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annual report fiscal year 2020

CCAE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chair Christian Nolen Vice Chair Richard Beaty Treasurer Lidija Polutnik Vice President Louise M. Goff Vice President David Lehman Secretary Melissa Smith Kris Butler Brian Carey Philip Crutchfield Robert Culver Mark N. Dolny Molly N. Downer JaneAnn Fisher S. Donald Gonson Lauren Holleran Julianne Idlet Brian Kelley Dan Paret Jonathan H. Poorvu Natalie Wigotsky Reed David Rooks Jennifer Serowick Denise Simmons Damon Smith Mark Stanek

BOARD OF VISITORS Chair Susan Eldredge Mead Sharman Altshuler Tina Bentley Hilary Burling Iris Chandler Patricia Chappell Elizabeth Coxe & David Forney Sandra & Toby Fairbank Hormoz Goodarzy & Elaheh Kheirandish Donna Gordon John Herron, Jr. Patricia Jacoby Jenny Littlefield Bill & LuAnn Polk Mary Power Katie Salter Jeannie & Matey Smith Fredericka Stevenson David & Patricia Straus E.V. Sweeney Bill Truslow Pamela Willis

From the Executive Director Dear Friends and Supporters,

And things were going so well…. We began our Fiscal Year in August, 2019 with much optimism and grand plans for our future. Our confidence was well founded. Fall Term 2019 broke records with student enrollment soaring and tuition revenue up 18% over a record-breaking number from the year before. We were proud to announce new cutting-edge classes and programming. We declared it “The Year of the Annual Fund,” which brought us matching funds from a generous donor. Planning was underway for our spring fundraiser, Lobster, Of Course!, a June chefs’ event in our courtyard. The upward trend in enrollment and tuition continued through Winter Term. And as we ushered in the new year, early Spring Term enrollment numbers promised that the extraordinary surge would continue. Then…the virus hit. The coronavirus pandemic struck CCAE suddenly, as it did for every other business, non-profit and family. Without warning, we had to close our facilities and quickly change and execute a plan in order to assure that CCAE would survive this uncertain time. But, thankfully, for CCAE there was some hope. Our talented staff immediately began the complicated task of converting spring term classes to online classes, and miraculously, within a few short weeks, we had a full catalog of spring classes ready to go, and more on the way. Additionally, we applied for and received a PPP loan and the development team, with the help of the board chair and a long-time generous donor, started The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund with a goal of $350,000. The immediate response on the part of our students, donors, instructors and staff was nothing short of extraordinary during the pandemic crisis. Many students whose classes were cancelled donated a combined total of over $8,000 of their tuition to CCAE. We were also introduced to over 100 first-time donors, and their generosity, along with that of our established donors, resulted in the achievement of The COVID-19 Relief Fund goal by fiscal year end. The program staff worked with instructors to make their Zoom classes even better, and, by this fall, more classes, art shows, Conversations on the Edge discussions, Blacksmith House poetry readings and Gonson lectures were scheduled. The fact that a full return to normal in-person classes at CCAE will not happen before spring term 2021 at the earliest means that CCAE faces a loss of over $1 million in tuition revenue alone. Our response: more and better online classes, and a new goal for The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund— $500,000 by December 31, 2020. One thing is certain, we will all keep CCAE strong until the time we can see each other again in person. And now we know, the generosity and resilience of our community will see us through and make CCAE even stronger. Best Regards,

Linda Burton, Executive Director


CCAE STAFF Executive Director Linda Burton Finance & Operations Director of Finance & Administration Tavia Malone Business Manager Ping Hu Logistics Coordinator Michael Schultz Programs Assistant Director of Programs Jessica Covert Program Director, Humanities and Performing Arts Michelle Baxter Program Director, Languages Francesca Ferraris Program Director, Food & Wine Ploy Khunisorn Program & Registration Associate Gabija Vaisvilaite

Table of Contents

Development Director of Development Mary-Catherine Deibel

Growth Continues


Homemade: Online Cooking Classes


CCAE Goes Virtual

The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund Together, Of Course! Financial Status

Social Connecting

3 5 6 8 9

CCAE in the Community through Social Engagement


A Giving Report


Our Great Challenge for Fiscal Year 2021


Development Associate Sarah Harrison Marketing Marketing Director Abigail Adgate Customer Service & Communications Student Services Coordinator Lauren Darien Registration Staff Lena Borovci Toni Brooks Patricia Estrela Jennifer Lin Madeline Ludtke Nona Morse

Cover Photo by Romana Vysatova



Growth Continues

Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 continued our upward trend of growing revenue and enrollment. Enrollment was up 17% in the fall term, and up 7% in the winter term compared to the previous year. We had 116 sold-out classes in fall and 141 sold-out classes in winter.

