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Cambridge Judge Business School Network magazine Winter 2006

Director’s message


Arnoud De Meyer Director

It has now been two months since I

on the MPhil in Finance and a total of 97

the School of Technology we have also

started at Judge Business School and I

PhD students we have exceeded our

been able to obtain a large research

have become even more enthusiastic as

targets for this year. In total more than

grant on the transfer of technology from

time has gone on. In my first mail to all

400 students are registered for a degree

the lab into business. I am particularly

alumni, I mentioned that, upon my arrival

at Judge Business School.

pleased about this because it is a

in Cambridge, I found a Business School

Many of you know I strongly believe

confirmation of our position as a

full of potential and one with a great and

that rigorous, relevant and revealing

business school ‘at the heart of

dynamic team in place. The results of the

research is at the core of what a business


last weeks have proved this to be true.

school is all about. On that front we can

After having spent my first weeks

It has been a great start for the MBA

also be proud. I invite you to have a look

getting to know Cambridge and the

programme with 107 top quality

at some of the papers that were recently

Business School from the inside, I will

students. As many of you already know,

published by our colleagues. For

now begin meeting our external

the work of the MBA team under the

example this summer Matthias Holweg

stakeholders. I have several trips planned

leadership of Richard Barker has paid off

co-authored a paper in the Sloan

and will take every opportunity to meet

with significant improvement in the

Management Review that provides an

you, the alumni friends of Judge

rankings. While they are far from being

intriguing critique of the concept of a

Business School. I intend to meet as

the only measure of quality, such rankings

value chain. Matthias argues that when

many of you as possible so watch out for

provide some information for potential

we view value creation from a

the invitations!

candidates and I am glad that they now

multidimensional grid perspective rather

better reflect the efforts that Judge

than in a linear value chain, this gives the

University of Cambridge and our own

Business School has made to offer one of

greatest opportunities for innovation. And

School offer great opportunities for

the best one year MBA programmes in

in the same issue, Alan Hughes co-

development and I have no doubt that

the world. It is our ambition to grow this

authored a paper on the difficult subject

through collaboration we will surprise the

top quality programme and I truly hope

of how an organisation can reap the

world. I hope I can count on all of you.

you will spread the good news.

benefits of investments in information

And the other programmes are also

technology. These are just two examples

doing well. With 70 MST students, 40

of interesting research that may help you

students on the MPhil in Management, 47

in your business practice. Together with

As I have already told many of you, the

Welcome Sandra Dawson looks back on eleven eventful years as Director

When East meets West coming to terms with the dominance of Western culture

5 15


A quiet revolution The growth of Executive Education

22 Team spirit Alumni participating in the life of Judge Business School

Marketing your MBA promoting the world-class experience and opportunities provided by the Cambridge MBA


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Chair’s message and contact point I am delighted to welcome you to

Finance Special Interest group meetings

excellent and varied events programme

this issue of Network. This signals a

which have proved to be very popular

along with Rebecca Whittingham-

new look for the magazine and

with current students and senior

Boothe from Judge Business School,

coincides with a new and exciting phase

business people alike. You can find

and to Arthur Meadows for his

for Judge Business School under the

more details in this issue.

continued work on the CJBSN online

directorship of Arnoud De Meyer, and

evenings in London on the last Thursday

Manager Rachael Barker.

of each month and this year plan to

Another new beginning for CJBSN

community site.

Warmest regards,

combine the AGM with a presentation

was securing the Oxford and

by Arnoud and drinks reception for the

Cambridge Club on Pall Mall as a

festive season.

permanent venue for our speaker


We continue to hold regular social

the arrival of our new Alumni Relations

Finally, on behalf of the members I

Rachel Massey

events, including the talk by Anthony

would like to thank the CJBSN Council

Chair, Cambridge Judge

Fitzsimmons, from Ince and Co. on

for their continued hard work and

Business School Network

corporate responses to crises and

commitment to developing the

disaster management. This year also

organisation. Particular thanks go to

saw the start of the Banking and

Jeremy Marchant for organising the

Hello to you all in the Cambridge

forthcoming communications. Accurate

Judge Business School Network.

data sits at the heart of any successful

much to getting to know you all and

I am very much looking forward to

networking community and our on-line

please do not hesitate to contact me.

working with you all over the coming

community is a great way of ensuring

months to strengthen and develop our

we have up to date and relevant records

global alumni community. With business

on each of our alumni. We need your

networking, member connectivity and a

help and participation in keeping this live

tangible online presence being of

and to ensure we make it as effective

primary importance, I am keen and

and useful a tool as possible. We will

Rachael Barker

enthusiastic to drive forward a variety of

therefore shortly be launching a

Alumni Relations Manager

alumni related initiatives and actively

comprehensive and rigorous campaign

encourage you to respond to our

to capture and update your records.

In the meantime, I look forward very

With best wishes, Telephone: +44 (0)1223 766819 Fax: +44 (0)1223 766920

Interview | Sandra Dawson looks back

Sandra Dawson looks back on eleven eventful years as Director Further to Dame Professor Sandra

terms of faculty, students and

providing tailored programmes to meet

Dawson ‘handing the baton’ to

programmes as well as in that vital

company’s special needs and we are

Professor Arnoud De Meyer, we

characteristic: brand and reputation.

just putting our toe in the water for open

ask her to reflect upon her time at

Back then we were a closely kept

programmes, for example for business

Judge Business School.

secret: who had ever heard of a

leaders in India and China, and

I am feeling amazingly good about the

business school at Cambridge? We had

specialists from particular sectors.

change over. I look on what has been

very few links with local or global

achieved in the last 11 years with great


pride whilst ever aware of the tasks

Now we have a network of 250 – 300

In everything we do, we are mindful of being global in a highly competitive world market, and yet we remain

ahead, and I know in Arnoud we have a

local technology-based start up

focused on continuing to build on our

superb leader to tackle the challenges

companies with which we are in regular

special strengths, derived from our

of the future. Several people have

contact for student projects, speaker

unique position in this great University in

recently commented that I seem to be

and networking events, business plan

the fastest growing area of technology-

smiling even more than usual and this

competitions and opportunities to host

based business in Europe.

reflects the enormous sense of

leading delegations from India, China,

wellbeing I see in the School and for the

Brazil, as well as many from Europe and

What were your personal


North America.

highlights of your 11 years as

Looking back, when I became

On the global corporate side we have


Director of what was then the Judge

a large and influential Advisory Board,

For me, my personal highlights are

Institute of Management Studies, I was

chaired by Lord Browne, group CEO of

indistinguishable from the highlights of

just the second professor. I joined

BP, with representatives from every walk

the School. I remember our entry into

Professor John Child and together we

of business and public policy. Board

the FT rankings, completely justified yet

were part of a group of about 20

members are engaged corporately and

higher than anyone dared hope. I recall

colleagues; we had a very small MBA

individually with all aspects of the

recruiting every one of the new faculty,

programme, no Executive Education,

School’s life, including recruitment and

handpicking each to come and play

and an undergraduate programme that

sponsorship of our educational learning.

their part within the business school;

was part of the Engineering Tripos. We have grown on every level in

Our Executive Education is establishing a strong name through

celebrating with colleagues a major publication or research award;


Interview | Sandra Dawson looks back

“I recall recruiting every one of the new faculty, handpicking each to come and play their part within the business school…”

Sandra Dawson at her leaving party


welcoming each cohort of newly

marketing and organisational behaviour,

for example Law and Economics in

graduating students and their families

but their very strength and expertise is

governance, Maths and Economics in

as they return triumphant to Cambridge

enriched by their willingness and

finance and Engineering and the

to collect their degrees; and reviewing

enthusiasm to engage in cross cutting

Cavendish Laboratory in innovation and

with pride strong feedback from

multi-disciplinary themes. Thus our


students and from accrediting agencies.

work on globalisation, technology and

I remember our students winning

innovation and business in society,

significant resource from wonderfully

business plan competitions that simply

draws upon many disciplinary bases

generous benefactors has always been

didn’t exist 11 years ago, and I recall

which can contribute all the more if there

a great source of excitement.

with pleasure the way mutual respect

is mutual respect between, for example,

has grown between core disciplines.

the mathematically orientated subjects

which are associated with getting to

This last point is part of the special

of management science and the

know our most generous benefactors,

Cambridge mix, and it is as rare in

philosophically and sociologically

beginning of course with our founding

business school circles as it is

founded subjects of organisational

benefactor, Sir Paul Judge. Sir Paul’s

important. When you are building up

behaviour. Ensuring disciplinary

sustained interest and commitment to

disciplinary strength you must have

strengths and building collaborations

the School has been tremendously

people who are very good in their

across disciplines is greatly facilitated by

important for me and for the

specialist fields of strategy, finance,

our links with other Cambridge faculties,

generations of students and faculty who

Every time we have brought in

Thus I recall a series of highlights,

“We are in a unique position from which to tackle the future business challenges of globalisation, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship” have had the opportunity to get to know

have been on this journey of building a

need to focus on securing major

him and learn from him. The hospitality

great business school with me.

increases in value within global supply chains, as well as on the need for

of Sir Paul’s annual Christmas Party at his home is legendary amongst all those

What were your first impressions

expertise to take advantage of the

of the Judge Community who have

of the School?

fluidity of the boundaries between the

experienced it.

