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March 19, 2013

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Education institutions hit hard by budget. . . . . . . 2 Willms gives the gift of life with a kidney . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Camrose named bike tour stage one finishing site. . . . . . . . . . . 42 Relay for Life hosts travelling comedy tour. . 45

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Just a few of the skaters who will be out to steal your heart this Saturday: Mina Fowler (with umbrella) – Canskate, Julianna Fowler, Makenzie Rideout and Mia Zylka (in Teletubbies costumes) – 3 year old program Sebastian Roth and Molly Roth (with soccer balls) – Power Skaters, Simone Lee – Junior Development; Hannah Lee – Senior Starskate, Kaitlyn Duggan and Lauren Feth – Senior Starskate Elaborate set design by Jessica Rideout and Shannon Hodgson.

*partial coverage

To Camrose Homes To Rural Homes Tues. Thurs. With Booster

This Week’s Flyers: Camrose Groves’ Value Drug Mart

✔  Canada Safeway  Canadian Tire  ✔* Hauser Home Hardware  ✔ Liquor Barn  M & M Meats  ✔* Panago Pizza  Real Canadian Superstore Rona Sears Shoppers Drug Mart Sobeys Staples Walmart Warehouse One Wild Rose Co-op

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Talented local skaters, some as young as just three years of age, have been working hard all winter long in order to perform flawlessly before an expected super-sized crowd this coming Saturday.

The British Invasion is the chosen theme for the Camrose Skating Club’s 2013 ice show, March 23 from 2-5 p.m. on the EnCana rink at the Edgeworth Centre. Local skaters and people who follow the sport are thrilled that eight-time British Men’s Skating Champion Steven Cousins will be making an on-ice appearance during this magic-filled day. Tickets, available for a nominal fee, can be purchased in advance, Friday, March 22 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the EnCana arena or ordered by email:

Visit our website:

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013




WILD ROSE CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION LTD. March 26, 2013 7:30 pm Edgeworth Centre Meeting Room 3 2nd Floor (Please use central entrance) Camrose, AB

Agenda Will Include:  2012 Audited Financial Results  Director Remuneration  Election of Directors • Three – Three-Year Term Positions

 The following special resolution will be presented to the membership: • “To Amend the Amalgamation Articles Section 6 to read, ‘Number, or minimum and maximum number of directors that the cooperative may have: Minimum 7 and Maximum 11’.”

 Other Co-op Business Reports Anyone wishing to run for a director of the Co-op please contact the Head Office in Camrose or a current Director for Nomination Papers and the qualifications required to run for a director of the Co-op Board. Nominations should be received in advance of the Meeting to ensure qualification requirements are met.

Downtown Camrose, 4851-50 St. D Phone 780.672.2194 or 780.672.8371


Open Door benefits from food drive

Life-like Appearance Before


“For Dentures That Really Fit You” After

Check with us to see if your costs are 100% covered Call 780-672-0128 Tom Borelli, DD Sam Borelli, DD

Murray Green, Camrose Booster The various user groups at the Chuck MacLean Arts Centre (CMAC) collected food for the Food From The Heart Food Drive for the Open Door Association. The groups, along with the generous donations from the public, brought in 296 items. Back row from left, CMAC executive director Jane Cherry-Lemire, Susan Crosius, Shannon Saby, Randal Nickel, Open Door executive director; Joan Petruk and Irene Froese passed on the food to the Open Door. Front row from left, Emily Crosius and Karlee Crosius.

CAMROSE DENTURE CLINIC 4867-51 Street, Camrose

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

Social development committee needs members The City of Camrose Social Development Committee is seeking to fill three vacant spots: two member at large positions, and one agency representative position. Formerly known as the Social Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC), the Social Development Committee (SDC) was established in the early 2000s to oversee the City’s 2002 Social Needs Assessment and Labour Market Study. During most of the 2000s, SPAC pursued its mandate via various Task Forces (Affordable Housing; Alcohol and Drug; Community Transportation) that have since become independent of the committee. In 2009, the City updated its 2002 Social Needs Assessment by creating a Social Development Strategy (2009-2014). SPAC served as the steering committee for that project, and continues to work with community agencies and the City to guide, monitor and assess the thirty-eight strategic initiatives contained in the SDS report. Last year, SPAC reviewed its mandate with the City, a process that resulted in a new Social Development Committee Bylaw. The Social Development Committee is currently helping the City’s Economic Development Officer implement our new Community Economic Development Plan, in part to help ensure that the social implications of economic development decisions are more fully considered. To aid in this work, the committee is reviewing several strategic plans that the City has undertaken since 2002 to identify and better monitor recurring issues. The committee also plans a community engagement forum for late September. The Social Development Committee is an advisory committee. It does not initiate projects directly, but instead brings recommendations to City Council. To help ensure that everyone has access to information regarding social issues and available services, the committee works closely with local organizations. SDC members are especially interested in strengthening ties with businesses, since community social well-being is as important to business as it is to the human services not-for-profit sector commonly associated with social development concerns. The Social Development Committee currently meets the first Monday of each month (except July and August) from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at the Camrose Community Centre. As is the case with all City Council Committees, members must be city of Camrose residents. Applications are available from the City website: or from Committee Chair Margaret Holliston (; 780672-0141). Call Margaret or Kim Isaak at the City (780672-4426) for more information about this exciting opportunity.


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Free Alignment Check Premium Oil and Filter Free Fluid Top-up Free Premium Car Wash Shuttle Rides, Loaner Cars available

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SUCCESSFUL TOURNAMENT FOR FLOOR CURLING CLUB The Camrose Senior Floor Curling Club held a very successful tournament in the Mirror Lake Centre on Jan. 19. Members were treated to a delicious dinner and a three-game tournament. The winning team, from left to right, was made up of Lois Lund, Agnes Rupertus, John Urquhart and Bill Mohler. After the games, everyone was treated to coffee and goodies supplied by the kitchen crew.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


Augustana will feel the pinch of provincial budget By Dan Jensen

The Augustana Faculty of the University of Alberta will be looking for ways to slash costs as a result of the reduced funding for post secondary education in the new provincial budget. The Government of Alberta announced March 7 that it is cutting 2013-14 operational funding for the University of Alberta, which includes Augustana, by 7.2 per cent ($43 million) to $549,536,000. "This is a regressive decision," said University of Alberta president Indira Samarasekera, following a special meeting with all University of Alberta deans Mar. 10. "The University of Alberta needs a four per cent increase just to cover the cost of inflation." University of Alberta Augustana Faculty dean Dr. Allen Berger said March 11 the cuts are going to take some time to figure out. "It is premature for us here at Augustana to jump to any conclusion about what these new budget circumstances might mean." The cuts came as a bit of a surprise to the University of Alberta, which was told as early as last December that the government was looking at increasing funding for post secondary education by two per cent. "The 7.2 per cent reduction means that we will be starting the new year 9.2 per cent below where we thought we were going to be," said Dr. Berger. The early consensus of University of Alberta leaders is that the university will have to look at vertical cuts – stopping what it is doing – as opposed to horizontal cuts – maintaining what it is doing and seeing how it can get by with less money. A leaked University of Alberta email released by the NDP last Wednesday said faculty heads have been asked to find ways to spend 20 per cent less next year and come up with a plan to raise money to recoup half that amount. "We have reached a point where all of the deans are saying there is no more fat to be cut and we are placing in jeopardy the quality of our academic programs," said Dr. Berger, "so it appears that as we plan for the coming year the university is going to try to limit the amount of across the board horizontal cutting and instead look vertically." Advanced Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk is encouraging post secondary institutions to look for cost savings through greater collaboration with each other, which he said they have not had to do because of the generous funding they have received. He is also indicating that raising student tuition fees is not an option. "I can't speak for the Minister but I think in a sense he is asking the universities, the post secondary sector, to become more efficient, rather than simply pass on the costs that the government is not willing to cover to students and their families," said Dr. Berger. "I have seen the opposite happen when I lived in the United States. As State governments decreased their commitments to higher education the shortfall was made up by skyrocketing tuitions that created frightening levels of student loan debt for many families. In some ways then it is a good thing that we are not solving our budgetary problems simply by passing them on to students. On the other hand, there are areas in which tuition at the University of Alberta is underpriced compared to the competition. I wouldn't make that generalization about undergraduate tuition but some of the more specialized programs compared to other institutions. That would be the case for example with the business school." Continued on page 5

Murray Green, Camrose Booster Jake Brown of Eckville rode saddle bronc horse Lunatic Party for an 81 score to win the event at the Saturday, March 16, performance at the Camrose Spring Classic Pro Rodeo. Jake ended up second on the weekend to receive $1,193 for his ride.

BRSD will continue to face difficult times with new budget By Dan Jensen

The light at the end of the tunnel is taking its time appearing for the Battle River School Division. The provincial government budget rolled out March 7 projects BRSD's total government funding to be $67,556,000 for the 2013-14 fiscal year starting Sept. 1, down 1.5 per cent from the 2012-13 estimate of $68,553,000. "We're in the phase of seeking clarity and what the numbers actually mean," said BRSD superintendent Dr. Larry Payne. "The enrollment numbers that government are using appear little higher than we think we might have in September so there might be a little give and take involved. "We're going to have to delve into that a little bit deeper." Base funding

BRSD is concerned that the projected amount of base funding – $41,643,000 is almost exactly the same as the 2012-13 base funding estimate of $41,809,000.

"We have increased costs every year, so ultimately, when you shake it all down, a zero increase in the base funding means a decrease in the dollars we have available," said Dr. Payne. BRSD is hoping to get funding allocation templates to the schools by April 16 so they can begin to work out what they are dealing with before the start of the new school year. Equity of Opportunity

The budget increases the school division's equity of opportunity grant (created to acknowledge rural school divisions with significant distance or low density in population) by $626,000. "We feel rural communities have been acknowledged, much more than they have in the past, by Minister Jeff Johnson and the government, and that is nice to see," said Dr. Payne. The allocation for inclusive education is $3,262,000, an increase of two per cent – or $83,000 – based on current

enrollment. BRSD will receive $3.8 million in a program equity grant to offset an expected decline in this grant. The class size for ECS to Grade 3 was increased by two per cent, which could mean about $100,000 for BRSD based on current projections. Funding for the Student Health Initiative Partnership (SHIP) is being reallocated to a Regional Collaborative Service model, but the overall dollar amounts are not being reduced. AISI eliminated

The budget totally eliminates the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) program effective April 1, resulting in a reduction of $184,000 in this school year and a loss of $484,000 for next year. "The AISI was started by the government to support school divisions' innovation and build the capacity of the divisions to handle a different range of students, but we always knew it wasn't sus-

tainable and long term, so it wasn't a surprise in some ways that it was eliminated," said Dr. Payne. The budget also eliminates effective April 1 the Fuel Price Contingency Grant. BRSD's dollars will be reduced by $130,000 in the current school year and a total of $442,000 next school year. The plant operations and maintenance funding formula has been modified to reflect Alberta Education's departure from tying student coding to funding. "The change is expected to reduce our funding by $643,000 next year," states a BRSD fact sheet. The amount BRSD will be able to allocate to administration has been reduced from four per cent of total expenses to 3.6 per cent. "In BRSD that could mean a loss of about $266,000," states the fact sheet. Other changes in the division's budget include a 21.75 per

cent reduction in infrastructure maintenance renewal funding, changes to the per credit funding (generally used in high schools and distance education courses), a change in the eligibility for ESL funding, and the elimination of the Learning Resources Credit allocation. Alignment of resources

One of the first things BRSD will be addressing between now and June 30 is how to align resources and services so there isn't a deficit model already on Sept. 1 when BRSD begins its new fiscal year. "We expect there will be a few things that people will notice as we try to absorb the (unfunded) costs," said Dr. Payne. "We have to find a way between now and the end of the school year of absorbing approximately $300,000." Impact on operations

The budget for next year will present challenges to almost every aspect of BRSD's operations. Continued on page 14


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Impact on Augustana Continued from page 4

The University of Alberta has already been providing project management services for some of the smaller institutions across the province, and is currently looking at the idea of a shared payroll service. "The University of Alberta provides a number of services for the faculty and some of those services arguably could be provided more broadly," said Dr. Berger. One role that Augustana will continue to play in the whole setup is working with two-year colleges across the province to ensure that students there are easily able to transfer its own Bachelor programs. "We have established a number of memoranda of understanding to ease transfer for our students, and we continue to develop new ones," said Dr. Berger. Samarasekera said that while the government has extended the deadline to May 31 for the 2013 Comprehensive Institutional Plan, which includes the institutional budget for 2013-14, more time will be needed to make the best possible decisions going forward. The government has drafted mandate letters for each institution that should be delivered within the next few weeks. The budget is not expected to affect either the construction or the operation of the Camrose Performing Arts Centre. "We have already identified the resources necessary for constructing the building, and are still seeking some gifts to help us reach our target, but we are not dependent on the operating budget of the university to construct

the performing arts centre," said Dr. Berger. "In addition, while the university has committed to annual contributions to underwrite the operating costs of the building I don't think those are in any way in jeopardy. We have a legal agreement with the City in regard to the performing arts centre and we will honour that legal agreement."

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1975, 1976, 1977 CAMROSE COMP

HIGH SCHOOL REUNION! Friday, May 31, 2013

It’s time for a reunion! Our children have grown up. We’ll see old friends, share old memories… when teen dances were common, when there was no internet or cell phones and muscle cars were daily drivers. Remember the parties at Dried Meat Lake, dances at Charlie Killam, CCHS, surrounding schools and town community halls? Travel back through time and meet in Camrose. Check out Jaywalkers’ Jamboree, the Bailey Theatre and dance again to Godfrey Blaque.


All This Week March 19 to 26

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2:00 pm to 8:00 pm – Open House & Registration Friday at Bailey Theatre 9:00 pm – Dance at the Bailey Theatre featuring Godfrey Blaque – the local band from the early 70’s! Who is invited? We want you to pass this invitation on to anyone you know who might be interested in attending. You may even want to invite your adult kids or current, non-CCHS friends to the dance…the more the merrier! Tickets are $30 to cover the cost of the Bailey and the band. The Bailey Theatre Box Office will look after selling tickets for us. They are available now at the box office or online.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact one of our planning committee members: Grad 1975 – Ken Mah: 679-8347(cell), Jim Majeski:, Greg Peterson: 672-8611,, Judy Haselwood: Grad 1976 – Patti Jacobson( Hoffman):, Kathy Broen (Solverson):, Shirley Klippenstein (Laun):, Tom Kuntz:, Ron Bouck: Grad 1977 – Greg Lemay:, Eric Elliott:

ARMENA REA Notice of Annual General Meeting Wednesday, April 3, 2013 Hay Lakes Rec Centre Main Street, Hay Lakes, AB Meeting to start at 7:00 p.m. Come out and meet your Board of Directors

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

This ad was made possible through the generous contributions of:

Ken Mah

Greg Lemay

Eric Elliott

Forestburg Agencies

This is the course you need to get your Firearms License

Camrose Safety Starts Here Training Center 2nd Floor, Hotel Marada, 3911-48 Avenue, Camrose Sunday, March 24, 8:00 a.m. Non-Restricted Firearms Course and Exam . . . . $120 Restricted Firearms Exam Challenge . . . . . . . . . . . . . $80 Combined Non-Restricted and Restricted . . . . . . $180

Notice of Changes to 2013 AgriStability

To register please call


Growing Forward 2 Information Sessions As part of a comprehensive suite of risk management programs, AgriStability provides effective whole-farm coverage for farming operations that experience severe margin declines resulting from increasing input costs, declining revenues and losses in inventory. Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) will be hosting information sessions across Alberta to discuss the important upcoming changes to the AgriStability Program as a result of the new Growing Forward 2 Agreement.

Community Storage Offers

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Free White Spruce Seedlings Camrose County is offering free white spruce seedlings to be planted only into native tree stands (no ornamental plantings), within Camrose County. These seedlings will provide years of beautiful scenery in their natural setting. If you would like to be a part of this new project, call Agricultural Services at 780-672-4765 or stop by at 4728-41 Street, Camrose. An application form will need to be filled out, and tree limits will be in effect. Anyone interested will need to complete the form by April 12 for late April delivery.

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The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


Letters to the Editor


The Camrose Chamber of Commerce recognized 25-year members at its annual general meeting February 6. Having their photos taken with the 25-year certificates were (left to right) Joe and LeeAnn Mah, owners of Tim Hortons, and Mike and Rod Ross, of Ross Agri.

Letters are welcomed but please limit them to 500 words or less and sign with first name, initial, surname, address and phone number; only name of writer and city or town will be printed. Letters to third parties are not accepted. The Camrose Booster may edit for length, clarity, legality, personal abuse, good taste, public interest and availability of space. The Camrose Booster thanks you for your interest in the letters page and encourages your comments. Crowding Alberta

PEN .I am a more empathic person POINTS by Berdie Fowler

Popular Music Has Changed More than seventy years ago, I fell in love with a travelling salesman. He was smitten, too. Camrose was his home town and we had both graduated from Camrose High School the same year as well as from the Camrose Lutheran College business diploma course the following year. Following that, he was employed full-time in the sales department of the Edmonton Journal. For him, this meant being on the road, for one or two weeks at a time, servicing Journal dealers in central and northern Alberta. During this period, and even later, it was his custom to bring me a new piece of sheet music each time he returned from a trip. In his bold handwriting he would write my maiden name on the front of the new piece. After we were married he would write “Mrs. Bill Fowler” and, I always felt, he did so with a great amount of satisfaction, just as it pleased me to see it. (How different from today when wives tend to guard rather jealously their personal identity by retaining their maiden names after marriage or by using the title Ms. followed by their own first names rather than that of their husbands.) This week, I browsed nostalgically through a stack of that old music, all of it well-worn but, with the help of sticky tape, is still quite usable. What struck me was how much popular music has changed in the last seven decades. To me, it seemed that feelings of love and devotion used to be expressed in a more gentlemanly and respectful way. Back then, Rudy Vallée would gently sway in waltz tempo: ”You’re as sweet as the red rose in June, dear; I love you, adore you, I do.” Slowly and expressively, another old favourite asked: “If I didn’t care ... would my every prayer begin and end with just your name? And would I be sure that this is love beyond compare? Would all this be true if I didn’t care for you?” Another piece we liked was a hit from the Paramount Picture Gulliver’s Travels in which the refrain contained the words: “Faithful forever whatever I do, Remember I’m true, Remember that! Faithful forever and thankful for you, I’ll keep smiling through, remember that! ... Faithful forever I promise to be, So always have faith in me!” Bill liked to dance and he liked big band music so, of course, he brought some popular Glenn Miller and Guy Lombardo. Mitch Miller and the Gang sang “Let Me Call You Sweetheart, I’m in love with you, Let me hear you whisper that you love me too. Keep the lovelight glowing in your eyes so true, Let me call you sweetheart, I’m in love with you.” Bill brought me other kinds of music, too, such as Tschaikowsky’s Nut-cracker Suite – the simplified version, I hasten to add. During World War II, music included more military marches and new tunes such as “Coming In on a Wing and a Prayer,” “I’ll never Smile Again,” and “There’ll be Blue-birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover ... and Jimmy will go to sleep in his own little bed again ... just you wait and see.” The treasures stored in my piano bench also include the ultimate love stories as contained in my mother’s old Songs of the Gospel – an item that I feel fortunate to have. I liked the old popular music because it was gentle, sincere, tender, affectionate, assuring and enduring – something that does not emanate from what is noisy, crude and obscene.

Editor Berdie Fowler (Mar. 12) writes that "growing numbers of people need homes" and industrial employment, yet is rightly concerned about the resultant destruction of prime agricultural land. She indicates the alternative to cities growing outwards is high-rise living, a dilemma for Albertans who prefer wide open spaces and single family dwellings. Her conclusion is that we eventually "will have to choose: Food or Sprawl?," and that hopefully "foresight and wisdom will prevail before it’s too late." When will enough be enough? The real problem that should be attacked is the "growing numbers of people" she mentions in passing. We would not have to choose between crowding out good land or crowding up good people if we were not being continually inundated with more people. The government unwisely has been keen to import them in order to ramp up oil produc-

tion as quickly as possible, even to the point where "we" seem to have gone beyond the ability to export through pipelines and face great obstacles in constructing more. All this influx has presented substantial ongoing problems especially for Edmonton in providing schools and other services. Neither piling people on top of each other nor paving over the goodness of the earth is a true and rational choice, especially considering the consequences to the environment and peoples’ lives. Alberta’s complicity with the Government of Canada to import foreign workers including from eastern provinces has resulted in an increasing mess in our environment, congestion on our roads, and a generally less peaceful place in which to live. It would seem there can be no rationality in the present system, our governments not even wanting to try to stop the deluge. Apparently the only solution can come through Alberta being free to run entirely its own affairs, politically no longer having anything to do with other Canadians, and defend its own borders. Let us be resolved to save one good place on God’s favored planet. Douglas Hendrickson 780-672-6364 Sorenson finds $10 million for ads while cutting food safety

Conservative MP Kevin Sorenson and his party are trying to buy your support with

advertising paid for with your tax dollars. They’re increasing spending on advertising while cutting programs that really matter to Canadians. But Canadians are speaking out. Their votes are not for sale, and they want to know why the Conservatives are wasting their money. They want to know why Stephen Harper can find an extra $10 million for government advertising this year, but can’t pay for programs that really matter, like food safety. The latest round of Conservative cuts will not only hurt the economy, but also put our health and safety at risk. Less than a year after the tainted meat scandal at XL Foods, the Conservatives are cutting the budget for food safety. In fact, they’re cutting the budget for food safety at the Department of Agriculture by almost one-third. People will not buy Canadian meat, fruit and vegetables if they can’t trust that it’s safe to feed their families, but the government would rather spend your money on Economic Action Plan ads during the Super Bowl and the Oscars than on food inspectors. Mr. Sorenson and the Conservatives have made their priorities clear. Every billboard they paint, every commercial they film, and every ad they air send just one message: Canadians can’t trust the Conservatives with their tax dollars. Scott Brison, MP, Liberal Party of Canada Finance Critic 613-995-8231

Provincial budget receives an "F" When I am grading my students, I look at a number of factors. Most importantly I want them to use evidence to build a convincing argument. I want them to consider a number of different positions and arguments and take a stand on key issues. For these reasons, the Alberta government’s budget for 2013 would get an ‘F’ from me. This appears to be a government that is afraid to take a stand on economic issues and do what needs to be done. If you are to the right on the political spectrum and strongly oppose deficits, this budget will fail to satisfy you. For those on the left, the budget is obviously a disappointment as there is little, if any, spending on a wide array of social programs designed to build safer, healthier communities, or help people, especially children, out of poverty. If you are, as I believe most Albertans are, in the centre of the political spectrum, this budget – with its cuts to funding for key social policy areas such as education – also fails. This is a budget that will satisfy no one. In addition, this budget is shortsighted. By failing to invest in infrastructure, municipalities and education, this is not a budget that will prepare Alberta for the future.

Second Thought

Shauna Wilton, Political Studies, Augustana Campus, University of Alberta

The problem, it seems to me, is that for decades Alberta’s key social policy areas have been subsidized by oil and gas revenues. This has allowed Alberta to offer health, education and social programs comparable with other provinces without similar taxation or revenue. We have been spoilt. Now, however, this so-called “Alberta advantage” may become the Alberta disadvantage. It is not realistic to think that we can continue to have good schools, roads and health care if we do not want to pay for them. Modest changes

to income tax, corporate tax or even a small provincial sales tax would but Alberta in the black and provide the much needed funding for these programs. The fear that Corporations will run from Alberta due to modest tax increases ignores the fact that they come here for our resource, and will continue to come as resources become scarcer. Instead, we are sticking to the same path even if it hurts. Unfortunately, the most vulnerable people are working families, trying to make ends meet, and provide a better future for their children, youth, seniors and other disadvantaged groups in the province. The gap between rich and poor continues to grow at an alarming rate in Alberta, as does the economic burden carried by the middle-class. Something has to change. We have to make economically viable and socially responsible choices. Albertans need to decide what is important and they need to let their elected representatives know. Do we radically cut programs to save money and stay in the black without changing our revenue streams? Or do we decide to increase taxes and invest in the people and the future of the province? In this case, I do not think we can have our cake and eat it too.

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to th the ffollowing ll i sponsors ffor our “INTERACT COMBATS CANCER” fundraiser. ALBERTA CANCER FOUNDATION DONATORS - ATCO Power - Safeway - MNXpress - The Real Canadian Superstore - Camrose Dynamic Sales and Service - Camrose Chrysler - Frankie’s Flower Shop - Transmission Express - Double “T” Autobody - McClellan Wheaton - Royal Bank

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J.A.G. Security Inc. donated $375 to the St. Mary’s Hospital Ladies’ Auxiliary Jan. 31, bringing the total amount given to the auxiliary over the last two years to more than $2, 000. J.A.G. Security Inc. made an agreement with the ladies’ auxiliary to donate 10 per cent of the proceeds from vending machines in the hospital until the machines were paid off, and 20 per cent of the proceeds afterwards. The generosity allows the St. Mary’s Hospital Ladies’ Auxiliary to give more to the hospital for the purchase of much-needed equipment. Watching as J.A.G. Security Inc.’s Doug Gawryliuk presented the cheque to St. Mary’s Hospital Ladies’ Auxiliary gift shop manager Pat Lyseng were J.A.G. Security Inc. employees (left to right) Len Chartrand, John Lucas and Chris Albert.

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15/03/13 9:37 AM

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Council approves capital budget By Dan Jensen

Now Showing Friday, March 22 to Thursday, March 28 Nightly: 6:50 & 9:25 pm Matinees Sat., Sun. & Thurs.: 1:50 pm 14A – Coarse Language, Brutal Violence

Nightly: 7:00 & 9:05 pm Matinees Sat., Sun. & Thurs.: 2:00 pm G

Nightly: 6:45 & 9:20 pm Matinees Sat., Sun. & Thurs.: 1:45 pm PG – Frightening Scenes NO PASSES/COUPONS PERMITTED

Nightly: 7:10 & 9:30 pm Matinees Sat., Sun. & Thurs.: 2:10 pm PG – Coarse Language, Not Recommended for Young Children

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BRSD still looking for light at end of tunnel

Type yp to enter text

Continued from page 4

"I can guarantee that every aspect of operations will look different in some way," said Dr. Payne. While BRSD is frustrated with the provincial funding cuts, it realizes it is better off than many other school divisions. "We have been through this journey for two years now and so we have already been through some tough times in trying to right size," said Dr. Payne. "Some of my colleagues in other divisions are just now starting to feel the impacts. I feel proud of the people – the staff and the

Camrose City council approved a 2013 capital budget and a 2013 to 2017 capital plan Feb. 4. Council had granted administration the authority to submit a capital budget and plan to council in February after administration requested additional time to thoroughly review the capital projects being advanced. The projected cost of capital projects in 2013 is $25,687,572. The transfer to capital from the 2013 general operating budget is $1,618,000. The capital plan meets provincial grant requirements and is also a planning tool for council and administration. The total budgeted cost of projects for the years 2013 to 2017 stands at $93,086,611, with 30.3 per cent going for engineering, 26.1 per cent going for administration, 12.1 per cent to wastewater, 10.9 per cent going to the water system, and 1.4 per cent going towards Corporate and Protective Services. "As with any long range budget, the further into the future we attempt to project, the more difficult it is to be accurate with forecasting," said Camrose City manager Damian Herle. "Further, once we are past year one of the plan, it is more the norm that additional capital projects are deemed worthy of inclusion." The capital plan includes $100,000 a year for wayfinding signage in 2014, 2015 and 2016. "There is still work that needs to be done (on wayfinding signage) with City Center Camrose and Tourism Camrose to get firm ideas that we can bring back to council for input," said Herle. The budget also includes $579,000 for the Augustana area infrastructure upgrade, with initial upgrades being done in 2014 and improvements being carried out in 2015 and 2016.

students – who have helped get us through these last two years. Without that we would be in a situation far worse than we are." In spite of all the changes, BRSD is committed, said Dr. Payne, to making students the top priority. "In every conversation and through every lens, no matter how we look at this, we are going to put students at the forefront. There is not an adult anywhere, a parent a staff member or a senior citizen who wouldn't say put the student first. That is how we will be viewing all decisions."

