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2023 Vol. LXXII, No. 24 City Edition – 32 Pages Country Edition – 40 Pages May 7, 2024
News Features Jane's Walk returns for second year 2 Reflections by Bonnie Hutchinson 4 Supporting an inclusive community 14 Nominate a good neighbour . 17 100 years of community/international projects for Rotary Camrose 18 Second Giving Day assists Augustana students 28 Canada Safeway   Hauser Home Hardware   M & M Food Market   Peavey Mart   Rona   Shoppers Drug Mart   Walmart   Wild Rose Co-op   ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔* ✔* ✔* ✔* To Camrose Homes To Rural Homes Tuesday With Booster ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔* ✔* ✔* ✔ *partial coverage This Week's Flyers Local bullrider Coy Robbins, who has become a household name across North America for those who follow the sport, will be riding this weekend. Inside Who Can I Count On? 6 Out and About 11 to 13 City of Camrose 15 On the Road 20 and 21 Obituaries 22 to 25 Classifieds 29 and 30 Central Agencies Realty Inc. 31 and 32 Saturday, May 11 The Rose City Invitational PBR is coming back to Camrose for the third straight year Some of the very best bullriders in Canada will be matched up with the best bulls in the country to ensure a head-to-head matchup of guts, grit and glory . Make sure to bring your party hats as there will be a live concert following the bone-jarring bullriding action On stage will be Garrett Gregory and FOXX Worthee This PBR event happens Saturday evening, May 11 See the ad on page 13 of this issue for more information
Photo supplied by Coy Robbins

Exterior Door Sale

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In honour of Jane Jacobs, an urban activist and author who believed strongly in the power of ordinary people to shape their communities, Walkable Camrose and the City of Camrose will be partnering again this year to offer a Jane’s Walk free program of activities.

“After a successful launch in 2023, we’re bringing back a couple of our popular walks and adding some new activities as well,” explained Walkable Camrose chair Emily Sangster.

Jane’s Walk originated in Toronto in 2006, to commemorate Jacobs’ legacy and encourage people to engage with their neighbours. For more information, visit

The three in-person walks planned for Camrose participants include the following:

Friday, May 10 beginning at 2:30 p.m. – Participants are asked to meet outside the Sweeterie (4812-48 Street). “Based on the popularity of last year’s heritage walk, we’re bringing back this walking tour highlighting the variety of heritage homes and storefronts downtown,” explained Sangster.

Saturday, May 11 beginning at 10 a.m. – Participants are asked to meet outside the Chuck Mac Lean Arts Centre (5041-50 Street).

“Walkers of all ages are invited to join the City of Camrose Arts & Culture

Jane’s Walk returns for second year

staff for a kid-friendly exploration of some of the City’s beautiful public art.”

Saturday, May 11 beginning at 2:30 p.m. – Participants are asked to meet outside the Stoney Creek Centre (5320-39 Avenue) where Dr. Greg King of the University of Alberta Augustana Campus, will introduce the amazing benefits of the urban forest, and how anyone can make the most of the trees that surround them.

Participants are not required to register and are reminded to wear comfortable walking shoes, dress according to the weather and bring a water bottle to remain hydrated.

“We’re looking forward to getting outside to explore our wonderful city togeth-

Don Hutchinson, Comptroller; Andrea Uglem, Accounts Receivable; Beck y Bolding Admin. Assistant

er,” said Sangster. Two self-guided activities have also been planned leading up to the “walk weekend.” From May 3 to 12, keep an eye out for Jane’s Conversation Connectors around the Mirror Lake trails, to learn more about Jane Jacobs and spark discussion with your walking partners. From May 3 to 20, check out the Walkable Camrose Facebook page for photo prompts to inspire you when you’re out for a stroll.

Jacobs’ passion was to

We acknowledge the suppor t of the Government of Canada.

build healthier and safer communities by discouraging car-centred approaches to urban planning and encouraging more walkable communities.

Walkable Camrose and the City of Camrose hope to continue that legacy within the Camrose community with a goal that the Jane’s Walk weekend will create a longlasting awareness of the important role walkable communities play for, not only the health of the community but the wellbeing of its, residents.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 2 24052ZD0 Steel or fibreglass 2x4 or 2x6 walls in-swing, or out-swing primed pine frame. 10% OFF 6 PANEL PRE-HUNG EXTERIOR DOORS ADD A KNOB & DE ADBOLT AT 10% OFF AS WELL! Windsor Plywoo d 4705 -41 St., Camrose • Ph. 780- 608-WOOD (9663) HOUR S: Monday to Friday, 8 am -5 pm; Saturday, 9 am -4 pm
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Mother’s Day musings

Of holidays in the year, the one that causes me the most discomfort is Mother’s Day. Ever since I became a mother six-plus decades ago, I’ve felt a tad fraudulent.

For openers, the qualifications required to be a mother are not rigorous. You don’t have to study or demonstrate skills or pass tests or promise to do your duty.

Think about it. You need more qualifications for practically any job on the planet than for taking on the world’s most important job–being a parent and therefore sharing responsibility for the survival of our species.


Mother knows best? I don’t recall ever feeling sure that I knew best. I was just doing the best I could, from a state of complete overwhelm.

In those days, as now, advice was available from everywhere. Today’s advice is available from more sources. However, as in the olden days, advice is conflicting. Who do you believe?

“Trust your instincts,” somebody said. I didn’t know if I had any instincts. The expectation that I should know best–when I knew I did not – was hugely intimidating.


When I became a mother, I experienced for the first time how profoundly we cannot ever be totally in control. Once you’re pregnant, your body will do what your body will do. Whether you take prenatal classes or watch videos or read information or don’t do any of that, your labour and delivery is going to be what it’s going to be. If you’re fortunate, you can arrange for a helpful environment. You cannot control how your body handles the process.

A humbling but useful life lesson: do not expect that you will ever be able to control every aspect of your body or your life.


I’ve listened to stories of men and women whose lives have been enriched or even saved by the actions and words of their mothers. I’ve listened to stories of women and men who have been harmed beyond words by the actions and words of their mothers.

I’ve spent time with young mothers, mostly in their teens, who were trying to get off the streets. When I listened to stories of what these young women had been through, I ached for them. I marvelled at their fierce determination to provide a different world for their babies.

One young mom was inundated with desperate calls from her mother who was homeless again and wanting to couch surf with the daughter. The daughter wanted to help her mother. She also knew that her alcoholic drugaddicted mother would be destructive to the young mom’s fragile living arrangement with her baby.


Motherhood taught me that pure joy shows up in unexpected forms, in moments of delight that you could never have created intentionally.

Motherhood taught me that some things cannot be fixed. You can’t click a “reset” button and make things like they were before.

When I became a mother, I became more compassionate of my own mother.


Here’s what I’ve concluded–tentatively!

Whether by choice or by accident, the majority of women become mothers.

Most mothers love their children as best they can, shaped in part by how they have or have not been loved.

Most mothers do the best they can with what they know and what they’re capable of and what their children present to them that nobody could have predicted.

On Mother’s Day, let us honour our mothers in a way that makes sense for us–including not at all! Let us have compassion for mothers and children doing the best they can.

On Mother’s Day, for those of us who are mothers, let us appreciate the gifts that motherhood has given us. Let us be at peace with ourselves and however our children choose to recognize the day–including not at all!

I’d love to hear from you. If you have comments about this column or suggestions for future topics, send an email to I’ll happily reply within two business days.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 4
SERVICE AWARD Murray Green, Camrose Booster Save-On Foods Camrose grocery manager Mike Clark received a certificate and basket of items after being selected as a top employee in 2023 from manager Christopher Innes on April 24. The Camrose store was the winner of the top store in Canada out of about 200 stores for Customer Service Excellence earlier in the year. Camrose
Fire fighter Business Manager JUST A FEW OF THE MANY BENEFITS AND RE WARDS OF BEING ON THE CAMROSE FIRE DEPARTMENT: • In house training • Life Experience • Learn Lifesaving Skills • Involvement in the Communi ty • Family Atmosphere INTERESTED IN JOINING THE FIRE DEPARTMENT ? Find more information and application forms at ire or call the hall at 780.672.2906 or stop by the hall to speak with one of our members in person. Now recruiting
Paid-ON-CALL Fire fighters
Volunteer FirefighterS

Second Language

Early French Immersion

■ École Sifton School, Camrose

Students can enter in Pre-K, Kindergar ten or Grade 1

Early and Late French Immersion

■ École Charlie Killam School, Camrose

Students in Early Immersion transition to École Charlie Killam School for Grades 6 to 8. Late French Immersion is also available for families looking to star t French Immersion in Junior High.

Students can enter this program in Grade 6.

■ École Camrose Composite High School

French Immersion students transition to École Camrose Composite High School for Grades 9 to 12.

A full academic program is available to take students through to graduation.

The Battle River School Division is proud to o er a qualit y French Immersion program with a focus on academics.

Students registered in our French Immersion Programs also have equal access to school spor ts teams and options.

Join us at an OPEN HOUSE

École Sif ton School (4807-43 Street , Camrose):

Pre-K and Kindergar ten | Tuesday, June 11, 5:30 p.m.

École Charlie Killam School (4809-46 Street , Camrose):

Grades 6 to 8 | Thursday, May 23, 4:00-6:00 p.m.

French Soirée | Monday, June 3, 6:30 p.m.

École Camrose Composite High School, (6205-48 Ave, Camrose) Please call us and arrange a personal tour! l

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 5 Combining our strengths, uniting our people. Western Financial Group is proud to welcome Central Agencies Insurance to the team. Telephone: 780-679-0822 Toll free: 1-800-898-3336 CA MROS E 3720 B- 48 Avenue Corner of Highways 13 & 26 Stay connected with a top quality cell booster while on the go, camping, at home or in the shop. See us for reliable products. Competitively priced. NEED A CELL SIGNAL BOOST? Give your child the gift of a g
BRSD o ers both Early and Late French Immersion. All are welcome!

WHO can I count on?

Your handy dire ctor y for area profes sionals, tr adesmen and se rvice businesses


Camrose Registry Ltd. 5613-48 Avenue, Camrose Phone (780)672-1671, Fax (780)672-1982


recently moved to the street level location.

through the pages of e Booster

• It was a day that thirteen-year-old Megan Pfeifer won’t soon forget. She spent two hours skating with Canadian Men’s Champion and former world champion Elvis Stojko in a Youth Skating Clinic awarded to winners of MasterCard Canada’s “My most priceless moment in skating” essay competition. Megan’s essay was one of more than 750 submitted from skaters across Canada. Her win not only involved the opportunity to attend the clinic, but also included an all-expenses paid trip to Toronto for the occasion.

• Camrose Meals on Wheels celebrated twenty-seven years of volunteer service to the community. The first meals were delivered January 8, 1973, with five churches providing drivers to deliver the meals. The first meals were provided by Versa Foods at St. Mary’s, costing recipients $1.00. To mark the milestone, Mayor Norm Mayer proclaimed Meals on Wheels Week in Camrose. On hand for the proclamation were Board Members Erna Radke, Bernice Olufson and Lois McNary, and Coordinator Tricia Dey-Twomey.

• The East Bittern Lake Helping Hand Club celebrated its 45th Anniversary at the Norsemen Inn. Attending were five ladies who were at the first meeting on March 17, 1954, at the home of Mrs. Julian Sanders. These were Pat Allen and her mother Audrey Coumont, First SecretaryTreasurer Vera Sanders, First President Maurine Owen and Ida Lachman. They were each given red roses by President Mary Hilgartner on behalf of the club.

• A full house greeted the Barbershoppers at their “Happiness in Harmony” Concert at the Charlie Killam School. A highlight of the evening was the inimitable humour of Master of Ceremonies Ed Marken. There were two choruses: The Rose City Barbershoppers, directed by Rudy Magneson, and the Mirror Lake Chapter of Sweet Adelines, directed by Betty Baker. Quartets included “The Pretenders” Jack Ross, Cliff Hoyme, Marvin Weber and Rudy Magneson, of Camrose.

• The City of Camrose spent $79,100 on snow removal during the 1973-74 winter season, of which $51,000 was spent between January 1 and April 15, 1974. The 1973 budget was $40,000 for snow removal but the actual cost was $45,000 for the calendar year. The obvious reason for the over expenditure was the record snowfall of over eight feet during the past winter. Extra men and equipment were literally snowed under time and again, and it was a major challenge just to keep the arteries open.

