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Thinking like a Linguist Introducing Linguistics Languages of the World The Study of Language The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language For the Love of Language How Languages Work APPLIED LINGUISTICS

SLA Applied Beyond CLIL The Cambridge Introduction to Applied Linguistics Vocabulary in Language Teaching Introducing Language in the Workplace Linguistics and English Literature Key Questions in Language Teaching Key Questions in Second Language Acquisition How Second Languages are Learned Introducing Second Language Acquisition GRAMMAR & SYNTAX

An Introduction to English Sentence Structure Syntactic Constructions in English Lexical-Functional Grammar The Lexicon Analysing English Sentences Introducing Syntax Syntactic Analysis HISTORICAL LINGUISTICS

English Historical Linguistics The Emergence and Development of English The History of Spanish LATIN AMERICAN LANGUAGES

En Contexto Introducción a la lingüística hispánica


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Language Contact English Around the World Interactional Linguistics Conversation Analysis ALSO OF INTEREST

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Second Language Writing 11 A Student’s Introduction to English Grammar 11 Working with English Grammar 11 An Introduction to Grammar for Language Learners 11 Introducción a la Sintaxis del Español 11 Testing for Language Teachers 11 Grammar 11 Python for Linguists 11 Intercultural Communication and Language Pedagogy 12 Adventures in English Syntax 12 Introducing Linguistic Research 12 An Advanced Intro to Semantics 12 Sociophonetics 12 Life as a Bilingual 12 The Dialects of Spanish 12 European Language Matters 12


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Word-Formation in English PHONETICS & PHONOLOGY

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Phonetics 9 Phonology 9 Australian English Pronunciation and Transcription 10 PSYCHOLINGUISTICS & NEUROLINGUISTICS

First Language Acquisition SEMANTICS & PRAGMATICS

Meaning in English


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Higher Education | Language & Linguistics


Thinking like a Linguist An Introduction to the Science of Language Jordan B. Sandoval Kristin E. Denham

Integrated practice and discovery problems in various languages encourage students to think analytically and scientifically about language. July 2021 247 x 174 mm 200pp 978-1-316-63520-9 Paperback c. £23.99 / c. US$31.99 X

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language Third edition David Crystal

A fully updated third edition that provides comprehensive coverage of the history, structure and worldwide use of the English language. November 2018 276 x 219 mm 582pp 978-1-108-43773-8 Paperback £29.99 / US$40.99 P

Introducing Linguistics

Languages of the World

The Study of Language

Theoretical and Applied Approaches Joyce Bruhn de Garavito John W. Schwieter

An Introduction Third edition Asya Pereltsvaig

Seventh edition George Yule

Offers a contemporary approach to the study of language. The engaging, thought-provoking discourse of this book makes it accessible to all learners. January 2021 246 x 189 mm 626pp 978-1-108-71065-7 Paperback £41.99 / US$54.99 X

Requiring no background in linguistics, this book introduces readers to the rich diversity of human languages.

Easy to follow, simple to understand, broad yet concise – this fundamental introduction now has more study questions and new tasks.

September 2020 244 x 170 mm 500pp 23 b/w illus.  40 tables   978-1-108-74812-4 Paperback £29.99 / US$39.99 X

January 2020 246 x 189 mm c.420pp 60 colour illus.  39 tables   978-1-108-73070-9 Paperback £24.99 / US$31.99 X

For the Love of Language

How Languages Work

An Introduction to Linguistics Second edition Kate Burridge Tonya N. Stebbins

An Introduction to Language and Linguistics Second edition Carol Genetti

An engaging introduction to human language and the role of linguistics in understanding its fundamental design, acquisition and functions. February 2020 255 x 190 mm c.680pp 107 b/w illus.  103 tables   978-1-108-70101-3 Paperback £69.99 / US$89.99 X


SLA Applied Connecting Theory and Practice Brian John Tomlinson Hitomi Masuhara

A fully revised introduction to language in use, containing in-depth language profiles, case studies, and online multimedia resources.

This book connects SLA theory and practice in ways that are relevant and accessible to students, researchers and practitioners.