Council accepted a tender of $312,000 from Brandt Tractor for the supply of two 2013 John Deere motor graders, and a tender of $201,556 from Joe Johnson for the supply of a dual engine street sweeper. Funds for the purchase of the equipment are held in the City of Camrose equipment reserve. Aquatic Centre

Camrose Community Services general manager Paul Nielsen told council that administration is putting together a request for a proposal that will outline for consultants what it wants to see in a study on the Camrose Aquatic Centre. "We will be going to tender with experienced firms in terms of getting proposals," said Nielsen, "and are hoping to present a finished report as to the future of the aquatic centre and directions we need to take in terms of upgrades." The report will be presented to council for a decision on where the improvements will fit under the capital plan.

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AHS provides update











Friday, April 19, 2 2013 013 3 • •

Emcee: Jackie Rae Greening Dynamic Speakers featuring: Dr. Peter Glidden, Karen Pentland, Jim Hole, Sue Jacques • Trade Show • Door Prizes • Women Helping Women Raffle • Gourmet Lunch • Much more…

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Saturday, March 23, 8 p.m. at Scalliwags Pub & Rum Bar 4919-47 Street, Camrose

TICKETS: Candler Art Gallery, 5002-50 Street, Camrose or at the Door: $20 Students $10


You could win a Tap Room platter of appetizers and two craft-brewed beers simply by texting TEXT:

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BOMAN’S Radiator Shop

Est. 1960

By Dan Jensen Alberta Health Services central zone area director Leanne Grant is proud of the health care system that has been developed across the province over the past few years. "Although we have gone through a lot of changes, we still have an excellent health care system," said Grant in a presentation to the Rotary Club of Camrose March 11. "A lot of people across Canada and around the world have been looking at us to see how we are able to enhance and sustain a best in class health system." Grant said AHS has enhanced home care in the immediate area to the extent that there is now a nurse on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. "We are doing a lot of work with home care. We have increased the nursing complement and we have increased the number of health care aides who come in and do the baths and so forth. We are really trying to support the families as a person's health changes." Grant also noted that efforts are being made by AHS to increase the number of supportive living spaces. "Bethany is opening up a new building in Bashaw, Bashaw Meadows, which is enhancing our supportive living bed count there." Grant said an area that continues to be of concern for AHS is the recruitment of doctors, occupational therapists and physical therapists. "We have had some successes with that as there have been two specialists who have made Camrose their permanent home in the past few months. In Viking we have seen an increase in physicians with three coming out there to make that their permanent practice." Grant explained that a new Central Alberta Cancer Centre that is being opened in Red Deer this year will provide another option for those who are currently travelling for treatments in Calgary and Edmonton. She noted as well that Camrose is the only rural site where hip and knee surgeries are being done. "We have done 320 electives this year, so that is excellent." Grant said AHS is still looking for more information about family care clinics. "There has been various information released by Alberta Health on what they are looking for in family care clinics and we are looking for the right communities for that to happen. The family care clinics really focus on wellness and chronic disease prevention. They are not to be a duplication of our primary care networks."


Mike Ploner Sales Representative

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CAMROSE SKATING CLUB proudly presents


BRITISH INVASION ICE SHOW March 23, 2 to 5 p.m. Edgeworth Centre Encana Arena Featuring eight-time British Men’s Champion


TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Child (Age 5 and under): Free Seniors and Students (age 6-17): $5.00 Adult: $10.00 VIP Tickets: $30.00 (Preferred Seating and Meet and Greet Banquet with Steven Cousins after the show! To order your ticket, email

Lunch & Learn with alumna

Naomi McIlwraith (BA English ‘00)


Holy Week Liturgies For 2013 ST. FRANCIS XAVIER CATHOLIC CHURCH 5010-48A Avenue, Camrose, Parish Office: 780-672-1131 Pastor: Rev. Larry Pederson

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Saturday, March 23 – 5:00 p.m. Sunday, March 24 – 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. CELEBRATION OF THE EASTER TRIDUUM Day One of the Easter Triduum: First Liturgy: Thursday of the Lord’s Supper Evening Mass March 28 – 7:30 p.m. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until 11:00 p.m. Second Liturgy: Friday of the Passion of the Lord March 29 – 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Day Two of the Easter Triduum: Holy Saturday March 30 – 11:00 a.m. Morning Prayer, Blessing of Children, Easter Baskets and Festive Foods Day Three of the Easter Triduum: The Resurrection of the Lord March 30 – Easter Vigil – 10:00 p.m. March 31 – Easter Sunday – 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

These three days of celebration help us to understand what we celebrate every Sunday at Mass and why we do gather for Mass each Sunday of the year. Please bring your favourite bell to ring at the Gloria on Thursday of the Lord’s Supper Evening Mass, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Masses to express our joy in celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter Water will be blessed at the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Masses. It will be available at the church entry. Bring your own bottles or use those provided by the parish. Use the Easter Water to bless your Easter Dinner and for blessings in your homes. Note: During Holy Week Liturgies incense will not be used.

kipê-kiwânaw (We have come home) Naomi will read from her poetry collection, kiyâm, and share the story of exploring her Aboriginal heritage. FRIDAY, MARCH 22 12 NOON - 1 PM DR. ROGER EPP CONFERENCE ROOM AUGUSTANA CAMPUS FORUM TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT, ALUMNI@AUGUSTANA.CA OR CALL 780-679-1626 $5 ADMISSION: LUNCH INCLUDED AUGUSTANA STUDENTS FREE WITH ONECARD

University of Alberta Mixed Chorus 69th Annual

Spring Concert Robert de Frece, Conductor

Saturday, March 23, 2013 (7:30 p.m.) Faith & Life Chapel Augustana Campus, Camrose Also featuring

The U of A Faculty of Education Handbell Ringers (Celebrating their 25th Anniversary) Tickets: $18 (adults); $14 (students/seniors); $45 (family) Available only at the door [Ticket proceeds to support the Augustana Choir’s tour activities.]

Spring rodeo Camrose Spring Classic Pro Rodeo board member David Hovde, left, and chairman Ken Hildebrandt, right, accept a sponsorship from Andre Blanchette of Nufloors. The rodeo was held at the Camrose Regional Exhibition March 15 to 17.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


Camrose County Agricultural Communications Committee Scholarship 2013



SCHOLARSHIP Open to Camrose County Students in Grades 10, 11 or 12 Entrant’s Qualifications:

Submit entries to:

Open to Grade 10, 11 and 12 students. Must be a resident of Camrose County.


Choose RQH of the following: 1. Food Inspection – are we keeping our population safe? 2. Looking to the future of Camrose County, what services/businesses will we need to better serve our current population and attract future residents? • Essay 1,000 to 1,500 words, or • 4-5 minute multi-media presentation Please note any references and people interviewed for your essay or video or power point.

Camrose County 4728-41 Street, Camrose T4V 0Z6


New closing date: April 12, 2013

For more information: Doug Lyseng (780)672-7625 Kevin MacDonald (780)672-4765


Get back into the workforce! If you are: • • • •

Unemployed or under-employed, Age 50 to 65, Legally entitled to work in Canada, Seeking more skills and knowledge to integrate into new employment, • Prepared and committed to return to work,

…then the targeted initiative for older workers is for you! You may be eligible to receive: • Two-week class-based job searching and career planning, • Funding to acces short-term training at Kopar Administration, • Access to job leads and opportunities from hiring employers, and • One-on-one and group job search assistance.

Experience Works is an intensive 12-week employment program offering skills, training and job search support for people 55 to 65 years of age looking to re-enter the workforce full or part-time.

NEXT SESSION BEGINS MARCH 25! Seating is limited.

Call 780-672-1767 for an intake/informational interview. Kopar Administration Ltd. 100 5015-50 Avenue Camrose 780-672-1767 Experience Works is funded by the Government of Alberta and Canada through the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers

Mixed choir performs Saturday

Join the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus at its spring concert, on Saturday, March 23, 2013, at 7:30 p.m., in the Faith and Life Chapel at Augustana. Once again the UAMC is pleased to present an engaging assortment of choral work ranging from the Baroque to Broadway. Highlighted works include J. S. Bach’s ‘Bist du bei mir’, William Byrd’s ‘O Magnum Mysterium,’ and selections from the musical ‘The Music Man.’ Featured with the UAMC

are the Faculty of Education Handbell Ringers, who celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. This group plays one of the largest collections of handbells and chimes in Canada. The Handbell Ringers will be playing Syncopated Clock, and a special commissioned arrangement of Belle of the Ball. Both pieces were composed by Leroy Anderson whose works were often showcased by the Boston Pops Orchestra. The UAMC is one of the University’s oldest groups. Each season,

its members come together to share a love of music, under the inspirational leadership of Dr. Robert de Frece. For almost 70 years the UAMC has created beautiful music and shared it with the community in the spirit of those students who founded the group in 1944. Tickets are available only at the door. Proceeds will go to support the Augustana Choir’s tour activities. For further information, call the Augustana Music Office, ph 780-679-1532.


GOLF into Swing Indoor g Sprin School Golf

A winter program designed to improve your strength, flexibility, endurance and above all, your golf swing

Meet twice a week for one and one half hours for four weeks. A total of 12 hours of instruction. These lessons focus on how the golf swing should “feel” instead of on ball flight. Reinforces the muscle memory required to build a powerful repetitive swing. Each session begins with complete stretching of the muscles followed by drills to train and condition your body. The lessons are taught in progression, with more emphasis on setup and takeaway early on, moving into the full swing by the end of the classes. BILL PENNY – C.P.G.A. Master Golf Professional has been teaching Maximum Golf since the mid-’80s to over 2,500 students. Now available to the Camrose golfing community.

Sessions start Monday, April 8: Monday and Wednesday Evenings (four consecutive weeks) 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Location: St. Patrick School, 4816-53 Avenue Cost: $185.00 includes GST (Note: $165.00 to all repeat students)

To register, email or phone 780-672-6955 after March 26 Cheques Payable to Bill Penny Golf Services Inc.


Survey Season! Each year, at this time, Battle River School Division invites students, parents and staff to complete a survey about their experience at school. The Satisfaction Surveys are available online until March 28 at Thanks for participating.


NEW LISTING near Heisler - Bungalow home on 5± acres. Asking $110,000. Call George. S-34. OUTSTANDING ACREAGE Near Daysland with 1608± sq. ft. fully renovated home & large heated insulated shop on 6.7± acres, only 1/2 mile from pavement. Asking $595,000. Call George. S-27. 1/4 SECTION OF PASTURE/ GRAINLAND - south of Highway 14 in Beaver County between Ryley and Holden. Fenced, dugout, $2,000/year lease revenue. Great addition to existing farming operation or an excellent location to build. Call George. S-26. BUILD YOUR OWN HOUSE - 7.5 acres with power and gas. Close to Hwy 26, approx. 20 miles east of Camrose. Call George. S-22. PRICE REDUCED - Picture Perfect acreage with ft bungalow. bungalow u nga low w 20 acres hay/pasture, 7-yr-old 1,380 sq. ft. D LD SOand SO rage age aL dble attached garage a storage building. Easy commuting distance to Camrose and Killam. Asking $380,000. Call George. S-21. SUBDIVISION DEVELOPMENT near Camrose - excellent investment right on the edge of Camrose! Development lots overlooking Tillicum Beach – subdivision already surveyed! Call George. S-11. FARMLAND on Battle River - Pasture and crop land southeast of Camrose. Excellent addition to mixed farm or build your new country home with established trees and a creek! Call George. S-12. 1/4 WITH 300 x 100± HOG BARN - shop and Quonset south west of New Norway. Barn is currently rented, 45± acres cult with outstanding views. Call George. S-30.

NORTH OF ATHABASCA - 64.5± acres on Howie Lake. 25± acres hay land, balance is spruce and willow trees. Ideal place to build your dream house or have your own private campground. Asking $155,000. Call George. S-31. 1/2 SECTION PASTURE LAND- 25 minutes east of Camrose. 160 acres has been cultivated previously. Call George. S-39. SERVICED ACREAGE EAST OF HEISLER - Ideal place to build your own home, power at site. Machine shed which could be insulated. To be subdivided. Asking $50,000. Call George. S-35. ACREAGE NEAR KILLAM - 2009 1800 sq. ft.±, 3-bed/2 bath modular home on 13.7± acres. Asking $358,000. Call George. S-32. ACREAGE WITH BUNGALOW HOME - and insulated horse barn 2 miles south of Daysland. Asking $220,000. Call George. S-33 w ith th beautiful b ACREAGE CLOSE TO ALIX - with EaDow home ho hoome me . 1571 me. me 157 157 sq. sqq. ft.± fR t. ± E bD bedrm edrm eed dU rrm mC bu bun family home. 5-bedrm bungalow D ft. Elocation C IGreat RIC Pacres. acre acres Gre loca i for loc f commute to Red Deer, on 36±±PR Lacombe and Stettler. Asking $495,000. Call George. S-37. 1/4 SECTION NORTH OF VIKING - with beautiful family home currently used for cattle but is also excellent grainland. Call George. S-38. NEW LISTING - exceptional hobby farm, great set of buildings. 92 acre parcel between Vermilion and Lloydminster. Call Gordie. F-15. NEW LISTING - Acreage near Daysland with mobile home and 40’x80’ machine shed on just under 6 acres. Well treed yard. Asking $229,000. Call George. S-41.

If you are thinking of selling your farm or acreage, please give us a call. All replies treated in strictest confidence.

Gordie Fischer



George Singer 1.888.546.3070



The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


Willms gives gift of life By Dan Jensen

Shannon Willms told about her experiences with organ donation at the launch of the Kidney Foundation's March fund-raising campaign in Camrose Feb. 21. Willms donated one of her two kidneys to her brother on Nov. 2, 2010. "Looking at it now, if I knew then what I know now of the whole process, I would do it again," said Willms. "It didn't seem as big a deal as people were making it out to be. It is just such a wonderful feeling to be able to save someone's life." Willms' brother was diagnosed with kidney disease in 1998, at the age of 34. "He spent six months in the general hospital in Kelowna during that time, and from then until about 2007 he just suffered a lot," said Willms. "His kidneys were causing him a lot of problems." In 2007 her brother started dialysis at the University of Alberta hospital. "He spent every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, four and a half hours ever day, on dialysis," said Willms. "He wasn't really able to work because after a day of dialysis he would be out of commission. It was hard to see him hooked up to that machine." Willms volunteered her kidney after it was determined that her mother was not a suitable candidate for organ donation because of high blood pressure. She said the testing process she went through made her feel "really good" because everyone wanted to make sure she was in good health. "I had numerous blood and urine tests, ultrasounds, ECGs and physical exams. I also met with a social worker, who helps give the donor the opportunity to express feelings and concerns, and does an evaluation to see if there are any pressures from other sources on being a donor." Willms stayed in the hospital for six days after the surgery, four fewer than her brother. "His surgery was almost six hours and mine was three," she said. Willms received tremendous support from family members and friends, as well as her employer, who told her she could take all the time she needed. "I was told I needed to be off work six weeks and I ended up taking two months," she said. Willms said her current levels of creatinine – a fairly reliable indicator of kidney function – are at 69, compared to 57 when she had two kidneys. "The doctors tell me that my body is functioning as if I had two kidneys." Willms said she is happy that her brother now has his life back. "He lives in Edmonton but works away a lot and he is doing amazing. He will be on anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his life but he would take that any day over what he went through with his years of kidney failure." Willms concluded her presentation by stressing the importance of organ donation. "Organ and tissue donations save lives," she said, "so talk to your family about your wishes and sign your donor card."

Margaret Genevieve Lachmann

Allan Clifford Kroetsch

Margaret Genevieve Lachmann passed away Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at the age of 94 years. Margaret was born on November 4, 1918 to Weir and Martha Osness who farmed in the Kingman area. Her parents retired in Camrose in her early ’20s. Margaret married Olav Olsen in 1942 and they farmed two miles north of Bawlf until Olav passed in 1975. Margaret then moved to Camrose where she later married Walter Lachmann in 1979. In 2010, due to health reasons, Walter and Margaret moved to Lamont Long Term Care Centre. Margaret will be remembered for her love of music and artwork. Even at age 94 she could still play the piano by memory and the residents and staff of the Long Term Care Centre enjoyed her playing. She was predeceased by her parents; husband Olav and husband Walter; brother Lloyd (Gladys); sister Judith (Ray Kallevig); half-brother Torkel Osness (Alpha); half-brother Martin Lowry (Hilma); and grandson Tavis Walden. Margaret is survived by her children Louise Walden (David), granddaughter-in-law Shawna; Vern Olsen (Edith Servage), grandchildren Craig and Mark; Elaine Maxwell (Bob Hemmings), grandchildren Daniel and Andrew. A Funeral Service will be held at 1:00 p.m., Saturday, March 23, 2013 from Burgar Memorial Chapel with Rev. Bill Harder officiating. Interment will take place in Valleyview Cemetery, Camrose. If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. To send condolences please visit www.

February 16, 1961 – March 8, 2013 Alan was born on February 16, 1961 in Killam, AB to his parents Leander and Phyllis Kroetsch. Alan took his schooling in Heisler and Daysland. Soon after Alan completed his schooling, he went to work in the construction field. He completed his apprenticeship with Battle River School Division where he worked for 25 years until his passing. In 1989, Alan married Roxanne (nee Makarowski) of Daysland. Alan and Roxanne had a double wedding with his brother Richard and Roxanne’s sister Charlene, at Koppernick Church. They resided in Daysland ever since. They were blessed with two children, a son Travis born in 1990, and a daughter Brooke born in 1994. Alan enjoyed camping and fishing with family and friends. He also took great pride in his work and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Alan lost his battle with cancer on March 8, 2013 with his family by his side. Left to cherish his memory are his loving wife Roxanne; children Travis and Brooke; his parents Leander and Phyllis of Daysland; three sisters Bernadette (Paul) Allers and their children Nathan and Vannessa of Strome, Paulette (Raymond) Garett of Edmonton, Jennifer (Lorne) Albers and their children Charity, Andrew and Stephanie of Heisler; one brother Mark (Cassandra) and their children Aleisha and Mitchell of Daysland; sister-in-law Charlene Kroetsch (George Lepard) and children Briana and Clayton of Camrose. Alan was predeceased by his brother Richard; mother-in-law Audrey Makarowski; and nephew Matthew. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. from Our Lady of the Prairies Roman Catholic Church, Daysland with Rev. Leon Kler as celebrant. Interment followed in Daysland Cemetery. Memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to Daysland Hospital Palliative Care Unit or the Cross Cancer Institute. To send condolences, please visit

Camrose and Daysland was in care of the arrangements Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”

In loving memory of

June Vandenberg who passed away on March 24, 2003 When roses bloom in Heaven, Lord Please pick a bunch for us. Place them in our mother’s arms And tell her they’re from us. Say that we love and miss her And when she turns to smile Please place a kiss upon her cheek And hold her for awhile. Because remembering her is easy, We do it every day. But there is an ache within our hearts That never goes away. Forever loved and remembered, Ken and family

Camrose and Daysland was in care of the arrangements Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”

Ronald Ronsko Ronald James Ronsko was born on May 8, 1954 to Frank and Annie Ronsko. He grew up on the family farm north of Daysland with his sister Shirley and brothers Jerry and Cliff. On March 9, 1974, Ron met Linda Zelinksi of Kinsella, Alberta and they began their life of 39 years together. Ron really enjoyed building things and was an excellent handyman. He liked camping and fishing. Ron loved his kids and grandkids and was proud of their accomplishments and achievements. In April 2012, Ron was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer and passed away peacefully at home on March 8, 2013, two months short of his 59th birthday. He is survived by his wife Linda; children Ruth (Larry) Gill of Tofield, Barb (Pat) Lauriks of Edmonton, and Arjay (Melissa) of Bawlf; grandchildren Desirae, Chace, Bailey, Cooper, Keanau, Damian, Jessie and Cowin; sister Shirley (Joe) Schneider of Daysland; brothers Jerry of Camrose and Cliff of Wildwood; mother-in-law Ruth Zelinski of Viking; sisters-in-law Gloria Ronsko of Camrose, Shirley Lupino of Olds and Marion Zelinski of Armena; along with nieces, nephews, relatives and friends. He was predeceased by his father in 1974, his mother in 1991 and his father-in-law Joe Zelinski in 1977. A celebration of life was held at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, March 16, 2013 at Ohaton Community Hall. Memorial donations may be made to the charity of one’s choice. The family would like to thank all those who attended the celebration of life and sent flowers, cards and donations and showed their support. Special thanks to Suzanne and her team at Camrose Home Care whose assistance made it possible for Ron to stay in the comfort of his home. Also thanks to Weber Funeral Home and Gladstone Community Ladies’ Club. In lieu of thank you cards, the family has given a donation to STARS.

Ervan Herbert Poepping Ervan, a beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, passed away peacefully on March 13, 2013 after a lengthy battle with cancer, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose at the age of 82. Ervan was born December 9th, 1930 on the farm near Strome, Alberta to parents Valentine and Alma Poepping. He met Doris Deardoff, and they married in 1957. They resided on his family farm and raised five children in their 55-plus years together. They worked the land side by side, raising broiler hens and dairy cows for many years. Farming took up much of their time, but Ervan enjoyed his Elks Lodge activities and commraderie, fishing, a cold beer and a good game of cards with family and friends when the opportunity arose. He and Doris retired from farming in 1995 and moved to their current home, an acreage east of Camrose. Left to cherish Ervan’s memory are his loving wife Doris; children Mic ( Janet), Penny, Ken, Jim (Karen) and Tammie (Jiri); nine grandchildren Lacey (Ben), Lindsey, Matthew (Sharalyn), Andrew, Audrina (Leon), Shelby, Amy, Nicole and Isabelle; four greatgrandchildren Zachary, Emma, Johnny and Lukas; and sisters Laverne, Shirley and Donna (Eric). Ervan was predeceased by his parents; his parents-in-law; brother Norbert; sister Jeannie; and brothers-in-law Norbert, Delmond, Radar and Bill. A Funeral Service was held at 11:00 a.m., Monday, March 18, 2013 from St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, south of Strome, with Rev. Leon Kler officiating. Inurnment has taken place in St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Cemetery. If family and friends so desire, memorial contributions are gratefully accepted to St. Peter’s Cemetery Fund or to the charity of one’s choice. To send condolences, please visit www.

Camrose and Daysland was in care of the arrangements Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”

For information on The Camrose Booster Obituary Page, contact your funeral director or The Camrose Booster

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013



Hendrik “Harry” Jacob De Deugd Hendrik (Harry) Jacob De Deugd was born on November 11, 1934 in Dubbeldam, Holland and passed away on March 12, 2013 at the age of 78. Harry immigrated to Dewinton, Alberta at the age of 18 years where he worked on a farm for a short time. He then trained in the oilfield as a mechanic. Harry worked in the Arctic as well as several other countries. Harry met Shirley in Calgary in 1966. They married in 1967 and had two daughters. He leaves to mourn his passing his wife Shirley; daughter Nancy (Bill) Wilkison; son-in-law David Moench; granddaughter Breanne; grandson Joshua; brothers Adrie (Adrie “Ad”) and Willem (Marianne); sisters Jenny (Piet) Klootwyk and Doris (Ron) Marshall; sister-in-law Jean; and many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his parents Janus and Willempje; his daughter Lisa; and brother Len. A Funeral Service was held on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. from Burgar Memorial Chapel with Rev. Brian Hunter officiating. Inurnment will take place at a later date. If family and friends so desire, donations can be made in Harry’s memory to the Canadian Diabetic Association. To send condolences, please visit www.burgarfuneralhome. com.

NORRIS, Paul James - "PJ" 'tis you must go and I must bide' It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend. Paul James Norris (PJ) left us on March 6th, 2013, with his Irish grin, directing the show to the end. He was one in a million, funny, bold and brilliant; he lived life to the fullest. A devoted Catholic, he loved his wife, his family, learning, travel, a good political debate and his beloved Alma Mater, ST FX University. God was at the centre of his life and he was looking forward to seeing his mother and daughter Frances again in Heaven. He left this world surrounded by his loving wife of 62 years Miki aka Doreen, his children Sheilagh (Rod Ross), Diane, Dan (Deb), Colleen (Adam Brown), Tim (Sharon), Tony (Teena), Mark (Veronica) and Mike (Anita); grandchildren Mike (Chella), Tim (Laura), Kate (Jay), Jennie, Paul, Emeleigh, Ben, Sam, Courtney, Brittany, Ryley, Alex, Aaron, Bobbi, Molly, Claudia, Jack, Emma, Hudson, and Finley; and great-grandchildren Regan, Addison, Natasha, Will, Joe and Collin. Paul was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1926, the third child of Fred and Marie Norris. His family moved to Edmonton (1932-1938) for the early years and then Calgary where he spent his youth. He was fiercely independent, venturing out on his own at 14 years of age. Following a stint in the army and with the help of his mentor Judge Stack, PJ headed off to St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, for petroleum geology. There he spent four glorious years which to the end he treasured beyond measure and clearly shaped his life. Due to the Canadian Pacific Railways that provided free train passes to and from University, summers between University years were spent at his home away from home, the Banff Springs Hotel. This is where he noticed a beautiful brunette from Montreal arriving to work at the hotel, and always said it was love at first sight. He spent the next four years pursuing her. They were married in 1951 and remained solid partners to the end. The newly minted geologist and science graduate moved to Calgary. Babies started arriving (1952-1964) and they moved to Edmonton raising their children, committed to family, faith and spending summers at their treasured "Fintry" in the Okanagan. Paul completed an engineering diploma from University of Alberta in 1953. He started a Law Degree while doing Geology in 1954 and then established his own company, Norris Holdings Ltd. (Bench Ads) in 1955. He was active in many associations and societies; financial chairman of Edmonton Opera Association (1977); regional director, Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta (1968-1977); a leader in Serra, Friars Club and the Commonwealth Games planning committee, a member of University of Alberta Senate (1977-1980); and a founding member of the Royal Glenora Club. He was an Alderman for the City of Edmonton from 1977 to 1982. Paul and Miki built a home on his beloved South 40 at the Village of Norris Beach in 1990 and moved out to Pigeon Lake where he had spent his summers as a young boy. They lived there until three years ago when he lost his leg and ended up with significant complications that moved them to Camrose to be close to the care they needed. Dad loved reading, music, painting and debating everything and anything making sure you knew his opinions and the "right" way to look at any issue. He had an amazing sense of humour and loved to tell a joke, never missing a punch line. There is a big hole in our family and hearts and we will miss him terribly. A Funeral Mass in celebration of his life will be held Saturday, March 16th, 2013 at 11:00 a.m., at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, 9830 - 148 Street, Edmonton. One of Dad's proudest accomplishments was providing scholarships to students in need at St FX University. Therefore, in lieu of flowers, please feel free to make donations to the Paul and Miki Norris Bursary (Est. 2004), St. Francis Xavier University, c/o Lynn O'Donnell, or (902) 867-5017. To send condolences, please visit

In loving memory of

Arthur (Art) Briggs July 1, 1928 – March 18, 2009 Always remembered and sadly missed by your loving wife, Ann

What flowers say when your heart is too full to express Flowers say love, care and concern. They show your respect and offer comfort. They’re a visible expression of sympathy and love. FLOWERS AT A FUNERAL… “They are important”

Pedersen’s Florists Next to Duff Layton’s 4936-50 Street, Camrose 780-672-2553 Email:

4817-51 Avenue Phone 780-672-2121 RECORDED OBITUARY LINE 780-679-2400

“Paying tribute to the special memory of your loved one”


In loving memory of

In loving memory of Camrose and Daysland was in care of the arrangements Phone 780-672-2121 “Dedicated service since 1906”

Our dedicated team of funeral directors and colleagues: (Front L-R): Rod Madison, Jennifer Kontek, Leona Norenberg, Keri Vickers, Bob Hanrahan (Middle L-R): John Person, Cam Parker, Jim Gillespie, Bart Orr (Back L-R): Barrie Fenby, Robert Lyslo, Alvin Koehli

Patrick and Ella Flynn

In loving memory of

Mary French

Anne Eleanor Nikiforuk

who passed away on March 21, 2003 Never more than a thought away Close in our hearts you will always stay Loved and remembered every day Sadly missed, Jim, Charlene and family Don, Jane and family Donna and family

January 2, 1925 – March 19, 2011

Honour your departed friend or relative …with a memorial gift that will do good in their name forever.

