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February 2011

Mannum, South Australia 5238

Issue Number 65

Australia Day – Breakfast in the Park Mid Murray Council and Mannum Lions Australia Day Awards warm sunny morning brought out a huge crowd of locals for the Australia Day Breakfast at Mary Ann Reserve and by 9:15 am the Lions had served a record 648 people. Sitting around tables in the shade of the big river gums, eating the Lions’ wonderful breakfasts and listening to the superb repertoire of Australian ballads by John Francis, made a most pleasant start to Australia Day. The Lions began their Australia Day breakfasts in 1996. The menu - egg, bacon, tomato, sausage, fresh fruit, champagne or fruit juice and tea or coffee - has remained unchanged over the 17 tears. More remarkably, so has the price! The Lions take the attitude that the breakfast is a service to the town, and not a profit making venture. The Mayor of the Mid Murray Council, Dave Burgess, began official proceedings with a Citizenship Ceremony for Sabrina Koetsier. He then presented the Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year Awards and the Event of the Year Award. Then came the Lions Youth Achievement Awards presented to four young locals who are achieving much early success in their lives. Many of the crowd then took the opportunity to go on a one hour cruise on the historic paddle steamer, the PS Marion. Patrons of the breakfast were given discount vouchers for the cruises and this attracted large numbers on each of the four cruises over the day.


Mid Murray Council Award Winners Mid Murray Council Certificates of Appreciation Anne Bland, Dave Schellen, Dot Haby, Gavin Smith, Gisela Weinmann, Greg Griffiths, Kendra Radford and Ernie Asplin Community Event of the Year Nildotte Tennis Club New Tennis Courts Project 2012 Young Citizen of the Year Taylor Poole 2012 Citizen of the Year Ross Elliker

Lions Club of Mannum Youth Achievement Awards Community Service Award Jacob Matthews Sporting Achievement Award Dale Strauss All Rounder Award Shaidan Rochow Sporting Achievement Award Joshua Hancock David Dowley, Mannum Lions

Lions’ President Colin Pym, Josh Hancock, Shaidan Rochow, Dale Strauss, Jacob Matthews and Lions Youth Achievement Award Chairman David Dowley

Citizen of the Year, Ross Elliker

Young Citizen of the Year, Taylor Poole

Eileen Dunn Retires

Mannum Mag


fter 43 years of service to the community. See page 4

Contents Ageing in the Murraylands At Your Leisure


dvertising discounts to end on 1st March.

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Letters to the Editor Mannum Community Magazine Inc

Editorial Welcome to 2012

t the beginning of a new year, we want to wish all our readers a happy and prosperous 2012. The March issue will mark the start of our seventh year. The community events over the Christmas/New Year break were well patronised, and we hope that you all enjoyed them. The Holiday Edition and Visitors’ Guide of the MAG this year was once again well received. Apart from 1050 copies delivered to all the homes in Mannum, nearly 1300 were picked up by visitors to our town. A big thank you to all the businesses and agencies that stocked them. The current edition of The Trade and Community Services Directory will be 12 months old in May. Please contact Mannum Mag if you have any suggestions or corrections for the next edition. It is encouraging to see that site works have begun on the new shopping centre on Adelaide Road. It will be exciting to watch the work progress and the new centre take shape. We applaud last year’s initiative of establishing the Healthy Murraylands, OPAL and Fun4Youth programs. We encourage everyone to keep their eyes and ears open for what they are doing, and get involve d , s o th at o u r community will be fitter, healthier and happier. Finally, we thank you for your continuing support, and we look forward to supporting you, even as you support us, in the coming year. In all aspects of our community-business, local government, service, sporting, cultural, social - GO MANNUM!


Deadline 24 February 2012 for publication in the March issue

Loss of Christmas Decorations

Dear Editor, As the Chairperson of Mannum Progress Association, I am writing to express my disappointment at the disappearance of some of the large Christmas Bells which were taken from Randell Street, Mannum. In 2010 the Progress Association appealed to groups and the community to help us fund some attractive Christmas decorations for our Main Street. The response was amazing and money was donated by many organisations and the public to fund this project and a lot of work was done by our voluntary organisation and the Mid Murray Council to purchase, prepare and erect these decorations. In 2011 it was agreed by the committee to purchase more of the large red bells to make the effect even more dramatic and once again much money and time was spent preparing and erecting these. It was also agreed that this year we would leave these on show longer to allow tourists to enjoy them. Disappointingly, on New Year’s Eve, two of the large red bells were taken from the top end of the street and then on January 7th another four bells disappeared from the bottom end of Randell Street. These bells cost $120 each so the monetary loss is quite substantial to a committee who works very hard to raise funds. I cannot imagine what the culprits will do with these decorations – a trifle too large for anyone’s lounge room!

The viewpoints and opinions of the Authors and Artists that appear in Mannum Mag do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the Mannum Mag Editors, staff and/or affiliates. Mannum Mag assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this publication.

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If you happen to see these ‘abandoned bells’ in an obscure place, showing that the purpose of this feat was only to prove that the poles could be scaled, or have any information regarding this theft please contact one of the Progress Committee so as to reduce the discouraging effect of this wilful act on their hard work to beautify our town. Carol Greening, Chairperson, Mannum Progress Association

Proximity Alters Perception

Dear Editor, Firstly, to Ross and Jo Norman (Issue 64, December 2011) put down your rose coloured glasses. Secondly, because you say we should “enjoy what we have and let others enjoy their homes”, I’m assuming that you are not one of the unfortunate souls that live either side of the monolith that you are so bravely championing. Please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken and that you really meant to add “except the families living on either side of this monolith, which thank God isn’t me; I’m all right Jack”. You like the idea of a pristine wall with a few pot plants placed along it? Where? Where are you going to put pot plants? And are you still going to be happy when your pristine wall is covered in graffiti, as will happen. It’ll be like a red rag to a bull. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” This house would sit happily among the gaudy, tasteless homes of the Gold Coast. This sort of biggest, tackiest house

showmanship is far better suited to the Gold Coast, not here. The house is ugly - there, I’ve said it - and the majority of Mannum residents would have preferred their view of the river on driving into Mannum to not be interrupted by a gargantuan roof. Please don’t tell me it’s going to be black! Finally, I take your point that the house is unfinished but I don’t believe an ugly duckling such as this is going to magically transform into Cinderella upon completion. PS: If you are quite sure all the fire and safety regulations have been well and truly met, taking into consideration that South Australia’s building rules for new builds since 1 July 2006 state that all new dwellings must have a rainwater tank with a minimum storage capacity of not less than 1 kilolitre (1000 litres), perhaps you could tell me whether it has underground water tanks? Ruth Harris

Right Understanding

Dear Editor, In his piece God, Creation, Social Issues and Christmas Mike Steicke states that, when “rightly understood” there is no conflict between God’s words in the Bible and God’s creation. Perhaps Mike should offer any insight he has into the key to this “right understanding”, because at this stage, even among themselves, Christians cannot agree on questions like the age of planet Earth and whether we orbit the Sun or vice versa. Graham Boothby

To accommodate a wide range of comments, short letters have more chance of publication. Longer letters addressing important matters will not necessarily be excluded. In general, aim for about 100 to 150 words, or less. Letters must include contact details for verification.

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 65

It’s Showtime

Healthy Weight Week

his is a reminder to all the “abstract, naïve, impressionist and multimedia” artists and photographers out there to enter into this year’s M a n n u m Agricultural Show, on Saturday 3 rd March 2012. By now you are probably thinking “My work is not good enough!” Well don’t you worry, let us do that for you, as we are the convenors, and that is what we do, worry! If you haven’t submitted any art work or photography before, you will have to trust us. It’s very satisfying to see your own lovely work being displayed and we can definitely tell you that the public get great enjoyment from the excellent art and photo exhibition every year. It is cheap to enter, and there are great trophies, ribbons and prize money to be won!! Grab a show book from one of the many outlets around Mannum that have them available, and fill out your entry form soon. If you need any help or have any questions please call: Roger Baker Art Convenor, 8569 1428 Cathy Clemow Photography Convenor 8569 1349.

