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April 6, 2018 Volume 28, Number 3



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Speak Out and In Brief.............................................................. 4 CAMP Matters — Everyone Knew Steve Elkins......................... 6 Women’s FEST Update.............................................................. 8 CAMP OUT — No FEST Without Our Hero................................10 President’s View — Looking to the Days Ahead...................... 14 We Remember — Stephen Wade Elkins...................................16 CAMP Stories — No More Sucking for Me...............................18 It’s My Life — Hope vs Nope................................................... 20 CINE-brations of Film.............................................................. 24 Booked Solid — Tomorrow Will Be Different........................... 32 Biggs Museum — New Woman of the Roaring Twenties........ 36 Volunteer Spotlight — Pam Kozey.......................................... 40 Straight Talk — Steve Elkins: His Voice is Still Heard.............. 42 Q Puzzle — Missing David....................................................... 54 CAMP Shots............................................................................. 60 CAMP Arts — Passing the Light............................................... 66 View Point — Conflict Artist Goes for Broke........................... 72 Before the Beach — Dr. Susan Ball..........................................74 CAMP Dates — April 6-May 5, 2018........................................ 76 Out & Proud — Create a More Positive...Puerto Rico!............ 86 The Amazon Trail — The Six-Foot Table Solution................... 88 Letters from CAMP Rehoboth relies on the support of readers and members for many of our articles, photographs, poetry, illustrations, and production assistance. Contributing to this issue: Murray Archibald, John Archibald, Rich Barnett, Chris Beagle, Tony Burns, Kim Butler, Stafani Deoul, Michael Ford, David Garrett, Fay Jacobs, Lee Lynch, Regina Lynch, Tricia Massella, Brent Mundt, Monica Parr, Mary Beth Ramsey, Richard Rosendall, Terri Schlichenmeyer, Dan Woog, and Doug Yetter.

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In Memory of Steve Elkins­­—CAMP Rehoboth Co-Founder and Executive Director. Photo by Kevin Fleming.

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CAMP Rehoboth Mission Statement and Purpose CAMP Rehoboth is a nonprofit community service organization dedicated to creating a more positive environment in Rehoboth Beach and its related communities. We seek to promote cooperation and understanding among all people, as we work to build safe, inclusive communities with room for all. We seek to promote community well-being on all levels; to foster the development of community groups; to develop community space; to promote human and civil rights; to work against prejudice and discrimination; to lessen tensions among the community at large; and to help foster the economic growth of the area. We work toward these ends through activities such as the following: Fundraising for other organizations, such as AIDS service organizations, gay and lesbian community organizations, recycling programs, environmental projects, literacy training, and other ventures for the general betterment of the community. Networking resources and information by publishing a newsletter, and functioning as an alternative tourist bureau and information center. Promoting artistic expressions and creative thinking, and giving aid to artists and craftspeople with an emphasis on the works of lesbians and gay men. Education and outreach to the larger community, including sensitivity training seminars, and printed materials to promote positive images of gay and lesbian people and others. Promoting political awareness to build safe and inclusive community through voter information, education, and registration; and analysis of issues and candidates.

Letters 2 April 6, 2018

Letters The The Way I See It Way I See Letters The Way I See It It from CAMP Rehoboth

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Fay Jacobs


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by Murray Archibald

by Steve Elkins

IN VARIOUS FORMS I HAVE HEARD THE PHRASE “I KNOW THERE ARE NOT WORDS TO MAKE you feel better,” spoken over and over again in the days since my husband and CAMP Rehoboth Rehoboth, and its publication comes with a wave of change for us. It is no secret that cofounder Steve Elkins passed away. Invariably, it is followed up by some of the most eloquent THE SECOND ISSUE OF THE 28TH SEASON OF LETTERS FROM CAMP I THIS have IS been fighting a very aggressive form of lymphoma since last summer. After a and genuineand expressions of comfort andwith griefa that I have ever heard. on Facebook, on Rehoboth, its publication wave of change us.InItcards, is no secret devastatingly difficult winter, I comes have made the decision to takefor a medical leave of that Steve’s memorial page, and inaggressive the press, form I am finding peace insince the words being shared about I have been lymphoma last summer. absence from fighting my role aasvery Executive Director ofofCAMP Rehoboth and Editor ofAfter a Steve. I feel embraced by an entire community, and for that I thank you. devastatingly difficult winter, I have made the decision to take a medical leave ofand Letters from CAMP Rehoboth while my treatment continues. Fortunately, Murray


absence from side-by-side my role as Executive Director of CAMP Rehoboth Editor I This haveisworked forseason years,of and he knows my job almost and asand well asfirst Hein almost issue three of the 28th Letters from continues. CAMP Rehoboth, the Letters from CAMP Rehoboth while my treatment Fortunately, Murray and has resigned from his long time role as President of the Board of Directors of CAMP all of that time that Steve did for not years, contribute to in one way or another. Right upas to Ithe point I have worked side-by-side and he knows my job almost as well do. He when Rehoboth in order to become Interim Executive Director and Editor in my stead. Vice he could no longer speak at all, he was giving me advice on how to proceed. This was his has resigned his long time role as President of the Board of Directors of CAMP baby, President Chrisfrom Beagle, is now president of the Board of Directors, and Leslie and he nurtured it for Rehoboth order todecades. become Interim Executive Director and Editor in my stead. Vice Sinclair hasinbeen elected Vice President in his place. President Chris Beagle, is now president of the Board of Directors, andimplement Leslie While that we will have rocky day asbeen we The dayII am firstguessing met Steve something settledaninoccasional my soul, and we have Murray and Steve—or Sinclair has been elected Vice President in his place. these changes, I am confident that our Board and staff and volunteers will help Steve andI Murray—ever since. (We did have an acquaintance along the way,implement whous once said While guessing that weand willthat have day continue as we through thisam time of transition, as an an occasional organizationrocky we will to work to a mutual friend of ours: “I know Stephen Murray, but what’s the other guy’s name?”) I was confident our Board and volunteers willbyhelp onthese our changes, vision andI am strategies for that the future—and thatstaff the and services provided us us worried that I wouldn’t know how to just be Murray again, but quickly understood in the through this of transition, andbethat as an organization we will continue to work days throughout thetime community will not interrupted. after hisvision death and that Istrategies would always befuture—and Steve and Murray, forservices there isprovided no erasing our 40 years on our the that the I am tremendously grateful for to everyone for the love, support, and prayers by weus have together. In many ways, we were as different as night and day, but that was our strength throughout the community will not be interrupted. received in the months since my diagnosis. As of now we have not been able to slow as a I am tremendously grateful to and everyone forhelped the support, and prayers havebetter couple. compromise point with each other usare both to giving understand andwe create down myOur lymphoma with chemo radiation, butlove, we not up, and are, received in the months since my diagnosis. As of now we have not been able to relationships with others—and to do the work we do at CAMP Rehoboth. even as this issue goes to press, beginning a new round of treatment at Thomas slow down myUniversity lymphomaHospital with chemo and radiation, but we are not giving up, and are, Jefferson in Philadelphia. My is still settled, without him—simply oftreatment him. evensoul as this issue goeseven to press, beginning a newbecause round of at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. FOR MYSELF, I WILL CONTINUE TO FIND HOPE IN EVERY POSITIVE STEP THAT From the first chapter in the story of CAMP Rehoboth, we began to create the verbiage that

could to recovery. For CAMP Rehoboth, I fully expect the year aheadRoom for wouldpossibly become, lead the defining language of CAMP Rehoboth: Creating A More Positive, I WILL CONTINUE TO FIND HOPE IN EVERY POSITIVE STEP THAT toFOR be aMYSELF successful one and that there will be much to look forward to in it. From the All, “safe and inclusive communities” and “Rehoboth is aIfamily town, but come in all could possibly lead to recovery. ForCAMP CAMP Rehoboth, fully expect the families year ahead extraordinary undertaking that is the Rehoboth Women's FEST—and don't sizes, shapes, and orientations.” At some point during that first decade, I remember suggesting to be a successful that there muchnot to look forward in it. From the underestimate me, Ione fullyand intend to be will well be enough to miss Janis to Ian's headlining to Steve that heundertaking change the stories he was telling to keep things newFEST—and and interesting. extraordinary that is the CAMP Rehoboth Women's don'tHe refused, performance during that event—to Sundance (returning home to downtown Rehoboth underestimate me, I fully intend to be well enough not to miss Janis Ian's headlining instinctively knowing that only by telling our stories again and again would they become Beach this year), and the CAMP Rehoboth Block Party in October. Concerts, plays, performance during that event—to Sundance (returning home to downtown Rehoboth embedded in the foundation of our organization. workshops, Tai Chi, Silver Pride, support groups, and line dancing are just a few of Beach this year), the CAMP Rehoboth October. the activities on theand CAMP calendar. This is aBlock busy Party place,inand we areConcerts, grateful toplays, A quick glance atChi, all the news stories that came out in theline wake of Steve’s death, showofhow well workshops, Tai Silver Pride, support groups, and dancing are just few everyone who pitches in to make the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center thea "heart his instinct served us over the years. His stories and his language are all still here—as on the CAMP calendar. This is a busy place, and we are grateful to is his ofthe theactivities community." presence, influence had on on all of us.Center the "heart everyone and whothe pitches in tohemake theCAMP CAMPRehoboth Rehobothand Community of theREHOBOTH community." CAMP IS ABOUT COMMUNITY, AND THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS In our many years together I never had a boring day. We learned over time how to both live

members of our community work with CAMP Rehoboth to create amazing things. and work side by side and to grow our relationship the process.SOHeMANY made me laugh, and he CAMP REHOBOTH ABOUT COMMUNITY , AND in THERE WAYS Just recently RussellISStiles assembled a remarkable cast toARE produce the funny and made me weep. Though he probably never thought about, it to hecreate taughtamazing me to control my youthful members of our community work with CAMP Rehoboth things. moving play Last Summer at Bluefish Cove. The show sold out quickly, as did the temper. He kept me from being too far out in left field and I kept him from being too buttoned Just recently Russell Stiles assembled a remarkable cast to produce the funny and CAMP Rehoboth Chorus Concerts at Epworth. Year after year, each one of the almost moving play Last Summer at Bluefish Cove. The show sold out quickly, as did the down. We would thatRehoboth it was a good thing we foundtoeach other, because no one else would 90 member stronglaugh CAMP Chorus continues be an amazing ambassador CAMP Rehoboth Chorus Concerts at Epworth. year, each one to of volunteer the almost put up with either one of us. Iall will him to the day into Iafter die.the for CAMP Rehoboth—as do themiss folks who goYear out community 90 member strong CAMP Rehoboth Chorus continues to be an amazing ambassador with the CAMP Rehoboth Outreach Program (CROP). Ifor will also doRehoboth—as my best to find thewho talent Steve’s legacy and passion CAMP doand all nurture the folks gowe outneed intotothecarry community to volunteer for CAMP Rehoboth into the future. with the CAMP Rehoboth Outreach Program (CROP). LOOKING BACK AT THE DECADES OF WORK IT HAS TAKEN TO BUILD CAMP Rehoboth makes me glad to have beenlife, a part of never it. Allgave of usup. together have threw created Throughout the last six months of hisOF Steve IT doctors everything LOOKING BACK DECADES WORK TAKEN His BUILD CAMP something unique.AT AsTHE Murray and I go through theHAS changes thatTO have come along they had at makes his lymphoma; ever slowed it down. But nothing ever slowed down his spirit, Rehoboth glad nothing towehave a part of it.this Allcommunity of us together created with my illness, theme lessons havebeen learned from and have our experieither. Rightunique. up to the end he kept theI go word “trust”the emblazoned on the wall of our office and in something As Murray and through changes that have come along ences with CAMP Rehoboth give us strength. In every hospital and treatment center, post-it notes in our bathroom—and in his heart. with my illness, the lessons we have learned from this community and our experiwe find people we know, and people who want to hear about what we do—and about ences with CAMPWhile Rehoboth give us strength. In every to hospital and into treatment center, CAMP Rehoboth. in Philadelphia forofthe surgery put Steve a port head Itweis find fitting that the photograph on the cover this issue shows with amy heart inabout his arms— people we know, and people who want to hear about what we do—and back in January, Murray was in the big waiting room set aside for family members. which is right where we could always find it. He always had mine. Rehoboth. in of Philadelphia for the a port intoCAMP my head ToCAMP his surprise, thereWhile on one the end tables wassurgery a copy to of put Letters from back in January, Murray was in the big waiting room set aside for family members. Rehoboth. To his surprise, there on one of the end tables was a copy of Letters from CAMP Rehoboth. Letters 3 March Letters 3 April9,6,2018 2018

SpeakOut  If you know me at all, you know how much I love the little town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. In 1996, when I was 25, newly out to myself and everyone else, the first gay people I told were my friends Fay Jacobs and Bonnie Quesenberry—who are these days better known, even by my own mom, as my “adoptive lesbian mothers.” Upon hearing my revelation (um, they were not shocked), the first idea they had was that I should spend the next weekend with them on their boat on Rehoboth Bay. They knew that Rehoboth was a place where I could see that gay really COULD mean “happy.” There, I met gay people with fabulous lives, and wide circles of friends. Some had extended partnerships (this was before gay marriage was even a daydream), and some had fabulous homes. What everyone had was a community, and a shared sense of pride. These gay guys and gals had their good days and bad days, but what they didn’t have was the crippling sense of shame that I once believed was synonymous with living an out, gay life. That community in Rehoboth was built mostly on the backs of two men; one of whom just left us, and the other is now mourning his beloved husband. I owe so much happiness to the courage and wisdom of Steve Elkins and Murray Archibald. I don’t know them as well as some other friends of mine, but the gift they gave to that scared young gay man is no less profound than if I had been family. Because of them, I knew that I

My story is just one of so many. A tribute to a friend. I first heard about Rehoboth Beach DE in the early 90s. Friends at work were talking about this beach because it was where the “gays” were. As a not-out-yet lesbian this peaked my interest. Although I had not met them yet, Steve and Murray had just entered my life. Steve and Murray were already fighting to Create A More Positive (CAMP) Rehoboth. The town had bumper stickers “Keep Rehoboth a Family Town” and as Steve mentioned time and again, this is what we wanted as well. After coming out, I went with a group of friends to Rehoboth for the first time in 1997. I picked up a copy of Letters from CAMP Rehoboth, subscribed and devoured every column when it arrived in the mail. I felt like I knew Steve, Murray, and Fay, yet, at the time, I had never met them. I knew this was the place I wanted to live and so after five years and only two other visits to Rehoboth, I purchased my home in this beach town with room for all. And room for all is Rehoboth Beach. Make no mistake, this town is not perfect. Over the years many issues rise to the surface and the residents rise up to challenge one another. And CAMP Rehoboth has been in the middle, acting as a change agent. What started out as an anniversary party for Steve and Murray grew into an organization with many committed, caring individuals continuing the fight to keep Rehoboth a family town. This is the legacy of Steve Elkins, my friend.

Eric C. Peterson, Washington, D.C.

Claire Ippoliti

Letters 4 April 6, 2018

letters to letters

Women’s FEST Art and Performance An event the size of Women’s FEST couldn’t happen without hours of planning from a strong and passionate team of leaders and volunteers (shown here folding t-shirts at the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center). This year, the team has created an amazing program of events and activities for Women’s FEST 2018­­­—and once again have a strong focus on the arts: from first class performances by Janis Ian, Crys Matthews, Andrea Nardello, and Bettenroo; comedy shows by Jessica Kirson and Julia Scotti; book readings, crafts, and the popular Women’s FEST Art Show at CAMP Rehoboth. Photos: Altar Pinball by Beth Pile and Duneglow by Karen Skarlatos, are part of the FEST Art Show opening Friday, April 13 in the CAMP Rehoboth Gallery.▼


CAMP Rehoboth Outreach Program (CROP) Provides Vision for Future CROP volunteers have become familiar figures in recent years as they provide a wide variety of volunteers and services throughout the area. Upcoming activities include Habitat for Humanity, National Trails Day, and Veg Fest (see page 86 for details). “CROP volunteers are great ambassadors for CAMP Rehoboth,” says CR Founder Murray Archibald. “They carry our vision and provide a model for future growth.” ▼

Broadwalk on the Boardwalk

Gender Fluid CAMPsafe and so Children Discussed Much More!

Calling all men, women, and wellbehaved pups! Sunday, April 15 is the annual Broadwalk to fight cancer. Gather in the CAMP Rehoboth Courtyard on Sunday to remember those we’ve lost, honor survivors, and raise money to fight cancer. It’s fun and moving and beautiful. For more information about Broadwalk, check out the Women’s FEST schedule online at▼

There will be a special presentation for LGBTQ people and their allies, friends, and family on Sunday, April 22, from 7-8:30 p.m. at MCC Rehoboth, 19369 Plantation Road in Rehoboth. Dr. Batya Hyman, a professor of Social Work at Salisbury University, creator of the course “The lives of LGBTQ People,” will address the experiences of gender fluid children and their families.▼

The CAMP Rehoboth CAMPsafe program may have started as a simple HIV/AIDS education and outreach program­(and in the process has handed out tens of thousands of condoms!), but these days, CAMP Rehoboth Health Director Sal Seeley and his staff have expanded services throughout the state. For info on counseling, testing, health programs, and support groups contact Sal.▼ Letters 5 April 6, 2018

CAMPMatters by John Archibald

Everyone in Rehoboth Knew Steve Elkins The governor called as he lay dying. Senators, too, stopped to pay respects. And respect. Steve would have loved that, because he loved government and the art and skill it took to get things done. He worked in Jimmy Carter’s White House, for Pete’s sake, and the halls of the Delaware Statehouse. To change things. To change everything. I know Steve and my brother Murray changed Rehoboth Beach—with help from many of you. From where I sit, 870 miles away, you changed the world. But then, that’s what Steve did to my world, too. I was maybe 15 when Murray brought Steve home to Birmingham, Alabama. I was a pulling guard from the South with a Skoal ring on my Levi’s and life goals consisting of a) cheerleaders and b) avoiding anything that might hurt my shot with… cheerleaders. Murray and I were as different as day-glo and dark by that time, though we had always been close. He was the oldest and I was the baby and nine years difference was enough to let us love each other and like each other at the same time. He held me at the hospital after I cracked my skull on the trampoline. He held me at the doctor when I smashed the tips off my fingers. He held me when I hurt and gave me comfort. Always. Letters 6 April 6, 2018

But by the time I was a teenager Murray was David Bowie and I was Bama. He was knee-high suede boots (it was the ’70s) and I was cleats. He was out and he was gay, and I was shuffling Sgt. Schultz muttering I know nothing. Because let’s face it, I knew nothing.

in all of us, connecting us not just in spite of our differences, but in celebration of them. I can’t say when Steve

He became the piece we didn’t know we needed, the one to finish the puzzle or complete the circuit. Murray has said from time to time that Steve filled the hole in his heart from the moment they met. Then Murray brought Steve home to the parsonage for Christmas. Steve was different too, but he was Brooks Brothers and business and buttoned down and so much more. He sang in the church pew like Dad and talked sports (as best he could) because he reached out to reach us all. Like he did in the world. He became the piece we didn’t know we needed, the one to finish the puzzle or complete the circuit. Murray has said from time to time that Steve filled the hole in his heart from the moment they met. But it was more than that. Steve filled an empty space

actually became part of the family. It was fast. He was a charter member of the “Outlaws,” the in-laws who simply shook their heads at the Archibalds and who sat at the back of the room and joked during family slideshows about how much the rest of us liked looking at pictures of ourselves. In my mind he was family from the start, brother-in-law from the beginning. Even if it took the law 40 years to make it official. But then, Murray was planning the wedding, so lead time is not a bad thing. It’s hard to see family without Steve. I see him laughing in a corner chair when I close my

eyes. I hear him sobbing out loud in a theater during Lord of the Rings. Or at home, during a really compelling Palmolive commercial. He was fully committed, emotionally, to the things that played out in front of him. Just like he was to the world. I see him dressed as a clown—Mister Cuddlebum of all clowns—bounding in the yard with his old dog Sam, all those nieces and nephews running behind. I see him solving the problems no one else wanted to deal with. I see him slipping away to lunch to grab a pork sandwich from Gibson’s in Decatur— pioneer of Alabama white sauce. Who could blame him? It’s not like Murray’s gonna eat. I see him rocking my daughter Mamie on his lap, swinging Ramsey around by his arms until his back hurt and he pretended to cry. I see him, umbrella in hand, rushing into the yard to break up a dog fight. Musketeer meets Mary Poppins. I see him on the dance floor, and in the statehouse. I see him bridging gaps, filling holes, bringing us together by honoring our differences. You know that Steve. Of



course you do. He changed your world as much as mine. Maybe more. You know that, too. Because flags in Rehoboth Beach flew at half staff when Steve died in March. He would have loved that. I can just see him up there, sitting on a cloud and smiling down at that flagpole. I can hear him, casually mentioning it in conversation to St. Peter—or whatever little angel fluttered by. Did somebody important die? Hmm. I wonder if I knew them. Of course you did, Steve. Of course you did. And thank the heavens so did we. ▼


For information on how to become a CAMP Rehoboth Annual Sponsor, email, or contact Murray Archibald at 302-227-5620. rehoboth guest 28-02_Layout 1 3/30/2018 2:13 PM Page 1

John Archibald is a columnist for the Birmingham News, Huntsville Times, Mobile Register and Steve Elkins was his brother-in-law. Photos: Bob Archibald, Steve Elkins, Mary Archibald, John Archibald; John and Steve in Rehoboth Beach; Steve and various Archibald nieces and nephews with Sally Archibald in Decatur, Alabama.

