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K eeping history alive

Camrose and District Centennial Museum, which is the caretaker and owner of thousands of artifacts and items of historical significance to Camrose and area, relies heavily on volunteers! Without the generous volunteer spirit of individuals whose combined thousands of hours painting, fixing, labelling, repairing, researching, dusting and displaying, there would be no community museum operative for public enjoyment

Lloyd Kostash, who now lives in Camrose, made a conscious decision not to get bored in his retirement He also committed to use his skills to help others With 40 years of experience in the health care field, and decades more experience tending to equipment and machinery on his own farm near Vegreville, he self-admittedly isn’t the type who can sit back and fritter away his time Instead, he uses his farm equipment repairing ability to keep tractors and vintage vehicles at the Museum in safe and reliable operating order Case in point, this historic flathead engine powered 1947 Ford truck was gifted to the Museum many years ago

Be like Lloyd! Offer your time and talent in helping the Museum grow and improve. To share your time and talent, call 780.672.9949.

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Before Buying Windows…

Friends of Rosehaven stacking goodwill

In a show of continued support for the enhancement of the quality of life for clients in the Rosehaven Provincial Program, the Friends of Rosehaven generously donated bookshelves that will be placed on the first and second floors of the Rosehaven atrium and will house books for clients to borrow.

“ The Bethany Group is grateful for the Friends of Rosehaven, some of whom are former Rosehaven staff, for their ongoing commitment to resident life enhancement,” commented The Bethany Group CEO Carla Beck. “This bookshelf was purchased as needed for the residents to store books/games and other items that enrich their time with us.”

The bookshelves were purchased from funds raised by the Friends of Rosehaven via two different fundraising initiatives –providing refreshments during Prairie Schooner every Tuesday and travelling unit to unit every Thursday afternoon with the “candy wagon.”

“Funds raised from these purchases goes toward items, special events, banquets and other support for the program,” explained Rosehaven Provincial Program recreation therapist II, Amelia Keech. “ The

bookshelves are just one example of items that have been purchased to enhance the quality of life of the clients.”

The Friends of Rosehaven first met on February 11, 1980 to discuss the formation of an auxiliary. It was decided to form a hospital auxiliary and on March 11, 1980 a slate of officers was elected.

The mission of The Friends of Rosehaven is to give comfort and financial support to enhance the

quality of life of the clients that live in the Rosehaven Provincial Program.

“I find it very rewarding,” said Friends of Rosehaven president Dorothy Wilson. “I joined the Friends of Rosehaven over 10 years ago on the suggestion of a friend of mine who was a member.”

For Dorothy, it is all about bringing joy to the residents and offering them a “happy hello,” passing smile and some variety in their day.

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Bill Fowler 1917-1991


Ron Pilger

Murray Green Lori Larsen



Jeff Fowler



Laurel Nadon


Don Hutchinson, Comptroller; Andrea Uglem, Accounts Receivable; Becky Bolding, Admin. Assistant

Kirby Fowler


Kirby Fowler, Production Manager; Michael Wasylkowski, Pressman INSERTERS: Candace Gibbs, Tammy Weibelzahl, Debra Roussel, Reed Lindberg. DRIVER: Peter Loewen

4925-48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7 Ever

We acknowledge the support of the Government of Canada.


The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 2
The two things ever y homeowner (or contractor) must understand before ordering windows for a new build, or renovation… 1. Qualit y Are you getting the qualit y you need, expect or are promised? Are you comparing “apples to apples” or is it an “apples to lemons” comparison? co 2. Final Price It ’s the final price that matters. Don’t be fooled by a sellof f, massive discount or other marketing ploy Now’s the time to get a head start on your spring project! TRUST THE EXPERTS AT Windsor Plywood! NO DISAPPOINTMENTS OR PROMISES WE CAN’T KEEP BIRCH PLYWOOD 5/8" – 2 sides pre-finished $75 00/sheet SpecialPurchase 4705 -41 St., Camrose • Ph. 780- 608-WOOD (9663) HOUR S: Monday to Friday, 8 am-5 pm ; Saturday, 9 am -4 pm Windsor Plywoo d WE SE LL Phone 780-672-3142  4925-48 St ., Camrose All security features, unique background pattern to head off reproduction, copying and cut-and-paste operations. 80 cheques $38.60 160 cheques $52.00 320 cheques $95.50 Duplicate Personal Cheques Handy duplicates for easy record keeping. 80 duplicate cheques $45.80 160 duplicate cheques $61.50 320 duplicate cheques $112.00 ersonal Cheques Small Business Cheques 7.5” x 3.25” plus stub, black ink , white paper, numbered 250 cheques $105.00 500 cheques $130.00 1000 cheques $180.00 Duplicate Business Cheques also available. Stop overpaying for your CHEQUES! Pay up to 50% LES S OUR PRICES BE AT THE BANKS! Our cheques are bank-qualit y with bank secure features. ARTIST DEPARTMENT Sharon Schwartz, Art Director Jour neyman Graphic Artist; Brenda Campbell, Deputy Art Director Jour neyman Graphic Artist; Barb McAndrews, Proofreader Published Tuesday for Controlled Distribution by CAMROSE BOOSTER LTD. Providing complete coverage of the City of Camrose and the communities of Ohaton, Edberg, Meeting Creek, Donalda, Bawlf, Kelsey, Rosalind, Daysland, Heisler, Strome, Forestburg, Galahad, Killam, Sedgewick, Alliance, Armena, Hay Lakes, South Tofield, Round Hill, Kingman, New Norway, Ferintosh, Bittern Lake, and their rural routes each and ever y week. Circulation 12,277 copies weekly Hours: Mon. to Fri., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone 780-672-3142 Fax 780-672-2518 EMAIL US AT News: • Display Ads: Classified Ads: • Circulation: Website: •
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Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Pictured left to right, back row are, Rosehaven Provincial Program recreation therapist II, Amelia Keech, Friends of Rosehaven members, Joanne Olsen, Judy Kushnir, June Reimer, Carole Lehr and president Dorothy Wilson. Front row sitting are Margaret Hansen and Margaret Prestage.
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Terr y Burrill

Listen up!

The word “divisive” has been floating around lately–as in, divided opinions about topics at the front of our minds. Not only do we have divided opinions, we begin to make judgments about people whose opinions are different from ours.

Do we check out our opinions? Nah.

What would happen if we actually listened to someone who has a different opinion?

I once had an experience that increased my respect for the power of simply listening.


At a workshop, we were invited to find a partner and go for a 30-minute walk outside.

The instructions were simple. For the first 15 minutes, as we walked, looking ahead and not at each other, one of us would talk about whatever we wanted to talk about, and the other would listen in silence. Yes, silence. No comments, no questions, no anything. Just listen.

For the second 15 minutes, we would trade. The other person would talk about whatever he or she wanted to talk about and we would listen in silence. And then we would return to the meeting room.

No, there was not a time to say, “This is what I thought as you were talking.” Each of us had the experience of being listened to for 15 minutes and of listening for 15 minutes.

When we returned to the meeting room, we were asked what that exercise was like.

Many of us said the hardest part was just to listen without comment.

We also experienced how powerful it was to be able to speak without interruption. As we spoke without being distracted in any way, we went deeper. We thought of things and discovered things that were not in our awareness when we began talking.

We also noticed that we felt closer to the other person. The powerful experience of listening and being listened to brought us closer as human beings.

I began to remember other times I have observed or experienced the power of real listening. Two snippets came to mind.


Scene: Pre-school program, end of the day. Grown-ups and children are milling around, arriving and leaving, putting on coats and boots, the usual noisy chaos. One little boy is crying, “I want my mommy.” Different grown-ups say, “She’ll be here soon,” or “It’s okay, she’s on the way.” He keeps crying, “I want my mommy.”

A grandpa notices and squats down so he is at eye level with the little boy. The grandpa says, “You want your mommy.” The little boy says, “Yeah!” and stops crying.


Scene: As executive director, I meet regularly with the board chair to review what’s going on, plan our next board meeting and decide on actions. These meetings usually last more than an hour.

My first meeting with a new board chair is complete in about half an hour. I’m surprised. Have I forgotten an item? No.

The next time we meet, we are again finished in about half an hour, even though a couple of challenging matters need to be handled.

I figure out what is different. He really listens. He listens with total attention. He checks to make sure he understands. Then he hones in on the core of the matter and we quickly decide our next steps.

I decide that real listening is a time-saver!

As well, I feel totally supported in my role. Even when the board chair disagrees with me–and sometimes he does–I feel heard, understood and respected. In this environment, it is easier to handle differences because I don’t feel the need to defend my position or my worth.


Perhaps one of our greatest acts of love is to listen in silence–really listen–with our ears and minds and hearts, as completely as we are able, to hear, understand and respect our family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours…and maybe especially people with whom we disagree.

Can’t do harm. And who knows what we might begin to understand?


I’d love to hear from you. If you have comments about this column or suggestions for future topics, send an email to I’ll happily reply within one business day.

Election budget

The recent pre-election budget makes no sense in several areas which indicate some ministers do not fully understand their portfolios or their relationship with Ottawa.

According to a recent report released by the Fraser Institute, Alberta ranks near the bottom of all provinces in terms of dollars spent per student on K-12 public education. The “proposed” budget increase will not even raise Alberta to the Canadian average.

More smoke and mirrors from this government?

In addition, how will the educational system be able to accommodate a substantive population increase as predicted by Alberta Finance Minister Toews?

The grant of $125 million for Grant MacEwen University for a new building to expand its business

programming makes absolutely no sense. Advanced Education already provides funding to business programs in Edmonton (certificates, diplomas and degrees complete with articulation agreements) at The King’s University, the University of Alberta, Concordia University College, NorQuest College, Grant MacEwan University and NAIT. All these institutions have excess capacity and enrollments are undersubscribed. Private colleges like CDI and Reeves College also offer business programming.

Alberta’s postsecondary system is grossly overbuilt; three times the capacity of Ontario on a per capita basis (at huge cost to taxpayers). Added to the insult is the fact that postsecondary participation rates in Alberta are low compared to other provinces. If Advanced Education minis-

ter Nicolaides understood his portfolio, he would realize that business programming needs to be rationalized, not expanded.

Why is Alberta financing an Alberta Firearms Advisory Committee, a sinecure committee that has no official mandate when federal firearms regulations are the responsibility of the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee?

The CFAC is a broad cross section of communities…medical, legal, policing, outdoor enthusiasts, shooting sports, educators, and members of the community at large. Public Safety minister Blaney under PM Harper overruled every recommendation by the RCMP to ban selected assault rifles.

Ask your local MLA for answers…you deserve them.

Augustana students listen to provincial budget

A few University of Alberta Augustana Campus students experienced first hand the process of the provincial budget during a Budget Day as guests of Camrose MLA Jackie Lovely.

“Budget 2023 is securing Alberta’s future by making historic investments in education. An increase of $1.8 billion for education will help Alberta’s young people succeed and thrive in smaller classes,” noted Lovely. “This in-

crease will support the hiring of up to 3,000 education staff, including teachers, educational assistants, bus drivers and school support staff to give students the focused time and attention they need to succeed in their studies.”

According to Lovely, Budget 2023 secures Alberta’s future by growing the economy, creating good paying jobs, strengthening health care and education, and keeping Alberta communities safe. “With a fore-

cast surplus of $2.4 billion in 2023-24, Budget 2023 provides the opportunity for Alberta’s government to invest in Alberta’s future, providing security for Alberta families and communities.”

The fiscal plan includes $23 billion over three years for capital projects and approximately $70 billion a year in spending going forward.

For more information on the 2023 Alberta budget, visit budget.aspx.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 4
Send your LETTER TO THE EDITOR to: The Camrose Booster 4925-48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7 or email it to: TH E FINE PR IN T: We welcom e lett er s th at are of public inte re st are fact base d an d represent logic al at tempts to ma ke a constructive contribution to public discours e. We re se rve th e ri gh t to edit le tt er s fo r clarit y, legali ty g ood ta st e an d to fi t availa bl e spac e. Lett er s th at cont ain personal at tack s or abus e an d insult s w ill be edited or reje cted entire ly Lett er s to third pa rt ie s are not acce pt ed Please li mi t your le tt er s to 40 0 word s an d sign with your first name init ia l, su rname, addres s an d phon e number; only the name of th e writer and ci ty or tow n w ill be publishe d. We th an k yo u fo r your inte re st in this fe at ure an d encourage your comments BUDGET DAY Submitted Pictured left to right are MLA Jackie Lovely, Augustana Students’ Association president Jewel Naiker and VP Communications Jessica Andreas as guests for Budget Day and introduced the students to Advanced Education minister Demetrios Nicolaides.

Fa rm Truck Inspections

please call Susan with Protecti ve Serv ices at 78 0.672.4449 or email skelndor fer@county.c

– Enter a draw for a door prize! –

Time to change your clocks

It is the time of year when local standard time is about to change on Sunday, March 12, at 2 a.m. Clocks are turned forward one hour to 3 a.m. local daylight time instead.

Sunrise and sunset will be about one hour later on March 12 than the day before. The idea is to have more light in the evening.

It is also called Spring Forward, Summer Time, and Daylight Savings Time. Daylight Savings Time was introduced to make best use of the time the sun shone giving natural light, rather than having to use artificial light and subsequently unnecessary fuel.

The 2 a.m. hour for the switch has been deliberately chosen. The majority of

people will not notice this change because they are sleeping and then simply wake up to the revised time. Germany was the first country to introduce Daylight Savings Time. Not long after, Canada followed suit. Yet, Benjamin Franklin entertained the idea in 1784 to save on candle wax used for lighting. But it was not taken seriously at the time.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 5 Telephone: 780-679-0822 Toll Free: 1-800-898-3336 CAMROS E 3720B- 48 Avenue Corner of Highways 13 & 26 Awesome colour s ˙ Amazing nighttime camera Better gaming and video streaming ˙ Minimal glare screen Easy to use Time to step up to a better phone and the best camera? has arriv ed!
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d over GV W.
will be conduc ted by appointment only at the Wild Rose Co-op Cardlock located at 3611-47 Avenue , sout h of th e east en d Foun ta in Ti re

Tree Ser vices

through the pages of e Booster

• Robert Nichols, a for mer page at the Alberta Legislature was presented with a painting by Wetaskiwin-Camrose MLA LeRoy Johnson to commemorate his service to the legislature. At the time of his recognition, Nichols was a political Science Major at Augustana University College.

• Tim Pols has moved to Camrose from Strathmore to manage the beautiful, new R&R Inn & Suites. His wife Trica and son Gregory will be joining him soon. The interior of the building is completely finished; however, the exterior stucco work will have to wait until spring. The new motel will open soon, offering 33 spacious rooms equipped with microwaves and refrigerators; and 11 suites with the renter’s choice of a jetted spa tub or a sofa bed.

• Dr. Pat McIver of the Camrose Elks presented a cheque for $800 to Cst. Lor ne Blumhagen of the Camrose Police Service. Funds were raised through the Elks $1,000 draw and will go towards the D.A.R.E. program

• Three CRE staff members, Kim Schnurer, Shauna Feth and Shirley Damberger stopped by Byers Country and Wester n Store to pick out clothes and accessories to look their best at the Camrose Spring Classic Rodeo this weekend.

• Wm F. Fowler, President of the Battle River Tourist Association announced that Mrs. Theresa Bohn will be the new SecretaryTreasurer of the Association. Mrs. Bohn is married to Dr. M.V. Bohn and they have a family of two girls, one in school and one preschooler. Mrs. Bohn will take over from Mrs. Elsie Rudosky, who has held the position since June 1970. Mrs. Rudosky resigned in order to assist her husband who recently purchased Camrose Stationery Ltd.

• The third annual Winchester Rifle Rodeo, sponsored by the Camrose Kinsmen Club, will have a distinct RCMP flavour this year, the centennial year of the famous Canadian Police Force. The W inchester people, who donate rifles to the winners of all the events as well as the all round winner, have decided that the rifles presented this year will be a special RCMP Commemorative Model. The coveted rifles will be presented to the winners by V.M. Seppala, Assistant Commissioner of “K” Division. Fittingly, the Chair man of the Kinsmen Rodeo Committee will be Corporal Bill McIndoe, head of the Camrose RCMP detachment.

• Rod Skaret won the Camrose Toastmasters’ Club Speech Contest and the Art Yaeck Trophy which was presented to him by able Toastmaster Art Yaeck himself. Eldon Dahl was chosen “Toastmaster of the Year”, receiving his engraved trophy from Er nest Lindholm, Club President.

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The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 8 AGM Wild Rose Co-op Annual General Meeting
Monday, March 13, 2023, 7:00p.m. at the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre in Camrose, or Virtually! If you would like to attend the AGM virtually you must register through our website by March 6, 2023 AGM documents will be emailed on March 10, 2023 Director Remuneration Report Election of Directors Apointment of Auditors Other Co-op Business Reports To register to attend the AGM virtually go to www wildroseco-op crs or scan this QR Code. 23031dg2 Fr ee Content for not-for-pro t Serv ice C lubs & Organizat ions Enjoy tremendous visibility on the most visited ta bs on You r f undraisers, your break fa sts, or d inners, your t ic ket sales, ra es or a ny other act iv it y that w il l help your c lub or organizat ion t hr ive (or sur vive) c a n be posted, at no c ha rge, on one of the best commu nit y apps i n Nor t h A merica! Phone 78 0.67 3.9213 camrosenow@cable-lyn Assig n a c lub member to keep feeding u s the i nfor mation you need posted.

