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SEPTEMBER 18, 2015

VOL 42, NO.4

Let’s Go Vulcans

Cal U moving forward following PSAC opener against Bloomsburg Photo: Josh Richardson

OPINION S t u d e n t ce n t e r r e d e d i c a t e d

Is There a War on Religion?

Athlete of the Week

Cal U celebrated the rededication of the Natali Student Center this week. The multimillion dollar project saw the necessary expansion of facilities and the addition of some high-tech amenities.

President Barack Obama has said multiple times that the United States is not and will never be at war with Islam, but do believers in Islam feel the same way?

Men’s soccer forward Jesse Scheirer is featured as this week’s Athlete of the Week following an impressive week

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An official balloon drop at the end of the Natali Student Center’s rededication ceremony on Wednesday highlighted the completion of the facility’s major two-year renovation project. The rededication was held in the dramatic new Heritage Lounge, the rotunda that now is a signature feature of the building. Photos by: Aaron Zimmerman

Natali Student Center rededication University trustees, administrators praise contractors, students for finished building By Stetson Provance, News Editor Interim University President Geraldine Jones, Vice President of Student Affairs Nancy Pinardi, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Sebek, Acting Provost Bruce Barnhart, Vice President of Administration and Finance Robert Thorn and Student Government President Brendan Garay praised the role students, staff and contractors played in the construction of the Natali Student Center during the building’s rededication held on Sept. 16 in Heritage Lounge. The rededication ceremony afforded the university an opportunity to allow members of the campus community who were unfamiliar with the changes made to the building to see firsthand what is being billed as “a source of pride and accomplishment” for the university. According to Larry Maggi, chairman, Cal U Council of Trustees, the end result of the two-year renovation process to the Natali Student Center is a more complete, competitive Cal U. “We hope that when students are making a choice [concerning where to attend college] the student center shows Cal U is a university working to move forward,” Maggi said. “This building is essential to the continued success of Cal U.” Other speakers on hand were Greg Smih of WTW architects and Student Government President Brendan Garay. The Student Center, constructed in 1972 and named the California Memorial Union, had last been expanded in 1992, when it was renamed the Natali Student Center in honor of former University President Elmo Natali.

Mr. Brendan Garay, president, California University Student Government

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THE HOW TO...BREAK UP WORKSHOP The idea of love or what it is supposed to be is often times modeled from mass m e d i a mediums such as television, film, music, and social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Whether someone has posted a picture of what looks to be the perfect relationship or a meme that mocks an unhealthy relationship, the fact remains that individuals retain an image of one extreme or the other. A false sense of expectation as it relates to a romantic relationship can prompt an individual to ignore warning signs of an unhealthy relationship that they would otherwise be aware of. These warning signs will usually manifest themselves as things like insults, extreme jealousy, pressure, wrongful blame, sudden mood changes, emotional blackmail, as well as physical harm to the less dominant partner (Mayne, 2015).

In evaluating your relationship and making the determination that it is in more ways than one troublesome, it is important to then consider the two very obvious options. The first being the idea of working with your partner to find a better way to communicate and the second would be opting out of the relationship and deciding that it’s better to part ways. To accommodate the first option, it is important for a couple to identify the issues that have been negatively affecting the relationship. The focus does not necessarily have to be on who is right or wrong in a particular situation, but instead the focus should be on less trivial concepts. Ideas such as trust, appreciation, personal space development, respect, openness, partners’ needs, communication, forgiveness, and most importantly love are all examples of areas that can be strengthened in a relationship to achieve a level of stability (Hunt, 2014). On the other hand, when dealing with the second option it is important for a couple to end an unhealthy

CALU police reports Vehicular Violence On Sept. 3 at 12:02 p.m., a female student reported to police that a male student had threatened to damage her car, which was parked in the River Lot. The next day, a car in the River Lot was “keyed” by another student.

Yelling and Screaming On Sept. 5 at 1:19 a.m., police responded to a domestic disturbance in Building E. Upon investigation, it was found the two subjects in question were having a loud verbal dispute.

Stealing from the Bookstore On Sept. 4 at 10:48 a.m., a male student was reported for stealing from the bookstore. Police listed the incident as a retail theft, and the subject was arrested.

relationship in a way that makes both parties feel safe and comfortable with the situation. This is sometimes hard to achieve because again, mass media mediums provide a generic sense of how leaving an unhealthy relationship should make an individual feel, think, and act. This results in the aforementioned emotional blackmail which prompts an individual to think irrationally saying things like “If you leave, I am just going to kill myself,” which of course makes it almost impossible for an individual (male or female) to then leave the unhealthy relationship. An unhealthy relationship can affect an individual not only emotionally, but also physically and mentally as well. With this in mind the End Violence Center would like to encourage individuals to evaluate their relationships and choose an option that will best benefit their well-being. For more information, attend our event: “How To…Break Up Workshop” - Tuesday, September 22 at 5:00 pm in the Old Main Chapel. Food & drink will be provided.

