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Academic & Professional Publishing New Books January – June 2011

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Art Chinese Architecture Third edition Yanxin Cai | Jiaotong University, Chengdu

Ancient Chinese architecture is not only a source of reference for modern Chinese design; it has also attracted significant global attention. Moreover, architectural remains in China reveal much about the history of this ancient civilisation. Chinese Architecture provides an accessible, illustrated introduction to this essential part of China’s cultural heritage. • An accessible introduction to the history and design of Chinese architecture • Written by a leading Chinese expert whose work is not widely available in the West • Full colour illustrations support the discussion throughout Architecture | Introductions to Chinese Culture

February 2011 230 x 156 mm 180pp 155 colour illus.  1 map   978-0-521-18644-5 Paperback £12.99 A

Chinese Ceramics Third edition Lili Fang | China Art Research Institute

Throughout China’s long history ceramic products have been very much a part of people’s lives. This book takes the reader through the rich history of Chinese ceramics, from primitive pottery to the delicate porcelain for which China is famed, complemented by full color illustrations throughout. • An accessible introduction to the rich history of Chinese ceramics • Written by a leading Chinese expert whose work is not widely available in the West • Full colour illustrations support the discussion throughout Non-western art | Introductions to Chinese Culture

February 2011 230 x 156 mm 157pp 107 colour illus.  1 map   978-0-521-18648-3 Paperback £12.99 A

Chinese Calligraphy Third edition Tingyou Chen

The art of calligraphy is seen as the epitome of Chinese culture. This book provides an accessible, illustrated introduction to calligraphy from the beginning of the Chinese written language, the methods used by calligraphers through the ages and the influence that calligraphy has had on modern art around the world. • An accessible introduction to the fascinating art of Chinese calligraphy • Written by a Chinese expert in the field whose work is not widely available in the West • Full colour illustrations support the discussion throughout Non-western art | Introductions to Chinese Culture

February 2011 230 x 156 mm 129pp 114 colour illus.  1 map   978-0-521-18645-2 Paperback £12.99 A

Chinese Furniture Third edition Xiaoming Zhang | Art School of Shandong

Unique in style, Chinese furniture has long been celebrated for its elegant, artistic lines and strong, durable structure. This book provides an illustrated introduction to the history, production techniques and rich variety of Chinese furniture, revealing the important part that this furniture has played in the development of China’s culture. • An accessible introduction to the rich history of Chinese furniture • Written by a leading Chinese expert whose work is not widely available in the West • Full colour illustrations support the discussion throughout Non-western art | Introductions to Chinese Culture

February 2011 230 x 156 mm 145pp 104 colour illus.  1 map   978-0-521-18646-9 Paperback £12.99 A New in Paperback

Greek Sculpture and the Problem of Description A. A. Donohue | Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania

China’s Museums Third edition Xianyao Li | Beijing Normal University

A great number of objects and artifacts have been preserved on China’s vast territory, many of which are now on display in museums across China. This illustrated introduction provides a guide to China’s numerous museum collections, and will inspire future visitors and all those with an interest in Chinese history. • A comprehensive guide to sixty-one of China’s most celebrated, and less well known, museum collections • Written by two leading Chinese experts whose work is not widely available in the West • Full colour illustrations support the discussion throughout Non-western art | Introductions to Chinese Culture

February 2011 230 x 156 mm 212pp 265 colour illus.  1 map   978-0-521-18690-2 Paperback £12.99 A

When interpreting Greek statues, scholars have emphasised the importance of separating objective evaluation of evidence from interpretation, but in practice it has proved difficult to draw this distinction. This study examines the scholarship on a select number of well-known Greek statues from the eighteenth century through the present. • Provides a wider historical, cultural and intellectual context for a specialized subject within classical archaeology • An interdisciplinary study that incorporates methods and ideas from history, ethnicity, psychology and intellectual history • Problematizes the goal of the ‘empirical’ study of sculpture, ultimately suggesting important methodological innovations in classical archaeology Western art

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 278pp 43 b/w illus.   978-0-521-84084-2 Hardback £58.00 A 978-1-107-40050-4 Paperback £22.99 A

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New in Paperback

The Revival of the Olympian Gods in Renaissance Art Luba Freedman | Hebrew University of Jerusalem


In this book, Luba Freedman examines the revival of the twelve Olympian deities in the visual arts of sixteenth-century Italy. This study highlights how problematic it was during the Cinquecento to display and receive images of pagan gods, whether shaped by ancient or contemporary artists. • Discussion of central works of Renaissance art, individually representing the twelve supreme gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome • Analysis of learning in the Cinquecento about the representation of the Olympians in classical art • Study of conflicting attitudes towards the works of art representing non-religious subjects of autonomous figures Western art

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 318pp 78 b/w illus.   978-0-521-81576-5 Hardback £77.00 A 978-0-521-18103-7 Paperback £25.99 A

Western Illuminated Manuscripts A Catalogue of the Collection in Cambridge University Library Paul Binski | Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

Providing a new means of access to Cambridge University Library’s world-class collection of illuminated manuscripts, this catalogue evaluates their importance for the very first time. Beautifully illustrated throughout, it contains detailed descriptions of many celebrated manuscripts, including the first complete Chaucer manuscript, as well as hundreds of lesser known items. • This is the only modern catalogue of the world-class collection of illuminated manuscripts in Cambridge University Library, enabling scholars and those with an interest in medieval manuscripts and art to access and gain a picture of the collection as a whole • Provides scholars and researchers with up-to-date descriptions of individual manuscripts – in many cases, these are the first descriptions to have appeared for about 150 years • High quality illustrations assist researchers to make their own judgements and form their own conclusions about the manuscripts Western art

April 2011 276 x 219 mm 620pp 720 b/w illus.  192 colour illus.   978-0-521-84892-3 Hardback c. £150.00 A

The Afterlife of Raphael’s Paintings Cathleen Hoeniger | Queen’s University, Canada

Acclaimed during his lifetime, Raphael was imitated by contemporaries and served as a model for painters through the nineteenth century. Hoeniger focuses on the five-hundred-year story of many of Raphael’s most well-known paintings: some being lost altogether and others damaged, and reveals the historical trajectory – or ‘afterlife’ – of the paintings themselves. • A new approach to one of the most famous artists of all time • Original research, based on archival documents from restoration history • A jargon-free writing style that should appeal to all kinds of educated readers, not just art historians or art conservators Western art

December 2010 253 x 215 mm 448pp 45 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19694-9 Hardback £50.00 A

Leon Battista Alberti: On Painting A New Translation and Critical Edition Leon Battista Alberti

Leon Battista Alberti: On Painting is a cardinal work that revolutionized Western art. In this volume, Rocco Sinisgalli presents a new English translation and critical examination of Alberti’s seminal text. This volume is richly illustrated to help demonstrate how Alberti understood optics and art. • Presents a new, correct translation from Latin into English • Features 110 illustrations comprising more than 300 drawings • The drawings explain and illustrate the most important passages of the book Western art

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 112 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00062-9 Hardback c. £50.00 A New in Paperback

The Franciscans and Art Patronage in Late Medieval Italy Louise Bourdua | University of Aberdeen

In this book, Louise Bourdua examines how Franciscan church decoration developed between 1250 and 1400. She argues that local Franciscan friars were more interested in their own conception of how artistic programs should work than merely following models for decoration issued from the mother church at Assisi. • First substantial study of the subject of Franciscan art • Appeals to a wide range of scholars and readers (those interested in art, cultural and religious history) • Sheds light on Veneto art Western art

May 2011 253 x 215 mm 256pp 73 b/w illus.   978-0-521-28128-7 Paperback c. £24.99 A New in Paperback

Early Medieval Bible Illumination and the Ashburnham Pentateuch Dorothy Verkerk | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

This book focuses on the Ashburnham Pentateuch, an early medieval illuminated manuscript of the Old Testament whose pictures are among the earliest surviving and most extensive biblical illustrations. Dorothy Verkerk shows how the lively and complex illustrations of Genesis and Exodus were used to explain important church teachings. • Lively and accessible text • Methodologically innovative • Settles the question of origin Western art

April 2011 253 x 215 mm 275pp 38 b/w illus.   978-1-107-40200-3 Paperback c. £18.99 A

Art / Music

Italian Drawings at The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge David Scrase | Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Containing over 800 entries and almost 1400 colour illustrations, this catalogue details the extensive collection of Italian drawings at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Ranging from Pisanello in the early fifteenth century to Sandro Chia in the twentieth, special strengths of the collection include masterpieces by da Vinci, Raphael and Goya. • Many drawings are published here for the first time, providing access to the collection in its entirety • Includes a detailed history of the development of the collection and an index of previous collectors, of interest to art historians • Clearly arranged alphabetically by artist, the catalogue contains 1,400 illustrations, most of which are in colour Western art | Fitzwilliam Museum Publications

March 2011 276 x 219 mm 904pp 1390 colour illus.   978-0-521-44379-1 Hardback £180.00 A

Music The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Music Edited by Mark Everist | University of Southampton

This Companion is a practical guide to monophonic and polyphonic music from the emergence of plainsong to the end of the fourteenth century. Focusing on technical and cultural aspects of medieval music, its coherent perspective makes it ideal for all students and scholars of this key topic in music studies. • Focuses on technical and cultural aspects of the subject, placing the music in the context of its time • Brings together the most recent scholarship on music of the Middle Ages, organised in a user-friendly way ideal for scholars and students of this key topic • Informative music examples allow in-depth analysis of single works Medieval and Renaissance music | Cambridge Companions to Music

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 520pp 15 b/w illus.  2 maps  56 music examples   978-0-521-84619-6 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-60861-9 Paperback c. £21.99 A

Chinese Music Third edition Jie Jin | Chinese Conservatory of Music

Unique in style and with a history of some 8000 years, Chinese music represents a fascinating part of China’s cultural heritage. This accessible, illustrated introduction explores the history of China’s musical instruments, the diversity of Chinese folk music, the development of Chinese operas and their influence around the world. • An accessible introduction to the unique, ancient and diverse world of Chinese music • Written by a Chinese expert whose work is not widely available in the West • Full colour illustrations support the discussion throughout Music (general) | Introductions to Chinese Culture

February 2011 230 x 156 mm 153pp 92 colour illus.  1 map   978-0-521-18691-9 Paperback £12.99 A

The Sonata Thomas Schmidt-Beste | University of Wales, Bangor

The sonata is the most enduring and popular genre of instrumental music. This introductory survey presents an overview across the centuries, using analyses of selected works and illustrative music examples to provide students, teachers and performers with an accessible yet thorough tool to understand this important repertoire. • Provides the first one-volume survey of the sonata, allowing students and performance professionals to gain a deep insight into a genre with which they are in constant contact • Includes detailed analyses of selected works or movements, presenting readers with a study tool for analysing formal patterns transcending the genre of the sonata itself • Encourages readers to think about overarching historical developments beyond conventional pigeonholing in periods or style, for example by seeing the Baroque trio sonata and the Classical piano sonata side by side Music criticism | Cambridge Introductions to Music

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 280pp 12 tables  45 music examples   978-0-521-76254-0 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-75631-0 Paperback £16.99 A

French Organ Music in the Reign of Louis XIV David Ponsford | Cardiff University

Ponsford takes a fresh approach to French Baroque organ music by analysing each genre chronologically and tracing influences from Italian and French secular music. The study enhances understanding of French influence on J. S. Bach, and will appeal to all those who play, study and admire this unique repertory. • Proposes a new view and demonstrates a radically different study of French Baroque organ music, which will be of special interest to organists, scholars and admirers of the musical culture of Louis XIV • Examines the repertory by genre, so that readers will understand how each plein jeu, fugue, duo, récit, trio and grand jeu developed in the hands of successive composers, with particular implications for performance practice • Discusses the influence of this repertory on J. S. Bach, leading to a more enhanced understanding of French influence upon Bach Music performance | Musical Performance and Reception

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 350pp 20 b/w illus.  1 table  350 music examples   978-0-521-88770-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Hans von Bülow A Life for Music Kenneth Birkin | Independent scholar

Drawing upon an extensive range of rare letters, reviews and memoirs, this book sets the life of Hans von Bülow – intimate of Wagner, Liszt and Brahms – against a backdrop of social, political and musical upheaval. Birkin presents a unique insight into the public and critical reaction to this iconic musician. • Includes an extensive appendix which chronicles von Bülow’s career by listing all his public appearances, both as pianist and conductor – this provides a unique and valuable summary of public taste, reception and changing trends over almost half a century • Contains many quotations from Bülow’s own letters which give a fascinating ‘inside’ view of events • The book avoids technical jargon, is written in a ‘user-friendly’ way and chapters are clearly organised in chronological order for ease of use Nineteenth-century music

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 424pp 20 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00586-0 Hardback c. £70.00 A

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The Song Cycle Laura Tunbridge | University of Manchester


Using a wide range of examples from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century, this is an invaluable introduction to the important musical genre of the song cycle. It considers social and performance contexts, the impact of recording technology and how the song cycle interacts with operatic, symphonic and popular music. • Provides a broad range of examples that enrich our understanding of why the genre of the song cycle is so important • Considers a wide musical repertoire, including popular as well as classical music • Investigates performance history from nineteenth-century practices to the impact of recording technology, useful for both performers and listeners Nineteenth-century music | Cambridge Introductions to Music

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 256pp 34 music examples   978-0-521-89644-3 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-72107-3 Paperback £17.99 A

The Life of Schumann

Italian Opera in the Age of the American Revolution Pierpaolo Polzonetti | University of Notre Dame

How did revolutionary America appear to European audiences through their opera glasses? Polzonetti presents a fresh perspective on European cultural reception of American social identity, shedding new light on familiar works by Mozart and Haydn as well as on lesser-known operas, representing groundbreaking research in music, cultural and political history. • Provides new interpretations of Mozart and Haydn, showing a completely new perception of Mozart’s and Haydn’s world as a vibrant cultural environment open to global culture and radical ideas coming from America • Based on newly discovered evidence and drawing upon previously unpublished musical sources, the book will inspire further research on libretti and scores on which there is very little literature • Discusses some of the basic conventions of Italian opera, including stock roles, aria types and forms, and differences between seria and comic opera, showing how composers could break conventions to convey radical ideas

Michael Musgrave | University of London

Opera | Cambridge Studies in Opera

Michael Musgrave presents a new focus on Schumann as a practical working musician, building a career and interacting with the professional world. The study emphasizes the value of Schumann’s often neglected later works and sees his total achievement as central to emerging musical culture. • Gives a new emphasis to the study of Schumann: most recent biographies have either emphasized his illnesses or interpreted his psychology through his music, whereas this is about the composer as a working musician • Contextualizes Schumann’s music in light of the way he became central to emerging musical culture and concert life, emphasizing the value of his often neglected later works • A detailed and informative study written with a light touch, this will appeal to scholars, performers and concert-goers alike

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 408pp 4 b/w illus.  7 tables  50 music examples   978-0-521-89708-2 Hardback £60.00 A

Nineteenth-century music | Musical Lives

April 2011 216 x 138 mm 232pp 16 b/w illus.   978-0-521-80248-2 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Richard Wagner: Tristan und Isolde Edited by Arthur Groos | Cornell University, New York

Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde has fascinated audiences since its first performance in 1865, its advanced harmonic language marking a defining moment in the evolution of modern music. This accessible handbook – perfect for scholars, students, performers and opera-goers alike – examines the opera’s genesis, libretto, music, performance and reception. • Written in a lively and engaging style to appeal to scholars and students, performers and opera-going audiences alike • Contains the first English translation of Wagner’s prose draft of the libretto, making the development of the libretto accessible to an English readership for the first time • Leading scholars present discussions on different aspects of the opera, providing a variety of different approaches Opera | Cambridge Opera Handbooks

March 2011 216 x 138 mm 232pp 14 b/w illus.  1 table  28 music examples   978-0-521-43138-5 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-43738-7 Paperback £17.99 A

Opera in the Novel from Balzac to Proust Cormac Newark | University of Ulster

Stendhal, Balzac, Dumas père, Flaubert, Maupassant, Verne, Leroux and Proust, among many other French novelists, all wrote fiction set partly at the opera. Cormac Newark examines the development of this tradition in a rich study that will appeal to scholars of music, literature and cultural history alike. • Brings the reader closer to the real performances and real reception conditions experienced at the time, and evoked in the novels under discussion • Examines a range of different kinds of writing: novels from diverse generic and stylistic traditions, and also music criticism of varying degrees of sophistication, demonstrating a considerable overlap between novelists and critics • Covers a wide range of academic secondary sources from literary studies, musicology and cultural history, published in a number of languages, providing the reader with access to areas of thought and debate they otherwise may not have Opera | Cambridge Studies in Opera

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 300pp 978-0-521-11890-3 Hardback £55.00


Music / Film, media and sport / Classical studies

The Musician in Literature in the Age of Bach

How Australia Decides Election Reporting and the Media Sally Young | University of Melbourne

Stephen Rose | Royal Holloway, University of London

Rose takes a fresh look at the lives and social status of musicians in Bach’s Germany. Analysing how musicians were depicted in novels and autobiographies, he introduces a wealth of unknown sources. The study explores the different types of musicians found in these narratives, discussing the literary and musical contexts. • Exposes the debates shaping the social status of musicians in Bach’s Germany, helping readers to understand why musicians were so controversial in the period • Illuminates the lives of low-status musicians such as travelling fiddlers, giving readers a more rounded picture of musical life at this time • Includes many translated excerpts from novels and autobiographies, introducing readers to these colourful, gripping and previously inaccessible texts about musicians’ lives Seventeenth-century music

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 256pp 6 b/w illus.  4 music examples   978-1-107-00428-3 Hardback £55.00 A

The Musical Language of Pierre Boulez

Media, mass communication

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 978-0-521-14707-1 Paperback £28.99


The Cambridge Companion to Cricket Edited by Anthony Bateman | De Montfort University, Leicester

Writings and Compositions Jonathan Goldman | University of Victoria, British Columbia

Focusing on Pierre Boulez’s most recent works and writings, this study places the influential composer in a new light, avoiding the usual narrow emphasis on his early period. It includes a detailed guide to five key musical works from the post-1975 period to exemplify concepts developed in Boulez’s writings. • Pays close attention to the composer’s writings, most of which are unavailable in English, making them available to an English-speaking audience • Can be used as a listening guide to five of Boulez’s key later works, all of which are available on commercial recordings • Differs from previous studies of Boulez by paying close attention to the more recent works and writings, resulting in a more balanced portrait of the composer Twentieth-century and contemporary music | Music Since 1900

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 280pp 65 b/w illus.  75 music examples   978-0-521-51490-3 Hardback £55.00 A

Film, media and sport Textbook

Rich in history and tradition, cricket is both quintessentially English and expansively international, a game that has evolved and changed dramatically in recent times. This book presents a global view of cricket’s complicated development, its controversies and iconic personalities, providing a rich insight into a unique sporting and cultural heritage. • Presents a genuinely international perspective, with individual chapters covering the world’s main cricket centres • Includes detailed profiles of some of cricket’s iconic personalities, examining their impact on the game: Don Bradman, Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar • Fosters a wider understanding of the social, economic and political contexts of sports Sports studies

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 300pp 3 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-76129-1 Hardback £45.00 A 978-0-521-16787-1 Paperback £17.99 A

Classical studies The Freedman in the Roman World Henrik Mouritsen | King’s College London

Australian Documentary History, Practices and Genres Trish FitzSimons | Griffith University, Queensland

Drawing on interviews with leading industry sources and containing discussion of over 200 documentaries, Australian Documentary: History, Practices and Genres brings to life over a century of documentary making and connects it to international debates in criticism, theory and history. • Contains case studies of the making of key Australian documentaries • Draws on original interviews with leading figures in the industry • Behind-the-scenes look at the business of documentary Film, Cinema

April 2011 222 x 152 mm 288pp 978-0-521-16799-4 Paperback £29.99

This groundbreaking book shows how election reporting has changed over time, and how political news audiences, news production and shifts in political campaigning are influencing media content – with profound implications for Australian democracy. • This book will fill a gap by helping readers learn about how the media works and what shapes the news they read, hear and see • It is the first systematic, historical and in-depth analysis of election reporting in Australia • It uses new research and findings to explain all of the major concepts and theories in a very accessible manner


The first comprehensive study of Roman freedmen and women in over a century, covering all major aspects of the subject. These include manumission practices, legal status, the patronus-libertus relationship, freedmen’s place in public life and the self-representation of freedmen and women through epigraphic and literary sources. • First comprehensive study of Roman freedmen and the manumission of slaves for over a century • Presents an original synthesis of a central feature of Roman slavery, providing a new understanding of the role of manumission • Places freedmen and manumission in a wider historical, social and economic context and relates the phenomenon to comparative material from other slave societies Ancient history

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 978-0-521-85613-3 Hardback £60.00


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Classical studies

Sacred Violence African Christians and Sectarian Hatred in the Age of Augustine Brent D. Shaw | Princeton University, New Jersey


This detailed study of the sectarian battles which divided African Christianity in late antiquity explores how the emerging church and the Roman imperial state interacted to repress or excite violent action. Shaw uses this historical case as a model to explain how acts of religious violence are provoked and sustained. • Extensive in-depth coverage of a single historical example enables readers to locate the connections between the formation of beliefs, martyrdom, communications, and formal political structures within just one volume • Provides primary evidence, including both translations and original texts of a wide range of relevant documentation, which is otherwise difficult to access • Presents variant approaches to the problem, looking at how martyrdom, Christian preaching, the construction of heresy and the nature of the late Roman state all relate to sectarian violence Ancient history

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 976pp 978-0-521-19605-5 Hardback c. £100.00 978-0-521-12725-7 Paperback c. £40.00


Imperial Ideals in the Roman West Representation, Circulation, Power Carlos F. Noreña | University of California, Berkeley

This book shows how the widespread circulation of a specific set of ideals and values associated with the Roman emperor not only generated ideological unification throughout the Roman Empire, but also reinforced the political power of the Roman imperial state and the authority of local aristocrats in the Western provinces. • Combines an analysis of literary, visual, documentary and material evidence • Uses quantitative analysis in the study of imperial ideals, values and images to provide an empirical foundation for this area of study • Draws on recent work in historical sociology and comparative empires, providing an interdisciplinary approach Ancient history

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 440pp 79 b/w illus.  3 maps  11 tables   978-1-107-00508-2 Hardback c. £65.00 A

The Barbarians of Ancient Europe Realities and Interactions Edited by Larissa Bonfante | New York University

Shows how art and archaeology can illuminate the past lives and beliefs of the ethnic groups located on the fringes of the classical world and how the standard for the ‘classical’ set by the Greeks has influenced the ever-shifting attitudes of ancient peoples and of modern scholars toward these ‘barbarians’. • Cutting edge, reliable surveys and studies by the top specialists in their fields • The interrelationships of peoples with each other and the Mediterranean, and their use of classical motifs to express their own society and religion • Richly illustrated with maps and images of artistic monuments and reconstructions of armour Ancient history

June 2011 253 x 215 mm 424pp 101 b/w illus.  15 maps  1 table   978-0-521-19404-4 Hardback c. £60.00 A

The City in the Roman West, c.250 BC–c.AD 250 Ray Laurence | University of Birmingham

Up-to-date and well illustrated synthesis of what we know about the development of cities in the Western Roman provinces. Focuses on numerous examples for which there are archaeological remains, some, like Pompeii, well known and others less familiar, such as Bavay in France. Suitable for students and non-specialists. • Written by three experts in the field using the latest research • Uses a wide range of examples providing students with a good quantity of data • Heavily illustrated with high-quality illustrations Ancient history

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 320pp 16 b/w illus.  74 maps  15 tables   978-0-521-87750-3 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-0-521-70140-2 Paperback c. £19.99 A

The Roman Monetary System The Eastern Provinces from the First to the Third Century AD Constantina Katsari | University of Leicester

Comprehensive study of the workings of the Roman monetary system in the Eastern provinces from the Augustan period to the third century AD. Includes comparisons with the evidence of the Western provinces and appropriate case studies from other historical times and places. • Argues for a new understanding of the Roman monetary system • Avoids the substantivist as well as the modernist approach, opening the debate up to new possibilities • Presents the material in a readable fashion, avoiding complex statistical analysis Ancient history

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 43 tables   978-0-521-76946-4 Hardback £60.00 A

Slavery in the Late Roman World, AD 275–425 An Economic, Social, and Institutional Study Kyle Harper | University of Oklahoma

Reinterprets the end of Roman slavery, providing the most comprehensive account of a pre-modern slave system currently available. Essential reading for students and scholars interested in the social, economic and religious history of antiquity, and for students of slavery in general. • Provides a new interpretation of the end of ancient slavery, replacing paradigms of ‘transition’ between ancient slavery and medieval feudalism • Treats economic, social and institutional dimensions of slavery, offering a comprehensive interpretation of the Roman slave system • Uncovers new evidence on an important topic from an exciting period Ancient history

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 620pp 3 b/w illus.  15 tables   978-0-521-19861-5 Hardback c. £90.00 A

Classical studies

The Western Time of Ancient History

The Lure of the Arena Social Psychology and the Crowd at the Roman Games Garrett G. Fagan | Pennsylvania State University

Historiographical Encounters with the Greek and Roman Pasts Edited by Alexandra Lianeri | University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Advances a theoretically sophisticated account of the Western encounter with antiquity focusing on the conceptual and temporal frames through which modern Western historiography has linked itself to classical antiquity. Includes essays by leading scholars in the fields of classics, ancient and modern history and the theory of historiography. • Provides new perspectives for examining the concept of ancient history in Western historical thought • Advances a dialogue between contemporary historians of antiquity and those of modern times, involving leading scholars in both fields • Revisits some key questions in the history and theory of historiography and proposes new categories for criticising the ‘classical’ foundations of Western historical thought

Why did the spectacles of violence and bloodshed in the amphitheatre prove so appealing to the Romans? To answer this, Professor Fagan examines the ancient evidence in detail and draws on insights from modern studies of social psychology, and especially the behaviour of crowds. • Offers a new approach to the Roman arena games using insights drawn from social psychology • Confronts readers with the possibility that we too could sit in the audience at the Roman arena baying for the blood of outcasts • Written in a lively, readable style designed to appeal to a wide range of readers with no prior specialised knowledge Ancient history

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 350pp 10 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19616-1 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-18596-7 Paperback £22.99 A

Ancient history

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 376pp 978-0-521-88313-9 Hardback £65.00

Children in the Roman Empire


Outsiders Within Christian Laes | Free University of Brussels, University of Antwerp

Arsacids and Sasanians Political Ideology in Post-Hellenistic and Late Antique Persia M. Rahim Shayegan | University of California, Los Angeles

Sasanian Persia was one of the great powers of late antiquity and the most significant power in the Near East alongside the Roman Empire. This book reassesses Sasanian political ideology and its sources in the ideologies of the Achaemenid Persian Empire, Babylonian scholarship and Hellenistic Greek thought. • Proposes a new reconstruction of the early history of the Arsacid (Parthian) and Sasanian dynasties • Presents new and fragmented cuneiform sources hitherto unavailable • Uses a comparative and holistic approach (Seleucid, Roman and Persian perspectives – as well as classical and oriental sources – are fully taken into account)

Uses a wide range of written and archaeological sources to explore the lives of the ‘forgotten’ children of ancient Rome: from child emperors to children in the slums, from young magistrates to little artisans, peasants and mineworkers. Illuminates the similarities and differences between children’s lives then and their lives today. • Offers a broad view of both the reality of children’s lives and the concepts of childhood in the Roman Empire • Includes specific case studies and real-life examples • Makes use of a wide range of sources: literature, papyri, inscriptions and legal documents, archaeology and osteology, as well as comparative material from demography and anthropology Ancient history

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 380pp 6 b/w illus.   978-0-521-89746-4 Hardback £65.00 A

Ancient history

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 475pp 16 b/w illus.  4 maps  12 tables   978-0-521-76641-8 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Polis and Revolution Responding to Oligarchy in Classical Athens Julia L. Shear | American School of Classical Studies, Athens

Towards the end of the fifth century BC, Athens underwent two revolutions which both resulted in the establishment of oligarchic regimes. Julia Shear explores how democracy was restored and the city rebuilt in the aftermath of these coups and examines how the Athenians responded both individually and corporately. • The only comprehensive book-length treatment of the two oligarchic revolutions to date • Offers an innovative approach to the study of the revolutions by applying new theories of memory politics • All Greek is translated and technical terms are explained, so the book is accessible to non-specialists Ancient history

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 368pp 19 b/w illus.  11 tables   978-0-521-76044-7 Hardback £60.00 A

Peasants and Slaves The Rural Population of Roman Italy (200 BC to AD 100) Alessandro Launaro | Darwin College, Cambridge

A radical interdisciplinary reappraisal of the agrarian background to the political events which shaped the destiny of Rome (from Republic to Empire). The book actively builds upon the textual and archaeological evidence to trace the fate of the Italian rural free population during a crucial period of its history. • Provides an accessible synthesis of the demographic debate on Roman Italy • Offers a critical appraisal of the limitations and potential of landscape archaeology in relation to demography • Gathers a significant amount of published and unpublished data on rural settlements from all over Italy, with entries for about five thousand sites in the Appendix Ancient history | Cambridge Classical Studies

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 420pp 29 b/w illus.  5 maps  66 tables   978-1-107-00479-5 Hardback c. £65.00 A

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Classical studies

The Maeander Valley

Being, Nature, and Life in Aristotle

A Historical Geography from Antiquity to Byzantium Peter Thonemann | University of Oxford


Groundbreaking study of the long-term historical geography of Asia Minor in Graeco-Roman antiquity and the Byzantine Middle Ages. Uses an astonishing breadth of sources, ranging from Byzantine monastic archives to Latin poetic texts, ancient land records to hagiographic biographies. • Provides a detailed local history of south-western Asia Minor in the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods • Proposes a new way of writing historical geography over long time periods • Makes a theoretical contribution with potential impact beyond the field of ancient history and Byzantine studies Ancient history | Greek Culture in the Roman World

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 400pp 109 b/w illus.  13 maps  2 tables   978-1-107-00688-1 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Roman Landscape: Culture and Identity Diana Spencer | University of Birmingham

This survey explores how and why Romans of the late Republic and early Principate were fascinated with landscaped nature. Thematic discussions and case studies work through what ‘landscape’ represented and how studying Roman identity in terms of place, environment and the natural world helps us better to understand Rome itself. • Alphabetical list of important critical theory/methodological terms with succinct definitions presented right at the beginning for easy access, with chapter of first use indicated, plus instance of first use highlighted in relevant chapter • Famous real world examples discussed, including Hadrian’s Villa, Porticus of Pompey and the Gardens of Sallust • Extensive bibliography and guidance on key scholarship Ancient history | New Surveys in the Classics, 39

January 2011 234 x 156 mm 244pp 978-1-107-40024-5 Paperback c. £12.99


The Cambridge World History of Slavery Volume 1: The Ancient Mediterranean World Edited by Keith Bradley | University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Surveys the history of slavery in the ancient Mediterranean over three thousand years, concentrating particularly on the societies of ancient Greece and Rome. These are often considered as the first examples in world history of genuine slave societies because of the widespread prevalence of chattel slavery. • Provides a comprehensive survey covering the whole of the ancient Mediterranean and three thousand years of history • Explores the history of slavery from many different perspectives and using the full range of available textual and material evidence • Considers the various forms of ‘unfreedom’ which existed, while concentrating particularly on the well-attested ‘slave societies’ of ancient Greece and Rome Ancient history | The Cambridge World History of Slavery

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 608pp 12 b/w illus.   978-0-521-84066-8 Hardback £110.00 A

Essays in Honor of Allan Gotthelf Edited by James G. Lennox | University of Pittsburgh

Explores major themes in Aristotle’s metaphysics, his natural science and biology, and his methodology, informed by the belief that all aspects of Aristotle’s work need to be studied together if any one of the areas of his thought is to be fully understood. • The essays deal with a broad range of topics in Aristotle’s philosophy, thereby appealing to a wide scholarly readership • Demonstrates that all aspects of Aristotle’s work need to be studied together if any one of the areas of thought is to be properly understood • The contributors are internationally distinguished and among the best in current Aristotle scholarship Ancient philosophy

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 306pp 978-0-521-76844-3 Hardback £60.00


Epicurus and the Epicurean Tradition Edited by Jeffrey Fish | Baylor University, Texas

Brings together the work of leading classicists and philosophers in order to show the vitality and development of Epicureanism after Epicurus, and especially the dynamic interplay between tradition and innovation. • Focuses on innovation as well as continuity within the later Epicurean tradition • Displays a multidisciplinary approach, with ancient history, classical philology, papyrology and philosophical analysis all playing important roles • All Latin and Greek texts are translated so that the non-specialist student or scholar can follow the arguments Ancient philosophy

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 275pp 978-0-521-19478-5 Hardback c. £55.00


Socrates and Philosophy in the Dialogues of Plato Sandra Peterson | University of Minnesota

Through the close reading of passages in the Theaetetus, Republic and Phaedo, Sandra Peterson presents a new theory regarding the contrasting portrayals of Socrates in Plato’s dialogues, arguing that there is a single Socrates whose conception and practice of philosophy remain the same throughout the dialogues. • Provides new perspectives on the presentation of philosophy within several of Plato’s dialogues • Proposes a new hypothesis to explain the textual details of the hypothesis and the role of Plato within these dialogues • Contains substantial textual evidence Ancient philosophy

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 978-0-521-19061-9 Hardback £55.00


Classical studies

New in Paperback

Aristotle on Time


A Study of the Physics Tony Roark | Boise State University, Idaho

Aristotle developed an account of the nature of time that, whilst also inspired by Plato, is thoroughly bound up with Aristotle’s sophisticated analyses of motion and perception. Tony Roark’s unique interpretation of Aristotle’s temporal theory will appeal to those interested in Aristotle, ancient philosophy and the philosophy of time. • Presents a comprehensive interpretation of Aristotle’s views concerning the nature of time • Draws on Aristotle’s views concerning perception and cognition, appealing to scholars with interests in the De Anima and Parva Naturalia • Relates Aristotle’s temporal theory to twentieth-century work in the philosophy of time

Traditions and Transformations Edited by Steven K. Strange | Emory University, Atlanta

How did Stoicism influence Western thought after Greek and Roman antiquity? Contributors for this volume include some of the leading international scholars of Stoicism as well as experts in later periods of philosophy. They trace the impact of Stoicism from late antiquity through the medieval and modern periods. • Part of new wave of research into the importance of Stoicism reflected in recent Cambridge publications such as The Cambridge Companion to the Stoics and Hellenistic and Early Modern Philosophy • Strong appeal in both philosophy and classics • Distinguished roster of contributors

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 248pp 7 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00262-3 Hardback £50.00 A

The Ancient Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry

Galen: On Problematic Movements

Raymond Barfield | Duke University, North Carolina

Drawing on the work of a wide range of thinkers throughout the history of Western philosophy, Raymond Barfield explores the pervasiveness of poetry’s impact on philosophy and, conversely, how philosophy has sometimes resisted or denied poetry’s influence. • Provides a unique and innovative approach to reading philosophy that can be applied to other philosophical thinkers • Draws on the whole sweep of Western philosophy to address poetry’s influence on philosophy • Written in non-technical language that does not require a specialised background Ancient philosophy

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 250pp 978-1-107-00032-2 Hardback £55.00



Edited and translated by Vivian Nutton | University College London

A full scholarly edition of one of the most interesting works of Galen of Pergamum, probably the most important doctor and medical thinker in antiquity, dealing with movements that seem to contradict his understanding of human physiology. This comprehensive new edition renders all previous editions of this work obsolete. • The first full edition and English translation of a forgotten anatomical treatise by Galen, preserved in three different medieval translations • The first commentary on this treatise • A major study of medieval medical manuscripts Ancient philosophy | Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries, 47

May 2011 216 x 138 mm 400pp 1 b/w illus.   978-0-521-11549-0 Hardback c. £70.00 A

Roman Imperialism and Civic Patronage

Aristotle on the Nature of Truth Christopher P. Long | Pennsylvania State University

Articulates the nature of truth as a co-operative activity between human beings and the natural world that is rooted in our endeavours to do justice to the nature of things. • Offers an original understanding of truth rooted in the attempt to do justice to the expression of things • Undertakes a rigorous reading of central Aristotelian texts by drawing two traditions of interpretations into dialogue with one another: continental phenomenology and American pragmatic naturalism • Develops an innovative methodological approach to reading Aristotle called ‘legomenology’, and careful attention to the things said by Aristotle opens the new understanding of the ancient meaning of truth articulated in the book Ancient philosophy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 292pp 978-0-521-19121-0 Hardback £55.00


Ancient philosophy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 310pp 978-0-521-82709-6 Hardback £58.00 978-0-521-18164-8 Paperback £19.99

Ancient philosophy

Form, Meaning and Ideology in Monumental Fountain Complexes Brenda Longfellow | University of Iowa

This book examines one of the features of Roman Imperial cities, the monumental civic fountain. Dr Longfellow situates examples within their urban environment and investigates the edifice as a product of an individual patron and a particular historical and geographical context. • Interdisciplinary – will appeal to classicists, ancient historians and anyone interested in the history of art and architecture • Looks at the relationship between water spectacles, power and empire • Provides a new approach to ancient patronage Classical art, architecture

December 2010 253 x 215 mm 292pp 70 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19493-8 Hardback £55.00 A


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Classical studies

The Art of Building in the Classical World Vision, Craftsmanship, and Linear Perspective in Greek and Roman Architecture John R. Senseney | University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


This book examines the application of drawing in the design process of classical architecture, exploring how the tools and techniques of drawing developed for architecture subsequently shaped theories of vision and representations of the universe in science and philosophy. • Features new analyses of the ancient blueprints at Didyma, the design process of curvature in the Parthenon, and the Greek origins of linear perspective and scale ground plans • Describes how Greek architects influenced classical thought • Includes discussions of Plato’s relationship to pictorial representation Classical art, architecture

April 2011 253 x 215 mm 274pp 95 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00235-7 Hardback £55.00 A New in Paperback

Private Worship, Public Values, and Religious Change in Late Antiquity Kim Bowes | University of Pennsylvania

Conventional histories of late antique Christianity tell the story of a public institution – the Christian Church. Kim Bowes relates another history, that of the Christian private. She examines the Christian rituals of home and rural estate, which took place outside the supervision of bishops and their agents. • Uses both texts and archaeology to revise the history of Christianity’s first public centuries • Emphasizes that the family and the individual presented real challenges to the Christian Church • Presents a history of Christianity in which individuals were more powerful that institutions Classical art, architecture

March 2011 253 x 177 mm 376pp 25 b/w illus.  10 maps   978-0-521-88593-5 Hardback £58.00 A 978-1-107-40049-8 Paperback c. £19.99 A

Looking at Greek Art Mark D. Stansbury-O’Donnell | University of St Thomas, Minnesota

A practical guide to the methods for approaching, analysing and contextualising an unfamiliar piece of Greek art. It demonstrates how objects are dated and assigned to an artist or region; how to interpret the subject matter; and how to reconstruct the context for which an object was made and used. • Covers a wide range of theoretical approaches used in the study of Greek art • Focuses on the procedures, terms and evidence needed for research and writing on Greek art • Includes case studies and brief demonstrations of each approach to serve as models Classical art, architecture

December 2010 253 x 215 mm 268pp 82 b/w illus.   978-0-521-11038-9 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-12557-4 Paperback £19.99 A

Women and Visual Replication in Roman Imperial Art and Culture Visual Replication and Urban Elites Jennifer Trimble | Stanford University, California

Roman portrait statues, famed for their individuality, repeatedly employed the same body forms. This book examines the ‘Large Herculaneum Woman’ statue type, a draped female body common in the second century CE and surviving in about two hundred examples, to demonstrate how sameness helped to communicate a woman’s social identity. • Proposes a new interpretation of visual replication in Roman culture, contextualising the practice in social and economic terms • Combines art historical, archaeological and social historical perspectives to impart a broader understanding of the role Roman art played in people’s lives and shows how sculpture can be used as historical evidence • Interweaves local and empire-wide developments, setting both regional and empire-wide trends in their historical context Classical art, architecture | Greek Culture in the Roman World

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 528pp 69 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-82515-3 Hardback c. £75.00 A

Homer’s Trojan Theater Space, Vision, and Memory in the IIiad Jenny Strauss Clay | University of Virginia

This highly innovative and accessible study by one of the world’s leading Homeric scholars applies research in cognitive psychology and visual memory to offer a new way of understanding how the Iliad poet envisions and renders visible his narrative. Essential reading for all scholars, teachers and students of Homer. • Provides a detailed analysis of the Iliad’s landscape that embraces Troy, the Greek camp, and above all the battlefield • Shows how visual memory and mnemonics allow the poet of the Iliad not only to keep track of his large cast of characters, but also to keep his narrative on track • Outlines how an ancient text and modern cognitive psychology can mutually illuminate each other Classical literature

February 2011 216 x 138 mm 168pp 978-0-521-76277-9 Hardback £50.00 978-0-521-14948-8 Paperback £18.99


Relative Chronology in Early Greek Epic Poetry Edited by Øivind Andersen | Universitetet i Oslo

We know very little about the authors and cultural context of Greek epic poetry from the Homeric to the Classical period. This book investigates the relative chronology of these texts through linguistic and literary analyses of the internal evidence which they themselves provide. • Brings new depth to our understanding of Homer • Provides a useful overview of the current state of the field of relative chronology • International team of expert contributors Classical literature

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 300pp 6 b/w illus.  15 tables   978-0-521-19497-6 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Classical studies

Reading Sin in the World

Aristophanes and the Poetics of Competition

The Hamartigenia of Prudentius and the Vocation of the Responsible Reader Anthony Dykes | University of Manchester

Prudentius is one of the major Latin poets of antiquity. This major new study of his didactic poem, the Hamartigenia, which explores the origins of evil and its workings in the world, is striking for being as seriously interested in its theological as in its literary contribution. • Major contribution to scholarship on one of the major Latin poets of antiquity • Addresses audiences from different scholarly disciplines, examining the text from theological and literary angles • Uses all modern critical and philological tools to examine an ancient text Classical literature

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 300pp 978-1-107-00453-5 Hardback c. £70.00


Character, Narrator, and Simile in the Iliad

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 302pp 978-0-521-76407-0 Hardback £60.00

Jonathan L. Ready demonstrates that Homer uses similes in the Iliad as arenas of heroic competition. In addition to presenting the first sustained critical exploration of similes spoken by characters, Ready investigates similes the narrator uses to describe battles and provides a new way to account for their length. • The first exploration of Homer’s similes in the Iliad as arenas of heroic competition • A new take on the simile’s place in the Iliad • The first sustained critical examination of similes spoken by characters Classical literature


Roman Republican Theatre A History Gesine Manuwald | University College London


Ovid in the Middle Ages Edited by James G. Clark | University of Bristol

Ovid is perhaps the most important surviving Latin poet and his work has influenced writers throughout Europe to the present day. This volume presents a groundbreaking series of essays on his reception across Europe in the Middle Ages. • Pioneering study accessible to a broad range of scholars and students • Surveys the influence of Ovid throughout medieval Europe, including Britain, northern Europe, Italy, Spain and the Byzantine Empire from the end of antiquity to the beginning of the Renaissance • Examines the influence of Ovid on the whole spectrum of medieval culture, from poetry and history (in both Latin and the vernacular languages) to the decorative arts Classical literature

An up-to-date and comprehensive history of Roman drama from its beginnings until the end of the Republican period. Its clear structure and full bibliography also ensure that the book has value as a source of reference for all upper-level students and scholars of Latin literature and ancient drama. • The first modern single-volume history of the whole spectrum of Republican drama at Rome • Discusses developments and the connections between the various dramatic genres, poets and contexts • The clear subdivision and presentation of the material and the full bibliography make this volume an invaluable reference tool Classical literature

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 420pp 978-0-521-11016-7 Hardback c. £65.00

Athenian comedy was written for performance in competitions at religious festivals. This book applies traditional philological techniques to five of Aristophanes’ plays in order to demonstrate how that competitive context shaped his poetry and plots, as he sought to engage his rivals and impress the audience in order to win. • English translations of all Greek passages, allowing access to a wider readership • Abundant evidence outside of Aristophanes, places discussion in a broader literary framework that will appeal not just to Aristophanes specialists • Includes topic and passage indices, full bibliography and abundant footnoting, all of which provides researchers with more immediate access to specific discussions in the study and likewise directs readers to relevant current and older bibliography Classical literature

Jonathan L. Ready | Indiana University

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 300pp 978-0-521-19064-0 Hardback £55.00

Zachary P. Biles | Franklin and Marshall College, Pennsylvania


May 2011 228 x 152 mm 365pp 21 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00205-0 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Republicanism, Rhetoric, and Roman Political Thought Sallust, Livy, and Tacitus Daniel J. Kapust | University of Georgia

Republicanism, Rhetoric, and Roman Political Thought develops readings of Sallust, Livy and Tacitus in light of contemporary discussions of republicanism and rhetoric. Drawing on recent scholarship and other classical writers and later political thinkers, this book interprets the three historians’ treatments of liberty, rhetoric, and social and political conflict. • Only recent book focusing primarily on the Roman historians and aimed explicitly at political theorists and philosophers • Interdisciplinary in scope and focus, with appeal to classicists, political theorists and political philosophers • Addresses two of the most prominent recent debates in political theory and political philosophy: republicanism and rhetoric Classical literature

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 204pp 978-1-107-00057-5 Hardback £55.00


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Classical studies

Jewish Exegesis and Homeric Scholarship in Alexandria Maren R. Niehoff | Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Maren Niehoff provides a systematic analysis of the critical and literary methods of Bible interpretation developed by the Alexandrian Jews. She argues that by creatively engaging with Homeric scholarship developed at the Museum, they offered revolutionary interpretations of Scripture. • Connects features of Alexandrian Bible interpretation to subsequent phenomena in the Greek tradition as well as with Judaism and Christianity • Contains references to the nature and conception of the Septuagint as a basis of Jewish Bible interpretation in Alexandria, of interest to specialists in Septuagint studies • Analyses Jewish interpretations of Scripture, providing an introductory view of Homeric scholarship Classical literature

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 978-1-107-00072-8 Hardback c. £50.00


Statius Edited by Carole E. Newlands | University of Colorado, Boulder

Introduction and commentary designed for advanced students. Written for the most part after the success of the Thebaid, the Silvae present a dialogue between the life of court politics and that of cultured withdrawal, delicately and allusively exploring the competing values of courtly service and private life. • Up-to-date and authoritative commentary • A full introduction explains the main features of the poet’s style and these are further explained in the commentary • Gives special attention to Roman domestic culture and the language employed, allowing students to better grasp the importance of these texts for understanding Roman imperial society and culture Classical literature | Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics

February 2011 216 x 138 mm 336pp 978-0-521-66187-4 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-66623-7 Paperback £21.99


Plato: Phaedrus

Sophocles: Ajax

Plato Edited by Harvey Yunis | Rice University, Houston

Sophocles Edited by P. J. Finglass | University of Nottingham

This is the first full-scale treatment of the play since the nineteenth century. Presenting a newly constituted text and apparatus, it takes full advantage of subsequent developments in scholarship to analyse the play on a variety of levels: literary, dramatic, textual, metrical. • First large-scale treatment of this play since the nineteenth century • Provides a newly constituted Greek text and apparatus accompanied by a translation • The detailed Introduction and Commentary deal with literary, dramatic, textual and metrical approaches to the play Classical literature | Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries, 48

June 2011 216 x 138 mm 630pp 3 tables   978-1-107-00307-1 Hardback c. £100.00

Statius: Silvae Book II


Horace: Odes IV and Carmen Saeculare Horace Edited by Richard Thomas

Edition with introduction and commentary of Horace’s Carmen Saeculare and fourth book of Odes. Horace’s return to lyric combines poems focusing alternately on the political and the personal, revealing a dynamic tension between the two. Suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students as well as being important for scholars. • The first full English commentary since the nineteenth century • Provides considerable help with understanding the Latin • Engages students with the difficult textual problems and relates them to the composition of the poems Classical literature | Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics

May 2011 216 x 138 mm 350pp 1 b/w illus.  1 map   978-0-521-58279-7 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-58766-2 Paperback c. £19.99 A

New edition, with Greek text and Commentary, primarily intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of ancient Greek literature and philosophy, although also useful for scholars who want an up-to-date account of how to understand the text, argument, style and background of the work. • New edition of and commentary on one of Plato’s most important texts • The Commentary addresses all issues in translating the Greek text and in understanding how Plato’s Greek works • The Introduction and Commentary present comprehensive background information on fourth-century BCE Greek philosophy and rhetoric Classical literature | Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics

May 2011 216 x 138 mm 300pp 2 maps   978-0-521-84776-6 Hardback c. £50.00 978-0-521-61259-3 Paperback c. £19.99


Plutarch: How to Study Poetry (De audiendis poetis) Plutarch Edited by Richard Hunter | University of Cambridge

Aimed at scholars and students interested in ancient education and literary criticism. The Introduction and Commentary bring together a wealth of material drawn from widely scattered and often relatively inaccessible sources, so that the book may also serve as an introduction to the whole subject of ancient reading practices. • First full commentary on this unusually fascinating text • Offers full help with grammar, syntax and style to help student readers • Provides a wide range of background material and context, enabling the book to serve as an introduction to the whole range of ancient reading practices and literary criticism Classical literature | Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics

May 2011 216 x 138 mm 240pp 978-1-107-00204-3 Hardback c. £60.00 978-0-521-17360-5 Paperback c. £22.99


Classical studies / English literature

Reading Virgil

The ‘Orphic’ Gold Tablets and Greek Religion

Aeneid I and II Peter Jones

This edition of the first two books of Virgil’s twelve-book masterpiece the Aeneid is designed to provide all the help that someone who has finished an introductory course in Latin will need to read Virgil accurately, intelligently and with maximum benefit and pleasure. • Enables the reader to appreciate Virgil in a uniquely accessible way • Provides full help with vocabulary and grammar, and regular review sections • Includes regular essays about Virgil’s handling of plot, character and language, encouraging literary appreciation Classical literature | Cambridge Intermediate Latin Readers

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 344pp 5 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76866-5 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-17154-0 Paperback c. £17.99 X

The ‘Orphic’ gold tablets are some of the most fascinating and baffling pieces of evidence for ancient Greek religion. This volume examines some of the new methodologies employed in their study and includes an updated edition and translation of the tablet texts. • Analyses the tablets using a variety of theoretical approaches to provide multiple perspectives of the scholarship • Contributors include a number of established and new scholars in the field, discussing the concerns of contemporary debates and emerging trends • Includes philological and archaeological perspectives, providing a more complete contextualisation than other studies Classical studies (general)

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 396pp 978-0-521-51831-4 Hardback £60.00

Narrative and Identity in the Ancient Greek Novel


Facing the Gods

Returning Romance Tim Whitmarsh | Corpus Christi College, Oxford

Explores the four major extant Greek novels, among the most important products of Greek literature under the Roman Empire, and offers a fresh reading of the romance both as a distinctive narrative form (using a range of narrative theories) and as a paradigmatic expression of identity (social, sexual and cultural). • Offers a new interpretation of the ancient Greek romance by an acknowledged expert • Provides a sophisticated account of the romance as a form, using a range of narrative theories • Locates the romance in the context of the identity politics of the early Imperial period, offering a new perspective on the cultural history of the Greek world under Rome Classical literature | Greek Culture in the Roman World

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 305pp 978-0-521-82391-3 Hardback c. £60.00

Further Along the Path Edited by Radcliffe G. Edmonds | Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania


Epiphany and Representation in Graeco-Roman Art, Literature and Religion Verity Platt | Cornell University, New York

Explores divine manifestations and their representations not only in art, but also in literature, histories and inscriptions. The cultural analysis of epiphany is set within a historical framework that examines its development from the archaic period through the Hellenistic world and into the Roman Empire. • The first book to address the theme of epiphany throughout the whole of classical antiquity • Explores divine manifestations and their representations not only in art, but also in literary, historical and epigraphic accounts • Makes a substantial new contribution to the understanding of how the divine and religion were imagined in antiquity Classical studies (general) | Greek Culture in the Roman World

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 550pp 51 b/w illus.   978-0-521-86171-7 Hardback c. £75.00 A

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Nature, Culture, and the Origins of Greek Comedy

English literature

A Study of Animal Choruses Kenneth S. Rothwell, Jr | University of Massachusetts, Boston

This book argues that the animal choruses in Greek comedy of the late fifth century may have been conscious revivals of an earlier tradition of archaic aristocratic symposium. Kenneth Rothwell examines the various appearances of animals in comedy, their function and the tradition that created the genre. • Interdisciplinary approach, using evidence from literature, philosophy, vase-painting, folklore and ancient scientific writings • Overturns orthodoxies • Offers a new interpretation of the Birds, perhaps Aristophanes’ greatest play Classical studies (general)

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 340pp 978-0-521-86066-6 Hardback £58.00 978-0-521-17193-9 Paperback £24.99


Transatlantic Stories and the History of Reading, 1720–1810 Migrant Fictions Eve Tavor Bannet | University of Oklahoma

A study of popular eighteenth-century stories which shaped Britons’ and Americans’ views of the Atlantic world, and about how they were revised by printers and publishers for different readerships in different circumstances. It will be of interest to students of literature, history and Atlantic and transatlantic studies. • Gives readers unexpected and little explored perspectives on the eighteenth-century past • Offers historians of the book concrete examples of the variability and adaptability of texts in eighteenth-century British and American print culture • Presents stories bearing on the lives of women, servants, slaves, Indians, the poor and the déclassé, such as works by Penelope Aubin, Rowlandson and Chetwood English literature – 1700 – 1830

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 1 map   978-1-107-00746-8 Hardback c. £55.00


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English literature

The Child Reader, 1700–1840 M. O. Grenby | University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Pioneering exciting new methodologies, Grenby looks at the first users of the new children’s literature that developed in the eighteenth century. It will be essential reading for anyone interested in the history of reading, of childhood, and of children’s literature. • The first in-depth study of the actual users of the first books published for children • Draws on a wide range of archival sources, including marginalia, paintings, diaries, home-made books and correspondence • Illustrated with 40 images representing eighteenth-century children reading, their books and how they were used English literature – 1700 – 1830


February 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 40 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19644-4 Hardback £55.00 A

Edmund Burke and the Art of Rhetoric Paddy Bullard | University of Kent, Canterbury

The first major account of the rhetoric of Edmund Burke, perhaps the most accomplished orator ever to speak in the British Parliament. Aimed at literary scholars and intellectual historians interested in the Enlightenment and Romantic periods, it also covers topics in eighteenth-century politics, philosophy, Irish history and the British Empire. • Will appeal to readers with a technical or historical interest in rhetoric, as well as to Burke specialists • Offers new readings of Burke’s best-known texts, the Philosophical Enquiry and the Reflections • Places Burke’s writing for the first time in its intellectual contexts: emerging discourses of moral psychology and Irish debates about civic eloquence English literature – 1700 – 1830

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 304pp 978-1-107-00657-7 Hardback c. £55.00


The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen Second edition Edited by Edward Copeland | Pomona College, California

This fully updated edition of the acclaimed Cambridge Companion offers clear, accessible coverage of the intricacies of Austen’s works in their historical context, with biographical information and suggestions for further reading. With seven new essays, the Companion now covers topics that have become central to recent Austen studies. • Fully updated edition of a successful Companion • Includes seven new essays; the rest are updated, as is the further reading • Covers Austen’s works, life and context in one handy volume English literature – 1700 – 1830 | Cambridge Companions to Literature

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 300pp 978-0-521-76308-0 Hardback £50.00 978-0-521-74650-2 Paperback £15.99


The Cambridge Companion to British Literature of the French Revolution in the 1790s Edited by Pamela Clemit | Durham University

This Companion highlights the energy, variety and inventiveness of the literature written in response to events in France and the political reaction at home, most famously by Burke, Paine, Godwin and Wollstonecraft. It contains specially commissioned essays, a chronology of events and publications, and an extensive guide to further reading. • The first single volume overview of British literary responses to the French Revolution • Contributors include historians as well as literary scholars • Includes a chronology of historical events and major works, and a guide to further reading English literature – 1700 – 1830 | Cambridge Companions to Literature

Revolution and the Antiquarian Book

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 248pp 12 b/w illus.   978-0-521-51607-5 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-73162-1 Paperback £18.99 A

Reshaping the Past, 1780–1815 Kristian Jensen | The British Library

Shelley’s Visual Imagination

At the end of the eighteenth century extravagant sums of money were spent on the acquisition of old books. Focusing on Paris and London, but taking a pan-European view, this book examines the emergence of this commodity and of a new historical discipline created by traders and craftsmen. • Proposes a new interpretation of the function of historic book collections • Widens the appeal of book history to readers from other disciplines by emphasising unexplored connections • Draws on extensive economic data, on unpublished archival material, and on sources hitherto under-explored in this discipline, including newspaper reports, contemporary book reviews and travel books

Nancy Goslee | University of Tennessee

This first full-length study of Shelley’s remarkable notebooks shows how important illustrations, sketches and drafts were to the creative process of his published poems. Nancy Goslee explores the notebooks, the visual and textual imagination they reveal, and the wider implications for an understanding of the creative process of Romantic poets. • Explores for the first time Shelley’s creative process as revealed in his recently published notebooks • Challenges the dominant view that Romantic poetry scorns visual imagery • Offers new insight into the creative processes of Romantic poets

English literature – 1700 – 1830

English literature – 1700 – 1830 | Cambridge Studies in Romanticism

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 328pp 40 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-1-107-00051-3 Hardback £55.00 A

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 9 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00838-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A

English literature

Blake, Sexuality and Bourgeois Politeness

Pamela: Or, Virtue Rewarded

Susan Matthews | Roehampton University, London

Susan Matthews examines Blake’s place within a bourgeois culture in the process of redefining the role and meaning of sexuality. Chapters focus on Fuseli and female sexuality, William Hayley and bluestocking culture, William Cowper and the sexuality of the natural world, and Richardson and the representation of rape. • Proposes a new reading of Blake, appealing to those who find gender and sexuality problematic areas of Blake’s work • Examines the relationship between Blake and liberal bourgeois culture • Explores both verbal and visual work by Blake English literature – 1700 – 1830 | Cambridge Studies in Romanticism, 88

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 24 b/w illus.   978-0-521-51357-9 Hardback £55.00 A

This new critical edition of Samuel Richardson’s first novel features an authoritative text based on the first edition, general and textual introductions, extensive explanatory notes and textual apparatus. A long-awaited event in eighteenth-century studies, the publication of this volume heralds the first full scholarly edition of Richardson’s compete works. • A full scholarly edition providing an accurate, reliable text of Richardson’s first novel • The first volume in the new Cambridge edition of Richardson’s complete works • The volume includes extensive explanatory notes and textual apparatus English literature – 1700 – 1830 | The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Samuel Richardson, 2

Romantic Tragedies

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 700pp 15 b/w illus.   978-0-521-84895-4 Hardback c. £75.00 A

The Dark Employments of Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Shelley Reeve Parker | Cornell University, New York

Wordsworth, Coleridge and Shelley all wrote tragedies in response to the turbulent political and intellectual climate in Britain, during and after the French Revolution. Unveiling the remarkable artistry of these mostly unperformed plays, this book examines the playwrights’ hostility to royalist Britain as well as their relations with each other. • New interpretation of how major Romantic poets Coleridge, Shelley and Wordsworth used drama to explore their political and intellectual ambitions • Innovative new readings of The Borderers, Osorio, Remorse and The Cenci • New insights into the relationships between three major Romantic poets English literature – 1700 – 1830 | Cambridge Studies in Romanticism, 87

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 6 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76711-8 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Edited by Sally Ledger | Birkbeck College, University of London

Charles Dickens, a man so representative of his age as to have become considered synonymous with it, demands to be read in context. This book illuminates the worlds – social, political, economic and artistic – in which Dickens worked. • Aimed at students and researchers of Dickens and the Victorian period, with digestible, yet detailed and self-contained chapters • Combines scholarly authority with innovative new approaches • Provides a starting point for investigating any Dickens-related topic, with suggestions on how to develop the research English literature – 1830 – 1900

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 450pp 17 b/w illus.   978-0-521-88700-7 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Edited by Carolyn Dever | Vanderbilt University, Tennessee

Richard Adelman | University of Edinburgh

Traces the ways in which Romantic writers responded to a debate over the dangers and rewards of idle contemplation, and examines the resulting growth of a ‘British idealism’. • Offers new insights into positive and negative aspects of the Romantic concept of idleness • Proposes a new framework for understanding key Romantic poets • Demonstrates the interactions between British and German thought in this period in surprising areas English literature – 1700 – 1830 | Cambridge Studies in Romanticism


Charles Dickens in Context

The Cambridge Companion to Anthony Trollope

Idleness, Contemplation and the Aesthetic, 1750–1830

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 978-0-521-19068-8 Hardback c. £55.00

Samuel Richardson Edited by Albert J. Rivero | Marquette University, Wisconsin

For nearly 150 years, Anthony Trollope has been among the most admired of British novelists. This collection presents a balanced and diverse range of essays on Trollope, and will be of interest to students and scholars alike. • Up-to-date survey of Trollope scholarship • Balanced and diverse range of essays from experts in the field • Readily accessible to student and teacher alike English literature – 1830 – 1900 | Cambridge Companions to Literature

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 256pp 2 b/w illus.   978-0-521-88636-9 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-71395-5 Paperback £19.99 A

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English literature

Women, Literature, and the Domesticated Landscape England’s Disciples of Flora, 1780–1870 Judith W. Page | University of Florida


Combines an analysis of literature and art, women’s history and culture, and real and conceptual gardens as it reconsiders the role of the garden in educational, aesthetic, and political debates from 1780 to 1870. Written in a lively and engaging style and amply illustrated. • Offers new and original insights into women’s lives and ways of writing, through their relationship to the landscape • A collaboration between an art historian and a literary scholar, combining the insights and methodologies of both disciplines • Includes over 70 illustrations fully analyzed and integrated into the text, providing an enriched context for analysis of art and literature

Modernism and Race Edited by Len Platt | Goldsmiths College, University of London

The ‘transnational’ turn has transformed modernist studies, positioning race, as opposed to ‘the West’, at the very centre of how we now understand modern literature. These new essays represent a major contribution to this important theoretical development. • An important new contribution to the growing scholarly interest in race and modern literature • Each essay is written in a clear and jargon-free style by a leading expert in the field • Offers new insights into well-known authors and their works, including Eliot and Joyce English literature – 1900 – 1945

English literature – 1830 – 1900 | Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture, 76

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 224pp 978-0-521-51944-1 Hardback c. £50.00

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 336pp 72 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76865-8 Hardback £55.00 A

The Modernist Novel

Urban Realism and the Cosmopolitan Imagination in the Nineteenth Century Visible City, Invisible World Tanya Agathocleous | Hunter College, City University of New York

Examining works by writers including Wordsworth, Dickens and Conan Doyle, as well as spectacles such as the Great Exhibition, Tanya Agathocleous shows how London was conceived as a cosmopolis – an image of the world that allowed writers and readers to come to grips with the advent of globalization. • Contributes substantially to the thriving field of cosmopolitanism in a new way, and looks at nineteenth-century writers including Wordsworth and Dickens • Offers a broad approach to the topic, covering a wide time span, treating modern and contemporary eras as well as the Victorian • Interdisciplinary in approach: will interest those working in the fields of art history, urban studies, cultural and postcolonial studies and the history of the novel as well as Victorianists English literature – 1830 – 1900 | Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 294pp 21 b/w illus.  1 map  1 table   978-0-521-76264-9 Hardback £55.00 A

Race, Empire and First World War Writing Edited by Santanu Das | Queen Mary, University of London

In a time when First World War studies remains largely Eurocentric, this book offers space for discussion in a comparative framework, giving a multi-racial and international view on modern memories of the War. It recounts experiences of combatants and non-combatants and draws upon fresh historical, literary and visual archival material. • The international and multi-racial perspective of this book will appeal to readers who are increasingly uncomfortable with a Eurocentric view of the First World War • Issues such as race and wartime representation, inter-racial contact, and literary and cultural memory are analysed in an easy and accessible style • Brings together scholars from diverse fields such as history, literature, sociology, and colonial, war and gender studies English literature – 1900 – 1945

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 336pp 8 b/w illus.   978-0-521-50984-8 Hardback c. £55.00 A


A Critical Introduction Stephen Kern | Ohio State University

Leading scholar Stephen Kern offers a probing analysis of the modernist novel, encompassing American, British and European works. A fundamental source for discussions of the genre and a useful introduction to the subject for students and scholars of modernism and twentieth-century literature. • A new take on the subject by one of the most eminent scholars of modernist fiction • Essential reading for those taking or teaching courses on the modernist novel • Close readings of Woolf, Joyce, Hemingway, Proust and other British, European and American novelists English literature – 1900 – 1945

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 2 b/w illus.  1 table   978-1-107-00811-3 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-1-107-40042-9 Paperback c. £16.99 A

