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Nov. 5 - Nov. 11, 2008 • Vol. 18 Issue 42

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Horton, Damon Huss, Jonathan Knell, Lucia, Ebony March, Angela Matano, Ryan McWhorter, Frederick Mintchell, Laurel

776 Vine Street

Murray, Stephanie Nolasco, Samantha

(between Santa Monica & Melrose)

Ofole, Mike Opalek, Brien Overly, Sasha

Los Angeles, CA 90038 (323) 962-7237

Perl-Raver, Bonnie Priever, Parimal M.

10 REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA Paris Hilton stars in futuristic rock opera.

Joy Calisoff

Ronit Guedalia

David Haar



rd Dram war a De d sk A ward NY Dr ama C ritics A ward Outer Cr itics Circ le Award yA







John Gallagher, Jr., Original Broadway Cast, Spring Awakening. photo by Tim White.

Lea Michele and Jonathan Gro, Original Broadway Cast. photo by Tim White.



  !'%'%%"(#"% ''(&!'%"*!'"*! 


Doug Simpson, David Tobin, Emmanuelle


Samuel L. Jackson & Bernie Mac: Comedic Harmony Lance Hammer explores life in the Mississippi Delta.




Sanders, Mike Sebastian, Henry Senecal,

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Vera Farmiga in the Adaptation of John Boyne’s Book




Grow Musically with Sound of Separation


Chris Corner Evolves from Sneaker Pimps

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JUNKET JUSTICE Stealing food is no crime. “I HAVE A CLEAR ICE FETISH,” JOHN Travolta says, with a quirky, off-putting earnestness somewhere in between Get Shorty and Battlefield Earth. He picks up his glass to illustrate. “When the ice is cloudy, I get truly upset about it. Because to me, cloudy ice means refrigerator ice. It’s smelly.” As a college junket journalist, I became somewhat of an authority on what is “smelly” and what is “clean.” For the fancy occasion of this Ladder 49 press junket, I was dressed in a

As he motioned to an invisible Hoffman, I wondered if these impromptu monologues were the norm for junkets – or just the norm for a Tuesday for Voight. I was removed from the line to talk to Tommy Lee Jones about Joe Horton The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada by studio personnel in favor of a big-time L.A. morning show and told

For the budget-busted student, junkets made Christmas shopping easy. Thank you, Mr. Costner, for that signed copy of Dances with Wolves. “clean” shirt, meaning it did not explicitly stink of Doritos. My South Central apartment was “smelly” in the sense that the car exhaust fumes often hide the acrid stench of our neighbor’s recreational afternoon habit wafting under the doorway. “Smelly” is relative. To professional journalists, I was the badly dressed scapegoat who gets stuck asking all of the questions to the non-English-speaking cinematographer. And to the overpaid studio bosses, I was a begrudging concession: a young writer to write for the massive 18 to 24-year-old movie going audience. Fortunately for me, stars at junkets were far more likely to let their guard down in an interview with a meek collegiate simpleton. At the junket for Nicolas Cage’s National Treasure, the legendary (read-ancient) Jon Voight started bizarrely acting out scenes from Midnight Cowboy, even hunching down in his seat to play the diminutive Dustin Hoffman. “I got to get you a doctor, dammit! You die in my damn hands!” he screamed.

to “just enjoy the free food instead.” When I protested, another journalist quickly hushed me. “Watch out, man. Just tell Tommy you enjoyed the movie,” the nattily-dressed man warned. “And don’t say anything about his tie. He’s worn the same one to junkets for the past 10 years.” So I did what every good Los Angeleno would: I swallowed my pride with catered nicoise salad and warm risotto. And snuck in later. But I was always professional. Mostly. At the St. Regis Hotel, talking to Travolta, I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm for our shared past. Joe: “You know, in my senior year I played Danny Zuko in my high school production of ‘Grease.’” John: “I bet you were a good Danny Zuko.” Aw, well, gosh, shucks. For the budget-busted student, junkets made Christmas shopping easy. For that special someone on your list, an autographed DVD from a favorite star was ideal, provided you

event pick

site pick



Nov. 12 @ USC, Arnold Schoenberg Institute Auditorium The University of Southern California is offering a unique opportunity for students around Los Angeles who are interested in the music industry. A panel of A&R representatives will be hosting a discussion about their work. The music company executives will also be listening to, and offering advice to, bands that submit their demo tapes. 7:30 p.m. Tickets are free, but you must RSVP to, as space is limited. —Grace Ansani

Where can you find an accumulation of links to Web sites that range from amusing math games to provocative political articles to improbable medical miracles and everything in between? offers stories that can’t be found on CNN. Examples of recent posts include The New Yorker political cartoons and a story about deadly moonshine in Canada. If you’re tired of hearing the same old political pundits, simply customize your page, eliminate the noise and opt for gaming posts instead. Log on today. —Grace Ansani

could fight through the line of other journalists groveling with their felt-tip pens. And thank you, Mr. Costner, for that signed copy of Dances with Wolves. There are certain benefits to scurrying about below the “professional” radar and benefits to living in an entirely unscrupulous city. Particularly annoyed with the patronize-the-kid tone of the past several junkets, I dared to break the mythic commonercelebrity divide. I called my sister: “Hey, hope school is good. Want to meet Orlando Bloom?” Her immediate response carried the enthusiastic, eruptive force known only to girls whose walls have been plastered with Legolas the Elf posters for years. Several days later, as I strolled into the Four Seasons with my new “note-taking assistant” and a faux bandage on my writing hand (which, as I related to Paramount Pictures, held together my sprained wrist, crippled in a grievous biking accident) for the Elizabethtown junket, we just happened to greet Bloom coming out of his last TV interview. In a startling turn of fate, I happened to have a camera in my unblemished hand, and Bloom graciously supplied my sister with the photo of a lifetime. I might be a nothing in the Hollywood hegemonic order, but I’m still the big-brotherthat-could. I used to feel guilty as I stuffed croissant after croissant, Fiji bottled water after Fiji bottled water from the catered buffets into my bag, always gleefully wondering how long I could live off of the unwitting generosity of Sony Pictures. Now, armed with the infinite wisdom that comes from years of suffering the repulsed stares of L.A.’s privileged few when valeting my dented, dust-encrusted 1987 Volvo station wagon at the Four Seasons and steadily going deaf listening to my screechy tape recorder while transcribing the endlessly smug intonations of Hollywood’s glamorous elite, I’ve uncovered the one undeniable moral of existence in this amoral town. Stealing food from press junkets is no crime. In fact, it’s not really stealing at all. I’ve earned that food. And now I carry a big bag.




Tanning Misconception #8 “Mystic Tan will make me orange!” Mystic Spray Tan is an excellent alternative to UV beds if you have sensitive skin or do not want to use UV tanning. Mystic Tan is a formula of 90% aloe vera and a carbohydrate called DHA. Mystic Tan is applied in a private booth using a magnet tan technology. Using the body’s own natural magentic properties, mystic tan polarizes sunless tan particles as they are emitted from the booth, and applies a beautiful, smooth tan. Mystic Tan should be used on clean, exfoliated skin for best results. Stop in today to learn more about Mystic Tan and any of the Mystic brand pharmaceutical grade products we offer!

– by Libby Dahl



Mystic (expires 11/30/08)

Must Present Coupon to Receiv e Offer


3163 South Hoo ver Street (located in the University Village)

Los Angeles

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[NOV. 5 - NOV. 11 ’08]

special feature | B Y

JOE HORTON Vietnam War that LBJ’s stubbornness refused to concede. In place of that stubbornness should fit Clinton’s profound emotional radar, politically capable of shimmying around Beltway landmines and personally magnetic, bursting with that uncanny Bubbaish “I know your pain” empathy. Clinton’s undisciplined hubris and vengeful spirit, naturally, can be left at the door. So what should we expect and demand from an Obama administration? If nothing else: accountability and level-headedness. So many hours of Obama’s day will be, by necessity, dedicated to cleaning up the messes of the past eight years. He finds himself in the Oval Office at the bottom of a well, inheriting a collapsing national infrastructure and burned global bridges but benefiting from one singular advantage. If he insists upon a governmental personality that admits its mistakes and operates in a competent and tolerant manner, his administration will immediately maintain better footing in the country and around the world. During his marathon campaign, Obama faced down the remarkably resilient Hillary Clinton and a buzzsaw GOP attack-machine in its nastiest form. He proved himself a cool customer in the heat of battle, determined but not dogmatic in pursuit of policies that refuse to bend to theocratic binaries –good/evil, right/wrong, patriotic/unpatriotic – and eschewed partisan polarization. Obama’s “professorial” air, so often criticized by his opponents and pundits, is the very stuff Washington has lacked for the past eight years: intellectual discourse, honest and professional debate and a willingness to entertain the alternative. While Obama’s administration walks into a litany of major policy disasters, it also inherits a vacuum of modern leadership. The restoration of faith in the ideal that those who lead our country are the most capable of leading it should be his first, last and most enduring mark on the office during his first term. On matters of policy, Obama must move forcefully but slowly. He will benefit from a friendly Congress and the initial goodwill of the American people, but he must not squander his political capital on fights he cannot soundly win. The Democratic Party, for much of the latter half of our century, has been the Loyal Opposition, proposing initiatives that ideologically outdistance their pragmatism. To prove his efficacy as a leader, working to fulfill his mantra of change and upholding the progressive banner, Obama must choose his initiatives wisely.

PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK OBAMA What to Expect of Our New Leader FIRST, THE CHEERING. DID YOU take a picture of your ballot? I did, because it’s one for the ages. Politics is so often a field devoid of absolutes – everyone has their own ferociously held opinion; successes and failures melt into tone-conscious shades of gray; history has that nasty habit of being written and re-written by whoever happens to own the printing presses at the moment – but this day stands forever as a singular moment in our history. Forty-four years ago, African Americans didn’t have full voting

much harder to govern with a mandate from the people. Let us not forget our history. Democrats have simultaneously held the White House and Congress for only six of the past 40 years. In the post-Watergate deluge of 1976, Jimmy Carter went from Plains, Ga. to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with a dominant Democratic legislature, only to see his presidency and the majority swept away a mere four years later. In 1993, Bill Clinton saw a friendly Congress buck his plans for healthcare reform and then fall to Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America in 1994.

Obama’s “professorial” air, so often criticized by his opponents and pundits, is the very stuff Washington has lacked for the past eight years: intellectual discourse, honest and professional debate and a willingness to entertain the alternative. rights. Sixty years ago, black soldiers could not fight alongside their white compatriots. A hundred and fifty years ago, this country still had slaves. Four years ago, it was impossible to elect a competent president. How far we have come, and how far we have yet to go. Prepare for the end of the beginning. The economy will continue to deteriorate; vicious terrorism will again rear its ugly head, Americans will lose their jobs and retirement savings and we won’t have George W. Bush to kick around anymore. Worst of all, after running a campaign that has managed expectations spectacularly – never setting the bar too high, always delivering on manageable goals – President Obama’s first year will see the Democrats in control of Congress and the White House with astronomical demands weighing heavy on any decisions. With strong majorities in the House and Senate, Obama will wield a powerful legislative pen. He will face the most difficult test of any presidency: what to do when you have power. It’s easy for presidents to dig in for battle against a hostile Congress, easy to play the blame game and wheedle for public pity points. It’s

The greatest challenge for Obama in his first year, armed with plenty of votes and an overwhelming national appetite for change, is how far is too far, and how far is far enough. One has to look all the way back to Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, begun in earnest in 1965, to find dramatic and widely supported progressive legislation – Medicare, Medicaid, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, federal funding for education – that has retained lasting relevance in the conservative final third of the American century. President Obama would do well to balance the personas of the past three Democratic presidents, each of whom faced their own triumphs and failures of character and judgment. Obama has long been likened to Carter in his political philosophy, combining an egalitarian optimism and a broad worldview with a message of change, but he must be careful to avoid the high-minded moralism that scuttled Carter’s effectiveness as a leader. Obama would be far better served to appropriate the ruthless political mind of LBJ, whose persuasive skills in a progressive Congress were only derailed by the cataclysmic drain of money, manpower and spirit of the

First on his agenda must be the tempered oversight of the economy and a firm regulatory hand, particularly with regard to curbing predatory lending practices, halting the parade of foreclosures and putting a sturdy bottom under housing prices. Now is the ideal moment for Democrats to prove that they can inject the power of the government into the free market without fundamentally altering the capitalistic go-getter spirit. John McCain and the GOP Congress were hit hardest in this election on the bailout package that delivered the ultimate conservative Catch-22: taxing the people, controlling the market and publicly coming to the defense of the rich to save policies that have proven utterly disastrous for the middle class. This is a serious, longreaching stumble for the trickle-down theory of wealth distribution, and Obama would do well to ride out the recession by focusing on home values, assuring taxpayers of accountability for the bailout package, creating new jobs in federally-funded interior works projects and regulating without scapegoating the ultra-wealthy. Health care must be the second priority of an Obama administration. Obama’s plan takes some of the best intentions from Hillary Clinton’s signature cause and implements them in a staggered approach. During his first term he must pass and support his clarion call for universal mandatory coverage for children. His management of federal health care as an addition to, not replacement of, private or employer insurance programs to further competition, cover existing medical conditions and import safe and cheap drugs from abroad must be handled carefully as a first step to introduce Americans to flexible and personable government-run health care. He must de-mystify the influence and opportunities of his National Health Insurance Exchange and public health insurance options to ensure that his administration does not become synonymous with Big Government while reminding citizens of the essential failures of the existing health care catastrophe. His last immediate priority must be an effort to restore America’s standing in the world, beginning with an immediate, phased withdrawal of troops from Iraq. During his campaign, Obama made much hay out of his plan to redistribute troops to Afghanistan to fight the “real” enemy, the Taliban, and this option provides some red meat for the war hawks in the country while narrowing our military focus to the densest concentration of culpable Islamic Shawn Rocco/Raleigh News & Observer/MCT

4 | Campus Circle

extremists in the world. Obama must convince the international community, including our Chinese and Russian partners on the U.N. Security Council, that we are indeed at war with terrorism, not with Islam, not with the Middle East and not against an Axis of Evil. We must sit down with leaders of “rogue nations” as we must sit down and talk with the leaders of all nations to diffuse the prospect of perpetual religious warfare on a global scale. A great many issues will doubtless be left out in the cold. Educational reform, gay rights, immigration and aspects of alternative energy will all likely find themselves on the sidelines, at least initially. It is critical that Obama’s supporters, particularly his army of first-time, younger voters, appreciate that Obama will have his share of failures. He will be forced to table some of his best initiatives, amend some of his campaign promises and marginalize the needs of those who need his help the most. If his presidency is to be what he has promised, he will have to gamble on the hope that in four or eight years he will do as much as he can, laying a new foundation with worn-out tools. That, perhaps, strikes most at the heart of possibility in the Age of Obama. Americans time and again have shown their willingness to believe, to trust in optimistic leadership and have faith that 300 million little steps make a great leap forward. For all of the clichés that abound, for all of the political rhetoric tugging on the heartstrings of voters, for all of the rabid divisiveness that still sickens our democracy, this election means something. If only to shout through history to our children, echoing a faint call from the mountaintop, we mark the moment when the impossible was, for at least one day, forever possible. Cover illustration by Amane Kaneko,

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college central | B Y

college central


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Getting the Connections You Need

Jennifer Driessen

WE’VE BEEN TRAINED SINCE WE WERE little to know that if you talk to your teacher, you’re a teacher’s pet. It’s no doubt that when we moseyed on up through high school that most of us decided to form a non-connecting relationship with most of our teachers. Granted some of the teachers were Dr. Stacy Smith talking to a USC student during office hours. too good at teaching or just really amazing to ignore; but for the most part, very willing to help, and most love the that’s what we did. Now we’re in college, and opportunities to get to know their students. we’re still acting like we’re in high school. Dr. Stacy Smith, Associate Professor at USC Colleges and universities are jam packed Annenberg School for Communication, brings with some of the top professors and experts in up an interesting comparison: “When it comes to the world, and they are available to us. Do you professors, students have this monster vs. even realize how privileged and lucky you are to machine perception. Is the professor a monster be in such a location (Los Angeles) that engulfs or a machine? I think it’s important that this us with this greatness? perception gets dispelled early.” We have the opportunity to meet, talk and With Smith, she makes the perception know these talented people. Connections are evaporate to a mere nothing. Outside her office everything in the business world, and if you want during office hours, the hallway is always at least to get to that higher place, you need to know the five people deep. Inside her office, she has stacks right people and they need to know you. What of letters of recommendation she’s writing for better way to get to know the “right people” – students she actually knows – because they came a.k.a. our professors – than to go to their office to office hours. hours? “In-class conversations just don’t do it, I Some students know that, technically, they want to be able to show the student’s personality should go to office hours. They know. So what’s [when writing a letter of recommendation],” she preventing them? Is it the excuses they concoct says. “It’s in the student’s best interest to go to inside their minds to compensate for not going office hours.” to office hours (i.e. don’t have time, will next Although Smith realizes that going to office time, too much work, etc.)? hours can be an intimidating process, she loves If so, I have to say … WHAT? That is that she’s a part of helping her students figure out basically saying that you would rather stay at their life processes – to be a part of something your apartment and watch TV while eating that can shape a student. donuts than to be one step away from producing “How exciting!” she exclaims. that TV show you have been working on for the So, put down the donuts, get off the couch past four years. OK, that may be a tiny and go to your professors’ office hours. Even if exaggeration, but then again, maybe not. you’re scared, busy, whatever it may be, these One USC sophomore discusses why she opportunities are just waiting for you to grab doesn’t go to office hours. them by the horns and take control. “I’m way too scared,” she says. “I went to Professors, like Smith, understand how scary office hours once this year to discuss my paper, it may be and will make it as painless as possible. and it helped. But I’m still too scared.” You’re future is right in front of you, starting with This is a common reaction, but what office hours! students need to understand is that professors are

campus news | B Y Lowering the Drinking Age University and college presidents are signing a petition to open a debate about the drinking age. However, the University of California presidents are refusing to sign it. The Amethyst Initiative is a petition that hopes to initiate an informed debate over the current drinking age. The nonprofit organization Choose Responsibly along


with eight college presidents drafted the petition in July 2008. The petition questions why adults under 21 can vote and serve in the army but still can’t drink alcohol. The debate aims to include discussion of new, more productive ways to decrease dangerous drinking habits on most college campuses.