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WCAL DJ SPOTLIGHT: STEVE “ICED STEVE” MAGGIO Shows: Fridays 6pm-10pm “Iced Steve” Maggio hails from Long Island, New York (hence the nickname), and immediately got involved in WCAL his first semester in Fall 2012. He is expected to graduate in May of 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication: Radio & TV, and he hopes to work in a studio environment doing production work such as making commercials or being a board operator. Steve was the WCAL Program Director last year and the Imaging Director the year prior. In the summer of 2012, he interned at 98.3 WKJY doing remote broadcasts, and then he interned at United Stations Radio Networks in NYC in the summer of 2014, where he was tasked with writing comedy scripts for radio stations all over the country. Musically, he has an affinity for all things pop punk, indie and alternative, and he also has a respectable sized vinyl collection. When not in school, Steve will be working at Seven Springs as a snowboard instructor this winter, so it’s safe to say that he’s pretty decent. He also plays the cymbals in the school marching band.

if you like R ecommended M a n O v er b oa rd


CHVRCHES rs T h e Won d er Y ea A lt-J

K nu ck le P u ck Twitter: @IcedSteveWCAL Instagram: @919WCAL Twitter: @919WCAL



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Have you written several pieces in your journal but never knew how to get them published?

If you answered yes, well now is your chance! CalU’s Literary Magazine, The Inkwell, is looking for poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction pieces to publish in the 2015 webzine edition! All majors and faculty members are welcome to submit several pieces per genre depending on the guidelines. Email us at CALU-INKWELL@CALU.EDU for more information on the guidelines or for any questions/concerns you may have! CalU Inkwell

CalU Inkwell @CalU_Inkwell


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SEPTEMBER 18-24 Josh Richardson, Cal Times sports photographer, says: Hands down amazing. This movie right from the beginning is a down right edge of the seat action. This Movie is beautifully constructed and the cinematography is superb. The acting performances by Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are top notch and they add so much to the movie alone with acting performances. The movie itself is like having a constant heart attack. Coming from never watching any other mad max, I wasn’t sure what to expect or even whether or not I would understand or like the movie. I can personally say the Movie held my attention the whole time and I was very impressed. If you like action, amazing on screen acting performances and beautiful on screen construction this movie is for you.

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The Story of Sonny Boy Slim – Gary Clark Jr. As someone who has reviewed many albums of various music genres, it is safe to say that Gary Clark Jr.’s album, “The Story of Sonny Boy Slim,” is one of a kind. Clark, who released his first studio album in 2004, has shown zero signs of slowing down after eleven years of pumping out his own style of this rock, blues fusion. Though Clarks’ music has not seen the peak of any charts, he stills dazzles fans with his heavy guitar riffs and smooth jazzy sounds. Clark offers an interesting sound to his already bluesy vibe in all of his work, this one especially. His lyrics are classic to the already laid down framework of the blues genre. All the while, Clark tells his own personal story. This is Clark’s fourth studio album and it seems that he is on a steady path. This album is rich. The instrumentals are full and the sound as a whole is quite refreshing. On top of that, the man absolutely shreds on guitar. His soulful smooth sounds followed by his distorted guitar make this album a fun ride from start to finish. In this hour long album, you can truly get a feel for Clarks’ display of talent and understand an idea of how most of his songs are. Clark is currently touring with the Foo Fighters and sadly will not be making his rounds to this side of Pennsylvania. The closest he will be is in Philadelphia at the beginning of November. I have not had the pleasure of seeing a full set from Gary, but I did walk through the crowd at one of his shows. From the one song I watched, he put on an incredible show. For a music fan, specifically one of his fans, you should make it somewhat of a priority to see him live at some point in your lifetime.

