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Board member running for sheriff charged in jury tampering case By CarmeN eNSiNger Greene Prairie Press

Roodhouse royalty at angus show. See page a4


The county board member and candidate for sheriff who found himself in hot water a couple weeks ago for making vulgar and homosexual slurs against a White Hall police officer after a routine traffic stop is once again in the hot seat. Felony charges were filed on March 3 in Greene County Circuit Court against Lucas A. Lamb alleging he had Unlawful Communication with a Juror. According to the allegations in court documents, Lamb “with the intent to influence a person whom

he knew had been selected as a juror, communicated by way of Facebook to that juror that he should nullify any verdict of guilt in that particular case and vote not guilty or ‘hang the jury if necessary.’” Charges were filed by Ed Parkinson, special prosecutor with the State’s Attorney’s Appellate Prosecutor’s office in Springfield. When contacted Tuesday afternoon, Lamb said he didn’t know anything about the charges. Later Tuesday afternoon, Lamb’s St. Louis-based attorney, Patrick Watts, released a statement calling the charges against his client “baseless and wholly uninves-


tigated,” claiming the charges are backlash for Lamb’s “advocacy for individual liberties.” Two jury trials were held in Greene County Circuit Court on Jan. 13 – the date court records state Lamb’s alleged offense occurred – and only one of which came back with a verdict (the other trial was a civil matter). Roberta Lockhart was found not guilty of Exceeding Speed in School Zone by a 12-0 vote. Lamb’s attorney asserts the unanimous decision illustrates his client did not influence the outcome, even though Lamb commented to the juror that the juror should hang the jury “if neces-

sary.” The lawyer claims Lamb’s comments were “clearly political speech, the highest category of protected speech.” Watts’ letter further states, “This case reeks of small town political retribution in an apparent attempt to remove Mr. Lamb from the ballot and retaliate for the prosecution’s failure to prove the simple elements of a speeding in a school zone case.” It was a speeding ticket which brought Lamb into the headlines last month. Lamb was issued a ticket by a White Hall police officer for going 11 miles over the speed limit. Lamb, himself, recorded the traffic stop.



Lady Hawks’ fans out in force at state. See page C1


Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Carrollton high School juniors Jessica Lake, maddie Struble and mckenzie ruyle carry the Class 1a state runner-up trophy off the redbird arena court Saturday in Normal . The Lady hawks (25-7) reached the state championship game for the fourth time in school history, but were bested 59-23 by an annawan (30-4) squad which never won by fewer than 19 points this postseason . for more sports coverage, see section B .


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Missing woman found alive A woman missing from rural Greene County was found unharmed. On Thursday evening, Feb. 27, at approximately 7:10 p.m. the Greene County Sheriff’s Department received a call from the husband of a 58-year-old female resident of rural Greene County, four miles west of Carrollton, who reported he had returned home from work and discovered that his wife was missing from the residence. According to a report from the Illinois State Police, who aided in the search using a plane equipped with a forward-looking infrared camera, the woman is suffering from the early stages of dementia. It was feared the woman had walked off from the rural residence and may have gotten lost in heavily wooded areas surrounding the residence. The sheriff’s department was dispatched to respond along with members of the Carrollton Fire Department and the fire department substations located in Eldred and Kane. Also, the sheriff’s department requested the Greene County Ambulance Service to send out an ambulance crew. “Emergency personnel arrived on the scene within minutes of the call, and after obtaining further information from the family of the missing woman, it was determined that more manpower and resources were needed to begin the search,” Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen said. Carrollton Fire Chief Tim Thaxton assumed command of the search and rescue ground search operation plan for the missing woman and requested assistance from the White Hall, Greenfield and Rockbridge fire departments. The sheriff’s department requested assistance from the on-duty and off-duty officers of (See, missing woman, A2)

Greenfield to perform Counselor saves student from choking high school musical By CarmeN eNSiNger Greene Prairie Press

North Greene wins regional title. See page B1-4

Lamb was heard making vulgar remarks to the officer. Lamb said he never intended for the recording to be posted. After initially pleading not guilty to the speeding charge Lamb eventually pleaded guilty to an amended charge of defective equipment. Lamb, of Greenfield, was elected to the Greene County Board in November 2012 and is currently running for the office of Greene County Sheriff. Lamb will make his first appearance on April 9 at 2 p.m. in Greene County Circuit Court with Scott County Judge David Cherry presiding.

By CarmeN eNSiNger Greene Prairie Press

Greenfield names 2014 sweethearts. See page D4

SPriNg fOrwarD ThiS weekeND


It’s been many, many years since Greenfield High School has put on a school play, but that will be changing this year as students are set to perform the musical, “I Love You Because,” with three performances scheduled for March 7-9 in the high school auditorium. Music teacher Jacob Bollman, who is in his second year with the district, said he has been involved with musical productions for most of his life. “I have performed in and been a part of plays and musicals since I was a little kid,” Bollman said. “I knew that when I became a teacher that I wanted to give students the opportunity to have many of the same experiences that I had.” Bollman said the only reason he didn’t put on a play last year was because he was still getting settled into the district. But that’s not to say he didn’t have it in mind for the future. “When I first mentioned last year that we were planning on putting on a show this year, the students were very excited,” he said. “They would not stop imagining and guessing what show we would be performing. Their enthusiasm confirmed and fueled my want to give them this opportunity.” “I Love You Because” is a modern day love story comedy set in New York City. The story focuses around a guy, Austin, and a girl, Marcy, who recently have been dumped by their exes. Through their best friends, Marcy and Austin get set up on a date and because they are opposites it does not go well. They end up hanging out because Marcy is trying to help Austin get back together with the girl who dumped him. Through this process, Austin starts to fall for Marcy, but

Marcy turns him down. No longer friends, Marcy realizes that she misses Austin and decides to try to win his heart. She succeeds and the show ends with them falling in love. Tyler Gruen and Shelby Bayless are set to play the lead roles of Austin and Marcy, while their best friends, Jeff and Diana, are played by Kyle Phillips and Kearsta Ornellas. Rounding out the cast are Nikki Bergschneider who plays the waitress, Hailey Phillips as the landlord and Sarah Bailey as the neighbor. Auditions for the production were held in December with rehearsals taking place when school resumed after winter break on Jan. 6. The school district is funding the play and expenses have been kept to a minimum. “Because the show is set in the modern day, many of the costumes used have come from the students themselves,” Bollman said. “Anything they did not have we have gone out and bought for them, but almost everything the cast members have supplied.” Same with the props. “Tracy Phillips, parent of some of the cast members, has supplied and/or built all of the props for the production,” Bollman said. “I cannot thank her enough for the contributions and time she has given to the show.” Show times are at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday with a 2 p.m. matinee on Sunday. Tickets are $2 for students and $5 for adults and can be purchased at the door, which will open 30 minutes before show time. “The kids could not be more excited about this musical,” Bollman added. “There are many things they love about the show but at the top of the list has to be the opportunity to perform the beautiful music and to tell a wonderful story to their friends and family.”

By CarmeN eNSiNger Greene Prairie Press

A Greenfield district employee is being hailed as a hero by her district after she saved the life of a first grader during the lunch period after he started choking on a chicken nugget. Missy Struif, guidance counselor for the district, said she just happened to be in the right place at the

“i yelled for someone to go get the nurse and then just gave him the heimlich and up it came .”

Missy Struif

Guidance Counselor Submitted photo

right time. “I don’t normally do lunch duty for the kindergarten through second grades, but on this day I was asked by the principal if I could cover it,” Struif said. “About 10 minutes into the lunch period, the other teacher on duty started yelling for me.” The other teacher on duty in the lunch room was two tables over when she saw the young child obviously in distress. “She began yelling my name and I happened to be standing right behind the child as it was happening, but he had his back to me,” Struif said. “It’s funny because when I heard the panic in her voice as she was calling out my name, I just knew someone was choking.” By this time, the child had stood up and was grasping at his throat. “I yelled for someone to go get the nurse and then just gave him the Heimlich and up it came,” Struif said. “He was coughing pretty hard so I wasn’t sure if it was me or him that dislodged it.”

greenfield School Board Chairman Dr . howard Phillips presents guidance counselor missy Struif with a Certificate of recognition after Struif performed the heimlich maneuver on a first grade student who was choking in the cafeteria recently .

Struif said she first learned how to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver while she was working as a nanny for a nanny service while in college. “At the time I was learning it, I was thinking to myself I would probably never in my lifetime have to actually perform it on someone,” Struif said. “All teachers are required to be certified every other year in both CPR and Heimlich, but you never really think you will one day be using it.” The child suffered no ill effects from the close call, but Struif said she couldn’t say the same about herself. “A few minutes after it happened, here I am still very emotional and scared over the ordeal, and the little boy raised his hand and asked if he could get seconds on the chicken nuggets,” Struif said. “I got a real kick C




out of that because he had already moved on with his day and I was still sitting there feeling quite panicked for quite awhile, just thinking about what could have happened.” Struif, who has children of her own, said younger children tend to choke more often. “These little ones – I think they have been in class all morning and they are having a good time talking to their friends and they just get hurried and choke,” she said. “There have been a couple of times with my own children when they start coughing while eating and I wonder if they are going to choke. Thankfully, that has never happened.” Greenfield Board of Education presented Struif with a Certificate of Recognition for her life-saving efforts in the cafeteria during their Feb. 25 board meeting.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Letters to the editor

has been the superintendent of the multi-county Regional Office of Education for many years. While his hard work and dedication to education largely goes unnoticed by the voting public, he has guided the ROE to do more with less year after year. Due to some Springfield political gamesmanship, Mr. Pfeiffer recently worked for five months not knowing when, or if, his next paycheck would come. When others around the state retired or found other employment, Larry stood the post as a committed public servant. He has implemented programs that help at-risk children achieve educational stability. Larry is committed to innovating and maintains active state and national associations. Enjoy March madness but take some time and head to the polls this month. If education is important to you, let’s return Larry Pfeiffer to the helm of the Regional Office of Education. MATT GOETTEN Carrollton, Ill.

Supports Pfeiffer for regional superintendent of schools TO THE EDITOR: I am a retired Regional Superintendent of Schools for Christian and Montgomery counties. For many years, I had the opportunity to observe and work alongside Regional Superintendent Larry Pfeiffer. Our relationship was always constructive and positive. Larry exhibited a high level of professionalism and worked with my office on many occasions to

improve educational programming and opportunities for the children, the taxpayers, and the school districts of his four-county region. I urge voters to nominate and re-elect Larry Pfeiffer as Regional Superintendent of Schools for Macoupin, Jersey, Greene and Calhoun counties. GREG SPRINGER Hillsboro, Ill.

Monday, March 10: WIC Pick-up Nutrition Education Class, Appt. Only; Flu Shots 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.; Pregnancy Testing 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.; Blood Pressure Screening 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 11: WIC and Prenatal Clinic, Appt. Only 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 12: WIC and Prenatal Clinic, Appt. Only 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Thursday, March 13: White Hall - WIC and Prenatal Clinic, Appt. Only 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday, March 14: Flu Shots 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.; Blood Pressure Screening 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.;

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Pregnancy Testing 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, March 15: Clinic 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.; WIC Recertification and Prenatal Check-ups, Appt. Only; Walkin Immunizations, Flu Shots and Pregnancy Tests offered.

Publisher and Editor: Julie Boren

Note: Skilled nursing home health care visits and home health aides visits are available on a daily basis, including Saturdays and Sundays, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy are also available. Call 800-942-6961.

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Monday, March 10: Debbie Evans. Tuesday, March 11: Kylie Crabtree. Wednesday, March 12: Senda

Fraser. Thursday, March 13: Jan and Russell Ash. Friday, March 14: Nick and Joann Carmean.

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Illinois Valley Senior Citizens menu Reservations must be made by 1:00 p.m. on the day prior to the day you wish to eat. If you have made reservations and cannot attend, please notify center (217) 942-6414. Monday, March 10: Swiss steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, butter beans, pineapple, prunes. Tuesday, March 11: Bingo spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, peas, mixed fruit, lemon tart. Wednesday, March 12: White Hall NH Bingo - Pork chop, rice


Carrollton, Illinois

Greene County Health Department

Urging the public to vote in primaries TO THE EDITOR: The calendar flipped to March on Saturday. As a huge basketball fan, it means the madness can’t be far off. As a political observer, the Illinois primary is just weeks away. While the NCAA Tournament is always exciting I can’t always say the same about primary season. Too often voters, both Democrat and Republican, find little reason to head to the polls to help nominate their party’s candidates. This year Democrats in Greene and Jersey County may be inclined to stay home, there are very few contested races. I encourage you to resist that urge. It has never been easier to cast your vote with absentee, provisional, and early voting. In fact, I’ve already been to the polls. Under the uncontested race for county sheriff on your ballot you will find the contested race for Regional Superintendent of Schools. An afterthought to most, this contest is extremely important to the future of our schools. Larry Pfeiffer, the incumbent,


pilaf, mixed vegetables, peaches, fruit bar. Thursday, March 13: Tomato soup, chicken salad sandwich, red bean salad, pea salad, gingerbread. Friday, March 14: Arthritis Class - Turkey burger on bun, augratin potatoes, calico salad, cinnamon apples, dessert bar.

