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cameron brown part one architecture folio


contents outdoor classroom project - grange primary school monifieth - year two


street project - west end housing, dundee - year two


demarco archive and galleries - dundee - year three


bt+m project 4 - a notional space - year three




models and renders



outdoor classroom

grange primary, brought ferry

Following a week long timber workshop this concept was selected as one of five to be brought forward for development and potentially built in the grounds of Grange Primary School near Dundee. As a tutor group we developed the idea which was based on the concept of a ‘sitooterie’ or outdoor classroom for both the function s of playing and teaching, The concept was based on linking the hard playground surface to the softer playfield with a pergola type structure formed by a series of portal frames. These frames diminished into the landscape to the south and into the hillside on the north. A 1:20 model was produced and 1:100 site and concept models, with all timber recycled or having a previous use working in cohesion with the proposal of the structure itself being formed from renewable and recyclable materials.

concept sketch details

render—view from east

sketchup render—view from playground (west)

long section

render—east entrance


1:20 design model

1:2 footing detail

1:20 design model

1:2 junction detail 1:200 site and concept model


street project seafield road , dundee following a study trip to the Netherlands this project was inspired by the various housing schemes we visited such as Borneo Sporensberg. The Site to the rear of Nisa supermarket on Perth Road Dundee along with five other sites was divided into 13 4metre by 20 metre plots. Along with another tutor group member Peter Munnoch we combined our two plots giving a width of 8m for our combined plots, Following the study of a Shigeru bahn house we chose to form a long court to the south from which we could bring light into the plan of our proposals. The scheme was Reviewed By Josh Wilson (Rogers & KPF) and Felix Claus (Claus en Kaan) after being selected for the 2012 @super Crit’

parti diagram of two apartments long section

cross section

6 plan

concept model

street view

courtyard facade

7 courtyard faรงade (both schemes)

sectional view

demarco archive and gallery perth road dundee Richard demarco is an Edinburgh based artist and the founder of the Richard Demarco Archive and Gallery. It is currently in the process of being re located which was taken on as a third year design brief. The brief was to accommodate the storage and display facilities for the entire archive along with presentation suites, library, gcafĂŠ etc. n The other half of the brief was to design studios and accomodation for demarco and three understudies along with designated gallery. I approached the project on one site within one complete structure sited at the existing kwik fit garage, perth road, Dundee. Integrating themes and personal interests gathered from interview with Richard DeMarco such as journey, narrative and art culture of eastern Europe the building was focused on the route of circulation from introductory to concluding galleries and the wall defining public and private entities within the building (being a key design issue in such an integrated project) .

section through entrance lobby

window detail

section through sculpture galleries

north elevation

east elevation


westfield lane

central void

view from west ield terrace

inner sculpture court

view from final gallery to lobby

concept model 1:500

9 concept model

sculpture gallery and existing wall 1:200

BT+M project four (DIA review and award - first prize ) Concluding four week long studio work shops this design of a notional space ‘ was to display works from the Richard Demarco Archive . The antitheses of a rigorous and fast paced development process as part of a team of 3 through 1:20 scale models and 3d material renders we explored he key function of this project, being to display the varied scales and types of work within the archive and maintain the specific climatic conditions they require. Central void spaces housing sculptures are ventilated using the stack effect system with assisted air handling units controlling the enclosed environment of the concrete volumes for finer pieces. Continuing the concept / themes established from project one concrete volumes are set off grid representing the idea of a further grain of complex or system of building, likened to that of a space or a structure within the fabric of a a city grid.

ground floor

oblique view with air handling

section through galleries

10 Interior renders (sketchup +vray)

first floor

second floor

roof plan

model and presentation

11 1:20 model/view above en-

‘mock’ assembly

casting steps


crail harbour (summer 2012)

19th c. estate buildings, mull of kintyre (summer 2013)

17th c. net store, mull of Kintyre (summer 2013)


18th c. farm cottages, kinross (summer 2013)

school project - corner detail

precedent - mass moca,boston

precedent - hazelwood primary, glasgow


school project - classroom diagram


site analysis model - westfield lane, dundee

school project - 1:200 model

school project - 1:50 classroom detail model


3D CAD / renders

school project - quick renders, sketchup

Circulation / breakout spca school project - internal renders 3d max

school project 1:200 and 1:50


models school project 3d max

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Part 1 Mini Portfolio  

A portfolio of work from 2010 to 2013