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Vol. LX, No. 22

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April 17, 2012

Everyone Reads The Booster! Musicians Tyler Bergstrom (clarinet) and James Rostad (piano) perfect their piece in preparation for Camrose & District Music Festival. Admiring their abilities are accomplished musician/teacher Tom Spila and Chester Ronning administrators Karla Koleba and Dan Cole.

Inside... Spring Fashion Guide Pages 11 to 14 Entertainment and Dining Page 15 to 17 On-the-Road and Auto Classifieds Pages 34 to 41 and 52 Classifieds Pages 43 to 49

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News Features Election candidates discuss Alberta issues . . 4 WFG founder runs for provincial Senate position . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Each spring, people with an ear for talent, and all participants, eagerly wait for the

BRCF grant supports Special Olympics . . . . . . 33 Haiti still rebuilding three years after earthquake . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

Camrose & District Music Festival

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*partial coverage This Week’s Flyers: Camrose Groves’ Value Drug Mart

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This year it happens April 23 to 27 at schools and churches in the Rose City. Students and others, right through to the senior age-group, have been expanding personal knowledge and ability in music, dance and speech in preparation for their opportunity to perform before their peers, the general public and in every case, one well-respected adjudicator who will readily provide professional perspective based on relative expertise in their chosen field. The Grand Concert and awards presentation will take place on Saturday, April 28 at Charlie Killam School. Watch for additional information in this of the Camrose Booster.

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Education: It’s the main priority. Albertans value our education system and take pride de in the fact our students rank among the best in the world. That’s why Premier Redford restored $107 million in n funding to schools, which was used to re-hire teachers and aides and enhance classrooms.

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The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

Voting choices


Wetaskiwin-Camrose candidates have their say

By Murray Green

Although the Alberta election will be held on April 23 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., voters have options on what day they can make their mark. Advanced polling stations will be held in Camrose on April 19, 20 and 21 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Camrose branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, 570348 Avenue. Use the front 48 Avenue entrance. If you are voting on Election Day, you must vote at the polling station established for the polling subdivision in which you are ordinarily resident. For city residents, that means voting at the Camrose Community Centre at 4516-54 Street, the Camrose Regional Exhibition, Camrose branch of the Royal Canadian Legion rear entrance, St. Patrick School, Camrose United Church or the Moose Hall. A person can only have one place of ordinary residence. An ordinary residence is the place where the person lives and sleeps and to which, when the person is absent from it, the person intends to return. Voters must be at least 18, a Canadian citizen and have lived in Alberta for at least six months. You can find out where you vote by going to the Where Do I Vote web site, or by calling the Voter Information Centre at 1-877-4228683 (toll-free outside of Edmonton). The Camrose number is 780-678-2491. Nominated candidates at the close of nominations were: Owen Chubb, Alberta Liberal Party; Mike Donnelly, Evergreen Party; Bruce Hinkley, Alberta New Democrats; Trevor Miller, Wildrose; Verlyn Olson, Progressive Conservative Party. Candidates in the Battle River-Wainwright riding include Amber Greenleese, Alberta Liberal Party; Doug Griffiths, Progressive Conservative Party; Midge Lambert, Alberta Party; Dave Nelson, Wildrose; Terry Zawalski, Alberta New Democrats. Voters in the Battle River-Wainwright area can phone toll free 1-855357-7736 or the Wainwright office at 780-842-1721 for more information. Senate

Albertans will also have the opportunity to vote for a member of the Senate who might be appointed to represent the province in Ottawa. Your choice includes Doug Black of Calgary, Len Bracko of St. Albert, Perry Chahal of Edmonton, William Exelby of Edmonton, David Fletcher of Edmonton, Paul Frank of Calgary, Raymond Germain of Calgary, Rob Gregory of Calgary, Elizabeth Johannson of Edmonton, Vitor Marciano of Calgary, Mike Shaikh of Calgary, Scott Tannas of High River and Ian Urquhart of Edmonton.

Wetaskiwin-Camrose candidates (left to right) Mike Donnelly, Bruce Hinkley, Trevor Miller and Verlyn Olson. By Dan Jensen

Wetaskiwin-Camrose PC candidate Verlyn Olson, Wildrose Alliance candidate Trevor Miller, NDP candidate Bruce Hinkley and EverGreen Party candidate Mike Donnelly had a chance to share their stance on the issues facing Albertans in a well-attended provincial election candidates' forum at the Norsemen Inn April 11. The candidates were given five minutes to make opening remarks, after which they took turns answering questions from the floor. First up was Donnelly, who asked why so many people are seeking health services outside the region. "I would like to find out why we only have a limited choice of local clinics and why doctors who are seeking to open a practice here are unable to obtain hospital privileges. Donnelly noted that if the privatization of health care is allowed, funding for public health care will drop and wait lists will be prioritized in favour of the wealthy. Donnelly said he has recently found that natural remedies are going to be regulated. "How would you like to have to see a doctor to have to be prescribed vitamin C and this vitamin being produced synthetically? We already lack the ability to see a doctor in a timely manner, and taking away the options of natural remedies and tying up doctors even more will just increase those times. We have to look at what is causing an unhealthy environment and address the concerns promptly. Everything from smart metres to water purification." Donnelly also expressed a need to look at the options for long term care and home care for our seniors. "We are seeing, too often, seniors having to be taken away from their spouses or family to have individualized treatments. We need to increase funding for home care with assisted living, independent living and long term care facilities. Personally, I would like to see some form of grants being given to families that wish to take care of their mothers and fathers at home,

allowing those that wish to do so funds to make modifications to their homes." Going to the other end of the age spectrum, Donnelly said there is a need to address the number of things that young people are able to do outside the home. "I have talked to quite a few teenagers in our community and they feel the need to have a local drop-in centre, with most shying away from the religious centres that are available, since they want to have a relaxed atmosphere just to hang out." Donnelly said as a participatory Party, EverGreen would be out in the community asking about the concerns of residents. "Participatory democracy strives to create opportunities for all members of the population to make meaningful contributions to democracy making, and seeks to broaden the range of people who have access to such opportunities. Big government supports large contributors. The function of government is not to govern the people but to carry out the collective intention of the people and accomplish in unity what one or a few members cannot do alone." Donnelly said with increased economic incentives for sustainable technologies, government can localize basic economic activities, create diverse local jobs and help with the development of more socially environmental business practices. "By critically examining what aspects of the business can be modified, business owners can manage climate change risk, save money, attract new employees and customers and raise their profile in the community. Greening the economy could create over 100,000 new jobs in Alberta by 2020." Hinkley said the time has come in Alberta for new leadership, new ideas and new policies. "Albertans are fed up with a government that is characterized by broken promises, outrageous scandals with taxpayer money, mismanagement of that taxpayer money, high electricity prices and a business plan that is broken and needs to be changed. Hinkley said the New Democratics will impose a fair oil roy-

alty system, fight for affordable public health care, and regulate the rates charged by gas and power companies. "The ten-year experiment with de-regulation is over," he said. "It is time that we got fair utility prices." Donnelly said the NDP would reduce small taxes for small businesses by a third. "You can see what is happening in rural Alberta, the loss of businesses, the loss of communities, because there is no economic development plan. Small businesses deserve a break." Donnelly said the New Democrats would stabilize funding for education, create jobs that are sustainable, diversified and green, and assist seniors in all ways. "The New Democrats will fight for the prosperity of everyone, not just the CEOs that are making the millions of dollars in bonus pay." Miller expressed the view that the election will be a turning point for Alberta. "We have had the same government for over 40 years and we are witnessing the effects of having a government go unchallenged so long. The PC government has resorted to muzzling its local representatives, is wasting billions of dollars on misguided priorities and has posted five straight deficit budgets, something that used to be illegal in this province." Miller said the Wildrose Alliance plans to change the culture of entitlement and bring transparency to the process of governance. He added that MLAs would have to answer to their constituents, and could be recalled if they are not doing what they were elected to do. "If I am given the honour to be elected as your MLA the interests of my constituents will come first. I would bring up local issues that matter the most and fight for a community every day." Miller said the Wildrose would get the province's financial house in order and prioritize spending on those things – education, health care and seniors – that matter the most to Albertans. "We will end the government bullying and intimidation that exists in our health care

system, and we will work to improve that system by shortening long waiting times. Also, we want to implement a protection of health care guarantee that commits the government to increasing the number of publicly ensured health care procedures and treatments performed in Alberta until the clinically acceptable wait time benchmarks established by the Canadian Wait Time Alliances are guaranteed. Olson said while there are still plenty of challenges ahead, he considers Alberta to be the best place in the world in which to live. "We have great natural resources that the whole world wants, whether it is agricultural products, oil and gas or lumber. We have a young educated population, we have a stable democracy, we have low taxes, we have very low unemployment." Olson said the rapid growth of the province since 2007 is one of the reasons the Alberta government has been scrambling to catch up with infrastructure and running deficit budgets. "We are averaging the addition of a population the size of the city of Red Deer and all those people who move to Alberta don't come with their hospitals and schools and other infrastructure." Olson said he is happy with the way Alberta has weathered the world-wide recession. "Although things have been kind of tough the last few years we feel very well positioned in Alberta for what is coming next." Olson discarded claims that the Party of which he is part is old and tired and in need of being replaced, noting there were 31 new MLAs elected in the last election, including himself and Premier Redford. "One of the things she (Premier Redford) did with her first cabinet was appoint four ministers, side by side, from this region, which is unprecedented. We have as many ministers in this region as the city of Edmonton has and the city of Calgary has." The forum was sponsored by the Camrose Chamber of Commerce, Alberta Teachers' Association and the Battle River School Division.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

Candidates share their thoughts on education


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Forum moderator Vivianne Grue gives the candidates instructions before they began their presentations. By Dan Jensen

The Wetaskiwin-Camrose candidates shared their thoughts on education during an election forum at the Norsemen Inn April 11. Bruce Hinkley, from the NDP, said he is hearing conflicting messages from the government on how many new schools are going to be built in the province. "The Minister of Education said before the election there were going to be 400 schools built, and I was hey, great. However, just a couple of months ago, it came out that Ms. Redford is going to build only 70 schools. The Minister and the Premier are not on the same page." Hinkley said the fact that small schools are being forced to close raises the question of whether the government believes our kids are important. "The New Democrats are saying that we have to stop school closures. There are three schools in Battle River that are possibly going to be closed because of insufficient funding, and there are three schools that are going to be closed in the County of Wetaskiwin because of insufficient funding." Hinkley said he is prepared to work on a new formula that provides stable funding for education. He feels that school instructional fees should be prohibited, and paid for by the general Alberta taxpayer. Hinkley believes the tuitions of post secondary students should be cut ten per cent and frozen, and that the government should forgive their student loans to the extent of $1,000 per year. He said numbers from the Students' Association of Canada indicate that post secondary students have an average debt of $25,000 because of the present funding system. EverGreen Party's Mike Donnelly said giving students the education they need while they are young will allow them to go on to a university or other postsecondary institution. He also feels the government should give more of the education tax that it collects back to communities. Donnelly said funding for private schools needs to be phased

out and that special needs students should have separate classes. He would like to reduce university tuition rates to year 2000 levels and tie the tuition rates to inflation. Verlyn Olson, from the PC Party, said that contrary to what some are suggesting, municipalities are not being asked to pay for the increased education funding. He added that education is one of the most important things in the government budget. "It is one of the most important things in our government policy. Seventy-five per cent of our budget is going into what we call people programs, which includes health, human services and education." Olson said the PC Party recognizes education as an essential building block for a diversified economy. "A diverse economy is where we all want to get and I think everyone would agree here that we need to reduce our reliance on one or two or three natural resources. We need to have a more complex economy and we achieve that through education." Trevor Miller said the Wildrose Alliance Party is committed to ensuring Alberta's children are ready to be leaders in their global economy. "A strong education system is essential to Alberta's future. There are challenges we face in a growing province but the Wildrose is committed to ensuring Alberta's children are ready to be leaders in their global economy." Miller said Wildrose will ensure that local school boards have the money and authority needed to hire more teachers by providing them (boards) with stable and predictable long term funding, and would grant them the authority to negotiate teacher salaries at the local level. Miller added that the Wildrose would remove politics from any discussion in determining where to build new schools. "Money for new schools will be allocated using an objective funding formula that accounts for community and student growth rates, not based on political clout of politicians that are representing you."

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What the politicians didn’t tell you last time They planned to raise their pay 30% as soon as the election was over. ✓ Wildrose will eliminate committee pay, cut cabinet pay 30% and MLA severance pay 65%. $16 billion in new power lines to export so much electricity it will triple your monthly power bill (again). ✓ Wildrose will save Albertans billions by cancelling unnecessary power lines. A dictatorial health care “superboard”, a bureaucratic monstrosity. ✓ Wildrose will restore local authority and implement a proven European method to eliminate waiting lists. They planned to take away your property rights. ✓ Wildrose will guarantee full, fair and prompt compensation to affected landowners.

So what aren’t they telling you about this time?

IT’S TIME, ALBERTA! Trevor Miller

Dave Nelson


Battle RiverWainwright

Wildrose Candidate

Wildrose Candidate

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March 27, 2012


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Tannas wants to change the Senate's function By Murray Green

Election Day in Alberta will not only decide the next government in this province, but voters may be determining who will be representing them in Ottawa. Scott Tannas, president and CEO of the Western Financial Group that has an office in Camrose, is one of 13 Albertans running for the elected position in the Senate. The Prime Minister has the final say in appointing the Senate positions. "Throughout my travels to rural Alberta, I'm finding about 95 per cent of the people don't know or understand the Senate election," said Scott, during his stop in Camrose on April 13. "That has been consistent all across the province. I'm getting out to about 50 communities to let people know that they can vote for a senator as well. There is nothing worse than receiving a ballot and not knowing anything about it. In the last senate election, in 2004, about 30 per cent of the votes were destroyed. People turned them in blank because they didn't know who to vote for."

Scott started Western Financial Group in one small office and has turned it into a successful company with 20 offices throughout western Canada. "I'm a small town guy, so it is really important for me to connect with the rural communities. I was born and raised in High River and now have a wife and four children. I was lucky to be able to build a company from scratch and they are successful in the smaller rural communities." Scott's business was built from the ground up by listening to the needs of his clients. He wants to do the same in the Senate. "For me, it felt so much more comfortable of the idea of engaging people in rural communities. That has been our strategy. We had a vision and worked hard towards the future. That skill is needed for the Senate. We need the Senate to step up. Today the Canadian Senate is useless. I want to be part of an active Senate that will be able to tackle big issues. I want to focus on problems and study things to come up with solu-

tions on topics such as our role in Afghanistan, Native issues, water and the environment. When the baby boomers retire, we are going to need skilled workers. We need to find the right solutions. I think politicians would be relieved if we took some of those Canadian issues away from them. We have the time to study them and come up with good solutions." Scott is always impressed with Camrose. "I've been here for business with the Camrose office, as well as for hockey tournaments. I've been struck with the beauty of the city. The park-like setting and green space is great. There are very few towns or cities that have a well thought out and nice looking system like Camrose. The other thing I'm struck by is the business activity. It is always busy in Camrose and it is growing," said Scott. The election will be held on April 23 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and the advanced polling stations will be held in Camrose on April 19, 20 and 21 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Camrose branch of the

Murray Green, Camrose Booster Western Financial Group founder Scott Tannas stopped in Camrose to gain support for his bid to become an Alberta senator. The vote for a member of the Senate will be held on Election Day, April 23 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Royal Canadian Legion, 5703-48 Avenue. Use the front 48 Avenue entrance. You can find out where you vote by going to the Where Do I Vote web site,

or by calling the Voter Information Centre at 1-877-422-8683 (toll-free outside of Edmonton). The Camrose number is 780-6782491 and the Wainwright office at 780-842-1721.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012


Letters to the Editor

DONATION TO FOOD BANK Camrose Dynamic Sales and Service Inc. collected $161.99 in donations for Camrose Food Bank at the 2012 Camrose Trade Show. Presenting the money to Neighbor Aid program director Jo-Anne Tweed was Camrose Dynamic Sales and Service office administrator/ owner Chris Smelquist.

PEN POINTS by Berdie Fowler

Pitch In; Pitch Out Mayor Marshall Chalmers has declared that next week, April 23 to 28, National Pitch-In Week will be observed in Camrose. During that week, local residents will be encouraged to pick up rubbish of any kind, wherever we see it, and pitch it into garbage bags, or containers of other kinds, for disposal in appropriate places or reusing or recycling. Our community has an enviable reputation for keeping our yards, boulevards, streets and parks neat and tidy most of the time, thanks to the volunteer cooperation of the vast majority of citizens plus the supportive policies of municipal councils in the area. It is appropriate to mention specifically the help of 4-H clubs everywhere, who, for many, many years have been responsible for highway clean-up throughout the province. The overall benefit has been the fact that this community has been seen by others as a good place to live, which has attracted businesses, institutions and industry causing us to continue to grow with the ability to provide ever more amenities. Residents are also responsible for conditions inside the homes they inhabit and there is not much outside interference unless conditions have negative effects on neighbours – like vermin, odours, noise, safety and the like. We tend to believe that a neat, tidy and well-cared-for exterior and yard is indicative of immaculate housekeeping inside – which is good, very good because it gives one a feeling of well-being to be surrounded by orderliness and beauty. Contributing most to one’s sense of personal wellbeing is the ability to get rid of negative clutter in one’s mind – clutter like hate, anger, envy, jealousy, mistrust, unforgiveness. When such destructive ‘garbage’ is put out of mind, there is space to see and appreciate the good in people and the beauty in the world around us. To pitch out the clutter in one’s mind is easier said than done, however, there are tips that help to make it possible. There are strengths and weaknesses in every individual; look for the good in everyone. Count your blessings; count what you have rather than dwell on what you lack. Anger is not itself bad but it is often badly handled resulting in even more distress; it is possible to learn to handle it well, so do it. Learn to forgive; to be unforgiving is to keep turning a sword in a wound and forever prevent its healing. Let’s make next week, and every week, a time to pick up garbage wherever we see it and pitch it into bags and containers for reuse and recycling; do spring cleaning in our homes and yards, and pitch out of our minds all thoughts destructive to a sense of well-being and peace.

Letters are welcomed but please limit them to 500 words or less and sign with first name, initial, surname, address and phone number; only name of writer and city or town will be printed. Letters to third parties are not accepted. The Camrose Booster may edit for length, clarity, legality, personal abuse, good taste, public interest and availability of space. The Camrose Booster thanks you for your interest in the letters page and encourages your comments. The right government

In the Friday, April 6/2012 Edmonton Sun, Lorne Gunter's column was titled, "Alberta's first NDP premier" In his column, Lorne talks about last month when the Tories got their budget passed on the eve of the election call. The Premier stated that they had to get their budget passed before the Election so us Albertans can see what her government was up to. She told us that they wanted to be transparent. Well, that noble commitment to transparency lasted for about 10 days. One day on the election trail, the premier had pledged an extra 2.4 billion dollars for

school construction spending over a period of four years. Well, surprise, surprise. That was not in the last month's budget! This announcement was made after the Wildrose had pledged to return 20% of any surplus to us Albertans in a form of an energy dividend cheque. It is also very interesting to note that not too long ago, the Education minister told Albertans that there is no way the government could afford all the new schools the province needed without creative financing such as the cost of their construction over the new schools useful lives. Now it seems like the government has made a 180 degree turn from what they first said to now offering 50 new schools and 70 renovated ones. The question that I would like to ask is will this promise be fulfilled or is it just another promise the Premier will use to get re-elected. Where will the Premier find the construction crews to complete the 120 new infrastructure projects. We can safely say 260 projects if we include the 140 family health clinics that she promised on another day of promising. I believe that governments should be fair. I believe that

the government should return the tax dollars to the tax payer. However, I believe that in her mind, she and her government will always be the better judges of what should be done with any excess. To me, that sounds a lot like socialism. This is just another example of how our government sits just left of the centre just next to where our NDP party sits. According to Gunter, he has wrote, "If I were the real NDP leader, Brian Mason, I'll be thinking of suing Redford for trademark infringement." I personally agree with him on his view. Will the premier fulfill her promise if Albertans fall for her empty promises. In my opinion, this promise will be shelved along side of the other promises that she flip flopped on after she became premier. I must also ask, why should we vote in a NDP government when we already have one that is painted as blue Conservatives. On election day, it is up to very voter to vote and make sure that we have the right government in place to secure our future. If not, we might just elect Alberta's first NDP premier back into office Lorne Vanderwoude Camrose

Chinook Country receives tourism award

Presenting the Growing Rural Tourism Rural Champion Award to Chinook Country Tourist Association representative Colleen Bridges were: (left to right) Tourism Parks and Recreation Minister Jack Hayden, Travel Alberta Chief Executive Officer Bruce Okabe, CRE General Manager Wynn McLean and Growing Rural Tourism coordinator Jennifer Filip. By Dan Jensen

A cluster development and tourism strategy project that gives tourism operators the means to increase their own profitability by understanding potential customers has earned the Chinook Country Tourist Association the 2012 Growing Rural Tourism Rural Champion Award. Minister of Tourism Parks and Recreation Jack Hayden presented the award to Chinook Country Tourist Association marketing projects specialist Colleen Bridges at the CRE April 3. "This award means a lot coming from the people in the industry," said Bridges. "We have worked really hard on the project and we still have a lot of steps to go."

The cluster development and tourism strategy project was developed by the Chinook Country Tourist Association using a new research-based tool prepared by the Canadian Tourism Commission called the Explorer Quotient, which explains how tourism operators can align marketing efforts to better reach customers. "It brings all our members together and it helps us work in a collaborative environment creating packages that are appealing to certain types of travellers who are interested in what we have in our region in southeast Alberta," said Bridges. "They (members) have been so willing to give up time away from their operations, hotels and businesses to learn about

the research, learn how to market their businesses, learn how to tell stories and learn how to price. "Without the operators this project wouldn't be anything." The tourist association has recently developed a new website housing the online booking engine "We just launched it last month and we had a flurry of sales over the last few weeks," said Bridges. Chinook Country, as a region, borders British Columbia and Montana, and extends north to the Calgary city limits. It follows the Bow River east and includes Writing on Stone Provincial Park. Continued on page 9

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Keep health public By Dan Jensen

Wetaskiwin-Camrose PC candidate Verlyn Olson doesn't want Albertans too stirred up over the issue of private versus public health care. Olson told voters at the provincial candidates' forum at the Norsemen Inn last week that there is already some health care that is provided by private organizations. "We (the Progressive Conservatives) support publicly funded health care and we support the Canada Health Act, but think of the Bethany Group. I was on the board of the Bethany Group. You would consider that a private organization. The doctors in this province run clinics. They are private and they are providing health care." Wildrose candidate Trevor Miller said the health care system is broken and needs to be fixed if we want to see better results. "Reforming health care will take honest, principled leadership. Currently Alberta spends more money on health care than any other province. It seems the more money we spend the worse the problem becomes." Miller said the Wildrose is committed to public health care that will uphold the principles of the Canada Health Act – a public insurance that is publicly funded and publicly administered, universality, comprehensiveness, affordability and accessibility. Also, he said the Wildrose would allow funding to follow the patient.

"The reason is because under the current system when a patient shows up to a health care facility they are seen as a cost to our existing budget. If the funding follows the patient they will be seen as a customer and they will receive better care." NDP candidate Bruce Hinkley said opening the door to private health care will create problems like those in the United States, where 700,000 families had to declare bankruptcy last year because they couldn't pay their medical costs. "Why would we even want that? I am so glad that all the parties are agreeing to no privatization. Do not let anybody convince you that opening the door a little bit is a good thing because once they have the foot in the door it is going to go and then you are going to be paying full tilt. Public health care is the only way to go. The hospitals are for all Albertans, not just the rich." EverGreen candidate Mike Donnelly said Albertans can expect higher taxes if private health care is allowed. "The government is going to be putting money into the private health care system and taking it out of the public health care system. We are going to suffer from longer wait times in hospitals and you are going to see our doctors less available for us and for our own needs. We have to take care of the average person who can't afford things like private health care insurance and aren't going to be subsidized for it."

Olson disturbed by what he says is fear mongering By Dan Jensen

Wetaskiwin-Camrose PC candidate Verlyn Olson is disturbed with what he feels is fear mongering when it comes to analyzing Alberta's property rights legislation. Olson voiced the view at a candidates' forum last week that Bills 36, 19, 50 are all about planning so that the province can be developed in an orderly way. He added that Bill 6 guarantees Albertans consultation, access to the courts, compensation and access to a property rights advocate. "There is lots of protection for Albertans and their property rights." Wildrose Alliance candidate Trevor Miller said the legislation attacks the rights of Albertans. "With these bills in place the government can freeze large tracts of land without compensating landowners. That is Bill 19. They can stick taxpayers with liabilities for carbon capture and storage deposits in Alberta. That is Bill 24. They can extinguish all existing permits, which is licences and land titles. That is Bill 36. And they can build big megaprojects using taxpayer dollars and seize land. That is Bill 50. Miller said a Wildrose government would reverse every property rights violation the government has committed, strengthen property rights, and legislate them to the fullest extent possible. "By repealing these bills and examining legislation dealing

with property rights the Wildrose government will erase the power grabs and restore the rights of Albertans." NDP candidate Bruce Hinkley said the fact that the government has received such a backlash over the legislation shows that it failed to do proper planning. "It was not clear and transparent, and only after it appeared that the voters were going to be very upset did these other policies come into place." Hinkley said the New Democrats have always stood by people, and property rights are a peoples' right. "They should not be stepped on and transgressed." EverGreen party candidate Mike Donnelly said the government shouldn't have a say in where they store the carbon that they are keeping. "If they are going to do it right under your properties, under your nose, and destroy your earth, what good are the farms and everything." Donnelly also raised concerns over the practice of fracking in Alberta. "I don't know if a lot of us have heard about fracking, but it has been destroying water resources in the province. I think we have to follow suit with what Quebec did. They have put a cease to the fracking period until there can be an investigation done on what harm it is causing. I think we have to step in that direction as well."


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Thank You! Our sincere thanks to the 240-plus people who attended the Candidate Forum on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. It’s great to see such strong interest in the democratic process. Special acknowledgement to the participating candidates: • Mike Connelly, EverGreen Party • Bruce Hinkley, NDP • Trevor Miller, Wildrose • Verlyn Olson, Progressive Conservative And to the Norsemen Inn for providing the space.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association

Tourism Continued from page 8

The Chinook Country Tourist Association was one of three nominees for the Champion Award, along with the Canadian Badlands Passion Play and the Fort McLeod Historical Associa-

tion. Last year's award recipient was Aspen Crossing Tree Farm and Garden Centre. The Rural Tourism Champion Award recognizes leadership, innovation and outstanding accomplishments in Alberta's rural areas through campaigns and projects that successfully promote their areas as a

must-see destination. The award is sponsored by the Camrose Regional Exhibition, Alberta Agriculture, Alberta Tourism Parks and Recreation, and Travel Alberta. Nominations were open to all organizations or individuals in Alberta's rural tourism industry.


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Camrose Minor Hockey ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday, May 1, 7:00 p.m. Salon Room A – Norsemen Inn A report on the 2011-2012 Hockey Season will be presented Executive Positions: - Vice President - Treasurer and - Seven (7) Minor Hockey Board Members will be elected at this meeting. Nominations may be submitted in advance to: or come to the meeting and you can be nominated from the floor. This is your meeting and opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to the Executive – new and old.

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Local improvements planned

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Golf Days come to O’Shea’s

By Dan Jensen

Camrose City Council gave first reading to a bylaw April 9 that would impose a local improvement tax on the residents living along 48b Avenue between the cul de sac turnaround at Lakeside Village (57 Street and 58 Street). The tax would generate $33,560 for the gravel base reconstruction and asphalt paving of the road (built in the late 1950s) in front of their properties. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $105,000. Under the City's local improvement policy, property owners are responsible for 33 per cent of roadway reconstruction projects. Residents will have 30 days to petition against the project, after which the bylaw will be presented to council for second and third readings. An open house will be held in the training room of the Camrose Fire Hall from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. April 24. Residents petitioned the City against the local improvement bylaw in 1992.

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Wing Wednesday



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Nightly: 6:50 & 9:20 pm Matinees Sat. & Sun.: 1:50 pm 18A – Coarse Language, Crude Content



Enter to win! • Golf Lessons by Bill Penny, CPGA Master Professional • A Callaway Golf Bag • 18-Hole Rounds at Coal Creek, Silver Creek and more Draws to be made Wednesday, April 25

Nightly: 7:30 pm Matinees Sat. & Sun.: 1:45 pm 14A – Violence


Matinees Sat. & Sun.: 1:55 pm

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Nightly: 6:55 & 9:00 pm


18A – Gory Violence



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Potluck Supper and Silent/Live Auction Sunday, April 29 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. Silver Creek Multiplex, New Norway


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The fund-raiser will be held to financially aid Ryan and Jody Aspholm (nee Larry Csernyanski and Erwin and Brenda Chitrinia (nee Braim). Their two children, Logan and Scarlet, have been diagnosed with M.L.D. (Metachromatic Leukodystrophy), which is a rare, degenerative, neuromuscular disorder. At present, their best hope is to take part in a Clinical Trial and Bone Marrow Transplant. Funds raised will go towards paying for flights, hotels, food, mobility aides, a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and house remodelling.

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Spring Concert!

Can you help with an item for donation in this fund-raiser? If so, please contact Ardith Luckwell at 780-855-3093 or Shannon Vogel at 780-672-1441. A bank account has also been set up with CIBC “Trust for Logan and Scarlet Aspholm”.

Camrose Veselka Ukrainian Dancers proudly present:


Spring Festival of Ukrainian Dance

2012 CCHS Safe Grad and Prom Night Ticket Sales

Join us for an afternoon of beautiful costumes, dancing and Ukrainian culture!

