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Gretchen Warthen,

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David Daut
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Shooting SNOW in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain. Photo courtesy of

Letter from the President

Greetings Members!

I hope this message finds you healthy, happy, and excited to be part of the SOC. Our 2024 Awards celebration was a rousing success, acknowledging the amazing work of 2023 and honoring those who cut the trails the rest of us have been fortunate to follow. I was proud to host an event that lifted everyone’s spirits while remaining faithful to what our industry has faced over the last several years, and I again express my huge thanks to the SOC’s Executive Director, Kristin Petrovich, and her amazing staff, for pulling off a magical feat yet again.

But the SOC isn’t resting on its laurels. Education Committee Co-Chair Geoffrey Haley led another hugely popular Operating for Action workshop in Atlanta just this past February. We’re planning another hands-on crane and gimbal workshop for East Coast members on May 31st in New York City (follow us on Instagram @SocietyofCameraOperators for breaking news and signup info).

The SOC hosted three workshops at NAB this year: Women’s Operating; Cranes, Dollies, and Motion; and Designing the Shot. A big thanks to Shanele Alvarez, SOC; Bonnie Blake, SOC; Dawn Fleischman, SOC; Dave Frederick, SOC; Jenny McShane; and Aymae Sulick, SOC, for their leadership and contributions, and for the critical support of Local 80; DeJon Ellis, II; Sergio Gutierrez; and Corporate Members Chapman Leonard, Able Cine, and PRG, not to mention the many volunteers that gave their time and expertise.

We’re also looking at custom-tailored hands-on workshops for the growing contingent of live broadcast and sports operators within our membership, which, by the way, continues to expand faster than we might ever have imagined.

I wish this message could be entirely positive but I must inform you of the recent passing of former SOC President David Diano. In addition to his long and storied relationship with the legendary cinematographer William Fraker, ASC, David was among the industry’s most universally beloved people. I worked with David in 1999 and will never forget his kindness, calm, and astonishing skill as a camera operator. He was one of the greats, and on behalf of the SOC, I extend our deepest sympathies to his wife, photographer Gemma LaMana, and his two sons, David and Sean.

I hope those of you reading this are back at work, gainfully employed practicing the craft we all love. If not, we wish you resilience and courage, and we pledge to continue the important work of educating not only our members, but the whole industry, on the craft of the camera operator.


Matthew Moriarty SOC President

The Society offers different levels of membership for individuals and manufacturers in the production community – Active, Associate, Educator, Student and Corporate.


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Courtesy of Manuel Branáa

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Jairo Cruz

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Liane Hentscher/HBO

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The ALEXA 35 Live - Multicam System brings the cinematic 4K ARRI look, unrivalled HDR, and a new level of creative control to live productions in a dockable multi-camera setup. The system combines the ALEXA 35 Live camera with ARRI’s new fiber offering, the Live Production System LPS-1, and a slew of bespoke accessories. Incorporating the full functionality of a system camera, it offers a complete solution that seamlessly integrates into existing live production environments, including sports, esports, concerts, live stage events, corporate productions, talk shows, and many more.

Meet the Crew

Cyndi Wood

Art Director & Copy Editor

Meet the Crew introduces you to the team that brings Camera Operator to life, like Cyndi Wood, Art Director and Copy Editor.

My role with the SOC is . . .

As Camera Operator's Art Director and Copy Editor, I have the honor of working with the rest of our team on the design and production of each new issue. This includes the online multimedia magazine, web stories, and emails promoting each issue.

What about your involvement in the SOC is the most gratifying for you?

I find everything that we do to tell the stories of camera operating through the magazine to be extremely gratifying, from helping refine the stories to selecting the images. I am especially grateful to have been able to design and produce the multimedia version of Camera Operator to better tell these stories.

What do you find inspiring about the SOC?

The behind-the-scenes aspects of each story are so facinating, and I am in awe of the inventiveness and dedication of the camera operators and crew to excell in what seems, to me, to be extreme conditions and almost insurmountable challenges. In just this issue alone we have two great examples: shooting in snow and extreme cold in Society of the Snow and filming the tiniest of insects with miniscule lights and lenses in A Real Bug's Life.

What might surprise members about you?

I'm a bit of a science nerd and an avid science fiction fan, so I especially enjoy learning about the evolving virtual technologies being employed in this genre and beyond. Also, in an interesting turn of events, I traveled to Uruguay for the first time while working on this issue, which has Society of the Snow as one of our feature stories. What a lovely country!

Outside the office, I . . .

I live in northern New Mexico, land of divine light and magnificent landscapes, so being out in nature, especially hiking, is always a treat.

Consorting with capybara in Uruguay— truly Rodents of Unusual Size!


The Society of Camera Operators celebrated both Black History Month and Women’s History Month by giving Black and womanidentifying Members a platform to share their work and career through collaborative posts.

SOC on Social

Members prepared their features to publish through the months of February and March, and they were showered with love from their SOC community, crews, and those aspiring. The 2024 organic social celebrations collectively reached over 225,000 and received nearly 30,000 engagements, further advancing the SOC Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s efforts in the industry. Thank you to all Members who were featured this year—we continue to celebrate your work!

SOC Members featured included Adeshola Adigun; Joshua J. Argue, SOC; Amber Bournett-McClain; Chels Briseño, SOC; Michelle Clementine; Kate Eccarius; Jennie Jeddry, SOC ; Quenell Jones, SOC; Meg Kettell, SOC; Kate Larose; Rachael Levine, SOC; Megan Masur, SOC; NAOE; Lisa Sene, SOC; Jeremiah Smith; and Marques Smith, SOC. Check out SOC's Instagram @societyofcameraoperators to see the full series of posts.

Adeshola Adigun, Associate, with DP Tanisha Moreno Rachael Levine, SOC, filming SUCCESSION Chels Briseño, SOC Peter Kramer Jairo Cruz Marques Smith, SOC (as a teen) Kate Eccarius, Associate Jeremiah Smith, Associate Imani Nelson-Grant Mariana Morales


The SOC offers online and in person workshops and learning for members in all categories.



Society of the Snow No Easy Shots

A Conversation with Juanjo Sánchez, SOC & Manuel Branáa, SOC


Nominated for Best International Feature at the 96th Academy Awards and winner of the SOC’s Camera Operator of the Year in Film, Society of the Snow recounts the harrowing true story of the survivors of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571.

Shooting SOCIETY THE SNOW in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain Courtesy of Netflix

Camera Operator had the chance to speak with A camera operator Juanjo Sánchez, SOC, and B camera operator Manuel Branáa, SOC, about working on the film—from shooting in the four different sets used to recreate the fuselage of the crashed plane to what it was like working with the young ensemble cast that portrayed the stranded rugby team. We also discussed their recent wins for Camera Operator of the Year in Film and what that recognition has meant for their careers.


