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Camelot Kids Preschool in Silver Lake Los Angeles

• Camelot kids Child Development center is an Eco friendly child development program in Los Angeles. By this program we seek to encourage this natural love of learning by creating a safe. Our teacher’s role is to facilitate the experiences necessary for each child to grow in their thinking skills, physical abilities, and social skills-every day. All of our teachers are childcare professionals. We are a private community school but not a co-op. Find out more information details visit our website

How Camelot Kids Can Create a Fun Atmosphere


For children, the first stage of educational journey is the most important way in their life. It is generally a school or class for children between the ages of four and five years. The kindergarten is a little more developed than play school. It teaches young children from the first stage like how to write their name, how to read and write their Alphabet book and how to catch everything easily. Here teachers are more conscious about it and they follow easy technique that how to control their kids.

Address: Camelot Kids Child Development Center 2880 Rowena Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039 Phone: 323.662.2663 Fax: 323.372.3784 Email: Website:

Camelot kids preschool in silver lake los angeles