessa.

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The COUNTRY BOOSTER, May 21, 2024 – Page 4
INSURANCE Camrose Insurance Financial Solutions Ltd. MICHAEL KELEMEN 5704-48 Avenue Camrose 780-672-9251 780-672-2273 F DIRECTORY THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY FARM IS SPONSORED BY:
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e Battle River Community Foundation was founded in 1995 to ser ve as a conduit to match community-minded donors with worthy causes and organizations that exist to support the local area.

e Battle River Community Foundation is seeking a Parttime Administrative Assistant, 25 hours per week, to provide comprehensive administrative support and ensure the smo oth operation of our day-to-day activities. is role requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask e ciently.

Duties and resp onsibi lities w ill include:

• Provide administrative support including maintaining accurate donor and granting records

• Perform general o ce tasks such as ling, photocopying, and organizing supplies.

• Assist with dra ing and proofreading communications materials, including grant letters and social media posts.

• Respond to inquiries from donors, grant recipients, and other stakeholders in a timely and professional manner.

• Support the planning and coordination of foundation events, including scheduling meetings, preparing materials, and managing logistics.

• Collaborate with the Executive Director and other sta members to support foundation initiatives and projects.

• Work e ectively as part of a team to achieve organizational goals.

• Other duties as assigned.

e successful candidate will have a high school diploma or equivalent, proven experience in a non-pro t or communitybased organization administrative role, strong organizational and time management skills.

e Battle River Community Foundation o ers a competitive wage and a supportive work environment where you can make a meaningful impact in our community

To apply, please submit your resumé and a cover letter detailing your quali cations and interest in the position to Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2024.

Congra t ula tions

d likke e to acknowledge Troy Shackel (p he e completion of his Funeral Director’s liicens has worked tirelessly over the past 2 years towards th ming a licensed funeral director and embalmer at the Cana ege of Funeral Services. The amount of dedication it takes to w time while undergoing a full course load as well as raising a fammil o small feat. The level of commitment and dedication he has shown n a t testament to the attributes that he possesses. These attributes will be evident to all the families he serves as he helps guide them through the process of caring for their loved ones e who have passed away Bart and the Burgar Fuunneral Home staaff commend his efforts and congratulate Troy on his acccomplishment. We are proud to stand beside him as we continue to o serve the familiies in our community.

him as we continue to serve the families in our community


Cargill proposes expansion

Cargill Limited is one step closer to expanding at the canola crush plant.

They received a Business Incentive Grant from Camrose County after submitting a preliminary application.

“I move that Camrose County council approve the Tier 2 Business Incentive Grant application submitted March 6 by Cargill Limited for a development located on E 1/2 26-46-20W4M and E 1/2 25-46-20W4M, under development permit 22-161 in principle and

further, direct administration to present the grant allocation for final approval at a future council meeting when the Certified Written Appraisal has been submitted as per Bylaw 1305,” said councillor Doug Lyseng at the regular meeting of the council on May 14.

Camrose County, the City of Camrose and Cargill have been in discussions regarding the planned expansion to the current Cargill Crush Facility, Cargill has submitted a preliminary application for the Business Incentive Grant (BIG


Administration has discussed this with Cargill executives and although the application will not be officially submitted until the expansion has been completed, they are providing it at this time to indicate their plans to apply in the future.

The project will employ about 200 additional people in the area.

“It should be noted on the application, we specify that our current development permit value was $30 million.

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The COUNTRY BOOSTER, May 21, 2024 – Page 5
4817-51 Avenue, Camrose Phone 780-672-2121 www.burgar RECORDED OBITUARY LINE : 780-67 9-24 00 "Ser ving your communit y for 118 year s" FARM EQUIPMENT • VEHICLES • BATTERIES • APPLIANCES • ETC. We also provide scrap metal bin services and site cleanups. Call us today for more info: 780-900-4960 Free public scrap metal drop-off bin on site 24/7! 135-46272 Highway 56 Camrose County Riding mowers and zero turn mowers at at trac tive pricing. Call Sheila today! See our lineup! WWW.A MR AA .C A • HW Y 13 & 56 • CAMROSE , AB 780-673-9593 SPRING EVENT Corn Planting Book your acres toda y! quid S eed Star ter now available. Also, count on us for: Seeding, Silaging, Bagging (14-ft . bags ) Any size job welcome, big or small. Hank 403.78 3.1270 • Darren 403.70 4.0843 Hank Darren SE ASON IS FAST APPROACHING

Rural Albertans know how to get down to business.

