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OCTOBER 21 TO 25, 2019


Wideman Paint & Decor

Solo Salon

Hansen Denture Clinic

Profiles of leading small businesses serving East Central Alberta Bridges Travel & Tours . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Camrose County . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Centra Cam Emergency Clothing Depot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Central Agencies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 City of Camrose . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Country Garden Liquor Mart . . . . . . . 15 D & D Vehicle Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Do More Automotive . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 E & L Autobody . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Evolve Style Counsel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Hansen Denture Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Investors’ Syndicate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 John’s Shopmobile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Norsemen Inn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Nufloors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Re/Max . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Read Contracting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Richardson’s Jewellery . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Save On Foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Solo Salon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 The Auto Shoppe . . . . . . . . 14 Vision Credit Union . . . . 12 Wideman Paint & Decor . . . . . . 7

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Constant evolution strengthens our person, our community, our world. From the minute you walk into Evolve Style Counsel, you get a sense of Van and his passion to ensure his personal advancement reflects on the growth of his clients and the community. As a world recognized competitor, Van strives to bring the environment of world championship and the latest in innovation and hair care back to the community of Camrose.

WORLD RECOGNITION Van has once again competed on the world stage in Paris at the OMC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019, bringing home a silver medal and best team cup in the Ladies’ Progressive Team category. Working as part of a team toward a common goal is something that resonates deeply with Van. His talent and skills continue to show up on the world stage and inspire him to keep doing what he is doing and evolving his business. He grew up in Camrose, went to high school here, worked here and has been successfully operating his own business as part of this community for many years. He is thankful to have had, and continues to have, the support of the community all through his journey. “I am inspired by people, by the members of this community, the diversity and culture. I am able to witness people’s lives the same way they witness mine.” The time you are in his chair, you are quite literally part of his life and he is part of yours, which makes the experience of having him work with you on your image and hair care different than any Van’s exuberance shines through at the other.

OMC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 where he was part of the silver medalist team for Ladies’ Progressive Team category. SBW 2019 – Page 2

It is an experience that both you and Van share, an honest discussion with you and your vision for your image and your hair. But Van takes the experience one step further by educating you on your own hair care. He takes time to thoroughly explain what he is doing, providing you with helpful tips on how The OMC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 to maintain the look and winning piece showcased health of your hair. the talent and skills of the team.

EDUCATION IS KEY The work he does as a valued representative with the colour company Wella plays out in his salon. He recently spent a weekend in Toronto with Wella, training and furthering his education in hair colour, which he is able to bring back to you as well as other stylists in the community. Because education is a vital part of what he does and who he is as a person and business owner, Van is now delving into the area of training and educating through social media and other resources. The progression continues as Van looks forward to competing in the 2021 World Championship in Japan. No doubt he will learn more, experience more and succeed more, which he will bring back to his community in Camrose. As his guest, you will experience a whole other level of hair care. His delightful demeanor blends perfectly with his vast knowledge and experience. His determination and hard work pays off for you when you are stopped on the street and asked, “Wow, I love your hair! Who is your STYLE stylist?” COUNSEL 5014-50 Avenue, Camrose Phone 780.672.1800 www.evolvestylecounsel.com

Norsemen Inn still known for great food, service The Norsemen Inn in Camrose is known throughout the land as having a history of serving the finest food along with great service. When it comes to lunch dining and relaxing, you’ll have a choice of enjoying three distinctive restaurant atmospheres at the hotel. Whether it is the popular help yourself buffet style with family in Hagar’s Café, the upscale pampering style of the Odin Dining Room, or the Gravity Lounge that has the latest sporting events on the screen, the same good food and great service is ready for your visit, regardless of where you want to relax. “We are known for high quality food and the best service and we will continue to strive to give every customer a great dining experience,” said Sean Willms, Norsemen Inn general manager. Norsemen Inn has a lunch buffet Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. On Sundays, they have a superb brunch buffet from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and an evening carved roast beef meal or chicken with a buffet from 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. The buffet food is prepared fresh, made in-house each day. “We are excited about our Fresh Fish Fridays. We bring in fresh fish on ice, some we have available with buffet and the rest is for an à la carte special that evening,” added Sean. The catch of the day could include Arctic char, cod, salmon, or halibut. “Each week could feature a different fish, depending on what is fresh that day.” The first Sunday evening of every month, Norsemen Inn features a turkey buffet with all of the trimmings from 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. “The carved turkey has been hugely popular and we get people lined up early on those days.”

The last Monday of every month features a Chinese food buffet from 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. Every Friday and Saturday evening the Norsemen Inn has two à la carte specials. Friday is not only fresh fish, but also prime rib. Saturday the menu has both prime rib and a chicken special. It doesn’t matter what day of the week, or whether it is for lunch or supper, the meal is always hot and the service is fast. The scrupulous food is homestyle made and offers some of the old-time favourites like liver and onions, veal cutlets and prime rib beef. “Often the dining room is an excellent alternative for casual dining, at lunch, to our restaurant. In the evening, Odin turns into a dining room with a different menu and atmosphere. During lunch anyone can eat in our dining room and have access to the buffet, but in the evening it has lit candles, dimmed lights and people come for a dining experience.” You still get the same great menu at lunch in the Gravity Lounge, but the atmosphere allows for more free conversation about the big game. “We’re dedicated to ensuring that our guests enjoy a fantastic dining experience wherever they choose to enjoy it. We haven’t varied from our restaurant too much over the years, because we provide the food choices that people want us to serve.” Families can receive fantastic food in the lounge during the day, however, it becomes an over 18 area after 4:00 p.m.

