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Jewish and Israel Studies 2013

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Jewish Studies / Judaism and Biblical Studies  1

Jewish Studies Forthcoming

The Sense of Sight in Rabbinic Culture Jewish Ways of Seeing in Late Antiquity Rachel Neis University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Vision was a powerful sense in the ancient world. How did the rabbis living in Roman Palestine and Persian Mesopotamia understand and seek to discipline and cultivate it? This book offers a new perspective on the significance of sight for the rabbis, of interest to a wide range of scholars. Greek Culture in the Roman World

2013 228 x 152 mm 352pp 978-1-107-03251-4 Hardback c. £65.00 Publication August 2013


Gender and Timebound Commandments in Judaism Elizabeth Shanks Alexander University of Virginia

This book examines a key tradition in Judaism (the rule that exempts women from ‘timebound, positive commandments’), which has served for centuries to stabilize women’s roles. Elizabeth Shanks Alexander demonstrates that the rule was not intended to have such consequences. 2013 228 x 152 mm 296pp 2 tables   978-1-107-03556-0 Hardback £60.00 Publication May 2013

Children, Adults, and Shared Responsibilities Jewish, Christian and Muslim Perspectives Edited by Marcia J. Bunge Valparaiso University, Indiana

Collected essays discussing religious and ethical perspectives on children and obligations to them within the religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Contributes to intellectual inquiry regarding children in the specific areas of children’s rights and childhood studies, and provides resources for child advocates and those engaged in interreligious dialogue. 2012 228 x 152 mm 339pp 978-1-107-01114-4 Hardback £60.00 eBook available

Judaism and Biblical Studies andrei a. orlov


Heavenly Priesthood in the Apocalypse of Abraham Andrei A. Orlov Marquette University, Wisconsin

Written anonymously after the destruction of the Second Jerusalem Temple, the Apocalypse of Abraham is a vital piece of evidence for understanding both Jewish apocalypticism and mysticism. The book will be of interest to students and scholars of early Judaism,

Heavenly Priesthood in the Apocalypse of Abraham

2  Judaism and Biblical Studies early Christianity, Old Testament studies, and Jewish mysticism and magic.

speeches of Isaiah and Jeremiah, were meant to teach.

2013 228 x 152 mm 288pp 978-1-107-03907-0 Hardback c. £55.00 Publication June 2013

2012 228 x 152 mm 388pp 1 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00317-0 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-17667-5 Paperback £18.99 eBook available


Ibn Gabirol’s Theology of Desire Matter and Method in Jewish Medieval Neoplatonism Sarah Pessin University of Denver

The Legacy of Israel in JUDAH’S BIBLE

History, Politics, and the Reinscribing of Tradition


The first full-length treatment of Ibn Gabirol’s philosophy in English, this study reinvents the medieval author of the Fountain of Life or Fons Vitae. Developing Ibn Gabirol’s vision in terms of a ‘theology of desire’, it rescues the voice of the eleventh-century Jewish poet-philosopher from centuries of misreadings and sets out to examine the role of love, desire and ethical self-transformation in medieval Jewish Neoplatonism. 2013 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-1-107-03221-7 Hardback c. £55.00 Publication June 2013

The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture Yoram Hazony

The Legacy of Israel in Judah’s Bible History, Politics, and the Reinscribing of Tradition Daniel E. Fleming New York University

This book offers a new way for biblical scholars and archaeologists to envision how the Bible’s story relates to history. It presents a fresh case for the urgency and interest of biblical study in historical context. 2012 235 x 155 mm 398pp 978-1-107-02431-1 Hardback £60.00 978-1-107-66999-4 Paperback £22.99 eBook available

The Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy From Antiquity through the Seventeenth Century Volume 1 Edited by Steven Nadler University of Wisconsin, Madison

and T. M. Rudavsky

Shalem Center, Jerusalem

Ohio State University

What if the Bible wasn’t meant to be read as ‘revelation’? The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture proposes a new framework for reading the Bible, transforming forever our understanding of what the stories of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and David and the

This volume surveys the history of Jewish philosophy from antiquity to the early modern period, with an emphasis on medieval Jewish thought. Unlike other reference works, this volume is organized by topic rather than

Judaism and Biblical Studies  3 chronology. It includes contributions from leading scholars in the field.

our flesh-and-blood relations to fellow human beings.

Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy

2012 228 x 152 mm 264pp 978-1-107-01104-5 Hardback £55.00

2009 228 x 152 mm 916pp 978-0-521-84323-2 Hardback £116.00

eBook available

The Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy

Defining Jewish Difference

The Modern Era Volume 2 Edited by Martin Kavka

From Antiquity to the Present Beth A. Berkowitz

Florida State University

Berkowitz shows that ancient, medieval and modern interpretation of the biblical verse of Leviticus 18:3, provides an essential backdrop for today’s conversations about Jewish assimilation and minority identity. The book makes an innovative contribution to the study of Jewish culture, history of ethnicity and religion and Bible interpretation.