They’re the heart of Alberta’s economy: the coffee shops and construction companies, the AG operations, oilfield services and retail stores. They’re the small and mediumsized businesses that keep money moving and folks working in our rural communities.

At Vision Credit Union, we’re proud to serve businesses like these with personalized support, common sense lending policies and products that work with life here.

Learn how Vision Credit Union can help your company get down to business today.

Rock stars of cattle

Continued from page 4

With a goal of allowing even more people the pure joy of experiencing these charming cows up close, Grazing Acres will be hosting the first farm event on June 21st and 22nd.

“This will be a Highland cow themed paint night called “Cows on Canvas”, said Vanessa. “Guests will get to interact with the cows and paint a picture of a Highland cow.”

For those interested in attending the evening event, visit the Grazing Acres website at

lightful animals really are the rock stars of the cattle world.

While originally their coats were predominantly black, the more popular red coats are the result of selective breeding of the reddish colour after a comment from Queen Victoria during a trip to the Highlands, saying she preferred the red-coloured cattle.

Today, the breed comes in a variety of colours including yellow, brindle, dun and white, as well as the red and black.

The breed is also very hardy and able to naturally

The Highland cow

As the name would imply, the Highland cattle breeds originated in the Highlands and west coastal islands of Scotland, where their physical characteristics made them adaptable to the harsh climates and North Atlantic gales.

Highlands are known for the double coat of hair, consisting of a downy undercoat and long outercoat, which can reach up to 13 inches long. The outercoat has a natural oil that repels rain and snow, which is one of the reasons this breed of cattle does well in Alberta.

Characterized by their long shaggy hair that falls haphazardly over their faces and between a set of long curved horns, these de-

convert to poor grazing conditions, which is another reason why they have become a popular choice for acreage owners.

As Teresa eases in and out of the fold, she softly speaks to each cow, petting their moplike heads and telling them about her day. They respond with gentle nudges and tilted heads, as though they are totally aware of what she is saying.

“Spending time with the cows at the end of the day is my favourite way to relax,” smiled Teresa.

Personally, I can’t imagine a better way to unwind than hanging out with a bunch of gentle furry friends who seem to, quite sincerely, be happy to see you.

The COUNTRY BOOSTER, May 21, 2024 – Page 6
Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Hazel tosses back her long tresses as if to say “I’m furry and I’m fabulous.”
PROJECT Entrepreneurial Albertan PUBLICATION Camrose Booster CLIENT Vision Credit Union SIZE 5.6" x 8" 1/4 page vertical DOCKET 4706 INSERTION Week of May 20 IVY DESIGN INC 403 605 2806
Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Grazing Acres fold members consist of a variety of colours.
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• Personal and Corporate Tax

• Consulting and Virtual CFO Services

Cargill proposes future expansion

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“This was reflective of a less defined scope for the proposed project. We feel that our post construction certified appraised value for this project will meet the Tier 2 criteria. We also appreciate that other tax and credit programs are being considered by the County in lieu of the Business Incentive Grant and Cargill Limited will be notified of any changes that will impact this application,” said Thomas Hill in a letter to council.

To be eligible for the Business Incentive Grant, all the following criteria must be met, the applicant must: Application shall be at least $100 million in Business Development as per the Certified Written Appraisal; applications shall be submitted on the form prescribed by the County; be a legally incorporated entity; the Business Development shall

• Bookkeeping Services 780.67 9.8960 www.cher Integrity | Experience | Direction is published for Controlled Distribution By CAMROSE BOOSTER LTD.

be located in an Industrial or Commercial Zone as per the Camrose County Land Use Bylaw; the approved Development Permit must be issued on or after January 1, 2013, by Camrose County prior to construction; possess the required financial resources to complete the project; be the legal owner of the Business Development or provide a copy of the lease agreement upon application; apply during the Business Incentive 20-year period; taxes must be paid in full by the deadline date of July 31 or another date as established by council.