Incentives for a limited time!

The newest master-planned community o ered by IPEC Developments is now taking shape, as you can see with a simple drive past our development.

Where is Creekview Estates?

Our carefully planned community is located at 34 Avenue and 50 Street, Camrose. It is close to St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Stoney Creek Park and the Camrose trail system. University of Alberta Augustana Campus and Camrose Recreation Centre are quite close by, too

Are all of the homes identical?

No We o er basement and non-basement homes. We feature three new models – 1,153 sq. ft., 1,229 sq. ft. and 1,244 sq. ft. dwellings. Each home can be customized to suit your personal taste and needs.

Are these family homes?

Our development is for active adults over age 55 We build homes that your family will love to visit.

Are your homes senior friendly?

Absolutely! In addition to gorgeous kitchens, we build all residences with zero-step entries and add high energy e ciency with impressive security You will enjoy our large walk-in showers, main floor laundry and easy-access features.

When will homes be ready?

We have showhomes ready to view, and move-in ready homes at this very moment!

How can I learn more about this exciting development?

Visit our website or just give us a call. We can answer your questions or take you on a tour at your convenience.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 9 7th Annual Putt up a House CHARIT Y TOURNAMENT presented by HOLE SPONSORS ROSE COUNTRY REALTY LTD. An instinct for grow th PRIZE SPONSORS Wild Rose MEDIA PARTNER GOLD SP ONSORS Richard Pearson, CFA Thank you to all Snow Golfers and Sponsors who made the da y great!
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4th, 2023

Friends of Rosehaven

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Real Estate & Equipment Located in Killam, Alberta Street Address: 5607 51st Ave

Legal: Plan 6031MC, Block A, Lot 1 & 2 Selling a Behlen 40'x60' Commercial Building on a 110'x158.5' Double Lot with Hwy #13 Frontage.

The Building has 2 - 12'W by 13'H Over Head Doors on the North Side and 1 - 14'W by 13' H Overhead Door on the East Side, Plus 2 Man Doors. It also has a Natural Gas Boiler with Cement Floor & Radiant Heat, 125 Amp Service, Exhaust Fans, Office Space, Storage Above the Office & Washroom plus Eavestroughs & Telephone Service. 2022 Taxes: $2,452.33

Viewing by Appointment - Please Contact Nick at (780) 385-2342

Killam is a thriving, vibrant town with a population 989, located within the Flagstaff County, at the busy intersection of Hwy 36 & Hwy 13 in east central Alberta. The Town offers a full range of all the amenities you are looking for! Including an active hospital, public school, RCMP office and a strong, competitive retail sector.

Real Estate Transactions are being Handled by Morrison Realty Kim Hughes (403) 704-3141 & Allen Olson (403) 783-0556

Real Estate Terms & Conditions: 10 % Down on Sale Day. Balance & Possession on or before May 4th, 2023. If Balance is NOT RECEIVED by May 4th, 2023 the Deposit will be Forfeited as Liquidation Damages. All measurements are approximate and need to be verified by the purchaser. Online Bidding Fees Apply - 4% up to a Max. of $800.00 per Item.

Allen B. Olson Auction Service Ltd.

Rimbey & Hwy #16 East/Rge Rd 185, Alberta

(780) 208-2508 - Hwy #16 East/Rge Rd 185 (403) 843-2747 Rimbey - Toll Free 1-855-783-0556

Email: - Homepage:

During the Tuesday afternoon event, various musicians come to Rosehaven to provide a little entertainment for the residents. “The residents seem to enjoy it and some will even get up and dance a bit or just move around,” said Friends of Roshaven president Dorothy Wilson. “It is a special treat for them.”

Currently, members of the Friends of Rosehaven meet the first Wednesday of every month at 10 a.m. at Rosehaven, (except July and August). During the meeting a schedule, including the Tuesday and Thursday volunteer days, is passed around and members simply put their names down when they are available, for approximately one to one and a half hour shifts

“There is no huge time commitment,” noted Dorothy adding that Friends of Rosehaven are always looking for volunteers. “We are down in the number of volunteers (since the pandemic). We currently have enough to cover off the shifts but could always use more.”

She noted that even if a person is unable to make a shift, they can phone someone else to cover that shift.

“These dedicated ladies have provided so many wonderful opportunities for our clients through their financial support, such as: field trips, catered banquets, media cart with speakers, concerts, books to name a few,” said Amelia.

Whether it is a friendly smile on Tuesdays offering up some refreshments, or when soliciting some sweets from the “candy wagon”, these amazing volunteers give selflessly of their time, all the while raising some funds in the name of enhancing the lives of others.

“Many of the clients might not have family or friends close, so we provide smiles and other good things,” said Friends of Rosehaven member and volunteer Joanne Olsen.

And the kindness of the Friends of Rosehaven volunteers is reciprocated with gracious thank yous from the clients and the good feeling one gets from making others’ lives more joyful.

“ Those interested in helping us further in our mission of providing person-centered service and building a caring community by volunteering their time, or donating to The Bethany Group, can reach out to Lisa Unteriner at 780-679-3046,” encouraged Beck.

For more information on the The Bethany Group visit the website at

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 10 #201, 4870-51 Street Camrose, AB T4V 1S1 Tel. 780-672-9217 Fax 780-672-9216 Beth P. Kushnerick CPA, CA Michael Wetsch CPA, CA Annette McTavish ACIA Scot Lorenson CPA, CA Chartered Professional Accountants Chartered Professional Accountants Directory Members of ALBERTA Toll Free 1-877-679-2515 4602-49 Avenue Camrose, Alberta T4V 0M6 780- 672-2600 Fax: 780-672-0057 Toll Free: 1-866-772-2600 Website: CHARTERED PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS GARNETT MACKAYLLP RADCHENKO Put Camrose in your pocket! BUSINE SS SOURCING Ever y business in Camrose –One handy location INE S BUS Beer! er! Bill Resc h with granddaughte r, Hannah Senior Pack : 7 Patt ie s $12 .0 0 Now double-papered for easy se paration Call or text 78 0.678 .6062 Bill’s Patties Saturday morning Farmers’ Market at Duggan Mall! Braim Brothers Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Adam Journeyman Sheet Metal/Heating/ Air Conditioning Jordan Journeyman Plumber/ Gasfitter See us for Furnace Repair, S ales, Service 780.672.3540 Contact your MLA, Jackie Lovely, for Free Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Services Constituency Office: Suite 104 4870 - 51 Street · Camrose, AB T4V 1S1 Phone: 780.672.0000 Unreserved Real Estate & Retirement Auction Sale for Nick's Oilfield Welding Starts Opening March 31, 2023 & Closes on April
License No. 165690 Visit our Web Page for: * Local News * Classified Ads *Events Calendar * Sales information * Much more It’s at:

Camrose Swans & Roses Lions Club and the Bawlf & District Lions Club

would like to thank all the local businesses who donated Silent Auction items and cash for our District C-1 Convention recently held in Camrose.

anks to bidding from our 140 convention registrants, we are able to donate a total amount of $2,600.48 between two local charities, the Hospice Society - Camrose & District, and the Neighbor Aid Center

Our 50/50 proceeds of $1455 were split between our local performing groups, e Camrose Velska Dancers, Camrose Gymnastics & A rmation Dance and the Camrose Tai Chi Group We wish to extend our gratitude and appreciation to these groups for their amazing performances and their time.

ank you to David Samm who piped in our dignitaries, and Hal Studwick who came out to provide music entertainment for our delegates. It all added to a very successful convention.

ank you again for all your generosity in donations and purchases for the convention. Because of small business generosity, $4055.48 was invested back into our community, a great reminder to support local as your local small businesses support you!

Special ballots open for voting

Albertans head to the polls May 29 and Elections

Alberta is committed to ensuring voting is easy and accessible for everyone.

Along with voting inperson on Election Day, there are five days of advance voting, mobile voting stations, Special Ballot voting and a mail-in ballot option for electors unable to vote in-person.

Albertans are encouraged to start thinking about where they will be in May and the best voting option for them—especially if they plan on travelling and need to vote by mail or are away from home for work or school. Electors unable to vote on Election Day or during advance voting (May 23 to 27) may submit their request to vote by mail.

“We really want to encourage electors planning to vote by mail to request their package early,” said Pamela Renwick, deputy chief electoral officer. “Getting your request in early helps to ensure that a package can be mailed as soon as the Writ of Election is issued on May 1.”

Special Ballot packages can only be sent out once the Writ is issued and must be received back at the returning office or Elections Alberta prior to the close of voting on Election Day. This provides just 28 days to send, complete and return the package.

For Albertans who may be away from their home, but still in Alberta, Elections Alberta will once again offer the Vote Anywhere Service. This allows electors to choose any advance voting location to vote and receive the ballot for their electoral division. More than 300 advance voting locations have been secured for the week leading up to the election

(May 23 to 27).

On Election Day, electors need to vote at their assigned voting location. Over 1,200 locations have been secured for May 29.

To support those living in treatment centres, emergency shelters, community support centres, and supportive living or long-term care facilities, Elections Alberta offers mobile voting locations. Facilities must have at least 10 electors that are resident or receiving services at the facility to be eligible for a mobile voting station. Over 600 facilities have been identified to receive mobile voting services so far.

“We are ready for everyone,” said Renwick. “And we are working hard to make sure as many sites as possible are convenient and accessible for electors. We have expanded the number of locations for advance voting to provide even more access to our Vote Anywhere Service, while maintaining our Election Day voting options in close proximity to electors.”

Providing access to voting for all electors is a priority and accessibility remains key to the election process. All advance voting and Election Day voting places are assessed for their suitability and Elections Alberta works to ensure that as many voting locations as possible provide or can be modified to provide barrier-free access. If barrier-free access is not possible, reasonable alternatives will be available.

To learn more about the voting options available in the 2023 Provincial General Election and to apply to vote by mail visit https:// how-to-vote/. To make voting easier, electors also have access to a new, short explainer video on how to vote.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 11 BIG ON CHEERS LOW ON PRICE OUR FLYERS HAVE GONE DIGITAL realc Find more deals like these every week at Run Date: TUE MARCH 7, 2023: Camrose File Name: R23_LiquorROP_CamroseBoost_Wk10_March 8 Size: 5.6026 w x 12.5 h Prices effective Wednesday, March 8 to Sunday, March 12, 2023 in this area only. †Redemption of points against the purchase of alcohol as permitted in certain jurisdictions is subject to provincial minimum pricing regulations where applicable. Points apply to items sold as individual units and are not awarded per unit when the unit is part of a case pack or variety pack. PC Optimum™ points offers valid Wednesday, March 8 to Sunday, March 12, 2023. ††Offer is only available to valid PC Optimum™ members who are of legal drinking age. † ††Offer is only available at Real Canadian Liquorstore™ locations in Alberta to valid PC Optimum™ members who are of legal drinking age. Product availability may vary by store. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We are not obligated to award points based on errors or misprints. No adjustments on previous purchases. See in-store or visit pcoptimum. ca for full terms, conditions and redemption restrictions. We reserve the right to limit quantities to reasonable requirements. While supplies lasts. Prices do not include G.S.T or deposit and are subject to change. No rainchecks or substitutions. The product image(s) shown may represent the range and/or variety of this product for illustration purposes only, and may not be an exact visual of the product. Please refer to the product description for product details. ®/™ Trademarks of Loblaws Inc. ©2023 Loblaws Inc. All rights reserved. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY & DESIGNATE A DRIVER • DON’T DRINK & DRIVE. 748 EA JACKSON-TRIGGS Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Malbec, Light Pinot Grigio or Light Cabernet Sauvignon, 750 mL 3698EA MEDALLION Vodka, 1.75 L 1898EA SKYY Vodka, 750 mL 1798EA J. LOHR Cabernet Sauvignon, 750 mL BONUS 50 ML Yo Sh ot! A weekly dose of good old-fashioned advice , inspirat ion or simple logic.
tr ue. The other is to
what is tr ue.” –S – So re n Kierke gaard
“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t

Roseapolooza concert benefits community

The annual Roseapolooza Concert will be returning to support local community people who need help. It’s about local people helping local people.

“Since 2018, Camrose-based bands and artists have been donating their time and talents in support of a member of the local community facing difficult circumstances,” said Brian Barry, one of the organizers of the event.

“The notion of helping out started over a beer and a conversation among bands about

the need, and the opportunity, to make a difference, the rest fell into place organically. In addition to music talent, local businesses instantly and generously, stepped up in support of the event with everything from lights, sound and the venue, Norsemen Inn,” added Brian.

Over the past four years, Roseapalooza has raised approximately $35,000.

This year, Roseapalooza will be held on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, at the Tap Room Bar and Brewery in support of a

Camrose family facing extreme care costs for a small child facing a life threatening situation.

“The community is invited to join the Battle River Pipes and Drums, the Friendly Giants, 103 Cubic Inches, the Rose City Rollers and Third Degree for an amazing Shamrockin’ night of music and giving,” Brian stated.

Tickets are available online at, at the Norsemen Inn and Primary Care Optometry.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 12 Chester Ronning Centre presents An EVENING with G. WILLOW WILSON A SUPERHERO for GENERATION WHY Mar. 20 | 11 a.m. Mar. 20 | 7 p.m.
One day, two incredible events 16-year-old Kamala Khan may be the shapeshifting superhero, Ms. Marvel, but she also shares many of the challenges faced by millennials – a misunderstood generation.
Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre
the importance of religious representation in popular culture and her experience writing her memoir, fiction, and comic books for Marvel and D.C. 5 3911-4 8 Avenue, Camrose • 78 0- 672- 6665 Over 39 Ru ms in St oc k! r3399 99 400 Perfec t for St. Pa tr ic k’s Da y Irish Whiskey Infused with Arabic a beans from Brazil BOOKS | BOARDGAMES | ART | FOOD | DRINK 5017-50 Street, Downtown Camrose | CONNECT at Fox & Fable St. Patrick’s Day with Steve Olson. All our favourite pub tunes live! March 17, 7 p.m. – $5 cover charge Reservations recommended Art Class with Stephanie L ane – Create four alcohol ink coasters March 21, 6-8 p.m. – $50/person Battle River Art Club: A compilation multi-media art show March and April – Free to check out Game Club with Severin – Learn and play a new board game Every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. – $5
Author G. Willow Wilson

Rustlers eliminate Crush in playoffs


Green Red Deer Rustlers knocked off the Camrose Crush in the semifinals of the North Central Hockey League playoffs.

After two Red Deer wins, the Camrose Crush rebounded with two straight wins to tie their semifinal series at two games each after two convincing wins, 9-4 and 7-3.

On February 26, Camrose scored five goals in the third period to take command of the 7-3 game and evened the series.

The Crush led 2-0 after the opening period with tallies from RJ Reed and Brett Njaa.

Red Deer fought back in the middle frame to play at the same pace, but neither team scored.

After a Rustlers’ power play marker, Cole Gibson scored for the Crush. Again, Red Deer fought back with a man advantage tally, only to have Njaa regain the two goal margin.

For the third time, Red Deer scored to pull within one, but this time Reed, Ryley Bennefield and Jarod Hovde scored to put the game out of reach.

Goalie Connor Dobberthien stopped 51 of 54 shots he faced to keep Camrose in the game. The Crush recorded 40 shots on goal.

In the February 24 game, the Crush notched five goals in the opening period and hung on to win 9-4.

Ryley Bennefild scored the first Camrose goal and collected two in the opening period. Maverick Lynes, Gibson and Reed netted the other tallies, while Red Deer scored a goal.

In the middle frame, Bennefield and Reed scored before the Rustlers netted two power play markers from Tyler Berkholtz.

Zach Ayotte and Lynes added insurance markers in the third before Red Deer scored with 17 seconds left to close out the scoring.

Goalie Dobberthien turned away 29 of 33 shots directed his way. Camrose fired 46 shots at the Red Deer cage.

The Lacombe Generals eliminated the Devon barons in four games to advance to the league finals. They are waiting for the

Decolonizing Sex & Gender Identities

Crush notes Bennefield leads the Crush in playoff scoring with five goals and six assists in four games.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 13 CONNECT WITH US THE TAP ROOM BAR + BREWERY @NORSEMENBREWER St. Pa ick’s SpecialsDay PLUS… 4 LIVE BANDS One great cause! LO CA L BANDS HELPING LO CA L PEOPLE TICKETS $25 At Pr imar y Care Optometr y front desk Norsemen front desk FRIDAY, MARCH 17 ONLY $17 Beef on a Bun 6:30 to 8 pm Silent Auc tion 50/50 ONE TE IFIC FRIDAY NIGHT D RS OPEN @ 6:30 PM MUSIC STARTS @ 8 PM 11 a.m. – Ribbon Cutting by Mayor Stazko and Council members plus MLA Jackie Lovely Join us for free samples of our delicious… • Swedish Chocolate Balls n flair ancakes 5210-51 Avenue, Camrose | 780.672.7555 | HOURS: Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Fridays, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Rob and Holly Bruce invite you… Friday,March 10 See you Friday, March 10 Our Famous Cinnamon Bun Day! FREE HYBRID EVENT! TUESDAY, MAR. 7 | 7 p.m. INDIGENOUS SPEAKER SERIES Augustana
Mayer Hall Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre
winner of the Red Deer and Camrose series.