Average Critic Rating: 77/100 My Rating: 82/100

So There – Ben Folds Ben Folds is one of the more interesting characters in the music industry but his music speaks volumes. Folds has made his way through a solo career, created countless collaboration albums, which is what “So There” is, been a part of the band Ben Folds Five, as well as helped judge NBC’s The Sing Off. These are only some examples of what Ben Folds has accomplished since he started making music in 1988. As for this album, it seems to take an interesting approach to what fans of Folds could have expected. Folds’ has a certain style of pop that is not like many other artists in the current industry. The term used to describe this album is “Baroque Pop” and for much reason. This album seems to focus mainly on the composition of each piece. While each song seems carefully crafted, the lyrics may give you a sense that Folds was sort of aloof during the writing process. Folds can typically be seen as being a little sarcastic with his delivery and lyricism at times, but more often than not he is a much more serious writer. For the average fan of Folds, this album may come as a slight bummer to his usual ways. For the more than average fan, this album will be something you really appreciate and enjoy. The album has eight pop songs followed by a three track piano concerto performed with the Nashville Symphony. You will find that this album has a nice pace to it and is easy to listen to from start to finish. For hardcore fans of Folds, he will be arriving in Ohio and Washington D.C. in the upcoming months. Folds’ creates a musical experience that you cannot duplicate by seeing another artist. Though I am not fully into Bens’ style of pop, I have heard nothing but good things from others who attended his concerts in the past and one day I hope to get a glimpse of one of his shows.

Average Critic Rating: 68/100 My Rating: 75/100

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A Miracle You Will Want to See

Auditions and planning for Miracle on 34th Street have begun BY MOLLY FERENCE The Cal U Theatre department is definitely brewing a miracle worth while with their upcoming production of “Miracle on 34th Street”! Auditions were held in Steele Hall last Saturday on September 12th. Just by walking into the building, it was clear that the atmosphere was filled with excitement. The actors were on the tips of their toes eager to show what they were capable of. Although, most of the cast explained that they were confident with their auditions since it is a show they have done many times before . However, this year is going to be special. Senior, Theatre Major, and Production Stage Manager, Kellee Cohlhepp, explains that she had worked with this particular musical for the past three years at Cal U. She loves doing what she does and says that so far things seem to be running pretty smoothly. However, when asked how many people auditioned for the exact same musical last year her answer was surprising. She says, “A lot of them have, but a lot of them haven’t, but we always focus on who we have at the moment to make the show

BSU CORNER Greetings everyone, The BSU wants to thank everyone who came out to the tailgate to celebrate our Vulcans football team as they went head on against the Huskies. We had a great time! I just want to remind everyone of our events. We have an upcoming talent show that will take place in the newly renovated Performance Center! We will hold auditions at the beginning of October. Look out for our flyers placed on tables all around Natali!


Come audition for our upcoming Talent Show! There will be a CASH PRIZE… Dates: October 8th and 22nd 5pm-9pm in Natali 319

accompanist. They also had to bring their own dancing shoes so that they were prepared to dance. “Freshman usually aren’t allowed to participate the first year,” says Kellee, “ But, that’s why we have a first year program for them. It is just so they can test the waters and see if it’s something they really want to do.” Kellee’s advice for freshman who are in the “The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet,” and want to continue their theatre career is crystal clear. “Just don’t be shy about it. Even if you want to come in as another major and try its okay. You can always switch it later or minor in theatre. ” she explains. All in all, if musicals are something that you enjoy, you’ll be in for a special treat this year! The Cal U students are very serious and passionate about what they do and would love to see their college family come to support them. The show dates are December fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh at seven thirty and the matinees are at two. They invite everyone to witness the miracle that happens on 34th Street.

“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow. ” – Alice W a lke r

By Jerron Corley


as great as possible.” So, it will be interesting to see how unique this musical will turn out considering that there will be new faces and talents ready to share the limelight this year. Based off of the 20th Century Fox Film, “Miracle on 34th Street”, the main characters Kris Kringle, and Susan Walker are the roles that the actors ad actresses aspire to play in the production this December. Susan Walker, the daughter of the Macy’s executive Doris Walker, is wise beyond her years. However, her mother does not allow her to believe in fantasies and fairy tales so that she may not get hurt. Kris Kringle, who is the male protagonist, intervenes when he becomes the Santa at Macy’s and spreads holiday cheer to battle the cynical views of Susan’s mother. He does this by declaring that he is the real Santa. No one knows whether he is just insane or being truthful. So, it is a very interesting plot. The requirements for the auditions was that the students had to be prepared to sing up to 32 bars of sheet music with an


This Week In Black History

Current News

-September 18, 1970 - Jimi Hendrix died in his London apartment at the age of 27. The death was from an overdose of sleeping pills. -September 19, 2011 - Bobbie Lee Holmes passed away at age 84. He was a former Los Angeles public school teacher who won an early ‘60s victory for fair housing in California when she and her research scientist husband used the courts to challenge the racism of their Pacoima neighbors. -September 20, 2007 - Between 15,000 and 20,000 protesters marched on Jena, Louisiana, in support of six black youths who had been convicted of assaulting a white classmate. -September 21, 1998 - Olympic Gold Medalist Florence Griffith Joyner (aka Flo-Jo) passed away on this day at age 38. She died in her sleep as the result of an epileptic seizure. She was a track & field athlete and considered the ‘fastest woman of all time’. -September 22, 1973 - ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye was the number one song this day. -September 23, 1930 - The legendary Ray Charles was born. He was a Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, musician and composer. He passed in 2004 at age 73. Champion. He is also well known for his appearance in the “Hey Kid, Catch!” Coca-Cola commercial in 1979.