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Trends may come and go but real style is here to stay Who can forget the mullet? It These questions are important was a popular hairstyle back to Anne because, first and in the 1980s that featured foremost, she doesn’t want to shorter hair in the front damage a client’s hair. gradually going to longer “Hair accumulates layers of toward the back. treatments, like a wall that Wayne Gretzky has been repainted a few wore one and times,” she says. “I need so did a to know the history lot of stars before I can start.” from that One of the first decade. The questions she asks “business in is in trying to find the front, party out what a client in the back” style didn’t like. The was a huge trend. quality of the hair, Anne was there for the shape of the face Crystal Anne Brooke that one. and the client’s lifestyle “When I started in all go into trying to find 1979, shag cuts and an amazing hairstyle, and mullets were really popular and so were big perms and crimped finding out about a hairstyle disaster is most valuable. hair,” says Anne. “But a bob is a bob is a bob, it just depends “As a stylist, you have to listen to your client. You also need to on who spins it, who updates it. What changed are the names. have enough experience to say no, I won’t do that, if it will hurt What is now a straight-up layered cut was called a shag 40 years the hair. A client’s hair is really only as good as the last stylist ago.” (Think David Cassidy or Jane Fonda.) who worked on it and sometimes we have to recommend hair Anne is passionate about hair styling and is super impressed masks, or treatments, to help the hair get in better condition.” with the way limits are being pushed right now. She sees so One of the recent trends with Anne’s younger clients, is the much evolution in her industry, but some of the trends are “granny grey” look. actually going back around to what was popular throughout the “We have to explain that it may not happen in one session. It decades. is achievable but going granny grey takes time.” For example, perms are making a comeback. “I am doing Anne is celebrating her 40th year in the industry. The trends perms on teen boys,” she says. “Young people are so innovative come and go and come back again, but through it all her and are interested in pushing limits.” favourite part is still meeting and talking with her clients. “Everything goes,” she says. Clients come to her with their “I’m never going to phones open to a picture on Snapchat, Instagram or something quit,” she says with a from Pinterest. They ask Anne if she can do it. big smile. “I need to 4805-50 Avenue “Yes, I can,” she says. Chances are she has already done it in share my experience Camrose the past. But she likes to do a consultation first. with young people 780.608.9076 She asks about her client’s hair history. How many colour and take care of my changes have been done, how often has it been permed? clients.” Like SBW 2019 – Page 4

us on

A Beautiful Experience


Gerry, André, Dawn, Kristen, Krystle

elcome to Nufloors, where you will find an impressive range of flooring styles, colours, textures and finishes, as well as tile and window fashions.

You can have the looks that are unique to your home. The friendly staff at Nufloors are focused on making your purchase and installation more efficient, valuable and inspirational than ever before. They call it a beautiful experience. You will be provided with all of the information you need to know before making your choices. Choosing flooring can be complicated as there are so many things to consider.


To provide a beautiful experience to our customers, through exceptional service, quality selection of flooring choices and our industry leading standard of excellence.

A beautiful experience is choosing products as unique as you are. Simply put, the purpose of Nufloors staff is to bring you ease and comfort by respecting your time and keeping you informed during the flooring process. A beautiful experience is working with people who understand your needs. Your home is special. It’s where you spend time with your family and share your most memorable moments. The Nufloors team has huge respect for you and your property.

A beautiful experience is working with installers who respect your home. Nufloors is here to help with every step of the flooring process. They will be there if you have questions today, tomorrow or years down the road. At the end of the job, they take care to ensure you are happy.

A beautiful experience is knowing they will be there for you.

#3, 3810-48 Avenue, Camrose  Phone 780-672-4983

nufloors.ca SBW 2019 – Page 5

We’re your autobody specialists

Bernie and his E & L Autobody team are ready to serve you

E & L Autobody believes in looking after you and your vehicle every step of the way. Being in an accident can be overwhelming. But hopefully no one is hurt and the only damage that has been done is to your vehicle. But what about that? Dealing with the legalities, red tape, insurance companies and the repair shop can be overwhelming. You have to decide where to go and who can you trust to get your vehicle back on the road? Enter E & L Autobody. Owner Bernie Von Tettenborn has been in the autobody business at the same location for more than 36 years. Bernie and his team of technicians have pretty much “seen it all” and are experts in helping people through the stress of an accident and the repair of their vehicle. “All our customers need to do is call their insurance company. We’ll walk them through the rest,” said Bernie. “Some deer seasons are particularly bad,” said Bernie.

5218-46 Street, Camrose

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“The good news is that vehicles are much safer than they used to be. Everything is made to absorb impact. Today’s vehicle frames are designed to take away impact from the people inside.” As vehicle designs have changed, so have industry standards. No longer will a frame rack and tape measure be enough. 3D measuring systems, manufacturer repair requirements and electronic system checking and resetting are the norms. As new requirements for vehicles come into play, so do rules for technicians. Not just apprentice training, but industry I-car training for apprentices and journeymen is now being asked for more and more by insurance companies and manufacturers. The people at E & L are constantly training with I-car to keep up with the latest developments in automobile repair.

E & L Autobody can perform bodywork on just about anything. “If it fits into the shop, we can fix it,” said Bernie. Customers travel from throughout central and east central Alberta to have work completed, knowing that their vehicle will look as good as new when it is finished. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years at E & L Autobody, is the pride in doing the job right, which means providing excellent workmanship and customer service. If you are in need of some autobody work, give Bernie and his team a call. You’ll be glad you did! Cheryl and Bernie von Tettenborn E&L Autobody owners

Phone 780.672.5203

Windows, walls and floors, Wideman has you covered Are you tired of looking at the world through the same old window treatments? Is your kitchen in dire need of some sprucing up? If so, then it is time to pay a visit to Wideman Paint & Decor and let the professional, friendly staff show you the range of beautiful window coverings and functional cabinets they have to suit your needs. With over 14 years as Wideman’s interior decorator, 11 of those years as the blind expert, Dion Currie can assist you with making the right decision for your home, style, and budget. Blinds With a focus on carrying top quality Canadian made blinds, Wideman’s has a large selection, featuring a variety of styles to suit any decor. Dealing with Canadian made Maxxmar

Window fashions, Wideman Paint & Decor provides free in-home consultations, including professional measurements, advice on type and style of covering to suit your needs and, as always, free installation. Kitchen Many hours are spent in the kitchen, whether preparing meals or gathering with family and friends. It is important to put your best foot forward with the kitchen of your dreams, starting with your cabinets. Clients can choose from the exclusive brand, Abbey Hill Cabinetry by Norcraft Companies, which are Canadian made cabinets that come standard with soft closing doors/ drawers and offer one-of-a-kind custom colours. Once you have made a choice from Wideman’s selection of cabinet door fronts, wood species and colours, Dion will come to your home for a free consultation, measure the space, and consult with you on exactly how your dream kitchen will look and function. Finish off the look with gorgeous top quality counter

tops with Cambria Quartz or 100 per cent Canadian made Hanstone Quartz. After the installation is complete, Dion will return for the final inspection to determine if there is any additional work to be done and ensure you are completely satisfied. Locally run, Wideman’s has gained a trustworthy reputation for dealing in quality products with professional, experienced staff that pride themselves in meeting their customers’ needs.

