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Premier Hancock puts Augustana on agenda . . . . 4 Sorenson announces intention to seek nomination in new riding.11 Feline Ottis returns to his Camrose roots. . . . 12 New program lets stroke patients recover at home . . . . . . . . . . 14

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Inset Photos: 1) Director Joy-Anne Murphy, leading rehearsal for the milestone concert 2) Composer Joshua Mohr and Orchestra leader Thomas Schoen. 3) Director Joy-Anne Murphy (far left) with Camerata member Darryl Dewalt, and instrumentalists Victoria Carlson and Tova Olson

Camrose Camerata has been attracting audiences and rave reviews for ten years. In recognizing a decade of great music-making, a unique and compelling two-part concert will be held in the vibrant acoustic setting of Messiah Lutheran Church on Sunday, April 13, at 7 p.m. This year, audience members will be treated to an even wider array of resounding compositions as a guest orchestra and members of Edmonton choir, Vocal Alchemy, join in the milestone celebration titled: “Here and There, Now and Then.” The first segment of the evening will be selections by accomplished composers with a Camrose connection. Respected musicians include: Milton Schlosser, Marc Hafso, Tova Olson, James Neff and Darryl Dewalt and and the list goes on…. The evening will conclude with a performance of the Schubert Mass in G. “The music written and composed by Schubert, at just 18 years of age, is the ideal way to represent the choral-orchestral writing style of the era,” according to Camrose Camerata director Joy-Anne Murphy.

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National Volunteer Week April 6-12, 2014 • Camrose Boys and Girls Club • Camrose Interagency • Camrose Seniors Coalition • Directory of Clubs & Organizations • Hay Lakes Playschool • Help Book • Information & Referral • Family Resource Centre, Discovery Room and Indoor Playground (A Parent Link Centre Project) • Family Violence Action Society • Home Support/Meals on Wheels • OSCAR

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The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 4

Premier Hancock puts Augustana on agenda By Dan Jensen

Alberta Premier Dave Hancock stopped in at Augustana April 4 as part of his ongoing tour of campuses across Alberta. “Part of this (visit) was because of the local MLA (Verlyn Olson, MLA for Wetaskiwin-Camrose and Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development),” said Hancock, who is also Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education. “He was insistent that I come so that he could have Augustana show me first hand the old lab he went to in high school and that they are still using.” Hancock said the new facilities that have sprung up at Augustana the past few years, including the performing arts centre, demonstrate the importance of a post secondary working together with the community. “Augustana is imbued with tradition and a sense of where it fits into the community, and it is always looking forward.” Hancock said the fact that the government set aside $32.5 million for the Campus Alberta system in the 2014 budget to increase access to high-demand programs such as engineering, environmental science and occupational therapy shows it is cognizant of the future needs of students. “We need to really be planning for them. We have

Premier Dave Hancock (centre) leaves Augustana’s Forum building with Dean Allen Berger (right) and MLA Verlyn Olson.

had a baby boom in this province for the last number of years and it is hitting the K to 12 system. We need to aspire for it to hit the post secondary system relatively soon.” Hancock said there are 100,000 people coming to the province every year who need to skill and re-skill. “They are not all coming with the education they need to maximize potential and to participate. We need

to make it more possible for people to find the educational tools that they need to help maximize their potential and move to the next level.” Hancock said places like Augustana are critical to the Campus Alberta system because rural areas tend to have a lower level of education. “Part of that is because of access. People can’t always leave to go someplace

else to get the education. Augustana is doing a particularly good job of linking with the First Nations and aboriginal community to make sure there are opportunities for success.” Hancock said suburban universities like Augustana can often provide a more welcoming environment to students who come from rural areas. “As the dean here says the good news is your

instructors know your name, and the bad news is that the instructors know your name. That (small setting) is an environment that is important if they are to achieve success. Location is important, style is important. All of those are part of the accessibility. You can’t look at everything through the perspective of a large urban university setting. The style of learning you offer is important.”

FCSS funding flat-lined in new provincial budget Family and Community Support Services offices across the province were dismayed at learning that the FCSS provincial grant will remain stagnant within Alberta Human Services budgets over the next three years. CDSS (Camrose and District Support Services) is the FCSS program for Cam rose County, the City of Camrose, and the Villages of Bawlf, Bittern Lake, Edberg, Ferintosh, Hay Lakes and Rosalind. CDSS offers comprehensive information and referral services locally, and helps fund programs like OSCAR, Service Options for Seniors, Camrose PreSchool, Hay Lakes Play School, Family Violence counselling services, the Boys and Girls Club, Home Support/Meals on Wheels and the Camrose Family Resource Centre. In addition, small rural organizations benefit from the fund development expertise offered by the Rural Outreach program (among other things), while collaborative groups like the Camrose Seniors’ Coalition and Camrrose Interagency are hosted by CDSS. CDSS

produces a monthly interagency newsletter and an annual help book, both of which are widely acknowledged as valuable community resources. Finally, CDSS participates in the City’s Social Development Committee. There has not been an increase in provincial FCSS funding for programs like CDSS since April 2009. “Funding is not keeping up, so this multi-year Human Resources operational plan that keeps the FCSS grant at a level that is already far too low is downright scary. I don’t know what to think of it.”

With no increase in sight for at least another two years, FCSS resources are virtually flatlined and barely holding. Meanwhile, pressures on local programs continue to mount as Alberta experiences tremendous population growth, and the disparity gap between upper-

income Albertans and lower-income Albertans continues to widen. ‘We’ve certainly experienced that growth locally,” observes CDSS executive director, Margaret Holliston. “For example, we just held our pre-school registration night, and three out of four classes for four-year olds are full. OSCAR registration boomed this past year and we don’t see that settling down. At the other end, with ‘aging in place’ gaining ground, we have seen an increase in our Home Support clients, as well as the drop-in clients that access Service Options for Seniors”. CDSS has had to streamline some of its funding over the past few years, even as demand has increased. “Funding is not keeping up, so this multi-year Human Resources operational plan that keeps the FCSS grant at a level that is already far too low is downright scary,” said Holliston. “I don’t know what to think of it.” Family and Community Support Services is an 80/20 cost-shared funding partnership between the

province and municipalities or Metis settlements to provide preventive social services to Albertans. Over half of the 320 municipalities with FCSS programs contribute far more than the required 20 per cent. CDSS is one of those municipalities, having received an extra $25,000 from Cam rose County going into 2014 and over $14,000 more from the City. Even the villages have added what they can to the CDSS budget, recognizing the value that comes from investing in prevention. Jeff Carlson, president of the FCSS Association of Alberta, recently issued a statement calling upon the government to review its commitment to FCSS funding. Noting that FCSS staff and volunteers in every corner of the province were instrumental in supporting last year’s roll out of the provincial Social Policy Framework and in furthering the province’s commitment to a Poverty Reduction Strategy this year, Carlson’s statement connects FCSS prevention with the province’s expressed goals and out-

comes regarding the social wellbeing of all Albertans. According to Carlson, the FCSSAA concurs with Human Services Minister Manmeet Bhuller’s position that his Ministry focus more on prevention to support early intervention and collaborative approaches to service delivery. This is exactly the way FCSS staff and volunteers have worked in communities for over 40 years. Yet, while other areas within the Ministry have seen their budgets go up – especially those involved in child intervention or early child development – FCSS funding, which supports prevention across the lifespan, remains stagnant. Why is this? Holliston points out that FCSS has “a very accountable, very relevant, very effective and very efficient reporting mechanism in place. “We track outcomes and continue to make a difference in our local communities. We contribute to the well-being of the province as a whole. But we are at a tipping point, and our future is looking rather bleak at the moment. I would like to know why that is.”

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Published Tuesday for Controlled Distribution By CAMROSE BOOSTER LTD. Providing complete coverage of the City of Camrose and the communities of Ohaton, Edberg, Meeting Creek, Donalda, Bawlf, Kelsey, Rosalind, Daysland, Heisler, Strome, Forestburg, Galahad, Killam, Alliance, Armena, Hay Lakes, Round Hill, Kingman, New Norway, Ferintosh, Bittern Lake, and their rural routes each and every week.

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Wonderful Acreage Home... in Miquelon Park subdivision. Easy commute to Leduc, Nisku etc. 1.65 acres, deep pie shaped lot, no neighbors at the back. 1498 sq./ft. of developed living space. Nice plan, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. Well built, very large master suite with 3 piece ensuite and walk-in closet. Sunshine ceiling in nice sized oak kitchen and eating area, living room with built-in fireplace, handy office/media area. Nicely landscaped lot. 10x36 foot covered deck overlooking a spacious yard, two good sheds, handy bonus 16x24 workshop, 6 foot drive-through access for toy storage and other uses. Single family bungalow with no basement. RV parking, yard equipment incl. Located near skidoo and quad trails, close to golf course. Listed at $299,000. Call Trevor today! OT124 PRIVATE 10 ACRE SITE WITH 2005 HOME AND SHOP... Just 20 minutes south of Camrose! Large 1520 sq.ft moduline home with addition totalling 1808 sq/ft. Very nice yard site, 1232 sq/ft shop, heated and insulated with 9’ ceiling. Just a couple kms south of Hwy 609 off Hwy 56 south of Camrose.only 1/4 mile off pavement! Listed at $287,900. Call Trevor. OT118 BUILDING LOT WITH MUCH TO OFFER!... Great neighbourhood, 50’x120’. Municipal services, hospital and Camrose is not too far down the road. Daysland is growing with you! Listed at $32,900. Call Trevor. OT102

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North Steppe Roofing Specializing in: • Asphalt and Fibreglass Shingles • Metal Roofs

Justin Thiessen

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Gerlitz leaves County CAO position

Ken’s Furniture has joined a leading Canadian buying group! As a result, there will be many changes made to our current business model. What this means to you, our valued customer, it that we must liquidate all current inventory to make room for the new product our buying group is sending us!

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By Murray Green

Camrose County administrator Steve Gerlitz resigned from his position after about 11 years on March 27. Gerlitz was hired as the Chief Administrative Officer for Camrose County in 2003 to replace retiring Brian Austrom, who served in that position for 12 years. He decided to officially leave the County after taking holidays and a leave of absence. “We wish Steve well in his future endeavors,” said Reeve Don Gregorwich. “We are currently on a country wide search for a replacement for the CAO position.” Gerlitz was instrumental in helping the County develop a sustainable wood energy program to heat the office in Camrose. About 17,600 willows were planted and the first harvest was done in January 2013. This sustainable system will benefit the environment and, in the long run, all Alberta municipalities. The research will prove that another viable alternative is available. The County is looking for someone with a high degree of knowledge in municipal affairs who is able to work well with the public.

• wall pictures • washers & dryers • ranges • dishwashers • refrigerators • microwaves

• bedrooms • entertainment centres • fine leather • sectionals • coffee tables

• accessories • chairs • rockers • tables • lamps • dining rooms

• bunk beds • night stands • mattress sets in all sizes • wall units • curios

• living rooms • sofas • sleep sofas • motion furniture • glider rockers • recliners



5048-50 Street 780-672-8759

3904-56 Street 780-352-6183


#1, 5201-50 Street 780-986-8202


Charities Appeal Raffle Winners $10,000 Early Bird James Koett, Innisfail, AB 2014 Lincoln MXZ AWD Ray Polisky, Medicine Hat, AB 2014 Ford F150 Supercrew Doris Quellette, St. Paul, AB Our thanks to all who purchased tickets. Thank you for your support!

Antique and Collectible ESTATE Auction

Sunday, April 13 – 9:30 a.m. at Bashaw Community Centre

Featuring: • Beautiful 1930s walnut dining room suite: table, six chairs, china cabinet and sideboard • Fine glassware • Old coins and paper money • 42” Coke button • Grand piano • Lots of other unique items coming

Come for a day of treasure hunting! For information, phone Doug and Loraine at 780-679-4142 or check our website at

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Earth Hour results Camrose residents joined the efforts of people around the world during Earth Hour (8:30 to 9:30 March 29) by turning off lights and other electrical devices. The total electricity consumption between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on both Mar. 22 and Mar. 29 was 20,271 kW and 19,325 kW respectively. Camrose’s energy savings during Earth Hour was 946 kW which is equivalent to powering 63,067 15W CFL light bulbs and 1,051 houses for an hour. The average temperature in Camrose for each day was -13˚C and -4˚C. Camrose ranks 32nd when compared to other communities in FortisAlberta’s service territory in regards to largest percentage of electricity reduction between Mar. 22 and Mar. 29. Small changes can make a huge difference. The total electricity saved during Earth Hour in the communities surveyed was enough electricity to power three per cent of Albertan households for an hour.

Drinking cultures around the world Second Thought A few weeks ago, I was listening to a radio discussion on the topic of raising the legal age for drinking. Lots of listeners were calling in with their opinions, but the overall theme was that young ‘newly legal’ people don’t know how to handle their alcohol. What wasn’t discussed was the North American culture of drinking. The ways in which young people approach drinking alcohol is directly related to what we teach them or, more broadly, the culture of drinking that they grow up in. I have lived in a variety of countries around the world and witnessed the drinking habits of their different cultures. From my experience, Sweden and Belgium offer two excellent examples of the impact of culture on drinking. The population of these countries, like Canada, have high incomes (considered globally) and are largely urbanized. In all three countries, the average person over the age of 15 consumes about 10 litres of alcohol per year (ranging from 10.8L in Belgium, 10.3L in Sweden, and 9.8L in Canada), yet their drinking patterns, the gov-

Shauna Wilton, Political Studies, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta

ernment policy on drinking, and the risk of alcohol related health issues all differ significantly. Sweden has socially recognized problems with alcohol consumption and the World Health Organization ( gives them a risk ranking of three out of five (moderate risk). Alcohol is only sold in government liquor stores, which have very restricted hours (until recently they were not even open on weekends), and the state applies an across the board 25 per cent tax on alcohol.

Despite these restrictions, a person is more at risk of developing an alcoholrelated disease and you are far more likely to see public drunkenness in Sweden than in either Canada or Belgium. As well, almost 20 per cent of all alcohol consumed is hard alcohol or spirits and the average price of a beer is almost eight dollars. At those prices, it is not surprising that they also produce a lot of bootleg spirits. In Belgium, beer and wine are readily available at grocery and corner stores. Children are frequently present in public places where alcohol is consumed, such as pubs, and so beer and wine are seen as a part of life, most often consumed in connection with meals. The legal age for ordering alcohol in a pub is 16 and the average price of a beer is approximately $2. However, Belgium is given the lowest risk rating by the WHO. In Canada, much of the laws relating to the legal consumption are determined at the provincial level. In Alberta, the legal drinking age is 18. Alcohol is sold in specialized liquor stores, but these are not operated by the govern-

ment and are open all days and most hours. Children are not present in establishments where drinking occurs, other than at restaurants. Canada has a risk ranking between Sweden and Belgium (two out of five) and the average price of a beer is $4.50. However, among the three countries, Canada also had significantly higher rates of episodic drinking than the others, especially among men. These three countries are similar in many ways. Their differences in government policy towards alcohol, however, vary significantly. What becomes apparent is that higher control and regulation of alcohol does not lead to a lower risk of alcohol related diseases. Sweden has one of the most highly regulated alcohol policies among Western, developed countries, yet has significantly more problems associated with alcohol consumption than Belgium, which has a very relaxed alcohol policy in comparison. What I suspect is more important, is the culture of drinking that we live and, in particular, how we model drinking for children.

Letters to the Editor Letters are welcomed but please limit them to 500 words or less and sign with first name, initial, surname, address and phone number; only name of writer and city or town will be printed. Letters to third parties are not accepted. The Camrose Booster may edit for clarity, legality, personal abuse, good taste, public interest and availability of space. The Camrose Booster thanks you for your interest in the letters page and encourages your comments. National Volunteer Week

During National Volunteer Week (April 6 to 12), Canadian Blood Services thanks and celebrates the more than 17,000 volunteers who donated 210,000 hours of their time in the last year to support Canada’s blood system. Volunteers help make saving lives possible. We truly appreciate the talent and energy our volunteers contribute – it’s time that made a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Canadians who needed blood products this past year. Volunteers promote important campaigns throughout the year, coordinate and host blood donor

clinics and speak to others about the importance of blood, stem cell, organ and tissue donations. On behalf of our national team at Canadian Blood Services, I’d like to send a heartfelt thanks to all volunteers in Camrose who support Canadian Blood Services as well as other charitable organizations in Canada. Sincerely, Harvinder Lallh Regional Supervisor Volunteer Resources Canadian Blood Services Alberta and Saskatchewan End “Indian” acts

I appreciate Debby McKay’s thoughtful response (March 18) to my letter. I agree with her assessment that nomadic life “was very purposeful;” it had to be, their survival depended it. Which is precisely why the notion of “nation” is spurious; as she pointed out, nomadic tribes did not live within demarcated boundaries, nor did they settle in one area for more than a season. They needed to move with the food supply. Furthermore, they were more than happy to “sell” the land they occasionally hunted and gathered to “those

silly people with the great technology” since, for them, it was something for nothing. In their culture, if the dogma is true, ownership of the land was an absurdity, so they were selling what they did not own to “foreign suckers”. The Canadian government, in all its paternalistic glory, purposed to provide “Natives” with a carbon copy of the British boarding school system, which was considered at the time the best in the world, suitable for the wealthy and privileged, the sons of kings and noblemen. It was an abusive system in England, and it was an abusive system in Canada, by today’s standards; nevertheless here it produced many of the early leaders of the aboriginal community. I do not excuse the abuses but simply highlight one benefit. Ms. McKay complains of my supposedly “complete disdain and disrespect” for certain stereotypical “peoples.” Any disrespect I have would be far less if many of those in question were not so diligent to be blatant racists, insisting on recognition of their race being the way they are to be viewed and the basis for special privileges. (To block roads and railways with impunity, receive free post-

secondary education, etc.) They act on the basis of race and not merely occasionally make reference to it in terms of ancestral origins. There should be one law for all; I do not favor any discrimination on the basis of race, rather that all be treated equally. Along with many of those who have to live under it (and it affects us all), I call for elimination of the racist “Indian Act.” It is very condescending with its in built assumption that “Aboriginal” Canadians are akin to mildly retarded children in need of adult supervision. They are human beings just like every other human being, deserving of the liberties and self-determination others enjoy on the basis of one law for all. An immense bureaucracy and manifold grievance mongers would lose their constituency if we repealed the patronizing “Indian Act” and treated all men and women as responsible adults. On “Maskwacis,” I apologize for my disparagement of their community’s new name; I should have made the effort to learn its proper pronunciation rather than scoff at it. Douglas Hendrickson Camrose Why does Camrose need a new City Hall?

As we see the new municipal building growing each week, does anyone ask why? Why do we need any kind of building to house our civil servants to spend our money (you could rent some office rooms). We’re not in the 1800s in England – where the rich and politicians lived in mansions and huge public buildings to lord over the public. Do we not have enough laws and regulations that there should only be parttime politicians and the rest of the time they can do their other job? I would like to know their schedule. They are never at work (not like the rest of us), they have months off at Christmas, spring break, summer break. Also, everything is on computers, so why is the building growing so big, when there should be less people to do the same job? Once again, it’s like the theatre. Spend all that money and then they keep asking for more. I can’t even imagine how much this is really going to cost the taxpayers of Camrose in the end. Sheila Faulkner, Donalda

N ow ! n e p O

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Like father, like son

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Camrose Dental Health Centre We are pleased to announce that

Dr. Chelsea Price has joined our clinic!

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Dr. Price grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan. She attended the University of Saskatchewan and graduated from the College of Dentistry in 2011, and has worked in a dental practice in Ottawa since then. Chelsea and her husband Christopher Dinh enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and enjoying a variety of outdoor activities. She is looking forward to moving to Camrose and working at the Camrose Dental Health Centre in May. Dr. Price will be assuming the care of the patients of Dr. Elsa Oberg. New patients welcome.


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Broken or Used Jewellery Sterling Silver Dental Gold • Coins EEstate state S ettlements Settlements • FREE APPRAISALS • Private appointments available

Camrose Dental Health Centre 4720-50 Street, Camrose AB

We will be in Duggan Mall! Wed - Sat (April 9-12) 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 4946-50 Street, Camrose Phone 780-608-4855 Open Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Dr. Darryl Schultz 780.672.9118

Dr. Rhonda Markowsky 780.672.0300

Dr. Shane Ashton 780.672.9116

Dr. Chelsea Price 780.672.9116

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“ You can’t be too careful.� Annual Travel Medical Insurance from AMA is the easiest way to get covered for a full year. Just answer a small handful of straight-forward questions and you’ll be covered wherever you travel, however many times you travel, for the next 12 months. So, while you can never be too careful, we’ve made it easy to make sure you’re protected.


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Excitement ahead for local Special Olympics Athletes ‹)V^SPUN‹:^PTTPUN‹)HZRL[IHSS‹:VM[IHSS‹


Kyle y Atkinson Kyle’s story: “I’ve been participating in Special Olympics for 13 years. I’m a Special Olympics swimmer and bowler. I also participate in basketball and softball. It’s fun to play sports with people I know. In my spare time I enjoy video games, camping, bike riding and being with th my friends.�



Tranquility travel insurance is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply. Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions is dependent on stability and eligibility criteria. Travellers age 60 plus will be required to complete a medical questionnaire, and rates may vary. Annual multi-trip plans – unlimited number of trips in one year, up to 15, 30 or 60 days each.

Special Olympics Camrose promotes active, healthy lifestyles for their athletes. For more information contact Stacy Wolbeck Cell: 780.679.8014 This advertisement sponsored by Wally and Joyce Wrubleski.


BUILD YOUR OWN HOUSE – 7.5 acres with power and gas. Close to Hwy 26, approx. 20 miles east of Camrose. Call George. S-22. SUBDIVISION DEVELOPMENT near Camrose – excellent investment right on the edge of Camrose! Development lots overlooking Tillicum Beach – subdivision already surveyed! Call George. S-11. FARMLAND on Battle River – Pasture and crop land southeast of Camrose. Excellent addition to mixed farm or build your new country home with established trees and a creek! Call George. S-12. 1/4 WITH 300 x 100¹ HOG BARN – shop and Quonset south west of New Norway. Barn is currently rented, 45¹ acres cult with outstanding views. Call George. S-30. ACREAGE NEAR KILLAM LAM M – 2009 1800 ! on 13.7¹ sq. ft.¹, 3-bed/2 bed ed/2 ed/2 /2 2 bath bDUmodular mC odu dular ho EaDhome E R acres. Asking $330,000. $330 0 Call George. S-32. $3 $33

H mmmm ‌

11 Facebook ‘Likes’ or 7 ‘Re-Tweets’ or 13 Leads from the phone book ad, or

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(*83.4% of households report they regularly read or browse The Booster. Average readers per paper: 1.775) Successful businesses tend to allocate most of their marketing dollars to The Booster. Shouldn’t you be counting on the popularity of The Camrose Booster too? If you want better performance out of your marketing budget, count on professionals in the business‌

EXCEPTIONAL HOBBY FARM – great set of buildings. 92 acre parcel between Vermilion and Lloydminster. Call Gordie. F-15. 4 ACRES BESIDE THE GOLF COURSE – in Daysland with 1400¹ sq. ft. house, attached garage, 32x34 heated insulated shop. Excellent location. Asking $525,000. S-44 4 ACRES BARE LAND IN DAYSLAND – Great place to build your dream home. Close to golf course and school. Asking $175,000. S-45

1/2 SECTION MIXED FARM – with beautiful 2-level home just north of Highway 16 at Mackay, Alberta. $795,000. S-48 NEW LISTING – Quarter of farmland with bungalow home overlooking Tillicum Beach south of Camrose with awesome views and potential for development. S-61 GOOD QUALITY GRAIN LAND – with nice views and well-treed building site located between Vegreville and Two Hills. S-50 4 QUARTERS – of bare land north of Killam in pasture and tame hay but 505 +/- acres are cultivatable. S-51 NEW LISTING – Acreage north of Daysland with well cared for 3-bedroom bungalow and large machine shed on at least 7 acres. $249,900. S-53 G: INSULATED NSULATED ATED H NEW LISTING: HEATED w th lliving ivi ng qquarters uarterss iin Heisler. SHOP – with 5 57 $150,000. SS-57. NEW LISTING: SCENIC QUARTER – between Holden and Vegreville with 100 acres cultivated and large shop. $450,000. S-58 NEW LISTING: PUREBRED HORSE FARM – with new house and excellent buildings on Hwy 26 between Camrose and Viking. S-59. NEW LISTING: QUARTER OF GRAINLAND – southwest of Donalda, 130+/- acres cultivated. $370,000. S-60


If you are thinking of selling your farm or acreage, please give us a call. All replies treated in strictest confidence.

Gordie Fischer


George Singer




Jeff Fowler

Sales Representative

Sue Nelson

Sales Representative/ Promotional Products Advisor

Data sourced from Circulation Verification Council audit, March 31, 2013.

Mike Ploner

Sales Representative

Ron Pilger

Sales Manager

We’ll save you money on:

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Rose Country Realty Ltd. BROKER

INDEPENDANTLY OWNED AND OPERATED Cell 780.679.7232 Office 780.672.8835

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THE OPEN DOOR VOLUNTEER BOARD MEMBER NEEDED We’ve got room for you! Join a dynamic agency that provides a hand-out (shelter, housing + basic needs) and a hand-up (skill building, counseling, etc.).

What will you do? • Provide leadership to the organization (work with the Executive Director) • Share your passion for youth work with others (represent the agency) • Create and update policies that guide staff (re-accreditation in Feb. 2015) • Set strategic goals for the organization (help set direction) • Monitor the financial health of the organization (keep an eye on income/expenses) • Participate in fundraising (assist in developing strategy, participate at a level that is meaningful for you, support the agency’s efforts to raise money) • Meet regularly (9 times per year on 4th Tuesday evening of month)

Please send resume and cover letter (fax, email, in person) by April 23, 2014 to: Attention: Randal Nickel, Executive Director See for more information.

Join us for our…

ARN N[Q <]R[ 5\b`R

Wednesday, April 16 2 to 4 p.m. Thursday, April 17 7 to 9 p.m.



✔ 60+ senior housing ✔ Independent to supportive living ✔ Health conscious meals three times daily ✔ Weekly housekeeping and linen service ✔ Social activities and entertainment ✔ Trained 24-hour staff ✔ Monthly rental, no long-term lease or purchase.

—ŽŠ£Ž“šŸ¦“¡Ž Š‹œ¦¤Œ¦¡¢Žš¤ ˜œ¨Žဖ“š “šŒŽš¤“¨Ž£ဘ

“˜“¤Ž ၹŠšၺ‹Ž¡œœ˜ £¦“¤Ž£Š¨Š“—Š‹—Ž

We look forward to your visit to Sunrise Village. Please call to reserve your tour time. OFFICE HOURS: Mon. to Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Evening and weekend appointments also available.

THE OPEN DOOR • Gateway Centre – 4825 51 Street Mailing: P.O Box 1491 Camrose, Alberta T4V 1X4 Phone (780) 679-6803 • Fax: (780) 679-6880 •


GOLF Indoor Training Program 2014 into Swing Indoor g Sprin School Golf

STARTS NEXT WEEK! A few spots still remain.