• RED Dragon Camera

• ARRI ALEXA LF & ALEXA Mini Cameras

• GoPro • Leica SL2 Camera • Sony FX3 Camera • Panavision T Series & Panaspeed Lenses • DJI Ronin 2 • GPI

Pro 2 Steadicam • DJI Drones •

See the Online Story for More Tech

In October of 1972, a flight carrying the young members of an Uruguayan rugby team crashed in the midst of a storm, leaving 29 people stranded in the Andes mountains with no hope of rescue until the snow thawed. For 72 days, the survivors of the crash had to endure extreme cold, brutal storms, starvation, an avalanche, and the mental toil of isolation as they work together to stay alive and ultimately escape the glacier in search of help. Society of the Snow is directed by J. A. Bayona from a screenplay by Bayona, Bernat Vilaplana, Jaime Marques-Olarreaga, and Nicolás Casariego. It stars Enzo Vogrincic, Agustín Pardella, Matías Recalt, Esteban Bigliardi, Diego Vegezzi, Fernando Contigiani García, Esteban Kukuriczka, Francisco Romero, Rafael Federman, and Valentino Alonso.

. . . Read the story here on
Courtesy of Manuel Branáa
Juanjo Sánchez, SOC, shooting SOCIETY OF THE SNOW Courtesy of Netflix Juanjo Sánchez, SOC & Manuel Branáa, SOC, shooting SOCIETY OF THE SNOW Courtesy of Netflix
Shooting SOCIETY OF THE SNOW in Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains Manuel Branáa, SOC, shooting SOCIETY OF THE SNOW Courtesy of Netflix Courtesy of Netflix

Camera Operator of the Year: Television

A Conversation with Neal Bryant, SOC Hosted by David Daut

Neal Bryant, SOC, accepts the award for Camera Operator of the Year in Television. Photo by Ethan M. Sigmon
Watch the Full Awards Show

Multimedia Feature

At this year’s Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards, Neal Bryant, SOC, and Carey Toner took home the award for Camera Operator of the Year in Television for their work on The Last of Us. For this issue of Camera Operator, we were able to sit down with Bryant to discuss his award-winning work on The Last of Us along with his history in the industry, career highlights, and the awards show itself.

The Last of Us is set 20 years after the outbreak of a fungal infection that transforms those infected into mindless ghouls, the world is in shambles as survivors try to carve out an existence amidst the ruins of society. It is in this world that the gruff, world-weary smuggler Joel meets Ellie, a young girl whose apparent immunity to the infection might represent humanity’s last, best hope for a better future. The Last of Us is based on the video game by developer Naughty Dog and is created by Craig Mazin. It stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

Nick Offerman in THE LAST OF US, Episode 3 Bella Ramsey & Anna Torv in THE LAST OF US Liane Hentscher / HBO Liane Hentscher / HBO
Shooting Nick Offerman & Murray Bartlett for THE LAST OF US, Episode 3 Filming Pedro Pascal & Bella Ramsey for THE LAST OF US, Episode 9
Liane Hentscher
Liane Hentscher

A Real Bug’s Life

Shrinking the Camera Crew

A Conversation with Robert Hollingworth & Henry Keep

In 1998, Pixar’s sophomore feature film A Bug’s Life showed audiences an “epic of miniature proportions,” cleverly blending the fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper with the structure of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. Now, more than 25 years later, National Geographic’s A Real Bug’s Life similarly aims to give audiences a “bug’s-eye view” of the world, this time by showcasing real insects—as well as arachnids and other assorted arthropods—in their natural habitats.

Animal wrangler Tim Cockerill handles a praying mantis during a shoot for "The Big City" episode of A REAL BUG'S LIFE.  WATCH THE TRAILER National Geographic / Tom Oldridge

To learn about the unique challenges and groundbreaking technology used to shoot this documentary series, Camera Operator spoke with photographer Robert Hollingworth and focus puller Henry Keep. Whether it was working closely with entomologists to ensure that not even one cockroach was misplaced or creating camera lenses barely bigger than a hypodermic needle, the work that went into capturing these tiny subjects was anything but small.

From the bustling streets of New York City to the pastoral beauty of a country farm, bugs are everywhere. In cracks and crevices, in hay bales and on flowers, and even, occasionally, on your food. Despite their creepy, crawly reputation, bugs are an essential part of our ecosystem, and National Geographic’s new documentary series aims to give viewers a better appreciation for these creatures by letting us see the world through their eyes. A Real Bug’s Life is produced by National Geographic and is narrated by Awkwafina.

Read the story here on ROBERT HOLLINGWORTH READ THE STORY FOR THEIR BIOS, AND THEN LEARN MORE ABOUT THEIR CAREERS & PROJECTS AT IMDB.COM TECH ON SET • RED Gemini • Sony Venice • Phantom VEO 4K • Mamiya M645 • Primes & Macro Primes • Nikon AIS Primes & Nikon Macro Lenses • Macro Gantry–Motion Control • Ronin R2 • GF8 Crane & Dolly Track • Atlas Slider 1.2m • RT Motion Follow Focus
Photos courtesy of National Geographic HENRY KEEP
The crew films an elephant hawk moth emergence in a controlled environment for "The Busy Farm" episode. National Geographic / Nathan Small Assistant producer Euan Smith, animal wrangler Tim Cockerill & DP Robert Hollingworth film a praying mantis. National Geographic / Tom Oldridge
Animal wrangler Lucia Chmurova & DP Robert Hollingworth on set for the "The Big City" episode National Geographic / Euan Smith A hummingbird hawk moth flies across the moon in "The Busy Farm" episode
of National

What's In My Bag Behind the Scenes of SOC's NAB Training

In the fast-paced world of filmmaking, handheld camera operating requires skill and technique to achieve smooth and steady footage. In this article we will explore three essential tips for successful handheld camera operating.

First, finding the right balance is crucial to minimize camera shake, so we’ll discuss techniques for maintaining stability and reducing fatigue. Second, we’ll delve into the importance of using support gear such as shoulder rigs or stabilizers to enhance control and precision while lowering the chance of injury. Lastly, we’ll emphasize the significance of active listening to anticipate movements and capture the essence of the scene. By mastering these three techniques, you'll be well on your way to achieving professional-looking handheld shots.