Wideman Paint & Decor 4939-48 St., Camrose • Phone 780.672.6778 SBW 2019 – Page 7

Tracy Brandingen

Trevor Vinet

Katie Hauser

Lucas Banack

Michelle Majeski

Drew Conlon

Tiffany Dowker

Danny Hertel

A family approach to real estate A

lot has been written about corporate culture; the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization. At the RE/MAX office in Camrose, you will find a culture that is rich in community spirit and industry professionalism. Each of the eight full-time realtors with RE/MAX in Camrose are actively involved in helping the community be a better place for everyone.


hether it be the countless volunteer hours or the numerous boards serving as directors, the RE/MAX family is committed to giving their time to those who need it: • Boys & Girls Club (Director, Sponsor) • BNI (Founding Member) • Camrose Association for Community Living (Sponsor) • Camrose & District Arts Society (Director) • Camrose & District Athletic Club (Director, Founding Member) • Camrose Kodiaks (Volunteer, Sponsor) • Children’s Miracle Network (Office & Agent Sponsor) • Camrose Regional Exhibition (Board Director) • Camrose Women’s Shelter (Director, Sponsor) • Chamber of Commerce (Director, Executive – VP/President) • Kinsmen Club (Member & Committee Chair) • Lougheed Centre (Fundraising Committee & Sponsor) • Minor Hockey (Coaching/Managing) • RE/MAX Charity Golf Tournament ($70,000 raised) • School Athletics (Coaching/Managing) • Special Olympics (Director, Sponsor) • Victim Services (Director, Sponsor) • Vikings Athletics (Volunteer, Sponsor)

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In addition to rolling up their sleeves to assist where needed, the RE/MAX family is also generous with helping by way of sponsorship, financial contributions, and gifts in kind. (*a list too long to begin) The supportive nature of the RE/MAX agents is a natural Charli the trait, given the wide ranging, dynamic skill set they bring to official greeter the industry. Multigenerational perspectives, extensive customer service backgrounds, Hall of Fame agents, Camrose Ambassadors of the Year recipients. When you contact a RE/MAX agent, you know you are in good hands. Serving all residential, rural and commercial clients, it’s not only the individual experience and accolades that lend to their industry leading expertise. The RE/MAX culture is founded on a strong sense of support, positivity and family. All eight agents, while independent contractors, work as a support system for one another. It’s this diversity of skills, the collaboration they encourage between each other, and their collective commitment to giving tirelessly to the community, that sets them apart. RE/MAX Camrose is proud to be a “Miracle Office”, as every transaction they are involved in results in a contribution to the Children’s Miracle Network. Through their annual RE/MAX Charity Golf Tournament, they have raised $70,000 in just six years. They also offer helpful info and tips through their RE/MAX Camrose podcast - www.soundcloud.com/lukebanack. If you value professional class and a community conscience, the RE/MAX agents are the experts in the field of real estate and they are the ones you will trust when making the biggest investment of your life.

Grand Park Plaza, 6006-48 Avenue, Camrose

780-672-7474 www.remaxcamrose.ca

Peace of Mind Service is yours, always … at 4820A-41 Street, Camrose

On this day, like most days, Owen More and his team of four technicians and a full-time service advisor are busy, busy! Each month over the years since 2010, when Do More Automotive Ltd. began operations, the shop has become increasingly busy as customers return for regular vehicle maintenance or repair work on cars, light and heavy duty trucks and a variety of equipment. Weekly, new clients, based on glowing recommendations from happy customers begin experiencing the difference in service that this NAPA AutoCare Centre provides.  In one of the seven bays, replacement parts are being carefully installed on a vehicle in need of new brake pads and rotors. In another bay, a technician carefully studies the readout on his laptop after plugging in the latest on-board diagnostic equipment on a newer-model, General Motors half-ton truck. On the 35,000 pound-capable hoist, a dually Dodge just purchased, is getting some suspension and front end improvements for the proud new owner. In the shop’s que for the day are vehicles waiting for tire swaps, oil changes, a noise emitting from a Ford’s differential and several vehicles (domestic-made and importVEHICLES OF ALL SIZES alike) that will leave the shop, in timely fashion, SERVICED OR REPAIRED after tire swaps.  Out front, Nicole, the friendly and knowledgeable service advisor, is currently providing a new client with a detailed report on proposed work on her compact car. This estimate provides a thorough breakdown of the job.

There are no surprises with the invoice when the Do More team provides expertise to keep cars and trucks in tip-top operating condition! Owen More is rightfully proud of his shop and his team’s highly regarded service level and sums it up this way: “I believe that the number of repeat customers that we have speaks very highly of the excellence we provide”.


780-672-6699 Owen






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Specializing in keeping your vehicles on the road John Rawson of John’s Shopmobile is your experienced heavy duty mechanic you can count on when it comes to keeping your trucks and equipment on the road. With more than 30 years in the business, John knows that time is money and that’s why he works hard to get your vehicle back to you. He has spent many hours working on trucks and farm machinery, during that time, to become familiar with the older trucks and equipment. “A lot of dealerships like to repair newer vehicles, but when it comes to getting you through another harvest season with the equipment that you already have, I’m willing to repair it. Breaking down in peak harvest season is no joy, so I want to help get drivers and producers back to what they do best with as little down time as possible,” said John. When he first started his mobile mechanic service, he didn’t have a shop. His shop was in the middle of a field or in the yard. Now he has a large shop at Legacy Junction, where all of his tools are within easy access and he doesn’t have to worry about the climate outside. Most customers now bring their equipment to him. Spring and fall are still his

OPEN from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. SBW 2019 – Page 10

busiest seasons, along with local producers. “If we can get one more year out of that tractor or grain truck for you, then that’s what we’re about,” added John. “I really enjoy working on the older trucks.” Area farmers appreciate that John will take the extra time to provide full maintenance and repair work on the John Rawson has the knack and expertise to repair your older vehicles to give used vehicles, tractors and equipment in a timely manner. them that extended life. If including out of province, in compliance with the units are well looked after, they will have an program standards and provincial regulations. extended life. Another thing he likes to work on is your motorhome. “I can make repairs, or get your motorhome ready for the long trip south this For reasonable rates and great service, winter.” phone John’s Shopmobile at John’s Shopmobile is also a licensed 780-672-2198 or cell 780-679-7767 commercial inspection facility through CVSI. for an appointment to fix your He is willing to handle your inspections, mechanical problems today.

John’s Shopmobile Ltd. Legacy Junction

Junction of Highways 13 and 56, Camrose, Alberta

Shop 780.672.2198 – Cell: 780.679.7767

A Personal Approach to Comprehensive Wealth Management Trust in a team that puts a personal touch to your comprehensive wealth management strategy and makes it their mission to ensure your financial well-being.