Murraylands Supermarket Tours

Saturday 3rd March


uring the last week of January, Murraylands residents participated in short tours held in local supermarkets, aiming to give people an improved understanding of reading food labels and making healthy choices. The tours were supported by Healthy Murraylands and the Mid Murray and Murray Bridge OPAL teams and conducted by the new Murraylands Healthy Weight Coordinator, Sally Fisher. “Many people find reading food labels difficult and frustrating and these tours create an opportunity to walk through your local supermarket with a dietitian to learn more about the tricks of food labelling,” Healthy Murraylands Project Coordinator Ms Gazzola, said. Tours were conducted through Mannum Foodland, Woolworths Market Place and Coles in Murray Bridge and Meningie Foodland. The publication deadline for this issue precluded a report on the Mannum tour, but a report and other details will appear in the March issue. For more information visit


Courtney Blacker, Mid Murray OPAL Program Manager

Mannum Mag Advertising Discounts to be Discontinued n Issue 1 in April 2006 we set our advertising rates. The compromise was to make them low enough for any local business to easily afford, yet high enough to meet our expenses. Of course the number of advertisers we expected and the rates set were essentially a guess. Those rates have served us and the advertisers very well. We have met our expenses and the advertisers have had their message delivered directly to their clientele at a very low cost. Although our costs have risen, we have maintained the same advertising rates as those offered in Issue 1. This has been done in the spirit of mutual support; local businesses can afford the service we offer and we get the income from their support. For the last two years or so, we also offered a discount scheme.


Issue Number 65


Mannum RSL elcome to 2012. Our first meeting was held on the 19th of January. The next meeting will be held at the River Bar at the Community Club on Thursday 16th February. Your Committee for 2012 is as follows: President: Mark Davis Vice President: Barry Mansell Secretary: John Doughty Treasurer: Bob Lewis


DISTRICT CHURCH SERVICES For Mannum congregations ANGLICAN 6 Adelaide Road. Ph: 8569 2385 Mannum, Sundays 10:30 am BAPTIST William Street. Ph: 8569 6040 Mannum, Sundays 10:30 am CATHOLIC Mau Street. Ph: 8531 1699 Mannum, Mass: 1st Sunday 9:30 am, all others 8:30 am LUTHERAN 79 Cliff Street. Ph: 8569 2863 Mannum, Sundays 9:00 am, Sunday School 9:45 am during school terms. Everyone welcome. RIVER WORD CHRISTIAN CENTRE Greening Street. Ph: 8569 1333 Mannum, Sundays 10:00 am SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 17 King George St. Ph: 9433 734 037 Mannum, Saturdays 9:30 am, Sabbath School 11:00 am UNITING Corner of Greening Street & Walker Avenue Enquiries: Phone one of the Elders. G Gobbett: 8569 1083, M Thomas: 8569 1005 R Marshall: 8569 1737, G McInerney: 8569 2076 Mannum, 1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays 11 am, 2nd & 4th Sundays 9 am

This was done in part as a reward to our long term advertisers. Unfortunately, as costs continue to rise, we are no longer able to offer the discounts. All discounts will cease on the 1st of March 2012. The base rate for advertisements will remain unchanged. We will continue to offer low cost, affordable advertising delivered directly to the local community. Our source of income is the paid advertising that appears in Mannum Mag, supplemented by occasional grants and donations from Mid Murray Council and local organisations. Whenever possible please support our advertisers. Without them we could not publish Mannum Mag.

Anzac Day falls on a Wednesday this year. We applied for a grant to affix 10 plaques to the Monument wall. I am happy to announce that part of the grant was successful, and with luck we should have the plaques affixed to the wall by Anzac Day. The Badge

Australian Red Cross THE POWER OF HUMANITY

Cambrai familystore Main Street Cambrai Wed–Fri and Sun: 10AM–4PM Phone: 8564 5244 Puzzle ow many words of 4 or more letters can you make with these 9 letters? • Each word must include the letter in the centre, shaded box • One word includes all 9 letters Score: 19 Good, 28 Very good, 37 Excellent











Mannum Mag

Chairperson: Geoff Skein 8569 2385 Editor/Pub: Keith Baldwin 8569 7304 Coeditor: Carl Gross 8569 7392 Web Site:

Mannum Mag

Accounts: Frank O’Flaherty 8569 4234 Calendar: Jo Kader 8569 1879 Sec/Treas: Bill McGhie 8569 1821

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Eileen Dunn Retires

Community Passenger Network he Mid Murray Council, in partnership with the Rural City of Murray Bridge, has recently received funding from the state government to look at setting up a Community Passenger Network (CPN) for our region. There are already 11 regional and 2 metropolitan Community Passenger Networks in South Australia, some of which have been operating for more than 10 years. Established to suit the needs of their community, they all vary in how they operate. However, the main aim of a Community Passenger Network is to: • provide information about local transport options, covering local bus, taxi, coach and community transport services • help coordinate transport services for members of our community, part icu la r ly the transport disadvantaged • Provide volunteer driver transport as a last resort where no other transport is available in the region and where resources are available to the CPN (e.g. vehicles, drivers) As part of the process of setting up this new service for our region, we are looking at what transport services are available, what the gaps are, and what might be the best solutions for our region. Also, we are consulting with the community to help identify any issues, gaps and opportunities in transport services. Feedback and information (from individuals and community groups) will help guide the future directions of this project, so your help with any information about the following would be very much appreciated:


• Are you having difficulties getting to where you need/want to go? • Have you got any good news stories about transport you would like to share? • Are you concerned about what your options might be if you can no longer drive?

Please contact: Karyn Baker, Community Passenger Network Coordinator Phone: 8569 0149 or Email: See page 16 for a Life Without Driving information session. Page 4

Mannum District Hospital Executive Officer, Director of Nursing and Midwifery fter 43 years of service, Eileen Dunn, Executive Officer/Director of Nursing and Midwifery, retired from the Mannum District Hospital on the 2nd December 2011. The Health Advisory Council gave Eileen a fitting farewell at the Café Mannum, Mannum Motel, where 75 of her colleagues and friends joined Eileen and her husband, Brian, for a farewell function. Brian Taylor, Presiding Member for the Mannum District Hospital Health Advisory Council, spoke highly of Eileen’s passion and


commitment for the work she has done for the community at Mannum and surrounding district. Dr Peter Joyner supported Brian’s words and commended Eileen’s ability to take on the many challenges that evolve from a Hospital’s ongoing operations. Rick Brandon, a previous Director, gave a glowing interpretation of Eileen’s capable years with the Hospital. Cr Peter Raison, better known as Beachie, thanked Eileen for her assistance when he took on the role as President of the

Aminya Aged Care facility. Her assistance was immeasurable. Speeches were completed by Cr Kerry Yeates who thanked Eileen for being there when she was born and then for the birth of her own children. Kerry was sure that she spoke on behalf of many local residents who Eileen had assisted with their births. The Hospital will be the poorer for her retirement. Those present and the community in general wish Eileen a long, happy and healthy retirement. Rosalie Mead