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” -- Thomas Jefferson, 1787

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Missing woman “Some search crews had gone home for the night so they could get some rest, so they could arrive back at day break and relieve the crews who had stayed throughout the night,” McMillen said. “The search crews battled the cold temperatures and fatigue to do everything possible to locate the missing woman.” At approximately 11:38 p.m. a search crew made up of Carrollton firefighter Joel Rosentreter and volunteers Bob Schnelten, Matt Randolph and Lanis Camden had extended their search area, and this area put them into position to hear what they believed was a person calling out for help in a field located approximately threefourths of a mile southeast of the missing woman’s home. When they located the

person calling for help, they notified the command center that the woman had been found and that she was alive. The sheriff’s department used its fourwheel drive squad cars, and EMS responders utilized ATV type vehicles to travel through the plowed fields to locate the search crew and the missing woman. The woman was immediately placed in the squad car along with EMS personnel and transported to an ambulance that was waiting at a nearby farmhouse. The woman was transported to Boyd Memorial Hospital for treatment of hypothermia and exposure. “I would like to commend the firemen, police officers, EMS responders and the volunteers for their diligent work, which

changed the outcome of this incident from being a tragedy to being a successful rescue of a precious life,” McMillen said. “Chief Thaxton should also be commended for his leadership in organizing the ground search.” MotoMart in Carrollton supplied emergency crews with hot coffee to warm them up and a person brought out sandwiches to feed the crews. “This type of support allows emergency responders, when faced with extreme circumstances, to work longer,” McMillen said. “This is a true demonstration of how emergency responders can efficiently work together to accomplish their goals, no matter what situation they are faced with.”


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it was apparent from the beginning that it was very important to locate her as soon as possible due to the extremely cold temperatures and windy conditions that were present, along with the fact that it was believed that the missing woman was not properly dressed for extended outdoor exposure.” Search crews were formed and a massive ground search was conducted by the emergency personnel and volunteers who were on the scene. Roodhouse Police Department and Illinois State Police K-9 units were also utilized to conduct ground searches. After more than four hours of searching the area, the search crews were not immediately able to locate the missing woman.


(Continued from A1) Carrollton, Greenfield and Roodhouse police departments. They also summoned the assistance of the Illinois State Police airplane, which is equipped with thermal imaging infrared cameras to scan the ground for heat-producing objects, such as a person. The Illinois State Police also sent troopers from Litchfield District 18 headquarters and Collinsville District 11 headquarters. Many volunteers from the community also showed up on the scene to assist in the search. “It was unknown how long the woman had been out in the cold temperatures and the elements due to the fact that she was alone all day,” McMillen said. “However,


Wednesday, March 5, 2014



MENUS Carrollton High School menu

Ruth Murgatroyd Ruth Powell Murgatroyd, 99 of Sherman, formerly of Jacksonville, died Friday. Feb. 14, 2014, at Villa East Retirement Community, Sherman Ill. She was born March 5, 1914, in Hillview, the daughter of George R. and Addie Hunnicutt Powell. Ruth married William T. (Bill) Murgatroyd Feb. 7, 1948, in Jacksonville. He preceded her in death April 19, 2001. She is survived by one son, Thomas (Lora Pond) of Sherman; two granddaughters, Sarah (Pat) Phalen of Springfield and Katie (Bret) Hahn of Sherman; and five great- grandchildren, Nick, John and Anna Phalen and Loren and Molly Hahn. Other surviving relatives are her brother, George Powell of Traverse City, Mich.; sister-inlaw, Betty Powell of Fairoaks, Calif. and many nieces and nephews across the country. She was also preceded in death by her sister, Sophia Sheffield; ten brothers, Arthur, Charles, Floyd, Fred ,John, Earl, Cloyd (Bud), Everett, Max and Adrian Powell; and great-granddaughter, Alyssa Hahn. Mrs. Murgatroyd graduated from Hillview schools, from Carrollton High School and from Brown’s Business College. She worked as bookkeeper at Black’s Garage in White Hall and while seven of her brothers were deployed in WW II she served her country in the Ordinance Inspection Department at the Nesco War Department plant in Jacksonville. Later, she worked for Our Saviour Grade School and the Singer store. She retired after many years as secretary for Jacksonville School District 117. Ruth was a long time parishioner of the Church of Our Saviour and a member of Catholic Daughters of America, Junior Women’s Club, Beta Sigma Phi and the Jacksonville Elks Lodge. She was noted throughout her life for her sewing, crocheting, and gardening. Her family meant the world to her; she was especially proud of her Greene County farm roots. Ruth and Bill loved traveling and enjoyed their circle of close friends in Jacksonville. Funeral Mass was held at 11 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014 at the Church of Our Saviour. Burial followed at Calvary Cemetery in Jacksonville. Friends called at the Williamson Funeral Home, Jacksonville, after noon, Wednesday, Feb. 19, with the family meeting friends from 2-4 p.m., a prayer service followed the visitation. Memorials are suggested to Our Saviour Building Fund or Greene County Historical Society. Condolences may be left online at:

J. Fred Bauer

James Cahal James S. Cahal, 71, formerly of Rockbridge and St Joseph, Mo., died Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014 at Jacksonville Skilled Nursing and Rehab. He was born Feb. 13, 1943 in Lansing, Mich. to Sherman T. and Vera (Robinson) Cahal and they preceded him in death. He was raised from the age of 9 in the home of Robert and Esther Steele of Rockbridge, and they also preceded him in death. Surviving are two sisters, Caroline (William) Kirkendall of St. Clair, Mich. and Sandra (Frank) Grubb of rural Winchester; his extended family, Mike (Patty) Adams of Jacksonville, Bonnie (Mike) Cole of Palmyra and Jim Weger of Chapin; and several nieces; nephews; great-nieces; and great-nephews. He was preceded in death by JoAnn Weger, part of his extended family. Jim was a decorated member of the United States Navy for 30 years. He served three tours during the Vietnam War on the USS Rupertus, USS O’Bannon, and USS Moosburger. He received the Good Conduct Medal and The Purple Heart, along with numerous others awards. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles for 30 years in St Joseph, Mo., where he had many close friends, an avid golfer and member of the USGA. He was a history buff and enjoyed researching history about General Custer. He attended Greenfield High School and was a proud member of the undefeated IVC Conference Champs in 1960. Visitation was after 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 1 at the Shields-Bishop Funeral Home in Greenfield, where funeral services were held at 10:30 a.m. Burial followed at Witt Cemetery near Rockbridge with full military honors provided under the direction of Legion Fitzsimmons Post #225. Memorials are suggested to the Witt Cemetery.

Gary Miller Gary E. Miller, 60, of Carrollton died unexpectedly early Sunday morning March 2, 2014 at his home. Born in East St. Louis on Sept. 7, 1953, he was the son of the late Virginia Groene Miller and Don Miller of Fairview Heights. He married the former Rose Reis on Feb. 21, 1975 in Belleville and she survives. Also surviving besides his wife and father are a daughter, Becky (husband Brian) Shanks of Concord, Ill.; a son, Don (wife Tina) Miller of Jacksonville; five grandchildren, Samantha, Nathan, Benjamen, Taylor and Joseph; and a sister, Donna Albert of Collinsville. Gary was preceded in death by his mother. He was involved most of his life with education. He taught at St. Maurice School in Morrisonville, later came to St. John’s School in Carrollton and served as principal for many years. Most recently he worked for the State Board of Education in Illinois. A memorial service will be held at 11 a,m. at Green Mount Cemetery in Belleville on Thursday, March 6. Memorial donations may be made to a trust fund for his grandchildren established at Carrollton Bank. Condolences may be left online at:

Monday, March 10: Sloppy Joes, tater tots, mixed fruit, krispy rice. Tuesday, March 11: Chicken, fries, corn, pears, chocolate pudding. Wednesday, March 12: Hamburger on bun, French fries, apple. Thursday, March 13: Corn dogs, green beans, applesauce, brownie. Friday, March 14: Tomato soup, grilled cheese, carrots/dip, peaches. All meals served with bread, butter, milk. Potato, sandwich and salad bar served daily.

H. Deneen Weber Herschel Deneen Weber, 84, of Rockbridge died on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014 at Jerseyville Manor Nursing Home in Jerseyville. He was born in Rockbridge at the home of his parents, the late Herschel and Lillie Darr Weber on March 16, 1929. He married the former Virginia Hartwick on Feb. 12, 1951 at the Providence Baptist Church east of Carrollton and she survives. Also surviving are two daughters, Denise Calentine-Lee of Newport News, Va. and Linda Cunningham of Jacksonville; two grandchildren, Christina Cunningham of LaSalle, Ill. and Jason (wife Jennifer) Cunningham of Providence, R.I.; three step grandchildren, Michael Lee, Mary (Lee) Toms and Christy (Lee) Donaldson, all of Virginia; and great-grandson Cameron Cunningham; step great-grandchildren, Ivy and Haley Lee, Olivia, Nola and Ethan Toms. He was preceded in death by his parents; son, Roger Weber; and son-in-law, Roger Lee. He graduated from Rockbridge High School and served his country during the Korean Conflict in the U.S. Air Force. After his tour of duty he became a full time farmer. He was a member of the Providence Baptist Church serving as a deacon and trustee, Sunday school teacher and song leader until the church closed in Dec. of 2010. Deneen and his wife then became members of the Charity Baptist Church in Greenfield. Deneen was a member of the Greene County Farm Bureau and had served on the Carrollton Farmer’s Elevator Board of Trustees. He had been an Americana Seeds and Stone Seeds dealer. He loved his family dearly. He enjoyed attending church, singing the old hymns and visiting with relatives, friends and neighbors. Funerals services were held on Friday, Feb. 28 at 11 a.m. at the Airsman-Hires Funeral Home in Carrollton. Visitation was on Thursday. Feb. 27 from 4-7 p.m. at the funeral home. Burial followed in Providence Cemetery east of Carrollton. Memorials may be made to the cemetery or a charity of one’s choice. Condolences may be left online at:


Carrollton, Illinois

Greenfield menu Breakfast Monday, March 10: Eggs and bacon or cereal, toast, juice, milk. Tuesday, March 11: Flapstick or cereal, toast, juice, milk Wednesday, March 12: French toast sticks or cereal, toast, juice, milk. Thursday, March 13: Biscuits and sausage gravy or cereal, toast, juice, milk. Friday, March 14: Uncrustable or cereal, toast, juice, milk.

College Notes University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign’s August 2013 and Fall Semester 2013 graduates included local students: Hannah Marie Ryan of Greenfield, Adam Butcher of Roodhouse and David Steckel of Carrollton Kelly Pembrook of Greenfield, has been named to Eastern Illinois University’s Fall 2013 Dean’s List. Monica Murphy of Greenfield, a sophomore, and Alexander Turpin of Carrollton, a Junior, both graduates of Greenfield High School, have been named to Illinois College Dean’s List for Fall 2013. Maria Sasieta of Carrollton, a junior at Concordia University, Nebraska has been named to the fall 2013 honors list. Mindy Jackson of Greenfield graduated from Greenville College in December, 2013 with a Master of Arts in Reading. Marissa Chapman of Greenfield, has been named to the dean’s list for the fall 2013 semester at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Lewis and Clark Community College has named the following local students to its honors list for Fall 2013 semester: President’s List: Carrollton - Samantha R. Allen, Kyle R. Baumgartner, Brett D. Fraley, Samantha J. Fraley, Angela L. Gardner, Lisa J. Harbers, Levi N. Helderman, Jennifer Y. Horton, Rachel N. Kaiser, Sharon D. Miller, Abby N. Ross, Anna L. Schnettgoecke, Olivia M. Schnettgoecke, Luke A.

Lunch Monday, March 10: Meatball Sub with cheese, carrots, mixed fruit, raisels, milk. Tuesday, March 11: Vegetable beef soup, crackers, PB sandwich, string cheese, pineapple, milk. Wednesday, March 12: Chicken nuggets, BBQ sauce, bread, broccoli, pears, milk. Thursday, March 13: Pork patty on bread, green beans, applesauce, cookies, milk. Friday, March 14: Cheese quesadilla, salsa, corn, peaches, raspberry sherbet, milk.

Steinacher, Blaikley B. Webb. Eldred - Kristen M. Drainer Greenfield - Chelsie R. Bowman, Larry W. Jacoby, Isaac N. Masters, Linda I. Tomesanyi. Hillview - Cameo M. Holder Kane - Dalton R. Jones, Kayla B. Smith, Linda M. Walters. Roodhouse - Ricky J. Snyder, Lora R. Weber. White Hall - Rachel L. Eason, Tanner A. Guthrie, James R. Vestel. Dean’s List: Carrollton - Brayden B. Arnett, Jacob D. Bowker, Jacob L. Carter, Brittany D. Daniels, Brandy D. Dawdy, Danielle L. Fraley, Bailey R. Garrison, Kayla A. Hill, Josie C. Jones, Jacqueline M. Lane, Christopher M. Roemer, Haley I. Schofield, Ryan G. Scott, Michael S. Shenberger, Heather N. Smith, Heather N. Spade, Benjamin Stringer, Kelly A. Thompson. Eldred - Ryan C. Juhl, Chelsey P. Shafer, Annette M. Wense. Greenfield - Carol A. Ford, Laverne E. Hufford, Kearsta J. Ornellas, Morgan L. Vetter, Keegan Williams. Hillview - Cheyenne R. Pence, Lindsey N. Smith. Kane - Sarah M. Maag, Brittany A. Patton, Kelsey D., Heather L. Williams. Roodhouse - Joseph S. Benner, John E. Forsting, Jr., Lacey A. Mielke. White Hall - Amanda J. Brown, Caleb L. Early, Jacob D. Hopper, Bradley J. Moulton, Mami A. VanWinkle.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Greenfield to hold free pre-kindergarten screening

Call the Greene County Health Department at 217-942-6961 to pre-register for a class or for more details.

Greenfield School District #10 in cooperation with the Greene County Health Department and the Four Rivers Special Education District is sponsoring free vision, hearing and developmental screenings for all children 2 1/2 to 4 years of age who reside in the district. The screenings will take place at the Greenfield United Methodist Church on Thurs, March 20 and Friday, March 21. Call the Greenfield Elementary School at 368-2551 to schedule an appointment. This screening, along with parent information, determines eligibility for the district pre-kindergarten program. Please complete the registration forms if you are unable to attend the screening with your child. These forms may be obtained from the school.

Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Foundation April Fool’s Drawing Looking for some extra money in the Spring? Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Foundation is hosting an April Fool’s Day Raffle! Tickets can be purchased from any Hospital Employee or Board (Foundation and Hospital) Member for $50 each or three for $100. The Grand Prize is $5,000 with other drawings of $1,000, 3 prizes of $500, 4 prizes of $250, and 5 prizes of $100 to be drawn on April 1, 2014 (need not be present to win). For more information, please call 217-942-6946, extension 1203.