First of all I was struck by the building;

public and the private sector. We need

Every one of our supporters has

from the outside it looked huge. Then I

always to anticipate the future, advance

shared a vision of our ‘great business

was struck by what could go on inside

knowledge and develop leadership fit

School at the heart of Cambridge

the building and the wonderful

for the future of big global firms, hi-tech

University’ and through their generosity

opportunity and challenge which were

start-ups and influential NGOs. Judge

they have expressed their commitment

within our grasp. Since entering the

Business School is superbly positioned

to the school and enabled

building that very first time, life has often

to do this in the decades to come.

fundamentally important developments.

been challenging and always fun. How would you like to be

For example we have established the Dennis Gillings Professorship of Health

Do you have any regrets?


Management, the Beckwith

My motto is never to have regrets. I think

As the woman who incontrovertibly

Professorship of Management Studies,

that one lives for the moment and for the

secured the future of Cambridge

the Sinyi Professor of Chinese

future. Of course occasionally things

University’s business school, so that it is

Management and the Robert Monks

don’t go as one plans, but one can

now inconceivable that Cambridge will

Professorship in Corporate

always learn and go forward, so no, I

not have an ever-strengthening

Governance. Gianni and Joan

don’t have any regrets – just huge and

business school which will attract the

Montezemolo had the superb foresight

realistic ambitions for our future.

very best faculty and students and which will add lustre to the University,

to endow a Visiting Professorship which means we have attracted colleagues

What are your hopes for Judge

just as the University adds lustre to us.

like Jan Heide from the University of

Business School?

So that wherever you are in global

Wisconsin-Madison and Gerard Tellis

Our position within the University, our

business the words Judge, Cambridge

from the University of Southern

relationship with other faculties, to the

and leading business school are

California to work with colleagues in

Cambridge hi tech environment, to our

irreducibly fused in people’s minds.

Cambridge on research, publications

alumni who are found throughout the

and teaching innovations.

world in positions where they can and

is ours for the grasping and I am

will make a profound difference, puts us

absolutely confident that everyone

the Monument Trust, in sequence to

in a unique position from which to tackle

involved: students, faculty, alumni,

their foundational support when they

the future business challenges of

Advisory Board members, corporate

joined with Sir Paul to secure our new

globalisation, technology, innovation

clients and sponsors will all play their

building, which has enabled great

and entrepreneurship and the many

part enthusiastically and effectively to

developments for those involved in

ways in which business and society

continue to build a great School at the

managing organisations for social

interact. The future is one where sure,

heart of Cambridge.

purpose, for example with MBA

we need to compete with highly

scholarships and our broad

accomplished players through

developments in social and community

excellence and innovation in what we


do, but we also need to focus on the

We received continuing support from

As I look back I am deeply grateful to all our supporters, as I am to all who

importance of collaboration and the benefits of working in networks. We also

There is much more to do. The future


School news roundup


Indo-UK Science and Innovation Council visit Cambridge

Summer School focuses on ‘perfect pitch’ for aspiring entrepreneurs

At the end of June Cambridge was honoured by a visit from the Minister of Science for India, Mr Kapil Sibal, together with a distinguished delegation of senior government officials and eminent academics from the Indo-UK Science and Innovation Council. The visit was organised by the India High Commission in collaboration with Judge Business School and

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning’s 8th Annual Summer School ran from the 3rd to the 8th of July 2006, and introduced a new programme to help aspiring entrepreneurs reach ‘perfect pitch’. The Summer School is an intensive, one week training programme for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate innovators to trial

hosted by Dr Shai Vyakarnam, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at Judge Business School. The aim of the visit was to establish better connections with the Cambridge community and to gain an insight into how the city has developed an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in the hi-tech sector.

and prepare business ideas for the commercial environment. It comprises a blend of practical teaching sessions, expert clinics, mentors’ sessions and experienced advice and support from leading entrepreneurs and innovators that provide the tools, contacts and confidence to transform your idea into a successful business project or venture.

International Women’s Forum Leadership Foundation

Judge Business School and Osaka University to develop a new education programme

On 16th-19th July 2006, Judge Business School hosted an IWF Leadership Foundation Fellows Programme ‘Challenges in Global Leadership’. The programme is part of a premier international training and executive development scheme designed to recognise and support women of achievement and to

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, and Osaka University, (together with the Osaka Chamber of Commerce) jointly announced a unique collaboration to develop an education programme for Research & Development managers in the Japanese pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The project brings together two world class universities and the leading Japanese and European biotechnology clusters. The programme will focus on providing

promote opportunities for women in leadership. The intensive four-day programme held at Cambridge focused on areas such as diversity, globalisation, corporate governance, cross-cultural collaborations, global information systems and international human resource management.

participants with the skills and knowledge to exploit the commercialisation of new technologies and innovations. Taught jointly in Osaka and Cambridge, the Cambridge component will give participants the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with members of the Cambridge pharmaceutical and biotechnology community, as well as learning from expert Cambridge University management faculty.

5th Annual Eurasia Conference The Fifth Annual Eurasia Conference, hosted by the Eurasia Programme at Judge Business School on 15th-16th September 2006, explored business and geopolitical developments in the Central Eurasian region. This policy-oriented, international conference focused on strategically significant dimensions of political and economic developments in Eurasia and the wider Caspian region, including Russia, Central Asia, China and India. Particular attention was given to energy, security, the environment, inter-regional relations and business development in the non-energy sector. Some of the larger questions that were explored and debated were regional co-operation, main factors of stability and economic growth as well as investment climate in the region, the role governments and international financial institutions could play and expectations of companies engaged in the region.

Cambridge Professor inducted to International Women’s Forum’s Hall of Fame

Research on model selection for advertisements to be funded by the Ogilvy Foundation

Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, KPMG Professor of Management and the former Director of Judge Business School has been inducted to the International Women’s Forum’s (IWF) International Hall of Fame. She was joined by this year’s other honourees, Nobel Laureate

Judge Business School has been awarded a US $50,000 grant from The Ogilvy Foundation to support a three-year research project entitled

Dr Linda Buck of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre, and pioneer and founder of the Breast Cancer Advocacy Movement, Dr Susan Love, at the Gala Global Awards Ceremony in Seattle on Friday the 29th of September.

International student exchange programme agreed On the 13th of October 2006 Judge Business School and the Indian School of Business announced that they have signed a three year international student exchange programme agreement. The programme will enable selected students from the Indian School of Business to visit Cambridge and enrol as full-time MBA students for one academic

semester, whilst the selected students from Judge Business School will enrol at Hyderabad for a similar appropriate period. Whilst visiting their host schools, the students will attend lectures and undertake consulting projects with host Microsoft Research on ‘emerging’ technologies in order to familiarise themselves with technology entrepreneurship.

‘Why Reflect Reality? The Effectiveness Of ‘Ideally Attractive’ Models Versus ‘Reality Reflecting’ Models in Fashion And Beauty Advertising’.

Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL) at Judge Business School resumes its highly successful ‘Enterprise Tuesday’ programme, a series of free weekly evening lectures and networking sessions, which run from October 2006 to February 2007. ‘Enterprise Tuesday’ is a major focus on entrepreneurship for the University, demonstrating the application of learning to solve problems and

create businesses. Over the last three years, Enterprise Tuesday has grown steadily with over 1000 registered attendees in 2005/06, with more than 600 from the University of Cambridge, other UK Universities and Regional Development Agencies. It is closing the gap between the University and business community with over 170 individuals from local and UK businesses attending the last programme.


Media mentions Financial Times

Cambridge BBC Look Evening News East

Business Week Online

Pharma Japan

‘Cambridge links up with Hyderabad’ 30th October

18th October

4th October

Judge Business School and the Indian School of Business signs a three year international student exchange programme agreement.