Maximum Golf is a group-based golf training and conditioning program meant to prepare golfers for the season ahead and increase one’s ability to swing more efficiently through the ball. This program is based on the repetition of a concise set of drills that allow you to practice without requiring the use of a golf ball. These drills teach you how to swing more efficiently and with better swing mechanics. Feeling is very important to this teaching method, proven for over 30 years. In 2014, this program will be taught in a two-week (4 sessions) condensed format. Given that people live very busy lifestyles, coupled with others who like to take a winter vacation, we understand that making a commitment to a program which lasts several weeks is too difficult. The condensed format offers a wealth of skills, without being too difficult to fit into one’s schedule. To avoid disappointment, you are encouraged to book early in this extremely popular program. BILL PENNY – C.P.G.A. Master Golf Professional has been teaching Maximum Golf since the mid-’80s to over 2,500 students. Now available to the Camrose golfing community.

Sessions start Tuesday, April 15: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-8:15 p.m. Location: St. Patrick School, 4816-53 Avenue

To register, phone 780.672.6955 or The Pro Shop 780.672.2691 Cost: $185.00 includes GST (Note: $165.00 to all repeat students)

780.672.2746 • 6821-50 Avenue, Camrose, AB Located just north of Canada Safeway •

Sorenson announces intention to seek nomination in new riding Crowfoot Member of Parliament and Minister of State (Finance) announced last week that he has filed his nomination papers to become the first Member of Parliament for the riding of Battle River - Crowfoot. “Over the last 14 years, I have had the pleasure of representing the people in the constituency of Crowfoot,” said Sorenson. “Together, we went from opposition to government, and then to a national majority government. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Harper, our government remains focused on returning to balanced budgets, creating jobs and growth, while keeping taxes low.” Sorenson said good economic management requires tough decisions, a focus on priorities, fiscal discipline and sound judgment. “Every middle class family knows that budgets don’t balance themselves. Thanks to our govern-

Kevin Sorenson

ment’s leadership, we are on the road to a strong economic recovery. The federal budget will be balanced in 2015 and that is something we can be proud of. “We have also scrapped the Liberal’s failed and costly long-gun registry, monopoly powers of the Canadian Wheat Board and we continue to keep

our family values at the core of what we do. We are working together to keep up with all the opportunities to prosper in our part of booming Alberta and Canada.” Sorenson has worked closely with many local officials, groups and volunteers throughout the Crowfoot region. “It is truly a team effort in our large, rural riding,” he said. “I would like to thank my wife Darlene, and our family and friends for their ongoing support as we look ahead another four years.” While he is sad that the new riding doesn’t include some communities and folks he has worked with for years, Sorenson has no doubt that these constituents will continue to be well represented by the Conservative Party of Canada. “I look forward to reestablishing strong working relationships with the municipalities that I have represented in the past.”

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Church to purchase land from the City By Murray Green

Century Meadows Baptist Church in Camrose has received permission from the City of Camrose to purchase a parcel of land that it was already using. A number of years ago (early 1980s) the church built a garage that is partly located on City property. Councillor Bill Sears moved at the Feb. 18 regular meeting that the City subdivide and sell a portion of lot R36, Block 27, Plan 7720407 to Century Meadows Baptist Church for $1,500 plus costs, and that an easement agreement be entered into for the garage to remain on the utility easement. The motion had been

tabled until March 17 to allow staff to come back with the market value of the property and to provide details on the associated costs. The market value for the particular piece of land is $15,000. “We are able to provide a rough estimate of the costs associated with the subdivision and consolidation based on a recent City consolidation to be between $3,500 and $6,500, dependent on the cost of the surveyor,” explained Kim Isaak, general manager corporate and protective services. Trustee Blaine Fenske of Century Meadows Baptist Church told council the church would like to purchase the property instead

of an encroachment or lease agreement. The City could have ordered the removal and relocation of the garage because it is still on skids and is not on a permanent foundation. When the garage was built there was no development or building permit. “My concern again is that we are not selling this for fair market value,” said councillor Wayne Throndson. “I’m still struggling with the idea of giving a 90 per cent discount. No offence to the Baptist Church, but my concern is more general that I often felt that we, as council, shouldn’t use our positions to make donations of taxpayer’s dollars.”

Councillor Greg Wood and Max Lindstrand echoed those comments. “I think this situation is unique and it shouldn’t be setting a precedent,” said councillor Kevin Hycha. “I would be in favour in this case.” Another use for the land would be hard to find. The land can be sold and would require a public hearing as well as notification to the property owners on or near the municipal reserve that is subject to the hearing. After council has considered the representations at the public hearing a removal of designation of the land can be proceeded with through Land Titles. All of those

costs, including a $200 development permit, would be passed on to the church. Because Century Meadows Baptist Church would be considered a not-for-profit organization the City is not required to sell the lands for market value. Administration recommended that council consider selling the land at 10 per cent of the market value for $1, 500. This option would give Century Meadows Baptist Church assurance that the garage would not have to be moved and it would not be setting a precedent for other encroachments. The vote was 6-3 in favour of selling the property to the church.

Feline Ottis returns to his Camrose roots By Murray Green

Camrose resident Caron McKenzie still believes in miracles. In fact, she may have witnessed one first hand. “Last August my husband and I went away for a much needed mini-vacation, so we went camping in Hardisty,” explained Caron. “When we returned we were informed that one of our cats, Ottis was missing. He went out on Friday night and this was Monday and he still hadn’t returned.” Even for a tomcat like Ottis, this was a bit unusual. “I began to panic, but thought I would give him a few more days because the mice were running,” said Caron. A few days came and went and still no Ottis. “With him missing, it was hitting me really hard because Ottis was more special to me than a lot of people realized,” Caron continued. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and after the surgery my children, Amanda and Taylor, found Ottis and brought him to the hospital. From that day on Ottis became my constant companion and then became my “Chemo Kitty” to help me get through it.” After Caron’s first chemo treatment, Ottis laid on her chest and didn’t move until he knew she was feeling better. “The entire 10 months I was home, he was always there keeping me company and being my protector,” she said. Then one day he was gone. “I had no idea as to where he was or could be. I placed an ad in the Camrose Booster with his picture and had several calls (all of which she followed up on) and nothing. About three weeks later, I had a very unusual call from Sharon

Murray Green, Camrose Booster

Caron McKenzie and her lucky charm Ottis were reunited on St. Patrick’s Day after more than six months apart. The feline survived the long winter with just a touch of frostbite.

Thompson at Highway 13,” reported Caron. “She told me that she had seen my ad and told me ‘this is going to sound strange, but around the same time as Ottis went missing, we had a truck go out to Sedgewick for a delivery. When the driver opened the door an orange cat took off and ran into the field.’” Caron and her husband Mel live two blocks from Highway 13 Transport, so it wasn’t a stretch for him

to wander over to check out the trucks. “I called O’Briens Auto where the delivery had taken place and the lady I spoke to remembered seeing him only one time. I sent her an email with his picture and she was kind enough to post it for me. About a month after he disappeared, we went to Sedgewick to camp overnight and hopefully see him somewhere,” she recalled. “We came up empty handed. I thought maybe that this was too

far-fetched and that he was either dead or someone in Camrose had him.” She continued her search in Camrose. “Occasionally I would still get calls from people in Sedgewick (as she had also placed an ad in the Killam and Sedgewick paper) and my husband would drive there to have a look. After about three months and my hopes diminishing, I had a call from a lady in Sedgewick again. Her name was Donna Sparrow and she was

sure she had seen Ottis. As Camrose is about an hour drive I asked if she could take a picture and send it to me to help clarify if this was him.” The long cold winter started in October and reached -50 C temperatures at times and six and a half months had lapsed. “I had pretty much accepted the fact that he was gone. Until...I came into work on March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) to an email from Donna with a picture. I studied this picture for quite a while and was 99.8 per cent sure it was Ottis and that he was alive,” said an excited Caron. “I emailed my daughter and she emailed me right back saying ‘OMG mom, all the hair on my arms just stood up, I was thinking about him this morning.’” Again they drove to Sedgewick that night and, after a few minutes of figuring out where Donna had said she saw him, they pulled up to the spot. They didn’t even have a chance to get out of the car. They rolled down the window and after calling him once, there he was. He was alive and well. “We got him into the car (after a bit of a fight) and once he realized he was safe he sat on the seat and then into my arms, and that is where he was until we got home. He is getting reunited with his dog Mick (who he went right up to like they were long lost buddies) and Milo, his brother,” shared Caron. “He is having a bit of trouble warming up to Murphy (another brother) who moved in a few months ago, but I’m sure in time that will all change. After all – seven months living in the wild 60 kilometres from your home would make anything or anyone kind of cranky. It shows that miracles really do happen, just don’t give up hope.”

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 13

Rusty Witham Realtor/Co-owner 780.608.3237

Scott Berkholtz Broker/Co-owner 780.781.2422

Make Money with this Excellent Commercial/ Retail 5017-51 Street Building … 5500 sq. ft. with kitchen/stage/bars. Recent renovations. Bsmt. 90% dev. Business rent back possibility. MLS # CA0026987 $795,000

4702-51 Street Overlooks Mirror Lake and Jubilee Park! … 1288 sq. ft. hillside bungalow with walk-out. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and basement development. Even RV parking! MLS # CA0031566 Can’t duplicate or replace at $339,500 Enjoy as your home … Or for your business. Live on the main floor and rent out the self-contained basement. Huge, 4813 47 Street nice yard. Recent upgrades. MLS # CA0032980 $169,000 Main Street Camrose Building … 2082 sq/ft of prime street level space. 1102 sq/ft of 5024 50 Street living area above - striking and modern. MLS # CA0032930 $285,000

Little Beaver Lake

Lake Front Property … At Little Beaver Lake Estates, Ferintosh. Quiet, peaceful potential. 1.73 acres ready for your needs. MLS # CA0027807 $119,900

Four Season Cabin on Buck Lake … Personal pier “steps away.” 16x32 garage. 3 Buck Lake bedrooms, 2 bath. Closest thing to paradise you’ll find at a terrific price. MLS # CA0023514 $295,000

Consider how your life would change if you lost your water supply!

Danny Hertel Sascha Dressler Realtor 780.781.2922

Realtor 780.781.8242

1612 sq. ft. with 5 bdrm. on Pie Shaped Lot … Prof. 5811-38 Ave. Cl. landscaping. Everything you’d expect and more! MLS # CA0029358 $414,900 Walk to Hospital, College or Mirror Lake! … 2-bdrm., 1148 4711-54 Street sq. ft. bi-level with 2-bdrm. suite downstairs. Now renting for $2300/ mo. MLS # CA0028017 $256,900 Peaceful, quiet waterfront recreation property. Little Beaver Lake ...Your chance to own .6 acres on Little Beaver Lake. Comes with small camping trailer and amenities. MLS # CA0031065 Real good buy at $74,900 2012 Built Fourplex - New Norway ... Awesome layout! All ammenities. New Norway Proven to attract quality tenants. MLS # CA0030610 $539,900 Huge and desirable lot in McNary Estates ...1.57 acres! Walkout basement potential. Handy to Camrose, McNary Estates Wetaskiwin and Int. Airport. Golf lover’s dream location. MLS # CA0026934 $118,000 Condo - The Vistas in Valleyview. 3 bdrms., 4 baths, finished basement. Garage, island, 2407 D, Valley View Dr. hardwood, granite, 9 ft. ceilings. This is a “wow” property! MLS # CA0030322 $262,500

Did you know that a poorly maintained water well can put your water supply at risk of contamination and reduce your well yield? If you are one of 450,000 Albertans who use their water well for household purposes, the key to ensuring your water supply is safe and secure is knowing how groundwater works, learning about your well and understanding how to properly maintain it. Proper water well siting, construction, maintenance and plugging will help protect your well from biofouling and contamination, save you costly repairs, and ensure your well water yields are sustained over many years.

Find out what you can do to protect your well. Attend the FREE water well management workshop being hosted by Camrose County, and presented by the Working Well Program, with technical expertise provided by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. During the workshop we will cover: • Groundwater – how it works • Water quality and quantity testing • Well protection – protecting your well from contamination • Basic well maintenance • Water sampling – how to do it

4811-51 Avenue, Camrose Phone 780-672-3338

Hospice Society of Camrose and District


Lessons for Living – Being with Dying

Introduction to Being with Dying – April 25 Physical Care and the Value of Silence – April 26 Grief and Loss – May 3 Spiritual and Self-Care – May 10 Cost: $35

April 25, 7-9 pm April 26, May 3 and May 10, 9 am to 4 pm

Camrose Home Care: 4615-56 St. Training resources from Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association

Phone Wanita to register: 780.678.6859

MARJ’S DÉCOR & MORE • Interior decorating • Color consulting • Window coverings and drapery Call for an esti es estimate tima mate te tod ttoday! oday ayy!



Camrose County Present

Working Well Workshop Tuesday April 22, 2014 6:15 - 9:45 p.m.

Hay Lakes Agriplex Maximum two people per farm Supper provided

Must pre-register by April 17th To attend the workshop, please register by calling Agricultural Services at the ASB Office:

(780) 672-4765 Camrose County

Recycling Appreciation Day April 22 By Dan Jensen

How much difference does recycling actually make? Consider this. Recycled glass is the main ingredient in making “new glass,” and an estimated 80 per cent of recovered glass containers are made into new glass bottles. Recycling just one ton of paper saves 17 trees, 6,953 gallons of water, 463 gallons of oil, 587 pounds of air pollution and 4,077 kilowatt hours of energy. Each pound of mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) that you recycle is not only a pound saved from many years in a landfill but saves 2.5 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Considering a that the average person recycles or composts 1.5 pounds of mixed municipal solid waste every day, it can really add up; every ton of recycled MSW saves 2.27 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Recycling conserves our valuable natural resources, saves energy and saves clean air and water. “The recycling that we do keeps the landfill going,” said Terry Vickers, coordinator of the Recycle with Centra Cam depot in Camrose. “If we weren’t taking people’s garbage here, compacting it and sending it away it would be filled in no time.” Over the last year Recycle with Centra Cam col-

lected and shipped away 1,977.905 metric tonnes (98.85 semi loads) of product, from paper, cardboard, phone books, hard and soft cover books, paint, film (grocery bags), tin, glass, floor tubes, electronics and household batteries. “All those loads were compacted,” said Vickers. “If they were lose we would have shipped five times that many loads.” The amount of recyclables that have been received has stayed consistent over the last few years, with no major up or downswings. “It is difficult to understand considering the volume of calls that we are getting from people who are new to Camrose,” said Vickers. “We’re three semiloads down from where we were at this time last year.” While the recycling depot has experienced some problems in the past with people who tend to treat it as a garbage drop off, most of the people who use it are very respectful of it and are grateful for the services that are provided. “We always have some people who abuse the service but thankfully there aren’t that many,” explained Vickers. “They know that we have a good thing going here.” The Recycling with Centra Cam depot will be conducting a Recyclers

Appreciation Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 22, during which visitors will be able to enjoy free hot dogs, juice and pop, take a tour of the recycling facility and learn more about recycling in Alberta from guests Skip Kerr, board member with the Recycle Council of Alberta, and Elizabeth Gray, communications manager with Alberta Recycling. More Trees Please will be on site with a tree mover and a tree that is ready for transplant, while Bruce Hillman, from Dice-A-Bed will explain how he takes the old phone books that come to the depot, grinds them up, and resells the material as blow-in insulation and chicken bedding. OPT Waste Removal will also have a truck on site to give visitors an idea what happens with their used cardboard. “We wanted to hold it on Earth Day to express our appreciation to all those who support the depot in any way,” said Vickers. Visitors will be given coupon that can be redeemed at the depot for 10 pounds’ worth of paper shredding. The Recycle with Centra Cam depot is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. More information on the services provided may be obtained by calling 780-679-4196, or emailing

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 14

New program lets stroke patients recover at home By Murray Green

Recovering stroke patients are now receiving care in their own homes in the Camrose area. Covenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital is participating in a pilot project that will see it expand its services as a primary stroke centre to include community based rehabilitation for individuals affected by mild to moderate stroke within their own home. Stroke Unit Care is a multidisciplinary model of care currently only proven effective in large, urban sites. It involves the clustering of beds as well as the cooperation and communication of nursing, physicians and rehabilitation staff with advanced training in management of stroke patients. The early supported discharge unit will be led by Melissa Sztym and a team of eight other staff members housed in the rehabilitation department in Unit 2 who will work at the hospital and in private homes on returning stroke victims to a normal life. “The Alberta Provincial Stroke Strategy, the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) and the Stroke Action Plan (SAP) will examine discrepancies in care between rural centres and large urban centres. The goal is to equalize standards of care by developing Stroke Unit Equivalent Care (SUEC) for rural/small urban sites,” said Dana Norton, St. Mary’s Hospital rehabilitation manager. “Stroke care is different in a city centre than it is in a rural setting. Because of this inequality, the province is taking action.” There can be a lot of differences, such as low volumes in rural communities. “It is harder to maintain competency and quality of care following best practices guidelines and the national standards that we go by in a much smaller setting. Sometimes it’s volumes and sometimes it is competency and skill sets,” explained Dana. Part of the pilot project includes multiple (five) sites across Alberta. “We were the first hand-picked site and the only Covenant Health site,” said Dana. “We will look at in-patient care, which is the SUEC side, as well as the bridging home to the community. That is the Early Supported Discharge (ESD) side. ESD is a bridging program to get people out of the hospital faster and back into their

Murray Green, Camrose Booster

Conenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital Camrose staff Dana Norton, left, and Melissa Sztym received the backing from the the foundation board and chair Alan Heyhurst.

homes, providing equivalent rehabilitation in a home setting. The added value to the client is that he or she gets to function at a higher level at home within a familiar environment.” An assessment at the stroke unit and one performed at home could give totally different results. “That is an easy example of why the home environment is that much better for the client,” stated Dana. “Getting them home faster is that much better for their mental health, psychology and we are trying to improve their outcomes.” The stroke rehabilitation team received funding to be able to move out of the hospital setting and into local homes. “Those are additional resources over and above what our current resources cover,” explained Dana. The pilot will run until March 31, 2015. “It will show how we can take the resources we have and increase services with intensive rehabilitation through the stroke centre as well as in the home for the clients,” said Melissa. A client satisfaction survey, along with client outcome measures to monitor improvement, will be used to determine the results. “When you look at the financials at the end of the day, it (ESD) should be a cost neutral project,” said Dana. “So it will actually be increasing rehabilitation home client services in the community, but decreasing life of stay in the hospital. They are trying to equalize that financially, so it doesn’t become

a burden on the health care.” Melissa said the goal is to reduce the length of stay in the hospital, while still receiving quality care. “This should decrease wait times for in-patient services. The ESD team is targeting mild to moderate stroke clients to follow them into their home to provide intensive rehab within the home setting. The more severe rehab patients would still go to inpatient rehabilitation unites such as Two Hills, Red Deer or Glenrose.”

“Our target for the ESD is about 20 clients per year on paper. This is above the regular numbers in stroke care.” In the ESD program, they could receive rehab every day for up to three hours a day. For someone in Camrose, it could not only mean they wouldn’t have to travel, but they would receive a higher intensity program within their home. Clients have been telling us one of the biggest impacts would be not having to drive, or rely on caregivers for rides. Research has proven that improving skills in the clients own home has sped up recovery times. “People just don’t want to go back to just living, they want to do the things they enjoy or like to do,” said Dana. “If they like playing with their dog, they want to be able to do

that again. We help they get back to normal activities. We take it one step further.” In the average year St. Mary’s Hospital provides 55 to 65 patients a year. “Our target for the ESD is about 20 clients per year on paper. This is above the regular numbers in stroke care,” explained Dana. “It doesn’t seem like a tremendous amount, but it will have a huge impact. We are on track to see many more than 20.” A person with a mild stroke would receive four to six weeks of ESD intensive rehabilitation. A moderate stroke care period would receive about six to eight weeks. “Those are soft windows and time framesthat can be adjusted as needed, or as appropriate if necessary,” said Melissa. “We want to use client goals, so they achieve success.” Melissa will be joined on the stroke rehabilitation team by clerk Bridget Lennartsson, therapy assistant Alanna Book, registered nurse Sarah Baker, social worker Nicole Gavelin, recreation therapist Kristine Smith, speech language pathologist Christina Rebus, physical therapist Dan Gillespie and occupational therapy Andrea Taeger. “Our team has really come together in a short time. It is a nice blend of talent,” said Dana. “It is great to have a mix of new staff with existing as it helps everyone examine how we can do things even better,” added Melissa. “We have a tremendous team with great depth in talent and it has been fun to see them come

together and do core building, which helps everyone.” With the addition of the ESD program St. Mary’s could turn into a centre of excellence. “People tend to gravitate to the place where they feel will get the best care,” said Dana. “Because we are a rural model we want to make sure we really support rural. It is not just a St. Mary’s based program. We partner with all of the other hospitals sites and try to elevate their practice and give guidelines.” Melissa hopes this will lead to more collaborations from area hospitals and rehab teams to help build their skill set and elevate their practice. “It is really motivating to see how appreciative and how excited the clients are to have you come into their homes. It takes a burden off families to receive such good service,” said Melissa. “Many stroke patients may have access to one or two of the areas of care. Now they have all the disciplines required to provide comprehensive acute stroke rehab in their home.” Up to 20 per cent of all stroke patients in Alberta are treated in rural or small urban centres. Establishing SUEC at 15 primary stroke centres will mean an additional 1,000 patients province wide will receive high level of stroke care by March 31, 2015. In addition, SUEC is expected to reduce mortality by 15 per cent and disability by five per cent provincially. Two-thirds of stroke survivors require some form of rehabilitation. Home-based rehabilitation has been shown to be both clinically-effective and cost-efficient when compared with hospital care for clients who are medically stable enough to be discharged. To provide this type of care, a Stroke Early Supported Discharge project is being established at St. Mary’s Hospital Camrose through the provincial SCN (Strategic Clinical Networks). The Stroke ESD team is accepting referrals for patients requiring stroke rehabilitation from acute care and rehabilitation units. For more information contact Dana at 780-6796115 or Melissa at 780679-3109.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 15

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Blain Fowler Publisher

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Ron Pilger Associate Publisher

We are proud to announce the appointment of Ron Pilger to the newly created position of Associate Publisher of The Camrose Booster. Ron began his career with us on August 6, 1976, when he joined our Sales Department. He has been an enthusiastic and loyal member of our team since day one. Ten years later, he was promoted to Sales Manager, responsible for leading our sales effort as well as new product development. While carrying out these duties, he has retained an abbreviated account list so that he can keep in touch with key, not necessarily major, advertisers and maintain a sense of the market. Ron has earned a reputation in our business community as having one of the best minds in retail advertising and sales promotion. After over twentyfive years of annual re-training with the Independent Free Papers of America, he is known throughout North America as being one of the stars in the free community paper industry. In a heartbeat, he could have a position at any newspaper on the continent. We, at the Booster, and in the entire community, are indeed fortunate that he and his wife Marnie have chosen to live and raise their family here. Ron’s responsibilities will not change materially as a result of this appointment. It simply recognizes his long and valued role in the progress of this organization.

Blain Fowler, Publisher


The Camrose Novice Vikings, coaches, parents and fans would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our sponsors for the 2013/2014 season: Battle River Credit Union, East Side Mario’s and Harrison’s Plumbing. We have had a super year playing the greatest game on earth and we have had so much fun! This would not have been possible without your generous financial support.

Camrose Registry Ltd.

5613-48 Avenue, Camrose Phone (780)672-1671, Fax (780)672-1982 Alberta Registry Services • Vehicle Registration • Operator Services • Pro-Rate and Fleet Registrations • Out of Province Inspection Requests • Driver testing/Learners exams Personal Property Services • Lien Searches • Register Finance Statements • Register Writs of Enforcement • Register Garage Keepers Liens

Corporate Services • Corporate Registries – Level 3 • File Annual Returns • Register Trade Names/Partnerships • Incorporate Companies Vital Statistics • Birth/Marriages/Death Certificates • Marriage Licences Other Services Include • Land Title Searches • Raffle Licences • Traffic Fine Payments

HOURS: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We accept Cash, Cheque, and Debit for payment

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 16

Spring Classic Rodeo riding into Camrose April 25 to 27 By Murray Green

Spring will officially arrive later this month. The annual Camrose Spring Classic Rodeo will be held at the Camrose Regional Exhibition on April 25 to 27. “We changed the dates to April from March due to the weather (problems) every year, and because there was no rodeo for two weeks after,” said rodeo chair Ken Hildebrandt. “It was hard for the contestants because the main season felt like it hadn’t started yet. We were also competing against the local hockey finals and it was hard to get volunteers to commit time.” Camrose is now on the same weekend as the Cole-

man and Dawson Creek rodeos. “We feel this will work nicely for rodeo contestants who travel in a circuit,” said Ken. The change of dates was a complicated move because the facility, stock contractors, announcers and other factors had to be considered before finalizing the April dates. The rodeo will open with wild pony races for the children. The Wainwright Stampede Riders team will perform in the grand entry and the Graham Sisters Trick Riding duo is set to perform after the intermission. Les McIntyre will be the announcer.

Every performance has different competitors. “You will see just as good a show on Friday as you will on Sunday,” said Ken. “With the level of the entrants rising each year, every show is good. Even the slack run is very competitive.” The Spring Classic will feature three performance times. On Friday and Saturday the action begins at 7 p.m. and on Sunday the action begins at 2 p.m. A dance on Saturday night will feature Trinity Bradshaw on stage. The doors open at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the CRE office, by calling 780-672-3640 or toll free at 1-800-296-8112.

Tickets still available for Celebrating Women By Dan Jensen

The 16th annual Celebrating Women’s Conference will be held at the Camrose Regional Exhibition this Friday. “We have more than 400 women coming from across Alberta,” said conference chair Jenn Filip. “Alberta Correctional Services has purchased 45 tickets.” The Celebrating Women’s Conference offers attendees the chance to listen to well-known speakers on a variety of timely and informative topics, as well as purchase a local products and services from vendors operating trade booths. “It is a personal and professional development day like no other,” said Filip, adding there are similar events in other parts of the province but none quite as big. The conference has grown fairly steadily since the first one in 1999. The biggest change occurred in 2007 when the location was moved from the banquet room to the arena side of CRE’s exhibition building, which served to increase both the number of participants and trade show vendors. “Over the last few years we have had 40 to 45 vendors,” said Filip. “Before that when we were on the banquet side the space was pretty limited.” New Cap Radio operations manager Jackie Rae Greening is the only mistress of ceremonies the conference has ever known. “She’s back again this year by popular demand,” explained Filip. “She’ll be providing a welcome starting at 8:45 a.m.” Award-winning story teller, motivational speaker, comedian and author of Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale, Kelly Swanson, will be the conference’s opening and closing speaker.