Before we get into support gear, I think it is important to address the key to all handheld, and that is balance. A well-balanced camera build is the key to stable shots and fewer injuries. To know if a camera is well balanced, an operator should be able to simply let go of the camera and it should not fall forward, backward, or sideways off the shoulder.

A centered and balanced build will rest easily on the shoulder and allow the operator to intentionally tilt up or down. If a camera is frontheavy, the simple physical action of pushing the camera up will add instability. If the camera tips/lists to the right because too much support gear has been added to the side, the simple act of pushing the camera back to a level position on the shoulder will cause instability. Instability adds up and can be seen in the shot, especially when the operator begins to fatigue. Instability is quite often not a reflection of an operator’s skill but rather a reflection of a poorly balanced camera.


A handheld camera should be thought of just like a camera on a tripod. The sliding baseplate is used to balance the camera on the tripod head so it will not tip forward or backward. We would never allow an operator to shoot with an unbalanced head. Why then would we ever allow an operator to shoot with an unbalanced handheld build? Think of the tripod head the same as the shoulder and balance that camera!


Six points of contact. The more points of contact between the operator and the camera, the more stable the shot will become. Pointcounterpoint. The weight of the camera coming down is met by the shoulder pushing up. The right hand holding a zoom rocker has a natural push which is met by the left hand holding the barrel for focus. I move my viewfinder so my head rests against the camera and counter push in with my right shoulder. (Yes, my right shoulder is pushing up and in.) When these six points of contact are in place, a shot will be more stable.

Shooting from the hip. I rarely take a knee or sit on an apple box. The human body’s onepoint or center of balance is the belly button. When shooting from the shoulder, the balance is 50/50, when taking a knee it drops to 35/65, when shooting from the hip stability increases to 100% of the potential. This is accomplished using a HipShot, AC Pouch, or anything else at waist level to rest the camera.

Stability aids. Support rigs like the EasyRig, Ergorig, monopods, and Cine saddle-style bags can help add stability for long takes.


EasyRig vs. HipShot vs. Ergorig

Perhaps the oldest camera support system is the EasyRig. This system is a vest which suspends the camera from a cable running through an arm. The EasyRig shifts the weight of the camera to the operator’s hips. Depending on the adjustment of the arm, the weight of the camera can still partially be left on the shoulder for the look and feel of traditional handheld. Besides redistribution of the full weight of the camera off of the right shoulder, the EasyRig also allows the operator to put the camera at exact heights easily. The downside of the EasyRig is that without special attachments, once an operator begins

to move or walk with the rig, the shot can become unstable. The arm also has the tendency to hit low doorways and become caught in low hanging branches, decorations, and other obstacles. This rig is used primarily for narrative, competition reality, or unscripted series where scenes unfold slowly and more predictably.

The second oldest support is the HipShot. Designed 20 years ago by a handheld run-and-gun operator for the grueling world of reality television and follow docs where shooting 5 to 10 handheld hours a day, every day is expected. The HipShot is exactly what it sounds like—a camera support for shooting from hip level. The HipShot takes the weight of the camera off of the shoulder and puts it on the right hip. The body’s center of balance is the belly button and this device gets the camera as close as a camera can be to an operator’s most stable position. The HipShot is perfect for shooting low angles, people sitting at tables, soaking in a hot tub, swimming in a pool, or many other positions lower than standing height. The HipShot folds quickly out to use and away to store when shifting from shooting from the shoulder to the hip. This rig is used primarily in unscripted and documentary where the use of apple boxes, butt dollies, and simply taking a knee are not possible.

The newest of these three go-tos is the Ergorig, which was designed by Jesse Feldman, an operator who, due to an injury, had to stop operating handheld. Jesse’s love of operating led him to create the Ergorig so he could once again run with a camera on his shoulder. The Ergorig is a vest system which distributes the weight of the camera to the hips. Depending on the adjustment of the shoulder piece, part of the weight of the camera can still be kept on the shoulder for haptic interaction between the camera and operator. The Ergorig is perfect for traditional shoulder-mounted shooting where the operator will be backpeddling, moving quickly, or needing to shoot “live” a lot. Another plus to the Ergorig is that a HipShot can be mounted to the side for capturing those stable low angles easily. The downside is that, depending on the camera build, it can be impossible to use the HipShot and the eyepiece at the same time. A monitor mounted to the top of the camera for hip-level shooting would be needed.


Camera Comfort Cushion (CCC) vs. Letus vs. Holzier

The oldest of these three shoulder pads is the Camera Comfort Cushion. Its adjustable strap keeps the pad firmly in place on the operator’s body. The foam construction makes long periods of handheld more friendly to the shoulder, especially when the shoulder rig system is not well thought out. The downside of this shoulder pad is that the straps can be uncomfortable over time, especially for women.

The Letus 35 Pad attaches via Velcro directly to the bottom of the camera and is not attached to the operator. This is often more comfortable for operators than straps. The leather cover makes the pad comfortable when it contacts the skin on a shoulder and helps keep the camera from slipping. The downside is the foam construction does squish down during long takes.


The newest pad on set is the Holzier Pad. What makes this pad unique is the three-layer construction which includes a layer of steel. The top layer is leather, which mimics human skin and helps keep the camera from sliding off of the shoulder. The second layer is steel, which distributes the weight across the shoulder and never squishes down over time. The third layer, which contacts the shoulder, is a firm foam layer for comfort. The pad arrives in the mail flat and you will need someone to help you bend it to the shape of your shoulder. Once this is finished, the pad straps to the operator much like the CCC. This is the answer for narrative camera builds, which are tripod builds without shoulder pads. I know, I know, why assemble a handheld build without proper padding options? Quite often this comes down to poor design by the manufacturers who focus more on chip design than actual user-friendly builds (don’t get me started).


But, before we get into gear to help listening, let’s talk about dialoguedriven coverage.

I always start any conversation about documentary and reality shooting with a lecture on “dialogue-driven” content. In dialoguedriven unscripted and reality productions, the camera operator’s role extends beyond just capturing visuals. They must also be an active listener to the ongoing conversations and interactions. Here’s why it’s important:

Anticipation. By actively listening, the camera operator can anticipate who is going to speak next or react, allowing them to position the camera accordingly and capture the moment effectively.

Capturing Reactions. Often, the reactions to what is being said are as important as the dialogue itself. By listening, the operator can swiftly capture these reactions, adding depth to the narrative.

Understanding the Story. Active listening helps the camera operator understand the unfolding story better. This understanding is crucial to make informed decisions about what to focus on and when to change angles or shots.

Maintaining Continuity. In unscripted and reality shows, conversations can take unexpected turns. By listening, the camera operator can ensure continuity and coherence in the visual storytelling despite the unpredictability.