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“WHERE FLOWERS SPEAK A BEAUTIFUL LANGUAGE” FLORIST SHOP • GREENHOUSES 20326 Coastal Highway • Rehoboth Beach, DE (Next to Arena’s Café)

302-227-9481 Letters 7 April 6, 2018

CAMPWomen’s FEST Music and Comedy Tickets Still Available for April 12-15 Women’s FEST. But hurry! While some concerts and sports activities are already sold out for Women’s FEST on April 12-15, there’s still time to get tickets for great concerts, comics, the legendary Ladies 2000 Tea Dance, the Corn Hole tournament and so much more. Come to Rehoboth Beach and be part of the biggest women’s party weekend in the mid-Atlantic. Well-known musical performers like Bettenroo, Crys Matthews, and Andrea Nardello have shows on tap, along with America’s Got Talent’s Julia Scotti. Tickets remain for shows at The Atlantic Sands Hotel Ballroom and CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, so log on now to and get in on this amazing weekend. Come meet, greet, and get a glimpse backstage with the popular duo Bettenroo. The show is titled Behind the Scenes on Friday April 13, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Atlantic Sands Hotel. Bettenroo is a dynamic, versatile duo with undeniable vocal strength. Lori Jacobs and Anne Davey’s blended harmony is complemented with the instrumental versatility of guitar, bass, and occasionally percussion. Bettenroo has an extensive list of tunes, from popular covers across five decades to their own signature originals. Tickets are $10. Crys Matthews will be on stage at CAMP Rehoboth Community Center at 1 p.m. on Friday, April 13. Tickets are $15. Crys Matthews hails from D.C. and just released a new album titled The Imagineers, songs about love and life, plus another release, Battle Hymn for an Army of Lovers tackling social justice themes. She’s been a top 10 Finalist (out of 5,000 entries) in the NewSong Music Competition, and winner of the People’s Music Network’s Social Justice Songs showcase. On Friday afternoon from 3-4 pm, at the Atlantic Sands, comic Julia Scotti takes the stage. She’s a stand-up comic who made it to the quarterfinals of Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. She began her career as Rick Scotti in 1980, appearing on Comedy Central. She won Showtime’s Funniest Person in America contest for New Jersey, losing in the finals to Ellen DeGeneres. In 2000, she stepped away from comedy to teach and began her transition. She returned to the stage in 2011 and has been named one of the top five transgender comics in the country by The Advocate magazine. On Saturday, tickets are still available for singer Andrea Nardello, performing from 1-2 p.m. Saturday, April 14 at CAMP Rehoboth. Tickets are $15. Philly’s Andrea Nardello has garnered favorable comparisons to Melissa Etheridge and Shawn Colvin for melding pop songwriting smarts with a confessional and literate songwriting style, exploring relationships, romance, and her family life. Letters 8 April 6, 2018

Nardello’s refined accessibility draws from folk, rock, soul, and even the swagger of hip-hop. She can tug at your heartstrings with her softer tunes and get you dancing on your feet with her upbeat songs and a powerful voice. Nardello won the prestigious Philadelphia Songwriter’s Project Contest and won Tri-State Indie’s Acoustic Artist of The Year. In addition to these concerts, plan to attend the FREE and fantastic welcome party on Thursday night, April 12, at the Atlantic Sands Ballroom, with singer Viki Dee and DJ Nan. There’s a fun photo booth by Fortier photography as well. On Friday, there’s a Book Fair at the Atlantic Sands from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. with well-known, award-winning authors from Boldstrokes Books, Bywater Books, and the Golden Crown Literary Society. The authors will be doing a meet and greet, book signings, plus riveting readings from their works. Saturday is the legendary Ladies 2000 Tea Dance at the newly re-opened Convention Center (tickets at the door). And, all weekend long you can buy a raffle ticket (online or in person at all Women’s FEST events), for the presenting sponsor Olivia Travel’s October cruise for two to Venice and the Greek Isles. Only 600 tickets will be sold! ▼ For more information about all the amazing Women’s FEST events, check out Photo: Andrea Nardello.


April 12-15, 2018 • Rehoboth Beach Dedicated to the joyous memory of LGBT Activist EDIE WINDSOR Tickets for all events now available at



The legendary Janis Ian, Crys Matthews, Andrea Nardello and Bettenroo

Craft Expo, singles mixer, art show, Lesbian Book Fair & more!


Keynote: Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement, historian Marcia Gallo, Lesbian Trivia, and Special Guest, U.S.Capitol Police special agent Crystal Griner.

Jessica Kirson and Julia Scotti


Golf, pickleball, bike ride, corn hole tournament & walking tour

at host hotel Atlantic Sands. Call now 302-227-2511 for a 20% discount (but you must mention Women’s FEST— online reservations do not get discount).

Special Events!


Honor loved ones who fought cancer: Broadwalk on the Boardwalk.


A fabulous trip to Venice and the Greek Isles from Olivia Travel available NOW at PLATINUM SPONSORS

PRESENTING SPONSOR Olivia Travel ACCOMMODATION SPONSOR Atlantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center LEGACY SPONSORS Jenn Harpel—Morgan Stanley Jeanine O’Donnell—State Farm Home Services, Gallo Realty


CAMP ANNUAL PREMIER SPONSORS Accent on Travel Dos Locos Restaurant The Sea Bova Associates Signarama CAMP ANNUAL SPONSORS Outlet Liquors

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BEST FEST FRIENDS Doggies at the Beach Gallery 50 Goolee’s Grille Indigo Kaisy’s Delights Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach Mariachi’s Rebecca Moscoso Something Comfortable Nancy Ramundo and Jane Soreth Andrea Vennell— JC Watworth Home Lending

Letters 9 April 6, 2018

CAMPOut Fay’s Rehoboth Journal by Fay Jacobs

There Wouldn’t Be a Women’s FEST Without Our Hero I’m writing this column at the last possible second before deadline, having spent the past two weeks working as interim editorial manager with our Letters crew, making sure the magazine doesn’t skip a beat despite the tragic loss of our leader, Steve Elkins. I struggled with what to write. I certainly could not pen a cheery, humorous essay or go without acknowledging our community’s loss; indeed the whole City of Rehoboth’s loss— even the entire state of Delaware’s loss. That the City of Rehoboth had its flag at half staff for Steve says everything. Because of Steve and Murray, and CAMP Rehoboth, everyone recognizes that Rehoboth has room for all. It’s an amazing and enduring legacy. Personally, I can’t even begin to put my feelings into words yet. But one thing I do know is that Steve was a cheer-leader and facilitator for the original idea of a Women’s Conference, which he and CAMP Rehoboth nurtured as it morphed into a Women’s FEST at CAMP Rehoboth. Next weekend will be the 18th Annual Women’s FEST and it could not have grown into the spectacular event it is today without Steve’s hard work and support. And Murray’s as well, of course. But from day one, in addition to his Executive Director duties, he wrote about it; loved to emcee shows so he could talk about CAMP Rehoboth; and most famously, volunteered year after year, to work—among other events—the frantically busy and raucously noisy beer line at the annual Ladies 2000 Tea Dance. Oh did he have fun! He called himself an honorary lesbian, and by Saturday night, cleaning up the Convention Center after the huge party, he called himself an ornery lesbian. But he loved every minute. By Sunday morning of FEST weekend, Steve would wrap himself in his beloved pink boa and walk in the Broadwalk on the Boardwalk to fight cancer. Oh how we all wish he could be among the survivors marching this year. Which, after a brief Kleenex moment, brings me back to Women’s FEST 2018. Months ago, the FEST Committee agreed to dedicate the weekend to the late Marriage Equality activist Edie Windsor. She was responsible, after all, for the first Supreme Court victory paving the way for marriage equality. And we plan to honor her everywhere we can, including questions in Lesbian Trivia (Friday morning, April 13, at the Atlantic Sands), the lesbian author Book Fair (also on Friday morning at the Sands), and the showing of the film (for FEST Pass holders) Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement. But we can certainly give a hearty nod to Steve Elkins, as well. After all, his lobbying efforts, testimony, a quarter century of outreach and his entire life’s work helped make LGBT rights, Letters 10 April 6, 2018

marriage equality, and Rehoboth’s diverse community a reality. So even as we grieve, let’s get together (men welcome, too!) to hear musical icon Janis Ian, have a wonderful FEST weekend, or enjoy the many other activities Rehoboth has to offer. Then on Sunday March 15 (men, too!) take part in the annual Broadwalk on the Boardwalk to fight cancer. We’ll be walking for so many. And certainly for Steve. I hope that pink boa makes an appearance. ▼ Fay Jacobs is an author of five published memoirs. Her newest is Fried & Convicted: Rehoboth Beach Uncorked. As a humorist, she’s touring with her show Aging Gracelessly: 50 Shades of Fay.


Farm, Northern Delaware

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Rehoboth Beach Letters 11 April 6, 2018

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Letters 12 April 6, 2018

Morgan Stanley is proud to support

CAMP Rehoboth Women's FEST 2018 Jenn Harpel ChFC® Portfolio Manager Financial Advisor 55 Cascade Lane Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 +1 302 644-6620 NMLS #1310708

© 2017 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.

SUP001 CRC 1688173 01/17 CS 8653056 10/166, 2018 Letters 13 April

PRESIDENT’SView by Chris Beagle

Looking to the Days Ahead . . . It is with a heavy heart that I write this first President’s View column. While I am honored and humbled to have been elected by the board at its February meeting to serve as President, it is simply hard for me to grasp, as I suspect it is for countless others, that Steve Elkins is no longer with us. For over a quarter century, the collective vision, leadership, and foundation that both Steve, as our Executive Director, and Murray Archibald, as our Board President, built here has made this amazing organization one of the most respected and successful non-profits in the mid-Atlantic region. For CAMP Rehoboth, becoming the “heart of the community” took decades to build and their leadership stands as a testament to their selfless determination to see their

dream become reality. And it did. As difficult as these past few weeks have been, I can hear Steve saying, “OK, everyone, there’s work to be done.” That would be quintessential Steve, reminding us that no matter what the circumstance, we can’t become complacent and take for granted the accomplishments that were achieved in the past and how far we’ve come. Now, it is with bittersweet optimism that I accept my new role and begin the task of looking ahead. For nearly ten years, I have served on the CAMP Rehoboth Board of Directors, as vice president since 2014. I have served on the Finance, Personnel, Long-Range Planning, Nominations, and Volunteer Development committees and have chaired the Development Team the last five years (including Membership, Grants, Sponsorship, and Events sub-committees). Throughout this period, my personal focus has been on broadening our reach into the community and the awareness of our organization through establishing a variety of fundraising events, advocacy, and outreach efforts. Letters 14 April 6, 2018

As an organization, we now find ourselves facing a new future. Yet while change can be unsettling, I encourage our members and supporters to be comforted that we have had good teachers. The example Murray and Steve set has taught us the meaning of community, how to be inclusive and work productively, and the importance of making our voices heard. That is what leadership is about and that is what we’re going to continue to do. My sincere thanks to the Board members for placing their faith in me, along with Vice President Leslie Sinclair, as we navigate this next chapter for CAMP Rehoboth together. There is no doubt it will take us some time to work through this period, but I am completely confident in this committed, talented and passionate group, with over 70 years combined Board service here, to continue and build upon the tradition set before us. Working closely with Murray as the Interim Executive Director, along with our experienced and dedicated staff, hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, and supporters, we will be able to carry on collectively the good work of this organization and, most importantly, keep Creating A More Positive Rehoboth. As I close this column, at times like these, reflection is often something that helps us get through our darkest hours, and many of us are blessed to share beautiful memories of Steve Elkins. For me, while I will always remember testifying with him for Delaware’s civil union and marriage bills, him singing ‘Somewhere’ in my wedding to the love of my life, Eric, it is a simple voicemail he left me just over a month before he died that I will cherish the most. Steve had asked me to do the welcome and announcements on his behalf for this winter’s CAMP Rehoboth Chorus concerts. Just after the last show, he called and left the kindest message, thanking me for filling in for him that weekend. “You never let us down, Chris, ever. It’s one of the reasons we love you so much.” Well, my dear friend, I never intend to and I love you too. R.I.P. ▼

Letters 15 April 6, 2018

We Remember Stephen Wade Elkins Stephen Wade Elkins, who spent a quarter century working to make Rehoboth a more open and positive place, died Thursday night, March 15, from lymphoma. He was 67. Steve approached his illness as he did his life: with a sense of humor and resolve. But it was cancer. And it was determined. Steve was a Southern boy by birth, and he never lost a taste for barbecue and sweet tea. He grew up in Atlanta—an Eagle Scout—with a drive to succeed. He graduated from the University of Georgia and soon went to work in the White House of President Jimmy Carter. It was in that White House in 1978 that Steve met Murray Archibald, the man who would become his life partner and finally, after people like he and Murray opened the eyes of the world and the courts, his husband. He was a showman—a “bossy showman” as his sister On leaving the White House, Steve excelled in business. Judy would put it. He was never happier than belting out an He worked in computers before they were household tools, old Methodist hymn, and was as likely to burst into song in an climbing the ladder in cities like Syracuse and Norfolk. He was Alabama Walmart as he was in church. But he never sang more at the top of his game in New York City, enjoying his success sweetly or beamed more brightly than he did from the choir and his partner and his loft at Epworth United friends and family when Methodist Church in all the sparkle of the Big Rehoboth. Steve was a Southern boy by birth, and he never lost Apple began to dim. Steve loved his family AIDS came to back home in Georgia, a taste for barbecue and sweet tea. He grew up in America, and he watched and he visited his friends die. Far too mother and sister every Atlanta—an Eagle Scout—with a drive to succeed. He many, with far too much Christmas of his life. He promise. He saw people loved Murray’s family, graduated from the University of Georgia and soon went who needed a hand and too. He was brother, a hug and place to feel uncle, backbone, to work in the White House of President Jimmy Carter. safe, and to learn how to shoulder to lean on and be safe. Rehoboth was friend. that place. He could cite law or Steve and Murray founded the non-profit CAMP—Create scripture, and follow it up with bawdy joke and a tittering laugh. a More Positive—Rehoboth in 1991 to open doors and hearts He could do to any room what he did in his professional life. to all people in the community, whether gay or straight. They He could surprise, and change minds, and comfort, and fill the were, in the early days, met with resistance. space with laughter and love. He could make it better because Steve, with a mind for politics and business and the humor he had been there. to cut through the coldest heart, took on city hall and zoning He loved. And he was loved. laws that would discriminate. He took on closed minds in the Steve leaves his husband, Murray, who carries on his work city who warned this CAMP would bring the wrong element to and his light. He leaves his mother, Lucille Elkins, and sister Delaware. He began to preach his gospel of “room for all.” Judy Buchanan. He leaves nieces and nephews who remember That was 25 years ago, before CAMP Rehoboth became him both as clown and voice of clarity. He leaves too many one of the most respected and successful non-profits of its friends to count. kind. This week, as Steve lay in his deathbed surrounded by A Celebration of Life will be held at Epworth United family and friends, the governor called to give his respects. Methodist Church on Holland Glade Road in Rehoboth Beach, So did a U.S. Senator and a Congresswoman, and people of Delaware on Monday, April 9 at 11 a.m. Visitation will begin at goodwill from across the Eastern Seaboard. 9:30 a.m. Because Steve did what Steve always did. He shattered Flowers are welcome, and he would also ask that donations stereotypes and opened hearts with his example, his humor, his be made to CAMP Rehoboth. And that you treat each other attention to detail and his sheer will. well. And to remember there is “room for all.”. ▼ And of course his singing voice. Which he found later in life. Letters 16 April 6, 2018


317 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Cell: 302-745-5122 | Office: 302-227-4800 x3018 Fax: 302-227-2115 | Email:

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4 MILES TO REHOBOTH PRICED OVER $50K BELOW MAY 2017 APPRAISAL!! Just 2 blocks to the beach and to Rehoboth Ave., this home was practically rebuilt and large addition added in 1999, with all new systems, plumbing, wiring, exterior, windows etc. Open floor plan for modern living! Geothermal heating and solar system keep utilities at a minimum (Seller’s have $15 electric bills!). Featuring front and rear porches, retractable awnings, 2nd level deck, paver parking for 5 cars, gourmet chef’s kitchen opening to the huge great room, formal LR and DR, HUGE master bedroom, wood floors throughout except MBR, Kitchen features dual fuel 5 burner range/double ovens, stainless steel appliances, vented exhaust, granite counters & custom maple cabinets. Wet bar with fridge, LED lighting. Street access from front and rear of home, but rear yard is landscaped for privacy, and features extensive landscape lighting. Enjoy your outdoor time from either the front or rear porch, or the 2nd floor deck! Low maintenance white cedar exterior. Rear stair was designed for future elevator! A must see home for year round, vacation or rental, now priced at $1,885,000! Call Allen Jarmon to see it today! Letters 17 April 6, 2018

CAMPStories by Rich Barnett

No More Sucking for Me Imagine this tree hugger’s surprise when the young German girl at the beachside bar handed me a cocktail with a blue and white paper straw. I can’t remember the last time I sucked on one of those, but it had to be back in the early 1970s. Paper straws are making a comeback here in Key West this winter as bars across the island are joining a growing movement to reduce the use of plastics, one straw at a time. As the bartender explained, plastics are bad for the ocean. Sea turtles accidently ingest them. Of course, I couldn’t help but notice the cup holding 12 ounces of dark rum and ginger beer was made of plastic. I know plastics are a growing problem in the oceans but I had no idea about the specific impact of the ubiquitous plastic straw. According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Americans use about 500 million plastic straws each day, enough to wrap around the Earth 2.5 times. It’s a stunning figure; especially considering one does not need a straw to drink. The only time I use one is with a cocktail and I can honestly say I take one or two sips through it and then lay the annoying thing down anywhere I can.