April 25 and 26, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Camrose Fire Hall

(5041-50 Street, Downtown Camrose) Tickets Available at the Door: Adults – $10; Children 6 to 17 – $5; Age 5 and under – Free Refreshments to follow performance

Sunday, April 29, 1:00 p.m. Bailey Theatre

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Students attending must bring valid ID

Shoestring Actors' Guild to present "Night Mother" From the Shoestring Actors’ Guild, Camrose

The scene is the living room and kitchen of an isolated rural house, which is shared by Jessie and her mother, Thelma. Jessie's father is dead; her loveless marriage ended in divorce; her son is absent, she can’t keep a job, and life has beaten her down. As the play begins Jessie calmly says, “Tonight I’m going to kill myself, Mama.” Night, Mother is an extraordinary play which explores the complex relationship between a mother and daughter as they share secrets and truths that have shaped their lives. Yvonne Smith is Mama and Cordelia Tindall is Jessie. These experienced actresses bring incredible depth and heartfelt emotion to their roles and the audience has a chance to truly understand the thoughts and feelings of Mama and Jessie. Cordelia Tindall has worked as an actor, director, and playwright for over 16 years. Her


A scene from the play Night Mother, which the Shoestring Actors' Guild will be presenting May 4 and 5.

formal training is in theatre from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Cordelia has worked in various forms and levels of theatre in several places throughout

the province and moved to Camrose four years ago. Yvonne Smith has been involved in community theatre in and around Camrose for the past

six years. She is a natural on stage and this is her most challenging role to date. The last time Yvonne and Cordelia played mother and daughter on stage was in the one act "First Fireworks" by Alex Broun performed in Camrose for the Battle River ADFA (Alberta Drama Festivals Association) Regional competition in 2011, where Yvonne was awarded "Best Actress" and Cordelia received the "Adjudicator's Choice" award. Directing Night, Mother is BJ Castleman. He’s been an actor, director, producer and teacher. He has directed a variety of shows from Mary, Mary for the Stardust Dinner Theatre to Jesus Christ, Superstar for Broadway North and Chess for Applause*Applause. He is retired Head of Drama and Film at Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute. His play Wilderness was featured on TVOntario in the mid '90s and another, And Think of Me… was filmed for CITY TV. Fall,

Twice As Good! 6404-48 Avenue, Camrose


Hot Rain (an award-winning play and indie film) was staged in Poland in 2010. He has written over 40 works for stage. Trevor Hildebrand lends his talents to this play as the assistant director. Trevor has worked with several theatre groups in the area including Kelsey Drama Club, Main Street Players, and Water Works Theatre. As an actor, director and technician he brings great insight and passion to this project. Tackling the position of stage manager for the first time is Tina Myles. Her theatre experience includes work acting with murder mysteries and backstage with About Time Productions. Most recently she performed in Shoestring Actors’ Guild’s first production, The Next Mrs. Jacob Anderson, by Ann Wuehler opposite Alexandria Larsen in the Battle River ADFA Regionals in February. Tina was awarded "Best Actress" for her role of Mrs. Anderson. Continued on page 17

Greek Buffets Now on Sundays, too! Thursday and Sunday 5:30-8:30 p.m.

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Bauberger unveils 100 Dresses By Jane Cherry-Lemire City of Camrose Arts Director

Chuck MacLean Arts Centre is presenting the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program. Nicole Bauberger's 100 Dresses for Alberta include little paintings and their names tell a story from the three Alberta places. Drawn from the details of the place and season, there’s bound to be at least one painting that speaks to anyone looking at the show. Nicole sets up on site to paint in encaustic, a form of painting in beeswax. She then paints 100 small encaustic paintings of dresses in about 10 days, each inspired by some small thing she notices about being in that particular time and place. She welcomes stories and suggestions from the general public as she paints, so that she can try to capture the worries, dreams, flavours and materials of that particular human landscape. This show is selected from her three Albertan 100 Dresses projects: Grande Prairie, in November of 2008; Calgary, in March of 2009; and St. Albert in October of 2009. Nicole is asked why dresses? Her response is “dresses are fun, lots of dresses in one place, it's got to be a party.” She uses the dress as an actor to do things in the paintings or look at the world as material for a dress. It’s a way of painting a landscape capturing the vernacular of the area including the human element. This exhibition consists of 18 panels, six panels for each of the three communities. Each panel consisting of five to six small bees wax encaustic paintings representing the uniqueness of each of the communities. The show will be featured until April 26. For more details call Jane at 780-672-9949.

Camrose & District Music Festival APRIL 23 TO 27, 2012 PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE BAND, ELEMENTARY – Mon., 10:30-11:00 a.m., 1:00-2:45 p.m., CCHS East Gym; Wed., 9:30-11:15 a.m., Charlie Killam School Gym BAND, JR. HIGH – Tues., 9:00-11:45 a.m., 1:15-2:45 p.m., CCHS East Gym BAND, CCHS AND GRADE 9 – Mon., 9:00-10:45 a.m., CCHS East Gym RECORDERS AND ORFF – Wed., 11:15-11:45 a.m., Charlie Killam School Gym COMMUNITY MUSIC – Tues, 6:00-9:15 p.m., CCHS East Gym DANCE – Mon., 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, 1:30-4:45 p.m., and 6:15-9:00 p.m., Charlie Killam School Gym SCHOOL CHOIRS – Tues., 1:00-3:30 p.m., Jack Stuart School Gym INSTRUMENTAL – Wed., 1:15-4:00 p.m., CCHS Band Room; Thurs., 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon and 1:30-3:30 p.m., CCHS Band Room PIANO, JUNIOR – Mon., 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon and 1:30-4:30 p.m.; Tues., 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon and 1:30-4:10 p.m., Pleasantview Alliance Church PIANO, SENIOR – Fri., 9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon and 1:30-4:30 p.m., Pleasantview Alliance Church SPEECH – SOLO – Fri., 9:00-10:15 a.m., Chester Ronning School Music Room; GROUP – 10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon, Chester Ronning School Gym MUSICAL THEATRE – Wed., 6:30-9:00 p.m.; and Thurs., 6:30-9:00 p.m., Bethel Lutheran Church VOCAL – Tues., 10:30-11:30 a.m., 1:00-4:00 p.m. and 6:00-8:30 p.m., Bethel Lutheran Church; Wed., 9:00-12:00 noon, and 1:00-4:30 p.m., Bethel Lutheran Church; Thurs., 1:30-4:30 a.m., Bethel Lutheran Church VOCAL, COMMUNITY/SCHOOL – Tues., 10:30-11:30 a.m., Bethel Lutheran Church Performance details are in the Festival Program ($5.00 each) available now at Music Centre Canada and the UPS Store or at each venue during Festival Week.

The Augustana Choir


Come to the Many of you know Janice from her days as owner of Camrose’s most popular downtown café, Just For You. Janice, and her amazing quiche recipes, are back downtown at The Bailey Theatre Bistro. The new bistro menu features gluten-free homemade soups, daily lunch specials, and fresh-baked desserts. This week, have lunch at The Bistro (and say “Hi” to Janice). )

5041-50 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-5510 Open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Licensed – Available for Private Functions

Dr. Roger Admiral, Piano Dr. Ardelle Ries, Director Jeremy Spurgeon, Organ

Forestburg Concert Series

Actors' Guild to present Night Mother


Travelling Mabels

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Shoestring Actors' Guild was founded in the fall of 2011 in Camrose by a group of like minded theatre workers who were dedicated to the ideal of creating quality theatre on a shoestring budget, so that all people could afford to attend productions. The performance dates for Night, Mother are Friday, May 4, and Saturday, May 5, at 7:30, at the Augustana Theatre. Tickets can be purchased from Candler Art Gallery. Tickets are general seating and will also be sold at the door of the theatre, but with only two performances they will be limited and may sell out quickly.

New Bailey Bistro manager Janice Olson

Spirited Female Folk/Country Trio

Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Forestburg Community Center Winners of the ACMA Group of the Year Award for 2011

Tickets available at the door Featuring music of Freedman, Fulton, King, Nickel, Martin, Willan, Bartók, Halmos, Kodály, Ligeti, and Orbán

~ In memoriam Kalman Kovács ~

$20 Adult

$15 Student $12 Child (6-12 years)

For tickets or information call 780-582-3668 • 780-582-3952 • 780-582-2181

Sunday, April 29, 2012 — 7:30 p.m. Faith & Life Chapel | Augustana Campus | University of Alberta Tickets: $16 (adults}; $12 (students/seniors); $40 (family) Available at the door

Booster Ads Get Results!

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

VOTING MADE SIMPLE Monday, April 23, 2012 Provincial General Election and Senate Nominee Election Voting will take place to elect Members of the Legislative

Returning Officer Office hours: 9 am to 6 pm Monday

Assembly and Senate Nominees. Voting hours are from

to Friday and 10 am to 4 pm Saturday.

9 am to 8 pm.

If you would like to work on Voting Day, apply at

Advance Voting will take place from 9 am to 8 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from April 19, 2012 to April 21, 2012 These Advance Polls offer level access. 1. Office of the Returning Officer for Battle River-Wainwright

2. Office of the Returning Officer for Wetaskiwin-Camrose

Crescent Point Place Regional

Legion Hall

Millet & District Lions

Wetaskiwin Seniors Centre

Activity Cenre

5115 50 Street

Family Hall

5216 54 Street

4205 53 Avenue


5023 48 Avenue



Millet Returning Officer Office

Holden Senior’s Centre

119 10 Street

Royal Canadian Legion

4914 50 Street


5703 48 Avenue


Camrose Sedgewick Community Hall 4809 47 Street Sedgewick

Special Ballot Applications

• absence from the electoral division

Available from the Returning Officer throughout the election

• imprisonment

period for electors who will be unable to vote in advance

• election officer, candidate, official agent or scrutineer

or on Voting Day because of:

responsibilities, away from his or her own polling place

• physical incapacity

• residency in a remote area

Polls | 001, 002, 015, 031,

Polls | 017, 018, 019, 020, 021

Polls | 041, 042, 043,

Polls | 063, 064, 065, 069

032, 033

Royal Canadian Legion

044, 045, 046

Millet Agriplex*

Camrose Regional Exhibition*

Camrose Branch No 57*

Wetaskiwin Seniors Centre*

5290 45 Avenue

4250 Exhibition Drive

5703 48 Avenue

5216 54 Street




Wetaskiwin Polls | 066, 067, 068

Polls | 003, 004, 005,

Polls | 022, 023, 024, 025,

Polls | 053, 054, 055,

Millet Community Hall*

006, 007

026, 027, 028, 029, 030

056, 057, 070

5107 50 Avenue

St. Patrick’s Catholic School*

Camrose Community Centre*

Calvary Baptist Church*


4816 53 Avenue

4516 54 Street

4910 Northmount Drive




Polls | 008, 009, 011, 012, 013

Polls | 034, 035, 036, 050,

Polls | 059, 060

Moose Hall*

051, 052, 058, 062

Howard Buffalo

5001 52 Avenue

Wetaskiwin Drill Hall*

Memorial Centre*


4513 50 Avenue


Wetaskiwin Polls | 010, 014, 016

Poll | 061

United Church Of Canada

Polls | 037, 038, 039, 040,

Montana Tribal


049, 047/048

Administration Office*

4829 50 Street

Memorial Arts Centre*

SE 29 43 24 W4


5206 50 Street



The Election Act requires that Third Party Advertisers must register with Elections Alberta if they spend more than $1000 in election advertising. More information is available on our website.

*Level Access


The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

Electoral Division of Wetaskiwin-Camrose




2 613


IR 137

RRD 200

Camrose Phone: (780) 678-2491 Toll Free: (855) 486-4301 Email:

B a ttle R iver

The office has level access.

RRD 231

RRD 240


Ponoka County


Address: 5006 50 Street


TWP RD 460

RRD 243

TRD 455





for Wetaskiwin-Camrose

RRD 202


Office of the Returning Officer

Returning Officer: Barbara Olsen

RGE 223

RRD 250

TRD 470

Camrose County

Bittern Lake

County of Wetaskiwin No.10 RRD 231


1 34


10 am on May 3, 2012 at the


RRD 211



e ak

TRD 474 814 64



Co a

RRD 205



Announcement of the Official Count

TRD 480 RGE 221

RGE 245

RRD 252

TWP 481

IR 137

B a t t le

2A IR 137

60 Ba t tle

Ri v

IR 137A

Ri ve




61 IR 139

38 37



38 AVE


10 18 19

17 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

35 613






15 14 15


TWP RD 464

RGE RD 200

46 ST

16 13

3 CP



2 33



RGE 200



50 ST

73 ST


49 49 ST ST




53 ST

11 9

66 ST





TWP RD 471

54 AVE


48 AVE


RGE RD 202

64 ST


48 AVE




40 AVE


56 AVE 54 AVE 58 52 AVE

68 ST

43 AVE




RGE RD 204


53 52 ST ST

47 AVE


RGE RD 205





45 ST



55 S

55 AVE

50 AVE47

56 ST





64 ST





47 ST


36 ST


47 ST






72 AVE

60 ST


RGE RD 201

Camrose 73 ST



The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

Battle River-Wainwright West (Complete ED map in local newspaper)

Announcement of the Official Count

Address: 119 10 Street Wainwright Phone: (780) 842-1721

10 am on May 3, 2012 at the Office of the Returning Officer for Battle

County of Minburn No. 27

TRD 510


RRD 200

TRD 480

TRD 460

RRD 204






County of Stettler No. 6


Amisk Community Hall*

Provost Rec & Culture Centre*

5305 48 Avenue

5113 43 Street



Cadogan Ag. Soc. Hall*

5039 4 Street

116 2 Street

Hardisty Poll | 013


Poll | 008

Alliance Community Hall*

Metiskow Hall*

114 1 Avenue East

118 Broad Street


Metiskow Poll | 014




Hardisty Legion Hut*


TRD 424



Poll | 007

Cadogan 30-31 RRD 130

TRD 442



Lacombe Lake County TWP 410

004, 005, 006, 040

Polls | 012, 035, 036

26 RRD 160


Ponoka County


Poll | 011





Polls | 001, 002, 003,


TRD 450

TRD 430

20-21 19


Bawlf Daysland

Camrose Edberg County 18 Ferintosh 24 22



RRD 143


RRD 170



eat dm rie


23 Norway



TRD 460 D

TRD 450

RRD 182

TRD 480


RRD 134



The office has level access. Returning Officer: Nicole Richard

RRD 145

Hay Lakes 70

Ryley RRD 180


RRD 192






RRD 131

TWP 501

Beaver County 61 60


RRD 141

Leduc County



Toll Free: (855) 357-1721

14 Galahad

1 River A County of Paintearth No. 18

Poll | 009

Galahad Agriplex*

Czar Curling Club*

201 Lady Vivian Avenue

4627 50 Avenue


Czar Polls | 015, 016 Poll | 010

Big Knife Villa*

Hughenden Community Hall*

4401 47 Street

16 Mackenzie Avenue



Poll | 017

Polls | 026, 027

Polls | 039, 043

Polls | 058, 059

Heisler Community

Daysland Community Hall*

Edgerton Agricultural Hall*

Bruce Community Centre*

Cultural Centre*

602 51 Street

4916 50 Street

404 Main Street

119 Main Street




Poll | 028

Polls | 041, 042

Polls | 060, 061

Poll | 018

Strome Community Hall*

Chauvin Elks Hall*

Holden Senior’s Centre*

Rosalind Drop-In Centre*

5201 51 Avenue

4919 2 Avenue North

4914 50 Street

7 Main Street




Polls | 029, 030, 031

Polls | 047, 048, 049, 050

Polls | 062, 063

Polls | 019, 020, 021

Multipurpose Room

Wainwright Communiplex

Ryley Legion Hall*

BD Support Services*

- Killam Agriplex*

Hall 2*

5121 50 Street

4909 50 Street

5175 51 Avenue

700 2 Avenue







Polls | 064, 065 Poll | 022

Polls | 032, 033

Polls | 051, 052, 053, 054

Ohaton Community Centre*

Little Beaver

Sedgewick Community Hall*

Wainwright Communiplex

Railway Avenue

Hi U Seniors Centre*

4809 47 Street

Hall 3*


203 Glenmuir Avenue


700 2 Avenue


Wainwright Poll | 034

Poll | 066 Roundhill Community Hall*

Poll | 023

Lougheed Legion Hut*

Poll | 055

9 Twp Rd 484 East

New Norway Community Hall*

4925 50 Street

Building 696*


210 Main Street


Whitehorse Road

New Norway

CFB/ASU Wainwright

Polls | 067, 068, 069


Kingman Community Hall*

Poll | 024

Polls | 037, 038, 044,

Edberg Senior Centre*

045, 046

Polls | 056, 057

56 Main Street

Wainwright Communiplex

Irma New Horizon*


Hall 1*

4915 50 Street

Polls | 070, 071/072

700 2 Avenue


Hay Lakes Recreation Centre*

Poll | 025 Bawlf Community Centre*


Main Street Kingman

Main Street Hay Lakes

212 Hanson Street Bawlf

*Level Access


The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012




'RAN"AHIA 0RINCIPE#OBA++++ž !PRILn.IGHTS!,,).#,53)6%






2OYAL$ECAMERON 'RAND0ALLADIUM6ALLARTA2ESORT++++ž #OMPLEX++++ !PRILn.IGHTS!,,).#,53)6% !PRILn.IGHTS!,,).#,53)6% TAX TAX





'RANDE/ASIS0ALM++++ž !PRILn.IGHTS!,,).#,53)6%

'RAN"AHIA0RINCIPE 3IAN+AAN$ON0ABLO++++ž !PRILn.IGHTS!,,).#,53)6%







You’ll love our chicken breasts for their: • Extra fine trim • Superior taste • Consistent size and shape • Convenience because they are individually quick frozen


8-12 PORTIONS 1.36 kg/3 lb Reg. Price 19.99



Chicken Farfalle



Library Volunteers Appreciated From April 15 to 21, Canadian volunteers step into the spotlight as communities across the country celebrate National Volunteer Week.

A HEARTFELT THANK YOU goes out to the volunteers of the Camrose Public Library for the work they do – helping out, giving back and having fun.


Must Try!

Saskatoon, SK


52 99

• Triple Cheese Ravioli • Chicken Farfalle • Beef Bourguignon with Noodles • Shrimp Penne 680 g/24 oz. Reg. Price 7.99



Complete your meal, just add Uncle Ben’sŽ Bistro ExpressŽ Choose from 6 varieties. 250 g

Sirloin Beef Burgers

Marinated Sirloin Steaks



12 BURGERS 12 x 113 g/4 oz Reg. Price 13.99


10 3 save


Choose from: • Teriyaki • Pepper • Barbecue • Herb & Garlic • Mesquite 4 STEAKS 4 x 170 g/6 oz Reg. Price 14.99




14 5 99


Choose from:

• Made with sirloin beef • A hint of garlic for a truly unique flavour

Camrose Titans win silver medal at indoor provincials

Everyone should try them!� Betty P., Customer


Chicken Strips


10 save 4


MADE WITH SOLID ALL-WHITE CHICKEN BREAST FILLETS! • Convenient and quick: ready in 20 minutes from the oven 27-33 PIECES 1.36 kg/3 lb

save$ PRICE EVER! Gourmet Bowls LOWEST



13 4 save $


Choose from: • Italian Sausage and Penne • Chicken Caesar • Ginger Chicken • Chicken Teriyaki 300 g/10.6 oz Sold Individually Reg. Price 3.99 each


79 each

save$120 each

Chicken Caesar Complete your meal, just add Rosemary Pull-Apart Bread 2 LOAVES 454 g/16 oz Reg. Price 3.99... Sale 3.69





SENIORS DOUBLE YOUR DISCOUNT ON TUESDAYS! Receive 5% OFF your purchase if you’re 60 or over.

Receive 10% OFF your Tuesday purchase when you spend more than $30! Valid proof of age required. Purchases of Gift Cards and taxes excluded. Not to be used in conjunction with any other oer.









unless otherwise stated.

120-6800-48 Avenue, Camrose (Cornerstone) Phone 780.672.1484

The Camrose Titans U12 boys' indoor soccer team garnered the silver medals at provincials in Edmonton on March 16 to 18. After going undefeated in the Sherwood Park Indoor League, 16-0, they won both of the CASA qualifiers and earned victories in three out of four games in the provincials. Members of the Titans include, front row from left to right, Dalton Chartrand, Gabriel Osborne, Jared Ronsko, Seth Misiak, Andrew Hohm and Ewen Schellenberg. Middle row from left to right, Erik Thomson, Kaden Tritten, Eric Pudlowski and Owain Osborne. The back row coaches are Jason King, Kris Thomson and Geraint Osborne.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

Scholarship available from CAFCL

May Appointments Available

- Tooth Whitening - Oral Sedation for anxious patients - Restoration of Dental Implants - Laser Dentistry - Oral Cancer Screenings - TMJ Services such as splints - Dental Extractions, including wisdom teeth - Dental Cleanings and Exams

- Infant and Child Dental Services - Emergency Dental Procedures - White Fillings - Digital Impressions - Same-day Ceramic Crowns - Crowns, Veneers, Inlays, Onlays and Bridges - Root Canal Therapy


25% OFF

ALL CUSTOM ORDERS, APRIL 1 - 30, 2012 Services Provided by a General Dentist

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame is pleased to offer an information evening hosted by Mr. Del Pedrick, Director of Hockey Development. Mr. Pedrick’s presentation will highlight the school’s rich history and both the male and female hockey programs.

When: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. Where: Camrose Edgeworth Centre Room 1 (upstairs)

Valid on all orders placed until April 30th 2012

Coming in May…

Canadian Furniture Manufacturers – FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALES

You are invited to the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus for

Spring Soirée A Report to the Community

April 24 | 5:30 pm Program 4901 46 Ave Faith & Life Centre Lounge Business Attire Enjoy light refreshments following the program.

RSVP today at 780-679-1626 or

Bruce Hinkley a man of action By Dan Jensen

NDP candidate Bruce Hinkley

Wetaskiwin-Camrose NDP candidate Bruce Hinkley isn't content to just talk about how the province is being run. He wants to do something about it. "I've decided that by running I can have a say in the issues rather than just talk about them," he said. Hinkley describes himself as a social democrat who believes in the principles of social justice and the greatest good for the greatest number. He feels the New Democrats offer strong leadership, excellent policies and better government.


4965 Main Street, Camrose – 780-672-3622 Mon. to Fri., 9:00 am to 5:30 pm; Sat., 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Hinkley believes the Conservative government's economic plan is broken. "I suppose the biggest evidence is the fact that the party has split into Conservative One and Conservative Two, namely the PC and the Wildrose," he said. "Even people who are former Conservatives are leaving the Party in droves. That isn't just happening because Danielle Smith is a pretty woman. It is happening because the Conservatives' plan is broken. Hinkley sees an underpriced oil royalty rate as one of the reasons the government has a debt and deficit. "When Premier Lougheed was the premier of this province in the 1970s Alberta had a royalty rate of 40 per cent, a number that has been chiselled down to nine per cent today," he said. "The New Democrats would collect a fair share. We would pay off our debt, balance our budgets and properly finance health care and education." Hinkley points to Norway as a country that is managing its Heritage Trust Fund in the proper way. "Norway, which has the same population as Alberta – maybe a little bit more – has a $1 trillion heritage fund that generates about $40 billion a year in interest at four per cent. Alberta's expenditures in the budget released about a month ago were $41 billion. If we had followed the example of Norway and we had a huge prin-

cipal, the interest on the fund, not even the principal, would pay for the running of the entire province." Hinkley said the fact that more and more small communities are losing their schools is evidence that the Conservatives have abandoned farm families and has no economic plan for the province's rural areas. "There are no programs in place that would make it desirable for young families to move into these rural areas. The parents of children attending rural schools would like to see the schools stay open for the vitality of the community." Hinkley believes that in addition to the financial deficit, the Conservative government is dealing with a moral and ethical deficit. "We have people taking money for non-sitting committees and people taking huge adjustments, or the golden handshake with money that comes from the taxpayers, and nothing is being disclosed in the budget," he said. "The Canadian Taxpayers' Association has had to dig for the information and go through FOIP. The coverups are wrong and they are unethical." Hinkley said he opposes any type of plan to privatize health care. "The New Democrats are the only party standing for public universal health care." Hinkley plans to attend candidates' forums throughout the Wetaskiwin-Camrose constitu-

Camrose Association For Community Living (CAFCL) offers two scholarships each year. The Norris Bowen Scholarship was established by Muriel Rieger and is administered by CAFCL. The $300 scholarship will be awarded to an individual with a developmental disability participating in further education of any type. The second scholarship is The Camrose Association For Community Living Disabilities Studies Scholarship. This is a $1,000 scholarship that is awarded to a student in the disabilities field or a field of related study. Vanessa Tellier was the recipient of the Disabilities Studies Scholarship for the 2011-2012 academic year. Vanessa is a mother of four studying at the University of Alberta Augustana Campus. She is currently finishing her last semester of schooling and will have a Sociology Major and a Minor in Psychology. Vanessa has volunteered with the Camrose Association for Community Living’s Teaching Independence Parenting Skills Program (TIPS), DARE Program, and CAFCL’s charity auction. She received an award for volunteering over 2,000 hours during her teenage years. Vanessa’s goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of others. If you or someone you know would benefit from either of these scholarships please contact Cherilyn Sharkey at 780-6720257 or by email at csharkey@ Deadline for submitting scholarship applications is Friday, May 11.

ency to explain his views, and is meeting with different groups and organizations every day. He was, he admitted, "cautiously optimistic" after talking to Grade 12 students at Wetaskiwin High School. "I was thinking if we had the election in that room after our discussion and question and answer, the New Democrats would win the constituency," he said. "It has been a tough road here for sure, but all the Wild Rose and the Conservatives are doing in their attack ads against each other is providing that the other Party is not capable of running the government. If they split then the New Democrats, with our strong leadership and excellent policies, have a chance of making it a three-way race." Hinkley is a semi-retired Wetaskiwin resident who does contract work for Muskwachees College in Hobbema and the Aspen View School district and is a student in the University of Alberta's Spanish language certificate program. He was a school principal at Smoky Lake for 14 years, and has served as volunteer on several community organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and Wetaskiwin's Tiger Athletic Association. He was a candidate for the NDP in the provincial election of 1993 and a candidate for the Forum Party in the provincial election of 1994.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012


Couples, you’re invited to

BBQ Cooking Class at

Tuesday, May 1 6-9 p.m. A professional chef / demonstrator from Traeger Canada will be using one of their famous wood pellet grills to show you wonderful grilling tips and tricks. Learn how to barbecue with ease and how to greatly enhance the taste of the foods you grill!

Fire Chief for a Day Nyssa Davidson, a Grade 3 student at Chester Ronning, won the Fire Chief for a Day contest by submitting an entry form to the Fire Department. She attended regular training with the Camrose Department, observing a surface ice rescue training simulation, emergency traffic set-up, and a high-angle rope rescue off the County seed plant. Here she observes hydraulic cutters under the direction of firefighter Sean Johnston.

This evening is designed so couples can learn to entertain and enjoy stress-free cooking! After the hands-on audience participation meal preparation, you’ll enjoy the supper you’ve created during the class! Limited reservations accepted. Call now so we can save your spot!

$10.00 per couple

6808-48 Avenue, Camrose 780-672-8818

Central Agencies Home of the Week

Exceptional home near school

Graham Wideman

By Murray Green

You can watch your children safely walk to school from this beautiful family home that backs onto the Jack Stuart School playground. You'll also be impressed with the quality of this home, featuring a spacious foyer, a gorgeous open staircase, vaulted ceilings, solid oak doors and hardwood flooring. This extensively upgraded one-and-a-half storey 1,827 square foot home offers four bedrooms and is ideal for a growing family. Not only does it have a huge fenced yard, it is near walking trails and recreation areas. The foyer leads to a grand staircase to the upper level and to the living room complete with soothing decor, where you will

be proud to greet your guests. Stunning oak cabinets, a cooking island, a great corner pantry and plenty of counter space make this kitchen a treat for preparing meals. The kitchen and living room are joined by a bright dinette with a garden door to a large private deck overlooking the treed yard. The family room also has a view of the backyard and features a cozy gas fireplace. A superb main floor laundry room, bathroom, storage space and access to the garage round out the main level. The double french doors introduce a spacious master bedroom, with an exceptional fourpiece en suite, also contains a walk-in closet and beautiful glass

doors. Two other bedrooms, a four-piece main bathroom, and handy closets with oak doors complete the upper floor. The nicely developed basement has a large family or games room, an additional bedroom and more storage closets. The oversized front double attached garage is insulated and the lot has plenty of space for RV parking. Your next home at 3511-57 Street is attractively priced to sell at $405,000. An open house will be held on Thursday, April 19,, from 3 to 5 p.m. Contact Graham Wideman for your guided tour at: Central Agencies Inc. 4870-51 Street, Camrose 780-672-4495 or 780-679-8384 cell

l i r p A g n i Com 26, 27 and 28

#3, 3810-48 Avenue, Camrose 780-672-4983

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012


Visit our website:

4870-51 Street, Camrose • Phone 780-672-4495 • 1-800-809-8040 After Hours: Graham Wideman, 780-679-8384; Matt Banack, 780-608-9733; Matthew Mayer, 780-781-7088; Lyndsey Delwo, 780-678-6117; Darrell Rosland, 780-679-2170; Lorne Broen, 780-679-7797; Frank Hoehn, 780-608-7402; Steve Frost, 780-679-6550. After Hr. Pager: 780-608-1078.

