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THE ULTIMATE PERFORMER. A writer, performer, corporate emcee and producer, Tony is a preferred headliner in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and around the world. A three octave plus vocal range combined with 30 years of stage time is the reason that he continues to inspire amazement.







If there ever was a legend in the entertainment industry, this man has to be at the top of the list. You will never meet a more personable and caring artist or one that is more talented. Come on in and visit with the man who made the blues.............................................................8



Tony was one of the most requested acts by the showcase committee. A preferred act in Vegas and Atlantic City, he is a writer, performer, emcee and producer with truly amazing talent............12


Here is a show you can buy right now involving 3D-Mapping. These young guys spent the last year developing an event on the cutting edge of technology. Dive in and amaze your audiences. The future is now.................................................14 WELCOME.................................................................................................................4 AEP CONFERENCE SCHEDULE 2013...............................................................6 EXHIBIT LAYOUT, STAFF AND AEP BOARD....................................................7 2013 MASTER SHOWCASE SCHEDULE.........................................................11 SHOWCASING ACTS/ CARNIVAL MONDAY AFTERNOON.......................22 SHOWCASING ACTS/ CARNIVAL MONDAY EVENING...............................23 SHOWCASING ACTS/ AEP SHOWCASE TUESDAY AFTERNOON........24 SHOWCASING ACTS/ AEP SIGNATURE SHOWCASE................................25 ENHANCE YOUR BUYING EXPERIENCE. MEET & GREETS WITH ARTISTS AND AGENCIES FOLLOW EACH SHOWCASE. Print and Digital Online Edition © 2013, Cameo Publishing Group - All Rights Reserved Editorial and Subscriptions: (800) 728-2950 Advertising and Artist/Agency Relations: (803) 712-1429 Main Office: 15420 Newberry Rd/., Blair SC 29015 • (803) 712-6903 Fax: (803) 712-6903 • On The Web AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE IS THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF AEP WORLDWIDE PRIVACY NOTICE: AEM does not sell, barter or trade information on our subscribers to any outside sources.



If you haven’t met Anthony Gibson, he is one of the most interesting people you could come in contact with. He’s funny, smart and talented..............................18


An incredible lesson in innovative programming for your clients and the next wave for this industry led by two recognized experts, Greg Christy and David Corwin. ............................................26

WELCOME If this is your first time at AEP, let me be the first to welcome you. If you are returning, as most of you are, welcome back.

You will find AEP to be completely different from almost any other organization you are associated with probably because we are a somewhat elite group of buyers, agents and artists from all different sectors of the entertainment industry, striving to find a way to work together. We understand that while different parts of the industry are unique in the way they do business, there are a lot of things we can share and learn from each other that will make us more than passing stars in a huge galaxy and a lot of us are learning more creative ways to do business as a result.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is that members really enjoy doing business with other members. We meet at this conference and we learn about each other and when we are looking for a magic act in Cincinnati and we are in Orlando, we can throw it out in an email to the membership and help is on the way. This happens over and over and over again. Just ask Troy Pederson from Disney, Andrea Michaels from Extraordinary Events, Mark Felix from Drury Design Dynamics, Sam Trego from Imagination Entertainment and others. The way we are positioned, we may never be the “big dog” in entertainment’s back yard but we do want to be the dog that everyone wants to pet because he/she is kind and accommodating.

This organization represents huge buying power from some of the best facilities and companies in the world. Not only will you find corporate producers, buyers from independent companies, special events, casinos and theme parks, but performing arts venues, colleges and specialty buyers as well. In our first two years we introduced some great new talent that found their way to corporate gigs, cruise lines, theme parks, colleges and other venues. We gave you new things to consider and re-introduced you to some old friends you probably hadn’t thought about for a while. This year, we have not only teamed up with Carnival Cruise Lines and George Lopez’s Punchliner Comedy Clubs to showcase some cutting edge talent, but we are going to give you more social time plus cutting edge technology that will wow your audiences and your clients. On behalf of the staff at AEP and American Entertainment Magazine, as well as our prestigious National Advisory Board, thanks for being part of this conference and an organization whose sole purpose is to help make your business great. Kindest regards,

W.C. Kirby, Jr. Publisher, American Entertainment Magazine Campus Activities Magazine® Partner, AEP Worldwide


2013 AEP Conference Schedule SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 2013

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM AEP Advisory Board Meeting …. Newport Room

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM AEP's Social Gathering (New Member Welcome) …………......… Silverado Lounge 7:00 PM - Until Special Complimentary Show Tickets MJ LIVE … A Michael Jackson Tribute - 8:30 pm at the Rio. The #1 Michael Jackson Tribute in the World!

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM AEP's Coffee Talk & Vendor Market Place Grand Ballroom A (with Breakfast Served)

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013

9:30 AM – 9:45 AM AEP Remarks: Grand Ballroom A

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Conference Registration Conference Registration Desk

9:30 AM - 9:45 AM Conference Welcoming & Opening Remarks Grand Ballroom A

Doug Hall, Principal, TalentPlus Entertainment, LLC & AEP Vice Chair

Andrea Michaels, President, Extraordinary Events & AEP Chairperson

9:45 AM - 11:00 AM New Technologies That Enhance Entertainment Grand Ballroom A Facilitator: Panelists:

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Conference Registration Conference Registration Desk

Contact Jeff Yackel for free tickets.

