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Some of the Camrose Flying Club worker bees preparing the Camrose Airport for the guests arriving at the big event on Sunday, May 28 are: Ron Grue, Larry Handford, Eliv Grue, Barry Graham, Charlie Vanden Dungen, Jerry Kallal, Jun Mah and Tricia Vanden Dungen.

This is one of the largest events of its kind in Western Canada, with as many as 100 aircraft expected if it is a nice day. This is an opportunity for all visitors to "go airside" and stroll down the flight line to see all the visiting aircraft up close and personal. Camrose is noted for its hospitality and the excellent breakfast prepared by members of the Camrose Fish and Game Association. Proceeds of the breakfast will support activities of the Fish and Game Association and the Camrose Air Cadet Squadron. See the ad in this issue for more details.

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Photo by Blain Fowler

Photo by Lori

2022 Vol. LXXI, No. 26 32 Pages May 23, 2023
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Little fundraiser makes big impression

Sparling School Grade 2 student, Noah Newman, is making a big impression on, not only his school community, but the larger community of Camrose with his big plans and even bigger heart.

Nearing the end of April, Noah approached Sparling principal, Andrea Gutmann, with an ask to have his own fundraiser for the build of the school playground.

“He showed up at my office wearing a suit jacket to pitch his idea,” said Gutmann.

Happy to oblige Noah’s request, Gutmann agreed to let him go about raising funds with a verbal agreement that Noah would dye his hair blue if he raised $400, and by the looks of his nearly full jar, he is well on his way.

“I saw a lot of people doing fundraisers and I figured I could do some fundraisers too,” commented Noah. “Since the whole school really wants the park, I figured if I raised money for the park, we could get the park faster.”

Noah took it upon himself to walk around the school asking anyone and everyone if they would like to donate, collecting loose change from some and bills from others, realizing that every little donation helps.

Noah’s good will was so inspiring that one particular student went out picking bottles so they could donate to Noah’s Playground funds.

“They donated $101,” said Noah with a huge

smile. “I was super thankful and super surprised.”

Principal Gutmann added, “That student picked bottles for a very long time in order to make a donation of $101.”

Noah’s playground fundraiser will be over the end of May, just prior to the playground build tentatively scheduled for the first weekend in June. Anyone wishing to make a donation to Noah’s Playground Fundraiser are welcome to bring it in to Sparling School office during regular school hours.

The playground fundraising began in 2022, with Friends of Sparling School and a goal to raise the funds to build a new all inclusive playground.

Gutmann was happy to announce that most recently, Sparling was successful in a grant application to the City of Camrose that will help fund a disc swing, an additional piece of playground equipment.

As for Noah, he epitomizes that it doesn’t matter the actual size of your heart, it’s how much kindness it packs inside.

“It made me feel good, helping the community out and making people have laughter again, to have the park back,” remarked Noah with an abundance of sincerity and pride.

Here’s hoping this incredible little red head will soon be donning bright blue hair.

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Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Sparling School Grade 2 student Noah Newman proudly holds a jar of donation money.
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Kinder gentler labour relations

Twice in my life, I’ve been a member of a labour union–once as a teacher (Alberta Teachers’ Association) and once as an employee of the Government of Alberta (Alberta Union of Public Employees). In both cases, union membership was mandatory. In both cases, I felt weird belonging to a labour union. That’s because my parents, as owners of a small business, were employers.

I heard dinner table talk about their struggles to stay afloat. I was more aware of employer stressors than the struggles of employees.

This is what I know for sure. Current systems for relationships between large organization employers and employees do not serve the public. A story from my teacher years will illustrate.


One year, as the teachers’ contract was coming up for re-negotiation, I agreed to be on the teachers’ committee that bargained with our employer.

A union representative came to speak with teachers from all over our school district. He gave us information about what teachers in other jurisdictions were getting paid, using examples from the highest paid teachers they could find. The entire presentation was geared to make us feel resentful about how underpaid we were.

At the next meeting of our bargaining committee, we agreed that we wanted teachers to end up with a six per cent salary increase (reasonable in that era).

It happened that the husband of someone on our school’s staff was employed by the organization that employed teachers. The husband–probably inappropriately–told his wife that the employer was thinking that a six per cent raise in teacher salaries was where they wanted to end up. (See? It was reasonable in that era.)

So, both sides were after the same result. Should be an easy negotiation, right?

Wrong! It took more than a year to negotiate a new agreement.


Our side–the employees–started off by asking for a 10 per cent raise in salaries. That was so we had room to bargain down to six per cent.

A proposal for a ten per cent raise? The employer was outraged! Direct quote from one employer representative: “Last year the teachers wanted an arm and a leg. This year they want two arms and two legs!”

The employer counter-offer was a two per cent raise in salaries. That was so they had room to bargain up to six per cent.

A counter-offer of a two per cent raise? We teachers were outraged and insulted. We felt demeaned. Didn’t our employers value education? Didn’t they care about their children’s learning?

Back and forth, back and forth, until–more than a year later–we ended up with an agreement of about a six percent raise – the place we both started from.

So, it all turned out okay, right? Not really. ***

Here’s what changed. At the beginning of the negotiation, the employer and the teachers had a decent working relationship. There was mutual respect, courtesy and enough trust to make working together possible.

By the end of the negotiation, the relationship was toxic.

Employer representatives believed all teachers were greedy and selfish, completely out of touch with the pressures of real people–taxpayers–who didn’t belong to a union.

Teachers believed all employer representatives had no use for education or teachers and thought money was more important than their own children’s future. That now-toxic relationship was the result of a process in which both sides wanted and then achieved the outcome they both desired! ***

So why have I been thinking about an experience all those years ago? Last week’s West Jet pilot saga. I followed it closely because I had a West Jet flight booked on Friday–just hours after a “tentative agreement” was reached.

Who gets hurt most by labour disputes? Neither the employees nor the employers. In school labour disputes, the children whose education is impacted suffer most. In business labour disputes, disrupted customers suffer most. In all labour disputes, the people most harmed are always innocent victims.

We need to figure out a better way. ***

I’d love to hear from you. If you have comments about this column or suggestions for future topics, send an email to I’ll happily reply within one business day.

Water bills

There are all sorts of instances of what tenants can and will do when not paying for their own bills. I would like to make everyone aware that as landlords, we are trying to provide a service to the community in providing accommodations for people who need to rent.

Water bills are a very big part of our ongoing problems in doing our business. All tenants should pay all their own utilities as part of living, it would create a more responsible attitude towards leaving things running, turning off lights and towards life and their own well-being.

We all agree the City of Camrose should hold a deposit re: water bills and when the bill is too high, they notify and disconnect. A fairly hefty deposit has been installed, all other utilities do and they seem to survive. Also on accounts that are questionable, the City could introduce a double billing system for tenants and landlords, so all are aware of risk to both landlord and City as to tenants intentions. The $324 deposit now held by the City should be a large enough amount to realize recovery when a tenant is delinquent if everyone is notified accordingly.

If and when we as landlords try to control or inquire about supposed utilities not being hooked up or disconnected, we cannot do so due to privacy laws even on our own properties; heat in winter, excessive water bills due to a broken tap, running toilet that would be nice to fix.

With the constant increase in taxes from the City, higher insurance costs and higher interest rates on mortgages, large water bills as they seem to go up all the time, we are probably going to go out of business, which will put a larger strain on the city to provide housing in Camrose in the near future.

It will put a larger strain on the City to provide affordable housing. It seems as landlords we are balked, penalized and blamed for everything. And if all else fails, the City wants to add to it by having landlords do the collecting for them. The City is running a business, same as us. We do our own collecting. Although the onus could be on landlords in the future to inform the City of tenants walking out on rent, moving without notice, etc. so bills can be stopped. I have found that we get charged the full amount even when a house

is empty and have notified the City (no water used, no garbage pickup or anything from the house).

When a tenant does not pay rent and has not moved, it takes up to three months to remove them through the system. The house could be filthy, damaged and repairs of $6,000 and up to fix, means another month of down time.

Keep safe

When I was two years old, I ran into the path of a riding lawn mower and lost my right leg below the knee. It all happened so fast: one moment, I was playing outside and the next, I was too close to the mower.

Having grown up as part of the War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, I am now committed to spreading the association’s PLAYSAFE message. With lawn cutting season upon us, I want everyone to know that kids should not ride, operate or play near lawn mowers.

Though I’ve learned to accept and appreciate who I am today, I want to use my experience to help prevent others from going through what I did. Make sure children are always at a safe distance from lawn mowers. And don’t underestimate the importance of safety when operating any machinery. I urge you to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and those around you.

If you would like to learn more about how to play safely and hear stories from other young amputees like me who have lost limbs in accidents, visit

Jarod Murray, Vanessa, Ontario

Beaver benefits

Camrose is a wonderful small city in which to live. It is small enough that one can easily walk from the outskirts to the town core. The natural areas along Camrose Creek are beautiful including Mirror Lake that, although not formed naturally, has existed long enough that nature has taken over.

In addition, the creek valley extends down to join up with the Battle River, giving those with a bent for more strenuous hiking and skiing a great opportunity. At one time, there was even a small ski tow along the valley bank, as the bank is high

enough above the creek to allow this. The trail extends through almost a wilderness, all the way to the river. We can thank the Ski Club for building and maintaining these trails.

Unfortunately, the City administration does not appreciate how wonderful it is to have these natural areas right in town. A few years back, there existed a beautiful little beaver pond on which one could observe the growth and maturity of a mother goose’s brood.

Tragically, the City thoughtlessly decided beavers are pests that should be eradicated. I couldn’t bear to ever again walk that trail, having to observe the dried up creek, the backhoe remains of the dam and the thought of how cruel and thoughtless it was to trap and kill the innocent beavers.

Fortunately, I found another little trail, the Bulrush Trail. We watched as the summer progressed, the leaves of the many varieties of bushes emerging, the blossoms and berries. The creek winds though a swampy area where fresh cattails develop all summer, eventually to observe the tidy seed bunches giving the plant its name.

Then, excitedly, we began to notice the level of the water was rising a little each day. We explored down stream and found a small beaver dam. Next, we met this guy driving his truck on the trail. Inquiring, we found that the City had hired him to trap the beavers.

I phoned, but never received a reply. Later, we observed the water still rising a little. The beavers had built a house and were collecting little branches they store under the water for their winter food supply. Wonderful, the trapper had relented and didn’t kill our beavers. This spring, beaver activity did not appear right away and I was concerned that they had not survived the winter. But joy, the dam is being raised and there are fresh cuttings of small poplars.

Then horrors, the trap warning signs are up again. I will never walk this trail again until I hear that the City has stopped this cruel and thoughtless destruction of nature, found

so commonly among humans.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 4
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through the pages of e Booster

• Along with Camrose Mayor, Norm Mayer, Janice DePaoli, the owner of Pop’lar Books, cut a special cake to celebrate Canada Book Day. Several local authors helped celebrate the day by reading from their books. Palma Maul read from her book, Prairie Crocus Days. Also reading were authors Elsie Garstad-Rosenau, Anne LeDressay and Alan Arthur

• The Battle River Foster Parents’ Association expressed its appreciation of Retired Administrator of Social Services and Community Health, Colin MacLeod, for his outstanding work over the years. Marie Thiessen presented the award to Mr MacLeod on behalf of the association.

• The Camrose Kinsmen Club made it possible for three children to attend the Camrose Pre-school Program with a donation of $650. Presenting the amount to Camrose Preschool Community Program Director, Sheralyn Dobos, were Kinsmen Tyler Hauber and Mike Kelemen. Kin Mike also presented a cheque for $200 to Canada Day Committee co-chairs, Kathy Wood and Mary Broen for celebrations on July 1st.

Tree Ser vices

• Over 900 white hats with contrasting black bands for the men and colourful ribbons for the ladies are being distributed to promote the annual Jaywalkers’ Jamboree Gus Mireault, President of the Camrose Chamber of Commerce, which organizes the two-day fun bargain event, is pleased with the work that his retail committee is doing. Orvill Collyer is the Chair man of this committee and Dennis Twomey is his Cochair man.

• It was a weary but cheery den of Lions following the annual Camrose Lions’ Mother’s Day Breakfast. Many of them worked from seven in the mor ning until early after noon to serve pancakes, bacon and sausages to 642 persons. Included in the pride were Gordon Dennis, Paul Charlebois, Clarence Graumann, Orville Collyer, Red McCormick, Max McLean and Merle Poeckens. Every mother left with a fresh cut flower. W inner of the raffle for 100 T-bone steaks was Kathy Garbutt.

• Calgary Power District Manager, Don Gillespie, joined 31 other employees this year in the company’s Quarter Century Club. The 46-year-old has been Manager of the company operations in the Camrose area since July, 1967, having transferred here from Medicine Hat.

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Re - established Alber ta as a free - enterprise, business-friendly destination by deregulating, lowering taxes, and creating targeted sector growth strategies

220,000 private sector jobs created in diversified sectors, and $3 billion of corporate investment injected into economy

HBO’s biggest budget production in histor y, The Last of Us, lmed entirely in Alberta thanks to new scalable and uncapped Film & TV tax credit

Alber ta now the fastest growing tech sector in Nor th America, and fastest growing green energy market in Canada

Calgar y Airpor t established as WestJet’s sole global connec tion hub through memorandum of understanding with province

More Canadians making Alber ta home than ever before since Statistics Canada began track ing

More employed Alber tans today than ever before in histor y 14,000 post-secondar y seats created in targeted programs key to Alber ta’s economic growth and diversification


Healthcare budget increased by $2.7 billion, now funded at the highest level in history

Additional 200 paramedics hired province wide, and work begun to make emergency medical ser vices more readily available by keeping rural ambulances in their home communities, allowing for 911 triage, and more.

