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OCTOBER 11, 2019

Life begins at 40

Meet Tama Oha, a month-old Taranaki chick who has just become the 40th kiwi released on Sanctuary Mountain – Maungatautari as part of the Kiwis for Kiwi programme. Tama Oha, in the arms of Helen McCormick from the National Kiwi Hatchery, was hatched at the National Kiwi Hatchery in Rotorua and named by Taranaki iwi Ngāti Tama. Under the Kiwis for Kiwi programme Tama Oha is one of 500 Western Brown kiwi chicks released on Maungatautari over a five-year period. The programme began last year. The Cambridge News sent reporter Sophie Iremonger to Sanctuary Mountain to report on the latest release. See her story on page 5.

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Photo – Michael Jeans



Ring the bell I am a senior citizen who enjoys walking her dog along the streets and tracks in our beautiful town. I’ve also been a cyclist, although not in this country. During my cycling days my fellow riders and I warned walkers of our approach from behind by ringing our bells. Here, I have been surprised and dismayed that few cyclists follow this custom. In the two years I’ve been living in Cambridge I have never heard a bicycle bell. At best I get an ‘Excuse me’ seconds before a cyclist whizzes past. This is most disconcerting and potentially very dangerous, especially for an elderly walker. It may be that cyclists are too polite to sound a bell, mistakenly thinking this might be construed as rude or arrogant. It most definitely is not for this walker. By sounding a bell a cyclist does not have to slow down as much, as the person ahead has been warned. The walker will never be forced to move aside instantly and dangerously but will do so with plenty of time. A win/win situation. Ruth Pidwell

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I hope everyone has survived the school holidays and families have enjoyed some quality time together. First of all, a big thank you this week – we are starting to see more crime reporting coming through, which has already enabled us to hold to a few people to account over dishonesty matters. An arrest gives us a chance to try to identify the underlying issues behind a person’s offending and put them in touch with necessary support. Hopefully the process will also make them think twice about committing further crime. I believe a connected community is key in preventing and deterring crime. We’ve had a great example of this in the last couple of weeks. Eagle-eyed accommodation hosts noticed some suspicious activity from newly arrived guests. They remained observant and alerted Police to the individuals’ presence and conduct. Separately, one of our retail businesses reported a shoplifting incident and provided clear CCTV footage. Through both contacts, a link was identified. Police were able to locate important evidence in relation to two offences committed. A female was subsequently arrested and charged with these, and other offences, in Auckland. If either contact had not occurred, it is likely the offender

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Climate Change Micheal Cole (letters, October 4) wrote that he was pleased to see New Zealand history is now being promoted by the Education Service, then goes on about sea level rise. If New Zealand history is going to be taught how about they start with climate history and might I suggest that Micheal Cole do a little research as well. video/6piJY0BKwUoR/ would be an excellent place to start, another would be The Alexander Turnbull library, where it tells us that temperature stability in New Zealand is not just a recent phenomenon, The Alexander Turnbull library has the original of a research report by the Dominion Meteorologist in 1868 which finds the New Zealand average temperature over the preceding eight years to be 13.1°C – slightly higher than today. This historic view further aligns with De Freitas et al (2014)[1] which is the only relevant science that appears in the international peer-reviewed literature. That study shows that the average 7SS temperature

Businesses combine to ensure an arrest

Advertising Manager

David Mackenzie

Editor’s note: Cyclists using the New Plymouth walkway more often than not alert pedestrians with a ring on their bell.

trend has been only 0.28°C ± 0.3°C since 2009. As the error bars exceed the trend, the range of temperature changes include zero – ie there has been no detectable warming in this country for over a hundred years. So, New Zealand hasn’t yet experienced even the slightest twinge of “climate change” (as defined by the UN), despite the noisy alarm fostered by groups such as the Green Party, So why is the Government spending millions of dollars in research grants to study the effect of alleged New Zealand warming? Gerald Stewart Petrol prices in Cambridge Can anyone explain why 91 fuel prices in Cambridge are continually 10 cents more expensive per litre than in Matamata, Waharoa and Tokoroa? Can anyone explain why 91 fuel prices in Cambridge are generally the same or only a couple of cents cheaper than many fuel retailers in Auckland, despite Auckland having had an additional 11.5c per litre regional fuel tax applied? It would be great if anyone could shed any light on this. David Jones-Parry

On the beat with DEB THURGOOD

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would not only have been harder to identify, but the extent of the offences she has been charged with may not have been recognised. My information request this week is around drug activity. Drugs have a significant and negative, health and social impact. You can help us disrupt the flow. Signs of a drug house are high volumes of people making short duration visits, the flow of which may vary on a cyclical basis, visitors may sit in their car for a period of time after having left the house, or one person may remain in the car while another goes inside. You may see people carrying items of value (electronics, cellphones, bikes etc) into the house and there may appear to be a person on lookout hanging around outside. Many drug houses have been shut down through information provided by the public. Contact Police to report suspicious activity or to provide information about drug dealing. To remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Thanks again and keep up the good work, Deb

Richard Finn farewelled A private service has been held for Richard Finn, who four children included two of New Zealand’s finest musicians. Richard George Finn was 97. He was the husband of the late Mary Finn and father of Carolyn, Judy, Tim and Neil Finn. A family notice said he had “passed away peacefully at Waikato Hospital on 5 October 2019” and thanked staff at Waikato Hospital Neurological Ward and to Lifecare Cambridge. Neil Finn performed last month in Auckland and Dunedin with Fleetwood Mac, while Tim is scheduled to perform at the Cambridge Community House’s main annual fundraiser early next month in the Cambridge Town Hall. The Community House Trust offers support to people by helping them make positive changes in their lives through the provision of support, education and resources.


One more day to have your say By Sophie Iremonger

It’s now down to hours. Polls for the 2019 local body elections close across the country tomorrow – and voters who still want to have their say will have to use their feet to meet the noon deadline. Waipa District Council is opening its doors in Cambridge and Te Awamutu tomorrow, providing the opportunity to both enrol and vote. Council’s General Manager for Strategy and Community Services, Debbie Lascelles hopes those who haven’t already voted will turn out and have their say. “I think a lot of people don’t realise how important local government is, and how much it affects their daily life,” she said. “We (council) spend a lot of

money, and it’s those councillors who set our budget for the next 10 years – that determines what facilities and big projects get funded. … all the stuff that make a community a great place to live are predominantly driven by a local government.” Voter turnout in Waipa is down 15 percent compared to this time in the 2016 election. Lascelles said the fact that the mayor Jim Mylchreest stands unopposed could play a big part in voter interest this year. “I think some people don’t actually understand the breadth and depth of what council does, and it could also be that people are a little bit cynical about politics and politicians in general,” she said. Nationally only 43 per cent of eligible voters cast a vote in the 2016 election. Returns in local government elections, which still

rely on postal voting, have been declining nationwide since the 1980s. Forecasters say this year could see the lowest nationwide turnout in local body elections. But people should care, and they should vote, Lascelles said, because it touches on the things that make their lives good. “It’s not just rubbish collections, it’s your community facilities, parks, pools, library, water, even how we set the speed for local roads. It’s all the stuff that make a community a great place to live.” “Voter turnout is low pretty much almost everywhere, and I think the challenge for local government is to build a better understanding in its community of what we do.” She applauded community groups like Grey Power for organising candidate meetings –

given that council staff are limited in their involvement with the local elections. But Waipa District Council, in keeping with the rules of local government elections, had been involved with a range of community engagement activities, from promotional posters and Facebook campaigns to providing extensive information on council candidates and how residents can vote. Online voting could make a difference in future, she said, if applied properly. “If it gets more people to vote I’d be in favour of it, but you’d have to have a combination of (voting) options.” She said the lack of public turnout at the candidates meetings didn’t exactly bode well for the total voter turnout, but, “we can always hope”.

Debbie Lascelles said council offices in Cambridge and Te Awamutu would be open tomorrow for last minute voters. 

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$1 million bonus revealed

A short-term borrowing strategy implemented over the past three years by Waipa District Council will have earned more than $1 million additional cash by early 2020. Since 2016, Council has taken advantage of a favourable difference in borrowing and investment interest rates. The low-risk borrowing has been done through the Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA). The LGFA is owned by 30 New Zealand councils plus the Crown and allows councils to access funds at low interest rates. In its latest arrangement, Council borrowed and invested $35 million at fixed rates of interest for a period of between three and six months. The money has been invested with three banks – BNZ, ASB and ANZ – in line with Council’s investment policy. When each investment expires, the $35m will be returned firstly to the Council, then to the LGFA in full. But the excess interest earned from the investment ($132,759) after payment of interest on the borrowing, will go back to the Council to benefit Waipa district ratepayers. It will be reflected in the 2019/2020 annual accounts. Chief financial officer Ken Morris said Waipa District Council has entered into several similar financial arrangements over the past three years, securing more than $900,000 in additional interest revenue. “When this latest series of investments mature, the total excess interest earned on behalf of ratepayers from these arrangements will exceed $1 million,” he said. “That is a substantial amount of money and we are only really able to do this because Waipā has very strong financial management in place and a robust balance sheet. The risk on the investments is negligible but the rewards in terms of additional cash are substantial and have secured $1 million that ratepayers don’t have to fund.” • See Council numbers add up, Page 7

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More and more people are planning their own funerals and prepaying them to lessen the stress and financial burden for their families when the time comes. Under current Government policy up to You can prepay in a single payment or in $10,000 is exempt from asset testing instalments if that suits you better. There when applying for the Residential Care is no set amount because every funeral is Subsidy. different, depending on your personalised preplanned arrangements.

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More Kiwi for Maungatautari By Sophie Iremonger

Maungatautari’s newest resident was welcomed into Sanctuary Mountain’s main enclosure on Friday last week with the arrival of Tama Oha, a month-old kiwi chick found in the wild in Taranaki and hatched at the National Kiwi Hatchery in Rotorua. Named by Taranaki iwi Ngāti Tama, Tama Oha is the 40th kiwi to be released on Maungatautari as part of the Kiwis for Kiwi programme, which will see up to 500 Western Brown kiwi chicks released on Maungatautari over a five-year period, beginning last year. As part of an agreement with centres around North Island, once Maungatautari is at-capacity with kiwi numbers, new chicks will be transferred to wildlife centres to help grow their natural numbers.

“This will basically save the kiwi population,” said Sanctuary Mountain’s kiwi ranger Craig Montgomerie. “These kiwis will live here forever, breed, and their progeny will leave to go to other forests around the north western area. “It’s creating a really diverse genetic pool, collecting genetics from the entire western region, and creating a nice healthy population to start new populations.” Montgomerie confirmed the goal was to release 90 kiwi on Maungatautari over the October – May season, having released 38 over the 2018/19 season. “Between now and May we’re aiming for 90. The peak is probably about January and February when it ramps up even more. But even next month, every Friday in November, I’ll be releasing kiwi – some days up to five.” Up to five eggs are collected from nests in

Having met the public, Tama Oha was shown his new burrow.

the wild and hatched at three centres around the North Island. Left on their own after hatching, less than five percent of kiwi chicks in the wild survive to adulthood. Most are killed by predators, but the adults can fend for themselves. Tama Oha, whose sex will be determined after a DNA test, was released right at the top of the main enclosure on Maungatautari with perfect conditions for a young kiwi to forage. At about three years of age he or she will most likely find a mate and begin growing kiwi numbers on the maunga. “He’s pretty special, he’s grown really well,” said Helen McCormick from the National Kiwi Hatchery, who released Tama Helen McCormick, right, introduces Tama Oha to Sanctuary Mountain trustees before the chick was released.  Photo – Michael Jeans Oha into the new burrow on Friday.

Photo – Sophie Iremonger

“He hatched pretty big, at 399 grams, the national average is about 330g. “Previously our model has been to hatch them at our centre, raise them to a kilo in weight, and release them back into the wild. This is different in that the strategy is to repopulate the mountain, then take new kiwi back to other areas in future.” After being officially welcomed by representatives from Ngati Koroki Kahukura (also representing Raukawa, Ngati Hauaa and Waikato Tainui iwis) Tama Oha was carried 1.5km into the mountain enclosure and released into his new home. Over the next seven months, 89 chicks from around the western region are expected to do the same.

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Council numbers add up Waipa District Council has ended the financial year with an operating surplus of $34 million and an AA- credit rating. Chief financial officer Ken Morris said growth continued to have a huge impact on Council activities, driving a “step change” in the annual capital works programme. “Waipā had a 1.9 per cent increase in population, growth in business units of 1.4 per cent and economic growth of 4.7 per cent,” Morris said. “In response we delivered $55.1 million of capital works and services, mainly in core infrastructure like water, wastewater, stormwater and roads. But there is no doubt the capital programme was challenging and capital projects will continue to be testing in the coming year given the very tight contracting market.” Market conditions forced a delay in some projects, and Waipā ended the year with $15 million in external debt, $34 million less than budget. Over the next decade debt levels are forecast to rise steadily as investment into core infrastructure continues

along with the development of community facilities like Te Ara Wai in Te Awamutu, community playgrounds and the Cambridge pool. Rates continued to form less than 50 per cent of Council’s total revenue, well within Waipā’s self-imposed limit of 65 per cent. “That means we have diverse income streams and are not wholly reliant on ratepayers to meet the costs of running the district which is good,” Morris said. “We will also continue to uplift contributions from developers to ensure they pay their fair share of growthrelated costs.” In June, international credit agency Fitch assigned the Council a AA- credit rating, endorsing Waipā’s financial strength, stability and financial management. The only New Zealand council to have a higher Fitch rating is Invercargill City Council. The rating means Waipā will receive a 15 basis point (0.15 per cent) discount on any new long-term borrowings from the Local Government Funding Agency. This will save ratepayers tens of thousands

Ken Morris

of dollars in interest costs over coming years. The Annual Report showed Council ended the year with more than $1.7 billion in assets and total liabilities of $38.3 million. There was a cash surplus of $970,000 after allowing for a small number of carry forward and other items. The cash surplus provides a buffer for unanticipated items in the 2019-2020 year. It can also be used to impact on rates in the 2020-2021 year which is the next time the Council will set its rates. Council’s adopted 20182019 Annual Report is available online at www. A small number of printed copies will be available by the end of this week.

Trees for Survival sparks student learning By Sophie Iremonger

Karapiro School students have been hands-on at a nearby farm learning about biodiversity, riparian planting and how to keep waterways clean as part of the Trees for Survival programme. The environmental education initiative as part of the Enviroschools programme teaches children how to restore natural habitats through native tree planting, helping landowners to revegetate erosion-prone land, improve stream quality and increase biodiversity. Students worked on the Blunt family farm on Karapiro Road and some of the Year 4, 5 and 6 students will revisit the area over the next few years to continue planting and see how their work has helped change the landscape for the better. “The kids can actually see that they’re making a difference,” said Alex Daniel, an Enviroschools facilitator from Waikato Regional Council who worked with the Karapiro School students on the Blunt family farm recently. She said 10 schools in Waipa, including five in Cambridge, were taking part in the programme. “The aim is to get riparian planting and look after waterways, and we do a stream study at the same time to understand the invertebrates and the different characteristics of a stream,” she said. “At the end we ask, what can we do to make it better? And usually the answer is to plant trees to stop run off and erosion. It’s all about working with community farms, learning about the science behind it and keeping the water clean.” “This term we’ve been learning all about our environment and looking after our environment,” said Karapiro’s environmental teacher Harriet Embling. “And it’s great that a lot of this (tree planting) work is along the




! E T O V

Voting closes 12pm 12 October 2019 We’re open!

9am to 12pm Saturday 12 October for last minute voting.

MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! Once you’ve filled in your voting papers, head to your local Council office to drop them off:

Gabriel Roberts and Zachery Hartland plant native trees along a streambank.

main road, so they’ll be able to see them and watch them grow.” The students grew the trees themselves in the school’s ‘Trees for Survival’ nursery. Principal Tina-Maree Thatcher said the students had enjoyed following the trees through the process of seedlings to their new home on the farm, and the school was grateful to the Blunt family for their involvement. “Our students were able to work with a wide variety of different species of plants and learned about what plants and trees need over their life cycle to survive. A key aspect of this learning is respect for the natural environment and participation towards building a sustainable community,” said Thatcher. The students themselves said the best part of all was playing in the mud – as in planting trees, and exploring the ‘creepy-crawlies’ of the environment.

