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Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful, But The Recreation Center Is So Delightful The winter is quickly approaching, and long evenings of sunlight are fading away. The Student Recreation Center has an unbelievable amount of activities and specials going on this holiday season for students, alumni, faculty, and staff!

Fitness & Group Xercise

about how to avoid the gift of gaining weight this holiday season. Also, be sure to learn how to make a lower calorie but equally delicious apple crisp on page 3!



Heated 24/7, the Rec Center pool is open from 6 AM to 10 PM every day. Not to mention we have exciting extras other than just swimming laps. For instance, free swim lessons are open to all students attending Montclair State University. We also offer intramurals in the pool, such as inner tube water polo and water volleyball. Our pool is well maintained by student staff members who are trained in CPR and first aid, additionally overseen by a professional staff member.

Check out a great article from one of our dietetic interns

See additional specials inside!

The cold weather should not be an excuse for not coming to the gym and working out. Group Xercise offers over 40 classes each week, there is bound to be a class or two that fits into every ones schedules. For the complete Group Xercise schedule, see page 2! Each and every month, the fitness department has a personal training special. To see this month’s special and read an article about faculty and staff involvement at the Student Recreation Center, see page 4!

Special Events: November Through January

Inside this issue: Group Xercise


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


Faculty and Staff Wellness Special


Intramurals Interview with Carolyn Garrone


How to Avoid The Gift of Gaining


Apple Crisp Recipe


Around the SRC


Every Sunday from 1pm-12am NFL SUNDAY TICKET



Nov 1: Lets Make a Deal Nov 13: Intramural Handball Tournament

Dec 12: Special Friends Day

Group Xercise Schedule Monday Boxing 10:00-11:00 || Brazilian JiuJitsu 11:30-12:15 || Hydrofit 4:005:00 Kickboxing 5:00-6:00 || Yoga 6:00-7:00 || Body Sculpt 7:00-7:45 || Zumba 8:00-9:00 Tuesday Wake-Up Call 9:45-10:30 || Body Sculpt 11:00-11:45 || Dance It Off! 12:00-1:00 CampRec 1:00-1:45 || Brazilian JiuJitsu 2:00-3:00 || Plyometrics 4:005:00 Cardio Kickboxing 5:00-6:15 || Hip-Hop 7:00-8:00 Wednesday Cardio Fusion 10:00-11:00 || Hydrofit 12:00-1:00 || Brazilian JiuJitsu 3:00-3:45 Dance It Off! 3:45-4:30 || Boxing 5:45-7:00 || Butt N’ Gut 7:00-7:45 || Zumba 8:00-9:00 Thursday Wake-Up Call 9:00-9:30 || Zumba 10:30-11:30 || Awesome Arms 11:3012:00 Cardio Fusion 12:00-12:30 || Brazilian JiuJitsu 4:15-5:15 ||Butt N’ Gut 5:15-6:00 Yoga 6:00-6:45 || Boxing 6:45-8:00 || Body Sculpt 8:00-8:45

Brazilian Jiu Jiu--Jitsu! Interested in self-defense as well as getting into peak physical shape? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a form of martial arts that primarily focuses on power, proper technique, and physical conditioning. BJJ is not your typical group exercise class by any stretch of the imagination. Using ground grappling techniques, you work not only on muscular strength, but also muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. What also sets BJJ apart from other exercise classes is that it is designed for beginners all the way to advanced BJJ athletes. Brian Porcel is the BJJ instructor here at the Student Recreation Center, and he teaches the class four times a week. Brian has been practicing and teaching BJJ for over three years. Back in 2009, Brian placed 3rd in a Grapplers Quest competition for his weight class, and will be participating in an upcoming event this November. The BJJ classes at the Recreation Center start with a quick warm -up, followed by a long stretching period, and then Brian will teach a new grappling move for the week. Each week Brian teaches new sets of moves for participants to build off of. Time is left at the end of class for participants to safely spar against each other. The BJJ classes at the Recreation Center are designed for participants of both genders. Page 2