• MLA Gordon Stromberg announced that Agriplast Ltd. of Edmonton were under licence to Bremen Development of London, England, will be locating a $3 million facility in Camrose for the conversion of erucic rapeseed into urethane polymers. The production of agriplast will require half a million bushels of erucic rapeseed. This plant will be the first of its kind in the world.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 6
Murray Green, Camrose Booster Vitality Restoration and Aesthetics held a grand re-opening on April 26 to mark the new location at #101,
5015-50 Avenue in the Professional Building.
Owner Joni Pinder, left, staff Jerrica Kress, City of Camrose Mayor PJ Stasko, staff Jerrica Schacher and Shelby St. Jean celebrated the occasion with a ribbon cutting. The business has been open for seven years, but
HOURS: Mon. - Fri., 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; Sat. 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. We
and Debit for payment Alberta Registry Services • Vehicle Registration • Operator Services • Pro-Rate and Fleet Registrations • Out of Province Inspection Requests • Learners exams Personal Property Services • Lien Searches • Register Finance Statements • Register Writs of Enforcement • Register Garage Keepers Liens Corporate Services • Corporate Registries – Level • File Annual Returns • Register Trade Names/ Partnerships • Incorporate Companies Vital Statistics • Birth/Marriages/Death Certifi • Marriage Licences Other Services Include • Land Title Searches • Raffle Licences • Traffic Fine Payments Road tests can be booked through our website at PLUMBING – Glen Mandrusiak –Plumbing • Heating Gas Fitting • Hot Water Tanks JORGENSEN Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 5503-52 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 0X7 78 0-672-26 04 Leaks Fixed Fast! HOT TUBS HOT TUB SALES & SERVICE WE SELL • We service all makes and models. • Financing O. A.C. R & D Hot Tubs “The home of outstanding customer service” 3843 F - 44 Ave. • 78 0.679.4 00 3 Please phone 78 0.672. 3142 to get your business in this handy director y. PIANO TUNING CAMROSE PIANO & ORG AN LTD. Tunings ~ Repairs 780-672-6100 Serving Central Alberta since 1985
accept Cash, Cheque,

An nua l G en a l Me et in g

The Camrose & Dis trict Fish & G ame association will be holding our Annual General Meeting on

Wednesday, May 8 at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting will take place at the Camrose County, 3755 -4 3 Ave.

Our gues t speaker will be Allison Hubenig, BEd, ME T, from the Alber ta Wildlife Federation. Allison is the Conser vation Program Manager and will be speak ing about t he Women in Conservation Program, Youth Summer Camps and other programs taking place. All are welcome to attend and we encourage women to come and check out what the Alber ta Wildlife Federation has to offer.

Coffee and donuts will be ser ved.

d likke e to acknowledge Troy Shackel (p he e completion of his Funeral Director’s liicens has worked tirelessly over the past 2 years towards th ming a licensed funeral director and embalmer at the Cana ege of Funeral Services. The amount of dedication it takes to w time while undergoing a full course load as well as raising a fammil o small feat. The level of commitment and dedication he has shown n a t testament to the attributes that he possesses. These attributes will be evident to all the families he serves as he helps guide them through the process of caring for their loved ones e who have passed away Bart and the Burgar Fuunneral Home staaff commend his efforts and congratulate Troy on his acccomplishment. We are proud to stand beside him as we continue to o serve the familiies in our community.

him as we continue to serve the families in our community


The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 7
4817-51 Avenue, Camrose Phone 780-672-2121 www.burgar RECORDED OBITUARY LINE : 780-67 9-24 00 "Ser ving your communit y for 118 year s" 3 ST EP S FO R PR OP RE TI REME NT PL AN NING Dick Reaney C. L. U, C.H. F. C. C. F. P. O ice: 7 80.464 .3 92 5 Email: dreaney@t elus .net Fo r Mortgage Info *mor tgagesis te rs we st .c a Fo r Pe ace of Mind Protection: Char tere d Life Unde rw rite r Char tere d Financial Consul tant 1. Accumulate financial assets. 2. Decide how to grow your inve stments (with or withou t guarante e) 3. Bypass probate which yields more cash to family Let me show you the way! Braim Brothers Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Adam Journeyman Sheet Metal/ Heating/Air Conditioning 780.672.3540 C AMROSE & AREA’S
Jordan Journeyman Plumber/ Gasfitter Sales & Ser vice Specialists K eep cool this season! Book early to ensure availability.
Congra t ula tions Troy !
Air Conditioning

Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner and Board Cer ti ed in Hearing Instrument Sciences

“Answers for the Hearing Aid Consumer: Fic tions and Frontiers” will teach you the fundamental tools you will need to successfully navigate the landscape of Hearing Healthcare.

Some of the topics covered will include:

• The ve tests you need for a “Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation”

• Understanding the di erent types of hearing healthcare professionals

• Recognizing best practices for all hearing healthcare professionals

FRIDAY, MAY 24, 6 p.m.


To register, call 780.672.4808 or visit


CENTRE 5015 -49 Stre et, Camrose | 78 0.672.4808 | Wheelchair accessible. House calls available.
my passion.“ Claire Milligan, RHAP, BC-HIS Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner, Board Cer ti ed in Hearing Instrument Sciences Manager, Hauck Hearing Centre ANSWERS FOR THE HEARING AID CONSUMER: JOIN
“Helping people hear
BY Phone 780-672-3142  4925-48 St ., Camrose All security features, unique background pattern to head off reproduction, copying and cut-and-paste operations. 80 cheques $38.60 160 cheques $52.00 320 cheques $95.20 Duplicate Personal Cheques Handy duplicates for easy record keeping. 80 duplicate cheques $45.80 160 duplicate cheques $61.50 320 duplicate cheques $112.00 ersonal Cheques Small Business Cheques 7.5” x 3.25” plus stub, black ink , white paper, numbered 250 cheques $117.50 500 cheques $144.50 1000 cheques $199.50 Duplicate Business Cheques and laser cheques also available. Stop overpaying for your CHEQUES! Pay up to 50% LES S OUR PRICES BE AT THE BANKS! Our cheques are bank-qualit y with bank secure features. *Earn a News Tipster T- Shir t When you call in a news flash that will be meaningful to 10,000+ people from Camrose and area • Fire • Accident • Major Crime • Weather or Local News Flash Call or te xt 780.679. 7070 *If you’re first to noti fy us, and we use your aler t. Keep C amrose in your pocket! TRIP VOUCHER Murray Green, Camrose Booster Heather and Michael Mackey, seated, won a $3,000 trip voucher from Coldwell Banker Battle River Realty in Camrose. All buyers and sellers from October 1, 2023, to April 14 were entered into a draw. The Mackeys listed and sold their house in Heisler. Coldwell Banker staff, from left, are Arron Befus, Tristyn Klammer-Brooks seated, agents Dennis Johnson, Trevor McTavish, Nicole Jensen, Steve Falk and Alton Puddicombe.

to all the volunteers who helped with the

Thank you to all the businesses and individuals who donated to our festiv

Check ou t our website for our donor list camrosemusic festiv

We couldn’ t have done it without you!


The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 9 45529, Range Road 172 East Lynn Road (4 miles east of Bawlf-6 miles west of Daysland, 1.5 miles North on RR172-East side of road) ian’s Greenhouse U-Pick Fruits, berries & Vegetable Farm Strawberry Plants Readynowforpick-upandplanting. Summer Berry $250 ReadynowforJuneeating. Every Berry $350each Varioussizeofplants.
2024 Camrose and Distric Music Festival.
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you ank
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The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 10 Put Camrose in your pocket! BUSINE SS SOURCING Ever y business in Camrose –One handy location INE S BUS Beer! er! Nobody likes thinking about dying… But planning ahead is par t of tak ing care of your family Don’t put it off. Come see one of our lawyers to bring your estate planning up to date. We’re in the business of making difficult conversations easier. • Wills • Estate Administration and Probate • Enduring Powers of Attorney • Personal Directives Farnham West Stolee Kambeitz LLP BARRISTERS & SOLICITORS 5016-52 Street, Camrose | 780-679-0444 | KENE .G . ME CHAN ICAL LT D. PL UMBING GA S FI TT IN G & WA TE R TREA TMEN T ke m | He’s the guy to call • Plumbing • Gas Fitting • Water Treatment Residential • Commercial • Agricultural PH ONE 780. 278. 2638 Ken Gourlay Red Seal Plumber/ Gas Fitter 40 years’ experience Kroetsch Custom Farming 403-588-1206 Mitchel Kroetsch • Manure Spreading • Tub Grinding • Combining • Trucking • Trenching • Swathing • Balin g • Field Work • Seeding • Silaging • Corn Planting • Cattle Feeding and more RR4, Lacombe, AB T4L 2N4 Kroetsch Custom Farming SERVICE S AVAIL ABLE Unit 1, 3705 -47 Avenue, Camrose | 780- 672-5575 For produc ts that last, often a lifetime, per form as promised, plus look fabulous, you will truly enjoy our grade of faucets, sinks, tubs and the balance of our plumbing fix tures and accessories Come see the di erence. Todd Luey Camrose Ensuite Manager with 16 years of construction experience, will help you make great choices. FOR YOUR REMODELLING RENOVATION, OR NEW BUILD, TALK TO US! 4811-50 Street , Camrose ~ 780-679-5492 Re no wn ed Qu il ti ng Ex pe rt Sue Spargo from Ohio will be teaching in-person at Quilting from the Heart June 13 & 14 Come make the TINSEL QUILT with Sue. Learn her tips and tricks for wool felt applique and embroidered embellishment CALL NOW TO ENSURE YOUR SPOT! Come make the TINS TIINS T the Come LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE as of press time

Pro bull riding tour attracts the top cowboys

The Professional Bull Riders know where Camrose is on the map because of its major event at the Recreation Centre on Saturday, May 11, beginning at 7 p.m.

The annual Rose City Invitational was a staple event in 2023, being recognized as the PBR Canada Event of the Year. Now, coming into its third year, it is sure to be a highlight event for Professional Bull Riders from all across Canada. This event is organized by the Rose City’s own professional bull rider Coy Robbins and local businessman Geoff Turnquist.

The area has supported the event over the last two years. “It takes an entire team of people to put on an event like this. Coy and myself are the organizers, but we have had a lot of help,” said Geoff.

“We have 30 riders, matching up with Canada’s best bulls. I have gained a ton of respect and appreciation to those people who organize any event. It takes a lot of work and a ton of hours to hold a successful event. Having community support definitely makes it well worth it,” added Coy, 2017 PBR Canada Rookie of the Year.

The local cowboy won the event the first year. “I have to treat it like it is just another event and separate myself from everything when the bull gets in the chute,” added Coy.

The local cowboy has been entering rodeos since he was eight years old, and now has six years of professional experience under his belt. “I’ve always wanted to be a producer of events. It gives you a different perspective being behind the scenes and seeing what takes place besides just showing up and getting on a bull,” shared Coy.

The best bull riders compete for points in the race to be crowned the PBR Canada National Champion.

After the 30 riders have had their chance to

the most visited ta bs

n be posted, at no c ha rge, on one of the best commu nit y apps i n Nor t h A merica!

Assig n a c lub member to keep feeding u s the i nfor mation you need posted.

Phone 78 0.67 3.9213

ride, the top 10 will compete in a final short round. The winner will be named off an aggregate of the two scores.

“These are 30 of the best bull riders in the world, so it is going to be interesting who gets the win. It will be a dog fight for sure, but the fans will

be the real winners,” said Coy.

After the competition, rodeo fans will be entertained by country music rockers Foxx Worthee and Garrett Gregory.

You can get tickets at or in person at Lammle’s in Camrose.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 11 Our famous bu e t featuring Turkey and Ham car ve d per fe ctly for you. $2895/person Seniors $27 95 Kids under 12 $1595 Reser ve now to ensure your spot. 780-672-91 71 ENJOY WITH US 11 AM - 7 P The good, the bad, and the laundry! Wri en by Sue Fabrisch Directed by Jane Gusdal May 10 – 6 p.m. Ladies’ Night Charcuterie $45 May 11 – 6 p.m. Dinner $68 May 12 – 1 p.m. Mother ’s Day Dessert Theatre $40 Show only tickets $30 for all performances Adult content. Parental discretion encouraged. Produced by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing ( proudly present Bailey Theatre tickets.bailey Ar t Walk through the Garden s July 13, 2024 10:30 am- 4:30 pm MOTHER’S DAY TICKE T PROMOTION 15% OFF until May 12 , 2024 only! Visi t www.camrosea rt ssociet y. ca $25 Fr ee Content for not-for-pro t Serv ice C lubs & Organizat ions
r f undraisers, your break fa sts, or d inners, your t ic ket sales, ra es or a ny other act iv it y that w il l help your c lub or organizat ion t hr ive
Enjoy tremendous visibility on
(or sur vive) c




Open to any man aged 18 year s or older.

9 Holes of te am match pl ay with a va riet y of formats. Cost is $125 for the season plus green fees (if applicable) League starts May 7th SENIORS MI XED DAY TUESDAY 9:00 A.M. SHOTGUN STAR T



Open to all ladies aged 18 year s or older. Golfers play their own ball and are grouped into foursomes. No handicap required. Cost is $20 for the year plus green fees (if applicable) League starts May 16th.


Open to anyone aged 55 year s or older. Golfers play their own ball and are grouped into foursomes. Week ly games and prizes . Cost is $20 for the year plus green fees if applicable League starts May 14th.


9 holes of non- competitive individual play with tee times star ting 6:00 p. m.

Registration is requ ired each week by the Sunday prior. Cost is $7 weekly (optional) plus green fees if applicable .


$60 for 12 weeks of golf. Week ly instruction at 3:30 p.m. and Tee Times at 4:00 p.m. Cost is $60 for 12 weeks includes entr y into the Junior Club Championship Individual and team play. Open to all Junior s 18 ye ars and under able to play golf wi thout supervision!


Sveinbjornson named athlete of the month

École Camrose Composite High School (ÉCCHS) athletics celebrated a good April.

Every month throughout the school year, the ASAA and Alberta Milk recognizes athletes that exhibited an outstanding performance.

All qualifying students need to be in good academic standing, show leadership qualities and serve as role models in their communities. Athena Sveinbjornson was named the female March ASAA athlete of the month.

“We’ve never had an athlete named an ASAA athlete of the month,” said an excited athletic director Graeme Thain.