Enhancing Drama. The operator can use the camera to heighten the drama or emphasize certain aspects of the dialogue. This can only be done effectively if they are actively listening to the conversation.

Avoiding Mistakes. If the operator misses a crucial piece of dialogue, they might also miss an important shot or reaction. Listening helps avoid such mistakes.

In essence, a camera operator in dialogue-driven unscripted and reality productions must be as engaged in the conversation as the participants themselves to effectively capture the essence of the narrative.


To achieve the greatest flexibility while listening, 99.99% of my career is spent wearing a surveillance-style headset—the small, low-profile, comfortable, hardly noticeable in-ear style made by Arch Wireless. The version with the coiled cable works best because it adjusts as I move quickly from shoulder to hip to floor with no problem. I can also wear this style of earpiece under over-the-ear HME/PL/ Helecopter headsets if needed.

Over-the-ear headphones are great if you are a one-person-band and doing both audio and camera. In these situations being able to hear audio in stereo in both ears is critical. Over-the-ear headphones are also great when shooting in a noisy environment like a nightclub, assembly line, sporting event, or concert. I prefer low-profile Bose headphones because they don’t interfere with my comfort while the camera is on my shoulder.

Hunting headphones are perfect when you need to stay on walkie and listen to cast audio while shooting in loud environments like a concert, near a helicopter, or in a nightclub. Walker’s Razor Slim or ProHear make great low-profile options which don’t interfere with handheld operating. Both have versions with microphones that are built into the headset to allow the operator to hear what is around them if needed, or turn completely off. They also have headphone jacks so I can plug cast audio into them and hear dialogue.


Honestly, price matters for smoothness but all will get the job done when it comes to shooting from the shoulder and moving smoothly while shooting “live.” The nicer butt dollies appear on narrative shoots and usually come from the Key Grip. In unscripted the butt dollies usually belong to operators and are mechanics’ butt dollies from Harbor Freight or an automotive supply store. These butt dollies are perfect for unscripted environments and competition reality where the action is limited to a specific space like a workroom, stage, or other flat-surfaced areas like sports floors.

The custom-made CineStisles slider is limited in movement and only goes side-to-side, which is perfect to protect the over. These butt dollies are perfect for narrative environments where action is controlled. More information about the CineStisles slider can be obtained by emailing


Get ready to elevate your handheld game with gear trusted by industry professionals and take your handheld operating skills to new heights.



Get Down to Business

New York City is the unrivaled media capital of the world. It’s where cultures, creativity and commerce converge to redefine broadcast, media and entertainment. NAB Show New York is your connection point to it all. Here, innovation is discovered, ideas are shared and connections flourish. Join industry leaders, innovators and influencers to foster collaborations that spark new possibilities and propel careers forward.

OCTOBER 9–10, 2024



How long have you been a camera operator?

I have been an underwater camera operator since 1997 and started assisting in 1991.

What was one of your most challenging shots or challenging days in the industry?

1923 was shot in the underwater tanks in Malta. All equipment had to be brought in from elsewhere, which meant a lot of organizing.

What is your most memorable day in the industry?

Working with Florian Hoffmeister, BSC, on Pachinko shooting a beautiful sequence of a young Korean girl oyster diving. He was really open to my thoughts and the sequence is something I am very proud of.

Who has helped you most in your career?

Rob McLachlan, ASC, gave me my first real operating gigs on Millennium years ago and more recently on 1923 in Malta. He also introduced me to the Sony family, which has really opened up my networking.

What is the job you have yet to do, but most want to do? I would like to direct film and television. I think directing/coordinating second unit water sequences on a big show would be a really cool job.

Credits: Pachinko; 1923; Keep Breathing; Haunting of Bly Manor; Power Rangers


How long have you been a camera operator?

I moved up to camera operator five years ago after being a focus puller for 14 years.

Who has helped you most in your career?

DP Learan Kahanov hired me on Madam Secretary when I re-rated. I was very nervous. His patience and mentorship gave me the confidence that I needed.

What is the job you have yet to do, but most want to do?

I am looking forward to being the A camera operator on the full run of a project.

What is the most important improvement you would like to see in our industry?

As a new parent, achieving shorter days would make the biggest difference in my personal life, while allowing me to pursue this career that I love.

Credits: Billions, Season 6 (Showtime); Severance, Season 1 (Apple TV+); Madam Secretary, Season 6 (CBS)

Kristina Lally-Berceau
Rob Gilbert

ITS: Insights,Tips & Stories

Video excerpts from SOC Active members sharing personal insights into camera operating, tips learned during their careers, and stories from the set.

Advice for Young & Aspiring Filmmakers

Camera operator John Densmore, SOC, gives advice to young and aspiring filmmakers.

Framing for Spielberg

THE OFFICE Camera Moves

Camera operator Sarah Levy, SOC, gives us a look inside the signature camera moves on The Office

Getting Experience as an Operator

Camera operator Lisa Stacilauskas, SOC, offers guidance on getting experience as a camera operator.

 
Camera operator Mitch Dubin, SOC, walks us through framing shots for Director Steven Spielberg.



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Wayne Arnold

Eli Aronoff

Ted Ashton Jr.

Sébastien Audinelle

Mark August

Grayson Austin Andrei Austin

Daniel Ayers

Lonn Bailey

Blaine Baker

Scott Baker

James Baldanza

James Ball

Steven Ballou

Kenton Barber

Jeff Barklage

Peter Barta

Dominic Bartolone

Craig Bauer

Vincent Bearden

Jonathan Beattie

Jonathan Beck

Stefano Ben

Adam Berman

Justin Besser

George Bianchini

George Billinger

Daniel Bishop

Bonnie Blake

Simon Blouin

Jeff Bollman

Manuel Branaa

Chels Briseño

Hilaire Brosio

Garrett Brown

Scott Browner

Neal Bryant

Stephen Buckingham

Barret Burlage

Jake Butler

Justin Cameron

Stephen Campanelli

Jeffrey Canfield

Stewart Cantrell

Jake Capistron

Jose Cardenas

Michael Cardenas

Jeffrey Carolan

Gaston Carrizo

Michael Carstensen

Eric Catelan

Quaid Cde Baca

Vincent Cerone

Frederic Chamberland

Dave Chameides

Benjamin Chaves

Charles Chen

Joe Chess Jr.