Paper straws are making a comeback here in Key West this winter... Researchers at the Ocean Conservancy claim plastic straws are the sixth most common type of litter and among the top ten marine debris items. They’re hardly ever recycled because they’re too small. Turtles, marine mammals, and fish don’t exactly eat the straws. The main danger comes as the plastic, made mostly Letters 18 April 6, 2018

from petrochemicals, breaks into smaller pieces over time. They aren’t biodegradable. That’s how bits of plastic enter our food system. In turtles, the plastic often gets caught in their intestines, causing them to have trouble eating. That said, did you see the video of the turtle with the straw stuck in its nose? Google it. Over 19 million people have and that poor sea turtle has become the poster child for the issue. An Australian university study estimates over half the world’s turtles have ingested plastic. Microscopic pieces of plastic even have been found in mussels in remote ocean habitats worldwide, according to a study by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research The international movement against plastic straws seems to have started about two years ago and I’m glad to see it picking up momentum one community at a time. Campaigners say the biggest obstacle seems to be not a fear of collapsing paper straws but the cost to produce biodegradable straws. They can cost up to eight cents per straw, compared to the one-cent plastic versions. I normally don’t use this column to advocate positions, but I’m making an exception because who doesn’t love a sea turtle? And who wants to ingest petrochemicals while slurping an oyster? Seriously, though, now that I know the trashy truth behind straws I shall be more vigilant about what I suck in public. Who wants to join me? #Stopsucking on plastic straws. ▼ Rich Barnett is the author of The Discreet Charms of a Bourgeois Beach Town, and Fun with Dick and James. go fish 28-02_Layout 1 3/30/2018 1:51 PM Page 1

Millennials United The frames are young, well-balanced and super comfortable.

33C Baltimore Ave, Rehoboth Beach DE. Phn.302.226.2222 Follow Us! community pride financial 28-02_Layout 1 3/30/2018 1:38 PM Page 1

You’ve Always Belonged Here . . .


Lana Warfield Your Summer Home is in Beachaven! Lovingly updated, partially furnished, first-floor corner unit provides 2BR, 2BA, open living area with wet bar, screened porch, and updated vinyl laminate flooring, carpet, paint, kitchen appointments. Community green space and pool. Located near dining, shopping, bike trail. Perfect for summer! $197,500


Complete Financial Planning Services for our Community Alexander G. Yearley, CFP 72 Glade Circle East Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Tel 302.227.2939 Fax 302.227.2398

16712 Kings Highway, Lewes, DE

Office: 302-645-6661 Cell: 302-236-2430

E-mail: A member of the franchise system of BHH Affiliates, LLC

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Letters 19 April 6, 2018

It’s My LIFE by Michael Thomas Ford

Hope vs Nope Recently, I received a message from a reader chastising me for making negative remarks about Donald Trump. “Now you know,” he wrote, “how the rest of us felt under eight years of Obama.” I don’t generally discuss politics. It’s a tiresome undertaking at the best of times, and a thoroughly exhausting one at the worst. Particularly in our currently widely-divided country. However, this “now you know how the rest of us felt” response is one I see and hear a lot, and I think it’s worth addressing. To put it as simply as possible: No, I do not know how people who disliked living in an America where Barack Obama was president felt. I know plenty of people who did not like Barack Obama, or who disagreed with some, most, or even all of his policies. I myself had numerous issues with his decisions. Don’t even get me started on that Nobel. What I did not have, however, was fear. I did not fear that my president had a total and utter disregard for the people he had been elected to serve. I did not fear that his decisions were based on personal whims and capricious, childish responses to criticism. I did not fear that he was spending more time tweeting insults at his detractors than he was listening to the voices of people who desperately needed their government to listen to them. I’m sure there were people who hated living in an America represented by Barack Obama. In fact, I know there were because I live in a part of the country where their fear manifested itself (and continues to manifest itself) in bumper stickers that say things like WORST PRESIDENT EVER and A VILLAGE IN KENYA IS MISSING ITS IDIOT. During the 2016 election, my county was a sea of Trump signs. So, yes, I get it. A lot of people didn’t like Obama. The thing is, and I am absolutely certain of this, they disliked him for far different reasons than the ones that make me dislike Trump. They disliked living in Obama’s America because he threatened their perceived position at the top of the food chain (even if they didn’t recognize or acknowledge that position). He represented people who did not look like them achieving positions of power. Suddenly, the people they were okay with when they weren’t a threat were a threat. Their fear wasn’t that Obama was going to ruin the country. Not really. Their fear was that the country was going to change in ways that made them have to share power and resources with people who did not look like them or think like they did. That is not why I dislike Donald Trump. I dislike Donald Trump because he normalizes sociopathy. He has a very clear disdain and disregard for anyone who is not like him, and probably even for people who are like him but are not literally him. He is concerned with one person and one person only. Himself. He has made responding to social criticism with taunts and threats not only acceptable, but laudable. He has made Letters 20 April 6, 2018

I don’t generally discuss politics. It’s a tiresome undertaking at the best of times, and a thoroughly exhausting one at the worst. Particularly in our currently widelydivided country. However, this “now you know how the rest of us felt” response is one I see and hear a lot, and I think it’s worth addressing.

dismissing the very valid concerns of people who see their government doing nothing to help them the default response, rather than the exception. He has made an art out of getting his supporters to keep moving the line of what is too far farther and farther out. Under Barack Obama, despite disagreements with some of his policies, there was the feeling that we were moving forward. We were addressing things like healthcare with steps that, while flawed, at least attempted to make things better for a lot of us. We had a leader who was widely-respected by the rest of the world. We had a leader who gave people who had never seen someone who looked like them the belief that America truly was a place where you could achieve your dreams. Under Donald Trump, we have a leader who does not lead. We have a leader who represents a very small minority of the population while somehow managing to convince a larger percentage that he cares about them when in reality he is using them to maintain the position of wealth and power he and a handful of other people who look like him enjoy at our expense. We have a leader whose greatest accomplishment is leading a daily parade in celebration of incompetence, greed, and egoism. Donald Trump is not just a failure as a leader, he is a failure as a human being. So, no, dear reader. I do not know how you felt living under Obama for eight years. Because if you truly feared that he was going to lead the country to ruin, you were absolutely not paying attention. And if you think that Trump is our best chance of continuing, or regaining, an upward trajectory, of moving forward one tiny step at a time to become a country where “greatness” is a reality and not an election year buzzword, then you are still not paying attention. ▼ Visit Michael Ford at

Letters 21 April 6, 2018

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CAMP Rehoboth Chorus



April 8 • 3pm

Sussex Academy 21150 Airport Rd • Georgetown, DE

Get Tickets at (302) 227-5620

Doug Yetter Musical & Artistic Director CAMP Rehoboth Chorus is supported, in part, by a grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts, a state agency, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts. The Division promotes Delaware arts events on

Letters 22 April 6, 2018

David Zipse Collaborative Artist & Accompanist

Letters 23 April 6, 2018

CINE-brations of Film

The Rehoboth Beach Film Society, in partnership with CAMP Rehoboth, is pleased to announce the line-up for the Delaware CINE-brations LGBT Film Festival From the prairies of Oklahoma to ballet stages across the world, this year’s slate of films explores themes of acceptance and change, of new love and old prejudices, and of the joy of free expression. A young woman finds new, unexpected love after a devastating loss. A couple faces down a bigoted inn owner when a sinister guest arrives. A teenager struggles with gender identity and how that will impact family expectations. The story of the world famous Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo closes the festivities on an inspiring, lighthearted note. Throughout are achingly rendered portraits of families—some accepting, some not—whose sons and daughters force them to face the truth about who they are. A special thanks to volunteers Sharon Miken, Mona Schwartz, and David Stabile for their commitment to this event and their donation of time to review many films as they worked with Rehoboth Beach Film Society’s Marshall Shord to select the wonderful assortment of films listed below: SIGNATURE MOVE Thursday, April 26 at 7:00 p.m. Signature Move is a comedic and heartfelt look at modern families and the complexities of love in its many forms. Zaynab (Fawzia Mirza) is a Pakistani Muslim lawyer living in Chicago who begins a new romance with Alma (Sari Sanchez), a confident Mexican-American woman. Zaynab’s recently widowed mother Parveen (Shabana Azmi) has moved in and spends her days watching Pakistani TV dramas while searching for a potential husband for her only daughter. Alma’s mother is a former professional luchadora, which Zaynab finds fascinating, as she has recently taken up lucha-style wrestling with a former pro wrestler. Zaynab tries to keep her secrets from her mother, who knows more than she lets on. Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times writes, “While this likely will appeal strongly to LGBTQ audiences, I hope it finds a wider viewing, as the acting and the dialogue make for excellent drama.” [2017, US, Runtime: 80 minutes, Not Rated]. LESBIANS IN SHORTS (shorts program) Friday, April 27 at 4:00 p.m. Love, lust, and laughs are what you can expect from this diverse compilation of short films! Whether pulling on your heart strings or tickling your funny bone, there will never be a dull moment during this program of nostalgic, sexy, heartwarming, and hilarious lesbian films! [2017, US, Runtime: 76 minutes, Not Rated]. B&B Friday, April 27 at 7:00 p.m. Marc and Fred went to war when they were refused a double bed at a remote Christian guest house. They won their court case and now they’re back to claim their conjugal rights. Triumph turns to terror when a Russian neo-Nazi checks in. Their weekend of fun becomes a bloody battle for survival in this smart, brutally funny, and dark thriller. Rob Staeger of The Village Voice says, “Despite its modern premise, B&B feels Letters 24 April 6, 2018

classic—a Hitchcockian nail-biter without a platinum blonde in sight.” [2017, US, Runtime: 87 minutes, Not Rated]. JUST CHARLIE Saturday, April 28 at 4:00 p.m. Young soccer star Charlie has the world at his feet. With a top club desperate to sign him, his future is seemingly mapped out. But the teenager sees only a nightmare. Trapped in the body of a boy, Charlie is torn between wanting to live up to his father’s expectations and shedding this ill-fitting skin. Charlie’s next move will tear the family apart and threaten everything they hold dear. “An overwhelming and compellingly sympathetic character piece that was a deserved winner of the Audience Award at 2017’s Edinburgh International Film Festival,” writes Andrew Robertson of Eye for Film. [2018, UK, 97 minutes, Not Rated]. HEARTLAND Saturday, April 28 at 7:00 p.m. Heartland tells the story of Lauren, an artist living in suburban Oklahoma, who has moved back home with her mom, Crystal, following the sudden death of her girlfriend. The relentlessly chipper Crystal assumes her daughter is headed back to the straight and narrow, but Lauren is only paying lip service to her mother’s plans to stave off the pain of the recent tragedy. When Lauren’s brother Justin comes home with his uptight girlfriend Carrie to help launch a local winery, he enlists Lauren and Carrie to help with the marketing concept. Although the two women are quite different, an attraction between them builds as Lauren rediscovers her sense of fun, and Carrie questions her traditional future. Eventually, the two begin a passionate affair that creates havoc when the secret comes out. Heartland “explores the shifting nature of sexuality, the limitations of love, and the definition of family, all driven by denial, and unexplored grief at the loss of a loved one,” writes Jeryl Brunner of The Huffington Post. [2017, US, 99 minutes, Not Rated]. REBELS ON POINTE Sunday, April 29 at 1:00 p.m. This screening will be dedicated in memory of Steve Elkins. All proceeds will be donated to cancer research. Exploring universal themes of identity, dreams and family, Rebels on Pointe is the first-ever documentary film celebrating the world famous Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. The notorious all-male, drag ballet company was founded over 40 years ago in New York City on the heels of the Stonewall riots, and has a passionate cult following around the world. The film juxtaposes intimate behind-the-scenes access, rich archives and history, engaging character driven stories, and dance performances shot in North America, Europe, and Japan. Rebels on Pointe is a creative blend of gender-bending artistic expression, diversity, passion, and purpose. A story which ultimately proves that a ballerina is not only a woman dancing—but an act of revolution in a tutu. “This thoughtfully crafted, seamlessly edited film reveals the grit behind the glitter, and it makes the Trocks’ humor as touching as it is pointed,” writes Claudia Bauer of SFGate. [2017, US, Runtime: 90 minutes, Not Rated]. ▼ Admission for the event is $10 per screening. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 302-645-9095 ext.1. Please note that tickets are non-refundable. Any available tickets remaining after online ticket sales close will be sold at the door.



Presented by the Rehoboth Beach Film Society in partnership with CAMP Rehoboth


April 26 – April 29, 2018


7:00 pm

April 26

Signature Move


4:00 pm

April 27

Lesbians in Shorts


7:00 pm

April 27


Purchase online at


4:00 pm

April 28

Just Charlie

Seating is limited, buy now!


7:00 pm

April 28



1:00 pm            April 29


Cinema Art Theater 17701 Dartmouth Drive, #2 Dartmouth Plaza, Lewes

CAMP Rehoboth Community Center

Rebels on Pointe

Theater opens 30 minutes before screening begins. Letters 25 April 6, 2018

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Letters 31 April 6, 2018

BOOKED Solid by Terri Schlichenmeyer

Tomorrow Will Be Different by Sarah McBride c.2018, Crown Archetype; $26.00 / $35.00 Canada; 288 pages Things are never as bad as they seem. There’s always a brighter spot if you just look for it, always something to be thankful for, a way of making yourself feel better because things aren’t as bad as they seem. As in the new book Tomorrow Will Be Different by Sarah McBride, there’s always a chance to make a change. Though she was ten years old the first time she heard the word “transgender,” Sarah McBride knew from an early age that she was really a girl. Problem was, everyone around her saw her as a boy, and she didn’t want to disillusion them because she didn’t want to disappoint them. And so, McBride tamped down a feeling of “homesickness” inside herself and tried to be a boy by dating girls, joining a fraternity at college, and doing guy things that felt wrong. It wasn’t until the end of her time as student body president at American University that she took the leap and came out, publicly, as a woman. It was a relief, she says, and though there was some initial shock, her friends and family never stopped loving her. For that, she acknowledges her fortune; a high percentage of her LGBTQ peers aren’t so lucky. Not long after this major life-changer, McBride was accepted for a dream come true, landing an internship at the Obama White House. She’d been fascinated by politics since she



was small, and was a campaign volunteer in her home state of Delaware. Starting in the White House Office of Public Engagement, she was quickly engaged; activism, as McBride learned, was something she could sink her teeth into, as a trans woman. Happier than she’d ever been, McBride’s life continued to rise: she fell in love with Andy, whom she’d met at a party, though she didn’t see him again until he emailed her months later. He was trans, too, a homegrown Wisconsin boy with a sense of humor, and she adored him. The future was bright. And then things changed again…. There’s a message inside Tomorrow Will Be Different—and it’s not the activism one that you think is there. Oh, there’s no denying that author Sarah McBride is an activist and she’s been a big part in making change, not only at state-level but nationally. She’s a history-maker and a shaker. But this book isn’t just about that. Oh-so-subtly, McBride makes readers’ brains itch. LGBTQ teens can be fragile, and you’ll watch closer after reading this book. Health care isn’t just an issue for the middle-class, and you’ll understand better now. Politics aren’t just something to rant about, and in the midst of all this, believe it or not, you may be better off than you think you are. This book forces a different way of looking at things, but you might not initially notice that as you’re crying over the rest of this memoir. So bring tissues while you read and let your brain itch. Let Tomorrow Will Be Different sink in because things can always be better than they seem. Email Terri Schlichenmeyerat


Weddings | Baby Showers in d Bridal Showers | Birthday Parties s p i r e d Fo o Rehearsal Dinners | Beach Events Pig Roasts | Clam Bakes | Cocktail Parties & so much more! Letters 32 April 6, 2018


Susan Sokowski

Your neighbors in Rehoboth Beach transformed their home with Waypoint cabinetry. So can you! Real beauty in cabinetry is not only about the way it looks, but also about the way it lasts. Your cabinetry should look and function for many years to come as well as it does the day it's installed.

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WE INSTALL: Andersen Windows and Doors | Custom Designed Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry | Kitchen & Bath Countertops and Hardware | Interior Stairs, Trim and Door Packages | Custom Closets and Blinds | Flooring: Hardwood, Tile & Ceramic | Hurricane Shutters | Siding, Decking and Railing | Weiland by Andersen | and more! Letters 33 April 6, 2018

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Dover, DE. Art at your doorstep. Letters 34 April 6, 2018

Aloft by Erica Loustau -

Follow the birds through three floors of the Biggs impressive collection.

The Biggs Welcomes Women’s Fest to Delaware! Celebrating Women in the Arts!

