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2018 Spring Issue

APRIL 10, 2018


All in a day’s work A variety of merchandise and services, including: Farm equipment and supplies, auctions, vehicles, realty, building supplies, home décor, banking and more!

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Camrosian’s Erwin and Gloria Troppmann enjoy watching and feeding chickadees, nuthatches, woodpeckers and songbirds. However, a friendly neighbourhood squirrel feels equally entitled to the generous bounty intended for those with feathers. Erwin’s valiant effort to “squirrel-proof” their offering (which is a special blend of suet) included hanging the bag of food from an old fan belt beneath a flimsy branch. However, the ambitious, agile and persistent squirrel quickly found a way to rappel down the belt, cut his way through the nylon bag and steal a portion of food fit for a king. Just another day for wildlife that begins and ends the identical way – do whatever it takes to find food and water.

With this edition of The Super Booster, we make your hunt easy for what you need this spring – everything from farm auctions to home renovations to a new truck!

Photo by Erwin Troppmann


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Beaver Hills expansion By Lori Larsen

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Brent Calver Photo Left: The Beaver Hills Conservation area will be seeing an expansion in an effort to preserve more of the natural beauty and resources of Alberta.

Murray Green, Camrose Booster Right: Miquelon Lake Park Centre welcomes guests to part of the protected nature of the Beaver Hills area.

In an effort to conserve more of the province’s natural resources, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), the nation’s leading private, not-for-profit land conservation organization, is initiating a campaign to expand and connect the protected nature in the Beaver Hills area. With a goal to raise $20 million over five years, NCC hopes to be able to educate and engage anyone interested in protecting this beautiful natural area. Part of the initiative will involve working alongside landowners and local communities in the natural corridor between the protected areas in the northern and southern portions of Beaver Hills. The Beaver Hills area was designated as a forest reserve in 1892. The Beaver Hills Initiative was founded in 2002 as a platform to engage and educate the community on how to balance development and environmental conservation. In 2016 Beaver Hills became a Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO designation that recognizes the harmonious integration of people and nature on the land. NCC became active in this region in 2002 and has since helped conserve 3,700 acres (1,500 hectares) in the area. With the recent launch of the Beaver Hills Conservation Campaign, NCC hopes to increase their efforts. Within the Beaver Hills area are provincially and federally protected areas including Elk Island National Park, Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, Ministik Lake Bird Sanctuary, Miquelon Lake Provincial Park and the Beaverhill Lake Heritage Rangeland. “We’re so lucky to have this globally-significant landscape right in our own backyard,” said Nature Conservancy of Canada senior development officer in Alberta, Andi Romito. To learn more or get involved, visit

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SPRING FOR GREEN SALE! April 2 - May 12, 2018

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Foreign students feel at home in Homestay Network By Murray Green

Camrose and surrounding communities are home for several junior and high school students throughout the first and second semesters. Canada Homestay Network relationship manager, Gail Rombough, places the students in host family homes, so both the students and the host families can share in the exchange. She also works for Battle River School Division. “We have students in Forestburg, Viking, Sedgewick, Hay Lakes, New Norway, Bashaw and Camrose. We have a Grade 8 student and a Grade 9 student coming, but it is predominantly high school-aged students,” said Gail. “The students are here to study and receive a Canadian experience. When the BRSD accepts the students, then I look for host families that would like to have an international experience.” They do not place students of the same nationality together with a host family, so they have a true connection international student. “We don’t want them from a similar country, so they have a learning experience. The exception is if they are brother and sister and it is requested they be at the same home,” shared Gail. “We promise an Englishspeaking environment, so they can learn the language, as well as the culture.” The host families often share the local sites with the students, so they become part of the community. Some group events are planned,

so all of the international students can visit together and take in larger trips to Drumheller, or to Edmonton. “We want the students to have a positive experience and have a good time. We want to break down barriers and stereotypes to learn about their culture as well.” The program currently has 30 students from other countries. At the semester break in late January and early February, some students went home, while others were arriving. “The group from Brazil were here only for the first semester. Some countries come for the English

and culture experience. Some come to receive the Canadian diploma. Some countries allow the credit go towards their education and some countries don’t. The student’s family pays all the tuition and homestay fee, not our taxpayers, this may factor in on the students length of stay. The program also accepts scholarship students. In that case, the students are sponsored by their government. Students work hard for those scholarships, so often BRSD receives very strong students.” In that case, the education is paid for by their government. “The Asian coun-

tries are more predominant here. Their culture really promotes overseas studies and the students can earn the credits,” explained Gail. She has been the relationship manager for three years. Before that, she hosted students in her home. Natasha Wilm, Battle River School Division director of cultural and international programs, recruits students to attend school in the area. “Where the students come from also depends where we go recruiting. When we go to a country to promote BRSD at a trade show, then we will see an


File Photo, Camrose Booster Canadian high school students learn a lot from foreign visitors in the Homestay Network.

increase in students from that area,” added Natasha. “We develop relationships with agents in these countries and they promote our school division.” Once a student has decided they want a Canadian education or experience, then BRSD competes with other centres such as Ottawa and Edmonton. “We promote the fact that BRSD has smaller schools and more of a cultural exchange because of our rural connections. It is more of a personal experience and that is what they are looking for,” Natasha added. “The students receive more support in smaller communities. The parents like to know we are keeping track of the students.” Gail is always on the lookout for more host families. “We always need host families and it is a great way for people to learn another culture as well. Often the families get attached to the students and end up visiting them in their country. Most of the time people end up as friends for life,” said Gail. “We are looking for all types of homes. Some students want a quiet home so they can really study. Others want a lot of family members and pets, so they can have family fun. We match the homes to the students and it works out pretty well.” For more information, contact Gail at or call Natasha Wilm at 780672-6131, ext. 5247.