Zachary Braiterman Syracuse University, New York

and David Novak University of Toronto

Provides an overview of Jewish philosophy from the seventeenth century to the present day. Written by a distinguished group of experts, its essays examine how Jewish thinking was modified in its encounter with modern Europe and America, and challenge longstanding assumptions about the nature and purpose of modern Jewish philosophy. Cambridge History of Jewish Philosophy

2012 228 x 152 mm 891pp 978-0-521-85243-2 Hardback £120.00

Jewish Theological Seminary of America

2012 228 x 152 mm 288pp 978-1-107-01371-1 Hardback £55.00 eBook available

Jewish Messianic Thoughts in an Age of Despair

Jewish Messianic Thoughts in an Age of Despair Kenneth SeeSKin

Kenneth Seeskin Northwestern University, Illinois

Genocide in Jewish Thought David Patterson University of Texas, Dallas

Exploring issues such as how we understand the soul, the use of torture and the prevalence of hunger, this book argues that one means of preventing genocide is to think concretely about

This book asks whether hope for a better future is defensible in light of the horrors of the twentieth century and what we know about the human propensity for evil. It argues that such a belief is defensible and offers a vision of what a redeemed world would be like. 2012 216 x 138 mm 232pp 978-1-107-01792-4 Hardback £55.00 eBook available

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4  Judaism and Biblical Studies The Origins of Israeli Mythology Neither Canaanites Nor Crusaders David Ohana

Jewry in Music Entry to the Profession from the Enlightenment to Richard Wagner David Conway

Ben Gurion Research Institute

University College London

Translated by David Maisel

David Conway examines how Jews developed a significant presence in early nineteenth-century Western music.

Provides a mapping of Israeli selfperception: deep anxieties, states of mind and metaphors with regard to identity. The Origins of Israeli Mythology recovers a phenomenology of the IsraeliZionist identity discourse by exploring its mythological roots: the messianic drive, the crusader anxiety, the Canaanite challenge and the Mediterranean option. 2012 234 x 156 mm 276pp 978-1-107-01409-1 Hardback £55.00 eBook available

2011 247 x 174 mm 356pp 14 b/w illus.  1 table  10 music examples   978-1-107-01538-8 Hardback £60.00 eBook available

Philosemitism in History Edited by Jonathan Karp State University of New York, Binghamton

and Adam Sutcliffe King’s College London

The Cambridge Dictionary of Judaism and Jewish Culture Edited by Judith R. Baskin University of Oregon

The Cambridge Dictionary of Judaism and Jewish Culture is an authoritative and accessible reference work for a twenty-first-century audience. Its entries define the concepts and movements that distinguish Judaism and the Jewish experience, discussing central personalities and places, historical events and cultural contributions from the Bible to the Internet. 2012 279 x 215 mm 1164pp 4 b/w illus.  24 colour illus.  15 maps   978-0-521-82597-9 Hardback £175.00

A broad and ambitious overview of the significance of philosemitism in European and world history, from antiquity to the present. 2011 228 x 152 mm 356pp 978-0-521-87377-2 Hardback £58.00 978-0-521-69547-3 Paperback £17.99 eBook available

Judaism and Biblical Studies 5 Jewish Identity and Civil Rights in America

Food and Identity in Early Rabbinic Judaism

Kenneth L. Marcus

Jordan D. Rosenblum

Bernard M. Baruch College, City University of New York

University of Wisconsin, Madison

This book examines the legal and policy issues behind the ambiguity involved with civil rights protections for Jewish students. 2011 228 x 152 mm 224pp 978-0-521-76673-9 Hardback £58.00 978-0-521-12745-5 Paperback £18.99

Jordan D. Rosenblum explores how food regulations and practices helped to construct the identity of early rabbinic Judaism. 2010 228 x 152 mm 238pp 978-0-521-19598-0 Hardback £56.00 eBook available

eBook available

The Status of Women in Jewish Tradition Isaac Sassoon Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Looks at the inferiority of women in the Torah’s vision, and whether the Bible and Talmud rise above patriarchal selfinterest. 2011 216 x 140 mm 232pp 978-1-107-00174-9 Hardback £47.00 eBook available

The Visual Culture of Chabad Maya Balakirsky Katz Touro College, New York

This book is the first full-length study of a complex visual tradition associated with the Hasidic movement of Chabad. 2010 234 x 156 mm 260pp 60 b/w illus.  1 table   978-0-521-19163-0 Hardback £68.00

An Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations Edward Kessler Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations, Cambridge

Studies the ongoing encounter between Judaism and Christianity from the Jewish context of the New Testament to modern days. Introduction to Religion

2010 228 x 152 mm 264pp 6 b/w illus.   978-0-521-87976-7 Hardback £61.00 978-0-521-70562-2 Paperback £19.99 eBook available

Rethinking Antisemitism in NineteenthCentury France Julie Kalman University of New South Wales, Sydney