OPEN HOUSES Wed., April 18, 3-5 p.m. 6608-35 Avenue “Be sure to view this gem!” IMPRESSIVE I M MAC U LATE - NOTHING TO DO BUT MOVE IN ... be sure to view this bright, fresh, spacious and totally finished bungalow. Attractive floor plan. Substantially upgraded inside and outside. Private yard, new fence. Incl. 5 appliances. Oversized 2-car garage. Immediate possession! Ask $289,900 CA322916

Thur., April 19, 3-5 p.m. 3717-68A Street 1727 SQ. FT. 2-STOREY ... fully finished 4-bdrm. home located REDUCE D! in Southwest Meadows! Front covered deck, lovely staircase leading upstairs, large master, workable kitchen w/maple cabinets, corner pantry. Gas FP, A/C, oversized garage, great back yard w/large deck to entertain. Asking $385,000 CA317555

Thur., April 19, 3-5 p.m. 3511-57 Street “Home of the Week, see page 23!” BEAUTIFUL 1-1/2 STOREY FAMILY HOME BACKING ONTO JAC K STUART SCHOOL! ... Impressive quality home, recently upgraded, huge yard! Featuring beautiful open staircase, vaulted ceilings, solid oak doors, hardwood flooring. Excellent kitchen, bright dinette, huge private deck, bright LR and cozy gas FP in great room. Superb master w/exceptional en suite. Dev. bsmt., large family/games room. 22’x25’ garage, RV parking. You’ll love it, just move in! Asking $405,000 CA323438

Thur., April 19, 3-5 p.m. 3907-67 Street Crescent “Excellent Value and Location!” A MUST SEE – VERY SPACIOUS – G R EAT FAMILY HOME E IC – IMMACULATE PR N EW – LOCATION ... Numerous upgrades incl. impressive newer hardwood. Attractive floor plan, “L” living/dining, lge. family kitchen, family rm., FP, garden doors to patio. MF laundry, office. 5 bdrm., 3 baths. Dev. bsmt. Dad will love the 26’x30’ htd. garage. Super size lot w/garden. Now asking $339,500 CA321596

Sat., April 21, 2-4 p.m. 4904-54 Street VE RY N I C E CON DO UNIT ... with an emphasis on Adult Living. Close to downtown and Mirror Lake walking paths. Bungalow style, no stairs! MF laundry, spacious master bdrm. and LR. Parking pad right outside your door. Extra storage inside and out. All new shingles, soffits, fascia, eves and downspouts. Condo fees $50/month. See it today! Asking $186,500 CA321966

Sat., April 21, 2-4 p.m. 7314-46 Avenue L O C A T E D NEAR A PARK AND WITHIN W A L K I N G DISTANCE OF CAMROSE WEST END SHOPPING ... 1481 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 story home. Kitchen comes with oak cabinets, center island eating bar, MF laundry. huge master with walk-in closet and 3 pc. en suite. basement is open for future development. Appliances included. Asking $266,900 CA322516

OUT OF TOWN N E W NORWAY – S PA C I O U S , N EW PRIC E! N E A T , BRIGHT, AFFORDABLE ... 1300 sq. ft. 4-bdrm. fin. up and down. Upgrades incl. alder cupboards, laminate flooring, main bath redone, new hi-E furnace. Fenced yard, 2-car garage. Great place to raise a family. Close to playground, school. Be sure to view! Now asking $179,500. Try an Offer! CA308146 BAWLF ~ 3 - B D R M . MOBILE ON 1-1/2 LOTS ... Be satisfied in a budget conscious home. Many upgrades, appliances included. Fenced. CA319726 Only asking $75,900 HEISLER ... picturesque location in a friendly N EW PRIC E! town close to conveniences. Bungalow, 4 bdrm., 3 baths. Garage and more! CA316500 Now asking $160,000

HOMES OVER $300,000 E XC E P TI O NAL HOME – PARK SETTING ... impressive custom built home w/great location, awesome yard. Upgrades galore! Exceptional kitchen inviting dinette, attractive LR. Superb family room w/garden doors to covered courtyard. 24’x24’ garage and a lot more! A must see! Now Only $339,900 CA319196 BRAN D N EW 1504 SQ. FT. TWOSTOREY ... by Zetsen Master Builders. Close to parks, trails, this home features 3 SIMILAR TO PICTURE bdrm., MF laundry, vaulted ceiling in master bdrm. plus 5-pce. en suite that is sure to impress! Asking $354,900 CA320245



PRIVATE TREED ACREAGE, THE PERFECT GETAWAY! ... Very secluded setting w/6.8 acres that offers a restful country lifestyle. Features 1160 sq. ft. 3-bdrm. mobile w/vaulted ceilings, lovely country kitchen, lots of cabinetry. Superb carousel dinette, spacious master, superb en suite. New shingles, siding. Small hobby shop, pole shed, storage sheds. Private getaway w/lots of potential. Call now to view! CA320948 Asking $229,500 WOW! BEAUTIFUL LOG HOM E, 13.8 AC R ES WITH PRIVATE SETTI NG! ... Located 9 miles from Camrose, 2 miles to Driedmeat Lake and close to pavement. Features a huge covered veranda, beautiful open staircase, exceptional loft area, open beams and log walls. Lovely country-style kitchen/dinette, beautiful filedstone fireplace and vaulted ceilings. Cozy ICF basement, in-floor heating, IBC boiler, large family/games room. Log workshop and more! Enjoy a peaceful, relaxing lifesyle! Asking $519,900 CA323054

WOW! WALKOUT ACREAGE LOT – SUPERB VIEW! ... 1.57 acres only 5 miles west of Camrose, 1/2 mile off pavement. Overlooking peaceful, relaxing countryside, proposed golf course. It’s the perfect setting to build your dream home. Call now! Asking $119,000 CA321717 16.48 ACRES ... 5 km east of Holden just off Hwy.14. Peaceful setting, great spot to build. Water line, gas line run through property. Now asking $120,000 CA293010 12.7 ACRES ON PVMT. CLOSE TO DRIED MEAT LAKE! ... Great out bldgs. 1.5 storey w/ cool country charm. New foundation in mid ’70s, recent upgrades incl. windows, insulation, siding, furnace, septic, well in 2002 and more. 27’x32’ htd. shop w/water and 220 power; 42’x72’ quonset; 40’x60’ barn w/ separate horse stalls, good tack room. Plenty of fenced areas for riding. Only minutes to Camrose! Subject to final subdivision. CA323700 Asking $430,000

WOW! BEAUTIFUL WALKOUT BUNGALOW – SUPERB ACREAGE SETTING! ... You’ll love it! Close to Camrose, by pavement. Beautiful open plan features vaulted 9’ ceilings, exceptional windows, hardwood flooring, superb kitchen, amazing dinette area, superb en suite. Excellent walkout bsmt., heated garage. 28’x36’ heated workshop and more! Great views! A must see! CA321714 Asking $519,000 WOW! IT’S THE PERFECT PLACE TO BUILD YOUR DREAM HIDEAWAY! ... Quiet Hills Estates is located near Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, Bird Sanctuary and Golf Course. Come and discover a restful country lifestyle in a peaceful and natural setting, you’ll love it! 6 unique Cul-de-sac lots that are treed, private and excellent walkout opportunities. Located just off Hwy 623, it’s an easy commute to Nisku or Camrose. Hurry, it’s the lifestyle you always dreamed of! CA322851 Priced from $84,000 to $154,000

WOW! EXCEPTIONAL ACREAGE – IMPRESSIVE HOME! ... 5.7 acres only 3 miles to Camrose and on pavement. Impressive 3300 sq. ft. custom built home features beautiful open staircase, exceptional window pkg., hardwood flooring, vaulted ceilings in LR and DR. Huge country-style kitchen, cozy great room, superb master. In-floor htg. in house, 28’x30’ garage and in 50’x100’ workshop. OH crane, coal boiler. 50’x60’ storage bldg. Very nicely fenced yard, corrals, much more! CA323331 Asking $792,500

Beautiful Bungalows and Two Storeys by Battle River Homes Creekview

WALKOUT! 1,453 sq. ft. 2 bedrooms 24’x26’garage Asking $497,162

HOME FEATURES: • Covered front veranda • 9’ and coffered ceilings • Hardwood flooring • Cozy fireplace • Lovely maple cabinets • Granite • Large island and pantry • Superb main floor laundry • In’floor basement heating • Covered deck FINISHED WITH ELEGANCE!

SW Meadows


1,741 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms 22’x24’garage Asking $369,162 CA322931

Walkout Lot Available In Valleyview - Build Your Dream Home!

Show Home Open House

Wed., April 18, 2-4 p.m. 5204-33A Avenue, Creekview

IMPRESSIVE M U LT I - L E V E L FLOOR PLAN ... w/walk-out bsmt. and backWALKOUT ing onto a park in Creekview. Open concept floor plan showcasing vaulted ceilings, big, bright windows, 4-pce. master en suite, partially fin. bsmt. for added enjoyment. Asking $384,900 CA320241

W O W ! IMPRESSIVE BI-LEVEL AND EXC E PTIONAL YARD ... Exceptional presentation featurER FF O AN ing beautiful hardTRY wood flooring and staircase, display ledges, vaulted ceilings and loft. Exc. kitchen, cabinetry, cozy gas FP, huge master, superb en suite, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt. w/family room, games room. Beautiful private yard, UG sprinklers, superb workshop, hot tub, RV parking pad, lots more! A must see! Asking $389,000 CA321015 EXCEPTIONAL 5 BEDROOM BI-LEVEL CLOSE TO PARKS! ... M E! Features a spaG REAT HO cious foyer, hardwood stairs, hardwood flooring, 10’ ceilings, and display ledges. Superb country kitchen, lovely living room, bright dinette, spacious master with jetted tub. Excellent basement with huge family/games room, cozy Harman fireplace. Awesome yard, maintenance free fencing, RV parking, heated garage and more! Just Move In! Asking $372,900 CA323615 POPULAR Z ETSE N M U LT I LEVEL ... w/walkout bsmt. Spacious floor plan w/ vaulted ceilings, large entryway, FP, hardwood/ tile flooring, MF master bdrm. granite countertops, much more. Asking $384,900 CA320242 SIMILAR TO PICTURE

IMMACULATE – VE RY I M P R ES S IVE – QU I ET N EW PRIC E CRESCENT – PRIVATE YARD ... 1736 sq. ft. bungalow plus fin. lower level. Lge. foyer, sunken LR, lge. formal DR (hardwood), lge. family kitchen overlooking family room (hardwood), FP. MF laundry. 5 lge. bdrm., 3 baths. Lge. covered deck. Lge. private treed, fenced yard. RV parking. Oversized garage. Immediate possession. Now asking $344,900 CA319712 W O W ! BEAUTI FU L VALLEYVIEW BUNGALOW, CLOSE TO PARKS AND TRAILS! ... Quality and custom built with beautiful open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, alcoves, columns and display ledges! Exceptional kitchen, granite, huge island, NU-Heat tiling, soothing air tub, cozy 3-sided FP, MF laundry. Irrigation system, RV option, vinyl fencing, triple panes and more! You’ll love it! CA320143 Only $399,900 TONS OF EXTRAS IN THIS 1394 sq. ft. RAISED BUNGALOW IN VALLEYVIEW ... ICF block basement with in-floor heat, 23x23 heated garage with built-in storage, RV Parking and much more. 3 bdrm up, 1 down, open concept, main floor laundry. kitchen has maple cabinets, rasied eating bar and corner pantry. Gas fireplace in living room. Basement is fully finished and very spacious. Custom free-standing bar, poker table, pool table and all the accessories included! Fenced, landscaped and a covered deck. Move right in! Asking $436,500 CA322713 LA VISTA VI LL AS’ 45+ ADULT COMMUNITY ... Bright REDUCE D! open plan w/vaulted ceiling, spacious kitchen w/generous oak cabinetry, large master bdrm. w/3-pce. en suite. Gorgeous sunroom overlooking green space. MF laundry. 20’x24’ htd. garage w/hot/cold taps and floor drain. Fin. bsmt. Shingles two years old. Popular adult community – don’t miss out! New Price $314,500 CA320594 AWESOME 1431 SQ. FT. MULTILEVEL CLOSE TO PARK AND WALKING TRAILS ... Great bright kitchen c/w corner pantry, plenty of counter space. Vaulted ceilings, big bright windows, open staircase that leads to master w/cove ceiling, 4-pce. en suite. Bsmt. family room also finished for added enjoyment. Don’t miss out, call today! Asking $369,900 CA322241

IMPRESSIVE E LEGANC E ... a gracious foyer welcomes you to this prestigious 3215 sq. ft., 2-storey. Awesome floor plan. Recent upgrades are stunning. Located in quiet crescent. Must definitely be seen to be appreciated! You won’t want to leave. CA316841 Now asking $679,500 W O W ! EXCEPTIONAL, I M PR ESSIVE CUSTOM BUILT - LARGE PRIVATE PIE SHAPE CRESCENT LOT ... Love at first sight. You’ll be welcomed by a bright foyer with 15’ curved ceiling and marble floor. Superb kitchen is Mom’s dream, maple cabinets, granite and top end appliances. Garden door to a 20’x25’ covered patio. Elegant formal DR. Excellent placement of all windows. Large master bdrm. Superb 5 piece en suite. MF laundry. Tigerwood hdw floor and casing featured. Totally finished bsmt, infloor htg, 3-car htd garage. Long list of extras. Shown by appointment. Asking $679,500 CA322384 EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY HOME, BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE YARD, BAC K I N G ONTO GOLF COURSE ... you’ll be impressed by spacious floor plan, family lifestyle, beautiful views, quiet location. Open staircase, oak railings, loft overlooks LR. Exc. kitchen, bright dinette, formal DR, cozy FP in family room. Huge master, superb en suite, MF laundry. Awesome private yard, huge covered deck, RV parking and more! Asking $419,000 CA322768 I M PR ESSIVE C U S T O M BUILT R2000 B U N G A L O W, EXCEPTIONAL SETTING, BACKING ONTO GOLF COURSE! ... You’ll love the beautiful park views from the comfort of your home! Features a spacious open design, vaulted ceilings, open stairwell and beautiful cabinetry. Exceptional kitchen pkg. superb views from bright dinette, private deck. Lovely LR, superb en suite and MF laundry. Huge family/games room, superb workshop w/walkout. RV option. You’ll love the location and lifestyle! Asking $364,900 CA323443 E XC E P T I O N A L SIMILAR 2006 SQ. FT. TO PICTURE T W O - STO R E Y ... Triple garage, wa l k o u t - b s m t . , backs onto park. Functional family floor plan, MF laundry, bonus room upstairs, 4-pce. en suite w/ soaker tub. Asking $419,900 CA320246 BEAUTIFUL B U N G A L O W, C U L- D E - S AC L O C AT I O N , CLOSE TO JACK STUART SCHOOL ... featuring impressive floor plan, hardwood flooring, coffered ceilings, arches, columns, display niches, accent lighting. Lovely kitchen w/eating bar, beautiful dinette, LR, jetted tub, 5 bdrm., huge family/media/games area. Nicely landscaped, htd. garage and more! A must see! Asking $339,900 CA322229 A N O T H E R POPULAR MULTILEVEL FLOOR PLAN FROM ZETSEN ... Large windows throughout, beautiful kitchen, vaulted ceilings, great master c/w 4-pce. en suite, heated floor. Rear covered deck, double attached garage, exposed aggregate driveway. Call now for your private showing! Asking $344,900 CA322240 WOW! GREAT G A R A G E SU PE R B 26X40 SHOP! ... Impressive energy efficient built bungalow! Features hardwood flooring, solid wood doors and bright windows. Excellent country kitchen, cozy gas FP in living room, spacious master, jetted tub and 4 ft. shower in en suite. Excellent basement development with cozy in-floor heating and huge family/media room. Large covered deck with hot tub, huge parking and RV pad, A/C and more! A must see! Asking $455,000 CA322978 EXCITING NEW 1547 SQ. FT. M U LT I - L E V E L LOCATED IN CREEKVIEW SU BDIVISION ... 3-bdrm. open concept home is stunning to the eye and extremely functional. Bright kitchen w/centre island, corner pantry, vaulted ceilings, gas FP, MF laundry, 5-pce. en suite plus much more! CA322233 Asking $364,900

CLOSE TO PA R K S A N D WALK I N G TRAILS! ... Cozy bungalow w/ convenient west central location. Featuring upgraded flooring, hardwood floors in bdrm. Country kitchen, 3 bdrm., dev. bsmt. w/large family/games rm. Mature treed yard, 14’x24’ garage. New HE furnace. Great starter or investment property. Come take a look! Asking $168,900 CA318284


EXCEPTIONAL C U S T O M 5 - B D R M . WALKOUT ... in the beautiT U KO ful Valleyview AL W subdivision. With unique character throughout, this home must be seen. Maple and iron railings, lovely Tigerwood hardwood flooring, striking light fixtures, gorgeous white hand painted maple cabinets, granite countertops, stunning bright LR w/magnificent bay windows and decorative window finishings, large master w/5-pce. en suite and walk-in closet, wainscoting in upper two rooms. Fin. bsmt. with wet bar. Huge 158’ deep landscaped yard c/w great deck, lovely view, rear access to valley walking trails and, most important, peace and quiet. Call today for your personal showing! Asking $569,900 CA321700 Call us for your free market evaluation!



CAMROSE HOMES OVER $300,000 BEAUTI FU L 1520 SQ. FT. FAMILY BUNGALOW, CUL-DE-SAC AL PRIC E! L O C AT I O N EXCE PTION ... features bright open floor plan w/vaulted ceilings, display ledges, bright windows, beautiful hardwood and cork flooring. Impressive country kitchen, lots of cabinetry, lovely dinette. Spacious LR, superb master, MF laundry, huge family/media/games room. Great yard, underground sprinklers, private deck, 22’x24’ garage and more! A must see! CA319926 Now Only $389,900 B EAUTI F U L F A M I LY M U LT I L E V E L , DESIRED CUL-DE-SAC LOCATION ... Huge yard close to schools. Spacious, open design with beautiful hardwood staircase, hardwood flooring, wainscoting, feature walls. Awesome kitchen, spacious LR, large DR, huge family/games room, large rec room and MF laundry. Huge tiered deck, hot tub, private courtyard, 22’x24’ htd. garage. A must see! Asking $347,900 CA318543




COZY BUNGALOW, CUL-DE-SAC LOCATION ... great senior or starter property! Features easy access front and rear entries w/home all on one level. Spacious country kitchen, LR, 2 bdrm., bathroom, MF laundry. Private treed yard w/deck, shrubs, flower beds, sheds, 12’x24’ garage, HE furnace. You’ll want to view this one! CA319692 Now asking $165,900 AFFOR DABLE STARTER HOME IN DUGGAN PARK ... 3 bdrm., 2 baths, south facing deck, bright G! N EW LI STIN bi-level windows. Open concept MF w/lots of cabinetry in kitchen, black appl., cozy breakfast bar. Lge. living and dining space w/room to fit all your furniture. Bsmt. fin. and has two living spaces – one can be converted to a fourth bdrm. if needed. Bdrm., 3-pce. bath, utility room. Quit paying rent – step into home ownership with this great home! CA323180 Asking $249,500 B R I G H T BI-LEVEL. C E N T A L L O C AT I O N . Q U I C K G COMMUTE TO N EW LI STIN AUGUSTANA! ... 1144 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, finished basement with many upgrades! New windows, flooring, siding, furnace, crown mouldings and more. Yard is fenced, landscaped. 2 parking spots with alley access. Two large living spaces in basement, one with a wood stove. Could convert one into 2 more bedrooms. Immediate possesion - Just Move In! Asking $264,500 CA322992 NICE CLEAN A F F O R DA B L E HOME ... across from church G! Century N EW LI STIN in Meadows! MF offers great LR, DR, u-shaped kitchen w/appliances. 4 bdrm., 2 baths, lge. crawl space for lots of storage. Nice mature fenced yard c/w huge 11’x27’ ground level deck, space for RV parking. Call now! Asking $192,500 CA323744 E XC E LLE NT L O C AT I O N A C R O S S F R O M CHURCH AND PARK ... This beautiful, fully finished home features lovely maple cabinets with under cabinet lighting, corner pantry, 4 bedrooms, cozy basement with in floor heat, HE furnace, water on demand, upgraded light fixtures and custom window coverings. Outside has been professionally landscaped and offers a west facing deck, a poured, stamped concrete sitting area and RV parking. Call today! CA323153 Asking $292,900 W O W ! EXCEPTIONAL B U N G A L O W, LA VISTA VILLAS, A 45+ ADULT COMMUNITY ... impressive quality built home, bright open plan w/vaulted ceilings, beautiful hardwood flooring. Superb kitchen pkg., lovely LR, dinette area, spacious master, en suite, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt. dev., cozy gas FP in huge family/games room. Dble. attached garage, no condo fees! You’ll love it! Asking $295,000 CA323882

We offer Multiple Listing Service

W E L L KEPT HALF DUPLEX IN STONEY C R E E K ! M EAD OWS FFER RING AN O ... extended deck w/beautiADULTB COMMUNITY ful views backing onto the Creek. Double attached garage, spacious rooms, MF laundry, oak cabinets, central vac, gas FP, fin. bsmt. No condo fees! A quiet location perfect for retirees. CA316945 Now asking $279,900 WITH A G R E A T L O C AT I O N AND ONLY ! STEPS AWAY ED ST LI ST JU FROM GREEN SPACE ... this 1504 sq. ft. 3-bdrm. 3-level split will appeal to most people. With bright bay windows, huge family room, wood stove, laminate flooring, lots of storage space, attached single garage and fenced yard, this home will be yours if you act quickly! CA323212 Asking $239,900 SOLID BI-LEVEL W I T H MUCH TO OFFER! ... New flooring upstairs, open kitchen/dining. Double garage, RV capabilities, mature trees, enclosed deck. Clean, well taken of and ready for you. Quick possession available! Most furniture negotiable too! Asking $226,000 CA319724 CUTE CLEAN AFFORDABLE HOME IN SOUTHWEST MEADOWS ... close to west end shopping! Great ext. presentation w/front covered deck, large LR, spacious kitchen/DR c/w white cabinets. Master bdrm. c/w his and hers closets, 4-pce. bath. All situated on large pie-shaped lot! Appl. incl. CA321354 Asking $237,000 AF F O R DAB LE 3-BEDROOM – CRESCENT LOCATION – P L AYG RO U N D ... 1240 sq. ft. duplex w/open MF. Lots of cupboards, island, extra bath. Patio doors to deck. Large master bdrm. Lots of closet space. 5 appl. incl. Attached garage. Try an offer! CA321339 Asking $218,500 WITH A G R EAT LOCATION A N D O N L Y ST E P S AWAY FROM GREEN SPACE ... This 1504 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 3 level split will appeal to most people. With bright bay windows, huge family room, wood stove, laminate flooring, lots of storage space, attached single garage and fenced yard, this home will be yours if you act quickly! CA323212 Asking $239,900 V E R Y IMPRESSIVE, IMPERIAL VILLAS ... enjoy the E! SE ST w o r r y f r e e U M condominium lifestyle, and the new lower prices. You’ll be proud to call this home in a great central location. Be sure to view so you can appreciate the quality and details. Built energy efficient. Price incl. $3500 appl. allow. CA315312 Prices starting at $224,900 incl. GST THE PERFECT HOME FOR A GROWING FAMILY... This 1354 sq. ft. bi-level home offers front covered walkway, 5 bedrooms, office, large LR and family room, main floor laundry, cozy wood fireplace, access to garage from basement, covered rear deck, large yard with 20x22 brick sitting area with fire pit and double attached garage. Too much to note, call today to view it for yourself! CA322558 Asking $289,000



INVESTMENTS/BUSINESSES DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO BUY THIS ... multi-use main floor presently used for retail and electronic repairs with overhead door. Upper level rented to a long term tenant. Very clean, well-maintained. New roof 2005. New price, only ask $214,500 CA309676 EXCEPTIONAL B U S I N E S S OPPORTUNITY – R E C R E AT I O N A L / RESORT PROPERTY! ... Wow! An impressive 45.52 ! EDUCTIONpeaceful country setacre Hparcel UG E Rw/beautiful, ting. Facilities incl. Rosebush Craft & Tea House, Heritage Home B&B, 9 hole pitch and putt golf course, main residence, RV camping sites, dandy 30’x43’ htd. workshop, 32’x48’ shed, 40’x70’ quonset. Exc. site plan, beautiful landscaped setting. You’ll want to explore this exciting opportunity! You have to see it! CA315880 Now only $589,000 SEDGEWICK – EXC. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY ... 77.59 acres, corner location, fronting onto Hwys 13, 869. Phone for more details. CA298363 T H R E E BUSINESS VENTURES IN ONE PACKAGE – OHATON ... Former Auto Shoppe location, 3970 sq. ft. shop w/sep. work bays, 12’x14’ and 12’x12’ OH doors, exhaust fan, new furnace, 220 plugs plus 39’x99’ outdoor compound. 3244 sq. ft. of 10 mini-storage bays w/7’x8’ OH doors – great to bring in rental income. Also features 1048 sq. ft., 4-bdrm. home w/ many recent upgrades. Exc. opportunity to set up your business, use the storage or bring in rental income and have a place to call home! Asking $395,000 CA316235

Phase III Southwest Meadows Walk-outs, Park Side, Alley Access Locations 75 Residential Lots From…$74,690 12 Townhouse Lots – Walk-out, Park Side Call now for details! FOUR INDIVIDUALLY TITLED AND SERVICED TOWNHOUSE LOTS OVERLOOKING PARK! ... It’s a great location for your next project. Call now for all the details! Asking $215,000 CA298468 MULTI-FAMILY LOT NOW AVAILABLE We offer one 2.5 acre parcel CA298482


GREAT HOBBY FARM, WITH A PRIVATE SETTING! ... 160 acres only 10 min. from Camrose and 3/4 mile from pvmt. Superb yardsite w/good bldg., great for equip., trucks, animals. Spacious 1980 sq. ft. character home, 24’x48’ garage/ hobby shop, 28’x32’ barn w/loft, 60’x60’ quonset, 16’x39’ cattle shelter, granaries, storage bldg. and more. A private getaway w/lots of potential! Call now to view. Asking $489,700 CA318581 ENJOY THE PEACE AND QUIET ... of this 1239 sq. ft. home nestled 1/2 mile down a dead end road w/160 acres of land. 4 bdrm., large master, stone facing, wood FP. Hardwood floors, bright DR w/ garden doors that lead to south-facing 2-tiered deck. 48’x96’ steel storage shed, 30’x50’ shelter, two grain bins, other outbuildings. Too much to note. Call today! Asking $460,000 CA319891 138.9 ACRES – ON PAVEMENT ... frontage on ! D CE EDU854 intersection. Grazing both Hwy 26 andRHwy quarter fenced and cross fenced. Hwy access for yard site. Now only $129,900 CA299159

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

Transform your body challenge at Fitness Centre By Dan Jensen

Want to increase your metabolism and make your body an efficient, calorie-burning machine? If so the body transformation and training class at Augustana Fitness Centre May 2 to June 27 may be just the solution. The class will focus on increasing body mass through a combination of resistance training and body weight exercises. "A lot of people come into the gym with the goal of losing weight and go right away to the cardio equipment," said fitness supervisor Deanna Roper. "They don't realize that if they don't gain muscle mass they are just going to go back to the same circle of getting big and small, big and small. Increasing muscle mass will help people maintain their weight because it increases metabolism." The class will be led by Jessica Suzanski, who was featured in a fitness magazine, Fitness Makeover, after she transformed her body by losing 100 pounds. The AFCLA certified group fitness instructor will give participants a program they can follow and show them how they can properly use the weights to achieve maximum benefit. "The cardio machines are a lot easier for people to figure out how to use, so people just feel safer on them," said Suzanski. "They don't know what to do with free weights and body weight exercises, or they don't know if they are doing it right and are afraid of hurting themselves. "We want to give them a good program to help them with their journey." The body transformation and training class will run in conjunction with transformation challenge, the winner of which will be able to pocket half of the cumulative registration fees and donate the other half to a local charity of his or her choice. "The challenge is to help people transform their bodies as much as they can over an eight-week period by improving their health, fitness and nutrition," explained Roper. "The winner will be chosen by a panel of staff within the Edgeworth Centre. Transformation challenge participants will receive a free resource package with fitness and nutrition tips. The deadline to register for both the transformation challenge and the body transformation and training class is April 30. More information is available from the Augustana Fitness Centre front desk.


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IMMEDIATE POSSESION... 1995 16’x68’ mobile home, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. $75,000. Call Dale (R1380)

ATTENTION FIRST TIME BUYERS... This is an exceptional fully renovated mobile home. Call Cory for details. Priced to SELL at $58,000. (R1371)

GREAT POTENTIAL WITH THIS 3-BEDROOM STARTER HOME – $15,000 REDUCTION! ... in quiet location on oversized 60’ x 150’ lot. Upstairs has new kitchen, updated 4 piece bath, ceramic tile and recently painted, upgraded windows. Asking $169,500. For more details, call Cory. (R1365)

“VALLEYVIEW BEAUTY” If you want a quality built home, then look no further. This home has been built to above standard construction in and out. Features over 2500 sq.ft.per floor with attention to detail in finishing. This 4-bedroom, 4-bath home has infloor heating throughout. Large chef quality kitchen, 2-fireplaces and three-car heated garage. Too many features to mention so call Rick for details. Price: $995,000. (R1373)

FANTASTIC LOCATION... 2 bedroom, 2 bath adult condo. Conveniently located within walking distance to shopping, medical clinic, entertainement and other amenities. Sun room, patio deck, en suite laundry, handy single attached garage with plenty of storage room. Lovely common area with kitchen, fireplace, games tables and more. Must be seen to be appreciated. Asking $229,000. Call Cory for details. (R1360)


OUTSTANDING TOWNHOUSE AT RIDGEPOINT IN CAMROSE!... This well maintained home is finished over 1200 sq/ft with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Upgrades include quality laminate flooring on main, ceramic backsplash in the kitchen, 5 appliances including a convection oven and more! Ample storage throughout this home. Handy 2-pce bath on main with laundry close at hand. Convenient deck area off the back for relaxing and the BBQ. Close to schools, shopping and downtown, this unit could be perfect for you! Listed at $189,500. Call Trevor for viewing. (R1376)

GOOD LOCATION... Close to schools, downtown and west end shopping. Home has private setting on large lot w/lots of trees and unique backyard firepit. This 3-bdrm. home also has 2 gas FP plus 16’x10’ sunroom that serves as entrance to home. Single heated garage and paved driveway. Call Rick for details. Priced at $234,900. (R1369)


TIVATED SELLER MO SPLENDID TWO-STOREY HALF DUPLEX LOCATED IN VALLEYWIEW... This tastefully decorated home, built in 2007, has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a nice sized dining area, oak cabinets in the kitchen with easy access to the dura deck with regal railings and the single car garage with extra wide parking area at the rear. Well maintained, this could be the great start you desire and would appeal to singles, families and empty nesters! Listed at $259,900. Call Trevor for services today! (R1374)

GREAT, AFFORDABLE... 3 bedroom, 2 bath family home with mother-in-law suite in quiet area of the city close to schools and shopping. Includes appliances. Priced at $159,900. Call Trudi for details. (R1375)


GREAT LOCATION... You will love this one. This home has been very well looked after and has 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths, with sunroom off dining area. Basement is fully finished with underfloor heat, 2 bedrooms and 4 piece bath plus large rec roon and utility room. Yard is tastefully landscaped with large storage shed and all fenced. Double heated garage with 220 wiring. Call Rick for details. Price $389,000 (R1362)

REDUCED GREAT, ENERGY EFFICIENT... 4 bedroom, 3 bath bungalow located on large lot near west end shopping and parks. Special features too numerous to mention. Priced at $420,000. Call Trudi for details. (R1379)

JUST A HALF MILE OFF HWY AT BAWLF!... This property is 2.47 acres with a 1587 sq/ft home. Just half a mile to school and services! All amongst and sheltered by trees. There is an updated and heated 42x32 original barn on the property that can appeal to a variety of uses with potential for horses. The home has 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, large kitchen, dining area, and bright windows. There are 5 quality appliances included. Listed at $229,900. Call Trevor for details. (A410)

LOTS TO OFFER... This well built 3-bedroom bungalow is located in a downtown area, close to two schools, recently painted, developed basement with rec room, wood stove, bedroom and bath, covered patio, greenhouse, 22’ x 24’ garage. Must be viewed. Asking $219,000. Call Dale for details. (R1330)

SHADOWRIDGE BUILT... 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, fenced, deck, backing onto open area. Quick possesion. Asking $256,000. Call Dale for particulars. (R1337)

COUNTRY CHARACTER... Beautiful 3360 sq.ft. six-bedroom, six-bathroom home in private setting just 3 km. east of Camrose. You will love the parklike setting as you enter property. Home has dbl. att. garage with entry to basement of home plus large detached garage/shop with blt-in cooler. Lots of trees and shrubs plus large fenced in pet area and walking trails. This is a must view so call Rick for extra details. Price $570,000. (A416)


WELL MAINTAINED WITH INLAW SUITE... Some renovations including flooring, kitchen counter top and new paint and some original hardwood floors in nice condition. The basement features very nice inlaw suite with two bedrooms and 3 pc. bath plus good kitchen and eating area. There is a single detached garage with carport at back of property. Call Rick for details. Price $237,500. (R1381)