Dr Robin Chatterjee, Lecturer in Finance Accounting at Judge Business School, commented on the national trend for foreign investors to buy British utilities and infrastructure companies like ports, airports, water firms etc.

‘Softbank’s Aggressive Accounting’ 28th August

‘Osaka University and University of Cambridge Open MOTI Course’ 7th August

Judge Business School and the Indian School of Business at Hyderabad have agreed a three-year international student exchange programme.


The Washington Times ‘Fuelling US adversaries’ 29th October Mentions a talk by Dr Pierre Noel, an energy policy specialist at Judge Business School, at the New America Foundation in Washington. Dr Noel said the idea of a direct link between terrorism and oil is ‘simplistic’, saying that it was not likely that a different US energy policy and drastic reductions in American energy imports from the Middle East would make a dent in terrorist financing networks.

The Independent ‘Do business leaders or academics make the best deans? Changing the guard’ 12th October Professor Arnoud De Meyer, Director of Judge Business School, argues that knowing how academia works is a crucial skill for a business school dean because ‘the culture of business and business schools are very different.’

The Independent ‘Beyond the bottom line’ 12th October Simon Deakin, Professor of Corporate Governance at Judge Business School, comments on the problem of corporate responsibility.

Parliamentary Brief ‘We need nuclear, but in today’s world don’t expect the new players to be British’ 1st October Dr William J Nuttall, University Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy at Judge Business School, and his co-authors take a look at what is needed to deliver a nuclear renaissance whilst ensuring that the public are kept safe and on board.

BBC Radio 4 ‘The World Tonight’ 14th September Dr William J. Nuttall, University Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy at Judge Business School, gave an overview and commented on the viabilities of the various renewable energy technologies that are currently available.

Despite legal revisions aimed at making Japanese companies more transparent for shareholders, “disclosure standards in Japan are so much lower than in the UK or the US,” says Simon Learmount, Deputy Director of the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School.

Newsweek International Edition ‘Crunch This. B-schools rebound from an identity crisis’ 14th August The author discusses the fact that worldwide corporate demand for new MBAs has risen by 24 per cent for the first time since 2002 and quotes Richard Barker, Director of MBA programme at Judge Business School.

Osaka University and Judge Business School, to start an educational program for R&D managers in the Japanese pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

BBC News Online ‘Europe’s Russian energy dilemma’ 3rd August Dr Pierre Noel, an energy policy specialist at Judge Business School argues that the idea of Russia and the European Union having common interests in energy supply is wrong.

Books Dr William J. Nuttall, Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy at Judge Business School and Dr Michael G. Pollitt, Senior University Lecturer in Business Economics at Judge Business School, have jointly edited a new book, ‘Future Electricity Technologies and Systems’, which considers where UK electricity will come from in the future and how the country will use it. In separate chapters, specialists in various renewable electricity technologies demonstrate the potential each has to play. Other routes to a lowcarbon electricity system are also considered, including nuclear power, improved power electronics, a wider use of superconducting technology and microgeneration systems including combined heat and power.

Professor Malcolm Warner, Senior Associate at Judge Business School has published a new book on China ‘Unemployment in China: Economy, Human Resources and Labour Markets’.

Dr Christos Pitelis, Director of the Centre for International Business & Management, Judge Business School has coedited a new book, ‘Clusters and Globalisation – The Development of Urban and Regional Economies’ – a unique critical analysis of clusters in the framework of globalisation.

Brian Harney, PhD

Brian Harney, PhD student at Judge Business School and Dr James Cunningham from the National University of Ireland have published a book ‘The Strategic Management of Technology Transfer: The New Challenge on Campus’. The book addresses specific issues in terms of developing a strategic approach to university technology transfer drawing on national and international best practice cases. In particular, the authors outline how to approach university technology transfer strategically by highlighting some relevant contextual issues including: activities of TTOs / ILOs, organisational structures, staffing skills and resources, policy and procedures, mechanisms for technology transfer and evaluation and performance metrics. In addition to pursuing his PhD at Judge Business School, Brian Harney also lectures in strategy and HRM at NUI Galway and has work experience in HR and strategy consulting.

Dr. Guido Möllering (MPhil 1996, PhD 1997) has recently published his book on ‘Trust: Reason, Routine, Reflexivity’ with Elsevier. The origins of this book go back to his postgraduate research on interorganisational relationships at Judge Business School. He argues that reason, routine and reflexivity are the bases for trust, but that the key to trust is the ‘leap of faith’ that it involves whereby irreducible uncertainty and vulnerability are suspended. Dr. Möllering currently works at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne, Germany, where his research is on market constitution and collective institutional entrepreneurship.

Dr Stephen Rudman (PhD 1998), is pleased to announce the worldwide publication of his book ‘The Multinational Corporation in China; Controlling Interests’ (Blackwell Publishing, 2006). The book is the first casestudy treatment of management of the China affiliates of US multinational corporations. The field research was done in China, within the offices and factories of four major US multinational corporations. Professor Michael Mische of the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California describes the book as: “the definitive guide to understanding the Chinese business environment and its complex management practices.


Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning

“The summer school not only helped extend my network, but also gave me an opportunity to put my entrepreneurial experience and learning into perspective – whilst having fun all the way.”

Inspiring entrepreneurship 12

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning

entrepreneurs, corporate innovators,

and presenter). Registration is online via

(CfEL), based at Judge Business School,

venture capitalists and investors from

the CfEL web site.

has a teaching philosophy and approach

the Cambridge community. The main

whereby experienced entrepreneurs

focus is on the development and

developed to fast-track business ideas

share their knowledge, insight and

pitching of business plans that will

or innovations to commercial success. It

experience with aspiring entrepreneurs

appeal to investors and gain funds for

is an intensive one-week learning

and students. The aim is to inform these

business ventures.

experience offering a unique service to

audiences of the nature of

Students are encouraged to attend

CfEL’s Summer School has been

innovation for both corporate and

entrepreneurship and to inspire them to

CfEL’s Enterprise Tuesday programme –

individual clients. Now in its ninth year,

unlock their entrepreneurial potential.

a series of free evening lectures and

the Summer School has an impressive

CfEL collaborates with over 200

networking sessions. It is run in

track record of inspiring successful new

practitioners to provide relevant, credible

conjunction with the Cambridge

business ventures as well as internal

and practical training.

University Entrepreneurs business

business development in well known

creation competitions and designed to

companies such as ARM and BT.

Integrated learning

assist with preparing competition

There are opportunities for Judge

CfEL runs a number of courses, modules

entries. Previous Judge Business

Business School MBA students to link

and workshops for Judge Business

School MBA students have achieved

with real entrepreneurs on their MBA

School students, as well as providing

success with business projects and

Individual Projects through contributing

opportunities to participate in open

been finalists in the CUEBiC

to the practical development of a

programmes such as Enterprise Tuesday

competitions. Enterprise Tuesday

Summer School business project. Each

and the Summer School where

2006/07 includes a stunning line up of

MBA student is assigned to a group of

attendees can meet and interact with the

quality speakers such as Lord Karan

five or six delegates to help with market

Cambridge Entrepreneurial Cluster.

Bilimoria CBE DL (Founder and CEO of

research, assignments and pitch

Cobra Beer); René Carayol MBE

practice. MBAs can also use the

Workshop run by CfEL is a one-day

(Business Guru and BBC TV Presenter

facilitating experience to build

session that forms part of the MBA

of programme ‘Mind of a Millionaire’)

relationships with entrepreneurs to

Cambridge Venture Project. It provides

and Mary Spillane (Founder of

develop and exploit future employment

direct interaction with successful

ImageWorks and a world class trainer


For example, the Business Plan

“The entrepreneurial ecosystem that exists in Cambridge is a key advantage, especially as the entrepreneurial community is strongly linked with academics through networks, which in turn provide for many opportunities. Our students are encouraged to interact with both these communities in entrepreneurial environments. Thus learning about entrepreneurial processes is combined with networking and opportunity recognition.� Dr. Shailendra Vyakarnam, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL)


Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning

“…the thought that came immediately to my mind was wow, this is the next best thing to starting my own business at this moment” Neeraj Agarwal MBA 2005

Neeraj Agarwal was an MBA student at Judge Business School in 2005: 14

“When I first found out about being an

messaging business, Copasectic, a

will enrol at Hyderabad for a similar

2006 CUEBiC finalist:

appropriate period. Whilst visiting their

“The CfEL summer school was a

host schools, the students will attend

fantastic opportunity to develop key

lectures and undertake consulting

MBA Facilitator at the CfEL Summer

entrepreneurial skills, including

projects with host Microsoft Research

School, I thought ‘wow, this is the next

networking, business plan development

on ‘emerging’ technologies in order to

best thing to starting my own business’.

and presentation. The close interaction

familiarise themselves with technology

I had been an entrepreneur before

with both fresh and proven


coming to Judge Business School and

entrepreneurs and investors provided

saw an opportunity in the summer

valuable insight and expertise in a

Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning

school, not only to apply that

welcoming and engaging format. The

said: “I am delighted this project has

knowledge, but also to review whatever

focused coaching sessions to analyse

been agreed because our centre here

I had learnt and share my own

specific challenges for new businesses

and the Wadwani Centre for

experiences with some exciting people

were particularly helpful, and I greatly

Entrepreneurship at the Indian School of

with great business ideas.

enjoyed the interactive process.”