Corey Kudrowich Director (780)679-5085

Battle River Community Foundation Box 1122, Camrose, AB T4V 4E7 Phone (780)679-0449

July 3, 1932 – March 14, 2011

July 31, 1935 – March 19, 2012 Always remembered and sadly missed by your family

God saw you getting tired And a cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you And He whispered, “Come to Me” With tearful eyes we watched you. We watched you fade away. Although we loved you dearly, We could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, Hard-working hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He chose to take the best. It’s lonesome here without you We miss you more each day. Life doesn’t seem the same Since you have gone away. When days are sad and lonely And everything goes wrong, We seem to hear you whisper, “Cheer up and carry on.” Each time we see your picture You seem to smile and say, “Don’t cry, I’m in God’s hands, We’ll meet again someday!” Love Steve; children Larry, Wayne, and Valerie; grandchildren; and great-grandchildren.

The most important way to remember those you will never forget.

5016-50 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 0S5 Phone 780-672-9420 INDOOR SHOWROOM

Experience and Expertise Estate Planning

• Wills • Enduring Power of Attorney • Personal Directives

Estate Administration

• Legal services associated with probate of the will

4918-51 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-8851

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

Trevor Van Leeuwen, REALTOR


Direct Line: 780-781-8973 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated


CHALET STYLE 3-BEDROOM BI-LEVEL IN FERINTOSH, AB...Well built 1252 sq.ft. cedar clad home moved to this location set on a brand new basement, with new systems, new oak kitchen, new oak hardwood floors in living room and all bedrooms. Mostly new windows, three new appliances, new massive deck. New shingles, soffit, fascia, trough, landscaping/sod and concrete walkways. Lighting, electrical, most fixtures, new paint all done as well. Great potential in the full concrete basement with rough-in for bath, 9’ ceilings, big bright windows – ready for development! High efficiency heating systems. Consider the living room with high open cedar lined ceiling, master bedroom has three pc. ensuite, and more! Good oversized 22 x 31 double garage with double driveway. A great package for all buyers! Ferintosh is home to Little Beaver Lake, great for canoeing, bird watching, and creating a special hideaway feel. Close to Camrose, Bashaw, Ponoka as well as Red Deer and Edmonton. Listed at $219,900. (OT111)

Let Me Help You Get It Sold! For Sale

Email: Website:

Edmonton Office # 780-485-5005

DRIVE A LITTLE, SAVE A BUNDLE!... Very nice 1040 sq. ft. bungalow just 14 min. East of Camrose! Very functional one-level floor plan with three bedrooms on good sized 75’ x 150’ lot. Great starter with good newer windows and doors, bath reno, kitchen counter tops and more. Potential here with room to develop shop or garage. Great value at $149,900. Call Trevor to see it today! (OT110)


Fantastic Starter home located in Bittern Lake... Just west of Camrose, this 1700 sq. ft. 2-storey home has a huge wrap-around porch. On large 150x120 lot (.41 acre) with municipal services. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large living and dining room with bright windows, wood stove and more. Kitchen has access to back deck area and showcases high-end quality “vintage retro style” refrigerator and gas stove. All appliances OPEN HOUSE incl. Large master bedroom w/walk-in closet, huge soaker tub in main bath, hardwood in Sat., 2-4 p.m. upper bedrooms. Character home was moved to this location about 1945. Rear perimeter 4907-69 Street fenced, nice size garden shed, ample room to build garage, park your toys and RVs or enjoy yard. Updating incl. some windows and doors, siding, drywall and flooring in upper A Must See bedrooms, etc. but some areas need finishing or updating reflected in the pricing of this NEWLY BUILT BI-LEVEL... 1600 sq. ft. home substantial property. Listed at $164,900. Call Trevor today! OT113 with attached 2-car garage. Very attractive interior, master Nicely remodeled bungalow in Hay Lakes! This with ensuite, 2 additional bedrooms, and WOW there are 6 home, nestled by trees, is a great opportunity with many new appliances included! Handy side door access allows renovations already in place. Finished to 1600 sq. ft., the option for future basement development as a suite or a 2-bedroom main floor has the updated 4-pc. bath with home business. High efficient furnace and hot water tank. jetted tub, hardwood in living room, oak cabinetry and Exterior has decorative stone accents, concrete walks easy access to the large shaded deck area. Six appliances and drive and no neighbour directly behind. Close to included! Nicely developed basement with wet bar, sizeable shopping, amenities, park, walking trails, golf! Immediate rec room with great potential. Open flex room suitable for possession! This home is priced to sell at $314,900. games, music, lounging, a gym, or possibly 3rd bedroom. Call today! (IT115) Basic rough 2-pc. bathroom, nice laundry room. Recently replaced hot water heater, siding, shingles just 2-yrs old. Nice over-sized garage, insulated w/220v. Some finishing touches needed to complete renos prior to possession. Just 25 min. to major centers such as Nisku/ Helping You List and Sell Properties Leduc, Camrose. Short walk to K-12 school and rec center. Listed at $196,900. Call Trevor. OT114 in the Greater Camrose Area

NEWLY BUILT IN CASCADES!... Exceptional twostorey with attached garage! This 3-bdrm, 1620 sq. ft. home is perfect for all buyers! Open concept kitchen to main living area, handy 2 pc. bath and main floor laundry with built-in wash up station. There are 6 appliances included with this home! Master w/walk-in closet and 5 pc. ensuite with sizable soaker tub, enclosed shower, and double sink. Two more nice sized bedrooms and a 4 pc. main bath. High efficiency furnace and hot water tank. Handy side door access to the basement. Outside, a very welcoming design, south facing veranda, concrete walks, stone accents! Close to walking trails, park reserve, golf, and amazing selection of shopping and services. Listed at $309,900. (IT116) Call Trevor today!


SUBSTANTIAL STARTER!... Upgraded 1263 sq. ft. home w/good heated shop/garage w/220V. Extra 24x30 all-metal storage building. Located next to a beautiful little park area. Abundant parking for RV’s and other uses! Drive a little for massive value at $137,500. Call Trevor. (OT109)

CAMROSE UNITED CHURCH Come, join with us in celebrating God’s love and building a safe community! • For more information, call 780-672-2176

COMING EVENTS Maundy Thursday – March 28, 6 to 8 p.m. Family oriented potluck supper and worship Good Friday Service – March 29, 10 a.m. Ecumenical Easter Vigil – March 30, 7 to 9 p.m. At the Faith & Life Chapel, Augustana Faculty (Service of light, family-oriented Bible stories, celebrations of baptism and communion, social hour and egg hunt!) Easter Sunday – March 31, 10 a.m. Living the Resurrection Pie and Coffee / Pie Sale – April 6, 2-4 p.m. Sunday Musings, April 7, 9 a.m. Family oriented conversation and activities. Morning Worship (10 a.m.) with Easter communion. Guest speaker: Kathryn Hofley (Prairie Region Financial Development Office, The United Church of Canada). Sunday Musings, April 14, 9 a.m. Family oriented conversation and activities. Morning Worship 10 a.m. Sunday Musings, April 21, 9 a.m. Earth Sunday Family oriented conversation and activities; Morning Worship 10 a.m. Clean-up day after worship with soup lunch to follow! “Heartbeat of God” April 27, (from 8 a.m. with breakfast to 5:15 p.m., supper to follow) Open to all seeking spiritual renewal and nurturing. Please register at the church office by April 21. Musings and Morning Worship, April 28, (combined, at 9:30 a.m.) Followed by brunch! Saleabration, May 4, 8 a.m. to noon

Zarski's Body Shop donated $1,000 to the Kidney Foundation at the launch of the Foundation's March fund-raising campaign in Camrose Feb. 21. Presenting the cheque to Camrose campaign leader Erhard Pinno (left) and Kidney Foundation director of development Sharon Marcus was Zarski's Body Shop owner Doug Zarski.

You can make a difference in the life of someone with kidney disease By Dan Jensen

Kidney Foundation of Canada Alberta/Northwest Territories branch executive director Flavia Robles believes we all have a role to play when it comes to supporting those who are living with kidney disease. "Each one of us can start

doing something," said Robles at the launch of the Kidney Foundation's March fund-raising campaign in Camrose Feb. 21. "Little by little the things that we do can make huge changes and differences in the world." Robles said one of the Kidney Foundation's main goals is to increase awareness of kidney disease so that people know the steps they can take to prevent it from occurring or obtain the help they need before symptoms start to progress. "It is so important to talk about prevention and the things that we can do. You can ask your doctor to check your kidneys every time you go for a physical. It is not something that is standard but if you request that your doctor will check. It is important to find the symptoms earlier on as opposed to letting them reach the fourth stage, when they really begin to show." Robles said the two highest risk factors for the development of kidney disease are diabetes and hypertension.

"If you know someone that has diabetes you can help them improve their lives by telling them to have their kidneys checked." Robles said the Kidney Foundation assists kidney patients by providing peer support, transportation to hospitals for dialysis, screening and blood pressure clinics, and short term emergency funding to assist with the cost of groceries and taxi rides to and from medical appointments. "In Northern Alberta and the Territories we provided short term funding to 114 patients last year. The number is low not because the need is low but because our resources can only support so much. We want to grow the dollars we have in the short term emergency fund so we can fill the gaps. We want to be there for them when they need us." The Foundation also provides Peddlers for Dialysis units which allow people to exercise while they are undergoing dialysis, sends children who have kidney disease to a special camp, and funds bursaries to post secondary institutions. "We can provide $1,000 per year to any kidney

Central Agencies donated $1,000 to the Kidney Foundation at the launch of the Foundation's March fund-raising campaign in Camrose Feb. 21. Presenting the cheque to Camrose campaign leader Erhard Pinno (left) and Kidney Foundation director of development Sharon Marcus was Central Agencies owner Norm Mayer.

patient who is going through post secondary education. We have one bursary recipient who is now in his fourth year of law school." A major benefactor of funds raised by the Kidney Foundation is the University of Alberta, which, according to Robles, does "stimulating and innovative" research on kidney disease. "Fifty per cent of the money raised is used to support the different research initiatives across the country. In Alberta we are lucky because we have lots of leading researchers that are doing great work. The study that showed how Tums positively affect kidneys was conducted here." Robles said in addition to its kidney care conference, the Alberta/Northwest Territories branch of the Kidney Foundation will be conducting fun runs and walks in Edmonton April 28 and in St. Albert and Red Deer on Sept. 8, and a beer-tasting event on Sept. 27. Robles said of the 3,900 people in northern Alberta and 6,900 across the province who are dealing with kidney failure at this time, 89 per cent are on dialysis. "It (dialysis) is something that tremendously affects their lives. They have to sit there for four hours a day, four times a week. I was talking to a patient and he told me it is like running a marathon without moving." Robles stressed the importance of giving the life to another by donating a kidney. "It is still a four-year wait for an organ donation," she said, "and out of those waiting for an organ transplant, seventy-five per cent are waiting for a kidney." Robles praised the work of volunteers who canvass on behalf of the Kidney Foundation, noting it is often the face to face contacts that do the most good. "I am humbled by your efforts because we can't do this alone," said Robles. "All of us are part of the puzzle and it is important that we are able to stand behind each other."

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

UNRESERVED FARM AUCTION for Ward Nelson of Camrose, AB


Dr. A. C. Jones Chiropractic Clinic

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 – 10:00 a.m. Located: From Camrose, go 15.4 km (9 miles) east on Highway 26, then 0.7 km (1/2 mile) south on Range Road 184. This is an extremely nice line of equipment. Major pieces have been shedded.

TRACTORS • 1993 Versatile 976 4WD, Designation 6, 20.8x42 duals, 4723 hr. • Case 2390 2WD, 20.8x38 duals, 3542 hr. • 12’ Leon 2-way dozer blade • IH 784 2WD c/w Allied loader/bucket, 3-pt. hitch • EZ-STEER guidance system HARVEST EQUIPMENT • 2010 New Holland CR9060 SP combine, SwathMaster 8 belt PU, 418 sep./585 eng. hr., 900/60 R 32 rubber • 2011 30’ NH 72C rigid header, PU reel, hyd. Fore/Aft, full fingered auger • 2005 Case IH 2388 SP combine c/w 2015 header, SwathMaster 8 belt PU, AFX rotor, 1256 sep./1582 eng. hr., $13,155.62 w/o Dec./12 • 2005 30’ Case IH 1010 rigid header, PU reel, hyd. Fore/Aft • Bergen 3600-HT header transport • Baumle built header transport • 2010 30’ Massey Ferguson 9220 SP swather, model 5200 header, 279 hr., Dbl. swath, elec. Fore/Aft, PU reel TRUCKS and GRAIN TRAILERS • 2006 Freightliner Century TA grain truck c/w 20’ steel box and hoist (2011), automatic SmartShift • 1994 Freightliner TA highway tractor, day cab, 726,764 km at booking, N14, 18 spd. trans., wet kit • 1994 Lode King aluminum Super B grain trailers, open ends, newer tarps • 1981 IH 1724 SA grain truck c/w 15’ steel box • Two Michel’s hyd. hopper augers for grain trailers SPRAYER • 2002 Willmar Eagle 8600 sprayer, 4WD, 90’, 1200 US gal. stainless steel tank, 380/90-R46 tires, 1908 hr., four E-Kay dividers, 340hp Cummins, air ride suspension, two rinse tanks, EZ STEER

guidance • Four 520/85R46 Firestone radials to fit above sprayer AIR DRILL • 51’ Flexicoil 5000 c/w front TBT FC 2320 tank and rear TBH FC 2320 tank HEAVY HARROWS • 70’ Flexicoil 85 heavy harrows, hyd. tine adj. AUGERS and GRAIN VAC • Buhler FarmKing 13”x70’ swing auger c/w AG Remote electric swing mover, reverser • Westfield TF 100-41, 10”x41’ auger c/w mover, 30hp Kohler • Westfield J208-46, 8”x46’ auger, 18hp Kohler • Kongskilde 700 grain vac FIELD EQUIPMENT • 12’ Houle HLL-12 hyd. land leveller, hyd. lift and tilt • 28’ Big G Tandem disc • Eversman 600 hyd. scraper • Rock-O-Matic 546 rock picker • 60’ Flexicoil Sys. 95 Harrow/Packer • 70’ Flexicoil harrows/drawbar, newer tines GRAIN BINS and AERATION • 2009 Grainmax 5000 hopper bin, rocket, vents, dbl. skid • Three 2007 Wheatland 1620 E hopper bins, epoxy lined, 4119 bu +/• Four Sakundiak 18’x6 ring hopper bins, 5600 bu+/PICK UP and TRAILERS • 2002 Ford F-250 XLT Super Duty, elec. 4x4 • 20’ TA 5th wheel trailer, homebuilt • 8’x5’ SA utility trailer RECREATION and LAWN EQUIP. • 2011 Kubota RTV 900, 4x4, diesel, 149 hr. at booking • Polaris Big Boss 500, 6x6 • John Deere 240 lawn tractor c/w 30” rototiller and 48” mower • Swisher 48” lawn sweep

Wednesday, March 20 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Some 15 months ago, fire took our offices in downtown Camrose. On Wednesday, we celebrate the opening of our wonderful new building occupying the same location on 50th Street. Please join us for coffee, refreshments and fellowship. We hope to see you Wednesday.

Dr. A. C. Jones Dr. Richard Sawyer 4935-50 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-4578

We’ll outfit your


For more information, contact Ward Nelson at 780-672-5429 or 780-679-2113. This is only a partial listing. View our website at for full listing and pictures.

Sale Conducted By

DOUG JOHNSON AUCTION SERVICE LTD. Camrose, AB • License #334038 • Phone 780-672-1105

Camrose and District Farmers’ Market Duggan Mall, Camrose Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Dennis Hall will be performing at Centre Court on Saturday, Mar. 23 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

• Crafts • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables • Homemade Baking • Woodworking • Farm Fresh Eggs • Beef/Pork/Chicken • Birdhouses • Sewing • Meat Pies and • Jams and Preserves Perogies • Honey • Tupperware • Candles • Watkins • Art • Health Products • Jewellery See a variety of items at the market every Saturday including fresh fruit and vegetables, baking, eggs and meat. Large assortment of craft items.

The Corporate Team We sell and personalize today’s favourite styles of sportswear, golf apparel, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, caps and track suits. Approximately 800,000 total products made for your crest or logo. Our pricing includes all freight, brokerage and decorating charges … no surprises – just memorable, eye-catching products.

For information or to book a table, call Tera at 780-781-5501

The Sports Team 4925-48 Street, Camrose Phone 780-672-3142

22 Chartered Accountants Directory The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

Sale Dates: Friday March 15 to Thursday, March 21

! S D I K Y HE us Be sure to join for our


Saturday, March 23 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at your Wild Rose Co-op Food Store in Camrose

Find an egg and win an “Eggsellent” Prize! Every Egg is a winner!

Brandon Kroeger, CA, CFA Greg Joyce, CA Larry Lewsaw, CA D. M. Scarisbrick, CGA, CA D. K. Currie, ACIA

Country Morning Gold

TURKEYS Grade A, frozen, with pop-up timer




#201, 4870-51 St., Camrose, AB T4V 1S1 Tel. (780)672-9217 Fax (780)672-9216

lb.* $1.55 lb. or *with flyer coupon $3.42 kg $1.94/kg based on a 15 lb. turkey. without coupon

• Douglas A. Tien, FCA • Shirley G. Rostad, CA

Beth P. Kushnerick, CA Dean R. Inman, CGA Clark T. MacKay, CA Jaime Aicken, CGA Landon Miciak, CA Michael Wetsch, CGA Annette McTavish, ACIA


CUCUMBERS Long English variety, Canada No. 1, Produce of Canada

• Denotes a partnership of Professional Corporations



ea. 4602-49 Avenue Camrose, Alberta T4V 0M6

(780) 672-2600

CAULIFLOWER No. 1 Grade, Produce of U.S.A.

FAX LINE: (780)672-0057 Toll free: 1-866-772-2600 e-mail:




$ 29

Chartered Accountant

4876-50 Street, Camrose T4V 1P7




Fax 780-672-9521

Members of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta

HOT CROSS BUNS Package of 12, 600 g





Pri¢ Drope

Wild Rose Co-op Ltd. Located at 48 Ave. and 51 Street, Camrose

Grocery Store 780.672.3107 • Gas Bar 780.672.8683 and 780.672.3108

player of the year Charlie Killam School Hope Submitted OPEN HOUSE

Wednesday, March 20, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. We would encourage anyone interested in CKS programming to attend this informative evening

Another award for real estate professional

Russ Nielson An ad in last week’s edition of The Camrose Booster announced the impressive performances of the Royal LePage Rose Country Realty Ltd. realtors during the 2012 calendar year. Note: one additional award for which Russ Nielson needs to be recognized: Director’s Platinum. Congratulations to Russ and his fellow realtors from…

Rose Country Realty Ltd. 780-672-8835 6223 - 48 Ave, Camrose

3831B-44 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 3T1 Phone (780)679-2515, Fax (780)679-2507 Toll Free: 1-877-679-2515

For the second consecutive year, a University of Alberta, Augustana hockey player has been selected as player of the year. Daniel Hope follows in the footsteps of Torrie Dyck who was player of the year last year. Hope is a fourth year Viking from Kelvington, Saskatchewan, studying business economics. Daniel played with the Melville Millionaires of the SJHL from 2007-09 as a team captain. In 2009, the Millionaires advanced to the league final. This season, while sporting a 3.9 GPA, the captain of the Vikings led his team with 18 goals and 25 assists to lead the league with 43 points. As a power play specialist, Daniel scored a league leading nine power play goals. Upon graduation, Hope is now the all-time career point leader for Vikings' hockey in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference. “I am extremely proud of Daniel and his accomplishments with Vikings' hockey over the

Daniel Hope

past four years. This is a fitting award for the consummate team leader,” said coach Blaine Gusdal. “Daniel Hope has been a positive influence on our Vikings hockey program as he epitomizes the qualities of character that we strive for in our student athletes,” said assistant dean external relations Tim Hanson.

Purple Pinkie campaign By Dan Jensen

Members of the Rotary Club of Camrose Daybreak and the Rotaract clubs at Camrose Composite High School and Our Lady of Mount Pleasant School will be asking for the help of local shoppers in a Purple Pinkie campaign at the east entrance to the Camrose Walmart store this Saturday. Those who make donations to Rotary's campaign to eliminate polio will have their pinkie marked with a washable purple dye. Purple dyes are used to mark children in developing countries world wide who have received an oral dose of the polio vaccine. In conjunction with the World Health Organization and the Gates Foundation, Rotary International is on the verge of eliminating the scourge of the disease of polio from the whole of the earth. Although it is largely unknown in industrialized nations, polio is a disease that still robs children of that right in other parts of the world. It is transmitted via contaminated water and food supplies, enters through a child's mouth, and then multiplies in the throat and intestines. In a matter of hours, the polio virus can enter the brain and spinal cord, destroying the cells that enable muscles to contract and causing paralysis. "If we do that, this terrible disease will never again harm a human being," said a news release issued by the Camrose Daybreak Club and two Rotaract clubs. "We must destroy these last bastions of the disease or risk its return."

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

Accepting New Patients April Appointments Available



Four treatments – Full body laser hair removal Includes face, bikini, underarms, upper or lower legs, feet and toes. Call 780.679.2556

Duggan Mall, Camrose, between Shoppers Drug Mart and Smith Clinic, 6601-48 Ave. Join us on - Tooth Whitening - Oral Sedation for anxious patients - Restoration of Dental Implants - Laser Dentistry - Oral Cancer Screenings - TMJ Services such as splints - Dental Extractions, including wisdom teeth - Dental Cleanings and Exams

- Infant and Child Dental Services - Emergency Dental Procedures - White Fillings - Digital Impressions - Same-day Ceramic Crowns - Crowns, Veneers, Inlays, Onlays and Bridges - Root Canal Therapy Services Provided by a General Dentist

PRIVATE TREATY BLACK ANGUS BULL SALE enetics ! G e l b a Afford d atmosphere xe in a rela Join us at our heated facility

Saturday, March 23 at 1:00 p.m.



40% OFF Regular Price Book before March 30, 2013

Toss Away Your Razor!

Your skin will look and feel its bes t with the Palomar Starlux 500 Intense Pulsed Light Laser System Safely, quickly removes unwanted hair leaving you silky smooth and razor free! Ask about new treatments available with this system. • Laser Hair Removal • Photo Rejuvenation • Scars • Acne Scarring • Sun Spots • Rosacea • Age Spots • Spider Veins • Capillaries

Central Agencies Home of the Week

Beautiful family bi-level home

5 miles west of Highway 21 on TWP 460 (Verdun Road) OR from Gwynne 2 miles south, 4 miles east, 2 miles south, 1/4 mile east on TWP 460


BATTLE T CATTLE COMPANY Dave Trautman and Family Call 780-781-1973 for details

Graham Wideman

Camrose Registry Ltd. 5613-48 Avenue, Camrose Phone (780)672-1671, Fax (780)672-1982 Alberta Registry Services • Vehicle Registration • Operator Services • Pro-Rate and Fleet Registrations • Out of Province Inspection Requests • Driver testing/Learners exams Personal Property Services • Lien Searches • Register Finance Statements • Register Writs of Enforcement • Register Garage Keepers Liens

Corporate Services • Corporate Registries – Level 3 • File Annual Returns • Register Trade Names/Partnerships • Incorporate Companies Vital Statistics • Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates • Marriage Licences Other Services Include • Land Title Searches • Raffle Licences • Traffic Fine Payments

HOURS: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We accept Cash, Cheque, and Debit for payment

Sellers and Buyers, Join us!



Join the biggest and best garage sale in Camrose at Duggan Mall (east entrance) April 11, 12 & 13 (Set-up April 9, optional opening April 10)

Affordable 1, 2 or 3-day rates. YOUR TABLE RENTAL WILL BE DIRECTED BACK INTO THE COMMUNITY. You keep ALL proceeds from the goods you sell. (merchandise cannot conflict with items sold by regular Farmers’ Market vendors) For more information contact Betty Anne, 780.672.3419

More Good News!

The Camrose

Swans & Roses Lions Club

By Murray Green

Take a look at this impressive family bi-level in a great Century Meadows location. It is totally finished up and down complete with display ledges, built-in niches and it features vaulted ceilings. You'll love the bright, open floor plan in this four-bedroom, 1,417 square foot home for your growing and active family. When you step into the spacious foyer, you are greeted by a beautiful staircase with attractive railings. Head up to the inviting living room that connects to the dining area that overlooks the backyard.