NEW ON MARKET...CROWN CARE CONDO... One bedroom plus den, vaulted ceilings, east facing garge. Asking $158,000 (R1378)

NEW NORWAY... You will love the park like setting of this acreage. The 3-bedroom home has had main floor upgrades including a beautiful kitchen makeover, plus some windows and flooring upgrades. Nicely landscaped yard with fruit trees and lots of shrubs. Large dugout on south side of property supplies lots of water for plants and trees. Call Rick. Asking $299,900. (A393)


GREAT STARTER OPPORTUNITY 3-BDRM. HALF DUPLEX... New paint and flooring, central location, fenced. For more details, call Dale. Asking $149,500. (R1368)

MOUNT PLEASANT AREA... recently renovated 2 bedroom bungalow, some basement development, 2 car garage. Quick possesion. Asking $209,500. Call Dave for details. (R1385)

CONSIDER THIS OPPORTUNITY!... This project is now underway and time is of the essence. Palladio Homes Ltd. offers to have this 1278 sq/ft bungalow plan with back attached garage specially finished with your personal choice in interior selections! Address: 7002 49 A Avenue. Listed at $319,900. Call Trevor today! (R1327)

COMFORTABLE... New home with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and fenced yard in quiet area of the city. Priced at $315,000. Call Trudi for details (R1377)

FOCUS ON THIS OPPORTUNITY!... This project is in full swing. The home is at the framing stage and will be ready as soon as possible. Palladio Homes Ltd. offers to have this 1418 sq/ ft Bi-Level with back attached garage specially finished with your personal choice in interior finishing! Address: 7004 49A Avenue, Listed at $319,900. Call Trevor for service! (R1328)

AFFORDABLE LIVING... in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile on a rented lot. Comes with 5 appliances and central air. Priced to sell at $49,000. Call Trudi for details. (R1386)

WELL MAINTAINED HOME... with 3/1 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. This home is finished up and down with some newer appliances and windows plus central air conditioning and wood burning fireplace. All fenced plus single det. garage and garden shed. Great home for young family. Call Rick for more details. Price $243,900. (R1383)

GREAT STARTER OR RETIREMENT HOME... located near west end shopping. 4 bedrooms, 2 bath with professionally finished basement. Priced at $259,000. Call Trudi for details. (R1382)


OUT OF TOWN FABULOUS LOT WITH UNOBSTRUCTED VIEWS OF LITTLE BEAVER LAKE... Has municipal water and sewer, gas and power. Triple garage can be converted into a dwelling. Asking $120,000. Call Trudi for details. (RO920)

BASHAW GREAT FULLY FINISHED... 4 bdrm, 3 bath bi-level on large lot in Bittern Lake. 6 appliances included. Priced at $269,900. Call Trudi for details. (RO937)

WELL KEPT... 3 bedroom bungalow in Hay Lakes with upgraded kitchen and bath. Fully finished basement. Priced at $135,000. Call Trudi for details. (R0935)

SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (KINGMAN)... Plenty of renovations and size. This property would be an exceptional buy for a big family, social organization, church group. Oversized double garage, single garage. Both with 220 power. Two outdoor decks, large mud room. Think potential, get creative! Priced to SELL! Asking $164,500. Call Cory for details. (RO913)

EXCELLENT CUSTOM BUILT BI-LEVEL IN HAY LAKES!... This 1496 sq/ft large family home with heated 34x26 oversized double attached garage is available for immediate possession! Designed with 3 bedrooms and room for a 4th, 3 bathrooms, open concept main floor, tasteful interior, Master with en suite, and much more. The large basement is mostly finished except some flooring. The entire home is in exceptional condition. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy a like-new quality home in a charming village atmosphere like Hay Lakes! Listed at $297,000. Call Trevor for service today! (RO939)

LOTS OF SPACE HERE!!... Over 3200 sq./ft. 5 bedroom, 3 bath home with large double attached and heated garage waiting for a family that can enjoy the quiet neighborhood and the amenities the town has to offer. A must view!! Price: $247,900. Call Rick for details. (RO931)


REDUCED ROSALIND... Very nice corner lot with fruit trees and shrubs with alley access. Older 14’ x 55’ mobile home with addition. Owners are open to offers. Call Rick for details. Priced at $39,000. (RO908)

“DAYSLAND”... Good investment for young family or first time buyer. Good location on large corner lot in quiet neighborhood. Newer decks and windows plus eavestroughing, facia and windows. Home has 1400+ sq. ft. and has 3 bedrooms and 2 4/pc baths, large living and family room plus dining room off kitchen. Double detached garage with breezeway plus large garden shed. Call Rick for details. Price $129,000. (RO929)

GREAT YEAR ROUND HOME ON LITTLE BEAVER LAKE... 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, triple garage, has own well, view of the lake and much more. Priced at $189,000.00. Call Trudi for details. (RO928)

POSSESSION IMMEDIATE TILLICUM BEACH... 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room c/w fireplace, 2 car garage, situated on 100’x150’ treed lots, with very scenic views. Some furniture and furnishings included. Asking $224,900. Call Dale for details. (RO884)

What’s your property worth today? Ask for your free market evaluation

149,900 REDUCED TO New windows, new siding, flooring, paint and bathrooms. Oversized lot with a park right next door. A must see! Priced to sell at $149,900. Call Cory for details. (RO910)

Affordable living with this 3-bedroom, 2-bath, spacious 1140 sq/ft bungalow with finished basement. Main floor laundry. Very clean home with low maintenance yard, quick possession. A must see! Priced to sell at $178,900. Call Cory for details. (RO911)

LOTS ATTENTION! BUILDERS AND INVESTORS, BRAND NEW LISTING... Great opportunity for an investment/revenue property! Exceptional building lot, presently zoned R2A but can be R3A, direct control and other options. 76’x105’ which would be an excellent location for a 4-plex or larger unit subject to City of Camrose approval. Located close to downtown and Mirror Lake! A true bargain at $140,000. Call Cory for details. (L189) WELL LOCATED RESIDENTIAL BUILDING LOT IN DAYSLAND... This undeveloped lot in Daysland is 50’x120’, zoned R1 and is nicely set amongst a group of nice sized well maintained homes. Just a short walk to school! The frontage faces a park/recreational area. Just a short walk to school! Daysland has many local services. Now listed at $32,900. Call Trevor for service. (L185) LOT AT LITTLE BEAVER LAKE ESTATES!... Across the lake at Ferintosh, this property is .58 an acre (100’x250’), with an elevated building site from which you will enjoy the view. There is a small 12x12 cabin with telephone, and a wood stove. Substantial cement foundation with ICF styrofoam forming for a proposed home structure that was not completed. Listed at $56,500. Call Trevor for details. (L196)

LESS THAN 20 MINUTES FROM CAMROSE... Well treed setting on this 2.24 acre package. C/W everything you need to enjoy a piece of country living, spacious 1.5 story, 5-bedroom home with large covered deck,oversized 24’4 x 36’3 heated garage with plenty of shop space. All this and more, well worth a look. Priced at $264,000. For details, call Cory. (A408)

BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SETTING... with highway frontage. Bungalow with loft plus many upgrades including new windows and some flooring on main floor. New fascia and soffits this year. Also lots of trees and some older buildings plus newer barn in good condition. 13.28 acres with 2 water wells with good flow. $399,000. Call Rick for details. (A395) GREAT LOCATION... You want to build your dream home but can’t find the right location? We have a 5.20 acre parcel in quiet location just 10 min. west of Camrose and only 1 mile off pavement with power and gas nearby. Property has been fenced with steel post and cable plus a great building site at front of property. For more details call Rick. Price $107,000. (A417) LITTLE BEAVER LAKE... great view and quiet setting! Perfect for hillside home at north end of lake. 2 acres with lots of trees. Gas and power nearby. Call Rick for details. (A394)

COMMERICAL EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION! GREAT OPPORTUNITY... Industrial property at Ervick Junction. 4.47 acre industrial property. Water to property with some water limitations. Asking price $491,700. Call Cory or Rick for details. (C137) EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION! GREAT OPPORTUNITY... at Ervick Junction. 6.35 acre industrial land. Water available but some limitations apply. Asking price $698,500. Call Cory or Rick for details. (C138) EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION! GREAT OPPORTUNITY... Industrial property at Ervick Junction. 9.41 acre industrial land right of way on south side of property. Plan 8070 ET – Title # 012-006-506. Water to property however certain limitations apply. Asking price $1,034,500. Call Cory or Rick for details. (C135) EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION! GREAT OPPORTUNITY... Industrial property at Ervick Junction. 0.995 acre industrial property. Water to property but some limitations apply. Asking price $109,450. Call Cory or Rick for details. (C136) WINTER IS HERE... Great place to keep your investment protected out of the environment by storing it in a safe place. 1/5th share in large hangar at Camrose Airport, with lots of room to do your maintenance, etc. Asking $43,000 Call Rick for details. (C267) TURN KEY BUSINESS AND PROPERTY... Established plumbing shop, all equipment, tools and service truck. Nice clean operation with large service area. Call Dale for details. (C269)

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$AVE ON Miller would NOW OPEN 8am to 8pm

work to make community better

you need: IIfbelieve in a government that is Progressive in providing services to people; - information on where to vote and Conservative in its stewardship of taxpayers’ dollars. - a ride to the polling station Please my Camrose campaign Drop by contact the Camrose campaign office: office…



Thanks for your support on election day.



1040, 6708 – 48 Avenue 780-672-2506






($90 value)

Verlyn Olson




$245 $505 $830 $640 $940 $1050 $


With ANY Membership Until April 30

2012 Seasonal Camp Sites Available • 30 Amp sites • Water Hook Up • Washrooms • Showers • Septic Vac Service • Sani dump • Wi Fi Internet

2 KM NORTH Hwy 833


Trevor Miller By Dan Jensen

Wildrose Alliance candidate Trevor Miller is committed to working for the betterment of everyone in the riding of Wetaskiwin-Camrose. "I have enjoyed getting involved and helping people address their issues as a member of Camrose County council," said Miller, "and I am sure I would enjoy doing the same as the area's MLA. "I would be very happy to represent Wetaskiwin-Camrose in the legislature. Miller chose to run for the Wildrose last summer after being impressed with the Party's stance on personal freedoms, free enterprise and what he sees as too much government. "The Party really spoke to my own personal values. I learned that as an MLA I would be able to freely represent the people who live and work in the constituency." Miller has heard many concerns in his door to door campaign about the high cost of health care. "The main message I am getting from people is that the health care system is too cumbersome and that the waiting times are longer than they have ever been before," he said. "I've been told that we need to decentralize the health care super board and decentralize decision making, so that patients have more choice, and more decisions could be made at the local level." He's also getting the message that there needs to be more attention paid to education. "I have been receiving positive feedback about the Wildrose Alliance's plan to help families with children in school by providing tax rebates and credits and eliminating school fees," he said. "The Party believes that it is vital to have a strongly supported education system if we want to continue to thrive and grow a province. "Everything has to be about the kids." Miller said the Wildrose Party would work to reduce government spending by reducing the government manager ratio from the current four to one to about 10 or 12 to one. "We don't want to decimate the government force but we would like to bring the wages more in line with that of private industry. We would also reduce the size of government and focus on the primary services, like teachers and nurses." Continued on page 27

Real life leadership. Authorized by the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, 9823 – 103 St. NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 0X5 780-423-1624

Donnelly would be a watchdog By Dan Jensen

Wetaskiwin-Camrose EverGreen Party candidate Mike Donnelly would stand up for Albertans if elected April 23. "I would be a watchdog for the average Canadian whose voice does not seem to be heard," said the 43-year-old Camrose resident. "My position would always be to listen and address the concerns of my constituents and all Canadians. We need MLAs that are out there in the communities listening to the concerns of the public and bringing them back to the legislature without the fear of retribution from their respective leaders." Donnelly would look at all the options that are available for changing the current health care situation in the Camrose area. "One issue I see that we have is numerous people have been seeking medical treatment outside the city," he said. "We have a limited number of clinics and I would like to find the reason why." Donnelly does not agree with the Keystone Pipeline either economically or environmentally. "I feel that the options of upgrading in Alberta, environmentally friendly of course, should be looked at," he said. "This would create more employment as well as lower the impact the pipeline would have running into the U.S." Donnelly feels larger corporations need to be held more responsible for the harm they are causing the environment, and would like to see policies imposed that would force companies that are destroying the environment to restore it at their cost, without a burden to the taxpayers or consumers. "We could possibly look back at a carbon tax which would force them (the companies) to lower emissions or pay the fees and

Mike Donnelly

have us restore environmental damages ourselves," he said. "The money could be put toward exploring renewable energy sources." Donnelly would also like to see the use of more renewable resources such as wind, solar and geo thermal. "It has been suggested in the past that a feed-in tariff be implemented for those that want to sell renewable energy to the grid," he said. "They would be given a guaranteed price set by the government, and a guarantee they will have access to that grid. We do have the space in the province to harness this energy and it should be put to use. Farmers which have poor seasons can at least rely on a bit of backup with selling to this grid." Donnelly feels there is a need in this election campaign to focus more on those who choose not to go to the polls because of a 'my vote won't make a difference' attitude. "I want to draw those people in and have them start realizing that this is our province and our voice should be heard," he said. "I am running with the slogan of Your Alberta Your Voice, which pertains mostly to a participatory government."

Donnelly feels that the EverGreen Party, which sprung up following the deregistration of the Alberta Greens after the last election, holds a lot of the same values as himself. The Party acknowledges that human beings are part of the natural world, respects the specific values of all forms of life, asserts that the key to social justice is the equitable distribution of resources to ensure that all have full opportunities for personal and social development, and strives for a democracy in which all citizens have the right to express their views, and are able to directly participate in the environmental, economic, social and political decisions which affect their lives. It feels that power and responsibility must be concentrated in local and regional communities, and devolved only where essential to higher tiers of governance, and recognizes the need to maintain biodiversity through the sustainable use of renewable resources. "I have been following the Green Party of Canada for a number of years and believe we need to change the direction we are going in to have a sustainable economy and environment for our grandchildren's children," said Donnelly. "The Party focuses on restoration of the environment, creating a sustainable economy, restoration of community and the renewal of democracy." Born in Ontario, Donnelly relocated to Alberta in 1999 and has been living in Camrose for the past seven years. He is presently employed as a printing press operator, an occupation in which he has 25 years of experience, as well as a part-time automotive parts and service advisor. He enjoys camping in the less developed areas of Alberta and appreciates the province's natural surroundings.

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Trevor Miller Continued from page 26

Miller said the Wildrose Alliance, although a Conservative party, is very different from the provincial PCs, in that it is more grass roots and likes to take its mandate formed by Albertans. He feels that Albertans have long needed another choice for a governing party and that the Wildrose Alliance is fully equipped to deliver. "You need to get people to the polls and give them the chance to vote for the party they feel best fits their values." Miller, who grew up on a farm at Westlock, is employed as an agronomy manager for Cargill (central Alberta) who has both an undergraduate and post graduate degree in plant science. He and his wife, Lora, are the proud parents of three children.


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Truth about healthy food Albertans can create healthier home and workplace environments by recognizing common myths and misinformation about nutrition, according to Alberta Health Services (AHS). “When it comes to choosing how to eat healthy, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. We often hear it when we’re talking with clients, families and friends,” says AHS dietitian Jillyan Jay. “AHS dietitians are regularly debunking these common myths with evidence-based information to help Albertans get their nutrition facts straight once and for all.” March, which was National Nutrition Month, AHS addressed the following myths through Twitter, at AHS – BeHealthy, and on its web site, Myth #1: Avoid carbs if you want to lose weight. Jay says carbohydrates contain important nutrients such as B vitamins, fibre, folic acid and iron. “The best weight-loss plan is one you can make a part of your lifestyle. Low carbohydrate diets often don’t work because they are tough to stick with long term,” she says. Myth #2: The % Daily Value on a product’s Nutrition Facts table is not very useful. “The per cent Daily Value provides a quick overview of the nutrient profile of a food and is actually a very effective tool to help you make healthier food choices,” says Jay. Some nutrients should be consumed sparingly (saturated fat, trans fat and sodium) so look for products that have five per cent or less of the daily recommended allowance of those nutrients per serving. Conversely, look for foods that have 15 per cent or more of the daily recommended allowance per serving of nutrients such as fibre, vitamins, calcium or iron. Myth #3: Eating seven to 10 servings of vegetables and fruit, as recommended in Canada’s Food Guide, is too difficult. Jay says planning can make it easy for adults to get the recommended servings. “Plan to have two or more servings at each meal and snack. Or pack vegetables and fruit for lunch. You can also fill half

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your dinner plate with vegetables and fruit,” she says Myth #4: Multigrain is the same as whole grain. Multigrain products include different grains but they may not be whole, says Jay. Whole grains contain the entire grain seed or “kernel” and are higher in fibre and other nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant compounds (like sterols) that benefit health. “You will get the greatest health benefit from eating whole grains so make at least half your grain products whole grain each day,” she says. Myth #5: You’ll gain weight if

Jeff Fowler

Sue Nelson

Mike Ploner

Ron Pilger

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you follow Canada’s Food Guide. It recommends too much food. Canada's Food Guide describes the average amount or number of servings of food most people need in a day. Some people need more or less food than others. It depends on age, gender, body size and activity level. It can also change if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. “The portion, or amount, you eat may be more or less than one Food Guide serving,” says Jay. “It’s important to know how many servings are in your portions. Also, limit foods and beverages that are not part of Canada’s Food Guide, especially those high in calories, fat, sugar and salt.

“Enjoy a variety of healthy choices from each food group in the amount that is right for your age, sex and activity level, and you should not gain weight.” Myth #6: Drinking energy drinks is the best way to get energized. The best way to get energized, says Jay, is to eat well, be active, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep. “Energy drinks usually contain lots of sugar and have caffeine. While they might make you feel a short burst of energy, it does not last,” she says. Jay recommends choosing healthy drinks such as water, lowfat milk, fortified soy beverage, and 100 per cent vegetable or fruit juice.

Limit juice to a half a cup per day, she adds. AHS – BeHealthy is where Twitter users can find information for healthy living with topics ranging from active living and nutrition, to public health, clinic resources and mental health services. Alberta Health Services is the provincial health authority responsible for planning and delivering health supports and services for more than 3.7 million adults and children living in Alberta. Its mission is to provide a patientfocused, quality health system that is accessible and sustainable for all Albertans.

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Right On The Button! The Rose City Curling Club would like to thank the following sponsors for their help in making the 2011-2012 curling season a “sweeping “sweeping”” success! A-1 Supply ABC Fire AFSC Alberta Motor Association ATB Financial ATCO Barry Graham BASF (Ernest Nycholat) Battle River Credit Union Battle River Hockey Plus Battle River Implements Battle River REA Battle River Rec. Repair Bear Paw Welding Beginning to End Kitchen & Bath Biconni’s Sweet & Savory Boden Sand & Gravel Supplies Boman’s Radiator Shop Boston Pizza Bra Necessities Burgar Funeral Home Business IQ Campbell McLennan Chrysler Camrose Concrete Camrose County Seed Cleaning Plant Camrose Cycle Camrose Farm Equipment Camrose Groves’ Value Drug Mart Camrose Kodiaks Camrose Machine & Welding Camrose Registry Ltd. Camrose Rental Shoppe Camrose Resort Casino Camrose Veterinary Hospital Canadian Tire Candler Art Gallery Central Agencies Inc. Classic Decking

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Camrose County Private ECS Registration Dates for the 2012-2013 School Year Hay Lakes ECS 7:00 p.m., April 11, in the School Library For more info, contact Gina at 780-672-1921. Round Hill ECS 6:30 p.m., April 26, at Round Hill School For more info, contact Lindsay at 780-678-3201. Rosalind ECS 7:30 p.m. April 18, at the Rosalind School Staff Room For more info, contact Darcy at 780-375-2425. *Children must be five by March 1, 2013, in order to register. Please bring your child’s birth certificate, Alberta Health Care number and legal land description (rural students).

Introduce your child to the health and healing of Yoga. Children’s classes begin Saturday, April 28th - June 16th (No class May 12) Ages 3-5 (12:30 - 1:00 pm)...$80 Ages 6-8 (1:15 - 2:00 pm)...$90 Ages 9-13 (2:15 - 3:15 pm)...$100 Must be registered. (Register early by April 21st to receive $5 off) Minimum 10 students to run.

Visit us at

4610-50 Avenue, Camrose Phone 780-672-5914

Having the information can save your life Submitted by Colleen Lindholm,

Camrose Primary Care Network If you have a medical emergency which requires an ambulance to come to your home, often the EMS staff have no knowledge of your medical history or the medications you are on. Having this information can be vital in the approach they take with your immediate medical care. Camrose Primary Care Network is pleased to re-new our partnership with Alberta Health Services Camrose Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in bringing you the “Tube of Life” program, a community project focusing on helping you maintain an up-to-date medical history and medication list in case of a medical emergency. The ‘Tube of Life’ is an initiative which gives EMS staff the information they need. It’s a compact, plastic cylinder holding a document that you fill in with the details of your medication information and other important directions in the case of an emergency. Also contained in the Tube is a fridge magnet that acts as an indicator to EMS personnel that you have a Tube of Life in your home, in which case, EMS would immediately know to review the details it contains. Your Tube of Life is stored in the refrigerator on the top right side which makes it simple for EMS to quickly retrieve your information. “The Tube of Life was one of the first Camrose PCN initiatives undertaken. It has set the tone for what the PCN is about with respect to establishing and maintaining key community partnerships,” said PCN executive director Stacey Strilchuk. “There have been a number of personal testimonials shared with the PCN whereby the Tube of Life has played a significant and positive role in an individual’s care by EMS and St. Mary’s Hospital.” “The more information we have about our patients, such as what medications they are taking and even a brief medical history, the better,” said Andy Potsma, EMS manager, central zone. For more information, visit or call 780608-4927.

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Almost all

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CITY COUNCILLOR Brandon Blatz Ph. (780)672-2962 or (780)678-1145 City of Camrose 5204-50 Ave., Camrose, Alberta T4V 0S8 Ph. (780)672-4426, Fax (780)672-2469

Email Note: This informational advertisement was personally funded by Councillor Brandon Blatz. No public/tax dollars whatsoever were used in its creation or publication.

#1 3810 48 Avenue Located in the AVU Building Camrose, Alberta 780 672-2277

Complete Central Vacuum Systems Starting from…



MODEL 225 On sale now! Terry Olsen, Owner, Manager

4944-50 Street, Camrose, AB 780-672-2732

Register for Spring & Summer Music Camps Children 0 - 18 Months: Busy Days - June 8, 2012 Fridays 10:30 - 11:15 a.m. Peek-a-Boo - July 23-27, 2012 Mornings 10:30 - 11:15 a.m. Evenings 6:00 - 6:45 p.m.

Children 18 Months to 3 Years: Creatures at the Ocean - May 10 - June 7, 2012 Thursdays 6:00 - 6:45 p.m. Creatures in my Backyard – August 13 - 17, 2012 Mornings 10:30 - 11:15 a.m. Evenings 6:00 - 6:45 p.m.

Register now! Space is limited. Call Donna Schroeder at 780-672-3525 or visit

Cornerstone Christian Academy is now accepting registration for the 2012/2013 school year. Cornerstone Christian Academy is a K-12 alternative program within Battle River School Division. We offer a safe and caring environment where the Alberta Curriculum is taught on a Biblical foundation. We provide: • Kindergarten - Tuesday & Thursday Full Days • Grades 1-12 Full Programming • Gr. 7-9 CTS at the Camrose Composite Highschool • Gr. 7-12 Athletics • Gr. 5-9 Band • French Language • Drama Club • Bible Classes • Missions Trip • Bussing • 4 - day week (no classes on Fridays) Space is limited. Call

672-7197 for info or to register now.

“Teach me your ways, O Lord, that I may live according to your truth” - Psalm 86:11 2012 H&R Block Canada, Inc.


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VOTING MADE SIMPLE Official Agents of Nominated Candidates in BATTLE RIVERWAINWRIGHT for the April 23, 2012 Provincial Election. CANDIDATE POLITICAL PARTY/ INDEPENDENT



Official Agents of Nominated Candidates in WETASKIWINCAMROSE for the April 23, 2012 Provincial Election.





ROBERT MCBAIN (780) 414-1124



ROBERT MCBAIN (780) 414-1124



JAROSLAW IWANUS (780) 842-4160



NICOLE BRACONNIER (780) 819-6195



ASHLEY VALBERG (780) 375-2392



LEANNE MILLAR (780) 352-7744



BRUCE DAHL (780) 384-3881



CODY VOGEL (780) 809-1394

21, 6601 48 AVENUE CAMROSE, AB T4V 3G8


MARY MCLEAN (780) 474-2415

201, 10544 114 STREET NW EDMONTON, AB T5H 3J7


WYNN MCLEAN (780) 672-2506

1040, 6708 48 AVENUE CAMROSE, AB T4V 4S3

For further information on the election please contact NICOLE RICHARD, Returning Officer, at 119 10 STREET WAINWRIGHT, or by phone at (780) 842-1721.

For further information on the election please contact BARBARA OLSEN, Returning Officer, at 5006 50 STREET CAMROSE, or by phone at (780) 678-2491.

Official Agents of Nominated Candidates for the April 23, 2012 Senate Nominee Election CANDIDATE POLITICAL PARTY/ INDEPENDENT






KRIS MATTHEWS (403) 229-0066

804, 322 11 AVENUE SW CALGARY, AB T2R 0C5


RUSS LYSTER (780) 809-2931



BARB BRACKO (780) 218-4475



PAUL WALLACE (780) 802-1992



BILL CHAHAL (780) 887-4973



RUSS LYSTER (780) 809-2931




150, 10908 106 AVENUE NW EDMONTON, AB T5H 3Z7



400, 900 6 AVENUE SW CALGARY, AB T2P 3K2


LAURIE R. FLETCHER (780) 497-0680



CAM CRAWFORD (403) 750-7690



STEPHEN KWONG (403) 466-8888



DON CARMICHAEL (780) 710-8900



RUSS LYSTER (780) 809-2931



For further information on the Senate Nominee Election, please contact the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer by phone at (780) 427-7191 or 310-0000-780-427-7191. O. Brian Fjeldheim - Chief Electoral Officer

Constituency Weeks in the Crowfoot riding Kevin Sorenson, M.P., Crowfoot

As your federally-elected representative, I have some reservations about writing a news column while our province is immersed in a provincial election. Voters will want to be careful not to ‘mix’ federal issues with provincial ones while deciding which way to cast their ballot. We can congratulate and thank all the candidates for agreeing to stand for election. That is not an easy decision for anyone, and everyone who puts his or her name forward should be commended. As well, I encourage all of the citizens of our great province to cast your vote! It is our democratic duty to exercise

this political freedom for which previous generations of Canadians fought and died. Canadian citizens are privileged to have rights that are not available in too many nations around the world. The weeks of April 8 and 15 are Constituency Office weeks in the Parliamentary calendar and the House of Commons is not sitting. As your Member of Parliament, I will be meeting with many of you in our Constituency office and in Satellite Offices throughout our large geographic riding, including: Three Hills (Tuesday, April 10), Oyen (Thursday, April 12), Strathmore and Chestermere (Tuesday, April 17); and Stettler (April 18).

