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Always better – always better read Models representing The Prom Project show the types of grad gowns available to students at no charge. Back: Kylelee Kehler, Talayna Eklund, Claire Davis, Hailey Sych Front: Victoria Puddicombe

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For some graduating students in Camrose and surrounding area, the cost of dressing for the momentous occasion is a monumental obstacle. In years past, some young students, eager for one of the biggest days of their lives, have chosen not to attend their grad ceremony due to not being able to afford a suitable dress for their dream day. That, however, should no longer be the case. Ladies (in particular) now have at least two awesome opportunities to get perfect grad attire absolutely free. The Princess Project, founded by Camrose Outreach School Principal Laura Swanson, supplies and fits graduation dresses (as well as a small number of guys’ suits) to grads in Camrose and area who might not otherwise be able to afford the sometimes expensive cost of dressing for this milestone moment. A similar initiative, based in Millet, called the Prom Project is underway courtesy of business owner Angela Pauls. Angela reports that she has an impressive number of extraordinary graduation gowns for gals which are offered to qualifying grads-to-be at zero charge. In recent weeks, she has already assisted more than a dozen 2018 graduating students from the Camrose trading area. For more information, email Angela at Laura can be reached at

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News Features Community comes together to support Humboldt victims . . . . . . 8 Hospice Roadshow comes to Camrose . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Camrose to host Alberta 55 Plus Spring Games next month . . . 20 Szott commits to Merrimack College. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Reflections Column by Bonnie Hutchinson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Homespun Column by Laurel Nadon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

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Out with the old, in the with new. Natural Appearance




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“For Dentures That Really Fit You” Financial assistance for seniors. Call for details…



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CAMROSE DENTURE CLINIC 4867-51 Street, Camrose

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Come and experience all that is

Fine Arts at École Camrose Composite High Schooll

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Art (Paint/Sculpt/Draw) Stained Glass Digital and Graphic Arts Media Studies Free Breakfast Program for Students EVERY DAY! Cafeteria Services for Students EVERY NOON HOUR!

REGISTER TODAY! Phone 780.672.4416 6205-48 Avenue, Camrose Website:

École e Ca Camrose amrose Composite High School – Serving Grades 9 to 12 –

Annual Meeting TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018

NOTICE is hereby given that a meeting of the electors of Camrose County will be held at the Camrose County Administration Office at 3755-43 Avenue at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 for the discussion of the affairs of Camrose County. Paul King County Administrator


Foot Specialist for the Medical and Surgical Treatment of the Foot and Ankle Specializing in Conservative Therapy, Biomechanics and Foot Surgery No Referral Necessary Dr. Joshua Leavitt, DPM Murray Green, Camrose Booster Ella Boyd, front, and Max Logelin, back, play out the birdie in mixed doubles badminton during the city-wide tournament. The ECKS team won the Grade 7 category.

Call 780.679.2467

Smith Clinic – #1, 6601-48 Avenue, Camrose

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Letters to the Editor Green onion cakes legacy and what’s yours?

green onion cakes?”

Being at a stage in life when I think about “legacy,” the story caught my eye. Ten years ago, a man in Edmonton thought he was going to die. Of all the things that might have been on his mind, the question bothering him the most was this: “What happens if people don’t know how to make ***

The man was Siu To, aged 78. Among his lifetime achievements, he’s the man who introduced green onion cakes to Edmonton. He’s made it his calling to spread their popularity and to teach others how to make them. If you’ve ever attended one of Edmonton’s festivals, you’ve probably been exposed to green onion cakes. They’re kind of like a pancake (though the batter is usually a little heavier) and filled with–you guessed it–green onions. Okay, if you’ve never had one, it may not sound appealing. But trust me, they can be addictive. There are places I go for the sole purpose of ordering green onion cakes, and if they come with something else, that’s a side benefit, but not the main event. Green onion cake aficionados even have arguments about whether green onion cakes should be sort of puffy or if they’re really supposed to be flat and dense. This matters–at least to hardcore green onion cake folks. ***

When Siu To first got sick and was concerned that nobody would know how to make green onion cakes, he shared his knowledge with anyone who would listen. He handed out his recipe to newspapers and would travel a ways to teach people. “I hoped everyone could learn to make green onion cakes at home,” he said. Happily, Siu To survived the illness and is still teaching people how to make green onion cakes. “For me, this is very important,” he said. ***

The story got me thinking in two directions–food and legacy. First, I wondered, “Is there any food in my life that I care enough about to want to teach others how to make, to have as part of my legacy?” My immediate thought was, “No.” Growing up, ours was not a “foodie” family. Getting meals cranked out with enough protein, starch, vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy was just one more thing our mom managed, while riding herd on four kids and working day and night to help get a fledgling business off the ground. (That would be The Camrose Booster). Food preparation was maintenance, not a joy. But then, I did think of a few special foods I treasure enough to want to share with others. For example, it pleases me enormously that once a year, my daughter, granddaughter and I make shortbread cookies with a recipe that was passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me, and now to my daughter and granddaughter–a five-generation recipe. I think it’s the multiplegeneration aspect that brings me so much pleasure, more than the shortbread itself. Still, it’s in “food legacy” terrain. Then there was our mother’s legendary lemon meringue pie–the absolute best I’ve ever tasted. I always thought that too was a recipe passed down from my grandmother, but last year I learned the recipe actually came from the cornstarch box! Not sure that counts as legacy. Also, I’ve never actually made lemon meringue pie. I just enjoyed eating it.

Letters are welcomed but please limit them to 400 words or less and sign with first name, initial, surname, address and phone number; only name of writer and city or town will be printed. Letters to third parties are not accepted. The Camrose Booster may edit for clarity, legality, personal abuse, good taste, public interest and availability of space. The Camrose Booster thanks you for your interest in the letters page and encourages your comments. Great volunteers

I wish to take a moment to send a public and personal thank you to people who volunteer. We at the Camrose Association for Community Living (CAFCL) are blessed to have a variety of volunteers. We have nine board members who faithfully and competently govern our organization. We have program volunteers who provide service and support to the individuals in our programs. We have fundraising volunteers who organize and work at events to raise the dollars we need to offer the programs we do. Last year 57 volunteers generously gave us 987 hours of their time. The list of names is long, too long to print in this column. But, each one is valued and provides a much needed service to not only CAFCL but to our community. To each of CAFCL’s volunteers, I salute you and applaud you for sharing your time and talent. To every citizen who vol-

unteers somewhere, I say thank you. You are looking after your community, taking responsibility and doing your part in making this world a better place. Esther McDonald CAFCL, CEO Camrose Deplorable road

I was raised in the Camrose area and I come back about six times annually to see friends and family. In my rounds of coffee time with many people, I have heard over and over about how the City of Camrose “mis spends” their tax money. The biggest bone of contention, however, is the road situation. The residential streets have long been in constant disrepair and it seems the City ignores all but those surrounding City Hall and businesses downtown. I have even heard that if a street is repaired, all those living on that street have to pay extra taxes for it! I can’t believe that one as it sounds too outrageous. Apparently $6.7 million is being spent on a bridge that may have lasted longer if the expensive Ring Road had been used by the hundreds of trucks that preferred the shorter route through town. They are now using the ring road as intended, so the City must find a way to keep it that way when the bridge is completed. Many expressed the opinion that the bridge was unnecessary as two large culverts would have done just as well. That is if money is

so scarce other roads go unattended. All this leads me to the main reason for my letter. I have travelled the Aberhart Highway often because it leads from where I stay right into downtown Camrose. All is not bad until you reach the City limits. From there to the Ring Road you are in constant danger of breaking your back, or your teeth, not to mention blowing a tire or losing parts of your vehicle! This road is in abominable condition. I have seen it being spot repaired over and over. Nothing works. Not to mention the eyesore garbage along the road to the dump. This road is used by many trucks going to the City dump (which is in a location that defies all reason, but that’s another story) continually destroying the road, not to mention trucks from the gravel pit to the south. Instead of paving it though, thousands of dollars are spent grading it especially just before BVJ. I have asked why this road is not paved and I was told that the County road (Aberhart) is not paved, so what’s the point? The County says the City needs to go first. The City of Camrose should be ashamed. Maureen Hanak, Kelowna (formerly of Camrose)


Until I read the story about Siu To, it never occurred to me to think of “food” as legacy. My concept of legacy leaned more in the direction of accomplishments or contributions or memories that others might cherish. I’ve expanded my concept. Let the record show: if I’ve done nothing else in this lifetime, I’ve passed along a recipe for shortbread cookies. That is now officially part of my legacy. ***

So, if you were to name a food you’d be happy to consider as part of your legacy, what would it be? Send me a note to I’ll happily reply within one business day, and (if you give me permission) I’ll share what you say in a future Reflections column.


Murray Green, Camrose Booster Sebastien D’Eschambeault, left, of The Brick Camrose received a Paul Harris Fellow award from Don Rebus of Camrose on behalf of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International for his long contribution to the club. The local Rotary members collect wheelchairs and other walking aids and send them to Mexico to assist that country with equipment for those who need it. The Brick stored the wheelchairs at its location until a truck picked them up and delivered them to the airport for further transportation.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 5

Real Estate FARMS • ACREAGES • RANCHES 4 ACRES BARE LAND IN DAYSLAND – Great place to build your dream home. Close to golf course and school. Asking $150,000. S-45 4 ACRES IN DAYSLAND – with g ow home galow hom ho me with i nnewly 1400± sq. ft. bungalow DUCE D ate ated ted eddRbaseme basemen bbasement basement, basem base nR t large lE attached garage renovated ICEnt P and heated insulated shop. $499,900. S-44 NEW LISTING – Quarter on highway four miles north of Bawlf, could be pasture or grain. $549,000. S-115 ACREAGE – With meat processing business, remodelled home, shop and two quonsets on 7 acres between Daysland and Strome. $700,000. S-92 1.5 ACRES WITH POWER – on Highway 13 at the town of Daysland. $80,000. S-103

300 ACRES OF PASTURE/RECREATIONAL LAND – overlooking the Battle River with amazing building sites. S-110 NEW LISTING – 480-acre cattle and h grain farm withh excellent and yard OS L11lD !home S ill llls S-118 north of Two Hills. NEW LISTING – 80 acre cattle farm in Wetaskiwin County north of Gwynne with outstanding house and buildings. S-124 NEW LISTING – 22 immaculate acres with two houses, heated shop and extra large machine shed between Camrose and Bawlf. $899,000. S-109A NEW LISTING – Two quarters of excellent quality grain land between Camrose and Bawlf in the Kelsey area. $1,595,000. S-109B NEW LISTING – 10 acres eight miles north of Camrose with house and out buildings. $285,000. S-127

If you are thinking of selling your farm or acreage, please give me a call. All replies treated in strictest confidence.

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Cygnets host year end show By Murray Green

The Camrose Cygnets Synchronized Swimming Club combines strength, endurance and balance with flexibility, grace and beauty. “The Cygnets are wrapping up their season on April 28 at our final water show of the year held at the Camrose Aquatic Centre,” said president Abby Hafso. “The water show begins at 10:30 a.m.” The Cygnets swim club is dedicated to making the sport accessible to all swimmers in Camrose and the surrounding area. The club operates from September to May, and strives to accommodate swimmers of varying skill level for ages five and up. “We are working really hard this season with fundraising in hopes to raise enough funds to bring our team into the competitive stream,” said Abby.

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Chartered Accountants Directory Chartered Accountants

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GARNETT RADCHENKO 4602-49 Avenue Camrose, Alberta T4V 0M6

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Chartered Accountant

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Members of



6 ual Ann

CAMROSE ANIMAL CLINIC Bibby Veterinary Services Ltd.

Sunday, May 6, 2018 Stoney Creek Ski Lodge, Camrose

Walk starts: Registration: Sponsor forms: Info:

2:00 pm 1:30 pm Wanita 780-678-6859

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Burgers and drinks available.

A family event – offering something for all ages and abilities

Bake Sale!

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Thanks for supporting HIKE for HOSPICE! Pedorthic Clinic at Smith Clinic, Duggan Mall on Thursday,

April 19th

…to everyone for supporting the

Critters Hockey Game and Funds for Fashion Show. We are grateful for the tremendous support of our volunteers, donors and the people we serve. Ticket sales and donations exceeded $20,000 to go towards the Hospice Program and the Hospice Home.

Our Pedorthic Clinic offers:

• • • • •

Custom Foot Orthotics Custom Footwear Shoe Modifications (lifts, etc.) Compression Therapy Various Knee Bracing Options

Services may be covered by WCB, AADL or private pay.

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Can you help me with an out-of-town real estate transaction?


Absolutely, though I may be best known as a leader for buying and selling residential properties, my scope of training and my interest extends through to commercial real estate, as well as the listing and selling of area farms and acreages. I have successfully finalized deals for retiring farmers and for urban dwellers eager for country living. If you’re shopping for a property outside of Camrose, I can guide you on potential pitfalls, including those related to water and sewer. I am very current on realistic property values. I have an extensive small business background. Allow my work history to go to bat for you if you are considering a career move into business. I can provide invaluable guidance on the right storefront or structure for your business dream.


In the world of travel, how do Canadians differ?


Canadians plan far less and far later. Most cultures strategically plan for vacations two to three years in advance. Canadians tend to wait for vacation sell-offs, which often never materialize. We also tend to be less progressive in booking side-excursions and end up being unable to find space in unique cultural opportunities in far-off lands. As an example, Australians and New Zealanders are already planning their Fall Foliage Tours to our Maritimes for 2019 or 2020. Asians begin booking airfare 330 days in advance, the same day that flight times will be released. Europeans are expert travel planners, spending many hours researching potential side trips to complement their main travel. These travellers, for example, will arrive at their cruise departure city one or two days early, to experience that community’s unique offerings. Planning early will be less stressful, allow time for appropriate vaccines and other precautions, and allow you to maximize your vacation travel. It also builds the anticipation of the trip! Above all, count on the immeasurable advantage that a professional agent can offer. We know travel!

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Thanks to independent research, we have an excellent understanding of how many people read our print version of The Booster each week. Circulation Verification Council, head-quartered in St. Louis, Missouri, annually conduct a survey in this market to determine this readership number, to determine our popularity in the marketplace and to get accurate data on consumer spending. CVC, in their audit report for July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, reported that 81.6 percent of all print copies of the 13,000 Boosters which are printed weekly are routinely read. Furthermore, 1.8 adults per household, on average, read The Booster every week. What does this mean? It means that on any given week, 19,094 readers enjoy everything The Booster has to offer. How many local Facebook views do you get each week? Not near this many – that’s a certainty! It might also be interesting for you to know that 47 percent of Booster readers are male and 53 percent are female. 63 percent of our readers are between the ages of 35 and 64 years of age. 82 percent of our readers, always or sometimes, read the flyers we deliver. The Camrose Booster is also on our website, posted on our Facebook page and on the Camrose Now! app. Answer provided by:

Answer provided by: Answer provided by: Cole

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With the right pre-cautions, using online banking will be as safe as in-branch or ATM banking. While we urge you to record your passwords, be mindful to store this documentation in a highly secure place. Don’t share your passwords with anyone or perform online banking transactions from a computer accessible by the general public. We recommend that you disable automatic password-save features on your devices. Install, use and make certain your quality anti-virus program is always up-to-date for maximum security. Always exit financial transaction sites using the Log-out feature. Watch for fraudulent emails. Credible emails will not ask for passwords, personal information, or log-in information. Use increased security authentication opportunities when available. Open and check your monthly statements to verify all charges or withdrawals are legitimate. Vision Credit Union goes to great lengths and expense to ensure online banking is safe for the company and members, alike. We now offer a program that can lock your account automatically when a known fraudster is trying to access your account. We also have extraordinary ways to determine if your account is being accessed from out-of-country.

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How can I reduce spring allergy symptoms?


While most of us can hardly wait for this extended winter to be gone, many who suffer from spring allergies have a hint of dread of what may lie ahead. Warm spring breezes also bring airborne pollen and mold spores. Pets, also eager for spring, tend to bring pollen indoors on their fur and feet. Damp and rainy weather combine and lead to a high concentration of mould. If itchy eyes, ears, nose and mouth is a regular pattern for you in the spring, you will recognize that being outdoors may be best left to rainy or cloudy days when pollen in the air is less likely. Your best defense from spring allergies is to keep your doors and windows closed, use allergy filters on your air conditioning unit, wash your clothes more frequently and taking a shower after you’ve been exposed to pollen and mould spores can be used as “good medicine.” We recommend that you avoid doing yard work or exercising outdoors on days when pollen counts are high. My professional pharmacy team can talk to you about highly effective treatment options. Answer provided by:

Brian Thiessen, Owner/Pharmasist

How many people read The Booster each week?

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How common is hearing loss?


Having a hearing loss today is not as uncommon as one may believe. The following statistics from the Better Hearing Institute illustrate this gap between those with hearing losses and those who seek care. - 1 in 4 workers exposed to high levels of noise will develop a hearing loss - only 13% of general practitioners screen for hearing loss. - 3 in every 10 people over age 60 have a hearing loss - 1 in every 6 people between ages 41 to 59 has a hearing loss. - 1 in every 14 Generation X’ers (29-40) already has a hearing loss. - 1.4 million children (under 18) have hearing problems - Only 1 in 5 people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one. - 9 out of 10 hearing aid users report improvements in their quality of life. Clearly, these statistics are startling. This shows that many people are choosing to go without the benefits of solutions for their hearing loss. Most often, this can be due to confusion over what benefit hearing aids can provide, and which type of hearing aid is best for a specific person’s loss. Call today for a consultation. Answer provided by: Gina


Owner/Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner



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The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 8

Community comes together to support Humboldt victims Murray Green, Camrose Booster Covenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital Camrose staff members Brier O’Neill, Jen Schneider, Melissa Berg and other volunteers held a bake sale on April 12 to raise funds and pass on thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected by the Humboldt tragedy, including the families, emergency responders, and health care providers. Deacon Doug Tien offered spiritual support and reflection and Nemo’s Novelties donated the cupcakes.