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM AEP's Coffee Talk & Vendor Market Place Grand Ballroom A

8:00 PM -11:30 PM AEP Showcase B Sponsored By Carnival Cruise Lines and The George Lopez Punchliner Comedy Clubs The Showroom (Casino level) followed by Artist “Meet & Greet”

David Corwin, Creative Director and Visual Media Producer, Founder & CEO, Megavision Arts, Santa Monica, CA Greg Christy, Co- Founder and CEO, Brite Ideas, Inc., Foothill Ranch, CA Jonathan Archer, FOCUS3D, (Metropolis Productions, Orlando, FL) Hilton Ferris, FOCUS3D, (Metropolis Productions, Orlando, FL) Dorene Collier, President, Event Show Productions, Tampa, FL

11:00 AM -12:30 PM Vendor Market Place/Deal Making Grand Ballroom A

9:45 AM - 10:55 AM There’s No Business like “NO” Business Grand Ballroom A Facilitator: Panelist:

Rick Stowe, Partner, EastCoast Entertainment Anthony Gibson, Executive Director of Entertainment, Beau Rivage Resort & Casino Mark Felix, Director, Drury Entertainment Group

10:55 AM - 11:40 AM Vendor Market Place/ Deal Making Grand Ballroom A

11:40 AM -12:00 Noon AEP Speaker Showcase: Bryon Reese Grand Ballroom A Sponsored by See Agency 12:00 Noon - 12:45 PM Delegates Networking Lunch Grand Ballroom A 12:45 PM – 1:00 PM Break

12:30 PM – 1:25 PM Delegate Networking Lunch Grand Ballroom A

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM AEP Showcase C followed by Artist “Meet & Greet” The Showroom (Casino level)

1:45 PM - 2:00 PM Break

4:45 PM - 5:00 PM Conference Report Card Grand Ballroom A

1:25 PM - 1:45 PM Speaker Showcase: Carey Lohrenz Grand Ballroom A Sponsored by See Agency

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Showcase A Sponsored By Carnival Cruise Lines and The George Lopez Punchliner Comedy Clubs The Showroom (Casino level) followed by Artist “Meet & Greet” 5:00 PM - 5:15 PM Break

5:15 PM - 6:15 PM Letting Leaders Lead and Building the Best Team in the Instant Age Grand Ballroom A

Facilitator: Panelists:

Doug Hall, Principal, TalentPlus Entertainment LLC (AEP Vice Chair) Steve Bailey, Executive Director/CEO, The GRAND, Wilmington, DE Carmen Tomassetti, CEO, CTO, Philadelphia, Pa

6:15 PM - 6:45 PM Vendor Market Place/Deal Making /Cocktails Grand Ballroom A 6:45 PM - 7:45 PM Delegates Dinner : Grand Ballroom A

4:30 PM - 4:45 PM Break

Andrea Michaels, President, Extraordinary Events & AEP Chairperson

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Vendor Market Place/Cocktails Grand Ballroom A 6:00 PM – 7:45 PM Delegates Signature Dinner Grand Ballroom A 7:45 PM – 8:00 PM Break

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM AEP's Showcase D Signature Artist Showcase The Showroom (Casino level)

11:00 PM - 11:05 PM AEP Leadership Closing Remarks /Special Thanks The Showroom (Casino level) 11:05 PM - 11:30 PM Showcasing Artist "Meet & Greet” The Showroom (Casino level)

7:45 PM – 8:00 PM Break


2013 AEP Exhibit Area / Board


EXHIBITOR BOOTH ASSIGNMENTS: Booth #1 Booth #2-3 Booth #4 Booth #5-6 Booth #7 Booth #8 Booth #9 Booth#10

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AEP National Advisory Board & Staff AEP NATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD

• Jackie Knobbe, Senior VP of Comedy Agency For The Performing Arts, Beverly Hills, CA • Tom Faessel, Assoc. Director of Residence Life & Programming, University of Akron, Akron OH • Judy Thee, National Entertainment Director The Freeman Company Worldwide, Orlando FL • Nancy Hays, President Nancy Hays Entertainment, Chicago IL • Steve Bailey, Executive Director and CEO The grand Opera House & related properties, Wilmington DE • Robert Hulsmeyer, Senior Partner Empire Force Events, New York NY • Andrea Michaels ( AEP Chair), President Extraordinary Events, Sherman Oaks CA • Deborah Smith, Executive Director The Historic Newberry Opera House, Newberry SC

• Douglas Hall, Principal (AEP Vice Chair) Talent-Plus Entertainment LLC, Saint Louis, MO • Rick Stowe, Managing Partner, EastCoast Entertainment, Atlanta gA • Anthony gibson, Executive Director of Entertainment Beau Rivage Resort & Casino (MgM), Biloxi MS • Mark Felix, Director Drury Entertainment group, New York, NY • Sam Trego, President Imagination Entertainment, San Diego, CA (Immediate Past Chair) AEP WORLDWIDE LLC STAFF

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here aren’t many artists out there who have had a truly profound impact on American music. At the top of that list is a man from Mississippi who scratched his way to the top. He is a kind, gentle soul who has endeared himself to the music world – fans and artists alike.

One interesting new area B.B. concentrates on are casinos. With Indian casinos popping up all over the country, more and more entertainers are finding them a viable venue to present their craft. It’s not just a novelty entertainer’s ball game anymore.

The first thing to understand about B.B. King is that he does what he loves and loves what he does. If that wasn’t already evidenced by the fact that he has been playing live music since the baby boomers were born, consider the tour schedule he keeps. Most major performers book large block tours played throughout the course of a few months, and then they go on hiatus to relax or record for a few months. Not B.B. King. This man is on the road twelve months a year with only breaks of a week or two interspersed throughout. “It is hard, but when you choose to be an entertainer and you perform the kind of music I do, well, you can’t do it all in one place. This ain’t Broadway, so we carry the music to the people. Soon enough you learn that it is just a part of the gig and only a slight drawback for doing what I love.”