So far, Budget 2012, Canada’s Economic Action Plan unveiled in Ottawa last week seems to be receiving favourable reviews. For the most part, I am hearing that we understand the austerity measures our government is taking to equip our nation to pursue opportunities and remain prosperous now and for the long term. We are keeping taxes low and cutting government spending. In the continuing uncertain global economy we are focused on keeping Canadians working, creating jobs, and growing the Canadian economy. Budget 2012 provides a $1.1 billion ‘tool box’ of measures to stimulate and encourage entrepreneurship,

innovation, and research. We want federal funding to be aimed at industrial research that will lead to the promotion of commercial innovation and thereby be more capable of growing Canada’s economy. I hope everyone will visit to read about these efforts. The best news that Budget 2012 brings for Alberta is the improvement to the conditions for businesses with investments in responsible resource development. These firms and their workers will now have a streamlined ‘one project, one review’ system. While we all want the responsible development of our province’s natural resource wealth, we want

these reviews to be fair and based on scientific evidence. The time-frame for reviews of these projects will be shortened to facilitate making decisions earlier so as to accelerate development. More projects can be considered if the failed ones can be dispensed with more quickly. Some of these reviews will be up to the provinces themselves to conduct and this is good news for Alberta. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or previous columns you may write me at 4945-50 Street, Camrose, Alberta, T4V 1P9, call 780-6084600, toll-free 1-800-665-4358, fax 780-608-4603 or e-mail

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012



SAT., APRIL 28 - 11 A.M. - BRUCE STADNIK - TOFIELD - PH. 780-662-4692 or 289-6677

FRI., APRIL 20 - 10:30 A.M. - ROBERT & VALERIE KNOTT - CLYDE - PH. 780-348-5557 LOCATION: From Tawatinaw Turnoff on Hwy 2 - 2 miles West to RR 245, 1/2 mile North to Twp. Rd. 614A then 2 miles West to RR 251 & 1/4 mile North or from Clyde 12 miles North on Hwy 2 to RR 245, 1/2 mile North to Twp. Rd. 614A then 2 miles West to RR 251 & 1/4 mile North (61428-RR 251). ł FORD NH 9280 TRACTOR, 4303hrs. ł CASE 2094, 5000 hrs. ł 1981 MACK R600 Tandem ł 1985 CHEV. 70 - 8.2 diesel 17' B&H ł 1973 DODGE D600 c/w 14'B&H ł BOURGAULT 8800 - 40' single chute, 8" spacing, 3225 Tank ł MORRIS 9000 - 31' Field Cult. ł WHITE 427C - 35' D. Tillage ł Riteway 47' Harrow Packers ł ROCK-O-MATIC 546 Rock Picker ł MF 8570 COMBINE 2231 eng. hrs ł MF 200 - 18' SWATHER ł 4 WESTEEL 2350 hopper Btms. SELLING FOR LUKACH ESTATE PH. REG. 780-424-6580 ł JD 4040 CAHR, 7948 hrs. ł 1980 FORD 9000 Gravel Truck 259,000km. ł 510 Press Drill ł JD 510 Baler ł JD 10' HAYBINE ł JD 5 Bottom PLOW

TUES., APRIL 24 - 10:30 A.M.- NICK & CAMERON ONESCHUK - ST. PAUL - PH. 780-645-6693 LOCATION: From St. Paul (St. Brides Corner) 11.5 km. South on Hwy 36 to Hwy 646 & 1/8 mile East, or from Two Hills 30 km. North on Hwy 36, or from Elk Point 46 km. West on Hwy 646. ł 2 VERSATILE 935 TRACTORS, 4104 & 8720 hrs. ł 2 CASE 1370'S ł FORD 6600 TRACTOR ł 2 NH TR97 COMBINES, 1164hrs. & 1615 TR hrs. ł NH TR96, 2588hrs. ł 2 HESSTON 8100's - 25' ł HESSTON 16' Hay Conditioner ł FLEXICOIL 45' AIR DRILL, double chute, heavy trip, 2320 Tank ł MORRIS 52' F. Cult. ł 2 MORRIS CP743 Vibrashanks ł FLEXICOIL #65 - 130' SPRAYER ł KELLO 10' Breaking Disc ł SHULTE 14' R. Rake ł 1988 Kenworth T600 Tractor, 340B-13spd. ł 1980 Cabover, 400 Cummins ł 1979 Doepker B Train GRAIN TRAILERS ł 1988 GM Tandem diesel c/w 20' St. B&H ł 2001 TRAILRITE 20' G/N Stock Trailer & More

THURS, APRIL 26 - 11 A.M. - WISKEL FARMS LTD. - BOYLE - PH. BRUNO 780-689-2944 LOCATION: From Boyle 5 miles West on Hwy 63 to Collinton Turnoff & 1/4 mile West to RR 203 TRACTORS: (The 7120 Sells at 12 Noon Sharp) Ɣ 1993 CASE IH 7120 FWA TRACTOR, 151hp., CAHR, 5819 hrs., P. Shift, Frt. Weights, 3 hyds., 20.8x42's, Family Owned Since NewƔ MH 44 Running TILLAGE EQUIP.: Ɣ KRAUSE 16' Offset Disc Ɣ Wilrich 26' Cultivator c/w harrows Ɣ 40' Light Duty Folding LAND ROLLER Ɣ CASE 20' Deep Tillage Ɣ CASE 30' Cultivator Ɣ 5 older Augers HAYING EQUIP.: Ɣ JD 1360 DISCBINE Ɣ 2 - NH 258 Rakes Ɣ older FORD Side Delivery Rake Ɣ Trail Type Sickle Mower ł PLUS BINS, TANKS, FEEDERS, VEHICLES & YARD ITEMS AUCTIONEERS NOTE: The 7120 Sells At 12 Noon, Grain Bins Sell at the End. Plan To Come Early As There Is Not Much Misc. For Info. Ph. Bruno Wiskel at 780-689-2944.CONSIGNED ITEMS: Ɣ 40' Highline Active Harrows Ɣ 30' Crowfoot PACKERS Ɣ 2 - JD 9350 PRESS DRILLS Ɣ JD 220 16' Disc Ɣ Schuler 220BF Silage Wagon

FRI., APRIL 27 - 10 A.M.- BOB SPLANE - BOYLE - PH. 780-689-4401 OR 780-689-1201 LOCATION: From Boyle 5 miles West on Hwy 63 to R.R. 201 & 1 mile North. 2 PARCELS OF LAND SELLING AT 3:00 P.M. BY UNRESERVED AUCTION - Both parcels located 4 miles North of Newbrook on Hwy 63. (152 acres on the West side of Hwy 63, & 5.17 acres on the East side.) REAL ESTATE HANDLED BY ANTONIUK REAL ESTATE Ph. 780-428-1196 or 780-895-2442 Ɣ Approx. 152 acres Fenced Open Pasture Farm Land Located in the County of Thorhild NW21-62-20-W4. Ɣ Approx. 5.17 acres Vacant Treed Residential Acreage Located in The County of Thorhild NE 2162-20-W4 TRACTORS: Ɣ JD 8650, TRACTOR, CAHR, 10,112hrs., Quad range, 4hyds. Recent W/O Ɣ JD 8630 TRACTOR, CAHR, 5710 Orig. hrs., Quad Range Ɣ DEUTZ 7085 FWA TRACTOR, CAHR, showing 4038hrs.,c/w Ezee-On 101 Loader & Grapple, joystick Ɣ MF 1100 diesel TRACTOR,showing 7620hrs. c/w BOSS Loader, Bucket & Grapple Ɣ MF 820 FEL TITAN c/w 5' II Bucket & Grapple HARVEST & HAYING EQUIP.: Ɣ JD 6620 COMBINE, 2974 hrs.Ɣ JD 920 Straight Cut Header Ɣ Trailtech Header Trans. Ɣ 2009 J & M 875bu. GRAIN CART, 1000 PTO Ɣ CO-OP 722 diesel SWATHER, CAHR, 1088 hrs., c/w 18' UII Reels, Roto Shears Ɣ JD 930 MoCo SEEDING & TILLAGE: Ɣ DEGELMAN 7640 - 40' LAND ROLLER, V.G. Ɣ RITEWAY JUMBO 7150 - 50' HEAVY HARROWS, One Owner Ɣ JD 3 - 10' 9350 HOE DRILLS, c/w grass & fert., rubber packers, Factory Trans Ɣ WILRICH 22' CULT, c/w 1220 Valmar Ɣ 2 - Morris L320 - 36' Vibra Shanks Ɣ IH #55 - 31' CHISEL PLOW Ɣ VERSATILE 580 - 58' SPRAYER, c/w 500gal. Poly TankƔ Rock-O-Matic TM12 ROCK RAKE Ɣ CROWN ROCK PICKER CONVERTIBLE CAR, TRUCKS & TRAILERS:Ɣ 2008 TOYOTA Camry Solara Convertible, 193,000 kms., full load Ɣ 1980 KENWORTH W900, c/w 18'x6' S. Box & 30 ton Nordic Hoist, aux. hyds.Ɣ 1975 IH CARGOSTAR 1710B S/A CABOVER, right hand steer, c.w 16' Wood B&H, V-8, Auto Ɣ 1999 FORD F350 diesel, Super Duty Ext. Cab, 4x4, Dually, 6 spd., 193,562 kms. c/w Pin 5th Wheel Ɣ 1979 CHEV Silverado Crew Cab, V-8 - 4spd.Ɣ TRAILTECH 16' G/Neck Flat deck Ɣ 2001 SNOWBEAR 9' S/A TRAILER, 2" ball AUGERS: Ɣ BRANDT 4500 Grain Vac Ɣ WHEATHEART 8"x51' Auger, c/w Mover & 24hp. Ɣ WESTFIELD 7"X41' Auger RECREATIONAL & YARD EQUIP.:Ɣ 1993 ROCKWOOD Prestige 40' 5th wheel triple axle HOLIDAY TRAILER Ɣ HARBORCRAFT 14' Alum Boat, c/w. 7.5hp Ɣ 1988 Yamaha 350 4x4 QuadƔ JD 425 all wheel RIDING LAWN TRACTOR, hydro., 343hrs., 54"cut, 3pt. hitch Ɣ JD 450 - 3pt. 54" Rototiller Ɣ 5' 3pt. Rough Cut MowerƔ 7' 3pt. Back Blade Ɣ 6" 3pt. Post Hole Auger CATTLE EQUIP.:Ɣ IH 1150 Mixer Mill Ɣ Calf Tipping Table Ɣ 1992 Senstec Scale MEAT CUTTING EQUIP.:Ɣ TOLEDO Band Type MEAT SAW Ɣ OMEAN Commercial Meat Grinder Ɣ 18" JARVIS WELLSAW reciprocating Carcass Split Saw Ɣ 12 GRAIN BINS, PLUS GOOD MISC. ITEMS AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Here's A Full Day Sale With Something For Everyone. Main Equipment Will Sell At Approx. 1:00 P.M. For Info. Ph. 780-689-4401 or 689-1201 CONSIGNED ITEMS PH. SCOTT 780-689-3386 OR 689-9362: Ɣ BOURGAULT 8810 Cult., 36', 10" spacing, single chute, c/w granular kit, c/w BOURGAULT 2155 - 2 comp. Tow Behind Tank, Good Cond. Ɣ JD 922 - 22' Straight Cut Flex Header, 50 series hook-ups, c/w Transport, fits JD 9650, 9750 with no adaptions, fits 9600 or 9500 with minor adaptions Ɣ AC D15 Acreage Tractor, 3pt. 540 PTO

LOCATION: 12.4 km. South of Hwy 16 on Hwy 834, or 10 km. North of Tofield TRACTORS: Ɣ 1996 NH 8670 MFWA TRACTOR, CAHR, s/n 9849504, 145hp., 16spd., P.Shift, Shuttle Shift, 4300hrs. Ɣ 1993 FORD NH VERSATILE 9030 Bi-Directional, 11,700hrs., c/w Loader, Bucket & Grapple Ɣ VERSATILE 20' SWATHER HEADER, fits 9030 Ɣ NH 2200 - 16' HAY HEADER, c/w PU Reels, fits 9030 Ɣ JD 4440 CAHR, TRACTOR, 5899hrs., Quad Range, Original Owner, Degelman 10' Dozer Blade BALE TRUCKS & HAYING EQUIP.: Ɣ 1995 FORD 9000 Bale Truck, c/w 17 Bale Golden View Deck, Detroit 10 spd. Ɣ JD 535 Rd. Baler, c/w net wrap Ɣ JD 530 Rd. Baler, Reconditioned Ɣ SITREX 12 wheel Hay Rake Ɣ NH 1431 Discbine, 13 1/2', New Knives Ɣ HESSTON Fluffer Hay Rake FARM EQUIP.: Ɣ FLEXICOIL SYSTEM 82 - 60' Tine Harrows Ɣ 14' Deep Tillage Ɣ MORRIS 49' Cult., for parts Ɣ Steel Frame H.D. Wagon c/w 14' Steel Deck & Hoist HOLIDAY TRAILER & VEHICLES: Ɣ 1991 32' COBRA Spinmaker 5th wheel Holiday Trailer, slide outs, V. Clean Ɣ 1993 FORD 7.3 diesel F250 Reg. Cab, 4x4, 5spd. Ɣ older GM GRAVEL TRUCK, c/w 14' box Ɣ Approx. 1991 CHEV LUMINA Z34, FWD, needs hood & roof repair Ɣ 1984 FORD 1/2 Ton, 351-Auto, Approx. 300km. on New Motor GRAIN BINS: Ɣ 4 WESTEEL ROSCO 6 ring 2500bu Bins Ɣ Grain Moisture Tester c/w Scale ANTIQUES: Ɣ JD AR Tractor Ɣ Northstar & Maple Leaf Oil Cans Ɣ old Violin c/w case & tuner Ɣ Cream Seperator Ɣ Well Pump & More SHOP EQUIPMENT & MISC.: Ɣ Portable DELCO VERSA 100C - 3000PSI, elec. Pressure Washer, Diesel Fired Ɣ SANBORN 5hp. Air Compressor Ɣ LINCOLN 300 gas Welder, Good Ɣ Carolina 55 ton Shop Press Ɣ 12" Thickness Planer c/w 6" Jointer Ɣ Delta 12"Radial Arm Saw NOTE: Good Clean Equipment on offer. For Info. Ph. 780-662-4692 or 289-6677

SUN., APRIL 29 - 11 A.M. - STEVE KOTELKO - VEGREVILLE - PH. 780-603-2365 LOCATION: From Vegreville 14 miles North on Hwy. 857 to Twp.Rd. 544 then 3 miles East to R.R. 143 & 200 yards North. TRACTORS & TRUCKS: Ɣ VERSATILE 855 TRACTOR, CAHR, 4397 hrs., 4 hyds., plumbed for Air Seeder, One Owner, SHARP Ɣ CASE 2090 TRACTOR, CAHR, 3479 hrs., One Owner Ɣ JD 3020 TRACTOR, c/w 48 Loader Ɣ 1984 FORD F700, 15,300 Orig. kms., c/w 16' SWS Steel Box, Premium Condition Ɣ 1975 FORD F600, 28,100 miles, c/w 15' B&H, Family Owned Since New Ɣ 1967 GMC 950 c/w 16' Wood B&H, V-8 - 4&2 spd. HARVEST & HAYING EQUIP.: Ɣ NH TR98 COMBINE, Twin Rotor, s/n 605562, 749 Threshing hrs., Rake-up P.U., chopper, One Owner, V. Good Cond. Ɣ VERSATILE 400 SWATHER, c/w 20' UII Reels & Batt Reels Ɣ JD 896A 5 Bar Rake SEEDING & TILLAGE: Ɣ FLEXICOIL 39' Double chute CULTIVATOR, 9" spacing, steel packers, c/w 2320 Tow Between Tank, new hose & hard surfaced tips Ɣ VERSATILE 1390 - 18' Heavy DISC, smooth blades Ɣ JD 610 - 36' Deep Tillage Model, c/w 4 bar Ezee-On harrows Ɣ Laurier HD 60' HP8X8, Heavy Tine Harrows & Packers Ɣ DEGELMAN 3 batt ground drive ROCK PICKER Ɣ 21 STEEL GRAIN BINS Ɣ ANTIQUES & MISC. NOTE: ORDER OF SALE: Misc., Smaller Equip. Main Equip. at Approx. 1:00 p.m. followed by Grain Bins CONSIGNED PH. NEIL - 780-632-9872 Ɣ FLEXICOIL 42' Deep Tillage Ɣ SHULTE 15' Mower


MAY 3 - DISPERSION FOR LANCE & DENISE BRIGGS PH. AFTER APRIL 18 - 780-961-0007 Ɣ JD 7710 FWA, 6329hrs., P. Quad, One Owner Ɣ JD 7410 FWA, c/w 740 Loader, 3pt., 10,578hrs. Ɣ JD 5300, 3pt. 5398 hrs. Ɣ JD 7720 COMBINE, 2461hrs. Ɣ MF 885 - 18' P.U. Reels Ɣ JD 29' Cult., c/w double chute AIR SEEDER, 655 Tank Ɣ FLEXICOIL 60' Tine Harrows, c/w 2420 Valmar Ɣ JD 235 - 18' DiscƔ 1980 FORD & 1979 GM Tandems, c/w Steel B&H Ɣ N. Idea Tandem M. Spreader FOR INFO. PH. AFTER APRIL 18 - 780-961-0007 LATE LISTING ł 1999 MERRITT 53' TRIDEM ALUM. CATTLE LINER, CERTIFIED ʀ PLUS 20 TRACTORS ʀ AIR


SAT., MAY 5 - 11 A.M. -ESTATE OF DAVE LOZINSKI - HYLO PH. LESLIE 780-623-9758 LOCATION: From Boyle 37 km. East on Hwy. 663, to R.R. 160 & 3.5 km. North or from Hylo 3.5 km. West on Hwy. 663 to R.R. 160 & 2.5 km. North ł 2010 KELLO 325 - 16' Breaking DISC, As New ł STEIGER PANTHER 1000 Ɣ AC 7050 & 7030 TRACTORS Ɣ NH 688 Rd. Baler & 273 Sq. Baler Ɣ IH H100 Series C PAYLOADER Ɣ 2 TEC TANKS, 24'x14'c/w hopper bottoms ł PLUS SEEDING, HARVEST & TILLAGE EQUIPMENT







PH: 780-446-9555

FAX: 780-473-5750

email -

FOR SALE 2004 12’x 40’ Park Model

One bedroom. Ideal for lake lot, farm house, acreage or golf course. Has 4” walls, 6” floors and ceiling, on 3 axles. Fully furnished with window covers, air conditioner, forced air furnace, ball hitch and extras. Excellent condition. Will take trades. Call 780.672.6828 or (c) 780.878.1098 for more information. Farm land on Battle River – Pasture and crop land southeast of Camrose. Excellent addition to mixed farm, or build your new country home with establish trees and a creek! Call George. S-12 Cattle Farm near Camrose – 1 or 2 quarters, great starter farm! Large barn, shop, outbuildings, home with 3 bedrooms, great landscaping. Call George

Kassian uses an advanced computer scanning system that measures your feet dynamically while you are walking. This helps her make an effective diagnosis of your foot related problems. The orthotics she prescribes to help your feet move more effectively are very thin and lightweight. They fit discreetly into your favorite shoes. Kassian’s professional services will be offered on Thursday, April 26, at this location: Camrose Community Centre (Old Drill Hall), 4518-54 Street, 2nd Floor, Room 230 (elevator access). As space for this clinic will be limited, book now by calling 1-780-466-1104.


NEW LISTING! Shop in Irma – 50’x80’ plus office, 14’ door height, radiant heat in shop and floor heat in office, instant hot water, heavy-duty floor, wellinsulated, excellent condition. Built 1999. Call Gordie. F-12 Land in Beaver County – 160+/- acres of grain land and 851+/- acres of lease land NE of Tofield, fenced, dugout. Call George. KS-101

Gordie Fischer 780-754-3864 George Singer 780-608-6555

Coming to Camrose Thursday, April 26, 2012 Camrose Community Centre (Old Drill Hall) 4518-54 Street, 2nd Floor, Room 230 (elevator access)

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012


‘We believe all students can achieve’ Students at St. Patrick School are actively involved in their learning. Together with their teachers and parents, students at St. Pat’s strive to achieve their very best in a safe, nurturing atmosphere. Non-Catholic students are more than welcome to register for the 2012-2013 year. At St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School, our specialty includes: • Faith-filled caring Catholic environment • High expectations for all students • Early Literacy Initiative Program • Teachers trained in Balanced Literacy • Daily Physical Education for all grades • Enhanced music and art instruction • Arts/Athletics Enrichment Program (AEP) - Piano lessons program - Golf program - Skipping program - Choir program Other programs will be determined based on the needs of our students.

Junior Entry

(3 and 4 year olds)

Grade K to 6 Registration

All parents and students who are interested in attending St. Patrick Catholic School for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year are asked to visit the school at:


For more iinformation, f i

STRONG BEGINNINGS… A BRIGHT FUTURE Children learn through play and a child-centered curriculum taught by a certified teacher. • Low student/teacher ratio • A school setting so your child can participate in physical education in the gym, use the school library, participate in school activities such as the Christmas concerts, Halloween party and school photos. The Junior Entry Program is an excellent bridge into the Primary Years Program.

3-Year-Olds Mondays and Fridays, two hours per day.

please contact St. Patrick School at:


Ph. 780-672-2177

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, three hours per day (9 hrs/week). To learn more, visit our school to see these classes in action.

or visit

Bring your children to St. Pat’s where learning is living.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

Canada Day plans are starting to heat up Even though spring has just begun, the planning and fundraising for this year’s Canada Day celebrations has been heating up for a while. “This year we commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the War of 1812 and as such we will be incorporating these themes into the celebrations. Organizing this event is fun, but is a huge undertaking and we truly appreciate all the assistance that we receive from the community,” said Jane CherryLemire, committee chair. "It will be fun to add a few new things this year to celebrate this year’s theme.” Joining, Cherry-Lemire in the planning of this event are Buffy da Silva, Corinna Nilson, Camrose District Museum, Tanya Fox, Fox TaeKwon-Do, Kjeryn Davis, Investors Group and Debra Hannaford. Sponsorship packages have gone out to approximately 100 local businesses and service clubs. There are different levels of sponsorship available: gold, silver, bronze, friends, volunteer and for items to be used in the barrel raffle. Each level of sponsorship has a different level of

recognition, from photographs in the paper, tax receipts and at the site the day of the event. Cherry-Lemire said, “Each year we look to the community for help and support and each year we are always amazed at the support that we receive.” The committee has also started planning a fundraising barbecue at M & M Meats for May 26, as well another exciting special event in partnership with the Canadian Brewhouse, and Richardson’s Jewellers, which has been named Diamonds and Sparks. “We are always looking for ways to raise the money that is needed to put together a funfilled event, so it is always exciting to come up with new ways of inviting the community to get involved,” said Cherry-Lemire. “As our plans are finalized, we will have more details to share.” As the event gets closer, everyone can follow our progress on the City web site at, as well as the Tourism Camrose web site. For further information regarding donations or volunteering, contact Jane Cherry-Lemire at 672-9949.


Working together es around power lin

Today’s farm equipment is bigger than ever. That can mean big problems when working around power lines. Plan ahead. Call us at 1-800-668-2248, and we’ll work together to move your equipment safely.

BRCF grant supports Special Olympics By Dan Jensen

The Battle River Community Foundation has granted $1,000 to Special Olympics Camrose. Special Olympics Camrose is a local chapter of Special Olympics Alberta, which was founded in 1980. The mission is to enrich the lives of Albertans with an intellectual disability through sport. Through the participation of sport, athletes adopt a greater active lifestyle and have a better quality of life. Colin Atkinson, chair, Special Olympics Camrose, talks about the local organization: "The Camrose chapter has been in existence for nearly 20 years and consists of approximately 60 to 70 athletes ranging in age from early teens to mid/late '50s. Our athletes are all from either Camrose or the surrounding districts. We have eight board members with the majority also involved in coaching our offered sports. Our volunteer coaches total eight, with at least that many support volunteers." Atkinson describes their programs: "We currently run bowling, softball, swimming and have run curling in prior years but were forced to drop that due to our inability to find coaches. Our three remaining programs pretty well run locally with all sports travelling provincially to attend tournaments, as well as provincial tryouts. The bowling program has the most participants (close to 40), and our ball program (24 participants) has grown significantly over the past year or so, to the point we run with two teams at a time." Atkinson goes on to say, "Our project or program for 2012 will be the inclusion/participation of the Jean Conrad Ball held annually in St. Paul, Alberta. This venture is our biggest financial

need as with transportation, accommodations and meals, the cost runs between $5,000 and $7,000. We have applied to McDonald's to partner hosting the 2012 McHappy Day as part of our fundraising. Fundraising is one of our biggest challenges in order to run these programs." The grant is funded by generous donors who contribute to the Battle River Community Foundation's Community Fund. It is also made possible by Gordon French and Arie and Leny Vanderjagt, who have created endowment funds with the Foundation. Arie and Leny have asked that income earned from their endowment fund be used to support children with special needs. Their passion was for these children. Arie contributed many hours to his adopted community by being a Beaver leader, helping start the local minor soccer program, volunteering to Habitat for Humanity and the Messiah Lutheran Church. He was a committed Centra Cam board member and a Rotarian. The Gordon French fund was established by his brother, Arthur, in support of the physically handicapped. Income from this fund is to assist individuals with programs and/or services which may advance or enhance the prospects of employability and the supporting needs and challenges of the physically handicapped. The Battle River Community Foundation exists to support projects in East Central Alberta which benefit local communities and have a positive impact on the future. Contributions to the Battle River Community Foundation are permanently invested in endowment funds currently valued in excess of $6.4 million.

You are invited to be a displayer at… Wednesday, September 5, 2012 from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. The purpose of the event is to showcase clubs, organizations and businesses which offer a learning course or recreational activity, want to recruit volunteers, and/or want to sign up participants. Last year over 600 people strolled through the 63 displayer tables and learned about the wide range of opportunities Camrose has to offer. Displayer tables and demonstration opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis so act quickly to book your space. Deadline for registration is June 13, 2012 or when we are full to capacity. Registration details and forms are available at or email

Camrose Adult Learning Council

Battle River Community Foundation treasurer James Mayer presents a cheque for $1,000 to Brad Lyseng, James McGillivray, Craig Steinwand and Special Olympics board member and coach Graham Wideman.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012


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Chev Sonic Serious competitor with fun spirit

Graeme Davidson McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet By Dan Jensen

The all-new Chevrolet Sonic at McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC blends small car practicality with a passion for driving. "Its combination of great design, fun driving experience and the latest connectivity features create a serious competitor with a fun spirit," said McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC dealer principal Will McClellan. The Sonic is offered in two body styles: a stylish four-door sedan and a sporty five-door, each of which delivers class-leading rear-seat roominess and cargo space. "From every angle, Sonic sedan and five-door models convey strength, stability and refinement," said McClellan. At firstglance, the five-door model looks like a three-door hatch because the rear door handles are directly located in the "C" pillar area. The rear of the five-door continues with unconventional details, including exposed, motorcycle-inspired rear headlamps. Details that reinforce Sonic's quality and attention to detail include chrome grille surrounds and matte black honeycomb grille inserts on all models. A wide, planted stance with wheels at the corners proportions conveys performance, while progressive raked body lines suggest movement, even when the car is stationary. A range of large wheel sizes, including 17-inch alloy wheels, reinforces the sporty demeanor. Inspired interior Sonic's cabin complements the motorcycleinspired exterior with a detailed instrument cluster featuring a large, round analog tachometer set within an asymmetrical LCD readout, with large digital speedometer display. The mid-instrument panel surface is available in two colours (dark titanium and brick) and flows

seamlessly into the upper doors with premium lowglass finishes. The automatic shift knob has a "cobra head" design, while the manual shifter has a chromefinished knob. Tubular outboard climate controls protrude from the instrument panel surface. The interior includes storage compartment in the centre stacks and doors. The rear seats fold flat for carrying larger items. Front bucket seats are standard and heated front seats are available. Powertrains Chevrolet Sonic models are powered by efficient, power-dense small-displacement engines, including the Ecotec 1.4 litre turbo and the Ecotec 1.8 lite – the same engines used in the new Chevrolet Cruze. Three transmissions are available: a five-speed manual and six-speed automatic with the 1.8 litre, and a six-speed manual with the 1.4 litre turbo. The Ecotec 1.4 litre turbo's power ratings are estimated at 138 horsepower (103 kW) and 148 lb.-ft. of torque (200 Nm) between 1,850 and 4,900 rpm. The wide rpm range for the maximum torque – a specific trait of turbocharged engines – helps the engine deliver a better driving experience and performance. Premium design elements give the engine world-class smoothness and durability. The turbocharger is integrated within the exhaust manifold for reduced weight and greater packaging flexibility in small vehicles. A reinforced crankshaft and stronger connecting rods deliver additional strength to support the engine's pressurized power and torque over a wide rpm band. The naturally aspirated Ecotec 1.8 litre engine has many of the same features of the Ecotec 1.4 litre turbo. It is a compact and durable four-cylinder

engine designed for low maintenance, low emissions, and fuel efficiency. Its two-stage variable intake manifold allows approximately 90 per cent of peak torque to be available from 2,400 to 6,500 rpm. It is estimated at 135 horsepower (101 kW), along with 123 lb.-ft. of torque (167 Nm) at 3,800 rpm. Athletic ride The Sonic brings agility and a fun-to-drive feel that is rare in the segment. Engineers who also work on the Corvette tuned the Son's confident ride and handling, giving it a more direct and athletic feel, while balancing the vehicle for the broad range of driving conditions in North America. All models feature a MacPherson strut front suspension with coil springs and a stabilizer bar, and a semi-independent, torsion beam axle-mount compound link-type rear suspension – featuring a robust, tubular V-shape beam – with gas-charged shocks. The front and rear tracks are identical at 59.4 inches (1,509 mm), for well-planted stability and excellent balance. Electronic power steering is standard and features a wear compensator that continually adjusts the system interaction with the steering gear to ensure precise steering action over the life of the system. Sonic's body structure is designed to be one of the stiffest in the segment. Its rigidity enabled engineers to tune the ride and handling more precisely. Sonic's unique "flat top frame" cradle, for example, assures optimal stiffness in the front chassis portion of the vehicle. The rear axle is essentially a straight axle without contour for packaging retstraints and reduced noise, vibration and harshness. A comprehensive safety package adds peace of mind with standard Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), the StabiliTrak electronic stability control system, and up to 10 available airbags.

See the new Chevrolet Sonic at McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC at 3850-48 Avenue, Camrose. Phone 780-672-2355 and ask for one of the friendly sales professionals.

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2004 GRAND CARAVAN ANNIVERSARY EDITION – Black, DVD, CD, air, second row bucket seats, loaded, 178,000 km., $6,500 obo. Ph. 780-582-2422.

2006 ACURA CSX – Touring, winter tires w/rims, $12,500 obo. Ph. 780-608-0104.

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2008 BUICK ALURE CXL – 83,000 km., loaded, $14,000 obo. Ph. 780-374-2280.

2008 DODGE RAM 2500 4X4 HEMI – 5-spd., auto, SLT, lots of extras, 72,000 km. A-1 condition. Ph. 780-608-5110, 780-373-2625.


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City adds clean week

Mayor Marshall Chalmers and City council are encouraging Camrose residents to show their concern for the environment and their communities by participating in Pitch-In Canada Week. Pitch-In Canada is a national, community-based organization comprised of eco-action and community volunteers that encourage voluntary action to: keep communities clean and beautiful and restore and maintain a healthy environment. The City of Camrose has participated in the Pitch-In Canada campaign for several years, and this year will be no different. During Pitch-In Canada Week, local schools, along with City councillors and volunteers will be tidying up school yards and parks throughout the city. A dozen staff from Cargill's Camrose location already helped the City get a head start on spring cleanup. More Power. Less Fuel. Great Value is a comparison between the 2012 and the 2011 Chrysler Canada product lineups. 40 MPG or greater claim is based on 2012 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption estimates. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors. See your dealer for additional EnerGuide details. Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, ‡, †, § The Canada’s Fastest Growing Automaker Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after April 3, 2012. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. See participating dealers for complete details and conditions. •$19,998 Purchase Price applies to 2012 Dodge Journey SE Canada Value Package (22F+CLE) only and includes $2,000 Consumer Cash Discount. Pricing includes freight ($1,400–$1,500) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. See participating dealers for complete details. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2012 vehicles and are manufacturer-to-dealer incentives, which are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. See your dealer for complete details. ‡4.99% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2012 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package model to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Auto Finance and Ally Credit Canada. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. See your dealer for complete details. Example: 2012 Dodge Journey Canada Value Package with a Purchase Price of $19,998 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discount) financed at 4.99% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $117 with a cost of borrowing of $4,275 and a total obligation of $24,273. Pricing includes freight ($1,400–$1,500) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. †1.99% purchase financing for up to 36 months available on the new 2012 Dodge Journey SXT models to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Auto Finance and Ally Credit Canada. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. See your dealer for complete details. Example: 2012 Dodge Journey SXT with a Purchase Price of $25,395 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discount) financed at 1.99% over 36 months with $0 down payment equals 36 monthly payments of $727.27 with a cost of borrowing of $786.72 and a total obligation $26,181.72. Pricing includes freight ($1,400–$1,500) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and taxes. §2012 Dodge Journey Crew shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $27,595. Pricing includes freight ($1,400–$1,500) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. °Based on Year-To-Date this year versus last year (Oct YTD 2011 versus Oct YTD 2010) R. L. Polk Canada, Inc. Canadian National Total NVR Market Share and volume gains data by brand. ¤Based on 2012 EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Ratings. Transport Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel economy will vary based on driving habits and other factors. 2012 Dodge Journey SE – Hwy: 7.5 L/100 KM and City: 10.8 L/100 KM. ^Based on R. L. Polk Canada Inc. January to October 2011 Canadian Total New Vehicle Registration data for Chrysler Crossover segments. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications LLC, used under licence. ®SIRIUS and the dog logo are registered trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012







• 3.6 L Pentastar VVT V6 with 283 HP • One-touch up/down front windows • Fog lamps

DAB_121052_OB_JOUR.indd 1

Camrose pitch-in declared

Mayor Marshall Chalmers declared the week of April 23 to 30 as Pitch-In Canada Week in Camrose. With him in the photo were: (left to right, front) Camrose Green Action Committee member Ray McIsaac and chair Earle Berry, (back, left to right) Camrose Green Action Committee vice chair Gordon Lougheed and committee member Ami Wearmouth.










