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Vol. LXV, No. 33    City – 32 pages    Country – 48 pages    July 11, 2017

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It’s 1932. It’s a sweltering hot and dusty day in Camrose. Tired and down on his luck, hobo Norm Prestage, who just “rode the rails” from a province somewhere east of Alberta, is welcomed to this small prairie town. He’s grateful for a bite to eat courtesy of Amielle Christopherson, an employee of the Canadian Northern Railway.

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News Features Camrose celebrates Canada Day with loads of fun. . . . . . . . . . 8 Be a Tourist in Your Own Town. . . . . . 11 BRSD gives Christian Academy a year’s notice . . . . . . . . . . 17 Fire in Creekview destroys two houses under construction . . . . . 24 Reflections Column by Bonnie Hutchinson. . . . 4

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Listen Up! Canada

The Great Depression, a ten-year period from 1929 through 1939, was a period of unsurpassed desperation for Canadians. Jobs were few and far between. Money was scarce. Property values plummeted. Farms and homes, in staggering numbers, were turned over to banks when loans could not be repaid. With little to no money and very little reason to remain optimistic, individuals and, in some cases, whole families, thousands in number, hopped freight trains weekly, in a valiant (but usually vain) attempt to cross the land in search of work. They expected little – just work, any kind of work, to get enough money for very basic food, clothing and shelter. These folk were routinely known as hobos. Camrose Heritage Railway Station and Park will recognize these hard times in an event called Hobo Day on Saturday, July 15th. The goal of the day is a combination of entertainment and education for all age groups. You will learn how frugally these down-on-their-luck people were forced to live; how songs and friendships brightened their lives; and how a unique “code” prevailed in the hobo jungles of Canada; the unwritten, but respected, “law” used when large numbers of destitute and homeless, well-intentioned people congregated in the same location. This is a Canada 150th event not to be missed.

Photo by Ron Pilger

*partial coverage

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CAMROSE DENTURE CLINIC 4867-51 Street, Camrose

Diabetes basic session program offered By Murray Green

Camrose and area residents working to manage pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes are invited to a free Alberta Health Services (AHS) information session. The session, Diabetes: The Basics, will be held

on Thursday, July 13 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Camrose Community Health Centre (5510-46 Avenue). It will be a six-hour group session offered by AHS professionals who share their expertise, provide information and


Murray Green, Camrose Booster Paint Pottery owner Vonnie Strilchuk, left, received some assistance from Camrose Tourism director Jennifer Filip, Downtown Camrose president Kim Lindballe, social media coordinator Ashley Meadahl, Camrose Chamber of Commerce vice-president Trevor Vinet and Crafty Crafters owner Tanya Fox. They marked the grand opening on June 9.

encourage discussions that can help participants better manage their condition. The session is offered to people at risk of developing diabetes, as well as those who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes. Participants will

learn about what diabetes is, foods that affect blood sugar, blood glucose monitoring and control, medications for diabetes, what to do during an illness, how physical activity affects blood sugar and the importance of foot care.

R eg istration is required as the date and time are subject to change. For more information and to register to attend, call the Alberta Healthy Living Program Central Zone at 1-877-314-6997.

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REFLECTIONS by Bonnie Hutchinson Scam alert and police humour

The text message surprised me. It was from the friendly folks at Canada Revenue Agency letting me know that my tax refund was being processed. The text message had a link to find out more and a reference number. It happens that over the past couple of months, I’ve had several conversations with the friendly folks at Canada Revenue Agency. For the record, “friendly folks” is not sarcasm. In each case, the folks at Canada Revenue Agency actually were friendly. They answered the phone quickly (no experiencing high call volumes nonsense) and found the answers to my questions quickly and courteously. One of my questions was related to a tax refund that’s been in the works for a while. Although I had not expected a text message, I had been expecting some kind of communication from Canada Revenue Agency. I re-read the text message and clicked on the link. ***

The link took me to a site with the Canada Revenue Agency logo. It asked for the reference number, my name and some other identifying information that made sense to me. And then came a question that didn’t make sense: “card number” of where to deposit the refund. Card number? Since when does the Canada Revenue Agency need a card number? They can arrange to deposit an amount directly into a bank account. They will mail cheques to a mailing address. Neither one of those requires a card number. The kicker was when the supposed official communication asked for the 3-digit CVV number from the back of the card. They weren’t asking for a debit card number; they wanted a credit card number. That’s when I knew for sure it was a scam. I closed the website and deleted the text message. ***

It occurred to me that right about now, many people may be expecting a refund from Canada Revenue Agency. Like me, they may get sucked into responding to an official looking text message. Thinking that many others besides me were probably targeted, I phoned the friendly folks at Canada Revenue Agency to let them know about the phony text message. I learned that Canada Revenue Agency is aware of the scam. The person I spoke with reinforced that the Canada Revenue Agency communicates via letter or, in some cases, phone, but the tax folks never communicate via text messages. Now you know, too. ***

This isn’t exactly connected, except that it relates to another form of criminal activity–property crime–and an official government body–the police service. Driving down an Edmonton avenue, a friend and I saw this sign. We laughed and drove around the block to see it again. The sign said: Property Crime in Your Area. Batman’s on Vacation. Call Police. ***

Friendly folks at Canada Revenue Agency? Police service using humour? What’s the world coming to? ***

I’d love to hear from you. If you have comments about this column or suggestions for future topics, send an e-mail to Bonnie@BonnieHutchinson. com and I’ll happily reply within one business day.

Letters to the Editor Letters are welcomed but please limit them to 400 words or less and sign with first name, initial, surname, address and phone number; only name of writer and city or town will be printed. Letters to third parties are not accepted. The Camrose Booster may edit for clarity, legality, personal abuse, good taste, public interest and availability of space. The Camrose Booster thanks you for your interest in the letters page and encourages your comments. Injured patron

I would like to send a big thank you out to the couple who helped me on Thursday afternoon just outside of the farmers’ market. I took quite a fall as I attempted to cross the street on the east side going north on Main Street and I believe I heard her say 49 Avenue. Her husband assisted me to my feet and gave me tissues to help stop the bleeding from my wounds on my face and hands. Her husband went to the pharmacy and bought more tissues and band-aids for my wounds. Before applying the band-aids she escorted me to a public washroom allowing me to clean my wounds and then bandage them. They assisted me back to our original place of meeting and ensured that I was okay and we parted ways (sorry I don’t remember her name). I also met two other women in that short five minutes, who shared my indignity by falling on their knees and suffered lesser injuries, but not less traumatic. The lady did say she intended to report this intersection as dangerous for those of us who walk this delightful Main Street of Camrose. Beth Hoskins, Edmonton Editor’s note: She has been

healing the past two weeks. Beth hurt her ribs and received a cut on her hand. Beth also reports that she has a new pair of glasses. Perceived conflict

Ms. Sitler makes it clear that any “perceived conflict” between the BRSD (Battle River School Division) board and CCA (Cornerstone Christian Academy) is “misconceptions.” Even though BRSD has since passed a motion “to terminate the agreement between BRSD and Corner-

stone Christian Academy Society…” I believe Ms. Sitler when she says there is no conflict between the BRSD board and CCA. The conflict is between the minister of education and CCA. Since I was unfamiliar with the legal niceties of the Education Act, I had to do a little research. As expected, I discovered that local school boards have virtually no control over what is taught (or not taught). School boards are relegated to the nuts and bolts of managing facilities and staff and even here their freedom is limited. Course content is the purview of the minister of education. Minister Eggen is the person to whom we, as stakeholders, must direct our ire. Not that I expect any satisfaction. Minister Eggen is in a majority government that scorns public opinion in its exercise of power. And Minister Eggen is certainly exercising power. He recently issued a ministerial order “telling two defiant Edmonton-area Christian private schools they must allow students to create a gay-straight alliance if they request one.” Coincidentally, this is about the time the “perceived conflict” between BRSD and CCA arose. In the name of tolerance and diversity Minister Eggen is dictating conformity. Funny how that works…tolerance for me but not for thee. So give the teachers and school boards a break, they are trapped in a system that forces them to obey what is imposed from above…whether they like it or not. The good ones do what they can to mitigate the damage. Dave Gosse, Camrose

Amend act

Bill 10: The Act to Amend the Alberta Bill of Rights to Protect Our Children. In each Canadian province citizens live with both a federal constitution and a provincial constitution. The Constitution Act in 1867 was based upon the agreement containing the constitution of the founding provinces. Alberta also entered the federation with its own constitution prior to 1905. The Alberta Act 1905 is unique to Alberta as a member of Canada. This allows Alberta to have

schools which include Christian Bible based education within their curriculum. Elected Alberta governments can only apply to amend the Alberta Act 1905. Cornerstone Christian Academy made their agreement with Battle River School Division in 2009. The school provides a safe environment for 180 students whose parents pay over and above for this safety. The Battle River region had no problem with Cornerstone Academy, then without warning Lauri Skori advised Cornerstone that members of her board and others were offended by fundamental parts of Christian scripture and asked to have it removed from the Cornerstone Christian Academy Handbook. Section 30 (3) of the Public Schools Act requires that every school board hold its meetings openly, therefore the school board is not permitted to meet as a board in private. I ask these questions: Was the decision made in a private committee setting? Was the entire board of trustees involved? If the Cornerstone Academy agreed to remove the verses from the document, why is BRSD invoking the one year clause to enable the dissolution of the agreement? If BRSD does not keep leasing the Cornerstone Christian School, what will happen to the provincial operational grant that is so vital to the taxpaying parents who use the school? Ms. Skori claims that the issue having become public damaged a strong working relationship. She also claims contravention to Bill 10, which came into existence five years later than the 2009 agreement between the academy and BRSD. What was the contravention to Bill 10? We as Christian citizens of Alberta and Canada must stand firm against discrimination and must unite to defend ourselves against amendments to our constitutional rights and freedoms. The BRSD board of trustees said we must remain silent. I strongly disagree. Vern Peterson, Round Hill

Voice your opinion on… Express yourself. Share your opinion. Offer your thoughts oughts (in 250 characters or less). Visit the ‘Forum’ button then tap ‘Speak Out’ on Camrose Now!

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BRCF supports Camp HeHoHa The Battle River Community Foundation awarded a grant to Camp HeHoHa. The grant is from income from the Lions Club of Camrose Legacy Fund. The fund was established by the Lions Club of Camrose when the Club was dissolved. The Fund allows four projects supported by the club when it was active to receive support on an ongoing basis. The Battle River Community Foundation exists to support projects, such as this, in East Central Alberta, which benefit the local communities and have a positive impact on the future. Grants from the Battle

River Community Foundation are primarily made possible through the generosity of individual donors and organizations that have created endowment funds. The principal of these endowment funds are kept intact and the income is made available annually to support local projects and organizations. Since it was founded in 1995 the Battle River Community Foundation has granted over $4,865,000 to support programs such as those offered at Camp HeHoHa.

Battle River Community Foundation board member Marshall Wideman watches as Jim Taylor, past president of the Lions Club of Camrose presents a $8,125 cheque to Greg Nielsen, executive director of Camp HeHoHa.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 6

Looking Back

through the pages of The Booster

25 Years Ago This Week – July 14, 1992 • Tom Katz, at the Norsemen Inn was closed from July 20 to 27 for a major renovation. • Russ Nielson, Realtor at Central Agencies Inc., was promoting an 1110 acre grain farm at Daysland for $660,000. Included: 1368 sq. ft. home with 4-car garage, shop, quonset, machine shed and grain bins. • Jennie Ross, daughter of Sheilagh and Rod Ross was profiled in a lengthy story, written by Diane Hutchinson. She had successfully undergone a liver transplant 36 days prior. (Tragically, Jennie passed away on June 30th, 2017. Booster condolences to the entire Ross family.)

50 Years Ago This Week – July 11, 1967 • Duff Layton’s Annual Summer Clearance was underway. Men’s swim trunks $2.88 and $4.39; Young men’s blazers and sport coats, reg. to $29.50, now… $14.88 • Public restrooms, south of Canada Post, were announced to be built soon. Expected cost $8,000.

After completing a degree in sociology, Gloria was still searching for a program to fulfill her dream of helping the new immigrant community. She found it in the Community Support Worker program at NorQuest College.

Learn more 780.361.5800

strengthens communities Step Forward

NQ-Fall-Ad-5x5.71-Wetaskiwin.indd 1

2017-04-20 10:26 AM

Everyone reads The Booster While in Nyköping,

• 1968 model Ski-Doos were arriving daily at Byer’s Country and Western Store.

Sweden and on her way to a family wedding in Stavanger, Norway, Anna Collin took time to check the Camrose Booster for the bargains she was missing while away. Our thanks to Anna for this entry. Your $20.00 prize for taking us along is in the mail!

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Murray Green, Camrose Booster Global Pet Foods Camrose store owner Chris Zamora, right, presented Camrose and Area Animal Shelter Society president Linda Neilson with $1,538 to assist in building a future shelter. Global staff members Billie Stefiszyn, left, and Alison Hagen helped raise funds during the Show Us Your Heart campaign.

Rosalind leads Powerline Baseball By Murray Green


Murray Green, Camrose Booster Global Pet Foods Camrose store owner Chris Zamora, right, presented City of Camrose Mayor Norm Mayer with $1,223 to assist in upkeep of the off-leash dog park. Global staff members Billie Stefiszyn, left, and Alison Hagen helped raise funds during the Show Us Your Heart campaign.

The Rosalind Athletics continue to have the hot hand in the Powerline Baseball League as they try to defend the title they won last year. Rosalind sits at the top of the league with a 10-1 record after 11 games. The Leduc Milleteers are next with an 8-3 record. The Holden Blue Jays are in third place at 7-3 followed by Tofield Braves with a 7-4 record. The Camrose Roadrunners at 3-8, Armena Royals at 1-8 and Sherwood Park Athletics at 1-10 round out the teams in the league. The league added Sherwood Park this year,

but lost Bardo, Ryley and Beaumont. Leduc doubled Sherwood Park 12-6, Rosalind beat Tofield 9-5 and Holden defeated Camrose 12-1, June 22. On July 4, Leduc beat Holden 10-1, Tofield blanked 10-0 and Rosalind defeated Sherwood Park 11-1. Remaining games on the schedule include Tofield at Armena on July 11, Holden at Armena on July 12 and Leduc at Holden on July 13. Once the season is over, the top four teams will complete in playoffs. The annual all-star game is slated for Aug. 8 in Camrose.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 8

Camrose celebrates Canada Day with loads of fun

Dr. Berdine Anderson, second left, from Camrose, and her parents Christine and Harry Anderson visiting from Namibia, enjoy pancakes served up by Camrose Swans and Roses Lions club volunteer Shelby Bianic.

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Nothing says Canada Day like red and white, warm weather and a hot dog. Three-year-old Elana Hoover was enjoying all three on July 1 during celebrations held at the Camrose and District Centennial Museum grounds.

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Brendan Lunty gives three-year-old daughter Marielle a hand at one of the many games offered during the Canada Celebrations.

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster People lined up to get a piece of the Canada Day 150 cake decorated and donated by Camrose Safeway. Above, Doug Shields, left, and Ed Herridge enjoy a piece of sweet history. Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Ending the day with a bang.

Members of the Odin’s Ravens, Vestrheim Vikings and Vikings-Vinland reenacted Viking battles for attendees of the Canada Day celebrations.

Three-year-old Audrey, left, and her two-year-old sister Rayna Green on mom Kristen’s lap, take a break from all the other fun activities at the Canada Day Celebrations, to ride the Mirror Lake Express train.

Stiltwalker Margaret Field from National Stiltwalkers of Canada, out of Edmonton, waved the Canadian flag as she gingerly walked among the crowds during the Canada Day celebrations held on July 1.

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster There was plenty of entertainment on stage at the July 1 celebrations held at the Camrose and District Centennial Museum, including the colourful Ukrainian Veselka Dancers.

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Six-month-old Gracia Petterson cools off on a blanket in the shade of a tree with her mom and grandmother during her very first Canada Day celebrations.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 9

WHO can I count on? Your handy directory for area professionals, tradesmen and service businesses.




Camrose Registry Ltd.


5613-48 Avenue, Camrose Phone (780)672-1671, Fax (780)672-1982

• Interior decorating • Color consulting • Window coverings and drapery Call for an esti es estimate tima mate te ttoday! oday od ayy!



Alberta Registry Services • Vehicle Registration • Operator Services • Pro-Rate and Fleet Registrations • Out of Province Inspection Requests • Driver testing/Learners exams Personal Property Services • Lien Searches • Register Finance Statements • Register Writs of Enforcement • Register Garage Keepers Liens

Corporate Services • Corporate Registries – Level 3 • File Annual Returns • Register Trade Names/ Partnerships • Incorporate Companies Vital Statistics • Birth/Marriages/Death Certificates • Marriage Licences Other Services Include • Land Title Searches • Raffle Licences • Traffic Fine Payments

HOURS: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We accept Cash, Cheque, and Debit for payment


ELLIGOTT CONSTRUCTION LTD. #307 - 7001 Northview Drive, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 0H1


A full full-time time professional Real Estate Agent who understands client needs and wants.

Rose Country Realty Ltd. BROKER

INDEPENDANTLY OWNED AND OPERATED Cell 780.679.7232 Office 780.672.8835


Industrial - Commercial - Residential

Gary Elligott Cell: (780) 352-1418 E-mail: Office: (780) 352-0600 Fax: (780) 352-1905 Toll Free: 1 (877) 352-0600



HOT TUB 780-679-0487



Camrose Glass


es Be st P rtieced! G uara n

• Windshields • RV & trailer windows • Mobile service • Residential • Commerical • Custom frameless shower doors

44327-41 4327 43 327-4 -41 41 St., St Camrose Cam amro rose ro ose Ph. 780.672.4596

• Stock • Cargo and • Flatdeck TRAILERS • LAWN MOWERS • TRACTORS

3928-48 Ave., Camrose Ph. 780.672.0197



WE SELL... Made in Canada, built for Canadians. • We service all makes and models. • Financing O.A.C.

R&D Hot Tubs HIGH QUALITY FLAGS Long-lasting, non-fading. Our line meets and exceeds government durability specifications. 780-672-3142

“The home of outstanding customer service” 3843F - 44 Ave. • 780.679.4003

Leaks Fixed Fast! – Gl Glen enn M Mandrusiak anddr an drus drus usiiak iak – Plumbing • Heating Gas Fitting • Hot Water Tanks

JORGENSEN Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 5503-52 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 0X7


Please phone 780.672.3142 to get your business in this handy directory.

Your property is valuable Determining the appraised value of your property is important when you’re… • financing • settling an estate • selling privately • dividing matrimonial property Call Altario Appraisals today and get what you need, when you really need to know

JERRY IWANUS, MA, AACI, P.App., Senior Appraiser 101, 4909A 48 Street Camrose, Alberta T4V 1L7

Ph: 780.672.1028 Fax: 780.458.3962

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Camrose Wom en’s Shelter ciety So

Camrose Fire Department and Camrose Police Service

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


Step up and be one of the many men who will raise funds for the Camrose Women’s Shelter this year by walking in the BVJ Parade on AUGUST 3RD.