The Business Incentive Grant shall be granted for a term of 20 years, paid after September 1 of each grant year and equate to a maximum of 10 per cent of the Certified Written Appraisal paid over a 20-year period.

Blain Fowler Publisher Circulation 11,639 copies

Providing coverage to the communities of Camrose (RRs and Boxes only), Ohaton, Edberg, Meeting Creek, Donalda, Bawlf, Kelsey, Rosalind, Daysland, Heisler Strome, Forestburg, Galahad, Castor (farms), Killam, Sedgewick, Lougheed, Coronation/Brownfield, Alliance, Hardisty, Amisk, Hughenden, Czar Metiskow, Cadogan, Provost (farms), Armena, Hay Lakes, New Sarepta, Round Hill, Kingman, Tofield, Ryley, Holden, Bruce, Viking, Kinsella, Irma, Wainwright (farms and lock boxes), New Norway Ferintosh, Bashaw Bittern Lake, Gwynne, Stettler (farms).

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone 780-672-3142 Fax 780-672-2518

The COUNTRY BOOSTER, May 21, 2024 – Page 7
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Kroetsch Custom Farming
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• Small Business and Farm Accounting Services
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4925-48 Street,
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T4V 1L7


The County of Wetaskiwin and Nova Scotia based Sustane Technologies announced a collaborative venture, which will increase sustainability and drive economic growth by transforming waste into valuable resources.

This partnership will adapt Sustane’s award winning and proven technologies specifically for Alberta and will set a precedent as the first end to end circular waste solution of its kind in the province.

“The Sustane Technologies’ project represents a significant opportunity for the County of Wetaskiwin to lead in innovative waste management solutions,” said Josh Bishop, Reeve of the County of Wetaskiwin. “This project not only fosters economic development but also strengthens our commitment to environmental objectives, aligning with our vision for longterm sustainability.”

This project is poised to deliver economic benefits by creating 30 to 35 local jobs.

