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With programs being offered in Muskoka, at Ooch Downtown and at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) seven days a week alongside two other regional cancer centres, Ooch is creating life-changing experiences for kids at a time when what they need more than anything is the opportunity to be kids. 1

TABLE OF CONTENTS Message from the Executive Director and Chair of the Board 4 2012 by the Numbers 6 A Volunteer-powered Organization 8 30th Anniversary 10 Awards and Recognition in 2012 11 Recognizing Camp Ooch Supporters 12


Camp Oochigeas is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that provides kids with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer with a unique opportunity for growth through challenging, fun, enriching and magical experiences. To learn more about Ooch, visit or join the conversation at or @campooch.




Message from THE Executive Director and Chair of the Board We are proud to report another banner year for Camp Ooch! In keeping with our vision to provide more Ooch, more often, for the kids who need it most, 2012 was a year of filling our existing spaces and programs with the magic that only Ooch can offer. We increased both the number of programs offered and the number of kids and families who attended. Our summer residential camp in Muskoka hosted an all-time high capacity. We also saw a record number of kids at our fall and winter Weekends at Camp (WAC) program in Muskoka, and at our summer Day Camp at Camp Robin Hood in Markham. We were thrilled knowing that more kids’ lives were transformed and enriched by these experiences. At Ooch Downtown, we not only had more programs and interacted with more kids, but we also further developed our program offerings to better meet our population’s needs. Ooch now offers virtually all Ooch Downtown programs to siblings of children with cancer, and we have started several successful parent programs as well. At The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) we continue to offer Camp Ooch experiences to every child in the Hematology/Oncology ward. We are also improving the depth of programming by providing more bedside experiences and more targeted programming for teens. At regional cancer centres in Mississauga and Newmarket, we’re spreading friendship and fun for Ontario children with cancer who no longer need to visit SickKids to ensure that the magic of Ooch doesn’t end when they leave the hospital. Thanks to the incredible support we receive from our medical community, we have been able to expand the complexity of care we offer at Ooch. In 2012, for the first time, we were able to provide customized residential camp experiences for children with tracheotomies, nasogastric intubation (feeding tubes), and all ranges of physical and cognitive ability. The magic and transformative power of camp is now more accessible than ever. In 2012, the, donors, fundraisers, corporate partners and volunteers who make Ooch possible came together to provide more Ooch to more kids. A group of nearly 400 program volunteers facilitated Ooch programs across Ontario in 2012. Those volunteers were the focus of an application that won Ooch the distinction as One of Canada’s Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures in the broader public sector.

The annual Sporting Life 10k had a record 27,000 participants, making it the second biggest run in Canada. Ooch received a record $2 million and our fundraising/administration to total expenses ratio was 16 cents on the dollar – well below the 35% mandated by the CRA. In 2012 we also completed our five-year strategic review. With generous support from McKinsey Consulting, we identified core strengths and opportunities to better serve our community. In 2013 we will continue to evaluate and implement tactics to reach more children in Ontario affected by childhood cancer. We will also continue to look further down the road at how Ooch can continue to evolve and grow to have a positive impact on even more lives over the next five years. We would be remiss if we did not thank the parents and campers whom we serve. You are the reason we exist. Thank you for trusting us with your children, for enhancing our programs with your courageous spirit and thank you for being a part of the Ooch family. Every day we are inspired by your stories of strength, hope and perseverance. You are what motivates us to work harder, strive higher and create more magic. It is because of you that we continue to be committed to providing unforgettable experiences that will help change the lives of those affected by childhood cancer. Sincerely,

Andy Redmond

Chair of the Board

Alex Robertson Executive Director



Camp Ooch is expanding its complexity of care, and can now support children with tracheotomies, nasogastric intubation (feeding tubes), and all ranges of physical and cognitive ability.

Rafael or “Raf” was diagnosed with Pilocytic

Astrocytoma/thyroid cancer in 2003. In 2009, at nine years old, he came to summer camp at Ooch for the first time. Camp was new for Raf, but he jumped right in, making friends and soaking up every new experience camp had to offer. The following year, Raf required tracheotomy surgery. Unfortunately, this prevented him from returning to Ooch that summer. While overnight camp wasn’t an option that year for Raf, he and his family participated in countless Ooch Downtown programs. Though these programs offered great support, Raf was desperate to go back to Ooch in the Muskokas. Because of his tracheotomy, Raf requires complex care, which includes having an adult trained in trach-care at his side twenty-four hours a day – something possible only at a camp with resources like Ooch. With the help of the committed team at SickKids, Raf came to camp last summer. How did we do it? We had one of his cabin counsellors be an emergency department nurse during the day, and an additional nurse from Muskoka came in to monitor Raf’s vitals and provide suction for him at night. But if you asked Raf how we did it, he’d probably tell you about the rock wall he climbed, or the fish that he caught, or the friends that he made. Because at Ooch, kids can just be kids.


2012 by the numbers RESIDENTIAL CAMP

2012 Expenses Based on Revenue

• Residential camp ran at close to capacity with 386 campers • 50 campers attended a Weekend at Camp (WAC)

• New fall hiking trip to Bruce Peninsula

• Camp-a-thon becomes our fastest-growing and highest attended program at Ooch Downtown • Siblings of children with cancer make up 15% of all Ooch Downtown Program attendance

In-Hospital • In-Hospital Program grows to serve 22% more kids and offer 15% more experiences in 2012


Fund r


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• High-school credit program

P ro g r a m

• 100% capacity for summer programs

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• 70% increase in campers from other paediatric hospitals (CHEO, London, MacKids)

• Camp Oochigeas does not receive any government funding and relies on the generosity of our amazing donors and volunteers.

Only 16 cents of every dollar raised was spent on fundraising and administration in 2012.


7% 9%


*29% Residential Program, 18% In-City Program

47% 6



Camp Ooch is a Volunteer-Powered Organization With a full-time staff of 33 people, including three year-round Muskoka maintenance staff and seven In-Hospital Program Specialists, each year Camp Ooch relies on a group of nearly 400 volunteers to create the fun, fellowship and adventure of camp. We couldn’t do it without them. In fact, volunteers have been the entrepreneurial and passionate force behind nearly every aspect of the organization. Our leadership volunteers on the Board of Directors continue to provide strong strategic direction while others innovate in program development and fundraising.

Here are just a few examples:

New volunteer hiring – In 2012, 193 new volunteer interviews were conducted, 141 in a group setting, 52 as individual interviews.