Photo by Romana Vysatova

New Classes

Found in Translation: Writing Across Differences: In this new

interdisciplinary class, students were invited to hone their creative writing skills and experiment across different languages under the guidance of instructor Marika Prezusio.

Introduction to Witchcraft as Self-Care: This instantly popular

class taught by Ali Nebel provided students with a new approach to self care that includes meditative rituals, herbal remedies and potions, tarot and astrology, and more.

Photo by Romana Vysatova

New Crafts Classes: New offerings such as Basics of Building a Tiny House and Beginner Wire Weaving had students learning new hands-on creative skills.

Exceptional Events

White People Challenging Racism: 20th Anniversary Symposium: The theme of this sold-out October 6th event was

“The Fierce Urgency of Now.� It featured a presentation on restorative economics by keynote speaker Nwamaka Agbo. It also included a panel discussion about the history and future of WPCR, including facilitators Tatiana Williams-Rodriguez, Marcia Kimm-Jackson, and Danilo Morales, and moderated by Lavette Coney.

Pastry Love: A Sweet Morning with Joanne Chang: On

Panel discussion during the White People Challenging Racism 20th Anniversary Symposium.


December 14th, we held a sold-out event with James Beard awardwinning baker, Joanne Chang. The chef discussed her journey from the start of her baking career to owning and operating 8 branches of Flour Bakery & Cafe, followed by a book signing.

Other exciting classes and events included our annual Performing Arts Showcase, the 47th season of Blacksmith House Poetry Series, impressive art exhibits, and our wellloved Celebrity Chef Series.

F I S C A L Y E A R 2 0 2 0 A N N UA L R E P O R T

CCAE Goes Virtual

As COVID-19 cases rapidly grew in Massachusetts, we closed our buildings in March and we worked quickly to transition spring term classes to a virtual format. After only a few weeks of intense preparation, our first-ever online classes began on April 21 and continued through the summer term. Our instructors worked hard and quickly to learn how to use Zoom for their classes, showing their resilience and creativity. Hundreds of students took online classes in everything from wine tasting and woodworking to French conversation and fiction writing. Through it all, we found that continuing to learn together has brought relief, joy, and a sense of community through this difficult and unprecedented time. We enrolled students from all over the country—from Detroit, to Florida, to New Orleans, to Los Angeles— as well as from all over the world, including Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Brazil, and more!

Students from Massachusetts and Japan alike wave hello in Andrea Aptecker’s Reading, Speaking, Exploring Boston and New England History class.

“I was very nervous to take French after taking it in high school. It has been a great experience for me and a nice way to spend time during quarantine.” -Michelle L., French: Beginner Level 1

Online Classes by the Numbers

130 spring online classes

1,040 spring enrollments 120 summer online classes 1,036 summer enrollments Artists and friends toast to each other during our first virtual opening reception for our summer art show, Small Plates: A Taste of Printmaking.

330 fall online classes 1,905 fall enrollments *As of November 10 3

Photo by Romana Vysatova



Online Cooking Classes

Home cooking is more important than ever. Our virtual Food & Wine classes continued to offer over 15 international cuisines and a variety of classes, including beer tastings, baking lessons, celebrity chefs, and classes with curbside pickup. Ploy Khunisorn, Food & Wine program director, has worked alongside our cooking instructors on the complex task of teaching online. Chef Lars Liebisch shows students how to filet salmon in his online Cooking with Fish class.