City offers lifeguard/swim instructor school

The City of Camrose Community Services Aquatic Centre has taken a different approach to attracting lifeguard and swim instructor staff in an effort to increase the numbers and offer community members a fun career option.

Since the pool closure for renovations in 2018 followed by COVID and more closures, then partial returns to the pool, there has been a struggle to garner a full compliment of lifeguards/swimming instructors.

“Currently, there is a shortage of daytime staff at the pool,” reported Mayer Aquatic Centre supervisor Lesley Heisler. “So we are looking to build up our team of lifeguards and swimming instructors in that area.”

In an effort to attract some chronologically mature adults to consider lifeguarding and instructing swim classes, the staff at the Aquatic Centre devised an Adult Lifeguard/Swim Instructor School that will be offered free of charge to anyone interested (over 18 years of age).

“If anyone is looking for a fun change, this might be a great opportunity,” said Heisler. “I’ve worked here

for nine years and it is a very family oriented, fun atmosphere.”

On Thursday, March 9, from 9 until 10 a.m., the City will be holding an information session, live demonstration and skills evaluation on the pool deck of the Aquatic Centre.

“People can submit resumes (so to speak) during this session and then we will set up interviews,” explained Heisler, adding that any successful candidates will be offered a conditional position based on attendance at the Adult Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

School program. Heisler said that anyone attending the information session on March 9 can request an evaluation of their skills at that time, or can make an appointment with the Aquatic Centre for an evaluation time.

“Our hopes are to attract older adults, who may be stay-at-home parents who would like to have something like this during school hours, or retirees that want to have something to do outside the home.”

Heisler said that successful candidates do not necessarily have to have the best swimming skills, but will be required to swim some laps. “Their strokes may not be the prettiest, but they will have to have strong basic swimming skills.

“We are also targeting anyone who may have previous lifeguard/swimming instructor experience, who would like to transition back into the career,” which Heisler said could be the case with any of the successful candidates. “This could most certainly lead to a career as first aid instructors or aqua fitness instructors. There is a lot of potential for advancement.”

The Lifeguard/Swim Instructor School is a nineweek program that will run Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning April 18 through to June 18 from 9 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

“We wanted to run the program during hours when parents, who have children in school, were most likely available,” noted Heisler. “At the end of the program, the participants will have all their leadership courses to become a lifeguard and swim instructor.”

She explained that, for the most part, these new lifeguards/swim instructors will need to be available for the morning shifts with some availability for afternoon swimming lessons.

“Another bonus is we are not looking for summer staff, we strictly need staff for the day shifts during the school year.”

The Aquatic Centre will be accepting resumes up to March 20, with interviews taking place the week after. For more information on the program, contact Lesley Heisler by telephone at 780-672-9909 or visit the City website at www.camrose. ca/en/recreation-and-leisure/adult-lifeguard-swiminstructor-school.aspx.

City Planning and Development tracking stats

For the past 10 years, the City of Camrose Planning and Development department has been tracking development statistics in an effort to provide City Council and residents with regular updates on the status of development permits, business licenses and land development.

In a report to City of Camrose council during the February 6 Committee of the Whole meeting, City of Camrose Planning and Development manager Aaron Leckie reported on the 2022 annual development statistics.

Leckie indicated in his report that while the 2022 total number of permits was down, larger commercial and industrial projects remained strong and continue to drive growth of the community.

“In 2022, the number of permits that were processed was 385, which was down 15 per cent relative to the 10-year average. I am hopeful that there was a bottoming in 2021 and we are now moving up closer to our average.

“What we are starting to see, and saw in 2021 and continued in 2022, is larger more complex development permits. In 2022, we approved just under $20,000,000 of non-exempt construction value. That is very consistent with previous years, excluding 2020

(during the height of the pandemic).”

He reported that in 2022, 10 non-exempt projects over $500,000 in quoted construction value were approved, including three over $1,000,000 (the gymnastics facility downtown, the east end McDonalds and KiKit convenience store, and the commercial development known as Camrose Square adjacent to the École Camrose Composite High School).

Regarding the seasonality and volume of work, Leckie said that the Planning and Development Department has two usual busier seasons, the spring surge in advance of the construction season and an autumn push at the end of the construction season, which Leckie noted was weaker in 2022.

In speaking on subdivision activity, Leckie said that 2021 was an extraordinarily busy year, which means not many lots were proposed in the 2022 calendar year. “West Park Phase 5, Valleyview West Phase 2 and Creekview Estates were all developed roughly on the same time line. At this time, there is roughly 200 residential lots in various stages of development, most of which are going to be available for home construction this spring. I think we will see quite a strong residential market for development on

those lots in 2023.”

With regards to business licenses (city, home and regional), Leckie said the total number of business licenses has declined over the years.

“City business licenses did decline quite considerably in 2022. Sometimes we get a bit of feedback when people tell us they are not renewing, for whatever reason, and we try to document those.” Leckie said that two common reasons included: businesses struggling for the past two years that relied on government support, which is no longer available, forcing business owners to make difficult decisions, and downsizing of businesses. “Home businesses that grew into permanent retail and office locations were moving back to being homebased businesses after the pandemic.

“Home business licenses were not as active as they were in 2021, but still remained elevated compared to the historic averages.”

Leckie also reported a drop in the number of regional business licenses. “That again is returning more to the historic average.”

With regards to the number of vacant and under utilized lands in downtown Camrose, Leckie said that since 2016 when the data collection started, the

number of vacant and under utilized lands in downtown Camrose has continued to decline. “Downtown development is great for the community. Downtown is the cultural centre of Camrose.”

Leckie added that there is, however, still 24 acres of vacant or under utilized land in downtown Camrose. “There are still lots of opportunities for development in the downtown area.”

Inquiries from council Councillor Joy-Anne Murphy inquired about under-utilized category in downtown. “I noticed that a lot of them are currently used as parking lots.

Moving forward Leckie said 2023 is looking very different and exciting in terms of planning and development. “There are certain things that are happening that we haven’t seen before. I want to highlight three of the projects that are approved or have been applied for already.

“The first is the Toyota dealership on the east end of Camrose, which was conditionally approved in January of this year. We anticipate construction will commence this spring.”

In Leckie’s reply, he highlighted the different categories for determining if a lot downtown is vacant or undeutilized.

Councillor Don Rosland asked if administration has considered the Community Revitalization Levy Program.

Leckie said that they are aware of the program and it was looked into during the development of the previous Augustana Area Redevelopment Plan, but administration has not seriously considered it at this point.

The next one Leckie spoke about was Camrose Square, as mentioned earlier, where a second storey has been added to two of the bays and a stand alone structure has been divided into three additional bays. “They have made several enhancements to the original approval which will show up in the 2023 numbers and is already folded into their construction plan.”

Leckie mentioned a residential project on 54 Street for a 24-unit residential development application received the end of January, being processed currently, with construction hoping to commence in the spring or summer. “This will be one of the largest residential buildings that we have done in Camrose in recent years.”

Continued on page 17

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 14
Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster City of Camrose Mayer Aquatic Centre lifeguards, left to right, Sammy Abbott and Ethan Koskela are part of the vital team of lifeguards that maintain safety at the pool.
Leckie said 2023 is looking very different and exciting in terms of planning and development.

Employme nt Opp tunitie s


Th e Ci ty of Camros e is seek in g an energetic an d re liable individual for th e full -t im e permanen t positio n of La bourer 3 in th e Pa rk s sectio n of Communit y Se rv ices This is a unionize d positio n unde r CUPE Lo ca l 1425 an d is inclusive of a 6- mont h tria l period as pe r th e Ar ti cl e 12.0 5 of th e Collecti ve Agre emen t.

FU NCTIONS/DUTI ES (but no t limite d to):

• Communicat e ef fe ctivel y with member s of th e public user s an d ot he r empl oyee s.

• Pe rfor m an d suppor t even t an d progra m se t- up an d te ar-d ow n in variou s facilities

• Wo rk in al l re la ted area s of th e Pa rk s operations wh ic h includes (but not limite d to): mowing pruning, pest cont ro l, applying pesticide, landscaping, beauti fi cation , managing an d handling urba n wild life , an d snow removal.

• Main te nanc e an d operations of tu rf management , cemete ry, ho rt iculture an d arboriculture, urba n trails an d outdoo r rinks.

• Sa fe ly operate an d maintain ligh t equipmen t such as rubber ti re d farm or industrial tracto rs wh ic h may includ e at ta chment s such as fron t en d loader, plow s or sweeper, aerato r, self-p ro pelled ro ad packers, smal l self-p ro pelled machines such as sweepers snowplow equipmen t, weed spraye rs , trailers , an d al l ty pe s of trucks up to an d includin g single axle trucks

• Pe rfor m basic manual labour using hand s or common labour tools, complex hand held an d af fi xe d powe r tool s an d machines light main te nanc e to equipmen t an d ve hicles

• Assistance with ot he r Ci ty operatio n functions as necessar y an d assigned


• High School Diplom a or GED equivalent

• Re liable with a st ro ng work ethi c with th e abilit y to work independentl y or in a team se tt ing.

• St ro ng writ ten an d ve rbal communicatio n skills with th e abilit y to communicat e with th e public an d contractor s in a profes sional manner

• Ab ilit y to exer t moderate physical activi ty, work at considerable heights, an d work outsid e in al l ty pe s of weathe r an d enviro nmental conditions ye ar round.

• Ba si c computer skills

• Va li d Clas s 5 driver ’s license (a n ai r endorsement considered an asse t, bu t is not required).

HOUR S OF WO RK : Hour s of work are generall y 8: 00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Monday th ro ug h Fr iday Shif t work an d over time will also be necessar y to addres s operationa l requirements

HOUR LY WAGE : $24. 83 pe r hour in accordance with CUPE 1425

Collecti ve Agre emen t.

A PPLICAT IONS : Individual s inte re sted in this positio n are invite d to submit a cove r le tter an d resumé to th e addres s below by Ma rc h 10 , 2023 at 4:30 p.m.


Ci ty of Camros e – At tent ion: Manage r of Park s

Communit y Se rv ic e Of fi ce Lo cation: 56 00-4 4 Avenue , Camrose, AB

Mailing Ad dress: 52 04 -50 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 0S 8

P: 78 0.672. 9195 | E: hr@cam ro se.c a | W: www.c am ro se.c a


Th e Ci ty of Camros e is seek in g a permanen t, full -t im e Au tomoti ve Te chnician for th e Flee t sectio n of th e Public Wo rk s depa rt ment This is a unionize d positio n unde r CUPE Lo ca l 1425 an d is inclusive of a tria l period as pe r th e Ar ti cl e 12.0 5 of th e Collecti ve Agre emen t.

FU NCTIONS/DUTI ES (but no t limite d to):

• I nspect, repair an d maintain ga s an d diesel powere d ve hicles , equipmen t, an d trailers May includ e at ta chment s such as fron t- en d loader, plow s or sweeper.

• Ad just or tear-d ow n equipmen t to repair, re plac e or rebuil d defective pa rt s, components or systems, as required

• Maintain a sa fe an d clea n work area

• Estimate time an d ma te rial cost s on ve hicle an d equipmen t re pairs.

• Conduc t sa fe ty i nspections an d qualit y checks on ve hicles an d equipmen t.

• Complete administrati ve document atio n an d ta sk s associated with re pairin g ve hicles , pa rt s usag e an d orders, an d accounting for re pair time s as rela ted to th e positio n an d jo b duties

• Ot he r re la ted duties as assigned


• High School Diplom a or GED equivalent

• Au tomoti ve Te chnician Journeyman ce rt if ic ate required with th e qualif ic ations to pe rfor m th e duties an d meet th e applicable re quirements of a mechanic an d as pe r th e Collecti ve Agreemen t.

• Heav y Du ty Mechanic Journeyman ce rt if ic ate is considered an asse t.

• Commercial Ve hicle I nspection License, or th e abilit y to obta in , is re quired

• Ex perience with variou s aspect s of equipmen t re pair as it rela tes to municipal equipmen t inve ntor y is considered an asse t.

• Excellen t interpersona l skills with th e abilit y to work well with ot hers an d prov id e technica l guidance in a profes sional manner

• Re liable with a st ro ng work ethic, with th e abilit y to exer t moderate / high physical st re ngth in moving an d li ft in g equipmen t, an d to work in a standing positio n for long period s of time

• Be commit ted to workin g as pa rt of a team an d workin g in a sa fe manner at al l times.

• St ro ng writ ten an d ve rbal communicatio n skills with th e abilit y to communicat e with th e public an d contractor s in a profes sional manner

• Va li d Clas s 3 driver ’s license with ai r endorsement is preferred, or th e willingness to obta in

HOUR S OF WO RK : Hour s of work are generall y 8: 00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. , Monday th ro ug h Fr iday Shif t work on-cal l an d over time will also be necessar y to addres s operationa l requirements

HOUR LY WAGE : $3 8. 02 per hour in accordance with th e CUPE 1425

Collecti ve Agre emen t. Additional premiums prov ided to th os e wh o hold two or mo re applicable Journeyman designations in accordance with th e Collecti ve Agre emen t.

A PPLICAT IONS : Individual s inte re sted in this positio n are invite d to submit a cove r le tter an d resumé to th e addres s below by Ma rc h 17, 2023 at 4:30 p.m. If applying by email, please ensu re job positio n is included in subjec t line We appreciate and consider all applications ; however, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacte d.


Ci ty of Camros e – At tent ion: Manage r of Flee t an d Shop

Mailing Ad dress: 52 04 -50 Avenue , Camrose, AB T4V 0S 8 P: 78 0.672.5513 | E: hr@cam

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 15
ro se.c a | W: www.c am ro se.c a ARTS COUNCIL WE CAN HELP! The Camrose Arts Council is o ering grants for Arts and Culture initiatives in Camrose. Visit our website to view the Arts and Culture Grant Funding Eligibility Policy and Grant Funding Application Form. Putting on a show? Need some money? The deadline of the first intake of 2023 is March 30 LANDFILL HOURS LANDFILL HOURS NEW NEW are now in effect are now in effect S unday . ........................ Closed Monday ........ 9:00am -4 :30p m Tuesday ........................ Closed Wednesday .. .9 : 00am -4 : 30pm Thursday ....................... Closed Friday ........... 9:00am -4 : 30pm Saturday ....... 9:00am -4 : 30pm



Proposed Bylaw 3256 -23

Pursuant to th e prov isions of th e Municipa l Gove rnment Ac t, Sectio n 60 6 of th e Revi se d St atutes of Al be rt a an d amendments thereto, PUBLIC NOTICE is he re by gi ve n that Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camros e gave fi rs t re ading to Bylaw 3256 -23 on Febr ua ry 27 2023

Th e purpos e of Bylaw 3256 -2 3 is to amend La nd Us e Bylaw 3 222-2 2 by removing th e maximu m widt h of a building in th e R4 – High Densit y Residentia l Di st rict , an d in re placemen t of th e maximu m widt h of a building , ad d additional wording to Section 9.7 to req uire enhancements to th e st ructure fo r building s that are wide r than 50.0 metres

A Public Hearing is schedule d to be held as follow s:

Date : Ma rch 27, 2023

Time : 5: 00 p. m.

Place: Camros e Ci ty Hall , 52 04-5 0 Avenue , Camrose, AB

Any person(s) wh o have an inte re st rega rd in g th e passing of Bylaw 3256 -23 are encouraged to at tend th e Public Hearin g in person to stat e their suppor t or objections

Any writ te n submission s to be considered by Ci ty Counci l are required to be submit ted no la ter than Ma rch 17, at 4: 00 p. m. by mail to:

Ki m Isaa k, Depu ty Ci ty Manage r, Ci ty of Camros e 5204 -50 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 0S 8 or by emai l to: kisaak@cam ro se.c a Notice is he re by gi ve n that Counci l may therea fter, withou t fu rt he r notice, procee d with fi na l a pproval of Bylaw 3256 -23 at th e regula r Counci l Meetin g on Ma rc h 27, 2023 . For additional in fo rmation, cont ac t Aa ro n Leck ie, Manage r of Planning an d Deve lopmen t Se rv ices phon e 78 0- 672- 4428 or emai l to aleckie@camro se.c a.



TA KE NOTICE that th e Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camrose, in th e Prov ince of Al be rt a, ha s gi ve n fi rs t reading to Borrow in g Bylaw 3261-23 wh ic h will, upon fi na l passag e an d a pproval , authorize th e proper of ficers of th e said Ci ty of Camrose to borrow monies from th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Capital Financin g Program or anothe r authorized fi nancial institutio n by way of debenture issues , to pay for th e cost of fi nancing th e followin g projec t:

Bylaw 3261-23 ~ As phaltic Pavement – Marler Drive from Mt Pleasant Drive to 68 Street

The total esti mated co st of the afor es aid projec t is $460 000 pe r the amount s out lined below:

Bene fi tt ing Ow ne rs (Finance d by Debentur e – 10 year s)

Municipality at Large (Finance d from Re se rves) .