By now, the story is well known. At dawn on the morning of Thursday, July 6th, Zetsen Master Builders lost two homes due to fire in the Creekview Subdivision of Camrose. The lesser-known details speak volumes about the talent and capability of our remarkable first responders. The 9-1-1 call came in at 5:09 a.m. Police were dispatched immediately. Camrose Fire Department was also notified at the identical moment. Six trucks and 30 members were sent to the blazing residential-area fire. By 6:30 a.m., the fire was declared under control. One home was completely lost. The home adjacent, still standing, will have to be demolished due to significant damage. However, the other home next door was not only completely saved, there is zero damage to this home – a home which just became occupied the very weekend before the fire. Upon reflection, the story gets even more remarkable. At 5:00 a.m., no firefighters are on active duty at Camrose Firehall. Every crew member raced to the hall, donned gear and got on the scene in time to minimize the damage and, no doubt, saved considerable other property, even lives. Talk about performance! We are thankful. We are blessed. What a great city in which to live, play and conduct business. Our sincerest of thanks.

This important event is part of the International Men’s March to stop rape, sexual assault and family violence. To participate or learn more, please call 780.679.4975 or email

Join us for a BBQ at Vision Credit Union (5007-51 Street) after the parade






T  

780-672-1195 4205-38 Street, Camrose

Saskatoons ARE IN SEASON! Nothing says ke “summer” like saskatoon pie! HONEY BALSAMIC BLUEBERRY SASKATOON PIE CRUST: I use Tenderflake. The recipe is on the package or you can use a store-bought crust if you are in a hurry. FILLING:

Bridget Vinesation Owner

• 7 cups fresh saskatoons • 1/4 tsp. kosher salt • 1/4 cup cornstarch • 1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon • 2 tbsp. Vinesation Blueberry • 1/8 tsp. finely ground Balsamic Vinegar black pepper • 1/2 cup sugar • 2 tbsp. butter, • 1/3 cup honey cut into 1/4” cubes • 1 tsp. vanilla extract Prepare filling by crushing 1 cup of saskatoons with a wooden spoon. Stir cornstarch and vinegar into crushed berries until cornstarch dissolves. Stir sugar, next 5 ingredients and remaining 6 cups of saskatoons into crushed berry mixture. Pour into prepared pie shell and dot with butter. Arrange piecrust in lattice design over filling. Whisk 1 egg and 1 tbsp. water. Brush pie with egg mixture. Freeze 20 minutes or until dough is firm. Preheat oven to 425˚. Bake on foil-lined baking sheet 20 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 375˚ and bake 20 more minutes. Cover with foil to prevent browning and bake 25 to 30 minutes more (65 to 70 minutes total) or until crust is golden and filling bubbles in centre. Cool before serving.

4937-50 St., Camrose 780.678.2879 Mon.-Fri., 10-6; Sat. 10-5

VINESATION Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room


Y’ 

Say it … with one of our 800,000 logo products.


Submitted The Camrose Kinsmen Club members presented funds to the Camrose Outreach School’s Neil Isnor.

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Be a Tourist in Your Own Town By Murray Green

Take in local activities during the Be a Tourist in Your Own Town Week until July 16. The summer staff of the Camrose Visitor Information Centre (in the Bill Fowler Centre) are encouraging everyone to participate in daily activities. On July 11, the Western Train Robbery and Barbecue will take place at the Bill Fowler Centre from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. You can enjoy a train ride and a barbecue along Mirror Lake. There will be a Tai Chi Demonstration in the Park on Wednesday, July 12 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. There is no cost to join the fun, but you can bring a non-perishable food bank item to donate. Safari Train Night is set for Thursday, July 13 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. See the safari animals as you ride the train. Museum Memories Day takes place on Friday, July 14. You can attend the Camrose and District Centennial Museum from noon to 4 p.m. or the Camrose Heritage Railway Station and Park from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free or donation based. You can also participate in Yoga in the Park from noon to 1 p.m. near the Gazebo at Mirror Lake Park. Admission is free or donation based.

Duggan Cinemas is on and

Michael Ward

Eddie Garcia

Alex Pesusich

Jordan Allarie

Stephen Welch

Ferd Tocal

Now Showing Friday, July 14 to Thursday, July 20 Nightly: 7:45 pm ONLY Sat., Sun., Tues., Thurs. Matinees: 1:30 pm PG – Violence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended for Young Children NO PASS OR COUPON RESTRICTION

Nightly: 7:30 pm ONLY Sat., Sun., Tues., Thurs. Matinees: 1:35 pm PG – Violence, Frightening Scenes

Nightly: 7:00 & 9:00 pm Sat., Sun., Tues., Thurs. Matinees: 2:00 pm G

Nightly: 6:50 & 9:15 pm Sat., Sun., Tues., Thurs. Matinees: 1:40 pm 14A – Violence, Coarse Language

Nightly: 6:55 & 9:05 pm Sat., Sun., Tues., Thurs. Matinees: 1:50 pm 14A – Substance Abuse, Sexual Content, Coarse Language


Dance, learn from six of the best

Peacock Summer Intensive Dance Classes are coming to Camrose August 8-12 World-reknown instructors. Five days of purely dance. Call now to register and receive a free commemorative t-shirt.

780.385.0407 Advanced and Intermediate (5 classes/day) $551.25 Junior (4 classes/day) $446.25 Daily Rates Available

Enjoy a

Your guests will be delighted with the wonderful, exotic flavors of the traditional east Indian foods from Pan Flame. Simply call and let us know how many guests will be attending your party. CHOOSE




at your



587.386.0055 6510-48 Avenue, Camrose


w w w . p a n f l a m e . c a

BE A TOURIST Murray Green, Camrose Booster City of Camrose Mayor Norm Mayer proclaimed July 10 to 16 as Be A Tourist In Your Own Town Week to encourage citizens to use the urban park system, recreation facilities, historical downtown and take in cultural events. Visitor Information Centre staff members Beliana Slikker, left, April Strandlund and Kennedy Schaffner encourage you to take in the daily activities. For more information, phone the centre at 780-672-4217.





80 $120



in the Norsemen Inn


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The City of Camrose Canada Day Committee would like to thank all of the following supporters for their part in making our 2017 Canada Day event a huge success.

Employment Opportunity


The City of Camrose is seeking an Accounting Technician to perform various functions within the Financial Services Department including but not limited to: PAYROLL FUNCTIONS: • Data entry, account reconciliation, report generation and filing as assigned by the Payroll & Benefits Administrator. • Perform backup role for payroll activities when Payroll & Benefits Administrator is unavailable. • Answer questions and provide direction to staff as assigned by the Payroll & Benefits Administrator. • Prepare cheque requisitions for benefit and statutory withholding payments. BUDGET & REPORTING FUNCTIONS: • Preparation of variance reports and information summaries for senior staff and management. • Analyze accounting records and data and assemble budget spreadsheets in support of budget preparation. • Assist with quarterly reporting, providing financial variance analysis and forecast information. • Assist with year-end reconciliations, and working paper preparation. GENERAL ACCOUNTING FUNCTIONS: • Reconcile accounts. • Prepare and enter journal entries. QUALIFICATIONS: • High school diploma. • Registration with Canadian Payroll Association and progress toward Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) Designation. • Additional post-secondary education in related field considered an asset. • Minimum of one year accounting experience. • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality. • Experience with Serenic (Bellamy) considered an asset. • Ability to process a high volume of information accurately, in a timely manner, with rigid deadlines. • The successful candidate will be required to produce a current and satisfactory Driver’s Abstract and Police Information Check. HOURS OF WORK: Hours of work are typically 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. ANNUAL SALARY: The City of Camrose has a progressive salary and benefit package. The starting salary for this position will be established based on qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. APPLICATIONS: Individuals interested in this position are invited to submit a cover letter and resume to the address below by July 19, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. We appreciate and consider all applications; however only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. CONTACT: City of Camrose Attention: Human Resources Mailing Address: 5204-50 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 0S8 P: 780.672.4426 | F: 780.672.2469 | E:



Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP). The personal information recorded on the application form is being collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. The information will be used for the purpose(s) of employee recruitment and administration and is protected by the privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. If you require additional information concerning the collection and use of this personal information, please contact the FOIP Officer at 780-672-4426.


Get paid to replace your old toilet.

Apply for a toilet rebate of $70 and replace your high flush model for a low flow model and start saving immediately.

Did you know…

The toilet can be attributed to nearly 30% of TOTAL indoor water consumption in residential homes.

Checklist of qualification requirements:  The address in which the toilet is to be installed  Receipt of purchase of a new, approved low-flow model  Pictures of the washroom before and after the installation  Evidence that the old toilet has been made non-functional For more information, refer to the City’s website: or contact: by email or phone 780-672-4428

Bridge construction under budget By Lori Larsen

City of Camrose council approved a revised budget for the 48th Avenue Bridge Replacement and Capacity Improvement project that will see the project coming in approximately $1.3 million under budget at a revised project cost of approximately $6.7 million. City of Camrose director of engineering-infrastructure and planning

Jeremy Enarson presented council with a detailed report of the bridge project revised budget and financing. Councillor Wayne Throndson inquired as to the time line for the project from start to finish. Enarson explained, “It is anticipated that work will begin this fall on the in-lake components of the project, with the bridge construction not starting

until early 2018. All work on this project must be substantially complete by the end of August 2018.” Enarson stated the estimated number of construction days spent on the project would be approximately 240 days and that a full-road closure, with detours in effect, would start up in early 2018 and run to the end of August 2018.

Platinum Level Canadian Tire Canadian Heritage City of Camrose Gold Level Shaw Pipe Protection Limited Lamb Ford Drever Agencies Inc. McClellen Wheaton Chevrolet Central Agencies Inc. CAM-FM Camrose Booster Camrose Canadian Rose City Barber A-1 Septic Co-operators/Camrose Insurance Services OPT Inc. Five Star Home Solutions Canalta Ramada Perma-Pipe Canada Safeway Tourism Camrose Konto/Sofaland Silver Level Camrose Resort Casino CIBC Camrose Elks No. 70 Dee-Jay Plumbing and Heating Hauser Home Hardware and Building Center Weber Funeral Home Camrose Morning News On Track Kuntz & Company Inc. Elliott’s Auto Care ATB Financial Community Home Directory Camrose County Rotary Club Camrose Denz Auto Repair Superstore Camrose Regional Exhibition Duggan Dental Norsemen Inn

Camrose Chamber of Commerce ATCO Gas Bronze Level Battle River Implements Ltd. Purity Water Kroeger Joyce Boston Pizza KalTire Royal Purple Burgar Funeral Home Camrose Locksmithing and Signs Committee Members Caitlin Twomey Deirdre Marsh Janine Carroll Daryia Veestra Val Sims Christie Mason Kayden Prevost Friends Farnham West Stolee Kambeitz LLP Andreassen Borth Bali Shop Cathel Books Tranquil Massage Tabb Lanes A&W Battle River Veterinary Services H&R Block University of Alberta Augustana Campus Booster Juice Escape Squad Ofrim Project Management Inc. Starbucks Nica’s Hair Studio The Video Store Wisemen’s Way Bookstore Camrose Children’s Centre Duggan Cinemas Sticky Fingers Consignment Paint Pottery

Tim Hortons Prairie Workwear Wild Rose Co-op Camrose Chrysler Pedersen’s Florists Shoppers Drug Mart Prairie Kettle Corn 6th Camrose Scouts Brian Jasperson Kelley Ledoux Taylor Tobin Abby Tobin Carol Cherry Wendy Wenig Nathalie Bernard Camrose Public Library Alex Oliver, Piper Craig Wentland Bruce Cutknife Aerial Fireworks Odin’s Ravens Viking Group Ron Makokis Fox Tae Kwon Do The OM Sound Steve Hartman Erik Olson Charley LaGrange Big Smoke Revival The Johnny McCuaig Band Cory Vanderjagt Anika Carrier Ian McArthur Renata Burns Shannon Saby Camrose Spirals Jojos Petting Zoo Ryan White Taylor Johnson Jordan Anderson Laura Ramos Olivia Mah Martha’s Music Sarah Hogstead Christie Bratrud Community Services Staff Public Works Staff Camrose & District Centennial Museum

3068 SALH RCACC Camrose Tyler Weber for Honorable Kevin Sorenson MLA Bruce Hinkley Mayor Norm Mayer, City of Camrose Trevor Miller, Camrose County CPL Isaac Verbass, RCMP Acting Chief Lee Foreman, Camrose City Police Chorazz Swans & Roses Lions Club Geneology Society Chowhound Donut Gypsies Bhagvan’s Dairy Cream Twisted Frozen Yogurt CVVDS Travel Group Wildrose Community Acupuncture Kim Jamandron Insurance Bureau of Canada Tara K Studios Tim Doering 98.1 CAM-FM Gayle Hanson Sean Masaluk and Family Camrose Fire Department Royal Canadian Legion Members Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary Colour Party Air and Army Cadets Stockmen’s Chophouse The LaGrange Family Maryann Nomann National Stilt Walkers of Canada Camrose Camera Club Josh Aldrich Murray Green Lucas Banack

Sincerely, Jane Cherry-Lemire and the City of Camrose

Stay safe around local wildlife By Lori Larsen

This time of year can be especially risky for wildlife encounters, as adult wildlife become protective of their newborns. Considering we share our beautiful city with a host of different animals, wildlife encounters may happen. Recently, a pet owner in Camrose experienced an incident involving their dachshund dog (Penne) and a deer. While tethered in the front yard, with her owner just steps away in the garage, Penne encountered a deer, which unfortunately resulted in a severe injury to Penne requiring emergency surgery in Edmonton. Camrose Veterinary Hospital gave Penne her initial care and are happy to announce she is doing fine. That being said, residents need to be aware that such encounters can happen and are advised to take all the necessary precautions for pets, children and adults, to avoid aggressive encounters with wildlife. District fish and wildlife officer of the Fish

and Wildlife Enforcement Branch, Lorne Rinkel advises, “June and early July are the peak fawning periods for deer. All mother deer will aggressively protect their fawns, especially against carnivores, including dogs. Some mothers are more aggressive than others and, even though the public might not see a fawn, it may be nearby prompting protection by the mother.” Rinkel reminds residents that the management of wildlife (deer) and population strategies in Alberta is conducted by Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), not the Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch (FWEB)and that public concerns regarding wildlife populations should be directed to AEP wildlife managers. Like Penne’s owners, Camrosians are very much aware that deer do exist within our city, but are reminded that contacting Fish and Wildlife to deal with resident deer or other wildlife may result in the removal and subsequent death of the animal. Continued on page 22

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Win $100 worth of groceries this week courtesy of…

This is our way of saying thank you for using The Camrose Booster to plan your weekly grocery shopping.

Get your entries in now! Congratulations to the winner for July 10, M. McConnery, of Camrose, drawn at M & M Food Market, and to the winner for July 3, M. Howells of Camrose, drawn at Wild Rose Co-op. GROCERY GIVE-AWAY

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

M & M FOOD MARKET 120-6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-1484


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

SUPERSTORE 7005 - 48 Ave. PHONE 780-608-2218


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017

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Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

WALMART Unit 400 Cornerstone 6800-48 Avenue


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

M & M FOOD MARKET 120-6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-1484


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

SUPERSTORE 7005 - 48 Ave. PHONE 780-608-2218


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

WALMART Unit 400 Cornerstone 6800-48 Avenue


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

CAMROSE SAFEWAY 6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-8224


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

CAMROSE SAFEWAY 6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-8224


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, July 17, 2017

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

WILD ROSE CO-OP 48 Ave. and 51 St. PHONE 780-672-3107

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

WILD ROSE CO-OP 48 Ave. and 51 St. PHONE 780-672-3107

Draw to be made Monday, July 17, 2017

WILD ROSE CO-OP 48 Ave. and 51 St. PHONE 780-672-3107

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Car show, Rosehaven offer reflection into the past

Residents and visitors reflected on the past 150 years in Canadian history including viewing classic vehicles and touring the Rosehaven Care Centre (The Bethany Group). Vehicles of all shapes and sizes were enjoyed on Main Street. Photo to right, Christine Walrod, Rosehaven resident care manager, leads a tour in the tunnels located underground at Rosehaven, which included a history of the original 100 year-old building.

Photos by Lori Larsen and Murray Green, Camrose Booster

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 15

Scholarship for Medical School Students in an accredited Canadian Medical School who have graduated from a high school in the Battle River Regional Division are invited to apply for a scholarship from the Rudy and Flora Baker Scholarship Fund. Application deadline is August 15, 2017. Up to $2,500 is available to be awarded. An application form is available on the Battle River Community Foundation website, by clicking on the grants link, or by contacting the Battle River Community Foundation at Box 1122, Camrose, Alberta T4V 4E7, by email at or by telephone at (780)679-0449.

The Bethany Group’s Faith & Aging Conference, sponsored by the Bethany Foundation. Friday, November 3, 2017 Featuring J ann a rden as our Keynote Speaker. Jann Arden is a Canadian born, singer, songwriter, broadcaster and author. She has been sharing her very honest and inspirational stories of caregiving for her mother who is living with Alzheimer’s. A full day of discussion around aging in our communities with speakers Dan Levitt and Rachel Foster. Dan is an acclaimed international speaker, elder care leader, writer, and gerontologist, specializing in helping others to create better lives for seniors. He will speak about “Rethinking Aging: Not the Traditional Nursing Home Grandma Lives In.”


Foot Specialist for the Medical and Surgical Treatment of the Foot and Ankle Specializing in Conservative Therapy, Biomechanics and Foot Surgery

Rachel is a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Management Consultant and facilitator. She will provide an overall interactive discussion, “Fostering Community, Gathering the Pieces, Embracing the Challenge.” To register please contact: For more information, please visit our website at Jillian Moores 780-679-2012 |

Donations to the Bethany Foundation are welcomed.

