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2024 Spring Edition APRIL 9, 2024 | 24 PAGES I n side: Great opportunities for N ews... Hike for Hospice is set to go 4 Ohaton rink, playground to receive upgrades 19 Ripening up for Lemonade Day 21 Gravel aggregates to increase next year 23

Hike for Hospice set to go

On Sunday, April 28 join others for a walk around Mirror Lake during the annual Hike For Hospice beginning at 1:30 p.m. at the Hospice Office located at 5415-49 Avenue (lower level of the Mirror Lake Centre.)

The Hike for Hospice is a national event that is held each year to kick off the hospice palliative care week in Canada.

“It is an awareness raising event, to educate people about the importance of hospice palliative care, to begin conversations about it and the need for early interventions,” explained Hospice Society of Camrose and District (HSCD) vicepresident Pam Cummer.

In Camrose, the annual event brings family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues and others together on a stroll around the Mirror Lake.

The event is also an opportunity to raise funds for HSCD and awareness of end-of-life and grief care in Camrose and district.

“Last year we raised over $10,000,” reported Cummer. “All the money raised stays in Camrose

and is used to support our staff and programs. If folks would prefer to donate to our Building Fund that is always an option as well.”

After the walk guests are invited to join in some refreshments (cakes, drinks and cinnamon buns) and take an opportunity to share their own experiences or speak with any of the HSCD staff or volunteers.

Pledge sheets for the Hike for Hospice can be picked up at the HSCD office or downloaded from the website at www.camrose hospice.org.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 4
Submitted The Hospice Fashion for Funds fashion show held on March 28 featured local volunteer models. 78 0- 672- 4400 • 3760 -4 8 Avenue Camrose SPRING TRAI LE R EVENT STARTS TODAY! e our website for full trailer featur Stock # VT 312878 2024 TNT Tr aile r 7x14ft Xpre s Side x Side/V-Nose/Ramp $95 bw/ 120 months $12 ,900 + GST Stock # VT101011B 2023 TNT Tr aile r Xpre s 8. 5x16 En closed V Nose/Sid e x Side / Ramp/ Save $$$$ $12 ,900 + GST Stock # VT007072 2023 Dura-Haul 10 ft Dump Tr aile r Scisso r 7k /Tar p $12 ,499 + GST Stock # VT007955 2024 Dura-Haul 7x 22 ft Be aver tail Equipment Tr aile r 14 k GV W/ Ramp s $11,999 + GST Stock # VT634154 2022 PJ Tr aile rs 14 ft. Utilit y Rear Ramp/Side Ramp s $3,499 + GST Stock # VT0079 69 2023 Dura-Haul 7x18 ft Be aver tail Equipment Hauler 14 k GV W/ Ramp s $11,499 + GST Stock # VT 389983 2023 Sure -Trac 6x12 ft Tu be To p Utilit y $3,999 + GST Stock # VT 365020 2022 Sure -Trac 5x 8 ft Tu be To p Utilit y Tr aile r Ramp/ 210 0# Payload $2,999 + GST Stock # VT 312879 2024 TNT Tr aile r 7x14 ft. Enclosed V-Nose/Sid e x Side/Ram p $12 ,900 + GST Stock # VT 312330 2023 TNT Tr aile r 7x16 Xpre s V-nose Side x Side/Ram p $9 9bw/120 months $13,900 + GST Stock # VT 34 4242 2022 Sure -Trac 82 in. x 12 ft. HD Low Profi le Dump Dual Ram/ 14 k GV W $13,999 + GST Stock # VT009076 2024 Dura-Haul 8. 5 x 20 ft HD Deckover Flatbe d 14 k GV W Slide/Ou t Ramp s $13,900 + GST Stock # VT422290 2024 Sure -Trac 7 ft. x 14 ft. HDLP Te lescopic Dump 14 k Ta ndem Axel / Ramp s $14 ,900 + GST Stock # VT 3128 82 2024 TNT Tr aile r 8. 5x16 Xpress Side x Side V-Nose/Ram p $107 bw/120 months $14 ,900 + GST Stock # VT 3128 80 2024 TNT Tr aile r XPres 8. 5x16 Side x Side/Ex Height /Ramp $107bw/120 months $14 ,900 + GST Stock # VT009283 2024 Dura-Haul 6x12 HD Dump Tr aile r Scisso r/ Ta rp $14 ,295 + GST Stock # VT417538 2024 Sure -Trac 7 ft. x 16 ft Te lescopic Li ft Dump 14 k Ta ndem Axel $15,900 + GST Stock # VT007433 2023 Dura-Haul 14 ft Dump Tr aile r Scisso r 14 k/ Ta rp $16,499 + GST Stock # VT 34 4257 2023 Sure -Trac 82in. x 14 ft. HD Low Profi le Dump Scisso r/ 14 k GV W $15,499 + GST Stock # VT 34 4241 2023 Sure -Trac 82 in. x 14 ft. HD Low Profi le Dump Te lescopic /14k GV W $16,499 + GST Stock # VT 3128 67 2024 TNT Xtreme Spor t 8. 5x 28 Blacko ut Stereo/Furnace / Cabinets/Ramps $247bw/180 months $39,900 + GST Stock # VT038686 2023 Dura-Haul 14 ft Goosenec k Dump Tr aile r Scisso r/14 k/ Ta rp $18 ,999 + GST Stock # VT007787 2022 Dura-Haul 8. 5x 20+5 ft Goosenec k Deck Over 14 k GV W/ Monste r Ramp s $19,900 + GST Stock # VT100021 2023 TNT Tr aile r 8. 5x 20 ft Xpre s V-Nose /C ar Carrier/10 k GV W $117 bw/120 months $16,900 + GST Stock # VT 310219 2023 TNT Tr aile r Xpre s 8. 5 x 20 ft V-Nose /C arhauler/Ramp/10 k GV W $117 bw/120 months $16,900 + GST Stock # VT 310229 2023 TNT Tr aile r 8. 5x 20 ft Xpre s V-Nose /C ar Carrier/10 k GV W $117 bw/120 months $16,900 + GST Stock # VT 389864 2023 Sure -Trac 82 in x 16 ft. HD Low Profi le Dump Scisso r 14 k GV W $16,499 + GST Riding mowers and zero turn mowers at at trac tive pricing. Call Sheila today! See our lineup! WWW.A MR AA .C A • HW Y 13 & 56 • CAMROSE AB 780-673-9593 SPRING EVENT is published for Controlled Distribution By CAMROSE BOOSTER LTD. Circulation 23,300 copies Blain Fowler, Publisher Providing coverage to the communities of Camrose, Ohaton, Edberg, Meeting Creek, Donalda, Botha, Bawlf, Kelsey, Rosalind, Daysland, Heisler, Halkirk, Strome, Forestburg, Galahad, Castor, Killam, Sedgewick, Lougheed, Coronation/Brownfield, Alliance, Hardisty, Amisk, Hughenden, Veteran, Czar, Metiskow, Cadogan, Provost (farms), Armena, Hay Lakes, New Sarepta, Round Hill, Kingman, Tofield, Ryley Holden, Bruce, Viking, Kinsella, Irma, Wainwright, New Nor way Ferintosh, Bashaw Bittern Lake, Gwynne, Stettler (farms). Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone 780-672-3142 Fax 780-672-2518 News email: news@camrosebooster.com Display Ads email: ads@camrosebooster.com Classifieds Ads email: ads@camrosebooster.com Website: camrosebooster.com 4925-48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7 The most effective, most economical advertising medium in the Camrose area. The entire contents of THE CAMROSE BOOSTER and THE SUPER BOOSTER are protected by copyright and any unauthorized reproduction of it, in whole or in part, without consent in writing, is expressly prohibited.

Camrose County Counc illors and the Economic Development Team are hitting the road and visiting businesses throughout Camrose Count y! The goal of those visits is to me et business owners, understand local business community needs, identify oppor tunitie s, and help plan economic development fu ture actions.

New Day Virtual Solutions

If you’d like our team to stop by your business, please don hesitate to reach out to us at ecdev@coun We can’ t wait to meet you and learn more about your business!