Waipa District Council 101 Bank Street TE AWAMUTU

Waipa District Council 23 Wilson Street CAMBRIDGE


For up-to-date election results, head to

0800 WAIPADC (924 723)



Thursday 17 October 2019 6.30pm – 8pm th

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Thanks a billion, pensioners

By Viv Posselt

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you are a burden to New Zealand. If you went on strike tomorrow, this country would fall to its knees.” That was the message delivered by Seniors Minister Tracey Martin to a packed Cambridge Grey Power meeting last week. The gathering at the Taylor St Health and Community Centre attracted Grey Power members, some local body election candidates and members of the public. Many had come to hear Ms Martin speak on upgrades to the SuperGold Card, which she announced a day earlier in conjunction with Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters. The new Better Later Life strategy – He Oranga Kaumātua 2019-2034 – was launched earlier this year to replace the Positive Ageing Strategy which ran from 2001-2010. “No-one did anything about the seniors’ community after 2010. I decided we didn’t want to revamp it, so asked New

Zealanders what they wanted. The strongest thing to come through was that there was no such thing as retirement. Turning 65 means transitioning from paid work to unpaid work, from full-time to part time work, from a wage economy to superannuation.” Referring to the current lobbying by broadcaster Mark Sainsbury for the appointment of an aged-care commissioner —and the pushback by TOP leader Geoff Simmons—she said the topic had raised talk of a universal basic income for all New Zealanders. “They would need to lower superannuation across the board and transfer it to the younger generation if the country was to be able to afford that. The interesting thing is that they haven’t had a conversation about exactly how much seniors contribute to New Zealand. “They don’t mention the $50 billion your spending will put back into the economy by 2036, the $25 billion you do in terms of voluntary work, or the $13 billion you will pay in taxes by 2036,” she said. “You only hear one side of the

Trash to treasure sale returns By Sophie Iremonger

The Great DIY Sale is returning to Hautapu on October 20 giving residents a chance to divert would-be rubbish from landfill and repurpose building materials in their own DIY and construction projects. The ‘brain child’ of Rob May Builders director Jono McCullough, the event started last year as a way to stop useful DIY products from going to landfill, with trades people donating excess or unused materials to be sold at a discount price to the public. The event saw $11,000 raised for Cambridge East Primary School, and over 15 tonnes of materials avoiding landfill.

“After last year we thought, if that’s what managed to get collected in the space of one term, imagine what we could collect if we actually had storage, so we’ve been collecting and storing things in a shipping container,” explained Paula Harvey, a Cambridge East School staffer and event organiser. This year’s sale items include a large bath tub and other plumbing gear donated by Plumbing World Te Awamutu, plants from Amber Garden Centre, as well as timber, insulation, tiles, flooring, paint and more. Waipa District Council will help with traffic management, and Te Miro School will provide food and coffee from 8am, before doors open at 9am. The event – at Shaw’s, 75 Victoria Rd, Cambridge – will run to noon or

conversation from politicians when it comes to seniors. “I sit on the Future of Work Standing Committee [a government-initiated tripartite forum established in mid2018]. By 2036, there will be one million New Zealanders aged 65 and over; the reality is, we cannot have one million New Zealanders drop out of the workforce, taking all that knowledge, expertise and skills with them. We need to make sure our seniors remain connected to the workplace.” She said today’s seniors were fitter, more active and more ‘connected’ than the generations before. “I am signing at least 20 cards a month for those turning 100. Japan has 80,000 citizens over the age of 100, so we need to keep our seniors connected to the workplace, whether it is paid work or voluntary. And we need to make sure businesses understand that. “So, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a burden to the country … because you’re not.” See Page 13 - Gold card changes explained and a new column: The Age of Reason.

earlier if everything sells. The sale has also been bolstered by a promotional funding grant from the Waste Minimization Fund. Companies supporting this year’s event include Mitre 10, ITM Cambridge, Amber Garden Centre, Plumbing World Te Awamutu, Tree Town Kitchens, Wackrows Joinery, Intawood Products, Guthrie Bowron, GD Pringle Building, M Sampson Builders, Straight Paint, Elevate Architectural Transportables, Cambridge Storage, Cambridge Security, Shaw’s and the Cambridge News. Funds raised will go towards the refurbishment of Cambridge East School’s outdoor play and activity The storage container for the Great DIY Sale was nearing capacity last week. Pictured: Event organiser Paula Harvey from Cambridge East School. spaces.

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This course is suitable for young drivers who are about to sit their restricted licence, or who already have a restricted or full licence. Students must bring their own warranted and registered vehicle. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend. Programme content emergency braking (off-road) reversing (off-road) parallel parking one-on-one tuition (on-road)

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Details and registration Date: Sunday 3 November Time: 8.15am - 4pm Location: Hamilton (to be advised on registration) Cost: $50.00 (lunch provided) To register: Phone Holden Driver Training 0800 855 7521


The issues as your candidates see them…

Since nominations opened, we have quizzed your local body election candidates on a variety of issues. Some have responded to all questions; some have elected not to answer any. Polls close tomorrow and to have a say now voters must hand their forms to their council in person, as we have explained today on Page 3. We put two final questions to candidates – 1: why should people vote for you and 2: which of your rivals would you vote for? Here’s what they said: WAIPA DISTRICT COUNCIL Cambridge Ward Candidates: Les Bennett, Philip Coles, Poto Davies, Dennis Finn, Ron Geck, Roger Gordon, Steve Grounds, Greg Keyte, Mike Pettit, Don Sanders, Liz Stolwyk, Grahame Webber. Philip Coles I have a reputation for listening to what people want and doing something about it when it is in my sphere of influence. I have a strong relationship with our many community groups. Being a fifth-generation resident gives me the passion and desire to deliver for future generations. Mike Pettit and I have achieved a lot in the nine years together on the Community Board; he is a positive and competent leader. I also admire the way Roger Gordon researches pressing issues and collates this in a coherent way for a committee to make informed decisions. Grahame Webber and Liz Stolwyk have the experience to mentor the three new

Let Tiles Make Your Statement New Builds, Renovations, Indoor/Outdoor Tiles, Swimming Pool Tiles. PHONE

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57 Alpha St Cambridge

Councillors. I would like to also see Poto Davies elected and have more diversity on our Council. Regardless of her success, I look forward to working with her to develop Maungatautari as more of a destination for the many tourists who currently drive straight past.

Poto Davies I have five years’ history at the council table as a representative for iwi and have developed sound relationships with Mayor Jim, Councillors and staff. I understand council process and why it is critical that community have input. As a hearings commissioner I bring skills of listening and making informed ‘good sense’ decisions. I believe genuine, open honest discussion and transparency are key to building enduring relationships that result in outcomes that are beneficial for all parties. This is the stuff I really enjoy. I will respectfully speak my mind and challenge perceptions and concepts if they don’t feel right or don’t stack up against science or data. My networks are strong across the Waikato region as it is necessary to always be aware of where our Waipa community fits in with the whole region. Council needs diversity and fresh perspective at the table. The answer to question two is Liz Stolwyk. Roger Gordon I am passionate about Cambridge. As past CEO of Destination Cambridge I have commitment to this great town of Cambridge. My three years on the CCB have given me a strong foundation to take the next step. I know the people, the processes/systems,

and the issues, so am well prepared. As the CCB we advocated for Cambridge to WDC on proposed by-laws, annual and long term plans, and community concerns. As an Institute of Directors member, I have formal training in governance. My extensive business background has given me strong analytical research skills to inform any decision I make. During my campaign, I have knocked on 3000+ doors and have met and listened to many of your concerns. On question two, it is hard to suggest only one. On the CCB, I worked closely with Mike Pettit and Philip Coles and have every respect for their ability and commitment to be effective councillors. Steve Grounds I would bring to the council table a business acumen and sound knowledge and understanding of local government. At the end of the day, Council is a business that makes decisions that affect all ratepayers, now and into the future and it needs to adopt sound governance practices and a business-like approach. Secondly, because I love Cambridge, I’m here to stay. I’m strongly committed to its future growth while ensuring that we preserve its special character. Without a doubt, Grahame Webber has done a great job, as both a councillor and more recently as Deputy Mayor and absolutely deserves to be re-elected.


    Elections

Greg Keyte I believe that I am the right person to vote for because I bring a fresh vision for all people of Waipā, a holistic strategic focus, a focus on the social infrastructures that we need for growth. Not just the bricks and mortar. A strong view on transparency of decision making. There needs to be regular communication on what was promised and what is being delivered. The news might not always be good, but it should not be hidden. Of my rival candidates I would strongly recommend a vote for Poto Davies. Poto has great common sense, significant relationships with the community including property developers, the council and the iwi. These relationships will improve the information flow that is so important when understanding the impact of the decisions we will need to make going forward. Don Sanders I am the right person because I am an average person who wants what we all want. For rates to be reasonable, water to be affordable, and traffic and parking to be a problem they have in other towns. I don’t run a business that receives Council funding, and like you - I actually live here. I could support any of the candidates that actually live in Cambridge. For those that do not, I would question why they don’t run in their own wards. Liz Stolwyk Hardworking, hardworking and hardworking. Great multi-tasker with a huge compassion for local issues and people. Honest, approachable and positive.



The issues as your candidates see them…

Cambridge will have at least three new councillors, ensure you have diversity, gender balance and some continuation from the last council. There are a number of good quality candidates this election but from November 1, Cambridge Councillors must be able to work together, singling people out will compromise this. You have to be able to work as a team to make good decisions and get the best outcome for the community you serve. COMMUNITY BOARDS Cambridge Subdivision Candidates: Elise Badger, Les Bennett, Philip Coles, Jo Davies-Colley, Jim Goddin, Roger Gordon, Alana MacKay, Sue Milner, Don Sanders. We received six responses from nine candidates, including those running for the District council.

Elise Badger Cambridge is a town full of people committed to the flourishing of this community, this is seen in our local organisations, businesses and education centres. It is also demonstrated in the host of passionate individuals who have put their hands up to be part of local council. I don’t see these individuals as rivals, but a crew of fellow citizens who love this place and want to be part of shepherding its growth into the future. I know I’ll do an excellent job on the community board; I’ll advocate well, I’ll do the mahi required to petition on

the community’s behalf to our council. But I am also certain that many of my fellow candidates for the Cambridge community board will also do an excellent job. I have faith and confidence in the future of Cambridge, and I am certain I will be part of shaping that in some capacity Alana MacKay I am the right person for the Cambridge Community Board because I really care about Cambridge and our people. I have a history of community involvement, experience in local business, a strong work ethic and will put in a lot of effort to be a great advocate and representative of our town. Philip Coles and Roger Gordon have served on the Community Board for several years and do a lot for our community, they are also running for Council. Jim Goddin is hardworking and very active in our community. Jo Davies-Colley and Elise Badger would bring new ideas and freshness. Sue Milner has served Cambridge for many years as a Councillor and sat on the Community Board. With many of the existing members of the Community Board moving on I think that Sue’s knowledge and experience would be invaluable. So, she would be my pick. Sue Milner Having sat on Council and the Community Board, I have the experience to continue the good work done by the Board as well as being part of planning and enabling future initiatives for our community. I am community focussed, always willing to take part in community events and

projects. Looking to the future, let’s achieve a new library, new museum, more playgrounds and more safe cycling and walking paths. Let’s promote our CBDs in Cambridge and Leamington. We have a great community and a great place to live, work and play. Question two is a tough one. I want to suggest you vote for the other three women standing for the Board. Experience has shown that the women who have served as Board members have all been great workers for the community and have taken the lead in many projects and events. However, I will say Alana MacKay. She has considerable experience in business and events and will be an asset to the board, as will Jo and Elise. Jo Davies-Colley This town has so much going for it and I want to make sure that it continues to improve and flourish for us all. I often think about how I want Cambridge to be when I am at the age of retirement and this has made me want to participate in a more active way in the decision making of this awesome town. My background in the health sector has made me someone who understands that people want to be heard and have their concerns listened to and actioned. I hope to serve the community with energy and enthusiasm and a shared love for our Cambridge. Elise Badger is a dynamic and passionate candidate, she has a heart for people and some great ideas for this town. Alana Mackay has extensive experience in the business sector and is a friendly and engaging person, she would also be an ideal board member. WAIPA DISTRICT COUNCIL Te Awamutu Ward Lou Brown, Michael Emery, Bernhard Fynn, Marcus Gower, Andrew Brown, Bill Izard, Hazel Barnes, James Parlane, Dennis

    Elections

Pennefather, Craig Sanders, Cassidy Temese, Bernard Westerbaan, John Wood. We received six responses from 13 candidates. Lou Brown I believe that with the current turbulent times Waipa District Council needs an experienced, practical and commonsense approach to problem solving and governance which I hope to be able to provide. My answer to question two is Andrew Brown, a current serving councillor who chairs the Finance Committee. Andrew is a Chartered Accountant and a Te Awamutu businessman who would be very valuable with continuity and experience for the next council term. Michael Emery A strong council must be armed with more than good intentions. Making the right decisions about the services you receive and the amount you pay for them requires genuine skill. I have a solid education in science, represented large organisations in complex matters, and have experience in project management that will ensure your rates are not wasted on schemes with hidden costs or questionable benefits. Technology will be a key enabler for growth. I have taught information technology at university, been involved in programming research, and have worked extensively in Continued page 12

Supplier & Installer of Barrier Reef Pools Waikato & Bay of Plenty


SPONSORED BY www.cooneyinsuranc


“It was 3am”


1500 words ENTRIES CLOSE:

31 January 2020


$1000 Phone for appointment 120 Whakakake Street, Tauriko | PH: 0508 794 666

To enter, visit



The issues as your candidates see them… the technology industry. I can ensure that council always invests wisely in technology. My strong sense of community is backed up by a history of military service, volunteer work, and support to youth development programs. Myself and Cassidy Temese are the only two Māori standing for the Te Awamutu ward. We need more Māori in council, so please support us.

ENGINEERING SUPPLIES Hydraulic Hose Distributors


Bill Izard I’ve been in business most of my life and do a lot of volunteering in Te Awamutu. Organising things like Christmas parades, car shows, carnivals and also volunteering for Age Concern looking after older people which is a growing portion of the population as we move forward. I’m interested in local politics and council, making sure that we look after the people in the community and being available to everyone. I’m also setting up a new group called Te Awamutu Action so it’ll be weekly meetings for people to come along with positive ideas for the community so we can feedback to the council. I honestly think Marcus Gower is a would make a great person to be re-elected on the community as he’s only 42 years old and has a lot of energy and ideas for the bring forward James Parlane I have put more on the council agenda for discussion than any of the standing council and I am the best qualified person with the best attitude and the best mix of skills and experience to represent people. This is not about how many grand children a person has, that is an example of stupidity. I am the only candidate who can show that by living a frugal lifestyle, I can save the planet and solve all the global warming and climate change issues you want solved. My spending on jet fuel last year was zero. Two question two, certainly none of the currently elected candidates. None of them have done anything to make the Waipa Council more efficient and none have done anything to save ratepayers’ money. Wasting money on a museum in France was an abuse of their oath of office. Of the other hopefuls, none have the right mix of talents to be able to stand up to a regime of wastefulness. Dennis Pennefather I am the right person to be elected. For several decades I have promoted issues of social equity through letters to newspaper editors...I have been labelled a ‘socialist’, yet I do not adhere to any political position... I respond to issues. I am proud that the Waikato Times newspaper, published a half -page article on me, identifying me as ‘a fair-minded man who writes letters and dares to speak out’. I am equipped for the

1 Lower Alpha Street, Cambridge

    Elections role by 25 years as a policeman, giving me a wide knowledge of humanity, science, medicine, and societies. On question two, candidates are talking about ‘effectively’ or ‘sensibly’ spending ratepayers’ money, yet leaving the door open for pet projects being minority driven, thus extending the ‘empire’...rather than keeping to the long term plan and keep rates rises down, until we know what a government which has ‘dropped the ball’ on actually funding social housing and climate change will require from ratepayers to fill funding shortfalls. I say, Bill Izard. Bernard Westerbaan Being a people’s person with tenacity to follow up on ratepayers’ queries is one of my strengths. Being honest, promoting transparency, feedback and using common sense is paramount. I am able to speed read large reports, am number minded, financially prudent and approachable. Ensuring resources are available before future growth result in lower borrowing. If large borrowing happens but growth stagnates rates increases are inevitable. I am Community minded: Commsafe patrols, BOT TA Intermediate, Treasurer of local Grey Power, Menzshed and previous six years TA Community Board. Long term resident in the Te Awamutu area, married, five children and eight grandchildren. On question two, my values are integrity, honesty, being approachable and ratepayer focused. Therefore, as I’m standing as an independent candidate it would be wrong for me to answer this question. TE AWAMUTU COMMUNITY BOARD (Kakepuku) Candidates: Viki-Lee Springer, Kane Titchener. We received one response from the two candidates. Kane Titchener My main reason for standing for the Community Board is that I am concerned with how the Council engages with the community. I would like to see more involvement and discussion on important issues. As the parent of two young children I am particularly concerned with the health issues that the Waipa District Council controls. I will champion the health concerns where Council is responsible and will work to hold Council to account. As an Accountant I will keep a careful watch on Council spend. If elected, I look forward to serving the Kakepuku community.