When I started planning for online cooking classes, I didn’t want our classes to be another YouTube tutorial. I wanted to make them interactive so that our talented instructors and students could share their passions and skills. To maintain our high quality of teaching and content, we had to plan how we could set up multiple cameras so that our students can see everything from chopping to cooking and finishing the dishes. We are able to provide space for friends and family from different locations to connect and find a fun activity to do together. We all miss travelling, and our online cooking classes, in the meantime, help us stay connected with different cultures, interact with people, ask questions, and have fun cooking together. - Ploy Khunisorn, Food & Wine Program Director

At first I did not think this would work online, but actually it’s been fantastic! When it comes to discussing the beer, it’s actually easier to see everyone’s faces on the Zoom screen than in person. And when the class is over, I’m home! I am writing a book about drink maps of the UK, so the class I teach about that—while conducting a beer tasting—is the most fun for me. - Kris Butler, Beer Tasting & Art History Instructor

“Despite being a Zoom class, one could see exactly how to follow the steps in the recipe and how to shape the dumplings. Camera angles very effective. Packed a lot of information into 2 hours!” - Student, Basic Dumplings and Wontons 4

Kris Butler teaches her online class, Late 19th Century English Drink Maps: A History Talk and Virtual Tasting.

F I S C A L Y E A R 2 0 2 0 A N N UA L R E P O R T

The COVID-19 Relief Fund Fiscal Year 2020 was to be the “Year of the Annual Fund ‘’ at CCAE—and our Fall 2019 appeal, with a matching fund offer from a generous donor, was more successful than it had been in years. The appeal was simple—we wanted to keep up our momentum—CCAE’s tuition revenue and enrollment numbers were consistently climbing and Spring Term 2020 enrollment had ticked up 40% by mid-March. Our Annual Fund revenue achieved the goal we had set for the year! Then, the coronavirus hit.

While our staff and instructors worked hard to keep CCAE alive for our community by moving classes online, many, especially in a quick turn-around, just could not accommodate an online format. We lost, and are continuing to lose, a significant portion of the revenue from tuition that we rely on in order to operate. In order to bridge this financial gap until the time when we can fully restore our in-person classes in our historic houses on Brattle Street, CCAE’s Board Chair, along with members of our Board of Directors, Board of Visitors, and CCAE donors established The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Students enjoy a virtual Spanish fiesta on the last day of Spanish Beginner Level 2.

Our community, which now includes many new donors to CCAE, has been immensely generous over the past seven months, and as a result, we reached our initial goal of $350,000 this summer for this first phase of The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Jill Lepore stops by our spring class, Historian As Paricipant, to discuss her books These Truths and This America.

Now that the pandemic and its effects are longer lasting than we originally predicted, we have realized that we must set a new goal of $500,000, to be reached by December 31. Your Annual Fund gift—now a COVID Relief Fund gift—will help us get there! This year, we have asked our donor community to take to its heart our new CCAE motto “Double Your Money, Double Your Fun” and consider doubling last year’s AF gift to help us get through this. As we move forward together, we are reminded of how important the concept of community is. Your gift to The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund/Annual Fund is testimony to that—guaranteeing that we are able to survive and continue our mission—to explore, to create, to grow. Make a gift to The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund today at 5


“Together, Of Course! was a celebration of what makes CCAE so great.” -Elizabeth G.

A playful evening of fun, festivity and gratitude It was a journey!

After the success of 2019’s Of Course!, we all agreed that we should try to recapture the atmosphere, good cheer, and financial success of 2018’s Oysters, Of Course! for our next event in Spring 2020. We would mount Lobster, Of Course!, repurposing our formula of asking restaurant partners to help us launch a lively, crustacean-focused, outdoor event in our Blacksmith House courtyard. When COVID-19 hit, the event needed to be re-imagined—a new idea that could bring us together in a time of great uncertainty. Together, Of Course! was the result—CCAE’s firstever virtual event. With an emphasis on food, fun, and a festive branded $70,000 Bag of Treats, the event would be, most importantly, an opportunity to spotlight gratitude to our community and the $60,000 importance of interpersonal connection. $50,000

Lead Sponsor:



Our Together, Of Course! Ratio of expenses to revenue was only 7%, meaning that out of every donated dollar, 93 cents went to CCAE’s programs, community outreach and scholarships.