November 2018 246 x 189 mm 704pp 978-1-108-45451-3 Paperback £42.99 / US$59.99 X

March 2021 244 x 170 mm c.380pp 978-1-108-45853-5 Paperback £29.99 / US$38.99 X



Higher Education | Language & Linguistics

Beyond CLIL Pluriliteracies Teaching for Deeper Learning Do Coyle Oliver Meyer

Offers an innovative, holistic and evidence-based pedagogic approach to deeper learning for all subjects of schooling. July 2021 246 x 189 mm c.220pp 978-1-108-82372-2 Paperback c. £24.99 / c. US$31.99 X

The Cambridge Introduction to Applied Linguistics Susan Conrad Alissa Hartig Lynn Santelmann

A comprehensive and up-to-date textbook that brings applied linguistics alive while preparing students for the field with handson practice. July 2020 246 x 189 mm c.414pp 978-1-108-45581-7 Paperback £32.99 / US$42.99 X

Linguistics and English Literature

Key Questions in Language Teaching

An Introduction H. D. Adamson

An Introduction Alessandro G. Benati

This undergraduate textbook introduces English literature students to the application of linguistics to literary analysis.

A concise introduction to the key concepts, principles and recurring issues in language teaching.

Cambridge Introductions to the English Language April 2019 247 x 174 mm 364pp 21 b/w illus.  2 maps  11 tables   978-1-107-62305-7 Paperback £21.99 / US$29.99 X

February 2020 246 x 189 mm 226pp 978-1-108-44140-7 Paperback £24.99 / US$31.99 X

Vocabulary in Language Teaching Second edition Norbert Schmitt Diane Schmitt

Written by two top vocabulary specialists, this updated edition gives a state-of-theart introduction to vocabulary teaching and testing. July 2020 244 x 170 mm 286pp 15 b/w illus.  10 tables   978-1-108-70160-0 Paperback £27.99 / US$35.99 X

Introducing Language in the Workplace Bernadette Vine

This introductory textbook summarises key topics from up-to-date workplace discourse research, with over 160 international examples. Cambridge Introductions to Applied Linguistics June 2020 247 x 174 mm 302pp 17 b/w illus.  8 colour illus.  2 tables  23 exercises   978-1-108-71287-3 Paperback £24.99 / US$32.99 X

Key Questions in Second Language Acquisition

How Second Languages are Learned

An Introduction Bill VanPatten Megan Smith Alessandro G. Benati

An Introduction Roger Hawkins

An introduction to the key questions that drive the field of L2 acquisition research, including its historical foundations. December 2019 247 x 174 mm 270pp 5 b/w illus.   978-1-108-70817-3 Paperback £24.99 / US$32.99 X


A comprehensive introduction to second language learning for newcomers to the field, with frequent summaries and supporting activities. November 2018 247 x 174 mm 346pp 8 b/w illus.   978-1-108-46843-5 Paperback £29.99 / US$39.99 X


Higher Education | Language & Linguistics

Introducing Second Language Acquisition Third edition Muriel Saville-Troike Karen Barto

Third edition of the leading interdisciplinary introduction to second language acquisition, covering linguistic, psychological and social aspects. Cambridge Introductions to Language and Linguistics December 2016 247 x 174 mm 244pp 5 b/w illus.  2 colour illus.  23 tables  63 exercises   978-1-316-60392-5 Paperback £26.99 / US$35.99 X

The Lexicon James Pustejovsky Olga Batiukova

An accessible introduction to lexical structure and design, and the relation of the lexicon to grammar as a whole. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics January 2019 247 x 174 mm 440pp 101 b/w illus.  39 tables   978-0-521-54795-6 Paperback £25.99 / US$33.99 X


An Introduction to English Sentence Structure Second edition Andrew Radford

A readable introduction to English syntax and syntactic theory, argumentation and description, suitable for students with little prior knowledge. October 2020 244 x 170 mm 432pp 978-1-108-81330-3 Paperback £29.99 / US$38.99 X

Analysing English Sentences Second edition Andrew Radford

A step-by-step introduction to English syntax and contemporary syntactic theory, full of helpful features for students and instructors alike. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics August 2016 247 x 174 mm 592pp 978-0-521-66970-2 Paperback £32.99 / US$46.99 X

Syntactic Constructions in English Jong-Bok Kim Laura A. Michaelis

With exercises based on real language data, this volume gives a comprehensive introduction to construction grammar, focusing on English.