Trust in Kudrowich & Associates. Their in-house Private Wealth Consultants work under the umbrella of IG Wealth Management, an industry leader that Canadians have trusted for more than 90 years. “We are committed to addressing the financial needs of business owners, professionals, pre-retirees and retirees and are driven by our core values of integrity, quality and responsiveness.”

Corey Kudrowich, CFP EPC RRC As Certified Financial Planner professionals, IG Wealth Management has served over one million clients across Canada with over 2,000 consultant practices, of which Kudrowich & Associates is a valued member. With over $90 billion in total assets under management1, IG is one of Canada’s premier financial services companies that is committed to focusing on you, providing confidence, keeping you informed, delivering service excellence and supporting and giving back to the community. IG Private Wealth Management is designed to meet the unique needs of high net worth investors and understanding that the service they provide resonates with your values and goals. Kudrowhich & Associates begin by identifying the six major areas of your financial life: Managing cash flow efficiently, Preparing for the unexpected, Planning your major expenditures, Maximizing your business success, Optimizing your retirement and finally Sharing your wealth, to help you achieve true financial well-being. To properly grow and protect your personal and corporate wealth, Kudrowich

& Associates provides superior wealth management with a comprehensive financial plan. Their integrated approach will align your wealth with your life and business circumstances, plans and aspirations because taking the time to understand what really matters to you, really The team at Kudrowich & Associates ensure your matters to them. financial well-being. L to R: Cheryl Kudrowich, Doug Tien, Corey Kudrowich, Their combined 90 Connor Chafe and Wendy Westlund. years of experience and specialization will help you, whether a business owner in need “When we decided to wind down our business of succession planning, business sale or and plan our retirement, Corey and his team proved a professional nearing retirement, tailor a to be a great choice in helping us work through our options. They were able to keep us focused on a sophisticated approach to managing your clear and concise plan and introduced us to many wealth by creating strategies to meet your tax and estate planning strategies, saving us and short and long term needs. our estate a considerable amount of tax. We would The team at Kudrowich & Associates highly recommend them to anyone looking for a simplify your entire financial life, create comprehensive planner!” peace of mind by reducing your financial Daryl and Leta Shillington, concerns, guide you through critical financial retired business owners events, aims to deliver tax-efficient strategies Investors Group Finacial Services Inc. across all aspects that improve your financial 1 As of September 20, 2019. Trademarks, including IG Private position and proactively adjust your plan as Wealth Management, are owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to subsidiary corporations. This is a general source of information only. It opportunities are identified. is not intended to provide personalized tax, legal or investment advice, They are also your connection to and is not intended as a solicitation to purchase securities. Kudrowich & Associates is solely responsible for its content. For more information expertise drawn from regional Planning on this topic or any other financial matter, please contact an IG Wealth Management Consultant. Insurance products and services distributed Specialists that deliver tax and estate through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. Insurance licence sponsored by planning, securities, insurance protection, The Great-West Life Assurance Company. mortgage planning and business succession services.   CFP, EPC, RRC Executive Financial Consultant Kudrowich & Associates believes in 780.679.5085 • corey.kudrowich@igprivatewealth.com providing you with the best of the best www..kudrowichpwm.com of global assets managers, to effectively manage your finances in a tax efficient   FCPA, FCA manner. Associate Consultant You are unique and so are your financial 780.679.5085 • Doug.Tien@igprivatewealth.com needs. It is never too early to begin a conversation with the professional wealth management consultants at Kudrowich & Associates, on developing your personalized comprehensive plan for financial well-being. Call today for your complimentary financial discovery.

Corey Kudrowich Doug Tien

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$ 7,000 e r a ’s Sh Eldon

$ argaret ’s Share 3,778 M & e g r o e G

Alana’s Share $942

Cliff ’s S hare $ 3,3

Last year our members shared





Million in profit

Our 24,000 members got their fair share – just for using the impressive array of financial services that Vision Credit Union offers. Savings • Loans • Mortgages • Investments • Insurance and more!

whatsyourshare.ca Kailum’s parents’ share $1,164 The 2019 profit share results will be unveiled in early November. What’s your share?

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We’ve been giving people a hand with insurance and real estate service since 1963! INSURANCE SERVICE


Central Agencies represents insurance companies with proven reputations offering highly competitive rates, diversified policies and quick claims services. This is one of the reasons we’ve grown to become this area’s major insurance broker.

If your situation is one of change and it’s time to buy or sell, give us a call for the service others only talk about. Central Agencies is a major force in many of the real estate transactions which take place in Camrose and area. Since 1963, we’ve brought together thousands of satisfied buyers and sellers.

Our interest in you doesn’t end at 5 o’clock. If an evening or weekend appointment better suits your busy personal life or business schedule, please let us know. We would be pleased to meet with you in your office or home, if that suits you better.

We’re here to work with you when you buy and sell! Our team of conscientious real estate professionals can correctly evaluate city residences, area farms and businesses. Our duty is to match qualified buyers with today’s sellers and it’s a job we take very seriously. We gill go to work for you!

Should we update your present package? As your situation changes, so will your insurance requirements. Your insurance policy should be reviewed annually to ensure all limits and coverages are current. It’s time to make sure you’re properly insured. Give us a call… and remember, we will be pleased to make house calls!

If you would like to browse through some of our listings, find us at www.centralagenciesrealty.com, where you’ll see in-town residential, acreage, farm and commercial properties.

Let us provide the service others promise! Stability and Service…

CENTRAL AGENCIES 4870-51 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1S1 Insurance 780-672-4491 www.centralagencies.com

Real Estate 780-672-4495 www.centralagenciesrealty.com SBW 2019 – Page 13

The Auto Shoppe

Wow! Now that’s

a bodyshop The Auto Shoppe cares about you and your family and places the safety of your vehicle as a number one priority. Your vehicle is one of the largest investments you will make, so taking care of it is vital. But accidents do occur and when they do, it’s reassuring to know The Auto Shoppe has qualified technicians who can not only restore your vehicle to it’s original lustre, but its original level of safety. The vehicles of today have some of the most advanced technology that is continually changing and the team at The Auto Shoppe are leaders in their field at staying on top the industry with constant upgrading and training. All Auto Shoppe technicians and estimators were recently awarded platinum certification by I-CAR, a Left, top to bottom: Ryan Graham (estimator and auto physical damage appraiser) Timothy Klassen (steel structural technician, non-structural technician and aluminum structural technician)