The excellently designed kitchen features plenty of cabinets, a corner sink with two bright windows, a handy cooking island, a walk-in pantry, a built-in desk and the perfect spot to display your finest china. Two good-sized bedrooms, a four-piece bedroom and a main floor laundry area complete the first level. The upper level features a spacious master bedroom with a his and hers walk-in closet and it contains an excellent en suite with a soothing oval jetted tub. A loft just outside of the master overlooks the living room and

provides a great place to catch up on your reading, or just relax. The impressive fully developed basement starts with a large family and media room to entertain guests or family. It has a cosy gas fireplace to take the chill out of winters. A separate games room with a bar area is built for fun. An oversized bedroom with its own en suite is ideal for special guests or to offer privacy to a family member. The expanded large covered deck, with a handy gas barbecue line, is a great place for summer entertaining. The fenced backyard is well landscaped, has paved alley access and has room for RV parking. The front attached double garage is insulated to provide space for your vehicles and for the handyman. View this exceptional 3304-64 Street home to fully appreciate the extras. An open house will be held on Thursday, March 21, from 1 to 3 p.m. The home is attractively priced to sell at $362,700. For a personal tour contact Graham Wideman at: Central Agencies Inc. 4870-51 Street, Camrose 780-672-4495 or 780-679-8384 cell

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


Visit our website:

4870-51 Street, Camrose • Phone 780-672-4495 • 1-800-809-8040 After Hours: Graham Wideman, 780-679-8384; Matt Banack, 780-608-9733; Matthew Mayer, 780-781-7088; Lyndsey Delwo, 780-678-6117; Darrell Rosland, 780-679-2170; Lorne Broen, 780-679-7797; Frank Hoehn, 780-608-7402; Steve Frost, 780-679-6550. After Hr. Pager: 780-608-1078.



Thur., March 21, 2-4 p.m. 6210-53 Avenue “Backs onto golf course, great views!”


IMPRESSIVE CUSTOM BUILT R2000 BUNGALOW, EXCEPTIONAL SETTING, BACKING ONTO GOLF COURSE! ... You’ll love the beautiful park views from the comfort of your home! Spacious open design, vaulted ceilings, open stairwell, beautiful cabinetry. Exceptional kitchen pkg. superb views from bright dinette, private deck. Lovely LR, superb en suite, MF laundry. Huge family/games room, superb workshop w/walkout. RV option. You’ll love the location and lifestyle! Now only asking $354,900 CA323443

Thur., March 21, 2-4 p.m. 6210-34 Avenue GREAT FULLY FINISHED FAMILY HOME ... located in quiet cul-de-sac close to Jack Stuart School. Situated on a large pie lot near a green space. A lot of upgrades done over prior years. You can just move in and forget about renovating. Don’t miss out on this one! Asking $285,000 CA0009680

Thurs., March 21, 1-3 p.m. 3304-64 Street

EXCEPTIONAL CENTURY MEADOWS BUNGALOW ... backing onto park! Impressive quality built Santos home. Exceptional presentation w/11’6” ceilings, beautiful crown mouldings, bordered ceilings, display ledges, hardwood flooring, transom windows. Awesome kitchen, huge island, W/I pantry. Park views from dinette, cozy FP in great room, superb en suite, MF laundry. Amazing bsmt., cozy in-floor heating, huge family/games room, media room. Great yard, heated garage all finished, RV parking, more! You’ll love it! Asking $499,500 CA0004886

EXQUISITE LUXURIOUS HOME ... has everything you’re looking for! Peaceful setting w/direct access to parks and trails. Custom kitchen, tile entry, elegant drapery, formal DR, 2 gas FP. MF master bdrm. w/5-pce. en suite. MF laundry. Walk out bsmt. fully fin. w/2 bdrm., den/media room. Oversized htd. garage, perfectly landscaped. Every detail is perfect! Asking $849,000 CA325529

EXCELLENT FAMILY HOME IN CENTURY MEADOWS ... close to Jack Stuart School. 3+2 bdrm. bi-level totally finished up and down. Hardwood floors, A/C. Htd. garage, RV parking. Asking $349,900 CA0006913

“Home of the Week – see page 23!” W O W ! I M PR ESSIVE BI-LEVEL, D E S I R E D C E NTU RY MEADOWS LOCATION! ... Exceptional presentation featuring a beautiful open staircase, display ledges, vaulted ceilings, loft. Exc. kitchen cabinetry, cozy gas FP, huge master, superb en suite, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt. w/family room, games room, large bdrm. w/en suite. Very nicely landscaped yard, paved alley, RV parking option, lots more! Impressive home, great location! Asking $362,700 CA0009520

OVER $300,000



SPACIOUS 1331 SQ. NFT. BI-LEVEL IN VALLEYVIEW! ... The garage of your dreams! 28’x32’, 12 ft. ceiling, RI heat, bathroom plus RV parking! Hardwood/tile floors, stainless appliances, MF laundry, cozy corner kitchen w/pantry, lots of counter space, granite sink, handy desk. Awesome master bdrm. w/dble. door WI closet for her, 2nd closet for him plus 3-pce. en suite w/ oversized tiled shower. Bsmt. open for development, ask for plans at the office. Covered deck w/ gas RI plus lower tier and fenced! CA0007461 Asking $398,500

IMPRESSIVE 5-BDRM. BUNGALOW – IN VALLEYVIEW! ... Located close to parks, walking trails. 9’ and vaulted ceilings, beautiful presentation w/arches, columns, display ledges, accent lighting, hardwood flooring, lots of bright windows, lovely LR, beautiful kitchen cabinetry, granite counter tops, BI pantry, superb dinette. Covered deck, private courtyard. Awesome ensuite, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt., huge family/media room. Superb yard, fenced, irrigation system, RV parking and more! Asking $429,900 CA0006939


N EW – GREAT VERY APPEALING – IMMACULATE LOCATION ... backing onto Mirror Lake. Direct access to lake walking path. Spacious 1560 sq. ft. beautifully upgraded. Lovely LR, FP, lge. formal DR. Patio doors to lge. private patio overlooking park. Bright family kitchen. MF laundry. 3+2 bdrm., 3 baths. Newly fin. bsmt. Access to 2-car garage. Fenced yard. Now only ask $369,500 CA327388 B E A U T I F U L B U N G A L O W CON DO, IT’S BETTER THAN NEW! ... Just recently completed w/many upgrades, you’ll love its private location and the lifestyle! Bright open plan, vaulted, 9’ ceilings, cozy 3-sided FP, beautiful flooring, exc. kitchen pkg., upgraded appl. Lovely LR w/views of countryside, spacious master, super en suite. Cozy den, MF laundry. Great property and lifestyle! Asking $322,900 CA0009926 A B S O L U T E LY A GORGEOUS CUSTOM BUILT BUNGALOW – IN VALLEYVIEW! ... Located close to parks and walking trails! 9’ and coffered ceilings, cherry hardwood flooring, lovely LR w/awesome FP, gorgeous kitchen cabinetry, granite, large island, pantry, bright dinette. Maint. free veranda, huge deck. In-floor heating, 9’ ceilings in open bsmt. Great yard, private fence, 24’x26’ garage, RV parking, lots more! Just move in! Asking $427,900 CA0009911




BEAUTIFUL HOME IN SUPERB CENTURY MEADOWS NEIGHBOURHOOD! ... This fully developed 3-bdrm., 4 bath home has many great features that must be seen to be appreciated! Great kitchen w/access to private back yard. 2-tiered deck, fully landscaped, fenced yard. MF laundry, great second bdrm., perfect master w/WI closet, en suite, patio doors to back deck. Finished bsmt. w/lots of storage, third bdrm., craft table. Wet bar w/fridge, microwave included. Fully finished htd. 24’x24’ garage, RV parking. Fantastic opportunity awaits! Asking $364,500 CA0009493 STU N N I NG 2-STOREY IN VALLEYVIEW! ... Lots of appeal! 9’ ceiling, 2 FP, arches, 4 bdrm., 4 baths, MF laundry, spacious living w/flex room on MF and bonus room upstairs. Amazing master 4-pce. en suite, tile surround, corner jet tub, WI closet, large vanity w/makeup counter. 24’x24’ garage w/sani dump, h/c taps, floor drain, r/i gas line plus RV parking. Good yard, fenced, trees, shed w/dual access, large deck w/gas line, play area. Function and style – be proud to call this your home. See it today! Asking $459,000 CA0004636

ANOTHER POPULAR MULTI-LEVEL FLOOR PLAN FROM ZETSEN ... Large windows throughout, beautiful kitchen, vaulted ceilings, great master c/w 4-pce. en suite, heated floor. Rear covered deck, double attached garage, exposed aggregate driveway. Call now for your private showing! Asking $344,900 CA322240 BEAUTIFUL BUNGALOW – V A L L E Y V I E W, by Battle River Homes! ... Front covered verandah, 9’ and coffered ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors, cozy FP, lovely maple cabinetry, granite, large island, pantry, superb MF laundry. Cozy in-floor heating. 24’x28’ garage, covered deck, alley access, options for RV parking, workshop. Finished with elegance! CA0007631 Asking $439,162


AMAZING CUSTOM BUILT WALKOUT BUNGALOW IN VALLEYVIEW! ... Premier valley and cul-de-sac location. Exceptional quality, impressive floor plan. 10’ and 14’ ceilings, open stairwell, beautiful hardwood flooring, extra large windows, transom windows, plus custom cabinetry, granite throughout. Amazing kitchen, tower cabinets, huge island. Awesome great room, dinette with views. Superb master, 3 cozy FP, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt., in-floor heating, huge family/ games area, custom bar, 3 bdrm. Beautiful yard, huge covered deck, private courtyard, A/C. Superb 25’x35’ garage. Asking $797,700 CA0004426


LOCATION – OVERLOOKING A PARK! ... Spacious 3-bdrm. townhouse w/walk-out bsmt. Wonderful kitchen, maple cabinets, large island/ eating bar, pantry, bsmt. dev. 3 baths. CA0005221 Asking $307,499

Walk-out Bungalow Townhouses – Parkside Location – by Battle River Homes 4 2 AVAILABLE! • • • •

Call now for details! Starting from $299,162

Parkside and walk-outs 1157 sq. ft. on main floor Maple hardwood and cabinetry Granite

• • • •

Main floor laundry No condo fees Superb open plan 9’ ceilings

• • • •

Walk-through pantry Huge maintenance-free deck Park views Personalize your new home

BEAUTIFUL CUSTOM BUILT BUNGALOW – AMAZING VIEWS! ... You’ll love the lifestyle with valley views, parks and walking trails close by! Quality built, 1547 sq. ft. home features bright open plan, 11’ coffered ceilings, open stairwell, beautiful hardwood and tile flooring. Exceptional kitchen, lots of cabinetry, huge island, walk-in pantry, granite counter tops. Views from great room, dinette. Superb master and en suite, MF laundry! Excellent bsmt., in-floor htg., huge family/media room. Great yard, vinyl fencing, A/C, 22’x24’ garage and lots more! It’s all done, you’ll love it! Asking $463,900 CA0001565 G R E A T FA M I LY 2 - STO R E Y – BACKING O N T O FIELD ... You’ll love the private cul-de-sac setting, secluded backyard, views of peaceful countryside. Spacious floor plan, beautiful brick FP in family room w/garden door to private deck. Lovely country kitchen/ dinette. 4 baths, MF laundry, dev. bsmt. w/games and family room. Private treed yard and lots more! Call now to view. CA0005779 Asking $305,000

EXCEPTIONAL WALK OUT BUNGALOW ON VALLEY – AWESOME VIEWS! ... Wow! 4800 sq. ft. of dev. living space. Exciting, bright open floor plan, porcelain tile, hardwood, lovely staircase. Coffered ceilings, amazing beachwood kitchen, granite. Awesome 2-sided FP, exceptional master, MF laundry, cozy in-floor htg. on all floors! Huge deck, covered patio, triple htd. garage. Lots more, you’ll love it! Asking $995,000 CA325504 EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY HOME, BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE YARD, BAC K I N G ONTO GOLF COURSE! ... You’ll be impressed by spacious floor plan, family lifestyle, beautiful views, quiet location. Open staircase, oak railings, loft overlooks LR. Exc. kitchen, bright dinette, formal DR, cozy FP in family room. Huge master, superb en suite, MF laundry. Awesome private yard, huge covered deck, RV parking and more. CA0009138 Now only $399,000 G R E AT SPAC IOUS V E R Y N E A T 2-STOR EY – QUIET N EW PRIC E! LOCATION ... 4 spacious bdrm. plus nursery, 3 full baths on upper floor. MF lge. foyer, LR, lge. formal DR, lge. bright family kitchen, garden door to lge. patio overlooking lge. landscaped yard. Attractive family room w/FP. Lower level lge. attractive rec. room w/FP. Direct access to garage. Be sure to view this impressive home! Now asking $427,500 CA0008067 E XC E P TI O NALLY PRICED 1538 SQ. FT. MULTI-LEVEL HOME ... close to parks and walking trails. Beautiful kitchen w/huge centre island, maple cabinets, tiled backsplash, corner pantry, vaulted ceilings, 3 bdrm., flex room, master w/5-pce. en suite, walk-in closet. Too much to note, call today! Asking $369,900 CA0002773 EXCEPTIONAL 1475 SQ. FT. 5-B D R M. M U LTI-LEVE L ... located in Southwest Meadows! Features include tile flooring, vaulted ceilings, 2 FP, large master w/walk-in closets, beautiful 4-pce. en suite w/jetted tub. Fully fin. bsmt. Deck, pie-shaped lot, alley access, RV parking, attached double garage plus much more! CA0004600 Asking $379,900 G R E AT 2-STOREY, 4-BDR M. HOME ... just on south side of golf course. It’s a one-owner home that’s had lots of care. Beautifully landscaped yard front and back. Fenced and well manicured. Definitely a must see home! CA327294 Now asking $369,000

RESIDENTIAL LOTS Phase III Southwest Meadows Walk-outs, Park Side, Alley Access Locations 75 Residential Lots From…$74,690 12 Townhouse Lots – Walk-out, Park Side Call now for details! MULTI-FAMILY LOT NOW AVAILABLE We offer one 2.5 acre parcel CA298482 GREAT OPPORTUNITY! ... Bare lot bordering 48th Avenue and 46th Street in Camrose. Close to schools, downtown. Zoned DC. CA0004722 Asking $150,000 FOUR INDIVIDUALLY TITLED AND SERVICED TOWNHOUSE LOTS OVERLOOKING PARK! ... It’s a great location for your next project. Call now for all the details! Asking $215,000 CA298468 IDEALLY LOCATED WEST END MULTI-FAMILY CORNER LOT! ... Phone for info. CA0007417



GREAT CORNER LOCATION TO BUILD YOUR FUTURE BUSINESS ... located on the east side of Camrose. These two titled lots are being sold together and may be the investment you were looking for! Asking $247,900 + GST CA0009044

Show Home Open House


Wed., March 20, 1-3 p.m. 5211-33A Avenue, Creekview

EXCITING NEW 1547 SQ. FT. MULTI-LEVEL LOCATED IN CREEKVIEW SUBDIVISION ... 3-bdrm. open concept home is stunning to the eye and extremely functional. Bright kitchen w/centre island, corner pantry, vaulted ceilings, gas FP, MF laundry, 5-pce. en suite plus much more! Asking $364,900 CA322233 Call us for your free market evaluation!

780-672-4495 ACREAGES 37+ ACRES 10 MIN. NW OF CAMROSE ... 2200+ sq. ft. character country home plus 1200 sq. ft. entertainment space. Solid barn, 39’x60’ quonset, 24’x24’ garage, dugout, fenced and more! Working country kitchen w/great charm, walk-in pantry, double oven, good counter space. Beautiful hardwood floors, formal dining area, wood FP, library and loft. Mature yardsite, good recreational land or for animals. Great opportunity, see it today! Asking $549,900 CA0000865

CAMROSE HOMES UNDER $300,000 EXC E PTIONAL 3-BDRM. CONDO ... w/garage, extra parking ER! space! Close to FF O N A Y parks, schools. TR Exceptional design! Bright open plan w/lots of windows, impressive vaulted ceilings. Perfect for entertaining, exc. open concept kitchen, bright dinette, spacious LR, 3 generous bdrm., 2 baths, MF laundry, private entrance. First home or an investment, it’s a great opportunity! Quality built, immediate possession! CA0002752 Asking $188,900 YOU’LL BE PROUD TO CALL THIS IMPRESSIVE CONDO HOME! ... Beautifully upgraded, open floor plan, 2 bdrm., 2 baths (walk-in shower), cozy FP in LR, handy kitchen island, laundry. Lots of storage, beautiful easy-keep flooring. Patio doors to lge. balcony w/storage unit. Lge. lounge/kitchenette for family functions in complex. A/C. Enjoy the indoor htd. garage. Incl. all appl. Exc. location to city centre, Mirror Lake walking paths. Asking $289,000 CA0008150 EXCEPTIONAL STARTER OR RETIREMENT H O M E , B E T T E R ! D CE U THAN NEW! ... RED Superbly located by park, playground and west end shopping! Beautiful bungalow featuring an exc. kitchen w/breakfast bar, walk-in pantry. Lovely LR, bright box bay window, cozy FP. Generous dinette, spacious master, MF laundry. Exc. bsmt., huge family/games room, lots of storage room. With 4 bdrm. and 2 baths, it’s a great opportunity for the younger family or the empty nester. Prof. landscaped yard, large private deck, fenced, exc. garage, paved alley access, RV option and more! It’s all done, just move in! CA0007568 Now only $289,900 CLEAN AND POLISHED HALF DUPLEX IN VALLEYVIEW ... 3 bdrm. Your family will love this attractive, functional floor plan. Open kitchen/DR, loads of cabinetry, counter space, WI pantry. Nice size LR, 2-pce. bath complete the MF. 2-bdrm., bath upstairs as well as large master bdrm. w/3-pce. bath. Corner lot, fully fenced, single detached garage. Walking distance to schools, parks, trails. Playground across the street! Fabulous neighbourhood, excellent value! Ask $243,900 CA0008354 C UTE AN D FUNCTIONAL 2-BDRM. CONDO ... in convenient G! setting. Open conN EW LI STIN cept kitchen, DR make this the perfect spot to entertain. Centre island, corner pantry, classic maple cabinets make this home shine. 2 comfortable bdrm. in bsmt. alongside full bath, laundry room. Great parking options, low condo fees make this property desirable and stress free. Ask $173,500 CA0008850 EXC E PTIONAL CONDO – WORRY FREE LIFESTYLE ... across from Jubilee ER! Park, Mirror Lake TRY AN OFF walking trails, only blocks from city centre! Open, spacious design w/ bright windows, lovely kitchen, huge walk-in pantry. Spacious, bright LR, cozy gas FP, large master, en suite, in suite laundry. Elevator, guest suite, easy access to garage and much more! Looking for quality and lifestyle? Call now! CA326380 Now only $247,900 IMPRESSIVE – SOLID SPACIOUS CHARACTER HOME ... was beautifully restored a few years ago. It needs ! D CE U RED TLC to restore it to its original grandeur. Located in a nice central neighbourhood w/other beautifully restored and maintained homes. Phone for a viewing. CA325718 Now only ask $189,900 C LO S E TO MIRROR LAKE AND JUBILEE PARK! ... Excellent location, zoned R3. Character 1-1/2 storey 3-bdrm. home w/spacious living/dining room, MF laundry, 2 baths, large sun-porch. 59’x120’ lot. Lots of potential! Asking $209,500 CA0005179 WOW! BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER HOME! ... You’ll absolutely love this wonderful home, the open floor plan, the character and the lifestyle the Historical District has to offer. Beautiful open staircase, continuous brick chimney that flows up through the heart of the home. Hardwood flooring, brick FP, spacious LR, lovely bright conservatory, superb dinette, spacious kitchen. Upper level boasts beautiful open area w/vaulted ceilings, family room/office space. Dev. bsmt. Mature treed yard, private decks, fenced, 22’x24’ garage, lots more! Impressive property, exc. value! Asking $289,900 CA0009825

A PLACE TO CALL HOME! ... This 3-bdrm. bungalow is nestled in a quiet court and has seen many eye-popping renovations over the years! Rich hardwood floors, spacious kitchen w/WI pantry, tiled floors. Large master w/en suite and WI closet space. 2 additional bdrm. complete MF. Bsmt. fin. w/loads of space for family to enjoy. Abundance of storage, mature landscaping, great neighbourhood. Don’t miss out on this one! Call today for your personal tour! Asking $287,900 CA0007140 MAI NTE NANC E FREE LIVING C LOSE TO D OWNTOWN ... and U of A Augustana C a m p u s . Apartment style condo, no stairs, 2 bdrm., 2 baths incl. 3-pce. en suite. In suite laundry, vinyl windows, covered balcony plus extra storage in bsmt. Great bldg. CA0005235 Asking $187,000 U N I Q U E DESIGN ... 3-bdrm., 2-storey w/upgrades. Large yard, new fence close to park/reserve in a quiet area. CA0006591 Only asking $224,800 AT T R AC T I V E AND INVITING ... with tons of natural light. This beautibi-level REDUCE D! ful features hardwood floors, granite countertops, 3-pce. en suite, Navien hot water on demand, partially fin. bsmt. + more! Kitchen showcases oak cabinetry, raised eating bar, corner pantry, plenty of counter/storage space. Open concept living/ dining. 22’x22’ detached garage, RV capability, fire pit. Plenty of space for a growing family. Move right in! Quick possession available! Asking $299,900 CA0005287 GREAT CURB APPEAL AND LOTS OF CHARACTER! ... This affordable 3-bdrm. home would be a great starter! Large lot w/nice landscaping, fenced, single garage. Great proximity to downtown, shopping, walking distance to school for the little ones. Lots of upgrades over the years inside and out. Come and take a look at this one! Asking $179,900 CA0009666 MANY RECENT RENO’S IN THIS AFFOR DABLE 2+2 BUNGALOW ... close to downtown and schools. REDUCE D! Dble. detached htd. garage, fenced, newer deck. Kitchen upgraded w/white cabinets, new counters. 4-pce. bath, 3-pce. bath, both upgraded. Makes a great starter, rental or retirement property w/something for everyone. Immediate possession! CA0000072 Now asking $179,900 EXCELLENT DUPLEX IN BEAUTIFUL VALLEYVIEW SU BDIVISION! ... Exceptional location and lifestyle! Close to parks, lake and valley walking trails. Features open plan, 9’ ceilings, lovely oak kitchen, spacious dinette and generous master. Great yard, private deck, fenced, garage, alley access, RV parking and more! Better than new! Asking $233,900 CA0006273

Now asking $174,900

GREAT STARTER HOME OR R E V E N U E PROPERTY ... 1.5-storey w/4 bdrm., MF laundry. 24’x24’ garage, fenced yard. Located in quiet mature area. CA0004376


A GREAT OPPORTUNITY! ... 137.46 acres of potential development land at Dried Meat Lake w/ some lake front. 60 acres of cult. land and some gas well revenue. Now ask $419,900 CA325301

GOOD QUARTER OF FARMLAND ... with newer 1954 sq. ft. bungalow w/5 bdrm., double attached garage, smaller shop, garage. Partially fenced. 132 acres cult., 25 acres pasture. Good shelterbelt. Be sure to view! Asking $729,000 CA0009218 QUARTER SECTION OF FARMLAND! ... 318.97 acres located only one mile south of new Coal Creek Golf Resort and Black Nugget Lake Campground. 290 arable acres, balance in trees and natural pasture. Good potential bldg. site, services readily available. Half mile off oiled road. Surface lease of $1950/year and 3 metal bins. Wanting to expand or build your new home? Take a look! CA0009965

BEAUTIFUL 2010 CUSTOM BUILT 1518 SQ. FT. BUNGALOW on 6.99 ACRES ... Triple pane windows, in-floor heat, gas FP, stunning kitchen w/hickory cabinets, corner pantry, great master w/walk-in closet, 4-pce. en suite, teardrop shaped driveway, 26’x26’ garage, 100’ of wrap around covered decking and exc. views of AB prairies. Call today for your personal showing! CA0001983 Now asking $535,000 16.48 ACRES ... 5 km east of Holden just off Hwy.14. Peaceful setting, great spot to build. Water line, gas line run through property. Now asking $120,000 CA293010



! EXCE THE PERFECT PRIVATE TREEDWOW ACREAGE, GETAWAY! ... Very secluded setting w/6.8 acres that offers a restful country lifestyle. Features 1160 sq. ft. 3-bdrm. mobile w/vaulted ceilings, lovely country kitchen, lots of cabinetry. Superb carousel dinette, spacious master, superb en suite. New shingles, siding. Small hobby shop, pole shed, storage sheds. Private getaway w/lots of potential. Call now to view! CA320948 Reduced to $199,900 WOW! IT’S THE PERFECT PLACE TO BUILD YOUR DREAM HIDEAWAY! ... Quiet Hills Estates is located near Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, Bird Sanctuary and Golf Course. Come and discover a restful country lifestyle in a peaceful and natural setting, you’ll love it! 6 unique Cul-de-sac lots that are treed, private and excellent walkout opportunities. Located just off Hwy 623, it’s an easy commute to Nisku or Camrose. Hurry, it’s the lifestyle you always dreamed of! CA0003323 Priced from $84,000 to $154,000 CHARACTER ACREAGE CLOSE TO CAMROSE ... 2-storey house, oak cupboards, 4 bdrm., studio ! D CE U ED R room, 3 garages. Great view – a must see! CA0003343 Now asking $339,000 BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME ... on this fully treed piece of bare land consisting of 3.76 acres. Only a couple of minutes east of Camrose! CA0004734 Asking $150,000 BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME ... on this 5.02 acre piece of land just 1.25 mi. off Hwy 834, 3 mi. to Round Hill and approx. 14 mi. to Camrose. STED! of no value. Structures on property areLI considered JU ST Power and old well. Property being sold as is, where is with no warranties or representations. Asking $85,000 CA0008783

OUT OF TOWN COZY BUNGALOW WITH 2 LOTS – KINGMAN ... You’ll love the private treed yard, peacefulness and relaxing lifestyle of the Kingman community! Cozy 2+1 bdrm. bungalow, spacious country kitchen, bright, spacious LR, 1-1/2 baths, partially dev. bsmt. Upgraded siding, windows, shingles, furnace and more! Great yard, good 14’x22’ garage, Edmonton water supply. Easy commute, you’ll want to see this one! CA0009756 Asking $159,900 PEACEFUL COUNTRY LIVING … on 5 lots in Kelsey. ! D CE U Manageable RED acreage living on .86 of an acre. 2004 modular on ICF block bsmt. with 9’ ceiling and infloor heat. 1518 sq. ft., 4 bdrm. up, a/c, hardwood/cork flooring, stainless appliances, granite counters, MF laundry and wrap-around deck with hot tub – wow! Well produces over 10 GPM! 24’x40’ Shop with 220 and 10’ door. Awesome opportunity for no hassle acreage living – see it today. Now asking $334,900 CA0007252 L O C AT E D ON LARGE LOT IN ROU N D HILL ... excellent 1571 sq. ft. fully finished a/c home features in-floor heat, triple pane windows, solid doors, gas FP, MF laundry, additional level wall insulation, awesome kitchen c/w corner pantry, centre island, lots of oak cabinets. Oversized 22.5’x28’ fully finished heated garage w/floor drain, 8’ high door. Too much to note, call today for your personal tour! Asking $314,900 CA0007641 DAYSLAND – A REAL GEM! ... You’ll say “wow” when you see this beauty! If you demand perfection be sure to view. Beautiful oak floors. Oak is featured throughout. Vaulted ceiling. Bright impressive LR, lovely gas FP. Superb kitchen with large everyday dining area. Garden door to lge. covered patio. MF laundry. Beautiful fully fin. lower level. Oversized htd. garage. Beautiful landscaped yard. CA0001605 Asking $289,900

SANDY BEACH ON RED DEER LAKE ... Excellent recreational property has 4-bdrm., 2 baths, large kitchen area, family room w/gas FP. Nicely treed yard, landscaped lot. Large 25’x50’ garage w/ double doors in front, single in the rear. Be sure to have a look! Really good value here! CA0009512

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


Dale Bowal Bud James Trudi Dunham Rick Nygaard Deanna Lunde

Francine Christine and William George Elgin Marriage to take place June 22, 2013 Ken and Sheralyn Dobos are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS YARD TO BELIEVE IT!... super sized, pie shaped lot on a cul de sac. Garden area and gazebo. Efficient floor plan. 4-bdrm, 3-bath bungalow with new paint and bathroom upgrades, walk-in pantry and fireplace in the great room. Fully developed basement. Property must be viewed to be appreciated. For more details call Dale. Asking $429,000. (R1389)


David and Kathy Luz along with Terry and Coleen Arnott are very pleased to congratulate and announce the marriage of their children e-mail:

OLDER, CUTE AND COZY...900 sq. ft. bungalow, excellent location, close to Mirror Lake, downtown and paved walking trails. This would be a great starter home/revenue property. All this sitting on an exceptionally large 50 x 200 lot, c/w attached greenhouse and detached carport. Well worth a look. $193,000 Call Rick for details! (R1404)


GREAT CHARACTER HOME... on 3 lots in the Village of Bawlf. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, large heated garage, all appliances. Priced at $189,900. Call Trudi for details. (RO981)

JUST LISTED IN BAWLF... 2-bdrm bilevel, finished basement, garage, large lot, appliances included. Great starter home. Asking $179,000. Call Dale for details. (RO980)

TILLICUM BEACH... Newer 1600 sq. ft. hillside walkout, beautiful views, 9’ ceilings, 3 bdrms, 2 baths, many extras. Asking $300,000. Call Dale. (RO970)

SOLD LOOKING FOR AN ADULT LIVING COMMUNITY WITHOUT CONDO FEES?... This half duplex has it all with 3 bdrms, 3 baths, attached garage and a great view from the deck and dining area. Priced at $279,000. Call Trudi for details. (R1413)

CHECK THIS OUT...Ideal starter or investment home. 1-bdrm on main, 2 on lower level, zoned R2A, appliances included. Asking $99,500. Call Dale for details. (R1416)

Grand Park Plaza 6022-48 Avenue, Camrose

GREAT YEAR ROUND HOUSE ON LITTLE BEAVER LAKE... 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, triple garage, has own well, view of the lake and much more. Priced at $189,000.00. Call Trudi for details. (RO928)

Kalynn to Michael Lee son of Tim and Karrie Lee of Strathcona County. Wedding to take place September 28, 2013.




