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August 2, 2022

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Setting the stage for a month-long celebration of visual arts, Camrose Chuck MacLean Arts Centre will be featuring the Alberta Community Art Clubs Association (ACACA) Alberta-wide Zone (art) Show. The event will kick off with the Opening Night Reception on Friday, August 5 from 6 until 8 p.m., and is curated by City of Camrose Recreation and Culture employee Jayda Calon. Come down and take in the free show running from August 4 to 28 and widen your appreciation for the world of visual arts.


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News Features CLBI celebrates 90 years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Reflections by Bonnie Hutchinson . . . . . . 4 Just Sayin' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Acts of Charity show held at Bailey . . . . 13 Public Works building on schedule and on budget . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Camrose Polic Service crime prevention and mental health officer . . . 16

Photo by Lori Larsen

Pictured left to right are City of Camrose Arts Centre clerk Shannon Saby, Recreation and Culture manager Tanya Pattullo and employee and show curator Jayda Calon preparing the exhibition areas for the upcoming Alberta-wide Zone Art Show, which will feature two separate exhibits. This particular room already displays several pieces for the “Now is winter...” exhibit from the Travelling Exhibition (TREX) program presented by Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

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CLBI celebrates 90 years By Murray Green

CLBI (Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute) is a small Bible school located in Camrose that was founded in 1932. CLBI is a place that helps young adults encounter God in new and deeper ways through a combination of Bible teaching, adventure, mentorship, service and community. “Since 2022 marks the 90th anniversary of the school’s founding, this summer we are hosting a Celebration Weekend (August 5 to 7) event, which will include a fundraising gala and silent auction in support of the school,” said board member Katrina Neiman, one of the organizers of the event. The gala will be held at the Bailey Theatre on August 6 at 5 p.m. “We are looking forward to welcoming more than 200 people to the school during the weekend and to the gala itself,” shared Katrina. After a meeting at Camrose Lutheran College (now Augustana) and a prayer meeting in Bawlf, CLBI decided to proceed with the idea of a Bible college for Lutherans. On September 19, 1932, Pastor Nels Carlson of Camrose chaired a meeting with church representatives. The CLBI Association was organized and a motion passed to open a Bible school in the fall of 1932. The town offered the

Cottage School rent free. CLBI officially opened on November 14, 1932 with Pastor Paul Nyholm as the dean. Discarded desks from Thordenskjold School were repaired and used. Houses were rented and used as dormitories for students. Some rooms were rented for $4.50 a month. Meals were provided by Moland Lutheran Church (later Messiah Lutheran) with cooks receiving $1 a day. Students washed dishes and peeled vegetables. Twice a week the cook prepared bread dough and the boys carried the dough to Connors Bakery where it was baked. In the first school year there were 66 students enrolled for the first semester and 83 for the spring session. Soon the need for more permanent facilities was realized and in 1934 town council generously donated half a block of land at the site where the present school is located. Sod-breaking for the new building took place on July 4, 1939 and the cornerstone laid on August 27. Due to delays and setbacks, the building was first dedicated on October 26, 1941. Over CLBI’s 90 years, the campus has welcomed more than 3,000 students. The funds raised at the gala and auction will go towards renovating student dorms. The CLBI campus has had many renovations

over the years to make it a functional and welcoming space for students and the next major project is the bathroom on the top floor of the Vinge Centre (the men’s dorm, built in 1939). “This renovation is sorely needed, as the men’s dorm is the oldest building on our campus and this area in particular has not been renovated in 30 years. Our goal is to raise $75,000 for this project. Once funds are raised, we look forward to beginning construction in May 2023,” explained Katrina. “If you would like to donate call or email us and we’ll handle everything. As our way of saying thank you, all supporting businesses will be featured in the weekend’s program booklet that each attendee receives.” On Friday August 5, a supper and campfire will be held. On Saturday, after breakfast a morning walk around the lake will take place. In the afternoon, tours, disc golf, board games and canoeing will be held. The gala event will feature the band Crossection. Then on Sunday a service will be held at Messiah Lutheran Church. If you would like more information about the school or this summer’s celebration, you can reach them at Tickets for the gala are available at

Laurel Nadon

Kirby Fowler



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The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 4

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News we didn’t want to know Three stories have dominated recent news. 1. The pope of the Roman Catholic Church visited Alberta, Quebec and Nunavut, calling it a “pilgrimage of penance.” The stated intent was to advance reconciliation and healing between the Roman Catholic Church and Indigenous residential school survivors in Canada. 2. Sport Canada (a federal government body) and Hockey Canada (the national governing body of ice hockey) were called before a parliamentary hearing. Abuse of players by coaches, and players allegedly being involved in sexual assault have been reported. Hockey Canada has reportedly paid $8.9 million to buy off people who reported sexual abuse by hockey players. 3. Gymnastics Canada may face a class action lawsuit claiming physical, sexual and psychological abuse of gymnasts. What do the Roman Catholic Church and sports have in common? Reported incidents of abuse within organizations whose missions look good on paper. As I’ve read and watched and listened to news about these events, I’ve felt rising outrage, and sadness. What I have not felt is surprise. Outrage. It’s partly on behalf of those who have been abused. It’s also personal. I doubt there are many women in my well-over-70 age group who have not faced unwanted sexual attention at some point. In those olden days, we didn’t call it abuse. We called it “the way things are.” We coped in whatever way we could and kept our mouths shut. Oddly, we often felt ashamed. I doubt that the perpetrators felt shame. As near as I could tell, they felt entitled. Sadness. Such things are still going on? Not surprise. For 20-plus years of my career, I worked on projects to reduce or prevent various forms of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. It could be abuse between and among individuals, families or cultural groups. The projects all did some good. There were heartening stories of changed or even saved lives. But, as evident in current news, we certainly did not eliminate abuse. Here is what I’ve learned. Several conditions make abuse more likely. Imbalance of power We can never eliminate some people being more powerful than others. After all, we are born helpless and need more powerful others to care for us. Power imbalance can come in many forms. Power imbalance is not a problem when more powerful people feel responsible for the wellbeing of those less powerful. Opportunity for secrecy Much abuse happens behind closed doors or in environments where nobody is around to see or hear. As well, abusive people–being more powerful–can threaten harm if the abused person tells anyone. (“I’ll kill your dog if you tell.”) Secrecy is not a problem when more powerful people are ethical in all circumstances. The biggest risk factor: a belief that some people are less worthy than other people. In that environment, secrecy may not be necessary because abuse of those perceived as “less than” may become acceptable. Slavery in the U.S. would be one example. Residential schools were founded on a belief that Indigenous culture and traditions were less valuable than those of white colonists. In that environment, Indigenous people were perceived as “less than.” Priests, nuns and teachers could abuse Indigenous children with impunity, and if the children died, could bury them in unmarked graves. Of factors that increase the risk of abuse, there’s one we can most easily do something about. We can act as though each person with whom we have contact is of equal importance as ourselves. We don’t even have to like or care about them. Just respect the life. Tall order. But until we can do that, abuse will be alive and well and all of us are at risk. ***

I’d love to hear from you. If you have comments about this column or suggestions for future topics, send an email to I’ll happily reply within one business day.

THE FINE PRINT: We welcome letters that are of public interest, are fact based and represent logical attempts to make a constructive contribution to public discourse. We reserve the right to edit letters for clarity, legality, good taste and to fit available space. Letters that contain personal attacks or abuse and insults will be edited or rejected entirely. Letters to third parties are not accepted. Please limit your letters to 400 words and sign with your first name, initial, surname, address and phone number; only the name of the writer and city or town will be published. We thank you for your interest in this feature and encourage your comments. Fake politicians While we watch another fake conservative in Pierre Poilievre, trying to promote his Donald Trump American-style Republican Party brand of stupidity on Canadians, he makes a fool of himself by praising his pal Jason Kenney for the horrific way he handled the COVID crisis, praises the truckers for the mess they created in Ottawa and Coutts, and bashes Trudeau for doing the right thing in banning assault rifles and handguns. So while Trudeau shows that he does care about the well-being of Canadians, Poilievre shows no concern for what it has cost taxpayers, the lives that have been lost due to COVID, or shootings in the U.S. In other words, he is not the type of Conservative we want. You wouldn’t have seen Peter Lougheed being this stupid. While Kenney wants to kick out the RCMP for daring to investigate his party, Poilievre promises to destroy the CBC along with around 7,500 jobs for daring to criticize his brand of stupidity. Where is the intelligence in that? Alan K. Spiller, formerly of Camrose Changing times We’re seeing the first 40C temperature ever recorded in the UK. In news,

five cities in California have banned the construction of new gas stations (Los Angeles is now considering the same) while Europe is refusing to sign the long-term natural gas contracts that Canada’s oil and gas lobby is pushing for; they see new gas supplies as a shortterm solution to get off of Russian gas for the next year or two, but for the longer term they are investing heavily in energy independence through renewables and energy efficiency. The world is changing fast and Alberta must not get left behind. For that reason, a non-partisan and growing chorus of companies, non-profit groups and church congregations is calling for the provincial government to develop a robust and credible climate plan. The website also intends the eventual inclusion of First Nations and municipalities. This message is intended for the Alberta Government, regardless of which leader or party is in power. The website can be found at Roger Gagne, Calgary Leadership race I am normally a supporter of Brian Jean. I did vote for him in the last leader vote when Jason Kenney and Brian Jean ran against


each other. I did vote for Brian Jean which, of course, we did lose that vote. Now, times have changed and the climate has changed. We have gone through COVID-19 which has changed the landscape politically once again. I heard about the visit that Danielle Smith made to Camrose a few weeks ago. She was at the Norsemen Inn. I was not able to be there, however, a friend of mine was. He told me how professional this lady was. He could not remember what she said, however, he told me that she made a lot of sense. So, I decided to do something different by joining Mrs. Smith’s campaign by a small donation and to sign up to help her get her message out. I am working on those details with her Camrose area people. We do need to do something different. We do need a better leader than what Jason Kenney was. There has to be a better way to connect to the average Albertan. If we as Conservatives do not change and to get with reality, the NDP will just win the next election. If that happens, our province will be totally doomed with heavy debt and high taxes. That is how that party does operate. Time will tell the story. Lorne Vanderwoude, Camrose


Stacey Brewster, program manager at Covenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital Camrose, accepts $100 from Kingston, Grayson, and Beckham Falk who donated to the St. Mary’s Hospital, Camrose Foundation. They wished for their donation to go towards the purchase of toys and activities for pediatric patients. The money was raised from a lemonade stand they set up by Coldwell Banker on June 18. Their lemonade stand was part of Northern Alberta Lemonade Day; the organization’s mission is to empower today’s youth to become business leaders, social advocates and community volunteers.

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Thoughts on the leadership race By Damien C. Kurek, MP, Battle River-Crowfoot

The ongoing Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership race has gained high national interest due to a whole host of reasons. From the challenges we face as a nation, including our struggling economy, to an erosion of trust in our democratic institutions and a weariness of the division brought about during the COVID pandemic, polling suggests that a large majority of Canadians are upset with the Justin Trudeau Liberal status quo. Many of you have inquired about who will be my choice to lead the CPC into the future, both in Parliament right away and the party into the next election. First, let me share a couple of thoughts that provide important context for this leadership race. It is CPC members that choose who leads the party, not insiders, elites, nor MPs. I, like every other member of the party (of which there is a record-breaking 675,000 members), cast only one ballot. In casting our ballots, it is key that Conservatives stay united and put egos and petty personal ambition aside as we seek to move forward both as a party, and as a nation. We have seen the consequences of division on the right in Canada and Alberta, and we simply cannot afford it. Out of a strong slate of candidates, the person who gets my number one vote is Pierre Pollievre. In making my choice, I spoke with many of the candidates and evaluated each of them carefully. This process includes listening to the people of Battle River—Crowfoot, examining the candidates records with their ability to define and stick to a narrative, reviewing how they address big issues, and whether or not they can be trusted. Further, good governance and the future of rural Canada are my top priority in making this decision. Pierre checked the boxes and has shown that he can win. I’ve been able to work with Pierre over the last three years since getting elected and I really respect that his message doesn’t change. He speaks on issues that matter to Canadians, from economic and fiscal priorities to addressing personal liberty and autonomy, while also championing good government. He is pragmatic and realistic and communicates in a way that resonates with everyday folks. And while he is an incredibly effective prosecutor in the House of Commons, not resting until he gets an answer, he is also thoughtful in the way he addresses the issues we face as a nation. Canadians are desperate for hope. Unfortunately, that hope can get lost in the midst of the humdrum of politics, media talking points and how divisive every issue has become. I have watched how Pierre has been able to connect with folks in a way that reminds us that a better future is possible and that Canada is worth fighting for. Like all political races, the CPC leadership race has had some tense moments, but in the midst there is a clear desire for change in Canada. For those who are members of the CPC, you should soon be receiving your ballots in the mail, if you have not already. This September 10th the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada will be chosen. It is an honour to be your voice in Ottawa. Know that I, along with all of Canada’s Conservatives, will keep fighting for the hopeful future our country can have. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this column, you are encouraged to write Damien at 4945-50th Street, Camrose, Alberta, T4V 1P9, call 780-608-4600, text 403-575-5625, or e-mail You can also stay up to date with Damien by following him on social media @dckurek. If you are in need of assistance regarding a federal government program, or need assistance and don’t know where to turn, feel free to reach out to MP Kurek’s office.

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Chuck MacLean Arts Centre features art show By Lori Larsen

through the pages of The Booster

• Garneau Inc. announced plans to build a pipe coating plant on a 135acre parcel adjacent to Camrose Pipe Company. The plans will employ up to 100 people and is expected to cost approximately $12 million. City of Camrose Economic Coordinator, Dennis Twomey, who has been working with Garneau for the past five years, said that the new plant will be receiving orders from IPSCO in Edmonton and Regina, as well as other pipe companies in Red Deer and Calgary, in addition to those from Camrose Pipe Company. • Shauna Niehaus, daughter of Gilbert and Pat Niehaus, received her degree in Pharmacy, with distinction, from the University of Alberta. Shauna was employed by Canada Safeway in Edmonton at the time and is presently with the same employer in Camrose. • Camrose and area athletes captured three gold, three silver and twenty bronze medals in the 1997 Alberta Summer Games in Lloydminster. Graham Ryan of Ohaton won gold in the 14 and under pentathlon. Andrew Moulder of Killam won gold in the 13- and 14-year-old 200 metre free swimming relay. Garth Stotts of Camrose won gold in the 15 to 17 year old 100 metre butterfly. A total of 2400 athletes, coaches and chaperones were part of the Alberta Summer Games.