Library’s Century Club Membership Drive is underway

Food Sanitation Manager Class refresher Class in March

The Greenfield Public Library’s Century Club membership drive is now underway. The drive will continue to April 1. The membership costs is $100 and is a tax-deductible contribution to benefit the Greenfield Public Library. Those who join the Century Club will have their names listed on a scroll in the library and receive a quarterly newsletter to keep them updated on news, activities and programs at the library. The Century Club involves individuals, businesses, clubs, organizations, etc. that support the public library, aside from regular gifts and donations given throughout the year Through this membership, members actively help the Greenfield Public Library maintain current activities and grow in the future. For more information, please call the library at 217-3682613.

Need to renew your Food Sanitation Manager certificate? State rules are changing. If your certificate expires in October 2014 or before, you will be allowed to take a Refresher course as before - with prior registration. If your certificate expires in November 2014 or after, you must wait for the new rules to come out late this year. Do not let your certificate expire. A 5-Hour Refresher class will be offered at the Greene County Health Department on Saturday, March 22 from 9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. No exam is required. Cost for class supplies if $40. Pre-registration is required. Another class will be scheduled before July 1, however a definite date is not set. If your certificate needs to be renewed, enroll today.




HAPPENING GREENFIELD Mondays and Wednesdays: 6-9 p.m. Greenfield High School Fitness Center will be open to the public. Please use back door of the high school. No charge to anyone living in Greenfield School District. A signed release form is required on first visit. PATTERSON Friday, March 7: 7: 7:30 p.m. Patterson Country Opry in the old Patterson School. Special guest: Bobby Lee. For reservations call 217-473-0602.


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Monday, March 10: 4-7 p.m. Carrollton American Legion Chicken Dinner at Brass Door. Carry outs available. Proceeds will be donated to Boyd Hospital. BARROW March 16-21: 7:30 p.m. Barrow Baptist Church Revival .


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Rated R (102 min.)

4:30 Matinees will be in 2D! ALL other shows will be in 3D!



Animated Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Stephen Colbert, Allison Janney, Ariel Winter

Jerseyville Manor

“MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN” Rated PG (92 min.)

4:30 Matinees will be in 2D! ALL other shows will be in 3D!

1251 n. state st. Jerseyville, il 62052

SHOWTIMES Friday - 4:30, 7:00, 9:30 Saturday - 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, 9:30 Sunday - 2:00, 4:30, 7:00 Mon. thru Thus. - 4:30, 7:00


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Carrollton, Illinois




Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Carrollton, Illinois


Third state title just out of reach Thrilling postseason ends with runner-up finish at state tourney SAM eLLioTT Greene Prairie Press Carrollton's first trip to the girls basketball state tournament in 10 years produced a Class 1A runner-up trophy for the Lady Hawks. It's the second such trophy for the Carrollton girls basketball program, which also owns a pair of championships and has made eight total trips to the state's largest girls high school basketball stage. "Lady Hawks basketball has definitely had a lot of tradition," first-year head coach Brian Madson said. "To get them back [to the state tournament] means a lot to me. I'm very honored to be here with this group. I inherited 18 great girls. To get the school back to this position is a great feeling." ANNAWAN TAKES TITLE Nothing could keep the Annawan High School Bravettes on the way to their first state championship. Not even a Lady Hawks squad playing inspired basketball at the end of an emotional postseason run. Carrollton (25-7) kept the game close throughout the opening quarter, but Annawan's unrelenting defensive pressure took its toll on the Lady Hawks and the Bravettes (30-4) won a 59-23 decision in the Class 1A state championship game Saturday at Redbird Arena in Normal. "They’re a great team," Madson said. "They deserved it, but we had a heck of a season. A lot of people kind of wrote us off, so I’m very fortunate, very blessed and very honored to be in this position with these girls. Second place is pretty darn good. I’m still excited for the girls." Annawan, which never won by fewer than 19 points this postseason, pulled away in the second quarter to lead 30-12 at halftime. The Bravettes forced Carrollton into 33 total turnovers, including 21 in the first half. "We knew coming in that it was probably by far the toughest defense we’ve seen," Madson said. "It’s hard to prepare for that intensity. We’ve got a good [junior varsity] group that does a great job preparing us every game, but that caliber of a team is hard to prepare for." Junior Rachel Williams led the Lady Hawks with nine points and as many rebounds. Annawan was paced by Celina VanHyfte's game-high 19 points and 13 rebounds, Cierra Davis' 17 points and 12 rebounds and Megan Foes' 11 points. VanHyfte finished the season an unanimous Associated Press Class 1A first-team all-state selection and an Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Class 1A and 2A all-state first-teamer. CARROLLTON CLIPS CENTRAL A&M McKenzie Ruyle missed her first five free throws of the game — and eight of her nine tries in the team's super-sectional win four days prior — but the Carrollton junior made two out of four attempts inside the final 40.2 seconds to give the Lady Hawks a 40-38 win against Moweaqua Central A&M in the teams' Class 1A state semifinal Friday at Redbird Arena. "I was nervous," Ruyle said. "It was nerve wracking, but I knew I had to do it to help my teammates get to the state championship game. We’ve worked so hard for it and I didn’t want it to end right there for us all." More than 23 seconds remained following Ruyle's second free throw, but the Lady Raiders' final 3-pointer just before the final buzzer missed its mark to secure Carrollton a spot in the state championship game. Central A&M (27-7), which went on to place fourth behind Lanark Eastland (29-6), kept the Lady Hawks scoreless for nearly four minutes to begin the game and took an early lead as large as nine points. "We were down nine, but deep down I wasn’t nervous," Madson said. "Maybe that comes off as arrogance, but that’s just my style. I know my girls are fighters, so at no point in time was I nervous or scared or anything." (See LADY HAWKS, B2)

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Carrollton's Jessica Lake stretches for the basketball on a rebound attempt during the Class 1A state championship game against Annawan Saturday at Redbird Arena in Normal. The Lady Hawks beat Moweaqua Central A&M 40-38 in a semifinal matchup Friday, but were bested by Annawan 59-23 in the title game to finish the 2013-14 season with a 25-7 record and second-place finish at the Class 1A state tournament.

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

The Carrollton High School girls basketball team gathers for a huddle just before the Class 1A state championship begins Saturday in Normal.

Sam Elliott/Greene Prairie Press Sam Elliott/Greene Prairie Press Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Lady Hawks junior Madison Mountain fights to retain possession of the basketball during the Class 1A state championship game against Annawan Saturday at Redbird Arena in Normal.

McKenzie Ruyle lines up a free throw Friday in Normal. The Carrollton junior made two free throws in the final 40.2 seconds to give the Lady Hawks a 40-38 win against Central A&M Friday at Redbird Arena.





Lady Hawks junior Maddie Struble gets off a shot in the lane against Moweaqua Central A&M Friday at Redbird Arena in Normal. Struble led Carrollton with 19 points and a game-high 17 rebounds in a 40-38 semifinal victory against Central A&M at the Class 1A state tournament.




Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Spartans top Tigers for title 50-49

Carrollton, Illinois

Greene County scores, results Girls basketball IHSA Class 1A state tournament Championship game

> > 3/1 — Carrollton 23 Annawan 59


> > 2/28 — Carrollton 40

Moweaqua Central A&M 38

Boys basketball Jacksonville Class 1A Regional Championship game Sherry Fraley/Greene Prairie Press

> > 2/28 — No. 3 North Greene 50

Greenfield-Northwestern's isaac Masters drives against North Greene defenders Connor Vincent and Kolten Heberling Friday at Routt Catholic High School. Masters scored a game-high 24 points, but the tigers were edged 50-49 to end their 2013-14 season with a schoolrecord 24 wins and just four losses.

SAM elliott Greene Prairie Press Two made free throws by Adam Knox with 5.4 seconds remaining gave the North Greene High School boys basketball team a 50-49 win against Greenfield-Northwestern — and the Spartans' first regional championship since the 2007-08 season — Friday at Routt Catholic High School in Jacksonville. "He was outstanding. He went and showed why he's the captain of our team," North Greene head coach Brett Berry said. "He put the team on his shoulders and did exactly what he needed to do at the right time." Greenfield-Northwestern senior Isaac Masters had made two free throws just 5.4 seconds earlier to give the Tigers a late 49-48 lead. After Knox's free throws, Berry knew whom Greenfield-NW's lastsecond offense would run through. "We knew Masters was going to get the ball. We doubled him and pushed him to the sidelines so he’d have a really difficult shot," the coach said. "Then it was just a scramble underneath the basket." After Masters missed, Patrick McWhorter got a shot off that also missed the mark. Austin Plogger grabbed the ensuing rebound and put the ball through the hoop — but the final buzzer had already sounded. North Greene kept the game close through the first quarter, but faced a 32-23 deficit at halftime. "I thought we came out a little bit amped up, but didn’t really execute defensively like we wanted to in the first half," Berry said. "We gave them a lot of second-chance opportunities, didn’t rebound the ball well and didn’t defend nearly as well as we wanted to." The Spartans' halftime adjustments helped them erase that nine-point deficit in the third quarter and the teams were tied 41-41 entering the final frame. Knox, classmate Reed Rusten and junior Connor Vincent each finished with 12 points for North Greene. Knox finished with 5-of7 shooting from the field, Rusten added six rebounds and Vincent scored all 12 of his points in the fourth quarter — including two key 3-pointers in the third quarter. "He became a little bit more aggressive offensively," Berry said of Vincent. "He took some tougher shots and was able to knock them down and that kind of gave him a little confidence. He was able to stretch the defense real well with that outside shot of his. After knocking one or two of those down, it kind of got things rolling." Masters led Greenfield-NW and all scorers with 24 points and Plogger added 13 for the Tigers, who finished the season with a

No. 1 Greenfield-NW 49 Semifinals

> > 2/26 — No. 1 Greenfield-NW 65

school-record 24 wins and lost just four games. With the win against Greenfield-NW — the first for North Greene in three tries this season — the Spartans (18-12) will face Springfield Lutheran (26-3) in an Okawville Class 1A Sectional semifinal at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Okawville High School. "[Springfield Lutheran is] a big, athletic team that’s strong and quick," Berry said. "We’re going to have to go out there and keep doing what we do well and keep working hard and go right at them. We won’t back off." Wednesday's winner plays Waterloo Gibault Catholic in the sectional title game at 7 p.m. Friday in Okawville.

No. 4 New Berlin 41

> > 2/26 — No. 3 North Greene 58 No. 2 Franklin 57

Bunker Hill Class 1A Regional Semifinal

> > 2/26 — No. 2 Carrollton 50 No. 3 Calhoun 53

Junior high volleyball

HAWKS EDGED BY CALHOUN The Carrollton High School boys basketball team was eliminated in the semifinals of the Bunker Hill Class 1A Regional after rival Calhoun won a 53-50 decision Wednesday, Feb. 26, at Bunker Hill High School. The Hawks led by as many as 11 points in the first quarter — during which they forced nine of Calhoun's 13 total turnovers. The Warriors cut their deficit to 27-26 at halftime, but took the lead for good on a jump shot by Andrew Sievers with 1:01 to play in the fourth quarter. "I thought we backed off a little bit and our intensity wasn’t the same," Carrollton head coach Jeff Krumwiede said. "We did not put this game at the level of preparation mentally and physically that we needed to. There are distractions that have a part of it, but mostly we just didn’t play well." Junior Cody Leonard got the Hawks to within one point of Calhoun with 9.6 seconds remaining, but — after one more Warriors free throw — Carrollton's game-tying attempt from 3-point range at the buzzer was off the mark. "We just didn't play up to our level," Krumwiede said. "I give Calhoun all the credit for that. They're a very well coached team. They took away some of the things we had success with in the first two times we played." Leonard finished with 19 points, including 9-of-9 free-throw shooting and 10 rebounds. Classmates Jacob Smith and Luke Palan added 13 and eight points, respectively. The Hawks, undefeated champions of the Western Illinois Valley Conference this season, ended their 2013-14 campaign with a 24-6 record.

Okawville Class 1A Sectional Game 1: 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 4 Waterloo Gibault Catholic (23-8) def. Calhoun (18-9) 64-40 Game 2: 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 5 North Greene (18-12) vs. Springfield Lutheran (26-3) Game 3: 7 p.m. Friday, March 7 Game 1 winner vs. Game 2 winner —— Sectional champion advances to Jacksonville Class 1A Super-Sectional, faces Brimfield Sectional winner — Kewanee Wethersfield, Liberty or Mendon Unity — at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Jacksonville High School Bowl.

Sherry Fraley/Greene Prairie Press

North Greene senior Adam Knox rises for a shot against Greenfield-Northwestern in the championship game of the Jacksonville Class 1A Regional Friday at Routt Catholic High School. Knox made a pair of free throws with 5.4 seconds remaining to give the Spartans a 50-49 win and their first regional championship since the 2007-08 season. North Greene will face Springfield lutheran in an okawville Class 1A Sectional semifinal at 7 p.m. Wednesday at okawville High School.

> > 2/26 — 8th grade: North Greene

def. Meredosia 25-12, 23-25, 25-22 North Greene service points: Britani Clanton 13, Bree Barnard 10, Madison Evans 8, Stephanie VanMeter 4, Deelany Bell 3, Kaylie Rhoades 3, Elizabeth Wells 2, Haylee Brickey 1, Haylee Fox 1

> > 2/26 — 7th grade: North Greene def. Meredosia 25-18, 25-10

North Greene service points: Mallory Rogers, 15, Jessica Jilg 8, Madison McClenning 5, Madilyn Gilmore 2, Maice Clanton 2, Meagan Roberts 1

Mike Weaver/Greene Prairie Press

(Above) Carrollton junior Jacob Smith works against the Calhoun defense Wednesday, Feb. 26, in the semifinals of the Bunker Hill Class 1A Regional at Bunker Hill High School. Smith scored 13 points for the Hawks, who were edged in a 53-50 decision to end their 2013-14 campaign with a 24-6 record. (Right) Cody leonard shoots over a Calhoun defender Wednesday, Feb. 26, in Bunker Hill. the Hawks junior scored a team-high 19 points and grabbed a game-best 10 rebounds.