Homestay students select Canada as their first choice By Murray Green

International students want to receive part of their education in Canada and learn first hand about the northern culture. Canada Homestay Network connects foreign students to the Battle River School Division. Two students from Brazil shared their experience, while preparing to go back home. “I call my host dad my dad because they are family to me. I didn’t choose, but if I could, I would choose Canada. People come back from trips to Canada and tell me how beautiful it is, and that people are really kind and happy to receive people from other countries. Christmas in Canada was amazing,” said Jefferson Dantas, a Grade 10 student in Bashaw. “Five years ago when this program started, my sister went to New Zealand. I also have friends who went to Canada, so I wanted to go to New Zealand or Canada. We don’t get to choose the country, they choose it for you,” said Eddie Bezerra, a Grade 11 student in Sedgewick. “I wanted to come to

Canada, so it worked out for me. You have snow here.” The two boys didn’t know each other until they met on the flight prior to coming to Alberta. They live on the opposite sides of the country. “It is a Brazilian’s dream to come here and see the snow. I couldn’t believe that the country I really wanted to come to was picked for me. Sometimes I have to stop and think that I am really here. It’s wonderful,” added Jefferson. “All my friends say you have to see the snow and have fun in it,” continued Eddie. “I was very excited to come here. I already want to come back again.” About 500 Brazil students are selected to study outside of the country. More than 300 of those end up in Canada. The rest went to Chili, Argentina and United States this year. “We are supposed to get good marks here, but it doesn’t give us credits back home,” explained Jefferson. “We are here to learn and develop more English, rather than high school credit. When we get back, we put together a project about our

experience in Canada and we will receive credits for that,” shared Eddie. They are thankful they landed in rural Alberta. “Again, if I could choose, I would go to a small place, like Bashaw because you get a chance to develop more relationships,” said Jefferson. “Everybody knows you when you go to a small place or small school. If you go to a large one, they may never notice you. It makes relationships easier,” said Eddie. Both boys are eager to tell their family and friends back home that they should go to Canada for a visit. “It was awesome here and I would encourage students to come here for the experience,” said Eddie. Jefferson said he enjoyed staying with a family that had two sisters and two brothers, so he could learn from them. “I really like kids, so I was happy to go to a larger family.” Eddie went to a family with children who had already left home. “I didn’t mind that, because that was awesome, too.” Although they grew up with soccer, they admitted

that they were not good players, and liked the volleyball and hockey in Canada. “I never heard of curling before, but we got the chance to try it,” said Eddie. “You learn the culture and I like it. I think my English is better now.” Both wanted to stay longer and vow to return. Steven Elias, his wife Jennifer and four children from Bashaw, welcomed Jefferson into their home. “It’s always been a passion of my wife’s to open our house to international students. This seemed like a natural fit and the first step. She connected with Gail (Rombough) of Canada Homestay Network. Our family loved having Jefferson and it is sad to see him go. However, as we speak, my wife is at the airport picking up another student, so we will have two students for three or four days before he goes home. This student is from Japan,” explained Steven. Denise and Stein Hardon were excited to add Eddie into the family. “We talked about it for awhile. Stein actually came over on an agricultural exchange (Denmark) and we met here.

Our three children have grown up and moved on. We have a big house with extra bedrooms, so we decided to give it a try. We have some friends from Killam who have done it for a few years. I actually went to school with Gail, so I knew about the program,” shared Denise. They, too, are receiving another student (from Korea) for the second semester. “It has been a great experience and it is amazing what you learn.” Not only do the host families learn about other countries, they also have a greater appreciation of their own backyard. “Sometimes we take them to see things that we haven’t seen. It gives us a chance to see Jasper or Banff that we normally wouldn’t take the time to do. It’s a chance to show off our backyard,” said Steven. “We’ve never gone to the mountains in the winter. It is the most beautiful place in the world,” added Denise. All host families say the same thing: they get attached to the students and it is a great experience.

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Miller’s Auction Service Upcoming Sales for 2018

Saturday, May 5, 10:00 a.m. Unreserved Farm Sale for Larry and Ardis Chambers of Westerose, AB Sunday, May 27, 10:00 a.m. Unreserved Acreage and Antique Auction Sale for Harry and Sandra Borys of Falun, AB Saturday, June 2, 10:00 a.m. Unreserved Farm Sale for Lloyd and Esther Kadatz of New Sarepta, AB Saturday, June 9, 10:00 a.m. Unreserved Farm Sale for Peter and Joanne Babwik of Millet, AB Saturday, June 16, 10:00 a.m. Unreserved Farm Sale for the Estate of Jeannette Busenius of New Sarepta, AB Saturday, June 21, 10:00 a.m. Retirement / Close Out Auction for Art’s Service & Repair of Thorsby, AB Saturday, June 23, 10:00 a.m. Unreserved Acreage Sale for Ruth Harrison of Thorsby, AB Saturday, July 7, 10:00 a.m. Unreserved Farm Sale for Gordon and Lorrie Swanson of Thorsby, AB If you’re thinking of having a spring/summer sale, please call one of our auction representatives for a consultation with no obligation!