By Lori Larsen

On Thursday, April 12, Camrose and area residents joined together to meet, talk and support one another in the shadow of the April 6 tragic bus accident just outside of Tisdale, SK, that claimed the lives of 16 people including members of the Humboldt Broncos Hockey Club. The Camrose Kodiaks and the Camrose Primary Care Network (PCN) hosted the evening. Hospice Society of Camrose and District program coordinator Bill Harder opened the evening with words of encouragement to all attending and conducted a minute of silence in memory of those who lost their lives. At the end of the minute, Harder rang a bell three times symbolizing the acknowledgement of the breaking of rules. “There is an unwritten cultural rule that our children outlive us, we don’t bury our young. The rule gets broken numerous times by illness, injury or accident and when this happens, we feel a communal sense of outrage that a rule was broken, this shouldn’t have happened. So the ringing of the bell is when we say to the world this breaks us, hurts us as individuals and as a people when our young die.” At the end of the minute, the only sound resonating from a room filled with people, was the soft chime of the bell. “When the sound of the bell vibrates away, we are left with something more important than just the sorrow and the sadness, we are left with resilience,” said Harder. “As community, we hold each other up and find voice for our sadness and also our celebration.” Former Kodiak player Stephen Wack was one of the 16 people who died in the accident. Wack played for the Kodiaks in 201415 and 2015-16. His career continued with the Whitecourt Wolverines and then went on to Humboldt to play for the Broncos.

touching words about Wack. “Stephen had a huge heart. He was the most humble guy. He never had a bad word to say about anyone and never complained. He would do anything for anyone and he was really proud of his brother Justin who is going to miss him a lot.” Ron Pilger also shared wonderful memories of Wack. “Stephen was a gentleman. He was just a good guy and I wanted everyone to know that.” Ron also spoke of fond memories of the two seasons Stephen stayed with the family. “Stephen was a fellow who really lived by the rules, he was serious about his hockey career.” On a final note, Ron related a story of a little boy putting hockey sticks outside of a door so the boys could play hockey

with the angels in heaven. “I think Stephen would be right there, teaching the angels in heaven how to play the game.” Local businesses sponsored a free barbecue for people attending the gathering. Donations for the evening totaled just over $2,300 and were accepted via the Hospice Society of Camrose and District, for enhanced grief and bereavement programming and support of the children, adolescents and young adults. In a show of support that is reaching around the world, people are leaving hockey sticks and other symbolic items outside their homes to memorialize this heartbreaking loss.

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Camrose Kodiaks coach Boris Rybalka spoke of the impact the Humboldt tragedy has had on himself and his family during a community memorial gathering with close to 300 people in attendance, held on April 12 at the Camrose Recreation Centre, Bear Cave.

Camrose Kodiak coach Boris Rybalka shared comments with guests. He spoke about the conversation he had with Stephen’s father who said it is important to remember the positives. Rybalka said, “I am most proud of this country and this world; the strength that everybody has shown. There is not a person here that didn’t understand what happened Friday night.” Rybalka spoke of his time as a player for the Humboldt team, recalling how supportive the community of Humboldt was then and still are and that as a strong community, they will get through this tragedy. Rybalka finished with words of wisdom for all. “Don’t ever take things for granted in life. Appreciate everybody every day

and the simple things. But mostly, just be better. Stephen would be very proud of this (the evening of gathering) today. The greatness of this sport and of life has brought a whole community, a whole nation, a whole world together.” Mayor Norm Mayer offered words of encouragement and appreciation for the people who came out to grieve and celebrate as a community. Mayer also offered words of thanks to Rybalka and his wife for continuing to give back to the community through the Kodiaks. Wack’s host billet family the Pilgers: Marnie, Ron, Landon and Mackenzie were also present to share in Stephen’s memory. (Christie was at college and was unable to make the evening). Landon shared

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Former teammate Landon Pilger, part of Stephen Wack’s host billet family during the Kodiak seasons 2014-15 and 2015-16, gave an emotional tribute to Stephen during the community memorial gathering held on April 12.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 9





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2018 Beaver District 4-H Show & Sale Monday, April 30, 2018 Holden Arena Holden, AB

Female Show – 10:00 a.m. Cleavers – 10:30 a.m. Heifers – 11:00 a.m. Steer Show – 2:00 p.m. ➤ Supper at 5:00 p.m. (Adults $15, Age 6-12 – $8, 5 and under – Free. Cash Only.) Steer Sale at 7:00 p.m.

Police seize large amount of drugs By Lori Larsen

Camrose Police Service made a substantial drug bust resulting in the seizure of drugs with a potential street value of $82,000. As a result of an ongoing investigation, Camrose Police conducted a traffic stop of a motor vehicle believed to

be transporting a large quantity of illicit drugs. The male driver was arrested under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and his vehicle was searched resulting in police locating and seizing 4,800 grams (10.5 pounds) of cannabis marijuana, 2,270 grams (five pounds) of Psilocybin

(magic mushrooms) and $8,270. The 44-year-old Camrose man was charged with two counts of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking and one count of Proceeds of Crime over $5,000. His first appearance in Camrose Provincial Court was on April 11.


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The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 10

Hospice Roadshow comes to Camrose By Lori Larsen

Caregivers, patients, family members, volunteers and health care professionals are invited to attend the annual Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Association (AHPCA) Roadshow, hosted by Hospice Society of Camrose and District, held on April 26 from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Norsemen Inn. This year’s theme, “A Mindful Finale: Spirituality and Ritual at End-ofLife” is aimed at helping people fill their toolboxes with practical ideas to help them through this difficult time in life. This year’s AHPCA Roadshow’s includes a full day of educational workshops developed in response to an identified need for palliative care training throughout Alberta. Hospice Society of Camrose and District program coordinator Bill Harder commented, “I went to my first roadshow last year at Vegreville. It was a lovely coming together of people from a number of sectors. There were nurses, LPNs chaplains, people from other hospice societies, board members and volunteers.” Harder spoke of the benefit the Roadshow has for attendees. “In addition to the nourishment you get from whatever the theme is that year, and it changes from year to year, you have that opportunity to connect with peers and people who have a common interest, overall, in this palliative world. This world of diagnoses that says you might not die right a way but you are not going to get cured from this. “We come together to learn about how we can support our teens who get stage four cancer, our 40-somethings who get a diagnosis of ALS and our 80-somethings where life is just running out for them.” Harder remarked that the Roadshow not only provides the community with tools regarding the event, but allows for valuable networking during breaks, before and after the presentations on what work is

being done in various communities. “To toot Camrose’s horn, we are way ahead of the curve for a city of only 18,000. We are doing things here that can set the bar for our province.” Harder explained that in Camrose the Hospice Society is involved in four different communities of practice, meeting three or four times a year, that an agency within Camrose has

facilitated to bring together all the voices that might be interested in a particular topic matter, such as youth mental health. “We (Hospice Society of Camrose and District) go to the palliative end-of-life care community of practice and there are probably 20 people who sit around that table, including representatives from the Camrose Primary Care Network, St. Mary’s Hospital and Beth-

any. It gives us a chance, three or four times a year, to hear what each other is doing about that particular community practice. We have four of these communities of practice that we regularly attend and the Roadshow becomes another version of that,” said Harder, noting it is another opportunity to hear what is happening within each sector, how resources can be interwoven without dou-

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster The Hospice Society of Camrose and District program coordinator Bill Harder is looking forward to the Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Society 2018 Roadshow, being hosted in Camrose by the Hospice Society of Camrose and District.

bling up and how they can build on each other. The Roadshow will attract approximately 90 registrants from mostly the central zones of Alberta. Camrose Hospice hosted the Roadshow in 2011. Presenters for this year’s Roadshow are Darrin Parkin and Blair Collins. Parkin is currently the Spiritual Care co-ordinator at Rosedale Hospice and Sage Centre of Hospice Calgary. He has provided spiritual care for 25 years on campuses, in parish ministry, in hospice and in prisons. Collins has worked for over 30 years in a variety of non-profit settings. He focuses on dealing with grief and loss and encouraging people to create rituals appropriate to time and context of celebrations. “When it comes to rituals and grief, there is a lot to explore,” said Collins. “Rituals help us honour loved ones and make anniversaries and special dates easier. There are no rules! The meaning of what you do is more important than the activity itself.” To register for the workshop, visit https:// or telephone 403-473-7845. AHPCA is a provincial non-profit registered charity which engages in actions and strategies that result in comprehensive and equitable end-of-life care for all Albertans. For more information, go to “All Albertans have the right to quality end-of-life care,” said Jennifer Elliott, executive director of AHPCA. “Education about palliative care issues is fundamental to that. AHPCA brings education and support to Albertans from all walks of life.” The AHPCA Roadshow is touring Alberta this spring with stops in Camrose, Fairview, Lethbridge, Strathmore and Athabasca. To register, visit www.

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The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 11

Best selling author simulcast By Lori Larsen

T he R esu r rec tion Lutheran Brethren Church, Women of Rez, invites residents to join them in a simulcast of New York Times best-selling author and Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer on April 28 at the Resurrection Lutheran Brethren Church’s new building located at 5601 Enevold Drive. The day will begin at 8:30 a.m. followed by the simulcast promptly at 9 a.m. The day includes lunch and will end by 4:30 p.m. Priscilla Shirer is a wife and mom first, but put a Bible in her hand and a message in her heart, and you’ll see why thousands meet God in powerful, personal ways at her live events. With a Master’s Degree in Biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, Shirer brings the depths of Scripture to life. She is the author of best-selling Bible studies, including the Armor of God, Gideon and Jonah, as well as the author of many books, including Fervent and the New York Times best-seller The Resolution for Women. She and her husband, Jerry, lead Going Beyond Ministries. Christian recording artist Anthony Evans will be leading worship via the simulcast as well. Evans has voiced the gospel with such a melodic, thought-provoking style that he has emerged as one of Christian music’s premiere male vocalists, songwriters and worship leaders. His time in Los Angeles with NBC’s hit show The Voice led him to think more progressively about his music–without compromising his faith and message. With seven solo projects, multiple music videos and inspirational literary collaborations with beloved pastor and international speaker Dr. Tony Evans. Anthony has vibrated the doors of the church and ventured beyond. “In 2017, 14 women from three churches attended this event here in Camrose,” said church member Iona Brager. “The consensus was that we need to do more of this kind of thing together. The Resurrection church women are excited to invite women from across our community to join them this year for the Priscilla Shirer simulcast. It brings women together from all walks of life for a day of Biblical teaching, prayer, and worship.” To register for the simulcast, visit



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Going the way of lawn darts


MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT ACT Notice is hereby given that under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, the City of Camrose will offer for sale, by Public Auction, at City Hall, 5204-50 Avenue, Camrose, Alberta, on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 10:00 am, the following manufactured homes: PLAN







Each manufactured home offered for sale will be subject to a reserve bid, and to the reservations and conditions contained in the existing personal property registry report. Please note that these mobile homes sit on rented lots and it is only the mobile home itself that is for sale. The mobile home is being offered for sale on an “as is, where is” basis. No bid will be accepted where the bidder attempts to attach conditions to the sale of any mobile home. No terms and conditions of sale will be considered other than those specified by the City. The City of Camrose may, after the public auction, become the owner of any mobile home that is not sold at the public auction. Terms: Cash, Bank Draft or Certified Cheque. A 10% deposit is payable upon the acceptance of the bid at public auction. The balance of the accepted bid is due by MAY 10, 2018 or the deposit will be forfeited and the City will consider the next bid. Redemption may be affected by payment of all arrears of taxes and costs at any time prior to the sale. DATED at Camrose, Alberta this 3rd day of April, 2018. Darren Lockhart, Director of Accounting and Assessment


MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT ACT Notice is hereby given that under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, the City of Camrose will offer for sale, by Public Auction, at City Hall 5204-50 Avenue, Camrose, Alberta, on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 10:00 am, the following lands: C. of T. NUMBER



































Unit 4



Unit 7

Each parcel offered for sale will be subject to a reserve bid, and to the reservations and conditions contained in the existing certificate of title. The land is being offered for sale on an “as is, where is” basis and the City of Camrose makes no representation and gives no warranty whatsoever as to the adequacy of services, soil conditions, land use districting, building and development conditions, absence or presence of environmental contamination, or the ability to develop the subject land for any intended use by the purchaser. No bid will be accepted where the bidder attempts to attach conditions precedent to the sale of any parcel. No terms and conditions of sale will be considered other than those specified by the City. The City of Camrose may, after the public auction, become the owner of any parcel of land that is not sold at the public auction. Terms: Cash, Bank Draft or Certified Cheque. A 10% deposit is payable upon the acceptance of the bid at public auction. The balance of the accepted bid is due by May 10, 2018 or the deposit will be forfeited and the City will consider the next bid. GST will apply on lands sold at the public auction. Redemption may be affected by payment of all arrears of taxes and costs at any time prior to the sale. DATED at Camrose, Alberta this 28th day of February, 2018. Travis Bouck, General Manager, Financial Services

Elder abuse awareness event By Lori Larsen

Elder Safe Battle River Camrose will be presenting an Elder Abuse Awareness event at the Camrose Public Library from 10 a.m. until noon on April 25. Shannon Stolee from

Elder Safe Battle River Camrose and Wetaskiwin counties will speak on how to identify abuse and help older adults at risk, what a person can do when abuse or neglect happens and

what a person can do to keep safe from abuse. For more information on this event or any of the programs offered at the Camrose Public Library telephone 780-672-4214.

My three-year-old was gliding down the toboggan hill, while I watched anxiously. We were visiting a friend’s local hill in Edmonton and I was finding the experience unnerving. Straw bales at the bottom provided a nice barricade– at least until my little one veered to the left towards a metal bench, a sign post and orange hazard cones marking a big ice patch.(I’m not kidding!) I started calling to him to slow down, use his hands! At the last moment, he rolled off the toboggan and came to a stop. I heaved a sigh of relief. Has it always been so stressful to watch tobogganing, or is it just because they are my children? I wondered how often my mother had watched us anxiously and called out warnings. Are the hills icier? Steeper? Are the toboggans faster? Some of the other children were wearing helmets, which wasn’t common when I was young. At the end of the day, I found myself just relieved that we were heading home without brain injuries (and a mental note to myself that I need to pick up some winter helmets before we toboggan again). Dr. Charles Tator’s 2008 book, Catastrophic Injuries in Sport and Recreation, noted that tobogganing was the fourth most risky sport for serious injuries, behind only diving, snowmobiling and parachuting. Head injuries were frequent among tobogganers and most could have been prevented by the use of helmets. Last year, the town of Jasper banned sledding on two popular local hills. Tobogganing is banned on city property in Hamilton and punishable by a $125 fine at 14 hills around Toronto. I don’t want to see this activity banned as it is a simple, inexpensive way for people to enjoy the outdoors, but perhaps there needs to be more education about how to reduce the risks (wear helmets, face forward and feet first) before this activity goes the way of the lawn dart. Lawn darts with metal tips used to be a common camping game, but have been banned in the U.S. for many years. In the late 1970s, they were allowed to be sold again as long as they weren’t marketed as a toy. After a child’s death in 1987, the parents lobbied for a total ban and the sale of all lawn darts was banned. In Canada, lawn darts resulted in at least 55 serious injuries and they were banned in 1989. Secondhand lawn darts are also illegal. And then there are car seats. Children used to roll around in the back of station wagons and now must be buckled into five-point harnesses before heading out on the road, with specific rules on what kind of seat to use for your child’s height and weight. Child seats began to be manufactured in the 1930s, but it wasn’t for the safety of the child–it was to act as a booster for the child to see out the window and make it easier for their parents to see them! It wasn’t until the 1960s that car seats were created with the intention of protecting children. Baby walkers with wheels have been banned in Canada since 2004. Ignoring the ban can lead to fines up to $100,000 or six months in jail! Luckily for my nerves, the tobogganing season is drawing to a close. Signs have been up signaling that the Jubilee Park and Grand Park Drive hills are closed for the season, and interest is waning for Nadon hill beside our house. At least, I thought tobogganing season was drawing to a close, until snow swirled around me just the other day. Apparently this was the coldest first week of April in 16 years in this area. Meanwhile, there are little, hopeful signs of the relief of spring ahead. Tiny, leafy green snapdragon and pansy seedlings have worked their way out of the soil in my windowsill, reminding me to turn my cheek to the sun and be patient for the warmth to come.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 13




CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM Provincial Grants will provide approximately $3,680,000 in funding towards:

Maintaining and improving the infrastructure of the City is a constant challenge for the Engineering and Public Works Departments. The following roadway and utility projects are scheduled for construction this year, pending final funding arrangements. WATCH FOR THEM ... They’re all part of the continuous effort to improve the transportation and utility networks of the City. Your cooperation and caution around construction areas is appreciated.