New volunteer training – 17 volunteers helped coordinate the Volunteer Training Program – the one time each year that over 400 volunteers are in the same room. Prior to training, new volunteers are paired with returning volunteers whom they can look to for support and answers to questions they may have. 30th Anniversary Alumni Committee – 15 alumni planning events to

celebrate Camp Ooch’s 30th birthday.

An Evening of Summer Dreams Committee – 17 volunteers and alumni

plan and execute this biennial fundraiser. In 2012, An Evening of Summer Dreams raised $320,000 – enough to fund six months of programming at Ooch Downtown and provide over 500 experiences to camper families.

136 nights of programming at SickKids – “Ooch on the 8th” is a volunteer-run program that provides evening programming at SickKids. In 2012, 74 volunteers participated.

41 programs at Ooch Downtown – Volunteers helped us increase In-City

programming by 13% in 2012 and bring more Ooch to campers and families in the GTA.

81 days of programming at the residential site in Muskoka – Over 400 volunteers made 2012 our biggest summer yet!


VOLUNTEERS Program Volunteers Over 350 volunteers make our programs possible every year. Thank you to the following individuals who contributed their time & energy in 2012: A Jason Adams • Ken Aldridge • Kelly Allen • Laura Amendola • Billy Anderson • Charlotte Anderson • Jeff Anderson • Erin Andrews • Julie Andrews • Chad Angeli • Kelly AnthonyBrown • Jennifer Arnold • Majury Arumai • Oona Ashmore • Colin Asselstine • Brittany Attar B John Beaudoin • Lydia Beck • Katie Bermingham • Kristin Berry • Andrea Bertrand • Mara Berzins • Drew Blanchette • Rebecca Bliss • Stephanie Bloomberg • Kerri Boehmer • Ben Boggs • Samantha Boggs • Caitlin Brenchley • Katrina Brightling • Alex Brown • Lisa Brown • Mia Brown • Randall Brown • Alli Buchanan • Lisa Burt • India Burton • Elese Bushnell • Chris Bynoe C Andrew Cain • Lowrey Cain • Lucy Caldwell • Brian Campbell • Heather Campbell • Sarah Cannell • Geoff Capelle • Adam Caplan • Andrew Carlson • Jonathan Carroll • Katrina Carruthers • Liane Catalfo • Stephanie Chan • Rahael Chester • Alex Chorley • Anne Marie Chudleigh • Mary Churchman • Michelle Churchman • Stephanie Cini • Sara Citron • Candice Clarfield • Alexis Clarfield-Henry • Ilana Clark • Matthew Clarke • Signy Coatsworth • Noam Cohen • Alexander Cole • Paul Cole • Aaron Comstock • Dwayne Conrod • Kieran Cooley • Joe Costa • Andrea Cote • Steph Couperthwaite • Candace Covent • Kerry-Ann Cummings • Leah Cunningham


D Victoria Dale • Teri Dallimore • Caitlin Davey • Hilary Davidson • Lindsay Davies • Ryan Davies • Jennifer de Castro • Michael DeBiasio • Angela Del Gatto • Eric Démoré • Susan Derby • Samantha deSouza • Joshua Dick • Peter Dilworth • Darcie Dixon • Normand Doan • Craig Dodd • Nicole Donaldson • Anthony Donoghue • Mike Doris • Sepanta Dorri • Michael Douglas • Rob Drynan • Juliana Duffy • Katherine Duncan E Joanne Eddy • Brian Edmonds • Helen Edmonds • Kirsten Efremov • Laura Egglestone • Arash Ejtemaee • Cristina Emanuele • Brad Emes • Marissa Enge • Melanie Evans • Peter Evans F Amy Faba • Christine Farrugia • Chris Feasby • Dana Fedderson • Lindsay Fedderson • Benji Feldman • Shawna Fenner • Lori Ferguson • Pat Firth • Shane Fisher • Heather Fleming • Angela Flood • Ana Fonseca • Valerie Fordyce • Elyse Francey • Jonathan Frank • Alex Frankel • Leslie Fraser • Zoey Friedman G Anil Ganguly • Melissa Giesler • Jennifer Gleed • Hayley Goldsand • Anne Goodbrand • Shannon Gordon • David Gould • Diana Gourley • Janice Greenshields • Melissa Greer • Simon Greer • Silvia Gregorio • Sarah Gregory • Cate Gulyas H Jason Handelsman • Melissa Hanlon • Matthew Hardman • Lisa Harkot • Gillian Harnick • Jeff Harris • Gillian Hill • Kayren Hill • Catherine Hindson-Cox • Jimmy Holland • Susan Holland • Andrea Hooker • Brendan Howarth • Lauren Huggins • Kyla Hunter • Peter Hurson J Joanna Jackson • Dan Johnson • Amy Johnston • Erin Johnston • David Johnstone • Whitney Johnstone • David Jones • Sean Jones • Stephanie Jones • Lisa Joyce • Sarah Joyce K Bonnie Karges • Louie Katsis • Mary Kawamura • Ben Kaye • Yasmin

Kazemi • Alexandria Kelly • Nada Khatib • Melody Khodaverdian • Renee Kieltyka • Meg Kilvert • Christoph Klaiber • Joshua Klein • Kris Knorr • Lindsay Knox • Tanya Kololian • Serena Kosciejew • Kaitlyn Kowalyk • Judy Kramer • Michael Kuan • Megan Kunder L Chris Laing • Amy Laski • Jonathan Laski • Nikki Latta • Jenny Lee Shee • Erin Leonard • Caroline Leps • Karla Lhotsky • Heather Libbey • Justin Lintern • Elizabeth Locke • Joel Lockwood • Harriet Luke M Francis Macapagal • Oliver Macapagal • Andrew Macdonald • Charise MacDonald • Rob Mackay • Dave Macnee • Elizabeth MaGee • Sidra Mahmood • Matthew Mahoney • Maria Makris • Evan Malach • Stephen Malesevich • Adrienne Maniezzo • Bart Maracewicz • Jason Maraschiello • Eric Mark • Kelly Mark • Jeffrey Martin • Jodi Maruncic • Ian Matthews • Tammy Maxwell • Christine McDonald • Matthew McDonald • Anne McDougall • Ryan McGovern • Bridget McIlveen • Laura McIntyre • Darryl McKenzie • Margaret McNee • Diana Merino • Kate Mihaljevic • Emma Miller • Grant Minkhorst • Sean Mitchell • Deirdre Molloy • Andy Montague • Craig Moore • Brendan Morrison • Elizabeth Morrow • Natasha Moscovitch • Leanne Mueller • Ryan Muir • Sue Munro N Aneidah Naidoo • Philip Nicho • Dana Nielsen • Jocelyne Noël O Eddy Okun • David Opiola • Brittany Owens P Nick Palozzi • Eleni Papadakis • Heidi Parfitt • Carissa Parravani • Mike Parravani • Dave Passmore • Vanessa Pastoric • Chelsea Paulo • Michelle Pearlman • Katie Pearson • Tyler Pearson • Adam Potts • Kat Powell R Natasha Racco • Golbahar Rafinejad • Seyed Farsad Rafinejad • Richard Ramos • Melissa Rathier • Jessica Rathwell •