Cape Henlopen Lighthouse, Far View Ethel Pennewill Brown Leach, Oil on canvas

For private tours, contact Brent Mundt at For information about women in the arts, contact Regina Lynch, Letters 35 April 6, 2018

The New Woman of the Roaring Twenties THE BIGGS IN DOVER IS PROUD TO CELEBRATE WOMEN’S FEST by Brent Adams Mundt and Regina Stephanie Lynch While thousands of women converge on Rehoboth Beach for the 18th Annual Women’s FEST, Dover’s Biggs Museum celebrates one of several pioneering women in the arts. If you’re fortunate to sit on the North Shores beach this weekend, and look north toward Lewes, this painting will surely come into clearer focus. Ethel Pennewill Brown Leach was a Delaware artist active in the early to mid-1900s. She studied at the Clawson S. Hammitt School of Art in Wilmington, the Art Students League in New York, and with the renowned illustrator Howard Pyle in Chadds Ford, PA, and Wilmington. Later in life she trained in Europe, where she observed and adapted Post-Impressionist ideas of color, light, and landscape. Much of her life’s work, including this representation of the former lighthouse at Cape Henlopen, reflects this era of painting. It’s a heartfelt representation of Delaware landscapes through the lens of European art concepts. This lighthouse, in particular, held personal significance for Leach and she painted it multiple times, both before and after its 1926 destruction. Historical Context: This painting serves as a visual record of a lighthouse that fell into the sea. Through this painting and several others done by Leach and her artistic peers, future generations will have a visual representation of the former appearance of this location. The era in which the work was painted—the 1920s— was a particularly prosperous time in America. The surge and accessibility of auto-manufacturing meant that more people than ever had access to idyllic spots like the beach, portrayed in this scene. As a result, beach scenes became increasingly popular. The 1920s also saw the birth of “the New Woman,” who, like Leach, was unabashedly venturing into endeavors typically reserved for men, including the bold task of executing such a large-scale, landscape painting. This painting was created using oil paint and is done on canvas. Given the era in which the painting was created, it is likely that Leach was purchasing mass produced paints and pre-stretch canvases. These were probably acquired from a local art supply store in Delaware. Leach frequently worked in oil, which allows for the kind of impasto—or raised paint—typical of the work of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists Leach observed and learned from. It is likely that Leach would have used both brushes and palette knives to apply the paint thickly and directly on the canvas. This application added both expression and texture to her scenes. The Cape Henlopen Lighthouse was a popular subject for Delmarva Peninsula painters of the 20th century. Leach was no exception. She was a Delaware native and brought her love of her home state into her artwork. The lighthouse was a structure that she painted many times over. It was built in the 1760s by the British government and stood 126 feet high. As a working lighthouse it provided a beacon for the dunes of the Delaware Bay north of Rehoboth Beach. Letters 36 April 6, 2018

Cape Henlopen Lighthouse, Far View Ethel Pennewill Brown Leach, Oil on canvas

Eventually, weather damage caused the building to topple into the ocean. The falling of the lighthouse shook many people in the local area who had admired it for years. As a tribute to their admiration, many Rehoboth Beach natives collected pieces of the lighthouse to incorporate into their own homes. Leach herself donated the door of the lighthouse to the Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes. In Far View, Leach chose a perspective that makes the lighthouse look tiny in a painting made up mostly of sand and water. Even so, the lighthouse still stands out as the highest vertical point in the piece. Motion is brought into the painting with the addition of rough waves and blowing beach grass. The purple in the overcast sky is mirrored in the sand, bringing cohesion to the overall look. This painting hangs in a gallery space the Biggs Museum created to celebrate the American Art Colonies, which includes Delaware’s two most notable colonies of Arden and Rehoboth Beach. Leach was active as an artist in the Rehoboth Beach artist colony in her later years. The Biggs’ preservation of the history of these colonies adds the narrative of Delaware’s artistic legacy and contextualizes the creation of this cherished scene in Cape Henlopen. Hats off to a woman who pushed boundaries nearly a century ago. As we enter this next century of “roaring twenties,” it will indeed be women who will push boundaries. Note: The Biggs’ permanent collection boasts other renowned women artists, including Hannah Robinson—one of few (if any) women silversmiths in early Delaware—and our most popular painting “Summer Girl,” which, while painted by a man, Robert Reid, also captured women who defied conventions. He dedicated his life to this during the turn of the century. Hats off to those men who’ve done so during the turn of this one! Regina Stephanie Lynch is Education Curator at the museum.

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Early Admission for FEST Pass holders

7:30PM General Admission for non-FESTpass holders Tickets $40. Advance reservations recommended, Tickets sold at the door at 6:30pm, subject to availability. Everyone must be seated by 7:45pm to avoid program interruption. Cash bar until 8:00pm.

ASL INTERPRETATION: Susan Morissette LEGACY SPONSOR: Jenn Harpel, Morgan Stanley CONTRIBUTING SPONSORS: Natalie Moss, Atom Irwin and Susan Wall Letters 37 April 6, 2018

Bathroom Remodeling Licensed & Insured

A.G. RENOVATIONS “Installing Schluter Systems”

Albert Green (302) 945-1526 Email: Member Rehoboth/Dewey Chamber of Commerce


Letters 38 April 6, 2018

Love, hope, success, family, security. Some things we all have in common. There’s nobody like State Farm® to protect the things we all value. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CONTACT AN AGENT TODAY.

Eric Blondin Ins Agency Inc Eric Blondin, Agent 18958 Coastal Highway Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Bus: 302-227-4663

Jeanine O’Donnell, Agent 16583 Coastal Hwy Lewes, DE 19958 Bus: 302-644-3276® 1101011.1

State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL Letters 39 April 6, 2018

CAMP Volunteer Spotlight by Monica Parr

Pam Kozey Pam Kozey was born in McKeesport, PA, and raised in Southwestern PA. Her father was a steelworker, her mother, a homemaker. When Pam went to college, with her sister in high school, her mother brushed up her secretarial skills and went back to work as an executive secretary at a local hospital. Pam received her B.Ed. from the University of Toledo and taught Physical Education in a school district near Sandusky, Ohio. That lasted two years. She says, “I really wasn’t cut out to be a high school teacher.”

with psychological health and traumatic brain injury. Pam’s favorite sport is golf. She claims to be a terrible golfer, but “loves to whack that little ball around.” She said, “Since I’m not very good at it, I get a lot of whacks at the ball in 18 holes.” When did you start volunteering at CAMP Rehoboth? Over the years I’ve done little things like helping with shows, or writing an article for Letters, but I really started volunteering for the 2017 Women’s FEST. Fay Jacobs kept talking to me about how much fun it was to volunteer and the great group of people on the planning

I know there are still people who would like us to disappear, but there are fewer of them every year, and CAMP Rehoboth has been instrumental in making that happen. According to Pam, her resume is rather lengthy, so she skipped a decade or so. One of her most demanding jobs was her seven years as an advocate in a Rape Crisis Center/Victim Witness Program. She accompanied “survivors” to emergency rooms, police stations, magistrates’ offices, and courtrooms. Eventually, she found her calling as a Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. If you have muscle pain, she’s the person who can get rid of it. For the last 10 years, before her recent retirement, Pam worked in a Chiropractor’s office. For her, it’s a perfect combination of skills. Pam met her spouse, Marie when she came to her as a patient. Since, ethically, therapists cannot date their patients, Pam transferred Marie to her business partner, then asked her out. In July they will celebrate their 20th anniversary. Just after Pam and Marie met, Marie retired from the Army as a Lt. Colonel, working since then on defense contracts dealing Letters 40 April 6, 2018

committee. While all of that was true, she completely underestimated the amount of work involved in heading up the FEST volunteers. Half way through the weekend I swore I’d never do it again. However, while in a state of euphoria at the end of the weekend, I agreed to do it again. So, here I am again. Name a childhood mentor or someone who influenced you while growing up. My parents were my mentors while I was growing up. My mother taught me to throw, catch, bat, and tackle. My father taught me my lifelong love of learning. Both of them passed their love of reading on to me. If you could go back to the age of 18, what do you know now that you wish you knew then? I wish that I had known about my sexual orientation then instead of having to wait until the age of 32 to figure it out.

Do you have an LGBT hero? Who and why? Elizabeth Birch is my LGBTQ hero. She took the HRCF, an organization unable to decide whether it wanted to be a local or national organization and dragged it into the national spotlight. She branded it as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), raised money for a building on 14th Street in the heart of Washington, DC, made the HRC Gala a national event with big name speakers and entertainers, and lobbied Congress and the country constantly on behalf of the LGBTQ community. I believe that without her, military personal would still be in the closet and our right to live out and proud with our spouses would be a pipe dream. I continue to be shocked at the progress we have made; not that I am complaining. Given the current political climate, are you concerned about the possible loss of LGBT rights? Why or why not? We must remain vigilant. There are people in this country who would not only like to rescind our hard-won rights, but would like to see us put in camps. I believe that so-called religious liberty laws (I call them religious bigotry laws) are designed to put LGBTQ people in their place—closet anyone? What’s your favorite part of Women’s FEST Weekend? The best part of Women’s FEST is the enthusiasm and comradery of the weekend. What advice would you give to the younger LGBT community? Be cognizant of the strides made by us old folks, but don’t dwell on it. You will have plenty of battles of your own to fight.

How long have you been coming to Rehoboth? Since 1985, first as a weekender, and now as a resident. Haven’t we all? Since you began coming to Rehoboth, name the biggest change you have seen. Other than the proliferation of outlet malls, the biggest change is the acceptance of the gay community. I know there are still people who would like us to disappear, but there are fewer of them every year, and CAMP Rehoboth has been instrumental in making that happen. Name three events that have shaped your life to where it is today. Realizing my sexual orientation; meeting my wife; and meeting and traveling with my mentor for Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Janet G. Travell, M.D., White House physician for President Kennedy and President Johnson. Pam, thank you for the time you spend working with the Women’s FEST Committee, and for all of the hours spent during the event. Without dedicated volunteers like you, Women’s FEST would not be a success. CAMP Rehoboth is successful because of people like you. Thank you for all you do. ▼

If you know of someone whose efforts should be considered for the CAMP Rehoboth Volunteer Spotlight, send their name to Project1_Layout 1 4/1/2018 4:49 PM Page 1

thank you to all the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center Volunteers for the period: March 9 – April 2. Community Center Bud Beehler David Carder Max Dick Ann Evans Corky Fitzpatrick Kathy Fitzpatrick Muriel Hogan Ed Hotaling Jack Morrison Natalie Moss Patricia Stiles Russell Stiles CAMP Maintenance Eric Korpon CROP at Immanuel Shelter Carol Brice Karen DeSantis Deb Dobransky Mickie McManamon Diane Mead Dottie Outland Marta Ortiz Lisa Rabigi Leslie Sinclair Bea Vuocolo Debbie Woods Letters Mailing Team Andy Brangenberg David Carder

David Hagelin Grant Kingswell Steve Palmer Fran Sneider Russell Stiles Linda Yingst Membership Committee Jane Blue Don Crowl Kathy Davison Ann Evans Glen Pruitt Debbie Woods Rainbow Thumb Club Chris Bowers Carol Brice Julia Bucci Linda DeFeo Frank DeFranzo Karen DeSantis Ward Ellinger Monica Fleischmann DJ Jones Carolyn Ortwein Kim Schilpp Diane Scobey Bill Sloan Jeffrey Trunzo Elva Weininger George Yaksic

Volunteer Development Committee Pat Catanzariti Donna Dolce Jaye Laszcynski Michael Safina Leslie Sinclair Women’s FEST Committee Dottie Cirelli Nancy Hewish Pam Kozey Rebecca Moscoso Gail Tannenbaum Kathy Wiz Women’s FEST T-Shirt Folding Carol Blair Dottie Cirelli Geri Dibiase Deb Doricchi Kathy Fitzgerald Nancy Hewish Maggie Kilroy Pam Kozey Vicki Martina Alicia Mickenberg Ruth Morse Rebecca Moscoso Cara Radosevich Liz Wheeler Joanne Yurik

Letters 41 April 6, 2018

STRAIGHTTalk by David Garrett

Steve Elkins: His Voice is Still Heard The voice of Steve Elkins has been silenced—or has it? In many “In 2006, Gov. Ruth Ann Minner appointed Steve to the ways, his voice will continue to inspire, to challenge and to State Human Relations Commission. Steve served as a member comfort those of us who mourn. There will be plenty of time to of the Legislative Committee and provided commitment, grieve later. For now, let us celebrate the life that Steve lived, and leadership and counsel on legislation related to civil unions, the legacy he leaves behind. That celebration begins with voices same-sex marriage, the death penalty, and discrimination of key persons who knew Steve. based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Steve later Peter C. Schwartzkopf, Delaware State Representative, left the Commission after more than 10 years of dedicated and District 14, Speaker of the House: “I first met Steve Elkins in the purposeful service. summer of 2002. I was the Captain of DSP Troop 7 so I knew “I appreciated Steve for being a kind and thoughtful person, who he was but I had never really met him. I had decided to and a courageous advocate and champion for the LGBT run for election as State Representative and someone said ‘you community. Steve had a way of lighting up a room and he knew need to talk to Steve Elkins.’ So, I did. I came to talk politics and how to touch and influence people. People wanted to lean in he was there to talk about CAMP Rehoboth! and listen to him. Steve’s determination to create an inclusive “My wife and I became good friends with Steve and Murray hometown and later expand that across the state of Delaware over the last 16 years and we worked together on landmark has had a profound impact on Delawareans and is a lasting legislation like equal rights and marriage equality. I was so legacy that will be hard to forget and always appreciated.” happy as Speaker of the House to bang the gavel passing Kathy McGuiness, Commissioner, City of Rehoboth Beach: marriage equality because I “Steve Elkins played a major knew that, for the first time, role in helping to shape not our state would recognize only Rehoboth Beach, but our It is up to us, all of us, regardless of sexual Steve and Murray’s marriage counties and state through his as equal to my own. gentle activism of inclusion. orientation or political ideology or practice of “Steve was such a Growing up in Rehoboth delightful and caring man who Beach, I was fortunate to be dedicated a big portion of his a part of a special community faith, to continue to find the common ground life to fighting on behalf of that was diverse and eclectic. others. When he and Murray was normal for my macho and goodwill which Steve worked so tirelessly ItGreek founded CAMP Rehoboth, dad, former football little did they know that they player and Rehoboth to obtain not just for himself but for others. were building a bridge that Lifeguard, to welcome my would unite the residents and older sister’s pals, gay or visitors to Rehoboth. He won straight, into our home. everyone over with his personality, his infectious yet devious “As the area began to expand, change and grow, smile, and his willingness to talk to anyone about the need unfortunately so did the division. When this division became to be inclusive of others. In my mind, Steve will always be the apparent, an ‘us against them’ attitude surfaced. Steve and heartbeat of CAMP Rehoboth and that will be his lasting legacy! Murray formed CAMP Rehoboth, which peacefully united this He will be missed by all but never forgotten.” community, not only in the LGBTQ community, but also with Dr. Ernesto B. Lopez, Delaware State Senate, District 6: other entities, non-profits, and the municipal government “With the passing of Steve Elkins, the State of Delaware has officials. Steve was a pioneer, a partner working with every lost a true champion for decency and kindness, along with group from Rehoboth Beach Main Street to the Rehoboth love and equality. It is up to us, all of us, regardless of sexual Beach Volunteer Fire Co. His efforts created 25 years of unity orientation or political ideology or practice of faith, to continue that will move us forward. I am grateful to have been able to to find the common ground and goodwill which Steve worked serve with him as a CAMP Rehoboth Board member, partner so tirelessly to obtain not just for himself but for others.” with Steve in community dinners, and most importantly, call this Gail Launay-Tarlecki, Vice Chair of the State Human beautiful soul my true friend. Steve has left his positive mark on Relations Commission: “I met Steve in 1996 at a meeting to this city and its people!” discuss adding sexual orientation as a protected class under It has been my profound privilege to walk with Steve in state anti-discrimination laws. Steve was there as an advocate this life. Little did I know when I moved to Rehoboth Beach for human rights and the rights of the LGBT community. His that I would be blessed by his wit, his insight, and his care. determination to create parity was at the core of his being, but I will still hear his voice challenging me to Create a More his pleasant, positive demeanor was evident. Positive Rehoboth. ▼ Letters 42 April 6, 2018

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JACKLINGO.COM Letters 43 April 6, 2018

Our extensively qualified mortgage professionals are equipped with the knowledge required to match your clients individual needs. Let me and my Acopia team members earn you and your client’s business today.

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“We have roots here, not just branches.”

“ As a local, small business owner it is important to me to keep my banking local. County Bank provides all the services as the big national banks but keeps it personal. County Bank knows me and keeps it as easy as a handshake!” Steve Crane Browseabout Books Rehoboth Beach, DE Banking | Mortgages | Loans

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Letters 50 April 6, 2018


Trusted Mortgage Professionals

Right in Your Own Backyard Contact us today for a simple, rewarding home loan experience!

Kimberly A. Grim

Gail Ellen Alm

Toni Gail Wilhite

Regional Senior Vice President

Loan Officer

Senior Mortgage Consultant

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37156 Rehoboth Avenue, Suite 1 • Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Copyright©2018 Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. NMLS#2289. 4750 S. Biltmore Lane, Madison, WI 53718, 1-877-699-0353. Other restrictions and limitations may apply. All rights reserved.


Letters 51 April 6, 2018

R E H OB OT H RETAI L SHOPS Atlantic Jewelry, 313 S. Boardwalk...............................302-226-0675 Beach Essentials, 33 Baltimore Ave..............................302-227-5210 Critter Beach, 156 Rehoboth Ave..................................302-226-2690 Elegant Slumming, 33 Baltimore Ave............................302-227-5551 Gallery 50, 50 Wilmington Ave......................................302-227-2050 Gidgets Gadgets, 123 Rehoboth Ave............................302-227-3959 Just Looking Upscale Resale, 18585 Coastal Hwy.......302-644-6939 Mod Cottage, 247A Rehoboth Ave...............................302-227-7277 New Wave Spas, 20660 Coastal Hwy...........................302-227-8484 Pelican Loft, 143 Rehoboth Ave....................................302-226-5080 M.G.T. & Company, 39 Baltimore Ave............................302-567-5976 Rehoboth Breeze, 117 Rehoboth Ave...........................302-226-5720 Shademakers, 33 Baltimore Ave...................................302-226-2222 Sterling Optical, Food Lion Shopping Ctr......................302-226-8800 The Linen Outlet, 19269 Coastal Hwy..........................302-727-5362 Unfinished Business, Rt. 1 behind Panera Bread.........302-752-6225 Ward Ellinger Gallery, 39 Baltimore Ave.......................302-227-7710 Wooden Indian, Ltd., 25 Baltimore Ave.........................2302-27-8331


L5 L4 L1


54 31 47 66 •• 82 4 30 53 88 3

At Melissa’s B&B, 36 Delaware Ave..............................302-227-7504 Atlantic Sands Hotel, Boardwalk & Baltimore Ave........302-227-2511 Atlantis Inn, 154 Rehoboth Ave.....................................302-227-9446 Breakers Hotel, 102 2nd St @ Baltimore Ave...............302-227-6688 The Brick Hotel, 18 The Circle, Georgetown DE...........302-856-1836 Canalside Inn, Canal & 6th Streets................................302-226-2006 Rehoboth Guest House, 40 Maryland Ave....................302-227-4117 Royal Rose Inn, The, 41 Baltimore Ave.........................302-226-2535 Sea ën Stars Guest Suites, 44 Delaware Ave................302-226-2742 The Shore Inn, 703 Rehoboth Ave................................302-227-8487 Summer Place Hotel, First St & Olive Ave......................302-226-0766

LEW E S F OOD & DRI NK 114 •• •• L3

Go Brit, 18388 Coastal Hwy..........................................302-644-2250 Fish On!, Village of 5 Points...........................................302-645-9790 Plate Catering, Village of 5 Points.................................302-644-1200 The Buttery, 102 Second St...........................................302-645-7755


•• •• •• ••

Bluecoast Seafood, 1111 Hwy One, Bethany...............302-539-7111 Catch 54, 54 Madison Ave, Fenwick.............................302-436-8600 Matt’s Fish Camp, north Bethany.................................302-539-CAMP The Brick Hotel, 18 The Circle, Georgetown.................302-856-1836




