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A Branch of the YMCA of Greater Hartford

The Original Social Network Since1901

As a parent of two boys who have camp as their backyard, I often think about the impact that camp has on them. Like all parents, I worry about what the future holds for them and how best to prepare them for the challenges that they will face as they grow older. As a Director, I know the benefits of going away to overnight camp. It is a place where kids develop a sense of independence, learn good decision making, build skills in the many clinics offered, and understand the importance of perseverance. As a parent I see their growth each summer, their increasing confidence as they grow in ways I could never imagine. Each year they return home from camp they stand a little taller, more confident in themselves and what they can achieve. Soon they are counting down the days until the next summer, sharing stories of the adventures they had, and friendships made. At Camp Jewell it’s true that there are lots of fun activities but more importantly it’s a place where a kid can just be a kid in a supportive environment. Everything we do at camp is focused on creating a community to ensure this happens. I look forward to meeting you this summer, Craig Dawson Associate Executive Director


Dear Parents, Summer Camp is just around the corner, and each year at this time, the staff and counselors of Camp Jewell YMCA are reminded how lucky we are to call this place our home. Camp is more than just a job for us, it’s our passion!

VALUES If you ask a camper what they like about camp, 95% of them will say something about being allowed to “be themselves”. This is not by happy accident, this is a result of a carefully crafted culture that is accepting of all, diverse in nature, and built on the values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Caring: Thinking beyond yourself to consider others and the greater good of our community. Honesty: Telling the truth and becoming someone others know they can trust. It’s being who you really are. Respect: The Golden Rule; recognizing your own sense of worth as well as that of others. Responsibility: Learn what is within your own control and take accountability for it.

SAFETY AND ACCREDITATION At Camp Jewell YMCA, safety is our primary concern. We meet the strict requirements of the American Camp Association, as well as annual inspection and licensing by the State of Connecticut. Our staff goes through extensive trainings prior to the start of camp to ensure that we provide a quality experience for your child. .With a strong focus on crafting programs that meet the needs of campers no matter their interest or personality, our staff are keeping campers active while creating a real world social network where kids connect with each other.

In addition our YMCA is focused on building and strengthening communities. At camp we do this through: Youth Development: Nurturing the potential of every child and teen. Healthy Living: Promoting health and well-being through physical activity and healthy eating. Social Responsibility: Living as part of a small community and taking care of the camp environment.


AGES 7-14

Our two-week programs emphasize growth and strengthen character values in our campers. Throughout the program, campers learn more about themselves and how to work together as a cabin group. Whether it is playing an all-camp game, learning new skills in one of the many clinics offered, or eating dinner family style in our dining hall—campers form meaningful relationships, and try new things, while having fun. Our traditional overnight camps are full of outdoor activities like campfires, hikes, skits and songs, cabin cheers and the chance to sleep under the stars after cooking their own dinner over an open fire. Over the two weeks, campers disconnect from the technology and distractions of outside life. At camp, our number one priority is providing a safe, positive camper experience. We believe that campers are most successful when given the opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zones and discover in themselves resiliency, responsibility and confidence.

In order to create a sense of belonging, camp is divided into villages by age group. We start with our 7-9 year olds in Bandit Village, where we have one staff member for every three campers and a schedule that focuses on an introduction to overnight camp. You can rest assured that your child will be asking to stay at camp when it comes time to leave. Our Argonaut, Nit Nois, Ewok and Utopian Villages for campers aged 10-13 offers a wider selection of activities. Our oldest traditional camp village is the Senior Village for ages 13-14; this is the first step in our multi-summer leadership development program. Senior campers spend a week at camp building a strong community and participating in traditional camp activities. During the second week, they will go on an extended trip outside of camp. They have a choice of hiking, biking, or canoeing under the guidance of our experienced and certified staff. Regardless of your child’s age, our counselors focus on each individual camper, ensuring a great experience whether your child is a first-time or seasoned camper.

2:15PM 3:15PM 3:45PM 5:10PM 5:30PM 7:00PM 8:30PM

The bugle blows—Rise and Shine Campers! A secular chapel service Flag Raising A healthy and nutritious breakfast

Leaders-in-Training (LIT) Ages 15-16

Our LIT programs provide an amazing leadership experience focused on individual development, team building, and self-discovery all while having fun at camp. With a schedule that is unique to their villages, they spend time learning about leadership, as well as practicing and developing their skills. Campers leave our LIT program more confident of their skills in leadership, decision making and problem solving. The LIT program includes a three-day overnight backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail, off site-volunteer projects, and planning and delivering a secular chapel service for all of camp.