Joseph Recupero • Karen Reich • Danielle Reinhardt • Zahra Remtulla • Alaina Robertson • Barb Robertson-Mann • Gary Robinson • Bev Rosser • Stephen Rotstein • Luc Rubinger • Andrew Rytel S Tory Sageloly • Kimberly Saltsman • Jonathan Salvatore • Claire Sargeant • Tomas Saun • Kim Saunders • Claire Saxton • Laura Scadding • Carly Schelberg • Poonam Sehmbi • Kimberly Service • Caroline Seto • Alex Sherman • Caitlin Shields • Meghan Shields • Kerry Shopiro • Kimberly Shopiro • Matthew Siefert • Alanna Silver • Jordan Silverman • Laura Simmons • Jagdamba Singh • Stephen Sisokin • Ryan Sless • Carolyn Smith • Jacqueline Smith • Jessica Smith • Carla Smyth • Megan Snell • Jeff Snowden • Sara Son Hing • Andrew Soren • Tamara Spinatsch • Kristi Stefanison • Danielle Stevens • Kally Suggitt T Lynsey Tait • Catherine Talbot • Andreea Talpos • Ulana Tarapacky • Johnny Teolis • Keegan Therrien • Kristen Thomas • Michelle Thompson • Julie Trahan • Matthew Tran • Taylor Tripp • Kristen Tummon V Panda Vladimir Vallecilla • Shana Valo • Chris van de Water • Sin Varatharajah • Susan Varghese • Russanthy Velummailum • Kimberly Veneziale • Emilia Verdoliva • Joanna Verweel • Claire Vivier • Felix Vogt • Kristen Vujacic W Natalie Waddell • Ashley Warias • Ginny Warner • Ted Warner • Caitlin Watson • Emily Watson • Timothy Watson • Katie Watts • Darcy Wefers • Gillian Welsh • Shannon Westgarth • Julia White • Alexandra Wilbee • Kate Wiley • Melissa Williamson • Natalie Wilson • Stephanie Wilson • Jeremy Winkler • Leah Winter • Diana Withrow • Joelle Woodruff • Brie Worgan X Lauren Xuereb Z Erika Zammitti • Evan Zehnal • Jennifer Zuccaro

What a difference 30 years of Ooch makes! DEVELOPMENT & WORK CAMP VOLUNTEERS B Gord Barn • BEK Contracting Inc • Andrea Bernstein • Murray Boyce • Alan Brenchley • Robin Brittain • May Bryce • Bruce Butler • Emma Butler C Don Choffe • David Chow D Ann Davidson • Normand Doan • Scott Doedens • Emma Doedens • Gerry Doedens • Kim Doedens F Ross Farrely • FileBank • Emelia Froom G Kim Grant H Ron Hamann • Cher yl & Ji m Ha m mond • Lou ise Hammond • Susan Hicks • Susan Hicks K Robert Kozak • Rosemary Kozak L Leader

Financial Group • Rob Leak M Jenny Mabley • Rob Mattacott • Warren May • Cheryl May • Micky McCreesh • Dianne McLean • Sarah Mediouni • Chris Mihaljevic • Kate Mihaljevic • Samantha Mihaljevic • Christine Moore • Rebecca Muyal N Juda Nalevka • Sharon Ngo • The Nielsen Company P Andrew Plaskos R The Rexall Foundation • Brenda Robbins • Craig Robbins • Phil Robinson • Rotary Club of Palgrave • Donna Runners S Harjit Sahota • J.J. Sandler • Mike Sitter • Aimee Soon Shiong T Andreea Talpos V Joel Valenton W Diether Weeren • Noah Wolfe Z Jessica Zufferli

In 2013 Camp Ooch is marking its 30th anniversary with a year-long celebration highlighting the inspiration and courage of the campers and the outstanding dedication of the volunteers and staff who have created ground-breaking and life-changing experiences for Ooch campers. Launching a year-long calendar of events that will recognize and celebrate the many contributions and achievements of past and present volunteers, donors and community supporters, we are excited to shout from the mountain tops the great things you have helped make happen! These events will seek to reach and re-engage every person who has helped make Ooch what it is today while celebrating their past contributions and fostering a relationship for future involvement. Ooch’s 30th Birthday Party on October 26 will be the culmination of a year-long celebration and will bring together the entire community of Camp Ooch supporters. All friends of Ooch are invited to this special event and we hope to see you there!

30th Birthday Celebration Event Details What: A reunion of over 500 volunteers, former campers, friends, fundraisers, donors and corporate partners who have helped to make Ooch what it is today. Where:

Brick Works, 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON

When: Saturday, October 26, 2013 6 p.m.– 11 p.m. To purchase tickets, visit: or


Awards and Recognition in 2012 We hear over and over again from our community of campers, parents and volunteers about the incredible difference that Camp Ooch makes. In 2012, members of the Ooch community received some amazing awards and distinctions.

Youth in Philanthropy Award

Corporate Culture Award

Imagine Canada Membership

In November 2012, Ooch was named one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures within the Broader Public Sector category by Waterstone Human Capital. Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures is a national program now in its eighth year. This prestigious award recognizes businesses, crown corporations, and not-for-profits for having a corporate culture that contributes to the organization’s growth and success. Camp Ooch is in good company, sharing the honour with other notable organizations including Humber College, McGill University and Mount Sinai Hospital.

In December 2012, Camp Ooch renewed its recognition with Imagine Canada’s Ethical code program. Imagine Canada is a national registered charity with a mission to support and strengthen charities and non-profits so they can, in turn, support the Canadians and communities they serve. As part of the renewal process, Ooch has proven its commitment to the Imagine Canada financial and fundraising guidelines, which are much more stringent than the benchmarks put forward by the Canada Revenue Agency.