LADY HAWKS: Two earn all-state honors (Continued from B1)

Carrollton cut its deficit to 22-18 by halftime and Williams gave the Lady Hawks their first lead of the day on a basket from inside the lane that made it a 27-25 game with 3:06 to play in the third quarter. Williams, who battled foul trouble throughout the contest, was charged with her fourth during Central A&M's next possession. Already without senior Patsy Coonrod — lost for the supersectional and state tournament following a neck injury sustained in an automobile accident — Carrollton freshmen Emily Struble and Hannah Robinson were called upon for meaningful minutes. "Those girls stepped up huge," Madson said. "Emily was the next girl in to fill Patsy's shoes. Those are big shoes to fill, but Emily's done a

nice job. She provides a spark for us." Carrollton's lead was 32-31 entering the fourth quarter. After Central A&M began the final frame on a 4-1 run to take the lead back, the Lady Hawks never trailed again after Madison Mountain banked in a 3-pointer with 3:49 remaining. Central A&M drew even at 38-38 on two free throws with 43.7 seconds to play, but Ruyle hit the first of her two game-winners on Carrollton's following possession. She finished with two points. Junior Maddie Struble led the Lady Hawks with 19 points and 17 rebounds. Mountain added 12 points with eight rebounds and Williams was next for Carrollton with six points in the team's 25th and final victory of the season.

"These girls deserve all the credit. This whole season has been a roller coaster for myself, but I’m very proud of what these girls have been able to accomplish this season," Madson said. "We wouldn’t be here without them. I’m very proud of getting here and I’m very proud of our efforts [Friday] — especially in the second half." The Lady Hawks will be honored and recognized during a celebration rally at 4 p.m. Sunday at Carrollton High School. COONROD, WILLIAMS EARN ALL-STATE HONORS Coonrod wasn't able to compete at the state tournament, but she and Williams were among those to earn all-state honors Friday and Saturday. Williams, who averaged 11.6

points and six rebounds per game, was an Associated Press Class 1A all-state honorable mention selection and earned Class 1A and 2A all-state special mention honors from the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association. Coonrod averaged 11.3 points and 7.8 rebounds per game her senior season and was an IBCA all-state fourth-team selection. "That’s awesome," Madson said. "Being their coach I guess I’m a little biased and I think they probably deserved a little higher, but we've had a heck of a season and those two especially had awesome years. It's great they were honored in this way. It's a good way to send off Patsy."

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



Carrollton, Illinois








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HOURS W-F 9-7 M-T-TH 9-5 Sat. 9-4




Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Carrollton, Illinois

In photos: Lady Hawks make most of state run

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

The Carrollton High School student section cheers on their Lady Hawks during the Class 1A state championship Saturday at Redbird Arena in Normal.

Sam Elliott/Greene Prairie Press

Carrollton's Rachel Williams gets a chest bump from teammate Emily Struble during player introductions prior to the Class 1A state semifinals Friday at Redbird Arena.

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Carrollton superfan Eric Evans makes his voice heard during the Lady Hawks' appearance in the Class 1A state championship game Saturday at Redbird Arena.

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

(Above) The Carrollton High School girls basketball team lines up for the national anthem prior to the Class 1A state championship game against Annawan Saturday at Redbird Arena in Normal. Sam Elliott/Greene Prairie Press

(Left) Lady Hawks junior Madison Mountain gets highfives from teammates as she's introduced in the starting lineup for the state semifinals Friday at Redbird Arena.



Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Lady Hawks head coach Brian Madson watches the action unfold during the Class 1A state championship game Saturday in Normal. Madson and assistant coach Ryan Brunaugh, left, led Carrollton to a 25-7 record this season.


Congratulations Lady Hawks & Cheerleaders! Thank You To All The Fans For Your Support!

526 N. MAIN ST. CARROLLTON 217-942-9444

BRASS DOOR RESTAURANT & CATERING Congratulations on a fine season!

South Side Square • Carrollton, IL • 217-942-6489


Cary DeSpain

RR3 Box 132C, Carrollton, IL 62016 Phone 217-942-6959 Fax 217-942-5424





Congrats On An Amazing Season! 217-942-6818



We’re proud of our LADY Hawks!

Financial Services, Inc. Financial and Retirement Planning 330 5th St., Carrollton, IL • 217.942.3615


Securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, A Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC.

CONGRATULATIONS LADY HAWKS! Congrats Hawks on a Great Season!

403 Locust Street • Carrollton, IL 62016 217-942-6964 1-800-525-6075

100 N. MAIN ST. JERSEYVILLE 618-498-5508




Great Value, Good People 315 Sixth Street Carrollton, IL 62016





920 N. Main Street, Carrollton, IL 62016

(217) 942-9234

Terrific Season lady Hawks!

803 5th Street, Carrollton, Il 62016 • 217-942-9706 C




Your #1 Source For Local Sports Greene Prairie Press



Carrollton, Illinois

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Who is that masked man?

No, really, who is that masked man? A Carrollton Lady Hawk fan keeps his identity well hidden during the final game of the State playoffs Saturday afternoon.

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Will Gilmore anticipates the Lady Hawk appearance in the State Finals with a positive attitude Saturday morning.

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Medal ceremony

Carrollton freshman Anja Goetten shakes the hand of the IHSA official prior to recieving the second place medallion at Saturday's ceremony at Redbird Arena.

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Oh great - we're losing...

Ava Uhles sports a rather disappointed look Saturday afternoon as the Lady Hawks get defeated by a tough Annawan team in the Class 1A State Finals at Redbird Arena.

Three cheers for the Lady Hawks basketball team

Dylan Funk, Lindsey Smith and Olivia Schnettgoecke cheer for the Lady Hawks Saturday during the IHSA Class 1A State Finals at Redbird Arena.

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Carmen Ensinger/Greene Prairie Press

Hard game to watch

Senior starter Patsy Coonrod watches helplessly as her fellow teammates get desimated by the Annawan Bravettes in the Class 1A State Final at Redbird Arena. A car accident a week earlier prevented Coonrod from leading her teammates to victory.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014





Wednesday, March 5, 2014

C LASSI FI E DS The People’s Marketplace

Reaching 75,000 Readers Each Week! CALHOUN NEWS-HERALD P.O. Box 367, Hardin, IL 62047


Monday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tuesday 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Friday 1 - 4 p..m.

P.O. Box 70, Pittsfield, IL 62363 Ph: 217-285-2345 Fax: 630-206-0320 E-Mail: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Scott County Times

Ph: 618-576-2345

Fax: 630-206-0320


Monday, Tuesday & Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.





Ph: 217-734-2345 • Fax: 630-206-0320 E-Mail:

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

*Certain classifications of ads appearing in The People’s Marketplace also appear on all Campbell Publications websites at no additional charge.

400b FOR RENt greene county

600 HELP wANtEd

1100 REAL EStAtE

FOR RENt: Upstairs apartment in Carrollton, 1 BR, all appliances furnished, share washer & dryer in hall. You pay electric. Water & trash furnished. $400 due on rental, $200 deposit. No smoking and no pets. Call 618-535-2488. 3.5

NOw HiRiNg Now hiring a part time nail tech and part time massage therapist that has experience in Reiki, reflexology or other healing techniques. Inner Harmony, 227 S. Main, Jacksonville, IL. 1-217245-1888. 3.5

bEAUtiFUL RANcH home. 3BR 2BA 2 car garage. Large deck. North of Timewell. 217-322-6402.

FOR RENt: 317 Railroad St. White Hall. $425/mo. $425 deposit. 2 BR/1 BA. Newly renovated kitchen & bath. Recently carpeted. AC/H. No pets. Call Justin (434)808-3163. 3.5

dRivERS O/O: $4000 sign on! Join For Transfer - get an extra grand a month for first 4 mos! Available to first 50 qualified, O/O's who lease with Fort! 100% FS & excellent pay! CDL-A 1 yr. exp. w/ tank end. 855-2905752. 3.12

100 AUtO FOR SALE 2002 Chevy Silverado LS Ext. Cab. Duramax Diesel, Allison Transmission, Pirelli Tires, Black, Runs Excellent. $9,950. 217-577-4900. 3.12 1986 dOdgE Ram, 1/2 ton, short be pickup, 2 wheel drive, V-8 automatic, daily driver, $1,500 negotiable. 217-285-5116. 3.12 2007 tRAiLbLAzER SS heated leather seats. 20" chrome rims, rear air suspension, tinted windows, 6 disc Bose stereo, 73K miles. $16,500. 618-5351239. 3.12

200 bUSiNESS tHE tRAdiNg POSt 501 E. Prairie St., Jerseyville, IL. Open Monday Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Over 7,000 sq. ft. of clean furniture, appliances, sporting goods and tools. Plus 2000 smalls @ $2.00 or less! We buy full or partial estates/households of GOOD, CLEAN furniture and appliances. Why buy new when "slightly used" will do? For more information, call: 618-639-4569. TFN

cOLmAN'S cOUNtRy cAmPERS 2013's on sale. Big discounts. Sales, service, parts, propane. #2 Fun St. Hartford, IL 62048. 618254-1180. TFN 2012 mObiLE HOmE StimULUS PAckAgE: up to $25,000 for your trade in. Discounts for land owners. Financing available. Prequalify by phone 314-5627459. tf SELLbESt, 110 W. Quincy St., Griggsville: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Quality Used Furniture & AppliancesWashers, Dryers, Freezers, Fridges, Microwave, Electric Stoves, Twin, Full, Queen Beds, New Mattress Sets, Bedroom Furniture, Tables & Chairs, Upholstered Furniture, Tools, T.V.s, Stereos. Everything for the home and you! Call 217-2422252.TF diAmONd tRAiLER saleswe buy used campers new campers & toy haulers by Keystone RV Co. Pre-owned campers; RV parts & service. We also stock a large selection of RV accessories for all your camping needs. Located at 1117 N. Old Rt. 66, Litchfield. 217-324-2452, TFJCJ

300 FARm mARkEt 6-8 cAttLE pipe gates. 6-66 1/2 steels posts for sale. 217734-1811. TF HEAvy ROUNd bale grass hay. 6 ft. net wrapped. Also 5 bales round net wrapped straw. 217-491-0697. 3.5

400 FOR RENt FOR RENt Madison County Storage Barn. New, clean, dry with electricity, overhead lighting, partial concrete floor, 2 over-head doors, built in shelving, 1554 total sq. ft $400 a month + $400 deposit required prior to moving in. Located 1 mile from I-255. Contact Jason 618-9771062. 3.12

400A FOR RENt calhoun county APARtmENt FOR rent. Call Matt 618-576-2766 or 618576-2449. TFCNH cOmmERciAL bUiLdiNg for rent. Hardin, IL. Call (618)498-1234 and ask for Business Department. TF

400b FOR RENt Pike county 2 bR HOUSE for rent No smoking No pets. Security deposit required. 217-2854502. TF 1 ANd 2 BR apartments available. No smoking. No pets. Security deposit required. 217-285-4502 TF OFFicE SPAcE Prime location. Ample parking. West Washington St., Pittsfield. Call 217-285-2848 or 217285-5925. 3.19 NEwLy REmOdELEd office space on the square in Pittsfield. For more information, call 217-473-8811. TF

2 bEdROOm trailer for rent in Pittsfield. Call 217-2854674, leave message, or call 217-491-0088. TF HOmE iN cOUNtRy for rent. 3 BR, 2 BA, completely remodeled. No pets. Deposit and references required. 918-2237780. Located in New Canton. 3.5 FOR RENt: 2 BDR bungalow, newly remodeled, Pleasant Hill. References required. Send inquiries to: General delivery\Rental. Pleasant Hill, IL 62366. TF

400E FOR RENt Scott county FOR RENt storage building Winchester. all 618-4981234. Ask for Jane. TF


i N d E P E N d E N t cONtRActORS needed to perform work on foreclosed properties. Lawn maintenance and more. Call 217-632-0153 or contact us at 3.12 ARE yOU iNtEREStEd in part-time employment? CareLink is hiring caring, dependable individuals to provide in-home care in this area. Flexible hours. Paid orientation and training. Work as a team with Nurse Care Coordinator to help clients live safe and healthy in their own homes. Applications available at or call Toll Free: 877-8848480. 3.5 cARRiER: Two routes open in Pittsfield. Lucrative routes for morning delivery. If interested, please call Brian at 217-245-6121 ext. 226. 3.5

615 HUNtiNg SEARcHiNg FOR prime farmland to lease for deer and/or turkey hunting rights. Any size acreage considered. We are not an outfitter and only leasing for our own personal use. Ref. available. 937-2140460. 3.26.14 LOcAL HUNtER looking to lease hunting ground. Short term/long term. 217-8294008. 2.27.15 dEER HUNtERS: Rent Pittsfield country home away from home. 3 BR, sleeps 6+, fully furnished, move-in ready. 573-549-2530. Cell: 636-358-6994. TF

FOR SALE Reclaimed lumber from late 1800's building, rough cut fir 2x10's, 2x6's, 1x12's, wood flooring, etc. Call (217)836-0091. 3.5

LOcAL HUNtER looking to lease a farm in Pike County or Northern Calhoun County 217-4910181. TF

gOOdyEAR t125/70d15 95M Temp. spare for 1998 Buick. Never used. $20. 217-285-4975. TF

900A NO tRESPASSiNg calhoun county

dON't PAy high heating bills eliminate them with an outdoor wood furnace from Central Boiler Call Today. 217-236-3022.TF SHEPPARd ELEctRONicS 1402 Lakeview Heights, Pittsfield, IL. 217285-2893. Cell: 217-2481188. LG TV sales and service. 3D and smart TVs, Blu Ray DVD players,32-55" TVs. Metal detectors, new & used, very good prices, Whites and Garrets. New and used CB's & antennas, Uniden Police scanners also for sale. FREE DVD OR SOUNDBAR WITH EACH TV ABOVE 32". tf bEd qUEEN Pillowtop mattress set. New in the plastic. $175. Can deliver. (618)7722710. 5.7.14

timE cLOckS, Acroprint 125 $100 and Acroprint 150 $125. Call Jane at 618498-1234. TFN

600 HELP wANtEd PARt-timE cOOk Apply to West Pine Retirement Village. 508 West Pine, Jerseyville Monday through Friday, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. TFN


1100A REAL EStAtE calhoun county mULti-UNit RENtAL property. Great income producing property. Priced to sell! Call Chris at the Bank of Calhoun. 618-5762211. TF

1100c REAL EStAtE Jersey county LANd FOR SALE 0.51 acres in Elsah next to entrance of Joywood. NOT zoned in subdivision. Could be building lot or for a garage. $3,000 obo. Call Vince 618-223-0967. 2.26

3 bR, 1 Bath, 2 1/2 car garage. Remodeled with large laundry room. Appliances neg. 404 Kenwood. $85,00. May entertain renting 700 per. 618-535-1239. 3.12

1100d REAL EStAtE Pike county LARgE, NEw beautiful home near Summer Hill for sale with 19 1/2, acres, a finished basement, pond, in-ground pool, attached and detached garage with living quarters in the back of it, pull barn and much, much more. Please call 217-473-8811 for more information. tf HOUSE FOR SALE: 4 Excellent starter home for a single person or a couple in a small rural community with excellent neighbors. 918 square feet cozy home is situated on a large lot. If interested, please call 1-217-242-7262. tf

1200 SERvicES cONcEALEd cARRy training courses being held in Greene County. Call Jason at 618-567-5650. 4.2

NO tRESPASSiNg on Marty Aderton property in Hardin.