Celebrating Women mistress of ceremonies Jackie Rae Greening

“She loves to make people laugh, motivate them, encourage them to come out of their comfort zones, and teach them how to find what makes them unique and leverage that in life and in business,” states a biography. “Her hilarious and motivating shows have charmed audiences and tickled funny bones from coast to coast, from board rooms to cruise ships. When she’s not travelling the world helping people find their dreams and reach them, she’s a frazzled wife and mother in North Carolina trying to convince her family that chocolate is a food group.” Michelle Cederberg, who will speak at 10:45 a.m., is an in-demand author, health expert and life coach who empowers clients to break down the physical and emotional barriers that get in the way of growth in business and in life. She holds a

Masters in kinesiology, a BA in psychology, and a specialization in health and exercise psychology. She is also a certified exercise physiologist and a certified professional co-active life coach. “A natural storyteller, Michelle transports delighted audiences on a journey of truth and laughter that will empower them to optimize energy and health, find better work-life balance, and gain momentum toward the personal legacy they long to create,” states a biography. “Michelle is the author of three books. Her latest literary spark plug, Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life, shares her philosophy in an eye-opening and practical way, with methods that make a difference.” Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk, who will speak at 1:45 p.m., is a seven-time Cana-

dian Long Drive Champion who is ranked number four in the world. She currently holds the Canadian women’s long drive record with a drive of 350 yards, which was previously a world record. She competes on the RCGA Canadian Women’s Tour and has competed in an LPGA Monday qualifier. In addition to hitting the long ball, Lisa is a golf journalist for several publications, including Inside Golf magazine, Score Golf and Traveling Golfer. She is a golf entertainer at corporate and charity tournaments across North America and has conducted clinics and was the keynote speaker at the PGA Tour’s Reno Tahoe Open and the Greater Hickory Classic, a Champions Tour event in North Carolina. “Lisa is a sought after speaker at corporate and association conferences,

conventions and meetings,” states a biography. “She believes strongly in women helping women and is proudly a born and raised Albertan.” A gourmet luncheon served by the CRE at 11:45 a.m. will be followed by a fashion show featuring items from six businesses. “The show has always been one of the most popular events at the conference,” said Filip. Aside from the sessions and entertainment, Celebrating Women’s Conference participants will have the opportunity to win merchandise and gift certificates from the door prize draws and “Women Helping Women” raffle. Money raised from the raffle will be donated to the Camrose Women’s Shelter and the Family Violence Action Society to assist with programming costs. The Celebrating Women’s Conference has always received heady praise, with one woman calling it the “most excellent day for women ever.” Another woman described it as the ultimate ladies’ day out. “It makes us feel good that we can put on an event that women can enjoy,” said Filip. “The information they receive can be applied in so many different situations, whether it is at work or at home.” Major diamond sponsors of the Celebrating Women’s Conference include Lou’s by Bellissima and the Canalta family of Hotels (Ramada and Super 8). Tickets for the conference are still available and may be purchased by calling the Camrose Regional Exhibition at 780672-3640.

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TUTORING now offered at



The Learning Store We now offer patient, competent assistance to elementary and junior high aged students in all subject matter and courses. Please phone or visit in-store for more information about available times and rates. We can help students achieve and feel more confident as a result of better grades.

Main Street, Camrose • 780.781.1917

No Job Too Big or Too Small! Our team of journeymen and master electricians are

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mmer New Spring/Su rchandise, e m y lit a u q h ig h from exciting styles aly will be the factory in It rose offered in Cam

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Thursday, Ap om o R t e u q n a B n In n Norseme . to 9 p.m. daily – 10 a.m Thurs., Fri., Sat. to 5 p.m. . .m a 10 , y a d n Su

Men’s and Ladies’ styles of Jackets, Purses, Wallets, Biker Gear, Belts Plus sizes available! Liquidation Sale coordinated and conducted by

Wes t Country Leather

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JORGENSEN Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 5503-52 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 0X7


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is proudly hosting the



B ogie


April 9 •10 •11•12 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Appraisal Fees: $15.00 per item or three items for $40.00

ts B At I

EY 113t0h AIL L B I R ow 8: ets $20 P THE A T Y 0 • Sh ce T ickre on fire!G”uy EA A D LIV FRIoors 7:3 AdveaHnOOK, rthisetyf’or Buddy D th ita off , Gu ol is ic Hall r t a eP –R



5041 50th Street • Camrose • (780) 672-5510 •

780-672-7719 Karaoke Tuesday re The enti s rtie town pa ays d here Fri

“I’m so glad we met at Old Cinema”


Wednesdays and Thursdays

4917-48 Street, Camrose Phone 672-4809

Karaoke Tuesdays! OC’s now open Tuesdays for Karaoke. Starts 9 p.m.


Old Cinema needs three waitresses/hostesses for Saturdays. Will train. $15/hour.


Murray Green, Camrose Booster

4917-48 Street, Camrose 780-672-4809

Tim Hus entertained the crowd at the Bailey Theatre with a familiar Stompin’ Tom Connors song on March 28. Tim writes and performs songs about Canada and shares his experiences with people along the way.

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With hosts

Come out and sing or just come enjoy the awesome entertainment provided by hosts Harry and Gudie.

HARRY & GUDIE Starts at 10 p.m.

Now on Tap – Epic Oatmeal Stout Deep. Dark. With notes of espresso, chocolate and cherry. Fresh craft-brewed beer. Made right here.

Boogie Patrol stops at Bailey Theatre By Murray Green

The Boogie Patrol has created a blend of blues, funk, soul and rhythm and blues across Western Canada since 2007. The Edmonton band will be playing at the Bailey Theatre on April 11. The Boogie Patrol has captivated crowds wherever it goes with harmonica hound “Rott’n” Dan and accomplished guitarist Yuji Ihara leading the way. The band enlisted the help of experienced bassist Nigel Gale and JJ’s various drumming styles. Boogie Patrol’s distinctive style slowly evolved and now entices even the most hesitant dancer onto the floor. Band members – virtuosos of their craft – unite to create a sound,

an emotion, a chemistry that is incomparable. Boogie Patrol prides itself on the ability to connect with audiences from all walks of life. In 2011, Boogie Patrol had the honour of opening for both The Fabulous Thunderbirds as well as Blues legend Buddy Guy, both in Calgary and Edmonton. In early October 2012, Boogie Patrol won the Memphis Bound Blues Competition, which took the band to Memphis in January of 2013, representing Edmonton and Western Canada at the Blues Foundation’s 29th annual International Blues Challenge. Most recently, the band was nominated for a Maple Blues Award, Canada’s national blues awards program for 16

years running, in the category of New Artist or Group of the Year. With ventures into Eastern Canada and the United States, Boogie Patrol looks forward to extending its travels and playing for new audiences across North America. Although rooted in blues, the sound of the band crosses various genres. Still, Boogie Patrol has stayed true to its name and takes letting loose to a whole new level. In the words of Ric Hall, guitarist for Buddy Guy “Boogie Patrol is off the hook! They’re on fire!” Boogie patrol last played in Camrose at Scalliwags in 2011 in the Rose City Roots Society series. Tickets are now available at the Bailey Theatre box office.

Now Showing Friday, April 11 to Thursday, April 17 Nightly: 7:00 & 9:10 pm Sat. & Sun. Matinees: 1:00 & 3:10 pm Tues. & Thurs. Matinee: 2:00 p.m. G NO PASSES OR COUPONS PERMITTED

Nightly: 7:10 & 9:30 pm Sat., Sun., Tues. & Thurs. Matinee: 2:10 p.m. PG – Coarse Language

Nightly: 6:50 & 9:35 pm Sat., Sun., Tues. & Thurs. Matinee: 1:40 p.m.

Camerata celebrates with concert By Murray Green

Camrose Camerata will close its 10th anniversary celebration with a huge community concert on Sunday, April 13, 7 p.m. at Messiah Lutheran Church. Camrose Camerata will be joined by a guest orchestra and members of the Edmonton choir Vocal Alchemy in a concert entitled “Here and There, Now and Then” in honour of the choir’s celebration of 10 seasons.

Schubert’s Mass in G will be one of the featured works, with members of Edmonton’s Vocal Alchemy joining Camerata to create a choir of over 50 voices, accompanied by an orchestra from Camrose and Edmonton areas including Augustana instructor Thomas Schoen (violin), former instructor Joel Gray (trumpet), and local musicians Len Busse (trumpet), Tova Olson (organ) and Victoria Carlson (timpani).

Soloists for this work are former Camerata members Charlene Brown and Nick Andrew Sommer with current member Darryl Dewalt. “This relatively short Mass setting, written when Schubert was just 18, is a favourite for choirs and audiences alike, and is considered a great miniature treasure of chamber choir repertoire,” said director Joy-Anne Murphy. Continued on page 23

PG – Violence, Not Recommended for Young Children NO PASSES OR COUPONS PERMITTED

Nightly: 6:30 & 9:20 pm (No late show on Thurs.) Sat., Sun., Tues. & Thurs. Matinee: 1:30 p.m. PG – Violence, Disturbing Content, Not Recommended for Young Children


Nightly: 6:40 & 9:25 pm

Wed. & Thurs. Night: 6:40 & 9:00 pm Thurs. Matinee: 1:50 p.m.

PG – Violence


Sat., Sun. & Tues. Matinee: 1:50 pm

Thursday Night: 9:20 pm ONLY


PG – Violence


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Reeve gives update on Camrose County Police By Dan Jensen

Camrose County enjoyed considerable success in attracting new industries in 2013. “Thirty per cent of the permits taken out were for industrial development,” explained County Reeve Don Gregorwich in his annual address to the Camrose Chamber of Commerce at the Camrose Regional Exhibition April 2. “We had building permits taken out for a poultry processing plant, a meat processing plant, a couple of fertilizer storage facilities, gravel pits, high speed internet towers and obviously, the Cargill development.” Gregorwich showed slides indicating that the County took in more than $28 million in revenues, with 43.2 per cent of that coming from taxation, 17.6 per cent from fees for services, and 6.3 per cent from grants. “We took in nearly $4.5 million that went directly to the school foundation,” said the reeve. “We collect that money then we send it directly to Edmonton, which allocates it to the school systems.” Total County expenditures for 2013 were $27,590,000 with 28.9 per cent going to public works, 23.2 per cent going to capital projects, 16.9 per cent going to the Alberta School Foundation and 6.4 per cent going to agricultural services. “You can see from all the different categories that we are a complex organization,” said the reeve. “When you take a look at all those categories and put them all together you will see that really we have an effect on or we deal with literally every part of people’s lives, right from police and fire protection, seniors’ lodges, recreation, the school system, public works, our agricultural service board and so on.” The County is hoping to maintain 2014 taxes at the same level as they were last year despite the argument from some that it should be increasing taxes a little bit

Camrose County reeve Don Gregorwich

every year in the event a major problem comes along that requires a large tax increase. “That (zero per cent increase) is the strategy we have used so far,” said the reeve. “At this point when we send out our tax notices in May we don’t think there will be any increase in the mill rate.” The reeve noted that County assessors will be conducting physical evaluations of the properties in the northern part of the county. “They (physical assessments) rotate, so theoretically every five years you will receive a visit from our assessors.” The County plans to continue to support arts, culture and heritage in its communities through its legacy fund, and is working with Camrose Tourism to attract more tourism to the area. It has also passed a bylaw that requires gravel contractors to reclaim the gravel pits to a naturallooking state once they have been exhausted. “One of the challenges the County has faced over the years,” said the reeve, “is that when a gravel pit is exhausted there have been times when it has been left abandoned and the weeds grow up. With this bylaw there is no more of this disappearing into the sunset leaving behind a mess. That is our response to this particular situation.”

The reeve noted that the road work the County does every year is essential for those who are commuting or moving products, whether they be livestock or industry. “We have 2,500 km of roads to take care of,” he said. “That is the same as if you got in a car and drove to Winnipeg and then thankfully were able to drive back.” Camrose County has been trying to provide good, safe potable water to as many communities as possible. “We try do that by means of being members of three water commissions to bring water into our hamlets,” said the reeve. “We are especially grateful to the City of Camrose for their initiative and cooperation in providing water for us to take to the hamlet of Ohaton and for 29 people along the way. That has been a terrific development that has come along there. People in those areas now finally have a good quality supply of water.” The County built a spillway at Tillicum Beach in 2013 to remedy problems that exist with water due to the slopes. “We designed it so that the water comes down from the top of Tillicum beach and runs through this cement culvert,” said the reeve. “The force (of the water) is broken up by the jagged rocks, and that helps protect people’s property and helps protect

the road, which was forever being washed away.” Camrose County promotes and encourages viable agriculture through the agricultural service board, which operates out of the County seed cleaning plant in Camrose. “It operates a great many programs, large and small, from agricultural efforts in grain and livestock production to working with acreages and farm yards,” said the reeve. “More and more we have people who are concerned about developing their yards and who have problems with trees and so on, so now we have an arborist on staff who works with our residents if they have problems with trees.” A program that will be undertaken by the agricultural service board again this summer, said the reeve, is the cutting of grass along the roads. “We do that for a number of reasons. You don’t want four feet of grass growing on the side of the road that the deer can come flying out of. It also helps with the snowplow operations in the winter time.” Camrose County is proud to have a number of parks, including the nature centre, which is a reclaimed gravel pit. “I know a lot of people travel a long ways to go there,” said the reeve. “It is a good place to spend an afternoon or a day. We have fish planted there and there are campsites and so on for daytime camping only.” The reeve expressed appreciation to the City of Camrose and other surrounding communities for not only the cooperation they have shown but the commitment they have to work ing collaboratively. “We need to have a hand in glove attitude between the two of us and we do,” he said. “We have a lot of agreements in different areas, ranging from protection, water and sewer planning, recreation and so on.”

issue warning By Dan Jensen

Camrose Police Service is encouraging city businesses to steer clear of a potentially fraudulent business that uses telemarketing to sell online WHMIS training. “A local business reported that the sales representative was overly aggressive and the call seemed suspicious,” said Const. Matthew Wilton, Crime Prevention Officer, Camrose Police Service. “The sales representative attempted to use shady tactics to sell the product by stating to the business that it was in violation of Canadian regulations and that the training was required immediately. The local business conducted its own due diligence by contacting the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, which advised that there are several companies known to be using deceitful sales techniques surrounding Canadian WHMIS regulations. An internet search showed that the WHMIS business was not accredited through the Better Business Bureau. Other information was found that outlined a number of complaints of shady sales tactics similar to what was reported to police.” Camrose Police Service notes it is always a good idea to be diligent when dealing with unsolicited sales requests. “The number of businesses that utilize shady tactics in efforts to sell their products is endless and it is always recommended that proper research be done before any financial information is transferred,” said Const. Wilton.

City council gives approval to telecommunications tower By Dan Jensen

City council has approved an application from Altus Group Ltd. on behalf of T.M. Mobile (Telus) to place a 30 metre communications tower on property owned by Century Meadows Baptist Church. Telus identified the need for a new tower based on network analysis conducted by a radio-frequency engineer. Camrose is currently served by two tower sites located at the intersection of 49 Avenue and 52 Street and north of the intersection of 48 Avenue and Range Road 204.

“The proposed site is needed to improve signal quality, address data and voice capacity deficiencies in the southern portion of Camrose,” said Altus Group site acquisition lead Steve Gitao in a letter to City director of building and planning services Shelley Munro. Telus notified residents within a 90 metre radius of the tower site and 60 metres from the property boundary, as requested by the City of Camrose, and conducted an open house at the Norsemen Inn last November with represen-

tatives from the City, Telus and Altus in attendance. Of the four people who attended, two residents registered written approval with the tower location, expressing concerns as to what it would do with surrounding property values and how it would affect the area’s aesthetics. “The concerns of neighbouring property owners in the majority of these type of applications are those of health, property values and aesthetics,” explained Munro. “It appears there is no direct evidence of towers having

an adverse effect to the particular concerns of the neighbouring property owners.” Telus did ask about the possibility of locating the tower on adjacent lands owned by the City, only to be told that the parcel (of City land) would be unavailable for several reasons, chief among them a “potential sterilization of future residential lands and the City has not completed an area structure plan for the site.” The telecommunications tower will not require cables for support and the

nearby berm is not expected to hinder construction. The site will be screened with solid fencing to enhance the appearance. Telus feels that meaningful public consultation has been undertaken for the siting of the tower. “Telus believes that the current proposed location is best suited to optimize the cellular network and provide improved coverage in Camrose,” said Gitao. The siting of telecommunications installations is federally regulated by Industry Canada.

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Atom girls capture league playoffs By Murray Green The Camrose Wildcats atom girls hockey team won the North Central Minor Hockey Association league trophy. Camrose placed first in regular season play and then capped off a great season with a 1-0 overtime victory in the final game to garner the championship banner. The team of 17 players worked hard all year to reach their goal. “We are the first atom girls team to win a girls’ league, so we are proud of that accomplishment,” said coach Kathy Watters. “We played against teams from Fort Saskatchewan, Hobbema, Stettler and Lacoka (Lacombe-Ponoka) in the league. We only tied one and lost one in 16 league games. In playoffs, we beat Hobbema in two games in the first round of the playoffs and then beat Stettler in the final.” This was the first year the Camrose atom girls played in an all-girls league. “Girls hockey at the atom age is still pretty new, especially outside of the larger cities,” Kathy said. “We didn’t have to travel too far in league play and by the end of the year we were getting some better competition. These girls just excelled. The number of girls playing is growing, we just need to keep them throughout the age groups.” Next season Camrose wants to ice a team in all four age divisions – atom, peewee, bantam and midget. “We had to play against Strathcona to see which team advanced to provincials and we won that playoff. We did okay at provincials in Calgary. We had lots of nerves, but we didn’t lose all of the games. The experience will make them better hockey players next season and they are already talking about that,” shared Kathy. The team will likely see a split in the players as over half will move on to peewee. “If I coach again next year, it will be at the atom level again,” added Kathy. “I’m there anyway, so I might as well help out, whether it is as head coach or helping out.” The Wildcats had some new players to all-girls hockey, but the play allowed them to improve their confidence. “Everyone loved it and the team was pretty tightknit,” said Kathy. “They loved the social atmosphere, as well as hockey. It was a good year. “We also went to the Stettler tournament in December where we won


Alex Lungal

Tofield, AB | April 12, 2014 · 11 am


2006 PETERBILT 379

2009 NEW HOLLAND H8040 30 FT

2012 NEW HOLLAND H7450



Directions: From TOFIELD, AB, go 4.5 km (2.7 miles) South on RR 192, yard on West side of road.


C15, 550 hp, 18 spd, dbl diff lock, A/R susp,

1995 Case IH 9280 4WD Tractor, s/n 12000 lb frt, 40000 lb rears, 63 in. sleeper. JEE0033015, 375 hp, standard, 4 hyd outlets, 1994 Western Star 4964F Sleeper T/A Truck Tractor, s/n 2WLPDCCH0RK933976, 24.5R32, duals, Adam Jet hyd pump. 2008 Case IH 165 PUMA MFWD Trac- Caterpillar, 425 hp, 18 spd, dbl diff lock, A/R tor, s/n 28BH16675, L770 ldr w/bkt, s/n susp, 16000 lb frt, 46000 lbrears, 48 in. flat

(2) Meridian GM4000WMIS 4000± Bushel 16 Ft Hopper Bins, on dbl skids, ladder, lid 2004 New Holland SD440 56 Ft Air Drill, opener, 8 leg. s/n PNL002103, floating hitch, 9 in. spacing, Twister 2450± Bushel 14 Ft x 6 Ring Hopper dbl shoot, liquid fert kit, 4.5 in. Gen pairedrow Bin, on dbl skids, ladder, lid opener, 6 leg. openers, 5 in. rubber packers, SC380 3 comp’t Twister 2200± Bushel 14 Ft x 6 Ring, on tow-behind tank, s/n pnl0 11089, dbl fan, 10 wood, ladder, lid opener. (2) Wheatland 705E 250± Bushel Feed in. load auger, rear hitch. CCIL 179 28 Ft Medium Duty Cultivator, Bins, on sgl skids. Westfield MK100-61 10 In. x 61 Ft Mechani10 in. spacing, harrows. cal Swing Grain Auger, s/n 208149, 540 PTO. Ezee-On 20 Ft Tandem Disc , 9 in. spacing. Sakundiak HD7-41 7 In. x 41 Ft Grain Highline Fieldmaster 50 Ft Tined Harrows. Auger, 18 hp. 40 Ft Diamond Harrows. Westfield 4 In. x 20 Ft Electric Grain Auger, 0.5 hp.


Y8WLT4225, grapple, powershift, LH rev, diff top sleeper, wet kit. lock, 3 hydoutlets, 540/1000 PTO, joystick, 2003 Ford F550 Extended Cab Service, s/n sunroof, 16.9R28 F, 20.8R38 R. 1FDAX56S93ED32463, 6.8 litre, A/T, Milran 1997 Case IH 8920 MFWD Tractor, s/n 9 ft service box, 1100 litre fuel tnk, generator/ JJA0072397, powershift, 3 hyd outlets, compressor combo. 540/1000 PTO, 16.9x28 F, 20.8R42 R. GMC Sierra Service. McCormick W9 2WD Tractor, 6 ft dozer, 2004 Dodge 3500 Crew Cab 4x4 Flatbed, 1 hyd outlet. s/n 3D7MN48C74G134488, diesel, A/T, NH3 EQUIPMENT & TANKS Leon 6 Way Tractor Dozer, to fit Case IH 9280 fifth wheel. 2011 Pattison PLS3300 4000 US Gallon,


2008 Dodge 3500 Mega Cab 4x4 Dually (2) 2000 gal poly tnks, Honda eng, ground driven. (15) Brockle Face Heifers, Bred, due to start calving late April, farm raised, Ivomec. pickup, s/n 3D7MX49A28G131220, diesel, (2) 500 Gallon, stand.

4WD tractor, snow ext.


2005 New Holland CR970 Combine, s/n A/T. HAJ101997, 76C hdr, s/n PMN002939, Swath- TRAILERS

master 14 ft P/U, reverser, VSR, long auger, grain tank exts, chaff spreader, chopper, Intelliview 2 display, 900/60R32 F, 600/65R28 R, 1383 sep hrs showing. 2003 New Holland 72C 30 Ft Rigid Header, s/n HAJ025094 to fit CR970, P/U reel, hyd F&A. Riteway HS3500 35 Ft Header Transport.




2013 Quantity Of 50± Hay Bales, 1400 lb. · 2004 John Deere 567, s/n E00567X303778, 2013 Barley Quantity Of 100± Straw Bales 2009 Lode King Prestige 28 Ft 1000 PTO, Megawide P/U, net wrap, 2000± bales. · Bale King 3100 Bale Processor, s/n 3739, Super B-Train Lead Grain, s/n 1000 PTO, RHD · New Holland 357 Grinder HAYING EQUIPMENT 2LDHG28339F049285, open ended, steel Mixer, 540 PTO · Morand Maternity Pen, 2012 New Holland H7450 13 Ft Hydra Swing alley, (2) 2 sided pens · Hi Qual Palpation Cage sides & alum slopes box, A/R susp, roll tarp, Mower Conditioner, s/n YCN092804, 1000 · Hi Qual Squeeze, auto headgate · Two-W 30 ft, s/n 2LDHG30249F049285. Roll Gate · (12) 24 Ft Free Standing Panels 2005 Reitnouer 48 Ft T/A Aluminum Hiboy, PTO, rubber on rubber rollers. · (17) Two-W 10 Ft Light Duty Livestock · s/n 1RNF48A2X5R010077, A/R susp, frt Enorossi VH12 12 Wheel Hay Rake. (10) 10 Ft Light Duty Panels · (7) 10 Ft Light GRAIN HANDLING EQUIPMENT Duty Panels · (2) 30 Ft Calf Shelters · (3) sliding axle. 2007 Wilson 27 Ft T/A Gooseneck Alumi- Renn 1214 10 Ft Grain Extractor, s/n Bale Feeders · (6) 30 Ft Bunk Feeders · (2) num Stock, s/n 1W1BVAJC17H534618, roll RU10312, 540 PTO. Mineral Lick Tanks · Palliser Cattle Oiler.

2009 New Holland H8040 30 Ft, s/n Y8G661501, HB0030 hdr, s/n 30WS095929, P/U reel, F&A, dbl knife drive, ctr del, 18.4R26F, door, 2 dividers. Roto sheer. 2005 Diamond C Trailers 32 Ft T/A TRUCKS Dually Fifth Wheel Equipment, s/n 2006 Peterbilt 379 Sleeper T/A Truck Trac- 46UFU322251097287, spring susp, tor, s/n 1ZP5DB9X36N634760, Caterpillar 10000 lb axles.

For more information: Alex Lungal: 780.918.1050 For complete list of details visit: | 800.491.4494

Cody Rude, Agricultural Territory Manager North East Edmonton

780.722.9777 Auction Company License #303043 & 309645

silver. We hosted our own tournament in January and had one win, one loss and two ties.” Over the entire season, the girls played 39 games with 24 wins, 10 losses and five ties. Wendy Blaeser-Johns, Herb DeHoog and Perry Sparrow also helped guide the team. The players included Brooke Kupka, Adrianna Sawle, Kennedy Taylor, Isabella Taylor, Sarah Raymond, Grace Hurlburt, Emily Watters, Nia Cowan, Marissa Degenstein, Simone Lee, Katelyn Hegholz, Marissa DeHoog, Sawyer Lorenz, Kierra Sparrow, Anna Snydmiller, Taylor Willoughby and Makenna Marcinkowski.

The Camrose atom girls hockey team captured the North Central Alberta Hockey League title and advanced to the provincials. Members of the team include, back row from left to right, assistant coach Wendy Blaeser-Johns, Brooke Kupka, Adrianna Sawle, Kennedy Taylor, Isabella Taylor, Sarah Raymond, Grace Hurlburt, Emily Watters, assistant coach Herb DeHoog, Nia Cowan, Marissa Degenstein, assistant coach Perry Sparrow, Simone Lee and coach Kathy Watters. Middle row from left, Katelyn Hegholz, Marissa DeHoog, Sawyer Lorenz, Kierra Sparrow, Anna Snydmiller, Taylor Willoughby and in front goalie Makenna Marcinkowski.


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Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 14, 2014

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 14, 2014

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Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Draw to be made Monday, April 14, 2014

SOBEYS 4820-66 Street PHONE 780-672-5969


Draw to be made Monday, April 14, 2014

SUPERSTORE 7005 - 48 Ave. PHONE 780-608-2218


Draw to be made Monday, April 14, 2014

WILD ROSE CO-OP 48 Ave. and 51 St. PHONE 780-672-3107


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 14, 2014

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday,April 14, 2014

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 14, 2014

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Draw to be made Monday, April 14, 2014

SOBEYS 4820-66 Street PHONE 780-672-5969


Draw to be made Monday, April 14, 2014

SUPERSTORE 7005 - 48 Ave. PHONE 780-608-2218


Draw to be made Monday, April 14, 2014

WILD ROSE CO-OP 48 Ave. and 51 St. PHONE 780-672-3107


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 14, 2014

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 14, 2014

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 14, 2014

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Draw to be made Monday, April 14, 2014

WALMART Unit 400 Cornerstone 6800-48 Avenue

Draw to be made Monday, April 14, 2014

WALMART Unit 400 Cornerstone 6800-48 Avenue

Draw to be made Monday, April 14, 2014

WALMART Unit 400 Cornerstone 6800-48 Avenue

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A man without a big garage is

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Camerata concert Continued from page 19 Camerata has incorporated works by contemporary composers throughout its 10 years of performing. “This concert takes that a step further, or rather a step closer, with works by composers with a Camrose connection, including two newly written compositions,” said Joy-Anne. Current local composers featured are Milton Schlosser, Tova Olson and James Neff, and current Camerata members Joshua Mohr and Darryl Dewalt. Featured former Camrosians are Kyle

Harland, Nick Andrew Sommer, former Augustana choir director Marc Hafso and his father Gordon Hafso, who attended what was then Camrose Lutheran College. Join Camerata as they explore a wealth of vibrant music by local living composers, delving into the sacred and the everyday, the ancient and the new. The audience is invited to join the choirs for an informal reception following the concert. Tickets are available in advance from choir members, or at the door.