Besides being one of the great guitar heroes of the twentieth century and one hell of a blues singer, B.B. King is also an unbelievably nice and personable guy. This geniality obviously leaks through during his live shows, as B.B. is famous for banter with the crowds and a truly interactive show. Fans say they return to B.B.’s shows so often not just to see the man and but because they feel like a part of the show. “I like to be personal with the audience. I like to have them be a part of the show. Some times during the show I talk to the audience. It could be about anything. Then sometimes we just chug right along on stage all on our own while the crowd enjoys it. You pick up your guitar and you play a song, A,B,C,D, Simple as that.”


Riley “B.B.” King is a true legend in his own time. With over sixty years of experience playing on the road, he is one of the only remaining members of the original American Blues movement. He brought the genre to the mainstream spotlight and opened the way for countless other performers who have followed in his footsteps and the countless more who will come. The number of musicians who site B.B. King as an inspiration has to be a figure that astounds historians. Today, I had one of the greatest pleasures of my life – the chance to interview the man who largely sang the blues into our collective consciousness.

The majority of B.B.’s performances are public affairs. B.B. King is an artist that truly transcends race, age, gender and politics. Everyone “gets” the blues on some level and certainly no one is excluded from that. Concerts, festivals and performing arts halls filled with all kinds of people and ages are standard at any one of B.B.’s shows.

“People from all walks of life come to the casinos,” B.B. says, “so the casino’s know the more of a draw they have at their particular establishment, the more folks they can get through their doors.” There are certainly few performers who have the name recognition and draw of B.B. King for any promotional purpose. “The casino’s are very nice to work generally, because the production is top notch and the perks are great. The main reason I’m there is to headline and get people in the door so they can do their gaming. Even when I am not on-stage, the casino gets the benefit of the draw from the marquee. They treat us great between shows and all of the staff are generally very nice, courteous and professional people.”

B.B. enjoys telling stories and is known for his sense of humor and ability to make the audience laugh. “We may have a little fun and play something with some humor in it; it is all a part of the show. I always just try and do my show, never anybody else’s. I only do B.B. King and the people who know me, well that’s what they want to hear.”


It takes quite a level of notoriety to be considered a household name, especially in our celebrity-centric society. How impressive is it then, when you have a performer who is so indelibly ingrained in our culture that even his instrument is almost as famous as he is? Such is the renown of B.B. King. Lucille, a Gibson ES-335, is his ever-beloved guitar and has been with B.B. for longer than most can remember. There probably isn’t a person who hasn’t heard of the infamous guitar and wondered for just a moment about the story and significance behind this instrumental icon. Well dear readers, we have the exclusive story, uncut and unedited from the mouth of the man himself.

“I used to play quite a bit over in Arkansas when I lived in Memphis,” he says. “I was a disc jockey at the time, so we would play any place we could, as long as it was within 2-300 miles so I could get back on the radio the next day. One little place we played was in a little town named Twist, Arkansas. It used to get quite cold during the winter months in old Twist. They used to take something like a large pail, a pitcher or a round garbage pail that would hold say, ten or fifteen gallons of fuel. They would only take oh, maybe five or six gallons of fuel and put it in this container and light it and let it burn for heat. They placed it in the middle of the dance floor and the people in the club would dance around this pail to stay warm. “One night, a couple of fellows started fighting and one knocked the other over on this container of fuel. When they did, it was already burning and it spilled over. It looked like a river of fire. Everyone started running for the front door, including B.B. King.”

B.B. was of the same mind as the crowd until he got outside and realized something was missing. “I

realized, ‘Damn! I left my guitar!’ The building was a wooden one and it was burning rapidly. By the time I got in and out, it was almost completely engulfed in flames. I almost lost my life saving my guitar, but I got it.

“The morning after, we found out that these two guys had been fighting over a lady. She worked at the little nightclub, though I don’t know if she was there that night. I never did meet this lady, but I learned that her name was Lucille. I named my guitar Lucille then and there, to remind me never to do a thing like that again. Through the years I kept calling her Lucille and today, she is about as popular as I am.”

So popular, as a matter of fact, that world famous guitar maker, Gibson, teamed up with B.B. in 1982 to produce an exclusive, customized, signature version of the ES-335 in honor of B.B. and Lucille. Now anyone with the passion to play and money to spare can own a piece of blues history. B.B. says he always carries two guitars to his gigs, but the only reason is in case something happens to Lucille (like a broken string) while he is on stage. Other than that, B.B. says he never got into the rock star-like habit of playing a different instrument for every song. “I don’t do it like a lot of guitarists. I guess they are great and they can do it if they want. They carry different guitars for different sounds, but I don’t know how to do that, so I just have one. And I play that one.”

And play it he does. B.B. King has been recognized inside the guitarist’s community as one of the greats, even a pioneer in the technique of modern music. Though B.B. never realized it, he even has a special technique of producing vibrato (the rapid raising and lowering of a note in pitch to give it a ‘wavy’ soulful sound) named after him. The “B-Sting” is legendary


in that it is produced purely at the wrist instead of with a “whammy” bar connected to the body of the guitar, a simpler technique widely employed in all types of modern music. “(Laughs) I wasn’t even aware of such a thing. I see a lot of guitarists touch that lever and make it go wild. I do it all with my hand, I don’t know anything about the other style.” Modest as he is, this is an incredibly difficult technique to master in real life. “I don’t know any other way to play,” he says. Some of B.B.’s most commercial successes have resulted in partnerships with other performers, much like Carlos Santana’s unbelievable success with various artists like Rob Thomas and Everlast on Supernatural. “I wish I could do something with Carlos. He is a good friend and one of the great, great musicians. We have never talked about it, so I have no idea whether that could happen or not, but I would like it very much.” The most recent and memorable example of this is 2000’s Riding With The King, an album he recorded with British blues legend Eric Clapton. “I enjoy doing projects with other people, especially Eric. But I would like for people to like me for what I do though and not have to depend on me working with other people just to listen to my music. I would like very much for people to think of me as B.B. King and my music. I don’t want to have to get with someone else just to sell some records.” We wish B.B. continued luck in the future and look forward to seeing more music from this legendary and prolific artist.