April is also badminton season at ÉCCHS. “Our Grade 9 badminton players competed in two tournaments in April. Of the 14 players who competed in the divisional tournament, nine advanced to the regional tournament. Oliver Ringwall finished third in Grade 9 boys singles, while Kirstien Buenaflor and Jayven Ilg are your Grade 9 regional mixed doubles champions. Callum Ferguson and Joren Kosinski are the Grade 9 boys

doubles regional champions. Our senior high badminton team started with over 40 athletes competing at the City/County meet in early April. Athletes who advanced competed at areas the next week, with the hope of competing at zones in Lacombe. We were able to send five athletes to zones where Alex Kielmann and Justus Sveinbjornson became junior mixed zone champions. Both Alex and Justus will now compete in Edmonton at provincials in the first weekend in May,” said Thain.

“We are now in the home stretch with our athletics. Track and field is in full swing, our City/County high school meet is May 15 with the area meet on May 22. Both of those meets are here at ÉCCHS. Zones this year is on May 29 in Red Deer, with provincials in Edmonton at Foote Field June 7 and 8. Both the divisional and regional Grade 9 meets are here at ÉCCHS on May 28 and June 4,” Thain shared.

The football team will be having eight spring practices with a spring jamboree in late May. The tennis team has started practices, getting ready for their tournament at the end of May.

Takeout and Pickup orders 587.844.5373 5106-66 Street, Camrose Family friendly Elevator for mobility issues • Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner Fully Licensed All golfers and non-golfers WELCOME to enjoy the atmosphere, plus great food Happy Hour Tues. to Fri., 2 to 6 p.m. Wacky-priced Wing Wednesdays Tijuana Taco Fridays Too Good to Miss: Enjoy Mother’s Day at Clubhouse Restaurant Mother’s Day Special 6 oz. Sirloin Steak Sandwich Drizzled with Chimichurri Sauce on Garlic Toast with Fries and Caesar Salad. $20
Murray Green, Camrose Booster École Camrose Composite High School principal Shane Gau, left, and athletic director Graeme Thain, right, presented student Athena Sveinbjornson with her Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association certificate for being the female athlete of the month in March.

Motherhood The Musical at Bailey

The Bailey Theatre has a great lineup of shows planned for this season. Here are some of the highlights.

Motherhood The Musical will be performed by the Churchmice Players on May 10, 11 and 12. The Friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30 p.m. The Sunday show begins at 2 p.m.

The Good, the Bad and the Laundry. This musical comedy is for anyone who has ever been a mother and anyone who ever had a mother. It is a heartfelt celebration of the trials and triumphs of moms.

The movie Women Talking will be shown on May 13 at 7 p.m. Camrose Arts Council is presenting at no charge.

The Bailey Buckaroos are back for a classic country music evening with special guests. The next show is on May 26 at 2 p.m.

The Bakin’ Soda Boys are back for a show on June 7 at 8 p.m.

Bakin’ Soda Boys are a five-piece alt-country, blues-infused rock band from Camrose. All of the members have performed with assorted musical ensembles from the Camrose and Edmonton area.

Another local band, Rose City Rollers will hit the Bailey stage on June 8 at 8 p.m.

The Rose City Rollers are a Camrose-based cover band that interpret rock classics from the late ’70s to the early ’90s.

The band includes Brandon Kroeger (drums), Ron Holmes (bass), Landon Lewsaw and Graham Green on guitar and keyboard, lead guitar Robert Renman and Jackie Lewsaw on vocals.

Local band 103 Cubic Inches will be having a CD release party on June 21 at 9 p.m. Check out the new music along with special guests Rake.

The Bailey Buckaroos are back for a classic country music evening with special guests. The next show is on June 30 at 2 p.m.

Country singer George Canyon is coming back to Camrose. He will bring his show to the Bailey on October 5 at 8 p.m.

George Canyon rose to become one of Canada’s hottest Country Music stars in the early 2000s and has won countless accolades and awards, including JUNO, CCMA and ECMA awards. The Battle of Britain movie will be shown at the Bailey on November 18.

The Camrose Booster Remembrance Day double feature returns, featuring

lecturer Ted Barris and a screening of Battle of Britain

Check the Bailey Theatre website for more information.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 13 TRY AN AMAZING LUNCH OUT ON OUR PATIO Located in a Historic Feed Mill Friends • Food • Family Open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily 4919-47 STREE T, C AMROSE PHONE 780.673.1181 THE HISTORIC RESTAU R ANT & LOUNGE TH E HI STOR IC

Supporting an inclusive community

This year’s Centra Cam Bowl-A-Thon (27th), held on April 12, scored a strike when local businesses, organizations and individuals joined Centra Cam bowlers on the lanes for the annual fundraiser.

Twenty teams came out for a huge show of support, both on the lanes and in the bank, raising a total of $26,000 for Centra Cam, the local not-for-profit organization that supports adults with mental and physical disabilities in finding meaningful employment through education, training, support and placements with various employers throughout Camrose.

Hauser Home Hardware Building Centre (HHBC) dealer/owner Rob Hauser and team have been a longtime supporter of the Centra Cam employment placement program and were delighted to, for the 19th year, be the recipients of the Bowl-A-Thon trophy, recognizing that they raised the most money ($3,550) out of all the participating teams.

Committed to not only being a part of building awareness on the importance of inclusiveness, Hauser is proud to be a participating employer of the Centra Cam employment placement program for 27 years now.

Currently, Home Hardware Building Centre in Camrose employs two individuals from the program, who Hauser remarks provide excellent customer service to the community of Camrose and area, something that the HHBC team values.

HHBC’s long history with Centra Cam began with Rob as a member on the Centra Cam Board.

“Centra Cam approached us with an individual (David Sjervan), who had some disabilities, but they felt might be a good fit for our organization,” explained Rob. “When I looked at this individual I saw qualities in him and recognized there

would be an opportunity for HHBC to give him something back from us, to help him along.”

While Rob said, initially it was a bit of a challenge to work through how the process would work for everyone, over time the employer/employee and subsequent team relationship manifested into something absolutely wonderful.

“He brought life to our team and I think really, that was the outcome I was hoping for. Our team to be appreciative for who and what we are.

“When you see an individual with disabilities who is excelling and surviving, having purpose and being grateful, it really tugs at your heart,” remarked Rob, adding that it makes a person really think about what is really important in life.

“That was my first involvement and that relationship developed throughout the team and he (David) became an important member of the team, always included in everything.”

In a further show of support for, not only David but Centra Cam’s amazing

work, Rob and the HHBC team signed up to be a part of the Bowl-A-Thon.

“It was a great opportunity to be involved. Part of the process of the BowlA-Thon is putting together a team that has to go out and get sponsorships to raise money,” explained Rob. “I remember that first year we reached $500 and we were really excited about that, 20 some years ago that was a big deal.”

But it wasn’t just about the money, for Rob and the team members it became plain to see how important this event was for the Centra Cam individuals. “It is the most important day in their lives. It is so special for them to be involved in this whole BowlA-Thon event. To get connected back with the public, the board and all the people that are around supporting that program. We just have a great day.”

After experiencing the pure joy and enlightenment this event brought to the Centra Cam individuals, Rob said it was a “no brainer” that an HHBC team would be involved every year.

“It is fulfilling to me when I see the excitement that happens in them,” commented Rob.

And every year Rob makes a point of ensuring that different HHBC staff are part of the Bowl-A-Thon team, “So everybody can get a feel for what it is like to be part of the client experience, to see how amazing these individuals are and how important something as simple as this event can be in their lives.”

With the retirement of David, after 20 years of working with HHBC, Rob was eager to continue with the Centra Cam job placement program.

“I reached out to Centra Cam to say we need a replacement and they found another fit with (Kyle Atkinson) and he has been a great fit as well, and then we hired another individual (Karl Eriksson).

“Now we have two individuals within our organization, part-time with specific roles within their limitations, and they do a great job,” noted Rob. “They joke with the staff. We tease them. They tease us and they certainly understand

the rules. They are no different than anybody else, without disabilities.”

In all sincerity, Rob added, “It is great to be able to see the difference you can make in their lives. You meet their families, understand them intimately, how they operate and how they are and you feel good at the end of the day that you are contributing to an individual that is part of our community.

“Many years ago, these individuals didn’t have anything. The government didn’t have programs. Organizations like Centra Cam are pretty vital to these individuals in our area. They are part of our community, why wouldn’t we involve them in any way we can.”

Rob said that the BowlA-Thon plays a vital role in raising funds that are used to assist in the continued support and services offered by Centra Cam. “It is not that hard to raise the money. It’s a matter of talking to people about something that makes you feel good. I have never had somebody turn down a request.

“This community is growing and changing it is getting bigger, and there are more needs all the time. I think it is important that we stay abreast of all those things, stay connected and contribute as we should, as good citizens. We are only here for a short period, we can make a little bit of a difference.”

This year, Home Hardware Stores Limited celebrates 60 years of providing products and services, and to commemorate this incredible milestone are recognizing 60 Acts of Kindness throughout Canada, one of which hits close to home, as the HHBC (Camrose) team are recognized for their outstanding fundraising initiatives. It takes people to build up a community and it takes teams like HHBC to make it home.


Members of JJ’s Line Dancing took the show on the road on April 9, and brought about a bunch of smiles at various senior residences throughout Camrose. Donning shirts that read “Life is better when you dance”, the group’s energy and smiles lifted spirits wherever they performed.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 14
Submitted photo Pictured, left to right, are HHBC team members Chad Sieben, Rob Hauser, Kyle Atkinson (holding the coveted trophy), Angie Hauser and Karl Eriksson.
Passing on thejoy!


Proposed B ylaw 332 3-24

Pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Government Act , Section 606 of the Revised Statutes of Alber ta and amendments thereto, PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that Council of the Cit y of Camrose gave rst reading to Bylaw 3323-24 on March 25, 2024.

The purpose of the amendment is to change the land use classi cation of 4702-50 Street from R3 – Medium Densit y Residential District to I – Institutional District. The redistricting is intended to accommodate a new emergency and second stage housing facilit y for the Camrose Women’s Shelter Societ y.

A Public Hearing is scheduled to be held as follows:

Date: May 27, 2024

Time: 5:00 pm

Place: Camrose City Hall, 5204-50 Avenue, Camrose, AB

Any person(s) who have an interest regarding the passing of Bylaw 3323-24 are encouraged to attend the Public Hearing in person to state their suppor t or objections. Any written submissions to be considered by Cit y Council are required to be submitted no later than May 17, 2024, at 4:00 pm by mail to:

Malcolm Boyd, Cit y Manager, Cit y of Camrose 5204-50 Avenue, Camrose, AB, T4V 0S8 or by email to:

Notice is hereby given that Council may thereaf ter without fur ther notice proceed with nal approval of Bylaw 3323-24 at the regular Council Meeting on May 27, 2024. For additional information, contact Francisca Fredericks, Long Range Planner, phone 780-672-4428 or email to



Date: Friday May 10, 2024

Time: 1:30 pm Location:

Th e Cit y of C am ro s e i s a gai n p roviding g arde n p lot s fo r resident s i ntereste d i n g ardenin g a n d requiring t h e u s e of a p lot to g row p ro duce ! Plot s w il l b e o

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 15
MacLean Arts
4809 - 52nd Street Gallery hours: Friday, May 10th 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm Saturday, May 11th 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Sunday, May 12th 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
n s al e a t t h e C ommunit y S er vi ce s D epar tment ( locate d a t t he Recreation Centre M ai n E ntrance , 4 412-56 S treet ) c ommencin g Monday, M ay 13 , 2024, a t 8 :0 0 a m – 12: 0 0 n oo n a n d 1:0 0 p m – 4:30 p m. Th e N or t h g arde n p lot s w il l n ot b e availabl e t hi s year! Plot s c a n a ls o b e p urchase d by c alling t h e C ommunit y S er vi ce s D epar tment a t 780 -672-9195 a n d t alking to s ta ff Leaving a messag e on the answering machine will not get you a plot Cos t p e r plo t - $ 53 .0 0 | S iz e o f Plo t i s 6 .0 9 m (20 ’ ) x 6 .0 9 m (20 ’) Plot s a re l imited! Happy Gardening! PUBLIC NOTICE Weekly Curbside Organics Pickup start s this week!

Benefits of being a good neighbour

• Feeling connected to others

• Feeling connected to your neighbourhood

• Sense of safety

• Sense of belonging and community

• Improved mental health

• Added suppor t during challenging situations

Create a healthy communit y one neighbour at a time.

Check back next week for G ood Neighbour tip s.

Nominate your good neighbour

Welcome Camrose is back with its Good Neighbour campaign May 1 to 31.

“Tell us how someone has been a good neighbour to you. You and your nominee could be awarded gift cards,” said Glenda Strauss of Welcome Camrose.

Submit your story by emailing amartin@prl. or fill out a nimination form in person at the Camrose Public Library.

A good neighbour is like a rare gem, possessing qualities that enrich the community around them.

Good neighbours are open and welcoming. They smile, greet you and are approachable when you need a helping hand or just a friendly chat.

They understand and respect personal space and boundaries, maintaining a balance between being sociable and respecting privacy.

Good neighbors are mindful of how their actions may impact those around them. They keep noise levels reasonable, especially during late hours, and are considerate of shared spaces.

They are there to lend a hand when needed, whether it’s collecting mail when someone is away, offering to help with groceries, or as-

sisting with minor repairs.

Good neighbors are dependable. You can count on them to keep their word and fulfill any promises or commitments they make.