Tom and Brenda Griffiths – Ponoka, AB LOCATED: From the east side of Ponoka, go 9.6 km east on Hwy 53, then 3.5 km south on Rosas Road (Rge Rd 244). Gate Sign – 423070 Rge Rd 244 FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Tom Griffiths at 403-704-5588 or 403-783-5740 Griffiths have a very nice herd of cows and a lot of good cattle equipment, shop tools & antiques. Note: the crowding tub & some panels need to remain until cows are loaded out.

TRACTOR • 2002 John Deere 7510 MFWD w/ JD 740 loader, 8’ bucket & grapple, 5761 hrs @ booking, 3pt hitch, LH reverser, joystick, 16 spd PowrQuad trans, 3 hyd, 540/1000 PTO, 20.8R38 sgls, one season on new front tires, vg cond, SN RW7510R073865 • Frontier bale spear to fit JD 740 loader CATTLE • 40 cow/calf pairs, mostly Saler/Angus cross, 2nd to 5th calvers, bred back Charolais & Saler, Feb/Mar calves • 20 home raised 1st calf heifers, Saler/ Angus cross, bred to Saler bulls, will have Feb/Mar calves CATTLE EQUIPMENT • HiLine Bale Pro 8000 bale processor, RH discharge, 16.5Lx16.1 tires, shedded, one owner, purchased new Nov/06, SN 80004457 • 20’ Tram HD flex chain pasture harrows, 5/8” tines (two 10’ sections) • 9’ IH sickle mower w/ hyd • HiHog cattle handling system incl squeeze, palp cage, 2 sec S-alley, 2 rolling gates, crowding tub plus a 3rd S-alley w/ walk thru & rolling gate • HiHog maternity pen • Easy Way 250 bu creep feeder • Seventeen 24’ free standing windbreaks; Two 30’ free standing windbreaks • Twenty-six 24’ free standing corral panels (1 w/ 12’ gate) • Six HD feed bunks, pipe & belting (4-30’ / 2-16’) • Two calf shelters, pipe & wood (10’x32’ / 10’x24’) • Seven HD bale feeders, pipe & wood (4 sgl / 2 dbl / 1 tpl) • Qty HiHog HD corral panels (3’, 6’, 12’, 14’ w/ gate); qty HiHog gates (10’-14’) • Qty 10’ HiHog & Prairie corral panels; five 10’ HiHog feed panels • Corral panel transport trailer • Two mineral / salt sheds • 6’ Ritchie waterer; Easy Way poly calf warmer w/ heater; Medi Dart; calf puller; vet supplies; qty posts & wire;

manual headgate; wood creep feeder; qty elec fencers, posts & wire; Parmak solar fencer TRAILERS • 16’ Goertzen TA stock trailer, bumper pull, 1996, rubber mat • 12’ TA trailer, bumper pull, 6-1/2’W – 1’ sides, ramps, 6 bolt rims, hm built BINS / AUGERS / ROCK PICKER • Two 2600 bu+/- Behlen grain bins, 15’9” dia, on concrete (purchaser to remove) • Westeel 1650 bu+/- bin, 14’x5 ring, wood floor • Westfield 7”x41’ PTO auger • Westfield 6”x36’ auger w/ newer 13hp Honda (Selling for Jeff Albers 403-7831145) • Degelman R570S rock picker, newer batts, hyd drive (Selling for Jeff Albers 403-783-1145) CONTAINERS • 40’ shipping container, 9-1/2’H x 8’W • 20’ shipping container, 8’H x 8’W UTILITY VEHICLE • 2014 Polaris Ranger XP 900EFI side by side, 4x4, showing 4428 km, steel doors, 4000 lb winch w/ remote, 3 seater, tilt box, one owner

LAWNMOWER & YARD EQUIP • 2017 John Deere Z355R zero turn lawnmower, only 24 hrs, 48” deck, 22hp • Westward 3pt hitch sprayer, 30’+/-, 200 AUCTIONEER’S NOTES gal, PTO pump • All goods are sold on an “as-is”, “where is” basis and any description, verbal or in • Westward 3pt hitch grass/fertilizer advertising, of goods is set out or offered spreader, used once as a guide only. The Auctioneer accepts • Danville Express No Drift chemical no responsibility for errors in description, applicator, 4’, pull type


it being the responsibility of prospective

buyers to inspect the goods before the sale SHOP EQUIP & MISC and satisfy themselves as to condition, age, • Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC welder; hyd authenticity, make or model. shop press w/ 20T air jack; General Mfg 490 Industrial wood band saw; Delta • All hours and kilometres are unverified. • If paying by cheque and unknown to Auction drill press; propane/oxy cutting torch Company, we require a letter of reference set w/ bottles & cart; Westward 5hp from your bank. pressure washer; JD air compressor; • See complete terms and conditions on our Makita chop saw; Rigid 10” compound website.