Th e tota l ne t amount to be borrowed for th e ab ove projec ts on th e credit an d securi ty of th e Ci ty at la rge by th e issuance of a debenture is $175 ,924 Th e debenture is repayabl e to th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Capital Financin g Program or anothe r authorized fi nancial institutio n for a pe riod of 10 ye ars, th e annual inte re st rate is not to exceed 8. 0% , or th e inte re st rate as fi xe d from time to time by th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Capital Financin g Program or anothe r authorized fi nancial institution.

Th e Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camrose ha s determined that 10 0% of th e tota l amount to be borrowed will be repaid on credit of th e Ci ty of Camrose at la rge an d funded from th e annual proper ty ta x levy

N OW THEREFOR E NOTICE is he re by gi ve n by th e Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camrose that , unless a petition of th e elec to rs is received as prov ided for by th e term s of Sectio n 231 of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act, th e said Counci l may pass th e borrow in g by law.

Al l person s inte re sted are he re by notified an d th ey are required to gove rn themse lves accordingl y. Th e by law may be i nspected at th e of fice of th e Depu ty Ci ty Manage r.

Date d at th e Ci ty of Camrose, in th e Prov ince of Al be rt a this 27 day of Februa ry, 2023

Th e last da te of publicatio n of this notice is Ma rc h 14, 2023 Th e borrow in g by law will be presente d to Counci l at th e Ci ty of Camrose on April 10 at 5: 00 p.m.

Ki m Isaa k, Depu ty Ci ty Manage r 5204 -50 Avenue Camrose, Al be rt a T4V 0S 8

Pursuant to Sectio n 1( i) of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act an “e lector ” means:

A person wh o is eligible to vote in th e election for a councillor unde r th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Election Act.

Pursuant to Sectio n 47 (1) of th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Election Act, a person is eligible to vote in an election if th e person:

• Is at leas t 18 ye ar s ol d

• Is a Canadian ci ti ze n

• Resides in Al be rt a an d th e person’s plac e of residenc e is locate d in th e local jurisdiction on election day.

A petition may be made by th e Ci ty of Camrose elec to rs equa l in number to at leas t 10 % of th e population in accordance with th e prov isions of Sectio n 223(2) (a) of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act.

Th e petition for a vote must be received by th e Ci ty Manage r within (15) days af ter th e last da te of th e publicatio n of this notice an d shal l cont ai n on each page “a n identical stat emen t of th e purpos e of th e petition”. (Fur ther requirements of th e petition are prov ided in Sectio n 224 of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act.)


TA KE NOTICE that th e Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camrose, in th e Prov ince of Al be rt a, ha s gi ve n fi rs t reading to Borrow in g Bylaw 3262-23 wh ic h will upon fi na l passag e an d a pproval authorize th e proper of ficers of th e said Ci ty of Camrose to borrow monies from th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Capital Financin g Program or anothe r authorized fi nancial institutio n by way of debenture issues , to pay for th e cost of fi nancing th e followin g projec t:

Bylaw 3262-23 ~ Concrete Curb and Gutter – Marler Drive from Mt Pleasant Drive to 68 Street

The total esti mated co st of the afor es aid projec t is $420,000 pe r the amount s out lined below:

Bene fi tt ing Ow ne rs (Finance d by Debentur e – 20 year s) .$15 9,98 3

Municipality at Large (Finance d from Re se rves) . . . . .

26 0,017

Th e tota l ne t amount to be borrowed for th e ab ove projec ts on th e credit an d securi ty of th e Ci ty at la rge by th e issuance of a debenture is $159,983 Th e debenture is repayabl e to th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Capital Financin g Program or anothe r authorized fi nancial institutio n for a period of 20 years, th e annual inte re st rate is not to exceed 8. 0% , or th e inte re st rate as fi xe d from time to time by th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Capital Financin g Program or anothe r authorized fi nancial institution.

Th e Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camrose ha s determined that 10 0% of th e tota l amount to be borrowed will be repaid on credit of th e Ci ty of Camrose at la rge an d funded from th e annual proper ty ta x levy

N OW THEREFOR E NOTICE is he re by gi ve n by th e Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camrose that , unless a petition of th e elec to rs is rece ived as prov ided for by th e term s of Sectio n 231 of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act, th e said Counci l may pass th e borrow in g by law.

Al l person s inte re sted are he re by notified an d th ey are required to govern themse lves accordingl y. Th e by law may be i nspected at th e of fice of th e Depu ty Ci ty Manage r.

Date d at th e Ci ty of Camrose, in th e Prov ince of Al be rt a this 27 day of Februa ry, 2023 Th e last da te of publicatio n of this notice is Ma rc h 14, 2023 Th e borrow in g by law will be presente d to Counci l at th e Ci ty of Camrose on April 10 at 5: 00 p.m. Ki m Isaa k, Depu ty Ci ty Manage r 5204 -50 Avenue, Camrose, Al be rt a T4V 0S 8

Pursuant to Sectio n 1( i) of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act an “e lector ” means:

A person wh o is eligible to vote in th e election for a councillor unde r th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Election Act.

Pursuant to Sectio n 47 (1) of th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Election Act, a person is eligible to vote in an election if th e person:

• Is at leas t 18 ye ar s ol d

• Is a Canadian ci ti ze n

• Resides in Al be rt a an d th e person’s plac e of residenc e is locate d in th e local jurisdiction on election day.

A petition may be made by th e Ci ty of Camrose elec to rs equa l in number to at leas t 10 % of th e population in accordance with th e prov isions of Sectio n 223(2) (a) of th e Municipal Gove rnment Ac t.

Th e petition for a vote must be received by th e Ci ty Manage r within (15) days af ter th e last da te of th e publicatio n of this notice an d shal l cont ai n on each page “a n identical stat emen t of th e purpos e of th e petition”. (Fur ther requirements of th e petition are prov ided in Sectio n 224 of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act.)

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 16
. . . . . . . . . .$
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$28 4,076

Planning and Development update to council

Continued from page 14

Another major project, which Leckie said is exempt from taxation, is the Open Doors application for transitional housing. “This is a four-storey building containing more than 20 residential units located at the former site of the Gardner College on 47 Avenue and 56 Street.”

As of January 31 of this year we have processed $14.4 million of non-exempt construction value. We are extremely likely to meet a full year (generally $20 million) by the end of quarter one. There are other major and small development projects underway.”

Since the presentation to council the Planning and Development department are now processing a full year’s worth of construction value. “We’ve hit the $20 million number already six weeks into the year.”

Leckie added there are six other major development projects currently in the proposal stage most of which are in the advanced stage.

The projects include:

• a commercial mixed use and high density residential project on the

west end of Camrose currently going through a rezoning process;

• a high density residential development on the north side of Camrose (which would be the largest residential building in the city);

• a multi-storey commercial, retail and office development in downtown;

• a multi-storey professional service building in downtown;

• a multi-storey medical professional building near Mirror Lake (not the one currently under construction);

• and an expansion of an existing car dealership.

“We are looking at a really interesting development year.”

Councillor Agnes

Hoveland asked if in any of the residential developments, is there any appetite for a focus on affordable housing for those in need.

Leckie said there has not been and historically not been any, when it comes to setting stipulations like that for private development in Camrose.

The report was accepted as information.

Residents voice concerns to council during public meeting

On February 27, during the City of Camrose regular council meeting held at 5 p.m., several residents spoke during the Public Commentary raising concerns regarding topics including: the Smart City Alliance, the 15-minute City, digital IDs, surveillance, COVID restrictions, and the selection of the consulting company Green Space Alliance for assistance with the City’s Municipal Development Plan rewrite.

In response to some of the concerns brought forward during the meeting, City of Camrose manager Malcolm Boyd provided some background and insight into the City’s position on the matters.

“The public interest in these topics has been raised by several factors and Camrose is not unique in this regard,” said Boyd. “One factor is the recent social media interest initiated by the opposition to the Thorhild Land Use Bylaw review which was supported by the consulting company Green Space Alliance.”

According to Boyd, this is the same company that was successful in winning the tender to support the City of Camrose with the City’s current Municipal Development Plan rewrite.

“Since the Council



TA KE NOTICE that th e Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camrose, in th e Prov ince of Al be rt a, ha s gi ve n fi rs t reading to Borrow in g Bylaw 3263 -23 wh ic h will, upon fi na l passag e an d a pproval , authorize th e proper of ficers of th e said Ci ty of Camrose to borrow monies from th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Capital Financin g Program or anothe r authorized fi nancial institutio n by way of debenture issues , to pay for th e cost of fi nancing th e followin g projec t:

Bylaw 3263 -23 ~ Concrete Separate Sidewalk – Marler Drive from Mt . Pleasant Drive to 68 Street

The total esti mated co st of the afor es aid projec t is $480 ,000 pe r the amount s out lined below:

Bene fi tt ing Ow ne rs (Finance d by Debentur e – 20 year s) .$175,219 Municipality at Large (Finance d from Re se rves) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Th e tota l ne t amount to be borrowed for th e ab ove projec ts on th e credit an d securi ty of th e Ci ty at la rge by th e issuance of a debenture is $175 ,219 Th e debenture is repayabl e to th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Capital Financin g Program or anothe r authorized fi nancial institutio n for a pe riod of 20 years, th e annual inte re st rate is not to exceed 8. 0% or th e inte re st rate as fi xe d from time to time by th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Capital Financin g Program or anothe r authorized fi nancial institution.

Th e Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camrose ha s determined that 10 0% of th e tota l amount to be borrowed will be repaid on credit of th e Ci ty of Camrose at la rge an d funded from th e annual proper ty ta x levy

N OW THEREFOR E NOTICE is he re by gi ve n by th e Counci l of th e Ci ty of Camrose that unless a petition of th e elec to rs is received as prov ided for by th e term s of Sectio n 231 of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act, th e said Counci l may pass th e borrow in g by law.

Al l person s inte re sted are he re by notified an d th ey are required to gove rn themse lves accordingl y. Th e by law may be i nspected at th e of fice of th e Depu ty Ci ty Manage r.

Date d at th e Ci ty of Camrose, in th e Prov ince of Al be rt a this 27 day of Februa ry, 2023 Th e last da te of publicatio n of this notice is Ma rc h 14, 2023 Th e borrow in g by law will be presente d to Counci l at th e Ci ty of Camrose on April 10 at 5: 00 p.m.

Ki m Isaa k, Depu ty Ci ty Manage r

5204 -50 Avenue, Camrose, Al be rt a T4V 0S 8

Pursuant to Sectio n 1( i) of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act an “e lector ” means:

meeting on the 27th, we have learned that the City of Camrose is shown as a member of the Smart City Alliance on their website. According to the website, the City signed up as a member in February 2015,” explained Boyd.

“The City has no record of any motions of Council regarding membership of this Alliance. In addition, the City has not been involved with any projects or initiatives linked to the Smart Cities Alliance.”

In response to the citizens speaking at the February 27 meeting with concerns of Smart Cities Alliance initiatives resulting in future restrictions on their freedoms, Boyd commented, “On the topic of surveillance, the City of Camrose does use cameras for managing traffic safety and traffic flow at signaled intersections and for security purposes at our various facilities. We have also considered using cameras to assist with the dispatching of emergency vehicles to avoid blocked railway crossings and to assist with traffic counts.”

To view the regular council February 27 meeting in its entirety, visit the City of Camrose website at, click on Your Government/council meetings, live video stream/ new recordings.

A person wh o is eligible to vote in th e election for a councillor unde r th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Election Act.

Pursuant to Sectio n 47 (1) of th e Loca l Au thorit ie s Election Act, a person is eligible to vote in an election if th e person:

• Is at leas t 18 ye ar s ol d

• Is a Canadian ci ti ze n

• Resides in Al be rt a an d th e person’s plac e of residenc e is locate d in th e local jurisdiction on election day.

A petition may be made by th e Ci ty of Camrose elec to rs equa l in number to at leas t 10 % of th e population in accordance with th e prov isions of Sectio n 223(2) (a) of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act.

Th e petition for a vote must be received by th e Ci ty Manage r within (15) days af ter th e last da te of th e publicatio n of this notice an d shal l cont ai n on each page “a n identical stat emen t of th e purpos e of th e petition”. (Fur ther requirements of th e petition are prov ided in Sectio n 224 of th e Municipal Gove rnment Act.)


Building of f th e success of last ye ar ’s brea kf as t, we want to continue th e conversation with local smal l businesses abou t what is af fe ctin g th e business communit y.

Yo ur inpu t will help shap e economic deve lopmen t activities , includin g futu re gran t oppo rt unitie s an d shop local incentives as well as prov id e insigh t in to curren t oppo rt unitie s an d challenges

MARCH 22 , 2023

7:30 AM - 9:30 AM


Re gister by emailing KJohnson@Cam ro se.c a No cost for the event

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 17
. . . . . . . . . .$ 304,781

Agricultural Communications Committee 2023 Scholarship


Elig ibility Requirements:

• Students must be in Grade 10, 11 or 12

• Must be a resident of Camrose County

• Previous Ca mrose County schola rship award winners are ineligible

• Essay should be 1,000 to 1, 50 0 words in length OR video presentation should be 3 to 4 minutes in length

Please reference people interviewed or research material used for your essay or video presentation. (No Power Point presentations will be accepted this year.)

Submit entries to:

Camrose County Essay Contest 4238-37 St reet, Camrose AB T4V 5B2 or email to:

Please include the following as part of your subm ission: Full na me, mailing address, phone number, high school being attended and legal la nd description or ha mlet address.

Deadline: April 28 , 2023, 4:30 pm

Selected Topics:

Please select from one of the following:

1. What issues in Camrose County today impact you and why? Consider both positive and negative.

2. How do Government po licies, Federa l, Provincial, and Municipal, including land use bylaws, reduction of carbon em issions (fertilizers) etc. af fect farming?

The winner will be photographed for press releases and the essay or video presen tation will be posted on the Camrose County website.

For more information: Contact Corey Stuber 780- 672- 4765


Todd Luey

Kodiaks ready to face Oilers

The Camrose Kodiaks split a pair of 4-1 games against the Lloydminter Bobcats in Alberta Junior Hockey League action, February 24 and 25.

Camrose won at home on the strength of Nathan Sullivan’s two-goal performance. He opened the scoring in the first and the Kodiaks added to it when Levi carter netted a power play marker.

Sullivan scored his second goal in the middle frame before Lloydminster put one on the board. Carson Brisson closed the scoring in the third period. Goalie Freddie Halyk turned away 29 of 30 shots, while Camrose fired

27 on the Lloydminster net. It was the opposite in the border city as the Bobcats took charge in the third period. After a scoreless opening 20 minutes, Camrose scored on a shot off the stick of Owen Dean.

However, it was all Lloydminster in the third as they scored four straight tallies. The last one was into an empty net. Goalie Halyk stopped 21 of 24 shots he faced. The Kodiaks recorded 27 shots on goal.

Kodiaks goalie Halyk stopped all 19 shots he faced to record a shut out as his team blanked the Olds Grizzlys 7-0, February 19.

Seven different play-

ers on the Kodiaks scored a

goal in a total team effort. Camrose scored three goals in the first period to set the tone of the game. Owen Lansing, Callum Gau on a power play and Blake Green gave the Kodiaks the lead. In the middle frame, Dean on a power play, Ty Hodge on a power play, Ty Sauer and Noah Alvarez added insurance goals. Camrose fired 35 shots at the Olds net.

The Kodiaks now face the Okotoks Oilers in the first round. Playoffs will begin with Camrose hosting games on March 14 and 15 at 7 p.m. in the Recreation Centre. If a Game 6 is needed, it will be at 6 p.m. on March 19.

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Precision teams gain valuable experience

The Camrose Precision U18 and U15 volleyball clubs competed in the 37th annual Las Vegas Classic on February 18 and 19.

Camrose played in the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre against some

of the best teams in North America.

The U18 club finished fifth in Flight 2 and 43rd out of 55 teams. The U15 club placed sixth in Flight 1 and 46th out of 111 teams.

“It was an extraordinary opportunity to com-

pete under pressure. Both teams performed very well,” said coach Greg Ryan.

“Madi Dyck performed consistently well all weekend for the U18 team, and Abby Kruchten was the kill and block leader for the U15 team,” Greg added.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 19 780.672.3142 4925 -48 Street, Camrose 800,000 Business, Club, Team, Sc hool Promotional Produc ts from 800 suppliers. • Marketing • Branding • Give-Aways • Thank Yous SURPRISE PRICING 23032dg0
The Camrose Precision Volleyball U15 and U18 girls’ teams competed against some of the best teams in North America at the Las Vegas Classic.

Vikings women’s curling off to nationals

The Augustana Vikings women’s curling team’s intent focus and incredible teamwork has paid off as they prepare to head to the national stage competing in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) national championships in Sudbury, Ontario from March 15 to 19.

After winning the gold last year at the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) provincial championships, the team of five dedicated curlers set their “aim” for a spot at nationals this season and it paid off.

“We are currently ranked third among the women’s college teams in Alberta,” noted alternating second Hope Zimmerman, on behalf of the team. “This secured us a spot in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) nationals and we are excited to represent Augustana and the Camrose community on the national stage.”

Team members consist of fourth-year Augustana Political Science major Darby-Anne Swanson in the lead position. Darby has been curling since she was seven years old.

Alternating in second position are Hope Zimmerman, curling since she was 12 years old, and Claire Bevan-Stewart, curling since she was nine years old. Both team members are third-year Augustana Biology majors.