• • • • • • • •

53 Street Overlay (44 Avenue to Marler Drive) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$250,000 48 Avenue Bridge Replacement and Capacity Improvements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,190,000 ** 39 Street (44 Avenue to 47A Avenue). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$200,000 48 Avenue Rehab (73 Street west to City Limits) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$550,000 50 Avenue (51 Street to 52 Street) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$60,000 50 Street Overlay and Mono Walk (54-55 Avenues). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$180,000 48 Avenue and Service Road Improvements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$250,000 68 Street and Camrose Drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$210,000

The following 2018 Construction Value is approximately $8,435,000 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL THE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT – 780-672-4428 or check our home page at for construction schedules and updates




53 ST

60 ST 12




51 AV

49 ST


Funding – Grants Funding – Local Improvement Funding – City Reserve Funding – City General Funding – City Land Development Fund Funding – City Utility Funding – Carried Forward 2017-2018 Funding


(50 AVE




46 ST

51 ST

53 ST








53 ST

48 AVE










46 AVE




53 ST






73 ST



48 AVE

48 AVE

48 AVE

50 ST


41 ST



RGE. RD. 201

(48 ST)

66 ST 73 ST




48 AVE

68 ST







ST 68





50 AVE


(51 AVE)


6 4








58 ST




39 ST

52 AVE

8 5




47 ST 52 AVE



G L.I R C L.F U C.F **

39 ST

68 ST

53 AVE










53 ST



54 AVE




47 ST


39 ST

FUEL 100LL MANAGER 780-672-4428 FBO 780-672-1810





54 AVE




RGE. RD. 203

CN UNICOM 122.8 NDB 406 (L) DME 108.2 (M)



2018 City Map

RGE. RD. 200


45 AVE




50 ST


39 ST





RGE. RD. 202

50 ST (RGE. RD. 202A) 57


28 AVE




RGE. RD. 201





(Events Only)











68 ST














(Events Only)

50 ST




53 ST



39 AVE

















CASINO Camrose Exhibition Trail RV Park




68 ST 69 ST




















41 AV E





41 AV

44 AVE





NOTE Public open houses were held for the following projects: 53 Street Overlay (44 Avenue to Marler Drive) 50 Street Overlay and Mono Walk (54-55 Avenues) 39 Street (44 Avenue to 47A Avenue) 50 Avenue (51 Street to 52 Street) 58 Street Water and Sewer Main Replacement 48 Avenue and Service Road Improvements


TRANSPORTATION – Roads 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

53 Street Overlay (44 Avenue to Marler Drive) 48 Avenue Bridge Replacement and Capacity Improvements 39 Street (44 Avenue to 47A Avenue) 48 Avenue Rehab (73 Street west to City Limits) 50 Avenue (51 Street to 52 Street) 50 Street Overlay and Mono Walk (54-55 Avenues) Valleyview Phase 5 Final Lift 48 Avenue and Service Road Improvements 68 Street and Camrose Drive


10. 58 Street Water and Sewer Main Replacement


11. Stoney Creek Trail Paving



$290,000 $4,490,000 $325,000 $600,000 $75,000 $300,000 $225,000 $850,000 $800,000

G, L.I, C G, R, C.F, G, L.I, C G, C G, L.I, C G, L.I, C L.F G, R, L.I, C G, R, C

Utility Replacement






ACTIVITY Pavement Overlay Roadway Improvements Pavement Overlay Pavement Overlay Pavement Overlay Pavement Overlay Pavement Overlay Pavement Overlay Pavement Overlay

In addition to those locations identified, at numerous other locations throughout the City, roadway and utility maintenance, landscaping and tree planting will be undertaken as required.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 14

Developing strong bonds By Lori Larsen

Every fall, Camrose sees a new group of young men, ages 16 to 21, strap on skates for the Camrose Kodiaks. Many are away from home for the first time, an experience that can be daunting for any young person. Enter into the dressing room Camrose Police Service Constable Matt Rolfe. To players who are familiar with him, he is a well-respected and well-liked part of the Kodiak family. To those who do not know him, he is a soonto-be amazing mentor.

understanding with them about the consequences of drinking and driving, the ‘zero’ drug tolerance rule and their behaviour off the ice. “I tell them that just because they are on this highly-sought-after hockey club doesn’t mean they get to walk around Camrose with a free pass.” Matt’s no nonsense attitude combined with his approachable and sincere nature, helps create relationships with the players based on mutual trust and respect. “I always ask them to think twice before

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Camrose Police Service Constable Matt Rolfe has been mentoring Kodiak players for 14 years.

Matt has been part of the hockey world from a very young age, officiating the game for 27 years. “I was an on-ice official, through high school and university. I also played junior hockey and when I was 20 and the age restriction came up, and I was done (playing).” In the summer of 2003, Matt was hired by Camrose Police Service. He moved to Camrose in 2004 after completing his six-month training with Edmonton Police Service. Having officiated hockey for as many years as he had, the transition to the Kodiak organization as an on-ice official was easy. “I’ve been on ice with teams from across the world and could see the standards with this team were higher and I wanted to be a part of that. I feel very fortunate that they allowed me to be a part of this club.” In the fall of 2004, the beginning of the Kodiak season, Matt took it upon himself to begin conducting talks with the 25 players, a tradition now 14 years strong. He welcomes them to Camrose, but more importantly, bridges an

doing something inappropriate off the ice. There is a good chance I will be on duty and my hopes are, because of our relationship, they wouldn’t want to disappoint me.” At the same time, Matt gives every player his personal cell phone number and tells them they have 24/7 access to him. “These ‘kids’ are 16 to 20 years old and, for a lot of them, it is the first time moving away from home. Their parents have entrusted the organization to take care of them.” As a liaison with the police service and just a regular guy who is always available to the players, Matt is an extension of the Kodiaks commitment in ensuring the well-being of the players. Beyond his annual fall introduction and officiating junior hockey, which he relinquished three years ago in order to take an official title with the Kodiaks as a scout, Matt offers the players a firsthand glimpse into the honourable career of policing. “Halfway through the year, I do a recruiting spiel to them suggesting policing as a possible career choice

should a hockey career not pan out. I remind them that the decisions they make now could potentially affect their career path down the road.” Recognizing the expectations placed on these young men, three years ago Matt approached the police chief with the suggestion of creating and subsequently presenting one player every year with a special award, the now Camrose Police Service Citizenship Award. “We, as a community and an organization, ask quite a bit of these players. You have a 16- or 17-yearold who has lived at home all his life and now he is one of 20 within a city of 17,000 (plus) people, many of whom are paying to go watch him play hockey or asking him to come to the school or sign autographs, all to the standard of a 20-year-old.” The award is given to a player who displays the same values as the Camrose Police Service. “It is a difficult thing to do because there are so many players who qualify,” smiled Matt, but it is obviously something he takes great pride and joy in doing. Like so many volunteers, Matt doesn’t do it for the accolades, however his mentorship with these young men and continual work with the Kodiaks does not go unnoticed. In 2016, he was nominated and was successful in receiving the Top Cop Award. “I am a giver by nature and I personally get enjoyment from a career standpoint. As a police service and community, it’s good to know we don’t have to worry about a team of 20 guys running amuck in the community.” He also said part of his reward is being able to give back to this group of young men who work hard and rise above. Matt’s desire to give back to his community stretches beyond the arena as well. Recently, he, along with help from school resource officer John Fernhout, developed a school initiative for Camrose Grade 2 students to create a poster emulating crime prevention. “Right now, the project is included in the art curriculum for all Grade 2 students in the community. One student from each school (Grade 2 classes) will be selected and brought to the police station to receive a trophy and given a tour.” For Matt, it’s all about leading by example, promoting a positive image for police officers and giving back wherever and however he can.

WELCOME DONATION Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Camrose Swans and Roses Lions Club members Val Okimaw, left, and Lee Kroeger, right, present a donation of $2,500 to SOS (Service Option for Seniors) executive director Donna Coombs, centre, who was extremely grateful for the generous donation to the SOS program.


Murray Green, Camrose Booster The Camrose Swans and Roses Lions Club members Lee Kroeger, left, and Val Okimaw presented Maria Lobreau of the Camrose and District Home Support Society with $500 to go towards the Meals on Wheels and Homemaker Service programs.


Don Rebus Photo Camrose Rotary members, left to right, Morris Henderson, Al Rostad, Carman Mason, David Taylor and in the back Alister MacMillan and community people loaded a truck trailer with 120 wheelchairs to be sent to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on March 19. A further 50 wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and other aids will be flown to Puerto Vallarta. This Rotary project started in 2000 and to date, over the years, more than 2,700 wheelchairs plus other mobility aids have been sent to Mexico. Thanks to the community members and local businesses this project is sending needed wheelchairs to the Association of the Disabled in Puerto Vallarta through the local Mexican Rotary Club.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 15

University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus

g n i r p S ée Soir

Celebrating Transformation

Join Dean Allen Berger and guests as they share stories about transforming Augustana into “a living laboratory for teaching and learning innovation” (For the Public Good, U of A Strategic Plan)

Tuesday, April 24 6:00 pm Program |

Reception to follow

Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre Everyone is welcome. Contact Deb Olafson with your acceptance or regrets 780-679-1626 or 1-800-661-8714 |

Friday, April 27 7 pm, Doors open 5:30 pm

Sunday, April 29



For ticket info, call 780.672.3640

Sunday, April 29, 2018 3:00 pm Faith & Life Chapel Augustana Campus, University of Alberta Tickets: (at the door and from choristers) $20 (adults); $15 (students/seniors/children)

May the fourth

By Murray Green

The Infinite Imagination Traveling Theatre is down to just three Improv nights left at the Bailey Theatre before summer. The shows, of about an hour-and-a-half of fun and

comedy, feature audience participation to encourage these entertainers to come up with quick humour on the spot. Mark April 19 (you may see a sneak peak of some Star Wars preview), May 10

Featuring Charlie Major

7 pm, Doors open 5:30 pm

Announcer: Les McIntyre Stock: Outlaw Buckers Wild Pony Race

Before they head on tour, come hear the Augustana chamber choir as they present a concert of inspired a cappella music from across the ages, including works by Orlando Gibbons, Joseph Rheinberger, Eric Whitacre, Arne Mellnäs and more.


Saturday, April 28

2 pm, Doors open 12:30 pm

Dr. John Wiebe, Conductor


and June 21 on your calendar as improv nights at the Bailey. Action begins at 7:30 p.m. They are back for another round of Star Wars fun. May the 4th be with you and Revenge of the 5th offer two performances, both beginning at 7:30 p.m. Voice actors perform an abbreviation of all three original movies in Shakespearean tongue and cheek. A team of physical actors and puppeteers perform stunning and classic light saber fights. “The second annual event has some new actors, new puppeteers and new scenes. We have a great light saber show that is impressive,” said Mike Hicks of Infinite Imagination. There will be prizes for best costumes.

20 $ 25 $


Doors open 9:30 pm Photo ID required

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 16


GRANDMA! You are the best Grandma anyone could ask for. We love you!

Film Day expands to five films Please join us as we celebrate the

Grand Opening of our recently completed three-bay expansion project to our

Village of Bawlf Fire Department

SATURDAY, APRIL 21 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Ribbon Cutting 2:30 p.m. Coffee, Snacks and Fun will be served! Advancing the business of agriculture

Supported in part with a 2017 AgriSpirit Fund grant from FCC

Music festival nears Submitted

The Camrose and District Music Festival will take place from April 16 to 20 at various venues. A grand concert will be held on Monday, April 23 beginning at 7 p.m. in the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre. The following adjudicator will be sharing their

expertise with the participants and audience members for the 2018 Camrose and District Music Festival. Paul Grindlay – school and community music. Grindlay began singing in his local parish church choir when he was nine years old. He came to conducting in his 30s after extensive choral and solo vocal performance.

By Murray Green

The Bailey Theatre in Camrose will be hosting five films on National Film Day, April 18. The theatre is open to the public and some schools have been invited. Fresh popcorn will be available. Each film will have a short introduction meant to orient the audience to the topic. Following the film, there will be a short period of discussion led by Leslie Lindballe. National Film Day enters its fifth year with a full day of Canadian Cinema at the Bailey Theatre. “Come in and grab a bag of popcorn and settle in for the day. The best part of the event is that it’s completely free,” Lindballe said. “This means that everyone is able to celebrate our expanding film industry, while connecting with essential work being done by our community organizations.” At 10 a.m., the animated French film Le Coq de St. Victor (1 hour 20 minutes) will be shown first. In this fun family comedy, a village rooster’s punctual (and loud) crowing keeps everyone awake until a group of sleepy locals hatch a scheme to get rid of him.

It will be followed at 12:45 p.m. by an animated film (English) The Breadwinner (1 hour 34 minutes). Produced by Mimi Polk Gitlin and Angelina Jolie, it is based on the best-selling novel by Deborah Ellis. The film was an international co-production between Canada, Ireland and Luxembourg. Parvana is an 11-yearold girl who lives under Taliban rule in Afghanistan in 2001. After the wrongful arrest of her father, Parvana cuts off her hair and dresses like a boy to support her family. Working alongside a friend, she soon discovers a new world of freedom and danger. Drawing strength from the fantastical stories she invents, Parvana embarks on an epic quest to find her father and reunite her family. At 4 p.m., the familyfriendly film The Whale (1 hour 25 minutes) shows. A young orca is separated from his family and winds up on the coast of British Columbia. While most wayward juvenile orcas die in alienation, Luna, as he’s nicknamed, desperately wants to socialize with the people of Canada’s Nootka Sound. This was produced and narrated by Ryan Reyn-

olds, who financed the documentary with ex-wife Scarlett Johansson. It is followed at 6 p.m. by a women’s shelter film A Good Man (1 hour 25 minutes). Alexander (Steven Seagal) is the leader of a covert operation on the border of Dagestan. The primary target is Islamic terrorist Abu Alwaki, whereas the secondary target is Mr. Chen (Tzi Ma). Mr. Chen is an Islamic fundamentalist arms dealer who is financing terrorism. The operation fails, resulting in the death of Alexander’s entire team and Mr. Chen’s escape. The day wraps up with an 8 p.m. hospice society film Away from Her (1 hour 50 minutes). The story centres on a couple whose marriage is tested when Julie Christie’s character begins to suffer from Alzheimer’s and moves into a nursing home, where she loses virtually all memory of her husband and begins to develop a close relationship with another nursing home resident. Ca mrose P ublic Library will be stopping by with the book bike and will have some other Canadian films that you can sign out.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 17

Duggan Cinemas is on and

Now Showing Friday, April 20 to Thursday, April 26 Fri. & Sat. Evenings: 6:50 & 9:15 pm Sun. to Thurs. Evenings: 7:10 pm Sat. & Sun. Matinees: 1:55 pm PG – Sexual Content, Not Recommended for Young Children

Fri. & Sat. Evenings: 7:05 & 9:25 pm Sun. to Thurs. Evenings: 7:25 pm Sat. & Sun. Matinees: 2:00 pm 14A – Crude Coarse Language, Nudity, Substance Abuse

Fri. & Sat. Evenings: 6:55 & 9:25 pm Sun. to Thurs. Evenings: 7:20 pm Sat. & Sun. Matinees: 1:40 pm 14A – Violence

Fri. & Sat. Evenings: 6:50 & 9:10 pm Sun. to Thurs. Evenings: 7:15 pm Sat. & Sun. Matinees: 1:45 pm 14A – Substance Abuse, Sexual Content & Nudity


Fri. & Sat. Evenings: 7:10 & 9:15 pm Sun. to Wed. Evenings: 7:10 pm Sat. & Sun. Matinees: 1:50 pm 14A – Frightening Scenes


Shows Thursday: 7:00 pm ONLY PG – Violence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended for Young Children


Slow Leaves offers folk sound

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

A six-ounce Alberta Sirloin steak, charbroiled to your taste. Includes grilled garlic toast and your choice of side dishes. (Just ask Holly for our delicious side dish options.) ALL THIS FOR ONLY…

By Murray Green

Rose City Roots Music Society are bringing back the band Slow Leaves for a concert at the Bailey Theatre on Saturday, April 28 beginning at 8 p.m. Slow Leaves is known for their easy delivery of sincere, poetic lyrics and lilting melodies. Slow Leaves is the project of JUNO songwriter Grant Davidson of Winnipeg, whose songs linger in the timeless spaces where heart and humility endure. Enough About Me is their most personal album to date, a reflection on an ordinary life where meaning is invented and comfort is found in the realization that there are no answers. The roots, blues and folk singer shares his songs, genuine and honest nature, with audiences in Western Canada. Davidson’s warm and effortless voice reminds you of California country-folk

Holly invites you to enjoy a great steak sandwich



For tickets visit: or call: 780-384-4150 FRIENDS OF THE BATTLE RIVER RAILWAY <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Seven days a week, between 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


Find us on


from the past with a keen sense of pop harmony and an arrangement that sounds vital and rich in melody. Slow Leaves consists of

band members Davidson on guitar and vocals; Jason Tait on drums; Julie Penner on strings; and Greg Smith on bass.

Fresh beer. Brewed right here. The perfect complement to your charbroiled steak.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 18

It’s Time. When you’re always worried about how mom’s doing. Let Seasons help.

CAMROSE Retirement Community Call 780-672-2746 6821 - 50th Avenue Camrose, AB

Indian Horse movie provides insights to past By Murray Green

Duggan Cinemas will be showing the film Indian Horse that offers a glimpse in to the role residential schools played in Canada’s history. “It shows we are all people and we need to respect those around us. Also, in the wake of the Humboldt tragedy, it shows just how strong the community of hockey is to us Canadians.

“You don’t want to miss this movie,” said Cory Menzel, of Duggan Cinemas. “The movie is booked until at least April 19.” The synopsis for this film reads: In late 1950s Ontario, seven-year-old Saul Indian Horse is torn from his Ojibway family and committed to one of Canada’s notorious Catholic residential schools.

In this oppressive environment, Saul is denied the freedom to speak his language or embrace his indigenous heritage and he witnesses all kinds of abuse at the hands of the very people who were entrusted with his care. Despite this, Saul finds salvation in the unlikeliest of places and favourite Canadian pastimes— hockey. Fascinated by the game, he secretly teaches himself how to not only play, but develops a unique and rare skill. It’s as if he has eyes in the back of his head and can see the game in a way no other player can. His talent leads him away from the misery of the school to a Northern Ontario native league and eventually the pros. But the ghosts of Saul’s past will always haunt him. Forced to confront painful memories and revelations, Saul draws on the spirit of his ancestors and the understanding of his friends to gain the compassion he so sorely needs in order to begin healing. Indian Horse is a survivors’ tale that foregrounds the indomitable spirit of North America’s indigenous peoples in the

face of aggressive assimilation policies and racism. Saul Indian Horse’s story can be a tool to help foster further compassion and

understanding, and in the process, become universal. This film will not only help people see the atrocities that were commit-

ted in the past, but will also help people shed the unfounded racism that is still around to this day.