Friday Wake Up Call 9:00-9:45 || Cardio Fusion 10:0011:00 || Saturday Body Sculpt 12:00-12:45 || Yoga 1:00-1:45 || Zumba 2:00-3:00 Sunday Yoga 12:00-1:00 || Boxing 6:45-8:00 || Zumba 8:00 -9:00

Volume 1, Issue 1

What’s New At The Student Recreation Center? Faculty & Staff Wellness Program! The leaves are changing, the holidays are right around the corner, why not start early to fight the holiday weight gain before it starts? The state of the art Student Recreation Center is offering a limited time membership special membership opportunity for all new faculty and staff memberships! Up until December 31st, any new faculty or staff membership at the Student Recreation Center will include a fitness assessment, body fat analysis, and exercise prescription included with their full year membership! The Student Recreation Center offers over 40 different free group exercise classes, two complete

Cybex resistance exercise circuits, dozens of new cardiovascular exercise equipment, free pool privileges, locker room use with free towel checkout, and free equipment checkout for any sport. And, believe it or not, the Student Recreation Center is the most affordable facility in the area. Did you know that there are already over 100 faculty and staff members at the Student Recreation Center? Need a little more encouragement? Our existing members have been kind enough to provide us with testimonials to help inspire more faculty and staff to join our Student Recreation Center.

―I decided to join the Student Recreation Center because it is a beautiful and well-equipped facility that is extremely convenient to use. It also costs less than many other "brand name" gyms in the area. The staff are friendly and helpful and the locker rooms provide extra conveniences such as hair dryers and towels for daily use.‖ Susan Hagen—Member Since February 2008 ―The Student Recreation Center is very affordable, most gyms charge a lot, but don’t offer as much. The Student Recreation Center is the best bang for your buck.‖ Patrolman Jaison Fraizier—Member Since June 2010 ―For people who have concerns of getting started or there is concern over what you can physically do—there is something for you to get involved in at the Student Recreation Center, and the staff help guide you to what will suit you best in your endeavor.‖ Lieutenant Kieran Barrett—Member Since June 2010

Fitness Specials! November Through January 20% OFF PERSONAL TRAINING WITH THE PURCHASE OF 12 SESSIONS Page 3

Interview with Carolyn Garonne, Pro Staff Director of Intramurals Carolyn has recently been promoted to become the permanent director of intramurals here at Campus Rec. She was recently interviewed by Taylor Zuppa. Taylor; How has the Rec Center changed from when you began working here as a freshman? Carolyn; First, there was no Rec Center my freshman year. We were in Panzer with athletics and phys. Ed, so the hours were kind of scattered. It was more laid back, we didn’t really have full control of the facility. We didn’t have con-

Taylor; What’s one thing you miss about being a college student? Carolyn; I guess the carefree part of it. You’re working hard, but at the same time you’re still young and enjoying yourself. And now it’s up to me to make decisions and stuff like that.

trol over offensive players, or patrons that didn’t go to Montclair. We didn’t have the key, it wasn’t our building. Overall it was hard to regulate certain things. Taylor; What are some of your favorite things about being pro staff and working here?

where they are now since I was here. There was the vision one day that we would get there and now we are here. [I like] being on the “other side” now, when I was a student I was being mentored, and now I’m returning that to the current students. Taylor; How does this compare to other jobs you’ve worked in the past?

Carolyn; One is seeing the programs develop to “It’s really a family environment. In some jobs you hear things, and the staff has Taylor; that, but you don’t grown tremendously. What can you tell us see it or feel it, but When I was a student, there about Intra- here it’s real.” were maybe six directors, murals speand now there’s like cifically and how it’s twenty. The number of proevolved? grams we offer is larger, the growth of the program as a whole is larger. Carolyn; For one, we have our own facility. We’ve developed Taylor; more of a foundation with set Where do you see the Rec rules and guidelines and actuCenter, and specifically intraally following through with murals, going in the future? those. The consistency with

Carolyn; It’s really a family environment. In some jobs you hear that, but you don’t see it or feel it, but here it’s real. We really are a family, my coworkers and my colleagues, and even with the students. You can really make a difference in the programs, you can actually put your mark on things. Whereas other jobs you just do what you’re supposed to and that’s it.