Second-year University of Alberta (north campus) Engineering Major, Bryn Woloshyn, is the team third and has been curling since she was nine years old.

In the position of team skip is Augustana thirdyear Physical Education and Kinesiology major, Josie Zimmerman. Josie has been curling since she was 12 years old.

The well oiled machine has been playing as a team for the past two years and agree that a vital element of successful playing is teamwork.

“Over the past two seasons, we have worked hard both on and off of the ice in order to create a space in which everyone feels com-

fortable,” said team member Claire. “Cohesiveness is very important in all competitive sports, however, in curling, a special on-ice dynamic is essential to the game. Since there are only four players on the ice, it is important to be able to openly communicate and share ideas. If a team is not able to communicate with each other properly, that can be detrimental to the team’s chances of success.”

For sisters Hope and Josie, the idea of team cohesiveness can also be attributed, in part, to family upbringing.

“Having a sister on the team is amazing,” said Josie. “I get to share the experiences firsthand with her and we

get to take the games home and reflect even more with each other. I have always played with my sister, so we have lots of good curling memories together.”

Beyond the strong bonds the team has developed at the rink, they also understand the importance of building community outside the game and are very grateful for the continued support and sponsorship from the community to help fund the program.

In a show of support, the public is invited to come out to a “Come and Go” send-off party for the Vikings team to be held on Thursday, March 9 at the Rose City Curling Club from 6 until 9:30 p.m.

Move Your Mood

activity, no matter what the activity or intensity, has been proven, over and over again, to improve overall physical and mental health.

As part of an overarching goal of improving mental and physical well-being for Camrosians, Alberta Health Services (AHS), Addiction and Mental Health, developed and is offering the Move Your Mood (MYM) program.

“MYM is an eight-week research-based program that uses physical activity to improve the mental and physical well-being of participants,” explained AHS Ad-

diction and Mental Health, Mental Health promotion facilitator Tammy Richard.

“The goal of MYM Older Adults, is to provide a fun and active opportunity for older adults to improve their mental and physical health through physical activities, healthy eating options for those on a limited budget, mindfulness practices and positive coping skills to deal with daily stress.”

The program will also help improve social connectedness and therefore decrease isolation and feelings of loneliness.

Richard reported that an estimated 30 per cent of

seniors experience social isolation and loneliness impacting their physical health, mental health and quality of life. “Move Your Mood is a program that can help promote well-being, social connections and health.”

Currently the Move Your Mood program is offered in Camrose to youth and postpartum mothers, however, AHS Mental Addiction and Mental Health saw a need to expand the program to the older adult population.

The Move Your Mood program is being delivered in collaboration with an AHS Mental Health Promotion facilitator–Addiction and Mental Health; an AHS registered dietitian; a Camrose Healthy Living Centre kinesiologist and Camrose and District Support Services Older Adult support worker and advocate.

“We are grateful for the donation of funds from AHS Community Capacity Grant funds, both Rotary Clubs of Camrose and the Camrose Wellness Coalition that will help strengthen the resiliency of older adults and build the capacity for future programming,” said Richard. “These monies ensure equitable access for all participants accessing this

Currently, the team is hosting a silent auction, and there will be a raffle at the March 9 event, with all proceeds going towards team expenses for attending the nationals.

“The team hopes for a good turnout at the event,” said Hope, adding how thankful they are for the generous support of Camrose businesses. “The team would also like to acknowledge the tremendous support the Rose City Curling Club has contributed to the Augustana curling program.”

With little time until Nationals, the team is hard at work practicing and preparing for the huge competition and opportunity to show what makes them so successful.

“This will be my second time going to Nationals,” said Darby-Anne. “Getting the chance to play on the national stage and represent Augustana is so special. The whole atmosphere and experience is something I will never forget. I am excited to go back again and hopefully medal this time.”

Once again, proving their prowess in the sport, the Vikings Women’s Curling team brought home silver medals from provincials held March 3 to 5 at Vermilion.

For more information on the silent auction, visit Instagram: aug_curling or Facebook: Team Zimmerman.

program.” Funds cover the costs of transportation to reduce the barrier for some in attendance, healthy snacks each week, occupational therapy designed walking poles and exercise bands. When not in use, the walking poles will also be available to borrow by those older adults who access programming at the Camrose Senior Centre.

With a goal to offer the program a few times a year, the hopes are to have as many people as possible access and benefit from the program.

“We are thrilled to offer MYM in our community and

support individuals to improve mental and physical well-being through healthy lifestyle practices, so they may be active and healthy for life,” concluded Richard. For more information on the MYM program contact, Tammy Richard at tammy.richard@

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, contact Alberta Health Services–Seniors Mental Health Program at 780-679-1241 or the Older Adult Support Worker with Camrose and District Support Services by telephone at 780-673-1388.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 20
Submitted Pictured left to right are the members of the Vikings women’s curling teams, Darby-Anne Swanson, Hope Zimmerman, Claire Bevan-Stewart, Bryn Woloshyn and Josie Zimmerman. Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Pictured left to right are Rotary Club of Camrose president Tina Myles presenting a donation of $500 to AHS Health promotion facilitator with Addiction and Mental Health Tammy Richard with Move Your Mood participant Debrah Miniaci. Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak public relations Christina Rebus, right, presented a donation of $500 to AHS Health promotion facilitator with Addiction and Mental Health Tammy Richard, centre, with MYM participant Kathy Stables.

Skyliner offered a hard top retractable

Richard Heitman of Tofield owns a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner.

“I purchased this car in 1980. A guy from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan was bringing in the car from the United States into Canada. A lot of cars from down there are rust free. It was sitting in Prince Albert and a couple wanted it because it had the retractable roof,” shared Richard.

The Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner is a two-door fullsize retractable hardtop convertible, manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company for model years 1957–59.

“They bought it and he did the paint job on it, put in new seats and a few others things that needed to be done. They brought it down to Camrose and then they didn’t use very much, so they put it up for sale. A buddy of mine bought it. I did some work on another car for him and he wanted a 1958, so I bought this car off of him. I found him a rust free 1958, so he was happy,” explained Richard.

“Through the years, I’ve done the engine, transmission, door panels and anything it needed, I did. Basically, it is an original car with a paint job,” continued Richard.

“I had a 1958 Ford before, because I like the style

and fins of a Fairlane 500. This car is actually longer than the standard Ford of the day. The fins are more pronounced and I really like that,” said Richard.

“I have experience with the 292 Y block engines and


For the model year 1959, the name changed to Ford Fairlane 500 Galaxie Skyliner shortly after production began.

Falling in Ford’s Fairlane 500 range, the Skyliner Retractable was only the second car in history to be mass-produced with a retractable hardtop (following the 1938 Peugeot 402 Eclipse Décapotable; the first to reach four and five-digit mass-production numbers and the first series produced coupé convertible to feature a roof using two segments. At its introduction, the Skyliner was the only true hardtop convertible.

The Skyliner’s retractable top operated via a complex mechanism that folded the front of the roof and retracted it under the rear deck lid. Instead of the typical hydraulic mechanisms, the Skyliner top used seven reversible electric motors, four lift jacks, a series of relays, ten limit switches, 10 solenoids, four locking mechanisms for the roof and two locking mechanisms for the trunk lid. Fuel consumption was around 14 mpg-US (17 L/100 km; 17 mpg-imp) overall.

Two manual transmissions, a three-speed, threespeed overdrive and a three-speed Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission were available. Starting in 1958, Cruise-O-Matic was added, which provided a second drive range, allowing for an intermediate gear start.

always liked those and the 312 engines. This one is a 292. You buy a car like this for cruising. It is the right size of engine for that. You are not going to the drag strip with this car, you are cruising with the top down and enjoying the weather,” Richard said.

The 272 engine was also available in 1957.

“I’ve had the car in lots of parades through the years. I’ve gone to the Camrose car show a few times. The colour of the car is matched to the original. The model of the car on the dash is the identical colour as it was as well. The colours are colonial white and coral sand,” he added.

“I have the original hub caps and wheels with bias-ply tires on them, but they are not as good. When I drive these cars, I prefer the mags for a smoother ride. I kept with the whitewalls even though they are radials,” said Richard.

“The first year this car came out they researched the top for a Continental.

They decided they wouldn’t sell enough Continentals to make the top pay for itself, so they put them into the regular Fords. The first year they sold about 21,000, the second year 14,000 and the third year the sales

(12,000) of retractable were falling so they decided not to build them any more,” Richard explained. “They thought the regular convertibles were cutting into the sales, so they quit making the retractable.”

Old Ride?

If you have a vintage ride (rebuilt or original) or even if you’re in the midst of a build: street, rat or restoration, we’d lik e to profile your projec t.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 21
The automotive section of
RETRACTABLE SKYLINER Murray Green, Camrose Booster Richard Heitman searched for a great condition 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner to replace the one he had in his younger years. The touring car is ideal for parades and cruising the streets in Tofield and Camrose.
Contact Murray Green, News Repor ter Phone 780.672.3142 Email

Tsunami club home meet

With their feet planted firmly on the ground, or perhaps flippers in the water, after a long time of waiting to be able to get back full time in the home pool, the Camrose Tsunami Lifesaving club is in full swing and are pleased to showcase the athletes’ abilities in a home meet held on March 10 and 11.

“The Camrose Tsunami is a swim team that competes at lifesaving, the same skills a lifeguard would use,” explained head coach Heather Barr.

The Camrose Tsunami is a City of Camrose operated team affiliated with the Lifesaving Society, an organization that has ties to the Royal Lifesaving Society with Commonwealth and the International Lifesaving Society.

“Some team members are employed with the city as lifeguards,” noted Mayer Aquatic Centre manager Christine McCord. “We look to the participants in the program to become lifeguards, it is one of many paths where we seek out our future employees.”

According to Barr, the sport of lifesaving uses competitions to hone the skills of the athletes. “This sport is inclusive and diverse. It is a sport that offers new opportunities; as the athlete ages, national and international competition is not available until the athlete is at least 15 years of age.”

On the international stage, the open category (19-30 years old) is a highly competitive group, attracting Olympic swimmers and runners to the competition. After 30, these athletes compete at the Masters level. “It’s always impressive to see athletes over the age of 70 still competing.”

Recently, athletes from the Camrose club and surrounding communities had the opportunity to compete in Italy at the International Lifesaving Championship. These athletes were selected to be apart of Team Canada. The competition included pool and surf rescue events.

“The calibre of athletes who attended the event was incredible,” said Barr adding that a large number of Olympians were there.

“The athletes from our community came home with a lot of knowledge

which they are sharing by being coaches with the local team.”

And it would seem the excitement and desire to be a part of this growing club has caught on, with the Club boasting 116 swimmers, after start up in October.

“We have expanded our groups to offer more to the community,” said Barr. “For this season, in addition to our main group, we have added Puddle Jumpers, which is aimed at the younger, novice swimmer, an Intro to Masters, which is aimed at the adult swimmer with little to no experience, and a Masters group, which is aimed to the adult swimmer who wants to compete, or who is there for a social opportunity.

“We still have our recreational groups for athletes who are wanting to practice their swimming skills or prepare to be a lifeguard.”

The home swim meet, a regional event attracts approximately 200 swimmers from around Alberta.

“On the Friday night, we are running the Supersaver event and Simulated Emergency Rescue Competition (SERC). SERC is one of the favorite events for both athletes and spectators,” said Barr encouraging anyone to come out and see it in person.

“Athletes are kept secluded from the pool deck until it is time for their team to come out and evaluate a unique scene set-up in the pool. We use live actors, props and manikins to simulate some kind of catastrophic event that could actually happen. Athletes are in a team of four people and have two minutes to clear the pool of all casualties. The team is marked on how they manage the scene and manage each casualty. It is an event where athletes put all of their lifesaving skills together and where two minutes is never enough time.”

On Friday, March 10 the competitions begin at 5 p.m., and Saturday, March 11 at 8 a.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For more information on the Camrose Tsunami, visit the City of Camrose website at www.camrose. ca/en/recreation-andleisure/programs-andcourses.aspx.



go out to the

CAMROSE 780-672-2572 WE TASKIWIN 780-352-7191 VEGREVILLE 780-632-4987 VIKING 780-336-3400 HARDIST Y 780-888-3555 CORONATION 403-578-3551 (2020) Inc. March 13 to April 30, 2023 • Duron High Performance 15W-40 • Duron Ultra High Performance 5W-40 Synthetic • Traxon 80/90 • Hydrex MV32 • Duratran 50¢/L DISCOUNT ON SELECT Petro Canada Lubricants All package sizes:
Congratulations Special Olympics Alberta Camrose affiliate athletes and coaches bowling team, Cheryl Carter, Jody St. Onge, coach Tony St. Onge, Chris Hoecher, Dennis Sturrock, Kyle Atkinson and coach Faye St. Onge who brought home silver medals from the Special Olympics Alberta Winter Games.

Team effort earns top Sisters award

Green Covenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital Camrose has presented the Sisters of Providence Award since its creation in 2007.

This year, the Provincial Post COVID-19 Early Supported Discharge Team received the top honour.

“A pilot project known as Provincial Post COVID-19 Early Supported Discharge was realized through the support and collaboration of many people and teams across Covenant Health and Alberta Health Services, and it started/delivered from here at St. Mary’s Hospital,” said site administrator Cherylyn Antymniuk.

All Sisters of Providence nominees received a Mission Rose and were recognized at a celebration on Thursday, February 23 in the St. Mary’s Hospital Chapel.

“You and your small rehab team used virtual therapy to treat those clients suffering from post COVID-19 symptoms in unserved, rural areas throughout the province,” Cherylyn added.

Nominations were Natasha Smith, Claudia Chow, Dana Norton, Gladys Holdsworth, Lisa Olson, Sandy Bilyk and the Provincial Post COVID-19 Early Supported Discharge Team.

“You and your small contingent of allied health therapists from both Covenant Health and AHS residing in both rural and urban locations, worked together and successfully complete a three month trial of service to rave reviews from both staff and clients who were enrolled in the program. Your participation on this transdisciplinary team of rehabilitation professionals and support staff provided personalized rehabilitation

therapy virtually over the course of the 12 week pilot program and transformed the lives of post COVID-19 patients in rural Alberta,” explained Cherylyn.

The award’s purpose is to annually recognize an individual or team who demonstrates one of Covenant Health’s six core values: stewardship, compassion, integrity, respect, collaboration and social justice.

“You and your team demonstrated the feasibil-

ity of this type of program as a means to fill a gap in service for rural clients,” she continued.

Members of the Provincial Post COVID-19 Early Supported Discharge Team were Gail Elton-Smith, Sarah Arsenault, Rhina Delgado, Alyssa Rose, Cat Paterson, Andrea Oiffer, Caelyn Adamson, Sandy Bilyk, Kelly HarrisonMiles, Whitney McKenzie and Dana Norton.

“Your team reflected the values and strategic priorities of Covenant Health, by building strong partnerships with clients, families, stakeholders and care partners to achieve health and healing, optimization of resource utilization/stewardship, exceeding performance expectations in quality of service, acute care optimization through early supported discharge to create system capacity through the creation of high performing services based on integration, innovation and evidence,” said Cherylyn.


Murray Green, Camrose Booster

The award is selected by a committee, comprised of community board members, leadership and spiritual care. They are awarded with a letter of achievement, a Sisters of Providence plaque, a provincial educational opportunity of choice and a seat on the St. Mary’s Hospital Mission Alive committee.

R ED S EAL AUTO S ERVICE TECHNICIAN Reli able serv ice. Electrical diagnostic s. Ca n fi x all ma ke s & models . We repair you ex plore! 38 31D-44 Ave. Ca mros e • 78 0- 67 8- 0393 D& D Vehicle Sa les & Serv ice 3760-48 Avenue, Camrose 780.672.4400 • Chev • GMC • Ford • Do dge • BMW • Volkswagen • Toyota • Ch rysler • Mercedes • Audi • Nissan • Buick • Cadillac • Honda • Hyundai WE SERVICE / REPAIR ALL BRAN DS ~ domestic and import ~
The Provincial Post COVID-19 Early Supported Discharge Team earned the Sisters of Providence Award at St. Mary’s Hospital. From left, Cat Paterson, Sandy Bilyk, Alyssa Rose, Gail Elton-Smith, Caelyn Adamson and Dana Norton. Missing is Andrea Oiffer, Whitney McKenzie, Rhina Delgado, Kelly Harrison-Miles and Sarah Arsenault.

Wilson, Ms. Marvel, representation

Thor, Captain America, Iron Man…Kamala Khan. Writing these names next to each other reminds me of a Sesame Street song: “One of things is not like the other”. A hulking godman who looks like a “pirate and an angel had a baby”, the embodiment of white America, a billionaire playboy asserting the unquestioned triumph of STEM and a 16-yearold Pakistani-American comic fangirl.

When Marvel announced Khan as Ms. Marvel in 2013, there were predictable complaints from the Internet’s gutters. But that whining has been drowned out by critical praise, distinguished awards, and a Disney+ live-action series. The Marvel Cinematic Universe now features a brown teenager from New Jersey next to ripped, white dude-bros.