81 110 107

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90 97



S ERVIC ES AT T HE B EAC H AUTOMOBILE SALES & SERVICE L1 Auto Gallery, 1144 Savannah Rd, Lewes......................302-645-5353 75 Luxury Motors, 20575 Coastal Hwy,.............................302-226-2100 BUILDING/CLEANING/REMODELING/LANDSCAPING •• A.G. Renovations...........................................................302-947-4096 96 Boardwalk Builders, behind Big Fish Grill.....................302-227-5754 •• DryZone.........................................................................866-771-9658 •• Mason Companies.........................................................302-227-2750 •• Randy’s Custom Window Treatments............................302-226-3244 CHURCHES/SYNAGOGUES 2 All Saints Episcopal, 18 Olive Ave ................................302-227-7202 98 Epworth Methodist, 19285 Holland Glade Rd..............302-227-7743 112 M.C.C. of Rehoboth, 19369 Plantation Rd....................302-645-4945 93 Seaside Jewish Community, Holland Glade Rd............302-226-8977 •• Unitarian Universalist, 30486 Lewes-G’Town Hy .........302-313-5838 •• Unity of Rehoboth, 98 Rudder Rd, Millsboro................717-579-2612 24 Westminster Presbyterian, King Charles Ave................302-227-2109 COUNSELING / THERAPY / LIFE COACH •• Dr. Michael Hurd, Rehoboth Beach...............................302-227-2829 83 Kevin J. Bliss, Personal/Professional Coaching.............302-754-1954

Letters 52 April 6, 2018







Aqua, 57 Baltimore Ave.................................................302-226-9001 Back Porch Cafe, 59 Rehoboth Ave .............................302-227-3674 Bin 66, 20729 Coastal Hwy..........................................302-227-6161 Blue Moon, 35 Baltimore Ave........................................302-227-6515 Café Azafran, 18 Baltimore Ave....................................302-227-8100 Café Papillon, Penny Lane Mall.....................................302-227-7568 Cilantro, 122 A Rehoboth Ave.......................................302-226-1000 Coffee Mill, Rehoboth Mews, 127 Rehoboth Ave ........302-227-7530 Dos Locos, 208 Rehoboth Ave......................................302-227-3353 Eden, 23 Baltimore Ave.................................................302-227-3330 Go Fish, 24 Rehoboth Ave.............................................302-226-1044 Iguana Grill, 52 Baltimore Ave. .....................................302-727-5273 JAM Bistro, 21 Baltimore Ave........................................302-226-5266 Java Jukebox, 37169 Rehoboth Ave Ext......................302-440-5282 Just In Thyme, 38163 Robinsons Dr.............................302-227-3100 Lori’s Café, 39 Baltimore Ave........................................302-226-3066 Lupo Italian Kitchen, 247 Rehoboth Ave.......................302-226-2240 Palate Bistro, 19266 Coastal Hwy................................302-249-8489 Purple Parrot Grill, 134 Rehoboth Ave..........................302-226-1139 Rigby’s, 404 Rehoboth Ave...........................................302-227-6080 Shorebreak Lodge, 10 Wilmington Ave........................302-227-1007 Snyder’s Candy, 60 Rehoboth Ave................................302-226-3994 The Pond, First & Rehoboth Ave....................................302-227-2234


71 12 70 27 7 15 44 38 61 6 14 35 6 91 70 29 74 108 45 80 17 16 22


20 26 47 26 56 41 119 74 95 33 29 42 26 103 107 110 29 5



DOCTORS / DENTISTS / REHAB / HOME CAR L4 Beebe Healthcare, 26744 J.J. Williams Hwy, Lewes....302-645-3300 101 Curtis Leciejewski, DDS.................................................302-226-7960 L5 Griswold Home Care, 16698 Kings Hwy, #D, Lewes....302-644-6990 •• Interim Healthcare, 17298 Coastal Hwy, Lewes...........302-322-2743 105 Shore Community Medical, 18947 JJ Williams Hwy....302-827-4365 120 Steven B. Wright, D.M.D. & Bruce B. Wright, DDS.........302-645-6671 ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES •• DJ Nan...........................................................................240-593-7704 E VENT PLANNING/CATERING •• Big Fish Catering...........................................................302-226-5500 •• Flair................................................................................302-930-0709 •• Plate Catering................................................................302-644-1200 FINANCIAL SERVICES •• Community Pride Financial............................................302-227-2939 97 County Bank, 19927 Shuttle Rd....................................302-226-9800 90 Fairway Mortgage, 37156 Rehoboth Ave Ext...............302-227-5626 •• Jenn Harpel, Morgan Stanley........................................302-644-6620 FLORISTS 89 Bayberry Flowers, 715 Rehoboth Ave..........................302-227-5725 96 Windsor’s Florist, 4111 Hwy One..................................302-227-9481







77 80

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FUNERAL SERVICES •• McCrery & Harra............................................................302-478-2204 •• Parsell Funeral Homes & Crematorium.........................302-645-9520 AIR SALONS / TATTOO & PIERCING H 72 Bad Hair Day? 20 Lake Ave............................................302-227-HAIR 62 Beach Cuts, 214 Rehoboth Ave................................... 302-226-ROBB •• Salon Milton, 517 Chestnut St, Milton...........................302-684-1880 •• Gregory Meyers Hair Studio, 20245 Bay Vista Rd & Route 1............................................................................ 302-727-5331 INSURANCE 100 George Bunting State Farm...........................................302-227-3891 •• Jeanine O’Donnell, State Farm......................................302-645-7283 109 Eric Blonden, State Farm...............................................302-644-3276 LEGAL / ACCOUNTING / TRUST SERVICES 79 Lawson Firm, 402 Rehoboth Ave..................................302-226-3700 79 Morris James, 402 Rehoboth Ave.................................302-888-6800 •• Fuqua, Willard, Stevens, & Schab, PA 20245 Bay Vista Rd, Unit 203.. .......................................................................................302-227-7727 MASSAGE THERAPY/FITNESS 72 Bad Hair Day? 20 Lake Ave............................................302-227-HAIR •• Jeffrey Socorso, LMT.....................................................302-227-0731 8 Konrad Noebel, LMT, 26 Baltimore Ave........................302-226-8833

111 33 •• ••

Midway Fitness & Racquetball, Midway Center............302-645-0407 One Spirit Massage, 169 Rehoboth Ave.......................302-226-3552 Rehoboth Massage/Alignment............302-727-8428; 302-682-8895 Sixth Sense Bodywork/Tommy Gibson..........................302-604-1233

PET SERVICES •• Parsell Pet Crematorium................................................302-645-7445 REAL ESTATE 77 Allen Jarmon, RE/MAX, 317 Rehoboth Ave...................302-227-4800 87 Chris Beagle, Berkshire Hathaway, 37230 Rehoboth Ave .......................................................................................302-227-6101 77 Debbie Reed Team, 317 Rehoboth Ave........................302-227-3818 108 Evita Monteagudo, Keller Williams Realty.....................862-588-1342 81 Jim McAlister, Mann & Sons, 414 Rehoboth Ave..........302-227-9477 18 John Black, Maggio Shields, 37169 Rehoboth Ave .....302-226-3770 90 Karen Gustafson, Long & Foster, 37156 Rehoboth.......302-227-2541 87 Lana Warfield, Berkshire Hathaway, 37230 Rehoboth Ave.................. .......................................................................................302-227-6101 •• Lee Ann Wilkinson Group, 16698 Kings Hwy...............302-645-6664 69 Lingo Realty, 246 Rehoboth Ave...................................302-227-3883 69 McGuiness Group, 246 Rehoboth Ave..........................302-227-3883 69 Randy Mason/Shirley Kalvinsky, Lingo Realty...............302-227-3883 96 Sea Bova Associates, 20250 Coastal Hwy, #3.............302-227-1222 91 Steve Janosik, Maggio Shields, 37169 Rehoboth Ave.302-226-3770

69 Suzanne Landon, Lingo Realty, 246 Rehoboth Ave........ 302-226-6621 •• Thompson Communities...............................................302-450-8147 81 Troy Roberts, Mann & Sons, 414 Rehoboth Ave...........302-228-7422 T RAVEL & TRANSPORTATION 87 Accent On Travel, 37156 Rehoboth Ave.......................302-703-6154 28 Jolly Trolley, Rehoboth-Dewey Shuttle from Rehoboth Ave & Boardwalk. Call for schedule ........................................302-227-1197

POP U L AR L B GT B E ACH E S POODLE BEACH: south end of the Rehoboth Boardwalk CAPE HENLOPEN STATE PARK: Ocean Dr. north to Cape Henlopen State Park. Daily parking rate in effect March – November

Letters 53 April 6, 2018

QPuzzle: Missing David

Solution on Page 72 1 9 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 30 33 37 38 42 43 45 46 47 52 53 54 56 59 64 65 66 67 68 69

ACROSS 1 With 9-Across and 27-Across, “In the first place, ___” 6 Title for Alec Guinness 9 See 1-Across

Letters 54 April 6, 2018

1 4 15 16 17 18

Isle of the birth state of Bette Midler Aladdin’s monkey She had her hand up Lamb Chop Tickle pink Hither’s partner

Engaged in, as war Eleanor’s pooch Plumbers go after them with their snakes Bone below the elbow Cash register part Out-and-out nonsense Stud poker demand See 1-Across One you may see in a shower Billie Jean’s game That to Juan Olyphant of _The Broken Hearts Club_ Cole Porter, for one Dusting for bottoms Suffix in scandal names Fruitless “In the second place, ___” Fairy tales and such Testicles, usually Medium for Frasier Crane Semifrozen soft drink Character of David Ogden Stiers (1942-2018) on _M*A*S*H_ and source of this puzzle’s quote Wolfson of Freedom to Marry Longtime _All My Children_ role Continental disk The Way We ___ _ Denis of _The Ref_ Type of balls

DOWN 1 “___ My Heart in San Francisco” 2 Start of a holy name 3 ___ fours (doggy-style) 4 Writer Barney 5 Practice B&D, e.g.

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 21 22 28 29 30 31 32 34 35 36 39 40 41 44 46 48 49 50 51 54 55 57 58 59 60 61 62 63

_Roma Sub Rosa_ series writer Steven Source for Rita Mae Brown, for example Handled at the cash register One-eighty from NNE _The Double Man_ author Two under for Sheehan Where to find your favorite boxers Like one that comes on the beach 1920 Colette novel “Empress of the Blues” Bessie Pansy’s place Wilder’s _The Bridge of San Luis ___ Came upon Morales of movies Outed, for example, with “on” Songwriter Holly Eurythmics’ “Would ___ to You?” Gay-bashing, for example Hang one’s head Arena cry, to Frida Canvas covering Customer on _Six Feet Under_? Cause of AIDS, and others Word after film or cafe Tool you can stick in your garden Walk like a man in drag Load of money _Spamalot_ review, perhaps Open a crack Phaser setting in _Star Trek_ Chaplain Judge of the NYFD, e.g. Small pussy cat noise Land of singer S. O’Connor Peeples of _Fame_ “Proud Mary” band, for short Straight line

randy gross full 28-02_Layout 1 3/30/2018 2:10 PM Page 1

Randy’s Custom Window Treatment 302.226.3244 custom window treatments surprisingly affordable installation and service since 1982 • priority dealer




Specialty Arches & Shapes Blinds, Shades, Sheers, Plantation Shutters Duette® / Silhouette® /Luminette® / Vignette® EverWood® / Heritance® /Applause® / Pirouette® Provenance® / NantucketTM / NewStyle® Verticals / Pleated Shades / Mini Blinds Roller Shades / Sun Screen Shades Convenient Shop-at-Home Service Free Estimates and Installations Designer Screen Shades




Heritance® Letters 55 April 6, 2018

Easterseals Helps With Dementia Support by Natalie Scott New to caregiving? Or have you been in the role long term? Either way, Easterseals can help! Easterseals has programs to support those caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia through a partnership with the Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities. For support and guidance, the Easterseals Savvy Caregiver training program can give you the confidence needed to effectively continue. The program is offered statewide through a workshop series but can also be requested for a group training. Through this workshop, not only will you receive the information you need to better care for your loved one, but also have the opportunity to meet others in a similar role. If you need a break from the constant demand of caregiving, turn to their Lifespan Respite program. It offers funding to help caregivers take a break to rejuvenate and relax. Caregivers can apply online: EastersealsRespite. In addition, Easterseals also offers legal service vouchers to pay for the cost of a consultation with an approved attorney to discuss issues such as estate planning, power of attorney, Medicaid, or any other concerns related to caring for your loved one. To get more information on these or any of Easterseals caregiver services, contact 302-221-2076 or resources@ Or visit us online at▼

Easterseals Helps on Your Caregiving Journey Gabe and his wife, Eve, became caregivers in an instant when Gabe’s 90-year-old mother, Rita, fell at home. They knew there would be adjustments, but soon found that caregiving was not as easy as it sounds, especially with a diagnosis of dementia. Luckily, they found Easterseals caregiver services and a group of other caregivers to assist. Among the caregiver services Gabe takes advantage of to help him better care for his mother is Easterseals Savvy Caregiver Classes. Since Gabe’s story is a familiar one and one to which others can relate, Easterseals started this series to support and educate caregivers about Alzheimer’s or dementia. “The Savvy Caregiver classes are important. I went into caregiving naïve and the training gave me a lot of tips,” Gabe says. “Sometimes I get frustrated with my mom for asking the same question repeatedly, but the Savvy Caregiver class taught me how to handle it and also not to overwhelm Mom with too many tasks.” The series will be offered during the month of May at the Lewes Library. If you or a group can benefit from the Savvy Caregiver series, please contact Easterseals. For more information in Sussex, contact Christine at 302-253-

Letters 56 April 6, 2018

1129. In New Castle, contact Joyce at 302-221-2076. “Easterseals caregiver events help me to give my mom a better quality of life. I am not as stressed out because I learned to understand her better. They give me insight into how my mom thinks,” Gabe says. “My advice to other caregivers is to make every opportunity to attend the caregiver classes because they provide a lot of information we did not know before. I always recommend these classes to other caregivers.” Easterseals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore offers a range of services, including children’s therapies, assistive technology, recreational camping, day programs for adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, and respite services for caregivers. ▼ To learn more about how Easterseals helps children and adults with disabilities, call 1-800-677-3800 or visit www.

Letters 57 April 6, 2018

The CAMP Rehoboth

PROM REMIX! Your Prom–Your Way



Invite who you want; dress the way you want. Be yourself and celebrate your pride!

Friday, May 11 • Atlantic Sands Ballroom 8-11 p.m.

Cash Bar • Dessert Bar • TICKETS $25 on sale now at Prom Photos by Fortier photography • Music by Viki Dee and Dave Mattern DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY TO OLDIES AND NEW TUNES. Coming soon: a list of fabulous restaurants offering special Prom Dinners. Letters 58 April 6, 2018

in honor of steve elkins— so talented, so missed! love annette and rick stellhorn and all of your friends at accent on travel.

Letters 59 April 6, 2018

Spring is in the Air! Saint Patrick’s Day, Rehoboth Chocolate Festival, Coastal Camera Club at CAMP Rehoboth, and More Scenes from Rehoboth Beach! THIS PAGE 1) Marty Vitale, Greg Oliver, Gary Bacon, Steven Haber, Eric Korpon, Gary Colangelo, Andy Dorosky, Scott Beadle, Becky Durham, Terri Raynes, Katie Handy, Frank Mack, Michael Linder, Joel Robbins, Teri Agosta, Suzanne Krupa, Pete Borsari, and Laura Reitman at The Pond. 2) Terry Prettyman, Roseanne Madden at Murph’s.


OPPOSTE PAGE 3) Jack Suwanlert, Linda Shevlin, Gene Shevlin, Charlie Howell, Biddy Shevlin, George Shevlin, Ben Hogan, Nancy Kaiser, Mary McElhone, Tony Burns, Pat Tosi, Karl Zoric, Larry Richardson, John Hackett, and Mark Pipkin at George and Jack’s St. Patrick’s Day Party. 4) Jen Bradour, Ralvca Rad, Karen Myers, Harry Keswani, Jasmine Mayo, Pam Herr, Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Lisa Schlosser, Olivia Hending, John Ranier, Kyle TenEyck, Aileen Hearn, Chip Hearn, Tony Burns, Mike Barnes, Carol Hall, Susan White, and Sandy Purdy at the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival. 5) Monica Parr, Mary Beth Ramsey, Barb Ralph, Mark Archibald, Laura Simon, and Cathin Bishop at the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center.

Photos by Murray Archibald, Tony Burns, and Tricia Massella.

2 Letters 60 April 6, 2018



5 Letters 61 April 6, 2018



3 Letters 62 April 6, 2018


More CAMPshots


OPPOSITE PAGE 1) Harry Millan, Joe Snyder, Carmen Zinni, Russell Harris, Pam Lynn, Tim Ragan, Doug Lynn, Madison McCunney, John Walden, Brittany McCunney, Mark Robinson, Steve Touzell, Greg Oliver, Itai Adi, Magnolia Applebottom, Tony Burns, Jonathan Shellem, Roxy Overbrooke, Bobby Hughes, Jim Burke, Sara Rowen, and Pamala Stanley at Blue Moon. 2) Bobbie Roaney, Paul Hommesfuhr, Sue Eberhort, Brook Hedge, Kathryn Harris, John Hoyt, Leslie Sinclair, and Tom Carrol at the Coastal Camera Club Opening at CAMP Rehoboth. 3) Jill Kearney, Marcia Lis, and Susan Garson on Rehoboth Avenue. THIS PAGE 4) Mark Lower, Timothy Mahoney, John Burchett, Jeff Smith, Anthony DiMichele, Tyler Townsend, David Gonce, Robert Smith, Phil Goodenough, Dickie Popp, Joe DiSalvo, Richard Nacey, Tony Burns, Kurt Hochstuhld, John Potthast, Jay Chalmers, and Rob DiMauro at Dos Locos. 5) Kurt Hochstuhld, Dan Dutcher, Richard Macey, Ray Sonderfran, Steve White, Bob Dobbs, and Charles Sensenig at Rigby’s.

CAMPshots Continued on page 66

Letters 63 April 6, 2018

37169 Rehoboth Ave Extended, Rehoboth Beach Call (302) 212-5355

Home of The “Philly Special” Sandwich!

“The Best Beef at the Beach” bought locally from Hickman’s Meat Market Open Daily @ 11 AM Happy Hour Drink & Food Menu 4-7 PM Monday through Friday “10 for $10” Lunch Menu M-F 11-3 10 Lunch Specials-Just $10 Each! Catering packages now available!