Damian Church

Jessica Clarke-Nash

Craig Cockerill

C. Scott Coleman

Nathan Conant

Kris Conde

Andrew Conder

Robin Darius Conz

Brown Cooper

Fares Corbani

Gilles Corbeil

Luke Cormack

Ross Coscia

Javier Costa

Richard Cottrell

Tom Cox

Donnie Crawford

Rod Crombie

Bradley Crosbie

Jeff Crumbley

Chris Cuevas

John Christopher "Chris"


John Dabrowski

Dani Dagher

Joshua Dallera

Nicholas Davidoff

Brian Davis

Richard Davis

Peter Davis

Collin Davis

Andrew Dean

Thomas Dean

Michael Deitch

William Demeritt

John Densmore

Joel Deutsch

Don Devine

Vincent DeVries

Kenny Dezendorf

Troy Dick

Alfeo Dixon

Timothy Dolan

Matthew Doll

Tim Dowling

Rick Drapkin

Megan Drew

Scott Dropkin

David Drzewiecki

Mitch Dubin

Orlando Duguay

James Duhon

Daniel Eckler

Doriane Ede

Pauline Edwards

Sam Ellison

Chris Ellison

Jason Ellson

David Emmerichs

Kevin Emmons

Ramon Engle

Daniel Erbeck

Erdem Ertal

Alex Escarpanter

Steve Essig

Timothy Fabrizio

Gregory Faysash

Jesse Feldman

Jeffrey Feller

George Feucht

Yvonne Feucht Chu

Simon Firsht

Montgomery Fisher

Andrew Fisher

Dawn Fleischman

Matt Fleischmann

Michael-Ryan Fletchall

Eric Fletcher

Michael Flueck

Dave Forrest

Felix Forrest

Ian Forsyth

Justin Foster

Ian Fox

Keith Francis

James Frater

David Frederick

Claus Frederiksen

Michael Frediani

Brian Freesh

Steven French

Guido Frenzel

Mick Froehlich

Jeff Fry

Michael Fuchs

Hiroyuki Fukuda

Michael Fylyshtan

Leslie Gaddis

Carlos Gajardo

Aaron Gantt

Kirk Gardner

Paul Gardner

Eric Gerber

William Spencer Gillis

Christopher Glasgow

Harvey Glen

Daniel Godar

Mark Goellnicht

Daniel Gold

Jonathan Goldfisher

Robert Gorelick

Roger Grange

Afton Grant

Billy Green

Chad Griepentrog

Ric Griffith

James Gucciardo

Robert Guernsey

Robert Guertin

Jeremy Guy

Craig Haagensen

Chris Haarhoff

Braden Haggerty

Geoffrey Haley

Trevor Hansford

Simon Harding

Timothy Harland

Matt Harshbarger

Kent Harvey

Zack Haskell

Jason Hawkins

Nikku Hearn-Sutton

Mike Heathcote

David Heide

Werner Juergen Heinemann

Erin Mathew Henning

Dawn Henry

Charles Henry

Xavier Henselmann

Chris Herr

Orlando Herrera

Channin Hesapene

Steven Heuer

Brandon Hickman

David Hirschmann

Jamie Hitchcock

Allen E. Ho

Scott Hoffman

Abraham Holtz

Paul Horn

Casey Hotchkiss

Bradley Hruboska

Ashley Hughes

Brett Hurd

Christian Hurley

Matthew Hutchens

Spencer Hutchins

Jake Iesu

Alexa Ihrt

Dave Isern

Koji Ishida

Christopher Ivins

Alexxiss Jackson

Eugene Jackson III

Alec Jarnagin

Simon Jayes

Geoffrey Jean-Baptiste

Jennie Jeddry

Andrew "AJ" Johnson

Quenell Jones

Steven Jones

Sven Joukes

Henry Joy IV

John Joyce

David Judy

Mark Jungjohann

Stefanos Kafatos

David Kanehann

Mark Karavite

Lawrence Karman

Dan Kavanaugh

Jason Kay

Deke Keener

Adam Keith

April Kelley

Brian Kelly

Alan G. Kelly

Kent Kennicutt

Meg Kettell

David Kimelman

Taro Kimura

Damien King

Aaron King

Martin Kitchen

Christian Kitscha

David Knox

Beth Kochendorfer

Denny Kortze

Robert Kositchek

Bryan Koss

Bud Kremp

Jay Kulick

Philippe Labaky

Robert LaLonde

Thomas Lappin

Frank Larson

Per Larsson

Kristian Lawing

Tung Thanh Le

Ferdinand le Grange

Sergio Leandro da Silva

Tom Lebaric

Jason Leeds

Alan Lennox

Ilan Levin

Mikael Levin

Rachael Levine

Sarah Levy

Ryan Lewis

Jun Li

David Liebling

Matthew Lingerfelt

Abigail Linne

Hugh Litfin

Nicole Lobell

Chris Loh

Hal Long

Jessica Lopez

Benjamin Lowell

Junior Lucano

Gregory Lundsgaard

Guido Lux

Erin Lynch

Colin MacDonnell

Ian MacDougall

Jill MacLauchlan

Paul Magee

Giuseppe Malpasso

Jared Marshall

Cedric Martin

Philip Martinez

Justin Marx

Megan Masur

J. Steven Matzinger

Nathan Maulorico

Brennan Maxwell

Peter McCaffrey

Bill McClelland

Jim McConkey

Calum McFarlane

Jim McGibbon

Patrick McGinley

Ian McGlocklin

Christopher McGuire

Ossie McLean

Rocker Meadows

Josh Medak

Aaron Medick

Alan Mehlbrech

Luisa Mendoza

Olivier Merckx

Matias Mesa

Jack Messitt

John Paul Meyer

Mark Meyers

Michael Mickens

Thomas Miller

Janice Min

Diego Miranda

John Ross Misa

Andrew Mitchell

William "Bill" Mitchell

William Molina

Mike Mollica

Michel "Mitch" Mommaerts

Mark Moore

K. Neil Moore

Leon Moralić

Denis Moran

Jarrett Morgan

Josiah Morgan

Matthew Moriarty

Josh Morton

John "Buzz" Moyer

Jeff Muhlstock

Nick Muller

Scott Mumford

P. K. Munson, Jr

Keith Murphy

Reid Murphy

Sean Murray

Nicholas Musco

Saade Mustafa

Yoshinobu Nagamori

Sam Naiman

Sarah Natoli

AS OF MAY 1, 2024

Marco Naylor

Carl Nenzen Loven

Julye Newlin

William Nielsen

Kenny Niernberg

Kurt Nolen

Randy Nolen

Austin Nordell

Connor O'Brien

William O'Drobinak

Tony O'Loughlan ACS

Mick O'Rourke

Osman Oksuz

Andrew Oliver

David Olivera

Brian Osmond

Brian Outland

Carlos "Kako" Oyarzun

Georgia Packard

Mario Page

Marios Panagiotopoulos

Noah Pankow

Andrew Parke

Micah Pastore

Paul Peddinghaus

Emmanuel Perez

Andre Perron

John Perry

Matthew A. Petrosky

Jeff Phillips

Jonathan Phillips

Alan Pierce

John Pingry

Jens Piotrowski

Joseph Piscitelli

David Plakos

Martin Polach

James Poole

Craig Porter

Matt Poynter

Selene Preston

Theodore Dalton Price

Richard Priest II

Carl Prinzi

Sasha Proctor

Joe Prudente

Adrian Pruett

Louis Puli

James Puli

Ryan Purcell

Francisco Quiros Krum

David Rakoczy

Yavir Ramawtar

Christian Ramírez-Coll

Michael Rathgeber

James Reid

Juan Pablo Reyes

Dax Rhorer

Bradley Richard

Ari Robbins

Peter Robertson

Brooks Robinson

Brent Robinson

Manolo Rojas

Sharra Romany

John Romeo

Peter Rosenfeld

Jesse Roth

Janice Ruona

Reid Russell

P. Scott Sakamoto

Grizz Salzl

Will Sampson

Joel San Juan

Juanjo Sanchez

Joe Sanchez

Bry Sanders

Ricardo Sarmiento

Christian Satrazemis

Gerard Sava

Sean Savage

Chris Scarafile

Joerg Schenten

Mark Schmidt

Aaron Schuh

Vadim Schulz

Richard Schutte

Ariel Schvartzman

matthew schween

David Jean Schweitzer

Fabrizio Sciarra

Bob Scott

Ian Seabrook

Dave Selle

Lisa Sene

Brian Sergott

Barry Seybert

Barnaby Shapiro

Michael Sharp

David Shawl

Osvaldo Silvera

Mark Skinner

Stewart Smith

Marques Smith

Gregory Smith

Vanessa Smith

Kelsey Smith

Marty Smith

Teddy Smith

Needham Smith III

Dean Smollar

Robin Smtih

Todd Somodevilla

Andy (Andrew) Sparaco

Mark Sparrough

David Speck

Benjamin Spek

Francis Spieldenner

Lisa Stacilauskas

Charles Stancliff

Robert Starling

Robert Stenger

Jamie Sterba

Thomas Stork

Aymae Sulick

David Svenson

David Taicher

Ian Takahashi

Jaron Tauch

Gregory Taylor

Brian Taylor

Neal Ten Eyck

Domae Tetsuyuki

Paige Thomas

David Thompson

John Toll, ASC

Remi Tournois

Neil Toussaint

Ryan Toussieng

Eric Tramp

Bobb Truax

Michael Tsimperopoulos

Chris Tufty

Joshua R. Turner

Dan Turrett

Brian Tweedt

Jonathan Tyler

Paula Tymchuk

Joseph Urbanczyk

Jim van Dijk

Dale Vance, Jr.