50 new ICU beds opened, an increase of 30%

M id-level management reduced at Alber ta Health Ser vices to direct more resources to the front lines

Surgical capacity expanded by tens of thousands of surgeries per year

Mental Health funding increased by 230%

8000 new publicly-funded addic tions treatment beds created, and all user fees eliminated for first time


500 new RCMP o cers hired in rural communities + 400 other officers through the RAPID Force

Parole Board of Canada replaced with the Alber ta Parole Board to end the revolving door on our criminal justice system 911 transformed into a textable ser vice for those in domestic situations or locations with minimal cellular ser vice

Provincial Chief Firearms O ce established to defend the proper ty rights of law-abiding Alber tans

Trespassing laws strengthened with tougher penalties

All police stations equipped with sexual assault kits Convicted violent criminals banned from legal name changes


New funding formula introduced that increased operational funding to ever y single school division in the province

Funding committed for 58 new schools province wide this year alone

Choice in education strengthened through legislation, recognizing that ever y child and family has unique passions and learning needs

Free speech protected on campuses through new yearly repor ting requirements


Kept our promise and fought the carbon tax all the way to the Supreme Cour t of Canada, and launched a cour t challenge against no -more -pipelines Bill C-69

Investor confidence increased through legislation guaranteeing royalty structures I ndustr y Fund set up to invest in hydrogen, carbon capture, and other emissions-reducing projects

$1 billion invested to expand Alberta’s irrigable land by 230,000 acres, with an average return of 300% compared to dr y land

Agriculture research expanded at University of Alber ta

Crop, cattle and hog producers suppor ted nancially through drought and supply- chain disruptions

Agri-processing Investment Tax Credit introduced, with an expected 30%+ increase of investment


Fuel tax eliminated, saving Alber tans 13 cents per litre on fuel

I ncome taxes indexed to pre -inflation levels

Financial suppor ts made available for parents and seniors on fixed incomes

$55 million committed for a ordable housing builds province wide

$10/day childcare agreement signed with federal government so parents can afford to work – the only provincial agreement in Canada to include both public and private operators, day homes, and preschools

Balanced budget legislation introduced to ensure future governments cannot mor tgage the futures of young Alber tans



The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 7
ON MAY 29 VOTE TO SECURE ALBERTA’S FUTURE Authorized by the Jackie Lovely Campaign C ont act Jackie 780.281.9065
Constituency WE’VE MADE SO MUCH Progress Together!
JACKIE LOVELY UCP Candidate, Camrose
out- of pocket for
family doctor or to get the hospital care that they need.” 
A re - elected UCP government will create a new 8% bracket on income under $60,000. This means ever y Alber tan earning $60,000 or more will save $760 –that ’s over $1,500 per family! Alber tans earning less than $60,000 will see a full 20% reduction to their provincial tax bill under this tax cut. Advance Polls Tuesday, May 23 to Saturday, May 27, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Elec tion Day Monday, May 29, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Visit to find your poll location. Need a ride to the polls? We’re here to help! Call Jack ie’s Campaign Office at 780.281.9065
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access to their
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Additional listing are still being accepted. All items must be in the sales yard by May 31, 2023 at 5:00 pm. Viewing is available from 8:00
to 5:00
Locat ion: Hw y #16 & Rge Rd 185 (1 Mile East of Hw y 834) - Sout h Side of t he Road 780-208-2508 Hw y #16 / Rge Rd 185 403-843-2747 Rimbey Toll Free 1-855-783-0556 Part ial list ing only Visit website for more info Ford Vers 946 4WD Tractor JD 8450 4WD TractorCase IH 8910 FWA Tractor MF 1755 FWA Tractor MF 1552 FWA Tractor JD 4630 2WD TractorJCB Loadall 520 TelehandlerJCB 4CX BackhoeCat D6D CrawlerCat 315D Excavator Gehl RT250 Skid Steer JD 630 Moco Case IH RB564 Round BalerCase IH 8465A Round BalerFarmking 12 Wheel Easy Rake Vertec VT3630 Grain Dr yer 1 of 3 Meridian Hopper Bottom Grain Bins Brandt SB400 90’ Sprayer Brandt 8510 Gr ain Bag ExtractorCase IH 8825HP SP SwatherMerritt 53’ Cattle Liner Tubeline Nitro 525RS Manure Spreader ’06 Western Star Heavy Wrecker ’94 IHC Towing Truck ’05 Sterling Day Cab Truck ’07 IHC 9900 Highway Truck ’04 IHC 4300 Van Truck Mack Water Truck PJ 30’ GN Flat Deck Trailer Brent 674 Grain Cart 40’ Seacan Two Shale Tanks ’07 Trail Eze 53’ TrailerMelroe 3630 Spray CoupeFlexicoil System 92 60’ Harrows White 2-135 FWA Tractor


Proposed RogersTelecommunications Facility

RogersCommunications Inc., (Rogers) is committed to providing Canadian communities high speed wirelessinternet,voice and data service. To improve service, Rogers is proposing to construct a 105-meter guyed antenna structureon ptn. NE 25-45-18 W4 within Camrose County, Alberta. Access will be completely restricted from the public. As part of the public consultation process as required by Camrose County and Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada, Rogersregulator under the Radiocommunications Act, Rogersis inviting the public to comment on the proposed tower location beforeclose of business day June 23, 2023 This structureis fully compliant with Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada’s guidelines, as found under the Client Procedures Circular (CPC-2-0-03)

TOWER LOCATION: 45466 Range Road 180, Camrose County, AB

COORDINATES: Lat: 52.915137° Long: -112.474940°

LEGAL: Ptn. NE 25-45-18 W4

ANY PERSON MAY comment by close of business day on June 23, 2023, with respect to this matter. ROGERS CONTACT:

Evolve Surface Strategies Inc. Attn: Anthony Novello 105 – 58 Gateway Dr. NE Airdrie, AB T4B 0J6 Toll Free: 1-888-912-2640 F: 403-912-2620 E: Agents for RogersCommunications Inc. Mention this ad for $5 off your paint supplies! WIDEMAN PAINT & DECO R 4939 -48 Street, Camrose Phone 780 -672-6778 Also don’t miss our... Paint and Stain Clearance Sale! Huge selection starting at just $19.99/gal. 780.672.3142 4925 -48 Street, Camrose 800,000 Business, Club, Team, Sc hool Promotional Produc ts from 800 suppliers. • Marketing • Branding • Give-Aways • Thank Yous SURPRISE PRICING KENE .G . ME CHAN ICAL LT D. PL UMBING GA S FI TT IN G & WA TE R TREA TMEN T ke m | He’s the guy to call • Plumbing • Gas Fitting • Water Treatment Residential • Commercial • Agricultural PH ONE 780. 278. 2638 Ken Gourlay Red Seal Plumber/ Gas Fitter 40 years’ experience Kroetsch Custom Farming 403-588-1206 Mitchel Kroetsch • Manure Spreading • Tub Grinding • Combining • Trucking • Trenching • Swathing • Balin g • Field Work • Seeding • Silaging • Corn Planting • Cattle Feeding and more RR4, Lacombe, AB T4L 2N4 Kroetsch Custom Farming SERVICE S AVAIL ABLE The Bikes are Out! Be aler t and watch for them

Bruins, Kodiaks share hockey bear’s den

The Camrose Sport Development Society were successful in the bid to become the newest member of the Senior AA North Central Hockey League.

When the Camrose Crush left the league it created a void in senior men’s hockey in the area.

The Camrose Bruins will be operated under the CSDS and follow the governance policies established by this society.

Preston Kostura was named president of the senior hockey club. He sits on the CSDS executive board.

Kostura and the CSDS board named Tylor Keller and Dr. John Fletcher as co-coaches/managers of the Bruins and oversee the hockey operations.

“It is important to have senior hockey in town. We (the society) had lengthy discussions about it. The team is a feeder group for players to play with the Kodiaks, Vikings and then this team. It’s a different level of hockey, a great option for hockey entertainment,” said Preston.

“We look forward in this great opportunity to support another community-based team,” he added.

The Bruins have arrived. Untamed, cunning and ready to make Camrose home. The home opener is slated for September 29th for the 2023-24 season in the Max McLean Arena.

Tylor played for all three teams and levels. “Having played senior hockey for 15 years, I can relate to the players and how hard it is to get to games sometimes with

work and family. But, some of their families have never seen them play (after minor hockey). The local guys can play in front of their wives and children, so it is important for them,” said Tylor.

The senior team intends on building the success it gained as the Daysland Northstars and Camrose Crush, both winning championships. “We are going

to have some really good players. It is proven we can have success here. The fans around here want to see it happen. We have shown a thirst for hockey. The competition for spots on this team will be fierce,” said Tylor.

The Bruins intend to start skating sooner to be in better shape for the season opener.

“I’ve coached before, not

senior hockey, but have loved it. I’ve played junior hockey in Manitoba and I know that there is an emotional and physical aspect of the game. It is hard to play this game at that level. I have looked after that part of it over the last three years. When we won the league in the first year, a lot of guys were banged up, but I helped them understand the emotional and physical parts of the game,” added John.

“To be a coach is an extension of what I have always been doing. We will have a new crop of players, as well as returning players, that will help us. Kobe Charchun, Ashton Kelly, possibly Carter Burton and maybe a goalie in Ty Marcinkowski. So we have some younger guys coming in,” indicated John.

The NCHL announced that a new ownership group from Camrose were successful in their bid to re-join the league for the upcoming 2023-24 hockey season. Boris Rybalka and Kevin Pratt, represented the Camrose Sport Development Society. The CSDS have operated the Camrose Kodiaks of the AJHL since 1997.

Continued on page 11

Murray Green, Camrose Booster Dr. John Fletcher, Preston Kostura and Tylor Keller welcome the Bruins to Camrose.

Bruins, Kodiaks share hockey bear’s den

Continued from page 10

“Acquiring membership in the NCHL and putting a team on the ice commencing in 2023-24 falls within the mandate of the society. We believe that utilizing the strengths of the CSDS to successfully operate a Senior AA hockey team will add to the development of sport in Camrose,” said Preston.

The NCHL elected Sam Maupin as the fourth president and the league’s first female leader.

“One thing the Kodiaks had an issue with was senior hockey scheduling games at the same time as the junior Kodiaks. That won’t happen this year because we will work around that, even if we have to play some Sunday games,” said Preston. “I’ll say that this is beer league with an edge and it will be good hockey. We are not going into hibernation, we are out and hungry for good hockey.”

Teams agreed to play an 18 game balanced schedule. Teams will play each other three times during the season. A schedule will be determined on July 9.

The regular season will commence on September 29 and continues until the end of January. The playoffs will

start on the February 2nd weekend.

All teams will be eligible for playoffs. The President’s Cup winners will receive a first round bye. The remaining six teams will play a best of five series (2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5). The semifinals and Vanberg Cup finals series will both be best of seven. There was a discussion on participating in the Hockey Alberta Provincial Senior AA tournament and was left for an agenda item for the general fall meeting due to the unknowns about whether or not provincials will continue (at least in it’s current format).

All teams will be required to use the live scoring function on its website for all games in 2023-24. That function was widely used prior to 2015, but when the league brought in four teams from the Battle River League, some didn’t have WIFI coverage in their arenas and since then only a couple of teams have carried on with it. This function will help keep fans up to date on their favourite teams in real time.

The Lacombe Generals were presented with both the President’s Cup and Vanberg Cup banners for their championship season.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 11
Camrose A better future. In an election like this, one vote can make the difference. 587-386-0089 Authorized by Alberta NDP
Richard Bruneau On May 29, Elect

Bulls served up some attitude

The bulls were in it to win it during the Champion Round of the Rose City PBR Invitational held on Saturday, May 13 at the Camrose Recreation Centre, with only one successful second ride. Prior to that round, however, there were some amazing rides garnering high scores, including local favourite, Camrose’s own Coy Robbins, who scored an 83.5 on his first ride. The arena was packed with excited fans for the second installment of the Rose City PBR Invitational.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 12
Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Camrose’s own Coy Robbins hops up on the rails to wave to fans, after his very successful first round ride, photo to left.


Election candidates

Camrose Constituency voters have four candidates from whom to choose when casting their ballot on Provincial Election Day, May 29.

Jackie Lovely is the United Conservative Party representative, Richard Bruneau is the NDP candidate, Bob Blayone is an Independent runner and Pamela Henson represents the Wildrose Loyalty Coalition.

Advanced polls are open in the Duggan Mall this week if you are not available to vote on May 29.

The western portion of Camrose County falls under the Maskwacis-Wetaskiwin riding where Rick Wilson is the United Conservative Party representative, Katherine Swampy is the NDP candidate, Green Party is Justin Fuss, Independent is Marie Rittenhouse and Solidarity Movement of Alberta (SMA) is Suzanne Jubb.

Alberta has 87 Members of the Legislative Assembly. UCP and NDP have 87 candidates in this election.

Green Party has 41 candidates; Solidarity Movement of Alberta 38; Alberta Party 19; Wildrose Loyalty Coalition 16; Liberal Party 15; Independence Party 14; Advantage Party four; Communist Party three; Wildrose Independence Party two; Buffalo Party one; Pro-Life Political Association one; and Reform Party one candidate.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 13 Rural Crime & Justice System Reform Independent Candidate for Camrose Constituency Bob Blayone Bob Blayone TRUTH INTEGRITY ACCOUNTABILITY Bob will work with the local people to achieve what is best for OUR constituency on the issues that matter to US Senior Support & Health Alberta Healthcare Parental Rights Restored Alberta Education Defend Our Production in Agriculture, Forestry & Oil and Gas Let' s have a Conversation! Authorized by Bob Blayone Campaign Mental Health Initiavies Put Camrose in your pocket! BUSINE SS SOURCING Ever y business in Camrose –One handy location. INE S BUS Beer! er! 34TH AVENUE – 50 STREE T, CAMROSE People
• Impressive zero-step designs • Wonderful e ciency level • Added security features • Maintenance-free exteriors • Floorplans with your future in mind • Basement or non-basement • Awesome kitchen • NO CONDO FEES EVER!
you are really impressed by what our team has created in our latest active Adult Community
extra dinarily high...
5000 -34 Avenue, Camrose 78 0.672. 5851 www. ipdi. biz 5 3911-4 8 Avenue, Camrose • 78 0- 672- 6665 Enjoy t he PREMIU M PA NA MA – CA SK AGED –DA RK RU M Liquid gold! Excellen t prize. Over 39 Ru ms in St oc k! r3399 99 400
Demand has been
Life Built Be er

Employmen t Opp tunit y OPER ATOR 1 – UTILITIES

Th e Ci ty of Camros e is seek in g an energetic an d re liable individual to fi ll th e permanen t positio n of Operator 1 in th e Utilitie s sectio n of th e Public Wo rk s depa rt ment This is a unionize d positio n unde r CUPE Lo ca l 1425 an d is inclusive of a probationa ry period as pe r th e Ar ti cl e 11.02 of th e Collecti ve Agre emen t.

FU NCTIONS/DUTI ES (but no t limite d to):

• Assist in th e followin g duties an d ta sks: sanitary sewe r cleaning , sewe r manhole i nspections, sanitary sewe r root contro l program, excava tion an d re pair of broken sanitary sewe r main s an d wate r main s an d se rv ices , labourer for vactor truc k an d wate r truck, va lve operations UD F program, cc va lve operations distributio n labora to ry an d fiel d testing, sanitary sewe r labora to ry an d fiel d testing, lagoon weed an d vege ta tion cont ro l, mowing an d weed eating of gras s at al l Utilitie s Buildings, prov idin g heav y manual labour

• Mete r re ading an d mete r se rv ic e work (installations accoun t re ad-out s an d proble m troubleshooting)

• Operations an d main te nanc e of th e Utilitie s System as di re cted

• Assistance with ot he r Ci ty operatio n functions as necessar y an d assigned


• Grade 12 Diplom a or GED equivalent

• Wa ter & Wa stewater Te chnical Program and/or Post-Seconda ry Education.

• Al be rt a Envi ro nmen t Cer ti fi cation – Leve l I Wa ter Distribution , Leve l I Wa stewater Collection or abilit y to work toward s.

• Minimu m on e (1) ye ar ex perience in utilitie s an d infrastructu re main te nanc e and/or ot he r construction background

• Aw arenes s of th e Ci ty of Camros e Al be rt a Envi ro nmen t A pproval s considered an asse t.

• Must be able to work in conf ined spaces trenches elevated plat fo rms, ladders, an d ex trem e weathe r conditions

• Ba si c computer literacy to operate mete r re ading computer soft wa re

• Re liable with a st ro ng work ethi c an d th e abilit y to work independentl y or in a team se tt ing.