SPECIALIST HEARING SERVICES Independently owned Top quality hearing aids Medically-backed hearing care Ultimate personal service

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Onl 30 N y unti l ove mb er

0800 0800 432763

Hamilton, Cambridge, Matamata, Morrinsville & Auckland






Over 50 ?

Ready to downsize to a brand new home, free up your money and find your Freedom?




Last stage of our Over 50s Lifestyle Village on sale now Freedom model provides potential capital gains if it comes time to sell

Luxury Village Centre, superb motorhome/storage/recreation facilities under construction

7-day superette and cafe/bistro in development right next door

Starting from $459,000

• Brand new – warm, spacious, modern designer home

0800 OVER 5O (0800 68 37 50)

Terry Came Drive (off Swayne Road), Cambridge


“We wish we'd moved in sooner. Even before we retired.” Jacky and Steve, Freedom residents, Cambridge Oaks

Cambridge Oaks Lifestyle Village Limited is a registered retirement village and is operated within the requirements of the Retirement Villages Act 2003.



A DELIGHTFUL EXPERIENCE The Olde Creamery is a delightful step back in time experience. Set among mature trees and gardens, it is a tranquil and restful destination venue. The Olde Creamery has seen many changes over time-from a working creamery in the 1900’s, to a fertilizer company in the 50’s, to a miniature rose nursery in the 90’s and now an award winning cafe and function centre. At Kaz, are inspired see youngand people start out in The Oldewe Creamery Cafe is to fully licensed opens Wednesday business living the dream and doing something that they through to Sunday 10am to 4pm with a wonderful hearty country love, and are passionate about. menu with gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options. We have That’s how metforAmbra, a passionate lover whose been here aswe a cafe 15 years. We do open animal in the evenings on passionfor has inspired herand to start own doggy request private dinners openher to bigger gardendaycare groups and Doggy & Biscuit, in Cambridge. the like Bed on a Monday or Tuesday. Ambra wondered what her own dog, Louie, a cavoodle, The Oldeoften Creamery is a boutique wedding venue specializing in did allintimate day to entertain himself for when left homeThere aloneissmall weddings catering up to 60at guests. never alone now, he’s always withwhich friends! ahe’s small private conference room upstairs seats 20 with catering onsite. Kaz created Ambra’s logo design, now emblazoned across signage,High business cards and clothing - helping to build Victorian Teas are a specialty at The Olde Creamery - imagine brand awareness. lace table clothes, fine china teacups with tea strainers, leaf tea, silver cutlery, cubes and TeaWe Towers with However oursugar job doesn’t justpearl stopclad there. wantfilled to help dainty what a waythrough to celebrate a specialpeople day! to her grow delights Ambra’s- business introducing Facebook pageCompany - which has gorgeous The Kiwi Cookie is a new additionphotos to Theand Oldefunny Creamery. videos of dogs theircharming day. Promote business via We design, bake enjoying and ice these cookiesher onsite and they qualified word ofcafes mouth - having experienced the are available in 45 andreferrals bookstores through out the North awesome service offered Ambra and her Island - go to our website forby a peek at these cuteteam. fellows. They are wonderful for children’s showers,wedding Over the coming year, parties,baby Kaz and other BNI membersfavours, will help Ambra with ideas to streamline herWe business, ensuring corporate functions-the list is endless. can create a cookiethat just sheyou! succeeds in business. for If you’d to work with passionate want to help The Oldelike Creamery 317 aKaipaki Road team 07 that 8236266 grow your business - give the team a call on 07 823 4932.



Come Come along along and andjoin joinus usfor forbreakfast breakfastor orififyou’d you’dlike liketotoknow knowaalittle little more Lynch (President) call07on854 9495. more about about the thegroup groupgive giveGavin Darren (President) a calla on 021 266. meets every Wednesday morning - 7am-8.30am at BNI783 Cambridge BNI Cambridge meets every Wednesday morning - 7am-8.30am at Resthaven Commmunity Centre, Vogel Street, Cambridge. Resthaven Commmunity Centre, Vogel Street, Cambridge.

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Kermit was wrong…it is easy being green By Viv Posselt

Despite Kermit the Frog’s protestations, it might be easy being green after all – as Cambridge’s In Stone Café has discovered. For the past six months or so, the Victoria St café has been offering customers the option of having their takeaway coffee in reusable New Zealand-made Ideal Cups with disposable, biodegradable tops. For $10 on top of the cost of their coffee of choice, the individual simply keeps the cup and brings it back the next time they visit the café. In doing so, In-Stone has saved 3250 disposable cups from ending up in a landfill. “We think it’s a great idea … the customers like it. Everyone’s happy,” said the café owner, Angela Bezzant. “It’s been quite easy for us to keep count of them, so we know we’ve saved that many from going into the landfill.” Angela said the concept was clearly a winner. “The idea came from a girl who worked for us, Kim Van Dorsten. She had seen it online and thought we should give it a try. It was a little slow to start, but then it really took off … it’s been going well ever since.” Local companies were among the keen supporters, Angela said. Several had purchased cups for their staff and little

notes on the wall next to the coffee machines lists employee coffee preferences. New Zealanders reportedly go through about 295 million cups of takeaway coffee a year, with most of the cups they use ending up in landfill.

Barista Alice Jones with the board on which In-Stone Café tracks the number of cups they have prevented going to a landfill.


You are what you eat Clinical nutritionist Ben Warren will visit Cambridge as part of a national tour next month to share recent findings on “the gut-brain connection”. He says gut microbes are biochemically connected to the brain and play a significant role in managing inflammation. He says a person’s gut health impact on mood may have more to do with dietary choices and bacteria populations than previously understood. “It is not just a lack of bacteria we have available but the fact that we aren’t feeding them with the right foods. The foods we eat literally change our microbiome.” He says up to 90% of serotonin and 50% of dopamine chemicals which impact mood and motivation - are made in the gut and that suggests “our happiness is in our gut’s hands”. Instead of eating to resolve hunger, he suggests eating to nourish, with whole foods rich in natural probiotics and prebiotics. To win two tickets to the Cambridge event on November 5, send your full name and contact phone number, along with the subject line “Gut-Brain Connection”, to sophie@ no later than 9am on Tuesday, October 15. For more information or tickets visit

Clinical nutritionist Ben Warren will present a seminar in Cambridge on November 5 on “The Gut-Brain Connection”

Fords on show

‘Welcome to our world of art’ If you want to see a gorgeously colourful and eclectic collection of NZ creative arts and gifts, come and visit Sandra at Heritage Gallery. If you like words like ‘Creative, Unique, Arty’-this is your type of shop, so come and have a browse. Find us on Facebook… Heritage Gallery Cambridge NZ 85A Victoria St Cambridge | Ph 07 827 4346

Early Ford V8 cars and trucks will be out in force in Cambridge’s Victoria Square tomorrow from 9.30am to noon as part of the Early Ford V8 Club’s 40th birthday celebration. The 35 cars expected to be present will range from 1932 to 1954 models and include club coupes, Mercury and deluxe coupes, single spinners, roadsters, pickup trucks and custom lines.




The suite of columnists contributing to your Cambridge News is growing. Today we introduce Peter Carr, the president of the New Zealand National Fieldays Society who will pen a monthly column – called The Age of Reason.

Politics and dreamers In my initial foray into promoting the views – and possibly needs – of those of advanced years I am mindful that the political stratosphere is full of promises for us old ‘uns. Firstly what is ‘old’? Is it a numerical barrier we break through or is it a state of mind? Is it a perception of our offspring or do we give up on mortgages and jobs and just slide into antiquity? Whatever the perception – or the reality – there is a large group of us out there still of sound mind, politically aware, continuing to appreciate the good oil (disguised as a decent Red) and having time to get into mischief. Which is translated for this epistle as the ability to provide sensible commentary on what is happening in the world with knowledge gained from having seen (most of) it pass by before. Currently we are viewing a diverse group of hopefuls who are craving for our attention as they jostle for a position at the local Council table. Singularly a few of them do appreciate that the promises they make will never eventuate due to the bureaucratic nature of local body officers. However,

the remaining dreamers are hell-bent on assuming that they will definitely improve our lot. But don’t expect much to happen in their first triennium. Which means they have to stick in there for the long haul. Politics of and in itself is fraught with dreamers. I was one once when asked to stand for Parliament (in Wellington). Luckily common sense prevailed, and I was thus freed – or rather escaped - from the likely possibility of being hauled through the mire by the media due to being perceived to babble nonsense from the green chairs. Two weeks ago, while visiting England I was witnessing hysterical jibes in the House from and to equally well meaning (and possibly disillusioned) politicians who are collectively, despite party allegiance, making a real hash out of the Brexit saga. Yet back here we see ridiculous decisions as witnessed by NZTA being ‘ready to go’ on the extension of the Cambridge by-pass. Landowners put on notice, money planned and contracts to build (almost) signed when a Greens-affected government

Peter Carr

put the cap on this worthwhile project. All the road widening, barrier wires etc will not reduce the annual number of callouts by the fine Cambridge Fire Brigade to the stretch between the end of the bypass and Piarere. So, the older folk will give a collective sigh. Seen it before. Done that. Now where is that Shiraz I was looking for? And finally, why me writing this? As a resident of an excellent Cambridge-based retirement village I have both the time and the opportunity to engage with, and listen to, the views of a fine bunch of people who have experienced the rigours, difficulties and opportunities of life. Just because they are ‘behind the gates’ does not mean that their minds have stultified nor their vigour for life diminished.

Super upgrade explained By Viv Posselt

There are now 10,000 outlets nationwide through which seniors can get discounts. Mr Peters said that since New Zealand First launched the initiative in August 2007, hundreds of thousands of New Zealander seniors had been able to stretch their dollar further. Ms Martin said over half the country’s seniors had smart phones, and many others could become tech-savvy if given support. The upgraded website and phone app, which enabled users to identify participating stores at the touch of a button, would enhance the card’s benefits, particularly to the increasing number of seniors living on fixed incomes or living in rental properties. She said the upgrades brought no physical changes to existing cards and did not call for further information to be provided by card-holders.

An upgrade to the SuperGold Card was long overdue, Cambridge seniors have been told. Addressing last week’s public meeting hosted by Cambridge Grey Power, Seniors Minister Tracey Martin said previous governments had invested ‘zero’ into the gold card over the past six years, leaving seniors confused over the benefits and battling to access information on participating businesses. The changes also brought more posters and counter cards into circulation, making it easier for card-holders not using the website to know where they could access discounts. An amount of $7.7 million invested in this year’s Budget for the revitalisation of the SuperGold Card would be of benefit not only to seniors, but also businesses she said. “There are 750,000 seniors in New Zealand, there are going to be over a million by 2036. That is a lot of consumers who will choose to use participating businesses rather than go elsewhere.” Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Ms Martin announced the changes on October 1. They include an updated website, a new app which lists participating outlets at the touch of a finger, and the addition of 500 more businesses in just the three months officials were Cambridge Grey Power president Val Massey with Seniors Minister working on the new card. Tracey Martin.

LOVE CYCLING? (Gates open from 8am for parking)

Show us how much you love cycling and you could WIN 4 GOLDEN TICKETS to the TISSOT UCI Track Cycling World Cup.

The prize includes four finals night tickets, hosted tour around the action packed infield and memorabilia to take home.


my F ood

All proceeds go to Cambridge East School For more information visit:

Cambridge East School PTA

SEND US YOUR VIDEO, PHOTO OR STORY. WINNERS ANNOUNCED 1 NOVEMBER 2019. Cycling New Zealand, TWC Competition, PO Box 1110, Cambridge Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup, Cambridge 2019 Entries close 31st of October 2019, winner will be selected on their entry, not a random draw. Your entry may be used for promotional purposes.


6-8 DECEMBER 2019



Shrek production brings out the best

Jones said the show, adapted from the Broadway musical, provided the perfect opportunity for the school’s Year 7 – 9 students to showcase their Junior students at St Peter’s talents with around 20 named characters on School have spent the past few stage. weeks perfecting their parts Performing in his first ever lead role is Will in the school’s 2019 youth Stretton playing Shrek, a Year 9 first-year student production Shrek The Musical Jr. at St Peter’s who described the show as energetic, Running October 22 – 25, the fun, happy, sad, and altogether poignant. “It tells show features a 73-strong cast a really good story,” he said. “It’s so different to a of junior students taking to the stage in the form of green ogres, lot of other musicals.” Will, who plays alongside Katherine-Rose ruthless royals and a wide range Axtell (Princess Fiona), auditioned with the role of fairy tale figures. They’re of Pinocchio in mind, but stepped up to the plate joined by a backstage crew of 30 junior students and 18 senior when selected for the main part. Morton-Jones said the show appealed to students helping to bring the all members of the Cambridge community, DreamWorks animation film to and more importantly provided an excellent life on stage. opportunity for the young students to show their Producer and director of performing arts Stephen Morton- talents. “And it’s just such a loved story, and so much fun. … It’s very much modelled on the movie.” Kobe Jakeman, who plays the stage role of Donkey, is in his third St Peter’s School stage having played the ‘young Clyde’ in the wholeFurther entry forms are school production of Bonnie & Cylde earlier this available from the i-SITE or year, and Simba in The Lion King Junior in 2017. email: The show will open with a 1pm matinee performance on October 22, followed by 7pm shows over October 23-25. Cambridge News has a family pass to give away to one of the shows – just send your full name and phone number along with the subject line “Shrek Jr” to no later than 9am on Tuesday, October 15. By Sophie Iremonger

The 73-strong cast of St Peter’s junior students have spent several weeks honing their skills for the stage.


Sunday 1 December 2019, 2.00 pm ORGANISATION NAME

A guide to victim support

CONTACT PERSON ADDRESS WORK & MOBILE NO. EMAIL Please complete the following in BLOCK letters and tick where applicable: FLOAT

Dimensions _____________ long by ____________ wide by ____________ high


No. of Participants ______________________________________________________


No. of Participants ___________________ Please describe e.g. Cycling/Marching/Animals _______________________________


Do you intend to have music/sirens etc?



Tell us great things about your club/group/school/business _______________________________________

(This information will be used to introduce your float/organisation on the day)

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ All floats and participants must be decorated or costumed appropriately (The only exception to this rule can be the vehicle driver)

A SIGN WRITTEN VEHICLE IS NOT A FLOAT As this float's official representative I hereby sign that I/we have read and agree to adhere to the Christmas Parade Terms & Conditions/Health & Safety Plan regulations attached and understand that the Cambridge Information Centre and Parade Management shall under no circumstances be liable in contract, tort or otherwise to compensate us or nay other party for any loss, injury or damage arising directly from the event. Entry at own risk. Organisation _______________________________________ Driver______________________________________ Name _______________________________ Signed ______________________________ Date ________________ (Note: this person must accompany float on the day)


Business Entry - $40 Administration Fee Enclosed Club/Organisation/Society/School Entry (no fee)

For Terms & Conditions/Health & Safety Plan please see Cambridge i-SITE or email: for a copy. Please return this form (with payment) to: CAMBRIDGE INFORMATION CENTRE, PO Box 863, Cambridge

ALL APPLICATION FORMS TO BE SUBMITTED BY: 4pm, Friday 22 November 2019 Thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers. Without your help and commitment this community event would not be possible.