BOOK IT! For more information on B.B. King, contact Barry Jeffrey with WME at (615) 963-3000.

2013 AEP SHOWCASE SCHEDULE SHOWCASE A (Sponsored by Carnival & Punchliner Comedy Clubs)

2:00- 4:30 PM • JUNE 17, 2013 The Mark The Cube Justin Flom Acrobazia Kazual Midwest Dueling Pianos

SHOWCASE B (Sponsored by Carnival &

Punchliner Comedy Clubs)

8 PM- 11:30 PM • JUNE 17, 2013 Spanky Red Hot Band Tony Pace Xclusive Kyshona Armstrong FatPocket Adam Kairo The Maxx

SHOWCASE C 2:00-4:00 PM • JUNE 18, 2013 D’mo Brass- The Distinguished Men of Brass The Edward Twins Sean Watson Jody Fuller Don Friesen Savannah Jack SHOWCASE D 8 PM- 11:30 PM • JUNE 18, 2013 Chad Chesmark Darrell Joyce Bodh’akan Smitten Blu The Morgan Leigh Band Home Free Too White Crew


MONDAY, JUNE 17, 11:40AM

Carey Lohrenz

Carey Lohrenz's timely message about High Performing Teams and developing a Culture of Learning is based on the best-practices of high reliability organizations. The processes of Planning, Briefing, Debriefing and Adjusting help businesses manage risk.


Byron Reese

Byron shares his childhood dreams and vision for solving many of our worst global issues, and challenges us to consider the excuses we conjure to explain why others are achieving what we aren't.

Speaker Showcases are Sponsored By See Agency, Christa Haberstock, (310) 903 1971. Click on SWAY


here are a lot of “such and such of 1000 voices” floating around out there – some are great impressionists and some are not, but almost all of them are fairly one dimensional. They have their set “piece” they perform, which is generally rehearsed and fine-tuned with little room for custom requests.


Tony Pace brings more than just a great voice to the table. He can do impressions, but he is also an accomplished writer, comedian, musician, emcee, speaker and even production specialist in his own right. He’s spent nearly his entire life in the theater, and now he spends the majority of his time giving custom performances for

corporations, casinos, cruise lines and the like.

“The first thing I say at the beginning of every show,” Tony says, “is that the object of the evening is to have fun. I’m not up there to display my skills and stroke my ego, I’m there to make sure everyone has a good time and even more importantly that the person who hired me accomplishes the goals they set out to when planning the event.”

Tony has long experience in front of audiences (catching the acting bug in an 8th grade production of Oliver), and has mastered the ability to go with the flow and make adjustments to his show as necessary. “I read the audi-


ence and every show is mostly improv. I get an idea ahead of time of what makes up the audience, their age, demographics, what they are looking for and tailor the show for that specific evening. One night I might have an audience who wants to more passively sit back, listen and enjoy their evening. For that group I might do something more low key or laid back. If it’s more of a party atmosphere, then we’ll kick things up with high energy numbers that get the audience up and dancing.”

Tony says above all one common denominator remains in every performance. “There has to be laughter,” he says. “Laughter and involvement from the audience. I like that one on one attachment

and interaction with the audience as a whole. That is the fun part for me.”

So, the basic Tony Pace can come in and sing with a band, hits from nearly any era. Peel back the second layer and you find a genuinely talented comic impressionist. “There are nights that impersonations are the feature of the event, and we work with using the right characters and line up for the audience and can even custom script inside those characters where appropriate.”

The third level of Tony Pace show is where his true adaptive stripes come into play. “My favorite thing to do is all of it,” he laughs. “I get to do a mix of songs, impersonations, original charac-

ters, stand-up comedy and parodies. When an audience sees me doing one thing and then moving quickly to another and then another, it really seems to keep them on their toes, guessing and pleasantly surprised.” When we say Tony has been in “the industry” for a long time, that’s not only referring to him performing. He has specialized knowledge that many performers can seem frustratingly oblivious of, making him a true gem to the corporate meeting or event planner who needs someone who understands an event soup to nuts, not simply their personal role in it. “I have been in this business since 1974 and have had the opportunity and the honor to do every-

thing from the back end with set design and directing, sound and lighting, to the front of the stage performing. Because of that fact I am privy to an understanding that a lot of people don’t get and I am very lucky for that. Not only on an audience-relations basis, but in relating to agents, producers, planners and stage directors. I think I can offer something that many people who only see through one scope can not.” See Tony Pace through your own scope at SHOWCASE B, JUNE 17 at this year’s AEP’s Signature Event! For more information on booking Tony, call Craig Neier Associates at (973) 227-8787 or




n honor of one of the most exciting feature sessions at this years AEP Signature Event, “Cutting Edge Technology...You Can Book,” AEM is proud to present a prime example of new technology being utilized to transform an entertainment event into something new, exciting and innovative. 3D mapping and projection has become all the rage, and FOCUS3D (pronounced “focused”) is a great integration of 3D mapping combined with a high energy music performance. Just to give a brief understanding of 3D mapping for those who don’t know, the process involves using a projection on a set or stage piece, which is often three dimensions itself (instead of a flat screen), by scanning and “mapping” custom video and imagery that when projected, wraps around the surface it’s aimed at like a skin. It can completely transform an entire room or environment, or it can be used on a stage, as with FOCUS3D. For a much more detailed discussion of 3D mapping, check out our story with industry experts elsewhere in this issue. FOCUS3D is the brainchild of Jonathan Archer and DJ Hilton Farris, a duo which forms a successful drummer/DJ combo called Side Project that has already seen great success in the corporate and special events markets as a standalone show. What takes things up a notch and adds an entirely new level of depth (literally) is the addition of a special 3D mapped stage set that is projected on with dazzling imagery throughout their high energy show.