Modernism and Popular Music Ronald Schleifer | University of Oklahoma

In Modernism and Popular Music, Ronald Schleifer shows how the music of George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller and Billie Holiday can be considered as artistic expressions equal to those of the traditional high art practices in music and literature. • An exemplary example of interdisciplinary studies between literary criticism and musicology • The first discussion of a ‘modernist’ aesthetics of popular music • The first book-length study to analyze the lyrics of popular music in the manner of examining canonical poetry English literature – 1900 – 1945

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 256pp 27 music examples   978-1-107-00505-1 Hardback c. £50.00 A

English literature

The Cambridge Companion to Twentieth-Century British and Irish Women’s Poetry Edited by Jane Dowson | De Montfort University, Leicester

This Companion is aimed at students and poetry enthusiasts wanting to deepen their knowledge of some of the finest modern poets. It provides new approaches to a wide range of influential women’s poetry, a chronology and guide to further reading. • Extensive coverage of key poets across the century from Mina Loy to Carol Ann Duffy • Discusses the critical reception of women’s poetry in detail, with suggestions for key studies for further reading • Makes connections between poets, works and themes, offering new ways of reading women’s poetry English literature – 1900 – 1945 | Cambridge Companions to Literature

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 4 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19785-4 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-12021-0 Paperback c. £17.99 A

Joseph Conrad Edited by Gene M. Moore | Universiteit van Amsterdam

This edition of Conrad’s last novel, established through modern textual scholarship, presents the text in a form more authoritative than any so far printed. This edition includes full textual apparatus, explanatory notes, glossary, illustrations and an informative introduction. • The authoritative scholarly edition of Conrad’s last novel • Includes never before published materials • Allows scholars to appreciate the importance of the work to Conrad’s oeuvre as a whole English literature – 1900 – 1945 | The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad

April 2011 216 x 138 mm 400pp 4 b/w illus.  1 map   978-0-521-82353-1 Hardback c. £75.00 A

T. S. Eliot in Context Edited by Jason Harding | University of Durham

Quetzalcoatl D. H. Lawrence Edited by N. H. Reeve | Swansea University

This edition of the original Quetzalcoatl, an early version of The Plumed Serpent, includes a record of all revisions and an introduction outlining its compositional history. Its publication here means that all Lawrence’s novels, in their first, intermediate and final versions, are now available in the Cambridge edition. • The first scholarly edition of Quetzalcoatl, the early version of the novel The Plumed Serpent • Includes full explanatory notes and textual apparatus showing Lawrence’s revisions to the text • Lawrence’s first attempt to reflect his fascination with Mexico in his fiction English literature – 1900 – 1945 | The Cambridge Edition of the Works of D. H. Lawrence

May 2011 216 x 138 mm 420pp 978-1-107-00407-8 Hardback c. £80.00



Last Essays Joseph Conrad Edited by Harold Ray Stevens | McDaniel College

This edition of Last Essays, established through modern textual scholarship, presents Conrad’s Congo notebooks and his essays, prefaces, reviews and other occasional writings in a form more authoritative than any so far printed. • The first scholarly, fully annotated edition of the posthumous volume of Conrad’s Last Essays (1926) • Includes never before published early drafts • An MLA Approved Edition, MLA Committee on Scholarly Editions English literature – 1900 – 1945 | The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad

December 2010 216 x 138 mm 536pp 8 b/w illus.  4 maps   978-0-521-19059-6 Hardback £70.00 A

T. S. Eliot in Context provides an authoritative and comprehensive examination of those biographical, historical and critical contexts essential to the fullest understanding of T. S. Eliot’s challenging and controversial work. Drawing on original research, this collection provides a valuable resource for scholars, students and general readers. • A clear and precise guide to a comprehensive range of contexts essential to a full understanding of Eliot’s work • Ideal reference for students of modernism – arranged in a series of short thematic chapters • Useful for specialist scholars eager to learn more about a body of published and unpublished work which is extremely difficult to access English literature – 1945 and beyond

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 424pp 5 b/w illus.   978-0-521-51153-7 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Bloomsbury, Modernism, and the Reinvention of Intimacy Jesse Wolfe | California State University, Stanislaus

Ambivalence towards Victorian ideals of ‘maleness’ and ‘femaleness’ and the value of monogamy and marriage were primary sources of the Bloomsbury Group writers’ aesthetic strength. Wolfe combines literary criticism with philosophy, psychoanalysis and sociology to offer a fresh account of the reciprocal relations between historical modernity and artistic modernism. • Shows how Woolf’s and Freud’s avant-garde techniques combine with Forster’s more traditionalist ones to enrich Bloomsbury’s examinations of intimacy • Explains why Bloomsbury’s ambivalent attitudes continue to provoke writers and filmmakers today • Includes historical, sociological and demographic data enabling readers to see the larger context of the various texts English literature – 1945 and beyond

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 4 b/w illus.  14 tables   978-1-107-00604-1 Hardback c. £55.00 A

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English literature


Imagination and the Contemporary Novel

The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Mysticism

John J. Su | Marquette University, Wisconsin

Edited by Samuel Fanous | University of Oxford

John Su explores literary responses from across the Anglophone world to the profound economic, social and political shifts that have occurred since the end of the Cold War. Broadly comparative in scope, this study uses examples from the United States, Great Britain, Africa and Southeast Asia. • Broad comparative focus, bringing together a wide variety of Anglophone literatures from across the world • Detailed readings of Monica Ali, Julian Barnes, André Brink, J. M. Coetzee, Amitav Ghosh, Nadine Gordimer, Hanif Kureishi, Salman Rushdie and Zadie Smith • Finds common themes in Anglophone writing that transcend the categories of postmodern or postcolonial literature

This is an excellent, insightful introduction to medieval English mystical texts, their authors, readers and communities. Featuring a guide to further reading and a chronology, the Companion offers an accessible overview for students of literature, history and theology. • First comprehensive secondary work on medieval English mystics • Will give students an excellent grasp of the relationship between historical and cultural events, and literary texts and developments • Includes the latest, cutting-edge research presented in an accessible form, supported by extensive further reading and a full chronology

English literature – 1945 and beyond

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 224pp 978-1-107-00677-5 Hardback c. £50.00


Anglo-Saxon England

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 1 table   978-0-521-85343-9 Hardback c. £55.00 978-0-521-61864-9 Paperback c. £18.99


The Cambridge Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Literature

Volume 38 Edited by Malcolm Godden | University of Oxford

Anglo-Saxon England is the only publication which consistently embraces all the main aspects of study of Anglo-Saxon history and culture. Articles in volume 38 include: Understanding Numbers in MS London, British Library Harley by Daniel Anlezark and Tudor Antiquaries and the Vita Ædwardi Regis by Henry Summerso. • Collection of original research embracing all aspects of study regarding Anglo-Saxon England • Comprehensive bibliography of publications on Anglo-Saxon England during 2008 • Contributions made from notable scholars such as Daniel Anlezark and Henry Summerso English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Anglo-Saxon England

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 358pp 978-0-521-19406-8 Hardback £90.00

English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Cambridge Companions to Literature


The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Culture Edited by Andrew Galloway | Cornell University, New York

This Companion introduces a wide range of materials that constitute the cultures of medieval England, across fields including political and legal history, archaeology, social history, art history, religion and the history of education. Above all it looks at the literature of medieval England, and post-medieval perspectives on the ‘Middle Ages’. • Offers essays from a wide range of disciplines but with a focus on history and literature • Each essay introduces a theme and offers suggestions for further reading • Looks at medieval England from both an insider’s and outsider’s perspective, allowing comparisons with other European countries English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Cambridge Companions to Culture

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 4 b/w illus.   978-0-521-85689-8 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-0-521-67327-3 Paperback c. £17.99 A

Hugh Magennis | The Queen’s University of Belfast

An approachable and stimulating introduction to Anglo-Saxon literature, this book provides indispensable guidance for students on this important topic in literary studies. Key individual works including Beowulf are discussed in detail, with modern English translations, and the literature is placed in larger historical and theoretical contexts. • Chapters are organised by topic in order to provide important historical context and each pays significant attention to key individual works which are widely studied, such as Beowulf and The Seafarer • All quotations from Anglo-Saxon texts are translated into modern English and the original language quotations are carefully explained • Includes a section detailing resources for studying Anglo-Saxon literature and provides a sound foundation and guidance for the student to explore the subject further English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Cambridge Introductions to Literature

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 260pp 12 b/w illus.  4 maps   978-0-521-51947-2 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-0-521-73465-3 Paperback c. £15.99 X

Ethics and Enjoyment in Late Medieval Poetry Love After Aristotle Jessica Rosenfeld | Washington University, St Louis

This is a study of the love poetry of late medieval Europe, looking in particular at the ways in which the Ethics of Aristotle, newly translated, influenced the ideas and expressions of courtly love. • Offers compelling close readings of major canonical medieval French and English texts by Jean de Meun, Guillaume de Machaut, Jean Froissart, Geoffrey Chaucer and William Langland • Revises current understandings of the ethical legacy of ‘courtly love’ • Brings together medieval Aristotelianism, vernacular love poetry and Lacanian psychoanalysis English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, 85

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 256pp 978-1-107-00011-7 Hardback £55.00


English literature

Artisans and Narrative Craft in Late-Medieval England

Court Poetry in Late Medieval England and Scotland

Lisa H. Cooper | University of Wisconsin, Madison

Allegories of Authority Antony J. Hasler | St Louis University, Missouri

This book explores the representation of artisans – masons, carpenters, blacksmiths, and more – in medieval English literature from c.1000-1483. It reveals that craft labor plays a central role in texts as varied as school-books, comic poems, spiritual literature, and works of political advice. • First book-length study of artisans in medieval English literature • Provides a multifaceted set of readings, making use of research into economic, social, intellectual, artistic, and technological history, but focusing on literary and textual culture • Contributes not only to literary scholarship, but also to the study of the history and theory of labor and material culture English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, 82

This book explores a wide range of English and Scottish court poetry of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, including work by Skelton, Dunbar and others, and examines the ways in which the desire of court poets for legitimation tended to subvert the authority they claimed for their poetry. • Provides comprehensive overview of both English and Scottish court poetry together, including major writers such as John Skelton and William Dunbar • Employs current critical theory, exemplifying how theory can work with regard to late-medieval texts • Explores the wider issues involved in writing for a royal or court patron in the medieval era

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 304pp 11 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76897-9 Hardback £55.00 A

English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, 80

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-0-521-80957-3 Hardback £55.00

Vernacular Translation in Dante’s Italy

The Production of Books in England 1350–1500

Illiterate Literature Alison Cornish | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

A major study of translations into the vernacular in late medieval Italy, and their impact on literature and culture. Vernacular translation was a phenomenon with which all authors in this period – from Brunetto Latini to Giovanni Boccaccio – had to contend. • First book-length treatment of medieval Italian translation • Puts forward a new reading of what vernacular translation was all about in this place and time • A fresh interpretation of the circumstances of the creation of The Divine Comedy English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, 83

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 286pp 978-1-107-00113-8 Hardback £55.00


Living Death in Medieval French and English Literature Jane Gilbert | University College London

Ideas of living death – from undying love to supernatural survival – are remarkably prevalent in medieval literature. This book provides original, provocative interpretations of canonical medieval texts, from the Song of Roland to Chaucer, in the light of influential modern theories, especially Lacanian psychoanalysis, presented in an accessible and lively way. • Proposes original interpretations of canonical literary works from Chaucer to Francois Villon • Explains and contextualizes important modern theories, especially Lacanian psychoanalysis, using them to read medieval works • Makes explicit, original and stimulating connections between the Middle Ages and modern thinking, and between English and French tradition in this edgy area English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature, 84

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 304pp 978-1-107-00383-5 Hardback £55.00



Edited by Alexandra Gillespie | University of Toronto

This book gathers the best new work on manuscript books in England made during this crucial but neglected period. A wide-ranging and innovative series of essays, this volume is a major contribution to the history of the book from the first commercial guilds to the advent of print. • Provides a new overview of the field of late medieval English manuscript studies • Will address a significant gap in readers’ information about the history of the book, literature and culture in fourteenth- and fifteenth-century England • Introduces a range of new theories, methods, approaches and topics to the field of late medieval English manuscript studies English literature – Anglo-Saxon and Medieval | Cambridge Studies in Palaeography and Codicology, 14

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 376pp 40 b/w illus.  2 maps  1 table   978-0-521-88979-7 Hardback c. £55.00 A

The King James Bible after Four Hundred Years Literary, Linguistic, and Cultural Influences Edited by Hannibal Hamlin | Ohio State University

Bringing together leading scholars from a wide range of disciplines, this groundbreaking volume examines the cultural impact of the King James Bible since 1611. Chapters cover the history and making of the King James Bible and its influence over the centuries of writing which followed, in English and American literature. • Focuses on the reception history of the King James Bible and its cultural impact, rather than on its making – most available books on the King James Bible focus on how it was made rather than examining its profound and extensive influence • Brings together a wide range of experts reflecting a multitude of perspectives in order to provide the best one-volume sense of the King James Bible’s literary-cultural impact • Explores in detail some of the most important canonical works of English and American literature influenced by the King James Bible English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 378pp 8 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76827-6 Hardback £25.00 A

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English literature

Thomas Middleton in Context Edited by Suzanne Gossett | Loyola University Chicago


Covering the whole of the newly redefined Middleton canon, this collection of essays provides essential historical, legal, religious, theatrical and linguistic contexts for students and scholars. It includes original interpretations of frequently taught and performed works, such as The Changeling, and of newer attributions, such as A Yorkshire Tragedy. • Helps readers understand the way Middleton’s works participate in and reflect his world, by placing the playwright in personal, national, international and theatrical contexts • Clarifies differences between Middleton and other playwrights of his time, such as Shakespeare and Jonson, providing the reader with important information on the dramatist, whose canon has been clarified and expanded in recent years • Covers the whole of Middleton’s canon, not only the familiar plays but also satires, poems, comedies, tragedies and tragicomedies, whether written alone or in collaboration

New in Paperback

The English Poems of George Herbert George Herbert Edited by Helen Wilcox | University of Wales, Bangor

The definitive scholarly edition of Herbert’s complete English poems, accompanied by extensive explanatory and textual apparatus, a glossary of key words and an index of biblical quotations. The text is meticulously annotated with historical, literary and biblical information, as well as modern critical contexts. • Newly edited accurate texts clearly laid out • Extensive annotation of textual and contextual information • Includes index of biblical references and glossary of key words English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 786pp 978-0-521-86821-1 Hardback £110.00 978-0-521-17720-7 Paperback £24.99

English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

Renaissance Paratexts

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 400pp 20 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19054-1 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Edited by Helen Smith | University of York

Reading and the History of Race in the Renaissance Elizabeth Spiller | Florida State University

Bringing together ethnic studies, book history and Renaissance literature, this book studies how early modern attitudes towards race were connected to assumptions about the relationship between the act of reading and the nature of physical identity. Spiller presents detailed case studies of works by writers including Heliodorus, Cervantes and Sidney. • Argues that early modern readers understood reading to be something that happened in and to the body, providing a historical counterpoint to evolving contemporary understandings of the process of reading • Considers how Renaissance readers understood race and ethnic identity as well as how those attitudes were formed and disseminated through printed texts, such as those by Montalvo, Burton and Sidney • Provides a wide-ranging case study of the literary genre of Romance that dominated secular writing in England and across Europe for almost two hundred years English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 264pp 978-1-107-00735-2 Hardback c. £55.00


New in Paperback

Renaissance Figures of Speech Edited by Sylvia Adamson | University of Sheffield

The Renaissance saw a renewed and energetic engagement with classical rhetoric; recent years have seen a similar revival of interest in Renaissance rhetoric. This book is the first modern study to focus solely on the figures of speech as the key area of intersection between rhetoric and literature. • Each chapter focuses on a single rhetorical figure • Connects rhetoric to other cultural forms including architecture, music, moral philosophy and science • Combines formalist and historicist approaches English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 5 b/w illus.   978-0-521-86640-8 Hardback £63.00 A 978-0-521-18705-3 Paperback c. £18.99 A


Covering a wide range of texts, authors and genres, this collection takes a fresh look at the ways early modern books presented themselves to readers. Chapters provide novel perspectives on the technologies of reading and expose the complexity of the playful, proliferating and selfaware paratexts of English Renaissance books. • Draws together recent work in the field of book history with a range of other areas, including literary criticism, cultural history, translation and gender studies, appealing to readers from a range of disciplines • Extends and challenges Genette’s analysis of the physical forms of the book through diverse and fresh perspectives by leading figures in the field • Generously illustrated throughout, allowing readers to see the material forms of early modern books English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 292pp 39 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-0-521-11739-5 Hardback c. £55.00 A

The Virgin Mary in Late Medieval and Early Modern English Literature and Popular Culture Gary Waller | Purchase College, State University of New York

Combining historical analysis and contemporary theory, including issues raised by psychoanalysis and feminist theology, Gary Waller examines the literature, theology and popular culture associated with Mary in the transition between late medieval and early modern England. • Analyzes the different uses to which the image of Mary was put, preand post-Reformation • Draws on a variety of sources beyond literature: music, art, architecture, popular religion, pilgrimages • Examines both Catholic and Protestant texts in the context of religious and cultural conflict English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 250pp 978-0-521-76296-0 Hardback £55.00


English literature

The Places of Wit in Early Modern English Comedy

How to Read a Shakespearean Play Text

Adam Zucker | University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Edited by Eugene Giddens | Anglia Ruskin University

Zucker examines competency and incompetence in comedies by Shakespeare, Jonson and their contemporaries through histories of familiar sites staged in their plays, such as Windsor Forest and Covent Garden. The study sheds new light on the local contexts of wit and comedy during the English Renaissance. • Reveals a historical context for the abstract, but common, idea of ‘wit’, allowing the reader to understand it in a new light • Draws upon local histories in discussing dramatic comedy, which will appeal to readers interested in the history of familiar sites such as Windsor Forest, Covent Garden and Hyde Park • Discusses literary/comic form as a historical quantity – ‘historical formalism’ is an increasingly popular approach in literary studies

This is an invaluable introductory guide for the English student who needs to decipher a page from a play, or a facsimile equivalent, from the Shakespearean period. Giddens guides the reader through bibliography and critical editing, explaining how it works, what the different elements mean, and who created them. • Breaks down the component parts of the Shakespearean page, allowing readers to engage with the more obscure or ‘lost’ parts of play texts as part of their critical readings • Contains many informative illustrations which help to illuminate the discussion and aid understanding • Describes for the student how the early modern text turned into the modern edition we are accustomed to

English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 256pp 8 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00308-8 Hardback c. £55.00 A

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 22 b/w illus.   978-0-521-88640-6 Hardback £45.00 A 978-0-521-71397-9 Paperback £27.99 X

Shakespeare, Alchemy and the Creative Imagination The Sonnets and A Lover’s Complaint Margaret Healy | University of Sussex

Demonstrating how the lost lexicon of fashionable late Renaissance alchemy imbued Shakespeare’s bawdy sonnets and A Lover’s Complaint with spiritual and political meanings, this book transforms our understanding of Shakespeare’s art. Healy provides a crucial new framework for interpreting the playwright’s religious beliefs and his 1609 poems. • Proposes a new understanding of Shakespeare sonnets and A Lover’s Complaint, seeing them as linked inner dramas about the creative mind • Clearly explains fashionable late Renaissance alchemy and its role in creative writing • Positions Shakespeare as an artist of religious toleration and unity, opening a new window of understanding onto Shakespeare’s beliefs English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 272pp 9 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00404-7 Hardback c. £55.00 A

The Cultural Geography of Early Modern Drama, 1620–1650 Julie Sanders | University of Nottingham

Literary geographies is an exciting new area of interdisciplinary research. This innovative study applies theories of landscape, space and place to early modern drama productions in the decades immediately before the English Civil War, covering works by key playwrights including Ben Jonson, John Milton and Richard Brome. • Covers a broad and exciting range of dramatic texts and pamphlets from the period 1620 to 1650 – canonical and non-canonical, professional and non-professional – and so will have a broad appeal to those working on early modern drama • Explores links between literary criticism and cultural geography in fresh and innovative ways, appealing to emergent interests in these complementary disciplines • Contains new archival research which will make the study an important contribution to early modern scholarship English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

The Myth of Rome in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 272pp 8 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-1-107-00334-7 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Warren Chernaik | King’s College London

Presenting a fresh approach to such familiar plays as Antony and Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, this study examines the dramatic uses of Roman history – ‘the myth of Rome’ – in the age of Shakespeare. Chernaik provides illuminating comparisons of Shakespeare’s Roman plays with plays by dramatists including Jonson and Massinger. • Includes detailed discussion of the classical historians Livy, Tacitus, Sallust and Plutarch, in contemporary Elizabethan and Jacobean translations, providing important contexts for understanding the plays • Represents a unique perspective on Shakespeare’s Roman plays – no other book has provided this comparative treatment with plays by dramatists such as Jonson, Chapman and Massinger • Covers a wide range of plays, discussing the varying fortunes of such figures as Julius Caesar, Cleopatra and Augustus, both favourable and hostile, in works by classical and Renaissance authors English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 978-0-521-19656-7 Hardback £55.00

The Cambridge Companion to Andrew Marvell Edited by Derek Hirst | Washington University, St Louis

Andrew Marvell is one of the greatest lyric poets of England’s seventeenth century and one of its leading political writers. This Companion brings a set of fresh questions and perspectives to bear on the varied career and diverse writings of a remarkable writer and elusive man. • An overview for students and scholars of the current state of Marvell studies • Includes a chronology of Marvell’s life and a guide to further reading • Covers his main themes, contexts and individual works English literature – Renaissance and early modern to 1700 | Cambridge Companions to Literature

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 244pp 978-0-521-88417-4 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-71116-6 Paperback £17.99



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English literature / American literature

Authoring War The Literary Representation of War from the Iliad to Iraq Kate McLoughlin | Birkbeck College, University of London


Kate McLoughlin pioneers a bold transhistorical and cross-cultural approach to war writing. Identifying the key challenges involved in representing conflict, she deploys close rhetorical analysis to illuminate how writers have responded to them. • Puts an awareness of literary form back into the centre of arguments surrounding war and representation • Provides readers with a new methodology to apply to war representation • Stimulating new readings of, for example, Byron’s Don Juan alongside Heller’s Catch-22 and English Civil War poetry alongside Second World War letters English literature (general)

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 978-1-107-00390-3 Hardback £55.00


The Cambridge Companion to English Poets Claude Rawson | Yale University, Connecticut

This volume provides lively and authoritative introductions to twenty-nine of the most important British and Irish poets. Each essay offers a new assessment of a single poet’s achievement and importance, with readings of the most important poems. The Companion is an ideal accompaniment to survey courses in English literature. • New essays by world specialists on the 29 best poets in the English language, including Milton, Yeats and T. S. Eliot • Offers stimulating new approaches to canonical writers; ideal for survey courses in English literature • Includes suggestions for further reading English literature (general) | Cambridge Companions to Literature

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 580pp 4 b/w illus.   978-0-521-87434-2 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-69703-3 Paperback £19.99 A

The Cambridge Companion to the Sonnet Edited by A. D. Cousins | Macquarie University, Sydney

Covering sonnets as diverse as those by Dante, Shakespeare and e. e. cummings, distinguished scholars and poets discuss this major poetic form as a global and multimedia phenomenon. A fresh and authoritative overview, the Companion expertly guides the reader through the sonnet’s history and development. • Demonstrates how and why the sonnet became the most widely read, taught, practised and discussed of formal lyrics, and why it continues to fascinate contemporary poets • Includes a transcript of a lively discussion between three poets – Paul Muldoon, Jeff Hilson and Meg Tyler – on what is involved in actually writing a sonnet, which will be of interest to students of both English literature and creative writing • Examines how the sonnet appears in different media today, showing how it is a global phenomenon English literature (general) | Cambridge Companions to Literature

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 978-0-521-51467-5 Hardback £48.00 978-0-521-73553-7 Paperback £17.99


The Cambridge Companion to Gay and Lesbian Writing Edited by Hugh Stevens | University College London

In the last two decades, lesbian and gay studies have transformed literary studies. The Cambridge Companion to Gay and Lesbian Writing introduces readers to important concepts, methods and cultural and historical debates relevant to the study of sexuality and literature. • Covers a highly influential and increasingly important area of literary studies • Combines theoretical and historical approaches to offer a diverse overview of the field • Includes suggestions for further reading and a chronology Literary theory | Cambridge Companions to Literature

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 272pp 1 b/w illus.   978-0-521-88844-8 Hardback £45.00 A 978-0-521-71657-4 Paperback £17.99 A

The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and the Environment Timothy Clark | University of Durham

Environmental criticism is a relatively new discipline that brings the global problem of environmental crisis to the forefront of literary and cultural studies. This introduction defines what ecocriticism is and provides a set of conceptual tools to encourage students to look at the texts they’re reading in a new way. • Relates environmental studies to literature, showing how texts can be read with green issues in mind • Offers practical models to students for reading and writing environmental criticism and theory • Boxed sections map out the current theoretical debates in the field in an accessible way Literary theory | Cambridge Introductions to Literature

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 270pp 18 b/w illus.   978-0-521-89635-1 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-72090-8 Paperback £15.99 X

American literature Gender, Race, and Mourning in American Modernism Greg Forter | University of South Carolina

Greg Forter interprets modernism as an effort to mourn a form of white manhood that fused the ‘masculine’ with the ‘feminine’. Examining works by Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Faulkner and Cather, Forter shows how these writers shared an ambivalence toward the feminine and an unease over existing racial categories. • Proposes new ways to consider race and masculinity in American modernism • Focuses on Faulkner and Hemingway • Interprets literature in relation to psychoanalytic theories on mourning American literature

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 978-1-107-00472-6 Hardback c. £55.00


American literature / European and world literature

The Cambridge History of the American Novel Edited by Leonard Cassuto | Fordham University, New York

This state-of-the-art literary history of the American novel, from the late eighteenth century to the modern day, presents original essays by renowned scholars from all over the world. Together they form a chronological narrative offering updated views on classics while also introducing new views, new categories, and a new format. • A chronological set of essays charting the development of the novel form in the United States • Balances coverage of canonical authors – Melville, Wharton, Dreiser – with attention to genre fiction and lesser known works • Contributors are in dialogue with each other, allowing different points of view to be aired American literature

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 1256pp 8 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-0-521-89907-9 Hardback £115.00 A

The first major twenty-first century history of four centuries of black writing, this volume presents a comprehensive overview of the literary traditions of African-descended peoples in the USA. Both a work of reference and a compelling narrative, it will remain essential reading for scholars and students in years to come. • A major new work of reference for scholars and students • Covers all genres of literary writing: fiction, poetry, theatre, (auto) biography and criticism • Includes a comprehensive bibliography of secondary works American literature


The Cambridge Companion to Baseball Edited by Leonard Cassuto | Fordham University, New York

The ideal first resource for anyone interested in the history and culture of baseball, this Companion considers baseball’s place in America and globally. Chapters address topics such as baseball in literature and film and the challenges presented by steroid use, and portray some of baseball’s most memorable and influential personalities. • Presents both an historical and cultural view of baseball, providing a wide-ranging perspective on the game and its place in American and international culture, past and present • Gives historical perspectives on such controversial topics as the recruitment of players from outside the US, player salaries and the use of performance-enhancing drugs, enabling readers to see the range of subjects considered critical to baseball’s future • Designed to reflect the richness and variety of baseball scholarship now available, the Companion is perfect as an introduction to baseball as a topic for study, and will also be of interest to any baseball fan February 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 8 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76182-6 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-14575-6 Paperback £17.99 A

New scientific discoveries about the nerves inspired writers like Hawthorne and Beecher Stowe to re-imagine the role of the self amidst political, social and religious tumults, including debates about slavery and the revivals of the Second Great Awakening. Murison explains the impact of neurological medicine on nineteenth-century literature and culture. • Explores the relation of literature and science in the nineteenth century, historically and methodologically	 • Explains the science of the nervous system as it was understood in the nineteenth-century United States	 • Focuses on the works of Poe and Beecher Stowe alongside lesser known authors June 2011 228 x 152 mm 224pp 978-1-107-00791-8 Hardback c. £55.00

Edited by Maryemma Graham | University of Kansas

American literature

Justine S. Murison | University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign

American literature | Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture, 162

The Cambridge History of African American Literature

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 864pp 978-0-521-87217-1 Hardback £95.00

The Politics of Anxiety in Nineteenth-Century American Literature


European and world literature The Cambridge History of French Literature Edited by William Burgwinkle | University of Cambridge

With equal attention to all genres, historical periods and registers, this is the most comprehensive guide to literature written in French ever produced in English, and the first in decades to offer such an array of topics and perspectives. • Covers French and Francophone literature from the early Middle Ages to the present day • Includes over 75 new essays by specialists in their fields • Pays close attention to how literature has interacted with other arts and media European literature

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 800pp 1 b/w illus.   978-0-521-89786-0 Hardback £120.00 A

New Essays on Diderot Edited by James Fowler | University of Kent, Canterbury

This collection of essays by major scholars explores the writings of the great eighteenth-century French thinker Denis Diderot. Written to mark the tercentenary of his birth, this book celebrates a man who offers hope to humanity in an age of rapid change, whilst boldly rejecting traditional comforts of religious belief. • Reviews key themes, techniques and ideas across a sample of Diderot’s most important works • Conveys a sense of Diderot’s lasting significance • Indispensable reading for anyone interested in the intellectual and political history of France European literature

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 978-0-521-76956-3 Hardback c. £55.00


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European and world literature

New in Paperback

The Cambridge Introduction to Thomas Mann

Dante and the Making of a Modern Author Albert Russell Ascoli | University of California, Berkeley

This is the first comprehensive study of Dante’s evolving, transformative relationship to medieval ideas of authorship and authority. Ascoli offers an important new perspective not only on the Dantean oeuvre, but also on the history and theory of authorship in the larger Italian and European tradition. • An important study of Dante’s development of his identity as an author • Considers the shape and purpose of Dante’s entire oeuvre • Extensively researched, with exhaustive notes and bibliographical material


European literature

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 480pp 978-0-521-88236-1 Hardback £63.00 978-0-521-17844-0 Paperback c. £19.99


The Cambridge Companion to Twentieth-Century Russian Literature Edited by Evgeny Dobrenko | University of Sheffield

The Companion provides a new perspective on Russian literary and cultural development. The contributors present recent scholarship on historical and cultural contexts of twentiethcentury literature, and situate the most influential individual authors within these contexts, including Boris Pasternak, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Joseph Brodsky, Osip Mandelstam, Mikhail Bulgakov and Anna Akhmatova. • An overview of writing in Russia, with coverage of all major authors, works and literary schools • Explains the cultural, historical and theoretical contexts of the literature • Includes further reading suggestions and a chronology European literature | Cambridge Companions to Literature

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 978-0-521-87535-6 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-69804-7 Paperback £18.99


Todd Kontje | University of California, San Diego

This volume provides a succinct introduction to the life and works of Thomas Mann. The primary focus is on his literary texts, but it also touches on his evolution as one of the most controversial public intellectuals of the twentieth century. • Written in a lucid, jargon-free style that is accessible to the general public as well as an academic audience • Discusses key moments in Mann’s personal life and his career as a public intellectual that will give readers a sense of why he has been considered such a controversial writer • A balanced account which addresses Mann’s alleged anti-Semitism and misogyny as well as acknowledging his many admirable traits European literature | Cambridge Introductions to Literature

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 152pp 1 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76792-7 Hardback £45.00 A 978-0-521-74386-0 Paperback £11.99 X

Irish Essays Denis Donoghue | New York University

Donoghue’s forceful arguments, deep engagement with the critical tradition, buoyant prose and extensive learning are all exemplified in this collection of his best essays. This book is essential reading for all those interested in Irish literature and culture and its far-reaching effects on the world. • Denis Donoghue is one of the foremost academic critics of Irish literature • This volume makes his best work available to students and scholars • Essays on Swift, Joyce, Yeats and several contemporary Irish authors Irish literature

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 978-1-107-00690-4 Hardback c. £50.00 978-0-521-18728-2 Paperback c. £16.99


A History of the Irish Novel Derek Hand | St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

The Cambridge Introduction to Marcel Proust Adam A. Watt | Royal Holloway, University of London

Informative coverage of Proust’s life, the social and cultural contexts of his work and a volumeby-volume study of In Search of Lost Time, as well as chapters on the novel’s critical reception and its afterlives in contemporary culture. • Accessible and engaging overview of Proust’s life and work • Contains a volume-by-volume assessment of the seven volumes of Proust’s novel • Offers the most up-to-date assessment of the critical reception and ‘afterlives’ of Proust’s work European literature | Cambridge Introductions to Literature

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 140pp 978-0-521-51643-3 Hardback £38.00 978-0-521-73432-5 Paperback £11.99


The first critical synthesis of the Irish novel from the seventeenth century to the present day, this is a major book for the field, and the first to thematically, theoretically and contextually chart the development of the Irish novel. • Comprehensive overview of the Irish novel in its historical context over four centuries • Offers exemplary readings of key works from each historical period • Engages with the various critical and theoretical approaches to the novel Irish literature

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 978-0-521-85540-2 Hardback c. £55.00


European and world literature / Drama and theatre

Modern Irish and Scottish Poetry

Shakespeare and Amateur Performance

Edited by Peter Mackay | The Queen’s University of Belfast

A Cultural History Michael Dobson | Birkbeck College, University of London

The comparative study of the literatures of Ireland and Scotland has emerged as a distinct and buoyant field in recent years. This collection of new essays offers the first sustained comparison of modern Irish and Scottish poetry, featuring close readings of texts within broad historical and political contextualisation. • The first comparative study of twentieth-century Irish and Scottish poetry • Poets discussed include W. B. Yeats, Hugh MacDiarmid, Louis MacNeice, Edwin Morgan, Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley, Don Paterson and Kathleen Jamie • New essays by the finest scholars of Irish and Scottish literature Irish literature

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 360pp 978-0-521-19602-4 Hardback c. £50.00


Drama and theatre David Mamet and American Macho Arthur Holmberg | Brandeis University, Massachusetts

Through the gangsters, businessmen, soldiers, sailors, athletes, frontiersmen and thugs he created, David Mamet celebrates and criticizes American macho. Presenting close readings of Mamet’s plays, this book demonstrates how the playwright addresses complex issues of masculinity and provides revealing insights into the masculine malaise. • Clearly demonstrates how David Mamet’s plays can be illuminated by placing them in the context of gender studies • Alongside discussions of Mamet’s well-known works, there are close readings of plays which have not received due critical attention, presenting a fresh and unique insight into the playwright’s oeuvre • Investigates language as a major aspect of masculinity, using the insights of sociolinguists to present a new approach to understanding Mamet’s dialogue American theatre | Cambridge Studies in American Theatre and Drama, 28

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 336pp 19 b/w illus.   978-0-521-62064-2 Hardback c. £55.00 A

From the Renaissance to the present day, this is the first history of how and why Shakespeare’s plays have always been performed by amateurs. This is a must for theatre historians, a revelation for students of Shakespeare’s influence and a fascinating read for anyone interested in the amateur stage. • Presents the first history of how Shakespeare’s plays have been performed by non-professionals, revealing and analysing a wide, significant and previously unexplored dimension of Shakespeare’s influence and afterlife • Wide historical scope, considering examples from Shakespeare’s lifetime to the present, therefore will be of interest and relevance to theatre historians of all periods since the Renaissance • Based on significant primary research, this book reveals the unexpected tastes and priorities of generations of amateur performers and their audiences British theatre

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 28 b/w illus.   978-0-521-86234-9 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Nadine Holdsworth | University of Warwick

Joan Littlewood was one of the most visionary and influential theatre directors of the twentieth century. Drawing on extensive archival research and performance histories, and paying close attention to wider political and cultural forces, this study presents a groundbreaking examination of Littlewood’s theatre productions and her community-based projects and activism. • Provides a thematic exploration of Joan Littlewood’s theatre practice from her early days with the Workers’ Theatre Movement in the 1930s to her playground projects in the 1970s, showing the wide scope of Littlewood’s output • Combines extensive historical, social and cultural contextual information alongside detailed analysis of Littlewood’s productions and community projects, demonstrating how Littlewood’s work responded to changing times • Makes extensive use of primary archival material, allowing the reader to access material from Littlewood’s early notebooks, production files and numerous private and company letters and documents British theatre | Cambridge Studies in Modern Theatre

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 12 b/w illus.   978-0-521-11960-3 Hardback c. £55.00 A

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Drama and theatre / Language and linguistics


Sophocles’ Antigone

Irony and the Modern Theatre

A New Translation Edited and translated by Diane J. Rayor | Grand Valley State University, Michigan

William Storm | New Mexico State University

Sophocles’ Antigone comes alive in this new translation that will be useful for both academic study and stage production. Diane Rayor’s accurate yet accessible translation reflects the play’s inherent theatricality. She provides an analytical introduction and comprehensive notes, and the edition includes an essay by director Karen Libman. • A new translation designed to be readable both in performance and in a classroom setting and to capture the dynamic and dramatic elements of the play • Includes full scholarly introduction addressing Greek tragedy and mythological background to the play, as well as a director’s note on performance of the play, and full notes and a selected bibliography • Tested and refined in two productions and six college classics courses Classical theatre

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 154pp 978-0-521-11928-3 Hardback c. £35.00 978-0-521-13478-1 Paperback c. £8.99


Theatre and Citizenship The History of a Practice David Wiles | Royal Holloway, University of London

Wiles presents a re-reading of theatre history from the perspective of ‘citizenship’. Using detailed international case studies, the book looks at drama from antiquity onwards, relating political and cultural theory to the historical analysis of performance, and representing an original and cross-disciplinary approach centred on the play in performance. • Provides a new historical interpretation of the relationship between theatre and politics, giving a fresh and thought-provoking picture of historical continuities • Addresses an issue of current social and political concern, showing why history matters to those concerned with contemporary political theatre-making • Although the book deals mainly with the work of playwrights, the focus is on performance rather than text, challenging familiar treatments of drama, politics and society Classical theatre

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 8 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19327-6 Hardback £55.00 A

Goethe’s Faust Theatre of Modernity Edited by Hans Schulte

Goethe’s Faust is one of the pivotal works of world literature, with its protagonist universally recognized as a fundamental icon of Western culture. Here, leading Goethe scholars explore the striking modernity of the play within its theatrical framework. The volume also includes a major interview with the director Peter Stein. • Presents a range of fresh insights into this pivotal work, and is the only recent English-language collection on Goethe’s Faust • Features a fascinating and revealing interview with Peter Stein, one of the leading directors and producers of our time • Emphasizes the relevance of the play today as well as its operatic character, covering major recent productions

Storm explores the significance of irony in the modern theatre, investigating major works by playwrights including Chekhov, Pirandello and Brecht. Focusing on well-known representative characters, from Ibsen’s Halvard Solness to Stoppard’s Septimus Hodge, he demonstrates how these key theatrical figures enact, embody and personify irony. • Presents a comprehensive treatment of irony in relation to modern theatre and drama • Focuses on irony in a carefully chosen selection of major plays and playwrights including Chekhov and Brecht, with emphasis on wellknown representative characters to provide specific examples • Looks at irony inclusively, with a wide angle rather than a restrictive or esoteric view, avoiding specialized terminology Theatre (general) | Cambridge Studies in Modern Theatre

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 978-1-107-00792-5 Hardback c. £55.00


Language and linguistics Applied Linguistics and Primary School Teaching Developing a Language Curriculum Edited by Sue Ellis | University of Strathclyde

Illustrates how applied linguistics knowledge informs literacy policy, curriculum and pedagogy in primary schools. It will help class teachers, learning support staff, speech and language therapists, educational psychologists and literacy researchers (including teachers doing action research) to analyse children’s requirements, literacy provision and ensure efficient language and literacy learning. • A range of classroom situations, mainly in the UK but also in the USA and Australia, are given as case studies • Outlines the range of ways that applied linguistics knowledge impacts on the primary curriculum and pedagogy, and on language and literacy research • Highlights the changing demographics of primary schools and how they impact on the linguistics knowledge teachers need Applied linguistics

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 25 b/w illus.  15 tables   978-0-521-19354-2 Hardback c. £60.00 A

A History of the Korean Language Ki-Moon Lee | Seoul National University

A History of the Korean Language is the first book on the subject ever published in English. It traces the origin, formation, and various historical stages through which the language has passed, from Old Korean through to the present day. • The first book on the history of the Korean language published in English • Traces the history of the language from its origins right up to the present day • A uniform structure for each chapter makes it easier to compare different stages in the development of the language

European theatre

Asian language, linguistics

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 350pp 11 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19464-8 Hardback c. £55.00 A

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 13 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-66189-8 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Language and linguistics

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Language Sciences

Modern Syntax

Edited by Patrick Colm Hogan | University of Connecticut

A Coursebook Andrew Carnie | University of Arizona

One of the most important developments of the last fifty years has been the explosive increase in our knowledge about human language. Speech acquisition, reception, and production are arguably the most complex and distinctive operations of the human mind. This is a comprehensive and up-todate reference resource for this knowledge. • Systematic topical coverage, from discourse analysis to neurolinguistics, from acoustic phonetics to legal interpretation • Seven overview essays and nearly 500 entries on specific topics that lay out basic principles for those unfamiliar with the field, but also incorporate recent research and theorization • Provides an affordable, up-to-date, and accessible (but not reductive or overly simplified) one-volume reference resource for knowledge of language science

Assuming no previous background in syntax, this practical coursebook introduces all the basics of modern syntactic analysis in a simple step-by-step fashion. Each unit is constructed so that the reader discovers new ideas, formulates hypotheses and practises fundamentals. Feedback and comment sections are included for students to monitor their progress. • Unique approach to introducing the topic with short explanatory sections followed by stimulating practice exercises to be completed on the page • Feedback and comment sections allow students to monitor their understanding of the material • Assumes no previous background in syntax Grammar and syntax

English language, linguistics (general)

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 370pp 978-0-521-86335-3 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-68204-6 Paperback £19.99

January 2011 279 x 215 mm 1048pp 131 b/w illus.  12 colour illus.   978-0-521-86689-7 Hardback £150.00 A

Understanding English Grammar

Linguistic Relativities Language Diversity and Modern Thought John Leavitt | Université de Montréal

Does the language you speak influence your thought and world view? This book offers a history of responses to this question over the last half millennium: usually a simple yes (Renaissance, Romantics, Neoromantics) or no (Enlightenment, most cognitive science), but sometimes more nuanced explorations (Boasian linguistics, recent work in cognition). • Offers a new history of Western thinking about language since the 1500s, which will help readers to put theories they already know into a broader context • Written in a straightforward and accessible style, with all examples fully explained • Re-situates the role of neglected figures in the field and therefore offers readers an alternative to the standard versions of history English language, linguistics (general)

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 256pp 978-0-521-76782-8 Hardback £60.00



Understanding Language through Humor Stanley Dubinsky | University of South Carolina

An entertaining entry point into linguistics for those who are interested in language but who might never consider thinking about it in linguistic terms. It is a general introduction to linguistics and linguistic concepts, avoiding technical terminology, using the vehicle of jokes and cartoons. • Includes cartoons and jokes that make it easier to understand linguistic concepts • Avoids technical terminology • Covers all of the topics in a typical survey of linguistics course in a textbook format English language, linguistics (general)

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 216pp 29 b/w illus.   978-0-521-88627-7 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-71388-7 Paperback c. £18.99 A

A Linguistic Introduction Thomas E. Payne | University of Oregon

Language is primarily a tool for communication, yet many textbooks still treat English grammar as a set of rules and facts to be memorised by rote. This new textbook is made for students who are frustrated with this approach and would like instead to understand grammar and how it works. • Unlike other textbooks, it helps students to understand grammar rather than simply see it as a set of facts and rules to be memorised • Rather than focusing on small details, it gives students the bigger picture about where grammar belongs in language more broadly, helping them to understand why English grammar works the way it does • Student support in the form of exercises, further reading sections, a useful glossary of terms, and website resources make this into a unique learning package that will equip readers to engage confidently with the complexities of English grammar Grammar and syntax

December 2010 246 x 189 mm 452pp 17 b/w illus.  24 tables   978-0-521-76329-5 Hardback £65.00 A 978-0-521-75711-9 Paperback £22.99 X

Symmetry in Syntax Merge, Move and Labels Barbara Citko | University of Washington, Seattle

Does symmetry in syntax exist, and if it does, how do we account for it? Barbara Citko sets out to tackle these questions and offers a unified approach to a number of phenomena that have so far been studied only in isolation. • Examines the nature of three core mechanisms in minimalist syntax: merge, move and labeling • Provides counterbalance to the research on asymmetry and antisymmetry in syntax • Provides a unified approach to a number of distinct constructions Grammar and syntax | Cambridge Studies in Linguistics, 129

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 7 tables   978-1-107-00555-6 Hardback c. £60.00


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Language and linguistics

Grammatical Categories Variation in Romance Languages M. Rita Manzini | Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy

Grammatical categories (e.g. complementizer, negation, auxiliary, case) are some of the most important building blocks of syntax and morphology. This is a study of grammatical categories, drawing on an unusually large amount of original dialect data. • Includes original data on Italian dialects and on Albanian, collected through fieldwork • Comprises four major case studies in Romance, with Albanian used for comparison • Provides a comprehensive review of the main Romance data and trends


Grammar and syntax | Cambridge Studies in Linguistics, 128

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 368pp 8 tables   978-0-521-76519-0 Hardback c. £65.00


Preposition Placement in English A Usage-based Approach Thomas Hoffmann | Universität Osnabrück

Preposition placement refers to the competition between preposition stranding (What is he talking about?) and pied-piping (About what is he talking?). This volume provides a full grammatical account of preposition placement in English, and will be of interest to syntacticans, second language researchers, and those working on variation in English. • The first study that empirically investigates preposition placement across all clause types • The study compares first language (British English) and second language (Kenyan English) data and will therefore appeal to readers interested in world Englishes • Over 100 authentic corpus examples are discussed in the text, which will appeal to those who want to see ‘real data’ Grammar and syntax | Studies in English Language

Objects and Information Structure

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 59 b/w illus.  56 tables   978-0-521-76047-8 Hardback £60.00 A

Mary Dalrymple | University of Oxford

In many languages, the objects of transitive verbs are either marked by grammatical case or agreement on the verb, or they remain unmarked. This book is a cross-linguistic study of how object marking is affected by information structure, the grammatical structuring of the utterance in accordance with context. • A new theory of differential object marking and its relation to information structure • Presents language data from a large variety of languages discussed in a theory-neutral manner • Many language examples were obtained through original fieldwork Grammar and syntax | Cambridge Studies in Linguistics, 131

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 250pp 978-0-521-19985-8 Hardback c. £60.00


The Syntax of Dutch Jan-Wouter Zwart | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands

A complete guide to the phenomena and analyses of the syntax of Dutch. Composed by a leading specialist, the survey describes the data of Dutch syntax and the development of their analysis in full detail. Intended for students, specialists and linguists of all theoretical persuasions. • An extensive survey of the syntactic properties of Dutch • Includes a thorough review of the history of the study of Dutch syntax • Abundantly illustrated with fully glossed and translated examples Grammar and syntax | Cambridge Syntax Guides

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 400pp 10 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-0-521-87128-0 Hardback c. £65.00 A

An Introduction to Classical Nahuatl Michel Launey | Université de Paris VII (Denis Diderot)

This book is a comprehensive grammar of classical Nahuatl, offering a complete and clear treatment of the language’s structure, grammar and vocabulary. By far the most approachable textbook of Nahuatl available, it allows students to progress logically from basic syntax to more complex concepts, with exercises illustrating each linguistic concept. • Useful as a handbook, as a reference grammar and as a self-teaching method • Cross-disciplinary appeal for anthropologists, ethnographers, historians, archaeologists and linguists • The grammatical perspective is dominant, but examples are mostly taken from the ‘real’ corpus of Nahuatl works from the Aztec period Historical linguistics

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 474pp 1465 exercises   978-0-521-51840-6 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-73229-1 Paperback £24.99 A

Communicating Early English Manuscripts Edited by Päivi Pahta | University of Tampere, Finland

The first volume to focus on the communicative aspects of English manuscripts from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. It demonstrates how these handwritten texts can be used to analyse the history of language as communication between individuals and groups, and discusses the challenges these documents present to present-day scholars. • Uses handwritten texts as evidence of communication from a range of genres, including stories, scientific writing, witchcraft records, personal letters, war correspondence, courtroom records, and plays • Combines manuscript studies with pragmatics to provide new perspectives for readers accustomed to approaching the data from one angle • Consists of methodologically sound case studies by distinguished experts in the field Historical linguistics | Studies in English Language

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 17 b/w illus.  17 tables   978-0-521-19329-0 Hardback £65.00 A

Language and linguistics

Quoting Speech in Early English

Child Language Acquisition Contrasting Theoretical Approaches Ben Ambridge | University of Liverpool

Colette Moore | University of Washington

Early English texts did not have a convention of quotation marks for reporting direct speech. This raises problems for interpreting and understanding represented discourse. Colette Moore examines the strategies pre-modern texts used to indicate direct speech and the implications of these strategies for reading Middle and Early Modern English works. • The first full study of speech representation in pre-modern English • Examines many textual genres and contains case studies from primary legal, religious and historical sources • Contains images from manuscripts and early printed books History of the English Language | Studies in English Language

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 10 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-19908-7 Hardback £60.00 A

Psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 464pp 44 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-0-521-76804-7 Hardback c. £65.00 A 978-0-521-74523-9 Paperback c. £27.99 A

Medical Writing in Early Modern English Edited by Irma Taavitsainen | University of Helsinki

Provides a new perspective on the evolution of the language of medicine, based on a large electronic corpus of medical texts. It is useful for researchers and students within several fields, including the development of special languages, genre and register analysis, corpus linguistics, historical pragmatics, and medical and cultural history. • Provides a new perspective on the evolution of English as the language of medicine • Interdisciplinary, combining corpus linguistics and philology with the history of medicine • Includes methodologically transparent and sound case studies History of the English Language | Studies in English Language

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 43 b/w illus.  13 tables   978-0-521-11766-1 Hardback £65.00 A

Vowel Patterns in Language Rachel Walker | University of Southern California

This original account of vowel patterns in language brings a wealth of cross-linguistic material to the study of vowel systems and offers new theoretical insights. Descriptions and analyses are provided for vowel patterns in over 25 languages from around the globe, with emphasis on Romance. • Rich in language data and pattern description • Brings a new theoretical perspective to the organization of vowel patterns • Includes case studies with concrete formal analysis Phonetics and phonology | Cambridge Studies in Linguistics, 130

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 376pp 978-0-521-51397-5 Hardback c. £65.00

Summarises the major theoretical debates in all of the core domains of child language acquisition research (phonology, word-learning, inflectional morphology, syntax and binding) and includes a complete introduction to the two major contrasting theoretical approaches: generativist and constructivist. • Introduces and critically evaluates all of the major research methods used in the field • Contains a complete introduction to the two major theoretical approaches to child language acquisition (generativist and constructivist) • Includes a comprehensive ‘where are we now?’ summary, suggesting possible directions for future research


Quantity Implicatures Bart Geurts | Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

A pioneering study of quantity implicatures, a type of pragmatic inference which has been widely debated in linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. It argues that the Gricean approach to conversational implicature can account for all the standard cases of quantity implicature, and also takes into account experimental data and processing issues. • The first book-length treatment of quantity implicatures • Provides a gentle introduction to the theory of quantity implicatures, avoiding unnecessary technicalities • Not only provides a theoretical analysis, but also takes into account experimental data and processing issues Semantics and pragmatics

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 220pp 2 b/w illus.  3 tables   978-0-521-76913-6 Hardback £60.00 A

Lexical Meaning in Context A Web of Words Nicholas Asher | Institut de Recherche en Informatique, Toulouse

What is a word? In some sense the answer is obvious: words are things dictionaries try to define. This book offers an innovative formal framework for investigating the meanings of words, how word meanings compose together to form sentence meanings and how discourse context can affect the compositional process. • Proposes a new, formal framework for lexical semantics and predication • Investigates the philosophical and formal implications of using a richly typed lexicon • Integrates observations about lexical meaning into a compositional semantic framework Semantics and pragmatics

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 330pp 11 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00539-6 Hardback £65.00 A

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Language and linguistics

The Grammar of Polarity

Analysing Variation in English

Pragmatics, Sensitivity, and the Logic of Scales Michael Israel | University of Maryland, College Park

Edited by Warren Maguire | University of Edinburgh

Surveys a wide variety of polarity items, both negative and positive, commonly found in English and other languages to show that grammatical sensitivities arise regularly and only in semantic domains which are inherently scalar. • Distinguishes four major classes of polarity items and shows that all four regularly arise throughout the lexicon of English • Combines insights from the competing paradigms of ‘formal’ and ‘cognitive’ semantics • Includes a comprehensive list of polarity-sensitive constructions in English


Semantics and pragmatics | Cambridge Studies in Linguistics, 127

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 9 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-0-521-79240-0 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Hyperbole in English A Corpus-based Study of Exaggeration Claudia Claridge | Universität Duisberg, Essen

The first investigation of hyperbole in English, drawing on genres such as spoken language, TV, newspapers, and literary works. Using approaches from semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis and classical rhetoric, it explores both speaker- and addressee-related aspects of hyperbole, and shows it to be an important contributor to language change. • The first comprehensive treatment of hyperbole in a book-length study, which gives readers a good overview of important aspects of the topic • All claims about hyperbole are backed up with extensive authentic examples and, where possible, with frequency information • Combines synchronic and diachronic perspectives, providing an insight into the long-term and systemic effects of hyperbole Semantics and pragmatics | Studies in English Language

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 316pp 11 b/w illus.  26 tables   978-0-521-76635-7 Hardback £60.00 A

Analysing Variation in English brings together a range of perspectives on the collection, analysis and broader relevance of variable language data. Designed to be used by students as well as researchers, the book will be welcomed by those working in English language and linguistics, sociolinguistics or language change. • Surveys methods for collecting and analysing data, showing why variation is relevant both within and beyond linguistics • Brings together an international team of experts on language variation in English, providing a broad range of perspectives • The innovative ‘Where next?’ sections at the ends of chapters help students identify potential topics for projects and dissertations Sociolinguistics

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 60 b/w illus.  11 tables   978-0-521-89866-9 Hardback £60.00 A

Language and the African American Child Lisa J. Green | University of Massachusetts, Amherst

How do children acquire African American English? How do they develop the specific language patterns of their communities? Drawing on spontaneous speech samples and data from structured elicitation tasks, this book explains the developmental trends in the children’s language. • The first book to give a linguistic description of the patterns used by children when acquiring African American English • Extensive data analysis means it can be used for comparison purposes (with adult African American English and with other child language data) • Allows researchers and educators to get a real sense of the type of language children use and what might be the norm for the population Sociolinguistics

The Signs of a Savant

December 2010 216 x 138 mm 284pp 30 b/w illus.  13 tables   978-0-521-85309-5 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-61817-5 Paperback £19.99 A

Language Against the Odds Neil Smith | University College London

White Kids

A fascinating and insightful study of the learning of British Sign Language by Christopher, a savant, who despite severe disabilities, can read, write and speak more than twenty languages. It casts new light on the structure of memory, the grammar of signed language and the nature of the human mind. • Provides insight into an unusual mind and thereby illuminates the nature of mind in general, which helps the reader to understand what it means to be human • Documents a unique experiment in language acquisition, demonstrating the complexity of knowledge of language • Offers evidence for the nature of human memory by providing an integrated theory of human cognition

White Kids investigates how white teenagers use language to display identities based on race and youth culture. The first book to use techniques of linguistic analysis to examine the construction of diverse white identities, it will be welcomed by researchers and students in linguistics, anthropology, ethnic studies and education. • A powerful contribution to current sociolinguistic research on identity and style • Illustrates a range of methodologies and linguistic phenomena and so can be used as a supplemental text in a variety of courses • Its interdisciplinary scope makes it useful to readers from various fields

Sign language


December 2010 228 x 152 mm 232pp 38 b/w illus.  5 colour illus.  9 tables   978-0-521-85227-2 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-61769-7 Paperback £21.99 A

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 296pp 14 b/w illus.  9 tables   978-0-521-87149-5 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-69204-5 Paperback £19.99 A

Language, Race and Styles of Youth Identity Mary Bucholtz | University of California, Santa Barbara

Language and linguistics

Language and Religion

Language Attrition

A Journey into the Human Mind William Downes | York University, Toronto and University of East Anglia

Monika S. Schmid | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands

Language and Religion offers an innovative theory of religion as a class of cultural representations, dependent on language to unify diverse capacities of the human mind. It argues that religion is widespread because it is implicit in the way the mind processes the world. • Develops a new theory of religion which provides new insights into the subject • Offers a new perspective on language and cognition from the viewpoint of linguistics, as opposed to anthropology and religious studies • Explains the basic features of religion such as the supernatural, the normative and the abstract Sociolinguistics

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 288pp 2 b/w illus.   978-0-521-79223-3 Hardback £60.00 A

Provides a detailed and up-to-date introduction to the way in which language attrition can affect language, as well as to the extra- and sociolinguistic features involved. It also familiarizes the reader with experimental approaches to attrition and data analysis techniques and provides hands-on guidelines on how to apply them. • Provides an overview of the scientific background of language attrition research • Gives a detailed description of methodological approaches to attrition • Makes frequent and extensive references to previous findings Sociolinguistics | Key Topics in Sociolinguistics

June 2011 216 x 138 mm 250pp 51 b/w illus.  20 tables   978-0-521-76040-9 Hardback c. £65.00 A 978-0-521-75993-9 Paperback c. £21.99 A

The Morality of Knowledge in Conversation

The Cambridge Handbook of Endangered Languages

Edited by Tanya Stivers | University of California, Los Angeles

Edited by Peter K. Austin | School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Around 7,000 languages are spoken across the world today and at least half may no longer be spoken by the end of this century. This Handbook examines the reasons behind this dramatic loss of linguistic diversity, why it matters, and what can be done to document and support endangered languages. • The first single, comprehensive handbook available on this topic, which combines the essentials of both language endangerment and language documentation • Includes hands-on chapters on capacity development, researcher training, new roles for endangered languages, orthography development, dictionary making and advocacy and support for endangered languages • All contributions are by acknowledged experts in the field Sociolinguistics | Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics

In conversation we treat each other as having rights and responsibilities to know certain information and observe each other for violations of this moral order. This book examines practices used in managing what we know, how we monitor one another’s knowledge, and how this affects our affiliation with others. • Provides readers with a comprehensive overview of epistemics in interaction • Includes detailed examples of transcripts in multiple languages • Brings together an international team of leading linguists, sociologists and anthropologists working across a range of European and Asian languages Sociolinguistics | Studies in Interactional Sociolinguistics, 29

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 325pp 16 b/w illus.  3 tables   978-0-521-19454-9 Hardback c. £65.00 A


March 2011 247 x 174 mm 560pp 16 b/w illus.  10 tables   978-0-521-88215-6 Hardback c. £90.00 A

Using Language to Cause Offence Jonathan Culpeper | Lancaster University

English Around the World An Introduction Edgar W. Schneider | Universität Regensburg, Germany

A lively and accessible introduction to world Englishes, describing varieties used in a wide range of countries worldwide, and setting them within their historical and social contexts. Providing essential knowledge and skills for those embarking on the study of world Englishes, this is set to become the leading introductory text. • Draws on the hands-on experience of the author, who has travelled extensively to the places discussed in this book and observed their language and culture • Students are shown how theory can be applied to real-life situations • The audio examples on the web site are clearly explained and interpreted in the book, showing the student which diagnostic features to pay attention to Sociolinguistics | Cambridge Introductions to the English Language

When is language considered ‘impolite’? Is impolite language only used for anti-social purposes? What is the difference between ‘impoliteness’ and ‘rudeness’? Grounded in naturally-occurring language data and drawing on findings from linguistic pragmatics and social psychology, Jonathan Culpeper provides a fascinating account of how impolite behaviour works. • A highly revealing account of a hitherto neglected and poorly understood phenomenon • Numerous examples from everyday conversation help to highlight how impolite language is used • Draws on findings from social psychology and linguistic pragmatics, providing a truly multidisciplinary account Sociolinguistics | Studies in Interactional Sociolinguistics, 28

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 306pp 19 b/w illus.  23 tables   978-0-521-86967-6 Hardback £65.00 A 978-0-521-68977-9 Paperback £19.99 A

December 2010 247 x 174 mm 280pp 30 b/w illus.  18 maps  4 tables   978-0-521-88846-2 Hardback £45.00 A 978-0-521-71658-1 Paperback £15.99 X

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Kant’s Theory of Virtue

Spinoza on Human Freedom Reason, Autonomy and the Good Life Matthew J. Kisner | University of South Carolina

Spinoza regarded freedom as the fundamental goal of his ethics and politics, but his theory of freedom has not received sustained, comprehensive treatment. This book focuses on the theory and offers an alternative picture of the ethical project driving Spinoza’s philosophical system. • Focuses on Spinoza’s ethics, providing a full picture of how they work in practice • Includes a thorough examination of the secondary literature • Examines Spinoza’s place in the broader history of ethics


Early modern philosophy

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-0-521-19888-2 Hardback £50.00

Anne Margaret Baxley offers a systematic interpretation of Kant’s theory of virtue, showing how the distinctive features of Kant’s moral theory offer an important and overlooked alternative to the Aristotelian views which have dominated contemporary virtue ethics. • Explains the relation between Kant’s more widely read texts in ethics and his later works • Demonstrates how the moral psychology central to Kant’s account of virtue marks a significant development in his ethics • Shows the distinctive features of Kant’s theory of virtue which provide an important alternative to the more traditional Greek views usually found in contemporary virtue ethics Eighteenth-century philosophy | Modern European Philosophy


New in Paperback

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 206pp 978-0-521-76623-4 Hardback £55.00


Fichte’s Social and Political Philosophy

John Locke’s Politics of Moral Consensus Greg Forster | University of Wisconsin, Madison

The aim of this highly original book is twofold: to explain the reconciliation of religion and politics in the work of John Locke, and to explore the relevance of that reconciliation for politics in our own time. • Gives a fresh new account of Locke • Highly original book, which explains the reconciliation of religion and politics in the work of John Locke • Written in a lively and punchy style Early modern philosophy

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 328pp 978-0-521-84218-1 Hardback £58.00 978-0-521-18118-1 Paperback £19.99

The Value of Autocracy Anne Margaret Baxley | Washington University, St Louis


Property and Virtue David James | University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

This book offers an interpretation of Fichte’s most famous writings centred on two main themes: property and virtue. It relates Fichte’s social and political philosophy to the ideas of such thinkers as Locke and Kant, as well as to the radical phrase of the French Revolution. • Relates Fichte to other important figures in the history of philosophy and of political thought, as well as in the context of the French Revolution • Covers a broad range of Fichte’s texts, extending from 1793 to 1808 • Presents Fichte’s social and political philosophy in terms of two main concepts: property and virtue Eighteenth-century philosophy | Modern European Philosophy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 234pp 978-1-107-00155-8 Hardback £55.00

Herder on Humanity and Cultural Difference Enlightened Relativism Sonia Sikka | University of Ottawa

New in Paperback

This book analyzes Herder’s views on language, reason, morality, race and religion, as factors that define the human species and differentiate its cultural varieties. It discusses Herder’s alleged cultural relativism and ethnic nationalism, as well as his critique of the Enlightenment and of Eurocentrism. • Will interest researchers working on cultural identity, relativism and race • Highlights the philosophical significance of Herder • Relevant to researchers and students in philosophy, political science, anthropology and cultural studies Eighteenth-century philosophy

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 978-1-107-00410-8 Hardback c. £50.00



Anthropology, History, and Education Edited and translated by Robert B. Louden | University of Southern Maine

Anthropology, History, and Education contains all of Kant’s major writings on human nature. Some of these works, which were published over a thirtynine year period between 1764 and 1803, have never before been translated into English. • Presents all of Kant’s major writings on human nature in one volume • Includes important works that have never before been translated into English • Contains substantial editorial apparatus including translator’s introductions and explanatory notes on each text Philosophy texts | The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Immanuel Kant in Translation

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 616pp 978-0-521-18121-1 Paperback c. £30.00



Reasons for Belief

Perfecting Virtue

Edited by Andrew Reisner | McGill University, Montréal

New Essays on Kantian Ethics and Virtue Ethics Edited by Lawrence Jost | University of Cincinnati

This collection of essays addresses foundational questions about reasons for belief and uses new research to explore traditional epistemological concerns such as knowledge, justification and perceptually acquired beliefs. It will be of interest to philosophers working on epistemology, theoretical reason, rationality, perception and ethics. • Coverage includes both foundational material and applications to current topics • Leading authors address recent research regarding a wide range of topics in the field • Provides a link between theoretical reason and contemporary epistemology

This volume presents the debate between Kantian ethicists and virtue ethicists in twelve newlycommissioned essays by leading scholars in both of these traditions. The authors identify the common ground, and also the real and lasting differences, between the two approaches. • Provides an overview of the debate between Kantian ethics and virtue ethics, including the work of leading scholars in these areas • Detailed bibliography contains an overview of the contents of the volume and displays the connections between essays • Introduction includes a broad overview of the topics covered for quick reference

Epistemology and metaphysics


May 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 4 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00687-4 Hardback c. £50.00 A

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 978-0-521-51525-2 Hardback £50.00