As a Marvel fan, I’m as enamoured with the likes of Thor as much as anyone else. But I was equally impressed and excited when Disney+ started advertising for their Ms. Marvel series. This wasn’t just a “token” presence. The comic book series won Hugo and American Book Awards. Both commercial success and the character’s uncompromised complexity demonstrates how Ms. Marvel’s diversity is more than window-dressing. It’s representative of real-life, modern human experience in North America for many.

G. Willow Wilson, the co-creator and original writer for the comic book series, is as unique as her superhero. She’s an American convert to Islam who writes both comics and novels. She writes for DC, Marvel, Vertigo comics, including X-Men, Superman, and Wonder Woman. She’s written her memoir (The Butterfly Mosque) about her conversion experience and life in Egypt when she was in her 20s. Her next novel, Alif the Unseen, won awards and her most recent novel, The Bird King, received rave reviews. Like Khan, Wilson has had her share of pushback from both American and Muslim audiences. Wilson is a talented writer appealing to an audience that doesn’t subscribe to the American political values and dogma that flourished after 9/11, and within a space long dominated by male novelists.

While she addresses religious intolerance and gender politics, Wilson’s writing isn’t an education on women’s rights or Islam itself. She writes fiction not theology, comics not tracts.

With Khan, for example, Wilson imagines one narrative within a particular cultural and historical context, formed through a defined genre. Readers can see themselves in this narrative more readily than one from another planet, another time, or another tax bracket.

Other artists can be inspired to portray their own narratives. In other words, Wilson doesn’t use her platform as a mode to communicate ideas or teach people how to get Islam right. She does what good writers do: she entertains.

People enjoy seeing themselves reflected in characters and their stories. Artists are energized by seeing new interpretations of traditional expressions. The significance of Khan’s portrayal of Islam in popular culture is captured in fans’ enjoyment. Wilson’s achievement isn’t boiled down to increasing “diversity” nominally or creating a new box to check. Rather, it’s in her approach to telling Kamala’s story as a teenager with common struggles who wrestles with her Pakistani Muslim heritage, while learning how to be herself, a loyal friend, a good family member…and a superhero. Wilson demonstrates that intimidating ideas like “diversity” and “inclusion” can be fun.

All of this isn’t to downplay the seriousness of equity or the problems of structural exclusion. Neither is it to say Wilson’s approach is the only way to think about religious representation in popular culture. Instead, it is to see how the importance of presence for a marginalized or under-represented community is in its contribution to demonstrating the infinite range of human experience.

Fiction, especially comics, explores this range publicly, showing us that expanding the imagination through various accounts of growing up in North America is a valued part of our cultural makeup. Seeing how a character like Khan can make a positive difference may help other authors who take religion seriously to find their voice and explore different ways to express their religious experience in popular culture.

Joyce Veronica Palamar

Joyce Veronica Palamar (nee Bilyk), formerly of Camrose, Alberta, passed away peacefully and surrounded by her family on March 1, 2023.

Joyce was the youngest of 15 siblings raised by her parents Joseph and Amelia Bilyk. The family farmed in the Mundare area during Joyce’s childhood. After completing her education in Mundare, Joyce made the big move to Edmonton, where she obtained employment with Woodwood’s Department Store in the accounting department and modelled as well.

It was during her modelling days when she met her future husband Tony Palamar. Joyce and Tony were married in 1954 and raised four children in Edmonton and Camrose.

In addition to raising a family, Joyce pursued careers in retail and business. Mom was an avid gardener, excellent cook and enthusiastically supported her children’s academic and sporting activities. Her love of travel led her to tour many countries throughout the world.

Joyce is survived by her children Daniel Palamar (Pamela), Cindy BizonSawchuk, Kenton Palamar (Christa) and Koreen Beaumont (Gary); nine grandchildren; and 15 great-grandchildren. Mom is also survived by her dearest brother Orest Bilyk, and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

A celebration of Mom’s life will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 9, 2023 at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church in Camrose, Alberta.

In lieu of flowers, kindly forward donations to Capital Care Grandview LTC or a charity of your choice.

To send condolences, please visit www.burgarfuneralhome. com

Phone 780-672-2121

“Dedicated service since 1906”

Marion was born in Ponoka to Gordon and Katherine Latimer on February 16, 1936. She was the eldest of four children: Larry, Doug and Jean. They lived on the family farm, where Marion attended Lundgren School. When Marion was 16, they moved to Ponoka, where she got a job working at the Ponoka General Hospital with her mother in the kitchen. While living in Ponoka, Marion met and later married Harold in 1958. Debbie was born and raised in Ponoka; Marion’s only child. Harold and Marion later divorced. In 1979, Don Saunders and Marion were married and lived in Camrose, with Don’s daughter, Sharon. Marion took great pride in her cooking and baking skills, professionally and for her family and friends. While in Camrose, she worked at St. Mary’s Hospital for 26 years as one of the head cooks. Even as societal norms changed, Marion was always insistent on cooking in her white skirt uniform, as she would say that slacks are for the garden. Marion enjoyed walks to feed the swans for which Camrose was famous, as well as cruises in her classic car. She also enjoyed numerous bus trips to places far and near.

The summer of 2017 brought Marion back to Ponoka, selling her home of nearly 40 years in Camrose, so that she could be closer to family. She made new old friends again in Ponoka, and enjoyed many visits from family, neighbours and friends.

Marion passed away suddenly after a short admittance at the Ponoka General Hospital on February 14, 2023.

Marion’s family would like to thank everyone for their support at this time. We are so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family.

Marion will be lovingly remembered by her daughter Debbie (Kelvin) Riley; grandchildren Lynnsey (Andrew) Riley, Chelsey (Sean) Butcher, and Bradley (Katlyn) Riley; great-grandchildren Nicholas and Nathaniel Riley, Brielle and Taight Riley, and Sloane and Marshall Butcher; as well as many other family members and friends.

Marion was predeceased by her parents Gordon and Katherine Latimer; siblings Larry Latimer, Doug Latimer, and Jean Rinehart; and stepdaughter Sharon Saunders.

A Funeral Service to celebrate Marion’s life was held at the Ponoka Funeral Home at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 25, 2023.

To express condolences to Marion’s family, please visit

Arrangements Entrusted to Ponoka Funeral Home ~ A Wombold Family Funeral Home ~

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 24
Available for publication in The Camrose Booster Ask for our 24-page booklet of poetry. Words of comfort to remember someone special. 4925-48 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-3142 Email
Joseph R. Wiebe, Religious Studies, University of Alberta Augustana Campus
Memorial Poems
Marion Saunders

Cameron Noel Thompson

February 2, 1928 ~ February 22, 2023

Our beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather Cameron Noel Thompson passed away peacefully on February 22, 2023 after a short illness.

Cameron was born on February 2, 1928 to Willie and Ruth Thompson in the Edberg/Ferry Point area, where he lived for most of his life. On October 19, 1951, he married the love of his life, Frieda Boden. They were blessed with three children Roger, Rita and Cathy.

Farming was his passion. Horses, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, donkeys, cats and dogs were all part of this passion, along with the mainstay of grain farming. For many years, he enjoyed the harvest season alongside his brother Kenneth.

Cameron was a faithful member of the Edberg Elks and a founding member of the Edberg Elks Rodeo. He enjoyed big game hunting trips every fall to the Nordegg area with his friends, mountain horseback riding with his son and grandsons, spectating at his grandchildren’s sports activities, annual trips to the Ponoka Stampede, Sunday family dinners at the farm, and camping with family and friends. Cameron was known as always willing to lend a helping hand, and as the community “water witcher”, who found water for hundreds of rural farms around Edberg and beyond.

He was known to his family as the peaceful, calm, patient and kind head of the family.

Left to cherish his memory are his wife Frieda; his son Roger (Debbie) Thompson; daughters Rita (Dave) Giles, and Cathy (Mike) Cockcroft; eight grandchildren Jason, Jordan (Lindsay) and Ashley (Phil); Lisa (Kevin), Kris (Lori) and Kelly (Craig); Dylan (Cassandra) and Dane; and eleven great-grandchildren Finley and Violet; Piper and Miller; Kira and Lexi; Jackson and Claire; Vada and Beau; Cohen; and many other relatives and friends.

Cameron was predeceased by his parents Ruth and Willie; brothers Kenneth, Wilmer, and Jim; and infant sister Ruth Ann.

A Funeral Service was held at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, March 6, 2023, at CityLights Church with Rev. Brian Hunter officiating.

If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions in Cameron’s memory may be made to Saving Grace Animal Shelter.

The family would like to thank the nurses and doctors on Unit 2 at St. Mary’s Hospital for the excellent care their dad received.

To send condolences, please visit

Fred Dunster

Fred Dunster passed away peacefully on February 23, 2023 at the Jubilee Lodge in Edmonton, Alberta.

Born in Athabasca, Alberta, Fred grew up in Vancouver. In 1960, he and Carol were married and moved to Victoria. Five years later, the couple moved to Edmonton, where they raised their three kids and welcomed a number of pets into their family. They spent their family summers at Garner Lake, where Fred was passionate about outdoor activities like fishing, gardening, golfing, curling and practising carpentry.

Fred worked at Ash Temple for forty-four years, and his enduring professional relationships were a testament to his dedicated work ethic and easy-going personality. After retiring, Fred and Carole moved first to Garner Lake, and then to Camrose, where they quickly built a community of friends and neighbours.

After Carol’s passing, Fred relocated to the Edmonton area, where his children and grandchildren loved having him near. Fred was a loving father and grandfather, whose caring, social personality made a positive impact on all those around him.

Fred was predeceased by his parents George and Rose; brother Reg; sister Barb; and his wife Carol. He will be lovingly remembered by his son Michael (Birgit); his daughters Karen and Christine (Darren); and his grandchildren Ben, Max, and Annika; as well as many extended family members and friends. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him.

The family of Anthony Heslenfeld

…would like to express our greatest appreciation to the following: Father Danial D’Souza from Our Lady of the Prairies Catholic Church in Daysland for being present for us and for being Anthony’s good friend in Christ this past one-and-a-half years. Thanks to Colin Yuha and staff of Burgar Funeral Home for the compassionate guidance we received while making funeral arrangements, and for directing the beautiful celebration of his life on Tuesday, February 28.

We also want to thank the staff and his new friends at Bethany Meadows for helping make him feel at home for only two short months unfortunately. Thank you to all in the Daysland community and Providence Place for your support and love these past 10-plus years.

Thank you to all of you who sent donations to Dad’s favourite charities (Our Lady of the Prairies Catholic Church, Daysland, and Hegre Church, where he is now buried), and for all the beautiful flowers from Holland and from Canada.

The family of Joseph Michael Orcheski

…would like to thank the Camrose Palliative Home Care Team, Dr. Letley and Dr. Snyman for all the care given to Joe during his long battle with cancer. A big thank you to Bart Orr and Burgar Funeral Home for all the assistance and support during the funeral. Thank you to the CWL for the beautiful lunch.

I cannot express my gratitude and love enough to the Neil and Rob Hanoski families for all their help and support to Joe these last few years. We could not have asked for better neighbours.

In memory of Christine Marie Zarski (Black)

April 6, 1978 ~ March 10, 2021

In our hearts, your memory lingers, Always tender, fond and true; There is not a day, That we do not think of you. Always remembered and loved by your family

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 25 For more information on The Camrose Booster Obituary Page, contact your funeral director or the Camrose Booster Over 110 years of dedicated service Phone 780.672.2121 4817-51 Avenue, Camrose Recorded Obituary Line: 780-679-2400 Daysland: 780-374-3535 • Burial and Cremation Services • Pre-arranged Funeral Plans • Monument Sales and Service Batt le River Communit y Foundation Box 1122 Ca mrose, AB T4V 4E7 Phone 78 0- 679- 04 49 Who are the BRCF board members? Ou r ni ne Di rectors are appointed for three-year terms by a Comm it tee of Nomi nators wh ich consists of si x publ icly appointed or elected leaders. Di rectors are communit ymi nded individuals who reside in the area served by the Foundation Governance policies rega rd ing Board appointments are st rict ly followed Q. A. Honour your depa rted fr iend or relative …w it h a memorial gift that will do good in their na me forever. Blai n Fowler Ambassador 78 0- 672-314 2 ExperienceExpertiseand 4918-51 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-8851 Estate Planning • Wills • Enduring Power of Attorney • Personal Directives Estate Administration • Legal services associated with probate of the will
– Georgina and the Orcheski and Foss families
Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”
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Rodin signs with University of Regina Rams

all depends,” added coach Mark.


Brad Rodin signed a letter of intent to join the University of Regina Rams football program next season.

“I’m extremely excited. It’s a program with a lot of history of winning. It is somewhere that I can fit in right away and make an impact on and off the field,” said Brad.

“A lot of universities talked to me, but Regina felt right to me and I had a good connection with Mark (McConkey, head coach) and all of the other coaches. It made the decision really easy. They lost a couple players in my position, so they feel I can come in and make an impact early,” he explained.

Brad is taking a combined degree in education and kinesiology.

“Right from day one, watching his highlight tape, we were blown away. Every time I watched him he seemed to get better and better. About a year ago we identified him on our list of top prospects in western Canada. From there he made Team Alberta, we watched him, he came to our league camp and we saw him in person. We have been staying in touch ever since,” said coach Mark.

“He was high on our board and we are happy to get him. He is going to be an impact player early in his career. We play a 30

front so he could play nose tackle or boundary end. It depends what defence we are playing,” coach Mark added.

“It is a hard position to play and with injuries, he will be playing soon if not right away. We had three d-linemen last year and all three are gone. We had the best d-line in Canada last

year, so we know that we will be younger. We are not afraid to play an 18-yearold in that position, so he could come in right away or be in a rotation to get reps. It is going to be earlier than he thinks,” coach Mark continued.

Brad played his minor football with the Camrose Buffaloes, before playing

high school football for the OLMP Royals.

“We always bring our d-line out for what we call an elephants package. We make throws to them, a few runs and find other ways to use the big defensive guys (including blocking on short yardage plays) to make it fun. He will be on some special teams, it

Brad also played on Football Alberta’s Team Alberta as a defensive tackle. Brad has played every position except kicker to make him quicker and a better athlete.

“We finished in second place last year. Our defence led the way last year. This year, on offence we didn’t lose anyone (one starter), so we hope the offence will carry us until our defence gains experience. In Canada West, any team can win on any given day. We lost by three points to the University of Saskatoon and they went on to the Vanier Cup. It is that close. We are right there,” Mark said.

He excelled at the Canada Cup, the highest level for U18 football to draw interest from several universities.

“I was like a kid in a candy store when I heard he wanted to sign with us. I’m so excited and the number one goal is getting him a degree. He also want to win a Vanier Cup, so that is our goal,” said coach Mark.

OLMP athletic director Ryan Popowich said “He has been a big part of our football and athletic program. He is a multi-sport athlete at our school. It is awesome to see all of the success that you have had and we wish you continued success.”

Basketball Vikings, curlers earn silver medals

The Augustana Vikings compete in the 2022-23 Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference.


Augustana Vikings won 4-3 in overtime and tied 2-2 against the NAIT Ooks to place second in the league and earn a first round bye in the playoffs, February 24 and 25.

Conrad Phillips of the Vikings scored in overtime to give Camrose the two points in the first meeting.

NAIT scored the lone tally in the opening period. In the middle frame, defenceman Ben Stollery scored on a power play to even the game. However, the Ooks responded three minutes later to re-take the lead. In the middle frame, Jack Hamly garnered a tally for Augustana, but NAIT scored again. The Vikings fought back with one second left on the clock when Owen Lamb scored to force overtime.

Goalie Daniel Moody stopped 26 of 29 shots directed his way. Augustana counted 27 shots on goal.

In the rematch, both teams scored in the first and second periods. The

third period and overtime didn’t determine a winner, but it didn’t matter to the Vikings. The single was good enough to clinch second place and a bye in the first round. Lamb and Phillips scored the goals for the Vikings. Goalie Rett Rook stopped 29 of 31 shots directed his way. Augustana fired 18 shots on the NAIT cage.

The Vikings finished in second place with 32 points after 24 games and an 14-72-2 record.

The next home games will be on March 10 and 12 in Camrose against NAIT.


The Augustana women’s basketball team played Lethbridge in the first round of playoffs on March 2 and won 65-57.

Tayah Fiveland led the offensive charge with 28 points, while Camryn De Klerk chipped in with 17.

Augustana took on St. Mary’s Lightning in the second round on March 3 and went on to earn silver

medals. More information will be available in next week’s issue.

The women’s team finished in second place with 26 points and a 13-7 record.

The men’s squad lost 76-74 to Northwest (Grande Prairie) in the first round of playoffs.

Nic Harder with 21 points, Ryan Degner with 18 and Tyler Weenick with 17 led the offence in the playoffs.

The Vikings finished in fourth place with 20 points

and a 10-10 record.


Augustana Vikings volleyball women’s team won 3-0 against Ambrose in the second round of the playoffs on February 23. The scores were 25-16, 25-17 and 25-19. Shae Boyes led with nine kills, Sarah Dedrick counted 26 assists and Boyes recorded 10 digs.

The Vikings faced the Lethbridge Kodiaks in the third round and won 3-1, 23-25, 25-16, 25-19 and 2624 to advance to the goldsilver medal match.

Boyes crushed it with 18 kills, Dedrick earned 34 assists and Rebecca Olenick garnered 11 digs.