CAMROSE, AB Phone 780-672-1105 • Fax 1-888-870-0958 Email AB License 334038

ALVIN MILLER – 780-789-2226 or Cell 780-920-6738 TREVOR MILLER – Cell 780-722-2705 DARCY SHEETS – Kingman, Rosalind, Viking – Cell 780-336-6485


mitre saw; Makita mitre saw; new auto darkening welding helmet; Honda 4hp banjo pump • 16’ wood work bench; air tool set; dbl tool cabinet; Roto ¾” drive socket set; Husqvarna chain saw; elec tools (Dewalt/Makita); Laser level; jack stands; weedeater; backpack sprayer; hand tools • White 10-28 snowblower, 10hp, vg cond • Two 380/85R30 tires (JD 7510); four 12” unused quad tires • 100 gal slip tank w/ 12V pump; 500/300 gal fuel tanks/stands; 6’ SA trailer; 1250 gal poly tank & 4’ HD pipe water tank stand; qty 32” low ribbed tin; T posts; 8 secs well head fencing; pipe & tubing ANTIQUES • Dbl sided “Sweet Caporal Cigarettes” sign, 5’ • Two stoves (Jewel & Charter Oak) • Antique furniture (dough table, 5 dressers, wood chairs, chrome table) • Two red wagons (Radio Flyer, Henry Express); antique sled; snow shoes • Crocks & jugs; copper boilers; coal pails; wash tubs; CP rail dolly; trunk; saws; cream cans; cast iron tub; beer keg (Northwest Brewing Co.); six rustic wood flower boxes; three rustic birdhouse / planter boxes • Antique windows (3/4/6 pane); five 45 gal barrels (Imp Oil, Red Head); coal stoker; horse drawn mower

“For reasonable rates and excellent, friendly service, give us a call”

License No. 200809 • Box 71, Sunnybrook, AB

Bat & Glove S•A•L•E

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Gamer XLE 11.75” $169.99


Submitted Accepting a donation on behalf of the Wilderness Family Camp is Janet Dereniuk from Lloyd Nelson, governor of the Loyal Order of Moose Camrose.



6120-48 Avenue, Camrose



RCS 13”




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Farley came to Camrose to sell real estate


By Murray Green

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Latisha Dingman Photo The Camrose Peewee Drillers and families were in the community on Feb. 6 serving soup and making meaningful connections. This was a tremendous opportunity for the players. The goal was for them to see and experience that it takes only a small group to do great things for many and it was a success. At CityLights Church, from left to right, Rylan Kelndorfer, Jack Davies, Carter Welke, Connor Johnson, Colby Johnson, Nate Gotaas, Jeremy Burr, Michael Dingman, Nikkao Goba, Dawson Sparrow and Dylan Kvale.

Frank Farley left his impact in the community. He was a leader in Rotary, church, community and set up several bird sanctuaries in Alberta including the one at Miquelon Lake. Dr. Glen Hvenegaard, professor at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus explained the life and times of Farley during a Rotary Club of Camrose luncheon at the Camrose Resort Casino on Jan. 15. “Frank Farley was born in St. Thomas, Ontario and made his way west arriving in the 1890s and onto Camrose in 1907 where he started a real estate business. He made his biggest impact during his stay in our community,” said Hvenegaard. “He will be remembered for the organizations he was involved in including the Rotary Club.” Farley developed a love for birds from his mother and a friend, Will Saunders. “He worked in a bank, studied to become a teacher, but his heart was always in studying birds. He was active in several groups. Then he decided to head west to Calgary and took the railway north to Red Deer and settled in the area as a 22-year-old.” The wildlife was abundant, but he began to notice the changes. Not only were the buffalo disappearing, so too were some other animals and birds. He began to record observations such as when birds migrated. He noticed flock after flock of snowgeese quickly flying by as they tried to stay ahead of a cold winter storm. “Throughout the day and night the sounds of the snowgeese could be heard. The noise was almost deafening as they flew 100 feet above my cabin roof. The snow fell constantly during the 24 hours, but the geese never seemed to lose their bearings as they were all rushing south. It ended just as abruptly as it began,” said Hvenegaard as he quoted Farley’s writing. He wrote many papers, the majority of which appeared in the Canadian Field-Naturalist. Farley won wide recognition on the continent as a lover and student of birds and an ardent conservationist. Farley left his legacy on the United Church through a stained glass window located in the church sanctuary. Continued on page 7

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 10, 2018 – Page 7

Farley visited Camrose, stayed for the nature Continued from page 6

Farley was a Methodist and was the chair of the committee that helped with the merger of the Methodist Church with the United Church to create Camrose United Church. He was also one of the founding fathers of the Rotary Club. He was of the community leaders that boarded the Booster train that travelled across Canada and the United States that brought back a lot of business and residents in 1912. In 1921, one of the first bird sanctuaries was established at Miquelon Lake just north of Camrose and he served as warden until 1931. This is now part of the Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. He had a vengeance against crows because they feed on many of the eggs of birds he was studying. “He organized school children to kill crows and present the crow feet to the Bailey Theatre to get into movies for free entrance. He totalled it up to 17,000 crows that were eliminated in the area,” informed Dr. Hvenegaard. “Today, we don’t know if crows are necessarily the problem. He also used crows to study bird migration.” Farley started the annual Christmas bird count that is still going today. “We now have a comparison of the bird counts from then and now. He promoted that everyone learn about birds and help study the migration.” In 1918, Farley began documenting the flight of purple martins, a task that Hvenegaard has carried on today. “Purple martins return to the same area every year. So, we are probably seeing birds that are related to the first ones he banded and studied many years ago. We have him to thank for that.” He is credited by his nephew Farley Mowat with mentoring him to become a nature writer. He seized every opportunity to travel the province to gather data for a work on Alberta birds. Frank published a book, Birds of the Battle River Region of Central Alberta in 1932. Farley died in 1949 leaving a legacy in the Camrose area.