Shared Responsibility—Clean Camp Duties Three Skill Clinics Lunchtime Mail Call Siesta Time—a time to relax, write a letter home or take a nap Cabin Challenge Time—age-appropriate and cabin-focused activities Juice Jam at the Trading Post Cabin Swim Time Thunderdome! —campers gather and share their fun day Dinner Large Group Evening Activity Back to cabins for devotions— lights out!

Campers have the opportunity to customize their program each week by signing up for three progressive clinic activities, one of which can be swim instruction. These activities help campers gain confidence in specific skills that interest them. In the afternoon, they head to the waterfront for free swim and then spend time enjoying cabin activities. We include a siesta daily, where campers have quiet time to read a book, hang out with friends, and write letters home. Each day concludes with an all-camp or village activity and then cabin devotions where campers reflect on the day’s experiences. The weekends highlight special all-camp activities that often include carnivals, Camp Jewell Olympics, or our own World Series of Wiffleball tournament.

Age 16

7:00AM 7:40AM 8:00AM 8:15AM 8:45AM 9AM-Noon 12:15PM 12:45PM 1:00PM




There is truly no typical day at camp. Activities do vary by age and village. The schedule below is a representation of an average day.

For campers who have participated in our LIT program, or who are looking for an experience longer than two weeks, we have our Jedi (LIT II) program. This has an additional focus on the behind-the-scenes aspects of our camp programs and involves experience learning to lead large group all-camp activities, a twonight overnight to Glacier Mountain, and a legacy project at camp.

Our CIT program is an extensive continuation of our leadership development programs with a particular focus on leadership working with children in a camp setting. This four-week program offers campers the opportunity to hone their counseling, conflict resolution and program development skills. The first week of this program includes intensive trainings followed by the opportunity to assist in our day camp programs, behind the scenes of camp, and our overnight camps. The Maverick program is designed for those campers with a greater interest in horseback riding. With a similar focus to CITs they spend their time learning how to assist beginner riding skills with a focus on safety procedures and different teaching techniques. The experience with both programs is a great way to begin working with children; many of our regular staff began their camp careers as CITs. Campers must be 16 years of age by December 31 of the year they attend camp to participate in either program.

2017 CAMP

DATES AND RATES OPEN HOUSES: FEB 5, APRIL 9, MAY 7, JUNE 4 from 2-4pm Or contact to set up a time and day that works for you! SESSION 1 June 25-July 8 SESSION 2 July 9-23 SESSION 3 July 23-August 5 SESSION 4 August 6-19

HOLDOVERS BETWEEN SESSIONS $125 PER CAMPER. Horsemanship Lessons (Optional for Traditional Camp) $125 for 5 - 1hr lessons. One Week Mini Camp Ages 7-11 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 $1099 $999 $899 TRADITIONAL OVERNIGHT CAMP Ages 7-14 and LEADER IN TRAINING CAMPS Age 15 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 $2039 $1859 $1699 COUNSELOR IN TRAINING/MAVERICK Age 16 (Must be 16 by 12/31/17) Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 $2219 $1969 $1869

FAQ’s Our cabins were designed to be used year round and as such have bathrooms and showers located within the cabin. All of our cabins have heat and electricity, sturdy wooden bunk beds and communal areas. Campers stay in age/gender appropriate cabins under the continuous care and supervision of

Our food service department provides three well-balanced meals and one snack each day at camp. Each meal includes several options aside from the main course, with nutritious, fresh food being a focus. Camp can

Campers have the opportunity to customize their program each week instruction). With a wide range of progressive, skill based clinics our summer camp programs focus on developing social skills, team-work, self-esteem and an appreciation for the environment, all with a healthy dose of fun What if my child gets sick?


call several times a day for campers that might be feeling unwell. Our nursing

NEW FOR 2017


camp doctor and local emergency room is less than 7 miles from camp and

shorter camp experience

RANCH TOP-HANDS (HORSEBACK RIDING) CAMP Ages 12-15 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 $2429 $2249 $1999


7-11. They’ll participate in a program that gives them the opportunity to experience many of the great camp activities. The week is designed to give a taste of what camp is like and will include all of our traditional camp activities and events. once during the summer from June 18-24.