The Vikings collected the silver when they were eliminated by the Lakeland Rustlers in the final.

Boyes with seven kills, Dedrick with 17 assists and Olenick with nine digs led the team in the final match.


The Vikings women’s and men’s curling teams earned silver medals at the championships hosted by Lakeland, March 3 to 5.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 27
Murray Green, Camrose Booster OLMP student Brad Rodin, left, and University of Regina Rams coach Mark McConkey show a jersey that indicates that the Grade 12 athlete will be joining the Rams in 2023. Murray Green, Camrose Booster The Augustana Vikings hockey team received a bye in the first round of playoffs.

Helpful Tips for Writing Classified Ads Which Get Results!

Be Thorough

Sure you want your ad to stand out from the rest, but don’t skimp on the sort of information that sells. The item’s condition, size, age, brand name, and colour are some of the basics readers want to know. Without them, your ad may be overlooked.

Steer Clear of Abbreviations

Okay, so you want to include all the important basics. Don’t use strange abbreviations because our ads are designed to spell all the important details. Besides, you are not paying by the line, but by the word, so there is really no need to abbreviate.

Be Honest Exaggerating your item’s finer points may bring in a lot of responses, but a buyer who’s misled won’t appreciate it and will take his business somewhere else.

State Your Price

The cost of an item is one of the most important concerns of want ad readers. Ads showing prices are ones which get results. Giving a price also serves to “weed out” those buyers not in your price range.

Be Accessible

Including a telephone number or address puts you in touch with potential buyers. Be sure to state the hours you can be reached: a caller who can’t get through the first time often won’t call again.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or problems you may have regarding advertising. Our professionally trained sales staff know the ropes, and would be happy to pass their know-how on to you. That’s why we’re here to help you get the results you deserve.

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HEISLER ELKS’ SAUSAGE BREAKFAST – Sunday, March 19, 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Heisler Community Cultural Centre. Adults $15, 12 and under $8, pre-schoolers FREE. Sausage for sale.

HEISLER ELKS’ HAM BINGO – Monday, March 20. Doors open 6:30 p.m. Bingo 7:30 p.m. Heisler Community Cultural Centre. 15 games for $5. Door prize on advance tickets. Bonanza to follow.

The Camrose & District Senior Centre Society will be holding our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Thursday, March 23 in the Card Room at Mirror Lake Centre, 5415-49 Avenue.

The Annual General Meeting is at 10:30 a.m. All members and public are encouraged to attend. For further information call 780-672-7022.


PUPPIES – Ready end of March. Father Golden Retriever, Mother Black Lab. Both Purebred. 780-679-7108.



Local and long distance moving Storage Insured and bonded Where your business is appreciated 780- 672-5242, Camrose

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my family and many friends who came to Hi-U in Ferintosh to help celebrate my 80th birthday. What a nice surprise and to see everyone again. Also thanks for all the flowers, gifts and cards and best wishes. Love to you all. ~


TABBY CAT – Small, clean. Rescued from landfill. Recently spayed. No adoption fee. Needs good home without other cats. 780-806-8914.

2 KITTENS – 42 weeks old. One fluffy grey, other one tiger grey. Tame and litter trained. Great mousers. Call 780-608-6189.


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WILL ACCEPT OLD VEHICLES, machinery, scrap iron, etc. Car batteries (will pay for). Call 780-686-5211.



HAIR STYLISTS required. Please drop off resumé to Camrose Superb Cuts at 4707-51 Avenue, Camrose (in person only).


Part-time (More than 25 hours/week)

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The Camrose Booster Website DAILY!


SPACE – located in high traffic, southerly area of Main Street, Camrose. Generous 1,664 sq. ft. of prime space at 4868-50 Street. Nicely decorated, air conditioned. $2110/mo., triple net. Clean, dry storage space in basement also available. Available immediately. Call Blain or Don at 780-6723142, the fairest, most reasonable people in the business.

BRAND NEW 2-BEDROOM – one bath bi-level units available. Located close to hospital and downtown. Rent plus utilities with water included. No smokers, partiers or pets. 780608-8315 to enquire.

2-BEDROOM APARTMENT – In excellent condition!

Perfect for seniors. The suite has stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer, blinds and one parking stall. Heat, water, garbage pick up, Telus TV and internet included. Building has an elevator and social room. No smoking building. Call 780-678-2621 for more info or to set up a viewing.

STORAGE SPACE – in Downtown Camrose. Secure, clean, dry, heated storage space on main floor in office building. Easy access. 124 sq. ft. $200/mo. Available immediately. Call Blain or Don at 780-672-3142, the fairest, most reasonable people in the business.

ROOMS FOR RENT in the Scotney and Jacqueline character homes. Both are 2.5 blocks from university in Camrose. Clean, quiet and bright. Rent is $495 - $600 monthly plus DD and includes WiFi, utilities, recycle pick-up, yard care and snow removal. Partially furnished w/ shared laundry. (Some rooms are fully furnished for international students.) This is an affordable, quality accommodation that fills quickly. (Some rooms still available.) No partiers, smokers or pets allowed. Reduced rate over the summer for students. Please call Dave P., 780678-6163.


SPACE – for lease. Ground floor plus basement. Prime location on busy corner, 5001-50 Street. 2950 sq. ft., plus +/– 1500 sq. ft. in basement. Nicely decorated, a/c, new roof. $2700 plus triple net. 780-608-5222 for details.


Selection of very nice street level offices in newer airconditioned building in Downtown Camrose

* Single offices from $234.17 per month

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* Energized parking for tenants

* Immediate occupancy

* Come and have a look! Call Blain Fowler or Don Hutchinson, 780-672-3142 days, the fairest, most reasonable fellows in the business!


Generous 794 sq. ft. suite, suitable for three or more staff. Includes two private offices. Ground floor, easily accessible. Modern building in downtown Camrose. Bright, quiet, air conditioned. $1177/mo., plus share of operating expenses. Call Blain Fowler or Don Hutchinson, 780-672-3142 days, two of the fairest, most reasonable fellows in the business.

ROOMMATE WANTED –for half duplex. LGBTQ+ friendly. Newly painted and clean. 3 cats on premises. No other pets permitted. Parking available. No smoking. SW Camrose. $750/ mo., utilities included. Plus DD. Text 780-878-5153.


QUIET 2-BEDROOM APARTMENT – Fridge, stove, dishwasher, laundry in building. Heat, water, balcony, powered parking. 1-year lease. No pets, no smoking. University area. Bus stop nearby. 780-672-9531.


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FOR SALE BY OWNER – Village at West Park, Camrose. Half duplex, 1219 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, gas fireplace, main floor laundry, 2 kitchen skylights, unfinished basement. Attached double garage, 8’x20’ back deck. One owner. $325,000. Call 780608-8739 or 780-679-4763.

TWO FARM HOUSES – to be moved from the Beaumont area. 780-929-9316, 780-493-1874.


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The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 28
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To Ashley and Scott Streich of Camrose, a son, on February 5.

To Kelsey and Chris Heck of Camrose, a daughter, on February 5.

To Lydia and Mark Hofer of Alliance, a son, on February 14.

To Whitney and Christopher Langton of Sedgewick, a son, on February 16.

To Kylie Kozak and Robert Jack of Sedgewick, a son, on February 16.

To Danielle Labine and Cashton Macahonic of Camrose, a daughter, on February 21.

To Kimber-Lee and Tyler Kerner of Camrose, a son, on February 27.


Larry Chester Wylie of Camrose, on February 22, at 72 years of age.

Roger Dale Preston of Whitecourt, on February 22, at 79 years of age.

Michael Llewellyn Watson of Strathcona County, on February 23, at 76 years of age.

Harold Edward Appleby of Camrose, formerly of Hamilton, ON, on February 28, at 79 years of age.

Joyce Veronica Palamar of Edmonton, formerly of Camrose, on March 1.

Marion Benson of Camrose, formerly of Rosalind, on March 3, at 79 years of age.

subject to all existing reservations and exceptions stated on the existing Certif icate of Title with the exception of Caveat #912 352 623, wh ich will be discharged:






A) PLAN 2320521 SU BDIV ISION 12.740 31.48


The la nd has been cropped in 2022 and previous years. There are no buildings or bi ns

Tenders are to be subm itted in sealed envelopes ma rked “I LN ICKI

Tender”, to Scot t Fa rn ha m at Fa rn ha m West Stolee Kambeitz LLP, Ba rr isters and Solicitors, 5016 -52 St reet, Camrose, Alberta T4V 1V7, on or before 12:00 noon, MA RCH 22, 2023 and shall be accompanied with GST number and a certif ied cheque or ba nk draft payable to Fa rn ha m West Stolee Kambeitz LLP in tr ust for 5% of the tender pr ice.

No conditiona l tenders will be accepted and the highest, or any tender, will not necessar ily be accepted

Tenders will not be opened in public The deposits of all unsuccessf ul tenderer s will be returned to them by regula r mail

The successf ul tenderer will be obligated to complete the pu rchase on or before APRI L 25, 2023 The 5% deposit shall constitute a deposit towa rds the pu rchase price. Ta xes will be adjusted on closing date There will be no ot her adjust ments. If the successf ul tenderer fa ils to complete the transaction by the closing date, the deposit will be forfeited.

Vendor ma kes no wa rranties or representations about the proper ty’s size, condition or envi ronmental st ate.

The pu rchase and sale shall proceed utilizing title insu ra nce including “GAP ” coverage The cost of title insu ra nce shall be borne by the Pu rchaser.

Tenders are ir revocable and shall remain open until dealt with by the offices of Fa rn ha m West Stolee Kambeitz LLP.

For further information or to view the proper ty, please contact

Cher yl Jacobsen at 780- 678-5068

Th is Tender may also be viewed on the Fa rn ha m West Stolee

Ka mbeitz LLP website:


Kitchen Designer/Estimator (Full

In the last few years, we’ve become the “go -to source” for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, etc. Working with our team, the very best in the business, you will assist our rapidly growing client base in making wise choices in product and design.

Our ideal applicant will have experience with Kitchen Design Software, have the ability to read blueprints, and be proficient in math. The ability to work under pressure, and enviable people skills are non-negotiable.

We invite you to apply in complete confidence with your design portfolio and resumé.

•an exciting retail work environment

•competitive wages

•oppor tunities for advancement

•a clean, safe working environment

•oppor tunit y to expand your knowledge about the thousands of products Home carries

•staff discount

Apply with resumé and references to Jill…

6809-48 Avenue, Camrose

Phone 780-672-8818

Fax 780-672-8809


The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 29 ANKERTON GAS
Summer Employ ment Two positions open for su mmer employ ment from May 1 to August 31, 2023 Clea n dr iv ing record Map read ing Some computer sk il ls are an asset Dead li ne for appl icat ions is March 31, 2023 Forward your resu mé to: An kerton Gas Co-op Ltd. Box 10 0, Bawl f, AB T0B 0J0 Emai l an | Fa x 780-373-24 66 Only applicants chosen for interview will be contacted. FREE ADVERTISING
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Offer excludes living things, except when offered for free. ✂ ✂ Mail to: Classified Ad Department, Camrose Booster Ltd. 4925-48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7 Phone: 780-672-3142 Fax: 780-672-2518 Email: Example: Girl’s bicycle, like new, $70. 555-555-5555 WRITE YOUR AD HERE : _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ Pu t Ca mr ose in your Pock et! We might well be displaying the job, career or educational possibilit y that ’s right for you. Download… FREE AP P FARM LA ND FOR SALE BY TENDER CHERYL JACOBSEN, EXECUTRI X FOR KAY IL NICK I, hereby offers the following pa rcel of la nd in Camrose County for sale by tender,
CO -OP Ltd.
of working at Hauser Home Hardware Building Centre



* Full time permanent position, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

* Full bene fits after three months

* You will be trained and positioned to professionally represent all products and services provided by the Camrose Booster, including: our popular print publications, The Camrose Booster, The Countr y Booster, and the Super Booster, plus the Camrose Now! app, Website Design, Flyer Printing and Delivery, Commercial Printing, and Promotional (Logo) Products


Post-secondar y education in any or all of marketing, sales, multimedia, would be an asset but not a necessit y, we are happy to train. An ambitious, outgoing individual must have great communication skills and be confident and willing to work with some of the best and most progressive businesses in Camrose. Potential candidates must have a valid Driver ’s License and a reliable vehicle to accomplish ou tside sales function s.


* Guaranteed base as you learn

* Base plus commission once you are established and exceeding your base plan

* A car allowance will be provided


Please forward your resumé, with an appropriate cover letter (including your earning expectations) to mc foul@cable or deliver your pack age in person to :

The duty of this individual is to proofread adver tising and editorial material, checking for accuracy, spelling and correct grammar; filing, etc.

Our goal at the Booster is to be 10 0% error free with ever y issue. Perfection lies not in ex traordinar y things, but in doing ordinary things ex traordinarily well Hour s will generally be :

Fridays: 1: 00 to 9: 00 pm

Mondays: 8: 00 am to 5: 00 pm

Thur sdays: 8: 00 am to 5: 00 pm approximately ever y other Thur sday

The successful candidate will have excellent literacy skills and will be comfor table with computers. Please send resumé with salary expe ctations to : Camrose Booster

Missed Delivery Policy

If you do not receive your copy of The Booster or pre-printed inserts, please report this to us by calling 780-672-3142. We will promptly re-deliver these to city households. Note that we do not have access to certain apartment buildings. In these cases, we ask you to contact your apartment manager to request deliver y. Rural readers are asked to report missed deliveries and we will consult with your postmaster to ensure future deliveries.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of…

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 30
4925-48 Street , Camrose, Alber ta T4V 1L7 THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO GROW!
is now accepting applications for the parttime position of
4925 -48 Street,
AB T4V 1L7
NOW HIRING DRIVERS CLASS 1 – CLASS 3 – CLASS 5 $145K+Per Year!! ***For qualified Drivers*** *Pipe Haulers *Low Bed *Picker Operators *Oil Field Hauling *USA Long Haul *Gravel Haulers *Lube Truck *Fuel Truck *Sander Truck *Pilot Truck *F550 w/ Trailer *Water Truck HIRING FOR THE FOLLOWING POSITIONS: ContaCt us toDaY! 1-800-315-3148 *ALSO HIRING* seasonal positions for: *Edmonton Yard Laborers Field Pipeline Laborers *Equipment operators HD Mechanics (Field and Local)
Email: ads@
780-672-3142 4925-48 St., Camrose AB T4V 1L7

BRCF grant funds ‘Where’s the Beef?’

The Battle River Community Foundation (BRCF), at its 2022 Community Builder Dinner, honouring Lou and Morris Henderson, raised funds to supply the Camrose Food Bank with a donation of beef through it’s “Where’s the Beef?” initiative.

The “Where’s the Beef?” initiative happens in addition to the creation of Community Builder Dinner Endowment Funds and has provided annual deliveries of beef to the Camrose and Flagstaff food banks since 2016.

Attendees at the Foundation’s Community Builder Dinners are given an opportunity to help sponsor a delivery of beef to their local food bank.

“The beef is from Tofield Packers, who donated the labour cost to cut and wrap the meat into one and a half pound packages of ground beef,” said BRCF chairman, Kevin Gurr. “ These packages can be easily be distributed to families and individuals who rely on the Camrose Food Bank.

In thanking local phi-

lanthropists who supported the “Where’s the Beef?” initiative making the delivery possible, Gurr remarked, “The Foundation’s Community Builder Dinners have helped build over $2.4 million in Endowment Funds which will continue granting income forever making an incredible impact, year after year, for residents in the Battle River area.”

The Battle River Community Foundation exists to support organizations in east central Alberta, which benefit the local communities and have a positive impact on the future. Since it was founded in 1995, the Battle River Community Foundation has granted over $8,679,700 to support charitable activities in the Battle River Region.

Central Agencies Realty Home of the Week Downtown living at its best

Perfect for the busy professional or a retired couple, who want the ease of just locking and leaving with home ownership, and living within a short walking distance of all the amenities of downtown and the beauty of Mirror Lake, this no maintenance condo has it all.

The unit itself is quality built with beautiful high-end finishes, including vinyl plank flooring, window roller blinds on triple pane windows, crisp white trim and casings, and greige (the new neutral) colour palette, plus air conditioning for your summer comfort.

As you enter the home from the single attached garage, there is a large open entry area that leads off your private primary bedroom complete with walk-in closet and three-piece en suite.

Upstairs in the main living area, the open concept and vaulted ceilings allow for natural light to flow throughout the living room and kitchen/dining area.

The kitchen is modern and stunning with gorgeous greige custom cabinets,

quartz countertops and white subway splash tile, stainless steel appliances and brushed nickel features. Guests can mosey up to the centre island eating bar while you prepare some appetizers.

Patio doors lead off the living area to a maintenance-free deck, where you can watch the goings on of the neighbourhood.

An additional bedroom with large closet and a four-piece main bathroom and laundry area complete the main floor living area.

A four-foot crawl space offers some additional storage.

Best of all is the garage with ninefoot ceilings for parking and extra storage.

Step into an easier lifestyle with this quality home located at 5110-48A Avenue #12 and priced at $309,900 Join Matthew Mayer at an open house on Thursday, March 9 from 4 until 6 p.m., and Saturday, March 11 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Or, for a private viewing, contact Matthew at:

Central Agencies Realty

4870-51 Street, Camrose

780-672-4495 or 780-781-7088 Cell

For the past 31 years, my wife has been complaining about me not putting the cap back on the toothpaste.