Dan Johnson (estimator and auto physical damage appraiser) Richard Mattis (steel structural technician, non-structural

national organization recognizing educational achievements in the automotive collision repair industry. “Each of our journeyman technicians were awarded plaques for achieving the maximum level of training in their designated field of expertise. The Auto Shoppe is one of only five collision repair centres in Alberta to be awarded platinum status. “Each technician has completed and continues annual training to keep abreast of automotive technology in Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), refinishing, damage analysis and structural innovations.” As a result of societal demands to have vehicles that feature the highest of safety ratings and the newest technology, manufacturers are constantly producing vehicles that are very complicated to repair. When it comes to deciding who to trust to repair your vehicle, consumers need to be aware that they do have a choice and selecting the most qualified automotive repair shop makes perfect sense. Vehicle manufacturers have specific procedures on repair processes on today’s vehicles and the Auto Shoppe is accredited under Certified Collision Care which encompasses Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Infinity and Kia. But no matter what make of vehicle you drive, the most important decision you need to make is selecting an automotive repair shop that prides itself on continual training and upgrading to ensure your vehicle is as safe as it was the day you drove it off the car lot. The Auto Shoppe ranks number one in knowledge and capability. The Auto Shoppe also guarantees lifetime warranty on all their repairs, which is one more reason to make the best choice for your vehicle. If your vehicle could speak, and those days may not be far off, in the event of an incident, it would say, “Take me to The Auto Shoppe.”

technician and aluminum structural technician)

Chance Chapman (refinisher technician, steel structural technician, non-structural technician and aluminum structural technician)

Gord Graham (non-structural technician, estimator, auto physical damage appraiser)

COLLISION REPAIR CENTRE 4709-36 Street, Camrose 780-672-7231 www.autoshoppe.ca

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Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

Daniel van Kesteren knows rum.

Walking into Daniel’s shop is like stepping into a giant treasure chest. More than 310 rums from around the world line the southwest corner of the store. They come from exotic-sounding countries such as Barbados, Venezuela, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guadeloupe, Panama, St. Lucia, Mauritius, Antigua, Guyana, Grenada and many more. They come in colours ranging from clear to golden to amber to black as black as octopus ink. The labels themselves are works of art. Ships, skulls, captains, swords, harbours, monks, maps, mermaids, coins … all representing a time and place both fearsome and romantic.

Daniel started growing this collection of rums about 10 years ago when a friend asked him to bring in a few bottles of Zaya rum. Word slowly spread among rum aficionados that Daniel was willing to bring in special requests for rum. Although he hadn’t been a rum expert, he became one over time,

Plantation’s Xaymaca Rum evokes the name given

to the island by its first inhabitants, the Arawaks. This nectar is a return to the origins of Jamaican rum, in all its complexity and intensity.

Over 296 310 Rums in Stock! Stock up and save!

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able to discern between the special and the merely mediocre. His rum collection grew to where it is now, over 310 different kinds of rum, and the investment is paying dividends as more and more discover this treasure trove of deeply satisfying rum. “The great thing about rum,” says Daniel, “is that there are so many different tastes.” Mocha, vanilla, tobacco, molasses, cocoa, cinnamon, toffee, banana, nutmeg, oak, caramel, cloves; one or a combination of them have been used to describe underlying hints of flavour. Rum is most often finished in oak barrels that previously contained cognac, or scotch or sherry. They remain undisturbed in those barrels up to 25 or 30 years before being bottled and shipped around the world – to the amazement of rum drinkers. Rum may be what Daniel’s store is known for, but he is a full-service liquor vendor. There’s cold beer within glass-door coolers. You will find your favourite distilled liquors, there are racks of wine, shelves filled with all sorts of liqueurs and popular coolers. The store really is full-service for those of you who haven’t fully embraced the virtues of rum. But the next time you’re in, why not pick up a bottle and start exploring the joys of the drink of pirates.


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3911-48 Avenue, Camrose  780-672-6665 SBW 2019 – Page 15

Bring the

At Richardson’s Jewellery, owner James Cardiff delights in bringing dreams of the perfect piece to life through computer generated design programs.

Below: The wax mold of a custom engagement ring designed in-house.

home W

hether you are purchasing a piece of jewellery for yourself or that perfect item for someone special, reputation and trust should be the first thing you think about when selecting your jeweller. Richardson’s Jewellery has both.

brand new look that still has that sense of nostalgia.

Established 42 years ago, Richardson’s has a stellar reputation for providing quality merchandise and knowledgeable, friendly staff who pride themselves in ensuring customers are more than satisfied with their pieces.

If you prefer to start from scratch with a whole new idea, Richardson’s has the technology to create your design. Choose from a vast selection of beautiful designs available in the program which can then be modified to create the piece of which you are dreaming.

As a full service jewellery store, Richardson’s offers an extensive line of in-store products including a beautiful variety of fine jewellery, diamonds, gold, watches and sterling silver that you can pick out and leave with that day. And if you want to immortalize a special saying, date or person’s name, All Things Engraved offers engravings on rings, metals, etchings on glass or transfers on leather. Richardson’s also offers the future of jewellery purchases with the concept of computer generated, custom designed pieces. Watch your piece be created right before your eyes as owner James Cardiff melds his flare for design with 40 years’ experience in the jewellery industry, and works with you on your very personal, very custom piece. “We work in two directions,” noted James regarding custom pieces. “We can take heirloom pieces and reconstruct them into something that is more your style.” Imagine wearing your grandmother’s piece, but restyled to suit your own taste. James and the team can take the stones and gold and rework it into a

SBW 2019 – Page 16

The finished piece.

“Today many people want to be involved in the process of seeing their piece come to life and want input into something that has both lasting quality, but more important, lasting meaning.” If you are able to plan ahead and take the time to wait for custom work, then the result is an incredible one-of-a-kind piece. The introduction of new technology has also made custom work much more affordable. With the new computer generated design programs, James is able to sit down with you and go through the design, selecting settings and stones, and then creating them in far less time than the traditional way of wax carvers. You will be able to view the piece, via the computer program, at stages of its creation and, at any point prior to casting, make alterations.