SickKids Humanitarian Award Ken Aldridge, Camp Ooch In-Hospital Specialist, received a 2012 SickKids Humanitarian Award in June 2012. Ken received the Family-Centred Care Advisory Council Award. This award recognizes and honours a staff person, employee or team at SickKids who provides care to patients in a manner that demonstrates outstanding commitment to the philosophy of family-centred care while providing direct care to patients. To be eligible for this award, an individual or a team of health care providers must be nominated by a family.

CIBC Volunteer Award Ooch Volunteer Michelle Pearlman has been named the Top Community Volunteer, Central Region, as part of CIBC’s initiative to recognize the difference their employees make in the community.


Emi-Lee Commisso is an exceptional young teen who is happiest when helping others. Entering The York School in grade 2, Emi-Lee became attached to Camp Oochigeas through the annual York School Ooch-a-thon. Now in Grade 9, Emi-Lee has raised a cumulative $63,000 for the camp. For this achievement, she has been honoured with the 2012 Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Toronto Chapter.


SPECIAL THANKS To Our Founding Friends We are grateful to our Founding Friends, a committed group of corporate and foundation partners who helped to champion Ooch Downtown, and whose continued support makes so much of our In-City programming possible.

SPORTING LIFE 10k FUNDRAISING TEAMS Thank you for making the 2012 Sporting Life 10k a success, raising over $2 million for Camp Ooch! Listed below are the 2012 Sporting Life 10k fundraisers who raised $1,000 or more. 8B-BMT A Accenture • Access to Camp • Alliance Films Inc. • Altus Group • Alvarez & Marsal B Banalogic • Barrick Gold Corporation • BBDO/Proximity • Bennett Jones LLP • Benson Percival Brown LLP •

BIMM Direct & Digital • Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP • BMO Capital Markets C Camp Quin-Mo-Lac • Camp Robin Hood • Camp White Pine • Cassels Brock • Catrandune Team • CBRE Limited • Centerra Gold • Chaitons LLP • Cineplex Enter tainment • Claireville Cares • Coffey International Limited • Coillers • Counterpoint Engineering • Crestwood Preparatory College • Crowe Soberman LLP D Dashboard • Davies Ward Phillips & Vi neb erg L L P • DK Sm a s her s • DraftFCB • DS Runners • DundeeWealth E Entertainment One • Ernst & Young LLP

F Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP • Foxys Flame • Future Shop G George Weston Limited • GMP Securities L.P. • Goldcorp • Goodmans LLP • Grant Thornton LLP • Griffth Laboratories H Hashtag • Hatch • High Road Communications • Hilborn Ellis Grant LLP • Hot Chicks • HudBay Minerals I in-sync J Jack’s Pack K Kiehl’s • Kinross Gold • KPMG LLP L Lenczner Slaght LLP • Lerners LLP • LU Ladies M Mazda Canada • McCarthy Tétrault LLP • McKinsey & Company • McMillan LLP • Merkal Reynolds • Merrill Lynch Canada • Miller Thomson LLP • Minden Gross LLP • Monitor N NB Financial • Nike • NKPR • Nolan’s Dream Chasers • North American Palladium • Norton Rose Canada LLP O Onondaga Camp • Ooch Staff • Ooch Volunteers • Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP P Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP • Panda Squad • Paramount Pictures • Pattison Sign Group • Penguins • Pink 55 • Planning Team • Precima • PwC Q Queen West & Dundas West Animal Hospital R RBC • Redmond • RNs Run it Better • Road Runners • Royal Lepage Partners • Royal Nickel S Scotiabank • Segal LLP • Shimmerman Penn LLP • Small But Brave • Sony Computer Entertainment Canada • Spin Master • Stikeman Elliott LLP • Straticom • Swiss Re T TD Securities • Team Ben • Team Bryan • Team Jennifer • Team Joeygail • Team Markham • Team Megan • Team Meghan • Team Shaner • Team TEK • Team Wood • TELUS • The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd. • The Paul Davidson Running Crew • Thornton

Grout Finnigan LLP • Torkin Manes LLP • Toromont CAT • Toronto Star • Torys LLP U U of T - School of Continuing Studies • U of T Meds • Ubisoft Toronto • UW Serve W Warner Bros. • Weinbergs Warrior • Wildeboer Dellelce LLP X Xstrata

SPORTING LIFE 10k INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISERS A Bibian Aguirre • Shafaq Ahmad • Nicolas Alipheris • Nadim Allidina • Stephanie An • Julie Andrews • Kelly Andronico • Maria Virginia Anzola • Mica Arlette • Joanne Armstrong • Joanne Armstrong • Nori Ayer B Judy Bagshaw • Cour tenay Bainbridge • Scott Bainbridge • Nicole Barbosa • Carolyn Barg • Joe Barnes • Mary Anne Barnes • Lori Barzakay • Jason Beck • Jeff Bertrand • Cindy Bianco • Brian Bimm • Donna Bissonnette • Nicole Blain • Brenda Blake • Stephanie Bloomberg • Oliver Bock • Andrew Brady • Nicole Brady • Cassandra Brown • Emma Brown • Liz Brown • Tom Browne • Michelle Bryce • Brenda Burton • India Burton • Marla Bzowski C Sarah Cabott • Lisa Callaghan • Jeannie Callum • Dave Cameron • Alison Champ • Michelle Chan • Hayley Chapman • Tai Chau • Robert Chen • Aubrey Choi • Stephen Chris • Jeff Churchman • David Clarry • Lisa Colnett • Emma Correa • Gillian Cousin • Christopher Cowan • Emily Cristescu • Jasmine Cuff • Anna Cunneyworth • Michelle Cutler D Ken D’Silva • Mike Da Ponte • Lisa Da Silva • Alyssa Dais • Heather Daw •