• Several farms were seriously damaged by a tornado that touched down in an area east of Ohaton and northwest of Bawlf. Worst hit was the home of the Donald Sheets family, which was completely destroyed. Mrs. Sheets and two children were at home when the storm struck, but were deposited in a ditch east of where the home stood. They were found by Allan Youngberg of Bawlf who, assisted by Bob White, cared for the injured and immediately transported them to St. Mary’s Hospital. Other farms in the area which sustained major damage where those of Joe Wnuk, Ron Clennin and Allen Gordeyko. • The Camrose Chamber of Commerce will host a public meeting to discuss the possibility of forming a local development company in Camrose. The concept was introduced by Alwar Lyseng, the Chamber’s representative on the City of Camrose Business and Industrial Development Board. He explained that such a body could be effective in attracting new enterprises to an area by making land and buildings affordable. Max McLean was asked to head a study committee and bring a recommendation, which he did, the result of which is the public meeting which the Chamber will host on August 15th.

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Performance that will give you peace of mind.

Art plays an integral role in shaping our cultures and building a holistic understanding of our world, without which it would lack luster and beauty. Art creates awareness and provides information in ways that allows every sector of society to express and process. In keeping with Camrose’s goal to support and promote the arts the Chuck MacLean Arts Centre will be celebrating Visual Arts Month with art exhibits and educational experiences. From August 4 to August 28 the Alberta Community Art Clubs Association (ACACA) Alberta wide Zone (art) Show will be featured at the Chuck MacLean Arts Centre. The event will kick off with the Opening Night Reception on Friday, August 5 from 6 until 8 p.m. and is curated by City of Camrose Recreation and Culture employee Jayda Calon. Each of the ACACA Alberta wide Zone Shows will be juried by three jurors provided by the ACACA. “The jurors will select artworks for awards and advancement to the Alberta Wide Show which is held in a previously designated location, most often in either Edmonton or Red Deer,” said City of Camrose Recreation and Culture manager Tanya Pattullo. “This is a great opportunity for the City of Camrose and the Chuck MacLean Arts Centre to be selected to host the Alberta Wide Show.” Generally, about one third of the art pieces at Zone Shows are selected for sending to the Alberta Wide show, where further jurying will take place. From that point approximately half of the paintings and sculptures sent to the Alberta Wide show are chosen for displaying in the Alberta Wide Show. Scholarships and awards, many named to honour former ACACA members, are picked by the jurors the day before the opening of the Alberta Wide Show. At the conclusion of the Alberta Wide Show, the Awards are then handed out to the artists winning the awards. The artists’ also have an opportunity to have their work critiqued during the ACACA AGM, which not only provides the artist with encouragement but an opportunity to learn and further develop their craft. Shows such as these are not only vital for artists to gain exposure but to learn and develop friendships with fellow artist/ACACA members.

The Zone Shows offer a wonderful opportunity for people in communities throughout the province, including Camrose, to view a wide variety of art styles, subjects, and mediums on display. From August 2 to 24 the Chuck MacLean Arts Centre will feature the Traveling Exhibition Program Exhibit (TREX), “Now is the winter...” presented by The Alberta Foundation for the Arts. This exhibit will feature art works visualizing Canadian winters as seen through the eyes of artists such as Edmonton artist aAron Munson a Canadian artist, filmmaker and cinematographer. His work has taken him from his personal studio to war zones, high-Arctic weather stations, reindeer nomad camps in Siberia, and the Arabian Desert. aAron’s projects tackle extreme human experiences, both far from and close to home, utilizing film, video and photography to create visual explorations of mental illness, memory, and the nature of consciousness. For more information on ACACA visit the website at On Saturday, August 13, Calon will be leading a free Talking Arts workshop, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. for ages nine to 12 years old. Attendees will be viewing the exhibit pieces then discussing the following: reflection, depiction, composition, expression and appreciation. “My goal is to bring kids closer to these artworks and allow them to have more of a direct connection.,” said Calon of the workshop. “This workshop is special as kids will be able to learn and understand various aspect of art by standing right in front of artists work and having conversations around what they see.” Calon’s aim is to introduce children/youth to a gallery space, guide them through the work, and have discussions about the various art elements that directly relate to the works we create. “Taking what we learn we will make art projects that reflect on these winter works to discover our own feelings about winter and build new artistic skills through mediums like watercolor, acrylic, and plasticine.” Preregistration is required. For more information visit the City of Camrose website at https:// recreation- and-leisure/ p ro g ra m s - a n d - co u rs es . aspx#Talking-Art-Workshop.

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Bailey Theatre set to launch new season By Murray Green

A full season of great shows and concerts have been planned for the Bailey Theatre for 2022-23. The season launch party will be held on August 24 at 5 p.m. Here is a sneak peak at some of the acts. It starts with the Cod Tongues who are a five piece band covering high energy Celtic music on Thursday, September 1 at 8 p.m. Mac Daddy–The Fleetwood Mac Experience celebrates the music of Fleetwood Mac’s songs from the ’70s and ’80s. Based out of Edmonton and performing since 2016, this all-star lineup of musicians and vocalists has quickly become a favorite across Canada. They are in Camrose on Saturday, September 10 beginning at 8 p.m. Elvis–The Early Years is an authentic tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll starring multi-award winning Elvis Tribute Artist Jaedyn Pilon. This multimedia stage-show will take the audience on a musical journey recreating some of the most iconic moments of Elvis’ career from its start in 1954 to his final concert in 1961 before his seven year hiatus from live performances. This concert is on Friday, September 16 at 7 p.m.

Acts of Charity plays will be presented by Infinite Imagination. They showcase different aspects of mental health. Red by John Logan, is based on a moment of time in the life of Mark Rothko the great American painter. It is performed by Logan and Mike Hicks. Every Brilliant Thing by Duncan MacMillan, a story about the little things that add up making life worthwhile is performed by Trevor McTavish. This is a mental health fundraiser. Proceeds from these performances will be used to support the St. Mary’s Hospital Mental Health and Addictions Unit 3 and the Men’s Shed of Camrose. Shows are on Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24 beginning at 6:30 p.m. The Bailey Buckaroos have special guests featured each month with a classic country music extravaganza, which is fun for the whole family. The first of 10 shows is on Sunday, September 25 starting at 2 p.m. Alberta’s Calvin Vollrath was named the Grand North American Fiddle Champion on two occasions and has composed several hundred original tunes, including five songs for the Vancouver Olympics. He

plays many different styles: from Don Messer, to old time country music, to Elvis Presley and will be perform-

ing both old favorites and original songs. Jeremy Rusu, who Calvin describes as a

musical genius and prodigy, will accompany the show on Monday, September 26 at 7 p.m.

Smith Clinic is pleased to welcome

Dr. Olumbunmi Olaitan Dr Olaitan is a General Practitioner with an Dr. interest in Obstetrics and Mental Health. in SShe is an international medical graduate from Nigeria with a postgraduate certification in Family Medicine obtained from the West African College of Physicians, and has her Master’s Degree in Public Health. She is currently a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada. Dr. Olaitan loves good music and plays D the piano. She loves sporting activities with th favourite sport being badminton. She enjoys favo spending time with her husband while traveling, spend adventuring, and experiencing new things. adventuri “I am delighted to be in Camrose with my family and am looking forward to a wonderful experience here.” Dr. Olaitan enjoys all aspects of general medical practice, and is very passionate about her patients’ care. She is accepting new patients and would love to meet you. To have your name added to a list to see Dr. Olaitan, please call 780-672-2423 and choose option 6.

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Kodiaks make a ‘Heck’ of a catch By Lori Larsen

The Kodiaks have added a new face to the organization this year, with the recent hiring of assistant coach Brandon Heck. Brandon grew up in Forestburg area, and having lived in Camrose for the past 11 years, is no stranger to the Kodiaks and is very excited to be a part of the organization. Brandon has been participating in the game of hockey for as long as he can remember and said because his class in Forestburg consisted of only five boys, he had to travel out to play hockey. “Initially, I went to Stettler and in my last year of midget they started a Midget Triple-A team in Camrose, so I came here to play.” From there he played in Killam Junior B with the Wheat Kings, then Bonnyville Junior A and then he was traded to Winkler, Manitoba for a year and a half. “That was awesome. At first I was a bit devastated then I loved it,” he smiled. “Then in the last half of my 20 year old year I was traded to Drayton Valley. “I was one of the deadline pickups that was hoping to play the Kodiaks in the finals, but we lost to Fort McMurray in game six then Camrose beat Fort McMurray in game seven. I remember because a lot of my friends played on the Kodiaks and that was the year they lost to Weyburn in the final of the Royal Bank Cup (RBC) on a weird goal.” After junior hockey Brandon attended Castleton University in Vermont and played four years in the NCAA Division 3. “That is where I found a passion for coaching,” said Brandon. “The coach I had was really impactful on me. Because of my grades I had trouble getting onto

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster The Camrose Kodiaks are pleased to welcome new assistant coach Brandon Heck.

the team but he vouched for me. I had to go to study hall twice a week, but I ended up graduating on the Dean’s List.” After that experience and with the guidance of this dedicated coach, Brandon said he left there in the best shape of his life. “The coach was able to get me a tryout in the east coast hockey league where I played a few exhibition games then from there came back to the area playing senior hockey in Sedgwick.” During a game in Hardisty, Tim Green (now coach of Augustana Mens Viking Hockey) told Brandon that the Camrose Bantam Triple-A coach (then Craig Perry) was leaving. “So he asked me if I wanted to assist with coaching the Camrose Bantam Triple-

A. I helped Tim as an assistant coach for two years then when he moved on and I coached the team for another four years.” After that Brandon went to Saskatchewan to coach Junior in the Battlefords. He returned to Camrose and has since been doing some coaching for the Camrose Minor Hockey U7. Coaching style

As for his coaching style Brandon said he tries to remain fair and patient. “If you ask a lot of my former players, they would say I am a players’ coach, I’m not a screamer or yeller. I have a few simple rules I expect them to follow and believe that players get what they earn with me. He said that having that year experience in Saskatchewan taught him a lot, specifically that ban-

tam players tend to be a bit more fragile where the junior players may try to take a little more advantage of that niceness. “I learned that if you give an inch with the junior players they will take a mile. So it is important to be consistent. If you threaten something then you follow through with it. Junior will test you and it took me a while to figure out that you can’t make empty promises.” But despite having to keep that in the back of his mind Brandon said he is more excited about being part of the Kodiaks than anywhere else. “Growing up in Forestburg I remember coming in as a teenager and watching friends playing on the team. I have always had a soft spot for the Kodiaks. They have such a good reputation in and outside the arena. It is a classy organization and a good organization to be involved with.” Moving forward with the Kodiaks Brandon is happy to once again be involved in a more competitive league and atmosphere. “One of the things I have missed is competitiveness. Coaching U7 is more about developing the players and having fun,” explained Brandon adding that developing the players is also important in Juniors but this level of hockey is also about being competitive. “I need to learn and experience that more and I am very excited to have Boris (Rybalka, Kodiaks general manager) and Clayton (Jardine, Kodiaks head coach) as a mentors.” Family man

Brandon, along with wife Sarah, is happy to be raising their two children, nine-year-old daughter Palmer and seven-year-old son Pearson, in Camrose. “Sarah, was born and raised in the US, we met in

college,’ said Brandon admitting he may have drawn her away from her roots to move to Canada (Camrose). “But she loves Camrose. She said its a nice, clean city.” Both of their children are active in sports, Palmer in gymnastics and soft ball and Pearson hockey and ball, and the family stays very active in the community. Currently Brandon is employed with the family business, Heck’s Fuel Service, mainly out of Bashaw, and is proud to say that strong work ethics are deeply rooted within him, which no doubt will reflect on his work with the Kodiaks. “We are very excited to have Brandon and his family join the organization,” said Kodiaks general manager Boris Rybalka. “He has the values that we want and look for. He has morals, ethics, honesty and a great work ethic and family oriented. His coaching background is a great fit for us as he has coached AAA hockey and Junior A hockey.” On a final note, Brandon thanked the Kodiaks organization for providing him with this opportunity to be part of an organization that has an elite standard of excellence. “I’m extremely excited to learn and contribute to that standard. Knowing I am part of this organization has given me a good jolt of energy.” The Camrose Kodiaks return to Camrose ice for regular season in midSeptember for another fast-paced, exciting year of Junior A hockey. For more information on the Camrose Kodiaks including ticket and season pass information visit

Chase the Ace Draw 25

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster

Pictured left to right are Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak president Morris Henderson presenting a cheque for $426 to Irene Gartner Chase the Ace individual winner of Draw 25, and $1,000 (topped up by the Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak) was presented to Days For Girls representatives Liz Rolfe Sarah Ross and Tracy Maxwell. The Chase the Ace progressive jackpot reached $11,992 with weekly winnings benefitting a variety of not-for-profit organizations.

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Chartered Professional Accountants #201, 4870-51 Street Camrose, AB T4V 1S1 Tel. 780-672-9217 Fax 780-672-9216 Beth P. Kushnerick CPA, CA Michael Wetsch CPA, CA Annette McTavish ACIA Scot Lorenson CPA, CA

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CWSS last session for summer community presentations By Lori Larsen

Have you ever looked up on a clear summer night and wondered? What is beyond us in the infinite night skies and what is there waiting to be discovered. On August 4, beginning at 7:30 p.m., Camrose Wildlife Stewardship Society and The City of Camrose’s last summer community presentation brings presenter Rae Metrunec to the Stoney Creek Centre to present an introduction to

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astronomy and stargazing. Metrunec, a Hesje Observatory technician, presents tours, both virtual and now in-person, at the Observatory located at the Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station (AMLRS). Refreshments will be provided during the August 4 presentation and there will be prize draws for a chance to win gift cards from local businesses at the CWSS events.