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Glen Hvenegaard discusses Frank Farley

Rotary Club of Camrose member Tim Vant, left, presented $1,000 to Pat Carlson, the winner of the February Rotary Cares Raffle.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 10, 2018 – Page 8

Remember tax forms By Ketchum Canada

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POLICE DONATIONS Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Camrose Police Association president Constable Jason Schiebelbein, left, presents a donation to École Sifton School librarian Megan Grant, centre and vice-principal Lloyd Mackenzie. The funds will be used towards upgrading the Learning Commons.

We asked H&R Block employees to anonymously share the most embarrassing tax questions they’ve been asked and the responses don’t disappoint. To help address any burning questions Canadians might be harbouring, below are some anonymous questions that H&R Block tax professionals have been asked, and the surprising answers. Q: I suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease and was told by my doctor to take Imodium. Can I claim this expense on my taxes? A: Unfortunately, you can’t claim over-thecounter medication, even if it was recommended by a doctor. However, prescription medications can be claimed, so consider speaking to your doctor about options. Q: I’m a model and am encouraged by my agents to get monthly spray tans and bikini waxes. Can I claim this? A: If your employer requires you to pay for the cost of a spray tan or bikini wax as a condition of your income, then you can claim those expenses. As well, any items required specifically for a photo shoot are tax deductible, such as eyelash extensions. However, in order to make these claims you will need a signed Declaration of Conditions of Employment (T2200) indicating you are required to pay these expenses. Q: I moved across the country for a job offer, but had to make special travel arrangements for my three pet tarantulas, can I claim that? A: You certainly can! Moving expenses incurred by all members of your household, including pets, can be claimed as a result of a job offer, but keep in mind that expenses are deductible only from employment or business income earned at the new job location. Q: My boyfriend’s sixyear-old son with his previous girlfriend and that child’s half-sister (who is not related to my boyfriend) just moved in to our apartment. Can I claim the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) for them even though I’m not related to either child or married? Help! A: Related or not, if you and your boyfriend now have primary care and responsibility or shared custody of the children you can apply to receive the CCB by completing the Canada Child Benefits Application form (RC66).

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Genealogy GenFair coming to Camrose By Lori Larsen

The Camrose branch, of the Alberta Genealogical Society (AGS) is proud to host the All Roads Lead To Family 2018 Alberta Genealogical Society GenFair, on April 21 from 9:30 a.m. until approximately 3 p.m. at the Camrose Masonic Hall. “Every second year the AGS has a three day conference in Edmonton,” said Camrose Genealogical Society vice-president Janine Carroll. “Then on the off year there is a one day GenFair that travels around the province.” Ca r r ol l sa id t he G en Fa i r ho st e d in Ca mrose is hoping to attrac t approx i mat ely 100 attendees. “Normally there are about 60 attendees that come from around the province that will be staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants, filling up with gas and using other Camrose amenities and services.”

Attendees will be coming from all points in the province, including Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Brooks and Grand Prairie. “We also want to encourage people from Camrose and area to come out and listen to the presentations,” said Carroll. The event will include tables hosted by other genealogy societies from throughout the province, who will be available for questions and offering material for attendees to view. “We (Camrose branch) are having a table and will be offering materials such as community books, magazines and other genealogical research items that people can take, for a donation if they wish,” explained Camrose Genealogical Society president Deb Trout. Continued on page 11

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Camrose Branch of the Alberta Genealogy Society vice-president Janine Carroll, left, and president Deb Trout, on behalf of the Society, donated several children’s books on the subject of family history and genealogy to help school children to become interested in their lineage, to the Camrose Public Library. The books were purchased from funds given to the Alberta Genealogy Society as part of a Canada 150 grant, then dispersed to local branches.

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Discover family history with genealogy Continued from page 10

Registration for the GenFair will begin at 9:30 a.m. and includes a nominal fee to assist in covering costs, followed by guest speakers beginning at 10:30 a.m. “We have Rosella Peterman, a retired land title searcher from Bashaw coming to speak,” said Trout. Petterman will speak about using land title searches as another avenue for researching ancestry. “Then we have Glynys Hohmann, the team lead for government records. She is coming to speak on the government records and what is available there for doing genealogy.” Camrose Genealogical Society members will be supplying tea, coffee, water and light snacks and people attending the event will be eligible for a door prize of an Ancestry DNA kit. “An important phrase in the genealogy world is that it is not all online,” noted Trout. “You can get a lot online, but there is a lot of information that is not.”