Lexical-Functional Grammar An Introduction Kersti Börjars Rachel Nordlinger Louisa Sadler

A step-by-step introduction to lexical-functional grammar, using data from English and a range of typologically diverse languages.

May 2020 247 x 174 mm 366pp 978-1-108-45586-2 Paperback £26.99 / US$34.99 X

June 2019 247 x 174 mm 228pp 978-1-316-62165-3 Paperback £24.99 / US$32.99 X

Introducing Syntax

Syntactic Analysis

Olaf Koeneman Hedde Zeijlstra

An HPSG-based Approach Robert D. Levine

This lively textbook introduces readers to the formal theory of syntax, presenting contemporary insights without unnecessary technical detail.

An advanced-level introductory textbook taking a critical, practical approach to the analysis of syntactic structures.

Cambridge Introductions to Language and Linguistics

February 2017 247 x 174 mm 378pp 978-1-107-61412-3 Paperback £24.99 / US$40.99 X

April 2017 247 x 174 mm 314pp 978-1-107-48064-3 Paperback £22.99 / US$30.99 X


Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics


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Applied Linguistics

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Higher Education | Language & Linguistics


English Historical Linguistics Approaches and Perspectives Laurel J. Brinton

Uniquely organized in terms of theoretical approaches, this is an advanced textbook on the study of English historical linguistics. July 2017 247 x 174 mm 430pp 29 b/w illus.  9 colour illus.   978-1-107-53421-6 Paperback £35.99 / US$46.99 X

Introducción a la lingüística hispánica Third edition José Ignacio Hualde Antxon Olarrea Anna María Escobar Catherine E. Travis Cristina Sanz

A comprehensive and accessible introduction to Spanish linguistics, complete with exercises that help students master concepts in the text. August 2020 247 x 174 mm 612pp 78 b/w illus.  10 maps  69 tables   978-1-108-48835-8 Hardback £49.99 / US$64.99 X

The Emergence and Development of English An Introduction William A. Kretzschmar, Jr

Presents a beginner’s introduction to the history of the English language, incorporating complex systems, the scientific model behind human speech. Cambridge Introductions to the English Language October 2018 247 x 174 mm 268pp 978-1-108-45511-4 Paperback £22.99 / US$30.99 X


Word-Formation in English Second edition Ingo Plag

The book enables students with little prior knowledge of linguistics to engage in their own analyses of complex words. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics July 2018 247 x 174 mm 258pp 39 b/w illus.  36 tables   978-1-316-62329-9 Paperback £30.99 / US$40.99 X

The History of Spanish A Student’s Introduction Diana L. Ranson Margaret Lubbers Quesada

Provides students with an engaging and thorough overview of the history of Spanish and its development from Latin. October 2018 247 x 174 mm 452pp 34 b/w illus.   978-1-316-50794-0 Paperback £29.99 / US$40.99 X


Phonetics A Practical Introduction Ratree Wayland

An accessible and comprehensive breakdown of how speech is produced, acousticallytransmitted, analyzed, and interpreted by the human brain. December 2018 247 x 174 mm 304pp 978-1-108-40707-6 Paperback £24.99 / US$35.99 X



En Contexto Manual de redacción para estudiantes universitarios Luis Ochoa Enrique González Romero

Provides non-native students and heritage speakers with the necessary tools to write effectively in Spanish. July 2021 310pp 978-1-108-72928-4 Paperback £24.99 / US$32.99

Phonology A Coursebook Robert Kennedy

This thoughtfully ordered introduction to a wide range of phonological phenomena is accessibly written to assist student understanding. September 2016 247 x 174 mm 376pp 978-1-107-62494-8 Paperback £27.99 / US$36.99 X


Higher Education | Language & Linguistics

Australian English Pronunciation and Transcription Second edition Felicity Cox Janet Fletcher


First Language Acquisition Third edition Eve V. Clark


Meaning in English

Language Contact

An Introduction Javier Valenzuela

Second edition Yaron Matras

A lively, up-to-date and compact introduction to semantics, accessible to those with no prior knowledge of linguistics.

