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APRIL 6, 2012

VOL. 32, NO. 8

Speedy Delivery: Mr. McFeely visits Cal U

Photo by: Joshua Laska Two sixth graders pose with the Purple Panda, Daniel Tiger and Mr. McFeely (David Newell) of “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood” in Cal U’s Steele Hall on April 2. During his presentation, Newell introduced “Speedy Delivery”, a 70-minute documentary about his current work - traveling around the world in his role as Mr. McFeely to share Fred Roger’s message. In addition to his role as Mr. McFeely - the messenger whose catchphrase was a cheery “Speedy Delivery”- Newell was in charge of production for 130 episodes of the award-winning children’s television show created by Fred Rogers.

SAI budget approved, Board of Directors nominations complete By Allison Steinheiser Staff Writer

On Monday, April 2, SAI held their annual corporation meeting. On the agenda for the meeting were nominations for members of the Student Association, Incorporated Board of Directors and approving the tentative budget for the fiscal year from July 1, 2012 until June 30, 2013. After several hundred students filed into the Performance Center in Natali Student Center, the meeting was called to order. The first order of business was the nomination of members for the Board of Directors. The members who were nominated include Kevin McEvoy, Zachary Rohrer, Shane Speicher, Jenna Terchanik, Mike Wagner, David Mutich, Alexandra Brooks, Shane Ierardi, Brenden Demmy, and Steve Zemba. All of these nominees have been involved with student government and some have

previously served on the Board of Directors. Jenna Terchanik (sophomore) said she has been involved with Student Government for two years now, but for other nominees, such as Shane Ierardi, this is their first nomination. Ierardi said he got involved with SAI two years ago and he was nomination through “numerous contacts throughout the organization.” The other order of business was for the members of SAI to vote for the approval for the budget for the 2012- 2013 fiscal year. Any student who is carrying twelve or more semester hours and has paid all established fees is a member of the cooperation. This meant the meeting was full of students. When the vote was taken, an over-whelming majority of students voted to approve the tentative budget of over $3.2 million for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. This budget will go towards all organizations under SAI,

and each club had to submit a request for a certain amount of money. SAI then reviewed each request and allotted a certain amount of money to each club that asked for money. This year it was announced during the meeting that student fees will not increase next year. Attending the meeting and voting on the approval of the budget are not the only ways that students can get involved in SAI. Any student can get involved with student government. “You can join the student activities board, which is located up in SAI. That would be a really good step if you are interested in getting on the Board of Directors,“ Terchanik said. While some students may not have been able to attend the meeting, they can still be involved in the process of choosing the Board of Directors. Students will elect seven members

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Student Government & S.A.I. Board Elections 2012 /13 Voting takes place online beginning Monday, April 16 at 8 a.m. and closes Tuesday, April 17 at 4 p.m.

Nominations for the S.A.I. Board of Directors

Kevin McEvoy Zachary Rohrer Shane Speicher Jenna Terchanik Michael Wagner David Mutich

Alexandra Brooks Brendan Demmy Shane Ierardi Stephen Zemba

Student Government (SGA) Nominations PRESIDENT: Alexandra Brooks, Senior, Justice Studies major VICE PRESIDENT: Katie McAndrew, Senior, Biology/Pre Medicine major Jasmin Runner, Junior, Elementary Education major FINANCIAL SECRETARY: Dave Mutich, Junior, Social Work major Kevin McEvoy, Sophomore, Nursing major Shane Ierardi, Junior, Sports Management major CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Chad Morrow, Junior, Secondary Education/Social Studies Major Steve Zemba, Junior, Business Major Jenna Terchanik, Sophomore, Business Administration/Human Resources RECORDING SECRETARY: Angelique Holmes, Sophomore, English Ali Dodson, Junior, Early Childhood and Special Education Major




APRIL 6, 2012

Students skeptical about Kenny Rogers concert By Lisa Pfaff Staff Writer

Country singer-songwriter Kenny Rogers is scheduled to perform on April 20 at California University and several students say they are unhappy with the booking. Students are pondering questions such as: Why Kenny Rogers? How many tickets have been sold? What are the costs? “I don’t think I’m going to attend the concert for the sole reason that I don’t think the university is being student friendly. I feel they are trying to reach out to an older crowd rather than getting their students involved with someone from our generation,” Dave Kalatshoff (senior/ communications) said. “I am not attending the concert because it is not my style of music. I think that it’s a good thing that the school is finally trying to get some events organized, but I don’t think many students are going to go see Kenny Rogers. They should have tried to get someone who would be more appealing to a wider audience,” PJ Samotus (junior/technology education) said. “I am not attending because