Mid Murray Council Mayor, Dave Burgess (left) and Member for Schubert, Mr Ivan Venning thank Eileen Dunn for her many years of service and wish her all the best for the future

annum has changed. After 43 years at Mannum hospital as ‘matron’ (to use the old term), Eileen Dunn has retired from her position as Executive Office/Director of Nursing and Midwifery! Will the place ever be the same? Eileen, who came to Mannum as a new sister in 1968 - and sta-a-a-yed on, was wheeled in to her farewell, crowned and blindfolded and ‘officially’ farewelled by MM, alias the Mannum Madman. Tributes like “she’s done so much for the community” and “she delivered my children” poured in, but Eileen responded that “it was good


to be able to help” and “it was an absolute privilege to be with people at birth and death”. She was grateful that the community had accepted her so

fully, and she looked back to the late 1990s, when the hospital was under the Regional Health program, as the best times of her career. An era has come to an end! But if you happen to see Eileen around Mannum sometime, d o n’t be concerned that you might be seeing a ghost, because she and her husband are staying in the area. So we can all rest secure in the knowledge that the fabric of Mannum society is not completely and irrevocably sundered! Thank you, Eileen, and best wishes for your retirement. Carl Gross

Eileen and the Mannum Madman

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 65

OPAL and Fun 4 YOUth

I Love Australia Day

In Mannum and Morgan Pageants he Mid Murray Council’s OPAL, Fun 4 YOUth and Mannum Leisure Centre teams joined forces in December to take part in the Mannum Christmas Pageant, but this year with a special feature. Many of the young kids lining the streets at both the Mannum and Morgan pageants were impressed with two of our healthy heroes. Captain Capsicum played up to the crowd at the pageant and


showed his strength by doing push-ups, sit ups and flexing his muscles throughout the pageant. The ‘Go for 2and5' Vegeman also featured on the pageant float where he was riding the exercise bike and waving to the crowd (with one local mother commenting that her kids were more excited to see Vegeman than Santa Claus!). Courtney Blacker

e do the right thing with our national celebration. We have fun. Here we had breakfast in the sunshine; in Queensland they had silly races in the rain. We do the ceremonial thing with all due respect, give out the honours, welcome the ‘newies’. Then we get on with the party, rain or shine. It says we’re mighty glad to be here. I grew up with Dominion Day, and being a typical Canadian, I didn’t get very excited. We ‘commemorated’ and let off a few fireworks. We were proud; we just liked to keep it to ourselves. In 1982 they changed the name to Canada Day and it only took 12 members in Parliament that day to do it. It wasn’t a quorum but they decided that if no one protested, it was passed. Then there was the one July 4th that I happened to spend in


the great USA. Mostly they just call it the Fourth of July. Everyone knows what it means. I did my best to show due respect. I stood up for the National Anthem and looked solemn. I didn’t put my hand over my heart though; it wasn’t my country, after all. I wasn’t pledging allegiance, just being friendly and respectful. Every one around me turned and stared. My husband had spent three years at college there and he had his hand over his heart. I knew he didn’t mean it. He whispered that I’d better join in. I didn’t. They overcharged me for lunch. The coffee was stone cold. No one smiled at me. That’s why I love Australia Day. We know nothing’s perfect and we don’t pretend. But we know we’ve got it pretty darn good. We just enjoy. Vivian Garner

Weight Loss Challenge Mannum Weight Watchers Mid Murray OPAL team Courtney Blacker and Diem Luong (left), with Fun 4 YOUth coordinator Amy Loechel, Captain Capsicum and kids at the Morgan pageant and fair

Issue Number 65

ou don’t need to spend money on joining e x p e n s i v e W e i g h t - Lo s s schemes or buying special dietary foods that realistically will not become part of your daily food intake for the long term. You could join us at Mannum Weight Watchers where you will receive information and support while you lose weight. Men often are hesitant to join a program and would prefer a gym for an exercise regime, but both are equally important. Supporting each other, planning menus and walking and exercising together will not only help the whole family but can be fun. The joining fee is $4, the weekly fee is $1 with 50c for a missed weigh-in. Renewal subs are $4 and are due on the 2nd week of March. Some of us are lucky and head north for the winter. We then ask for leave of absence and pay nothing during those weeks. You’ll be surprised how many members keep their weight stable during their holiday time, encouraged


Mannum Mag

I’m sure by the reality of weighing in on their return. Sickness and hospital leave is also available. You may like to discuss your goal weight with your doctor but that is entirely your choice. We have incentive monetary prizes for weekly, monthly and annual success, where most members let the money accumulate until Christmas, some adding to their bank balance by regular voluntary amounts. This Christmas a large number of us relapsed but are already well on the way to losing those kilograms. Congratulations to those who stayed on track with some staying within their goal weight now for many years. They feel it is important to continue to receive support to maintain their goal. Make the decision today and join us at the Mannum Day Centre on the western side of the Mannum Hospital Complex on Tuesday from 9 am. For more details call Rhonda Curtis on 8569 1123 or Marion Foster on 8569 8041. Page 5

Pause A While

Whistle Toot

with Mannum Interchurch Council

PS Marion and Mannum Dock Museum

e are at the beginning of a new year in which people are proclaiming that this is the year of the coming of the Lord, basing their belief on the Mayan calendar and many and varied interpretations of the Bible. When will Jesus return? Has he returned already? At least three people are claiming to be the Messiah: one in Australia and two in the Philippines, who make our local candidate look like a rank amateur. There are undoubtedly many more. As Jesus himself said, “Watch out that no one deceives you, for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ’”. But he also said, “No one knows when the day or hour will come – neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son; the Father alone knows”. It is all very well to long for the Coming of the Lord, but what happens if you are run over by the proverbial truck? These things are then academic, but what is important is to be ready every day should your time come, as the Bible tells us, “People are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment”. Remember also that “today is the day of salvation”. May God bless you through this coming year. Remember what Jesus said, “I have come that [you] may have life, and have it abundantly”. Life is not a jail sentence, it is a gift to be enjoyed. So let’s enjoy it!


he PS Marion has been kept clean and ‘ready to go’ by regular working bees held over the Christmas period. The first event of the year was held on Saturday 7th January when the boat was used as a static venue for visitors attending the Sounds by the River concert. Despite the heavy rainstorm that evening the concert was a success and well attended. The next events during January were the Australia Day and Weekend Short Cruises, with Devonshire tea available on all scheduled cruises. These were well attended by visitors and locals. The Mannum Lions’ Club Australia Day Breakfast by the River was held on Mary Ann Reserve, with a record crowd of over 600. Many visitors took the opportunity to use their discount tickets to cruise later in the day. The PS Marion has a very busy cruising schedule this year.


Sessions Happening: Cambrai Wed 1 Palmer Mon 6 Morgan Tues 7 Truro Wed 8 Bowhill Mon 13 Swan Reach Tues 14 Cadell Thurs 16 Mannum Mon 20 Sedan Tues 21 Nildottie Wed 22 Blanchetown Tues 28

David Barker

Prayer Meeting for Mannum Wednesday 8th February, 7 pm at River Word Christian Centre, Greening Street

The Adelaide Cup holiday weekend cruises will be held in Mannum on 10th and 11th March. These cruises continue to be popular and people are advised to book in advance. Later in the month, the Overnight Cruise from Mannum to Morgan will leave on the 21st. Short cruises will be available in Morgan on 24th and 25th. The PS Marion will leave Morgan on Monday 26th March, arriving back in Mannum on 28th March. These cruises are something different for the PS Marion. If you are interested in finding out more information about these cruises, bookings, and the 2012 schedule, please ring the Information Centre (8569 1303) or visit The Museum committee has been in holiday recess for the last two months. The next meeting will be held on

3:30 - 6:00pm 3:30 - 5:30pm 3:30 - 6:00pm 3:30 - 6:00pm 3:30 - 5:30pm 3:30 - 6:00pm 3:30 - 6:00pm 3:30 - 5:30pm 3:30 - 6:00pm 3:30 - 6:00pm 3:30 - 6:00pm

February 14th. Roger Baker has continued his beautiful work on the Mary Anne display. It is well worth a visit. On the 2012 agenda is the development of the Children’s section, planned for the upstairs area of the museum. The Mannum Dock Museum and Information Centre relies on volunteers to keep it afloat. If you have some time to spare, we would love to hear from you. There are a variety of tasks including computer data entry, helping Mannum visitors or loading wood. If you are interested, please contact the Mannum Dock Museum on the above phone number. Jenny Twigden

Sports Clubrooms Collier Park Riverfront Reserve Sports Clubrooms Community Centre School Oval and Complex Sports Courts Mary Ann Reserve Sedan Hall Greenways Oval Blanchetown Oval

Prizes 4 Best Dressed!