Business share much in common in

The summer school not only helped

The next programme runs from the

Dr Shai Vyakarnam, Director of the

terms of our goals for our students. As a

extend my network, but also gave me

9th to the 14th July 2007. If you’re

rapidly developing economy, India is

an opportunity to put my entrepreneurial

interested in being a facilitator, please

also becoming one of these new

experience and learning into

contact the CfEL team.

sources of innovation, so it is a fantastic

perspective – whilst having fun all the way.”

opportunity for us to provide International student exchange

educational services to inspire and build

Neeraj has continued to work with

programme between Judge

up skills in the practice of

2006 CfEL summer school alumnus

Business School and Indian

entrepreneurship to India’s future

Brian Abram of Identity Protection

School of Business

business leaders.”

Devices (IPD) Ltd on market research.

The programme will enable selected

For further information on the

IPD Ltd was recently short-listed as one

students from the Indian School of

Centre's activities, visit the CfEL website

of the top 50 companies in the EEDA

Business to visit Cambridge and enrol

Running the Gauntlet competition.

as full-time MBA students for one

Nik Rouda, 2006 MBA graduate and part of the team for mobile phone

academic semester, whilst the selected students from Judge Business School

Executive Education

A quiet revolution



With a client list which comprises the

International Health Leadership

likes of Lloyds TSB, Shell Exploration,

Programme was established to provide

substantial development costs of which

developing and

Allen & Overy, Diageo, BT, Rolls Royce,

an annual forum in which senior health

are being met by the leading global


Ofcom, AWG, Coventry Building Society,

sector leaders from around the world

outsourcing company, MphasiS, will


Royal Mail and the Judicial Studies

address the issues of health sector

focus on ‘Managing Strategic

customised and

Board, it is perhaps surprising that

reform in the face of rapid change and

Outsourcing’. The programme will be

open enrolment

Executive Education at Judge Business

development. Now in its 11th year, up to

split between Cambridge, where the


School has traditionally had a relatively

30 practitioners, managers and

theory of outsourcing will be examined

low profile, both within the School and

government officers will come to

and analysed, and MphasiS’s Bangalore

externally. Much of this stems from the

Cambridge to share eight days of

campus, where participants will be given

fact that we specialise in designing,

learning with distinguished faculty who

the opportunity to develop outsourcing

developing and delivering highly

give their time to teach on the course.

feasibility studies for their own

customised programmes which remain

Using a variety of learning styles and

businesses in conjunction with Judge

confidential to those clients whose

mixing the formal with the informal, the

Business School faculty and MphasiS

specific needs they are designed to

programme encourages both developed

project managers. Full details of this


and developing economies to

groundbreaking initiative, including dates

With open enrolment programmes

An entirely new open programme, the

understand each other’s differences and

of the first programme (expected to be

there is greater scope to advertise our

similarities. Nominations are now being

held in late Spring 2007) will be available

achievements, and two programmes in

received for March 2007. For more

by the end of December 2006. If you

particular, one established and one

information, please contact the

would like to register your interest in

brand new, highlight the unique and

Programme Manager via the website:

receiving further information about the

exciting offerings that Judge Business

programme, please e-mail us on

School is leading. The Cambridge


Focus | An East Asian perspective

When East meets West

Americans value individualism, independence and assertiveness. Asians are just the reverse; they place the group above the individual and prefer interdependence and consensus.

Michael Tai (MBA 1997) explores the many differences between the Orient and the Occident. 16

Since Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape

Europeans. By East Asia, I refer to the

Japanese consists of loan words. In

of Good Hope and reached the west

countries along the Pacific Rim such as

Japan simply the ability to speak English

coast of India in 1497, Europeans have

China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and

puts one up several notches while a

colonised Asia, Africa and the Americas

Singapore which are strongly influenced

white face commands more than the

and dominated the world. That

by China’s Confucian tradition.

usual respect. Cross-cultural marriages

dominance continues today and learning

Western primacy particularly in the

are not uncommon but they consist

to live with Westerners has become for

last two hundred years has left a deep

largely of Asian women marrying

me a life-long lesson. My first real

imprint on the Asian psyche (and indeed

Western men. The Westerner’s sense of

encounter with the Occident came when

on the entire Two-Thirds World),

superiority is often greeted by an Asian

I left Malaysia as a teenager to study in

something that perhaps only a material

lack of self-confidence. The Asian

America. Since then I have lived in

shift in the global power balance will

frequently feels like a child relating to an

France, Germany, the UK, Belarus and

redress. Japan’s defeat in the Second

adult or a student to a teacher. This

Canada. Of course, the West is not a

World War so impaired the nation’s self-

dysfunctional relationship is reinforced

homogeneous entity; American culture is

confidence that despite remarkable

by the fact that the Westerners in Asia

dissimilar in many ways to French or

post-war economic success (Japan’s

usually come from the educated elite

Russian culture, and the history of each

GDP is second only to the USA), the

and hold positions of authority, be they

country’s relations with Asia is different.

average Japanese remains in awe by

expatriate managers, NGO aid workers,

But because Americans and their

the West. This condition is reflected in a

teachers or missionaries. Asians hardly

influence are the most pervasive in Asia

fascination with American pop culture

ever meet the European or American

today, I will point to them occasionally

and the wholesale importation of

farm worker or truck driver. Even when

without forgetting the differences

English words into contemporary

they go to the West as students, they

between the Old World and the New and

Japanese vocabulary. It is estimated

are exposed mainly to other students or

the enormous diversity among

that up to 30 percent of modern

professors at whose feet they learn.


Focus | An East Asian perspective

Rejecting someone’s opinion gets mixed up with rejecting the person as well. When a fierce argument breaks out, the Asian is apt to keep silent or politely agree in order to maintain a semblance of harmony.


Thus East meets West on an unequal

powerful mark on Western civilisation.

Americans to voice disagreement and I

footing which often breeds resentment.

East Asia, on the other hand, is shaped

have witnessed them locked in heated

The psychological disequilibrium is real

by Confucianism which stresses the

debate only to chat away congenially

and recovery requires not only a

dutiful attitude of each member of

during the coffee break as if nothing has

cognitive understanding of the stature

society over the intrinsic value of the

happened. When I expressed

gap but an internal restoration of self-

individual. Because there is no personal

amazement, the Americans told me “It

confidence. Healing begins by rejecting

god who loves each man and woman

was only a game” and that no-one

false beliefs about the worth of self and

as his very own, Confucian thought

takes offence at a polemic. In Asia,

other and embracing healthy ones.

implies worth based on one’s station in

American-style debate would be

life. A man is measured by his wealth,

regarded as rude, offensive and could

colonialism is reinforced by certain Asian

power and prestige, and a prince is

permanently jeopardise relations.

cultural traits. Asian societies are

worth more than a pauper. By extension

Rejecting someone’s opinion gets

hierarchical by tradition and those of

nations are weighted the same way and

mixed up with rejecting the person as

lower rank behave deferentially toward

the citizen of an advanced country is

well. When a fierce argument breaks

those of higher rank. This behaviour is

worth more than one from a less

out, the Asian is apt to keep silent or

easily carried over into international

developed one. But this kind of thinking

politely agree in order to maintain a

relations. If a nation is regarded as more

cuts both ways: it can make a nation

semblance of harmony. These

prestigious or powerful, Asian instinct

feel proud or inferior depending on the

differences in etiquette have roots in the

dictates that it shall be treated with a

strength of the foreigners it faces.

intellectual traditions of each civilisation.