They actively contribute to the well-being of the neighbourhood, whether it’s through participating in local events, volunteering, or advocating for community improvement projects.

They foster open communication, addressing any concerns or conflicts directly and respectfully rather than letting them fester.

They prioritize the safety and security of the neighborhood, keeping an eye out for suspicious activities and collaborating with others to maintain a safe environment.

They embrace diversity and inclusivity, making all members of the community feel valued and included regardless of differences.

Good neighbours are mindful of their impact on the environment, taking steps to reduce waste, conserve resources and promote sustainability within the neighborhood.

These qualities combined create a supportive and harmonious community where neighbours look out for one another, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.


– George Bernard Shaw

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 17 Yo Sh ot! A weekly dose of good old-fashioned advice , inspirat ion or simple logic. “Happy is the man who can ma ke a living by his hobby.”
3911-4 8 Avenue, Camrose • 78 0- 672- 6665 5 Over 39 Ru ms in St oc k! r3399 99 400 Fina lly Back in Stock! RIG HAND G ARLIC VODK A CAESAR
Murray Green, Camrose Booster Rotary Camrose member Lou Henderson presents April Rotary Cares winner Ken Ozment with $1,000. The proceeds from the draw go towards community and youth leadership projects such as Air and Army Cadets.

100 years of community/international projects

On April 27, Rotary Camrose (Club) hosted a night to remember, the 100th Rotary Anniversary Gala, held at the Days Inn and Conference Centre by Wyndham Camrose Norsemen, a celebration of the 100 years Rotary has been providing services, funds and volunteerism to Camrose and surrounding area.

A beautiful venue decorated with brightly coloured chairs and napkins representing the colours of the flags of countries from Rotary Camrose inbound and outbound Rotary Youth exchange students, a vision of Tina Myles Rotary Camrose president, welcomed guests to the event.

An ice sculpture commissioned to carver Kelly Davies, commemorated Rotary Camrose’s 100th anniversary, and despite the heart “warming” stories Kelly shared with Rotary members earlier of his continued connections to the Camrose community, the sculpture stood the test of the evening, as Rotary Camrose has stood the test of time.

The evening was celebrated with 223 attendees including several corporate members purchasing tables of eight.

District Governor Brent Collingwood provided the keynote address which included congratulations on Rotary Camrose’s 100 years of service. He also led the crowd in recognizing the long service of Rotary Camrose members.

assist those in need around the world.

The following is a list of some of the projects within Camrose and area supported by Rotary Camrose.

One of the club’s longest running projects began in 1957 with the formation of a local Air Cadet squadron. Initially, Rotarians took on rolls as commanding officer, volunteer instructors and civilian committee members, however the Club’s role has changed over the years to currently, where the Club provides financial and moral support.

The Rotary Club of Camrose has a long

tum and seed money for grant applications. The City has since expanded the park to accommodate the continued and increasing usage.

In 2013, the Rotary Youth Centre was gifted to the youth of Camrose from Rotary Camrose, and supported by the entire community. The 7,500 square foot facility acts as a home base for youth groups and venue for youth activities.

Most recently, in 2021, Rotary Camrose constructed, with the help and funding of many community members, the 1,900 square foot covered facility overlooking Stoney Creek Valley.

Guests heard presentations on the Rotary youth-focused programs and could read about the Kiva program, supported by Rotary, at a display set up by Rotarian Ted Gillespie.

“Donations of $835 were raised to fund loans,” noted Rotary Camrose treasurer Lou Henderson. “Ted plans to follow up with the donors to keep them interested and informed about how their donations are benefiting others.”

Guests were invited to bid on live auction items generously donated, that ranged from weekend getaways to a pizza party that went for $2,500 and a popular auction for the first table to eat was won by Central Agencies Realty Ltd, Norm Mayer, and Ron Grue each paying $1,450 for that privilege.

In total, the Live Auctions raised an incredible $17,000 in funds which will be added to the final tally from the wine sales and 50/50 proceeds and other donations. Funds that are vital in assisting Rotary Camrose to continue the “giving back” to the community and around the world.

Guests at the Gala were enlightened on the various projects that Rotary Camrose has done, and continues to do,

history of sponsoring youth exchange students.

In its continued support of youth-focused programs, Camrose Rotary has been an active participant in the Rotary International Program for students ages 15 to 19, involving more than 100 countries worldwide. Since the 1960s, Rotary Camrose has sponsored 27 outbound students to 16 different countries and welcomed 23 students from 13 different countries.

In recognition of the Rotary Youth Exchange history, Rotary Camrose has planted a tree for each former youth exchange student in an area of the Rotary Four Seasons Park. Along with the Rotary Peace Path, the project has not only introduced new growth in a barren area of the park but provided a walking path with a beautiful backdrop for all to enjoy.

Rotary Park, in its first location, was one of the Club’s first projects, which was relocated to the Mirror Lake area once the decision was made to keep the area surrounding the lake as parkland.

Further enhancing the experience, Rotary Camrose sponsored the Mirror Lake fountain, a symbolic Camrose landmark since the first Rotary fountain was installed in the 1970s. The current fountain (installed mid-2010) is the fifth version and while the first four were completely Rotary projects, the current fountain was funded 50/50 by the City of Camrose and Rotary Club and is maintained by the City.

Dedicated to making the community a vibrant place for all residents, Rotary Camrose is also responsible for the Rotary Four Seasons Park project which runs along the Stoney Creek Valley south from 44 Avenue. In the 1990s, Rotary Camrose was heavily involved in work to improve the area by cleaning refuse, dead trees and branches, improving the natural trails, planting trees and installing split rail fencing.

Blain Fowler, Camrose Booster Rotary District Governor Brent Collingwood, the Rotary Camrose 100th Anniversary Gala keynote speaker, reminded guests of the significant contributions Rotary makes both within the communities they serve in Alberta and Canada as well as internationally.

A stroll down the stairs from there will lead you to the butterfly and hummingbird gardens designed and built by Rotary Camrose in 2006, and to this day, cared for with great pride and diligence by Club members. The brick pathway and arbour were added a few years later.

In 2003, Rotary Camrose supported the construction of a Skateboard Park for use by youth of Camrose. The club’s $50,000 contribution provided credibility to the project, momen-

Contained within the beautiful structure are 24 panels dubbed the Heritage Showcase, that tell incredible stories of the history of the Camrose Ski Club as well as the rich heritage of the area, linked to a website for further viewing.

In keeping with the Rotary’s motto “Service Above Self”, the extended hand of help for others reaches far beyond the borders of the communities where the Clubs exist, and can be seen in work done abroad.

The following represents some of the worldwide projects supported by Rotary Camrose.

Since 1985, Camrose Rotary has supported Rotary International’s initiative to eliminate polio in countries where it still causes death and disability. One of the club’s most memorable efforts to raise awareness and funds included an iron lung display. This machine, a medical device, was vital to the pre-vaccine fight to save Canadian children infected with the polio virus.

In the fall of 2000, Rotary Camrose delivered a bus loaded with medical supplies to Puerto Vallarta. This partnership continues with wheelchairs and other mobility devices delivered or purchased by the Club each year.

The children of Otoxha, Belize, were the beneficiaries of a new three-room school, playground, library and a solar and water system in 2013 and 2014. This project was made possible by financial contributions from Rotary Camrose and others in the community, the Province of Alberta, Rotary District 5370 and the volunteer efforts of Rotarians and friends.

Camrose Rotary, along with their partner Sahakarini, was able to fund four portable ultrasound systems each with a probe and two tablets, along with one separate ultrasound probe called a Butterfly, used to train doctors in Tanzania and Kenya by Canadian Point-of-Care Ultrasound Society volunteers and will subsequently be used by doctors in rural Africa to save lives.

This 2019 Project served to renovate and expand space and purchase equipment and supplies for a medical training lab in Tanga, Tanzania. The facility and the training that health care providers receive from Canadian medical volunteers, is designed to improve obstetrical services in remote areas and ultimately save lives of mothers and newborns.

In 2020, the children of the Caribbean were beneficiaries of a joint project with Rotary Camrose and the Rotary Club of Kingston, Jamaica. The Bustamante Hospital for Children in Jamaica received much needed incubators, monitors and infusion pumps.

All information on projects was researched and provided courtesy of Camrose Rotarian Shirley Rostad.

In 100 years, Rotary Camrose has done and continues to do incredible projects that have had profound benefits on not only Camrose and area, but the world. The members consist of various people representing all facets of our community, with a common goal to come together and enjoy comradeship and good times while exploring new ways to give back.

Join members of Rotary Camrose on Saturday, June 15, at the Camrose Rotary Pavilion by the Stoney Creek Centre for a family fun-filled event in continued celebration of the 100th anniversary.

Stay tuned to The Camrose Booster for further details.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 18
Blain Fowler, Camrose Booster Rotary Camrose international student, Sam Escarmelle,left, from Belgium, along with guest Carolyn Metcalfe Graham, stood beside the ice sculpture made to honour the Rotary Camrose 100th Anniversary.

KICK IT to th e CURB

Presented by


you to Kathl n Te ant for 20 years chairing the Bawlf Seniors’ Citizens Socie ty Your de dication is quite an achievement recognized by members and communi ty alike.

away by kicking it to the curb!


If you plan to participate, call 780- 672-3142 or email camrosenow@camroseboos ter. ne t and submit your address.

Deadline is Thursday, May 9 at noon .

We will post your Kick it to the Curb address on the Camrose Now! app at no charge This will feature turn-by-turn instructions direct to your treasure trov e!


■ Park your tr easures on the grass boulev ard, or on your front lawn

■ Clearly mark them as FREE

■ Don’ t hoard – take only what you need The intent of this fun event is not to grab things to resell .

■ Keep your items in front of your own proper ty, not your neighbours ’.

Re cogni

When it ’s over, it ’s over.

All items must be removed from boulevards (Cit y of Camrose proper ty). Note: Items should not be left out for free pick-up in front of dwellings at any other time of the year

Frankly, items not claimed af ter two full days may be deemed as junk Items wet from dew or rain are probably junk and need to be owner-transpor ted to the landf ill

■ Centra Cam’s The Essentials Boutique cannot accept your junk

■ Diabetes Collec tion Bins are for gently used and future usable clothing , not your junk . No, they do not want your wet furniture, appliances , broken toys , etc.

■ Haul your le ftover junk dire ctly to the landf ill Your problem is not a City of Camrose Public Works problem.

Special Olympics awareness

On Saturday, April 27

Camrose Special Olympics Alberta athletes were out in the Camrose Safeway store raising awareness and funds during the April 25 to May 5 Safeway/ Sobeys/IGA Special Olympics awareness campaign. Safeway/Sobeys/IGA has been a partner with Special Olympics since

2016, hoping to raise $1 million this year with the help of customers. Customers were encouraged to donate $2 at the check-outs to assist in providing opportunities for athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate in sport, make friends, learn skills and stay healthy.

Continued on page 30

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 19
SPRING VER SION 2024 Friday and Saturday, May
Pick up your FREE signs at the Booster o ice 4925-48 Street
PLEASE REMEMBER : One person’s junk may not prove to be another person’s treasure BE FAIR!
ze a sp ec ia l oc ca si on with an ad on th is pa ge ! EC I A SP L OCCAS I ONS Ha ppy Bi rt hd ay An ni e 5 Lo ve fr om yo ur fami ly ! ank
Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Special Olympics Alberta Camrose affiliate athletes Aleena Lazar, left, and Douglas Bailey, shared information about the Camrose Special Olympics program with Safeway customers on April 27.


of Westerose owns a 1957 Ford Fairlane car with a retractable roof.

“I’ve had this car for more than 58 years. I bought it in Edmonton through a private sale. I really liked the uniqueness of this car. The fact that it was different, it was something that I saw in Popular Mechanics and I wanted one ever since. I watched those cars for awhile and when one came on sale, I bought one,” explained Don.

The Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner is a two-door fullsize retractable hardtop convertible, manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company for model years 1957–59.

“What appealed to me is the hard top as opposed to a soft top convertible. The only thing about a hardtop convertible is that there is not a lot of luggage space. There is a little basket in there, not a lot. Just enough for a few tools,” shared Don.

The retracting roof system was marketed as the Hide-Away Hardtop and was exclusively sold on this Ford-branded model, for three model years.

“There are not a lot of these cars, just a few left. When I first bought the car in the beginning, I didn’t do a lot to it because it was in pretty decent shape. The

The automotive section of

Retractable hardtop roof an attraction

likes the hardtop for bad

roof mechanism wasn’t working, so I had to repair that. After driving it for a while, rust started to appear through the hood and headlight assembly, and then behind the rear tires in the fenders. I had all of


For 1957–59, Ford brought the Fairlane 500 Skyliner, featuring a powered, retracting and folding hardtop roof. For the model year 1959, the name was changed to Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie Skyliner, shortly after production began.

The Skyliner’s retractable top operated via a complex mechanism that folded the front of the roof and retracted it under the rear deck lid. Instead of the typical hydraulic mechanisms, the Skyliner top used seven reversible electric motors (six for 1959 models), four lift jacks, a series of relays, ten limit switches, ten solenoids, four locking mechanisms for the roof and two locking mechanisms for the trunk lid and 610 feet of wiring.

The top largely consumed available trunk space, limiting the car’s sales, though the mechanism operated reliably. Production totaled 20,766 units in 1957. An electric clock was standard. Fuel consumption was around 14 mpg-US overall. The fuel tank was placed vertically in back of the rear seat, offering increased safety in a rear collision.