Attending such an event will afford people interested in discovering and uncovering their ancestry an opportunity to speak with experts in the field. “We are encouraging attendees to bring their lunch and mingle and ask questions of people who have worked at genealogy for years,” said Carroll. “Genealogists love to talk,” laughed both Carroll and Trout. “And they love to share their craft and their knowledge and teach,” commented Carroll. The Camrose branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society, as well as the Alberta Genealogical Society, are reaching out to youth and encouraging them to learn more about their ancestry. “We would like to touch base with teachers who may be working on curriculum in genealogy,” encouraged Carroll. “We have a lot of information, including workbooks, that they can download and copy.” The society invites any schools in Camrose and area to invite members of

the society to speak to students about genealogy and researching their ancestors’ past. The Camrose Genealogical Society will also be displaying books and material at the Camrose Public Library. Materials that can be used for genealogical research are stored at the Camrose Public Library and are available to the public. Anyone interested in locating information about their own genealogy can contact any member of the Camrose Society to view the material. The Camrose Genealogical Society meets monthly from September to June, the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Camrose Public Library. Anyone is welcome to come for a visit or join in the quest for the past as a member of the Society. For more information on the Camrose branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society, visit the website at camrosegenealogy.weebly. com/.

KITTY CARE Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster With the warmer weather, pets will want to be outside more and residents are cautioned to keep their pets safe in their own yards. Camrose and Area Animal Shelter treasurer Lynn Horsman holds Jet, one of the many cats waiting for a forever home at the Shelter.

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Nordlys Film Festival shows Wilson short film By Murray Green

The Nordlys Film Festival featured local artist, Bashaw filmmaker Ben Wilson. The Art of Living is a 27-minute documentary directed by Ben that was shown in the Albert Shorts series at the Bailey Theatre on Feb. 17. “The film is about Ed McFadden, a 91-year-old artist who expresses his life through art. He lost his vision quite a number of years ago. He could no longer paint, no longer do a lot of the things he did before. He’s chosen to rediscover himself, finding new ways to express himself,” explained Ben. “It about him creating new meaning in his life.” After losing his eyesight, his wife, his home and his independence, he

found change and human connection. And he’s a great dancer. “Dancing and creating handmade Valentine’s cards for people in the lodge are his way to create a meaningful life, even though he lives alone and has no children. He has all of these reasons to be isolated and to feel alone, but he is the exact opposite.” No script was written for the film. “It started with Ed’s sister Mary organizing a monthly jam session at the back of Majestic Theatre on Main Street in Bashaw. She organized these dances and knew that I did video stuff. She asked me to record the old folks shuffling around the hardwood floor. I thought it kind of sounded neat, so I said I would,” shared Ben.

“I didn’t get around to it right away, but she kept hounding me to do it. I came on a Sunday afternoon and saw all of these people in their 70s and 80s dancing around and thought this is really cool.” Soon Ben was thinking ahead. “Instead of just shooting for her, I was thinking about a story. I started asking people why do they come to the dances and for how long. Then I met her brother Ed. I knew this was the guy to be the centre of the story. Over time, it morphed into an almost biographical documentary of his life beyond just the dancing. This was just one dimension of a very complex life.” Wilson was born and raised in Ponoka. He has always had a thirst for

Ed McFadden, left, joined Ben Wilson at the film festival.

adventure and a passion for telling stories. The art of visual storytelling began as an amateur attempt to share these adventures with his friends and family, but soon devel-

oped into the craft of documentary filmmaking and freelance video production, when Ben left his past career in aerospace engineering and never looked back. Continued on page 13

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Nordlys Festival shows Wilson film Continued from page 12

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“I’ve been working with video for about eight years. I do a lot of travel throughout Alberta and have clients across the province. It has worked out very well for me.” Ben has been attending the Nordlys Festival for three years. It inspired him to make the film rath-

er than just videos for business. “This was a passion project for me. It was a dream come true for me to have my film played here. I came here and watched a film called Mending the Line and it really moved me. I have got to, one day, make a film worthy of this screen and this festival. That was my ultimate

goal. I submitted my film to other festivals and got turned down by every one of them, but I didn’t care. Then I heard from Hans Olson who said they wanted to screen it here. I told my wife if no one picks it up, but it is shown at the Nordlys, then it is a dream come true. Watching these films here fuels my fire.”

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Lip smacking good time at street barbecue By Lori Larsen

City of Camrose council approved a street closure and a grant funding request for $1,015 from the Camrose Kinsmen Club for the “Battle River BBQ Showdown” to be held on Aug. 18 and 19 at the Rudy Swanson Park and part of the Recreation Centre parking lot. The grant fund will be used to cover the $315 three day land rental and $700 stage rental and will be funded from the Community Assistance Account. The event is planned as a free family based festival and is one of eight other sanctioned professional competitions under the Kansas City BBQ Society. Competitors from across Western Canada will be in Camrose competing for coveted barbecue titles. The festival will include a kids grounds with inf latable playground and other activities, trade show, food trucks, live local music and other performance groups, full Kansas City BBQ Society professional barbecue competition, car show, beer gardens and a family movie night.

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Killam RCMP investigate theft By Murray Green

Killam RCMP responded to a break and enter with theft at an energy site near Range Road 142 in Flagstaff County that occurred between midnight and 8 a.m. on March 26. The suspect(s) cut locks at the property and access was gained to several buildings. A number of items were stolen including copper wire and cables. Damages to the building and theft of property is estimated to be about $250,000. Killam RCMP continue to investigate and are asking for the public’s assistance. If you have information about this incident, call the RCMP at 780385-3509, or call your local police. If you want to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), by Internet at www.tipsub, or by SMS (check your local Crime Stoppers for instructions).