I am not in to Country music. I wish that they would have brought someone that is more currently popular to perform,” Javier Márquez (senior/international affairs) said. California University chose Rogers for several reasons, according to an e-mail from university spokesperson, Kristine Kindl. The act was chosen in consultation with VenuWorks, the firm that will be managing the Convocation Center. Some of the considerations taken into account include a relatively short booking time-frame and a limited budget. VenuWorks also stressed that booking a “blockbuster” act in a brand new venue is not a wise choice because the university would be unsure of how to handle such a large crowd. “Kenny Rogers filled the bill, he’s a well-known performer with widespread name recognition and a reputation for putting on a terrific show. Given our timetable and other considerations, this act was chosen,” Kindl wrote in an e-mail. Rogers, 73, has charted more than 120 singles in the United States during his music career. He has recieved awards for some of his music, including one

Big Event to Cal U By Tyler Kimmel For the Cal Times

Most Cal students will be sleeping at 9 a.m. on April 22. It is a Sunday, so many students will be recovering from their Saturday night out by showering or snoozing the day away. However, some students will be making a difference that morning, at “The Big Event” in the California community. The Big Event is run by Student Government and focuses on students lending a helping hand to the surrounding community. Students perform small tasks such as washing windows, or performing yard work, in the California area. It is a good way to give back to the town and local community residents. Various clubs will be involved with The Big Event. Sign up forms were turned in last week,

but late forms are still being accepted. Individuals can come help out with their friends at The Big Event, and the more people there to help, the better. The Big Event is not just taking place here at Cal U. It is a national service event that occurs at many college campuses across the country. This will be the sixth year Cal has hosted the event. It began at Texas A&M University, where they held their 30th annual Big Event on March 24. So, instead of sleeping until noon, going to brunch at the Rush, and procrastinating on the couch while watching Harry Potter weekend again, why not give back? After all, waking up a little earlier on the weekend isn’t the end of the world.


of his better known songs, “The Gambler,” from the CMT Music Awards and the American Music Awards, according to his official website. His most recent gospel album was released in March 2011. There is no way to tabulate the number of students that will be actually attending the Cal U show, because the booking is being handled through Ticket Master. “I don’t really know Kenny Rogers’ music and I feel the choice to have him on a college campus is not wise, because people in my generation don’t really know him…Some of my parents friends are going, but I don’t know of anyone my age attending,” Kaitlyn O’tolle (freshman/communications) said. “The choice of Kenny Rogers shows a distinct disconnection between the student body and whoever is booking talent for the convocation center,” Adam Wolfe (sophomore/computer science) said. The talent and production costs for the event, which will include Kenny Rogers with opening acts Billy Dean and Andy Gibson is $70,000. According to Kindl, the break-even

Kenny Rogers

point for ticket sales is 2,480, and as of early this week over 1,000 tickets have been sold. “According to the promoters, ticket sales are on track for this point in the promotional cycle… From the early days of this building project, the university planned to hold a grand opening celebration. We are realistic about the challenges involved in opening any new facility of this type, but we anticipate a successful event. ” Kindl said. It seems that a possible attempt by the university to get

Author of “The Blueberry Years” Comes to Cal U By Jamie Rider For the Cal Times

A small group of students and faculty wandered in to the conference room in the student union on Monday, March 26 to listen to Jim Minick read from his award-winning book “The Blueberry Years”. A book that focuses on the life Minick and his wife that have built around their organic blueberry farm in Floyd County, Virginia. The presentation started out with some hiccups, such as a projector refusing to start up that warranted the use of such high tech machinery as a stick to try and press the appropriate buttons. That didn’t stop Minick from sharing his book and talking about his life with confidence and good humor. He read from three separate chapters of his book (despite

JESSICA ZOMBEK....................................................EDITOR IN CHIEF JOSHUA LASKA.....................................SPORTS/MANAGING EDITOR BRIAN PROVANCE.....................AD MANAGER/GRADUATE ASSISTANT ALLISON STEINHEISER................................................STAFF WRITER GLORIA STONE...........................................................STAFF WRITER LISA PFAFF.................................................................STAFF WRITER NOAH GRUSKIN.........................................................STAFF WRITER JOSHUA LASKA............................................WEBSITE COORDINATOR JEFF HELSEL..........................................DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATIONS

the coming and going of the tech crew trying to get the projector to cooperate) as the audience sat quietly listening. A few chuckles were heard when topics were read, including the story of a man who fed his dog peaches that were fermented in moonshine or when an Asian family offered him sushi that had “beanie-weenies” in the center. The chapters read gave a brief insight to the life Minick has experienced on his farm, a life that lets him meet a variety of people who he has shared many stories and memories with. His book has won the IBA Best Nonfiction Book of the Year Award and is set to come out in a paperback edition in May 2012. For more information about “The Blueberry Years,” you can visit Minick’s website: http://

students more involved could be the recently announced free Community Celebration of Music. The event will be held in the courtyard prior to the Kenny Rogers concert and acts will include: appearance by the winner of Froggy Radio’s “Froggy Idol” contest; a performance by an alumna, Amber MacDonald, who just made a recording in Nashville with the University Choir; and a set by Brother Jeep & the Old Shoes Band, featuring one of our Cal U police officers.