The condition brought about by

greater esteem, the kind one accords

Difference in values poses other

Ancient Greece was made up of

someone of superior rank. Of course,

challenges too. Americans value

independent city states and a

this kind of impulse exists in other

individualism, independence and

philosopher whose ideas offended the

civilisations too. Social structure in

assertiveness. Asians are just the

ruler of one state could easily seek

medieval Europe was equally feudal but

reverse; they place the group above the

refuge or patronage in a rival state. This

class relations there were tempered by

individual and prefer interdependence

together with the Greek penchant for

Christianity. In the words of the Apostle

and consensus. These differences work

novel ideas fostered a culture of

Paul, “You are all sons of God…There is

against the Asian in the company of

intellectual discourse and contest.

neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free,

Americans. Just when an American

There was a period in China’s history

male nor female, for you are all one in

would push, the Asian pulls. One vexing

when the country consisted of

Christ Jesus.” This Christian doctrine of

problem is how and when to speak

independent states too. But since its

racial, social and gender equality left a

one’s mind. It is quite normal for

unification under the Qin emperor in

“…just when an American would push, the Asian pulls” 221 BC, China has for the most part

broadcasting one’s abilities and

Essential steps include the following:

been a monolithic centralised state that

achievements is frowned upon. Instead

• Practising assertiveness – Assertive

allowed only limited intellectual

one is taught to be self-effacing. This

is not the same as aggressive. You can

diversity. For centuries imperial civil

kind of humility may be a virtue but it

state your preferences without feeling

service examination candidates were

puts the Asian at a disadvantage in

guilty. While Asians often communicate

tested on their mastery of the

many situations. Imagine a résumé that

with subtle cues, Westerners prefer

Confucian classics, not on originality of

downplays the skills and experiences of

plain talk

thought or ability to critique the

the candidate or a job interview where

• Voicing opinion – Westerners are

classics. Hence, political correctness in

the candidate recoils from clearly

used to voicing their opinion and quite

Asia is more entrenched. Up until today

articulating the strengths he will bring to

used to having others do the same.

schooling in many parts of Asia involves

the organisation. There are, of course,

Everyone is entitled or expected to hold

rote learning. It is a learning style that

ways to let others know your

an opinion, and a lack of opinion could

dates from antiquity and is not without

accomplishments without sounding

be construed as a lack of personality or

merit. However, it implies a ‘correct’ or

boastful. But many Asians have to be


‘standard’ answer to every question.

encouraged or coached on how to do

• Embracing disagreement –

This may be well and true in

so without feeling awkward.

Disagreement is a normal part of life.

mathematics or the natural sciences

What then does an Asian need to do

Contesting someone’s ideas does not

but not so in the humanities and social

to work effectively among Westerners?

equal rejecting the person

sciences. Because of their respect for

In crossing from one culture to another,

• Affirming self-worth – All people are

rank, Asian students almost never

the old adage ‘In Rome, do as the

created equal. Feeling inferior is as just

disagree with their teachers, textbooks

Romans do’ applies. This means

wrong as feeling superior; shame is as

or anything they regard as an authority.

playing by new rules even if it feels

detrimental as pride.

Because disagreement and disputation

uncomfortable at first. He needs to

are viewed as disrespect and a threat to

tactically turn from his own cultural

harmony, Asians avoid it. When called

programming and learn a different set

upon to exercise ‘critical reflection’,

of behaviour.

most Asian students only manage to produce a summary of what they read. Another value that works against the Asian is the Eastern notion of humility. Promoting oneself or


Focus | MBA and Alumni

Marketing your MBA Simon Learmount, Deputy Director of the MBA Programme, outlines how alumni support is central to the development of the Cambridge MBA.


Our aspiration for the Cambridge MBA

re-organise and re-focus the Marketing

receptions around the world, and carry

is clear. We want to be acknowledged

and Admissions function at the School,

our extensive database-driven direct

by applicants, alumni, corporate

and now have a strong, professional

marketing campaigns which have been

recruiters and the wider University as

team with strengths in print and on-line

especially successful.

world-class in terms of the experience

advertising, web design and

and the opportunities which follow.

management, promotional event

awareness of the programme amongst

organisation and database-driven direct

our target audience has almost doubled


– this year we received 11,500

And we have been making considerable progress towards this goal, especially over the past couple of

The team has succeeded in

As a result, in the past two years

programme enquiries compared with

years. The Economist, in its most recent

increasing visibility of the programme

6500 in 2004. At the same time, the

ranking of MBA programmes,

across the world, especially amongst

quality of applications to the programme

commented on our excellent

potential candidates and corporate

has increased year-on-year – the

performance as follows: ‘Having begun

recruiters. This year we have a

average GMAT amongst applicants is

in 1990, the University of Cambridge’s

beautifully re-designed MBA brochure.

now 40 points higher than three years

MBA programme might be considered

Many of you have commented on the


something of an upstart. But it seems

increased advertising and editorial

only a matter of time before it is routinely

exposure we now have in leading


mentioned alongside the world’s best.’

international media, especially The

But in spite of the fantastic progress we

Economist, Business Week and the

continue to make, we are constantly

Financial Times, as well as key national

reminded that the ambition we all have

But we still have some way to go, and we need your support to get there.

and industry-specific journals. Our

for the programme presents enormous

Clarity of ambition

online presence is especially strong, and

challenges for the Marketing and

The clarity of our ambition has really

over the past three years we have

Admissions team.

helped us mobilise and target marketing

tracked a significant increase in traffic to

resources over the past few years.

our web pages from external sites. We

recognised amongst the ranks of the

Since 2002 we have worked hard to

also attend numerous MBA fairs and

leading MBA programmes is not easy.

To break into, and be consistently

The market in which we compete is heavily reputation driven – the ‘best’

leading programme. Also, we would love to see you at any

real pleasure to be able to meet so


many of you who generously give up

schools are able to attract the ‘best’

of the MBA fairs / receptions we attend

your time to help us as we travel to

students which attracts the ‘best’

– we assiduously contact everyone we

promote the Cambridge MBA across

recruiters which reinforces the school

know living locally when we carry out an

the world. We are really pleased at the

reputation etc, etc. And whilst having a

event, but sometimes the information

progress we are making, but we

great university reputation, the MBA

we have on your whereabouts is not up-

continue to need your support. Please

programme is still relatively young, and

to-date (please do try to ensure we have

do not hesitate to get in touch with me

in the eyes of many, unproven – our full-

your current contact details, which you

( or any

time one year MBA was launched in

can update yourself on the CJBSN

member of the marketing team



School alumni can do a tremendous

( or

And you can help identify prospective

alumni team (

amount to help us overcome such

MBAs who are currently working in your

with offers of help, advice, feedback or

challenges. For example, many of you

organisation – the majority of


will already have been asked to meet

candidates who have been

and/or speak to prospective

recommended to us by alumni do

candidates. Rest assured, this is the

ultimately join the programme. You can

most important thing you can do to help

provide us with market / industry

The opportunity to hear

us – for an MBA candidate who holds

intelligence. You can speak to local and

from someone who has

offers from INSEAD, Wharton and

international media about the MBA. You

experienced our MBA

London Business School as well as

can participate in rankings and surveys.

firsthand is invaluable, and

Cambridge, the opportunity to hear

The list goes on...

more often than not will

from someone who has experienced

As a Cambridge MBA myself, I am

persuade applicants to join

our MBA firsthand is invaluable, and

very proud to be leading such a

us in preference to any

more often than not will persuade them

fantastic team dedicated to the

other leading programme.

to join us in preference to any other

marketing of the programme, and it is a

Alumni In action In 2006, over a third of the Cambridge MBA Global Consulting Projects were sourced from our alumni. A project with BlackRock Inc (formerly Merrill Lynch Investment Managers) is

Team spirit

just one example.


