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HTUF: Same Acronym, Broader Scope The letters remain the same: HTUF, pronounced “H-Tough”, like the trucks and buses we work with. But HTUF means even more these days – it is the Hybrid, Electric and Advanced Truck Users Forum, matching the expanded role and focus of the program to drive the faster commercialization of highefficiency trucks. HTUF was launched in 2000 by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center. The driving force: to commercialize dualuse technologies for mediumand heavy-duty vehicles that provided commercial and military fuel-saving and performance benefits. HTUF developed a multi-year, user driven focus to target barriers to technology, and help drive fleet purchase commitment and industry development in prime

applications. The first opportunities were in hybrids, and HTUF is credited with cutting up to two years from hybrid product development. The launch of hybrids have provided enabling technology for all new capabilities, and with the launch of the E-Truck Task Force HTUF has expanded its role to drive commercial production to include hybrid, electric and other advanced technologies that reduce petroleum consumption, clean the air, and promote energy security. HTUF working groups are the heart of the program, creating early and focused market demand. Working with user fleets to help develop requirements, deploy and test the vehicles has promoted improvements in a way not possible in a typical industry R&D situation. Our fleet partners are in the trenches every day,

“A user focus, combined with industry innovation, remains at the core of the action we drive. But the letters stand for a whole lot more.”

and they understand the need to draw upon new ideas and advancements to change the petroleum paradigm. These users, along with committed and innovative CALSTART member companies working to improve fuel efficiency outside of hybrid technologies, have driven the expansion of the program to include hybrid electric and hybrid hydraulic vehicles, electric and advanced fuelsaving technologies, as well as the integration of CNG, LNG, propane and bio-fuels. But “advanced” technologies don’t stop there: lightweighting, waste heat recovery and telematics are also included. So – keep saying H-Tough! And know that a user focus, combined with industry innovation, remains at the core of the action we drive. But know that the letters stand for a whole lot more.

Vision Motors manufactures the world’s first Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell drayage truck. This truck, operated by TTSI, was displayed at HTUF2011 representing the new expanded HTUF scope.

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HTUF Telecom Working Group to Release RFP The HTUF Telecom working group is set to release a Request for Proposals to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and hybrid drive system supplier teams for the opportunity to participate in a project to supply and integrate hybrid drive systems into light-duty trucks used in the telecommunications industry. Verizon and AT&T have partnered with CALSTART and HTUF to form the initial project team. The immediate goal of the demonstration project – as determined by the users – is to determine if the use of hybrid technology in a light-duty telecommunications application can reduce overall fuel use and provide significant reductions in emissions. The group’s preferred demonstration platform is a Class 3 Light-Aerial Truck. This platform holds the potential for full driveline and worksite electrification benefits. If vehicle performance is satisfactory and economic factors are

The Terex® HyPower™ Hybrid is a Plug-In Hybrid PTO System which uses stored energy from the systems rechargeable batteries to power the non-propulsion functions of the vehicle, like the aerial boom lift shown here.

positive, the long-term goal is to commercialize a hybrid truck for this application. This pilot project, funded by the telecommunications companies and HTUF, will develop and demonstrate hybrid telecom trucks with the working group members. The winning bidder will assist and support the project team during the integration, roll-out, and evaluation periods with any maintenance or operational issues that arise. The telecoms are seeking to demonstrate up to four trucks (two for each company) in this program. The zMax Dragstrip at the Charlotte Motor Speedway will be the site of the HTUF 2012 Ride and Drive. Attendees will have the opportunity to drive some of the world’s most advanced trucks and buses on a professional NHRA track.

The RFP will be distributed and posted at For more information, contact Steve Sokolsky at (510) 307-8772 or

HTUF Utility Working Group Update The HTUF Utility Working Group is currently focusing on Class 4/5 plug in hybrid work trucks for utility applications, and will be issuing an RFP in coming months to vehicle manufacturers and system suppliers to provide test vehicles. There are currently seven major national utility fleets on board for the project, amounting to a commitment of 35 vehicles. The Utility WG will also be issuing newly available data from hybrid utility bucket trucks and e-PTO bucket trucks at the HTUF National Conference and Expo in Charlotte, NC this September. Utility bucket trucks remain an interesting application for hybridization and advanced technologies because of the variety of duty cycles in the application that are work-site driven. HTUF Dialog

June/July 2012


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HTUF Conference, Continued from Page 1 With the expansion of the HTUF program to include electric and other advanced technologies, HTUF 2012 will provide a onestop shop for fleet managers looking to be on the forefront of decision tools, data and action to green their fleets and drive industry improvements. HTUF 2012 will feature a twoday, user-focused agenda, and over 50,000 sq. ft. of technology exhibits featuring a cross section of advanced tech, including electric, hybrid hydraulic, hybrid electric, CNG, LNG, propane and bio-fuels.

