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Junior School Soirée Tuesday 4th June 6pm Music and Movement Centre Dear Teacher, Each term, a Music Soirée is held in the Junior School, giving instrumental students the opportunity to gain performance experience before a warm and encouraging audience. It is good for students and their music teachers to plan ahead so that the Soirée performance assists in preparation for music exams and gives purpose to instrumental lessons. Your student has expressed interest in playing a solo item in this term’s Soirée. If you are agreeable to this performance, please complete the following form. We value the skill, guidance and love of music that you instill in your students and hope that our regular Soirées provide a useful performance opportunity. In order to keep the concert at a suitable length, please accurately indicate the duration of your student’s item.

Performance details for the Term 2 Soirée must be returned to the Music Office or JS Office by Thursday 23 May Kind regards,

Helen Thomas Assistant Director of Music – Junior School

Junior School Soirée – Tuesday 4th June

Student’s Name: ________________________________________

Class: _________________

Instrument: ____________________________________________

Accompanist required? Yes / No

Name of piece: __________________________________________

*If yes, please attach the music for our accompanist

Composer: _____________________________________________

Item length: ___________

Music Teacher’s Name: ___________________________________

Music Teacher’s Phone Number:___________________________

Music Teacher’s Signature: ________________________________

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Junior School Soiree Form  

Junior School Soiree Form