Youth Impact Program at USC The University of Southern

Noah Auerhahn and Jeff Nobbs of USC are the co-founders of


Shopping is their business. B Y L A U R E L M U R R AY NOAH AUERHAHN AND JEFF NOBBS aren’t worried about finding jobs after they graduate. The two USC Business Administration majors and roommates already work for, a growing Internet company. And the best part is – it’s their company. It all started in 2006, when Noah and Jeff studied online shopping and decided they could do it better. They imagined a free Web site that would make online shopping faster and easier, and give cash back to shoppers. And thus a class project, and a business, began. In May 2008, won the $25,000 first prize in the fourth annual USC Business Plan Competition, the university’s most prestigious award for entrepreneurs. There were 38 other entrants, and was the only undergraduate team to make the finals. The award also helped them attract additional investment to the business. Their site now has more than 8,000 members, who get up to 30 percent cash back on their online purchases from more than 750 reputable online retailers, including Apple, Dell, StubHub, BestBuy and Expedia.

California football program not only has muscle, but heart as well. The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a resolution supporting a summer mentorship program through USC for at-risk middle school boys. The Youth Impact Program selects boys from inner-city middle schools and sends them to summer camp to participate in academic sessions in the morning and football in the afternoon. The Congressional resolution acknowledges the accomplishments and goals of the program and encourages the expansion of the

“It’s like having a well-connected personal shopper who takes you into your favorite stores, earns a commission from the store on anything you buy, and then turns around and shares the commission with you,” says Nobbs. In November 2008 will introduce an enhanced version, which will feature a comparison-shopping engine that can find the lowest online price for millions of products. “We’re working overtime to get the new site ready for holiday shopping,” says Auerhahn. “It’s exhausting but building our own business is the most exciting thing we’ve ever done.” The business partners’ immediate goal is to make the place that online shoppers go to first. “After that,” says Nobbs, “the possibilities for building the brand are endless.” So look for great things in the future from Auerhahn and Nobbs, because they are already brainstorming their next big idea.

For more information, visit

program to cities across the nation.

The Great Southern California Shake Out Nov. 13 The largest, and most realistic, earthquake drill in U.S. history will include all of Southern California and takes place Nov. 13. The University of Southern California has begun preparing for the drill by offering three earthquake safety seminars. Considering that over half of the population of USC comes from out of state, earthquake safety is unknown to a majority of students.

USC will be playing a vital role in the enactment of this earthquake drill. The university will be one of the main sites for emergency operations the morning of the drill. Over 300 volunteers from USC will participate and 75 of these volunteers will be made-up to play victims, making the drill seem as real as possible. Additional earthquake safety events will continue all week long throughout southern California. So far, 4.6 million people have already registered for the drill. For more information, visit

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[APRIL 9 - APRIL 15 ’08]

special feature | B Y

40. Harvelle’s (1432 4th St., Santa Monica) Burlesque ladies and boys who look like Charles Bukowski roam like cattle at Santa Monica’s premiere spot for girlie shows. If you’ve got the cojones to saunter up to a Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese lookalike and actually ask her out on a date, then this place is your heaven.


knew a girl who looked like Shrek (or more accurately, Fiona) but had absolutely no problem whatsoever meeting guys here. And I’m not talking about dorks with no chance in hell of landing a cute girl. These

with the dopest tunes on tap. But the best thing about this establishment is that it’s chock-full of humble singles who swear that they’re nerds, but in actuality are just sweet people lacking in pretense who may be a little shy at first but are always worth the time and effort.


39. Oakwood Apartments

(3600 Barham Blvd., Los Angeles) Nestled in the crusty hills between Hollywood and the Valley, these furnished living spaces are home to many of the men and women who earn their living working at nearby Warner Bros., Disney and NBC. These buildings are oozing available singles. What’s more, many of them are new to the area and just dying for someone to show them the ropes.

38. Laemmle’s Sunset 5 (8000

Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood) What is it about independent film that is so undeniably sexy? Maybe it’s the people who worship this artistic genre. You’ll find plenty of cinemaphiles to tickle your fancy in line or waiting in the lobby on a Saturday night. The better the movie selection, the better the babe pool.


Spain Restaurant (1866 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles) My friend and I weren’t surprised by how good the food was. Dulce de Leche crepes and chorizo marinated in red wine were two of the menu items that enticed us in the first place. But we were shocked by the good looks of all the patrons that we encountered during our meal.


4100 Bar (4100 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake) I’ve shown up here with no make-up on and had people spark up a convo with me. I’ve been here dressed to the nines and had every boy in the place turn his head. Hell, I was recently involved in some deep discussions about life and had guys that I wasn’t even convinced were straight implant themselves all up in my beeswax.

35. The Brite Spot (1918 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park) I have personally not set foot in the Brite Spot since going there with my ex. You see, the waitresses at this diner are hot, and they have no aversion to flirting with customers. In this particular instance, girlfriend flirted her way right out of a tip because I was picking up the tab that night, not him. For a single guy looking to score, grab your best female wingman and head on over.

34. Pipers Restaurant (222 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles) I once

smack-dab on my love radar. Maybe it was the way the muscles in his forearms bulged when he made those grande Frappuccinos. Or perhaps it was the fact that every night after work, he’d come over to my apartment with all the stale scones and cakes that hadn’t been sold that day. Regardless, I fell – HARD – for this guy. Sure, our relationship was short-lived, but it was unforgettable. Whether you work here or play here, this Starbucks is the land of unchartered passions ... and some damn good lattes.

30. Getty Images (6300 Wilshire Blvd., 16th Fl., Los Angeles) Get a job here, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the sexiest men and women in Los Angeles. World famous photographers like Michael Buckner and Timothy Norris

portfolio, a love of and more importantly, an aptitude for photography and photo editing, since that’s what Getty Images is all about.


PYT Fridays ( Pretty Young Things finally have a place in which to admire each other. This party is thrown each week by some of the sickest DJs in Hell-A. True, the guy/girl ratio is definitely swayed in favor of the fellas, but no worries. It’s still a good time to be had by all.


Silver Lake Dog Park (1850 W. Silver Lake Drive, Silver Lake) Your puppy is super cute! Everyone says so. But not everyone you date wants to assume the responsibility of caring for your pooch. That’s why the dog park is so much fun. Your fourlegged buddy could wind up sniffing

OF L.A.’S BEST PLACES TO HOOK UP Love can be impossible to track down in a big city. With so many people on the go, you’re lucky if you ever meet Mr. or Ms. Right. To expedite cupid’s arrow, it’s best to know where that crafty little archer is hiding. Thankfully, we bring you the most notorious hook-up and flirtation spots in the city. were attractive and professional men with ... OK, “eccentric” tastes. But if it worked for her, then surely the rest of us can get a little lovin’ here. Pipers is an upscale diner with decent food and a good smattering of locals that are willing to get to know you, as opposed to judging you at first glance.

33. Miss T’s Barcade (371 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles) On any given night, there are a ton of cool kids ready, willing and able to school each other on the craziest games. We’re talkin’ boys who love their Xbox 360s and girls who adore their Wii Fits. Barcade’s vibe is unforgettable. They hire only DJs

32. Moonlight Rollerway (5110 San Fernando Road, Glendale) On adult nights, MILFs run free here like wild horses. So do college-aged singles waxing nostalgic about the good ol’ days of skating rinks, Bratz dolls and Sega video game consoles. Love is only a stumble away, so there’s no need to worry if your skate-skills are lacking; someone attractive is bound to break your fall.


Starbucks Coffee (7624 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles) His name was Eli. He looked like a cross between Penn Badgley and Milo Ventimiglia. I was getting over a fling with a co-worker when Eli landed

Skate into the arms of a new a love at Moonlight Rollerway.

are major babes – trust me! As are the office staff. Just a quick note: You should probably have a stunning

the butt of the beagle belonging to your future husband or wife. Now that’s what I call matchmaking!

[NOV. 5 - NOV. 11 ’08]

Campus Circle | 7

inner circle

27. Chef’s Inc. (10955 W. Pico 21. Vanilla Bake Shop (512 16. Fred 62 (1850 N. Vermont Blvd., Los Angeles) Taking classes at this Westwood culinary arts school will achieve one of two things: it’ll prepare you for the rigors of cohabitation, or place you in a class with someone who you could possibly have a meaningful relationship with. Celebrated local chefs teach nearly every style of cooking here, and class participants are as varied as the Los Angeles landscape.

26. David & Goliath (909 N. Sepulveda Blvd., El Segundo) For the artistically inclined, may I introduce you to D&G? This respected creative agency has employed some of Los Angeles’ most talented writers and artists. Oh, did I mention that writers and artists are usually devilishly attractive?

25. The Daily Pint (2310 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica) The Daily Pint is a great neighborhood bar with cheap brews and a kick-ass happy hour. It’s got something for every social taste: Santa Monica college students, yuppies and other assorted 21-34-year olds. Ask that goodlooking blonde or fly-guy in the suit to join you for a friendly game of foosball or darts.

24. Souplantation (8491 W. 3rd St. Los Angeles) Weekdays around lunchtime at this Beverly Connection restaurant are a bizarre hot bed of singles action. There are stories all over this town about people finding love or something like it near the mammoth salad bar or while fighting over the last of the cheesy pizza bread.

Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica) Didn’t you know? Cupcakes are like catnip to women everywhere. Not only is Vanilla Bake Shop full of yummy sugary goodness, but there are charming girls aplenty camped out here in order to feast on Meyer Lemon and the sensual Blackberry Passion Fruit cakes.

20. Don Antonio’s (11755 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles) College coeds are all about Don Antonio’s. Lovely and dazzling young ladies parade through this Westside eatery in packs. You can also find unnervingly masculine guys to drool over when you’re not too busy pigging out on the food.


Trader Joe’s (7304 Santa Monica Blvd.; 263 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles) Go here on a weeknight or better yet, a lazy Sunday afternoon and prepare to be bowled over by the luscious eye candy. I’m not just talking about the produce, either. Hollywood and West Hollywood cuties converge to get their shopping done. I’ve personally seen a few coming on to each other in the process.


The Kitchen (4348 Fountain Ave., Silver Lake) Comfort food, hipster-style! The Kitchen is perhaps the most underrated eatery in all of Los Angeles. But you don’t care about that. You’re more interested in the attractive and often single Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz locals that dine here. They’re friendly too and not at all adverse to striking up

23. Green Door Lounge (1429 Ivar Ave., Los Angeles) I’m all about any place where hotties like Ryan Gosling get their own DJ night. Green Door is high class, yet low key. The women you see here are stylish and in the know. The guys that hang here are sharp and dreamy. Just remember: it takes a certain level of confidence to frequent a spot like this, so be forewarned.


Ave., Los Feliz) From across the milk chocolate-colored booths is romance waiting to happen. Fred’s is open late. This means that if you strike out at the local bar or club, you still have a chance to mack on someone decent. Seduce and destroy with a plate of fries.


Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill, The Grove (189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles) There was a waiter here named Desmond who looked like Kele Okereke from Bloc Party. Desmond was so cute that I slipped him my phone number – under my then-boyfriend’s nose. What can I tell you? They only hire the best.

nights are awesome because they’re free, which means the room will be packed with the kind of hottness that was once reserved for your most intimate of naughty thoughts.


Urban Outfitters (7650 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles) Back in 2001, yours truly was an employee of this famed mecca of urban chic. Not two weeks into my employment had I managed to snag myself a quirky make-out buddy who just happened to be my co-worker. And that’s just my story. Between the constant influx

4. Short Stop (1455


Buddha’s Belly (205 Broadway, Santa Monica) Where are all the attractive men in Southern California? If it’s lunchtime, they’re here – eating well and building up plenty of stamina for more intimate activities to be held later. Since Santa Monica is the Silicon Valley of Los Angeles, you can rest assured that any of the men Catch some random tongue action at Cinespace! you meet here are going to be educated, employed and healthconscious. If the ladies are your thing, of celebrities (Seann William Scott imagine a place where hippie chicks was a regular when I worked here, as graze on vegan and vegetarian was actress Winona Ryder) and the tastiness all day, all night. The big major babes working across the street window is also great for people at Starbucks (see Starbucks Coffee), watching. Urban is a great resource for making love connections. Body Builder’s Gym (2516 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles) Gym Cinespace (6356 Hollywood culture sucks, but if you must ... Body Blvd., Los Angeles) I won’t lie to you, Builder’s Gym is well respected and Cinespace blows if you’re looking for centrally located. If you’ve got a few a mature relationship with someone extra pounds, ask out someone who’s you can talk to. However, if you just fighting the good fight as well. If want to suck face or prove to yourself you’re one of the pretty people, you’ll that you’ve still got it, then slap on find plenty of available versions of your dancing shoes and head to your perfect mate to crush on. Hollywood. I’ve gotten so much random tongue action here I’m convinced my lip gloss contains Swingers (8020 Beverly pheromones. Blvd., Los Angeles) Located in the heart of it all, Swingers attracts the cream of the crop. The tragically hip The Normandie Room (8737 will find sustenance as well as Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles) Lez infatuation with one another. love finds a happy home in the heart of Boys Town. Whether your taste is girls with art school style or women The Hollywood Bowl (2301 with an Ellen DeGeneres edge, the N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles) With Normandie Room’s crowd (and even recent performances from Beck, bartenders) are sexy ladies that you’ll MGMT and Radiohead, the bowl was love getting to know a whole lot a haven of summer love in 2008. But better. for the lucky few, it carries precious memories year round. I once met a blind date here. We walked the The Abbey (692 N. Robertson grounds after hours and stayed up late Blvd., Los Angeles) The Abbey is a talking and kissing under the stars. famed gay bar. Boys who like boys have known about this place for years and have made it the first stop on the Spaceland (1717 Silver Lake WeHo tour of love. What most people Blvd., Los Angeles) Monday nights don’t realize is that for every gay male, are residency nights. Translation: there’s a straight female best friend. Monday equals some fine tail up in So, for any of you hetero guys manly here. Spaceland is a breeding ground enough to kick it at a same sex of the best up ’n’ coming bands and oriented lounge, you could have the musicians on the scene today. They pick of a very attractive litter if you broke groups like Noah and the play your cards right. Whale and the Walkmen. These






Brains + Technology = Sexy

Toast (8221 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles) Located in a thoroughly obnoxious part of town, Toast redeems itself by offering ordinary food prepared in extraordinary ways. This may be why it stays packed with beautiful women at all hours of the day and night. For anyone looking for a great gal with remarkable fashion sense, you’re likely to find such a creature here.


conversations with attractive strangers at neighboring tables.