VERY ATTRACTIVE...1154 sq. ft. 3-bdrm bungalow with 1-bdrm revenue suite in basement and double detached garage. Nicely finished up and down and close to schools, park areas and west end shopping. This shows well and you can call Rick for more details. Priced at $264,900. (R1420)

Rene and Carol Chartrand along with Scott and Lynne Davey are pleased to announce the engagement of their children

- 780-679-4678 - 780-385-3100 (Killam/Sedgewick) - 780-608-6635 - 780-608-0675 - 780-385-1900 (Killam/Sedgewick)


EDBERG... Lots of room in this 4-bdrm, 2-bath, 2-kitchen, 1430 sq. ft. home in the quiet village of Edberg. Large fenced 66x125 lot. A must see! Great Value! Asking: $89,500. Call Dale for details. (RO940) JUST LISTED IN BAWLF...SUPER VALUE... Older mobile in excellent condition. Lots of upgrades and renovations, all appliances and furnishings included, situated on own lot. Asking $48,500. Quick possession. Payments for less than rent. Great opportunity for single individual wanting to start out on first time purchase. Call Dale for details. (RO974)

REDUCED KINGMAN – JUST LISTED... Newer modular, over 1500 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Deck, garage. Must be seen! Asking: $200,000 Call Dale Bowal for details. (RO954)

OFFERS VALLEYVIEW... Over 1700 sq ft, 3 bedroom bi-level, formal dining room, double garage, fireplace, must be seen to be appreciated. Asking $349,500. Call Dale for details. (R1388)

JUST LISTED...STARTER OR INVESTMENT HOME... Two bedrooms up, one down, new windows and extra large fenced yard. Call Dale for details. Asking $174,500 (R1421)

WELL MAINTAINED... 3-bdrm, 3-bath home in quiet area of the village of Hay Lakes. Home is finished up and down with double attached garage and fenced yard with RV parking. Has had some recent upgrades and shows well. Asking $270,000. Call Rick for details. (RO985)


AFFORDABLE STARTER OR RETIREMENT HOME... in Village of Edberg. Large yard, double garage, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Priced at $174,900. Call Trudi for details. (RO984)


GREAT STARTER OR RETIREMENT One owner, new appliances, close end shopping and playground. $258,000. Call Trudi for details.

Carly and Wade on February 19, 2013 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

HOME... to west Asking (R1418)

FERINTOSH...2 lots, 2-bdrms, upgraded flooring, fixtures, bath, furnace, etc. Must be viewed to be appreciated. Asking $165,000. Call Dale for details. (RO978)

EDBERG...JUST LISTED...IMMEDIATE POSSESSION... New 2-bdrm mobile, deck, garage. Great opportunity. Asking $105,900. Call Dale for particulars. (RO976)

ACREAGES BAWLF...PROPERTY ONLY...Presently operating as local coffee shop. Many possibilities. Business and equipment also available. Asking $44,500. Call Dale for details. (C287) WINTER IS HERE... so it’s time to protect your investment by keeping it out of the snow and cold. 1/5th share in large hanger at Camrose Airport. There is lots of room here to do maintenance etc. Owner wants it sold!! Asking $43,000. Call Rick for details. (C267) EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION! GREAT OPPORTUNITY... Industrial property at Ervick Junction. 0.995 acre industrial property. Water to property but some limitations apply. Asking price $109,450. Call Rick for details. (C136)


EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION! GREAT OPPORTUNITY... Industrial property at Ervick Junction. 4.47 acre industrial property. Water to property, some limitations apply. Asking price is $109,450. Call Rick for details. (C137) GREAT RETAIL BUILDING... and land on main street in the town of Daysland just thirty minutes east of Camrose. Could be good potential and has good exposure and traffic. Call Rick for details. Price: $57,900. (C285)

Win Free Hearing Aids


REDUCED COUNTRY CHARACTER... Beautiful 3360 sq.ft. six-bedroom, six-bathroom home in private setting just 3 km. east of Camrose. You will love the parklike setting as you enter property. Home has dbl. att. garage with entry to basement of home plus large detached garage/shop with built-in cooler. Lots of trees and shrubs plus large fenced in pet area and walking trails. This is a must view so call Rick for extra details. Price $519,900. (A416)

Check for listings!

NEW NORWAY... You will love the park like setting of this acreage. The 3-bedroom home has had main floor upgrades including a beautiful kitchen makeover, plus some windows and flooring upgrades. Nicely landscaped yard with fruit trees and lots of shrubs. Large dugout on south side of property supplies lots of water for plants and trees. Call Rick. Asking $279,900. (A393) 12 ACRES...Nine miles NW of Camrose, bare land, no services. Asking $62,500. Call Dale for details. (A428)

What’s your property worth today? Ask for your free market evaluation


Sheila Abma, I.D.T.

Anyone getting a hearing test in our clinic during March or April will be entered to win a pair of free hearing aids.

Born and raised near Leduc, AB, Sheila attended NAIT, graduating in spring of 2012 with a diploma in Interior Design Technology. Previous to her employment at Interiors on Main, she held the position of Kitchen Designer Assistant with an Edmonton firm. Sheila’s rural roots and appreciation for smaller communities brought her to Interiors on Main in November of last year. She is excited to provide you with innovative ideas for color schemes, furniture selection and placement, custom cabinet designs, window coverings and accessories. We are delighted to have Sheila as part of our team!

CALL 780-374-3748 for your appointment. Lisa Layden, Registered Hearing Practitioner 5124-50 Street, Daysland

VERY PRIVATE ACREAGE... 995 sq. ft. 2-bdrm, 1-bath home on 18.3 acres. Large newer heated shop with steel beam construction. Located 20 min. southeast of Camrose. Call Rick for details. Priced at $297,500. (A423) 4965-50 St., Camrose 780-672-3622 Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Sat., 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

EXCEPTIONAL ACREAGE - EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION... Deluxe location, 3 miles from Camrose. Beautifully treed 10.58 acres, only 1/2 mile off the pavement. 1120 sq. ft. bungalow with main floor laundry and oversized double detached garage. Price: $399,000. Call Trudi Dunham for a viewing. (A421)

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

Have you been turned down at the bank for a mortgage?

I can help you become a homeowner! Brand new townhouse condo in Camrose available featuring:


25% OFF MARCH 1 - 31, 2013

• • • • • • • • •

Two large bedrooms Wonderful maple cabinetry Hardi-plank siding that will last and last The warmth of an ICF basement Paved alley – less dust, cleaner vehicles High efficiency furnace The convenience of 1-1/2 baths Wonderful 9-foot ceilings The efficiency of low E windows

• • • •

Beautiful hardwood and tile flooring Exceptionally quiet Peace-of-mind security system Superb location – close to medical services, entertainment options, restaurants and City Centre shopping • 1,353 sq.ft. with full, tastefully finished basement • Worry-free five-year new home warranty • Endless on-demand hot water

$7,950.00 down payment, seller will finance for two-and-a-half years at 3.5% fixed rate! Payment including principal, interest, property taxes and insurance is only $1,525.00 a month.

4965 Main Street, Camrose 780-672-3622

Drive by 5015-52 Street and take a look, then call Ron at (403) 561-1626 or email to arrange a viewing.




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Bantam Cubs advance to province finals By Murray Green

The Camrose Cubs bantam hockey team captured the North Central Minor Hockey Association title by blanking the Lacoka squad 6-0, March 9. Jillian MacWilliam led the offence with three goals and an assist. Tanis Herzog scored twice and Maiya Bentley chalked up a goal and an assist in support. Goalie Candice Chartrand made all 15 saves she faced. Lacoka won the second game 4-3, but it didn't matter in the two-game total points series. MacWilliam scored twice and Mackenzie Pilger added a single marker for the Cubs. Goalie Ocean Selby made 30 of 34 saves The Cubs crushed the Castor Cyclones 8-4 and 6-0 to advance to the league finals. Jillian MacWilliam garnered five goals to pace the Cubs' attack in the first game of the semifinals. Brooke Broughton, Maiya Bentley and Mackenzie Pilger added single markers. Maiya also earned three assists. Goalie Ocean Shelby stopped 13 of 17 shots in the high scoring contest. Candice Chartrand and Ocean responded with a shutout in the second match as Camrose won 6-0. They stopped all 26 shots fired in their direction. Chelsea Barkman and Jillian led the offence with two goals each. Single markers came from Maiya and Mackenzie. Camrose is playing the Lacoka team in the final. The combined Lacombe and Ponoka team finished second in the regular season, 12 points back of the unbeaten Cubs. The Cubs already qualified for the provincial hockey tournament in Cold Lake on March 14 to 17. Camrose Ice Cats peewee girls' hockey team is preparing to host the provincials in Camrose on March 21 to 24. The Investors Group Hockey Alberta Peewee B Female Provincials Championship series will be hosted in Camrose on March 21 to 24 at the Edgeworth Centre. Opening ceremonies will be at 7 p.m. on March 21. The Camrose female peewee Scotia Bank Ice Cats will play in Pool A with St. Albert, Lloydminster, Red Deer and Edmonton. Pool B will consist of the Beaverlodge female peewee Lighting, Strathmore, Calgary, Lethbridge and Irma. For the latest news, stats and results, visit The Camrose/Viking Grizzlies midget girls will also be hosting provincials on March 21 to 24. The midget games will be played in Viking.

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Ukrainian dancers closer to fundraising goal By Dan Jensen

The Camrose Veselka Ukrainian Dancers' travel group is counting on a bottle drive and a bake sale at the end of this month to reach its goal of raising enough money to send 14 dancers to Ukraine July 6 to 25. "We started two and a half years ago with the goal of raising $60,000 and as of this week we are still about $4,500 short," said Veselka Ukrainian Dancers travel group chair Kim Matiushyk. "It's not a huge amount but we are starting to exhaust our resources and we need to have all the finances in place by the end of this month." The dancers will be accompanied on the trip by their parents and grandparents, who will be paying their own expenses, as well as one instructor, who is paying half of her cost. "They are getting more excited every day," said Matiushyk. "They're starting to talk about the different things we have lined up for them over the 20 days they are going to be in Ukraine." Along with learning Ukrainian dance in a series of one-day workshops, the dancers will be able to experience the life and culture of a country that is far different than their own. They'll see the country, where some farmers still cut their grain using scythes and draw water from a well using a bucket and pulley system, visit metropolitan areas in four of Ukraine's regions, and take gifts to an orphanage. They'll also come close to Chernobyl, where they will be able to hear stories about the nuclear disaster that occurred on April 26, 1986. "We have asked the tour guide to expose the kids to many different aspects of the country so that they can expand their horizons and fully appreciate the fact that not everyone in the world is

The Camrose Women of the Moose have donated $600 to the Camrose Veselka Ukrainian Dancers. Posing for a picture as Kim Matiushyk (back centre), chair of the Camrose Ukrainian Dancers travel group, accepted the cheque from Women of the Moose member Fay McDonald were: (left to right, front) Sage Geier, Sydney Matiushyk, Mallia Pattulo, Chloe MacIndoe, Jenna Wowchuk, (left to right, back) Lauren Matiushyk, Savannah Geier, Kassandra Stanton, Kaylyn Walgar, Daniel Matiushyk, Stefanie Olson and Sarah Labreau. Missing from the photo are Travis Dolter, Brooklyn Pattulo and Delainee Geddes.

as fortunate we are here" said Matiushyk. "It should be an eyeopening experience, because most of them have never been out of Canada, or if they have, only been to resorts." Matiushyk said it is important to make the dancers who are making the trip understand that they are part of a global community where actions in different parts of the world have far reaching impacts. "Really the difference between us and those who live in Ukraine now is that most of our families were able to immigrate to Canada. It was just the luck of the draw that our parents and grandparents were able to come here.

We could just as easily be raising our children in that society." The travel group expects the new dances that are learned and the knowledge about Ukraine that is gained will benefit not only those who belong to the Veselka Ukrainian Dancers, but the broader Camrose community. Matiushyk feels the presentations on Ukraine she does in local schools on a regular basis will be greatly enhanced as a result of the personal photos and first hand knowledge she will be able to accumulate. Matiushyk has talked to parents of the younger children who will not be going and told them she will help organize another

Ukraine tour in five years for those children who are still too young at this time to cope with the long days of workshops and travelling bus. She said the tour operator has custom designed the trip to accommodate everything the dancers want to do, even to the point of making arrangements for one family to visit one village to which it has deep ties. Camrose Veselka Ukrainian Dancers has between 30 and 40 children and six adults who practice at the Chuck MacLean Arts Centre every Wednesday afternoon and evening. Instructors teach dance from different parts of Ukraine, each of which has

a different style or flavour. The dancers perform regularly at the Camrose and District Music Festival, as well as at special events like Jaywalkers' Jamboree, the Festival of Trees and Malanka. Members of the Camrose Veselka Ukrainian Dancers have been able to raise funds by making and selling perogies, cleaning the ditch alongside a stretch of highway east of Hay Lakes, conducting barbecues and raffles and assisting the Moose Lodge with special suppers. Anyone who would like to make a donation for the upcoming Ukraine tour is asked to contact Matiushyk at 780-608-8261.

City reflects on past year at Chamber meeting By Murray Green

City of Camrose councillor Daryl Shillington presented a snapshot of the municipal accomplishments to the Camrose Chamber of Commerce at the Norsemen Inn on March 6. Councillor Shillington touched on several topics such as operating budgets, total capital projects, Cargill canola crushing plant, Camrose Performing Arts Centre, city hall, Camrose economic development plan, building permits, physician recruitment, core services review and the community transportation advisory committee. "City council approved the operating budget in early December. It will provide excellent service for the city, while being sufficient with taxes as much as possible. From this charge the operating expenditures are $45.4 million," explained councillor Shillington. "Overall, there was an increase in property tax of 3.63 per cent. The council is committed to maintaining current services with the least impact on taxes and a result of an increase in 2.53 per cent for that purpose." The chamber members were shown a chart of the capital projects for the next five

Daryl Shillington

years. "We need to maintain and replace the infrastructure. The capital plan is reviewed annually to ensure projects are rightsized and approximately timed. Only the 2013 capital budget is approved. In future years, it will change with changing needs or priorities and funding resources. It relies on grant funding from the province and federal governments," said councillor Shillington. Projects this year include the performing arts centre, city hall, recreation projects such as

trail upgrades, various infrastructure projects, which include roadways, utilities and other items. "In September, Cargill announced they will be building a canola crushing plant in the county. It will provide a positive impact for both the city and the region. Cargill has stated that Camrose is a great community to do business in," he added. Camrose is a prime canola producing area with dual train access. The facility will be capable of processing 850,000 metric tonnes of canola per year. Approximately 50 full time jobs will be created. "In June 2012, we had the ground-breaking for the performing arts centre. It will be completed in the spring of 2014 and our goal is to raise $5 million and so far the campaign has been doing well," Shillington reported. "With renovations no longer viable, a decision was made to build a new city hall. For the past two years potential sites have been reviewed. City halls are generally located in the downtown core, so we made the decision to build at the present location," informed councillor Shillington.

Staff will be relocated to the Mirror Lake Centre. The building will accommodate a potential increase of staff for the next 30 years or double the size. "We developed a strategic economic development plan, which was one of our top priorities. We received input from the community and stakeholders. The top priorities in the plan include investment in business attraction, retention and expansion. We are developing a branding program and new image strategy to attract a variety of people for investment opportunities. We are working on new communications and marketing," said councillor Shillington. "We are starting to see the number of development permits go up and in 2012 they were just over $43.7 million, which was a significant increase over 2011 (just over $30 million)," he added. Councillor Shillington reported that the number of lots that are available has been reduced and that the city will be looking at making more available in the future. The number of doctors has increased. "The physician recruitment committee was established to recruit and retain

doctors in the area. We still need more family doctors and specialists. This committee is trying to attract more physicians to come to Camrose," said the presenter. A core review was conducted to examine the roles of the city and its employees. "An inventory was conducted to see what services we provided and how many staff were involved in providing those services. We are looking at implementing some of those recommendations in 2013." The transportation advisory committee first looked at potential routes and services that were needed. "It was determined that the quality of life would be improved with a transit system. The committee recommended a two-year pilot project within the 2013-16 time frame," continued Shillington. The city is following the vision of developing a dynamic regional community focused on providing an exceptional quality of life. "Council and staff are committed to maintaining a high quality of life."

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Tarpon named one of the best managed companies By Murray Green

One of the best managed companies in Canada has an office in Camrose. A strong emphasis on people, sustained growth and solid leadership are just a few reasons why Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. has earned platinum club status in Canada’s Best Managed Companies program. Membership in this club is reserved for companies who have maintained a standard of excellence for more than six consecutive years. Tarpon was first recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies in 2006 and is proud to become a platinum club member for the first time. “We deal with Tarpon across western Canada and into the United States. For us, this is a prestigious award. We are extremely honoured to receive this recognition after seven consecutive years of maintaining our best managed designation. Tarpon is only 10 years old, so it is a young company. It has been built with a solid foundation and solid people,” said northern combustion manager Derek Herder, at the Tarpon Energy Services office in Camrose. “It is a best managed company, but also it takes dedicated employees to go along with that. It is an honour to be able to post that and put it on our trucks. Martin Klevgaard is the local instrument technician, so he is one working with most of the local people. This award is a reflection of the passion, skill and dedication of the Tarpon team.” Tarpon specializes in providing high efficiency burner management systems and producing combustion optimization in electronics and controls. "It is nice to be recognized for all of the hard work that you do. It takes a team effort by everyone to receive an award like this," added Martin. "Anytime someone calls us for maintenance work, we go out and help people. We build a system and then maintain the instrumentation." The employees at the east end Camrose office are mostly local people who grew up in the area. "I'm proud to work for Tarpon and it is certainly the best company I have worked for," said Derek. Canada's Best Managed Companies continues to be the mark of excellence for Canadianowned and managed companies with revenues over $10 million. Every year since the launch of the program in 1993, hundreds of entrepreneurial companies have competed for this designation in a rigorous and independent process that evaluates their management skills and practices. This wellknown national award is sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC, National Post, Queen’s School of Business and MacKay CEO forums. The winners of the Canada’s Best Managed Companies award, along with the Gold Standard winners, Requalified and Platinum Club members will be honoured at the annual Best


Kristen Hunter moving to Camrose historical district Kristen Hunter, a professionally trained and experienced event planner, may have underestimated the popularity of what she brings to this community when she opened her City Center Camrose business just one year ago. Kristen, who was born and raised in the Camrose area, followed her dreams and headed off to North America’s biggest and best known cities in her quest for education and experience in the field of wedding, special occasion and corporate event planning.  For the past 12 months, Kristen Hunter Events & Decor has been based on Main Street Camrose. From the moment you walk into the showroom, you get a feel for the talent this creative visionary brings to every function. The displays are breathtaking. Colors – inspirational.    The warmth of the displays – remarkable. But it’s the sheer uniqueness of everything on display that will make you realize you simply must turn to Kristen for the assistance you need in celebrating an event that is intended to be memorable and silky-smooth, leaving guests with a wonderful and lasting impression.  With a powerful, positive reputation that has grown fast and furious in the last 12 months, and a booking calendar that grows weekly (including bookings up to two years in advance), along with a rapidly growing inventory of décor rental items such as specialty lighting, arches, pillars, chair sashes, centerpieces and much more, Kristen has already outgrown her present location. 

Kristen Hunter has purchased the home commonly known as The Ruffington! The Ruffington is conveniently located at the corner of 48 Street and 48 Avenue. It is the striking yellow home with blue trim in the historic district of City Center Camrose. The home, soon to be a dramatic showpiece for Kristen and her team, oozes timeless character and class. In addition to being home to her event planning service and rentals for all parties and special occasions, the

spacious property and d mini warehouse will also become headquarters dquarters for up to four additional small businesses. As Kristen notes: “I’m m looking to rent space to businesses sses which can complement mine or have a tie-in to the service which we offer.” They will, of course, also have to conform to the rules of operating a business ess in the historical district of Camrose. Kristen will start moving ng her inventory to her wonderful new location on on Wednesday, March h 20.  She will be available for consultations, however er the showroom will be closed from March 25 to 30. With fingers crossed, this woman of vision and talent hopes to be open and operational on April 1.  Drop in – you will be impressed!

4803-48 Street, Camrose Phone 780-678-2111 Managed gala in Toronto on April 16. On the same date, the Best Managed symposium will address leading-edge business issues that are key to the success of today’s business leaders. For more information on Canada’s Best Managed Companies, visit and www.financialpost. com/bestmanaged. Tarpon Energy Services is a privately held company headquartered in Calgary. Founded in 2003 by a group of industry veterans, Tarpon has expanded its operations throughout western Canada, the United States, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Tarpon is a leading supplier of electrical and instrumentation services, control systems and steel building solutions and has achieved Platinum Club status in Canada’s Best Managed Companies program. For more information, visit

Murray Green, Camrose Booster Derek Herder, left, and Martin Klevgaard test equipment at the Tarpon Energy Services in Camrose.

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Re/Max Home of the Week


Attractive family home close to schools, amenities By Murray Green Enjoy this great location close to all of the amenities such as shopping, schools, walking track and sports fields. This nicely renovated home is finished up and down and offers 1,154 square feet of comfortable living space. The three-bedroom bungalow also features a revenue single bedroom suite, an easily access double garage and a big yard for summer barbecues. Step into the large living room with an appealing colour design and comfortable setting. It leads to the dinette area and the fabulous kitchen which is bright finished with plenty of modern oak cabinets and lots of working counter space. It contains extra space for your finest dinner ware. The large master bedroom offers a good amount of closet room. Two other bedrooms and a main bathroom complete the main level. New flooring, an upgraded bathroom vanity on the main floor, paint and minor renovations have turned this home into a great place for first time buyers or a young family.

The full basement has a laundry or utility room. There is also a room for a small business or recreational area. A revenue suite includes a separate entrance, a large living room with a bar area, a handy kitchen, a three-piece bathroom and a bedroom. This is ideal for a relative, or to generate extra income. A detached double garage will appeal to the handyman. The large lot is a great place to relax or entertain during the warm months. Included with the purchase price are seven appliances, three ceiling fans, central air conditioning, window coverings and two garage door openers with controls. This upgraded charmer is ready to move into at 6501-45A Avenue and has to be viewed to be appreciated. It is attractively priced at $264,900. For a personal tour, contact realtor Rick Nygaard at: Re/Max Real Estate 6022-48 Avenue, Camrose 780-672-7474 or 780-608-0675 cell

Rick Nygaard

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Stress Free Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping • Farm Taxation • Personal & Corporate taxes • Bookkeeping • Financial Statements • Consulting Gordon Naslund 4707B-51 Avenue Camrose

Taking care of business.


Many happy returns. 3831B-44 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 3T1 Phone 780-679-2515 Fax 780-679-2507 Toll Free 1-877-679-2515 Corporate, Agricultural and Personal Accounting Services Call 780.672.1412 or email 4902-49 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 0M8 Professional Corporation

Tax free account defers your income H&R Block

A 2011 survey by ING Direct showed that more than half of Canadians have not opened a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA). Introduced in 2009, the TFSA is a tax shelter that allows taxpayers to deposit up to $5,000 per calendar year and not need to report the income or dividends earned by the account. For Canadians looking to save more, there are tax implications to consider before making a financial plan for your money. The Canada Tax Act says all investment income is considered taxable. This includes interest earned on savings in bank accounts or in savings bonds. So if you had any savings, you usually received a T5 slip around tax time and the income was included on your tax return. Now Canadians who are 18 years of age or older can open a TFSA. The TFSA is different than Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs). Any contributions to your RRSP are tax deductible. If you made a $5,000 RRSP contribution and your annual income is $40,000, you could expect a federal tax savings of $750. This is not the case for a TFSA. Initially, the tax savings on a TFSA may not add up to huge amounts. If you deposited $5,000 in the account on Jan. 1, 2012, earning 1.5 per cent interest, you would have sheltered about $75 of interest in the first year. Whether or not you would like to contribute to a TFSA depends on your situation. It is not meant to be an everyday savings account and there are penalties if you over-contribute

to your account. But a TFSA provides more flexibility if you need to withdraw money. There is no penalty for withdrawing funds at any time and you still save up to $5,000 for the year. For example, if you had $5,000 in the account in January and then withdrew $2,000 in June, you could still re-deposit $2,000 the following year with no penalty. A withdrawal from an RRSP has tax implications and usually takes longer to withdraw funds. On the tax side, there are several things to consider. Are you expecting your income to increase or decrease in the next year? Are you going to be able to contribute the maximum amount to your RRSP? Are you planning to buy your first home and take advantage of the Home Buyers Plan? Do you need easy access to your money in case of emergencies? These are all questions to consider when deciding to open a TFSA. But if you have $5,000 or less in a savings account, it is a good idea to transfer it to a similar TFSA. This means the money you do earn in interest is tax free and you will not need to claim the income on your tax return. This article provides only an overview of the regulations in force at the date of publication, and no action should be taken without consulting the detailed legislation or seeking professional advice. Therefore no responsibility for loss occasioned by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the material contained in this bulletin can be accepted by H&R Block Canada, Inc.