This month’s column supplied by the Cambridge Citizens Advice Bureau comes in the form of an explanation about Victim Support. Victim Support is an organisation which offers information and support to people who have been hurt by crime or a traumatic experience. Volunteers across the country offer their services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can advise you on victim’s rights, financial assistance (for victims of serious crime) and the court processes, including helping prepare a victim impact statement. They can also liaise with the Police on your behalf and help arrange transport and accommodation for your court hearings. You can call Victim Support on 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846). Other services include Victims of Crime Information Line (0800 650 654), available 24 hours, seven days and the Family Violence Information Line – (0800 456 450) for information about services available to you, open seven days, 9am-11pm. If you’re going to court as the victim of a crime, a Victim Adviser can explain the court process to you and support you during the process. Not to be confused with Victim Support, Victim Advisers are specialist staff employed by the Court to provide confidential support and information. They will normally get in touch with you after the alleged offender’s first appearance in court. You might also be interested in telephone counselling (e.g. from Lifeline – 0800 545 354, Youthline – 0800 376 633, or the Chinese Lifeline 0800 888 880 which provides the Lifeline service in Cantonese and Mandarin). The Citizens’ Advice Bureau can help find victim support services near you. If you want to talk any issue through, call in to see us at Citizens Advice 62 Alpha Street, Cambridge between 9am and 4.30pm on weekdays. Or phone us on 07 827 4855, 0800 367 222, or send an email to


Slow down call from council

Drivers have been warned that a detour between Cambridge and Te Awamutu which adds up to 10 minutes to the journey is not a race-trck. The Waipa District Council says it is receiving reports of poor driver behaviour following the start of a major infrastructure project. Traffic heading from Cambridge to Te Awamutu is being detoured down Lamb Street, Roto O Rangi Road and McLarnon Roads because of work on the Te Awamutu Water Supply bulk main installation. The detour is in place Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm, and a traffic management system is in place outside of these times. During the detour, traffic heading toward Cambridge is unaffected. Project manager Martin Mould said the detour is not a chance to speed. “While we can appreciate the detour does add an average of 5-10 minutes to the journey between Cambridge and Te Awamutu, drivers should be factoring this in and leaving earlier, not trying to make up time through driving fast.” “The detour is not a racetrack.” When complete, the bulk water main will connect Pukerimu and Te Awamutu schemes which will reduce supply issues for Te Awamutu and surrounding areas and provide a secure and resilient supply for the overall district network. Information about the project is available at teawamutuwatersupply.

Fire chief honoured Days after handing out life membership awards to two members of the Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade its chief has himself been honoured. Don Gerrand – one of three Queens Service Medal holders in the brigade - has been presented with a Cambridge Community Board Community Award. Tributes paid to Gerrand noted he had “lived and breathed the Cambridge Fire Brigade for more than 50 years”. He presented awards at the end of last month to Win Steen and Steve Russell before an audience of about 100, including Waipa District Mayor and Mayoress, Jim and Robyn Mylchreest.

Don Gerrard, left, with board chairman Mike Pettit.


This time it was his turn. Community Board the Cambridge Fire Brigade for 30 years. chair Mike Pettit said “many of us can only Pettit said Don Gerrard was a role model who imagine the scenes that Don has witnessed always put 100 percent effort to the Cambridge over the years from fires, floods, motor vehicle Fire Brigade and supporting the Cambridge accidents, tornadoes and more recently the Community. involvement in medical incidents. “You have made our town a better and safer “He is a dedicated brigade member who has to live.” attended well over 8000 call outs and scheduled musters during his 50 years in service.” Gerrand has been the Cambridge Fire Chief for a quarter of a century – and a man Enhance your bathroom described a “doer”. “When certain primary with frameless glass.... school completed building a 260,000-litre swimming pool Enhance your bathroom the principal went and asked with frameless glass.... Don if the Fire brigade could do a practice drill at the school and put out an imaginary fire that would be located in a large fibreglass pit. He along with his crew obliged and miraculously it took exactly 260,000 litres to put it out,” Pettit said. He had “front footed” projects including fundraising for six water tankers, fundraising for and then building the current fire station and purchasing support vehicles for accidents and rescue operations including the latest Specialising in custom made shower glass and purchase, which is also used for mirrors, designed to work with any bathroom layout. CPR medical events. Gerrard, a panel beater, joined Call your team on 07 827 5555 the Cambridge brigade soon after today for a FREE quote. marrying Jocelyn and the couple, who have two children and five Specialising in custom made shower glass and mirrors, to work with bathroom layout. 51 Shakespeare St,any Cambridge grandchildren, have been wed designed Call your team on 07 827 5555 today for 50 years. a FREE quote. Richie has followed in his for father’s footsteps and served in Showroom: 51 Shakespeare Street, Cambridge P: 0508 672 545 | |






RUTHERFORD PARK ENQUIRIES Deb Bunyard [P] 07 855 2656 [M] 021 416 445




Students help Waste workshops RDA the Sallies planned for Waipā project St Peter’s students have raised money and collected toiletries for the Salvation Army’s work with the homeless, as part of the school’s charity engagement programme run through the school chapel. Students were invited to bring in a toiletry item that could be passed on to those in need. Hundreds of items were dropped into the Chaplain’s office and then passed on to the Salvation Army. Major Shaun Baker from the Salvation Army was overwhelmed when he saw eight large boxes full of soaps, deodorants, tooth paste and the like. To celebrate the Rugby World Cup, a mufti day was also held at the school with students wearing their supporting colours to raise money for homelessness around Cambridge. A total of $5800 was raised by staff, students and a couple of generous parents, with money passed on the Majors Karen and Shaun Baker to be used in and around the Cambridge area.

Drop-in sessions will be held in Te Awamutu and Cambridge to give advice to applicants for a conservation project with a $40,000-plus budget. Waipa District Council’s Waste Minimisation Fund is open until November 18. Previous successful applicants include beeswax wrap workshops aimed at reducing single-use plastics, and Waste Free Parenting workshops where new and expectant mums were introduced to different types of modern cloth nappies. The fund supports individuals or groups with their waste minimisation projects to encourage people to take responsibility for the waste they create and reduce the volumes of waste sent to landfills. Council waste minimisation officer Sally Fraser said projects with a strong focus on rethinking, reducing and reusing waste would be given top priority. “We are really keen to see businesses, groups and individuals take up the Waipā

way of dealing with waste which is to first focus on reducing waste as much as possible before looking at how to reuse it. “The very last options for our waste are recovering and recycling so projects that are based on these concepts won’t be given as high a priority.” The drop-in sessions will be held in Cambridge next Monday from 10am to noon at 23 Wilson Street and in Te Awamutu from 1pm to 3pm at the community space in the Te Awamutu library the following day. Applicants will be able to get advice on their projects. “I highly recommend people pop in to chat through their idea as I can steer them in their right direction for their projects. We really want to reduce waste in Waipā so the more successful applicants and successful projects we have the better,” Fraser said. Applications can be downloaded on the council’s website collected from Council offices in Cambridge or Te Awamutu.

More measles cases confirmed

Major Shaun Baker collects the toiletries donations for the Salvation Army – pictured here with, from left, Emily Wiffen, Jay Shipman, Shannon Trebes, and head dean Brenton Joubert.

The number of measles cases reported in Waikato since August 1 has risen to 23. The Medical Officer of Health Dr Richard Hoskins said the two latest cases were confirmed earlier the month. Reports suggest the disease has been spread to Australia and the United States from New Zealand.

This week Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter offered condolences to two women who suffered miscarriages as a consequence of the measles outbreak in Auckland. The signs of measles are a fever, runny nose, cough, sore red eyes or rash. Until more stocks of vaccine arrives in New

Zealand the priority for vaccine is ensuring children under 5 years receive immunisation at 15 months and 4 years. If you are worried that you or your family have symptoms or have been close to someone with measles you need to stay at home and call your nurse, doctor, or Healthline (0800 611 166).


Students have helped complete a shade tree project for Riding for the Disabled in Cambridge’s Vogel Street. Pathways students from Cambridge High School, including Tyler Potaka, Haka Tihema, Tom Goble, Izac Smith and Zach Bird helped with the construction of tree protection post and rails. The trees ordered are now planted and beginning to bud. Retired farmer and fencing contractor Greg Gascoigne taught the students fencing skills and is looking forward to more projects involving the students “as there will always be plenty of ongoing maintenance at the RDA”. The shade tree project has been backed by a Rotary Cambridge grant. Meanwhile, RDA says its new Friday “Independent Rider Class” events are proving popular – and it is calling for more volunteers to help. Volunteers do not have to have experience with horses. For more information call RDA manager Vanessa Donnelly on 021 902892 or go to

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Te Ara work continues Walkers and cyclists in the Waikato received a boost as Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter announced the start of construction on the first section of the 20km Cambridge to Hamilton Te Awa shared path. Genter said while the path, which runs from Hamilton Gardens to Cambridge’s Avantidrome, will link existing routes that will make up the full 60km Te Awa River Ride. A total of 300,000 people are already using parts of the walkway each year. The river ride will comprise a cycleway from Ngaruawahia to Karapiro and involve three local body councils – Waipa and Waikato District and Hamilton City. “In addition to providing safer cycling and walking links to key facilities such as the school, shops and the church for the Tamahere community, this final link in the Te Awa shared path will bring further recreational and tourism opportunities to communities along the mighty Waikato River. The Cambridge to Hamilton shared path will be predominantly off-road and follow the banks of the Waikato River in places. It will also include bridges over stream gullies and boardwalks. Funding of $7.9 million has been confirmed for the Transport Agency delivered section of the path.

In total the cost of the full 20km shared path between Hamilton and Cambridge is estimated to be approximately $20 million. “I am confident the shared path between Cambridge and Hamilton will be a fantastic addition to the network of cycle trails in the Waikato and across New Zealand,” Genter said. Construction of the Transport Agency section is expected to be completed in six months. The three councils are expected to begin construction of their sections within the next year, with the full path complete by 2021.

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Walk for freedom Students working their way to Japan

By Savannah Patterson

People will be dressed in black, raising signs and walking in silence in single file on October 19 in Cambridge to support the millions of human trafficking victims across the globe. As part of the global A21 Walk for Freedom event, people can meet at Victoria Square at 2pm, to walk down the main street to Countdown and back. Organisers Marie Kite and Leonie Pothan say this is an event that happens on the same day worldwide in 450 locations in 50 countries and reaching over 70 million people. A21 is a global anti-human trafficking organisation with 14 offices in 12 countries. The Walk for Freedom event has been running annually for six years and is a walk to raise money and awareness for human trafficking. Pothan says she decided to get involved after attending a Sistas annual women’s conference where co-founder of the A21 campaign Christine Caine spoke on the topic, and Kite after watching a documentary felt she needed to make a difference. “People assume human trafficking isn’t a big issue in New Zealand, but it is here in industry’s like agriculture, construction, dairy and food service for slave labour,” says Kite. In NZ children often from minority communities are exploited in sex trafficking. NZ had eight convictions for human trafficking in the period between 2018-2019. Pothan says that slavery today is the worst it’s ever been in history. “Only 1% of victims are ever rescued and it’s estimated to be a $218 billion industry. “The different areas of modern-day slavery include sex trafficking, forced labour, bonded labour, involuntary domestic servitude and child soldiers.”

By Sophie Iremonger

A21’s Walk for Freedom is a global event to make a stand against human trafficking. Marie Kite and Leonie Pothan have helped organise Cambridge’s walk on October 19.

She says A21’s mission statement is to abolish slavery everywhere forever. “Their process is to reach, rescue and restore. “They reach the vulnerable through prevention and awareness and they help rescue with local authorities and then have home set ups to help with restoration.” Kite and Pothan say the goal is to have 100 people walk in Cambridge. “If 100 walkers raise $100 that would make a huge difference.” Other organisers for this event include Sara Kenny, Zoe Forrest and Louise Harvey. Apparel is available to buy online. For more information contact Marie Kite at or Leonie Pothan at and to register for Walk for Freedom visit the website and follow the A21 campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

charity cycling event. A few have picked up afterschool jobs too. Their big event up next is a high tea fundraiser on October 19. Held at The Olde Creamery on Kaipaki Rd, 1pm - 4pm, it will include raffles, student entertainment and a Japanese drumming band. Tickets are $45 or $55 with a glass of champagne, and can be purchased through Calleigh Baker from the fundraising committee on 021 2528 622. “I think it’s awesome for the students to be involved in the fundraising,” said Calleigh. “They are learning that there is work involved to be part of this experience.” “I think it will be quite a beautiful trip, and it will be really cool to experience life in a Japanese school, especially at this age,” said Flora.

A group of 22 Cambridge High School students have been fundraising for a school trip of a lifetime, each raising at least $5000 for an April 2020 visit to Japan. “Fundraising for it and working for it makes you really appreciate the trip a bit more, especially when you work together,” said Flora Ingoe, who herself is half Kiwi, half Japanese. “I lived there up until I was 6 years old. I can’t quite remember what it’s like but going back will be like a complete refresher. I’m quite excited.” Like her Japanese-subject classmates Dillon Baker and Tommy Blackett, the trip would be the chance to see the culture first-hand. “We’ll have to use the language, and things like using directions and that, as part of our assessment,” said Dillon. “I’m really looking forward to the fact that it’s going to be quite different to New Zealand, seeing how different they are to us.” “I’d really like to immerse myself in the culture,” added Tommy. “And I can’t wait to see the buildings and their architecture, especially the temples.” Already the students have sold raffle tickets, pies, chocolate and Entertainment books, made over a thousand lunches for a Targa rally Flora Ingoe, Tommy Blackett and Dillon Baker can’t wait to see Japan’s event, held a quiz night, and cherry blossoms in April 2020 – but first they have to finish fundraising are planning a car wash and a for the trip.

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This fabulous 1970’s home in sought after Cambridge East, has the X-factor and massive potential. On a large 1224m2 section the home features vaulted ceilings and is designed for the sun with downstairs living areas and two of the four bedrooms opening onto north facing patios. The upstairs fourth bedroom and study (currently used as a fifth bedroom) create the perfect teenage retreat. A more recent addition in 2000, is a spacious library/office located off the master bedroom, with doors out to a sunny patio. Close to all levels of schooling including St Peter’s School and the Waikato expressway. This spacious property in a premium location offers ample area for a swimming pool and children to play. It is the perfect place to raise a family. PRICE: AUCTION - Wednesday 16th Oct 4:00pm On Site (unless sold prior) OPEN HOME: Sat & Sun 1.00-1.30pm AGENT: Rachael Seavill 027 722 4235 INTERNET ID: CRE0894


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The stunning curb appeal of this architecturally designed town house situated in the heart of Cambridge is one that is worth your consideration. Daring to be different and styled with sophisticated flare the home houses three double bedrooms along with quality bathrooms and an office. Take a walk up the crafted stairwell with its chic lighting and be greeted by generous open plan living. The vista from this space will take your breath away and is visible from the entire area. At the top of the stairs you can curl up with a book on the charming corner window seat, then from the kitchen with its high-end appliances you have easy access to the office and the outdoor living space which is designed with entertaining in mind. One of many features of this living zone are the doors that bi-fold to create that important flow and also the dining, sitting nicely in an elegant space that gives you amazing views during the day and then in the evenings, don’t pull the blind, you can enjoy the stunning sun sets. The small easy-care section will please the busy buyers who would rather be walking to the popular cafes and award-winning restaurants then mowing the lawns. PRICE: AUCTION - Tuesday 22nd Oct 11:00am On Site (unless sold prior) OPEN HOME: Sat & Sun 1.15-1.45pm AGENT: Sherry Herkes 027 223 4335 or Eilish Page 027 3000 002 INTERNET ID: CRE0902




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FRIDAY OCTOBER 11, 2019 Grey Street Gem 26 Grey Street

First time on the market, this delightful brick home was built by the current owners who have enjoyed living in this prime location, for the past 25 years. The home is of solid construction and is very appealing, with a lot on offer: • Three bedrooms/two bathrooms • Carpet upgraded throughout • Street appeal • Easy care section • Excellent secure neighbourhood • Sunny private north facing patio • Prospective rental option If you are looking at downsizing, investment or want to enjoy the perfect location, within walking distance to the Saturday market and vibrant cafes/shops of Cambridge, this property is a must view.