SAI budget approved Continued from page 1 on the Board of Directors for the 2012-2013 school year. Student can vote starting Mon., Apr. 16 at eight in the morning until four in the afternoon on Tues., Apr. 17. Information for the election will be sent to student’s Cal U email account with more information. Voting will occur online with the results being announced after the voting period has ended.

Live Stats for all Vulcan games can be found at:



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APRIL 6, 2012




APRIL 6, 2012

ADVERTISEMENT Students on Cal U Health Insurance should consider other options CalU students who have opted to purchase the University sponsored health insurance plan may want to consider purchasing health insurance coverage on their own next semester. Aaron Zolbrod, licensed health insurance broker and owner of The Health Insurance Store in Connellsville explains why this may be a better option. “Obviously benefits and cost are huge factors when choosing health insurance,” Mr. Zolbrod says. “Medically underwritten individual health insurance plans are very affordable. And the benefits are really good. The most popular plan has co pays of $20 for primary doctor visits and $30 for a specialist. Blood tests and x-rays are provided for a $20 co pay. Prescriptions are also paid for with co pays of $8 for a 30 day supply of generic drugs and $40 for brand names.” For almost all undergrads, these plans cost less than the plan available through the University. And unlike the school plan, where the students or parents have to come up with a lump sum of money each semester, an independently purchased policy premium can be paid monthly. This plan Mr. Zolbrod mentions is provided by the area’s leading health insurance company and can be purchased by a male under the age of 25 for only $70 per month. A female under 20 years of age pays the same price. That’s less than half the cost of the University plan. Women ages 20-24 would pay only $111 per month. In addition to the premium difference there is less total out of pocket exposure than the University plan. Zolbrod goes on to say, “There are other reasons why students, especially those approaching graduation, should consider getting a plan other than the University option.” Because the CalU policy is only available to full time students, graduates who are not immediately able to get a job with health benefits will have to purchase a plan on their own. “With many aspects of the Health Care Reform Act not taking effect until 2014 and with the Individual Mandate constitutionality in question, not purchasing a plan on your own before graduation could possibly have long lasting and expensive implications,” explains Zolbrod. If you are interested in learning more about health insurance options, Aaron Zolbrod can be reached at 724-603-3403. You can also request a quote and get more information on the Health Insurance Store’s website at


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APRIL 6, 2012



University Police Reports: March 2 - March 27 March 2 - Criminal mischief University Police assisted California borough police with a report of criminal mischief in the area of 79 Ash Street. Assistance was rendered and one male will receive a citation from California borough police. March 2 - Deer hits car A deer hit one of the University Police cars causing minor damage. March 3 - Underage drinking citation An intoxicated 19 year old student was found walking in Lot #2. This student was taken to the Heath Center for observation and will be cited for underage drinking. March 5 - Mischief Employee from the Herron Fitness Center reported a broken mirror was discovered in the free weight area. Due to

lack of evidence, the actor remains unknown at this time. March 6 - Parking Pass missing University Police investigated a parking lot #5 pass missing. March 17 - Shots fired University Police assisted California borough police with a shots fired called on Peach Street in the area of Szalay Park. Three people were found in the woods shooting a shotgun. March 19 - Harassment University Police investigated harassing/threatening remarks posted on Twitter by a student. Contact was made with the student and the incident is currently under investigation. March 27 - Lost University Police assisted in locating a missing computer screen.

Entertainment Wrap-up In Theaters

Titanic in 3D American Reunion The Hunter


Top Gun (Blu-Ray) Saving Private Ryan (Blu-Ray)


Dr. John: Locked Down Ministry: Relapse The Smiths: The Queen is Dead

Video Games

Kinect Star Wars Devil May Cry: HD Collection



Spring at Cal U: Where to go on nice days to get away from the stresses of collegiate work

By: Tyler Kimmel

The students of Cal U live just 35 miles away from the most liveable city in the US, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. A 45-minute trip down route 43 leads straight to Pittsburgh. The “steel city” offers an array of ways to spend a beautiful spring day. It has plenty of options for students to enjoy the warm spring weather that is upon us.

APRIL 6, 2012

Pittsburgh’s National Aviary and Pittsburgh Zoo/Aquarium

Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh PA

Photo Courtesy of

One great way to get into the spirit of spring is stopping by the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. For $12, students can enjoy a 90-minute tour. The Conservatory is a great way to kick off the spring season by admiring the many gardens of flowers it has to offer. It may also be a good spot to take that special someone on a date.