Chantal Beesley 780-679-3066 |

No Referral Necessary Dr. Joshua Leavitt, DPM

Call 780.679.2467

Smith Clinic – #1, 6601-48 Avenue, Camrose

Call for Grant Applications The Battle River Community Foundation is now receiving applications for grants from the Community Fund and Field of Interest Funds. Grants are made to organizations operating in east-central Alberta that are recognized as qualified donees by the Canada Revenue Agency. This includes registered charitable organizations and municipalities. Organizations seeking funds must demonstrate a strong and committed volunteer board of directors, fiscal responsibility, and effective management of resources. Projects that impact the greatest number of individuals possible with a modest investment of funds are preferred. Grants are made for definite purposes and for projects covering a specific time period. In general, grants are approved for projects not met by other funding sources. In addition to unrestricted grants available from the Community Fund, some Funds provide grants targeted to projects reflecting donors’ interests. They include Arts, Youth Athletics, Brain Injury Prevention, Care and Shelter of Animals, Education, the Humanities, Health and Wellness, Music, Nutritional Programs for Children, Outdoor Education, Environment, Palliative Care, Sustainable Agriculture, and Youth. There are also Funds targeted to support projects in Alliance, Camrose, Flagstaff County, Forestburg, Galahad, Hardisty, Irma, Killam, Lougheed, Merna, Rosalind, Sedgewick, Strome and Wetaskiwin. The deadline for 2017 applications is Tuesday, August 15, 2017. Grants will be announced in December. For further information and/or an application form, please check our website at, email, call our office at 780-679-0449 or write Battle River Community Foundation, Box 1122 Camrose, Alberta T4V 4E7

Battle River Community Foundation Helping YOU make good things happen, forever! 780-679-0449 • P.O. Box 1122 • Camrose, Alberta • T4V 4E7


Submitted The Camrose Vikings U18 girls won the gold medal in their division in the Night Classic played June 2 to 4 in Camrose. The team defeated Stettler 1-0, Edson 4-2 (while playing one player short for most of the game) as well as St. Paul 2-0. The Vikings lost their final round robin game 3-1 to Vegreville on Sunday while playing two players short, but the points they secured in the game were enough to clinch the gold medal. The team was awarded a Sport Chek gift card to present to the team’s most valuable player. The girls decided to present it to a friend of the team, Jamella Ali, a recent arrival to Canada who was unable play soccer this year. Left to right back row, assistant coach Don Hutchinson, Jaden Olson, Brittany Reed, Robyn Yaremcio, Shavonne Voytechek, Taylor Olson, Marta Hutchinson and coach Weston Voytechek. Left to right front row, Camryn Plantz, Emma Hutchinson and Jessica Romanchuk. Missing is Alyson Gibson and Kylie Peake.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 16

Bring your favorite music on board JL AUDIO MEDIA MASTER $599


Wake Tower Speakers LED Lighting Marine-rated amps & speaker subs Take your music on the water.

See us today!


3810-48 Ave., Unit 1, East End Camrose

Mobile mammography By Lori Larsen


Submitted Photo Posing for a five generation family photo, from left to right, are 96-year-old great-greatgrandmother Helen Myers, great-grandmother Sandy Krenning, both from Camrose, grandmother Lisa Ardon and mother Paige Bratiuk of nine-month-old Braxton Bratiuk.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer death among women. Regular screening mammography saves lives. On July 18 to 21, the Screen Test mobile clinic will be in Camrose at the Max McLean Arena parking lot. To book an appointment or for more information, telephone 1-800667-0604. Screen Test has two mobile screening clinics that provide services to women

in over 110 communities in rural Alberta. For women aged 40 to 49, talk to your health care provider about your breast cancer risk and need for screening mammography. For women aged 50 to 74, plan to have screening mammography regularly. For women 75 and over, talk to your health care provider about whether screening mammography should remain part of your breast health routine.

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BRSD gives Christian Academy a year’s notice on dissolving school partnership By Murray Green

The Battle River School Board gave the Cornerstone Christian Academy staff and parents notice that the school will operate under the BRSD until the end of June 2018. That notice was issued on June 29. Cornerstone Christian Academy is a kindergarten to Grade 12 Christian School in Kingman that is operated under a partnership to provide students with learning in a Christian environment. As an alternative program within BRSD, Cornerstone offers educational programming for students in K to 12, that utilizes the Alberta Education curriculum, taught from a Christian perspective. All staff are employed by the school division. Earlier this year, the Cornerstone Christian Academy Society, a parent group which owns the school building, manages fundraising and provides guidance on the Christian programming, presented proposed revisions to the school’s vision documents (not a handbook) to a BRSD board committee. The CCA Society objected to the BRSD board’s request that they not add a piece of scripture to their school vision documents that the board considered to be in contravention of provincial legislation. The society council of the school objected to Bible verses to be excluded from teachings that the school board was asking not to be included in teachings because of constitutional rights. Legal advocates for the school said the board wanted to censor what parts of the Bible the Cornerstone Christian Academy can teach to students. Trustees of the school division believe the verses they asked to not be added to the school vision documents contravene Alberta’s human rights legislation. “As a school system, we have an obligation to follow the School Act and human rights legislation,” said Diane Hutchinson, BRSD community relations advisor. “As a public school division, we have that obligation and it is our obligation to ensure that our schools are also compliant.” Several meetings occurred in the spring between the society and the board to iron out revisions. Many were agreed to, but not one that involved the differences between constitutional and human rights. The BRSD board rep-

resentatives felt that piece of scripture did not comply with legislation and asked the society not to add it to their document. Cornerstone Christian Academy Society chair Deanna Margel said the reference is a scriptural footnote in an updated Statement of Faith. “This document isn’t in existence yet. We were still in the discussion change. Then all of sudden we heard the board objected to certain verses being taught. As being faith based, we can’t just teach parts of the Bible. We want to be able to teach the entire Bible. This caught us by surprise.” Margel said although the academy has agreed to drop the controversial verses from the document, the school fears the division now wants to limit what Bible verses the school can teach. “If you are not teaching from the Bible, then you are just like any other school,” said Deanna. “Faith based people love others and don’t hate other people.” The board has never voted on limiting Bible verses. The two votes that were held were related to how to proceed in the educational partnership with Cornerstone on June 15 and 27. “Back in 2015, we signed a master agreement with BRSD. When we re-signed the agreement, for some reason or another, the appendix was misplaced. It was edited quite a bit, but it wasn’t attached to the agreement,” explained Deanna. “We ended up starting again. It was a joint document that we were both working on to append the 2015 agreement. We wanted a footnote added. When we came in for the board meeting, we were then told we couldn’t read verses in school that would single out anybody, could not be used, read or studied in school. This is a whole new conversation.” The society left that meeting feeling they were not allowed to teach anything offensive to others in school. “We were told that was against constitution rights.” Lawyers on both sides could argue the difference between human and constitutional rights for a long time. “I don’t understand why we are so far apart. When we left the June 15 meeting, it seemed positive and we were making progress. “We felt that we had a good working relationship with BRSD in the past,


Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Ten Canadian flags, in front of the Heritage Manor, stood proud and tall flying in the breeze on 56 Street to honour Canada’s 150th birthday.


Submitted Student council members at École Camrose Composite High School invited their classmates to contribute a handprint to the school’s Canada 150 creation. Pictured from left are Dorothea Niehoff, Krista Herle, Andrew Wowk, Matt Harland (student council president), Justine Cha, Lilly Mertins (council vice-president), Jordan Harberg, Jane Nederlof, Jessica Joseph, Sarah Bernard and Logan Lessmeister.

so again, we didn’t expect this move,” added Deanna, who has been on the society board since 2007. The school board decided to give notice that they will only operate the school until next June. The motion on June 29 also stated that the BRSD board wanted to keep talking about how to move forward together. The Cornerstone Christian Academy, formerly a private school, joined the school division in 2009. Kendall Severson was a trustee at that time and he said. “We thought the addition of a Christian program

was allowing us to respect the diversity of our communities and the specific wishes of a group of parents. I believe that BRSD and CCA can work together to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.” Because the master agreement has a 365 day process for ending the partnership, the BRSD board felt the right time to put a motion in place was the end of a school year. But, they also believe there is still time to come to a resolution and find a way to continue the educational partnership.

“I would hope that we can still meet with the BRSD board to continue to talk about this. There is a lot of work to be done. The timing is bad because it’s now summer and people are on holidays. Our intention is to keep talking, but also think of alternative plans,” said Deanna. “I don’t understand why it has come this point.” The Statement of Faith is intended to provide basic information about the school to students and their families on the website.

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Jennifer Sarah Ross (Sherjan) June 26, 1987 ~ June 30, 2017 Every so often, the world is blessed with a special person whose joy, laughter and kindness radiates to anyone lucky enough to meet them. Jennifer Sarah Ross was one of those incredible people. After a short but full 30 years, Jen died peacefully, surrounded by the love and touch of her family on June 30, 2017 in Calgary, Alberta. She is remembered by her loving husband David Sherjan; parents Rod and Sheilagh Ross; siblings Mike Ross (Chella), Tim Ross (Laura) and Kate Ross (Jason McAleenan); nieces and nephews Reagan, Addison, Natasha, Will, Joe, Kate, Collin and Thomas. To know Jen was also to know her beloved pets. She was at ease with all animals, but had a particular soft spot for Yorkshire Terriers and horses. Jen’s life was characterized with an appreciation for the little things. She had a magnetic personality. Her stories were always cheerful and high-spirited. To know her was to understand the value of finding heart-shaped stones and smiley faces in the clouds. Her humour and positive energy filled every room she entered. Jen lived her life with a huge heart and non-judgmental compassion; her legacy will live on through others forever. Jen pursued her love of the natural world at St. Francis Xavier University, where she won a full scholarship to study Aquatic Resources. She went on to complete her Masters Degree in Resource and Environmental Management in 2011 at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was a proponent for early environmental education and getting outside to enjoy the gift of life, working as both a private consultant and in the Alberta foothills at her cherished nature preserve, the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area. Jen met David Sherjan and was soon won over. They married on December 10, 2015. In recent years, Jen and David became focused on developing their shared business interests, specifically leadership development. Jen and David worked together to help others identify and achieve their own dreams, influencing many people with their determination and enthusiasm. A prayer vigil was held at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, July 7, 2017 at St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church. A celebration of her life was held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 8, 2017 from the Faith and Life Chapel at Augustana University in Camrose, AB with Rev. Craig Wentland officiating. The family requests that colourful summer clothing be worn. Jen was eternally appreciative for everyone at the Stollery Children’s Hospital and the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area. In lieu of flowers, if family and friends so desire, memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation (1-877-393-1411) or to the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area. The entire family wishes to express their appreciation to the family who donated a liver to Jen on June 3, 1992. That selfless decision provided the world with the gift of Jen’s second chance at life. There are no words to express our gratitude for these past 25 years. We ask that you take the time to discuss organ donation with your family and sign your donor card. Thank you for sharing your love and light for Jen with us and each other. To send condolences, please visit

Jacqueline Marie McLean (Noonan) d. June 29, 2017 Jacqueline Marie McLean (Noonan), age 64, passed away on June 29, 2017 after a 10-week battle in hospital that, in the end, exhausted her body and spirit. That fight to live was fueled by her brothers, sisters, friends and husband who sat by her side and joked with her, encouraged her and loved her. Jackie began her childhood years as a spirited young girl running around the neighborhoods of Camrose with her siblings and cousins. She was never one to follow the rules; she would often lead a group of neighborhood kids under the fence of the outdoor pool for a swim. When Jackie was four, her father passed away, her mother remarried and the family moved to a farm near Duhamel. Jackie lived a hard life. Life wasn’t always gentle with her, nor was she gentle with it. But, she did have many beautiful moments in life. She took pride in her three children, her lovely grandchildren, her husband Louis and her large vibrant extended family. She had a deep love for books, horses, oil painting and the mountains. The mountains are where she built her life with Louis, her husband of 23 years. She was a cheerful and loyal friend to many. Jackie never spoke badly about anyone, she never complained … she was a free-loving hippie to the core. Jacqueline is survived by her husband Louis; children Janelle (Val), Krista (Brett) and Ryan (Patty); four beautiful grandchildren; three stepchildren Wendy, Shawn and Greg; as well as numerous sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and cousins. She is predeceased by her mother Suzanne Haggerty (Francoeur) and father Frank Noonan; and her stepbrother Gordon Haggerty. A memorial service will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 13, 2017 at Weber’s Mount Pleasant Chapel, Camrose with Rev. Bill Harder officiating. Cremation has taken place. Memorial donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society, Bear Valley Horse Rescue or to the charity of one’s choice. “Hark, now hear the sailors cry Smell the sea and feel the sky Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic” ~Van Morrison

Pansy May Norman

Gregory Allan Patterson

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Charlie Willoughby April 10, 1944 ~ June 15, 2017 …would like to thank everyone for their sympathy, kindness and support. Thank you to all who sent floral arrangements, food donations to various charities, cards and who called or visited. We are grateful for the guidance of Bart and Derek at Burgar Funeral Home and Rev. Bill Harder for officiating and helping us understand our grief. The comfort, kindness and care given to Charlie at Maple Cottage by the RNs, staff and Dr. Slabbert during Charlie’s final days will always be remembered as they allowed Charlie to pass peacefully with his family present – the way he wanted. Our hearts are full of gratitude for everyone who helped and supported us and who attended the Celebration of Charlie’s Life on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. A donation to the Hospice Society of Camrose and District will be made in lieu of individual thank you cards. Thank you. Joan, Rob, Brian and Jason and families

In loving memory of

May 8, 1964 ~ July 2, 2017 Gregory Allan Patterson of Camrose, Alberta passed away on Sunday, July 2, 2017 at the age of 53 years. Left to cherish his memory are his wife Michelle; children Dylan, Justin and Ostin; mother Madiline Patterson; two brothers; and three sisters; Gregory was predeceased by his father George Moore; and two siblings. A Funeral Service will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 15, 2017 from Burgar Memorial Chapel. To send condolences, please visit www.burgarfuneralhome. com.

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The family of the late

April 15, 1927 ~ July 12, 2001 We do not forget her; We love her too dearly For her memory to fade From our lives like a dream. Our lips need not speak When our hearts mourn sincerely, For grief often dwells Where it seldom is seen. Forever loved and dearly missed. From Blake and Judy Norman Lyle, Josée, Riley, Reese and Alyson Norman Susan, Trent, Cole and Brooklynn Meger

The McGee family would like to thank you for your kindness in remembering our mother…

Phyllis McGee We deeply appreciate all your expressions of sympathy, from the touching cards, beautiful flowers, wonderful food and generous donations made in her name. All of us are overwhelmed by your support, comfort and friendship during our time of sorrow. She will be remembered in our hearts and our thoughts forever. – The McGee Family

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Terrence “Terry” John Gunderson August 13, 1954 ~ July 3, 2017 Terry Gunderson was born on August 13, 1954 to Alvord and Alma Gunderson at St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose. He grew up on the family farm north of Bawlf, the eldest of five kids. Upon completion of Grade 11 at Bawlf School, he began his farming career by helping run the family farm. Growing up, Terry enjoyed camping and fishing, a passion which he passed onto his children. Terry also possessed an admiration for horses, which led to his involvement with the Daysland Light Horse Association. As a young man, he was also involved with the Bawlf Curling Club where many memories were made with his curling friends. His interest in curling continued throughout his life, however his love of sports did not end there. You could always find him watching a hockey game or a ball game on TV. Until the later years, Terry could always be found at the local coffee shop with the ‘gang’ or out for breakfast with friends on Sunday mornings. In 1982, Terry and Adele were married. They were blessed with two children, Meghan and Darcy. They farmed at Bawlf until 1987 when they moved to their current farm south of Camrose. It is here that they raised their family and continued to farm until 2014. Terry was always one to help out, so he was always acquiring odd jobs in his spare time. Well known for his boisterous voice and bigger-than-life personality, Terry was often mistaken as intimidating, but always had the gentlest soul. He was the first to lend a helping hand and often the last to ask for help. Known for his integrity, he was honest, courageous, determined and stubborn. He will always be remembered as a good friend, a great dad, a wonderful husband and an awesome grandpa. After a courageous battle with cancer, Terry passed away on July 3, 2017 in St. Mary’s Hospital. He is survived by his wife Adele of Camrose; his children Meghan (Rob) Kearns of Camrose and Darcy (Kirsten) Gunderson of Camrose; his grandchildren Corbyn, Adleigh and Alyvia; his father-in-law Robert Woods; his siblings Joanne (Rick) Schultz of Victoria Harbour, ON, Wilf (Marlis) of St. Albert, Garth (Charleen) of Bawlf, and Beth (Ron) Borgel of Strome; one aunt Erna Storvick; one uncle Milton Mosand; and numerous nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. He was predeceased by his parents Alvord and Alma Gunderson; mother-in-law Laura Woods; and nephew Robert Campeau. A Funeral service was held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 8, 2017 from CityLights Church with Bill Harder officiating. If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to the Camrose and District Hospice Society. To send condolences, please visit

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WILLIAMS, Helen May (nee Haggerty)

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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother Helen Williams, who passed away on July 1, 2017. She was an exceptional lady in so many ways and will be sorely missed. Helen is survived by her sons Ron, Gary (Erica) and Hal (Phyllis); grandchildren Lance, Chantel, Buddy and Mark; great-granddaughter Ashley; and many nieces and nephews. Helen was predeceased by her husband Harold (Hod); infant daughter Sheila; mother and father John; and Mary Anne Haggerty, 13 siblings; and granddaughter Kourtney. A Celebration of Life service, followed by interment at the Bashaw Cemetery, will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at the Legion Hall in Bashaw, Alberta. In lieu of flowers, please donate to your favourite charity.

To send condolences, please visit Connelly-McKinley Edmonton South Funeral Home Phone 780-468-2222 Toll Free 1-866-683-2121 Recorded Obituary Line: 780-679-2400 Daysland (Bob Hanrahan): 780-374-3535

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Bountiful garden of giving Janet Marjorie Furnell October 4, 1917 ~ July 5, 2017 Janet Marjorie Furnell of Camrose, Alberta passed away on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at the age of 99 years. Janet was born on a farm east of Camrose on October 4, 1917. She was the last of her generation of Blades. She was predeceased by her brothers Chris, Ernest, Ted, Len, Ray, Bernard, Laurie, Norm, Vic, Ron, Les and sister Lily. Janet was a bit of a tomboy growing up with her brothers and many animals, including pet coyotes. When she was eight, her mother died and Janet spent more time with her sister and family (the Elvidges) taking most of her public schooling in Edmonton and Red Deer. In her teens, she returned to the farm and looked after her father while attending Vermilion Agriculture College. She married Don Furnell in 1941 and became an Air Force wife, living in places across Canada and in Germany. When Don retired, they made their home in Red Deer, but continued to travel extensively to such places as Peru, Singapore, Australia, Cypress, Egypt, Europe and throughout Canada. After Don’s passing in 2010, they moved to Camrose. Janet was a very loving and much loved wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was a sportswoman, seamstress, gardener and, like many prairie-raised women, she was an extraordinarily good cook. She held many volunteer positions in the Air Force and then in the Anglican Church. Janet is survived by her son John (Sharon) Furnell and daughter Margery (Harry) Gaede; her five grandchildren Erin (Jen), Mathew (Kari), Elisa (Zach), Theresa and Donald (Anna); as well as eight great-grandchildren Kylie, Kelin, Alyssa, Charlie, Henry, Sydney, Maxim and Benoit. To her family, Janet was “The Wings Beneath Our Feet”. Memorial service details will be announced at a later date.

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John Jeffrey John Jeffrey of Ryley, Alberta was born at Neilburg, Saskatchewan on March 11, 1939. He passed away on July 7, 2017 at the Vegreville Health Center at the age of 78 years. He is survived by his wife Patricia and his family and friends. At John’s request, there will be no funeral. Cremation has taken place. Memorial donations may be made to the Kidney Foundation.


Submitted Camrose Golf Course professional Bill Penny congratulates the men’s two-man team low net winners of Reay Gibson, left, and Stew Gilroy after winning the Camrose Men’s Golf Championship on July 3.