Thomas Vannozzi

Paul Varrieur

Jimmy Velarde

Peter Vietro-Hannum

Adi Visser

Theresa Vitale

Stefan von Bjorn

Timothy Walker

Jian Wang

Shaoyun Wang

Gareth Ward

Gretchen Warthen

Michael "Mic" Waugh

Raney "Bo" Webb

Brian Weed

Jeremy Weiss

Aiken Weiss

Drew Welker

Scott Wellington

Alex Wentworth

Britt West

Des Whelan

Derek Whipple

Mande Whitaker

Robert Whitaker

Jen White

Parker Whittemore

Peter Wilke

Jeffrey Wilkins

Jonathan Williams

Ken Willinger

Tom Wills

Chad Wilson

David Wittkower

David Wolf

Ryan Wood

Ian Woolston-Smith

Watcharawit Ya-Inta

Santiago Yniguez

Julien Zeitouni

Eric Zimmerman

Mirko Zlatar

Brenda Zuniga


Rachel Aberly

Haffe Acosta

Gregorio Acuña

Adeshola Adigun

Justin Vincent Aguirre

Brian Aichlmayr

Alex Ajayi

Eddie Akaba

Michelle Alanis

Mario "Rio" Allen

Corey Allen

Tyler Allison

Consuelo Althouse

Austin Alward

Fernando Arguelles

Jack Armstrong

Kristiona Arnds

Ruben Avendano

Laurence "Lo" Avenet-Bradley

Felix Bailly

Denson Baker

Richard Bakewell

Jeffrey Ball

Aline Ballestero

John Banovich

Sanjay Basu

Braden Batsford

Adrienne Bauer

Jenny Baumert

Claudio Bautista

Trevor Beeler

Beau Conner Bellanich

Ben Fredman

Jessica Bennett

Adam Berland

Nicolas Betancurt

Nicholas Bianchi

Rahul Biruly

LaRhae Black

Cody Blevins

Curtis Boggs

Jean-Paul Bonneau

Theodore Bonus Blasi

Ethan Borsuk

Amber Bournett

David Boyd

Ronald Bracey

Sasa Brajovic

Roger Branit

Chadwick Brock

Danny Brown

Mary Brown

Rochelle Brown

Deborah Brozina

Amber Buchanan

Mike Bufalo

Sasha Burdett

Milana Burdette

Michael Burke

Alexander Burnham

Martin Peter Bustamante

Samuel Butt

Jake Butters

Chip Byrd

Peter Byrne

Brian Byrne

Yimeng Cai

Gabriel Camacho

Alex Cameron

Dwight O. Campbell

Bettina Campomanes

Erick Cancela

Michael Candelori

Eduardo Capriles

Edmesper Carpio

Anne Carson

Marc Casey

Katherine Castro

Shirley Chan

Carmen Chan

Mike Chan

Liz Charky

Jac Cheairs

Bo-Yu Chen

Shun Man Cheung

Joseph Choi

Reed Choinski

William Christensen

Antonio Cisneros

Cheli Clayton Samaras

Michelle Clementine

Matt Cohen

Ricardo Cohen

Zach Cooper

C.C. Cope

Gabriel Copeland

Andressa Cordeiro

Bill Cornelius

Eric Arnold Cortez

Austin Cortina

Fabrizio Costantini

Gareth Cox

Jordan Cramer

Michael Crankshaw

Richard Crudo, ASC

Jack Cruikshank

Kyle Cummings

Jack Cummings

James Daly

Chad Daring

Gemini Elisabet Davis

Carlos Giovanni De Leon

Seth Dean

Marc Deckert

Farhad Dehlvi

Marcus Del Negro

Enrique Del Rio Galindo

Nicholas Demaree

Alan Dembek

James DeMello

Johnny Derango

Kyle Derry

Aleksei Derzhavin

Sean Devine

Marque DeWinter

Duncan deYoung

Juan Martin Deza Amorena

Chelsea Diaz-Garcia

Matt Dobson

Laisa Dos Santos

Rachael Doughty

David Dowell

James Drake

Jichen Duan

Euan Duff

Simon Duggan, ACS

Natalie Dundas

James Dunham

Keith Dunkerley

Blaine Dunkley

Colin Duran

Rachel Dusa

Luke Dyra

Brian Dzyak

Jesse Eagle

Bridger Eberhart

Kate Eccarius

Zack Eddy

Sooz Edie

B.P. Edwards

Caleb Einhorn

Praveen Elankumaran

Richard Eldridge

Cassandra Ellis

James Elliston

Sean Endres

Laura Eraud

Alexandre Ermel

Matthew Ewing

John Falchetto

Calvin Falk

Mark Fallone

Allen Farst

Carlos Manuel Feliciano

Rodolfo Fenaroli

Stephanie Rose Figgins

Matthew Figueroa

Jose Figueroa-Baez

Kurt Finney

Derek Fisher

Timothy Fitzgerald

Caragh Fitzsimmons

Michael Floam

Rob Flood

Marilyn Flores

Logan Floyd

Christopher Flurry

Michael Foo

Ryan Forte

Steven Fracol

Donovan Fraser

Max Frew

Josh Friz

Brennan Full

Darnell Gadberry

Aimee Galicia Torres

Tyson Galland

Ryan Galvan

Adam Gan Ci Chan

Augusto Garcia

Morgan Gardiner

Danner Gardner

Benoît C. Gauthier

Matthew Gay

Morteza Gheidi

Jake Giaviano

Diego Gilly

Shingo Gima

Joao Victor Giovani

Ilya Gittelson

Carolyn Glassman

Patrick Gleason

Jeremiah Godfrey

Mike Gomes