1300 wANtEd


NO tRESPASSiNg no hunting on property owned by Martha Knight (also known as Marty Aderton), Lincoln Valley Road, Hardin. 11.11.14

900c NO tRESPASSiNg Jersey county PRivAtE PROPERty No hunting or trespassing on any property owned by Gary Rothe, Teri Rothe Kirbach and Debra Rothe in Jerseyville, Illinois in Jersey County. Violaters will be prosecuted. 12.19.14

900d NO tRESPASSiNg Pike county NO tRESPASSiNg on any and all land owned by Double Creek Farms, Inc. TF

wANtEd: Old gas pumps, signs, island lights, soda machines. Call (217)8360091. 3.5

1400 wORk wANtEd wANt tO sit with elderly in their homes. Experienced in working with elderly. Call 217-833-2530. 3.5 wORk wANtEd Odd jobs, cleanup, lawn care, carpentry, painting, sweet gumball cleanup. 217-4915872. TF

1500 yARd SALES NEEd ExtRA cash? Sell your used items in The People's Marketplace Classifieds. One phone call puts your ad in six newspapers....a total circulation of almost 22,000 readers! Plus your ad will be put online for FREE!

ous or does not infringe on the privacy of any individual or entity. All advertisements are accepted and published by the newspaper upon the representation that the agency and/or advertiser will indemnify and hold harmless the newspaper from any loss or expense, including the cost of defense and any settlement and/or judgment resulting from claims based upon the contents of any advertisement, including claims or suits for defamation, libel, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism or copyright infringement. All advertisements created by the newspaper are not considered a “work made for hire” and the newspaper retains the copyright to all advertisements created by the newspaper for the advertiser. The advertisement may not be reproduced without the written permission of the newspaper. EquAL HOuSING OPPORTuNITY All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preferences, limitations or discrimination, in the sale, rental or financing of housing. In addition, the Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on age, ancestry, marital status, or unfavorable discharge. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which violates the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination, call the Chicago area Fair Housing Alliance toll free at 1-800-659-OPEN.

• 610 Hobby Shop/Handicrafts* • 620 Kids For Hire • 700 Lost/Found • 710 Meeting Reminders • 800 Miscellaneous* • 900 No Trespassing A: Calhoun County B: Greene County C: Jersey County D: Pike County E: Scott County • 1000 Pets* • 1100 Real Estate* A: Calhoun County

Business Opportunity In Winchester

Potential for Climate Controlled Storage Units 1 Currently used as Storage Unit

Contact Darrell Moore (217) 473-5486

Worrell-Leka Land Services, LLC 2240 W. Morton Jacksonville, IL 62650


CALL 618-498-1234 Ask for Jane

• • • • •

B: Greene County C: Jersey County D: Pike County E: Scott County 1200 Services* 1300 Wanted* 1310 Web Sites* 1400 Work Wanted 1500 Yard Sales A: Calhoun County B: Greene County C: Jersey County D: Pike County E: Scott County


Commercial Buildings For Sale

Hardin, IL

Call (618) 498-1234 and ask for Business Department

Commercial Building for rent Hardin, IL

Call (618) 498-1234 and ask for Business Department


Various Models of Fax Machines $10 and up

Mrs. Illinois/America Pageant (Married)

You can be Mrs. Illinois/America 2014

Call (618) 498-1234 and ask for Business Department

STATE FINALS: April 19th 2014


Stephanie Piller Mrs. Illinois/America 2013 ENTER NOW! Win a trip to Nationals, Magnificent Wardrobe and Fabulous Prizes!


Acroprint 125 - $100 Acroprint 150 - $125 CALL JANE 618-498-1234



Classic Pageants, Inc. E-mail: 2615 W. 35th Street, Oak Brook, IL 60523


1100E REAL EStAtE Scott county

AbSOLUtELy NO tRESPASSiNg on the property of Lloyd and Debbie DeSherlia in Batchtown. Violators will be prosecuted. 8.7.14

NO tRESPASSiNg On Jack and Mary Jeaen Aderton properety in Hardin. 5.1.14

100 Automotive * 200 Business* 210 Church Services 220 Collectibles* 300 Farm Market* 400 For Rent* A: Calhoun County B: Greene County C: Jersey County D: Pike County E: Scott County F: Miscellaneous • 500 For Sale* • 600 Help Wanted*

3bR HOUSE with unattached garage w/ building.. 309 W. Congress, Griggsville. Call 217-2481958. 3.5

2 bEdROOm 1 bath house for sale at 40 Cottonwood Drive in Alsey. Has new furnace, hot water heater, roof and guttering, driveway and patio. $24,000. 309-338-5612. 3.12



Monday 8:30 - 10 a.m. Friday 3:45 - 5 p.m.

832 South State, Jerseyville, IL. 62052 Ph: 618-498-1234 • Fax: 630-206-0320


DEADLINES: Classified ads, Monday 3:30 p.m. (For placement and for cancellation.) CLASSIFIED RATES: First insertion, 25¢ per word, minimum $6. Consecutive repeat insertion, 15¢ per word, minimum $5. Prepayment is required. Any change in original ad will be considered start of a new ad. Blind Ad, $4 service charge, plus postage if replies are to be mailed. Yard Sales, $6 up to 20 words. No Trespassing notice, one year, up to 20 words, $60. ADVERTISING POLICY The following are policies of: Calhoun News-Herald, Greene Prairie Press, Jersey County Journal, Pike Press, Scott County Times and The Weekly Messenger: We are not responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of display and classified advertising. One free insertion will be allowed for a classified ad with a significant mistake. Please let us know immediately. The newspaper reserves the right to edit or reject any advertisement submitted for publication. Yard Sale and Work Wanted ads are payable in advance. Proper identification is required of persons placing ads. A F.O.I.D. card will be asked for when selling a firearm. No exceptions will be allowed. Newspaper reserves the right to refuse any advertising, including the right to do so after the ad has been accepted for publication but before publication occurs. The advertiserʼs sole remedy for such refusal shall be the refund of the funds paid to purchase the ad. Advertisements are accepted by the newspaper upon the representation that the agency and/or advertiser is authorized to publish the contents and subject matter of the advertisement and that it is not libel-

• • • • • •

P.O. Box 138, Winchester, IL 62694 Ph: 217-742-3313 • Fax: 630-206-0320 E-Mail:

P.O. Box 265, Carrollton, IL 62016 Ph: 217-942-9100 Fax: 630-206-0320 E-Mail:

The PeoPle’s MarkeTPlace classifieds

Great Auctions Start Here! The People's Marketplace Classifieds

caMPbell PublicaTions

THE PEOPLE'S MARKETPLACE ILLINOIS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING NETWORK ADVERTISING SERVICES Need to place your ad in more than 300 newspapers throughout Illinois? Call Illinois Press Advertising Service 217-241-1700 or visit


Antique American Glass Sale Sponsor 20-30-40 Society March 8 & 9, 2014 Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM Sunday 11 AM - 4 PM Concord Plaza Midwest Conference Center 401 West Lake St. Northlake, Illinois Information 630-851-4505

AUCTIONS United Rentals is selling surplus equipment at no reserve internet auction on March 14. Bid now on service trucks, F350, F450, F550’s, pickup trucks at FARM MACHINERY AUCTION Saturday March 8th 9am – Iola, IL TRACTORS * FARM MACHINERY CONSTRUCTION, FORAGE & LIVESTOCK EQUIP WAGONS * ANTIQUE TRACTORS * MORE! SMITTY’S AUCTION SERVICE 217-259-8219

BOATS THE BOAT DOCK We Buy & Consign Used Boats! 217-793-7300

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Campbell publiCations

the people’s marketplaCe Classifieds

Wednesday, marCh 5, 2014

THANK YOU* *We really appreciate the recognition by U.S.News & World Report that ranks us among Tier 1 National Universities. We share this recognition across the university, with every department and each program. It’s reflected in the research our faculty spearhead, the patents we earn, and the awards our students win. We don’t do any of these things for the accolades. We do them because we think there’s no such thing as too ambitious.



10 CH 16

Mary J. Moss; Unknown Heirs and Legatees of Charles Moss; Unknown Owners and Non-Record Claimants Defendants. Property Address: 1270 Mason Street, Barry, Illinois 62312 NOTICE OF SHERIFF SALE





Public notice is hereby given that in pursuance of a judgment of said Court entered in the above-entitled cause on March 30, 2012, I, Sheriff, Paul Petty of Pike County, Illinois, will hold a sale on April 4, 2014 , commencing at 9 AM, at the Pike County Courthouse, 100 East Washington Street, Pittsfield, IL 62363, to sell to the highest bidder or bidders the following described real estate, or so much thereof as may be sufficient to satisfy said decree, to-wit: Commonly known as: 1270 Mason Street, Barry, Illinois 62312 P.I.N.: 46-038-11 First Mortgage Lien Position; SingleFamily Residence; Judgment Amount $99356.49

ILCS 605/9(g)(5), AND 765 ILCS 605/18.5(g-1), YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT THE PURCHASER OF THE PROPERTY, OTHER THAN A MORTGAGEE, SHALL PAY THE ASSESSMENTS AND LEGAL FEES REQUIRED BY SUBSECTIONS (g)(1) AND (g)(4) OF SECTION 9 AND THE ASSESSMENTS REQUIRED BY SUBSECTION (g-1) OF SECTION 18.5 OF THE ILLINOIS CONDOMINIUM PROPERTY ACT. Terms of Sale: CASH - 10% down at the time of sale and the balance due within 24 hours of the sale. All payments for the amount bid shall be in certified funds payable to the Sheriff of Pike County. The person to contact for information regarding this property is: Steven J. Lindberg at FREEDMAN ANSELMO LINDBERG LLC 1771 West Diehl Road, Suite 120, Naperville, IL 60563 (866)402-8661. For bidding instructions, visit 24 hours prior to sale. This communication is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. FREEDMAN ANSELMO LINDBERG LLC 1771 W. Diehl Rd., Ste 150 Naperville, IL 60563-4947 630-453-6960 866-402-8661 630-428-4620 (fax)

IN ACCORDANCE WITH 735 ILCS 5/15-1507(c)(1)(H-1) AND (H-2), 765



208 ACRES +/- • 4 TRACTS Friday, March 7, 2014 • 11 AM Auction Location- Crossroads Center 125 W. Jefferson St. Pittsfield, IL Property Location: 30526 Jim Town Hollow Rd Rockport, IL. 2.5 miles west of Summer Hill, IL. Tracts are in Sections 15 & 16 of Atlas Twp., Pike Co, IL.