ADVENTURE TRIPS Ages 13-17 Parks and Rec Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 $2499 $2399 $2299 Cape Cod Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 $2299 $2159 $2059

What if my camper gets homesick? part of their camp experience as they develop a sense of independence and self-esteem. Luckily, Camp is a safe place for campers to have these emotions and were once homesick campers themselves), are highly trained in working with your child and keeping you informed on their well-being. For more information visit

Camper Name (First and last):_______________________________________________________________________________________

7  Check box(es) of session(s) you would like to attend


(open boxes indicate

Choose your Tier

available sessions). CAMP SESSIONS

June 18-24


Camper Information:


One-Week Traditional Sampler Camp (ages 7-12)


Last Name:__________________________________________________________________ First Name:_____________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____/_____/_______ Grade Entering Fall ‘17 ____________ School:__________________________________________________________________________ Bunk Request: Top Bottom No Preference Camper Lives with:____________________________________________________________ T-shirt size: Youth Adult Size:____________ How many years has camper attended Camp Jewell?_____________________________________ How did you hear about Camp Jewell? Please check one and use the line below to write the name/place if applicable. Friend, who?

Alumni, who?

Internet, where?

Camp Fair, where?

Magazine, which?

School, which?

Sampler Session




Referred by: _________________________________________________________________ Cabin mate request (Limited to one child, request must be similar age and must be mutual):______________________________________

RETURNING CAMPERS ONLY- MY INFORMATION IS THE SAME AS SUMMER 2016 YES NO 2 YOUR INFORMATION HERE Primary/Parent/ Guardian #1 Information: (All information, correspondence and invoices will be sent to this name) Relationship to Camper: Mother Father Other:_________________________________________ Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Last Name:________________________________________ First Name:_________________________________________ Occupation:______________________________________ Home Phone:_____________________________________ Work Phone:________________________________________ Cell Phone:_______________________________________ Email Address:________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____/_____/___________ Jewell Alumni? Yes No Street Address:_______________________________________________________________ City:____________________________________ State:_______________________________ Zip/Postal Code:_________________________________ Country (if outside USA):_______________________________________

Session 2 June 25- July 8 July 9-22 Session 1

Session 3 July 23August 5

Session 4 August 619


Two-Week Traditional Resident Camp (ages 7-14)


LIT Program I (age 15)


LIT Program II (ages 15-16) CIT Program 4 weeks (age 16) by 12/31/17 Two-Week Junior Ranch Camp "Juniors" (ages 7-9) Two-Week Ranch Camp "Drivers" (ages 10-12) Two-Week Ranch Camp "Top Hands" (ages 12-15)







4 3/4









Parks and Rec 2 Week Trip

CIT and Maverick Program

Relationship to Camper: Mother Father Other:_________________________________________ Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Last Name:________________________________________ First Name:_________________________________________ Occupation:______________________________________ Home Phone:_____________________________________ Work Phone:________________________________________ Cell Phone:_______________________________________ Email Address:________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____/_____/___________ Jewell Alumni? Yes No Street Address:_______________________________________________________________ City:____________________________________ State:_______________________________ Zip/Postal Code:_________________________________ Country (if outside USA):_______________________________________


*Use this area to list the individual(s) we may contact in an emergency and that you authorize to pick up your camper from camp if you are unable to do so.

1. Name:______________________________________________________________________ 2. Name:_______________________________________________________________________ Relationship to Camper:___________________________________________________ Relationship to Camper:___________________________________________________ Home Phone:_________________________________________________________________ Home Phone:_________________________________________________________________ Cell/Work Phone:____________________________________________________________ Cell/Work Phone:____________________________________________________________

Camper’s Commitment

I want to become a camper at Camp Jewell YMCA. If accepted I agree to abide by the camp’s code of conduct and camp rules. I will do my best to make this a good experience for myself and my fellow campers. I understand that failure to live up to this promise might result in my dismissal from camp (I understand I am not eligible for any refund).