• St ro ng writ ten an d ve rbal communicatio n skills with th e abilit y to communicat e with th e public an d contractor s in a profes sional manner

• Must be able to meet th e Ci ty ’s on-cal l protocols and part icipate in th e on-cal l rota tion de ta iled in th e Collecti ve Agre emen t an d as assigned for th e Utilitie s te am

• Va li d Clas s 3 Al be rt a Motor Ve hicle Operator ’s License with ai r brake endorsement or th e abilit y to obta in

HOUR S OF WO RK : Hour s of work are generall y 7:30 am to 4:30 pm , Monday th ro ug h Fr iday Shif t work on-cal l an d over time will also be necessar y to addres s operationa l re quirements

HOUR LY WAGE : $28. 09 pe r hour in accordance with th e CUPE 1425 Collecti ve Agre emen t, plus any additional premiu m pay as outlined in th e collecti ve agreemen t. Individual s wh o have higher qualif ic ations may be considered for a higher leve l of Operator base d on th e current qualif ic ations an d ex perience Hourly wage an d premiums woul d be adjusted accordingl y.

A PPLICAT IONS : Individual s inte re sted in this positio n are invite d to submit a cove r le tter an d resumé to th e emai l addres s below by June 2, 2023 at 4:30 pm If applying by email, please ensu re job positio n is included in subjec t line

We appreciate and consider all applications ; however, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacte d.


Ci ty of Camros e – Public Wo rks: At tent io n Manage r of Utilitie s

Mailing Ad dress: 52 04 -50 Avenue , Camrose, AB T4V 0S 8 P: 78 0.672.5513 | E: hr@cam ro se.c a | W: www.c am ro se.c a Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP). The personal information recorded on the application form is being collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. The information will be used for the purpose(s) of employee recruitment and administration and is protected by the privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. If you require additional information concerning the collection and use of this personal information, please contact the FOIP Offi cer at 780-672-4426.


City discusses e-scooters

During the May 8 City of Camrose Committee of the Whole meeting, City of Camrose Community Development general manager Patricia MacQuarrie, provided an update to the April 10 report to council, on the potential operation of e-scooters in the City of Camrose.

“What we understood at the beginning was that the municipality has an exemption under the Highway Safety Act to authorize the use of e-Scooters within the municipalities,” explained MacQuarrie. “However, the actual exemption happens at the e-scooter business level.”

MacQuarrie added that a shared e-scooter company can get an exemption from the Alberta government affording a municipality the opportunity to allow a shared e-scooter business within the municipality.

“The municipalities themselves don’t have an ability to legislate or regulate the use of individual e-scooters within the municipality. So we have to put aside the whole individual use component of this conversation until the government comes up with the framework that they require to legislate individual e-scooters within the municipalities.”

MacQuarrie said that conversations with other municipalities regarding the process involved with individual e-scooter operators, indicated that it is regarded as a police matter because it falls under the Traffic Safety Act. “Then it is up to the police to decide whether or not they will seize the e-scooter, give warnings or tickets. But it is not a municipal issue.”

MacQuarrie said the individual that approached the City, requesting the operation of a shared e-scooter business in Camrose, is currently trying to figure out the framework through the company he was going to align with, in regards to the licensing, registration and exemption from the Alberta government.

“From there the City would be required to update our Business License Bylaw which would then contain a schedule of the allowance of the business operation.”

mostly by the Business License Bylaw or the Traffic Bylaw, the majority of enforcement would fall under bylaw.

She added that it would also depend on how the City regulates the use of e-scooters. “If they are allowed on roadways it would be a police matter, under the Traffic Safety Act, if on sidewalks then a bylaw matter under the Traffic Bylaw.”

April 10 meeting

During the Regular Council meeting held on April 10, public speaker Cody Major, a prospective owner/operator of an e-scooter business, requested council consider the potential of him starting an e-scooter business in the City of Camrose.

“They would be placed throughout the City for transportation and recreational use. All the scooters run from an app (which Major said is fairly easy to use by downloading, picking out the scooter in the radius, then 10 minutes to go get the scooter) and a platform that are connected to a server. I would have full control of how fast they go in designated zones throughout the City. It is recommended that a population of 19,000 must have between 40 to 50 scooters throughout the city.”

E-scooters are a vehicle that a person stands on while holding onto handlebars for steering. They are powered by an electric motor that does not exceed 500 watts and can go anywhere up to 32 kilometres per hour.

MacQuarrie said the two main concerns with escooter usage from participating municipalities was the use of e-scooters by people under the age of 16, and the operation of e-scooters on sidewalks, noting that conversation with Camrose Police Service (CPS) Chief Dean LaGrange indicated that the non-use of helmets and operation of e-scooters on sidewalks would be of greatest concern to CPS.


for th e Ci ty of Camros e to receive notifi cation of proper

If yo u have pu rc hase d a proper ty be

ty may not have th e correct in fo rmatio n to issu e an d mail ou t yo ur 2023 Proper ty Ta x Notice

She said that administration is working with the potential e-scooter business owner to ensure that they would have the regulatory process in place needed to operate, as well as offering advice to council on how it would impact the Business License Bylaw.

Councillor Agnes Hoveland asked where the responsibility would lay for enforcing all the different components of e-scooters operating in Camrose.

MacQuarrie said, because it would be regulated

“The programs have pros and cons,” noted MacQuarrie. “The City of Red Deer has seen an increase to the economy, they estimate about $9,700 for the season, and they have seen a larger user group coming into the Downtown area. They reported about a 3.5 kilometre usage per ride on average, most going into the downtown area, which has brought some economy to the downtown.”

She added that after the first year of the City of Red Deer e-scooter pilot project, the City (Red Deer) did come back and make some changes to their traffic act. “So there would be an enforceability to the component of the pilot project.”

Continued on page 28

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 14 CITY PAGE The stage is set
2023 Property Ta x Notices are bein g mailed ou t May 19, 2023 If yo u do not receive a 2023 Notice by June 5, 2023, please call th e Ci ty of Camros e at 78 0- 672- 4426 an d as k for a co py of your 2023 Ta x Notice. Rega rd less of wh ethe r a Ta x Notice is received proper ty ta xe s are stil l du e June 30, 2023 an d any outs ta ndin g balanc e af ter this time will be subjec t to a 6% penalt y on July 1, 2023, an d a monthl y penalt y of 1. 5% on outs ta ndin g balances each mont h therea fter
is currentl y ta ki ng 3 to 4
ty title change s from Al be rt a La
twee n Fe brua ry 1, 2023 an d
th e Ci


Maintaining and improving the inf rastructure of the Ci ty is a constant challenge for the Engineering and Public Work s Depar tment s.

The following roadway and utili ty projects are scheduled for construc tion this year pending final funding arrangement s.

WATCH FOR THEM … They ’re all part of the continuous effort to improve the transpor tation and utili ty ne t work s of the Ci ty

Your cooperation and caution around construc tion areas is appreciated.

CI TY OF CAMROSE 2023 Construction Program

Grants will provide approximately $7,610,600 in funding towards:

• Highway 26 from east of Railway Tracks to City L imits

• 48 Avenue from 66 Street to 73 Street

• 54 Avenue from 62 Street to 68 Street

• 53 Avenue (Nor th Side) from 48 Avenue to 53 Avenue

• Marler Drive Underground Utility Replacements (Phase 1)

from Parkview Drive to Mt Pleasant Drive

• Marler Drive Road Reconstruction and Sidewalk Replacement.

(Phase 1) from Parkview Drive to Mt Pleasant Drive

50th Street Pedestrian Flashers

Roof Repair - HLPS #3 North Reservoirs

The following 2023 Construction Value is approximately $11,4 27,500 F


addi tion to those locations identified, at numerous other locations throughou t the Ci ty, roadway and u tili ty maintenance, landscaping and tree planting will be under taken as required.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 15
FUNDING LOCATION ACTIVIT Y COST SOURCE INFRASTRUCTURE 1. Highway 26 from east of Railway Track s to City L imits Pavement Overlay 640,000 G, R 2. 48 Avenue from 66 Street to 73 Street Pavement Overlay 57 5,000 G, R, L.I 3. 54 Avenue from 62 Street to 68 Street Pavement Overlay 278,000 G, L.I 4. 53 Avenue (Nor th Side) from 48 Avenue to 53 Avenue Sidewalk Replacement 250,000 G, L.I 5. 39 Street from 42 Avenue to Camrose Drive Pavement Overlay 92 ,000 R 6. Marler Drive Underground Utility Replacement s (Phase 1) Utility Improvements 4, 275,000 U, G from Parkview Drive to Mt Pleasant Drive 7. Marler Drive Road Reconstruc tion and Sidewalk Replacement Roadway Improvements 1,090,000 G, L.I (Phase 1) from Parkview Drive to Mt Pleasant Drive Sidewalk Replacement 8. 48 Avenue Westbound from 48 Street to 50 Street Pavement Overlay 80,000 R 9. Urban Trail Paving Trail Improvements 280,000 R 10. 48 Bridge Approach Rehabilitation Bridge Maintenance 110,000 R 11 50th Street Pedestrian Flashers Pedestrian Signals Improvements 50,000 G, R 12 Roof Repair - HLPS #3 Nor th Reser voirs Utility Improvements 2,813,000 U, G 13. CN Pont Inlet Channel Drainage Improvements 89 4,500 R, L.I In
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$620,000
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2 ,700,000
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $865,000
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $40,000 •
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2 ,500,000
FUNDING SOURCE S G Funding – Grants L .I Funding – Local Improvement R Funding – City Reserve C Funding – City General L .F Funding – City Land Development Fund U Funding – City Utility C.F Funding – Carried Forward NOTE
Public Review Period was held for the following project s: • 48 Avenue f rom 66 S treet to 73 S treet • 54 Avenue f rom 62 S treet to 68 S treet • 53 Avenue (Nor th Side) f rom 48 Avenue to 53 Avenue • Marler Drive Road Reconstruc tion and Sidewalk Replacement (Phase 1) f rom Parkview Drive to Mt Pleasant Drive 2023 City Map

We’ve been through some tough times, but right now, Alber ta is in the best fi scal position it ’s ever been in. We have the resources to make life better for Alber tans.


Serv ice C lubs & Organizat ions

Enjoy tremendous visibility on the most visited ta bs on

You r f undraisers, your break fa sts, or d inners, your t ic ket sales, ra es or a ny other act iv it y that w il l help your c lub or organizat ion t hr ive (or sur vive) c a n be posted, at no c ha rge, on one of the best commu nit y apps i n Nor t h A merica!

Assig n a c lub member to keep feeding u s the i nfor mation you need posted.

Phone 78 0.67 3.9213 camrosenow@cable-lyn

When your hands are dirty...

Activate your Del ta faucet even with your wrist or forearm. Touch2O® technology activates water flow. Water temperature remains at set level. An LED light changes color if the water temperature changes for any reason.

Safety and convenience

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 16
Unit 1, 3705 -47 Avenue, Camrose | 780- 672-5575
“Touch It On” Just
It Off”
ee Content for not-for-pro t
Bin Anchors call Mike 780- 385- 4664 Yo Sh ot!
A weekly dose of good old-fashioned advice , inspirat ion or simple logic.
the theme
Blue Bison Needs a Haircut
Scott Rothman.
not judge ea ch day by the ha rvest you reap,
but by the seeds you pl ant.”
– R. L.
Camrose Booster St. Patrick Catholic School Grade 4 student Jace Campbell was a really good
during a guest reader appearance on May 1 for the Tournament of Books. Jace somewhat happily demonstrated
behind the book,
by author

Bill’s Patties

Annual General Meeting

Plan to be part of a Success Starts Early Pre-K or Kindergarten Event at your school

Ever yone starting a BRSD Pre-K or Kindergarten program this fall is invited to attend a get-to-know-you event

As a parent, you can reduce your child's anxiety (or your own!) and start to get excited about what 's ahead. Ever y child will get to connect directly with their teacher and school team. Please call ahead to book a time slot during the event

Tuesday, May 23

2:30 to 5:00 p.m. – New Norway School

3:30 to 5:30 p.m. – Daysland School

Wednesday, May 24 12:00 to 3:30 p.m. – École Sifton School

Litvak invited to compete in World Junior disc golf

Grade 10 student Nolan Litvak was recently invited to compete at the World Junior Disc Golf Championship in Illinois at the end of June.

Litvak began his passion for disc golf when he was nine-years-old and by his own admittance knew instantly it was the sport he wanted to pursue.

This year, Litvak has been invited and is registered to compete in the World Junior Disc Golf Championship in Peoria, Illinois, June 27 to July 1.

The Worlds will feature approximately 100 competitors in Litvak’s age category.

“I’m really excited to have the opportunity to compete against the best from across the globe,” said Litvak in a statement on his fundraising page.

Litvak has been training diligently in an effort to take his game to the next level and give it his best “throw” at the Worlds.

Tuesday, May 30

2:30 to 4:30 p.m. – Round Hill School

5:00 to 8:00 p.m. – Forestburg School

Wednesday, May 31

2:00 to 5:30 p.m. – Bawlf School

Thursday, June 1

12:30 to 3:30 p.m. – Viking School

Wednesday, June 7

3:30 to 6:30 p.m. – Bashaw School

Thursday, June 8 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. – C.W. Sears School

Friday, June 9 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Sparling School

Tuesday, June 13

Wednesday, June 14 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. – Chester Ronning School


Families can meet the teachers and school team, get information about learning supports that can be provided to meet student needs, tour the school and take part in fun activities

Every child will receive a gift bag with fun items to help their learning at home

To help pay for the expenses to attend the Worlds in June, Litvak referees soccer; however, the cost of accommodation, travel and other expenses are more than he will be able to save, as a result he has been reaching out to family, friends, businesses and the community in general to help support his dream and participation in this event.

“With your help, I believe I can represent Canada and compete at the highest level. Your support will not only help me reach my goals but also help promote and grow the amazing sport of disc golf.”

For anyone wishing to donate visit https://

Thinking about your succession plan?

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 17
3:30 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
to 3:00 p.m. – Ryley School
–Killam Public School
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Saturday morning Farmers’ Market at Duggan Mall!
Monday, May 29 7:30 p.m. Habitat for Humani ty Camrose ReStore 5007- 46 Street , Camrose
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Verlyn D. Olson ECA, KC, B.A., LLB Kirstyn Rau B.A., J.D

Above left: Harley Shymanski won a scholarship for the House of Jazz Artist Development Program in London, UK. The jazz artist is a post graduate transitional program designed to prepare dance artists for a career in the theatre jazz arts. It is an enlightened approach to dance education, changing the skyline of the entertainment arts by moving young artists into greatness. Above right: Aunika Heise won the Liberate Artists L. A. Focus Scholarship worth $750. This includes 40 hours of training, being in a music video and walking the red carpet at the premiere of the video. Training under one of the winners from So You Think You Can Dance and other top choreographers. Lower right: From left, Brooklyn Pattullo, Kassidey Rafuse, Jaydn Johnson, Brynn Lansing, Bret Good, Charlotte Thiessen, Kennedy Kenzie, Erin Lowe, Harley Shymanski and Hannah Lofgren.

Academy of Dance enjoys a great year

The Camrose Academy of Dance enjoyed a banner year on the floor.

Dance president of the board of directors, Celina Brisson, shared some thoughts on the fantastic competition season.

“At almost every competition we are in the finals. The weekends are three or four day festivals with the top groups making it to the showcase. We have to let the community know that we have so many talented dancers,” explained Celina.

Instructors are Lisa Rootsaert, Trudy Lewis, Vasyl Kanevets, Hailey Rootsaert, Trista Gable and Payton Rootsaert.