If you are not entirely sure what your or your loved one’s style is, the team at Richardson’s can assist you to find out with the “Take a Quiz” program – a fun quiz that guides you through a series of photos that will help you determine what style best suits you. Technology is the wave of the future and Richardson’s is on board. As members of the Canadian Jewellery Group, a cooperative buying organization, Richardson’s has access to 110 stores across Canada and, when attending buying shows, are afforded educational opportunities on the latest technology available. Access to the jewellers of the future, the younger generations coming into the industry, provides sharing of visions of the new jewellery stores of tomorrow. Combine the security of knowing your jewellery with a store that prides itself in staying on top of the latest trends in the industry and the decision of where to go for your jewellery purchase is easy.

Richardson’s Jewellery outsparkles the rest.

Duggan Mall, Camrose  www.richardsonsjewellery.ca Phone 780.672.8811  Toll Free 1.888.672.8811

Satisfying your grocery needs and serving the community – that’s what they do at Save-On-Foods. The friendly, helpful staff go above and beyond your every need. Having trouble deciding what to have for dinner tonight? Let the Save-On-Foods team help you with some suggestions. 

Camrose Save-On-Foods food service specialist Michelle McAfee prepares freshly made sushi daily.

Camrose Save-On-Foods cake decorator Cindie Neufeld creates amazing cakes.

Try some of the delicious meal solutions from their Kitchen, from the chicken wing bar to sushi made in store, always made fresh daily, and ready for lunch or dinner on the run. Plus, they take the guess out of “what’s for dinner tonight” by offering great value on daily meal deals from Monday through Friday. Or, start off your meal plan by stopping at the service meat case, where you can choose from stuffed chicken breast to gourmet sausages. For more value, check out the deals during their daily happy hour. From 3 until 6 p.m., enjoy 50 per cent off a different item each day!

one-of-a-kind cake that is sure to please. Or, choose from one of Save-On-Foods’ unique options, decadent strawberry forest cake or smooth fruit and whip cake. Whether it’s fulfilling donation requests, being seen in the community manning barbecues, marching in parades or just pitching in, the staff at Save-On-Foods takes pride in serving its community. Save-On-Foods Camrose has built relationships with several local organizations such as The Open Door, Camrose Neighbor Aid (Food Bank), Camrose Legion, Camrose 4-H Club and the Camrose Kodiaks. “We care about supporting our community and want to be involved in what matters most to them,” said Save-On-Foods store manager Dan Faithfull. Save-On-Foods may have only celebrated their first anniversary in Camrose a short time ago, but they have distinguished themselves as active supporters in the community. More than just your average grocery store, there’s always something going on at Save-On-Foods. You may come for your groceries, but you will return for the experience.  Some of the Camrose Save-On-Foods team members took part in the 2019 Kick ’N’ Country Parade.

Celebrate all those special occasions with gourmet cakes from the Cake Centre. Speak to one of their talented cake decorators to order a

Camrose Save-On-Foods  4820-66 Street  •  Open 7 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week SBW 2019 – Page 17

More Than Just Your Average Dealer

Established in 2007, D&D Vehicle Sales Inc. is rated as one of the top internet sales dealerships in Western Canada and was listed on Profit 500’s list of Canada’s fastest growing companies five years in a row. It’s not a wonder why they are Alberta’s premier retailer of pre-owned vehicles. But do you know that they offer much more than just vehicle sales? Online resources give the knowledgeable sales team the ability to connect you to your ideal truck, car, or SUV. If the perfect fit isn’t on our lot, the friendly staff will find it for you. The same process applies to equipment and commercial vehicles. D&D’s unique in-house leasing program allows them to finance inventory that no other dealer would. For businesses with small or large fleets of equipment, this program is particularly

3760-48 Avenue, Camrose 780.672.4400

www.ddsales.com SBW 2019 – Page 18

valuable since there are no kilometer restrictions and no effect on debt-servicing ratios. Most importantly, your business can benefit from major tax savings. “When it comes to working with banks or conventional lenders, getting financing can be a long and painful process. We are able to think outside the box and can provide approvals usually in the same day. When it comes to new businesses that don’t have a long track record, we are able to provide loans at competitive rates without any hassle,” said Kyle Skaret, General Manager. Aside from vehicle and equipment sales, D&D focuses heavily on rentals. “We are widely known for used vehicles sales, but we do a whole lot more,” said Kyle. “We have a big rental department with both vehicles and trailers.” Not only does D&D offer the lowest rates in town for daily rentals, they also offer affordable weekly and monthly rates. Short-term

rentals allow for businesses to use reliable vehicles and trailers for short-term projects or jobs without the burden of negative equity or excess equipment. Furthermore, you can rent through your business for a large tax write-off. “Sales are a smaller part of the business than what most people might think,” added Scott Berry, General Manager. “We offer fleet management services for companies. D&D can put together your commercial fleet to best suit your needs to keep your business growing and moving.” “If a business is awarded a new contract, then they can pick up the vehicles they need to complete the project. We purchase high end, brand new vehicles for the rental department so not only are they reliable, but they are the vehicles people want to drive,” said Scott. Apart from sales, leasing, financing, and rentals, D&D holds a team of highly qualified technicians in its Service Department. Because they are an independent dealership with less overhead, D&D is able to offer a lower shop rate and competitively priced parts. “We’ve done a ton of work in our service department. We have three new hoists and we have qualified people to run a great service and parts department. We can fix cars from the ’50s with restorations all the way to new vehicles. We can handle some projects that others won’t even touch,” said Scott. Whether you are looking for service, rentals, sales, or finance, make D&D Vehicle Sales Inc. your first choice. As an independent locally owned and operated dealership, they appreciate your communal support.

D&D Vehicle Sales / Service / Rentals

Read Contracting is your commercial builder Read Contracting is your commercial contracting leader for Camrose, and has been since 1989. Logan Read has taken on the role of project manager in the family business, but he still believes in the same core value that his dad did. “We have a good team of employees that have been here a long time and have the experience to work on various projects,” said Logan. “We still have the same hard working philosophy to help people with their construction needs and we do what is in the best interest of our customers.” They specialize in commercial and industrial buildings from design build to commercial renovations. Read Contracting is also an authorized dealer for Steelway Building Systems and Tasco Dome Covered Structures. “Our projects have changed in the past few years because of the economy, but we have completed a lot of building

envelopes lately. That means repairing and giving face-lifts to existing buildings, rather than building all new facilities,” explained Logan. Employees at Read Contracting receive training regularly to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest changes to the construction industry. “Products have come a long way over the years and we have to keep up with education on the new methods.” Read Contracting actively maintains a unique and immediate capacity to do your next job promptly, by continually investing in the right equipment whenever it is needed. “We get more repeat customers because people like our work. In the past when we put up new buildings, they were made to last for many years. With face-lift changes, they happen more regularly and we have more repeat customers that way.” Read Contracting covers a huge trading area with projects. “Right now we are working on several hotels in Edmonton. We have a lot of projects

outside of the Camrose area as well as the local area,” he added. “Last year, we had a similar project for Hillside Village.” Because of their vast experience, Read Contracting is willing to provide sound advice for customers on what will work the best for them in giving their facility a new look. “We always try to do what is in the best interest of the company we are working for.” Read Contracting is willing to provide sound advice for customers on what will work the best for them in their project, whether it be a new build or a commercial renovation. Read Contracting supports local groups as a way of giving back to the community in which they live. “We aim to use local people and suppliers whenever we can, which strengthens Camrose and the surrounding area.”