Murray Green, Camrose Booster (File Photo) The Hesje Observatory, located at Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station, is now open for public viewing.

#seeitlivecamroselive CITY OF

The stage is set 780-608-2922

ASON 2 0 2 2 SEASON 2 0 2 2 SEASON 2 0 2 2 SEASON 2 0 2 2 SEASON 2 0 2

See You There!

SEASON 2 0 2 3 SEASON 2 0 2 3 SEASON 2 0 2 3 SEASON 2 0 2 3 SEASON 2 0 2

Season Starts Sept 23.

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A Benefit to Support

Camrose Centennial Museum Society

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Centennial Museum

Ti$ckets: 65+ S/C

4522-53 Street

Thursday, August 25, 6:30-9:30 p.m. Tickets available online August 3

An exclusive liquor tasting event featuring local vendors showcasing their craft


Limited quantities available Kin Canada Kinette Club of Camrose

Lougheed Centre unveils season By Murray Green

The Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre has an exciting year of shows this year. It has the largest number of shows in the nine-year history of the Lougheed Centre. Super$tition by Firefly Circus on September 17 has been cancelled. ABRA Cadabra will be bringing the music of ABBA back to the Lougheed Centre on September 20 at 7:30 p.m. Jill Barber has a new date for the Lougheed Centre–September 23 at 7:30 p.m. “Jill is one of the greatest singers and we are finally having her back,” said general manager Nick Beach. Zaniac Comedy Show by Alex Zerbe on September 24 is a free family show, but you must have a ticket. “This is a completely crazy guy. His energy is 11 out of 10. This will be an outdoor show at the Camrose and District Centennial Museum. We were lucky to receive some special funding to purchase outdoor equipment so we can hold outdoor events. Our goal is to have more outdoor events in the future.” Menopause The Musical arrives on September 27. This show is back by popular

demand and was quickly sold out back in 2017. “When I heard they were going back on tour, I had to jump at the chance to bring them back. It is the longest scripted musical in Las Vegas history,” said general manager Nick Beach. Skerryvore from Scotland will be sharing their latest music on September 29. “They are the hottest band in Scotland right now. If you mix traditional highland sounds of bagpipes with contemporary rock and rocky folk music, you get Skerryvore. It is going to be a party.” Ghosts and Evening Songs led by Augustana’s Roger Admiral on October 2. “Former Augustana staff member Cynthia Marks wanted to give back, so she helped us with this series. Instead of receiving an ad she donated her space to The Open Doors. The first show is with Robert Uchida, Raphael and Roger Admiral. Those two had a great show last year, so they added Camrose’s own Roger Admiral to give it a good classical show to start it off.” A Tribute to Elvis In Concert show with Chris Connor and Pete Paquette will be held on October 3 at 7 p.m.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 13

Acts of Charity show held at Bailey Theatre By Murray Green

Local theatre group Infinite Imagination will be presenting two Acts of Charity shows at the Bailey Theatre to assist two organizations on September 23 and 24. Proceeds from the shows will go toward Covenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital Camrose and Camrose and Area Men’s Shed. “There is so much importance with this event to help people in our community. Mental illness does not discriminate; it can affect any Canadian regardless of their age, geography and background,” said Mike Hicks of Infinite Imagination. The play Red was written by John Logan and will be performed by Logan and Mike Hicks. Another play Every Brilliant Thing was written by Duncan MacMillan and will be performed by Trevor McTavish. The event will also feature a silent auction and charcuterie (delicatessen snacks) on Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24 starting at 6:30 p.m. Everyone will experience challenges regarding their mental well-being in their lifetime. In fact, mental health problems are actually quite common. The Unit 3 staff of St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose are so grateful that the plays highlights the struggles, and survivors, of mental illness. Awareness and understanding will help mitigate against some of the risk factors that we all are facing. They can also help combat the feeling of profound loneliness when you think that you are the only one. Unit 3 is unique; a mental health and addictions unit that has been assisting communities for decades. They have both an inpatient and outpatient department at our rural hospital, a team of dedicated professionals that work towards helping people stabilize and maintain a state of good mental health.

Family Train Day August 6, 2022, from 1:00 – 4:30 pm

A day for children and the young at heart! • Speeder rides all day • Thomas and his friends

Goodies and Beverages Donations available for greatly purchase!

will be running on the appreciated Morgan Garden Railway • Play in the Children’s hildren’s Garden en • Scavenger Hunt unt • Singing & Stories ories with Lucy the Clown wn • Old fashionedd games gam ames es • and more!

Canadian Northern Society

Camrose Heritage Railway Station 4407-47 Avenue, Camrose, Alberta

Wellness hamper No one plans to be in crisis or suffer from life stressors that impact our mental health. “Help us, help them, by donating such items as: art supplies, toiletries/feminine items, deodorant, hair care, socks, slippers, dental care products to our emergency wellness supply hamper placed by the theater doors,” said Mike. The Men Shed The Camrose and Area Men’s Shed was the first Shed in Alberta and as part of the UBC Research Team helped to develop the Men’s Shed Tool Kit provided on the Canadian Men’s Shed Association website. The

Shed provides options that engage men, who through retirement or other life circumstances, find themselves with time on their hands. A Shed is a dedicated, friendly, and welcoming meeting place where men come together and undertake a variety of mutually agreed upon activities that they decide on their own. Men’s Sheds are open to all men regardless of age, background or ability. It is a place where you can share your skills and knowledge with others, learn new skills, develop your old skills or just be with other men for fun. An objective of Men’s


Eat. Drink. Enjoy. JOIN US FOR DINNER! Odin Dining Room

at the Norsemen Inn. You’re in good company here! Reservations and Private Parties welcome Phone 780-672-9171 Sheds is to enhance or maintain the well-being of the participating men. The Canadian Team and Alberta Team are currently working on the establishment of not-forprofit status federally and


1 Birthday

provincially to support other communities that are interested in developing one of their own. Tickets are available at the Bailey Theatre Box Office and online.


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Decoration Day ~ ~ is Sunday, August 21

Public Works building on schedule, budget By Lori Larsen

During the July 18 City of Camrose Committee of the Whole meeting, City of Camrose Infrastructure general manager Kris Johnson provided council with an update on the progress of the Public Works Facility Update Project. “The construction on the new Public Works Facility continues to progress on schedule and within budget,” reported Johnson. The project includes

and cladding; concrete floor slab; load bearing walls; other walls and mechanical/electrical (rough-ins). As per the report, the following items anticipated to be complete in July included landscaping at the site, mechanical and electrical for the shop and drywall/doors/paint and elevator installation for the office. Other ongoing items and anticipated completion

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or 4817-51 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 0V4

New Public Works facility

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster The City of Camrose new Public Works facility is getting closer to the anticipated substantial completion date of September 16. The new facility features a 9,220 square foot office building and a 125,000W solar panel installation.

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster The City of Camrose new Public Works Facility features a 17,100 square foot maintenance shop.

the construction of a 17,100 square foot maintenance shop and a 9,220 square foot office building. In addition, the project includes upgrading the utility services, installing landscaping to allow for better storm water management and a 125,000W solar panel installation. At the time of this report the following items of the project have been completed for site work: grading/building pad preparation and compaction; site servicing (water, sanitary, storm, gas and power); piles/foundation/concrete aprons; concrete sidewalk; paving; concrete curbs. The following items for the shop that have been completed include: overhead doors; mechanical/ electrical (rough-ins and backfill); concrete floor slab preparation; concrete floor slab pour and interior wall liner. The following completed items for the office include: steel frame, roof

dates include: shop finishes and clean up (August); office mechanical/electrical finishes and flooring and millwork (August) and furniture install in September. The anticipated substantial completion date is September 16. The summary of budget are as follows: Total budgeted construction costs $10,847,486 with a contingency of $152,514 totalling $11,000,000. To date the total construction costs are $8,509,781 with no contingency costs. The estimated final total costs are $10,818,685 with no contingency costs. For complete details on the Public Works Facility upgrade project, visit the City of Camrose website at click on Your Goverment/Agendas and Minutes/Agendas/2022/Committee of the Whole/2022-07-04.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 15

CITY PAGE City of Camrose Valleyview Cemetery

DECORATION DAY Sunday, August 21, 2022 On Sunday, August 21, 2022 (the third Sunday every August), the City of Camrose invites friends, family, and relatives to recognize loved ones at the Valleyview Cemetery. Every year the cemetery becomes a field of colour, which we welcome again this year. Come out and enjoy the day! Just a reminder: Once Decoration Day is over, we ask all family members who have placed decorations that do not conform to our bylaw, to remove within a week after Decoration Day. After that, Cemetery staff will be picking up all decorations that do not conform to our Cemetery Bylaw, so regular maintenance can continue. All non-conforming and left over decorations will be recycled. For further information, please feel free to contact the Community Services Office at 780-672-9195.

Alberta Community A ƌƚ ůƵďƐ ƐƐŽĐŝĂƟŽŶ

ʼnþĊŻƌǂ Êıądž īśƮ August 5th - August 28th, 2022

Chuck MacLean Arts Centre 4809 - 52 Street

xŸĊŒıŒlj ĊÿĊŸƌıśǓ

August 5th




AUGUST ART EXHIBITS ON DISPLAY The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program

AUGUST 2ND - 24TH Now is the winter...


WORKSHOP Saturday August 13th 10am - 3pm (for ages 9-12)

Chuck MacLean Arts Centre 4809 - 52 Street




Please pre-register by calling



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Come by City Hall or the Aquatic Centre before October 31 to win one of 100 kits! Or, purchase one from City Hall for $20.00

Wastewater Treatment Plant project progressing By Lori Larsen

During the July 18 City of Camrose Committee of the Whole meeting, City of Camrose Engineering Services manager Jeremy Enarson’s reported to council the progress of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and Landfill Clay Purchase (LCP) projects. Enarson said to date the completed work includes construction of new emergency overflow storage cell at the South Lift Station (SLS). The following work is reported as ongoing with projected completion dates: • interior and exterior SLS upgrades (November 2022); • expanding treatment lagoon capacity, including upgrading of the aeration system to the existing lagoons (August 2023); • addition of moving bed biofilm reactor tankage

and related infrastructure (May 2023); • construction of process building (April 2023) including delivery and erection of pre-engineered steel building (August/September 2022); • remaining site improvements (June 2023) • expanding the City’s treated wastewater storage capacity within Cell “I” (September 2022) • clay to landfill (August 2022); • final landscaping, construction of parking lot and trail access (fall of 2022 to March of 2024); • general requirements (ongoing). “At this time, administration expects that all work related to the Landfill Clay Purchase project will be substantially complete by the fall of 2022 and the WWTP upgrades substantially complete by October 2023 with final cleanup and work being

completed in the spring of 2024.” The approved budget on the Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade project includes total construction costs $46,842,339 and an approved and available contingency of $4,327,661, for a total of $51,170,000. The current financial status of the Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade project indicates total costs to date $14,262,606. The anticipated total costs are $47,509,608 with an approved and available project contingency of $3,660,393. The approved budget on the Landfill Clay Purchase Project includes total construction costs $2,791,189 with an approved and available contingency of $312,811. The current financial status of the Landfill Clay Purchase Project indicates total costs to date $1,342,586. The anticipated total costs are $1,768,065.

Photo Courtesy of City of Camrose An ariel view of the Wastewater Treatment Plant construction site.

Enarson noted that to date the City has approved 18 change orders related to the scope of Maple Reinders Construtors (MRCL) and six scope changes related to the work of Associated Engineering (AE). For complete details on the WWTP and LCP projects visit the City of Camrose website at www. and click on

the Wastewater Treatment Plant link. Currently, the City is working on providing explainer videos for public viewing that will contain drone footage with recent construction photos as well as descriptions of the new technology being added to the WWTP with anticipated availability for viewing by the end of this summer.

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CPS crime prevention and mental health officer By Lori Larsen

Outside of patrol duties, something more visible and perhaps more relatable to most Camrose residents, Camrose Police Service provides a multitude of other specialized services that all contribute to the high standards of excellence CPS sets as a top priority. One of those particular areas of specialized community policing is a dual role encompassing crime prevention and the Police and Crisis Response Team (PACT). “Many of the societal issues that impact our communities fall onto the plate of police service because of lack of resources in other areas,” remarked Camrose Police Service Chief Dean LaGrange. “There is an emerging trend in many communities, including Camrose, to expand upon mental health and addiction support services. “The role of the Camrose Police Service Crime Prevention and PACT officer is a hybrid one that not only creates efficiencies within the service, but provides better service to the citizens.” Camrose Police Service Constable John Tomaszewski has recently moved into this role, bringing to the table over 12 years experience in policing with CPS specifically in patrol (front line) and for the past nine years with the Forensic Identification Unit. As a fourth generation member of the community, Tomaszewski has developed an extensive knowledge and familiarity with Camrose, this along with prior experience serving the community in different ways, particularly the agriculture and construction sectors, serve him well in his policing career. “It has helped me to understand the value of community and the different struggles people have on a community and personal basis. It enables me to understand and empathize with members of the community.” Having only been in the new role for a less than a month, Tomaszewski said he has used some of this time to identify areas he would like to focus on and develop further. He explained that there are two main components to the position, that of crime prevention/ community liaison and the designated member to the PACT/mental health/addiction support. Crime prevention/ liaison

The first component encompasses both crime prevention and that of a liaison between all facets of the community and the police. “We have our standards

as far as crime prevention goes,” said Tomaszewski. “A big part of which is awareness and education for

with an assigned officer, (currently Tomaszewski). “PACT originated as a response to the need to in-