Photo Courtesy of

Pittsburgh’s National Aviary and the Pittsburgh Zoo are fantastic spots for animal lovers. The Aviary is home to over 600 birds, and is a nice place to spend a Saturday afternoon. The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium has hundreds of animals, and is one of the most famous zoos in the nation, being featured in the 2010 film She’s Out of My League. Visiting the zoo in the spring increases the customers experience, since most of the animals are more active compared to the summer when they’re sleeping in a shady spot, trying to keep cool.

ACTIVITIES AND AWARDS SPOTLIGHT ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Showcasing the talents of faculty and students, California University’s Faculty Professional Development Committee will present the sixth annual Academic Excellence Days on April 24-25. A variety of activities designed to stimulate academic excellence will take place each day from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on the second floor of the Natali Student Center. All members of the university community are invited to attend this event. This year’s Academic Excellence theme is “Connecting Faculty and Students through Academic Achievement.” The Academic Excellence Learning Communities Award program was initiated and supported through the FPD Committee who awards competitive grants to faculty and staff who want to plan a learning community to foster academic excellence, intellectual rigor and civil discourse. Proposed learning communities must be multidisciplinary and include students, staff, and faculty. During this year’s Academic Excellence Days, the 2011 AED award winners will report on their project activities during the past year, and the 2012 AED award winners will launch their projects for this year. In addition, CAL U faculty members who have received FPDC and/or PASSHE grants will discuss their grant-funded projects and how they have contributed to their professional development. The FPDC Teaching and Learning Subcommittee has invited Dr. Marie Norman, Associate Director of the Eberly Center of Teaching Excellence at Carnegie Mellon University, to provide a workshop entitled “Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching” from 12:30 p.m.—1:45 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, in Natali 206. In this highly interactive workshop, Dr. Norman will discuss three simple but powerful principles of learning along with teaching strategies to put these principles into practice. Dozens of other faculty and student presentations will take place during the two-day event. Attendees will learn how to create documents with LaTeX and how to do Medieval Times arts and crafts. Faculty will discuss methods of using technology in classes as well as incorporating Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits for Highly Effective People” into their courses. Among the many presentations will be one which examines the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions affecting the Miranda doctrine. Students will also present class-related research, projects, and activities. Cal U students will also present posters in the Performance Center from 9:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m. both days. The Student Scholarship, Research and Creativity Day Poster Session will be held on Tuesday, April 24, and the Service and Service-Learning Poster Session will be held on Wednesday, April 25. Faculty will also present posters on a number of topics ranging from the “Leader for Life” program to health science and exercise science information. Artworks executed in the painting studios of the fine arts and design department’s classes will be displayed in the Airport Lounge both days. In addition, three Cal U student acappella singing groups-Cal Singers, Vulcanize, and Acappella Stella--will perform an eclectic mix of popular music from Van Morrison to Lady Gaga on Wednesday, April 25, from 12:00 p.m.—1:00 p.m. in the Airport Lounge. A continental breakfast and lunch buffet will be served both days at the Natali Performance Center from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. respectively. A complete schedule of events will be available at the Faculty Center’s website. For additional information, you may contact the FPDC office at 724-938-4505 or e-mail

APRIL 6, 2012



Baseball at PNC Park

Photo Courtesy of

Spring and baseball go hand and hand. Pittsburgh is home to one of the most beautiful ballparks in the United States, PNC Park. The Pirates began their season on April 5 against the Philadelphia Phillies. Tickets start at around $10, and many games include promotions like, free t-shirts, fireworks shows, and postgame concerts.

Walnut Hill Miniature Golf, Uniontown, PA

There are also other alternatives that are closer than Pittsburgh for students to spend their spring days. Mini golf is a fun time for a couple or an entire group of friends. Walnut Hill Miniature Golf is close to Cal, residing in Uniontown. It is $7 per person.

Ohiopyle, Fayette County, PA

Photo By Zak Jones

Nature enthusiast can visit Ohiopyle State Park, less than an hour away from Cal. Ohiopyle is a great place to get out and enjoy the natural scenery of the mountainous area. Take a bike ride on the bike trails or walking by the river are popular activities at the park. River rafting is also a favorite amongst tourists at Ohiopyle.

Around California, PA For those who want to take advantage of the great weather but don’t want to leave Cal, there are plenty of ways to do so around campus. Students can go to Roadman Park by the football stadium and partake in several activities. Tennis courts and soccer fields are there for students to play whatever sport they choose. Students can also play basketball on the courts by the Convocation Center or the outdoor court at Vulcan. Roller hockey is also popular on the courts on campus. Going for a run or a jog on a sunny day is also an option. Softball intramurals are also a good way to get outside and enjoy the weather. Spring has sprung and students want to spend their time outdoors soaking up the sun. They can go to Pittsburgh and visit several places the big city has to offer. There is also mini golf locally and a beautiful state park less than an hour away. Or they can stay on campus and play a number of different sports with their friends. No matter what they may chose to do, Cal students have an abundance of ways to spend these sunny spring weeks.