Explore program options available in Wetaskiwin or through online delivery starting this September. • • • • • • • • • •

Academic Upgrading Accounting Technician Administrative Professional Business Administration Health Care Aide Hospital Unit Clerk Medical Office Assistant Physical Therapy Assistant Practical Nurse Therapeutic Recreation

Apply today 780.361.5800

Your partner in


NQ-Fall-Camrose-Booster-5.6x5.71-Final.indd 1

2018-03-29 9:01 AM

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 19


Zero-Step Entry

Dr. Mark Cloarec Dr. John Stuart 780-672-3361

4849 49 Street

Definitely two of the most popular features of our remarkable new masterplanned community!

Open Late Thursdays!

No condo fees, ever!

Looking Back

Our quality is legendary… Which style is right for you?

through the pages of The Booster

25 Years Ago This Week – from Apr. 20, 1993 edition • Norseman Pontiac Buick advertised the new and exciting ‘93 Pontiac Grand AM SE Coupe, “very nicely equipped” for $14,998, including freight. • Planning was announced to be well underway for the CCHS non-alcoholic grad party. • Bruce Hinkley thanked Wetaskiwin-Camrose New Democrats for supporting him. Campaign slogan: “Putting respectability back into government.”

Plan 1096

Plan 1286

Plan 1456

1096 sq. ft., 1.5 bathrooms 2 bedrooms, 2-car garage

1286 sq. ft., 2 bathrooms 2 bedrooms, 2-car garage

1456 sq. ft., 2 bathrooms 2 bedrooms, 2-car garage

Act now for late fall move-in. Come see what we’ve created, you will be impressed! Homes at various stages of construction, each ready for you to view!

Phone 780.672.5851

50 Years Ago This Week – from Apr. 16, 1968 edition • National Home Furniture celebrated their 4th Anniversary Sale with savings throughout. A Mayfair mattress and boxspring, regular $99, was on sale for $69.50! • Four inches of snow struck Camrose in a latespring burst of winter. • Bob Hurlburt was elected president of the Camrose Ski Club for the 1968-69 season.


…or new websites created from your ideas and our talent. We build easy-to-navigate sites that people will want to use and explore.

All Inclusive Price of… 4925-48 St., Camrose

Ph. 780.672.3142



* Does not run in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

OSE! R M A C O NEW T orized w an auth AVU is no n Grills! o le o p a N r dealer fo


3810-48 Avenue, Unit 1, East End Camrose

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 20


Murray Green, Camrose Booster Going to the Alberta 55 Plus Games, back row from left, are Fran Fodchuk, Edith Read, Len Budinsky, Helen Cook and Kathy Livingston. Front row from left, Bev Schatz, Leona Oberg and Sharon Olsen. Missing is Janet Moseson, Daisy and Don Stagg, and Irene Gartner.

Camrose to host Alberta 55 Plus Spring Games next month By Murray Green

Camrose will be hosting the Alberta 55 Plus Spring Provincial Games from May 18 to 20. “Camrose was the first community to host the Alberta 55 Plus Games in 1980, 1982 and 1984. They haven’t been back since. In the past, the Alberta Sport Connection and the Alberta 55 Plus Provincial Board has sponsored the Winter and Summer Games, but in 2016, the government was unable to find a community to host either of these games. Therefore, the provincial government made a decision to discontinue the Winter Games and concentrate on just the Summer Games for 2017,” said Rosella Snopek, activity director for Silver Willow Association, Zone 4. “With this restructuring, the Alberta 55 Plus Provincial Board made a decision to continue offering some of the activities in Spring and Fall Games. Thus the first Fall Games were offered in Drumheller in 2016. Carrying on with this theme, the provincial board asked for a zone to host the 2017 Spring Games, but was unsuccessful.” The 2017 Fall Games were held in High Prairie and proved to be very successful. Calgary stepped up and held the 2017 Summer Games as these were qualifiers for the 2018 Canada 55 Plus Games in

St. John, New Brunswick, as were the Fall Games in High Prairie. Now the board was looking for a community to host the 2018 Spring Games, which are non-active activities in the sense of the amount of energy used to play these games. Zone 4 stepped forward and chose Camrose as their location. In the past up to 2015, the accommodations and transportation were provided by the host community and government. “With all the cutbacks, this is no longer available and is reflected in the lower registration fee charged to the participant,” explained Rosella. Camrose will attract between 275 to 300 participants to the Games, including friends, spouses, volunteers, provincial and zone board members. Events include cribbage (singles and doubles), floor curling, 8-ball, military whist, snooker, contract bridge, Scrabble and cultural events including quilting, scrapbooking, woodworking, decorative and native arts, mixed media and photography. Two of these events–contract bridge and Scrabble– are qualifiers to advance to the Canada 55 Plus Games as well. Mirror Lake Centre will host the registration of the participants on May 18, as well as the activities of floor curling, snooker, contract bridge, Scrabble

and cultural events on May 19 and 20. The Camrose branch of the Royal Canadian Legion will host cribbage as well as the medal presentation for the cultural events on May 19. Norseman Inn will host 8-ball and military whist on May 19 and 20. The Opening ceremonies and banquet will be hosted at the Camrose Resort Casino ballroom. Zone playoffs to qualify for these games have been completed, with 10 from Camrose and County of Camrose advancing. “Our future looks bright. Cold Lake has agreed to host the Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games in March 2019 which we are doing on our own. It is a big undertaking for our seniors’ group, but we are up for the challenge. We are close to announcing a community to host the 2019 Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games. These games are a combination of active and passive activities as they were up to 2015,” said Rosella. “Our organization is committed to keeping Albertans healthy and vibrant, both mentally and physically.” For more information, or learn how to volunteer, contact Rosella at zone4activities @ or phone 780-608-1391.

David Robert Ball

Peter Michael Fisher

September 25, 1977 ~ March 19, 2018 With deep sorrow we announce the passing of our son, David on March 19, 2018 from heart complications at the age of 40. David leaves four beautiful children Jaxon, Gracelyn, Lincoln and Ava; his parents Rob and Karen; his sister Sandra; his grandma Ollie Firth; and numerous aunties and uncles, cousins and loving close friends. David attended school in Camrose from kindergarten to Grade 12. During that time, he participated in minor hockey, soccer and baseball. In high school, he developed a passion for football and played four years as a Trojan. After high school, he attended NAIT and received his Civil Engineering Technology diploma. His career path lead him to highway construction projects. David was a volunteer football coach in Camrose and Leduc and a volunteer fireman. He is remembered for his kindness, patience, infectious laughter and awesome sense of humor. Cremation has taken place and a gathering of family and close friends was held. Our joy, our bright light, David, we will never forget you.

August 6, 1926 ~ April 8, 2018 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Peter Fisher, age 91 years young. A loving and compassionate man, he will be remembered by all for his kind heart and gentle spirit. Peter will be sorely missed. “A father leaves his mark in the world with the love he gives his children.” Left to cherish his memory are his children Georgina (Terry) O’Riordan, Garry Fisher and Charlene (David) FisherGilbert; five grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and sister Millie (Alec) Stang. Peter was predeceased by his wife Anne; sisters Josephine, Rose and Francis; and brothers Barney and Paul. A Funeral Mass will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, April 20, 2018 from St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church, Camrose, with Father Larry Pederson officiating. If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to the Alberta Cancer Foundation or to St. Mary’s Hospital Palliative Care. To send condolences, please visit www.burgarfuneralhome. com.

Honour your departed friend or relative …with a memorial gift that will do good in their name forever.

Vivianne Grue Chairman 780-672-9624


How does the granting process with the Battle River Community Foundation work?


The Grants Committee of the BRCF receives applications by the deadline of August 15. (Visit for an application form.) All applications are then scored by the committee members in accordance with a specific formula. Successful applications are then recommended to the Board for approval.

Battle River Community Foundation Box 1122, Camrose, AB T4V 4E7 Phone 780-679-0449

Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”

Memorial Poems Now available for publication in The Camrose Booster. Ask for our 24-page booklet of poetry. Words of comfort to remember someone special.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 21

Douglas Walter Lindstrand

Nina Florence Clarke May 12, 1943 ~ April 12, 2018 Nina Florence Clarke of Camrose, formerly of Fort McMurray, passed away on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at the age of 74 years. Left to cherish her memory are her husband Scott; son Brian (Angela) Clarke of Woodlands, Texas; grandchildren Morgan and Mitchell; brother Albert (Daisy) Gosse of Newfoundland; and sister Shirley Gallant of New Brunswick. Nina was predeceased by her brother Roy Gosse; sister Ethel Gosse; and parents Ernest and Julia Gosse. A Funeral Service was held at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 15, 2018 from St. Andrew’s Anglican Church with Rev. Jacques Vaillancourt officiating. Inurnment has taken place in Valleyview Cemetery, Camrose. If family and friends so desire, in lieu of flowers memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to STARS. To send condolences, please visit www.

July 9, 1940 ~ April 11, 2018 Doug was born in Camrose on July 9, 1940. He passed away in Camrose on April 11, 2018 at the age of 77 years. Doug married Myrnel on February 11, 1961 at Bethel Lutheran Church. From this union, four children were born: Blaine, Shelley, Darrell and Robert.  Doug and Myrnel had many happy years together. Doug started his career with the Bank of Montreal at the age of nineteen. His many positions and promotions within the bank took the family all over Alberta. Once Doug retired, they spent their winters in California where they were able to pursue golfing year round. Doug enjoyed baseball, fishing, golfing, hunting, camping and weekend farming with his family. Doug and Myrnel were avid Blue Jays fans, but Doug cheered for the New York Yankees just to get a reaction from Myrnel. A typical Doug trait – teasing and eliciting a reaction from those around him. Left to cherish his memory are his wife Myrnel; children Blaine (Kimberly), Shelley (Michael) Wiese, Darrell (Tami-lyn) and Robert (Meshel); fourteen grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and brothers Dennis (Judy), Max (Alice) and Vada (Pat). Douglas was predeceased by his parents Walter and Esther. A private family service was held. If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to the Alzheimer Society of Alberta, the Heart and Stroke Foundation or to the Alberta Diabetes Foundation. To send condolences, please visit

Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”

Laurel Blair Anderson

In loving memory of

Henry Graham who passed away on April 21, 1997 Quietly remembered every day Sadly missed along life’s way. No longer in our lives to share, But in our hearts you’re   always there. Ever remembered and sadly missed by your loving family

1918 ~ 2002 Hi Dad, Always thinking of you. Sometimes it is hard to think of you as it hurts so much. Cannot believe you left us 16 years ago. It just seems like yesterday. When we leave this earth, if our children should miss us as much as we miss you, then we will have truly done something special. All our love, Your children and loving wife

who passed away on April 18, 2011 He had a nature you   could not help loving And a heart that was   purer than gold And to those who knew him   and loved him, His memory will never   grow cold. Miss and love you always, Mom; Brother Darrel, Bonnie and family; Sister Pam, Daniel and family; Daughter Nicole, Darrel and girls


780-672-3131 Toll Free 1-866-683-2121 Recorded Obituary Line: 780-679-2400 Daysland (Bob Hanrahan): 780-374-3535

Cam Parker

Bart Orr

John Person

Donell Nycholat

Derek Robertson

Keri Vickers

Our dedicated team of Funeral Directors: Cam Parker, Bart Orr, John Person, Derek Robertson Colleagues: Keri Vickers, Donell Nycholat, Barrie Fenby, Bob Hanrahan Funeral Attendants: Colin Yuha, Bill Schafer, Kerry Grettum, Alvin Koehli, Jim Gillespie, Robert Lyslo, Barry Burkard

In loving memory of

Walter Tomaszewski

Phone 780.672.2121 4817-51 Avenue, Camrose

Colin Yuha

Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”

In loving memory of

• Burial and Cremation Services • Pre-arranged Funeral Plans

Serving your community for over 110 years

In loving memory of

Heather Wilson A year has passed,   dear Heather, Since you were called away; How well do I remember That sad and weary day. Suffering much, you murmured not, We watched you day by day; We prayed that your dear life, Would not be taken away. Love your family

Experience and Expertise Estate Planning

• Wills •  Enduring Power of Attorney •  Personal Directives

Estate Administration

•  Legal services associated with probate of the will

4918-51 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-8851

For more information on The Camrose Booster Obituary Page, contact your funeral director or the Camrose Booster

Marvin Weber

Tyler Weber

Layne Weber

As a family-owned and operated funeral home, our con nuous goal is to provide the best possible care and personal service to the people in our communi es.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 22

Win $100 worth of groceries this week courtesy of…

This is our way of saying thank you for using The Camrose Booster to plan your weekly grocery shopping. GROCERY GIVE-AWAY

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2018 Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Draw to be made Monday, April 23, 2018

M & M FOOD MARKET 120-6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-1484


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Draw to be made Monday, April 23, 2018

M & M FOOD MARKET 120-6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-1484


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2018

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WILD ROSE CO-OP 48 Ave. and 51 St. PHONE 780-672-3107


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2018

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WILD ROSE CO-OP 48 Ave. and 51 St. PHONE 780-672-3107


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2018

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WALMART Unit 400 Cornerstone 6800-48 Avenue


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CAMROSE SAFEWAY 6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-8224


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CAMROSE SAFEWAY 6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-8224


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Draw to be made Monday, April 23, 2018

WALMART Unit 400 Cornerstone 6800-48 Avenue

Draw to be made Monday, April 23, 2018

SUPERSTORE 7005 - 48 Ave. PHONE 780-608-2218

Draw to be made Monday, April 23, 2018

SUPERSTORE 7005 - 48 Ave. PHONE 780-608-2218

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DS300, large DWT DWST08203

MMM 39045

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20-VOLT MAX LI-ION 1/2” HIGH TORQUE IMPACT WRENCH WITH HOG RING KIT DWT DCF889HM2 Includes: • Fast charger • 4.0 Ah batteries (2) • Kit bag


Open Saturdays until 4 p.m.

Strebs Automotive & Industrial Supply (1975) Ltd. 3831 48th Ave., Camrose, AB T4V 2Y9

Ph. 780.672.5531 Fax 780.672.4872

Szott commits to Merrimack College By Murray Green

Bawlf area hockey player Raice Szott knows where she is going to play a couple of years from now. She agreed to attend and play hockey for Division 1 NCAA Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts starting in the 2020-21 school year. The 16-year-old Grade 10 student played for the Red Deer Chiefs midget triple-A female team this past season. “I went to play in Red Deer because it was at a higher level. They only have six midget triple-A female teams in Alberta. I signed with Red Deer because it was closer and I wanted to go to high school there. The coach also saw me play at the Alberta Challenge Cup and invited me to attend their spring camp. From the camp, they offered me a spot on the team,” shared Raice. When Raice played hockey in Camrose, she was playing with the boys for atom double-A, peewee double-A and Bantam double-A, before moving up to midget triple-A female hockey in Red Deer. “The difference is the hitting. Guys like to hit and I grew up playing guys’ hockey. It is also a faster game. When I switched back to female hockey, I had an advantage after playing with guys.”

Red Deer finished the regular season in third place and then received a bronze medal in provincials. “I’ve been training with Steve Adams and he has a lot of contacts with coaches in NCAA. He was in touch with one of the coaches at Merrimack and sent some highlight videos that I had made. The coach was invited out to provincials and watched me play. Then in February, I went to Merrimack and checked out the campus,” said Raice. The defenceman will be enrolling in business at Merrimack and has already geared her high school studies towards business classes. “The Olympic teams usually get players from the Division 1 teams, so it is a high level of hockey.” Raice can relax, knowing she will be receiving a good education at Merrimack. “It is a relief knowing what I want to study and where I am going to play hockey. I’ve always thought about playing hockey after high school. It is an awesome feeling,” she said. “It will be cool to get a degree in business from a college in the United States and have that on my resume.” She visited four colleges in the States before committing to Merrimack. “Another college also offered me a spot, but this just felt bet-

ter. I liked everything about the campus. It also has easy access to the airport, which is great for family and when I go home.” She looks up to T.J. Brodie on the Calgary Flames as a player she admires. “He is a defenceman and I like the way he plays– good work ethic. I want to be known as someone who works hard every shift. I want to be that reliable defenceman,” added Raice. She will be counted on by her coaches and teammates to be a shutdown defenceman in midget for two more years before heading off to college. “I had a lot of special coaches along the way in Rosalind, Daysland and Camrose. Rob Petiot and Brad Zimmer got me started. Rick Marcinkoski got me to believe in myself and other coaches like Shane Gau, Bob Charchun, Rich Leslie, Charles Bullee, Ryan Popowich and Neal Isnor also really helped me along the way,” she concluded. Former Camrose Kodiak player Cole McBride is currently on the Merrimack roster. Raice was invited to the Team Alberta U18 Spring Selection Camp May 24 to 27 in Spruce Grove. Approximately 80 players were invited by Hockey Alberta based on this past season’s performance.