Familiar Objects and their Shadows

Practical Ethics Third edition Peter Singer | Princeton University, New Jersey

Crawford L. Elder | University of Connecticut

Most contemporary metaphysicians are sceptical about the reality of familiar objects. They prefer an ontology of the spatially tiny or temporally tiny (or both). Crawford L. Elder argues that all such attempts to ‘explain away’ familiar objects project downwards, onto the tiny entities, structures and features of familiar objects themselves. • Uses an externalist picture of how thought and language relate to the world, providing grounds for full-strength realism about familiar objects • Draws on scientific reasoning for believing in the reality of familiar objects • Offers legitimate philosophical reasons for resisting the program of recognizing tiny precise entities in place of familiar objects Epistemology and metaphysics | Cambridge Studies in Philosophy

January 2011 216 x 138 mm 224pp 978-1-107-00323-1 Hardback £50.00


Death and Mortality in Contemporary Philosophy

For thirty years, Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics has been the classic introduction to applied ethics. For this third edition, the author has revised and updated all the chapters and added a new chapter addressing climate change, one of the most important ethical challenges of our generation. • Gives students the tools they need to tackle the big ethical questions of the day • Now thoroughly revised and updated including new chapters on climate change, factory farming and terrorism • New edition of the classic textbook that has helped over 100,000 students worldwide to understand ethics Ethics

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 334pp 978-0-521-88141-8 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-70768-8 Paperback £19.99


Human Rights and the Ethics of Globalization Daniel E. Lee | Augustana College, Illinois

Bernard N. Schumacher | Université de Fribourg, Switzerland

Drawing on scholarship in four languages and from three distinct currents of thought – phenomenology, existentialism and analytic philosophy – this volume represents a comprehensive and systematic study of the philosophy of death, one that provides a provocative basis for discussions of the bioethics of human mortality. • Incorporates several key currents of thought in the philosophy of death (phenomenology, existentialism and analytic philosophy) in a systematic manner as no other study has tried to do • Gives an excellent overview of the twentieth-century philosophy of death with a close discussion of the different theses at the heart of the philosophy of death • Treats publications on the topic of death published in French, German, Spanish and Italian which are often inaccessible to an English-speaking audience Ethics

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 270pp 978-0-521-76932-7 Hardback £50.00 978-0-521-17119-9 Paperback £17.99



A balanced, thoughtful discussion of the globalization of the economy and the ethical considerations inherent in the many changes it has prompted. Using four specific case studies, the book provides a comprehensive discussion of how to enforce global compliance with basic human rights standards in a global economy. • Discussion of human rights is grounded in philosophical theory as well as tested on relevant case studies in a range of countries often ignored in human rights literature • Provides a cohesive definition of human rights as a basis for this discussion • Proposes a concrete means of enforcing compliance with human rights standards, based on a specific tool of enforcement, the Alien Tort Claims Act Ethics

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-0-521-51933-5 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-14799-6 Paperback £17.99


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Coping with Choices to Die

War and Moral Dissonance

Carlos Prado | Queen’s University, Ontario

Peter A. French | Arizona State University

Examines how reactions to elective death are influenced by cultural influences and beliefs. Understanding the role of these influences on the grieving processes of survivors is a crucial step in allowing them to accept the finality of elective death and to deal with the decision of their loved one. • Develops the contrast between iconic and coincidental cultures introduced in Choosing to Die (Cambridge University Press, 2008) • Introduces the analytical concept of ‘experience-organizing narratives’ or ‘EONs’ as determinants of individuals’ perspectives and attitudes • Considers the role of belief in an afterlife in elective-death decisions

This collection of essays, inspired by the author’s experience teaching ethics to Marine and Navy chaplains during the Iraq War, examines the moral, psychological and philosophical dilemmas posed by war. Topics include the nature of moral evil, forgiveness, mercy, retributive punishment, honor, torture, responsibility and just war theory. • An internationally known philosopher’s memoir of teaching ethics to Navy and Marine chaplains during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars • Includes a new analysis of why interrogational torture is immoral and an analysis of traditional and revised just war theory in the cyber age • Presents a defense of using a metaverse such as Second Life to provide a meaningful existence for casualties of war



December 2010 228 x 152 mm 206pp 978-0-521-11476-9 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-13248-0 Paperback £18.99



A Life-Centered Approach to Bioethics

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 360pp 978-1-107-00048-3 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-16903-5 Paperback £21.99

Biocentric Ethics Lawrence Johnson | University of Adelaide

Applies a discussion of the nature of human life to bioethics, examining how to approach bioethical issues. A good bioethic affirms the value of life and seeks to improve its quality. Lawrence E. Johnson applies this definition to discussions of controversial bioethical issues including euthanasia, abortion, cloning and genetic engineering. • Frames discussion of current ‘hot topics’ in bioethics with an extensive discussion of its historical and philosophical background • Proposes a life-affirming virtue ethic as a guide to living well and provides specific guidance for how to develop solutions for day-to-day bioethical issues • The only book on bioethics to consider diverse ethical theories, the nature of our human good and the nature of life itself Ethics

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 386pp 1 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76626-5 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-15420-8 Paperback £19.99 A

Conscientious Objection in Health Care

Plato and the Talmud Jacob Howland | University of Tulsa

Sees the relationship between Athens and Jerusalem through the lens of the Platonic dialogues and the Talmud. Howland argues that these texts are animated by comparable conceptions of the proper roles of reasoned debate in religious life, and by an awareness of the limits of our understanding of things divine. • A groundbreaking comparison of Plato’s dialogues and the Babylonian Talmud that sheds new light on the inner relationship of Athens and Jerusalem • Illuminates the pedagogical significance of Talmudic storytelling and Platonic narrative and drama • Offers fresh readings of essential rabbinic and Platonic texts History of philosophy

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 294pp 978-0-521-19313-9 Hardback £55.00


The Cambridge Companion to Socrates Donald Morrison | Rice University, Houston

An Ethical Analysis Mark R. Wicclair | West Virginia University

This book provides a comprehensive ethical analysis of conscientious objection in medicine, nursing and pharmacy, including discussions of conscience protection legislation and consciencebased refusals as well as several case studies. It is a valuable reference for scholars and students and anyone interested in this increasingly important aspect of health care. • Analyses several cases, dealing with practical applications as well as theory and general principles • Presents and defends a compromise position on conscientious objection in health care, debating the more extreme points of view • Provides a comprehensive ethical analysis for a broad audience, discussing conscientious objection in medicine, nursing and pharmacy Ethics

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 264pp 978-0-521-51431-6 Hardback c. £50.00 978-0-521-73543-8 Paperback c. £17.99



The Cambridge Companion to Socrates is a collection of essays providing a comprehensive guide to Socrates, the most famous Greek philosopher. The volume brings together a diverse group of experts in philology, philosophy, and history to consider Socrates and his legacy as both a literary figure and a historical person. • Features both historical and interpretive chapters, each defining ‘Socrates’ in different ways • Helps readers grasp the complexities surrounding the historical Socrates and his influence as well as his philosophical importance • Represents a variety of approaches to Socrates, helping readers to explore important issues in more depth History of philosophy | Cambridge Companions to Philosophy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 436pp 978-0-521-83342-4 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-54103-9 Paperback £19.99



Philosophy and Temporality from Kant to Critical Theory Espen Hammer | Temple University, Philadelphia

This book is a critical analysis of how key philosophers in the European tradition have responded to the emergence of a modern conception of temporality. Espen Hammer presents a rich exploration of an enduring philosophical theme: the role of temporality in shaping and reshaping modern human affairs. • Proposes a new view of the relationship between modernisation and temporality • Analyses the philosophical discourse of modernity from the standpoint of temporality, appealing to those interested in the post-Kantian tradition of European philosophy • Covers the key thinkers in European philosophy History of philosophy | Modern European Philosophy

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-1-107-00500-6 Hardback £55.00


Axiomatic Theories of Truth Volker Halbach | University of Oxford

Volker Halbach examines the most important axiomatizations of truth, explores their properties and shows how the logical results impinge on the philosophical topics related to truth. His book will be indispensable reading for any graduate or professional philosopher in theories of truth. • Provides an introduction and overview of developments in a field that is highly important for the discussion of truth • Connects results in mathematical logic with the discussion of truth in philosophy • Includes background of the most recent research literature Logic

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 376pp 978-0-521-11581-0 Hardback £50.00

Elements of Moral Cognition Rawls’ Linguistic Analogy and the Cognitive Science of Moral and Legal Judgment John Mikhail

Explores whether the science of moral cognition is usefully modelled on aspects of Noam Chomsky’s theory of Universal Grammar. Just as Chomsky argued that human beings are born with innate knowledge of grammar, so Mikhail suggests that humans might possess innate moral knowledge, and how this question can be investigated. • Based on Mikhail’s influential Ph.D. dissertation • Will be of interest to philosophers, cognitive scientists, legal scholars, and other researchers in the interdisciplinary field of moral psychology • Historically informed Logic

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 408pp 14 b/w illus.  14 tables   978-0-521-85578-5 Hardback £55.00 A

Moral Dilemmas in Medieval Thought From Gratian to Aquinas M. V. Dougherty | Ohio Dominican University

This book offers a rich and fascinating overview of medieval debates on moral dilemmas which were pursued by philosophers, theologians and canon lawyers. It will be valuable not only to advanced students and specialists of medieval thought, but also to those interested in the history of ethics. • Discusses examples of moral dilemmas involving a full range of human activities: sex, commerce, friendship, promises, political manoeuvring, crimes, secrets and religious observances • Translations provided for texts not previously found in English • Presents medieval dilemmas in terms of contemporary philosophical discussions Medieval philosophy


Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction Johan van Benthem | Universiteit van Amsterdam

This book develops a new view of logic as a theory of information-driven agency and intelligent interaction between many agents – with conversation, argumentation and games as guiding examples. It will interest students and scholars in a wide variety of subject areas. • Fresh look at long-standing philosophical problems, providing new insight into logic and its applications • Covers a broad range of themes including logic, philosophy, computer science, mathematics, linguistics, game theory and other fields • Presents logic as a theory of information-driven rational agency and intelligent interaction, providing readers with information to understand the foundations of information in science and society Logic

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 384pp 147 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76579-4 Hardback c. £55.00 A

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 248pp 978-1-107-00707-9 Hardback c. £50.00


Peirce and the Threat of Nominalism Paul Forster | University of Ottawa

Charles Peirce was a thinker of extraordinary depth and range. This book provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of Peirce’s thought, analysing his challenge to nominalism as a theory of meaning and showing its implications for his views of knowledge, truth, the nature of reality, and ethics. • Reconstructs Peirce’s system from its foundations in his theory of symbols and formal logic and mathematics, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the technical underpinnings of Peirce’s system • Presents the historical context of Peirce’s philosophy, with an understanding of the motivations underlying his work • Explains connections between Peirce’s work, representing it as a fully integrated philosophical system Nineteenth-century philosophy

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 2 b/w illus.   978-0-521-11899-6 Hardback £55.00 A

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How Well Do Facts Travel?

The Philosophy of Gottlob Frege Richard L. Mendelsohn | Graduate School and University Center, New York

This book analyses Frege’s views on language metaphysics raised in ‘On Sense and Reference’, arguably one of the most important philosophical essays of the past hundred years. It provides an introduction to the function/argument analysis and applies Frege’s technique to the notions of predication, identity, existence and truth. • Detailed analysis of Frege’s thought and the philosophical issues he grappled with • Makes difficult material accessible and understandable Nineteenth-century philosophy


January 2011 228 x 152 mm 246pp 978-0-521-83669-2 Hardback £58.00 978-0-521-18119-8 Paperback £17.99


An Introduction Lori Gruen | Wesleyan University, Connecticut

How do other animals experience their environments? What might they be thinking? Lori Gruen weaves together case studies with accessible ethical analysis to help us to reflect critically on our obligations to other animals. Her book offers a comprehensive resource for students and an engaging account for general readers. • Provides key points of reference for discussion of ethical theories concerning the relationship between humans and animals • Comprehensive approach to animal ethics, covering multiple perspectives, to aid readers’ development of their ethical reasoning skills • Includes studies of provocative cases to illustrate difficult ethical dilemmas Philosophy (general) | Cambridge Applied Ethics


Philosophy of science

Paleontology A Philosophical Introduction Derek Turner | Connecticut College

In the wake of the paleobiological revolution of the 1970s and 1980s, paleontologists continue to investigate far-reaching questions about how evolution works. Derek Turner introduces the reader to exciting recent work in the philosophy of paleontology and the diverse issues such as punctuated equilibrium and species selection. • Explains important theoretical concepts, such as punctuated equilibrium and species selection, making this accessible to those new to this area of study • Contains numerous examples of recent work in the area, providing an up-to-date reference of ongoing debates in the scholarship • Introduces important concepts from contemporary philosophy of science, such as underdetermination, and the theory-laden process of observation Philosophy of science | Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy and Biology

Perception and Knowledge

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 256pp 28 b/w illus.  3 tables   978-0-521-11637-4 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-13332-6 Paperback c. £17.99 A

A Phenomenological Account Walter Hopp | Boston University

Walter Hopp argues that perceptual experiences do not have conceptual content, and that what makes them play such a distinctive epistemic role is something that sets them radically apart from beliefs. His book covers a wide range of central topics in contemporary philosophy of mind, epistemology and traditional phenomenology. • Provides insight on the major topics in contemporary philosophy of mind, epistemology and philosophy of perception • Contains a number of examples to illustrate key distinctions and arguments • Applies phenomenological methods and concepts to contemporary debates, highlighting many areas relevant to both phenomenological and contemporary traditions Philosophy of mind and language

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 272pp 978-1-107-00316-3 Hardback c. £50.00

Is a fact still the same fact if you take it somewhere else? Where do the facts we do have come from, and where are they going next? These diverse stories from the humanities and sciences explain why some facts travel well enough to acquire a life of their own. • Takes a new look at a simple problem which is important for science, humanities and society, but very difficult to answer: why do some facts travel well? • Examines how academics communicate with each other and wider society on topics such as climate change, technology transfer, public health and urban planning • A fascinating and useful look at a highly important but often overlooked topic January 2011 228 x 152 mm 488pp 51 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19654-3 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-15958-6 Paperback £19.99 A

Ethics and Animals

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 256pp 978-0-521-88899-8 Hardback £50.00 978-0-521-71773-1 Paperback £16.99

The Dissemination of Reliable Knowledge Edited by Peter Howlett | London School of Economics and Political Science



The Science of Qualitative Research

Displacement by Development

Martin Packer | Duquesne University, Pittsburgh

Ethics, Rights and Responsibilities Peter Penz | York University, Toronto

This book is a unique examination of qualitative research in the social sciences, raising and answering the question of why we do this kind of investigation. It explores the multiple roots of qualitative research in order to diagnose the current state of play and recommend an alternative. • Describes the contribution to qualitative research of key figures, including Habermas, Ricoeur, Wittgenstein, Foucault, Bourdieu, Gadamer, Heidegger, Schutz, Kant, Husserl, Marx, Merleau-Ponty, Garfinkel, Geertz, Taylor, Giddens and Husserl • Rethinks the conceptual underpinnings of the three tools of qualitative inquiry: interviews, field work and interaction analysis • Boxes summarise important background topics; tables and figures are used to illustrate central concepts • Organized in three sections, each of which deals with a central issue (are we studying subjectivity? what is constitution? what is critique?) and a specific research tool (interviews, ethnographic fieldwork, the researcher’s stance) Philosophy of social science

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 436pp 2 b/w illus.  26 tables   978-0-521-76887-0 Hardback £70.00 A 978-0-521-14881-8 Paperback £24.99 A

Art in Public Politics, Economics, and a Democratic Culture Lambert Zuidervaart | University of Toronto

This book presents a vigorous case for government funding of the arts, arguing for their crucial political, cultural and economic contributions to civil society. Lambert Zuidervaart proposes an entirely new conception of the public role of art with wide-ranging implications for education, politics and cultural policy. • Addresses one of the most troublesome public debates in North America – the ongoing controversy over government funding for the arts – and shows why the terms of this debate need to be changed • Proposes a new conception of art in public that has provocative implications for education, politics and cultural policy, using actual experience in a contemporary arts centre as a touchstone for philosophical reflections • Ranges masterfully and creatively across the arts, humanities and social sciences to propose a richly textured philosophy of civil society and cultural democracy Political philosophy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 978-0-521-11274-1 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-13017-2 Paperback £18.99


Policy-makers in government, researchers and students have continually struggled with the problem of how to protect people who are displaced from their homes and livelihoods by development projects. Using development ethics, the authors show how an allocation of responsibilities can help with problems regarding compensation and environmental stability. • Proposes a governance model for development projects to empower displaced people, developing ideas of how to transform conflict over displacement • Demonstrates the rights of displaced people, providing information for readers on the widely-accepted rationale for proposing reforms • Develops understanding of what it means to be ‘displaced’ and analysing the debate about the connection between conflict-induced and development-induced displacement Political philosophy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 358pp 978-0-521-19882-0 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-12464-5 Paperback £19.99


The Ethics of Global Climate Change Edited by Denis G. Arnold | University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Global climate change is one of the most daunting ethical and political challenges confronting humanity in the twenty-first century. In this book, authors argue for new ways of conceptualising our ethical obligations in order to address a problem of this scope and difficulty. • Provides critical perspectives on the existing literature on the ethics of climate change • Includes an up-to-date treatment, with articles discussing the Copenhagen climate conference • Authors provide an introductory overview of the scientific consensus regarding climate change Political philosophy

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 15 b/w illus.  3 tables   978-1-107-00069-8 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Capitalism, For and Against A Feminist Debate Ann Cudd | University of Kansas

Ann Cudd and Nancy Holmstrom debate whether capitalism is valuable as an ideal for women. They cover a broad range of social and economic issues, and examine how to analyse effectively what constitutes ‘capitalism’ and ‘women’s interests’. • Explores capitalism through a unique perspective incorporating political philosophy and feminist theory • Provides thorough arguments from each proponent and responses to those arguments • Examines a broad range of economic concerns from domestic labour to international trade issues Political philosophy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 360pp 978-0-521-11407-3 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-13211-4 Paperback £18.99


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Global Justice and Due Process

Ownership and Justice

Larry May | Vanderbilt University


The idea of due process of law is recognised as the cornerstone of domestic legal systems, and in this book Larry May makes a powerful case for its extension to international law, focussing on the legal rights of detainees at Guantanamo and in refugee camps. • Proposes a new vision of global justice, applicable to international law • Provides discussion of contemporary issues, such as rights violations at Guantanamo and refugee camps • Explains why procedural rights should be fully protected in international debate, and opens up the debate to scholars and students of international law Political philosophy

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 260pp 978-0-521-76272-4 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-15235-8 Paperback £19.99


Political Philosophy An Introduction Richard G. Stevens | American University, Washington DC

This book is a comprehensive introduction to the nature and origin of political philosophy and its course from antiquity to the present. Richard G. Stevens provides a clear definition of the subject and an introduction to key figures and works in the field. It is an approachable introduction to a complex subject. • Defines its subject matter clearly and rigorously, giving students a point of entry into a sophisticated discussion of complex political thought • Examines the difficulties presented by the connection between ancient political philosophy and Abrahamic religion, considering all three major religions that spring from Abraham • Enables the student to take an objective (and occasionally skeptical) view of common beliefs about politics and philosophy Political philosophy

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 332pp 978-1-107-00043-8 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-16901-1 Paperback £18.99


Immigration and the Constraints of Justice Between Open Borders and Absolute Sovereignty Ryan Pevnick | New York University

This book explores the constraints which justice imposes on immigration policy, and argues for a set of policies which are distinct from those supported by either liberal nationalists or advocates of open borders. • Presents new approaches to considering the issues related to justice and immigration • Connects philosophical arguments to pressing political debates, such as the treatment of illegal immigrants, guest work programs and border control • Provides a framework for understanding topics related to selfdetermination, the scope of distributive justice and the significance of shared national identity Political philosophy

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 224pp 1 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-0-521-76898-6 Hardback £50.00 A

Volume 27 Part 1 Edited by Ellen Frankel Paul | Bowling Green State University, Ohio

The institution of private property lies at the heart of contemporary Western societies. However, what are the limits of property ownership? Do principles of justice require some measure of governmental redistribution of property in order to relieve poverty or to promote greater equality among citizens? The essays in this volume address these questions and explore related issues. Political philosophy | Social Philosophy and Policy

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 328pp 978-0-521-17543-2 Paperback £22.99


Interpreting Heidegger Critical Essays Edited by Daniel O. Dahlstrom | Boston University

Including essays by internationally prominent scholars, this book interprets central themes from the full range of Heidegger’s thought, his own interpretations of poets and philosophers, such as Rilke and Nietzsche, and influential critical interpretations of his philosophy by thinkers such as Rorty, Derrida and Lévinas. • Provides Heidegger’s interpretations of poets and other philosophers, offering a greater understanding of the significance of these interpretations • Addresses themes from Heidegger’s entire corpus • Analyses the leading critical interpretations of the substantial criticisms of Heidegger’s thought Twentieth-century philosophy

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 3 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76494-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A

G. E. Moore: Early Philosophical Writings Edited by Thomas Baldwin | University of York

This edition presents G. E. Moore’s fellowship dissertations of 1897 and 1898, which show how he initiated his influential break with idealism. The edition includes comments by Moore’s examiners, and in a substantial introduction the editors explore the crucial importance of the dissertations to the history of twentieth-century philosophical thought. • Includes two of Moore’s fellowship dissertations, identifying the early development of his philosophy • Presents Moore’s extensive critical discussions of Kant • By including comments of the examiners, shows how Moore’s criticisms of Kant’s idealism were received at the time Twentieth-century philosophy

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 1 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19014-5 Hardback £65.00 A

Philosophy / Religion

Saul Kripke Edited by Alan Berger | Brandeis University, Massachusetts

This collection of essays on Saul Kripke and his philosophy is the first and only collection of essays to examine both published and unpublished writings by Kripke. Its essays present a broader picture of Kripke’s life and work than has previously been available to scholars of his thought. • First and only book to feature Kripke’s unpublished as well as published works • Contributors are the best scholars on their respective topics • The most comprehensive and authoritative volume available on Kripke’s thought and work Twentieth-century philosophy

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 374pp 978-0-521-85826-7 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-67498-0 Paperback £22.99


Mark Forman explores the extent to which Paul’s concept of ‘inheritance’ in Romans served to evoke socio-political expectations different to those which prevailed in Roman imperial discourse. He thus explores the function of inheritance in Romans and analyses the sources which inform and overlap with this concept. • New perspective on the concept of inheritance in Romans, identifying how it contributes to an overall counter-imperial narrative • Updates current literature on the exploration of inheritance • Presents a summary and survey of first-century Greco-Roman society and its socio-political expectations, providing the context for reading Paul

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 978-0-521-76909-9 Hardback c. £55.00

Truth, Language, and History Mark A. Wrathall | University of California, Riverside


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One of the central themes of Heidegger’s work is ‘unconcealment’, or the idea that what entities are depends on the conditions that allow them to manifest themselves. This book includes ten essays that trace the notion unconcealment as it developed and shaped his philosophy of truth, language and history. • Explains some of Heidegger’s most difficult ideas in a clear, straightforward manner • Offers a book-length exploration of ‘unconcealment’, a central idea in Heidegger’s work that often gets short shrift • Covers Heidegger’s whole career, rather than limiting itself to either the ‘early’ or ‘later’ Heidegger Twentieth-century philosophy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 262pp 4 tables   978-0-521-51816-1 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-73912-2 Paperback £17.99 A

The Bodies of God and the World of Ancient Israel Benjamin D. Sommer | Jewish Theological Seminary, New York

The Bodies of God and the World of Ancient Israel uncovers a lost ancient Near Eastern perception of divinity according to which an essential difference between gods and humans was that gods had more than one body and fluid, unbounded selves. Sommer’s book has important repercussions not only for biblical scholarship and comparative religion but for Jewish-Christian dialogue. • A significant contribution to the study of ancient religions • Has potentially radical implications for Jewish and Christian theology and for the relationship between them • Important repercussions for biblical scholarship Biblical studies – Old Testament, Hebrew Bible

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 350pp 4 b/w illus.   978-0-521-51872-7 Hardback £48.00 A 978-1-107-42226-1 Paperback c. £18.99 A


The Cambridge Companion to Thomas More

The King James Bible A Short History from Tyndale to Today David Norton | Victoria University of Wellington

Edited by George M. Logan | Queen’s University, Ontario

The King James Bible was the result of extraordinary effort over nearly a century. David Norton traces the work of Tyndale and his successors, following in detail work on the KJB, including its textual and printing history. • Indicates how the first edition of the King James Bible developed into modern editions • Looks in detail at how the text of the King James Bible developed through the work of William Tyndale, Myles Coverdale, the Geneva translators and the King James Bible translators themselves • Brings together the author’s previous work on the King James Bible for the general reader January 2011 216 x 138 mm 232pp 11 b/w illus.   978-0-521-85149-7 Hardback £40.00 A 978-0-521-61688-1 Paperback £14.99 A

Mark Forman

Biblical studies – New Testament | Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series, 148

Heidegger and Unconcealment

Biblical studies – New Testament

The Politics of Inheritance in Romans

This volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the life and times of the humanist Thomas More. In addition to accounts of his public life and personal relationships, there are in-depth studies of his rhetoric and major written works, including their reception since the sixteenth century. • Offers a comprehensive introduction to More’s life, times and work • Provides detailed readings of most of his major works, organised into specific essays on each text • The scholarship includes historical contexts, providing a wider appreciation of the reception of More’s work Church history | Cambridge Companions to Religion

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 330pp 978-0-521-88862-2 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-71687-1 Paperback £18.99


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God and Logic in Islam

The Status of Women in Jewish Tradition

The Caliphate of Reason John Walbridge | Indiana University


This book investigates the central role of reason in Islamic intellectual life, arguing that rational methods, not fundamentalism, have characterized Islamic law, philosophy and education since the medieval period. The future of Islam, John Walbridge argues, will be marked by a revival of the intellectual tradition of rationalism. • A systematic treatment of the role of reason in Islam that challenges the idea that Islam rejects reason • Proposes the recovery of the rationalist heritage of Islam as part of the future of Islam • Integrates treatment of law, philosophy, mysticism and science within a general account of Islamic attitudes to reason Islam

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 228pp 3 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19534-8 Hardback £55.00 A

Isaac S. D. Sassoon | Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Biblical and Talmudic Judaism are rooted in the presuppositions and interests of a patriarchal society, but Sassoon identifies views within the Bible and the Talmud that rise above patriarchal self-interest. Particularly compelling is evidence of support for monogamy in ancient Israel, and women’s and men’s souls being equal in value. • Sets out to determine where the Bible, the Talmud, and related literature, especially the Dead Sea Scrolls, rise above patriarchal selfinterest • Discusses compelling evidence of support for monogamy in ancient Israel, a belief in the applicability of Biblical commandments to men and women alike, and an outlook that regards women’s and men’s souls as equal in value Judaism

February 2011 216 x 140 mm 232pp 978-1-107-00174-9 Hardback £45.00

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Ancient Jewish Magic


The Visual Culture of Chabad

A History Gideon Bohak | Tel-Aviv University

Maya Balakirsky Katz | Touro College, New York

This history of ancient Jewish magic, from the Second Temple to the rabbinic period, is based both on the ancient magicians’ own compositions and on the descriptions and prescriptions of non-magicians. It studies developments arising within the Jewish tradition as well as cross-cultural borrowings from Greco-Egyptian sources. • The first scholarly history of ancient Jewish magic • An accessible account which assumes no prior knowledge of Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek and only a general acquaintance with ancient Judaism • Utilises numerous ancient and medieval sources, and much new research Judaism

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 496pp 15 b/w illus.   978-0-521-18098-6 Paperback £24.99 A

Philosemitism in History

This book unfolds the modern Hasidic movement built by the rabbinical Schneerson family. Through the prism of Chabad portraits, architecture and ceremonial objects, one sees the powerful Schneerson hold over their Eastern European flock, the reemergence of the Chabad movement after the Holocaust, and engagement of public space. • The images are an integral part of this book and will attract collectors of art, photography and Judaica • The material object offers a rare opportunity to gauge the popular success of Hasidism in Eastern Europe through the eyes of its new devotees, to filter Hasidic philosophy from the vantage point of the lay-Hasid, and to chart the transition of Hasidism into an American religious movement Judaism

December 2010 234 x 156 mm 260pp 60 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-19163-0 Hardback £65.00 A

Edited by Jonathan Karp | State University of New York, Binghamton

Heidegger in America

This book offers a broad and ambitious overview of the nature and significance of philosemitism in European and world history, from antiquity to the present. It underscores both the endurance and the malleability of philosemitism, drawing attention to this important, yet widely neglected and misunderstood, facet of Jewish – non-Jewish relations. • The first broad-based, thorough and authoritative study of the history of philosemitism • Includes fourteen chapters by specialists in a range of periods and academic disciplines, and an ambitious introductory essay by the editors that surveys and analyses the topic • Primarily aimed at academics and graduate students, yet accessible for the educated general reader, and of sufficient general interest (and potential controversy) to draw a significant measure of public attention

Heidegger in America is a case study in the recent history of transnational intellectual and cultural exchange. It suggests that the reception and dissemination of Heidegger’s philosophical writings transformed the intellectual culture of the United States at a time when American influence was itself transforming the world. • The first study to examine Heidegger’s influence in America • Gives an entirely new perspective on Heidegger, offering a new and unique interpretation of his place in the history of contemporary thought • A transnational study that reframes the intellectual history of the United States and offers a new theoretical understanding of the intellectual history in the age of globalization


April 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 978-0-521-87377-2 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-69547-3 Paperback £16.99


Martin Woessner | City College, City University of New York

Philosophy of religion

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 978-0-521-51837-6 Hardback £55.00



Religions of the Ancient Near East

The Cambridge Companion to Miracles

Daniel C. Snell | University of Oklahoma

Edited by Graham H. Twelftree | Regent University, Virginia

A comprehensive introduction to religious life in the Ancient Near East from the beginnings of agriculture to Alexander the Great’s invasion in the 300s BCE. Daniel C. Snell traces key developments in the history, daily life and religious beliefs of the people of Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel and Iran. • Written in a non-technical style that will be accessible to students and readers without prior knowledge of this subject • Each chapter begins with a fictionalized account incorporating research findings from archaeology and textual scholarship • Emphasizes the effect of religion on the daily life of real people in this period as well as exploring the implications of ancient religion for modern belief systems and cultures Religion (general)

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 194pp 5 b/w illus.  3 maps  1 table   978-0-521-86475-6 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-68336-4 Paperback £18.99 A

Spiritual Healing Scientific and Religious Perspectives Edited by Fraser Watts | University of Cambridge

Written by international experts, this Companion provides an authoritative and comparative study of miracles in the major world religions, as well as older, indigenous religions. The authors promote a discussion of the problems of miracles in our diverse and secular culture, and of the value of miracles in religious belief. • Includes discussions covering the miracle in the world’s major religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism • Presents miracle traditions found in the Hebrew Bible, classical culture, Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity • Perspective of philosophers and medical profession are included to consider the ongoing issues related to miracle, including their possibility and meaning Religion (general) | Cambridge Companions to Religion

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 336pp 978-0-521-89986-4 Hardback c. £50.00 978-0-521-72851-5 Paperback c. £17.99

Christianity and Human Rights

This edited collection explores what spiritual healing is and how it works, from a variety of religious and scientific points of view. It is demonstrated that these two apparently opposed perspectives answer different questions about spiritual healing, and there is not necessarily any conflict between them. • Broad coverage of the different perspectives on spiritual healing, exploring a variety of approaches • Combines both religious and medical points of view for healing practices and processes • Identifies different ways the scientific and religious perspectives approach spiritual healing questions

An Introduction Edited by John Witte, Jr. | Emory University, Atlanta

Religion (general)

Religious ethics

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 224pp 5 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19793-9 Hardback £55.00 A

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 400pp 978-0-521-19441-9 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-14374-5 Paperback £18.99

Religious and Spiritual Experiences Wesley J. Wildman | Boston University


With contributions from leading scholars, including a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, this book provides an authoritative treatment of how Christianity shaped human rights in the past, and how Christianity and human rights continue to challenge each other in modern times. • Includes contributions from twenty of the leading scholars in the area of Christianity and human rights • Recommended reading sections at the end of each chapter • Analyses Judaic, classical, and biblical sources, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox traditions alike, providing a broad overview of the topic


Market Complicity and Christian Ethics

Wesley Wildman provides a spiritually evocative naturalist interpretation of a diverse variety of religious and spiritual experiences, from the common to the exceptional, answering key intellectual questions. He describes these experiences, offering novel classifications of the broad spectrum of experiences based on their neurological features and internal qualities. • Draws on first-hand experience in neurological research as well as in philosophical analysis of religious and spiritual experiences • Includes a look at a wide variety of spiritual and religious experiences, offering innovative description and neurologically rooted classification of these experiences • Offers a multidisciplinary approach, demonstrating the insights which are evident in a wider scheme of interpretation

Albino Barrera | Providence College, Rhode Island

Religion (general)

Religious ethics | New Studies in Christian Ethics, 31

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 10 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00008-7 Hardback £55.00 A

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 324pp 978-1-107-00315-6 Hardback £55.00

The marketplace is a remarkable social institution that has greatly extended our individual reach. Albino Barrera examines our own moral responsibilities for the distant harms of our market transactions, identifying how the market’s division of labour makes us unwitting collaborators in others’ wrongdoing and in collective ills. • Explores and identifies what Christian ethics can offer on the problem of economic complicity • Distinguishes the different factors regarding what is permissible and what is blameworthy in material cooperation by articulating theological and philosophical grounds of discussion • Uses a multidisciplinary approach, a framework for analysis including economics, philosophy, theology and law


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Religion / Management


The Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology Edited by Ian A. McFarland | Emory University, Atlanta


Containing over 550 entries, ranging from Abba to Zwingli, this dictionary provides a fresh, ecumenical approach to theological reference. Focusing on key topics, it helps the reader understand and assess the significance of the most important concepts, whilst shorter related entries provide a more detailed definition of technical terms. • Core entries provide a broad overview of selected topics and a clear basis of the subject for students • Integrates small topics within larger areas of study, providing a working knowledge of key concepts and figures, with detailed explanations of technical terminology • Represents theological voices within the Protestant tradition and also prominent representation of Catholic authors Theology

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 592pp 978-0-521-88092-3 Hardback c. £130.00


The Common Good and the Global Emergency

A Critical, Cross-cultural Perspective Terence Jackson | Middlesex University Business School

What can we learn about management ethics from other cultures and societies? Numerous examples, as well as chapters on specific countries and regions, will help readers critique universal assumptions of what is ethical, leading to an understanding of the different approaches that businesses can take to operate ethically. • Challenges relativist and universal assumptions by developing and applying cross-cultural theory to management ethics • Individual chapters on different countries and regions allow the reader to understand the wider geographical, political and cultural contexts that determine people’s values • International, interdisciplinary coverage analyses the way we look at other cultures and their values and how this affects the way businesses operate at a micro-, meso- and macro-level Business ethics

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 312pp 3 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-85344-6 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-61865-6 Paperback £21.99 A

God and the Built Environment T. J. Gorringe | University of Exeter

T. J. Gorringe provides a theoretical and political framework of the common good, and applies this to the built environment. This framework is used to discuss and highlight issues regarding place, transport, food and farming, and as such, explains the relation of Christianity to the built world in which we live. • Draws on a wide range of material, including the work of Christopher Alexander • Relates Christianity to issues regarding place, transport, food and farming • Identifies a theological and political framework of the common good Theology

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 2 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00201-2 Hardback £55.00 A

The Cambridge Companion to the Trinity Edited by Peter C. Phan | Georgetown University, Washington DC

This Companion explores how the Christian doctrine of the Trinity has been understood and articulated in the last two thousand years. The Trinitarian theologies of key theologians are carefully examined, and the doctrine of the Trinity is brought into dialogue with different religions as well as with other Christian beliefs. • Comprehensive survey of the theology of the Trinity with a broad range of perspectives • The doctrine of the Trinity is discussed in the context of non-Christian religions providing a broader understanding of the theological impact • Provides a clear introduction for those new to the topic Theology | Cambridge Companions to Religion

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 464pp 978-0-521-87739-8 Hardback c. £55.00 978-0-521-70113-6 Paperback c. £19.99

International Management Ethics


Corporate Social Strategy Stakeholder Engagement and Competitive Advantage Bryan W. Husted | York University, Toronto

Is it true that firms that engage in social action will be rewarded with a good name, competitive advantage, superior profits and corporate sustainability? This book answers this and other questions by explaining the how and why of creating value and competitive advantage through corporate social action. • Presents a new, more realistic view of corporate social action based on economic and social value creation • Untangles difficult questions regarding social action and profit, showing managers how firms can be ethical and turn a profit at the same time • Provides important advice on how to set up and run social action programs, including why firms should take a strategic approach to CSR and how to measure social impact Business ethics

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 362pp 9 b/w illus.  11 tables   978-0-521-19764-9 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-14963-1 Paperback £19.99 A


The Innovation Journey of Wi-Fi

Corporate Governance and the Global Financial Crisis

The Road To Global Success Wolter Lemstra | Technische Universiteit Delft, The Netherlands

International Perspectives Edited by William Sun | Leeds Metropolitan University

Wi-Fi has become the preferred means for connecting to the internet – at home, in the office, in hotels and at airports. This book explains the development of this technology through first-hand accounts by industry practitioners and reflects on implications for government policy and firm strategy. • First-hand industry perspectives link the practice of innovation to the theory of innovation • Shows how successful firm strategy relies on linking innovation to product introduction • Provides important advice for practitioners and policymakers about designing and applying successful standardisation strategies Entrepreneurship and innovation

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 432pp 60 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-0-521-19971-1 Hardback £50.00 A

Leading scholars provide fresh and critical insights on the systemic failures of corporate governance linked to the global financial crisis. They provide suggestions on how the governance problems could be tackled to prevent or mitigate any future financial crisis and explore new directions for post-crisis corporate governance research and reforms. • Provides a critical and international analysis of corporate governance covering fundamental issues and the implications of the recent financial crisis • Multidisciplinary research allows readers to understand corporate governance from a number of different perspectives, including business and management, economics, law and political science • Features contributions by internationally renowned experts from North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East Governance

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 440pp 5 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00187-9 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Brazilian Multinationals

Strategic Leadership in the Business School

Competences for Internationalization Afonso Fleury | Universidade de São Paulo

Business schools face a number of challenges, including criticisms of their academic rigour and relevance as well as increasing competition from rival institutions. This book shows how Deans of business schools can meet these challenges in terms of strategic direction setting and the execution of their leadership role. • Includes a comprehensive treatment of the history and competitive landscape of business schools • Provides case studies and insights about strategic leadership processes in five leading business schools, including profiles of Deans • Examines the parallels between leading a business school and leading a professional service firm

The Fortune 500 increasingly features more and more companies from emerging economies. This book examines and explains the rise of Brazilian multinationals and compares their development to that experienced by multinationals from other emerging economies, including Latin America, Russia, India and China. • Presents a new analytical framework for the study of the internationalization process of companies from emerging countries • Analyses the development of Brazilian multinationals and compares them with multinationals from other emerging countries, including China, India and Russia • Gives readers a sense of the practicalities of the internationalization process through the use of boxes describing the successes and failures of multinationals in emerging countries

General management

International business

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 25 b/w illus.  19 tables   978-0-521-11612-1 Hardback £40.00 A

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 416pp 31 b/w illus.  73 tables   978-0-521-51948-9 Hardback £60.00 A

Keeping One Step Ahead Fernando Fragueiro | IAE Business School


Principles of Contemporary Corporate Governance Second edition Jean Jacques du Plessis | Deakin University, Victoria

Principles of Contemporary Corporate Governance, Second Edition, provides a concise presentation of vital topics and emerging themes in corporate governance within the private sector. Written for both practitioners and students of law and business management, this new edition features an easy-to-follow explanation and analysis of fundamental corporate governance principles. • Covers core principles of corporate governance in a concise, yet comprehensive way appropriate to practitioners and students in law and business • Approaches corporate governance from an international perspective including comparative models in the US, UK, Germany, Japan and China, with OECD principles dealt with separately • Accompanied by an online study guide to aid student learning and a set of PowerPoint slides for instructors’ use

Politics and Power in the Multinational Corporation The Role of Institutions, Interests and Identities Edited by Christoph Dörrenbächer | Berlin School of Economics and Law

We typically see multinationals as monolithic organisations but, like any institution in society, they are not. They are geographically, socially, culturally and institutionally diverse. This book examines this complexity, focusing on issues of politics and power, an underdeveloped area of study in mainstream analyses of multinational corporations. • First comprehensive study of the role of politics and power in the management of multinational corporations • Views the MNC from both institutionalist/culturalist and socio-political approaches • Includes contributions from a broad range of international scholars International business

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 456pp 12 b/w illus.  17 tables   978-0-521-19717-5 Hardback £60.00 A


January 2011 228 x 152 mm 512pp 978-0-521-13803-1 Paperback c. £48.00


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The Value of Arts for Business

Public Management

Giovanni Schiuma | Università della Basilicata, Italy

Organizations, Governance, and Performance Laurence J. O’Toole | University of Georgia

Organisations often assume that the arts have nothing to offer from a business perspective. The Value of Arts for Business challenges this view by showing how the arts, in the form of Arts-based Initiatives (ABIs), can be used to enhance valuecreation capacity and boost business performance. • Shows how the arts can be used to improve organisational value creation and business performance • Introduces and explains the importance of Arts-based Initiatives (ABIs), showing how artistic products and processes can be deployed and exploited for management purposes • Includes a number of case studies of organisations that have successfully adopted arts to generate value for business Organisation studies

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 304pp 22 b/w illus.  6 tables   978-0-521-76951-8 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Negotiating Values in the Creative Industries Fairs, Festivals and Competitive Events Edited by Brian Moeran | Copenhagen Business School

How effective are public managers as they seek to influence how public organizations deliver policy results? In this book, two award-winning researchers develop a systematic theory on how effective public managers are in shaping policy results and test the theory with evidence from many different public organizations. • Presents a formal theory of public management and performance that is both clear and amenable to testing • Provides the clearest evidence to date of the extent to which management influences public program performance • Brings together data from many different kinds of public organization, enabling greater generalizability to other policy and management settings Organisation studies

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 344pp 9 b/w illus.  64 tables   978-1-107-00441-2 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Status in Management and Organizations Edited by Jone Pearce | University of California, Irvine

Fairs, festivals and competitive events play a crucial role in the creative industries; yet their significance has been largely overlooked. This book explores the role of such events through a series of studies that include some of the most iconic fairs and festivals in the world. • First comprehensive, multidisciplinary analysis of fairs, festivals and other types of industry events within the creative industries • Examines the role of industry events in a wide range of creative industries, including art, book publishing, television, film, animation, music, fashion and wine • Proposes a theory of values that will enable readers to evaluate creative products

It is only relatively recently that management scholars have turned their attention to the powerful role that social status plays in organizations. This book brings together this important work, showing how a better understanding of status can be used to address problems in a number of different organizational settings. • First multidisciplinary study of status in management and organizations • Contributions from leading status scholars and from a variety of international perspectives • Includes new research focusing on emergent, virtual and changing workplaces

Organisation studies

Organisation studies | Cambridge Companions to Management

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 368pp 12 b/w illus.  14 tables   978-1-107-00450-4 Hardback c. £55.00 A

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 374pp 11 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-11545-2 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-13296-1 Paperback £21.99 A

Global Projects Institutional and Political Challenges Edited by W. Richard Scott | Stanford University, California

As the world’s population continues to grow, there is an ever increasing need for huge investment in basic infrastructure. This book examines the institutional and social movement processes, both negative and positive, that surround global infrastructure projects as they confront crossnational and cross-sectoral (such as private-public partnerships) institutional differences. • Presents a new theoretical framework that allows readers to understand the institutional and social movement processes that surround global infrastructure projects • Features a variety of empirical examples of infrastructure projects, including roads, railroads, ports, airports, water supply and energy pipelines • Brings together an experienced team of academics and consultants with many years of industry experience

Crafting Strategy Embodied Metaphors in Practice Loizos Heracleous | University of Warwick Business School

The rationalist approach to strategizing emphasizes analytical and convergent thinking. Without denying the importance of this approach, this book argues that strategists must learn to complement it with a more creative approach to strategizing that emphasizes synthetic and divergent ways of thinking. • Shows how to develop creative strategizing through the use of embodied metaphors that represent organizations and their strategic landscape • Builds a sound theoretical foundation that can support further research in the area of strategizing as an embodied practice • Links theory to practice through applied examples and vignettes that show how the embodied metaphors approach can be implemented and facilitated

Organisation studies

Strategic management

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 330pp 18 b/w illus.  31 tables   978-1-107-00492-4 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-18190-7 Paperback c. £23.99 X

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 27 b/w illus.  16 tables   978-0-521-11655-8 Hardback c. £55.00 A


Sociology Search and Destroy African-American Males in the Criminal Justice System Second edition Jerome G. Miller

This tightly argued and methodologically sound volume addresses widespread social assumptions associating crime and African-American men. An exploration into the criminal justice system in America today and its impact on young AfricanAmerican males, this book challenges the linking of crime and race and the conservative anti-welfare, hard-on-crime agenda. • Author has spent most of professional life attempting to lower institutional populations Criminology

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 212pp 4 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-0-521-76779-8 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-74381-5 Paperback £17.99 A

Criminologists on Terrorism and Homeland Security Edited by Brian Forst | American University, Washington DC

This volume presents 19 original essays addressing what is widely regarded as the most serious problem confronting America today and for years to come – terrorism – from the unique perspective of criminology. Criminologist on Terrorism and Homeland Security will be of interest to anyone concerned about violence prevention and terrorism. • Original essays by some of the world’s most respected criminologists • Makes important contributions that will be of interest to policy makers and practitioners • Thoroughly referenced, with a rich bibliography for each chapter Criminology | Cambridge Studies in Criminology

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 472pp 16 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-89945-1 Hardback £70.00 A

The Transformation of Europe’s Armed Forces

Lost in Transition Youth, Work, and Instability in Postindustrial Japan Mary C. Brinton | Harvard University, Massachusetts

This book considers the issues facing contemporary Japan as it struggles to adapt its employment system to the global economy. The book describes how young Japanese workers have lost out to the entrenched interests of older workers and are struggling to gain a sense of identity and security. • Accessible to a broad audience, including undergraduates • Combines rich qualitative and quantitative evidence, and is filled with stories and data • Tells what is really going on in 21st-century Japanese society Political sociology

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 228pp 24 b/w illus.  19 tables   978-0-521-19914-8 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-12600-7 Paperback £17.99 A

Political Islam, Iran, and the Enlightenment Philosophies of Hope and Despair Ali Mirsepassi | New York University

Presents a powerful challenge to the dominant media and scholarly construction of radical Islamist politics as a purely Islamic phenomenon derived from insular, traditional and monolithic religious ‘foundations’. It argues that the discourse of political Islam has strong connections to important and disturbing currents in Western philosophy and intellectual trends. • Original study highlighting the influence of Western philosophy on twentieth-century Islamic thought • A particular emphasis on Iranian intellectuals and their connections to counter-Enlightenment philosophy • A rare mix of sociology, philosophy, history and politics for a broadranging audience of students and scholars Political sociology

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 240pp 978-0-521-76882-5 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-74590-1 Paperback £18.99


From the Rhine to Afghanistan Anthony King | University of Exeter

Jihad in the West

Europe’s armed forces have been re-organising themselves to prepare for ‘new wars’ around the world. Examining operational headquarters and rapid reaction brigades, this book explores how Europe’s forces are concentrating themselves into smaller but more capable professional forces which are co-operating ever more closely with each other across national borders. • Explores the often overlooked aspects of the armed forces themselves, their military headquarters and brigades • Links to wider debates about European integration, providing a novel conceptual framework for understanding contemporary operations, especially in Afghanistan • Draws on fieldwork and interviews with numerous personnel, including senior military officers

Jihad in the West addresses the rise of Al Qaedainfluenced movements in the West. In particular it argues that geographical displacement and the ubiquity of electronic media have facilitated the emergence of global ideological movements including militant Salafism. • Explains why movement and media are crucial to the rise of Al Qaeda-influenced groups • Utilises the theoretical insights of leading social theorists – such as Giddens, Harvey and Appadurai • Critiques and suggests alternatives to many existing approaches in terrorism studies

Organisational sociology

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 326pp 6 b/w illus.  3 maps   978-0-521-76094-2 Hardback £55.00 A

The Rise of Militant Salafism Frazer Egerton | Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia

Political sociology

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 1 table   978-1-107-00282-1 Hardback £50.00 978-0-521-17581-4 Paperback £18.99


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Why Things Matter to People Social Science, Values and Ethical Life Andrew Sayer | Lancaster University

Our relation to the world is one of concern. For students, social researchers and general readers, this book shows how social science and philosophy need to change to understand people’s evaluative relation to the world, and particularly their ethical dispositions and sense of dignity. • A novel approach to a much neglected aspect of social life – the fact that our relation to the world is one of concern • Sayer shows how the many forms of human suffering and flourishing arise, and how our values and actions are related to these • Opens up fundamental issues of how we interpret social life and action to a non-specialist audience


Social theory

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 294pp 978-1-107-00114-5 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-17164-9 Paperback £18.99


Conceptualising the Social World Principles of Social Analysis John Scott | University of Plymouth

This book brings together a number of diverse sociological paradigms that are often treated in isolation or regarded as contradictory or incompatible. It constructs a synthesis of viewpoints to illustrate the basic principles of sociological analysis that have been established over the years. • Overcomes the fragmentation and division often associated with this subject • Goes beyond the usual, standard sources and theorists to engage with wider arguments from a range of countries • Provides an authoritative, detailed and accurate range of source references on key ideas Social theory

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 286pp 4 b/w illus.   978-0-521-88449-5 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-71136-4 Paperback c. £19.99 A

The Sociology of Theodor Adorno Matthias Benzer | London School of Economics and Political Science

A lucid account of Theodor Adorno’s perspectives on major components of sociology, including empirical and theoretical research. Matthias Benzer discusses several of Adorno’s inquiries into specific sociological topics including sexual taboos, prejudice and aspects of daily life. This book will interest students and academics wishing to understand Adorno’s sociological thinking. • Includes discussions of untranslated writings and offers the first English translations of some key passages from Adorno’s work • Provides illustrations of Adorno’s sociological inquiries into capitalist society with reference to several of his specific studies, including details of daily life, astrological literature, spare time, sexual taboos, and the limits of transformative political action • Raises critical questions about potential intersections between Adorno’s sociological approach and current developments in various areas of social science Social theory

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-1-107-00009-4 Hardback £55.00


Making Sense of Fatherhood Gender, Caring and Work Tina Miller | Oxford Brookes University

As family and work demands become more complex, who is left holding the baby? Tina Miller presents fascinating narrative accounts of gendered practices, paternal caring and paid work from first-time fathers as they make their journeys into fatherhood. • Features rich and compelling accounts from a group of men as their experiences of fatherhood unfold • Considers how economic and social changes affect family relationships, responsibilities and employment patterns • Demonstrates how western ideas about gender and policies are shaped by history and continue to shape expectations and experience around fatherhood Sociology (general)

Analytical Sociology and Social Mechanisms Edited by Pierre Demeulenaere | University of Paris IV, Paris-Sorbonne

Analytical sociology is an influential approach to sociology which holds that explanations of social phenomena should focus on the social mechanisms that bring them about. This book provides an authoritative evaluation of the major features of this approach by leading scholars in the field. • Defines the concept of sociological mechanism and offers new insights and examples to analytical sociology, a leading approach to the subject • Leading sociologists explore the relationship between mechanisms, causality and modeling • Uses examples and systematic discussion of previous approaches to explore the ways sociological explanations develop Social theory

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 336pp 23 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-19047-3 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-15435-2 Paperback c. £19.99 A

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 214pp 978-0-521-51942-7 Hardback £50.00 978-0-521-74301-3 Paperback £18.99


Social Influence Network Theory A Sociological Examination of Small Group Dynamics Noah E. Friedkin | University of California, Santa Barbara

This book brings social influence network theory to bear on lines of research in the domain of small group dynamics concerned with changes of group members’ positions on an issue, via endogenous interpersonal influences, in which group members are responding to the displayed positions of the members of the group. • Presents an integrative theory on small groups • Advancement of formalization in the social sciences • Synthesis of social structure and social process in the intersection of sociology and psychology Sociology (general) | Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences, 33

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 378pp 24 b/w illus.  42 tables   978-1-107-00246-3 Hardback £60.00 A

Sociology / Anthropology


Religion and Modern Society Citizenship, Secularization and the State Bryan S. Turner | City University of New York

As societies become more diverse due to migration and multiculturalism, we need solutions to the potential for religious conflict. This book offers a unique look at the impact of globalization on religion, providing a historical and comparative analysis of the place of religion in modern secular society. • Argues that religion has always been important to classical sociology because it played a major role in the constant renewal of the social • Explores how key figures in the sociology of religion (Durkheim, Weber, Parsons, Bellah, Douglas and Bourdieu) sought to understand modernity through the lens of sociology • Discusses major issues in the study of modernity including secularisation, American exceptionalism, multiculturalism, the state, citizenship, fundamentalism, spirituality and piety, offering the reader a comprehensive overview of key issues facing modern societies Sociology of religion

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 368pp 978-0-521-85864-9 Hardback c. £60.00 978-0-521-67532-1 Paperback c. £19.99

An Anthropology of Ethics James D. Faubion | Rice University, Houston

Through a critical revision of Foucault’s investigation of ethics, Faubion develops an original program of empirical inquiry into the ethical domain. The result is a conceptual apparatus with genuinely anthropological scope, accommodating ethical pluralism and the limits of ethical variation, and providing a novel resolution of the problem of relativism. • An ambitious and critical revision of Michel Foucault’s investigation of ethics • The first accessible overview of empirical enquiry into ethics with genuinely anthropological scope • Will appeal to readers in anthropology looking beyond ethnographic case studies, and to those seeking a methodological alternative to moral philosophy Anthropological theory | New Departures in Anthropology

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 272pp 978-1-107-00494-8 Hardback c. £45.00 978-0-521-18195-2 Paperback c. £18.99


The Price of Freedom Denied


Islam in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan

Religious Persecution and Conflict in the 21st Century Brian J. Grim | Pew Research Center

The Morality of Experience Johan Rasanayagam | University of Aberdeen

This book examines the extent and causes of contemporary religious persecution and conflict. Drawing on a new source of data and multiple case studies, its central argument is that when governments and groups in society restrict religious freedom, violent religious persecution and conflict increase. • Offers a global profile of religious freedom and persecution, including information on nearly 200 countries and selected case studies • Explains variation in religious persecution across countries and religious traditions, offering an explanation of why persecution tends to be higher among some populations • Demonstrates and documents how religious freedoms are denied by the government and the society at large • Argues that religious freedoms serve to defuse the potential conflict and reduce the level of violent religious persecution

In recent years, the Uzbekistan government has been criticized for its brutal suppression of its Muslim population. This book is about how Muslims in this part of the world negotiate their religious practices despite the restraints of a stifling authoritarian regime. • An ethnographically rich account of Muslim lives in post-Soviet Uzbekistan • Distinctive in its analysis of the effects of a repressive political system on religious practice and expression • Important contribution into a growing discussion within anthropology about the nature of the moral

Sociology of religion | Cambridge Studies in Social Theory, Religion and Politics

Alan Barnard | University of Edinburgh

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 272pp 32 b/w illus.  29 tables   978-0-521-19705-2 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-14683-8 Paperback £16.99 T

Anthropology (general)

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 17 b/w illus.  1 map   978-1-107-00029-2 Hardback £55.00 A

Social Anthropology and Human Origins The study of human origins is one of the most fascinating branches of anthropology, yet it has rarely been considered by social anthropologists. In this powerful study Alan Barnard aims to bridge this gap, addressing the fundamental questions surrounding human evolution from the perspective of social anthropology. • The distinguished social anthropologist Alan Barnard addresses the fundamental questions surrounding the evolution of human society • A genuinely innovative approach drawing on the latest research from a wide range of anthropological sciences • An extremely accessible account suitable for students on both general and more specialised anthropology programmes Social, cultural anthropology

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 256pp 978-0-521-76531-2 Hardback £48.00 978-0-521-74929-9 Paperback £16.99


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Anthropology / Archaeology

War and the Crisis of Youth in Sierra Leone Krijn Peters | Swansea University


This book addresses the currently incomplete understanding of the conflict in Sierra Leone by focusing on the direct experiences and interpretations of protagonists. It challenges the widely canvassed notion of this conflict as a war motivated by ‘greed, not grievance’, pointing instead to a rural crisis of unresolved tensions. • Based on extensive fieldwork periods during and just after the war • Includes numerous interview extracts with young and under-age combatants • Discusses the so-called ‘crisis of youth’ which currently manifests itself in other African countries as well Social, cultural anthropology | The International African Library, 41

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 1 map  2 tables   978-1-107-00419-1 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Archaeology New in Paperback

Material Cultures, Material Minds The Impact of Things On Human Thought, Society, and Evolution Nicole Boivin | Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies, Cambridge

Exploration of how the physicality of the material world shapes our thoughts, emotions, cosmological frameworks, social relations and our bodies. She draws on the work of thinkers, from Marx and Merleau-Ponty to Darwin, highlighting a wide selection of new studies in archaeology, cultural anthropology, history, cognitive science and evolutionary biology. • Moves beyond the symbolic aspects of material culture and takes into account the materiality of material culture • Focuses specifically on how material culture impacts human society, thought and evolution • Interdisciplinary in character and offers both humanities/social sciences perspectives on the role of material culture in society Archaeological theory, method

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 288pp 67 b/w illus.   978-0-521-87397-0 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-17613-2 Paperback £19.99 A

The Prehistory of Asia Minor From Complex Hunter-Gatherers to Early Urban Societies Bleda S. Düring | Universiteit Leiden

An archaeological analysis of Asia Minor, the area equated with much of modern-day Turkey, often perceived as a bridge between Europe and Asia, from 20,000 to 2,000 BC. By contrast, this book argues that cultural developments followed a distinctive trajectory in Asia Minor from as early as 9,000 BC. • Discusses Asia Minor as a cultural area rather than a periphery of Mesopotamia • Bridges the gap between the Neolithic (rise of farming) and Early Bronze Age (hierarchical societies, international trace) • Provides a critical assessment of existing interpretations of the prehistory of Asia Minor and introduces alternative ideas Archaeology of Europe, Near and Middle East

December 2010 253 x 215 mm 374pp 62 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76313-4 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-14981-5 Paperback £19.99 A

Living with Herds Human-Animal Coexistence in Mongolia Natasha Fijn | Australian National University, Canberra

After living with Mongolian herding families, Dr Natasha Fijn has observed through firsthand experience both sides of the human-animal relationship. Examining their reciprocal social behavior and communication, she demonstrates how herd animals influence Mongolian herders’ lives and how the animals themselves are active partners in the domestication process. • An in-depth ethnographic account of not only Mongolian herders but this book also includes the lives of their non-human counterparts, Mongolian herd animals, and their co-existence together • Contains a wealth of original and new ethnography, which is based in Mongolia • A detailed observational account and interpretation of human-animal relations and social engagement Archaeology of Europe, Near and Middle East

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 273pp 52 b/w illus.  11 tables   978-1-107-00090-2 Hardback £60.00 A

Pilgrimage and Household in the Ancient Near East Joy McCorriston | Ohio State University

Joy McCorriston defines the essential characteristics of ancient household and pilgrimage and emphasizes the critical role they played in enabling and developing socioeconomic transactions. Her conclusions tie together broader theoretical implications generated by the study of the two phenomena and offer a new paradigm for archaeological study. • The only archaeological study of pre-Islamic pilgrimage • Goes beyond culture history to explain persistent cultural institutions; builds new social theory • Emphasizes the role of Arabian pilgrimage in building peaceful societies Archaeology of Europe, Near and Middle East

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 304pp 55 b/w illus.  6 maps  4 tables   978-0-521-76851-1 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-13760-7 Paperback £19.99 A


From Foraging to Farming in the Andes New Perspectives on Food Production and Social Organization Edited by Tom D. Dillehay | Vanderbilt University, Tennessee

This book proposes a new and more complex model for understanding the transition from hunting and gathering to cultivation. It argues that such developments evolved regionally, were fluid and uneven, and were subject to reversal. • Features detailed archaeological and paleoecological data • Text is accompanied by visual graphics of archaeological sites and artefacts • Contains new data and ideas about the beginnings of social complexity and Andean civilization Archaeology of the Americas

March 2011 253 x 215 mm 350pp 96 b/w illus.  15 maps  9 tables   978-1-107-00527-3 Hardback £60.00 A

Artefacts in Roman Britain Their Purpose and Use Edited by Lindsay Allason-Jones | University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Lively introduction to the artefacts from Roman Britain according to the purposes for which they were made. It helps the student and general reader understand how to identify them and how to use them to understand the province of Britannia as an active manufacturing and trading centre. • Presents the finds from Roman Britain according to their purpose and uses them to illuminate our understanding of everyday life • Explains the theory and practice of identifying finds • Designed to be accessible and appealing to the undergraduate and the general reader who wishes to know more about the numerous objects recovered from the archaeological sites and landscapes of Roman Britain Classical archaeology

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 376pp 80 b/w illus.  3 tables   978-0-521-86012-3 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-67752-3 Paperback £18.99 A

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Roman Pottery in the Archaeological Record J. Theodore Peña | State University of New York, Buffalo

A rich portrayal of how Romans used their pottery and the implications of these practices on the archaeological record, considering an array of evidence including Latin and ancient Greek texts and representations in Roman art. It will appeal to specialists and academics interested in archaeology, Roman pottery and ceramics. • A synthesizing essay, rather than most books that are concerned with just one specific ware or pottery from one archaeological site • Aims to inform not just Romanists, but also archaeologists, ceramicists and students of material culture more generally • Considers a wide array of evidence including texts in Latin and ancient Greek, representations in Roman art and comparative ethnographic evidence Classical archaeology

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 458pp 120 b/w illus.  9 maps  12 tables   978-0-521-86541-8 Hardback £66.00 A 978-0-521-18185-3 Paperback £21.99 A

The Aurelian Wall and the Refashioning of Imperial Rome, AD 271–855 Hendrik W. Dey | Hunter College, City University of New York

Explores the relationship between the city of Rome and the Aurelian Wall during the six centuries following its construction in the AD 270s, a period when the city was transformed from the political capital of the largest empire in the world to the spiritual center of Western Christianity. • Includes the most up‐to-date architectural history of the Aurelian Wall published in any language, and the only one of its kind in English • The first systematic treatment of the relationship between the Aurelian Wall and the city of Rome as a whole • Highly illustrated, presenting clear visual documentation of the points under discussion Classical archaeology

New in Paperback

Roman Imperialism and Local Identities Louise Revell | University of Southampton

What made the people of the Roman provinces Roman? Revell’s case studies of public architecture in several urban settings provide an understanding of the ways urbanism, the emperor and religion were part of the daily encounters of the peoples in these communities. • Breaks from the traditional models and cuts across a number of entrenched debates • New approach to public architecture in the provinces including detailed case studies • Extended discussion of Roman identity and Roman imperialism Classical archaeology

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 236pp 48 b/w illus.   978-0-521-88730-4 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-17473-2 Paperback £18.99 A

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 375pp 63 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76365-3 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Religion and Ritual in Ancient Egypt Emily Teeter | University of Chicago

This book demystifies ancient Egyptian religion, exploring what it meant to the people and their society. The text and rich illustrations explore and explain what rituals were enacted in temples, who served as priests, how people communicated with the gods, and the complex rituals associated with death and burial. • First full account of religious rituals of ancient Egypt • Relies on quotes from ancient texts • Heavily illustrated with rarely-seen images Egyptology

May 2011 253 x 215 mm 300pp 83 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-84855-8 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-61300-2 Paperback c. £16.99 A

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Archaeology / Psychology

Ritual, Belief and the Dead Body in Early Modern Britain and Ireland Sarah Tarlow | University of Leicester


Drawing on archaeological, historical, theological, scientific and folkloric sources, Sarah Tarlow’s book addresses new questions about the problem of ‘belief’ in the past, and provides an original interpretive framework for the archaeological and historical evidence of death and the materiality of the dead body in early modern Britain and Ireland. • Truly interdisciplinary, combining evidence derived from archaeology, history, history of science, folklore and theology • The first synthetic attempt to interpret primary archaeological evidence of early modern death and burial from across Britain and Ireland • Deals with ‘big questions’ of belief, the material body, life and death Historical archaeology

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 238pp 36 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-76154-3 Hardback £55.00 A

Psychology Memory Detection Theory and Application of the Concealed Information Test Edited by Bruno Verschuere | Universiteit Gent, Belgium

The Concealed Information Test is a memory detection method developed to investigate whether examinees recognize secret information – such as a crime suspect recognizing critical crime details that only the culprit could know. This is the first book to focus on this exciting alternative to the controversial ‘lie-detector tests’. • The first book to provide an in-depth discussion of concealed information detection • Demonstrates the advantages of memory detection over deception detection techniques, such as polygraph machines • Highlights theory, research and potential applications in clinical and forensic contexts, with discussion of their legal and ethical implications Applied psychology