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Traditional Elegance 160 King Street

For those that enjoy modern living but the character of yesteryear, this is a property that deserves your attention. Sitting nicely for the sun on a 1329m2 (approx.) section this fine vintage has many things to love. Walking in the front door you are immediately engulfed by the warm loving ambiance that the home exudes. As you walk down the hall of this timeless beauty it takes you through a lovely flow of spacious living areas which then lead nicely out to the large north facing deck at the rear of the home. Close by is the kitchen so an ideal entertaining area. Many original features have been preserved so the tasteful mixture of old and new will please many. If garaging is important than you won’t be disappointed with this very generous large double, with a studio room attached that has its own shower and toilet. The list goes on so phone Sherry or Eilish today to view for yourself PRICE: AUCTION - Wednesday 23rd Oct 1:00pm On Site (unless sold prior) OPEN HOME: Sat & Sun 2.00-2.30pm AGENT: Sherry Herkes 027 223 4335 or Eilish Page 027 3000 002 INTERNET ID: CRE0900



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FRIDAY OCTOBER 11, 2019 Surpassing all Expectations 23 Monarch Park Lane

You will have nothing but admiration for this stunning, stylish property situated at 23 Monarch Park Lane. Entering this secluded home, you are greeted with utterly irresistible luxury because of quality decisions made by the owners when they designed and built. With no less than four bedrooms plus an office and two top end bathrooms with reflections of grace and certainly a touch of fineness. The designer kitchen feautures a walk-in scullery with wooden highlights and Caesar stone bench tops, captures the morning sun and has with the ability to overlook the Open Plan living with raked ceilings and a feature log fire to warm you in the winter. The property also features a ducted heating and cooling system throughout and the separate lounge leading to the covered outdoor area for all the entertainers, plenty of room. To top the picture off, not only is there a larger than normal double internal access garage but also a 95m2 boatshed and mancave. For those that want Modern, Style, Luxury and extra shedding phone the agents to view today. You will lose yourself in the luxury and wow features of this Cambridge Beauty. This one will Surpass all Expectations. OPEN HOME: Sun 2.45-3.15pm AGENT: Sherry Herkes 027 223 4335 or Eilish Page 027 3000 002 INTERNET ID: CRE0905


Premier St Kilda home 2B Baxter Michael It is a pleasure to bring to the




market this quality St Kilda 218m2 Duplex home built with stylish design features. The high ceilings offer a sense of light and space throughout. The open plan kitchen, dining and lounge flow to the sunny outdoor living space that leads into the beautifully landscaped 792m2 section. Three double bedrooms, an office, two stylish bathrooms and a double garage complete this ideal lock up and leave package. A quality home in a premier neighbourhood.

OPEN HOME: Sun 1.30-2.00pm AGENT: Alison Boone

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FRIDAY OCTOBER 11, 2019 Smart Living 1 Shaw Street

Well designed and well built, this home has all the modern conveniences you need for today’s living in a very popular Cambridge location. Positioned on a manageable 460m2 corner section with a sunny north facing aspect with easy care picturesque established grounds. The 248m2 home offers a generous floor plan well suited to a growing or extended family with four double bedrooms plus a guest’s bedroom which is currently being utilised as an office. There’s an ensuite off the master bedroom along with two other bathrooms both upstairs and down. The home is well insulated and kept warm and cool with a gas fire and heat pumps. Hosting family functions is no major task with the expansive open plan living, dining, and well- equipped kitchen. The formal living provides additional space to cater for all. The walking track is just at the end of the street and is a pleasant stroll up through the Leamington Cemetery to join the Carlyle Street footpath and Leamington Domain. The views from the kitchen look across Council reserve towards the golf course, and out to the cherry blossoms in spring. This home truly is worthy of your immediate inspection. Call Graham to arrange your viewing. OPEN HOME: Sun 1.30-2.15pm AGENT: Graham Ban 027 448 7658 INTERNET ID: CRE0880


WOW – What a Transformation 13 Kingsley Street

This spacious family home has been extended and totally renovated to a high standard. Located in beautiful Kingsley Street it has glorious northerly views the hills. The home is double glazed, has beautifully varnished timber flooring, a large kitchen complete with walk in pantry and raked ceiling giving amazing feeling of space. The living areas lead to the expansive decking that offers lovely views over the swimming pool an out towards the hills. There are four double bedrooms, two tiled bathrooms and large double garage with workshop space. Explore the added bonus with this property having two titles. If your requirements are modern, space, privacy and potential then inspection is encouraged and recommended.



OPEN HOME: Sun 12.00-12.30pm AGENT: Alison Boone 027 277 8726 or Sacha Webb 021 363 387 INTERNET ID: CRE0907

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Local shooters hit the mark


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Three Cambridge shooters have selected for the New Zealand Secondary School team. Nathan Allison, Abby Pierce and Liam McDonald earned selection at the national Inter-Secondary Schools Inter-Island small bore shooting event in Wellington where Cambridge High School made its debut and won a bronze medal. St Peters produced a solid performance to finish 14th in a field of 21 schools, four from the North Island and seven from the South Island. The Cambridge Premier team included Abby Pierce, a national junior team shooter, Nathan Allison and Samuel Wilde. Allison won a silver medal

St Peters Coach Bern McDonald with Dylan Karpel, Liam McDonald and Feonn Ball.

for second highest individual score. He, Pierce and Liam McDonald from St Peters were selected for the North Island team which won an inter-island challenge, and

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Cambridge High coach Brad Pierce with Nathan Allison, Samuel Wilde and Abby Pierce.

all three were then picked for the national secondary school team. St Peters was represented by McDonald, Dylan Karpel and Feonn Ball. Allison and Pierce also shot for the New Zealand team in an international competition with Great Britain – but must wait a fortnight for the results. Cambridge team manager Sharonn Pirie said she was proud of the team’s achievements. “The quality of coaching the students have received from Glen Brownlee and Brad Pierce has been excellent and enabled these shooters to be their very best. “It was also great to team up with St Peter’s for the experience and represent Cambridge as a whole.”


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William takes title By Andy McGechan

The trophy engravers will be working overtime after the 2019 edition of the New Zealand Mini Motocross Nationals in Hawke’s Bay at the weekend. And the jewellers may as well get templates made for the recipients too, as they’ll no doubt be etching some of these same names into silverware again in the near future. Talent certainly abounded at the Ngaruroro Raceway, at Mere Road in Fernhill, on the outskirts of Hastings, for this year’s two-day Un4Seen Decals-sponsored event – for riders aged between four and 11 years and riding bikes with engine capacities anywhere between 50cc and 112cc. With an impressively-large entry list and intense racing at the weekend, it showed the sport in a positive light and showed it was extremely healthy at this grassroots level. Cambridge rider William Pluck raced away with the premier trophy as he won the 9-11 years’ 65cc class, finishing the weekend 10 points clear of runner-up rider Rafe Paewai. Pahiatua youngster Paewai actually won more races than Pluck – clinching three of five wins in this class – but he failed to finish one race and this cost him dearly. Meanwhile, it was a fourth consecutive national mini motocross title win for Pluck, who had previously won the 7-11 years’ small trail bike class in both 2017 and 2018 and he had also won the 6-8 years’ 50cc intro trail bike class in 2016. Cambridge and Te Awamutu riders Van Hazelden, Zoe Verhoeven, Troy Downs, Jack Hazelden and Harry Pluck also featured in the standings. Final leading overall standings in the 2019 NZ Mini Motocross Nationals in Hawke’s Bay: 9-11 years’ 65cc class: William Pluck

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William Pluck was a comfortable winner of the premier grade at the mini motocross nationals in Hawke’s Bay.  Picture: Andy McGechan, (Cambridge) 1, Rafe Paweai (Pahiatua 2, Travis Taylor (New Plymouth) 3. 7-8 years’ 65cc: Arama Te Whetu (Tauranga) 1, Ryan Keen (Invercargill) 2, Maddox Swanson (Carterton) 3. 6-8 years’ 50cc class: Levi McMaster (Christchurch) 1, Jaxon Pardoe (Gisborne) 2, Jack Bennett (Greytown) 3. 4-7 years’ 50cc class: Rhys Perris (Whangarei) 1, Brody Sparrow (Pahiatua) 2, Van Hazelden (Cambridge) 3. 8-11 years’ trail bike: Zoe Verhoeven (Cambridge) 1, Troy Downs (Te Awamutu) 2, Riley Westgate (Matamata) 3. 7-9 years’ trail bike: Jack Hazelden (Cambridge) 1, Harry Pluck (Cambridge) 2, Reeve Lee (Taupo) 3. 4-7 years’ 50cc intro: Jacob Wilson (Christchurch) 1, Charles Cox (Napier) 2, Atawhai Wirepa-Hei (Gisborne) 3.

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Numbers up in local cricket

By Sophie Iremonger

Junior numbers enrolled for cricket in Cambridge have already passed last year’s record totals. Teams across Waikato will begin weekly Saturday games from October 26, and Friday

night junior cricket at John Kerkhof Park in Cambridge will kick off November 8. Anyone from age five can take part in junior cricket during school term, and anyone from secondary school age onwards can take up cricket – social or competitive – on weeknights or weekends.


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Over 18 players can play competitively in the club’s premier senior teams on weekends, and social players can play on Monday or Tuesday nights in twilight (or “business house”) cricket. Over 40 players can also compete under “antiques” cricket. With record numbers over the 2018-19 season, totaling nearly 600, the Cambridge Cricket Club hopes to see another stellar turnout this year. The club also has a new development manager on board. “Every year junior cricket is getting bigger and better, and we have a great facility now since moving to John Kerkhof Park last year,” said Steve Carter, chairman of Cambridge Junior Cricket. “We had the most numbers ever last year and we’ve already passed that, so it’s going to be a massive summer for us.” “With the deployment of Indi (Senarathne, cricket development manager) we’re really focused on player development, coach development and growing player numbers.” Alex Butler, captain of the Cambridge High School First XI cricket team, went through Cambridge Junior Cricket from a young age and said it made all the difference for him on the field. “I’ve played for six years now, starting with junior cricket. It definitely helped a lot, learning the basic skills,” he said. “I love

the competition of it (high school cricket), competing against other teams with a bit of fun rivalry, and improving my skills. “In fact I never would have found the game if I hadn’t come along to one of the Friday night trainings.” “I think with the Black Caps doing really well onto the world stage at the moment, it’s generating a lot of buzz here in New Zealand, particularly in Cambridge,” said Peter Vorster, a senior cricket player in Cambridge. “A lot of people are noticing cricket and the interest level is a lot higher.” Indika Senarathne said his main goal was to grow cricket in Cambridge, having developed the sport in the Hawke’s Bay for the past decade as a first-class cricketer for the Central Districts. “The most enjoyable thing is when the kids come and have fun with their mates, and their parents can watch their improvement. “The commitment they have for the game is really important because that’s going to be our future in cricket.” To register for Friday night junior cricket, email For twilight cricket, contact Nick Feast on 027 4636916. For antiques cricket, contact Garry Webb on 022 3522604. For all other cricket enquiries contact Keith Vincent on 027 3095217.



book now ! T'S & C'S APPLY

0800 11 23 24 Interest Free Payments

Cambridge cricketers Peter Vorster, Alex Butler, Steve Carter and Indika Senarathne.



Guild Commended Framer Fine Art Trade Guild U.K. Member NZ Institute of Professional Framers “The Framer’s role is to protect artwork against both atmospheric conditions and future handling, and to enhance it’s aesthetic qualities.”



Experienced professionals. Local specialists. Quality advice.

11 Cowley Drive CAMBRIDGE

07 823 7386

Cambridge | 07 827 5147 Hamilton | 07 848 1222

OPEN HRS: MON - FRI 10am - 4pm

To split is now to terminate We must remove we can not wait




CAMBRIDGE 2019 FORD ENDURA ST LINE 2.0 8 speed auto, heated and cooled leather seats, radar cruise, sat-nav, 2000km demo

2018 MITSUBISHI ASX VRX, leather seats, sun roof, reverse camera & sensors, android apps, Bluetooth, tow bar 6600km

2016 MAZDA CX-5 GSX 2WD, sat nav, dual climate control, reverse camera & sensors, Bluetooth, tinted glass, tow bar

2017 FORD ESCAPE TITANIUM 2.0 diesel, heated leather seats, sat-nav, reverse camera, Bluetooth, radar cruise, USB port

2015 FORD KUGA TREND 2.0T-diesel, part leather trim, reverse camera & sensors, Bluetooth, 7 air bags, tints, tiger orange

2018 MAZDA 3 GSX hatch, climate control, sat-nav, reverse camera, Bluetooth, USB/ Aux/CD ports, balance 5 year wty 4900km

2015 MAZDA 2 GLX 1.5 hatch, auto, air con, cruise control, Bluetooth, USB/Aux/CD ports, air bags, alloy wheels 54000km

2019 FORD ECO-SPORT TITANIUM, leather, sat-nav, reverse camera & sensors, Sync 3 Bluetooth, cruise control, bal of 5yr wty

2019 FORD RANGER XLT SPORT 4x4,PX-3, leather trim, sat-nav, reverse camera & sensors, sync 3, 18” alloys, 2000km, demo

2015 FORD EVEREST TREND 3.2 TD, 4x4, 7 seats, dual climate control, sat-nav, reverse camera, Bluetooth, Apple Car Play

2015 FORD RANGER WILDTRAK, PX2, heated seats, dual climate control, sat-nav, reverse camera & sensors, cruise control



2015 FORD RANGER XLT 4x4, 6 speed manual, 3.2td, leather trim, sat-nav, reverse camera, Sync 3 Bluetooth, tints, hard lid

2019 FORD RANGER XL 2.2 2WD, cruise control, reverse camera & sensors, Bluetooth, tints, tow bar, 20” alloys, 230km

2013 FORD RANGER XLT 4x4 , climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth, 3 piece hard lid, 20” alloys, nudge bar

2016 FORD RANGER XLT 4x4 auto, Sync 3 Bluetooth, sat-nav, reverse camera, parking sensors , canopy, 41500km











Now, what can FAIRVIEW do for you? 95 Victoria St | CAMBRIDGE | P 07 827 7005 |




2006 TOYOTA HILUX SR5 4x4, 3.0TD, manual, aircon, CD, ABS, airbags, canopy, side steps, nudge bar





Get into NZ’s Hardest Working Range of Vehicles.






36 MONTH TERM G10, V80, T60 D/CAB AND D90 RANGE. *Conditions Apply.

*Finance offer available to approved applicants of UDC Finance Limited only and excludes all lease and fleet purchasers. Available on new LDV G10, V80, T60 Double Cab and D90 models only. 1.9% P.A. finance fixed for the term of the loan. Loan terms of up to 36 months. No deposit required. $100 establishment fee, $10.35 PPSR fee, and Dealer origination fee of up to $399. The GST component of the loan (if any) is repayable in the third month of the loan. Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply to any UDC loan. Offer valid from 19 August 2019 to 31 October 2019. Units must be registered by 31 October 2019. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. LDV reserves the right to vary, withdraw or extend this offer. Any accessories shown are optional extras.

COME AND SEE HOW HARD THE LDV RANGE CAN WORK FOR YOU. With only 1.9% Finance over 36 months and NO DEPOSIT. We have Cargo Vans from $25,990 +GST & ORC and Double Cab Utes from $29,990 +GST & ORC. OFFER ENDS 31ST OCT 2019 OR WHILE STOCKS LAST.

Waikato LDV | 07 849 6594 860 Te Rapa Road, Hamilton





2.3l Petrol manual, tonneau, roll bar, 20inch alloys - powerful and economical, monsoons, tints, towbar. 2 to choose from.

2.0l automatic, alloy wheels, Bluetooth, 2 year or 60,000km factory warranty. 4 colour options

1.6 l automatic, stylish and fun to drive, alloy wheels, blue tooth, five star safety - two year or 60,000km factory warranty.

Automatic, 4x4, one owner, canopy with sliding draw system, factory alloy wheels.

FROM ONLY $19,990

FROM ONLY $16,990

NOW ONLY $16,990

NOW ONLY $28,990



2018 LDV T60 ELITE 2.8 DIESEL 4X4


2.0l AWD petrol, full leather, climate a/c, heated seats, 18 inch alloys , one owner, Flame Red travelled only 35,210km.

3.0l diesel, 4x4, custom leather seats, canopy, tow bar, factory alloys, travelled only 110,000km

6 speed manual, factory alloys, tuff deck, roof rails , running boards, Reverse camera 5 star safety. Low kms. 10,800km only.

2.0l Diesel, 4x4, one owner, canopy, alloys, Towbar, tinted windows, nudge bar, bonnet protector. 2 to choose from.

NOW ONLY $23,990

ONLY $26,990

NOW ONLY $28,990

NOW ONLY $23,990



• Prestigious St Kilda Section • 4,457m² (1.1 acres) approx • Boutique sub-division in prime location • Attractively landscaped North facing • LAST AVAILABLE SECTION! CALL DEBBIE NOW TO VIEW!

Cambridge 1/45 St Kilda Road


Need some work done on your vehicle? We can help: • WOF • Any vehicle parts • Auto Electrical • Tyres • Clutches • All repairs • Lubes • Brakes • Towing • Suspension

Highly motivated vendor • Prestigious St Kilda Section • 4,457m² (1.1 acres) Approx • Boutique Sub-division in Prime Location • Attractively Landscaped -North Facing • Last Available Section!



MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8am-5pm Debbie Suisted 027 234 8011 Office 07 839 7060

Online Realty Ltd (Est 1999) Licensed (REAA 2008)

TOP GEAR MOTORS LTD 47 Shakespeare St, PO Box 284, Cambridge 2351 07 827 7230 |



What it’s like to work with Sandrine Pryor Trusting me is your choice, proving you right is my duty. A strong work ethic is one of my core values which insures you will always receive a high and honest level of communication. My strong determination whilst taking care of your most valuable asset, is to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Whether you want to know more about the property market or request a no obligation appraisal for your home, feel free to give me a call on:

Sandrine Pryor

Bayleys Cambridge Residential Sales


Thinking of selling your property?

Family Owned Family Values Eco Friendly, Technology Savvy Real Value from the ground up Commission: 3% plus $500 plus GST Dave Umbers AREINZ Mobile 0274 521 480

Louise Allan MREINZ Mobile 021 251 9129

Peter Matthews 0274 905 383 @cambridgepropertyhq Licensed under the REAA 2008





,0 99


OPEN HOMES - SAT & SUN 1pm - 1:45pm +

See our website for further details on the Five Oaks Subdivision More Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA 2008

07 823 2300 74 Victoria Street Wendy Tong Peter Tong Cambridge Te Awamutu News021 / Cambridge 0272019 555 0633 987 867News—11 October


Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Lily Hooker 027 870 3317

Jason Tong 027 755 2902

Open Day: Tuesday, 15 Oct 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Dair y Suppor t / Cropping A very good small finishing / dairy support / cropping / lifestyle block situated in a popular, sought-after location, strategically placed between Hamilton, Te Awamutu and Cambridge

 old farm sheds x 2 - (1) approx 240m² - fair condition, concrete and earth floor, concrete  245 Kaipaki Road, approx. 4.5 kms from Ohaupo, approx. 13 kms from Cambridge and approx. 16 kms from Te Awamutu block, timber frame with steel beam in workshop, weatherboard cladding, electricity connected; lined workshop with built-in benches; storage shed includes water pump;  11.27 hectares more or less — 1 title 4 loose boxes; tractor bays, earth floor; (2) disused cowshed  flat contour; Horotui sandy loam and silt loam soils; Pukerimu District Water Scheme  office / utility building (10m²) with covered deck (8m²), kitchenette, toilet, shower  7-wire post & batten boundary fence plus some post & rail and 4-wire electric fences neat and tidy; approx 4 years old (no internal fencing) web ref R1304  current land use: cropping - maize and annual ryegrass Brian Peacocke 021 373 113 Licensed Real Estate Agent - REAA2008


07 870 2112




The Driving Force in Real Estate 34 Victoria Street, Cambridge, ph 07 827 4163



66 Shelley Street, Cambridge 3 1 g 1


113 Kingsley Street, Cambridge

 1


SMART START ON SHELLEY Fantastic entry level 1980s family home on a good sized flat, well fenced 547m² section. Close to Leamington Village & Primary School, walkways, cycle ways, Lake Karapiro and an easy commute to Te Awamutu and Hamilton. Make the call today!! Rental Appraisal available. Contact Trevor Morris. Web Ref CA15380 Open Home Sunday 1.00 - 1.40pm

3 1 g 1

4/1215 Kaipaki Road, Cambridge

 2


MAKE THE MOVE TO KINGSLEY Easy care, brick & colour steel winner. All so close to the peaceful bush on popular lower Kingsley Street. Spacious lopen plan lounge/dining area with modern kitchen. Nicely landscaped crosslease section with your own driveway & water meter. Rental Appraisal available. Contact Trevor Morris. Web Ref CA15355 Open Home Sunday 2.00 - 2.40pm


28 Kelly Road, Cambridge

3 Everest Lane, Cambridge

5 2 g 2  2


HIDDEN VISTA, DREAM HOME North-facing 260m² brick & concrete tile home on 1112m², easy commute to Hamilton, 2km to St Peter's. Five double bedrooms, spacious living, huge patios, separate lounge, double glazing, heat pump, internal double garage, hobbit house, new Intex pool. Contact Tony Mills. Web Ref CA15287 Open Homes Saturday & Sunday 1.00 - 2.00pm

3 2 g 1  2 $795,000 $749,000 DESIGNER HOME - PRICED RIGHT Built in 2000, this Kaipaki Road retreat is priced to sell and is a must view. Situated down a quiet right-of-way, this property offers a peaceful, private setting with views accross the valley towards St Peters School. Contact Peter Hulsdouw. Web Ref CL15149 Viewing By Appointment

587 Bank Street, Te Awamutu

3 1 g 1  1


USE YOUR IMAGINATION ON EVEREST Renovate, rejuvenate or relocate this original 1950s 3-bedroom weatherboard home on a flat 948m² section in popular Cambridge East. LIM Report available. TENDER - Closes at 34 Victoria St, Cambridge, 3 October 2019 at 4pm (unless sold prior) Contact Trevor Morris. Web Ref CA15267

4 1 g 1  $539,000 BANK ON THIS TOP LOCATION Love the TOP location, the character & the elevation of this charming 1940s brick & concrete tile home. On an easy care crosslease section with your own driveway, carport & extra off street parking. Rental Appraisal available. Ensure you view this fantastic home! Contact Trevor Morris. Web Ref CA15239 Open Home Sunday 11.45am - 12.15pm

Thinking about selling your Residential or Lifestyle Property? NOW! is the time as there is currently still a very high demand! 1113 Tauwhare Road, Tauwhare 4 2 g 1  2


JUMP AT THIS OPPORTUNITY! A comfortable brick home with internal double garage, Goldpine high stud 3-bay shed with power & 2 horse boxes + tack room. 8292m² fenced into 3 paddocks. 2 rain water tanks + bore. Ideally located, in walking distance of Decile 9 Tauwhare Primary. Contact Murray Green 0274 762 648. Web Ref LS10155 Open Home Sunday 1.00 - 1.40pm

We are offering a $2,500 marketing package FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who lists through the LUGTON'S CAMBRIDGE OFFICE on a 90 day exclusive agency. THIS INCLUDES: P Professional Photography P 3D and 2D Floor Plans P Colour brochures P Advertising on our websites P All signage P Window cards P Colour advertising in the Saturday Waikato Times liftout, Cambridge News, and the Cambridge Property Guide P 500 colour DLE cards delivered in your area (residential only)

P Dedicated hard work from your Lugton’s Cambridge Team!

83 Kingsley Street, Cambridge 4 2 g 2  2


LOVE LIVING ON KINGSLEY STREET A lovely, stylish, compact, brick & colour steel home. Riverside/bush walks nearby. Functional open plan living space flows nicely onto a private deck & fully fenced rear garden. Also enjoy an extra formal lounge or media room. Check out everything on offer. Contact Trevor Morris. Web Ref CA14792 Viewing By Appointment

If you’re thinking of selling in the near future, please call one of our sales team for a ‘No Pressure, No Obligation’ market appraisal.

39 Ridge Park Drive, Horotiu

4 2 g 1 V 3  4 $1,150,000 "BIG IS GOOD" Sun-drenched 445m² homestead with huge garaging + room for a workshop & storage. Massive 115m² space upstairs has 2nd lounge, 2nd kitchen + large office. If you want a modern, spacious home with options, then make sure this is on your viewing list. Contact Peter Hulsdouw. Web Ref CL15203 Open Home Sunday 2.00 - 3.00pm

24 Pengover Avenue, Cambridge

4 2 g 1  3 $849,000 PRIVATE & PEACEFUL ON PENGOVER Spacious, family home with generous living area & convenient formal lounge. Spend family time on your patio & in a good sized section. Double glazed, with excellent storage & internal access triple car garaging. LIM Report & Rental Appraisal available. Contact Trevor Morris. Web Ref CA15103 Viewing By Appointment

The market is on the move again! If you're thinking of selling, now is the time to list! We have buyers who missed out and still need to purchase a home! Call one of our team today for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION APPRAISAL.

Peter Hulsdouw Branch Manager Lifestyle/Rural 0800 43 77 33

Tony Mills

Residential 0800 35 34 34

Trevor Morris Residential 0800 487 3867

Tracey Grover Residential 0274 996 866

Craig Cummings Residential 021 272 7737

Ron Bradley Residential 027 4967 004

John Bishop Lifestyle/Rural 0274 971 666

Bill Tunzelmann Rural/Farms 0800 489 571




FRIDAY OCTOBER 11, 2019 Powerhouse Realty Ltd MREINZ, 73B Victoria Street, Cambridge, Waikato Licensed LicensedReal RealEstate EstateAgent Agent(REAA (REAA 2008) 2008)


CAMBRIDGE PARK STUNNER • 4 double bedrooms. • Main-en-suite and walk-in wardrobe. • Separate lounge. • Large living/dining/kitchen open plan. • Gorgeous deck/patio area.


BY NEGOTIATION OPEN HOME Sunday 2.00 - 2.30 p.m. 4 McKinnon Street CAMBRIDGE Contact Janet 021 977 732 CPH10367


LIVE THE DREAM • Beautiful and flat. • Fenced and grassed. • Build new to your plan. • Close to town.

• 4/5 bedrooms. • Substantial separate lounge. • 2 bathrooms. • Extensive covered patio. • Excellent water storage.


• Secure back yard. • One bedroom. • Quiet street.

OPEN HOME Sunday 12.00 - 12.30 p.m. 15 Weld Street CaMbridgE Contact Peter FOX-WOrTHiNgTON CPH10368


$460,000 OPEN HOME Sunday 1.00 - 1.30 p.m. 1/42 Roto-O-Rangi Road CAMBRIDGE Contact Peter FOX-WORTHINGTON CPH10365



• Large 2138m² lot. • Enormous sheds for storage. • 4 bedroom quality build. • Room for life!

OPEN HOME Sunday 2.00 - 2.30 p.m. 59 Milton Street CAMBRIDGE Contact Peter FOX-WORTHINGTON CPH10363





$1,150,000 28 Riverside Lane KARAPIRO Contact Donna CPH10330



• 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. • Double garage. • Fully fenced back yard. • Bush views.

33 Alpers Ridge CAMBRIDGE Contact Anna CPH10362


SOLD SOLD COMPLETE LIFESTYLE • 430m2 Residence. 5 Bdrms. 2 Ensuites. • Sauna, Spa, 2 Living Areas. Self-Contained Studio. • 1.6 Hectares. 5 bay shed, 2 bay barn. • Bore, stock yards.

BY NEGOTIATION 434 Pencarrow Road TAMAHERE Contact Donna CPH10255

WALK TO TOWN • North facing, 2 bedrooms. • Sun room. • Single garage / auto door. • Fenced back yard.


69a Clare Street CAMBRIDGE Contact Peter FOX-WORTHINGTON CPH10366

JOANNAJONES JONES JOANNA 027576 576 4112 4112 027







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• 2, 8, 12 ton diggers • Tip truck hire • Small 4-wheeler/6 wheelers/truck & trailers ∙ Drainage ∙ Drilling ∙ Driveways ∙ Excavation ∙ Farm work ∙ Footings ∙ House pads ∙ Landscaping ∙ Post holes ∙ Section clearing ∙ Soakage holes ∙ Trenching



Cambridge Owned & Operated

Jill’s Garden and Maintenance Services

Formerly Devereux Electrical Ltd Nothing else has changed Same Staff and Service Levels

Laser Electrical Cambridge

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EARTHWORKS P.O.Box 757 Cambridge 3450

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p. 871 9246 or 027 5140 342 e. w.

Cambridge and surrounding areas 7 Day Cylinder Fill – All Sizes – DON’T SWAP – REFILL – 88 Duke St, Cambridge Ph 827 7456





Cambridge Garden Maintenance

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027 280 9279

One offs, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Phone Carl 827 0551 mobile 022 100 8265

1112 Tauwhare Road, RD7 Hamilton



Sunday 13 October 98 Hewson Road 206 Fencourt Road 23 Grey Street Lot 2, 23 Grey Street 21 Alba Place 55a Williams Street


Auction PBN $599,000 PBN $829,000 Auction

11.00-12.00pm 12.30-1.00pm 1.00-1.30pm 1.00-1.30pm 2.00-2.30pm 2.30-3.00pm

CAMBRIDGE REAL ESTATE Saturday 12 October 168 Victoria Street 107 Hall Street 16A Hall Street 160 King Street Sunday 13 October 17 Addison Street 50A Spencer Street 2/30 Jarrett Terrace 40 Alpers Ridge 13 Kingsley Street 88 Te Miro Road 16 Hamilton Road 17 Sheridan Crescent 12 Cooper Crescent 168 Victoria Street 86 Princes Street 107 Hall Street 26 Grey Street 16A Hall Street 19 Camdon Place 2B Baxter Michael Crescent 1 Shaw Street 11 Mike Smith Drive 160 King Street 65 Baxter Michael Crescent 29 William Paul Street 23 Monarch Park Lane 3-10 Maranatha Way

Sunday 13 October 49a Southey Street 7 Marlowe Drive 56 Te Awa Road 23 Moore Street 331 Athlone Drive 272 Oreipunga Road

$859,000 Auction Auction Auction

12.30-1.00pm 1.00-1.30pm 1.15-1.45pm 2.00-2.30pm

$879,000 PBN $845,000 PBN PBN $879,000 $849,000 $769,000 $885,000 $859,000 $765,000 Auction Auction Auction $1,279,000 $1,050,000 PBN $1,149,000 Auction PBN $839,000 PBN $859,000

11.00-11.30am 11.15-11.45am 11.45-12.15pm 11.45-12.15pm 12.00-12.30pm 12.00-12.45pm 12.00-12.45pm 12.00-12.45pm 12.30-1.00pm 12.30-1.00pm 12.45-1.15pm 1.00-1.30pm 1.00-1.45pm 1.15-1.45pm 1.15-2.00pm 1.30-2.00pm 1.30-2.15pm 2.00-2.30pm 2.00-2.30pm 2.00-2.45pm 2.30-3.00pm 2.45-3.15pm 3.15-3.45pm

Saturday 12 October 28 Kelly Road Sunday 13 October 66 Shelley Street 1113 Tauwhare Road 28 Kelly Road 113 Kingsley Street

12.00-12.30pm 12.45-1.15pm 2.00-2.30pm 2.00-3.00pm 3.00-3.30pm 3.30-4.00pm

11.00-11.30am 11.00-1.45pm 12.00-1.00pm




1.00-1.40pm 1.00-1.40pm 1.00-2.00pm 2.00-2.40pm

MORE RE Saturday 12 October 11 Fencourt Road Five Oaks Subdivision Sunday 13 October 11 Fencourt Road Five Oaks Subdivision 16 Clifford Close

$1,599,000 1.00-1.45pm $599,000 to $1,200,000 1.00-1:45pm $1,599,000 1.00-1.45pm $599,000 to $1,200,000 1.00-1:45pm $855,000 2.00-2.45pm

ONE AGENCY Saturday 12 October 145 Pickering Road Sunday 13 October 145 Pickering Road







PASTORAL REALTY Tuesday 15 October 245 Kaipaki Road

AUDIO - cassettes, records, reel to reel tape VIDEO - any format tapes, HDD camera footage FILM - cinefilm 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm SLIDES & PHOTOS - any size scanning

Graeme & Rosalind Mathews - 021 732635 93 Redoubt Road Cambridge

823 9121

Fresh True Enough takes Spring Sprint

Talented Cambridge galloper True Enough has made the perfect start to a new campaign, scoring a smart firstup win in the Gr.3 Red Badge Spring Sprint (1400m) at Hastings on Saturday. The son of Nom du Jeu had won six of his 15 starts in previous campaigns, placing in another six including a third behind Volpe Veloce in the Gr.2 Japan-NZ International Trophy (1600m). All but one of those previous victories had come over longer distances than Saturday’s 1400m. But in his first start since March, he produced a potent sprint to claim the biggest win of his career to date. True Enough was brilliantly ridden by Jonathan Riddell, who moved him across to the rail in fifth position behind The Mitigator, Dawn Patrol, Deerfield and Stradivarius. Riddell angled True Enough off the back of The Mitigator in the straight and let him rip. The Mitigator showed plenty of fight, but True Enough wore him down and edged past to win by half a length. “He’s such a genuine horse,” co-trainer Andrew Forsman said. “He just keeps stepping up every time we raise the bar. “He’d run well in a couple of trials leading into this, so we were hoping he could sprint well fresh today. To be fair, it was the ride that won him the race. Saving that ground was key.” Bred and part-owned by octogenarian Mick Preston and wife Valda, True Enough has been lightly raced and could be in for his biggest season at the age of six. He is nominated for next month’s Gr.2 Coupland’s Bakeries Mile (1600m) at Riccarton, for which he is now rated an $18 chance. He may attempt to follow in the footsteps of Te Akau Shark, who won both the Spring Sprint and the Coupland’s Bakeries Mile last spring. “He’s just a really brave competitor,” Forsman said. “I think he’s started to race a little bit more truly now. Early on, when he was coming up through the grades, he tended to hit the front and look around a bit. “The type of horse that he is, I think stepping up to 1600m and 2000m should be no worry for him at all.” The Mitigator’s runner-up performance held plenty of merit after working hard in the lead through the early part of the race, while Hanger made up good ground late in the race to finish third.