THANK YOU SPORTING LIFE 10k INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISERS (continued) Francesca De Lorenzis • Devin Degroote • Michele Dejulio • Hary K. Desai • Peter Dilworth • Matthew Dobby • Christos Dodas • Mike Doris • Charles Duckworth • Heidi Dunn E Tom Elliott • Alan Ellis • Paul Emerson • Peter Evans F Benji Feldman • Bob Ferguson • Nardine Flaro • France Fortin • Allan Fowler • Peter Friis G Mags Galvin • Sheila Gerlock • Cory Glassman • Yoram Rami Goldman • Hayley Goldsand • Michelle Goldsand • Denise Gordon • Colleen Gowan • Jim Green • Spencer Green • Adr ian Greenwood • Marc Grosman • Esther Grossman • Ian Grundy H Jason Hall • Matthew Hardman • George Hartman • Ryan Hassan • Brian Hatch • Amanda Hathway • Erin Hathway • Jen Heakes • Melanie Herbin • Patricia Herrick • Gillian L. Hill • Barry Hillier • Hannah Hoag • Natalie Hodgins I Laura Iannacci J Hrair Jazmaji • Dan Johnson • David A. Jones • Sarah Joyce K Danielle Kappy • Diane Kazarian • Alexandria Kelly • Alisa Kenny Bridgman • Melody Khodaverdian • Terra Klinck • Kate Knowles • James Kofman • Alex and Brad Krawczyk • Cynthia Kuehl • Dennis Kwong L Ken Labine • Lisa LaFlamme • Chris Laing • Doug LaRose • Andrew Lee • Antoinette Leung • Maria Liberatore • Mark Librach • Naomi Lieberman • Maggie Lippert • Meagan Lynch • Paul Lynch M Peter


Macdonald • Jeff Mandel • Stephane Marcotte • Allan W. Mark • David Matheson • Adam Mayers • Susan McCreesh • Anne McDougall • Ryan McGovern • Sarah McLean • Kevin McMullen • Meaghan McNall • Corey Meehan • Christopher Meyer • David Mitchell • Eva Mitsche • Craig Morantz • David Moretti • Jennifer Morin • Rocca Morra Hodge • Anne Murray • J. Spencer Mussellam N Tracy Nguyen • K r is t i n Nickola s • Lea n ne Now a k O B everley Osbu r ne • K i m O x ley P Stephanie Pachereva • Greg Padulo • Denise Pahlke • Anshul Panday • Jeff Parr • Susan Parr • Jessica Philip • Christopher Phoenix • Lee-Anne Pires • Claude Plourde • Andrea Pollack • Andrew Posluns • Jay Prichard Q Faisal Qureshi R Sarah Ramon • David Rashkovan • Mary Jo Raslovetzky • Alethea Rasquinha • Margaret Reeves • Allan Richards • Heather Rideout • Candice Riley • Shelley Riley • Christopher Ritchie • Susan Rivett • Naomi Roach • Scott Rondeau • Bev Rosser • Daniel Rowe S Nivalda Sa • Geri Sanson • Claire Sargeant • Mitchell Sarjeant • Jamie Scarlett • Jonathan Scarlett • Deanna Schlosser • Niki Seguin • Shelly Sethi • Andrew Shaw • Tania Shaw • Tyler Shaw • Darcy Silva • Paul Sinel • Lindsay Skeoch • Karen Slegers • Brian Slomka • Alexis Smith • Haley Soberman • Daniel Sorger • Jacob Stapleton • Ana Stephenson • Jeremy Streeter • Tina Svistunenko • Marlene Sykes T Lynsey Tait • Shawn Takacs • Catherine Tam • Maha Tam • Andrew

Telford • Todd Train • Ally Turner • Steve Turvey U Alysse Unger Luepann V Panda Vladimir Vallecilla • Chris van de Water • Laura Venditti • Andrea Venneri Heayn W Ashley Warias • Laurie Wasser • Caitlin Watson • Amanda Werger • Brooke Werger • Alicia Wieczor • Melanie Wilde • Beth Wipp • Steve Wolfe & Anne Wolfe • Jimmy Wong • Ophelia Wong • Paul Wong • Joelle Woodruff • Simon Wray Y Rebecca Yau • Wa lter Yim • Sher r y Yua n Hu nter Z Alejandro Zayas Dodge • Jennifer Zuccaro

gifts in kind Listed below are Gifts In Kind valued at $1,000 and over, received during the 2012 fiscal year (January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012). B Battlefield Graphics Inc. • The Bay • Bayview Chevrolet Pontiac Buick GMC • Belmont Meat Products Limited • BMO Financial Group • The Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf • Michael N. Bradley • Patrick Brigham • The Bugsy & Ken Charity Golf Tournament C Daniel Cashman - Enterprise Rent-a-Car • Cavalcade Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd. • Challenges Unlimited Inc. • Clublink Corporation • Coca-Cola Ltd. • Coleman Canada D David William Moore Enterprizes Incorporated • Days Inn Barrie • Delisle Bud Suite • Jeff Dywelska E Peter Evans F FLARE Magazine • Lynn Fraser • Frito Lay Canada • Leah Furey G Gallery Child H Herman Miller Canada Inc. • The Hospital for Sick Children I ICON Digital Productions Inc. • ideaCity J J.J. Derma Meats • Jackson-Triggs a

Constellation Brand K Kids & Classics Boatshop Museum • Kiehl’s Since 1851 • Mike Komisarek • Stav Kontis L LifeLabs, Headquarters M Mosha Lundström Halbert • MacLaren McCann Canada Inc. • Magicana • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd • Arnold Massey • MasterCard Canada • McGill Design + Studio • Molson Coors Canada • Andy Montague • Monteith Building Group Ltd. • Cynthia Mulligan • Muskoka Chrysler Sales • Muskoka Lakes Marine Inc. • Muskoka Woods N NewRoads Chevrolet • Nike Canada Corp. • Nobis Inc. O John Offutt & Jane Ferguson • Onondaga Camp • Bobby Orr P PARKLANE Nurseries Limited – Anna van Maris • Peller Estates • Porter Airlines • Pride Pak Canada Ltd. R Racer Sportif • Andy C. Redmond • Right Sleeve Marketing Inc. • The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa • Royal Envelope Ltd. • RR Donnelley S shomi! Inc. • Sirius XM Canada Inc. • Sole Power Productions • Sony Computer Entertainment Canada • Spicers • St. Dominic C.S.S. & Marty Scarlett • St. Michael’s College School • Jim Stiliadis • Studio B Home • Sutton Place Hotel, Revelstoke Mountain Resort T TI Group Inc. • • Thomas Cook North America • Toronto Police Service Marine Unit • Travelers Insurance Company of Canada • Trevor//Peter V VIA Rail Canada Inc. • Vogel of Canada Ltd. • Volkswagen Group Canada Inc. W West Parry Sound Health Centre • WestJet • Nigel Wright • Wrigley Canada

THANK YOU INDIVIDUAL DONORS Thank you for your support! Listed below are donors who contributed $1,000 and over during the 2012 fiscal year (January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012). Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, but please let us know if you have any questions.