Sign attacking Black Lives Matter activists left at sight of police shooting

(Photo of Jonathan: AP, Story: The Guardian) Relatives paying their first visit to the site of the killing of an unarmed black man by police in North Carolina were greeted by a sign attacking activists as racists and ordering them to “leave our neighborhood alone”, according to family representatives. Jonathan Ferrell’s mother and brother travelled on Monday to Bradfield Farms to lay a wreath on the spot where the 24-yearold former Florida A&M University football player was fatally shot by a police officer two years ago. According to a family spokesman, before the Ferrells arrived at the site of the shooting a wooden placard was placed nearby. It said: “We reject your racist attitude … leave our neighborhood alone!” The Ferrell family’s spokesman, Ryan Julison, said: “It’s incredibly disappointing that the message this neighbourhood would choose to send to this grieving family is something so negative.”

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Underground Cafe hosted their semesterly ‘90s night, featuring ballads from Destiny’s Child, Smash Mouth, Blackstreet, and Lauryn Hill. This time the open mic night was held in the Heritage Lounge, in the newly renovated Natali Student Center. ‘90s Night had a crowd of 205 people, with both solo and group performances from students like Chandler Davis, Cam Chambers, Ryane Corwin, Josie Banks, and Nick Linder.


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The US may not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with the US BY STETSON PROVANCE Contributing Editor

Many view Barack Obama as a president who is too quick to side with or “sympathize” with Middle Eastern Islamic countries. Those with that opinion always repeat catchphrases such as “he bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia” while on a trip to the country, or “look at that bogus Iran nuclear deal.” By and large, I think there is a distinct difference between siding with/showing favoritism to a group of nations and being an idealist who thinks the United States can be friendly and diplomatic with our enemies, with Obama being the latter. After all, it isn’t like President Obama hasn’t bent over backwards to appeal to other countries that have long been at odds with the United States (i.e., Russia and Cuba). However, in trying to maintain friendly relations with countries in the Middle East, Obama has doubled down on a statement concerning Islam that, while presently accurate, doesn’t exactly tell the whole story. Last winter and again late this summer, Obama made the statement that “we [the United States] are not and will never be at war with Islam.” After pulling out a very large number of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and declaring an end to the war on terror during this administration, I guess it is fair to say that we aren’t currently at war with Radical Islam. However, just by deciding to step foot on Middle Eastern soil after 9/11, the United States guaranteed an eternity-long conflict with the countries they invaded. Couple that with the rise of ISIS and other terrorist organizations, and one thing is absolutely clear: Radical Islam will always be at war with the Western World, and especially the United States. Before going any into the reasons, mainly religious, that a conflict will always exist, let me preface it by saying that there are peaceful Muslims. However, much like I made the case last year that Christians (like myself ) who try to justify being pro-gay marriage

Seven years into his presidency, Barack Obama continues to avoid naming radical Islam as an enemy of the United States PHOTO: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

and yet claim to follow the bible hold logically inconsistent views, those who claim Islam is wholly a peaceful religion haven’t read the teachings of the Quran. Irrespective of the context of the “sword” verses found in the book, one thing is made clear in the Quran; if you don’t pledge some sort of allegiance to Allah, or you step foot on an Islamic nation’s home soil in the name of war, then those of Islamic faith have Allah’s permission to act violently in the name of religion. That doesn’t mean they have to, and it certainly doesn’t mean that all people who have faith in Allah are violent. What it does mean is as long as there are groups like ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant; new acronym for ISIS) or Al Qaeda that take the message of the Quran and willingly expand upon and in some cases distort it for their own violent, terroristic agenda,

there will always be a conflict between Islam and the Western World. Being friendly and diplomatic with countries around the world is great in theory. However, because of economic, religious, and philosophical reasons, some countries have been and will remain enemies of the United States. By saying things like the US will never be at war with Islam, this president is trying to show that the United States won’t allow ideological differences to further strain relations with countries in the Middle East. However, after seven years in office, President Obama should understand as well as anyone who and what the United States is fighting against. By not identifying Radical Islam as the threat that it is, Obama appears, if nothing else, to be blissfully ignorant to the state of world affairs. That’s not a good look for the leader of the free world.