Fun 4 YOUth is an initiative of the Mid Murray Council providing access to youth activities in townships throughout the district. The program is fully supervised by a Youth Worker, however it is not a ‘lock-in’ and we are unable to prevent any child from leaving the program venue. All school aged kids welcome! Kids under 10 must be supervised by an adult. Times may change without notice and parents/caregivers should check on finishing times at each event. In the event of hot weather (32 to 37) the program will be modified and at 38 and above the program will be cancelled. Please contact, Fun 4 YOUth Facebook Page or 0419 860 044 for further details.

INTEREST FREE LOANS for items to improve your quality of life

Hills NILS® No Interest Loan Scheme Low income residents of Adelaide Hills and surrounding districts may be eligible for a loan of up to $1000 For further information contact

Mid Murray Community Support Service, 11-21 Kennett Rd, Murray Bridge

8569 2129 8532 6303

The Hut Community Centre, Aldgate 8339 4400 Torrens Valley Community Centre, Gumeracha 8389 1711 Page 6 Mannum Mag

Issue Number 65

Old Style Dancing Comes to Mannum


n a hot summer night, Saturday January the 21st to be precise, the Lutheran Hall in Cliff Street was the venue for the first Old Style Dance to be hosted by The Hall. The melodic strains of Len’s music wafted on the evening breeze as 74 keen dancers swirled with elegance and enthusiasm around the dance floor. This fund raiser was the brain child of local identity Bob Turner, a long time Old Style Dancing enthusiast and Hall participant. Bob managed to convince Hall staff, committee members, volunteers and participants that Old Style Dancing would be a fun way to raise funds to support the ongoing activities of The Hall and give local residents the opportunity to step back in time for a drop of nostalgia. The dance, which will occur on the third Saturday of every month, had previously been hosted by Jervois. When Jervois decided they no longer wished to run a monthly dance the opportunity to be part of the Old Style Dance circuit was seized with enthusiasm. As this was the first venture of its kind for The Hall information and guidance was obtained from the other dance

organisers; Burdett which hosts the 1st dance of the month, Monarto who are 2nd on the circuit, Jervois who were number 3 in line and Chapman’s Bore who are number 4 on the list. Jervois will now host a dance only when there is a 5th Saturday in the month. The dancing commenced at 8:00pm and went for 4 hours until midnight with a 20 minute break at 10:00pm for some light refreshments, which were provided by the dancers who brought a plate of food for the shared supper. The Hall provided tea, coffee, partypies, sausage rolls and pasties. There was chilled water provided at no cost and bottles of soft drink on sale for $1.00. It’s delightful to step back in time for a few hours and enjoy the simple pleasures of a bygone age. Are there many activities where you can spend $7.00 and have 4 hours of enjoyment? I think not. If you would like further detail about the next dance you can ring The Hall on 8569 1643 Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm. Twinkle Toes

MID MURRAY COUNCIL Public Consultation Kerbside Recycling Collection Service Notice is given in accordance with Section 151(7) of the Local Government Act, 1999, as amended, that public meetings will be held at:The Barn at Mannum Motel Purnong Road, Mannum, Tuesday 7 February at 7pm Cambrai Council Chambers Wednesday 8 February at 7pm Morgan Institute Thursday 9 February at 7pm The purpose of the meetings is to allow members of the public to consult with the Council on a proposal to impose new annual service charges, pursuant to Section 155 of the Local Government Act, 1999, to provide for a proposal to introduce a fortnightly kerbside collection service for recyclables for residences within the townships of Barton, Blanchetown, Cadell, Cambrai, Dutton, Greenways, Keyneton, Mannum, Morgan, Palmer, Nildottie, Purnong, Sedan, Swan Reach, Truro and Tungkillo. The costs associated with the kerbside recyclables collection service will be recovered by an annual service charge levied on those residences which receive the service. The proposed annual service charge for the collection of recyclables is $74.00. The Council will account for the operation of the service separately so that it is financed by those who are benefited by the service. The Council has prepared a report on the proposed service charge and copies of the report will be available for inspection at the Council Offices at Cambrai, Mannum and Morgan during normal office hours. Copies of the report can be obtained by contacting the Council Office 8569 0100 or at Written submissions will be received until 4:00 pm, Monday 27 February 2012 and should be forwarded to the Acting Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 28, Mannum 5238 or emailed to Robin Bourne, Acting Chief Executive Officer


Serving the Mid Murray

Games start at 7:00 pm so be there by 6:45 pm We have plenty of bowls for use Two games of 8 ends each night Entry fee $4 per player

Block & Crushed Ice Firewood

Hot Dogs / BBQ Sausages Available After 1st Game

Now Available!

Dates of Play: February 2, 9, 16, 23; March 1 & 8

Mobile Coolroom Hire Cubby Houses Lay-By Welcome Dog Kennels Made to Measure

Contact: T Towns, Ph 8569 1795 or 0433 546 493 T Dicker, Ph 8569 8186 or 0408 000 033 Bowling Club, Ph 8569 1499

Agent for Kleen Heat Gas Bushman Tanks Ph/Fax: Bus 8569 1813 Ph/Fax: A/h 8569 2040 Props Brian & Jayne Bormann 81 Adelaide Road, Mannum SA 5238 Issue Number 65

Mannum Mag

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Out Of This World

Mid Murray Support Services

Astronomer’s Corner

Keeping you up to date with happenings at Mid Murray Community Support Services and CHIPS

irectly overhead at 10pm is the star Sirius in the constellation Canis Major forming part of familiar summer formation, and at present the largest planet Jupiter is setting in the west after midnight. The planisphere either commercial or home made is the carry all for the observer and provides a ready reckoner for sidereal time when that is taken on as a calculation. Working out sidereal time can be a chore and may take time to get a handle on it, but it is worth every moment as it is used in nautical and land based interests alike. Most ephemerides (plural of ephemeris) or data tables have the calculation already worked out for our local area, say 35 degrees south. When using the planisphere the observation time is simply dialled in. The plane of the ecliptic is shown as an arc across the viewing area. The p lanets r ise a n d set somewhere along that line. The planisphere is the field guide but more detailed maps and charts are needed when looking for objects on a more technical level. Military and Maritime charts contain information more diverse than those used in comet hunting, which may need different parameters. When testing a telescope, splitting, or separating the pair in a binary star of known distance may be a good indicator of the resolving power of such a scope. That sort of data can be found in an ephemeris (data table) in astronomical handbooks. Larger scopes need more adjustment when moving from place to place over time, so having a good knowledge of the environment and to make first hand use of the scope makes very detailed maps a must. The planet Mars is in Leo then moving into Virgo. Venus is moving from Capricorn into Aquarius and Jupiter moves into Aries. Saturn is in Virgo.