Armena, K ingman, Ohaton, Round Hill, Tillicum Beach

Bins placed April 11 and removed April 16, 2024

Duhamel, Ferintosh, Kelsey, New Norway, Pelican Point, Meeting Creek

Bins placed April 18 and removed April 23 , 2024

Look for the 30-Yard Bin in your Community. For fur ther information, please check the website

www county camrose .ab .ca

Introducing New Day Vir tual Solutions, founded by Tammy Herber t a Camrose C ount y resident . With a Bachelor of Business A dministration and 20-plus years of diverse experience in leadership roles, Tammy has excellent skills in research, writing and administration. New Day Vir tual Solutions o ers work vir tually on administrative task s for mental health professionals in for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations They se t up and create content for social media, newsletters and blogs, o er research and writing on relevant topics for presentations and document s, and organize details and se t up systems in client and donor care. www.newdayvir tualsolutions.com

Boden Sand & Gravel Supplies

Located by Edberg, Boden Sand & G ravel Supplies ser ves customers across Camrose and it s neighbouring areas, o ering a comprehensive range of aggregate solutions

Client s have the option to collec t aggregate directly f rom the gravel pit or utilize their con venient hauling and delivery ser vices . Whe ther it’s for small-scale project s like driveways or expansive construc tion endeavours, Boden Sand & G ravel Supplies caters to diverse needs, including commercial requirement s . A s a third-generation and familyoperated business, their legac y dates back to the 1980s when Ted Boden and his son, Dennis Boden, initi ated operations to fulf ill the gravel demands of their clientele. Today Dylan and Brandon, the latest additions to the family business since 2006, proudly oversee d ay-to- day activities . The ex tensive product lineup comprises high- qualit y aggregate selections such as washed sand, driveway topping, fill sand, crush and more, ensuring they mee t the varied gravel requirements of their esteemed customers Fur thermore, Boden Sand and Gravel Supplies o ers a f lee t of truck s equipped to promptly deliver aggregate materials, including tandem, truck and quad, super bees and others, underscoring the commitment to superior ser vice deliver y Trus t Boden Sand & G ravel Supplies for all your aggregate needs. 780-877-3942 admin@bodensg.com

Hidden Rock Aggregates Ltd.

Got Gravel? Hidden R ock A ggregates Ltd. provides environmentally responsible A ggregate E xploration and Development within Camrose C ount y. They specialize in working with the landowner to maximize prof its and re tain land values by comple ting de tailed site preparation, resource extraction and reclamation planning. If you are a landowner within Camrose, Wetaskiwin or Flagsta Counties who believes you h ave a gravel deposit on your land, please contac t Hidden R

the Camrose communit y and surrounding area since 2015. Specializing in farm equipment , they o er a diverse range of brands, including Versatile, Weidemann, K ioti, Degelman, Highline and A grifac . K nown for their f riendly ser

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 5 Lake Hay Lakes Armena Bitt nLak Camrose Kingman Edberg Tillicum Beach Duhame New Norway Kelsey Rosalind Meeting Creek Bash Pelica Point Bawlf Ohat Fe int h Round Hill Donalda 13 13 26 26 13 21 21 21 21 21 21 56 56 56 13 834 834 834 833 833 616 617 623 623 833 617 854 854 854 56 609 609 609 609 609 611 605 854 WE S N Legend ay Main High ondary Highway County Boundar Municipalit H M Airpor Museum Hospital Farm St Campground Sightseeing Shooting Range Park Attraction Greenhouse Boat Launch 3755 43 Av Cam se, AB T4V 3S8 E: ecdev@ unty ose.ab. P: 780.678.3070 www.county camrose.ab.ca Country Nine Double Dam Golf Course & Miquelon Hills Whistle Stop Gol Cam se Gol Cherry Lane B&B and Cafe Ferry Point Landing Family Campground La Prairieai Lake Lodge Littlest Airpor Majestic Theatr M Wholesal Conser tio and Linear Park Hesje Obser to Public Recreation Area Miquelon Lak Provincial Park Driedmeat ake Dema Detentio in ay Tressel Bridge H Saskat Simpl Emporiu M Bluebird Historical Fi Hall El ator Spring Bridge attle ve BattleRive BattleRi er Island Bash Firehall M Regional School M M Camp Living Springs Bible Camp Dairy Silver Creek Av Greenhouse Mapl ood erry Poin y Gar Greenhous pf & Marke Thistle Hill ny Bar & Restau nt Ferintosh Campgr d Campgr Campgr Campgr Trail RV Park Round Hill elegraph Park Campg d
ock A ggregates Ltd. They would be happy to provide additional information on the A ggregate E xploration and Development process Jordan Thompson 780-387-8098 or Brandon Boden 780-679-6363 AMRAA Equipment Ltd. AMR AA Equipment has been ser ving
vice and commitment to quality, AMR AA Equipment is conveniently situated east of Camrose by Legacy Junc tion, at the intersection of Highways 13 and 56. www.amraa.ca Wellspring Seeds Wellspring Seeds Inc . is a pedigreed seed farm ou tside of New Nor way operated by S tevan and Luke L indholm. We o er high qualit y cer tified wheat , barley, and pulse seed. All seed is cleaned on location to ensure a qualit y produc t On-site seed treating is available as well as a 90’ scale for your convenience. We have 4 0+ years of pedigreed seed experience. Phone 780-781-6077 wellspringseeds.ca Road to Rail Construction Road to Rail C onstruc tion Group takes pride in being a one-stop shop construc tion company o ering on-site and o -site Mechanical Ser vices, Heavy Hauling, Aggregate Hauling, Rail Construc tion, Civil C onstruc tion, Mining and Oilf ield Construc tion and R emediation. 780-878-4340 info@r trc .ca https://r trc.ca/ M eet CAMROSE COUNTY BUSINESSES County Corner News and Information from Camrose County Phone 780.672.444 6 | www.county.camrose.ab.ca
Hamlet Cleanup
or call Camrose County Agricultural Services depar tment at 780-672-4765. Annual M eeting Wednesday, April 24, 2024 NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of the electors of Camrose County will be held at the Camrose County Administration O ice, 3755-43 Avenue, at 7 :00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, for the discussion of the a airs of Camrose County. Teresa Gratri x, C ounty A dministrato r Business Visitation Program OP EN FO R AP P LICA TION S A PP Camrose County Agricultural Wall of Honour This honour recognizes cont ributions to agriculture by individuals in farming and ranching, agri-business or in extension and re search work . The deadline for applications is April 30, 2024 Camrose County Centur y Farms Award Camrose County recognizes long-standing fa rms and ranches. The deadline for applications is April 30, 2024 The above-mentioned application forms can be found on the County website www county camrose .ab .ca or by contacting our Ag Services O ice at 780-672-4765 or emailing asb@county camrose .ab .ca Check out the Camrose County Tourism M ap

• NH 8240 F WA Tractor w/ Allied FEL

• NH TD95D F WA Tractor (Not Running) w/ 3 pth

• MF 3680 F WA Tractor w/ 3417 Hrs

• MF 3120 F WA Tractor w/ MF 795 FEL, 3 pth

• Kubota B7000 F WA Tractor

• Steiger Panther CM325 4wd Tractor - Showing 9400 Hrs

• Vers 835 4wd Tractor

• Vers 700 Series II 4wd Tractor

• Ford Vers 9030 Bi-Di Tractor w/ FEL & Grapple, 7400 Hrs

• JD 3140 2wd Tractor

• JD 2550 2wd Tractor w/ FEL & 3 pth

• JD 4430 2wd Tractor (Not Running)

• Case IH 7120 2wd Tractor w/ Duals

• Case 2390 2wd Tractor

• Case 970 2wd Tractor

• IHC 1086 2wd Tractor w/ Duals

• IHC 1066 2wd Tractor w/ FEL

• IHC 1066 2wd Tractor w/ Duals & 5064 Hrs

• Case David Brown 990 2wd Tractor w/ 3 pth

• David Brown 1210 2wd Tractor w/ FEL

• MF 65 2wd Tractor w/ FEL & 3 pth


• 1940 JD H 2wd Tractor

• 1942 JD D 2wd Tractor

• 1939 IHC Farmall F-14 2wd Tractor

• 1949 IHC WD9 2wd Tractor

• 1945 Case VAC 2wd Tractor

• Case VA 2wd Tractor

• 1942 MH 81 2wd Tractor

• 1953 MH 33 2wd Tractor

• 1947 AC B 2wd Tractor w/ Belly Sickle Mower


• JCB 436B Wheel Loader w/ Bucket & Pallet Forks

• JD 344K Wheel Loader w/ 7,500 Hrs

• JD 204K Wheel Loader

• JD 410B Backhoe

• Merlo 3813 Telehandler

• Sullivan Palatek 200UDG 460V 3 Phase 5.0 Hp Air Compressor

• Ingersoll Rand 185 CFM Por table Air Compressor

• 2 - N/U Griz zly Screens


• 2 - N/U Wacker Neuson

SW21 Wheel Skid Steers w/ Only 6 & 10 Hrs, Cab & Warranty

• 2018 Mustang 1655RT Skid Steer w/ Only 1060 Hrs

• Cat 289D Tracked Skid Steer

• Cat 226B Skid Steer w/ 2390 Hrs

• 2023 Diggit SCL850 Mini Skid Steer on Tracks



Grapple, Brush, Mixer, Smooth & Rock , Buckets, Blades, Tire & Bale Grabbers, Trailer

Mover, Augers w/ Bits, Spears, Packers, Sweeper, Dump Box, Trencher, Graders, Backhoe, Brush Cutters, Rototiller & MANY MANY MORE ITEMS