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Should there be an age limit for Presidential Candidacy? BY ZACH FILTZ Cal Times Contributor

How old is too old to run for president of the United States? I have been assigned to write on this delicate topic. Currently, there are three major candidates running for office who are 67 years or older: Bernie Sanders (74), Donald Trump (69), Hillary Clinton (67, almost 68). For the sake of discussion, I will include Joe Biden in this list as well, at 72 years of age. While some people are indifferent to a person’s age because of appearance (does Trump look 69 to you?), others find it a physical or psychological health issue for the tiring task of running the Executive branch. I will be blunt here, and then report some polling facts. I do not think it is fair to rule out any candidate just due to the number of years they have been alive. I think that is turning a blind eye to what could be great leaders.

However, I think that candidates should be psychologically screened before running for an office such as president. Why do I state this? Nearly 30 years later, reports of the late Ronald Reagan falling asleep in important meetings, especially during his second term in office (Jan. 1985—Jan. 1989), continue to creep up. It is also believed he would take afternoon naps. I will be fair and report he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a couple of years after he finished his presidency around the early 1990s. Yes, I know what some of the pre-med students may be thinking in response: “That can happen at any age, not necessarily after 70.” I am aware of that. But, wouldn’t it have been ethical to screen Reagan for any abnormalities with his ability to think and reason? This was the same president who told the United

Nations they needed to prepare for a probable alien invasion. According to a 2014 New York Times article quoting a 2007 Pew poll, 60 percent of Democrats said they were less likely to support presidential candidates in their seventies. Oddly, that number was higher in contrast to polled Republicans, where only 42 percent felt that way towards candidates. Additionally, my idea is from a “make room” ideology: how about we make room for younger candidates to participate as well? While I respect that some older American politicians are appearing to enjoy their run for executive office, I do believe a few of them should be screened to see what is going on inside their heads that could influence their decision making accumen before we move forward.

Presidential Candidates (From Left to Right) Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders are three of the top candidates who also happen to be over the age of 65 PHOTOS: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

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Will the bans on Happy Hour eliminate binge drinking? BY KATIE DELVERNE, OPINION EDITOR

Happy Hour generally refers to a period of time during a day where drinks are sold at a reduced cost. Several states have laws prohibiting excessive drinking practices, or “Happy Hour” because they believe it encourages binge drinking, which commonly leads to drunk driving or other destructive alcohol-related issues. But are the destructive alcohol-related issues what we should be concerned about? Or the binge drinking Happy Hour promotes? I say the binge drinking. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines binge drinking as “a pattern of drinking that brings blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels to

0.08g/dL”. This will usually occur over a course of two hours, with only around 4-5 drinks being consumed during that time. These statistics speaks worlds louder than simply saying a drink special, or happy hour, promotes excessive drinking which then leads to fatal drunk driving accidents. We should be being proactive instead of reactive. We should be focusing on the laws that dictate how many alcoholic beverages an individual can consume during a night, or what training a server undergoes to be educated on excessive drinking, rather than cutting out drink specials because they “promote” excessive drinking. A lot

of different things promote or encourage excessive drinking, but taking the first step to eliminate it or lessen it is the key. Rachel Michaels, the Alcohol and Other Drug Education Specialist at California University of Pennsylvania, agrees that establishments should be monitoring the alcohol customers are consuming and placing restrictions on them if they are excessively drinking. Most bartenders according to Chandler Carey, a bartender at Wood Street Bar, are encouraged to undergo a training session, which gives them Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP) certification. RAMP was created by the