17. Apple Store, The Grove (189 10. The Grove Drive, Los Angeles) There is absolutely nothing sexier than brains and technology. You’ll find both at the Mac store. Cozy on up to your favorite Mac genius and let him or her explain to you how to work that iPhone that you’ve had for months now. Sneaky, but effective.


Westside Eclectic Theater (1323A 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica) A sense of humor can be a powerful aphrodisiac. With that being said, the folks at the Westside Eclectic are sitting on one of the greatest untapped resources for booty in this town. Comedians like Drennon Davis (“Last Comic Standing”) and actor Avi Rothman perform here. Not to mention hot ladies like Cobie Smulders (“How I Met Your Mother”) and actress Vanessa Ragland-Irwin.

Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles) This Echo Park staple has come full circle. Just a few short years ago, the Short Stop was all the rage. There have been a few low points in its storied history, but through it all, it’s back on top. What this bar has to offer is variety. If you like sporty types, but your friend digs hipsters, you’re both covered. If you arrive on a packed night, you just might leave with Mr. or Ms. Right.


Yelp ( The social calendar goes 2.0! Yelp is a fierce online community that allows its users the opportunity to rate the places they frequent. It also enables them to send each other messages, rate each other’s photos and also invite one another to fun social events. This is the easiest and most modern way to flirt without fear of rejection.


Little Joy Cocktail Lounge (1477 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles) If you can’t get laid here, then there’s no hope for you, my friend. Little Joy is a rite of passage in Los Angeles. At some point, anyone who’s ventured to Echo Park on a Friday or Saturday night has knocked back a brewski or two here. The staff is usually an attractive mix of artists and slackers. The same can be said of its patrons. Even Fab Moretti (the drummer for the Strokes) is hip to Little Joy; his new band is named after it.

1. Craigslist ( As chronicled in the indie flick In Search of a Midnight Kiss, Craig and his list are a must-have for singletons everywhere. It’s great: if your thing is a tall Aquarius with a love of the Dodgers who happens to drive a gold 1982 T-bird, I guarantee you, that individual is out there – somewhere – and probably into all the freaky nogood deeds that you are. And it’s not just for straight kids, either. Gay guys and gals can get their love on with men and women of any race, creed, orientation and fetish imaginable. Long live the list!

N O V. 5 - N O V. 1 1 , 2 0 0 8 • V O L . 1 8

ISSUE 42 •

Bernie Mac’s Swan Song BY SASHA PERL-RAVER IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO TALK ABOUT the new film Soul Men without recognizing with a pang of sadness that it’s one of the last films Bernie Mac completed before his sudden, untimely death in August at the age of 50. “The first thing I thought was, ‘Damn, Bernie didn’t get to see the movie,” Mac’s co-star Samuel L. Jackson says somberly about learning of his friend’s passing. But Jackson quickly realized, “If you had to pick a vehicle and say, ‘This is the last movie you ever get to do and the audience will watch this film and it’s the Bernie Mac they knew and loved who came into their homes every week, you’ll be the King of Comedy and sing and dance and have this dramatic arc.’ It’s all the elements of Bernie that we loved. It’s a fitting last performance to remember him by.”

The film’s producers, David Friendly and Charles Castaldi, echo Jackson’s sentiments. “It was a very tough thing to get through, but we all felt it was probably one of the best performances he’d ever given,” Friendly says. “Having worked with Bernie,” Castaldi adds, “we got to know him well enough to know he’s sitting up there saying,‘Well, if I had to go out on something, this is a pretty darn good one to go out on.’” One of the reasons the film works so well is the relationship between Jackson and Mac, who had been friends offscreen for more than 15 years. “Bernie and Sam had such mutual respect and affection for each other,” Friendly remembers. “They were having a great time together. It wasn’t forced. It wasn’t phony.”

projections | essential film events


abuse and murders-by-hammer, lie a dry, black humor that only Boyle’s signature directing style can contain. Enjoy MacGregor au naturale with his CHOOSE LIFE. CHOOSE A JOB. molasses-thick Scottish accent and laugh if Choose a career. Choose a big television. you can stomach it while Choose to watch a keeping an eye out for plot Trainspotting/Shallow Grave connections between the Ewan MacGregor-filled two on-film slices of underdouble feature presented by ground Edinburgh life (like director Danny Boyle at the Shallow Grave’s secretEgyptian Theatre tomorrow drug-dealing roommate night. If the anticlimax of Hugo as he plays Hugo the election fever has you drug dealer in Trainspotwanting to be in another ting). country doing a ton of hard Relish Ewan MacGregor in all his preWith all the voting drugs, then save yourself the Phantom Menace glory. behind us and a new presiinterventions and watch dential inauguration not far off, we deserve other people make the wrong decisions for to detox from the red, white and blues with you at American Cinematheque’s rehashing some Scottish-directorial methadone. And of Boyle’s directorial debut and its oddlythe reasons? There are no reasons. Who intertwined older brother for a night filled needs reasons when you have four straight with heroin-induced stupors, possibly hours of pre-Phantom Menace Ewan intentional drug overdoses, dismembered MacGregor? 7:30 p.m. murder victims and more untaxed income than anyone knows what to do with. Egyptian Theatre is located at 6712 Aesthetically, Boyle’s films are not for Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. For more the faint of heart (think babies dying of information, visit neglect and bloody fights with kitchen knives), but underneath the relentless drug


Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson star in Soul Men.

when Sam Jackson calls you ‘motherf***er’. I don’t need a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I just need [that].” Being a relative newcomer had moments of undeniable pressure for Herschman. “The first time I met Sam and Bernie was on set,” he says, still sounding overwhelmed. “[I] was thinking,‘I don’t want to mess up and I don’t want to make anyone mad and I want to be funny.’ Bernie was extremely supportive,” Herschman remembers

warmly. “Off camera when we would work together, he’d look at me like, ‘Come on, kid, you can do this. Come on, make me laugh.’ I was in shock when I heard he’d passed away.” For Jackson, he will always treasure the experience of making Soul Men with his dear friend. “Seeing him every day was just part of the blessing of doing this film,” Jackson says. “Every morning it was like, ‘Bernie here? Cool.’” Soul Men releases in theaters Nov. 7.


The Details of a Stranger’s Life B Y N I C K D AY BALLAST IS A HAUNTING AND EMOTIONALLY raw film that explores life in the Mississippi Delta. It tells the story of Marlee, a single mother, and her son, James, as they struggle to survive amidst oppressive poverty and the threat of violence. They find an unlikely ally in the form of Marlee’s brother-in-law, Lawrence, a man racked with grief over the death of his twin brother. Ballast is writer and director Lance Hammer’s first feature film. So what kind of authority does a California native have in telling the story of people in the Delta? “I know grieving and the sense of futility,” he says, adding, “The actors created their own language.” Similar to writer/director Mike Leigh, Hammer let his actors – all non-professional, save one – create their characters and dialogue without having to rely on the script, a brave thing to do for a first timer. Though Ballast is Hammer’s first foray into the world of writing and directing, it’s not his first time working in Hollywood. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Hammer received his degree in architecture and began working as an art director in the studio system. Then Hammer chose to step back and do

Lol Crawley


The pair’s rapport was not, however, born from any similarity onset. In fact, their acting styles couldn’t have been more different. “Sam is method guy, totally prepared, does not veer,” says Friendly. “And Bernie would try a hundred different versions of a line. That’s the difference in their two approaches.” “I know Bernie goes off the page,” Jackson says, speaking about Mac in present tense as many of the people involved in the film still do, seemingly unable to admit he’s really gone, “and I know that we have to give certain amounts of information to an audience. So, during rehearsal, if I can say to Bernie, ‘OK, when you get through doing that, just let me know you’re done so I can do my line. Wink at me, do something,’ because I know we have to let [the audience] know we have to do this or go there. And a lot of times they just didn’t say cut and I knew to shut up and let Bernie do what Bernie was gonna do.” For Adam Herschman (Accepted, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry), working with Jackson and Mac was a dream come true. “I called it BMF Bootcamp,” Herschman says. “Bad Mother F***er Bootcamp. You’ve reached Hollywood

Doug Hyun/Dimension Films, 2008


JimMyron Ross as James and Tarra Riggs as Marlee in Lance Hammer’s Ballast

something different: write a screenplay and make his own movie. It was a good decision and one that Hammer followed through for several years, garnering him the 2008 Sundance Film Festival’s Directing Award. After Sundance, Hammer made another choice: to distribute the film himself. For what Hammer was being offered from distributors, the first time director decided he could do just as good a job on his own. “There wasn’t any other responsible choice.” Ballast releases in select theaters Nov. 7.


invite you to register for your chance to win tickets for 2 to the advance screening of QUANTUM OF SOLACE on Thursday, November 13 at 7:30 p.m. in Westwood.



Register at: I N



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film notes | reviews

Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton) in Repo! The Genetic Opera

REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA Not Your Parents’ Opera B Y N I C K D AY REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA TELLS THE STORY OF AN epidemic of organ failures, where organ transplants are financed by GeneCo, a company that sends out murderous Repo Men to reclaim body parts from patients who miss payments. “I wanted the ‘what-the-fuck’ factor,” director Darren Lynn Bousman laughs. “It was a five-year battle to make this,” continues Bousman, who essentially bartered his success in helming three Saw sequels to see this passion project come to life. “The idea to do something different was invigorating.” Being different can be a curse in Hollywood, where new ideas are eschewed in favor of familiar formulas. The talents behind Repo! hope being different is a blessing. Repo! was created by Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith and looks like it might become heir apparent to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Cast and crew recently attended a screening of that cult classic to do some word-of-mouth marketing. “We beseeched the Rocky Horror people,” says Bill Moseley, one of the film’s lead actors. “Please, come see our movie.” Repo! opens in eight theaters and without a big budget marketing campaign, so this film needs all the support it can get. “Fans have taken it upon themselves to market the movie,” says Bousman. “The hope is … we show everyone there’s an audience for this.” “Everyone likes music,” Zdunich rationalizes. The Repo! co-creator even sees a link to the popularity of recent comic book adaptations. “Superhero movies are operatic archetypes,” he says. “Our dream is that it latches on.” “People are experiencing it the way we want them to,” says Smith, cocreator and composer. “In the theater, people are clapping and singing along.” “So many movies are the same thing,” laments actress Paris Hilton, “it’s an experience.” Nivek Ogre, a musician best known as the frontman to Skinny Puppy, thinks that the film’s dense music tableau is a blessing. “It requires repeated viewings,” says Ogre. “It appeals to my counterculture audience.” Repo! not only appeals to the rock ’n’ roll crowd but also features British favorite, Sarah Brightman. “I think she’s incredible,” says Hilton, “an icon. Nobody could have played Blind Mag like she did.” But don’t just take an heiress’s opinion, go see the movie and find out for yourself. Repo! The Genetic Opera releases in select theaters Nov. 7.

(Oscilloscope Laboratories) Dear Zachary follows the events that occurred after the murder of Dr. Andrew Bagby on Nov. 5, 2001, in Pennsylvania. Released seven years after the incident, this documentary was initially made as an attempt by his oldest friend to keep Dr. Bagby’s memory alive. However, it soon took on a life of its own. After the initial investigation showed that Dr. Bagby’s ex-girlfriend, Dr. Shirley Turner, a native Canadian, was responsible for the murder, Dr. Turner manages to flee to Canada. Nonetheless, despite the compelling evidence against Dr. Turner, Canadian authorities fail to take proper actions against her, and she’s extradited to the U.S. for prosecution. Meanwhile, Dr. Turner gives birth to Zachary, Andrew’s son, whom this documentary was made for. This real time documentary, written, directed and produced by Kurt Kuenne, is made in many ways reminiscence of any big budget Hollywood movie. The narration and storyline are so captivating that the viewer forgets these events are not a work of fiction. So much so, that when you’re faced with the shocking conclusion, you can do nothing but stare in disbelief. Grade: A —Farnaz Youshei Dear Zachary releases in select theaters Nov. 7.

Loins of Punjab Presents

The film also features Shantanu Mukherjee, a well-known Indian singer, as one of the presenters. Grade: B+ —Farnaz Youshei Loins of Punjab Presents releases in select theaters Nov. 7.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), Danny (Paul Rudd), Wheeler (Seann William Scott) and Ronnie (Bobb’e J. Thompson) suffer through a mentorship meeting in Role Models.

(DreamWorks) With a star-studded cast which includes the voices of Ben Stiller, Sacha Baron Cohen and the late Bernie Mac, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is a comic wonderland. The film picks up where its predecessor left off with each of the principle characters attempting to leave the land that they’ve been stranded on. While amusing in some places, the sequel to the animated blockbuster Madagascar is not without its faults. It’s a bit hard to get into the story if you haven’t seen the first one. The humor at times is also strictly for the kids. But with lovable characters like these, it’s fairly easy to forgive and forget. Grade: B—Ebony March Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa releases in theaters Nov. 7.

Role Models (Universal) When a film has a “smell my finger” joke in the first 60 seconds, you kind of know what you’re in for.

Summer), it’s hilarious vulgarity, unruly humor and penis jokes. That may sound easy and cheap, but this isn’t American Pie 7, despite the fact it co-stars Seann William Scott who so famously played Stifler. Rudd and Scott star as Danny and Wheeler, best friends and co-workers who peddle energy drinks to elementary school kids to deter them from using drugs. After one exceptionally bad day on an energy drink bender, they end up arrested and facing a choice: hard time in prison or 150 hours of court mandated community service at a youth center as mentors for “Dungeons & Dragons”-style dork Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and angry, foul-mouthed Ronnie (Bobb’e J. Thompson). Following the Judd Apatow model of creating cheer-worthy characters (including a brilliant turn by Apatow’s Superbad discovery Mintz-Plasse who might as well legally change his name to McLovin), moments of surprisingly heartfelt vulnerability and a posse of lovable losers rising up against the odds, Role Models is a film to look up to. Grade: B+ —Sasha Perl-Raver Role Models releases in theaters Nov. 7.

(Emerging Pictures) What do a Bhangra rapper, a blue-eyed Jew and “Saddam Hussein” have in common? The first-ever Desi Idol, of course. Presented by Mr. Single, the (pork) Loin King and owner of Loins of Punjab, the Desi Idol is a three-day singing contest that takes Stranded place in New Jersey for the (Zeitgeist) Desi (South Asian) comIn October of 1962, a rugby munity in New York and team from Montevideo, UrugNew Jersey. After becoming uay boarded a plane for Chile to acquainted with their hopes play a much-anticipated match. and dreams and of course, Leaving their pregnant wives, Loins of Punjab Presents’ Turbanotorius BDG (Ajay Naidu) and Otto (Kory their families, the con- Bassett) sons and daughters, family and testants prepare to perform admirers at the airport, the plane their best imitation of departs into what would become famous Bollywood songs and a horrific and inspiring story of In the case of Role Models, written by compete for a cash prize. and starring Paul Rudd and directed As foreshadowed by contestant by David Wain (Wet Hot American CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 Sania Rehman (Seema Rahmani), Loins of Punjab Presents, written, produced and directed by Manish Acharya, is a complete Bollywoodtition for a Best Foreign Lanstyle movie packed with action, guage Film Academy Award. romance and comedy. Acharya, who Filmed in Amman, the story also stars in the movie, has even follows an airport janitor who included the type of singing and the neighborhood kids misCAPTAIN ABU RAED dancing scenes one would expect take for an airline pilot, and Nov. 7-13 @ Laemmle’s Music from Bollywood. his fictional stories that fill Hall 3 Shabana Azmi, Ajay Naidu, their minds with endless Catch Jordan’s official Jameel Khan, Ishitta Sharma and possibility. selection in this year’s compeMichael Raimondi star in the movie. © Horn OK Please Entertainment

Steve Wilkie

Dear Zachary

Sam Urdank



10 | Campus Circle

staff pick

[NOV. 5 - NOV. 11 ’08]

dvd dish | reviews Alice Neel Documentary (Arts Alliance America) Luminous and specific, a form of realism that honors, that captures, a woman, a man, a child’s individuality, Alice Neel’s paintings are eternally interesting, human and wonderful. This documentary examines her difficult life, has chatty moments between her sons, but best of all makes one hungry to find a gallery, a book, even a Web site so one can see more. Grade: A —Sean Schlemmer Alice Neel Documentary is currently available.