Dave Allen

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Not Just Embroidery We are a Small Business supplying Quality and Affordable Embroidery with prompt and reliable service. No job is too small and we are able to supply hats and clothing for work wear, business wear, sporting clubs, etc. Or bring in your own garments, towels, quilts, pillow cases, pet rugs/blankets and give it that bit of bling!! Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions or for a quotation. I will be more than happy to help! Phone: Michelle 0467 654 797 Karoonda Road Murray Bridge Email: Website:

Thanks for Christmas! hank you Mannum community on behalf of many, many individuals, families and children in this district who had a much happier Christmas 2011 because of your generosity! What a joy it was to see the faces of excited children, very thankful mums and dads and older people in our community who are really doing it tough, when we delivered your parcels and gifts from the Raine and Horne Christmas Tree. Thank you Adrian and Michelle from Raine and Horne; thank you Bagshaw Social Club; thank you St Vinnies, Murray Bridge and thank ‘you’, the generous residents of Mannum. Men’s Breakfast At 8.30am on the first Tuesday of each month Mid Murray Support Service puts on a men’s breakfast at the River Bar of the Mannum Club. All men are most welcome to come along. Cost is a gold coin donation and for that you will get fresh sausages, bacon and eggs and the opportunity for some great conversation. No meeting, no guest speakers just a great time of fellowship! Please ring us on 85692129 between 10am and 4pm weekdays to let us know you’ll be coming An Ace Way to Start Your Year! ACE is Adult Community Education. Mid Murray Support Services have been offering ACE courses to all residents of the Mid Murray Region for many years. Courses are affordable! Fees for ACE course are usually

around $6 per session. Low cost learning! Courses are accessible! They’re held right here in Mannum. No travelling! Our tutors really know what they’re teaching! So you’ll learn heaps! Our ACE courses are fun! Laugh while you learn; that’s something different! Here are just some of the ACE courses we are offering this year:

Do you like Cycling?



Computer Basics - for computer beginners. Intermediate Computer - for those who’ve done the Basics. How to use Spreadsheets (Excel), Publisher and PowerPoint - for those who want to know more! Understanding the Internet - finding your way around the Web! Buying and Selling on the Internet eBay, Pay Pal, auction sites and more! Using Social Media - Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, online games etc Email for dummies - setting it up; using email; the address book; email security and more The Computer Tutor - one-on-one personal help with those tricky computer issues. Digital Photography - Learn how to do amazing things with digital photos. Creative Cooking - New and exciting courses for everyone with an interest in food! Art Classes with Evelien - for those who are creative; or would like to be! Zumba Dance - a fun way to get-fit! St Johns First Aid Courses - for life!

ACE course are open to everyone regardless of your age or education. Please Telephone 85692129 between 10am and 4 pm weekdays and we’ll post you out an information brochure and enrolment form. Tim Clemow, Coordinator Mid Murray Support Services

oin the Mannum Social Cycling Group meet for a social ride to Younghusband for Coffee. Every Saturday Morning Arnold Park by the Ferry At 7:00 am For more details phone Terry 0427 319 004. Terry Murphy

“I’ve had it with my dog,” said the owner. “He’ll chase anyone on a bicycle.” “What are you thinking of doing about it?” said his neighbour. “Guess I’ll have to confiscate his bike!”

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Mannum Mag

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Can Netballers Play Cricket?


he first (soon to be traditional) Twenty20 cricket match between the Mannum and Mypolonga netball clubs will be held at Mannum Oval on Wednesday 15th February. So, if you have ever wanted to see girls play cricket, here’s your chance. Conceived as part of the netball preseason training, this cricket match will no doubt continue the fierce rivalry between these two great clubs. Unfortunately, however, it seems that someone can’t count, because each side will only bowl 12 overs (there must be some discrepancy between female and male logic here!), but it should be a good contest anyway! The public has been invited to the game which will start at 6:30 pm, and the gold coin entry will support Breast Cancer research, so wear your pink ribbons. After the match, a BBQ tea will be available for purchase (BYO drinks). In another “first”, there will be a walking relay around the oval for the duration of the match. This will give participants the best ‘seat in the house’, and a close-up view of their cricket/netball heroines. Intending walkers, you can run if you like, should be there at 6 o’clock to register, and participants will be allocated to teams of 4. Expect keen competition to see who can walk or run furthest during the match. So, C’MON JOIN THE WALKERS? It’s all in a good cause. For further details, contact Paul Paech on 0427 692 070

From Your Local Member Mr Ivan Venning MP, Member for Schubert A New Interactive Website ith the recent launch of his new interactive website, Mr Ivan Venning is making it easier for constituents to contact himand voice their opinions. Mr Venning’s new website allows visitors to the site to have their say on various topical issues such as euthanasia, speed limits and gay marriage. The newly designed site still contains Mr Venning’s speeches, media releases and opinion pieces, with a search engine now making it easier for information and a single topic to be retrieved. An online contact form provides constituents with an alternative to phoning the office. Mr Venning said that he was pleased to have his newly designed website up and running and hopes that it will be a valuable tool to communicate with his constituents and all South Australians. “I encourage everyone who has access to the web to get online and have a look at my new website. “It is more interactive than my previous site, making it easier for me to communicate with and gain feedback from visitors to the site - so log on and have your say today,” he said. Mr Venning’s website can be accessed at:


Ageing in the Murraylands with Millie New Year’s Resolutions?


uring January of this new year, I’ve been thinking about what this year might bring to us locals, and to our Mannum community specifically. Will we look back in January next year and think that 2012 was Mannum’s year of Janus? The Roman god, Janus or Januarius, was represented as having two heads, and two pairs of eyes, each pair looking in the opposite direction from the other, and each head facing a different direction from the other. What a fate! Since last writing for the Mag, I’ve been reminded of a few issues that have been raised in the Mag. • Driving into Mannum past the War Memorial one day, it was a joy to see the main street so busy with holiday makers. The eyesore was the state of the buildings. Heritage colours h a ve been s u g g e s t e d b y correspondents to the Mag. Will 2012 see some transformations? • Singing in a choir is often touted in newspapers, on radio and TV for the many joys it brings, especially when the choir welcomes everyone, whether or not they can hold a tune, and irrespective of how little or often

they turn up. Choirs like this are great for getting to know people as well as helping singers forget their troubles for a while. Will 2012 see conductors and musicians volunteer to make this a reality, perhaps even mobile mini-choirs that visit people who can’t leave home? • Will issues like a new kiosk for the reserve be addressed harmoniously, without ill-will or vested interests? • Will more organisations and groups include the rest of us in their activities by writing to the Mag letting us know what they are doing? • Will those articles be written in a friendly, welcoming style so that we’ll want to join them, whether for a particular project or regularly?

May generosity andcompassion of heart and mind enrichyour personal life and infuse your community life in 2012. Millie

Sillie Millie says: C’mon Millie, wake up. It would be fantastic if, like Janus, different ‘mobs’ in Mannum each used one pair of eyes to look at what’s in front of them and worked on improving just that part of the town. How might that happen? Up with the year of Janus, I say.

Brown Havelberg Partners Real Estate An eager young batsman had just scored yet another duck. “I could do with some advice. What sort of coach would you recommend? “A long distance one.”

81 Randell Street MANNUM Ph: 8569 1003 Email:

Let us meet your real estate goals


0400 949 949 John Coombe Quality carpet and upholstery cleaning Walk on your clean carpet immediately

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At Your Leisure he holidays are past, so what about your new year’s resolution to get back into shape? Of course, you really want to, but are you using any of these excuses: too busy, work gets in the way, kids, housework, too tired, too hot? Remember there are all types of exercises you can do, and all sorts of time frames to do them in. You don’t need to drive yourself to run 10 km each morning as some do. You don’t need to pedal furiously for 15 minutes on the bike in the cardio room, or sweat under weights in the gym. But you could find a partner for a game of squash or tennis, or come along for a fun time of volleyball. Or even carpet bowls! Everything helps! Those who participated in Deb Robert’s aerobics classes last year will remember how good they felt. Deb looks forward to seeing those who came last year and welcomes new participants. But remember, it takes time, motivation and hard work to make changes to your body, so don’t give up. Sometimes it’s not easy, but we all need goals to motivate us to put in the hard work to achieve them.