• Dual bright exhaust tips • 17-inch aluminum wheels • LED taillamps



On the road … CARS AND TRUCKS

2012 Dodge Journey Crew shown.§





4.99 %‡



• Highway: 7.8 L/100 KM (36 MPG)¤ • City: 12.6 L/100 KM (22 MPG)¤



4/10/12 7:03 PM

ON NOW AT YOUR ALBERTA CHEVROLET DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. ^/¼*/††/*Offers apply to the purchase of a 2012 Cruze LS Air & Auto (R7D), 2012 Malibu LS (R7D), 2012 Equinox LS FWD (R7B) equipped as described. Freight included ($1,495). License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offer available to retail customers in Canada. See Dealer for details. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in Alberta Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be required. GMCL, Ally Credit or TD Auto Financing Services may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See Chevrolet dealer for details. WBased on GM Testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. ‥ 0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by TD Auto Financing Services for 72/84 months on new or demonstrator 2012 Chevrolet Cruze and 2012 Chevrolet Equinox/2012 Malibu. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $10,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $138.89/$119.05 for 72/84 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $10,000. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. Freight ($1,495) included. License, insurance, registration, PPSA, applicable taxes and fees not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offers apply to qualified retail customers only. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. †† 1.99% purchase financing offered on approved credit by TD Auto Financing Services for 84 months on new or demonstrator 2012 Cruze LS Air & Auto/ 2012 Equinox LS. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $10,000 at 1.99% APR, the monthly payment is $127.63 for 84 months. Cost of borrowing is $720.94 total obligation is $10,720.94. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. Freight ($1,495) included. License, insurance, registration, PPSA, applicable taxes and fees not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offers apply to qualified retail customers only. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ~ OnStar services require vehicle electrical system (including battery) wireless service and GPS satellite signals to be available and operating for features to function properly. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Subscription Service Agreement required. Call 1-888-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) or visit for OnStar’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and details and system limitations. Additional information can be found in the OnStar Owner’s Guide. *^ For more information visit **Cruze LS equipped with 6-speed manual transmission. Based on Natural Resources Canada’s 2012 Fuel Consumption Ratings for the Compact Car class. Excludes hybrid and diesel models. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. +The Best Buy seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications, LLC,used under licence. ¼¼ Chevrolet Equinox FWD equipped with standard 2.4L ECOTEC I-4 engine. Fuel consumption ratings based on Natural Resources Canada’s 2012 Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption may vary.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012













)25025($/%(57$2))(569,6,7 163$)"4&13*$&



.1()*()8": #*8&&,-:


5&3. 1":.&/5



&26*/09-4 "5










#&55&3)*()8":'6&-&''*$*&/$: 5)"/$37 3"7034"/5"'&ee




On the road ‌


.0/5)4 0/4&-&$5.0%&-4






*/$-6%&4 '3&*()51%*





The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012












2012 Focus






0% Financing


2012 Focus SE Sedan -Auto, A/T/C, power group



27,199 $ 21,952 - $1,000 Costco

365 per h mont



2012 Fusion SE



Sale $21,949

0% Leasing



-Auto, Remote Start, SYNC





2012 Escape XLT 4x4

2012 Escape XLT

-Cargo package, SYNC, Auto

From $


MSRP Sale $

392 392 2 per month

Costco Members Save Additional $1000

CALL 780-672-2411 Toll Free 1-800-994-9953




31,099 $ 25,903 - $1,000 Costco $


COME IN Visit us on

Highway 13 East, Camrose

HOURS: Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.; Sat., 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Pictures for illustration only. Focus and Escape starting prices plus freight, fees and taxes. Payments 48 month Ford Red Carpet lease, plus fees & tax. Fusion payment 72 month Ford Credit, plus fees. Costco Rebate used as Cash Down where applicable. See Lamb Ford for details.

PRE-OWNED – PRE-OWNED – PRE-OWNED – PRE-OWNED 2006 F-150 FX4 Crew 4x4 -Leather, Captain Chairs, 80,000 km

2011 Explorer Limited AWD

-3.5L, Leather, Moonroof

2009 Dodge Journey SE

2006 F-150 S/C XLT 4x4 -5.4L, Tonneau Cover, 112,000 km


-4.6L, 6.5’ box, XTR, 137,000 km

$20,990 $24,990

2008 Edge LTD AWD

2010 F-150 FX4 Crew 4x4 -Leather, Moonroof, 80,000 km


2010 F-150 King Ranch 4x4


-Leather, Moonroof, 103,000 km

-Auto, A/T/C, 91,000 km

-Leather, 100,000 km

2011 Fusion SE


2011 Flex SEL AWD -leather, Moonroof, 30,000 km

-I4, Auto, 16,000 km

$14,990 $13,990 $17,990

2011 Fusion SEL AWD


-V6, Leather, 23,000 km

Visit for our complete inventory. CALL




Highway 13 East, Camrose

Toll Free 1-800-994-9953


2008 Taurus Limited


-V6, 70,000 km

-V6, Cloth, 122,000 km

2009 Toyota Camry LE


-V6, A/T/C, 102,000 km

2006 Explorer XLT 4x4

2009 F-150 Crew XLT 4x4 -5.4L, Step Bars, 65,000 km

2006 Chrysler 300 Touring


-A/T/C, 120,000 km

2007 Escape XLT 4x4

2009 F-150 Crew XLT 4x4

25,990 17,990

39,990 26,990 0


Choose From 3

$ $

$ $


-5.4L, Moonroof, 65,000 km

2011 Fusion Sport AWD’s


Visit us on

HOURS: Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.; Sat., 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pictures for illustration only, see Lamb Ford for details.



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Men's day returns to provide balance By Clarence Hastings, CDSS


Plus, save up to $100 on your purchase of a set of four selected Goodyear tires: †On a set of four. See in-store for details.



Revolutionary handling for an exceptional ultra high-performance driving experience.


A hardworking, versatile tire offering on- and off-road traction. Tractivegroove Technology™ for enhanced traction in Deep mud and snow.



A fuel-efďŹ cient tirethat provides conďŹ dent wet and dry traction.

A premium all-season traction tire for CUVs/SUVs.

Offers available at the following participating locations:



4901-48 Street Phone 780-672-3357

4720-36 Street Phone 780-672-5545

/VERLOCATIONSACROSS#ANADATOSERVEYOUsWWWFOUNTAINTIRECOM *Buy four selected Goodyear tires for the price of three from April 2 - May 5, 2012. †Save up to $100 on a set of four selected Goodyear tires and earn Bonus AIR MILESŽ reward miles from April 2 - May 5, 2012. See in-store for complete details. Offers applicable on our Every Day Pricing (EDP) and valid only with a minimum purchase of four (4) identical tires in one transaction. Not valid for Goodyear National Accounts or Fountain Tire Elite Accounts. Inventory may vary by location. All applicable taxes (ie: GST, PST, HST and tire taxes) are extra. Ž™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under licence by LoyaltyOne Inc, and Goodyear Canada Inc. Fountain Tire is licensed by AMVIC in Alberta.

The Camrose and District Support Services, Rural Community Program is pleased to announce “A Better Balance� Men’s Conference being held on April 27, at the Camrose Golf Course, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The conference will be hosted by Danny Hooper, master of ceremonies, motivational speaker, auctioneer and entertainer. Workshop presenters also include, Dr. David Long, Colin Millang and Roger Millard who will have everyone sharing in the fun and be an invaluable part of your conference experience. Sponsored by UFA and the Daybreak Rotary Club, this oneday interactive and innovative conference promises to motivate, educate, energize and promote sharing and participation by building on the success of the first Camrose Men’s Conference in 2010. The work and life balance focus of this conference will acknowledge what it means to be a man and provide practical tools on how to “win at being a man� by cultivating positive relationships at work and at home. As presenter Dr. David Long puts it, “men are indeed from Mars and while men are not human, every male most certainly is.� Designed specifically for all males, the conference aim is to challenge, support, educate and motivate men from different cultures, ages and experience to participate, share, inspire and assess their own identity as an employee, owner, spouse, father, and most of all a human being. Cost to attend the conference is $25, which includes a “man’s steak lunch� and live auction. For more information and to register, call Clarence Hastings at 780-6720141 or check web site Registrations will be accepted until April 20.

2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick – Best-In-Class Fuel EfďŹ ciencyâ€

CAMRY With its best in class safety and fuel efďŹ ciency, along with legendary reliability and power, looking like the smartest driver in the Prairies comes standard. ONLY $3,060 DOWN PAYMENT $25,604 MSRP INCLUDES $1,904 FREIGHT & DELIVERY, PDI & BLOCK HEATER

268 4.9




Lease, finance plans, cash incentives & offers from Toyota Financial Services. OAC for qualified retail customers on select new unregistered models sold and delivered between April 3rd & April 30th, 2012. Lease a 2012 Camry LE (BF1FLT AA) for *$268 per month with $3,060 down payment. Security deposit of $300 is waived. Based on vehicle price of $25,604 and 4.9% lease APR. Total lease obligation is $19,140; lease end value is $10,533. Example based on 60-month walk-away lease with 100,000 km. MSRP includes a maximum of $1,904 for freight and delivery, block heater charge and air conditioning tax, and excludes license, insurance, PPSA, registration fees and all other taxes and levies. If km are exceeded, additional km charge of $0.10/km will apply. Dealer may sell for less. See your participating Alberta Toyota dealer for details. All offers subject to exclusions and may change without notice. SE model shown. † 2012 4-cylinder Camry combined fuel efficiency comparisons are determined using approved Government of Canada test methods & are with respect to all other gasoline 4-cylinder in the class. Actual results may vary.

1-888-856-0086, 4120-56 Street, Wetaskiwin


The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012


HUGE SPRING SALE 3 Days Only!! April 19th, 20th and 21st Massive discounts on past model inventory. Huge reductions on slightly hail-damaged RVs. Parts and Service specials throughout the store.

2012 Innsbruck 24RBL

2011 Innsbruck 279QBL Quad Bunk

Air conditioning, large awning, AM/FM/CD/ DVD, microwave, stabilizer jacks. TP12004

Large slide, quad bunks, queen bed, air cond., microwave, stereo, awning TP11050




2011 Newmar 36 KSLS Solid surface counters, fireplace, central vac, triple slide, unsurpassed luxury and quality




2012 Harmony 287FWBHS Bunk Model 5th

from Pacific Coachworks!


Two slides, hardwall, LCD TV, stereo, air cond., microwave, perfect for the lake or golf course!


Quality RVs by Winnebago

See the 2012 Powerlite Toy Haulers


2011 Discovery Trail DT2905

2012 Brookside 300 RLS High gloss gelcoat, 2 slides, 2 LCD TVs, alum. wheels, air cond., microwave.

High gloss gelcoat hardwall, alum. wheels, air, microwave, stereo, power awning TP12013


Check out our selection of H&H Trailers



2011 Maxum Wild 29BHS Bunk Model

• Tilt Decks • Dumps • Gravity Tilts • Speed Loaders INTRODUCTORY PRICING IN EFFECT!

2012 Panther 22XL Air cond., microwave, stereo, hardwall. Perfect for SUVs.

Hardwall, large slide, solid surface counters, air, microwave, stereo, alum. wheels, power awning




2012 Harmony 289 FWRLS High gloss gelcoat hardwall, alum. wheels, 2 slides, air cond.,microwave, stereo





2012 Panther 30BBS Hardwall, quad bunk, U-shaped dinette, air cond., microwave, large slide



Check our PARTS and SERVICE SPECIALS! Valid April 18-21 Collapsible RV Toilet Reese 16k Classic 5th Boliy 3600 SiE SCHOOL RV Garbage Cans RV Paper Wheel Hitch Inverter Generator Have you recently 4-pack Electric Start with remote shut-off




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Dual pivot. (Rails and install kit not included)







$ 99

plus tax

X-Tra Air

Roof Vent Covers $


E-Z Fold Stools




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5th Wheel Hitch Installs For most makes of vehicles and hitches. (*Some exceptions may apply))


27500 plus tax

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L.E.D. Lighting Options AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT! Book your spring inspections now to miss the May long weekend rush!

purchased an RV?

We are offering one-on-one training to learn about proper operation and maintenance of your new home on wheels. Book an appointment with our service department! This 2-hour training session includes: - LP Gas test, to ensure there are no leaks in the propane system. - Appliance Test, to ensure all major appliances are in good condition and operating properly. - Appliance Educaiton, instruction on how to properly operate all major appliances. - Maintenance Education, instruction on how to maintain exterior fixtures, appliances and undercarriage components.



The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012



– Available at additional cost.

√ Up to 5 litres of 5W20 or 5W30 Mopar Oil √ Mopar Oil Filter √ Rotation of 4 tires √ Peace-of-Mind Inspection of cooling system, all fluid levels, electronic battery test, front and rear brake systems, exhaust system and suspension system √ Written report on findings 95 ± $ √ Manufacturer’s check ®


± Additional charges may be applied for diesel, V10s, HEMI® V8s, fluid disposal, semi-synthetic and synthetic oil. Environmental handling charges may apply.

S E R V I C E PA R T S &

(Retail: $89.95)

M O P A R P E O P L E. M O P A R P A R T S.

SEASONAL TIRE CHANGE OVER SERVICE INCLUDES: √ Remove and install your seasonal tires √ Check tire pressure & tread depth √ Manufacturer’s check








†Minimum 4 tires to qualify for premium. Mount and balance extra.




be dealer installed and excludes tire sizes over 20 inches. Installation and balancing extra.

*While supplies last. Incentive offer applicable only at participating Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram dealers. Service and pricing applicable only at participating Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram dealers until June 9, 2012. Prices do not include taxes. Dealers are free to set individual prices. See your participating Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram dealer for complete details. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC, used under licence by Chrysler Canada Inc. ^The 2012 Mopar Bridgestone Tire Giveaway consists of an online sweepstakes with regional prizes. A skill-testing question must be correctly answered. Complete contest details available at Online sweepstakes ends with all entries received by 11:59 pm (ET) on June 9, 2012. Regional allocation and approximate retail value of sweepstakes prizes is as follows: Bridgestone tires (approx. value up to: $1,600). British Columbia (including Northwest Territories): 1, Alberta: 2, Prairies: 1, Ontario: 4, Quebec: 3, Atlantic: 1. ®Bridgestone is a registered trademark of Bridgestone Corporation, used with permission. ∞Valid with purchase of any in-market service at any participating Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, Ram dealer.

CSR_121057_XLB_AB_Q2_SERVICE.indd 1

4/12/12 2:45 PM

Haiti still needs support to rebuild after earthquake By Murray Green

Chester Ronning School students had a lunch of only bread and water as they went Hungry for Haiti to help save an orphanage in the third world country. The bland lunch created awareness of the country's continued struggle to rebuild after an earthquake three years ago. Members of the community were encouraged to donate the cost of lunch on April 12 to help save the God’s Little Angels orphanage in Haiti. "Haiti still needs our help. We want to instill a very tiny sense of how daily life is for the Haitians and an awareness of how fortunate we are to rarely feel hunger," said teacher Miss Marie Olson and a member of the Chester Ronning School's Go Hungry for Haiti Committee. Three years ago, a devastating earthquake destroyed much of Haiti. Many children were left homeless and often without parents. Today much of Haiti looks the same, as rubble is still piled in the streets, tents are still being used as homes and orphanages are in even greater need. "God’s Little Angels is the orphanage Chester Ronning School will directly support through our donations," said Marie. Following the assembly, students return to their rooms, while waiting for “aid workers” to bring their lunch of bread and water. "We will gather on the floor with the heat turned down and create cards

for the children of Haiti. Guests are welcome to join any class to share this time," added Marie. "We hope to instill in our students and ourselves a very tiny sense of how it is for the Haitians and an awareness of how fortunate we are to rarely feel hunger." The school raised $3,000 in the first year, and that was matched by the government. The 7.0 earthquake changed the lives of people in the country in just 30 seconds. Miss Olson further explained the situation. "Empathy means walking in another person's shoes. Try to understand a hurt, heartache and loss in another child, person, family and country. We can never truly know how anyone else feels about something, but we can make the attempt." Cornerstone School staff member Steve Ioanieis recently returned from Haiti. "The roads are very bumpy and are made from the rocks from the mountain. The houses are not the same as we have here. Some are made from cardboard, tin or are tents," said Steve, to the Grade 3 class. "Most of the houses have brick walls around them to protect them from other people stealing from them. They often put barb wire along the top of the fence. After the earthquake, people were so hungry that they were stealing food." Steve explained that the country has a lot of cars, but not very many rules of the road. "They like to beep their horns at each other.

Murray Green, Camrose Booster Former Haiti resident Grace Hurlburt met with Chester Ronning School Grade 3 students Jordyn Rasmussen, Nalyn Tindall and Isabell Vert for a lunch of bread and water to create awareness that the country is still trying to recover from an earthquake three years ago.

Most people like to sell goods along the street or side of the road. One big difference between Canada and Haiti is the amount of the garbage. They have so much garbage and it is everywhere." Steve explained to the students that the country is so poor because they have had bad governments in the past. "The government didn't look after the people. They took the money for themselves. They have a new government now, and little by little, it is changing for the better." The orphanage has two buildings. "One is for babies from newborn to two years old. They have

between 30 and 40 babies," said Steve. "They have another house down the road a bit called the toddler house. There were 30 or more children as well. We spent most of the time playing with the babies." The children have toys that have been donated. "Some of them don't work like they do here. Batteries are very scarce," said Steve, who volunteered for a week in Haiti. Each of the volunteers was required to raise money for the trip. "We raised about $27,000 in total and it went for the expenses to get the team over there. We also filled a couple of hockey bags with donated

clothes and took them over. The Battle River School Division donated a laptop and we also had three desk top computers that we delivered. In the end, we will be donating more money from the expense money we had left over." Donations can be dropped off at Chester Ronning School or to a staff member. The God's Littlest Angels orphanage is running short of the funds it needs to pay for food, diapers and medical supplies. The orphanage helps children who have lost their parents. The school will be collecting funds until Thursday, April 19.

ON NOW AT YOUR ALBERTA BUICK GMC DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. ^/ ‡‡/††/*Offers apply to the purchase of a 2012 Sierra Kodiak Crew 4WD (R7F) equipped as described. Freight included ($1,495). License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offer available to retail customers in Canada. See Dealer for details. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in Alberta Buick GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be required. GMCL, Ally Credit or TD Auto Financing Services may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See GMC dealer for details. X $8,250 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit available on 2012 Sierra Kodiak LD Crew Special Edition (tax exclusive) for retail customers only. Other cash credits available on most models. See your GM dealer for details. WBased on GM Testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. ‡‡2012 GMC Sierra 1500, equipped with available VortecTM 5.3L V8 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, fuel consumption ratings based on GM testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Competitive fuel consumption ratings based on 2012 Large Pickup segment and Natural Resources Canada’s 2012 Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. Excludes hybrids and other GM models. † Chrome Accessories Package offer available on light duty 2012 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra extended cab and crew cab trucks (excluding Denali crew cab) equipped with the PDJ package (“PDJ Package”). Kodiak package includes PDZ credit valued at $1,200. Dealer order or trade may be required. Offer available to retail customers in Canada for vehicles delivered between February 3, 2012 and April 30, 2012. Customers who opt to forego the PDJ Package may apply a $500 credit (tax exclusive) to the vehicle purchase price. This offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See your GM dealer. ~ OnStar services require vehicle electrical system (including battery) wireless service and GPS satellite signals to be available and operating for features to function properly. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Subscription Service Agreement required. Call 1-888-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) or visit for OnStar’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and details and system limitations. Additional information can be found in the OnStar Owner’s Guide. ‡0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by Ally Credit for 48 months on 2012 GMC Sierra Kodiak Crew 4WD. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $10,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $208.33 for 48 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $10,000. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. Freight ($1,495) included. License, insurance, registration, PPSA, applicable taxes and fees not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offers apply to qualified retail customers only. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. *^ Based on latest competitive data available.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

On the road … INTRODUCING




34,495 0 *






9.4L/100KM HWY | 14.3L/100KM CITYW




• 5.3L V8 Engine and 6-Speed Automatic Transmission • GM Exclusive Locking Differential • Heavy Duty Trailering Package • Stabilitrak® Electronic Stability Control • EZ-lift Locking Tailgate • OnStar RemoteLink™ Mobile App and 6-Month Safe & Sound Plan with Turn-By-Turn Navigation~ ‡








• Chrome Grille, Side Steps, Wheels, Door Handles & Mirror Caps • 6 Way Power Driver’s Seat • Dual Zone Electronic Climate Control • Steering Wheel Audio Controls with Bluetooth® • Deep Tint Glass • Power Windows/Mirrors/Locks with Remote Entry • Trailer Sway Control and Hill Hold Assist






The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012


GROCERY GIVE-AWAY Win $100 worth of groceries this week courtesy of…

R E T N E TO ! N I W The winner for April 16 is Margo Cederwall of Camrose. The entry was drawn at Safeway.

This is our way of saying thank you for using The Camrose Booster to plan your weekly grocery shopping. Get your entries in now. GROCERY GIVE-AWAY


Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CAMROSE SAFEWAY Draw to be made Monday, 6800-48 Avenue April 23, 2012 PHONE 780-672-8224

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CAMROSE SAFEWAY Draw to be made Monday, 6800-48 Avenue April 23, 2012 PHONE 780-672-8224



Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CAMROSE SAFEWAY Draw to be made Monday, 6800-48 Avenue April 23, 2012 PHONE 780-672-8224

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CAMROSE SAFEWAY Draw to be made Monday, 6800-48 Avenue April 23, 2012 PHONE 780-672-8224



Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SOBEYS Draw to be made Monday, 4820-66 Street April 23, 2012 PHONE 780-672-5969

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WILD ROSE CO-OP Draw to be made Monday, 48 Ave. and 51 St. April 23, 2012 PHONE 780-672-3107




Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Draw to be made Monday, April 23, 2012

M & M MEAT SHOPS 120-6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-1484

Draw to be made Monday, April 23, 2012

SOBEYS 4820-66 Street PHONE 780-672-5969

Draw to be made Monday, April 23, 2012

WILD ROSE CO-OP 48 Ave. and 51 St. PHONE 780-672-3107




Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, April 23, 2012

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WALMART Draw to be made Monday, Unit 400 Cornerstone April 23, 2012 6800-48 Avenue

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WALMART Draw to be made Monday, Unit 400 Cornerstone April 23, 2012 6800-48 Avenue

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WALMART Draw to be made Monday, Unit 400 Cornerstone April 23, 2012 6800-48 Avenue

CAFCL relies on many dedicated volunteers By Cherilyn Sharkey

Did you know that the Camrose Association for Community Living (CAFCL) has over 71 volunteers every year? And did you know that together they volunteered over 2,011 hours last year? CAFCL relies on volunteers in a number of ways. Each year we partner with different organizations in the community like Augustana and CLBI. This past fall we were lucky enough to work with Canada World Youth and had two volunteers that really made the experience a complete success.

We look forward to future partnerships with them. We also have community members who volunteer their time to work with individuals who have the same interests. Wayne Sampson has been volunteering with CAFCL for three years and spends every second Thursday doing woodworking with an individual in service. They both get something out of the experience and Wayne is helping make a difference. If you have a special talent or passion, we might have someone that would

fit with you and you, too, can help make a difference. Our major fundraiser – our annual Charity Auction is held each October. This event is organized mostly by volunteers. The volunteers help plan the event, canvas local businesses and help with execution of the event. We look for volunteers each year that might want to have fun putting together something that generates not only funds for our programs but also education and awareness. CAFCL also relies on our volunteer board of directors. Ten

community members volunteer to govern our organization. They determine our vision, mission, values and goals. They monitor the organization, our results and our finances. The staff at CAFCL also volunteer. Sometimes it is at an event like a casino or an Oilers 50/50, sometimes it is with a specific individual, and sometimes it may be on a number of different boards and committees in the community. To the 71 people who volunteered for CAFCL last year, you

are the best. Know that you are valued and we salute you. We are always in need of volunteers, so if you are interested, please check us on Facebook/ Camrose Association For Community Living, our website, www., or give us a call 780-6720257. We assist people with disabilities, people with acquired brain injury, and families at risk to live and participate in the community. With a staff of over 110, CAFCL serves people across East Central Alberta.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012



A picture is worth 1,000 words!

For Want Ad service, please phone 780-672-3142 before six on Friday ANNOUNCEMENTS SEE THE AUTOMOTIVE SECTION STARTING ON PAGE 34 for more classified ads about cars, trucks, campers, RVs, automotive services and ATVs WEDDING DRESS MISTAKE? – If your error was putting it on once, fix the mistake. Sell your dress with a Camrose Booster classified. Phone 780-672-3142. TOFIELD OLD TIME DANCE – Dance April 21, 2012, Tofield Community Hall. Live band: Straight Shooter. Doors: 7 p.m.; Dance 8:00 p.m. to midnight. Lunch: 10:30. Everyone over 18 welcome. Contact Inez/Arnie, 780-662-3608. PEROGY SUPPER – Saturday, April 28, 3:00 - 7:00 p.m., Ukrainian Catholic Church basement, 5304-48a Ave. Adults: $12; Children 6 - 12: $5; Under 6: Free COMMUNITY BRIDAL SHOWER – For Selina Dahl and Russell Hellekson on Sunday, April 22, 2012, Zion Lutheran Church, 2:30 p.m. Ladies please bring lunch. CAMROSE & DISTRICT SENIOR CENTRE SOCIETY Annual General Meeting April 26, 2012 9:30 a.m. - Auditorium Members, please attend! NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Camrose & District Home Support Service Society, Meals on Wheels and Homemaker Programs Thursday, April 19, 10:30 a.m. Camrose Fire Hall 21 Mount Pleasant Drive, Camrose Refreshments served at 10:15 a.m. KINGMAN REA ANNUAL MEETING Wednesday, April 25 7:30 p.m., at Kingman Tea House COMMUNITY BRIDAL SHOWER for Ayla Rindero and Dustin Guderjan on Sunday, April 22, 2 p.m. at the Hi-U Center in Ferintosh. Ladies please bring lunch. ROUND HILL’S ANNUAL UKRAINIAN NIGHT WITH A SCANDINAVIAN TWIST – April 21. Entertainment: Ken Grambo. Advance tickets only. 780-672-7583. ST. JOSEPH’S ANNUAL TURKEY AND HAM SUPPER – Sunday, April 22, 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Hay Lakes Agriplex. $10/person, pre-school free, family rate of $30 (includes parent(s) plus children under 18). Everyone welcome. ‘HIDDEN TREASURES’ SPRING GARAGE SALE – St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, 4713-50 St., Camrose, Thursday, April 19, 2 p.m. - 7 p.m., Friday, April 20, 10 a.m. - 12 noon. 90TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION – Annabel Omoth, Camrose United Church, April 22, 1:00 4:00 p.m. No gifts. Please bring picture or written memory. JOIN WILLIS AND BERNICE BOLDING as we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary at the Bawlf Hall, Saturday, April 28, 2 - 5 p.m. No gifts please.

ANNUAL MEETING OF BITTERN LAKE - SIFTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY – April 24, 7:00 p.m., Bittern Lake Community Hall. Update of new publication of history book will be presented. A FORESTBURG SCHOOL REUNION will be held Aug. 10, 11 and 12, 2012. This reunion will include students concluding their education by June 30, 1969. (Included are those from the schools that consolidated with Forestburg.) Cost is $35/person. Please make cheques payable to: 2012 Forestburg School Reunion, c/o Leta LeGear, PO Box 246, Forestburg, AB T0B 1N0. CAMROSE AND DISTRICT PRE-SCHOOL Continues to accept registrations for the 2012/2013 Pre-School year. 2nd Floor, Camrose Community Centre 4516-54 St. Classes are once per week for three-year-olds and twice per week for four-year-olds. Call 780-672-0141 for more information. (Subsidies available) STRAWBERRY TEA AND BAKE SALE – Grace Lutheran Church, corner 53 St. and 50 Ave., Saturday, May 5, 2 - 4 p.m. Sponsored by Faith Life Financial. Everyone welcome. FRIEDHAM CEMETERY ANNUAL MEETING – Thursday, April 19, 7:30 p.m. at Edberg Dropin Centre. BETHANY LUTHERAN CHURCH – Donalda, AB. ‘Closing Service’ May 6/12, 10:30 a.m. Bring potluck and lawn chair.

LONELY 50-YEAR-OLD GENTLEMAN – Looking for a girlfriend. 780-608-1576, 780679-9228.

WANTED WILL ACCEPT OLD VEHICLES, machinery, scrap iron, etc. Car batteries (will pay for). Call 780-672-6917 or 780-686-5211. GARDEN SHED, SINGLE GARAGE or building to be moved. Ph. 780-672-9795 or 780-878-1363, cell.

PETS/PET SUPPLIES GOT PUPPIES? If that sneaky dog of the neighbour’s has been over lately and you’ve got a litter of puppies to prove it... move them fast with a Camrose Booster classified ad. Ph. 780-672-3142. BATTLE RIVER VETERINARY SERVICES Practice Limited to Companion Animals Experienced Professionals Providing Quality Care and Service 780-672-6999 5208-51 Avenue, Camrose TALULA – Extremely sweet spayed orange female cat, age 4 years. The perfect indoor pet. No charge to a good home. Ph. 780374-3996. PUREBRED KING GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS – Ph. 877-2588 evenings, 780-699-6506 cell. RESCUED KITTENS AND CATS NEED LOVING HOMES – Eight-week-old kittens and spayed/ neutered adult cats, age 7 mos. to 4 years. Call 780-374-3996, 780672-0031 or 780-855-2129.

THE FAMILY OF RUPERT BLATZ would like to thank all for your kindness and support during this difficult time. Thanks to those who brought food to the house. Thanks to the staff at Bethany Meadows for the care given to Rupert. In lieu of thank you cards a donation has been given to St. Mary’s Hospital Chapel Fund.

PERSONAL DRINKING A PROBLEM? Alcoholics Anonymous, call 780672-9903. LOST THAT LOVING FEELING? Find it with a personal ad in The Camrose Booster classifieds. Ph. 780-672-3142. Want more Energy? Improve your fitness? Better your Health and Self-Esteem? Come join my BOOT CAMP FITNESS CLASS For all fitness levels For more information, call Caitlin, 780-781-9634

ACKENBERRY TROUT FARMS HIRING – Class 3 Truck Drivers - Delivering trout throughout Alberta; Loading personnel; Aquaculture Assistant. Competitive wages offered. Email resumés to: For more information call 780-878-3839 or see SCANDINAVIAN BUILDING SERVICES is looking for two cleaners for their Staples location in Camrose. Cleaning experience and machine experience is necessary. Hours: 7 - 10 p.m. Days: Mondays and Thursdays. Please contact Melanie Brooks with regard to wage. Please call 780-477-3311 or fax resume to 780-477-1256. Available immediately.