- better copy writing - easier to navigate - sharper pictures - more information - generally more exciting The award-winning art team who brings you every edition of The Camrose Booster, The Country Booster, Super Booster and most of the commercial printing used by Camrose businesses, can create a professional website for you. We can start from scratch or improve your existing site.



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Photos on location at

The best of Spring 2014 Put a


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By Grace Doucet May we begin with a metaphor? Just as a carefully curated garden contains a blend of perennials and annuals, the key fashion trends this spring showcase trends which reappear each time the weather turns warm. Luckily, there are some fresh ideas coming to light for the first time. Three classic examples of the “perennials” on trend this season are the Nautical, Floral and Global Traveller references seen on many runways this spring. Nautical references call to mind yachting, military and sport culture and, as the weather begins to turn fine, we see a return of classic stripes, crisp whites and gold accents. Fine tailoring on trench coats and staples such as clean oxford-style shirting abound. To make your look fresh, try

to incorporate at least one print that you wouldn’t see on a flagpole, such as a floral scarf on a striped dress, while keeping accessories clean and classic. The diversity of floral prints runs the gamut from large, lush tropical blooms to unabashedly pretty and delicate to complex, computer-generated flowers. This trend is huge. Take your pick of the bunch, mix with fresh pastels like mint and blush, and brighten up the early days of spring. The idea of wearing eclectic pieces of clothing and accessories gleaned from many cultures has probably been a part of the fashion lexicon since the first trade caravans brought silk out of India. This year the focus is ‘60s-esque – unfussy blendings of prints, colors, fringes, chevrons, tiedyes, tassels and tribal prints. By contrast, two of the newest trend incarnations are minimalist black and white, and “luxury sport” looks. These

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 25

Bronze is this spring’s hottest color Get your tan on! NEW TO HAVANATAN Body Bling A sparkling collection of body jewellery is here

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The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 26

Local players attend Alberta Cup hockey tournament By Murray Green

Eight zone hockey teams will compete for the ATB Alberta Cup from April 24 to 27 in Strathmore. Each roster is made up of 20 athletes, three coaches, one trainer and one director of operations from each zone. “The ATB Alberta Cup is always an exciting event, especially since this is the last chance for these players to impress ahead of the WHL bantam draft,” said Michael Kraichy, manager of hockey development with Hockey Alberta. “These athletes competed hard last weekend at zone camps and it seems like the 1999-born players are going to give everyone quite a show in Strathmore.” The eight zone teams will play in a four day, tournament format competition while also taking part in an education seminar put on by the Western Hockey League (WHL). Team Northeast has three Camrose players on the squad. Forwards Parker Kelly, Kyler Kupka and Ethan McIndoe all made the team. They will be familiar with Brandon Heck of Camrose, who will be an assistant coach for Team Northeast. Local coach mentor Gary Syndmiller will be working closely with coach Tim Green on the Edmonton South club. Cody Laskosky of New Norway and Logan Ganie of Irma will suit up for the Team Central squad in the tournament. The ATB Alberta Cup program begins in March each year with over 800 players trying out at their respective zone camp. Each of the 160 athletes playing in the ATB Alberta Cup are competing for one of 80 invites to the U16 Male Provincial Camp in July. The tournament is the premier event in the province that helps identify the top male players in Alberta. In addition to player evaluations, the competition is also an opportunity for administrators, coaches, trainers and officials to be evaluated for future positions with the Team Alberta Program. Former ATB Alberta Cup graduates include current NHLers Braden Holtby, Devin Setoguchi, Zach Boychuk, Kyle Brodziak, Dany Heatley, Jay Bouwmeester, Dion Phaneuf, Scott Hartnell, Jordan Eberle, Devan Dubnyk, Andrew Ference and Chris Phillips.


Murray Green, Camrose Booster

Jesse Kerr of the Camrose Composite High School Trojans basketball team goes around another high school defender in a Grade 12 all-star game at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus gym on March 29. Augustana coaches were busy ranking future college players.

Camrose Minor Ball preparing for busy season By Murray Green Despite snow still being on the ground, Camrose Minor Ball Association (CMBA) started spring training and competitive team tryouts at the Camrose Community Center (field house) last weekend. “Over the last five years we have had a steady increase of registrations. We had about 370 last year and we already have 350 this year. We expect to have as many as last year or have a slight increase,” said CMBA president George Marcinkowski. “We increase by about 10 to 20 players every year. We have online registration, so some people will still register.” Of those 350, about 100 are signed up for girls’ softball. “The numbers for softball are up this year,” said George. “Learn to play is for both baseball and softball. We started a new program this year in softball called mini-mites, which caters to the six and seven year olds, who will probably move on to mites softball. We have had a great response with about 30 registered for that already. We experienced

dwindling numbers, so this is a way of getting it back up again.” Currently CMBA is trying to formulate the number of teams they will field this season. “We will likely have about eight teams on the softball side and 30 teams in baseball,” said George. “We will have five competitive and five community teams in baseball from mosquito to bantams.” Camrose will not field a midget team this year. “It is looking promising for the future because we will have three bantam clubs this year. Our goal is to keep them playing, so we can have a midget team. Two years ago we had one bantam team and last year we had two. With three this year it is starting to look good. We had six that wanted to play midget, but we let the parents know early that we wouldn’t have enough so they could look for places to play. It was a hard, tough decision.” For softball, the new mini-mites will form a local team to practice and play each other. “The mites to bantams

are in the process of deciding what league to play in. On the baseball side, Rally Cap, Learn to Play and Rookies will be held in Camrose. The competitive teams will play in a travelling league with tournaments. They will be tiered through Baseball Alberta. Our community team will join the Battle River league and play against, Sedgewick, Heisler, Killam and who ever has teams east of us,” George explained. The growing numbers are making it increasingly difficult to facilitate all the teams. “We have to work along side slowpitch and two men’s teams as well,” said George. “We are quickly running out of diamond space and we are trying to spearhead talks with the City to build new diamonds. In the short term, with three bantams teams, we need to convert a diamond to a bantam field. Long term, we need a another quadstyle diamonds. We are bursting at the seems and making use of school diamonds.” It would be easier to attract provincials and high

level tournaments if several age groups could host on the same weekend. “It would benefit not only the ball program, but we would bring in a lot more people to Camrose on the weekend, which is good for the whole city,” explained George. “Baseball Alberta has mentioned that we are in a great central location for teams to come here, but our facilities are not quite up to the criteria, or par, so that is what we have to work on.” Minor ball wants the players to keep playing the sport well into their lives, whether that is in slowpitch or men’s baseball. “It would be nice to keep everyone active and staying fit,” George said. “We want to be an active community and it all starts with the young players.” On April 11, 12 and 13 tryouts for the second tier teams for mosquito, peewee, and bantam will be selected. Also on the same weekend, the rookie, mosquito community, peewee community and bantam community teams will be evaluated for team placement. Athletes are asked to

be there 15 minutes prior to the sessions and must be ready to go at start time. Players should bring a ball glove, batting helmet, jock or jill, ball cap and indoor runners. The Rally Cap and Learn to Play teams will be split up by the directors of each division once coaches are put in place. At that time coaches will be given contact info to reach all the parents for start dates, which is usually first week in May, but everyone should be informed by late April. CMBA is accepting applications for all coaches for community baseball teams. This includes Rally Cap, Rookie, Mosquito, Peewee, and Bantam. “We are looking for coaches of all levels and are always looking for beginner coaches to help out as assistants,” said George. “We will help you get started and give direction to getting you started if you are new to coaching.” Minor ball is also looking for more umpires for the upcoming season. For more information visit the website and check for updated news.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 27

Holy Week Liturgies For 2014

Please join us…

ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CATHOLIC CHURCH 5010-48A Avenue, Camrose, Parish Office: 780-672-1131 Pastor: Rev. Larry Pederson

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Saturday, April 12 – 5:00 p.m. Sunday, April 13 – 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. CELEBRATION OF THE EASTER TRIDUUM Day One of the Easter Triduum: First Liturgy: Thursday of the Lord’s Supper Evening Mass April 17 – 7:30 p.m. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until 11:00 p.m. Second Liturgy: Friday of the Passion of the Lord April 18 – 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Day Two of the Easter Triduum: Holy Saturday April 19 – 11:00 a.m. Morning Prayer, Blessing of Children, Easter Baskets and Festive Foods Day Three of the Easter Triduum: The Resurrection of the Lord April 19 – Easter Vigil – 10:00 p.m. April 20 – Easter Sunday – 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

These three days of celebration help us to understand what we celebrate every Sunday at Mass and why we do gather for Mass each Sunday of the year. Please bring your favourite bell to ring at the Gloria on Thursday of the Lord’s Supper Evening Mass, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Masses to express our joy in celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Water will be blessed at the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Masses. It will be available at the church entry. Bring your own bottles or use those provided by the parish. Use the Easter Water to bless your Easter Dinner and for blessings in your homes. Note: During Holy Week Liturgies incense will not be used.

CAMROSE UNITED CHURCH Come, join with us in celebrating God’s love and building a safe community! • For more information, call 780-672-2176

Is some deep reflection in order? Cap off the season of Lent during Holy Week by attending a module at CLBI.

Apr. 14-17, 2014

Gemechis Buba

Nine Sessions

North American Lutheran Church Assistant to the Bishop for Missions

Monday and Wednesday, 8:30-10:00 am and 11:15 am -12:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30-10:00 am and 11:00 am -12:30 pm Thursday Evening, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Passion Narratives

Cost for the course:

Examine each Gospel writer’s words devoted to the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A study of these passages will emphasize the cross as foundational to the Christian faith.

$110/week includes four noon meals at the CLBI cafeteria (Mon-Thurs.) as well as the evening meal on Thurs. OR $30/day (includes lunch)

$55/week for Seniors (aged 60+) Additional costs to complete the course for credit.

Please notify the CLBI Main Office if you plan to attend. Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute • 4837 - 52A Street, Camrose AB • e-mail: • ph: 780.672.4454

Community Good Friday Worship Celebration April 18, 10 a.m. Calvary Pentecostal Church (Old Extra Foods)

Free will offering received: Proceeds to Camrose Neighbor Aid

COMING EVENTS April 13: 10 a.m. Palm Sunday Celebration (all ages) April 18: 10 a.m. Good Friday Service April 19: 7-9 p.m. Ecumenical Easter Vigil at the Faith and Life Chapel, Augustana Faculty (Family-oriented Bible stories, celebrations of baptism and communion, social hour and egg hunt!) April 20: 10 a.m. Easter Communion Celebration April 27: 9 a.m. Sunday Musings (alternative family worship) Regular service at 10 a.m. May 3: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Annual Spring Sale-abration

May you have a blessed and joyful Easter!

Bethel Lutheran Church Duggan Park 4102 73rd St Holy Week Services April 13-20 Passion Sunday 10:00 am - Join the procession into Jerusalem and hear the week’s story from Matthew. Maundy Thursday 5:30 pm - Join Jesus and the disciples for a simple soup supper. Jesus’ example of humble service, and his Last Supper with them. Good Friday 7:00 pm - The Anglicans will join us as we journey with Jesus to and through the cross. Easter Sunday! 8:30 am - Breakfast 10:00 am - Celebration of Jesus’ victory over sin and death.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 28

Camrose RCMP had a busy March

Rolf Johannes Jacobsen

March 7

In the morning hours, police responded to a domestic dispute at a residence in Camrose County. A 46-yearold male was charged with Assault. March 8

Police are investigating a report of a Break and Enter after the locks were cut on a work site in the County of Camrose. Over $5,000 worth of copper wire and several other items were stolen. Police received a report of a possible impaired driver. Police located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The 65-year-old male driver was charged with Impaired Operation of Motor Vehicle. A 54-year-old Edmonton woman was air lifted by STARS ambulance after being involved in a two vehicle collision on Highway 21. March 9

A construction ground was entered sometime overnight and unknown person(s) broke into three utility trailers. Over $5,000 worth of tools were taken. This matter is still under investigation. Police responded to a break and enter in progress. Two subjects were attempting to flee in a truck which was later determined to be stolen. The 37-year-old male and 25-year-old female were charged and convicted. March 11

An unlocked residence was entered during the day. Firearms and jewelry were taken. RCMP remind firearm owners to be vigilant in securing firearms in a safe manner. Police located a 39-yearold Camrose male urinating in the middle of the highway. Investigation revealed his vehicle was on the side of the highway. A roadside breath test indicated he had sufficient alcohol in his system to issue an immediate three day licence suspension and a three day vehicle seizure.

Coral Edith Wilson December 6, 1922 – March 30, 2014 After a long and distinguished life as a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend, caregiver, gardener, bird lover and craftswoman, Coral passed away peacefully at St. Mary’s Hospital, Camrose, her family having been at her side for two months. Coral is survived by daughters Pat Luders (Len), Les Clampitt (Ted), Barb Rutley (Byron); son Doug Wilson (Helen); grandchildren Lauri, Kim, Christi, Colin, Lee, Jody, Carmen and Alex; stepgrandchildren Curtis, Tim, Jennifer, Natalie, Andrew, Jerry, Wendy; 10 great-grandchildren; three step-great-grandchildren; “daughter of the heart” Karen Sawyer; and many dear nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her husband Bill and daughter Linda Schroeder. Memorials in Coral’s name may be directed to Heart and Stroke Foundation, the United Church, Battle River Community Foundation or the charity of your choice. At Coral’s request, her body has been donated to the U of A Anatomical Gifts Program. A celebration of life will be held at a later date.

On March 19, 2014, at the age of 94, Rolf Johannes Jacobsen was called to join the heavenly choir. Born on December 27, 1919 at Loreburn, SK, Rolf was the fifth of 12 children born to Kristian and Inga Jacobsen. In 1933, the family moved to Weldon, SK, then to Vancouver in 1941. It was there that Rolf met “the best girl in the world,” Inga Moan from Sedgewick, AB. They were married in Bethania Lutheran Church at Sedgewick on September 24, 1944. After starting their married life in Vancouver, Rolf, Inga and son Ken heeded the call of the land and moved to Sedgewick in 1948 to take up farming. Here the family grew to include six more children. Rolf and Inga retired to town in 1986. Following Inga’s death in 1999, Rolf moved to Camrose in 2003. After a brief second marriage, he moved into Stoney Creek Lodge where he was very happy and made many dear friends. Failing health necessitated his move to long term care in Viking in September where he resided until his passing. Music was a huge part of Rolf’s life. He began singing alto in the church choir at age 10. Throughout the years, his voice changed from alto to a clear, high tenor, and later to a rich baritone. He sang as a soloist, in choirs, quartets and, later, duets with Inga and trios with Inga and Helen. Some of his most treasured memories were the 17 years he was a member of the Walter Jahns Singers in Forestburg. Children were a joy to Rolf and they seemed to recognize that it didn’t matter if they were his child, a neighbour, a Sunday school student or whoever, they were important to him. It bothered him greatly when it became necessary to warn children “not to talk to strangers.” Rolf believed strongly in being involved in church and community affairs. A long-time member of Bethania Lutheran Church, he served in many capacities in the congregation, as well as on the national board of the ELCIC. Over the years, he was a member of several committees and boards in the community and surrounding area. Rolf will be deeply missed by his rascals: Elaine (Alex) Hlushak of Chipman, Helen Sather (Larry Gerber) of Daysland, Marilyn (Ed) Palmer of Saskatoon, Lyndon (Diane) Jacobsen of Viking, Kris Jacobsen of Wainwright and daughter-in-law Phyllis Jacobsen of Sedgewick. Grandpa J is lovingly remembered by 12 grandchildren and their families: Gary, Bea Jae, Bradley, Courtney, Luke and Lacey Jacobsen; Craig Jacobsen, Angela Price and sons Dayton and Beau; Jennifer Evers, Sean Hibbs and Jorgia; Anna-Ruth Connolly, Sasha (John) and Aydan; Kathryn, David, Rachel and Meghan Heudepohl; Neil, Shelly, Christen and Lucas Sather; Kristian, Juliana, Ananda and Nikolas Jacobsen; Kyle Jacobsen, Alicia Matosevic and Heidi; Rhea and Travis Strickland; Sarah, Jimmy, Lars, Dagne, Odin and Hjordis St. Arnault; Abby Palmer and fiancé Jordan Terry; and Sandra, Wayne, Breanna and Davin Codd. He is also survived by sisters Signe Thomassen, Rita (Peder) Andreasen and Gwen (Jim) Muri; and sisters-in-law Margaret Jacobsen, Myrtle Olson and Anna (Morris) Kaardal. Rolf was predeceased by his parents; brothers Erling, Carl and Irvin; sisters Dagny Sorenson, Ella Haave, Helga Torgerson, Una Haugen and Jean Kerr; his beloved Inga; sons Kenneth and Loren Jacobsen; grandsons Rolf Hlusak and Michael Jacobsen; son-in-law Eldon Sather; and daughters-in-law Merri and Lori-Ann Jacobsen. Following a family burial at Bethania Cemetery on March 26, 2014, a celebration of Rolf’s life was held at Messiah Lutheran Church, Camrose with Pastors Alvin Sorenson and Bev Swanson officiating. Fee & Sons, Killam, were in charge of arrangements. In his life, Rolf loved much and was much loved in return. He will be greatly missed by many. Blessed be his memory. Card of Thanks Thank you, everyone, for your expressions of sympathy and compassion in the loss of our father, grandpa and great-grandpa Rolf Jacobsen. The tears, hugs and remembrances you have shared with us are deeply appreciated. Thank you to all who chose to honour Dad’s memory with a memorial donation. Special thanks to Joe Spiller and staff of Fee & Sons for your services to us, to Pastors Alvin Sorenson and Bev Swanson for officiating at the funeral, to Tova Olson for sharing your gift of music that Dad so admired, to Lowell Dahlman for taking care of the AV and tech at the service, and to the Messiah Lutheran Women for the lunch following the service. In lieu of personal thank you cards, a donation has been made to Bethania Lutheran Church Cemetery Fund. – The Jacobsen Family

For information on The Camrose Booster Obituary Page, contact your funeral director or The Camrose Booster

March 16

A suspicious vehicle was observed speeding away from a work site. It was determined the suspect(s) cut the locks and attempted to steal a generator. Workers confirmed nothing was taken. March 30

Police responded to a report of a possible impaired driver. The 20-year-old driver showed usual signs of intoxication and provided samples of his breath resulting in 120 mg per cent. The male was subsequently charged with Impaired Operation of Motor Vehicle.

Police investigating theft from Duggan Mall business April 4

Police are investigating a report of theft after a business in the Duggan Mall reported that a male was caught on video surveillance stealing clothing from the store on Thursday afternoon. Shortly before noon, police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the city’s west end. During the course of the stop, two males were arrested and charged with Possessing a Controlled Substance after quantities

of marihuana were seized from the vehicle. One of the males was also charged with breaching the conditions of his bail. April 3

A female reported that sometime overnight her Samsung Galaxy tablet was stolen out of her vehicle while parked in the downtown area. A 22-year-old male, a 19-year-old male and a female youth were arrested late Wednesday evening

during the course of an investigation into the sale and distribution of cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. As a result of the investigation, police seized sizable quantities of crack cocaine and methamphetamine, along with items relating to drug trafficking. All three subjects were charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking. The 22-year-old male was also charged with Trafficking a Controlled Sub-

stance, Resist Arrest and Failing to Comply with a Recognizance. The 19-yearold man was additionally charged with Trafficking a Controlled Substance, Possessing a Concealed Weapon and Breach of Probation. The youth was also charged with Failing to Comply with a Recognizance. The three subjects were subsequently taken before a Justice of the Peace and their matters have been slated for Provincial Court.

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Frances Mary Elliott

Stanley Rude Stanley Rude of Camrose passed away on April 3, 2014, at the age of 91. He is survived by brothers Milton and Alvin (Alice); and numerous nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by wife Helga; sister Viola (Desmond); and sister-in-law Gladys. The Funeral Service will take place on Friday, April 11, 2014 at 2:00 p.m., at Messiah Lutheran Church, Camrose, AB. Memorial donations are gratefully accepted to CLBI and World Mission Prayer League.

Celebration of Life for

Rosemary (Rosi) Broemling Saturday, April 19, 2014 2:00 p.m. Crestwood Presbyterian Church 14304-96 Avenue NW, Edmonton

In memory

Val Thomas Blake December 9, 1970 – April 9, 2009 If we had all the world to give, We’d give it, yes, and more To hear your voice   and see you smile And greet you at our door. But all we can do, dear Val, Is go and tend your grave And leave behind tokens of love To the best son, brother   and uncle God ever made We like to think when life   is done Wherever Heaven may be, That you’ll be standing   at the door Up there to welcome us. We love and miss you, Val. – Mom and Dad Patty, Greg and family Bonnie, Lorne and family

June 6, 1923 – March 29, 2014 A hole is left in our lives with the passing of our precious mother, grandmother and friend, Frances Elliott. We will all miss the balm of her abiding interest in us and in life, and the affection that she showered upon us. Frances grew up in Guelph, ON. As a student, she excelled academically, completing grade 12 by age 15, but for financial reasons she was unable to attend university. A young woman during World War II, Frances worked as a secretary for some time, eventually taking a job at Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph as secretary to the Dean. It was at a dance that she met Red Elliott, a prairie boy and young navy veteran training to become a veterinarian. As their relationship blossomed, they nurtured a vision of establishing a family and a loving and supportive home life. They married the day after Red’s graduation and she moved with him to Camrose to run a country large and small animal veterinary practice. Fran’s office career stood her in good stead in the life she embraced in Camrose. While, as the animal doctor, Red was the central figure, she oversaw the veterinary office and did the bookkeeping for the business and for Red’s farm interests and they were truly partners in all of their undertakings. Fran also took an active part in numerous church committees and extended her influence into the community where she was a charter member of Camrose Children’s Centre, the group that spearheaded the opening of the town’s first daycare. She was an elected member of Camrose School Board for nine years, serving two terms as Chair; Jack Stuart School was built on her watch. Camrose Business and Professional Women’s Club named her ‘Woman of the Year’ in the early 1990s. Fran and Red were honored as ‘Community Builders’ by the Battle River Community Foundation in 2006 in recognition of all that they gave to their community. The Foundation established a Fund in their names at that time. With her warm generosity and genuine concern, Frances was a devoted friend, a loving matriarch and an inspiring role model. She was a pie-maker of renown and there was always room at her table for one or two more. She traveled to several places in the world including India, England, Hawaii, Hong Kong, the Northwest Territories and Newfoundland, and when the world came to Camrose as high school students from Hong Kong, as friends from Hobbema (Maskwacis), and as refugees from Vietnam and Yugoslavia, she welcomed them all. Over the years, Frances’ family expanded to include a great number of people: children Anne (Mike), Rob (Debbie), John (Anne), Howard (Janet) and Eric (Cindy); grandchildren Elizabeth (Raymond), Mary, Patrick, Mark, Lisa, Graham, Maren, Oliver, Casey, Miles (Melissa) and Erin (Jade); great-grandchildren Nola, John and Zuzu; step-grandchildren Alita, Nathan, Michelle and Aura; step great-grandchild Aiden; plus brother Andrew, sister Elizabeth (Roy), brother-in-law Bob, nieces and nephews, and a host of ‘adopted’ kids and friends. Frances was pre-deceased by her beloved husband and soulmate Dr. Red Elliott; brothers Eric and Rob Hall; and grandson Thomas Hudson.  The family wishes to thank the caring staff at Sunrise Village and Camrose Home Care who befriended and assisted Fran in the last year of her life, as well as her physician Dr. Ernie Hilderman and the staff of the Louise Jensen Centre.  A funeral service was held on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. from Camrose United Church (4829-50 Street, Camrose, AB) with Alan Richards and Mary Ann Pastuck officiating.  Inurnment will take place in Valleyview Cemetery, Camrose at a later date. Memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to Camrose United Church (4829-50 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1P6) or the Red and Fran Elliott Fund c/o Battle River Community Foundation (Box 1122, Camrose, AB T4V 4E7). To send condolences, please visit

Camrose and Daysland was in care of the arrangements Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”


Our dedicated team of funeral directors and colleagues: John Person, Cam Parker, Jim Gillespie, Bart Orr, Derek Robertson, Barrie Fenby, Robert Lyslo, Alvin Koehli, Rod Madison, Jen Kontek, Leona Norenberg, Keri Vickers, Bob Hanrahan

4817-51 Avenue  Phone 780-672-2121 Recorded Obituary Line 780-679-2400

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Experience and Expertise Estate Planning

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Estate Administration

•  Legal services associated with probate of the will

The most important way to remember those you will never forget.

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The family of

James ( Jim) O’Riordan …sends appreciation for the prayers and support received, in lieu of individual thank you cards. Thank you for your show of care and respect by way of cards, flowers, food, dedication of masses in his name and the many memorial donations that have been made. Your kindness and generosity is appreciated.

5016-50 Avenue Camrose, AB  T4V 0S5 Phone 780-672-9420 Indoor Showroom

Memorial Poems Now available for publication in The Camrose Booster. Ask for our 24-page booklet of poetry. Words of comfort to remember someone special.

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See the following pages for all you need to get your vehicle ready for the warm weather ahead.

MAINTENANCE • TIRES • BRAKES • OIL & FILTER • BATTERIES • ALIGNMENT At Quick Lane™, we stand out from the bunch – our services are as unique as your needs. For personalized care to set your vehicle apart from the rest, visit our friendly team this spring!

Seasonal Tire Stora ge Available

Package Includes:




3 Motorcraft premium oil and Motorcraft filter change. 3 Rotate and inspect four tires 3 Inspect brake system and FOR report on measurements ONLY 3 Check belts and hoses 3 Up to 87-point inspection including: Air filter (clogged air filter reduces fuel economy), Steering and suspension component, Battery test and report on findings

Improve your vision for a safer ride By Dan Jensen

As the motor vehicle industry continues to evolve, the emphasis drivers and manufacturers place on safety continues to increase. But even though technological advancements have vastly improved driver safety, accidents still happen. One of the more concerning trends with regards to traffic accidents is when they occur. In spite of the fact that there are five times as many motorists during the day, statistics indicate that one-third of all accidents and roughly half of all traffic fatalities occur at night. Though that might seem counterintuitive, this peculiarity can largely be traced to a driver’s visual acuity, which is reduced by 70 percent at night. Simply put, the human eye is not adapted for nocturnal vision, so drivers must take steps to improve their vision and visibility within their vehicle. The following are just a few of the ways drivers can do just that. Replace headlight bulbs every two years

BRAND NAME TIRES Instant and mail-in Rebates.