Cambridge Judge Business School

The practical experience

Network is a rich community that thrives

Cambridge MBA Desmond Cheung

on the interaction between alumni,

reflects “The real-time change of the

students and faculty. Projects are just

project focus marked the landmark

one way in which our alumni can actively

merger in the fund management

participate in the life of the School.

industry, so this was a great project to be involved with. It was more than just a

The challenge

textbook study of mergers and

Anthony Biddulph, Relationship

acquisitions – we were able to talk to

Manager at BlackRock Inc, and

people from different functions across

Cambridge MBA 1999, originally

the company and get a real insight into

introduced a team of five MBAs to the

how this merger impacted on people,

company to undertake a review of the

both personally and professionally.”

insurance market. However, the scope changed significantly when in February

A different perspective

2006 the merger of Merrill Lynch

“Our team was from a diversity of

Investment Managers (MLIM) and

cultures and working experience and

BlackRock was announced. The team

this was really valuable. As we weren’t

of five MBAs – Desmond Cheung, Jared

all from finance backgrounds, we didn’t

Moon, Noelle Dyer, Guillem Bonavia and

fixate on the nature of the finance

Sergio Rodas – were asked to refocus

industry, but instead were able to look at

their efforts onto best practice in merger

the merger from a number of different

deals and were quick to respond to the

perspectives. We were able to present


Working with our students through projects is a great way for alumni to re-connect both with the School and with the latest developments in management research and practice


an independent view of how the merger

Research projects

New opportunities

processes could be improved, which

Based on the success of the project,

Working with our students through

helped inform MLIM’s communication

Anthony Biddulph introduced Desmond

projects is a great way for alumni to re-

with BlackRock Inc.”

Cheung to the New Energy Team at

connect both with the School and with

MLIM, who asked him to undertake

the latest developments in management

A flexible approach delivering

some research for them on the

research and practice. We are always

valuable results

investment potential and opportunities

interested to hear from our alumni with

The project sponsor at MLIM, Andrew

in the renewable energy sector in China.

new and challenging project ideas.

Cummins comments, “The

Desmond chose to do this for his

Together with our students, you are

announcement of the merger meant a

individual project and worked on it over

helping us to build an enviable

reprioritisation for us and a change in

the summer. Anthony Biddulph says of

reputation for delivering results of real

scope from our initial discussion. The

Desmond’s final presentation, “We were

and lasting value!

team showed great flexibility in

all incredibly impressed with the quality

accommodating the change to the brief

and detail of his work and the

For more information on how you can

and our busy schedules, and worked

usefulness of his output. In particular,

work with us, see our website

with real enthusiasm and commitment.

we were impressed by his tenacity in or

Their deliverables were professional and

visiting the remote Xinxang province of

contact Margaret O’Neill, Student

well researched, with recommendations

Western China and somehow getting

Projects Manager to discuss

we were able to implement – we were

access to senior management in an

potential projects.

extremely happy with the quality of the

important company where we, with all

Email or

work delivered to us in such a short

our contacts, had failed!”

telephone +44 (0)1223 764294.

period of time.”

Alumni In action

How alumni help to create virtuous circles for MBA Careers


Most recently alumni contributions helped ensure the success of our new ‘case study boot camp’ for aspiring consultants.

The MBA Careers Service team has

relationship between MBA Careers and

the quality of our service provision; to

made great progress in ensuring MBA

alumni when they go into their new

when they become alumni, our most

Careers becomes more deeply

positions and organisations. The

valuable assets and powerful advocates

embedded within the MBA as a whole,

number and calibre of recruiters wishing

for our Programme.

as well as putting Cambridge on the

to develop relations with Judge

map with key global recruiters as a

Business School and come on-campus

you, our alumni, we are able to create

choice Business School for the

is growing year on year and the number

many examples of ‘virtuous circles’

recruitment of high potential talent.

of Judge MBAs obtaining multiple offers

when, for example, you facilitate your

Alumni have paid a key part in growing

in global blue-chip, not-for-profit and

organisation’s involvement in

this reputation.

entrepreneurial organisations is also

Cambridge MBA projects. This

Amongst many notable

Particularly through our work with

steadily increasing on an annual basis.

sometimes leads to organisations

developments has been the recent

Cathy Butler, speaking on MBA Careers

spotting high performers and resulting in

moving of the MBA Projects area, led by

strategy said:

their eventual recruitment. Other

Margaret O’Neill, to become part of the

“What has probably driven our

collaborations we have been

Careers team. This has strengthened

strategy for improvement as well as our

exceptionally happy with include alumni

and leveraged the natural links between

aspirational vision for the future most,

on-campus activities such as sector

MBA Projects (often sourced via alumni)

has been our focus on the importance

specific alumni Q and A panels. Most

and MBA Careers for the benefit of MBA

of MBA Careers throughout the student

recently, alumni contributions helped

students on the Programme.

value chain, from the start of the circle at

ensure the success of our new ‘case

admissions stage where our careers

study boot camp’ for aspiring

measured through evaluation statistics

reputation is critically important; through

consultants in the incoming MBA class

amongst MBA students from the past

the MBA Programme itself where we

during Orientation Week to prepare

couple of years have strengthened

enable our students to decide their

MBAs for the early consultancy

considerably, thus ensuring a closer

career goals and achieve these through

selection processes. We are

Satisfaction levels with MBA Careers

Student life The MBA Tournament Paris, May 2006

increasingly acting on your behalf in a

As with a lot of things, you can

‘head hunting’ role to help you to recruit

only start evaluating and

to specific positions within your

reflecting on the past when the

organisations as well as working with

pressure is off and time is an

and through you to talk to influential and

abundant resource again. With my

senior recruiter contacts within your

new working life in London following the


MBA, I can now look back at my time at

From our side, we have been pleased

Cambridge and reflect on the various

to meet some of you in your workplace

elements that made up such an action

as well as to ‘activate’ some alumni

packed and energising MBA

networks within organisations in order

programme! Juggling MBA

to introduce you to other Cambridge

requirements, College events and social

MBA alumni, often in other locations,

occasions has had a profound impact

participants put on a show which lead to

with whom you might not yet have been

on me and brought me what was

success and medals! After fierce

in touch. Finally we are happy to have

possibly the best year of my life to date.

competition we won a bronze medal at

helped, both at a distance, or in person,

However our action packed year was

the men’s beach volleyball and a gold

a number of alumni at a crossroads in

not only academic work; as social

medal at shot-put. And, in true

their careers with advice, coaching,

aspects formed an important part of the

Cambridge style, our men’s rowing

guidance and sometimes headhunting

MBA programme too. The incredible

team secured the gold medal in their

to specific positions. We highly value our

social and networking opportunities of

discipline. Competition continued on the

alumni network and are exceptionally

an MBA programme are generally

sidelines with supporters rallying their

grateful for the virtuous circles you are

acknowledged to be one of its valuable

teams through songs, costumes and

helping us to create and maximise for

benefits. And rightly so! Along with the

music. In the end, of course, the

the benefit of our MBA Programme and

various pub nights, sports matches and

tournament was about sharing

our reputation as a growing top

social gatherings, the MBA 2005 class

experiences, getting to know people

Business School.”

took part in a social event that reached

and having a great time with class

far beyond the borders of Cambridge.

mates and peers.

For more information contact Cathy

The MBA Tournament – a three day

Combining the multi-cultural and

Butler, MBA Careers Director:

sports, social and networking event held

international experience of the

in Paris and organised by the HEC

Cambridge MBA with the opportunity to

Telephone: +44(0)1223 339644

Business School in May – brought

see how people at other schools

together MBA students from 13

interact and cooperate, was beneficial

European Business schools to compete

and enriched the Cambridge experience

in over 25 sports, ranging from football


and tennis to petanque and ultimate frisbee. With 65 participants, the Cambridge

The MBAT gave us all the opportunity to add an additional layer to our networking and has taken a very special

MBA team was one of the smaller teams

and distinctive place in my own

of this year’s tournament, although it

Cambridge story. I’d encourage every

soon became apparent that, as is true

MBA class at Cambridge to participate

for many things in life; size does not

in this extraordinary event.

matter in MBA sports contests! Dressed

Jasper Nelissen,

in distinctive Cambridge blue the Judge

MBA 2005


Network roundup Connecting alumni around the world

MBA 2004 Reunion The first MBA 2004 reunion was held at beautiful Adare Manor in the west of Ireland the weekend of 29th September 2006. 22 classmates, partners and babies travelled from all over the world to spend a weekend at one of the nicest resorts in Ireland. We ate and drank, saw the

Cliffs of Mohr, and had a great time. At the end of what seemed like a very short weekend, we were talking about the next reunion in six months time in.... who knows? Maybe Peru?!? Patricio? Here’s who was there: Martin Andersen and Stine, Jason Cook, Azure and

Emelyn, Helen Ervin, Robbie Fleming, Edwina and Diarmuid, Nick Heller, Gail Kittikachorn, Manu Legein, Kasper Lou and Katja, Alexander Maurer, Hendrik McDermott, Isabell Moessler, Angela Ogier and Adrian, Kurt Shuster, Phillip Smart, Stephanie Snyder.