Page 15 Sept. 18, 2015

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (LCB) to be educated on binge drinking, Again, I agree with what Carey is saying. to help bartenders serve beverages the people who are coming into the Banning drink specials, or banning happy more responsibly and understand the establishments these bartenders serve at hours, will only do so much. While you consequences if they do not. still have a mind of their own, and will find are stopping the likelihood of someone Undergoing the certification training a way to excessively drink if that is their coming in and buying 10 drinks because educates servers on how to detect signs end goal. they are inexpensive, you are increasing of extreme intoxication, and how to However, bars, specifically Wood Street, the likelihood of someone drinking properly cut them off. do not purposely hold drink specials to heavily at home so when they arrive at However, the training for certification is promote excessive drinking according to the bar, they do not have to purchase as not mandatory for bartenders to undergo, Carey. many full price drinks. but rather highly encouraged leaving a “Bringing customers in earlier for a Rachel raises an interesting point with portion of servers uneducated on the drink special make them stay and drink that. If someone is drinking to cope, they’re signs and effects of serving an extremely longer,” said Carey. This is not so they going to drink excessively regardless of intoxicated customer. a drink special. So having a Though a good portion of “According to the NIAAA, in 2013, 24.6 percent drink special becomes a sort of bartenders are educated, that “double edge sword” according of people surveyed, ages 18 and older, had also does not mean they are to Michaels. They’re drinking to able to use their best judgment. admitted to binge drinking in the past month. cope, and drinking even more Rachel Michaels agrees that it Furthermore, according to the Center for Disease because it’s being offered at a is hard for bartenders to keep low, affordable price. Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 adults will binge track of their customer’s entire All in all, I do not believe alcohol intake, sometimes drink about four times a month.” banning Happy Hours or making it difficult to prevent drink specials is going to excessive drinking. It’s almost unrealistic become severely intoxicated, but rather stop excessive drinking. While it does to expect a bartender to remember how so they spend more time at the bar, encourage it, a lot of other factors do too. many drinks 12 or 15 customers have had spending more money, and enjoying the Binging, in a general sense, is to cope enviroment. in a short period of time. with negative emotions. Humans are From a bartender and 22-year-old always going to have to deal with their Nevertheless, it’s still better to be proactive than reactive. If bartenders have perspective, Carey does not think banning emotions. While banning drink specials the proper training prior to serving, they drink specials will stop excessive drinking, and Happy Hour may help eliminate will make better judgments in the long and I would have to agree. some binge drinking, it will not eliminate “People will just drink at home and all, or even most. After all, more than run, even if it’s only cutting off one or two people a night. Cutting those people off pregame the bar,” said Carey. “That is half of the alcohol consumed by adults could save lives in the long run, whether what leads to excessive drinking. In a in the U.S. is in the form of binge drinks it is the consumer’s life or someone who sense, drink specials do aid excessive according to the CDC. We should spend comes into contact with the consumer’s drinking habits but not as excessive if more time eliminating that large of an one was to drink intensely at home and issue, advocating for an anti-binge law, life. Even after advocating for bartenders then come to bar”. rather than an anti-Happy Hour ban.

Page 16 Sept. 18, 2015

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Women’s rugby team looking for big results this season By Rachael McKriger Cal Times Contributor

In the words of Andrea Ceja, rugby is a sport where you tackle and abuse the other players for 80 minutes and then go and socialize with them at the end. To her and her teammates, it’s a tight knit community and also a family. Ceja, a sophomore majoring in athletic training, is one of the captains on the team. Ceja goes into every game wanting to play her best, but also goes in with a goal to lead and support her team 100%. “My biggest goal this year is to try and bring the team together and recruit more new members,” Ceja said. “Rugby is such a new and growing sport in the US, and it is so important to pass on the sport and all its traditions to a new freshman class.” For Ceja, who loves rugby so much she couldn’t see herself playing another sport, said she tries to recruit members with flyers, posters, social media, and simply by walking up to people around campus. Ceja believes the recruiting has worked, as the team has eight unexperienced players on their team of 25 this year. “Teaching the sport to new players can often seems like a daunting task, we have been pleasantly surprised with our rookies’ abilities to learn the game. They are picking up the techniques and skills quickly, and with such ease! It is truly amazing seeing them develop, not only the skills, but the love for the game. I can only expect a great year from what I have seen thus far,” Ceja says, praising her “rookies.” The rugby team, who normally practice and play their games at Roadman Park, have six games left this season. They will face Allegheny College (9/19), Grove City College (9/26), Fairmont (10/4), Indiana University of Pennsylvania (10/10), Robert Morris University (10/17), and West Virginia University (10/31). Last year, the team earned 2nd place in their conference and placed 2nd in the local Highlanders Tournament. This year, the team is looking to make their mark at number one.

Robinson, Vulcans capture titles at Glen Springs By Sports Information

Junior Tyler Robinson (Annapolis, Md./Broadneck) earned medalist honors over teammate Kirby Manown (Belle Vernon, Pa./ Belle Vernon) by three strokes and the Vulcans claimed the tournament title by 18 strokes at the Glade Spring Intercollegiate on Tuesday. The California University of Pennsylvania men’s golf team shot the lowest score in both the first and second rounds and finished the event with a 29-over 893 (292-296-305). West Chester finished in second place with a 47-over 911 (303-299-309), while Millersville, West Liberty and host Charleston ( W.Va.) rounded out the top five and were each separated by one stroke. Robinson carded a five-under 211 (69-68-74) at the event which featured nearly 90 golfers. He was the only player to shoot multiple rounds under 70, including a tournament-best four-under 68 in the second round. Last week, Robinson lost a playoff hole with Manown at the season-opening Wheeling Jesuit Invitational. Manown placed second on the individual leader board with a two-under 214 (73-70-71) after shooting the lowest score in the final round at one-under 71. Senior Grant Newton (Finleyville, Pa./Thomas Jefferson) tied for 14th place with a 14-over 230 (73-77-80), while freshman Jerome Landry (Duncansville, Pa./Hollidaysburg) shot a 27-over 243 (77-82-84) to tie for 50th overall in his college debut. Junior Matt Cioffi (New Castle, Pa./Neshannock) shot a combined 17-over 161 (81-80) in the final two rounds of the event. Cal U returns to action at the Hal Hansen Invitational hosted by Clarion on Sept. 20-21.