Life is better in the Quick Lane.TM

Addressing automobile lighting is one of the most under performed vehicle maintenance tasks. “Many drivers do not even consider replacing their headlight bulb until it fails,” said Dave Jewell, from Canadian Tire. “But as a bulb ages, its light output is drastically reduced by a host of factors, including humidity, electrical resistance and filament fatigue.” Industry experts recommend replacing headlight bulbs every two years, and motorists should add bulb inspection and/or replacement to their list of routine maintenance tasks. Continued on page 33

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•  $1,000 No Charge Accessories with new truck purchase •  Current Truck Owners Save an additional $1,000


2014 F150 Crew 4x4 XTR “Plus” Ecoboost

2014 F150 R/C STX 4x4

3.5 L Eco, max tow, 20” wheels, brake control, back-up camera, leather buckets (LTE 188)

3.7 L, tow pkg., SYNC, LTD slip, A/T/C (F053)





/bi-weekly (48-month LEASE)


MSRP $34,414



No Charge Accessories



2014 F150 S/C XLT 4x4

MSRP 50,884 SALE…


No Charge Accessories



6.7 L, 5th wheel prep, power seat, remote start, back-up camera, stepgate (LTE258)





/bi-weekly (72-monthS)


MSRP $43,034



No Charge Accessories


2014 F150 Crew XLT 4x4

/bi-weekly (72-monthS)


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No Charge Accessories


2014 F350 Crew Diesel 4x4 Lariat Ultimate

5.0 L V8, boards, tow pkg., SYNC, E-lock axle, p.w./p.l./p.m., A/T/C (F085)

NAV, moonroof, 20” wheels, 5th wheel prep, FX4 pkg., stepgate (LTE044)





/MONTH (48-month LEASE)


MSRP $45,524 SALE…



2014 F250 Crew 4x4 Diesel Western Ed.

5.0 L V8, tow pkg., skid plates, SYNC, E-lock axle, p.w./p.l./p.m., A/T/C (F052)


/MONTH (48-month LEASE)


No Charge Accessories



/bi-weekly (72-monthS)


MSRP $79,169 SALE…





Toll Free 1-800-994-9953

Visit us on      @ Lamb Ford Sales



No Charge Accessories

COME IN Highway 13 East, Camrose


SHOP 24/7 HOURS: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

*Pictures for illustration only. F150 payments $2,500 up front plus Loyalty/Conquest offer. Leases 20,000 km/yr. F250/F350 payments $ 3,500 down. OAC Ford Credit. See Lamb Ford for details.

Great Used TRUCK Inventory!

2012 F150 S/C XLT 4x4

2009 F150 Crew 4x4 XLT

2012 F150 Crew 4x4 XTR

2012 F150 Crew 4x4 XLT

2011 F150 Crew 4x4 XTR

2012 F350 Crew XLT 4x4 Diesel

5.0 L, E-lock, tow pkg. 25,000 km. (TE070B)

5.4 L, 6.5; box, brake control, 99,000 km. (FB929A)

5.0 L, convenience pkg., back-up camera, 120,000 km (TE195A)

5.0 L, skid plates, LTD slip, 47,000 km (AFB932)

Ecoboost, max tow, bucket seats, 59,000 km (TE283A)

6.7 L, A/T/C, power windows, locks and mirrors, 67,000 km (AFD012)
















Toll Free 1-800-994-9953

Visit us on      @ Lamb Ford Sales



Highway 13 East, Camrose

Online Showroom open 24/7 HOURS: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. *Pictures for illustration only. See Lamb Ford for details.

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2014 Sierra HD Hard working, unmistakable styling

Pete Pastuck By Dan Jensen

The 2014 Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD trucks at McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC in Camrose work hard and do it with unmistakable GMC style. Sierra 2500HD and 3500 models are distinguished by a power dome-style hood with a louvered design, as well as a wide grille with chrome accents and full-width chrome steel front bumper. A lineup of 17- (Dually), 18- and 20-inch wheel/tire combinations are offered. Heated outside mirrors are available on all models, while heated outside and power-adjustable vertical camper-style mirrors with turn signal indicators are available on 2500HD SLE, SLT and Denali, and standard on 3500 HD SLE, SLT and Denali models. Interior

Sierra HD models are designed to be comfortable and convenient while on the job, including numerous storage compartments that provide covered access for everything from work gloves to laptops. For those who work out of their truck, Sierra HDs serve as mobile workspaces,

offering mobile WiFi as a dealer-installed option, USB connectivity, Bluetooth for phone connectivity, Sirius XM Satellite Radio and a navigation system. Multiple charge points enable multiple electronic devices to operate simultaneously. Cold weather customers warm up more quickly with the Duramax 6.6 litre engine, which has a starting time on part with gas engines. Its glow plug cycle time takes no more than three seconds in temperatures as low as minus 29 Celsius. Power adjustable pedals are standard on Denali and available on SLE and SLT models. Front bucket seats with 10-way power driver and passenger seat adjusters are standard on SLT models. Front bucket seats with six-way power adjusters are available on SLE models. Leather-appointed and heated and cooled front seats are standard on Denali models and available on SLT. Powertrains

A Vortec 6.0 litre gas V-8 with variable valve timing is matched with the HydraMatic 6L90 six-speed auto-

matic transmission as the standard powertrain across the Sierra HD model range. This combination delivers excellent performance and efficiency with an emphasis on low-rpm performance. It is rated at 360 horsepower (268 kW) and 380 lb.-ft of torque (515 Nm). The bi-fuel version of the 6.0 litre engine – known by its LC8 engine code – features special hardened valves and valves seats that enables it to run on compressed natural gas or gasoline. The Duramax 6.6 diesel and Allison 1000 six-speed transmission powertrain combination is available on all 2500HD and 3500 HD models. Highlights of the Duramax dieselolo include: 397 horsepower (296 kW) at 3,000 rpm, 765 lb.-ft. of torque (1,037 Nm) at 1,600 rpm; high-pressure Piezo-actuated fuel system for greater fuel efficiency; improved performance and reduced emissions; an exhaust brake system that enables controlled vehicle slowdown on downhill grades without actuating the brakes; a selective catalytic reduction after-treatment system using diesel exhaust fluid injection to provide the

best overall diesel characteristics and performance – with a range of about 8,000 km between DEF refills. Combustion and aftertreatment have been optimized to provide about 1,125 km between diesel particulate filter regenerations – a 75 per cent improvement over the previous system. The Allison 1000 features driver shift control with tap up/tap down shifting and a patented elevated idle mode cab warm-up feature. Also, the two-haul mode reduces shift cycling for better control and improved cooling when towing or hauling heavy loads. Chassis and suspension

All Sierra HD models featured fully-boxed frame assemblies – 18 different assemblies that accommodate all of the range’s configurations. The front sections are hydroformed.. The front gross axle weight rating of 2,721 kg enables a snow plow to be used on all 4WD cab configurations with the available snow plow prep package. Five different torsion bar rates support five different front gross axle weight ratings to help stabilize the range of

trim heights of various models under load while enhancing appearance, handling, durability, tire wear and alignment. The trim height is adjusted on each bar via a single bolt, easily allowing the height to be changed to account for the weight of a snow plow or other accessories. Safety

Sierra has a strong body structure to absorb crash energy and provide a protective safety cage around occupants. Head curtain side air bags with rollover protection and seat mounted sideimpact air bags for driver and right-front passenger are standard on Denali models with single rear wheels and available on other Sierra HD models. The roofmounted head curtain air bags include design features that provide increased rollover protection and occupant containment, while the seatmounted air bags provide thorax and pelvic protection. See the 2014 Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD trucks at McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC at 385048 Avenue, Camrose. Phone 780-672-2355 and ask for one of the friendly sales professionals.

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No Hassle Service!

Scott Gartner


Customer Service is our Priority

We only use quality brand name products: Carlite, Guardian, PGW, Quick-Fix • Fully insured and Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council licensed (AMVIC) • Professional installations to factory specifications

)UHHSLFNXSDQGGHOLYHU\ RI\RXUYHKLFOH We can also supply a full line of vehicle accessories, performance parts and body panels.

We Come To You!

H U D S P R &  R W 'DUH 3ULFH«

Yet Another



Bernie von Tettenborn 5218-46 St., Camrose

Stock #V113723

Total Car Care.

FINANCING, LEASING & RENTALS AVAILABLE. We source the he vehicle you want at a price ce others can’tt offer you. What are youu looking for??

• Insurance Claims Welcome • Autobody Repairs • Refinishing • Plastic Repair • Glass Installation • Frame Machine • Free Estimates • Environmentally-friendly Waterborne Paint

All Workmanship Guaranteed! GIVE US A CALL –


Only 54,000 km. Power seats, satellite radio, air, tilt, cruise, power rear window, power locks, power windows, Command Start, remote keyless entry. Trailer tow ready.

It’s been that way for more than 30 years. Over that time, many things have changed, but E & L Autobody’s commitment to customer satisfaction and our quality workmanship have remained the same.

D&D Vehicle Sales & Service 3760-48 Ave., Camrose 780.672.4400

Seasonal Maintenance Improve your vision Package Continued from page 30 Upgrade your headlight bulbs

Service includes:

Perhaps the best way drivers can improve nocturnal vision is to upgrade their headlight bulbs. “Some of the new headlight bulbs put out more light and create longer beam patterns than the standard halogen bulb,” said Jewell. “There is even a special headlight bulb for motorcycles that not only improves vision but creates a unique orange reflection that helps distinguish the motorcycle from other vehicles on the road.”

• Lube, oil (5W/20 or 30) and filter

Similar to headlight bulbs, wiper blades are often overlooked when it comes to vehicle maintenance. “Industry experts recommend wiper blades should be replaced at the change of each season or on three month intervals,” said Jewell. “That’s because the longer a wiper blade is on the vehicle, the more brittle and ineffective it becomes, putting drivers and passengers at risk.”

3 Battery 3 Fluids 3 Air Filter

Inspect and replace wiper blades when necessary

Clean interior glass and mirrors.

Another way to improve visibility is to clean interior glass to remove any film buildup that can reduce vision and create a hazy reflection from the sun. “This is especially important for motorists who smoke in the car, as this film is typically thicker,” said Jewell. “When addressing interior glass, take the time to adjust all side and rearview mirrors properly to cover all of the views around the car, especially the blind spots.”

• Rotate and inspect 4 tires • Top off windshield washer fluid • Courtesy check including Visual Brake Check:

3 Coolant level and strength 3 Lights, hoses, belts and more...




Plus tax. Most vehicles.

6208 – 48th Avenue 780-679-5180 *Up to 5 litres of oil. Synthetic or other grades of oil extra. Plus shop fee of up to 10% based on non-discounted retail price, not to exceed $35.00, where permitted. Plus disposal fee where permitted. Void where prohibited. TPMS Reset not included. Installation of seasonal tires extra. Not valid with other offers. See participating stores for details. © 2014 Midas Canada Inc.

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CARS AND TRUCKS DADS - LOOKING FOR A CAR WITHOUT A BACK SEAT? Count on our classifieds. We match up buyers and sellers. The Camrose Booster, phone 780-672-3142. 2006 FORD FUSION SEL – 72,000 km., black, excellent condition, $8,000. Call Dave, 780-608-9939. 1998 FORD ESCORT ZX – Two-door, sunroof, auto, a/c, cruise, two new tires, new power steering pump, after market stereo deck, $2,100 obo. 780672-0739. 2000 FORD F250 LARIAT 4X2 SUPER CAB – Short box, matching canopy, 5.4L, V8, 4.1 axle trailer package, well maintained, one owner, 182,000 km. Never pulled a RV. Two winter tires. $9,000 obo. 780- 672-6119, 1963 OLDSMOBILE STARFIRE – Will accept offers over $20,000. Call 780- 385-1580. (If no answer, call Sharon, 780-336-4084.)

BOATS, RVs and CAMPERS LOVE CAMPING, BUT TIRED OF SHOVELLING SNOW OFF THE AWNING IN MAY? Say goodbye to your Gulfstream! Move it fast with a Camrose Booster classified. Phone 780-672-3142.

Buy four selected Goodyear tires for the price of three for your car, minivan, pickup or SUV from March 24 - April 30, 2014. See in-store for details.

SELLING YOUR SEAWORTHY BOAT? Make a splash with an ad in the Booster classifieds! Ph. 780-672-3142. 14 FT. LUND ALUMINUM BOAT with 15 hp Johnson motor, oars, anchor, two life jackets, two chairs, $2,800 obo. Also electric motor, Minn Kota 65MX - 28 lb. thrust, $200. Ph. 780-672-7459.


4901-48 Street Phone 780-672-3357


4720-36 Street Phone 780-672-5545

Store Address 000.000.000

192 BAYLINER – Complete with fishing rods. Will accept offers over $14,000. 780- 385-1580. (If no answer, call Sharon, 780-336-4084.)

*Buy four selected Goodyear tires for the price of three from March 24 - April 30, 2014. See in-store for complete details. Offers applicable on our Every Day Pricing (EDP) and valid only with a minimum purchase of four (4) identical tires in one transaction. Not valid for Goodyear National Accounts or Fountain Tire Elite Accounts. Inventory may vary by location. All applicable taxes (ie: GST, PST, HST and tire taxes) are extra. ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne Inc, and Goodyear Canada Inc. Fountain Tire is licensed by AMVIC in Alberta.

BRCF assists Camerata with celebration Submitted

The Battle River Community Foundation has granted $1,000 to the Camrose Arts Society to support the 10th anniversary celebrations of Camrose Camerata. Camrose Camerata’s 10th anniversary celebrations include an anniversary gala concert and the release of a CD of the group’s music. Funding for this grant came from the Alan and Valerie Fielding Fund, the Investors Group Fund and the Foundation’s Community Fund. The Battle River Community Foundation exists to support proj-

Battle River Community Foundation Board secretary By Reesor presented a cheque for $1,000 to Joy-Anne Murphy, director of Camrose Camerata, and Jane Cherry-Lemire, arts director for the City of Camrose.

ects, such as this, in East Central Alberta, which benefit the local commu-

nities and have a positive impact on the future. Grants from the

Battle River Community Foundation are primarily made possible through the generosity of individual donors and organizations that have creat ed endowment funds. The principal of these endowment funds is kept intact and the income is made available annually to support local projects and organizations. Since it was founded in 1995 the Battle River Community Foundation has granted over $2,250,000 to support important local initiatives and organizations such as the Camrose Arts Society and Camrose Camerata.

1979 CLASS A (FLEURY) 20 FT. MOTOR HOME – Self contained. Good condition. $3,000. Ph. 780-672-6210.

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Maintaining your tires


Worn tire treads increase the risk of punctures, which can lead to blowouts. Bald tires also may blowout as a result of friction on roadways that is met with minimal rubber. Getting caught on the side of the road with a tire blowout can be a hassle, so routinely check tire treads and replace tires accordingly. Tread depth

Average new tires on cars usually start with 10/32 inch to 11/32 inch of original tread depth. When tread reaches a depth of 2/32 inch, they are considered worn out. There are different ways to gauge tread depth. Insert a penny into the tread groove with the queen’s head upside down and facing you. If you can see all of the queen’s head, it is time to replace the tires. Another coin test is to insert a quarter into the groove. If the tread touches the queen’s head, you have at least 4/32 inch of tread left. Don’t have any currency on hand? Then look at the tread wear indicator bar molded into the tires. When these bars become flush with the adjacent ribs of the tire, the tires should be replaced. Alignment

Improper alignment causes rapid or uneven tread wear. Tires should be aligned and balanced periodically to avoid irregular wear and having to replace tires prematurely. Tread pattern

Tires feature different tread patterns depending on the brand of tire. They may be directional, asymmetrical, nondirectional, and directional/asymmetrical. When purchasing replacement tires, it is advisable to match the tread pattern to the existing tires. This helps enhance the per-
















Starting from price for 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew Plus shown: $31,990.§

OR STEP UP TO THE 2014 ULTIMATE FAMILY PACKAGE GET TOTAL DISCOUNTS UP TO $10,350€ • 2ND row overhead 9-inch video screen • 2ND row Super Stow ’n Go® • Parkview ® Rear Back-up Camera • Hands-free connectivity with UconnectTM Voice Command with Bluetooth® • SiriusXMTM Satellite Radio (includes one year of service) • Includes second row power windows • Includes 17-inch aluminum wheels


Tires are the link between a vehicle and the roadway, and tire quality has a direct impact on the performance and safety of an automobile. But tire maintenance is easy to overlook. However, ignoring tire maintenance can threaten driver and passenger safety and make a vehicle operate inefficiently. Steering, breaking ability and traction are all governed by good tires. Worn tread can result in longer stopping times and make it difficult to brake immediately in an emergency situation. Although driving tends to be the primary culprit behind worn down tires, sometimes bald or unevenly worn out tread is indicative of a larger problem, such as a misaligned wheelbase, improperly aligned tires or tires that are under inflated. The following are some common problems associated with tires and how to address these issues should they arise.

Less Fuel. More Power. Great Value is a comparison between the 2014 and the 2013 Chrysler Canada product lineups. 40 MPG or greater claim (7.0 L/100 km) based on 2014 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption ratings. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption may vary based on driving habits and other factors. Ask your dealer for the EnerGuide information. ¤2014 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.6 L VVT V6 6-speed automatic – Hwy: 7.9 L/100 km (36 MPG) and City: 12.2 L/100 km (23 MPG). 2014 Dodge Dart 1.4 L I-4 16V Turbo – Hwy: 4.8 L/100 km (59 MPG) and City: 7.3 L/100 km (39 MPG). 2014 Jeep Cherokee 4x2 2.4 L I-4 Tiger-sharkTM MultiAir ® – Hwy: 6.4 L/100 km (44 MPG) and City: 9.6 L/100 km (29 MPG). Wise customers read the fine print: *, ‡, », €, >,†, ≥, §, Ω The Zing Into Spring Sales Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after April 1, 2014. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing includes freight ($1,695) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees, other dealer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2014 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. ‡4.29% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package model through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Examples: 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package with a Purchase Price of $20,998 (including applicable Consumer Cash and Ultimate Bonus Cash Discounts) financed at 4.29% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $119 with a cost of borrowing of $3,826 and a total obligation of $24,824. »Ultimate Family Package Discounts available at participating dealers on the purchase of a new 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT with Ultimate Family Package (RTKH5329G). Discount consists of: (i) $2,500 in Bonus Cash that will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes; and (ii) $850 in no-cost options that will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. €$10,350 in Total Discounts is available on new 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT models with Ultimate Family Package (RTKH5329G) and consists of $7,000 in Consumer Cash Discounts and $3,350 in Ultimate Family Package Discounts. >2.79% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2014 Dodge Dart SE (25A) model through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Example: 2014 Dodge Dart SE (25A) with a Purchase Price of $16,998 financed at 2.79% over 96 months with $0 down payment, equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $91 with a cost of borrowing of $1,977 and a total obligation of $18,975. †0.0% purchase financing for 36 months available on the new 2014 Dodge Dart SE (25A) through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance on 2012/2013 Jeep Compass, Patriot and 2014 Dodge Dart models. Example: 2013 Dodge Dart SE (25A) with a Purchase Price of $16,998, with a $0 down payment, financed at 0.0% for 36 months equals 78 bi-weekly payments of $217.92; cost of borrowing of $0 and a total obligation of $16,998. ≥3.49% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport FWD model through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Example: 2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport FWD with a Purchase Price of $24,998 financed at 3.49% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $138 with a cost of borrowing of $3,669 and a total obligation of $28,667. §Starting from prices for vehicles shown include Consumer Cash Discounts and do not include upgrades (e.g. paint). Upgrades available for additional cost. ΩFinance Pull-Ahead Bonus Cash and 1% Rate Reduction are available to eligible customers on the retail purchase/lease of select 2014 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram or Fiat models at participating dealers from April 1 to 30, 2014 inclusive. Finance Pull-Ahead Bonus Cash will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. 1% Rate Reduction applies on approved credit to most qualifying subvented financing transactions through RBC, TD Auto Finance and Scotiabank. 1% Rate Reduction cannot be used to reduce the final interest rate below 0%. Eligible customers include all original and current owners of select Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram or Fiat models with an eligible standard/subvented finance or lease contract maturing between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2016. Trade-in not required. See dealer for complete details and exclusions. ♦Based on IHS Automotive: Polk Canadian New Vehicle Registration data for 2013 Calendar Year for all Retail vehicles sold in the province of Alberta. **Based on 2014 Ward’s upper small sedan costing under $25,000. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.





















Starting from price for 2014 Dodge Dart GT shown: $25,690.§



44 MPG

















Starting from price for 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited shown: $31,890.§

$1,000+1% Ω





3/31/14 3:23 PM


Mike Rodin Dealer Principal Client: Project: Docket: Client Code: Built At: Scale: V.O.: Safety:

Noel Skoglund Darren Nichols John Wigston Mike Cuthbert Tony Smith Ed Rye Dwayne Sharkey Jen Edwards Studio Sales Manager Business Manager Sales Sales Sales Sales Sales Reception Art Director: H. DEFREITAS/S. TURNBULL CHRYSLER CANADA Type Mgr. Copywriter: NONE APRIL 2014 DAA ROC RETAIL NEWSP Print Mgr: C. RUDY/R. MARTIN DAC_14_1052 Proofreader Client Serv: T. HURST/A. MCEACHERN NONE Output At: 100% Colour: BW + NAA A0A4 100% Print Mgr. Fonts: FRUTIGER LT STD, HELVETICA NEUE, 1” = 1” Art Director Trim: 7.25” X 11” 7.25” X 11” ITC ZAPF DINGBATS, SENTICOSANSDT, Bleed: NONE NONE SENTICOSANSDTCONDENSED Tire pressure Copywriter

Log on to for more great deals

formance of the car. In fact, some newer cars require Date: 10-24-2013 2:23 PM Artist: OPTIC PREPRESS tread to match. Mismatched treads may cause problems with transmission shifting or impact steadiNAA A0A4 and CYAN, control MAGENTA, YELLOW, BLACK ness.

dents. Always maintain Under inf lation of the manufacturer’sCreative recomDir. tires can cause failure, mendations for the correct Typesetting: Optic Nerve Acct. Mgmt. stress and irregular wear. pressure, LASER% which should be This advertisement prepared by PUBLICIS 100% Under inflated tires also adjusted based on the Client temmay contribute to loss of perature. Tires should undergo the control that leads to acci-




3511-48 Avenue

AUTO HOT LINE 780.672.2476 Title:


same inspection and mainteREGION nance as other parts of the vehicle. Tires are a vital component to safe DAB_141052_I1B_M driving, and routine maintenance can prevent accidents and other DUE DATE: MARCH 31 problems.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 36




Until May 31st, 2014




• Oil, Lube and Filter • Rotate Tires • Comprehensive MultiPoint Visual Inspection

Brent Book your Maintenance Service before May 31st 2014 and you can †


in-store for

ONE OF 75 Bosch 12V Max 5pc Cordless Kits!

* Most vehicles. Diesels, 3/4 ton and up extra. Includes up to 5 litres of 5W-20, 5W-30 or 10W-30 conventional motor oil. Balancing not included with tire rotation. Call for your appointment and more details now!

Front ends Brakes Maintenance Diagnostics Tune-ups Oil Changes Air conditioning Insurance Inspections




5611-48 Avenue, Camrose


Call for your appointment. 780.672.1888 Spring Service Special ends May 31, 2014


We e liz a i c AUTO REPAIR A e sp ord F in les 7 780-672-9998 c i h e v 4520-39 St., Camrose

† Enter in store. No purchase necessary. At participating centres only. Item may not be exactly as shown. Contest closes May 31st, 2014. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. See in store for complete contest rules and regulations. ™ Founding Canadian Sponsor



33* REG. 49.99 Most Vehicles



Offer Ends Saturday, April 12

• Quaker Oil Change • MotoMaster Oil Filter • Chassis Lubrication • Top Up Selected Fluid Levels



• Road-Ready Inspection • Tire Rotation • Battery Test • Visual Brake Inspection

*Up to 5 L Quaker State conventional oil (assorted grades). Some vehicles may require more. MotoMaster filter (up to $5 value) may not fit some vehicles. Additional fees and charges may apply for vehicles which require more oil or different filter. Eco fees where applicable are extra.

CANADIAN TIRE Duggan Mall, Camrose • Ph. 780-672-1400 Auto Service 780-672-1478 LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED

STORE HOURS: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sat., 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sun., 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Service Hours: Mon.-Sat., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

ON NOW AT YOUR ALBERTA CHEVROLET DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the lease or purchase of a new or demonstrator 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab 4x4 (1WT/G80/B30/H2R/K05), 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 HD Gas & Diesel. Freight ($1,650) and PDI included. License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in Alberta Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be required. ‡‡ 2014 Silverado 1500 with the available 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission has a fuel-consumption rating of 13.0L/100 km city and 8.7L/100 km hwy 2WD and 13.3L/100 km city and 9.0L/100 km hwy 4WD. Ford F-150 with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine has a fuel-consumption rating of 12.9L/100 km city and 9.0L/100 km hwy 2WD and 14.1L/100 km city and 9.6L/100 km hwy 4WD. Fuel consumption based on GM testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. †† Based on 2013 Large Pickup segment and last available information at the time of posting. Excludes other GM vehicles. Maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming base vehicle, except for any option(s) necessary to achieve the rating, plus driver. The weight of other optional equipment, passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow. See your dealer for additional details. † 0% for 36 month lease available on all 2014 Silverado 1500 Regular/Double/Crew Cabs. Sample lease payments based on 36-month lease of 2014 Silverado Double Cab 4x4 (1WT/G80/B30/H2R/K05) on approved credit by GM Financial. Tax, license, insurance, registration, applicable provincial fees, and optional equipment extra. Annual kilometre limit of 20,000 km, $0.16 per excess kilometre. Monthly payments may vary depending on down payment/trade. Example: Silverado Double Cab 4x4 (1SA/G80/B30/H2R/K05) including Freight and Air Tax is $29,945 at 0% APR, $1,100 Down payment, Bi-Weekly payment is $135 for 36 months. Total obligation is $11,665, plus applicable taxes. Option to purchase at lease end is $18,280. ‡ 0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by RBC Royal Bank/TD Auto Financing/Scotiabank for 48/84 months on new or demonstrator 2014 Silverado 1500/2014 Silverado 2500,3500 HD Gas & Diesel models. Example: $10,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $208/119 for 48/84 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $10,000. Offer is unconditionally interest free. ¥ Retail and basic fleet customers who purchase or lease an eligible Chevrolet, Buick or GMC delivered from dealer stock between March 1, 2014 and April 30, 2014 will receive one 40¢ savings per litre fuel card (fuel savings card) upon payment of an additional $.01. Cards valid as of 72 hours after delivery. Fuel savings card valid for 800 litres of fuel purchased from participating Petro-Canada retail locations) and not redeemable for cash except where required by law. GM is not responsible for cards that are lost, stolen or damaged. GM reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer and/or the program for any reason in whole or in part at any time without notice. Petro-Canada is a Suncor Energy business™ Trademark of Suncor Energy Inc. Used under license. Cards are property of Suncor Energy. To protect your card balance, register online at today. ¥¥ $4,250 is a manufacturer to dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive) for 2014 Silverado Double/Crew Cab. $500 package credits for non-PDU models. Cash credits available on most models. Offers end April 30, 2014. *‡ Offer valid from April 1, 2014 to April 30, 2014 (the “Program Period”) to retail customers resident in Canada who own or are currently leasing a 1999 or newer eligible pickup truck that has been registered and insured in Canada in the customer’s name for the previous consecutive six months, will receive a $1000 Spring Bonus credit towards the lease or finance of an eligible 2013/2014 Chevrolet Silverado, Avalanche; or a $2000 Spring Bonus credit towards the cash purchase of an eligible 2013/2014 Chevrolet Silverado, Avalanche delivered during the Program Period. Only one (1) credit may be applied per eligible vehicle sale. Offer is transferable to a family member living in the same household (proof of address required). This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. The $1,000/$2000 credit includes HST/GST/PST as applicable by province. As part of the transaction, dealer will request current vehicle registration and/or insurance to prove ownership for the previous consecutive six months. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Void where prohibited by law. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See your GM dealer for details. ^^Whichever comes first. Limit of four ACDelco Lube-Oil-Filter services in total. Fluid top-offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc., are not covered. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ^Whichever comes first. See dealer for limited warranty details.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 37









0 0 40 UP TO 36-MONTH LEASE†



28 995 ,




4-2-2014 3:49 PM



My boyfriend keeps telling me I’ve got to own things. So, first I bought this car. And then he told me I oughta get a house. ‘Why a house?’ Well, you gotta have a place to park the car.’