The listed retail price was US $2,942 with several items available optionally like power windows, poweradjustable front seat, power steering, power brakes, heater and windshield defroster.

and the

that repaired so it looks brand new again,” said Don.

Ford’s 1957 Skyliner was the world’s first retracting hardtop convertible to be truly mass-produced by a car company from the factory, coming close to 50,000 sales.

“It is a little tough to drive I find, but it is nice going down the road with it. It has a 292 motor with a twospeed automatic transmission in it. The car is a little heavy at 4,000 pounds, but some of the muscle cars weigh even more,” added Don.

It also marked the first time the hard roof featured a folding (front) section, to retract and fit inside the car’s trunk.

“It was the first car that I bought. I used it as my daily driver when I first got it, down muddy roads and in the winter, so it was well used. It took a little bit of abuse before I was married,” he laughed.

“Shortly after I bought the car I re-did the uphol-

stery with new floor mats. It was part of the restoration process,” said Don.

“This is the factory colour of the car. Doeskin is the name of the colour. The car was one of the early pro-


duction models in the assembly line. The later models came with the script name Skyliner on the side and mine doesn’t have that on it. That is how I know,” shared Don.

you own vintage automotive repair or diagnostic tools Tell us what you have. Or perhaps you have terrific memories or tales from being in the trade

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 20
Contact Murray Green, News Repor ter Phone 780.672.3142 Email
Murray Green, Camrose Booster Don Leonhardt still enjoys driving his Doeskin colour 1957 Ford Fairlane hardtop after 58 years of ownership. He weather days convertible when the sun shines.
Truck Memorabilia? Perhaps
Allow us to share your stories

Hockey Vikings reach ACAC Hall of Fame

The 1974-75 Camrose Lutheran College Vikings enter the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Hall of Fame on May 10 in Red Deer.

The Camrose Lutheran College Vikings hockey team competed in the ACAC, which is a collegiate sports league in Alberta, comprising various colleges and universities.

The team consisted of student-athletes from Camrose Lutheran College (now known as Augustana Campus, University of Alberta).

Participating in collegiate hockey not only provides athletes with opportunities for competition, but also fosters camaraderie among teammates and promotes the development of skills both on and off the ice.

In 1974-75, the Vikings hockey team made up of future farmers, teachers and pastors out of a school of 390 students won the first Canadian Colleges Athletic

Association hockey championships in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The win on the national stage paved the way for a season played in Europe, and then the inaugural 1981 Viking Cup hockey tournament in Camrose.

The small, rural Alberta community hosted teams from across the United States and Europe for 25 years until its final medal ceremony in 2006.

The team made history. In 2009, the 1974-75 Vikings were inducted into the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame.

Players included Rodney Lee, Tom Gould, Larry Stuart, Russ Shandro, Lee Cumberland, Phil Irwin, Joe Miller, Daryl Runka, Pete Hanson, Bob Large, Harley Johnson, Lynn Getz, Dennis Dunn, Morley Dunlop, John Danko, Sven Green, Elston Solberg, Don Boyce, Gary Fortier, Ken Alackson and captain Bill Andreassen.

Joe Voytechek was the

coach with LeRoy Johnson the manager, Dennis Becker equipment manager, Karl Faltin trainer and Jim Voytechek stick boy.

Augustana Athletics Hall of Fame already honoured the team several years ago.

The campus with an enrollment of 390 at the time, fielded a hockey team that

would exceed expectations and change a community.

The 1974-75 Camrose Lutheran College Vikings were the first team in any sport from across the nation to win a CCAA national championship and the first team in any sport from Camrose to win a national championship. The team dominat-



Donna Strudwick’s team won the Adult Afternoon Curling League Bonspiel held March 19, 20 and 21 in Camrose. Team members, from left, are Ray Black (second), Curtis Hoveland (third), Rita Sharkey (lead) and Donna Strudwick (skip). The Strudwick team was the only team to go undefeated in the bonspiel. The curlers will be back in the fall.

ed the opposition setting twelve team records and nine 4-West Championship records. In the regular season and post season, the team posted a winning percentage of .864 and an average scoring margin per game of 4.55 goals.

They won the nationals hosted by St. Clair College Saints College of Cape Breton, Sydney, Nova Scotia.

The 1974-75 Vikings set the tone for those that followed. The team’s ability to bring the community together manifested itself in a tradition of hosting national and international sporting events in various sports for decades to come.

The team’s impact goes beyond the Vikings’ hockey program and the Viking Cup. The Camrose Sports Development Society and the Edgeworth Centre were the fruit of the seeds sown by the 1974-75 Vikings. For decades, Camrose was synonymous with international hockey at home and abroad due in part to the 1974-75 Vikings.

On May 10, in Red Deer the 1974-75 Vikings enter the ACAC Hall of Fame. The architects of the team, general manager LeRoy Johnson and coach Joe Voytechek were inducted in 2014 and 2017 respectively.

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Tournament of Books returns

It’s that time of year again for the students and staff of St. Patrick Catholic School, who, in a frenzy of excitement, kicked off the 9th annual Tournament of Books, held on April 29.

This year’s Tournament of Books theme, Family Edition, was chosen to highlight the importance of reading together as a family. All the books were recommended by St. Patrick School families.

This year’s lineup consists of:

• Stuck, author Oliver Jeffers;

• The Very Cranky Bear, author Nick Bland;

• Give Me Back My Dad, author Robert Munsch;

• Pig the Rebel, author Aaron Blabey;

• The Wonkey Donkey, author Craig Smith;

• The Day the Crayons Quit, author Drew Daywalt;

• Up, Up, Down, author Robert Munsch;

• The Pencil, authors Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman;

• The Gruffalo, author Julia Donaldson;

• Luigi, The Spider Who Wanted to Be a Kitten, author Michelle Knudsen;

• Green Eggs and Ham, author Dr. Seuss;

• The Storm that Stopped, author Allison Mitchell;

• Nova, The Star Eater, author Lindsay Leslie;

• Unicorns are the Worst, author Alex Willan;

• I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More, author Karen Beaumont and

• Mortimer, author Robert Munsch.

Throughout the month of May students will have an opportunity to read the books or have the books read to them by “Mystery Readers” who make surprise visits to St. Pat’s classrooms. Students will then vote on Students’ Top Picks, and by the end of May the top choices will be announced.

St. Pat’s principal Michelle Nanias finds it hard to imagine that the Tournament of Books program is going into its ninth year and is happy to say students still get excited over the Tournament. This was plain to see and hear on April 29, when a group of students broke through the banner, parading the books around the gymnasium to the hoots and hollers of everyone.

After the Tournament is over, the books will become permanent fixtures in the school library.

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster

School students were busting through the banner to announce the

Tournament of Books.

Elizabeth “Betty” Karpovich

March 25, 1934 ~ May 1, 2024

Elizabeth (Betty) Karpovich of Daysland, Alberta, passed away on Tuesday, May 1, 2024, at the age of 90 years.

She is survived by her husband of 66 years, Gerald (Gerry) Karpovich; children Kevin (Iris) Karpovich, Elvin (Teresa) Karpovich, Bev (John) Niehaus and Wayne (Kim) Karpovich; five grandchildren; thirteen great-grandchildren; her siblings Ernie (Elenor) Tulik and Jeanette (Alex) Pobran; and numerous relatives and friends. Betty was predeceased by her parents Michael and Mary Tulik; sisters Nancy (LaPerle), Joyce (Spelay) and Sonya (Zawada); and brother Norman Tulik.

A Funeral service will be held 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 9, 2024, at Our Lady of the Prairies Roman Catholic Church, 5202-59 Street, Daysland, officiated by Rev. Brian Hunter.

In lieu of flowers and, if you wish, memorial donations are gratefully accepted in Betty’s memory to the Daysland Hospital Foundation or a charity of your choice.

The family extends a heartfelt thank you to the staff at the Daysland Hospital for your kind and compassionate care of Betty.

To send condolences, please visit

Mary Mellen

Mary Mellen of Camrose, formerly of Calgary, passed away on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, at the age of 92 years.

She is survived by her children James and Barbara; sister Dorthy; stepdaughters Terri and Tracy; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband Gordon; son Jerry; daughter Marlene; second husband Gerry; and brothers Clarence and Leonhard. A celebration of life will be held in Calgary. Memorial donations are gratefully accepted to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.


Lyle Cameron McKee of Camrose, on January 20, at 78 years of age.

Benjamin Clarence Kroes, of Forestburg, on April 26, at 75 years of age.

Robert Dale Lindenberger, of Tofield, on April 30, at 72 years of age.

Louise Alice Magee of Camrose, formerly of Viking District, on April 30, at 89 years of age.

Elizabeth “Betty” Karpovich of Daysland, on May 1, at 90 years of age.

Irene June Sharkey of Camrose, on May 1, at 91 years of age.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 22 780.672.3142 · 4925-48 Street, Camrose Take your pick from 800,000 Branding Products m
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BOOK TOURNAMENT St. Patrick Catholic Family Edition picks for this year’s

Richard “Rick” Nelson Forster

May 24, 1944 ~ April 23, 2024

Richard Nelson Forster passed away April 23, 2024, at the Rosehaven Care Centre in Camrose, at the age of 79 years.

He was born in Durham, England, on May 24, 1944, to Benjamin Nelson Forster and Robina Forster. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Gail; son Darren (Blake and Drew); daughter Jodie (Dan) Britton (Sebastian, Dominic, Benjamin, Ava, Savina, Lucy and Emerson);  son Brett; brother Ed Cox (Lois) and their daughter Shawna (Seymour); as well as nephews David and Brad Sanche; and brother-in-law Ken Vincett (Dylan).

Richard was predeceased by his Father, who died while fighting for his country before Richard was born; his mother; his sister Val Vincett; nephew Shane McLaren; as well as numerous other relatives and friends.

When Richard was two years old, his mother brought him to Canada on the Queen Mary to meet his father’s family, who lived in Killam, where they remained.

He started his working career with the Bank of Montreal and was transferred to numerous locations as his career advanced, including Medicine Hat and Inuvik. It was while he was positioned in Grande Prairie that he met and married Gail in August 1967. In March 1971, while in Medicine Hat, the twins Jodie and Darren were born.

He purchased an insurance company and put down roots in Forestburg, adding registry and travel services. While living in Forestburg, their youngest son Brett was born in February 1981. In 1991, he sold the Forestburg business and moved the family to Camrose, where he purchased another insurance company. Then, a few years later, he purchased the Royal LePage Real Estate franchise and, along with his wife, Camrose Registry. Upon retirement, he became a Mortgage Broker.

For many years, Richard was a passionate member of the Masonic Order and the Shriners. Along with Gail, he was a member of the Eastern Star.

He took part in announcing at the Camrose Kodiaks games, volunteering at the Viking Cup, golfing and camping, and spent time in Palm Springs and Yuma. Sports played a big part in Richard’s life. He was a dedicated Oiler fan and a season ticket holder for over 30 years. He also loved his Denver Broncos football team, Edmonton Eskimos (Elks) and the Blue Jays.

His favourite pastime of all was following all his grandchildren with their various sports agendas. As you all know, he never hesitated to proudly express their accomplishments.

A Funeral Service will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, May 10, 2024, from CityLights Church, 4920-48 Street, Camrose, officiated by Rev. MaryAnn Pastuck. The service will be livestreamed and the link accessible @

If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions in Richard’s memory may be made to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

To send condolences, please visit

Phone 780-672-2121

“Dedicated service since 1906”

Robert Dale Lindenberger

Robert Dale Lindenberger of Tofield, Alberta, passed away on April 30, 2024, at the age of 72 years.

He is survived by his family and friends.

At his request, cremation has taken place and no funeral service will be held.

Memorial donations may be made to the charity of one’s choice.

Louise Alice Magee

September 15, 1934 ~ April 30, 2024

Louise was born in Dinant, Alberta, to Micheal and Micalena Brenda on September 15, 1934. When she was 18 months old, they moved to a farm north of Strome. In 1954, she moved to Camrose, where she met the love of her life, Clifford (Bud) Magee. A year later, they were married and moved to Canal Flats, BC, but had to return to Camrose in 1958, because of Clifford’s asthma.

Louise is survived by her son Ron and his children Robyn (Kody) Stephen and their children Austin, Dominic, Destiny and Madison, Dallas (Kenna) Magee and their son Dexter, Kayla (Kevin) Rodriguez and their children Keira and Kaden; her daughter Linette (Ken) Rakoz and their children Carmen (Craig) Anderson and their children Piper, Conor, Ryan and Ryley, Devon Rakoz (Liza Valckx), Megan (Mike) Lord and their children Alex and Liam; and numerous nieces and nephews.

She was predeceased by her husband of 64 years Clifford; her parents; five brothers; two sisters; and great-grandson Noah Stephen.

A time for fellowship and refreshments was held at 12:15 p.m. on Monday, May 6, 2024, from the Masonic Hall.

If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions in Louise’s memory may be made to S.T.A.R.S. Air Ambulance.

To send condolences, please visit

Phone 780-672-2121

“Dedicated service since 1906”

Avenue, Camrose

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Schafer, Alvin Koehli, Barrie Fenby, Robert Lyslo, Wanita Toews, Kerry Grettum, Loya Steinwandt, Barry Burkard, Mark Yuha, Raymond Cyre, Koreen Cyre Memorial Poems

Wilfried Weber

July 8, 1943 ~ April 25, 2024

Wilfried Weber of Camrose, AB, passed away peacefully in the company of his family after a short period in hospital.