“We have 120 dancers and some of the awards they won this season at our Sizzle competition here in Camrose included: Intermediate 1 first runner up with Loco, grand champion with CATS, Intermediate 2 grand champion with Voice of God and Showcase Choreography Award with CATS,” shared Celina.

“Two dancers, Harley Shymanski and Aunika Heise received scholarships to learn more and be in videos. We have nine dancers graduating and they have pretty much been together since Grade 1. They become such a family here. Everyone becomes parents to others when looking after them and dancers adopt parents for shows. It is phenomenal. In hockey, players on the teams change every year, but in dance you bond with the same dancers each year,” she added.

“We range from threeyear-olds to two adult classes (tap and jazz). We have everything in between and a couple of those who graduated come when it fits into their schedule,” said Celina.

“We added hip-hop as well this year, which is really exciting and everyone loved it at festivals. This fall will be our 37th year of dance in Camrose. One of our instructors has been here for 30 years, so she is teaching second generation dancers. All of our groups have been doing well, it’s not just one group,” said Celina.

“The nice thing about dance is that everyone participates. We don’t have tryouts or auditions. Everyone is accepted and put in their level. You get to dance regardless and have fun. We like to go to community events and dance and give back and showcase our dancers.”

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 18 CAMROSE FLYING CLUB/COPA FLIGHT 137 64 th ANNUAL at Camrose Airpor t, Sunday, May 28, 2023 A Hear ty We stern Breakfas t will be ser ve d f rom 7 a.m. to 12 noon • Orange Juice • Steaming Hot Coffee • Farm Fresh Eggs • Fluf fy Pancakes • Brat wurst and Back Bacon $1500 per person 6-12 years $700 Under 6 years FREE FLYERS AND NON -FLYERS WELCOME! Al l you ca n ea t tSunday 28
ammrose A
20 2
Fly-In Breakfast

Jackson music shared by Halliday

It’s five o’clock somewhere, according to the star of The Alan Jackson and Friends experience.

Aaron Halliday, who looks and sounds like Jackson, will be offering his show from Mexico at the Camrose branch of the Royal Canadian Legion on Saturday, May 27 at 7 p.m.

“I grew up listening to songs that became songs for life. I love the energy and fun of his shows, so I wanted the same. I enjoy pounding the pavement and sharing his songs and replicating his life.”

Aaron is a Canadian

Country Music recording artist and a three-time BC Country Music Association nominee for Country Club Act of the Year, the Gaylord Woods Traditional/ Roots Artist of the Year, as well as SOCAN song of the Year for both his hit singles, “This Ain’t Just Another Road” and “Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ Tonight.”

“It (Jackson tribute) started out as a whim because the band that I was in decided to fold. Friends of mine mentioned the fact that I look like Jackson and that I perform a lot of his songs anyway,” he explained. “I took a leap

of faith and decided to try that out. That became the catalyst to write and sing my own material as well, which was kind of funny because I originally was in a cover band doing Jackson’s music.”

He was also nominated for an Humanitarian Award through the BCCMA for his fundraising efforts in 2018 to aid the flood victims in Grand Forks, BC.

“I released my own CD and became a recording artist of Jackson’s songs. It has been a means to an end. I finally received the chance to record my own material. Now it gives me a vessel to present some of my own songs during my Jackson tribute,” shared Aaron.

This show is a must-see for any Jackson or country music fan. “Jackson, a singer-songwriter throughout his entire career, has written most of his own songs. It is an easy transition for me to discuss his songwriting as well as my own.”

Aaron has been performing his tribute to this country music icon for the

better part of 20 years, continuously honing his craft to portray the best tribute possible.

When asked if Jackson inspires his own songwriting, Aaron said, “Absolutely. My writing is typical of his songwriting. It has a traditional country theme. I think his songs speak to people. So many of his songs are related to every day listeners. He wrote

‘Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning’ after 9/11 and it’s easy to understand why he wrote it. It is an event that will not be forgotten in our lifetime. Songs like that and ones he wrote for his father (‘Drive’), they just resonate with people. I get so many requests for ‘Drive’ because it reminds them of somebody they loved.”

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Aaron Halliday

The automotive section of Pittendreith revises 1957 Chevy truck

and son Chase Bernier of New Norway own a 1957 Chevrolet 3100 series truck.

“The truck has the original 283 V8 motor. It has a four on the floor transmission. My dad (Gordon) had this truck when he was 16 years old and kept it all these years. I restored the truck with new seats and painted it. That is about it,” explained Ashley.

“I received this truck from my dad and I want to eventually pass it on to my son. It has been a great truck over the years,” added Ashley.

The Task Force is a light and medium duty truck series by Chevrolet, their first major redesign since 1947. Its GMC counterpart was the GMC Blue Chip series. It was billed as being more stylish compared to the earlier Advance Design Series while still maintaining its rugged durability. First available on March 25, 1955, these trucks were sold with various minor changes over the years until 1959.

“I like driving a stick and enjoy the original motor. I paid $10,000 for the paint job, so that it looks good on the road and at car shows. It is robin egg blue. The truck was in storage for about 20 years. I didn’t even get to drive it until

the truck was 37 years old. All I had to do is put some gas and oil in and it started right up. Then I primed it and then painted it,” said Ashley.

“I received the People’s


In 1957, it was the only year for a more open grille. The hood is flatter with two spears on top, similar to the 1957 Bel Air. Fender emblems are still above fender line, but are now oval-shaped, as opposed to previous versions in script.

Other pickup truck producers, including Dodge, Ford, Studebaker and International, began to offer flush-side cargo boxes on some of their 1957 models.

The introduction of Chevrolet’s Cameo Carrier pickup truck helped pave the way for the Fleetside. The Cameo offered an array of car-like features that included passenger-car styling, fiberglass rear fenders, two-tone paint, a relatively luxurious interior, as well as an optional V8 engine, automatic transmission, and power assists. As always, there was a GMC version offered during the same time, called the GMC Suburban, with the same features offered on the Chevrolet. In 1957, a special version was made for GMC to be shown at national car shows called the Palomino, which had a Pontiac 347 cubic inch (5.7 L) V8 installed, borrowed from the 1957 Star Chief.

In 1958, all light-duty trucks were called Apache, medium-duty trucks called Viking and heavy-duty trucks called Spartan.

Choice Award from the Camrose Cruisers, as well as Bashaw,” she added.

“I have memories of this truck, even some scars. I took the hub cap off to polish it and I came off the step side and stepped on the hub cap and cut my leg. I thought for sure I needed stitches, but my dad put a band-aid on it and kept going. So, I do have scars from this truck. My blood has been on this truck,” laughed Ashley.

“We have gone together for some car shows with this truck. On his 60th birthday, I showed him this truck after I painted it and he said that it sure looks beautiful. I told him it was his truck. He said ‘no it’s not’. I picked it up and he wanted to drive it home. However, I brought my Jeep and trailer to haul it,” shared Ashley.

“This truck will be in our family for many years. I’ve had a lot of people offer me money for it, but it is not for sale. It has lots

of memories. I remember when I was my son’s age, I pushed a button and drove it into my dad’s toolbox in the garage. Dad wasn’t happy. That is why there is a dent in the bumper.

That was me,” laughed Ashley.

“It has arm strong steering. It takes some work getting around corners.”

Are you the owner of Collector Auto, Auto Memories or Auto Memorabilia?

If you have a vintage ride (rebuilt or original), if you’re in the midst of a restoration, or if you’re building a “rat ” or a street rod, we’d lik e to hear from you. We may want to profile your projec t. Lik ewise, if you own vintage automotive tools, old diagnostic equipment or other tools or techniques of the trade, please contact us We’re eager to write and repor t on these k inds of topics And, our readers want to see what interests you!

Contact Murray Green, News Repor ter Phone 780.672.3142 Email

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 20
TASK MASTER Murray Green, Camrose Booster Ashley Pittendreith and her son Chase Bernier enjoy their 1957 Chevrolet truck on the highway and at car shows. Ashley received the truck from her father and she hopes to pass it on to her son one day.

E-bikes, valuable tool for policing

Electric bicycles are taking on a new and very useful purpose in law enforcement as more police departments, including Camrose Police Service (CPS), are discovering their benefits.

“CPS researched ebikes to determine what brands would hold up to the rigors of police work,” said Camrose Police Service Chief Dean LaGrange. “In May 2022, CPS purchased two ebikes, and outfitted them with police markings and equipment.

The benefits of the two additions were soon realized during Big Valley Jamboree 2022, enabling officers to quickly respond to incidents and navigate terrain that otherwise would not have been possible with the same speed and efficiency.

“These bikes have dual motors and can be used either in rearwheel drive, or all-wheel drive configurations,” explained LaGrange. “The officers can choose either 100 per cent electric propulsion, or any combination of electric and human powered propulsion.”

Having the option of electric or manual operation of the e-bikes enables officers the ability to patrol in areas not accessible to vehicles, and still respond to normal calls for service anywhere in the city.

“The officers can arrive on scene without being physically taxed, and still be able to deal with a confrontation if required. At times they can even arrive on scene before patrol cars, utilizing pathways and shortcuts while reaching a maximum speed of nearly 50km/h.”

LaGrange added that the use of heavy duty batteries allows for patrols up to 100 kilometres before needing to be re -

charged and the e-bikes are more quickly deployable than police cruisers.

“And their low cost means there can be more of them on the streets in more places.”

Besides the ability to go where patrol vehicles can’t, LaGrange said the e-bikes also offer a unique degree of covertness.

“The stealth of these bicycles allows our officers to come across social disorder/criminal activity before the offenders even know it’s a police officer.”

Bearing in mind the operation of e-bikes is not as simple as just jumping on and cycling away, officers committing to e-bike patrol require another level of training.

“ When you consider the additional weight of a bullet proof vest, gunbelt, radio and equipment carried on the bike (approx. 50 lbs), it poses some operational hazards too. Our officers take special law enforcement training that incorporates the additional challenge of tactical considerations of police work.”

But it’s not all about easier and more accessibility to criminal activity, the e-bikes also increase police visibility in the community.

“Besides the operational benefits, the bikes are also great community outreach tools,” noted LaGrange. “It allows officers to engage with citizens on our trail systems, children at school, attendees of Jaywalkers Jamboree, BVJ and many other walks and runs held in the city.”

The use of e-bikes is another innovative way that Camrose Police Service continues to serve the community and provide the highest standard of policing.

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Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Camrose Police Service e-bike patrol officers, Constables Pam McTavish, left, and Mike Kuster, conduct some community engagement with attendees at the Larry Gibson Run/Walk.

Voting matters

In only a few days, Albertans will head to the polls to vote in the 2023 Alberta election. I will be voting in advance and encourage everyone to make sure they get involved in the democratic process.

The hard-fought rights that we have as Canadians require constant engagement and cannot be taken for granted.

I want to share my perspective on a few things related to the Provincial Election that I have been asked about many times. But before getting into some of the specific policy concerns, I cannot emphasize enough how not voting and not getting involved in our democratic process is detrimental to the future of our country and our province. The first step to being a good citizen is showing up.

The upcoming Alberta election has very important implications on the political level but also on the personal level for Albertans. I take very seriously the separation of different levels of Government in Canada. In fact, it is that federation model of government that allows our nation to work. Provinces and regional governments are responsible under the constitution for certain things as the federal government is responsible for others.

Although these lines are increasingly blurred for political purposes by the federal Liberals and their coalition partners in the NDP, it is the distinct levels of government that ensure the very idea of why Canada works. And it is because I care about our federation that I am choosing to vote for my local United Conservative candidate.

Alberta is an incredible province. The contributions from Albertans from all backgrounds have enabled Alberta to become the province we are today…from traditional energy to new tech, agricultural innovation to tourism. When I am asked by folks across the country why Alberta stands out, I share that it is because we are a province that takes risks and when we see an opportunity, we move forward…we know how to get the job done. It is this perspective that built the Alberta Advantage.

Free enterprise and conservative ideals have helped Albertans build the foundation that has allowed us to build one of the most prosperous jurisdictions in the world. We have been blessed with abundant natural resources but that alone does not bring about prosperity, it’s our people that continue to show what’s possible. It’s the outworking of those ideals that needs to ensure that our provincial government is a catalyst for economic growth, shows fiscal responsibility, invests in services Albertans need, and ensures that our province stands up for itself. And ensuring that the Province of Alberta is able to stand up for itself is especially important when we have a government in Ottawa like the Liberals that do not.

The New Democratic Party in Alberta does not reflect the principles that have enabled and secured Alberta’s successes. The way the provincial NDP are officially connected and subject to the will of the federal NDP is disturbing, a fact that is outlined in the federal NDP’s constitution, and the antithesis of free enterprise. And the fact that the NDP has partnered with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals and has launched bizarre attacks on Albertan energy, subscribes to an ideology that attacks farmers and ranchers, and is adamant on a centralized big bureaucracy-focused policy agenda.

Alberta was held back by the NDP, and despite challenges over the last four years, Alberta is moving in the right direction once again. And as your federal representative, I can tell you that we need a strong provincial government that will stand up for our province’s interests. So, on May 29, I will be voting for my local United Conservative Party candidate. Then as you have heard me talk so much about, I will continue to ensure that I stand up for my constituents and work to replace the Liberals in Ottawa so that we have a government on both levels that works to ensure that Alberta and Canada can reach their full potential.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this column, you are encouraged to write Damien at 4945-50 Street, Camrose, Alberta, T4V 1P9, call 780-608-4600, text 403-5755625, or email You can also stay up to date with Damien by following him on social media @dckurek

If you are in need of assistance regarding a federal government program, or need assistance and don’t know where to turn, feel free to reach out to MP Kurek’s office.


Murray Green, Camrose Booster

The Camrose Swans and Roses Lions Club treasurer Val Okimaw donated $2,000 to the Camrose Neighbor Aid (Food Bank) program director Jo-Ann Tweed to go towards purchasing food. The funds were raised at the Lions District Conference in January. The Lions also donated money to the Bawlf Hospice Society.



The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 22
Murray Green, Camrose Booster Camrose branch of the Royal Canadian Legion presented quilts of Valour to, from left, Chris Merlin, Bill Wilson and Larry Sharuga for their dedicated service to the military and community. Chris’ quilt was made by Barb Steinman and quilted by Judy Cook. Bill’s quilt was made by Alison Reeve, and quilted by Quilting Country, Tofield. Larry’s quilt was made and quilted by Moonlight Quilting. Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Walkers and hikers alike came out to celebrate and raise funds for the Hospice Society of Camrose and District during the Hike for Hospice held on May 7.

Alberta Election: does gender still matter

Women are under-represented in most governments and face different challenges than men in running for office. Significant research demonstrates that women are less likely to view themselves as candidates for office, less likely to win party nominations and government seats, and face biased media coverage.

Alberta is currently experiencing something somewhat unusual—the two main parties in the provincial election, the United Conservative Party and the National Democratic Party are led by women, Danielle Smith and Rachel Notley. When the two main leaders are both women, does gender still matter?

In Canada, women generally constitute about 30 to 35 per cent of those elected at all levels of government. Provincially, the Northwest Territories has the highest percentage of women (53 per cent), followed by Quebec (46 per cent) and BC (42 per cent). Alberta sits in the middle, with 30 per cent elected in 2019.

In the current Alberta election, around half of the NDP candidates and only 19 of the 87 UCP candidates are women. Although gender is not the only identity that matters, if you do not field female candidates, you cannot elect female representatives.