$25,000 – $49,000

The Estate of Mary Chapman • Jamie Scarlett & Vanessa Yeung

$10,000 – $24,999 Guy & Margaret Carr-Harris

$5,000 – $9,999 C Richard & Marilyn Coles D Hatije Domi H Ron, Petra and Levon Hamann • Tyler and Erin Hathway • Joan & Andrew Hill J Terry and Bonnie Jackson M Arnold Massey • Vincent Mercier & Kirsten Halpin • Greg Mills P Dawn & Jon Prinsell R Andy & Sue Redmond • Hugh & Janice Rennie • David & Patti Russell S Stephen Shaver • Kevin Sullivan T Steven Turvey & Elizabeth Duncan

$1,000 – $4,999 A Zachary Anderson • John Armstrong • Mary Pat & Bob Armstrong • Brett Ashton • Hugh Atkin • Marly Atkins B Daniel Barclay • Warren & Lisa Bernstein • Murray & Ann Beynon • Lenny & Evelyn Binder • Robbin Blakey • Auguste Bolte • James Bradford • Jeremy Brasseur • Janet & Ronald Brenneman • Teresa & Gordon Briggs C Linda Campbell

• Martin Caplan • Barbara Casey • Margaret Chambers • Marvin Chantler • Gabrielle Chevalier • Polly Chow • Peter Clark • Jason Cloth • Joseph Conway D Glenn Da Silva & Jenna Grieco • Douglas Dawson • Leo & Sandra DelZotto • Gail Dobby • Judy Haladay & James Douglas • Tia Downer • Reg Driscoll • David & Natalie Duncan • Peter Dymott E Daniel Earle F Jane Ferguson • Arne Frandsen G Yoram Rami Goldman • Linda Gray & Cam Ballantyne • Alan Greenberg • Thomas Greenberg • Lorraine Greey • Jennifer Grossklaus • Douglas Grundy H Bradley & Louise Hammond • Scott Hand • Suellen Hanet & Bob Colson • Brian & Valerie Harris • David & Lenore Hawkey • Jane Helmstadter • Andre Hidi • Jay Holdsworth • Maria & Bernhard Hollen • David & Mariella Holmes • Erast Huculak & Delores BukaHuculak • Randal Hughes & Nancy Main I Peter Ignazi K Diane Kazarian • Mike & Carolyn Kellie • Kathryn Knight • Arnold Kondrat • Judith Korthals L Carolyn & Don Langill • Georgina Langs • Richard LaPrairie • David & Elizabeth Lay • Beth Lowenfeld • Jeremy Lucas M Katie & Walter Macnee • Frank & Rosalia Magliocco • George Main • Mary Manocchio • Jens Mayer • John & Gretta McConnell • Don and Susan McCreesh • Jill McCutcheon • Dale McFarland • John McGowan • Brian & Sharon McGrath • James A. McIntyre • Eileen McMahon • Ben & Andrea McManus • Glen McMillan & Roberta Minna • Carol McMonagle • Susanne Meijer • Eliza Mitchell • Paul and Janet & Janet Morrison • Mike & Carol Mueller • Peter Myers

N Barry & Louise Needler • George Nightinga le O Maur izio Occhiuto P N i c k P a l o z z i • To n y P a m p e n a • Jeff Parr • Bruce Phillips • Ted & Carolyn Polci • John Puffer R Liz Ramos Anderson • Andy & Sue Redmond • Johann Reichart & Andrea Reyers • Edgar & Elizabeth Rhodes • Sean Robitaille • Lou Rocca • Peter Root • Lloyd & Susan Ross • Tony Rutten S Sophie & Erik Saeys • Peggy Sarjeant • Mr. Glenn Sauntry • Arthur and Susan Scace • Ernie Schlaich • Joel Scoler • Brian & Colleen Semkiw • Tony Shamata • John Shannon • William & Kay Sinclair • Carla Small • Daniel Sorger • Kevin Sullivan T Barbara & Cliff Talbot • Yu Liang Tao • Stephen Thom U Steve Uszkay V Frank & Jean van de Water • Elizabeth Volenecz W John Watson • Mark Wells • Craig West • Hilary Weston • Marilyn & Bruce Wharram • Darryl White • Robert Wiseman & Virginia Roy • Alan Wortzman • Patricia Wright • Michael & Maia Wynn Y Jun Yang • William & F. Joyce Young


THANK YOU CORPORATIONS, FOUNDATIONS & ASSOCIATIONS +$500,000 Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation

$250,000 – $499,999 Sporting Life Inc.

$100,000 – $249,999 BMO Financial Group • Jays Care Foundation, Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club • Prime R es t au r a nt I nc . • Sony Computer Entertainment Canada

$50,000 – $99,999 KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation • Rexall Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999 The Bedolfe Foundation • The Grocery Foundation • Sprott Asset Management LP

$10,000 – $24,999 A Aqueduct Foundation – JCJ Fund • Archaeological Services Inc. C CIBC Children’s Foundation • Coleman Canada • The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario • Core Micro Technology Inc. • Cornerstone 52 Foundation D Donner Canadian Foundation E Ernst & Young LLP L The Leonard and Gabryela Osin Foundation M The Mar y & Gordon Christopher Foundation N Nike Canada Corp. • NKPR Inc. T TD Securities Underwriting Hope Fund


$5,000 – $9,999 B Barrick Gold Corporation • The Ben and Hilda Katz Charitable Foundation • Blair Franklin Asset Management Inc. • Brian and Susan Thomas Foundation C Centerra Gold Inc • CIBC - Communications & Public Affairs G The Great-West Life/London Life Canada • Griffith Laboratories H The Hylcan Foundation J John Brooks Company Ltd. L Lubricon Industries Canada Limited M Michael Albert Garron Foundation N Nelson Arthur Hyland Foundation • New York Fries Kids Fund at The Toronto Community Foundation • Nobis Inc. • The Norman and Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation P PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP R Robin J Yates 6601251 Canada Inc. S ServiceMaster York Region • Sherman Foundation T Target Park Group Inc. • The Lawrason Foundation • The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund • The Toskan Casale Foundation • Toys For Tots - Peel Regional Police • Triella

$1,000 – $4,999 A Accenture • AEP Hospitality • Alliance Lighting Contracting Services Inc. • Altus Group • Amer Sports Canada Inc. • The Andy and Beth Burgess Family Foundation • Aqueduct Foundation • The Aubrey & Marsha Baillie Family Fund, a fund held within Oakville Community Foundation B Barrie-View Farms Limited • Big Bay Point Golf & Country Club • Billabong Burleigh Point Canada • BMO Employee Charitable Foundation • Brant United Way