Interpreting Ancient Figurines Context, Comparison, and Prehistoric Art Richard G. Lesure | University of California, Los Angeles

Examines ancient figurines from several world areas to address recurring challenges in the interpretation of prehistoric art. Early interpreters seized fancifully on resemblances between figurines from different places, but contemporary practice rejects such interpretive leaps. Lesure argues for the necessity of comparison and offers a new analytical framework. • Comparison between contexts has larger theoretical implications, since it is central both to the contemporary rejection of traditional interpretations and to ongoing tensions between those who ‘interpret’ and those who ‘explain’ • This book mediates between extremes, building on the idea that formerly antagonistic perspectives can, collectively, contribute to a better understanding of the past • Among studies of figurines, this book is unique for its extended attention to multiple world areas; its well-illustrated case studies consider prehistoric art from Europe, the Near East and Mexico Prehistory

March 2011 253 x 215 mm 276pp 95 b/w illus.  6 maps  6 tables   978-0-521-19745-8 Hardback £60.00 A

Human Evolution and the Origins of Hierarchies The State of Nature Benoît Dubreuil | Université du Québec à Montréal

Benoît Dubreuil explores the creation and destruction of hierarchies in human evolution. Combining the methods of archaeology, anthropology, cognitive neuroscience and primatology, he offers a natural history of hierarchies from the point of view of both cultural and biological evolution. • Uses the scientific knowledge of the 21st century to address one of the most classical questions in political theory – the origins of the state • Explains how the evolution of the hominin’s brain and behaviour has led to the disruption of ape-like dominance hierarchies • Explains why, despite our ability for cooperation, we often become prisoners of unequal and exploitative social arrangements Prehistory

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 286pp 13 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-76948-8 Hardback £55.00 A

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 336pp 16 b/w illus.  2 colour illus.  12 tables   978-0-521-76952-5 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-13615-0 Paperback c. £23.99 A

Deep Learning How the Mind Overrides Experience Stellan Ohlsson | University of Illinois, Chicago

The human mind possesses the ability to override experience and adapt to changing circumstances. Cognitive scientist Stellan Ohlsson analyzes three types of deep, non-monotonic cognitive change: creative insight, adaptation of cognitive skills by learning from errors, and conversion from one belief to another. • Highly interdisciplinary, synthesizing ideas from anthropology, artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, education, engineering, evolutionary biology, history, philosophy, and the history of science • Proposes three novel scientific theories of creative insight, error correction, and belief revision • Situates each theoretical contribution within a real world context as well as within past academic research • A stimulating read for both experts and non-experts, with extensive notes making it an invaluable research tool Cognition

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 520pp 44 b/w illus.  15 tables   978-0-521-83568-8 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Formal Approaches in Categorization Edited by Emmanuel M. Pothos | Swansea University

The process of constructing concepts underpins our capacity to encode information efficiently but also, our ability to think in terms of abstract ideas such as justice, love and happiness. This book brings together many prominent formal approaches to categorization, evaluating the state of the art in this fascinating area. • Features the mathematical and implementational details for each model, as well as important conceptual aspects such as motivational and psychological justification • Highlights the key current problems in categorization research and potential ways of resolving them • 3 commentaries evaluate formal categorization work in a general and critical manner Cognition

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 348pp 49 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-0-521-19048-0 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-14072-0 Paperback £27.99 A


Human Attention in Digital Environments

Fundamental Questions in Cross-Cultural Psychology

Edited by Claudia Roda | The American University of Paris, France

Edited by Fons J. R. van de Vijver | Universiteit van Tilburg

Phones, computers and PDAs all offer information and interaction opportunities well above our processing abilities, placing continuous demands on our cognitive and perceptual systems. This book argues that current knowledge about human attentional processes should enable us to design systems that place a much lower demand on human attention. • Addresses the issue of how digital tools can be designed so that, in addition to allowing fast access to information and people, they also support human attentional processes • A collection of contributions from leaders in the field with each chapter addressing the most recent findings in the specific subject treated • Will stimulate researchers in neuroscience and psychology to consider the applicative value of their work, and human computer interaction experts to ground their work in theoretical findings • Extensive reference material will enable further research and open research areas are highlighted to provide inspiration for future research Cognition

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 376pp 50 b/w illus.  33 colour illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-76565-7 Hardback £65.00 A

What Literature Teaches Us about Emotion Patrick Colm Hogan | University of Connecticut

Literature provides us with insights into the ways emotions are produced, experienced and enacted in human social life. Hogan’s study explores emotions in the context of current neurobiological, psychological and sociological research. In each case, he draws on Shakespeare and writers from different historical periods or different cultural backgrounds. • Systematically treats a range of emotions – romantic love, grief, mirth, guilt, shame, jealousy, attachment, compassion and pity • Integrates current neurobiological, psychological, sociological and other empirical research into the accessible, human context of literary stories • Examines the complex interrelations of emotional response and ethical judgment in relation to concrete human situations Cognition | Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 349pp 6 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00288-3 Hardback £55.00 A

Cross-cultural psychology is now around 40 years old. This book presents an overview of how far the subject has advanced by addressing the fundamental questions at the heart of the discipline from a range of different perspectives across the field. • An introductory chapter provides an overview of the fundamental questions at the heart of the field of cross-cultural psychology • Subsequent chapters relate models and findings in specific domains of cross-cultural psychology to the fundamental questions outlined in the introduction, linking perspectives from many fields to the same set of questions • Devotes a complete section to the relationship between individuals and cultures, asking whether we have adequate models to understand how individual functioning and cultural factors are interrelated Cultural psychology

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 592pp 25 b/w illus.  10 tables   978-0-521-76015-7 Hardback £80.00 A 978-0-521-75751-5 Paperback £30.00 A

Understanding WellBeing in the Oldest Old Edited by Leonard W. Poon | University of Georgia

The oldest old (85+) population has seen rapid growth in recent years, yet little information is available to describe how their distal experiences, habits and intervening proximal environmental influences impact their well-being. This volume examines both novel and traditional paradigms that could extend our understanding of the wellbeing of the oldest old. • Cross-cultural comparative study of successful adaptation among U.S. and Israeli researchers • Theoretical advances and options in conceptualizing adaptation and well-being among the oldest old • Empirical longitudinal findings from the U.S. and from Israel and how they may relate to both theory and possible service and policy applications Developmental psychology

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 350pp 14 b/w illus.  23 tables   978-0-521-11391-5 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-0-521-13200-8 Paperback c. £17.99 A

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Nature and Nurture in Early Child Development

An Introduction to Gerontology

Edited by Daniel P. Keating | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Edited by Ian Stuart-Hamilton | University of Glamorgan

For developmental scientists, the nature versus nurture debate has been settled for some time – both shape developmental pathways and outcomes. This volume examines the fascinating terrain of how they interact over the course of development, with a focus on early childhood, from the developmental scientists working at the cutting edge. • Overview chapters by leading researchers provide instructors and students with a clear sense of where the field is, with sufficient details on which to base further study and reading • Authors write in a fashion understandable not only by fellow specialists, but by students, practitioners and thoughtful readers of all types • Important social and practical implications embedded throughout so instructors will not need to imagine what this new work means in a way that will connect with students Developmental psychology

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 22 b/w illus.  3 tables   978-0-521-84040-8 Hardback £55.00 A

Children’s Understanding of Death From Biological to Religious Conceptions Edited by Victoria Talwar | McGill University, Montréal

This book comprehensively examines children’s ideas about death, both biological and religious. Written by specialists from developmental psychology, pediatrics, philosophy, anthropology and legal studies, it offers a truly interdisciplinary approach to the topic. It examines different conceptions of death and their impact on children’s cognitive and emotional development. • The first book to comprehensively examine children’s ideas about death, both biological ideas as well as religious ideas • Written by specialists from developmental psychology, pediatrics, philosophy, anthropology and legal studies, this book offers a truly interdisciplinary approach Developmental psychology

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 8 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-19459-4 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Fitting In, Standing Out Navigating the Social Challenges of High School to Get an Education Robert Crosnoe | University of Texas, Austin

In American high schools, teenagers must navigate complex youth cultures that often prize being ‘real’ while punishing difference. This book makes the case that the social dynamics of high school for teenagers who do not fit in socially can disrupt educational trajectories after high school. • Mixture of national statistics with the voices and stories of actual teenagers • An update on conventional thinking about high schools to recognize the profound impact of major societal trends, such as the revolution in information technology (for example the web and cell phones) • A focus on how what happens during high school can have enduring effects long after high school is over Developmental psychology

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 22 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-1-107-00502-0 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-18203-4 Paperback £17.99 A

Offers a wide-ranging and student-friendly introduction to gerontology (the study of old age and ageing), covering both traditional and contemporary topics. Chapters are written by experts from a variety of fields, covering all the key topics and cutting-edge research in this increasingly important discipline. • Covers both traditional and contemporary topics, including biology, sociology, health and social care, retirement, sexuality, technology, cross-cultural perspectives and artistic portrayals • Written for students – technical terms are fully explained within each chapter and defined in a glossary • Each chapter is authored by an expert in their field, covering all the key topics and the latest, cutting edge research Developmental psychology

April 2011 246 x 189 mm 450pp 978-0-521-51330-2 Hardback c. £65.00 978-0-521-73495-0 Paperback c. £25.99


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Developmental Contexts in Middle Childhood Bridges to Adolescence and Adulthood Edited by Aletha C. Huston | University of Texas, Austin

In this book the editors assemble contributions from fifteen longitudinal studies representing diverse groups in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to learn what developmental patterns and experiences in middle childhood contexts forecast the directions children take when they reach adolescence and adulthood. • Covers an important but previously neglected period of children’s development • Provides information about the environments that are important for child and youth development • Presents state-of-the-art longitudinal data following children from early and middle childhood into adolescence and adulthood Developmental psychology | Cambridge Studies in Social and Emotional Development

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 478pp 978-0-521-84557-1 Hardback £62.00 978-0-521-17554-8 Paperback £21.99


New in Paperback

The Educated Brain Essays in Neuroeducation Edited by Antonio M. Battro | National Academy of Education, Argentina

A collaborative volume introducing themes of theoretical importance and practical relevance in learning and teaching from the new field of neuroeducation. Featuring chapter overviews and an extended bibliography with suggestions for further study, this book will be of interest to teachers, psychologists, educators, neurobiologists, philosophers and cognitivists. • Presents a broad overview of the major topics in the emerging field of neuroeducation • Contains contributions from a group of international and crossdisciplinary specialists • Includes chapter overviews for quick comprehension and an extended bibliography and detailed index to aid further study Educational psychology

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 280pp 40 b/w illus.  4 colour illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-18189-1 Paperback £22.99 A


Rethinking School Bullying

The New Authority

Towards an Integrated Model Roz Dixon | Birkbeck College, University of London

Family, School, and Community Haim Omer | Tel-Aviv University

What constitutes a useful theory of bullying? This book explores how practitioners can develop effective ‘personal theories of bullying’ and suggests how the priorities for future research might be identified. An integrated model of school bullying is explored which focuses on the function served by bullying behaviour. • Provides a new, integrated model of school bullying • Supports the reader to critically address how they engage with theory to understand the complex psychosocial problem of bullying • Addresses the question of what constitutes a useful theory of bullying

Haim Omer presents a new model of authority for parents, teachers and community workers that is suitable for today’s free and pluralistic societies. The New Authority thoroughly discusses the underlying theory and provides specific instructions to combat violence and risky behavior at home and in school. • Presents a systematic, flexible and acceptable program for parental supervision both outside and within the house, dealing with issues of privacy, legitimacy and effectiveness • Presents a systematic way for developing a supportive network for parents and for teachers • Offers clear alternatives to traditional punishments in ways that clearly strengthen the authority figure • Presents detailed instructions for interventions such as ‘the parental sit-in’, ‘the parental telephone round’, ‘the school emergency team’ (for dealing with threats of violence or suicide), and others

Educational psychology

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 5 b/w illus.  6 tables   978-0-521-88971-1 Hardback £55.00 A

Vygotsky in Perspective Ronald Miller | University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Vygotsky in Perspective is designed around the interplay between the primary and secondary sources of Lev Vygotsky’s ideas. Ronald Miller peels away the accumulated layers of commentary to provide a clearer understanding of how Vygotsky built and developed his arguments. • Focused and detailed analyses of selected Vygotsky texts enable a deeper understanding and appreciation of his work – its positive aspects, its blemishes, and its unfinished and incomplete character • Particular attention is given to the role and influence of Jean Piaget’s ideas in Vygotsky’s thinking – an area often neglected or overlooked in much of the contemporary literature • Attempts to explicate and further develop Vygotsky’s ideas about learning and instruction – linking Vygotsky, hermeneutics and contemporary theories of the self Educational psychology

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 432pp 8 b/w illus.  1 table   978-1-107-00186-2 Hardback c. £65.00 A

The Origins of Health and Disease Michael E. Hyland | University of Plymouth

Michael Hyland develops an intriguing new theory demonstrating how poor health and disease are linked to both the mind and body, stressing the importance of good psychological care by health professionals for patient recovery. His theory provides a comprehensive explanation for previously unexplained data and phenomena in medicine and psychology. • The first comprehensive biopsychosocial interactionist theory of health and disease, recognising the important links between psychology and biology • Provides an explanation for previously unexplained data and phenomena in medicine and psychology • Shows how lifestyle and therapy are related and provides guidance on a psychologically healthy lifestyle with relevance to lifestyle coaching Health and clinical psychology

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 368pp 58 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-89539-2 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-71970-4 Paperback c. £23.99 A

Health and clinical psychology

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 1 table   978-0-521-76137-6 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-13776-8 Paperback £19.99


Psychology and Catholicism Contested Boundaries Robert Kugelmann | University of Dallas

From the beginnings of modern psychology to the mid 1960s, the complicated relationship between psychology and Catholicism is methodically investigated by Kugelmann, who aims to provide clarity in an area filled with emotion and opinion. This study will be of great interest to scholars and students of psychology and religious studies. • Will broadly appeal to those who are studying or are interested in science and religion and the relationship between the two • The subject has been ignored for 10 years and so will be of great interest to its field • Will be interesting to those interested in spirituality as it explores the ‘self’ versus ‘soul’ debate History of psychology

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 568pp 978-1-107-00608-9 Hardback c. £75.00


Human Intelligence Earl Hunt | University of Washington

This book is a comprehensive survey of our scientific knowledge about human intelligence. It discusses the conceptual status of intelligence; intelligence tests, theories, and biological and social causes; the importance of intelligence in social, industrial and educational spheres; the role of intelligence in determining success in life; and the nature and causes of variations in intelligence across age, gender, and racial and ethnic groups. • Considers the view that intelligence is determined by both biological and social causes • Frequent use of panels to present vignettes or historic discussions relevant to intelligence • Full use of graphics to present statistical information Personality and individual differences

January 2011 253 x 215 mm 528pp 107 b/w illus.  36 tables   978-0-521-88162-3 Hardback £75.00 A 978-0-521-70781-7 Paperback £35.99 X

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Bullying in Different Contexts

Cultural Processes

Edited by Claire P. Monks | University of Greenwich

A Social Psychological Perspective Edited by Angela K.-y. Leung | Singapore Management University

Bullying is a complex and distressing behaviour which can occur in a variety of contexts. This imaginative book discusses bullying and abuse across the lifespan from preschool to older age and across a variety of contexts, social settings and relationships. • Examines behaviours which are similar to bullying across the lifespan • Discusses the theoretical background to bullying and abuse in a variety of different contexts: preschool, school, the home, residential care, prison, the workplace and cyberspace • Draws on up-to-date research on bullying in diverse settings and across different relationships in order to examine the commonalities and differences between them Social psychology

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 2 b/w illus.  9 tables   978-0-521-11481-3 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-13259-6 Paperback £23.99 A

Justice and Self-Interest Two Fundamental Motives Melvin J. Lerner | University of Waterloo, Ontario

This volume argues that the commitment to justice is a fundamental motive and that, although it is typically portrayed as serving self-interest, it sometimes takes priority over self-interest. The authors present a model that describes the ways in which motives of justice and self-interest are integrated in people’s lives. • An integrative review and detailed critique of research on justice • Makes the argument that the justice motive is primary and under the right circumstances can pre-empt concerns of self interest Social psychology

April 2011 216 x 138 mm 280pp 4 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-1-107-00233-3 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Cross-Cultural Research Methods in Psychology Edited by David Matsumoto | San Francisco State University

Cross-Cultural Research Methods in Psychology provides state-of-theart knowledge about the methodological problems that need to be addressed if a researcher is to conduct valid and reliable cross-cultural research. It also offers practical advice and examples of solutions to those problems and is a must-read for any student of culture. • Provides the latest knowledge about the best methods to conduct valid and reliable cross-cultural research • Not only are the methodological problems discussed, but solutions and examples are provided so that readers get an excellent grasp of how to deal with the problems • A must-read for any student of culture Social psychology | Culture and Psychology

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 404pp 11 b/w illus.  18 tables   978-0-521-76525-1 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-75842-0 Paperback £24.99 A

With the growth of knowledge concerning ethnic and national group differences in human behaviors, the field is ready to leapfrog from a descriptive science of group differences to a science of cultural processes. This book lays the theoretical foundation for this development by proposing an original process model of culture. • Proposes to study culture using an original process model • Connects with and extends established principles of social psychology such as social cognition and social motivation to explain why culture matters in human psychology • To make the proposed process model socially and practically relevant, the authors discuss implications of the model in relation to the contemporary globalized, multicultural contexts and cultures as interdependent knowledge traditions Social psychology | Culture and Psychology

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 336pp 4 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-0-521-76523-7 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-75841-3 Paperback £21.99 A New in Paperback

Group Dynamics and Emotional Expression Edited by Ursula Hess | Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

This book focuses on a more recent development that recognizes that the perceiver is also subject to the same social rules and norms that guide the expresser’s behavior, and that knowledge of relevant emotion norms can influence how emotional expressions shown by members of different groups are perceived and interpreted. • The first book to consider how social factors constrain the decoding of non-verbal behavior • A variety of social factors are considered such as intergroup factors, gender factors and intercultural factors • Focuses on recent development and research Social psychology | Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 206pp 978-0-521-84282-2 Hardback £54.00 978-0-521-17939-3 Paperback £19.99


Face-to-Face Communication over the Internet Emotions in a Web of Culture, Language, and Technology Edited by Arvid Kappas | Jacobs University Bremen

Non-verbal communication – specifically how we feel, what our attitudes are towards what we want to communicate, and what we want to achieve – are central to this book which discusses how face-to-face interaction via the Internet affects what we can and will do, and its limitations and potential benefits. • Features new research on the challenges and implications of face-toface communication as new hardware and software emerges onto the market • Provides the groundwork for systematic interdisciplinary research in many areas of psychology, communications, engineering, neuroscience, anthropology and sociology • Will be of interest to anybody involved in the implications of changes in communication styles and media in the age of Web 2.0 Social psychology | Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 1 table   978-0-521-85383-5 Hardback c. £60.00 978-0-521-61997-4 Paperback c. £23.99


Politics, social theory, history of ideas

Politics, social theory, history of ideas

Abortion Politics in Congress Strategic Incrementalism and Policy Change Scott H. Ainsworth | University of Georgia

Agenda Setting in the U.S. Senate Costly Consideration and Majority Party Advantage Chris Den Hartog | California Polytechnic State University

This book proposes a new theory of Senate agenda setting that reconciles a divide in literature between the conventional wisdom – in which party power is thought to be mostly undermined by Senate procedures and norms – and the apparent partisan bias in Senate decisions noted in recent empirical studies. • Proposes a new theory of agenda setting, well suited to explain Senate behavior, but with potential applications in virtually all legislative settings • Features a mix of anecdotes, formal theory and systematic data analysis • Addresses a ‘hot’ topic – Senate procedures and partisanship – in the literature on congressional politics American government, politics, policy

Counter Realignment Political Change in the Northeastern United States Howard L. Reiter | University of Connecticut

Political parties often seek to attract new voters and risk losing existing voters. The Northeast has changed from heavily Republican in 1900 to heavily Democratic in the 2000s. The focus is to explain how the Republican Party lost the northeastern United States as a region of electoral support. • Analyzes change within a region of the country that has been neglected • While most analyses focus on the efforts of parties to gain voters, this focuses on whom a party loses when it repositions itself • Analyzes a long period of time to provide an in-depth look at how change occurs March 2011 228 x 152 mm 208pp 49 b/w illus.  17 tables   978-0-521-76486-5 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-18681-0 Paperback c. £19.99 A

American government, politics, policy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 13 b/w illus.  21 tables   978-0-521-51581-8 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-74004-3 Paperback £17.99 A

War, the American State, and Politics since 1898 Robert P. Saldin | University of Montana

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 216pp 56 b/w illus.  24 tables   978-1-107-00646-1 Hardback c. £50.00 A

American government, politics, policy

This book examines how legislators have juggled their passions over abortion with standard congressional procedures, looking at how both external factors and internal factors shape the development of abortion policy. The authors present a simple, formal model of strategic incrementalism, illustrating that legislators often have incentives to alter policy incrementally. • No other book examines how the policy making process affects the development of abortion policy • Only book to assess how Congress handles the abortion issue • Assesses both the internal, legislative dynamics affecting the sponsorship and referral of abortion legislation and the external demands for different types of abortion policy

From the Spanish-American War to Vietnam, this book examines how international wars have affected domestic politics and policymaking in the United States. Foreign wars have longlasting effects that shape elections, political party ideology, the federal government’s role in society, and expansions of democratic rights. • The first broad treatment of wars’ influence on domestic American politics • Brings international influences to bear on American political development • Questions common interpretations, including the exclusively domestic focus of the American politics literature American government, politics, policy

December 2010 234 x 156 mm 270pp 11 b/w illus.  8 tables   978-0-521-11915-3 Hardback £50.00 A

Obama’s Bank Financing a Durable New Deal Michael Likosky | New York University

The Obama administration aims to lay a sound foundation for growth by investing in high-speed rail, clean energy, information technology, drinking water, and other vital infrastructures. The idea is to partner with the private sector to produce these public goods. This book describes the international experience, drawing lessons on how the Obama Bank can forge partnerships to promote a durable twenty-first-century New Deal. • This is the first book to look at Obama’s economic philosophy and overall plans for reinvesting in the real economy • Draws lessons from US foreign affairs American government, politics, policy

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 392pp 978-0-521-19754-0 Hardback £45.00 978-0-521-14711-8 Paperback £16.99


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Politics, social theory, history of ideas

New in Paperback

The Politics of Income Inequality in the United States Nathan J. Kelly | University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Do political dynamics influence distributional outcomes in the United States? Utilizing mass income surveys, elite surveys, and aggregate time series, as well as theoretical insights from both American and comparative politics, Kelly shows that income inequality responds to public opinion, policymaking, and partisan power and is therefore fundamental to the U.S. macro political system. • Use of advanced quantitative methods and combines theoretical insights from American and Comparative Politics • based on research that was named a finalist for the finalist for the E.E. Schattschneider award from the American Political Science Association. • Explanations of income inequality are especially relevant in the current U.S. political context American government, politics, policy

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 216pp 25 b/w illus.  22 tables   978-0-521-51458-3 Hardback £48.00 A 978-1-107-40036-8 Paperback c. £18.99 A

Latino Representation in State Houses and Congress Jason P. Casellas | University of Texas, Austin

Examines the growth of the number of Latinos serving in U.S. state legislatures and Congress in the past two decades. It analyzes the factors that help explain the election of Latinos to different legislative institutions and argues that we must look beyond simple demographics to explain their growing numbers. • First book on Latino representation in US legislatures • Systematic, cutting edge, growing field • Provides a benchmark for future research on the nation’s fastest growing population segment American government, politics, policy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 208pp 6 b/w illus.  39 tables   978-0-521-19897-4 Hardback £55.00 A

Americanism in the Twenty-First Century Public Opinion in the Age of Immigration Deborah J. Schildkraut | Tufts University

This book explores public opinion about being and becoming American, and its implications for contemporary immigration debates. It uses a new national public opinion survey that examines attitudes among the white majority, as well as among immigrants, about American identity and citizenship. • New nationally representative data with oversamples of black, Latino, and Asian respondents, designed specifically to examine the questions explored in this book • Comprehensive examination of public opinion about immigration among people from a variety of backgrounds • Introduces new analytical concept of ‘immigrant resentment’ to the literature; develops survey measures of this concept and demonstrates its impact on public opinion American government, politics, policy

January 2011 234 x 156 mm 280pp 15 b/w illus.  38 tables   978-0-521-19175-3 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-14524-4 Paperback £18.99 A

The Nature of Supreme Court Power Matthew Eric Kane Hall | St Louis University, Missouri

This book examines the nature of Supreme Court power by identifying conditions under which the Court is successful at altering the behavior of state and private actors. Hall’s theory depicts the Court as a powerful institution, capable of exerting significant influence over social change. • Offers a powerful challenge to the prevailing theory of Supreme Court power • Examines the Supreme Court’s power through a series of brief case studies that explore the historical background, legal context and realworld consequences of 27 important rulings • Information is presented in a manner that is easily accessible without any special expertise or background knowledge American government, politics, policy

Congress in Black and White Race and Representation in Washington and at Home Christian R. Grose | University of Southern California

Does the election of African-American politicians matter? Electing black legislators yields more federal dollars and congressional attention directed toward African Americans. Grose is the first to examine an exceptional moment in history in which black legislators – especially in the U.S. South – represented white-majority districts. • First book-length rational choice-based theory of race and representation in political science • First scholar to successfully examine and disentangle the separate impact of a legislator’s race and the district black population on congressional decisions • Research in the book involves a novel multi-method approach, based on exhaustive interviews with congressional staff conducted by visiting 17 congressional districts in the U.S. South, and on quantitative analyses of the U.S. Congress American government, politics, policy

February 2011 216 x 138 mm 200pp 7 b/w illus.  2 maps  7 tables   978-1-107-00351-4 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-0-521-17701-6 Paperback c. £16.99 A

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 264pp 22 b/w illus.  32 tables   978-1-107-00143-5 Hardback £55.00 A

Justices and Journalists The U.S. Supreme Court and the Media Richard Davis | Brigham Young University, Utah

This book examines whether justices are becoming more publicity-conscious and why that might be happening. The book discusses the motives of justices ‘going public’ and details their recent increased number of television and print interviews and amount of press coverage of their speeches. • This is the only book to examine Supreme Court justices’ incentives for engaging in press relations as part of a larger external strategic approach to the press and the public • Offers many historical and current examples of justices’ seeking to influence the press drawn from the papers of former justices • Includes a content analysis of New York Times and NBC Nightly News coverage of Supreme Court justices over a critical time period in Court history, 1968–2007 American government, politics, policy

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 264pp 8 tables   978-0-521-87925-5 Hardback c. £55.00 978-0-521-70466-3 Paperback c. £17.99


Politics, social theory, history of ideas

Rethinking the Judicial Settlement of Reconstruction Pamela Brandwein | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Labor’s Conflict Big Business, Workers and the Politics of Class Tom Bramble | University of Queensland

Unveiling a lost jurisprudence of rights that provided expansive possibilities for protecting blacks’ physical safety and electoral participation even as it left public accommodation rights undefended, Pamela Brandwein offers a path-breaking analysis that will be of interest to constitutional scholars, legal historians and scholars of race and American political development. • The book offers the first fully developed challenge to standard legal and historical wisdom about ‘state action’ doctrine • It shows that an understanding of the Supreme Court’s role in American politics depends on investigations of the discursive and institutional contexts in which legal concepts are shaped, debated, and deployed • It uses an historical case study to overcome the formalist-realist divide in legal studies, demonstrating that it is false to imagine Court decisions as either high jurisprudence or low politics

Once widely regarded as the workers’ greatest hope for a better world, the ALP today would rather project itself as a responsible manager of Australian capitalism. Labor’s Conflict provides a thoroughly insightful account of the transformations in the Party’s policies, performances and structures since its formation. • The first book that tells the story of the ALP from the beginning through to the Rudd/Gilliard era • Rejects the self-serving arguments of Labor and Coalition politicians, taking a controversial stand in the debates about the nature of the Labor Party • Provides a clear framework for understanding the ALP, outlines the history from the start and concentrates on recent developments

American government, politics, policy | Cambridge Studies on the American Constitution

Inside the Radical Right

April 2011 234 x 156 mm 288pp 978-0-521-88771-7 Hardback c. £55.00


The Limits of Judicial Independence Tom S. Clark | Emory University, Atlanta

This book examines the relationship among the U.S. Supreme Court, Congress, and the public. Contrasting most studies of Court-Congress relations in the United States, the book argues that the Court’s primary concern is protecting its institutional legitimacy and securing compliance with its decisions. • Combines formal modeling, elite interviews, quantitative analysis and archival evidence • Encompasses a broad historical period, 1877–2008 • Incorporates public opinion and Court-curbing into the existing literature American government, politics, policy | Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 356pp 24 b/w illus.  15 tables   978-0-521-19488-4 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-13505-4 Paperback £18.99 A

Curtin’s Empire James Curran | University of Sydney

This book breathes new life into the Curtin story by revealing a leader that, until now, has been either ignored or played down, particularly his vision of Australia’s place in the British Empire. • Draws on new archival material from London, Washington and Canberra, and includes sensitive and private correspondence from Curtin not before seen or quoted • Challenges one of the most powerful myths in Australian history – that Curtin was a ‘nationalist’ leader who turned from Britain and forged the alliance with the United States • Shows that Curtin’s vision for closer cooperation with Britain and the Empire was no idle or frivolous embrace Australian politics

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 160pp 978-0-521-14622-7 Paperback c. £14.95


Australian politics

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 240pp 978-0-521-13804-8 Paperback £19.99


The Development of Anti-Immigrant Parties in Western Europe David Art | Tufts University, Massachusetts

Challenging existing structural and institutional accounts, this book analyzes the dynamics of party building and explores the attitudes, skills and experiences of radical right activists in eleven different countries. Inside the Radical Right makes a case for the importance of party leaders and activists as masters of their own fate. • Based on 140 interviews with radical right activists and field work in 10 different countries • Original data-set of radical right candidates for office • Offers new theory of why radical right parties succeed and fail Comparative politics

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 5 b/w illus.  19 tables   978-0-521-89624-5 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-72032-8 Paperback c. £18.99 A

Origins of Political Extremism Mass Violence in the Twentieth Century and Beyond Manus I. Midlarsky | Rutgers University, New Jersey

Political extremism is amongst the most destructive forms of human expression. During the 20th century over 100 million people lost their lives at the hands of extremist violence. This book provides a theory to explain the rise of multiple forms of political extremism and the resort to mass violence. • Suggests why political extremism gained power in certain countries but not in others, expanding our ability to explain important events like mass violence against civilians during wartime, or wanton terrorism • Provides a new explanation for the rise of terrorism as an offshoot of political extremism which could be beneficial in suggesting policies to limit or eliminate terrorism • Deepens our understanding of the ways in which morality can subvert the extremist enterprise by suggesting ways in which morality that typically governs human behavior is obviated by political extremism Comparative politics

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 432pp 23 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-87708-4 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-70071-9 Paperback £21.99 A

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Politics, social theory, history of ideas

Civic Engagement in Postwar Japan The Revival of a Defeated Society Rieko Kage | University of Tokyo


Despite reduced incomes, diminished opportunities for education, and the psychological trauma of defeat, Japan experienced a rapid rise in civic engagement in the immediate aftermath of World War II. Using the case of Japan as a starting point, this book illuminates one of the keys to making postwar democracies work. • New historical data on levels of voluntary participation in Japan • New theoretical framework to explain the relationship between war and postwar levels of civic engagement • Careful empirical analysis that draws on both quantitative and qualitative research as well as a combination of intra- and international comparisons Comparative politics

January 2011 234 x 156 mm 216pp 16 b/w illus.  21 tables   978-0-521-19257-6 Hardback £55.00 A

Women’s Rights in Democratizing States Just Debate and Gender Justice in the Public Sphere Denise M. Walsh | University of Virginia

Denise Walsh offers a new explanation for why advances in women’s rights rarely occur in democratizing states, arguing that leading institutions in the public sphere are highly gendered, meaning women’s ability to shape the content of public debate and put pressure on the state to advance their rights is limited. • Offers a new approach for analyzing the quality of democracy called just debate • More comprehensive than most gender scholarship as it not only analyzes women’s movements and the legislature, but also political parties, trade unions and the media • Offers a framework for empirically assessing the public sphere Comparative politics

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 304pp 4 b/w illus.  8 tables   978-1-107-00191-6 Hardback £55.00 A

Direct Democracy Worldwide David Altman | Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile

The Transformation of the Workers’ Party in Brazil, 1989–2009 Wendy Hunter | University of Texas, Austin

This book explores the factors that stimulated and supported the Workers’ Party’s electoral expansion in Brazil since the late 1980s, and explores the consequences of this growth for the party itself and for Brazilian politics more broadly. • Highly readable and accessible while at the same time grounded in the theoretical literature on political parties Comparative politics

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 252pp 7 b/w illus.  11 tables   978-0-521-51455-2 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-73300-7 Paperback £19.99 A

Democratic Deficit Critical Citizens Revisited Pippa Norris | Harvard University, Massachusetts

Focusing on ‘democratic deficits’, this book reflects on how far the perceived democratic performance of any state diverges from public expectations. The book provides fresh insights into major issues at the heart of the study of comparative politics, public opinion, political culture and political communications. • Offers a new theoretical framework seeking to explain the causes and consequences of the democratic deficit in terms of demand, information and supply • Tests this theory against systematic survey evidence from almost 50 countries and diverse types of regimes • Provides fresh insights into the consequences of the democratic deficit for political participation, allegiant behavior and processes of democratization Comparative politics

March 2011 234 x 156 mm 336pp 37 b/w illus.  36 tables   978-0-521-19751-9 Hardback £65.00 A 978-0-521-12744-8 Paperback £23.99 A

Elections and Distributive Politics in Mubarak’s Egypt

Direct Democracy Worldwide addresses the relationship between direct and representative democracy in the contemporary world and uncovers the specific conditions under which they can be mutually reinforcing in democratic or less democratic systems. • The first book to identify and explain the reasons behind uses of mechanisms of direct democracy from a worldwide perspective • A comparative analysis on the uses of direct democracy across different regime types and levels of democracy • Uses a number of different research methodologies, draws on structured and semi-structured interviews, and conducts formal tests of theory using negative binomials, King’s ‘Ecological Inference’, multivariate regression and path analysis • Offers contextualized confirmations of theory through Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

Lisa Blaydes | Stanford University

Comparative politics

Comparative politics

January 2011 234 x 156 mm 264pp 19 b/w illus.  2 maps  17 tables   978-1-107-00164-0 Hardback £55.00 A

December 2010 234 x 156 mm 288pp 6 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-1-107-00055-1 Hardback £55.00 A

Although it would seem that elections matter little in authoritarian countries, elections are not only common in authoritarian regimes but also very useful for the dictator in efforts to keep power. This book examines the significance of elections in authoritarian Egypt. • One of very few studies of Middle Eastern politics that uses a mixed-methods approach – (a combination of qualitative description based on field work and statistical analysis) • Understanding the political situation in Egypt is particularly important given the likely transition that will take place in the next year or two to a new ruler there • Book includes a chapter looking at authoritarian elections in a wider set of Middle Eastern cases, and should interest both students of the Middle East as well as those interested in authoritarian politics outside the Middle East

Politics, social theory, history of ideas

Ruling by Statute How Uncertainty and Vote Buying Shape Lawmaking Sebastian M. Saiegh | University of California, San Diego

Investigates how presidents and prime ministers enact policy through acts of government that carry the force of law. It demonstrates that success depends on the predictability of legislators’ voting behavior and on whether buying votes is a feasible option. • Presents a novel theory of statutory policy making • Timely – helps us understand major current political events • Includes broad cross-national analyses as well as some very interesting case studies: England under George III, Peru under Fujimori, Salvador Allende’s fall in Chile and Sanchez de Lozada’s fall in Bolivia Comparative politics

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 208pp 17 b/w illus.  15 tables   978-1-107-00565-5 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Gender, Nationalism, and War Conflict on the Movie Screen Matthew Evangelista | Cornell University

In an age of female suicide bombers, comfortable assumptions about the peaceful nature of women have become questionable. This book explores the relationship between gender and nationalist violence by examining feature films from zones of conflict around the world, including the 1966 classic, The Battle of Algiers. • Uses feature films as a source of insight into the relationship between gender and violent nationalist conflict – linking popular media to the study of politics • Explores four cases of historical and contemporary relevance – Algeria, former Yugoslavia, Chechnya and Quebec – strengthening the plausibility of the book’s findings • Identifies an important link between economic decline, threats to masculine identity and misogynist violence – illustrated by the films, but also backed by recent empirical studies Comparative politics

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 42 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00194-7 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-17354-4 Paperback c. £18.99 A

The Politics of Protest in Hybrid Regimes Managing Dissent in Post-Communist Russia Graeme B. Robertson | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

This book builds on unpublished data fieldwork in Russia to show how one high-profile hybrid regime manages political competition in the workplace and in the streets. It develops a theory of how the nature of organizations, state strategies for mobilizing supporters, and elite competition shape political protest in hybrid regimes. • Rigorous research based on internal data on protest from the Russian Ministry of Interior • Qualitative analysis based on interviews and participant observation in Russian cities from St Petersburg to Vladivostok • Unique combination of broad theoretical reach and deep area knowledge

Popular Support for an Undemocratic Regime The Changing Views of Russians Richard Rose | University of Aberdeen

Russia is not an example of a failed democracy but of a regime that has succeeded in becoming undemocratic. This book uses sophisticated surveys of Russian public opinion to track the changing views of Russians, as popular support has increased for the regime through a sense of resignation. • Uses a unique long-term study of popular support in Russia – analytical data collected by the authors in 18 surveys from 1992 to 2009 • Explores the fact that people will support undemocratic regimes Comparative politics

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 224pp 30 b/w illus.  17 tables   978-1-107-00952-3 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-22418-5 Paperback c. £18.99 A

The Politics of Science Advice Institutional Design for Quality Assurance Edited by Justus Lentsch | Heinrich Böll Foundation

How can the quality of scientific advice given to political decision-makers be controlled and assured? This book argues that institutional design provides the key. With examples from agencies and think tanks around the world, the authors explore the fundamental principles of quality control and the institutional practices implementing them. • Proposes a new performance-oriented perspective on the issue of scientific policy advice • International case studies provide an overview of the main types of advisory organisations and their ‘best practices’ • Addresses the fundamental principles of quality control and the institutional mechanisms and practices implementing them Comparative politics

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 416pp 13 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-1-107-00370-5 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-17715-3 Paperback c. £21.99 A

Labor Rights and Multinational Production Layna Mosley | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

This book explores the relationship between workers’ rights and economic globalization in developing countries. Mosley posits that multinational production has both positive and negative consequences for labor rights. This book speaks to contemporary debates regarding the race to the bottom, corporate social responsibility, and economic development in low- and middle-income nations. • Relevant to contemporary public policy debates • Introduces and utilizes a new set of cross-national, over-time data • Combines theoretical approaches from political science, economics and business Comparative politics | Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 310pp 18 b/w illus.  10 tables   978-0-521-87281-2 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-69441-4 Paperback £18.99 A

Comparative politics

January 2011 234 x 156 mm 304pp 20 b/w illus.  20 tables   978-0-521-11875-0 Hardback £55.00 A

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Politics, social theory, history of ideas

Electoral Systems and the Balance of ConsumerProducer Power

Collective Killings in Rural China during the Cultural Revolution

Eric C. C. Chang | Michigan State University

Yang Su | University of California, Irvine

The authors find that in electoral systems in which the seat share of parties is highly sensitive to their vote share, regulation systematically favors consumers, lowering real prices, all else equal, by ten percent. • Original and important finding relevant to political science, economics, policy and law • Theoretically (formally) developed • Rigorously tested (empirically)

Although it was one of the monumental events, the Cultural Revolution remains one of the most understudied political mass movements. This book will reshape the scholarship on the Cultural Revolution, both because of its stark treatment of political violence and its focus on events in the Chinese countryside. • The first major book on the Cultural Revolution in the countryside; a historical and sociological analysis • Documenting a new level of atrocity in Mao’s China unknown to the outside world • Adding an important case for the studies of contentious politics; adding a new case to the scholarship on genocide and mass killing

Comparative politics | Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics


January 2011 216 x 138 mm 280pp 27 b/w illus.  9 tables   978-0-521-19265-1 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-13815-4 Paperback £19.99 A

Comparative politics | Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics

Quiet Politics and Business Power Corporate Control in Europe and Japan Pepper D. Culpepper | European University Institute, Florence

The rules governing hostile takeovers have been fiercely contested since the 1990s, but such struggles rarely took place in parliaments. This book studies these political battles in four countries – France, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. • The book offers a general theory of why business groups are powerful in some areas of policy-making but weak in others, with applications to the United States as well as internationally • It shows clearly the political reasons for which hostile takeovers are easier in some countries than others • It is the first book to examine and explain the rise of public anger about executive pay in the US and in France Comparative politics | Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics

January 2011 234 x 156 mm 248pp 17 b/w illus.  19 tables   978-0-521-11859-0 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-13413-2 Paperback £19.99 A

Power in Movement Social Movements and Contentious Politics Third edition Sidney Tarrow | Cornell University

The book focuses on the rise and fall of social movements as part of contentious politics in general and as the outcome of changes in political opportunities and constraints, state strategy, the new media of communication and transnational diffusion. • Covers social movements and contentious politics in both the West and the global South • Deals with both domestic and transnational social movements • New edition includes new material on non-Western social movements, on terrorism and civil wars; it also includes much new material on transnational contention Comparative politics | Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics

March 2011 234 x 156 mm 352pp 21 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-19890-5 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-15572-4 Paperback £17.99 A

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 2 b/w illus.  3 maps  32 tables   978-0-521-19808-0 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-0-521-17381-0 Paperback c. £15.99 A

NAFTA and the Politics of Labor Transnationalism Tamara Kay | Harvard University

How did NAFTA catalyze solidarity among U.S., Canadian, and Mexican unions? By showing how transnational laws and governance institutions constrain and expand transnational social movements, this book argues that, collectively, unions can help shape how the rules governing the global economy are made. • Based on over 140 interviews with U.S., Mexican and Canadian labor leaders – first study using data to track the emergence and trajectory of transnational labor relationships • Compares variation in unions’ response to NAFTA, i.e. why some unions embraced transnationalism and others did not • Innovative synthesis of ‘field theory’ with a modified political opportunity theory Comparative politics | Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 336pp 5 b/w illus.  9 tables   978-0-521-76287-8 Hardback c. £40.00 A 978-0-521-13295-4 Paperback c. £15.99 A

Politics, Identity, and Mexico’s Indigenous Rights Movements Todd A. Eisenstadt | American University

Drawing on original survey data, this book argues that, contrary to claims by the 1994 Zapatista insurgency, indigenous and non-indigenous respondents in southern Mexico are united by socioeconomic conditions and land tenure institutions as well as by ethnic identity. • This is only one of two comprehensive English language books on the Zapatistas and the only one since 2003 • The first comprehensive book in English on customary law experiment in Oaxaca and also on the Oaxaca 2006 social movement • One of very few books on identity-based social movements based on public opinion surveys aggregated to draw conclusions about social movement followers (rather than taking leader statements as representative) Comparative politics | Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 226pp 6 maps  10 tables   978-1-107-00120-6 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Politics, social theory, history of ideas

The Politics of the European Union

Young Thomas More and the Arts of Liberty

Herman Lelieveldt | Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands

Gerard B. Wegemer | University of Dallas

This new introduction to the European Union uses the lens of comparative politics to aid student understanding. It provides comparisons with domestic politics and links with broader debates in the subject. Real-world examples, briefings, fact files, controversy boxes and ‘Navigating the EU’ exercises help students understand how the EU works. • An introduction to the EU using the lens of comparative politics – this approach helps the student understand the EU through comparisons with domestic politics and links with broader debates in political science • Covers everything the student needs in an introduction to the EU – history, theories, institutions, key participants and policies and policymaking • Numerous examples, briefings, fact files and controversy boxes deepen student understanding by highlighting important information and controversial issues in EU politics • Online ‘Navigating the EU’ exercises introduce students to useful sources of information on the internet, help students analyse policymaking in the EU, and provide research tasks for students

This book analyzes Thomas More’s earliest thoughts on the statecraft needed to enhance liberty and peace in a culture favoring war. It includes a close study of his little-known works – his poetry, letters, Lucian translations, declamation on tyrannicide, coronation ode for Henry VIII and life of Pico della Mirandola. • Shows how Utopia and Richard III give More’s mature analysis about the causes of England’s history of civil war and explores how and why the ‘arts of liberty’ are More’s solutions • The first half of the book analyzes More’s earliest writings, showing the ‘first fruits’ of More’s classical studies and how they prepared him to write Richard III and Utopia • Compares More’s understanding of liberal education with Cicero’s • Shows why More took up the study of ancient Greek at age 24 and then spent the next fourteen years immersed in classical studies while practising law as a leading citizen in London

European government, politics, policy | Cambridge Textbooks in Comparative Politics

The Cambridge History of Nineteenth-Century Political Thought

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 350pp 978-0-521-51862-8 Hardback c. £50.00 978-0-521-74011-1 Paperback c. £19.99


New in Paperback

Adam Smith and the Character of Virtue Ryan Patrick Hanley | Marquette University, Wisconsin

Revisits the moral and political philosophy of Adam Smith, capitalism’s founding father, to recover his understanding of morality in a market age. Focusing on Smith’s analysis of the psychological and social ills endemic to commercial society, Hanley argues Smith sought to combat corruption by cultivating the virtues of prudence, magnanimity and beneficence. • The first book-length study of Smith’s conception of virtue • Breaks new ground on trajectory of Smith’s thought, and his intentions in revising the Theory of Moral Sentiments • Written in a clear, jargon-free style accessible to a wide readership in a range of disciplines – political science, philosophy, history, economics and psychology History of ideas

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 978-0-521-44929-8 Hardback £48.00 978-0-521-18823-4 Paperback c. £18.99


History of ideas

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 7 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19653-6 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Edited by Gareth Stedman Jones | University of Cambridge

This Cambridge History provides the first comprehensive survey of political thought in Europe, North America and Asia in the nineteenth century. Written by a distinguished team of international scholars, this is the latest in a sequence firmly established as the principal reference source for the history of political thought. • The latest and final volume in the acclaimed Cambridge History of Political Thought series • Contributors are, unquestionably, the leading scholars working in the field • Genuinely comprehensive and up-to-date in coverage, with a truly international scope History of ideas | The Cambridge History of Political Thought

June 2011 234 x 156 mm 900pp 978-0-521-43056-2 Hardback c. £120.00


Security Beyond the State Private Security in International Politics Rita Abrahamsen | University of Ottawa

A groundbreaking study of the emergence and operations of a global private security sector. The authors illustrate their arguments through detailed accounts of the involvement of private security organisations in the oil industry in Nigeria, diamond mining in Sierra Leone, and urban security in Kenya and South Africa. • An innovative and exciting theoretical approach, capturing the global aspects of security privatization in controversial areas such as resource extraction and in urban environments • Combines theoretical innovation with on-the-ground empirical investigations • Draws on international relations, security studies, criminology and African studies International relations, international organisations

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 280pp 1 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-76471-1 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-15425-3 Paperback £18.99 A

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Politics, social theory, history of ideas

China, the United States, and Global Order Rosemary Foot | University of Oxford


In this book, Rosemary Foot and Andrew Walter, both experts in the fields of international relations and the East Asian region, explore the global order issues and the relationship of the two countries since 1945. This text is a sophisticated analysis that adroitly engages the historical, theoretical and policy literature. • Analyses the global implications of the relationship between China and the United States • A well written and sophisticated book by two experts in the field • Framed in the historical, economic and security contexts, the book will resonate with students in international relations, political economy and Chinese studies International relations, international organisations

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 5 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-89800-3 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-72519-4 Paperback £21.99 A

U.S. Leadership, History, and Bilateral Relations in Northeast Asia Edited by Gilbert Rozman | Princeton University, New Jersey

This book explores the rising importance of history in reshaping international relations in Northeast Asia. The United States faces direct challenges over history from Japanese views of the 1940s and South Korean views stretching from the 1940s to the 1980s. • New perspective on U.S. alliances in Asia • New approach to the growing Sino-U.S. rift • Unusual treatment of international relations, stressing competition over historical memories International relations, international organisations

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 246pp 3 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-19056-5 Hardback £55.00 A

Global Warming Gridlock Creating More Effective Strategies for Protecting the Planet David G. Victor | Stanford University, California

After twenty years of international talks, the world is now in gridlock about how best to tackle the problem of global warming. This book provides a roadmap to a lower carbon future based on encouraging bottom-up initiatives at national, regional and global levels, leveraging national selfinterest rather than wishful thinking. • A highly readable and sophisticated account of the underlying forces that determine climate change politics • Explains the post-Copenhagen gridlock over climate change policy and offers a range of compelling solutions • Examines the interplay between domestic and international politics and contains important advice for policy makers International relations, international organisations

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 400pp 15 b/w illus.  3 tables   978-0-521-86501-2 Hardback c. £25.00 A

The Politics of Prisoner Abuse The United States and Enemy Prisoners after 9/11 David P. Forsythe | University of Nebraska, Lincoln

When states are threatened by war and terrorism, can we really expect them to abide by human rights and humanitarian law? David Forsythe’s book is a bold critique of US policies towards terror suspects after 9/11, providing an account which will interest all those who value humanitarian law. • Provides an overview of the moral, political and legal factors at play in the US treatment of terror suspects after 9/11 • Comprehensive and multi-dimensional, going beyond narrow legal argumentation • Compares the CIA record with that of the Pentagon and the role of internal critics in the Administration and the army • Compares the early Obama years with the George W. Bush years and highlights both the continuities and the differences between the two Administrations International relations, international organisations

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 336pp 978-1-107-00466-5 Hardback c. £55.00 978-0-521-18110-5 Paperback c. £18.99


Human Trafficking A Global Perspective Louise Shelley | George Mason University, Virginia

This book examines all forms of human trafficking globally, revealing the operations of the trafficking business and the nature of the traffickers themselves. Using an historical and comparative perspective, it demonstrates that there are enormous variations in the business model of human trafficking in different regions of the world. • Focuses on the financial side of all aspects of human trafficking • Integrates all forms of human trafficking within one book • Explains the role of organized crime in the business of human trafficking International relations, international organisations

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 356pp 2 tables   978-0-521-11381-6 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-13087-5 Paperback £16.99 A

Sovereignty in Fragments The Past, Present and Future of a Contested Concept Edited by Hent Kalmo | Université de Paris X-Nanterre

What exactly is meant by the acquisition, preservation, infringement or loss of sovereignty? Leading scholars from a variety of disciplinary perspectives provide an overview of the numerous debates centring on the concept of sovereignty, questioning the assumptions underlying its applications and the political discourses in which it is involved. • A broad overview of the concept of sovereignty, offering a variety of different disciplinary perspectives • Combines abstract and theoretical treatments with practical analyses, enabling readers to link theoretical literature with a wealth of examples • The contributors are an eminent team of historians, constitutional and international lawyers, political philosophers, international relations scholars and practitioners of law International relations, international organisations

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-1-107-00004-9 Hardback £55.00


Politics, social theory, history of ideas

The Problem of Harm in World Politics

Controlling Institutions International Organizations and the Global Economy Randall W. Stone | University of Rochester, New York

Theoretical Investigations Andrew Linklater | Aberystwyth University

Force, humiliation, enslavement and exploitation are all examples of forms of harm. This book analyses the problem of harm in world politics, emphasizing how societies have acquired the ability to inflict destructive forms of harm over greater distances in the shape of war and harm to the physical environment. • A contribution to the development of the critical theory of international relations focusing on the problem of harm • Places the study of violent and non-violent harm at the centre of social-scientific inquiry • Integrates themes from moral and legal philosophy, sociology and social psychology, and international relations International relations, international organisations

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 978-1-107-00443-6 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-17984-3 Paperback £17.99


Politics in international organizations does not follow formal rules. Through studies of the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the European Union, Randall W. Stone shows how informal power explains variations in institutional design, performance and legitimacy, and explains how international organizations really function. • A new explanation of how international organisations operate, arguing that institutional design depends on informal influence which often undermines the credibility and legitimacy of international organizations • Explains the variations in institutional designs between the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization and European Union • Features new data, archival documents and interviews to form a new interpretation of the crises and shortcomings of IMF programs in Mexico, Russia, Korea, Indonesia and Argentina International relations, international organisations

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 268pp 8 b/w illus.  28 tables   978-1-107-00540-2 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-18306-2 Paperback c. £18.99 A

Building Global Democracy? Civil Society and Accountable Global Governance Edited by Jan Aart Scholte | University of Warwick

Building Global Democracy? shows how citizen groups can make global governance more democratic. Combining intellectual depth with political relevance, and providing thirteen revealing and practical case studies, this compelling and accessibly written work will appeal to students, researchers, activists and policymakers. • An important contribution to the knowledge and practice of global governance • High-quality scholarship is combined with policy-relevant knowledge as specialist researchers from around the world write in consultation with experienced practitioners • Features a detailed and diverse range of case studies International relations, international organisations

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 424pp 2 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19219-4 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-14055-3 Paperback c. £18.99 A

Domestic Law Goes Global Legal Traditions and International Courts Sara McLaughlin Mitchell | University of Iowa

This book examines how countries’ domestic legal traditions (civil law, common law, Islamic law) influence their willingness to support international courts, such as the International Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court. • Proposes a new theory of international courts using insights from rational choice and normative approaches • Links states’ international behavior to domestic legal systems (civil, common and Islamic) • Provides in-depth information about the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court International relations, international organisations

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 9 b/w illus.  30 tables   978-1-107-00416-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A

International Organizations Politics, Law, Practice Ian Hurd | Weinberg College of Arts and Science, Northwestern University

From the United Nations to the World Trade Organization, this unique textbook examines the world’s most important international organizations, comparing their political environments, legal powers, and controversies. It examines ten international organizations in detail: what they do, how and why they do it, and the problems they face. • Offers a fresh approach in which each chapter offers a detailed account of the most important international organizations: what they do, how and why they do it, and the problems they face • Combines insights from politics and law • Topical and extensive case studies show students how each international organization works in practice, and each chapter ends with a list of discussion questions to guide student discussion International relations, international organisations

November 2010 247 x 174 mm 292pp 16 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76834-4 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-14737-8 Paperback £19.99 X

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Politics, social theory, history of ideas


War, Religion and Empire

Courts in Latin America

The Transformation of International Orders Andrew Phillips | Australian National University, Canberra

Edited by Gretchen Helmke | University of Rochester, New York

What are international orders, how are they destroyed, and how can they be defended in the face of violent challenges? Andrew Phillips examines the ways in which war, religious fundamentalism, and the collapse of empires have transformed international orders from the Reformation to the ‘war on terror’. • A comprehensive account of the ways in which religious radicalism, crises of empire and revolutionary military innovations have driven crises in world politics from the Reformation to the ‘war on terror’ • Contextualizes the Western European experience by comparing and contrasting it with the crises of international order that have punctuated the state system’s development and expansion in East Asia and the Islamic world • Synthesizes insights from two polarized theoretical traditions – realism and constructivism – in accounting for international orders’ origins, evolution, and transformation

This volume brings together today’s leading scholars of judicial politics to explore the extent to which courts in Latin America protect individual rights and limit governments. It draws on examples from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Bolivia. • Presents diverse methodologies, broad country coverage and original data • Demonstrates the widespread variation in the performance of Latin America’s constitutional courts • Draws on examples from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Bolivia

International relations, international organisations | Cambridge Studies in International Relations, 117

The Conflict Within Ilan Peleg | Lafayette College, Pennsylvania

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 384pp 5 tables   978-0-521-19128-9 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-12209-2 Paperback £21.99 A

After Defeat How the East Learned to Live with the West Ayse Zarakol | Washington and Lee University, Virginia

Turkey, Japan and Russia were all once competitors of the West, but have had to adapt to Western norms following defeats at the hands of the West. This book examines how a sense of stigma has shaped the foreign policies of states torn between the East and the West. • Advances a novel argument about how states are socialized into the international system • Introduces ‘stigma’ as a driving force in states’ foreign policies • Combines theories from international relations with social theories which focus on social stratification International relations, international organisations | Cambridge Studies in International Relations, 118

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 312pp 978-0-521-19182-1 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-14556-5 Paperback £19.99


Networks of Nations The Evolution, Structure, and Impact of International Networks, 1816–2001 Zeev Maoz | University of California, Davis

In this book, Zeev Maoz offers a new theory of networked international politics, viewing the evolution of international relations over the last two centuries as a set of interacting, cooperative and conflicting networks of states. He tests his theory by applying social networks analysis (SNA) methods to international relations. • The first book-length Social Networks Analytic (SNA) study of international relations • Offers a comprehensive theory linking conflict networks to cooperative networks • Develops and tests new models of international relations, develops new concepts in SNA and generates novel insights about patterns of international connectivities International relations, international organisations | Structural Analysis in the Social Sciences, 32

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 448pp 38 b/w illus.  62 tables   978-0-521-19844-8 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-12457-7 Paperback £24.99 A

Latin American government, politics, policy

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 30 b/w illus.  27 tables   978-1-107-00109-1 Hardback £65.00 A

Israel’s Palestinians Arguing that a comprehensive and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict depends on a resolution of the Jewish-Palestinian conflict within Israel as much as it does on resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, this timely book explores the causes and consequences of the growing conflict between Israel’s Jewish majority and its Palestinian-Arab minority. • Most up-to-date study of Arab-Jewish relations in Israel • Presents Arab-Jewish relations in Israel within the context of the wider Israeli-Palestinian conflict • Provides in-depth analysis of the views and attitudes of both communities – the Arab minority and the Jewish majority Middle East government, politics, policy

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 5 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76683-8 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-15702-5 Paperback c. £15.99 A

Superstition as Ideology in Iranian Politics From Majlesi to Ahmadinejad Ali Rahnema | The American University of Paris, France

Examines the endurance and influence of mystical beliefs on political strategy in Iran from the Safavid dynasty to the present day. Rahnema demonstrates, with examples from contemporary Iranian politics, that this has allowed leaders to present themselves as representatives of the divine, and their rivals as the embodiment of evil. • An eminent Iranian intellectual explores the revival of supernatural beliefs and anti-rationalism amongst leaders in modern Iran • Based on Persian sources, the book affords a brilliant examination of the work and influence of the seventeenth-century Shi’i cleric, Majlesi • An alternative perspective on modern Iran for students of the Middle East and religious studies Middle East government, politics, policy | Cambridge Middle East Studies

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 978-1-107-00518-1 Hardback c. £55.00 978-0-521-18221-8 Paperback c. £19.99


Politics, social theory, history of ideas

Israel Political and Economic Reports 1954–1955 Israel under the Premiership of Moshe Sharett Robert Jarman

The second in a series of collections of British political and economic reports on Israel. The premiership of Moshe Sharett was important particularly for efforts made to come to a peaceful settlement that involved financial aid for the resettlement of Arab refugees and security guarantees for Israel within agreed borders. • This project collects together disparate series of facsimile reports for the State of Israel to make research into Israeli history more accessible • Sharett was one of the signatories of Israel’s Declaration of Independence and Israel’s first Minister of Foreign Affairs, and established diplomatic relations with dozens of nations and helped Israel join the UN • During this time the Palestinian–Israeli conflict intensified and there were two controversial political intrigues: the Lavon affair and the Alpha Peace Plan, making these two years of great interest to political historians

Machiavellian Democracy John P. McCormick | University of Chicago

Highlighting previously neglected democratic strains in Machiavelli’s major writings, McCormick excavates institutions through which the common people of ancient, medieval and Renaissance republics constrained the power of wealthy citizens and public magistrates. McCormick proposes a citizen-empowering and elite-patrolling institution to be amended to the constitutions of contemporary democracies. • Radical reevaluation of Machiavelli as a democrat • Using historical and contemporary analysis, it rethinks the need to combat the influence of wealth over democratic politics constitutionally • Part of recent intellectual/practical efforts in institutional design aimed at enhancing democratic participation Political theory

Middle East government, politics, policy | Israel Political and Economic Reports

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 264pp 1 table   978-0-521-82390-6 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-53090-3 Paperback £18.99

April 2011 246 x 160 mm 4200pp 978-1-84097-330-3 6 Volume Set

Civil Religion

c. £2495.00 R


A Dialogue in the History of Political Philosophy Ronald S. Beiner | University of Toronto

Coalition Politics and Economic Development Credibility and the Strength of Weak Governments Irfan Nooruddin | Ohio State University

Coalition government is often criticized for hindering necessary policy reform in developing countries. This book argues that it actually benefits developing countries by attracting investment and promoting high and stable growth. National economic data, business surveys and case studies provide evidence for the argument. • Presents a unified framework to explain economic volatility, economic growth, foreign investment and capital flows • Features case studies of five different countries: India, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Botswana • Mathematical treatments and statistical jargon are located within the appendices so that readers can understand the material without having to wade through complex maths or statistics Political economy

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 266pp 17 b/w illus.  18 tables   978-0-521-19140-1 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-13875-8 Paperback £19.99 A Textbook

Bioethics in Perspective Corporate Power, Public Health and Political Economy Scott Mann | University of Western Sydney

In Bioethics in Perspective Scott Mann demonstrates the importance of issues of corporate power, global inequality and sustainability in shaping health outcomes around the world. The text develops a comprehensive ethical and practical critique of the neoliberal economic ideas which have guided policy in the English-speaking world. • Concise critique of neoliberal economic theory and policy • Examination of inequalities in health and healthcare around the world, and the testing and marketing of medical drugs • Up-to-date explanations of major environmental problems – of unsustainable agriculture and climate change – threatening public health in the future

Civil Religion traces an intellectual dialogue on the challenge posed to political and civic life by religion. This schema provides the framework for an interpretation of modern political philosophy from the sixteenth to twentieth century. • The theme is ‘religion and politics’, which can hardly be more topical (living in a post-9/11 age) • The book offers a comprehensive treatment of modern political philosophy, beginning with Machiavelli and concluding with Rawls • The interpretations offered are in many cases ‘revisionist’ or unexpected ones, breaking with conventional traditions of interpretation Political theory

December 2010 234 x 156 mm 448pp 978-0-521-50636-6 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-73843-9 Paperback £21.99


The Future of Representative Democracy Edited by Sonia Alonso | Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung

An integrated set of contributions on the subject of representation, representative democracy and its future written by a team of leading scholars. The Future of Representative Democracy includes the latest perspectives from political theory, political sociology, international relations, electoral studies, media studies and gender studies. • Identifies different forms and modes of representative democracy • Proposes innovations for the future of democratic representation • An interdisciplinary approach provides readers with a wider scope Political theory

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 11 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-1-107-00356-9 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-17703-0 Paperback c. £19.99 A

Political economy

November 2010 247 x 174 mm 294pp 978-0-521-75656-3 Paperback £17.99


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Politics, social theory, history of ideas

Oligarchy Jeffrey A. Winters | Northwestern University, Illinois


For centuries, oligarchs were viewed as empowered by wealth, an idea muddled by elite theory early in the twentieth century. The common thread for oligarchs across history is that wealth defines them, empowers them and inherently exposes them to threats. • This is the only book available in the English language entirely devoted to the important subject of oligarchs and oligarchy • The theory it advances is equally applicable to oligarchs in ancient and contemporary times, but in a way that accounts for how and why oligarchies vary • The book is pathbreaking in its analysis of the US case as oligarchic (and yet democratic) and it also offers fresh interpretations of Indonesia, ancient Athens and Rome, Singapore and the Philippines

Symbols and Legitimacy in Soviet Politics The Life and Death of the USSR Graeme Gill | University of Sydney

This book analyses the way in which symbolism and ritual changed through Soviet history. By focusing on the symbolism in party policy, artwork and political posters, urban redevelopment and political ritual, it lays bare the dynamics of the Soviet regime and a major reason for its fall. • Offers a new interpretation of the dynamics of Soviet life and a fresh explanation of the fall of the Soviet Union • Demonstrates the development of symbolism both over the life of the regime and during specific periods to give a rich and dynamic analysis of Soviet symbolism and how it changed • Uses literary sources, posters, art work and architecture to provide a rich and nuanced picture of the fabric of Soviet life

Politics (general)

Russian, East European government, politics, policy

May 2011 234 x 156 mm 320pp 8 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-1-107-00528-0 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-0-521-18298-0 Paperback c. £16.99 A

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 384pp 978-1-107-00454-2 Hardback c. £55.00

Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Political Science Edited by James N. Druckman | Northwestern University, Illinois

Laboratory experiments, survey experiments and field experiments occupy a central and growing place in the discipline of political science. This volume provides the first comprehensive overview of how political scientists have used experiments to make important discoveries and transform their field of study. • The first handbook of experiments in political science • No other reference text emphasizes the distinct perspectives of lab, survey and field researchers • Many distinguished scholars are contributors to the volume Research methods in politics

June 2011 253 x 215 mm 604pp 36 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-0-521-19212-5 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-17455-8 Paperback c. £30.00 A