Tomaszewski said that with the ever-increasing calls for service regarding mental health, the implementation of the PACT will help relieve the pressure from patrol members to not only have to deal with the situation at hand but also the possibility of someone in mental health crisis, so they can focus on other investigations. “While patrol members are trained and capable of dealing with people in these

deal with,” said Tomaszewski. “Identify through police action within the community, those who would be willing to participate in the Hub and get them on a path his tech world that we are in now of mental wellness.” He reported that over has made it very easy for elders the course of the time the to fall victim to fraud and scams,” said Hub has been operating, Constable Tomaszewski. Camrose Police Service has made over a dozen referrals community members, par- tervene in a time of mental with approximately 30 per ticularly fraud awareness health crisis. cent success rate–which especially in our older de“Historically, the rehe said is very good in the mographics–seniors. This realm of mental health– tech world that we are in made it through the pronow has made it very easy cesses and are now leadfor elders to fall victim to ing a better life. “Having fraud and scams, so that is that kind of success gets going to be one of my focusthe pendulum swinging es going forward.” the other way. It is imporIn further describing tant that this role be a supthe role of crime prevenportive role and guide these tion, Tomaszewski said that a dedicated member people moving forward in a is more readily available to positive way.” address these needs within Tomaszewski said that the community including this role also includes comany group or organization munication with correcthat would benefit from tions to identify anyone police participation in an being processed through event to build awareness or the criminal justice system, provide education. before the court, with court As for the community order conditions that they liaison piece of this role, have to abide by who may Tomaszewski said he inwant to be involved with tends on continuing to be the Hub to get better and a point of contact for the community. “The person have a better life. (member) that any member “One of the goals is to of the community can talk have corrections connected to if they need to better unto the Hub so the involvederstand the purpose of the ment is there right from police in the community. the beginning. That way “This role also includes nobody falls through the liaison with the Victim Sercracks.” vices Unit (VSU) including This position will also an integral role in the orwork closely with other ganization of the Charity organizations in Camrose Checkstop, a vital initiative that benefits not only the Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster and area such as The Open VSU but other not-for-profit Camrose Police Service 12-year veteran Constable John Doors, Family Resources organizations such as The Tomaszewski moved into the dual role of Crime Prevention Centre and Child and FamOpen Doors, or Camrose and PACT officer. ily Services keeping those Women’s Shelter that offers lines of communication vital supports and services sponse has been an officer crises, they don’t necessari- open in an effort to prevent showing up with a mental ly have the resources at that to community members.” potential crisis. This component of the health professional at the moment as first responders Along with these two position advocates strongly time of the crisis, and they and investigators. They are very important aspects for public education and deal with that person in the having to deal with many of the role, Tomaszewski building connections in the crisis to de-escalate and other policing matters. Alhopes to be able to reinsticommunity whether that be present resources that will though mental health calls tute programs such as the through specific community help them long term; a lot are always a priority for Wise Owls, an of what our patrol events, school education e d u c at i o n a l programs or community in- members would do without the aid of a formation sessions. and awareACT originated as a response to mental health proMental health ness program the need to intervene in a time of The other main com- fessional. aimed at “With this posiponent of this role involves mental health crisis,” explained Constable keeping the providing support services tion the goal is to Tomaszewski. senior populafor mental health and ad- be more proactive tion informed so we can identify diction. on fraud “In the PACT role people in our comprevention. the officer pairs up with munity that are in the need police to mitigate the risk “As I move forward a mental health profes- of that help,” explained of harm, they often are with this position there sional to proactively deal Tomaszewski, adding that better served through long with many of these calls many times that comes af- term assistance within the will be more groups idenbefore they escalate into ter patrol members have healthcare system which is tified that I would like to crisis,” explained Tomasze- dealt with these crisis in where our crisis team will work with, such as differwski. “Dealing with mental the middle of the night as guide people in need.” ent ethnic communities or The other component of the Augustana community, health concerns, specifical- the result of a call to duty. “Now, myself and a this part of the position en- to ensure they feel they are ly with those struggling as a result of many different PACT mental health pro- tails involvement with the part of the whole.” influences on their mental fessional, usually a regis- Camrose Mental Health In conclusion, Tomaszehealth such as addiction, tered nurse with training, Hub, launched in March wski says he looks forward age or circumstances in and post secondary educa- of 2021 to provide mental life.” tion in psychology, team up health support for adults to continuing to provide the best service CPS can He went on to say that and proactively work with on a case-by-case basis. Camrose is in the process this person when they are “Our role from policing through this very engaged of implementing the PACT maybe not in a time of cri- is essentially to support the role of ensuring the needs (Police and Crisis Response sis to prevent them from Hub and also be able to get of every community memTeam) in the community falling back into it.” referrals from anybody we ber are being considered.



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Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster

On Saturday, July 23 people pulled up a lawn chair or sat at a picnic table around the Mirror Lake gazebo to spend a few hours on a sunny afternoon enjoying the melodies of the Sax Quintet. Members of the Quintet consist of Mercedes Hall, Sandra Hall, Dr. Ben Gagnon, Marshall Tindall and Dennis Rusinak.

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Music in the park

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Bags of Love assists foster care children Submitted by Vision Credit Union

The day a child goes into foster care may always be remembered as the hardest day of their life. Every case is unique, but in Alberta, Children’s Services places kids into foster care when their current situation is no longer safe. But when a child is told they can’t return home, they tend not to see it that way. They’re often crying, confused and scared. Jewel Lien saw this pain up close as a teacher’s aid and foster parent in Ryley years ago. She saw the hurt on the faces of children as they were going into care, and to make matters worse, they often couldn’t even return home to pack their belongings. In complex situations like these, Jewel felt like there was nothing she could do. But she was determined—and she believed in the power of her small community to make a difference. Jewel learned about Bags of Love in 2010. Originating in the United States, the project involves community groups coordinating with their local Children’s Services offices to provide a bag of items for kids to take to their first foster home. Anyone can start a Bags of Love chapter in their community, so Jewel jumped at the chance. Her friend Nancy and daughter Leslee quickly got on board, and over the course of a decade, the three of them have grown Bags of Love: East Central Alberta (ECA) into the largest chapter in Canada. But it truly does take a village. Jewel estimates that 95 per cent of Bags of Love ECA is supported by the community. “Basically everything that comes through these doors, other than maybe five percent, is all from communities. Whether it’s donating items or volunteering their time.” Jewel, Leslee and Nancy are volunteers themselves, so this humble, small-town operation is entirely community-built and maintained. A bag from any Bags of Love might include necessary items for their first few weeks in the foster home, like a toothbrush and toothpaste. They might

also include a note that reminds the child they’re loved, and that everything in the bag is meant to give them comfort in a troubled time. At Bags of Love ECA, the note also asks that the child one day pay the kindness forward. “We’re very careful about not victimizing the kids,” Jewel said. “We want to empower them to stay strong because they will get through this. And when they do, they can brighten their own lives by being kind to others.” Items in Jewel’s bags are largely dependent on what they receive in donations. But no matter what, there are two items that can be found in every single bag prepared at Bags of Love ECA: a teddy and a handmade quilt. Quilters from all over Alberta create age and gender appropriate blankets for Bags of Love ECA. “The teddy and quilt are most important,” Jewel said. “Often we hear back from social workers that when a child opened the bag, they said, ‘How did they know just what I wanted?’” Bags of Love ECA distributes about 600 bags per year with the support of social workers. And not just in Ryley. While the team started working in surrounding areas like Camrose, Vegreville, Wainwright and Lloydminster so many years ago, they now provide bags to 33 Children’s Services offices in Alberta. But Bags of Love ECA provides bags to more than just children going into care. Jewel and her community respond accordingly wherever children are in need. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, more quilts and donations came in than ever before. With supporters quarantining in their small towns at the time, Jewel guesses it was one of the ways people felt they could help during the crisis. At that time, Children’s Services weren’t requesting bags nearly as often. But Jewel knew that children were still going into care, so she and her team worked harder than ever to reconnect with social workers and distribute bags from a safe distance.

This past year, the Bags of Love ECA team has developed partnerships with Children’s Services offices in Siksika and Stoney Nakoda Nations. Jewel has loved working with the social workers there, sharing items and learning the cultures’ Traditional Practices around gift-giving and community care. Most recently, Jewel and her team even sent bags to refugees coming to Alberta from Ukraine. “What we do is what the people come to us with.” Jewel says. The partnership with Siksika grew out of a social worker needing help with a family who had no heat in their house. The children from Ukraine received a bag because the Sherwood Park School were welcoming students whose families were fleeing the war. Whether it’s purchasing and donating teddies, creating beautiful handmade quilts or identifying areas in the province where they could help, the way east central Alberta has rallied behind Bags of Love is inspiring. Because of their hard work and dedication, thousands of kids have received a small token of love in a very difficult moment of their lives. “I’m not a quitter, I’ll tell you that,” Jewel laughs. “It’s a deep, deep passion that I just will not give up on.” But the need is high and they can’t do it alone. Jewel envisions a future where there are Bags of Love chapters serving Children’s Services offices all over Alberta. And you can support this vision. Anyone can start a Bags of Love chapter, but there may already be one in your area. Just like Bags of Love ECA, they’re likely looking for volunteers and donations from generous community members like you. Contact Jewel and her team to find out if there’s a Bags of Love near you. If there isn’t and you’d like to start a chapter, Jewel can also give you firsthand advice on how to make it successful in your community. Visit for more information.


Murray Green, Camrose Booster

Wild Rose Villa residents David Bailey’s Recycled Cowboy walker and Terry Taylor’s BVJ Parade float were named the top entries in the parade at the facility. Myrna Oas and her Myrna’s Pie Shack, Judy Cranston’s Kissing Booth, Robert Van Alstyne’s BVJ Picnic Fish and Pam Beeton’s Bird Lady entries were also judged highly during the parade.

Vegreville advances to baseball final By Murray Green The Rosalind Athletics and Armena Royals share first place in the Powerline Baseball League with a 10-4 record, but Rosalind gained the top spot with a better record against the Royals. Battle River Rivals and Vegreville Blue Jays placed third at 9-5 with the Rivals gaining the upper hand. Rounding out the

league and missing the playoffs were the Tofield Braves at 3-11 and Camrose Roadrunners at 1-13. Vegreville won the semifinal series in two straight games, 12-0 and 9-5, to advance to the league finals. In the other series, Battle River won 9-2 in the opener and then Armena won the second match 6-4. The deciding game will be

played tonight (August 2) at 7 p.m. in Armena. The winners of the semifinals will meet in the best of three league finals. All games begin at 7 p.m. During the regular season Armena scored the most runs with 122 in 14 games. Vegreville allowed the fewest runs with 37 in 14 contests. Rosalind was second on offence and defence.


Submitted Team Alberta U18 player Brad Rodin of Camrose received a silver medal, along with his teammates, for placing second in the Canada Cup football championships. Alberta lost to Saskatchewan 13-1 in the final game. Alberta beat BC in their first game 18-17 and defeated Quebec in the semifinal 23-13 to reach the final against Saskatchewan.

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The automotive section of

Huggard restores Krake’s 1965 Impala By Murray Green

Mark Huggard owns a 1965 Chevrolet Impala. “This car was owned by a former National Hockey League player that played for the Edmonton Oilers and the Boston Bruins. His name was Phil “Skip” Krake. Philip Gordon “Skip” Krake is a Canadian former ice hockey centre. He played in the National Hockey League with the Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings and Buffalo Sabres between 1964 and 1971. In addition, he played in the World Hockey Association with the Cleveland Crusaders and Edmonton Oilers between 1972 and 1976. He was from (Rabbit Lake) North Battleford, Saskatchewan. In his NHL career, Krake appeared in 249 games, scoring 23 goals and adding 40 assists. He played in 207 WHA games, scoring 52 goals and adding 77 assists. “He also did up another car, a Pontiac 2 plus 2. He traded it (Impala) in and I have been working on this car ever since. The company that took the car in on trade didn’t want to put any more money into it, so I bought it off a restoration business in Kitscoty,” explained Mark. “Skip was the original owner and he bought


Murray Green, Camrose Booster Mark Huggard completely restored former NHL player Phil “Skip” Krake’s 1965 Chevrolet Impala. The car needed a lot of work, but that didn’t scare off Mark, who restored it to look brand new.

the car in Saskatchewan. It has been in the Lloydminster area every since. They still have the original bias red line tires, but they are no fun to drive on,” suggested Mark. “I’ve done a complete


The Impala was Chevrolet’s popular flagship passenger car and was among the better-selling automobiles. The Chevrolet Caprice was introduced as a top-line Impala Sport Sedan for model year 1965, later becoming a separate series positioned above the Impala in 1966, which, in turn, remained above the Chevrolet Bel Air and the Chevrolet Biscayne Redesigned in 1965, the Impala set an all-time industry annual sales record of more than one million units in the United States. All new full-size Chevrolets eschewed the “X” frame for a full-width perimeter frame, a new body that featured curved, frameless side glass (for pillarless models), sharper angled windshield with newly reshaped vent windows, and redesigned full-coil suspension. In 1965, Chevrolet introduced a new luxury package for the Impala four-door hardtop, called Caprice and coded as RPO Z18. Engine choices included the inline six-cylinder as well as the small-block and big-block V8s. A new three-range Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission was optional for 396 cubic inch V8. The old 409 W engine was discontinued early in the 1965 model year, so early-production 1965s got the 409, as well as the 396 CID big-block. Two-speed Powerglide, as well as three-and four-speed manual transmissions, were available.

restoration. Everything from the transmission, headliner, fuel system, overhaul of the dash and gauges because they were not working, door panels and brakes. The only thing I haven’t done is the body work,” shared Mark. “I haven’t done the rear end yet and a little bit of work on the inside left to do. I had a similar car in high school for a short period of time. I had a 1966, this is a 1965, but I always wanted to get one back. I wanted to get a similar car to work on and then I discovered this car. It was in too good of shape not to start to restore it,” added Mark. “It has a 283 motor, the original motor and transmission. I rebuilt the transmission that featured a two speed power glide. It is a nice car, but a work in progress. I parked it outside and didn’t noticed anything. Then I put it in the garage and then noticed it was leaking. After 60 years, you have to

fix things,” said Mark. “This car is a lot of work but also a lot of fun. You need a place to store it, a place to work on it. For me, I want to keep it as original as I can. I want to fix the rear end and

the under carriage. Other than that, I don’t want to do too much. It is a lot of work, but I still want to enjoy it and continue to drive it,” said Mark.