Carolyn; I would like to see it to grow even more, to the part where we’re maxing out gym space, we’re maxing out our numbers where we have to turn people away, and to have the building expand. I’d like to see us host more extramural type activities and events. Just for it to be on the map, like at NIRSA they just know us for what we do. For our clinics, our programs, they’re looking to us for advice.

Intramurals It’s never too late to get involved with intramural sports at the Student Recreation Center. Fall B sports are just getting underway, and it is not too early to start thinking of teams for Spring A sports in January. Also, don’t forget to mark down the intramural handball tournament on your calendars. It is on November 13th! Fall B Volleyball Sprint Football Water Basketball Wii Golf Wiffleball Racquetball

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Spring A Basketball Water Polo Wallyball Wii Bowling

How To Avoid The Gift Of Gaining Fruitcake, sugary sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pies are some of our favorite things to eat around the holidays. Most people overindulge thinking, “why not, it only comes once a year.” However, many people are upset to find out they have gained 5-8 lbs once the holiday season is over. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the holidays without receiving the gift of weight gain. Stay Physically Active The holidays are a hectic time and very few people find time to exercise. However, exercising does not necessarily mean going to the gym. Walking around the mall for a few hours is a great way to burn

some calories and pick up gifts for your loved ones. Find some fun outdoor activities to do. Shoveling snow, raking the leaves, and putting up decorations are all fun activities that will put you in the holiday spirit and help you burn some calories. Watch Out For Liquid Calories Eggnog, Apple Cider, and Alcohol can easily add hundreds of additional calories if you allow yourself to have a couple of glasses. One cup of eggnog will usually give you over 300 calories and just under 20 grams of fat. Be aware of mixed alcohol drinks at Christmas parties and New Years parties. These can pack hun-

dreds of unnecessary calories and extra sugar. Try substituting water, diet beverages, or light beer if you chose to drink alcohol. Dessert Decisions If you simply can’t avoid the pumpkin pie or cheesecake, that is OK!. Allow yourself to chose one dessert. You can share your dessert with a friend or family member, you’ll save yourself half the calories. Don’t Pick If your cooking or baking a meal, make sure you eat something before starting. Many people will pick and snack on food as they are cooking. This will add on unnecessary calories so make sure your fueled before the

Eat Slower Take your time eating and listen to hunger cues since it takes up to 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you are full. Make sure that you eat your regular meals and don’t starve yourself for one big meal. Most people who do this actually end up eating more calories. Leftovers Leftover food should not be taken home especially if you know it is something unhealthy. If your hosting the party, give the leftovers to your guests. If you’re a guest at the party, make sure that whatever you’ve eaten does not come home with you. Johna Mailolli Dietetic Intern

DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Healthy Holiday Apple Crisp Recipe Spray an 8-inch square baking dish with vegetable cooking Apple crisp is a delicious, warm INGREDIENTS spray. -1 cup SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated dessert that is usually served Filling: Whisk together Splenda, -1 teaspoon ground cinnamon cinnamon, orange zest and orange around the holidays. This com-1 teaspoon orange zest juice in a large bowl; add apples fort food can be made a lot -¼ cup orange juice and toss to coat. Transfer mixture healthier and equally delicious -5 Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and cut into ¼-inch slices to prepared pan; set aside. by using a sugar substitute such -1 cup uncooked old-fashioned oats Topping: Stir together oats, as Splenda. Now you can serve a -2 tablespoons SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated Splenda, and cinnamon in a medelicious, warm apple crisp -¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon dium bowl; cut butter into mixture without the extra calories, fat, -2 tablespoons butter, softened until it's is crumbly. Stir in cereal -½ cup crisp rice cereal and sugar. and walnuts. Spoon topping over -½ cup chopped walnuts apples. Bake: 45 minutes or until topping is lightly browned. Serve warm. Page 5

Zumba class for our SRC Preview Day

The Village pool luau

College Olympics volleyball tournament. Page 6

Ping Pong at Homefest

The theme for this year’s SRC Preview was a luau!

Project College's Water Volleyball Tournament

Boxing at Sneak Peek Week

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