APRIL 6, 2012

APRIL 6, 2012





By Levie Kirkland

Hey everyone! Congratulations to those who made the e-board for the fall semester, good luck to you all! We are having a Block Party on Friday, April 27 at 4 p.m. in the quad between the Student Union and Building B, so come out and enjoy free food, music, games, and check out some of the organizations that will be out to help with the party. There will also be a basketball tournament,

so get your teams together. The sign up sheet is on the BSU board. We are also having a Retro Party on Saturday, April 28 at 9 p.m. in the performance center free for CalU students (must have I.D.) and guest tickets are $7.00. For more information contact Chantel Garrett at or Markus Wright wri7233@calu. edu. Our meetings are every Thursday at 5:15 p.m. in Carter Hall Multipurpose Room. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Internship Corner By Lucie Fremeau

Internship Center partners with regional organization The newly formed Charleroi Regional Police Department has partnered with California University of Pennsylvania in its search for an intern for the summer 2012 semester. The Charleroi Regional Police Department began officially operating on April 4, and would like an intern to help with community outreach, community awareness, and program planning and implementation. “Cal U is my alma mater,” Nancy Ellis, Mayor of Charleroi said, “A lot of what I learned at Cal U has helped me to obtain the positions that I have and the career that I am in. Therefore, I’d like to give this same opportunity to someone else from Cal U.” Regional organizations that partner with Cal U provide students with great opportunities that have been previously recognized by Cal U as credible internship sites with experiences that benefit students’ careers. The newly formed Charleroi Regional Police will give students the opportunity to obtain professional experience by creating and executing plans for neighborhood watch groups, facilitating meetings, creating and distributing handouts for community groups, and meeting with the police chief and K-9 officers. The community outreach internship with the Charleroi Regional Police is available for liberal studies, political science, justice studies, social work, communications, leadership studies, and recreation and leisure services management majors. The intern will facilitate the formation of a neighborhood watch group, which will require creating justified patrols and planning open houses and meet the police events. Applicants must be self-motivated, able to work well with the public, work independently, have basic computer skills, and understand time management and deadlines. The intern will become familiar with the police department and the involved communities in order to create effective neighborhood watch groups and plan community or awareness events. The intern will document each day’s work at the internship with the hours worked and tasks involved. This form will be initialed daily by the supervisor and will be presented at the monthly borough council members’ meeting in the form of a monthly report of tasks. The internship will be mainly unpaid, but there is a stipend that will be given to the intern. The amount of the stipend is currently being determined. The community outreach internship will be offered for the summer and fall terms. Interested students should contact Nancy Ellis at 724-483-8010 or visit the Internship Center, located on the second floor of Eberly.

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Introducing Cal U’s Online Interview Practice Tool – Interview Stream Practice interviewing anytime, anywhere with any webcam, any MAC, any PC. Just follow these three easy steps. 1. Create you account in seconds at Pick your interview set or create your own interview from +1500 questions. 2. The video interviewer will ask you one question and the webcam begins recording. Click the mouse to stop recording then you can review, retry or continue. 3. Watch your interview. Click a question to view your response. Review the interview with your Career Advisor. Count your “umms” and “likes” or email the link to others. On-Campus Recruitment Employer: UPS Position: Package Handlers Majors Wanted: All Majors Date: April 11 & 29 Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Location: Information Table at Natalie Student Center Employer: Vector Marketing Position: Sales Representative Majors Wanted: All Majors Date: April 9 & 16 Time: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Location: Information Table at Natalie Student Center Employer: IRS Position: Internal Revenue Agents Majors Wanted: Accounting, Justice Studies Date: April 12 Time: 11:00 a.m. Location: 103 Duda Hall Employer: The Home Depot Position: Cashiers, Lot Associates, Garden, Mill Work, Lumber Majors Wanted: All Majors Date: April 12 Time: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Location: Information Table at Natali Student Center Employer: Southwestern Human Services Position: Behavioral Specialist Consultants, Mobile Therapists, Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) Majors Wanted: Psychology, Counseling, Justice Studies, Social Work, Sociology, or Human Services Date: April 13 Deadline: Submit resume by April 9 Location: 230 Eberly Hal Employer: Community Alternatives Position: Behavioral Specialist Consultants, Mobile Therapists Majors Wanted: Psychology, Counseling Justice Studies, Social Work, Sociology or any Human Services related Date: April 24 Deadline: Submit resume by April 18 Location: 230 Eberly Hall Contact Career Services for more information on these employment opportunities. Hot Jobs Buckle Sales and Management Internship Management Development Program Find these positions on Cal U’s Job Posting Website – Career Services 230 Eberly Science and Technology Center 724-938-4413