If aerobics is not your thing, try dancing with the Unlimited Feet Dance Studios. Jayson Smart has a new program of dance classes, for all ages and tastes, on Wednesdays at the following times: 4:30 - Fairies 5:00 - Primary 5:30 - Jazz 1 6:00 - Tap 1

6:30 - Hip Hop (6+ years) 7:00 - Tap 2/3 7:30 - Hip Hop (12+ years) 8:15 - Finish

The first class starts on Wednesday 8th February, so be quick and enrol. Contact the Leisure Centre for details. Mixed Summer Netball has continued during January, despite the heat, and the finals are only a couple of weeks away. With 2 rounds to go, the standings are: Destroyers (11 wins), Chicken Meatballs (9½), Pelicans (8), Bazinga (7½), Rookies (2), Wii Not Fit (1). Finals start on Monday 13th February, with the grand final on Monday 27th. Come along to watch some exciting netball. See you at the Netball finals, in the aerobics class, dancing, or at some other Leisure Centre activity, soon.

magine yourself here. Whether you are looking to build your spacious new family home, get a foot in the property market with your first venture or just want to downsize to a more manageable house, Pathways Murray Bridge provides you with numerous options … and so much more! At AVJennings we are continually striving to create houses and neighbourhoods that will surprise and delight you, redefining your expectations of what a home can be. For individuals, couples and families of all ages. Your peace of mind is our priority. Our attention to detail and quality of product and service set benchmarks for best practice in our industry. Through innovative design, we aim to help you save water, reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy and utilise technology that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. We strive to create neighbourhoods that will be safe, friendly and beautiful places to live, embodying design that respects and enhances the natural environment, helping ensure that the value of your property appreciates over time. Pathways Murray Bridge is a carefully planned development offering 240 lots in a broad range of sizes to suit a variety of lifestyle needs. The allotments have been designed to make the most of this enviable location, with one third of the site dedicated to open space parkland, walking trails and wetlands. There are only 30 lots remaining. Priced to sell!


For all enquiries please call Rebecca Burgess 0430 76 642 or 8398 1425

Carl Gross

Home and Property Maintenance Phone Glen Thompson For a free quote. No job too small Phone: 0419 865 611 Email: ABN: 22 112 146 448



Q. What do you call an aerobics instructor who doesn’t cause pain and agony? A. Unemployed. Q. What’s the difference between an aerobics instructor and a dentist? A. A dentist lets you sit down while he hurts you.

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Boat, truck & car repairs * Plugs & Moulds * Gel Coating Laminating * General Fabrication * Resin & Glass Supplies * On site work * Contract work specialist *


0413 815541

Mannum Mag

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Cadell Harvest Festival

KING OF THE LAND CD 2012 Tamworth Bush Laureate Album of the Year Finalist 19 award-winning songs and poems for $20.00 to help the “Children Of Ibillin” project in Israel. Jewish, Muslim, Druze and Christian children are learning together to create a peaceful, tolerant Middle East. Go to and pay by credit card or PayPal. You can claim your $20.00 back later as a taxable donation. Next, contact Jacqui and Max to give your postal details and they will post your purchased CD. Evidence of payment is NOT necessary … we trust you. Jacqui and Max Merckenschlager Email: Phone: 0428 878 163 Postal: 10 Borchardt Road Caloote S.A. 5254

Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition Cadell Oval, Cadell Easter Saturday 2012 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm $3.00 and children under 16 free Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition Seed Outlets Highway Service Station, Morgan Hahndorf Post Office, Hahndorf Lucky 7 Supermarket, Blanchetown Serenity Nursery, Murray Bridge Cadell Hardware, Cadell

Thinkwater, Waikerie

Beech Hardware, Barmera

Rustons Roses, Renmark

EarthWorks Garden Centre, Berri

Mannum Newsagency, Mannum

Registration or postal seeds on line


Ph: 8569 2382 # SPECIALISED TREE WORK Felling, Lopping, Mulching, Stump Grinding

# GARDENING Pruning, Weed Removal, Spraying, Slashing, Fertilizing, etc


Call WAYNE For a FREE QUOTE Issue Number 65

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Mid Murray Sk8 Park Launch he Mid Murray Sk8 Park launch has been hailed as a huge success with more than 250 people coming through the gates to see skating, scooting and BMX demos, visit the OPAL smoothie bike and listen to Greedy Frank rock out. The event was run by the Mid Murray Council and its Fun 4 YOUth and OPAL programs, which managed to make the event popular with families of all ages. The Fun 4 YOUth van was used by kids all day, and the pedal-powered fruit smoothie maker was certainly one of the most popular events of the day with kids bustling to get their chance for a ride. We even saw Mid Murray Mayor Dave Burgess and other elected members line up to make their own fruit smoothies! The Mid Murray Council Fun 4 YOUth team put on healthy chicken burgers and barbecued


Local kids tested the Smooth Revolution pedal-powered smoothie machine at the Mid Murray Sk8 Park launch, with OPAL support officer Diem Luong

From the Lions Den

corn on the cob for all those who attended, and the OPAL team gave away a Razor Pro Scooter as the gate prize for the day to a local Mannum lad looking to upgrade his older model. The Sk8 Park itself was busy all day with kids of all ages taking their turn to test out how it works, and the older crew watching the youngsters do their tricks, jumps and lands in awe. Mid Murray OPAL Manager Courtney Blacker said the launch event and the ongoing use of the facility were a fantastic bonus for the Mannum community. “This Sk8 Park provides an outlet and a space for young people to be active outdoors, in a safe environment for kids of all ages and for families to visit as well,” Ms Blacker said. Mid Murray Community Development Officer Shane Thompson said he was looking forward to seeing how the site could be further developed, with plans already underway for the installation of a drinking water fountain and water bottle refill station at the site. “Mid Murray OPAL will be funding a new drinking water facility at the Sk8 Park, which will provide kids with a place to fill up their water bottles and grab a quick refreshment as they need it,” Mr Thompson said. Local schools and students across the Mid Murray should look out for the OPAL team early in 2012 when they visit, promoting a competition offering local kids the chance to design artwork for the new water fountain.

he Mannum Lions Club was kept busy during December selling raffle tickets for our Christmas stocking first prize and other prizes. The raffle was drawn on Friday 23rd December at the Mannum Community Club. The lucky winners were:-


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Congratulations to these people and thanks to all who supported us. Our bottles and cans recycling project continues to be very successful, particularly now the weather is warming up. The only downside to this project, are the attempts, sometimes successful, to steal items from our recycling bins. The Club knows who the offenders are, and we find it very disappointing that these people cannot support our Club in the work we do for our town. Apart from this, we thank the people in Mannum who have supported us in this project over the past year. Graham Verrall, Public Relations Officer

 Carports  Patios

 Verandahs  Decking


MANNUM CAN & BOTTLE DEPOT 103 Adelaide Road, Ph: 8569 1720

Saturday 9 - 12 CLOSED Wednesday, Sunday, Easter Saturday & Public Holidays

Q. Did you hear the one about the aluminium recycling plant? A. It smelt!

Nancy Van Der Meulengraaf John Gavin Brian Brown Julie Hogben Wendy Hartley Jim Havelberg

Courtney Blacker

OPEN Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9am – 12, 1 – 4pm

Q. What did the lion say when he saw the boys go by on skateboards? A. Ah! Meals on wheels.


All Clean Deposit Cartons, Cans & Bottles Accepted The 3 R’s of Recycling R emove lid R inse R eturn for refund

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Mannum Scouts

Lions Club of Ridley

Mannum History Group

couts started in Mannum in 1909 when the Wallaby Patrol registered as the 22nd Scout Troop in South Australia. At that time members of the Scout organisation were aged between 11-17 years. In 1925, a Cub Pack commenced for boys 8-11 years. In 1924, eleven members of the Troop attended a national Scout Corroboree in Adelaide. The party included two Scout Leaders, Rev. A Webb and Rev. A L Bulbeck and the Scouts were Pat Dollard, J McKecknuie, W Dollard, F Heidrich, W Dieuks, J Lahue, G Abell, H Gartrell, H Rawusley, V Ingerson and H Reschke.