Jonathan explains why Side Project has been so successful and how the concept and inspiration behind FOCUS3D came about.

“The regular version of our show is something that has been incredibly successful, especially for the special events market and the reason for that is that we adapt each show to play to that audience. The show offers the song selection and easy transitions of a DJ, but having a drummer there makes the experience feel much more like watching a live band. The percussive acoustics and general frenetic energy of a live drummer have that effect.”

The show is completely open format. “Our focus is mostly high energy dance music, numbers designed to get people up and having fun. The show being open format means we can literally go from an a cappella part from a Beastie Boys song overlaid with an Aerosmith track and then transition into a Top 40 record that is on the air right now, into a remix of a Michael Jackson song.”

So, Side Project provides the basic ingredients for the show, and 3D mapping takes it to another level. “We wanted to incorporate the high end element of 3D mapping,” Jonathan says. “I noticed a niche that was open, as I was not aware of anyone else doing a prepackaged show that was entertainment based, which also included 3D mapping. Of course there are many applications of 3D mapping being put in place at events across the globe, but many


of them are meant more as environmental or informative pieces, and additionally are very often custom pieces that are only used once.”

FOCUS3D was designed to be something that could blow the audience away with the “wow” factor of live music and 3D mapping, but still come in at around the same sort of price tag a party band might cost. “The goal was to be able to walk into any venue, be able to set up, perform, break down and be out in a single day. From the beginning we knew it had to be engineered with that in mind. We scaled our full set piece into two cases that are perfect for shipping.” If you take a look at the photos here and check out you can see that despite its small size for easy travel, this show fills up a stage with its presence with a set piece that is 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The depth can appear to be infinite with the right images mapped in.

Despite any bells and whistles or fancy technology, 3D images and flashing lights themselves do not a show make. It’s a good thing that the strength of the material and power of the performance of Side Project is so great. “The style of music that we use works for any demographic, so what we wanted to do was augment that with the 3D mapping, but above all not forget what our sights are set on. We want to get the audience up on their feet and having a good time and dazzling visuals alone won’t cut it. This is not a passive show where you just sit down and watch, its for people to dance and have fun.”

Now don’t think that just because this outfit is set up to go in and out in turnkey fashion doesn't mean they can’t or don’t want to take on larger scale or custom projects for their clients. They can and will. “When we have clients who want to


be more involved, they can be. We have certain clients who we are developing custom pieces for in the show, which really helps to drive home the message of their conference, venue or event. Logo placements inside of the set are standard; we already do that on a regular basis, but there are other options for product launches, VIP reveals and many other exciting possibilities for us to explore and work with more in the future. Be sure not to miss Jonathan sitting in on our esteemed panel at this year’s AEP conference, where he’ll be discussing in depth the concepts behind this show with other industry experts on the technology. For more information on bringing FOCUS3D to your next event, contact Lisa Compton at Metropolis Productions at 407-541-0553 or


Anthony Gibson Moved Seemlessly from Performer To Buyer!

n the past, this publication has been geared editorially toward stories nearly all featuring talent, but as the Association of Entertainment Professionals has developed, so too has American Entertainment Magazine begun to evolve. We feel that buyers will still be looking for specific options for great talent, but we also now realize there is a ton to learn from their experienced peers.


One of the most experienced and colorful members of the National Advisory Board of AEP is Anthony Gibson, Entertainment Director for Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi and the Gold Strike Casino in Tunica. “Ant” as he’s known, sits down to tell us all about what he does, how he does it and a little bit about how he got here.

Starting out on the East Coast of Canada in Nova Scotia in 1970 as a vocalist, his band Killer Egg was opening in arenas for the likes of Canadian Royalty such as The Guess Who and Steppenwolf. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1972 with a 10 piece horn band called Hi Octane, which became the house band for a year or so at Filthy McNasty's, now known as the Viper Room.

He moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas permanently in 1979. “I held residence in both cities from 1977. I went through many groups over the next 20 years, The Buck Ram Platters, Leon Hughes Coasters, and George Holmes


n 1996 he joined the MIRAGE family (Steve Wynn) at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas as a Stage tech. “I switched from the front of the stage to the back of stage. Both were very exciting…In 1998 I moved to Mississippi with MIRAGE to open the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino (Steve Wynn was building the Beau Rivage and The Bellagio at the same time).”

Now Anthony is in charge of all entertainment events at the two properties, Beau Rivage featuring a 1500 seat theater and 780 seats at the theater at Gold Strike in Tunica. “It’s interesting, because of the difference in theater size (and to some extent the demographics), I often have to subsidize the buying at Gold Strike with what I do at Beau Rivage. Because there are 1500 seats there, we can set ticket prices for certain acts at a rate that doesn’t cost us money. But having only 780 seats in Tunica means certain acts’ prices divided among that many seats results in a ticket price we can’t push.”

Ant says this is made up for to some extent by the fact that he has the buying power of two properties instead of just one. “When it Ink Spots. I became President of an Independent comes to routing, or negotiating an ideal rate Record Company, SharPei Records in 1992 and for my company, having both properties in a I still own this company to this day. I produced relatively close proximity to each other is a and released a CD in 1993 under the title of ‘The blessing. Not all of the acts I book in either Complete Anthony T. Gibson’ with About Time property will work for both, but there is Records with distribution through BMG UK.” enough crossover to be helpful.”