C CAF America • Cambrian Solutions Inc. • Cameco Corporation • Canada Goose • Canduit Contracting Inc. • Chaitons LLP • Clairvest • The Clorox Company Foundation • Cobourg Lakeshore Lions Club • Colonial Retirement Residence • Corby Distilleries Limited • Corvette Club of Ontario Inc. • Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd. • Crazy Canuck Events Corp. • Creaghan McConnell Group Ltd. D D&M Consulting Ltd. • The De Boer Foundation • Dr. Green Services Inc E Elmica Holdings ULC • Enterprise Holdings Foundation • Evoy Production Control Limited F Forest Contracting • Froio Carpentry Ltd. • Fully Dressed Inc. • Fusion Homes • Future Transfer Co. G George Weston Limited • GFI Investment Counsel • Gibson’s Cleaners Co. Limited • Goldcorp Inc. • Goody • Greenwin Inc./Verdiroc • Group Boyz Inc. H Hamilton Community Foundation • Heathwood Homes • Helly Hansen Leisure Canada Inc. • Hollister Family Fund • The Howard and Carole Tanenbaum • Hudbay Minerals Inc. • Hughes Amys LLP I Interbase Consultants Ltd. • Invesco Canada Ltd. • Izusa Investments Inc. J J & L Rogers Family Charitable Foundation • J.E. Panneton Family Foundation • The John Bennett Memorial Fund • Joint Residential Construction Association K Kinross Gold Corporation • Krystal Levy Pictures L L.I.U.N.A. Ontario Provincial District Council • Labatt Breweries of Canada • The Larkins Family Foundation • Legacy Taekwon-Do • Lerners LLP • Linda and Steve Lowden Fund • Lions Club of Mount Albert & District M M A Navkar and Associates • Manulife Financial • Manulife

Financial: Canadian Pension Operations • Matson, Driscoll & Damico Ltd • Mazda Canada Inc. • McBurney Family Foundation • McMillan LLP • Merrell Canada • Metroland Media Group Ltd • Millcroft Financial Group Ltd. • Mindham Fine Jewellery • Minto Foundation Inc. • Molson Coors Canada • MTC • Murphy Planning Partners Inc. N New Balance Canada Inc. • North American Palladium • The North Face (Canada) Inc. • North Newmarket Lions Club Bingo Account • Norton Rose Canada LLP O Oakley Canada Inc. • Off to Market Inc. • Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP • Outdoor Gear Canada P Palgrave Rotary Foundation • Pioneer Energy Foundation at Hamilton Community Foundation • Primary Energy • Puma Canada Inc. R RBC Foundation • RBC Investments • Royal Nickel Corporation S The Salden Foundation • Samuel, Son & Co., Limited • Scotiabank • Scotiabank - International Banking • Serad Holdings Limited • Shimmerman Penn LLP • SmartPrint Inc. • Solutions 2 GO Inc. • Solutions 2 GO, LLC (US) • Splash Modelling Marketing • Stikeman Elliott LLP T Techtonix • TELUS • Temerty Family Foundation • Tony and Caley Taylor Family Fund • Toromont Industries Ltd. • twenty6two Intl Inc V Verdiroc Holdings Limited W Warner Bros. Entertainment Canada Inc. • Wheels Synergex • Whitehall Homes & Construction Ltd. • Winberg Foundation X Xstrata

THANK YOU • Hugh & Janice Rennie S Jamie Scarlett & Family • Stephen & Marg Shaver • Sole Power Productions T Torys LLP • Triella S Steven, Susan, Meredith & Baylee Wise and the KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation

AN EVENING OF SUMMER DREAMS COMMITTEE Listed below is the volunteer committee who made An Evening of Summer Dreams 2012 a reality.

AN EVENING OF SUMMER DREAMS SPONSORS A big thank you to our sponsors who made our biennial fundraising gala a big success! Listed below are the Corporate & Personal Sponsors of An Evening of Summer Dreams 2012. C CityNews D Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP E Ernst & Young LLP H Ron, Petra & Levon Hamann • Hanna Paper Fibres Limited I ICON Digital Productions Inc. J Jackson-Triggs a Constellation Brand M MacLaren McCann Canada Inc. • Arnold Massey - In Memory of Jane Stodgell N NK PR Inc. • Nobis Inc. P PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP • Dawn & Jonathon Prinsell R Andy & Sue Redmond

A Nicole Avery B Dee Brett • Patrick Bringham E Peter Evans F Deborah Fisher • Jordi Friese G Scott Gibson H Stewart Hayes • Jimmy Holland K Tamara Kolber L Amy Laski M Dale McIntosh • Cheryl Medley • Andy Montague P Michelle Pearlman R Bev Rosser W Heather Wicken


• John Stevens T The Thompson Family • Kirk Tobias • Kris Tobias W Greg Wallace • The Wharram Family • Sharlie Wynne

Listed below are individuals who raised funds or received donations in their name of $1,000 and over during the 2012 fiscal year (January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012).


A Zavier Allan • Ali Armstrong • Bernice Augusto B Charlie Bartello • Lindsay Bergeron • Sheryl Bernard • Jill Birch & Gordon Parker • Stephanie Bloomberg • Lesley Bloor • David Brooks • Laurel Brooks C Naz Cavallaro • Archie Chase • Louise Colley • Enzo Colosimo • Emi-Lee Commisso D Robert Dardengo • Trevor Dawes • Quyen Diec • Lynn Digiacomo • Kevin Dobbin • Matthew-Aaron Dusk E The Eby Family • Khier El Dakkak F John Faggiani • Gary Fenske • Rosa Forgione G Michael Gary • Shelley Gaudet • Alex Gress H Louise Hammond • Irene Hannah & Jack Ruutberg • Jennifer & Dan Heffernan • Rob Hern I Angela Iannetta & Nick Palozzi K Lynn Keane • Jim Kinnie • James Krane • Lianne and Jamie Krane • Heidi Kreiner-Ley L Ken Labine • Dan Langer • Paul LaRose • Chris Layton • David Lecourt • Debbie Lennie M The MacKenzie Family • Vito Mastrorillo • Patti Matetich • Rob Mathews • Lorne McBride • John McConnell • Rob McConnell • Stuart McKinnon • The Meek Family • Frances Murray N Frank Nocera P Linda Pasqualotto • Bob Peacock • Deb Peacock • Michael Picco • Kim Plato • Lloyd Proctor • Kathy Puntis R Andy Redmond S Sergio Sain • Robert Saliba • Ezio Sbrizzi • William & Kay Sinclair • Warren Smith • Sara Son Hing • Anne Stevens

Donations of $1,000 and over have been made in celebration of the life of the following individuals: Stella Joy Bruner-Methven • Helen Copestake • David Duke • Anthony Pileggi • Bob Puffer • Michael Puro • Michael Rainey • Harold Schaner • Peter Turvey • Jackson White • Rick White • Bryan Wong


THANK YOU Community Events Listed below are the amazing Community Fundraising Events that raised funds of $1,000 and over during the 2012 fiscal year (January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012).