The Scout Troop and Cub Pack continued to be active until World War 2 then closed down until the Troop and Pack re-commenced in the 1950's. The MHG is commencing a project this year to compile a history of Scouting in Mannum. Were any of the 1924 Scouts related to your family? Perhaps you have photographs of Scouts in your family albums? Were you a Scout or a Cub in Mannum? The History Group would like to hear from you! Contact Graham 8370 9387 or Paul 8569 2237. Graham Hill

Mike Tate’s life’ s dream was to have a compass company. He finally saved enough money and started the Tate's Compass Company. The first contract he acquired was to manufacture 750,000 compasses for the Boy Scouts. Mike worked feverishly day and night to meet the deadline. On the day of the Scout Wilderness hike, each scout was given a Tate’s Compass to help them find their way. Unfortunately, it was discovered too late that every compass had the coloured point of the needle facing the wrong way. Needless to say, all of the boy scouts got lost. It was the biggest fiasco known in Boy Scout history. The Tate’s compass company went out of business, but from this experience came the familiar adage... “He who has a Tate's is lost.”

Upholstery Furniture



ach year the Ridley Lions Club, encompassing the areas of Swan Reach, Nildottie, Cambrai, Black Hill, Sedan and places in-between, has hosted a Christmas Lunch for the retired senior citizens and the isolated people in our district. This lunch is free of charge to our guests. We rely on our fundraising throughout the year, plus the generosity of our local people an d b u sinesses, including the Nuriootpa Co-op which donated a $50 food voucher to help pay for the cold meats. Our thanks go to Radio Stations 5MU and 5RM, and the Cambrai, Nildottie, Sedan and Swan Reach Post/Stores for their distribution of information. The Lions Club members donate the food, and also the many gifts and prizes for the very popular Christmas Raffle, with the first prize of a beautiful hand painted plate, donated by Mrs Josie Pridham. For Christmas 2011 we hosted 86 people at the Nildottie Town Hall. It was a very successful day, with everyone who attended enjoying the lunch and entertainment immensely. The entertainment included three couples performing old style dancing, and a local family, the Grieger’s, who have formed a youth band the G4's. They played Christmas carols which everyone joined in and sang along with. Both groups entertained and donated their time and effort for the day, free of charge. The Nildottie Progress Association, who run the Town Hall, also donated the use of the hall free of charge to the


Ridley Lions Club for the day. The Mid Murray Council provided a generous grant to the Ridley Lions Club to assist with the free bus travel for persons not living at Nildottie. Mid Murray Tours provided the air-conditioned bus, and guests were picked up from Cambrai, Sedan and Swan Reach and driven to the Nildottie Hall, then returned safe and sound at the end of the day. A short sight-seeing tour was also provided for the Sedan /Cambrai group, with a quick tour of the Greenways Irrigation area at Nildottie, and a stop at the Walker Flat Lookout. The small group of Ridley Lions Club members and helpers worked tirelessly all day to provide table service for the drinks, and a delicious meal of pre-dinner nibbles, cold meats and salads for the main course and rich Lions Christmas Cake topped with warm custard, or fruit salad and ice cream for dessert. After dinner, cakes and slices baked and prepared by Lions members finished the day. Local volunteers provided invaluable help and we thank them for their fine contribution. We were also joined by our Zone 3 Chairperson, Carolyn Kilpatrick and her husband. It was a terrific day and we would like to thank all those who assisted the Lions Club to make the 2011 Seniors and Isolated citizens Christmas Dinner a great success. The Ridley Lions Members would trust that everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and wish you all a safe and happy new year. Sonya Friebel


We’ve Got You Covered Contact: Terry Schutz Pfeiffer Road Mannum ~ Ph: 0407 Issue Number 65

390 010 Mannum Mag

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Mt Pleasant Farmers Market Food Education and Sustainability

nly 30 minutes’ drive from Mannum, the new Farmers Market at the Mt Pleasant Showgrounds will provide a friendly, healthy and delicious focus for many people in the surrounding areas. With up to 34 stallholders selling a wide range of goods, earlybirds will be able to get breakfast, after which you’ll be able to do most of your weekly shopping: eggs, bread, cakes, jams, cheeses, fruits, olives, spices, meats (lamb, chicken, turkey, goose), pasta, berries, grapes, wine, coffee, and lots more. Most of the produce will be seasonal and straight from the farm, so it will be really fresh and tasty.


Much of it will be organic, and the farmers will be there to answer your questions about their products and advise on how to cook them. But you may need to get there early, before they sell out! But tickling our taste buds is not the only goal of the market. Courtney Regan, Chairman of the organising committee (pictured), stressed that a more important reason for starting the Farmers Market is to educate the community about food and to encourage the development of sustainability of food production within the local community. The committee began work a little

over 2 years ago, and already they have 100 members who support the initiative. Anyone can join as a member – it only costs $50, and members receive a 10% discount on all purchases! The Market opens on Saturday 4th February, and will be open 8-12 every Saturday morning of the year, except for Mt Pleasant Show Day and the weekend of the car rally. There may also be a twilight session on the Thursday before Easter, instead of Easter Saturday. More information about the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market is available at the website, by email, or by phone 8568 1907.

Courtney Regan, Chair of the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market committee

Carl Gross

Mt Pleasant Show Hall, venue of the Farmers Market

Stallholders and some of the produce

Lucky Number Draw Aminya Palliative Care st

aria Webster won the 1 Prize, a $50 voucher kindly donated by the Mannum Hotel. Congratulations Maria and thank you to the Mannum Hotel.


Natalie Davis


Aminya Village Needs Your Help!

Home and Community Care (HACC) Services Are you elderly or a carer and needing some help in the home?  cleaning (including vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning bathrooms, toilets and various other tasks)  Personal care  Respite  Equipment  Podiatry

How about volunteering at Aminya!

Fees apply for the above services

For more information about any of these services Please phone Coralie on 8569 0240 Monday to Friday Between 8:30am to 4:30pm Or Pick up a handbook which outlines the fees and services available from the Hospital, Medical Centre or Dom Care Office Page 14

Can you spare a couple of hours per week, or even once a month? Would you like to make a meaningful contribution to your community?

...To find out more call

8569 1749 and make an appointment to see Wendy, (Admin & Finance Officer)

Things you could assist us with: You can make a • Activities & Games difference... we’re • Serving Morning/Afternoon Teas waiting to hear from • Reading Newspapers/Mail You! Aminya is a community based, non-profit, incorporated Association providing quality residential aged care services to the people in Mannum and surrounding areas.