Raice Szott will be suiting up for the Red Deer Chiefs for two more years before joining Merrimack.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 24

The automotive section of

Model T 1919 car turned into a farm truck By Murray Green

Edith Helen Hills (1892-1976) donated a black 1919 Model T Ford to the Camrose and District Centennial Museum. Her husband, Ellsworth Hills, was one of the first people who organized the formation of the museum in Camrose. In the future, the car turned truck that is in the workshop at the museum, will be brought back to running condition. “Our Model T was made into a truck around 1934 for the hired hand (today he would be called the ranch foreman) to drive in the fields, so it doesn’t look like the original 1919 Model T. It was donated by the estate of Mrs. Edith Hills,” said Dariya Veenstra, museum coordinator with information from museum guru Dave Fitchie. The 1919 models were given a battery and electric starter (the first year for electric starter) and electric lights. The horn will only work when the magneto ignition is being used. The transmission is a planetary transmission operated by foot pedals. The left hand pedal, when pushed down to the floor, is in low gear and when you let it up, it goes into high gear. When pushed halfway, it is in neutral. You can hold the pedal there and hold the centre pedal down and that was the reverse gear. A right hand pedal was the brake. Brakes were in the transmission and had rear wheel brakes only. “I know we had it out for events in the past and it might have been in the Big Valley Jamboree parade once or twice, but unfortunately it does not run right now and is for display only. We are trying to get it fixed and running again for our events,” explained Dariya. The holdup is in regards to having the money to fix it up. The Ford Model T (known as the Tin Lizzie) is an automobile produced by Ford Motor Company from Oct. 1, 1908, to May 26, 1927. It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car that opened travel to


Photo Submitted A 1919 Model T Ford car was turned into a truck in the early 1930s to better serve work on the farm in the area. The truck was owned by Edith Hills and was later donated to the Camrose and District Centennial Museum.

the common middle class; some of this was because of Ford’s efficient fabrication, including assembly-line production instead of individual handcrafting. Although automobiles had already existed for decades, they were still mostly scarce, expensive and unreliable during the Model T’s introduction in 1908. Ford classified the Model T with a single letter designation throughout its entire life and made no distinction by model years; enough significant changes to the body were made over the production life that the car may be classified into several style categories. Amoung the most immediately visible and identifiable changes were in the hood and cowl areas, although many other modifications were made to the vehicle. From its beginning to 1914, it was characterized by a nearly straight, fivesided hood, with a flat top containing a centre hinge and two side sloping sections containing the folding hinges. The firewall was

flat from the windshield down with no distinct cowl. The 1915 and 1916 models had a hood design that was nearly the same five-sided design with the only obvious change being the addition of louvers to the vertical sides. A significant change to the cowl area occurred with the windshield relocated significantly behind the firewall and joined with a compound-contoured cowl panel. Then from 1917 to 1923, the hood design was changed to a tapered design with a curved top. The folding hinges were now located at the joint between the flat sides and the curved top. This is sometimes referred to as the “low hood” to distinguish it from the later hoods. The back edge of the hood now met the front edge of the cowl panel, so that no part of the flat firewall was visible outside of the hood. This design was used the longest and during the highest production years, accounting for about half of the total number of Model Ts built.

The Hills turned the car into a truck probably by necessity. During the dirty ’30s, money was tight and changing the vehicle to suit their needs was a better option than buying a whole new truck. The cost of a 1919 Model T was about $500. In 1934, the price on a truck

was about a couple of hundred dollars higher. In 1930, the average cost of new car was $640 and the average income was $1,970. The average income dropped to about $1,730 by the late ’30s with unemployment reaching more than 30 per cent.

Car or Truck Memorabilia? Perhaps you own vintage automotive repair or diagnostic tools. Tell us what you have. Or perhaps you have terrific memories or tales from being in the trade. Allow us to share your stories. Contact Murray Green, News Reporter Phone 780.672.3142 Email

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Aunt Martha likes to talk from the back seat Soon she will be able to tell your car where to go Voice technology is coming down the road for self-driving cars. It sounds like science fiction but in reality it’s not too far away. Yet, even with all these incredible changes, there will always be the occasional “oopsie.” The more Aunt Martha talks, the bigger the chance for an “oopsie.” If an “oopsie” does happen, you need to find a great body shop able to fix your high-tech vehicle, and it just so happens there’s one right here in Camrose. The Auto Shoppe is the only factory certified collision repair shop for miles around. That means your vehicle is in good hands. The highly trained professionals at the Auto Shoppe can take out the “oopsies” while keeping the scientific technology running smoothly. And Aunt Martha will need to learn to keep her voice down in the back seat.



Collision Repair Centre 4709-36 Street, Camrose • 780-672-7231

Total Car Care. WE OFFER FINANCING for Spring…

TIRE SWAPS and OIL CHANGES and VEHICLE REPAIRS and PARTS & ACCESSORIES Up to $10,000 available. Vehicles with up to 250,000 km

(780 ) 672-4400 D&D Vehicle Sales & Service

We source the nt vehicle you want at a price otherss can’t offer you. What are you looking for?

3760-48 Ave., Camrose



140 BACK




Installation Required.

6208 - 48th Avenue 780-679-5180 * Up to $100 in mail-in rebate valid on the purchase of 4 select Goodyear tires, plus receive an additional instant in-store discount of $40 on your purchase of 4 select tires. Most vehicles. See rebate form for complete details. Must include the purchase of tire installation package, which includes mounting, balancing and valve stems. Tire disposal extra. Plus shop fee of up to 15% based on non discounted retail price, not to exceed $35.00, where permitted. Void where prohibited. Not valid with other offers. Limited time offer. See participating stores for details. © 2018 Midas Canada Inc.

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$75 @ 1.9% WEEKLY LEASE



















ON NOW AT YOUR ALBERTA CHEVROLET DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the retail purchase or lease of a 2018 Silverado 1500 Double Cab Custom Edition 4X4, Colorado Extended Cab Custom Edition 4X4 and Silverado HD Double Cab Gas equipped as described. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in the Alberta Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only on select vehicles delivered from April 3 – April 30, 2018. * Truck Month Total Value valid toward the retail cash purchase of an eligible new 2018 model year Chevrolet delivered in Canada between April 3 and April 30, 2018. Total Value amount will depend on model purchased. Eligible new 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab Custom Edition: $4,080 manufacturer-to-dealer cash credit (tax exclusive), $1,600 manufacturer-to-dealer (tax exclusive) Truck Month Credit, $1,000 GM Card Application Bonus (offer applies to individuals who apply for a Scotiabank GM Visa Card (GM Card) or current GM Card cardholders)(tax inclusive) and $4,370 manufacturer-to-dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive). Void where prohibited. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing this cash credit which will result in higher effective cost of credit on their transaction. Limited time offer which may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other offers. General Motors of Canada may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. † MSRP applies to new 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab Custom Edition 4x4 models at participating dealers in Canada. Purchase price of $34,995 includes Freight but excludes license, insurance, registration, dealer fees and taxes. Dealer may sell for less. Offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. GM Canada may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. See dealer for details. ¥ Lease based on a retail price of $37,575 for a 2018 Colorado Extended Cab Custom Edition 4X4, includes $500 CDA, $500 Lease Cash Bonus, $750 More Truck Bonus, $750 Extended Bonus and $750 GM card application bonus (this offer applies to individuals who have applied for the Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Card [GM card] and to current Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Cardholders) (taxes included). Bi-weekly payment is $150 for 48 months at 1.9% lease rate on approved credit to qualified retail customers by GM Financial. The $75 weekly payment is calculated by dividing the bi-weekly payments of $150. Annual kilometer limit of 20,000 km, $0.16 per excess kilometer. $3,150 down payment required. Payment may vary depending on down payment trade. Total obligation is $18,735. Taxes, license, insurance, registration and applicable fees, levies, duties and, except in Quebec, dealer fees (all of which may vary by dealer and region) are extra. Option to purchase at lease end is $17,468. ± Offer available to qualified retail customers in Canada on select new 2018 Silverado HD Double Cab Gas models from April 3, 2018 and April 30, 2018. 0% purchase financing (0.21% APR) offered on approved credit by TD Auto Finance Services, Scotiabank® or RBC Royal Bank for 72 months on eligible 2018 Chevrolet Silverado HD models. Other trims may have effective rates higher than 0%. Participating lenders are subject to change. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $78,288 financed at 0% nominal rate (0.21% APR) equals $1,087.33 monthly for 72 months. $2,000 manufacturer-to-dealer cash credit (tax exclusive), $1,000 manufacturer-to-dealer Truck Month Credit (tax exclusive), $1,000 manufacturer-to-dealer finance cash (tax exclusive), $1,000 GM Card Application Bonus (offer applies to individuals who apply for a Scotiabank GM Visa Card [GM Card] or current GM Card cardholders) (tax inclusive) is included. Cost of borrowing is $0, for a total obligation of $78,288. Freight and air charge ($100, if applicable) included. License, insurance, registration, PPSA, applicable taxes and dealer fees not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. General Motors of Canada Company may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ®Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. †† Offer applies to individuals who apply for a Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Card (GM Card) or current Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Cardholders. Credit valid towards the retail purchase or lease of one eligible 2018 model year (“MY”) Chevrolet delivered in Canada between April 3rd, 2018, and April 30th, 2018. Credit is a manufacturer-to-consumer incentive (tax inclusive) and credit value depends on model purchased: $750 credit available on: Chevrolet Colorado (excluding 2SA model); and $1,000 credit available on: Chevrolet Silverado, Silverado HD. Offer is transferable to a family member living within the same household (proof of address required). As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada Company (GM Canada) to verify eligibility. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Certain limitations or conditions apply. Void where prohibited. See your GM Canada dealer for details. GM Canada reserves the right to amend or terminate offers for any reason in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. ** The 2-Year Scheduled Lube-Oil-Filter Maintenance Program provides eligible customers in Canada, who have purchased or leased a new eligible 2017 or 2018 MY Chevrolet (excluding Spark EV, Bolt EV), with an ACDelco® oil and filter change, in accordance with the oil life monitoring system and the Owner’s Manual, for 2 years or 48,000 km, whichever occurs first, with a limit of four (4) Lube-Oil-Filter services in total, performed at participating GM dealers. Fluid top offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc. are not covered. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motors of Canada Company reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. Whichever comes first, fully transferable. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for complete details. ◊ Visit for vehicle availability. Services and connectivity vary by model and conditions as well as geographical and technical restrictions. Require active OnStar service and data plan. Data plans provided by AT&T or its local service provider. Accessory Power must be active to use the Wi-Fi hotspot. ©2018 General Motors of Canada Company. All rights reserved.

Camrose prepares for music festival grand concert Submitted

The Camrose and District Music Festival will take place from April 16 to 20 at various venues. A grand concert will be held on Monday, April 23 beginning at 7 p.m. in the Jeanne

and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre. The following adjudicator will be sharing their expertise with the participants and audience members for the 2018 Camrose and District Music Festi-

val. Val Sherman–band instrumental, community music. Val graduated in 1973 from the University of Southern California, with a degree in music education and has been working

with young instrumentalists ever since. She moved to Canada in 1975 with her husband and young family, where she started the first elementary band program in Calgary. She served on the board

of directors of the Alberta Band Association, as their treasurer. In Innisfail, Val was the band director at John Wilson Elementary School, Chinook Center School and the Innisfail Middle School.

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Senior scammed April 13

Camrose Police are investigating a phone call that a senior received from a scammer who indicated she had won the STARS lottery and that she needed to send $465 to claim her prize. Payment was sent and attempts are being made to cancel the transaction. Protect yourself and ensure all your family members are aware of such scams. Police attended an apartment building on Mt. Pleasant Drive after receiving a complaint of yelling inside the building. The male involved had left prior to arrival but police received a second phone call indicating the suspect was back in the building. The male, who was not a resident, was escorted out of the property and served a trespass notice prohibiting him from returning.

BRCF building blocks donation Submitted

The Battle River Community Foundation awarded a $10,000 grant to the Flagstaff Adult Learning Society. The grant funds part of the cost of the Building Blocks Family Literacy Program operated in Flagstaff County. The grant is from income from the Harry and Fredella Anderson Fund, the Battle River Training Hub Legacy Fund, the Ruth and Sid James Memorial Fund and the Foundation’s Community Fund. The Battle River Community Foundation exists to support projects and facilities, such as this, in East Central Alberta which benefit the local communities and have a positive impact on the future. Grants from the Battle River Community Foundation are primarily made possible through the generosity of individual donors and organizations that have created endowment funds. The principal of these endowment funds are kept intact and the income is made available annually to support local projects and organizations. Since it was founded in 1995, the Battle River Community Foundation has granted over $5,445,000 to support community programs like the Building Blocks Family Literacy Program.

TIRE EVENT ON NOW on a set of four selected Goodyear tires

Or 76 for 57, if you have 19 cars. Convenient DOWNTOWN CAMROSE LOCATION: 4901-48 Street • Phone 780-672-3357 State-of-the-Art EAST END LOCATION: 4720-36 Street • Phone 780-672-5545 CITY/TOWN

Store Address Request an appointment online at 000.000.000

Buy four selected Goodyear tires for the price of three from March 12, 2018 – April 21, 2018. See instore for complete details. Offers applicable on our Every Day Pricing (EDP). Not valid for Goodyear National Accounts. Inventory may vary by location. All applicable taxes (ie: GST, PST, HST and tire taxes) are extra. ®™ Trademarks of AM Royalties Limited Partnership used under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. and Goodyear Canada Inc. Fountain Tire is licensed by AMVIC in Alberta.

BUILDING BLOCKS Battle River Community Foundation vice-chairman David Ofrim, left presents a $10,000 cheque to Joanne McMahon, right, Building Blocks program coordinator.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 28

Helpful Tips for Writing Classified Ads Which Get Results! Be Thorough

Sure you want your ad to stand out from the rest, but don’t skimp on the sort of information that sells. The item’s condition, size, age, brand name, and colour are some of the basics readers want to know. Without them, your ad may be overlooked.

Steer Clear of Abbreviations

Okay, so you want to include all the important basics. Don’t use strange abbreviations because our ads are designed to spell all the important details. Besides, you are not paying by the line, but by the word, so there is really no need to abbreviate.

Be Honest

Exaggerating your item’s finer points may bring in a lot of responses, but a buyer who’s misled won’t appreciate it and will take his business somewhere else.

State Your Price

The cost of an item is one of the most important concerns of want ad readers. Ads showing prices are ones which get results. Giving a price also serves to “weed out” those buyers not in your price range.

Be Accessible

Including a telephone number or address puts you in touch with potential buyers. Be sure to state the hours you can be reached: a caller who can’t get through the first time often won’t call again.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or problems you may have regarding advertising. Our professionally trained sales staff know the ropes, and would be happy to pass their know-how on to you. That’s why we’re here to help you get the results you deserve.

LOST THAT LOVING FEELING? Find it with a personal ad in The Camrose Booster classifieds. Ph. 780-672-3142.

WANTED WILL ACCEPT OLD VEHICLES, machinery, scrap iron, etc. Car batteries (will pay for). Call 780-672-6917 or 780686-5211.

HELP WANTED RDA REQUIRED – at City Centre Dental, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please fax resumé to 780-672-3089 or email to EXPERIENCED LIVE-IN CAREGIVER – for disabled female senior. Duties include medical procedures, administration and documentation of meds, personal hygiene, physical therapy, meal preparation, housekeeping and companionship. Weekdays 45 hr./wk at $17.32/hr. Room and board included. Please submit resumé to liveincaregiver

EMPLOYMENT WANTED 2ND BEST PAINTER IN TOWN – 30 years’ experience for all your painting needs. Call Rick the Painter, 780-672-0391.

SERVICES Call 780-672-3142 4925-48 Street, Camrose

ANNOUNCEMENTS UKRAINIAN NIGHT SUPPER – sponsored by the Round Hill Ag Society at the Round Hill Community Centre on April 21. Doors open 5:30 p.m., supper 6:30 p.m. Advance tickets only: Adults $25 (after April 18, $30), youth 6-12 $12.50, under six free. Call Nola 780-672-7583. FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE INVITED – to join us at an open house celebrating Harvey Pederson’s 80th birthday! It is on Sun., April 22 at the Gladstone Curling Rink from 2-5 p.m. The curling rink is 19 miles east of Camrose on Hwy 26.

THANK YOU A SPECIAL THANK YOU – to all our wonderful neighbours, friends and family for the beautiful cards, flowers, phone calls, visits and food we received due to Ron’s passing. It was so appreciated! – With much love, Ruth Fleming and family

PERSONAL DRINKING A PROBLEM? Alcoholics Anonymous, call 780-672-9406 or 780-608-8798.

J.D.’s SMALL ENGINE REPAIR, SALES & SERVICE – Ph. 780-672-7649. SELF-INKING STAMPS – Every shape, size, and colour. We deliver, right to your office. Camrose Booster Ltd., 4925-48 St., Camrose. Call us at 780-672-3142. DSS CONSTRUCTION Don’t put off those projects any longer! Give me a call and we can plan together. Devin Meakins, Ph. 780-853-1080 R.J.’S CONSTRUCTION Renovations, bathrooms, additions and repairs. Garages, concrete work. Arborite and tiles. 20 years’ experience in Camrose Call Rob, 780-672-0521 McTAVISH DELIVERIES LTD. Local and long distance moving Storage Insured and bonded Where your business is appreciated 780-672-5242, Camrose THE SHIRT OFF MY BACK TAILORING LOCATED IN ELAINE’S HOME in Camrose Please call 780-672-4793 Tues. - Fri., 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Thurs. Evening and Sat.: By Appointment Closed: Sun., Mon. and Holidays

JUNK TO THE DUMP – Free estimates. Garages, Basements, Yards, Light hauling. Tom – 780-678-1847. GREG BAUMLE BACKHOE SERVICE LTD. • Water and Sewer Line installations • Landscaping 780-608-0355

FOR LEASE PRIME COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR LEASE Village Plaza, 4702-65 Street Next to Norsemen Inn, Smith Clinic, Duggan Mall, Duggan Cinemas 1,676 sq. ft., air conditioned Very well maintained building Ample parking for clients and staff Contact Daryl, 780-608-3288

FOR RENT FOR RENT ADS NOW UPLOADED TO The Camrose Booster Website DAILY! CAMROSE MOOSE HALL FOR RENT Ideal for weddings, banquets, any celebration or special occasion. Call 780-672-2505 TWO BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE – Virtually brand new. Energy efficient, spacious, lots of natural light. 5 appliances including dishwasher, washer/ dryer. Room for BBQ on deck. Great location, on a quiet residential street. Plenty of storage space and parking. Local owner managed. Yard work and snow shovelling provided. No smoking, no pets, no small children. Great incentives for one-year lease. 780-679-7090. PRIME DOWNTOWN OFFICE LOCATION – spacious 650 sq. ft., two offices, lobby area, lunchroom, elevator access. $700/mo. includes power, heat and water. Available immediately. 4917-50 Avenue. 780-679-5085. ROOMS FOR RENT in the Scotney and Jacqueline character homes. Both are 2.5 blocks from university in Camrose. Clean, quiet and bright. Rent is $495 - $600 monthly plus DD and includes WiFi, utilities, recycle pick-up, yard care and snow removal. Partially furnished w/ shared laundry. (Some rooms are fully furnished for international students.) This is an affordable, quality accommodation that fills quickly. (Some rooms still available.) No partiers, smokers or pets allowed. Reduced rate over the summer for students. Please call Dave P., 780678-6163.