Revised edition of a seminal introduction to language contact, providing an overview of the field and its most recent developments.

Cambridge Introductions to the English Language

Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics

Australian English Pronunciation and Transcription is an essential resource, giving instruction in both phonetic and phonemic transcription.

Fully updated throughout, this new edition provides a comprehensive exploration of how children acquire a first language effectively.

January 2018 247 x 174 mm 280pp 79 b/w illus.  12 tables   978-1-316-63926-9 Paperback £61.99 / US$93.99 X

March 2016 247 x 174 mm 586pp 15 b/w illus.  87 tables   978-1-316-50760-5 Paperback £31.99 / US$45.99 X

English around the World

Interactional Linguistics

Conversation Analysis

An Introduction Second edition Edgar W. Schneider

Studying Language in Social Interaction Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen Margret Selting

Rebecca Clift

A lively and accessible introduction to world Englishes, setting a range of global varieties in their historical and social contexts. Cambridge Introductions to the English Language July 2020 244 x 170 mm 306pp 30 b/w illus.  18 maps  4 tables   978-1-108-44226-8 Paperback £24.99 / US$32.99 X

The first textbook dedicated to interactional linguistics, focusing on, and introducing, the linguistic analyses of conversational phenomena. December 2017 247 x 174 mm 620pp 978-1-107-61603-5 Paperback £35.99 / US$46.99 X


April 2017 247 x 174 mm 302pp 978-1-107-48016-2 Paperback £21.99 / US$29.99 X

September 2020 247 x 174 mm 426pp 30 b/w illus.   978-1-108-44008-0 Paperback £29.99 / US$39.99 X

The first linguistics-based textbook on conversation analysis, illuminating the universals of interaction across a rich array of languages. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics September 2016 247 x 174 mm 334pp 25 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-15719-3 Paperback £27.99 / US$37.99 X



Higher Education | Language & Linguistics ALSO OF INTEREST

Second Language Writing

A Student’s Introduction to English Grammar

Second edition Ken Hyland

Rodney Huddleston Geoffrey K. Pullum

Provides an accessible, comprehensive and practical introduction to current theory and research in second language writing and their classroom applications.

A groundbreaking new textbook on English sentence structure for beginning students in colleges and universities. February 2005 247 x 174 mm 322pp 75 exercises   978-0-521-61288-3 Paperback £26.99 / US$37.99 X

July 2019 247 x 174 mm 320pp 63 b/w illus.  34 tables   978-1-108-45641-8 Paperback £26.99 / US$34.99 X

Working with English Grammar An Introduction Louise Cummings

An Introduction to Grammar for Language Learners Don Ringe

Explores English grammar through three real-world applications of language development, language disorders and dialects.

Explains universal concepts of language structure to help students preparing to study a foreign language.

June 2018 247 x 174 mm 390pp 4 b/w illus.  35 tables   978-1-108-40207-1 Paperback £22.99 / US$33.99 X

August 2018 247 x 174 mm 230pp 978-1-108-44123-0 Paperback £19.99 / US$29.99 X


Python for Linguists

Cambridge Professional Learning Third Edition This book provides an accessible guide to concepts in language testing and the testing of specific skills and systems. It combines theory and practical recommendations to help teachers understand the principles of testing and how they can be applied, supporting them to write better tests. The third edition of Testing for Language Teachers retains the straightforward approach that made the earlier editions essential reading for trainee and experienced teachers alike. The third edition has been extensively revised and updated to reflect recent developments in the field. It features new content on technology, including computer adaptive testing and the use of automated scoring for all skills, including writing and speaking tests. The new edition also includes an extended discussion of language testers’ responsibilities, new chapters on non-testing methods of assessment and a checklist to help teachers choose tests. Examples have also been updated throughout the book.