By Lori Larsen The first buds of spring always bring with them the hope of renewal and the excitement of what’s to come. For Nan Shute, it is another season of enjoying the gifts of Mother Earth. Born and raised in the Camrose area, Nan, who will be turning 88 in August, has dedicated the better part of her life serving the community in a variety of ways. “The only time I can say I have been away from Camrose and area was to go to university in Edmonton,” remarked Nan. Nan completed her teaching degree and started teaching grades one to six in the spring of 1949 at Dinant, then a small coal-mining village approximately eight kilometers north of Camrose. “They were short of teachers so, on Good Friday, I wrote my final exam at the university and on the Monday, I was teaching,” said Nan. “I only taught a little more than three years at Dinant and then I got married and we decided (her and husband Walter) I should stay home. “I didn’t go back to teaching until 1967 at Round Hill School.” Nan had a wonderful 19-year career at Round Hill School, teaching Grade 4 to high school and, despite being retired from teaching for sometime now, is still fondly remembered by past students. “We had a reunion for the years 1970 to 75 this last summer,” smiled Nan, adding that one of the attendees came up and gave her a huge bear hug and asked her if she remembered him. In her recollection of him as a student, he was much smaller and slighter. Nan and Walter, who passed away in 2006, mix farmed just east of Round Hill and always enjoyed the bounty of a garden, and spread the importance of trees and forests throughout Alberta to students as part of the Grade 6 science curriculum. “I had to go out with my dad and brother and plant the garden. I always did like gardening.” After retiring from teaching in 1984, Nan had the opportunity to share her love of gardening and expand her knowledge by joining the Camrose Horticulture Society (CHS). She is now a honourary life member of both the Camrose Society and Alberta Horticulture Association. “I promised myself once I retired I would join the horticulture society.

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster One of Nan Shute’s favourite things is to sit among the flowers to watch, listen and be a part of nature.

I learned about different things because the society is always bringing in guest speakers,” said Nan, adding how wonderful the CHS has been for her. “The horticulture society has been in town a long time and are a very dedicated membership. There is so much to do in Camrose. There is so much to offer here.” Nan was also an accredited horticultural judge with a rose specialty and took great pride in being part of the annual Camrose Horticulture Rose and Lily Show. “I have fond memories of the Rose and Lily Show,” beamed Nan. “I cannot remember a year when we were not totally sure if we would get enough people. But we always seemed to get enough to make a decent show.” In 2008, CHS was approached by Rosehaven Care Centre (The Bethany Group) staff to assist in cleaning up the facility’s courtyard. “It was a horrendous jungle,” recalled Nan. “We looked at it and said of course we would and have been maintaining it every year since.” The work the horticulture society has done in the courtyard is a tribute to their hard work and devotion to making others’ lives more joyous. Continuing a love for gardening and reaping the rewards of taking care of Mother Earth, Nan set up the Junior Gardeners committee. Seeds were donated to youth age six years and older to plant all across Camrose County. Nan recalled the mother of one of the junior ga rdeners approach-

ing her and telling her that her now-g rown children are still active gardeners. “All of a sudden these children realize what they put in the ground is up and growing and they excitedly say ‘look at my garden’.” Outside of the endless hours Nan dedicated to CHS, she was also an active member of her church, a longtime volunteer with Camrose Musical Festival and past president of the Camrose Retired Teachers and Round Hill Seniors’ Club. “We met once a week and we would have floor curling and play cards. And, of course, we always had lunch, you know seniors,” she said with a hint of humour.” Unfortunately due to some recent health concerns and challenges with mobility, Nan has not been able to grow a garden this year nor has she yet to visit Rosehaven courtyard, a favourite pastime of hers. “Last year was the first year in 70 years I did not have a garden. I rarely go out anymore because I have to use a walker and when you go places, you have to be careful and think twice before you do things.” Despite a slowdown in getting around, Nan’s wit and mind are as sharp as tacks and when asked if she misses the busyness, she was pensive in her reply. “I have enjoyed every last minute of doing these things over the years. I think you get past the stage of missing and you just look back at the memories, good or bad.” Who do you know as a community Difference Maker? Let us know. Call The Camrose Booster at 780-672-3142.

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The automotive section of

Brothers rebuild horse wagons and sleighs By Murray Green

Neil Tollefson’s Tillicum Beach yard is decorated with horse wagons and sleighs. “I worked in Camrose at Rosehaven Care Centre for 34 years and also farmed east of Bashaw as well as having this acreage,” explained Neil. “I’ve always have had horses and pulled wagons. I started saving parts for buggies and wagons, knowing that they will become my retirement projects. I took an early retirement when I was 55, about 19 years ago. I didn’t start building right away. Shortly after I did, I found out you could take a course in wheelwright.” The brothers took the course from Chris Jenson at his Doc’s Buggy Shop near Mirror. He taught them how to build wheels from wood and steel. “I started making wheels and when my brother retired from ranching in northern BC, he took it up as well,” added Neil. “My dad did farm with horses when we were young. When I was six or so, he got his first tractor and then we didn’t use the horses a lot after that. I did a lot of horseback riding when I was older. I ended up getting a sleigh and a couple of saddle horses to pull it for family at Christmas time. From there, it expanded into homemade wagons and buggies.” His wife Peggy has learned to appreciate the lawn ornaments as a reflection of the early history in the area. “The first wagon I built, I made with bicycle wheels. I had a runaway and it was totally destroyed,” Neil laughed. “So then it progressed into better-built wagons.” Neil’s brother Dennis (wife Shirley) built and delivered a wagon with him from BC during his recent visit. “I came to visit and he showed me what he was up to and he got me going on a buggy. I brought a Democrat twoseater. I bought a rubber tire mounting machine, so I have been putting rubber on the wheels of the buggies,” shared Dennis.


Murray Green, Camrose Booster Dennis, left, and Neil Tollefson found a hobby they both love in rebuilding wagons, buggies and sleighs. The wagons and buggies reflect a time in history when they were the main mode of transportation before automobiles took over.

“A guy in Idaho built this machine, so I got it from him. There are still some people around who can do wheelwright.” One project soon turned into 10 and the front lawn began to get smaller. “We both wanted something to do in retirement. In basic woodworking, you run out of things to make,” said Neil. “We collected axles and hubs, so that dictated what we had to build to restore the wheels,” added Dennis. “Then, we started to build buggies. It keeps us doing things and we don’t worry about punching a clock,” said Neil. “Retirement is no fun unless you have a big black blister on your thumb,” joked Dennis. The lawn attraction has made a few people stop to seek advice or help on their own projects. “Yes, some people come by just to look. Some people call it a museum. I had a job building special wheels for

the Airdrie Fire Department horse cart and some surrounding neighbours have asked me to help with carriages to be built that were wrecked. People want to restore antiques, so I have had a few jobs. I also build ornamental wheels that people often put lights in,” shared Neil. He has also taken a bride to her wedding in a buggy and built a dog sled. “Dennis and I learned together how to bend wood. The sled was built out of oak and then I had to train the lady’s dogs for her,” Neil laughed. “I’ve given wagon rides at the Meeting Creek railway station during their harvest festival in the fall in the past, not every year. I haven’t done it for a while because one of my horses died. I have another one now that Peggy and I use to get the mail,” Neil said. “I used a wagon to go to the neighbours and pick up some beets.” The brothers try to keep the wagons and bug-

gies as original as they can. “Sometimes we have to make the parts because we can’t find them. We have iron in the bush, but there is always something missing,” said Neil. He has a hub-boring

machine to bring the wooden spikes together before mounting the steel band. Neil has a metal tire bender and a lot of special tools to assist him with restoring.

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MOST 2017 AND $ 1,000†† ON 2018 FORD MODELS

FIND IT. DRIVE IT. OWN IT. VISIT FINDYOURFORD.CA OR YOUR ALBERTA FORD STORE TODAY. Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers only valid at participating dealers. Retail offers may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. For factory orders, a customer may either take advantage of eligible raincheckable Ford retail customer promotional incentives/offers available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof. Retail offers not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). *Ford Employee Pricing (“Employee Available in most new Pricing”) is available from July 1, 2017 to October 2, 2017 (the “Program Period”), on the purchase or lease of most new 2017/2018 Ford vehicles (excluding all chassis cab, stripped chassis, and cutaway body models, F-150 Raptor, F-650/F-750, Shelby® GT350/GT350R Mustang, Ford GT, and Focus RS). Employee Pricing refers to A-Plan pricing ordinarily available to Ford of Canada employees (excluding any Unifor-/ Ford vehicles with 6-month CAW-negotiated programs). The new vehicle must be delivered or factory-ordered during the Program Period from your participating Ford Dealer. Employee Pricing is not combinable with CPA, GPC, CFIP, Daily Rental Allowance and A/X/Z/D/F-Plan programs. **Purchase a new 2017 F-150 Limited for $64,388 (after Total Ford Employee Price adjustment of $14,411 deducted - a combination of Employee Price adjustment of pre-paid subscription. $9,661 and delivery allowance of $4,750). Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Total Ford Employee Price adjustment has been deducted. Offer includes charges freight and air tax of $1,900 but excludes variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, administration fees, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. †F-Series is the best-selling line of pickup trucks in Canada for 51 years in a row based on Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association statistical sales report up to year end 2016. ††Offer only valid from July 1, 2017 to October 2, 2017 (the “Offer Period”) to resident Canadians with an eligible Costco membership on or before June 30, 2017. Receive $500 towards the purchase or lease of a new 2017 Ford Focus, Fiesta, C-MAX, and $1,000 towards all other 2017 Ford models (excluding F-150 Raptor, Shelby® GT350/GT350R Mustang, Ford GT, Cutaway/Chassis Cab and F-650/F-750) and 2018 Fusion, Flex, F-150 (excluding F-150 Raptors) model (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). Limit one (1) offer per each Eligible Vehicle purchase or lease, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per Costco Membership Number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. Applicable taxes calculated before offer amount is deducted. ®Registered trademark of Price Costco International, Inc. used under license. ©2017 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ©2017 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

Residents advised to use caution around wildlife Continued from page 12

“The only effective choice FWEB officers have in such a case, is to remove the deer from the population which will ultimately result the

death of the deer and its fawn(s). Officers do not have the ability to identify the exact deer responsible for this attack and will not shoot deer on suspicions, nor will they

destroy deer for simply existing in Camrose. “People must always ensure that their pets are under full care and control, just as they would with their children. Obvi-

Total Car Care.

• Lube,oil(5W/20or30)andfilter •Rotateandinspect4tires •Topoffwindshieldwasherfluid •Courtesycheckincluding V  isualBrakeCheckandmore...


on any rental trailer.



Despite only being a few steps away from Penne, the dog owners found out just how quickly an incident can happen. For more information on Alberta Environment and Parks, visit the website at aep. or email at A EP.Info - Centre @ gov. for envirnomental emergencies telephone toll free within Alberta 1-800-222-6514.



Summer Maintenance Package Service Includes:

ously, nobody ever wants to see a human or pet injured or killed by wildlife, but pet owners and humans alike need to remain aware and vigilant, keeping in mind that they share the same habitat in Camrose with deer and other wildlife. That wildlife may take the form of an angry rutting moose in October to a cougar or possibly a bear, passing through the creek valleys in search of food.”


Plus tax. Most vehicles.

6208 - 48th Avenue 780-679-5180 * Up to 5 litres of oil. Synthetic or other grades of oil extra. Plus shop fee of up to 15% based on non-discounted retail price, not to exceed $35.00, where permitted. Plus disposal fee where permitted. Void where prohibited. TPMS Reset not included. Installation of seasonal tires extra. Not valid with other offers. Limited time offer. See participating stores for details. © 2017 Midas Canada Inc.

Cargo trailers up to 24’

Dump trailers 12’, 14’ or 16’

Best Rental Rates on

Cargo TRAILERS and Dump Trailers

Book Early!

To book, call Kayla, (780)672-4400

D&D Vehicle Sales & Service

Phone 780-672-4400 3760-48 Avenue, Camrose

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• SYNC • Rearview Camera • 3.5 5LE Ecoboost cobo co b os bo ostt • Na Navigation avi viga gati tion on n

2017 F-150 XLT Sport 301A

MSRP $56,539 EMPLOYEE PRICE $45,412 LESS COSTCO <$1,000>

44,412 $ 40 286


$0 DOWN 84 MO. @ 2.49% OAC



• Moonroof • Navigation • Remote Start • Leather Heated Seats

2017 Edge SEL AWD

MSRP $44,089 EMPLOYEE PRICE $39,421 LESS COSTCO <$1,000>

38,421 $ 32 252


$0 DOWN 84 MO. @ 3.49% OAC



• SYNC Connect • 1.5 L Ecoboost • Heated Seats • All Weather Mats


MSRP $33,289 EMPLOYEE PRICE $29,790 LESS COSTCO <$1,000>

28,740 $ 18615



$0 DOWN 84 MO. @ 2.99% OAC


Finance payments include fees, taxes and COSTCO rebate. Finance contract with Ford Credit Canada Company OAC. Cost of borrowing on LTH458 $5,117.81. Cost of borrowing on LTH444 $3,326.09. Cost of borrowing on LTH171 $5.203.98.



Toll Free 1-800-994-9953



Visit us on

@ Lamb Ford Sales


Highway 13 East, Camrose

HOURS: Monday to Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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Rear Cross Traffic Alert* The way you imagine it





Lease† or finance‡ for

0% Earn 500 Aeroplan® Miles when you test drive and 5,000 points when you purchase.**

2017 RAV4 AWD SE shown

from 36 months

$31,891 MSRP includes $2,181 freight & delivery, PDI & block heater.

Lease, finance plans, cash incentives & offers from Toyota Financial Services (TFS). OAC for qualified retail customers on select new unregistered models sold and delivered between July 1 & 31, 2017. †Lease a 2017 RAV4 AWD (BFREVT B) for $73 weekly with down payment or equivalent trade of $3,299. Security deposit is waived. Based on vehicle price of $31,891 and 0% lease APR. Total lease obligation is $15,686; lease end value (for personal use only) is $16,205. In addition, Dealer Lease End Option Fee of $300 will be added. ±Toyota cash incentive is deducted from the negotiated selling price after taxes. Example based on 39-month walk-away lease with 52,000 km. If km limit is exceeded, additional km charge of $0.10 per km will apply. The first future scheduled weekly lease payment will be payable 7 days after the contract date. Total of 169 weekly lease payments required during the lease term. Weekly lease offer can be combined with most other offers excluding the First Payment Free and Encore offers. ‡Representative purchase finance example for 2017 RAV4 AWD (BFREVT B): $28,612 at 0% APR for 36 months equals bi-weekly payments of $367. Cost of borrowing is $3,299 (including down payment) for a total obligation $31,911. Down payment of $3,299 required. All offers exclude license, insurance, PPSA, registration fees and taxes. Down payment or equivalent trade, first payment and applicable taxes are due on delivery. Vehicle price includes a maximum of $2,181 for freight and delivery, block heater charge and air conditioning charge. All offers exclude license, insurance, PPSA, registration fees and taxes. Down payment or equivalent trade, first payment and applicable taxes are due on delivery. Dealer may sell, lease or finance for less. All offers subject to exclusions and may change without notice. Some conditions apply. **See for details. ®Aeroplan and the Aeroplan logo are registered trademarks of Aimia Canada Inc. *Rear Cross Traffic Alert standard on 2017 RAV4 XLE, SE, LTD (WFRVT, RFREVT, JFREVT, DFREVT) models. Drivers should always be responsible for their own safe driving. For complete details, ask your Alberta Toyota dealer or visit

Fire in Creekview destroys two houses under construction to further properties, we were very relieved we were able to contain it and stop it at the first house east of the original fire,” remarked Krich. The home, directly east of the second house effected by fire, was occupied at the time of the fire and the occupants were quickly and safely evacuated by

fire crews, for precautionary purposes. “They were able to go back into their home that same morning and there was no damage to their property. As a result of extensive investigation by fire investigators Kritch said, “The cause of the structure fire last week was determined to be a lightning strike.”

Leanne Taje, Camrose Booster Flames spread quickly on July 6 on a house under construction in Creekview, left, eventually igniting the house directly east of it, which was also under construction. By Lori Larsen

On July 6, shortly after 5 a.m. Camrose Fire Department received a call to a structure fire in the Creekview subdivision, near 52 Street and 36 Avenue. “It was a house fire fully involved upon our arrival,” said Camrose Fire Chief Peter Krich. He reported there were no injuries in the unoccupied buildings, or to members of the fire service. “The fact that both homes impacted by the fire were construction homes, meant nobody was inhab-

iting those homes at this time,” noted Krich. The fire started in a house (under construction) which had an empty lot immediately to the west. However, as a result of the magnitude of the fire and the involvement of the fire prior to the arrival of fire crews, heat and transfer shifted to the house directly to the east (also under construction) eventually causing it to catch on fire as well. “We were able to save that one to the point where it was just upper floor damage (due to fire).

“The initial estimate of property damage is approximately $500,000.” The house where the fire originated (top right photo) completely burned and will be demolished and lot cleaned up. The second house directly east will also be knocked down due to extensive water damage. Thanks to the quick and efficient response of the local firefighters the damage was contained to the unoccupied houses. “Dealing with and responding to a high magnitude fire like that, with the potential of spreading

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster The aftermath of the July 6 Creekview fire left the first house completely destroyed, top photo, and the second severely damaged, bottom photo structure still standing.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 25

20 UP TO








2017 SILVERADO 1500

20% = $17,101







20% = $14,700




20 = 5,906













2017 TRAX


15 = $4,956 %









20% = $11,010



20 = 7,447 %




ON NOW AT YOUR ALBERTA CHEVROLET DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the purchase of a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab LTZ 4WD (AN3, AY0, CF5, IO6, KQV, L5P, MW7, PDF, PDX, QGM, SFZ, UF2, UF3, VXH, Y65, Z71), Silverado 1500 Crew Cab High Country 4WD (BRS, CF5, G1K, K05, L86, R8M, SF1, UF2), Traverse LTZ AWD (C3U, G1W, K05, V92), Malibu Premier (G1W, K05, PDL, WPR), Cruze Sedan Premier (GD1, K05, WPS, ZLH), Trax Premier AWD (GB8, KPK) equipped as described. License, insurance, registration, freight, administration fees, dealer fees, PPSA and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in Alberta Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only. * Offer valid for a limited time only. Customers receive up to a 20% of MSRP cash credit towards the cash purchase of select 2017 models in dealer stock the longest. Not compatible with lease or finance purchases. Conditions and limitations apply. See Dealer for full program details. Applies to oldest 15% of dealer inventory as of July 1, 2017. Valid July 1 – 31, 2017 on cash purchases of eligible 2017 model year vehicles from dealer inventory. Models receiving a 15% cash credit of MSRP include: Camaro (excludes ZL1), Colorado, Trax, Impala, Suburban, Tahoe. Models receiving a 20% cash credit of MSRP include: all Light Duty and Heavy Duty Silverado, Cruze Sedan, Cruze Hatch, City Express, Express, Malibu (excludes 1VL), Sonic, Equinox, Traverse. Models not eligible for this offer are: 2017 models: Spark, BOLT EV, VOLT, Corvette, all 2016 MY and 2018 MY vehicles. Not compatible with special lease and finance rates. Credit is tax exclusive and is calculated on vehicle Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). MSRP does not include freight or dealer-installed options, but does include $100 air conditioning tax if applicable. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing this cash credit which will result in higher effective cost of credit on their transaction. Dealer may sell for less. Offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Certain limitations or conditions apply. General Motors of Canada Company may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. Void where prohibited. See dealer for details.† The 2-Year Scheduled Lube-Oil-Filter Maintenance Program provides eligible customers in Canada, who have purchased or leased a new eligible 2017 MY and 2018 MY Chevrolet (excluding Spark EV, Bolt EV), with an ACDelco® oil and filter change, in accordance with the oil life monitoring system and the Owner’s Manual, for 2 years or 48,000 km, whichever occurs first, with a limit of four (4) Lube-Oil-Filter services in total, performed at participating GM dealers. Fluid top offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc. are not covered. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motors of Canada Company reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ▲ Whichever comes first. See dealer for details.