Selling Over 2000+

Case Iron Eagle, Toolboxes & Cabinets, Tools, Building Materials, Gardening Supplies, Firewood, Fence Posts, Tires, Saddles & Tack , Assor t. of Rd & Sq Tubing, Large Assor t. of Planed Lumber, Rough Cut Spruce & Poplar Lumber in Various Sizes, Wind Board Lumber, Assor t. of 15’ to 20’ Bi-Par ting Gates, Fencing & More


• Case IH Precision Hoe 800 60’ Air Drill w/ Case IH 3430


• Concord 4012 40’ Air Drill

w/ Bourgault 5350 350 Bu 3

Comp. Air Tank

• Flexicoil 5000 34’ Air Drill w/ Flexicoil 1720 TBH 2 Comp. Air Tank

• JD 1830 60’ Air Drill Tool

• JD 1900 270 Bu TBT Air Car t

• 2017 Lemken Heliodor 23’ High Speed Disc

• Sunflower 25’ Field Disc

• Kello 10’ HD Breaking Disc

• N/U 10’ Breaking Disc

• IHC 14’ Field Disc

• Morris Magnum CP731 31’


• 2 - Morris 24’ Cults

• Morris 20’ DT Cult

• Coop 807 30’ DT Cult

• Knverland 4 Bottom 3 pth


• Ford 4 Bottom3 pth Plow

• Deerborne 3 Bottom 3 pth


• Flexicoil System 82 80’ Harrows

• Flexicoil System 82 50’ Tine Harrow Draw Bar

• Flexicoil 40’ Harrow Packer


• UFA 20’ Chain Harrows

• 2 - New 17’ & 20’ 3 pth Hyd.

Foldable Pasture Harrows

• 12’ 3 pth Aerator

• IHC McCormick 8’ Semi-Mtd Seed Drill

• Load King 14’ Drill Fill Tank

• JD 7000 8 Row Corn Planter

• Shopbuilt 18’x42” Land



• Shchenk Rebard Matic Shear Line

• Rebar Ring Bender - 10 mm

• KRB Hyd. Rebar Bender w/ Attach.

• 2 3/8”, 2 7/8” & 4 1/2” Jts of Pipe

• Various Sizes of Tubing


• NH FX40 SP Forage Har vest w/ Grass Header

• Kongskilde FCT1360 Forage Har vester

• 2021 JD 560M Rd Baler w/ Net Wrap

• JD 569 Premium Rd Baler w/ Net & Twine

• JD 568 Rd Baler w/ Net & Twine

• JD 567 Rd Baler w/ Net

• JD 567 Rd Baler

• JD 535 Rd Baler

• 2016 Kuhn BV2290 Rd Baler

• Hesston 2856A Rd Baler

• Hesston 560 Rd Baler

• NH BR780 Rd Baler w/ Net & Twine

• Case IH 8465 Rd Baler

• 2 - Case IH 8480 Rd Baler

• Vermeer 605 Rd Baler

• NH 276 Sq Baler

• IHC 430 Sq Baler

• IHC 241 Rd Baler

• Kuhn FC883-FF Triple Mower

• NH 1411 Discbine

• JD 1470 Discbine

• NH 3625 ProTed 25’ Hay


• H&S 12 Wheel Bi-Fold V Rake

• Hesston 3971 8 Wheel BiFold Rake

• MF 6 Wheel Hay Rake

• Sitrex 2 Wheel Swath Turner

• NH 1033 Bale Wagon


• 2005 Apache AS850 Sp

Sprayer w/ 90’ Booms, GPS, Auto Steer

• Flexicoil 67 90’ PT Sprayer w/ 850 Gal Tank

• NH SF115 90’ S/A Sprayer w/ 1500 Gal Tank

• Meridian HD 8-46 Sp Grain

Auger - Like New

• Farmking 10”x66’ Grain


• West field 8”x51’ Grain Auger

• Brandt 6”x34’ Grain Auger

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 6 Allen B. Olson Auction Service Ltd. Rimbey & Hwy #16 East /Rge Rd 185, Alberta 403-843-2747 Rimbey | 780-208-2508 | Toll Free 1-855-783-0556 Email: abolson@telusplanet.net | Homepage: allenolsonauction.com License No. 165690 | Online bidding fees apply. 4% up to a maximum of $800 per item. 2024 Rimbey Spring Machinery Consigment Auction Main Locat ion: 3940-50 Avenue, Rimbey, AB – Sale Star ts on April 19, 2024 Hoefsloot Dispersal, Catt le Handling & Miscellaneous Ring #1 – Closes April 22, 2024 Machiner y, Buildings & Car Ring, Miscellaneous Ring #2 – Closes April 23, 2024 Listings Include a Complete Farm, Cattle Handling & Shop Tool Dispersal for Allan & Laila Hoefsloot of Tomahawk , Alber ta & a Realignment Sale for Pepco Pipe Ser vices Ltd. of Nisku, Alber ta TR ACTORS
JD 7220 F WA Tractor w/ JD 741 FEL, Grapple & 3 pth
JD 6170 F WA Tractor w/ 8000 Hrs & IV T Trans
TG305 F WA Tractor w/ 3 pth, Showing 5234 Hrs

• Rober ts Carriage Oak Trail Wagon

• Antique Style Black & Red Carriage w/ 2 Rear Facing Seats

• Case IH 540 S/A Manure Spreader

• McKee Snowlander 320 5’ 3 pth Snowblower

• Ford 9’ 3 pth Blade

• Ford 778A 8’ 3 pth Blade

• Frontier 7’ 6 Way 3 pth Blade

• Frontier 60” 3 pth Landscaping Rake

• Dandl 7.5’ 3 pth Flail Mower

• Sicma 72” Flail Mower

• 72” 3 pth Rough Cut Mower

• Woods Dixie 63” Rough Cut Mower

• N/U 3 pth Fer tilizer Spreader

• Calhoune 450 Fer tilizer Spreader

• Flexicoil 3 pth Post Pounder

• Reel Type Ground Driven Rock Picker

• 3 pth Rock /Stump Ripper

• Allied 895 FEL

• Vintage 4 Wheel Buck Board Wagon on Steel


• Haybuster 2650 Bale Shredder

• Haybuster 256 Plus II Bale Processor

• Highline Bale Pro 8100 Bale Processor

• Bale King Vor tex 2000 Bale Shredder

• Vermeer BPX9000 Bale Shredder

• Schuler 175BF S/A Silage Feed Wagon

• NH 352 Mixer Mill

• 20 - 1st Cut Hay Bales (2023 Crop)

• N/U Tuff Cattle Squeez e

• Quantity of 24’ Stand Up Panels, Pasture Panels, Wind Board Fence, Single, Double & Triple Bale Feeders, Maternity Pens, Tipping Tables, Alley Ways, Cattle & Horse Shelters


• 1997 Western Star Conventional T/A Grain Truck w/ 20’ Steel Box

• 1991 IHC 4700 S/A Grain Truck w/ SWS 16’ Box

• 1989 Ford F800 Grain Truck

w/ 16’ Box & Hoist

• 1996 Mack 613 T/A Dump Truck w/ 15’ Box

• 1998 IHC T/A Gravel Truck w/ Diesel

• 1989 IHC F2554 T/A Gravel Truck w/ 15’ Box

• 1989 IHC Loadstar Truck w/ 28’ Cube Van

• 1995 IHC 4300 LP Flat Deck 5th Wheel Truck

• 1986 Ford L8000 Cab & Chassis

• 2015 Ford F550 4x4 Ext Cab Flat Deck Truck w/ Hiab 077 Picker & Diesel

• 2011 Ford F550 4x4 Ext Cab

Flat Deck Truck w/ Hiab 060 Picker & Diesel

• 2006 Ford F350 4x4 Crew Cab Flat Deck Truck


• 2018 Doepker 53’ Tri-Hopper

Tridem Grain Trailer

• 1981 Transcaf t 42’ T/A Step

Deck Trailer

• 1990 Rotec 8 Wheel T/A

Booster Trailer

• 45’ T/A Dr y Van

• 2006 PJ 30’ T/A Dually GN Flat Deck Trailer

• 2004 Norber ts 30’ T/A GN Flat Deck Trailer

• 2007 Loadmax 26’ T/A GN Flat Deck Trailer

• 2006 US Cargo 16’ T/A Flat Deck Trailer

• 2011 H&H 22’ Enclosed Trailer

• 2019 Royal 16’ T/A Enclosed Trailer

• 2009 TNT 14’ T/A Enclosed Trailer

• 1987 Prairie 16’ T/A Stock Trailer

• W W 20’ T/A GN Stock Trailer BUILDINGS & SECANS

• 22’x40’ 880 Sq Ft Building (Formerly Office Building) to be Removed - Located North of Eckville, Built in 2020, Open Floor Plan

• 16’x32’ Storage Building to

be Removed - Located North of Eckville w/ 12’ Walls & 11’x10’ Sunshine Overhead Door