$1 million + Sporting Life 10K

$500,000 – $1,000,000 Tour For Kids

$100,000 – $500,000 Annual Charity BBQ at the Queen’s Quay LCBO • Prime Restaurant Golf Tournament

$50,000 – $99,999

A Night At Camp - Find the Joy Gala Haddan Eby Endowment Fund • Muskoka Rocks Road Race • Ride For Karen • Third Annual PlayStation Charity Golf Tournament

$25,000 – $49,999

Canadian Insurance Claims Managers’ Association Golf Tournament • Clarkson Secondary School Cancer Drive • Coleman Canada Hike-a-thon • Corvettes for Kids Road Tour • KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation - Jump for Ooch • McConnell Classic Golf Tournament • Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario AGM & Convention • The York School Ooch-a-thon

$10,000 – $24,999

Bennington Heights Fundraiser for Ooch • Bolton Rotary Golf Tournament • Brad Stevens Memorial Golf Tournament • Bugsy


& Ken Charity Golf Tournament • Credit Suisse Fundraising Campaign • In Memory of Robb Thompson Fundraiser • John Fraser Secondary School Charity Week • Swing for Ooch Golf Tournament • TeraMach Chipping in for Charity Golf Tournament

$5,000 – $9,999

Bedford Park Public School Fun Run • Blessed Cardinal Newman Catholic High School • Construction Credit Group Golf Tournament • DDB Share Event • Mud Hero • Norwood Curl for Kids - In Memory of Tammy Wharram • Travelers Insurance Co. of Canada Fundraiser • York Regional Police Association Golf Tournament

$1,000 – $4,999 A A n nua l Cha r it y Fash ion Show • Associazione San Vincenzo Valleradice 3rd Generation Family Golf Tournament B Bill Muir Memorial Golf Tournament Oakland Greens Golf Club C Canadian Italian Golf Association Tournament • Collective Point of Sales Christmas Party E Entertainment One Holiday Fundraiser • Ernst & Young’s Fundraiser F Fairlawn Preschool Fundraiser • Frenchman’s Bay Public School Fundraiser G Going for Green Golf Tou r na ment • Gr if f it h Laboratories Charity Golf Tournament I IT Lounge 2011 Media Week Event K Katie’s Birthday Fundraiser • Kingsway College School Walk-a-thon M Marmora KOA Annual Labour Day Auction • The Meek’s Annual Bass Fishing Tournament • MLSE/ Humber Business School Partnership and Sales Simulation • Muskoka Lakes Marine

Community BBQ • Muskoka Paramedics Softball Tournament N NKPR Holiday in July • Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School Dress Down Days S St. Bridget Catholic School • St. Marguerite D’Youville School T Trinity College School Spring Concert W Wasaga Beach Garage Sale • Withrow Avenue Public School • Wonder+ Cares Employee Fundraising Campaign Y Yorkville Club Ride For Charity



Dr. David Malkin

Alex Robertson Executive Director

Andy Redmond, Past Chair

Andrew Irvine, Chair Don McCreesh, Vice Chair Frank Magliocco, Treasurer James D. Bunting, Secretary Alison Chick Averill Clarke, RN Allan Mark Theo Michalarias

Michelle Afinec Director of Development

Jamie Scarlett

Aimee Bruner Director of Operations

Dr. James A. Whitlock

Sarah Nelles Senior Director of Programs

Doug Turney

2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Andy Redmond, Chair Andrew Irvine, Vice Chair Frank Magliocco, Treasurer Jim Bunting, Secretary Colleen Baldwin Dr. David Malkin Allan Mark Don McCreesh Sandra Ross, RN Jamie Scarlett Doug Turney Dr. James Whitlock

OUR TEAM OOCH STAFF A Michelle Afinec • Ken Aldridge • Paresa Amin • Chrissie Arnold B Holly Bannerman • Aimee Bruner • Lauren Burke C Jonathan Carroll • Alison Clendenning • Andrea Cote D Hilary Davidson • Mark Davis E Brian Edmonds F Rita Fantegrossi • Danielle Floyd • Marla Friedman • Jordi Friese G Diana Gourley H Jonny Handler • N a t a s h a H e l w ig J A d a m J e s i n K Christoph Klaiber • Lindsay Knox L Shehreen Ladha • Nicole Lindros M Dana MacKenzie • Dave Macnee P Johanna Paler R Alex Robertson • Lisa Robinson S Rona Samujh • Maria Santos • Karen Schneider • Norah Shaughnessy • Meghan Shields T Olivia Tischler • Adriana Tramontana W Dan Whillans

ALL SUMMER STAFF B Caitlin Brenchley • Lacey Brennan • Rebecca Brock C Michael Churchman • Megan Clark G Brittany Greene K Amber Knabl L Nicole Lindros M Laura McMeekin-Clarke P Sean Patterson S Camilla Skeoch-Brewer • Tamara Spinatsch T Johannes Thoma • Taylor Tripp W Marg Wiley


MAC13033-camp ooch annual

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MAC13033-camp ooch annual rep

Archer, Neutraface 2 Text, Neutra

None None Camp Oochigeas 10-29-2013 2:49 PM None 10-29-2013 2:49 PM CMYK Ferreira, Jamy (TOR-MCL)

CAMP OOCHIGEAS 464 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5T 2S6 P (416) 961-6624 | 1-888-GO-4-OOCH | F (416) 961-2267 | THANK YOU & for creating this Annual Report at no charge to Camp Oochigeas.

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Camp Ooch 2012 annual report  

Camp Ooch is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that provides kids with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer with a un...

Camp Ooch 2012 annual report  

Camp Ooch is a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that provides kids with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer with a un...

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