Animal House – 30th Anniversary Edition Gift Set (Universal) The movie that launched a thousand slacker comedies and probably the greatest influence on the current comedy landscape, Animal House turns 30. The team at National Lampoon’s breakout film starred Kevin Bacon, Donald Sutherland and, of course, John Belushi. The misfits of Delta House battle the Omegas, partake in a toga party and shout along with Otis Day. Grade: A —Mike Sebastian Animal House – 30th Anniversary Edition Gift Set is currently available.

Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens (Warner) Famed celebrity photographer, Annie Leibovitz, famous for intimate and amusing portraits in the pages of Vanity Fair magazine, gets her own 15 minutes with this documentary titled simply: Annie Leibovitz. The film, directed by Annie’s sister, Barbara Leibovitz, delves into the photographer’s childhood, early career and new role of mother with insight and aplomb. Grade: B —Angela Matano Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens is currently available.

Baraka [Blu-ray] (MPI) Ron Fricke’s Baraka belongs to the Earth-as-poetry subgenre of documentaries. Time-lapse vistas and breathtaking panoramas of far-off cultures are woven together to create a hypnotic experience and reveal the mystical beauty of the planet around us. It’s the perfect kind of eye candy for the Blu-ray format. Grade: A

—Mike Sebastian Baraka (Blu-ray)

The Bourne Trilogy (Universal) There’s no doubt the Bourne franchise has reinvigorated the spy genre with a darker, more reality-based, global techno-thriller approach. Based on Robert Ludlum’s novels, the films star Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, a U.S. agent with amnesia who may have been targeted from within his own government. When Bourne resurfaces he attempts to discover the truth while traveling around the world, getting into car chases and showing off his Jujitsu skills. Doug Liman directed the first film with Paul Greengrass helming the sequels, and scripts by Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton). Grade: A—Mike Sebastian The Bourne Trilogy is currently available.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (New Line) This 3D family adventure starring Brendan Fraser belongs to that recent trend of remakes that are so cynical as to not even have the courage to be remakes. Instead they take a kind of ironic real-world remake within a movie approach to the source material (e.g. Bewitched). The result is a lot of pseudo-science blabbering and cardboard characters and not enough fun. Grade: D —Mike Sebastian Journey to the Center of the Earth is currently available.

Le Doulos/ Le Deuxième Souffle (Criterion) Criterion reissues two lesser-known films from the master of the French gangster film, Jean-Pierre Melville. Released in 1962 and 1966 respectively, Le Doulos and Le Deuxième Souffle have previously been unavailable. Melville’s hardboiled characters exist in an underworld of honor and betrayal. It’s a lonely, isolated existence where one is always being hunted. Le Doulos is a hidden Melville masterpiece, a film of grudges, betrayals and unsure alliances. It stars Jean-Paul Belmondo as a police informant. His machinations surrounding a burglary precipitate an ending akin to Shakespearean tragedy. Le Deuxième Souffle, like Michael Mann’s Heat, tells the story of a master thief and a feared cop squaring off against each other. After Gu (Lino

DVDs to USHER IN OUR NEW LEADER 1) The New World 2) The New Guy 3) New Best Friend 4) A New Kind of Love 5) The New Age 6) The New Centurions 7) A New Leaf 8) New Eden 9) The New Spirit 10) New Skin 11) A New Life 12) New Order Story —Angela Matano

Ventura) breaks out of prison, he’s brought out of hiding for one last heist. But Inspector Blot is determined to outsmart him. The pair contends with a dizzying cast of underworld characters all with their own grudges and histories. It’s a flawed film from a director who is usually meticulous. It contains some masterful Melville touches, but it’s mostly for the diehard fan. Grades: A/B+ —Mike Sebastian Le Doulos and Le Deuxième Souffle are both currently available.

Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (Comedy Central) Comedian Lewis Black acts as judge in this show in which two standups build their case as to which of two modern day phenomena (e.g. Oprah vs. the Catholic Church) is the root of all evil. Topics include: Internet porn vs. YouTube, Paris Hilton vs. Dick Cheney, “American Idol” vs. high school and more. Patton Oswalt, Greg Giraldo, Andy Kindler, Andrew Daly, Kathleen Madigan and Paul F. Tompkins are the “lawyers.” It’s a great format for the king of rants, Black, and a slew of comedic talent to rip on those modern annoyances. Grade: A—Mike Sebastian Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil is currently available.

Waterworld (Director’s Cut) (Universal) While not quite as bad as its reputation, this notorious flop was plagued with problems, not the least of which was the battle for control of the film between nominal director Kevin Reynolds and star Kevin Costner. This release adds 40 minutes for a 176minute runtime. In a future where the polar ice caps have melted, an evolved mariner teams up with a woman and her daughter to find dry land, while being hunted by a gang of Jet Ski riding raiders led by Dennis Hopper. Grade: C —Mike Sebastian Waterworld (Director’s Cut) is currently available.

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t.v. time | reviews


The New Adventures of Old Christine, The Complete Second Season (Warner) I can’t help but feel disappointed by the fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the dominatrix of “Seinfeld,” finds herself in this debasing sitcom, “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” It’s not that the show is terrible exactly, it’s just very, very average. And that, fall from such a great height, is very, very terrible. Grade: C —Angela Matano The New Adventures of Old Christine, Second Season is currently available.

NUMB3RS: The Complete Fourth Season (Paramount) This surprisingly tense and compelling crime drama stars Rob Morrow (“Northern Exposure”) as FBI agent Don Eppes. When his team has to stop a serial rapist before he strikes again, Eppes turns to his mathematician brother (David Krumholtz), who develops a new form of pattern recognition that will help catch the rapist. The show is kind of like A Beautiful Mind crossed with Red Dragon – but in a good way. The episodes are expertly written and executed with a strong cast. Grade: A—Mike Sebastian NUMB3RS: The Complete Fourth Season is currently available.

special feature

‘STOLEN DREAMS’ SHORT-FILM COMPETITION Oct. 23 @ UCLA, Melnitz Hall BY SASHA PERL-RAVER AARP AND THE UCLA SCHOOL OF THEATER, FILM AND Television forged an innovative collaboration this year in the hopes of creating a movement for change in our nation’s health care system, or lack thereof. AARP President Emilio Pardo explains the idea, which started with the Divided We Fail campaign, as meant to “tap the power of storytelling and understand that if we’re together we can make a difference. The movement is about collecting as many voices as possible so we can deliver a message to the next President of the United States and make a difference.” Pardo teamed up with UCLA and invited their graduate filmmakers to create films dealing with the issue of health care and financial security. The “Stolen Dreams” film competition gave entrants from May to August, to write, produce, shoot, edit and complete their films. Four finalists were chosen and screened for an impressive panel of judges: 10time Emmy winner Steven Bochco, writer/director/producer Curtis Hanson, AARP’s Pardo and BET’s founder Reggie Hudlin. Each judge eagerly congratulated the finalists and commended their efforts, which were “enormously impressive,” according to Bochco. “The fact is, this is something that affects all of our lives,” said Hudlin, “and it’s great to see students encouraged to make movies about real issues.” The winner, Anthony Onah and his film The Cure, about a single, insurance-less mother whose young son suffers a horrific accident, won the $7,500 prize and will have his film shown as part of the Divided We Fail campaign. For more information, visit


[NOV. 5 - NOV. 11 ’08]

screen shots | B Y


In the Works: The Avengers On the heels of the announcement that Don Cheadle will be taking over the role of Rhodey Rhodes from Terrence Howard in the sequel to the smash hit, blockbuster, cash cow, box office explosion, massive money making giant Iron Man, Marvel has announced that Cheadle and Robert Downey Jr. will officially be starring in The Avengers. They also say that Iron Man director Jon Favreau would be involved to some capacity as a producer. The Avengers, for those who don’t know, is a comic book series that features the teaming up of many of Marvel’s solo characters including Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Thor, among others. The idea is that Marvel would put out films for each character and then have all of them team up in one movie. DC Comics has their own version featuring their characters called the Justice League, which Warner Bros. was developing into a feature with George Miller (Happy Feet, Mad Max) attached to direct. That project was into the casting phase, but it fell apart. I feel that Marvel is in a better position to make their ensemble film than DC. Marvel has its own film company now and can shape their films to be cohesive with each other. If you look at all their recent films and the films they’re prepping, they’re similar in tone, and all take place in similar environments, despite different filmmakers. Also, there would be a nice, fiery place in hell waiting for whatever Warner Bros. executive has the balls to mess with Christopher Nolan’s Batman. Batman is a member of the Justice League, and when I found out that they were including him in the proposed film and recasting the role, I thought it was a horrendous idea. Batman is doing his own thing right now, and Warner Bros. is just going to have to deal with that. Until DC can go the route that Marvel is going, I doubt their ensemble film will be as good as Marvel’s. I’m very excited about The Avengers, and I hope they write an awesome script and pick a great director. My only question is: how stupid must Terrence Howard feel? He just talked his way out of two huge movies (possibly three if you count Iron Man 3). If you’re planning on getting into show business, remember these words: “Opportunity before money. The money will come.”

Vin Diesel Returns to xXx

Lionel Hahn/Abaca Press/KRT

After returning to the Fast & Furious film series for the fourth installment, Vin Diesel is returning to another franchise that he left after the first film: xXx. The third film in the xXx series is going to be called xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Diesel declined to star in a second one, and he and director Rob Cohen were replaced by Ice Cube and Lee Tamahori, respectively, for xXx: State of the Union, which didn’t meet box office expectations. Now Diesel and Cohen (who also directed Vin Diesel reprises his xXx role. the first and fourth Fast & Furious films and recently The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) are returning for the new xXx. Some are saying that Diesel is returning to these films because all the stuff he’s done since then hasn’t been as successful. That may be the case, but everyone should keep in mind that show business is tough, especially being a leading man. I think Diesel is a very good actor, and I don’t think he’s had enough roles in really good films that display his abilities. When you get locked into a cycle of playing the leading man in the same type of films, it may be tough to get out. Action films are tough to get right, and if you do enough of them you’re going to have some duds, hopefully none that slow you down. I’m not a fan of the xXx films or the Fast & Furious films, but I like Diesel and would like to see him take on some better material that really tests him as an actor. Send feedback to

mandant, did research throughout filming to perfect his role. Although he found it draining to read Rudolph Hoess’ memoir, The Commandant of Auschwitz, and watch graphic footage of Night and Fog (often resulting in nightmares of his own daughter being taken away), this insight and exposure helped him portray his character as not “a total monster, but also a family BY BONNIE PRIEVER man, loving father and husband, yet devoted to his political party and high office, following orders, doing his net, meets Shmuel (played by Jack KEEPING WITH THE POPULAR duty, without any remorse.” Scanlon, making his feature film trend of “book to movie” (i.e. The One scene shows Thewlis playing debut with a natural dignity about Secret Life of Bees, What Just Hapchess with his son at night, and the him), also taken away from his pened), comes a lesser-known hisnext day ordering masses of torical novel, The Boy in the innocent people to be killed Striped Pajamas. Already in the crematorium. Thewlis receiving acclaim and acfound it constantly chalcolades throughout Europe, lenging to humanize a it’s a sensitive, touching, stereotypical, evil Nazi, and powerful work, as seen searched within the darkfrom the perspective of two ness of his own self to make nine-year-old boys, living his character more real. amidst the horrors of Vera Farmiga (mother, Auschwitz. Ilsa) is an astonishing, The film opens with a incredible actress (The Denarrator’s voice, “Childparted), convincingly playhood is measured by sights ing the loving mother and and sounds before the dark dutiful wife living less than a age of reason grows,” setting mile from the compound the tone for this profound The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ Asa Butterfield as Bruno and Vera Farmiga as Ilsa yet unaware of the atrocities story about the effects of being committed, as was prejudice, hatred and viotrue of many Nazi officers’ wives. The community, and the two unite, at a lence on innocent people, as perceived children (Bruno, Shmuel and Gretel) terribly dark place in history. The through the wide eyed wonder and are the heart and soul of the piece, boys’ fates and paths cross as they curiosity of Bruno, son of a Nazi brilliantly cast for their essence and form a forbidden friendship, seeming commandant, who befriends a Jewish capacity for light, despite the darkness doomed from the start. boy imprisoned in a concentration surrounding them. Director Mark Herman knew camp. The book closes with, “of course immediately as he read the book that John Boyne, author of the awardall this happened a long time ago, and he could adapt it visually to screen, yet winning novel, was inspired by Primo could not happen again, not in this found it challenging to make such an Levi and a lifelong interest in the day and age.” Unfortunately, this story important film. He’s thankful for the Holocaust; trying to find answers, is timeless. With all the current already strong word of mouth abroad. struggling to understand it better. His conflicts in Rwanda, Somalia, Israel The cast includes some of the starting point was an image of two and Darfur, it’s as relevant today and most versatile British and American boys sitting on two sides of a fence, will resonate and touch viewers actors that found themselves coninspiring the film’s tagline: “Lines may worldwide. stantly researching the period in order divide us, but hope will unite us.” to be authentic and credible. Bruno (played by talented The Boy in the Striped Pajamas David Thewlis (Harry Potter) as newcomer, Asa Butterfield), suddenly releases in select theaters Nov. 7. Bruno’s father, the Nazi Comuprooted from his home and safety


Lines May Divide, But Hope Unites

David Lukacs/Miramax Film Corp.

12 | Campus Circle

film notes | reviews « CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10 primal human nature and overwhelming compassion and will. Amid a torrid, snowy Chilean winter the plane crashes into the desolate tundra. One survivor’s statement of “It was the first time we ever saw snow,” does not begin to describe the battle of the elements undergone in two desperate months of being lost and untraceable. Stranded depicts the virtually impossible and sometimes unthinkable; 45 people departed on the fateful flight and only 16 men managed to survive on near insanity and gut feeling. Most of the world’s infamous tragedies leave little or no actual testimony behind, creating an open-air market for interpretation and dramatization by those attempting to re-create them.

Stranded, however, directed by Gonzalo Arijon, defies these theatrical conventions. A childhood friend of many of this story’s survivors, Arijon’s film has an inherent sensitivity and due respect that’s apparent in his tasteful employment of testimony from the survivors, archival footage and realistically subdued reenactments. Grade: A —Hayley Fox Stranded releases in select theaters Nov. 7.

The World Unseen (Regent Releasing) In apartheid-era South Africa lines were drawn between black and white, male and female, what was expected and what was desired. This film showcases many characters, good and bad, that

define the explosive issues of the time, but mostly, it’s the story of two women that dare to find something special between them in a world that’s hellbent on making decisions for them. Writer/director Shamim Sarif sheds new light on an often-covered scenario by showing what lies in the harsh brightness of reality but also allowing us to glimpse what resides in the mysterious shadows of dreams. He conveys the violent ignorance of an important time in history and still allows the softest, most candid emotional moments to shine through in a way that makes the audience feel almost voyeuristic in witnessing them. Grade: A+ —Henry Senecal The World Unseen releases in select theaters Nov. 7.


ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6 AT 7:30 PM IN SANTA MONICA To attend this screening, R.S.V.P. at SlumdogMillionaire Enter to win a $50 gift card from Virgin Megastore along with a Danny Boyle DVD prize pack, including Trainspotting, 28 Days Later and Sunshine! Register for this sweepstakes at GIFT CARD SWEEPSTAKES: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 12/1/08. Open only to legal U.S. residents of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside, CA, Counties 18 years of age or older and is subject to Official Rules available by sending an e-mail with “Slumdog Millionaire with Virgin Megastore Official Rules� in the subject line to: or send a SASE to: Slumdog Millionaire Sweepstakes with Virgin Megastore, c/o Allied Advertising, Public Relations, 4221 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90010. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries. Void where prohibited.

THIS FILM IS RATED R. RESTRICTED. Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent Or Adult Guardian. Please note: Passes will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last. Passes received through this promotion do not guarantee you a seat at the theatre. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, except for members of the reviewing press. Theatre is overbooked to ensure a full house. No admittance once screening has begun. All federal, state and local regulations apply. A recipient of tickets assumes any and all risks related to use of ticket, and accepts any restrictions required by ticket provider. Fox Searchlight Pictures, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, Campus Circle and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. We are not responsible if, for any reason, recipient is unable to use his/her ticket in whole or in part. All federal and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Void where prohibited by law. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Participating sponsors, their employees and family members and their agencies are not eligible. NO PHONE CALLS!














Peter Travers



” .



Rachel Smith, FOX-TV


Harry Knowles, AIN’T IT COOL


MOBILE USERS: For Showtimes - Text MODELS with your ZIP CODE to 43KIX (43549)!