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See this section for your automotive needs as well as classified automotive e ads and community news.

GMC Acadia Winning combination of space and fuel efficiency

By Dan Jensen

The new GMC Acadia at McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC features a new exterior and safety features, including the industry's first front centre air bag. Acadia, which launched in 2007 as GMC's first crossover and defined a segment that has since surged in popularity, had the best sales in its five year history in 2011. "With an award-winning combination of space, capability and fuel-efficiency, Acadia epitomizes GMC's never say never attitude," says McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC dealer principal Will McClellan. Interior functionality

Acadia retains the interior functionality popular with families, including the SmartSlide seating system, which allows easy access to the third row for both seven- and eight-passenger seating configurations. Likewise, both the second and third row still fold flat for class-leading maximum cargo space, including the ability to carry 48-inch wide sheet goods, such as drywall and plywood. Confident design

First impressions are everything, and the 2013 Acadia was developed to make a strong one. A chiseled, three-bar grille sits prominently in the new, more upright design. Diffused LED running lamps lend a premium look to the Acadia and are standard on all models, regardless of whether standard projector beam or

Every Acadia also comes standard with six months of OnStar's Directions and Connections service, which includes automatic crash response, turnby-turn navigation, roadside assistance, emergency services link and remote door unlocking. OnStar's RemoteLink smartphone app allows for remove vehicle status reports, extended locking and unlocking capability, and remote start functionality to distance limited only by cellular phone service, rather than the few hundred feet of the standard key fob. Technology leader

optional HID headlamps are selected. New taillamp detailing reflects the advancements up front. The new Acadia gets other subtle exterior design updates, including wrap-around rear glass and a new rear spoiler. New 18and 19-inch wheel patterns complement the vehicle's lines and stance. Refined interior

The Acadia's refined interior uses upgraded soft-touch materials, with French stitching that adds a tailor look and red ambient light flowing across the dashboard. SLT models get aluminum accents on the centre console, doors and dash. Industry-exclusive safety

The redesigned Acadia is the first vehicle on the market with GMC's new front centre air bag system, created to protect drivers

and front passengers in far-side impact crashes where the affected occupant is on the opposite, non-struck side of the vehicle. It deploys from the inboard side of the driver's seat and positions itself between the driver and front passenger. "While no restraint technology can address all body regions or all potential injuries, the front centre airbag is designed to work with the vehicle's other air bags and safety belts to collectively deliver an even more comprehensive occupant restraint system," said McClellan. Available safety technology includes Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert systems. These systems use radar to watch spots the driver may not be able to see – and provide visible and audible warnings to help prevent collisions.

The 2013 Acadia's redesigned infotainment functions feature capacitive touch controls that use electrodes to sense the conducive properties of objects such as the tough of a finger. GMC's Colour Touch Radio – first introduced on the 2012 Terrain – is standard in the Acadia. Available IntelliLink allows customers to seamlessly integrate their smart phones for hands-free calling through the audio system and Bluetooth streaming of popular internet radio favourites Pandora and Stitcher. IntelliLink also allows voice control of USBconnected iPods for easy access to stored music. Other audio system features include HD radio capability, a photo viewer and a standard rear-vision camera with dynamic grid lines that will display on the high-definition screen. New transmission

The 2013 Acadia benefits

Graeme Davidson McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC from a next-generation Hydra-Matic 6T70 six-speed automatic transmission with better shift response and improved driveability. All 2013 GMC Acadia models are powered by a fuel-efficient, 3.6 litre direct injection V6 with variable valve timing, producing 288 horsepower (215 kW) and 270 lb.-ft. (260 Nm) of torque. Front-wheel drive is standard, while the added control of all-wheel drive is available. Maximum towing capacity is 2,268 kg. Acadia's most popular options, including rear-seat entertainment, a Dual SkyScrape sunroof and a trailering package, continue to be available. See the 2013 GMC Acadia at McClellan Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC at 3850-48 Avenue, Camrose. Phone 780-672-2355 and ask for one of the friendly sales professionals.

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FOUR LT275/65 R18 Goodyear Wrangler tires, 40-50% tread. Call Lee, 780-352-2949.

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1. 2.

Drive right in to our Quick Oil & Lube bay

Relax in your car or in our comfortable client lounge while our qualified and skilled technicians change your engine oil, lube chassis components and conduct a thorough inspection of components underneath your vehicle and beneath the hood.

of professionally, giving you maximum peace of mind.

VEHICLE SALES & SERVICE 3760-48 Ave., CAMROSE 780.672.4400

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No Hassle Service!

Customer Service is our Priority

✔ Windshield replacement ✔ Rock chip repairs ✔ Mirrors on all makes and models

Scott Gartner



Rock Chip Special

We only use quality brand name products: Carlite, Guardian, PGW, Quick-Fix • Fully insured and AMA Industry Council licensed (AMVIC) • Professional installations to factory specifications

It’s been that way for more than 30 years. Over that time, many things have changed, but E & L Autobody’s commitment to customer satisfaction and our quality workmanship have remained the same.

All Workmanship Guaranteed! GIVE US A CALL –


• Insurance Claims Welcome • Autobody Repairs • Refinishing • Plastic Repair • Glass Installation • Frame Machine • Free Estimates • Environmentally-friendly Waterborne Paint

Free pick-up and delivery of your vehicle We can also supply a full line of vehicle accessories, performance parts and body panels.

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Bernie von Tettenborn 5218-46 St., Camrose

Steps to prevent engine overheating By Dan Jensen

It is a common sight with which many an automobile owner is all too familiar: A car is stranded on the side of the road with the hood open and smoke billowing out as an exasperated driver looks on shaking his or her head. An overheated engine can render a car useless in a matter of minutes. A vehicle is propelled by an engine that ignites gasoline

and causes controlled explosions within. An engine can produce quite a lot of heat. Compound this with external temperatures and an overheated engine may occur. Other mechanical factors can also cause an engine to overheat. These include a faulty thermostat to regulate coolant supply to the engine and even an inoperable radiator fan. "Experts say an average car

engine is designed to operate within 195°F to 220° F. Anything above that could cause engine failure," said Lamb Ford service manager Dennis Yochim. "Overheating can cause a lot of damage to a car. It may damage and burn holes in the parts. Rings, pistons or rod bearings may become impaired, or one can blow a head gasket.

Dennis Yochim

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Get a complimentary policy review and price quote today to see how our rates and services compare. Call 780-672-5522.

• Diagnostics • Tires • Tune-Ups • Brakes • Vehicle Inspections (including out-of-province) and so much more!

780-672-5522 Wendi Rau

Steve Shuman



Complete Automotive Services

We’re Looking Out for You

Christine Olson



780-672-6699 • 4820A-41 St.

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Professional Window Tinting Professional grade Llumar automotive window film. The world’s best selling brand of glass treatment film. • Controls heat and glare for comfort and safety • Looks sharp • Never turns purple A variety of shades available. Guaranteed with warranty. Professional installer has eight years’ experience. Call to book, 672.2225

Spring Service Includes Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction Among Service Provider Brands

• Oil, Lube and Filter • Test Air Conditioning system • Inspect front steering, shocks and struts • Rotate Tires (if required) • and more!




Plus taxes, environmental charges and shop supplies

Book your Spring Maintenance Service before May 31st And while you’re there,


one of 75 Bose® Wave® radio III with Bluetooth®


780-672-2225 3810-48 Ave., Unit 1, East End Camrose

AUTO CARE LTD. 5611-48 Avenue, Camrose


† See in-store for official contest rules and regulations.

Call for your appointment. Spring Service Special ends May 31, 2013

Founding Canadian Sponsor

We’re the

* Most vehicles. Diesels, 3/4 ton and up extra. Includes up to 5 litres os 5W-20, 5W-30 or 10W-30 conventional motor oil. Balancing not included with tire rotation.

Towing/Hitch go-to source in Camrose

Is your vehicle ready for Spring? Camrose Glass Division of 1538456 Alberta Ltd.

Best price Guaranteed!

• Windshields • Mobile Service • Commercial/Residential • RV and Trailer Windows • Auto Detailing

BEST PRICE, BEST SERVICE GUARANTEED!  Table tops  Window repair and replacement  Residential glass and mirrors cut to size  Obscure, tempered safety glass  Screen repairs and replacements

1-888-661-TRUX(8789) or 780-608-TRUX(8789) 3817-48 Ave., Camrose •

Total Car Care. Total Customer Care.


Special Pricing on ROCK CHIP REPAIRS

Hitches by Count on us for the best in brake controllers and wiring packages too! We can properly rig any truck to tow safely and comfortably.

Lifetime Guaranteed Brake Pads or Shoes Installation Extra




Plus Tax. Per Axle. Most Vehicles.

Blake Manager

Curtis Technician

Bart Technician

Open Saturdays 8 am to 5 pm 3928-48 Ave. (across from Petro Canada) Ph. 780.672.0197

6208 – 48th Avenue 780-679-5180 * There may be substantial extra cost for additional parts and labour. Ceramic pads extra. Lifetime Guarantee valid for as long as you own your vehicle. See manager for limited guarantee terms. Not valid with other brake offers. © 2013 Midas Canada Inc.

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1. Evertrek RT All-Season.

175/65R14 82T.

2. Evertrek HP All-Season.

185/60R14 82H.


Reg. from 112.99 . . . . . . . each, from 84.74 Reg. from 125.99 . . . . . . . each, from 94.49

3. G-MAX Performance.

195/55R15 85V.

Reg. from 149.99 . . . . . . each, from 112.49

4. Grabber AT2 Light Truck.

LT 235/75R15 104S.

Reg. from 159.99 . . . . . . each, from 119.99


*Up to 5 L Quaker State conventional oil (assorted grades). Some vehicles may require more. MotoMaster filter (up to $5 value) may not fi t some vehicles. Additional fees and charges may apply for vehicles which require more oil or different filter. Eco fees where applicable are extra.

CANADIAN TIRE Duggan Mall, Camrose • Ph. 780-672-1400 Auto Service 780-672-1478 LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED

CFCW’s Jackie Rae, Celebrity Apprentice for The Auto Shoppe, is learning how to clean every detail, with enthusiasm!

STORE HOURS: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sat., 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sun., 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Service Hours: Mon.-Sat., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Your vehicle can be shiny clean, inside and out SPRING DETAILING PACKAGES Package One:

Super Clean wash and dry vehicle. Clean: dash, windows, door jambs. Shine tires, floor mats. Vacuum interior, dump ashtrays. Small cars, SUVs, Reg. cab trucks $100 Mid ext. cab trucks and SUVs, Mini vans . . . . . . . . . . . . . $125 Large crew cabs and SUVs . . . . $100

Package Two:

Includes Package One PLUS shampoo seats and carpets, or leather conditioning and engine wash. Small cars, SUVs, mid. cab trucks $200 SUVs and Mini vans . . . . . . . $250 Large crew cabs and large SUVs . $300


Tar or Overspray Removal • Spot Shampoo, Headliner Shampoo and Odor Eliminator • Power Polish: Car, Truck, RV or Boat • Paint Sealant on New Vehicles.

Custom Hand-Waxing and Polishing

• • • •

A great way to kick-start your spring driving

4709-36 Street, Camrose, AB


Diagnostics Tune-ups Oil Changes Insurance Inspections


780.672.7231 Our mission statement


Restore life and brilliant shine to your vehicle with our custom waxing and polishing services. Please talk to one of our customer service representatives for details.

Call today for your booking

"To provide an environment which allows our people to deliver the best possible product and experience to our customers."

General Automotive Service and Repairs

We e ializ spec ord in F les vehic


780-672-9998 4520-39 St., Camrose

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Road trips for spring drivers

Cindy and Eric Elliott By Dan Jensen

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2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew shown.§



120 @ 4.49








ULTIMATE FAMILY PACKAGE • 2nd row overhead DVD console • 9-inch video screen • Hands-free® connectivity with UconnectTM Voice Command with Bluetooth® • ParkView® rear back-up camera






Spring is a season of rebirth for many people, who welcome the warm weather with open arms, especially those who just endured a harsh winter. Spending time outdoors when the weather warms up is a popular pastime for many people each spring. "Road trips taken by college kids or high schoolers hitting the road for spring break or professionals and parents packing up the car for a weekend getaway have become synonymous with spring," said Eric Elliott, owner of Elliott's Auto Care. "A road trip is a great way to get outdoors and make the most of a warm day, but there are a few tricks of the trade drivers can employ to ensure their road trips are as enjoyable as possible." * Give your car a good wash. Drivers who live in areas with heavy snowfall should give their vehicles a thorough cleaning before hitting the road for a spring road trip. Salt and sand can build up on a vehicle over the course of a snowy winter, so a power washing will help remove excess salt, sand or dirt and help the car run more smoothly. * Get the vehicle a tune-up. "A tune-up, including an oil change, should be part of your pre-trip planning," said Elliott. "Make sure winter hasn't caused any damage to the vehicle's body and ask your mechanic to perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle's suspension and brakes. If any problems arise, address them before embarking on your road trip." * Subscribe to a roadside assistance program. "Roadside assistance programs provide a measure of security to road-trippers. Many roadside assistance programs provide variety of emergency assistance for members, including: - towing service if your vehicle cannot start or operate safely, - battery service if your car's battery needs a jump, - flat tire service if you get a flat tire and don't have a spare or cannot change the tire yourself, - fuel delivery service if your car runs out of gas, and - lockout service if you lock your keys in the car.

Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, », § The Load Up on Value Sales Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after March 1, 2013. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing includes freight ($1,595) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees, other dealer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. •$20,898 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Value Package (29E+CL9) only and includes $8,100 Consumer Cash Discount. $20,698 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Dodge Journey Value Package (22F+CLE) only and includes $2,000 Consumer Cash Discount. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2013 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. »Ultimate Family Package Discounts available at participating dealers on the purchase of a new 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT/2013 Dodge Journey SXT with Ultimate Family Package (RTKH5329G/JCDP4928K). Discount consists of: (i) $2,500 in Bonus Cash that will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes; and (ii) $775/$1250 in no-cost options that will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. ‡4.49% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Ultimate Family Package models to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealer may sell for less. See your dealer for complete details. Examples: 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package/2013 Dodge Journey Ultimate Journey Package with a Purchase Price of $20,898/$20,698 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discounts) financed at 4.49% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $120/$119 with a cost of borrowing of $3,995/$3,957 and a total obligation of $24,893/$24,655. §2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $29,495. 2013 Dodge Journey SXT shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $27,595. ¤Based on 2013 EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Transport Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan – Hwy: 7.9 L/100 km (36 MPG) and City: 12.2 L/100 km (23 MPG). 2013 Dodge Journey SE 2.4 L 4-speed automatic – Hwy: 7.5 L/100 km (38 MPG) and City: 10.8 L/100 km (26 MPG). ^Based on 2013 Ward’s Middle Cross Utility segmentation. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications LLC, used under license. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.







2013 Dodge Journey SXT shown. §



119 @ 4.49








ULTIMATE JOURNEY PACKAGE • Remote Start • Parkview® rear back-up camera • 3.6 L PentastarTM VVT V6 with 6-speed automatic • Uconnect Hands-free communication with Bluetooth • 2nd row overhead 9-inch screen







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MAR 11


The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

2013 F150 Reg. g Cab STX 4x4

2013 F150 Supercab XLT 4x4

3.7L, auto, tow pkg., chrome steps, fogg lamps, rear slider, A/T/C. (LTD335)

5.0L, A/T/C, power windows/locks/mirrors, keyless entry, SYNC. (LTD216)

PLUS $1,000 in No Charge Accessories!

PLUS $1,000 in No Charge Accessories!


188 $ 333


219 390










Biweekly Lease



MSRP $33,644, SALE…

MSRP $41,299, SALE…









2013 F150 Supercrew XLT 4x4 PLUS $1,000 in No Charge Accessories!

PLUS $1,000 in No Charge Accessories!! $

281 508





MSRP $44,319, SALE…


2013 F150 Supercrew XTR 4x4 Ecoboost, 6.5’ box, SYNC, reverse camera, amera, Max Trailer Tow pkg., chrome steps, E-lok axle. (LTD330)

242 423

3 000


5.0L, SYNC, tow pkg., brake control, E-lok -lok axle, A/T/C, alloys, power windows/doors/mirrors. (LTD240)



8 500 + $ 1 000 ND ON MOST NEW 2013 TRUCKS




Biweekly Lease


MSRP $49,149, SALE…

CALL 780-672-5262

37,990 CLICK

Toll Free 1-800-994-9953

Visit us o

*Pictures for illustration only. All payments OAC Ford Credit. 72 months Bi-weekly Finance; 48 months low km RCL lease. $2,500 due at signing. Payments include all taxes and fees. See Lamb Ford for details.


2010 F150 Crew XLT 4x4

2011 F150 Supercab XLT 4x4

2007 F150 Crew Lariat 4x4

2010 F150 Crew XTR 4x4

5.4L, tow, nice clean trade, 95,000 km. (TC432A)

5.4L, 6.5’ box, tow pkg., 107,000 km. (TC517A)

5.0L, a/t/c, p.w./p.d./p.m., 95,000 km. (TD348A)

5.4L, tow, leather, moonroof, NAV, 76,000 km. (TD313A)

5.4L, max tow, rear camera, 66,000 km. (TD323A)











2011 Ranger Supercab 4x4

2010 F150 Crew XTR 4x4

2011 F250 Crew Lariat 4x4

2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport 4x4

2012 F150 Crew XTR 4x4 Ecoboost

Sport, 5-sp., tow pkg., ONLY 25,000 km. (TC437A)

5.4L, power seat, brake control, 48,000 km.(TD327A)

FX4, rear camera, E-lok axle, 78,000 km. (TC532A)

5.7L, quad cab, leather, moonroof, 50,000 km. (TC489B)

3.5L Eco, chrome wheels, tow pkg., 19,000 km. (AFC797)











View our entire inventory online: *Pictures for illustration only. See Lamb Ford for details.

Ensure your road trips are as enjoyable as possible Continued from page 37

"Services like these can act as a safety net should an issue arise when you're on the road and far away from home or far away from a service station," said Elliott. "Keep your membership card in your wallet and store their customer service number in your cellular phone should you accidentally lose your membership card or lock it inside your car." * Bring cash as well as credit cards on the trip. When embarking on a road trip, don't assume

"A road navigation system can be your best friend, helping you find your way in places with which you are unfamiliar. Road navigation systems can alert you to traffic conditions while providing directions and alternate routes."

you will have ready access to an ATM on your trip or at your destination. This means you may reach a point when you have no

cash on hand. While it's a good idea to bring some cash along on the trip, bring a credit card or cards as well should you find

yourself with no cash. A major credit card is likely to be accepted at most filling stations. * Invest in a road navigation system. "A road navigation system can be your best friend, helping you find your way in places with which you are unfamiliar. Road navigation systems can alert you to traffic conditions while providing directions and alternate routes," said Elliott. "Some systems will even alert you to nearby filling stations, lodging or restaurants.

* Recharge your cell phone. There is no use carrying a cell phone with you if it doesn't work. Cell phones are very useful when you have a breakdown or encounter an emergency situation. * Clean your radiator and air conditioning condenser. "The radiator and air conditioning condensor can accumulate dust and debris over time, " said Elliott. "If you're not allowing the air ton pass through freely you are placing a greater strain on the engine."

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

2013 Focus SE

2013 Fusion SE

SE Sport, spoiler, Sirius Radio, ambient lighting, fog lamps. (OLD060)

2.5L, auto, MyFord Touch witn NAV,, rear camera, dual climate, SYNC. (OLD133)





118 278




182 330





MSRP $22,749, SALE…

Biweekly Lease









2013 Edge SEL AWD ALL NEW STYLE PACKAGE! Vista roof, NAV, leather, 20s. (LTD253)





201 362

in additional incentives

towards most new 2012/2013 models when you Recycle Your Ride. Super Duty amount shown. Incentives range between $500 and $2,500 on other models.


1.6L Ecoboost, roof rails, SYNC, MyFord Touch, dual climate. (LTD278)


up to


2013 Escape SE 4WD





0 72







254 504





MSRP $31,799, SALE…


Biweekly Lease


MSRP $40,199, SALE…




Hwy. 13 East, Camrose


HOURS: Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.; Sat., 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. LICENSED BY AMVIC

*Pictures for illustration only. All payments OAC Ford Credit. $2,500 due at signing. All taxes and fees included. 48-month RCL on Focus, Fusion, Escape; 36 month RCL on Edge. Focus B/W payment 84 months. All others 72 months. See Lamb Ford for details.


2012 Fusion SEL

2012 Taurus SEL AWD

2008 Lincoln MKZ AWD

2009 Buick Allure CXL

Auto, SYNC, A/T/C, spoiler, 52,000 km. (ACC807)

2.5L, dual climate, SYNC, 28,000 km. (ACC809)

SYNC, leather, moonroof, 24,000 km. (ACC701)

3.5L V6, leather, traction control, 85,000 km. (CB573A)

Leather, moonroof, alloys, 125,000 km. (LD302A)











2012 Escape XLT

2013 Explorer XLT Ecoboost

2013 Edge SEL AWD

2009 Flex SEL AWD

2012 GMC Terrain SLT AWD

4-cyl., leather, alloys, 33,000 km. (AFC766)

Leather, moonroof, MyFord Touch, 26,000 km. (ARF804)

Leather, moonroof, MyFord Touch, 18,000 km. (AFD805)

SYNC, DVD, dual climate, 81,000 km. (AF9801)

V6, leather, moonroof, 23,000 km. (TD334A)









780-672-5262 Toll Free 1-800-994-9953 Visit us on





COME IN Hwy. 13 East, Camrose

HOURS: Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.; Sat., 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. LICENSED BY AMVIC

Steps to prevent your engine from overheating Continued from page 34

Coolant is designed to protect an engine to a point, but it can also become compromised under high heat. Boiling coolant may cause the radiator and hoses to burst." The best way to avoid engine and vehicle trouble due to overheating is to prevent an engine from becoming overheated in the first place. Here are strategies to employ. 1. Ensure that coolant levels are maintained and there are no

"Be sure the right coolant is being used for the particular vehicle." leaks that would cause coolant to drip out. "Be sure the right coolant is being used for the particular vehicle," said Yochim. 2. Dirty, inadequate motor oil cannot dissipate heat as well as clean oil. "Check the oil level and viscosity. Change the oil before a

long trip or if it looks past its prime," said Yochim. 3. Confirm radiator hoses are in good working order and do not look worn out. 4. Check that the radiator fan is working and that there is adequate air flow through the radiator. 5. Be aware of engine tem-

perature by watching the gauge on the dashboard. If an engine seems like it's about to overheat, here are some steps to take. * Slow down, and pull into the right lane. "Turn on the heat in the car and open the windows," said Yochim. "This may draw heat out

of the engine block, while maintaining a slow pace can continue to draw air over the engine. * Pull over and open the hood to allow the engine to cool. * Top off the radiator with coolant. Water can also work in a pinch. * Take frequent breaks during long road trips to allow the engine to cool down for at least 15 minutes. * Be sure to clear the radiator from obstructions, including leaves or insects that may have collected.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


Improve vision for a safer ride By Dan Jensen

MAINTENANCE • TIRES • BRAKES • OIL & FILTER • BATTERIES • ALIGNMENT At Quick Lane™, we stand out from the bunch – our services are as unique as your needs. For personalized care to set your vehicle apart from the rest, visit our friendly team this spring!

As the motor vehicle industry continues to evolve, the emphasis drivers and manufacturers place on safety continues to increase. But even though technological advancements have vastly improved driver safety, accidents still happen. One of the more concerning trends with regards to traffic accidents is when they occur. In spite of the fact that there are five times as many motorists during the day, statistics indicate that one-third of all accidents and roughly half of all traffic fatalities occur at night. Though that might seem counterintuitive, this peculiarity can largely be traced to a driver's visual acuity, which is reduced by 70 per cent at night. Replace headlight bulbs

Seasonal Tire Stora ge Available

Package Includes:




3 Motorcraft premium oil and Motorcraft filter change. 3 Rotate and inspect four tires 3 Inspect brake system and FOR report on measurements ONLY 3 Check belts and hoses 3 Up to 87-point inspection including: Air filter (clogged air filter reduces fuel economy), Steering and suspension component, Battery test and report on findings

BRAND NAME TIRES Instant and mail-in Rebates.



Life is better in the Quick Lane.TM Phone 780.672.2411 Toll Free 1.800.994.9953 Highway 13 East, Camrose LICENSED BY AMVIC

Clear vision important Camrose Canadian Tire owner Dave Jewell reminds his customers to change light bulbs and wiper blades on a regular basis for safer driving. He also recommends that that they keep the headlamp lenses polished and clear so that they are able to provide visibility at maximum distances.

Addressing automobile lighting is one of the most underperformed vehicle maintenance tasks. "Many drivers do not even consider replacing their headlight bulb until it fails," said Dave Jewell, from Canadian Tire. "But as a bulb ages, its light output is drastically reduced by a host of factors, including humidity, electrical resistance and filament fatigue." Industry experts recommend replacing headlight bulbs every two years, and motorists should add bulb inspection and/or replacement to their list of routine maintenance tasks. Upgrade bulbs

Perhaps the best way drivers can improve nocturnal vision is to upgrade their headlight bulbs. "Some of the new headlight bulbs put out more light and create longer beam patterns than the standard halogen bulb," said Jewell. "There is even a special headlight bulb for motorcycles that not only improves vision but creates a unique orange reflection that helps distinguish the motorcycle from other vehicles on the road." Inspect wiper blades

Similar to headlight bulbs, wiper blades are often overlooked when it comes to vehicle maintenance. "Industry experts recommend wiper blades should be replaced at the change of each season or on three month intervals," said Jewell. "That's because the longer a wiper blade is on the vehicle, the more brittle and ineffective it becomes, putting drivers and passengers at risk." Drivers can also purchase inexpensive treatments designed to make the rubber more pliable and extend the life of the wipers. In addition, when inspecting or replacing wiper blades, top off the windshield washer fluid as a precautionary measure. Clean interior glass

Another way to improve visibility is to clean interior glass to remove any film buildup that can reduce vision and create a hazy reflection from the sun. "This is especially important for motorists who smoke in the car, as this film is typically thicker," said Jewell. "When addressing interior glass, take the time to adjust all side and rearview mirrors properly to cover all of the views around the car, especially the blind spots."