Testing for Language Teachers Third Edition

Jake Hughes is a lecturer and freelance author of EFL materials. He has taught EAP at the University of Reading and the University of Bristol.

Arthur Hughes & Jake Hughes

ISBN 9781108714822 Testing for Language Teachers Hughes C M Y K

Arthur Hughes is a writer and consultant in the field of language testing. He was joint foundereditor of the international journal Language Testing and the Director of the Testing and Evaluation Unit of the Centre for Applied Language Studies in the University of Reading.

Testing for Language Teachers

Testing for Language Teachers

Arthur Hughes Jake Hughes

What is Better Learning? Better Learning is our approach, connecting teachers and learners from around the world with the latest research and materials, to build brighter futures together.

Insights Content


Introducción a la Sintaxis del Español José Camacho

Written in Spanish, this textbook introduces the syntax of Spanish, showing how words are put together to form complex expressions. February 2018 247 x 174 mm 458pp 318 b/w illus.  40 tables   978-1-316-64233-7 Paperback £29.99 / US$38.99 X

Testing for Language Teachers Third edition Arthur Hughes Jake Hughes July 2020 298pp 978-1-108-71482-2 Paperback £31.99 / US$49.58 F

A Linguists’ Guide for Language Teachers Tom Rankin Melinda Whong

An engaging guide to grammar, this book introduces linguistic theory and language acquisition research to language teachers. October 2020 216 x 138 mm 214pp 1 table   978-1-108-73695-4 Paperback £22.99 / US$29.99 P


Michael Hammond

An introduction to Python programming for linguists. Examples of code specifically designed for language analysis are featured throughout. May 2020 228 x 152 mm 310pp 978-1-108-73707-4 Paperback £29.99 / US$39.99 P


Higher Education | Language & Linguistics

Intercultural Communication and Language Pedagogy From Theory To Practice Zsuzsanna Ittzés Abrams

Using diverse language examples and tasks, this book illustrates how intercultural communication theory can inform second language teaching.

Adventures in English Syntax

Introducing Linguistic Research

Robert Freidin

Svenja Voelkel Franziska Kretzschmar

An engaging introduction to English sentence structure, showing how users can apply this knowledge to become better readers and writers. February 2020 228 x 152 mm 218pp 2 tables   978-1-108-73780-7 Paperback £24.99 / US$32.99 P

An introduction to linguistic research, giving a full overview of research across the discipline, with exercises and student projects. August 2021 247 x 174 mm 320pp 978-1-316-63642-8 Paperback c. £24.99 / US$32.99 P

August 2020 228 x 152 mm c.280pp 978-1-108-74823-0 Paperback £27.99 / US$34.99 P


Life as a Bilingual

Tyler Kendall Valerie Fridland

Knowing and Using Two or More Languages François Grosjean

A concise introduction to sociophonetics, this book links research in sociolinguistics, phonetics, speech sciences, and psycholinguistics. Key Topics in Sociolinguistics March 2021 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-1-316-62803-4 Paperback £22.99 / US$29.99 P

A book on those who know and use two or more languages: Who are they? How do they do it? May 2021 229 x 152 mm c.280pp 5 b/w illus.   978-1-108-97211-6 Paperback £26.99 / US$34.99 P

An Advanced Introduction to Semantics A Meaning-Text Approach Igor Mel’čuk, Jasmina Milićević

Presents, in simple and clear terms, the way in which humans express their ideas by talking. April 2020 228 x 152 mm 450pp 118 b/w illus.  26 tables   978-1-108-72304-6 Paperback £29.99 / US$39.99 P

The Dialects of Spanish

European Language Matters

A Lexical Introduction Travis D. Sorenson

English in Its European Context Peter Trudgill

The first of its kind, this book analyses the origin, diversity, and geographic distribution of a range of Spanish words. April 2021 229 x 152 mm c.300pp 978-1-108-92718-5 Paperback £26.99 / US$34.99 P


Bringing together Trudgill’s columns for the New European, this collection explores the influence of European language on English. June 2021 229 x 152 mm c.275pp 978-1-108-96592-7 Paperback c. £22.99 / c. US$29.99 P


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