POWERHOUSE REALTY Sunday 13 October 15 Weld Street 1/42 Roto-O-Rangi Road 4 McKinnon Street 59 Milton Street

PBN $859,000 $865,000

PBN PBN Offers PBN Offers $745,000


HARCOURTS Sunday 13 October 2/180 Burns St 79 Watkins St 6 Alpers Ridge

Landscaping  Planting  Hedges trimmed  Trees trimmed Lawns mowed  Weed control  Pruning  General cleanup Rubbish removed  House washed  Water blasting Gutter cleared  Building  Painting Irrigation systems  Free quotes

$399,000 $460,000 PBN PBN

12.00-12.30pm 1.00-1.30pm 2.00-2.30pm 2.00-2.30pm

Contact listing agent prior-visiting as Open Homes times can change.

Launch Special


It’s time for More for you

True Enough was given a masterful ride by Jonathan Riddell to land the Gr.3 Red Badge Spring Sprint (1400m) at Hastings.  Photo – Trish Dunell.




FINN, Richard George – WWII Veteran. Passed away peacefully at Waikato Hospital on 5 October 2019, aged 97 years. Husband of the late Mary Finn. Cherished father of Carolyn, Tim, Judy and Neil. Much loved grandfather, great-grandfather and greatgreat-grandfather. He will be forever in our memories. Thank you to the staff at Waikato Hospital Neurological Ward and to Lifecare Cambridge. A private funeral service has been held. "I’m just a lucky so and so!" All communications to the Finn Family, c/- 3 Hallys Lane, Cambridge, 3434.


Of an application for On Licence Alpha Street Trading Limited, Suite 1, 127 Collingwood St, Hamilton 3204 has made application to the Waipa District Licensing Committee for the renewal of a on-licence in respect of the premises at 47 Alpha St, Cambridge known as Alpha St Kitchen & Bar. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is restaurant. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licence are: Monday to Friday, 11am-midnight, Saturday and Sunday, 8am-midnight. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Waipa District Licensing Committee, 101 Bank Street, Te Awamutu or 23 Wilson Street, Cambridge. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the issue of the licence may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee at: Waipa District Council, Private Bag 2402, Te Awamutu 3840. No objection to the issue of a renewal licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the second publication of this notice. This notice was first published on October 4, 2019.

• Death Notices • In Memoriam • Acknowledgements Call Janine 07 827 0005 to place your Family Notice or email

Section 101, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012


Of an application for On Licence


10.00am Sunday 28 Duke Street Kid’s church and creche available Enquiries phone 827 3833


See Facebook Register by 15 November for discount EMAIL PHONE 078278066



30 years experience. Specialising in Bathroom Alterations Ph Mike Margan 027 532 3963


GL Events Ltd has made application to the Waipa District Licensing Committee for the renewal of a on-licence in respect of the premises at 601 Maungatautari Road, RD2, Cambridge known as Sir Don Rowlands Centre. The general nature of the business to be conducted under the licence is Function Centre. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday, 11am12 midnight. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Waipa District Licensing Committee, 101 Bank Street, Te Awamutu or 23 Wilson Street, Cambridge. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the issue of the licence may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee at: Waipa District Council, Private Bag 2402, Te Awamutu 3840. No objection to the issue of a renewal licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the second publication of this notice. This notice was first published on October 4, 2019.


Clipper grass cut

Phone David 823 0172 027 600 6002




Grass cut and edges as you like it


Section 101, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

Family Notices





027 294 5885



Qualified, Professional Arborists • Tree Care

• Pruning • Stump Grinding • Removal • Wood Spltting • Consultancy

Ph. Matthew Trott



Section 101, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

W c c Of an application for On Licence o Leamington Tavern, 9 Campbell Street, Leamington w 3432 has made application to the Waipa District Licensing Committee for the renewal of a onlicence in respect of the premises at 9 Campbell VACANT Street, Cambridge SITUATIONS known as Five Stags Leamington.


The general nature of the business to be conducted under the licence is tavern. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday, 9am-1am. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Waipa District Licensing Committee, 101 Bank Street, Te Awamutu or 23 Wilson Street, Cambridge. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the issue of the licence may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee at: Waipa District Council, Private Bag 2402, Te Awamutu 3840. No objection to the issue of a renewal licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the first publication of this notice.



Library Assistant 25 hours per week, term time only

A person who is flexible, able to multitask, and has the ability to work with adolescents in a positive way is required to assist with the day to day operation of the school library. This position will include processing of all new resources, maintaining the library environment, managing overdues, and assisting with other tasks that make our library the hub of our school. Prior experience working in a library and using Library Management Systems, along with a knowledge of youth fiction would be an advantage. A Position Description is available from the email address below. Applications, to the email address below, close noon on Friday 18 October 2019 Email:





COOK WANTED Jump Start Educare is currently seeking someone to fulfil the roll of cook in our childcare centre. The successful candidate must like children, be warm and friendly, reliable and honest. Duties will include cooking and preparing healthy and nutritious meals for the tamariki. Other skills we are seeking include time management, patience, able to work within a budget and to be a flexible team player. A food handling certificate is desirable. The position is Mon-Fri, 8.30-3.30. If this sounds like you, please send a cover letter, with your CV to


FINDA FINDAHOME HOME NZNZ 22B Duke Street, Cambridge (07) 827 9282

22B Duke Street “Personable service for your peace of mind” (07) 827 9282

CAMBRIDGE PROPERTIES FOR RENT CAMBRIDGE PROPERTIES FOR RENT CAMBRIDGE 3 lrg bedrooms, lrg living areas, lrg shedding, lrg garaging  $485

LEAMINGTON: 2 bed very tidy unit, secure in Leamington Mews  $360 2 bed unit of fenced section S garage with internal access

RENTALS AVAILABLE CAMBRIDGE BRUNTWOOD 5bed, 2lvg, 3bth, 3gge+LAND$850 pw SUJUAN 4bed, 2lvg, 2bth, 2gge $640 pw ROSLEIGH 4bed, 2lvg, 2bth, 2gge $600 pw IHIMAERA 4bed, 2lvg, 2bth, 2gge$590 pw


WORDSWORTH 3bed, 1lvg, 1bth, 2gge$480 pw

3 bed home with lovely park outlook and playground $410

SHAKESPEARE 2bed, 1lvg, 1bth$410 pw


3 bed, 2 bath very tidy home on greenbelt, s garage with



WHITEHALL - 2brm very comfortable and warm cottage, covered garage for one car. Avail early Nov. $330/ week. Ph Mary 0275 486 000

PAINTER available, exterior and interior work undertaken, quality workmanship, Ph 0274372811.

Deadline Ahead Classified Section Booking/Copy Tuesday 12 noon for Friday publication Ph 07 827 0005 Run of Paper Booking/Copy Monday 5pm for Friday publication Ph 027 287 0005

internal access  $475 LANDLORDS: COUNTRY: "Property Management with Vision"

Come and talk with our Finda Home NZ family, about managing your Rental

MEARS 3bed, 1lvg, 1bth, 2gge $460 pw ANNEBROOK 2bed, 1lvg, 1bth, 1gge$400 pw

are very happy2 to help you navigate the in Residential Tenancy 4Investment, bed plus we office, 2 bath living tucked away rural setting

changes and expectations. Please remember to check your Rental Investment  Insulation to meet the compliant date of 1st July 2019. $530

Prospective Tenants, to assist us in helping you better, HOME IS WHERE YOUR STORY BEGINS WITH US! please complete an online application prior to contacting us.

Our communication & respect for our Landlords & Tenants has directly contributed to our continuous growth as Finda Home NZ specialises only in Cambridge & surrounding country areas. Rae Guard Carol McEldowney E office@findahomenzconz REINZ Acredited Property Manager Manager Director Rae Ph 029 772 0130 Carol Property Ph 027 477 1668

PH: 029 772 0130 PH: 027 477 1668 wwwfindahomenzconz

Call us on 07 827 9282 to discuss your property needs

New Builds available approx. December 2019-January 2020. Breaking Ground Now! Will have plans available to view. Place your order for your new home now! WE COVER THE GREATER WAIPA WAIKATO AREAS

Come and have a chat with Gaylene, Keira, Sheree, Ian and Haiyan

A.R.S Property Management

57B Alpha Street Cambridge - Office: 07 823 29 29

PMs: Gaylene 021 041 7044, Keira 021 595 884, Sheree 021 425 450, Haiyan 021 554 747


55 Victoria Street, Cambridge Office Hours 9am to 3.30pm

Quick crossword 1



Sudoku 4



7 8



Fill the grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.













22 23

Across 1. Sceptic (5) 4. Indifference (6) 7. Fled (3) 8. Mystery (6) 9. Supply with oxygen (6) 10. Barely (8) 12. Water jug (4) 13. Japanese hostess (6) 15. Edits (6) 16. Agitate (4)



17. Ability (8) 19. Glum (6) 20. Comrades (6) 22. Demented (3) 23. Amiss (6) 24. Gives off (5) Down 1. Diligent (13) 2. Pester (3) 3. Fad (5) 4. Examine (7) 5. Pact (9)

6. Tendency to be impetuous (3-10) 11. Store of water (9) 14. Place of learning (7) 18. Occupation (5) 21. Flower garland (3)

Last week Across: 1. Satire, 4. Valour, 9. Rowdy, 10. Moisten, 11. Pioneer, 13. Beef, 14. Peripatetic, 17. Isle, 18. Brought, 21. Brazier, 22. Spree, 24. Eyelet, 25. Status. Down: 1. Seraph, 2. Tow, 3. Rhyme, 5. Amiable, 6. On the wing, 7. Rant, 8. Smorgasbord, 12. Overstate, 15. Itemise, 16. Stress, 19. Onset, 20. Able, 23. Rot.

St Kilda Last week Sudoku

All puzzles © The Puzzle Company



Things to do this weekend

Check out the Early Ford Car Display this Saturday, 9.30am to 12pm at Victoria Square, Cambridge. Featuring Ford V8 cars produced from 1932 to 1954.

The Cambridge Trash’n’Treasure Market is on this Sunday along Victoria, Duke and Empire Streets, 8am-1pm. Over 200 stalls and live music.

The Cambridge Yacht Club will hold an open day this Sunday from 12pm – meet the coaches, sail on the water, sign up for Learn to Sail program or Z420 Youth Training. BBQ running. Gate 3, Mighty River Domain, 601 Maungatautari Rd, Lake Karapiro.


What’s on…

Saturday 12 EARLY FORD CAR DISPLAY, 9.30am to 12pm at Victoria Square, Cambridge, hosted by the Early Ford V8 Club (North Island branch) celebrating 40 years existence in NZ. TAMAHERE LIONS BEST ARTISAN MARKET, 9am – 1pm, Tamahere Community Centre, Devine Road. Over 60 stalls: food, craft, cosmetics, clothing, furniture, jewellery, art, you name it. BONSAI SHOW, the largest ever in Hamilton, Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm at the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion. Up to 200 Bonsai on display. Adult entry $5, children under 12 free.

What’s On copy deadline 12pm Mondays, Email Sunday 13 Thursday 17 CAMBRIDGE TRASH’N’TREASURE MARKET, CAMBRIDGE BLIND AND VISION IMPAIRED Victoria, Duke and Empire Streets, 8am-1pm. Over 200 SUPPORT GROUP social meeting, 10am – 12pm at stalls and live music. the Baptist Church lounge, 58 Queen St, Cambridge. CAMBRIDGE YACHT CLUB OPEN DAY, Gate 3, Mighty A social monthly gathering with morning tea. All welcome, vision impaired and supporters. Free. River Domain, 601 Maungatautari Rd, Lake Karapiro, Enquiries: Sue 827 5844 or Karen 827 3925. from 12pm. See boats in action, meet the coaches, or go out on the water with a sailor. Chance to sign up GIGGLE AND UNWIND, a night of nibbles, laughs and for Learn to Sail program or Z420 Youth Training. BBQ shopping. 7pm - 9pm at Absolute Coffee House. Tickets running. Info: $10 includes: Zealong Tea or coffee, supper and entry for spot prize win. Guest speaker Sarah Varsella on wellness. For tickets or info search “Giggle and Unwind” on Facebook.

SPORTS/EXERCISE CLUBS Golf Croquet – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 1.30pm, at Leamington Croquet Club, Scott St. Info: Pam 823 4412. Cambridge Dance Koru – Fitness class every Monday and Wednesday, 6.30-7.30pm at Leamington Rugby Clubrooms. $10 casual fee or $35 for 5 classes (or $25 for students or Gold Card). Info: Victoria 0272792380. Evening Tennis session – every Monday, 6pm–7.30pm at Cambridge Racquets Club, Thornton Rd. $10 for non-members. Info: Wayne 827 7563. Cambridge Parents Centre "BuggyFit" – every Monday during school term, 10.30am at The Studio Health and Fitness, 12 Scott St. $10 entry. Camkada Judo Club – every Monday and Wednesday during school terms at Maclean St. Beginners 6.30pm–7pm, under 14s 7–8pm, over 14s 8–9pm. Info: 823 0961. Cambridge Badminton Club – Seniors (16+) every Monday 7.30pm and Tuesday 9.30am–12pm. Juniors (under 16) every Monday 6pm – 7pm during school term. 50+ session every Thursday 9:30am–12noon. Info: Tina 027 313 8033. Cambridge Golf Club – Tuesday at Cambridge Golf Club, 112 Tirau Rd. Veterans 9am, Junior Academy 4pm. Details: 827 6381. Matangi Badminton Club – social games every Tuesday from 9.30am at Matangi Hall, Tauwhare Road. Morning tea included. All ages and abilities welcome. Info: Joy 020 4025 8326. Tai Chi at the Cossie Club – every Wednesday 6.30pm–7.30pm at 88/94 Burns St, Leamington. Info: 021 077 8727. Tai Chi Academy – Wednesday and Friday, 1pm–2pm at Trinity St Paul's Church cnr Bryce and Queen St. Info: Bob 827 4814. FREE Ladies squash morning – every Tuesday 10am–12pm at the Leamington Squash Club, 36 Carlyle St. All welcome, please wear non-marking court shoes. Racquets and balls supplied. Info: Gina Lowe 021 029 35904 or DANCE CLUBS Old Time and Sequence Dancing – Monday, 1pm–3.30pm at

Senior Citizens Hall, Milicich Pl. Info: May 027 472 6769. Waipa Wranglers Line Dancing – every Tuesday at Trinity Parish Church hall, corner Queen and Bryce St. Beginners 12.30-1.30pm, improvers upwards 1.30–3.30. Info: Marie 823 3428. Scottish Country Dancing – every Wednesday, 7.30pm at St Andrews Church Hall. Info: Merilyn 827 6142. Cambridge Cruisers Rock n Roll – every Thursday, juniors from 6pm, regular club from 6.45pm to 8.40pm at St Andrews Church hall, 85 Hamilton Rd. Info: Colleen 021 160 3725. Good Companions Dance Club – third Sat of month, 7:30 – 11:30pm at Senior Citizens Hall, Milicich Pl. $9 with plate, $12 for members, $15 non-members. Info: 027 853 5900. MUSIC CLUBS The Mosaic Waikato Modern Choir – every Tuesday, 7-9pm at theHealth & Community Centre, Taylor St. Contact: Rose 827 6291 or Riverside Ukes – every Wednesday, 7pm at the Cambridge Raceway, Taylor St, in the boardroom at the eastern end of the grandstand. Info: Wendy 021 766 040. Cambridge Brass Band - Meets every Wednesday night at the band rooms, 26a Vogel St. Auxiliary Band at 5:45 (during term time) and Senior Band at 6:45. Info: secretary@cambridgebrassband. CREATIVE CLUBS Cambridge Care and Craft – every Monday, 9am-12pm at Senior Citizens Hall, Milicich Pl. $2 entry, includes morning tea. Info: Nicky 823 7445. Cambridge Society of Arts – every Monday, Tuesday and Wed, 10am-12pm at The Painting Place, Thornton Rd. Cambridge Mah Jong Club – every Monday 1-4pm, Tuesday, 7–10pm at the Cambridge Central Bowling Club rooms, Alpha St. Info: Dawn 827 4523. Leamington Art Group – Tues 10am-12pm in the Leamington Band Rotunda, Wordsworth St. Enquiries: S Coles 827 4294. Wednesday Wood Workshop – every Wednesday 9am-4pm at


Overwhelm & worry getting to you?