The Crisis of Russian Democracy The Dual State, Factionalism and the Medvedev Succession Richard Sakwa | University of Kent, Canterbury

An original interpretation of Russian politics based on detailed empirical analysis, interviews and an understanding of the dynamics of a political system in flux. Richard Sakwa applies a coherent model based on the concept of Russia as a dual state and argues that the future of Russia remains open. • Focuses on the component parts of the Russian political system and how they interact • Examines the record and legacy of Putin’s presidency, and the nature of the succession of Medvedev • Outlines the future challenges facing the country Russian, East European government, politics, policy

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 406pp 10 tables   978-0-521-76842-9 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-14522-0 Paperback £21.99 A


Understanding Russian Politics Stephen White | University of Glasgow

A fresh, authoritative interpretation of the politics of the world’s largest country, focusing on developments under Putin and Medvedev. Covering economic, social and foreign policy and the current political system, students are encouraged to reach their own judgements on key events and issues, such as privatisation and corruption. • A study of how Russian politics has developed under Putin and Medvedev • Written by a leading authority using Russian language sources – the book presents different Russian viewpoints as well as those of academics and commentators in the outside world • Presents opposing interpretations so that the reader is encouraged to reach their own judgements on key events and themes such as privatisation and corruption Russian, East European government, politics, policy

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 506pp 16 b/w illus.  1 map  54 tables   978-0-521-86857-0 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-68861-1 Paperback c. £23.99 X

Economics, business studies

Economics, business studies Scarcity and Frontiers How Economies Have Developed Through Natural Resource Exploitation Edward B. Barbier | University of Wyoming

Throughout much of history, a critical driving force behind global economic development has been the response of society to the scarcity of key natural resources. This book provides a fascinating account of the contribution that natural resource exploitation has made to economic development in key eras of world history. • Addresses a neglected topic in contemporary economics by showing the relevance of natural resource economics to economic history • Presents the economic analysis of history in a non-technical and accessible manner • Reviews eight historical epochs in a series of analytical narratives backed up by tables, figures, boxes and appendices

Erasing the Invisible Hand Essays on an Elusive and Misused Concept in Economics Warren J. Samuels | Michigan State University

This book examines the use, principally in economics, of the concept of the invisible hand, centering on Adam Smith. It interprets the concept as ideology, knowledge and a linguistic phenomenon. It shows how the principal Chicago School interpretation misperceives and distorts what Smith believed on the economic role of government. • Provides analyses demonstrating the exaggerations and misperceptions of the concept by Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek and other economic philosophers of the right • Gives closely reasoned and empirically founded analyses of economics as social control, of conservative economists and doctrines • Author Samuels has been working on analyses of the concept for 40 years Economic history of thought

July 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 978-0-521-51725-6 Hardback c. £65.00

Development, economic growth

Culture in Economics

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 768pp 46 b/w illus.  42 tables   978-0-521-87773-2 Hardback £65.00 A 978-0-521-70165-5 Paperback £29.99 A

History, Methodological Reflections and Contemporary Applications Sjoerd Beugelsdijk | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands

Globalization and the Politics of Development in the Middle East Second edition Clement Moore Henry | University of Texas, Austin

In a new edition of their book, Clement Henry and Robert Springborg reflect on what has happened to the economic development in the Middle East and North Africa since 2001. Utilizing their previous research, they demonstrate how the monarchies and conditional democracies continue to do better than the military dictatorships. • An accessible overview of economics in the North Africa and Middle East region • This second edition aims to further develop theories of the first edition • Primarily focused on students of Middle East economics Development, economic growth | The Contemporary Middle East

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 380pp 24 b/w illus.  1 map  15 tables   978-0-521-51939-7 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-73744-9 Paperback £18.99 A

Economic Foundations of Symmetric Programming

67 A

There is now an important body of work that invokes cultural and institutional factors to build a more comprehensive and realistic theory of economic behavior. This book provides a comprehensive overview of research in this area, sketching the main premises and challenges faced by the field. • Serves as a general introduction to the field with extensive coverage of the empirical literature about culture (values, norms, beliefs) in economics • Provides historical background to the debate about culture in economics allowing readers to understand the debate’s origins and preconceptions • Covers a broad range of disciplines making sociological, anthropological and historical insights accessible to those working in economics Economic history of thought

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 408pp 3 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-0-521-19300-9 Hardback £55.00 A

Monetary Theory and Policy from Hume and Smith to Wicksell

Quirino Paris | University of California, Davis

Money, Credit, and the Economy Arie Arnon | Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Ideal for graduate students who have already taken a graduate course in microeconomic theory, this book revisits the same topics (such as price taking and monopoly) but makes them operational with a mathematical programming approach that extends their discussion to multi-input and multi-output scenarios. • Introduces novel specification called the equilibrium problem that does not require constraining/reductionist (and unrealistic) assumptions • All economic problems analyzed are cast in the unifying framework of the linear complementarity problem • Many numerical examples are provided to illustrate the various models along with command files for GAMS (the commercial computing application)

This book provides a comprehensive survey of the major developments in monetary theory and policy from David Hume and Adam Smith to Walter Bagehot and Knut Wicksell. In particular, it seeks to explain why it took so long for a theory of central banking to penetrate mainstream thought. • The most up-to-date and comprehensive history of monetary policy and thought from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries • Covers highly topical issues such as interest rates, relations between monetary policy and central banking, and bank reform • Will appeal to macro and international economists as well as historians of economic thought

Econometrics, statistics

Economic history of thought | Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 568pp 33 b/w illus.  27 tables   978-0-521-19472-3 Hardback £80.00 A 978-0-521-12302-0 Paperback £35.00 A

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 448pp 2 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-19113-5 Hardback £65.00 A

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Economics, business studies


General Equilibrium Theory

Mechanism Design

An Introduction Second edition Ross M. Starr | University of California, San Diego

A Linear Programming Approach Rakesh Vohra | Northwestern University, Illinois

General Equilibrium Theory: An Introduction presents the mathematical economic theory of price determination and resource allocation from elementary to advanced levels, suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of economics. This Arrow–Debreu model is the basis of modern price theory and of a wide range of applications. • Treatment progresses from elementary models (suitable for undergraduates) to more advanced (for graduate students) at a relaxed pace with ample examples • Abundance of exercises, designed to be manageable and challenging • Treatment is self-contained, including development of the necessary mathematics, with elementary proof of the Brouwer fixed point theorem Economic theory

May 2011 253 x 215 mm 376pp 42 b/w illus.   978-0-521-82645-7 Hardback c. £65.00 A 978-0-521-53386-7 Paperback c. £24.99 A

Mechanism design is an analytical framework for thinking clearly and carefully about what exactly a given institution can achieve when the information necessary to make decisions is dispersed and privately held. This analysis provides an account of the underlying mathematics of mechanism design based on linear programming. • Only treatment on mechanism design using linear programming analysis • May be used in courses in applied mathematics, statistical theory and operations research as well as mathematical economics and economic theory • Approach characterized by simplicity, a unified framework and extensive applicability Economic theory | Econometric Society Monographs, 47

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 184pp 11 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00436-8 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-17946-1 Paperback c. £19.99 A New in Paperback

Perfecting Parliament Constitutional Reform, Liberalism, and the Rise of Western Democracy Roger D. Congleton | George Mason University, Virginia

This book explains why contemporary liberal democracies are based on historical templates; why the transition in Europe occurred during a short period in the nineteenth century; how interests, ideas, and pre-existing institutions affected the reforms adopted; and why the countries that liberalized their political systems also produced the Industrial Revolution. • Provides a unique non-revolutionary theory of the emergence of liberal democracy • Develops new rational choice models of governance, the balance of authority between parliaments and kings, and constitutional exchange • Includes new detailed constitutional histories of 6 key countries: US, UK, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and Sweden Economic theory

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 668pp 16 b/w illus.  14 tables   978-0-521-76460-5 Hardback £70.00 A 978-0-521-15169-6 Paperback £29.99 A

Individuals and Identity in Economics John B. Davis | Marquette University, Wisconsin; University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This book looks at conceptions of the individual in recent new approaches in economics, including behavioral economics, experimental economics, social preferences approaches, game theory, neuroeconomics, evolutionary and complexity economics, and the capability approach. • Systematically addresses recent new approaches in economics including behavioral economics • One of the few recent titles to concentrate on the identity of the individual in economics • Develops a conception of the individual for the capability approach Economic theory

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 270pp 2 tables   978-1-107-00192-3 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-17353-7 Paperback £19.99 A

The Economics of Franchising Roger D. Blair | University of Florida

This book describes in much detail both how and why franchising works. It also analyses the economic tensions that contribute to conflict in the franchisor-franchisee relationship. The book includes a great deal of empirical evidence on franchising not available anywhere else. • Authors are two of the U.S.’s leading scholars on the business, economics and law of franchising • Designed for MBA students and talented final-year undergraduates, uses very little math • Fills major gap in academic literature; there has been no other study like this for over a decade Economics (general)

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 350pp 31 tables   978-0-521-77252-5 Hardback £34.00 A 978-0-521-77589-2 Paperback c. £22.99 A New in Paperback

Government and Markets Toward A New Theory of Regulation Edited by Edward Balleisen | Duke University, North Carolina

This interdisciplinary volume points the way toward the modernization of regulatory theory. Its essays by leading scholars move past predominant approaches, integrating the latest research about the interplay between human behavior, societal needs, and regulatory institutions. The book concludes by setting out a potential research agenda for the social sciences. • The latest and one of the few interdisciplinary, cutting-edge collections on the topic of improving regulation, central to policy-making since since the financial crisis • Beyond offering new research findings about regulation, this collection from top scholars offers a wide-ranging research agenda for the future • Directs scholars toward pivotal open questions concerning the relation between governments and markets Economics (general)

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 576pp 23 b/w illus.  11 tables   978-0-521-11848-4 Hardback £35.00 A 978-0-521-28053-2 Paperback TBA

Economics, business studies

New in Paperback

The VAT in Developing and Transitional Countries Richard Bird | University of Toronto

Draws on a wide range of experience and research to discuss a wide range of conceptual and practical issues related to VAT in a way that is relevant both to students and to tax practitioners and officials around the world. • Comprehensive treatment of the major aspects of the most important tax in most developing and transitional countries • Based both on a thorough review of the literature and the extensive field experience of the authors • Clearly written in non-technical language with many real-world illustrations Economics (general)

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 278pp 26 tables   978-0-521-87765-7 Hardback £39.00 A 978-1-107-40144-0 Paperback TBA

A Theory of Fairness and Social Welfare Marc Fleurbaey | Université de Paris V

This book proposes a theory of social welfare that draws from the theory of social choice and the theory of fair allocation and encapsulates fairness principles in the definition of social preferences. • Proposes precise definitions of social welfare not in abstract but concretely, for distribution of commodities, production of public/private goods, and tax redistribution of income • Offers a way to think about social justice in economic models and make evaluations of concrete policies, rigorously based on basic principles of efficiency and fairness • Links three domains of economics which have remained separated so far: public economics, social choice theory and theory of fair allocation Economics (general) | Econometric Society Monographs

July 2011 228 x 152 mm 316pp 89 b/w illus.  6 tables   978-0-521-88742-7 Hardback c. £65.00 A 978-0-521-71534-8 Paperback c. £24.99 A

Risk and Precaution Alan Randall | Ohio State University

Respecting the complexity of the real world, Alan Randall defines a justifiable role for the precautionary principle in a risk management framework that integrates precaution with elements of the standard risk management model. This is explained using examples from medicine, pharmacy, synthetic chemicals, nanotechnology, the environment and natural resources conservation. • Presents a new framework for risk management that integrates the precautionary and rational decision-making approaches • Explains and responds to fundamental criticisms of the precautionary principle in an accessible style that makes minimal use of mathematics • Provides illustrative and case examples spanning a wide range of fields, including new drugs and medical treatments, pesticides and synthetic chemicals, nanotechnology and genetically modified organisms Environmental economics

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 296pp 12 b/w illus.  6 tables   978-0-521-76615-9 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-75919-9 Paperback £18.99 A

Economic Choices in a Warming World Christian de Perthuis | University Paris-Dauphine; Chaire Economie du Climat, Caisse des Dépôts, France

This provocative book argues that economists typically ask the wrong sorts of questions about climate change because they do not take into account the policies that have already been implemented. It shows how we can use such policies to develop carbon markets that could dramatically reduce world greenhouse gas emissions. • Presents a comprehensive analysis of the Copenhagen summit giving political leaders and climate negotiators the instruments they need to fight climate change • Describes existing offset schemes and includes many examples of carbon-market utilisations on the European cap-and-trade scheme • Explains the theoretical foundations of carbon economics and analyses the links between energy and climate change issues Environmental economics

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 1 b/w illus.  1 table   978-1-107-00256-2 Hardback £45.00 A 978-0-521-17568-5 Paperback £16.99 A

Climate Policy after Copenhagen The Role of Carbon Pricing Karsten Neuhoff | Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung – DIW Berlin

Timely analysis of how emissions trading schemes can contribute towards effective climate policy. It explores problems surrounding the implementation of such schemes, including the role of vested interests, the impact of subtle design details and opportunities to attract long-term investments. • Explains the economics of carbon pricing without using equations so that the book is more accessible to a broader set of actors • Uses the example of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme to explore the politics, design and implementation of climate policy instruments • Explores financial mechanisms to encourage/facilitate south-north cooperation and the links between domestic policy implementation and international cooperation Environmental economics

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 286pp 47 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-1-107-00893-9 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-1-107-40141-9 Paperback c. £21.99 A

Environmental Economics Theory and Policy Alfred Endres | University of Hagen, Germany

How can we design environmental policy that achieves ambitious ecological goals without burdening society with excessive costs? How can effective international agreements, for example, on global warming, be designed? This textbook discusses issues such as these in an intelligible manner for students, using little mathematical analysis. • Directly integrates economic theory and environmental policy • Presents recent developments in this field for Europeans, Americans and international audiences • Contains a rich set of exercises and answers Environmental economics

December 2010 253 x 215 mm 400pp 55 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-1-107-00214-2 Hardback £100.00 A 978-0-521-17392-6 Paperback £38.00 X

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Economics, business studies

Climate Policy Foundations Science and Economics with Lessons from Monetary Regulation William C. Whitesell


This book discusses the efforts of scientists to understand Earth’s climate history and the effects that rising levels of greenhouse gases could have. It explains the economic consequences of a wide variety of climate policy options and draws important lessons from the experiences of central banks regarding similar policy challenges. • Explains how to assess risks to both climate and the economy when deciding on climate policies • Provides an objective evaluation of scientific findings and uncertainties impinging on climate outlook and its economic implications • Explains innovative options for climate policy that have attracted the interest of US policymakers Environmental economics

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 256pp 5 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-1-107-00228-9 Hardback £50.00 A

U.S. Energy Tax Policy Edited by Gilbert E. Metcalf | Tufts University, Massachusetts

How can the federal tax code strengthen environmental policy and reduce security concerns in the area of energy? The authors tackle such difficult problems as climate change, efficient taxation of oil and gas, and optimal oil tax policy in a world with OPEC oil producers dominating world oil supply. • Energy tax policy and climate change are highly topical • Papers written by leading scholars and practitioners in the field • Policy prescriptions and analysis bring new insights to the policy discussion Environmental economics

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 408pp 56 b/w illus.  1 map  42 tables   978-0-521-19668-0 Hardback £65.00 A

Short Introduction to Accounting

Worker Absenteeism and Sick Pay John Treble | Swansea University

Absenteeism is the single most important cause of lost labour time. Arguing that any explanation of absence rates must take into account the interests of both employers and employees, this book constructs a model of the markets for absence and sick pay. • Proposes and tests a market approach to the analysis of worker absenteeism • Improves on previous models of absenteeism and develops a unique theory of optimal sick pay • Draws out implications of the market approach to absenteeism for firms and for government policy Industrial economics

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 36 b/w illus.  9 tables   978-0-521-80695-4 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Public-Private Partnership Projects in Infrastructure An Essential Guide for Policy Makers Jeffrey Delmon | The World Bank

Provides a practical guide to public-private partnerships (PPPs) for policy makers and strategists, showing how governments can enable and encourage PPPs, providing a step-by-step analysis of the development of PPP projects, and showing how PPP financing works, what PPP contractual structures look like, and how PPP risk allocation works in practice. • Very practical survey for policy makers on public-private partnerships in infrastructure, also usable in the development studies classroom • Author has written or coauthored six other titles on the subject and is a recognized authority from legal, financial, and development standpoints • May be used for multiple subjects in development, including utilities, water resources and telecommunications Industrial economics

February 2011 216 x 138 mm 256pp 13 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76396-7 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-15228-0 Paperback £16.99 A

Richard Barker | Judge Business School, Cambridge

Written with real-world insight and worked examples to test knowledge, this book explains the essentials of accounting and shows how to use accounting information effectively as a business tool. One of the Cambridge Short Introductions to Management – a series of concise, authoritative guides to the core subjects in management. • Learn how financial statements are put together and how accounting information is applied to understand why it is important, as well as how it is done • Includes questions and worked examples to test the reader’s knowledge as they read • A glossary of financial terms provides a guide to the language of business Finance, accountancy | Cambridge Short Introductions to Management

May 2011 216 x 138 mm 180pp 2 b/w illus.  42 tables   978-1-107-00440-5 Hardback c. £40.00 A 978-0-521-17947-8 Paperback c. £13.99 X

The Israeli Economy from the Foundation of the State through the 21st Century Paul Rivlin | Tel Aviv University

This book analyzes the development of the Israeli economy in its historical context. It shows how the ideology of the dominant group in the Zionist movement led to the development of agriculture, thus meeting the preconditions for successful industrialization. • Deals explicitly with the most contentious issues, namely Israeli settlements and relations with the Palestinians • Looks at the role of religion (especially the ultra-orthodox) and defense • Examines the Arabs of Israel, socio-economic divisions and Israel’s high technology success International economics

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 37 b/w illus.  2 maps  45 tables   978-0-521-19037-4 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-15020-0 Paperback £19.99 A

Economics, business studies

New in Paperback

The Economics of Football

Reforming the World Bank

Second edition Stephen Dobson | University of Hull

Twenty Years of Trial – and Error David A. Phillips

The aim of this book is to look at the World Bank as an organization and to ask whether twenty years of reforms have improved its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering economic assistance. • The first serious critical look at the World Bank’s actual organization over the last two decades • Reviews the Paul Wolfowitz resignation and its determinants • Shows why the US must reform its approach to world institutions if it wishes to retain influence over them International economics

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 342pp 978-0-521-88305-4 Hardback £37.00 978-0-521-17477-0 Paperback c. £18.99


Macroeconomic Performance in a Globalising Economy Edited by Robert Anderton | European Central Bank, Frankfurt

The second edition of this popular book presents a detailed economic analysis of club football. Topics covered include some of the most hotly debated issues currently surrounding professional football, including player salaries, the effects of management on team performance, betting on football, racial discrimination and the performance of football referees. • Fully updated second edition that provides a comprehensive introduction to the economics of club football • Covers some of the most hotly debated issues currently surrounding professional football, including player salaries, the effects of management on team performance, betting on football, racial discrimination, and the performance of football referees • Includes new chapters on the economics of international football, including the World Cup and club football in France, Germany, Brazil, Japan and China Microeconomics

A team of experts from academia, central banks and the IMF examine how increased globalisation has affected competitiveness, productivity, inflation and the labour market. This timely contribution to the globalisation literature provides a longer-term perspective while also evaluating some of the potential implications for policy makers. • Improves understanding of the pace and changing characteristics of globalisation and the channels through which it affects advanced economies such as the euro area • Contains detailed analyses and empirical evidence on the effects of globalization on product and labour market performance with important lessons for policy makers • Written by an international team of researchers based in universities, central banks and the IMF Macroeconomics

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 298pp 84 b/w illus.  33 tables   978-0-521-11669-5 Hardback £60.00 A

Macroeconomics in Emerging Markets Second edition Peter J. Montiel | Williams College, Massachusetts

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 472pp 16 b/w illus.  107 tables   978-0-521-51714-0 Hardback £40.00 A

Introduction to Computable General Equilibrium Models Mary E. Burfisher | United States Naval Academy, Maryland

This book provides a practical, how-to guide to computable general equilibrium (CGE) models, which are widely used by governmental organizations and academic institutions to analyze public policy. The book provides intuitive and graphical explanations of the economic theory that underlies these models and includes many examples and hands-on modeling exercises. • Utilizes free CGE models and databases on the web, used by professionals to provide students with hands-on instruction on how to build and run a CGE model • Presents principles of economics using graphs and intuitive discussion, at a level accessible to undergraduate economics students • Provides case studies of immigration, agricultural subsidies, consumer aversion, global trade negotiations and the US tax code as hands-on modeling exercises Microeconomics

This second edition differs from the first in offering: more diagrams and less taxonomy, application boxes, end-of-chapter questions, references for each chapter, enhanced integration of the parts of the work, and new material on themes such as fiscal institutions, inflation targeting, emergent market crises and the Great Recession. • Analytical material is developed without calculus, but is rigorous, systematic and clear • The treatment is comprehensive, covering a large number of issues for policymakers and students including the 2008–2010 financial crisis • Contains a multitude of examples and applications to recent macroeconomic experience of emerging/developing countries

April 2011 253 x 215 mm 368pp 62 b/w illus.  97 tables   978-0-521-76696-8 Hardback £75.00 A 978-0-521-13977-9 Paperback £29.99 A


June 2011 253 x 215 mm 600pp 98 b/w illus.  32 tables   978-0-521-51472-9 Hardback c. £80.00 A 978-0-521-73304-5 Paperback c. £35.00 X

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Economics, business studies / Law

Modeling Monetary Economies Third edition Bruce Champ | Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland


This textbook is designed to be used in advanced undergraduate courses in monetary economies, money and banking, international economies or macroeconomies. This third edition includes new material on money as a means of replacing imperfect social record keeping, the role of currency in banking panics, and a description of the policies implemented to deal with the banking crises that began in 2007. • Unique: the first accessible book to approach monetary economics’ first principles • Systematically adds new topics by extending the basic framework one direction at a time, letting students appreciate rigor without being overwhelmed by a new set of ‘rules’ • Updated: presents ideas on monetary policy pertinent to the financial crisis that began in 2007 Monetary, financial economics

June 2011 253 x 215 mm 376pp 78 b/w illus.  25 tables   978-1-107-00349-1 Hardback c. £85.00 A 978-0-521-17700-9 Paperback c. £30.00 X

Entertainment Industry Economics A Guide for Financial Analysis Eighth edition Harold L. Vogel | Independent Analyst

In this newly revised book, Harold L. Vogel examines the business economics of the major entertainment enterprises and offers an invaluable guide to how entertainment industries operate. The result is a comprehensive, up-to-date reference guide on the economics, financing, production and marketing of entertainment in the United States and overseas. • Best-selling textbook in entertainment economics for 25 years • New edition covers legal aspects of ‘experience’ industries and psychology of entertainment • New sections on music, advertising, gaming and wagering Monetary, financial economics

January 2011 234 x 156 mm 680pp 96 b/w illus.  73 tables   978-1-107-00309-5 Hardback £45.00 A

Law Boilerplate Clauses, International Commercial Contracts and the Applicable Law Common Law Contract Models and Commercial Transactions Subject to Civilian Governing Laws Edited by Giuditta Cordero-Moss | Universitetet i Oslo

Boilerplate clauses are often inserted into international commercial contracts in the assumption that the legal effects will only be based on the contract as opposed to the applicable law. This book demonstrates that principles such as good faith and loyalty common to systems of civil law undermine this assumption. • Explains the most typical effects of boilerplate clauses under the law of a series of countries to assist practising lawyers who use them in commercial contracts • Demonstrates that international contracts are affected by the applicable law to a previously unsuspected extent, thus inducing practitioners and academics alike to reconsider their reliance on the possibility of uniformly interpreting and applying standard contract wording • Explains how contracts shall be interpreted if they are written on the basis of a law different from the law that governs them, thus providing practitioners with the instruments to write and interpret contracts in the awareness of the governing law Comparative law

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 416pp 978-0-521-19789-2 Hardback c. £65.00


Courts and Terror Comparative Experiences in Democratic Governance and the Rule of Law Edited by Mary L. Volcansek | Texas Christian University

Examines how judiciaries in nine separate nations have responded to terror tactics; not just to the current wave of Al Qaeda threats, but also to narco-trafficking, domestic terrorism and organized crime syndicates. The volume discusses eleven case studies and analyzes the experiences of these various nations to reveal the common themes. • Emphasizes the Anglo-American experience with terrorism and national security, but then places those experiences in a comparative context • Although scholarly, is accessible to a wide reading audience • Considers not just current Jihadist terrorism, but also right-wing paramilitaries, narco-traffickers, separatist terrorist groups, domestic terrorism and organized criminal terrorists Comparative law

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 284pp 978-1-107-00110-7 Hardback £55.00



International and Comparative Criminal Justice and Urban Governance

The Separation of Powers in the Contemporary Constitution

Convergence and Divergence in Global, National and Local Settings Edited by Adam Crawford | University of Leeds

Judicial Competence and Independence in the United Kingdom Roger Masterman | University of Durham

This book is for researchers, students and those interested in the implications of globalisation for our understanding of crime control and criminal justice. It provides multidisciplinary insights and will be of interest to students of criminology, criminal justice, socio-legal studies, law, international relations, politics, sociology, social policy and urban studies. • Clarifies the unfolding and complex relations between international, national and local developments in crime control and criminal justice • Range of leading international commentators provide reader with insights into different perspectives and understandings of debates surrounding the nature and scope of international and comparative criminal justice • Provides the conceptual parameters to three key themes: (i) the growing internationalisation of criminal justice and its implications; (ii) the comparative study of penal policies; and (iii) the interface between local and international trends in urban governance and crime control

The Separation of Powers in the Contemporary Constitution examines the implications of two noted constitutional reforms: the Human Rights Act (1998) and the Constitutional Reform Act (2005). It will appeal to lawyers and political scientists interested in the interplay between constitutional principle and legal doctrine in the contemporary constitution. • Examines the constitutional dividing lines between judicial, executive and legislative powers in the UK constitution • Examines the theory and practice of the Human Rights Act (1998) and the institutional reforms prompted by the Constitutional Reform Act (2005) from a separation-of-powers perspective • Argues that the contemporary separation of powers possesses characteristics which will survive the mooted repeal and/or amendment of the Human Rights Act

Comparative law

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 624pp 24 b/w illus.  27 tables   978-0-521-11644-2 Hardback c. £85.00 A

Contemporary Chinese Justice Civil Dispute Resolution in China Edited by Margaret Y. K. Woo | Northeastern University, Boston

This volume analyzes whether China’s thirty years of legal reform have taken root in Chinese society by examining how citizens are using the legal system. It is an interdisciplinary look at law in action and at legal institutions beginning with those who are using and working in the legal system. • Interdisciplinary, bringing together law scholars and social scientists working on Chinese legal reforms • Each chapter is a rich empirical case of some aspect of legal reform • Focuses on law-in-action, examining how law is used from the bottom up and how China’s legal institutions structure this interaction Comparative law

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 325pp 18 b/w illus.  22 tables   978-1-107-00624-9 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Australian Cartel Regulation Law, Policy and Practice in an International Context Caron Beaton-Wells | University of Melbourne

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 296pp 978-0-521-49337-6 Hardback £60.00


Making Constitutions in Deeply Divided Societies Hanna Lerner | Tel-Aviv University

Hanna Lerner explores three processes of constitution-drafting that occurred under conditions of intense clashes over the identity of the state in Israel, India and Ireland. These societies demonstrate an incrementalist and evolutionary approach to constitution-making which enabled them to adopt a democratic constitutional order. • An interdisciplinary approach, drawing on ideas from constitutional law and the politics of identity • Three case studies exemplify societies that succeeded, despite internal conflicts and political crises, in formulating lasting democratic constitutional arrangements • Proposes an innovative theoretical framework for addressing the problem of constitution-drafting in divided societies Constitutional and administrative law, public law

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 2 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-1-107-00515-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Water on Tap

In Australian Cartel Regulation, leading competition law experts Caron Beaton-Wells and Brent Fisse reflect on developments in trade practices law in Australia over the last 30 years. They provide a comprehensive account of the current law as well as discussing key issues that may arise in the future. • First book dedicated to the subject of cartel regulation in Australia • First book to provide a detailed critique of Australia’s new anti-cartel regime, introduced in 2009 • Considers the perspectives of practitioners, business people, enforcers, lawyers, economists and judges Competition law, anti-trust law

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 616pp 978-0-521-76089-8 Hardback £110.00

Constitutional and administrative law, public law


Rights and Regulation in the Transnational Governance of Urban Water Services Bronwen Morgan | University of Bristol

Focused on the turbulent upheavals of the 1990s and mid 2000s, this socio-legal exploration of the politics of urban water services assesses two modes of governance – managed liberalization and participatory democracy – that reflect tensions between water viewed as a scarce commodity and as an essential public good. • First extended socio-legal exploration of the issue of access to water from a cross-national perspective • Proposes a conceptual framework that integrates consideration of grassroots social activism and technical regulatory issues • Uses rights and regulation as the basis of an approach to transnational governance that challenges notions of hierarchically nested levels of governance Constitutional and administrative law, public law | Cambridge Studies in Law and Society

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 4 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-1-107-00894-6 Hardback c. £55.00 A

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Contract Law

EU Prospectus Law

Neil Andrews | University of Cambridge

New Perspectives on Regulatory Competition in Securities Markets Pierre Schammo | University of Manchester

A fresh approach to contract law from an experienced teacher, combining summary of the main propositions, detailed analysis and case-law excerpts and discussion. This textbook cleverly balances comprehensive scholarship with clear layout and features that ensure clarity and understanding, to give students the tools to read judgments with confidence. • A fresh approach to contract law from an experienced teacher, who uses his extensive teaching practice to ideally balance comprehensive scholarship with clarity and understanding • By breaking down and discussing individual elements of a case and selecting short key extracts, it gives students the tools to read cases independently and with confidence • Maps the curriculum perfectly, with references and further reading sections to encourage students to explore the subject further Contract law

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 800pp 978-0-521-19943-8 Hardback c. £70.00 978-0-521-12467-6 Paperback c. £29.99


Corporate Lawyers and Corporate Governance

Pierre Schammo provides a topical analysis of EU prospectus law (including the 2010 amendments to the Prospectus Directive) and the new rules governing the European Securities and Markets Authority. He also breaks new ground on regulatory competition by offering a contextual analysis of the negotiations of the Prospectus Directive. • Provides a detailed analysis of EU prospectus law, including the 2010 amendments to the Prospectus Directive • Assesses the new rules governing the European Securities and Markets Authority, including the case law on the delegation of powers to regulatory agencies • Assists legal practitioners who require an in-depth analysis of EU prospectus law Corporate law, commercial law, company law | International Corporate Law and Financial Market Regulation

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 425pp 978-0-521-51765-2 Hardback c. £65.00


Joan Loughrey | University of Leeds

Regulation and Criminal Justice

Joan Loughrey’s examination of the corporate governance role of corporate lawyers in the UK offers an analysis of the changing structure of the legal profession from an ethical, legal and regulatory perspective. Developments in the USA, Canada and Australia are also taken into account. • Provides an analysis of the corporate governance role of English lawyers from academic and policy perspectives, and will function as a key source on the law, ethics and professional conduct rules pertaining to English and Welsh corporate lawyers and their representation of companies • Provides an analysis of the law for practitioners that identifies their legal obligations when they represent corporate clients and analyses when those representing minority shareholders could object to such representation on grounds of conflicts of interest • Takes an international perspective, looking at developments in the US, Australia and Canada and allowing for the debate to be placed in perspective

Innovations in Policy and Research Edited by Hannah Quirk | University of Manchester

While regulatory strategies have been the subject of increasing academic attention, there has been limited application of regulatory theories to criminal justice scholarship and practice. This collection of essays, by a range of outstanding international scholars, explores the interrelationships between the two areas, and offers suggestions for further research. • Applies regulatory theory to the practice of criminal justice in order to offer a new academic perspective in a developing field • Offers cross-disciplinary, international perspectives which will appeal to scholars from a range of disciplines as well as the non-specialist • Offers useful tools for examining recent government policy and suggestions for future research, thereby informing present and future critiques of recent policies which have blurred the boundaries of criminal justice and regulation

Corporate law, commercial law, company law | International Corporate Law and Financial Market Regulation

Criminal law

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 336pp 978-0-521-76255-7 Hardback c. £85.00


December 2010 228 x 152 mm 344pp 15 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-0-521-19070-1 Hardback £65.00 A



International Commercial Arbitration An Asia-Pacific Perspective Simon Greenberg | ICC International Court of Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration: An Asia Pacific Perspective uses regional case examples to teach basic principles of ICA and equips readers to understand and apply ICA legislation in a regional context and to deal with issues not dealt with by statute. • This book focuses on the general principles of ICA while drawing on case law and relevant legislation from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea (Republic of), Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore • Equips the reader to deal with many arbitration issues which are not dealt with (or are scarcely dealt with) in the various arbitration statutes • The book succinctly summarises the key features of a complex and evolving area of law and practice while not shying away from the more difficult or contentious issues Dispute resolution, mediation & arbitration

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 588pp 978-0-521-69570-1 Paperback £48.00

Thomas Roe

The Energy Charter Treaty is complex and often opaque. The first book-length study of the investment-protection parts of the Treaty reviews the case law and provides practising international lawyers, teachers and students of international law with a clear and focussed explanation of the Treaty’s many difficult and controversial problems. • Cuts through a great deal of material to get to clear discussion of difficult points • Focus on the Energy Charter Treaty enables readers to find relevant and accurate material quickly • Combination of a practising barrister and a leading academic specialist in international law as authors, supported by a practitioner with extensive experience of international arbitration involving States as a consultant editor, ensures a practical and realistic approach and a broad understanding of general principles of international law Dispute resolution, mediation & arbitration | Law Practitioner Series


‘Fair and Equitable Treatment’ in International Investment Law Roland Kläger | Universität Freiburg, Germany

As one of the most rapidly growing fields of international law, fair and equitable treatment is central to international investment law. Roland Kläger sheds light on the many controversial questions at the heart of general international law which have been raised by breaches of this norm in investor-state disputes. • Provides an in-depth analysis of fair and equitable treatment and the controversies and uncertainties which surround it • Describes existing lines of jurisprudence and introduces new conceptual ideas into the discussion on fair and equitable treatment • Discusses the implications of a doctrinal approach in relation to the wider system of international investment law and international law as a whole Dispute resolution, mediation & arbitration | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 400pp 978-0-521-19771-7 Hardback c. £65.00

Settlement of Investment Disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty


April 2011 228 x 152 mm 264pp 978-0-521-89938-3 Hardback c. £75.00


Ashes and Sparks Essays On Law and Justice Stephen Sedley | Judiciary of England and Wales

This informed and unconventional view of the history, engineering and architecture of the justice system draws on the author’s experience as a barrister, an academic and a judge, most notably in relation to the constitutional changes which have emerged in the last twenty years in the United Kingdom. • Makes classic articles and essays available once more, with additional postscripts written during 2010 • Analyses and comments on developments of continuing interest and concern in the UK justice system • Situates events and developments in a context both of history and of principle, thus contributing to a coherent modern philosophy of law and justice English legal system

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 450pp 978-1-107-00095-7 Hardback c. £40.00 978-0-521-17090-1 Paperback c. £19.99


Governing Risk in GM Agriculture Edited by Michael Baram | Boston University School of Law

This book addresses the issues and methods involved in governing risks posed by genetically modified (GM) agriculture. It examines the evolution of policies intended to ensure the safety of GM crops and food products in the United States and Europe. • Explores the contrasting approaches taken by the US and the European Union to govern the risks of GM agriculture and foods • Illuminates the evolution of US and European regulatory programs governing GM agriculture and foods • Addresses the influence of public discourse on the design and implementation of public policies and regulations Environmental law

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 978-1-107-00147-3 Hardback £55.00


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Lyster’s International Wildlife Law

Crime within the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

Second edition Michael Bowman | University of Nottingham

A European Public Order Edited by Christina Eckes | University of Amsterdam

This long-awaited second edition of a seminal work explores the key treaty instruments which regulate species conservation and habitat protection and examines in detail the international legal tools which govern the implementation and enforcement of international wildlife law. • Extensively updates and expands a seminal work on international wildlife law, focusing upon the international regulation of wildlife management, with attention given to the national and regional implications • International legal analysis of the development of international wildlife law and the problems associated with its implementation and enforcement demonstrates how the topic is located within the wider context of public international law • Chapters on key treaties follow a common structure, helping readers to compare these instruments through the use of common headings such as objectives, implementation and relationship with other agreements

The EU’s role in fighting crime is changing as a result of the progressive convergence of national criminal law systems and new legislation. This collection of essays explores the development of ECJ’s jurisprudence, the limitations inherent in EU criminal law and the changes introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon. • Analyses substantive areas of EU criminal law, helping readers get to grips with the impact of EU policies upon criminal justice and the notion of a European public order in the making • Provides a new perspective from which to examine the current state and transformation of EU criminal law and the establishment of a European public order • Gives a full account of new policy areas and changes resulting from the Treaty of Lisbon, including the qualified ‘Communitarisation’ of the former EU third pillar and its impact upon substantive areas of criminal law

Environmental law

European law

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 784pp 978-0-521-82029-5 Hardback £90.00 978-0-521-52729-3 Paperback £45.00


The International Legal Protection of the Amazon

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 978-1-107-00215-9 Hardback £65.00


Statelessness in the European Union

Beatriz Garcia | Centre for Climate and Environmental Law, University of Sydney

Displaced, Undocumented, Unwanted Edited by Caroline Sawyer | Victoria University of Wellington

This book examines whether international law has an impact on the protection of the Amazon by inquiring into the forms of cooperation that exist among the Amazon countries, and between them and the international community, and to what extent international cooperation can help protect the Amazon. • This is the first time that the Amazon region and its protection have been reviewed and analyzed from an in-depth international law perspective • Based on detailed field research, focusing on legal instruments, judicial decisions and building on the relevant literature • Provides a complete overview of the Amazon region

This book examines the way in which stateless people and irregular migrants manage their lives inside the European Union. Case studies from an empirically-based project illustrate the everyday realities for non-citizens in four European countries: France, the UK, Estonia and Slovenia. • Introduces readers to the contrasting situations of irregular migrants and explains how they are the new form of stateless people in Europe • Examines statelessness in Europe today, dealing with the legal framework and issues in a manner suitable for the non-lawyer • Discusses contemporary politics of nationality in Europe, providing context and illustration for lawyers and case workers as well as social scientists

Environmental law

European law

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 368pp 2 b/w illus.  6 maps  25 tables   978-0-521-76962-4 Hardback c. £50.00 A

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 368pp 978-0-521-19193-7 Hardback £65.00


Unexpected Circumstances in European Contract Law Edited by Ewoud Hondius | Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands

Jurisdictions all over Europe have to deal with the question of whether or not unexpected circumstances can lead to adaptation, termination or renegotiation of existing contracts. This comparative study explores the possibility of classifying jurisdictions as ‘open’ or ‘closed’ in this regard. • Proposes a new classification of jurisdictions in how to deal with unexpected circumstances • Uses the questionnaire method to highlight the convergences and divergences in key European jurisdictions • Presents practical solutions to some core problems concerning unexpected circumstances European law | The Common Core of European Private Law

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 720pp 978-1-107-00340-8 Hardback c. £100.00



Moral Status and Human Life The Case for Children’s Superiority James G. Dwyer | College of William and Mary School of Law

This work of applied moral philosophy develops a comprehensive account of how adults as moral agents ascribe moral status to beings – ourselves and others – and on the basis of that account identifies multiple criteria for having moral status. It argues that proper application of those criteria should lead us to treat children as of greater moral importance than adults. • Flips the historical belief that adults are superior in status to children • Offers a general theory that could help resolve debates over other moral issues, such as abortion, animal rights, and environmental protection • Draws upon recent work in the field of moral psychology in a way that other philosophers have not Family law

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 220pp 978-0-521-76691-3 Hardback £55.00


Family Law and the Indissolubility of Parenthood Patrick Parkinson | University of Sydney

There are few areas of public policy in the Western world where there is as much turbulence as in family law. In this book, Patrick Parkinson argues that the conflicts in family law derive from the breakdown of the model on which divorce reform was predicated. • Offers a major new contribution to the debates about the future of family law in the Western world • Reviews and compares the experience of many different countries and shows how they are grappling with the same problems and how solutions are converging • Offers new proposals for resolving the major conflicts in family law which rise above the gender war to offer another way forward Family law

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 225pp 3 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-11610-7 Hardback c. £45.00 A

The International Law of Human Trafficking

Environmental Protection and Human Rights Donald K. Anton | Australian National University, Canberra

With unique scholarly analysis and practical discussion, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the relationship between environmental protection and human rights. The text provides cogent guidance on the growing international jurisprudence that has been developed by international and regional human rights bodies and tribunals to address these issues. • Includes detailed case studies and more international jurisprudence than other books on this subject • Presents a treatment of human rights and environmental underpinnings and the nature of the UN and regional human rights systems Human rights

May 2011 253 x 215 mm 984pp 978-0-521-76638-8 Hardback c. £100.00 978-0-521-74710-3 Paperback c. £65.00


The UN Human Rights Committee Practice and Procedure Yogesh Tyagi | City University of Hong Kong

This study of the UN Human Rights Committee assesses its conceptual, institutional and functional frameworks and analyses cases with which it has dealt. Its conclusions draw on analysis of the drafting of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and examination of the relevant documents of various international bodies. • Analysis of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the UN Human Rights Committee gives the reader a broad understanding of the Committee’s function • Examination of both State practice and individual cases, as well as the views of civil society relating to the work of the Committee, facilitates a better understanding of both State and non-State perspectives • Enables the reader to find most of the useful information relating to the subject matter in one place Human rights

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 940pp 978-0-521-11593-3 Hardback £100.00


Anne T. Gallagher

This book presents the first-ever comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the international law of human trafficking. Anne T. Gallagher calls on her experience working within the United Nations to chart the development of new international laws on this issue. This timely and groundbreaking work presents a resource for policymakers, advocates, practitioners, and scholars working in this controversial field. • The first-ever comprehensive survey and analysis of the international law of human trafficking, incorporating transnational criminal law, human rights, refugee law and international criminal law • Written by a practitioner who was directly involved in the drafting process for the major trafficking treaties and policy instruments and has worked with legislators and criminal justice officials on this issue in more than forty countries • Balances a rigorous academic approach with a clear, lucid style that ensures the book is accessible to non-lawyers and non-specialists Human rights

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 606pp 1 table   978-0-521-19107-4 Hardback £85.00 A

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New in Paperback

Violence against Women under International Human Rights Law

After Abu Ghraib

Alice Edwards | Oxford University, Refugee Studies Centre


Exploring Human Rights in America and the Middle East Shadi Mokhtari

Alice Edwards critically examines how the international human rights system has incorporated violence against women. Three case studies focus on the right to equality and nondiscrimination on the basis of sex; the prohibition on torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; and the right to life. • Close investigation of existing texts and jurisprudence tests feminist criticisms regarding the international human rights system and ensures that no assumptions are made • Adopts the perspective of feminist theories of international law, allowing readers to become fluent in feminist discourse on human rights • Proposes procedural, substantive, conceptual and structural reforms to the existing international human rights treaty system which reconcile the theoretical with the legal and practical challenges it faces • Reflects on existing United Nations strategies on violence against women from a feminist critical legal theory perspective and considers what this means for female victims of violence

The book presents human rights struggles within and between the United States and the Middle East in the post-September 11th era. It looks at both the human rights failings and opportunities that emerged after September 11th and particularly after Abu Ghraib. • Places American and Middle Eastern experiences with human rights after September 11th side by side • Brings out both the human rights projects’ failings and renewed promise during the era; it includes the era’s lessons for moving the human rights project forward • Interdisciplinary approach and methodology (combining critical human rights/legal theory and constructivist theory from international relations)

Human rights

Forging a Convention for Crimes Against Humanity

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 410pp 1 table   978-0-521-76713-2 Hardback £65.00 A

Access to Asylum International Refugee Law and the Globalisation of Migration Control Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen | Danish Institute for International Studies

Is there still a right to seek asylum in a globalised world? Asylum-seekers increasingly find themselves intercepted by government ships, immigration officers posted overseas or private airlines carrying out migration control. This volume critically examines the globalisation of migration control and states’ obligations under international refugee law. • Provides the first systematic analysis of extraterritorial obligations and state responsibility for private actors under international refugee law, thus bridging an existing legal gap • Contextualizes the topic within the broader legal debate, literature and case law surrounding extra territoriality and privatisation • Legal analysis is complemented by a set of more interdisciplinary perspectives, bringing in insights from political science and international relations Human rights | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 978-1-107-00347-7 Hardback c. £55.00


Human rights | Cambridge Studies in Law and Society

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 264pp 978-0-521-76753-8 Hardback £59.00 978-1-107-40148-8 Paperback c. £19.99


Edited by Leila Nadya Sadat | School of Law, Washington University

This book attempts to complete the Nuremberg legacy by elaborating a complete text of a specialized draft convention on crimes against humanity. It includes the travaux préparatoires of the draft convention and fifteen original papers written by leading experts on international criminal law. • Contains the first ever text of a draft convention on crimes against humanity, in English and French • Contains original papers by pre-eminent scholars on various aspects of the prevention and punishment of crimes against humanity • Contains the drafting history of the convention Humanitarian law, law of armed conflict

April 2011 234 x 156 mm 368pp 6 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-11648-0 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Crimes Against Humanity Historical Evolution and Contemporary Application M. Cherif Bassiouni | Depaul University, Chicago

This book retraces the evolution of crimes against humanity and their application in terms of both historic legal analysis and subject-matter content. A list of all countries that have enacted legislation directed at CAH is collected, along with all of the prosecutions that have occurred under national legislation. • Constitutes a comprehensive treatment of all legal and historical aspects pertaining to crimes against humanity • Presents those interested in the field with everything they would need to know about CAH in one volume • For the first time, a list of all the countries that have enacted national legislation specifically directed at CAH is collected Humanitarian law, law of armed conflict

June 2011 253 x 215 mm 816pp 978-1-107-00115-2 Hardback c. £110.00



Identities in Transition

Writing History in International Criminal Trials

Challenges for Transitional Justice in Divided Societies Edited by Paige Arthur

Richard Ashby Wilson | University of Connecticut

In this book a group of international researchers and practitioners examine transitional justice through an ‘identity’ lens. Tackling ways that transitional justice can act as a means of political learning; foster citizenship, trust and recognition; and break down myths and stereotypes, they address the challenges for transitional justice in divided societies. • This is the only book on transitional justice to deal with ‘identity’ in a systematic way • The authors are truly a global, interdisciplinary group that include academics, researchers and practitioners • Contains an article by noted political philosopher Will Kymlicka Humanitarian law, law of armed conflict

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 376pp 978-1-107-00369-9 Hardback £55.00


March 2011 228 x 152 mm 248pp 8 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-0-521-19885-1 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-13831-4 Paperback c. £18.99 A

Evolutions in Customary Law and Practice Tom Ruys | Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

A Handbook on Issues, Frameworks and Solutions Scott Leckie | Displacement Solutions, Geneva

Housing, land and property (HLP) rights are widely recognized throughout international human rights and humanitarian law and provide a legal framework for developing better approaches to the HLP challenges faced by the UN and others seeking to build long-term peace. This book analyses the challenges in conflict and post-conflict settings. • The first book to explore the full spectrum of HLP issues within the context of conflict and post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding • Explores how HLP rights can be asserted and claimed by those subject to abuses of HLP rights during conflict • Reveals the ubiquitous nature of HLP consequences of conflict wherever conflict may occur Humanitarian law, law of armed conflict


Tom Ruys examines to what extent the right of self-defence permits States to engage in military operations against State and non-State actors in light of the developments since 9/11 and the interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq. The occurrence of an ‘armed attack’ is a particular focus. • Analysis of the preconditions for the exercise of States’ right of selfdefence allows readers to understand to what extent the field has evolved since the 9/11 attacks and the interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq • Case studies enable readers to understand how the relevant rules apply in concrete situations • In-depth examination of the preparatory works of the UN General Assembly’s ‘Definition of Aggression’ (1974) serves as a mirror to test the legal dilemmas in the present international security environment against those existing throughout the Cold War era Humanitarian law, law of armed conflict | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 74

Accountability for Collective Wrongdoing

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 616pp 978-0-521-76664-7 Hardback £85.00

Edited by Tracy Isaacs | University of Western Ontario

Ideas of collective responsibility challenge the doctrine of individual responsibility that is the dominant paradigm in law and liberal political theory. But little attention is given to the consequences of holding groups accountable for wrongdoing. This book examines this issue which crosses the borders of law, philosophy and political science. • Takes an interdisciplinary approach that brings together legal scholars, philosophers and political scientists • Features a distinguished international group of contributors, all experts in the field, which will make the book especially attractive to other scholars working in the field • The book makes advances to both theoretical and practical discussions of important and yet underdiscussed questions about collective accountability for wrongdoing Humanitarian law, law of armed conflict

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 978-1-107-00289-0 Hardback c. £60.00 978-0-521-17611-8 Paperback c. £21.99

Humanitarian law, law of armed conflict

‘Armed Attack’ and Article 51 of the UN Charter

Conflict and Housing, Land and Property Rights

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 275pp 1 table   978-1-107-00506-8 Hardback c. £55.00

Why do international criminal tribunals write histories of the origins and causes of armed conflicts? Richard Ashby Wilson conducted empirical research with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and expert witnesses in three international criminal tribunals to understand how law and history are combined in the courtroom. • Contains candid, revealing interviews with leading figures in the most important international criminal trials of the last 50 years • First ever survey of attitudes of tribunal staff • Bridges the academic versus policy divide with innovative social science research combined with policy recommendations



Human Rights and Intellectual Property Mapping the Global Interface Laurence R. Helfer | Duke University, North Carolina

Explores the legal, institutional, and political implications of intellectual property and human rights law by: offering a framework for exploring the connections and divergences between these subjects; identifying the potential evolutionary pathways for jurisprudence, policy, and political discourse; and by serving as an educational resource for scholars, activists, and students. • Each chapter comprised of analysis of the relevant legal and policy issues, excerpts of several key primary and secondary sources, detailed notes and questions to prompt further analysis and discussion • Each chapter includes one or more ‘issues in focus’ which succinctly summarize important or late-breaking issues of particular interest to readers Intellectual property

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 475pp 978-0-521-88437-2 Hardback c. £45.00 978-0-521-71125-8 Paperback c. £15.99


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WTO Disciplines on Agricultural Support

The Politics of International Economic Law

Seeking a Fair Basis for Trade Edited by David Orden | International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Edited by Tomer Broude | Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Farm subsidies are controversial worldwide. Are trade-distorting subsidies of countries consistent with their legal obligations under the WTO? This in-depth analysis of eight key developed and developing countries examines loopholes in existing rules and assesses the potential for the negotiation of tighter constraints. • Provides a systematic and standard reference that highlights and clarifies the intricacies of farm subsidies, and the interrelated but distinct legal and economic issues raised when agricultural support is evaluated under the WTO agreement • Detailed empirical analysis for eight major countries brings to life the generally applicable principles, with each chapter serving as a resource for policy deliberations related to that specific country • Projects farm support for the next 6–8 years and identifies pressure points under the prospective WTO Doha disciplines on domestic support in agriculture International economic and trade law, WTO law

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 496pp 35 b/w illus.  89 tables   978-1-107-00544-0 Hardback £75.00 A

Preferential Trade Agreements Law, Policy, and Economics Edited by Kyle W. Bagwell | Stanford University

This volume assembles a group of experts to examine preferential trade agreements (PTAs). It presents a discussion of the evolving economic analysis regarding PTAs and the various dysfunctions that continually place them among the priority items for negotiation by the WTO. • This book gathers the top economists/political scientists and lawyers working in this area to participate in this volume • Uses empirical research • Examines preferential trade agreeements, a topic that is attracted by many analysts International economic and trade law, WTO law

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 275pp 9 b/w illus.  26 tables   978-1-107-00033-9 Hardback c. £55.00 A

The Prospects of International Trade Regulation From Fragmentation to Coherence Edited by Thomas Cottier | World Trade Institute

International trade regulation is increasingly impinging on other areas of law and policy. This forward-looking analysis of the interaction between trade rules and themes including biotechnology, human rights, the environment and culture will appeal to those interested in the most pressing items on the international trade agenda. • Acquaints readers with ‘fragmentation’ within the trade regulation context, one of the most pressing challenges in regulating trade • Proposes concrete amendments of various WTO agreements and recommends avenues that the international trade agenda should pursue • Provides up-to-date information on trade regulation areas, helping readers make informed judgments about advantages and drawbacks of fragmentation International economic and trade law, WTO law

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 512pp 27 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-1-107-00487-0 Hardback c. £70.00 A

Lawyers seldom consider the influence of politics on law, whereas political scientists have an on-again, off-again fascination with how the law influences relations among states. This book fills this interdisciplinary gap, through a series of important studies written by leaders in the field on specific problems in international economic relations. • Takes an interdisciplinary approach, addressing law, politics and economics • Deals with contemporary problems but provides long-term insights • Presents the cutting edge of research and writing in the field today International economic and trade law, WTO law

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 300pp 6 tables   978-1-107-00355-2 Hardback c. £80.00


Governing the World Trade Organization Past, Present and Beyond Doha Edited by Thomas Cottier | Universität Bern, Switzerland

Addressed to those interested in the functioning and reform of international organizations, in particular global economic multilaterals, this collection of essays explores how the multilateral trade organization evolved, outlines the problems it faces and suggests proposals for reform. • Outlines how the WTO is governed and the challenges it will face in the twenty-first century • Discusses various explanations for the difficulties in governing the WTO, and allows readers to understand how the organization has reached deadlock in negotiations • Maps a variety of pathways to reform, from small steps to radical overhaul International economic and trade law, WTO law

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 360pp 978-1-107-00488-7 Hardback c. £60.00


Processes and Production Methods (PPMs) in WTO Law Interfacing Trade and Social Goals Christiane R. Conrad | Universität Bremen

Debates over how WTO law should deal with regulatory measures linked to processes and production methods (PPMs) have long gone unsolved. Here, Christiane Conrad offers a comprehensive legal analysis and proposes a novel approach which draws on the objectives and established economic rationales of the WTO Agreements. • A novel approach to the debate over regulatory measures linked to processes and production methods (PPMs) • Includes a comprehensive summary of the foregoing debate and its economic and regulatory background • Identifies and analyses the key questions of the legal discussion International economic and trade law, WTO law | Cambridge International Trade and Economic Law, 5

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 520pp 2 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-1-107-00812-0 Hardback c. £80.00 A


Regulating Global Corporate Capitalism

The WTO Regime on Government Procurement

Sol Picciotto | Onati International Institute for the Sociology of Law

Challenge and Reform Edited by Sue Arrowsmith | University of Nottingham

Sol Picciotto overturns common myths about the unregulated market economy, showing how large corporations are closely linked with states and how regulation generally reinforces corporate power. Multinational corporations exploit jurisdictional interactions especially using havens and the offshore system, and the complex networks of law and regulation thereby forged are analysed. • Detailed account of the key institutions of global capitalism will help the reader understand the main forms and institutions of international corporate business and economic regulation • Explains contending viewpoints and ideas as well as the author’s own original perspective, thus helping readers evaluate arguments and come to their own conclusions • Covers technical and complex matters in a way that is easy to understand, with case studies and examples discussed in their social and political context

This authoritative survey of current issues concerning government procurement in the World Trade Organization gives particular attention to pending accessions to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement by developing countries such as China and to the ongoing renegotiation of the Agreement and related social and environmental concerns. • Includes detailed analysis of, and commentary on, the key changes incorporated in the provisionally agreed revised GPA text • Integrates the latest academic thinking with practical insights and challenges as they are perceived ‘on the ground’ • Provides readers with new insights and practical suggestions relating to the integration of formerly state-directed economies into the world trading system • Covers not only current negotiating issues and challenges but also the next generation of issues in this area, including issues concerning environmental and social policy

International economic and trade law, WTO law | International Corporate Law and Financial Market Regulation

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 560pp 1 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00501-3 Hardback c. £80.00 A 978-0-521-18196-9 Paperback c. £40.00 X

A Handbook on the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 825pp 16 b/w illus.  13 tables   978-1-107-00664-5 Hardback c. £125.00 P

Race, Reform, and Regulation of the Electoral Process Recurring Puzzles in American Democracy Edited by Heather K. Gerken | Yale Law School

Sheri Rosenow | World Trade Organization

Intended as a learning tool for both newcomers to customs valuation rules and specialists in the field, this handbook to the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement explains the technical and often complex terms of the Agreement and provides examples of how it is applied. • Review questions allow readers to monitor their understanding of the material presented • Appendix includes key legal texts and interpretative materials, providing readers with a self-contained reference guide • In-depth discussion of Agreement-negotiating history gives readers an idea of the original intentions of the drafters International economic and trade law, WTO law

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 286pp 44 b/w illus.  14 tables   978-1-107-00084-1 Hardback £60.00 A

WTO Appellate Body Repertory of Reports and Awards 1995–2010 Fourth edition With contributions by Appellate Body Secretariat, World Trade Organization

This fourth edition of the Repertory contains the essence of the case law of the WTO Appellate Body, from its establishment in 1995 to 2010. It is designed to aid practitioners of WTO law and others interested in the field. • Up-to-date compendium on WTO Appellate Body case law • Provides user-friendly information on the development and evolution of case law by topic or legal provision • Authentic source compiled by the Secretariat of the WTO Appellate Body International economic and trade law, WTO law

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 1200pp 978-1-107-00820-5 Hardback c. £200.00

International economic and trade law, WTO law


This edited volume features contributions from some of the leading voices in election law and social science and offers a critical re-evaluation of three fundamental and interlocking themes in American democracy: the relationship between race and politics, the performance and reform of election systems, and the role of courts in regulating the political process. • Charts the future of election scholarship and policy • Includes the leading voices in the field from law and political science Jurisprudence, legal theory

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 15 b/w illus.  22 tables   978-1-107-00167-1 Hardback £60.00 A

Theatre of the Rule of Law Transnational Legal Intervention in Theory and Practice Stephen Humphreys | London School of Economics and Political Science

Stephen Humphreys presents the first sustained critique of transnational ‘rule of law promotion’, an expansive industry driving global development and security policy today. Combining historical, theoretical and practical inquiry, his book should be read by all those interested in the role of law in shaping political and economic priorities worldwide. • Helps to delineate the emergent field of rule of law promotion, moving beyond the ‘law and development’ paradigm • Unites critical/theoretical appraisal with empirical knowledge and informed analysis, helping reader to understand the claims and failures of this area of activity • Traverses a range of historical and conceptual bases and provides a coherent narrative that explains larger contemporary trends Jurisprudence, legal theory | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 73

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 332pp 1 b/w illus.  1 table   978-1-107-00078-0 Hardback £65.00 A

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Law and Religion Russell Sandberg | Cardiff University

This innovative text offers the first student introduction to law and religion in England and Wales. Explanatory and critical in approach, it sets out key principles, while engaging fully with controversies. An updating website allows students to track all new developments in this fast-moving field. • First textbook developed for the student of law and religion • Comprehensive coverage with concise approach ideal for student audience • Well organised material and clear writing style guarantee understanding


Law (general)

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 272pp 1 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-1-107-00379-8 Hardback c. £65.00 A 978-0-521-17718-4 Paperback c. £19.99 X

Is Eating People Wrong? Great Legal Cases and How they Shaped the World Allan C. Hutchinson | Osgoode Hall Law School, York University

Great cases are those judicial decisions around which the common law develops. This book explores the consequences and fallouts of eight exemplary cases from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia that depict the common law as a dynamic process. • Looks behind the mystery of the law • Debunks the myths about judicial law-making • Shows law as a messy and pragmatic social practice rather than a detached exercise in formal rule-application Legal history

The Paradox of Professionalism Lawyers and the Possibility of Justice Edited by Scott L. Cummings | School of Law, University of California, Los Angeles

Drawing on interdisciplinary and comparative research on lawyers, this volume explores whether and how lawyers, in the face of intense market pressures, may transcend their own self-interest to meaningfully contribute to systems of political accountability, ethical advocacy and distributional fairness. It argues that justice is possible, but never complete. • Offers an interdisciplinary and comparative look at the legal profession • Includes contributions from the world’s leading scholars of the profession • Argues that justice is possible but never complete Legal skills and practice

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 304pp 4 b/w illus.  13 tables   978-0-521-19268-2 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-14599-2 Paperback c. £21.99 A

Reconsidering Law and Policy Debates A Public Health Perspective Edited by John G. Culhane | Health Law Institute, Widener University, School of Law

Offers approaches to social and political issues that have become polarized and resistant to compromise. The cross-disciplined authorship helps shift the focus away from the point of view of rights, politics, or morality and examines the effect of laws and policies from the perspective of public health and welfare. • Written by eight authors, each of whom has substantial crossdisciplinary expertise in such diverse areas as law, medicine, and public health law and policy

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 264pp 21 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00037-7 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-18851-7 Paperback £17.99 A

Medical law, health law

Assessing Lawyers’ Ethics

Organ Shortage

A Practitioners’ Guide Adrian Evans | Monash University, Victoria

Legal practitioners operate in an environment of seemingly endless ethical challenges, and against a backdrop of diminishing public opinion about their morality. Based on extensive research, Assessing Lawyers’ Ethics argues that lawyers’ individual ethics can be assessed and measured in realistic frameworks. • Makes specific suggestions to improve lawyers’ ethical behaviour • Conclusions are based on empirically-based findings • It takes a provocative approach to improving legal ethics, and proposes the adoption of ‘ethics testing’ for legal practitioners Legal skills and practice

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-0-521-76422-3 Paperback £30.00


December 2010 228 x 152 mm 272pp 978-0-521-19505-8 Hardback £55.00


Ethics, Law and Pragmatism Edited by Anne-Maree Farrell | University of Manchester

Organ shortage is a problem in many countries, and has resulted in needless death and suffering. This investigation of the problem examines a range of ethically-principled and pragmatic solutions which could be implemented by policy-makers and healthcare professionals. • Proposes innovative and creative ways of dealing with organ shortage which are both ethically-principled and pragmatic • Examines the issue of organ shortage in a number of different countries as well as the strategies that have been implemented to address the problem • Seeks to combine a range of perspectives to dealing with organ shortage, including bioethics, sociology, law and medicine Medical law, health law | Cambridge Law, Medicine and Ethics, 13

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 6 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-19899-8 Hardback c. £55.00 A


Global Project Finance, Human Rights and Sustainable Development

The Rule of Law in Afghanistan

Edited by Sheldon Leader | University of Essex

Missing in Inaction Edited by Whit Mason | University of New South Wales, Sydney

Finance, policy and legal perspectives, including human rights and sustainable development, are brought to bear on a variety of case studies in order to examine the theoretical and practical implications of infrastructure projects that are funded through the project finance method, which combines private financing with public backing. • Provides an insight into one of the central mechanisms of foreign direct investment in the developing and transitional economies • Explores the fruitful contact and potential friction between the commercial pressures of bank lending and the demands of international human rights and environmental norms in pursuit of sustainable development • Balances theoretical approaches and specific case studies of project finance from around the world Private international law

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 512pp 4 b/w illus.  8 tables   978-0-521-76260-1 Hardback c. £75.00 A

Public international law

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 250pp 4 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-1-107-00319-4 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-17668-2 Paperback c. £24.99 A

International Dispute Settlement Fifth edition J. G. Merrills | University of Sheffield

The fully updated edition of this successful textbook explains the legal and diplomatic techniques and organizations used to solve international disputes, how they work and when they are used. Using topical examples, it shows the strengths and weaknesses of different methods used in real-life situations. • A guide to the tools of international dispute settlement – diplomatic and legal methods, as well as institutions – what they are, how they work and when they are used • Examples place the theory of how things are supposed to work in the context of real-life events so that the reader can understand the strengths and weaknesses of different methods in practice • Fully updated to include the most recent arbitrations, developments in the WTO and case law from the International Court of Justice Public international law

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 432pp 978-0-521-19909-4 Hardback c. £75.00 978-0-521-15339-3 Paperback c. £38.00

The West’s ten-year intervention in Afghanistan has left it a lawless and insecure place. This volume of essays argues that a profound lack of understanding of the rule of law, something that separates Western societies from the benighted ones in which they increasingly intervene, is to blame. • Proposes a new and illuminating understanding of the rule of law • Explains why the intervention in Afghanistan has failed to foster security and the rule of law • Sketches an alternative approach, based on reshaping incentives, which might achieve deeper political transformations in peri- and postconflict societies

An Introduction to the International Criminal Court Fourth edition William Schabas | National University of Ireland, Galway

The International Criminal Court acts when national justice systems are unwilling or unable to do so. Written by the leading expert in the field, this fourth edition considers the International Criminal Court’s rulings, its political context and the recent addition of the crime of aggression to the jurisdiction of the Court. • Fourth edition of this classic text explores the Court ‘in action’, examining its cases and rulings • Covers the 2010 Review Conference, including discussion of the crime of aggression • Leading commentator on the Court explores its political context to allow for full understanding Public international law


Justice in International Law Further Selected Writings Stephen M. Schwebel

A collection of Judge Stephen M. Schwebel’s essays on international law, international arbitration and international relations. • Essays on contentious questions of international arbitration will appeal to international arbitrators and counsel • Students of and advocates before the International Court of Justice will benefit from the essays appraising the performance of the International Court of Justice • Essays exploring the role of a judge of the nationality of a party in the International Court of Justice will appeal to students of and parties’ counsel before the International Court of Justice Public international law

May 2011 234 x 156 mm 360pp 1 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00537-2 Hardback c. £75.00 A

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 552pp 978-0-521-76750-7 Hardback £65.00 978-0-521-15195-5 Paperback £29.99



International Law Cases and Materials with Australian Perspectives Donald Rothwell | Australian National University, Canberra

This is a contemporary international law cases and materials textbook which provides relevant Australian perspectives and examples as to how international law is developed, implemented and interpreted. • Each chapter highlights the main cases and treaties, accompanied by specific commentary and analysis enabling students to gain an immediate appreciation of key elements • Breaks down individual components of key treaties into distinctive learning points • Includes table of cases, table of statutes and table of international instruments providing valuable reference material Public international law

January 2011 247 x 170 mm 752pp 978-0-521-60911-1 Paperback c. £55.00


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Science and the Precautionary Principle in International Courts and Tribunals Expert Evidence, Burden of Proof and Finality Caroline E. Foster | University of Auckland


By canvassing a range of international scientific disputes, Caroline E. Foster examines how the precautionary principle can be accommodated within the rules about proof and evidence, advises on the boundary emerging between the roles of experts and tribunals, and evaluates methods for dealing with important subsequent scientific discoveries. • Helps researchers investigate the rules and theory of adjudication in international law more widely, and provides tools and arguments for use in legal disputes • Proposes significant changes in how the rules about proof and finality are applied and developed • Draws on conversations with practitioners in three continents and the author’s own practical experience Public international law | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 408pp 978-0-521-51326-5 Hardback c. £65.00


Jacqueline Peel | Melbourne Law School

Jacqueline Peel examines the role of science in international risk regulation in areas from climate change to food safety. It will appeal to international legal practitioners wanting to understand law’s part in managing global risks and risk-assessment professionals interested in improving the use of science in international legal processes. • Contains a detailed analysis of relevant case law from the World Trade Organization concerning risk regulation, making this a valuable resource for international trade specialists • Covers examples of risk regulation from a variety of international fields, including food safety, climate change and chemicals management • Situates the topic of risk regulation and the role of science within broader international law theories and debates, for example questions of international law’s legitimacy, concerns regarding international legal fragmentation and the role of powerful institutions in shaping international law Public international law | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 72

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 416pp 4 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76863-4 Hardback £65.00 A

The UN and Human Rights Who Guards the Guardians? Guglielmo Verdirame | University of Cambridge

By examining UN operations including international territorial administration, the implementation of sanctions and the provision of humanitarian aid, Guglielmo Verdirame demonstrates that the powers exercised by the UN carry a serious risk of human rights abuse. • Offers a systematic analysis of the question of UN accountability, thus providing readers with a clearer perspective on questions that are too often discussed in generic terms and without the support of proper scholarly analysis • Addresses neglected areas of the law of international organisations, and while primarily doctrinal, it also engages with empirical and normative arguments • Readers from development studies, international relations and legal philosophy backgrounds will be able to engage with the book Public international law | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 82

July 2011 228 x 152 mm 504pp 978-0-521-84190-0 Hardback c. £75.00

Science and Risk Regulation in International Law


Making the Law of the Sea A Study in the Development of International Law James Harrison | University of Edinburgh

The law of the sea is a constantly evolving area of international law which must meet the needs of the international community. James Harrison considers the current law-making activities of the relevant international organisations, identifies the problems which may arise from the fragmentation of international law-making and proposes possible solutions. • Provides a sustained case study of international law-making • Gives a detailed analysis of the functions and powers of various international organisations involved in maritime law and policy • Details some of the development in the law of the sea since the conclusion of the Law of the Sea Convention in 1982 Public international law | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 80

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 3 tables   978-0-521-19817-2 Hardback c. £60.00



The Individual in the International Legal System State-Centrism, History and Change in International Law Kate Parlett | Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, Paris

With the first generalised study since 1960 of the development of the role of the individual in international law, Kate Parlett makes a significant contribution to current ideas about non-state actors in international law and provides a synthesised account of the individual in the international legal system in historical perspective. • Examines how the international legal system changed from a system focused exclusively on inter-state relations to a system in which individuals have a certain status, using a chronological approach which provides the reader with an accurate and insightful overview • Covers a broad range of areas, thus permitting conclusions to be drawn about the international legal system as a whole • Critiques the doctrine of subjects in international law and dispels certain myths about structural development which have been generally accepted in orthodox scholarship Public international law | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 75

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 448pp 3 tables   978-0-521-19666-6 Hardback c. £65.00


Trading Fish, Saving Fish

Michael Waibel | University of Cambridge

As public debt soars, a new wave of sovereign defaults looms. Michael Waibel examines 150 years of international dispute resolution on sovereign defaults. The observed continuity in the law and policy governing sovereign defaults suggests avenues for building durable institutions capable of resolving future sovereign defaults. • Explores the challenges involved in building durable dispute settlement institutions capable of resolving sovereign defaults across 150 years • Assesses ICSID arbitration on sovereign debt, a hotly contested area of investment arbitration after Argentina’s default in 2001 • Evaluates the strength of creditor rights internationally against defaulting states, allowing investors and financial analysts to estimate recovery values Public international law | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 81

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 492pp 978-0-521-19699-4 Hardback c. £60.00


Transition from Illegal Regimes under International Law Yaël Ronen | Sha’arei Mishpat Law College

The Interaction between Regimes in International Law Margaret A. Young | University of Melbourne

The worldwide crisis in fisheries provokes diverse legal responses. Trade measures and species protection now accompany more established management efforts under the law of the sea. Yet international law is ill-equipped to address institutional diversity and normative fragmentation. Practical engagement with overlapping legal regimes and new theoretical conceptions are needed. • Assesses the ability of international law to confront the crisis of fisheries depletion in the context of overlapping norms and institutions • Promotes a new understanding of the phenomenon of legal fragmentation which moves beyond a narrow concentration of norm conflict and dispute settlement to consider the day-to-day interaction between legal regimes • Exposes the role of new and emerging participants in regime interaction, including international organisations and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) Public international law | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 76

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 392pp 978-0-521-76572-5 Hardback c. £55.00

Sovereign Defaults before International Courts and Tribunals


Six case studies (Namibia, Zimbabwe, the Baltic States, the South African Bantustans, East Timor and northern Cyprus) are used to explore the transition from illegal territorial regimes under international law with respect to the international relations of such territories, their domestic legal systems, the status of settlers and land transfers. • Analyses the norms governing transition from illegal regimes and offers insights into their practical effects • Facilitates the understanding of the significance of transition in specific contexts by describing transitional arrangements in six case studies • Considers the tension between returning to the status quo ante and emerging human rights obligations, thus enabling an evaluation of state practice in light of international legal constraints Public international law | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 78

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 384pp 978-0-521-19777-9 Hardback c. £65.00


The Participation of States in International Organisations The Role of Human Rights and Democracy Alison Duxbury | University of Melbourne

Alison Duxbury provides international lawyers and international relations specialists with the first examination of the role of human rights and democracy in determining membership of a broad range of universal, regional and specialised organisations at both the admission and exclusion stages. • Primary source material from a diverse range of organisations will assist those wanting to review a variety of practices • Analyses the practice of international organisations using the framework of legitimacy, while also examining principles such as universality, regionalism and non-intervention • Covers both historical and current examples Public international law | Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law, 71

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 384pp 978-0-521-19200-2 Hardback £60.00


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International Law Reports Volume 139 Edited by Elihu Lauterpacht | University of Cambridge


Volume 139 reports on, amongst others, the Maritime Delimitation and Territorial Questions between Qatar and Bahrain, and the Arbitration between Guyana and Suriname constituted pursuant to Article 287 and in accordance with Annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. • Contains the Maritime Delimitation and Territorial Questions between Qatar and Bahrain (Qatar v. Bahrain) [International Court of Justice] • Contains the Arbitration between Barbados and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago constituted pursuant to Article 287 and in accordance with Annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Barbados/Trinidad and Tobago) (UNCLOS) [Arbitral Tribunal] • Contains the Arbitration between Guyana and Suriname constituted pursuant to Article 287 and in accordance with Annex VII of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Guyana/Suriname) (UNCLOS) [Arbitration Tribunal] Public international law | International Law Reports, 139

January 2011 219 x 146 mm 766pp 29 maps   978-0-521-11417-2 Hardback £150.00 A

International Criminal Procedure Volume 3 Gideon Boas | Monash University, Victoria

Volume 3 of the International Criminal Law Practitioner Library provides a critical review of international criminal procedure as practised at the international criminal tribunals. It examines the framework within which substantive international criminal law operates and covers every stage of the proceedings from investigation to trial, appeal, and punishment. • Reviews the key rules and jurisprudence up to 1 December 2009, providing a one-stop reference on international criminal procedure • Analyses the law governing each stage of the proceedings from investigation through punishment, making this an invaluable resource for practitioners, scholars and others wishing to understand and apply rules of international criminal procedure • Comparative survey of rules and practices in the ICC, ICTY, ICTR and SCSL, supplemented where relevant with discussions of other internationalised tribunals, providing a clear picture of the development and coherence of this area of the law Public international law | The International Criminal Law Practitioner

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 576pp 978-0-521-11630-5 Hardback £85.00


Is the Death Penalty Dying?