When approximately half of the population identifies as female, the lack of representation in the UCP is concerning. Research shows that unless political parties commit to running female candidates, the number of women elected stagnates. Further, when we have more diverse representation in government, the policies and practices of government change. We need this commitment from parties to improve gender equality in our province.

The media tend to focus on the party and its leadership more so than on the individual members of the legislative assembly being elected. Research on gender and political campaigns reveals that men tend to receive more coverage and that media coverage of women politicians tends to focus more on their appearance and personal life.

As well, gender stereotypes generally work against women running for office. The perceived masculine traits of strength, authority, and rationality, for example, are seen as beneficial traits for political leaders, while the more feminine traits of caring, compromise, and emotion are seen as detrimental. We are currently about halfway through the election campaign. Based on my observations of the mainstream media coverage (social media is a completely different case), this type of gendered media bias is not as prevalent and very little attention has been given to the appearance or personal lives of the two women. More rigorous research is needed, but the absence may be due to both party leaders being women, therefore, neither has a gendered advantage.

For the parties themselves, their campaigns contain less obvious gender biases. The NDP’s portrayal of Danielle Smith as risky and untrustworthy comes closest, while the UCP’s use of very unflattering images of Rachel Notley also speak to gender stereotypes. In the self-presentation of the two leaders, Smith adopts a more traditional, business-like, and masculine image with her more polished appearance and navy suits, while Notley is slightly less formal. However, these differences may be due to party leanings more than gendered expectations and, so far, neither leader appears to be actively using gender norms to advance their campaigns.

In the end, the policies are what matter. Research on gender and politics shows that policies have different impacts on different genders. These impacts are further complicated by other factors such as ethnicity, social class, education, ability, and age. According to Statistics Canada, 10 per cent of women live in poverty and women who are also single-parents, single seniors, or racialized or Indigenous women are more at risk. When we look at the party platforms and issues in this election, it is important to consider how the choices governments make impact groups and individuals differently. Do the policies benefit some groups more than others? What are the impacts of these policies on society as a whole?

The society we live in results from the choices we make—the choice of whether to vote, who to vote for, and the policy choices of those we elect. While gender does not appear to be playing a dominant part in the current coverage of the election and the issues, we need to keep in mind the importance of fair and equitable politics for Alberta.


A better future.


Authorized by Alberta NDP


The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 23
Bruneau On May 29, Elect Camrose Team Notley
In an election like this, one vote can make the difference.
Shauna Wilton, Law, Crime, Justice, University of Alberta Augustana Campus Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Chase the Ace’s Draw 45 Featured charity, Camrose and District Fish and Game, received $1,738 from the presenting sponsor, Rotary Club of Camrose. The Hospice Society of Camrose and District will be the big winners as the jackpot grows until the Ace of Spades or the 51 card is drawn whichever comes first. Pictured left to right are Camrose and District Fish and Game Association president Glen Hand and Rotary Club of Camrose president Tina Myles.

Women’s Shelter fills so many needs

For most not-for-profit organizations that provide services and support to those in need, the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes is what keeps the momentum rolling and what truly makes the difference in so many lives.

The Camrose Women’s Shelter Society (CWSS) has been providing shelter and services for women and children fleeing domestic violence or experiencing a crisis or homelessness since 1985.

The emergency shelter provides a safe, secure and supportive place for clients in the greater Camrose area and operates on a 24/7 basis. Over the years, the emergency shelter has offered 22 beds within seven separate bedrooms and has expanded its reach by offering outreach programs, education and service far beyond the walls of the Shelter.

CWSS executive director Nora-Lee Rear shared the important role CWSS and all Women’s Shelters play in impacting these women’s and children’s lives.

“Domestic violence is not going away and we are seeing a steady increase of intakes at the Shelter,” said Rear. “Now that everything is getting back to normal (since the Pandemic) the numbers in the Shelter are on the rise again.”

reach families with this service and have been able to support 39 families in the area on a continual basis.”

CWSS has also been featuring local professional experts in a variety of subject matter. They volunteer their expertise to teach CWSS clients some of the basic life skills.

“For example, we taught people how to winterize their homes. We are having classes on using crockpots to make larger meals that can be divided and frozen for later use.”

Rear said CWSS has presented basic car maintenance, how to change a tire and check oil. Other vital skills are taught that help to give people back their independence and restore their self worth. “It is very empowering.”

As for the children, CWSS strives to teach them about healthy, caring relationships, prepares them by offering age-appropriate information and providing supportive listening.

“Our child and youth outreach advocate has been using Kimochis dolls to teach children how to express themselves and their feelings.”

ing to have a better, safer and trauma-free life.

“This program is not about offering a hand out but a hand up.”

Shelters such as the Camrose Women’s Shelter Society are also there to assist victims of domestic violence during any natural crisis, such as wildfires or flooding.

“We (all shelters) make sure that during times of crisis, beds are open or available so anyone who identifies at an evacuation centre as a victim of domestic violence can take refuge at a women’s shelter.”

Rear indicated that studies done after the 2011 Slave Lake wildfires and subsequent evacuations, and then again during the floods in 2013 and Fort McMurray wildfires in 2016, showed that victims of domestic violence were at higher risk for sexual assault and rape in evacuation centres. “These victims are already vulnerable and then become re-victimized again in what is supposed to be a safe place.”

All of these services and programs, however, come at a cost.

violence is not going away and we are seeing a steady increase of intakes at the Shelter,” said Camrose Women’s Shelter executive director Nora-Lee Rear.

She explained that during COVID, the Shelter itself was not as busy with women and children staying there, as a result of the isolation requirements mandated by the Province. Abusers scared victims from coming to shelters with the threat that they were breaking the rules. “The victims that did come to stay at the Shelter were much more severe,” said Rear. “However, the number of out-of-shelter calls for assistance doubled. Our outreach numbers went from 42 families to 103, on average during COVID.”

For the last two and a half years, CWSS has been operating Scattered Site Second Stage, an outreach program that serves the clients where they are by providing financial support for rental subsidies, food security, utility arrears payments, therapy and other basic life programs.

“Because we don’t have an actual building yet, we have been providing out-

Clients of the Scattered Site Second Stage program can also receive crucial therapy sessions to assist them through their journey of healing and better mental health. “The therapists that work with the Scattered Site Second Stage clients tell us that they are the most involved clients and very dedicated to their own healing. I know from personal experience how difficult the last three years have been for anyone who struggles with depression. Imagine how difficult it would be to maintain your own mental health while living in fear.” The therapy program has been a life changer for many and is solely supported through grants and donations.

The women and children who are victims of domestic violence did not choose that lot in life. Without living their circumstances, it is impossible to fully understand . The gratitude victims show to the Shelter comes from a place deep within, a place long-

“The Scattered Site Second Stage program is funded in part by local grants from organizations such as Battle River Community Foundation, Cargill and Heartland Generation,” explained Rear. “Some funding also came through a federal Women and Gender Equality Grant. But that is soon coming to an end.”

She explained that there was a misconception that women’s shelters received increases in the spring, but in fact they were specifically left out of that provincial funding. “That particular funding was slated for any programs that were on the prevention side of providing services to families. Because women’s shelters are defined as intervention, although we are a continuum of services, they did not receive any increases.

“The last operational increases we received were in 2015 and 2014 were the last wage increases.”

With the high increases in costs of operating a facility such as the Women’s Shelter, including food and utilities, it is getting more and more difficult to stretch every dollar.

“The only thing the lack of increases does is put more pressure on the com-

In loving memory of Betty Roberts

who passed away on May 25, 2008

A silent thought, a secret tear, Keeps her memory ever dear.

Time takes away the edge of grief, But memory turns back every leaf. Loved and remembered every day. – George, Shery, Lory, Marc and families

Memorial Poems

Available for publication in The Camrose Booster

Ask for our 24-page booklet of poetry. Words of comfort to remember someone special. 4925-48 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-3142


munity and I don’t think it is the community’s responsibility to take on the government’s lack of response.”

She was hopeful to hear that both the major platforms (for the upcoming provincial election) included women’s shelters in their promises.

In the meantime, CWSS will continue to offer the services they can and Rear is thankful for the outpouring of community generosity through donations.

This year, in an effort to raise more awareness on the incredible work CWSS does and the sad reality of the need for such, CWSS will be hosting two tents set up on Main Street during Jaywalkers’ Jamboree, June 2, 3 and 4. “We are hoping to raise awareness around domestic violence and abuse. One of my goals for the year is to get back out in the community and reconnect.”

Inside the tents will be

games for adults and children, with prizes, including gift baskets donated by local businesses for adults and prizes for the kiddos.

All three days, CWSS volunteers will be selling raffle tickets with proceeds going towards the continued operations of the Shelter and the services it provides. Staff will be available to speak to anyone interested in finding out more about the work of CWSS.

New to the CWSS, is a quarterly newsletter that is sent out to subscribers so they can keep up on the events and news at the Shelter.

For more information on the Camrose Women’s Shelter Society, to sign up as a subscriber for the quarterly newsletter or to volunteer as a member of the CWSS board of directors, email Nora-Lee at exec@camrosewomen or visit the website at

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 24

Willette Norma Connolly August 8, 1935 ~ December 25, 2022

Willette Norma Connolly was born on August 8, 1935, in Killam Alberta, and passed away on December 25, 2022, at Seasons in Camrose, Alberta.

Norma attended school in Rosalind, Green Grove, and Bawlf.

She loved playing on a very successful Ohaton ladies’ softball team.

After leaving school, Norma travelled to B.C. to visit her grandparents in Hammond. To earn a little money on her visit, Norma picked berries, then headed back to Alberta. She worked at St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose, then for the Provincial Government at Rosehaven Provincial Hospital, until her retirement after 35 years.

She was always a country girl. When she saved enough money to buy a car, she moved back to the Ohaton farm and drove to work in Camrose. In 2017, Norma moved into an apartment in Camrose until November 2022, when she moved into Seasons Care Facility.

Norma purchased a holiday trailer in which she accumulated many miles travelling to Alaska with family members, from B.C. and Alberta, and a trip to Ontario to visit family. She loved going to local fairs on her days off, and especially loved watching horse shows.

Norma’s nieces and nephews were recipients of her spoiling ways. If one of them had a little hurt, it wasn’t a parent they were crying for, it was auntie Norma.

Norma is survived by her brother Allan (Margaret); sisters Lois Cook, Carol (Louis) Oracheski, and Lynn (Don) Schmidt; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Norma was predeceased by her parents Robert and Verna Connolly; sister Eva (Clayton) Hill; brother Lorne Connolly; brother-in-law Lyle Cook; nephew Keith Hill; nieces Sheila Cook, and Virginia Cook; and great-niece Leanne Russwurm.

Norma, we love and miss you dearly.

If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions in Norma’s memory may be made to Bawlf Cemetery or to a charity of one’s choice.

A Funeral Service will be held 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 27, 2023, from Bawlf Lutheran Church. .

To send condolences, please visit

Phone 780-672-2121

“Dedicated service since 1906”

Carter Robert

Lawrence Barrie

November 11, 2004 ~ May 12, 2023

Carter Robert Lawrence Barrie of Bawlf, Alberta, passed away on Friday, May 12, 2023, at the age of 18 years.

A Funeral Service was held at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, May 19, 2023 from CityLights Church, Camrose

To send condolences, please visit

Phone 780-672-2121

“Dedicated service since 1906”

Ronald Lawrence Schoenknecht

November 3, 1950 ~ May 14, 2023

Ronald “Ron” Lawrence Schoenknecht of Camrose, Alberta, formerly of Vernon, BC, passed away peacefully with his family by his side, on Sunday, May 14, 2023, at the age of 72 years.

Left to cherish his memory are his children Cindy (Doug) Petrie of Armstrong, BC, Angela Schoenknecht (Barry Folk) of Camrose, and Mike Schoenknecht of Edberg; seven grandchildren Kristyn Schoenknecht, Sharlene Furgason, Travis Furgason, Brett Quibell, Justine Quibell, Logen Schoenknecht, and Meka Schoenknecht; two sisters Judy (Richard) Anama of Kauai, USA, and Gladys (Mark) Verhelst of Summerland BC; one uncle Jerry (Linda) Olson; and several nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Ron was predeceased by his parents Lawrence and Doris Schoenknecht; and daughter Janine Rose Schoenknecht.

Ron lived in Vernon, BC, for 30 years until he relocated back to Camrose in 2021. Ron was known to be the tour guide to every hot spring, fishing hole, and ice cream stand in BC, where he loved being in the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, and enjoying the hot springs.

Ron was the best dad, grandpa, brother, and friend. He will be deeply missed by all.

At a later date, Ron’s family will hold a graveside service in Coldstream BC, where his wishes were to be buried alongside his “little bear” daughter Janine.

If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions in Ronald’s memory may be made to the Kidney Foundation.

To send condolences, please visit

Celebration of Life for Harold (Cookie) Appleby who passed away on February 28, 2023 May 27, 2023

1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Retro, 5017-51 Street, Camrose

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 25 Over 115 years of dedicated service Phone 780.672.2121 4817-51 Avenue, Camrose Recorded Obituary Line: 780-679-2400 Daysland: 780-374-3535 • Burial and Cremation Services • Pre-arranged Funeral Plans • Monument Sales and Service Directors: Bart Orr, Colin Yuha, Dreena Westerneng Funeral Staff: Troy Shackel, Dalas Kosinski Of ce Staff: Donell Nycholat, Debbie Breker, Hannah Knopf Funeral Attendants: Bill Schafer, Alvin Koehli, Barrie Fenby, Robert Lyslo, Wanita Toews, Kerry Grettum, Loya Steinwandt, Barry Burkard, Mark Yuha, Raymond Cyre, Koreen Cyre ExperienceExpertiseand 4918-51 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-8851 Estate Planning • Wills • Enduring Power of Attorney • Personal Directives Estate Administration • Legal services associated with probate of the will Batt le River Communit y Foundation Box 1122 , Ca mrose, AB T4V 4E7 Phone 78 0- 679- 04 49 Who are the BRCF board members? Ou r ni ne Di rectors are appointed for three-year terms by a Comm it tee of Nomi nators wh ich consists of si x publ icly appointed or elected leaders. Di rectors are communit ymi nded individuals who reside in the area served by the Foundation Governance policies rega rd ing Board appointments are st rict ly followed Q. A. Honour your depa rted fr iend or relative …w it h a memorial gift that will do good in their na me forever. Neil Lunt y Treasu rer 78 0-781-8170 For more information on The Camrose Booster Obituary Page,
your funeral director
the Camrose Booster
Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”
The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 26 Enter this week ’s at any of these Camrose stores Name Address Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Mond ay May 29 2023 af ter 10 am Grocery GiveAway Due to the Victoria Day Holiday on Monday, the winners of the May 22 and May 29 Grocery Draws will be announced on May 30. GROCERY GIVE AWAY Name Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ph: Win $100.00 wor th of groceries Draw to be made Mond ay May 29 2023 af ter 10 am GROCERY GIVE AWAY Name Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ph: Win $100.00 wor th of groceries Draw to be made Mond ay May 29 2023 af ter 10 am GROCERY GIVE AWAY Name Address Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Win $100.00 wor th of groceries Draw to be made Mond ay, May 29 , 2023 af ter 10 am GROCERY GIVE AWAY Name Address Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Win $100.00 wor th of groceries Draw to be made Mond ay, May 29 2023 af ter 10 am GROCERY GIVE AWAY Name Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ph: Win $100.00 wor th of groceries Draw to be made Mond ay May 29 2023 Be sure to deposit your entr y at the corresponding grocer y store for it to qual if y. Someone will win $100 wort h of groceries from one of the stores shown above. GROCERY GIVE AWAY Name Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ph: Win $100.00 wor th of groceries Draw to be made Mond ay May 29 2023 af ter 10 am GROCERY GIVE AWAY Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Address Ph: Win $100.00 wor th of groceries Draw to be made Mond ay, May 29 , 2023 af ter 10 am e will win $10 0

Helpful Tips for Writing Classified Ads Which Get Results!