$30,000 $20,000 $10,000 0

Gross Income


F I S C A L Y E A R 2 0 2 0 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Together, Of Course! went live on Thursday evening, October 22 at 5:30 pm. After a welcome and “State of the Center’’ report from Linda, we all tuned in to watch celebrated chef and CCAE friend Tony Maws cooking for the guests seated en plein air in his newly constructed outside restaurant, Craigie Next Door. Then, in our Of Course! kind of way, we broke out into 11 separate sessions which included expert tastings and demos from asta restaurant, Flour Bakery, Cocoa Beantown, Blaze Pizza, Port Boston Distillery, Bully Boy Distillers, Beard award winning chef Susan Regis, and CCAE instructors Ploy Khunisorn, Lars Liebisch, and Kris Butler. After a raffle for gift certificates to local restaurants that our event committee members purchased for TOC! guests, the evening ended promptly at 7:00 with a toast—all Together, Of Course!—raised by Board Chair Christian Nolen. Our guests’ positive reactions and the money CCAE raised for The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund (with a 7% expenseto-revenue ratio!) was all testimony to the fact that not only can we produce an interactive virtual fundraiser, but also can create a celebration that our community enthusiastically embraces—one that is a conduit for communication and, most important, for connection. It was a journey, but with the help of our friends, we reached the finish line! “Our thanks to you and your staff for orchestrating such a fun Together, Of Course! evening. It has been amazing to watch organizations such as yours pivot to meet these unusual times. Such creativity!” -Lindsay G. Right from top to bottom: Eclairs with Flour’s Samira Seibaa, Chef Tony Maws from Craigie on Main, Chef Brad of Blaze Pizza, and Chef Alex Crabb from asta.


Financial Status

CCAE saw continued growth in operating performance for the first seven months of the fiscal year with tuition revenue up 15% as of the end of February. With the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020, in-person classes were cancelled and tuition income dropped by over 60%, supported only by online classes. With the help of The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund, we were able to raise nearly $485,000 in development funds for FY20.

Operating Income and Expenses







INCOME Tuition and Fees Fundraisers and Events Innovation Fund



Annual Fund



Grants and Corporate Support






Miscellaneous Revenue





Total EXPENSES Faculty Salaries, Fees and Benefits



Staff Salaries and Benefits



Credit Card Processing



Class Supplies





Marketing Office, Technology and Other G&A Development Facilities Total












* The Annual Audit for FY20 has not been completed

Class Revenue By Term FY19


$700,000 $600,000 $500,000

$400,000 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000







F I S C A L Y E A R 2 0 2 0 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Social Connecting

While physical distancing, we found that using social media to connect with our students is more important than ever! In the spring, we started our #studentsharesunday series on social media where each week we feature experiences or work created by students in our online classes. Cambridge Center for Adult Education - CCAE August 23

Today’s #studentsharesunday features a video tour by longtime CCAE student Keiko of her neighborhood in Tokyo! This movie was inspired by our Reading, Speaking, Exploring Boston and New England History class with Andrea Aptecker. In this summer ESL class students virtually toured different locations in New England. Keiko was a student at CCAE 9 years ago and started taking classes again when we moved them online this spring! We’re so glad that despite the circumstances, we are able to welcome Keiko (and other students from around the world) back into our classrooms. Watch Keiko’s video here: watch?v=a95I5FcpM0s&

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teacher_lauren online banjo uke class–making music together, apart. #banjouke #stayhome

My Neighborhood 9

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Comment Tomoko Takagi This video is just amazing, and made me feel nostalgic about Tokyo! The cherry-tree-lined path along the Meguro river is definitely a must-see when visiting Tokyo in spring. If Keiko doesn’t mind, I would love to introduce this video to my students in CCAE Japanese language classes!

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kellyslaterart Five Hot Red Dots and 19 Silly Green LInes. Thanks to CCAE teacher Jhilam Sanyal for a great online clas on art and mindfulness #ccae #mindfulnessart #abstractartists #worksonpaper View all 7 comments

jsanabstractions Thank you, Kelly! It was wonderful to have you in class 9


CCAE in the Community through Social Engagement

CCAE strives to uphold its position as one of the oldest adult learning centers in the country—one that remains a participant in the life of the community, and that gives back to that community. While our annual partnerships with Community Servings, Perkins School for the Blind and On the Rise were suspended since we could not continue to offer their constituents free in-person classes, we have been active in other ways during this time of physical distancing, unrest, and uncertainty. Especially at this moment, CCAE renews its commitment to combat racism within our community through education. After a thoughtful statement put out by Linda Burton in A Letter to Our Community on June 5, the staff responded in several ways to recognize the pervasive impact of racism in our society, including a list of anti-racism resources and a staff-curated list of books, articles, documentaries and podcasts posted on the website that we found helpful in our work in becoming anti-racist and combating racism. We also developed many classes that speak to CCAE’s civic engagement, including Active Bystander Training, Racism in Theater, and more.