Prom Project assists with graduation dresses By Murray Green

The third annual Prom Project Golf Tournament will be held at the Pipestone Links Golf Course at 1 p.m. on July 22.

“The Prom Project is a grad dress rental program helping to ensure that all girls go to grad looking and feeling their best,” said Angela Pauls, one of the organizers.

“ The Prom Project rents grad dresses to students who may not be able to afford one. Our goal is to make sure everyone has the opportunity to wear a dress,”

added Angela. “We help students in the Millet, Leduc, Wetaskiwin and Camrose areas.” To raise funds, the Prom Project is holding the golf tournament. The

entry fee includes golfing, shared cart, catered dinner and a chance for prizes. Phone 780-216-0416 for more information.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 26

Student book bags generate reading excitement By Murray Green

Children need to read to succeed. A comprehensive study of kindergarten children in Alberta shows that 25 per cent of them do not have all of the skills needed to be successful in school. The statistics are very similar for local children in the Camrose area. Camrose Family Literacy, the Early Childhood Development Coalition (ECD) and Vision Credit Union are partnering to provide information and resources for parents of preschool-aged children to improve success. Sturdy book bags are provided through funding from Vision Credit Union and will be filled with hands-on activities and tools intended to help prepare young children for kindergarten. Access to information on all aspects of healthy development will also be provided. The ECD Coalition is a working group of likeminded people concerned

Murray Green, Camrose Booster Camrose and Area Early Childhood Development Coalition coordinator Jolene Doig, member Kari Cameron and a team of volunteers made 200 bags containing learning items to present to three-year-old preschool children in the area to assist in teaching them to Read, Talk and Play.

with promoting the healthy development of all children in the Camrose area. The Coalition members partner in events, programs and

activities to help families in every aspect of parenting and child rearing. The provincial department that initiated the

study is no longer in operation, but the local group, along with many other coalitions around the province, are continuing to

work independently to promote healthy development in our area. The bags were packaged on June 19.

Wood speaks about budgeting time for council obligations By Lori Larsen On October 16, residents of Camrose will be going to the polls to check boxes in votes for Mayor and eight city council members, positions within our city that occupy a great deal of commitment and responsibility. Some of the present City councillors answered a few questions about their experiences in an effort to enlighten residents about the duty of sitting on city council. In speaking with Councillor Greg Wood, his responses were as follows. What has your experience on council taught you about Camrose, the community and municipal governance? “Going in, I always knew Camrose was a great city and the last two terms on council have reaffirmed that belief. There is a sense of community here that makes it a good place to live.” Regarding municipal governance Greg said, “What’s on the surface may seem to be simple or there appears to be a simple solution, but there is always more to it than that.” Greg explained, “During this particular term, council spent a lot of time with all City departments during the Municipal Service Review which aided in a better understanding among council members on the logic behind what the City does and why, which was very beneficial. I think we found out that 95 per cent of what was being done made sense.” What has been one of the most rewarding and

one of the most challenging parts of being on council? “In this last term, probably the most rewarding was the fact that we have experienced a kind of a culture shift in how council looks at things and how administration looks at running the City. “We (City) have adopted more of a business model of explaining not only what we are doing, but why we are doing it and does it make sense to do it anymore.” As a business person, Greg appreciates the shift in paradigm. “My pet peeve with all government levels is that they have always been very good at adding, but don’t know how to subtract. For example, there may be services that have been done for 20 years and should be stopped, but they just keep being added and that is why budgets tend to get inflated. “This term, we have seen this culture shift and administration has been taking that business approach and that is rewarding.” Regarding challenges, Greg said, “Balancing the wants and the needs and trying to distinguish between the two is the greatest challenge. There are always lots of good ideas, but not enough money to go around.” Greg added that council needs to flush out a decision-making framework to quantify and leave a trail for the decision and why it was made. “It would help to rank projects a bit better so that 10 years from now, people may not necessarily agree with the decision,

Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster Councillor Greg Wood strongly supported the addition of another off-leash dog park, pictured here with good pal Buddy.

but they will know why it was made.” What do you feel is the most important role of a city councillor? “The biggest one is to listen to everybody’s concerns and, while you may not always agree with some of the concerns, make sure they factor into the decision-making process. “That is the number one job. The next biggest thing is looking beyond the next year or two and the consequences those decisions will have, for instance 10 or 20 years down the road.”

What do you think contributes to a balanced perspective on council? Greg remarked that keeping an open mind on everything and understanding all sides of the issue is vital. “Everybody is ignorant about something and that is not to say you are not capable of understanding, it is just you don’t know half the facts. Be willing to accept that you don’t know everything and listen and learn. Then, make your decision based on facts.” What commitments including time, can a person expect as a city councillor?

“In terms of time, it is all dependant on the background of the individual. My budget (time) has always been three to five hundred hours a year to handle the council meetings and other commitments. Including preparation time, the bi-weekly council meetings account for close to a couple hundred of those hours. “Usually five hours per meeting time then you have committees and, depending on how much time you have available, you might be out in the community more.” Greg suggested that some councillors will spend more time out in the community dependant on the background and other obligations. “But that helps to balance council out a bit, not everyone has the time to be out there.” Greg also noted that depending on a person’s background and knowledge, more time may be needed to familiarize one’s self with the issues and information. What advice would you give to anyone considering running for council? “Take the number one issue you have, set it aside and then decide why else would I run. “If you only have a couple burning issues and that is driving your desire to run, you will find out that you will either get the issue resolved, or it will get shot down pretty quickly. Then what are you going to do for the rest of council term?” With a last bit of advice Greg said, “You have to have enough concern about the general well-being of the community to have the staying power to do it.”

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 27

Helpful Tips for Writing Classified Ads Which Get Results! Be Thorough

Sure you want your ad to stand out from the rest, but don’t skimp on the sort of information that sells. The item’s condition, size, age, brand name, and color are some of the basics readers want to know. Without them, your ad may be overlooked.

Steer Clear of Abbreviations

Okay, so you want to include all the important basics. Don’t use strange abbreviations because our ads are designed to spell all the important details. Besides, you are not paying by the line, but by the word, so there is really no need to abbreviate.

Be Honest

Exaggerating your item’s finer points may bring in a lot of responses, but a buyer who’s misled won’t appreciate it and will take his business somewhere else.

State Your Price

The cost of an item is one of the most important concerns of want ad readers. Ads showing prices are ones which get results. Giving a price also serves to “weed out” those buyers not in your price range.

Be Accessible

Including a telephone number or address puts you in touch with potential buyers. Be sure to state the hours you can be reached: a caller who can’t get through the first time often won’t call again.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or problems you may have regarding advertising. Our professionally trained sales staff know the ropes, and would be happy to pass their know-how on to you. That’s why we’re here, to help you get the results you deserve.

Call780-672-3142 672-3142 Call

4925-48 Street, Camrose

ANNOUNCEMENTS THE DR. “MAC” SMITH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND for post-graduate education in nursing is accepting memorials. To donate or for applications and information, please write to AARN Education Trust Fund. 11620-168 St., Edmonton, AB T5M 4A6. LOYAL ORDER OF THE MOOSE – Family smorg style breakfast at Moose Family Center, Sunday, July 16 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Adults, $8.00. LOCAL CAMROSE AUTHOR PRESENTS: Three published books. Available in 28 countries and on eBay. 32,000+ online bookstores. ROSE CITY ROSE AND LILY SHOW AND TEA – Thursday, July 13, Masonic Hall, 5021-48 Street. Entries accepted 8-10 a.m. Show and Tea 2-7 p.m. Show booklets available at Pedersen’s Florists and Frankie’s Flower Shop.

FRIENDS OF FRIDHEM SOUTH CEMETERY DECORATION & HERITAGE DAY – Sunday, July 16. Decoration at 1:30 p.m., program at 2:30 followed by lunch. Please bring lunch item. 3 1/2 miles east of Ferintosh on Township Road 440. BARDO BERRY FARM U-PICK – Saskatoons, choke cherries, blackcurrants. $10 per 4L pail. 780-662-4238. 780-222-3851.

PERSONAL DRINKING A PROBLEM? Alcoholics Anonymous, call 780-672-9406 or 780-608-8798. LOST THAT LOVING FEELING? Find it with a personal ad in The Camrose Booster classifieds. Ph. 780-672-3142.

EMPLOYMENT WANTED 2ND BEST PAINTER IN TOWN – 30 years’ experience for all your painting needs. Call Rick the Painter, 780-672-0391.

HELP WANTED ARE YOU SEMIRETIRED AND STILL WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Do you enjoy camaraderie while doing a job that is well done? All this and get paid for your efforts? Consider joining our farming operation on a part-time basis. Submit resumé to Box 333, c/o Camrose Booster Ltd., 4925-48 St., Camrose, AB T4V 1L7. CAREGIVER IN PRIVATE HOME IN DAYSLAND – Part-time, casual. Willing to work occasional Sundays (day shift). Good health, reliable, with caregiver certificate or related experiene necessary. Please email resumé and cover letter to LOOKING FOR PARTTIME EVENING DRIVER – Apply in person with clean driving abstract to Transmission Express. 5207-47 Street.

WANTED WILL ACCEPT OLD VEHICLES, machinery, scrap iron, etc. Car batteries (will pay for). Call 780-672-6917 or 780686-5211.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ESTABLISHED VENDING ROUTE – All machines in Camrose. Be your own boss, work your own hours. Great revenue, 25 machines, turnkey business. Asking $185,000. Call 780-672-1840.


SELF-INKING STAMPS – Every shape, size, and colour. We deliver, right to your office. Camrose Booster Ltd., 4925-48 St., Camrose. Call us at 780-672-3142. DSS CONSTRUCTION Don’t put off those projects any longer! Give me a call and we can plan together. Devin Meakins, Ph. 780-853-1080 R.J.’S CONSTRUCTION Renovations, bathrooms, additions and repairs. Garages, concrete work. Arborite and tiles. 20 years’ experience in Camrose Call Rob, 780-672-0521 RICK’S DRYWALL, BOARDING, TAPING & TEXTURING 30 Years’ Experience For all your drywall needs call 780-672-1980 or 780-679-7346 McTAVISH DELIVERIES LTD. Local and long distance moving Storage Insured and bonded Where your business is appreciated 780-672-5242, Camrose THE SHIRT OFF MY BACK TAILORING HAS MOVED! TO ELAINE’S HOME in Camrose Please Call 780-672-4793 Tues. - Fri., 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Thurs. Evening and Sat.: By Appointment Closed: Sun., Mon. and Holidays

FOR LEASE 5031-46 STREET, CAMROSE – Available immediately. 1800-5400 sq. ft. in very nice building in great location on busy corner. Lots of signage, fresh exterior paint, new roof, large parking lot. Fenced yard, overhead door access. Owner willing to renovate to accommodate tenant’s needs. Call 780608-5222.

FOR RENT FOR RENT ADS NOW UPLOADED TO The Camrose Booster Website DAILY! NEWER VERY ATTRACTIVE, SPACIOUS, BRIGHT, QUIET LOCATION – Twobedroom, two baths. Four-plex. Ideal for adults. Excellent location to hospital, Rose Haven, and lovely Mirror Lake walking paths. Energy-efficient, five appliances. Reference required. No smoking, no pets or partiers. Be sure to view. 780-679-2170.

TWO-BEDROOM SUITE – Spacious and bright in a fourplex apartment. Centrally located, clean, quiet, non-smoking building, no children, no pets. Completely renovated, available now. In keeping with our existing tenant profile, we are inviting inquiries from mature adults. $975/mo. rent includes heat and water. One month free rent on 12-month occupancy. Phone 780-679-7090.

NEW 2 -BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE UNIT – Energy efficient, quiet, superior craftsmanship. Five appliances including dishwasher, and laundry. Local owner managed. Seeking mature, responsible adult tenants. No smoking, no pets (small, older dogs welcome), no children. Yard work, snow shovelling provided. $1,000/mo., includes water. One month free rent on 12-month lease. 780679-7090.

CAMROSE MOOSE HALL FOR RENT Ideal for weddings, banquets, any celebration or special occasion. Call 780-672-2505

THREE-BDRM. TOWNHOUSE – Two baths in Ridgepoint. No smoking, no pets. $1200/mo. plus utilities. Contact Sean, 780-608-6310.

ROOMS FOR RENT in the Scotney and Jacqueline character homes. Both are 2.5 blocks from university in Camrose. Clean, quiet and bright. Rent is $495 - $600 monthly plus DD and includes WiFi, utilities, recycle pick-up, yard care and snow removal. Partially furnished w/ shared laundry. (Some rooms are fully furnished for international students.) This is an affordable, quality accommodation that fills quickly. (Some rooms still available.) No partiers, smokers or pets allowed. Reduced rate over the summer for students. Please call Dave P., 780678-6163. PRIME DOWNTOWN SINGLE OFFICE SPACE at 4979-50 Street with elevator access 150 sq. ft. $300/mo., utilities included Call 780-679-5085 TAMARACK PLACE Senior friendly community, smoke and pet-free. Features a social room, elevator and on-site manager. We are now accepting applications for our two-bedroom suites. All suites contain five appliances, including in-suite washer and dryer. Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon Ph. 780-678-2621 MID-CITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, 1017197 Alberta Ltd. For All Your Rental Needs We have: • Duplexes • Houses • 4-Plexes • Condos • Apartments • Storage and more! Call 780-672-0662 or more info and listings or visit our ads on Kijiji HOUSE FOR RENT IN CAMROSE – 1,800 sq. ft., five bedrooms, three baths. Single garage, clean and quiet. Close to schools and shopping. Five appliances. $1,750/mo. No pets or partiers. 780-678-6163.

SHORELINE APARTMENTS – 4828-54 Street. Large two-bedroom. Heat, water and laundry included. Has elevator. No smoking, no pets. Call 780621-8495. ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENT SUITES – On main floor at 4806-46 Street. Newly renovated. $750/month including heat and water. No smokers, pets, or partiers. 780-672-5369. ONLY TWO LEFT! TWO-BEDROOM TOWNHOUSES NOW AVAILABLE – Brand new, located in the Valleyview subdivision. Miles of paved walking trails just footsteps away! High-efficiency furnace and on-demand hot water offer wonderful savings on utilities. Five appliances. Private balcony. Upgraded fixtures, cabinetry and flooring. Snow removal and lawn mowing are provided. Local owner managed. Seeking long term, mature, responsible adult tenants, non-smoking, no children or pets (small, older dogs welcome). $1,150/mo., includes water. One month free rent on 12-month lease. Phone 780679-7090. TWO-BEDROOM BASEMENT SUITE – Close to downtown and university in Camrose. Recently renovated. Utilities, wifi, yard care, recycle pick-up all included. D.D. $1,200, rent $1,200. 780-678-6163. TWO-BEDROOM ADULT APARTMENT – Close to Augustana. Includes fridge, stove, dishwasher, heat and water. $850/month. No pets, no smoking. 780-672-9531. NEWER TWO-BEDROOM FOURPLEX Suite includes five appliances and is close to downtown area. Phone Rick, 780-608-5000 or George, 780-678-7610 NEWER 1,360 SQ. FT. FOURPLEX – Two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, five appliances, large covered deck at 5424D-51 Avenue. $1,050/mo. + utilities. No pets, smokers or partiers. Phone 780-672-5369 or 780-608-7556.

Double your exposure with a FREE Buy & Sell ad on Camrose Now!

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THREE-BDRM. DUPLEX – In Valleyview. 2-1/2 baths, 5 appliances, single garage, additional parking. Family neighbourhood. No pets, no smoking. $1400/mo. plus utilities. 604427-3854.

HOUSEHOLD F OL DI NG 8 - F T. WOODEN TABLES – $40 each or two for $70. 780877-2255. ASSORTED SLOW COOKERS – In good working order. $15 each or two for $25. 780-877-2255. SIX MATCHING SETS OF CUSTOM WINDOW CURTAINS – Like new condition. Four different widths. Ready for complete installation. $80 for all. 780-855-0008.

MACHINERY SWATHER NO LONGER ‘CUTTING THE MUSTARD?’ Call The Camrose Booster Classifieds, 780-672-3142. CANOLA ROLLER – 8’, excellent condition. $750. 6’ Canola Roller – $50. 780374-2317. 780-608-3377.

16.75% R.O.I. INVESTMENT PROPERTY OR STARTER HOME – Brand new home with full basement suite. Walking distance from west end shopping hub. Call or text Virgil 780-220-5530 or Reg 780-878-4262. Flyers available at home. 7009-50 Avenue.

MISCELLANEOUS PIPE – Tubing from 1 1/4” to 3 1/2”. Sucker rod - 3/4”, 7/8” and 1”. Line pipe and Casing also available. Wainwright, AB. 1-800-661-7858. BICYCLES, ASSORTED – $50 each or two for $90. 780877-2255. CAPTAIN’S CHAIRS – $50 each or two for $90. 780877-2255. WEST BEND 30 CUP COFFEE MAKER – Still in the box. $30. 780-877-2255.

BOATS, RVS and CAMPERS LOVE CAMPING, BUT TIRED OF SHOVELLING SNOW OFF THE AWNING IN MAY? Say goodbye to your Gulfstream! Move it fast with a Camrose Booster classified. Phone 780-672-3142. SELLING YOUR SEAWORTHY BOAT? Make a splash with an ad in the Booster classifieds! Ph. 780-672-3142. FOR SALE – 1988 Terry by Fleetwood 23 1/2 ft. 5th wheel travel trailer. Stored off-season in shed. Fridge/freezer – electric and propane. Four burner stove with oven. Furnace, shower, sleeps four comfortably. Good condition, neat. Recently used. $4,595. 780-672-6960. S TA R C H O IC E SATELLITE DISH – With RV stand. $25 o.b.o. 780-672-9493.

TRADEMARK PUMPING LTD., Camrose, is looking for a

Concrete Pump Operator for the Camrose area. Experience preferred but we’re willing to train the right person. Dependability and good attitude are required. Must have class 3 driver’s license and clean driver abstract. CSTS, H2S and First Aid are required as well as Drug Testing. We offer a competitive wage and a family atmosphere. Send resumé to or fax to 780-662-4211 and / or call Mark at 780-717-1343 during office hours.