Rethinking Antisemitism in NineteenthCentury France analyzes the Jew’s place in France during the years 1815–1848. 2010 228 x 152 mm 246pp 5 b/w illus.   978-0-521-89732-7 Hardback £61.00

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6  Judaism and Biblical Studies The Origins of Christian Zionism Lord Shaftesbury and Evangelical Support for a Jewish Homeland Donald M. Lewis Regent College, Vancouver

The Origins of Christian Zionism, Donald M. Lewis’s study of Lord Shaftesbury, examines why British evangelicals became fascinated with the Jews and the effects this had. 2010 228 x 152 mm 380pp 25 b/w illus.   978-0-521-51518-4 Hardback £65.00

An Introduction to Judaism Second edition Nicholas de Lange University of Cambridge

Studies the unique concept of Jewish peoplehood and its survival over the centuries in the face of many challenges. Introduction to Religion

2009 228 x 152 mm 272pp 6 b/w illus.  2 maps  3 tables   978-0-521-51350-0 Hardback £56.00 978-0-521-73504-9 Paperback £18.99

Mac and PC) includes the workbook, answers, paradigms, and the interactive program TekScroll. 2009 279 x 215 mm 380pp 978-0-521-88542-3 HB with CD-ROM £71.00 978-0-521-71284-2 PB with CD-ROM £27.99

Jewish Immigrants and American Capitalism, 1880–1920 From Caste to Class Eli Lederhendler Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Eli Lederhendler demonstrates that the Russian Jewish immigrants’ distinctive characteristics were developed through a realignment of Jewish social values in response to their new experiences. 2009 228 x 152 mm 248pp 7 b/w illus.  1 map  7 tables   978-0-521-51360-9 Hardback £61.00 978-0-521-73023-5 Paperback £19.99

Parables and Conflict in the Hebrew Bible Jeremy Schipper

The Cambridge Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Brian L. Webster Dallas Theological Seminary

The Cambridge Introduction to Biblical Hebrew is designed for anyone studying biblical Hebrew for the first time. It is well suited for students enrolled in introductory-level courses as well as clergy and laity engaged in self-study. The accompanying CD (suitable for

Temple University, Philadelphia

This 2009 book argues that the parables function to help create, intensify, and justify judgments and hostile actions against their audiences. 2009 228 x 152 mm 182pp 978-0-521-76462-9 Hardback £59.00 eBook available

Judaism and Biblical Studies 7 Franz Rosenzweig and the Systematic Task of Philosophy Benjamin Pollock Michigan State University

Pollock argues that Rosenzweig’s The Star of Redemption is devoted to the philosophical task of grasping ‘the All’ – the whole of what is – in the form of a system.

The Politics of Jewish Commerce Economic Thought and Emancipation in Europe, 1638–1848 Jonathan Karp State University of New York, Binghamton

This 2008 book examines the centrality of economics in European attitudes toward Jews from 1638–1848.

2009 228 x 152 mm 352pp 978-0-521-51709-6 Hardback £59.00

2008 228 x 152 mm 376pp 978-0-521-87393-2 Hardback £64.00

eBook available

eBook available

Rosenzweig’s Bible

Legal Revision and Religious Renewal in Ancient Israel

Reinventing Scripture for Jewish Modernity Mara H. Benjamin St Olaf College, Minnesota

Bernard M. Levinson University of Minnesota

Mara Benjamin argues that Rosenzweig’s reinvention of scripture illuminates the complex interactions between modern readers and ancient sacred texts.

This book examines the problem of divine transgenerational punishment and the writers who confronted it.

2009 228 x 152 mm 222pp 2 tables   978-0-521-89526-2 Hardback £53.00

eBook available

2008 228 x 152 mm 236pp 978-0-521-51344-9 Hardback £58.00

eBook available

A Dictionary of JewishChristian Relations Edited by Edward Kessler and Neil Wenborn

Kessler and Wenborn’s pioneering work explores and defines the many factors which characterise the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. It provides a comprehensive single reference to a subject which touches on numerous areas of study including theology, religious studies, history,

eBooks available at

8  Judaism and Biblical Studies / General History Jewish studies, literature and social and political studies.

representations of the Messiah and Messianic age.

2008 247 x 174 mm 544pp 978-0-521-73078-5 Paperback £23.99 Also available 978-0-521-82692-1 Hardback £175.00

2011 228 x 152 mm 256pp 978-1-107-00908-0 Hardback £53.00 eBook available

eBook available

General History Science in Medieval Jewish Cultures Edited by Gad Freudenthal

Science in Medieval Jewish Cultures provides the first comprehensive overview by world-renowned experts of what we know today of medieval Jews’ engagement with the sciences. This volume’s essays will provide readers with background knowledge of medieval scientific thought necessary to properly understand canonical Jewish scientific texts.