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nightlife 101 | P H O T O S



fashion 101 |



THE FUTURE, PART 1 Wear the new winter whites with hope for the future. Model: Irina For more information, e-mail or visit

One in the future sun: Imitation dress, AJ Morgan sunglasses and Candies boots.

Waiting for the future: Delux Hat, Tyte Denim and Charlotte sweater.

No shadow of doubt: Imitation shirt.

[NOV. 5 - NOV. 11 ’08]

l.a. underground

Campus Circle | 17

spin cycle | l.a. dj culture


FRIDAY, NOV. 7 Biz Markie @ Grand Star 943 N. Broadway, Chinatown; 21+/9 p.m./$10 I may have (briefly) sung the praises of Firecracker before, but if ever there was a night to check it out, this is it. While it’s always a great time, the yearly anniversary parties are hands down the best. And this is the big 10-year, with the resident crew (Coleman, Alfred Hawkins, Kutmah, King Wo, Future P and Azul), joined by special guest DJ Biz Markie, known for his party-rocking, crowd-pleasing sets, extensive record collection and beatboxing, which will hopefully all come together in some magical way. Maybe you’ll even hear that one song – although I make no guarantees.

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 5 Red Bull Big Tune @ El Rey Theatre 5515 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles; All ages/8 p.m./$5 It seems to be the season for DJ battles. This week, we have another one, this time a beat battle to the finish, among 12 of Los Angeles’ finest producers. They’ll go one-on-one, showcasing two original beats each, then the audience decides who moves on until the final beat is crowned. The winner of the L.A. leg will compete against winners of other cities in the grand finale. In addition to the battle, performances from featured producer Battlecat and Little Brother should lure you there.

ARDEN KAYWIN Won’t Shy Away From The Elephant in the Room

FRIDAY, NOV. 7 Brainfeeder Showcase@ Echoplex 1154 Glendale Blvd., Echo Park; 18+/8:30 p.m./$14 advance, $16 day of show While it may seem like a strange time to start up a record label, that didn’t stop Flying Lotus when he launched Brainfeeder, a digital-only imprint that will serve as an outlet for himself and other like-minded producers. The L.A. showcase gives you a sampling of what’s in store with Daedelus, the Gaslamp Killer, Hudson Mohawke, Kode 9, Kutmah, Martyn, Samiyam, Ras G, Flying Lotus (obviously) and more to be announced. As far as labels go, he could do a lot worse.

SATURDAY, NOV. 8 The Rhythm Section @ e3rd steakhouse HAVING ATTENDED THE OBERLIN CONservatory of Music and the Manhattan School of Music, the classically trained singersongwriter earned rave reviews and a nomination for Pop Song of the Year by the Independent Music Awards for “Me with Me” from her 2006 debut, Quarter Life Crisis. Kaywin’s songs have appeared on numerous shows on MTV, NBC and ABC, and she recently wrote and performed the theme song for Discovery Channel’s “Deliver Me.” Her sophomore effort, The Elephant in the Room, displays more of the quirky, tongue-incheek and playful yet completely soulful and meaningful tunes that make her one music artist to watch. Recently, Kaywin gave Campus Circle the dish on Los Angeles. Record store: I like Amoeba [6400 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood]. Venue to play: I have two favorites. For bigger shows that are very rocked out, I like the Roxy [9009 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood]. For more intimate, acoustic shows, I’d say the Mint [6010 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles]. Place to buy clothes: Do I have to pick just one?! EM & Co. [7940 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles], all the vintage and thrift stores on Melrose Avenue and American Rag [126 1/2 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles]. And you can’t beat Barney’s [9570 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills]. Restaurant, and dish: I always go to Sake House

Miro [809 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles]. They do sushi and Japanese tapas, or small plates. Their Shishito Japanese chili peppers with dried bonito flakes sprinkled on top are my favorite to munch on. Bookstore: I usually buy books online, from But if I have to go to a store I’ll go to Borders. Movie theater: The Landmark [10850 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles] Bar: There’s this Russian vodka bar, Bar Lubitsch [7702 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood] that I go to a lot. Special place to be when writing songs: When I’m writing lyrics I like to go to cafés, like Urth Caffé [8565 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood] or Insomnia Café [7286 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles], or just in my own backyard. I like to be outside and to people-watch for inspiration. What do you want people to take away from your shows? First and foremost, I want them to have fun and forget their stresses. They heard great music and had a good time. That’s my goal when I’m on stage too, to have fun. Then if you know my songs and pay attention to the lyrics, if you listen and can identify with the words, I think that can sometimes help you get through something in your own life. The Elephant in the Room is currently available. For more information, visit

734 E. 3rd St., Downtown; 21+/9 p.m./$5 before 11 p.m. w/ RSVP, $10 without RSVP via For an eclectic mix, look no further than this monthly, where residents Concise, Frank(e) and BZ dig deep for anything but your run-of-the-mill hip-hop, soul, jazz, breaks, house, electro, downtempo and merengue, to name a few. Seriously, I’ve just scratched the surface. As for the extras, a special 2X4 set from guest DJs Ben Diggin and One Man Jazz (of Boombox), and a set from guest DJ Bency should keep things interesting. —Sandra Fernando


To submit an event for consideration, e-mail


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music 101 | artist features


Combining Metal with Hope B Y J O N AT H A N B A U T T S

Loyalty to Loyalty (Downtown) Sophomore efforts are tough, and Cold War Kids have much hype (good and bad) to live up to. With Loyalty to Loyalty, they’ve exceeded expectations. They’re no less brooding, examining issues with a tone of cynicism mixed into their intelligent prose. Nathan Willet’s unmistakable wail is reminiscent of classic blues and soul on mellow numbers like the opener “Against Privacy” and the suicide prevention tale “Golden Gate Jumpers” – like the mad love child of Etta James and Janis Joplin. But it is on jarring dancerhythms that the band really shines, like the neurotic “Something Is Not Right with Me” and societal disenchantment anthem “Welcome to the Occupation.” “I’ve Seen Enough” glimmers as much as it sounds like coming down hard from amphetamines. It’s a gripe that Willet’s vocals dominate their sound, forcing other members who are equally brilliant to dwell in the sonic background, and the production on this album does little to dispel these concerns. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Truly powerful crooners who carry the weight of the world in their vocal chords are a rarity. Why shouldn’t they flaunt it? Grade: A —Natasha Desianto Loyalty to Loyalty is currently available.

Like a Fox Where’s My Golden Arm? (Transit of Venus) Philadelphia’s psychedelicpop group Like a Fox is the adroit antidote for anyone over-saturated by the latest crop of pop divas, death metal

went way above and beyond in many different levels,” Chamberlain admits. “There’s definitely stuff we wrote on this record we wouldn’t have been able to play two years ago.” While the group is known for its one-two punch of Chamberlain’s guttural screams set off by Aaron Gillespie’s soaring vocals, its sound encompasses much more than such a simple description. From blasting opener “Breathing in a New Mentality” to instrumental closer “Desolate Earth: The End Is Here,” Underoath paints with a broad sonic palette. “Eleven songs of just in your face, kind of brutal whatever, doesn’t really make an album,” Chamberlain explains. “In the middle it kind of slows down for a minute. There’s another song that’s like mid-tempo, and then at the end it really chills out and gets super dramatic to that effect of a full story, a full closure. That was the whole goal.” From the beginning, the band – comprised of Chamberlain, singer/drummer Gillespie, guitarists Tim McTague and James Smith, bassist

music dvd | reviews Sex Pistols There’ll Always Be an England: Live from Brixton Academy (Rhino) A new live Sex Pistols DVD? Are they still any good? Rest assured, the Sex Pistols reunion made no mockery. Most punk bands hold up well because their message is just as relevant today as it was then. In fact, we probably have even more reasons to stoke the flames of ire. Of course, they’re tighter than they were back in their heyday, after this many years they’ve learned to play their instruments proper. John Lydon is still a seething monster, albeit a somewhat gentler piranha, preaching

heads, redundant rappers or whatever else has crippled your ears. Like a Fox’s sophomore release, Where’s My Golden Arm?, has a defined stance quite similar to the Flaming Lips or Gorkey’s Zygotic Mynci. Despite dollops of noise-pop (“Time Stands Still”), retro indie

at the crowd to love their families and friends. He flaunts his girth, face twisted into all manner of sneers, unleashing the obligatory anti Bush-Blair rant during “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone.” What Julian Temple excels at is capturing the excitement of the live experience. He carries it to the home viewer in a perfect, spiked parcel, making you want to be there in that mixed audience of aged punks and flesh newbies, writhing together, in a pogo-ing throng. Every Pistols song was a potential anthem and the crowd participation is a delight to watch.

(l to r) Spencer Chamberlain, Chris Dudley, Tim McTague, Grant Brandell, Aaron Gillespie and James Smith of Underoath

Grant Brandell and keyboardist Chris Dudley – set out to make an album that demanded to be heard from front to back in a single sitting. “We don’t want kids to just download their favorite songs. We want people to hear it as one piece,” Chamberlain says. “We raised the bar on all ends of the spectrum – lyrically, vocally, musically, production-wise. We just tried to really write the best music we could write, and I feel like we’ve done that.” Meanwhile, Separation finds Chamberlain, who co-writes the lyrics with Gillespie, wrestling his inner demons. Coming from a past that includes a battle with drug addiction, he has discovered life’s darkness is never absolute. “I just write about my own life and what I know best. I’m not making up stories,” he says. “I have a lot of issues and struggles, just like every

other human in the world, but I always feel like there’s something else because I do believe in God. So there is going to be that sense of hope in some of the songs.” Above all, Chamberlain knows firsthand how fortunate he is to have made it this far – something he never takes for granted. “We’ve all been dreaming about doing this our entire lives, and I’m sure there’s a lot of people who feel the same way that don’t get to do it. So that 30 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes, or however long your set is, if you don’t give it your all then you don’t deserve to be up there.”

The bonus tour of London with the Pistols as your tour guide is an engaging and sentimental bonus. This is a great DVD for any fan and a fitting tribute to one of the godfathers of punk. Grade: A —Natasha Desianto There’ll Always Be an England is currently available.

best shows from their 2007 European tour. Along the way, special features can be enabled that take you away from the evil and show a band that isn’t all work and no play. The humanity and humor of Dimmu Borgir creeps its way in each feature, that at times borders on obnoxious, but gives the viewer an all-access pass. The second disc almost tops the first with an epic show at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. Superior footage of this show in addition to the CD will make a convert out of anyone who enjoys this brand of metal, but isn’t quite familiar with Dimmu Borgir’s repertoire. Grade: A —Richard Castañeda The Invaluable Darkness is currently available.

Dimmu Borgir The Invaluable Darkness (Nuclear Blast) The kings of black metal pack a one-two punch on this DVD that features Dimmu Borgir as they traverse Norway, Germany and the UK. The first disc features three of the

rock (the Rentals-like “Heard the Shot”) and dissonant classic rock (Pink Floyd-esque “Just a Light Hit”), underneath the comprehensive production lies a tight pop punctuation. Frontman Jay Laughlin replicates Wayne Coyne’s Brian Wilson on acid vocal affectation on pop conception “A Feeling That

Lost in the Sound of Separation is currently available. Underoath will perform Nov. 14 at Ventura Theater and Nov. 15 at Bren Events Center, UC Irvine. For more information, visit

Launched a Thousand Wars” and power-popping piece “Internal/External.” Loner narrative “Night Person” and ear candy treat “Been Sitting Here” both offer archival, addictive hooks readymade for fans of CONTINUED ON PAGE 19


Cold War Kids

BEING A METALCORE BAND HAS certain expectations that go along with the genre. As their latest work has demonstrated, Underoath are looking to change all that. “We try not to be in any sort of category, like ‘Oh, you can’t do this because you’re a heavy band,’” vocalist Spencer Chamberlain explains about his band’s recent release, Lost in the Sound of Separation. “There’s songs on the record that are the heaviest things we’ve ever written, and then there’s a song or two that’s like the most mellow thing we’ve ever done.” This dichotomy, combined with one of the most explosive live shows around, has allowed Underoath to carve out a niche among the heavy music marketplace. Their previous record, Define the Great Line, went gold and saw the band ditch its screamo sound, opting for a more intense and experimental approach instead. Separation, which debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 in September, continues the progression. “I don’t think the style is a huge jump on this record, but we definitely

[NOV. 5 - NOV. 11 ’08]


Chris Corner: the Jekyll and Hyde of Music it takes care of artists in a spiritual way. Financially, it also makes sense for a starving artist, just another reason why so many migrate there. But immersing one’s self in Berlin’s artistic melting pot is not without its challenges.

IAMX’S CHRIS CORNER COULD be a case study for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome. Onstage as alter ego X, he is as unpredictable as a ricocheting bullet, a dive-bombing songbird that croons about sex, drugs and politics. Backstage, he’s the quintessential gentleman, soft spoken and articulate. He graciously shakes my hand and offers some of his wine. I respond that I don’t want to start imbibing early in the day as he collapses casually into an oversized chair. “I have to pace it throughout the day. It’s like drink, sleep, drink, sleep!” Corner explains. Add a performance and grueling hours on the road and you have the job description of the touring musician. “It’s really such a strange energy management [situation], sometimes you just need to get through it, particularly with the jet lag and stuff,” he continues. IAMX kicked off their tour in Boston in support of not one, but two albums. Previously, finding a label to pick up the then fledgling project in the states (despite Corner’s previous success with Sneaker Pimps) was problematic, but Metropolis Records

has at last issued 2004’s Kiss + Swallow and 2006’s The Alternative stateside thanks undoubtedly to MySpace and YouTube buzz. The sudden upswing in support has Corner optimistic. “I’ve had a little bit of an epiphany about America,” he reveals. “The first night we played in Boston, people were crazy. It was really inspiring. I was weepy to come here and get that kind of reaction. And every night it’s been the same.” It’s that energy mixed with a desire to have easier access to the places that he wasn’t afforded the time to play on this tour that has lead Corner to court the idea of relocating. No surprise, New York and Los Angeles top the list. “It would seem like such a cliché, but I don’t care about clichés anymore,” he shrugs. It wouldn’t be the first time that Corner followed the artistic muse to distant shores. The Yorkshire, England native currently lives in Berlin, a locale that fueled a lot of the material on The Alternative. He hails from a long line of musicians who have flocked to the city over the years. “It’s the artistic orphanage of the world!” Corner exclaims, adding that

frequency | essential concerts | B Y Carrie Underwood Nov. 5 @ NOKIA Theatre OK, I know what y’all are thinking, but come on! If you’re not charmed by the country girl next door, you’re more jaded than even I, which is saying quite a bit. If a shaggyhaired, skinny-jeaned, indie-rockobsessed L.A. elitist like myself can say without a touch of irony that I’m totally down with C-Wood, there’s no excuse for the rest of you not to as well.

Beck Nov. 9, 11 @ Club NOKIA Since the Carrie Underwood bit likely undermined the many efforts of the last years of credibility I’ve established (I hope) with some readers, I’m obligated to put Mr. Indie-Before-Everyone-Loved-Indie

Grandaddy or Super Furry Animals. Grade: B —Doug Simpson Where’s My Golden Arm? is currently available.

James Morrison

Anarbor Nov. 10 @ Chain Reaction Admittedly, when I first looked at band photos of Anarbor, I saw a female member and inwardly thought “Girlpop! Stoked!” (You all know of

Chris Corner of IAMX is the quintessential gentleman offstage.

“You have to be a bit weary of getting sucked into to that lethargy. You get lethargic if you don’t have good work ethic. It’s a perfect place to just do nothing. So you do need to keep a little bit of that drive I think, if you [live there.]” But it’s doubtful that anyone will ever accuse Corner of resting on his laurels. In addition to plotting out the course for the next IAMX album, he’s

influenced by Corner’s recent infatuation with America remains to be seen. In fact, the election, he hints, may prove influential in his plans. “That might be the deciding factor on me relocating for sure,” he exclaims.

music Little” have nice moments, but sadly, they miss the mark and never really catch fire the way “Wonderful World” had. At times, it feels like Morrison is even forcing the philosophy behind the LP’s title down the throat of the listener. Then I arrived at “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me.” Suddenly, I was transported back to when I was 16 years old and would steal my mom’s copy of Al Green’s Greatest Hits, imagining what it would be like to make-out with my 10th grade crush. Any song that can make you remember fondly the things you’ve fought hard to forget as an adult is the real deal. From there, the disc only gets better. Another standout is “Dream On Hayley,” a song so smooth and tasty, it’ll have girls the world over clamoring for a name change. Grade: B—Ebony March Songs for You, Truths for Me is currently available.