• Great Opportunity! • Tillable Land, Pasture, Timber, 4-Ponds, 3 BR Home & Buildings • FSA: 150 Acres m/l Open Tillable & Pasture • 4 Contiguous Tracts! • Tracts 1 & 2 sell subject to 2014 Farm Tenancy • Pikeland School District/ Pike Co. Water District Tract 1: 46 ac m/l, 33.5 tillable FSA acres. Rolling productive tillable, 2 ponds, pasture, waterways. South of Jim Town Hollow Rd & west of the Tract 4 home-site. Tract 2: 114 ac m/l, 84.14 tillable FSA acres. Rolling tillable, timber, pond, pasture & grass. Borders Tracts 1, 3 & 4. Access via Jim Town Hollow Rd at the NE corner of the farm. Tract 3: 41 ac m/l. Approx. 50/50 pasture & timber. Fenced, year-around spring! Scenic secluded home-site potential! West of Tracts 1& 2. Jim Town Hollow Rd borders on north side. Tract 4: 7 ac m/l, House, Shed, Bins, Pond, Pasture. 1590 s.f. 3-BR, att. garage, fireplace, hardwood, basement, rural water! 40x60’ machine shed, 3 bins, grain leg/mill, 2 outbuildings. Pond, pasture & lots. Jim Town Hollow Rd frontage and may view tracts at their convenience. To view the home or for more info please contact Brian Curless at 217-242-1665 or email: Attorney for Sellers- Ron Hoskin 130 S Madison Pittsfield, IL 217-285-4822


Brandon Morrow & Sheena Martin: Co-Trustees

Curless Auction – Brian Curless Auctioneer 217-242-1665 IL Lic. #440000013

2.19.14, 2.26, 3.5


13 CH 5

VIRGINIA JONES A/K/A VIRGINIA B JONES A/K/A PAT JONES; KENNETH A JONES; UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NON RECORD CLAIMANTS ; DEFENDANTS 36 HAMBURG ROAD MICHAEL, IL 62065 NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO JUDGMENT OF FORECLOSURE UNDER ILLINOIS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE ACT ***THIS DOCUMENT IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT ON A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE*** PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered by said Court in the above entitled cause on September 13, 2013, CALHOUN COUNTY SHERIFF in CALHOUN County, Illinois, will on April 7, 2014, in CALHOUN COUNTY COURTHOUSE, HARDIN, IL 62047, at 1:30PM, sell at public auction and sale to the highest bidder for cash, all and singular, the following described real estate mentioned in said Judgment, situated in the County of CALHOUN, State of Illinois, or so much thereof as shall be sufficient to satisfy said Judgment: TAX NO. 07-06-27-401-403 COMMONLY KNOWN AS: 36 HAMBURG ROAD MICHAEL, IL 62065 Description of Improvements: SINGLE FAMILY FRAME WITH BRICK,UTILITIES ON,NOT FOR SALE, NO GARAGE The Judgment amount was $83,133.33. Sale Terms:

This is an “AS IS” sale for “CASH”. The successful bidder must deposit 25% down by certified funds; balance, by THISNO IS SIU. certified funds, within 24 hours. REFUNDS. The subject property is subject to general real estate taxes, special assessments or special taxes levied against said real estate, water bills, etc., and is offered for sale without any representation as to quality or quantity of title and without recourse to plaintiff. The sale is further subject to confirmation by the court. Upon payment in full of the bid amount, the purchaser shall receive a Certificate of Sale, which will entitle the purchaser to a Deed to the real estate after confirmation of the sale. The property will NOT be open for inspection. Prospective bidders are admonished to check the court file to verify all information. The successful purchaser has the sole responsibility/ expense of evicting any tenants or other individuals presently in possession of the subject premises. If this property is a condominium unit, the purchaser of the unit at the foreclosure sale, other than a mortgagee shall pay the assessments and the legal fees required by The Condominium Property Act, 765 ILCS 605/9(g)(1) and (g)(4). IF YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOMEOWNER), YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN IN POSSESSION FOR 30 DYAS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSION, IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 15-1701(C) OF THE ILLINOIS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW. For Information: Visit our website at http:\\service.atty-pierce. com. Between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. only -


Pierce & Associates, Plaintiff’s Attorneys, 1 North Dearborn, Chicago, Illinois 60602. Tel. No. (312) 372-2060. Please refer to file #PA1307615 Plaintiff’s attorney is not required to provide additional information other than that set forth in this notice of sale. I590944 2.26.14, 2.5, 3.12

Shop Local • Shopping Locally Retains Our Community and Keeps Shops & Services In Our County • Shopping Locally Creates Local Jobs • For Every Dollar Spent Locally, 45 cents Is Reinvested Locally



Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Greene County police and traffic The following police reports were filed between Feb. 24 and Feb. 28. These reports are public information and are obtained from the Greene County Circuit Clerk’s office. All individuals listed have been arrested and charged, or cited in the case of traffic violations. All are innocent until proven guilty. the following individual has been charged with a felony: Allen, Zachary T., dob 09-1886, burglary, theft/more than $500 less than 10K. the following individual has been charged with a misde-

meanor: Gray, Cory A., dob 09-01-85, possess cannabis/less than 2.5 grams. the following individuals have been charged with a conservation violation: Reno, Jared D., dob 03-31-87, deer hunting permit violation. Sidebottom, Steven J., dob 06-11-60, no valid hunting license/stamp. the following individual has been charged with driving under the influence: Sorrells, John J., dob 09-0363, driving under influence of




Troy, Illinois- The Cement Masons Local No. 90 and Southern Illinois Builders Asscociation Joint Apprenticeship Committee announce that applications will be accepted from 8:00am -11:00am, April 7-11 and April 14-18, 2014 at the Local No. 90 office, 820 Lions Drive, Troy, Illinois.

The People’s Marketplace


Join our growing team at a community focused bank. Our mission is to provide customers unsurpassed service, and to provide an outstanding environment for our employees to succeed personally and professionally. Applications for PART-TIME are now available at our Hull, Winchester, White Hall and Jerseyville locations: Contact us:

This is a three year program.


Commercial Building for rent Hardin, IL

57, overweight on axle. Hurst, Shannon E., dob 06-0681, operate uninsured motor vehicle. Johnson, Nicole J., dob 08-2390, disregard stop sign. Kuhnline, Kyle, dob 06-1284, transport/carry alcohol liquor/ driver. Reif, Gregory A., dob 01-2588, driving 1-10 mph above limit. Sorrells, John J., dob 09-03-63, improper traffic lane usage. Stark, Carl W., dob 03-22-51, driving 15-20 mph above limit. Williams, Daniel J., dob 07-0695, improper traffic lane usage.

Employment Opportunity

108 East Adams, Pittsfield IL 63363 217-285-5585

QUALIFICATIONS ARE: • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age • Birth Certificate required • High School Diploma or GED • Reside within the territorial jursidiction of Calhoun, Greene, Macoupin, Jersey, Montgomery, Bond, Madison, Clinton, St. Clair and Monroe counties For more information, call 618-667-2562.


alcohol. the following individuals have been issued a traffic citation: Byers, Lawrence E., dob 01-05-61, driving 15-20 mph above limit. Chain, Steven Michael, dob 01-04-60, driving 15-20 mph above limit. Cunningham, Steven M., dob 11-09-87, overweight on axle. Faulkner, Connie F., dob 07-03-63, operate uninsured motor vehicle, driving 15-20 mph above limit. Harrell, Donald B., dob 08-07-

An Equal Opportunity Employer


The Greene County Highway Department is accepting applications for part time employees. The department is seeking qualified applicants that have a valid CDL, construction experience and machinery operation skills to assist with various construction and maintenance activities throughout the year. The department will accept applications through March 28, 2014. Applications may be picked up and submitted at the Greene County Highway Department office during normal business hours. M-F 7:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Call (618) 498-1234 and ask for Business Department


Call (618) 498-1234 and ask for Business Department View photos on the web

HELP WANTED Due to a boom in the census count..


Carrollton, Illinois



$10 and up

Acroprint 125 - $100 Acroprint 150 - $125

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RN Night Shift - Full Time 12 HR Shifts -6 pm to 6 am

Calhoun Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, LLC. Benefits included: Paid Vacation, Personal & Sick Days and 401(k) . If interested please submit an application or resume to: or Chris Akers, Human Resourses Calhoun Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, LLC #1 Myrtle Lane, Hardin, IL 62047 618-576-2278

GENERAL INFORMATION Greene Prairie Press 516 N. Main, P.O. Box 265, Carrollton, IL 62016 Ph: 217-942-9100 Fax: 630-206-0367 Submit your news: Advertising information: OFFICe hOurS: 9 a.m.-4 p.m: Mon, Tues, Fri AdvertISINg POLICy: We are not responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of display and classified advertising. Please let us know immediately upon publication of any errors. Responsibility is limited to the cost of the space error occupies in the ad. All transactions under $50 must be paid in advance. Proper identification of the person placing the ad is required. Greene Prairie Press reserves the right to reject or edit any advertisement submitted for publication. deAdLINeS: Society-weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, Noon Monday; Classified ads, 3p.m. Monday; Display advertising, 5p.m. Monday. We reserve the right to reject any photo that will not reproduce clearly. PhOtOS ANd rePrINtS: 5x7-$9.00; 8x10-$10.00. Copies: 81/2 x 11: 20¢ per copy; 8 1/2 x 14

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A GREENE COUNTY HEARING CENTER LOCATED AT ILLINI MEDICAL CENTER 523 South Main Street “On The Square” • Carrollton, IL Calhoun Hearing Center, Hardin 618-398-2455 or 1-800-724-7344

For Appointment Call 217-942-6688 or 1-800-724-7344








Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Carrollton, Illinois



730 S. State St. Suite A, Jerseyville, IL 62052 618-498-2321

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500 N. Main St., Carrollton, IL 62016 217-942-5182

JERSEYVILLEC21.COM 1000 Warren Jerseyville

JUST REDUCED! $55,000 Kim Frazer 618-535-2262

Roberta Wallace Managing Broker


Home on corner lot. 1 possible 2 bedroom home with full basement. Dining room & Living room have wood floors. Enclosed back porch, deck off back. 1 car detached garage.

803 Franklin Ave Jerseyville

Karen Bertman Broker


$89,500 Karen Bertman 618-535-6044

518 Short St. Jerseyville

210 Curtis St. Jerseyville

708 East St. Greenfield

19226 S Creek Rd. Jerseyville

$40,000 Karen Bertman 618-535-6044

$55,000 Roberta Wallace 618-535-5820

$61,500 Molly Farmer 217-851-1663

$79,900 Roberta Wallace 618-535-5820



12730 Inwood Ln. Elsah

283 E Lewis St. Palmyra

909 N Liberty St. Jerseyville

506 N Harrison Jerseyville

$92,700 Molly Farmer 217-851-1663

$93,900 Roberta Wallace 618-535-5820

$109,000 Connie Hayes 618-535-6784




$88,500 Kim Frazer 618-535-2262



RR 1 Box 120 White Hall

1307 Beaty Mound Rd. Jerseyville

$118,000 Molly Farmer 217-851-1663

Connie Hayes Broker



501 S Broadway Greenfield


101 Westview Dr. White Hall

$123,500 Kim Frazer 618-535-2262

$129,000 Connie Hayes 618-535-6784

$129,900 Charlene Morgan 618-535-0071





1336 Magnolia Jerseyville

129 Rosewood Dr. Jerseyville

34416 Prairie Dell Rd. Piasa

25554 Quail Chase Rd. Hettick

$120,000 Connie Hayes 618-535-6784

28841 Delhi Rd. Jerseyville 1.58 ACRES


.74 ACRE


23687 Jenny Ln. Jerseyville

307 Captains Ct. Grafton




24396 Powers Rd. Fieldon

401 Timber Ridge Dr. Grafton

Box 56D HCR 61 Hardin


$187,500 Karen Bertman 618-535-6044

$194,500 Kim Frazer 618-535-2262

$227,500 Kim Frazer 618-535-2262

$247,500 Karen Bertman 618-535-6044





Selling Your ProPertY BY Sign or gavel • Selling Your ProPertY BY Sign or gavel •


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607 Stryker, Jerseyville 3 bed, 2 bath on a big lot. Perfect for that growing family. Call Angie $130,000

607 Snedeker, Jerseyville 2 bed, 1 bath, close to Schools, Clean little starter or investment property. Call Angie $38,000

703 Stryker, Jerseyville 3 Bed 1 bath, on a large lot. Call Angie $75,000

210 Sheridan, Jerseyville 2-3 bedroom, 2 bath home, loaded with charm. 2 full lots, 2 car garage and separate workshop. Also space for your Big RV or 5th wheel trailer. Call Roger $120,000

Freedom Lane, Jerseyville Luxurious Senior Living - new construction. 2 or 3 bedroom available, 2 car attached garage. Reasonable association fees include lawn care and grounds maintenance, snow removal. Call Roger Starting at $167,000

701 June St., Jerseyville Local family owned business. Len’s Towing & Detailing. Turn-key deal, everything to carry on day to day operations. Call Stacey for details. $295,000

906 High, Jerseyville 3 Bed, 1 Bath. This is clean move-in ready home on a corner lot. Lots of fresh paint and new kitchen flooring. Call Roger $75,000

1025 West Hickory, Jerseyville 2 Bed, 1 bath, on corner lot, with 3 car attached garage. Call Stacey. $100,000

If you’re looking for land give us a call!


RESIDENTIAL • FARM • COMMERCIAL 110 S. State St., Jerseyville 62052 • Office: 618-639-6399 Fax: 618-639-6398





$174,900 Kim Frazer 618-535-2262

Managing Broker/Auctioneer Lic. #441002069





Nikki Guyman 618-946-1999


$144,900 Roberta Wallace 618-535-5820



Brad Stockstill

Charlene Morgan

$139,000 Kim Frazer 618-535-2262

Molly Farmer

Sue Beach 618-946-4618

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$139,000 Roberta Wallace 618-535-5820



5.16 ACRES

$130,000 Molly Farmer 217-851-1663


Kim Frazer 618-535-2262


1210 Locke St. Jerseyville



STACEY WOCK Broker/Agent


Selling Your ProPertY BY Sign or gavel • Selling Your ProPertY BY Sign or gavel •

FEATURED LISTING OF THE WEEK Selling your property by Sign or gavel • Selling your property by Sign or gavel • Selling your property by Sign or gavel

Selling your property by Sign or gavel • Selling your property by Sign or gavel • Selling your property by Sign or gavel



Lots of potential best describes this 4 bed 3 bath home in Southern Jersey County. Home has partially finished basement and a sunken great room that will accommodate a 12 foot Christmas tree. Also enjoy an in ground pool complete with pool house and separate bath. Property also boasts 44 X 100 pole shed with office and separate bath. All on a well kept 2 acres. $175,000. Contact Roger Scheffel 618-535-5017

MODERN REALTY & AUCTION SERVICE, LLC 110 S. State St., Jerseyville 62052 • Office: 618-639-6399 Fax: 618-639-6398

Notice is given of the death of Brent A. Workman of Greenfield, Illinois. Letters of Administration were issued on February 10, 2014, to Melanie K. Workman, P. O. Box 224, Greenfield, Illinois, 62044, whose attorney is Richard N. Gillingham, 220 Sixth Street, Carrollton, Illinois, 62016. Claims against the Estate may be filed in the Circuit Clerk’s Office, Greene County Courthouse, Carrollton, Illinois, or with the Administrator, or both, on or before the 20th day of August, 2014, and any claim not filed on or before that date is barred. Copies of a claim filed with the clerk must be mailed or delivered by the claimant to the Administrator and to her Attorney within ten (10) days after it has been filed and proof of said mailing or delivery must be filed with the clerk. Dated: February 10, 2014 Melanie K. Workman, Administrator of the Estate of Brent A. Workman Richard N. Gillingham Attorney at Law 220 Sixth Street Carrollton, Illinois 62016 (217) 942-5244