Systems, Duke Energy, Hino, Southern Company, Coca-Cola, Eaton, Phoenix Intl, Siemens, Fleets and Fuels, Utility Fleet Professional, Waste Advantage and GreenBiz. Register today at: Sponsorship and Exhibit opportunities are available. For sponsorship, contact Kimberly Taylor at For exhibits, contact Megan Maguire ( or Jackie Lanning (

Attendees will also be treated to numerous networking opportunities and receptions, including a gala reception at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the HTUF Ride and Drive on a professional speedway track. Thanks to our sponsors and media partners: Alabama Power, Allison Transmission, BAE

HTUF Hot List – Top Ten in the News:

The NASCAR Hall of Fame will host the gala reception for the upcoming HTUF 2012 Conference & Expo in Charlotte, NC this September 18-20.

Volvo’s Mean Green Hybrid Truck Sets Land Speed Record

Leading Fleets: FedEx Ground, Purolator and UPS Take Delivery of World’s First Commercially Available Hybrid Hydraulic Parcel Delivery Trucks – “Hybrids Without Batteries”

Siemens Introduces the E-Highway of the Future

CALSTART Launches the E-Truck Task Force Business Case Calculator

Altec Opens California Green Fleet Facility

California Air Resources Board Approves $11 Contract to CALSTART to Incentivize Sales of Electric and Hybrid Trucks

Emerald Automotive Unveils Its All New, Light Weight, Commercial Fleet Delivery Vehicle

US Army Opens Green Vehicle Laboratory in Warren, MI

Vision Industries Receives a $27MM Purchase Order for 100 Zero-Emission Class 8 Electric/Hydrogen Hybrid Trucks

UQM Electrifies Commercial Vehicle Market with Introduction of PowerPhase HD® 220 Electric Propulsion System

The HTUF Dialog is a bi-monthly publication from CALSTART highlighting news and programs relevant to emerging technologies in the medium- and heavy-duty truck and bus industries. For more information on HTUF or other CALSTART programs, contact us at or call 626.744.5600.


View the HTUF Video at: June/July 2012

Dialog New Truck Technologies, Fleet Business Tools Part of Expanded Conference & Expo The expanded Hybrid, Electric and Advanced Truck Users Forum (HTUF) National Conference and Expo 2012 will light up Charlotte, NC this September 18-20, 2012. HTUF 2012 features the latest performance and business decision data on the newest truck technologies, fleet education and action sessions, as well as a taste of NASCAR!

HTUF is a national, multi-year, user driven program to speed the commercialization of clean, efficient technologies, and hybrid, electric and advanced supporting the needs of end-users remains HTUF’s focus. HTUF 2011 technologies for the medium and heavy-duty industries. saw a six percent increase in the number of fleets in attendance, and HTUF is operated by CALSTART in partnership with we are targeting more fleets to HTUF 2012 this September. and under contract to the US Bringing together early mover Army TARDEC National fleets with the nation’s leading Automotive Center. manufacturers and suppliers drives our strategy to speed market growth. Continued on page 6

Now in its 12th year, the HTUF program has grown from hybrids to driving the commercialization of electric and advanced, fuel saving technologies for trucks and buses. Similarly, the conference has expanded from a small industry workshop to a full-scale conference highlighting the full range of advanced commercial and military technologies available in the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle marketplace. But the key to HTUF remains U. That’s right, the Users. Fleets purchasing, driving and maintaining advanced vehicles are the true leaders when it comes to the advancement of!

At HTUF 2011 in Baltimore, BAE Systems displayed this Crane Carrier Corp. refuse hauler outfitted with the HybridDrive™ system. BAE is a silver sponsor at the upcoming conference in Charlotte this September.