Logan Read is the president, office 780-672-7280 and cell 780-781-2864, of Read Contracting, #4, 4617-41 St., Camrose. SBW 2019 – Page 19

Centra Cam Family Clothing and Furniture Generous donations make for great savings at Centra Cam’s Outlet Store and Emergency Clothing and Furniture Depot. With a large variety of items to choose from, the Outlet Store and Emergency Clothing and Furniture Depot meets many of your personal and home needs at a fraction of the retail cost. But the value of your dollar doesn’t stop there. Funds generated from sales at the Outlet Store support the Emergency Clothing and Furniture Depot also operated by Centra Cam, a vital part of our community that assists those in need. Any additional funds are used for Centra Cam programs and projects. Recycle, re-purpose and reuse. Not only will you be saving money, but you will be saving the environment by re-purposing items that may have ended up in the landfill. Shop a large selection of gently used items, some never used. Books, books, books. Build your own library or purchase books to read and trade at one of the mini-libraries located around town. Grandchildren coming to visit but you don’t want to break the bank fixing up a special space? Pick up furniture, bedding, backup clothing, toys, and books to create the special spot. Children are constantly growing and keeping up can be an added expense. Keep them involved at a lower cost by visiting Centra Cam Outlet Store or Emergency Clothing and Furniture Depot to purchase sports equipment. All the merchandise

sold at both locations follow the appropriate Canadian Safety regulations and requirements. Thinking Halloween costumes - both locations have plenty of affordable quality items, from children’s costumes that have only been worn one year, to inexpensive ideas for adult costumes. Christmas is not that far off and both locations have a huge stock of Christmas decor. Changing your decorations doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Treasures galore wait in-store from antiques to collectibles and popular retro items. Are you setting up your office and need some decor or small furniture pieces? Both locations can help you get started. And if your shop or business is in need of rags, both locations sell boxes of rags made from any unusable clothing items made of t-shirt and sweatshirt material with the buttons and zippers removed. Besides the bargains, both locations provide training opportunities for individuals in their services in stocking shelves, cash handling, interpersonal skills and customer service, as well as a wonderful place to come out and volunteer and be part of a fun team environment. Centra Cam also supports not-for-profit organizations in the community with items such as blankets for the Camrose Animal Shelter. The cooler months are coming and Centra Cam is proud to sponsor the Coats for Camrose program.

Centra Cam Outlet Store supervisor Debra Clermount holds up a few of the many children’s Halloween costumes available at the store.

Centra Cam Outlet Store 4805 51 Avenue, Camrose 780-679-0647

Emergency Clothing & Furniture Depot 4918 46 Street, Camrose 780-608-1681 SBW 2019 – Page 20

Centra Cam Emergency Clothing and Furniture Depot cashier Lisa Gartner is keeping Camrose warm with Coats for Camrose donations.

Take the worry out of holiday plans Bridges Travel & Tours in Camrose has been assisting you with your travel plans for 25 years. The downtown business not only books your fantastic holiday, but they take all of the hassle out of arranging your tours. “We know some shortcuts in finding the best deals as well as making suggestions on what to do on your holidays,” said Trevor Hildebrand, manager and travel counsellor. Trevor with 22 years of experience, along with staff members Dana Bauman (21) and Tina Myles (7), give you 50 years of experience in making your trip a positive memory for many years. “All of us are really passionate about travel and we do this because we want to help our clients. We love to share adventures with others and get people excited about going where they want to go,” said Trevor. “We want to make sure they get the most out of their trip.” Whether you want to get away from the cold and soak up the sun, or go on an action-packed adventure around the world, Bridges Travel can guide you in making the

best choices to ensure a happy and fun holiday. “Both Dana and I are CTC certified through the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies, which shows that we have professional training in what we do,” said Trevor. “Travel agents can really be helpful in weeding through the massive and conflicting information on the Internet and know the companies that offer those positive experiences,” added Trevor. “People come to us because they want the help in planning. It’s like doing taxes, I can do my own, but I don’t want to and someone with more experience may find some deductions that I didn’t know about. Some people want professional help in planning that great holiday and avoid headaches that can crop up.” Two of the most common things Bridges Travel can assist you with is specialties and hidden treasures. “Some things might be offered on a cruise, for example, dining options on a specific cruise that are not offered on other departures. We had one couple that booked a private dinner with their own waiter and others came to them saying they have tried to book that on three different cruises and couldn’t do it. How did they do it? It’s those little things we can really help with,” shared Trevor. “Sometimes people will come in and want to book a trip to Mexico for the 40th time. We say to them, ‘have you ever tried this?’ People say I want to go to

Mexico for two weeks. And we have said, ‘have you thought about Egypt for three weeks, it’s the same price.’ We help people think outside of the box.” Winter in Camrose can be a long grind without a vacation. “A lot of people in this area view a winter vacation not as a luxury, but as a necessity. They may cut back on a new car or the bathroom renovation, but not on their winter vacation,” said Trevor. “Anywhere it is warm is a popular choice.” They can also assist in choosing safer places to travel or perhaps where to go for the biggest bang for their buck. “With the US dollar being so high, people are looking at Europe as an affordable option. Asian countries are an excellent value now too. But no matter where you go, it is a getaway from the routine.” Call them for advice at 780-672-2000, or toll free at 1-888-333-4338, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., for your next holiday.