Weekly Happenings:

Sunday: Rise n’ Dine! Breakfast 10-2 $4 Bloodies & Mimosas Tuesday: “Game Night”-Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 6:30 PM English Dart League 7 PM-Happy Hour 4 till Close! Wednesday: “Comfort Food Night” 5 PM Specials change weekly Thursday: “Philly Night @ The Beach”-Philly-style menu 5 PM Friday: Fish Fryday @ 5, The Girlfriends 7 PM Saturday: Local Entertainment@ 7 PM


Thursday Apr. 12: Lower Case Blues 7-11 PM Friday Apr.13: Crossfire3 5-8 PM The Girlfriends 8-11 PM | SeafoodFest! Lobster Bake, Shrimp/Bacon & More! Saturday Apr. 14: Viki Dee 4-7 PM Jamie Fox 7-11 PM | SeafoodFest! Lobster Bake, Shrimp/Bacon & More! Sunday Apr. 15: Tea Dance 2-6 PM The Girlfriends & Jamie Fox Letters 64 April 6, 2018 Murphs-LettersApril2018.indd 1

3/26/2018 1:16:45 PM

Spring has sprung!

Giving back is my way of saying “Thank you.” George Bunting Jr, Agent 19716 Sea Air Ave #1 Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Bus: 302-227-3891


We’re all in this together. State Farm® has a long tradition of being there. That’s one reason why I’m proud to support Camp Rehoboth. Get to a better State®.

State Farm, Bloomington, IL Letters 65 April 6, 2018

CAMPArts by Doug Yetter

Passing the Light There are people in this world who bring a special light with them wherever they go. A light that brightens your spirit, a light that defeats the darkness, a light that shines through everything they do. My friend Steve Elkins was one of those people. Steve was a beacon of clarity for me and the entire community, and though our lives are a little darker without him, we cannot let the light of our gentleman from Georgia grow dim. I will admit that I suffered more than a twinge of grief writing this column, knowing that he won’t be singing in church tomorrow, not seeing that twinkle in his eye as he joked, “Remember we’re on deadline!” or catching him sneaking another egg salad sandwich and saying, “Don’t you dare tell Murray!” So, friends, shine your light. Be the miracle. Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can. Thank you for being in our lives, dear Steve. PERFORMING ARTS: CAMP Rehoboth Chorus (37 Baltimore Avenue; 302-227-5620; chorus@ will present an encore performance of Can’t Stop the Beat!—celebrating music from blues to rock and roll and jazz—on April 8 at Sussex Academy (21150 Airport Rd. in Georgetown). The concert includes sentimental favorites “With a Song in My Heart” and “One of Those Songs,” contemporary tunes like “Listen to the Music” and “Piano Man,” Broadway show-stopper “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera, and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Tickets are available online. Capital Ringers ( are jingling their bells in It’s a Zoo Out There! This unique group tours their spring concert from April 21–May 6. Letters 66 April 6, 2018

Another Blossom View, by Sam Dixon, on exhibit at CAMP Rehboth in April.

Check their Events page for locations. Clear Space Theatre Company (20 Baltimore Avenue; 302-227-2270; keeps their Spotlight on Young Performers as they follow the yellow brick road to the Wizard of Oz (April 13-15), then do a 180 degree turn to Fun Home—the 2015 Tony® winner for Best Musical (May 4–20). Coastal Concerts (in residence at Bethel UMC Hall; Fourth and Market Streets in Lewes; 888-212-6458; wraps up their season with Sō Percussion—presenting new collaborative works for percussion on April 14 (8 p.m.). Mid-Atlantic Symphony (P. O. Box 3381; Easton, MD. 21601; 888-846-8600; presents their season finale: Heavenly Music—works by Beethoven, Mahler, and Leon Fleisher— April 20 at the Todd Performing Arts Center at Chesapeake College (Wye Mills, MD) and April 22 at the Roland E. Powell Center (Ocean City). Possum Point Players (441 Old Laurel Road in Georgetown; 302-8564560; presents Broadway’s favorite musical, Hello, Dolly! starring Donna deKuyper and John Zinzi, and directed by Jim Hartzell—April 13–22. Premier Centre for the Arts at Milton Theater (110 Union St. in Milton; 302-6843038; has something for everyone on their calendar! April 6: Hank & Heidi’s Hillbilly Hoedown

Wedding; April 7: Del Angels; April 13: Paragon Ragtime Orchestra; April 14: 6-Wire; April 19: Monty Python and the Holy Grail; April 20: Kathie Martin and the Hot Rods; April 21: Glimmer Twins Rolling Stones Tribute; April 27: Micro Wrestling Foundation; April 28: The Quando Swing with Rosemary Loar; April 29: The American Rogues; May 4: Swing Junction; May 5: Ted Vigil is John Denver; May 6: Christine Havrilla and Gypsy Fuzz Mama’s Black Sheep. Rehoboth Beach Film Society (17701 Dartmouth Drive (Lewes), 302-645-9095; partners with CAMP Rehoboth to present the 2nd Annual LGBT CINE-brations film festival—six films screened over four days—April 26–29. In addition to showing the best new Independent films at their Cinema Art Theatre, they provide National Theatre Live: Julius Caesar (April 14, 16, 17) and Met Opera Live in HD: Cosi Fan Tutti (April 7, 9, 10), Verdi’s Luisa Miller (April 21, 23), and Massanet’s Cendrillon (May 5, 7). Check their website for updates and show times. Rehoboth Concert Band ( has concerts that should be on your calendar— Sunday, June 3—Concerts by the Sea in the gardens of All Saints Episcopal (18 Olive Avenue) and Sunday, June 24 at the Bandstand. Second Street Players (2 South Walnut Street in Milford; 302-422-0220/800-838-

3006; present their spring drama, The Elephant Man— April 13–22. VISUAL ARTS: The Brush Factory on Kings (830 Kings Hwy. in Lewes; 302-703-7715; Facebook@brushlewes) is a wonderful new addition to the arts scene in our area! Furniture, art, clothing, sea glass, decoys, home goods and more. CAMP Rehoboth Gallery (37 Baltimore Avenue; 302-227-5620; ( has the Women’s FEST Community Art Show with an opening reception Friday, April 13 (3–5p.m.). Gallery 50 Contemporary Art & Frame Shop (50 A-B Wilmington Avenue; 302- 227-2050; features the work of dozens of talented artists, as well as special events. Heidi Lowe Gallery (328 Rehoboth Avenue; 302-227-9203; has beautiful and unique hand-made pieces for purchase and offers classes in jewelry making. Painting with a Twist (17723 Coastal Highway; 302-313-5769; offers

painting classes and “pARTies” for all occasions—days, evenings, weekdays, and weekends (age 7+). Visit their website for details. Peninsula Gallery (520 E. Savannah Rd. in Lewes; 302-645-0551; is one of the largest Fine Art galleries in the area and is currently showing Birds and Bees, Flowers and Trees—to coincide with the Tulip Celebration in Lewes—through April 29. A portion of the gallery proceeds will go to Art in Bloom, which helps to put public art in the parks of Lewes. Whet your appetite with the virtual tour of the gallery online. Rehoboth Art League (12 Dodds Lane in Henlopen Acres; 302-2278408; always has a fantastic schedule of classes— everything from pottery to pen and ink technique to jewelry making…something for everyone and for every age and skill level. April 6-May 7: Putting It TwoGether: Assemblage & Collage by Rose Minetti and Lee Wayne Mills in the Tubbs Gallery. Iria Chloe—Year One at the R.A.L. in the Ventures Gallery. Abstractions— works from the Coastal Camera Club in the Corkran Gallery. Check their website

for a complete schedule of exhibits, Salons, Gallery Talks, or even their Summer Camps. Rehoboth Beach Museum (511 Rehoboth Avenue at the Canal, 302-2277310; has a “history” of fun at the beach—vintage bathing suits, post cards, photos and maps. However…the Museum is currently closed for complete renovations to their second floor and revamping of the permanent collection exhibits and will reopen early summer. Ward Ellinger Gallery (CAMP Rehoboth Courtyard, 39 Baltimore Avenue; 302-227-2710) resides in the CAMP Rehoboth Courtyard and features art in different mediums by Ward Ellinger and Sondra N. Arkin. Contact Doug at if you want to add your events to the calendar. Check out CAMP Arts on our website at for links to all the listed theatres, galleries, and museums.

ward ellinger gallery 27-14_Layout 1 3/30/2018 2:47 PM Page 1

Ward Ellinger located in the camp rehoboth courtyard

works by ward ellinger at the ward ellinger gallery 39 baltimore avenue, rehoboth beach For more information, call 302-227-2710 or visit our Facebook page at Ward Ellinger Gallery

baltimore avenue • rehoboth beach, de phone: 302-227-2710 • facebook: ward ellinger gallery 39


Letters 67 April 6, 2018

Project1_Layout 1 4/1/2018 4:41 PM Page 1

camp mental health 27-01_Layout 1 3/30/2018 5:07 PM Page 1

CAMP Rehoboth Presents...

The Gay Men’s

Discussion Group A place where gay men gather to discuss issues, both personal and topical. Gay men interested in such a group will find this venue warm and supportive. Meets every other Wednesday from 7-8:30 pm at Epworth United Methodist Church on Holland Glade Rd. @ Route One

Jan 31 and Feb 7, at Epworth Church.

Time-limited psychotherapy for individuals, couples, or groups. Resource list of community mental health, social service, substance abuse and other counseling services. Psychiatric referrals to local professionals.

*Call Sal Seeley at 227-5620 to confirm meeting locations!

CAMP Rehoboth’s innovative mental health project addresses the mental health needs of our unique local gay, lesbian bi-sexual and transgender community. Services are available at no charge (limited to first come first served basis) and include

. . . . . . . For more information or to arrange an interview call Salvatore Seeley at CAMP Rehoboth, 302 227-5620.

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Project1_Layout 1 4/1/2018 4:32 PM Page 1


and you will receive 15 issues of LETTERS from CAMP Rehoboth

Partner's Name (if applicable)

by first class mail. We need your name (and your partner’s,

Street Mailing Address

if applicable) plus your complete address. Send your check for

City, State, Zip


50 to: CAMP Rehoboth

37 Baltimore Avenue Year-round Phone

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 If you prefer to use your VISA,

Seasonal Phone (if applicable)

Check if a renewal


Letters 68 April 6, 2018

MasterCard or American Express call 302-227-5620.


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Letters 69 April 6, 2018





The Last CAMPshots... THIS PAGE 1) John Hackett, Joe Filipek, Mark Pipkin, Larry Richardson, Mark Hunker, and Karl Zoric at Eden Restaurant. 2) Magnolia Applebottom, Rodney Kennedy, Dale McGann, Jennell Collins, Kevin Finkenauer, CeCe Alexander, Regina Cox, Damien Gale, and Brian Gray at Goolee’s Grill. 3) Nan Martino, Andrea Vennell, Julia Orza, Renee Chaney, Susan Garson, Deb Bievenour at The Blue Hen. 4) David Button, Kolten Bell, Eric Engelhart, Chris Beagle, Tony Burns, Mary Davis, Victor Camacho, Jeff Reinhart, Jack Miller, Chris Chandler, Jamie Romano, Billy Toner, and John Flynn at Purple Parrot.

Letters 70 April 6, 2018

Did you know that CAMP Rehoboth provides • Community Space, Meeting Rooms, Public Courtyard • Diversity Training for City & Park Police •Advocacy for GLBT & Other Human Rights Issues • Sexual Health Counseling (Couples & Individuals) • Health Testing (partnership/Beebe Medical Center) • HIV Prevention, Education & Testing • CAMP Rehoboth Chorus • Support Groups • Safe Haven for Youth • Grief Counseling • Public WiFi • Information Resources on Area Services • Tourist Information Services • Gallery & Performance Space for Artists • Fundraising Assistance for Other Area Non-Profits • Ticket Sales for Other Organizations • Women’s FEST Weekend • Promotion for Local Non-profit Events

37 Baltimore Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 302 227-5620

Letters 71 April 6, 2018

VIEWPoint by Richard J. Rosendall

Conflict Artist in the Oval Goes for Broke NARCISSIST TRUMP DOUBLES DOWN ON CHAOS AS MIDTERMS LOOM The chaos president does his best to keep his shiny plates spinning in the air as the wheels come off his White House operation. Last week he went to San Diego to examine different border wall designs like paint samples while he was losing a credibility battle with a porn star. This pathologically selfish fraudster banks on people letting themselves be riled up without questioning or checking his incessant lies. The nadir of this was Trump boasting of having made up facts in a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. He appears convinced that the brazenness of his lie about a trade deficit with our northern neighbor makes it true. But sooner or later, reality will bite us in the ass. Cheekily, voices on the right lecture liberals despite the GOP’s continuing meltdown that rivals a Tchaikovsky overture for drama. Homocon Jamie Kirchick, who (to give due credit) denounced Putin’s anti-gay persecution on Russian TV, advises liberals to be less liberal on immigration. He pretends that Democrats are controlled by their extreme wing (that would be Republicans); falsely asserts that we all favor eliminating borders (President Obama deported lots of people in addition to launching DACA); and accuses the sanctuary movement of flouting “the rule of law” even as Trump leads the most lawless administration since Nixon’s. But like Congressman-ElectApparent Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania, we need not allow opponents’ misdirection to keep us from messaging better in middle America. I bring up messaging because Democrats are often slammed for lacking a message while being caricatured as leftist extremists. Con artist Trump exploited this with his populist pledge to “drain the swamp” of corrupt elites, only to tap Wall Street billionaires and others who abused their cabinet positions to lavishly redecorate their offices and fly in luxury at taxpayer expense. If demonizing Letters 72 April 6, 2018

liberals and patronizing teenage activists succeed in blinding voters to the GOP’s record of refusing to protect citizens, while upwardly redistributing income, then by 2024 we will have a 7-2 anti-choice and anti-gay Supreme Court—along with untrammeled greed that puts to shame The Jungle, Upton Sinclair’s 1906 novel about working class poverty. Opportunism and gaping double standards undermine common purpose. The ruling party panders to Christian supremacists who would subordinate civil government to religious dogma. It treats white opioid addicts with compassion never given to black drug users.

What to do? For starters, we can participate in the political process as our kids are doing. Small acts of decency speak louder than tweetstorms. As indictments inch closer to the Oval Office, Trump and his team of sycophants throw everything they can against the wall, hoping something will stick. The impulsive provocateur dispenses with logic. Obama is at once a super villain and a cipher who faked his grades. Fox News denounced Obama’s willingness to meet with our enemies yet praises Trump’s plan to meet Kim Jong-un as a masterstroke of statecraft. I get it: 45’s team can do no wrong, and the other team can do no right. But let’s not pretend that sports-talk boasting reflects true strength. The latter is better revealed by the viral video of a drag Elsa from Frozen pushing a Boston police van out of the snow. Jeff Sessions claims to have fired Andrew McCabe for lack of candor under

questioning. Somewhere Al Franken is laughing. The perfect cynicism at this point would be Trump firing Sessions for violating his recusal from the Russia investigation by firing witness McCabe. What to do? For starters, we can participate in the political process as our kids are doing. Small acts of decency speak louder than tweetstorms. Don’t compete with trolls: As Trump was boasting of his latest obstruction of justice in firing McCabe, Hillary Clinton was paying tribute to late Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. Meanwhile, Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed the Trump Organization. What 45 calls the “Deep State” (which, had it existed, would have safely installed Hillary) is simply civil servants across the ideological spectrum who honor their oaths to defend the Constitution. To be sure, our puerile president has not only a Twitter account but the nuclear launch codes. As I write, he is two steps away from naming frightening fanatic John Bolton as national security advisor. In the words of poet Robert Lowell, the ditch is nearer. Keep watch. ▼ Richard J. Rosendall is a writer and activist who can be reached at

Located at the south end of the boardwalk in beautiful Rehoboth Beach Full custom design center and repair service on premises, most can be completed while you’re here on vacation Exclusive home of the “Rehoboth Beach Bracelet” Official Pandora Dealer

Free watch battery replacement with mention of this ad. 15% discount with mention of this ad. 313 South Boardwalk Rehoboth Beach Delaware 19971 302-226-0675

Large selection of: 14kt Gold, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, and Tanzanites GIA Certified Diamonds in all sizes Watches including Movado, Raymond Weil, Seiko, Citizen, Pulsar, and Swiss Army Introducing designs by HarryK Have a piece commissioned by HarryK Letters 73 April 6, 2018

Before the BEACH by Kim Butler

Dr. Susan Ball: From Saving People to Saving Delaware’s Inland Bays Dr. Susan “Susie” Ball is a super-friendly person with a great sense of humor. But she gets very serious when the topic turns to nature and the environment. How does a psychiatrist from Philadelphia become an environmental activist at the beach? Let’s find out. A native of England, Susie was an only child growing up in a suburb of London. Mom was a hairdresser. When Susie was five years old, her father suffered severe injuries after being thrown from his moped and spent months at the RAF Hospital’s Burn Center. “I used to visit him at the hospital. A hospital can be a scary place for a five-year-old,” said Susie. “What a coincidence that I would spend most of my adult life employed in hospitals, and then a burn center.” Upon graduation from high school, Susie was encouraged by friends in New York to come across the “pond” and join them in the Big Apple. Upon arriving in New York, Susie got a job as a lab technician at NYU. Her boss saw Susie’s potential and encouraged her to enroll in college, and Susie went off to City College. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she was accepted into medical school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Susie spent a year in the internal medicine program and discovered that she preferred sitting down and talking at length with patients instead of treating physical ailments, so Susie switched to the psychiatry program. After graduation from “Penn,” Susie did her residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, which led to her career with Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Susie was a hospital psychiatrist, then a psychiatry consultant to Crozer’s Burn Center, and later became director of Geriatric Psychiatry at Crozer—all while managing her own private practice. Around 1993, Susie was introduced to her future partner and spouse, Susan Delaney, who was Director of Human Resources at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. After a year, they had a commitment ceremony, and a few years ago, after Delaware legalized same-sex marriage, they were finally married in Delaware. Susie and Susan had discovered the joys of Rehoboth after a few weekend visits, and eventually bought a rental property while still living and working in Pennsylvania. They continued weekend visits over the years, joined a small circle of friends Letters 74 April 6, 2018

and started thinking that the beach would be the ideal place to be when they decided to retire. Six years ago, the “R” word became reality, and Susie and Susan were finally living at the beach full time. However, retirement was not sitting well with Susie and she realized she needed to “get out and get involved with something.” An avid nature lover and bird watcher, Susie just happened to hear a young man giving an impassioned talk about the state of Delaware’s Inland Bays. That young man was Chris Bason, Executive Director at the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays, a non-profit organization that has been actively involved in preserving and protecting the Inland Bays since 1994. Susie was motivated enough to join their Citizen Advisory Committee, then became Committee Chair, and later was asked by Mr. Bason to join the Center’s Board of Directors. She now serves as Board Chair. “Through the Center’s work, I became extremely passionate about saving our beautiful bays and the right of all Delawareans to have clean water,” said Susie. “Delaware’s bays and their wildlife remain at risk from pollutants including nitrogen and phosphorus runoff, and failing wastewater treatment programs. Sussex County in particular has several communities where clean drinking water is at risk or already compromised. The Center is one of only 28 organizations throughout the entire United States that are part of the National Estuary Program (NEP), created by Congress in 1987 to develop comprehensive management plans to restore and protect the estuaries and inland bays. “The Center employs five scientists; we have an education and outreach program that provides environmental education to 1,000 middle school children from Indian River School District every year, and our hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly doing horseshoe crab surveys, fish seining and inland bays cleanup.” Currently, the Center is working to install stormwater retrofit projects in Dewey Beach, Stockley Center and Anchorage Canal. Susie also has volunteered her time to lecture at Osher Lifelong Learning center and has been a guest speaker at several community homeowner associations. “All my life I have worked to improve the welfare and wellbeing of people. I have transferred my “caring for people” mantra to caring for our environment. We have to preserve and protect what we have.” ▼ If you are interested in learning more about the inland bays, or would like Susie to be a guest speaker please email her at outreach@ And thanks, Susie for being a friend of the bays!