Hispanic Student Association By: Angelina Lorenzo

To place an ad in the Cal Times please contact us at: or (724) 938-4321

SPANISH PHRASE OF THE WEEK: A donde el corazon se inclina, el pie camina. (Home is where the heart is.)     Hola everyone! Join HSA for exploration of the Hispanic culture, dancing, and fun in April and May! We will have a table at the Black Student Union’s Block Party and will also be holding our famous Salsa Night before the semester is over. Our Salsa Night will take place on Saturday, May 5th and will feature instruction by the Ballroom and Latin Dance Club so save the date!  Email lor8100@ to get on our email list.



APRIL 6, 2012

Home Run City: Six solo shots help defeat Mercyhurst By Joshua Laska

Sports/Managing Editor The California Vulcan softball team continued their home stance last week with three wins. They opened up the week with the rescheduled double header against Lock Haven, where they lost the first game 2-0, followed by a 4-3 walk off win. Next the Vulcans took on Mercyhurst in a PSAC West doubleheader match up; they took both games from the Lakers, 7-1 and 6-4. The Vulcans are now 21-5 on the season and 3-1 in the PSAC, with 16 games remaining in the regular season, eight of those being PSAC West match-ups. In the loss to Lock Haven, freshman shortstop Breanna Morris led the way with one hit on two attempts or a .500 batting average. Sophomore second basemen Natalie Wideman, freshman right-fielder Shelby Heyd and freshman catch Paige Johnson each added one hit as well. On the defensive side of the diamond, senior catch Alyson Johnson led the way with eight putouts. Sophomore first basemen Shelby Lia and Wideman both added five putouts, while freshman center fielder Katie Natter, Heyd and Morris all added one. Senior third basemen/designated hitter Jillian Russell and Morris both added two assists; sophomore pitcher Hope Spancake, A. Johnson and Heyd added one assist each. Spancake took the loss for the Vulcans giving up only two unearned runs in seven innings. She faced 26 batters, picked up eight strikeouts and threw 111 pitches. The victory over Lock Haven in the second game was lead by Natter who had three hits on four at bats including the walk off single that scored A. Johnson. Wideman added two hits on four attempts and one run. Freshman designated hitter/ first basemen Madison Yanek went one for three with one run, while A.Johnson pinch-hit scored one run and drove in one run. Russell scored one run and drove in one run on one hit, sophomore left-fielder Stephani Ellis rounded out the Vulcans hitting with one hit and one run batted in. Lia paced the defensive with eight putouts and added three assists as well. Wideman added four putouts, while Yanek, P. Johnson and Morris added three, two and one, respectively. Ellis, Heyd and sophomore center fielder Paige Onuska all added one putout each as well. Sophomore pitcher Kaitlyn Schilling led the way with four assists, while Natter and Morris each added three. Schilling pitched five and two thirds innings giving up three unearned runs. Freshman pitcher Madison Cashner pitched one and a third innings striking out two batters

Photos by: Joshua Laska Sophomore second basemen Natalie Wideman (2) got the Vulcans rolling with her first career home run, in the first inning against Mercyhurst. Wideman is currently second on the team, with a .373 batting average.

and only throwing 16 pitches. Cashner picked up her second win of the season and moved to 2-1. In the 7-1 victory over Mercyhurst, P. Johnson led the way going three for three with her third home run of the season. Natter went one for four with a home run in the seventh inning, after her home run Russell came up to bat and hit another home run for the Vulcans. Russell went two for four in the win, while Heyd and Wideman collected two and one hit, respectively. Ellis went one for two and scored once; Johnson and Lia both scored once as well. For the second game in a row Lia led the defense with seven putouts and added two assists. Wideman added five putouts and one assists; P. Johnson added four putouts. Heyd added two putouts, while Ellis, senior left-fielder Kristen McKenzie and Morris all added one putout each. Spancake picked up her 10th win of the season after giving up only one earned run in seven innings pitched. Against the 26 batters she faced she picked up five strikeouts and threw 96 pitches. The second game against Mercyhurst started off looking like the Vulcans were going to lose. In the bottom of the first inning Wideman led off with her first career home run as a Vulcan. Wideman scored twice in the victory, following her lead off home run Russell also went yard for her 39th home run as a Vulcan. That home run moved