The Jew, the Cathedral and the Medieval City Synagoga and Ecclesia in the Thirteenth Century Nina Rowe Fordham University, New York

Argues that in the thirteenth century, the Synagoga-Ecclesia motif conveyed a political message of Christian ascendancy and Jewish submission. 2011 253 x 215 mm 346pp 162 b/w illus.   978-0-521-19744-1 Hardback £58.00 eBook available

The Forgotten Diaspora

2012 228 x 152 mm 560pp 1 table   978-1-107-00145-9 Hardback £85.00

Jewish Communities in West Africa and the Making of the Atlantic World Peter Mark

eBook available

Wesleyan University, Connecticut

and José da Silva Horta Universidade de Lisboa

Judaism and Imperial Ideology in Late Antiquity

This book traces the history of early seventeenth-century Portuguese Sephardic traders who settled in two communities on Senegal’s Petit Côte.

Alexei M. Sivertsev

2011 228 x 152 mm 280pp 8 b/w illus.  3 maps   978-0-521-19286-6 Hardback £53.00

DePaul University, Chicago

This book explores the influence of Roman imperialism on the development of Messianic themes in Judaism in the fifth through the eight centuries CE. It pays special attention to the ways in which Roman imperial ideology and imperial eschatology influenced Jewish

eBook available

General History 9 Russians, Jews, and the Pogroms of 1881–1882 John Doyle Klier University College London

Comprehensive new history of the anti-Jewish pogrom crisis in the Russian Empire of 1881–2 by a leading authority in the field. 2011 228 x 152 mm 514pp 20 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-89548-4 Hardback £70.00

Jewish Exegesis and Homeric Scholarship in Alexandria Maren R. Niehoff Hebrew University of Jerusalem

This 2011 book provides a systematic analysis of how Alexandrian Jews interpreted the Bible in light of contemporary Homeric scholarship. Hebrew University Polonsky Prize for Creativity and Originality in the Humanistic Disciplines 2011 – Winner 2011 228 x 152 mm 238pp 978-1-107-00072-8 Hardback £56.00 eBook available

Reassessing Jewish Life in Medieval Europe Robert Chazan New York University

Chazan argues that the challenges of life for Jews in medieval Western Christendom stimulated ingenuity, leading to later Jewish successes. 2010 228 x 152 mm 290pp 978-0-521-76304-2 Hardback £58.00 978-0-521-14543-5 Paperback £19.99

Byzantine Jewry in the Mediterranean Economy Joshua Holo Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, California

Covers the middle Byzantine period, describing the day-to-day workings of the Byzantine-Jewish economy via primary sources. 2009 228 x 152 mm 298pp 14 b/w illus.   978-0-521-85633-1 Hardback £61.00 eBook available

Jews in the Russian Army, 1827–1917 Drafted into Modernity Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern Northwestern University, Illinois

This book examines the experience of the Jews who served in the Russian Army between 1827 and 1917. 2008 234 x 156 mm 326pp 11 b/w illus.  17 tables   978-0-521-51573-3 Hardback £59.00

The Kuzari and the Shaping of Jewish Identity, 1167–1900 Adam Shear University of Pittsburgh

This 2008 book offers a new approach to Judah Halevi’s Book of the Kuzari by focusing on its reception. 2008 228 x 152 mm 400pp 978-0-521-88533-1 Hardback £58.00

eBook available

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Jewish Identities in Postcommunist Russia and Ukraine Messianic Religious Zionism Confronts Israeli Territorial Compromises

sh Fundamentalism and the ple?, which won the AmericanAward in Israel Studies (2008) d for the Study of Zionism and red in Israel Studies, Hebrew Judaism, Journal of Church y. Prior to his appointment at the ed as a Post Doctoral Associate Brandeis University.

Modern History

In bari

how an increasing number of tation of God’s desire to redeem ed the Gush Emunim movement pied in the war. However, over territory to Palestinian or Arab ionist circles as a violation of th the Disengagement Plan in ents in the Gaza Strip and four ed difficult theological questions significance could be attributed nger to be considered a divine This book explores the internal nist rabbis in response to their state, reflected in an increase in with the feelings of religious and

10  Modern History

Messianic Religious Zionism Confronts Israeli Territorial Compromises Motti Inbari

An Uncertain Ethnicity Zvi Gitelman University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The most comprehensive surveys ever undertaken of Jews in Russia and Ukraine show that their sense of Jewishness is powerful but detached from religion. This book examines in depth post-Soviet Jews’ attitudes toward religion, intermarriage, emigration, antiSemitism and rebuilding Jewish life. 2012 234 x 156 mm 379pp 10 b/w illus.  25 tables   978-1-107-02328-4 Hardback £60.00 978-1-107-60873-3 Paperback £19.99 eBook available

Messianic Religious Zionism Confronts Israeli Territorial Compromises Motti Inbari University of North Carolina, Pembroke