For more information, visit

B R I E N O V E R LY my girlpop addiction.). Unfortunately, I jumped to conclusions a bit too early. The female in question, Jess Myers, is in fact the bassist. I know, gasp, an actual instrument. While I was mildly chagrined, after actually giving the Phoenix kids a listen, I was still entirely won over.

A Change of Pace/ The Classic Crime Nov. 11 @ Chain Reaction Nov. 12 @ Knitting Factory So, picture this, faithful readers: Dave Grohl, with longer hair, flatironed of course, in tighter jeans, with a slightly less awkward demeanor, fronting a similarly-styled Foo Fighters that were playing on the Hurley stage at Warped Tour. A little complex, I know, but the image you

When James Morrison released his stirring ode to yearning, “Wonderful World,” in 2007, it became one of the breakout hits of the year. Anyone listening could tell that the track was one of those rare moments in music when lyrics and melody aligned to create something stellar.

The New Duncan Imperials


came up with should line up pretty closely with Seattle rockers the Classic Crime. As raw and growly as they are fluidly melodic, the fivesome are undeniably infectious and, though comparable to old school icons and their modern contemporaries alike, are still doing something not quite like anyone else. Slightly more poppy in their inclinations, the Arizona natives of A Change of Pace are just as catchy, maybe a bit guiltily so, but hey, aren’t the guilty pleasures always the best ones?

But does Morrison’s latest release, Songs for You, Truths for Me, live up to his former glory? After hearing the first few tracks, it was hard to tell. Most of the songs, like “Save Yourself ” and “Once When I Was CONTINUED


Songs for You, Truths for Me (Interscope)

himself in here to balance things out. While seemingly simplistic in his musical execution, the underlying attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every Beck song is readily apparent to anyone with a keen ear. Few men can make acoustic guitar strumming seem as intricate as Beck can, and even fewer can successfully translate it into huge arenas without losing any of the intimacy of it, meaning that whether it’s a local dive bar or a sold-out night at the Bowl, his atonal crooning will tug at the heartstrings all the same.

Patrick Higgins


also mapping out ideas for a membership Web site where he will have greater intimacy with his fans, taking them along with him through the songwriting process as he contributes blogs, posts rough draft mp3s and creates a “home for everybody who wants to be involved in the project.” Whether or not the next IAMX release will have a chance to be

Campus Circle | 19

End of Phase One (Pravda) The New Duncan Imperials are a long-standing Chicago band with a reputation for zaniness, especially in their live act. Don’t expect a circus act here though; there’s some fluff included, like the Jimmy Buffett-ish “Land of the Elegant Bachelors,” but for the most part the guys are busy rocking. “High School Soul” is a catchy slice of heartland rock ’n’ roll that rides a scratchy guitar and driving piano rhythm, while “Blame It on Me” tunes to a Muddy Waters blues. Each song leaves room for a scorching guitar solo from head Imperial Pigtail Dick. “I’m Invisible” is a speedy surf punk number that takes on West Coast flavor thanks to drummer Goodtime Dammit. Grade: B —Kevin Wierzbicki End of Phase One is currently available.

20 | Campus Circle

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live show reviews




SUNDAY, NOV. 16, 3 P.M.







Bayside/The Matches Oct. 23 @ The Troubadour It takes a special band to delve into the realm of mainstream marketable music and still retain their artistic integrity, but the two headlining bands of this show couldn’t be more perfect for each other because of their artful ability to do so. Though it’s still a bit odd to see a new face on stage with the Matches, in the form of bassist Dylan Rowe, frontman Shawn Harris’ signature witty charm never fails to win an audience over. Taking stage next, Bayside would only speed up the momentum of the Matches’ frenetic set, matching the energy of their nearrabid audience. While fans were clearly most stoked over older musical gems, there was still a clear appreciation for new material off the band’s latest album, Shudder, most notably the gang-vocal infused “Boy” and “The Ghost of St. Valentine.” Maintaining their honest and raw instrumentation behind the clever, sometimes poignant wordsmithery of frontman Anthony Raneri, the members of Bayside have taken the


6400 SUNSET BLVD. (323) 245-6400 A.J. Grier

The Felice Brothers Oct. 22 @ The Troubadour Only the mountains could produce a ruckus such as these boys. The mountains are the Catskills and the boys are brothers, the Felice brothers to be exact. And they sure can throw one hell of a hootenanny. Simone, Ian and James Felice along with Christmas and Farley (both of whom they picked up along the way) didn’t let the bright lights of West Hollywood’s Troubadour citify their show. Honestly I don’t know who is who, but they all give a great show. The main vocalist has a tone a lot like Bob Dylan, but with way more enunciation. The big guy in the group played one hell of a squeezebox (accordion to us city folk) and was quite the ladies man; even the drummer strapped on the guitbox (a.k.a. guitar) for a couple of songs. Add some amazing washboard playing, and you’ve got yourself one rip roarin’ good time. —A.J. Grier


The Felice Brothers throw one hell of a hootenanny.

next step and created anthemic songs that truly reflect the importance of them and their songs. Now how many bands can say big, slick studio production made them more credible? —Brien Overly

Girl Talk Oct. 25 @ Henry Fonda Theater Cue dramatic entrance: smoke machine, giant blown up plastic bags, beach balls and an entourage in costume with leaf blowers made to blow toilet paper into the crowd. The audience, full of teens and adults dressed to shed pounds in sweat due to the next hour and half of dancing, began chanting the name Girl Talk, hoping that Gregg Gillis would finally make his debut. A giant dance party was about to take place at the Fonda for the second night in a row. Girl Talk, known for his mash-up style and mixing different genres and eras, came out on stage with his laptop that already held his premixed set. There was not a specific setlist, but I’m glad to say that hardly any of the music heard was just straight off his new CD, Feed the Animals. He only played a few parts of some songs as they were on the CD, like the section of Radiohead vs. Jay-Z from “Set It Off” and

staff pick The Beat Guide to Yiddish (Shemspeed) Hear Yiddish like you never thought possible! Influenced by his family’s roots

1) People Under the Stairs — Fun DMC 2) Kings of Leon — Only By the Night 3) Ray Lamontagne — Gossip in the Grain 4) of Montreal — Skeletal Lamping 5) Diplo vs. Santogold — Top Ranking 6) Whispertown 2000 — Swim 7) TV on the Radio — Dear Science 8) Antony & the Johnsons — Another World 9) Gang Gang Dance — Saint Dymphna 10) Bob Dylan — Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 11) MF Doom — Operation Doomsday 12) Mark Farina — Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 13) MGMT — Oracular Spectacular 14) Jenny Lewis — Acid Tongue 15) T.I. — Paper Trail 16) Lucinda Williams — Little Honey 17) Jazzanova — Of All the Things 18) The Dears — Missiles 19) Sea & Cake — Car Alarm 20) Labelle — Back to Now

Journey vs. Huey from “Play Your Part (Pt. 2),” both of which are perfect examples of Girl Talk’s style. Despite these few, the rest of his set consisted of new mixes and mash-ups. By the end of his set, he had stripped down to his boxers and his stage area was covered with dancing bodies. At the end of the last song, he left the stage, and there was no encore since everything had been pre-mixed. Although some improv ending would have been ideal, Girl Talk came with a mixture of music that can satisfy everyone: rock, pop, hiphop, oldies – you name it, and he probably will mix it. —Jeni Grinceri

in Yemen, Ethiopia and Israel, Diwon’s latest release mixes his own music into forgotten sounds from Eastern Europe. Included on this mix are Gershon Kingsley, Jewdyssee, Sam Medoff, Lipa, Seymour Rechtzeit and more. Download the mix for free at

l.a. faces


King of Pick-Up Artists MEHOW HAS SINGLE HANDEDLY REVOlutionized the pick-up scene with his establishment of Mehow Inc. to teach the world the art of the pick-up. The author of three bestselling dating books is working on a new release and is developing a TV show that is expected to air in 2009. Mehow shares some wisdom, as well as his favorite aspects of Los Angeles, with Campus Circle.

Restaurant: Mel’s [8585 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood]. I’m there at the end of every night. So are half the other PUAs in the city, so I always have friends there. Movie theater: AppleTV and my moving, vibrating Tempur-Pedic bed. Where do you work out? I have an elliptical in my living room and an assistant who makes me get on it. What pick up line never works? Just about anything.

Club or bar: The Standard Downtown [555 S. Flower St.]. Open air venues rock because you can talk. I don’t go out to dance. I go out to … well, you know.

What’s the best reaction you’ve ever gotten to a pick-up line? Me: “Hey.” Her: “Fuck off …” I love it when I’m starting off in damage control. Some of my best relationships have started that way.

readers to take away from your books? Marriage.

Place to shop: Melrose Avenue.

What is the most important thing you want

For more information, visit

[NOV. 5 - NOV. 11 ’08]

AMA Tickets on Sale Tickets for the American Music Awards show are now on sale. The talent line-up for the event promises performances from Kanye West, Alicia Keys, the Fray, the Jonas Brothers, Pink, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Taylor Swift, the Pussycat Dolls and New Kids on the Block. Individual tickets for the Nov. 23 event are available through Ticketmaster or by calling (877) AEGTICKETS, and if you want to get close to the stars, ask about the V.I.P. package that includes premium orchestra pit seating, after-party passes, access to the red carpet and limo passes. The show will once again be held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live with Jimmy Kimmel as host and will broadcast on ABC.

You.Me.We Well that about covers it doesn’t it? You.Me.We is the name of the new release from L.A.-based acoustic rocker Adam Stidham, otherwise known as Civalias, and yes, the songs are about relationships. The singer/guitarist/piano man says he looks at songwriting as a kind of therapy. “I found an undeniable peace and calmness in making music. It is me at my most genuine.”




The song “We’ve Got Company,” about discovering those little telltale signs of infidelity, is a highlight of the five-song EP, and indeed Stidham remains calm while relating the story. If you’d like to see the mellow songwriter in action, you can catch Civalias at the House in Pasadena Nov. 8. You.Me.We is available now through Authentik Artists.

Independent Local Artist Releases 6400 SUNSET BLVD. (323) 245-6400 1) Patti Smith & Lenny Kaye — February 10, 1971 2) Laughing Light of Plenty — Rose/Listen Here 3) Black Tales — Self-titled 4) Psycho Realm — War Story Book 2 5) Dirt Nasty — Self-titled 6) Flycat — Our Sign 7) Ectoplasm Girls — Forever Nothing 8) Elzhi — Witness My Growth 9) Devil Doll — The Return of Eve 10) Olmeca — Semillas Rebeldes

International Hit Parade Some very interesting acts from Europe are scheduled to make tour stops in the area, and one of them has such a monstrous sound that their original moniker was Godzilla. The French band is now known as Gojira, but they still have an extreme sound that will swallow you whole if you’re not careful. Check them out at Club Nokia Nov. 22 if you dare; they’ll be playing music from their new release The Way of All Flesh. Swedish band Dungen, on the other hand, favors folksy prog-rock with a psychedelic edge and vocals sung in Swedish. You may not understand a word they say, but you’ll have fun anyway when Dungen play the Echo Nov. 12. Their new one from Kemado Records is called 4. Experimental artist Hauschka is coming all the way from Dusseldorf, Germany for a show at Largo Nov. 22.

Charlie @ Skeletoncrew

music report | B Y

Campus Circle | 21

Leathermouth in ’09

Leathermouth vomit all their built-up aggression on wax.

The man behind Hauschka is pianist Volker Bertelmann, and the show will feature compositions from his new album, Ferndorf, which is also the name of the small German village where he grew up. Lastly, no concert involved here, but if you like the quirky sounds that come out of Iceland you’ll love the

new compilation from Icelandic artists called Made in Iceland. The 15song collection features the hottest acts from the island like Sigur Rós, Borko, Steed Lord, FM Belfast, Seabear, Bang Gang, Hjaltalin and Mum singer Olof Arnalds. Made in Iceland is available from iTunes.

Frank Iero and Rob Hughes, both founding members of My Chemical Romance, have formed a new group called Leathermouth. Iero is rather colorful when describing the confrontational punk music that the band favors. “Leathermouth is where I can vomit out all the aggression that has built-up inside. I would love to not feel the way I do about certain things and have rainbows and birds chirping in my head, but that’s just not the way I’m built. I think it would be worse if I hid from it.” The debut from Leathermouth will drop in early 2009 on the Epitaph label.

AMOEBA SUPPORTS THE LOCAL MUSIC COMMUNITY! Our “Home Grown”featured independent local artist is chosen by the Amoeba Music Staff!

Listen to an k P3 M of the trt”acon “Hear Me Ou !




The Binges are the next generation of old school rock and roll. This “gang of four” from the City of Angels put on a live show chuck-filled with fist pumping anthems that leaves hearts pounding and ears bleeding. Screaming melodies, two virtuoso sisters from Tokyo on guitar/bass and Skanky on drums play shout-along tunes that stick in your head for days.

Performing live at The Viper Room Monday, Nov. 17th AND at King King on Sunday, Dec. 14th! Listen to music from Home Grown artists at!

6400 SUNSET BLVD. AT CAHUENGA UÊ­323)245-6400


22 | Campus Circle

inner circle

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curtain call

‘HOW CISSY GREW’ Now-Nov. 23 @ El Portal Forum Theatre BY HENRY SENECAL

Ed Krieger

BUTCH (JAMES DENTON OF “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES”) and Darla (Erin O’Brien) make up an average, somewhat unsophisticated couple that stumbles through life carrying the weight of an incident that happened to their daughter, Cissy (Liz Vital). When she was in infant, Cissy was kidnapped, molested and returned. Nothing was ever the same. We see glimpses of Cissy’s interactions with her parents and different guys (all convincingly portrayed by Stewart W. Calhoun) presented in a nonchronological format that’s intriguing. This is an emotionally-charged play, James Denton and Liz Vital in “How Cissy Grew” but never heavy or uncomfortable despite the subject matter. Vital delivers a powerful performance that any young actress should be proud of, but O’Brien shines the brightest. She’s completely believable in her role and delivers a heartfelt, very funny, characterization.

jet setter | weekend getaway


Catalina offers over- and underwater fun. BY JESSICA KOSLOW Get your snuba on with Scuba Luv!

JUST TWO HOURS OFF THE COAST of California rests Catalina Island. Bought by William Wrigley Jr. (of chewing gum and Chicago’s Wrigley Field fame) in 1919 in the hopes of creating a vacation wonderland, it remains an easy, action-packed getaway.

Friday Getting to Catalina is an enjoyable escapade in and of itself. Book a trip

(El Encanto Market Place) or El Galleon (411 Crescent Ave.), then stop by Luau Larry’s (509 Crescent Ave.) for late-night libations or Chi Chi Club (107 Sumner Ave.) for dancing.

Saturday 9 a.m. You’re going to need a big breakfast for all the activities you’re going to rack up today. Original Jack’s Country Kitchen (118 Catalina Ave.) has an extensive menu with tons of


El Portal Forum Theatre is located at 5269 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood. For more information, visit


Craig Schwartz

IT IS NOT AN EASY TASK TO TAKE FACTS ABOUT AN ACTUAL person’s life and present them in a way that does not sound cold or analytical. I imagine it would be even more difficult if you had to use actual letters from the subject’s life, but writer David Rambo took on the challenge and excelled. “The Lady With All The Answers” is a sweet, emotionally candid look at the life of Ann Landers. Mimi Kennedy plays Landers as an Mimi Kennedy as Ann Landers in “The Lady with All the Answers” endearingly, warm woman. Her character breaks the proverbial fourth wall and lets the audience right into Landers’ life. An unusual take on the genre for which Rambo should also be applauded, it mirrors the relationship that the advice columnist shared with her readers and makes for a very entertaining evening. Pasadena Playhouse is located at 39 S. El Molino Ave., Pasadena. For more information, visit

meal at Steve’s Steakhouse (417 Crescent Ave.). The best part about Steve’s, besides the flavorful and filling food, is the owner’s, Steve’s, hospitality. Why not order a Filet Mignon or Baby Back Ribs, or keep in the spirit of the sea with Australian Lobster or Alaska King Crab? Another highlight is the view of the harbor! 9 p.m. Take in a movie at the Casino, a beautiful art deco landmark that shows one movie per week, and twice on Saturdays.