BRIDGES Travel & Tours #2, 4926-50 Street, Camrose 780-672-2000

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New location puts patients’ needs first Hansen Denture Clinic & Associates has moved. They are now located at their new, beautiful and client friendly building on on 52 Street. Offering the same services, the staff at Hansen Denture Clinic & Associates are professional, well trained and always ready to make you smile even brighter. Thanks to the incredible work done by Five Star Home Solutions, the new building was constructed with Hansen’s patients’ convenience and comfort in mind. Ramps leading into the clinic and extra wide hallways and door openings make access so much easier for those with mobility challenges. Hansen Denture Clinic was established by Ray K. Hansen in 1969 and has a long-standing reputation for staying on top of the industry and always keeping the patient care in the forefront. In 2017, Mike and Tracy took over the business and have maintained Ray’s motto to provide utmost patient care. Mike continues to ensure he stays on the curve of upcoming technology. In 2017, he attended courses in Germany with VITA International and maintains continuing education with the College of Denturists. “It is important for us to stay on top of the latest training and technology to ensure the best result for our patients.” Satisfaction with your dentures looking as natural as possible, and fitting your personal needs, is a top priority at Hansen’s.

Exceptional Staff The two licenced denturists, Mike Hansen and Danielle Trautman strive to ensure you have the best set of dentures that fit perfectly into your mouth. The clinic is also working with NAIT practicum student Taylor Wyley, until May 2020, who brings with her the latest information from her schooling.

Hansen Denture Clinic & Associates has moved to a brand new location and building. Two on-site lab technicians free up more time for the denturists to see patients. Tracy is always at the front reception, bringing a strong educational background and years of experience in finance and insurance. The new building offers a consultation office where she will be happy to discuss any questions that arise with your insurance payment, ensuring confidentiality.

Services Hansen Denture Clinic & Associates offers full services including complete and partial dentures, implants, retained dentures and denture repairs and relines. They are happy to provide direct billing to Alberta Health Care for their senior clients. So all you have to pay out of pocket is the balance of your bill. They are also capable of setting up direct billing for private insurance carriers. Taking care of your dentures is very important. Feel free to stop in to see them for an updated denture brush or container. They also offer the popular RENEW denture cleaner. Stellar reputation, spectacular new facility, qualified staff and full services, Hansen Denture Clinic & Associates checks all the boxes.

Hansen Denture Clinic & Associates 4918-52 Street, Camrose 780.672.2654

SBW 2019 – Page 22

Camrose County is open for business! Camrose County is taking a proactive approach in drawing business and industry to the region. They want to encourage investment in business to strengthen the local economy. “Camrose County is an excellent place to call home for your family and your business. It is ideally situated in Central Alberta and is a hub of rural activity,” said Teresa Gratrix, Camrose County corporate services manager. The County offers prime undeveloped and affordable commercial and industrial land in both the Ervick Junction and Legacy Junction

SBW 2019 – Page 23

locations, that are close to railway routes and major highways in the area. Camrose County is ideally located within an hour of the Edmonton International Airport, close to Highways 21 and 13 corridors and has access to both CN and CP rail systems. “We have quick turnaround times and offer professional and personal service from our staff. We are here to help,” added Teresa. Camrose County is committed to encouraging a vital local economy to ease the burden of all ratepayers. Enabling a prosperous economy is one of its strategic priorities. The Business Incentive Grant is intended to make a positive contribution toward the costs of business development. The grant provides a good business incentive under two different tiers to stabilize and provide support to rural Alberta. “Any entity who intends to build a business development within Camrose County may submit an application for the Business Incentive Grant in writing under either the Tier 1 or Tier 2 classification,” indicated Teresa. The Ervick Industrial Park located at the intersection of Highways 21 and 13, has 475 acres of prime business and industrial space for growing businesses. About 60 per cent of the lots are developed, but 325 more acres are zoned Rural Commercial Industrial and are ready for subdivision and your business. With a Cargill Animal Nutrition Mill, trucking company and other businesses already

in place, the park provides a stable business area for future companies to add to the local services. A water line was recently installed to the Ervick area to accommodate the influx of business to the park. Ervick is within a few minutes of Camrose and has quick access to Edmonton, Leduc, Beaumont and Sherwood Park. Legacy Junction has 110 acres available close to the Richardson International grain terminal and is within two miles of the Cargill Crush Plant. Millang Industrial Park is just south of Highway 13 on Highway 56. Although seven of the eight lots are developed, expansion is in the planning stages. The proposed Chomlak Industrial Area is located 20 kilometres south of Camrose and currently houses a bulk water station. Water, power and sewer services will allow this site to expand in the near future. “We are excited to help businesses grow within the County.” Wherever you want to start your business, Camrose County is ready to help you succeed. Camrose County is Your Place to Live, Work and Play.

3755-43 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 3S8 780-672-4446 county@county.camrose.ab.ca

City of Camrose

The stage is set for continued growth

Sustainability, positive work-life balance, multiple green spaces, innovative environmental initiatives and excellent healthcare options ensure the well-being of the community. Highpaying jobs in industry, a vibrant arts scene, excellent public and separate school systems, extensive indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, and unique shopping experiences in the historic downtown, all anchored by the University of Alberta’s modern Augustana Campus, make Camrose a bustling hub of activity. "Bring your business to Camrose and join in the success of our vibrant small business community."

Camrose is proud of their strong small business community and is poised for continued growth. The strong and cohesive City Council members make it their priority to support the local economy and create an environment that is attractive to new businesses and residents; and the team at City Hall is working to foster an environment of economic success and growth.  "We believe in supporting businesses through all phases to ensure the health of our business community," noted City of Camrose Economic Development Officer Patricia MacQuarrie.  The Community and Economic Development department is responsible for supporting current businesses and managing, coordinating, and promoting economic development opportunities in the City of Camrose. 

“We can assist in making your expansion or investment plans a reality. Our Planning and Development department is business-friendly and ready to assist small businesses through the complete development process.” Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet with the department in a predevelopment meeting, which assists in making the process clearer and more predictable. A wide variety of toolkits are available to help with every stage of development. Camrose has at its core, a strong industry foundation in agriculture, health care, construction, manufacturing and retail. SBW 2019 – Page 24

The City of Camrose economic development officer Patricia MacQuarrie, left, and planning and development director Aaron Leckie go over City Development Plans.

Camrose’s small business community has grown steadily The City of Camrose economic development officer Patricia MacQuarrie, over the last decade, creating new left and planning and development director Aaron Leckie, right work as and unique service and shopping a team to encourage and develop new business in Camrose. opportunities for the Eastern Alberta region. “Our draw area for customers is large for a community of our size. We see people come for recreation, entertainment, shopping, and quality services, definitely from the region, but also from all over Alberta.”

Profile for The Camrose Booster

October 22, 2019 Small Business Week  

2019 Small Business editorials for the Camrose, Alberta region

October 22, 2019 Small Business Week  

2019 Small Business editorials for the Camrose, Alberta region