Discusses how the rabbinical elite of the Israeli West Bank settlers responded to Israeli territorial compromises. This book explains their profound disillusionment with the state, reflected in increased religious radicalization due to the need to cope with feelings of religious and messianic failure. The research also compares the American Christian

Evangelical response to Israeli territorial compromises. 2012 234 x 156 mm 211pp 978-1-107-00912-7 Hardback £55.00 eBook available

Diaspora Nationalism and Jewish Identity in Habsburg Galicia Joshua Shanes College of Charleston, South Carolina

This study explores alternative ways to construct the modern Jewish nation. Jewish nationalism emerges from this book as a Diaspora phenomenon much broader than the Zionist movement. The book challenges the still-dominant Zionist narrative by demonstrating that Jewish nationalism was a part of the rising nationalist movements in Europe. 2012 228 x 152 mm 329pp 18 b/w illus.  1 map  8 tables   978-1-107-01424-4 Hardback £60.00 eBook available

New in Paperback

Jews in Italy under Fascist and Nazi Rule, 1922–1945 Edited by Joshua D. Zimmerman Yeshiva University, New York

This book brings to light the ItalianJewish experience from the start of Mussolini’s prime ministership through the end of the Second World War. 2009 228 x 152 mm 396pp 978-0-521-14594-7 Paperback £22.99 Also available 978-0-521-84101-6 Hardback £36.99 eBook available

Modern History / Jewish Arts, Culture and Philosophy  11 Crisis, Revolution, and Russian Jews Jonathan Frankel Hebrew University of Jerusalem

This collection of essays examines the politicization and the politics of the Jewish people in the Russian empire during the late tsarist period. 2009 228 x 152 mm 334pp 978-0-521-51364-7 Hardback £47.00 eBook available

Jewish Arts, Culture and Philosophy

The Cambridge Guide to Jewish History, Religion, and Culture Edited by Judith R. Baskin University of Oregon

and Kenneth Seeskin Northwestern University, Illinois

Provides a comprehensive and accessible overview of the Jewish experience, from its ancient origins to its impact on contemporary popular culture. Comprehensive Surveys of Religion

2010 253 x 215 mm 558pp 59 b/w illus.  15 maps  3 tables   978-0-521-86960-7 Hardback £68.00 978-0-521-68974-8 Paperback £21.99

Art and Judaism in the Greco-Roman World

The Cambridge Introduction to Emmanuel Levinas

Toward a New Jewish Archaeology Steven Fine

Michael L. Morgan

Art and Judaism in the Greco-Roman World explores the Jewish experience with art during the Greco-Roman period. It surveys ways that Jews fully participated in, transformed, and at times rejected the art of their general environment.

Indiana University

An introductory overview of the thought of Emmanuel Levinas, one of the most significant philosophers of the late twentieth century. Focusing on Levinas’ central principle that human existence is ethically grounded in our face-toface relationships, Morgan explores the religious, cultural and political implications of this insight for modern Western culture.

Yeshiva University, New York

2010 279 x 215 mm 298pp 19 b/w illus.   978-0-521-14567-1 Paperback £23.99

2011 228 x 152 mm 270pp 978-0-521-19302-3 Hardback £55.00 978-0-521-14106-2 Paperback £16.99 eBook available

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12  Jewish Arts, Culture and Philosophy / Holocaust Studies Haydn’s Jews Representation and Reception on the Operatic Stage Caryl Clark

Holocaust Studies

University of Toronto

A 2009 study of ethnic theatrical representation, focussing on the cultural milieu, compositional strategies and operatic legacy of Joseph Haydn. 2009 228 x 152 mm 262pp 978-0-521-45547-3 Hardback £65.00

Ancient Jewish Magic A History Gideon Bohak Tel-Aviv University

A broad history of ancient Jewish magic from the Second Temple to the rabbinic period. Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2009 – Winner 2008 228 x 152 mm 494pp 15 b/w illus.   978-0-521-87457-1 Hardback £83.00

Medieval Jewish Philosophical Writings Edited by Charles Manekin University of Maryland, College Park

Presents new or revised translations of seven prominent medieval Jewish rationalists covering topics both theological and philosophical. Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy

2008 222 x 152 mm 302pp 978-0-521-84023-1 Hardback £58.00 978-0-521-54951-6 Paperback £19.99 eBook available


The Aryanization of Private Banks in the Third Reich Ingo Köhler University of Göttingen

This study uses the example of the private banking sector to examine the process of Aryanization in all its complexity - from the manifold discrimination at the outset; to the sale, usually under duress and typically at reduced prices, of Jewish-owned businesses to non-Jews; and finally, to the confiscation of residual assets by the Nazi state. Publications of the German Historical Institute

2013 228 x 152 mm 455pp 978-0-521-76662-3 Hardback c. £60.00 Publication September 2013


Turkey, the Jews, and the Holocaust Corry Guttstadt United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

This book analyzes the minority politic of the Turkish republic and the country’s ambivalent policies regarding Jewish refugees and Turkish Jews living abroad. Although Turkey stayed neutral during World War II, the country’s policies proved crucial for many Turkish Jews living in various European countries. By examining the fates of the Jews

Holocaust Studies 13 who lived in Turkey before the war, this study shows that Turkey was far from welcoming toward Jews during the Holocaust era.