Conversations on the Edge


Panel from left to right: Brian Goldberg, Jane McAdam, Jane Carbone, John Bolduc, and moderator Barbara Moran being introduced by Linda Burton.

The Conversations on the Edge series addresses timely and controversial issues with panelists and members of the community who are experts in their field. All events are open to the public. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, we were only able to hold one Conversation for the ‘19-’20 season. Our March election conversation, which was most anticipated, was cancelled, and the April conversation with Jill Lepore was rescheduled to take place on November 12 this year. The Conversation last Fall took place at Cambridge Public Library and included an expert panel that covered Climate Change in Cambridge. The discussion covered not only the dire situation in Cambridge such as the flood risk around Fresh Pond and Spy Pond, but also what Cambridge is doing to actively plan for and mitigate the changes that are, even now, affecting us. For the 2020-21 season, all Conversations on the Edge discussions will be presented in a virtual format with Zoom. More information on upcoming and past conversations can be found at conversations.

F I S C A L Y E A R 2 0 2 0 A N N UA L R E P O R T

The Pandemic in Many Languages

At the time that CCAE switched from in-person language assessments (ESL included) to online Zoom, people that had arrived in the US in the months before COVID-19 were in desperate search of connecting with some community. They could not go to work, their labs and institutions were closed and they found themselves completely isolated. Their hope to improve their English by interacting with native speakers was not fulfilled and so they were happy to join our Zoom classes and find a community. Newcomers especially welcome the opportunity, to schedule free personal assessments; speaking with Francesca and her team is often the very first contact a newcomer to the US makes!

Students in Liz Ging’s ESL: Beginner Conversation class.

To encourage less proficient English students to try a class on Zoom, CCAE offered a free English Conversation class to former scholarship recipients and also to loyal students trying to maintain the continuity of their CCAE journey of language learning. We also reached out to former scholarship students with an offer to maintain their scholarship during this time and to encourage them to keep the continuum of their language education intact.

Photo by Romana Vysatova

Despite our austere cost-cutting during this time, we have maintained our scholarship program for adult learners in need. In addition to our scholarship program, we also offer a 10% discount on students who continue to take online classes, recognizing their commitment to CCAE and the financial hardships many are facing throughout the pandemic.



Our Great Challenge for Fiscal Year 2021

Though we still have tremendous hurdles to face as we approach the end of the calendar year, we are resolute that CCAE will survive and thrive for another 150 years! We have successfully navigated the challenges of bringing CCAE classes online—our staff having brought both CCAE instructors and students along on our Zoom journey. It is immensely satisfying that we have steadily increased our tuition revenue each term and are now at over $250,000 for Fall Term, which is a 40% shortfall from last fall’s in person revenue, but represents an upward trend. The CCAE 2021 budget predicts that Winter Term will narrow that gap even further, and bring us closer to our full in-person revenue expectations. We are proud of our staff, instructors and students for taking the leap into virtual learning; that effort will no doubt pay off as we chart our future curriculum and imagine how hybrid learning can benefit CCAE students when we re-open in-person classes. We can further our reach as we apply the insights that we’ve gained from online classes— expanding our knowledge of classroom learning. There is clearly a benefit to having borderless classrooms at CCAE. We also have been able to shine our particular light on social justice during these times of national upheaval and crisis, and to give our community access to new ideas to make changes in our society. CCAE’s Conversations on the Edge series returned with two impactful discussions this fall, and the White People Challenging Racism had a very successful 20th Anniversary workshop at CCAE. There were a number of classes focusing on voting, racism and the importance of history and civics this year. We have faced the challenges of this pandemic with a clear plan—and that plan is working, thanks to all of you. The COVID-19 Relief Fund has bridged the gap between our pre-COVID revenue and our current revenue, along with income realized from grants, reduced expenditures, the Payroll Protection Plan and a government lowinterest loan. Our future rests with you, because there are still financial hurdles to overcome. We need to raise $500,000 by December 31, 2020. With that goal realized, we feel confident that CCAE will thrive again. Make a gift to The CCAE COVID-19 Relief Fund today at We will see you here, on our Brattle Street campus, very soon—when we once again feel safe enough to welcome our community back. 12