He says more than anything though, when it comes to buying talent, it’s all about the relationships. “Having solid relationships with agents built over the years is the number one reason I am able to do my job well. They know when to call me with an act that is coming through, and I know when there is a specific act I want they will treat me fairly and give me the best deal possible. This is one aspect that the Association of Entertainment Professionals has

Anthony has been a faithful member of AEP, and a valuable member of its National Advisory Board. One of his favorite aspects of the conference is the opportunity to see new talent along with forgotten favorites in the showcases. “That is a great opportunity in my mind. I get so many submissions to watch this video or listen to that track, and honestly, none of it affects my decisions on what to buy all that much. I need to see and feel them live for my-

offered, a chance to rub elbows and get face to face contact with not only agents offering great talent, but other buyers like me and build new relationships. It’s been very interesting to meet buyers from other markets, and just having the college demographic involved has opened my eyes to new possibilities. It gives me a chance to get out of Mississippi and see what’s going on in the wider world of entertainment. I usually only travel about once a year, and it’s for a week in Vegas around the AEP conference.”

self to get a true sense of their talent and potential. Having an organization that can line up a couple dozen acts in a couple of days in multiple genres and price ranges is ideal, for talent buyers, it’s like being a kid in a candy shop.”

“Having solid relationships with agents built over the years is the number one reason I am able to do my job well.



Come meet Anthony and other influential buyers like him at AEP! For more information on visiting one of Anthony’s properties, check out and



SHOWCASES: Monday Afternoon


THE MARK: THE MARK, is a show-stopper with re-

spect to talent, stage presence and nonstop energy. Led by the phenomenal Mark Jones, THE MARK takes dance bands to a new level. Showmanship is his trademark. Often compared to Prince, this man can sing, dance, play bass, and engage an audience. FULL CIRCLE ENT GROUP, 714-272-4900

THE CUBE/ACROBAZIA: A stunning physical

JUSTIN FLOM: Justin Flom brings a unique pres-


KAZUAL: The Harmonious styles of their eclectic mix of 'Old School' R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop-Rock along with their choreographed dances and dubstep moves will have you dancing in your seat and singing along! They’ve been seen on “America's Got Talent,” "Next Superstars of Tomorrow", "Showtime at The Apollo" and more. GP ENTERTAINMENT, 315-859-1745

art form that combines strength, balance, and dexterity as together they achieve symmetry in motion. Numerous hand balancing movements that seem to defy gravity. The sheer strength, agility, and fluidity of this act will transfix your audience. IMAGINATION ENTERTAINMENT, 619-733-1461

ence to the stage with comedy and a touch of magic. He was voted the People's Choice at the International Magic Festival 2007 in Malaysia. With break-dancing animals, intimate miracles and hilarious recreations of hit songs, he continues to break new ground . DON CASINO PRODUCTIONS, 305-931-7552x8


DuelingPianosshowwillprovidehigh-endentertainmentforyour audience that will thoroughly engage and entertain your audience, while making you the star of the show. The one-of-a-kind entertainment experience that is Midwest Dueling Pianos will have your audience singing, cheering, dancing, and laughing so hard they'll be doubled over gasping for breath., 248 -726 -2327




SHOWCASES: Monday Evening


SPANKY: Spanky invented a new way of performing

RED HOT BAND: As a fixture in the LA music scene, with their clever arrangements and stylized choreography, The Red Hot Band has been raising the roof with the most current Top 40 Hits and sizzling Latin music, making them LA’s hottest fusion band! The trio combines Flamenco Guitar, with keys and upright base. A quartet with percussion can also be performed. INNOVATIVE ENTERTAINMENT, 619-606-6062

TONY PACE: Tony brings hilarious musical comedy skills, dead on impressions, crazy characters, an amazing endless supply of explosive raw energy and one of the most incredible voice to every stage. He's live, electrifying and hailed The Ultimate Performer and trademarked: The Man with the Voice who just happens to be funny. CRAIG NEIER ASSOCIATES, 908-642-8991

XCLUSIVE: His interest in dance began at the age of

ADAM KARIO: If you are looking for something with broad appeal, this is it. Adam Kario’s family-friendly show is full of high impact juggling and hilarious comedy that is sure to keep audiences laughing and entertained. Specifically developed to amaze the audience and be funny without being offensive. DON CASINO PRODUCTIONS, 305-931-7552x8

FAT POCKET: FatPocket produces grooves that move your feet and change your world. Donning sunglasses at night, suits that would make Sinatra jealous and moves that cannot be touched, this crew is full of personality and is as fun as the funk they produce. With a set list ranging from Michael Jackson to Herbie Hancock, Prince to Chicago and Rick James to James Brown, FatPocket has something for everyone. TALENTPLUS, 314-599-0159

THE MAXX: For over twenty years, The Maxx has

stand-up comedy that can only be described as Photoshop Live! Rather than just looking at one performer, SPANKY uses modern technology to present a hilarious cast of thousands, from super heroes to movie stars to famous works of art. SPANKY Man of 1,000 Bodies!: Something revolutionary, something side-splitting, GP ENTERTAINMENT, 315-859-1745

13. After about four years of practice, he perfected his own freestyle moves and he began to perform and battle at competitions which built his confidence. The response from the crowd was incredible.You can find Xclusive entertaining thousands as a performer for Minor League Baseball . GP ENTERTAINMENT, 315-859-1745

KYSHONA ARMSTRONG: Her soulful, honest

voice along with her percussive guitar style will take a fan from a neo soul groove to thought provoking folk ballad. Kyshona has been compared to Tracy Chapman, Diana Krall and Dionne Ferris. Remaining completely humble, Kyshona prays that she can be as blessed as these women and their music careers. DIVERSITY TALENT AGENCY , 770-210-5579


continued this tradition by performing the music of their youth along with classic oldies and today’s pop music. Their energetic choreography and eclectic sound keeps them traveling the world entertaining countless weddings, conventions, and major corporate events; including Bill Gates and Microsoft. EASTCOAST ENTERTAINMENT, 404-351-0955