• 28’x16’ Cabin to be Removed

- Located West of Breton

• 20’x28’ Insulated Building to be Removed w/ Cooler & Freezer

• N/U 12’x25’ Gazebo

• N/U 30’x80’, 30’x65’, 30’x40’, 20’x40’ 20’x30’ & 20’x20’ Fabric Buildings

• HUGE Assor t. of Single Use 5 Door & 3 Door Seacans, Plus 40’ & 20’ Single Door Secans

• 7 - N/U Metal Containers w/ Double Doors, Entrance Door & Windows

• Assor t. Tiny Homes, Green Houses, Par ty Tents, Car Por ts, Por table Toilets /Out Houses, Garden Sheds, Dog Kennels, Chicken Coops & More


• 2022 Chev LT 1 Ton 4x4

CC LB SRW Truck w/ Diesel, Loaded

• 2006 Chev Silverado 1 Ton 4x4 RC LB Truck

• 2011 Chev 2500 HD 4x4 CC SB Truck

• 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4x4 CC SB Truck

• 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4x4 EC LB Truck

• 2002 Chev Silverado 1500

HD 4x4 Truck

• 1974 Chev Custom 30 2wd

Dually Truck w/ Square Body, Only 1 Owner, Rebuilt in 1994

• 2007 Dodge 3500 Laramie 4x4 Mega Cab SB Truck

• 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4

QC SB Truck

• 2005 Dodge 2500 4x4 Truck w/ Only 81,000 Kms

• 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4

Ext. Cab SB Truck

• 1991 Dodge D200 2wd RC

LB Truck w/ Diesel

• 2010 Ford F250 Super Duty Truck

• 2013 Ford Escape AWD SUV

• 2011 Jeep Grand Chereokee Overland Edition 4x4 SUV

• 2007 GMC Acadia SLT AWD


• 1997 GMC Suburban w/ Diesel

• 2006 Chev Uplander Van

• 2008 Ford Fusion SEL F WD Car RVs, LAWN & G ARDEN

• 2008 Outback Lite 29’ Front Garage Toy Hauler

• 2008 Monte Vista 35’ T/A 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

• 1996 Terr y 32.5’ T/A 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

• 1999 Travelaire 27’ T/A 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

• 2006 Pilgrim 26’ T/A 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

• 1997 Rustler 26’ T/A 5th Wheel Holiday Trailer

• 2003 Custom Coach 20’ T/A Holiday Trailer

• 2007 Mallard 19’ T/A BP Holiday Trailer

• 1989 Vanguard E350 27’ Motorhome

• 2023 Can Am 900 SBS S/S AT V w/ Cab & Only 500 Km

• Can Am 800 Outland 4x4 Quad

• 2011 Arctic Cat Prowler 700 4x4 S/S ATV

• 2011 Kawasaki Mule 620 4x4 S/S ATV

• 2012 Polaris Spor tsman 500 HO 4x4 Quad

• 2008 Suzuki King Quad 750 AWD Quad

• 2007 Honda 400 Trail Edition Quad

• 2003 Arctic Cab 500 4x4 Quad

• 2 - Polaris 750SL Jet Skis

• Honda Rebel CMX250 Motorbike

• Yamaha DT200 Dir tbike

• 2009 Skidoo Summit SP600 Snowmobile

• 2007 Skidoo Back Countr y 550F Snowmobile

• Slide In Sled Deck

• Large Assor t. of Small Trailers, Motorbikes, Quads, Snowmobile, Lawn & Garden Supplies, Mowers & Much Much More


Address: 6019-70 Avenue, Rocky Mountain House

Legal: Lot 9, Block 4, Plan 9222290

Selling a beautiful 1285 sq. f t. bi-level home on the nor Mountain House with a large pie lot backing onto a gr neighbours behind it!

Real estate transactions are being handled by realty executives:

Sandy Craig, 403-358-8203 & Allen Olson, 403-783-0556

Real Estate Terms & Conditions: 10 % down on sale day. Balance & possession on or before May 23, 2024. If balance is NOT RECEIVED by May 23, 2024 the deposit will be for feited as liquidation damages. All measurements are approximate and need to be verified by the purchaser

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 7 Allen B. Olson Auction Service Ltd. Rimbey & Hw y #16 East /Rge Rd 185, Alber ta 403-843-2747 Rimbey | 780-208-2508 | Toll Free 1-855-783-0556 Email: abolson@telusplanet.net | Homepage: allenolsonauction.com License No. 165690 Online bidding fees apply. 4% up to a maximum of $800 per item. 2024 Rimbey Spring Machinery Consigment Auction Main Locat ion: 3940-50 Avenue, Rimbey, AB – Sale Star ts on April 19, 2024 Hoefsloot Dispersal, Catt le Handling & Miscellaneous Ring #1 – Closes April 22, 2024 Machiner y, Buildings & Car Ring, Miscellaneous Ring #2 – Closes April 23, 2024 Listings Include a Complete Farm, Cattle Handling & Shop Tool Dispersal for Allan & Laila Hoefsloot of Tomahawk , Alber ta & a Realignment Sale for Pepco Pipe Ser vices Ltd. of Nisku, Alber ta OTHER

Easter season celebrated by children

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 8
Photos by Murray Green, Camrose Booster Clockwise from top left: Damilola Solademi receives some glitter from Sammy Treleaven; Brynlee Vandermatt found an Easter egg; Emerson Konrad searches for carrots; Ledger Forsyth heads down a slide; Daisy Russell receives an egg from the Easter Bunny; and Jaxson Holt loves the goats at CityLights Church during its celebration of the Easter season in Camrose.

They’re not just financial goals. They’re life goals. We’ll get you there.

On April 1, the Liberal-NDP costly coalition raised the carbon tax by a whopping 23 per cent, the next step in their plan to increase it to $170 a ton.

Conservatives gave the MPs from the Liberal backbench, the NDP and Bloc Quebecois a chance to stand up for Canadians and their constituents and stop the forthcoming hike…but they chose instead to continue to prop up the government.

This tax hike is coming at the worst possible time. Canadians are struggling after eight years of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s inflationary spending and taxes. MPs had a chance to listen to their constituents and bring some desperately needed relief this week on two occasions. They could have voted for a common-sense Conservative motion Wednesday to spike the hike, but they didn’t, which is why Pierre Poilievre introduced a motion of non-confidence this past week.

This past Thursday, Conservatives debated, and Parliament voted on a confidence motion to give Canadians a carbon tax election. The NDP and Bloc could have voted to give Canadians the power, but they did not. The Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition instead abandoned their constituents and decided to prop up the historically unpopular Liberal Prime Minister in the twilight of his disastrous government. In fact, since NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was elected, the NDP have voted with Trudeau on 93 per cent of confidence votes and all confidence votes since the 2021 election.

Seventy per cent of Canadians oppose Justin Trudeau’s April 1st tax hike and 70 per cent of provincial premiers–including the Liberal Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador and provincial Liberal parties in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick–have asked the Prime Minister to stop this painful tax increase before it’s too late. But the truth is that the costly coalition is no longer listening to Canadians.

While the Liberals crow about how great everything is going for them, all while Canadians are hurting. The left-leaning coalition whose policies are dominating the public agenda of the nation are causing economic misery for so many. A simple example of this is skyrocketing food bank usage, of which these essential community organizations that have always been there for those who need it are expecting to see a million more people, only more devastation on top of last year’s record usage.

Trudeau has created the worst economic conditions since the great depression and Canadians have lost faith in his government. Only common-sense Conservatives will axe the tax, bring home lower prices for everyone and lead a government that you can trust.

When you live in rural Alberta, you know things are easier with the right team behind you. And when it comes to your financial future, you deserve a team that’s committed to getting the job done. Talk with our expert advisors about start-to-finish financial planning for rural Albertans. Learn more.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this column, you are encouraged to write Damien at 4945-50th Street, Camrose, Alberta, T4V 1P9, call 780-608-4600, text 403-575-5625, or email damien.kurek@parl.gc.ca. You can also stay up to date with Damien by following him on social media @dckurek. If you are in need of assistance regarding a federal government program, or need assistance and don’t know where to turn, feel free to reach out to MP Kurek’s office.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 10
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CRE hosts Garden, Acreage Show

To help you prepare for all your garden and acreage needs this year the Camrose Regional Exhibition (CRE) will be hosting the 2024 CRE Acreage and Garden Show on Saturday, April 13 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., and Sunday, April 14 from noon until 5 p.m.

The Show will once again feature exhibitors, expert speakers that will help you get a head start on all your spring and summer acreage renovations or provide you with the tools to create your own piece of paradise garden.

Intended for all ages the Acre-

age and Garden Show focuses on enhancing life in rural areas including: acreages, small farms, lake lots, cabin retreats and homes with wide open spaces.