GARAGE SALES 7014-46 AVENUE – Thursday, July 13, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tools, Wii games, fishing gear, E-cig (like new), women’s scrubs, household, miscellaneous. MULTI-FAMILY YARD SALE Aspen Terrace Apartments 4920-66 St., Camrose AB

STEVRY SKI/FISHING BOAT WITH TRAILER – Mercury 90 horsepower motor, fully equipped with 3 sets of skis, two tubes, and other accessories. 780-679-5751. H O N D A GENERATOR – EB 6500 X, good condition. $1,000. 780672-6749, leave message.


Lots of treasures including kitchen items, clothes, various books, furniture, etc. Come and check it out!

DADS – LOOKING FOR A CAR WITHOUT A BACK SEAT? Count on our classifieds. We match up buyers and sellers. Phone the Camrose Booster, 780-672-3142. 2005 CHEV UPLANDER – Remote start, winter tires, 171,900 km. $2,800. Phone 587386-0043.

AUTO 12-VOLT CAR BATTERY – Group 24, load tested, good. $25. 780-672-9493.

Missed Delivery Policy If you do not receive your copy of The Booster or pre-printed inserts, please report this to us by calling 780-672-3142. We will promptly re-deliver these to city households. Note that we do not have access to certain apartment buildings. In these cases, we ask you to contact your apartment manager to request delivery. Rural readers are asked to report missed deliveries and we will consult with your postmaster to ensure future deliveries. Thank you for being a loyal reader of…

780-672-3142 4925-48 Street, Camrose AB T4V 1L7

Put Camrose in your Pocket!

We might well be displaying the job, career or educational possibility that’s right for you. Download…

Friday, July 14th Saturday, July 15th 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

CARS and TRUCKS CASE IH 9350 – 3,358 hr., 310 hp, 12-spd. standard, 20.8R42 duals, 4 hyd. outlets, return line. Exc. cond. $78,000. Call 780-678-9014. HESSTON R BALER – Model 514. Asking $2,000. 780877-2437. 1997 CASEIH COMBINE – 2188 AFX rotor. Complete inspection in 2016, 3025 hours on rotor, $47,500. 25’ staight cut auger header also available. 780374-2317, 780-608-3377.

ALUMINUM ALLOY RIMS – 16”. 5-112, bolt pattern. $25 each. 780-672-9493.

“Bikes To Big Rigs”

SEDGEWICK, AB 780-384-3080



If you have personal items (not related to a profession, trade or business) valued at $100 or less, we will give you a

FREE CLASSIFIED AD Your message will be delivered to almost 13,500 households! • • • •

Mail, fax, email or drop off your ad copy. One item per ad – 20 word limit. Include the price of the item in your ad. Offer excludes living things, except when offered for free. Example: Girl’s bicycle, like new, $70. 555-555-5555 WRITE YOUR AD HERE: _____________

_____________ _____________

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_____________ _____________

_____________ ___________

MAIN FLOOR OFFICE SPACE IN DOWNTOWN CAMROSE 110 sq. ft. office in newer building off main street. Very quiet neighbours. $210.37 monthly. Call Blain or Don, 780-672-3142 days. The most caring landlords in the business!



Mail to: Classified Ad Department, Camrose Booster Ltd. 4925-48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7 Phone: 780-672-3142 Fax: 780-672-2518 Email:

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 29

Family • Achievement • Integrity • Respect

It’s nice when you discover the job is as good as the coffee

Quality Training • Incentive Programs Benefits or Bonus Program Available Positions • Food Service Supervisors (FSS) – Full-time / shift work, Minimum 1 to 2 years’ industry experience, $14.00 per hour plus benefits depending on experience • Food Service Attendants (FSA) – Part-time / Full-time shift work, no experience or education necessary, $12.20 / $13.25 per hour plus benefits depending on availability and experience • Graveyard Shift Positions for FSS and FSA – Bonus: $25.00 per graveyard shift spanning 12:00 midnight to 5:00 am Hiring for 796005 Alberta Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons West, 6602-48 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 4R1 • FSS • FSA • 6 Graveyard FSS • 6 Graveyard FSA – All starting ASAP Apply by mail, phone 780-608-7626 (Roxy/Ken) or fax 780-672-9455 Hiring for 1256146 Alberta Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons East, 3601-48 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 1L8 • FSS • FSA • 6 Graveyard FSS • 6 Graveyard FSA – All starting ASAP Apply by mail, phone 780-672-5087 (Diane/Dave) or fax 780-672-8808

Now hiring for permanent full-time / part-time! AT BOTH LOCATIONS IN CAMROSE!

Honesty, caring and a workplace that feels like home

An employer you can count on

Apply in person with resumé at either Camrose store

Employment Opportunity Administrative Assistant Entry-level positions available. We’re looking for progressive, positive, energetic people. Apply in person with resumé or email cmacintyre@


MANAGER Fast growing company is seeking a full-time office manager.

Quickbooks experience and computer skills are mandatory. Please fax your resumé to 780-679-0703.

Planning/Assessment Departments

Camrose County Planning and Assessment Departments have an opening for an Administrative Assistant; this is a permanent full-time position. The successful candidate will be responsible to provide clerical and secretarial support to the departments and related areas; provide information, assistance and service to ratepayers and perform related duties. The successful candidate will possess the following qualifications: • Completion of Grade 12 Diploma; and/or • Administrative assistant training from a recognized institute; • Excellent knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access); • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; • Ability to perform work accurately; • Ability to complete task with minimal supervision; • Ability to work within a team environment; • Experience taking meeting minutes; • Punctuality, reliability, and strict attention to detail is required; • Ability to deal well with the public is required; • Working knowledge of Planning, Assessment, and the Municipal Government Act is an asset; • Ability to read a County map, aerial photos, and find legal land locations is required; • Experience with an electronic mapping program beneficial; • Confidentiality and general understanding of FOIPP is required. Hours of Work: 35 hour week Competition Closing Date: on or before 4:30 p.m. July 25, 2017 Interested applicants should forward their resumés to: Anjah Howard, Manager of Planning and Development Camrose County 3755-43 Avenue, Camrose, Alberta T4V 3S8 NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Camrose County thanks all those that respond to this position but only those that are selected for an interview will be contacted.

Opportunity knocks! Join the friendly, professional team at the Norsemen Inn. Casual, part-time openings now exist for

• Banquet Chef and Cook • Restaurant Servers Apply for these positions with resumé at the front desk.

BIRTHS To Priya and Sreejith

Geethabhai, of Camrose, a son on June 28. To Jackie and Adam Newstead, of Camrose, a son on July 1. To Lisa and Andrew Jensen, of Wainwright, a son on July 1. To Amy and Sam Johnson, of Camrose, a daughter on July 1.

DEATHS Mary Felt, of Camrose,

on June 29, at 84 years of age. Jacqueline Marie

McLean, on June 29, at 64 years of age. Jennifer Sarah Ross (Sherjan) of Calgary, Formerly of Camrose, on June 30, at 30 years of age. Leona Darlene Ryall, of Camrose, on July 1, at 70 years of age. Gregory Allan Patterson, of Camrose, on July 2, at 53 years of age. Terry Gunderson, of Camrose, on July 3, at 62 years of age. Janet Marjorie Furnell, of Camrose, on July 5, at 99 years of age. John Jeffery, of Ryley, on July 7, at 78 years of age. Peter Szott, of Daysland, on July 7, at 95 years of age.


Lori Larsen, Camrose Booster During the July 1 Canada Day celebrations, the Camrose and District Centennial Museum unveiled a mural hung on the outside north wall of the building. The painting was done by local artist Tara of Tara K Studios in Camrose. Pictured left to right are artist Tara, Mayor Norm Mayer and Christie Mason, a third-year student at the University of Alberta Augustana and Lougheed leadership program intern.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 30


Are You Prepared to get Hired ? ! Career Services

New Futures

Assistant Finance Manager What does a ““Day Day in the Life” of an Assistant Finance Manager look like?

You will be surrounded by positive and energetic co-workers that require your best efforts to satisfy an industry that thrives upon urgency. You will be working with clients who require the highest level of professional care while maintaining acute attention to detail. Your day will be spent communicating with various bank representatives and lenders and relaying credit decisions to our customers. You will work closely with the General Sales Manager and Financial Services Manager and complete tasks which include offering products and services to customers, taking credit applications and processing paperwork in a timely fashion. We are looking for a qualified employee who has a passion for helping others, can identify customer needs and find the solutions to satisfy them. The ideal candidate will be a sales oriented individual with the ability to take direction and work with a team. Can you multi task? Do you have general computer skills and the ability to learn? Lamb Ford is an established business of 36 years that proudly provides Quality Products, Quality People and Quality Service. We offer our employees a positive work environment that rewards them with competitive wages and health and dental benefits. If this description appeals to you, please reach out to us. We would love to talk! 3771-48 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 4H3 Attention: Brett Denham Email:

Provides 10 Days of FREE Workshops; Resume, Cover Letter, Interview Skills, Job Search, Accessing Hidden job market, networking, and much more . . . Camrose # 208 4870 - 50 St.


Next Sessions

July 20—Aug 2 Aug 24 –Sept 7

This no cost project is for unemployed Albertans, 18 years and older , who have found their connection with the labour market affected with the changes in the economy

Call us Today


This project is funded by:

DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT OF 2017 PROPERTY TAXES IS JULY 31, 2017 A 2% PENALTY WILL BE ADDED, TO ALL OUTSTANDING CURRENT TAXES TAX PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE AT THE COUNTY OFFICE 3755-43 AVENUE, CAMROSE, ALBERTA T4V 3S8 UNTIL 4:30 P.M., MONDAY, JULY 31, 2017 OR AFTER HOURS/WEEKENDS PAYMENTS (CHEQUES ONLY) CAN BE PLACED IN MAILBOX AT COUNTY OFFICE FRONT DOOR OR RECEIVED POST-MARKED BY JULY 31, 2017 A FURTHER 10% PENALTY WILL BE ADDED NOVEMBER 1, 2017 Camrose County offers a Pre-Authorized Monthly Payment Plan for taxes. Application forms and further information can be obtained by contacting our office at 780-672-4446 or from our County website: Payments can also be made online or at any financial institution. Paul King County Administrator

Request for Tender Wild Rose Co-op is accepting tenders for the demolition of the building located on Lots 8-10, Block 2, Plan RN97 in Killam, AB. (North East Corner of the Wild Rose Co-op Killam Food Store Parking Lot). The successful bidder will be responsible for: • Demolition Permit • Removal and cap of all utilities as per the service providers’ requirements • Demolition of the building • Removal of all debris according to Town and other Municipal Bylaws • Removal of the retaining wall • Excavation site filled, leveled and topped with road crush appropriate for driving on and parking • Wild Rose Co-op will remove the fence Tender must be submitted in a sealed envelope, marked Demolition Tender addressed to the following: Wild Rose Co-op 4818-51 Street Camrose, AB T4V 2R8 Please contact the Administration Office at 780.672.3107 for more information. Demolition to be completed by August 31, 2017. Tenders will be accepted until Friday, July 14, 2017, 12:00 pm. The lowest and any tender may not necessarily be accepted and the Wild Rose Co-op reserves the right to reject any or all tenders.

Korah Horbay and Tanner Kowal received the top female and male trophy from CCHS athletic director Andy Lyster.

CCHS salutes athletes By Murray Green

Korah Horbay and Tanner Kowal were named the top female and male athletes of the year at Camrose Composite High School on June 15. Horbay received the Janet Solverson Award as the top female. She also was named the senior girls basketball most valuable player, most outstanding female in cross-country running and most outstanding female in track and field. Kowal has a similar resumé. He was awarded the Steven Phillips trophy to go along with his senior boys basketball most valuable player, most outstanding male in crosscountry running and most outstanding male in track and field. Junior volleyball coach Sue Nelson received recognition for her outstanding contribution to the high school. In volleyball, the senior girls MVP went to Karli Phillips and most dedicated player was Chloe McIndoe. Chad Sieben was the senior boys MVP and Erik Pudlowski was MIP. On the junior girls, Alex Pickard was the MVP and Frances Mendenilla was the most dedicated. For the boys, Dan Matiushyk was the MVP and Ciaus Doig was the MDP. In Grade 9, Hope Maron was the girls’ MVP and Desyrae Leclercq was the MIP. Boys’ MVP was Kyle Robbins and MIP was Bennett Rolston. In basketball, the senior girls MIP went to Jenna Nickel. Senior boys MIP was Dan Matiusyk. On the junior girls, Hailey McKechnie was the MVP and Kaden Feddema was the most improved. For the boys, Josiah Easton was the MVP and Ciaus Doig was the MIP. In Grade 9, Chanelle Bauer was the girls MVP and Darcey Hodder was the MIP. Boys’ MVP was Dennis Enns and MIP was Bennett Rolston. In badminton, Janae Milgate was the top high school female and Ben Eggink was the top male. In Grade 9, teammates Hope Maron and Tea Maruschak were the top females and Chase Leslie was the most outstanding male. In curling, Morgan Kushnerik was the most dedicated female. Nathanael Mascaluk and Sergio Luengo were the most dedicated male curlers. In Grade 9 track and field, most outstanding athletes went to Bauer and Leslie. Bauer also was the top female cross-country runner. In golf, Eric Bouck was the top high school male and Malcolm Wilson was the most outstanding in Grade 9. In tennis, Jaden Olson and Andrew Lehman were the top performers.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, July 11, 2017 – Page 31

CWSS presents exploring ecotourism By Lori Larsen Imagine navigating down a river and exploring its waters and shorelines for the very first time or trekking on new found land and discovering a variety of bird species and other inhabitants. On July 13, CWSS presents Dr. Glen Hvenegaard who will be sharing information on Frank Farley, one of Alberta’s leading ornithologists and environmentalists in the early 1900s. Farley wrote widely, conducted research and mentored many young people, and was a Camrose advocate. Dr. Glen Hvenegaard, local Camrosian, is a lifelong lover of nature, birds, and getting outdoors, much like the subject of this talk. He received his PhD from the University of Victoria for his research into ecotourism and is currently the professor of environmental science and geography at the University of Alberta, Augustana campus. On June 29, Helen Trefry presented informa-

Helen Trefry with Vinnie the peregrine falcon.


GREAT 2-BDRM. CONDO IN TOFIELD ... located in Belvedere Gardens. Spacious open plan, gas FP, htd. floors. Only 30 min. to Edmonton! CA0092686 Asking $199,900 RO U N D H I LL BUNGALOW! ... Perfect starter or investment property. Park-like setREDUCE D! ting neighbourhood. If you’re looking for that character house in a small community, this home may be ideal for you! Asking $120,000 CA0095161 G R E A T O P P O RTU N IT Y IN KILLAM! ... Commercial bldg. w/Hwy. exposure. This 5168 sq. ft. building features office space, board rooms, staff area, 2 lge. bays in rear, fully fenced site. This 3.98 acre parcel is ideally set up for your expanding company! Asking $399,000 CA0077617 NEW NORWAY BARE SERVICED LOT ... ready, waiting for your dream home. Water, sewer, power. Beautifully landscaped w/trees, decorative shrubbery, lge. garden area, flower beds. Fantastic school system, short distance from Camrose! Asking $54,000 CA0060120

tion on the peregrine falcon to a full house at Stoney Creek Centre. “We had a great event on June 29,” said CWSS coordinator Carson Hvenegaard. “We had 39 people show up and they really enjoyed it. Helen Trefry talked about the history of falconry and peregrine falcons, then showed off Vinnie, a male falcon, with an injured wing.” Anyone attending a CWSS Thursday event will have an opportunity to put their name into a draw for prizes donated by the com-

munity. The draws will be done during the last event held on Aug. 3. The more events you attend, the more times your name goes into the draw. For more information on the June 13 event or other upcoming events, contact CCWS coordinator Carson Hvenegaard by emailing carsonhv@gmail. com or by telephone at 780-672-0544. For more information on CWSS, visit the City of Camrose website at www.

Central Agencies Home of the Week

Custom walk-out in Creekview

BEAUTIFUL QUALITY BUILT BUNGALOW IN N DLY! DAYSLAND! … IE FR R IO SE N gorgeous home! 9’, vaulted ceilAbsolutely ings, gorgeous bamboo flooring, lots of bright windows. Gourmet kitchen w/granite, lovely bright dinette w/patio doors to amazing deck. Awesome great room, huge master, superb en suite! Exc. MF laundry, awesome yard, attached htd. garage, RV parking, a/c + more! You’ll love it! Asking $329,900 CA0074085 STETTLER … This lovely mobile features 3 bdrm., 2 full baths, nice sized LR, eat-in kitchen w/loads of cabinetry space, a/c. Bright solarium, detached garage. Have a look! Asking $164,900 CA0108172


COZY ACREAGE JUST SOUTH OF EDBERG! ... Many updates in recent G! N EW LI STINyears – plumbing, elec., upstairs vinyl windows, hardwood flrg., baths + more! Awesome 30’x40’ shop w/garage, work space + upper level flex room. Nice and private! Asking $332,500 CA0109443 NATURE LOVERS’ PARADISE ... in great acreage setting! Almost 10 acres! 3-bdrm., 2 baths, 1/2-storey w/lge. inflow heat garage.Various outbuildings included. Asking $319,000 CA0108556


PRIVATE TREED ACREAGE, 10 ACRES ON PAVEMENT! ... This is an excellent opportunity to build your new home! This can be your private getaway and a place where you can enjoy the peaceful country lifestyle. Lots of potential, call now! Asking $179,900 CA0099128 EXC. 10.13 ACRE ACREAGE W/ PRIVATE PARKLIKE SETTING ! D CE U ED ... and secondRresidence west of Ferintosh. Residence #1 offers 1176 sq. ft. of space while residence #2 offers 1218 sq. ft. of space. Many large outbuildings on property, too much to note! Call today! Ask $349,900 CA0086180

By Lori Larsen

First impressions are everything and this stunning two-storey doesn't disappoint. Located in the wonderful family subdivision of Creekview next to a greenspace and within a short walk to parks and the valley, this custom-built home truly does have it all including striking added touches and upscale finishes. Stepping inside the front door, you will immediately feel welcome in the spacious grand foyer featuring an impressive staircase to the upper floor and plenty of windows to let in natural light. Just off the main entry is a flex room with decorative frosted French doors. This room can be used as a home office, playroom or an intimate conversation room. Stylish hardwood flooring leads you straight into a beautiful living room complete with a lovely gas fireplace and, once again, plenty of windows that flood the room with sunlight. The open concept smoothly transitions into an elegant dining area with a coffered ceiling and even more large windows. The kitchen is stunning with warm maple cabinets, quartz countertops, stylish backsplash and light fixtures. A sit-up island is a great place for children to eat breakfast or guests to converse while you prepare hors d'oeuvres.