Be Thorough

Sure you want your ad to stand out from the rest, but don’t skimp on the sort of information that sells. The item’s condition, size, age, brand name, and colour are some of the basics readers want to know. Without them, your ad may be overlooked.

Steer Clear of Abbreviations

Okay, so you want to include all the important basics. Don’t use strange abbreviations because our ads are designed to spell all the important details. Besides, you are not paying by the line, but by the word, so there is really no need to abbreviate.

Be Honest Exaggerating your item’s finer points may bring in a lot of responses, but a buyer who’s misled won’t appreciate it and will take his business somewhere else.

State Your Price

The cost of an item is one of the most important concerns of want ad readers. Ads showing prices are ones which get results. Giving a price also serves to “weed out” those buyers not in your price range.

Be Accessible

Including a telephone number or address puts you in touch with potential buyers. Be sure to state the hours you can be reached: a caller who can’t get through the first time often won’t call again.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or problems you may have regarding advertising. Our professionally trained sales staff know the ropes, and would be happy to pass their know-how on to you. That’s why we’re here to help you get the results you deserve.

Call 780-672-3142 4925-48 Street, Camrose



STEAK FRY – Saturday, June 3.

Supper 7:00 p.m. Dance to follow. Round Hill Community Centre. Advance tickets only, $30 each. Contact Allan 780608-9483 or Dave 780-679-4543.


LOST THAT LOVING FEELING? Find it with a personal ad in The Camrose Booster classifieds. Ph. 780-672-3142.

WANTED WILL ACCEPT OLD VEHICLES, machinery, scrap iron, etc. Car batteries (will pay for). Call 780-686-5211.


JP’S COUNTRY DAYCARE – in Daysland is hiring for a full time ECE worker. Email resumé to jpcountry

JP’S COUNTRY DAYCARE – in Daysland is hiring for a part time, 2-3 days a week, ECE worker and casual ECE workers. Email resumé to


2ND BEST PAINTER IN TOWN – 30 years’ experience for all your painting needs. Call Rick the Painter, 780-672-0391.


SELF-INKING STAMPS –Every shape, size, and colour. We deliver, right to your office. Camrose Booster Ltd., 4925-48 St., Camrose. Call us at 780-672-3142.


Don’t put off those projects any longer! Give me a call and we can plan together. Devin Meakins, Ph. 780-853-1080


Potable Water Hauling

Residential, Commercial, Oilfield Gerald and Marla Steinwand, Owners PHONE 780-679-9134


Local and long distance moving Storage

Insured and bonded Where your business is appreciated 780- 672-5242, Camrose


Tues. - Fri., 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Thurs. Evening and Sat.: By Appointment Closed: Sun., Mon. and Holidays Please call 780- 672-4793


TERRY’S YARD CARE –Handyman services and hardwood flooring. 780-781-9165, 780-718-6316.



NOW UPLOADED TO The Camrose Booster Website



SPACE – located in high traffic, southerly area of Main Street, Camrose. Generous 1,664 sq. ft. of prime space at 4868-50 Street. Nicely decorated, air conditioned. $2110/mo., triple net. Clean, dry storage space in basement also available. Available immediately. Call Blain or Don at 780-6723142, the fairest, most reasonable people in the business.

2-BEDROOM APARTMENT – In excellent condition!

Perfect for seniors. The suite has stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer, blinds and one parking stall. Heat, water, garbage pick up, Telus TV and internet included. Building has an elevator and social room. No smoking building. Call 780-233-0224 for more info or to set up a viewing.

STORAGE SPACE – in Downtown Camrose. Secure, clean, dry, heated storage space on main floor in office building. Easy access. 124 sq. ft. $200/mo. Available immediately. Call Blain or Don at 780-672-3142, the fairest, most reasonable people in the business.

ROOMS FOR RENT in the Scotney and Jacqueline character homes. Both are 2.5 blocks from university in Camrose. Clean, quiet and bright. Rent is $495 - $600 monthly plus DD and includes WiFi, utilities, recycle pick-up, yard care and snow removal. Partially furnished w/ shared laundry. (Some rooms are fully furnished for international students.) This is an affordable, quality accommodation that fills quickly. (Some rooms still available.) No partiers, smokers or pets allowed. Reduced rate over the summer for students. Please call Dave P., 780678-6163.


Generous 794 sq. ft. suite, suitable for three or more staff. Includes two private offices. Ground floor, easily accessible. Modern building in downtown Camrose. Bright, quiet, air conditioned. $1177/mo., plus share of operating expenses. Call Blain Fowler or Don Hutchinson, 780-672-3142 days, two of the fairest, most reasonable fellows in the business.

2-BEDROOM SUITE –very spacious and bright. Convenient downtown location, just one block from Co-op grocery store and Mirror Lake walking path, walking distance to University. 2 private balconies! Clean, quiet, non-smoking building, owner managed. No pets. In keeping with our existing tenant profile, we are inviting inquiries from mature, responsible adults. Snow shovelling and yard care provided free of charge. Phone 780-679-7090.


OFFICE – Self-contained, 500 sq. ft., main floor office with great street view. Half block off Main at 4911-50 Avenue. Immediate occupancy. $600/mo. plus power. Call Corey 780-679-3555.


– Completely furnished, near university. Two bedrooms, office. Five appliances. Single garage. No smoking. Adults only. No pets. $1500/mo. includes utilities. Available July 1. 780-455-4983 or email



RIMS – for car or truck. Call Dave 780-855-3023.


RACK – for small domestic truck. Length 75”, width 57¼”. $95 obo. Call Dave 780-8553023.


Excellent condition. Asking $175 obo. 780-226-6510.

LADY’S WHITE GOLD SOLITAIRE – with five white diamonds on each side. $300 obo. 587-336-4316.

ALCATEL FLIP TOP CELL PHONE – $100 obo. Includes brown case and charger. 587-336-4316.

THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE PEDDLER – with digital display. Never used. New $85. Asking $30. 780-678-6397.

CAR/VAN GARAGE MAT – 7’6”x18’6” $60. 780-673-0701.



SALE – 6219-54 Avenue, May 25-27, 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Small antiques, collectibles, tools, sewing, toys, games, kitchenware, pictures, garden items and much more. Items added daily.



Selection of very nice street level offices in newer airconditioned building in Downtown Camrose

* Single offices from $234.17 per month

* Quiet, considerate neighbours

* Easy access

* Lots of parking for customers

* Energized parking for tenants

* Immediate occupancy

* Come and have a look! Call Blain Fowler or Don Hutchinson, 780-672-3142 days, the fairest, most reasonable fellows in the business!


HOUSE – Newer building, located close to downtown amenities. High efficiency furnace and ondemand hot water offer wonderful savings on utilities. Private balcony, suitable for BBQ. Upgraded fixtures, cabinetry and flooring. 5 appliances, including dishwasher and laundry. Friendly, clean and quiet neighbourhood. Local owner managed, snow removal and lawn mowing are provided. Seeking mature, responsible adult tenants, nonsmoking, no small children or pets. $1100 rent + utilities, $800 DD. Phone 780-679-7090.


ROOMMATE – Third year University student looking for roommate to share a 2-bedroom apartment close to Mirror Lake. $650 rent includes all utilities. Parking stall $25 extra. Contact for more information.


CERTIFIED WHEATLAND WHEAT (hrs) – certified Penhold wheat (cps), certified Esma barley, certified Austenson barley, certified Ore oats. Dave 780-678-6329.




Call The Camrose Booster Classifieds, 780-672-3142.


TWO-BEDROOM BUNGALOW – with legal basement suite. Completely renovated. Augustant area. For details to view this beautiful home, call 780-679-5976.

DADS – LOOKING FOR A CAR WITHOUT A BACK SEAT? Count on our classifieds. We match up buyers and sellers. Phone the Camrose Booster, 780-672-3142.


PRINCECRAFT – 14 ft. aluminum, 20 HP, Suzuki motor. Easy load trailer. 780-608-7093.

LOVE CAMPING, BUT TIRED OF SHOVELLING SNOW OFF THE AWNING IN MAY? Say goodbye to your Gulfstream! Move it fast with a Camrose Booster classified. Phone 780-672-3142.

SELLING YOUR SEAWORTHY BOAT? Make a splash with an ad in the Booster classifieds! 780-672-3142.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 27
Double your exposure with a FREE Buy & Sell ad on Camrose Now!



* Full time permanent position, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

* Full bene fits after three months

* You will be trained and positioned to professionally represent all products and services provided by the Camrose Booster, including: our popular print publications, The Camrose Booster, The Countr y Booster, and the Super Booster, plus the Camrose Now! app, Website Design, Flyer Printing and Delivery, Commercial Printing, and Promotional (Logo) Products


Post-secondar y education in any or all of marketing, sales, multimedia, would be an asset but not a necessit y, we are happy to train. An ambitious, outgoing individual must have great communication skills and be confident and willing to work with some of the best and most progressive businesses in Camrose. Potential candidates must have a valid Driver ’s License and a reliable vehicle to accomplish ou tside sales function s.


* Guaranteed base as you learn

* Base plus commission once you are established and exceeding your base plan

* A car allowance will be provided


Please forward your resumé, with an appropriate cover letter (including your earning expectations) to mc foul@cable or deliver your pack age in person to :

4925-48 Street , Camrose, Alber ta T4V 1L7


In the May 16 edition of The Camrose Booster on page 4, in the photograph of Rita Helmig, for the Larry Gibson Run/Walk, the name was incorrectly printed.


The Count y recognizes that cer tain individuals wish to har vest the roadside vegetation for hay; if you wish to har vest the roadside vegetation you must contact the Public Works o ce at 780-672-4449 prior to May 31, 2023 and identif y these locations.


Camrose Count y will be spraying along County Roadsides for the control of brush and weeds commencing June 1. Spraying will not be done in front of building sites. The brush control program will be under taken for safet y, ease of snow removal and site line improvement

Persons must complete an “Agreement for the Restricted Use of Herbicides for Brush and Weed Control in Sensitive Areas” and must POST Camrose County

“DO NOT SPR AY ARE A” signs prior to May 31, 2023.

Forms are available on Camrose County Website www.count

DO NOT SPR AY signs are available for purchase at Agricultural Ser vices

Camrose County Agricultural Ser vices O ce 4238-37 Street , Camrose AB T4V 5B2 780-672-4765 ~ asb@count


Continued from page 14

As well the City of Red Deer needed to work with the e-scooter companies on developing better education campaigns on where and how people should ride. “User etiquette was a concern to the Red Deer public.”

Council inquiries

Councillor Joy-Anne Murphy expressed some interest but also concerns regarding the operation of e-scooters in Camrose including increasing bylaw enforcement.

Councillor Banack asked where the charging/ docking stations would be located.

Boyd said that typically the e-scooters are picked up in the evening and charged at a private facility.

City of Camrose Planning and Development manager Aaron Leckie added that during the day escooters are almost always parked on public property, whether that is a road or public park space.

Councillor Hoveland expressed concerns over regulation of safety and speed.

4716-38 Street, Camrose • Phone 780-672-2452

Agriterra Equipment is one of Nort h America’s largest AGCO agricultural equipment dealers, offering Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Gleaner, Rogator and Fendt as mainline, with complementar y products such as Bourgault and Morris Seeding and Tillage equipment and Cub Cadet Consumer Products. We provide our customers with new and used equipment , complemented with product suppor t t hroughout our par ts and ser vice depar tments.

Our Camrose location is currently accepting resumés for the position of :


We are looking for someone who:

• has exceptional time management skills

• has considerable experience managing a ser vice shop and a team of ser vice personnel

• consistently demonstrates exceptional customer ser vice

• has basic computer skills and likes to solve problems

• has the ability to take initiative and thrives in a fast paced team environment

• can effectively manage work orders, warranty submissions, and provide customer satisfaction, always, on a timely basis

We will give preference to individuals wit h:

• Journeyperson Cer tification

• Previous experience at an AGCO or competing ag industr y dealership

We would like to offer you:

• an exemplar y health and dental benefits package

• a competitive wage, with bonus package

Join our TE AM and work in an environment that is both rewarding and positive.

Please contact Branch Manager Blaine Heck at 780-672-2452 or

Canadian Mental Health Association

Alber ta East Central

SUMMER STUDENT Required in Camrose

CMHA , East Central Region is seeking to fill our summer student position. The successful candidate will be required to interact with program par ticipants, complete basic office duties, and engage in fundraising related opportunities and event planning. Applicants should be outgoing, and creative with strong problem-solving abilities and good communication skills. Proficiency in technology and social media plat forms is an asset

Qualifications: Post secondar y student in a Human Ser vices related field, returning to full time studies in the fall. Genuine interest in helping people with complex needs.

Hours of Work: Approximately 35 hours per week for 8 weeks, based on funding, commencing af ter May 30, 2023.

Renumeration: $16.32 per hour

Please submit resumés to:

Program Coordinator, Canadian Mental Health Association East Central Region, 4711-51 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 0V3 Fax : 780.672.2574



We are a public practice accounting office that is celebrating 25 years in business this year. We offer full cycle bookkeeping and accounting services for over 65 companies. Located in New Norway, just 15 minutes south of Camrose.

Experience required:

• Payroll, WCB, GST, bank reconciliations, A/R, A/P, etc.

• Excellent knowledge of QuickBooks and QBO

• T1 income tax preparation (using Profile)

• Spreadsheet creation (using Excel)

We are looking for someone who has/is:

• Strong accuracy and attention to detail

• Polite, courteous and professional customer service

• High level of integrity and strong wor k ethic

• Organized, reliable and dependable

• Excellent problem solving, analytical and decisionmaking skills

We offer:

• Competitive wage and flexible hours

• Awesome wor k environment

Please forward resumé to:

Confidential Bookkeeping Inc

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 28

Delivery Truc k Driver

Hey Job Seekers

BRSD is hiring !

Computer Technician

We are seeking a person with post sec ondar y training in computing science or equivalent, along with relevant experience, to join our Technology team. The success ful candidate will have knowledge of L AN, WAN, WLAN and the devices required, along with the abilit y to provide desk top / laptop / chromebook hardware, sof tware and OS supp or t, both onsite and remotely. They will also be able to work collaboratively with other Technology team members to research, evaluate, create and document design speci speci cations for implement ation of both new technology deployments and improvements to existing deployed technologies. T his position is base d out of Camrose but work s throughout the school division. A valid Class 5 operator ’s licence is required.

For more details on this position and to apply, please visit our website at

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 31. If you have speci c questions, please contact Ken Robitaille, Director of Technology k

We thank all applicants for their interest. Those selected for further consideration will be contacted. All employees of Bat tle River School Division are required to provide a Criminal Record Check including, when appropriate, a Vulnerable Sector review.