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June/July 2012

HTUF Dialog

CALSTART’s US-China Clean Truck and Bus Forum: A Win-Win

CALSTART’s US-China Clean Truck and Bus Forum is forming a strong partnership between the US and Chinese medium- and heavy-duty truck and bus industries, helping increase US technology exports and encouraging cooperation around the increased use of clean technologies. The Forum grew out of the success of the HTUF program and current US leadership in many of these technologies, and an award from the US Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration (ITA) partially supports the project. Commercial vehicles operating in China are a major source of air quality, climate and energy security concerns, and China is aggressive in this field. For US industries, making these connections will translate into an increase in demand for US products and services in the growing Chinese market. Moreover, the expansion of advanced truck and bus technologies will help drive innovation and cost reduction, creating a clear win-win for China and the US.

The Forum will hold its first US China Clean Truck and Bus Summit in Beijing October 30November 1, 2012. This two-day Summit (followed by technology tours) will be a targeted, interactive event for select highlevel industry stakeholders and policymakers to explore opportunities for exports and business partnerships around clean technologies in China’s commercial truck and bus sector.


In addition, CALSTART and its Forum partners are producing the first-ever China Clean Truck Market and Business Guide for US companies, as well as holding webinars for participating companies focusing on the challenges – and opportunities – of this exciting market. “US companies are among the world’s leaders in hybrid, electric and efficient, clean truck and bus technology,” says Bill Van Amburg, CALSTART Senior Vice President. “Through this program, there is strong potential for early component and system exports, as well as diverse partnerships.” For more information on the Forum or to discuss partner opportunities, contact Jamie Hall, 510-307-8774 or For more information on the Summit, contact Susan Romeo, 626-744-5686 or!Register now for the Summit:

View the HTUF Video:

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Hydraulic Hybrids: Another HTUF and Industry Milestone Three HTUF Parcel Delivery Working Group fleets, FedEx Ground, UPS and Purolator have taken delivery of several first-oftheir-kind hybrid hydraulic evaluation vehicles (HHVs) and will be assessing their advanced fuel saving potential to report back to HTUF fleets and industry. These advanced HHVs are just becoming commercially available and include a Parker hydraulic hybrid drive system, integrated and assembled by FCCC, with bodies installed by Morgan Olson. Purchase and testing assistance was provided by the Department of Energy to this HTUF project.

improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.” The three package delivery companies will be cooperating with CALSTART and FCCC to gather data on the operation of the vehicles to establish expected fuel economy improvements and reduced brake and engine maintenance costs. This evaluation will assess an efficient hydraulic hybrid system for Class 6 vehicle applications. Successful demonstration could pave the way for additional purchases of hydraulic hybrid vehicles throughout the trucking industry.

drivetrain designed to recover otherwise wasted braking energy, which is then stored and converted to motive power. A hydraulic hybrid operates much like a hybrid electric powertrain, but instead of using an electric generator motor and storing the recovered energy in a battery and/or ultra-capacitor, a hydraulic hybrid uses hydraulic pump motors, and stores the energy in hydraulic accumulators. A typical HHV configuration will result in reduced brake wear, reduced emissions and 15-30% improved fuel efficiency. In the right applications, hybrid hydraulic vehicles can also offer up to 70% regenerative efficiency.

FedEx, Purolator and UPS, members of HTUF’s Parcel Delivery Working Group, recently took delivery of these hybrid hydraulic delivery vehicles outfitted with Parker’s RunWise© hydraulic hybrid drive system.

Advancing upon Parker’s RunWise© heavy-duty system presently available for refuse applications, this medium-duty version incorporates an infinitely variable transmission in its design. Power from Parker’s hydraulic pump/motors and accumulators is seamlessly blended with engine power depending on driver demand. Mike Britt, Director of Vehicle Engineering, UPS said, “We are optimistic that this new technology will perform as well as it did in the test vehicles

"Parker is excited to deploy our first three hydraulic hybrid drive systems with the CALSTART-led HTUF Working Group. After recent EPA testing, Parker's system came out best in class compared to similar hybrid systems. We are anxiously awaiting to see real world test results from our three customers: FedEx Ground, Purolator and UPS," said Shane Terblanche, General Manager, Parker's Hybrid Drive Systems. In addition to its main engine, a hybrid vehicle has a special

In addition to the engine shutting off during idle and braking, HHVs can be outfitted with an engine off power steering unit or engine off power brake unit which can enable “power assist” for HVAC operations when weather requires—further reducing fuel consumption. Hydraulic hybrid technologies are particularly well suited to medium duty, start-stop applications, making them ideal for refuse removal and parcel delivery.

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