International Law Reports Volume 140 Edited by Elihu Lauterpacht | University of Cambridge

Volume 140 reports on, amongst others, the Bank for International Settlements and Iron Rhine arbitral awards, the Final Awards in Eritrea and Ethiopia’s Damages Claims, and the Opinion of the United States Court of Appeals (District of Columbia Circuit) in Al-Bihani v. Obama. • Covers the Bank for International Settlements and Iron Rhine arbitral awards • Covers the Final Awards in Eritrea and Ethiopia’s Damages Claims • Covers the Opinion of the United States Court of Appeals (District of Columbia Circuit) in Al-Bihani v. Obama Public international law | International Law Reports, 140

February 2011 219 x 146 mm 840pp 1 map   978-0-521-19451-8 Hardback £130.00 A

European and American Perspectives Edited by Austin Sarat | Amherst College, Massachusetts

This book provides an analysis of the historical and political conditions that shaped death penalty practice from the end of World War II to the present. It assesses what the United States can learn from the European experience with capital punishment, especially the trajectory of abolition in different European nations. • Offers an interdisciplinary, international and comparative look at the historical and political conditions that shaped death penalty practice Socio-legal studies

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 342pp 3 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76351-6 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Marketing Intelligent Design

International Criminal Law Practitioner Library

Law and the Creationist Agenda Frank S. Ravitch | Michigan State University

Gideon Boas | Monash University, Victoria

This three-volume series examines the criminal responsibility of individuals for the commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide; the definitions of those categories of crimes and their underlying offences under international law; and the procedural rules governing trials at the principal international criminal tribunals and courts. • This three-volume set serves as an invaluable scholarly reference and practitioner manual on international criminal law and procedure Public international law | The International Criminal Law Practitioner

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 1580pp 978-1-107-00318-7 Complete Set

International Criminal Law Practitioner Library

c. £225.00 A

This book presents a philosophical and legal argument that intelligent design (ID) does not meet the standards of scientific rigor and functions only as a well-designed marketing plan aimed at imposing a theistic naturalism in schools and scientific discourse. • Integrates the legal, philosophical, religious and scientific questions raised by intelligent design in an integrated and accessible format • Looks at the strategies used by intelligent design advocates to market ID as a scientific approach • Explains the legal issues involved in a manner accessible to nonlawyers, but with information that will be of interest to lawyers and legal academics as well Socio-legal studies

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 360pp 978-0-521-19153-1 Hardback £50.00 978-0-521-13926-7 Paperback £18.99



Making Rights a Reality?

Lawyer Barons

Disability Rights Activists and Legal Mobilization Lisa Vanhala | Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford University

What Their Contingency Fees Really Cost America Lester Brickman | Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

This book explores how disability activists in the UK and Canada have transformed their aspirations into legal claims in their quest for equality. It unpacks shifting conceptualizations of the political identity of disability and delves into the diffusion of disability rights among grassroots organizations and the traditional disability charities. • Presents a distinctive interpretive framework for studying the origins, meanings and implications of the use of human rights frames in the disability movement across two countries and over time • Takes a theoretical approach which offers a view of the full spectrum of ways in which agents try to use law and courts to bring about desired social changes • Provides a comparative methodology drawing on rich empirical material which overturns conventional wisdom about the sources and implications of legal action by social movement activists

This book is a broad and deep inquiry into how contingency fees distort our civil justice system, influence our political system and endanger democratic governance. It provides a window into the seamy underworld of contingency fees that the bar and the courts not only tolerate but even protect and nurture. • Offers an exposé of the underworld of contingency fees which the bar and the courts not only tolerate but nurture • Examines how lawyers and judges collaborate to raise the incentives to litigate to levels that distort the civil justice system • Examines how the contingency-fee driven class action gives lawyers the power to extract ransoms and print money Tort law

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 250pp 1 table   978-1-107-00122-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-18949-1 Paperback c. £16.99 A

Socio-legal studies | Cambridge Disability Law and Policy Series

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 1 b/w illus.  14 tables   978-1-107-00087-2 Hardback £55.00 A

International Authority and the Responsibility to Protect Anne Orford | University of Melbourne

Law, Society, and History Themes in the Legal Sociology and Legal History of Lawrence M. Friedman Edited by Robert W. Gordon | Yale University, Connecticut

This book assembles essays on legal sociology and legal history by an international group of distinguished scholars. All have been influenced by the prolific legal historian, legal sociologist and scholar of comparative law, Lawrence M. Friedman. This volume presents a sustained examination and application of Friedman’s ideas and methods. • Examines law in a social and historical context • Presents an international group of eminent scholars • A tribute to and commentary on Lawrence M. Friedman, a giant in both legal sociology and legal history Socio-legal studies | Cambridge Studies in Law and Society

The idea that states and the international community have a responsibility to protect populations has shaped debates about conflict prevention, humanitarian action, peacekeeping and territorial administration since 2001. This book offers a history, from Hobbes to the UN, of attempts to ground authority on the capacity to guarantee protection. • Argues that the responsibility to protect concept is an attempt to rationalise practices of executive rule that have shaped the decolonised world since the late 1950s • Offers a history, from Hobbes to Hammarskjöld, of attempts to ground authority on the capacity to guarantee protection • Explores the political and juridical implications of the responsibility to protect concept UN and international organisations

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 375pp 3 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-0-521-19390-0 Hardback c. £75.00 A

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 246pp 978-0-521-19999-5 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-18638-4 Paperback £23.99

Modernising Civil Liability Law in Europe, China, Brazil and Russia


The Lawyer-Judge Bias in the American Legal System

Texts and Commentaries Gert Brüggemeier | Universität Bremen

Benjamin H. Barton | University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Via a commentary on recent legislature on civil liability in China, Brazil and Russia, Gert Brüggemeier presents a proposal for reform of the area based on redesigning negligence and introducing stricter forms of liability. • Proposes a new perspective on civil liability law that will be welcomed by those who feel uncomfortable with the traditional dominance of the fault principle • Contains a critique of the European harmonisation proposals (PETL and DCFR VI) that will appeal to those who are sceptical about ‘hybrids’ or ‘mixed systems’ of civil and common law • Broadens the Europe-centred discourse to important civil law regimes outside Europe, making it clear that civil law can only be discussed appropriately in a global perspective

Virtually all American judges are former lawyers, a shared background that results in the lawyer-judge bias. This book argues that these lawyer-judges instinctively favor the legal profession in their decisions and that this bias has far-reaching and deleterious effects on American law. • Presents a topic that will interest lawyers, legal academics, economists and political scientists • Is comprehensive in its evidence of a pro-legal profession bias • Breaks new ground by demonstrating how judicial background and thought processes affect the law itself US law

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 978-1-107-00475-7 Hardback £60.00


Tort law

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 314pp 978-1-107-00779-6 Hardback c. £60.00


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British history

British history

The House of Commons 1604–1629 Edited by Andrew Thrush | History of Parliament Trust

The Life and Thought of Herbert Butterfield History, Science and God Michael Bentley | University of St Andrews, Scotland


Michael Bentley’s revelatory biography of the major Christian thinker and historian Sir Herbert Butterfield draws on hitherto unseen private sources. They enable him to present a new Butterfield, one deeply troubled by self-doubt, driven by an urgent sexuality and plagued by an unending tension between history, science and God. • The first biography of the celebrated historian Sir Herbert Butterfield, written with exclusive access to private sources • A new, systematic evaluation of Butterfield’s responses to the Third Reich and Marxism • Crucial reading for historians, theologians and scholars of international relations 20C history of Britain

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 424pp 8 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00397-2 Hardback c. £50.00 A

The Passing of Protestant England Secularisation and Social Change, c.1920–1960 S. J. D. Green | All Souls College, Oxford

In this important new account of the causes, courses and consequences of the secularisation of modern English society, S. J. D. Green argues that the nation’s cultural transformation was forged in the agonised abandonment of a long-domesticated Protestant, Christian tradition between 1920 and 1960. • Up-to-date, wide-reaching and readable analysis of the process and impact of secularisation • Multidisciplinary approach, linking historical and sociological perspectives • Highly relevant to contemporary arguments about faith and society in Britain 20C history of Britain

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 342pp 978-0-521-83977-8 Hardback £60.00


New in Paperback

Ireland A History Thomas Bartlett | University of Aberdeen

A magisterial new history of Ireland from prehistory to the present. Examining Irish politics, society, culture and economic history, Thomas Bartlett traces the long evolution of the two Irish states which emerged in the early twentieth century as well as the problems that confront them both in the twenty-first century. • An acclaimed new history of Ireland from the Iron Age to the present by one of the country’s leading historians • Sets Irish history within the context of developments in Europe, the United States and the British Empire • Extensively illustrated History of Britain (general)

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 648pp 95 b/w illus.  11 maps   978-0-521-19720-5 Hardback £25.00 T 978-1-107-42234-6 Paperback c. £16.99 T

The result of research in 170 archives by expert historians, these volumes contain biographies of the 1,782 Members of the Commons from 1604 to 1629, surveys of elections in the 259 British constituencies in this period and a groundbreaking survey of the early seventeenth-century House of Commons as an institution. • The most comprehensive survey of early Stuart politics to date • Contains biographies of the 1,782 MPs from 1604 to 1629, surveys of elections and an introductory survey of the House of Commons as an institution • The result of groundbreaking research in 170 archives by a team of expert historians History of Britain after 1450

November 2010 242 x 180 mm 6496pp 978-1-107-00225-8 6 Volume Set



God’s Empire Religion and Colonialism in the British World, c.1801–1908 Hilary M. Carey | University of Newcastle, New South Wales

This wide-ranging study reassesses the religious character of the second British empire and charts Britain’s transformation from Protestant nation to free Christian empire. Based on extensive use of original archival and rare published sources, the author explores major debates in the history of the colonial missionary movement. • Provides a revisionist history of religion in the British Empire and an introduction to major debates about religion in Victorian society • Assumes no prior knowledge of ecclesiastical history or theology • Tables and statistics quantify the scale and significance of the colonial missionary movement and its impact on settler colonies History of Britain after 1450

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 448pp 1 b/w illus.  6 maps  26 tables   978-0-521-19410-5 Hardback £60.00 A

The Experience of Revolution in Stuart Britain and Ireland Edited by Michael J. Braddick | University of Sheffield

This volume ranges widely across the social, religious and political history of revolution in seventeenth-century Britain, focusing on personal experiences of the crises. The contributors, all leading specialists in the field, demonstrate that to comprehend revolution it must be understood as a human and dynamic process. • Leading scholars in their field consider a wide chronological period, from the causes of the English Revolution to its impact and aftermath • Essays range across the religious, cultural and political history of the early modern British world, linking Ireland, Scotland and colonial America to the central problem of the Revolution • Demonstrates how reconstructing individual experiences can contribute to an understanding of the nature of revolution as a whole History of Britain after 1450

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 1 b/w illus.   978-0-521-86896-9 Hardback c. £55.00 A

British history

Structures and Transformations in Modern British History

When the Waves Ruled Britannia

Edited by David Feldman | Birkbeck College, University of London

Inspired by the work of Gareth Stedman Jones, Structures and Transformations in Modern British History contains major essays on modern British history by leading scholars in the field. Ranging across core issues in social, cultural, imperial and political history, the collection will prove indispensable for anyone interested in what is new in modern history. • A major new collection of essays on modern British history by the leading scholars in the field • Brings together insights from a wide range of sub-disciplines including demographic, urban, social, cultural, imperial, intellectual and political history • Will prove indispensable reading for anyone interested in understanding what is new in modern British history History of Britain after 1450

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 2 b/w illus.   978-0-521-51882-6 Hardback £50.00 A

This ambitious and interdisciplinary study traces development of the idea of Britain as an island nation, state and then empire from 1500 to 1800, through literature, philosophy, history, geography and travel writing. It examines changing geographical languages in early modern British politics, in an imperial, European and global context. • This is a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary study, drawing on primary sources across the spectrum of history, geography, literary criticism and politics • Sheds new light on the geographical content of early modern British political thought • Thematic, transnational and global approach, linking England, Europe, the Atlantic and the Pacific History of Britain after 1450

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 2 b/w illus.  7 maps   978-0-521-19591-1 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-15241-9 Paperback £19.99 A

Liberalism, Imperialism, and the Historical Imagination

New in Paperback

The Empire Project The Rise and Fall of the British World-System, 1830–1970 John Darwin | University of Oxford

Magisterial global history of the rise and fall of the British Empire during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. John Darwin charts how the Empire was first strengthened, then weakened and finally severed on the rollercoaster of global economic, political and geostrategic upheaval on which it rode from beginning to end. • Prize-winning global history of the British Empire • By treating the Empire as a global system it allows readers to see the connections between the different world regions and integrates the largely overlooked histories of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Middle East • The only book of its kind to cover the rise and fall of the Empire from the 1840s to decolonisation History of Britain after 1450

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 814pp 11 maps   978-0-521-30208-1 Hardback £32.00 978-0-521-31789-4 Paperback c. £18.99

Geography and Political Identities, 1500–1800 Jonathan Scott | University of Auckland


Nineteenth Century Visions of a Greater Britain Theodore Koditschek | University of Missouri, Columbia

This book illuminates the role of the historical imagination in the formation of liberal imperialism. Tracing the imperial lives and historical works of pivotal figures, it illuminates the ways in which discourse altered practice and vice versa as well as how the history of empire was continuously written and rewritten. • Provides a new framework for understanding the relationship between nineteenth-century liberalism and imperialism • Covers key figures ranging from Walter Scott and James Mill to T. B. Macaulay and W. E. Gladstone • Integrates nineteenth-century English, Irish and Indian history as well as evolutionary studies of ‘primitive’ peoples History of Britain after 1450

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 368pp 978-0-521-76791-0 Hardback £60.00


Godly Reading Print, Manuscript and Puritanism in England, 1580–1720 Andrew Cambers | Lancaster University

Drawing on a wide range of significant but understudied source materials, Andrew Cambers seeks to advance our understanding of Puritan or ‘godly’ culture in the long seventeenth century. Moving beyond existing interpretations, the author opens up fresh discussions and debates about the nature of early modern reading and religion. • Provides a novel interpretation of Puritan culture • Reconnects post-Restoration nonconformity with its early Stuart past • Of interest to scholars and students of seventeenth-century British history, literature and culture History of Britain after 1450 | Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 14 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76489-6 Hardback £60.00 A

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British history / American history

American history

The Life of John Rastrick, 1650–1727 Edited by Andrew Cambers


This volume provides an edition of the manuscript autobiography of John Rastrick, a clergyman who left the Church of England in 1687 to become minister to a succession of nonconformist congregations. Rastrick provides a distinctly individual account of the religion, politics and culture of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. • First edition of an important but overlooked spiritual autobiography • Offers a unique perspective upon key events from within and without the Church of England • Sheds new light on central aspects of seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century religious, political and cultural history History of Britain after 1450 | Camden Fifth Series, 36

December 2010 216 x 138 mm 228pp 978-1-107-00770-3 Hardback £45.00


A Social History of England, 900–1200 Edited by Julia Crick | Department of History, University of Exeter

This book offers fresh views of the most traumatic period of English history when England was conquered twice in fifty years by Danish and Norman kings and when the influx of foreigners caused major ethnic tension in all areas of life: family, town and countryside, court and church. • Will appeal to readers interested in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman history and culture across the conventional 1066 divide • Sets English history within the context of broader European developments • Covers topics not usually discussed such as landscape, social migration and education History of Britain before 1066 | A Social History of England

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 448pp 23 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-88561-4 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-71323-8 Paperback c. £22.99 X

Anglo-Saxon England Volume 39 Edited by Malcolm Godden | University of Oxford

Anglo-Saxon England is the only publication which consistently embraces all the main aspects of study of Anglo-Saxon history and culture. Articles in volume 39 include: ‘Why is the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle about kings?’ by Nicholas Brooks and ‘The Homiliary of Angers in tenth-century England’ by Winfried Rudolf. • Collection of original research embracing all aspects of study regarding Anglo-Saxon England • Comprehensive bibliography of publications on Anglo-Saxon England during 2009 • Contributions made from notable scholars such as Antonina Harbus and Winfried Rudolf History of Britain before 1066 | Anglo-Saxon England, 39

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 550pp 978-0-521-89510-1 Hardback c. £90.00


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The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower Complicity and Conflict on American Campuses Stephen H. Norwood | University of Oklahoma

This is the first systematic exploration of the nature and extent of sympathy for Nazi Germany at American universities during the 1930s. Norwood contrasts the significant American grassroots protest against Nazism that emerged as soon as Hitler assumed power with campus quiescence. • Offers important new insight into the critically important period prior to the Holocaust, which has received little scholarly attention before now • Reveals a shocking lack of awareness about Nazism among the nation’s educational elite, and an indifference to the plight of Jewish refugees, shaped by pervasive antisemitism • Reveals a pattern of university administrations’ and trustees’ suppression of anti-Nazi dissent on American campuses 20C American history

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 350pp 21 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76243-4 Hardback £21.00 A 978-1-107-40058-0 Paperback c. £16.99 A

A Nation of Immigrants Susan F. Martin | Georgetown University, Washington DC

This book examines four major waves of immigration from the colonial period to the present, exploring the causes and consequences. It also traces the historical roots of current immigration policy, placing today’s trends and policy options into historical perspective. The final chapter makes recommendations for future immigration reform. • Immigration has always been a controversial public policy issue; this book provides the historical perspective • Understanding the evolution of current policies and trends in immigration is essential to formulating sound future policies • The author has had key roles in commissions that advised Congress and the President on immigration reform, informing her analysis of the past and prescriptions for the future American history (general)

January 2011 234 x 156 mm 344pp 2 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-0-521-51799-7 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-73445-5 Paperback £19.99 A

Radicals in Their Own Time Four Hundred Years of Struggle for Liberty and Equal Justice in America Michael A. Lawrence | Michigan State University, College of Law

Explores the lives of five Americans who agitated for greater freedom in America: Roger Williams, Thomas Paine, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, W. E. B. Du Bois and Vine Deloria, Jr, and argues that part of what makes these figures compelling is their willingness to pay the price for their convictions. • Clearly written and easily digestible • Offers stories of virtuous underdogs prevailing in the end against overbearing government • Examines the importance of radical thought in advancing society American history (general)

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 408pp 26 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19366-5 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-18703-9 Paperback £19.99 A

American history

Dropping the Torch

Settlers, Liberty, and Empire

Jimmy Carter, the Olympic Boycott, and the Cold War Nicholas Evan Sarantakes | Naval War College

The Roots of Early American Political Theory, 1675–1775 Craig Yirush | University of California, Los Angeles

Dropping the Torch: Jimmy Carter, the Olympic Boycott, and the Cold War offers a diplomatic history of the 1980 Olympic boycott. Broad in its focus, it looks at events in Washington, D.C., as well as the opposition to the boycott and how this attempted embargo affected the athletic contests in Moscow. • Provides a multi-national, multi-linguistic, diplomatic, and sports history • First study to use Carter administration records • First study to use International Olympic Committee records American history after 1945

November 2010 234 x 156 mm 356pp 21 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19477-8 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-17666-8 Paperback £19.99 A New in Paperback

Nixon, Kissinger, and U.S. Foreign Policy Making The Machinery of Crisis Asaf Siniver | University of Birmingham

Siniver examines the workings of the Washington Special Actions Group during four Nixon-era foreign policy crises. His examination of previously classified material about the group reveals much about the linkage between structures, processes, and personalities in crisis decision-making, and potential its impact on the quality and outcome of foreign policy decisions. • The book draws on previously unseen classified files from American and British archives • Provides the first and only account yet of the Washington Special Actions Group • Synthesizes the historical narrative with Foreign Policy Analysis literature, thus providing broader theoretical lessons American history after 1945

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 270pp 17 b/w illus.   978-0-521-89762-4 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-26952-0 Paperback c. £19.99 A

Battling Pornography The American Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement, 1976–1986 Carolyn Bronstein | Depaul University, Chicago

This book analyzes the rise and fall of the American feminist anti-pornography movement, discovering its origins in the late 1960s and 1970s. Battling Pornography offers a fascinating account of movement dynamics and the contributions of leading American feminists as it explains why mediated sexual violence became an urgent concern. • Connects changes in American political, cultural and social life to the rise of feminist anti-pornography sentiment • Utilizes original archival research that documents the evolution from a feminist movement focused on mainstream media violence to one focused on pornography • Challenges the common assumption that the anti-pornography movement enjoyed widespread and unanimous feminist support American history after 1945

May 2011 234 x 156 mm 280pp 19 b/w illus.   978-0-521-87992-7 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-1-107-40039-9 Paperback c. £15.99 A

Traces the emergence of a revolutionary conception of political authority on the far shores of the eighteenth-century Atlantic world. By taking seriously the often-forgotten years between the Glorious Revolution in America and the American Revolution against Britain, Yirush provides a longterm explanation of the distinctive ideas of the American Revolution. • Traces the long-term development of political and legal ideas in the American colonies from the Glorious Revolution to the American Revolution • Integrates the question of the rights of the indigenous peoples of North America into our account of early American political and legal ideas • Treats the development of early American political ideas as a product of a larger Atlantic world of imperial politics and geo-political rivalry Colonial American history

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 978-0-521-19330-6 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-13246-6 Paperback £17.99


Freedom Bound Law, Labor, and Civic Identity in Colonizing English America, 1580–1865 Christopher Tomlins | University of California, Irvine

Freedom Bound is about the origins of modern America. It tells how English colonies were planted in occupied territories, how migrants were brought to do the work of colonizing and how the newcomers secured possession, following the story up until the American Civil War. • The first truly exhaustive history of law and labor in early America • Nails colonizing to the center of American history and legal history to the center of colonizing • A seamless combination of labor and legal history with the history of race and of gender • Empirically exhaustive and methodologically diverse – combines perspectives drawn from social and political history with intellectual history and cultural studies, and quantification with literary analysis Colonial American history

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 636pp 1 b/w illus.  23 tables   978-0-521-76139-0 Hardback £70.00 A 978-0-521-13777-5 Paperback £25.00 A

The Constitutional Origins of the American Revolution Jack P. Greene | The Johns Hopkins University

Using the British Empire as a case study, this succinct study argues that the establishment of overseas settlements in America created a problem of constitutional organization. The failure to resolve the resulting tensions led to the thirteen continental colonies seceding from the empire in 1776. • The most succinct study of this aspect of the American Revolution • Written in a narrative form • A product of more than fifty years of study of the organization of the early modern British Empire and the origins of the American Revolution Colonial American history | New Histories of American Law

December 2010 216 x 140 mm 222pp 978-0-521-76093-5 Hardback £50.00 978-0-521-13230-5 Paperback £15.99


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American history / European history

Common Law, History, and Democracy in America, 1790–1900

Nazi Empire German Colonialism and Imperialism from Bismarck to Hitler Shelley Baranowski | University of Akron, Ohio

Legal Thought before Modernism Kunal M. Parker | University of Miami School of Law


This book argues for a change in our understanding of the historical relationships among law, politics and history. Through an examination of the writings of nineteenth-century historical, political and legal thinkers, Kunal M. Parker shows that the common law was seen as a better means of realizing the logic of history than democracy. • Offers a thorough reimagination of nineteenth-century American legal, political and historical thought • Shows that, in combining legal and historical temporalities, nineteenthcentury common law thinkers performed a complex shuttling between the times of history and those of the common law • Makes a contribution to the history of historical thought Early republic and antebellum history | Cambridge Historical Studies in American Law and Society

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 978-0-521-51995-3 Hardback £55.00


The Middle Ground Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650–1815 Second edition Richard White | Stanford University, California

An acclaimed book and widely acknowledged classic, The Middle Ground steps outside the simple stories of Indian-white relations. It is, instead, about a search for accommodation and common meaning. The 20th anniversary edition includes a new preface by the author examining the impact and legacy of this study. • New preface for the 2nd edition • An account of the interactions between Europeans and Native Americans during this crucial phase in American history • Impressive chronological and geographic scope covered

Drawing on recent studies of the links between empire, colonialism and genocide, Nazi Empire examines the history of Germany from 1871 to 1945 as an expression of the less well-known but nonetheless crucial ‘tension of empire’, the aspiration to imperialist expansion and the simultaneous fear of destruction by imperialist rivals. • An interpretive survey of modern German history between 1871 and 1945 that highlights that history as a problem in the European-wide tension between empire and nation building • An exploration of the roots of Nazi genocide in unfulfilled German aspirations to an empire and the fear of the elimination of Germans as a people • Offers comparisons between German imperialism and colonialism and the imperialism and colonialism of other European (and American) nations 20C European history

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 380pp 27 b/w illus.  11 maps   978-0-521-85739-0 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-67408-9 Paperback £17.99 A

Families and States in Western Europe Edited by Quentin Skinner | Queen Mary, University of London

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 576pp 14 b/w illus.  4 maps  4 tables   978-1-107-00562-4 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-18344-4 Paperback £24.99 A

This collection traces the relationship between families and states in the major countries of Western Europe since 1945. Written by an exceptionally distinguished team of scholars, Families and States in Western Europe makes a significant contribution to current political theory and to our understanding of European family life in its many different forms. • A major contribution to current political theory and to our understanding of European family life • Traces the relationship between families and states in all the major countries of Western Europe since 1945 • Exceptionally distinguished, international team of contributors

European history

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 272pp 2 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76257-1 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-12801-8 Paperback c. £17.99 A

History of native American peoples | Studies in North American Indian History

Creating the Nazi Marketplace Commerce and Consumption in the Third Reich S. Jonathan Wiesen | Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Creating the Nazi Marketplace is an innovative study of marketing, advertising and consumer research in the Third Reich. It shows how National Socialism created its own distinctive world of buying and selling, while also exploring the ways corporate leaders and everyday Germans navigated what S. Jonathan Wiesen calls ‘the Nazi marketplace’. • The first book-length study of marketing in the Third Reich • Draws on heretofore unavailable archival materials, including the papers of the Society for Consumer Research • Author is a prize-winning historian 20C European history

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 294pp 22 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76253-3 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-74636-6 Paperback £18.99 A

20C European history

Women and Mass Consumer Society in Postwar France Rebecca J. Pulju | Kent State University, Ohio

Women and Mass Consumer Society in Postwar France examines the emergence of a citizen consumer role for women during postwar modernization and reconstruction in France, integrating the history of economic modernization with that of women and the family. • Integrates the history of modernization and state planning with that of women, family and the home • Reveals the importance of domestic consumption to postwar economic change • Employs social and cultural history to analyze both discourse about mass consumer society and the material conditions of postwar life 20C European history

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 5 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-1-107-00135-0 Hardback £55.00 A

European history

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Max Horkheimer and the Foundations of the Frankfurt School

Life and Loss in the Shadow of the Holocaust

John Abromeit | State University of New York, Buffalo

This book offers the first comprehensive intellectual biography of Max Horkheimer during the early and middle phases of his life and recovers and reconstructs the model of early Critical Theory that guided the work of the Institute for Social Research in the 1930s. • The first comprehensive intellectual biography of Max Horkheimer during the crucial early and middle phases of his life • Based on sources that were unavailable to previous scholars who had written on this topic • Provides important new perspectives on the origins and development of Frankfurt School critical social theory as a whole 20C European history

June 2011 234 x 156 mm 456pp 8 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00695-9 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Jews and Intermarriage in Nazi Austria

A family’s recently discovered correspondence provides the inspiration for this fascinating and deeply moving account of Jewish family life before, during and after the Holocaust. The authors show how the Kaufmann-Steinberg family was pulled apart under the pressures of living under Nazism and trace their fate in Germany, the US and Palestine. • A unique account of a German-Jewish family trying to escape the Holocaust, based on a remarkable collection of recently discovered letters and diaries • Brings together Jewish life in Nazi Germany, the US and Palestine, illuminating the day-to-day experience of exile as well as the lives of those left behind • Captures the dynamics of everyday family life during extraordinary times 20C European history

Evan Burr Bukey | University of Arkansas

This study explores the experience of intermarried couples – marriages with Jewish and non-Jewish partners – and their children in Vienna after Germany’s seizure of Austria in 1938. Evan Burr Bukey finds that although intermarried couples lived in a state of fear and anxiety, many managed to mitigate, delay, or even escape Nazi sanctions. • The first comprehensive study of the experience of intermarried couples during the Nazi era in Vienna, the city with the largest Jewish population in Hitler’s Greater German Reich • Provides hundreds of stories of individuals who played a grim life and death game of survival with Nazi bureaucrats and judges, who themselves struggled to apply the rule of law to an irrational doctrine of race • Confirms the findings of others that while most intermarried Jews survived Hitler’s rule, nearly all endured some form of physical or emotional suffering at the hands of the Gestapo 20C European history

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 8 b/w illus.  9 tables   978-1-107-00285-2 Hardback £50.00 A

Carl Goerdeler and the Jewish Question, 1933–1942 Peter Hoffmann | McGill University

This book describes the actions of Carl Goerdeler, the German resistance leader who consistently engaged in efforts to protect the Jews against persecution. Using new evidence and thus far under-researched documents, the book fundamentally changes our understanding of Goerdeler’s plan and presents a new view of the German resistance to Hitler. • Fascinating story of Goerdeler, who worked within the government structure in Germany until 1938, and from then onward against it, for which he was hanged on 2 February 1945 • Findings are based upon legal and statistical analysis and upon recently released documents • Presents a new view of the German resistance to Hitler 20C European history

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 1 table   978-1-107-00798-7 Hardback c. £35.00

A Jewish Family’s Untold Story Rebecca Boehling | University of Maryland, Baltimore County


June 2011 228 x 152 mm 300pp 42 b/w illus.   978-0-521-89991-8 Hardback c. £20.00 A 978-0-521-72854-6 Paperback c. £16.99 A New in Paperback

The Nuremberg SSEinsatzgruppen Trial, 1945–1958 Atrocity, Law, and History Hilary Earl | Nipissing University, Ontario

Based on extensive archival research, this book offers the first historical examination of the arrest, trial and punishment of the leaders of the SSEinsatzgruppen – the mobile security and killing units employed by the Nazis in their racial war on the Eastern front. • First book in German or English to critically examine the history of the Einsatzgruppen trial • Offers a new analysis of Otto Ohlendorf, biographies of the major participants in the trial, and a collective biography of the defendants • Uses recently declassified British and American intelligence documents, extensive archival material, as well as oral histories 20C European history

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 320pp 978-0-521-45608-1 Hardback £53.00 978-0-521-17868-6 Paperback £18.99


A History of the University in Europe Volume 4: Universities since 1945 Edited by Walter Rüegg | Universität Bern, Switzerland

This is the final volume in a four-part series covering the development of the university in Europe. Dealing with the epoch-making reconstruction and expansion of higher education after 1945, it traces the development of relationships between universities and national states, teachers and students, their ambitions and political activities. • The fourth volume of a major overview of the role of European universities in society • Interdisciplinary, collaborative and transnational • Covers the period from the end of the Second World War to the present day 20C European history | A History of the University in Europe, 4

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 660pp 1 b/w illus.  25 tables   978-0-521-36108-8 Hardback £105.00 A

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European history


Human Rights in the Twentieth Century

Science in Medieval Jewish Cultures

Edited by Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

Edited by Gad Freudenthal | University of Paris – VII

By focusing on specific instances of assertions or violations of human rights during the past century, this volume analyzes the place of human rights in the various arenas of global politics, providing an alternative framework for understanding the political and legal dilemmas that emerged from these conflicts. • Captures the state of the art in the emerging field of human rights history • Provides a critical account of human rights history that is of interest in all other fields of modern history as well as for disciplines such as law, philosophy and sociology • The most comprehensive account of twentieth-century human rights history available

Science in Medieval Jewish Cultures provides the first comprehensive overview by world-renowned experts of what we know today of medieval Jews’ engagement with the sciences. This volume’s essays will provide readers with background knowledge of medieval scientific thought necessary to properly understand canonical Jewish scientific texts. • First work that presents systematically what we know of the reception of the sciences in medieval Jewish cultures • Provides essential background information for the understanding of canonical Jewish medieval works • Highlights the cultural diversity of medieval Jewish cultures

20C European history | Human Rights in History

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 465pp 1 table   978-1-107-00145-9 Hardback c. £60.00

January 2011 234 x 156 mm 368pp 978-0-521-19426-6 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-14257-1 Paperback £18.99


Civic Ceremony and Religion in Medieval Bruges c.1300–1520


Reassessing Jewish Life in Medieval Europe Robert Chazan | New York University

Andrew Brown | Massey University, Palmerston North

Bruges was one of medieval Europe’s wealthiest and most important towns. In this illuminating study, Andrew Brown draws on rich and previously little-researched archives to re-evaluate the ceremonial links between Bruges and its rulers. He offers new insight into the interplay between ritual and power relevant throughout medieval Europe. • Offers new approaches to the place of religion in medieval urban society, of value to scholars and students of medieval religion and social history • Based on unprinted, archival material from Bruges, bringing the town’s records to a wider, English-speaking audience • Contributes to and offers fresh insight into debates on civic religion, the theatre-state and burgher morality European history – 1000 – 1450

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 384pp 1 b/w illus.  2 maps  9 tables   978-0-521-76445-2 Hardback c. £55.00 A

The French in the Kingdom of Sicily, 1266–1305 Jean Dunbabin | University of Oxford

This original study explores the significance of the many cultural, religious and political exchanges between France and the kingdom of Sicily after Charles of Anjou’s conquest of the Sicilian Regno in 1266. It offers an important new perspective on contact and exchange in medieval Western Europe. • Major contribution to our understanding of contact and exchange between northern and southern Europe, which will appeal to a broad range of historians of Europe in the central Middle Ages • Comparative history of France and the kingdom of Sicily which argues for the first time that Sicily had an impact on France, rather than vice versa • Sheds light on the practice of crusading, and prominent crusading families European history – 1000 – 1450

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 6 tables   978-0-521-19878-3 Hardback c. £60.00

European history – 1000 – 1450


This book re-evaluates the prevailing notion that Jewish life in medieval Christian Europe was characterized by unremitting restriction and suffering. The Jews of medieval Europe overcame obstacles, grew in number, explored innovative economic options, and fashioned enduring new forms of Jewish living, laying the foundation for impressive Jewish successes in the modern world. • Provides an important re-evaluation of current thought on the role of Jews in medieval Christian Europe • Important reconsideration of how the medieval experiences of Jews in Europe shaped later events critical to Jewish history, providing a new perspective • Provides a nuanced discussion of the interaction between two cultures, considering the perspectives of both European history – 1000 – 1450

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 290pp 978-0-521-76304-2 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-14543-5 Paperback £18.99


The Jew, the Cathedral and the Medieval City Synagoga and Ecclesia in the Thirteenth Century Nina Rowe | Fordham University, New York

In the thirteenth century, sculptures of Synagoga and Ecclesia – paired female personifications of the Synagogue defeated and the Church triumphant – became a favored motif on cathedral façades in France and Germany. This book explores the roots of the Synagoga-Ecclesia motif in antiquity and argues that, within the context of the cathedral façade, the figures conveyed a political message of Christian ascendancy and Jewish submission. • Offers studies of the major Gothic cathedrals of Reims, Bamberg and Strasbourg • A novel exploration of the Synagoga-Ecclesia motif in relation to imperial Roman artistic conventions • Considers the popularity of the Synagoga-Ecclesia theme as a response to the Jewish-Christian interactions at the time European history – 1000 – 1450

April 2011 253 x 215 mm 300pp 162 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19744-1 Hardback £55.00 A

European history

Rome Across Time and Space

Slovakia in History

Cultural Transmission and the Exchange of Ideas, c.500–1400 Edited by Claudia Bolgia | The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies

Edited by Mikulá Teich | Robinson College, Cambridge

Medieval Rome was uniquely important, both as a physical city and as an idea with immense cultural capital. Rome Across Time and Space explores these twin dimensions of ‘place’ and ‘idea’ and analyses Rome’s role in the transmission of culture throughout the Middle Ages. • Broad appeal, with contributions from art historians, archaeologists, liturgical and musical scholars, historians, literary scholars and numismatists • The editors target two major hotspots of current research – the city of Rome, and cultural transmission and the exchange of ideas • Facilitates dialogue between scholars across conventional periods of research and national boundaries, opening up new lines of enquiry European history – 450 – 1000

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 39 b/w illus.  2 maps  2 tables  2 music examples   978-0-521-19217-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A

In this unique book in the English language, leading scholars explore the key moments and themes in Slovakia’s history. Charting how Slovak national identity took shape from the Duchy of Nitra’s ninth-century origins to the establishment of independent Slovakia at midnight 1992–1993, they chart the ethnic awakening of the Slovak people. • Brings the history of Slovakia to a new English-speaking audience • Essays by leading scholars in the region • Explores the complexity of Slovakia’s multifaceted history, and gives a new dimension to the nation frequently thought of as just a part of the former Czechoslovakia European history (general)

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 440pp 19 b/w illus.  5 maps   978-0-521-80253-6 Hardback £85.00 A

A Concise History of the Baltic States Andrejs Plakans | Iowa State University

The Carolingian World Marios Costambeys | University of Liverpool

At its height, the Carolingian empire spanned a million square kilometres of western Europe as the largest political unit for centuries. This comprehensive survey traces the empire’s history from its origins around 700, through its expansion in the eighth century, to the struggle to hold it together in the ninth. • First synthesis of Carolingian history in English since 1983, providing a point of access to the range of scholarship on the Carolingians which has appeared in the last 30 years • Instead of focussing exclusively on political history, the book interleaves this with chapters on belief, exchange, peasant society and the economy • Engages with current debates in the field and draws on European scholarship as well as the more accessible range available in English

This essential survey traces the history of three Baltic peoples – Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians – from their origins as tribal societies to their transformation into dominant national populations in separate states. Focusing especially on recent centuries, the book integrates the histories of the recently formed nations to highlight their common features. • Integrates the histories of the three Baltic peoples, bringing out their common features • One of few recent works to survey the history of the three states in the context of their location in a desirable corner or Europe • Focuses on and clarifies the complex twentieth-century history of the three nation states which came into existence after World War I European history (general) | Cambridge Concise Histories

February 2011 216 x 138 mm 504pp 45 b/w illus.  1 map   978-0-521-83372-1 Hardback £45.00 A 978-0-521-54155-8 Paperback £16.99 A

European history – 450 – 1000 | Cambridge Medieval Textbooks

April 2011 216 x 138 mm 540pp 22 b/w illus.  19 maps  2 tables   978-0-521-56366-6 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-0-521-56494-6 Paperback c. £21.99 X

Black Africans in Renaissance Europe Edited by T. F. Earle | University of Oxford

Ordinary Violence in Mussolini’s Italy Michael R. Ebner | Syracuse University, New York

Ordinary Violence in Mussolini’s Italy reveals the centrality of violence to Fascist rule, arguing that the Mussolini regime projected its coercive power deeply and diffusely into society. Fascist repression was thus more intense and ideological than previously thought and even shared some important similarities with Nazi and Soviet terror. • Argues that Italian Fascism was more violent than previously thought • Proposes that the purpose of political violence was similar to Nazi or Soviet terror • Shows the impact of the violence on everyday life European history (general)

New in Paperback

This highly original book explores the whole range of black African experience and representation across Renaissance Europe. It offers an interdisciplinary guide to the variety and complexity of black African life in fifteenth- and sixteenthcentury Europe, and how it was affected by Renaissance ideas and conditions. • The first study of black Africans in Renaissance Europe • Features contributions from experts in the fields of history, literature, art history and anthropology • Of great importance for the later history of slavery in the United States European history after 1450

November 2010 247 x 174 mm 434pp 67 b/w illus.   978-0-521-81582-6 Hardback £82.00 A 978-0-521-17660-6 Paperback £19.99 A

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 304pp 10 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-0-521-76213-7 Hardback £55.00 A

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European history


The Encyclopedia of European Migration and Minorities

Heroes and Legends of Fin-de-Siècle France

From the Seventeenth Century to the Present Edited by Klaus J. Bade | Universität Osnabrück

Gender, Politics, and National Identity Venita Datta | Wellesley College, Massachusetts

Newly available to an English-speaking audience, this encyclopaedia presents a systematic overview of the existing scholarship regarding migration within and into Europe throughout history. The first resource of its kind, The Encyclopaedia of Migration and Minorities in Europe is a comprehensive and authoritative research tool. • A unique resource for scholars and researchers – there are no other publications with a comparable scope • Argues that migration has been an integral part of the history of Europe, providing detailed analysis of immigration in a wide variety of European countries • Reveals the variety of patterns of integration exhibited by various groups after migration

In Heroes and Legends of Fin-de-Siècle France Venita Datta examines representations of fictional and real heroes in the boulevard theater and mass press during the fin de siècle (1880–1914), illuminating the role of gender in the construction of national identity during this formative period of French history. • Only study to examine the role of male and female heroes through the lens of gender and link these debates to the question of national identity • Explores the role of mass culture in forging national identity, thereby challenging standard interpretations depicting the fin de siècle as an era of partisan politics • Illuminates how and why the French entered the First World War with such unity, thereby offering new perspectives on the period leading up to the war, usually viewed chiefly in political and diplomatic terms

European history after 1450

May 2011 279 x 215 mm 860pp 80 b/w illus.  16 maps  56 tables   978-0-521-89586-6 Hardback £125.00 A

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 272pp 29 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19595-9 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-18652-0 Paperback c. £17.99 A

Group Identity in the Renaissance World Hannah Chapelle Wojciehowski | University of Texas, Austin

This book argues that radically new concepts of group identity emerged during the Renaissance. Hannah Chapelle Wojciehowski reconsiders that transformational era in a global context and persuasively argues that we think of that age as a ‘re-networking’ of the world and its peoples, rather than a ‘rebirth’ of classical antiquity. • Offers unique insights on groups and their identities and behaviors, drawing on principles of social network theory and psychoanalysis, culminating in proposing a historical theory of groups • Considers the Renaissance in a truly global context, incorporating South Asia, Africa, Brazil, the Atlantic sugar islands and the Caribbean • Considers important European events, including religious conflict, slavery, trade and exploration in a global context, discussing their impact on non-European peoples, economies and societies European history after 1450

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 362pp 56 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00360-6 Hardback c. £55.00 A

The Two Latin Cultures and the Foundation of Renaissance Humanism in Medieval Italy

Feminism, Absolutism, and Jansenism Louis XIV and the Port Royal Nuns Daniella Kostroun | Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Examines the role of the nuns of Port-Royaldes-Champs in the Jansenist struggle against absolutism. Paradoxically, it was the nuns’ adherence to their strict religious rule and the ideal of pious, innocent and politically disinterested behavior that allowed them to challenge absolutism effectively, creating a feminist defense of women’s spiritual and rational equality and of the autonomy of the individual subject. • A dramatic narrative of power struggles between abbesses, the nuns they govern and their king, this history highlights the nuns’ resistance to royal persecution and overturns the long-standing myth that they were passive victims • A social and cultural history of Bourbon absolutism from the perspective of women and religion • An investigation of the roots of modern feminism in the culture and institutions of old regime France European history after 1450

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-1-107-00045-2 Hardback c. £55.00

Ronald G. Witt | Duke University, North Carolina

This book traces the intellectual life of the Kingdom of Italy, the birthplace of humanism in the mid thirteenth century. Ronald G. Witt argues that the early emergence of humanism in northern Italy resulted from the precocious development of a lay intelligentsia in the region, whose participation in the culture of Latin writing fostered the beginnings of the intellectual movement which would eventually revolutionize all of Europe. • The book’s scope includes a four hundred and fifty year period of the cultural development of western Europe as related specifically to the Kingdom of Italy • Latin culture is broadly defined as comprising religious writings, literary works, legal scholarship, and documents • Cultural change throughout is related to economic, political, and religious history not only in Italy but in France, Germany, and England European history after 1450

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 635pp 978-0-521-76474-2 Hardback c. £75.00

European history after 1450



European history / History – other areas

Gender, Honor, and Charity in Late Renaissance Florence

Russians, Jews, and the Pogroms of 1881–1882

Philip Gavitt | St Louis University, Missouri

John Doyle Klier | University College London

This book examines the important social role of charitable institutions for women and children in late Renaissance Florence. Philip Gavitt analyzes the ways in which these charities, founded in response to growing social and economic instability, were used by elite families attempting to maintain their power, wealth and prestige. • Analyzes pre-modern family dynamics and their deep influence on charitable involvement • Considers the daily lives of boys and girls in informal and formal networks of charity and what happened to institutionalised children later in life • Touches on numerous important social and political issues, for example, the Reformation, economic changes, governmental intervention in social policy, the role of the church, gender and war

Anti-Jewish pogroms rocked the Russian Empire in 1881–2, plunging both the Jewish community and the imperial authorities into crisis. Focusing on a wide range of responses to the pogroms, this book offers the most balanced and comprehensive study of the crisis to date. • Presents a balanced view of the events of 1881–2 as a crisis for both Jews and the Russian Empire, giving an insight into the complexities of responses to the pogroms • By dismissing the notion that the Russian authorities instigated or supported the pogroms, the author opens the field for a comparative study of collective ethnic violence • Introduces many new sources which have only recently been accessible after the fall of the Soviet Union

European history after 1450

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 375pp 9 tables   978-1-107-00294-4 Hardback c. £50.00

Russian, East European history


March 2011 228 x 152 mm 500pp 20 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-89548-4 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Evening’s Empire A History of the Night in Early Modern Europe Craig Koslofsky | University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

This fascinating guide to the night opens up an entirely new vista on early modern Europe. Using diaries, letters, legal records and representations of the night in early modern religion, literature and art, Craig Koslofsky explores the myriad ways in which early modern people understood, experienced and transformed the night. • This fascinating study reveals the importance of the night to key themes in early modern cultural and political history, such as witchcraft, piety, gender, the public sphere, colonisation, race and the Enlightenment • Explores how early modern people expanded their daily lives into the night to create the modern order of daily time • With a comparative focus on northern Europe, the author offers a new and consistent view of the emerging modern night across the region European history after 1450 | New Studies in European History

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 375pp 36 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-89643-6 Hardback c. £45.00 A 978-0-521-72106-6 Paperback c. £17.99 A

The Institutional Framework of Russian Serfdom Tracy Dennison | California Institute of Technology

Russian rural history has long been based on a ‘peasant myth’, originating with nineteenthcentury Romantics and still accepted by many historians today. This book looks beyond the myth to show how a vivid and colourful Russian society really looked from below before the 1861 abolition of serfdom. • A vivid and colourful picture of how Russian society really looked before the abolition of serfdom • Comprehensively shatters the traditional peasant myth which has formed the foundation of most Russian social and economic history over the past century • A major contribution to our understanding of institutions and economic growth Russian, East European history

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 288pp 1 b/w illus.  1 map   978-0-521-19448-8 Hardback c. £55.00 A

History – other areas Gandhi in the West The Mahatma and the Rise of Radical Protest Sean Scalmer | University of Melbourne

Where did the non-violent protests of the 1960s originate from? This book uncovers their history in an earlier generation’s intense struggles to understand and emulate the activities of Mahatma Gandhi. It documents these efforts, traces their influence on later events, and contemplates their significance. • Offers a previously unexplored, transnational history of non-violent protest • Explains the rise of radical protest in the US and UK in the 1960s through reference to an earlier generation of debate and activism • Traces the long history of how Gandhi’s person, example and actions have been reinterpreted and reapplied in Western democracies 20C history (general)

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 254pp 978-0-521-76091-1 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-13958-8 Paperback £19.99


A Genealogy of Evil Anti-Semitism from Nazism to Islamic Jihad David Patterson | University of Texas, Dallas

David Patterson argues that Jihadist anti-Semitism is distinctively modern and stems from Nazi ideology. Based on his close reading of numerous Jihadist texts, Patterson critiques their anti-Semitic teachings and affirms the importance of Jewish teaching, concluding that humanity needs the very Jewish teaching and testimony that the Jihadists advocate destroying. • Makes extensive use of primary texts from Nazi and Jihadist ideologues • Carefully traces the intricate web tying Jihadist movements to one another, and linking Nazism to Islamic Jihadism • Argues against the common misconception that Islamic Jihadism is a throwback to medieval ideology, identifying its distinctively modern characteristics 20C history (general)

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 312pp 978-0-521-19747-2 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-13261-9 Paperback £17.99


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History – other areas


Military Effectiveness

World War One

Second edition Edited by Allan R. Millett | Ohio State University

The Global Revolution Lawrence Sondhaus | University of Indianapolis

This three-volume study examines the questions raised by the performance of the military institutions of France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Japan and Italy in the period from 1914 to 1945. Now in a new edition, with a new introduction by the editors, these classic volumes will remain invaluable for military historians and social scientists in their examination of national security and military issues. • Now with a new introduction, addresses the political, strategic, operational, and tactical levels • Essays examine the military effectiveness of Great Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, and Japan from World War I through to the end of World War II • Essays written by experts in the subject contain information, insights and analyses that would require extensive research in unfamiliar sources, all in one convenient set of books

World War One was the cause, catalyst and accelerator of revolutionary change on an unprecedented scale. This is an indispensable new introduction to the global history of the conflict and its revolutionary consequences from the war’s origins to the making of peace, across all of its theatres and home fronts. • A global history of World War One and its decisive influence in shaping the twentieth-century world • Incorporates all of the war’s theatres including the war at sea and the home fronts • Heavily illustrated, the book has a range of features to help students to engage with the topic such as timelines, guides to further reading, excerpts of key documents, short essays on daily life during the war and ‘opposing viewpoints’ boxes which highlight the war’s most controversial aspects

20C history (general)

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 1112pp 14 b/w illus.  10 maps  28 tables   978-1-107-00088-9 3 Volume HB Set £145.00 A 978-0-521-17083-3 3 Volume PB Set £45.00 A

Military Effectiveness Volume 1: The First World War Second edition Edited by Allan R. Millett | Ohio State University

Volume 1 in a three-volume study, which examines the questions raised by the performance of the military institutions of France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Japan and Italy between 1914 and 1945. • Now with a new introduction, addresses the political, strategic, operational, and tactical levels • Essays examine the military effectiveness of Great Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Italy and Japan from World War I through to the end of World War II • Essays written by experts in the subject contain information, insights, and analyses that would require extensive research in unfamiliar sources, all in one convenient set of books 20C history (general)

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 388pp 6 b/w illus.  2 maps  15 tables   978-0-521-51997-7 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-73749-4 Paperback £18.99 A

Military Effectiveness Volume 2: The Interwar Period Second edition Edited by Allan R. Millett | Ohio State University

Volume 2 in a three-volume study, which examines the questions raised by the performance of the military institutions of France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Japan and Italy between 1914 and 1945. • Now with a new introduction, addresses the political, strategic, operational, and tactical levels • Essays examine the military effectiveness of Great Britain, the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Italy and Japan from World War I through to the end of World War II • Essays written by experts in the subject contain information, insights, and analyses that would require extensive research in unfamiliar sources, all in one convenient set of books 20C history (general)

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 306pp 2 b/w illus.  2 maps  5 tables   978-0-521-42589-6 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-73750-0 Paperback £18.99 A

20C history (general)

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 490pp 49 b/w illus.  14 maps   978-0-521-51648-8 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-73626-8 Paperback c. £18.99 X

The Forgotten Diaspora Jewish Communities in West Africa and the Making of the Atlantic World Peter Mark | Wesleyan University, Connecticut

This book traces the history of early seventeenthcentury Portuguese Sephardic traders who settled in two communities on Senegal’s Petit Côte. The study not only discovers previously unknown Jewish communities but by doing so offers a reinterpretation of the dynamics and processes of identity construction throughout the Atlantic world. • Reveals the existence of communities of public Jews in early seventeenth-century West Africa • Also reveals the major discovery of the existence of an important early seventeenth-century weapons trade linking Morocco, Lisbon, and West Africa • Offers a reassessment of the chronology and origin of Afro-Portuguese ivories, and their possible links to Jewish trade and identity African history

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 278pp 8 b/w illus.  3 maps   978-0-521-19286-6 Hardback c. £50.00 A

A History of Race in Muslim West Africa, 1600–1960 Bruce S. Hall | Duke University

This book traces the development of arguments about race over a period of more than 350 years in the Niger Bend in northern Mali. Bruce S. Hall reconstructs an African intellectual history of race that long predated colonial conquest, and which has continued to orient community relations ever since. • Examines a non-European form of racism • Presents a pre-colonial intellectual history of Africa • Offers a history of colonialism from below African history | African Studies, 115

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 7 b/w illus.  5 maps   978-1-107-00287-6 Hardback c. £45.00 A

History – other areas

Africa in the Time of Cholera A History of Pandemics from 1817 to the Present Myron Echenberg | McGill University, Montréal

Written in a style attractive to non-specialists, this book combines evidence from natural and social sciences to examine the impact on Africa of seven cholera pandemics since 1817, particularly the current impact of cholera on such major countries as Senegal, Angola, Mozambique, Congo, Zimbabwe and South Africa. • A unique study, the first to treat the history of cholera in Africa as an entity • Presents the latest scientific knowledge of cholera to non-specialist readers • Points to the global threat posed by this re-emerging disease, as cholera’s ecology changes in conjunction with climate change African history | African Studies, 114

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 6 b/w illus.  3 maps  7 tables   978-1-107-00149-7 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-18820-3 Paperback c. £17.99 A New in Paperback

China and Maritime Europe, 1500–1800 looks at early modern China in some of its most complicated and intriguing relations with a world of increasing global interconnection. These chapters provide the fullest and clearest available summaries, making this information accessible to students and scholars interested in the growing connections among continents and civilizations in the early modern period. • A clear summary and analysis of relations between China and the rest of the world • Full and up-to-date use of sources in many languages • Stories, featuring characters from merchants to marauders, bring the history to life East Asian history

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 312pp 1 map   978-0-521-43260-3 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-17945-4 Paperback £19.99


From the Origins of Civilization to the TwentyFirst Century Charles Holcombe | University of Northern Iowa

Timothy Longman | Boston University

This book studies the role of Christian churches in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Timothy Longman’s research shows that Rwandan churches have consistently allied themselves with the state and engaged in ethnic politics, making them a center of struggle over power and resources. He argues that the genocide in Rwanda was a conservative response to progressive forces that were attempting to democratize Christian churches. • Based on extensive empirical research at both the national and local levels • The author has worked on Rwanda for more than 15 years, and this is one of the only books on the 1994 genocide based on research conducted both before and after the genocide • One of the only books on religion and politics that analyzes religious institutions as both national and local institutions African history | African Studies, 112


Charles Holcombe begins his extraordinarily ambitious book by asking the question ‘What is East Asia?’ A shared past and the interconnections among the distinct, yet related societies are at the heart of this book, which traces the story of East Asia from the dawn of history to the twenty-first century. • An introduction to East Asia from the dawn of history to the present by a premier scholar in the field • Emphasizes connections between China, Japan and Korea, as well as wider Eurasian and global currents • Features illustrations, maps, a glossary, a pronunciation guide, a timeline and a bibliography East Asian history

January 2011 253 x 215 mm 456pp 44 b/w illus.  14 maps   978-0-521-51595-5 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-73164-5 Paperback £22.99 X

Food, Sacrifice, and Sagehood in Early China Roel Sterckx | University of Cambridge

Australia and the New World Order From Peacekeeping to Peace Enforcement: 1988–1991 David Horner | Australian National University, Canberra

This is the first comprehensive and official study of Australia’s role in the peace enforcement operations that developed at the end of the Cold War. It recounts vital missions to Namibia, Iran and Pakistan/Afghanistan, but focuses primarily on Australia’s reaction to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. • Each mission told from the strategic, operational, and tactical/ personnel levels • Author granted exclusive access to official government records and was not subject to censorship • Includes a detailed chronology plus coloured maps and photographs Australian history