The Show also promotes the benefits of growing a garden and encouraging younger generations to get their hands dirty and learn

what wonderful things a garden can produce for both physical and mental health.

For further information and updates on the 2024 CRE Garden and Acreage Show visit the CRE website at cre.ab.ca/events/cre-acreageand-garden-show.

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x 8’ Heavy Wood Table

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• 17- 23/8” Pipe

• 16’ x 8” I-Beam

• 40’ Power Pole

• Assorted Pipe

• 3-6 Bar Gates 8’ & 10’

• (2) Horse Hay Feeders

• (3) Hay Tarps

• Assort. Posts

• Assort Tin 10’

• Ext. Ladders

• Assort. Nails & Screws

• Many more items


• Large Assort. Poplar Rough Cut Lumber 2x6, 2x4, 16ft-8ft, dry piled under shed

• (28) 1”x6”x16’ Tongue & Groove Siding

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• Assort. New & Used Lumber

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Music Festival adjudicators

An important part of the Camrose and District Music Festival (April 15 to 18, Grand Concert on April 23) has always been the opportunity for participants to receive positive feedback on their performances by expert adjudicators.

The 2024 Festival is no exception welcoming six experienced and skilled adjudicators to the Festival to share their feedback and encouragement to the performers, including: Mireille Rijavec, Maria Medlow, Danica Hoffart, Ken Rogers, Esther Madsen and Dennis Rusinak.

Ken Rogers retired in 2018 from Lethbridge Collegiate Institute high school after a 32 year career of teaching music, Grades 5 through to university level.

He has conducted and played in many Lethbridge area musical groups including the Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra, Lethbridge Community Band, Lethbridge Big Band, and various musical theatre groups, most recently conducting the Broadway musical, The Secret Garden

Ken is a past president of the Alberta Band Association as well as the recipient of several awards including the John Philip Sousa Foundation’s Legion of Honour Laureate, the David J. Peterkin Memorial Award for outstanding service to band music in Alberta, the ABA’s Elkhorn Award for band teacher of the year and the Choir Alberta Con Spirito Award.

He currently conducts the choir at McKillop United Church in Lethbridge as well as adjudicating band festivals and conducting clinics, workshops, and honour bands across the province.

Esther Madsen studies with Vera Shean, Esther’s a founding member of both the Edmonton Symphony and Alberta College. Under Mrs. Shean’s teachings, Esther received her Associate degree in piano and is now an alumni of Conservatory Canada, formerly the Western Board School of Music. She rounded out this music degree with a BA in music theory and art history from the University of Alberta.

As a teacher with more than 40 years’ experience in both theory and piano studies, she finds new ways to reach students. Madsen believes that music has a power to help find balance in and enrich a person’s life.

Madsen’s long history with music festivals has evolved as a child performer, to a teacher of students, to a parent and finally to being involved with the music festival organization as an administrator.

Dennis Rusinak has a long history with music in Alberta and beyond.

After retiring from music educational service with the Wetaskiwin School Division, he was active in co-founding such musically artistic ventures as the River City Big Band, the Battle River Big Band and the Riverbend Saxophone Quartet. A five-year stint in Germany as music education director of the Canadian Forces Base Lahr in the Black Forest afforded him the opportunity to visit music education programs in much of Europe.

He’s proud to continue service as adjudicator for Alberta’s music festivals.

Mireille Rijavec, Maria Medlow, Danica Hoffart were featured on page 16 of the April 2 edition of The Camrose Booster

Anyone is welcome to come out to the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre (Mayer Hall and Cargill Theatre) or the University of Alberta Augustana Chapel, April 15, 16, 17 and 18, and enjoy any one of the performances featured in the 2024 Camrose and District Music Festival.

For complete details and performance schedule visit the website at www.camrosemusicfestival.ca

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 14
Madsen Rogers
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Murray Green, Camrose Booster Rotary Camrose member Don Rebus, left, presented March Rotary Cares winners Christine Shuman and Wendi Rau with $1,000. The proceeds from the draw go towards community and youth leadership projects such as Air and Army Cadets.

Doerksen named for Parr award

nominated Tofield teacher Kaden Doerksen for the Edwin Parr award.

He will represent Battle River School Division (BRSD) and be recognized provincially at Alberta School Boards Association’s fall general meeting.

Doerksen will represent the division as one of the Zone 4 nominees for 2023-24.

Six teachers who complete their first year of teaching with an Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) member school board are selected annually by ASBA to represent each zone. The award recognizes exceptional Kindergarten to Grade 12 teachers who positively influence students. The award was established in 1964 after Parr’s passing to honour the significance of exceptional first year teachers within his own school division.

Doerksen convocated from Concordia University and is currently teaching junior high math, science and physical education at Tofield School. Though Doerksen is elementary trained, he is already teaching at the junior high level.

Zenovia Lazaruik, principal of Tofield School is proud of Doerksen’s nomination, his status as an exceptional beginning teacher and his reputation as a highly professional, caring and passionate teacher.

“Mr. Doerksen is a student-centred teacher who has been a welcome addition to Tofield School and to the division,” said Lazaruik. “He is passionate about everything he teaches, especially math and he shows perpetual dedication and commitment to the teaching profession and to his students.

“He demonstrates ease in building trust and relationships by getting to know the aspirations of his students. He learns about them as people while also building connections with their families, to ultimately build the strongest support system possible.”

Doerksen actively participates in extracurricular activities. In November, he stepped up as senior high boys’ varsity basketball coach without hesitation, while he wrapped up coaching the junior boys’ volleyball season.

“Kaden has designed captivating lessons that foster collaboration and relationships, creating a fun, engaging and inclusive learning environment,” said Lazaruik. “He deeply cares for his students’ well-being and academic progress, supporting students who face challenges while helping them reach their full potential to learn and grow. He is always willing to go that extra mile.”

Coaching has helped him to build further relationships with students outside of his classes. He encourages collaboration among athletes through effective coaching strategies including chunking skills, goal setting, sportsmanship and teamwork. He promotes clear expectations and effective classroom management skills, setting the stage for an optimal learning environment.

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Tofield teacher Kaden Doerksen

Understanding the art of compassion

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) Rapid Response Team Canada returns to Camrose for the second time to offer the Sharing Hope in Crisis, free-ofcharge training seminar on April 27 from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. (with lunch and breaks), at the Grace Lutheran Church located at 5306-50 Avenue.

This training seminar is aimed at providing attendees with expert instruction on how to offer hope in Christ to family members, friends, coworkers, victims of disasters, and anyone experiencing a personal crisis.

“The Rapid Response Team has been around since 2001, directly after 9-11,” explained Rapid Response Team Canada manager Holly Lafont.

are traumatized and in crisis and bringing highly trained crisis chaplains into those moments to help people debrief and process their emotions.

“Because we are the Bill Graham Evangelistic Association, we ask them if they have a faith and we offer them the opportunity to know Jesus,” added Lafont. “However, we don’t discriminate in any way. Everybody gets the same care and love from our chaplains and if that is enough on its own, then we are good with that, but we always check.”

Lafont said the Rapid Response Teams began teaching the Sharing Hope in Crisis in the early 2000s and soon realized it is not only valuable for chaplains who want to take the training, but it is key training for communities that struggle with crisis situations.

“Franklin Graham (president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and of Samaritan’s Purse) and Dr. William (Billy) Graham both looked at the people wandering around on the streets at Ground Zero after the planes flew into the buildings and they realized that all these people needed somebody to talk to.”

Recognizing a dire need to do something to bring comfort to the people directly impacted by one of the most devastating moments in history, BGEA brought in counselors and pastors and set them up in a building close to ground zero. “There was a lineup of people around the block just waiting for someone to talk to and someone to process their trauma with,” noted Lafont. “The BGEA realized the benefit of this, and that was the beginning of the Rapid Response Team with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.”

Since then the BGEA Rapid Response team has been going out to man made and natural disasters responding to people who

trauma and grief in a twohour version called God’s Hope in Crisis offered immediately after a community crisis event.

“For instance, after the Humboldt tragedy,” recalled Lafont. “We were there in Humboldt and Tisdale after that event, out in the community taking care of community members as chaplains, giving people a chance to talk and share their story and to unload so to speak.


Three-year-old Portuguese Water Dog True aims to please his master Brenda Brown at the Battle River Canine Association Dog Show at the Camrose Regional Exhibition on March 23. Brenda, formerly of Daysland, belongs to the BRCA, a Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) accredited all-breed dog club. It operates out of Camrose and offers two CKC all-breed conformation and obedience dog shows. There is one show in the fall (fourth weekend in October) and another in the spring (fourth weekend in March). Participants not only come from across Canada, but the United States as well. All-breed dogs compete in obedience, rally and scent-finding events.

“It helps community members build resiliency and reach out to each other and be confident with how to step into a conversation,” said Lafont, sharing an example of meeting a neighbour in a grocery store who just lost their spouse. “You would have a choice of going up to them and saying ‘Hey, I heard, let’s go have a cup of coffee’, or you could turn and walk the other way because you are afraid of saying the wrong thing.