10.25” x 12.3571”












Julia Roberts



YEARS/40,000 KM




Lynn Skinner






YEARS/160,000 KM

WARRANTY ^ T:12.3571”

$ %





SAFETY: None TRIM: 10.25” x 12.3571” Bleed: None

TT Slug OTF (Bold; OpenType), Louis (Condensed Demi, Bold, Bold Italic, Regular, Heavy; OpenType), Futura Std (Book; OpenType), Minion Pro (Regular; OpenType), Klavika (Bold; OpenType)

Production Contact Numbers: 403 261 7161 403 261 7152





Camrose Booster, High Level Echo (MacKenzie Report),

AWNA, Vegreville News Advertiser,


Insertion Date: w/o April 7






0 84





YEARS/160,000 KM


The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 38


YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP FOR TIRES AND AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE! We have moved to the Camrose Auto Wreckers location. Marcie



• Insurance and Out-of-Province Inspection • Full Service • Tires, Rims • Suspensions • Alignments • Exhaust Kits • Tune-ups • Brakes • Accessories • Power Programmers CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT

Ask us about our Road Hazard Protection Program.

Duron E 15/40 and Duratran:

FREE front end and brake inspection with every tire purchase including NO CHARGE flat repairs, tire rotation and guaranteed wheel balance.

Keeping you Safely on the Road


Also see us for…

(All orders must be 12 20L pails or more, pick up only) March 1st to May 30th, 2014 only



auto service™ 4213-37 Street, Camrose, Ph. 780.679.0666 24-hr. service available, 780.878.1454

* Heavy Harrows * Wishek Heavy Disc


Propane Bottles filled here!


3901-42 Avenue, Camrose




• Diagnostics • Air Conditioning • Tires • Tune-Ups • Brakes • Vehicle Inspections (including out-of-province) and so much more!

Before you hire a mechanic Few decisions weigh as heavily on automobile owners as their choice of mechanic. A good mechanic goes a long way toward ensuring drivers and their passengers stay safe on the road and that those drivers’ vehicles perform at their peak for years to come. That’s an important role to play, and it’s why many drivers acknowledge that choosing a mechanic is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Rest assured you don’t need to be a car guy or gal to find a trustworthy and talented mechanic. You might just need to open a dialogue with a prospective mechanic, discussing a handful of topics that can help you feel more comfortable and know you have made the right choice in automotive service provider once a final decision has been made. Certification

Certification can go a long way toward helping

drivers find mechanics they can trust. A certified technician should have his or her credentials readily available to prospective customers, and these credentials list each professional’s area of certification. When shopping for a new mechanic, make sure that he or she is ASE-certified. In addition, discuss with the mechanic his or her work history, including any additional areas of expertise. Continued on page 39


780-672-6699 • 4820A-41 St.

When you get a recall When a recall is announced, drivers may not have to immediately visit a dealership to have the problem corrected. Owners should wait for an official letter. The letter will narrow down which vehicles are affected. There should be a specific window of time pre-

sented in which the vehicle can be repaired. Vehicle owners are urged to pay attention to the performance of their cars or trucks to see if they are exhibiting any problem. If so, schedule an appointment for repair according to the recall instructions provided.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Page 39

Camrose Glass AUTOMOTIVE â&#x20AC;˘ RESIDENTIAL â&#x20AC;˘ COMMERCIAL Division of 1538456 Alberta Ltd.

Special Pricing on ROCK CHIP REPAIRS Best price Guaranteed!


â&#x20AC;˘ Windshields â&#x20AC;˘ Mobile Service â&#x20AC;˘ Commercial/Residential â&#x20AC;˘ RV and Trailer Windows â&#x20AC;˘ Auto Detailing


BEST PRICE, BEST SERVICE GUARANTEED! Table tops Window repair and replacement Residential glass and mirrors cut to size Obscure, tempered safety glass Shower Doors Screen repairs and replacements

Blake Manager

Curtis Technician

Bart Technician

Rob Ball has been fixing diesel engines for over 35 years. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seen it all. And what always surprises him is how fast the technology changes. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s constantly upgrading his skills, taking courses, learning whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new, whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s changed and what works. His shop uses genuine OEM factory diagnostic tools. He can fix your Ford, GM or Dodge diesel. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s focused and he doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take short cuts. There are no band-aid solutions.

Brad Technician

Open Saturdays 8 am to 5 pm

If you want your diesel fixed right the first time, call 

3928-48 Ave. (across from Petro Canada) Ph. 780.672.0197

Customer Driven Quality Focused

Hiring a mechanic Continued from page 38

Many mechanics offer free estimates, but that should not be taken for granted. When bringing a car in for an estimate, drivers should confirm with the mechanic who will conduct the examination if the estimate is free or if they will be charged an inspection fee. In addition to any fees

regarding estimates, drivers should also inquire about labor costs and the payment policies at the facility.

Junction of Highways 13 and 21, West of Camrose


Phone (780)672-6868 Fax: (780)672-7616



Replacing parts on a vehicle is a cause for concern for many drivers, and rightfully so. Consumer advocacy groups have exposed many mechanics who pass off used auto parts as new parts,


charging their customers new part prices along the way. While thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no way drivers can guarantee they wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fall victim to such

criminal behavior, they can inquire about company policies regarding vehicle parts. Documentation

When interviewing pro-

spective mechanics, ask if they are willing to provide detailed documentation of any work they do on your vehicle.

CFCWâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jackie Rae, Celebrity Apprentice for The Auto Shoppe, is learning how to clean every detail, with enthusiasm!

Your vehicle can be shiny clean, inside and out SPRING DETAILING PACKAGES Package One:

Super Clean wash and dry vehicle. Clean dash, windows, door jambs. Shine tires, floor mats. Vacuum interior, dump ashtrays. Small cars, SUVs, Reg. cab trucks . $100 Mid ext. cab trucks and SUVs, Mini vans . . . . . . . . . . . . . $125 Large crew cabs and SUVs . . . . $150


Tar or Overspray Removal â&#x20AC;˘ Spot Shampoo, Headliner Shampoo and Odor Eliminator â&#x20AC;˘ Power Polish: Car, Truck or Boat â&#x20AC;˘ Paint Sealant on New Vehicles.

Our mission O i i statement t t t

"To provide an environment which allows our people to deliver the best possible product and experience to our customers."

Call today for your booking


Package Two:

Includes Package One PLUS shampoo seats and carpets, or leather conditioning and engine wash. Small cars, SUVs, mid. cab trucks . . . . . . . . . $200 SUVs and Mini vans . . . . . . $250 Large crew cabs and large SUVs $300

Custom Hand-Waxing and Polishing Restore life and brilliant shine to your vehicle with our custom waxing and polishing services. Please talk to one of our customer service representatives for details.

A great way to kick-start your spring driving 4709-36 Street, Camrose, AB 780-672-7231

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 40

Helpful Tips for Writing Classified Ads Which Get Results! Be Thorough

Sure you want your ad to stand out from the rest, but don’t skimp on the sort of information that sells. The item’s condition, size, age, brand name, and color are some of the basics readers want to know. Without them, your ad may be overlooked.

Steer Clear of Abbreviations

Okay, so you want to include all the important basics. Don’t use strange abbreviations because our ads are designed to spell all the important details. Besides, you are not paying by the line, but by the word, so there is really no need to abbreviate.

Be Honest

Exaggerating your item’s finer points may bring in a lot of responses, but a buyer who’s misled won’t appreciate it and will take his business somewhere else.

State Your Price

The cost of an item is one of the most important concerns of want ad readers. Ads showing prices are ones which get results. Giving a price also serves to “weed out” those buyers not in your price range.

Be Accessible

Including a telephone number or address puts you in touch with potential buyers. Be sure to state the hours you can be reached: a caller who can’t get through the first time often won’t call again.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or problems you may have regarding advertising. Our professionally trained sales staff know the ropes, and would be happy to pass their know-how on to you. That’s why we’re here, to help you get the results you deserve.

THE CAMROSE & DISTR ICT SENIOR SOCIETY will be holding the Annual General Meeting at Mirror Lake Centre, 5415-49 Ave., Camrose on April 28 at 9:30 a.m. in the auditorium. All members are encouraged to attend. Call 780672-7022 for more information. ROUND HILL UKRAINIAN SUPPER APRIL 26 – Cocktails 5:30 p.m. Supper 6:30 p.m. Entertainment: The Veselka Dancers. Advance Tickets: Ph. Nola Sherbaniuk, 780-672-7583. UKRAINIAN EASTER BAKE SALE – Saturday, April 12, 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon, Ukrainian Catholic Church, 5304-48A Ave. MYRNAM AG SOCIETY BULL SALE COMMITTEE would like to thank past contributors, buyers, bidders and helpers for the past 30 years of support. The Bull Sale is cancelled due to low entry numbers. KINGMAN REA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday, April 22 7:30 p.m. Kingman Tea House

4925-48 Street, Camrose

Watch Next Week’s Booster for our BIG ad for our EASTER FAMILY DAY EGGSTRAVAGANZA ROSE CITY FARMERS’ MARKET Thursdays, 2 - 7 p.m. Duggan Mall



SEE THE AUTOMOTIVE SECTION STARTING ON PAGE 32 for more classified ads about cars, trucks, campers, RVs, automotive services and ATVs

THE FAMILY OF RUTH SKARET would like to express our thanks for the many acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy offered during our loss. Thank you family, friends and neighbours for the cards, flowers and food. Any donations made in Mom’s memory are greatly appreciated. Special thanks to the wonderful nursing staff and caregivers at Maple Cottage, Bethany Meadows for the great care Mom received during her stay there. The friendship and kindness shown to Mom, and to us, meant so much. Thank you to Pastor Lentz for his ministry to Mom and to Pastor Eriksson for his comforting and meaningful visits and prayers. Many thanks to Rev. Preema Samuel and Rev. Bill Harder for their support – to Rev. Samuel for officiating at the funeral service and to Rev. Harder whose message captured so well who Mom was. To everyone who participated in the service, thank you. Thanks also to the Scandia ladies for serving the lovely lunch. We also want to thank Burgar Funeral Home for their personal and helpful assistance. Sincere thanks, – Ruth Skaret’s family

Call 672-3142 Call 780-672-3142

THE DR. “MAC” SMITH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND for post-graduate education in nursing is accepting memorials. To donate or for applications and information, please write to AARN Education Trust Fund. 11620-168 St., Edmonton, AB T5M 4A6. BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP – For those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Thursday evenings: April 24 - June 12, 2014, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Sponsored by Covenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital. To register, please call Shelly Dalueg: 780-679-2793 by April 18, 2014. ROUND HILL EASTER MARKET – Monday, April 14, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. For a table call MaryEllen, 780-672-7353. THE FAMILY OF ADRIAN MOLHOEK would like to invite his friends and relatives to help celebrate his 100th birthday! Open house April 12 from 2:30 - 4:30 p.m., Sunrise Village, 6821-50 Ave. No gifts please.


THE FAMILY OF CORAL WILSON would like to thank the staff of St. Mary’s Hospital, units 2 and 4, Dr. G. Ninian, Dr. T. Sainbhee, Dr. Grunwald, and Dr. Leoni for taking such wonderful care of Mom while she was in hospital. Very special thanks to dear friends and neighbours whose ongoing support over the years meant that Mom was able to remain at home to the age of 91.

PERSONAL DRINKING A PROBLEM? Alcoholics Anonymous, call 780-672-9903. LOST THAT LOVING FEELING? Find it with a personal ad in The Camrose Booster classifieds. Ph. 780-672-3142. LONELY 50-YEAR-OLD GENTLEMAN – Looking for a girlfriend. 780-672-2755, 780679-9228. ST. JUDE, OH HOLY ST. JUDE – Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in times of need to you I have recourse from the depths of my heart and humbly beg you to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present urgent petition; in return I promise to make your name known, and cause you to be invoked. (Say three our Father’s, three Hail Mary’s and three Gloria’s. Publication must be promised). St. Jude, pray for us and all who invoke your aid. (This novena must be said for nine consecutive days. It has never been known to fail). Many thanks for favor received. – HIM

PETS/PET SUPPLIES GOT PUPPIES? If that sneaky dog of the neighbour’s has been over lately and you’ve got a litter of puppies to prove it... move them fast with a Camrose Booster classified ad. Ph. 780672-3142. BATTLE RIVER VETERINARY SERVICES Practice Limited to Companion Animals Experienced Professionals Providing Quality Care and Service 780-672-6999 5208-51 Avenue, Camrose

EMPLOYMENT WANTED 2ND BEST PAINTER IN TOWN – 30 years’ experience for all your painting needs. Call Rick the Painter, 780-672-0391. WILL DO HOUSECLEANING AND YARD WORK – Ph. Debbie, 780-781-3637.

HELP WANTED CLASS 1 AND 3 DRIVERS – Must be able to travel. Fax driver’s abstract and resumé to 780-582-2365. Call Liz, 780582-2260 for more information.

TIRAS DAIRIES INC. Requires permanent full-time Food Processing Labourer Hours may vary. Morning, afternoon or evening shift work. Duties involve preparing, packaging and cleaning of cheese and related processing equipment. Some heavy lifting may be involved. Previous related experience is considered an asset. A minimum of high school education is required. Starting wage $14 per hour, no benefits. Please submit resumé in person or by mail to Tiras Dairies Inc. 3712-42 Ave. Camrose, AB T4V 4W3 Attn: Plant Manager or Fax to 780-608-2492 H O U S E K E E P E R REQUIRED – One day per week. Ph. 780-679-0484, 780678-6288. FAR M M ANAGER WANTED for 6,000 acre mixed grain farm and cattle operation. Class 1 license an asset. Large machinery operation experience required. Temporary housing options available until established. We are located near Provost, AB. Contact:

• • • • •

Class 1, 2 or 4 Drivers for Taxi Less than 4 demerits Friendly personality Good driving habits, experience P/T, F/T, Days or Nights Police information check required ROSE CITY TAXI 780-672-1003

SERVICES WE SELL RUBBER STAMPS, stamp pads, and stamp pad ink. Camrose Booster Ltd., 4925-48 St., Camrose. JUNK TO THE DUMP – Free estimates. Garages, basements, light hauling. 780678-1847 (cell), Tom. McTAVISH DELIVERIES LTD. Local and long distance moving Storage Insured and bonded Where your business is appreciated 780-672-5242, Camrose R.J.’S CONSTRUCTION Renovations, bathrooms, additions and repairs Shingling, garages, concrete work Arborite and tiles 20 years’ experience in Camrose Call Rob, 780-672-0521 LaCRIA TRUCKING Potable Water Hauling Residential, Commercial, Oilfield Gerald and Marla Steinwand, owners PHONE 780-679-9134 J.D.’s SMALL ENGINE REPAIR, SALES & SERVICE – Ph. 1-780-672-7649.

THE SHIRT OFF MY BACK TAILORING Full alteration and custom sewing service. Tues. - Fri. 10-6, Thurs., 10-8, Sat., 9-4 4937-49 Street, Camrose, AB (East of the Main Post Office) Ph. 780-672-4793 PROF E S SIONA L C A R PENTER STILL BOOKING WINTER JOBS – Renovations/framing/basement upgrades. Or, spring projects: window capping/garage doors/ decks/fences and stick-built construction. DSS Construction, Devin Meakins, 780-853-1080. CLEAN & GREEN YARD CARE – Now booking spring clean-up. Offering power raking, aerating, fertilizing, edging, eaves and trim hedges. Also booking lawn maintenance. Ph. 780-672-9426. TOTAL FOOT CARE, 780-672-3993. Have a specially trained RN visit you. PAINTING AND HOUSECLEANING SERVICES – Call Maisie, 587-218-0155 for details.

FOR RENT FOR RENT ADS NOW UPLOADED TO The Camrose Booster Website DAILY! CAMROSE MOOSE HALL FOR RENT Ideal for weddings, banquets, any celebration or special occasion. Call 780-672-2505 T WO - BE DRO OM CONDOMINIUM AVAILABLE – Brand new, never lived in, executive suite with first class finishings. Secure entry system. Great central location within walking distance of all amenities in downtown core. We are seeking longer term tenants, minimum one year. Building is nonsmoking, no children, no pets of any kind. References required. $1,200 per month rent/damage deposit. Phone 780-672-2074, please leave message. ASPEN TERRACE Modern, spacious, clean Includes fridge, stove, dishwasher, in-suite washer/dryer Heat, hot water, parking included Pet friendly In quiet surroundings All amenities within walking distance One- and Two-bedroom suites available Call office 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday 780-672-8681 Visit us on Kijiji ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL AT GRAND PARK VILLAGE – Large one and two bedroom suites starting at $650 for one bedroom and $700 for two bedrooms. Hurry! Deals like this won’t last. Call today for a viewing, 780-281-0426

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 41



3755-43 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 3S8 Phone 780-672-4446 Fax 780-672-1008 Public Works. . . . . . . 780-672-4449

Established Fitness Centre

Showing excellent revenue. Renovated, clean, bright. Established membership. Asking $274,900 Serious enquiries only. Email

CLASSIFIED ADS (Continued) MID-CITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, 1017197 Alberta Ltd. For All Your Rental Needs We have: • Houses • Duplexes • 4-Plexes • Condos •Apartments • Storage and more! Call 780-672-0662 for more info and listings or visit our ads on Kijiji RENTING TWO-BEDROOM SUITE – As new, one level, five appliances, covered deck, quiet, well maintained. Ph. 780-608-3131. MAIN FLOOR OF HOUSE – Two bedrooms plus office, fully furnished, including five appliances. Near university. Single car garage. Non-smoking adults only. Call 780-455-4983 or email: COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR RENT, CAMROSE – 4,352 sq. ft. building, large lot, three overhead doors. Ph. 780672-5113. ONE-BEDROOM HOUSE IN EDBERG – Four appliances, utilities included, double garage. No pets. Available immediately. Call 780-781-4228. TWO-BEDROOM SUITE in downtown fourplex, five appliances. Available May 1. $890/mo. Ph. 780-678-6345.

FOR LEASE OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE – $1,000/mo. includes heat, power, water. Attached to fitness centre. Approximately 900 sq. ft. on second floor. Two offices, common area and storage. Call Steph: 780781-3900.

WANTED TO RENT RETIRED COUPLE needs pet-friendly home (urban or rural) by June. Phone or text 780206-5600. REQUIRE PASTURE TO RENT – Looking to rent pasture for cow/calf grazing. For information call 780-672-2990.

QU EEN SIZED MATTRESS and two solid wood dressers, bed frame included, $200; maple table w/six chairs, buffet and china cabinet, $400. Ph. 780-372-2019.

LIVESTOCK / FEED BEEF UP YOUR CATTLE SALES – Advertise in The Camrose Booster. Phone 780672-3142. YEARLING SIMMENTAL BULLS FOR SALE RED - FULL BLOOD All performance, private treaty, quality genetics, semen tested Spruceview Acres Simmentals 780-679-0713 TWO-YEAR-OLD and yearling Gelbvieh bulls. Ph. 780672-9950. REGISTERED POLLED HEREFORD BULLS – Quality two-year-olds from natural and AI sires (semen tested and delivered within 50 miles). Contact Ron Berg, Prairie Rose Stock Farm at 780-672-6292. LIMOUSIN BULLS Polled yearlings and two-year-olds Reds and Blacks Quiet dispositions Birth weights 75 - 95 lbs. Buy on-farm and spend as long as you want looking and talking about your bull needs before making a decision. North Slope Farms Inc. Bawlf, AB 780-373-3449, 780-608-8258 R E G I S T E R E D YEARLING RED AND BLACK ANGUS BULLS – Various BWs, born Jan., Feb. Quiet, semen tested, delivered, $2,500. Also unregistered yearling Red Angus heifer bulls born April. Light BWs, quiet, semen tested, $1,800. Darrell and Lorraine Davidson, Lougheed, AB. Ph. 780-888-1374 or 780888-1087.


MAINE ANJOU, BLACK ANGUS, LIMOUSIN BULLS FOR SALE – Black, polled, quiet and semen tested. Call Ken at Rusylvia Cattle Co., 780-741-2188 or 780-787-0237.

LIFT CHAIR – Mink color, as new; tournament pool table w/ accessories, leather chesterfield. Ph. 780-672-3274.

CHAROLAIS YEARLING BULLS – Semen tested. Meeting Creek area. Call Mike, 250-832-8209.

Website Email

DUST CONTROL PROGRAM 2014 County residents desiring dust control on the County road adjacent to their property should apply, prior to April 30, 2014, to: Camrose County, Public Works Department 3755-43 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 3S8 Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday Applicants will be responsible for the approximate cost of $308.00 including GST per 100 m length of calcium chloride material applied to the road surface. Camrose County will no longer be phoning residents who previously had dust control. Residents are therefore required to visit the Public Works Department prior to April 30, 2014 to sign the application and pick up stakes (color will change this year). Please call 780-672-4449 if you have any questions.

Take back your summer! Start in May. Finish in 6 weeks. This spring, we’re adding new compressed courses to help you get ahead. Online Academic Upgrading options available.

Register today. 780.361.5800 Step Forward

MACHINERY SWATHER NO LONGER ‘CUTTING THE MUSTARD?’ Call The Camrose Booster Classifieds, 780-672-3142. CASE IH MODEL 8610 Tub Grinder round bale processor, $2,200. Ph. 780672-6960 (Res.), 780-878-8073 (cell). cont. on page 42

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS Estate of HILDA E. OLSEN, late of Camrose, AB, who died on February 16, 2014. If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by May 8, 2014, and provide details of your claim with JON STOLEE of Farnham West Stolee LLP, Barristers and Solicitors, at 5016-52 Street, Camrose, Alberta T4V 1V7. If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 42

CLASSIFIED ADS (Continued) 4010 JOHN DEERE TRACTOR with Ezee-On 175 loader with grapple fork. No cab, air year-round. 5,000 hr. $15,000 obo. Call 780-385-1580. (If no answer, call Sharon, 780- 336-4084.) ACREAGE TRACTOR – Massey 265 w/loader, 3-pt. hitch. Good running condition. Needs TLC. Offers, 403-357-7322.

REAL ESTATE EXECUTIVE RANCH STYLE HOME – 3,760 total sq. ft. home on 8.5 acres, seven miles southwest of Killam. Six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two fireplaces, two decks, nine appliances, new oak floors up and carpet down. New bathrooms, countertops and tile, attached garage. Mature shelter belt and professional perennial landscaping. Shop, barn, storage shed, fenced and more! REDUCED TO $549,000. Call Marilyn O’Brien, 780-385-8686. HOUSE FOR SALE, TO BE MOVED – 1,200 sq. ft. twobedroom home built in 1980. Windows, vinyl siding, soffit, facia, laminate flooring, light fixtures all new within last five years. Deck included. Also 24’ x 50’ x 10’ shed to be moved, Sell as package. All preparation and related moving costs at buyer’s expense. First $60,000 takes it all. Ph. 780-678-2381. GREAT SEVEN ACRES with power, water and shelter belt. Older buildings to restore. 1/2 mile off of Hwy. 616, 20 min. northwest of Camrose. Ph. 780878-5216.

MISCELLANEOUS PIPE — 1 1/2”, 2 3/8”, 2 7/8”, 3 1/2”, sucker rod 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, plain or scraper type. Other pipe and metal available. 1-800-661-7858. SEE THE AUTOMOTIVE SECTION STARTING ON PAGE 32 for more classified ads about cars, trucks, campers, RVs, automotive services and ATVs

GARAGE SALES BOOK YOUR TABLE: $10 – Round Hill Community Garage Sale, May 3. Call Mary Ellen, 780-672-7353.

BIRTHS To Chera and

Ryan Williams, of Camrose, on March 17, a son. To Jacqueline and Chad Andrukow, of Camrose, on March 27, a daughter. To Nichole and Blair Bishop, of Camrose, on March 27, a son. To Ashley and Dan Ellendt, of Camrose, on March 28, a daughter. To Kirsten Turvey and Christian Van der Werf, of Camrose, on March 29, a son.

DEATHS Jocelyn Anderson,

of Sherwood Park, on April 1, at 60 years of age.


Grader Operator Cat Operator Hoe Operator Scraper/Rock Truck Operator Mechanic/Serviceman Labourers Wanted for work in Camrose/Edmonton area. Excellent chances for advancement. Superior wages and benefits for experienced talent. Email resumé to


We are currently looking for a

RV Technician

to join our busy crew. RV experience or apprentice technicians preferred but we would be willing to train the right person. We may offer an apprenticeship to the successful applicant. If you are hard working, mechanically inclined and motivated, we’d love to meet you! We offer competitive wages and benefits.

Attention College Students! Are you looking for summer work? Tee Pee Trade & RV Centre Ltd. has three summer positions available.

Prism Integrated Solutions Inc. is seeking an

International Long Haul Class 1 Driver needed to make regular runs to and from Prism Forestburg, Alberta, to Prism Brownsville, TX • Must have experience hauling oversized loads. • Clean abstract and passport required. • Competitive wage and benefits package to the successful applicant. Please email resumés to



If you are looking for a full-time job, take pride in your work and can work with minimal supervision, we invite your application. We offer competitive wages and benefit packages. Training will be provided for all positions. All positions will commence mid- to late-April and will run until the end of August. If you are looking for a fun, fast-paced and fulfilling summer job, then Tee Pee Trade & RV Centre is the place for you! Please apply with resumé to Rob Hanoski, General Manager, at…

INSURANCE PROFESSIONAL Ideal applicant will have a minimum of 5 years’ experience and at least Level 2 certification with Alberta Insurance Council. You will work in a busy full-service agency, providing service to a broad range of existing clientele and new customers. Experience in the agricultural and commercial business sectors would be advantageous. Competitive benefits package. Apply with resumé to Norman or James Mayer.

CENTRAL AGENCIES INC. 4870-51 Street, Camrose 780-672-4491

Margaret Cassady, of Camrose, on April 1, at 90 years of age. Dorothy Smith, of Camrose, on April 2, at 81 years of age. Joseph Gerald “Jerry” Schneider, of Camrose, on April 4, at 62 years of age.