April 2011 245 x 171 mm 696pp 978-0-521-76587-9 Hardback £80.00

Trade, Settlement, Diplomacy, and Missions John E. Wills, Jr. | University of Southern California

A History of East Asia

Christianity and Genocide in Rwanda

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 372pp 3 maps   978-0-521-19139-5 Hardback £59.00 978-0-521-26953-7 Paperback c. £19.99

China and Maritime Europe, 1500–1800

In ancient China, food preparation and the offering up of food as a religious sacrifice were intimately connected with models of sagehood and ideas of self-cultivation and morality. Roel Sterckx’s book explores how this culture influenced the ways in which the early Chinese explained the workings of the human senses. • Through intricate research into textual sources, affords fascinating insights into food sacrifice and ritual in early China • Casts fresh light on the earliest centuries in Chinese history to show how the preparation of food was connected to ideas about governance and morality • A major and original contribution to Chinese history, religion and philosophy East Asian history

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 240pp 9 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00171-8 Hardback c. £55.00 A


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History – other areas

Chinese Wine Third edition Zhengping Li

This illustrated introduction to Chinese wine explores the history of wine production in China, the legends and customs that surround it and its place in China today. • A comprehensive introduction to the history and traditions surrounding wine production and consumption in China • Written by a Chinese expert whose work is not widely available outside of China • Full colour illustrations support the discussion throughout East Asian history | Introductions to Chinese Culture


February 2011 230 x 156 mm 145pp 83 colour illus.  1 map   978-0-521-18650-6 Paperback £12.99 A

Chinese Clothing Third edition Mei Hua | Tianjin Normal University, China

This illustrated introduction to the history of Chinese clothing takes the reader through traditional Chinese costumes, ornamentation and ceremonial wear, discusses the importance of silk and the diverse costumes of China’s ethnic groups before considering modern trends and China’s place in the fashion world today. • A comprehensive introduction to the diverse and distinctive history of Chinese clothing • Written by a leading Chinese expert whose work is not widely available outside of China • Full colour illustrations support the discussion throughout East Asian history | Introductions to Chinese Culture

February 2011 230 x 156 mm 175pp 179 colour illus.  1 map   978-0-521-18689-6 Paperback £12.99 A

Chinese Bronze Ware Third edition Song Li

China enjoys a unique position in world history because of the great variety of bronze ware that has been unearthed on China’s vast territory, providing a window into ancient Chinese culture. Chinese Bronze Ware introduces the reader to this magnificent bronze culture with vivid, accessible discussion and full color illustrations. • An accessible introduction to the splendid bronze culture of ancient China • Written by a Chinese expert whose work is not widely available outside of China • Full colour illustrations support the discussion throughout East Asian history | Introductions to Chinese Culture

February 2011 230 x 156 mm 158pp 120 colour illus.  1 map   978-0-521-18685-8 Paperback £12.99 A

Religion and the Making of Modern East Asia Thomas David DuBois | National University of Singapore

Religion and religious ideas have played a fundamental role in the shaping of Asian history. Thomas David DuBois sets out to explain how religious traditions and philosophies in China and Japan have evolved and intersected since the birth of Confucianism in China and the arrival of Buddhism in Japan. • Spanning seven centuries, this book shows how religious ideas, actors and conflicts shaped the course of history and social change in China and Japan • Provides the background for understanding different religions, how they arrived in Asia and how they evolved and became part of the fabric of Asian society • An engaging, informative account based on the author’s teaching course and designed for students and non-experts East Asian history | New Approaches to Asian History, 8

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 264pp 27 b/w illus.  7 maps  5 tables   978-1-107-00809-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-1-107-40040-5 Paperback c. £17.99 A

Political Violence in Twentieth-Century Europe Edited by Donald Bloxham | University of Edinburgh

In this comprehensive history of Europe’s incredibly violent twentieth century, leading scholars examine the causes and dynamics of war, revolution, counterrevolution, genocide, ethnic cleansing, terrorism and state repression. The book locates these manifestations of political violence in their full transnational and comparative contexts and within broader trends in European history. • Leading scholars examine a broad spectrum of political violence from world wars and genocide to terrorism and revolution • Ranges across the whole of Europe and the Ottoman Empire and sets episodes of violence in regional and colonial contexts • Makes the case for a coherent ‘long twentieth century’ of political violence beginning in the 1870s History (general) after 1500

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 264pp 978-1-107-00503-7 Hardback c. £55.00 978-0-521-18204-1 Paperback c. £19.99


Humanitarian Intervention A History Edited by Brendan Simms | University of Cambridge

This unique and wide-ranging history of humanitarian intervention examines responses to oppression, persecution and mass atrocities from the emergence of the international state system and international law in the late sixteenth century, to the end of the twentieth century. • This is the first long-term overview of humanitarian intervention from the origins of nation state politics through the golden age of intervention in the nineteenth century to the recent past, showing that it is not just a concept devised in the 1990s but has a long-term history • Draws on texts, the media and state policy to give a rich, interdisciplinary understanding of the evolving concepts underpinning and generating interventions • As well as having a rigorous historical approach, the contributors explore the intersections of international law, international relations and political science History (general) after 1500

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 424pp 7 maps   978-0-521-19027-5 Hardback c. £55.00


History – other areas

A Concise History of Bolivia

A History of Communications

Second edition Herbert S. Klein | Stanford University, California

Media and Society from the Evolution of Speech to the Internet Marshall T. Poe | University of Iowa

This new edition brings the history of Bolivian society up to the present, covering the fundamental changes that have occurred since the National Revolution of 1952, the return of democracy in 1982, the installation of the first self-proclaimed Indian president and the major changes from the government of Evo Morales. • New edition includes an analysis of the last ten years of Bolivian development including the first administration of Evo Morales • The standard history of Bolivia to date in Spanish and English and is the only general modern interpretative text written on this country • Widely used in undergraduate and graduate courses and by interested readers History (general) after 1500 | Cambridge Concise Histories

March 2011 216 x 140 mm 376pp 9 b/w illus.  5 maps  14 tables   978-1-107-00568-6 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-18372-7 Paperback £16.99 A

Communications and Humanity advances a new theory of media that explains the origins and impact of different forms of communication – speech, writing, print, electronic devices and the Internet – on human history in the long term, allowing us to see for the first time what is truly new about the Internet, what is not, and where it is taking us. • Advances a new theory of media • Revolutionises media-studies • Takes us far past Marshall McLuhan, the Frankfurt School and the PostModernists History (general), world history

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 5 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-1-107-00435-1 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-17944-7 Paperback £17.99 A

The Caudillo of the Andes

The Shaping of Grand Strategy

Andres de Santa Cruz Natalia Sobrevilla Perea | University of Kent, Canterbury

Policy, Diplomacy, and War Edited by Williamson Murray | Ohio State University

Born in La Paz in 1792, Andrés de Santa Cruz lived through the turbulent times that led to independence across Latin America. The story of his life introduces students to broader questions of nationality and identity during this turbulent transition from Spanish colonial rule to the founding of Peru and Bolivia. • The first ever biography of Andrés de Santa Cruz in English, and an updated history of the Peru-Bolivia Confederation • Excellent introduction to the process of independence and nation building in the Andean region • Provides an up-to-date and accessible analysis of the concept of caudillismo and strong-man rule in Latin America

Grand strategy demands that governments and leaders chart a course that involves more than simply reacting to immediate events. It demands that they adapt to and plan for sudden and major changes in the international environment. This volume explores the successes and failures of these strategies. • Presents an historical base on which an effort to create a new American grand strategy might rest • A reply to the ahistorical books by political scientists on the theory of international relations • Brings together a group of leading historians to examine a major historical problem: how states and governments have developed and executed grand strategy

History (general) after 1500 | New Approaches to the Americas

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 256pp 5 b/w illus.  4 maps   978-0-521-89567-5 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-71996-4 Paperback £17.99 A

A Global History of History

History (general), world history

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 265pp 978-0-521-76126-0 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-15633-2 Paperback £18.99


Daniel Woolf | Queen’s University, Ontario

The Return of the Gift

A global history of historical writing and thought from the ancient world to the present. This is a definitive guide to human efforts to recover, understand and represent the past. Numerous extracts and illustrations demonstrate the different forms that historical consciousness has taken and history’s development into a modern discipline. • Subject boxes and timelines enable students to draw out key topics and understand their place in the overall narrative • Extensive text extracts and illustrations connect historical theory to practice by illustrating the different ways in which societies have interpreted and represented the past • A truly global history that enables students to understand the diversity of historical practice from Ancient Greece and China to colonial America, seventeenth-century Iran and right up to the present day

European History of a Global Idea Harry Liebersohn | University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

This book is a history of European interpretations of the gift from the mid seventeenth to the early twentieth century; it demonstrates how European intellectual history can gain fresh significance from global contexts. • Presents European history in global context • Great political thinkers, sociologists and anthropologists viewed afresh • Explores the meaning of gift-giving History (general), world history

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 224pp 978-1-107-00218-0 Hardback £50.00


History (general), world history

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 490pp 52 b/w illus.   978-0-521-87575-2 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-69908-2 Paperback £22.99 X

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History – other areas


Armies of Empire

Transactions of the Royal Historical Society

The 9th Australian and 50th British Divisions in Battle 1939-1945 Allan Converse | Northeastern University, Boston

Volume 20 Edited by Ian W. Archer | University of Oxford

Armies of Empire uniquely reflects upon the experience of two divisions from different armies facing similar challenges in the Second World War. The 9th Australian Division and the British 50th (Northumbrian) Division both saw long service and suffered heavy casualties, and both encountered morale, discipline and battlefield effectiveness problems. • Takes an original approach to a subject which has been argued over since WWII and provides a comparative analysis of the Second World War armies and the role morale played in combat efficiency • Comprehensively ‘busts’ two pervasive myths – that Australians were naturally good soldiers and that British were naturally bad soldiers • An important title within the prestigious Australian Army History Series, with Professor David Horner as series editor History (general), world history | Australian Army History Series

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 368pp 978-0-521-19480-8 Hardback £45.00


A Concise History of the Caribbean B. W. Higman | Australian National University, Canberra

A Concise History of the Caribbean presents a general history of the Caribbean islands from the beginning of human settlement about seven thousand years ago to the present. Written in a lively and accessible style yet current with the most recent research, the book provides a compelling narrative of Caribbean history essential for students and visitors. • The most complete and up-to-date account of the history of the Caribbean islands • A compelling narrative of Caribbean history • The Caribbean islands have often been at the centre of world history – from Columbus’s 15th century landfall there, to the slave trade, the first black republic in Haiti and the Cuban Revolution History (general), world history | Cambridge Concise Histories

January 2011 216 x 140 mm 360pp 15 b/w illus.  10 maps   978-0-521-88854-7 Hardback £45.00 A 978-0-521-04348-9 Paperback £15.99 A

Migration and Diaspora in Modern Asia Sunil Amrith | University of London

Migration is at the heart of Asian history, and over the last 150 years, migration within Asia and beyond has been greater than at any other time in history. This engaging and informative book crosses a vast terrain, from the Middle East to India and China, tracing modern migration. • An alternative history of modern Asia seen through the story of modern migration • Anecdotal, accessible and comprehensive in approach, this is the first time migration has been written about in the all-Asian context • A book for students in history, migration studies, Asian studies and world history History (general), world history | New Approaches to Asian History

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 175pp 16 b/w illus.  5 maps  4 tables   978-0-521-89835-5 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-72702-0 Paperback c. £18.99 A

The Transactions of the Royal Historical Society publish an annual collection of major articles representing some of the best historical research by some of the world’s most distinguished historians. This volume includes the article ‘Presidential Address: French Crossings I: Tales of Two Cities’ by Colin Jones. • Annual collection of major articles that represents some of the best historical research by some of the world’s most distinguished historians • Covers a wide range of topics looking at both social and political contexts History (general), world history | Royal Historical Society Transactions, 20

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 288pp 978-1-107-00868-7 Hardback £40.00


The Cambridge World History of Slavery Volume 3: AD 1420–AD 1804 Edited by David Eltis | Emory University, Atlanta

Volume 3 of The Cambridge World History of Slavery is a collection of essays exploring the various manifestations of coerced labor in Africa, Asia and the Americas between the opening up of the Atlantic world and the formal creation of the new nation of Haiti. • The only in-depth treatment of slavery around the world • The broad geographic coverage of slavery and of different aspects of slavery and the slave experience make this an unbeatable resource for the study of slavery • Essays by authors who are leading scholars in their respective fields History (general), world history | The Cambridge World History of Slavery

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 766pp 8 b/w illus.  3 maps  19 tables   978-0-521-84068-2 Hardback c. £110.00 A

Rebellion on the Amazon The Cabanagem, Race, and Popular Culture in the North of Brazil, 1798–1840 Mark Harris | University of St Andrews, Scotland

The Brazilian Amazon experienced, in the late 1830s, one of Brazil’s largest peasant insurrections, known as the Cabanagem, in which rebels succeeded in controlling provincial government for more than a year. Here, the rebellion is placed in the context of late colonial and early national society and economy. • First book length study in English of the Cabanagem, combining anthropological and historical approaches • Makes use of a wide range of archival material in Brazil and Europe • Illustrated with contemporary images Latin American history | Cambridge Latin American Studies, 95

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 352pp 22 b/w illus.  4 maps  7 tables   978-0-521-43723-3 Hardback £60.00 A

History – other areas / History – cross discipline

History – cross discipline

Remembering Palestine in 1948 Beyond National Narratives Efrat Ben-Ze’ev | University of Jerusalem

Shattering Empires

The history of the 1948 war in Palestine has been written primarily from the national point of view. This book asks what happens to these narratives when they arise out of personal stories. Efrat BenZe‘ev examines the memories of those affected by the war, and how events have been mythologized. • An alternative perspective of one of the most significant events of the twentieth century covering 1948 and the lead up to Israel’s foundation • An important contribution to the study of the memory of cataclysmic events and how these events become mythologized • For students in social anthropology, Middle East history and warfare Middle East history | Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare, 32

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 272pp 13 b/w illus.  9 maps   978-0-521-19447-1 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Bombay Islam The Religious Economy of the West Indian Ocean, 1840–1915 Nile Green | University of California, Los Angeles

As a thriving port city, nineteenth-century Bombay attracted migrants from across India and beyond. Nile Green’s Bombay Islam traces the ties between industrialization, imperialism and the production of religion to show how Muslim migration from Bombay fueled demand for a wide range of religious suppliers. • The first study about industrialization, imperialism and the production of religion from Bombay to distant parts of the world • Includes a discussion and analysis of the histories of Iran, South Africa and the Indian Ocean • Nile Green develops a bold theoretical model of ‘religious economy’ to explain the increase of religion in the modern world South Asian history

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 19 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-76924-2 Hardback £55.00 A

The Cambridge Companion to Gandhi Edited by Judith Brown | University of Oxford

This book traces Gandhi’s extraordinary story from a small-town lawyer into a skilled leader of civil resistance. Gandhi’s key writings and his thinking on a broad range of topics are also explored, and the final part reflects on Gandhi’s image and on his legacy in India, the West, and beyond. • A fresh interpretation of one of the most influential and revered figures in modern history • Senior scholars and those rising in the field consider Gandhi’s life, work and legacy from different disciplinary perspectives • An important starting-point for students and general readers with no comparable titles on the market

The Clash and Collapse of the Ottoman and Russian Empires 1908–1918 Michael A. Reynolds | Princeton University, New Jersey

The fall of the Ottoman and Russian empires irrevocably changed the landscape of the Middle East and Eurasia. Drawing on extensive archival research, Shattering Empires overturns accounts that attribute their demise to conflicting nationalisms, proposing instead the significance of geopolitical competition and the emergence of a new global inter-state order. • Explores a fundamental moment in history, which sparked controversies and conflicts still in progress today, such as controversial Turkish-Armenian relations, the Kurdish question, the origins of the Turkish Republic, and conflicts in the Caucasus and between Russia and its Muslims • Integrates theories and concepts from international relations and political science, addressing the political behaviour of empires, ethnic conflict, and borderland populations • Original archival research adds knowledge to the poorly understood collapse of the Ottoman and Russian empires Diplomatic, international history

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 324pp 25 b/w illus.  5 maps   978-0-521-19553-9 Hardback £55.00 A 978-0-521-14916-7 Paperback £19.99 A

British Envoys to Germany 1816–1866 Volume 4: 1851–1866 Edited by Markus Mösslang | German Historical Institute

Amassing the multifaceted views and perceptions of British diplomatic representatives, this comprehensive volume presents official reports sent from the British missions in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Dresden, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna. A prized collection of source material, the dispatches cover German politics in addition to international affairs and Anglo-German relations. • Presents a comprehensive English source on German history and Anglo-German relations • Includes an annotated index of names and an index of places and subjects • Reveals the attitudes and perceptions of British observers during a time of great social, economic and political change in Germany Diplomatic, international history | Camden Fifth Series, 37

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 574pp 978-1-107-00944-8 Hardback £45.00


South Asian history

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 978-0-521-11670-1 Hardback c. £55.00 978-0-521-13345-6 Paperback c. £16.99


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History – cross discipline

The Changing Body Health, Nutrition, and Human Development in the Western World since 1700 Roderick Floud | Gresham College


It is only recently that the changing size, shape and capability of the human body has been linked to economic and demographic change. This groundbreaking book provides an accessible introduction to anthropometric history, surveying the economic causes and consequences of changes in health and mortality, diet and the disease environment. • Groundbreaking overview of three hundred years of human development which brings together approaches from economics and anthropometric history • Puts long-term changes in height, weight, morbidity and mortality in an international context, and projects these changes forward to anticipate future trends • Eminent team of authors includes Sir Roderick Floud, and Nobel Prize winner Robert William Fogel Economic history

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 472pp 86 b/w illus.  74 tables   978-0-521-87975-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-70561-5 Paperback c. £19.99 X

Rules of Exchange French Capitalism in Comparative Perspective, Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Centuries Alessandro Stanziani | Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris

Provides a new intellectual, economic and legal history of capitalism from the eighteenth century to the early twentieth century. It analyzes the interaction between economic practices and legal constructions in France and compares the French case with other Western countries during this period, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Italy. • The first book since Ripert’s (1951) on the historical link between capitalism and the law in France • Stresses, over several centuries, analogies and differences between French capitalism and those of other major Western countries • Overcomes the commonly held opposition between the pre-industrial and industrial world, Anglo-Saxon and European continental capitalisms Economic history

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 315pp 3 tables   978-1-107-00386-6 Hardback £55.00

Central Banking in the Twentieth Century John Singleton | Sheffield Hallam University

Central banking has proliferated and radically changed over the past century. John Singleton here explains how and why this evolution has taken place and, in doing so, demonstrates that an understanding of these changes is essential to explaining the role of central banks in the recent global financial crisis. • Covers a broad range of countries, including developing and smaller developed countries • Provides an insight into the often misunderstood activities of central banks during their development since 1900 • Demonstrates how financial crises have shaped the central banking world, and continue to do so Economic history

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 350pp 1 b/w illus.  3 tables   978-0-521-89909-3 Hardback £60.00 A

Institutions and European Trade Merchant Guilds, 1000–1800 Sheilagh Ogilvie | University of Cambridge

A magisterial new history of commercial institutions, this book shows how the study of merchant guilds can help us understand which types of institution made trade grow, why institutions exist, and how corporate privileges affect economic efficiency and human well-being. • An analytical picture of the Commercial Revolution, showing how medieval and early modern history offers important lessons for modern economic development • A definitive account of European merchant guilds, scrutinizing and clarifying their central role in history, economics, and development policy • A challenge to complacent views that institutions are efficient, showing how malignant institutions emerge and survive by benefitting powerful interest-groups Economic history | Cambridge Studies in Economic History – Second Series

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 520pp 978-0-521-76417-9 Hardback c. £60.00 978-0-521-74792-9 Paperback c. £22.99


Evolutionary History A

The Reinterpretation of Italian Economic History

Uniting History and Biology to Understand Life on Earth Edmund Russell | University of Virginia

This book argues that post-Unification Italy developed to the extent that the world’s mobile resources chose to locate on its soil. The variations in the economy’s growth rate were due primarily to an international financial cycle, and not to domestic policy measures. • Places Italy’s development in its international context • Applies rigorous economic logic • Both an economic history, and an intellectual history

This book introduces readers to evolutionary history, a new field that unites history and biology to create a fuller understanding of the past than either can produce on its own. With examples from around the globe, it will help readers see the broadest patterns of history and the details of their own life in a new light. • Written for a wide audience and requires no prior knowledge of history or biology • Links the two cultures of humanities (history) and science (biology) • Provides a unified way of thinking about historical processes usually studied separately, including domestication, plant and animal breeding, pathogen resistance to drugs, pest resistance to pesticides, fisheries collapse, cloning and genetic engineering

Economic history

Environmental history | Studies in Environment and History

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 47 b/w illus.  4 maps  32 tables   978-0-521-19238-5 Hardback c. £50.00 A

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 230pp 11 b/w illus.  4 tables   978-0-521-76211-3 Hardback £50.00 A 978-0-521-74509-3 Paperback £16.99 A

From Unification to the Great War Stefano Fenoaltea | Università degli Studi di Roma ‘Tor Vergata’

History – cross discipline

New in Paperback

Free World? The Campaign to Save the World’s Refugees, 1956–1963 Peter Gatrell | University of Manchester

Free World? is a major contribution to the transnational history of humanitarianism in the postwar world. Peter Gatrell shows how and why the UN, NGOs, governments and individuals embarked on a unique campaign, World Refugee Year (1959–1960), in response to refugee crises in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. • Provides a critical evaluation of refugee relief efforts in the postwar world, culminating in a history of the UN campaign for World Refugee Year, 1959–1960, and its unique global scope • Offers accessible and unprecedented insights into the local, national and global dimensions of the history of humanitarian relief • Explores the interactions between governments, NGOs, the United Nations, UNHCR and other players involved in refugee relief

Operation Barbarossa and Germany’s Defeat in the East David Stahel

A fundamental reassessment of Germany’s 1941 campaign against the Soviet Union – a key turning point of the Second World War. David Stahel highlights the enormous internal problems of the vital Panzer forces and reveals that their demise in the earliest phase of the war undermined the whole German invasion. • Revisionist account of Germany’s war against the Soviet Union • Views events from the perspectives of both commanders and individual soldiers • Will appeal to scholars of military history and the history of World War II as well as readers interested in the course of the war in the east Military history | Cambridge Military Histories

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 500pp 20 b/w illus.  16 maps  2 tables   978-0-521-76847-4 Hardback £65.00 A 978-0-521-17015-4 Paperback c. £18.99 A

Global history

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 278pp 22 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00240-1 Hardback £55.00 A

Intellectual Curiosity and the Scientific Revolution A Global Perspective Toby E. Huff | University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

This study begins with the Dutch-invented telescope of 1608 and then casts Galileo’s discoveries with it into a global framework. Although the telescope was soon transmitted to China, Mughal India, and the Ottoman Empire, those civilizations did not respond as Europeans did to the new instrument. These and subsequent unique developments in modern science, technology, and educational practice suggest why the West experienced a singular scientific and economic ascendancy of at least four centuries. • Provides detailed comparative descriptions of scientific advances in Europe and, where possible, similar accounts for China, India, and the Ottoman Empire • Contains over thirty illustrations • Covers astronomy, microscopy, anatomy, pneumatics, electrical studies and more

Combat and Morale in the North African Campaign The Eighth Army and the Path to El Alamein Jonathan Fennell | King’s College London

This new perspective on the desert war challenges conventional explanations for Allied success at El Alamein, one of the most controversial campaigns in British and Commonwealth history. The author studies the campaign using newly discovered sources, plotting a morale crisis and stunning recovery that decisively affected the Eighth Army’s performance. • Revises our understanding of one of the key campaigns in the Second World War • Introduces the study of morale as a new methodology for understanding warfare, offering a fresh perspective on military success and failure • Uses censorship summaries of soldiers’ mail to provide evidence of morale levels at key points in the North African campaign Military history | Cambridge Military Histories

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 360pp 31 b/w illus.  13 maps  13 tables   978-0-521-19270-5 Hardback c. £55.00 A

History of science and technology

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 358pp 36 b/w illus.  1 map  3 tables   978-1-107-00082-7 Hardback £60.00 A 978-0-521-17052-9 Paperback £17.99 A

The Architect of Victory The Military Career of Lieutenant General Sir Frank Horton Berryman Peter Dean | University of Notre Dame, Sydney

Despite his reputedly caustic personality and his noted fallouts with senior officials, Lieutenant General Sir Frank Berryman was critical to Australia’s success during World War II. Peter Dean charts Berryman’s special relationships with senior US and Australian officers and explains why the man poised to become the next Chief of General Staff would never fulfil his ambition. • The first military biography to be published in the Australian Army History Series. Lieutenant Frank Horton Berryman has been the only operational corps commander without a biography published to date • Traces high-level relations in the Australian Army during WWII • Looks at the importance of personality in senior military officers and its effect on operations Military history | Australian Army History Series

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 416pp 978-0-521-76685-2 Hardback £35.00


The Making of the Modern Admiralty British Naval Policy-Making, 1805–1927 C. I. Hamilton | University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

This is an important new history of decision- and policy-making in the British Admiralty from Trafalgar to the aftermath of Jutland. The author explores the role of technological change, the global balance of power, and finance and the First World War, in shaping decision-making and organisational development within the Admiralty. • Focuses on decision-making within the Admiralty in a crucial peacetime period for the British Navy, covering both the people involved and organisational structures • Highlights the struggle behind the scenes to maintain British naval mastery despite the pressures of developing technology, accumulating paperwork and rival international powers • Demonstrates that financial pressures and ultimately the First World War brought civil servants and naval officers together to formulate naval policy Military history | Cambridge Military Histories

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 4 tables   978-0-521-76518-3 Hardback £60.00 A

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History – cross discipline / Mathematics

The Foundations of British Maritime Ascendancy Resources, Logistics and the State, 1755–1815 Roger Morriss | University of Exeter


Before 1815 Britain established a global empire, achieved naval domination, and laid the foundations of the first industrial revolution. This book explains the central and often underestimated role of the British state in providing the money and infrastructure to support its maritime ascendancy and develop expertise in overseas expansion. • Provides a comprehensive overview of the components of British maritime power, appealing to those interested in imperial, military, naval, political and economic history • Highlights the technological and administrative developments that distinguished the British economy and state from others, setting up a new framework for assessing imperial and military endeavour as a whole • Tables bring to life the logistical details of supplying, supporting and defending Britain’s overseas interests

Mathematics From Measures to Itô Integrals Ekkehard Kopp | University of Hull

This concise introduction to the background theory of stochastic processes begins with a clear account of measure theory and leads up to the Itô formula and its basic applications in Black–Scholes theory. Ideal for beginning graduate students, this treatment is reasonably rigorous and includes carefully chosen exercises. • Accessible to readers with only a basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra • Includes examples and carefully chosen exercises suitable for self-study • Useful for beginning quants, finance practitioners and graduates entering study in mathematical finance Abstract analysis | AIMS Library of Mathematical Sciences, 3

Military history | Cambridge Military Histories

March 2011 216 x 138 mm 128pp 2 b/w illus.  55 exercises   978-1-107-40086-3 Paperback c. £15.99 A

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 458pp 36 tables   978-0-521-76809-2 Hardback £60.00 A


Violence against Prisoners of War in the First World War Britain, France and Germany, 1914–1920 Heather Jones | London School of Economics and Political Science

This groundbreaking study provides the first indepth examination of violence against First World War prisoners. It shows how the war radicalised captivity treatment in Britain, France and Germany and dramatically undermined international humanitarian law, and reveals how prisoners were often retained to labour directly for the armies of their captors. • The first comparative transnational study of violence against British, French and German First World War prisoners of war captured on the Western Front • Combines cultural and military history approaches • Uncovers the contrasting conditions between home front and front line prisoner of war camps, and how the war undermined international laws protecting prisoners Military history | Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare, 34

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 472pp 20 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-0-521-11758-6 Hardback c. £65.00 A

German Soldier Newspapers of the First World War Robert L. Nelson | University of Windsor, Ontario

This book is the first systematic study of German soldier newspapers as a representation of daily life on the front during the First World War. It reveals the importance of comradeship and manliness in soldier identity, both for soldiers’ morale as well as for justifying the treatment of occupied civilians. • Proposes a new theory for the cohesion and morale of the German army during the First World War • The comparative approach includes a complete study of the French, British, Australian and Canadian soldier newspapers alongside the German • Provides a methodology for using soldier newspapers as a primary source for many modern conflicts and colonial occupations Military history | Studies in the Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare, 33

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 30 b/w illus.  8 tables   978-0-521-19291-0 Hardback c. £60.00 A

An Analytic Viewpoint Barry Simon | California Institute of Technology

Convexity is important for theoretical aspects of mathematics and also for economists and theoretical physicists. In this monograph the author provides a comprehensive insight into convex sets and functions including the infinite dimensional case and emphasizing the analytic point of view. • The first monograph to comprehensively cover inequalities related to convexity • Covers a large number of topics unavailable in the monograph literature • Includes a detailed discussion of Choquet theory, essential for all analysts Abstract analysis | Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics, 187

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 8 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00731-4 Hardback c. £58.00 A

Hadamard Expansions and Hyperasymptotic Evaluation An Extension of the Method of Steepest Descents R. B. Paris | University of Abertay, Dundee

For applied mathematicians and physical scientists interested in asymptotic calculations, this book describes a brand new method for the high-precision evaluation of Laplace integrals. Developed over the past decade, this method builds on the classical asymptotic method of steepest descents. Many numerical examples are included to illustrate the accuracy achievable. • Presents a brand new method useful for high-precision evaluation • Includes a detailed account of the classical method with examples and cases of breakdown due to coalescence problems • Illustrated with many numerical examples Abstract analysis | Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, 141

March 2011 234 x 156 mm 230pp 70 b/w illus.  30 tables   978-1-107-00258-6 Hardback c. £50.00 A


Real Analysis through Modern Infinitesimals Nader Vakil | Western Illinois University

Nader Vakil presents mathematical analysis through concepts that appeal to intuition and yield elegant proofs. These concepts are often developed within model-theoretic frameworks, which are only well suited to readers with some background in mathematical logic. However, this book uses a simpler axiomatic approach known as Internal Set Theory (IST). • Will appeal to readers with no background in mathematical logic • Emphasis on applications is ideal for readers seeking experience in applying modern infinitesimals • Flexible teaching resource – instructors can apply the material to a wide variety of courses Abstract analysis | Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, 140

February 2011 234 x 156 mm 560pp 42 b/w illus.  1000 exercises   978-1-107-00202-9 Hardback c. £65.00 A

The Theory of Fusion Systems An Algebraic Approach David A. Craven | University of Oxford

This is the first book to deal with the new and expanding field of fusion systems, of increasing importance both to algebraists and topologists. Designed for use as a text and reference work, it is suitable for graduate students and experts alike. • The first book to bring together all of the literature in the field, making it accessible to first-time learners • Almost 100 exercises aid the reader’s learning • Includes new proofs, providing multiple ways of viewing theorems

Groups St Andrews 2009 in Bath Volume 2 Edited by C. M. Campbell | University of St Andrews, Scotland

This second volume of a two-volume book contains selected papers from the international conference Groups St Andrews 2009. Leading researchers in their respective areas, including Eammon O’Brien, Mark Sapir and Dan Segal, survey the latest developments in algebra. • Contains expository articles by leading mathematicians in group theory • Forms part of an extensive four-yearly series of such volumes which have shaped the direction of research in group theory • Provides a snapshot of the state of research in group theory Algebra | London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 388

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 310pp 13 b/w illus.   978-0-521-27904-8 Paperback c. £45.00 A

Lectures on Profinite Topics in Group Theory Benjamin Klopsch | Royal Holloway, University of London

Three chapters introduce readers to strong approximation methods, analytic pro-p groups and zeta functions of groups. Each is accessible to beginning graduate students in group theory and will appeal to researchers interested in infinite group theory and its interface with Lie theory and number theory. • Exercises, some with solutions, provide a deeper understanding of the subject • Numerous examples give the reader hands-on experience • Suitable for self-study or seminar series and contains a guide to more advanced literature Algebra | London Mathematical Society Student Texts, 77

Algebra | Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 131

February 2011 228 x 152 mm 168pp 50 exercises   978-1-107-00529-7 Hardback £75.00 A 978-0-521-18301-7 Paperback £27.99 X

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 380pp 95 exercises   978-1-107-00596-9 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Clifford Algebras: An Introduction

Linear Algebraic Groups and Finite Groups of Lie Type Gunter Malle | Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany

This concise treatment covers many topics that are central to the subject, but missing from existing textbooks. It contains numerous instructive exercises and examples for those who are learning the subject as well as more advanced topics for research students working in related areas. • Tried and tested for graduate courses • Includes numerous exercises and examples ranging in difficulty • The first textbook to present the modern results on maximal subgroups of both the semisimple algebraic groups and the finite groups of Lie type Algebra | Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 133

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 250pp 6 b/w illus.  20 tables  100 exercises   978-1-107-00854-0 Hardback c. £45.00 A

D. J. H. Garling | University of Cambridge

This straightforward introduction gives a self-contained account of Clifford algebras suitable for research students, final year undergraduates and working mathematicians and physicists. It includes the necessary background material about multilinear algebra, real quadratic spaces and finite-dimensional real algebras and many applications in mathematics and physics. • Suitable for working mathematicians and physicists who work with Clifford algebras and their applications • Chapters are self-contained to suit readers of various levels from undergraduate to professional • Includes suggestions for further study Algebra | London Mathematical Society Student Texts, 78

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 70 exercises   978-1-107-09638-7 Hardback c. £60.00 A 978-1-107-42219-3 Paperback c. £23.99 A

Groups St Andrews 2009 in Bath Volume 1 Edited by C. M. Campbell | University of St Andrews, Scotland

This first volume of a two-volume book contains selected papers from the international conference Groups St Andrews 2009. Leading researchers in their respective areas, including Gerhard Hiss and Volodymyr Nekrashevych, survey the latest developments in algebra. • Contains expository articles by leading mathematicians in group theory • Forms part of an extensive four-yearly series of such volumes which have shaped the direction of research in group theory • Provides a snapshot of the state of research in group theory Algebra | London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 387

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 314pp 22 b/w illus.  6 tables   978-0-521-27903-1 Paperback c. £45.00 A

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Modern Computer Arithmetic Richard Brent | Australian National University, Canberra

Modern Computer Arithmetic focuses on arbitrary-precision algorithms for efficiently performing arithmetic operations such as addition, multiplication and division, and related topics such as modular arithmetic. The authors present algorithms that are ready to implement in your favourite language, while keeping a high-level description and avoiding too low-level or machinedependent details. • Contains all the important algorithms relevant to integers, modular arithmetic, floating-point numbers and special functions • Each algorithm is presented in a form ready to implement in software • Solutions to exercises are available from the authors’ web site


Dimensions, Embeddings, and Attractors James C. Robinson | University of Warwick

Computational science | Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics, 18

This book treats four fundamentally different definitions – from topology, geometric measure theory, dynamical systems, and the theory of metric spaces – concentrating on how ‘finite-dimensional’ sets can be embedded into Euclidean spaces. For all researchers with an interest in dimension theory, particularly those working in dynamical systems. • Introduces alternative definitions to researchers who traditionally use only one • An authoritative summary which assembles results scattered through the literature • Provides up-to-date results and abstract background for researchers in dynamical systems

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 236pp 15 b/w illus.  190 exercises   978-0-521-19469-3 Hardback £45.00 A

Differential and Integral Equations, Dynamical Systems and Control | Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics, 186

Partial Differential Equations

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 218pp 10 b/w illus.  60 exercises   978-0-521-89805-8 Hardback £40.00 A

Second edition Mark S. Gockenbach

An undergraduate course on partial differential equations is found in almost every mathematics department, and this is an important offering to any student on such a course because of its fresh approach incorporating both the modern and the traditional methods of analysing and solving partial differential equations. • Tutorials are provided that explain the features of MATLAB, Mathematica and Maple which are useful for the material in the book • The text includes thorough expositions of the background material from linear algebra and ordinary differential equations • The only prerequisite is a course in ordinary differential equations Differential and Integral Equations, Dynamical Systems and Control

December 2010 247 x 174 mm 674pp 150 b/w illus.   978-0-89871-935-2 Hardback £61.00 A

Shapes and Geometries

Volume 1: Introduction and Cocycle Problem Anatole Katok | Pennsylvania State University

This self-contained monograph presents rigidity theory for a large class of dynamical systems, differentiable higher rank hyperbolic and partially hyperbolic actions. An ideal reference for applied mathematicians and scientists working in dynamical systems. It is also a useful introduction for graduate students entering the field. • Builds a bridge between classical and emerging theory and emphasizes the new phenomena that appear • Includes a chapter providing preparatory results in analysis • Contains a large collection of examples of higher rank Anosov and partially hyperbolic actions Differential and Integral Equations, Dynamical Systems and Control | Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics, 185

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 310pp 3 b/w illus.   978-0-521-87909-5 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Metrics, Analysis, Differential Calculus, and Optimization Second edition Michael C. Delfour | Université de Montréal

This fully revised new edition provides a selfcontained presentation of the mathematical foundations, constructions and tools necessary for studying problems where the modeling, optimization or control variable is the shape or structure of a geometric object. A book of great importance to applied mathematicians, engineers and scientists in this area. • Completely reworked and considerably enriched second edition • The material at the beginning of each chapter is accessible to a broad audience, while the subsequent sections may sometimes require more mathematical maturity • Some chapters are self-contained and can be used as lecture notes for short courses Differential and Integral Equations, Dynamical Systems and Control | Advances in Design and Control, 22

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 646pp 978-0-89871-936-9 Hardback £77.00

Rigidity in Higher Rank Abelian Group Actions


Randomness and Recurrence in Dynamical Systems Rodney Nillsen

This work is an accessible introduction to real analysis as it applies to topics in abstract dynamical systems for undergraduates which presupposes little advanced knowledge. It connects its results to recent research and thus aims to bridge the gap between undergraduate teaching and current mathematical ideas and research. • An emphasis on possible interpretations of certain results and concepts, and their connections to other areas of inquiry, gives the reader a depth of understanding • Includes both ‘Exercises’ and ‘Investigations’: the former emphasise more technical questions concerning the ideas, while the latter are more open, allowing scope for student initiative and further research • Notes at the end of each part set the mathematical ideas in their historical background Differential and Integral Equations, Dynamical Systems and Control | Carus Mathematical Monographs

November 2010 208 x 148 mm 376pp 978-0-88385-043-5 Hardback £36.50



Entropy in Dynamical Systems

How to Fold It

Tomasz Downarowicz | Politechnika Wroclawska, Poland

The Mathematics of Linkages, Origami and Polyhedra Joseph O’Rourke | Smith College, Massachusetts

Students learning the subject from scratch will value this comprehensive text, which presents three major types of dynamics, from the basics to some of the latest results: measure preserving transformations; continuous maps on compact spaces; and operators on function spaces. It will also be a valuable reference for experienced researchers. • Suitable for use as a complete textbook for a graduate course on entropy theory • Includes a number of open problems at varying levels of difficulty and provides exercises and examples alongside rigorous proofs • Contains the proof of the Shannon–McMillan–Breiman Theorem in the conditional version, which is unavailable elsewhere Differential and Integral Equations, Dynamical Systems and Control | New Mathematical Monographs, 18

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 392pp 30 b/w illus.  80 exercises   978-0-521-88885-1 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Hydrodynamic Instabilities François Charru | Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III)

Written for any student, researcher or practitioner working in the area, this modern introduction brings this mathematical subject to life by emphasising the physical mechanisms involved. The book includes numerous experimental studies as well as over 150 exercises and references to video material. • Presents a more physical approach based on dimensional analysis, rather than focusing purely on concepts and mathematical techniques • Features short biographies of some of the most important figures in the field • Includes over 150 exercises so readers can test their understanding at the end of each chapter, and provides links to multimedia resources available online Fluid dynamics and solid mechanics | Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics, 37

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 350pp 200 b/w illus.  165 exercises   978-0-521-76926-6 Hardback c. £75.00 A 978-0-521-14351-6 Paperback c. £37.00 A

The Evolution of Principia Mathematica Bertrand Russell’s Manuscripts and Notes for the Second Edition Bernard Linsky | University of Alberta

Originally published in 1910, Principia Mathematica led to the development of mathematical logic and computers and thus to information sciences. This fascinating and insightful book includes transcriptions of previously unpublished material, with introductory chapters explaining the symbolic notation and content of Russell’s revisions for the second edition in 1925. • Discoveries from the archives resolve several scholarly puzzles about the second edition • The first extensive use of modern LaTeX typesetting to reproduce the original symbols from Principia Mathematica • Provides an overview of the field of logic in the period from 1910 to 1925

With the help of 200 color figures, Joseph O’Rourke helps readers discover mathematical theorems through folding paper. He explains these fascinating folding problems starting from high school algebra and geometry and introducing more advanced concepts in tangible contexts as they arise. The book’s website, http://www.howtofoldit. org, has dynamic animations of many of the foldings and downloadable templates for readers to fold or cut out. • Nearly 200 color figures and 50 exercises, with complete solutions • Written in accessible language and discusses tangible topics which render abstract mathematics concrete • Presumes only high-school algebra and geometry General and recreational mathematics

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 1 table  48 exercises   978-0-521-76735-4 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-14547-3 Paperback c. £19.99 A

Rediscovering Mathematics You Do the Math Shai Simonson | Stonehill College, Massachusetts

Rediscovering Mathematics is both an eclectic collection of mathematical topics and puzzles, and a guide to effective mathematical education. It is suitable for students and interested adults who want to expand their view of mathematics, and can be used as a text for training maths teachers at all levels. • Nearly 200 end-of-chapter exercises • Frequent challenges with hints and solutions throughout • A focus on learning through problem-solving and understanding is enhanced by linking mathematical topics to everyday-life scenarios General and recreational mathematics | Classroom Resource Materials

January 2011 254 x 178 mm 230pp 68 b/w illus.  15 colour illus.  7 tables  181 exercises   978-0-88385-770-0 Hardback c. £37.00 A

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition 1985–2000 Problems, Solutions and Commentary Kiran S. Kedlaya | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is the premier undergraduate mathematical competition in North America. This volume contains problems from the years 1985– 2000, with solutions and extensive commentary. The authors explain techniques that have relevance beyond the problem at hand and suggest references for further reading. • Problems from prestigious mathematical competition • Contains solutions with extensive commentary • Sets problems in a wider context with references to contemporary problems General and recreational mathematics | MAA Problem Book Series

January 2011 351pp 30 b/w illus.   978-0-88385-827-1 Paperback £37.00


General and recreational mathematics

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 380pp 7 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00327-9 Hardback c. £90.00 R

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Infinity New Research Frontiers Edited by Michael Heller | Pontifical Academy of Theology, Cracow


Explores the concept of infinity through the prism of mathematics and investigates areas beyond mathematical boundaries to reflect the implications of infinity for human intellectual thought. More than a dozen world-renowned researchers offer an intellectual exchange among viewpoints, rather than displaying a static picture of accepted views on infinity. • Gathers disparate disciplines to explore the concept and meaning of infinity • Accessible to readers without advanced mathematics and scientific backgrounds who are deeply interested in a topic • Book shows a ‘dispute in action’, polemics between different viewpoints and opinions rather than a static panorama of accepted views

Forcing with Random Variables and Proof Complexity Jan Krají ek | Charles University, Prague

Aimed at researchers and graduate students in mathematics and theoretical computer science, who are interested in logical approaches to fundamental problems of computational complexity theory, and of proof complexity in particular. • A brand new approach to problems of complexity theory • Self-contained so readers do not need to study other material • Presents some of the most recent developments in proof complexity Logic, categories and sets | London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 382

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 264pp 978-0-521-15433-8 Paperback £40.00


Logic, categories and sets

Independence-Friendly Logic

March 2011 253 x 215 mm 320pp 11 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-1-107-00387-3 Hardback £65.00 A

A Game-Theoretic Approach Allen L. Mann | University of Tampere, Finland

Models and Games Jouko Väänänen | University of Helsinki and University of Amsterdam

This gentle introduction makes extensive use of three important games in logic: the semantic game, the Ehrenfeucht–Fraïssé game and the model existence game. Over 500 exercises are included and instructors will appreciate the gametheoretical presentation of basic materials as well as more advanced applications. • The first graduate-level text with a gametheoretic viewpoint • A gentle introduction spanning the very basic to the cutting edge • Contains over 500 exercises Logic, categories and sets | Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 132

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 374pp 120 b/w illus.  560 exercises   978-0-521-51812-3 Hardback c. £40.00 A

Charming Proofs A Journey into Elegant Mathematics Claudi Alsina | Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona

Charming Proofs presents a collection of remarkable proofs in elementary mathematics that are exceptionally elegant. By means of a surprising argument or powerful visual representation, the proofs invite the reader to enjoy the beauty of mathematics and to develop the ability to create proofs themselves. • Over 130 challenges (and their solutions) draw the reader into the process of creating proofs for themselves • Suitable as a supplementary text for an introductory course on proofs, mathematical reasoning, or problem solving • Over 250 figures are used to facilitate both the proofs themselves and the reader’s understanding Logic, categories and sets | Dolciani Mathematical Expositions

January 2011 228 x 152 mm 160pp 269 b/w illus.  3 tables  149 exercises   978-0-88385-348-1 Hardback £37.00 A

Bringing together over twenty years of research, this book gives a complete overview of independence-friendly logic, an exciting logical formalism at the interface of logic and game theory. It is suitable for graduate students and advanced undergraduates who have taken a course on first-order logic. • Collects and systematizes results from the last 20 years • Provides the necessary background in game theory • Includes numerous examples and full proofs Logic, categories and sets | London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 386

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 20 b/w illus.   978-0-521-14934-1 Paperback c. £42.00 A Textbook

An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance Third edition Sheldon M. Ross | University of Southern California

This textbook on the basics of option pricing is accessible to readers with limited mathematical training. It is for both professional traders and undergraduates studying the basics of finance. This third edition includes three new chapters, along with expanded sets of exercises and references for all the chapters. • This book combines accuracy and easy to understand mathematical arguments • Assumes almost no technical knowledge, but presents all needed preliminary material • The third edition is completely revised with two new chapters of material and additional exercises Mathematical finance

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 328pp 19 b/w illus.  9 tables  175 exercises   978-0-521-19253-8 Hardback £35.00 A


Advanced Mathematics for Applications

Dynamics, Statistics and Projective Geometry of Galois Fields

Andrea Prosperetti | The Johns Hopkins University and University of Twente

Andrea Prosperetti draws on many years’ experience at the forefront of research to produce a guide to the mathematical methods needed for classical fields. Each chapter is essentially self-contained, so users can fashion their own path through the material according to their needs. • Its modular structure makes the book suitable for a variety of uses and users • Homework sets are available from • Appendix provides material that is usually covered in mathematical analysis courses (e.g. the Lebesgue integral) but is often unfamiliar to the applied mathematician Mathematical modelling and methods

V. I. Arnold reveals some unexpected connections between such apparently unrelated theories as Galois fields, dynamical systems, ergodic theory, statistics, chaos and the geometry of projective structures on finite sets. This easy-to-read overview is accessible to a broad range of mathematicians, from undergraduate students to experienced researchers. • Written by one of the greatest mathematicians of our age • Provides a general overview suitable for mathematicians at all levels • Examples and explanations may be used in all applications of Galois field theory Number theory

December 2010 228 x 152 mm 90pp 10 b/w illus.   978-0-521-87200-3 Hardback £40.00 A 978-0-521-69290-8 Paperback £16.99 A

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 738pp 80 b/w illus.   978-0-521-51532-0 Hardback £80.00 A 978-0-521-73587-2 Paperback £35.00 A

Automorphic Representations and L-Functions for the General Linear Group

The Linear Sampling Method in Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering Fioralba Cakoni | University of Delaware

A complete description of the linear sampling method for electromagnetic waves. This book is important for mathematicians and engineers performing research in inverse electromagnetic scattering theory and is also appropriate for an advanced graduate course on inverse problems. • Provides a presentation of the latest results on the existence and uniqueness of transmission eigenvalues for Maxwell’s equations • Gives a full discussion of uniqueness theorems in inverse electromagnetic scattering theory • This is the only book that gives a complete description of the linear sampling method for electromagnetic waves Mathematical modelling and methods | CBMS-NSF Regional Conference Series in Applied Mathematics, 80

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 150pp 978-0-89871-939-0 Paperback £35.00

V. I. Arnold | Université de Paris IX (Paris-Dauphine)

Volume 1 Dorian Goldfeld | Columbia University, New York

This modern approach to the theory of automorphic representations keeps definitions to a minimum, focusing instead on providing concrete examples and detailed proofs of the key theorems. This book is the perfect introduction for students at the advanced undergraduate level and beyond, and for researchers new to the field. • Presents clear, detailed proofs suitable for graduate students • Immediately engages students using simple, concrete examples • Contains numerous exercises with solutions Number theory | Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 129

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 568pp 180 exercises   978-0-521-47423-8 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Automorphic Representations and L-Functions for the General Linear Group


Volume 2 Dorian Goldfeld | Columbia University, New York

Nonlinear Waves in Integrable and Non-integrable Systems Jianke Yang | University of Vermont

Presents developments in the theory and experiments of nonlinear waves for researchers and graduate students. It is the first of its kind to offer comprehensive coverage of analytical and numerical methods for non-integrable systems. It also goes into great depth on a wide range of analytical methods for integrable equations. • Broad in scope, covering analytical and numerical methods for nonintegrable systems • Discusses in great depth a wide range of analytical methods for integrable equations • Simple and efficient MATLAB codes are available on an associated website

This modern approach to the theory of automorphic representations keeps definitions to a minimum, focusing instead on providing concrete examples and detailed proofs of the key theorems. This book is the perfect introduction for students at the advanced undergraduate level and beyond, and for researchers new to the field. • Presents clear, detailed proofs suitable for graduate students • Immediately engages students using simple, concrete examples • Contains numerous exercises with solutions Number theory | Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 130

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 208pp 55 exercises   978-1-107-00799-4 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Mathematical modelling and methods | Monographs on Mathematical Modeling and Computation, 16

December 2010 247 x 174 mm 454pp 978-0-89871-705-1 Paperback £55.00


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Mathematics / Statistics and probability

Statistics and probability

Generalized Concavity Mordecai Avriel

A comprehensive introduction to the field of generalised convexity/concavity for graduates and researchers. This will be useful to those working in a wide variety of disciplines: mathematicians, economists, computational mathematicians, management scientists and optimization theorists. • A classic text, just as important today as when it was first published in 1988 • Accessible as an introduction to the subject for those from diverse disciplines • For use by researchers and graduate students in this field Optimization, OR and risk analysis | Classics in Applied Mathematics


November 2010 247 x 174 mm 344pp 978-0-89871-896-6 Paperback £40.00



Calculus Second edition Gilbert Strang | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gilbert Strang’s highly regarded calculus textbook; ideal both as a course companion and for selfstudy. Examples of the application of calculus to subjects such as physics, engineering and economics are included, as well as many practice questions and illustrative diagrams to assist the reader’s grasp of the material. • Useful as both a reference and a self-study manual • Contains ample diagrams, practice questions and examples, assisting the reader’s grasp of the material • A classic text, used by generations of students since the first edition was published in 1991 Real and complex analysis

November 2010 253 x 196 mm 600pp 978-0-9802327-4-5 Hardback £56.00


New in Paperback

Monopoles and Three-Manifolds Peter Kronheimer | Harvard University, Massachusetts

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of Floer homology, based on the Seiberg–Witten equations. Suitable for beginning graduate students and researchers in the field, this book provides the first full discussion of a central part of the study of the topology of manifolds since the mid 1990s. • First comprehensive treatment of Seiberg–Witten Floer homology • Offers a clear overview of recent developments in topology originating from the material presented • The treatment of underlying techniques will provide students with skills applicable elsewhere in geometry and topology Topology and geometry | New Mathematical Monographs, 10

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 808pp 12 b/w illus.   978-0-521-88022-0 Hardback £86.00 A 978-0-521-18476-2 Paperback £40.00 A

Quantitative Risk Assessment The Scientific Platform Terje Aven | Universitet i Stavanger, Norway

Quantitative risk assessments cannot eliminate risk, but they can guide principled risk management. This book provides a scientific framework for evaluating the quality of risk assessments and whether they are fit for purpose. For professionals, as well as graduate students and researchers. Includes examples throughout, and three extended case studies. • A new and original approach to the analysis and discussion of QRA and science • An accessible and concise exposition from one of the most active researchers in the risk field • Examples included in the text illustrate the different types of risk assessment Optimization, OR and risk

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 216pp 35 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76057-7 Hardback c. £35.00 A

Probability Theory An Analytic View Second edition Daniel W. Stroock | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This second edition of Daniel W. Stroock’s classic probability theory textbook is suitable for firstyear graduate students with a good grasp of introductory, undergraduate probability. It includes more than 750 exercises and revised material on the treatment of Levy processes and a detailed account of Gaussian measures on a Banach space. • Presents a novel selection and treatment of probability theory • The reader will see how probability theory can be used in other branches of mathematics Probability theory and stochastic processes

February 2011 253 x 215 mm 552pp 768 exercises   978-0-521-76158-1 Hardback £80.00 A 978-0-521-13250-3 Paperback £35.00 A

Normal Approximation and Asymptotic Expansions Rabi N. Bhattacharya | University of Arizona

An important book for statisticians due to both its treatment of various refinements of the multivariate central limit theorem and its exposition of asymptotic expansions. It is appropriate for graduate students of statistics and probability, as well as researchers whose work involves the asymptotic theory of statistics. • This updated edition of the book contains a chapter that provides an application of Stein’s method of approximation to the multivariate CLT • The formalism developed in the book has been used in the extension of the theory by Goetze and Hipp to sums of weakly dependent random vectors • Appropriate for both graduate students and researchers Probability theory and stochastic processes | Classics in Applied Mathematics, 64

November 2010 247 x 174 mm 332pp 978-0-89871-897-3 Paperback £46.00


Statistics and probability / Computer science

Negative Binomial Regression

Testing IT

Understanding and Modeling Overdispersed Count Data Second edition Joseph M. Hilbe | Arizona State University

An Off-the-Shelf Software Testing Process Second edition John Watkins | IBM Software Group, UK

A substantial enhancement to the popular first edition, which remains the only text devoted entirely to the negative binomial model and its many variations. Written for the practising researcher, the book discusses the theoretical and distributional background of each model with numerous examples of their application. • Fully revised to incorporate recent software developments • Every model currently offered in a commercial statistical software package is discussed in detail • Data sets and additional code available on a companion website Statistical theory and methods

March 2011 228 x 152 mm 550pp 36 b/w illus.  170 tables   978-0-521-19815-8 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Testing IT provides an off-the-shelf software testing process framework for researching, implementing, rolling out, adopting, and maintaining a software testing process. It covers all aspects of testing for software developed or modified in-house, modified or extended legacy systems, and software developed by a third party. This new edition demonstrates the role and use of agile testing best practices and includes a specific agile case study. • Complete software testing process framework, including access to electronic copies of key testing templates • This revised and updated edition addresses the role and use of agile methods in software development and testing • The second edition makes recommendations for a starter set of agile best practices that can ensure your testing is as effective and efficient as possible Application development and software engineering

Statistical Learning for Biomedical Data James D. Malley | National Institutes of Health, Washington D.C.

Biomedical researchers need machine learning techniques to make predictions such as survival/ death or response to treatment when data sets are large and complex. This highly motivating introduction to these machines explains underlying principles in nontechnical language, using many examples and figures, and connects these new methods to familiar techniques. • Free open-source computer code is available online • Brings valuable new ideas from probability and computer science into the biomedical world to provide more accurate predictions • Plain-language approach makes the techniques more accessible Statistics for life sciences, medicine and health | Practical Guides to Biostatistics and Epidemiology

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 312pp 45 b/w illus.  25 tables   978-0-521-87580-6 Hardback £65.00 A 978-0-521-69909-9 Paperback £28.99 A

Computer science Textbook

Software Modeling and Design UML, Use Cases, Patterns, and Software Architectures Hassan Gomaa | George Mason University, Virginia

Explains all you need to know to model and design software applications from use cases to software architectures in UML and shows how to apply the COMET UML-based modeling and design method to real-world problems. • Provides a unified approach to designing software architectures, while describing the special considerations for each category of software architecture • Presents case studies to appeal to readers who wish to design software architectures using a systematic UML-based method Application development and software engineering

April 2011 253 x 215 mm 592pp 344 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76414-8 Hardback £45.00 X

December 2010 253 x 215 mm 352pp 39 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-14801-6 Paperback £40.00 P

Building Parallel, Embedded, and Real-Time Applications with Ada John W. McCormick | University of Northern Iowa

A guide to understanding and implementing multi-core, concurrent, distributed, real-time, and embedded applications. With an accessible writing style, a wealth of complete examples, and numerous exercises, this book is ideal for undergraduate students. It is also appropriate for graduate students and practitioners needing a solid foundation in these growing areas. • Material has been thoroughly class tested by the authors • Students will be able to apply the lessons learned with Ada to systems written in more complex languages • Covers the use of real tools and operating systems including Cheddar, MaRTE OS, RTEMS, ORK and the PolyORB middleware Application development and software engineering

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 350pp 50 b/w illus.  140 exercises   978-0-521-19716-8 Hardback c. £40.00 A

Computational Logic and Human Thinking How to be Artificially Intelligent Robert Kowalski | Imperial College London

Robert Kowalski demonstrates how ordinary people in their everyday life can profit from the advances of computational logic that have been developed for artificial intelligence. This book is an eye-opening read for any student who employs practical thinking, problem solving and communication skills. • Gives an accessible overview of the field of artificial intelligence • Makes the problem solving techniques of mathematics and computing available to students in any subject • Numerous examples from various academic disciplines provide a bridge to related work in other fields Artificial intelligence and natural language processing

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 344pp 35 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19482-2 Hardback c. £65.00 A 978-0-521-12336-5 Paperback c. £27.99 A

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Computer science

Multibiometrics for Human Identification Edited by Bir Bhanu | University of California, Riverside


Addresses research issues regarding multibiometrics for human identification, ranging from sensing modes and modalities to fusion of biometric samples and combination of algorithms. It covers publicly available multibiometrics databases, theoretical and empirical studies on sensor fusion techniques in the context of biometrics authentication, identification and performance evaluation and prediction. • The book includes the entire gamut of multibiometrics topics including multimodal, multisensory levels of fusion, multiple algorithms and multiple data acquisition instances • It includes chapters on latest sensing devices for novel multibiometrics modalities, security assessment of multibiometrics systems and their dynamic management, and theoretically sound and novel approaches for fusion • It provides information on publicly available multibiometrics databases and addresses research issues related with performance modeling, prediction and validation of multibiometrics systems

Recommender Systems An Introduction Dietmar Jannach | Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany

This book offers an overview of approaches to developing state-of-the-art recommender systems that automate a variety of choice-making strategies with the goal of providing affordable, personal, and high-quality recommendations. The authors present algorithmic approaches for generating personalized buying proposals, as well as more interactive and knowledge-based approaches. They discuss how to measure the effectiveness of recommender systems and illustrate the methods with practical case studies. • This is the first introductory book on recommender systems • Describes state-of-the-art technology and future topics including various case studies • Features a Foreword by Joseph A. Konstan • Covers interactive and knowledge-based advisory solutions Knowledge management, databases, datamining

November 2010 228 x 152 mm 352pp 72 b/w illus.  29 tables   978-0-521-49336-9 Hardback £40.00 A

Computer graphics, image processing, robotics and computer vision

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 408pp 144 b/w illus.  40 tables   978-0-521-11596-4 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Emerging Wireless Technologies and the Future Mobile Internet Edited by Dipankar Raychaudhuri | Rutgers University

Focuses on the architectural impact of emerging wireless technologies on the future mobile Internet. Features in-depth technical discussion of protocol concepts currently at the research stage, including next-generation standards, ad hoc and mesh network protocols, opportunistic delivery and delay tolerant networks, cognitive radio networks, vehicular networks, and security and privacy. • Book takes a timely focus on new architectures and protocols for the mobile Internet • Book takes a top-down identification of emerging wireless technologies and mobile Internet usage scenarios • Book presents fresh network architecture and protocol results from prominent researchers in the field, made available for the first time in book form


Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning David Barber | University College London

This practical introduction for final-year undergraduate and graduate students is ideally suited to computer scientists without a background in calculus and linear algebra. Numerous examples and exercises are provided. Additional resources available online and in the comprehensive software package include computer code, demos and teaching materials for instructors. • Consistent use of modelling encourages students to see the bigger picture while they develop hands-on experience • Full downloadable MATLAB toolbox, including demos, equips students to build their own models • Website includes figures from the book, LaTeX code for use in slides, and additional teaching material that enables instructors to easily set exercises and assignments Pattern recognition and machine learning

June 2011 246 x 189 mm 650pp 260 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-51814-7 Hardback c. £55.00 X

Distributed, networked and mobile computing

April 2011 234 x 156 mm 336pp 100 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-11646-6 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Bayesian Time Series Models Edited by David Barber | University College London

‘What’s going to happen next?’ Time series data hold the answers. This ambitious book is the first unified treatment of the emerging knowledge-base in Bayesian time series techniques. Readers with only a basic understanding of applied probability are guided from fundamental concepts to the state-of-the-art in research and practice. • The first unified treatment of the emerging knowledge-base in Bayesian time series techniques • Real-world examples range from bioinformatics to control theory • Treats classical models as well as the more advanced Pattern recognition and machine learning

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 450pp 125 b/w illus.  25 tables   978-0-521-19676-5 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Computer science / Physics

Evaluating Learning Algorithms A Classification Perspective Nathalie Japkowicz | University of Ottawa

This book gives a solid basis for conducting performance evaluations of learning algorithms in practical settings with an emphasis on classification algorithms. The authors describe several techniques designed to deal with performance measures and methods, error estimation or re-sampling techniques, statistical significance testing, data set selection and evaluation benchmark design. • Each component of machine learning evaluation is discussed separately and in great detail, before being integrated within the overall process • For each component of machine learning evaluation, a plethora of relevant techniques are presented, that span all the techniques discussed in the machine learning literature and beyond • All the techniques presented are illustrated using R and WEKA tools, and so the user will be able to easily adapt these illustrations to his/her own needs

Physics New in Paperback

Cytoskeletal Mechanics Models and Measurements in Cell Mechanics Edited by Mohammad R. K. Mofrad | University of California, Berkeley

This book presents views on approaches to modeling cell mechanics. The diversity of opinions stems from the different backgrounds of those who have contributed to the field. The authors come from the biophysics, bioengineering, and physical chemistry communities, and each joins the discussion with their unique perspective on biological systems. • Contributors are the most recognized names in the field • Covers the full range of opinions on the structure of cells • Interdisciplinary approach • Accessible to the non-specialist Biological physics | Cambridge Texts in Biomedical Engineering

April 2011 253 x 177 mm 252pp 3 tables   978-0-521-84637-0 Hardback £42.00 978-1-107-64828-9 Paperback c. £35.00


Pattern recognition and machine learning

February 2011 234 x 156 mm 424pp 40 b/w illus.  45 tables   978-0-521-19600-0 Hardback £55.00 A

Phase Transitions in Machine Learning Lorenza Saitta | Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale Amedeo Avogadro

This state-of-the-art overview describes how phase transitions occur and teaches appropriate methods for tackling the consequent problems. Weaving together fundamental aspects of computer science, statistical physics and machine learning, it provides sufficient mathematics and physics background to make the subject intelligible to researchers in AI and other computer science communities. • Deep analysis of foundational issues in machine learning will interest a variety of readers from outside the field, such as cognitive scientists and philosophers • Detailed explanations are aided by examples and applications • Suitable textbook for graduate-level courses Pattern recognition and machine learning

May 2011 246 x 189 mm 416pp 90 b/w illus.  10 tables   978-0-521-76391-2 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Lectures in Game Theory for Computer Scientists

Quantum Engineering Theory and Design of Quantum Coherent Structures A. M. Zagoskin | Loughborough University

A self-contained presentation of the theoretical methods and experimental results in quantum engineering, this book will allow graduate students to start their own research and apply the methods and results to their current experimental situation. The theory is complemented by up-to-date experimental data to help put it into context. • A unified exposition of methods used in the theoretical description of artificial quantum coherent structures • Provides the tools for theorists to begin their own research, whilst also giving experimentalists an overview of the methods and results • Advanced theoretical methods, as Green’s functions techniques or path integrals, are avoided Condensed matter physics, nanoscience and mesoscopic physics

July 2011 247 x 174 mm 352pp 80 b/w illus.   978-0-521-11369-4 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Concepts and Methods of 2D Infrared Spectroscopy Peter Hamm | Universität Zürich

An excellent introduction to various aspects of game theory relevant for many applications in computer science. Lectures range from tutorials concerning fundamental notions and methods to more advanced presentations of current research topics. This is a valuable guide to current research for both students and researchers alike. • A helpful guide to current research in this fast-growing area • Contains seven lectures from specialists in the field • Explores various aspects of game theory relevant to computer scientists