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013



Win $100 worth of groceries this week courtesy of…

This is our way of saying thank you for using The Camrose Booster to plan your weekly grocery shopping. Get your entries in now.

The winner for March 18 is Kathy Gillis of Camrose. The entry was drawn at Sobeys.




Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SOBEYS Draw to be made Monday, 4820-66 Street March 25, 2013 PHONE 780-672-5969

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WILD ROSE CO-OP Draw to be made Monday, 48 Ave. and 51 St. March 25, 2013 PHONE 780-672-3107

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WILD ROSE CO-OP Draw to be made Monday, 48 Ave. and 51 St. March 25, 2013 PHONE 780-672-3107




Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Draw to be made Monday, March 25, 2013

CAMROSE SAFEWAY 6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-8224

Draw to be made Monday, March 25, 2013

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Draw to be made Monday, March 25, 2013

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Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

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Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

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CAMROSE SAFEWAY 6800-48 Avenue PHONE 780-672-8224

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Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

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Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CAMROSE SAFEWAY Draw to be made Monday, 6800-48 Avenue March 25, 2013 PHONE 780-672-8224

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SOBEYS Draw to be made Monday, 4820-66 Street March 25, 2013 PHONE 780-672-5969

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ M & M MEAT SHOPS Draw to be made Monday, 120-6800-48 Avenue March 25, 2013 PHONE 780-672-1484




Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

Win $100.00 worth of groceries Drop off entry by 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 25, 2013

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Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WALMART Draw to be made Monday, Unit 400 Cornerstone March 25, 2013 6800-48 Avenue

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WALMART Draw to be made Monday, Unit 400 Cornerstone March 25, 2013 6800-48 Avenue

Postal Code– – – – – – – – – Ph: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WALMART Draw to be made Monday, Unit 400 Cornerstone March 25, 2013 6800-48 Avenue

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

Vikings eliminated By Murray Green

The road to defending the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference hockey championship banner came to a dead end for the Augustana Vikings on March 9. Augustana staved off elimination with a 4-2 victory in Calgary on March 8. However, the SAIT Trojans won the fourth game 6-3 in Camrose to take the semifinal series. Adam Johnson scored twice to lead the Vikings to a victory in the SAIT Arena. Matthew Foster and Craig Cornelsen added single markers in support. Goalie Joel Danyluk made 26 of 28 saves, while Augustana fired 35 shots at the SAIT net. The Vikings outshot and outplayed the Trojans the next night in Camrose, but the difference was on the scoreboard. The teams were even 2-2 after the opening period. Brad Bourke and Darryl Gagnon scored for Augustana. SAIT netted two tallies in the second before the Vikings could reply on a Foster goal. The Trojans scored early in the third and added an empty net marker. The Vikings showered SAIT goalie Mike Tadjdeh with 42 shots, while Danyluk stopped 21. The Trojans are playing the NAIT Ooks in the final round.


Cycling tour of Alberta racing through Camrose By Murray Green

The province will host the newest pro-cycling event on the international cycling circuit. The Tour of Alberta Pro-Cycling Festival has been scheduled to be held Sept. 3 to 8. The Tour of Alberta will be a six-stage race, starting in Edmonton and ending in Calgary. "Camrose will be hosting a stage when the tour travels throughout rural Alberta, villages, towns and small cities, which rarely, if ever, have had the benefit of seeing, let alone hosting, major international sporting events in their communities," said local organizer Todd Markowsky. Alberta will only have five finish stages on the tour. Camrose, Red Deer, Drumheller, Canmore and Calgary have been selected as the top hosts in the province. "This is huge for Camrose and one of the reasons we were selected was because of our history of volunteerism," said Todd. "This will be like the Torch Relay as far as community involvement, only on a much larger scale." The Union Internationale Cyclistes (UCI) sanctioned the Tour of Alberta as a 2.1 race in September 2012, making it the highest level pro-cycling event to be hosted in Canada. The annual event beginning in 2013, will feature up to 16 pro-cycling teams of up to eight riders per team. With the 2.1 level sanctioning, up to half could include Pro Tour Teams, or the same teams that compete at the Tour de France or Giro d’Italia.

“A cycling event in Alberta, modelled after the classic road races such as the Tour de France and Giro D’Italia, has been a long-time dream of many Albertans, and it is a real coup to be the first race sanctioned at this level in Canada,” said Brian Jolly, chair, Alberta Peloton Association. “The UCI sanctioning recognizes both Alberta’s growing international reputation to host high quality, world class sports events, as well as its safe, warm, welcoming western hospitality, breath-taking scenery and varied landscapes.”

“It is exciting to see this world-class event coming to Alberta with its race route stretching from our rolling foothills and badlands to our majestic mountains and multiple communities." Alberta’s Rural Development Fund is providing $3.5 million in seed funding to help establish the event as a major annual cycling event and festival across the province. Additional funding is being secured through industry and corporate sponsorship, and the APA is pursuing a number of core partnerships

with provincial and community organizations to ensure the event delivers on its promise of a world-class sporting event that showcases the province, communities and people of Alberta. The tour will also include a number of community festivals and events up to and throughout the event at start, finish and pass-through communities that will showcase Alberta’s communities, culture, food products and services, and promote fitness and healthy lifestyles. “The Tour of Alberta is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our province as Albertans join with cycling fans from around the world in an international celebration of sport and culture,” said Alberta culture minister Heather Klimchuk. “Visitors will discover the rich heritage of Alberta and the incredible talent found in our communities as they enjoy the many cultural events held alongside the excitement of competitive cycling.” Based on similar races at this level, the Tour of Alberta is expected to draw more than 300,000 on-site spectators over the six days of the race, and over 30 million viewers in over 100 countries via national and international television coverage of the race. Daily live coverage of the race will also be available on-line and through mobile applications. The total economic impact of the event for Alberta is estimated at between $30 and $35 million each year. “It is exciting to see this

world-class event coming to Alberta with its race route stretching from our rolling foothills and badlands to our majestic mountains and multiple communities in between,” said Christine Cusanelli, minister of Alberta tourism, parks and recreation. “This event will not only inspire young Albertans to achieve their own athletic excellence, but it also represents a tremendous opportunity for us to attract even more travelers from across the globe to our province.” The official route and list of host communities for the 2013 Tour of Alberta will be announced in early 2013, and the route will change annually to include different communities and race routes each year. More information about the 2013 Tour of Alberta can be found at Cyclists in the Tour of Alberta will race more than 150 kilometers per day for six days; there are no rest stops or time outs. Cyclists in the Tour of Alberta will average approximately 40 kilometers per hour over the course exceeding the 1,000 kilometers they will race. The Tour of Alberta is perfectly situated between the current top North American events: the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado, Aug. 19 to 25, and the UCI World Cups in Montreal and Quebec, Sept. 13 to 15. Canada’s Ryder Hesjedal became the first Canadian to win a Grand Tour (the historic big three Tours of France, Italy and Spain).

Kodiaks take on Okotoks in second round of playoffs By Murray Green

The Camrose Kodiaks were matched with the Okotoks Oilers in the second round of the playoffs when the Oilers won the fifth and deciding game against the Olds Grizzlys on March 12. "It's good to play Okotoks because they are a good team. I feel that when we play them, it brings out the best in us," said goalie Devin McDonald. "They are big and will hit to wake us up. We both have large crowds, so it will bring energy to both teams. It will be pretty easy to get up for the games." Camrose will be hosting home games against the Oilers on March 19 at 7:30 p.m. and March 23 (if necessary) with a rare 8 p.m. start. "It didn't matter to us who we played. Okotoks has a lot of big forwards with skill to watch out for, but we can play against that type of team," added Devin. "As a goalie, I try to prepare for each game the same way, regardless of who we are playing. I like to stay calm and not get too jacked. I like to focus on what I have to do." Giving Okotoks the first home ice advantage doesn't bother the Kodiaks either. "To win you have to play well and win on the road anyway. We want to go to their arena thinking we have to win, so let's do it right away. Then we focus on winning at home." The south division winning Brooks Bandits face the Drum-

Pro Sports Photography

Jonathan Lashyn takes out a Drumheller Dragon player in regular season action. The Camrose Kodiaks now host the Okotoks Oilers in game four of the southern division semifinals of the AJHL.

heller Dragons in the other semifinal. The Camrose Kodiaks tamed the Calgary Mustangs with a 5-2 victory in game four of the southern division playoff ser-

ies in the Alberta Junior Hockey League, March 10. After a 2-2 second period, Camrose pulled away with three straight tallies in the third to win the series in Calgary.

Nolan Marshall scored twice, while single markers came off the sticks of Connor Mailey, Tanner Marshall and Tanner MacMaster. The Kodiaks goalie stopped

33 of 35 shots. Calgary goalie Ravi Dattani made 17 of 21 saves. "In the first game when I came in, I just wanted to give the team a chance to win. In game two, I felt a good vibe right from the start and I wanted to keep that going," said Devin. "It was easy for me to get up for the Mustangs because I'm from Calgary. A lot of my friends play on that team and now I have bragging rights for the summer." The match that broke the horses was the 2-1 win for the Kodiaks in overtime. After a scoreless first frame, Nolan Marshall started the bear's offence in the second. Calgary evened things up in the third to force an extra period. Luc Vandale was the hero in overtime by scoring on a feed from Nelson Gadoury and Marshall. Kodiaks' netminder Devin stopped 36 of 37 shots and was named star of the game. "I played at the Father David Bauer Arena as my home rink, so it is a familiar place for friends and family," said Devin. "A lot of Camrose fans went to the games and it was cool to receive a roar, a bigger ovation for our team than for the home team. It was nice because when you play away you usually receive the boos, so it was pretty cool. It definitely gave us more motivation to give the fans a good game. We didn't want to disappoint them and have them come all the way to Calgary for nothing."

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

Helpful Tips for Writing Classified Ads Which Get Results! Be Thorough Sure you want your ad to stand out from the rest, but don’t skimp on the sort of information that sells. The item’s condition, size, age, brand name, and color are some of the basics readers want to know. Without them, your ad may be overlooked.

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The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013





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SEED BRIGHT’S SEED New Norway WHEAT Cert. Harvest – HRS Cert. Foremost – CPS BARLEY Certified Cowboy OATS Seed Oats Ph. 1-780-855-2240 Cell 1-780-678-6329 email: YELLOW PEA SEED FOR SALE 95% Germination, 92% Vigor Tested Common seed from Thunderbird certified last year To be picked up at Camrose Seed Plant when needed $11.25/bushel About 3,000 bu. available Call Mike at 780-312-8205 for more details

REAL ESTATE EXCELLENT STARTER OR REVENUE HOME on west side of Camrose. Three bedrooms, 1.5 baths, comes with five appliances. Beautiful engineered hardwood. Only five years old. Call Fran toll-free 1-855375-5022. WE BUY HOUSES! – That money pit getting you down? Estate sale going too slow? Avoid realtor fees, we pay cash and legal fees for your home. Email: WOW! GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY – Beautiful newer four-suite building in a quiet part of town. Live in one; rent the others. Ultra low maintenance, energy efficient, spare lot for future development. May consider house as part trade. Won’t last long! Ph. 780-608-3131.

PIPE — 1 1/2”, 2 3/8”, 2 7/8”, 3 1/2”, sucker rod 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, plain or scraper type. Other pipe and metal available. 1-800-661-7858. BRAND NEW IN BOX – Various electric and gas chainsaws and gas hedge trimmers, weed eaters. Kijijji ad 453063535. Additional items can be found by clicking on: ‘view posters, other ads’. Ph. 780288-6571. DIGITAL WIR ELESS CAMERA BACKUP – $80. Ph. 780-679-2624. 33-GAL. GLASS AQUARIUM/ ANIMAL ENCLOSURE – 14” x 14” x 60”. $100. Ph. 780- 679-2355. WOODWORKING POWER TOOLS – Complete assortment, $3,200 obo. No separate sales. 780672-7542.

NEW 1,472 SQ. FT. TWOSTOREY – Three bedrooms, heated garage. 7514-40 Ave., Duggan Park. Kijiji 454330064. $299,000 plus tax. Ph. 780-672-6234. ASSUME THE MORTGAGE! ROSALIND – 1,300 sq. ft., three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, oak country kitchen, six appliances, all new windows, new shingles, new paint throughout. Remodelled bathrooms, newer furnace, mature landscaping, new wooden storage shed, single insulated garage w/garage door opener, shale pad in rear. Available immediately. 780-608-0089. CLEAN, THREE-BEDROOM HOUSE FOR SALE – Northeast of university on large lot. Basement rental suite, 1,150 sq. ft. LOOY-DENNIS Central vacuum, garage. Great income property! $250,000 obo. Aurelea Dennis, daughter of Doug and Linda Dennis, and Ph. 780-786-2783, 780-915-5441. 1979 FLEETWOOD MOBILE HOME – To be moved. Ferintosh, AB. Ph. 780-877-2480.

Landon Looy, son of Colleen Wood and Daren Looy, were married April 28, 2012. The couple resides in the Bittern Lake area.

Here’s a great offer for Booster readers…

For Sale Ads!

F For or items price priced at $100 or less! • Mail, fax, email or drop off your ad copy. • One item per ad – 10 word limit. • Include the price of the item in your ad. • Offer excludes living things, except when offered for free. Individuals are able to place classified ads without charge provided message relates to a personal possession and does not form part of a profession, trade or business. Any ad designed to produce an income is regarded as commercial advertising and must be a PAID AD.











Example: Girl’s bicycle, like new, $70. 555-555-5555 WRITE YOUR AD HERE:

Mail to: Classified Ad Department, Camrose Booster Ltd. 4925-48 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1L7 Fax: 780-672-2518 Email:


Spring Classic supporter

Hi-Way 13 Transport owner Fred O'Riordan, left, agreed to help sponsor the Camrose Spring Classic Pro Rodeo with chairman Ken Hildebrandt accepting the support. The rodeo was held at the Camrose Regional Exhibition March 15 to 17.

Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat Reviewed by Jon Lindstrand

Over the course of the last decade Kevin Sutley, director and professor at Augustana, has chosen some of the most provocative and satisfying scripts performed in Camrose. Not one to back down from a challenge or steer clear of hot button topics, "Shoot/ GetTreasure/Repeat", Sutley's current production, is no different. Choosing seven of 17 short, epic plays by controversial playwright Mark Ravenhill, Sutley once again examines that which we see every day through a lens we rarely dare look through. The two-hour experience begins, with a chorus of average women, living their average lives while a war is being fought. The women speak of garden centres and juice diets all the while stating that they are "good people doing good things". As the women begin to plead "who would do this to good people?" and then accuse the audience of violent attacks and senseless murders of innocents, we are aggressively jolted into the position of being the aggressor in the conflict. We become those who need to be saved through the salvation of "freedom and democracy" brought by the west. We are forced to look at the same conflict through two lenses, "ours" and "theirs". The first half of the production is a sensory assault; the audience was shelled by choruses, cries, sighs and sobs of, for, and because of "freedom and democracy". Despair and hope are woven in and out, throughout the fabric of this script, all the while the audience was bombarded by barrages of physical, verbal, and psychological torment of individuals and cultures. Our examination of personal and societal resilience in war continues in the second half where a more methodical pace, yet equally disturbing scenes emerge. While the themes explored in this show are oppressively heavy, albeit perhaps misplaced, one cannot help but feel a sense of urgent hope. In the end we were left questioning. What freedoms we are willing to surrender for democracy's victory? What evils we are willing to commit to bring the blessing of democracy? What is freedom and democracy to us and how do those two ideals differ when we impose it on other countries? How do we, as a society and as individuals, deal with the cultural hegemony of mass media? What happens when war becomes entertainment (through

video games, pop culture or media), do we become desensitized to that "entertainment" and then, disassociate ourselves from the reality of the horrors of war? Is it natural to dehumanize "the enemy"? What are the ramifications of that dehumanization? This show deals with the effect war has on average lives on both sides of conflict, the nature of war. The themes are the conversations that happen around the coffee shop tables, in the truck, and in front of the TV; questions and statements about the world, the wars, ourselves and the others we share this world with. Although, ultimately the audience finds itself pleading for answers, thankfully, neither Sutley nor Ravenhill offer up solutions. We are left to question the extent to which we are truly “free”, how we secure our "freedom" and how we ensure that the West’s largest export, “freedom and democracy”, arrives to all of the places that we deem need our version of it. The set was industrial and minimalist but worked as a flexible canvas upon which to paint the seven different plays. Technically, the show was difficult and those in the booth should feel a great sense of pride in a show riddled with cues. The cast does an incredible job of a very ambitious undertaking. Developing and portraying the characters so that we come to know them and become emotionally invested, the actors have still allowed the characters to be universal enough to allow for us to apply our own impressions of who they are and how they relate to us. Although some individual performances were outstanding, the cast of 16 were solid. Saying “goodbye and thank you” to three senior student cast members in this production, Camrose has a lot to be excited about in terms of upcoming productions from Augustana. With the 13 remaining cast members proving that they are willing to be challenged and the capacity to succeed with such an emotionally charged scripting, our community will likely be blessed with some fantastic theatre in the near future. "Shoot / G etT reasure / Repeat" plays at the Augustana Theatre Centre March 20 to 23. Doors open at 7 p.m. with the show beginning at 7:30 p.m. Warning: extremely strong language throughout. Tickets at the door.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


Front Desk Agent For afternoon or night audit shifts.

Night Club Security A cool head and a steady hand is needed for this job.

Night Club Servers (Weekend) Excellent opportunity for tips in

Lounge Servers Weekends in the

Apply at the front desk for any of these positions.

Highway 13 West, Camrose Phone 780-672-9171 Toll Free 1-877-477-9171

Comedy tour assists Relay for Life event By Murray Green

The Camrose Relay for Life has brought in the assistance of the Boob Tour to help with fundraising this year. The stand-up comedy tour will be stopping at the Norsemen Inn on April 20 for an evening of laughter and to raise money for the local edition of the Relay for Life. The evening begins with cocktails at 5:30 p.m. and a buffet dinner at 6 p.m. The comedy performance starts at 8 p.m. and a dance will follow. Tickets are available for $45 for the full evening of fun. They can be purchased by calling Relay for Life co-chair Christine at 780679-7981 or team coach Janice at 780-608-8343. The Relay for Life is returning to the Camrose Composite High School track where the event started. It will start on June 21 at 7 p.m. and go until June 22 until 7 a.m. "Our goal is to have 25 teams and right now we have seven. Last year, the event started with 17, but some didn't show and others left before it was over," said co-chair Christine Palmerchuk. "We want to bring it back to being a good event and returning to the high school was our first move. People enjoy being outside, even if it is raining," said co-chair Charleen Marko. The organizing crew want to put the fun back into raising money for cancer research. "We will have a DJ all night, activities and games, a kids' zone for families, a movie tent and a name that tune contest. We want to have a lot of things to do during the night to keep everyone awake," added team coach Janice Maier. To enter a team, visit website, or call Janice or Christine. You can also contact the organizers to volunteer, or take part as a survivor.


Full-Time Grader Operator (Oiling and Road Maintenance) Flagstaff County invites applications for a permanent fulltime Grader Operator (Oiling and Road Maintenance), with employment to commence as soon as possible. Flagstaff County provides a competitive salary, benefits package and pension plan. Function: To perform grader work required within the oiling, road recovery and road maintenance programs, as set out by the Field Coordinator (Oiling and Road Recovery). For a complete job description please view our website at Qualifications: Valid driver’s license, personal suitability, 2-3 years’ experience in motor grader operating and any related courses would be an asset; however, we are willing to train a selected candidate. For more information, contact Gary Longhe, Field Coordinator, Oiling at 780-384-4126 (office), 780-390-0310 (cell), or Darrell Szott, Public Works Superintendent at 780-384-4107 (office), 780-385-6105 (cell). Resumés indicating “Full-Time Grader Operator (Oiling and Road Maintenance)” must be received by 11:00 a.m., Thursday, March 28, 2013. Please submit resumés to: Gary Longhe, Field Coordinator – Oiling Flagstaff County, Box 358, Sedgewick, AB T0B 4C0 Fax to 780-384-3635 Email to This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is selected. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES with Crop Production Services in Viking and Daysland. Full-time and seasonal positions available including management, sales and operations. Contact 780-336-3565 for information Fax 780-336-3507 Email

Receptionist An excellent telephone manner and friendly outgoing personality are musts and some working knowledge of computers would be an asset. Duties include a busy switchboard, greeting customers, booking in vehicles, data entry and general office duties. Please send resumé to or fax to 780-672-2440.

Highway 13 East, 3771-48 Avenue, Camrose

Tornado Hydrovacs, a division of Petrofield Industries is accepting resumes for our Assembly Department:

Industrial Painters, Labourers, Electrical Technicians and Welders (Journeyman or Apprentice) Our company has an enthusiastic, fast-paced working environment with advancement for motivated individuals, and an excellent benefit package. Please forward resumé to: or fax 403-742-5544

SOLE CITY SHOES We’re growing to serve you better!

Full- and part-time Sales positions available The right person must be friendly and sincere, must understand fashion and enjoy serving the public. Please apply in person with resumé to: Sales Manager Karen Mingo, or Owners, Leta and Daryl Shillington Murray Green, Camrose Booster

Relay for Life organizers Charleen Marko, from left to right, Christine Palmerchuk and Janice Maier present City of Camrose Mayor Marshall Chalmers with two tickets to see the Boob Tour stand-up comedy night on April 20 at the Norsemen Inn. The proceeds from the event will go directly to the Camrose Relay for Life. The Relay will be held on June 21 and 22 at the CCHS track.

Downtown Camrose

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

Battle River Homes Inc. is recruiting for

Full-time CONSTRUCTION WORKER/ GENERAL LABOURER Must have a valid driver’s license Hourly wage – $18 per hour Please forward your resumé to

SUPERVISOR, FOOD SERVICES / HOUSEKEEPING The Bethany Group is a multi-faceted, faith based organization committed to providing exemplary care for the older, disabled and vulnerable in our community. We currently have an opening for Supervisor in the Food Services Dept., Rosehaven Care Centre in Camrose, AB. Under direction of the Food Services Manager, the incumbent will be responsible for maintaining adequate operational resources to provide food services to residents in adherence of all policies and procedures and will also oversee the planning, organization, and supervision of Housekeeping. QUALIFICATIONS and EXPERIENCE: • High School, including or supplemented by related training • Journeyman Cook preferred, but not required • Working knowledge of preparing meals for senior populations • Knowledge of institutional food services industry preferred • Supervisory experience preferred, minimum of 2 years, with experience scheduling staff • Housekeeping experience/training in a health care setting/ Long Term Care • Standard First Aid & WHMIS Closing Date: March 25, 2013 Please submit applications to: Human Resources The Bethany Group 4612-53 Street Camrose, AB T4V 1Y6 Fax: 780-679-2001 Email: A current Police Information Check is a pre-employment requirement for new employees to The Bethany Group. We sincerely thank all candidates for their applications; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

2013 Shutdown Laborers/Janitors

Temporary employment from approximately mid April to the end of June. Starting wage is $14.50/$16.50 and there are day/night shifts. Accepting resumés up to April 19, 2013. Must have valid driver’s license and a good work ethic, be 18 years of age, reliable and physically fit. ATCO Power, Battle River Generating Station Forestburg, Alberta Please send resumé Fax: 780-582-8175 Attention Sherry Andre Email: Magic Maintenance Supervisor Battle River Generating Station (office) 780-582-8153 or (security) 780-582-2185

I Choose Opportunity

Whatever job you’re looking for, you can probably find it at Cargill. Our diverse partnerships across a variety of industries mean countless career opportunities for you. It’s your choice. It’s your future and you can make it happen at Cargill. Our Plant in Camrose has an opening for a Plant Operator. For this position, safety is the highest priority. As a highly efficient member of the production team, the successful applicant will have the opportunity to shape our brand image. As a Plant Operator, your responsibilities will include manufacturing, general maintenance and housekeeping. Requirements: • Must have a proven track record of reliability, honesty and integrity. • High School degree or equivalent. • Good math skills and computer knowledge. • Demonstrated ability to multi-task in fast-paced environment. • A background in Food Safety / HACCP is encouraged but not required. • Shift work required. For this role, experience in an Ag environment would be a definite asset. Attention to detail and a high level of thoroughness and accuracy are essential. A demonstrated passion for what you do is more important than prior experience. Resumés can be submitted in person to Cargill Animal Nutrition at the Junction of Highways 21 and 13 or email by April 26, 2013.

Family • Achievement • Integrity • Respect

It’s nice when you discover the job is as good as the coffee Quality Training Incentive Programs Benefits or Bonus Program Hiring the following positions for 1256146 Alberta Ltd., o/a Tim Hortons – 3601-48 Ave., Camrose, AB

• Food Counter Attendants, full-time / shift work, no experience necessary, $11.00 per hour plus benefits Hiring the following positions for 796005 Alberta Ltd., o/a Tim Hortons – 6602-48 Ave., Camrose, AB

• Food Counter Attendants, full-time / shift work, no experience necessary, $11.00 per hour plus benefits

Now hiring for FT positions Positions work rotating shifts of days, nights, graveyards and some weekends. HIRING AT BOTH LOCATIONS IN CAMROSE Honesty, caring and a workplace that feels like home

An employer you can count on Apply in person with resumé at either Camrose store


School board wants to hear from parents and teachers Each year, Battle River School Division seeks input from the people most affected by the decisions made about the future of education – students, parents and school staff – in order to make appropriate plans for the years ahead. BRSD’s annual Satisfaction Survey is now posted on the school division website and school division officials are hoping that many students, parents and staff will take the opportunity to share their comments. “We truly want to hear people’s thoughts on how we’re doing,” says Assistant Superintendent, Instruction Rick Jarrett. “The feedback and comments that people make are a big help in letting us know what changes we should be making in order to provide quality educational services to children.” Mr. Jarrett also stresses that the more people who complete surveys, the better. “We need to hear from lots of people in order for the information to be useful. If only a handful of families respond, in a school division with 6,300 students, we’re not getting a good picture of what’s important to people.” The surveys are currently available on the Battle River School Division website at Families who do not have internet access at home can arrange to complete the survey at their local school. The survey closes March 28.

BIRTHS To Ashley Rider and Dillon Swystun, of Bashaw, on March 4, a son. To Shilpa Dadallage, of Camrose, on March 3, a son. To Nansee and Brodie Hughes, of Camrose, on March 8, a son. To Debbie and Richard Petiot, of Camrose, on March 9, a daughter.