F I S C A L Y E A R 2 0 2 0 A N N UA L R E P O R T

A Giving Report

August 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020

Spreading Chestnut Tree Society $50,000+

Elizabeth D. Coxe and David Forney Christian Nolen and Susan Denny


David and Sharman Altshuler Priscilla S. Hunt The Alchemy Foundation

$2,500 - $9,999

Anonymous Richard Beaty Phil and Hilary Burling Brian P. Carey and Erin M. Graves Iris S. Chandler Mary-Catherine Deibel Mary Ella Feinleib Robert P. Fichter Peter and JaneAnn Fisher

$1,000 - $2,499

Maureen E. Ahern Jeannette and Charles Atkinson Donald A. and Alpine Bird Linda Burton Jon Bush William T. Colgan Lindsay Leard and Charles A. Coolidge Philip W. Crutchfield III Robert and Geraldine Culver Paul A. Deibel Robert F. Deibel Helen W. Donovan and Holly G. Nixholm Molly Downer and Michael Fix Ellen Dubreuil Sandra T. and Hobart Fairbank Lauren S. Holleran and Katherine N. Salter Julianne Idlet Patricia and John Jacoby Mary Strange Kennedy Janet Kinasewich Nan Laird and Joel Altstein Jenny Littlefield

Jean M. and W. Mason Smith, III

Amy and Jonathan H. Poorvu Patricia L. and David A. Straus

Louise M. and Laurens Goff Amy Golahny S. Donald and Dorothy Gonson John Herron, Jr. and Julia L. Moore Jane I. Katims and Daniel Perlman David Lehman and Bettina T. Bentley Carol A. Pechet Lia and William Poorvu Fredericka and Howard Stevenson

Louis Foundation Chris Maltas Susan Eldredge Mead Diana Meservey Lori and Roland F. Pease, Jr. William M. and LuAnn S. Polk Lidija Polutnik Frances G. and Harold I. Pratt Natalie Wigotsky Reed Tim and Martha Shaw Nan and George Soule Mark Stanek Edith V. and Tadhg Sweeney Bina and Robin Thompson Renata Von Tscharner and Peter Munkenbeck Richard and Myra Von Turkovich Ronald Wheeler Nikki J. and Warren M. Zapol

Other Donors $1- $999

Anonymous (11) Eva and Lawrence Adler Christine Armstrong Betty Athanasoulas Jane and John Attanucci Julie Atwood Drake Emily and Ronald Axelrod Sarah Baker and Timothy K. Albright Susan G Barbarossa Peter Barrett Arthur Barrett and Adair Swain Michael Barry Enid L. Beal Jean M. Bellow David Blood-Deschamps Frank Bordonaro Nonie Brady and Wilhelm Merck Elke Braendle Anne and Cameron Brandt Charles Burlingham, Jr. Susan H. Bush Joelle Cabot Brenda Cadder Dan Calano and Kate Thompson Mary Baine Campbell Diane Carson Deborah Cavanaugh Linda Chang Susan Chasen Xiaoli Chen Sanghamitra Choudhary Belinda Chu Catherine Clark Kelsey Clark Ruth Clark Susan Cnudde John Connelly and Cathy Shea Mary Coolidge Nancy Cooney Laura Crary and Douglas Hall Warren Croce Marilyn Cronin Carol Cross Barbara and Richard Currier Dennis Dahill Marilyn B. Dale Becky Danning Susan P. Davies and Richard W. Talkov Robert De Groot



Charles Dietrick Scott and Wylie O’H. Doughty Jen Duckett Kendall Dudley Linda Dyndiuk Susanne Ebbinghaus Helen Edmonds Susan A. Edwards Jane Elchkern Catherine Elcik Martin Elvis Patricia Eng Anne Engelhart and Douglas Durant Katherine Evans Kathleen Faigen Scottie Farber Jessica Feldish Francesca Ferraris Kevin Finn Carol Lewis Fishman Marianna Foos Donald and Marjorie Forte Karin France Marcia Fredlich Jamie French Gail Gall Jonathan E. Gbur Haviva Gelman Pam and Don Giller Elizabeth and John Gilmore Patricia Gold Gideon Goldin Michael and Susan Goldman Elizabeth Gompels Nancy Goodale Donna Gordon and Philip Johnson Kent Greenawalt Alan and Virginie Greene Garth and Lindsay Greimann Harriet Griesinger Kristin Griffin Branden and Erica Gunn Fay L. and David F. Hannon Bryan M. Hansen Eric Hanson Sarah J. Harder Elizabeth Harple Sarah Harrison Stephen Hartlaub and Joanne Kaplan Harold Helson Winifred J. Hentschel and Philip Trackman Christine Hiemstra and Douglas Ferrer