Evraz Camrose Works is accepting applications for


to work at our pipe making facility in Camrose, Alberta. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age, safety conscious, able to work overtime and shift work, and able to perform some heavy lifting. We offer an attractive starting wage plus bonus opportunities, as well as an excellent benefit and pension package. All selected applicants will be required to attend and pass a physical assessment, as well as drug and alcohol screening arranged by EVRAZ Camrose. Wage ranges are as follows: First 120 days: $21.26 - $25.14 4 months to 1 year: $23.92 - $28.28 After 1 year: $26.98 - $31.89 All above wages also receive shift premiums, cost of living allowance (COLA) as well as performance and attendance bonuses. Applications must be completed in person at the Human Resources office. EVRAZ Camrose Works 5302-39 Street, Camrose, Alberta We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 43

PCN given business plan approval By Murray Green

The approval by Alberta Health of Camrose Primary Care Network’s (PCN) business plan for 2014 to 2017 on March 28 is good news for patients referred to PCN from the Bashaw Clinic, Daysland Medical Clinic, Forestburg Clinic, Gemini Health Centre and Smith Clinic. “Overall, our priority initiatives will remain the same with a focus on prevention, chronic disease management, obstetrics and newborn care, geriatrics and palliative care,” reported Stacey Strilchuk, PCN executive director. “The Camrose PCN will also continue to support the Camrose and Area Physician Attraction and Retention Committee.” New programs and services during the next three years will focus on pediatric weight management and women’s health. “Both elements were identified in our communities as part of the 2013 Camrose PCN town hall sessions and stakeholder consultation sessions,” said Stacey. “At this time I am anticipating both programs to be operational by this fall.” To achieve quality outcomes, Camrose PCN family physicians, health care providers and administration work in partnership with governance partners in Alberta Health Services (AHS). In addition the PCN partners with community stakeholders like Covenant Health St. Mary’s Hospital to offer coordinated care that is patient centered. “I want to take this opportunity to thank AHS and Covenant Health for working with the Camrose PCN and I look forward to future opportunities,” said Stacey. The PCN board of directors, including Dr. Nichol, Dr. Peters, Dr. Letley, Dr. Niemann and Dr. Bredesen will be meeting with the PCN multi-disciplinary team in mid-April to further review the results of the Primary Care and You survey and to begin prioritizing PCN goals and objectives with the goals and objectives of AH, AHS and the Alberta Medical Association. “Be assured, however, the Camrose PCN will continue to build off the foundation of ‘local solutions for local needs,’ which has served our PCN communities and patients well in the past,” said Stacey. If you have any comments or questions regarding the Camrose PCN, Stacey may be reached at 780-608-4927 or A listing of PCN programs and services can be found on the website www.

Administrative Support 3 $19.82 – $24.12 per hour plus 11.2% of hourly wage in lieu of vacation and benefits Part-time/Casual An employment opportunity exists with the Ag-Info Centre Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development as a part-time wage cover staff to our Camrose Field Office Administrator. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: • Client service; telephone and office reception • Assistance with program delivery and project support • Routine office management duties, as required • Use of Microsoft Office programs Candidates must possess an ability to: 1. Work independently. 2. Be flexible and reliable. 3. Be organized and detail-oriented. 4. Be able to prioritize tasks. 5. Have good written and verbal communication skills. 6. Be proficient in Microsoft Office, i.e. Word, Excel, Outlook. 7. Maintain a positive attitude in a variety of diverse work situations. 8. Work effectively within the office, as well as within the Field Office Administrator team. Qualifications: • High School diploma, plus one year of related experience is required. Equivalencies will be considered. • An agricultural background would be an asset, but is not a requirement. Wage will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Please mail or fax your resumé on or before April 17, 2014 to: Jodi Stevenson, Team Lead Field Office Administrators Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Bag 600, 4705-49 Avenue Stettler, AB T0C 2L0 Fax: 403-742-7527

Desktop Support Analyst II The Bethany Group is seeking a highly motivated and positive individual to join our Information Technology and Innovation team in our Camrose office. QUALIFICATIONS: Recognized 2-year Computing Science Diploma or equivalent combinations of related education and experience required. Microsoft MSCE training. Windows 7/8 operating systems. Microsoft Office 2010/2013. Microsoft Active Directory / Building and maintaining desktop images using imaging solutions (MS MDT 2012). Deploying desktop software updates (Java, MS Office, etc.) Deploying / supporting multiuser application environments. Support printing and MFU devices. Support communications platform (MS Lync, Live mtg). Previous experience in a desktop support analyst role required. Previous experience with Information Systems used within Health Care industry desired. Closing Date: 17 April 2014 Please submit applications to: Human Resources, The Bethany Group 4612-53 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1Y6 Fax: 780-679-2001 Email: For further details go to: – Careers Section A current Police Information Check is a pre-employment requirement for new employees to The Bethany Group. We sincerely thank all candidates for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Nu Edge Construction Ltd. is currently looking for a TICKETED


who is local to Camrose or surrounding area. We offer competitive wages, overtime and offer advancements within our company. Must have his/her own tools, clean abstract and own transportation to and from work. Successful applicant to start as soon as possible. Please email resumé to or fax to 780-672-8523


The Soap Stop is looking for a friendly, outgoing professional who loves to provide exceptional service to our valued customers. The successful candidate will work Monday to Friday with a once-amonth Saturday, be physically fit, capable of lifting up to 35 kg and enjoy interacting with people. We offer an above-average wage, health benefit plan and a great working environment. If this describes you, and you want to work for a company that cares for its customers and employees, please submit a resumé to Greg Grose on or before April 21, 2014. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Nu Edge Construction Ltd. is looking for a FULL-TIME

Payroll / Administrator / Receptionist

to work Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We offer competitive wages, wage will depend on experience. Benefits available. Please fax resumé to 780-672-8523 or email to

Seasonal Water Distribution Assistant May 1 to August 31, 2014

For a detailed job description, please refer to our website at Interested individuals can forward their resumés to or fax to 780-663-2050. We would like to thank all applicants for their interest in this position; however, only those considered for an interview will be contacted. This position will remain open until an applicant is selected.

Janitorial and Industrial Cleaning Supplies

5011-46 St., Camrose, AB T4V 3G3

Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission Box 540, 5019-50 Avenue, Ryley, AB T0B 4A0 780-663-2019 or 1-866-333-3791

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 44 TM

City Watch

Notices and Information from The City of Camrose • 780-672-4426


The Community Services Department is inviting interested parties to submit quotations for the following renovations and projects at recreation facilities within the City of Camrose. The work being considered consists of: Project #8 – Aquatic Centre Roofing Project – flat roof repairs For a quotation package and forms, email Telephone inquiries are to be directed to Mr. Richard Lucid, Project Manager, at 780-485-7612. Site meeting is scheduled Wednesday, April 16 at 10:00 a.m. at Camrose Aquatic Centre. All interested contractors are to confirm their attendance in advance and gather at the specified location at the date/times outlined. Quotations will be accepted, on the forms provided only, no later than 2:00 p.m., Friday, April 25, 2014 at the Community Services Department offices, unless otherwise specified in the Quotation Package.

Employment Opportunity


Nestled in east central Alberta, Camrose is a dynamic regional community focused on providing an exceptional quality of life for its citizens. A growing community of 17,286 people, Camrose has excellent public and private schools as well as post-secondary institutions including the University of Alberta Augustana Campus. Camrose is the regional centre for health services and medical facilities. The community is proud of the Rose City’s beautiful park system and of their world-class recreational, cultural, and sporting facilities that host many local, provincial and national events. Overall, Camrose symbolizes opportunities for growth and a safe and healthy environment for all of its residents. The City of Camrose is seeking a Help Desk and Support Technician who will be responsible for supporting the City’s computer systems and their operators. FUNCTIONS • Responsible for the operation, maintenance, setup, and tear-down of all City computer systems and support equipment. • Day-to-day help desk and support operations for all City of Camrose staff, including phone support and hands-on support of all City PC hardware, software, and mobile devices. • Develop and provide training via one-on-one and organized training sessions for City of Camrose staff as needed. • Assist in the development of IT policies for the organization. • QUALIFICATIONS • At least 2 years’ experience in a computer/IT support field. • Diploma or post-secondary education in computer sciences or related field with formal training in hardware support. • Up-to-date knowledge of computer hardware and software and a strong understanding of current security issues including network and PC security and threat management. • Excellent interpersonal skills and customer service approach to work collaboratively with City Departments. • Valid class 5 driver’s license and Police Information Check. HOURS OF WORK: Typically Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. SALARY and BENEFITS: The City of Camrose offers competitive salary, attractive benefits, and a positive work environment. The starting salary for this position will be dependent upon the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. APPLICATIONS: Individuals interested in this position are invited to submit a cover letter and resume to the address below or in person by April 30th, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. We appreciate and consider all applications; however, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. Director of Information Technology Phone: 780-672-4428 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP). The the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of recruitment and administration and is protected by the privacy you require additional information concerning the collection and

Mailing Address: 5204-50 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 0S8 Office Location: 5415-49 Ave., Camrose, AB personal information recorded on the application form is being collected under Privacy (FOIP) Act. The information will be used for the purpose(s) of employee provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. If use of this personal information, please contact the FOIP Officer at 780-672-4426.


Take notice that the following Development Permits for the proposed uses listed below have been approved by the City of Camrose Development Authority, under the provision of Bylaw #2567/07, the Land Use Bylaw of the City of Camrose. The development permits have been approved SUBJECT TO THE RIGHT OF APPEAL TO THE SUBDIVISION AND DEVELOPMENT APPEAL BOARD. Any person wishing to appeal an approval may do so by serving a written notice of appeal and the REQUIRED FEE to the Secretary, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, 5204-50 Avenue, Camrose (telephone: 780.672.4426) within 14 days after the date of this notice. Further information regarding these Development Permits may be obtained from the City of Camrose Development Services, Lower Floor, Mirror Lake Centre, during business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), Monday through Friday (telephone: 780.678.3044). Permit # Land Description Civic Address Development Plan Block Lot DP3828 0929038 06 16 7011-50 Avenue Single family dwelling with attached garage DP3829 0827427 16 38-41 3705-3711 -50 Ave. 4 unit rowhouse split w/attached garages DP3830 9723284 06 71A 402A Edgewood Cl. Addition of a covered deck to the dwelling DP3831 0828011 06 19 4438-75 Street Single family dwelling DP3832 0828011 06 18 4436-75 Street Single family dwelling DP3833 1320516 05 01 5220-35 Avenue Single family dwelling with attached garage


Employment Opportunity BUILDING and DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT: SUMMER STUDENT Are you looking for a challenging and interesting summer job for May to August 2014? Do you provide excellent customer service and have strong computer skills? If so, join our Building and Development team as an Administrative Assistant for the summer. DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITES • Provides telephone assistance to the public, developers and contractors; • Prepares purchase orders and invoices; • Filing and maintains departmental records (Laser fiche); • Prepares and organizes reports; • Provides administrative support to Director of Planning and Development and Development Officers; • Other related duties as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS • Post-secondary training in administration or related discipline; and/or equivalent work experience; • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite; • Reliable with a strong work ethic; • Courteous, friendly and professional; • Strong written and verbal communication skills; • Ability to work independently or in a team setting unsupervised. HOURS OF WORK: Hours of work are typically 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mon. through Fri. from May through Aug. 2014. COMPENSATION: The salary for this position will be established based on qualifications of the successful candidate. APPLICATIONS: Individuals interested in this position are invited to submit a cover letter and resume to the address below by Friday April 18, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. If applying by email, please ensure subject line contains the job title. The successful applicant will be required to produce a valid and satisfactory Police Information Check. We appreciate and consider all applications; however, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. City of Camrose Attention: General Manager of Infrastructure and Planning Mailing Address: 5204-50 Ave., Camrose, AB T4V 0S8 Office Location: 5415-49 Ave., Camrose, AB Phone: 780-672-4426 Fax: 780-672-2469 Email: Website:


Knock Knock, Who’s There?


You can help us out when you answer the knock. Census Enumerators are currently in your neighbourhood collecting data for the 2014 Municipal Census.

6, ...

…,765, 76 The Count begins April 1, 2014

Census data is used by the City, Province, School Boards, and Community Agencies for short and long-range planning.

For more information on the Census, visit

You can help us plan for the future by making sure that you and the members of your household are counted.

5204-50 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 0S8 Phone 780-678-3027 | Fax 780-672-2469


Are you passionate about your community, Downtown Camrose and historic aspects of Camrose? City of Camrose and City Center Camrose have received approval from the Province of Alberta to be a member of the Alberta Main Street Program. We are seeking adult residents to serve as Members at Large on the AMSP committee. This committee will provide advice to accomplish Main Street revitalization programs, and assist in developing strategies, designing, marketing, and organizing the surge of economic growth to celebrate the unique historic and architectural character of the downtown area.

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Postage rates increased


Employment Opportunity

By Dan Jensen

Small businesses are paying substantially more for postage than their big counterparts under the new postage rates implemented by Canada Post last week. Stamp booklets, usually purchased by individuals and smaller companies, have shot up from 63 cents per stamp to 85 cents, while the cost of single stamps has increased to a dollar. The cost per stamp for large volume mailers has increased from 69 cents to just 70 cents. Postage metre users have been given a discount of 10 cents per stamp. The price hikes affect 98 per cent of small firms that send letter mail and outweigh the measures that were taken by Canadian Post two weeks ago to reduce the pressure on business owners, including temporary discounts on stamps and making bulk mail more accessible to small businesses. The discounts have been criticized by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, which has said they are not good enough. “Canada Post is supposed to provide public postal service for all and that includes fair prices for all,” said CUPW national president Denis Lemelin at March 31 press conference with NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business has gone on record as stating the rate hikes will hasten, rather than slow the decline in Canada Post usage for small businesses. “Rather than focus on raising prices for its customers, Canada Post should be allowed to reduce its costs more aggressively to ensure its relevance for the future,” said CFIB president Dan Kelly. CFIB was given the opportunity to review the new rates with a House of Commons parliamentary committee after they were announced last December. CFIB also submitted a report to federal labour minister Lisa Raitt, including the results of a member survey on the rate changes and the overall importance of Canada Post to small businesses. Canada Post plans to eliminate all door-to-door mail delivery, a move that will involve the loss of up to 8,000 postal worker positions. Rallies, door-to-door canvassing, town halls, petitions and other activities are taking place across the country and the number of municipalities opposing Canada Post’s hikes is growing. Two-thirds of CFIB members support a move to community mailboxes and an end to door-to-door delivery.

4716-38 Street, Camrose • Phone 780-672-2452 Agriterra Equipment (formerly Selmac Sales) is one of North America’s largest AGCO agricultural equipment dealers, offering Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Gleaner and Rogator as mainline, with complementary products such as Bourgault and Morris Seeding and Tillage equipment and Cub Cadet Consumer Products. We provide our customers with new and used equipment, complimented with product support throughout our parts and service departments.


Reporting to: Service Manager Job duties and responsibilities include: • assist Service Manager with customer, internal and warranty repair scheduling • complete all paper process of warranty claims, customer repairs and internal work orders • develop cost estimates and repair quotes • assist Service Manager to develop a partnership with customer and dealership • conduct customer follow-up after repair work Job requirements and qualifications include: • ability to work with minimal supervision • ability to function in a team environment • possess problem solving skills • knowledge of agricultural equipment an asset • organize and manage time effectively • good communication skills and great attitude • computer skills We offer a competitive wage, full benefits package including health and dental coverage, and RRSP matching program. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only candidates selected for an interview will be notified. We regret that we cannot accept phone calls regarding the status of an application. Please contact Branch Manager Blaine Heck at 780-672-2452 or

Health Care Aides Providence Place Daysland is looking to add more staff to our great team! Facility – 81 suite full service seniors’ supportive living facility with rental and life lease apartments in Daysland. Responsibilities – You must have the ability to assist residents with their personal care needs and to help residents maintain their own independence, to participate in decision making of their care needs and enjoy an environment similar to living in their own home. Qualifications – Must be very motivated. Like working with seniors, and the public. Very team oriented. Experience is an asset, or having the HCA course. We can train on the job. Submit Resumé – Attention Jay Adams, fax 780-374-2529, email, or in person at 6120-51 Avenue, Daysland

Love Shoes?

(Pursuant to Article 16 of the I.U.O.E. Collective Agreement)



CLASS UN 4 RATE OF PAY $26.05/hr. to $31.93/hr. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT • As per Camrose County’s policies and the Collective Agreement with the I.U.O.E. Local 955 • Minimum Grade 12 or G.E.D. • Works under the Labour Foreman as labor / equipment operator / Lead Hand and may be required to perform other duties • Subject to a criminal records check • Clean driver’s abstract QUALIFICATIONS • Proven experience and ability to operate several pieces of equipment preferred. • Valid Class 1 Driver’s License with Q endorsement • Knowledge of the Camrose County • Ability to work independently and assume responsibility for maintenance of equipment • Ability to work effectively with other employees and the public • Physical capability to perform labor and heavy manual tasks • Available to work irregular hours if required • Experienced backhoe operator an asset HOURS OF WORK • As per section six (6) “Hours of Work” of the Collective Agreement with I.U.O.E. local 955. COMPETITION CLOSING DATE Open until April 11, 2014 TENTATIVE START DATE May 1, 2014 Interested employees are requested to submit their application to: Graham Backus, Manager of Public Works Camrose County 3755-43 Avenue, Camrose, Alberta T4V 3S8

LABOURERS Parkland (Alberta) Commodities is a growing grain export company looking for someone to fill a full-time Labourer position at its Bashaw / Warden locations. Duties will include, but are not limited to, shipping / receiving of product. If interested forward resumé by fax to 780-372-4190 or by email Attn. Rob or Attn. Travis

We have openings for a part-time (2-3 days per week) and a full-time

Sales Person

to join our 12-member (shoe family) staff. If you appreciate quality footwear, are friendly and enjoy serving the public, apply in person to: Sales Manager, Karen Mingo or Owners Daryl and Leta Shillington

Battle River School Division #31 invites applications for the following position:

Transportation Assistant (3 days per week) to support the Transportation Department. Applications will be accepted through online submissions only. For more information, and to apply, please visit the following website:

4851-50 Street • Downtown Camrose •

We thank all those who apply. Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 46

Like helping people?

Family • Achievement • Integrity • Respect

Your Calling is at...

It’s nice when you discover the job is as good as the coffee Quality Training Incentive Programs Benefits or Bonus Program

Killam Health Centre is looking for:

Maintenance Worker

WHEN APPLYING: Please submit your résumé by 2400 hours on the closing date, quoting the Competition Number Competition Number: CF-40217-KM Position Type: Casual Date Closed: April 20, 2014 Salary Range: Min: $21.28/Hr Max: $23.57/Hr

Hiring the following positions for 1256146 Alberta Ltd., o/a Tim Hortons 3601-48 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 1L8 We proudly serve a 150-year legacy of quality care.

View this job opportunity @ Apply at

Human Resources Toll Free: 1.877.450.7555

• 16 Food Counter Attendants, no experience or education required, $11.00 per hour plus benefits for FT starting ASAP. Apply in person, by mail, phone 780-672-5087 (Diane/Dave) or fax 780-672-8808. Hiring the following positions for 796005 Alberta Ltd., o/a Tim Hortons 6602-48 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 4R1

• 16 Food Counter Attendants, no experience or education required, $11.00 per hour plus benefits for FT starting ASAP. Apply in person, by mail, phone 780-608-7626 (Roxy/Ken) or fax 780-672-9455.

Like helping people?

Your Calling is at... Killam Health Center is looking for:

Licensed Practitioner Nurse

Now hiring for permanent full-time/part-time Positions work rotating shifts of days, nights, graveyards and some weekends.

WHEN APPLYING: Please submit your résumé by 2400 hours on the closing date, quoting the Competition Number Competition Number: LC-14001-KM Position Type: Temporary, Part Time Date Closed: April 20, 2014 Salary Range: Min: $25.17/Hr. Max: $32.96/Hr.

We proudly serve a 150-year legacy of quality care.

HIRING AT BOTH LOCATIONS IN CAMROSE Honesty, caring and a workplace that feels like home

An employer you can count on

View this job opportunity @ Apply at

Human Resources Toll Free: 1.877.450.7555


Contractors’ Service i A Area

We’re wanting to hire someone with a positive, helpful attitude, and a good understanding of buildings and building materials or years of experience in the construction trade. Full-time opportunity for male or female.

Lighting Sales

You will assist our contractors and individuals in making astute choices. Position will involve ordering stock and merchandising inventory, estimating/quoting of light packages for new or existing homes. If you are a team player and can work cooperatively with customers, we invite your application.

Yard Worker/Delivery Driver

Full-time position. We need an energetic person in good physical condition. Must be conscientious in operating trucks, know how to find addresses, and be good with people. Picker truck experience valuable. We welcome your application!

Benefits of working at Hauser Home Hardware Building Centre • an exciting retail work • opportunity to learn about the environment thousands of products Home carries • competitive wages • opportunities for advancement • opportunity to help customers live better lives • a clean, safe working environment

Expanding company wants you to fill the following position… Petrofield Industries, the Leader in manufacturing Hydrovac trucks, is accepng resumés for the following posions:

* General Labourers * Industrial Painters * Sandblasters * Material Handler * Automove Electrical Technician * Journeyman Welder / Apprence * 2nd Yr Welder with Aluminum experience Visit our website at: for more details. Our company has an enthusiasc fast-paced working environment, with advancement possibilies for the movated person, and offers an excellent benefit package. Fax 403-742-5544 Email:

Apply with resumé… 6809-48 Avenue, Camrose Phone 780-672-8818 Fax 780-672-8809 Email

AUTO BODY TECHNICIAN wanted for work in the Camrose/Daysland/Ryley areas Are you good with your hands? Mechanically inclined? Creative? Excellent wages and a good place to work. A place where you’re appreciated! If interested, give us a call. • Painting • Sandblasting • Custom Paint • Heavy Trucks • Fibreglass • Vintage Vehicles • Airbrush Work

MUCH RESTORATIONS Bawlf, Alberta 780-679-7646 Murray Henderson

Career opportunity


Email or fax resume to: or 780-888-2100

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 47



Evraz Camrose Works is accepting applications for


to work at our pipe making facility in Camrose, Alberta. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age, safety conscious, able to work overtime and shift work, and able to perform some heavy lifting. We offer an attractive starting wage plus bonus opportunities, as well as an excellent benefit and pension package. All selected applicants will be required to attend and pass a physical assessment, as well as drug and alcohol screening arranged by EVRAZ Camrose. Wages start at $36.45/hr. plus shift premiums, cost of living allowance (COLA) as well as performance and attendance bonuses. Applications must be completed in person at the Human Resources office. EVRAZ Camrose Works 5302-39 Street, Camrose, Alberta

Soon, tournament organizers will be paying you a visit. The purpose - hoping you will supply a door prize, individual or team prizes for your spring or summer tournament. This year doesn’t have to be a scramble for the right item. We have an impressive selection of specialty products that will be appreciated and used. Your logo will be perfectly placed, properly imprinted and always visible.

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Ankerton Gas Co-op Ltd.

780-672-3142 4925 - 48 Street Camrose, AB T4V 1L7

Summer Employment May 1 to August 29, 2014 at Ankerton Gas Co-op Ltd. We offer $15.00 per hour. Deadline for applications is April 17, 2014. Fax resumé to 780-373-2466 or email to

Central Agencies Home of the Week

Central location close to trails

…MORE LISTINGS FROM CENTRAL AGENCIES OUT OF TOWN EXC E LLE NT 5-BDR M. F A M I L Y S! ER BI-LEVEL ON FF O PE N TO... You’ll love the peaceful2 LOTS IN OBAWLF ness, relaxing lifestyle of Bawlf community. Cozy 1366 sq. ft. 5-bdrm. built in 2002 w/oversized 100’x120’ yard. Bright open floor plan, exc. country kitchen, bright dinette, spacious LR, 3 baths, lge. family/media room, games room. Great yard, large deck, attached 28’x26’ garage. Easy commute. You’ll want to see this one! Asking $325,900 CA0022972 EXCEPTIONAL BU NGALOW IN ROSALIND ... 1260 sq. G! ft. home w/6 N EW LI STIN bdrm. boasts several new features like a/c, central vac, water softener, kitchen cabinetry. BBQ gas hook-up, fully fenced yard, new shingles, handyman dream garage 30’x26’, htd. and ins. Includes an extra titled half lot! CA0032286 Asking $247,900

EXC. 2-STOREY HOME IN DAYSLAND ... You’ll love this 1733 sq. ft. featuring 4 bdrm., 3 baths. Large walk out deck off open concept kitchen/LR. Attached single garage, new shingles, new paint. Well landscaped yard, flower beds, rock beds, shed. Must see! Asking $254,900 CA0031581 S U M M E R GETAWAY OR YEAR ROUND LIVING ... with room for the whole family! Spacious 2400+ sq. ft. 2-storey in Sandy Beach subdivision on south end of Red Deer Lake. 4 bdrm. up, dble. htd. garage, infloor heat in bsmt. awesome well, great location on 0.93 acres. Tranquil setting only 15 min. to Bashaw, 30 min. to Ponoka, 40 min. to Camrose. Asking $319,500 CA0017614

Make sure you see our full page on page 48!

IN THE VILLAGE OF FERINTOSH? ... This 1120 sq. ft., 3-bdrm. home features lge. master w/walk-in closet, 4-pce. en suite w/soaker tub, nice kitchen w/oak cabinets, skylight, nice LR w/vaulted ceiling, 4-pce. bath. Deck, oversized 24’x30’ htd. garage all situated on 100’x120’ lot. CA0012774 Asking $154,000



Central Agencies Inc. REAL ESTATE

4870-51 Street, Camrose


Graham Wideman By Murray Green

This beautiful bi-level is perfectly location near Mirror Lake and walking trails and is in the middle of downtown and west end shopping. Sit back and enjoy this five bedroom 1,575 square foot home with a nicely landscaped treed yard with a huge deck. You'll love the bright and spacious floor plan with high ceilings and a separate sun room. Step into the welcoming living room with an attractive bay window that winds around to a lovely dining

area and on to a functional kitchen with amazing oak cabinets. A garden door from the living room leads to a gorgeous sun room with vaulted ceilings that can be used to start your plants in warmth. It would be a great spot to enjoy the weather and set up a comfortable office. The spacious master bedroom offers plenty of closet space and an ensuite with a handy jetted tub. Two more generous bedrooms and a main bathroom finish the first floor. The excellent basement development features nine foot ceilings, lots of large bright windows and a beautiful fireplace in the family room, or games area. Two other good-sized bedrooms, a bathroom, a

utility room and access to the large attached garage make this a great place to spend your leisure time. The long deck is ideal for family barbecues or just relaxing on a sunny spring day. It overlooks the yard that features apple, pear and plum trees, along with plenty of nice grassy space. Included in the purchase are the fridge, stove, dishwasher, central vacuum with attachments, window coverings, garden shed and two garage openers with controls. Stop by to view this wellbuilt 5711-48 B Avenue home to view the outer beauty. The home is attractively priced to sell at $379,900. An open house will be held on Thursday, April 10 from 3 to 5 p.m. For a personal tour of the interior contact Graham Wideman at: Central Agencies Inc. 4870-51 Street, Camrose 780-672-4495 or 780-679-8384 cell

The CAMROSE BOOSTER, April 8, 2014 – Page 48


Visit our website:

4870-51 Street, Camrose • Phone 780-672-4495 • 1-800-809-8040

After Hours: Tylor Keller, 780-281-0016; Lyndsey Delwo, 780-678-6117; Darrell Rosland, 780-679-2170; Lorne Broen, 780-679-7797; Frank Hoehn, 780-608-7402; Steve Frost, 780-679-6550; Graham Wideman, 780-679-8384; Matt Banack, 780-608-9733; Matthew Mayer, 780-781-7088. After Hr. Pager: 780-608-1078.