Camper’s Signature:____________________________________________________________________ Date:______________________________________________________________

6 6

Parent/Guardian Agreement

I approve this application, and certify that the proposed camper is capable of such an experience. I agree to have a health form signed by a physician or his designee that includes current medication orders and physical exam. This exam must have been given within 24 months of the camper’s departure date. The deposit of $250 per session is for the purpose of securing a spot and is non-refundable or transferable. I also agree to pay the balance in full byMay 1st. If my fees are not paid in full by May 1st then I authorize Camp Jewell to charge the remaining balance to the credit card on file for my account. If registering after May 1st, payment is due in full upon registration. Cancellations after May 1st are not eligible for any refund. Only in case of illness, not homesickness, will any refund be made and then only on a pro-rated basis. I understand that Camp Jewell is not responsible for lost or stolen property. I authorize the Camp Director and Camp Nurse to seek emergency medical attention for my child in the case of accident or illness if I cannot be reached by phone. I authorize the YMCA to have and use the name, photographs, videos, and electronic media of the person named on this application in camp promotional materials. I understand that cabin mate requests are only granted if both campers of similar age request each other.

Parent/Guardian Signature Required:_____________________________________________________________________________________ Date:______________________


860-379-2782 or 1-888-412-2267

Session Prices


Optional Welcome Kit $35



Camper Bank for Store $45/week suggested


Horsemanship Lessons ($125 for 5 lessons, limit one per camper + per summer) Holdover Fees ($125 per session for campers staying longer than + one session) Optional Campership Gift




Less Deposit $250 per session (Optional Welcome Kit & Campership Gift due with deposit)




☐ FA

☐ FA ☐ FA


Camp Jewell is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. 100% of your tax deductible contribution goes directly to support our Annual Campaign for Camperships, which offers opportunities for all children to attend camp regardless of their ability to pay. Will you consider lending your support with a gift? Yes! I/we would like to help send 350 children to camp. Gift Amount: $500 $350 $100 Other:$_______________


Emergency Contacts & Authorized Pick up Persons: (In addition to parents/guardians)

 $2,049  $1,899  $1,799

 $2,449  $2,349  $2,249


Thank you!

☐ FA

Why 4 Tiered Tuition fees?



 $899

 $2,249  $2,099  $1,989

3 Parent/ Guardian #2 Information

 $1,099  $999

Parks and Rec 2 Week Trip


Maine Whitewater 2 Week Trip


Cape Cod 2 Week Trip



Cape Cod 2 Week Trip


Two-Week Ranch Camp "Drivers"  $2,429  $2,249  $1,999 ☐ FA and "Top Hands"

1 1/2


Two Week Traditional Camp and  $1,959  $1,789  $1,659 ☐ FA LIT Program


CIT Ranch Program "Mavericks" 4 weeks (age 16) by 12/31/17 ADVENTURE TRIPS (ages 13-16)



2 1/2

TUITION One Week Traditional Sampler Camp

Realizing that families have differing abilities to pay, Camp Jewell YMCA has instituted a voluntary 4-tier pricing program for our Summer Resident Camp. to accomodate all financial needs. Please choose the tier that is most suitable for your family. All children have the same experience no matter which tier a family is able to pay. The tier selected by a family will be kept confidential. Tier 1-Most accurately accounts for the true cost of operating camp including food, staff salaries, supplies, wear and tear on equipment, transportation, and depreciation. Please pay this cost if you are able. Tier 2-A partially subsidized rate for those who cannot afford to pay the full costs associated with attending camp. Tier 3-A subsidized rate that only covers the basic costs associated with attending camp including, food, staff salaries and supplies. Tier 4-A variable rate made possible by donations to the Annual Campaign, for families who have need for financial assistance. To apply, please request an application form from Camp Jewell YMCA.


Payment Method: Check Enclosed Credit Card Please charge $_________________________on my credit card MC VISA AMEX DISCOVER Card #_______________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date:__________/___________ Security Code:________________________ Authorized Signature:___________________________________________________ Cardholder’s name (please print)______________________________________ Please schedule my May 1st balance due payment to the credit card listed above Please contact me about a payment plan Make Checks Payable to: Camp Jewell YMCA

MAIL/FAX your completed form with deposit or full payment to Camp Jewell YMCA, 6 Prock Hill Rd, Colebrook, CT 06021 or fax (860) 379-8715