THE SHIRT OFF MY BACK TAILORING Full alteration and custom sewing service. Tues. - Fri. 10-6, Thurs., 10-8, Sat., 9-4 4937-49 Street, Camrose, AB (East of the Main Post Office) Ph. 780-672-4793 GREYSEN ENTERPRISES Bathroom/Kitchen Renos Basement Developments Door/Window/Exterior Upgrades Insured Journeyman Carpenter Call 780-678-4491 or email: for free consultation CLEAN & GREEN YARD CARE – Now booking spring clean-up. Power rake, aerate, fertilizing, overseeding, hedge trimming and clean eaves. Also booking lawn maintenance. Phone: 780-672-9426.


EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER has opening. References upon request. Ph. 780-672-3915.



CAMROSE FAMILY LITERACY FACILITATOR 6 - 10 hours per week (Sept. - April) Starting September, 2012 Duties: - Deliver Family Literacy Programs in homes and groups Qualifications: - Ability to take training May 14 - 18 in Edmonton - Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills with adults and children - Experience in facilitating adult groups - Strong oral and written communication skills - First Aid in Child Care with CPR would be an asset - Degree or Certificate in Early Child Development, Education, Health or related field is highly recommended - Own transportation Closing date: April 20, 2012 Please email resumé to Lynne at

WE SELL RUBBER STAMPS, stamp pads, and stamp pad ink. Camrose Booster Ltd., 4925-48 St., Camrose.

PART-TIME BOOKKEEPER – Must be knowledgeable in the landscaping field. Some on-site work required. Ph. 780-878-4647.

COMPLETE TILING SERVICE Specializing in backsplashes, tub surrounds and all types of wall. Patricia Fielding, Lady Tiler 780-672-3622

2ND BEST PAINTER IN TOWN – 30 years’ experience for all your painting needs. Call Rick the Painter, 780-672-0391.

FOUND - Pitbull cross female dog. Ph. 780-878-4307.


McTAVISH DELIVERIES LTD. Local and long distance moving Storage Insured and bonded Where your business is appreciated 780-672-5242, Camrose


TIRED OF WORKING FOR SOMEONE ELSE? Gain time and financial freedom working from home setting up accounts for a billion dollar manufacturing company. Unlimited income potential.Visit:

THANKS I WOULD LIKE TO THANK each and every one of my family and friends who came to Bawlf to wish me happy birthday. Thank you for the cards, gifts and flowers. Thank you to my family for the time and work they put into putting it all together and for the lunch they prepared. I truly treasure your love and friendship. Thank you again. – Vickie Stenlund

ARMENA MEAT PROCESSORS IN CAMROSE is looking for a full-time Meat Cutter and Meat Cutter Assistant who will make positive contributions to our company. Wages based on experience - minimum starting wage $14/hr. Benefits include health plan and staff pricing on our organic meats. No experience necessary, willing to train for both positions. Please apply with resumé to or fax 780672-6501.

JUNK TO THE DUMP – Free estimates. Garages, basements, light hauling. 780-608-7917, 780-6781847 (cell), Tom Mino. R.J.’S CONSTRUCTION Renovations, bathrooms, additions and repairs Shingling, garages, concrete work Arborite and tiles 20 years’ experience in Camrose Call Rob, 780-672-0521 TOTAL FOOT CARE, 780672-3993. Have a specially trained RN visit you. ROD LaGRANGE DRYWALL – residential/commercial. Tape, texture, estimates and references. Phone 780-679-8299 or 780352-0888. LaCRIA TRUCKING Potable Water Hauling Residential, Commercial, Oilfield Gerald and Marla Steinwand, owners PHONE 780-679-9134

BRUCE’S LANDSCAPING & SUPPLIES Raking leaves, grass cutting, sod laying, sand/gravel/dirt Camrose area Ph. 780-878-4647 “WE LIFT SUNKEN CONCRETE” • Driveways • Garage Pads • Sidewalks/Patios • Basement Floors Call for a Free Estimate 780-218-7511 Merit Concrete & Mudjacking DAYHOME IN CAMROSE has spaces available for childcare. Call 780-672-3991 AMANDA’S LITTLE DAYHOME – If you’re in need of childcare Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., please call me at 780-288-8904. I’ve been a provider for over three years, all with the same kids. References upon request. I have my First Aid, C.P.R., and Food and Hygiene Course, my Criminal Record Check and Child Intervention Check. Healthy snacks and lunch provided along with plenty of crafts/activities and plenty of room to grow to be a kid. Call any time to get a spot. Will fill up fast. RIDING LESSONS ARE BACK at Anchor J Ranch on Thursday nights, 5 km. west of Camrose on Hwy. 13. We’re starting April 19 at 7 p.m. Gem, Nash, Sailor, Bear and all their friends are well rested and waiting for you. Call Dirk’s cell, 780-608-8448, for more information.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

CLASSIFIED ADS (Continued) BRING YOUR HORSE to the Anchor J Ranch Boarding Facility 5 km. west of Camrose on Hwy. 13. Indoor and outdoor riding arenas available for your use. Farrier on site. Having trouble with your horse? We can help you. We train rope horses and tune up others. Private roping or riding lessons by appointment. Call Dirk’s cell, 780-608,8448, or Brett’s cell, 780-608-7489. R & H CONTRACTING Commercial and Residential Renovations Phone: 780-718-2107 Tofield, AB Fax: 780-662-3504 SERVOLD & SONS WATER WELL DRILLING Cable Tool Drilling Arrange now for summer drilling. Ph. 780-987-3463

WANTED TO RENT HAY LAND FOR 2012 CROP – To rent or crop share. 780679-0713.

FOR RENT KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL FOR RENT, 780-672-8620. BITTERN LAKE HALL for rent. Call Bittern Lake Village Office, 780-672-7373. CAMROSE MOOSE HALL FOR RENT Ideal for weddings, banquets, any celebration or special occasion. Call 780-672-2695 OFFICE SPACE – In Camrose Business Center. Ph. 780-672-1998 or 780-608-5629. EXECUTIVE SUITE – Well maintained, quiet adult building. Two bedrooms, five appliances, spacious. Ph. 780-608-3131. ROOM FOR RENT – Shared accommodations for female who is working or going to school. Beautiful home located between Augustana and downtown area. No smoking, no pets. Rent $450/mo. $450 DD. Utilities included. 780-672-9622. ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL AT GRAND PARK VILLAGE – Large one and two bedroom suites starting at $650 for one bedroom and $700 for two bedrooms. Hurry! Deals like this won’t last. Call today for a viewing, 780-281-0426 BE AU T I F U L N EW OFFICES Sparkling new second floor offices in beautiful downtown Camrose. Six rooms available, four of which can be paired. All are wired for internet access. Prices range from $123.75 to $189.37 monthly. Extremely quiet construction and quiet neighbours. Be the very first to occupy your office! Our tenants stick around for years because we are the fairest, most reasonable people in the business! Call 780-672-3142 today and ask for Blain Fowler, Don Hutchinson or Andrea Uglem. LOT RENTALS AVAILABLE – Move-in incentive offered. Call Camrose Mobile Home Park, 780672-2396.

MID-CITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, 1017197 Alberta Ltd. For All Your Rental Needs We have: • Houses • Duplexes • 4-Plexes • Condos •Apartments • Storage and more! Call 780-672-0662 for more info and listings or visit our ads on Kijiji OFFICE SPACE – Big window. Utilities included, $400/mo. Ph. 780-672-3534. VALLEYVIEW DUPLEX FOR RENT – Three bedrooms, two and a half baths, garage, fireplace, five appliances. No smoking or pets. Call 778-874-1763. TWO-BEDROOM APARTMENT SUITE in quiet adult building. Newly redone. Close to downtown. No smokers, pets or partiers. Available immediately. Call 780-672-5111. ASPEN TERRACE Modern, spacious, clean Includes fridge, stove, dishwasher, in-suite washer/dryer Heat, water, parking Pet friendly In quiet surroundings Many amenities within walking distance - SPRING SPECIAL! Won’t Last Long! Call Today! 780-672-8681 Visit us on Kijiji NICE QUIET PLACE DOWNTOWN, 4719-50 St. One-bedroom suite, top floor, newly renovated $700/mo. Available May 1 Phone 780-608-3820 ONE AND TWO BEDROOM SUITES – Reclaim your freedom in a spacious apartment for reasonable rates in Kensington Manor. They are newly renovated suites with large living area, new appliances, large master bedroom, walk-in storage closet and balcony with each unit. We are located close to parks and recreational facilities; we have laundry facility in the building and power to each parking stall. Rent starts at $750. Heat and hot water are included in the rent. To make an appointment for viewing please call 780-673-0049. TWO-BEDROOM SUITE in newer four-plex. Five appliances, downtown location, $850/mo. Available May 1. Ph. 780-672-7962. ONE BEDROOM SUITE AVAILABLE $625, recently renovated onebedroom suite available on main floor. Newer paint, carpet, in-suite storage, newer appliances and double sink. Outdoor group patio and laundry available. Small pets welcome. Parking stall, heat and water included. Available now. LIVE IN COMFORT $695 for this clean two-bedroom, four-plex style unit. Perfectly located on Mount Pleasant Drive, with newer carpet, washer and dryer in unit and a spacious balcony. Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with both bedrooms on the lower level. One parking stall included, utilities extra, available immediately. For information and pictures on these properties and others, please visit or call 780-679-0002 to arrange a viewing.

HALF-DUPLEX with detached double garage in New Norway. Three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, all appliances. $1,100/mo. plus utilities. $1,000 DD. Ph. 780-855-2511 or 780-608-0402. NEWER TWO-BEDROOM FOUR-PLEX Suite includes five appliances and is close to downtown area. Phone Rick, 780-608-5000 or George, 780-678-7610.

HOUSEHOLD ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE, 14” 125-channel TV, Singer treadle sewing machine. Ph. 780672-4401. SINGLE POSTUREPEDIC MATTRESS – Good condition, $40. Ph. 780-678-0789 LOVELY OAK STAND with 27” TV. Excellent condition. Asking $45 obo. 780-672-4556. MICROSUEDE LOVESEAT AND CHAIR – Deep blue, beautiful condition, $100. 780-679-9012.

LIVESTOCK/FEED BEEF UP YOUR CATTLE SALES. Advertise in The Camrose Booster. Phone 780-672-3142. GELBVIEH BULLS FOR SALE – Yearling and two-year-olds, semen tested. 780-672-9950. HORSES WANTED – All types. Will pick up. Call 780657-2057 or 780-645-0939. PREMIUM SMALL SQUARE HORSE/DAIRY HAY BALES – No rain, tarped. Alfalfa/Timothy/Brome mix. $5/bale. Ph. 780374-2381, leave message. FREE-RUN LAYING HENS for sale, 780-672-3769. LIMOUSIN BULLS – Polled yearlings and two-year-olds. Quiet dispositions. Birth weights 75-95 lb. Buy on-farm and spend as long as you want looking and talking about your bull needs before making a decision. North Slope Farms Inc., Bawlf, AB. 780-373-3449, 780608-8258. BLACK ANGUS, MAINE ANJOU, MAINE/ANGUS performance tested bulls for sale. Blacks, polled, yearlings. Semen tested. Will keep until needed. View pictures at Rusylvia Cattle Co. Call Ken at 780741-2188 or 780-787-0237. TWO BLACK TWO-YEAROLD BULLS for sale. Ph. 780373-2161. ROUND HAY BALES – Good condition. Ph. 780-662-2491.

MACHINERY SWATHER NO LONGER ‘CUTTING THE MUSTARD?’ Call The Camrose Booster Classifieds, 780-672-3142. WANTED: JD 4WD 8570 OR 8770 TRACTOR – Low hours, prefer 24-speed. Ph. 780-768-0007.

LINDHOLM SEED FARM Phone (780) 352-3240 Toll Free: 1-800-444-8961 Fax: (780) 352-6943, Email: WHEAT - Stettler - Harvest - Foremost BARLEY - Coalition - Copeland - Bentley -Meredith - Metcalfe PEAS Cooper FABA BEANS Snowbird Full line-up of canola and grass seed. CUSTOM SEEDING Camrose North and East Peas, Cereals, Canola and Silage One Pass, Direct Seeding, Triple Shoot Will haul seed or fertilizer, heavy harrow or land rolling if required. 780-672-7242

REAL ESTATE CAMROSE COMMUNITY HOME DIRECTORY • 20 + Local Realtors • Many with web links • 500 + Categories • 900 + Local Companies • 300 + Web Links ALL AT 2011 CUSTOM BUILT HOME ON 6.99 ACRES – 1,518 sq. ft. with attached garage. Featuring hardwood and tile throughout, wrap-around covered veranda and many more extras too numerous to mention. For more information call 780-878-1224.


ACREAGE FOR SALE – 3.64 acre lot with 2,000 sq. ft. house. Five bedrooms, new kitchen, many upgrades. Motivated to sell. $359,000. Ph. 780-662-4510 or 780719-3424. CONDO FOR SALE – Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, main floor laundry, finished basement, garage. 1,155 sq. ft. in Camrose, AB. Ph. 780-678-7698.

MISCELLANEOUS SEE THE AUTOMOTIVE SECTION STARTING ON PAGE 34 for more classified ads about cars, trucks, campers, RVs, automotive services and ATVs PIPE — 1 1/2”, 2 3/8”, 2 7/8”, 3 1/2”, sucker rod 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, plain or scraper type. Other pipe and metal available. 1-800-661-7858. JOHN DEERE 140 HYDROSTATIC tractor w/47” deck plus tiller attachment; ONAN 24 HP twin cylinder e/s auger engine; HUSQVARNA RANCHER 455 chainsaw; MIGHTYMAC 9 HP chipper/shredder; ARIENS 9 HP s/p 36” sidewalk sweeper; 5 HP TILLER w/forward and reverse, ($225); 8 HP SNAPPER rear tine tiller (heavy duty), 4 speeds forward, one reverse. Phone 780-672-7649. BEAUTIFUL 250 SILVER SCOOTER – Automatic transmission, like new. Only 90 km. 780672-1503. EXERCISE EQUIPMENT – $15 - $100. Ph. 780-678-0789. COIN AND PAPER MONEY COLLECTIONS – Ph. 780-878-1172. TWO NINTENDO GAMECUBES, one works, controllers, one game, $40. 780-781-7057.

FOR SALE • Gwynne – 3.6 acres, old farmyard, power and well, $119,000 • Hay Lakes - 62 acres along Hwy. 21, good level building site, $195,000 • New Sarepta - 73 acres of rolling land, $279,000 • New Sarepta - 77 acres, with a view of Looking Back Lake, $299,000 • Gwynne - 7 acres not in subdivision, good 4-bedroom home, $329,000 Call Ron Hodge Royal LePage Gateway Realty 780-986-8407

BUILDING MATERIALS STEEL BUILDINGS – 33 1/3 to 50% off. Complete for assembly. Ex. 20’ x 24’: reg. $6,792. Disc. $5,660 (quantity one); 50’ x 100’: Reg. $42,500. Disc. $29,000 (quantity two) Call for others. Source #18X. Ph. 800-964-8335.

Relief Delivery Driver…

SEED BRIGHT’S SEED New Norway WHEAT Cert. Harvest – HRS Cert. Foremost – CPS BARLEY Certified Cowboy Certified Sundre Silage Barley also available OATS Certified Morgan Seed Oats also available Ph. 1-780-855-2240 Cell 1-780-678-6329 email:

We have an outstanding delivery crew, who occasionally need time off or go on a well deserved holiday. We’re looking for a driver who can fill in (sometimes on short notice) while upholding our high business standards.You’ll need to interact well with people, be in good health and lift heavy loads. A good driving record is essential. Drop off your resume to Verna at…


780-672-1992 4704-49 Avenue, Camrose (1 block east of Fountain Tire Downtown) Open Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Sat., 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

City, County partnering for prayer A unique and inspiring partnership is being formed between Camrose County and the City of Camrose. Mayor Marshall Chalmers and Reeve Don Gregorwich will co-host the City and County prayer breakfast on Wednesday, May 23, at the Norsemen Inn, Camrose. This year's prayer breakfast will feature music presented by Seismic, a children's choir from the Camrose Church of God, a talk by Ron and Vivianne Grue, and a time of prayer for the communities and civic leaders within Camrose county and the city. The Grues have been involved in numerous projects in developing countries, mission trips with their church, and have sought to live out their faith and prayer lives in a practical way, locally and abroad. While the first of its kind as a county and city prayer breakfast partnership, this will be the second annual community prayer breakfast event. Last year's inaugural event was hosted by His Worship Mayor Chalmers. However, upon invitation, Reeve Gregorwich and County council members enthusiastically endorsed the idea of partnering for the 2012 version of the breakfast. Also involved in the program will be representation of local, provincial and federal governments bringing greetings from their respective constituencies. Various members of the Ministerial Association and community will give leadership to this part of the program. Planning committee chairperson Brian Krushel encourages community participation in the prayer breakfast. "We changed the day of the prayer breakfast from Saturday last year to Wednesday this year. By starting the event at 7:30 a.m. and concluding just before 9:00 a.m., our hope is to accommodate members of the business and professional community." The local prayer breakfast is patterned after the national prayer breakfast movement that began approximately 30 years ago. Civic leaders, business persons and citizens of the general population in many communities in North America gather each year for a time of quiet reflection, prayer, and nurture of the spiritual core of their work. The Camrose and District Ministerial Association is in the final stages of planning the details, and members are very pleased to see the event going forward. Association president Rev. Dean Rostad states, "We live in an amazing community, don't you agree? Camrose and Camrose County are a blessed land. I am excited about this upcoming prayer breakfast as an opportunity to give thanks for where we live and to pray for its leaders." Tickets for the Camrose City and County prayer breakfast are now available at the City and County offices, Wisemen's Way Bookstore, as well as churches in the Camrose area. More information about the Camrose City and County prayer breakfast can be obtained by calling 780-672-3461. 4716-38 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-2452




Build a career starting day one Selmac Sales (2007) Ltd. is a three-store Massey Ferguson and Challenger dealership. We pride ourselves on having great people and creating a positive, rewarding workplace environment for everyone. Our Camrose location is currently accepting resumes for the position of:

FULL-TIME JOURNEYMAN AG TECHNICIAN We are looking for someone who: • has 3-5 years of experience as a Technician • consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service • is eager to pass on his/her talents to our novice technicians • enjoys diagnosing, repairing and maintaining agricultural equipment • has basic computer skills and likes to solve problems • has the ability to take initiative and thrives in a fast paced team environment We will give preference to individuals with: • Journeyperson Certification • Previous experience at a AGCO Dealership We would like to offer you: • an exemplary health and dental benefits package. • a competitive wage. Join our TEAM and work in an environment that is both rewarding and positive.

Please forward resumes to: Blaine Heck, Store Manager, Camrose Fax 780-672-1721 or email

Experience the CAMROSE Servicing Dealer 1-800-639-8057 Difference!

STONY PLAIN 1-800-290-5489

FT/PT Licensed Stylists Experienced Apprentice Stylists Competitive Wages High Earning Potential Clientele Provided New Hours Sunday/Monday Closed Tuesday/Friday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Wednesday/Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Come and be a part of our upbeat, professional and friendly team! Call Donna at 403-266-4595 or Gerry at 780-608-8784 Fax resumé to 403-266-4599 Email to Or drop it off at our salon 164, 6800-48 Avenue, Camrose

LOUGHEED 1-800-773-9757

Welcome…to a world of choice. 52nd Street and Hwy. 13 Phone 780-386-3755 Selmac Sales (2007) Ltd. is a three-store Massey Ferguson and Challenger dealership. We pride ourselves on having great people and creating a positive, rewarding workplace environment for everyone. Our Lougheed location is currently accepting resumes for the position of:

FULL-TIME JOURNEYMAN AG TECHNICIAN 4716-38 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-2452 Selmac Sales (2007) Ltd. is a three-store Massey Ferguson and Challenger dealership. We pride ourselves on having great people and creating a positive, rewarding workplace environment for everyone. Our Camrose location is currently accepting resumes for the position of:

SERVICE BUSINESS MANAGER We are looking for someone who: • will be able to monitor performance of the service department, budgeting, organize and distribute incoming work • has exceptional time management skills • consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service • has basic computer skills and is willing to learn additional computer programming skills utilized by industry • has the ability to take initiative and thrives in a fast paced team environment We would like to offer you: • an exemplary health and dental benefits package. • a competitive wage.

We are looking for someone who: • has 3-5 years of experience as a Technician • consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service • is eager to pass on his/her talents to our novice technicians • enjoys diagnosing, repairing and maintaining agricultural equipment • has basic computer skills and likes to solve problems • has the ability to take initiative and thrives in a fast paced team environment We will give preference to individuals with: • Journeyperson Certification • Previous experience at a AGCO Dealership We would like to offer you: • an exemplary health and dental benefits package. • a competitive wage. Join our TEAM and work in an environment that is both rewarding and positive.

Please forward resumes to: Colin Grindle, Service Manager, Lougheed Fax 780-386-2469 or email

Experience the CAMROSE Servicing Dealer 1-800-639-8057 Difference!

STONY PLAIN 1-800-290-5489

SHIPPER/SALES CLERK POSITION AVAILABLE The Soap Stop has a permanenet full-time Shipper/Sales Clerk position available immediately. The position requires lifting on a daily basis, as well as good communication skills and friendly attitude with customers and fellow staff. If you would like to work for a company that earnestly cares for both it’s customers and employees, please submit a resumé to Robin Carson on or before April 23, 2012.

Join our TEAM and work in an environment that is both rewarding and positive.

Please forward resumes to: Blaine Heck, Store Manager Fax 780-672-1721 or email

Experience the CAMROSE Servicing Dealer 1-800-639-8057 Difference!

STONY PLAIN 1-800-290-5489

LOUGHEED 1-800-773-9757

LOUGHEED 1-800-773-9757

5011-46 Street, Camrose Fax 780-672-1786

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC Flagstaff County invites applications for a permanent full-time Licensed Heavy Duty Mechanic, with employment to commence as soon as a possible. Flagstaff County provides a competitive salary, benefits package and pension plan. Function: To perform skilled journeyman level maintenance and repair to a wide variety of vehicles and equipment as used by the County. (For a complete job description please view our website at Qualifications: Heavy Duty Journeyman Certificate Valid driver’s license CVIP Inspection Experience an asset Driver’s Abstract For more information, contact Kevin Kinzer, Shop Supervisor at 780-384-4106 or Steve Kroetch, Lead Mechanic at 780-390-0340 or 780-384-4124. Resumes indicating “Mechanic Position” must be received by 4:00 p.m., Monday, April 23, 2012. Please submit resumes to: Kevin Kinzer, Shop Supervisor Flagstaff County, Box 358, Sedgewick, AB T0B 4C0 or fax to 780-384-3635 or email This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is selected. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Village of Bawlf Summer Recreation Coordinator The Village of Bawlf is currently seeking an individual for the position of Summer Recreation Coordinator who: • was a full-time student in a post-secondary, vocational or technical program during the preceding academic year and intends to return to school on a full-time basis during the next academic year; • is between 15 and 30 years of age; • is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the immigration and refugee protection act; • is legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial legislation and regulations. Duties will include: • maintaining the ball diamonds for the Ball Program; • assisting with a variety of maintenance projects on other recreational facilities including landscaping, grass cutting and other duties as assigned by the Director of Public Works. This 37.5-hour per week position will begin May 7 and will run until August 24, 2012. WAGE: $13 per hour Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, April 25, 2012: by mail to: The Village of Bawlf, Box 40, Bawlf, Alberta T0B 0J0 by email to: by fax to: 780-373-3798 or by dropping it off at: 203 Hanson Street For more information, please call the Village Office at 780-373-3797

SMITH CLINIC Clinical Assistant The Smith Clinic in Camrose is looking for a full-time Clinical Assistant. Working closely with a physician, the Clinical Assistant aids in the clinical and administrative management of patients. This position reports directly to the Clinic Manager. Experience in a fast-paced medical clinic environment and knowledge of medical terminology would be assets. Closing date for applications is Monday, April 23, 2012. Please send your resumé to Alan Heyhurst, Clinic Manager or drop your resumé off at 1-6601-48 Ave., Camrose, AB T4V 3G8

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Village of Bawlf S.T.E.P. Position The Village of Bawlf is seeking an individual for the position of Village Labourer who was a full-time student in a post-secondary, vocational or technical program during the preceding academic year and intends to return to school on a full-time basis during the next academic year. Duties will include: • mowing grass and maintaining the cemetery; • painting; • some mechanical work and repairs; • other mechanical or public works projects assigned by the Director of Public Works. This 37.5-hour per week position will begin May 7 and will run until August 24, 2012. WAGE: $13 per hour Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, April 25, 2012: by mail to: The Village of Bawlf, Box 40, Bawlf, Alberta T0B 0J0 by email to: by fax to: 780-373-3798 or by dropping it off at: 203 Hanson Street For more information, please call the Village Office at 780-373-3797

Full-Time Grader Operator (Oiling and Road Maintenance) Flagstaff County invites applications for a permanent fulltime Grader Operator (Oiling and Road Maintenance), with employment to commence as soon as possible. Flagstaff County provides a competitive salary, benefits package and pension plan. Function: To perform grader work required within the oiling, road recovery and road maintenance programs, as set out by the Field Coordinator (Oiling and Road Recovery). For a complete job description please view our website at Qualifications: Valid driver’s license, personal suitability, 2-3 years’ experience in motor grader operating and any related courses would be an asset; however, we are willing to train a selected candidate. For more information, contact Gary Longhe, Field Coordinator, Oiling at 780-384-4126 or 780-390-0310 (cell). Resumes indicating “Full-Time Grader Operator (Oiling and Road Maintenance)” must be received by 11:00 a.m., Monday, April 30, 2012. Please submit resumes to: Gary Longhe, Field Coordinator-Oiling Flagstaff County, Box 358, Sedgewick, AB T0B 4C0 Fax to 780-384-3635 Email to This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is selected. We thank all applicants for their interest; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Come Join Our Family

Server Full-time with weekend availability Family friendly and personable, you will provide prompt and accurate food and beverage service and contribute to our welcoming environment. Enthusiasm and great communication skills are also key. Serving and bartending experience preferred. Let us know why you’re an ideal candidate by applying in person to Greg or Larry at: East Side Mario’s #600, 7300-48 Avenue Camrose, AB


Roth to be installed as top Mason By Murray Green

On June 16, at its annual celebration in Red Deer, the Grand Lodge of Alberta will install David Roth, a member of Camrose Lodge, as the Grand Master for the following year. "The Grand Master oversees 125 lodges in the province," said David. "There are about 7,000 Masons in the province. You have to be elected three years in advance to be the Grand Master and work your way up. It is like being a second vice-president and then the first vice-president before receiving the top role. In our case, it is junior grand warden, senior grand warden, deputy grand master and then grand master." David was born and raised in Camrose, and graduated from Camrose Composite High School in 1964. After graduating with honours from NAIT in Architectural Technology, he attended the University of Oregon where he met and married Teresa. Both of them graduated with professional degrees in architecture and moved to Montreal in 1972 where they lived and worked for nine years. In 1981 the family, including their sons Jonathan and Andrew, moved to Edmonton where David practiced Architecture and Teresa was an instructor in Interior Design Technology at NAIT. After working for several years on his own, David joined Mickie Holland to form the partnership of Holland Roth Architects. David enjoyed working on historic restoration projects, which eventually brought him to Camrose to work on the Bailey Theatre and the Camrose Main Street Project. David and Teresa moved to Camrose in 2007 and David retired from the practice of architecture in 2011. David started his Masonic service in 1985 when he joined Commercial Lodge in Edmonton. He was Worshipful Master of Commercial Lodge in 1997 and District Deputy Grand Master of Beaverhills District in 2001-02. He joined several other Masonic organizations along the way including the Royal Arch Masons, Knights Templar and the Shriners. He is also a member of the Royal Order of Scotland and the Red Cross of Constantine. In 2010, David was coroneted a 33 degree Honorary Inspector General of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada. He is a member of Camrose Lodge and Mt. Olivet Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Camrose, as well as the Battle River Shrine Club. He also rides his motorcycle with the Widows Sons Masonic Riding Association. David is a third generation Mason. His father became a Mason in Radisson, Saskatchewan, was a member of Camrose Lodge and Worshipful Master of Orion Lodge in Penticton, B.C. David’s grandfather was a Past District Deputy Grand Master in Saskatchewan and was a member of the Wawa Shrine Temple in Saskatchewan with John Diefenbaker.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

Your health answers a click away Submitted by Colleen Lindholm, Camrose Primary Care Network The Camrose Primary Care Network (PCN) is rolling out a new and improved web site, designed for you to understand our programs and services, as well as to get all your health questions answered. Our new web site has been developed to offer the community a better understanding of what the PCN has to offer with programming and services, as well as information on the health care services and events developed with our community partners. Some of the changes we made include: Making the home page a true entry point to our website; highlight our initiatives and programs more effectively; achieve a user-centered design so new or repeat visitors can find their way around the web site; and keep the links on any given page to a reasonable number while avoiding duplication of content. Also through our web site, the PCN is pleased to offer a free valued and respected tool for people searching for information about their health. Located on the PCN home page is UpToDate – a link for you to find high quality health information. Rather than searching the web for your medical information where it is difficult to confirm the reliability and correctness of the information, visit and click on the UpToDate link. Here you can always be completely assured the information is unbiased, continuously updated and evidence-based. UpToDate is one of the most widely used clinical information resources in the world. Programs featured on the PCN website include: Atrial Fibrillation Program, Dietitian, Geriatric Assessment Program, Grief and Bereavement Support, Maternal Newborn Clinic, Mental Health Liaison Program, New Moms' Network, On Your Weigh, Oncology Nurse Navigator, Palliative Care, Pharmacist, Risk Reduction Program, Social Worker, Tube of Life, and the Virtual Trek. Another feature of the PCN web-site is being able to locate contact information on the PCN physicians in our community. If you are new to Camrose and looking for a family doctor, please visit our web-site to find out who is accepting new patients. “I am pleased to have our web site modifications completed and rolled out in the community,” says Stacey Strilchuk, executive director of the Camrose PCN. “It truly is a website that is easy to use, highlights our programs in a meaningful and relevant manner to the reader, and showcases our partnerships and collaboration in the community.” To learn more about the PCN’s new web site, talk to your family doctor or call 780-6084927.