2-BEDROOM SUITE – $900/mo. plus power, private laundry. No smokers only. Call David 780-672-3534. SUMMER RENT – May, June, July and August in character home near Mirror Lake/ Hospital. Utilities included. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, well-maintained house. Fenced yard and garage. Contact: prapro Office 250-341-3540; Cell 250-341-5635. 2-BEDROOM SUITE – Just renovated! Spacious and bright. Central location, close to Mirror Lake walking trails, shopping. Clean, quiet, well-maintained, non-smoking building. No children or pets. Locally owned and managed, yard work and snow shovelling provided. April rent free! Call today, 780-679-7090. LET US HELP YOU MOVE April rent is free on a 12-month lease! 2-bdrm. apartment for $995/mo. Newer suite in a smoke-free building. Comes with stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer, window coverings. Heat and water included. Elevator, close to shopping and doctors. Small pets may be allowed. Everyone welcome! 780-678-2621 to apply ONE- AND TWO-BEDROOM APARTMENTS – These clean and quiet apartments are located close to downtown at 4914-52A Street. Immediate possession. 780-781-1943, 780-6792170. ONE-BEDROOM – $775; two-bedroom, $900; 3-bedroom, $1050. DD $600. Water, heat, basic cable included. No pets, no partiers, no smokers. One month FREE with a oneyear lease. Call Dennis 780678-4368. NICE QUIET PLACE – two-bedroom apartment suite. Now available. 135 Mount Pleasant Drive. 780-608-3820. LOCALLY OWNED 4-PLEX Locally owned and operated four-plex, great location close to schools, university and downtown. Two-bedroom suites, open floor plan, five appliances. No shovelling snow or cutting grass, maintained by owner. Suites are like new, monthly rate very competitive. No pets, no smoking. Call Rick, 780-608-5000 or George, 780-678-7610 for info or viewing. GROUND FLOOR OFFICE in newer building in Downtown Camrose. Generous 201 sq. ft., quiet neighbours, air conditioned, ample parking. $326.62/mo., including utilities. To view, please contact Blain Fowler or Don Hutchinson, the best and fairest in the business! 780-672-3142 days

3-BEDROOM LOFT FOR STUDENTS – 2 baths, kitchenette, laundry in-house. Affordable, clean, close to university. $400/room. All utilities and wifi included. 780-678-6163. ASPEN TERRACE APRIL SPECIAL! Move in April and get a $500 rent concession on your two-bedroom suite. Available now! Includes fridge, stove and in suite washer and dryer. We pay heat, water, and parking. Small pets welcome. Call for appointment. 780-672-8681. MAIN FLOOR OF HOUSE – completely furnished, near university. Two bedrooms plus office, one bathroom, five appliances, single garage, beautiful garden. Non-smoking adults only, no pets. $1000/mo. plus utilities. Available May 1. Call 780-455-4983 or email berako@ 3-BEDROOM HOUSE – located on west side of Camrose. $1250/mo. If you sign a oneyear lease, you will receive the 13th month free. Two condos available on Valleyview Drive in Camrose. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, all 5 appliances included. $1250/mo. If interested, contact Mid-City Property Management, 780-672-0662.

HOUSEHOLD ASSORTED COFFEE TABLES – $30 each. 780877-2255. W ROUGHT I RON TABLES – $50 each. 780877-2255. WROUGHT IRON MAGAZINE RACKS – $20 each. 780877-2255. KITCHEN TABLES – $35 each. 780-877-2255. KITCHEN CHAIRS – $15 each. 780-877-2255. 4-DRAWER DRESSERS – $40 each. 780-877-2255. 9-DRAWER DRESSERS – $80 each. 780-877-2255. PURE WOOD STORAGE CUPBOARDS – $60. 780877-2255. HALLWAY STORAGE BOX – mirrored back. $50. 780877-2255.

LIVESTOCK / FEED BEEF UP YOUR CATTLE SALES – Advertise in The Camrose Booster. Phone 780672-3142. GELBVIEH BULLS – Yearlings and 2-year-olds, polled. Reds and blacks available. 39 year breeding program. 780-672-9950. RED ANGUS BULLS – Yearlings and two-year olds. 780-679-5941.

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CLASSIFIED ADS (Continued) LAKEFORD – Registered Polled Hereford and Red Angus bulls. 2-year-old and yearling bulls available. Top quality from a herd of 50 years’ production history. Semen tested and ready to work in your herd. Contact Dan Prichard 780-385-2298 or 780-385-5125. HAY IN ROUNDS FOR SALE – First cut alfalfa brome mix. No foxtail, no mayweed, no rain. Weighed at average 1398 lb. Top quality. First cut grass hay, no foxtail, no mayweed, no rain. Weighed at average 1392 lb. Top quality. Daysland area, 780374-2459, leave message. REGISTERED SHORTHORN YEARLING BULLS – for sale. Semen tested, ready to work. Reds and roans. Can deliver within 200 km of Thorhild. Phone Tom or Sherri, 780-398-2093 or 780-307-4043.

For Sale by Tender Heather Brae Hall Land and Building The Heather Brae Hall Community Society hereby offers the following property for sale by tender, subject to existing reservations on title: Part of NW 11-45-19-W4 also known as Heather Brae Hall. Located in Camrose County, it is +/– 5 acres. 1. Land and building to be sold “as is”. 2. Sale is subject to the Heather Brae Hall Board approval. 3. The purchaser must agree to retain the Heather Brae historical brick monument in its present location. 4. Highest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. 5. Tenders must include buyers full legal name, address, phone number and intent for usage. 6. All costs associated with purchasing, permits, etc. are to be assumed by the purchaser. 7. Tenders will not be opened in public. 8. Tenders must comply with the Terms and Conditions which may be obtained by emailing 9. Tenders must include a deposit of $1000. Sealed tenders, marked “Heather Brae Hall” will be accepted until May 18, 2018. Submit tenders to “Heather Brae Hall” c/o Dan Marler, R.R#1 Ohaton, AB T0B 3P0. Viewing of the property may be arranged by calling 780-679-7238 or 780-679-8916 or 780-678-9499.

MACHINERY SWATHER NO LONGER ‘CUTTING THE MUSTARD?’ Call The Camrose Booster Classifieds, 780-672-3142.

REAL ESTATE BEAUTIFUL FIELDSTONE PLACE – 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, large LR, kitchen/dining area. Walk in shower in en suite. Lots of storage in-suite. Balcony facing east, underground parking area. Asking $280,000. 780377-3256.

Notice to Creditors and Claimants Notice is Hereby Given that Creditors and others, having claims against the Estate of the Deceased Stanley (Stan) O. Christensen, formerly Box 27, Site 1, RR#1 Camrose, AB T4V 2M9, are hereby required to send the particulars thereof to the undersigned Executor, c/o Mark D. Christensen of 193 Fairfax Drive, Hinton, AB T7V 1J7, on or before 17 May, 2018, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received. Mark Christensen, Executor.



PIPE – Tubing from 1 1/4” to 3 1/2”. Sucker rod - 3/4”, 7/8” and 1”. Line pipe and Casing also available. Wainwright, AB. 1-800-661-7858.

LOVE CAMPING, BUT TIRED OF SHOVELLING SNOW OFF THE AWNING IN MAY? Say goodbye to your Gulfstream! Move it fast with a Camrose Booster classified. Phone 780-672-3142. SELLING YOUR SEAWORTHY BOAT? Make a splash with an ad in the Booster classifieds! 780-672-3142.

BICYCLES – Assorted, $30 each. 780-877-2255. CAGES – for small animals and birds. $30 each. 780877-2255. ELECTRIC MOTORS – 1/2 hp – 1 hp. All three for $80. 780-877-2255.

“Bikes To Big Rigs”

SEDGEWICK, AB 780-384-3080

ASSORTED HEATERS – $50 each. 780-877-2255. GAS POWERED CHAINSAWS – $60 each. 780877-2255. ELECTRIC CHAINSAW – $30. 780-877-2255. BODY BREAK ELLIPTICAL – 780-672-3915. PENNY COLLECTION – 1937 to 1972, plus hundreds more. $100 obo. 780-608-1695.

AUTO DADS – LOOKING FOR A CAR WITHOUT A BACK SEAT? Count on our classifieds. We match up buyers and sellers. Phone the Camrose Booster, 780-672-3142. 2013 BUICK ENCLAVE – Seats seven. 142,000 km. Fully loaded, $25,950. 403-578-8038. 2014 HONDA RIDGELINE – sport pickup truck, white, 50,000 km. Excellent condition. Phone 780-672-5372 or 780445-9456.

Mixer Truck Drivers Potential candidates must possess a valid Class 1 or 3 license with Q endorsement, a positive attitude, a good work ethic and a commitment to working safely. Concrete experience is an asset but not required. We offer superior wages and benefits for superior workers. Please apply in person with resumé and driver’s abstract at 4104-51 Avenue, Camrose 4816-37 Avenue, Wetaskiwin

Tender for Grass Mowing Battle River School Division is accepting tenders to perform grass mowing services at any one or all of the following locations: Bashaw School, C.W. Sears as well as Tofield School as one contract located in Tofield, Forestburg School, Holden School, Round Hill School, Ryley School, Strome School and Viking School, in their respective communities. Grass mowing is required for the 2018 season. Bidders are responsible to examine the site(s) before submitting a tender(s) to satisfy themselves as to the nature and location of the work to be performed. The Contractor is responsible for all permits, licenses, insurance and other fees to carry out the services specified. Sealed tenders fully executed, dated, endorsed and marked “BRSD Grass Mowing (specific location)” will be received by: Battle River School Division 4724-41 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 0Z6 on or before April 30, 2018 at 4:00 pm. RFP documents available on the BRSD website For inquiries contact Jennifer Hauck at: 780-672-6131 ext. 5258 or The lowest, or any, proposal will not necessarily be accepted.



Submitted Julie Rutlan, left, and Frieda Thompson, right, bakers at the Saturday Farmers’ Market present Mary Cairns, volunteer at the animal shelter, with $87 raised at the Easter egg decoration event for the children prior to Easter.

Estate of REV. ARNOLD BERTRAM HAROLD HAGEN, who died on January 12, 2014 AND Estate of RUTH OINE HAGEN, who died on February 25, 2018 If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by May 31, 2018, and provide details of your claim with DAVID HAGEN, RR#1, Bittern Lake, AB T0C 0L0. If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

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Twins earn track medals By Murray Green The Prairie Central FASD Association is looking to hire a temporary 1.0 FTE for the role of

Executive Director The position is based out of Killam, AB and will require extensive travel. The Role of the Executive Director is: • To ensure that the over-all direction, philosophy, guidelines, policies and programs of the Prairie Central FASD Association are carried out in a manner consistent with values, mission, vision and direction of the Prairie Central FASD Association and Council • Receive direction from, report to, and maintain regular communication and consultation with, the Prairie Central FASD Association Council • Collaborate and liase with the key stakeholders who are engaged with the Association, thereby assisting the Council in developing relevant annual work-plans based on shared information within the Association and specifically with key stakeholders • Ensure the delivery of comprehensive, accessible, and coordinated services across the geographic regions of the Association • Ensure the Association is aligned with funders’ expectations for reporting, including preparation and submission of required reports • Manage all external contracts of the Association • Supervise and manage programs of the Association • Manage and report on the finances of the Prairie Central FASD Association Qualifications: • A degree in Nursing, Social Work or other related health/ social services field or a diploma in a similar field with related experience • Solid knowledge/understanding of FASD and FASD prevention and support services needs • Minimum three years’ experience in a position requiring strategic planning, community development, and comprehensive project development and program management, including policy and/or systems development and implementation • Experience working with boards and/or advisory committees (as a member and/or executive director) • Experience working in collaboration or partnership with a wide range of agencies and service providers • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including strong computer skills • Experience working directly with children, youth and/or adults with a disability is desirable • Knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture is desirable, including experience working with and for Aboriginal people • Experience and understanding of human resources management • Familiarity with the Prairie Central FASD Association catchment area, including basic knowledge of services currently available within the region for individuals with disabilities is very desirable • Must hold a valid driver’s license and be willing to use own vehicle for travel; must be prepared for extensive travel within the region.

Two Charlie Killam School athletes received medals in the 40th annual Indoor Games in Edmonton on March 17. Athletes from Grades 3 to 12 competed at the Universiade Pavilion to experience exciting competing in the tradition of good sportsmanship. Grade 6 twins, Nicholas Taylor collected silver in the 800 metre run and Luka Taylor received a bronze medal in long jump. “There were about 20 athletes competing in long jump and I ended up third,” said Luka. “I did fairly well in track last year in Camrose finishing first in that event, so I decided to go on and do this event. I wanted a little more challenge.” He leaped 4.24 metres in the final, after recording a 4.21 in the preliminary round.

“In the 800 metre, there were about 60 competitors,” said Nicholas. “I like to run and have been in several cross-country races before. I did pretty well in those, so I thought I would enter the Indoor Games. This was my third year in the Games,” explained Nicholas. “This was my best year and I like the longer races.” He came in second in the 800-metre race in 2:38.87 minutes, about two seconds behind the leader. He beat his semifinal time of 2:41.41 as well. “It was pretty cool to win a medal and it will be hanging in my room for a long time,” said Luka. “It sure does inspire me to continue in track and to do a little more, train harder.” Luka also likes the 200-metre race because of his strength as a sprinter. “It was a good experience and yes, I’ll hang this

in my room too and it will be a good thing to remember,” added Nicholas. “I want to keep on going.” Nicholas also enjoys the relay races, but didn’t have time to enter the event this year. He also likes the 400-metre, ball throw and long jump events as well. The boys also play hockey, soccer and triathlon together to keep in shape all year. “We go to the track at the Encana Arena and train. We run laps and I jump the stairs to stretch my stride out,” said Luke. “Sometimes my mom and dad time us,” added Nicholas. They are waiting for the snow to melt to continue running outside. Several other athletes from Camrose competed in various events at the Indoor Games in addition to the medal winners.

E p f

Salary will be based on experience and qualifications Start date: End Date:

June 18, 2018 with flexibility August 31, 2019 with possibility of extension

Please submit resumé and cover letter no later than May 4, 2018 to: Stacy Graff, Executive Director Prairie Central FASD Association Box 450, 4809-49 Avenue Killam, AB T0B 2L0 Email: Note: Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Missed Delivery Policy If you do not receive your copy of The Booster or pre-printed inserts, please report this to us by calling 780-672-3142. We will promptly re-deliver these to city households. Note that we do not have access to certain apartment buildings. In these cases, we ask you to contact your apartment manager to request delivery. Rural readers are asked to report missed deliveries and we will consult with your postmaster to ensure future deliveries. Thank you for being a loyal reader of…

780-672-3142 4925-48 Street, Camrose AB T4V 1L7

Murray Green, Camrose Booster Athletes Nicholas, left, and Luka Taylor received track and field medals in Edmonton.

Spring pro rodeo action returns to the CRE ring By Murray Green

The saying that it isn’t officially spring until the annual Camrose Spring Classic Pro Rodeo arrives at the Camrose Regional Exhibition, couldn’t be any truer this year. April 27 to 29 will mark the 29th edition. Three rounds of action occur Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday. A Saturday rodeo dance featuring Charlie Major begins at 9:30 p.m.

Every rodeo performance features different competitors in bareback, saddle bronc, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping, ladies’ barrel racing and bull-riding events. “You can go to all three performances and not see the same cowboy twice, unless they are in more than one event,” shared CRE manager Chuck Erman. “We are part of a circuit where cowboys will be attending more than one

rodeo on the weekend. That allows us to attract the big names in each event.” Major, a former Big Valley Jamboree performer, will be providing the entertainment during the dance on Saturday evening. You don’t have to attend the rodeo to purchase tickets for the concert. Doors open at 8 p.m. The Spring Classic draws more than 300 competitors and 4,000 spectators each year.

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Al Zimmerman This Bohemian Waxwing found some Mountain Ash berries to chew on to keep warm. Despite the recent snowfall, this bird is ready for some warmer weather.

Student achievement celebrated By Lori Larsen

The University of Alberta Augustana Campus celebrated the outstanding achievements of students in athletics, academics and student life of the campus during the Student Life Awards Celebration, April 4. “A key purpose of the event is to increase awareness of, and appreciation for, the many ways in which our students provide lead-

ership on campus and in the community,” said University of Alberta Augustana Campus executive director of student life, Randal Nickel. “It was great to see students applauding each other’s achievements.” Students from across the campus were recognized with various leadership awards. “Our athletes and coaches look forward each year to celebrating our

achievements,” noted University of Alberta Augustana Campus athletics director, Greg Ryan. “The evening was special because we were able to share it with all of the student leaders on campus.” The evening combined the former Colour Night and the Student Leadership Awards into one main celebration of students and their accomplishments.