SHOWCASES: Tuesday Afternoon


d’MO BRASS: The Distinguished Men of Brass are sure fire crowd pleasers! A hip, energetic, one-of-a-kind brass band with a unique blend of music, dance, and choreography. Combining high caliber musicianship and outstanding showmanship, they captivate and thrill all within sight or sound. Guaranteed to put on an amazing show, 813-364-2181

JODY FULLER: Jody Fuller is a comic, speaker and

soldier currently holding the rank of Captain in the National Guard. He has completed three tours of duty in Iraq and is a lifetime stutterer. Jody travels the globe speaking to or entertaining a wide variety of groups ranging from the Boys and Girls Club of America to entertaining our troops. TALENTPLUS ENTERTAINMENT, 314-421-9400 X112

THE EDWARDS TWINS: Eddie Edwards will per-

form as Barbra Striesand singing The Way We Were and then joined by twin brother Anthony Edwards as Andrea Bocelli singing Together with Barbra. Eddie will leave to change into his next Character while Anthony will perform as Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Ray Charles,... 2 brothers/ 100 stars. BLACK BOX BOOKING, 561-906-0430

SAVANNAH JACK: From playing honky-tonks on lower Broadway in Nashville, to opening arena dates for John Fogerty, Vince Gill, and the legendary Kenny Rogers, Savannah Jack has honed their skills as outstanding live entertainers who captivate audiences from the very first note. DON CASINO PRODUCTIONS, 305-931-7552x8

SEAN WATSON: Sean has won great acclaim at venues such as the Las Vegas Hilton, MGM Grand Casino, Mandalay Bay (House of Blues), the renowned “Carnival” in Brazil. With over 20 years magical experience in practically every type of venue, Sean has perfected his skills as a magician, but moreover as an “entertainer.” STARSHINE EVENTS, 540-585-4292

DON FRIESEN: Smart & savvy highly-caffeinated

comedy. If you missed Don's hilarious Showtime one-hour Special, "Ask Your Mom," you've got to catch him Live! Engaging, clever, relatable, and just flat-out funny, Don captures the irony of parenting, marriage and everyday absurdities through characters, satire, and some of the best written routines around. DON@DONFRIESEN.COM, 818-681-2856

DON’T MISS OUT ON THE MEET & GREET FOLLOWING EACH SHOWCASE! Meet The Acts And Their Agents. Talk About Future Business.


SHOWCASES: Tuesday Evening


BODH’ATKAN: Armed with a style infused with

SMITTEN BLU: A dynamic female ensemble celebrating the modern day woman through song and dance. From a full production show to a more intimate cabaret style evening, SMITTEN BLU, features some of LA's top female vocalists and touring artists. A musical journey from Classics to 60's, Broadway to the Blues/ INNOVATIVE ENTERTAINMENT, 619-606-6062

CHAD CHESMARK: Chad began studying magic at 15. He began performing in his community in order to perfect his art and tested his skills by competing against other magicians in magic competitions -- where he won several international awards. For the past 10 years he has performed on the largest and most distinguished cruise ships in the world. DON CASINO PRODUCTIONS, 305-931-7552x8

MORGAN LEIGH BAND: They are a Pop/Country band led by singer/songwriter Morgan Leigh. Leigh has been awarded titles such as: Top Ten Best Female Vocalist (IPOP), Best Female Singer (Star Rep.), Artist to Watch 2013, and Runner Up Teen Star of the Year (Las Vegas). In 2011, she released an EP, with Grammy nominated superstar, Jamie Neal, and produced by Rodney Good. FULL CIRCLE ENT GROUP, 714-272-4900

HOME FREE: 5 guys. 5 microphones. One stage. No

DARRELL JOYCE: Fast-pace, quick wit, and

celtic, punk, polka, Irish traditional, Breton, Maritime and obviously Quebecois influences, their recorded material is rock-solid, but it’s on stage that Bodh’aktan truly takes no prisoners, lifting spirits and glasses to the gods of fun!, 514-597-0636

instruments.They're not your bow-tie barbershop quartet. They're a vocal band, which means they do more than sing - they recreate the entire band experience - engaging audiences in a rich blend of harmonies and vocal percussion while entertaining them in good clean fun . DON CASINO PRODUCTIONS, 305-931-7552x8

TOO WHITE CREW: A tribute to the golden era of hip hop, featuring all live music from a six piece band, accompanied by choreographed “Fly Girl” dancers. It’s a party band – it’s a show – it’s art – it’s madness on stage – all packaged in an unprecedented way. The best thing about Too White Crew is that it is corporate and festival friendly. It is all the popular songs requested to a DJ but performed live in a high energy, interactive setting. TWC has opened for countless hip hop and pop legends and is the only band in the past decade to perform at the Playboy Mansion.

originality are just a few of the tools in comedian Darrell Joyce's arsenal. Few entertainers can blend into any environment, but this comedian does so with ease. He can elaborate on almost any subject including situations from everyday life. DON CASINO PRODUCTIONS, 305-931-7552x8


MAGNIFICENT EVENTS 815-230-3770 ext. 700


Entertainment is an inherently innovative medium. By its very nature, what has become routine, old and stale runs counter to the goal of an exciting event. For an engaging and most importantly memorable event to take place, we have to get away from “old hat” and into a pair of hot new “kicks.”

One of the fastest changing and most impacting variables on the innovation of entertainment has always been the evolution of technology. From the dawning of basic understanding of acoustics and amplification to smoke, lasers, pyrotechnics and wireless technologies each wrung in the ladder has added a new and exciting element of the stage to audiences the world over. This theme has become a highlight of this year’s AEP Signature Event, which is featuring an session on “Cutting Edge Technology...That

You Can Book” with expert panelists and innovators in the world of entertainment.