Remembering Wilf with love are his wife Ingret; son Markus with Eileen, Samantha and Bianca; daughter Inga with Friedrich, Dorothea, Kurt and Till Niehoff; great-grandchildren Blaire and Jack; his relatives and friends in Germany, including close family friends (Sauers), owners of Weyga Farm which Wilfried and family joined in 1977 to become the manager.

Wilfried experienced a rich life, placing high value on friendship with all employees, their families, exchange students from all over the world, and local businesses. In all his interactions with the community, Wilfried valued people and, in turn, many called him Opa. He was very grateful for all the Canadians who embraced his family with open arms and open hearts, especially the many farm families in the Camrose area.

The family wishes to acknowledge the wonderful care Wilfried received from the staff at Seasons and St. Mary’s Hospital, especially Dr. Chris Nichol and family.

A memorial service will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 18, 2024, at Resurrection Church in Camrose, AB.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be directed to Resurrection Church (for sacred space adornment) or the Battle River Community Foundation for the Wilfried Weber Family Fund.

Lyle Cameron McKee

July 24, 1945 ~ January 20, 2024

Lyle Cameron McKee was born at Drumheller, Alberta, on July 24, 1945.  Lyle passed away peacefully at the Mesa Banner Hospital, Mesa, Arizona, on January 20, 2024, at the age of 78 years.

Lyle was predeceased by his mom Hazel Novella Taylor (1912-1961); dad Clarence Raymond McKee (1912-1947); and older sister Lorraine Carol (McKee) Brighton (1944-2021).

Lyle lived in Drumheller, Calgary, Daysland, and then Camrose, where he lived for the last fourteen years. Lyle worked for the Canada Post Corporation as a mail handler for over thirty years at the Calgary plant until he retired.

A Celebration of Life will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, from the Burgar Memorial Chapel, 4817-51 Avenue, Camrose, officiated by Rev. MaryAnn Pastuck.

If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions in Lyle’s memory may be made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

To send condolences, please visit

Phone 780-672-2121

“Dedicated service since 1906”

Ruth Eileen Sehn (nee Salmon) July 26, 1928 ~ March 16, 2024

Ruth Eileen Sehn of Camrose, Alberta, passed away peacefully on Saturday, March 16, 2024, at the age of 95 years.

Ruth was the third child born to George and Edna (Wells) Salmon at their ranch home on the shore of Buffalo Lake near Donalda. Ruth was a loving child who adored her parents, grandparents, and siblings. She spent summer days playing in Buffalo Lake with her siblings and cousins. She often shared her happy childhood memories of Skybo School and of her many rural country friends. Ruth was a lifelong caregiver. After she graduated from the Bashaw High School, she went to work at Ponoka Hospital. In 1947, at 19 years of age, she moved to Camrose and started work at Rosehaven, escorting the first patients from Ponoka. Ruth loved those patients and she enjoyed her many coworkers who became lifelong friends. She retired in 1991. Ruth had a great sense of humour and an innate ability to recite poetry. She loved dogs, trees, and had a deep interest in following the politics of the nation. After retirement, she travelled to Africa with a friend and created some wonderful memories. Ruth was a devoted, loving mother and grandmother. She had a caring faith life, participating in church, making friends, and quietly living a life of service. She was an active community volunteer. Particularly close to her heart was her time spent volunteering with various care facilities in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Camrose. Ruth was a social person who always looked forward to the Tuesday night suppers with the Rosehaven retirees. She loved visits with her siblings, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She will be remembered for her warmth, kindness, generosity and quick wit.

Ruth’s loved ones left are daughters Joan Kerik, Leith Atkinson and Carol (Graham) Wideman; son Greg Atkinson; best friend Elaine Galenza; brother Alec (Shirley) Salmon; sister-in-law Hadie Salmon; grandchildren Shane, Jessica (Jason), Norm (Janette) and Ann (Mark), Tracy (Javier), Michelle (Jay), Jillian (Christopher), Preston, Jordan (Laura Lea), Layne (Tannis), Christopher (Kaitlyn), and Drew; great-grandchildren Shaylea, Gabriel, Michael, Korbyn, Izabella, Fynn, Isla, Emmett, Brendan (Alyssa), Kristin (Mitchel), Margaret, Nathaniel, Eileen, Sophia-Ray, Aubrey, Everly, Irelyn, Violet, Marek and Arabelle; great-great-grandson Bennett; stepchildren Joyce, Susan, Keith and Sharon; and many nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends.

Ruth was predeceased by her first husband Charles Kerik, second husband Leo Atkinson, and third husband John Sehn; son Glenn Kerik; parents George and Edna Salmon; brothers Bruce Salmon and Frank Salmon; and sisters Aline LaRose and Edna “Bunny” Stickel; as well as numerous brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law.

The family is grateful for the care provided by Faith House, St. Mary’s Hospital and Louise Jensen Care Centre.

A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, May 11, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. at Weber’s Mount Pleasant Chapel in Camrose.

If friends and family so desire, memorial donations would be greatly appreciated to Alzheimer’s Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories or Special Olympics Alberta-Camrose.

Bruce Edward Bolding

October 19, 1947 ~ April 24, 2024

Bruce Edward Bolding of Bittern Lake, Alberta, passed away on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at the age of 76 years.

Left to cherish his memory are his wife Diane Bolding; son Darren (Jolene) Bolding; grandchildren Kale, Kylar, Rya and Kinley; siblings Jim (Connie) Bolding, Dede Bolding, Myrna (Bob) Nuss, Darlene Bolding, and Pat (Ross) Lee; sisters-in-law Endang Bolding and Shirley Barnes; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Bruce was predeceased by his parents Chris and Mae Bolding; brothers Murray Bolding and Tom Bolding; brothers-in-law Ron Barnes and Floyd George; and sister-in-law Mary Lou Bolding.

A Funeral Service was held at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, May 3, 2024, from the CityLights Church officiated by Rev. Brian Hunter. The service was livestreamed, recorded, and the link accessible @

If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions in Bruce’s memory may be made to St. Mary’s Camrose Hospital Foundation.

To send condolences, please visit

Phone 780-672-2121

“Dedicated service since 1906”

Benjamin Clarence Kroes passed away April 26, 2024, at the age of 75. Memorial Service to be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at 2:00 p.m., Weber Funeral Home, #2 Mount Pleasant Drive, Camrose, Alberta.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 24 For more information on The Camrose Booster Obituary Page, contact your funeral director or the Camrose Booster
Benjamin Clarence Kroes

Irene June Sharkey

June 5, 1932 ~ May 1, 2024

Irene was born on June 5, 1932, to Annie and Ernest Fetzner in Camrose, Alberta. She was the second oldest of four children, and grew up working hard on the Fetzner farm, which was at East Bittern Lake, Alberta. Irene left the farm at the age of sixteen and started her working career as a health care aid in hopes to help her mother out after the sudden passing of her father. She continued a long fulfilling career in health care until the day she retired, making many great friends along the way.

Irene married the love of her life in June of 1953, and together they had two boys Garland and Darryl. They farmed for years by Donalda, and then had a dairy operation north of Daysland.  They purchased the land of their dreams just a few miles south of Camrose, and on that land was where she planted the garden of her dreams. She would spend a lot of time teaching her grandkids how to garden, and would plant enough to feed an entire community and was always sharing. She loved knitting, crocheting, sewing and always had projects on the go.

She belonged to the Horticulture Society for years and kept a membership until this year at 91 years of age. Irene was a very proud and dedicated member of the Moose Lodge, spending time making soups and meals for the community which she very much enjoyed. Irene was a member in TOPS for twenty-six years, and also spent many years in the United Church Choir, as she loved to sing. Often, she was found baking up a storm in her kitchen to support one of the many groups to which she belonged. Travelling was very important to Irene after her retirement. She would spend her winters in Palm Springs with Darryl and Corinne, and loved travelling anywhere with her family and friends.

Irene passed away peacefully on May 1, 2024, just a month shy of 92. Left to cherish her memories are her sister Corinne (Des) Brady; grandchildren Ryan (Lacie Marion), Jason (Cherilyn), and Lindsay (Matt) Wonnacott; six great-grandchildren Eliese (Nathan) Thompson, Kenzie (Cody) Martin, Kailey and Kylar Sharkey, Birk and Dax Wonnacott; and her new great-great-granddaughter Emberlyn.

She is predeceased by her husband Don Sharkey; her beloved sons whom she dearly missed, Garland and Darryl; along with her daughter-in-law Lorrie Sharkey.

A private family service will take place.

If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions in Irene’s memory may be made to the Camrose Animal Shelter.

To send condolences, please visit

Phone 780-672-2121

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As funeral directors and monument professionals, we understand your need to select a proper, fitting memorial tribute as a reflection of your memories and to show respect, honour and regard for your loved ones.

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Wayne Symyrozum

Wayne Symyrozum, age 76, of Camrose, AB, passed away on April 21, 2024. He was born to John and Effie Symyrozum on April 11, 1948, and grew up in Vegreville AB.

Wayne Symyrozum had three children and was a devoted father who dedicated his life to providing love, guidance and support to his family.

He spent his career helping people achieve their employment goals and find meaningful work. He spent a lot of his career working for the Alberta Government, providing employment services to the First Nations communities and took great pride in developing positive, respectful relationships.

He was a passionate curler and was known in the community for broadcasting the local curling matches. He was also known for his sense of humour and generosity.

Wayne Symyrozum is survived by his eldest son John; and his two daughters Joee and Elisha. The legacy of his love will live on in the hearts of family and friends.

A memorial reception to celebrate Wayne Symyrozum’s life will be held at 12:00 noon, on June 15, 2024, at Weber’s Mount Pleasant Chapel in Camrose, AB. Friends and relatives are invited to join the family in remembrance. Lunch will be provided.

May Wayne Symyrozum rest in peace, and may his family find strength and solace in the memories of the love they shared.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 25 For more information on The Camrose Booster Obituary Page, contact your funeral director or the Camrose Booster ExperienceExpertiseand 4918-51 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-8851 Estate Planning
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Students have voices Second Giving Day assists Augustana students

Across North America, students on many campuses are protesting the war in Gaza. Student protests are not new. Students have a long history of taking a stand against what they perceive to be unjust.

Across the decades, they have opposed the war in Vietnam, apartheid in South Africa, been against race and gender inequality, acid rain, and the pollution of our air and water.

Protests that confine themselves to persuasion while avoiding hateful/derogatory language or physical violence should be a part of our individual or collective right. The free expression of an opinion is what makes a democracy real and it is what separates our system from dictatorial forces.

Across North America, there are a few examples of students whose language or actions have crossed a line of accepted persuasion. Likewise, some university administrations have clamped down on student expressions without regard to their historical right to rise up and advocate when a worthy cause should be highlighted.

It ought to be clear to any who realize that the number of civilian deaths in Gaza along with the destruction of homes, hospitals and offices–almost all of which were of no military value–that there is plenty of room for a counter expression.

Those university administrators that clamp down on such expressions need to re-examine the question, “What is a university for?” Surely, the very purpose of advance education is not limited to teaching students how to think but also on how to act in favour of a better outcome.

It is an important human skill to learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. The holding of signs and chanting opinions should not be sledge hammered into oblivion.

The very purpose of a university ought to be to prepare our young to take action against wrongful policies or practices. Critical thinking requires more than the regurgitation of statements that were read or heard. It requires consideration of a situation and a response to the question, “How can we do better?”

We should want our students to be interested in issues of importance and being interested does not mean simply being curious but rather that there is a capacity to affect.

Given the passage of time, those students in years gone by who stood up against the Vietnam War, apartheid, and race or gender inequality have–with the passage of time–all been proven worthy.

Given that a recorded 34,000 persons have been killed in Gaza and most were women and children–and the overwhelmingly number of deaths were civilians–then surely that is an appropriate reason to advocate for a more responsible approach. Pointing out that there is something horrid about killing civilians is not anti-semitism.

Learning is hunting for change. If the students are seeking a more peaceful-world then good on them. There are limits to language and actions but there should be no limits on our right to responsibly express an opinion.

Learning how to learn without action is a useless activity. Done correctly, the students can help build a better world. They need to be heard and considered. If the next generation is to do better, then they have to get on with doing what is good for humanity. A better world belongs to those who are the doers. So, go ahead and act until the world hears you.

The first University of Alberta Giving Day was a wonderful success in 2022. The second Giving Day will be held on May 14, a day set aside to honour generosity and giving, and an opportunity to support Augustana Campus students.

U of A Giving Day is a celebration of the generosity of the local community. This 24-hour blitz brings together people to make a significant impact on students’ lives—all in a single day.

Every contribution plays a vital role in shaping the future of student success. Camrose resident Wes Campbell will start the Giving Day event by donating $1,500.

Giving Day will prioritize fundraising for the Augustana Faculty Bursary Endowment.

“Funding opportunities like the Augustana Faculty Bursary Endowment will help ensure deserving students who demonstrate financial need don’t miss their chance to make their mark on the world,” noted Augustana Faculty Office of Advancement development officer Bree Urkow. “By supporting this bursary today, you support the innovators and thinkers of tomorrow. We try to find a champion of the cause and that is where Wes comes in. He was our champion on our first Giving Day as well. That means he is not only advocating for support to Augustana, but he is also making a donation to support Augustana students.”

Bree added that Giving Day is an opportunity to unite the community in support of student success. “Your contribution goes beyond a mere donation–it becomes a catalyst for empowering students to excel, focus on their goals and pursue their purpose.