Central Agencies Home of the Week

Beautiful two-storey executive home

By Lori Larsen

This beautiful executive two-storey provides an abundance of space for the entire family and is a wonderful place to entertain. Located in the well-developed Century Meadows subdivision with parks, playgrounds and walking trails, this home offers peaceful living. The foyer, with its high ceilings and spacious area, makes for a grand entrance into the glorious home with rich hardwood floors, subtle colours and a showy, open staircase. The living room/formal dining combo is great for entertaining guests and a gas fireplace adds that special ambience. The kitchen is gorgeous with shaker maple cabinets, a sit-up breakfast bar, six-burner gas stove, stylish backsplash, lots of lighting and a builtin pantry. Adjacent to the kitchen is a dinette and family room. Leading off this main living area, are garden doors to a large deck with extra wide stairs down to a paved patio area, all overlooking the fenced and landscaped large backyard.

The main floor also has a private den, an amazing laundry room and a convenient two-piece powder room. The upper level houses a large fourpiece main bathroom and four bedrooms including a deluxe master suite with walk-closet and an exquisite en suite with a relaxing jetted tub and separate shower. The completely finished basement has room galore including a bedroom that could double as a home gym, a family area featuring an amazing media space and room for a games table. Another separate room can be used as a hobby room. This beautiful home priced at $537,900, located at 6613-32 Avenue, is definitely worth a look. There will be an open house on Saturday, April 21 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. For a personal viewing, contact Graham Wideman at: Central Agencies Inc. 4870-51 Street, Camrose 780-672-4495 or Cell 780-679-8384

Graham Wideman

LOCATION! LOCATION! … This move in ready home is ideally located in quiet little community of Daysland. Bright open floor plan, 3+1 bdrm., open, inviting kitchen w/fantastic deck off dining area. Downstairs has great family room, extra storage. Superb yard, garden space cap off this wonderful family home. So much to offer at such a fantastic price! CA0116473 Asking $235,000 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY IN OHATON! ... Looking for a property to located your business or just need more space? This is a good opportunity! 1488 sq. ft. bldg. w/good workshop area, overhead door access. Exc. 8’x20’ office trailer available all set up. Located just minutes from Camrose. Take a look! Asking $89,000 CA0093961 UPDATED BARRIERFREE HOME … in Daysland. Wheelchair accessible, open living space, enclosed elevator, many daily aides incl. Updated kitchen, vinyl windows, elec. panel, low maint. flrg. Single garage, 12’x32’ deck, immediate poss. CA0101339 Asking $119,900 BEAUTIFUL QUALITY BUILT BUNGALOW IN DAYSLAND! … Absolutely gorgeous home! 9’, vaulted ceilings, gorgeous bamboo flooring, lots of bright windows. Gourmet kitchen w/granite, lovely bright dinette w/patio doors to amazing deck. Awesome great room, huge master, superb en suite! Exc. MF laundry, awesome yard, attached htd. garage, RV parking, a/c + more! You’ll love it! Asking $329,900 CA0074085 NEW NORWAY … Charming bungalow on large lot. 5 bdrm., 3 baths, oversized garage, amazing views just some of the great features of this home! This is a must see! CA0131629 Asking $289,900 BE AU T I F U L LY U P DAT E D BUNGALOW … Amazing price! New windows, flrg., reno’d bathrooms, completely remodelled kitchen, lighting, paint, trim. 3-bdrm. home on oversized mature lot. Garage fixed up as well! Turn key property, just move in! Asking $219,900 CA0131958 COME, ENJOY THE VIEWS! … Hilltop walkSTING! out bungalow N EW LIlake offers picturesque views to enjoy throughout the seasons. Vaulted ceilings, open MF, 3 bdrm., 3 baths. 2 upper decks. 24’x24’ htd. garage, TONS of extra parking for your RV, toys. Immed. poss. Get in before summer! Asking $299,500 CA0132548

46466 RANGE ROAD 213 … Build your dream home in McNary Estates on this 1.57 acre parcel. Beautiful location, views! CA0126793 Asking $156,800 PIE SHAPED LOT IN QUAINT SHERMAN PARK SUBDIVISION, RED DEER LAKE... Check out the options this property provides for quiet country living or for your leisure and rec. periods. Asking $26,000 CA0109931 LOCATED IN THE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE COMMUNITY OF DAYSLAND! ... Recently remodeled 3-bdrm. UCE D!open floor plan situated on REDBright, bungalow. 6000 sq. ft. lot. Close to hospital, downtown, park! perfect for first time home buyer or an investor. So much value for such a fantastic price! Now only $74,900 CA0111477 FAMILY FRIENDLY BUNGALOW … on 2 lots in charming community of Hay Lakes. Well laid out a/c home consisting of 3 generous sized bdrm., comfortable LR w/bright windows, fin. bsmt. Huge yard w/garden space, 2 garages. Situated perfectly between Camrose, Nisku, Beaumont, South Edmonton. CA0125941 Asking $228,900 BEAUTIFUL 5-BDRM. HOME IN DAYSLAND! … Move in ready, very E! IC PR functional floor plan inN EW cludes triple glazed windows, MF laundry, beautiful bright kitchen, dining area. Fin. bsmt. w/family room, gas FP, 2 bdrm. This loved home is ready for its new owners! CA0116319 Asking $299,900 UNIQUE CHARACTER HOME … in Sedgewick. This 1422 sq. ft. 3-bdrm. home on 2 lots is a charmer. Great potential w/tons of extra space for all your needs. Perfect central location. CA0127101 Asking $94,900

FARMS EXC. 155 ACRE FAR M, E XC . VALUE! … On pvmt. Perfect for farming, small bus., hobbyist or just that country lifestyle! Superb yardsite w/2 homes, good bldg., ideal for equipment, trucks, horses, animals. Lovely 1369 sq. ft. bungalow, good 1304 sq. ft. second home, 34’x46’ htd. workshop, 36’x56’ quonset, cattle shelter, corrals, two 30’x72’ coverall bldg., grain bins + more. CA0132465 Asking $895,000

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Central Agencies Inc. REAL ESTATE

4870-51 St., Camrose


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Locks cut, fuel stolen Submitted April 7

Ca m rose RCM P received a report of fuel theft sometime overnight in Camrose County. The lock was cut off a fuel tank and approximately 100 litres of fuel was stolen. Police responded to a single vehicle rollover on Highway 21 north of the traffic circle. Icy road conditions contributed to the collision. There were no signs of drugs or alcohol being factors. April 3

A resident of Camrose County discovered a dump site of numerous fowl entrails on Crown land near their residence. This practice not only contravenes Section 178 of the Environmental Protection Act, but also could aid in the spread of disease to


To Danielle and Joey Chute, of Camrose, a son on April 3. To Grace and Aaron Bamber, of Bashaw, a daughter on April 3. To Rebecca and Ryan Steel, of Sedgewick, a daughter on April 7. To Jelena and Boris Javor, of Camrose, a daughter on April 7.

wildlife and domesticated animals in the immediate area. Call the Camrose RCMP if you have any information about who is responsible. April 2

A band saw was reported stolen from a residence in Rosalind. Report any suspicious activity to Camrose RCMP. April 1

Police conducted a routine traffic stop, which resulted in a drug seizure. If you have any information regarding any of the above mentioned incidents that may lead to an arrest, contact your local RCMP Detachment at 780-672-3342 during business hours or Crime Stoppers Tips at 1-800222-8477.

DEATHS Peter Michael

Fisher, of Camrose, formerly of Primate, SK, on April 8, at 91 years of age. Douglas Walter Lindstrand, of Camrose, on April 11, at 77 years of age. Nina Florence Clarke, of Camrose, formerly of Fort McMurray, on April 12 at 74 years. Edith Carlson, of Camrose, formerly of Holden, on April 13, at 95 years of age.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 17, 2018 – Page 32


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Open HouseS Wed., April 18, 3-5 pm 3502-52A Street STUNNING FLOOR PLAN! … This custom a/c walkout 2-storey home comes with so many great features incl. beautiful kitchen w/centre island, lovely maple cabinets, quartz countertops, walk-through pantry. Exc. dining area w/coffered ceilings, gas FP, open staircase, huge master bdrm., 5-pce. en suite, bonus room plus much more! An outstanding family friendly home that needs to be seen to be appreciated! Now asking $499,900 CA0109918

Thur., April 19, 3-5 pm 5613-25 Avenue VALLEYVIEW BUNGALOW! … Open concept home, infloor heat, secured RV parking, htd. garage. Maple kitchen w/eating bar, corner pantry, MF laundry, 4 bdrm., 3 baths. Ultimate bsmt. w/custom bar, pool table, poker table. Covered deck, beautifully landscaped yard. Immediate possession, move in before summer! CA0129564 Asking $463,000

Thur., April 19, 3-5 pm 3809-75 Street WONDERFUL ONE-LEVEL LIVING OPTION … w/mostly fin. WO bsmt. Well kept, cared for bungalow w/hardwood flrg., walk-thru pantry, 4-pce. en suite, MF laundry, bright open concept, low maint. deck/yard. You’ll love the lifestyle! Asking $339,900 CA0132421

Sat., Apr. 21, 11am-1pm 6613-32 Avenue “Home of the week, see page 31!” WOW! BEAUTIFUL 2-STOREY, AWESOME YARD, CENTURY MEADOWS! … Close to parks and walking trails. Gorgeous 2741 sq. ft. home. Exc. presentation, beautiful open staircase, vaulted ceilings, hardwood flrg. Awesome kitchen, bright dinette, DR, LR, family, den, 2 cozy FP, MF laundry. Huge master, superb en suite. Dev. bsmt. Huge yard, private courtyard, RV parking. Impressive home! Now only $537,900 CA0117430

OVER $300,000 BEAUTIFUL PARK RIDGE ESTATES BUNGALOW! … Amazing valley ! G IN NEW LISTopen design, quality built. views! Impressive Exc. presentation w/extra bright windows, 9’ ceilings, hardwood flrg., exc. kitchen, cozy FP in great room, private den, exc. MF laundry, superb master/en suite, lge. family/media room. Bsmt. infloor htg., A/C. Superb triple garage, landscaped yard, irrigation system. It’s perfect! Asking $689,500 CA0132390 NEW COMMUNITY! WALKOUT VILLAS O V E R LOO K I N G LAKE! … Valleyview West Lake Estates. Parks, walking trails close by. Exc. presentation, coffered ceilings, hardwood flrg., gourmet kitchen, granite, spacious dinette, gorgeous LR, superb master, en suite. MF laundry, exc. bsmt., in-floor htg., a/c. Awesome deck/patio, fin. garage, artificial turf, vinyl fencing. It’s all done, amazing views! Asking $530,162 CA0117195 Impressive floor plan in valleyview west! … Vaulted ceilings, gorgeous kitchen, 3 bdrm., finished FR in bsmt., 24’x22’ garage plus much more! Ask $449,900 CA0086740 STUNNING BUNGALOW OVERLOOKING VALLEY! ... Handcrafted, master designed open floor ! ED R ED plan is sure to UC impress. Bright, inviting modern design is a breath of fresh air, w/expansive views from virtually every room in the house. Custom kitchen w/gas range, quartz counters, ample storage! Master w/WI closet, dble. sinks, beautiful shower. Open concept downstairs, 3 bdrm., family room, extra storage. Triple glazed windows, ICF block foundation, in-floor heat sani-dump for RV, hardy plank siding. Asking $615,000 CA0126730 EXC. BUNGALOW, CUL-DE-SAC LOCATION, CENTURY MEADOWS! ... Very well maintained 1196 sq. ft., 3+1 bdrm. w/lots of recent upgrades. Great family or retirement home. Superb bsmt. dev. w/huge family/games room. 24’x30’ htd. garage, oversized yard, RV parking + more. Call today! Asking $357,900 CA0128814 BEAUTIFUL WALKOUT 2-STOREY … backing onto park, playground. You’ll absolutely love the location, lifestyle w/ valley walking trails nearby. Kitchen has huge island, granite, WT pantry. Park views from dinette, great room. FP, den, MF laundry, 3 living areas, 4 upper bdrm. Superb master/en suite. Beautifully landscaped yard, 31’x26’ garage, a/c and more! Asking $567,900 CA0123999


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OPEN HOUSES – ALL Sat., April 21, 11 am - 1 pm 6015-28 Avenue 5118-36 Avenue

EXCEPTIONALLY BUILT WALKOUT BUNGALOW … backing onto water in Valleyview West subdivision! This stunning home features vaulted ceilings, flex room, gas FP, awesome master w/5-pce. en suite, a/c. 24’x24’ garage. CA0096217 Asking $564,900

PREMIER FAMILY FLOOR PLAN … with walkout bsmt. in Creekview! Stunning 4-bdrm., 2192 sq. ft. 2-storey w/bonus room. Rear covered deck. A/C, flex room w/sliding barn doors, MF laundry, open kitchen overlooks dining, living area w/lge. windows. Asking $537,000 CA0119211

5203-36 Avenue

6206-28 Avenue Close

BRAND NEW BUNGALOW … Quartz kitchen counters, FP, vinyl plank flg., MF laundry, WI pantry, vaulted ceiling. Bsmt. framed for future dev. Covered porch, 11’x18’ deck, triple car garage. Asking $429,900 CA0111562

BRAND NEW! CUL-DE-SAC LOCATION! … Triple garage, RV option, covered deck, oversized lot. 9’ MF ceilings, quartz kitchen counters, slow close cabinetry, bonus room, walk through pantry, hardwood/tile floors, gas FP, back entry bench seating + more! It’s beautiful! Asking $449,900 CA0131188


NINE-PLEX, EXCELLENT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! … Very well maintained, central downtown location. Impressive bldg., 8 spacious 2-bdrm. suites, one spacious 1-bdrm. suite. Oversized 50’x209’ lot w/ample parking. A property you’ll be proud to own! Don’t miss out on this one! CA0117063 Now only $915,000 FANTASTIC INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY … in the heart of Camrose! Great exposure, close to downtown, university. 4-plex features four 2-bdrm. units, individually metred. Built w/ Hardiplank siding, ICF block foundation. Good track record, proven cash flow. CA0110037 Asking $624,900

MULTI-FAMILY LOTS 2.5 ACRES ZONED R3 AND MULTI-FAMILY ... Exceptional west end location across from huge park and playground, by west end amenities. Lots of potential with re-division options. Call now! CA298482


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CAMROSE HOMES OVER $300,000 EXC., WELL CARED FOR 5-BDRM. HOME ... features vaulted ceilings, lovely flrg., gorgeous kitchen w/dark cabinets, G! NEW LISTIN corner pantry, raised centre island eating bar. Nice sized master w/ 4-pce. en suite, WI closet. Fully fin. bsmt. This property is move-in ready! CA0131396 Asking $374,900 VALLEYVIEW WEST! … Stunning custom built 5-bdrm. bungalow. Great layout, hardwood flrg., high ceilings throughout, granite counters, lge. island in kitchen, in-floor htg. Triple garage, fully landscaped + much more! This is a must see! Asking $625,900 CA0127347 BEAUTIFUL 2-STOREY, VALLEYVIEW WEST ... by Battle River Homes! Views, by park, walking trails. Covered front veranda, 9’ ceilings, hardwood floors. Exc. kitchen, granite, WT pantry, spacious LR, bonus room, MF laundry, superb master, en suite. ICF bsmt. 26’x26’ attached garage, RV parking + more! Still time to pick your colours. Finished w/elegance! Asking $479,162 CA0126615 SO U T H W EST ME A DOWS ... 5-bdrm. bungalow. Fantastic open layout, backing onto walking trails, green space. Call today! Asking $449,900 CA0131563 GORGEOUS CUSTOM BUILT WALKOUT – TRANQUIL MIRROR LAKE SETTING! … Peaceful private setting, lifestyle. Absolutely gorgeous 5300 sq. ft. w/exc. presentation, craftsmanship. Amazing windows, natural lighting w/picturesque views from home, secluded deck. Beautiful open design w/gorgeous open staircase/wells/loft. Amazing chef’s kitchen, prep kitchen, private nook, beautiful DR, gorgeous LR, cozy den. Amazing master, en suite, private retreat. Exercise/bonus room. Exc. bsmt., in-flr. htg., rec room, amazing media room, spa room. Awesome triple garage! You’ll love it! CA0109951 Asking $899,000

BRIGHT, INVITING BUNGALOW … located in Victoria Park, backing onto green space, close to playground! 4 bdrm., 3 baths, master en suite, WI closet. Open floor plan, a/c. Dble. htd. attached garage. Well maintained home! Asking $319,900 CA0113099 BEAUTIFUL, QUALITY BUILT BUNGALOW, VALLEYVIEW WEST! … Premier lifestyle, cul-de-sac location. Absolutely gorgeous home, you’ll love the quality and craftsmanship! Featuring beautiful 12’9’ and coffered ceilings, open stairwell, bright windows, gorgeous hardwood flooring. Amazing gourmet kitchen, granite, walkthrough pantry, prep centre. Lovely dinette, awesome great room, cozy FP. Impressive master/en suite, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt., in-floor htg., huge family/games/media room. Huge yard, covered decks, htd. garage, RV parking + more! It’s perfect! CA0123640 Asking $637,900 IMPRESSIVE DUPLEX BUNGALOW ... in La Vista Villas Adult ComG !munity. You’ll love the IN ST LI NEW location, community, lifestyle! Bright open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, vinyl plank flrg. Country style kitchen, lovely LR, FP, den, spacious master, en suite, MF laundry. Great bsmt. dev. Att. htd. garage. No condo fees! Call now! Asking $339,500 CA0131662

Beautiful Walk Out Bungalows by Battle River Homes Gorgeous walkout condos backing onto lake and trails! NEW IN VALLEYVIEW WEST • Desired community LAKE ESTATES! • 9’ and 10’ ceilings • Gourmet kitchens, granite • Generous garages • Exceptional craftsmanship • Finished with Starting from $409,162 elegance

Amazing lake views!