Donation to BRCF The Battle River Community Foundation received a $30,000 donation from Bob and Linda Coutts. The donation fulfilled a pledge by Linda and Bob Coutts to match funds raised at a 2017 Community Builders Dinner honoring the Coutts’ contributions to Forestburg and area. Income from the Coutts Fund will support projects and programs that benefit residents of the Forestburg community. The Battle River Community Foundation exists to enable donors to establish or contribute to funds, such as this, in East Central Alberta. The principal of these endowment funds are kept intact and the income is made available annually to support local projects and organizations that provide a benefit to local communities and have a positive impact on the future. Since it was founded in 1995, the Battle River Community Foundation has granted over $5,445,000 from funds established by generous residents of the Battle River Region. To learn more about the Battle River Community Foundation contact Dana Andreassen, executive director, at 780-679-0449.

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NDP budget cash grab

By Wes Taylor, MLA Battle River-Wainwright

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The main take-away from last week’s budget announcement is that the NDP is excited about running up a $96 billion debt; a debt that Albertan’s will be paying off for successive generations. In a vapid, and thoroughly uninspiring, speech we should be grateful that Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci at least confirmed the bad news that a re-elected NDP government would implement Justin Trudeau’s desired 67 per cent hike to the carbon tax, increasing it from $30 to $50 per tonne. This is, at least, an honest statement to Albertans when compared to 2015, when the planned carbon tax, conveniently, did not make it into their election platform. The NDP has also admitted that this higher carbon tax will not be offset by rebates to Albertans, and that all the additional revenue will be spent on whatever the government wants, and not green programs as the government originally promised. Of course, the NDP really have no option, but to increase this punitive, ill conceived, ideological driven tax. Since they came to office they have increased spending by 16 per cent. By 2023, spending will have grown by 35 per cent, faster than inflation or population growth. Frighteningly the NDP characterize this level of spending as ‘restraint.’ When this accidental NDP government came to office, the total liabilities of the Government of Alberta were $13 billion. As mentioned above, last week’s budget ensures they will run up a total debt of at least $96 billion by 2023. That’s an astronomical 638 per cent increase. Why is this so wrong? It’s wrong because it means that in order to service the debt the NDP is costing Albertan’s nearly $2 billion in interest payments per annum. Putting this in context, $2 billion is more than the budget of 19 of the 23 provincial government departments or enough money to build eight hospitals the size of Wainwright’s. Worse, by 2023, the debt payments will nearly double to $3.7 billion. There is a huge paradox at the heart of NDP logic. The NDP claim that their high spending is “compassionate” and avoids “deep cuts” in services. However, the truth is that their over spending means more and more of our tax dollars will be going to repay and enrich bankers and bond holders, rather than funding public services. Therefore, less will be available for social programs and unless they drive taxes up further, front line services cannot come under scrutiny. Frustratingly, this is a lesson that Canadian governments from left to right had learned through bitter experience in the 1990s. As I have acknowledged before, the NDP are not responsible for the precipitous drop in global commodity prices. The problem is they are not responsible, ever. We have seen energy market prices rebound and similar economies elsewhere, our neighbor Saskatchewan is a good example, recover. All the while Alberta’s fiscal situation has deteriorated. There is no hiding the fact that the NDP’s policies are turning a drama into a crisis. Take for example the hiked taxes on individuals and businesses the NDP introduced. They argued that this would bring in more money for government programs. But, year after year, revenues have declined as higher taxes and costly regulations have driven away investment and suppressed economic growth. I’m no economist but surely someone in this socialist government has heard of the Laffer Curve? Perhaps it should be a compulsory topic in sociology classes. Clearly prairie New Democrats like Tommy Douglas and Roy Romanow did have knowledge of the Laffer Curve. They were fiscally responsible and they understood the perils of being trapped into the downward cycle of higher public debt. Aside from the all too apparent failure of the NDP’s approach, it is also very unfair to dig deeper into the Alberta taxpayers’ pockets when Alberta has the most inefficient provincial government in Canada, and by far the highest per capita program spending. It does not have to be like this. By returning the Alberta economy to a modest three per cent growth, together with a freeze on additional spending, we can get our province’s finances into balance in the next term of government. You can contact Wes Taylor, MLA Battle River-Wainwright at his office 780-842-6177 or fax 780- 842-3171.

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We Made History!

Bawlf and District H History Book Volume II

(o cial name forthcoming) is in the (offi planning stages. This new book will p continue documenting our community’s con history from 1980 to present day, and hi those who live or have lived in the t community are invited to submit their co stories. In addition to vital statistics like stor birth dates, deaths and marriages, we bi want to hear stories about school days, wa sporting events, and life in general! It’s spo your submissions that will make this yo project a success, and our book will not pro be complete without them!

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The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 10, 2018 – Page 18

St. Mar y’s Hospital stroke lead Szt ym receives Sisters of Providence award By Murray Green

Heart and stroke lead Melissa Sztym of Covenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital Camrose was honoured with the Sisters of Providence award at the Milestones Long Service Celebrations banquet at the Camrose Resort Casino in March.

Cherylyn Antymniuk, St. Mary’s site administrator, talked about the dedication of the award winning team. “Congratulations to all of the 15 nominations for the 2018 Sisters of Providence Award. Melissa Sztym, you are a driving force to initiate

Karen Burton, right, received a gift and rose for her service of 30 years as a nurse and clinical safety coordinator from site administrator Cherylyn Antymniuk at the event.