Take a dip at Descanso Beach, with a perfect view of the Casino.

on either the Marina Del Rey Flyer, which leaves from Marina del Rey ( or Catalina Express (, departing from San Pedro, Long Beach or Dana Point. Prices, departure times and length of trip vary for each company, and during the off-season (now through Memorial Day) there are fewer daily trips. You can choose to go to either Two Harbors to camp or Catalina’s only city, Avalon. Evening One cozy and cute, not to mention centrally located, hotel option is the historic (serving since 1896) Hermosa Hotel (131 Metropole Ave.). Not only is the staff incredibly helpful in advising you where to go and what to see, but you’ll be surrounded by hip, young adventureseekers like yourself. Once settled in, shake off those sea legs by strolling around Avalon, which consists of, at the most, 10 main streets filled with shops, restaurants and tourist centers. With a steady population of 3,500, the city swells to 15,000 during the peak season (read: summer, so book July 4 weekend early). The offseason is relatively calm in comparison, except for holiday weekends like Valentine’s and President’s Day. Grab a bite to eat at the Landing

mouth-watering choices ranging from the high protein Country Breakfast with biscuits and gravy to a Hangover Chili Omelette. Why not even try a slice of coconut or banana cream pie? 11 a.m. There’s a handful of land action to be had here. Renting bikes at Brown’s Bikes (107 Pebbly Beach Rd.) is an easy and fast way to see more of the island. You can secure a bike permit from the Catalina Island Conservancy (125 Clarissa Ave.; if you plan to leave the city limits or just take a ride to Descanso Beach (and go for a dip and drink) and up to the Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Gardens (one and a half miles up Avalon Canyon Rd.) if you’re staying local. Another excellent option for adventure is to take a jeep or bus tour to the interior of the island to see the buffalo, deer and breathtaking landscape. For those into rigorous challenges, obtain a hiking permit (for free) from the conservancy and embark on a variety of scenic walks. One recommendation is looping around the Hermit Gulch Trail, which takes you up to Divide Road and offers an awesome view of both coasts. 7 p.m. After a jam-packed day of outdoor fun, treat yourself to a hardy

8 a.m. Get an early start and fuel up at the Pancake Cottage (615 Crescent Ave.). You’ll begin to see a pattern in Catalina: The owners of the establishments are very hands-on and welcoming. That goes for the Cottage owner Lou Wilhite. Go for a traditional order like a large stack of fluffy pancakes or try the cheese blintzes. 9:30 a.m. While there’s tons of water adventure to experience here – sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing – there’s one activity that’s bound to impress your friends back home: a snuba trip. The only place to arrange such a unique adventure is Scuba Luv (126 Catalina Ave.; A cross between snorkeling and scuba diving, snuba divers wear a mask and a regulator in their mouth that’s attached to a 20-foot hose, which is attached to a tank that lies on a raft on the surface of the water. This allows the diver to wander 20 feet away from the raft without carrying the tank on his/her back. One ideal place to scuba is right off Descanso Beach, winding your way through the kelp forest, where you’ll see more than a few Garibaldi, the California State Fish. On your way back to town, poke your head in the Catalina Island Museum (next to the Casino). 2 p.m. Conclude your trip with a freshly made pizza pie at Antonio’s Pizzeria & Cabaret (230 Crescent Ave.), sitting on the back deck, watching the fish below and the boats in the harbor. The Catalina Island Triathlon takes place Nov. 8 and the Catalina Island Eco-Marathon takes place Nov. 15. For more information, visit or

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pages | book reviews boring boring boring boring boring boring boring (Featherproof) Zach Plague’s newest novel is anything but “boring boring.” Written and designed by Plague, this artwork presents the reader with an eyecatching story about the artist’s world and the traps set for the unwary and the dull. A heady combination of drugs, sex, betrayal and of course art, boring boring follows Ollister, an up ’n’ coming artist and his rebellion against the local art mogul, the Platypus. The story centers on Ollister’s gray book, which is presumed to contain all of his art ideas. The Platypus tries to get the book using Ollister’s ex-love, Adelaide, while Ollister plans to make him pay for doing so. As the plot unravels, Ollister learns the true meaning of love and friendship. This typo/graphic fusion entertains the readers while tickling their imagination, so much so that it makes one wonder who the real genius behind the story is. (Zach Plague is not the author’s real name). Grade: A+ —Farnaz Youshei boring boring boring boring boring boring boring is currently available.

Fitting In Is Overrated: The Survival Guide for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Like an Outsider (Sterling) There are plenty of self-help books out that teach us new ways to cope with all of the troubles that we may encounter in our daily lives. In all honesty, there isn’t much about this book that makes it stand out from those. Dr. Leonard Felder’s book is a resource for all of those that feel as though they have never quite fit in. Wherever one feels like an outsider, Felder seeks to help understand why those feelings exist in the first place and what that person can do to cope with those feelings and begin to appreciate their own unique place. The book does an excellent job of speaking to a younger, 20something audience. It never seems too overdramatic or guru as some self-help books can get. Grade: B —Alissa Simmons Fitting In Is Overrated is currently available.

Snapshot (Black Oak Press) Is this all life has to offer? Is this what I have worked so hard for? These and many more are questions plaguing many of us as we face life post-graduation. Ryan O’Reilly’s story, loosely based on his own life, is the answer we seek. Snapshot follows a 28-year old who is fed up with the corporate America. After learning about his fiancé’s infidelity, this nameless character decides to leave everything behind and embark on a journey of self-discovery to the west on his Harley. On the road, he meets a fellow wanderer named Bryan Hillary. Through Hillary’s friendship and death, the narrator learns the true meaning of life: “It is not the destination that is important, but what happens along the way.” Grade: B —Farnaz Youshei Snapshot is currently available.

Translating Hollywood: From the Posteritati Gallery Collection (Mark Batty)

Posters for the People: Art of the QPA (Quirk) Students of graphic design, art lovers, film geeks and history buffs all have reason to rejoice with the recent release of two books celebrating the art of the poster. Sam Sarowitz’s Translating Hollywood is both an astute examination of the cultural and creative differences inherent in worldwide motion picture promotion and a deliriously exuberant collection of eye-candy. Spanning over five decades and including posters for films from directors like Hitchcock, Truffaut, Tarantino and the Coen Brothers, to name just a few, the book juxtaposes the original, sometimes staid U.S. version of film posters with their often more

colorful and imaginative foreign counterparts. With posters from England, France, Italy, Poland and Japan, it’s a visually stunning and intellectually stimulating cinematic world tour. Ennis Carter’s Posters for the People: Art of the WPA is, on the other hand, a strictly American affair and sticks to a very specific time period. From 1935 to 1943 the Works Projects Administration, created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of his New Deal, employed hundreds of artists to design posters for its wide range of social programs. Divided into sections such as Health & Safety, Prosperity & Opportunity and Knowledge & Information, the book is chock-full of gorgeous reproductions of these posters and serves as both a beautiful coffee table conversation piece and an invaluable art history lesson that takes us from the depths of the Great Depression up through the early years of World War II. Both of these fine volumes illustrate how indispensable and effective the poster has always been and will likely continue to be as a tool for advertising and propaganda. Also, they’re both really pretty. Grades: A/A+ —Patrick McGilligan Translating Hollywood and Posters for the People are both currently available.

Warning: College Unauthorized (PublishAmerica) Based on the author’s own adventures, or better yet, misadventures through college (Arizona State University), Warning follows Brian Scott Ary as he lives out his years as a Sun Devil. In simple terms, the book is a how-to book on anything and everything you can do in college, besides studying. However, it was not the content that caused my apathy. After all, additional to their scholarly use, colleges and universities are there to broaden our “social” horizons. And although Ary manages to provide the reader with some informative tips, it’s not long before the story turns into a tedious narration of his various “hook ups” with this or that girl. It lacks the degree of sophistication you are to expect from a college graduate. Grade: D —Farnaz Youshei Warning: College Unauthorized is currently available.


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inner circle


Oct. 25 @ Hollywood Improv BY EMMANUELLE L. TROY WHILE THE TREND IN NEW COMEDIANS CONTINUES TO BE the Dane Cook frat boy in jeans and ironic T-shirt telling jokes he would share with his fraternity bros, it’s nice to see and hear from the old pros, not bros. Brian Posehn has been making people laugh since the early ’90s, when he was one of the few comedians on MTV at a time when MTV was primarily still a music channel. More recently seen as one of the Comedians of Comedy as well as on “The Sarah Silverman program,” the tall, self-described comic book and heavy metal geek knows how to make an audience feel as if they’ve known him for years, like the neighbor or the friend who doesn’t want to go to the trendy club, but would rather just hang out and make fun of it. Posehn did just that, as he hilariously talked about sex, heavy metal, drinking and just being himself, which was way more fun than any new trendy club or popular comedian would ever be.

graphic novels | reviews Justice, Vol. 2 (DC) The second volume of Jim Krueger’s Justice arrives in trade paperback, with stellar artwork by Alex Ross and Doug Braithwaite.The first volume left the Justice League all incapacitated, with the world’s villains poised to take over on the brink of an apocalyptic event. Green Lantern is lost in the farthest reaches of space, while Batman is brainwashed. Meanwhile, we learn the depths of the villains’ sinister plot. It’s an entertaining, old fashion superhero story with great artwork. Krueger manages to utilize just about every character in the DC canon. Grade: A—Mike Sebastian Justice, Vol. 2 is currently available.

The Joker (DC) Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets) attempts to top Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke for the darkest portrayal of Joker – and he may just succeed. Lee Bermejo provides the visceral artwork, which takes a very Christopher Nolan/Heath Ledger approach to Gotham and its villains. As the title suggests, this is not a Batman book featuring Joker. This is an original graphic novel written about Joker. Batman appears only briefly. We’re thrown into the insane world of Joker, as seen through the eyes of a low-level thug who becomes his personal driver. It’s too bad Azzarello didn’t write the screenplay for The Dark Knight, because this book is actually a more effective representation of the claustrophobic, anarchic insanity of the villain, which Ledger’s portrayal deserved. Grade: A —Mike Sebastian The Joker is currently available.

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Hands-on Career Training at Your Fingertips

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BY DEVON KLUG ONE OF THE BEST THINGS ABOUT BEING A COLLEGE STUDENT in Los Angeles is the wide variety of amazing internship opportunities that the city can provide. From Hollywood and the entertainment industry to large corporate businesses in downtown, there’s truly something for everyone. I’m still amazed by the cool internships that I hear other students talking about, and the best thing is that when asked how they got it, most reply that they found them through their school. The best place to start looking into finding an internship is the campus career center. Don’t get fooled by the title. While they do help students look for a career, they can also help you find internship opportunities that interest you and help you get hands-on, real world experience in a potential future career field. There are plenty of people to help you find the type of internship you’re looking for, either for academic credit or just for personal study. The career center is a great resource to find what you’re looking for because alumni send unique opportunities to the school for current students to apply for. If you’re looking for a more specific type of intern that applies to your major, such as public relations or engineering, look for help from the college that your major is in. They will have an even better variety of different internships that will interest you. They also have tighter connections with alumni that have recently graduated from the college and are constantly letting students know of new opportunities that have come their way. “I seriously get e-mails every day about these really awesome internship opportunities throughout L.A., and there are these big name companies that are looking for students, even sophomores, to start interning right away,” says Alex Abels, a sophomore print journalism major at USC. “I get excited just reading them because I know that I could actually get a great internship one day.” If you don’t have the time to walk yourself to the career development center on campus, there’s always the school Web site that can quickly direct you to endless sources to find that fabulous new internship that’s heading your way. This is also where you can sign up to get daily e-mails, informing you of new internships that have become available, and you can even specify what kind of things you are interested in. “I think that the career center Web site is great. I think that they have a great profile system; it’s user-friendly, and it’s really full of amazing opportunities for all students,” raves Natalie Lehemen, a sophomore critical studies major at USC. “Everyone should take advantage of what your college can offer you. You never know what you could get yourself into.” Colleges are really helpful if you want to find an internship for the summer, whether in Los Angeles or not. Make sure to start looking early, even first semester, because the super interesting internships will probably have a lot of applicants, creating tougher competition. “It’s pretty cool, my friend got the chance to intern in Hong Kong for the whole summer, and she found out through the business school,” says Chrissy Thompson, a junior at USC. “It’s going to look really good on her resume, and she had the time of her life.” Whatever you do, be sure to take advantage of the fact that you’re living in Los Angeles. You never know, you could find yourself getting an internship that will lead you to new interests, new places and even better, future opportunities.

the sports wanderer | B Y STEPPING ON THE GAS Andrew Bynum Lakers center Andrew Bynum, 21, signed a four-year, $57.4 million extension on Oct. 30, keeping him in Los Angeles until 2012. Bynum will earn $2.8 million this season. The extension includes a team option for a fifth year worth $16 million.

USC Defense For the third time this season, the USC defense shutout its opponent. Southern Cal (7-1, 5-1) defeated Washington, 56-0, at the Coliseum Nov. 1, limiting the Huskies (0-8, 0-5) to 184 total yards. In the first half, the Huskies had only two first downs, passed midfield for the first time with about two minutes left in the second quarter and amassed 35 yards of total offense. The Trojan defense also had three interceptions in the route.

Lakers Defense The Lakers won their first three games of the season, thanks to a team defense that held each opponent to less than 100 points – including to below 80. In those three games, the Lakers’ margin of victory was 21.67 points.

Anaheim Ducks After a 1-5 start, the Ducks won six of seven games to improve to 7-5-1. The sole blemish during the sevengame stretch was a 7-6 overtime loss to Vancouver Oct. 31. However, only one of those games – a 6-4 victory over Montreal – was decided by more than one point. Offensively, the Ducks scored 31 points in the past seven games.

PA R I M A L M . R O H I T

Marcus Camby The former defensive player of the year is expected to make his Clipper debut this week. Camby, who suffered an injury during the offseason, came to Los Angeles via a trade with Denver during the summer.

Parimal M. Rohit



Lamar Odom

Los Angeles Kings

Odom’s days as a Laker appear numbered after Bynum signed his four-year extension. With last week’s deal, the Lakers are committed to $75 million in salary next season. A free agent in June, Odom expects about $10 million per year in his next contract. The Lakers are already well over the luxury tax threshold. This season, the Lakers expect to pay more than $11 million in luxury tax, jeopardizing a possible Odom deal.

After a decent start to the new season, the Kings have lost four straight games heading into an election match-up against rival Anaheim. In four games since Oct. 25, the Kings were outscored 16-9, losing all four games. Three of those losses were by one goal, including a 4-3 overtime loss to defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit.

UCLA Football The Bruins (3-5, 2-3) did not play last week, but return to the Rose Bowl Nov. 8 to face Oregon State.

Baron Davis The Los Angeles Clippers reported that Baron Davis will miss a few games due to a sore left hip. Coincidentally, Davis is still recovering from a sprained left ring finger suffered during the preseason.

Ducks Defense Despite a 6-0-1 record in its last seven games, Anaheim is barely winning its games. Six of the seven games were decided by one goal. In that stretch, the Ducks allowed 24 goals.

Clipped Ducks

Manny Ramirez

Two key skaters are on the bench for Anaheim – left wing Brad May (strained right knee) and right wing George Parros (scratched cornea). Both players are expected to return soon, though the team is prepared to call up a minor leaguer to be safe.

The Dodgers’ general manager will meet with Ramirez’s agent, Scott Boras, this week at the general

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other in the SEC championship game to decide the winner of their conference. That leaves three conferences, the ACC, Big East and Big 12. opponent in a 56-0 shutThe ACC title is up for out over Washington. grabs with Georgia Tech Oklahoma comman(20), North Carolina (19) ded a 64-28 win over and the Terrapins (23) Nebraska but fell from fighting it out for their No. 4 to six. Nittany Lions chance at a BCS game. As fans may be unhappy this for the Big 12, Texas Tech week after their bye and is ahead for now, but with Texas Tech’s win kept games against Oklahoma them at No. 3. and Oklahoma State left, With five weeks left in the winner of this powerthe regular season, it Lauren Brodsky ful division is still in seems that many of the question. [West Virginia is in the pole BCS conference races are over. USC will position in the Big East and is 25th in receive their seventh consecutive Pacthe BCS standings.] 10 title barring wins against UCLA, Cal Don’t throw in the towel if your and Stanford; Penn State will take the team isn’t in the top 10, though … keep Big-10 title if they finish their season watching because more change is yet to undefeated and Florida and topcome. ranked Alabama are likely to see each

THE TIDE HAS TURNED… LUCKILY FOR ALABAMA, THE tide has turned Crimson as they rise to No. 1 in the BCS poll after a dominating 35-0 win over Arkansas State. I hate to say I told you so … but as predicted, Texas couldn’t hold on at No. 1. The curse of the No. 1 seed prevailed as Texas suffered a last minute loss to arch rival Texas Tech. The Longhorns trailed Texas Tech in the first half, and after an unbelievable comeback, the Red Raiders scored a touchdown in the last second moving Texas down to No. 4. Florida got their revenge on Saturday and blew out fellow SEC team, Georgia, in a 49-10 win that moved them up from No. 8 to No. 5. Florida jumped over Pac-10 leader USC, who obliterated another

manager meetings in Dana Point. Both sides are expected to discuss whether Ramirez, a free agent, will re-sign with the Dodgers. Boras seeks a sixyear deal for Ramirez, while the Dodgers reportedly seek a two- or three-year deal.