In lieu of our recent anniversar y, I decided to change this bad habit and make my wife happy. For a whole week , I was ver y diligent , capping the toothpaste ever y single time. I was looking for ward to receiving a positive comment from my wife, but there was no response.

Finally, last night , she turned and looked at me and said, “Can you please tell me why you have stopped brushing your teeth?” Sigh.

9-1-1 emergency call: “Come quick! My friend was bitten by a wolf!”

Operator: “Where?”

Caller: “No, a regular one!”

Don’t miss the Women’s Roo ng Expo this weekend. All the shingle ladies will be there!

The fact that Head and Shoulders has not made a body wash called Knees and Toes really confounds me

My tness trainer asked me, “What kind of a squat are you accustomed to doing?”

I said, “Diddly.”

Your car will never make that noise for the mechanic Your car is like, “That’s our special noise. I only make that noise for you.”

I cut myself shredding cheese. I wanted to blame someone, but then I remembered, with grate power comes grate responsibilit y.

I can’t wait to retire so I can get up at 7:00 in the morning and drive around really slow to make ever ybody late for work

When older people say, “Enjoy them while they are young,” they are talking about your knees and hips, not your children.

When your children are teenagers, it’s impor tant to have a dog so that someone in the house is happy to see you.

I used to just crastinate, but I got so good I went pro I will never understand people’s fascination with their ancestr y. Isn’t knowing your current family bad enough?

UPS: “Your package is in your cit y, on a truck driven by Mike. It will arrive at 6:27 p.m. today.”

FedEx: “Your package is en route. You’ll get it when we get there.

Post O ce: “What package?”

Amazon: “We are already inside your residence. Check the bathroom.”

Facebook: “We know you were thinking about getting a toaster oven yesterday. Here are 20 ads for toaster ovens.”

I can cut a piece of wood in half just by looking at it I know it’s hard to believe, but I saw it with my own t wo eyes!

Chick Flick Titles for Moms

• Sleepless Is the Battle

• Petty Woman

• How to Lose your Mind in 10 Days

• 27 Stresses

• The Devil Wears Nada

• Snotting Hill

• You’ve Got Kale

• 10 Things I Hate About Poo

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 31
Submitted Battle River Community Foundation Board chairman, Kevin Gurr, left, delivers beef to Jo-Anne Tweed, program director of the Camrose Neighbor Aid Center.


4001-50 Street, Camrose Phone 780.672.5851 AWESOME COMMUNITY & LIFESTYLE • New Townhouse, Single Garage • Zero Step Entry Home Senior Friendly Design and Access Non-Basement Model 1153 asking $329,900 A1257768 New Duplex, Double Garage Zero Step Entry Non-Basement Model 1244 asking $399,900 A2008865 New Townhouse, Double Garage Zero Step Entry Homes Senior Friendly Design and Access Non-Basement Model 1229 asking $359,900 A2006481 • 1488 sq. ft. walk-out • 4-car man cave • 47’x17.5’ RV garage • Double lot Asking $799,240 A1257274 • Master planned community • Designed for active adults No condo fees • Community lifestyle BUILDER INCENTIVES! Zero steps Introducing Creekview Estates! OPEN HOUSE Thursday, March 9 12:00 to 2:00 pm 3317-50A Street Close OPEN HOUSE Thursday, March 9 12:00 to 2:00 pm 3319-50A Street Close FOR LEASE GEMINI CENTRE, TURN KEY – 2104 sq. ft. FURNISHED! Board room, bull pen, 6 offices, reception. Top floor. EXCEPTIONAL VIEWS! Only $17.50/sq. ft. + common. A1190955 GEMINI CENTRE – GROUND FLOOR! … Exceptional street level unit: 2078 sq. ft. awesome location. Easy access. Superior design, superb visibility. Ask $23/sq. ft. + common. Call now! A1190017 CENTRAL AGENCIES REALTY Inc. The Central Agencies Realty Team is eager to go to work for you! We’ve been matching buyers with sellers, with integrity, since 1963. Graham Wideman, 780-679-8384; Matt Banack, 780-608-9733; Matthew Mayer, 780-781-7088; Al-Karim (Al) Mohamed, 587-322-5511; Sascha Dressler, 780-781-8242; Wally Wrubleski, 780-781-7323. #100, 4870-51 Street, Camrose ~ 780-672-4495 CAMROSE HOMES We offer Multiple Listing Service RV GARAGE, DBLE. LOT, WALK-OUT, ZERO STEP, PARKSIDE LOCATION … New model w/room for toys, hobbies! Senior friendly! Beautiful bright open floor plan, gourmet kitchen, superb master, en suite, MF laundry, in-floor htd. w/bath! Pick your colours! Asking $799,240 A1257274 END UNIT TOWNHOME CONDO … Close to schools and downtown core. Well maintained home w/vaulted ceilings, open concept living, beautiful bright Southern exposure in family room. 3 bdrm., 2 baths. This unit has so much to offer w/immediate possession! Asking $169,000 A2001218 4-BDRM. BUNGALOW … completely reno’d. Open concept MF w/stunning kitchen. Open plan bsmt. w/gas FP. Massive back yard w/RV parking w/30 amp service. Detached garage w/220 power. Nothing left to do but move in! Asking $369,000 A1245989 MODEL 1153 NON-BSMT. … Senior friendly. Beautiful bright open floor plan, 9’ ceilings. Huge great room, great kitchen, en suite, MF laundry. Covered patio, 25’x13.5’ garage all fin. You’ll love it! Asking $329,900 A1257768 The CAMROSE BOOSTER, March 7, 2023 – Page 32 BEAUTIFUL NEW BUNGALOW – VALLEYVIEW WEST by Battle River Homes … Wow! Dev. bsmt. and 26’x24’ garage, all finished. Close by parks and walking trails. Beautiful open plan, amazing kitchen, huge WT pantry, luxurious en suite and superb MF laundry. Cozy in-floor htg. Covered deck, RV parking option. Fin. w/ elegance! Asking $678,162 A2007538 OUT OF TOWN BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW – CREEKVIEW 1641 sq. ft., 5 bdrm. Gorgeous kitchen w/tons of counter space. 9’ ceilings that lead to 11’ in dining area. MF laundry. Lower level has high ceilings, beautiful lge. windows. Oversize garage. Welcome home! Asking $529,900 A1240097 STYLISH CONDO in the heart of downtown, walking distance to Co-op and Mirror Lake. No maintenance living with triple pane windows, vaulted ceiling, vinyl plank flooring, a/c. 2 bedrooms, 3-pce. en suite, 4-pce. main bath. Basement for storage. Comes with an attached single garage and pad parking. Immediate possession. Asking $309,900 A2014038 COMMERCIAL EXCELLENT BUSINESS/INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY – ZONED C2 … East-end highway location, City of Camrose. Two lots on HWY with 6,460 sq. ft. Mixed use building. Excellent retail area with 8 bays. Ample parking and easy customer access! Excellent opportunity! Great place for your business. Take a look! Asking $829,000 A1132683 HWY FRONTAGE, NEW PRICE! HWY 56 FRONTAGE 6.05 acres in Millang Industrial Park. 3 phase power, gas available now. Edmonton city water is to be available in 2023. Zone Farmland at present. Last remaining lot! Asking $749,000 A2012048 NEW TOWNHOUSE, VALLEYVIEW by Battle River Homes. Senior friendly design, no steps! Beautiful open floor plan, in-floor htg., 9’ ceilings. Exc. kitchen, quartz counter tops. Spacious living area, superb en suite. MF laundry room. 22.5’x11.5’ garage Epoxy flooring. You’ll love it! Asking $340,162 A2008314 Thursday, March 9 12:00 to 2:00 pm 3317-50A Street Close Thursday, March 9 12:00 to 2:00 pm 3319-50A Street Close Thursday, March 9 2:30 to 4:00 pm 6103 Valleyview Drive New Valleyview Townhouse! OPEN HOUSES BEAUTIFUL NEW ZERO STEP TOWNHOUSE Model 1229 non-bsmt. Senior friendly. Beautiful bright open floor plan, 9’ ceilings. Amazing kitchen, spacious great room, super master and en suite. MF laundry. Covered patio, 24’x20’ garage all fin. You’ll love it! Asking $359,900 A2006481 BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE TREED SETTING, CLOSE BY THE CITY OF CAMROSE … Perfect location, countryside views! 5.09 acres only 1/2 mile to City limits. 1332 sq. ft. 3-bdrm. bungalow, very well maintained and upgraded. Country style kitchen, spacious dinette, bright LR w/cozy FP. Awesome primary bdrm. Beautiful yard, fire pit area, garden, green house. Seacan. HardiePlank® siding, shingles, decking and more. Exc. opportunity! You’ll love it! Asking $449,000 A2008008 ACREAGES NEWER, HIGH QUALITY DUPLEX … 3 bdrm., heated floors, double car garage in New Norway. Recent upgrades include kitchen, bathroom and basement development. Great primary with upgraded en suite. WOW! Asking $247,500 A2019580 NEWER, HIGH QUALITY DUPLEX … 4 bdrm. with double car garage on huge lot in New Norway. Semi open concept main floor with hardwood floors. Nice sized primary with en suite. Partly finished basement. Asking $247,500 A2019574 Thur., Mar. 9, 4-6pm Sat., Mar. 11, 11am-1pm #12 5110-48A Avenue “Home of the week, see page 31!” GREAT INVESTMENT … or first time home buyer’s property! Solid home w/many recent upgrades incl. flooring throughout, shingles, electrical, int. paint, some windows and more! Asking $144,900 A2007047 REDUCED! BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW CONDO, CREEKVIEW LANDING … Senior friendly design. Exc. kitchen, granite, island, spacious dinette/living area. Superb en suite, den, MF laundry. Awesome bsmt., 9’ ceilings, cozy FP, huge family/games area, A/C. Att. garage and more. A great property and lifestyle! Now only $389,900 A2007131 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION! AWESOME DUPLEX IN BEAUTIFUL VALLEYVIEW SUBDIVISION … by parks, lake and valley walking trails. 3-bdrm., 2-storey design. Open floor plan, spacious LR and great kitchen/ dinette area. Partially dev. bsmt., deck, 24’x12’ garage, shed, RV/extra parking and more! A great starter or investment property. Now only $259,900 A2026138 BEAUTIFUL 2-STOREY IN SOUTHWEST MEADOWS Hardwood/tile floors, 9’ ceilings, a/c, 4 total bdrm., 4-pce. main bath, 3-pce. bsmt. bath, huge 5-pce. en suite w/WI closet, separate shower/tub, htd. floors. Htd. garage, fenced yard and more. Great family home! Asking $394,500 A2023766 DAYSLAND, WOW! … Incredible 1432 sq. ft. bungalow. Fully fin. 9’ ceilings, triple pane windows, ICF foundation, infloor heat in bsmt./garage. 26’x30’ garage, partial vinyl fencing, covered deck, so much more! Asking $389,900 A1244836 MULTI FAMILY 4-PLEX WALKING DISTANCE TO SCHOOLS, REC AREAS three 3-bdrm. units, one 2-bdrm unit. each w/4-pce. bath; 3 units w/2-pce. en suite. Large rental spaces, each w/balcony. Tenants pay rent plus power. Asking $499,000 A2024337 FULL DUPLEX SPACESHIP PARK LOCATION Each unit has separate utilities w/3 bdrm. up, 4-pce. bath, unfinished bsmt. Large yard, parking off the back lane. Consistently rented for years. Asking $300,000 A2024331 SOLD GREAT FAMILY OR INVESTMENT PROPERTY Very clean 4-bdrm. duplex w/potential for a bsmt. suite! Good sized yard w/back alley access. Asking $189,900 A2005817 SOLD INVESTMENT WITH TWO INCOMES! Segregated entrance for lower level, common laundry space. 2 bdrm., 4-pce. bath upstairs. One bdrm. lower level has lge. windows for lots of natural light. Some reno’s complete. Lge. lot w/enough room to build garage. Cute and cozy! Asking $144,900 A2015675 SOLD Beautiful Bungalows by Battle River Homes Check out our Beautiful Lakeside Adult Community. Private and Quiet! GORGEOUS TOWNHOUSE! 1287 sq. ft. • Garage all finished No steps • Extra parking In-floor heat, granite Asking $340,162 A2008314 BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW IN VALLEYVIEW! • 1534 sq. ft. • 26’ x 24’ garage • Fully fin. bsmt. • Covered deck Asking $678,162 A2007538 OPEN HOUSE Thursday, March 9 2:30 to 4:00 pm 6103 Valleyview Drive “New Valleyview Townhouse!” CHARACTER HOME IN BAWLF … 1900 sq. ft., 4 bdrm. New ICF bsmt., metal roof, 9’ ceilings, new lge. windows, on a double lot. 24’x24’ newer detached garage. This home is located close to one of the top rated schools in Alberta! Asking $295,000 A2025632 4.87 ACRES CLOSE TO CAMROSE … 1430 sq. ft., 3-bdrm. WO bungalow. Beautiful wrap-around deck off kitchen/dining area. Great open floor plan. 3-pce. en suite off primary. Exc. way to get into a beautiful acreage and still add your personal touches! Asking $464,900 A2023818 KINGMAN … Newly dev. lots. Choose from seven! Located on the edge of town. Starting at $27,500 A1156323, 6338, 6341, 6343, 6349 CHARMING CHARACTER HOME IN DAYSLAND with tons of upgrades! Full ext. upgrades – siding, windows, shingles, plus interior flooring, furnace, etc. Original trims, doors, hardwood floors. Full basement, 14’x22’ garage. Asking $245,000 A2010632
GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY in New Norway! High quality 4-plex. Beautiful modern units, open concept living. Currently rented out for $900/mo. plus utilities. Strong rental market. Asking $569,000 A2011746 MOVE-IN READY BUNGALOW IN BAWLF … 3-bdrm., 3 bath perfect for a young family/retiring couple! Updated vinyl floors, fully updated kitchen, MF laundry. New carpet on lower level, a/c. Asking $254,900 A2024799 NEW NORWAY LOT … 65’ wide lot at the edge of town in Spartan Estates! Asking $50,000 A1122563 SENIOR FRIENDLY LIVING … with one step entry into the home or garage, main floor laundry and 2 bedrooms. Lower level has 2 more bedrooms, family room and 3 piece bath for visitors to enjoy! Immediate possession. Asking $264,900 A2023145 SOLD RYLEY … 2688 sq. ft. home w/BEAUTIFUL kitchen. Open concept living. 3 bdrm., 2 baths. The perfect home for the growing family. Fully fenced yard. Don’t miss this one! Asking $269,000 A2027854 NEW LISTING! EXCEPTIONAL BRAND NEW BUILD … located just east of Beaumont in Vantage Pointe, situated on 1.81 acres. Features include an open floor plan w/bright windows, gas FP, gorgeous kitchen w/great island, beautiful cabinetry, butler pantry, quartz couter tops throughout. Fully fin. bsmt. w/superior wet bar. 24’x44’ htd. 4-car garage. PLUS so much more! Asking $1,079,000 A2018071 SOLD WOW! BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM BUILT BUNGALOW with gorgeous park setting in Century Meadows! Impressive 1498 sq. ft., 2+2 bdrms. Spacious and bright floor plan, solid oak doors, 9’/10’ ceilings and beautiful hardwood flooring. Awesome kitchen, lovely LR and DR, 2 FP. Exc. bsmt. development. Gorgeous yard, 24’x24’ garage, RV parking and much more! Perfect place for a family or retirement! Asking $539,000 A2022688 SOLD Don’t miss the featured Home of the Week on page 31! Graham Wideman 780-679-8384 Matthew Mayer 780-781-7088 Sascha Dressler 780-781-8242 Matt Banack 780-608-9733 Al-Karim (Al) Mohamed 587-322-5511 Wally Wrubleski 780-781-7323 Give our professional realtors a call for a complimentary market evaluation of your property! BI-LEVEL, GREAT INVESTMENT PROPERTY! Cozy 2+3 bdrm. 1,067 sq.ft. home located close to schools, parks. Cozy FP in LR, upgraded maple cabinetry in kitchen, en suite, dev. bsmt. Htd. 24’x20’ garage, deck, patio, garden shed, RV parking! Exc. investment property, available w/long term tenants! Asking $289,900 A2029590 NEW LISTING! FARMS 140 ACRES ON 2 TITLES … overlooking Looking Back Lake. 104 acres in hay, balance is yard, trees, lowland. 1941 sq. ft. 1.5 storey older farmhouse Asking $699,000 A1225251 EXCELLENT 159.85 ACRE FARM, BEAUTIFUL SETTING! Donalda area! Perfect for farming, small business, recreational or that country lifestyle! Ideal for equipment, trucks, horses and animals. Character 2086 sq. ft. 2-storey, lots of upgrades. 26’x28’ garage, 40’x72’ machine shed and 40’x28’ htd. workshop. Mixed: grain, hay and pasture. An excellent opportunity! Asking $775,000 A2008873 SOLD GREAT FLEXIBLITY IN MAYERTHORPE OVER 23 ACRES ALONG HWY 43 Asking $230,000 CA0168666