Page 18 Sept. 18, 2015

Vulcan men’s soccer team in good hands under Sabic By Rachael McKriger Cal Times Contributor

While other members of Keion Randolph’s class at Pennsbury High School celebrated at their junior prom, Keion went to a soccer tournament. Little did Randolph know that going to that soccer tournament over the prom would impact his future in the long run. It was at the tournament that he met former assistant coach of the Cal U men’s soccer team, Brady Sanders. Sanders saw Randolph’s game, conversed with him for a few months, and then invited him to a summer camp where he met the head coach. It was the visit, as well as hearing about the university’s criminal justice program, that solidified Randolph’s commitment to Cal U. “The team,” Randolph, who is in his freshman year, said, “was just the icing on the cake.” Randolph is currently a substitute on the team. He says as soon as he gets on the field, that he wants to make a big impact, but for now, he waits patiently to see what new first year Coach Emedin Sabic will do. “He’s a great coach. He definitely knows the game very well. Every practice he tells us exactly what we need to focus on and he shows us how we can achieve that goal.” Sabic is in his first year at head coach for the Vulcans, but has spent many years coaching for Cal U. The Vulcans recruited other freshman as well, including Germany native Lucas Exner. Exner is a goalie for the team, and so far is a substitute. “I want to play every game but it’s ultimately up to the coach,” Exner said. Exner, who is from Horstmar, Germany, says he’s learned so much from his new teammates and loves Cal U because of “the whole surrounding here. Everything seems cool and it’s a good place to

experience.” Just like Randolph, who is actually Exner’s roommate, he had nothing but good things to say about his new coach. “He is a good coach,” Exner said. “I think I can learn much from him and I enjoy working with him.” Another international member of the team is Lubos Kubik. Kubik is in his senior season with the team and made his way over from the Czech Republic. He said his major change from playing soccer in the Czech Republic to Cal U was the move from a club team to a school team. “In my home country the system for soccer and school is completely different. In Czech Republic you can only play for your club and not for school so that was little change. However, the overall transition to play here for Cal U was great because I had great teammates and coaches around me who helped with everything related to soccer and even outside of the field.” Kubik, who is a defender for the Vulcans, steps into another role for the Vulcans: the leadership role. “I always remember the times when I was a freshman and I looked up to the seniors and being one of them now just makes me realize how far I have become and with that experience I hope I can set up high standards and great work ethic for the rest of the team,” Kubik said. Kubik, just like his other teammates, also praised the work of his new head coach. “Coach Sabic is a smart coach who understand the players’ needs and always looks for any possible way to help us to improve in every possible way. He puts a lot of trust in our hands and that always gives confidence to the players.” Also enjoying their new coach is fellow senior Anthony DiFrancesco. DiFrancesco, a forward, says that Sabic has “done a great job preparing us for this upcoming season. Sending us stuff this summer

In his last season, senior Lubos Kubik is looking to lead a young squad to contention under coach Emedin Sabic.

Photo: Sports Informtion to follow and come into the season fit. Game to game he has also done a great job preparing us for who we are playing against and what to expect from our opponent.” DiFrancesco noted that he believes that the team’s biggest competition is Merychurst University, whom they will go against on October 13. “They’re always a tough team to play and are finishing first or second in the conference consistently.” However, before the team reaches Merychurst, they still have to go through many games, including ones against PSAC contenders, which include: West Chester, Bloomsburg, East Stroudsburg, and Millersville.