The COUNTRY BOOSTER, May 21, 2024 – Page 8 Wetaskiwin takes on waste initiative CONTACT INFORMATION Regarding the Fl y-In Break fast , pilots may contact : Barry Graham, 780-608-7004 Email : Regarding our Airport and info on basing your aircraft in Camrose contact : Ron Vanden Dungen, Airport Manager Days 780-672-4 426 Email :
One of
largest fly-ins in Western Canada with about 10 0 aircraft expected
served rain or shine!
• Breakfast
Camrose Air Cadet Program
Game Association,
thanks for their
with this event. A Hear ty Western Break fast will be served 7 a.m. to 12 noon • Orange Juice • Steaming Hot Coffee • Brat wurst and Back Bacon • Farm Fresh Eggs • Fluf fy Pancakes All you can eat $1500 per person 6-12 years $700, Under 6 years FREE Fl yers and Non-Fl yers Welcome! @camrose flyingclub /CamroseFlyInBreak fast at Camrose Airpor t, Sunday, May 26, 2024 Fly -In Breakfast 65th ANNUAL CAMRO SE FLYING CLUB/C OPA F LIGHT 137 Box 15 84, Camrose, Alber ta T4V 1X4 • 1990 JOHN DEERE 8560 4WD tractor, 6,225 hrs. • 2009 CASE IH Maxxum 140 Pro MF WD tractor, 139 engine hp., 120 pto. hp., 5,758 hours. • 1983 JD 4250 tractor w/ FEL , 6,730 hrs., VG cond. • 1982 JD 4440 tractor w/ FEL , 5,187 hours. • 1976 CASE 970 w/ Degelman 9’ front blade, 8,454 hrs. • 1966 JOHN DEERE 4020 tractor, 100 hp. diesel. • 1976 JOHN DEERE 4630 tractor, 150 hp • 1985 JOHN DEERE 750 tractor, 20 hp., 3 pt. hitch 1946 Ford 8N tractor (not running) • 2023 SUPREME INTL SEG7T twin screw vertical TMR feed mixer. • HIGHLINE 8100 bale processor. • NH 358 mixermill w/ Forester auger, shedded. • 2006 Ford F -350 Hydra-Dec bale truck, diesel. • 1960 IH 190 t/a bale truck, 28’ self -load / unload. • FLE XI- COIL postpounder • RENN grain roller. • ARROW cattle squeeze. • HI HOG hydraulic cattle squeeze, calf tipping table, & complete handling system • (60) NEW HD 24’ freestanding panels. • (10) NEW HD 24 ft panels w/ 10 ft. gates. • ±(50) Assor ted panels. • Pipe framed alley. • (5) 16’ por table windbreaks. • (15) 24’ pipe framed HD feed bunks. • 24’ calf shelter. • Round bale feeders. • Creep feeder. • Ranchhand calf catcher • Ritchie poly livestock waterer. • Ideal calf puller. • Hoof trimmers. • Stewart electric livestock clippers. • All-Flex tagging guns. • Ear tags. • Stomach Pump. • Castrating supplies. • Lariats. • (14) New Oak Lake cat tle backrubber concentrate bottles. • Maternit y Pen. • Mineral tub. • 16’ Texas gate TRAILERS • 2002 TRAILS WEST 22 ft . gooseneck stock trailer • 2019 PJ 20 ft . t/a tilt deck trailer, 16’ tilt + 4’ deck. • 2010 PJ t/a dually 30 ft . gooseneck trailer SWATHING & HARVEST • 2009 MACDON M200 s/p swather 30 ft. split reel p/u • 2016 MACDON DWA double windrow swather at tachment , w/ mounting brackets • 2009 CASE IH 8120 s/p combine w/ Case IH 14 ft. pickup header, 3,397 threshing hrs., 4,471 engine hrs. • 2011 & 2010 CASE IH 2142 rigid 35 ft . draper headers. • JOHN DEERE 2320 s/p swat her, 20 ft., double swath. • 1996 CASE IH 8220 p/t swather, 25 • 2013 INTERNATIONAL Prostar t/a grain truck w/ 20 ft . steel box & hoist, 520,000 km, automatic. • 2004 GMC 2500 quad cab long box truck, 390,000 km, Durama x diesel. • 2005 GMC 3500 Sierra quad cab truck w/ flatdeck, 201,263 km, Durama x diesel. • 2011 FORD F-350 quad cab diesel truck. • 1979 CHEVROLET C70 s/a grain truck w/ 15 ft. steel box & hoist, 366 gas, 65,230 km • 2001 FORD F-150 regular cab truck, 122,000 km • 2000 GMC 2500 crew cab truck, 230,000 km • 2011 FORD F150 2WD reg cab truck, 111,077 km TILLAGE • 2001 JD 1820 40 ft . air drill w/ JD 1900 TBH tank • 1994 MORRIS MA XIM 39’ air drill w/ Morris 7180 tank • IH 5600 deep tillage 40 ft chisel plow. • 2016 ELMERS Super 7 harrows • FLEXI- COIL System 95 harrow packer, 40 ft • ALTEEN 20 ft . t/a offset disc
JOHN DEERE 310 tandem disc , 14 ft
KELLO -BILT 176 t/a 12 ft . tandem offset disc GRAIN HANDLING