Battle River School Division currently has a wide range of other positions available, including Teachers, a Communications O cer and a Speech Language Pathologist, along with substitute EAs, Bus Drivers, Teachers and more. Check our website for the most u p-todate postings and information

Star t a New Career –Become a Health Care Aide!

The Bethany Group, in partnership with NorQuest College, is offering the Health Care Aide Workplace Delive ry program. This dynamic program gives students the opportunit y to wo rk while they lear n in a person-centered environm ent suppor ted by the health care team Health Care Aides (H CA s) work within a multidisciplinary care team by providing physical and emotional suppor t, and compassionate care to resident s in Long-Ter m Care, DSL and Home Care.

What We Of fe r:

• The abilit y to earn money while in school

• A variet y of shif ts

• Face -to-face classes and labs

• Tuition suppor t and bursarie s available

• A rewarding career with the largest employer in Camrose


• Desire to learn, grow, and challenge yourse lf

• High School Language Ar ts or equivalent Enquire fo r detail s.

English Language Profi ciency Requirements:

• You must provide proof of ELP prior to registration In addition successfully co mplete the ACCU PL ACER Assessment of Admission. ELP test result s must have been obtained within two years of the star t date of your program. Enquire for detail s.

The HC A program star t date is Fall 2023

Successful candidates will be able to star t wo rk in June

To learn more, please call 780-679-2012 or email to register for our Virtual Career and Information Fair, to be held May 24 and 31 from 12:00 noon-12:30 p.m. Potential candidates need only to attend one session.

Join us

We’d love to meet you!

Who We Are:

The Bethany Group is a major provider of Health and Housing services to over 2,60 0 households in 30 communities in Central Alberta. We are a leader in creating safe and supportive wo rk environments for our staf f while fostering a culture of dive rsit y, inclusivity, and respec t.

What We Do:

Our mission is to provide person -centered service that builds a caring communit y, connec ts people and makes a positive difference in each person’s life through the provision of Health, Housing and Suppor tive Living Services

*T he Bethany Group is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for our resident s, staf f, visitors and volunteers In order to co ntinue to protec t our staf f and those we serve, all employees within The Bethany Group will be required to be fully immunized against COVI D-19 as well as provide a clear Criminal Record Chec k.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 29
CARING COMMUNITIES Health Care Aide Program Vi rtual Career and Information Fair Call Us or Drop-In We assist your Employability by: Career Planning Interview Skills Resume Conduct of Work Job Retention Cover Letter Guided Job Search How to Apply online This project is funded by:
780-672-5580 4811-51 Ave Camrose DFW CONNECTS JOB SEEKERS -EMPLOYERS NEW RESOURCE CENTER Computers, phone, job board 6809-48 Avenue, Camrose Phone 780-672-8818 Fax 780-672-8809 Email Apply with resumé and references to Jill… • an exciting retail work environment • competitive wages • oppor tunities for advancement • oppor tunit y to learn about the thousands of products Home carries • a clean, safe working environment • oppor tunit y to help customers live bet ter lives • company benefits • staf f discount BUSINESS KEEPS BUILDING AT HAUSER HOME HARDWARE WE’RE HIRING! Benefits of working at Hauser Home Hardware Building Centre B fit f ki t
ex panded our delivery fleet. We need an experienced delivery driver. Capable of heav y lift ing and excellence in customer service is a must. If you have at least 3 year s’ commercial driving histor y and a clean driver abstract, you may be right for us and us for you. Please practice…

Camrose Women’s Shelter Society operates a 22-bed facility o ering a safe haven for women who have experienced domestic violence, abuse, or other forms of trauma. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment where women can heal, grow, and thrive. Our shelter is committed to empowering women to rebuild their lives and break the cycle of violence and abuse. We believe that every woman deser ves to live a life free from fear and violence, and we are here to support them on their journey to healing and recovery. If this resonates with you, please keep reading.

We are currently recruiting for the following position:


e Camrose Women s Shelter Crisis Inter vention Workers play a pivotal role in the lives of women and children who are estranged from their families due to domestic violence. e job of a crisis inter vention worker requires you to provide life-changing ser vices to the victims of domestic violence and help them build better lives for themselves. Crisis intervention workers are responsible for helping to protect victims of domestic violence by assisting them with various aspects of their lives — such as helping to secure nancial supports, nding suitable housing, etc. Our shelter uses Trauma Informed Practice.

What we are looking for in a Crisis Inter vention Worker:

We are seeking a compassionate and understanding candidate who has professional values, with a rm understanding and knowledge of the impacts of family violence and homelessness on women and children. Candidates are equipped with skills used to assess crisis calls, provide referrals and advocacy, basic empowerment counseling, promote life skills, and group facilitation. Additionally, a core responsibility of this position is to run the house including meal preparation, house cleaning, and light maintenance.

As a Crisis Inter vention Worker, you play a front-line critical role in facilitating the overall team success and success of clients and/ or their children who are experiencing Domestic Violence and/ or homelessness. You act and communicate with the highest degree of professionalism to both clients and colleagues and are a shelter ambassador You are non-judgmental with clients, exhibit objectivity, empathy, and share information appropriately to facilitate client personal growth, problem solving, and decision making.

You thrive in working in a chaotic environment while consistently applying policies and guidelines. e ability to regulate one’s emotions, take a step back to assess the situation, and feeling empathy and compassion towards those on their worst day are important qualities to have. Dealing with every situation di erently and with emotional intelligence is an integral part of providing the best possible support.

You maintain the integrity of the house and communication systems which include verbal and written communication. e shelter encourages you and o ers training courses regularly to increase your skill base in applicable areas.

What you will bring to the position and the shelter:

• Preference will be given to candidates with a degree or diploma in Human Ser vices or related disciplines, and/or related experience working in a shelter or crisis-oriented eld.

• Preferred applicants have compassion and have previous work experience with clients who are victims of domestic violence, have worked with families, in women’s programs or have experience with residential programs.

• Current First Aid, CPR, plus criminal record and Children’s Ser vices Inter vention Record Checks are required to start.

• Knowledge and/or experience in the following areas: domestic violence, homelessness, mental illness, addictions, Trauma Informed Practice, and Indigenous culture and practices

• Experience working with Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) is an asset. Training is provided.

• Excellent decision-making skills, time management skills.

• General interviewing and assessment skills.

• Con ict management and resolution skills.

• Experience in providing on-on-one support.


• Starting wage is $22.14 – $27.32 per hour Wage grid based on years of service.

• Employer RRSP contribution once per year employer contribution dependent on employee contributions and years of ser vice.

• is is a Union position under CUPE Local 1425.

Permanent Employee Hours of Work and Bene ts

• Hours of work: is position involves shift work based on a two-week average of 40 hours per week on a rotational basis, including weekends and overnights.

• Comprehensive Medical and Dental plan.

• Con dential Employee Assistance Program.

• $750/year for psychologist & social worker paramedical services.

• Annual health care spending account of $700.

• One complementary meal per shift.

e Shelter follows current Alberta Health Ser vices COVID-19 safety protocols and provides appropriate and applicable PPE to all employees.

Closing date for all applications: June 2, 2023

Please forward applications to:


Fax: 780-679-4999

Mailing: Box 1405, Camrose, AB T4V 1X3

We thank all who apply; however, only those selected for consideration will be contacted.


BYLAW NO. 1532

Pursuant to Section 606 of th e Municipa l Gove rnment Ac t, th e Council of Camrose County

gi ve s notice that it ha s gi ve n Firs t Re ading to Bylaw No 1532 to amend La nd Use Bylaw No 1373

Th e purpos e of this by law is to redistrict Lots 4-5, Block 2, Plan 5614AF (Meeting Creek) from UR –Urba n Residentia l District to DC – Di rect Cont ro l District Th e intent is to allow th e deve lopmen t of a Wate r Ex traction business , where we ll wate r will be collected and shipped away for bo tt ling

Anyone af fected by this Amendment may ma ke writ te n submission s befo re 12:0 0 noon , Tuesday, June 6, 2023 Th e Public Hearin g for Bylaw No 1532 will be held on Tuesday, June 13 , 2023 , at 9:30 a.m., in th e County Council Ch ambers , 3755 -4 3 Avenue Camrose, Al be rt a T4V 3S 8. Wr it te n submission s will be heard fi rs t, oral submission s will be heard as time permit s.

Copies of th e proposed bylaw a re available online at www.count y.camrose.

Blayone enters race

Bob Blayone has entered the Alberta Election as an Independent candidate for the Camrose Constituency.

Bob and his wife Dana have been married for 32 years, with two adult children, and they come from farming families.

“I was born and raised in Alberta, growing up poor and finding success through the opportunity of Alberta oil and gas. Dana and I owned and operated an oil and gas service company,” shared Blayone.

“After selling our oil service company in 2014,


Camrose County 2023 As sessment /Tax Notices Have Been Mailed

In accordance with th e prov isions of Sectio n 311(1) of th e Municipa l Gove rnment Ac t, an d amendments, notice is he re by gi ve n that th e assessment ro ll of Camrose County ha s been full y prepared , an d Assessment /Tax Notices have been mailed to all assessed persons on May 17, 2023

As per Sectio n 337 of th e Municipa l Gove rnment Ac t, al l Assessment /Tax Notices a re deemed to have been received seven days af te r th ey have been sent Date d at Camrose, Al be rt a, May 17, 2023

Paul King , County Ad ministrator

Camrose County

3755 -4 3 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 3S 8

I volunteered in the UCP. Given that my MLA, Dan Williams was a six year staffer under CPC MP Jason Kenney in Ottawa, I had the opportunity of inner circle access. It was an opportunity to receive an education on what happens behind the scenes in politics and government.”

In May 2020, he left the UCP and in the three years since, at his own cost, traveled all across Alberta. He drove hundreds of thousands of kilometers and helped host Town Halls in front of thousands of Albertans.

“Albertans are facing serious challenges, as taxes, energy and food prices increase, people are struggling to make ends meet. It’s unacceptable to me that seniors, single parents and families are having to choose between heating their homes or food. Our health care system is ranked one of the most expensive, yet provides one of the lowest levels of service, as doctors and nurses are silenced in offering solutions. All government agencies are failing. It’s time we had an honest conversation and solved these issues,” said Blayone.

“As an Independent MLA, I’ll not be working for a political party; I’ll be working for the people in the Camrose region and get the provincial discussions going. I’ll not be answering to political parties, politicians or bureaucrats, I’ll be answering to the people. I’ll be free to represent people, businesses, farms and families,” said Blayone.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 30

BRCF assists Changing Ways program


The Battle River Community Foundation awarded a $10,000 grant to Changing Ways.

This grant is in response to the Society’s application for assistance with the cost of the counselling program for children and youth who have experienced trauma.

Funding is from income earned by the Orcheski Family Fund, the Si and Lucille Siwak Family Fund, the Kurt and Helen Pilger Fund, the Gordon and Arlene Hay Fund, and the Foundations Community Funds.

“With the generous help of the Battle River Community Foundation, Changing Ways can offer free counselling sessions for children. These sessions provide a toolkit of resources for children dealing with anger, anxiety and grief,” explains Dumontel.

The Battle River Community Foundation exists to support organizations in east central Alberta, which benefit the local communities and have a positive impact on the future.

Submitted Battle River Community Foundation board vice chair Stephen Kambeitz presents a cheque to Hailey Dumontel, Child and Youth counsellor with Changing Ways.

Grants from the Battle River Community Foundation are primarily made possible through the generosity of individual donors and organizations that have created endowment funds. The principal of these endowment funds are kept intact and the income is made available

annually to support local projects and organizations. Since it was founded in 1995, the Battle River Community Foundation has granted over $8,679,700 to support charitable activities in the Battle River Region.

Walking Camrose history

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster

On Friday, May 5, a group of approximately 30 people joined the City of Camrose (Heritage Advisory Committee) and Walkable Camrose on a Historic Walk, inspired by Jane’s Walks. The approximately two-hour tour snaked around Downtown Camrose and the Augustana District and included stops at designated heritage sites with commentary by City of Camrose Planning and Development manager Aaron Leckie.

Central Agencies Realty Home of the Week Investment property

I love it when my pets sigh. Like what ails you, my little unemployed freeloader?

Someone broke into my house last night and stole my brand new limbo stick. I mean seriously, how low can you go?

You know what never crashed?

My overhead projector

Which word do you think would make a pretty baby name if it didn't mean what it meant ?

I'm going with Omelette.

Sometimes I like to mess with my husband and hide his stu where he can't nd it. Like I put his shoes in the shoe closet, his jacket on the hanger and his keys on the key hook

My favourite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch. It's called a lunch.

Kid: "My sandwich has too much peanut butter on it."

Me: [makes a new sandwich]

Kid: "This one has too little."

Me: [makes one just right]

Kid: "I don't like peanut butter anymore."

An old lady o ers her taxi driver some peanuts, so the driver happily muches on them. Ever y ve minutes or so, she gives him another handful of peanuts.

Driver: "Why don't you eat them yourself ?"

Old Lady : "I can't chew, I have no teeth."

Driver: "Then why do you buy them?"

Old Lady : "Oh, I just love the chocolate around them!"

There are those who say, "I'll just do it later" and those who say, "I'll do it now and get it over with" and they marr y each other

Me: "Hold your horses!"

5-year-old: "I don't have any horses."

Me: "It means calm down."

5-year-old: "I can't! My horses are gone!"

Dear Life, when asked if my day could get any worse, it was a rhetorical question, not a challenge

For ever y year of marriage, your wife will put on her pajamas 20 minutes earlier

There's a four-bedroom, three-bath pothole on 48th Street if anyone's looking

Advice for anyone moving to Alberta

• If you hit the ditch, don't panic. A couple of men in a four-wheel drive truck with a tow chain will be along shor tly

• Get used to hearing the phrase, "You call this hot? Wait till August!" Adversely, "You call this cold? Wait till January!"

• Don't tell us how you did things somewhere else. Nobody cares.

• A tractor, combine, quad or pick-up truck is a status symbol, not a Mercedes-Benz.

• If someone says they're xin' to do something, that doesn't mean anything is broken.

• Beef is a food group

• Every 30 miles or so, you will nd a Timmy's, Co-op or Subway.

• Grilling is a necessity – no matter the weather

Set your sights on retirement revenue with this bi-level four-plex located close to so many amenities. Tenants can enjoy the proximity to four schools, a convenience store, playgrounds and recreation facilities.

Each of the four units has two bedrooms, a four-piece bathroom, separate furnaces and hot water tanks, laundry facilities and parking stalls with alley access.

The units themselves have updated interiors and plenty of room for a family to get a good start, and there are already some long-term tenants.

Each unit has individual metering, so tenants are responsible to pay their own utilities.

This bi-level fourplex, located at 128 Mount Pleasant Drive and priced at $425,000, is an ideal investment opportunity. For a private viewing or for more information, contact Matt Banack or Al-Karim (Al) Mohamed at: Central Agencies Realty

4870-51 Street, Camrose


Matt – Cell 780-608-9733 Al – Cell 587-322-5511

• Oilers and Flames game days must be taken into consideration when planning weddings, funerals or any special event

• Either you love bacon, or you're wrong

• Everything is better with ranch dressing or ketchup

• Do not honk your horn to be obnoxious or we will sit there until we die

• If you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes.