Kristel Gomez

Paulina Gomez

Emily Gonzales

Alexandra Gonzalez

Al Gonzalez

Edgar Gonzalez-Leon

David Gordon

Douglas Gordon

Giulia Governo

Tanner Grandstaff

Samuel Grant

Cory Green

John Greenwood

Hayden Greiwe

Heather Grothues

Omar Guinier

Grayson Guldenschuh

Abdurrahim Gulten

Josef "Joe" Gunawan

Shawn Gunn

Shelly Gurzi

Gregory Gustafson

Badra Haidra

Mufeng "Derek" Han

Kira Handel

Ryan Hannah

Tobias Harbo

Sophia Harbo

Moxie Harfeld

Bruce William Harper

Taylor Harris

Brett Harrison

Giovanni Andres Hernandez

Jordan Rae Herron

Mike Herrst

Corey Hess

Jeff Hester

Stephen Hicken

Steven M Hirohama

Emily Hock

Karson Holbrook

Alonso Homs

Kelley Hood

Christopher Horne

Benjamin Hoskin

Jake Howard

Gerald Hudgens

Alexander Hufschmid

Adam Hull

Kieran Humphries

Nicholas Huynh

Leandro Imaz

Gregory Irwin

Samantha Isom

Anatoly Ivanov

Ali Ivosevich

Justin Jach

Devin Jamieson

Milan Janicin


Austin Jansma

Natasha Naoe Jarmon

Keith Jefferies

James Jetel

Alysa Jette

Carlos Jimenez

Derek Johnson

Megan Johnson

Dean Johnson

Jefferson T Jones

Bre Jones

Timothy Kane

Bilal Karaman

Ray Karwel

Frank Kay

Ryan Kerr

Mark Killian

Dae Hyun Kim

Simon King

Kevin Kisling

Michael Klaric

Josh Knepper

Jason Knobloch

Brian Koerber

Nick Kolias

Adam Kolkman

Lloyd Kozel

Brendan Kragel

Nicholas Kramer

Haley Min Young Kreofsky

Dora Krolikowska

Jared Kruger

Jason Kunke

Andrew Kurchinski

Michelle Kwong

Nicholas Langley

Laurence Langton

Chris LaPointe

Kate Larose

Yan Shun Douglas Lau

Nandan Lawande

Hoang Khang Le Nguyen

Yoo Seok Lee

Jinuk Lee

Ryan Lenihan

Gerardo Leon

Barbie Leung

Elena Levchuk

Alan Levi

Hannah Levin

Matthew Levin

Jiayu Li

Ilya Jo Lie-Nielsen

Emily Lien

Jon Lile

Niels Eric Lindelien

JJ Littlefield

Dean-Dingyuan Liu

Julia Liu

Sean Lonergan

Gordon Lonsdale

Dominic Lopez

Jasmine Lord

Bob Lord

Justin Lovell

Zoe Lubeck

Christopher Lymberis

Daniel Lynn

Matt Lyons

Danni Ma

Grant MacAllister

Fabio Macedo

Neil Maciejewski

Logan Mack

Jeremy Mackie

Krisel Magaña

Nick Mahar

Dominik Mainl

Bala Santosh Majji

Francesco Malandrino

Chris Malenfant

Charles Mandell

Dean Maniuszko

LaDawn Manuel

Gareth Manwaring

Max Margolin

James Marin

Matthew Marino

Sabrina Marki

Alex Marmalichi

Ramzi Maroof

Aaron Marquette

Ben Marshall

Jose Del C Martinez

Nicole Martinez

Giorgio Martorana

Brett Mayfield

Carole McClintock

Matthew McCloskey

Mark McField

Rob McGrath

Larkin McLaughlin

Terrance Mcleod

Alaina McManus

Nathan Meade

Alexandra Menapace

Van Kristoffer Mendoza

Christopher Metcalf

Max Miles

Logan Miller

Jonathan Miller

Courtney Miller

Rod Millington

Trent Millspaugh

Glen Mitku

Bongani Mlambo

Colleen Mleziva

K. Adriana Modlin-Liebrecht

Michael Modrich

Madelyn Momano

Michael Monar

Nick Montalvo

Kenneth Montgomery

Jeffrey Moore

Autumn Moran

Vincent Moretto

Brian Morgan

Nolan Morice

Dean Morin

Damon Mosier

Patrick Moynahan

Sarah Mulholland

Santiago Muluk

David Mun

Matthew Murnan

Galen Murray

Hassan Nadji

Niklaus Naekel

Michael Naify

Navid Namazi

Lasha Nebieridze

Long Nguyen

Colemar Nichols

Benjamin Nielsen

Riley Nightingale

Gerald Nonato

Heather Norton

Crescenzo Notarile, ASC

Tiffany Null

Sam O'Melia

Scott O'Neil

Chris Oeurn

Franck Onouviet

Bodie Orman

Luis Orozco

David Orr

Pascal Orrego

Jarrod Oswald

Sawyer Oubre

Paul Overacker

Wes Overvold

Robin Pabello

Heather Page

Quincy Paglaro

Justin Painter

Larry Parker

Steven Parker

Weerapat "Art" Parnitudom

Evan Parquette

Andrew Parrotte

Melody Peace

Lauren Peele

Carolyn Pender

Florencia Perez Cardenal

Angelica Perez-Castro

Maria Perlifonova

Efrem Peter

Nicholas Peters

Kyle Petitjean

Jon Philion

Sienna Pinderhuges

Jessica Pinns

Christopher Pinto

W.S. Pivetta

Andrew Plaza

Ino Yang Popper

Kasey Poracky

John Porter