Cambridge Alumni Banking & Finance networking takes off in London 26

Since April 2006 Cambridge alumni working in the London financial services sector have had a lot to cheer about. Over the last six months quarterly networking events have been held in a private room at the historic Old Bank of England pub on Fleet Street. Just down the road from St Paul’s, and opposite the oak-panelled Hoare’s Banking Hall dating back to

1672, London-based Cambridge graduates have been getting to know each other a little better. Successful events were held in April, June and September, with much exchanging of gossip and business cards. In April the talk was of the market correction in global stock markets and whether this was a ‘dead cat bounce’. Meanwhile in September,

NYC Alumnight The newly formed New York City branch of Judge Business School alumni network convened for the third time in early October. Seven proud alumni met at the Brass Monkey in the West Village to drink, reminisce and to network. The members of the branch were delighted to welcome one out of town (and country) guest, Natalia Snimshcikova of London (MBA 2004), who was in America for the first time on

business. The group looks forward to meeting again at the end of November when Arnoud De Meyer, Director of Judge Business School is in town. Participants of the event: Dan Cohen (MPhil 2000), Helen Ervin (MBA 2004), Ryan Kedrowski (MBA 2004), Carol Ng (MBA 2001), Becky Schutt (MBA 2004), Natalia Snimshchikova (MBA 2004), Emmanuelle VernhesKoudella (MBA 1999).

the gossip focussed on the much-publicised losses at the Amaranth hedge fund after extremely rare fluctuations in natural gas prices. Around 200 Cambridge alumni working in investment banks, professional services firms, hedge & private equity funds, retail banking and wealth management are members of the group. Employees from prestigious

firms – such as Rothschild's, UBS, Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers – jostle with those from ambitious start ups and niche players. Attendees from all age groups are represented, from recent BA, PhD, MBA and MPhil graduates through to alumni of many years standing. In addition to the social aspect of the network, it acts as a convenient way to tap into

Cambridge-educated talent. The group’s distribution list is used by hiring managers to advertise job vacancies and find out about exciting jobs that are available for those seeking to move. Cambridge graduates who are interested in joining this network and receiving invites to future events should email

Keep up to date with news and events from across the alumni community by logging onto the Judge Business School Alumni Network community website – connecting alumni around the world.

Cambridge Alumni attend China Business Forum, Beijing A Business Forum of Cambridge Alumni in China, initiated and organised by Mr. Guoqiang (Rich) Hou, MBA 2004, was successfully held in the Oriental Garden Hotel in Beijing on 26th August 2006. 60 Cambridge Alumni and some distinguished Chinese media attended the forum. Cambridge Alumni in China spent much time planning this unique networking event to ensure that it had both an engaging theme and would be of interest and relevance to all participants. The purpose of the event was to explore and discuss the important issues of the modern Chinese economy, China’s relations with the rest of the world, and to give the participants an opportunity to network and share knowledge. Particular thanks go to Dr Simon Bell, Dr Pei Sun , Dr Fu Xiao Lan, Dr Jiandong

Wen and Dr Keith Goodall for their support. Thanks also to Professor Sandra Dawson for her warm letter of encouragement and congratulations. The forum was opened by Dr Gong Li, Managing Director of Windows Live and Vice President of Microsoft China Research and Development Group. Dr Li is the oldest Cambridge Alumnus in China and his welcome speech received rapturous applause. Six distinguished guest speakers contributed to the event, including Cambridge Alumni Dr Wu Qing from China Securities Regulatory Commission; Dr Ma Xutian from Industry and Commercial Bank of China; Dr Sun Pei, from Nottingham University; Dr Wen Jiandong from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange; Dr Wu Qijin from China Machinery Industry Federation and Ms Tong Jingjing from China

MBA 2003 meet up in Mexico The 2003 MBA class was on vacation in Mexico during late May and early June this year. Ten alumni visited Mexico City, the largest city in the world, and travelled to Playa del Carmen, a beautiful exotic beach in the Mexican Caribbean Sea. Whilst in Mexico, the group had the opportunity to catch up on everyone’s activities and news over lots of spicy food, accompanied by Mariachi music and salsa dancing,

and of course the obligatory tequila. MBA 2003 look forward to meeting up again in another country in around April next year. Participants in the event: Dominik Wiener, Fabio Silva, Clare Winterton, Mark Wadeley, Joana Meireles, Afonso Castro, Caroline Doyle, Yan Qiu, Anna Tsai, Wee Tak Ng, Antony Ritch, Adam Scott, Ashley Malster and Jesús Rocha.

Minsheng Banking Corp. Topics ranged from bank reformation and M&A in China, to the problems of financing start-ups. A pool of Cambridge Alumni attended the CACBF (Cambridge Alumni China Business Forum) event, with representatives from all walks of life in China, including banking, security, cultural exchange, consulting, media, real estate, universities, energy industry, law firm, foreign investment banks as well as governmental offices,

making this event a unique networking occasion. CACBF offers unparalleled opportunities for those who take great interest in understanding the interaction and interdependence between China and the rest of world, for those who want to explore business opportunities in China or who want to attain a broader view of the global business environment in China.

Enrich your network experience The successes of the Banking and Finance Group in London and the events organised by Rich Hou in China and Becky Schutt in New York demonstrate that there are now a number of people within the Cambridge Judge Business School Network (CJBSN) who are motivated to want to organise themselves to meet for both social and formal events. Many of the official Judge Business School Alumni events are held in either Cambridge or London and we realise that this can be frustrating for those members who are not located there. CJBSN has such a diverse membership, located throughout the world with interests, experience and aspirations in all types of areas, offering excellent opportunities for more dynamic networking. We want to encourage and support the trend to enrich the network experience. If you would be interested in forming or attending local or special interest groups, or organising events, then please do not hesitate to contact us on We would be delighted to help make your event a success and look forward to strengthening the network and community at all levels.


Classnotes Recent promotion? New arrival? On the move? We are delighted to receive news from across Judge Business School’s global community. Email to share your classnotes in the next edition. Edin Agic (MPhil Management Studies 2003) is currently on a Fulbright Research Fellowship in NYC, tenured at Pace University, to last for a full academic year from September 2006 until July 2007. Hedin’s research will centre on the issue of branding places and countries.


Benoit Allehaut (MBA 2000) “Greetings from Stamford, CT! Still working in renewable energy having first moved to Schenectady, NY to the new GE Wind HQ and less than 12 months later packing up again and this time settling in cosy Stamford, CT. I now work in the renewable energy team of GE Energy Financial Services. Our team underwrites structured equity in project finance deals. This means that I spend 80% of my time on financial modeling and the rest on term sheets and legal review. We are living one hour north of NYC so let me know if you are relocating to the NYC area or just visiting. Best to all!”

Andrew Brant (MBA 2000). “It has been quite a year. I got married to Julia, in London in August and we held it in the centre of London in the peak of summer, great stuff. After a fabulous honeymoon in Sardinia and Ravello we moved to New Zealand, Wellington no less. I finally finished my PhD and have taken up a consultant specialist job in respiratory and general medicine at Wellington Hospital and senior lecturer at the University. Nice to move into a house with a bit of space and view of the harbour, so all welcome to come and visit.”

Christian Bunke (MBA 2000) is back working with Intellectual Property with CPA and is now looking after the IP admin offshoring services for Europe. Together with Andy Brant (now NZ) and Justin Hayward, Christian joined Karl Paulins to watch England vs Paraguay in the World Cup this summer.

Christina Carrasquero (MBA 2000). “We’re still in Barcelona but actually we don’t know if we’re going to end up here. Jorge is doing strategic consultancy based here but there’s a possibility that we have to move to Andalucia either Sevilla or Jerez. In the meantime, I continue with my job at IESE business school doing research in the Economic Department. If anyone comes to Barcelona, please let me know – I hope to see you soon!”

Amelia Dunlop (MBA 2003) is now the proud mother of a nine month old son, Cole Augustin Krivak, born February 22nd 2006. At the end of November, after over 20 years in consulting, George Elkington (MA 1982) is ‘retiring’ from the partnership at Deloitte to start his own business. ‘GreeneDot’ will provide software and services focused on reducing identity and CV fraud. The initial offering is based on individual

verification and has been proven through 1.5 million checks over the past five years. Future developments are planned to add biometric testing (for example fingerprint and voice pattern recognition) to complement existing validation processes based on information from the electoral roll, leading credit agencies, educational establishments, previous employers and personal referees. George is married with 2 young children and lives in South Oxfordshire. Payam Eshraghian (MBA10) has recently joined CTG, a consultancy for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in buildings, and a global leader in LEED-based sustainability standards in California. It is a relatively new company, but seeks to expand globally, and is especially keen on opportunities in the Chinese market. CTG is a premiere member of the US Green Building Council.

project and then moved to Evraz Group, the largest Russian steel maker, to head the finance of a coal mine project in Yakutia. He is now in Siberia working for a leading regional retail chain.

