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Professional English

Cambridge English for

Human Resources UNIT 8 additional activities

Vocabulary revision

1 If you discipline somebody,

a can be anybody who acts to support an employee during a hearing.

2 An employee representative

b involves ignoring somebody or not giving them the same opportunities as others.

3 A non-disciplinary solution

c involves treating somebody differently because of their race, religion, etc.

4 A disciplinary procedure

d involves treating somebody in a violent or abusive manner.

5 Misconduct

e involves unwelcome actions, behaviour or comments of a sexual nature.

6 A rule of conduct

f is a formal term for sacking somebody.

7 Suspension

g is a fixed amount of time at work during which an employee has a chance to demonstrate improvement.

8 A breach

h is a formal term for an action which breaks a law or rule.

9 A verbal warning

i is less serious than a written warning.

10 A probationary period

j is unacceptable or bad behaviour.

11 Dismissal

k is when an employee is sent home from work as a result of a disciplinary matter.

12 A transgression

l is when somebody is forced to resign from a job because their life is being made unpleasant.

13 If something is wiped from the record

m is when you break a company rule or do something which is against company policy.

14 Discrimination

n it is removed from official documents.

15 Sexual harassment

o might involve training or counselling for the employee.

16 Bullying

p sets out the rules for dealing with misconduct and unacceptable performance or behaviour.

17 Exclusion

q states what is expected of employees and what will happen if it is not followed.

18 Constructive dismissal

r you punish them in a formal way.


Cambridge English for Human Resources

Cambridge University Press 2011  


Professional English

Cambridge English for

Human Resources UNIT 8 additional activities

Teacher’s Notes

Before you begin … Make enough copies of the word card sheet for students in your class to be able to work in pairs. It is advisable to enlarge your copies onto A3 paper as that will make it easier for both you and your students to physically handle the word cards in the classroom. You will then need a pair of scissors to cut out the sets of word cards. Finally, shuffle the cards.

You also need to make enough copies of the worksheet (on A4) for each student in the class. These copies should not be cut out.

a Ask students to get into pairs. Explain that they are going to review some key

vocabulary terms from Unit 8. Give students five minutes to brainstorm words or phrases connected to the subject of discipline and grievance.

b Explain to students that they are going to complete 18 definitions of key words

and phrases by matching the correct beginnings and endings of the sentences. Distribute a pack of word cards to each pair and then give students a time limit of seven minutes to complete the task.

c After the time is up, ask students to go around the room and check the answers of the other pairs.

d Distribute copies of the full list of definitions (i.e. the list that has not been cut out). Feed back answers to the whole class, allowing students to match up the sentence halves on their activity sheets. Answers 1 r   ​2 a   ​3 o   ​4 p   ​5 j   ​6 q   ​7 k   ​8 m   ​9 i   ​10 g   ​11 f   ​ 12 h   ​13 n   ​14 c   ​ 15 e   ​16 d   ​17 b   ​ 18 l


Cambridge English for Human Resources

Cambridge University Press 2011  


Cambridge English for Human Resources - Worksheet - Vocabulary Revision  

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