Ernesto Prieto

David Quateman

Delia Quinonez

Muhamamad Rifky Akmal


Joshua Ramos

Alejandro Ramos

Jameson Randall

Rayana Rasamee

Unnikrishnan Raveendranathen

Matthew Reid

Brice Reid

Alexander Reinhard

Bill Reiter

Chris Renteria

Cheriana Resky

Justin Revis

Rey Reyes

Lizardo Reyes Jr.

Jure Rezic

Luke Rihl

Felix J Rios Arce

Chad Rivetti

Jason Robbins

Peggy-Jean Robinson

Sade Robinson

Carrie Robinson

Paul Rodriguez

Christopher Roe

Alissa Rooney

Carter Ross

Brian Rosso

Addison Rudicile

Jordan Sadler

George Santo Pietro

Hector Santos

Michael Sapienza

Rebecca Sapp

Kimberly Sauer

Haley Saunders

Claude Savard

Jodi Savitz

Steve Saxon

Daniel Scarpati

Gregory Schmittel

Caden Schuber

Ryan Schultz

Adam Schwartz

Angelia Sciulli

Kyle Scott

Christopher Seehase

Alejandro Selman

Nick Serabyn

Joseph Setele

Gaurav Shah

Victoria Sharp

Daniel Sheats

Dima Shorin

Merlin Showalter

Akanksha Shyam

Ian Siepmann Baum

Pierson Silver

Randall Simms

Anil Singh

Kinglan Siripiriyakul

Ryan Skeete

John Slade

Jan Sluchak

Alex Slupski

Joshua Smith

Robert Smith

Matt Smith

Jeremiah Smith

Austin Smoak

Alexander Somarriba

Laurent Soriano

Cory Spawn

Kate Steinhebel

Owen Stephens

Roxanne Stephens

Robert Stern

Andrew Lane Stevens

Chris Stiles

Landis Stokes

Jaime Striby

Joshua Stringer

Diego Suarez

Keir Suggett

Jeremy Sultan

Dustin Supencheck

Christian Swoboda

Andy Sydney

Luke Szczygielski

Tiffany Taira

Jovan Tanasijevic

Julio Tardaguila

Gareth Taylor

Thomas Thickett

Corey Thomas

Joseph Torres Jr.

Cristian Trova

Jessie Turner

Wes Turner

Thomas "Joe" Tyler

Rebecca Ulmo

Tim Unger

Anton Usikov

Sandra Valde

Anthony Valerio

Ben Van Cleave

MacKenzie Vance

Carolina Vazquez

Benjamin Verhulst

Marshall Victory

Naomi Villanueva

Zachariah Vincent

Stefan Vino-Figueroa

Sukesh Viswanath

Blake Waddell

Joey Wakely

Demi Waldron

Terry Wall

James Wall

William Walsh

Neil Watson

Evan Weidenkeller

Joshua Weilbrenner

Adam Welch

Kirk Wells

Brian Wengrofsky

Brian Wennersten

Erin G. Wesley

Hunter Whalen

Meg White

Morgan Whitmore

John Williams

Justin Wilson

Jared Wilson

Chris Wittenborn

Sam Wood

Jefferey Wright

HaiTao Wu

Peiqi "Eric" Wu

Zachary Ziyu Wu

Jules Wurm

Daniel Wurschl

Yifan Xiang

Rigel Yaluk Mosquera

Hansen Yang

Keegan Yang

Tim Yoder

Hao Yu

June Zandona

Will Zang

Aiden Zanini

Matan Zanzuri

Shreyans Zaveri

Yiqiao Zhao

Haoxiang Zheng

Scot Zimmerman

Evan Zissimopulos

Andriy Zvir

Timothy Zwicky


Cynthia Harrig

Erika Houle

Jae-mo Koo

Gyorgy Laszlo

Rafael Nobre

Ralph Watkins


Genevieve Agar

Reynaldo A. Aquino

Jessica Arzate Cerecedo

Gloria Bali

Zakrey Barisione

Kyle Baughman

Kaeley Beam

Leo Behrens

Ryan Boles

Jarriel Bolusan

James Bragg

Marco Brochier

Raleigh Capozzalo

Salahudeen Cook

Isabelle Cotney

Mihika Das

John Devecka

Mathew Dirnfeld

Erik Eiser

David Ettedgui

Zhili Feng

Jackson Geary

Jonathan Gelfond

Tyriek Gibson

Christian Hall

Christian Heiche

Jamison Huang

Tristian Ibarra Martin

Piankhi Iknaton

Shi Hyoung Jeon

Kate Ketcham

Hannah Kopek

Patrick Krum

Shih-Hsuan Kuo

Shangche Lee

Bocong Lin

Ari Linn

Hanqing Ma

Luisa Madrid

Steven Mangurten

Aaron Martens

Maryn McGaw

William McGinn

Fabian Montes

Zach Morrison

Julie Nhem

Jeongwoo Noh

Andi Obarski

Ivan Oyarzabal

Alexis Patton

Fryderyk Potoczek

Marco Rivera

Paloma Ronquillo

Bailey Salwey

Claudia Sepulveda

Timothy Shin

Nevo Shirazi

EmilyFaye C. Sidorovich

Sika Stanton

Carley Ann Steichen

Evan Swords

Justin Tamayo

Grace Thomas

Mads Fridolin Vejlby

Lydia Velitis

Joewi Verhoeven

Yijun Wang

Eva Wu

Chen Yuan


Anthony Cobbs

David Elkins

Randy Feemster

Bob Hagerty

Kevin Hewitt

Robert Horne

Philip Hurn

Mark LaBonge

Michael Mulvey

David Parrish

Martin Schaer

Kit Whitmore


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