Paul Gorsuch (MBA 2000) reports he left Norwich Union earlier this year and over the past six months has enjoyed time working as a volunteer in a Colombian children’s orphanage, has travelled extensively and has also squeezed in a little consultancy work. Now working as Bursar at Bradfield College in Berkshire and would welcome a beer or three anytime people are passing nearby!

Felipe Fuentes and his wife Ximena (MBA 2003) have just had their first baby. Sofia (a girl) was born in Santiago, Chile on the 26th September 2006. Alexandre Folei (MBA 2000). After Cambridge Alexandre landed a position as a FD on a gas pipe mill

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Kenji Hayashi (MBA 2004) would like to share his happy news with his classmates. His spouse Shiho gave birth to a baby girl, called Ami in late July 2006.

Justin Hayward (MBA 2002) married Diana on 1st July in Kings Chapel in Cambridge. They are now expecting a baby boy. Karen Hicks (MBA 2000) “Life in Congo is extraordinary. I am travelling constantly with my work to assist mining companies with negotiations with illegal miners occupying their sites. It’s daunting work, especially considering the numbers (sometimes over

5,000 miners in a small area) and the volatile, hostile nature of these communities which are often controlled by current or demobilised military, deserters or illegal traffickers. I am also very occupied with working on other security issues and facilitating practical training for companies to integrate human rights into their policies and practices. I’m coping well with occasional

arrests, confiscation of my passport, and an utterly erratic electricity supply. Very, very best wishes to you all!”

Ryan Kedrowski and Jennifer Killmer (both graduates of MBA 2004) are currently planning their wedding in South Florida, 23rd February, 2007. They now reside in Brooklyn, New York, where Ryan is an IT Project Manager for Major League Baseball, and Jennifer is a Marketing Director at Kaplan Test Prep.


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Kata Kentaro (MBA 2000). “I moved to Paris in April this year, where I am still with the same company (BCG) as in Tokyo... I am very much enjoying the Parisian life. I recently became a father to our first son Elio who was born on the 9th October. As I am now quite close to Cambridge (compared to Tokyo at least!), I do hope to catch up with many of you more often – unfortunately, it has not been the case yet. Please do let me know when you come to Paris, let’s do a couple of beers even though there aren’t any great pubs in this country.”

Richard McOmish (MBA 2000) and his wife Caroline moved, with their son Toby, ‘Down Under’ to Melbourne, Australia in

July this year. Happily settling into the Melbourne lifestyle although misses Tesco and the general buzz of the UK! Arthur Meadows (MBA 2000). “I left the start-up, Midentity, that I cofounded at Christmas last year. I took a sabbatical for three months – I spent a couple of weeks in Japan, where I stayed with Kentasan – prior to his relocation to Paris and we organised a Japan CJBSN event: Since then, I have been doing some consultancy to a Londonbased VoIP company (a blend of Skype and Vonage). At the end of September (actually Alumni weekend!), I married my girlfriend of three years, Ailish, in Cambridge with the reception at Queens’ College. Kjell was one of my best men with Jochem, Christian, Jose & Milly also in attendance. Immediately after our honeymoon, we moved to San Diego, to where Ailish’s job transferred in August and l am looking to re-join the internet / mobile sector. We’re loving the weather – and anticipate

lots of visitors! If anyone is holidaying or conferencing down here in Southern California, do stop by!”

Vinod Paranthaman (MBA 2000) reports that he is still in Chennai (Madras) and welcomes any of his classmates should they be visiting the region. “I am in textiles in the manufacturing side and my work mostly involves sales. It’s a competitive market but the growth opportunities are plenty.”

Elisa Peterson (MBA 2002) gave a birth to her first child, a daughter, Calliani Nicole Peterson, who was born in London on the 9th September 2006. Elisa, her husband Ben and their daughter moved to Cairo on 15th October, for an expatriate position for Ben lasting three-four years. They would be delighted to host any friends visiting Egypt.

Congratulations to Nick Milnes (MPhil in Finance 2005) who was appointed as a Large-Buyout Analyst at Adveq, an independent Swiss-based Private Equity Fund of Funds. Karin Niespor (MBA 2000). “I am still working for Deutsche Telekom as Senior Project Manager. I work and live in Darmstadt (about 35 km away from Frankfurt/ Main). Still enjoy singing and listening quite extensively to opera and theatre.” Rogerio Citro de Oliveira (MBA 2000) is now working with Business Development for a company called Safelayer – a company that develops a digital identity and certificates software platform.

Karl Paulins (MBA 2000) moved from Stockholm to Oslo in August, and is now Managing Director of DHL Express Norway. Met up with Justin, Andy B and Christian for the opening England game at the World Cup.

Amy Pflueger (MBA 1995) is currently Associate Director of Procurement at Genentech, Inc. in San Francisco, CA which is a Biotechnology company. She has been at Genentech for two years and prior to that worked at Johnson & Johnson and PricewaterhouseCoopers in Singapore and Hong Kong after graduation. Amy recently completed a three week safari in Kenya and Tanzania with a side trip to Seychelles.

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During August whilst on holiday William Plant (MA 1972) visited the MBA competition – Harvard University – with his wife Penny. Inspired by the surroundings William decided on his return to the UK to embark on some academic research of his own and has set up his own business ACS Performance Consulting. This is a complete change from his most recent job as CFO for Oracle Corporation in Europe, where he spent 44 quarters.

Jolyon Ridgwell (MBA 1999) was promoted to the position of Director at Lighthouse, the management consultancy that specialises on addressing strategic marketing issues for professional services firms and financial services companies. His wife Isabelle gave birth to their second child, a baby boy, called Oliver on 21st June 2006.

Nik Rouda (MBA 2005) has joined a Cambridge based start up,, as VP of Sales & Marketing. The company has won a significant grant for ‘proof of concept’ market research from EEDA and is due to launch its first consumer product in early 2007. is currently recruiting staff to join their team. Interested alumni please contact Nik Rouda at Arshad Saeed (MBA 2000) “Life goes on at a moderate pace in Saudi Arabia although I recently had a lateral move within the organisation and am now responsible for sales, distribution and marketing of the Unilever portfolio. My daughter is getting married in Toronto next July so do let me know if you will be in Canada around that time – it will be my pleasure to meet and invite you to the wedding.”

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Nicholas O’Shaughnessy (PhD 1999) is becoming Professor of Marketing at London University from 1st of January 2007. He also was recently elected Quondam Fellow of Hughes Hall Cambridge. In 19892000 Nicholas was University Lecturer in Marketing at Judge Business School. Christopher Smith (MBA 1995) has recently launched, subscription-based online software which enables investors to evaluate the potential risks and rewards of real estate investment opportunities. Christopher is the founder and Managing Director of and its parent company Paladin Equity LLC.

Talbot Stark (MBA 1992) was promoted to Global Hedge Fund Relationship Manager – across Fixed Income, Equities and Commodities for BNP Paribas. He will work in London with HFRM teams based in New York, London and planned for Hong Kong in 2007. BNP Paribas is a global leader in Derivatives and continues to expand its strategic relationships with hedge funds. Talbot had a second son on 16th September 2006 – Luke Talbot Stark. Joseph Jr Tay (MBA 2000) recently took on a marketing manager position in San Miguel Corporation, an AsiaPacific food and beverage conglomerate and spends half his time travelling around North China, with the other half in Manila. Happy to meet up with anyone visiting Beijing.

Nesli Tezgoren (MBA 2000) is still living in Canary Wharf, working for HSBC in project finance with a commute time of 10 minutes on foot. Expecting a baby girl (Alessia) in the first week of January. “MBA days seem long gone now, but I still remember the wonderful Cambridge experience and the friendships we have made very well. Missing you all.” Deborah Warburton (MBA 2000) “I am still a consultant with Egon Zehnder, which is proving to be my dream job. Progression to partnership has been slowed down by two periods of maternity leave, but things are going in the right direction. John has just changed jobs, still with Allianz, but now as head of strategy, and very much enjoying it. In fact he has just recruited a Judge MBA 2003 into his team”.


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