2012 BR ANDT 5200EX grain vac, 333 hours, 1000 pto. • 2013 FARM KING 1370 electric swing grain auger, 13”, 70 ft., dual auger hopper flighting. • 2010 BUHLER SORTEX Z+ grain colour sor ter, 3 shoot, rated for 350 bushel / hr HAYING • 2017 JD 569 round baler, 5,834 bales, 1000 pto. • 1987 JD 530 round baler, monitor, 540 pto. • 1998 JD 566 round baler, 21,766 total bales • 1976 JOHN DEERE 346 square baler w/ ¼ turn chute. • NEW HOLL AND 1033 square bale wagon. • 2001 JOHN DEERE 936 discbine, 11½ ft., 1000 pto. • 1994 HESSTON 1160 hydraswing haybine, 14 ft • 2016 FARM KING 12 wheel Easy “V” hay rake • MORRIS 881 t/a self load / unload hay hiker, 8 bale • JD 896A side delivery 10 ft. rolabar hay rake • JIFF Y 700 hi-dump silage wagon. SIDE X SIDE & MOTORBIKES • 2009 POLARIS RANGER 700 crew side x side, 2,427 miles. • 1987 Husqvarna 400WR. • 1985 Honda 250XR. • 1982 Kawasaki KDX 450. • 1982 Kawasaki KDX 175. • 1986 Honda CR 250. • 1990 Suzuki 250 RMX. • 1982 Yamaha 175 IT. • 1984 & 1985 Yamaha 250 IT. • (2) Aluminum motorbike stands ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES Authenticit y Guaranteed on gold coins , silver bars & hockey cards + shipping w/ insurance is available • (80) - 2020 Royal Canadian Mint 1/10 oz gold coins. • (20) - NTE 10 ounce silver bars. • McDavid, Ovechkin, & Matthews Young Guns R/C’s. • Coffey, Kurri, & Bossy graded rookie cards. • (3) - IH 1½ - 2½ HP restored pump engines. • Quantit y of IH parts pump engines. • Cast iron hand water pumps. • Vintage trolley grain scale w/ weights. • Rare Case Barrett No. 2 railroad jack. • 1913 NATIONAL cash register, working condition. • Vintage oil tins including RARE “Red Indian” tins. • ± (15) - NFR belt buckles. • ± (500) - Pin collection w/ Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon pins • Quantit y of nice shed deer antlers. • + MUCH MORE! MISCELLANEOUS • Miller Bobcat 225 AC/DC 8500 watt welder / generator w/ cables on s/a trailer. • Miller M225P arc welder. • Swisher trail t ype mower, 44” deck, 10.5 hp. • West ward trail t ype yard sprayer, B & S 3.5 hp. motor. • Field King ES300 quad sprayer. • Land Pride 3 pt. hitch mower. • 4 ft. homebuilt land roller • Ingersoll Rand XP-185 portable air compressor. • (3) Air compressors. • 30 ft. bale pipe racks. • Palfinger Man basket. • 5000 watt generator. • Asphalt cutter w/ backhoe mount. • Quantit y of 20’ & 30’ lengths of yellow jacket pipe. • (15) lengths of 2 7/8” tubing. • Husqvarna 42” ride on mower. • Sears snowblower. • Sears rototiller • Devonn 3 pt hitch 6’ blade. • Eagle 5 hp. 60 gallon upright air compressor. • Ox y Acet ylene torch w/ cart. • Carolina Industrial metal bandsaw • Hyd. pipe crimper. • Berger Instruments 200B leve transit w/ tripod. • Rock well Beaver tablesaw. • Flexicoil 5000 air drill parts. • (70) 2’ x 6’ x 16’ tongue & groove pine boards. • Honda 2200w generator. • Honda GX160 water pump. • Honda GC 160 5 hp. motor. • Hypro 1502XL silver series roller pump. • (2) New MacDon hydraulic reel drive motors. • (3) New Lion hydraulic rams. • Oberg 900 series reusable oil filter. • Big Red 3.5 gallon parts washer. • 2000 lb. 12V winch. • (25) Makita 14” cut -off saw wheels. • (2) Cut off saws. • (2) ITC 3/4” socket sets. • Wrench sets. • Pipe, torque & crescent wrenches. • Lincoln 12v grease guns. • Motomaster batter y charger • + MUCH MORE! DUNKLE AU C TION SERVICES INC. Dunkle Au ctions: 1-877- UP4BIDS (874 -2437) dunkleauctions .com PRE VIE WING HOURS: 9 AM TO 7 PM STARTING JUNE 6 BIDDING STARTS JUNE 6 AT 10 AM AND BIDS START CLOSING ON TUESDAY, JUNE 11 AT 10 AM NO BUYER’S PREMIUM PICTURES on WEBSITE AB LICENSE #209769
• Proceeds to the
and Camrose
as sistance
LOCATION : Items have been re -located to Dunkle Auctions sale site. From Castor go 6 km nor th on Highway #861 GATE SIGN : 38308A Hw y #861 ~ SE 22-38-14- W4

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