A two-piece powder room is also conveniently located on the main floor. The upper level has a huge master suite with a step-up seating area with large windows, a walk-in closet and its own spa-like, five-piece ensuite complete with heated tile floors, double sinks and a luxurious corner soaker tub. Completing the upper level are two more bedrooms, a four-piece bathroom a flex room and a handy laundry area. A patio door leads off the dining area onto a large covered deck, which overlooks a neatly landscaped backyard with extended views over the greenspace. Included in the purchase are the fridge, countertop stove, built-in dishwasher, microwave and trash compactor, washer, dryer, air conditioning and window coverings. This amazing home, located at 3502-52A Street, Creekview has loads of extras and is priced at $529,900. There will be an open house on Friday, July 14 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. or for a personal viewing, contact Matt Banack at: Central Agencies Inc. 4870-51 Street, Camrose 780-672-4495 or Cell 780-608-9733

REMARKABLE CUSTOM BUILT RAISED B U N G A LO W ! … 1885 sq. ft. on 11.05 acres. Cross fenced, 4 good outbuildings incl. 24’x28’ htd. shop, dugout, lge. garden, ICF foundation w/infloor heat, 9’ ceilings, hardwood/tile/cork flooring, HRV unit, triple pane windows. Fully fin., move-in ready. Minutes to Camrose! Asking $685,000 CA0103277 ENJOY COUNTRY LIVING AT ITS FINEST … on this beautiful, peaceful quarter section only min. from Camrose! 2564 sq. ft. 2-storey boasts open concept kitchen, DR and LR, 5 bdrm., 3 full baths, 1 half bath, den, office, bonus room, much more. Dble. htd. garage, professionally, well maintained, landscaped yard, back deck, front porch, htd. shop, garden shed, various outbuildings, dugouts, firepit area + more! Asking $895,000 CA0105620 80 SPECTACULAR ACRES ... of all natural prairie! Have you been looking for a place to build your dream acreage? Somewhere where your kids can enjoy the fresh air, get outside, raise a few animals and enjoy everything the country has to offer? Only 20 minutes from Camrose. Asking $250,000 CA0101409 AWESOME ACREAGE LIFESTYLE, COUNTRYSIDE VIEWS, ON PAVE… Exc. energy eff. ! EAMENT! AN AR G Macres, home, Hwy 617. 1770 sq. ft. home. ICF KIN4.3 basement, ICF MF w/in-floor htg all 3 lvls. You’ll love the warmth, rustic finish, countryside views, bright windows, beautiful staircase and ceilings. Cozy LR, bright dinette, exc. kitchen, MF laundry, superb master, exc. bsmt. and more! Country lifestyle and décor, you’ll love it! Ask $549,000 CA0101513 BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED ACREAGE … barely 15 min. to Camrose, next to Battle River Valley. Built in 1998. 1672 sq. ft. bungalow, 3 bdrm. 2 baths, vaulted ceiling, gas/ wood FP, vinyl windows + more. 24’x28’ garage, 19’x31’ shelter w/concrete floor, penned area, dugout. Lovely location! Asking $409,900 CA0103616 A C R E A G E PARADISE ... a lifestyle you’ll love! 7.07 STING! on pvmt. Perfect acres 2 min. fromLICamrose N EW for hobbyist, rec use. Exc. 3+3 bdrm. 1640 sq. ft. open concept bungalow. Beautiful LR, fantastic kitchen, bright dinette w/huge covered deck. Superb master/ en suite, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt., in-floor htg. w/huge family/games room. 30’x24’x26’ htd. garage. Htd. 32’x48’ shop, 14’x48’ storage, barn and lots more! It’s perfect! Asking $750,000 CA0109012


11.15 ACRES OF PRIME INDUSTRIAL LAND … Exc. location in expanding east side industrial area of Camrose. Zoned M1 – Light Industrial. Property currently being used forICpipe E! storage. PR area, Building 7260 sq. ft.NofEW office arch rib arena, multi-purpose bay. Additional enclosed storage, covered outside storage. Exc. opportunity! Call now for details. CA0069085

ENJOY LIFE AT THE LAKE! … This mobile on 2 lots is the perfect getaway spot for you and your family. Take a drive and go see what Pelican Point is all about! Asking $249,000 CA0103914

WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY ... to have your own corner lake lot in the summer village of White Sands! Steps away from the beach! Don’t miss out! Asking $159,900 CA0095261 UPDATED BARRIERFREE HOME … in Daysland. Wheelchair accessible, open living space, enclosed elevator, many daily aides incl. Updated kitchen, vinyl windows, elec. panel, low maint. flrg. Single garage, 12’x32’ deck, immediate poss. CA0101339 Asking $155,000 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY IN OHATON! ... Looking for a property to located your business or just need more space? This is a good opportunity! 1488 sq. ft. bldg. w/good workshop area, overhead door access. Exc. 8’x20’ office trailer available all set up. Located just minutes from Camrose. Take a look! Asking $89,000 CA0093961 NICE SIZE LOTS! ... Affordably priced in hamlet of CA0090478 Kingman. Starting at $49,900 DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNIREDUCE D! TY! … Located on lge. lot in Bawlf, this home features 1320 sq. ft., 4 bdrm., 3 baths, open kitchen area. Deck, dble. garage, nicely landscaped yard. Wonderful community! Asking $159,000 CA0108533 PEACE AND QUIET LAKE LIVING – FERINTOSH! … This cozy 1-bdrm. home has been reno’d, is available for immedieate possession. Private yard, mature trees, detached garage. Wonderful price! Asking $89,000 CA0108421 WOW! YOU’LL LOVE THE PEACEFUL L I F E ST Y L E , VIEWS, LOCATION OF THIS TILLICUM BEACH PROPERTY! ... Ideal summer retreat or year-around home. 1144 sq. ft. walkout bungalow home w/open design, vaulted ceilings. Spacious kitchen, living areas. Upper deck w/awesome views! Exc. walkout bsmt. w/ huge family/games room. Private setting, 24’x28’ htd. garage. CA0108888 Asking $309,900


BITTERN LAKE 5-BDRM., 3-BATH 3 LEVEL SPLIT ... just 10 min. away from Camrose! Well maintained home on huge lot w/vaulted ceilings, covered deck, MF laundry, WI closet, en suite w/htd. tile floors, fully fin. bsmt. A must see! Asking $419,900 CA0106131 STRIK ING HOME IN ROUND HILL! … Modern, open concept design, spacious kitchen, centre island, corner pantry. Both bdrm. have WI closets! MF laundry. Quiet area, perfect home for any buyer! CA0109809 Asking $264,900 PIE SHAPED LOT IN QUAINT SHERMAN PARK SUBDIVISION, RED DEER LAKE... Check out the options this property provides for quiet country living or for your leisure and rec. periods. Ask $26,000 CA0109931 GREAT STARTE R OR INVESTMENT P RO P E RT Y IN BASHAW! ... 3 bedroom 1094 sq.ft. home close to all amenities. This home can be made into a nice “homey” bungalow. Priced to sell! Asking $64,900 CA0110303


VERY WELL MAINTAINED 4-PLEX … within walking distance to schools, parks, playgrounds, corner store, rec facilities. 1740 sq. ft. bldg. w/3x 2-bdrm. and 1x 1-bdrm., 4-pce. baths, common area entrance, shared coin laundry, shared boiler system, extra storage. Shingles 2 years old, all but one unit has updated vinyl windows. CA0103875 Asking $459,000 EXC. OPPORTUNITY TO INVEST IN A GREAT PROPERTY IN CAMROSE! … Solid bldg. offering 6 bright, spacious units in exc. condition. Lower level shared laundry, 8 car parking stalls. Maint. free landscaping, fencing. Just waiting for the right buyer! Asking $645,000 CA0098511 FOUR PLEX! … Don’t miss this amazing investment opportunity! Centrally located bldg. Each unit features 2 bdrm., full bath. All units individually metered and contains its own furnace, HW tank, laundry. Great opportunity! Ask $459,000 CA0098258 FULL DUPLEX … 3-bdrm. and 4-bdrm. units. Good layouts w/recent upgrades; vinyl windows throughout, flooring, paint, newer shingles. Exc. living space up/down. Consistently rented for years. Asking $409,900 CA0103349

FOR RENT OR LEASE E XC ELLEN T OFFICE OR BUSINESS LOC AT ION ! … Awesome 2,250 sq. ft. area. Two large meeting rooms, very nice reception area, 3 baths and offices. Independent utilities, AC and excellent parking. Taxes and insurance are included. Great location! Asking $2,200/month CA0099504


2.94 ACRE MULTI-FAMILY LOT ZONED R3! EXC. LOCATION, CLOSE TO AMENITIES! … Exc. property for an adult community, condominium project and/or multi-family developments. Prime west-end location w/exc. site. Pavement on 3 sides, across from huge park. CA0097247

MULTI-FAMILY LOTS 2.5 ACRES ZONED R3 AND MULTI-FAMILY ... Exceptional west end location across from huge park and playground, by west end amenities. Lots of potential with re-division options. Call now! CA298482

Central Agencies Inc. REAL ESTATE

4870-51 St., Camrose

Matt Banack


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4870-51 Street, Camrose • 780-672-4495 • 1-800-809-8040 • After Hours: Cole Walker, 780-679-5544, Al-Karim (Al) Mohamed, 587-322-5511; Dalton Reum, 780-678-5224; Graham Wideman, 780-679-8384; Matt Banack, 780-608-9733; Matthew Mayer, 780-781-7088; Tylor Keller, 780-281-0016; Lyndsey Delwo, 780-678-6117; Jillian Wideman-Lyon, 780-781-8787.

OPEN HOUSES Wed., July 12, 11am-1pm 5219-36 Avenue NEW FLOOR PLAN OFFERS LOVELY FOYER, … spacious great room, engineered hardwood floors, MF laundry. Beautiful kitchen c/w quartz G ! island, corner pantry, IN countertops, lge. centre ST LI NEW gorgeous maple cabinets w/under-cabinet lighting. Great master w/WI closet, 5-pce. en suite w/htd. tile floors, shower, corner soaker tub, bonus room + much more! Asking $429,900 CA0109432

Wed., July 12, 4-6 pm 5503-49 Street MOVE IN READY MOBILE HOME … on own lot! Clean home w/ dble. car port. 2 bdrm., 1 full bath. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Asking $139,900 CA0104491

Thur., July 13, 11am-1pm 5220-35 Avenue NEXT TO NEW BUNGALOW CO M P L E T E LY FINISHED! … 1520 sq. ft. main level w/vaulted ceilings, hardwood/tile floors, granite counters, den, 5-pce. en suite, MF laundry, htd. 22’x24’ garage, 2 gas FP, 2 en suite baths. 2-tiered deck, fenced yard! WOW! Asking $497,500 CA0105732

Thur., July 13, 12-2 pm 6203-28 Avenue Close NEW VALLEYVIEW WEST BUNGALOW, by BATTLE RIVER HOMES! … Close to lake, parks, walking trails. In a Cul-de-sac! Beautiful open plan. Coffered ceilings, hardwood floors. Exc. kitchen, granite, island, breakfast bar. Gorgeous LR w/ FP. Spacious dinette, covered deck. Superb master and ensuite. MF laundry. ICF & in-floor htg. 26’x26/28’ garage. Ask $485,162 CA0098057

Thur., July 13, 1-3 pm 4902-54 Avenue TOTALLY UPGRADED! … Reno’d inside and out – windows, siding, flooring, bathroom, kitchen, furnace, HW tank – you name it! 2 decks, 16’x28’ garage. Close to schools, downtown area. Asking $180,000 CA0103496

Thur., July 13, 4-6 pm 6015-28 Avenue E X C E P T I O N A L LY BUILT WALKOUT BUNGALOW … backing onto water in Valleyview West subdivision! This stunning home features vaulted ceilings, flex room, gas FP, awesome master w/5-pce. en suite, a/c. 24’x24’ garage. Asking $564,900 CA0096217

Thur., July 13, 4-6 pm #83 Park Ridge Dr. EXC. 5-BDRM., 3 BATH BI-LEVEL HOME … located on Park Ridge Drive. Vaulted ceilings, lge. open kitchen, DR, master en suite w/jetted tub, master WI closet. Maintenance free deck, BBQ gas hookup, landscaped yard, oversized htd. garage, RV parking space + much more! Very well maintained home. Ask $479,900 CA0104804

Fri., July 14, 11am-1pm 3502-52A Street “Home of the week, see page 31!” STUNNING FLOOR PLAN! … This custom a/c walkout 2-storey home comes with so many great features incl. beautiful kitchen w/centreSTisland, G ! lovely maple cabinets, IN LI EW quartzNcountertops, walk-through pantry. Exc. dining area w/coffered ceilings, gas FP, open staircase, huge master bdrm., 5-pce. en suite, bonus room plus much more! An outstanding family friendly home that needs to be seen to be appreciated! Asking $529,900 CA0109918

Sat., July 15, 11am-1pm 5210-53 Avenue BRIGHT, OPEN BUNGALOW … w/ lots of charm. Huge amounts of living NEW PR ICE! space w/upgrades. New kitchen counters/backsplash/flooring, SS appl. 2 upgraded baths. Shingles, furnace, HW tank, elec. panel done too! CA0106029 Asking $254,900

OVER $300,000 IMPRESSIVE FLOOR PLAN IN VALLEYVIEW WEST! … Vaulted ceilings, gorgeous kitchen, 3 bdrm., finished FR in bsmt., 24’x22’ garage plus much more! Ask $449,900 CA0086740


OPEN HOUSES 5219-36 Avenue 6015-28 Avenue Wed., July 12, 11am-1pm Thur., July 13, 4-6 pm

NEW FLOOR PLAN OFFERS LOVELY FOYER, … spacious great room, MF laundry. Beautiful kitchen c/w quartz countertops, lge. centre island, corner pantry, gorgeous maple cabinets. Great master w/WI closet, 5-pce. en suite + much more! Asking $429,900 CA0109432

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GORGEOUS BUNGALOW! CUL-DE-SAC LOCATION! • 1440 sq. ft. • 26’x26’/28’ garage Asking $485,162 CA0098057




VA LL EXCEPTIONALLY BUILT WALKOUT BUNGALOW … backing onto water in Valleyview West subdivision! This stunning home features vaulted ceilings, flex room, gas FP, awesome master w/5-pce. en suite, a/c. 24’x24’ garage. CA0096217 Asking $564,900

All homes come complete with New Home Warranty and contractor’s warranty. Ask about our Buyer’s Incentives!

CAMROSE HOMES OVER $300,000 GORGEOUS CUSTOM BUILT BUNGALOW IN VALLEYVIEW! ... You’ll love the lifestyle, valley view walking 9’, coffered ! ALOWtrails. BUNGhardwood ceilings, beautiful flooring, gorPER FECT geous kitchen cabinetry, granite countertops. Lovely LR, spacious dinette, superb master, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt. dev., in-floor htg., 9’ ceilings. Awesome yard, veranda, deck, courtyard, fenced, oversized 24’x26’ garage, RV option + more! Now only $519,000 CA0093233 BEAUTIFUL PARK RIDGE ESTATES BILEVEL – ON PARK! … Premier G ! location, R K INwalking valley, trails E, RV PA G ID R K R PA by. Gorgeous quality built home. Bright close open plan, spacious foyer, display ledges, 9’ and vaulted ceilings. Park views from exc. kitchen, spacious dinette, superb master, 3 baths, 5 bdrm. In-floor htg. in exc. bsmt. dev. Beautifully landscaped yard, deck, sprinklers, large RV parking, in-floor htd. garage + more! You’ll love it! Asking $499,000 CA0108136 STUNNING CUSTOM BUILT 5-BDRM. WALKOUT HOME ... in Creekview. Features incl. inviting open floor plan, gorgeous chef’s kitchen w/custom cabinetry. Grand deck to catch sunsets overlooking prof. landscaped backyard. Fin. walkout bsmt. w/wet bar. Don’t miss out on this superb home! CA0100555 Asking $609,900 BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM BUILT WALKOUT BUNGALOW IN VALUT! KO AL W EW location w/valley views! VIPremier LEYVIEW! VA LLEY… Exc. quality, impressive floor plan! 9’ ceilings, beautiful hardwood flooring, bright window pkg. Amazing kitchen, huge island, breakfast bar. Awesome great room, dinette w/views. Superb master, en suite, MF laundry, exc. walkout bsmt., in-floor htg., huge family room, games area, custom bar, a/c. Awesome yard, covered deck, 26’x 32’ htd. garage all fin., RV parking, lots more! You’ll love it! CA0106106 Asking $747,900 EXC. BUNGALOW – CENTURY MEADOWS … close to Jack ! Stuart School. BeautiR EDUCED ful new hardwood floors, great kitchen w/centre island, lovely cabinets, huge games room, + dble. garage, lge. covered deck + much more! Asking $339,900 CA0087433 QUALITY CUSTOM BUILT BUNGALOW IN VALLEYVIEW ... close to walking paths, playground! Open floor plan w/4 bdrm., 4 baths has many upgrades. Features incl. hardwood, SS appl., coffered ceilings, stone FP, hot tub, a/c + much more! A must see! Ask $628,700 CA0109034 EXC. BI-LEVEL IN GREAT, DESIRABLE NEIGHBOURHOOD! … Quiet cul-de-sac near schools, playgrounds, rec. facilities, walking trails. Bright 2+2 bdrm., 2 bath, substantially upgraded home w/hardwood floors, central a/c. Wonderful bsmt. dev. w/lge. family room. Lge. covered deck, oversized garage. A must see! Asking $319,900 CA0107409 EXC. BUNGALOW W/ CUL-DE-SAC LOCATION IN PARKVIEW! … Exc. 1184 sq. ft. w/ bright open plan, lovely hardwood flrg. Gorgeous gourmet kitchen, lots of cabinetry, granite, island, gas range. Bright dinette, cozy FP in great room, den, spacious master, en suite, MF laundry. Great bsmt., in-flr. htg., lge. family/games area. Exc. yard, RV option. Impressive home, great location! Asking $359,500 CA0109855 BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW, AWESOME 4-CAR GARAGE! ... Close to parks, walking E! R GAR AGw/perfect trails. ofCA possibilities hobby E + 4SUITLots shop, revenue from secondary suite. Quality built w/bright open floor plan. Exc. kitchens, 2 laundry rooms, cozy gas FP, spacious master, en suite, den + more! Private suite entrance w/in-floor htg., 9’ ceilings. Awesome 26’/28’x38’ htd. garage, huge parking/RV pad. Now only $570,000 CA0100914

Beautiful Bungalows and Two Storeys by Battle River Homes Valleyview West

OVER $300,000

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HOMES FEATURE: • Covered front entry • 9’ and vaulted ceilings • Hardwood flooring • Cozy fireplace • Lovely maple cabinets • Granite countertops • Large island and pantry • Superb main floor laundry • In-floor basement heating • Covered deck FINISHED WITH ELEGANCE!


6203-28 Ave. Cl. Thur., July 13, 12 - 2 pm

Walkout Lot Available – Build Your Dream Home!