Jane Hirschi Kevin Hong Michael Hoy Catherine B. and Keith L. Hughes Barbara Hurley John and Consuelo Isaacson Janis Kaas Andrea Kadomiya Donald Kalischer Tamar Kaplan Rudolph Kass Courtney Keller Brian Kelley Sue Kelman Sharon Kennedy Judy Ann Kramer and Mark R. Wagner Laura Kreutzer Virginia Lane Alexander Lee Elizabeth Leto-Fulton Alyson Lie Jennifer Lin Judy Lindamood Linda Lindquist Peter Littlefield Stephen Locke Steve MacDonald Kate Maes Margo Mallar Robert and Christina Mann Thomas J. and Jane N. Martin Vanessa Martin Valerie Masis Catherine Matthews Charlo Maurer Ruth and Victor McElheny Pamela McGrath and Gerard Griffin Mark McKinnon Susan Meehan Joyce Mehring Sandra Middleton James Milan David and Nancy Gelowtsky Miller Tonya Miller Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler Margot Mims Elizabeth Molodovsky David Montenegro Margot Moomaw Ross Neisuler Robert Nissenbaum Veronica Noah

Mary Norcross Jennifer OBrien Eleni and Amedeo Odoni Suzanne P. Ogden Dr. Jacqueline Olds and Richard S. Schwartz Sean O’Melia Linda Ordoukhanian Carolyn and Robert Osteen Susan E. Pekock Alicia Perez Kathryn Persons Matthew Petersen Barbara Petery Lance Pierce Diane Pohl Emma Power Clare Putnam Judith Quillard Rajiv Raman Timothy D. Rand Thomas Reisz Victoria Richmond Kathryn Riley Lisa Roderick Jacqueline Rogers David A. Rooks and Mark Donald Philibert Lawrence Rosenberg Susan and Geoffrey Rowley Margery and Jim Sabin David Salomon Jesse Sannicandro Jhilam Sanyal Laurie Savage Crystal Schaaf Evelyn Schichner Susan Scott Andrew Senchak and Barbara Case Jennifer A. Serowick Mary Ann Serra Sarah Shiner Rivka Simmons and Jeff Meyerhoff Rae Simpson Wayne Simpson Kelly Slater Yum Small Jill Smith Rhonda Smith Eleanor Souza Katherine Stahl Laurie Stalker Antony A. and Ellen A. Stark

Maggie Stark Stephen Sternbach Dr. Robert B. Straus Iana Strominger Charles Studen Ellen Stutman Sheila Sullivan Charles M. Sullivan and Susan Maycock Anthony Terrizzi Deborah Thibodeau Jennie A Thomas Karen McGee Tierney Mary and James Tracy Melissa Trevvett Todd Truesdale William A. and Miriam K. Truslow Elise Tucker Emily Tucker Lauren Valle Virginia Vaughan Ned Ver Planck Judith Vreeland Kristen Wainwright and Richard Harriman Qian Wan Megan Welker Ellen Westheimer Susan Wexler Lawrence White Mary Allen Wilkes James L. Winston Katharine M. Wolff Carolyn Woollen-Tucker Felice and Henry Yager Elizabeth Goodfellow Zagoroff Andrea Zahrte Xu Zhou Andrew Zucker


F I S C A L Y E A R 2 0 2 0 A N N UA L R E P O R T

Corporate Sponsors $10,000+


Your Neighbors at 40, 44, and 48 Brattle Street



Grant Partners Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund

CCAE Legacy Society Talk to us about joining CCAE’s Legacy Society, a circle of generous friends who help ensure Cambridge Center for Adult Education’s future through planned gifts.

By remembering us in your will or making another kind of planned gift, you can help ensure that CCAE grows and thrives, continuing a 150-year-old legacy of providing affordable classes in a warm community committed to face-to-face learning. To discuss your giving options in confidence and for more information, please contact Director of Development, Mary-Catherine Deibel at 617-547-6789 ext. 130, or visit Liz Coxe, Dottie Gonson, and Jeannie Smith​ 15 enjoying Oysters, Of Course! in May 2018.

42 Brattle Street, Cambridge MA 02138