• Hauling hay is a rite of passage

• Use the index nger wave from the steering wheel for everyone you pass on a country road.

• If you hear family or friends talking about a potluck, ask where and when.

• At ever y corner, you will see a cow, oil rig or barn.

• Always start conversations by complaining about the weather

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 31
Matt Banack Al-Karim (Al) Mohamed
Beautiful Bungalows by Battle River Homes Check out our Beautiful Lakeside Adult Community. Private and Quiet! GORGEOUS TOWNHOUSE! 1287 sq. ft. • Garage all finished No steps • Extra parking In-floor heat, granite Asking $340,162 A2008314 BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW IN VALLEYVIEW! • 1534 sq. ft. • 26’ x 24’ garage • Fully fin. bsmt. • Covered deck Asking $678,162 A2007538 SOLD CENTRAL AGENCIES REALTY Inc. The Central Agencies Realty Team is eager to go to work for you! We’ve been matching buyers with sellers, with integrity, since 1963. Graham Wideman, 780-679-8384; Matt Banack, 780-608-9733; Matthew Mayer, 780-781-7088; Al-Karim (Al) Mohamed, 587-322-5511; Sascha Dressler, 780-781-8242; Wally Wrubleski, 780-781-7323; Sarah Kjos, 587-322-7131. #100, 4870-51 Street, Camrose ~ 780-672-4495 CAMROSE HOMES We offer Multiple Listing Service RV GARAGE, DBLE. LOT, WALK-OUT, ZERO STEP, PARKSIDE LOCATION … New model w/room for toys, hobbies! Senior friendly! Beautiful bright open floor plan, gourmet kitchen, superb master, en suite, MF laundry, in-floor htd. w/bath! Pick your colours! Asking $839,900 A2044898 The CAMROSE BOOSTER, May 23, 2023 – Page 32 BEAUTIFUL NEW BUNGALOW – VALLEYVIEW WEST by Battle River Homes … Wow! Dev. bsmt. and 26’x24’ garage, all finished. Close by parks and walking trails. Beautiful open plan, amazing kitchen, huge WT pantry, luxurious en suite and superb MF laundry. Cozy in-floor htg. Covered deck, RV parking option. Fin. w/ elegance! Asking $678,162 A2007538 OPEN HOUSES GREAT INVESTMENT … or first time home buyer’s property! Solid home w/many recent upgrades incl. flooring throughout, shingles, electrical, int. paint, some windows and more! Asking $144,900 A2007047 Don’t miss the featured Home of the Week on page 31! BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER HOME IN DESIRED UNIVERSITY AREA! You’ll absolutely love this wonderful home and the lifestyle in this special historical district! Features a charming 2,106 sq. ft. 2-storey with hardwood floors, columns/arches, custom built cabinetry and shelving. Amazing living room, spacious and bright kitchen/ dinette, awesome den, en suite and so much more! An excellent opportunity right beside the university! You will love it! Asking $409,900 A2029970 WOW! Thur., May 25, 12-2 pm Model 1229 & Model 1153 3317 & 3319-50A St. Close Give our professional realtors a call for a complimentary market evaluation of your property! NEWER, HIGH QUALITY DUPLEX … 3 bdrm., heated floors, double car garage in New Norway. Recent upgrades include kitchen, bathroom and basement development. Great primary with upgraded en suite. Asking $247,500 A2019580 DAYSLAND, WOW! … Incredible 1432 sq. ft. bungalow. Fully fin. 9’ ceilings, triple pane windows, ICF foundation, infloor heat in bsmt./garage. 26’x30’ garage, partial vinyl fencing, covered deck, so much more! Asking $389,900 A1244836 CHARACTER HOME IN BAWLF … 1900 sq. ft., 4 bdrm. New ICF bsmt., metal roof, 9’ ceilings, new lge. windows, on a double lot. 24’x24’ newer detached garage. This home is located close to one of the top rated schools in Alberta! Asking $295,000 A2025632 OUT OF TOWN OUT OF TOWN OUT OF TOWN OUT OF TOWN OUT OF TOWN GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY in New Norway! High quality 4-plex. Beautiful modern units, open concept living. Currently rented out for $900/mo. plus utilities. Strong rental market. Asking $569,000 A2011746 COMMERCIAL HWY 56 FRONTAGE 6.05 acres in Millang Industrial Park. 3 phase power, gas available now. Edmonton city water is to be available in 2023. Zoned Farmland at present. Last remaining lot! Asking $749,000 A2012048 PRIME MAIN STREET PROPERTY IN CAMROSE – ZONED C1 Excellent opportunity in the heart of Camrose City Centre! 3,262 sq. ft. commercial building with 2 entrances, reception areas, offices, client meeting rooms, 3 bathrooms, flex areas and warehousing. Easy customer access and rear parking. Call now! Asking $220,000 A2030401 EXCELLENT BUSINESS/INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY – ZONED M1 5000 sq. ft. mixed use light industrial building. 3 large bays w/14’x14’ overhead doors and floor sumps. Excellent for warehousing! The lot is 80’x166’ w/easy customer access and parking. An excellent opportunity! Asking $389,900 A2037202 STYLISH CONDO in the heart of downtown, walking distance to Co-op and Mirror Lake. No maintenance living w/triple pane windows, vaulted ceiling, vinyl plank flooring, a/c. 2 bdrm., 3-pce. en suite, 4-pce. main bath. Bsmt for storage. Comes w/attached single garage and pad parking. Immediate possession. Asking $299,900 A2037245 WONDERFUL GRAND TRUNK CONDO Ground floor end unit. 2 bed + 2 bath, open concept, dual balcony, gas FP. Heated underground parking and storage. Immediate possession available. Asking $305,000 A2034774 EXCELLENT BUNGALOW BACKING ONTO GOLF COURSE … You’ll love the cul-de-sac location and the awesome park views. Wow! 1,273 sq. ft. (3+2) bedroom home! Bright and cozy! Lovely LR, country style kitchen w/superb views from dinette and private deck. En suite and a developed basement! Attached heated garage. A must see! Asking $389,000 A2034619 MODEL 1153 ZERO STEP … Senior friendly. Beautiful bright open floor plan, 9’ ceilings. Huge great room, great kitchen, en suite, MF laundry. Covered patio, 25’x13.5’ garage all fin. You’ll love it! Asking $329,900 A1257768 BEAUTIFUL NEW ZERO STEP DUPLEX! … New Adult Living Community! Model 1244. Beautiful bright open floor plan. 9’ ceilings, in-floor heat, easy access to garage. Exc. kitchen, spacious great room, en suite. MF laundry. Covered patio and more! No condo fees. Still time to choose your colours. You’ll love it! Asking $414,900 A2033610 NEWER, HIGH QUALITY DUPLEX … 4 bdrm. with double car garage on huge lot in New Norway. Semi open concept main floor with hardwood floors. Nice sized primary with en suite. Partly finished basement. Asking $247,500 A2019574 KINGMAN … Newly dev. lots. Choose from seven! Located on the edge of town. Starting at $27,500 A1156323, 6338, 6341, 6343, 6349 AMAZING PRIVATE SETTING, EXC. LIFESTYLE IN KINGMAN! … ONE ACRE property backing onto countryside w/private treed yard, lots of space to enjoy the outdoors. 1-1/2 storey character home built in 1919. Features majestic brick FP, granite mantle, bright bay window, country kitchen, enclosed porch, wine room. Awesome 170’x266’ yard, courtyard w/firepit, misc. bldgs., old wood stove in garage. Edmonton water supply. Easy commute! A must see! Asking $219,500 A2039907 IMMACULATE HOME available with immediate possession! This modular home is in a league of its own. Built in 2007, this turnkey unit has so much to ofer w/vaulted ceilings, 3 bdrm., 4-pce. main bath, 4-pce. en suite. This home can be moved to your dream location w/only a 60 day notice to the park. This great opportunity is a must see! Asking $139,900 A2042282 WOW! GORGEOUS TOP FLOOR COPPERSTONE CONDO overlooking Mirror Lake! Premier property, amazing lake views! Quality built 3-bdrm., recently upgraded. Bright open plan, 13’ and 9’ ceilings, lots of windows, gourmet kitchen, huge breakfast bar, gorgeous LR, superb primary w/en suite. A/C. Htd. parking, tandem stalls. Awesome deck and more! Asking $649,000 A2035818 EXCEPTIONAL AND AFFORDABLE … 4-bdrm. bungalow in Town of Daysland. Great LR w/updated bright window, lovely kitchen, wonderful family room. Two garages, huge landscaped yard, great deck area. Updated MF windows, vinyl siding, concrete driveway plus so much more! Asking $199,900 A2033720 BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER HOME w/ heated 28x24 garage & small shop on 3 full lots in Bawlf. Main floor features two living rooms w/fireplace in each! Great size kitchen/dining area, main floor laundry. Beautiful mature yard on almost 1/2 acre. Only 20 min. from Camrose! Asking $162,000 A2005049 BEAUTIFUL NEW ZERO STEP TOWNHOUSE Model 1229 non-bsmt. Senior friendly. Beautiful bright open floor plan, 9’ ceilings. Amazing kitchen, spacious great room, super master and en suite. MF laundry. Covered patio, 24’x20’ garage all fin. You’ll love it! Asking $359,900 A2006481 SOLD FARM 113 ACRES OF RECREATIONAL LAND … adjacent to Miquelon Lake Provincial Park w/ rolling hills, trees, water and grassland to build a house w/walkout bsmt. 1/2 mile east of Miquelon campground entrance. Don’t miss your chance to own your piece of paradise! Asking $499,000 A2040285 4001-50 Street, Camrose Phone 780.672.5851 AWESOME COMMUNITY & LIFESTYLE NEW COMMUNITY ADULT LIVING • New Townhouse, Single Garage • Zero Step Entry Home Senior Friendly Design and Access Non-Basement Model 1153 asking $329,900 A1257768 Available October, 2023 Model 1153 asking $347,900 A2045633 Full basement Available September, 2023 Model 1244 asking $449,900 A2045630 Available October, 2023 Model 1229 asking $386,900 A2045631 Available September, 2023 Model 1244 asking $423,900 A2045627 Available August, 2023 Model 1244 asking $426,900 A2045624 • 1488 sq. ft. walk-out • 4-car man cave • 47’x17.5’ RV garage • Double lot Asking $839,900 A2044898 • Master planned community • Designed for active adults No condo fees • Community lifestyle BUILDER INCENTIVES! Zero steps New Townhouse, Double Garage Zero Step Entry Homes Senior Friendly Design and Access Non-Basement Model 1229 asking $359,900 A2006481 SOLD New Duplex, Double Garage Zero Step Entry • Non-Basement Model 1244 asking $414,900 A2033610 ZERO STEPS! AVAILABLE SOON! AFFORDABLE LIVING IN OHATON Cozy 900 sq. ft. home on 5 lots w/2 htd. garages, 3 sheds and more. 2 bdrm., 4-pce. bath, partial bsmt. 10 min. to Camrose. City water, sewer. Worth a look! Asking $169,900 A2045587 BASHAW Extremely well kept 3-bdrm. bungalow w/2 garages, RV parking on huge treed lot. Many recent upgrades: custom cherry wood kitchen, triple pane windows, bathrooms, HE furnace, interior paint. WOW! Asking $264,900 A2044744 NEW NORWAY LOT … 65’ wide lot at the edge of town in Spartan Estates! Asking $50,000 A1122563 GREAT FLEXIBLITY IN MAYERTHORPE OVER 23 ACRES ALONG HWY 43 Asking $230,000 CA0168666 RENOVATED 4-BDRM. BUNGALOW … Open concept MF w/stunning kitchen, open plan bsmt. w/gas FP. Massive back yard w/RV parking w/30 amp service. There’s even room to build a second garag! Detached garage w/220 power. Nothing left to do but move in! Asking $359,000 A2038741 SOLD BI-LEVEL, GREAT INVESTMENT PROPERTY! Cozy 2+3 bdrm. 1,067 sq.ft. home located close to schools, parks. Cozy FP in LR, upgraded maple cabinetry in kitchen, en suite, dev. bsmt. Htd. 24’x20’ garage, deck, patio, garden shed, RV parking! Exc. investment property, available w/long term tenants! Asking $289,900 A2029590 SOLD FOR LEASE GEMINI CENTRE – GROUND FLOOR! … Exceptional street level unit: 2078 sq. ft. awesome location. Easy access. Superior design, superb visibility. Ask $23/sq. ft. + common. Call now! A1190017 EXCELENT 4-BDRM., 2 BATH BUNGALOW walking distance to multiple schools. Well cared for w/many updates. Bright main floor, bsmt. finished, huge fully fenced lot, dble. htd. garage, ample parking incl. RV. Perfect fit as your new home! Asking $292,800 A2044259 SOLD 50+ CENTRE COURT CONDO! … Beautiful townhouse style condo w/single attached garage. MF has generous kitchen, large LR w/two bay windows for natural light. MF primary bdrm. and MF laundry. Upstairs is second bdrm., 3-pce. bath. Outside, a wonderful courtyard awaits so you can enjoy warm days in the sunshine. Welcome home! Asking $267,000 A2033886 LOVELY MOBILE HOME … in the Southside Trailer Park. 1992 built, 3-bdrm., 2 bath (4-pce. main, 3-pce. en suite). Vinyl windows, A/C. Excellent outdoor living w/ large patio, screened in porch, 3 sheds and a carport. Immediate possession! Asking $59,000 A2033219 MULTI FAMILY 4-PLEX WALKING DISTANCE TO SCHOOLS, REC AREAS three 3-bdrm. units, one 2-bdrm unit. each w/4-pce. bath; 3 units w/2-pce. en suite. Large rental spaces, each w/balcony. Tenants pay rent plus power. Asking $499,000 A2024337 GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY fourplex, fully rented. Close to four schools and amenities. Individually metered, separate furnaces, hot water tanks and laundry facilities. Great potential for growth as well. Asking $425,000 A2047331 BEAUTIFUL BI-LEVEL CONDO RIDGEPOINT 3 bdrm., 2 bath, offering stress free condo living close to schools! Open floor plan w/big kitchen, WI pantry AND an island. The balcony c/w gas outlet for BBQ. Upgrades include hardwood floors, porcelain backsplash, beautiful window coverings. Asking $189,000 A2048326 ACREAGES 10.4 ACRES, JUST EAST OF CAMROSE … on Tillicum Beach Road – no gravel! 1389 sq. ft. 3 bdrm., 3 baths, MF laundry, a/c, + more. 25’x28’ htd. garage, 24’x38’ shop. newer shingles, Highway frontage possibilities. Asking $639,900 A2047115 BEAUTIFUL FAMILY BI-LEVEL Only steps from the countryside! 1080 sq. ft. 2+2 bdrm. w/24’x24’ heated garage. Bright open plan w/natural lighting, vaulted ceilings, country style kitchen, spacious LR, huge family/games area. In-floor heating in bsmt., walk-out door to back yard. Call now to view! Asking $359,500 A2037482 SOLD AFFORDABILITY WAITS! 1500 sq. ft., 4 bdrm., 2 bath w/an addition – perfect for a growing family. Some updates: kitchen cabinets, stone counters. Both furnaces updated in 2021. Main portion has updated vinyl windows. This property is priced to sell! Asking $39,000 A2049353 NEW LISTING!