Jewish public stance and argues that the Jewish press was the persistent open national voice fighting on behalf of the Jewish people.

2013 228 x 152 mm 376pp 30 b/w illus.  2 maps   978-0-521-76991-4 Hardback £60.00 Publication June 2013

2012 234 x 156 mm 294pp 978-1-107-01131-1 Hardback £50.00

Complicity in the Holocaust Churches and Universities in Nazi Germany Robert P. Ericksen Pacific Lutheran University, Washington

In one of the darker aspects of Nazi Germany, churches and universities grew to accept and support Nazi ideology. Complicity in the Holocaust describes how the state’s intellectual and spiritual leaders enthusiastically partnered with Hitler’s regime. Ericksen also examines Germany’s flawed yet successful postwar policy of denazification in these institutions. 2012 228 x 152 mm 280pp 978-1-107-01591-3 Hardback £55.00 978-1-107-66333-6 Paperback £18.99 eBook available

eBook available

Life and Loss in the Shadow of the Holocaust A Jewish Family’s Untold Story Rebecca Boehling University of Maryland, Baltimore County

and Uta Larkey Goucher College, Baltimore

A uniquely fascinating and moving account of a German-Jewish family under the Third Reich and Holocaust. 2011 228 x 152 mm 350pp 42 b/w illus.   978-0-521-89991-8 Hardback £21.99 eBook available

Jews and Intermarriage in Nazi Austria Evan Burr Bukey University of Arkansas

The Jewish Press and the Holocaust, 1939–1945 Palestine, Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union Yosef Gorny Tel-Aviv University

In this book Yosef Gorny shows the reaction of the Jewish press in the free countries in the face of the Holocaust. The book explores the international

This study explores the experience of intermarried couples – marriages with Jewish and non-Jewish partners – and their children in Vienna after Germany’s seizure of Austria in 1938. 2011 228 x 152 mm 232pp 8 b/w illus.  9 tables   978-1-107-00285-2 Hardback £53.00 eBook available

eBooks available at

14  Holocaust Studies The Emergence of Jewish Ghettos During the Holocaust Dan Michman Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Translated by Lenn J. Schramm

This is a linguistic-cultural study of the emergence of Jewish ghettos during the Holocaust. 2011 228 x 152 mm 200pp 9 b/w illus.  10 maps   978-0-521-76371-4 Hardback £61.00 eBook available

The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower Complicity and Conflict on American Campuses Stephen H. Norwood University of Oklahoma

This is the first systematic exploration of the nature and extent of sympathy for Nazi Germany at American universities. 2011 228 x 152 mm 352pp 21 b/w illus.   978-1-107-40058-0 Paperback £18.99 Also available 978-0-521-76243-4 Hardback £23.99

A Genealogy of Evil Anti-Semitism from Nazism to Islamic Jihad David Patterson University of Texas at Dallas

Based on scrutiny of sources from Nazi and Jihadist ideologues, David Patterson argues that Jihadist anti-Semitism stems from Nazi ideology. 2010 228 x 152 mm 312pp 978-0-521-19747-2 Hardback £58.00 978-0-521-13261-9 Paperback £18.99 eBook available

Robbing the Jews The Confiscation of Jewish Property in the Holocaust, 1933–1945 Martin Dean United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies

Penetrating revelations of Nazi confiscation of Jewish property, and of robbery’s intimate relationship to the Holocaust. 2010 228 x 152 mm 448pp 978-0-521-12905-3 Paperback £20.99 Also available 978-0-521-88825-7 Hardback £50.00

Holocaust Studies 15 Holocaust Survivors in Postwar Germany, 1945–1957 Margarete Myers Feinstein University of California, Los Angeles

Allows the reader to ‘hear’ the voices of Holocaust survivors, using survivor memoirs and interviews, and focusing on the personal aspects of the transition to normalcy. 2010 234 x 156 mm 340pp 16 b/w illus.   978-0-521-42958-0 Hardback £56.00

The Language of Nazi Genocide Linguistic Violence and the Struggle of Germans of Jewish Ancestry Thomas Pegelow Kaplan Davidson College, North Carolina

In the Nazi genocide of European Jews, words made mass murder possible. Thomas Pegelow Kaplan analyzes the role of language. 2011 228 x 152 mm 320pp 10 b/w illus.  5 tables   978-1-107-65057-2 Paperback £17.99 Also available 978-0-521-88866-0 Hardback £65.00

Holocaust Drama The Theater of Atrocity Gene A. Plunka University of Memphis

Placing Holocaust drama in its historical and cultural contexts, this book provides thorough analyses of over thirty seminal Holocaust plays. South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA) award for Best Book of the Year 2010 – Winner Cambridge Studies in Modern Theatre