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SATURDAY, NOV. 8 “The Hills” Stage Reading Upright Citizens Brigade, 5919 Franklin Ave., Hollywood (323) 908-8702;

We don’t know much about it, except that Janeane Garofalo plays Lauren “LC” Conrad, alongside a hilarious cast.

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 5 52nd Annual SoCal Intercollegiate Championships L.A. Tennis Club, 5851 Clinton St., Hollywood (310)208-3838; Watch the best college players in SoCal compete to see which are crowned this year’s doubles and singles champs. Through Sunday. FREE.

SATURDAY, NOV. 8 Actorfest LA 2008 California Mart Exhibit Center, 110 E. 9th St., Downtown; Seminars and panels on everything from commercials to voiceover to improv. 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Derby Dolls Season Championships The Doll Factory, 1910 W. Temple, Downtown; It’s all on the line, er, ice, when the Sirens battle the Tough Cookies. 6 p.m. $20, $40.

Downtown Burbank Fine Arts Festival San Fernando Blvd., between Magnolia and Olive Ave., Burbank (818) 709-2907; See oil paintings, sculpture, photography and more from over 100 award-winning artists along with demonstrations, live music and food. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Also Sunday. FREE.

Pasadena Fall Art Festival Centennial Square, 100 N. Garfield Ave.; Look for great deals and interesting one-of-a-kind items from a juried selection of fine artists and craftspeople; live entertainment and a food court, too. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Also Sunday. FREE.

Silver Lake Art Crawl In its 11th year, over 25 art galleries will open their doors to showcase the works of over 100 participating artists. 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Also Sunday.

SUNDAY, NOV. 9 999 Eyes Freakshow CA Institute of Abnormalarts, 11334 Burbank Blvd., NoHo; The last genuine vaudevillian, traveling freak show in the United States celebrating human oddities (along with their traveling museum) makes its L.A. stop. 7 & 10 p.m. $20.

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Dear Lucia, I met my boyfriend a little over two years ago. When we met I was overcoming a pretty serious addiction that I had. During this time he supported me, and we became very close. Three months later I was pregnant. We decided to try to stay together and get to know each other while going through the pregnancy. We quickly moved in together and got through it. Lucia During this time, however, I noticed red flags and chose to ignore them. I am usually much like you, and I am quick to drop a guy who I feel is gonna be a pain in the future. I think that having his baby, however, made me bend some of the rules I set for her sake. I am confused because he has some excellent qualities that most men don’t have. He cooks almost everyday and washes the dishes afterwards. He cleans around the house and is a great father. His daughter loves him, not to mention that any family event I ask him to go to he will be there. The only problem is he has a hard time getting a job, and he constantly calls me names during our arguments (Sometimes I retaliate by calling him names also.). He calls me a whore or a bitch, and I’ll call him a fat ass or a loser. When we met he was in excellent shape and gained a lot of weight while I was pregnant. He brings up some very hurtful things that a former family member did to me as a child and has even said it like this, “Oh yeah? And what about what you did with your *****, you probably want to go be with him so you can f**k him.” I’m no angel, but it seems like everything I do is wrong. Another thing that is a very big problem is that he knows I am bi-polar, and he uses it as an excuse in every one of our arguments, making it out to be my fault ... I hope you know what to do because I want to do what’s best for my daughter but I also want what’s best for me as well. —Toxic Relationship Dear Toxic, You may be like me in that you leave when you see the red flags, but that’s where the similarity ends. I would never allow myself to

become pregnant with a man whom I barely knew and had not made a commitment to. All the name-calling tells me you are both very immature. Unfortunately, I can’t just wave a magic wand and make you both grow up, but you’re going to have to, because you’ve now brought an innocent child into your situation. The first thing you can do is stop with the name-calling. Guys don’t respond well to criticism. It usually just makes them angry or want to withdraw. If you do this, he will probably also stop. Then you need to appreciate the good things he does. You mentioned some of them in your e-mail. Thank him for cooking, cleaning, being a great father, etc. Men are always looking for a “win,” so he will respond very well to positive reinforcement. If, however, none of the above suggestions work, then your last resort would be to see a counselor. You need to try to make this work for the sake of your daughter, or she may be yet another female to end up on the stripper pole.

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poised on the brink of revolution while their rulers stand oblivious to their suffering. The seemingly callous choices of King Mswati III are difficult to stomach, the struggle of the Swazi nation inspiring. Meanwhile, Princess Pashu has an eye opening experience while studying abroad and vows to help enact the changes that must come to light to ensure its survival. Without the King presents the Swazi dilemma from all sides with fairness, compassion and sensitivity to the culture of one of the last remaining kingdoms of precolonialist invasion Africa. Grade: A —Natasha Desianto Without the King is currently available.

Hi Lucia, I’m 19 and still a virgin. I can be shy at first, but I get over it after a while. I would love to find myself a Cougar and be her boy-toy. How can I get the attention of older women? —Boy-toy Hi Boy-toy, I would suggest joining some online dating sites. Two of the most popular ones are and Don’t be afraid to put in your profile that you are “inexperienced” and looking for someone to “show you the ropes.” Some women actually prefer that!

Write to Lucia at Read an excerpt from Lucia’s Lessons of Love at Listen to Lucia live every Sunday at 3 p.m. PST on Remember: Love inspires, empowers, uplifts and enlightens.

Dollar Sundays Hollywood Park, 1050 S. Prairie Ave., Inglewood (310) 4191500; $1 admission, programs, hot dogs and sodas all day. $1 beers from 12 p.m.-3 p.m., plus you could win up to $500 betting on NFL games and horse races.

L.A. Noir-chitecture Tour This one-time only tour will visit historic L.A. movie locations from such noir-ish movies like L.A. Confidential, The Maltese Falcon and Double Indemnity. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. $30.

STRIP CLUB NOW HIRING DANCERS No Experience Necessary/ Make Cash Daily Must be 18+ For more information call (818) 890-7777 or log onto




To submit an event for consideration, e-mail

DR. JOEL KAPLAN FDA APPROVED Medical vacuum pumps. Gain 1"-3" permanently. Resolve impotence. Viagra, Testosterone, Cialis. FREE information and brochures. (619) 2947777,

Without the King (First Run Features) Without the King examines Africa’s last absolute monarchy, the little known Kingdom of Swaziland, giving viewers an intimate look into the lives of King Mswati III, the first of his 13 wives, Queen LaMbikiza and eldest daughter Princess Pashu. These monarchs live with vast riches at their disposal while by stark contrast, the majority of their subjects struggle with extreme poverty and a rampant AIDS epidemic. Most important, the film also gives voice to Swazi activists and the common man, both

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NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY* Field Guide to Urban Art Species Los Angeles

EDITED BY JOSH HERMAN *This is the second in a multi-part series presenting excerpts from the above-mentioned Field Guide. Species: Shepard Fairey Description: Faireys typically display a color palate of red, white and black on politically charged wheat posters, stickers and stenciled graffiti. Species can be identified from the unique markings of the word “Obey� and/or Andre the Giant’s face in a star. Life Cycle: Varies. Fairey may ‘bomb’ 100 wheat posters during a few months with no more than 10 surviving to adulthood (a month after they go up). Call: “Even though the street’s dominated

by advertisers who have money, I’m a taxpayer and have the right to a voice. I should be able to express myself, legal or not.� Habitat: Like cockroaches and Subway restaurants, Faireys can be found in almost every crevice of the city: stop signs, street lamps, billboards, sewer covers, walls. Range: Fairey was accidentally introduced to Los Angeles, carried on the underside of a skateboard from the Rhode Island School of Design. His stickers and wheat posters soon proliferated. While feral species roam the streets, Faireys can be domesticated, as evidenced outside the La Brea eatery Cobras & Matadors and the Obama campaign.

THE DAILY PINT 2310 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED, there are two types of people in this world: beer drinkers and everyone else. Now, cocktails and wine are cool, but I am neither an alcoholic nor am I a woman. Beer is the kind of alpha-male concoction that puts hair on your chest and gives you a buzz in the process. Save the wine for Bridge Zach Bourque Night with grandma and/or Italian food outings. And thus, I give you the ultimate beer drinker’s utopia, the Daily Pint, located right off the 10 freeway in Santa Monica. This little dive bar screams beer from the top of its lungs, complete with many, many draft beers and a chest of bottled beer with names so foreign it will make your tongue sore just trying to pronounce ’em. Upon ordering a delicious Stone IPA, from San Diego’s fantastic Stone Brewery, the Irish tongued bartender denied me and handed me a draft beer from an unpronounceable tap. “Try this,� he says. This mystery IPA (Indian Pale Ale) was damn good, and the fact that it was as foreign as it was only compounds the applause I must bestow on the Daily Pint. Quite simply, it is impossible not to love this place if you have an appreciation for beer. They have no less

than 30 beers on draft and a mind-blowing selection of bottles. Unfortunately, with all the beer emphasis, the food has been neglected and, as such, the Daily Pint is sans kitchen and all the requisite bar food that comes with it. However, and this could be almost superior to bar food, drinkers are encouraged to bring in their own food. So screw the pumpkin patch and have your next picnic in a dive bar. The ambiance is dark, and more than a bit East Coast. There is a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, projector screen that should be quite epic for Sunday games. Shuffleboard and pool tables are there for those feeling a little competitive. The Daily Pint is a beer drinker’s bar in a city of pretentious martinis and expensive cocktails. You can catch a buzz off of only a few beers, considering many have alcoholic levels akin to a two-buck chuck bottle of wine. Bring your boys, drink some beer and be merry. For more information, visit To submit a bar for consideration, e-mail

15% OFF Dinner with this Ad

Gill’s Indian Restaurant Free Delivery Downtown!

All You Can Eat Buffet $8.95+Tax

Tandori Chicken, Meat Curry, Two Vegetables Dal, Pullao Rice, Nan, Salad, Dessert, Fruits and much more! OPEN Mon-Fri: Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm Dinner 5:30pm-10pm 'ILLS)NDIAN2ESTAURANTNETs  s3'RAND!VE

game on | review “CSI DVD Game� (Hasbro) I have played “CSI� games in the past, whether it is on the computer or Xbox, and I must say I have never been a fan. But this interactive game isn’t half bad. It’s as if you’re a part of the “CSI� shows on TV. The DVD is a guide to your cases; there are investigative reports you must fill out and even tools such as black lights and a 3D

piece for the lie detector that you have to use. The game is very interactive and taking notes is imperative in order to solve the case. The ability to piece clues together to determine the suspect, time of murder and the cause are a must to solve the mystery. The only downfall is that there are only five cases and once you solve them, the game is done. Grade: B —Jennifer Driessen “CSI DVD Game� is currently available.

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inner circle Melrose, Raw Raw). The Bar Specials are remarkable. The Salmon Carpaccio features thin cucumber slices with a dollop of hot sauce that serve as a bed for succulent pieces of salmon, capers, scallions and caviar coated in a unique mayonnaise based dressing. Orbs of white fish and baked crabmeat wrapped in sleeves of soy paper make for a must-try special, the Snow Ball. Sushi Hiroba is a distinctive find, not only for its huge parking lot, affordable Lunch Specials and take out service, but the impeccable service and success in living up to sushi at its best.


décor is planned with the intention of creating a luxurious but comfortable atmosphere. Located just a few minutes from popular Hollywood hotspots like the ArcLight and Henry Fonda Theater, Sushi Hiroba is the perfect choice for your aftermovie or pre-concert meal. The patio is the ideal setting for a romantic sunset dinner al fresco. There are three private areas for gatherings upstairs. Host a birthday party in one of the charming banquet rooms with sleek red-cushioned benches and ornate sliding screen doors to give you maximum privacy. Take a seat at the sushi bar or at one of the tables in the main dining room for a view of all of the action

caught around town


Bite into a scrumptious cloud of baked crab and white fish known as the Snow Ball.

happening behind the counter. The sushi chefs are courteous and gladly make recommendations, which is helpful because the list of items on Sushi Hiroba’s menu is extensive. The number of beverages alone is impressive: a multitude of premium sakes (cold, hot and/or unfiltered), soju, wine and beer. Any of the beverages are a refreshing compliment to an assortment of appetizers, such as the Fried Soft Shell Crab served with Ponzu or the Eggplant with Sweet Miso Paste. Sushi Hiroba even offers several choices for those in your party that are a bit wary of actual sushi. The Shrimp Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing, various bowls of Udon or entrées, like Chicken Katsu and Salmon Teriyaki, are great options.

But the main attraction of a visit to Sushi Hiroba is the sushi itself. Every item placed in front of you is of Sushi Hiroba is currently offering 25 the utmost freshness and flavor, and percent off during Happy Hour (3 you’ll want to sample everything. p.m.-6 p.m.). For more information, The portions of fish are generous, call (323) 962-7237 or visit whether you order nigiri sushi or sashimi. The zesty Spicy Tuna or Spicy Scallop rolls are indeed quite piquant but delicious nonetheless. There are almost 40 Special Rolls on the menu. Whether you’re absolutely starving or just in the mood for a light snack Sushi Hiroba’s got you covered – from the ordinary (California, Caterpillar, Crunch) to the extraordinary (Lobster, The Salmon Carpaccio is fresh and tangy. Christina Johnson

WALKING UP TO SUSHI HIROBA you may feel like you’ve journeyed to Japan for your dining experience. The exterior of the restaurant is designed to look like a Japanese fisherman’s hut, complete with straw decorating its roof and a large painting of ocean waves drawing your eyes to its huge front windows. The seaside theme correlates directly to Sushi Hiroba’s motto: Sushi at its best. Where else would you go to partake of the freshest quality ingredients than straight to the source at a fisherman’s own abode? The interior of the restaurant is anything but humble though. The sleek lines of the furnishings and authentic feel of the woodwork throughout, suggest every piece of

Yuri Shimoda

776 Vine St., Los Angeles BY YURI SHIMODA

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Game Day Special MedIUM

Thursdays @ Zanzibar

Cheese Pizza bucket of



bucket of



$ OFFER GOOD AT THESE LOCATIONS: Burbank ­n£n®Ên{·nxxäÊUÊCamarillo (805) 389-4700 Culver CityÊ­ÎÓήÊәȇ£x{ÎUÊEncino (818) 990-8820 GlendaleÊ­n£n®ÊÓ{LJ£™{ÈÊUÊGranada Hills (818) 831-1245 HollywoodÊ­ÎÓήÊ{ÈLJxǙ£ÊUÊHuntington Beach (714) 964-5926 KoreatownʭӣήÊÎnȇÈnn{ÊUÊMar Vista (310) 398-0180 North HillsÊ­n£n®Ên™Î‡n{{{ÊUÊNorth Hollywood (818) 766-7184 Pacoima ­n£n®Ên™ä‡xx£xÊUÊPalmdale (661) 947-4545 PasadenaÊ­ÈÓÈ®ÊxÇLJ£ÇÓÎÊUÊSaugus (661) 259-3895 TorranceʭΣä®ÊǙӇ{Èä{ÊUÊVan Nuys (818) 786-3204 West HillsÊ­n£n®Ê™™™‡ännäÊUÊWilshire/Highland (323) 939-7661 Winnetka (818) 700-0509


Must present coupon when ordering. Only one coupon per order, per customer.

Real life is overrated. So stay a kid and get paid for it. After two years at the Creative Circus, you’ll be able to turn your innate creativity into a career as an art director, copywriter, photographer or designer. It’s a

weird and wonderful experience that prepares you for the kind of real life you never hear anyone complain about. Get the postponement started. Call 800-728-1590 or visit

The CREATIVE CIRCUS A school where weird kids become employable. Atlanta, Georgia

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