NOTICE EARLY VOTING SCHEDULE Pursuant to Article 19A of the Illinois Election Code, Early Voting for the Consolidated Election for all Greene County Precincts will be conducted at the Office of the Greene County Clerk at the courthouse at 519 N. Main Street in Carrollton beginning on March 3, 2014, and continuing through March 14 on week days from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and on March 15 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Any voter validly registered in Greene County may vote during the early voting period after showing proper identification, however, any vote cast is final, and may not be revoked, and the voter is not eligible to cast a vote on election day. DEBORAH BANGHART GREENE COUNTY CLERK 2.26.14, 3.5, 3.12


n w o t e m o H ! e c r u o S News


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2.19. 2.26, 3.5

Bob Jones Broker/Owner


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the State of Illinois Complied Statuses, the ATHENSVILLE Township Highway Commissioner will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, March 25th at 9:30 a.m. to examine TR25/TR2650N and to hear reason for or against vacating this rightof-way. The hearing will be held at Athensville Town Hall. The legal description of the right-of-way to be vacated is as follows: Beginning at a point located approximately at the NW corner of the NW Quarter of the SW Quarter of Section 7 of Athensville Township of Greene County, Illinois thence proceeding East along the north edge of Section 7 of Athensville Township a total distance of 1650 feet to a point located approximately 330 feet East of the NW corner of the NE Quarter of the SW Quarter of Section 7 of Athensville Township of Greene County, Illinois. The total width of property as measured along the entirety of the 1650 foot line as described above shall extend 20 feet and right as measured from the line described above or an approximate total area of 66,000 square feet or 1.52 acres. All distances and directions listed above are relative to the North line of Section 7 of Athensville Township and shall not be considered as absolute survey distances for the point of this legal description. Furthermore, this legal description shall only be used for the purposes of the vacation of the public township and road commonly know as TR2650N and MFT inventory TR25

DRAINAGE NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that on the 20th day of February, 2014, a Petition to Increase Annual Maintenance Assessment was filed in the Circuit Court of the Seventh Judicial Circuit, Greene County, Illinois, by the Commissioners of Spankey Levee and Drainage District, Greene County, Illinois. The Petition seeks to increase the Annual Maintenance Assessment on the real property in the District to Twentyone Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty-six Dollars ($21,936). An Assessment Roll was filed with the Petition. The total amount of damages proposed to be allowed is zero dollars. The total amount of compensation proposed to be allowed is zero dollars. The total amount of Annual Maintenance Assessment contained in the Assessment Roll is Twenty-one Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty-six Dollars ($21,936). The Petition is set for hearing before the Circuit Court in the Courtroom of the Greene County Courthouse, Carrollton, Illinois, on the 1st day of April, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., at which time and place all interested parties may appear and be heard. Dated this 3rd day of March, 2014. Shirley Thornton Clerk of the Circuit Court Greene County, Illinois Commissioners: Cathy Schirz William Gettings Brett Gettings McCLURE, THOMAS & THOMAS Attorneys for District 113 State Street, P.O. Box 170 Beardstown, IL 62618-0170 Telephone: (217) 323-2211 3.5.14, 3.12.14







Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Barrow Baptist Church news News from Barrow Baptist Church and church family. Our service times are 9:30 a.m. Sunday school followed by 10:30 a.m. morning worship with nursery service available. Our pastor is Bro. Gerald Day and everyone is welcome to either or both services. On Sunday, March 2 we had 31 attending Sunday school and 34 attending morning worship. Not too bad for such an awful morning weather wise. We were thankful for three members from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church that joined us. Remember our men and women in uniform and the leaders of our nation in your prayers. Others to remember include Keith Forrester, Audrey Prather, Maureen Martin, Lucille Seely, Connie Sturgeon, Michael Ryan, John Layne, Teri Parker, Merle Howard, Julie Havens, Cindy Shaffer, Carter Adams, David Stendeback, Brenda Early, Blaze Farris, Lynn Gammon, Travis Davis, Ed Crabtree, Susie Kieffer, Josh Cannon and the family of Bethene Hatcher. Happy birthday wishes to Jodi Carriger on March 6. There are no

anniversaries to report. On Saturday evening, March 1 the Campfire Players played at the Barrow Baptist Church fellowship hall. Approximately 30 people came and enjoyed good music and lots of good cookies and cupcakes. Members of this group are Art Rogers, Rich and Ed Caskey, Ron Vestel, Mike Talkington, Mancel Day and Paul Lair. The group will be playing March 29th at the Walkerville Cemetery benefit at 1 p.m. and again May 31 at Youngblood Church at 6:30 p.m. If you get the chance, come on out and listen to them. Don’t forget our upcoming revival March 16 thru the 21st each evening at 7:30 p.m. with Bro. Frank Whitney speaker, and Rob Brogdon, song leader. Don’t forget this Saturday night to set your clocks ahead 1 hour. We spring forward, so let’s hope the weather does the same. During morning worship Rich Caskey sang “He Took Your Place.” That’s all for this week. Have a good week and share a smile with everyone you meet.

Calvary Baptist Church news March 2. Bro. Brad welcomed everyone and made the announcements. Don’t forget to set your clocks up one hour for daylight savings time Saturday, March 8; March 4 at 6 p.m. Bible Study; March 19 - Business meeting at 7 p.m.; March 30 - potluck after morning worship. Don’t forget to bring your baby bottles for the pregnancy center. We are invited to a birthday celebration for Mary Lawson, March 15th 1:30 to 3:30 upstairs at Paradise Club. All services will be at 7 p.m. when we go to daylight savings time. Church service for tonight has been canceled because of the weather. Sunday school report by Sis Mary. Bro. Brad accompanied by Sis. Donna led congregation in singing of hymns. Bro. Baxter prayed and then brought message from Ezekiel 35: 1-15. a very harsh prophesy against Mount Seir. I am against thee and I will make thee most desolate. I will lay the cities waste

and thou shalt know that I am the Lord. Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel. Your cities shall not return and ye shall know that I am the Lord,. Thus with your mouth ye have boasted against me. As thou didst rejoice at the house of Israel when it was desolate, so will I do unto thee, thou shall be desolate, and thou shalt know that I am the Lord. It is a terrible thing to see the wrath of God when wrong is done. Please pray for the lost, the sick, those in nursing homes and hospitals, the bereaved, traveling mercies, our troops and their families, our country and our leaders, and one another. Times of services: Sunday school, 9:30 a.m.; Sunday morning worship, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday evening service, 6 p.m.; Tuesday evening Bible Study, 6 p.m.; and Wednesday evening Prayer and Bible study, 6 p.m.

Walkerville Baptist Church news Cold it is cold. Right now it is 4 below and the sun is shining and about two inches of snow last night, but who can stand the cold. No church here and a lot of others did not have church either. Yesterday was the second day of March and a lot of good people had birthdays this month. Richard Stone, Gene Ridenbark and Head Man of Walkerville. He was 80 years old and the boys say that he can work circles around them when it comes to picking up, putting up and cleaning up. He hates trash and he is always cleaning up the area. He loves to be out there cleaning up and just being out there. Does real good for 80. Had a real good celebration on Thursday - dinner out. Friday his son and his wife and his two sisters took him out for dinner at Cookies, which was really delicious and we all had a good time. Two birthday cakes, boxes of candy, fruit, jelly and many cards and phone calls made him glad he had a birthday. Robert you will make it to 90, keep cleaning up Walkerville. We missed fellowship at church. The question for the week is in Daniel. Who was thrown in the Lion’s den, why and what happened? Everyone is still working on the Cemetery Benefit coming up March 29 at the church. Good food and good entertainment, silent auction with many

new items. Still need a few pies. Call 589-5003 if you would like to help. All will be appreciated. Pray for good weather soon. Our prayer list is still Betty Newman, Melanie Mast, the Garner family, Amy Ross, Grace Ross, Vera Sprong, Debbie Gillis, Ray and Patty Baldes. Pray that God will send us a pastor before long. We still have services every Sunday, weather permitting with Bro. Slagel helping out. God has a plan for us, pray that we will know soon. Remember Jeff Clanton in your prayers and Brenda Early. This winter has taken its toll on all of us. As you live your life, remember that it’s not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kink of life you have lived. Today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be, so enjoy this day while it lasts. The Lord will give grace and glory, no good thing will he withheld from those who walk uprightly. Psalm 84: 11 the journey to God starts with one small step at a time. After that its one step at a time. He doesn’t expect us to run the mile, but he promises to give us strength to live each day for him. Pray for our church and be in church Sunday, weather permitting and the Lord willing, see you at Walkerville Church Sunday.


Mrs. George Knisley of Greenfield did have a millpond and a workable mill. It was located behind E.K. and Grace Metcalf’s home and the home of J.P. Roodhouse. It was owned and operated by the Hick brothers. They were married men and had families. One man died early in his life. Besides a wife, he left a daughter, Ramona who taught fourth grade tom, Dale, Elmer, Rosalee, Elizabeth Knisley, Bruce Haven and hundreds of others. Her home is now owned by the McEvers on the corner of Prairie and Mulberry Streets. When the mill was no longer in operation, a son of the other Hick operation became janitor of the high school (GCHS). His name was Ernest to the teachers, “Cap” Hick to many students. He lived north of Fillagher Clinic across from Betty Chinowith. I believe that Buddy and Mary Dalton and son live there. The millpond became dangerous and an eyesore, so it was filled up with earth. In the 1930’s a man by the name of Dawson did welding and blacksmith work. His location was on College Street behind ShieldsBishop Funeral Home. He used a steam engine. His great-niece June Burkhart was one of my GCHS friends. Go visit Bruce Haven; he can tell you some interesting stories. The last time I was able to attend Ash Wednesday Lenten services, my friend Fernanda Morrow took me in her car to the Methodist Church. Shirley Young (d) sat with us. Would you care to have a Lenten food recipe to chase away the “winter blahs”? You will need one can of tuna, chicken, pork or beef, chop one stalk celery, one ring of green pepper, one boiled egg, and your choice of pickles. Mix with a dab of mustard or mayonnaise. Serve on a bed of lettuce on a crystal salad plate. Lime yogurt or lime Jell-O with Ritz crackers, makes a good dessert. News from Mildred Fergurson Witt’s Bible. She, her husband, Bill and son Gregg (3) were living on Walnut Street in a home owned by Lucy Sample and Doll Duncan. To the east of them Margaret Fitzsimmons resided. Each afternoon, Miss Fitzsimmons tapped on the window. It was her signal for Gregg to visit her for a cookie and their chat. Mildred helped Gregg with his snowsuit. Gregg walked on a rotten wooden well platform. The well was filled with water - he fell into the well. A neighbor, Richard Wilhite (d) saw this and retrieved the little boy, who was not injured. Bill and Milly bought a home on South College where she still lives. Pam was reared there. Bill went to the home God prepared for him in Heaven. Mildred, like most of us, intends to live on College Street until God takes her to join Bill, family and friends.

Card of Thanks THANK yoU I want to thank everyone that called or sent cards while I was in the hospital and emergency room recently. Thanks to my children and a special thanks to my husband for being such a wonderful caregiver for the past two months. We have a loving Lord. Florence Mehrhoff


United Community Bank

of Greenfield — 368-2171

•  •  •

Pharmacy Plus Carrollton — 942-3427

•  •  •

Burrus Drugs

Roodhouse — 589-4313

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Morrow Bros. Ford Sales & Service

Greenfield — 368-3037

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Greenfield Shell Food Mart Greenfield — 368-3123

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Bob Lamb Co. Greenfield — 368-2131

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Evans Ford, Inc. Carrollton — 217-942-3636

•  •  • These religious messages are published each week in the Greene Prairie Press as a service to our churches and are sponsored by the listed business firms.

Hearts and Minds “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts.” Jeremiah 31:33


good heart is vastly superior to a powerful intellect, since a powerful intellect wedded to an evil or callous heart is sure to cause lots of suffering. It would be best to have a good heart wedded to a powerful intellect, but what matters in most cases is the disposition of one's heart, i.e., whether one is inclined to help one’s fellows. What usually inclines us to help our fellow creatures and to alleviate their suffering is empathy, and its ability to help us to feel, or at least imagine, what our fellow creatures might be experiencing. But, there are times when empathy can lead us astray and


Carrollton, Illinois

we need our intellect to help us in determining what we ought to do. Most of us are more moved to action by the plight of some individual we can identify with, the guy on the side of the road trying to change his tire, or the single mother trying to raise money to pay for her sick child’s medical care. But, when it comes to helping people halfway around the world, refugees from Syria or starving people in Africa, our empathy often fails to be engaged, and there we may need to appeal to reason. God gave us hearts and minds, and we should use them both. – Christopher Simon

Marge Hankins is grateful she can still drive to Meehan’s for food, to the drug store for scripts. Penny Roberts had been to see her. Brother Garrett is in Jerseyville. Sister Mary took food from Godfrey (her home). Garrett said that weather conditions were too bad for him to go out. My application to vote has been mailed to the courthouse; also my Tier I and Tier II from the United States Railroad Retirement Board to my attorney, Charles Theivagt. Gary and Elizabeth McCollom went to Boonesville, Ind. to attend funeral services of their brother-inlaw, Victor Lohr; Lilas McCollom Lohr and husband lived in this area many years ago. Summers and holidays they camped at the City Lake. Beverly McCollom Still and Linda McCollom Pohlman are sister of Lilas and sisters-in-law of Victor Lohr. Our sympathy is extended. The last time I saw Betty Seaton she had a smile on her face and was in the waiting room of Dr. Turpin’s clinic. When I was in Barton Stone Nursing Home for therapy, Betty suggested that a daughter-in-law (who worked in a different wing) come to see me. Bob and Wanda Klunk of Carrollton were Thursday luncheon guests of Beverly McCollom Still. Over the telephone, Bruce Haven said to me, “Mary, I have some news for your column. Mildred Tuey is moving to Springfield to be with her sister. She has sold her home to Carol Mann Jones’ daughter. She has been so good to me - driving me to doctors, hospitals, etc. Barbie Fry has moved to Chatham. She comes once a month and writes my checks. Every day I have Meehan’s deli bring my food.” There’s an old saying, what goes around come around - it is moving too slow for Bruce. Perhaps one of you readers would care to earn some pocket change and assist Bruce. Hic phone is unlisted. Betty Geir Clifford is now in assisted living. Being a friend since GCHS days, Bruce and Betty visit via telephone. Rodney Roth is probably back at work in Springfield after spending the winter vacation at his Sun City, Ariz. home. The mother of Herschel Stultz is recuperating after knee replacement, she was cared for by a daughter. Blackburn College in Carlinville is the only college in the United States that has a student work program to assist with the student paying his way. Clifton Hammon graduated Cum Laude in 1980. “Til next time!