2009 228 x 152 mm 454pp 978-0-521-49425-0 Hardback £65.00 eBook available

Jewish Forced Labor Under the Nazis Economic Needs and Racial Aims, 1938–1944 Wolf Gruner Institute of Contemporary History, Munich and Berlin

This book describes the implementation of forced labor for Jews in Germany, Austria, the Protectorate, and the various occupied Polish territories. 2008 228 x 152 mm 346pp 978-0-521-74357-0 Paperback £19.99 Also available 978-0-521-83875-7 Hardback £58.00 eBook available

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16  Israel Studies

Israel Studies

presence in government are becoming more difficult to reconcile. Cambridge Middle East Studies, 42

Forthcoming New Edition

A History of Modern Israel

2013 228 x 152 mm 288pp 13 b/w illus.  14 tables   978-1-107-00344-6 Hardback £50.00 978-0-521-17699-6 Paperback £17.99 Publication April 2013 eBook available

Second edition Colin Shindler

University of London

Tested by Zion

The new edition of Colin Shindler’s history of Israel traces the nation’s developments from 1948 to the present day. New content in this sympathetic yet candid portrayal includes the rise of the Israeli far right, Israel’s uneasy dealings with the new administration in the United States and the impact of the Arab Spring. 2013 228 x 152 mm 496pp 20 b/w illus.  6 maps   978-1-107-02862-3 Hardback £55.00 978-1-107-67177-5 Paperback £17.99 Publication April 2013


Between State and Synagogue The Secularization of Contemporary Israel Guy Ben-Porat Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Explores the evolving tensions between the secularization of Israeli society and constraints imposed by religious orthodoxy. These fissures often have stronger ties with lifestyle choices and economics than political or religious ideology, the demands of a secular public and burgeoning religious

The Bush Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Elliott Abrams Council on Foreign Relations, New York

This book tells the inside story of America’s policy toward Israel and the Palestinians during the Bush years. Elliott Abrams was the deputy national security advisor who handled Middle Eastern affairs. Matters that are touched on in Bush’s and Rice’s memoirs, are fully examined and explained here sometimes with admiration, sometimes with sharp criticism, always with new insights and new stories about what really happened. 2013 234 x 156 mm 347pp 978-1-107-03119-7 Hardback £18.99

The Archaeology of the Holy Land From the Destruction of Solomon’s Temple to the Muslim Conquest Jodi Magness University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

This book provides an introduction to the archaeology and history of ancient Palestine – modern Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories – from the

Israel Studies 19 destruction of Solomon’s temple in 586 BCE to the Muslim conquest in 640 CE. Special attention is paid to the archaeology of Jerusalem and the Second Temple period, in the time of Herod the Great and Jesus.

The 1967 Arab-Israeli War

2012 253 x 177 mm 397pp 188 b/w illus.  13 maps   978-0-521-19535-5 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-12413-3 Paperback £19.99

University of Oxford

eBook available

The Political Philosophy of Zionism Trading Jewish Words for a Hebraic Land Eyal Chowers Tel Aviv University

By tracing its origins in the context of a European history of ideas and considering the writings of key Jewish and Hebrew writers and thinkers, this book offers an entirely new philosophical perspective on Zionism as a unique movement based on intellectual boldness and belief in human action. 2012 228 x 152 mm 286pp 17 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00594-5 Hardback £60.00 eBook available

Origins and Consequences Edited by Wm Roger Louis University of Texas, Austin

and Avi Shlaim

The June 1967 war was a watershed in the history of the modern Middle East. In six days, the Israelis defeated the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian armies. Two veteran scholars of the Middle East bring together experts in their fields to reassess the origins and the legacies of the war. Cambridge Middle East Studies, 36

2012 228 x 152 mm 346pp 1 b/w illus.   978-1-107-00236-4 Hardback £60.00 978-0-521-17479-4 Paperback £18.99 eBook available

Israel’s Security and Its Arab Citizens Hillel Frisch Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Since its establishment, the state of Israel has faced major security challenges. Although relations between the state and its Arab minority ebbed and flowed according to the state’s broader regional geo-strategic security situation, Israeli democracy has been vibrant. This book explores why this is the case. 2012 235 x 155 mm 228pp 2 b/w illus.  2 tables   978-1-107-01097-0 Hardback £55.00 eBook available

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20   Israel Studies Violence, Nonviolence, and the Palestinian National Movement Wendy Pearlman

David Ben-Gurion and the Jewish Renaissance Shlomo Aronson Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Northwestern University, Illinois

Translated by Naftali Greenwood

Why do some national movements use violent protest and others nonviolent protest? Wendy Pearlman argues that much of the answer lies inside a movement’s organizational structure. Pearlman reveals these patterns across one hundred years of Palestinian history, with comparisons to South Africa and Northern Ireland.