“A fundraising campaign like Giving Day highlights the concept that many hands makes light work and this year, gifts up to $5,000 will be matched, with Wes providing our first $1,500 donation. We raised $6,000 on our last Giving Day and are hoping to exceed that amount that this year,” said Bree.

“By giving on May 14, you are providing students with the invaluable resources they need to thrive—the time and space to conduct groundbreaking research, gain additional skills, join clubs and teams, or volunteer for causes close to their hearts. Together, it can amplify their potential and make a last-

ing impact on our community.

“The Augustana Faculty Bursary Endowment was created as a result of the pandemic and an increase in student need across our campus. The interest from the fund is used to assist students who are in need. The endowment is not touched, so it can be in place for future earnings,” added Bree.

“This endowment will help any student, regardless of what year or area of study they are enrolled in. Our goal is to help as many students as possible. Each student’s needs are looked at individually, so funding supports can range in value depending on the student’s situation,” explained Bree. “The larger the endowment, the more interest it earns and the more we can assist students.”

Wes, president and GM of CampbellMcLennan in Killam, recognized not only the importance of giving where he can, but encouraging others to do the same. “I like the idea of giving a gift to Augustana students to achieve their goals and allow them to reach their dreams and potential. This follows the same way the business has operated, by giving. It is a way of giving back, which is very important to me.

“The fact that we can help a student to succeed and have their own dream fulfilled, that is something that really intrigues me. Support like this helps pay for tuition, text books, rent, mental wellness resources–what students need to further their studies,” shared Wes. Gifts on U of A Giving Day will help students overcome economic barriers and help make post-secondary education a realistic option.

“I went straight to work after high school and didn’t go to university. This is my way of giving others a chance to go to university. I was thinking in the back of my mind that I missed that part of my life, but where I am today, I am in a position where I can help,” added Wes.

“On behalf of the dean and all of us at Augustana, we thank Wes for being the champion that he is,” concluded Bree.

For more information on participating in U of A Giving Day or to donate visit the website at https://give.


The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 28
Guest editorial
Murray Green, Camrose Booster University of Alberta Augustana Campus Giving Day (May 14) honours the generosity of community donors such as Wes Campbell with the new Augustana letters in front of Founder’s Hall.


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TEA – Wednesday, May 8, 2-4 p.m. Royal Canadian Legion. Admission $5.

THE FRIENDS OF HAY LAKES MUNICIPAL LIBRARY – would like to invite you to our Spring Market. Saturday, May 11 starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m. There will be a chili cook-off, a bouncy castle, unique local vendors and prizes to be won. We look forward to seeing you there!

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KUDOS TO THE ER AND UNIT 5 STAFF AT ST. MARY’S – I want to give a big shout out to all the staff at St. Mary’s Hospital ER department and Unit 5. On two occasions this past week we needed the ER service. Can’t say enough about the experience. Everyone was professional and very courteous. Sitting in the waiting room, you never see what is going on behind the scenes. Once our name was called, we got top notch care. Thanks to all who looked after my husband in ER and then on Unit 5. Can’t remember all your names but you have our heartfelt thanks. Kudos to you all. Keep up the great work! ~ Larry and Betty Janecke


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Special Olympics

Continued from page 19

Camrose Special Olympics Alberta athletes Aleena Lazar and Douglas Bailey, were happy to share their own stories with customers about the benefits of being able to participate in a variety of sports.

Aleena sported medals she has won from various bowling events, while Douglas sported medals he won from various hockey and swimming events.

Camrose athletes participate in a wide variety of sports and activities including the upcoming summer activities: soccer (beginning May 7); softball (began May 1); bocce (began May 2; fitness walking/ running (began May 6); golf and programs for younger athletes ages 2 to 12.

Mark June 15 on your calendars to come out and cheer on the athletes at the annual softball tournament to be held at Kin Park #1, from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. This is a qualifying tournament for provincials next year.

Or if you are so inclined lend a helping hand as a volunteer. Volunteers are always needed, welcome and appreciated.

For more information on Camrose Special Olympics Alberta visit the website at

Sales Cler k/ Deliver y Driver

The Soap Stop, a family-owned local business providing janitorial and industrial cleaning supplies to Camrose and East Central Alber ta, is presently looking for a par t-time Sales Clerk and in-town Delive ry Drive r. The successful candidate will be people oriented, with a strong desire to provide exceptional customer ser vice. They will be able to learn quickly, be comfor table with computers and have the ability to lif t 35 kg safely. Main duties will include, but are not limited to, ser ving our valued customers, both in person and over the phone, delivering orders in the City of Camrose, assisting the Lead Clerk in maintaining an attractive store front and assisting the warehouse manager as needed. A driver ’s abstract will be required. Hours are Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. The star ting wage is $18.95 per hour. Resumés can be delivered to 5011-46 Street in Camrose or emailed to attn: Mr. G. Grose. The application deadline is May 18, 2024. Only those applicants chosen for an inter view will be contacted.

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6809-48 Avenue,


Estate of JAMES RUSSEL HARVEY, late of Camrose, Alber ta, who died on Januar y 16, 2024.

If you have a claim against this estate, you must f ile your claim by June 13, 2024, and provide details of your claim with ERIC BARSTAD of Farnham West Stolee Kambeit z LLP Barristers and Solicitors at 5016-52 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1V7.

If you do not f ile by the date above, the estate proper ty can law fully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have


Estate of LINDA COLEEN PE TROWSKI, late of Camrose, Alber ta, who died on October 27, 2023.

If you have a claim against this estate, you must f ile your claim by June 6, 2024, and provide details of your claim with STEPHEN K AMBEIT Z of Farnham West Stolee Kambeit z LLP, Barristers and Solicitors at 5016-52 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1V7.

If you do not f ile by the date above, the estate proper ty can law fully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have


Estate of RUTH EILEEN SEHN, who died on March 16, 2024.

If you have a claim against this estate, you must f ile your claim by Friday, June 7, 2024, with Jillian Carol Wideman-Lyon, c/o WAYNE THRONDSON, K.C., at Fielding & Company LLP, Suite 100, 4918-51 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1S3.

If you do not f ile by the date above,

you may have

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 30 Here’s a great of fer for Booster readers… For Sale Ads! For items priced at $100 or less!
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estate proper ty can law fully
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BRCF grants Centra Cam


The Battle River Community Foundation awarded a $2,400 grant to Centra Cam Vocational Training Association.

“Our main facility has 38 staff who serve 100 individuals with developmental disabilities through employment and community access programs, many of whom have diverse medical needs. Centra Cam is grateful to BRCF and its generous donors for their monetary contribution towards ensuring we are able to maintain a high standard of air quality for our clients and for helping us to reduce costs and improve our HVAC system’s efficiency and longevity. This support has made a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve and we thank you for your generosity. Special thanks to Knudson Furnace & Chimney Cleaning Services for their exemplary service,” Centra Cam executive director Tracy Culbert shared.

The grant is funded from income earned in the Gordon French Fund, and the Camrose Citizen Advocacy Legacy Fund. This type of Fund allows the Foundation Board to match annual grant applicants with the interests’

donors wish to support.

The Battle River Community Foundation exists to support organizations in east central Alberta that benefit the local communities and positively impact the future. Grants from the Battle River Community Foundation are primarily made possible through the generosity of individual donors and organizations that have created endow-

ment funds. The principal of these endowment funds is kept intact, and the income is made available annually to support local projects and organizations.

Since it was founded in 1995, the Battle River Community Foundation has granted over $9,308,006 to support charitable activities in the Battle River Region.

Central Agencies Realty Home of the Week

Family home in Bawlf

Enjoy living with a little less hustle and bustle, but plenty of amenities in the Village of Bawlf, only 20 minutes from Camrose.

This four-bedroom bi-level home has had many recent upgrades and shows beautifully from the minute you step inside to the large, bright entry.

The living room is highlighted by a stylish tray ceiling and wonderful natural light from the front window.

The flow of the home leads into the large open kitchen and dining area.

Plenty of classic cream cabinets, stainless appliances and stylish fixtures make cooking in this kitchen a dream. A corner walk-in pantry offers lots of storage.

The primary bedroom features a walk-in closet with built-ins and a private three-piece bathroom. Another good-sized bedroom and a fourpiece bathroom provide plenty of room for the family to get ready. Both the

Mother's D ay Edition

Mother 's Day is Sunday – be sure to remind your mom to have all the cleaning and laundr y done by Saturday evening so she can enjoy her special day

Family : " What do you want to do for Mother 's Day ?"

All Moms: " Well, for star ters, not to have to decide what we are doing for Mother 's Day."

Just a reminder that anything you buy for yourself in the nex t couple days counts as a Mother 's Day gift!

Motherhood :

• When going out for one night takes more planning and preparation than a wedding

• When you literally do e verything for ever yone in your house while they just wander around wondering why you're always in a bad mood.

• When it takes you 18 years to finish a book. Per kid

• When your sleep is like regular sleep, but without the sleep.

• When ever yone thinks you're going to make dinner just because you're the mom

• When you call the cops because your kid used your good fabric scissors to cut wrapping paper

• When you remember your kid's friends based on the perceived slights they committed. "Oh ye s, the one who always had MUDDY SHOES!"

The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years, she ser ved the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found

Moms be like, " Your cousin's neighbour 's husband's aunt died. Just thought you should know."

If you want to make your mom happy, clean something. Anything I'm Mom. You might remember me from such hits as, "When is this assignment due?" and the sequel, "How long have you known abou t this?"

en suite and the main bathroom are beautifully renovated.

At the back of the main level is laundry area and a spacious mudroom that leads out to the deck overlooking a patio area and fully fenced backyard.

The lower level of the home has been recently finished and features an oversized family room, perfect for family get togethers, two more bedrooms where older children can have a little privacy, and a roughed in bathroom.

The back alley access, double heated garage will be a very welcome asset in the colder winter months, and the insulated and powered shed is an ideal place for the hobbyists in the family.

This very well maintained home, located at 313 Sanden Street, Bawlf is priced at $319,000, and will meet all your family’s needs. For a private viewing, contact Sascha Dressler at:

780-781-8242 Cell

Dumbest thing I believed as a child :

Once I'm 18 my mom won' t be able to tell me what I can and can't do anymore.

My mom's kitchen floor was so clean, you could eat o it . You can eat o mine too. There's all kinds of stu down there.

The older I get , I realize my mom was right, but I just didn' t like her tone

Just because your mother save s all her gift bags doesn' t mean it's the right choice for you

My mom [on the phone}: "Hi, I can' t talk long."

Narrator : "Bu t she can. She CAN talk long

Things My Mother Taught Me

• Appreciation of a Job Well Done : "If you're going to kill each other, do it ou tside I just finished cleaning."

• Religion: " You better pray that will come out of the carpet."

• Time Travel : "If you don' t straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"

• Logic : "Because I said so, that's why."

• More Logic : "If you fall out of that swing and break your neck , you're not going to the store with me."

• Foresight : "Make sure you wear clean under wear in case you're in an accident."

• Irony : "If you don' t quit cr ying, I' ll give you something to cr y abou t."

• Osmosis: "Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

• Contortionism: " Will you just look at the dirt on the back of your neck!"

• Stamina: " You are going to sit there until all that spinach is gone."