SUNDAYS Brunch with Pamala Stanley

Games with Magnolia

10:00 am – 2:00 pm Delaware Magazine readers voted us the best brunch! Enjoy a House Recipe Bloody Mary or Mimosa from our seasonal menu.

Sunday T with Pamala Stanley

9:30 pm No Cover A weekly game show hosted by the zany Magnolia.

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm No Cover The Blue Moon’s Diva and the hottest party with hits of all time continues into the fall.


Happy Hour with Pamala Stanley

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm No Cover World renowned, performing standards, Broadway, disco and dance hits from yesterday and today.

TUESDAYS Tasting Tuesdays 3 courses each paired with a glass of wine from our award winning wine list. 3 courses $49. (gratuity not included) Reservations suggested.


THURSDAYS Karaoke with the Blue Moon Divas

8:30 pm No Cover Don’t miss the best karaoke intown with divas Magnolia Applebottom and Roxy Overbrook.

8:30 pm No Cover The Blue Moon Divas show you their balls with old fashion Bingo.


Spotlight Show 9:45 pm No Cover The Blue Moon cast presents their musical stars of yesterday and today.

SATURDAYS 9:30 pm No Cover All live show by the Blue Moon cast of celebrity impersonators.

Check out our website to see a complete listing of entertainment! 302-227-6515 35 Baltimore Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE Letters 75 April 6, 2018


• Alcoholics Anon. Open Discussion. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 9 am. • Brunch w/Pamala Stanley. Blue Moon, 35 Baltimore Ave. 10 am. 302-227-6515 • 4th Sunday. Healing Circle. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 5 pm. • Ed Mills. Rigby’s Grill, 404 Rehoboth Ave. 5 pm. 302-227-6080 • Pamala Stanley. Blue Moon, 35 Baltimore Ave. 6 pm. 302-227-6515 • Last Sunday of each month. TransSocial of Delaware. Metropolitan Community Church, 19369 Plantations Rd., Lewes. 7 pm. Visit • Games w/Magnolia. Blue Moon, 35 Baltimore Ave. 9:30 pm. 302-227-6515 • The Birdcage Bad Girls Drag Show. Purple Parrot Grill, 134 Rehoboth Ave. 10 pm. 302-226-1139


• Insight Meditation. St. Peters, Mulberry St, Lewes. 4 pm. 302-644-2514 • Matthew Kenworthy. Rigby’s Grill, 404 Rehoboth Ave. 5 pm. 302-227-6080 • Pamala Stanley. Blue Moon, 35 Baltimore Ave. 6 pm. 302-227-6515 • Pass the Mic Night w/John Flynn. Murph’s Beef & Ale, 37169 Rehoboth Ave. 7 pm. 302-212-5355


• 2nd Tuesday. PFLAG. Lewes Library, 111 Adams St. 6 pm. • 3rd Tuesday. Kent County LGBT Dover Support and Social Group. Christ Episcopal Church, 523 South State St., Dover. 7 pm. • Young People AA. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 8 pm. • Bingo w/the Blue Moon Divas. Blue Moon, 35 Baltimore Ave. 9:30 pm. 302-227-6515


• John Flynn. Shorebreak Lodge, A Restaurant. 10 Wilmington Ave. 5 pm. 302-227-1007 • 2nd Wednesday. Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 6:30 pm. 302-227-5620 • Alt. Wednesdays. Men’s Discussion Group. Epworth United Methodist Church, 19285 Holland Glade Rd. 7 pm. 302-227-5620 • Karaoke. Rigby’s Grill, 404 Rehoboth Ave. 8 pm. 302-227-6080


• Alcoholics Anon. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 12 noon. 302-856-6452 • John Flynn w/Holly Lane. Café Azafran, 18 Baltimore Ave. 6:30 pm. 302-227-8100 • SLAA/SAA Meeting. All Saints Church

Letters 76 April 6, 2018

Hall, Lower Level, 18 Olive Ave. 7:30 pm. 302-745-7929 • Karaoke. Rigby’s Grill, 404 Rehoboth Ave. 8 pm. 302-227-6080 • Karaoke. Purple Parrot Grill, 134 Rehoboth Ave. 9 pm. 302-226-1139 • Karaoke with the Blue Moon Divas. Blue Moon, 35 Baltimore Ave. 9:30 pm. 302-227-6515


• 1st Friday. FURst Friday Bear Happy Hour. The Pond, 3 S. First St. 302-227-2234 • John Flynn. Shorebreak Lodge, A Restaurant. 10 Wilmington Ave. 5 pm. 302-227-1007 • Karaoke. Rigby’s Grill, 404 Rehoboth Ave. 8 pm. 302-227-6080 • Karaoke. Purple Parrot Grill, 134 Rehoboth Ave. 9 pm. 302-226-1139 • Spotlight Show. Blue Moon, 5 Baltimore Ave. 9:45 pm. 302-227-6515


• 1st & 3rd Saturdays. Women’s Coffee Talk. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 10 am. 302-227-5620 • Viki Dee & John Flynn. Murph’s Beef & Ale, 37169 Rehoboth Ave. 7 pm. 302-212-5355 • Karaoke. Rigby’s Grill, 404 Rehoboth Ave. 9 pm. 302-227-6080 • Karaoke. Purple Parrot Grill, 134 Rehoboth Ave. 9 pm. 302-226-1139 • Legends. Blue Moon, 35 Baltimore Ave. 9:30 pm. 302-227-6515

APRIL 6 • All Women Songwriter Showcase. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 8 pm. $17 in advance, $20 at the door. Tickets:

APRIL 7 • DJ Nan. The Swell Tiki Bar & Grill, 37385 Rehoboth Ave. 302-227-9355 7 pm.

APRIL 8 • Can’t Stop the Beat! Presented by the CAMP Rehoboth Chorus. Sussex Academy, 21150 Airport Rd, Georgetown, DE. 3 pm. $25 pp. Tickets:

APRIL 11 • Tai Chi. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 1 pm. FREE

APRIL 12-15 • CAMP Rehoboth Women’s FEST Weekend

APRIL 12 • Women’s FEST Golf Outing. The Rookery South, 27052 Broadkill Rd. Milton. 10 am. • Women’s FEST Welcome Dance Party w/Viki Dee and DJ Nan. Atlantic Sands Hotel Ballroom, Baltimore Ave. 7 pm. FREE • Karaoke Lip Sync Battle. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 8 pm. Tickets: • Lower Case Blues. Murph’s Beef & Ale, 37169 Rehoboth Ave. Ext. 302-212-5355. 7 pm.

APRIL 13 • CAMP Rehoboth Outreach Program. Habitat for Humanity. 9 - 11 am. • Women’s FEST Book Fair. Sandpiper Room at Atlantic Sands Hotel, Baltimore Ave. 9 am - 2 pm. FREE • Women’s FEST - Lesbian Trivia w/DJ Sharon. Atlantic Sands Hotel, Baltimore Ave. 10 am. FREE • Women’s FEST - Walking Tour of Rehoboth. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 10 am. FREE. • Women’s FEST Pickleball Tournament. Dave Marshall Tennis Club, 600 Pennsylvania Ave., Lewes 10:30 am. • Women’s FEST presents Bettenroo Behind the Scenes. Atlantic Sands Hotel, Baltimore Ave. 11:30 am. Tickets $10 pp. • Paragon Ragtime Orchestra. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 12:30 pm. Tickets: • Women’s FEST presents Crys Matthews. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 1 pm. Tickets $15 pp. • Women’s FEST presents comedian Julia Scotti. Atlantic Sands Hotel, Baltimore Ave. 3 pm. $15 pp. Tickets: • Women’s FEST Photography and Art Show. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 3 pm. FREE • Women’s FEST Singles Mixer w/DJ Nan. G Restaurant, 234 Rehoboth Ave. 4 pm. FREE • Crossfire3. Murph’s Beef & Ale, 37169 Rehoboth Ave. Ext. 302-212-5355. 5-8 pm. • DJ Nan. The Swell Tiki Bar & Grill, 37385 Rehoboth Ave. 302-227-9355 7 pm. • The Girlfriends. Murph’s Beef & Ale, 37169 Rehoboth Ave. Ext. 302-212-5355. 8-11 pm. • Women’s FEST presents Janis Ian. Rehoboth Beach Convention Center, Rehoboth Ave. 8 pm. Tickets $40 pp. Tickets: • Paragon Ragtime Orchestra. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 8 pm. Tickets: • Wizard of Oz. Clear Space Theatre, 20 Baltimore Ave. 302-227-2270. 7 pm. Tickets:

APRIL 14 • Women’s FEST EXPO. Atlantic Sands Ballroom, Baltimore Ave. 9 am. FREE • Women’s FEST Cornhole Tournament. On the beach in front of Atlantic Sands Hotel. 10 am. $10 pp - must register as a team of two. Register: • Women’s FEST presents A Conversation with Crystal Griner. Atlantic Sands Ballroom. 11 am. FREE • Women’s FEST presents U.S. Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester. Atlantic Sands Ballroom 1 pm. FREE. • Wizard of Oz. Clear Space Theatre, 20 Baltimore Ave. 302-227-2270. 3 pm. Tickets: • Viki Dee. Murph’s Beef & Ale, 37169 Rehoboth Ave. Ext. 302-212-5355. 4-7 pm. • Ladies 2000 Dance Party. Rehoboth Beach Convention Center, Rehoboth Ave. 5 pm.

$15 pp (pay at the door cash only). • Jamie Fox. Murph’s Beef & Ale, 37169 Rehoboth Ave. Ext. 302-212-5355. 7-11 pm. • Opera at the Beach to benefit St. Jude’s Hospital. St. Edmonds Church & Hall, 409 Kings Hwy., Lewes. Tickets for concert only $25, concert & reception $50. • Wizard of Oz. Clear Space Theatre, 20 Baltimore Ave. 302-227-2270. 7 pm. Tickets: • Women’s FEST presents Jessica Kirson. Atlantic Sands Ballroom, Baltimore Ave. 8 pm. FEST Pass holders only. • Pink Pride Dance Party to benefit Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. Java Jukebox, 37169 Rehoboth Ave. 302-440-5282. 8-11 pm • 6-Wire. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 8 pm. Tickets: • Women’s FEST presents Jessica Kirson. Atlantic Sands Ballroom, Baltimore Ave. 9:30 pm.

APRIL 15 • Broadwalk on the Boardwalk to benefit Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 9 am • Tea Dance w/The Girlfriends & Jamie Fox. Murph’s Beef & Ale, 37169 Rehoboth Ave Ext. 302-212-5355. 2-6 pm. • Wizard of Oz. Clear Space Theatre, 20 Baltimore Ave. 302-227-2270. 3 pm. Tickets:

APRIL 18 • Tai Chi. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 1 pm. FREE

APRIL 19 • In the Loop. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 7 pm. Tickets:

APRIL 20 • Kathie Martin & The Hot Rods. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 8 pm. Tickets:

APRIL 21 • Glimmer Twins - Rolling Stones Tribute. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-6843038. 8 pm. Tickets:

APRIL 22 • Dr. Batya Hyman addresses Gender Fluid Experiences. Metropolitan Community Church, 19369 Plantation Rd. 7-8:30 pm., or email • Broadway Kid’s Cabaret. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 6 pm. Tickets:

APRIL 25 • Tai Chi. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 1 pm. FREE

APRIL 26 - 29 • Designer Show House presented by the Village Improvement Association.


Visit or

APRIL 26 • Transcendental Jam Session w/Kirtan. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-6843038. 6 pm. Tickets:

APRIL 27 • Micro Wrestling Federation. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 7 pm. Tickets:

APRIL 28 • True Blue Jazz presents Suede & The Fred Hughes Trio. Nassau Valley Vineyards, 32165 Winery Way. 7:30 - 9:30 pm. Tickets: • The Quando Swing w/Rosemary Loar. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-6843038. 8 pm. Tickets:

APRIL 29 • The American Rogues. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 3 pm. Tickets: visit • CAMP Rehoboth Volunteer Appreciation Party. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 3 - 5 pm. RSVP to

MAY 2 • Tai Chi. CAMP Rehoboth Community Center, 37 Baltimore Ave. 1 pm. FREE

MAY 3 - 6 • Designer Show House presented by the Village Improvement Association. Visit or

MAY 4 • Fun Home. Clear Space Theatre, 20 Baltimore Ave. 302-227-2270. 7 pm. Tickets: • Swing Junction. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 8 pm. Tickets:

MAY 5 • Ted Vigil is John Denver. Milton Theatre, 110 Union St. 302-684-3038. 3 pm and 8pm. Tickets: • Fun Home. Clear Space Theatre, 20 Baltimore Ave. 302-227-2270. 7 pm. To purchase tickets visit


Letters 77 April 6, 2018

Letters 78 April 6, 2018

Letters 79 April 6, 2018

Letters 80 April 6, 2018

Experience. Technology. Close to Home. The Confidence You Need. The Care You Deserve. Beebe Healthcare is proud to have provided care for more than 100 years! From two patient rooms with three beds and one operating room, to today’s medical center in Lewes, Beebe offers specialized service lines, including orthopaedics, cardiac and vascular services, oncology services, women’s health, and surgical services. As we plan to expand our campuses and services, we look forward to providing the Next Generation of Care to our community.

To learn about our awards and download your FREE check-up prep list, visit Letters 81 April 6, 2018

True Blue Jazz Celebrates Jazz Appreciation Month with Suede and The Fred Hughes Trio on April 28 The month of April celebrates the extraordinary heritage and history of America’s one true-born art form, Jazz. True Blue Jazz is happy to be part of the nationwide party by offering up a stellar concert on Saturday, April 28th, at Nassau Valley Vineyards in Lewes. Featuring Suede and The Fred Hughes Trio, the show is a fundraiser for True Blue Jazz in support of our Youth Jazz Initiative and our upcoming 6th Annual True Blue Jazz Festival. The New York press says Suede is “like Adele meets Diana Krall meets Bette Midler. Dare her.” Suede was Joan Rivers’ opening act. Come see why. The Boston Globe says she’s “Wicked exciting!” “Voices like hers come along maybe once in a generation.” New York Times. Direct from headlining with Melissa Etheridge and Sarah McLachlan, and tours including world renowned clubs like NYC’s Birdland, San Francisco’s Feinstein’s, and Washington DC’s Blues Alley, Suede is thrilled to be making her long overdue return to Rehoboth Beach. She will perform with the world class Fred Hughes trio with Fred Hughes on piano, Amy Shook on bass, and Frank Russo on drums. Don’t miss this one-night only performance. You’ll have a great time and you will be supporting The True Blue Jazz Youth Jazz Initiative at the same time! The concert will be held at Nassau Valley Vineyards in Grand Cru Hall. 2018 marks the 25th Anniversary year for Delaware’s first and oldest winery. Nassau Valley Vineyards is located at 32165 Winery Way, Lewes, DE. Tickets are $35 for general admission, and $50 for limited available VIP seating. Tickets are available on the True Blue Jazz website at

Beacon Middle School Jazz Band Students took the Stage in 2017’s TRUE BLUE YOUTH JAZZ APPRECIATION NIGHT at Bethany Blues

Paul Carr Quartet conducts 2017’s True Blue Jazz Fest Workshop with Cape Henlopen Jazz Band Students

The New York press says:

Suede is “like Adele meets Diana Krall meets Bette Midler. Dare her.” The Boston Globe says:

“Wicked exciting!”

The New York Times says:

“Voices like hers come along maybe once in a generation.” 2017 True Blue Jazz & Rehoboth/Dewey Chamber Scholarship Winner — Percussionist, Dru Simmons

Letters 82 April 6, 2018

True Blue Jazz presents

Suede & The Fred Hughes Trio in Celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month

"Suede is the "Diva la Difference" - sassy, smooth and simply intoxicating. Think sophisticated pop/jazz, think naughty blues with a sizzling trumpet, think love songs that will make you swoon. Think funny, think wow - what a set o' pipes!" “….The Fred Hughes Trio, with its driving, often volcanic energy, continual exploration and adventure, rapt moments of mystery and ingenious orchestration bristling with percussive harmony from both Amy Shook on bass and Frank Russo on drums.”

Show Date: SATURDAY, APRIL 28TH Show Time: 730P - 930P Venue: NASSAU VALLEY VINEYARDS 32165 Winery Way - Lewes, DE

Tickets Available Only at:

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$500 OFF PER PERSON** **Applies to select categories only.

Olivia is THE travel company for lesbians. We have taken over 250,000 women on vacation. Not just any vacation. Those made just for YOU.

CALL (800) 631-6277 • VISIT OLIVIA.COM Letters 85 April 6, 2018

OUT&Proud by Stefani Deoul

Create a More Positive…Puerto Rico! Yes, just in time for Women’s Fest 2018, comes a new opportunity to help spread CAMP Rehoboth’s positive message of love, inclusion, and equality to some “friends we’ve yet to meet.” And they can use a bit of all of the above. Marie Britt is an environmental engineer with the U.S. government, and during the course of her post-Irma work, she had the opportunity to meet LGBTQ+ activist, Cecilia Luz. Cecilia is the Director of the LGBTQ+ Community Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As we all know, Puerto Rico is still struggling for many basics, and as always, lesser-empowered communities suffer a disproportionately greater share from the disaster. And, as always, as recovery takes hold, there are losses that were never calculated when lives, water, and food were the only losses that mattered. But as recovery progresses, the depth of loss reveals itself in a long list of hidden needs. Needs which aren’t urgent now, but as time passes and attention wanes, will almost certainly go unfulfilled. Unless, there is a way to personally ask a community who can answer. And this personal ask is for the LGBTQ+ community in Puerto Rico. Food and shelter needs are understood, but only those of us who know how important it is for our soul and spirit to know we are not alone, will understand the need, the nourishment, behind this request. Which is why Cecilia Luz shines. Why Marie Britt steps up. And why we get an opportunity to make a meaningful, lasting contribution. You see, there is a new high school being built on the outskirts of San Juan as part of the ongoing recovery efforts. It will replace one that Irma took and it will be open for classes by the fall. And thanks to the hard work of Cecilia and her associates, this will be the FIRST school in Puerto Rico to have a dedicated section of the library for LGBTQ+ works. Meanwhile, over at the San Juan Community Center, as a result of the hurricane, no air conditioning, and lots of heat, their library has fallen prey to weather demons, seriously reducing the center’s own collection, never mind attempting to extend for a second one. Enter Marie Britt. As part of her “day job,” she will be traveling to Puerto Rico. And as part of her “volunteer job,” she is collecting books, to “hand carry”—hopefully in ridiculously copious amounts of over-weight luggage—to support Cecilia’s efforts. And now, this is where we need our CAMP members, FEST goers, friends, Romans, allies, and anyone who can join us, to participate in several ways. And remember, our letters are LGBTQ+, which means we need everyone to participate, not just Women’s Fest attendees! We are bigger and broader than that! So: Letters 86 April 6, 2018

First, if you have older books in excellent condition, Marie will be at a table at the Author Book Fair and Readings on Friday, April 13, 9-2 p.m. at the Atlantic Sands Hotel to collect those books. Now how much fun is this? You can come in, hear an author or two or twelve read (no admission charge!), and buy a book to donate. Secondly, if you are in a financial position to purchase a book from one or more of the authors, then donate that same book signed to the LGBTQ Community of Puerto Rico, you earn double mitzvah (good karma) points. You will have helped an author and participated in building a bright future for a burgeoning LGBTQ community. And please let an author know you are doing this so that each author sells only one title for this donation. And authors, if someone is generous and you know you have sold whatever titles you have for donation, please point them to another author they might purchase from. Let’s make this the happiest of giving for everyone. Not only can you purchase those books at the Author Book Fair on Friday, but also Saturday, at the Expo Tables, again at the Atlantic Sands from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. And third, if it’s Sunday morning and you are able, get up and head out to join the fun at the Broadwalk on the Boardwalk to fight cancer. … because if you do you will successfully complete the 2018 Triathlon of Mitzvahs. And help Create a More Positive Puerto Rico! Stefani Deoul is a television producer and the author of the awardwinning YA mystery novel On a Larp from Bywater Books.

