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Courtesy of Caleb Deschanel

Courtesy of Donald Thorin Jr.

Photo by Claudette Barius

Courtesy of Dr. C. Thomas Lee

Caleb Deschanel, ASC

Donald Thorin Jr.

Mitch Dubin, SOC

Dr. C. Thomas Lee

Caleb Deschanel was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended John Hopkins University, The University of Southern California’s School of Cinema and Television, and was a member of the first class at the American Film Institute. He is an acclaimed cinematographer and also has experience directing for film and television. His body of work as a cinematographer includes The Black Stallion, The Right Stuff, The Natural, Fly Away Home, The Patriot, and The Passion of the Christ. His directorial credits include The Escape Artist, Crusoe, Twin Peaks, and Bones. Caleb has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography five times. He was awarded the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010, as well the American Society of Cinematographers Award for The Patriot.

Donald Thorin Jr.’s passion for filmmaking runs in the legacy of his family and his experience in film spans over the past 37 years. Donald began his career as a 2nd AC, and has experience as a 1st AC, camera operator, specializing in Steadicam, and a director of photography. His DP credits include  Blue Bloods,  Black Box, Unforgettable, Cold Case, and Alias. More recently, Donald has also been directing on Television Series such as  Blue Bloods and The Blacklist. Donald is a Member of the DGA and IATSE Local 600. He received an Emmy Award Nomination in 2004 for Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series for his work on Alias. Donald currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Mitch Dubin, SOC, started his career working as a post-production PA on Apocalypse Now at Zoetrope Studios in San Francisco. During the additional photography of The Black Stallion and Apocalypse Now, he realized working on the set behind the camera was where he wanted to be. Thirty years later, he has been the camera operator on over 80 feature films, including 14 films as the A camera operator for Steven Spielberg. Mitch has been fortunate enough to have worked on many great films with exceptionally talented crews and loves his job.

Dr. Lee earned his MD from Cornell University and went on to Harvard Medical School as a Heed Fellow. Since being recruited to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Dr. Lee has developed the Retina Institute into a worldclass center and was promoted to director of the Vision Center. He’s made several advances in our understanding of pediatric retinal disease and has recruited a team of physicians and scientists to develop new treatments for several retinal diseases. In addition to developing a robust research program, he’s helped create an innovative education platform to teach doctors in developing countries remotely over the Internet. Dr. Lee’s long-term goal is to create an open online education platform to teach doctors and healthcare workers in developing countries.


Society of Camera Operators

SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards Tribute Book 2017  
SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards Tribute Book 2017