Great Auto Memories? Show us your photos, or share your stories which have an auto flavour. Our readers are interested. Contact Murray Green, News Reporter Phone 780.672.3142 Email

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CPS E-bike patrol

CAMROSE 6208 - 48th Avenue 780-679-5180 GET





$ Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster

Camrose Police Service Inspector Rene Brisson demonstrated the speed and agility of the service’s newly purchased E-bikes, during the Kick’N Country Parade held on July 28. The E-bikes can be converted from regular peddling to electric power to reach speeds up to 40 km/ hr. and were an invaluable tool for policing the Big Valley Jamboree.



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31 May 2022 Decoration Day honours those who served 100%


By Murray Green


Decoration Day is a yearly Canadian event that recognizes veterans of Canada’s military. It was actually the first Remembrance Day. In Camrose, graves are marked of those who served in the Armed Forces on Sunday, August 21. “We will be having a short service and wreath laying at the main cenotaph, by the Camrose and District Centennial Museum at 1 p.m. Then we will be going to the cemetery for a couple of short prayers,” said Adrian Zinck, president of the Camrose branch. “This year we are inviting everyone back to the Legion for refreshments. Everyone is welcome to attend both events.” Camrose Valleyview Cemetery, located at 4205-52 Street, is owned and operated by the City of Camrose. The Camrose branch of the Royal Canadian Legion will be marking graves and holding a brief ceremony. Decoration Day is held annually on the third Sunday of August. This is a special day to pay tribute to those in the local cemetery. The community services department staff will be available on this day to answer



M0113962-Midas_Newspapers_06_2022_Camrose_Booster.indd Midas

questions, or give assistance finding Fenian Raids were being overlooked DOCKET PTO MID P010867 by the government. grave locations. TRIM 5.6026” x 6.5” PD JP The veterans placed decorations “We had a committee of volunaD teers to work hard on refreshing our at the Canadian Volunteers MonuCL database so hopefully we won’t miss ment, near Queen’s Park in Toronto, PaGE 1 of the battle. any graves,” said Zinck. “If anyone on the anniversary knows of a veteran that has recently There were 30,000 participants in MIDAS AD CENTRE @ PIXEL & ATOM passed, or knows if we have missed 1891, the 25th anniversary of the someone, call the Legion at 780- Battle of Ridgeway, and up to 50,000 672-3325 so the name can be added watched the accompanying parade. This became an annual event, takto the list.” Vehicle traffic is restricted to road- ing place on the weekend nearest the ways only. The speed limit is 20 km/hr. original date and accumulating more Flowers and similar decorations participants as further conflicts resulted in a larger body of Canadian must be placed in an approved conveterans. Participants included vettainer. Grave decorations must not erans of the Fenian Raids, the Northinclude lawn ornaments or any glass West Rebellion, the Second Boer War or china items. and the First World War. Flowers and potted plants shall The actions of the Fenian vetnot be placed on the turf area of erans resulted in the British cregraves between May 1 and October 1, ation of service medals recognizing except for a period following Decora- participants in the pre-First World tion Day or an interment. War Canadian conflicts. Canada proNo pets or animals are permitted vided compensation to veterans of the in the cemetery. rebellions, but not the Fenian raids. Decoration Day began on June 2, Commemoration of Decoration Day 1890. Originally, the celebration became less prominent in the early served as a form of protest for vet- 1900s, although it returned to some erans of the Battle of Ridgeway, who prominence when the First World felt that their contributions to the War began. In 1931, the Armistice Rememprotection of Canada during the

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brance Day Act established November 11 (Remembrance Day) as the official day commemorating military service in Canada. However, recognition of Decoration Day is still held to honour all lost veterans.

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Bamford, Co-op present community donations

Country singer Gord Bamford, right, presented Camrose Association For Community Living representatives Ardell Reis, Robin Good and Melissa Sullivan with $4,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert in Camrose.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Keely Popowich of KidSport Camrose with $4,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert in Camrose. The concert raised $44,000 for charities and organizations.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Hospice Society of Camrose and District representatives Joy LeBlanc, Melanie Poole and Selina Read with $3,000. The presentations were made at the Wild Rose Co-op Eastside Gas Bar.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Terra Manion, Lynn Wilde, Evan Manion, Seth Wilde and Tessa Wilde of Jack Stuart School Parent’s Society with $3,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert in Camrose last May.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Jordon Bassett, Colleen King, Seth Wilde, Jordyn Foss and Mayson Foss of Camrose Minor Hockey with $3,000. The concert raised $44,000 for charities and organizations.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Ryan Foss, Jordyn Foss and Mayson Foss of Camrose Minor Baseball with $3,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert at the Camrose Regional Exhibition.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Camrose Minor Softball with $3,000. On hand were Quinn Bird, Aoliyah Riopel, Addison Galenza, Quinn Fossen, Rachel Herder, Mackenzie Bird, Taylor Blackman, Emily Basque, Audrey Basque, Kara Blackburn, Melissa Riopel and Chris Bird.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Camrose Minor Soccer with $3,000. Representatives were Brier O’Neil, Parker O’Neil, Breanna McClarty, Dylan McClarty, Howells Boateng, Jaree Doiron and Dominic Doiron.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Camrose Kodiaks coach Richard Petiot and children Brynn and Adley with $4,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert in Camrose. The funds were presented on July 20.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Augustana Vikings coach Tim Green and players Daylan Marchi and Rett Rook with $4,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert in Camrose last spring.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Cory Bratrud and Howells Boateng of Camrose Buffaloes Football with $3,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert in Camrose. The concert raised $44,000 for charities and organizations.

Country singer Gord Bamford presented Chief Peter Krich and firefighter Angelina Terpstra of the Camrose Fire Department with $1,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert in Camrose. The concert raised $44,000 for charities.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 23

Bamford, Co-op present donations

Over 110 years of dedicated service Country singer Gord Bamford presented Camrose Regional Exhibition chair Brent Byers and executive director Dianne Kohler with $3,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert in Camrose. The concert raised $44,000 for charities and organizations.

• Burial and Cremation Services • Pre-arranged Funeral Plans • Monument Sales and Service

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• Wills • Enduring Power of Attorney • Personal Directives

Estate Administration

• Legal services associated with probate of the will

Country singer Gord Bamford presented chair Judilonne Beebe of the Camrose Women’s Shelter with $3,000 from his Fuel Good Community Concert in Camrose. The concert raised $44,000 for charities and organizations.

4918-51 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-8851

Memorial Poems Available for publication in The Camrose Booster. Ask for our 24-page booklet of poetry. Words of comfort to remember someone special.

STRIDES OF HOPE Anthony Holler Photo The Strides of Hope walk around Mirror Lake and downtown raised about $1,200 on May 24. Participants included councillors Joy-Anne Murphy and Don Rosland, various mental health staff from Alberta Health Services and various clients and family.

For more information on The Camrose Booster Obituary Page, contact your funeral director or the Camrose Booster

In loving memory of

Agnes Victoria Nahajowich

who went to be with the Lord on August 5, 2021 We thought of you today But that is nothing new We thought about you yesterday And days before that too. We think of you in silence We often speak your name Now all we have are memories And a picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake With which we’ll never part God has you in His keeping We have you in our heart. Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed by the Nahajowich Family

…with a memorial gift that will do good in their name forever.


Leon Lohner

Director 780-672-5760

Do I have to start a fund to give to the Battle River Community Foundation?


No! You can donate any amount at any time. Memorial or special event donations honour your loved ones. Your tax advisor can give you information on advantages of donating publicly held stock to the Foundation, and we can help you do it! Another way is by attending Foundation Dinners that honour your Community Builders. All donations are appreciated and eligible for a charitable donation receipt and deductible on your income tax return.

Battle River Community Foundation

Box 1122, Camrose, AB T4V 4E7 Phone 780-679-0449

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 24

Floats, cars, music, performers and more Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster The 2022 Kick’N Country Parade was a huge success with over an hour of entertainment in a variety of entries, including elaborately decorated floats, music, horses, antique vehicles, street performers and more. Camrose Police Service and Camrose/Wetaskiwin RCMP led the charge.

Six-year-old Cohen, right and four-yearold Peyton Paulson tip a hat for treat.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 25

Kick’N Country Parade winners

Winner for Novelty: The Bethany Group

Winner for Commercial: Camrose Machine & Welding

Winner for Horses: Pigeon Lake Horse Drawn Rides Winner for Mascot: Alberta Health Services – EMS

Winner for Community: Camrose County

Winner for Antique: Camrose Fire Department

Winner for Non-Commercial: Camrose Filipino Association

Honourable Mention: The Sweeterie

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 26

Enter this week’s

y r e c o Gr y a w A e Giv

at any of these Camrose stores


Win $100.00 worth of groceries


Win $100.00 worth of groceries


Win $100.00 worth of groceries

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Monday, August 8, 2022 after 10 am

Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Monday, August 8, 2022 after 10 am

Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Monday, August 8, 2022 after 10 am


Win $100.00 worth of groceries


Win $100.00 worth of groceries


Win $100.00 worth of groceries

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Monday, August 8, 2022 after 10 am

Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Monday, August 8, 2022 after 10 am

Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Monday, August 8, 2022 after 10 am

Be sure to deposit your entry at the corresponding grocery store for it to qualify. ay Civic Holid e h t o t e u D , on Monday he s of t the winner ugust 8 nd A August 1 a ws will be ra Grocery D ed the announc eek, on following w 9. August


Win $100.00 worth of groceries

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Monday, August 8, 2022 after 10 am


Win $100.00 worth of groceries

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Monday, August 8, 2022 after 10 am

Someone will win $100 worth of groceries from one of the stores shown above.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 27

Helpful Tips for Writing Classified Ads Which Get Results! Be Thorough

Sure you want your ad to stand out from the rest, but don’t skimp on the sort of information that sells. The item’s condition, size, age, brand name, and colour are some of the basics readers want to know. Without them, your ad may be overlooked.


5 KITTENS – 13 weeks old. 2 black, 3 grey. Tame and litter trained. Call 780-608-6189.


Steer Clear of Abbreviations

Okay, so you want to include all the important basics. Don’t use strange abbreviations because our ads are designed to spell all the important details. Besides, you are not paying by the line, but by the word, so there is really no need to abbreviate.

Be Honest

Exaggerating your item’s finer points may bring in a lot of responses, but a buyer who’s misled won’t appreciate it and will take his business somewhere else.

State Your Price

The cost of an item is one of the most important concerns of want ad readers. Ads showing prices are ones which get results. Giving a price also serves to “weed out” those buyers not in your price range.

BOXER/LAB PUP – 9 months, unaltered female. Does well with other dogs. $400. For more information, call 780678-5994.

WANTED WILL ACCEPT OLD VEHICLES, machinery, scrap iron, etc. Car batteries (will pay for). Call 780-686-5211.

Be Accessible

Including a telephone number or address puts you in touch with potential buyers. Be sure to state the hours you can be reached: a caller who can’t get through the first time often won’t call again.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or problems you may have regarding advertising. Our professionally trained sales staff know the ropes, and would be happy to pass their know-how on to you. That’s why we’re here to help you get the results you deserve.

Call 780-672-3142 4925-48 Street, Camrose


MELVILLE CEMETERY – second community/family volunteer clean-up for this summer will be on Wednesday, August 3, with the time to be changed to 7:15 p.m. Please bring equipment. Thank you. DECORATION DAY SERVICE – Scandia Lutheran Church, Armena. Sunday, August 14, 11 a.m. Scandia Lutheran Church Cemetery. THE CAMROSE WILD ROSE DANCE CLUB – dance will be held again on August 6 from 1-5 p.m. The admission is $15 each and includes lunch. The band for this dance is Sparkling Tones. Please come and join us for a great time. For more information, please call Lawrence 780-226-5861 or Iris 780608-1590.


LOST THAT LOVING FEELING? Find it with a personal ad in The Camrose Booster classifieds. Ph. 780-672-3142. BOOSTER ADS GET RESULTS!

EMPLOYMENT WANTED 2ND BEST PAINTER IN TOWN – 30 years’ experience for all your painting needs. Call Rick the Painter, 780-672-0391.

SERVICES SELF-INKING STAMPS – Every shape, size, and colour. We deliver, right to your office. Camrose Booster Ltd., 4925-48 St., Camrose. Call us at 780-672-3142. DSS CONSTRUCTION Don’t put off those projects any longer! Give me a call and we can plan together. Devin Meakins, Ph. 780-853-1080 J.D.’s SMALL ENGINE REPAIR, SALES & SERVICE – Ph. 780-672-7649. McTAVISH DELIVERIES LTD. Local and long distance moving Storage Insured and bonded Where your business is appreciated 780-672-5242, Camrose JUNK TO THE DUMP – Free estimates. Garages, Basements, Yards, Light hauling. Tom – 780-678-1847. THE SHIRT OFF MY BACK TAILORING in Camrose Tues. - Fri., 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Thurs. Evening and Sat.: By Appointment Closed: Sun., Mon. and Holidays Please call 780-672-4793 LaCRIA TRUCKING Potable Water Hauling Residential, Commercial, Oilfield Gerald and Marla Steinwand, Owners PHONE 780-679-9134

FOR RENT FOR RENT ADS NOW UPLOADED TO The Camrose Booster Website DAILY! MAIN STREET RETAIL SPACE – located in high traffic, southerly area of Main Street, Camrose. Generous 1,664 sq. ft. of prime space at 4868-50 Street. Nicely decorated, air conditioned. $14.34/sq. ft./year, plus share of property taxes, utilities, waste removal and insurance, boils out to $2,812.16 all-in monthly. Available immediately. Call Blain or Don at 780-672-3142, the fairest, most reasonable people in the business. 2-BEDROOM APARTMENT – In excellent condition! Perfect for seniors. The suite has stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer, blinds and one parking stall. Heat, water, garbage pick up, Telus TV and internet included. Building has an elevator and social room. No smoking building. Call 780-678-2621 for more info or to set up a viewing. STORAGE SPACE – in Downtown Camrose. Secure, clean, dry, heated storage space on main floor in office building. Easy access. 124 sq. ft. $200/mo. Available immediately. Call Blain or Don at 780-672-3142, the fairest, most reasonable people in the business. BEST LOCATION ON MAIN STREET CAMROSE – Excellent, affordable multi-use space with reception area, office, work area with cupboards and sink. $725/mo. includes all utilities. COVID workable. Could be the perfect place for your business. Have a look! Immediate possession. Best crosswalk location on Main Street. 780679-2170. ROOMS FOR RENT in the Scotney and Jacqueline character homes. Both are 2.5 blocks from university in Camrose. Clean, quiet and bright. Rent is $495 - $600 monthly plus DD and includes WiFi, utilities, recycle pick-up, yard care and snow removal. Partially furnished w/ shared laundry. (Some rooms are fully furnished for international students.) This is an affordable, quality accommodation that fills quickly. (Some rooms still available.) No partiers, smokers or pets allowed. Reduced rate over the summer for students. Please call Dave P., 780678-6163. SUPER LARGE, SUPER QUIET – Second floor office in downtown Camrose! 340 sq. ft., former broadcast studio. $464.95/mo., all inclusive except communications and GST. Call Blain Fowler or Don Hutchinson, 780-672-3142 days, two of the fairest, most reasonable fellows in the business!