“The Team You Can Trust” Kathy McGuiness 302-245-7355 Steve McGuiness 302-245-8644 Angie Watkins 302-745-6099 246 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 302-227-3883

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TheAMAZONTrail by Lee Lynch

The Six-Foot Table Solution Yes, we can solve all our problems with six-foot tables, even world peace. I’m surprised no one thought of it before. It was my fairy goddaughter (FGD) who opened my eyes to the concept. She, also a writer, was the one who designated me her fairy godmother, in my opinion, a great honor. She was in the process of moving into her new house and a little bit overwhelmed. Or perhaps scared silly at the gargantuan task ahead. All her possessions were in a jumble. Like most of us landing in a new home, she didn’t know where to start. A while later she texted that she’d come up with a tool that pleased her mightily. It was the six-foot folding utility table. When my sweetheart and I arrived to help, there it was, right smack in the middle of the house, heaped with, oh my gosh, measuring tapes, pliers, a brand new chartreuse box cutter, kitchen paraphernalia, the mail, more DIY tools, cleaning supplies, paint cans-it looked like a hardware store sidewalk sale. We quickly learned that the long, easily stowed table was also a dyke’s best friend. We never had to look elsewhere for what we needed. FGD had invented a stationary robot that practically handed us the implements we required. Down the hall, we met her new office: two small rooms knocked into one big one that will eventually fit, aside from desks: shelving units, file cabinets, book cases and-guess what? Six-foot tables. Along with writing, FGD teaches, is a publisher, volunteers for all sorts of groups, and perpetually has multiple six-foot projects under way on those desks and tables. While my sweetheart and FGD lugged and organized bookcases, book boxes, heavy chairs and tables, I thought, if one person can get so much use out of plain old work tables, to what other uses could they be put? The thought that came to me involved eight women arrayed around a scuffed up, paint-stained, overloaded highdensity polyethylene table. Each woman would represent a country or a continent, no two from the same ethnic group or class. One would be a physician, one an engineer, one a farmer, one from the arts, another a biologist, a mathematician, a policy maker, a social worker, a teacher, an environmentalist. Soon there would be multiple tables to seat homeless women, a mother, a pilot, old women, a high school senior, an immigrant, another immigrant, lots of lesbians, a meteorologist, an astronaut, a planner, a teacher, a librarian, and at least seventeen poets, including Nikki Giovanni and Mary Oliver for starters. Why the table? Silly question. Men have all the workbenches, don’t they? And the toolbelts and those fire Letters 88 April 6, 2018

engine red toolboxes with the shallow drawers from Sears that hold so little compared to a six-foot table. No one needs all those Sears tools anyway. The table was perfect. Think about where we women were trained to work: the kitchen table, the ironing board, the dining room table, the never big enough kitchen counters. My mother had a vanity table. She loved to eat at picnic tables anywhere there was a babbling brook and trees, trees that would become wooden tables. Oh, for crying out loud, women were confined to changing tables and coffee tables and bedside tables. We know our way around tables all right. Now we bring our demands to the table. In fact, we have tables where the public can turn in guns. Tables where we leaflet for stopping wars, for equal rights, for reproductive rights, for gay rights. We “man” those tables all right. What better place to start than with eight women at each of eighty thousand mismatched tables, melding the nurturing tools of our minds, our love, our senses and sensibilities, the common ground of common and extraordinary womenpitting our inventiveness against obstacles, our creativity against the money-mad, and our combined brilliance against those who would table us forever. We are the homemakers, the housekeepers, we will set the tables on this planet, for it is our home. And to think, at the start of all this home-making, Fairy Goddaughter, you were the one who adapted the yokes that so burdened us-reshaped them into flat familiar surfaces around which we will plot reconciliation, regrowth, abundance, a world of safe and healthy animals, ourselves included. We’ll put all the tables together, end to end, so they belt and balance the globe. We’ll spread tablecloths with the patterns of every culture and share our repast while we solve things, woman to woman, once and for all.

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Letters 90 April 6, 2018

Senior Adult Resources A DVOCACY

AARP of Delaware


Delaware Senior Services Help Line Delaware Information Line


M eal on W heels


CAM P Rehoboth Cape Henlopen Senior Center – Rehoboth Beach Cheer Center of Sussex County Lewes Senior Center


Delaware Division of Human Services Social Security


Delaware Hospice


Cheer Transportation ITN Southern Delaware

302-498-651 1 800-223-9074 Dial 2-1 -1 302-856-51 87 302-227-5620 302-227-2055 302-856-51 87 302-645-9293 302-856-5586 866-864-1 803 800-838-9800 302-856-51 87 302-448-8486

For more info, call CAMP Rehoboth, 302-227-5620. Letters 91 April 6, 2018

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal The implementation and removal of the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy has resulted in some complex issues. Instructors Doug Wilson, former assistant secretary of defense for Public Affairs, and Gordon Tanner, former general counsel of the Air Force, will provide insight and enlighten students’ understanding of these issues.

Instructors: Doug Wilson and Gordon Tanner Location: CAMP Rehoboth Date: Thursday, April 19 Time: 6 - 8 p.m. Price: Free for Encore members!

Enroll Now! Registration information:

Dusty Abshire

Workforce Development (302) 259-6330 |

Writing Your Resistance: A Class in Letters to the Editor, Essays, and Blogs Instructor: Fay Jacobs - 1 Session, Monday 5/21 - 6 - 9 p.m. - $39 One night session to gain tips and insights to write more effectively to express your views better.

Tell Your Story: First Person Writing Instructor: Fay Jacobs - 6 sessions, Tue and Thu- 5/1- 5/17 10 a.m. to Noon - $139 6 sessions to explore your writing about the topic you are the expert on: YOU! Learn from Fay’s years of experience writing and get over the writer’s block!

Enroll Now!

Registration information:

Dusty Abshire Workforce Development 302-259-6330 |

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Spring Art Classes for Everyone 246 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 302-227-3883

Shirley Kalvinsky 302-236-4254

watercolor fused glass jewelry making drawing ..... and more!

THE REHOBOTH ART LEAGUE 12 Dodds Lane l Rehoboth Beach l 302-227-8408

Randy Mason


Top-Producing REALTORS representing both BUYERS and SELLERS.

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in the camp rehoboth courtyard • 39 baltimore avenue • (302) 567-5976 • instagram mgt_co_ • facebook mgtandcompany

EXPERIENCE SOMETHING NEW at the Milton Theatre! April 12 - FINDING YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE with Mandie Stadler | 8PM April 13 - PARAGON RAGTIME ORCHESTRA Live Score                  to Charlie Chaplin | 12:30 & 8PM April 19 - MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL                 by Revival House Theatre | 7PM April 20 - KATHIE MARTIN & THE HOT RODS                  Rock Music of the 50's & 60's | 8PM April 21 - THE GLIMMER TWINS                  Rolling Stones Tribute | 8PM April 22 - BROADWAY KIDS CABARET | 6PM April 26 - KIRTAN: Meditation Music | 6PM April 27 - MICRO WRESTLING FEDERATION | 8PM April 29 - THE AMERICAN ROGUES | 3PM May 4 - SWING JUNCTION | 8PM May 6 - Christine Havrilla & Mama's Black Sheep | 8PM

www.MiltonThea tr 302.684 .3038 Letters 94 April 6, 2018

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$294,900 to $343,900

Letters 95 April 6, 2018

Metropolitan Community Church of Rehoboth

~ Making Christ’s Connection Real ~ a loving, open, and affirming Christian congregation celebrating the wholeness of body, mind, and spirit

Sundays at 10 AM at MCC Worship Center 19369 Plantation Rd., Rehoboth Beach, 302-645-4945

All Saints’ Episcopal Church 18 Olive Avenue Rehoboth Beach (302) 227-7202 SUNDAY SERVICES 8:00 & 10:00 a.m. Holy Communion 9:00 a.m. Breakfast in the Parish Hall


St. George’s Chapel, Rt. 23 - 20274 Beaver Dam Rd., Harbeson at 9:30 a.m.

Thursday Service • 11:30 a.m. Holy Communion and Healing

A friendly and fully inclusive parish.

Seaside Jewish Community an unaffiliated, egalitarian congregation

18970 Holland Glade Road Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 302-226-8977 Mailing address: P.O. Box 1472, Rehoboth, DE 19971

Shabbat services, 7:30 pm first Fridays; 10 am third Saturdays. Weekly summer services. Holiday services. Educational programs, social events, school. Beth Cohen, religious leader.

A Progressive Spiritual Community

Sunday Service at 10:00 am We’re in our new home, located at 30486 Lewes Georgetown Hwy. in Lewes, DE 19958 • 302-313-5838

hĹśĹ?ƚLJŽĨZĞŚŽÄ?ŽƚŚĞĂÄ?Ĺš Discover Your Path to Spiritual Living

{/{  h. .  /I 98 Rudder Road a59Â?Â? Millsboro, DE 19966 Â?Â?   Â?

If you need a referral for a doctor, lawyer, spiritual advisor, or just a place to hang out, call CAMP Rehoboth at 302-227-5620. We’re here to help! Letters 96 April 6, 2018

Letters 97 April 6, 2018


Call us to see how palliative care can improve your quality of life. Delaware Palliative helps alleviate symptoms and stress with care delivered in your home. We add an extra layer of support to the curative care you are already receiving.

We may not be recognized for vacation selfies, but Julie thinks we are. With our help, Julie can be there for good times and bad photos.

rehoboth massage 28-02_Layout 1 3/30/2018 2:14 PM Page 1 800-838-9800 MERR 28-02_Layout 1 3/30/2018 2:01 PM Page 1

The Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute, Inc. is a non-profit stranding response and rehabilitation organization dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and sea turtles in Delaware.

call: 302.228.5029 or join on our website at Letters 98 April 6, 2018

Harrison House of Georgetown:



The nurses, therapists, and other staff were exceptionally great – I’m so happy with the progress I have made.

– AS PICTURED: Rick Elliott, recent patient

Short-Term Rehabilitation: LONG-TERM SUCCESS! • Personalized treatment plans • Licensed therapists 7 days/week • Comforting, modern amenities • Highly skilled, caring team



United with




HARRISO FRESH, FUN, FABULOUS FOOD If you haven’t tried us yet SHAME ON YOU!!



Dinner 7 Nights 5:00 – 10:00pm Year Round Happy Hour 5:00 – 6:30pm (Dining Room Too!)

Reservations: 301-227-3100 • 38163 Robinsons Drive • Rehoboth Beach (the corner of Hwy. 1 & Robinsons Drive)

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gay Women of Rehoboth ®

Join Us At Learn about women’s activities, dances, discussion groups and singles events in the area.

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Accepting New Patients ~ Emergencies Welcome

Steven B. Wright, D.M.D. Bruce B. Wright, D.D.S. Daniel Luckenbaugh, D.D.S. Kyle Green D.D.S.

18912 John J. Williams Hwy, Rehoboth Beach jolly trolley 28-02_Layout 1 3/30/2018 1:58 PM Page 1

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Immanuel Shelter serves those experiencing homelessness in Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and surrounding areas. Your generous support allows us to continue our mission and helps our community provide assistance for those in need.

FOR INFORMATION ON HOW YOU CAN VOLUNTEER OR DONATE, PLEASE VISIT 17601 Coastal Hwy, Unit 11, #431 Nassau, DE 19969 1-888-634-9992

Letters 100 April 6, 2018

All monies raised go directly to Immanuel located in Rehoboth Beach, Sussex County, DE.

Letters 101 April 6, 2018

AD INDEX Accent on Travel.................................................59 AG Renovations..................................................38 Allen Jarmon, Realtor..........................................17 Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group............... 77 Atlantic Jewelry.................................................. 73 Back Porch Café ................................................ 77 Bad Hair Day?.....................................................38 Beach Cuts....................................................... 100 Beebe Healthcare...............................................81 Big Fish Events...................................................32 Biggs Museum...............................................34,35 Blue Moon.......................................................... 75 Boardwalk Builders.............................................91 Bras for a Cause.................................................69 Breakthru Beverage - Smirnoff..........................80 Broadwalk on the Boardwalk............................. 57 BSD ....................................................................33 Café Azafran.......................................................48 CAMP Annual Premier Sponsors.......................... 7 CAMP Business Partners.................................... 27 CAMP Families...................................................68 CAMP Rehoboth Chorus - Can’t Stop the Beat....22 CAMP Rehoboth - Get Walking......................... 102 CAMP Rehoboth - HIV Testing........................... 101 CAMP Rehoboth Letters Subscription................68 CAMP Rehoboth Membership...................27,28-31 CAMP Rehoboth Mental Health..........................68 CAMP Rehoboth Outreach Program (CROP)......90 CAMP Rehoboth Prom........................................58 CAMP Rehoboth Spiritual Direction ..................84

Letters 102 April 6, 2018

CAMP Rehoboth Trans Discussion.....................84 CAMP Rehoboth Women’s Golf League..............10 Cape Henlopen Education Fund (CHEF)............48 CAMP Safe..........................................................95 Children’s Beach House Golf Fundraiser...........89 Chris Beagle, Realtor.........................................49 CINE-brations.....................................................25 Clear Space Theatre...........................................38 Community Pride Financial Advisors...................19 Country Lawn Care.............................................39 County Bank.......................................................50 Delaware Hospice..............................................98 Delaware Technical Community College...........92 DiFebo’s Restaurant......................................... 100 DJ Nan................................................................64 Dos Locos...................................................... 15,38 Easter Seals........................................................56 Fairway Independent Mortgage.........................51 Flynn Strategic Solutions....................................49 Fuqua, Willard, Stevens & Schab, P.A..................41 Gay Men’s Discussion Group..............................68 Gay Women of Rehoboth Meetup.................... 100 General Dentistry............................................. 100 Go Fish! and Go Brit!...........................................18 God’s Greyts Senior Greyhounds........................14 Gregory Meyers Hair Studio...............................88 Harrison House..................................................99 Iguana Grill......................................................... 47 Immanuel Shelter............................................. 100 Jack Lingo, Realtor............................................. 43

Jenn Harpel, Morgan Stanley..............................13 John Black, Realtor........................................... 101 Jolly Trolley...................................................... 100 Just In Thyme.....................................................99 Lana Warfield, Realtor.........................................19 Lee Ann Wilkinson Group, Realtors....................99 LGBT Senior Resources.......................................91 Lori’s Café.......................................................... 97 Luxury Motors of Rehoboth Beach......................15 McGuiness Group, Realtors................................86 MERR Institute....................................................98 MGT & Co Toggery Shop....................................94 Midway Fitness & Racquetball......................... 103 Milton Theatre....................................................94 Morris James, LLP............................................... 11 Murph’s Beef & Ale.............................................64 Mytesi..................................................................21 Nancy Sakaduski................................................49 New Wave Spas...................................................51 Nicola Pizza Fundraiser......................................23 Olivia Travel........................................................85 Palate Bistro & Catering.....................................65 Photo Restoration..............................................54 Purple Parrot Grill...............................................46 Randy Mason & Shirley Kalvinsky, Realtors.......93 Randy’s Custom Windows..................................55 Rehoboth Art League.........................................93 Rehoboth Beach Dental.....................................93 Rehoboth Beach Museum..................................93 Rehoboth Guest House........................................ 7

Rehoboth Massage & Alignment........................98 Rigby’s Grill........................................................ 79 Saved Souls...................................................... 102 Sea Bova Associates, Realtors......................... 104 Shademakers Eyeware.......................................19 SoDel Concepts..................................................45 Spotlight on the Arts.......................................... 78 State Farm - Eric Blondin & Jeanine O’Donnell... 39 State Farm - George Bunting.............................65 Sussex Family YMCA.......................................... 97 Tai Chi.................................................................50 The Lawson Firm.................................................91 Thompson Communities....................................95 Troy Roberts, Realtor.......................................... 27 True Blue Jazz....................................................83 Unfinished Business...........................................26 Union Home Mortgage....................................... 44 VegFEST.............................................................50 VIA Designer Show House................................. 87 Volunteer Appreciation Party.............................26 Ward Ellinger Gallery.......................................... 67 Windsor’s Flowers................................................ 7 Women’s Coffee Talk..........................................68 Women’s FEST................................................. 9,37 Women’s FEST - Ladies 2000 Dance Party.........12

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DUE TO pOpULAR DEMAND we have extended our special $1/day offer!

FREE WITH MEMBERSHIp: 24 Hour Access Access to All Equipment All Classes Racquetball WiFi Coffee Towel Service

affordable Pay-as-you-train Personal training with no contracts!




Just stop by the front desk and tell us you saw our ad in Letters.

Expires April 30, 2018

Have you tried yoga (vinyasa) with Khat at 9 a.m. on Mondays?

Photo by Justin Nixon Photography

Sauna (available during staffed hours)

no gimmicks, no hidden fees, & no attitude Commitment to Member Satisfaction

THE CLEANEST GYM IN TOWN! sta f f e d f r o m 5 a m - 8 p m w e e k days a n d 8 a m - 8 p m w e e k e n ds


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AM Letters 1033/27/18 April 9:49 6, 2018

Letters 104 April 6, 2018

Letters from CAMP Rehoboth, Vol, 28, No. 3  

LGBTQ News Publication from CAMP Rehoboth. Inc., a community center and organization serving Delaware

Letters from CAMP Rehoboth, Vol, 28, No. 3  

LGBTQ News Publication from CAMP Rehoboth. Inc., a community center and organization serving Delaware