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Developed in response to a growing need to make neuroscience accessible to students and other non-specialist readers, the Cambridge Fundamentals of Neuroscience in Psychology series provides brief introductions to key areas of neuroscience research across major domains of psychology. Written by experts in cognitive, social, affective, developmental, clinical, and applied neuroscience, these books will serve as ideal primers to the challenging world of neuroscience.

The Neuroscience of Intelligence

Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

Richard J. Haier, University of California, Irvine

Scott D. Slotnick, Boston College, Massachusetts

Why are some people smarter than others? This book clearly explains what neuroscience tells us about intelligence and the brain, emphasizing genetic and neuroimaging research. It dispels common misconceptions and shows how neuroscientific methods could dramatically enhance intelligence, with surprising implications for education and social policy.

This is the first book to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment on the cognitive neuroscience of memory. Topics include cognitive neuroscience techniques and human brain mechanisms underlying long-term memory success, long-term memory failure, working memory, implicit memory, and memory and disease.

• Demonstrates that much of the controversy surrounding intelligence has in fact been resolved by modern neuroscience research • Explains advanced concepts in a way that makes them accessible to readers without technical backgrounds • Inspires a new optimism about intelligence and its role in readers’ everyday lives

PB 9781107461437 $37.99 | £29.99

The Neuroscience of Expertise ‘ Merim Bilalic, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria & The University of Nothumbria

This book is the first work on neuroscientific aspects of expertise, and it provides a unifying framework to explain a wide range of expertise domains. It is an ideal supplement for undergraduate cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience courses, as well as an accessible primer for interested researchers. • Offers the first look into the neuroscience of expertise, a field not previously studied thoroughly • Analyses a wide range of expertise domains, divided into three groups: perceptual, cognitive, and motor • Tying the newest research on the neuroscience of expertise with studies in cognitive science, the book provides a strong and unifying framework • Supplementary online material includes PowerPoint slides for teaching, highresolution color images from the book and a collection of internet links about the topics discussed in the book

PB 9781107446519 $39.99 | £31.99

• Offers a detailed overview of terminology, techniques, and findings in the cognitive neuroscience of memory • Written accessibly so that students without a background in psychology or neuroscience can engage with the text • Employs helpful figures throughout each chapter to clearly present abstract or complex data

PB 9781107446267 $49.99 | £38.99

The Neuroscience of Adolescence Adriana Galván, University of California, Los Angeles This book fills a need in the area of developmental cognitive neuroscience. It integrates cognitive neuroscience and adolescent psychology, clearly explaining adolescent brain development, the technology currently used to study it, and the relevant implications for policy. • Provides a clear introduction to adolescent brain development that integrates cognitive neuroscience and adolescent psychology • Includes extensive coverage of the methods used to study the adolescent brain, so readers will be better able to comprehend, evaluate and critique research based on those methods • Places research in the real-world context of how adolescent neuroscience has informed key public policy issues

PB 9781107461857 $39.99 | £24.99 *All books are available in HB and in eBook format

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Cambridge fndamentals of neuroscience in psychology  

Developed in response to a growing need to make neuroscience accessible to students and other non-specialist readers, the Cambridge Fundamen...

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