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Camp Chesterfield Presents “Ministry Summit: Reaching for the Mountain Top“ Workshop

S a t u r d a y a n d S u n d a y, June 9-10, 2018 Chapel

”Ministry Summit: Reaching for the Mountain Top” Registration PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

NAME__________________________________________ ADDRESS_______________________________________ CITY_________________________________ STATE________ZIP______________ PHONE____________________________ E-MAIL _________________________________________ Cost: Pre-registration by June 2nd - $95 for ordained ministers and non-active students; $80 for active students After June 2nd - $125 for all participants Method of Payment: Cash ____ Check ____ Credit Card____ Card Number ___________________________ Expiration Date: _________________ Make checks payable to: Camp Chesterfield Mail to: Camp Chesterfield P.O. Box 132 Chesterfield, IN 46017 Camp Chesterfield Ph. 765-378-0235 E-mail: Web: Facebook: Camp Chesterfield

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“Ministry Summit: Reaching for the Mountain Top” Saturday, June 9th - 9:30 am - 5:00 pm & Sunday, June 10th - 10:00 - 12:00 Noon Chapel Join us for a weekend dedicated to the duties of practicing the ministry. This weekend is geared toward students as well as those already ordained. All workshops are held in the Chapel. Pre-Registration Cost (Before June 2nd): $95 for ordained ministers & non-active students = 8 CEU’s for teachers $80 for active students = 2 elective credits After June 2nd, $125 for all participants (Meals, rooms and church services are not included) Saturday, June 9th 9:30 am – Sign-in at the Chapel, Welcome and Introductions 10 am – 12 noon Minister as Preacher Rev. Vicki Corkell Learn techniques to make your sermon sing. Preaching is one of the foremost duties of good ministry, and can uplift the congregation in a multitude of ways. Learn best practices for creating a memorable message to the congregation. 1 pm – 3 pm

Minister as Healer Rev. Wahna Irvine Learn techniques for bringing a solid and healthy healing ministry to the congregation. Above all, ministry transpires healing – body, mind and spirit. Through your gifts of compassion, words spoken, and “The Masters Touch”, build your Healing Ministry with authority and confidence.

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3 pm – 5 pm Minister as Teacher Rev. Lynda Richey The sacraments of marriage, funerals, communion and baptism are more than just ministerial services. Learn how to use the tools of ministry to bring greater awareness of spirituality to the faith family by creating memorable services. 5 pm – 6 pm Supper break with Gala All Message service at 6:30 pm Sunday, June 10th, 2017 10 am – 12 noon Minister as Counselor Rev. Jane DeVore Exploring pastoral ministry to those who are hurting, distraught, and struggling by using best practices for pastoral care and counseling. Techniques for identifying the movement of Spirit in the chaos of daily life and trauma will be explored and how to use the movement of Spirit to provide comfort and hope. 12 noon – 1:30 pm discussion

Lunch, final questions and

Participants are encouraged to attend the 2:00 Healing and 2:30 Worship Service

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