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 31
Central Agencies Realty 4870-51 Street, Camrose 780-672-4495 or
Sascha Dressler Battle River Community Foundation vice-chair, Stephen Kambeitz, presented the cheque to Centra Cam executive director, Tracy Culbert.
EXCELLENT ALMOST-NEW VALLEYVIEW TOWNHOUSE … Desirable location, quality built and offering a simplified way of life and senior friendly with no steps. Bright open floor plan, well planned with spacious living room and dining space. Glorious kitchen, huge island, granite counters and corner pantry. In-floor heating, vinyl plank, 9-foot ceilings. 2 awesome bedrooms, newer appliances and M/F laundry. Alley access to attached garage complete with Epoxy flooring. Not a condo therefore no fees. This ideal lifestyle awaits you, just move in! Asking $369,000 A2122282 CENTRAL AGENCIES REALTY Inc. #100, 4870-51 Street, Camrose 780-672-4495 CAMROSE HOMES The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 7, 2024 – Page 32 WOW! GORGEOUS WALKOUT BUNGALOW, AWESOME 4-CAR GARAGE … Amazing lake views. It’s absolutely perfect! Features a quality built 2083 sq. ft. 5-bedroom home. Exceptional craftsmanship and design. You will love every area of the home from the gourmet kitchen, butlers’ pantry, chic living spaces, superb primary bedroom and the amazing walkout basement. Awesome deck/ patio and so much more! Views, lifestyle, it’s perfect! Asking $1,399,000 A2096394 Give our professional realtors a call for a complimentary market evaluation of your property BEAUTIFUL NEW ZERO STEP BUNGALOW, FULL BASEMENT MODEL! … New adult living community! Model 1244. Beautiful bright open floor plan, 9’ ceilings, in-floor heat and easy steps to garage. Excellent kitchen, spacious great room, en suite, main floor laundry. Covered patio, and more! No condo fees. Still time to choose your colours. You’ll love it! Asking $499,322 A2077560 We offer Multiple Listing Service KINGMAN … Newly developed lots. Choose from seven! Located on the edge of town. Starting at $27,500 A1156323, 6338, 6341, 6343, 6349 OUT OF TOWN OUT OF TOWN OUT OF TOWN GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY in New Norway! High quality 4-plex. Beautiful modern units, open concept living. Currently rented out for $900/mo. plus utilities. Strong rental market. Asking $569,000 A2089277 WOW! GORGEOUS TOP FLOOR COPPERSTONE CONDO … overlooking Mirror Lake! Premier property, amazing lake views! Quality built 3-bedroom, recently upgraded. Bright open plan. 13’ and 9’ ceilings, lots of windows, gourmet kitchen, huge breakfast bar, gorgeous living room, superb primary with en suite. Air conditioning. Heated parking, tandem stalls. Awesome deck and more! Asking $659,500 A2114648 SOLD NEW WALKOUT BUNGALOW CONDOS BY LAKE! … Finished up and down! Landscaped yard, vinyl fencing, artificial turf – WOW! You’ll love the location of “Valley View West Estates”. An amazing adult community by the lake, walking trails and park. Absolutely an exceptional home with a gorgeous, bright open plan. Asking $575,162 A2115498 ONLY 2 DOUBLE CAR GARAGE UNITS LEFT! SOLD SOLD There’s never been a better time to list with… CENTRAL AGENCIES REALTY Inc. Check out our Beautiful Lakeside Adult Community. Private and Quiet! Beautiful Bungalows by Battle River Homes BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW TOWNHOUSE! • 1287 sq. ft. • Single garage • In-floor heat • No steps Asking $398,162 A2122843 BEAUTIFUL WALKOUT VILLA! • Finished up and down • In-floor heat • 12’x24’ garage, all finished • All landscaped – turf and fencing Asking $518,162 A2122925 EXCELLENT STARTER HOME OR RENTAL ADDITION … 5 bedrooms, 3 updated bathrooms with a private 2-pce en suite, hardwood floors, vinyl windows, updated furnace. Just over 1200 sq.ft., 24’x20’ detached garage and a partially finished basement. Finished upstairs very well and some finishing in the basement to do. Asking $256,900 A2112262 PERFECT CAMPING/WEEK GETAWAY … in Sunset Heights at Red Deer Lake. Double lot with three-season cabin, holding tank, new well in 2021. Set up with RV plugs and water. 30’x20’ tarp shed for storage. Asking $135,000 A2116918 65 ACRE INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY … 3 minutes North of Camrose off HWY 833. Existing 7440 sq. ft. building, fully renovated. Well/ septic/natural gas. New 600V/200 amp/ 3 phase transformer on site. Drainage ditch throughout feeding a 6.5 million gallon dugout on South perimeter. Judicial Sale. Asking $1,600,000 A2101350 ACREAGES 1322 SQ. FT. 3-BEDROOM BUNGALOW on 1.07 aces 3.5 miles from Camrose’s Ring Road. Open concept 2001 built home with great kitchen, large living room, beautiful primary with LARGE WALK-IN closet. Finished lower level with massive family room. Covered South East side deck. New shingles, forced air heat, cozy in-floor heating, 30’x26’ garage. Quiet acreage, you’ll love the proximity to Camrose, without the traffic or neighbours. Asking $514,900 A2102612 END UNIT – BEAUTIFUL NEW TOWNHOUSE! Zero step, senior friendly, awesome community. Non-basement model. Beautiful, bright open floor plan and 9’ ceilings. Huge great room, great kitchen, en suite, main floor laundry. Covered patio, attached double garage, all finished. You’ll love it! Asking $444,900 A2123601 BEAUTIFUL NEW ZERO STEP TOWNHOUSE! Senior friendly, awesome community. Non-basement model. Beautiful, bright open floor plan and 9’ ceilings. Huge great room, great kitchen, en suite, main floor laundry. Covered patio, attached garage, all finished. You’ll love it! Asking $436,900 A2123385 ZERO STEP TOWNHOUSE! Senior friendly, awesome community. Non-basement model. Beautiful, bright open floor plan and 9’ ceilings. Huge great room, great kitchen, en suite, main floor laundry, In-floor heat, covered patio, attached garage. Still time to pick your colours! Asking $421,700 A2123223 WOW, WALK-OUT VILLAS – VALLEYVIEW WEST! Close to lake, parks and walking trails. Walk-out finished up and down! Gourmet kitchen, granite, spacious dinette, gorgeous living room. Superb master/en suite, main floor laundry, A/C. Excellent basement floor plan. Artificial turf, vinyl fencing. In-floor heating, deck/patio, attached garage! Asking $518,162 A2122925 NEW TOWNHOUSE IN VALLEYVIEW! End unit, senior friendly design, no steps! Beautiful 1287 sq. ft. floor plan. In-floor heating and 9’ ceilings. Exceptional kitchen, quartz countertops, Spacious living/dinette area, main floor laundry. 22.5’x11.5’ garage, epoxy flooring. Pick your colours! Asking $398,162 A2122843 VALLEYVIEW – NEW TOWNHOUSE! Inside unit, senior friendly design! Beautiful open floor plan, in-floor heating and 9’ ceilings. Exceptional kitchen, quartz countertops. Spacious living/dinette area, main floor laundry. 22.5’x11.5’ garage. Pick your colours! Asking $368,162 A2122901 OPEN
Thursday, May 9 2:00 to 4:00 pm 3320-50A Street Close “Lots happening! Come see!” Thursday, May 9 1:00 to 3:00 pm 4521-69 Street RESIDENTIAL LOTS Come build your new home … in the family friendly Cascades subdivision in our amazing city of Camrose! These affordable lots are perfectly located close to the west-end shopping, services, golf course, playground and parks including a dog run. Seven lots have been made available offering various options. Choose from lots providing a walkout option and backing onto the pond and walking trails, a “corner” lot with open space to the west, or other lots with established neighbours. A great opportunity not to be missed! Asking $85,000-115,000 A2110713 AMAZING LOCATION! You will LOVE this meticulously cared-for 4-bedroom bi-level in a close. Open plan with fully updated kitchen with updated appliances. Beautiful sunroom to enjoy spring and fall days, plus a large patio and courtyard. Fully finished basement with wood burning stove. Updates include: windows, shingles and mechanical. Beautiful park-like back yard. You will appreciate this home and all that it offers! Asking $374,500 A2124368 NEW LISTING!SOLD MODEL 1244 ZERO STEP … Senior friendly. Beautiful bright open floor plan, 9’ ceilings, in-floor heat, beautiful kitchen, spacious great room. Main floor laundry. Easy access to garage. Covered patio and more! No condo fees! Immediate possession! You’ll love it! Asking $436,376 A2045627 WITHIN 4 KM OF CAMROSE ON PAVEMENT! This 13-acre parcel includes a 1724 sq. ft. home, oversized detached garage, barn with box and a 160’x72’ arena complex with a section that is fully finished with heat, water, wash bay and a washroom. This acreage is your private oasis! The 5-bedroom house has been tastefully updated. The huge yard allows for fun for the whole family. This PRIME LOCATION is perfect for the family, ready for the freedom of country living, or for the entrepreneur ready to make their dreams come true. You have to see this 13-acre PIECE OF HEAVEN to understand all it has to offer! Asking $947,000 A2126179 NEW LISTING! REALLY THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS … Almost 18 acres zoned residential AND agricultural, right at the edge of town. Multiple residential acreage development possible. Municipal water and sewer is available. This beautiful property is located only 20 minutes to Camrose and in easy commuting distance to Nisku and South/East Edmonton. Asking $214,000 A2121909 BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW WITH 9’ CEILINGS 1478 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, fully open floor plan. Amazing kitchen with a large island, pull-out drawers and walk-in pantry for lots of storage. Natural stone fireplace in the great room. A great primary with a large walk-in closet and a generous 4-piece en suite. Main floor laundry. The lower level features a private entrance to a fully furnished 2-bedroom suite complete with full kitchen, 4-piece bath, 2 large bedrooms and own laundry! Oversized lot that allows for a 38’x26’/28’ deep heated 4-stall garage PLUS it has a concrete RV pad complete with 30 amp service! There is nothing missing here! Asking $599,000 A2126737 WOW! BEAUTIFUL QUALITY BUILT CONDO! Awesome, spacious and bright! Close to city centre and Mirror Lake walking trails. Beautiful open design, 9’ ceilings and hardwood flooring. Exceptional kitchen, spacious dinette/living room. 2 huge bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Hardi-plank siding, ICF basement, storage, a/c and more! Asking $215,000 A2125148 EXCELLENT BI-LEVEL ON TWO LOTS! Exceptional lifestyle - Rosalind. You’ll love the peacefulness and relaxing lifestyle. Beautiful 1140 sq. ft. bi-level with private setting on two lots! Lovely living room with vaulted ceilings, awesome country kitchen, en suite and main floor laundry. Cozy ICF basement, 65% completed. Park setting, veranda, deck, 22’x24’ heated garage. Gemstone lighting system and more. A country lifestyle with all the services! Asking $339,900 A2091689 GREAT FLEXIBLITY IN MAYERTHORPE OVER 23 ACRES ALONG HWY 43 Asking $230,000 CA0168666 NEW NORWAY LOT 65’ wide lot at the edge of town in Spartan Estates! Asking $50,000 A2089400 BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME on the OVERSIZE lot! No neighbours behind! Bawlf has a provincially acclaimed K-12 school, wonderful sports facilities and walking trails. Only 20 minutes from Camrose –which is the perfect distance to unwind on your drive home from work! Starting at $45,000 A2076411, 6409, 6403 BAWLF BI-LEVEL Newer and exceptionally clean 4-bedroom home with lots of recent upgrades. This is very spacious and features a very large and bright entrance area, a huge baker’s kitchen with lots of counterspace, all newer appliances and beautiful retro cabinets. The primary has a 3-piece en suite and walk-in closet. Main floor laundry and a/c! Recently finished massive rec room, 2 bedrooms and roughed-in bath. Outside features a large deck, heated double garage, separate tool/hobby shed and fully fenced back yard with a patio. Only a 20-minute drive from Camrose. Asking $319,000 A2125112 BEAUTIFUL NEW BUNGALOW WITH FINISHED BASEMENT! Zero step, end unit! Senior friendly and a fantastic community. Beautiful, bright open floor plan, 9’ ceilings, in-floor heat and easy access to garage. Excellent kitchen, spacious great room, en suite, main floor laundry. Covered patio, and more. No condo fees. You’ll love it! Asking $571,440 A2123360 SOLD EXCEPTIONALLY WELL KEPT BUNGALOW in the Town of Daysland! Features include: open concept, lovely kitchen with lots of cabinets, under cabinet lighting, centre island, In-floor heat. Garden door to covered deck. 24’x26’ heated garage. New washer and dryer, freshly painted main level, new shingles (2023), plus much more! Asking $365,000 A2106894 SOLD 4001-50 Street, Camrose Phone 780.672.5851 AWESOME COMMUNITY & LIFESTYLE 3320-50A Street Close Available NOW! Model 1244 asking $436,376 A2045627 Full basement model • No condo fees Double garage • Zero step entry Model 1244 Asking $499,322 A2077560 FULL BASEMENT! Beautiful Bungalow Townhouse Zero-step, non-basement • End unit Double garage • In-floor heating Asking $444,900 A2123601 Beautiful Bungalow Townhouse • Zero-step, non-basement • Single garage • In-floor heating Pick your colours! Asking $436,900 A2123385 Master planned community Designed for active adults • No condo fees Community lifestyle Thursday, May 9 2:00 to 4:00 pm 3320-50A Street Close “Lots happening! Come see!” New Zero-Step Townhouse Fully finished basement Double garage, finished • In-floor heating Model 1244 asking $571,440 A2123360 SOLD CARE FREE LIVING Here is your opportunity to live in your home with a yard and driveway looked after and IT’S NOT A CONDO! 1,640 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with two primary bedrooms, one with a walk-out balcony overlooking the lake. Open concept kitchen/dining/living room with corner fireplace. The lower level features a MASSIVE family room with a HD projection TV! You will LOVE the extras on this Village at Westpark home – hardwood flooring, the balcony overlooking the lake and a maintenance free deck. This is MOVE-IN READY and waiting for you. WELCOME HOME! Asking $409,000 A2128461 GEMINI CENTRE, GROUND FLOOR – A PLACE FOR YOUR BUSINESS! … Exceptional street level unit: 2078 sq. ft. Awesome location. Easy access. Superior design. Superb visibility. Asking $23/sq. ft. + common A2082496 COMMERCIAL PRIME MAIN STREET PROPERTY IN CAMROSE – ZONED C1 Excellent opportunity in the heart of Camrose City Centre! 3,262 sq. ft. commercial building with 2 entrances, reception areas, offices, client meeting rooms, 3 bathrooms, flex areas and warehousing. Easy customer access and rear parking. Call now! Asking $229,000 A2030401 HWY 56 FRONTAGE … 6.05 acres in Millang Industrial Park. 3-phase power, gas available now. Edmonton city water is to be available in 2023. This 6.05 acre parcel is zoned Farmland at present. This is the LAST REMAINING LOT! Asking $749,000 A2098054 63.26 ACRES IN THE CITY OF CAMROSE, ZONED M1! Highway frontage, spur-line opportunity. Awesome 11,664 sq.ft. building. plus 48 acres have City offsite levies prepaid. An impeccable property; 80’x94’ work area with lube/mechanics’ pit, plus 80’x26’ drive-through wash-bay all with 18’x18’ doors. Excellent offices and reception area. Lots of future development potential or room to expand your operations. Call now! Asking $6.95M A2122819

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