“This training is designed to help people have the confidence to step into that conversation and bring comfort to that neighbour or family member or friend in need and to do it knowing they have what it takes.”

Lafont said that while the course is taught from a Christian perspective based on the beliefs and values of BGEA, the core of it–trauma and grief–is the same for anyone partaking in the program. It teaches what to say, what not to say, what grief looks like, natural reactions to trauma, and how to share the love of Jesus, when appropriate.

The BGEA Rapid Response Team also teaches

“I was able to teach the two-hour version of Crisis and Trauma in each of those communities and the community filled the room because it was such a raw situation, nobody knew how to respond.”

Grace Lutheran Church pastor Tom Burke is excited to be bringing the BGEA Rapid Response Team back to the Camrose community and encourages anyone interested in learning more about offering hope and

comfort to anyone in any situation to come out on April 27.

“The need to encourage our community members to confidently reach out to each other is so important,” said Lafont, “Because we don’t know when and what that crisis is going to be.”

Registration for the seminar is available on the BGEA Rapid Response website at www.billygraham. ca/event/sharing-hope-incrisis-camrose/.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 16
Murray Green, Camrose Booster Submitted Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Rapid Response Team Chaplain Patricia Kanwischer offers comfort to a citizen in the wake of a natural disaster.

Have a healthy relationship with food

Consuming a varied diet can provide our bodies with essential nutrients needed to function optimally.

Proper nutrition can also lower our risk of chronic disease and support our overall physical health, including the development and maintenance of strong bones, a robust immune system, and efficient organ function according to Alberta Health Services.

Food plays a central role in our customs, traditions and celebrations. What we eat is also influenced by education, income and access to food.

Having a healthy connection with food can also impact our physical and mental well-being.

A healthy relationship with food and eating is an important part of a healthy eating pattern. It can be different for everyone. Enjoy the taste, social, traditional and cultural aspects of food.

Be aware of how, why and where you eat. Listen to your body signals for hunger and fullness. Welcome all foods without fear or guilt. Look at food as a source of energy, nourishment and enjoyment. Know that eating will change based on appetite, emotions, routines and many other factors.

Slow down and take time to eat. Our lives are busy and often we have places to go, activities to do, or errands to run. When building a connection with food, it’s important to pay attention to textures and flavours of the food you are eating, which can be hard to do when you are rushing your meals and snacks.

Limit the use of phones, devices, televisions or distractions, while you are eating. Mindless eating is easy to do when we have a screen in front of us.

Notice when you are hungry or full and reconnecting to the eating experience by creating awareness of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours.

Plan what you would like to eat and involve others in planning and preparing.

Classrooms and school lunchrooms are locations where teachers have an opportunity to promote a healthy relationship with food amongst students. Parents and caregivers can also provide an environment to foster healthy relationships with food.

For this reason, public health dietitians at AHS have created resources to support an inclusive learning environment that is sensitive to diverse backgrounds.

Look ing to sell your farmland or commercial proper ty? ty

• FRE Auctions is an ef fective platform to bring together buyers and seller s via online auction

• Buy or sell conveniently from your smar t phone

• Abilit y to place bids 24/7

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Some tips for teachers, parents, caregivers, or mentors include emphasizing the positive aspects of eating, while helping children and teens recognize that food supports our physical, social, cognitive and mental well-being.

Referring to foods by their name or their type, such as a fruit or a protein

or a dessert, instead of labelling them as good, bad, clean or junk. Referring to foods with negative or positive connotations can lead to shame and stress around eating, which can contribute to unhealthy relationships with food, which may be harmful to health.

If you are a teacher, parent, or care provider and

want to learn more about supporting a healthy relationship with food, visit ahs. ca and search healthy relationship with food. If you are thinking about making changes to the way you eat and improve your relationship with food, the new year can be a good time to start.

Take a look at where you are now. Reflect on how you

think and talk about food, choose a small goal that is important to you. For example, maybe you often think about foods as good or bad. It may help to reframe how you think about or refer to food. For more information including nutrition education, workshops and classes, visit albertahealthservices.ca/ nutrition.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 17
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Ohaton rink, playground to receive upgrades

County has set aside funds to upgrade the Ohaton playground and rink.

At the regular meeting of council on March 26, administrator Teresa Gratrix explained a request for funding from the Ohaton Athletic Association.

“I move that Camrose County council authorize administration to work with the Ohaton Athletic Association to make repairs and improvements to the Ohaton Skating Rink, funded by the recreation reserve to a maximum of $80,000,” said councillor Carlene Wetthuhn.

The Ohaton Skating Rink is on County property managed by the Ohaton Athletic Association. As a County property, the Legacy Grant is not an appropriate funding source. The Recreation Reserve is funded through the recreation levy and is available for capital projects in the County and other municipalities serving County residents.

An estimate of financial implications are thought to be between $50,000 and $80,000 depending on the

scope of repairs. County council received a letter from Ohaton. “I am writing this letter on behalf of the Ohaton Athletic Association. During our March 5, annual meeting the condition of the skating rink at the Ohaton Playground was discussed and it was decided to send this letter, asking if it would be possible for the County to do some repairs and updates to the skating rink as it is showing real need for repairs. The skating rink’s cement surface is showing a fair amount of cracking and flaking so will need to be repaired or replaced. Around the bottom of the boards, where they meet the cement, needs to be sealed as during flooding the water seeps out which wastes a lot of water and time flooding. Replace any damaged puck boards around the ice surface. We would also like to request lines painted on the cement for pickleball. We have had interest shown in the community for this to be done and would mean the skating rink to be used all year long,” said secretary Debbie Howard of the Ohaton Athletic Association.

UFA partners with University of Saskatchewan

Co-operative (UFA) recently announced that it will be sponsoring the University of Saskatchewan’s (USask) Opus pre-accelerator program.

The Opus pre-accelerator program is a start up incubator that provides entrepreneurs with the tools needed to build successful ventures on campus.

“We are proud to support and guide innovative research taking place in USask’s Opus program,” said UFA Chief Technology and Innovation officer Lisa Kissick. “Our partnership leverages the ingenuity and talent of energetic, bright entrepreneurs to strengthen Saskatchewan’s innovation network. We value young pioneering minds, and it’s exciting that together, we can help build a healthy innovation ecosystem, positioning Saskatchewan as a leader in sustainable Agtech solutions and ultimately benefitting the farmers and ranchers we serve.”

According to the news release this strategic collaboration will deliver many benefits and opportunities to UFA and its member-owners, including access to key innovators in Saskatchewan and a pipeline to regional startups.

“The alliance with USask demonstrates UFA’s commitment to advocating on behalf of our membership, elevating the next generation of entrepreneurs with the resources and expertise to address challenges facing the global agriculture sector, and collaborating on solutions that create value for producers,” adds Kissick. “As we expand operations into Saskatchewan, the partnership also illustrates our commitment to ensuring rural communities in Saskatchewan grow and thrive for future generations.”


•Versatile 835 4WD, 18.4x38 duals, 5902 hrs (1 owner), standard trans, 4 hyd, 855 Cummins, $15,169.00 w/o Dec/21

•International 1206 2WD Diesel, 24.5-32 rears, showing 3400 hrs

•International 300 Utility w/ back-hoe & loader, rebuilt motor


•1994 Case IH 1688 w/ 13’ 1015 header, 4306 eng hrs, 30.5L-32 fronts, ltd hrs on recent w/o

•22’ Case IH 1010 rigid straight cut header w/ factory transport, PU reel, hyd fore & aft

•18’ Hesston 6450 SP swather, 2585 hrs, PU reel, new canvases, rebuilt Pitman drive


•1993 Peterbilt 379 hwy truck, showing 1,112,811 km, Cat 3406, 18 spd, air ride, 11R24.5 tires, 48” sleeper, alum rims

•1995 Doepker TA grain trailer, 38’, 11R24.5 tires

•1972 IH Loadstar 1600 SA grain truck w/ 14.5’ box & hoist, 8 cyl gas, 4&2 trans, 052,839 mi, one family owned


•33’ Flexicoil 5000 air drill w/ FC 2320 TBH cart (c/w 320 3 rd tank), single shoot w/ broadcast kit, 12” spacing, 5-1/2” rubber packers, 2 bar harrow closers

•90’ Walker 44 SP sprayer w/ 1000 gal SS tank, 4WD, Hydro, 3652 eng hrs, 5.9L Cummins, foam marker, rinse tank, Mid-Tech ARC 6000 rate controller


•41’ Friggstad DT cultivator, 3 bar harrows

•36’ John Deere E1000 eld cultivator, Degelman 3

bar harrows

•24’ John Deere 230 TA disc

•14’ Alteen TA disc

•Midland M86 hyd pull scraper

•11’ shop built hyd scraper

•Valmar 500 TA PT granular applicator, stainless steel booms, approx. 40’ coverage