Page 19 Sept. 18, 2015

Vulcans sit in familiar spot following loss to Huskies By Matt Hagy Sports Editor The California University of Pennsylvania/ Bloomsburg game last Saturday followed the same script that most of the meetings between those two teams do: a knockout, drag out, somewhat low scoring contest featuring a heavy rushing attack by the Huskies and most importantly, the game coming down to the final minute of regulation as seen many times before with these two PSAC powers. Unfortunately for the Vulcans, another similar script followed as once again Cal could not beat the Huskies for the fourth straight time. No matter what they do differently, there is always something that helps the Huskies come out with the win. Saturday’s game can be best described as a tale of two halves. California dominated in every aspect of the game in the first half. They controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, which included sophomore running back John Franklin III getting his second touchdown of the season, which in turn would be the only Vulcans touchdown of the game. Everything was going smoothly for Cal. The Vulcans were up 13-0 with just a little over two minutes to go until the half, and were dominating on defense. However, one play which did not make a huge impact at first seemingly turned the tide in this ballgame. Huskies junior running back Lawrence Elliot finally broke through the Vulcan defense and reeled off a 53 yard run which set up the Huskies first points of the day off a field goal. Going into the half, the Vulcans were still in a good spot up 10, but there was something eerie about this game. Not only that the Huskies were able to finally break through with their vaunted running game, but Cal U’s senior quarterback James Harris already had thrown two interceptions in the

Sophomore linebacker Luke Hrapchak slams Huskies running back Lawrence Elliot Jr. into the ground during a kick return last Saturday

Photo by Josh Richardson first half and was missing his receivers badly at times. Junior wide receiver Garry Brown, who had played like a superstar the past few games dating back to last season, was also lost for the game after getting an ankle sprain in the second quarter. That weird feeling turned into a reality in the second half as the Huskies pounded the Vulcans repeatedly with Elliot and back-up running back Joe Parsnik to regain control of the line of scrimmage. The Huskies tacked on another field goal to make it a one score game on the opening drive of the second half and in turn intercepted Harris once again on the Vulcans first drive, which set up the game-tying touchdown. The game was quickly turning into a nightmare for the Vulcans. A 13-0 lead was completely gone and the offense was faltering and could not move the ball at all, sending a tired defense out that was getting manhandled by the Huskies offensive line. In the fourth quarter, the Huskies continued to hold the ball, dominating the time of possession. However, it seemed the Vulcans

got a huge break when Huskies placekicker Tyler Smith missed a short 25 yard field goal and kept the game tied at 13. However, once again the Vulcans offense sputtered and set the Huskies up with short field. This time the Huskies cashed in on fourth and one, as Elliot took a toss to the right side and walked in to the end zone untouched from 24 yards out for the decisive score. Cal had one last chance to force overtime and made it as far as the Huskies 17 yard line, but Harris missed an open Luke Smorey in the end zone to end the game. This loss as any other loss in past years against Bloomsburg hurt really bad, but there is no reason to panic. Last season, Cal started 1-1 and lost a tough game to the Huskies. They rebounded the next week with an offensive assault on the road against the Shippensburg Red Raiders. Luckily for the Vulcans, those same Red Raiders come to Adamson Stadium tomorrow. James Harris lit the Red Raider defense up to a tune of 439 yards and two touchdowns last season and despite the three interceptions a week ago, it was merely one bad game and getting Harris involved early and often will help erase memories from last week. The key man on Shippensburg’s offense is senior receiver Sheldon Mayer. Mayer had a field day against the Vulcans defense last season catching 8 passes for 116 yards and two touchdowns. Shippensburg always features a high-powered offense but other than Mayer, there is much inexperience including at the quarterback spot with sophomore Ryan Zapoticky. Points look to be at a plenty Saturday afternoon. Come game time at 1pm, the Vulcans will be hungry to get back into the win column and set themselves up for PSAC west play starting next week.

Hagy’s Big Ten NCAA: Week 3 and NFL: Week 2 Last Week’s Record: 7-3 Season Record: 14-6 NCAA Game


Georgia Tech @ Notre Dame Auburn @ LSU Pittsburgh @ Iowa Ole Miss @ Alabama UPSET: Stanford @ USC

Georgia Tech LSU Iowa Alabama Stanford

NFL Game 49ers @ Steelers Chargers @ Bengals Patriots @ Bills Cowboys @ Eagles Seahawks @ Packers

Winner Steelers Bengals Patriots Cowboys Packers

If you want to compete against Matt Hagy, the Sports Editor, submit your picks to by that Saturday Morning at 11 a.m. If you beat Matt, your picks and name will be in next week’s paper. Good luck fellow pickers!

Page 20 Sept. 18, 2015

Cal Times Athlete Spotlight Jesse Scheirer, Forward

Class: Senior Hometown: Venetia, Pa. High School: Peters Township Jesse Scheirer had quite a week for the California men’s soccer team. In two games last week, Scheirer compiled three goals along with six points in leading the Vulcans to two wins at home. Scheirer’s play garnered him PSAC men’s soccer co-player of the week honors which had not been done by any Vulcan men’s soccer player since 2011. Building off of last week Scheirer added another goal in a loss to Slippery Rock this past Tuesday. This is Scheirer’s second season with the Vulcans after playing his first two seasons at the University of Vermont.



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