Family • Achievement • Integrity • Respect

It’s nice when you discover the job is as good as the coffee



Quality Training Incentive Programs Benefits or Bonus Program HIRING FOOD COUNTER ATTENDANTS 1256146 Alberta Ltd., o/a Tim Hortons 3601-48 Ave., Camrose, AB Full-time / shift work – no experience necessary $11.24 per hour plus benefits

HIRING FOOD COUNTER ATTENDANTS 796005 Alberta Ltd., o/a Tim Hortons 6602-48 Ave., Camrose, AB Full-time / shift work – no experience necessary $11.24 per hour plus benefits

Kitchen Sales Team Assistant Are you extraordinarily organized? Do you work well with others? Is it time for a workday that is more interesting, challenging and rewarding? We have an extremely busy kitchen design, sales and install centre at Hauser Home Hardware Building Centre. Our sales team needs an ASSISTANT. Duties would include: • flooring, tile and appliance sales • data entry • ordering accessories for our • checking/confirming production clients’ orders as well as our details own showroom • coordinating all aspects of the • scheduling/confirming installs order process from faxing to phone calls to client contact • confirming product deliveries This is a full-time opportunity with an excellent opportunity for advancement within the department.

Now hiring for FT positions

Full-time Warehouse/Yard Worker

Positions work rotating shifts of days, nights, graveyards and some weekends.

If you’re in good physical condition, ambitious, conscientious with time and customers’ needs, apply today.

HIRING AT BOTH LOCATIONS IN CAMROSE Honesty, caring and a workplace that feels like home

Benefits of working at Hauser Home Hardware Building Centre

An employer you can count on Apply in person with resume at either Camrose store

You Will Want to Work Here! Do you have a passion for home renovations? Are you a people person? Then we want to hear from you today! It’s friendly people that make our company outstanding.

Now Hiring!

Counter Sales - Full Time


Apply In Person: 500 Cornerstone Mall, 7300-48 Ave. Email: Fax: 780-608-8737

Attention Students:

Receptionist Required We are looking for a Receptionist to work full-time from late April through the end of August. Duties include greeting customers, answering phones and miscellaneous office duties. Hours of work are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you are friendly, organized and enjoy a fast-paced, fun office environment, this may be the job for you! Training and competitive wages are available to the right applicant. Please apply to Michelle Hanoski.

• an exciting retail work environment • competitive wages • opportunities for advancement • a clean, safe working environment

• opportunity to learn about the thousands of products Home carries • opportunity to help customers live better lives

Apply with resume… 6809-48 Avenue, Camrose Phone 780-672-8818 Fax 780-672-8809 Email

Evraz Camrose Works is accepting applications for

JOURNEYMEN MILLWRIGHTS AND ELECTRICIANS to work at our pipe making facility in Camrose, Alberta. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age, safety conscious, physically fit, and able to work overtime and shift work. We offer an attractive starting wage plus an excellent benefit and pension package. All selected applicants will be required to attend and pass a medical assessment arranged by Evraz Camrose Works. Applications must be completed in person at the Human Resources office. Evraz Camrose Works 5302-39 Street Camrose, Alberta We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Tornado Hydrovacs, a division of Petrofield Industries is accepting resumes for:

HET: Journeyman, 3rd or 4th year for Customer Service and Repairs

Assembly Department: Industrial Painters, Electrical Technicians, Welders (Journeyman or Apprentice) and Labourers Our company has an enthusiastic, fast-paced working environment with advancement for motivated individuals, and an excellent benefit package. Please forward resumé to: or fax 403-742-1905

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012


Opening Early May!


Full- and Part-time Servers Primary Care & Administrative Professionals

Ages 16 and up! Great summer employment!

The Wetaskiwin Primary Care Network is currently recruiting for 2 Clinical Roles (Registered Nurses) for a term of 1 (one) year to cover Maternity Leave positions. These positions will work collaboratively with Wetaskiwin PCN Family physicians to enhance the access and delivery of primary care services to the community.

Ages 15 and up! Great summer employment!

Part-time Bus


The Wetaskiwin Primary Care Network is also recruiting for an Administrative Coordinator who will work with the Primary Care team to provide administrative support for the Network. Responsibilities also include Payroll, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Facilities and Office Administration. The Wetaskiwin PCN is looking for experienced individuals with strong knowledge and experience working with the Wetaskiwin community, proven communication and interpersonal skills, collaborative and flexible working skills, and strong professional judgement. A reliable vehicle is required. Currently we are recruiting for the following professionals: Primary Care Nurse(RN) – 0.60 FTE Maternity Leave Position Prenatal Nurse(RN)- 0.40 FTE Maternity Leave Position Administrative Coordinator- Full Time


Servers / Bartenders 16-20 hours per week. Must be 18 years of age.

Further details on the above employment opportunities are available at Apply to: Erinn Bailey-Sawatzky Executive Director Email: Fax: 780-312-2508

Please forward resumés Attn. Dawn Anderson or via fax at 780-679-4962. No phone calls please.

We thank all applicants for applying; however only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Andreassen Borth

Deadline: Competition closes April 20, 2012.

LAW OFFICE requires a

Real Estate Assistant Kinder Morgan Canada Inc. has created an environment where original thinking and the broad application of experience are encouraged. We seek candidates who wish to expand their horizons, while sharing our commitment to pipeline safety, environmental responsibility and operational excellence.We are poised for a future dominated by expansion, activity and excitement.


Maintenance Technician, Electrical

Located in Hardisty and reporting to the Supervisor, Operations, Hardisty Terminal, Southern Region, you will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment. This will include troubleshooting electrical equipment failures, as well as assisting with other day-to-day operational duties. From time to time, you may be required to work with other trades in the repair of mechanical equipment. You are easily able to handle the troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of medium voltage variable frequency drive units (VFDs). You are a Journeyman Electrician with three to five years of maintenance related oil and gas experience. You are familiar with communications, SCADA, pressure and temperature instruments, flow meters and online quality control analyzers, including calibrations, and are comfortable with calibration procedures of instruments and protective devices. A Journeyman Instrumentation and NACE CP1 certificates would be assets and it is expected you would obtain the NACE CP1 certification within 18 months of hire. Along with a desire to succeed in a multi-skill environment, you are an excellent communicator who is able to function in both a team setting and independently. Functional knowledge of Word and Excel is required. You are able to travel to surrounding areas and to perform remote station operational duties. The successful candidate will be required to live within 45 minutes of the Hardisty area.

If you are ready to join the team, please apply online by April 27th, 2012, to: to position #4610 or send it to: Human Resources, Kinder Morgan, #2700, 300 – 5 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 5J2. Fax: (403) 514-6580

An equal opportunity employer, Kinder Morgan Canada encourages applications from all qualified persons.


for their Camrose office. The position is full time. Resumes may be forwarded to Sharon Orr at 200, 4870-51 Street Camrose, AB T4V 1S1 or email who will contact those candidates to be interviewed.

Looking for an exciting long term career? We have a position open for one full-time person in our retail area, primarily in mobile telephone sales. Successful candidate must be neat, organized, very dependable and able to work Saturdays and until 5:30 p.m. during the week. Must have excellent communication and customer service skills and the ability to learn and retain vast amounts of information on a day-to-day basis. Extensive training will be provided. We offer an excellent benefit package and competitive wage plus commission. Position will start as soon as successful candidate is found. Please forward resumés with references by: email: fax: 780-679-0312 – attn: Shirley or drop off at our location: 3720B-48 Avenue, Camrose We thank all who apply but only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012 TM

The Boys and Girls Club of Wetaskiwin is currently seeking a highly effective and motivated individual to fill the position of

PROGRAM CO-ORDINATOR The Boys and Girls Club of Wetaskiwin provides a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life. Responsibilities include: • Supervise children in a safe and supportive manner • Coordinate licensed Out of School Care (Sept – June) and Summer Day Camp (July to August) programs for kids aged 6-12 yrs old • Plan/facilitate after school programs eg. Cooking, leadership, physical fitness activities • Prepare healthy snacks according to the Canada Food Guide for 45 children • Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, leadership skills and able to work independently and within a team setting • Recruit, train and supervise program staff • Mental Health Capacity Building lead program staff Qualifications/Experience: Completion of post-secondary education in child/youth care, social work, education or equivalent with two years relevant experience. Child Development Worker certification, first aid training, and willing to obtain a Class 4 Driver’s License. Hours of work: Monday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Day Camps (including Summer program): 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The position is 40 hours per week. Wage: $15.02 to $18.26/hr. plus accreditation staff funding. Please submit resumé by mail, email or fax to: Cal Zimmer, Program Director 5109-51 Street, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 2A5 780-352-7780 (fax) Position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. Successful applicant will require a Criminal Record Check and Child Welfare Information Check. We would like to thank everyone for their Wetaskiwin interest; however, only those receiving an interview will be contacted.


City Watch

The latest News, Notices and Information from The City of Camrose 780-672-4426 May 1 Weekly Collection of Compostable Materials Begins Acceptable Compostable Items ✔ Yard Waste – grass clippings, leaves, soft plant material, small prunings, untreated sawdust ✔ Food Waste – fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, food soiled paper

Packaging for Pickup ✔ Bin It – Place your YARD compostable materials (yard waste WASTE and kitchen organics) in a clearly labelled bin City of Camrose

Pick up a FREE Yard Waste Sticker today for your bin or container FREE Yard Waste Stickers are available at City Hall, Public Works, Aquatic Centre

City of Camrose ✔ Bag It – If using bags for your compostable materials, make sure they are labelled ✘ NO diapers “compostable” by their Limit of three stickers ✘ NO plastics manufacturers per household ✘ NO meat, fish or For more information on waste management in Camrose, dairy products visit: or call 780-672-4428 ✘ NO pet or animal waste REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR WASTE AND COMPOST OUT BY 7:45 AM ON COLLECTION DAY


Coffee with the Mayor Chat with Mayor Chalmers and Councillors

• Gravel • Screened

• Sand • Washed

Hauser Home Hardware Building Centre 6809-48 Avenue Saturday, May 5 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

FT Aggregates Inc. is currently seeking people to fill the following positions: • Full Time Receptionist • Heavy Duty Mechanic • General Labourers Interested parties please contact FT Aggregates Inc. office at 780-608-7125. “Products worth building on”

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Residential Lots FOR SALE Camrose Premier Residential Subdivision

CAMROSE COUNTY 3755-43 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 3S8 Phone 780-672-4446 Fax 780-672-1008 Public Works. . . . . . . 780-672-4449 Website Email

DUST CONTROL PROGRAM 2012 County residents desiring dust control on the County road adjacent to their property should apply, prior to April 30, 2012, to: Camrose County, Public Works Department 3755-43 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 3S8 Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday Applicants will be responsible for the approximate cost of $323.40 including GST per 100 m length of calcium chloride material applied to the road surface. Camrose County will no longer be phoning residents who previously had dust control. Residents are therefore required to visit the Public Works Department prior to April 30, 2012 to sign the application and pick up stakes (color will change this year). Please call 780-672-4449 if you have any questions.

Ray Telford

CALL OR WRITE US 780-678-3025 • • Economic Development

Registering firearms eliminated

The Government of Canada has changed the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act to eliminate the requirement to register non-restricted firearms. Until further notice, due to a Court Order issued by the Quebec Superior Court, residents of Quebec are still required to register non-restricted firearms with the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program. Firearms owners are no longer required to obtain a registration certificate for non-restricted firearms from the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP). This does not impact registration requirements for restricted or prohibited firearms. Businesses that use business web services, available from the CFP web site, are advised that the registration and transfer of non-restricted firearms is no longer required or supported.

Tender for Sale of Equipment Flagstaff County invites tenders for the sale of the following used equipment: • 1994 John Deere 5300 Tractor, 2378 hr. c/w 540 JD loader, 3-point hitch and roll over protection with canopy • 2009 Kuhn GMD 700HD Disk Mower • 2009 Kuhn GMD 700HD Disk Mower All equipment can be viewed at the County Shop in Sedgewick and will be sold on an “as is” basis. Please send bids in a sealed envelope marked “USED EQUIPMENT TENDER”. Closing date for bidding on items is Monday, April 30, 2012 at 12:00 noon. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. For further information please contact Kevin Kinzer at the County Shop in Sedgewick at 780-384-4106 or Laurie Hillaby at 780-390-0313.

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Smart. And beautiful. Hunter Douglas EnergySmart Manufacturer’s Rebate

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Inside. And out.

Up to 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy is lost through its windows. With the ‘honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb’ construction and three insulating air pockets, DuetteŽ ArchitellaŽ honeycomb shades increase energy efficiency. Visit a participating dealer from January 1st to April 30th 2012 for more information about the Hunter Douglas EnergySmart Manufacturer’s Rebate.


4965 Main Street, Camrose – 780-672-3622 Mon. to Fri., 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Sat., 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Terrance Prescesky, of Camrose, on April 6, a son. To Michelle and Kevin VanPetten, of Camrose, on April 7, a son.

DEATHS Roy "Palmer" Snortheim, of Sherwood Park, on March 28, at 71 years of age. Chad Swanson, of Edmonton, on March 29, at 26 years of age. Janet "Nancy" Shupenia, of Tofield, on March 30, at 66 years of age. Andrew Krystal, of Tofield, on April 3, at 81 years of age. Edgar Little, of Tofield, on April 3, at 68 years of age. Irene Schacher, of Camrose, on April 4, at 83 years of age. Judy Piche, of Camrose, on April 6, at 56 years of age. Dennis Strand, of Ferintosh, on April 9, at 71 years of age. Jerry Steier, of Camrose, on April 9, at 58 years of age. Larry Blatz, of Camrose, on April 9, at 64 years of age. Carmen Purdy, of New Norway, on April 12, at 63 years of age. Allan Garson, of Camrose, on April 13, at 71 years of age.


What to Expect


In memory of

Darcy King

James N. Coughlin

July 18, 1962 – March 22, 2012 Thank you to Burgar Funeral Home, Pastor Brian Krushel, and to all who gave flowers, cards, calls, thoughts and prayers. A special thank you to those who knew Darcy the most and gave of your time. Darcy will be remembered for his sense of humor, his smile, his kind soul ‌ always trying to help those he thought needed it most. If only we could have helped you, Darcy. We love you. Sons Shawn, Brandon Parents Dean and Maxine Sister Cindy (Alan) Brothers Murray (Val) and Darren (Cheryl) Nieces and Nephews Shilo (Clayton) and Kinlee, Megan (Steve), Chelsey (Tyler), MicKayla, Chance, Stephanie, Jessica

Born in 1940 and passed away on April 15, 2008 A part of my life is missing Since God took you to His home It will never be fulfilled again I feel so all alone. Our apartment feels so empty As I walk across the floor. I wish that I could hear your voice And see your face once more. But all I have are memories So precious to my heart Of all the love we shared together That death will never take apart Sometimes I may seem happy And share a laugh or two But deep within my heart I only think of you. Sadly missed and always loved. Love, Valerie

In loving memory of

Shelly (Sam) Ann Marie Sych



Saturday, April 28th, 2012 Edgeworth Center Community Room #3 9:00 am to 3:30 pm Cost: Free


3NQDBDHUDLNQDHMENQL@SHNMNQ SNQDFHRSDQ OKD@RDBNMS@BSSGD Camrose PCN at (780) 608-4927 or visit Space is limited so call today. Registrations will be taken until April 25th.

Camrose PCN

who passed away on April 18, 2011 The Plan of the Master Weaver Our lives are but fine weavings That God and we prepare, Each life becomes a fabric planned And fashioned in His care. We may not always see just how The weavings intertwine, But we must trust the Master’s hand And follow His design. For He can view the pattern Upon the upper side, While we must look from underneath And trust in Him to guide ‌ Sometimes a strand of sorrow Is added to His plan, And though it’s difficult for us, We still must understand That it’s He who fills the shuttle, It’s He who knows what’s best, So we must weave in patience And leave to Him the rest ‌ Not till the loom is silent And the shuttles cease to fly Shall God unroll the canvas And explain the reasons why The dark threads area as needed In the Weaver’s skillful hand As the threads of gold and silver In the pattern He has planned. Lovingly remembered by Mom and family

Ę˜ 2THSD Edgeworth Centre (Main Floor)  2SQDDS "@LQNRD  !


Support group for caregivers holding workshops "US" is a group of "Understanding Support" for persons who have been or now are the caregiver for a loved one with a chronic illness. We provide a safe place to discuss feelings, share experiences, emotions and information, and learn from resource people. The group meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month in the

lower hall of the Camrose United Church. In May, "US" will be having resource people lead us in two workshops and discussion groups. On May 1 there will be a workshop on Caregiver Burnout and Stress, and on May 15 we will discuss the difficult topic of Resentment and Guilt from the perspective


of both the person in care and the caregiver, as well as the mental health issues caregivers and receivers face. We are extending an invitation to caregivers to join with "US" as we learn from professionals and each other as we share information and experiences on May 1 and May 15. The more people who can

attend and share will help to enlighten caregivers as we give understanding and support to each other. Anyone wanting further information is welcome to call Joan at 672-9579 or Doris at 672-6687. We would encourage persons to register with Joan or Doris if possible, but all are welcome.

In loving memory of

Elsie Dolaney who passed away on April 11, 2003 Time speeds on, nine years have passed, Since death it’s gloom, it’s shadows cast Within our home, where all seemed bright, And took from us a shining light. We miss that light and ever will, Her vacant place there’s none to fill Down here we mourn, but not in vain, For up in Heaven we will meet again. Sadly missed by husband Ed, Kari, Billy-Jo, Treyden and Shaylee Topolnicki, Melissa, Marty, Cody and Ty MacGregor Brent, Debbie and Dillon Delaney

Memorial Poems Now available for publication in The Camrose Booster. Ask for our 24-page booklet of poetry. Words of comfort to remember someone special.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER April 17, 2012

Larry Jacob Blatz Mr. Larry Jacob Blatz of Camrose passed away on Tuesday, April 9, 2012 at the age of 64 years. Larry Blatz was the youngest of 16 children born to Jacob and Amelia Blatz. He was born on October 31, 1947 in Camrose, Alberta. Larry loved to explain how his mother didn’t stop bearing children until she had the perfect one – Larry – and that he was her special Halloween treat. Larry grew up on his parents’ farm near Daysland, Alberta. After he started school, he went to live with his eldest brother, Wendy, for two years so he could walk his niece Theresa to school each day – uphill both ways. Barefoot. In the snow. Larry always had a great love of music; everyone remembers him whistling his way into a room or singing a funny song when the moment struck. Larry fondly shared the story of how he bought his very own bicycle with his share of the prize money he and his sister Judy won singing at Camrose Fair. Larry was a gifted athlete with a lifelong love of sport. From midget hockey, high school basketball, curling, and on to the golf course, sports were always an important part of Larry’s life. Ann and Larry met each other through sports, and shared their passion throughout their life together. Larry was instrumental in building the clubhouse, greens and other upgrades to Daysland Golf Course. Larry inspired his children and grandchildren to love sports as much as he did, and he spent many days driving his grandchildren on the golf cart, ensuring that they could find their way around the course. Coming from a large family, including 11 stepbrothers and stepsisters, it’s no surprise that Larry wanted a big family of his own. His wife, however, stopped him at four: Trina, Tim, Kelly and Shawna. Larry always spoke of his children with pride, but never missed an opportunity to keep them humble with a bit of good-natured teasing. While nobody can seem to agree on which son- or daughter-in-law was his favorite, everyone knew that his grandchildren Mackenzie, Hanna, Stephanie, Amelia and Henry all held a very special place in his heart. His only complaint about his grandchildren was that his children never made them fast enough. Some of Larry’s memorable characteristics were his strong work ethic and his entrepreneurial spirit. His construction career began when he apprenticed under his brother Joe in Provost, and continued as foreman for Ron Stang’s company, Rose City Builders. He started a number of businesses over the years including Blatz’s Steakhouse, Daysland Car Wash and L&G Greenhouses. He came back to construction when he started B’s Contracting, where he earned a reputation for fair pricing, high quality work, and an eye for detail and craftsmanship. He was known as a great boss, generous with his time, money and knowledge. No one knows this better than his son, the nephews, and the friends who worked beside him over three decades and who continue his legacy today. Larry’s life was one of faith and service. He was a devout Catholic for his whole life, and lived his faith through his integrity, his fairness and his volunteerism. He served as President of the Lion’s Club, the Golf Club, and the Curling Club in Daysland. He taught his faith by example, attending Mass regularly, and using his skills and resources to help Habitat for Humanity and other charities. Larry was most generous with his free time entertaining his many friends, siblings, in-laws, children and grandchildren. He was a regular feature at Daysland Golf Course, and loved playing all sorts of card games whenever he could fit them into his busy life. His exploits in Texas Hold ’Em Poker earned him the moniker “All-In Larry”, and his dining room table has borne the weight of countless games of Buck. He achieved his dream of playing golf year-round by buying a house in Buckeye, Arizona, close to many of his friends and family. More recently, Larry dipped his toes into the fast-moving waters of the internet, learning to use Facebook, email, video chat and many different online card games. While Larry was taken from us much sooner than anyone hoped, we are blessed to have known him. We have the gift of remembering him at his best; laughing, joking and sharing his love with his friends and family. Larry is remembered by his wife Ann (Sommer); children Trina (Michael Vietri), Tim (Tracy), Kelly Skinner (Alan) and Shawna Hopkins (Jamey); grandchildren Mackenzie and Hanna MacDonald, Stephanie Vietri, Amelia and Henry Skinner; siblings Clara Maki, Joe (Isabelle), Eddie (Anita), Mary Nolin (Tony), Ester Bieganek, Willie (Donna), Pearl Gabourie (Phil), Judy Benson (Curt); in-laws Mary Blatz, Shirley Brown (Ray), Janice Blatz, Janet and Jim Hillaby, Lamont and Sharon Sommer, Colleen and Jack McIntyre, Collette and Gary Mesenchuk, Valerie and Bob Bailey; and numerous stepbrothers and stepsisters, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Larry was predeceased by his parents Jacob and Amelia (nee Prediger); stepfather Adolph Stang; father- and mother-in-law Gordon and Gladys Sommer; and family Wendelin Blatz, Josephine and Tony Gartner, Betty and Owen Clouston, Jim Bieganek, Richard Blatz, Ben Blatz, Elnora and Don Hauser, Rudy Maki, Infant Jacob, Othmar Stang, Rick Hillaby and PJ Bailey. A prayer vigil was held on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. from St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church. A Mass of Christian Burial was held on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. from St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church with Rev. Larry Pedersen as celebrant. Interment followed in Valleyview Cemetery, Camrose. If friends so desire, memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to The Rick Hillaby and The P.J. Bailey Funds, c/o Battle River Community Foundation, or the charity of one’s choice. To send condolences, please visit

Camrose and Daysland was in care of the arrangements Phone 780-672-2121 “Serving your community since 1906”


Carmen Joyce McGray Purdy 1948 – 2012 Carmen Joyce McGray Purdy passed away peacefully after a lengthily illness with her family present at Willow Cottage in Bethany Meadows on Thursday, April 12, 2012. Carmen grew up on Canadian Air Force bases around Canada. She moved to Edmonton in 1965, became a respiratory therapist and met Gordon. They married in 1967, had three children and began working with Christian Literature Crusade. Over the next two decades, Carmen worked with Gordon, living in Ontario, travelling throughout Canada, the US and overseas, sharing the gospel through literature. When they left the ministry, she became a commercial pilot and then started a career working as a realtor in Kingston, ON. Her passion for learning was evident as she continued taking classes in sewing, cooking, painting and card-making. Carmen and Gordon moved to her family home in Nova Scotia in 1993. There they picked up the family tradition of farming with goats and spinning the hair for wool and, as well, supported an aging aunt. She and Gordon moved back to Alberta in 1995 where they enjoyed spending time with their children and grandchildren. Carmen is survived by her husband Gordon; and three children Kimberlee (Todd) of Three Hills, Roxanne (Len) of Camrose and Kirt (Laurie) of Abbotsford. She also leaves behind her father Fred in Halifax, Nova Scotia; and her brother David from Victoria, BC. As well, to cherish her memory are her six grandchildren, one grandsonin-law and one great-grandchild. She was predeceased by her mother, Hope, in 1959. The prayers, kind words, encouragement and support over the course of Carmen’s illness are appreciated and gratefully acknowledged. A special thank you to the staff in Willow at Bethany Meadows for their exceptional care and comfort of Carmen and the family throughout her time there. A public viewing was held at Weber Funeral Home in Camrose on Monday, April 16 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. A memorial service in celebration of Carmen’s life was held on Tuesday, April 17 at Camrose Church of God at 3:00 p.m. If desired, donations may be made in Carmen’s name to World Vision of Canada. Condolences may be made at

GRAHAM In loving memory of our father, grandfather and great-grandfather, Henry, who passed away on April 21, 1997 Quietly remembered everyday Sadly missed along life’s way No longer in our lives to share But in our hearts, you’re always there Ever remembered and sadly missed by your loving family


Our dedicated team of funeral directors and colleagues: (Front L-R): Rod Madison, Karla Kerr, Leeann Zellweger, Alver Person (Back L-R): Robert Lyslo, Cam Parker, Jim Gillespie, Bob Hanrahan, Barrie Fenby, John Person

4817-51 Avenue Phone 780-672-2121 RECORDED OBITUARY LINE 780-679-2400 “Providing meaningful tributes for those who have lived, been loved and passed on”

What flowers say when your heart is too full to express Flowers say love, care and concern. They show your respect and offer comfort. They’re a visible expression of sympathy and love. FLOWERS AT A FUNERAL… “They are important”

Mary Biever Mary Louise Biever passed away on March 29, 2012 in Camrose at the age of 55. She was born on February 27, 1957 in High River, Alberta to her parents Alexander and Bernice Arith, the third of four children. She was married to her best friend, Glenn Biever on April 5, 1975. Together they raised their two children, Tim and Michelle, in Beaumont and then on Vancouver Island. Mary’s greatest joy came from the time spent with her three grandchildren, Zander, Taylor and Kallie. She enjoyed curling up with her cats and reading a good book, gardening and traveling with her family. She enjoyed her rural lifestyle; growing flowers and enjoying the wildlife was a passion. Mary will be remembered for her laughter, contagious grin, as well as her desire to help and serve the people around her. She is loved and will be missed by all those who knew her. A memorial service was held at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, April 7, 2012 at Weber’s Mount Pleasant Chapel. Cremation has taken place. Memorial donations may be made to the St. Mary’s Hospital Palliative Care Fund. Condolences may be made at

Pedersen’s Florists Next to Duff Layton’s 4936-50 Street, Camrose 780-672-2553 Email:

Experience and Expertise Estate Planning

• Wills • Enduring Power of Attorney • Personal Directives

Estate Administration

• Legal services associated with probate of the will

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For information on The Camrose Booster Obituary Page, contact your funeral director or The Camrose Booster

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’08 Pontiac G5 Sedan

’07 Buick Lucerne CXL

’08 Buick Allure CXL

’07 Chevy Cobalt

’07 Dodge Durango LTD

Only 80,250 km

Northstar V8, leather

Loaded, leather, 39,600 km

Only 81,200 km

Leather, DVD, 5.7 Hemi, sunroof

$17,980 2012 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4


’10 Jeep Patriot 4x4 Only 33,500 km



#212234. 4.7 V8, 6-speed auto., air cond., SXT appearance gp, chrome pkg., cruise, power windows and locks, keyless entry, popular equip. gp., Goodyear 17” all season tires, electronic stability, day/night mirror, tilt, auto. headlamps, locking tailgate, side & side curtain air bags, tinted glass, electric shift on-the-fly transfer case, power heated fold-away mirrors, stabilizer bars, AM/FM/CD/ MP3 stereo, 4-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and more. bi-weekly, zero down

Brand New!


’06 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4, only 78,200 km







2012 Ram 3500 Crew Cab SLT Dually 4x4 ’09 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4, 41,000 km



’09 Dodge Journey SXT V6, only 63,000 km



#212270. 6.7L Cummins diesel, 6-spd auto., max tow pkg., fog lamps, p. bucket seats, trailer brake, dual trans. cooler, tilt, remote start 17” alloy wheels, skid plates and tow hooks, off-road tires, side & side curtain air bags, U-connect, in-floor storage, overhead console, electric shift transfer case, trip computer, tow hooks, skid plates, p. windows and locks, p. sliding rear window, p. trailer mirrors, AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo, trailer tow pkg., anti-spin diff., auto. headlamps, satellite radio, 8’ box, dual rear wheels, SLT bi-weekly, zero down n trim and more!

2012 Dodge Journey

2012 Chrysler 200

#212276. Premium bucket seats, air cond., 2.4L auto., traction control, cruise, trailer sway dampening, steering audio control, U-connect touch AM/FM/MP3 stereo, solar glass, 4-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, electronic stability, 4-wheel disc anti-locks, keyless entry and so much more. e.

#212288. Premium cloth bucket seats, air cond., traction control, power windows & locks, keyless entry, tilt/telescoping steering, 17” all season tires, solar glass, analog clock, AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo, steering wheel audio control, security alarm and much much more.




bi-weekly, zero down

’08 Toyota Highlander Sport leather, 3rd row seat



4x4, 3.3L, auto. #2123027A


’07 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Leather, diesel, 66,900 km



’07 GMC 1500 Crew


’06 Dodge 2500 Quad

Brand New!







2012 012 G Grand rand d Ca Caravan ara an n SX SXT Plus t Free Rear Sea Video

4x4, diesel, long box, 105,605 km


bi-weekly, zero down

bi-weekly, zero down

’07 Hyndai Santa Fe


4x4, mint, 14,254 km #12010. 2.4L DOHC 16-valve engine, auto. trans., air cond., bucket seats, traction control, side & side curtain air bags, #212335A keyless entry, power windows and locks, security alarm, tilt/ telescoping wheel, cruise, tilt, AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo and much more!

Brand New! $


bi-weekly, zero down

#212303. 5.7 Hemi V8, six speed manual, Trac pack, heated leather, sound gp., anti-spin diff, hood scoop, high intensity lights, Garmin nav., keyless Go, 20” wheels, satellite radio, U-connect, remote proximity entry, fog lamps and so much more!



SLT 4x4, only 30,000 km


2012 Challenger R/T 2012 Dodge Avenger

Fully loaded 4x4, 41,000 km

’08 Ford F150 Crew Cab

Loaded, leather, 69,800 km




’07 Chev Avalanche LT

Brand New!

3.4L auto., 53,200 km

’08 Hyundai Veracruz




’08 Pontiac Torrent


Long box 4x4

04 Brand New!

Brand New!


’10 Chev 1500 Ext. Cab

283 h.p. V6, 36 m.p.g.

Free U-Connect

##212319. 2123199 33.6L 66L VV66 engine, i six-speed i d auto auto., SX SXT pl plus lus gp gp., full Stow ’n’ Go G seating seating, atiting front fo fr & rear air cond., rear seat video, satellite radio, slapstick auto. U-connect hands-free communication, cruise control, 430 media AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/hard disc drive stereo, touch screen display, roof rack, sunscreen glass, int. observation mirror, steering audio controls, 16” alloy wheels, Bluetooth streaming audio, tilt, back-up camera, side & side curtain air bags, 4-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, power windows and locks, keyless entry, overhead console, power mirrors, touring suspension, all-season tires and more.



bi-weekly, zero down

Brand New!

’05 Ford F150 Crew Lariat 4x4 #212113B


’02 Chev 1500 Ext. Cab Diesel 4x4

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The Camrose Booster, April 17, 2012  

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