In-floor heated walkout basements!

BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW STYLE DUPLEX! ... On the park! Lovely open plan. Exc. kitchen, granite countertops, lge. island, WI pantry, MF laundry. Amazing master w/full en suite. Fully fin. WO bsmt. Quality built, no condo fees, relax and enjoy! Asking $409,900 CA0125990 CARE FREE LIVING IN VILLAGE AT WEST PARK ... Beautifully kept 3-bdrm., fully fin. home. Close to shopping, hospital, west end amenities. Call today! Asking $349,900 CA0131626 EXCELLENT BUNGALOW … located on lge. pie-shaped lot in Victoria Park. 4 bdrm., 3 baths, open concept floor plan, lots of features! Outside will impress you w/its spacious back yard. This is a must see! Ask $420,250 CA0124064 NEXT TO NEW B U N G A LO W C OMPLETELY FINISHED! … 1520 sq. ft. main level w/vaulted ceilings, hardwood/tile floors, granite counters, den, 5-pce. en suite, MF laundry, htd. 22’x24’ garage, 2 gas FP, 2 en suite baths. 2-tiered deck, fenced yard! WOW! Asking $497,500 CA0105732 EXECUTIVE STYLE 3215 SQ. FT. … home located in Victoria Park! Asking $675,000 CA0118717 EXC. 1-1/2 STOREY IN CENTURY MEADOWS! … Gorgeous open floor plan, great location, private yard, htd. garage, htd. workshop. Beautiful open staircase, hardwood flrg., vaulted ceilings, open loft area. Exc. hickory kitchen w/granite, awesome great room, huge master, luxurious en suite, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt. dev. Great yard, workshop. Call now! Asking $419,900 CA0115649 SITTING ON ONE OF THE NICEST LOTS IN CENTURY MEADOWS! ... This really could be the quality home your family has been waiting for! Featuring high-end engineered hardwood, vaulted ceilings, custom master bath, quartz counters, gas FP. Trex deck w/in-step lighting, prof. landscaped yard – THE LIST GOES ON! Everything is done, just move in! CA0119198 Asking $564,900 EXC. 5-BDRM., 3 BATH BI-LEVEL HOME … located on Park Ridge Drive. Vaulted ceilings, lge. open kitchen, DR, master en suite w/jetted tub, master WI closet. Maintenance free deck, BBQ gas hookup, landscaped yard, oversized htd. garage, RV parking space + much more! Very well maintained home. Ask $429,900 CA0118511 QUALITY CUSTOM BUILT BUNGALOW IN VALLEYVIEW ... close to walking paths, playground! Open floor plan w/4 bdrm., 4 baths has many upgrades. Features incl. hardwood, SS appl., coffered ceilings, stone FP, hot tub, a/c + much more! A must see! Ask $599,900 CA0129180 EXCELLENT BUNGALOW … located in Creekside. 3 bdrm., 3 baths, open concept floor plan. Hardwood, WI closet, 4-pce. en suite, MF laundry, bright office space. Bsmt. newly dev. A/C, steam shower, new paint, new rugs. Fully fenced yard, dble. attached garage, oak cabinetry, water softener, reverse osmosis system. Asking $379,900 CA0124874 EXC. HOME IN QUIET CUL-DE-SAC BACKING ONTO GOLF COURSE! … This custom built home will please any growing family and offers vaulted ceilings, 2 wood FP, multiple living areas, exc. kitchen w/one-of-a-kind dinette, lge. master w/4-pce. en suite. 22’x26’ garage, beautiful yard + much more! Asking $554,900 CA0109971 WONDERFUL VALLEYVIEW 2-STOREY ... with bonus room. Cul-de-sac close to playground, parks, walking trails. 3-bdrm., 3 baths, over 1800 sq. ft. w/bright open plan. Elegant LR w/gas FP, lovely kitchen incl. eating bar, DR accessing lge. south-facing deck. Great master w/WI, en suite w/2 vibrant bdrm., bath on upper level. Superb 3-car htd. garage, handy MF laundry. Lge. corner lot fully fenced w/exc. landscaping. Fabulous property to call your HOME. Asking $409,900 CA0118815


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BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME ON 1.19 ACRES … in Camrose. Amazing location, spectacular views! A must see! CA0118512 Asking $395,900 HUSTLE PARK ... by huge playground and west end amenities! •  30 lots with alley access, starting from $91,190 •  18 cul-de-sac lots, starting from $114,290 SOUTHWEST MEADOWS ... by parks, playground and West End amenities! •  14 lots with alley access, from $96,690 •  11 large cul-de-sac lots, from $139,425 Call now for more information!


COMMERCIAL LAND FOR SALE IN DAYSLAND … Prime location for this M1 zoned property. Lot is 190’x110’ and looking for the right owner. Asking $59,700 CA0119438 2.94 ACRE MULTI-FAMILY LOT ZONED R3! EXC. LOCATION, CLOSE TO AMENITIES! … Exc. property for an adult community, condominium project and/or multi-family developments. Prime west-end location w/exc. site. Pavement on 3 sides, across from huge park. CA0097247


6,000 sq. ft. empty lot! … Located downtown between Credit Union and Royal Bank. C1 zoning, excellent location. Wonderful investment or building spot opportunity! Asking $149,900 CA0085343 EXC. BUSINESS OPPO R T U NITY – ZONED M1 LIGHT INDUSTRIAL! ... 4 lots w/good central location, suitable for multiple uses. 4352 sq. ft. bldg., good workshop areas, loading doors, front offices, mezzanine storage, HE furnaces, a/c. Fenced storage yard, 28’x30’ rear garage. Easy customer access. Call now! CA0062344 Asking $449,000 EXCELLENT OWNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY! ... Great location, highway exposure! 1528 sq. ft. retail bldg. w/additional mezzanine. Imagine the possibilities. Available immediately. Asking $375,000 CA0103916 GREAT INVESTMENT … 3970 sq. ft. commercial bldg. Main bay w/dual 14’ OH doors, radiant heat + sec. bay w/standard garage door and FA heat. 3-phase power, 220, city water/ sewer, 2-pce. bath, office, reception. 39’x99’ storage compound + ten 12’x20’ storage bays, 1168 sq. ft. home. Use it all or sublet to pay the bills. Asking $375,000 CA0129977 EXC. COMMERCIAL/ INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY! … Exc. multiuse property, 3600 sq. ft. bldg. on 1.67 acres, Ervick Junction, Hwy 13 and Hwy 21. Zoned RCI, Rural Commercial and Industrial. Awesome htg. combo w/in-floor and OH radiant. 14’x16’ high doors, Buderus boiler, mezz + more. Exc. opportunity! CA0132731 Asking $435,000


Wow! E X C EP TIONAL ACREAGE W/AMAZING YARD SETTING. IT’S PERFECT!... For hobbyist, small business or rec. use! Impressive custom built 1,818 sq. ft. home only minutes from Camrose, just off pavement. Wow! Awesome 32’x48’ workshop, it’s the MAN CAVE you dreamed of! This beautiful home feat. 9’ vaulted ceilings, bright windows w/dormers, lovely hardwood floors. Awesome gourmet kitchen, bright dinette, cozy great room, superb master and en suite, MF laundry. Awesome park setting and lifestyle! Exceptional opportunity! Asking $639,900 CA0123488 EXC. 1615 SQ. FT. BUNGALOW … on 9.9 acres features good size kitchen/dining area, LR w/garden doors out to your 18’x18’ deck. Attached 24’x31’ garage w/entrance to bsmt. Second well for animals is used in summer + much more! Asking $529,800 CA0123205

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CAMROSE HOMES UNDER $300,000 WONDERFUL FAMILY HOME … walking distance to Jack Stuart G! EW LISTIN School, backing onto greenNspace. 4 bdrm., 2 baths. 24’x26’ garage, fenced yard, lge. deck. Over 1100 sq. ft., fully finished! Asking $294,900 CA0132768 AFFORDABLE, SENIOR FRIENDLY CONDO, EASY ACCESS, GREAT LIFESTYLE! … Close by medical clinics, shopping centres, restaurants. You’ll love this senior-friendly bldg. Perfect for visiting, entertaining, coffee gatherings. Lovely LR, cozy FP, sunroom, den, en suite. Affordable too! Asking $165,000 CA0118475 GREAT STARTER, PRIVATE PARK SIDE LOCATION! … 1024 sq. ft. family bungalow plan. Spacious LR, vaulted ceiling, bright country style kitchen, patio doors to deck overlooking park. Exc. bsmt. w/lge. family/games area. Great yard, 15’x22’ attached garage + more! Lots of potential! Asking $209,900 CA0115998 TOT A LLY UPGRADED! … Move in ready home w/quick possession possible. Updated kitchen cabinetry, flrg., windows, siding, furnace, HW tank, newer appl. Exc. 16’x28’ garage + private deck. You’ll be impressed! Asking $180,000 CA0132054 T H R EE- BE DROOM CONDO, BY PARKS AND SCHOOLS! … Excellent design! Bright open plan with lots of windows, vaulted ceilings. Spacious LR, open concept kitchen/dinette. 3 bdrm., 2 baths. MF laundry, private entrance. First home or an investment, it’s a great opportunity! Asking $180,500 CA0129738 COZY BUNGALOW ON QUIET STREET … open concept living/kitchen/dining plus 2 bdrm., 4-pce. main bath. Partially fin. bsmt. w/2-pce. bath. Great potential as a starter, rental or development for duplex. Asking $132,000 CA0122693 GROUND FLOOR, EASY ACCESS, 2-BDRM. CONDO … just recently upgraded. Senior-friendly design, lifestyle! You’ll love the bright, spacious open design, 9’ ceilings, park views. Country style kitchen w/easy access to patio. Easy access shower, cozy FP, spacious laundry room. Ground floor patio access. CA0128836 Asking $212,900 TERRIFIC BUNGALOW CLOSE TO PARK, GOLF COURSE … located in Victoria Park! Great home offers nice LR w/newer flooring, great kitchen/DR w/lovely cabinets, family room w/gas FP. 22’x28’ htd. garage + much more! Asking $293,900 CA0111023 WONDERFUL STARTER OR INVESTMENT! … Close to schools, parks, rec facilities. 3-bdrm., 2 bath bungalow on nice size lot. Upper floor has open kitchen/dining area w/white cabinetry. Lower level has lge. family room, bdrm., 3-pce. bath, lots of storage. Fully landscaped yard. Asking $199,900 CA0131422 BEAUTIFUL 2-STOREY DUPLEX … in quiet culde-saqc. Totally fin., move in ready. Open concept main level, 2 huge bdrm. upstairs, 4-pce. en suite, fin. bsmt. Fenced yard, private deck, single attached garage. Asking $249,900 CA0132138 EXC. MOBILE ON RENTED LOT IN NORTHSIDE TRAILER PARK! … Affordable bright living w/vaulted ceiling, wonderful laminate flooring, spacious LR, super kitchen, dining area w/china cabinet, lge. master w/WI closet, en suite, 2 more bdrm., bath, laundry room. Outdoor space offers deck, parking pad, landscaping, fencing. A must see! Ask $89,900 CA0103045

EXC. PROPERTY IN GREAT LOCATION! … Wonderful open main LISTING ! level w/bright winNEW dows, beautiful kitchen w/awesome island, huge family room, wet bar. Terrific outdoor space, deck, fruit trees, garden area, 22’x26’ double garage plus much more! C A0132666 Asking $279,900

GREAT INVESTMENT PROPERTY OR STARTER … Lots of potential w/R2 zoning. Both sides of duplex available w/separate titles, currently leased at $1200/mo. + utilities. One 4-bdrm. unit, one 3-bdrm. unit, both w/dev. bsmt. A great opportunity! CA0114578 & CA0114579 Asking $187,000 each E XC ELLEN T & AFFORDABLE! … 2-bdrm. property steps away from west end amenities. Cute kitchen, master bdrm. c/w awesome WI closet, laundry/utility room, great balcony for those nice, sunny days. Don’t hesitate on this great opportunity! C A0124321 Asking $117,900 BUNGALOW – Very well maintained, great starter! … Recently upgraded! Just move in! 1,040 sq. ft. 3+1 bedroom. Features a spacious LR, country style kitchen and MF laundry. Dev. basement with huge family/ games area. Great Yard, 24’x26’ garage and more. Lots of potential! CA0129452 Asking $285,000 BEAUTIFUL 2-BDRM. CONDO! … Centrally located close to downtown shopping, university, schools. Elevator, 2 entrances to suite. Bright open design, lovely LR, spacious dinette, kitchen, generous master, en suite. 7 appl., 2 decks. Retired, first home or investment! It’s a great opportunity! Asking $169,900 CA0116747 A TT R A C T I V E HOME, BACKING ONTO PARK! … Impressive spacious entry, great kitchen/dining room w/garden doors to back deck to enjoy those park views! Spacious LR, full bath, 2 bdrm. up. Dev. bsmt. w/lge. LR and another 2 bdrm. Lge. fenced yard, parking pad. Well maintained, great location, price point! Asking $289,900 CA0123857 TOP FLOOR FIELDSTONE CONDO, BY MIRROR LAKE! … Desired corner unit w/wrap around deck. You’ll absolutely love this beautiful bright open floor plan. Lovely 2-bdrm. unit. Cozy FP, en suite, MF laundry, lge. east facing deck. Senior friendly, underground htd. parking. Close to walking trails, city centre. Call now to view! CA0100044 Now only $269,500 WOW! AFFORDABLE, SPACIOUS 4+1 BDRM. TWO-STOREY HOME! ... 2,130 sq. ft. home, 4 bdrms. upper, 3.5 baths, 3+ living areas. Lots of room. Country style kitchen, DR, LR, 2 FR, rec. room, sunroom. Generous master, ensuite. Fenced yard, 24’x26’ garage. Spacious, affordable. Asking $263,900 CA0110254 LOOKING FOR AN AFFORDABLE HOME OR INVESTMENT PROPERTY? … Here it is! 3-bdrm. bungalow in quiet location close to schools, hockey arena, ball diamonds. Huge family room, lots of storage. Single car garage w/carport + much more! Asking $239,900 CA0098325 WONDERful SW MEADOWS HOME! … Bright open floor plan, lovely kitchen w/ island, glorious LR, DR w/ view, access to beautiful big back yard, green space. Super master w/impressive en suite, WI closet. Lge. 2nd bdrm., 4 baths, fin. bsmt., generous family room. Enjoy trails, playground, park. Attached garage, various updates. CA0129009 Asking $259,900

ACREAGES HOBBY FARM! … Just outside of Daysland, beautiful mature setting. 3.7 acres, 4 bdrm., 2 baths. Lge. LR addition w/new wood stove. Barn w/ vaulted loft, stalls, att. htd. workshop, dble. htd. garage. Perfect for horses, livestock. CA0127546 Asking $389,900 REMARKABLE PROPERTY! … 1/3 mile off Hwy 21. 10 min. to Camrose. 26 acres, 2190 sq. ft. fully fin. home + sun room. A/C, vinyl windows, 3 gas FP, newer shingles. 32’x48’ htd. shop, 32’x60’ partially htd. shop, 34’x60’ barn. 7 acres fenced, 11 acres hay, dugout, garden, masterfully landscaped. A true beauty! Asking $995,000 CA0119340 C USTOM BUILT 5-BDRM. 1585 SQ. FT. HOME … on full quarter section only 12 min. from Camrose. Open, inviting floor plan w/wonderful kitchen, hickory cabinets, ample storage, updated appl. Lge. family room w/ cozy FP, triple glazed windows, MF laundry, generous sized master w/en suite. Dev. bsmt. Lge. garden area, maint. free siding, brand new shingles. 4-wire fence, good dugouts w/ hydrant for livestock. CA0127106 Asking $1,150,000

OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE THIS ACREAGE WITHIN CAMROSE CITY LIMITS! … 2.24 acres, beautiful 2 storey home w/ over 2000 sq. ft., 4 bdrm., 3 baths, greenhouse amenities. This is a must see to appreciate the value of this property and home! Close to parks, trails. Asking $989,900 CA0112117 Awesome Acreage lifestyle, c o un t r y s id e views, on p av e m e n t ! … Exc. energy eff. home, 4.3 acres, Hwy 617. 1770 sq. ft. home. ICF basement, ICF MF w/ in-floor htg all 3 lvls. You’ll love the warmth, rustic finish, countryside views, bright windows, beautiful staircase, ceilings. Cozy LR, bright dinette, exc. kitchen, MF laundry, superb master, exc. bsmt. + more! Country lifestyle and décor, you’ll love it! Now only $525,000 CA0123637 BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME ... on this beautiful, private 3-acre parcel! Only 10 min. from Camrose, this perfect sized lot is awaiting your “big plans”. With power brought to the property and a well already dug, all you have to do is connect them. The exclusivity of this property will be sure to draw you in. Only 2 km off pavement! Asking $119,900 CA0114236

Zero step entry! STUNNING ACREAGE 5 MIN. FROM CAMROSE! … 1918 sq. ft. bungalow has 5 bdrm., 3 baths will impress you from moment you pull up! Open, bright concept floor plan, vaulted ceilings, hardwood flrg. MF deck, panoramic views on 27 acres + much more! Pride in ownership is shown throughout this property! CA0114395 Asking $1,100,000

OVER $300,000 VICTORIA PARK … Move-in ready bungalow situated perfectly across from park. 5 bdrm., open floor plan, newly updated bsmt. Double garage. Priced to sell! CA0131265 Asking $311,999

• Master planned community • Designed for active adults • No condo fees • Community lifestyle 1456 sq. ft.

Starting from $379,900


1286 sq. ft.

April 17, 2018 Camrose Booster  

Camrose, Alberta newspaper

April 17, 2018 Camrose Booster  

Camrose, Alberta newspaper