•Valmar 240 PT granular applicator, approx. 44’ coverage

•(7) 5’ coil type packers, 1-1/2” packers

•Fork type hyd rock picker

•28’ IH 7200 hoe drill w/ back-on transport


•Twister 14’ hopper bin, 2150 bu+/-, dbl skid

•Westeel 14’ hopper bin, 2500 bu+/-, 7 ring

•(4) Westeel 14’ hopper bins, 1800 bu+/-, rocket aeration, 5 ring

•(2) Westeel 14’ at bottom on wood, 1650 bu+/-, 5 ring

•Westeel 5 ring hopper seed / feed bin, 89” dia

•West eld 10”x50’ mech swing auger

•West eld 7”x41’ PTO auger

•West eld 6”x36’ auger, 12 hp Kohler

•Versatile 7”x41’ auger, 16 hp Briggs


•Richardson Road Machinery antique grader on steel

•JD 314 yard tractor w/ 44” rototiller

•(2) Michel’s hyd hopper augers

•(2) 3 hp aeration fans; Sukup heater: Worthington 125 gal propane tank; (2) sets aeration ducting

•King Clipper


FOR MORE INFO. AND TO BID VISIT: bid.premierauctions.ca

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 19
fanning mill; Gehl Grind-All hammer mill
poly water tanks, slip tank, farm misc DIRECTIONS: From the South side of Wetaskiwin, go 5 miles West on HWY 13, then 3.25 miles North on RGE RD 251 or from exit 488 on HWY 2, go 5 miles East on TWP RD 470, then 0.75 miles South on RGE RD 251 (East side). Gate Sign - 465019 RGE RD 251. UNRESERVED AUCTION BOB & MARY SCHNEIKART FARM AUCTION • WETASKIWIN, AB. BIDDING OPENS APRIL 19 AND CLOSES APRIL 26 PREVIEW : APRIL 24 & 25 10AM-5PM, OR BY APPOINTMENT (CALL BOB SCHNEIKART 780-361-4600)

Budget builds a better Alberta

Get rid of that clunky screen door You’ll love the convenienc e of an “invisible” screen door

Enjoy your balcony or patio year-round with glass walls .

Enjoy our impressive retrac table system. Built for Canadian weather!

Awnings, screens, shades, shelters and glass systems including motorized re trac tables. UP

Recently, I was able to give a speech in the Legislature in support of Bill 14, the Appropriation Act, 2024. The minister of finance has taken the time to listen to Albertans on what matters to them, and our United Conservative Government has worked hard to ensure that this budget continues to strengthen health care and education, build safe communities and manage resources wisely to support a growing province, responsibly. The challenges the minister faced in delivering this budget were no small hurdles. Somehow, in the face of these challenges, the minister has crafted a budget which manages to remain fiscally responsible, without jeopardizing the services that Albertans value. The fiscal responsibility portion stands as uniquely important to me as an elected official.

When I first decided to run for public office, it was the thought of saddling future generations with debt they didn’t earn that motivated me to want to make a difference. It is truly unthinkable to burden our children with the consequences of reckless spending. Now, perhaps the members of the opposition and their friends in Ottawa don’t see this burden as a big deal, but that view could not be further from reality. The 2024-25 budget will spend over three billion dollars on servicing the debt that they previously created. Every dollar spent repaying previous debt is a dollar that could be better used funding the services that Albertans deserve.

Budget 2024 doesn’t just bring peace of mind, but it also upholds promises that our government has made. In 2023 our government established a new fiscal framework which required future governments to balance their budgets, pay down their debts and save for the future. This is why I am so proud of the fiscal responsibility demonstrated in Budget 2024. This budget represents three more years of balanced budgets, with a $367 million surplus in 2024-25 and projecting surpluses over $1 billion for the following years.

I believe the choices made in Budget 2024 don’t only reflect the fiscal responsibility I value so deeply, but also the priorities of Albertans. This is a responsible plan that puts Albertans and Alberta families first by investing in their health, education, safety, and economic growth and success. Budget 2024 would make investments into areas my constituents value. It would support our seniors. It would protect Albertans suffering from addiction and mental health challenges. It would bolster the future of Alberta through investments in education. Additionally, it would invest in a refocused healthcare system, so that every Albertan has access to the care they need, when and where they need it. This is what my constituents have been asking for and this is what Budget 2024 delivers. Supporting Budget 2024 means supporting the future of Alberta, which is why I call on all those in this chamber to join me in voting for Bill 14, the Appropriation Act, 2024. Contact my office if you require my assistance. A reminder that I am a commissioner of oaths and a notary public and provide the service free for constituents.

You can contact Jackie Lovely, Camrose MLA, at Constituency Office, 104, 4870-51 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1S1. Tel: 780-672-0000, camrose@assembly.ab.ca or at Legislature Office, 6th Floor, 9820-107 Street, Edmonton, AB T5K 1E7.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 20
3843F-44 Ave. Camrose • Phone 780-67 9-4003 Email info@rdhottubs.ca • www.rdhottubs.ca
TO $19,000 IN SAV INGS
Thank you to the local businesses who supported the ATB AGri-Culture Talks event hosted in Camrose in March. With the support of these great event partners, a joint donation was made to the Camrose Food Bank.

Ripening up for Lemonade Day

There are so many things to look forward to with warmer weather, no more bulky clothing, no more shovelling and more outdoor activities including familiar sightings of lemonade stands spotted throughout the City.

For some younger residents the prospect of making a little extra money, come summer, leaves a sweet taste in their mouths, and Lemonade Day is the perfect way to do so.

Scheduled for June 15, Lemonade Day Northern Alberta is a free, fun experiential learning program that began in 2018 as a way to encourage young people from kindergarten to Grade 12 to reap the benefits of developing, opening and operating their own business.

Since its inception Lemonade Day participants have donated over $35,000 to charities and made over $110,000 in profit.

The program teaches participants about entrepreneurship, finances, customer service, goal setting, and creativity.

All registrants will attend Lemmy University (Lemmy U) where they will receive a free backpack with an Entrepreneur Workbook that teaches them the valuable lessons of Lemonade Day.

Lessons include how to set a goal, make a plan and work the plan. Specifically, participants will learn about the importance of location, location, location; acquiring proper City permits and licences; working closely with other community businesses and organizations; product quality and marketing; creating and working within a budget; customer service; repaying investors and giving back to the community.

Profit is a big part of the business world and Lemonade Day participants are no exception. In the past, Camrose Lemonade Day stand owners

have come up with some ingenious ideas, such as tweaking their lemonade recipes or selling snacks or other artisan items to increase their profit margins, motivated by the fact that they get to keep all the money they earn, after repayments.

However, another vital part of the program encourages Lemonade Day stand owners to spend some, save some and share some of their profits.

Since 2018, when the program began, over 31 per cent of profits have been donated back to assist various not-for-profit organizations.

By welcoming local businesses, agencies, organizations and individuals to get involved with these young entrepreneurs, Lemonade Day Northern Alberta has broadened the focus of Lemonade Day to get the community involved in investing in youth.

Registration for the Lemonade Day program opened March 1 and will close on May 15.

“We’re encouraging early registration to give children sufficient time to develop their business plans, said Community Futures East Central Alberta Project coordinator/ Small Business advisor Louise Jones.

Jones indicated that registrants will be provided with guidance and post-registration information through email. “We are aiming for them to make progress on their plan before attending Lemmy U, which acts as a follow-up to their initial work.”

Camrose Lemmy U days are scheduled for May 14 and May 22.

“Participants and parent/parents only need to attend one of these sessions,” noted Jones.

For more information or to register for Lemonade Day Northern Alberta visit https://lemonadeday. org/northern-alberta or visit them on Facebook.

Last year’s winner of the Best Tasting Lemonade, Jacob McCarroll, standing behind the stand, took a lot of pride in serving a special recipe using lemons from his grandmother’s lemon tree in Arizona.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 21
CAMROSE 780-672-2572 WE TASKIWIN 780-352-7191 VEGREVILLE 780-632-4987 VIKING 780-336-3400 HARDIST Y 780-888-3555 CORONATION 403-578-3551 (2020) Inc. March 13 to April 30, 2024 • Duron High Performance 15W-40 • Duron Ultra High Performance 5W-40 Synthetic • Traxon 80/90 • Hydrex MV32 • Duratran 50¢/L DISCOUNT ON SELECT Petro Canada Lubricants All package sizes:

Learn the facts about diabetes

Learn facts about the disease diabetes and reduce your risk factors by staying active.

Diabetes is a disease in which your body either can’t produce insulin or can’t properly use the insulin it produces, according to Alberta Health Services.

Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas. Its role is to regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Blood sugar must be carefully regulated to ensure the body functions properly. Too much blood sugar can cause damage to organs, blood vessels, and nerves. Your body also needs insulin in order to use sugar for energy.