Open HouseS Thur., Apr. 10, 3-5 p.m. 5711-48B Avenue

“Home of the Week – see page 47!” EXCELL E N T F A M ILY HOME R EDUCED ! CLOSE TO MIRROR LAKE! ... Only half a block from Mirror Lake Park, beautiful walking trails. You’ll love this spacious 1575 sq. ft. 5-bdrm. home. Yard and sunroom/office w/private access. Lovely bright LR, family room w/cozy FP, huge games room, jetted tub in en suite. 9’ bsmt. w/bright windows + more! Nicely landscaped yard, fruit trees, deck, 23’6”x24’ attached garage, alley access. Impressive property, take a look! Now only $379,900 CA0028772

UNDER $300,000

DELIGH TFUL CENTRAL LOCATION ... close to schools, recreation, trails, shopping. Well maintained 3-bdrm. bungalow, hardwood floors, landscaped, RV parking, garage and more! CA0033245 Asking $249,000 MOVE-IN READY 2-STOREY ... Private extended deck, 3-bdrm., 2 baths, unfin. bsmt. Great eat-in kitchen w/centre island, oak cabinetry, corner pantry, phone desk. Laundry RI ! ED JUST LIST on upper level. Gorgeous master w/huge WI closet. Asking $257,900 CA0033663



BEAUTIFUL ACREAGE SETTING – EXCELLENT FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY! ... Wow! 2.15 acres located in the City of Camrose by Creekview Subdivision, Stoney Creek Park and walking trails. This property offers an exceptional building site with a very private treed setting for future development. Lots of potential here! Asking $425,000 CA0014990

RESIDENTIAL LOTS Phase III Southwest Meadows Walk-outs, Park Side, Alley Access Locations

75 Residential Lots From…$74,690 12 Townhouse Lots – Walk-out, Park Side Call now for details! FOUR INDIVIDUALLY TITLED AND SERVICED TOWNHOUSE LOTS OVERLOOKING PARK! ... It’s a great location for your next project. Call now for all the details! CA298468 Asking $215,000 MULTI-FAMILY LOT NOW AVAILABLE We offer one 2.5 acre parcel CA298482

GREAT OPPORTUNITY! ... Bare lot bordering 48th Avenue and 46th Street in Camrose. Close to schools, downtown. Zoned DC. CA0004722 Asking $150,000 BUILD YOUR FUTURE HOME! ... Lot in subdivision of Cascades, north of Cornerstone. Asking $77,000 CA0029451


SI X-PLEX, EXCELLENT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! ... Very well maintained, exc. park-side loca! tion! Five generED ST LI ST JU ous 2-bdrm. suites, one 1-bdrm. suite, all w/ front and rear entrances. Easy access, great parking, maint. free landscaping. A property you’ll be proud to own! Don’t miss out! Asking $635,000 CA0031828

We offer Multiple Listing Service

CAMROSE HOMES OVER $300,000 EXCITING 2-STOREY IN VALLEYVIEW ... steps away from parks and paved walking trails! Bright open layout w/ tO i lNe !/ l a m i n a t e ESSIflooring. SS PO Open TE IA IMMED kitchen w/pantry, centre island, plenty of cupboard/counter space. MF laundry, a/c. Ready to move in! 3 bdrm. up, 4-pce. en suite, his/her closets in master. Fin. bsmt. w/3-pce. bath, one bdrm., media room. 20’x24’ ins. garage plus RV parking, 12’x13’ deck w/BI seating – you’ll love it! Asking $344,500 CA0025889 EXC. WALKOUT BU NG A LOW, AMAZING V A L L E Y VIEWS, PARK RAVINES CT! VIEW ... Premier IT’S PER FE location on Stoney Creek Valley, walking trails. Exceptional quality built condo! Outstanding presentation, thoughtfully designed, beautifully fin. Gorgeous staircase, 2 FP, hardwood flooring, 9’ and vaulted ceilings, lots of bright windows. Exc. kitchen, granite countertops, wonderful great room, DR w/views, awesome master, en suite, MF laundry. Exc. bright w/o bsmt. dev. In-floor htg., superb family/games room. 22’x24’ htd. garage, so much more! Looking for quality and lifestyle? It’s perfect! Asking $639,000 CA0027260 IMM ACULATE BUNGALOW W/EXCEPLAND! G TIONAL IN ST LI SCAPING ... NEW and beautiful outdoor living. CA0031896 Asking $419,900 W O W ! P R I VAT E AND FULL ! JUST LISTED OF LIGHT! ... Bright vinyl windows w/yard backing onto green space. Gorgeous refinished hardwood floors, new furnace, a/c, some newer flooring/lighting, yard improvements. MF laundry. Large master w/good view of yard + WI closet, 3-pce. en suite w/upgraded tile shower. Fin. bsmt. w/large living, 2 bdrm., playroom, storage, 3-pce. bath. Large paved front driveway good for RV parking. Private outdoor living w/hot tub, gazebo, lower deck. Beautiful, unobstructed views of back yard. You’ll love it! Asking $352,500 CA0031239 AMAZING C U S T O M BUILT BUN! GALOW IN JUST LISTED VALLEYVIEW! ... Premier lifestyle, cul-de-sac location! Impressive energy efficient and quality built 3+2 bdrm. home! Featuring 9’ and 12’ ceilings, open stairwell, beautiful hardwood flooring, granite throughout, UNDER-FLOOR htg. on MF, bsmt., garage! Amazing gourmet kitchen with beautiful cherry cabinetry, spacious dinette, cozy FP in great room. Superb master, two walk-in closets, awesome Ensuite. Excellent basement development, theatre room. Sound system, 12” ICF walls, bsmt., triple pane windows, A/C and more! Huge landscaped yard, awesome 27’x34’ garage, hot tub, underground sprinklers. Warm, cozy and energy efficient, you’ll love it! CA0031826 Asking $717,000 CUSTOM BUILT 1733 SQ. F T. 3-BDRM. HOME ... ING ! in beautiful NEW LIST Valleyview subdivision close to Jack Stuart School, walking trails. This home offers a beautiful chandelier, open stairwell, hardwood floors, lovely formal DR w/French doors, LR w/gas FP, MF laundry, huge master w/WI closet, 4-pce. en suite w/tile floor, stunning claw foot tub. Lge. back yard fenced, landscaped w/lovely stone wall w/waterfall, pond. Dble. attached garage + plenty of space for future RV parking on side of garage will be sure to please those camping enthusiasts! Asking $364,900 CA0031894 AMAZING CUSTOM B U I L T WA L K O U T B U N ! GALOW N O TI UC – PRESTIHUGE R ED GIOUS VALLEY LOCATION, AWESOME VIEWS ... Exceptional quality built home with outstanding yard boasting huge stamped concrete patio, upper deck, courtyard. Perfect for entertaining, everyday enjoyment. Beautiful 10’ bordered, vaulted ceilings, spectacular windows w/sensational park views. Awesome gourmet kitchen, gorgeous DR, cozy great room w/beautiful stone FP. Superb master, incredible en suite w/soothing jetted tub in a romantic setting. Exceptional bsmt., in-floor htg., family/media room, amazing windows in office, games and exercise rooms. Awesome yard, 30’x30’ htd. garage, huge RV parking pad, a/c and lots more! Amazing property, outstanding location! Now only $767,000 CA0005251 B E A U T I FUL QUALITY BUILT CR AF TSMAN BUNGALOW IN VALLEYVIEW! ... Close to parks, walking trails. 9’ and coffered ceilings, beautiful hickory flooring, exc. kitchen w/ gorgeous custom cabinetry. Lovely LR, awesome dinette, superb master bdrm., private den, MF laundry. Exc. ICF bsmt. w/in-floor htg., full in-law suite w/private entrance. Meticulously landscaped, sprinkler system. Awesome covered veranda, deck. In-floor htd. 24’x26’ garage all fin. Triple pane windows, Hardiplank siding, much more! Quality, lifestyle, a home you’ll love! It’s perfect! CA0030541 Asking $597,000


Beautiful Bungalows and Two Storeys by Battle River Homes Creekview

SOLD • 1818 sq. ft. • 3 bedrooms • Bonus room • 25’x24’ garage Asking $409,162

HOMES FEATURE: • Covered front entry • 9’ and vaulted ceilings • Hardwood flooring • Cozy fireplace • Lovely maple cabinets • Granite countertops • Large island and pantry • Superb main floor laundry • In-floor basement heating • Covered deck FINISHED WITH ELEGANCE!

SW Meadows

Walkout Lot Available – Build Your Dream Home!

• 1818 sq. ft. • 3 bedrooms • Bonus room • 25’x24’ garage Asking $394,162 CA0032220

BE AU T IF UL PARKRIDGE ESTATES BUNGALOW HOOL! T R – SC AMAZING CK STUA TO JAlocation, YARD! lifestyle w/valley, CLO...SEPremier walking trails close by. Beautiful bright open plan w/9’ ceilings, impressive foyer, hardwood flooring. Exc. kitchen, cozy 3-sided FP in great room, awesome dinette, private den, superb master, en suite. MF laundry, exc. bsmt. Huge family/media room, games room, cozy FP. Awesome yard, covered private deck, htd. garage, more. Beautifully maintained property. You’ll love it! Now only $539,000 CA0022842 BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM B U I L T BI-LEVEL – QUIET AREA ... bright open floor plan, lots of windows, vaulted ceilings, columns, arches, display areas. Spacious entry, glass railings, exc. kitchen pkg. w/island, breakfast bar. Awesome dinette, beautiful LR. Generous master, en suite, WI closet. Exc. bsmt., family room, cozy Regency FP, games area. Superb attached, htd. garage. It’s perfect! Very nicely landscaped yard, RV parking, alley access, A/C, lots more! Just move in! Asking $382,900 CA0030288 E XC EP T IONA L BRIGHT LIVING SPACE IN THIS BUNGALOW CLOSE TO ! JUST LISTED JACK STUART SCHOOL! ... Open concept living w/beautiful hardwood flooring throughout. Workable kitchen w/new granite counters, glass tile backsplash, extra pantry space, window above sink. Huge LR w/vaulted ceilings, big windows, cozy gas FP. 3-pce. en suite, WI closet in master. One more bdrm. on main plus 4-pce. bath w/ jet tub. Dev. bsmt. w/huge bdrm., large family room split into media room, wet bar area. Partially covered wrap-around deck plus 24’x24’ htd. garage w/10’ ceilings, RV parking. May possession. Asking $329,500 CA0031752



4 1WALKOUT BUNGALOW TOWNBEAUTIFUL HOUSE ON PARK! ... Featuring a bright open plan, 9’ ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors, lovely maple cabinetry, granite countertops, large island, walk-through pantry, MF laundry! Lovely LR overlooking park. In-floor htg. No condo fees. Park views from deck, patio. Finished with elegance! From $305,162 CA0020145 BEAUTIFUL BUNG A LOW ON QUIET M AT U R E G! EW LISTIN S T R E E T N ... This cozy family home offers 5 bdrm., overly big master w/plenty of closet space, en suite bath. Open plan kitchen/DR, lge. family room, 3 lge. bdrm. on MF. Bsmt. well planned w/2 bdrm., lge. entertaining area w/Mancave potential! Garage htd., ins., attic storage w/ dropdown staircase. Fenced yard w/RV parking potential, firepit, storage shed, patio/BBQ area. Asking $304,900 CA0032352 EXCEPTIONAL PA R K R I D GE E S TAT E S TWO-STOREY E! – AWESOME A MUST SE YARD! ... Premier loation w/school, parks, valley walking trails close by! Impressive 2518 sq. ft. custom built home w/lovely bright open plan w/maplewood throughout. A must seee, you’ll love it! Asking $572,500 CA0025821 EXCELLENT FAMILY HOME IN CENTURY MEADOWS ... just steps away ! ED ST from park, JUST LI green space, walking trail. Front covered deck, open stairwell. Bright open kitchen, large centre island, corner pantry, lots of cabinets + all appl. Master w/WI closet, 4-pce. en suite, jetted soaker tub. 3 more bdrm., awesome family room w/stunning corner FP, stone work from floor to ceiling. Large fenced yard + much more. Don’t miss out on this terrific home – you won’t be disappointed! CA0031000 Asking $367,500 EXCEPTIONAL 4-BDRM. F A M ILY HOME W/LOTS TO OFFER IN ! JUST LISTED CREEKSIDE ! ... This amazing home will fit any growing family as it offers awesome decorative. Covered deck, large fenced in yard, triple car garage, all appl., a/c. Don’t hesitate to look as you won’t be disappointed! Ask $409,900 CA0031627




BEAUTIFUL EXECUTIVE HOME ... one block to Jack ! Stuart School, ED UC R ED backing onto park! Impressive 2724 sq. ft., 1.5 storey home. Beautiful open design, gorgeous staircase, vaulted ceilings, bay windows, awesome sunroom, solarium w/hot tub. Lovely LR, DR, amazing custom kitchen pkg., bright dinette. Huge MF family room w/cozy FP. Superb MF laundry, awesome master, en suite, WI closet. Bsmt. XL family/games room, huge storage rooms. Htd. garage, great yard, private deck, alley access. You’ll love it! CA0024208 Now only $467,900 QUALITY FAMILY HOME W/ROOM TO GROW ... Spacious 2-storey, close to play! JUST LISTED grounds, green space, walking trails. 5 spacious bdrm., 4 baths, hardwood/tile floors, granite counters, 2 gas FP. Triple car carage! Handy bonus room, flex room on MF, fin. bsmt. Exc. area w/room for whole family! Fenced yard. CA0032926 Asking $459,000 G O R GEOUS BI-LEVEL ... with G! e n v i o u s IN ST LI NEW 28’x32’ triple attached garage w/12’ ceilings + RI heat, 3-pce. bath. Handscraped hardwood, tile floors throughout. Spacious kitchen w/oak cabinetry, lots of counter space, corner pantry, granite sink, SS appl. + handy BI desk. Dining space has room to expand and LR is bright, cozy. Spacious master w/dble. door WI closet, separate single closet, 3-pce. en suite w/tile shower. MF laundry. Fenced yard, covered deck, expanded lower deck, RV parking. You’ll love it! Asking $389,500 CA0032928


Show Home Open Houses Thur., Apr. 10, 2-4 p.m. Sat., Apr. 12, 1-3 p.m. 5214-35 Avenue, Creekview 5213-35 Avenue, Creekview

IMPRESSIVE MULT I - LE V EL HOME ! ... Gorgeous hardwood /tile floors, granite countertops, vaulted ceiling, MF FP. Spacious entry w/dual closets, handy laundry room. Open kitchen w/centre island, maple cabinetry, corner pantry. MF master w/5-pce. en suite, WI closet plus 2 bdrm. up w/ their own private 4-pce. bath. Walkout bsmt. has bright bi-level windows, open for dev. Imm. poss. Asking $389,900 CA0013179

EXCEPTIONALLY S T U N N I N G 2 0 0 6 SQ. FT. 2-STOREY ... with walk-out bsmt. overlooking park! Awesome bright kitchen w/walk-through pantry, gorgeous cabinets, granite countertops. MF laundry, bonus room, master equipped w/his/her WI closets, 5-pce. en suite w/heated floors, soaker tub. Spacious bdrm., open concept MF. Ask $459,900 CA0013274

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1016 SQ. FT. BUNGALOW ... located right by St. Pat’s School offers nice sized ! G IN very LR c/w hardNEW LIST wood floors, 4-pce. bath, 2 spare rooms, nice kitchen, lge. master w/lovely garden doors out to stone patio, deck area w/hot tub. Bsmt. contains laundry area, family room, big storage room. With a large yard, single garage, rear parking w/alleyway, this is a property anyone can call home! Asking $192,900 CA0031876 EXCELL E N T CONDO IN CENTER COURT ... close to downtown! Enjoy the open living area on MF w/ large master bdrm., 4-pce. en suite w/jetted tub. Upstairs loft offers cozy reading nook, spacious guest room, 3-pce. bath. Downstairs has lge. rumpus room, another bdrm. w/3-pce. bath. Single attached garage. CA0027232 Asking $290,000 WOW ! 50’X183’ LOT W/ R 2 A G ! ZONING IN ST LI ... Cozy NEW raised bungalow w/some recent upgrades – most windows, siding, soffits, shingles. Walking distance to Sifton, Charlie Killam School. Gorgeous treed yard fenced and cross fenced w/50’x58’ open area for garden, storage or build your dream shop! 2+1 bdrm., 2 baths, spacious kitchen, LR. Good long term investment, starter home or if you need that big shop! Asking $219,500 CA0029909 COZ Y WITH CHARACTER ... and close to Augustana. M o t h e r- i n - l a w G ! suite. So many NEW LISTIN upgrades! Asking $217,500 CA0028694 G R E A T 4-BDRM. BUNGALOW ... on huge lot just steps away from G! w a l k i n g IN ST LI NEW trail, park. This family friendly home located in SW Meadows offers tile, laminate flooring, master bdrm. w/dble. closet, spacious LR, perfect kitchen w/centre island, bright DR w/ garden door off to deck, storage room. Huge fenced back yard, gravel parking pad, RV parking, paved alley, huge space to run and play. Don’t miss out! Asking $284,900 CA0031925 D U A L I N C O M E PRODUCER W I T H I N BLOCKS OF AUGUSTANA CAMPUS! ... Up/ Down duplex w/separate utilities. 2 bdrm. up, 2 down, 4-pce. bath x 2. Each unit has its own laundry and separate 60 amp service. MF furnace has been upgraded. Estate sale, subject to probate, sold ‘as is’. CA0026601 Asking $208,500 5-BDRM. BUNGALOW – EXCELLENT ! STARTER OR ED R EDUC RETIREMENT HOME! ... Cozy 3+2 bdrm. home CA0029396 close to schools, parks. Asking $215,900 IMPRESSIVE 3-SUITE CHARACTER HOME ... close to Augustana, downtown core. Over 1000 sq. ft. on each level featuring total of 6 bdrm., 3 baths, upgraded furnace, tons of charm. 8’10” ceilings and all new windows on MF. Upper level bright, private w/gorgeous treed views. Separate access to each suite and shared laundry. Huge potential! C A0026595 Asking $295,000 STYLISH TURNKEY BUNGALOW IN G ! VICTORIA IN ST LI PARK ... NEW with tons of appeal. Gorgeous new laminate flooring throughout + fresh paint, new baseboards, some updated lighting. Bright eat-in kitchen w/white cabinets, new lino, plenty of counter space. 3 bdrm. up w/WI closet, 3-pce. en suite in master. Bsmt. highlights incl. wainscoting throughout huge family room, 3-pce. bath/laundry room, 1 bdrm., lge. workshop that could become a 5th bdrm. Fenced yard, RV parking, 22’x22’ ins. garage + hot tub (negotiable). Asking $292,500 CA0032731



EXC. 1120 SQ. F T. 2-BDRM. BUNGALOW ING ! ... w/lots of NEW LIST recent renovations! Updated features include flooring, vinyl windows, exterior doors, all int. trims, doors. Freshly painted, light fixtures, new 4-pce. bath, 1-pce. bath in bsmt., new kitchen counter top plus newly refaced cabinets. All new appl. Within walking distance of downtown, school. Can be easily converted to wheelchair accessible. Terrific home, terrific price! Asking $184,900 CA0032534

UNIQUE 1/2 DUPLEX IN CENTRAL QUIET LOCATION ... close to all amenities. Bright NEW PR ICE! natural light, 3 bdrm., 2 baths, lge. family room. Garage, loads of parking, deck, private patio. CA0029440 Asking $211,700 COZY BUNGALOW IN QUIET CUL! G DE-SAC ... IN ST EW LIspace close to hugeNgreen only a few blocks to Chester Ronning School. Ideal west-end location. Attractive 2+1 floor plan w/open kitchen/ dining, bright spacious LR, smart MF laundry w/extra storage space. Relaxing dev. bsmt. w/ spacious family room w/wood burning FP. Lge bdrm. downstairs plus room for second w/ little work required. Lge. soaker tub w/shower on MF, updated 3-pce. down. Shingles done in ’09. Concrete patio, newer landscaping, mostly fenced yard, 24’x24’ garage w/RV potential. You’ll love this location! CA0030679 Asking $258,500 WONDERF U L L Y U P DAT E D BUNGAG! NEW LISTIN LOW ... on a quiet mature street close to green space and walking distance to Chester Ronning School. Exc. starter or retirement home w/newer flooring, all new windows (except DR), handy MF laundry addition! Workable kitchen w/eating bar, newer island. 3+1 bdrm., 2 baths, 22’x24’ ins. garage, RV parking, fenced and ground level patio. Quick possession available! Asking $244,900 CA0029769 5-BDRM. FAMILY BUNGALOW – CLOSE TO SCHOOLS ... You’ll love the location close to parks, rec facilities! Features lovely spacious LR, bright dinette, great kitchen. All new bsmt. dev. w/lge. family room, games area, superb laundry room, storage. Great private treed yard, fenced, carport, 16’x24’ garage, RV parking, alley access. Exc. starter or retirement property! Still renting? You’ll want to see this one! Asking $272,900 CA0033104 GREAT STARTER HOME OR R E V ENUE PROPERTY ... Many renovations incl. hi-efficienc y furnace, hot water tank, some newer windows. Incl. all appl. Currently rented for $1000 per mo. plus utilities. Asking $157,000 CA0023243 LIVE THE L I F E STYLE! ... Gorgeous 2-storey townhouse condo in Valleyview – close to parks, walking paths. Open concept living w/laminate flooring, cozy FP, expandable dining, beautiful kitchen w/centre island, handy pantry, cherry stained cabinetry. Master is spacious w/his/her closets, 4-pce. bath, lovely view of lake. Upstairs 2 sizeable bdrm., 4-pce. bath. Bsmt. completed w/2 living spaces, 2-pce. bath, smart laundry room. Dble. garage, partially fenced, deck. Condo fees cover ext. maintenance, so relax when you get home and let someone else worry about the snow/grass! Now asking $257,000 CA0024791 G R E A T S TA RT ER HOME OR INVESTM E N T ING ! PROPERTY NEW LIST ... w/mother-in-law suite near schools, downtown shopping. Fenced back yard nicely landscaped w/stepping stones, concrete sitting area, fruit trees/shrubs, lge. garden area, gravel pad in rear for extra parking. CA0032389


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ACREAGES AWESOME ACREAGE LIVING ON EAST SIDE G ! OF ROUND IN ST LI NEW HILL ... 7.25 acres w/possibility of subdivision. Hooked up to hamlet sewer, Edmonton water available! Perfect location for horses w/4 acres fenced w/waterer, hydrant, natural creek, some elec. fence. 3+/– acres seeded to hay. 1996 mobile home w/2x6 walls, vinyl windows, 2 bdrm., office, 2 baths, pellet stove. Great shop, 28’x36’ htd. plus 12’x20’ for boat/ quad storage. Numerous sheds for storage plus 25’x24’ pole shed. Good producing water well. All on pvmt. w/school within walking distance – you’ll love it! Asking $338,900 CA0029102 ACREAGE OUTSIDE HEISLER ON GREAT PIECE OF LAND! ... 1.5 storey home looking for handyman to restore to great acreage living. This property on 11 acres of land. Many out buildings. Asking $150,000 CA0031121 WOW! IT’S THE PERFECT PLACE TO BUILD YOUR DREAM HIDEAWAY! ... Quiet Hills Estates is loc ated near Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, Bird Sanctuary and Golf Course. Come discover a restful country lifestyle in a peaceful, natural setting, you’ll love it! 6 unique Cul-de-sac lots that are treed, private and excellent walkout opportunities. Located just off Hwy 623, it’s an easy commute to Nisku or Camrose. Hurry, it’s the lifestyle you always dreamed of! CA0003323 Priced from $84,000 to $154,000 WOW! THE G! PERFECT NEW LISTIN H I D E A WAY, A PEACEFUL SETTING! ... Just what you’ve been looking for, by Battle River Valley, 1.5 miles east of Ross’s Flats campsite. It’s the perfect retreat to enjoy a restful, relaxing lifestyle, you’ll love it! Impressive WO design! Beautiful vaulted, open beam ceilings, 1.5” solid fir flooring, lots of bright windows. Majestic fieldstone FP, hardwood staircase, upper loft art studio + more! 24’x26’ garage, 16’x24’ workshop. Old log home that’s great for crafts, hobbies. Two radio towers. Exc. setting by valley. Easy commute to Camrose. Country lifestyle. CA0031055 Asking $443,900 37+ ACRES 10 MIN. NW OF CAMROSE ... 2200+ sq. ft. character country home plus 1200 sq. ft. entertainment space. Solid barn, 39’x60’ quonset, 24’x24’ garage, dugout, fenced and more! Working country kitchen w/great charm, walk-in pantry, double oven, good counter space. Beautiful hardwood floors, formal dining area, wood FP, library and loft. Mature yardsite, good recreational land or for animals. Great opportunity, see it today! Asking $529,000 CA0000865 16.73 ACRES W I T H I N A FEW ! G MINUTES IN LIST OF CAMROSEN...EW Over 1500 sq. ft. featuring hardwood/tile floors, granite/quartz counters, quality construction + more. Stunning kitchen w/white cabinetry, gas stove, centre island, computer desk, plenty of storage, prep space. Cozy living space w/gas FP. Gorgeous master w/5-pce. en suite, dual vanities, jet tub, enclosed shower. Dev. bsmt., infloor heat, media room, 2 bdrm., 4-pce. bath, laundry room, office/5th bdrm. Beautiful outdoor living w/low maint. decking, BI gas BBQ, covered veranda, above ground pool w/attachments, landscaped fenced back yard. Triple 32’x37’ attached garage, 40’x60’ shop, both with infloor heat! What a lifestyle! CA0031799 Asking $829,500


EXCELLENT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! ... Impressive fabrication/retail business w/long operating history. Property includes 9400 sq. ft. bldg. w/large work bays, retail area, offices. Located on 100’x140’ lot w/additional 70’x140’ vacant lot. Incl. equipment, inventory. Easy customer access. Proven business opportunity w/lots of potential! Take a look! CA0031424 BR AND N E W STATE-OFTHE-ART BUILDING – EXCEPTIONAL BUSINESS LOCATION! ... Wow! Outstanding energy efficient designed bldg. w/exc. presentation, superior site plan, low operating costs. High visibility, easy customer access. Two front retail/reception/office areas. 1206 sq. ft. and 1079 sq. ft. Awesome 3001 sq. ft. bay can be combined. 14’x14’ and 18’x16’ OH doors, floor sumps, 21’ high ceilings. Exc. site plan, all paved, fenced. Outstanding place for your business! CA0032126


A GREAT OPPORTUNITY! ... 137.46 acres of potential development land at Dried Meat Lake w/some lake front. 60 acres of cult. land and some gas well revenue. CA325301 Now asking $399,500


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• Luxurious bungalow villas • Lock and leave lifestyle • Walkout basement • Backing onto park • Oversized garages • New and exciting lifestyle • French Country and Provincial designs • Beautifully finished and well appointed • Quality and craftsmanship • Personalize, engage your creativity

A community where passion and creativity reside!

April 8, 2014 Camrose Booster  
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