Angus royalty

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Illinois Angus royalty were crowned and are pictured at the 2014 Illinois Angus Association Annual Meeting and Banquet, Feb. 21 in Springfield. Left to right, Sierra Day, Cerro Gordo, ebonette; Keegan Cassady, Normal, ebonette; Laramie Chaffin, Roodhouse, queen; Lindsey Decker, Philo, princess; and Holly Marsh, Union, princess.

Tastefully Simply Consultant earns promotion Laura Schild, a Greenfield resident and independent consultant with Tastefully Simply, Inc. has cooked up success. Schild is now a Team Leader with the national direct seller of delicious, easy-to-prepare foods. Schild earned the promotion through sales achievements and by adding new consultants to the team. The promotion entitles Schild to a variety of benefits, such as commissions, bonuses, allowances and more. For more information about Tastefully Simple products, taste-testing parties or starting your own Tastefully Simple business, contact Laura Schild at


CARTeR MICHAeL KING John and Mary King of Roeland Park, Kan., a son, Carter Michael King, Jan, 27, 2014. Grandparents: Tim and Julie King, Olathe. Kan, Mike and Sue Coyle, Shawnee. Kan. Great grandparents: Nancy Mansfield, Darrell and JoAnn Mansfield, all of White Hall, Vera King, Roodhouse, Henry Specht, Overland Park, Kan.

HAILey ANN MeyeR Steven and Megan Meyer of Golden Eagle, a daughter, Hailey Ann, 7 pounds, 5 ounces, 5:03 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27, 2015, at Jersey Community Hospital in Jerseyville. Elder child: Logan Tepen. Grandparents: Joseph and Martha Meyer of Greenfield and Linda Kamp of Golden Eagle. Greatgrandparents: Sharon Pohlman of Brussels.

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Barrow Baptist Church,

March 16-21, 2014 7:30 p.m. nightly

Bro. Frank Whitney, Speaker Bro. Rob Brogdon, Song Leader


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Carrollton looks at future of technology By Carmen ensinger Greene Prairie Press Technology is continually changing and school districts must adapt to these changes as best they can. Carrollton School Board members received a technology update from Tech Director Andy Thomas at the Feb. 25 board meeting. Carrollton Superintendent Dr. Kerry Cox said the District Tech Team visited two schools in Sangamon County that are utilizing different one-to-one programs which provided insight into different options to technology hardware updates that will be needed in the near future. “We are nearing a critical point with our current tech hardware as the majority of our classroom computers utilize the Windows XP system which is eliminating all updates and services on April 7,” Dr. Cox said. “Most of these computers were purchased five years ago with E2T2 grant funds so they are aging, as well.” Thomas reported he had met with all high school classes regarding the use of Google apps and procedures for Bring Your Own Technology. “It is working very well at the high school with our new wireless system,” Thomas said. “Data is being gathered regarding our current hardware system to review with the Finance Committee in the near future.” The RevTrak system is up and running for families to use to make on-line meal payments for their students. So far, 19 transactions have occurred in the short time that it has been operating. The system provides

families with the convenience of online fee payments to the schools. “This system is being initiated for meal payments only with potential expansion to many other types of school fees such as registration costs, fundraising activities, etc., during the following school year,” Dr. Cox said. Authorization to seek bus bids was approved by the board. The finance committee will be meeting with vendors this week to review options for updating the current fleet. The district will be able to reduce its fleet along with trading in eight older buses. “We need to review leasing options for five large buses and purchasing options for one small bus,” Dr. Cox said. “The last new bus for the district was purchased approximately five years ago. Decreased funding and reimbursement from the state has forced us to delay updating our fleet for several years. The cost of maintaining and repairing our aging fleet is no longer a fiscally responsible option.” Digital Media and Web Design will be offered as a new business course for the 2014-15 school year. High School Principal Leslee Frazier and business teacher Brand Stewart proposed the course, which was then approved by the board. “The skill level course is designed to prepare students to plan, design, create and maintain web pages and sites,” Stewart said. “Digital media elements will be used to enhance the web pages created by the students.” Stewart said the potential job opportunities utilizing these skills and potential certification or degree fields are increasing at a faster rate

than other career fields. This yearlong course will have dual credit opportunities with Lewis and Clark Community College, as well. Dr. Cox shared information regarding the New Illinois Learning Standards and the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) that will be field tested in the district this spring. PARCC will replace ISAT in 2014-15. “The New Illinois Standards are based on the Common Core State Standards, have higher expectations, a clearer focus, are more relevant to the real world, contain fewer topics and emphasize problem-solving and critical thinking as well as procedural skills,” Dr. Cox said. PARCC will be utilized to measure student achievement with the new Illinois Learning Standards. Dr. Cox and Thomas showed sample questions from the PARCC which demonstrated additional rigor and technology integration involved with the assessments. Several classes will be participating in the PARCC field test this spring. The Illinois State Board of Education has approved one “Act of God” day for the district. School was cancelled on Friday, Feb. 28, due to the high school girls team advancement to the State Finals in Bloomington. Dr. Cox said as the team played at 12:15 on Friday, the district would not be able to provide enough substitutes to staff the buildings. “It is important that staff members have the opportunity to support their children and our team for their accomplishment,” Dr. Cox said. “This factor, coupled with the

predicted low student attendance at school on this date, would not be beneficial for instruction nor would it be financially sound.” The student attendance day will be made up on Tuesday, March 25 – a date which was originally scheduled for spring break. Spring break is scheduled for March 21-24. Seven students have been named as 2014 Illinois State Scholars, which is a significant achievement for the students. They are: Connor Goetten, Kyle Kesinger, Colton Miller, Dalton Sharrow, Luke Tepen and Zachary Tepen. In other action, the board: n Approved Amanda Alvey and Laura Stewart as volunteer assistant track coaches for this season. n Approved Shane Carter and Kenny Sturgeon as volunteer assistant softball coaches. n Approval of Mary Kash as the District Library Media Specialist for the coming year. n Accepted the resignation of Ethel Anderson as a district bus driver at the end of this school year. She has worked in the district for 19 years and her dedication to the district was noted as board members applauded her service to the students of the district over the years. n Accepted the resignation of Jean Ann Garber as a district bus driver at the conclusion of this school year. She has been with the district for 26 years and she was also honored for her dedication and service. n Approved a letter of intent to retire and subsequent retirement bonus to Bonnie Schell, who plans to retire at the conclusion of the 2016-17 school year.

greenfield district guidance counselor provides much more than just guidance By Carmen ensinger Greene Prairie Press When she’s not busy saving students from choking in the lunch room, (see A1 story) Melissa Struif acts as the Greenfield District Guidance Counselor at both the high school and grade school. At the rescheduled Feb. 25 school board member, Struif reported to the board on her duties in this position. “She teaches classes on anti-bullying, how to manage emotions, drug awareness, abstinence and social skills,” Greenfield Superintendent Kevin Bowman said. “She counsels 20 students on a weekly basis, coordinates all high school testing and scheduling of classes, coaches students in career paths and coordinates scholarship applications, also.” Struif also passed a bit of good news regarding a former student. She showed a video from Lewis and Clark Community College featuring 2013 graduate, Logan Walker, who received the Jordan Klope scholarship from Lewis and Clark. The March meeting of the school board has been changed from Monday, March 17, to Tuesday,

March 18, because the high school plans on having its annual winter sports banquet on March 17. Two of the district’s snow days have been approved as “Act of God” days. Board President Howard Phillips reported the staff of the high school did an outstanding job of hosting the Regional Office of Education Superintendent’s meeting on Feb. 13. He also attended a meeting of the Civics Education Task Force on Feb. 21 where Jim Ryan was the speaker. The Young Author’s Ceremony was held on Feb. 24 and Dr. Phillips commended the Greenfield staff for encouraging the district’s students in their writing skills. The winners of the Young Author’s competition advanced to the Regional competition in Jacksonville. Superintendent Bowman reported that the ROE found no safety violations during the Nov. 20 inspection. For this he congratulated Sam Walden, Vic Trout and the custodial staff on their dedication to the district in preparing every building for this annual inspection. Maintenance Supervisor Sam Walden reported no issues when he

gave his transportation report to the board. Under the facilities report, the high school gym thermostats need replaced and the high school radiators continue to have problems. Walden reported the district has been awarded a $25,000 Maintenance Grant and that a second round of applications is available for which the board gave approval to apply for. Superintendent Bowman requested approval from the board to post for a full-time maintenance director and he was given such. He also reported Frontier Communications will be meeting with the district soon to finalize pricing on fiber optic upgrades throughout the district. Board member Elliott Turpin gave a report on the Greenfield Foundation for Educational Excellence, which is holding its annual pork chop dinner on March 16 at St. Michael’s Hall. Tickets are available from committee members and students. Turpin also thanked a district second grade class for their thank you notes for the field trip the GFEE sponsored. High School Principal Beth


Carrollton, Illinois

Bettis reported that the high school will present a musical on March 7-8 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, March 9 at 2 p.m. FFA Sponsor Beth Burrow reported the Greenfield FFA Chapter has received a $2,500 grant titled “Food For All” which will be used to sponsor a community garden in Greenfield.

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Carrollton FFa hosting Donkey Basketball april 14 The Carrollton FFA Chapter will host a Donkey Basketball Charity Fundraiser on Monday, April 14 at 7 p.m. at the Carrollton High School. A Pork Chop Dinner will be held at 5 p.m. prior to the Donkey Basketball games. Throughout the night there will be a silent auction, 50/50 drawing and half-court shot. The Carrollton FFA hopes to raise money for selected families who have large medical bills. The Chapter needs donations of silent auction items, business sponsor-

ships and volunteers to help with the dinner, and daring individuals to ride a donkey in the game. The FFA Chapter’s goal is to involve as many community members as possible in the fundraiser. If you have a family in mind that may need support or can donate in any way, please contact FFA Advisor Christie Joehl at or call 217-416-0839. Check the FFA website for an upto-date list of donation items still needed at: Reported by: Ashley Steinacher

greene County Historical and genealogical society to meet march 16 The Greene County Historical and Genealogical Society will meet on Sunday, March 16 at 2 p.m. at the Lee-Baker-Hodges Building, northwest corner of the Carrollton Square. Linda McGuire, a Carrollton native, will speak about "Forensic Art." She has done work that

involved artistic interpretation of how people would look like as they aged. She can also help in identifying photographs by comparing them with photos of other family members and searching for similar facial characteristics. The public is invited.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014



Carrollton, Illinois

ISP prepare to issue first round of approved Concealed Carry Licenses

Sherry Fraley/Greene Prairie Press

A couple of sweethearts

Chiefs of Police Executive Director John Kennedy, and Concealed Carry License Review Board (CCLRB) Chair Robinzina Bryant. Officials provided the first glimpse of the actual license, which is approximately three by two inches and is centered with an ISP security hologram. Each Concealed Carry License application requires the applicant to possess a valid Firearms Owner’s Identification card (FOID), or to apply for a FOID in conjunction with the CCL, to begin the application process. Background checks are simultaneously conducted by State Police while local law enforcement agencies review the applications for objections. Once objections are compiled,

the CCLRB has 30 days to review the information regarding any application that has not been statutorily denied by the ISP. If the ISP determines there is a statutory reason to deny or the CCLRB determines that the applicant poses a danger to him/herself or threat to public safety, State Police must notify the applicant in writing of the denial. All final administrative decisions are subject to judicial review under the provisions of the Administrative Review law. Since the process began, State Police have received more than 50,000 applications and objected to

more than 800. To date, no objection has been appealed. “Our diverse investigative, legal, and mental health experience provides this important process and applicants with a fair path to obtaining a concealed carry license,” CCLRB Chair Robinzina Bryant said. “The board will use every resource and necessary time extension to ensure that the reviews have been conducted fairly and thoroughly.” Visit the State Police Concealed Carry website http://www.isp.state. for the latest updates on the Illinois Concealed Carry program.

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Greenfield students chose Kearsta Ornellas and Jordan McMillen as their Sweetheart Queen and King on February 16 at the annual Sweetheart Dance hosted by the Greenfield Student Council. Kearsta is the daughter of Chris and Kristie Ornellas of Greenfield and Jordan is the son of Chris and Missy McMillen of Greenfield.

Illinois State Police recently announced that 5,000 Concealed Carry License (CCL) applications have been approved and are ready to be printed and mailed. The department will begin mailing the licenses and will continue to issue licenses as they are approved. Concealed Carry Licenses will be printed and mailed on a daily basis. “This collaborative process offers the multiple layers of scrutiny envisioned by the legislature, and we believe that the law enforcement objections provide for enhanced public safety,” State Police Colonel Marc Maton said. Illinois State Police representatives were joined by Rep. Brandon Phelps (D-Harrisburg), Sen. Gary Forby (D-Benton), Illinois Association

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