GENEROUS OFFICE MAIN STREET CAMROSE 193 sq. ft. on second floor. Quiet considerate neighbours. Paved occupant parking in rear. $263.93/mo., all inclusive, except communications and GST. Call Blain Fowler or Don Hutchinson 780-672-3142 days, two of the fairest, most reasonable fellows in the business! IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, EXCELLENT LOCATION – Quiet top floor 2-bedroom with balcony. Bright, spacious, immaculate. Stove, fridge, dishwasher, window coverings. Move in and enjoy. Owner managed. No smoking or pets. Reference required. Quick showing. 780-679-2170.

CHOOSE YOUR NEW OFFICE Selection of very nice street level offices in newer airconditioned building in Downtown Camrose * Single offices from $237.51 per month * Two consecutive 137 sq. ft. offices. Take one or take both of them. $313.16 each monthly, all in. Come and have a look! * Quiet, considerate neighbours * Easy access * Lots of parking for customers * Energized parking for tenants * Immediate occupancy Call Blain Fowler or Don Hutchinson, 780-672-3142 days, the fairest, most reasonable fellows in the business! ONE- AND TWO-BEDROOM APARTMENTS – Available now. Close to downtown and schools. $800-$850/ mo. includes heat and water. No pets or smokers. 780-672-5369, 780-608-7556. SPRUCE TERRACE APARTMENTS – Bright, spacious suites, with plenty of storage, huge balconies! Peaceful and quiet, welcoming neighbourhood, near schools and downtown amenities. 3-bedroom $1050. No parties, no pets, no smoking. Locally owned, local management. Call 587-557-9142. ESPECIALLY NICE OFFICE SUITE Generous 794 sq. ft. suite, suitable for two, three or more staff. Includes two private offices. Located in Downtown Camrose. Main floor, easily accessible, bright, quiet. $1,668.06/mo. Call Blain Fowler or Don Hutchinson, 780-672-3142 days, two of the fairest, most reasonable fellows in the business.

FURNISHED BASEMENT SUITE – Two bedrooms. Fully equipped kitchen, full bathroom, own laundry, separate entrance. Includes all utilities, internet, WiFi and Netflix. Off street parking with plug ins. No smokers, no pets, no partiers. $1200/ mo. $400 DD. Eight month lease for students, yearly lease for all others. Available immediately. References from other landlords or parents required. Email: Call or text 780-385-4562. COMMERCIAL WAREHOUSE SPACE – for lease in Camrose. Up to 5000 sq. ft. or could be developed into smaller spaces. Unheated or heated. Available fall of 2022. Inquiries at 780-672-5211. 2400 SQ. FT. RETAIL SPACE – on main street. Available October 1. Gorgeous windows, newer roof, brand new furnace. $1800/mo. Call Christine 780-781-2411. CLEAN, QUIET, 2-BEDROOM – Main floor, heat, water, power included, fridge, stove and dishwasher. Near downtown and Sparling school. Shared laundry, shared yard maintenance. $1350 No pets, no smoking. 780672-9531.


MAIN STREET RETAIL SPACE – Ground floor plus basement. Prime location on busy corner, 5001-50 Street. 2950 sq. ft., plus +/– 1500 sq. ft. in basement. Nicely decorated, a/c, new roof. $2700 plus triple net. 780-608-5222 for details. Our thanks to Fringe Benefits for being a wonderful tenant. We wish them great success.


SWATHER NO LONGER ‘CUTTING THE MUSTARD?’ Call The Camrose Booster Classifieds, 780-672-3142.

MISCELLANEOUS A VARIETY OF SERVICED walk-behind mowers, front tine tillers, snowblowers, John Deere lawn tractors and zero-turns. Please call for more info and pricing, 780-679-3414. SUMMER CAMPING IS HERE – I have firewood for sale. Spruce and pine mixed totes. Approximately 1/3 cord, 1/4 cord. Also bagged approximately 50 pounds. 780-292-0676.


HUGE YARD SALE – August 4 and 5, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. #4 Grand Park Crescent. Knitting and quilting, crafts, doll collection, Barbies, fabric, magazine collections, shelves and furniture, yard and garden. Major downsizing!

Double your exposure with a FREE Buy & Sell ad on Camrose Now!

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DADS – LOOKING FOR A CAR WITHOUT A BACK SEAT? Count on our classifieds. We match up buyers and sellers. Phone the Camrose Booster, 780-672-3142.


FIFTH WHEEL HITCH – 12K. New condition. $500 firm. 780-226-6684. LOVE CAMPING, BUT TIRED OF SHOVELLING SNOW OFF THE AWNING IN MAY? Say goodbye to your Gulfstream! Move it fast with a Camrose Booster classified. Phone 780-672-3142. SELLING YOUR SEAWORTHY BOAT? Make a splash with an ad in the Booster classifieds! 780-672-3142.

Rare disease found in rural Alberta By Murray Green

A rare pulmonary disease that is linked to bats has made Alberta home, according to new research led by provincial lab scientists. Infectious disease experts at Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) and the University of Alberta have confirmed that histoplasmosis–a fungal infection transmitted through bat and bird droppings–can now be found in Alberta. Their study extends the known range of the disease much further northwest from its traditional home in the central United States and parts of southern Ontario and Quebec. “We were surprised at how many cases were locally acquired, as histoplasmosis has always been considered a travel-related infection,” said Dr. Tanis Dingle, APL’s lead clinical microbiologist for fungal diseases and an assistant professor in the U of A’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. “We now know that it is definitely living in Alberta, and has the potential to infect people who come in contact with it.” The fungus can be present in contaminated dust particles and, when inhaled, patients experience respiratory infections with flu-like symptoms, including cough, fever, chills and headache. Cases are typically related to individuals who have come in contact with bat or bird

droppings in old homes, churches, construction sites and parks. Among 45 confirmed cases of histoplasmosis in Alberta between 2011 and 2018, the researchers used epidemiologic data and genetic analysis to determine that 15 of the cases were acquired locally. The cases were primarily found in rural areas in central Alberta including Sundre, Stettler and County, Stony Plain and Spruce Grove. Previously, the geographic range of the fungus was not thought to expand further northwest than Minnesota, some 2,000 kilometres away. The results of the study were published this month in the medical journal The Lancet Microbe. In addition, early looks at the study led scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to include the region in newly drawn maps of areas where the disease is known to occur. The research team hopes to continue their work by further investigating soil samples to determine other areas in Alberta where the disease may be present. Alberta Precision Laboratories is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alberta Health Services, delivering highquality, responsive diagnostic lab services to Albertans across the provincial healthcare system. For more information, visit


ideally in their 2nd or 3rd year * Fast-paced, positive work environment * Immediate start available Great opportunity for a candidate with commercial / industrial experience and willing to travel. Please send resumé to: or come by the office to chat!

#3, 4617-41 Street, Camrose

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We might well be displaying the job, career or educational possibility that’s right for you. Download…

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Thank you for being a loyal reader of… 780-672-3142 4925-48 St., Camrose AB T4V 1L7



Estate of DALE LOUIS GABRIEAU, who died on May 27, 2022 If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by August 23, 2022, and provide details of your claim to: KNAUT JOHNSON FRANCOEUR, Barristers & Solicitors 4925-51 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1S4 Attention: JOSHUA MOHR If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

Your message will be delivered to almost 13,500 households! Mail, fax, email or drop off your ad copy. One item per ad – 20 word limit. Include the price of the item in your ad. Offer excludes living things, except when offered for free. Example: Girl’s bicycle, like new, $70. 555-555-5555 WRITE YOUR AD HERE: _____________ _____________

_____________ ___________


_____________ _____________

_____________ ___________


_____________ _____________

_____________ ___________


_____________ _____________

_____________ ___________




Rural readers are asked to report missed deliveries and we will consult with your postmaster to ensure future deliveries.

If you have personal items (not related to a profession, trade or business) valued at $100 or less, we will give you a

• • • •

Has an opening for an

Mail to: Classified Ad Department, Camrose Booster Ltd. 4925-48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7 Phone: 780-672-3142 Fax: 780-672-2518 Email:

Estate of ROBERT WAYNE THIRSK, of the City of Camrose, Alberta who died on May 11, 2022. If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by Friday, September 9, 2022, and provide details of your claim with WAYNE THRONDSON, Q.C., at Fielding & Company LLP, Suite 100, 4918-51 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1S3. If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 29

Represent a terrific product line… The paper created EXCLUSIVELY for farm families and rural residents of east central Alberta



g 70 Years

022 • 19 5 ~ 2

Always better – always better read

8 Pages

a ng Canad Celebrati

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40 Page

31 LXX, No.


June 28,

June 14, 2022


A we will go

Photo by

Ron Pilger

es with and pictur a Tug-of-warmascots will be s tunitie Camrose ht oppor of highlig d for July 1st couple excite se. for people in Camro celebrating

l force! k in ful the day at stage are bac will kickstartCana da Day s will tivities ing at 8 a.m.plac Circu e at the Hoop Day fes t start will take oned . The Hula old-fashi breakfas ies

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ersHomes s Fly ek'Homes r To Rural With Booste e Thise We y To Camros Tuesda *


....6 ...... ...... 15 t On? . . 14 and I Coun ...... 17 ...... Who Can . . 16 and Camrose . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 to 23 . City of ...... About. ...... . . . . . 27 Out and ...... ...... Road . 31 ...... On the ...... . . 30 and 39 Scene ...... to Seniors' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 40 ...... Obituaries . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 and y Inc. Classifieds cies Realt Agen Central

coverag use y Brick Wareho a Safewa Canad an Tire are Canadi Home Hardw Hauser Food Market M & M Mart Mart Peavey ers Drug Shopp UFA rt Walma Co-op Wild Rose


* * * * * * *

. Jr. Lifegu Bonn ...... 8 tions by . . . . . . . . . . . . ...... Reflec ...... '..... 60 years ose . . . . . 10 Just Sayin celebrates in Camr CAFCL s settle e visitor y mental health . . . . 30 Ukrain ...... a health l. . . . . . . . . . . 34 Creating t at schoo n. . . . . environmen by Laurel Nado Homespun

There is nothing like a lazy day on a dock just casting a line and waiting for a nibble. Camrose and District Fish and Game Association Pleasure Island is the perfect place to kick back. Maintained by volunteers, this beautiful little gem of a place offers so much – fishing at a well-stocked pond, walking trails, making use of picnic areas, and enjoying the natural amphitheatre and observations sites, all in a serene natural setting.


Above: Five-year-old Remington Hutton took off his shoes, rolled up his cuffs and cast a fishing line into Pleasure Island trout pond and let time just stand still.

a ose Canad

For more information on Pleasure Island, see inside story on page 2.

* 1 7 *


A variety of merchandise and services: Farm equipment and supplies, auctions and more!

Camrose Interclub 4-H Beef Show awards . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Know the Alberta Sportfishing regulations before casting a line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 UFA to assist rural areas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Win a colour enlargement of your farm! See page 8

As a Camrose Booster Sales Consultant… You will be trained and positioned to professionally represent all services provided by The Camrose Booster: ❙ Flyer Printing and Delivery ❙ Website Design ❙ Camrose Now! App ❙ Commercial Printing ❙ Promotional (Logo) Products


Our popular print publications: The Camrose Booster, The Country Booster and The Super Booster

Tell us why you’re the right fit! Resumés may be emailed to or presented in person to:

4925-48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7 | 780.672.3142

Employment Opportunity

PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT – ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT SUMMARY: The Camrose County Public Works and Protective Services Department has an opening for a part-time Administrative Assistant, with the possibility of becoming a full-time position. The successful candidate will be responsible to provide clerical and secretarial support to the Departments, as well as provide information, assistance, and service to ratepayers, and perform related duties as required. QUALIFICATIONS AND ATTRIBUTES: • At minimum, completion of Grade 12, with preference to those who have completed an accredited program related to Administrative Assistance; • Provide a clean background security check; • Knowledge of municipal operations including, but not limited to, construction works, bylaw enforcement, policy compliance, and contract administration; • Excellent communication, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills; • Personable, positive, self-starting, and motivated attitude; • Ability to organize, multi-task, prioritize, and perform work accurately; • Ability to complete tasks with minimal supervision; • Knowledge of, or familiarity with Camrose County; • Competent knowledge of computers and ability to effectively use applications and software including proven experience and proficiency with Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Outlook) COMPETITION CLOSING DATE/TIME: August 23, 2022 - 4:30 PM EFFECTIVE START DATE : TBD

Join our team...