Russell into first place all-time for home runs. A. Johnson went three for three and scored twice with a home run in the victory. Morris and Ellis both picked up one hit on three at bats. Heyd not only picked up one run but made an incredible play in right-field in the seventh inning to help preserve the Vulcans victory. Lia posted an impressive 15 putouts in the victory, followed by Heyd with two. Wideman, A. Johnson, Morris and P. Johnson

all added one putout each, with Wideman adding four assists. While, Schilling added an impressive six assists, Russell added three and Morris added two in the victory. Schilling picked up her ninth win of the season after giving up four earned runs, all in the first inning, and picked up two strikeouts in only 69 pitches thrown. The Vulcans returned to PSAC action on Tuesday, April 3 at Edinboro but that game ended to late for press time. They take

on Slippery Rock today at 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. in a doubleheader at Lilley Field. The Vulcans travel tomorrow to take on Millersville in non-PSAC action at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. A recap of all six games will be available in next weeks Cal Times. After picking up one win last week and only giving up one run in 14 innings pitched, Spancake was named PSAC West Pitcher of the Week.

Senior third basemen Jillian Russell (16) hit her 38th and 39th home runs of her career against Mercyhurst; this moves her into first all-time as a Vulcan.



APRIL 6, 2012

Tennis serves victories over Pitt, Clarion and IUP

Photos by: Joshua Laska Freshman Jolien Borrenberghs posted four wins last week, two in singles and two in doubles. Borrenberghs is 7-2 in singles, 3-0 in the PSAC, and 12-2 in doubles, 3-0 in PSAC action on the season.

By Joshua Laska

Sports/Managing Editor The eighth ranked Vulcan tennis team picked up three wins last week. They started with a 4-3 win over Division I Pittsburgh, followed by a 9-0 win over Clarion and then a 9-0 win over 41st ranked Indian University of Pennsylvania. The Vulcans are now 15-5 on the season and 3-0 in the PSAC with four matches remain, two PSAC matches. Against Pittsburgh, the 16th ranked doubles team of senior Annabel Pieschl and junior Jade Pondicas grabbed the only doubles victory for the Vulcans 8-3. 12th Ranked senior Martina Rubesova defeated Jocelyn Lu 6-3 and 6-3. Following Rubesova, 41st ranked Pieschl defeated G. Catanzariti 6-3 and 6-2. 42nd ranked Pondicas dropped her match to Taylor Washington 3-6 and 4-6. Senior Anastassiya Zherdeva grabbed the crucial fourth singles victory over Pittsburgh’s Amanada Wickman 4-6, 6-1 and 7-6, to give the Vulcans the victory. Senior Franziska Steinhardt defeated Molly Wickman in the fifth spot 7-6 and 6-1. Freshman Jesse Burrell dropped her match to Kimmy Borza 1-6 and 3-6. In the first double posi-

tion versus Clarion, the 16th ranked doubles team of Pieschl and Pondicas defeated Jaclyn Metzger and Caitlin Clemons 8-1. Zherdeva and Steinhardt captured the victory over Megan Bettwy and Lauren Rhine in the second spot, 8-0. To complete the double sweep freshman Jolien Borrenberghs and Burrell defeated Michaela Hardy and Madeline Robinson 8-2. The first singles match was won by 41st ranked Pieschl defeated Metzeger 10-1, 42nd ranked Pondicas followed with a 10-0 over Bettwy. Zherdeva defeated Robinson in the third singles position 10-1, while Steinhardt captured a 10-0 win over Rhine. Burrell defeated Clarion’s Brittany Buchheit 102, and Borrenberghs rounded out the Vulcans sweep with a 10-1 win over Hardy in the sixth spot. The fifth ranked team of Rubesova and Steinhardt defeated IUP’s Tabtip Louhabanjong and Katie Eaaton 8-2, in the first spot. In the second spot the 16th ranked team Pieschl and Pondicas defeated Tanya Timko and Emilia Osborne 8-5. Helping sweep the doubles section of play were Zherdeva and Borrenberghs. 8-4. 12th Ranked Martina Rubesova captured the win over Louhabanjong 6-1 and 6-0 in

Senior Anastassiya Zherdeva grabbed the crucial fourth victory in singles, over Pittsburgh’s Amanda Wickman.

the first singles spot. Following Rubesova, 41st ranked Pieschl overpowered Timko 6-2 and 6-0. In the third position 42nd ranked Pondicas defeated Eaton 6-4 and 6-0, while Zherdeva took three sets to defeat Abby McCormick 6-2, 4-6 and 10-8. Steinhardt was able to over come a rally by Osborne and defeated her 6-0 and 7-5; Borren-

berghs defeated Schnaas in the sixth and finals singles position 6-4, 4-6, and 10-4. The Vulcans returned to action on Tuesday, April 3 in Mercyhurst but that game ended to late for press time. Tomorrow the Vulcans take on Division I West Virginia University at 1 p.m. in West Virginia. A recap of both matches will be available in

next weeks Cal Times. After posting three singles wins and three doubles wins last week Pieschl was named the PSAC West Athlete of the Week. Pieschl is currently tied with Rubesova with a 20-6 on the season and has a 23-4 record with Pondicas in doubles play.