 Release limitations and set a dynamic plan forward

Service • Repairs WOF • Parts all makes and models

FOR COUNCIL e m 021 160 3725



Cambridge Lions Licenced Country Cafe

♦ High Teas ♦ Gift Shop ♦ Wedding Venue ♦ Conference Venue ♦ Evening functions home of the

Kiwi Cookie Company

Work Ethic

 Discover new opportunities within you

The Olde Creamery


 Personal Development

07 827 8634 SERVICE AGENT


 Moving through life’s challenges

“Trash ‘n’ Treasure” Main Street Cambridge This SUNDAY 8AM TO 1PM Book a stall at:



Authorised by Roger Gordon, 17 Vogel Place, Cambridge

Cambridge Community Menzshed at Resthaven Centre, 4 Vogel St. Info: Dave 823 9170. Cambridge Creative Fibre – every first, third and fourth Thursday of the month at 9.30am, at the Cambridge Health & Community Centre, 22a Taylor St. Info: Anne 827 3156. Cambridge Embroidery Group – every first and third Thursday of the month, 10.30am-2pm at The Views Craft Room, Resthaven Village Centre, 4 Vogel St. Info: Vivienne 827 8668. The Views Craft Room – every Friday, 2pm-4pm at Resthaven Village Centre, 4 Vogel St. Operation Cover Up knitters and natters – First and third Thursday of the month, 1.30pm, Baptist Church Lounge, Queen St. Info: Isobel 823 5352. SOCIAL CLUBS Treetown Toastmasters – every Monday, 7:10pm at council buildings, Wilson St. 60s Up – every first Tuesday of the month, 12.15pm at Raleigh St Christian Centre. Info: Faye 827 9369. St John Youth – Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm–8.30pm at the St John Hall, 16 Fort St, Cambridge. Info: Peter 021 153 0191. Golden Rosycross meetup group – every Tuesday, 7.30pm at 258 Ariki St, Karapiro. Info: 0211504619. Cambridge Men’s REBUS Club – every third Wednesday of each month, 9.30am at the Cambridge Bridge Club rooms, Fort St. Info: Roger 8279928. Cambridge Stroke Club – Thursday, 10am – 12.30pm at Trinity Parish Church hall, cnr Queen and Bryce St. Info: 827 6390. Thornton Club – Social night every Thursday and Friday from 5.30pm at 37 Thornton Rd. Weekly bowls Thursdays and Saturdays from 1pm. Alcoholics Anonymous Secular Group – Saturday, 9am-10am at Cambridge Community House, 193 Shakespeare St. Cambridge Genealogy – every second Monday of the month, 7.30pm at Cambridge Health and Community Centre, 22A Taylor St. $4 entry. Info: Nancy 827 7359. Lyceum House Inc – every first and third Friday of the month, 10.30am at Lyceum House, 20 Dick St. Info: 827 7353. Teaching from the Bible – every Sunday, 7-8pm, Senior Citizens Hall, 2 Milicich Pl. Cambridge Grey Power – first Wednesday of month, 1.30pm at Cambridge Health and Community Centre, Taylor St. Info: Val 827 0273. Grandparents and caregivers coffee morning – every second Tuesday of the month at Frans Café, 10am – 11am. Contact: Lorraine 022 378 7768. Showtime Travel Connect – meets at Absolute Coffee House third Monday of the month at 3pm, discount coffees/teas and a sweet platter provided. Group regularly attends shows/events. Enquiries: Gaylene Callaghan, 823 9170 or 027 408 1089. Rebus Club Cambridge (formally Probus) every second Thurs of month 9.30am at Baptist Church Queen St. Guest speakers, various interest groups and outings.Contact Gary 827 4500. Gambridge – weekly social gathering playing board games at the Prince Albert. Every Wednesday from 6pm. Bring a game or just show up. Info: See Facebook page. EVENTS Lions’ Shed – every Thurs and Sat, 9am-12pm, Vogel St. Cambridge Farmers Market – Sat 8am-12pm, Victoria Sq. Miniature trains at Leamington Domain – every Sunday of the month (weather permitting) 10am - 2pm, Wordsworth St. $2 per ride. Closed toe shoes required.

Health shuttle A community service that transports people to and from health related appointments in Cambridge and Hamilton. Bookings required at least one day in advance. Donations appreciated.

Ph 827 7307


’s Ho l

et k r a M istic

10am - 4.30pm 420 Albert Park Drive, Te Awamutu 26th May | 11th August | 12 October Healing, Crystals, Pounamu, Readings, Candles, Essential Oils, Balms & Oils, Rongoa Maori, Food and all things Holistic Free Entry, Cash sales or some stalls may have eftpos Contact Jocelyn if you would like to be a stallholder PH/TXT: 021 364668 EMAIL: or FB: Creative Inspiring Journeys




LIDO CINEMA Centre Place

Ph: 838-9010 (PG)

FRIDAY: 10.45AM, 1.15, 5.55PM SATURDAY: 1.00, 3.30, 5.15PM SUNDAY: 11.15AM, 1.30, 3.40, 6.25PM MON / TUE: 10.45AM, 1.15, 5.45PM


FRI / TUE: 3.40, 5.40PM SAT: 11.00AM, 6.00PM SUNDAY: 1.45PM ~ MONDAY: 3.45, 5.55PM




FRI: 1.00PM ~ SAT: 5.45PM MON: 10.55AM ~ TUE: 10.55AM, 5.55PM (R16)

FRI: 2.20, 8.20PM ~ SAT: 2.45, 7.40PM ~ SUN: 4.20, 6.45PM MON: 11.30AM, 8.15PM ~ TUE: 2.20, 8.15PM FRIDAY: 3.05, 8.00PM SAT: 3.10, 7.55PM ~ SUN: 1.10, 6.10PM MON: 1.00, 7.55PM ~ TUE: 3.20, 8.00PM (R16)

GEMINI MAN An action packed, high octane entertaining movie. Henry Brogan is an elite assassin who becomes the target of a mysterious operative who can seemingly predict his every move. To his horror, he learns that the man who's trying to kill him is a younger, faster, cloned version of himself. Have a rip-roaring, visually sumptuous good time with Will Smith and Will Smith.

HUSTLERS The latest comedy-crime drama is a blast to watch, resulting in a surprising level of emotional depth. Working as a stripper to make ends meet, Destiny's life changes forever when she becomes friends with Ramona, the club's top money earner. Ramona soon shows Destiny how to manipulate her way around the wealthy Wall Street clientele who frequent the club. But when the 2008 economic collapse cuts into their profits, the gals and two other dancers devise a daring scheme to take their lives back.



FRI / TUE: 7.40PM SUNDAY: 3.55PM



FRI / TUE: 11.20AM SAT: 11.40AM


SUNDAY: 11.00AM ~ MONDAY: 3.00PM (G)

FRI: 11AM ~ SAT: 1PM ~ MON: 3.30PM OCTOBER 10-16

Te Awamutu

Film Name Film

Thu, Thu, 10 Oct

ABOMINABLE (PG) A Dog's Waymins Home (PG) 1 hr 47

11.00am 11.15am 11.00am 11.00am 1.15pm 11.30am 3.50pm 6.15pm 11.30am 11.30am 4.00pm 11.15am 3.50pm 3.40pm

AMAZING GRACE (M) 1 hr (M) 44 mins Colette 2 hrs 6 mins

11.15am 8.30pm

14 Mar

Film 1 hr 51 mins

Thu, 3.45pm 14 Mar

Destroyer (M)

8.30pm 11.30am 3.45pm 3.10pm 1.30pm

2 hrs 16 mins Colette (M) 2 hrs 6 mins

8.15pm 8.30pm 3.35pm

A Dog's Way Home (PG) 1 hrANGRY 51 mins

BIRDS 2 (M) 1 hr 52 mins

DOWNTON ABBEY (M) 2 hrs 17 (M) mins Green Book 2 hrs 25 mins

6.00pm 1.10pm 8.40pm

Destroyer (M)



8.15pm 11.15am 6.00pm 1.10pm

Hotel Mumbai (M)

(M) 2hrs 1 min !!NEW!!

2 hrs 20 mins

Green Book (M) 2 hrs 25 mins


2 hrsStreet 12 mins If Beale Could Talk (M) Hotel Mumbai (M)

2 hrs 15 mins 2 hrsMAIDEN 20 mins (M)

1hr 52 mins

Stan & Ollie (M)Could Talk (M) If Beale Street

1 hrMOSELEY 53 mins 2 hrs 15 mins

(PG) 1 hr 51 mins !! NEW !!

Swimming With (M) Stan & Ollie (M) Men(M) THE FAREWELL 1 hr152hrmins 55 1 hr 53 mins



Swimming With Men (M) hrs 43(M) mins !!NEW!! The2 Guilty 1 hr 40 mins 1 hr 52 mins

UGLY DOLLS (PG) 1 hr 42 mins

11.15am 8.00pm 6.00pm

15 Mar Fri, 15 Mar

Sat,Sat, 12 Oct

16 Mar

17 Mar


A magical Yeti must return to his family in this new fun-filled adventure. “ Lovely and beautiful film. Left feeling happy.” Michael.



THU & FRI 1:15, SAT 4:45, FINAL SUN 2:45 _____________________________________

6.20pm 8.20pm 6.00pm 8.30pm 3.20pm 11.30am 1.30pm 3.30pm 11.30am 11.15am 1.00pm 6.00pm 3.40pm 3.15pm 1.30pm 8.15pm 8.10pm 8.15pm 6.00pm 4.00pm 4.10pm 6.00pm 6.00pm 6.00pm 1.30pm 3.50pm 1.35pm 8.10pm 1.15pm 3.20pm

“This important true story needed to be filmed and definitely should be seen.” Allan.

FRI 7:30, SAT 5:10, SUN 3:10, WED 7:45 _____________________________________

1.20pm 1.30pm

3.20pm 11.30am 11.30am 1.10pm 3.30pm 3.50pm 4.00pm 1.35pm

1.40pm 11.00am 6.15pm 1.30pm 6.15pm

8.30pm 3.45pm

8.30pm 6.20pm 3.15pm 8.30pm 11.15am 8.00pm 5.30pm 8.15pm 2.50pm 8.15pm

12.55pm 8.15pm 1.15pm

3.15pm 6.00pm 8.00pm

5.45pm 1.30pm 8.30pm

11.15am 8.00pm 5.30pm

1.00pm 4.00pm 5.50pm 8.00pm 1.00pm

5.50pm 1.55pm


8.20pm 6.00pm 8.30pm 11.15am 5.40pm 11.00am 8.30pm 12.45pm 5.30pm 8.10pm 5.50pm 4.00pm 4.10pm 6.00pm

3.15pm 1.20pm 11.00am 6.15pm 1.45pm 8.15pm 1.40pm 8.15pm 1.05pm

11.15am 8.00pm 5.30pm


11.00am 5.45pm 8.10pm


12.45pm 8.15pm 5.50pm


3.45pm 2.30pm 1.40pm 1.05pm 8.30pm 3.40pm 5.45pm 3.40pm 8.15pm

11.00am 1.45pm 4.00pm 6.10pm 8.40pm

11.00am 11.30am 4.15pm 3.45pm 1.15pm 6.00pm 8.30pm 6.15pm 8.30pm 6.40pm

11.00am 4.00pm

11.00am 8.00pm 11.30am 8.00pm 12.30pm 8.45pm 6.40pm 1.15pm 8.30pm 4.30pm


8.40pm 1.45pm

6.40pm 2.00pm 11.20am 11.20am 5.45pm 5.40pm 4.10pm

A very good film of a true story, that took four years to make, that needs to be seen.

11.15am 3.45pm 1.15pm


4.00pm 1.45pm 4.15pm 1.15pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 6.10pm 6.15pm 12.45pm 1.30pm 3.30pm 6.00pm 8.00pm 8.00pm

4.10pm 5.50pm

THU & FRI 11:00, 1:35 & 5:40, SAT 12:50 & 3:05, SUN 10:50 & 1:05 _____________________________________ For all its wacky, gross-out, shock-you humour, it has a lot of heart. It may not be for everyone, but your funny bone will probably be tickled lots.


5.45pm 11.00am

20 Mar

Ph 871 6678

Put your name and phone no. On the back of your ticket and be in the draw to win the Mia basket of goodies. _____________________________________


4.10pm 1.45pm 6.15pm 1.00pm 8.00pm 11.00am 4.10pm 5.50pm 6.15pm

19 Mar

Wed, Wed, 16 Oct

Wed, 20 Mar

10.50am 6.15pm

Sun, 3.30pm 17 Mar

Tue,Tue, 15 Oct

Tue, 3.45pm 19 Mar

10.50am 6.15pm 3.45pm

Sat, 1.10pm 16 Mar

Sun, Sun, 13 Oct



The Guilty (M) 1 hr 40 mins

YULI (M) 2 hrs 10 mins

3.20pm 6.00pm 1.45pm

Fri,Fri, 11 Oct


Bookings 823 5064 – 32 Lake Street, Cambridge

Bookings 823 5064 – 32 Lake Street, Cambridge


12.30pm 2.30pm 4.30pm




THU 7:40, FRI 7:50, SAT 7:10, SUN 5:10, WED 7:40 _____________________________________ The final in the marvellous trilogy is wonderful and heartwarming, so uplifting and emotional. You’ll love this one too.


THU & FRI 10:50, SAT 2:25, SUN 12:25 _____________________________________


SAT 6:40, SUN 4:40 _____________________________________ “It’s thoroughly entertaining with a lot of different things happening that will keep you absorbed.” Allan.


THU 1:20, 5:35 & 7:30, FRI 1:20 & 5:25, SAT 12:20, 2:45 & 5:20, SUN 10:20, 12:45 & 3:20, TUE 5:25, WED 10:00, 5:25 & 7:30 _____________________________________ This hilarious adventure comedy is great for all ages and will make you very happy.


THU & FRI 11:30, SAT 12:30, FINAL SUN 10:30 _____________________________________ Astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across an unforgiving solar system to uncover the truth about his missing father and his doomed expedition that now, 30 years later, threatens the universe.


THU & FRI 7:35, SAT 7:20, SUN 5:20, TUE 7:30 _____________________________________

6.40pm 1.00pm

THU & FRI 1:45 & 5:30, SAT 2:35, SUN 12:35, WED 10:10 & 5:35


Led by a winning performance from Isabela Moner, this familyfriendly Indiana Jones style adventure is fun for adults as well as their kids.

DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD PG THU 11:10, 1:25 & 5:35, FRI 11:10, 1:25 & 5:20, SAT 1:00 & 5:30, SUN 11:00 & 3:30



Rousing, inspirational and very moving - remarkable, fascinating and at times, unbelievable. A powerful tribute to a true pioneer.


SUN 10:25, TUE 5:30, WED 10:20 & 5:40 _____________________________________ “Mosley is a movie adults will want to watch with their kids, it’s got a lot of heart.” Lucy Lawless. It tells a timeless adventurous tale of family, love and hope. “It’s quite a special mission.” Allan.


THU & FRI 11:20, SAT 12:25 _____________________________________ Led by a career-best performance from Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers is a uniquely empowering heist drama with depth and intelligence to match its striking visual appeal.


THU 5:25 & 8:00, FRI 8:00, SAT 4:35 & 7:50, SUN 2:35 & 5:50, TUE 5:35 & 7:50, WED 5:25 & 8:00 _____________________________________ An innovative action-thriller starring Will Smith as Henry Brogan, an elite assassin, who is suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative that seemingly can predict his every move.


THU 7:50, FRI 5:35 & 7:40, SAT 3:10 & 7:40, SUN 1:10 & 5:40, TUE 7:40, WED 5:45 & 7:50 _____________________________________ A very worthwhile look at the life of Judy Garland. See it for Judy or see it for Renee Zellweger or see it for both, just see it.


This is an authentic, heartfelt true story and the audiences seems to have recognised that. Grown men leaving cinemas with tears in their eyes. The Michelle Payne biopic proves to be a winner.










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Cambridge News | 11 October 2019  

Cambridge News | 11 October 2019