For a full job description, including Conditions of Work and Hours please contact the undersigned. Interested persons are requested to submit their resumé and application to: Zach Mazure – Manager of Public Works Camrose County 3755-43 Avenue, Camrose, Alberta T4V 3S8

Want your career to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives? To know your ideas and initiatives are helping transform communities and build futures? The Government of Alberta offers you an opportunity to play an active role in shaping our province – making it an even better place to live and work. Discover how working for the Government of Alberta can work for you.

has an opening for a

Graphic Artist Job Description: • create eye-catching ads for our publications • design brochures, business stationery and a variety of promotional pieces • develop and maintain websites and Camrose Now! app • assist in other tasks as required (filing, etc.) • in-house position

Qualifications - minimum Grade 12 - creative design skills, artistic eye - competency in typing - proficiency in the use of the English language, including: spelling, grammar and punctuation - generally knowledgeable on computers, preferably Mac - experience with Adobe Creative Suite programs - knowledge of programming languages (HTML, Javascript, CSS) preferred - helpful to have familiarity with printing standards

Administrative Support Personal Attributes

- strong work ethic - team mindset - good time-management skills - reliable and punctual - positive attitude - able to multi-task, ability to work in a deadlinedriven environment - technologically savvy - eye for detail This is a permanent position which includes extended health benefits. Please apply with resumé to: Sharon Schwartz Camrose Booster Ltd. 4925-48 St., Camrose, AB T4V 1L7 email:

Community & Social Services – Wetaskiwin. Employment & Financial Services in Wetaskiwin is looking for a selfmotivated individual with excellent communication skills and strong attention to detail to join our team. In this position, you will provide a wide variety of administrative functions focusing on supporting Albertans to navigate the Income Support and Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped programs and provide information on community services. As part of a collaborative finance and administrative team, you will follow applicable ministry policies and procedures when processing accounts payable and processing client documents in our systems. You will also play a significant role as a front-line key contact for external clients; greeting/ meeting Albertans at the reception counter and over the telephone, and must be able to display a sound knowledge of departmental procedures and processes in assisting clients. This is a Permanent full time Administrative position. Visit Administrative Talent Pool (AS3 - AS4) ( to apply to the Administrative Talent Pool (Job Requisition 29603), and for more information about employment with the Government of Alberta. Ensure you indicate clearly on your cover letter that you are applying for the Administrative Support position for Community & Social Services in Wetaskiwin. Why wait for the future when you can create it?

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 30

Rural Summer in the Park offers fun By Murray Green

Augustana Women's Basketball Coach AUG Athletics

Competition No.: A105648257

Closing Date: August 6, 2022

This position is located in Camrose, Alberta, at the University of Alberta - Augustana Campus. The successful candidate will receive an initial appointment with an end date of June 30, 2023, with a strong possibility of renewal. The Coach position is based out of Camrose, Alberta, Canada and is part-time (26 hours per week). As a member of the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference, Augustana is committed to providing the best learning environment possible for athletes. To that end we are seeking a highly qualified coach. Duties of the Head Coach include: coaching, team management, budgeting, fundraising, recruitment, student-athlete development, team promotion and other duties. The Head Coach is also responsible for following institutional, ACAC and CCAA policies and procedures. Candidates must have: • a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Health, Sports Administration or closely related field (a Master’s degree is preferred); • a successful background in coaching basketball and/or experience as an athlete competing in basketball; • applicable NCCP Basketball Train to Compete certification or equivalent; • demonstrated leadership and motivational skills; excellent organizational and communication skills; • demonstrated ability to connect with athletes from youth to the university level, fundraising experience and skills, and demonstrated ability to facilitate and develop community partnerships. • a valid Class 5 Alberta driver’s license will be required upon appointment. For further information concerning this position, please contact Randal Nickel, Executive Director Student Life by email at For further information about Augustana Athletics please visit: To have your application considered, please apply online below and submit the following: • cover letter • resume • teaching evaluations at the University level (if applicable) Note: Online applications are accepted until midnight Mountain Standard Time of the closing date. If interested, please apply:

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Public Works Assistant

The Village of Bawlf is accepting applications for a Public Works Assistant. This position requires the individual to coordinate with the Public Works Foreman on availability and coverage. The hours of work will fluctuate and may include evenings and weekends. The duties include, but are not limited to, the following: • Learning the water treatment plant and sewer lift station operational systems. • Willing and able to learn the daily procedures of testing and treating the well water. • Documenting meter readings at the water treatment plant and the sewer lift stations on occasional weekends and as coverage for Public Works Foreman. • Participating in public works projects. • Assisting with snow removal. • Assisting in the maintenance of all Village roadways and alleys. • Maintaining Village properties. • Operation of a skid steer (training can be provided). The qualifications required include: • Valid Class 5 Driver’s License (a driver’s abstract will be required). • Knowledge of, and adherence to, Occupational Health & Safety Procedures. • A clean Criminal Record Check. Resumés with cover letters will be accepted until the position is filled; please be sure to include the position applied for in your cover letter. Resumés can be mailed, faxed, emailed, or dropped off at: Village of Bawlf Erin Smyl Chief Administrative Officer 203 Hanson Street Box 40 Bawlf, AB T0B 0J0 Fax: 780-373-3798 Email:

Dishwasher / Kitchen Helper immediate full- and part-time positions

Great food and reputation! Apply stating name, your contact information, previous experience in the hospitality industry and references In person 6102-48 Avenue, Camrose ~ By email ~ Or phone 780-673-3286 ~

HELP WANTED FRONT DESK • Part-Time (more than 20 hours/week)

• Work experience would be a great asset

Send resumé to:

MOTEL 6 CAMROSE 6216-48 Avenue, Camrose

Over the past 25 plus years, up to 600 Camrose County children who live in or near Bawlf, Edberg, Bittern Lake, Ferintosh, Hay Lakes, Kingman or New Norway have had the opportunity to attend the popular Summer in the Park Program each year. This Rural Community Day Camp is free to all participants, is operated by the partnership of Camrose District Support Services, Camrose Family Resource Centre and BGC (Boys and Girls Club) Camrose. Children meet in a park from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for arts, crafts, games, leadership and activities. “When we surveyed families earlier this year the majority indicated that social connection for their children was their top priority due to the restricted opportunities these last couple years because of COVID-19. This information has helped us develop and implement activities and experiences for the children to connect with one another and their community,” said Jolene Doig, program coordinator at the Camrose Family Resource Centre. Children five years of age or older will learn a variety of skills in the one-week camps. Skills are emphasized in a casual and lively learning environment and having fun with peers in a safe, fun, tolerant and respectful way. The program operates in Hay Lakes (August 8 to 12) and then New Norway (August 14 to 19). The last session of the summer in New Norway still needs more students. For further information, contact Jolene Doig at 780-672-0141 or by visiting the website www. rural- community-programs/summer-in-the-park to register.

BIRTHS To Emily Sangster and Greg King, of Camrose, a daughter on July 22.

DEATHS Robert John Bonham,

of Lamont, formerly of Tofield, on July 25, at 76 years of age. Johnny Mahowich, of Ryley, formerly of Tofield, on July 26, at 70 years of age.

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Little entrepreneur

I’m looking for friends with benefits, and by that, I mean people who have boats, swimming pools or vacation homes. As a parent, literally anything can be a vacation. Warm coffee? Vacation. Getting dressed by yourself? Vacation. Taking out the trash? Vacation. Solo run to get milk? Epic Vacation. Going to the bathroom alone? OK, that’s just crazy talk. Cucumbers hate becoming pickles. For them, it is a jarring experience. Lord, whatever you’re baking outside … it’s done. I really miss complaining about the cold. Just be thankful that it’s not snowing. Imagine shovelling snow in this heat! Me: “I’m thinking about taking a trip.” Bank Account: “I highly suggest that trip be to work.” My kids said they wanted to try something new this summer, so I showed them how to vacuum and do laundry. I got a text from the school reminding me to enroll my kids for the fall. That was unexpected. I’m honestly surprised the school wants them back. A truck is here to cut a giant tree down in my neighbour’s yard, so now my husband has to cancel all his plans and stand by the window for the next two hours. Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster

At the young age of seven, entrepreneur Nevaeh Graumann-Campbell already knows that location is everything as she set up her Nevaeh Lemonade Stand on the July 28 Kick’N Country Parade route. More than just a good business person, she is also a philanthropist by donating 50 per cent of her profits to the Huntington Society.

Central Agencies Realty Home of the Week

Beautiful serene location

By Lori Larsen

This one-of-a-kind family home is located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the City. Surrounded by trees and nature, it is like its own piece of paradise. Stunning vaulted ceilings featuring pine planks envelope you in warmth as you walk through the front door. The inviting sunken living room flows up into an open conversation area, then to the formal dining just off the kitchen. The kitchen will be the hub of the home with a rustic brick feature wall that houses the built-in wall oven and stove. Plenty of cabinets and countertop space makes room to entertain or prepare family meals. A breakfast nook is ideal for catching up on the news while enjoying your morning beverage. A door to the deck makes for easy access during barbecue season. Move down to the sunken fam-

ily room that features a stunning slate stone fireplace flanked with builtin bookshelves. From here, step out the patio doors to the two-tiered deck with built-in hot tub where you can unwind enjoying the peace and quiet of the enclosed back yard. A main floor office and two-piece bathroom are convenient bonuses. Head upstairs to your retreat in the primary bedroom with private threepiece ensuite. Two more bedrooms and a main four-piece bathroom are perfect for a growing family. The completed downstairs area features a huge rec room where the family can enjoy movie night, a games room or workout space, two more bedrooms and a four-piece bathroom. This really is the perfect home where your family can grow. Located at 4204-70 Street and priced at $399,000, this property will fullfil all your needs. For a private viewing, contact Al-Karim (Al) Mohamed at: Central Agencies Realty 4870-51 Street, Camrose 780-672-4495 or 587-322-5511 Cell Al-Karim (Al) Mohamed

When I was out running today, I heard someone clapping and I started feeling so happy and proud until I realized it was just my thighs slapping together. Respect people who wear glasses. They paid good money to see you.

I just sold a lawnmower from The Booster classifieds. That’s the last time my neighbour is gonna wake me up on the weekends. If you have an easy firstborn child, don’t feel too good about yourself. It’s a trick from Mother Nature so you, fueled by false confidence, reproduce again. Your second child will be a no-limit soldier who likes to slap and doesn’t sleep. Not everyone realizes this, but if you clean the pile of receipts out of your purse and stack them together, it makes a teeny tiny book about why you’re broke.

Bovine Buffoonery What do you get from a pampered cow? Spoiled milk. Why did the cow jump over the moon? Because the farmer’s hands were cold. What do you call a cow that can’t produce milk? A milk dud. What do you call cattle that tell jokes? Laughing stock. What did the cow say to it’s therapist? “I feel seen but not herd.” What did the mama cow say to the calf? It’s pasture bedtime. Why did the cow cross the road? To get to the udder side. What do you call a sleeping bull? A bull dozer. Why can’t cows wear shoes? Because they lactose. What do you get from a dwarf cow? Condensed milk. Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don’t work. Where do cows go out for a date? To the moo-vies.


The CAMROSE BOOSTER, August 2, 2022 – Page 32

The Central Agencies Realty Team is eager to go to work for you! We’ve been matching buyers with sellers, with integrity, since 1963. Graham Wideman, 780-679-8384; Matt Banack, 780-608-9733; Matthew Mayer, 780-781-7088; Lyndsey Delwo, 780-678-6117; Al-Karim (Al) Mohamed, 587-322-5511; Sascha Dressler, 780-781-8242; Wally Wrubleski, 780-781-7323.

#100, 4870-51 Street, Camrose ~ 780-672-4495



RV GARAGE, DBLE. LOT, WALK-OUT, ZERO STEP, PARKSIDE LOCATION … New model w/room for toys, hobbies! Senior friendly! Beautiful bright open floor plan, gourmet kitchen, superb master, en suite, MF laundry, in-floor htd. w/bath! Pick your colours! Asking $836,240 A1222202

WOW! GORGEOUS TOP FLOOR COPPERSTONE CONDO, OVERLOOKING MIRROR LAKE! … Premier property, amazing lake views! Quality built 3-bdrm. condo, recently upgraded. Bright open plan, 13’ and 9’ ceilings, lots of windows. Gourmet kitchen, huge breakfast bar, gorgeous LR, superb master/en suite, MF laundry, a/c. Htd. parking, tandem stalls. Awesome deck and more! Asking $685,000 A1172216

AMAZING LIFESTYLE! EXC. COPPERSTONE CONDO! … Spectacular Mirror Lake views. Easy access MF plus 2 underground parking stalls. Spacious 3-bdrm. unit w/awesome kitchen, huge wraparound deck. Superb master, MF laundry, custom cabinetry + much more! Asking $619,000 A1213655

BEAUTIFUL NEW ZERO STEP BUNGALOW! … 1319 sq. ft. Full bsmt. Senior friendly. Bright open floor plan, 9’ ceilings. Amazing kitchen, gorgeous great room, superb master, en suite, MF laundry. In-floor heating. Covered deck, 24.5’x20’ garage all fin. You’ll love it! Asking $574,023 A1220785

WOW! WALKOUT VILLAS, VALLEYVIEW WEST … Close to lake, parks, walking trails. Exc. presentation, fin. up/down. Artificial turf, vinyl fencing. Gourmet kitchen, granite, spacious dinette, gorgeous LR. Superb master/en suite, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt., in-floor htg., a/c. Awesome deck/patio. 25’x20.5’ fin. garage. It’s all done! Asking $518,162 A1232649

EXCEPTIONAL BUNGALOW CONDO … Park View Ravines – Parkside! Premier location by valley and walking trails. Beautiful open floor plan w/9’ and vaulted ceilings, hardwood flrg., cozy FP and lots of bright windows. Exc. kitchen, great room, superb master, en suite, MF laundry. Huge fam/games room. A/C. 24’x22’ htd. garage + more, you’ll love it! Asking $455,900 A1217108


BEAUTIFUL ZERO STEP BUNGALOW, IRONWOOD ESTATES! … New 1456 model. Senior friendly, exc. presentation, bright, open, lots of windows, crown moldings, 9’ ceilings. Gourmet kitchen, awesome great room, superb master, en suite. MF laundry, in-floor htg. in bsmt. Cov. deck, 24.5’x23’ garage, all fin. Pick your colours! Asking $607,740 A1220889