Registered nurse Leora Hopfe, right, received a gift and rose from emergency manager Michelle Solverson for reaching 30 years of service at the Covenant Health St. Mary's Hospital Milestones Awards.

pilots, and implement real presence desktop and skype for business service delivery. Your team was the first in Alberta to offer clinical services by means of remote telehealth into their home and into the community,” said Cherylyn. “This intuitive initiative was used for 56 sessions, saving about 5,500 kilometres in mileage in staff travel time. The savings has been reinvested back into client care allowing for increased capacity within this program. This model is being adopted provincially now by other sites that offered early supportive discharge in heart and stroke services,” she added. “Based on the success of Melissa and her heart and stroke team, stroke care has a positive impact and it has access to skill care providers throughout the province due to this initiative,” said Cherylyn. “You work well as a team and collaborate with other teams in St. Mary’s Hospital. Heavy workloads do not deter you from putting the patients first. You put the patients best interests at heart throughout their hospital journey. You care for your co-workers. When one hurts, you all do. You support and comfort each other, as well as celebrating achievements and life experiences together,” said Cherylyn. “Covenant Health St. Mary’s wouldn’t be what it is today without the investment each one of you made in dedication to serving patients, collaborating with your colleagues and providing best practice models. You have overcome obstacles, seized opportunities and you continue to grow. It is a time to reflect about where you have come from, where we currently are and where we are going as an organization as well.” Unit 1 and 3 LPN Kathryn Lohr reached the milestone of 40 years of dedication to the hospital. RN’s Michele Laird, Bernie Gumpinger and Janice Throndson all

Heart and stroke lead Melissa Sztym at St. Mary’s Hospital was presented the Sisters of Providence Award for her dedication and service from board members, left to right, Darren Lockhart, David Francoeur, Carolyn Andersen and Agnes Hoveland.

reached the milestone of 35 years. Karen Burton, Leora Hopfe, Bernadette Kasa, Celine Tritten, Jacalyn Brausen, Christine Wahl and Lee-Ann Campbell received special honour for reaching 30 years of service. RN’s Lisa Bernard and Carla Schultz were honoured for 25 years of service.

Retiring employees Renita Sware Hines and Judy Lynch were also celebrated. In total, 55 staff members were honoured for 980 years of service. St. Mary’s Hospital has about 389 staff members, around 80 volunteers and 76 beds. It was founded by the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul in 1924.

Registered nurse Michele Laird of Unit 2 was congratulated for her 35 years by manager Kim Roberts at the Covenant Health St. Mary's Hospital Milestones awards in March.

Registered nurse Bernie Gumpinger was honoured for her 35 years of dedication to Covenant Health St. Mary's Hospital by emergency manager Michele Solverson during the milestones event.

Kathryn Lohr, LPN nurse, received a gift and rose for her 40 years by Unit 1 and 3 manager Joann Reinhart at the Covenant Health Milestones Service Awards banquet at the Camrose Resort Casino.

The SPRING SUPER BOOSTER, April 10, 2018 – Page 19

Camrose prepares for music festival Submitted

The Camrose and District Music Festival will take place from April 16 to 20 at various venues. A grand concert will be held on Monday, April 23 beginning at 7 p.m. in the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre. The following adjudicators will be sharing their expertise with the participants and audience members for the 2018 Camrose and District Music Festival. Mikolaj Warszynski— piano. Mikolaj has performed in recitals across North America, Europe and Asia, and enjoys a versatile career as a pianist, lecturer and pedagogue. A Canadian pianist of Polish origin, Mikolaj performs extensively as a soloist and as a chamber musician, and is equally comfortable playing music of the baroque, classical and contemporary repertoire. Mikolaj is a recipient of numerous scholarships, grants, and awards from Canada and abroad and was a gold medalist in the Festival de Musique du Royaume du Québec. He completed his bachelor’s degree in piano performance at the University of Alberta and participated in masterclasses at the Aspen School of Music in Colorado and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. In Europe, he furthered his graduate studies “cum laude” at the Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands, where he was awarded a Sauter grand piano on loan from the National Instrument Foundation in Amsterdam. Upon his return to Canada, he became artistin-residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts before completing both his master’s and doctorate degrees at the University of Montreal. He is a recipient of a doctorate scholarship from the Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture du Quebec in support of his dissertation entitled “Exoticism and intercultural influences in the piano cycle Metopes (1915) by Karol Szymanowski.” In addition to an active performing career, professor Mikolaj has been invited to present lectures and masterclasses in Canada, Poland and in the United States for the College of Music Society. He has taught piano in Canada at

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George Singer 1.888.546.3070 the Université de Montréal and at the Cégep de Drummondville. Most recently, Mikolaj returned from a two-year teaching position as assistant professor in piano at the Catholic University of Daegu in South Korea and has been invited to teach annual summer piano masterclasses at the

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Flaine Opus74 Academy in the French Alps. Currently, he is director of the Chopin Piano Studio in Edmonton. His most recent CD, with music by Haydn, Liszt, Szymanowski and Chopin, has been released on the French label Anima Records in 2015, and has received excellent reviews.

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April 10, 2018 Super Booster  

Camrose, Alberta newspaper, extended coverage

April 10, 2018 Super Booster  

Camrose, Alberta newspaper, extended coverage