David Corwin is Founder and Creative Director of Megavision Arts, a visual media design collective that designs and produces creative content for projected environments and site-specific video installations.

Greg Christy is CEO of Brite Ideas Lighting, an innovative lighting and technical production company offering award-winning production specialties for special events, conventions, concerts, theaters and other events. Whether it’s in television, movies or live entertainment, “3D” has become a buzzword again, and it’s a concept with a lot of variables that both David and Greg see requests


for often. “From my perspective, there is a trend in 3D presentations for meetings, which has perhaps waned some but requests are still coming in. As the technology makes leaps so does demand however. 3D in the traditional sense has seen some recent popularity, but is fading now because it’s somewhat cumbersome,” David says. “We’re talking about the 1950’s style of stereo-optic 3D, where you have to wear the blue and red lensed glasses.”

Stereoscopic 3D depends on being viewed with both of your eyes, using two slightly misaligned images with different color wavelengths to give the illusion of depth. While this technology has evolved into glasses resembling sunglasses that are less invasive to normal vision than the headache causing blue-and-reds, the fact is they can still be ex-

pensive to use in large numbers, and are cumbersome and annoying for an audience.

Not to worry however, because along comes technological innovation to the rescue. “The other kind of 3D is where surveying and then computer mapping an environment are used to then project images onto that environment to simulate something that is dimensional, and perhaps even may be. A projected 3D image could go onto a flat wall that is 2D, or it could be on a set or stage piece that is 3 dimensional, allowing the 3D graphics to wrap around them and give an even greater appearance of depth. It is something that takes a number of projectors and special software, as well as a fair measure of experience and skill.”

This 3 dimensional image projected on a 3 dimensional object is where the new current buzzword of “mapping” has come into play. “I think to help clarify this, you have to make sure the readers understand what mapping

is,” Greg adds. “It’s tailoring a series of projections to fit around an existing piece of architecture or stage set. The lines of the environment itself come to meet the lines of the video projection.”

When it comes to the cost and production requirements, the sky could be the limit. The more intricate the set and mapping the higher the cost to produce. When it comes to high-end productions, there is no doubt that 3D mapping and projection can produce astounding results. “I always refer to people to a promotional launch Ralph Lauren did in New York City.”

You can Google “Ralph Lauren 4D” to check it out – a concept which tries to add yet another dimension to the sensory experience. In this case the fourth dimension was a scent sprayed in the air, similar to the experience at Universal in the Shrek 4-D show, where the audience is spritzed with water or have the floor shake underneath them. Clearly all sorts of possibilities will continue to abound.

One major and notable project that David and Greg have in common was an event for the Getty Museum for the Pacific Standard Time Exhibition. “That is something reader’s really need to see; it was pretty darn incredible. I actually have pictures on the wall of my conference room of that show, it was a big deal.”

David adds, “That is a great example of how the technology in itself combined with content becomes a form of entertainment. We collaborated on this seven minute piece that literally was the show. It was a completely immersive, 270 degree environment that combined images with storytelling and music. It’s hard to explain and truly understand the depth of the impact on an audience who has been completely transported away from the room they were just sitting in.”

And the audience can go anywhere you want to take them, whether it’s under the sea or to mars. The time it takes to produce this kind of large scale even can be significant. But


not all events are like the Getty, there is a scalability to this technology and like most new technological trends, the cost goes down as the use of it becomes more commonplace. Comparatively, though, this sort of thing could be around the cost of your normal live talent, depending on who your sights are set on. “It would probably be akin to booking Journey, not Elton John or Billy Joel, “ Greg says, “but it’s also not going to be in the range of your local party band. Turn key you could be looking in the range of $500-$700k. That is for something like the Getty, which is pretty darn massive. That is the upper end of things which involved lighting an entire museum campus.”

For those of you who need to pick your jaw off the floor, not to worry. There are certainly more reasonable options, but we figured why not start on the top end and get any initial sticker shock out of the way. “It can be more affordable of course; a perfect example of this technology is a show we did for Cisco. The way that came about was that the client was literally looking for entertainment for this evening function. They weren’t just out for an environmental set. It was a reception for

about 4,000 people at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. Ultimately, just getting a band and putting them on stage wasn’t really speaking to the people that were in the room. There were attendees there from seven different geographic regions around the world from Europe, Asia and North America and they wanted to somehow personalize it.”

This begs the question that will be the focal point of Greg and David’s session at the AEP Conference. “What can we do to give them something truly special and memorable? People have seen bands before,” Greg says. “Even if it’s a name act, half the people in the room are going to be digging it and the other half won’t care less. We decided to take this room, 25 feet high by 900 running feet, wrap all the walls with projections and create a video that had an Asian feel for part of it, then celebrated America, and in turn each demographic in the audience. It was high energy with fun music and created an entire environment that drew the audience in and was very well received. People flipped out. The attendees had a great time. The lighting in the room was synced to the video, so the room


was warm and bright and then pulled down all at once when went into the production and it became very ethereal in the room. It is a very immersive experience as opposed to standing in the room passively watching an act on stage.”

“That is the focus of what we want to get across to these entertainment buyers,” David says. “Entertainment doesn’t necessarily have to be a band. There are other new and more engaging ways to entertain people and immerse them into an experience.”

If you want to find out more about this exciting new technology, check out the session at the upcoming AEP event. If you’re ready to pull the trigger, give one (or both) of our esteemed experts a call. David Corwin • Megavision Arts 310-829-0123

Greg Christy • Brite Ideas Lighting 949-460-2070


Cameo Publishing Group USA AE 6/13 PO Box 509 Prosperity SC 29127 Change Service Requested


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Aep pre conf 2013b quark june 1 layout 1  

The 2013 Conference Program Issue for the AEP Signature Event Conference.