DEATHS Ronald Ronsko, of Bawlf, on March 8, at 58 years of age. Amy Anderson, of Camrose, on March 8, at 96 years of age. Henrick "Harry" Deugd, of Camrose, on March 12, at 78 years of age. Ervan Poepping, of Camrose (formerly Strome), on March 13, at 82 years of age. Agnes Hansen, of Camrose, on March 14, at 87 years of age. Margaret Lachmann, of Lamont (formerly Camrose), on March 14, at 94 years of age. David Morrison, of Camrose, on March 15, at 62 years of age. Olga Nahirniak, of Camrose (formerly Round Hill district), on March 15, at 90 years of age.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013

Marathon helps your community By Murray Green

Help the Battle River Community Foundation and your community by raising a minimum of $20 in pledges and enjoy five movies, food, games and prizes from 11:30 p.m. on March 23 through 7 a.m. on March 24. It is all part of the Midnight Movie Marathon at Duggan Cinemas. Movie marathon participants will seek pledges from friends, family and businesses to raise funds for the Battle River Community Foundation (BRCF). "We are grateful to be the beneficiary of this event that creates community spirit," said Karin Naslund, BRCF director. "We see this as a great way to have the entire community involved, especially younger people who can stay up all night." The BRCF supports and donates to many charities and projects in Camrose and the surrounding area. "I would like to see youth involved more and giving back to the community earlier on in life.," said Karin. "This is a great way for them to get involved and see the benefits of the funds going back into projects, not only in Camrose, but the Battle River catchment area." People are starting to get excited about this event. "The Midnight Movie Marathon promotion was started in Camrose as an opportunity for Magic Lantern Theatres to give something back to the community as well," said Shelly Kucway, manager of Duggan Cinemas in Camrose. "This is a great way to give to one organization that in turn helps a variety of groups in the area. We supply the films, some sandwiches and drinks, so all of the pledges that come in can go to charity through the Battle River Community Foundation." The minimum pledge per person is $20. However, if people donate $25 or more, the BRCF will issue a tax deductible receipt. "We will have different prize levels to earn door prizes. Our grand prize is a one-year VIP pass for two people valued at $1,200. We make the marathon participation as lively as possible with games between shows to keep everyone awake," said Shelly. Bringing in pledges of $500 or more will earn you a chance at the grand prize. Lesser amounts qualify for other prizes. The movies shown in Camrose will include The Guilt Trip, Skyfall, Mama, Broken City and a surprise movie selected from the current attractions playing at Duggan Cinemas will wrap up the event. Register at Duggan Theatre starting March 18 during show times by bringing in your pledge form and donations. Participants can also register the evening of the event from 10:30 to 11:30 p.m. Must be 14 years and older to participate. Transportation will be provided by the Camrose Boys and Girls Club with pickup at Augustana Faith and Life Centre. Times are 10:30, 11 and 11:30 p.m. You can be dropped off at the same spot the following morning. For more information call Duggan Cinemas at 780-608-2148. Pledge forms are available online at or or stop by the theatre box office.


This is an ideal position for a self-starter with strong administrative and people skills. Successful candidate must be bondable and computer literate with experience using Microsoft Office and ability to learn our Income Manager software. This is a part-time situation requiring about twenty hours weekly and offering some flexibility for time away. Our Executive Director is required to work closely with an energetic, hands-on Board to develop and implement plans for sustained long-term growth both in developing endowments and providing community leadership. This is truly an opportunity to be a part of something that will be of benefit to the Battle River community far into the future. Deadline for applications is April 19, 2013. Commencement date is negotiable. Please apply by post, stating your qualifications, employment history and salary expected, to the attention of Blain Fowler, Chairman of the Board, at the address below. Email applications will not be accepted. We appreciate and will consider all applications; however, we will contact only candidates selected for interviews.

Battle River Community Foundation P.O. Box 1122, Camrose, AB T4V 4E7

BUSINESS KEEPS BUILDING AT HAUSER HOME HARDWARE WE’RE HIRING! Part-time Lighting Sales You will assist our contractors and individuals in making astute choices. Position will involve ordering stock and merchandising inventory, estimating/ quoting of light packages for new or existing homes. If you are a team player and can work cooperatively with customers, we invite your application.

Customer Service Sales Counter Associate Full-time position – never a dull moment. Stay busy helping our wide diversity of devoted clients. Position requires basic knowledge of building materials. Cost estimating and materials evaluating for small jobs is part of the job. Come apply today!

Full-time Tool/Hardware Department Find satisfaction assisting our diverse client base with the right hand or power equipment and hardware to the get the job done right. Full training provided. Experience with wide range of building materials advantageous.

Benefits of working at Hauser Home Hardware Building Centre • an exciting retail work environment • competitive wages • opportunities for advancement • a clean, safe working environment

6809-48 Avenue, Camrose Phone 780-672-8818 Fax 780-672-8809 Email


• Prepare invoices on a daily or regular basis along with monthly statements on deadline. • Receive payments and process daily. • Prepare aging reports and review monthly. • Ensure collection procedures are occurring on a regular basis. • Compile invoices and prepare for computer entry. • Receptionist with positive public interactions including bin orders, quotes and contracts. • Sort and deliver incoming mail/fax, prepare outgoing mail. • Act as purchasing agent for office supplies. • Control of cash drawer and preparation of bank deposits. • Maintain filing systems and records management. • Cover the operation of the landfill scale as required, recording weights, categories and billing customers as required. • Other office duties as assigned by Administrative Coordinator or General Manager. The candidate will have a minimum grade 12. Excellent writing and verbal skills are required, with experience in computerized accounting systems (preferably Simply Accounting – Sage 50) are desired. Ability to work with a minimum of supervision, good at problem solving, ability to prioritize, proficient at entering and maintaining records and managing schedule deadlines. FRSWMA provides a dynamic workplace with a culture that promotes adaptation to the needs of our customers. We are looking for someone with imagination, innovation and an interest in organizational improvement Salary range: $40,214 to $49,458 If you wish to join our team, please submit resumé to Murray Hampshire, PO Box 309, Sedgewick, AB, T0B 4C0 or through email at before March 25, 2013. FRSWMA is a full-service waste collection, transportation and landfill business providing service to 12 municipalities with annual operating budget of nearly $2.5 million. FRSWMA’s mission is to provide an efficient, environmentally sensitive, cost-effective and professional waste service to all residents within the collection area.

• opportunity to learn about the thousands of products Home carries • opportunity to help customers live better lives

Apply with resumé…

Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management FRSWMA is currently seeking an Administration Assistant for the association, located at the regional landfill north of Sedgewick. The successful candidate will be responsible for:


Come Join Our Family


Part and Full-time Family friendly and personable, you will provide prompt and accurate food and beverage service and contribute to our welcoming environment. Enthusiasm and great communication skills are also key. Serving and bartending experience preferred.

Bartender Part and Full-time You are outgoing, skilful and knowledgeable of a wide variety of beverages and always willing to provide creative, innovative and exceptional customer service. Your bartending experience is coupled with knowledge of cashout procedures and a willingness to learn on the job. Applicants with “Proserve” preferred.

Host/Hostess Friendly, outgoing and presentable, you will greet, seat and acknowledge departing guests, maintain an organized reservation book and support our positive team oriented environment. Let us know why you’re an ideal candidate for either position by applying in person to Kelly or Tony at:

East Side Mario’s #600, 7300-48 Avenue, Camrose, AB

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


A&B is a committed employer to the communities where we operate Over 55 years strong, Arnett & Burgess Oilfield Construction Limited (A&B), safely provides quality pipeline construction, facility installation, custom fabrication, pipeline integrity, maintenance and related construction services to the energy industry.

Receptionist / Administrative Assistant Responsibilities • Operate telephone to answer, screen, or forward calls, providing information, taking messages, or scheduling appointments. • General office duties, including but not limited to: Fax, photocopy, mail, filing, label making, bank deposits, scheduling, coffee station, sort and route incoming mail, answer correspondence, and prepare outgoing mail. • Assist with planning/arranging corporate events as required. • Pickup and delivery of documents, cheques, and various items as needed. • Conduct research, compile data, and compose documents for consideration/review. • Proofread documents and other information. • Maintain records management databases, process paperwork and coordinate meetings. • Tracking and ordering supplies and materials for the office. • Fuel station management: Duties include issuing fuel cards, fuel inventory tracking and monthly bookkeeping (bank reconciliation, invoicing and collections, accounts payable) using Simply Accounting. Preferred Skills • Must demonstrate initiative, professionalism and be able to work independently. • Highly developed communication, writing and comprehension skills are essential. • Strong computer skills, including MS Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Outlook. • Professional, courteous, helpful and dependable. Location: Compensation: Hours: Duration of Work:

Sedgewick, AB Competitive Salary and Full Benefits 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday Permanent

To submit your resumé and learn more about these positions and other career opportunities please contact Human Resources: Email: HR@ABPIPELINERS.COM | Phone: 403.290.7800 | Fax 403.265.0922 | WWW.ABPIPELINERS.COM

Sherritt International Corporation is a leading natural resources company with locations in Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario), Cuba and Madagascar. Sherritt provides a dynamic work environment that promotes and invests in growth opportunities in each of its principal businesses and – most importantly – its people. Our Sherritt Coal division is Canada’s largest thermal coal producer, with ten surface mines in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Producing more than 94% of the thermal coal produced in the country, Sherritt currently supplies domestic utilities and international companies with fuel for electricity generation.

Accountant/Accounts Analyst Paintearth Mine (near Forestburg, Alberta) Position Profile: This position reports directly to the Chief Accountant. Responsibilities include assisting in the development and delivery of timely and accurate financial statements to Management. Duties will include to reconciling all accounts, auditing accounting records, preparing and providing cost analysis, preparation of monthly forecast and annual budgets, completing month end and interacting with internal and external auditors. Qualifications: The ideal candidate will posses a University Degree or diploma related to Accounting and possess at least two years of related experience and be working towards a professional designation. Other combinations of experience and education may be considered. Sherritt Coal offers a competitive compensation and benefits package and provides the opportunity for personal growth and development. Closing date: April 1, 2013 Please email or fax your resumé and cover letter to Human Resources: Email: Fax: 403.884.3003 We thank all candidates for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. We would kindly appreciate no phone calls.

Maintenance Electrician Camrose, Alberta

Shaw Pipe Protection Ltd., (SPPL is a ShawCor Company and is part of the Bredero Shaw Group (www.brederoshaw. com): the largest international applicator and supplier of coatings to the oil and gas pipeline industry.

Are you ready for a change? We are looking for a responsible and self-motivated individual to join our team part-time in providing outstanding customer service. You must have good health (lifting required), practice clean working habits and interact well with people. Please drop off resumé to Verna at…



4704-49 Avenue, Camrose

a few doors east of Fountain Tire downtown Open Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Sat., 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Tradesmen are required to inspect, repair and maintain plant mobile equipment, ensuring the operational condition is mechanically safe and sound. Work performed must be in accordance with established technical and safety standards and practices. Incumbents are required to assist in areas outside of their particular trade, as required. Ability to work shift work and overtime. Qualifications: 3+ years relevant experience within an industrial work environment, preferably in a manufacturing plant. Must have a solid working knowledge of mechanical drives, hydraulics and pneumatics, good communication skills, good vision and eye/hand co-ordination, be dependable, motivated, physically fit, safety conscious, and good analytic troubleshooting skills. Electrician must have knowledge in medium voltage circuits, industrial wiring, motor controls and PLC. Competitive wages, comprehensive benefit package after probation period. Please forward resumes or applications to: E-mail: Fax: 780-679-6423

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013



City Watch

News and Notices from The City of Camrose

Position Profile: Under the direction of the Maintenance Planner, this position is responsible for data entry to support the Computerized Maintenance Management System. Responsibilities include electronic and manual filing of documents; processing work orders; updating job plans; processing oil samples; entry of equipment operating hours, downtime reasons and delays; maintaining inventory of service, parts, training manuals; and reviewing timecards as well as recording overtime and vacation time. Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have the equivalent to high school graduation and completion of a diploma program at a college or technical school. Other combinations of education and experience may be considered. Experience in MS Office Suite as well as computerized maintenance systems considered an asset. Must demonstrate excellent interpersonal, communication organizational and administrative skills. Sherritt Coal offers a competitive compensation and benefits package and provides the opportunity for personal growth and development. Closing date: April 1, 2013 Please email or fax your resumé and cover letter to Human Resources: Email: Fax: 403.884.3003 We thank all candidates for their interest, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. We would kindly appreciate no phone calls.

Health Care Aides Providence Place Daysland is looking to add more staff to our great team! Facility – 81 suite full service seniors’ supportive living facility with rental and life lease apartments in Daysland. Responsibilities – You must have the ability to assist residents with their personal care needs and to help residents maintain their own independence, to participate in decision making of their care needs and enjoy an environment similar to living in their own home. Qualifications – Must be very motivated. Like working with seniors, and the public. Very team oriented. Experience is an asset, or having the HCA course. We can train on the job. Submit Resumé – Attention Jay Adams, fax 780-374-2529 or email, or in person at 6120-51 Avenue, Daysland. 780-672-4426


Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in your community? Join our team at the City of Camrose where you can help Camrose grow as a dynamic community with an exceptional quality of life. The City of Camrose is seeking a Help Desk and Support Technician who will be responsible for supporting the City’s computer systems and their operators. FUNCTIONS: • Responsible for the operation, maintenance, setup, and tear-down of all City computer systems and support equipment. • Day-to-day help desk and support operations for all City of Camrose staff, including phone support and hands-on support of all City PC hardware, software, and mobile devices. • Develop and provide training via one-on-one and organized training sessions for City of Camrose staff as needed. • Assist in the development of IT policies for the organization. QUALIFICATIONS: • At least 2 years’ experience in a computer/IT support field. • Diploma or post-secondary education in computer sciences or related field with formal training in hardware support. • Up-to-date knowledge of computer hardware and software and a strong understanding of current security issues including network and PC security and threat management. • Excellent interpersonal skills and customer service approach to work collaboratively with City Departments. • Valid class 5 driver’s license and Police Information Check. HOURS OF WORK: Typically Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. SALARY AND BENEFITS: The City of Camrose offers competitive salary, attractive benefits, and a positive work environment. The starting salary for this position will be dependent upon the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate. APPLICATIONS: Individuals interested in this position are invited to submit a cover letter and resumé to the address below or in person by March 29, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. We appreciate and consider all applications; however, only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. Director of Information Technology Mailing Address: 5204-50 Avenue Camrose, AB T4V 0S8 Office Location: 5415-49 Avenue Camrose, AB Phone 780-672-4428

Camrose Women’s Sh elter Society e

0 35 2-1

ll Free • To

1-877-672-1010 • Fa x 780679-4 999 • Bo x 14


67 078

n you someone who enjoys working with children and is interested in pursuing a job opportunity which Are entails making a difference in a child’s life? The successful candidate will be providing care and nurturing an environment of support for children and their mothers who reside at the women’s shelter and are escaping family violence or facing a crisis. o

Maintenance Planning Coordinator (near Forestburg, Alberta)



Sherritt International Corporation is a leading natural resources company with locations in Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario), Cuba and Madagascar. Sherritt provides a dynamic work environment that promotes and invests in growth opportunities in each of its principal businesses and – most importantly – its people. Our Sherritt Coal division is Canada’s largest thermal coal producer, with ten surface mines in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Producing more than 94% of the thermal coal produced in the country, Sherritt currently supplies domestic utilities and international companies with fuel for electricity generation.

The Family Support Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the provision of a variety of programs and services to children and their families who are in the Camrose Women’s Shelter. The FSC strives to meet the needs of children who have been affected by family violence through the provision of child and parent support, basic counseling, childcare, therapeutic play and other activities. This position is responsible for the leadership of the family support program and includes supervision of childcare workers and volunteers who help with childcare. The FSC coordinates and delivers client-centered programs and activities, provides education and information, ensures safe, secure supervision and nurturing of the children, provides parenting and counseling support to the moms and completes program evaluation. The FSC collaborates with other agencies, participates in case management and is a liaison and advocate with other service providers and community agencies. SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS: • Diploma or degree in Childcare, Social Work or other Human Services • Knowledge and experience in the area of domestic violence issues and family crisis • Familiar with the effects on children who have witnessed or experienced family violence • Experience in developing, coordinating and delivering children’s programs • Basic counseling skills with knowledge in parenting and life skills • Strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills • Awareness of relevant resources within the community • Ability to work flexible hours • Computer literacy and database knowledge • First Aid and CPR • Valid driver’s license This position entails full-time (40) weekday hours, offers a benefits package, with an hourly wage of $19.24 to $21.05 per hour, corresponding with education and experience. Please email resumés by March 29, 2013 to:

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


3755-43 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 3S8 Phone 780-672-4446 Fax 780-672-1008 Public Works. . . . . . . 780-672-4449 Website Email

DUST CONTROL PROGRAM 2013 County residents desiring dust control on the County road adjacent to their property should apply, prior to April 30, 2013, to: Camrose County, Public Works Department 3755-43 Avenue, Camrose, AB T4V 3S8 Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday Applicants will be responsible for the approximate cost of $323.40 including GST per 100 m length of calcium chloride material applied to the road surface. Camrose County will no longer be phoning residents who previously had dust control. Residents are therefore required to visit the Public Works Department prior to April 30, 2013 to sign the application and pick up stakes (color will change this year). Please call 780-672-4449 if you have any questions.

Join Canada’s largest and fastest growing Greek food franchise! Outstanding franchise opportunity: Camrose Commons


FARM TRUCK INSPECTIONS Camrose County, in conjunction with Alberta Transportation Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, will be conducting a FREE Farm Truck Safety Inspection for Camrose County residents on March 27th and 28th, 2013 for farm registered vehicles 4500 kgs and over GVW. Inspections will be conducted by appointment only at the Camrose County Public Works Shop at 3755 - 43rd Avenue, Camrose. For further details or to make an appointment, please call Anne at 780-672-4449 or

Battle River Community Foundation vice chair Dave Ofrim presents a cheque to Battle River Animal Protection Society president Laura Houseman.

INVITATION TO TENDER FARMLAND BEAVER COUNTY AILEEN FRANCES RAY, DARREN ORVAL RAY AND SUZANNE LAURA RAY hereby offer the following land for sale by tender, subject to existing reservations on title: NW 4-50-19-W4 – Containing 143.49 acres more or less All tenders must be in writing and include a deposit of $10,000 and be received before 12:00 noon, March 29, 2013 in a sealed envelope marked Ray Tender at the office of:

Enter a draw for a door prize!!

KNAUT JOHNSON FRANCOEUR LLP BARRISTERS & SOLICITORS 4925-51 STREET CAMROSE, ALBERTA T4V 1S4 ATTENTION: DAVID R. FRANCOEUR PHONE: 780-672-5561 The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted. Unsuccessful tenderers will be notified by mail and their cheques returned.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS Estate of FRANCES BERNICE BALMER, who died on February 26, 2013. If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by April 26, 2013, and provide details of your claim with JAMES H. ANDREASSEN at Andreassen Borth, Barristers & Solicitors, #200, 4870-51 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1S1. If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

The successful tenderer must complete the purchase and pay the balance of the adjusted purchase price on or before April 15, 2013 or the deposit will be forfeited. For further particulars, contact Aileen Ray at 780-662-2107.

INVITATION TO TENDER FARMLAND BEAVER COUNTY DARREN RAY hereby offers the following land for sale by tender, subject to existing reservations on title: N 1/2 of SW 4-50-19-W4 – Containing 80 acres more or less All tenders must be in writing and include a deposit of $10,000 and be received before 12:00 noon, March 29, 2013 in a sealed envelope marked Darren Ray Tender at the office of:

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS Estate of DONNA MARIE SHANTZ, who died on February 25, 2013. If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by April 26, 2013, and provide details of your claim with JAMES H. ANDREASSEN at Andreassen Borth, Barristers & Solicitors, #200, 4870-51 Street, Camrose, AB T4V 1S1. If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

KNAUT JOHNSON FRANCOEUR LLP BARRISTERS & SOLICITORS 4925-51 STREET CAMROSE, ALBERTA T4V 1S4 ATTENTION: DAVID R. FRANCOEUR PHONE: 780-672-5561 The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted. Unsuccessful tenderers will be notified by mail and their cheques returned. The successful tenderer must complete the purchase and pay the balance of the adjusted purchase price on or before April 15, 2013 or the deposit will be forfeited. For further particulars, contact Aileen Ray at 780-662-2107.


BRCF presents grant to Animal Protection Society By Dan Jensen

The Battle River Community Foundation presented a grant to the Battle River Animal Protection Society Feb. 8 to assist with the cost of providing shelter to abused and/or neglected animals. The grant was funded by endowments set up by Fred and Jean Molnar and Alice Ofrim to support the care of animals in the Battle River area. The Battle River Animal Protection Society is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization that was established in 2007 with the mission of helping neglected and abused animals. "All the money we receive in donations goes towards the feeding of the animals that we take in and the veterinary costs," explained Battle River Animal Protection Society president Laura Houseman. "We don't send animals to a home until they have been fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered." The average monthly cost of veterinary services and food, with supportive discounts included, is about $1,500 per month. "There isn't a shelter at this time so the animals stay at foster homes until they are healthy and socialized and ready to be adopted," said Houseman. "Many of the animals that are taken in have spent time living in back alleys and it takes a while to re-build their trust in humans." Global Pet Foods conducts an adoption day for the Battle River Animal Protection Society once a month. More information about the Battle River Animal Protection Society is available from Houseman at, or 780-678-5713. The Battle River Community Foundation exists to support projects in East Central Alberta which benefit local communities and have a positive impact on the future. Contributions to the Battle River Community Foundation are permanently invested in endowment funds currently valued in excess of $6.8 million. The principal of the endowments remains untouched and the income is made available annually to support local charities such as the Battle River Animal Protection Society. Some grant funding is also made available by generous donors who make flow-through gifts to the Battle River Community Foundation. Since its founding in 1995, the Battle River Community Foundation has granted over $1.7 million to various projects and initiatives.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013


WANTED: All Movie Goers Help out the Battle River Community Foundation and your community by raising a minimum of $20.00 in pledges and

enjoy five movies, food, games and prizes from 11:30 p.m. Saturday, March 23 through 7 a.m., Sunday, March 24th.


The Guilt Trip (rated PG, language may offend) Skyfall (rated 14A, violence) Mama (rated 14A, frightening scenes) Broken City (rated 14A, coarse language, violence) Surprise Feature (a currently playing movie)

Go for Gold!

By r certa eaching in of pl levels edge s yo ente u are red a dra into w:

By raising $500 or more you will be entere d in a draw for a

one-year VIP pass for winner and guest to Duggan Cinema (valu e $1,200).

Raise $350-$499

to be entered in

a draw for a

Tablet (approx. value $30 0 Raise $200-$3 49

to be entered in

Pledge forms online at or


a draw for a

22â&#x20AC;? HD Flat Scree (approx. value $2


n TV

Register at Duggan Theatre starting March 18th during show times by bringing in your pledge form and donations. Participants must be 14 years and older to participate. Transportation provided by the Boys & Girls Club with pick-up at Augustana Faith & Life Centre. Times: 10:30, 11:00, 11:30 p.m. Drop off the following morning.

The CAMROSE BOOSTER March 19, 2013



’07 GMC 1500 Crew SLE 4x4, 149,700 km



’04 GMC 2500 Crew SLT 4x4, 8.1L HD



’04 Ram 1500 Reg Cab 4x4, leather, 139,700 km



’12 Jeep Wrangler 4-Dr. ONly 16,300 km #213071A


’10 Lincoln MKX Limited AWD, 71,300 km #213045A


’08 Ford Edge LTD Loaded, all wheel drive #213100A


’08 Hyundai Santa Fe All wheel drive #12013A


’08 Durango SLT+ Leather, DVD, 77,600 km #13005


’12 Town ’n Country Chrysler, loaded, 21,400 km




’07 Dakota SLT




’08 Dodge 3500 Laramie ’08 GMC Sierra 2500

Club Cab, 4x4, 126,000 km

Dually diesel 4x4

Crew diesel 4x4

Brand New!

00 159 bi-weekly,


zero down

#213035. V8, six speed auto., air cond., SXT appearance pkg., 17” alloy wheels, cruise, chrome pkg., tilt, power windows and locks, keyless entry, media hub, 4-wheel disc antilock brakes.

includes loyalty cash.

61 304 bi-weekly,


zero down includes loyalty cash.


#213135. 3.6L V6, six speed auto., SXT plus, full Stow ’n’ Go seating, U-connect, rear seat video, front & rear air cond., p. windows & locks, keyless entry, entertainment gp, steering audio control, alloy wheels, back-up camera, cruise, 40GB hard disc drive, remote USB port, roof radk, power quarter vent windows, AM/FM/CD/ DVD/HDD/MP3 stereo, touch screen observation mirror, tilt/ telescoping wheel, trailer sway dampening and much more!

Brand New!

#213148. 2.0L I4 DOHC, six speed, air conditioning, power windows and locks, keyless entry, 6-way seat, all-speed traction control, tilt, AM/FM/CD/MP3/radio and more!

Mike Rodin

Longhorn 4x4, 850 km #213108A

43 119 bi-weekly,


’11 Ram 1500 Crew Sport, loaded, 54,800 km #213091A


’11 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4, 20,900 km #213146A



zero down includes loyalty cash.



0% $ 16,995 FINANCING

26 181 bi-weekly,

’11 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Longhorn 4x4, 49,000 km #213036A


’10 Dodge 1500 R/T Short box 4x4, 56,600 km #213178A



zero down includes loyalty cash.



Brand New!

#213127. 2.4L I4 DOHC, 16-valve, automatic, blacktop package, U-connect, 18 inch alloy wheels, spoiler, power windows and locks, tilt, AM/FM/ CD/MP3 stereo and much more!

Denis Mercier



Brand New!

#213103. 3.6L V6, six speed automatic, air conditioning, heated leather, 8.4 touch screen, power windows and locks, cruise, remote start, keylessGo, heated steering wheel, power seat, AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3 stereo and more!

2013 Dodge Avenger Blacktop

zero down

Brand New!

#213095. 2.4L engine, six speed automatic, traction control, air conditioning, 17” alloy wheels, keyless entry, power windows and locks, cruise/ tilt/telescoping wheel, tach, side and side curtain air bags and much more.

2013 Dodge Journey R/T AWD

96 172 bi-weekly,



’11 Ram 1500 Crew Cab


2013 Dodge Grand Brand Newy! Pkg. Caravan SXT Plus Ultimate Famil

2013 Dodge Dart SE



#212606. 390 hp 5.7L Hemi V8, six speed auto., western etched heated, ventilated buckets, Garmin nav., back-up camera, all power options, trip computer, fog lamps, 430N AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3/HDD radio, 6.5 touch screen, heated steering wheel, chrome trailer tow mirrors, brake control, spray-in box liner, Bluetooth streaming audio, 9 amplified speakers and much, much more.

2013 Chrysler 200 LX Sedan

’11 Chev 1500 Crew


2012 Ram 2500 Brand! Crew Longhorn 4x4 New


LTZ 4x4, 27,000 km

Take a at These Great Deals 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4



’09 Ford F150 XLT 4x4, only 52,500 km #213064A


38 107 bi-weekly,


zero down includes loyalty cash.



Darren Nichols Jen Edwards Noel Skoglund John Wigston Mike Cuthbert

Guy Basque

Tony Smith

’09 Dodge 3500 Mega

Laramie diesel 4x4 #212587A


’08 Dodge Dakota 4x4 Crew Cab, 72,500 km

Auto Hot Line 780.672.2476 For more great deals, log on to

The Camrose Booster, March 19, 2013  

The Camrose Booster, March 19, 2013

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