WOW! PERFECT FOR FAMILY … Parkside location in Century Meadows. Exc. oneowner property. Impressive 1534 sq. ft. 5-bdrm. home. Vaulted ceilings, open staircase, lots of bright windows. Cozy in-floor htg. in bsmt. Beautifully landscaped, park views, RV option + more! Just move in! Asking $447,900 A1233189


IMPRESSIVE FAMILY HOME … in a quiet crescent in Duggan Park. 5 bdrm., 4 bath, 2186 sq. ft. plus lge., fin. bsmt. Magnificent, vaulted ceilings w/skylights. Bright sunken LR, DR, kitchen w/feature brick wall w/BI appl., FR w/FP, office space. Great primary w/makeup counter, en suite. 2 furnaces, A/C, huge rec. room, large park-like mature lot, hot tub, RV parking, htd. garage plus much more. Imagine the possibilities! Asking $399,000 A1227733


STYLE, LOCATION, QUALITY COMBINED! … This bi-level style home draws attention immed. w/its composite siding ext., paired w/classic brick, white trim. Asking $364,500 A1237440

SOLD UPDATED 4-BDRM BUNGALOW … Spacious yard w/RV parking, 24’x26’ htd. garage. Asking $320,000 A1229867

TOWN SQUARE CONDO … No maintenance lifestyle! Single stand-alone home w/ attached single garage. 2 bdrm., 2 baths, a/c, vaulted ceiling, triple pane windows, no maintenance deck + more. Walking distance to downtown, Mirror Lake, Augustana. Immediate possession! Asking $312,900 A1208999

… with RV parking! Exc. curb appeal, ICE! bright windows, flrg., 1518 sq. NEW PRhardwood ft. 3+1 bdrm., 3 baths, MF LR and family room, MF laundry, huge family/games area. Att. htd. garage + much more! Only $349,000 A1213326

EXC. FAMILY FRIENDLY HOME … in a wonderful crescent location. This great home offers a beautiful kitchen, 3 living spaces, gas FP, 4 bdrm. Dble. garage, fully fenced landscaped yard, plus much more! Asking $339,900 A1192168

BRAND NEW CASCADES HALF-DUPLEX … 3+1 bedrooms, 3 baths, finished basement. Open concept, lovely kitchen with new appliances, granite counters, pantry. En suite bath, walk-in closet. Huge basement rec/family room and 4th bedroom. HRV, deck, paved back lane with immediate possession available. The perfect beginning! Asking $274,900 A1195664


THREE LOTS AVAILABLE … In the family Cascades subdivision. Choose from a pie shaped, a “corner lot” and a walkout backing to a pond. Great opportunities not to be missed! Priced from $95,900 to $105,900 A1232650, A1232665, A123087


EXCELLENT BUSINESS/INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY – ZONED M1 … 10,000 sq. ft., plus second floor mezzanine, offices. Three titled bays, 14’x16’ doors. Easy customer access! Currently full, one bay can be vacated if needed. Call now! Asking $1,190,000 A1196071 MILLANG INDUSTRIAL PARK … 6.05 acres! Asking $749,000 A1125445


RARE 30 ACRE SITE … between Camrose and Edmonton! Beautiful 2032 sq. ft., 3-bdrm. bungalow. Great outbuildings: 28’x38’ htd. shop, two 26’x24’ garages, 2 metal arch rib bldg., open face shelter for horses. All bldg. have power. 2 acre dugout, fenced and cross fenced. This is quite the place! Asking $650,000 A1217362

140 ACRES ON 2 TITLES … overlooking Looking Back Lake. 104 acres in hay, balance is yard, trees, lowland. 1941 sq. ft. 1.5 storey older farmhouse. Asking $849,000 A1225251

OPPORTUNITY – ZONED C2 … East-end highway location, City of Camrose. Two lots on HWY with 6,460 sq. ft. Mixed use building. Excellent retail area with 8 bays. Ample parking and easy customer access! Excellent opportunity! Great place for your business. Take a look! Asking $829,000 A1132683 GEMINI CENTRE – A PLACE FOR BUSINESS! … Exceptional street level units: 2078 sq. ft. and 1818 sq. ft., these can be combined. Also 2104 sq. ft. of turn key office space on third floor! Superior design, superb visibility, excellent access. Call now! A1190017

Beautiful Walkout Bungalows by

Battle River Homes WALKOUT LAKE ESTATES! • 1248 sq. ft. • Covered deck, patio • Fully fin. bsmt. • A/C • 25’x20.5’ garage Asking $518,162 A1232649

Beautiful Lakeside Adult Community. Private and Quiet!


FULLY RENO’D … country home on 5.09 acres, Kingsway Estates, just east of Miquelon Lake off Hwy 833. Built in 1950, new foundation in 2006. 32’x38’ htd. garage. New vinyl windows on order. Newer septic treatment system. Fully fin., and ready for you! Asking $415,000 A1235765


COUNTRY CHARACTER … and charm throughout. 1.5 storey, just east of Bittern Lake on 5.83 acres, barely 10 minutes from Camrose. Beautiful original hardwood floors, 3 bdrm., fully updated 4-pce. bath on full bsmt. Newer well. 40’x75’ quonset plus barn, storage bldg. Asking $439,900 A1213464

19.16 ACRE ACREAGE … located on pvmt. 15 miles from Camrose. 3 bdrm., 2 baths, lovely hardwood flrg., bright LR, spacious kitchen w/maple cabinets, tons of counter space. Garden doors out to your huge covered deck, many outbuildings, 2 barns, multiple fenced off areas for your animals, fruit trees + much more! Asking $569,000 A1214762

PRIVATE GETAWAY CLOSE TO THE LAKE! … Almost 2 acres on 2 lots at Tillicum Beach. 2 separate approaches to levelled and cleared area. Right at the very end of subdivision. Very peaceful and quiet! Asking $129,000 A1220362

McNARY HILLS ESTATES! … Country living at its finest! Amazing 5-bdrm. open concept WO bungalow, hardwood floors, beautiful kitchen, formal dining, wraparound deck! Beautiful primary suite, MF laundry, fin. bsmt. w/gym! Beautiful yard w/prof. landscaped area w/fire pit! This county estate home is waiting for a growing family that wants what the country has to offer! WELCOME HOME! Asking $1,019,000 A1228143

WONDERFULLY KEPT BI-LEVEL … with Immed. poss. 4 bed, 2 baths, MF vinyl windows, updated 3-pce. main bath. Lge. yard, fenced w/8’x21’ raised deck. Asking $249,900 A1228116

CUTE, COZY, UPDATED … Perfect starter or rental home. Close to downtown w/2 bdrm., fully updated 4-pce. bath on MF. Updated furnace, elec. panel, siding, shingles, vinyl windows on MF. 14’x24’ garage. Asking $219,900 A1239992



3.85 ACRES SET UP … with cross fencing, shelters, 40’x60’ htd. shop, 2014 3-bdrm. mobile home. Close to Camrose. This property is only limited by your imagination! Asking $439,000 A1241794

YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THE PRIVACY … of this 1430 sq. ft. bungalow on 4.87 acres. Great open plan, awesome kitchen w/tray ceiling. Beautiful primary w/en suite. Partially fin. bsmt. w/massive family room w/wood burning stove, walk-out. Asking $464,900 A1240228


BEAUTIFUL 6 ACRES … north of Camrose w/well maintained, extensively updated raised bungalow w/WO bsmt. Fantastic 30’x28’ htd. garage, deck, shed. Serene, affordable acreage living within easy commute to all amenities! Asking $329,900 A1223270

LOOKING FOR AN INVESTMENT? … This character home offers a segregated entrance for lower level! 3-bdrm., 2 baths. Lot is open to build garage of your choice. Cute & cozy! Asking $154,900 A1213951


KINGMAN … Newly dev. lots. Choose from seven! Located on the edge of town. Starting at $27,500 A1156323, 6338, 6341, 6343, 6349

EXC. UPDATED MOBILE IN STROME … Beautifully landscaped fenced yard on huge dble. lot. 3 bdrm., 2 bath, open concept, vaulted ceiling, en suite. Patio doors to great deck, dble. htd. garage, 3 lge. sheds. A home filled w/amenities! Asking $162,900 A1218923 NEW NORWAY LOT … 65’ wide lot at the edge of town in Spartan Estates! Asking $50,000 A1122563

WELCOME HOME TO HAY LAKES! … Fully fin., 2008 built, w/dble. attached htd. garage. Traditional design. 3+1 bdrm., two 4-pce. baths and 3-pce. en suite. Fully Fenced yard w/upper deck, lower patio facing South across a field. Great option w/commuting potential to Camrose or Edmonton. Asking $335,000 A1224199


STROME … BeautifulRE newer modular 3-bdrm. home on 2 full lots! Very well maintained quality built w/over 1500 sq. ft. of living space. Bright open concept w/vaulted ceilings, lots of windows and skylight. Only 10 min. from Daysland. Asking $197,000 A1212066

VILLAGE OF BAWLF … Exc. property w/ huge lot. Features include open kitchen/ DR, centre island, corner pantry, vaulted ceilings, terrific den w/French doors, lge. master w/4-pce. en suite, a/c. Beautiful manicured yard w/many trees, gardens, shrubs, 30’x40’ garage, plus so much more! Asking $229,900 A1234556


AFFORDABLE 4-BDRM. … w/oversized dble. garage in Bawlf! Plenty of space for your family. Well treed yard in a great community w/one of the best K-12 schools around! Asking $166,500 A1215613 4.13 ACRES … within 10 min. of Camrose! Completely surrounded by trees. Great 30’x36’x13’ high shop, yard w/great drainage. 3-bdrm. bungalow w/updated kitchen. Come take a look! Asking $409,900 A1174584


WOW! MODERN, OPEN CONCEPT … 3-bdrm. 2688 sq. ft. home w/chef’s dream kitchen in Ryley. MF laundry. PERFECT home for growing family. Don’t miss out on this dream home! Asking $289,000 A1239528


ROSALIND … Large open 3-bdrm. family home or empty nest home w/MF laundry on 2 lots. Built in 2006. 1372 sq. ft. with a/c. Fin. bsmt. Welcome home! Asking $259,000 A1234423

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GEMINI CENTRE, TURN KEY – 2104 sq. ft. FURNISHED! Board room, bull pen, 6 offices, reception. EXCEPTIONAL VIEWS! Only $16/sq. ft. + common A1044102

EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY – Zoned M1, good east end location. Exc. bldg. w/bay suitable for various types of businesses or uses. A1239064

METICULOUSLY MAINTAINED 20 ACRES 5 MIN. FROM CAMROSE … 2726 sq. ft. home w/loft, bright big windows, shop, garden, chicken coop, horse barn, firepit, enclosed gazebo w/FP. Nothing is missing – here’s your chance! Asking $649,000 A1221589

GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY IN NEW NORWAY! … Newer built 4plex w/ live-in property mgr. Open concept living. Currently rented out for $900/mo. + utilities. Only 15 min. from Camrose. Asking $569,000 A1212823

BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER HOME … on 3 full lots in Bawlf! 2 beautiful FP in 2 living areas on MF. Awesome landscaped yard w/newer powered shop. Only 20 min. from Camrose! Asking $189,000 A1212209


~ Park ~ Lake ~ Trails ~ ~ Quality ~ Craftsmanship ~ ~ Finished w/elegance ~ Fully Landscaped, Vinyl Fence, Artificial Turf!

UPDATED RAISED BUNGALOW! … Adorable 4-bdrm., 2 bath starter or investment home. Bright MF LR, kitchen w/pantry, all with upgraded flrg. Good bsmt. layout w/family room, 2 bdrm., bath. Updates include windows, flrg., baths, HE furnace, shingles + more! Dble. oversized garage, alley access, RV options. Immediate possession available. Asking $220,000 A1208925


We offer


CHARMING CHARACTER HOME … is one of the oldest in Camrose! Stone’s throw from Mirror Lake. Refinished orig. hardwood floors, newer appl. in refurbished kitchen. Nice primary on MF w/4-pce. en suite. Beautiful backyard w/patio, fenced yard, newer 24’x22’ htd. garage. Asking $229,900 A1213443


RESIDENTIAL LOTS QUARTER SECTION … w/services, bldgs. Solid 1958 bungalow on mature sheltered yard site. 34’x80’ hog barn w/power and its own well, 42’x20’ machine shed, 50’x25’ quonset, 24’x60’ pole shed. Perfect for cattle, horses or sheep. Asking $699,000 A1243251

AFFORDABLE 2-STEP ENTRY HOME … next to Camrose Rec Centre! 2 bdrm., 1 bath. Great eat-in kitchen, office/craft room, primary and spare room at back of unit, c/w MF laundry! Vinyl windows, 2013 shingles, 2020 HWT. Clean and move-in ready. Welcome home! Asking $210,000 A1225926

AFFORDABLE 2-STEP ENTRY HOME … next to Camrose Rec Centre! 2 bdrm., 1 bath. Great eat-in kitchen, office/craft room, primary and spare room at back of unit, c/w MF laundry! Vinyl windows, 2013 shingles, 2020 HWT. Clean and move-in ready. Welcome home! Asking $210,000 A1225918

BEAUTIFUL DUPLEX BUNGALOW … in La Vista Villas 45+ Adult Community. Bright open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, cozy FP. Country style kitchen, lovely LR, den, spacious master, en suite, MF laundry. Dev. bsmt. Attach. garage. No condo fees! Asking $357,900 A1234126



TONS OF UPDATES … in this raised bungalow – close to downtown. 4 bdrm., 2 updated baths (4-pce and 3-pce.), vinyl windows throughout, newer shingles, newer dev. bsmt. A/C. 12’x20’ garage, RV parking and a nice manageable yard! Asking $239,900 A1226601

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AWESOME ADULT COMMUNITY • Master planned community • Designed for active adults • No condo fees • Community lifestyle ZERO STEPS!

• 1319 sq. ft. • Full basement • 24.5’x20.5’ garage Asking $574,023


• 1488 sq. ft. walk-out • 4-car man cave • 47’x17.5’ RV garage • Double lot Asking $836,240


• 1456 sq. ft. • Full basement • 23’x24.5’ garage • In-floor heating Asking $607,740

4001-50 Street, Camrose Phone 780.672.5851