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Thermal Circuit

• Family hot tub • 2 hot tubs (+ 1 for children) • 4 bubble beds (+2 for children) • Upstream passage • 4 water cannons (+1 for children) • Jacuzzi • Cold foot bath by immersion with river pebbles • Icy pond • Warm salt flotarium (Dead Sea)

• 4 hydrotherapy wall jets (ankles, knees, lumbar and cervical) • Hot pond with river pebbles and seats • Sunbeds with sprinklers • 4 thermal hammocks with chromo therapy, Zen design and chill out music • Rest area with chairs and tables • Finnish sauna • Bar for juice, fruit smoothies and herbal teas

• Roman bath • Steam bath • Ice cabin • Shower with bucket • Sequential bithermal shower • Multijet shower • Nebulized shower • Pool for swimming and aquaerobic 14 x 6 m

PRICES SPA (1 session)

15 €

GYM (1 session)



GYM & SPA (1 session)

18 €

More than 800 m2 with the most advanced equipment for weightlifting, aerobics and classes will be given by specialized trainers: Aerobic, Step, Ciclo Indoor, Latin Dance, Zumba, Cardiobox, Body Fitness, TRX, Hypopressive abdominal, Functional Training.

GYM & SPA (Suscription)

A great space for training and physical development. A great addition to our facilities. More than 20 weekly classes at different times the entire week, including weekends. Come to the Gym, we will provide the motivation!!!



Elche A-7

N-332 CV-865

CV-853 N-332

Santa Pola

La Marina



Guardamar N-332


monthly / quarterly / annual


37,50 €/month

Beauty center Wellness center, more than 400 m2 dedicated exclusively to beauty. Massages, facial and body treatments, hairdresser, depilation, manicure, medical aesthetics and diets, press therapy, cavitation and natural treatments. All you need to feel good inside and outside. Let our team give you professional advice on health and beauty.

Facial Experiences FACIAL EXFOLIATION: Ideal to renew your skin, eliminating dead skin cells. PROFOUND FACIAL CLEANSING: Complete facial treatment that prepares your skin for posterior treatments. Eliminate dead skin cells and clean impurities. BREEZE OF YOUTH (REAFFIRMING AND WRINKLE CORRECTOR): Treatment against the effect of time to obtain a feeling of wellness and youth. Visibly corrects wrinkles and reaffirms the facial skin.

HYDRATING FACIAL RAIN (WITH SEAWATER PEARLS): Intense hydrating treatment with an immediate clearing effect. Complete treatment for a deep hydration, a clearer skin and optimal relaxation. CALM SEA (SOFTNESS FOR SENSIBLE SKIN): Treatment that softens the skin and enhances the protection system for a calm and totally hydrated skin.

OXYGENATION AND PURITY (PURIFYING): A breeze of oxygen for mixt/greasy skin. Attenuates the shine and imperfections of the skin. Your face will regain its radiance and will be profoundly clean and detoxed. FACIAL FOR HIM: All of our facials exist in a male version, adapting to the type of skin with specific products.

Massage Collection

30 min 30 € 50 min 45 € 60 min 60 € 60 min 60 € 60 min 60 € 60 min 60 € 60 min 60 €

BABY AND KIDS MASSAGE: Indicated to relax your child and at the same time improve the early stimulation development of your baby.

30 min 20 €

RELAX MASSAGE: Soft and relaxing massage to help reduce stress in a quiet and harmonious 30 min surrounding. 30 €

50 min 45 €

75 min 60 €

COUPLES MASSAGE: A relaxing massage to share with someone special in a warm and cozy environment to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

50 min 85 €

DEEP MUSCLE MASSAGE: This massage is recommended after sport activities, the deep 30 min muscles, helping to dissolve muscular tension and eliminating toxins. 35 €

50 min 50 €

AROMA THERAPY MASSAGE: You will be surrounded in a world of aromas and oil (essence of choice) with a relaxing massage. GEOTHERMAL MASSAGE: This massage combines the manual techniques with the use of warm volcanic stones that provide relaxation in tension zones. BAMBOO CANE MASSAGE: Exotic massage with bamboo canes, relaxing, therapeutic and modeling. QUIROGOLF MASSAGE: Unique profound massage with golf balls, excellent to relieve the nervous system, calm joints and muscles pain, improve the elasticity and eliminate stress. ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE: Profound manual massage that reactivates the blood circulation improving the oxygenation of the cells and improving orange peel skin. LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: Manual draining technique that manipulates the lymphatic and venous systems through slow and superficial movements.

Body Experiences

BODY EXFOLIATION + HYDRATION: Complete corporal exfoliation that prepares your skin for posterior treatments. Ideal to eliminate dead skin cells. HARMONY-RELAX WRAP (HYDRATION): Purifying and hydrating treatment with a great modeling power for your figure. ABSOLUTE WELLNESS WRAP (REAFFIRMING): Reaffirming and toning treatment that helps regenerate tissue, lessening cellulitis and liquid retaining giving you a firm and clear skin. PURIFYING SPRING WATER WRAP (PURIFYING): Detox treatment with mineral rich clay. The absorbing power of the clay makes it efficient for eliminating toxins. SEAWEED WRAP (OXYGENATING): Oxygenating treatment with marine algae that help relieve muscular tension and oxygenate the skin with a regenerating effect. CACAO WRAP (ANTI-OXIDANT): Anti-ox treatment based on pure cacao that produces a rewarding state of body and mind. WILD STRAWBERRY WRAP (ANTI-OXIDANT): Treatment with fruity touches of strawberry, grape and cherry. Hydrates, repairs and mineralizes your skin. HANDS BEAUTY TREATMENT: Make your hands look better with this complete aesthetic treatment. FOOT BEAUTY TREATMENT: Make your feet look better. You are provided with a sensation of relief and wellness with this complete aesthetic treatment. PRESS THERAPY: Therapy that improves and restores the circulatory system. Non-intrusive and very effective.

Rituals and Programs

DIAMOND RITUAL: A luxurious and unique experience, which purifies body and mind, helping to eliminate the effect of electromagnetic pollution and the stress of daily routine.

75 min 65 €

50 min 45 € 50 min 55 € 50 min 55 € 50 min 55 € 40 min 50 € 50 min 50 €

30 min 30 € 50 min 50 € 50 min 50 € 50 min 50 € 50 min 50 € 50 min 50 € 50 min 50 € 50 min 29 € 60 min 35 € 30 min 15 €

90 min 90 € SUPREME CITRUS RITUAL: A facial and body antioxidant treatment that provides you with energy from pure 120 min Vitamin C. It protects you from dryness and premature aging of the skin, providing a shiny effect. 85 € BAMBOO RITUAL: Exotic body treatment with bamboo canes that renews your skin, helps with drainage and has 90 min a great modeling power. 75 € 75 min LIGHT LEGS PROGRAM: Relieve the heaviness in your legs, stimulating and improving the blood circulation. 55 € 110 min ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE: Eliminate the adipose tissue and reduce orange peel skin getting a firmer skin. 75 € 110 min BEAUTY&RELAX PROGRAM: Body and facial treatment that will make you feel better inside and outside. 85 € RELIEVE STRESS PROGRAM: Reduce the muscle tension from the neck, shoulders and back, eliminating the 50 min day-to-day stress. 40 € All wraps start with an exfoliation and end with a soft hydrating massage.

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