A reappraisal of David Ben-Gurion’s intellectual origins and actual role as the founding father of Israel. 2010 234 x 156 mm 476pp 978-0-521-19748-9 Hardback £31.99 eBook available

2012 234 x 156 mm 304pp 5 b/w illus.  3 tables   978-1-107-00702-4 Hardback £60.00

Israel’s Holocaust and the Politics of Nationhood

eBook available

Idith Zertal

Israel’s Palestinians The Conflict Within Ilan Peleg

Universität Basel, Switzerland

A compelling analysis considers the ways Israel has used the memory of the Holocaust to define its existence and politics.

Lafayette College, Pennsylvania

Cambridge Middle East Studies, 21

and Dov Waxman

2010 228 x 152 mm 256pp 978-0-521-61646-1 Paperback £19.99 Also available 978-0-521-85096-4 Hardback £27.99

City University of New York

This timely book explores the causes and consequences of the growing conflict between Israel’s Jewish majority and its Palestinian-Arab minority. 2011 228 x 152 mm 272pp 5 b/w illus.   978-0-521-76683-8 Hardback £53.00 978-0-521-15702-5 Paperback £18.99 eBook available

eBook available

Israel Studies / Cambridge Archive Editions  19 The Israeli Peace Movement A Shattered Dream Tamar S. Hermann Tel-Aviv University

This book discusses the predicament of the Israeli peace movement after the 1993 peace process. 2009 234 x 156 mm 320pp 978-0-521-88409-9 Hardback £59.00 eBook available

The Others Within Us Constructing Jewish-Israeli Identity Dan Bar-On Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

Bar-On uses case studies and his own experiences to examine Jewish Israeli identity construction.

Cambridge Archive Editions Israel Political and Economic Reports 1954–1955 Israel under the Premiership of Moshe Sharett Robert Jarman

The second in a series of collections of British political and economic reports on Israel. The premiership of Moshe Sharett was important particularly for efforts made to come to a peaceful settlement that involved financial aid for the resettlement of Arab refugees and security guarantees for Israel within agreed borders. Cambridge Archive Editions

2008 228 x 152 mm 236pp 978-0-521-88187-6 Hardback £51.00 978-0-521-70828-9 Paperback £18.99

2011 246 x 160 mm 4200pp 978-1-84097-330-3 6 Volume Set £2495.00

The War for Palestine

Israel Political and Economic Reports 1948–1953

Rewriting the History of 1948 Second edition Edited by Eugene L. Rogan University of Oxford

and Avi Shlaim University of Oxford

The updated 2008 second edition of The War for Palestine presents the genesis of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Cambridge Middle East Studies, 15

Israel under the Premiership of David Ben Gurion 1948–1953 Robert Jarman

These 4400 pages are the collected British government political and economic reports on the state of Israel from its creation in May 1948 to the

2008 228 x 152 mm 310pp 3 maps   978-0-521-87598-1 Hardback £68.00 978-0-521-69934-1 Paperback £19.99 eBook available

eBooks available at

20  Cambridge Archive Editions end of the first premiership of David Ben Gurion.

position of Jewish communities at particular points.

Cambridge Archive Editions

Cambridge Archive Editions

2010 245 x 160 mm 4400pp 978-1-84097-310-5 7 Volume Set £2600.00

2005 245 x 160 mm 3870pp 978-1-84097-120-0 6 Volume Set £2700.00

Minorities in the Middle East

The Zionist Movement and the Foundation of Israel 1839–1972

Religious Communities in Jerusalem 1843–1974 Edited by B. Destani

In this four volume set the selection of documents combines to give an overview of the interplay within and between the different faiths existing in Jerusalem. These 2400 pages explore the treatment and position of the diverse religious minorities within Jerusalem and more generally in Israel after 1948. Cambridge Archive Editions

2005 245 x 160 mm 2090pp 978-1-84097-125-5 4 Volume Set £1400.00

Minorities in the Middle East Jewish Communities in Arab Countries 1841–1974 Edited by B. Destani

This group of six volumes covers the arrangements and conditions for Jewish communities living under Islam, throughout the Arab world, from 1840 to 1974. The papers provide a series of snapshots of history from which it is possible to ascertain the contemporary

Edited by B. Destani

These volumes draw together documents found in the British National Archives to trace the origins and development of the Zionist movement in the 19th and 20th centuries, with specific reference to the goal of establishing a Jewish homeland. Cambridge Archive Editions

2004 245 x 160 mm 8000pp 978-1-84097-050-0 10 Volume Set £3350.00

Israel Boundary Disputes with Arab Neighbours 1946–1964 Edited by P. Toye and A. Seay

The years between 1946 and 1964 are some of the most important for the study of the State of Israel. This collection of primary source documents focuses on the great diplomatic and territorial problems of the period, including the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan and territorial adjustments for the benefit of Arab frontier villages. Cambridge Archive Editions

1995 245 x 160 mm 7000pp 978-1-85207-630-6 10 Volume Set £3350.00

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