According to diabetes.ca, 11 million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes. People with Type 1 diabetes aren’t able to produce their own insulin (and can’t regulate their blood sugar) because their body is attacking the pancreas. Roughly 10 per cent of people living with diabetes have Type 1, insulin-dependent diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes generally develops in childhood or adolescence but can also develop in adulthood. People with Type 1 need to inject insulin or use an insulin pump to ensure their bodies have the right amount of insulin.

People with Type 2 diabetes can’t properly use the insulin made by their bodies, or their bodies aren’t able to produce enough insulin. Roughly 90 per cent of people living with diabetes have Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is most commonly developed in adulthood, although it can also occur in childhood. Type 2 diabetes can sometimes be managed with healthy eating and regular exercise alone, but may also require medications or insulin therapy.

Prediabetes is a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but are not yet high enough to be diagnosed as Type 2 diabetes. Although not everyone with prediabetes will develop Type 2 diabetes, many people will.

If you think you or someone you know may have Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, speak to a doctor or health care provider.

Staying active is crucial in the prevention of health risks associated with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Regular physical activity helps improve insulin sensitivity, allowing the body to more effectively regulate blood sugar levels. It also aids in weight management by burning calories and reducing excess body fat, a major risk factor for diabetes. Exercise contributes to better cardiovascular health, lowering the risk of heart disease which is a common complication of diabetes.

By incorporating physical activity into one’s daily routine, individuals can significantly reduce their chances of developing these serious health conditions and lead a healthier, more active life.

Staying physically active in the winter time can be challenging, especially in Alberta.

Here are some ways to incorporate physical activity into your life to reduce health risks associated with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Try a classic winter activity like skating, skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or sledding. These types of high-intensity activities help keep you warm when it is freezing outside.

Mall walking is a warmer option for wintertime exercise. You can walk at your own pace and increase the frequency, intensity and duration to improve your fitness level. Your local mall may even have an organized walking club.

You can also try a yoga class; join an indoor sports club like badminton, squash, or basketball; climb stairs, either at home or in your workplace. Spend as little as 10 minutes at a time climbing up and down the stairs for an intense and efficient workout; go for a walk at lunchtime, especially on sunny days so you can absorb some vitamin D; shovel snow; active housework like vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping will get you moving; join a bowling league or start your own; go for a swim at your local indoor pool; find an accountability buddy. It can be hard to stay motivated to exercise in winter. Find a friend to exercise with, it can help keep you both motivated to stay active.

Stay hydrated. Even though it’s colder out and you might not feel as thirsty as you would in warmer weather, it’s just as important to stay hydrated. Drink water before, during and after exercise.

Centra Cam welcomes bowlers


Murray Green, Camrose Booster Special Olympics Camrose bowlers invited guests from across the province to join them in a friendly tournament at Tabb Lanes on March 23.

Above: Jody St. Onge concentrates on throwing a strike.

Right: Mason Carter winds up for a good toss on the lanes.

Bottom: Kelsey Winterhalt received some help from her mom Sheila. The Special Olympics Bowling Tournament had approximately 116 bowlers, including local athletes. Out of town affiliates included Olds, Leduc, St. Paul and Wetaskiwin. The bowling wrapped up the winter season. Registration for spring/summer sports is on April 11 at the Centra Cam training building.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 22

Gravel aggregates to increase next year

The price of hauling gravel on Camrose County roads will be going up next year.

At the regular meeting of council on March 26, they approved a rate increase with second and third readings on Bylaw 1544.

“I move that Camrose County give third reading to Bylaw 1544 and that it reflects the effective date of January 1, 2025,” said councillor Doug Lyseng.

Council gave first reading to the community aggregate bylaw at the February 27 council meeting.

The draft bylaw was sent to the County’s gravel companies and also advertised in the paper.

“Most of the concern has come from gravel pit operators who feel the notice was too short (first proposed for six months away) as they have been bidding jobs for this current year,” advised Anjah Howard, manager of planning and development.

Last year, the County received $288,089 in aggregate fees for gravel hauling.

Camrose County first adopted the community aggregate bylaw in 2015 at a rate of 0.25 cents per tonne. The maximum allowable rate under the Community Aggregate Regulation (Provincial) is 0.40 cents per tonne. The Cap Levy program was set to expire December 2024. The Alberta Sand and Gravel Association is advocating for changes to the program, including regulations that the revenue earned by municipalities be used for a specific program (community invest-

ment such as playgrounds or recreation facilities) and possibly some of the funds be reserved for reclamation of abandoned sand and gravel pits (returned to the Sand and Gravel Association).

To date Camrose County has included levied funds in general revenue for the use in maintenance and gravelling of County roads.

“This doesn’t even cover a third of the costs of gravelling the roads, so the funds go back into fixing the roads. We need those funds for repairing roads, not playgrounds,” said County administrator Teresa Gratrix.

A comparison of surrounding municipalities found that 0.40 cents a tonne is the common rate.

An increase in the 2024 CAP levy to .40 cents would potentially give Camrose County $460,943 in revenue and an increase of $172,853.

According to Rural Municipalities Association (RMA) there will be provincial stakeholder engagement sessions sometime during 2024 in order to look at potential changes to the legislation.

The Municipal Government Act authorizes the council of Camrose County to pass a community aggregate payment levy bylaw to impose a levy in respect of all sand and gravel businesses operating in the municipality to raise revenue to be used toward the payment of infrastructure and other costs in the municipality.

to take advantage of this inspection program to avoid any on highway problems. Inspections included critical safety items such as brakes, steering, lights, frames, fuel systems and drive shafts.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 23 As funeral directors and monument professionals, we understand your need to select a proper, fitting memorial tribute as a reflection of your memories and to show respect, honour and regard for your loved ones.
We offer only high-quality, long-lasting products. Our 118 years of experience have taught us what to look for in terms of materials, finishes, designs, etc. The product lines we offer you are built to last, built to withstand our climates and come fully guaranteed. We know you only want to buy a memorial one time!
We offer memorials for ever y budget. At Burgar Funeral Home, we appreciate ever y inquiry, and treat it with the dignity and respect it so richly deser ves. www.burgarfuneralhome.com Contact our o ce at 780-672-2121 or burgar@telusplanet.net 4817-51 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 0V4 We are able to assis t familie s with the de sign and inscrip tion of the ir columbarium niche doors Se rving your com munity for 118 ye ars For all of your monument sales, installation, levellin g, cleaning, restoration, maintenance and columbarium n eeds TRUCK INSPECTION Murray Green, Camrose Booster Camrose County conducted the annual Farm Truck Inspection on March 26 at the East Side Wild Rose Coop Card Lock parking lot. From left, Lacombe County Peace Officers Emily Mahowich and Ray Kawai, Weyga Farms driver Charlie Rogers, Stettler Peace Officer Aislinn Reule and Camrose County Peace Officer Manny Germushuysen inspected trucks to ensure they met safety codes. Because it was a free farm truck check, no vehicles were towed and no fines were issued. Camrose County Enforcement encourage produc-


and acreages April 13th and 14th at the CRE’s Annual Acreage & Garden Show! Join us for expert speakers on Saturday at the Camrose County Learning Stage, free to all attendees. The show is open from 12pm to 5pm on Sunday and will be family day with lots of activities for kids including the Tomato Plant Gardening free to the first 200 kids onsite and the Fields Like Home Petting Zoo!

Saturday, April 13

Sessions include Working Wells • Raising Bees • Fire Safety for Acreage Owners

• Protect your Acreage from Crime • Wildflower Gardening • Shelter Belts, Hedgerows & Orchids

• Everything to do with Potted Plants


Sunday, April 14

Sessions include Petting Zoo

Learn to Garden Area – Take home your own Tomato Plant. Only 200 plants available – first come/first served Free seeds for kids Kids Area

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 9, 2024 – Page 24
Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces This Summer! APRIL 202 4 13 10am to 5pm SAT 14 12pm to 5pm SUN $5 for 12 and up, 11 and under are free! Food all weekend will be provided by River Dogs and Prairie Kettle Corn. Exhibitors Alberta Tough Gear
Alberta Horticultural Society
AMRAA Equipment
Annelida Soil Solutions
Camrose & District Horticultural Society
Camrose Lodge #70
Camrose Public Library
Canadian Northern Society
Claystone Waste Delicate Decluttering
Karch Properties Land Stewardship Centre
LeafFilter Gutter Protection
Prairie Kettle Corn
(780)672-3640 www.cre.ab.ca
River Dogs
Rotary Camrose
Royce & Oak
Sammy Beauty
Silver Creek Homes
• The
Magazine Thirty-One
Cat Metal Art
Paper Company
• Waterworks Players/ Churchmice
• Yuha Electric & Contracting
• Losness Drilling
• Westway Gardens Exhibitors approved to exhibit at the time of print. Exhibitor applications are still being accepted. Get ready to
your outdoor spaces
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