APRIL 6, 2012

Get to know your Vulcans: Melissa Gates Individual/Relay swimmer for the California Vulcan swimming team by Joshua


Sports/Managing Editor

What was your reaction when you won your first 50 freestyle National Championship last year?

It was so amazing and like nothing else I had ever experienced. I can’t even explain how happy I was when I touched the wall after my race last year and saw that “1” next to my name. At first I couldn’t believe I had really done it; it was such a dream come true.

Then, you repeated as the 50 freestyle National Champion this year. How did you accomplish this amazing goal ?

Well I knew it would be just as difficult; if not more difficult than it had been last year. But after I had the top time from the morning prelims session I knew it as only a matter of racing the people around me at the finals and having fun.

What was it like to capture both the 50 free and the 100 free National Championships this year?

Well during the whole season I was focused on defending my title from last year and then when that all came together for me in the 50, I had more confidence going into the 100. There was a lot of very fast competition there and I knew they would give me a challenge so I think that got me even more excited before my race. I just tried to give it everything I had and all the work I had put in over the past years finally all came together for me. It’s such a great feeling for any athlete to know that the countless hours they put into the sport have finally paid off.

What was it like when you broke the national record twice in two days?

Very exciting. The first time I was a kind of nervous and just trying to win the 50 and didn’t really think about breaking the record, but then when I swam the relay I was a little more relaxed and just focused on having fun so I knew I could break it again.

How did you feel when you were invited to the Olympic Time trials after posting the time trial qualifying time?

The meet was actually at the pool at Pitt this past August, and I remember I had a pretty bad swim in the morning prelims and barely made it into finals that night. My coach told me to just have fun and focus on racing and not making the cut time so I just tried to go into finals thinking that and nothing else. Luckily it ended up working for me, as I won the 50 and made the cut time at that meet! It felt awesome, I just remember crying because I was so happy and running up to hug my dad in the stands after the race.

Photos by: Joshua Laska


Two time 50 Freestyle National Champion and one time 100 Freestyle National Champion Named PSAC Women’s Swimmer of the Year

How hard was it to adjust to swimming at the college level?

It is definitely a lot more training at a more intense level than I was ever doing in high school. The first couple months of my freshman year were very challenging mentally and physically. I never did two-a-day practices before high school and that was a big adjustment but in the long run I think its what took me to the next level in my sport.

Did you find competing at the college level to be challenging when you first arrived?

When I first came to college my starts were a disaster and it took me awhile to fix them. But I also used to get so nervous before big meets and it was difficult at first for me to learn to just relax and control my nerves before a race.

How do you stay “in the game” during the off-season?

I swim and train pretty much year round. At Cal we start practicing like the second week of school starting and go till almost the last day of school. Then when I’m home for the summer I train with my club team back in Lancaster and lift at the YMCA. Honestly, since I’ve started college swimming 4 years ago I don’t think I’ve gone more than 3 or 4 days without getting in the pool.

What originally got you into swimming?

I loved being in the water and there’s a big community pool almost right in my backyard at home. All the kids in my neighborhood joined the summer swim team they have there, so one summer my mom just signed me and my sister up.

How many years have you been swimming?

I started on summer swim team at my neighborhood pool when I was 10 and then started swimming year round on a local YMCA team when

What is your favorite tv show?

It’s a toss up between HBO’s True Blood and Grey’s Anatomy

I was 12. So I guess about 10.

Who are your favorite sports teams?

I learned how to ride a unicycle in gym class in my elementary school and still can to this day. Also, I have a horse named Badger (our unofficial swim team mascot) and I try to ride as much as I can when I’m not swimming.

What is your favorite food?

I’m from Lancaster, PA (about 4 hours east of here) and went to Conestoga Valley High School.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Well after I graduate in May I will be going up to Penn State to train with their team for Olympic Trials in early July and then after that I’m honestly not sure… I guess it depends on whether or not I make the Olympic team. If not, hopefully I’ll find a good job, maybe out west, and continue stay active by doing triathlons.

Any final thoughts you would like to share?

What is one interesting fact that not everyone would know about you?

Where are you from and where did you go to high school? What do you plan on doing after college?

Recently attended my first Pens game and am starting to become a fan!

I’m really not a picky eater and like pretty much anything. Double fudge cookie dough blizzards are absolutely amazing though.

What is your favorite movie?

I love the Indiana Jones and Back to the Future movies!

“You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you; you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.” –Christopher Gardner (The Pursuit of Happiness) Just a thank you to all the girls on the team, for making my 4 years here so much fun and memorable. I’ll miss you guys so much!

Cal Times, Cal U of Pa., April 6, 2012  
Cal Times, Cal U of Pa., April 6, 2012  

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