IMPRESSIVE QUALITY BUILT 1.5 STOREY IN VALLEYVIEW ... located AGE!to parks, walking AR G close R CA TR IP9’LEceilings, trails! beautiful hardwood flooring. Gorgeous kitchen, granite counter tops, pantry, spacious dinette, cozy great room w/FP, superb master, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt., family/games area w/FP. Awesome yard, coverd veranda/ deck, private courtyard, fenced, underground sprinkler system., 24’x34’ triple garage. Asking $493,900 CA0104997

TOP FLOOR FIELDSTONE CONDO, BY MIRROR LAKE! … Desired corner unit EW PR ICE! w/wrap around deck. N You’ll absolutely love this beautiful bright open floor plan. Lovely 2-bdrm. unit. Cozy FP, en suite, MF laundry, lge. east facing deck. Senior friendly, underground htd. parking. Close to walking trails, city centre. Call now to view! CA0100044 Now only $304,900 BEAUTIFUL PARKSIDE BUNGALOW – VALLEYVIEW! … E! Located by park, D PAR K SI valley walking trails. Front covered veranda, 9’ and coffered ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors, cozy FP, exc. kitchen, granite, lge. island, pantry, superb MF laundry, superb master/en suite. Cozy in-floor bsmt. htg. Beautiful yard, 23’x26’ htd. garage, RV parking, covered deck. You’ll love it! Asking $459,900 CA0103456 ONE-OF-A-KIND PROPERTY ... backing onto the Cam! fountain! GorED R EDUC rose geous views, mature trees, incredibly private backyard. 1370 sq. ft. walkout bsmt., 3 bdrm., 2 baths. Single attached garage, covered deck. Perfect opportunity to create your dream home. Asking $309,000 CA0094155 BEAUTIFUL WALKOUT … 2-storey backing onto park, playground in RK! N PACreekview! You’ll love the O T U KO WAL lifestyle w/walking trails close by. Awelocation, some kitchen, huge island, granite, WT pantry, Park views from dinette, great room, FP, den, MF laundry, 3 living areas, 4 upper bdrm., superb master, en suite, a/c. Beautifully landscaped yard, awesome 31’x26’ garage + more! Better than new, just move in! Ask $579,500 CA0106231 GORGEOUS CUSTOM BUILT WALKOUT – TRANQUIL MIRROR LAKE SETTING! … Peaceful private setting, lifestyle. Absolutely gorgeous 5300 sq. ft. w/exc. presentation, craftsmanship. Amazing windows, natural lighting w/picturesque views from home, secluded deck. Beautiful open design w/gorgeous open staircase/wells/loft. Amazing chef’s kitchen, prep kitchen, private nook, beautiful DR, gorgeous LR, cozy den. Amazing master, en suite, private retreat. Exercise/bonus room. Exc. bsmt., in-flr. htg., rec room, amazing media room, spa room. Awesome triple garage! You’ll love it! CA0109951 Asking $965,900 EXC. HOME IN QUIET CUL-DE-SAC BACKING ONTO GOLF COURSE! G ! … This custom built IN ST LI EW home N will please any growing family and offers vaulted ceilings, 2 wood FP, multiple living areas, exc. kitchen w/one-of-a-kind dinette, lge. master w/4-pce. en suite. 22’x26’ garage, beautiful yard + much more! Asking $575,000 CA0109971 FUNCTIONAL 3-BDRM. MULTI-LEVEL … Vaulted ceilings, spacious LR/DR. 4-pce. en suite, WI closet in master. Workable kitchen R EDUCED ! w/oak cabinetry, corner pantry, centre island w/raised bar. Bright bsmt. windows. 22’x22’ garage, mostly fenced yard, raised deck. Asking $348,000 CA0098305 BEAUTIFUL, QUALITY BUILT BUNGALOW, VALLEYVIEW WEST! … Premier lifestyle, cul-de-sac location. Absolutely C! gorgeous home, SA ED Lyou’ll loveCUthe quality and craftsmanship! Featuring beautiful 12’9’ and coffered ceilings, open stairwell, bright windows, gorgeous hardwood flooring. Amazing gourmet kitchen, granite, walkthrough pantry, prep centre. Lovely dinette, awesome great room, cozy FP. Impressive master/en suite, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt., in-floor htg., huge family/games/media room. Huge yard, covered decks, htd. garage, RV parking + more! It’s perfect! CA0099090 Asking $649,900 EXC. BUNGALOW W/ AWESOME GARAGE/ WORKSHOP! ... You’ll love the location, lifestyle, by Mirror Lake walking trails, city centre. Beautiful 1860 sq. ft. custom built home w/ amazing kitchen w/lge. island, pantry, dble. ovens + more! Exc. DR, LR areas w/easy access to lge. 2-tiered private deck. Superb master, en suite. MF laundry. Exc. bsmt., huge family/ games area. Exc. private yard, sprinklers. Awesome 30’x46’ garage/workshop, in-floor htg., full bath. Asking $539,900 CA0109370 1745 SQ. FT., 3-BDRM., 3 BATH, BONUS ROOM ... Open concept living, MF laundry, coffered dinette ceiling, WI pantry, 5-pce. en suite w/corner tub, separate shower, infloor htg., WI closet. Still time to choose your finishes! Asking $409,900 CA0065777


EXC. CORNER LOT BUNGALOW IN VICTORIA PARK! … 5 bdrm., 3 baths, attractive open floor plan includes: vaulted cathedral ceiling, hardwood flooring, gas FP, quartz counters, 4-pce. en suite w/jetted tub, 2 sinks, central vac, much more! Outside well maintained, features lge. deck, shed, RV parking, waterfall, stone BBQ area, sprinkler system, mature trees! This a must see! Asking $449,900 CA0107144 BEAUTIFUL CENTURY MEADOWS HOME ... in quiet cul-de-sac backing onto greenspace! Nicely reno’d., ready for your family! Asking $564,900 CA0100552 ATTR ACTIVE, VERY WELL MAINTAINED BUNGALOW IN CREEKVIEW! … Open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, en suite, WI closet, MF laundry, 3-way FP, hardwood floors, SS appl., granite countertops, kitchen island, WI pantry. Central vac. Dble. attached garage! Ask $345,900 CA0106059 BEAUTIFUL MULTILEVEL! … Vaulted ceiling, laminate/tile flooring, granite kitchen counters, maple cabinetry, partially finished walkout bsmt. Spacious master w/5-pce. en suite, walk-in closet. Oversized yard, extra parking pad, 2 covered decks! A must see! Asking $399,900 CA0102363 EXC. WALKOUT BUNGALOW TOWNHOUSE! … Quality built, bright open floor plan, 9’ ceilings, hardwood floors, MF laundry, great master w/en suite, beautiful kitchen w/island. Awesome bsmt. w/lovely family room, 2 bdrm., kitchenette. Fully fenced w/deck, patio, shed, attached garage. Asking $349,900 CA0105276 EXC. 2-STOREY IN CREEKVIEW, CLOSE TO PARKS, TRAILS! … Gorgeous 6-bdrm., 2186 sq. ft. home. Superb lifestyle, presentation! Beautiful open staircase, hardwood flooring, bright window pkg. Amazing kitchen, granite, walk-through pantry, bright dinette, 3 living spaces, den, MF laundry, exc. master, en suite. Exc. bsmt., a/c. Htd. garage. You’ll love it! CA0097877 Asking $467,900 EXC. 2-STOREY IN VALLEYVIEW, CLOSE TO PARKS, TRAILS! … Gorgeous, quality built 1942 sq. ft. featuring V E! open plan, 9’ ceilings, SIbright IMPR ESflrg., lovely hardwood awesome kitchen, huge island, quartz counters. Spacious LR, cozy gas FP, exc. en suite. Cozy in-floor htg. in open bsmt., a/c. 24’x26’ htd. garage, and more! It’s perfect! Asking $435,000 CA0086161 BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW, PRIVATE SETTING BACKG! ING ONTO GOLF IN ST LI NEW COURSE! … You’ll love the cul-de-sac location, awesome park views. 1368 sq. ft., 5-bdrm. home all recently upgraded, rejuvenated! Spacious bright open design. Exc. kitchen, quartz countertops, superb views from bright dinette, private deck. Lovely LR, spacious mater, MF laundry. Huge family/games room + more! Beautifully landscaped yard. A must see! CA0110056 Asking $458,800 EXC. FAMILY 2-STOREY IN CENTURY MEADOWS … close to park! 1490 sq. ft. home w/ Y HOME! EAT FA MIL bright open floor plan, GR 9’ ceilings, open staircase. Great kitchen, bright dinette, cozy great room, MF laundry. Spacious master, superb en suite. Exc. bsmt. dev., cozy FP in huge family/games room. Yard is fenced, RV parking options, alley access + more! CA0105161 Asking $349,000 EXECUTIVE ST YLE 3,215 SQ. FT. HOME LOCATED IN VICTORIA PARK! … Features include elegant fully renovated kitchen w/custom cabinets, rare Italian granite and high-end appliances! Private, mature, picturesque park-like backyard. Att. three car garage! Homes of this quality and caliber don’t come up often, on a lot like this within the city! Asking $675,000 CA0099632 AMAZING 2-STOREY WALK OUT IN VALLEYVIEW CUL-DE-SAC … Perfect location w/lake E! living space, exc. views, valley trails. open VA LU N ALBright PTIOisland, EXCEhuge kitchen walk through pantry, bright dinette w/garden door to new deck. Bright walk out bsmt. w/huge family room w/FP, 2 bdrm., bath. 2 new furnaces, a/c. Landscaped, oversized 26’x30’ att. htd. garage, RV parking. This executive home perfectly melds comfort, quality, style! Now only $599,000 CA0088474



6,000 SQ. FT. EMPTY LOT! … Located downtown between Credit Union and Royal Bank. C1 zoning, excellent location. Wonderful investment or building spot opportunity! Asking $139,900 CA0085343 EXCELLENT OWNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY! ... Great location, highway exposure! 1528 sq. ft. retail bldg. w/additional mezzanine. Imagine the possibilities. Available immediately. Asking $375,000 CA0103916 EXC. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – ZONED M1 LIGHT INDUSTRIAL! ... 4 lots w/good central location, suitable for multiple uses. 4352 sq. ft. bldg., good workshop areas, loading doors, front offices, mezzanine storage, HE furnaces, a/c. Fenced storage yard, 28’x30’ rear garage. Easy customer access. Call now! CA0062344 Asking $449,000

RESIDENTIAL LOTS HUSTLE PARK ... by huge playground and west end amenities! •  30 lots with alley access, starting from $91,190 •  18 cul-de-sac lots, starting from $114,290 SOUTHWEST MEADOWS ... by parks, playground and West End amenities! •  14 lots with alley access, from $96,690 •  11 large cul-de-sac lots, from $139,425 Call now for more information!

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GREAT INVESTMENT/ STARTER HOME … close to schools, city centre! Cozy, very well ! G IN maintained 730 sq. ft. ST NEW LIbungalow. Lots 2-bdrm. of bright windows, cozy LR, country style kitchen, spacious entry. Partially dev. bsmt. Lots of recent upgrades. You’ll love the yard! 16’x24’ garage. Asking $159,500 CA0105956 IMMACULATE BILEVEL ON HUGE LOT!… Close to R EDUCED ! schools and rec. areas. 4 bdrm., 2 baths, gas FP, 22’x24’ att. garage w/covered walk, refinished driveway, new shingles, fenced, covered deck and more! Asking $269,500 CA0101588 COZY 2-BDRM., 1 BATH BUNGALOW … close to Mirror Lake, downtown. Great opportunity! CA0100600 Asking $149,900 EXC. MOBILE ON RENTED LOT IN NORTHSIDE TRAILER PARK! … Affordable bright living w/vaulted ceiling, wonderful laminate flooring, spacious LR, super kitchen, dining area w/china cabinet, lge. master w/WI closet, en suite, 2 more bdrm., bath, laundry room. Outdoor space offers deck, parking pad, landscaping, fencing. A must see! Ask $89,900 CA0103045

AFFORDABLE AND PRICED TO SELL! … mobile home on rented lot. 3 bdrm., 5-pce. bath. Well maintained w/many updates. Covered deck, handy parking. North side trailer park. Asking $39,900 C A0105696 EXC. STARTER HOME! ... 3-bdrm., 2 bath home on rented lot. Great master w/4-pce. en suite, large LR w/gas FP. Be sure to view! Ask $90,000 CA0087426 EXC. FIRST-TIME BUYER OR INVESTMENT PROPERTY! … Cozy, clean, 4-bdrm. home. Lots of upgrades w/single detached garage on HUGE 43’x220’ lot. Don’t miss out on viewing this great opportunity! Asking $182,500 CA0108276


QUALITY BI-LEVEL ON QUIET STREET … close to all west end amenities. 4-bdrm., 2 baths, new windows. Htd. dble. garage, oversized huge lot, and the list goes on. Be sure to view! Asking $299,000 CA0102708 COZY AND COMFORTABLE! ... close to schools and downtown. Wonderfully kept and well laid out. Newer shingles, single garage. Garden plot, private yard. Ask $182,500 CA0110118 ADULT LIVING, CENTRAL LOCATION! … Bungalow townhouse perfect fit for relaxed lifestyle. Vaulted ceiling, MF laundry, attached ED R EDUC ! garage. You’ll love the kitchen reno! Amazing en suite off master. Bsmt. fully fin. w/TONS of space for family, friends, hobbies, storage. Well cared for, extensively reno’d. Asking $290,000 CA0104209 EXC. DUGGAN PARK BI-LEVEL! … Lovely 2+1 bdrm., 2 bath home. Bright MF w/ lower level master w/en suite, lge. family room. Upgrades include triple pane windows, hardwood floors, newer carpets. Dble. htd. garage, 2-tiered deck, quiet street, alley access. Your next home awaits you! Just move in – it’s a perfect fit! Asking $269,900 CA0098267 GREAT STARTER HOME OR INVESTMENT PROPERTY … close to schools and heart of downtown Camrose. 4-bdrm. 2 bath bungalow w/garage, fence, deck. CA0106530 Asking $249,900 EXC. CONDO – WORRY FREE LIFESTYLE! ... Across from Jubilee Park, Mirror Lake walking trails. Only blocks from city centre. Open spacious design w/bright windows, Lovely kitchen, spacious, bright LR, cozy gas FP, lge. master, en suite, MF laundry, elevator, guest suite, easy access to garage, much more! Looking for quality and lifestyle, call now! Now asking $275,900 CA0076514 WONDERFUL STARTER HOME OR REVENUE PROPERTY! … 2-bdrm., 1-bath bungalow well located, close to schools. Spacious bright LR, kitchen w/ample cabinetry, counter space. Laminate flrg., newly painted, newer shingles on house, well maintained. Nicely landscaped lot w/lge. deck, oversized single garage. Perfect opportunity not to be missed! Asking $155,000 CA0107958 WOW! AFFORDABLE, SPACIOUS 4+1 BDRM. TWO-STOREY HOME! ... 2,130 sq. ft. home, 4 bdrms. upper, 3.5 baths, 3+ living areas. Lots of room. Country style kitchen, DR, LR, 2 FR, rec. room, sunroom. Generous master, ensuite. Fenced yard, 24’x26’ garage. Spacious, affordable. Ask $269,900 CA0110254


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IDEAL STARTER OR INVESTMENT HOME! ... Lge. LR w/FP, 2 MF bdrm., 4-pce. bath. Dev. bsmt. features family room w/kitchenette, lge. bdrm., flex area, laundry, 3-pce. bath. Alley access w/rear parking, shed. South side of duplex listed separately. Opportunity awaits! Asking $187,000 CA0100579 LOOKING FOR AN AFFORDABLE HOME OR INVESTMENT PROPERTY? R EDUCED ! … Here it is! 3-bdrm. bungalow in quiet location close to schools, hockey arena, ball diamonds. Huge family room, lots of storage. Single car garage w/carport + much more! Asking $249,900 CA0098325 RIDGE POINT CONDO … centrally located, close to schools, downtown. Well maintained 3-bdrm., 2 bath unit w/open concept floor plan, vaulted ceilings, oak cabinetry, MF laundry. Deck out back. Perfect for first time home owner or investment property. Asking $194,900 CA0108958 CHARMING BUNGALOW READY FOR ! YOUR FAMILY … ED to unpack and enjoy! Curb R EDUC appeal, central location, loads of upgrades! Modernized home features comfortable floor plan w/5 bdrm., 2 baths. New windows, furnace, siding, insulation … the list goes on! Close to Mirror Lake walking trails! Asking $279,900 CA0105281 IDEAL STARTER OR INVESTMENT HOME! ... Spacious dinette, bright LR, huge master. Dev. bsmt. 3 bdrm., office, laundry, 3-pce. bath. Fenced yard, alley access w/rear parking. North side of duplex listed separately. Opportunity awaits! Asking $192,500 CA0100577

GREAT STARTER OR INVESTMENT HOME ... With 24’x26’ garage! AFFORDABLE home, lots of potential! Features 1,000 sq. ft. 5-bdrm. 1980 bungalow. Country style kitchen/ dinette w/easy access private deck (2016), new bath + shingles. Dev. bsmt. Call now! Ask $197,000 CA0110347 EXC. STARTER OR RETIREMENT HOME … close to west end shopping! Spacious 3 bdrm., 1127 sq. ft. bungalow duplex. Lovely laminate flrg., exc. kitchen w/breakfast bar, WI pantry, all appl. incl. Nicely landscaped back yard w/ room for 3 parked vehicles. Don’t miss out on this one! Asking $264,900 CA0098591


3-BDRM. BUNGALOW ON 2 LOTS IN ARMENA! ... Open concept w/vaulted ! RTHER ceilings,UClovely kitchen w/breakfast bar, spaFU ED R EDLR w/cozy wood FP. Master w/3-pce. en cious suite, 2 more bdrm., 4-pce. bath. Triple pane windows, ICF bsmt. ready to be dev. Easy commute to Camrose, Edmonton, surrounding areas. You’ll want to feel the peace, relaxation this cozy, warm home offers! CA0094619 Now only $219,000 COZY AND PERFECT! ... Low maintenance 2-storey across from a green space. 3-bdrm, 3 baths, a/c. Covered deck, hot tub, 13’x20’ garage, vinyl windows, newer house shingles. Perfect starter! Asking $249,900 CA0107376




TING! … WOW! 9.5 acres close to Camrose on Hwy 21. It’s perfect for hobbyist, small business or recreational! Exc. presentation, beautiful groves of trees, your own park, pond. Majestic walkout bi-level home, exc. reno’d. Vaulted ceilings, lovely LR, country kitchen, dinette w/easy access to private deck. Exc. bsmt., huge family/ games room w/ walkout to beautiful courtyard, 28’x26’ garage. Gorgeous, private setting. Asking $639,900 CA0099912 WOW! EXCEPTIONAL ACREAGE W/AMAZING YARD SETTING. IT’S PERFECT!... For hobbyist, E! business or LUsmall VA AL N IO rec.EX use! Impressive custom built 1,818 sq. PT CE ft. home only minutes from Camrose, just off pavement. Wow! Awesome 32’x48’ workshop, it’s the MAN CAVE you dreamed of! This beautiful home feat. 9’ vaulted ceilings, bright windows w/dormers, lovely hardwood floors. Awesome gourmet kitchen, bright dinette, cozy great room, superb master and en suite, MF laundry. Awesome park setting and lifestyle! Exceptional opportunity! Asking $679,900 CA0101671



• 1,236 sq. ft. • 4 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • Basement completed Asking $399,900

• In-floor heating • MF laundry • RV parking • Energy efficient built! CA0101157



• Infloor heating •  9’/10’ ceilings • Hardwood flooring •  MF laundry • Excellent kitchen •  Awesome master • Cozy gas FP •  Finished garage


Only $459,900



July 11, 2017 Camrose Booster  

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