MAIL/FAX your completed form with deposit or full payment to Camp Jewell YMCA, 6 Prock Hill Rd, Colebrook, CT 06021 or fax (860) 379-8715

for ages 7-15


Hide-a-Way Ranch at Camp Jewell YMCA provides a unique setting for our Ranch Campers to enjoy a traditional camp experience with an equestrian focus. The one thing everyone has in common at Ranch Camp is the love and enjoyment of riding and working with horses. This creates a strong, tight-knit community for campers in their cabins, riding groups, and in the overall Ranch Camp program. We offer a variety of programs based on each camper’s age. Campers in Ranch are divided in cabins and riding groups based on age: Junior Ranch for ages 7-9 (session 1 only), Drivers for ages 10-12 and Top Hands for ages 12-15. All campers are invited to participate in a variety of horse related activities including trail rides, hayrides, vaulting and off-horse lessons in addition to their daily riding lessons. Regardless of riding ability or experience, beginner to advanced, our counselors and riding instructors focus on each individual camper, ensuring a great experience in the riding ring and in camp overall. Both the Driver and Top Hand programs are able to earn ranks through our Neckerchief Achievement Awards. This gives campers the opportunity to set a goal and a purpose for their lessons at camp. Neckerchief levels are awarded based on the ability to obtain specific riding skills, achieve a certain level of horsemanship knowledge, and be an involved participant in the Ranch community. There are seven different Neckerchief levels campers can work to accomplish (Greenhorn, Colt, Yearling, Mustang, Bronco, Jr. Wrangler, and Wrangler). Often only a few campers each summer earn the Jr. Wrangler and Wrangler neckerchiefs, making them a huge accomplishment. Although Neckerchiefs are not required, it is an honorable and strong tradition at Camp Jewell’s Ranch Camp.

FAMILY CAMPS have an opportunity to enjoy an inspiring outdoor experience while getting to know themselves better and building strong relationships within their trip group.


Sessions 1 & 2 A road trip across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Virginia attractions along the way! The trip includes 15 volunteer hours to give back to the communities we have the pleasure to explore.


Sessions 3 & 4 Our most popular trip, this two-week adventure trip will bring campers out on bicycles to explore the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Along the way they will visit the beach, stay in youth hostels, go on a whale watch, sea kayak, and

Family Camp provides a great experience for

participation in challenging activities and games, while having fun with their parents. With to worry about is what fun activity to do next. Prices start at $900 for a cabin of up to 12 people. The only additional fees are for arts and crafts projects. Activities vary by season, but a great time is guaranteed!


Let’s face it, life can be stressful. A better you is crucial for meeting the demands of a hectic schedule, and maintaining positive relationships with yourself and your family. To be the best mother, wife and/or professional, you need time to relax, rejuvenate, and share like

you grow in spirit, mind and body. Our diverse range of activities allow for personal challenge, skill building, and relaxation. Your participation in activities is completely up to you and you and climbing, as well as opportunities to have a massage, read a book, take a yoga class, or simply talk with other women.


The Camp Jewell YMCA Mother-Daughter Riding Weekend is designed to strengthen the relationships of mothers and daughters through horse-related activities. Participants in this weekend share lifelong memories and discover new things about one another. This weekend together away from the rest of life’s distractions. Regardless of your riding ability you will have a great time throughout the weekend. Activities include horseback riding, trail rides, arts and crafts, and much, much more.


Each year we host over 20,000 people in our weekday and weekend programs and can host up to 600 people at our two separate, full-service properties. What sets us apart is our ability to truly cater our programs to meet the goals of your group, large or small. No matter the season there is a reason to come and stay at Camp Jewell. During the winter, we utilize

pride in our beautiful 540 acres, private lake, and facilities. However, our greatest strength is in providing a positive atmosphere where you can develop new and meaningful relationships. Our programs are designed to meet your needs, and each year we accommodate numerous family and themed weekends that provide an opportunity for you to connect with old friends and make new friends, too. For more information on our many weekend programs, check out our website at

ample opportunities to enjoy the miles of trails at camp and to participate in many of our recreational, educational and teambuilding programs.

appropriate activities. You can choose from a wide selection of teambuilding, recreational and educational programs that are designed to meet YOUR needs; you can customize your program to include as much, or as little, programming as you need.

CAMP JEWELL YMCA OVERNIGHT CAMP 2017 A Branch of the YMCA of Greater Hartford

Camp Jewell YMCA is located 45 minutes from Hartford and under 2 ½ hours from New York City and Boston with easy access from Fairfield and Westchester Counties. From the top of Sunrise Mountain you’ll see miles of vista overlooking our own Triangle Lake. 16-12-001


A branch of the YMCA of Metropolitan Hartford

P.O. Box 8 6 Prock Hill Road Colebrook, CT 06021


Camp Jewell YMCA 2017 Brochure  
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