Introducing the essential concepts of 2D IR spectroscopy, this book is an excellent starting point for graduate students and researchers new to this exciting field. It develops an intuitive understanding so readers will be able to accurately interpret 2D IR spectra and design their own spectrometer. • Enables readers to learn to accurately interpret 2D IR spectra, design their own spectrometer and invent their own pulse sequences • Examines the design considerations for implementing the methods described in the book • Discusses practical techniques for computer simulations and contains working computer code to simulate 2D IR spectra

Programming languages and applied logic

Condensed matter physics, nanoscience and mesoscopic physics

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 308pp 45 b/w illus.  5 tables  60 exercises   978-0-521-19866-0 Hardback £45.00 A

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 296pp 124 b/w illus.  71 exercises   978-1-107-00005-6 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Edited by Krzysztof R. Apt | Stichting Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI), Amsterdam

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Statistical Physics of Liquids at Freezing and Beyond

Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineers

Shankar Prasad Das | Jawaharlal Nehru University

Dennis L. Eggleston | Occidental College, Los Angeles

Exploring important theories for understanding freezing and the liquid-glass transition, this book is useful for graduate students and researchers in soft-condensed matter physics, chemical physics and materials science. It details recent ideas and key developments, providing an up-to-date view of current understanding. • A unique presentation of recent developments in an active field of research • Suitable for graduate students and researchers, including those just entering the field • Covers a number of recent ideas and main developments to give an update on the current status of the field

Ideal for a one-semester course, this concise textbook covers basic electronics for undergraduate students in science and engineering. Readers are shown how to work with electronic circuits and apply the techniques they have learnt. Laboratory exercises and solutions to the exercises (passwordprotected for instructors) are available online. • Ideally suited for a one-semester course on basic electronics for undergraduate students • Begins with the basics of general circuit laws and resistor circuits, with all mathematics kept to a suitable level • Readers learn how to work with electronic circuits and will be able to apply the techniques to other circuits

Condensed matter physics, nanoscience and mesoscopic physics

Electronics for physicists

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 500pp 100 b/w illus.   978-0-521-85839-7 Hardback c. £80.00 A

April 2011 246 x 189 mm 250pp 305 b/w illus.  83 exercises   978-0-521-76970-9 Hardback c. £70.00 A 978-0-521-15430-7 Paperback c. £35.00 X

Quantum Phase Transitions Second edition Subir Sachdev | Harvard University, Massachusetts

Describing the properties of quantum materials near critical points with long-range many-body quantum entanglement, this second edition is ideal for graduate students and researchers in condensed matter physics and particle and string theory. It contains a new introductory section on quantum phase transitions and several new chapters covering recent advances. • Second edition of the original book to describe the physical properties of quantum materials near critical points with long-range many-body quantum entanglement • Updated with several new chapters covering important recent advances and a new section suitable for an introductory course on quantum phase transitions • Introduces quantum phase transitions and quantum field theory using simple physical models, avoiding confusing formal concepts


Research Methods for Science Michael P. Marder | University of Texas, Austin

A unique introduction to the design, analysis, and presentation of scientific projects, this is an essential textbook for undergraduate majors in science and mathematics. It discusses experimental design, statistics, mathematical modelling, and preparing scientific papers and presentations. An extensive instructor’s manual containing sample lessons and student papers is available online. • Gives an overview of the main methods used in scientific research, and discusses important concepts in statistics and introduces some of the main ideas in mathematical modeling • Provides guidelines on accessing scientific literature, and preparing scientific papers and presentations • Accompanied by an extensive instructor’s manual, which gives sample lessons and student papers, available at

Condensed matter physics, nanoscience and mesoscopic physics

General and classical physics

April 2011 246 x 189 mm 500pp 104 b/w illus.  20 exercises   978-0-521-51468-2 Hardback c. £50.00 A

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 240pp 68 b/w illus.  34 tables  28 exercises   978-0-521-14584-8 Paperback £19.99 A

Canonical Gravity and Applications

Computational Nanoscience

Cosmology, Black Holes, and Quantum Gravity Martin Bojowald | Pennsylvania State University

Providing mathematical foundations as well as physical applications, this is the first systematic explanation of canonical methods in gravity. Ideal for both graduate students and researchers, this book provides a link between standard introductions to general relativity and advanced expositions of black hole physics, theoretical cosmology or quantum gravity. • Gives a thorough account of gravity theory, from advanced mathematical foundations to modern applications in cosmology and black hole physics • Provides mathematical foundations as well as physical applications to give a systematic explanation of canonical methods in gravity • Touches on large areas of theoretical gravitational research: cosmology, black holes, quantum gravity Cosmology, relativity and gravitation

December 2010 247 x 174 mm 312pp 40 b/w illus.  69 exercises   978-0-521-19575-1 Hardback £45.00 A

Applications for Molecules, Clusters, and Solids Kálmán Varga | Vanderbilt University, Tennessee

Describing advanced algorithms, the book is ideal for students in computational physics, quantum mechanics, atomic and molecular physics, and condensed matter theory. It contains a wide variety of practical examples and an algorithm library in Fortran 90, available at, implements the approaches described to solve physical problems. • Gives students the tools needed to understand advanced computer codes and develop their own codes • Contains a wide variety of practical examples of varying complexity to help readers at all levels of experience • An algorithm library in Fortran 90, available at, gives readers the necessary software tools Mathematical methods and computational tools

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 520pp 175 b/w illus.  33 tables   978-1-107-00170-1 Hardback c. £50.00 A


A Student’s Guide to Fourier Transforms With Applications in Physics and Engineering Third edition John James | University of Glasgow

A concise introduction to Fourier transforms, this updated edition includes new and interesting material, such as convolution with a sinusoid, coherence, the Michelson stellar interferometer and the van Cittert–Zernike theorem, Babinet’s principle and dipole arrays. It is invaluable to students of physics, electrical and electronic engineering, and computer science. • A guide to a basic mathematical tool, emphasizing the practical applications of Fourier theory • Now includes convolution with a sinusoid, coherence, the Michelson stellar interferometer and the van Cittert–Zernike theorem, Babinet’s principle and dipole arrays • Demonstrates the technique through applications in optics, spectroscopy, electronics and telecommunications Mathematical methods and computational tools

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 160pp 73 b/w illus.   978-0-521-17683-5 Paperback c. £18.99 A

Adaptation in Dynamical Systems Ivan Tyukin | University of Leicester

Largely devoted to the problems of adaptive regulation, tracking and identification, this book presents a unifying system-theoretic view on the problem of adaptation in dynamical systems. The detailed examples and background information make it suitable for a wide range of researchers and graduates in cybernetics, mathematical modelling and neuroscience. • Readers can see the theory at work through examples of wellrecognized problems in areas such as computational neuroscience and the mathematical modelling of neural systems • Contains all necessary background information and elementary proofs so readers can understand the main theoretical concepts • The concepts, methods and algorithms presented can be successfully employed in wider areas of science and technology Nonlinear science and fluid dynamics

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 440pp 52 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19819-6 Hardback c. £70.00 A Textbook

Fluid Mechanics A Short Course for Physicists Gregory Falkovich | Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Aimed at undergraduate and graduate students, this book presents the fundamental ideas of fluid mechanics from a physics perspective. Using examples taken from everyday life and containing exercises with detailed solutions, the book provides readers with a better understanding of the world around them. • Presents a unique perspective on fluid mechanics stressing its links with other branches of physics • Examples and exercises are taken from everyday life, from the kitchen sink to sailing and flying, to give readers a better appreciation of the subject • Teaches the art of physical estimates as applied to fluid mechanics


Introduction to Nonlinear Optics Geoffrey New | Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London

Providing a gentle introduction to the principles of the subject, this textbook is ideal for graduate students starting their research in this exciting area. More advanced topics are confined to specialist chapters so that readers can focus on basic principles before tackling these more difficult aspects of the subject. • Written for graduate students just starting their research in this rapidly expanding field • Advanced topics are deliberately confined to a few specialist chapters so readers can concentrate on the key ideas first • More detailed information, such as values of useful constants in nonlinear optics, is given in the appendices Optics, optoelectronics and photonics

March 2011 246 x 189 mm 225pp 110 b/w illus.  66 exercises   978-0-521-87701-5 Hardback c. £40.00 X

Light Propagation in Gain Media Optical Amplifiers Malin Premaratne | Monash University, Victoria

A comprehensive treatment of the fundamental concepts, theory and techniques of modern optical amplifier technology, this book is ideal for graduate students and researchers in physics, optics, biooptics and communications. It covers all major optical amplification schemes in conventional materials, and optical gain in metamaterials. • Provides a detailed treatment of the fundamental ideas and techniques relevant to optical amplification • Covers all major optical amplification schemes in conventional materials, as well as in novel media such as metamaterials • Gives an intuitive understanding of various amplification schemes by emphasizing analytical results Optics, optoelectronics and photonics

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 288pp 100 b/w illus.   978-0-521-49348-2 Hardback £60.00 A

Structured Surfaces as Optical Metamaterials Edited by Alexei A. Maradudin | University of California, Irvine

Covering techniques and applications, this book explores structured surfaces in the context of optical metamaterials. Topics include design and fabrication, unusual optical properties, and recent experimental observations. It is ideal for researchers and professionals working in metamaterials and plasmonics, as well as those just entering this exciting new field. • A valuable introduction to a new and exciting area of optical science • Features contributions by experts in each area, providing an up-to-date overview of the subject • Presents both the experimental and theoretical aspects of each topic Optics, optoelectronics and photonics

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 350pp 978-0-521-11961-0 Hardback c. £60.00


Nonlinear science and fluid dynamics

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 56 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00575-4 Hardback c. £35.00 X

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Constructing Reality Quantum Theory and Particle Physics John Marburger | State University of New York, Stony Brook

Questions of the fundamental nature of matter continue to inspire and engage our imagination. Yet exciting new concepts remain mysterious and puzzling to people outside of these research fields. With concise, lucid explanations, this book is an essential guide to the world of particle physics. • Explains the foundations of exciting new concepts in physics such as strings, supersymmetry and exotic matter • Gives clear explanations on gauge theory, quantum field theory and other advanced topics • Shows how the concepts of modern physics fit logically together, making it easier to understand the topics Particle physics and nuclear physics


May 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 47 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00483-2 Hardback c. £17.99 A

Physics of RadioFrequency Plasmas Pascal Chabert | Ecole Polytechnique, Paris

Low-temperature radio frequency plasmas are essential in various sectors of advanced technology, from micro-engineering to spacecraft propulsion. With worked examples and over 100 in-text questions, this book will interest graduate students and researchers in applied physics and electrical engineering, helping them to develop physical arguments and mathematical analyses. • Features over 100 in-text questions to help readers develop insights into the physics of RF plasmas • Worked examples apply the theories covered to a wide range of technical situations • Links the three main forms of RF plasma source to give a coherent account Plasma physics and fusion physics

Foundations of Perturbative QCD John Collins | Pennsylvania State University

Giving an accurate account of the concepts, theorems and their justification, this book is a systematic treatment of perturbative QCD. It relates the concepts to experimental data, giving strong motivations for the methods. Ideal for graduate students starting their work in high-energy physics, it will also interest experienced researchers. • Relates the concepts to experimental data to give strong motivations for the methods • Gives full mathematical treatments so readers can understand the validity of the results • Examines in detail transverse-momentum-dependent parton densities, which are not usually treated in books Particle physics and nuclear physics | Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology, 32

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 632pp 245 b/w illus.  104 exercises   978-0-521-85533-4 Hardback c. £80.00 A

The Pinch Technique and its Applications to NonAbelian Gauge Theories John M. Cornwall | University of California, Los Angeles

Non-Abelian gauge theories, such as quantum chromodynamics (QCD) or electroweak theory, are best studied with the aid of Green’s functions. The Pinch Technique provides a systematic framework for constructing such Green’s functions, and many useful applications. This book is ideal for elementary particle theorists and graduate students. • A comprehensive treatment of the pinch technique for non-Abelian gauge theories • Shows how to preserve local gauge invariance in constructing off-shell Green’s functions of non-Abelian gauge theories • Covers in detail many applications to quantum chromodynamics (QCD), electroweak theory, and even supersymmetric gauge theories Particle physics and nuclear physics | Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology, 31

December 2010 247 x 174 mm 304pp 73 b/w illus.   978-0-521-43752-3 Hardback £70.00 A

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 350pp 156 b/w illus.  144 exercises   978-0-521-76300-4 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics Nimrod Moiseyev | Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

NHQM is an important alternative to the standard formalism of quantum mechanics, enabling the solution of otherwise difficult problems and providing powerful tools for studying resonance phenomena. The first book to present this theory, it is useful to advanced graduate students and researchers in physics, chemistry and engineering. • The first book to present NHQM as an important alternative to the standard formalism of quantum mechanics • Explores the use of NHQM in the study of resonance phenomena – perhaps one of the most striking events in nature • Has applications in a variety of fields, including optics, quantum field theory, and atomic and molecular physics as well as electrical engineering Quantum physics, quantum information and quantum computation

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 350pp 978-0-521-88972-8 Hardback £65.00



Quantum Computation and Quantum Information 10th Anniversary Edition Michael Nielsen | Freelance Writer

A decade after it was first published, this book remains the best textbook in this exciting field. This 10th anniversary edition includes an introduction from the authors setting the work in context. Containing a wealth of figures and exercises, it is ideal for courses on the subject. • The best introduction to quantum computing and quantum information, written by experts on the subject • Gives a comprehensive introduction to the main ideas and techniques, with hundreds of exercises and figures • Contains extensive background material so it can be understood without prior knowledge of quantum mechanics or quantum science Quantum physics, quantum information and quantum computation

December 2010 247 x 174 mm 708pp 200 b/w illus.  10 tables  598 exercises   978-1-107-00217-3 Hardback £45.00 X


The Physics of Foraging

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory

An Introduction to Random Searches and Biological Encounters Gandhimohan. M. Viswanathan | Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

A Mathematical Primer Jonathan Dimock | State University of New York, Buffalo

Introducing random searches and foraging in a way that can be understood by readers without a previous background on the subject, this book will interest physicists as well as ecologists. It discusses applications ranging from the colonization of Madagascar by Austronesians to the diffusion of genetically modified crops. • The first book on this rapidly evolving subject • Reviews theory as well as experiment, addresses open problems and perspectives, and discusses a diverse range of applications • Ideal introduction for physicists working on anomalous diffusion and movement ecology, and ecologists with some knowledge of statistical physics Statistical physics

Explaining the concepts of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory in a precise mathematical language, this textbook is an ideal introduction for graduate students in mathematics, helping to prepare them for further studies. It covers topics that are central to quantum physics and contains around 100 problems. • Presents quantum physics in a mathematically precise language to give greater clarity of concepts and methods • Focuses only on topics central to quantum physics: non-relativistic quantum mechanics, quantum statistical mechanics, relativistic quantum mechanics and quantum field theory • Prepares graduate students in mathematics for further studies in the subject Theoretical physics and mathematical physics

February 2011 246 x 189 mm 240pp 101 exercises   978-1-107-00509-9 Hardback £40.00 A

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 160pp 44 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00679-9 Hardback c. £30.00 A

Hamiltonian Mechanics of Gauge Systems

Self-Organised Criticality Theory, Models and Characterisation Gunnar Pruessner | Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London

Lev V. Prokhorov | St Petersburg State University

Providing an overview of numerical and analytical methods, from foundations to applications, this book is an easy access point to important results and sophisticated methods. Written for graduate students and practising researchers in physics, mathematics, biology, sociology, finance, medicine and engineering, it gives a practical, hands-on approach. • Gives a practical, hands-on approach throughout, with methods and results applied in ways that will relate to the reader’s own research • For the first time comprehensive tables of numerical results for key models are collected in one volume, making the information readily accessible to readers • Carefully defines ten key models, starting with the Bak-TangWiesenfeld sandpile, together with their results and applications

Ideal for graduate students and researchers in theoretical and mathematical physics, this unique book provides a systematic introduction to Hamiltonian mechanics of systems with gauge symmetry. It covers aspects of Hamiltonian path integral formalism in detail, along with a number of key related topics. • The first book to explain physical phase structure as a feature of Hamiltonian dynamics of gauge systems • Presents several active topics in the field, making the book valuable for students learning the subject as well as academic researchers • Includes numerous detailed examples of dynamical models with gauge symmetries, clearly illustrating the key concepts Theoretical physics and mathematical physics | Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 400pp 11 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-89512-5 Hardback c. £80.00 A

Statistical physics

July 2011 246 x 189 mm 450pp 85 b/w illus.  22 tables   978-0-521-85335-4 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Foundations of Space and Time Reflections on Quantum Gravity Edited by Jeff Murugan | University of Cape Town

Encapsulating the latest debates on this topic, this book details the different approaches to understanding the very nature of space and time. It brings together leading researchers to explore current approaches to solving the problem of quantum gravity, giving researchers and graduate students an up-to-date view of the field. • Details the latest debates on understanding the very nature of space and time • Leading researchers examine the current approaches to solving the problem of quantum gravity, addressing their strengths and weaknesses • Gives an up-to-date view of the field Theoretical physics and mathematical physics

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 488pp 978-0-521-11440-0 Hardback c. £40.00


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Earth and environmental science

Earth and environmental science Factor Separation in the Atmosphere Applications and Future Prospects Edited by Pinhas Alpert | Tel-Aviv University


First book to provide a comprehensive description of novel approach to separate contributions from several factors in any dynamical process in the atmosphere. The main audience is researchers and graduate students using the Factor Separation method, but it will also interest advanced students, researchers, and professionals across the atmospheric sciences. • Provides understanding of complex physical processes by studying several factors • Allows readers to examine a wide range of atmospheric research examples in which the factor separation method is used, from microscale and mesoscale up to the large scale • Emphasizes the exact separation methodology for atmospheric interaction or synergies, providing a more clear and robust understanding of how multiple factors act in the atmosphere Atmospheric science and meteorology

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 290pp 76 b/w illus.  15 colour illus.  36 tables   978-0-521-19173-9 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Physics and Chemistry of Clouds Dennis Lamb | Pennsylvania State University

Provides a quantitative yet approachable path to learning the inner workings of clouds across a range of scales, from molecules to thunderstorms. An invaluable textbook for advanced students in atmospheric science, meteorology, environmental sciences/engineering and atmospheric chemistry, and a very useful reference text for researchers and professionals. • Carefully crafted text gives required level of detail for a workable understanding of clouds, so that students new to a field can learn from a balance of qualitative descriptions of cloud processes and mathematical rigor • The complex nature of clouds is simplified by developing concepts from first principles of physics and chemistry, making it accessible to readers with basic backgrounds in the core sciences and mathematics • Clouds are described as processes involving water and other molecules, enabling readers to understand macroscopic phenomena (cloud formation) through molecular properties Atmospheric science and meteorology

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 616pp 287 b/w illus.  2 tables  80 exercises   978-0-521-89910-9 Hardback c. £50.00 A

The European Nitrogen Assessment Sources, Effects and Policy Perspectives Edited by Mark A. Sutton | NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK

Reactive nitrogen in the environment poses major societal threats, cutting across all global-change challenges. Incorporating comprehensive maps, a handy technical synopsis and summary for policy makers, this landmark volume provides a multidisciplinary introduction to the nitrogen cycle processes. An essential reference for academic researchers, policy makers and the wider public. • Identifies the five key threats of reactive nitrogen to the environment and illustrates these with location maps to highlight those areas at greatest risk • Presents policy makers and environmental managers with the key information on costs and benefits to support integrated management decisions in the future • Creates a framework for a global strategy on managing reactive nitrogen in the environment • Supplementary online resources include core datasets, a glossary and additional references: Climatology and climate change

April 2011 276 x 219 mm 704pp 51 b/w illus.  160 colour illus.  50 tables   978-1-107-00612-6 Hardback c. £80.00 A

Climate Change and Climate Modeling J. David Neelin | University of California, Los Angeles

Provides students with a solid foundation in climate science, with which to understand global warming, natural climate variations, and climate models. It will inform the future users of climate models and the decision-makers of tomorrow by providing the depth they need, while requiring no background in atmospheric science. • Presents material that has been thoroughly classroom tested over the years • Richly illustrated with line diagrams and schematics to help with the assimilation of key concepts • Full colour figures are available online from • Extensive online resources include PowerPoints, example questions for problem sets and exams, and a solutions manual available for instructors only Climatology and climate change

December 2010 246 x 189 mm 298pp 137 b/w illus.  8 tables   978-0-521-84157-3 Hardback £80.00 A 978-0-521-60243-3 Paperback £29.95 X

Earth and environmental science

The Development of Atmospheric General Circulation Models Complexity, Synthesis and Computation Edited by Leo Donner | Princeton University, New Jersey

Presents unique perspectives from leading researchers on the development and application of atmospheric general circulation models. It is a core reference for academic researchers and professionals involved in atmospheric physics, meteorology and climate science, and a resource for graduate-level courses in climate modeling and numerical weather prediction. • Contributions have been selected and compiled to fill a critical information gap regarding modeling tools at the center of the climate change debate • Provides a critical perspective on how these models have emerged and their scientific basis • Takes a cross-disciplinary view, enabling readers to understand how atmospheric models also relate to models of the oceans, land surface and vegetation Climatology and climate change

December 2010 247 x 174 mm 272pp 23 b/w illus.  20 colour illus.  2 tables   978-0-521-19006-0 Hardback £50.00 A Textbook

Principles of Planetary Climate Raymond T. Pierrehumbert | University of Chicago

Provides a unified treatment of the basic physical principles of planetary climate phenomena on the present and past Earth and other planets. An invaluable textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, and a reference text for researchers. Lavishly supported by hundreds of creative and stimulating exercises, software, datasets and algorithms. • Begins with a very elementary treatment requiring little mathematical sophistication, and gradually increases the demands on the student in later chapters, so that it can be used on many different courses • Presents a unified treatment of all the aspects of physics and chemistry needed to make simple models of the present and past climates of Earth and other planets • Provides software, datasets and algorithms needed to reproduce all calculations and results in the book, to help the student recreate all the results and independently address original questions • Provides hundreds of creative and stimulating exercises, both for consolidating immediate comprehension and leading students to imaginative inquiries on the brink of original research Climatology and climate change

December 2010 246 x 189 mm 680pp 143 b/w illus.  23 tables  370 exercises   978-0-521-86556-2 Hardback £40.00 X

Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions Katherine Richardson | University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Provides an up-to-date synthesis of all knowledge relevant to the climate change issue, from basic science to the technologies, economic instruments and political strategies that can be employed in response to climate change. It will be invaluable for a wide range of researchers and professionals, and for advanced students. • One-stop resource for an authoritative and up-to-date overview of human-caused climate change, its current and projected impacts on society and the public-policy options for mitigation and adaptation • Chapters contain ‘expert boxes’ on key issues that complement the book, providing the reader with unique insight into the types of research questions being asked today and how they are being addressed • In total, over 80 scientists have been involved in writing the book, providing a summary of understanding from a large number of scientists and scholars from across the broad range of disciplines relevant to climate change Climatology and climate change

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 512pp 109 b/w illus.  27 colour illus.  9 tables   978-0-521-19836-3 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Climate Change and Cities First Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network Edited by Cynthia Rosenzweig | NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Urban areas are home to over half the world’s people and are at the forefront of the climate change issue. Written by international experts from cities with varying socio-economic conditions, this book on climate change adaptation and mitigation in cities is invaluable for policymakers, urban planners, researchers and advanced students. • Examines mitigation and adaptation strategies for developing and developed cities, enabling readers to utilize information on both, and leverage co-benefits between the two • Case study illustrations from both developing and developed cities around the world provide urban decision-makers with state-of-theknowledge on climate change and examples of effective and efficient practices with potential for scaling-up • Unites the work and effort of dozens of expert researchers worldwide – often bringing their international expertise to work in their own cities as local voices Climatology and climate change

April 2011 276 x 219 mm 294pp 34 b/w illus.  60 colour illus.  15 tables   978-1-107-00420-7 Paperback c. £30.00 A

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Earth and environmental science

Climate Change in the Polar Regions John Turner | British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge


Geoinformatics Cyberinfrastructure for the Solid Earth Sciences Edited by G. Randy Keller | University of Oklahoma

This book presents a thorough and highly crossdisciplinary review of how the polar climates have changed over the last million years and sets recent changes within a long term perspective. It will be invaluable for researchers and advanced students in polar science, climatology, global change, meteorology, oceanography and glaciology. • Takes a cross-disciplinary approach and emphasises the close links between the atmosphere, ocean and ice at high latitudes, applicable to readers from a wide range of scientific backgrounds • Unlike other publications which concentrate on either Arctic or Antarctic climate change, this book compares and contrasts the changes in these areas • Sets recent climate change in the context of long term, natural climate variability spanning the last million years

Advanced information technology infrastructure is being increasingly employed in the Earth sciences. Geoinformatics uses a series of case studies to provide a fascinating and accessible introduction to this emerging field and an invaluable reference for researchers interested in developing new cyberinfrastructure projects of their own. • Provides an accessible introduction to the applications of cyberinfrastructure in the Earth sciences for readers without specialist computer knowledge • Presents numerous international case studies to demonstrate the benefits of geoinformatics projects across a broad spectrum of geoscience disciplines • Edited by two pioneers of geoinformatics who are ideally placed to summarise the latest developments and initiatives

Climatology and climate change

Earth science (general)

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 464pp 188 b/w illus.  9 tables   978-0-521-85010-0 Hardback c. £70.00 A

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 400pp 46 b/w illus.  41 colour illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-89715-0 Hardback c. £80.00 A

Climate Change, Ecology and Systematics

Transition to Hydrogen

Edited by Trevor Hodkinson | Trinity College, Dublin

A detailed examination of the ongoing impact of climate change on the ecology and diversity of life on earth, featuring contributions from 60 key researchers. The book discusses the latest research within the fields of ecology and systematics, highlighting the increasing integration of their approaches and methods. • Provides valuable information about the impact of climate change for both general readers and research scientists • Explains how ecology and systematic research is integrated into climate change based conservation planning, highlighting the importance of future research in the field • Features contributions from leading researchers on topics such as adaptation, speciation and extinction, as well as biogeography, migration and ecological niche modelling Climatology and climate change | Systematics Association Special Volume Series

April 2011 246 x 189 mm 500pp 90 b/w illus.  13 tables   978-0-521-76609-8 Hardback c. £65.00 A

The Continental Drift Controversy Volume 1: Wegener and the Early Debate Henry Frankel | University of Missouri, Kansas City

This first volume of The Continental Drift Controversy covers the period in the early 1900s when Wegener first identified that the Earth’s major landmasses could be fitted together like a jigsaw and went on to propose that the continents had once been joined together in a single landmass. • The most thorough account ever written of the most fundamental theory in the geosciences • Includes material from first-hand interviews with many of the leading scientists involved • Frankel’s accessible writing style will appeal to Earth scientists of all disciplines, as well as historians and philosophers of science Earth science (general)

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 520pp 36 b/w illus.   978-0-521-87504-2 Hardback c. £80.00 A

Pathways Toward Clean Transportation Edited by Alexander Wokaun | Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland

This book is a comprehensive and objective guide to understanding hydrogen as a transportation fuel. The effects that pursuing different vehicle technology development paths will have on the economy, the environment, public safety and human health are presented with implications for policy makers, industrial stakeholders and researchers alike. • The book’s neutral standpoint ensures readers an objective analysis of the role of hydrogen in the passenger transportation system • Innovative methods of modeling transportation fleets are used to give a comprehensive representation of the effects of advanced vehicle technology • A novel analysis of atmospheric hydrogen emissions shows how the widespread use of hydrogen in transportation would impact atmospheric levels of the gas Environmental policy, economics and law

June 2011 247 x 174 mm 296pp 129 b/w illus.  21 colour illus.  16 tables   978-0-521-19288-0 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Engineering Strategies for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Ian S. F. Jones | University of Sydney

This book gives a concise review of current knowledge required for engineers to develop strategies to help us manage and adapt to climate change. It is written without technical jargon so as to be accessible to a wide range of students and policymakers. • Addresses various approaches for climate change mitigation, allowing different strategies to be compared on a consistent basis • Examines all reasonable strategies for adaptation to the risks of climate change, enabling readers to distinguish partial costing of competing strategies • Written to be accessible to all, including those without a technical degree Environmental science

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 184pp 42 b/w illus.  16 tables  18 exercises   978-0-521-51602-0 Hardback c. £55.00 A 978-0-521-73159-1 Paperback c. £24.99 A

Earth and environmental science

Thermodynamics of the Earth and Planets

River Discharge to the Coastal Ocean

Alberto Patiño Douce | University of Georgia

A Global Synthesis John D. Milliman | College of William and Mary, Virginia

This textbook provides an intuitive yet mathematically rigorous introduction to thermodynamics of planetary processes for advanced students in Earth and planetary sciences. It also provides an innovative and quantitative complement to courses in geological thermodynamics, petrology, chemical oceanography, planetary science, and is of great interest to researchers in these areas. • Ties together the physics and chemistry of planetary systems into a single textbook, emphasizing first principles and foundations • Contains rigorous mathematical derivation of all results, many worked numerical examples and end-of-chapter problems • Includes many downloadable Maple routines online, explained in Software Boxes in the book Geochemistry and environmental chemistry

June 2011 246 x 189 mm 730pp 200 b/w illus.  10 tables  200 exercises   978-0-521-89621-4 Hardback c. £50.00 A

Tropical Geomorphology Avijit Gupta | University of Leeds

Describes both the humid and arid tropics and application of geomorphology for sustainable development, including climate change. Provides thoroughly up-to-date concepts and case studies, with a large number of illustrations and exercises. An ideal textbook for courses on tropical geomorphology/tropical environment, and a reference text for researchers/environmental managers. • Explains cutting-edge concepts illustrated with tropical examples, providing a one-stop, focused resource for readers • Summarizes all recent research publications, and emphasizes up-todate techniques, in both humid and arid tropics, to give an invaluable overview of the field • Demonstrates the importance of geomorphology and its applications in environmental management and climate change in the tropics Geomorphology and physical geography

July 2011 246 x 189 mm 450pp 150 b/w illus.  10 colour illus.  35 tables  100 exercises   978-0-521-87990-3 Hardback c. £45.00 A

The Global Cryosphere Past, Present and Future Roger Barry | National Snow and Ice Data Center

The first textbook to provide a concise but comprehensive summary of cryospheric processes for courses at upper undergraduate and graduate level in environmental science, geography, geology, glaciology, hydrology, water resource engineering and ocean sciences. It is also a superb up-to-date summary for researchers. Based on the authors’ well-established courses. • Whilst there are many existing texts on individual components of the cryosphere, no other textbook provides an account of the whole cryosphere • Developed from courses taught by the authors for many decades, providing extensively class-tested material • Includes an extensive bibliography, numerous figures and color plates, a glossary and thematic boxes on selected topics to broaden the scope Geomorphology and physical geography

June 2011 246 x 189 mm 480pp 42 b/w illus.  46 colour illus.  24 tables   978-0-521-76981-5 Hardback c. £80.00 A 978-0-521-15685-1 Paperback c. £42.50 X

Utilizing the world’s largest database, this book presents a detailed analysis and synthesis of the processes affecting fluvial discharge of water, sediment and dissolved solids to the ocean. It provides an invaluable resource for researchers, professionals and graduate students in hydrology, oceanography, geology, geomorphology and environmental policy. The complete database is available online at • Contains the most complete discussion of the factors controlling discharge of water as well as suspended and dissolved solids • Illustrates the importance of temporal variations such as oceanic drivers and episodic events in controlling precipitation and thus river runoffs • The complete database of the world’s rivers is also presented within a GIS-based package available online at Geomorphology and physical geography

February 2011 276 x 219 mm 384pp 10 b/w illus.  160 colour illus.  140 maps  70 tables   978-0-521-87987-3 Hardback c. £100.00 A

Water Resources Planning and Management Edited by R. Quentin Grafton | Australian National University, Canberra

This is the most comprehensive handbook ever published on water resource issues. It brings together multiple disciplines to understand and help resolve problems of water quality and scarcity from a global perspective. Its case studies and ‘foundation’ chapters will be greatly valued by students, researchers and professionals in water issues. • Provides a much-needed overview of the many facets of water planning and management for academics, practitioners and students across many different disciplines • Presents practical case-studies from around the world, demonstrating who can address problems of water quality and water access, and how • Features foundation chapters to help students to gain a thorough grounding on the major aspects of water resources and how best to manage them Hydrology, hydrogeology and water resources

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 772pp 150 b/w illus.  50 tables   978-0-521-76258-8 Hardback £55.00 A

Rising Waters The Causes and Consequences of Flooding in the United States Samuel D. Brody | Texas A & M University

This interdisciplinary book uses empirical research to explore the causes of flooding in the United States and the ways in which local communities can reduce the associated human casualties and property damage. It is written for advanced students and researchers in hazard mitigation, hydrology, geography, environmental planning and public policy. • Provides an interdisciplinary look at the causes and consequences of chronic flooding in the United States • Uses rigorous empirical research to examine how local communities can reduce the human casualties and property damage associated with flooding • Demonstrates the benefits and effectiveness of strategies other than structural or engineering approaches to flood mitigation Hydrology, hydrogeology and water resources

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 200pp 8 b/w illus.  20 maps  25 tables   978-0-521-19321-4 Hardback c. £60.00 A

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Earth and environmental science

Water, Life and Civilisation Climate, Environment and Society in the Jordan Valley Edited by Steven Mithen | University of Reading


Demonstrates how theories and methods of meteorology, hydrology, geology, human geography and archaeology can be integrated to generate new insights into the past, present and future of water resources in the Near East. An invaluable reference for researchers and advanced students in environmental science, archaeology, geography and the social sciences. • Provides interdisciplinary research involving meteorology, hydrology, archaeology and geology, using methods which can be applied in other geographic areas • Demonstrates how simulations of the past can deepen our understanding of the climate system’s response to changes. This helps us interpret future climate projections and assess the credibility of the model • Provides new insights into the prehistory and history of the Jordan Valley, one of the most important archaeological records for understanding world prehistory and history Hydrology, hydrogeology and water resources | International Hydrology Series

March 2011 276 x 219 mm 544pp 239 b/w illus.  31 colour illus.  87 tables   978-0-521-76957-0 Hardback c. £80.00 A

Eruptions that Shook the World Clive Oppenheimer | University of Cambridge

Did volcanic eruptions extinguish the dinosaurs and shape human civilisation? Clive Oppenheimer explores the greatest volcanic events of the past quarter of a billion years, using rich geological, historical, archaeological and palaeoenvironmental records. His forensic approach to volcanology links cause and effect, providing important lessons for future catastrophe risk management. • Topical and important after the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption, this exploration of volcanic impact draws together research from varied disciplines such as geology, archaeology and climate science • Emphasizes how the largest scale impacts of eruptions can reach across a whole continent, covering it in ash, or change the global climate and temperatures • Links more broadly to the management of risks at the scale of global natural hazards Mineralogy, petrology and volcanology

May 2011 228 x 152 mm 408pp 100 b/w illus.  10 tables   978-0-521-64112-8 Hardback c. £18.99 A

Breaking and Dissipation of Ocean Surface Waves Alexander Babanin | Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria

Ocean wave breaking represents one of the most interesting and challenging problems for fluid mechanics and physical oceanography. This book outlines the state of the art in our understanding of wave breaking and is a valuable resource for researchers, modellers, forecasters, engineers and graduate students in physical oceanography, meteorology and ocean engineering. • Describes analytical and modelling approaches to the study of wave breaking and dissipation • Proposes means and approaches to parameterise dissipation terms for wave-forecast models, which will be of importance for wave forecasters and meteorological centres • Provides a review of the wave breaking roles and feedbacks in the atmospheric boundary layer and upper ocean, for modellers of tropical cyclones, climate and ocean circulation Oceanography and marine science

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 485pp 135 b/w illus.  6 tables   978-1-107-00158-9 Hardback c. £75.00 A

Modeling Methods for Marine Science David M. Glover | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts

Textbook on modeling, data analysis and numerical techniques for advanced students of oceanography, and an invaluable resource for a broad range of scientists undertaking modeling in chemical, biological, geological and physical oceanography. • Integrates data analysis and numerical modeling in a single, coherent framework, allowing students to understand the natural flow from measurement to scientific understanding • Translates theory into practical, step-by-step example code in MATLAB, allowing students to apply what they learn by giving them hands-on computer experience • Provides clear explanations of key concepts through real world examples and case studies drawn from a wide range of marine science applications • Accessible to students and researchers from a broad range of backgrounds, with few prerequisites in science and mathematics needed Oceanography and marine science

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 600pp 161 b/w illus.  11 tables  40 exercises   978-0-521-86783-2 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Earth and environmental science


Ocean Dynamics and the Carbon Cycle Principles and Mechanisms Richard G. Williams | University of Liverpool

Presents a modern, multidisciplinary and observational approach to introduce the physical processes that drive ocean biogeochemistry and global climate change. Observational data, simple numerical models and schematic illustrations are integrated with basic physical theory to address fundamental research questions and explain how ocean circulation controls marine chemistry and biological productivity. • Integrates observational data with basic physical theory to address fundamental research questions in ocean dynamics and biogeochemistry • Presents a modern, multidisciplinary approach with background chapters on ocean physics, chemistry and biology that provide students from a variety of disciplines with a solid platform of knowledge and skills • Online resources, including additional exercises, solutions for instructors and model animations linked to illustrations in the book, supplement the book to create a complete learning package Oceanography and marine science

June 2011 246 x 189 mm 416pp 286 b/w illus.  16 colour illus.  15 tables  50 exercises   978-0-521-84369-0 Hardback c. £45.00 X

Ichnology Organism-Substrate Interactions in Space and Time Luis Buatois | University of Saskatchewan, Canada

This book is an invaluable resource for researchers and graduate students in paleontology, sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy, as well as industry professionals working in petroleum geoscience. It covers the basic concepts and applications in paleobiology and sedimentology, using examples from the Ediacaran to recent geologic time periods. ��� Covers the ichnology of all depositional environments from Precambrian to recent, giving readers a comprehensive picture of paleoenvironmental and evolutionary controls • Presents a balanced treatment of the two dominant schools of thought: ichnofabric approach and ichnofacies practitioners, allowing readers to obtain an accurate picture of their strengths and weaknesses • Combines case studies and general models, providing a balance between general syntheses and the complexities of specific examples Palaeontology and life history

May 2011 276 x 219 mm 400pp 222 colour illus.   978-0-521-85555-6 Hardback c. £50.00 A


Planetary Surface Processes H. Jay Melosh | Purdue University, Indiana

The first comprehensive advanced textbook on the processes that shape planetary surfaces. It employs a quantitative approach, placing terrestrial geologic processes in a broader planetary context. Aimed at advanced students, it is also an invaluable resource for researchers, professional planetary scientists and space-mission engineers. • Provides comprehensive coverage of all planetary surface processes in one book • A quantitative, process-orientated approach allows readers to apply geologic processes to previously unanticipated circumstances on new planetary-scale bodies • Presents extensively class-tested material from the author’s 25 years of experience teaching courses on the topic Planetary science and astrobiology | Cambridge Planetary Science

August 2011 247 x 174 mm 450pp 141 b/w illus.  28 tables  34 exercises   978-0-521-51418-7 Hardback c. £40.00 X

A Student’s Guide to Geophysical Equations William Lowrie | ETH Zentrum, Switzerland

This compact, handy guide presents full derivations of the classical equations of geophysics, illustrated with simple schematic diagrams. It supports students through the successive steps and explains the logical sequence of a derivation – facilitating self-study and helping students to tackle homework exercises and prepare for exams. • Covers a wide range of geophysical topics and can be used to accompany advanced lecture courses • Fundamental, background mathematics is explained in an introductory chapter, providing a helpful primer for less mathematically able students • Detailed, step-by-step derivations help students develop a real understanding of the physical meaning, without the need for intensive tutorial assistance Solid earth geophysics

June 2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 78 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-1-107-00584-6 Hardback c. £50.00 A 978-0-521-18377-2 Paperback c. £21.99 X

Mantle Convection for Geologists Geoffrey F. Davies | Australian National University, Canberra

Mantle convection is the fundamental agent driving most geological processes. This book explains how it works, and how to quantify it in simple terms and its relevance to geological features at the Earth’s surface. It is accessible to students and researchers across a variety of geoscience disciplines. • Uses minimal maths and explains physics in simple terms, making the subject accessible to Earth scientists with diverse background training • Mechanisms are clearly explained, allowing readers to gain an intuitive understanding of how mantle convection relates to plate tectonics, and why mantle plumes develop • Written by a prominent author with a cutting-edge view of this fundamental aspect of the Earth’s geological processes Structural geology, tectonics and geodynamics

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 240pp 101 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-0-521-19800-4 Hardback £35.00 A

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Earth and environmental science / Astronomy


The Cambridge Atlas of Herschel Objects

An Interdisciplinary Approach Irina Artemieva | University of Copenhagen


Presents a coherent synthesis of lithosphere studies, based on a full set of geophysical methods and complemented by petrologic and laboratory data on rock properties. This is a multidisciplinary resource for researchers and advanced students in geophysics, geodynamics, tectonics, petrology, and geochemistry, and for petroleum and mining industry professionals. • Comprehensive in both space and time – covering continental and oceanic regions, and tectonic structures spanning 3.5 billion years of lithosphere evolution • Presents a cross-disciplinary approach and allows comparisons from a range of geophysical methods, complemented by petrologic and laboratory data • Provides an analysis of the assumptions and uncertainties of different methods, allowing readers to assess now how robust conclusions based on different geophysical techniques are • Mathematically simple with relatively few equations, making results accessible to students and specialists from adjacent fields Structural geology, tectonics and geodynamics

May 2011 246 x 189 mm 824pp 417 b/w illus.  45 tables   978-0-521-84396-6 Hardback c. £90.00 A

Astronomy Eye and Telescope v3.0 The Deep Sky Observing Planner Software developed by Thomas Pfleger

This is the only software that can predict how an object will look through your telescope. It uses a comprehensive database to find suitable candidates for observing in a blink of an eye. Clearly labelled star maps can be easily rotated to match the view in your eye-piece. • The only software that can predict how an object will look through your telescope at a specific time and location • Helps you to plan your observing by giving the best times and order for observation that night, with star maps that can be easily rotated to match the view in your eye-piece • You can easily document and record your observations as well as organize long-term projects Amateur and popular astronomy

January 2011 978-0-521-15115-3 DVD-ROM c. £45.00


The Cambridge Star Atlas Fourth edition Wil Tirion

This classic star atlas is ideal for both beginning astronomers and more experienced observers worldwide. As well as showing the stars, clusters and galaxies visible with binoculars or a small telescope, this fourth edition contains a new Moon map and enhanced charts. • Full-color maps show stars, clusters and galaxies visible with binoculars or a small telescope • New features include a new map of the Moon, enhanced charts and a new data table • Now spiral bound, ideal for use at the telescope Amateur and popular astronomy

January 2011 303 x 228 mm 96pp 32 colour illus.   978-0-521-17363-6 Paperback £23.99 T

James Mullaney

The first star atlas devoted to the Herschel objects, it displays over 2500 of the most visually-attractive star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. Spiral bound and printed in red-light friendly colors for use at a telescope, this is a must-have for stargazers who want to explore these fascinating objects. • The first star atlas of its kind devoted to the Herschel objects, it is written by experienced observer James Mullaney and illustrated by renowned celestial cartographer Wil Tirion • Covering the entire sky, it features over 2500 of the most visuallyattractive star clusters, nebulae and galaxies; all 88 constellations; variable, double and multiple stars; and the Milky Way • Ideal for use at the telescope, it is spiral bound and printed in red-light friendly colors with color-coded symbols Amateur and popular astronomy

January 2011 303 x 228 mm 190pp 32 colour illus.   978-0-521-13817-8 Paperback £27.99 A

Deep-Sky Companions: The Secret Deep Stephen James O’Meara

Stephen James O’Meara presents 109 new objects for stargazers to observe. Each object is accompanied by beautiful photographs and sketches, original finder charts, visual histories and up-to-date astrophysical information to enrich the observing experience. Featuring many exceptional objects, this is an essential guide for any deep-sky observer. • A fresh, new list of 109 deep-sky gazing challenges not previously featured in the Deep-Sky Companions series • Features many amazing objects, including the flattest galaxy known and the companion star to one of the first black hole candidates ever discovered • Filled with beautiful photographs and sketches and O’Meara’s original finder charts and directions to finding the objects Amateur and popular astronomy

April 2011 254 x 174 mm 400pp 435 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19876-9 Hardback c. £29.00 T

Practical Astronomy with your Calculator or Spreadsheet Fourth edition Peter Duffett-Smith | University of Cambridge

Updated and extended, the fourth edition of this highly regarded book is ideal for those who wish to solve various practical and recreational problems in astronomy using a scientific calculator or spreadsheet. With clear, easy-to-follow instructions, shown alongside worked examples, this handbook can be enjoyed by anyone interested in astronomy. • Gives easy-to-understand, simplified methods for use with a calculator. Clear presentation makes it easy to get started • This edition also includes a set of easy-to-use, high-precision spreadsheet methods, for greater accuracy • Updated and fully tested methods can be applied anywhere, worldwide Amateur and popular astronomy

April 2011 246 x 189 mm 304pp 110 b/w illus.  10 tables   978-0-521-14654-8 Paperback c. £24.99 A


The Complete Guide to the Herschel Objects

Fred Hoyle A Life in Science Simon Mitton | University of Cambridge

Sir William Herschel’s Star Clusters, Nebulae and Galaxies Mark Bratton | Webb Deep-Sky Society

Providing a complete re-examination of Herschel’s entire catalogue, this is the most accurate and upto-date reference of its kind. With object data for every one of Herschel’s discoveries and hundreds of intriguing photos, this unique text is a must-have for amateur astronomers seeking new and exciting observing challenges. • Accurate and up-to-date guide to Herschel’s entire catalogue of nonstellar discoveries • Illustrated with hundreds of photos of the most intriguing Herschel objects and dozens of sketches of what is visible at the eyepiece • The perfect companion to The Cambridge Atlas of Herschel Objects by James Mullaney and Wil Tirion Amateur and popular astronomy

The scientific life of Fred Hoyle (1915–2001) was truly unparalleled. During his career he wrote groundbreaking scientific papers and caused bitter disputes in the scientific community with his revolutionary theories. Written from personal accounts and interviews with his contemporaries, this book gives valuable insights into Fred Hoyle’s unforgettable life. • The only biographical account of Fred Hoyle written from personal knowledge • Focuses on Hoyle’s contributions to science as an astronomer and public figure • A fascinating insight into the history of cosmology Astronomy (general)

February 2011 234 x 156 mm 384pp 22 b/w illus.   978-0-521-18947-7 Paperback c. £19.99 A

July 2011 246 x 189 mm 530pp 600 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76892-4 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Highlights of Astronomy

Advancing Variable Star Astronomy

Volume 15 Edited by Ian Corbett | International Astronomical Union

The Centennial History of the American Association of Variable Star Observers Thomas R. Williams | American Association of Variable Star Observers

Marking the AAVSO’s centennial year, this timely book presents an authoritative and accurate history of this important association. Moving chronologically through five eras of variable star astronomy, the authors discuss the evolution of the AAVSO’s structure and purpose, focusing on the thousands of individuals who have made its progress possible. • First comprehensive history of the AAVSO • Thoroughly documented and well-researched, updating previous literature on the subject • Pays special attention to the interaction between amateur and professional astronomers over the years

This volume records the proceedings of the IAU XXVII General Assembly and is a testament to the vigour and momentum of astrophysical discovery in 2009, the International Year of Astronomy. Covering planets, stars, galaxies, dark matter and modern cosmology, it provides a broad overview of modern astrophysics. • Covers virtually all aspects of modern astrophysics • Provides a detailed record of topics discussed at the IAU XXVII General Assembly, held during the International Year of Astronomy • Brings together work in widely different fields, with a common goal of understanding the physics of the Universe Astronomy (general) | Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union Symposia and Colloquia

November 2010 247 x 174 mm 880pp 100 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00533-4 Hardback £70.00 A

Amateur and popular astronomy

Galileo’s Medicean Moons (IAU S269)

May 2011 246 x 189 mm 432pp 128 b/w illus.   978-0-521-51912-0 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Their Impact on 400 Years of Discovery Edited by Cesare Barbieri | University of Padua

Patrick Moore’s Data Book of Astronomy Second edition Patrick Moore | British Astronomical Association, London

Packed with up-to-date astronomical data about the Solar System, our Galaxy and the wider Universe, this is a one-stop reference for astronomers of all levels. With hundreds of data tables and a comprehensive star catalogue, it is destined to become the standard reference for everyone interested in astronomy. • Extensively updated to take in the very latest astronomical data • Covers everything from the Sun and the planets, satellites, comets and asteroids in our Solar System, to the stars, nebulae and constellations in our Galaxy and beyond • More than 200 data tables make this the only book you will ever need to look up any data about astronomy Astronomy (general)

February 2011 246 x 189 mm 576pp 35 b/w illus.  48 maps  270 tables   978-0-521-89935-2 Hardback £35.00 A

IAU S269 celebrates the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s discovery of Jupiter’s largest moons. It examines our current knowledge of the Jupiter system, and considers how future space missions and instruments will improve our understanding of the potential for life in our Solar System and in the many extrasolar planetary systems. • Presents an overview of Galileo Galilei’s astronomical discoveries, explaining how his findings pushed us towards a deeper understanding of our place in the Universe • Examines our current knowledge of Jupiter and its moons • Considers how future space missions will bolster our contemporary vision of the Solar System, of extra-solar planetary systems, and of potential life forms beyond our Solar System Astronomy (general) | Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union Symposia and Colloquia

November 2010 247 x 174 mm 296pp 150 b/w illus.  20 tables   978-0-521-19556-0 Hardback £70.00 A

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An Introduction to Star Formation Derek Ward-Thompson | Cardiff University


Guiding the reader through all the stages that lead to the formation of a star such as our Sun, this is the first advanced textbook to provide a complete overview of star formation. This unique, selfcontained text combines theory with observation, and is ideal for students and professional researchers alike. • Provides students with a complete overview of star formation, examining the underlying physical processes that govern the evolution from a molecular cloud core to a main-sequence star • Unique, self-contained text with sufficient background information for self-study • Presents theory and observation side-by-side, helping readers to connect with and understand the theory behind star formation

The Living Cosmos Our Search for Life in the Universe Chris Impey | University of Arizona

Considering the development of life on Earth and the potential for life elsewhere in the Universe, this book is a fascinating insight into our place in the Universe. Accompanied by a website featuring articles on astrobiology, it is ideal for anyone wanting to know more about life and the Universe. • Explores the extreme limits of life on Earth, and the search for life on Mars and other parts of the Solar System • Discusses how the fascinating field of astrobiology is changing our views of life and our place in the Universe • Accompanied by a website hosted by the author featuring podcasts, articles and news stories Extrasolar planets and astrobiology

April 2011 228 x 152 mm 393pp 129 b/w illus.   978-0-521-17384-1 Paperback c. £13.99 T


February 2011 247 x 174 mm 232pp 81 b/w illus.   978-0-521-63030-6 Hardback £40.00 X Textbook

Atomic Astrophysics and Spectroscopy Anil K. Pradhan | Ohio State University

Bridging the gap between physics and astronomy, this is the first integrated graduate-level textbook on atomic astrophysics. It covers the basics of atomic physics and astrophysics, and state-of-the-art research applications, methods and tools. A website hosted by the authors, containing updates, corrections, exercises and solutions, is available at • A well-balanced treatment of atomic astrophysics covering the basics as well as advanced applications • Suitable for self-study; the basics are summarised at the beginning of each chapter • An accompanying website available at contains updates, corrections, exercises, solutions and more Astrophysics

January 2011 246 x 189 mm 376pp 150 b/w illus.  50 exercises   978-0-521-82536-8 Hardback £45.00 A

Black Holes Edited by Mario Livio | Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore

Written by leading experts, these review papers explore the many aspects of black hole astrophysics. Topics range from black hole entropy, the fate of information, and supermassive black holes, to collider experiments and the measurements of black hole spins. This is an invaluable resource for researchers and graduate students. • Provides an up-to-date overview of current research in this fascinating and important field of astrophysics • Features contributions from leading experts • An important resource for researchers and graduate students alike Astrophysics | Space Telescope Science Institute Symposium Series, 21

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 330pp 211 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00553-2 Hardback £70.00 A

The Exoplanet Handbook Michael Perryman | European Space Agency

Exoplanet research is one of the most explosive subjects in astronomy today, with more than 500 exoplanets now known. This book ties together these many avenues of investigation – from the perspectives of observation, technology and theory – to give a comprehensive, up-to-date review of the entire field. • Reviews, explains and interlinks the entire field, providing a comprehensive entry to the subject for existing or new researchers • Covers multiple areas of importance to exoplanet research to introduce researchers to topics outside their knowledge base • Extensive references provide rapid and convenient access to the enormous associated literature Extrasolar planets and astrobiology

April 2011 246 x 189 mm 422pp 223 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76559-6 Hardback c. £45.00 A

Origins and Evolution of Life An Astrobiological Perspective Edited by Muriel Gargaud | Université de Bordeaux

Devoted to exploring questions about the origin of life, its evolution and possible existence beyond Earth, this text examines the latest research on the conditions and processes that led to the emergence of life. This highly interdisciplinary book will appeal to a broad array of scientists. • Presents a multidisciplinary examination of the origin and evolution of life in our Universe • Brings together the work of astronomers, geologists, chemists, biologists and computer scientists, and has widespread appeal • Explores the latest research on the conditions and processes that led to the emergence of life Extrasolar planets and astrobiology | Cambridge Astrobiology, 6

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 546pp 123 b/w illus.  19 tables   978-0-521-76131-4 Hardback £70.00 A

Astronomy / Engineering

Unravelling Starlight

Mechanics of Biomaterials

William and Margaret Huggins and the Rise of the New Astronomy Barbara J. Becker | University of California, Irvine

Fundamental Principles for Implant Design Lisa A. Pruitt | University of California, Berkeley

Challenging traditional accounts of the origins of astrophysics, this book re-examines the life and career of nineteenth-century English amateur astronomer William Huggins and his wife, Margaret Huggins. Written in an engaging style, this book will be valuable to scientists, students and anyone interested in the history of astronomy. • Presents a new interpretation of events in William Huggins’ life and career • Makes extensive use of unpublished archival material and features previously unexamined research projects by William Huggins • Discusses the contribution of Margaret Huggins to her husband’s research History of astronomy and cosmology

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 400pp 45 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00229-6 Hardback c. £65.00 A

The Cambridge Guide to the Solar System Second edition Kenneth R. Lang | Tufts University, Massachusetts

Richly illustrated with full-colour images, this second edition of a classic reference provides an up-to-date description of the planets, their moons, and recent exoplanet discoveries. Written at an introductory level appropriate for high-school and undergraduate students, it provides fresh insights that appeal to anyone with an interest in planetary science. • Presents striking examples of new discoveries through hundreds of captivating, full-color images • Includes key discoveries from recent planetary spacecraft and fresh insights into previous explorations, giving an up-to-date description of the planets and moons of our Solar System • All the images from the book, together with a description of their importance, can be found at Planetary science

February 2011 276 x 219 mm 420pp 200 b/w illus.  225 colour illus.  62 tables   978-0-521-19857-8 Hardback c. £35.00 A

Teaching mechanical and structural biomaterial concepts for successful implant design, this selfcontained text is suitable for engineers, scientists and clinicians. Medical device case studies (including orthopedics, cardiovascular medicine, dentistry and soft tissues), step-by-step design guidelines and problem sets throughout, make this book ideal for course use and for self study. • Teaches mechanical and structural biomaterial concepts for successful implant design • Includes step-by-step design guidelines throughout, enabling readers to understand how multiple aspects of failure can be evaluated for a material or device • Contains medical device case studies (orthopaedic, cardiovascular, dental, soft tissue), which give the reader an in-depth view of implant evolution and design issues in four key clinical areas Biomedical engineering | Cambridge Texts in Biomedical Engineering

July 2011 246 x 189 mm 650pp 375 b/w illus.  35 tables  115 exercises   978-0-521-76221-2 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Polymer Physics Applications to Molecular Association and Thermoreversible Gelation Fumihiko Tanaka | Kyoto University, Japan

Maintaining a balance between theoretical descriptions and practical applications, Fumihiko Tanaka provides an up-to-date, unified treatment of polymer association and thermoreversible gelation. Guiding the reader through the fundamental laws of polymer physics, recent developments are explored, along with relevant case studies. This book will appeal to both researchers and students. • Maintains a balance between theoretical descriptions and practical applications • Case studies on self-assembly, supramolecules, thermoreversible gels and water-soluble polymers • Discusses new theoretical and experimental methods used to investigate molecular association and gelation Chemical engineering

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 400pp 185 b/w illus.  8 tables   978-0-521-86429-9 Hardback c. £80.00 A

Engineering Complex Webs Anticipating the Improbable Bruce J. West | Army Research Office

Presenting the common principles, algorithms, and tools governing network behaviour, dynamics, and complexity, this book synthesises modern mathematical developments with the broad range of network applications of interest to the engineer and system scientist. It is richly illustrated with realworld examples from physiology, bioengineering, biophysics, and informational and social networks. • Brings together the dynamical properties of networks at a sophisticated mathematical level • Includes a large number of real-world webs that have inverse powerlaw distributions, exposing the myth of normal statistics to describe real-world webs • Explores the multiple mathematical approaches to inverse power-laws, revealing the mechanisms responsible for complex webs Biomedical engineering


Chemical Product Design Second edition E. L. Cussler | University of Minnesota

This revised and expanded edition of a groundbreaking textbook provides a four-step process for chemical product design: needs, ideas, selection and manufacture. Numerous real-world examples and homework problems give ample illustrative and assessment material, whilst four new chapters set out the different product types (commodities, devices, molecules/drugs and microstructures). • Presents a four-step template for the design process: needs, ideas, selection, manufacture • Easy-to-follow text, written in a lively, engaging style, with numerous real-world examples and homework problems • Four new chapters divide products up into their different types: commodities, devices, molecular products and microstructures Chemical engineering | Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 496pp 76 b/w illus.  80 tables  81 exercises   978-0-521-16822-9 Paperback c. £40.00 X

December 2010 247 x 174 mm 386pp 110 b/w illus.  6 tables  27 exercises   978-0-521-11366-3 Hardback £45.00 A

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Physical-Layer Security From Information Theory to Security Engineering Matthieu Bloch | Georgia Institute of Technology


This complete guide to physical-layer security presents the theoretical foundations, practical implementation, challenges and benefits of a groundbreaking model for secure communication. Using a bottom-up approach from the link level all the way to end-to-end architectures, it provides tools that enable students, researchers and practitioners to build more secure systems. • Presents the theoretical foundations, practical implementation, challenges and benefits of a groundbreaking new model for secure communication: physical-layer security • Provides essential practical tools enabling readers to build more secure systems • Includes a broad treatment of passive and active attacks at the physical layer, setting out the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by eavesdroppers and jammers Communications and signal processing

May 2011 247 x 174 mm 344pp 79 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-51650-1 Hardback c. £55.00 A

Complex-Valued Matrix Derivatives With Applications in Signal Processing and Communications Are Hjørungnes | University of Oslo

An introduction to a powerful set of mathematical tools for finding derivatives of scalar-, vector- and matrix-valued functions with respect to complex matrix variables. Self-contained and easy-to-follow, this singular reference uses numerous practical examples to demonstrate how these tools can be used to analyze and optimize performance of engineering systems. • First self-contained book covering complex-valued matrix derivatives from an engineering perspective • Uses recent research examples from signal processing and communications to demonstrate how differentiation theory can be applied in practice • Contains over 80 end-of-chapter exercises, with a complete solutions manual available at Communications and signal processing

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 244pp 10 b/w illus.  17 tables  81 exercises   978-0-521-19264-4 Hardback c. £65.00 A

Information Theory Coding Theorems for Discrete Memoryless Systems Second edition Imre Csiszár | Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Written by two pioneering researchers, Information Theory provides in-depth coverage of the mathematics of communication, data processing, transmission and provable security. Updated and expanded, this new edition includes unique discussions of information theoretic secrecy and zero-error information, together with 320 end-ofchapter problems and helpful hints for solving them. • Fully updated and revised edition of a classic book in the field • Presents deep insights and expert treatment of the key theoretical issues, from two of the field’s pioneering researchers • Includes new, unique coverage of information theoretic secrecy and zero-error information, and provides 320 end-of-chapter problems, and helpful solving hints Communications and signal processing

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 544pp 53 b/w illus.  347 exercises   978-0-521-19681-9 Hardback c. £60.00 A

Graph Spectra for Complex Networks Piet Van Mieghem | Technische Universiteit Delft, The Netherlands

A concise and self-contained introduction to the theory of graph spectra and its applications to the study of complex networks. Covering a range of types of graphs, this guide provides the mathematical foundation needed to understand and apply spectral insight to real-world communications systems and networks. • General properties of both the adjacency and Laplacian spectrum of graphs are derived and applied to complex networks • Proofs are written in a deductive and comprehensive manner, presenting all the derivations required in one place • Practical examples illustrate how mathematical and statistical tools can be applied to real-world networks Communications and signal processing

December 2010 247 x 174 mm 362pp 29 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-19458-7 Hardback £70.00 A

Next-Generation Internet Architectures and Protocols Edited by Byrav Ramamurthy | University of Nebraska, Lincoln

With ever-increasing demands on capacity, quality of service, and reliability, current Internet systems are under strain and under review. Combining contributions from leading experts, this book captures the most recent and innovative designs, architectures, protocols, and mechanisms that will enable researchers to successfully build the next-generation Internet. • Captures the most recent and innovative designs, architectures, protocols, and mechanisms that will enable researchers to successfully build the next-generation Internet • Provides a broad perspective, with topics including innovations at the physical/transmission layer in wired and wireless media • Covers new approaches for pricing, policies, and network economics Communications and signal processing

January 2011 247 x 174 mm 440pp 50 b/w illus.  15 tables   978-0-521-11368-7 Hardback £60.00 A

Behavior Dynamics in MediaSharing Social Networks H. Vicky Zhao | University of Alberta

Bringing together mathematical tools and engineering concepts with ideas from sociology and human behavior analysis, this comprehensive and accessible resource uses examples from realworld multimedia social networks to demonstrate how signal processing techniques can be used to model user dynamics and optimize design of media-sharing network systems. • Unique emphasis on the signal processing perspective of behavior modeling and analysis • Presents state-of-the-art concepts and recent results • Uses two real-world multimedia social networks as examples to demonstrate the methodologies used to model and analyze human behavior Communications and signal processing

March 2011 247 x 174 mm 336pp 110 b/w illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-19727-4 Hardback c. £75.00 A


Fundamentals of Object Tracking Subhash Challa | University of Melbourne

Inertial MEMS Principles and Practice Volker Kempe | SensorDynamics AG

In recent years there have been major advances in the use of object tracking technology for both military and civilian applications. This book provides a solid foundation to this field and its methods for the growing number of students, engineers and researchers working on real-world tracking problems. • A unified Bayesian approach to object tracking, which makes the techniques more accessible to non-specialists • Presents the performance bounds of algorithms for each of the realworld scenarios studied in the book • Includes illustrative examples to encourage rapid adoption and adaptation of object tracking techniques

A practical and systematic overview of the design, fabrication and test of MEMS-based inertial sensors, this invaluable resource shows you how to analyze and transform application requirements into practical designs and helps you to avoid potential pitfalls and cut design time. • Covers state-of-the-art inertial MEMS and their properties • Discusses problems involved in MEMS manufacture and the pros and cons of various solutions, helping engineers to find the best solution quickly and to avoid pitfalls • Coverage of design basics and engineering models for representative system components helps cut design time

Control systems and optimization

Electronic, optoelectronic devices, and nanotechnology

April 2011 247 x 174 mm 364pp 60 b/w illus.  1 colour illus.   978-0-521-87628-5 Hardback c. £55.00 A

February 2011 247 x 174 mm 456pp 210 b/w illus.  8 colour illus.  7 tables   978-0-521-76658-6 Hardback £75.00 P


Principles of Plasma Physics for Engineers and Scientists Umran S. Inan | Stanford University, California

This unified introduction provides the tools and techniques needed to analyze plasmas and connects plasma phenomena to other fields of study. Combining mathematical rigor with qualitative explanations, and linking theory to practice with example problems, this is a perfect textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate students taking onesemester introductory courses. • Provides the tools and techniques needed to analyze plasmas and connects plasma phenomena to other fields of study • For the first time, material is presented in the context of unifying principles, illustrated using organizational charts, and structured in a successive progression • Example problems illustrate how theories and formulas are used in technological applications Electromagnetics

Nanoscale MOS Transistors Semi-Classical Transport and Applications David Esseni | Università degli Studi di Udine, Italy

Provides the theoretical background and physical insight needed to understand new and future developments in the modeling and design of n- and p-MOS nanoscale transistors. Written from an engineering standpoint, it covers all the latest topics and assumes minimal background in solid state physics and quantum mechanics. • Provides the theoretical background and the physical insight needed to understand new and future developments • Assumes minimal background in solid state physics and quantum mechanics • Includes a wealth of applications, illustrations and examples to connect the methods d