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 65

Where’s Wally?


he headline in the Murray Valley Standard 15/12/11 read “Council sacks CEO”. It had the desired effect of grabbing my attention straight away. So that’s what happened to him! Suddenly his conspicuous and much talked about absence was explained, but as I read on I was surprised to discover it was the high ranking public servant at Murray Bridge Council who was accounted for. Where was Mid Murray Council’s CEO? In November I was informed that we were to lose our CEO Dean Gollan. I started hearing it in wider circles but with no public statement or reason offered for his sudden departure (except gossip and conjecture), we were left to speculate. I had been informed that although not being CEO, he was still on staff but taking his leave after which time who knows what. I hoped this was true as I hated to think that anything untoward had happened. Thankfully, there in the same edition of the MV Standard were the Mayor’s Christmas messages. Surely Mayor Dave Burgess’ spiel would give us an update on the missing CEO. This was not to be. MM council is just embracing changes to waste management and the Mayor is setting a cracking example by recycling his maiden speech from the Mid Murray Council newsletter of August 2011 into his Christmas speech in the Standard 15/12/11. Dave’s Christmas message cites line and verse the first 4 paragraphs of his inaugural address to the community. After adding a couple of paragraphs on the old PS Canally and the Fun 4 YOUth holiday program (both wonderful assetstobrand Mid Murray Council), he rewrites the next paragraph verbatim but in the next, substitutes the words “will be” for “is”. (Perhaps his next foray into community information will be a rehash of his same old speech with the word “was”). Next he encouraged the community to have their say on the Murray Darling Basin Plan and how important a healthy Basin and Murray River are for us now and in the future. This message is worth repeating over and over again as far as I’m concerned. Bravo Mayor Burgess! The last two original paragraphs celebrate volunteers and then he wishes us safe and happy trails into the New Year. What a guy! I love Dave – hell I voted for him. But still no mention of our CEO. I was worried; didn’t anyone else care? Ah, no need for concern about Mr Gollan, for lo and behold in the current (December) newsletter of the Mid Murray Council, there is a glorious photo of Dean in all his CEO status (even though he had already resigned), resplendent in a halo effect (as are other senior management staff). Nice one! But there’s a faraway look in his eye and we were left to wonder his whereabouts and who is at the helm of the Mid Murray Council? Then in an update according to the Standard 24/12/11 the headline read the MMC had actually lost our CEO. Have to be a bit more vigilant councillors, you know when you are the responsible adults you need to keep a sharp eye out for those under your charge. Dean’s list of achievements regardingflood damage sounded like something he grabbed out

of the resume for the new CEO job he has moved into with the Gawler River Flood Plain Management Authority. Interesting timing the loss of our CEO. He has been under the grill lately from ratepayers questioning council’s decision making. I remember a letter to the editor in an issue of Mannum Mag where the CEO was asked to use the pages of your paper to explain the Tinknell development and another one from a ratepayer from Mr Gollan’s previous council outlining his poor track record on historic buildings and suddenly the CEO has resigned! The article to explain his resignation in the MV Standard was very wishy washy and what’s with the Mayor’s statement that Mr Gollan had taken us from being a rural and farming council to one loaded with business people. How does that help us? And how much are we paying for the consultant to find us a new CEO? The CEO mentions he was pleased with council’s youth engagement, and now in the minutes of the last council meeting, we have issues surrounding the Mannum skate park being discussed behind closed doors. What’s going on? Why are we being kept in the dark on so many issues? Where is the transparency and accountability? The Mayor turned over ownership of the skate park to the young people so what message is council sending when it keeps secrets from them. I believe the CEO jumped ship because things are getting a bit sticky in the hallowed halls of the Mid Murray Council i.e. trouble with the works dept. What’s to hide? When will the council start to include the residents and ratepayers in the information coming and going through our Local Government body? I hope that our new CEO has better communication skills and a higher respect for the residents and ratepayers he/she serves. Not just a focus on business and tourism (a business), which several of our elected members benefit from. We deserve better, we should expect better. We keep hearing how busy councillors and staff are but that is the nature of their jobs and if people don’t have the time to serve their community, and I don’t mean attending free lunches, dinners or interstate conferences and soirées (that look suspiciously like junkets) or playing the PR card, what was their motivation for wanting to be on council? Once again, we can only speculate. One exception seems to be Cr Peak who I hope doesn’t burn out with his enthusiasm. Maybe the CEO in waiting can fill us in on some unanswered questions. It would be nice to have a response that wasn’t full of bureaucratic and legal mumbo jumbo – just normal language that we can all understand – or will this letter be unanswered, producing the same deafening silence that many local councils are getting a reputation for? Please prove me wrong Mid Murray Council, because at the moment it seems as if we ratepayers are an inconvenience to council staff and elected members. Media Watch fan

Mannum History Group annum – what a beautiful place to be part of a community! Are you proud of your community? We have just had Australia Day on the 26th January, on one of the most spectacular parks along the river. We are proud to say that the Mary Ann Reserve looks wonderful and attracts people from far and wide. Proud to have a place to host huge functions like the INXS concert of January 7th; a Lion’s Club that works together so well to provide services, catering and the care around the community; proud of the contribution of local Council, and proud of the heritage and history that Mannum and district have. Are we proud to show off our history and heritage? Is it possible that we do not even recognize that we have history and heritage, especially if we have lived with it for a long time? The Mary Ann Reserve Kiosk is part of the culture of going to the river for a day of leisure. If it is removed (due to happen in March 2012) and not replaced, is that like Issue Number 65


having Lunar Park without the big mouth, or a row boat but no paddle? Since 1936, a kiosk has been a part of the riverside experience. Mid Murray Council are waiting to hear from you if you want a kiosk. One hundred years ago in 1911, the upper level was added to the old Institute building at 47 Randell Street, Mannum – opposite the Pretoria Hotel. Built in 1882, the Institute was a stone building on one level, with a central door and 2 windows either side. This building was used for council meetings, court hearings, general meetings, as a dance hall, library and picture theatre. Moving pictures were shown at the Institute first in 1916, at a time when there was no sound to the movies. George Truss, who had a music shop at 88 Randell Street, played the piano for the ‘silent movies’. Australia did not have sound to movies until 1929. Thankfully, we live in a country of freedom where we can enjoy a movie with sound, an ice-cream at the riverside kiosk, Mannum Mag

going to a riverside concert, and an Australia Day Ceremony. We can appreciate what our town’s main street has to offer and recognize the hard work of an earlier century and a half, to provide what we have here in Mannum and the surrounding district. If any members of the public have items, stories or old photographs that you are willing to share with the community, we would like to hear from you. If you are interested in joining the Mannum History Group, we meet once a month with some social outings, guest speakers and visits to places of historical interest generally in the Mid Murray District. To find out more, contact the Secretary Judy Johnson on 8569 2237. Next meeting is at 2pm on 9th February at Judy’s home, 31 Esplanade, Mannum. Guest speaker – Mr John Chandler, Mannum. Later in the year we hope to visit the old Palmer gold fields. Judy Johnson, Secretary Mannum History Group

Page 15


elebrating the 130th anniversary of the Sedan Hotel on Saturday 10th December 2011 were Peter Grieger and Member for Schubert, Mr Ivan Venning. Mr Venning unveiled a plaque commemorating the occasion.


“LIFE WITHOUT DRIVING” Are you, or a family member or friend, having to consider giving up your driver’s licence? Are you worried you will lose your independence and freedom? We would like to help you approach this major change in your life in a more positive way. This session includes the following topics:  Legal requirements  Annual running costs  Returning your licence  Selling your car  Loss of independence and adapting to change  Riding a mobility scooter  Alternative means of transport


Wednesday 21st March 10:30am for a delicious morning tea Information session 11am - 12 noon Mannum Day Centre, adjacent to Mannum Hospital, Parker Street, Mannum

Please RSVP (by 14th March) to Karyn Baker Phone 8569 0149

Professional Resumes Application Letters Responding to Job Criteria Cathy Clemow Mb. 0427 966 393

Mannum United Locally owned & independent

Located in Mannum Member of the Career Development Association of Australia Certificate IV Career Development


General administration support services also available.

Why buy a tool when you only need it for a couple of hours. Whether you are looking to demolish or build, improve or maintain, you can Gear Up with the right tool for the job at Mannum United Service Station.


Concrete/metal saw Brick/paver saw Mitre saw Vibrating plate Concrete mixers General plant & tools

     

Jack hammer Hammer drills Rotary hoe Lawn corer/aerator Lawn thatch remover Generators 600w to 6.5kVa

Half day, full day and long term hire rates available. Bookings should now be made in advance. Contact Brenton & Brett on 8569 1207. Page 16

2012 Term 1 Adult Community Education Courses - for everyone Computer Basics Begins Tuesday March 6th at 9am - for beginners 5 x 3hr workshops. Cost is $30. Fun With Digital Photography Begins Wednesday March 7th at 9am - using Adobe Photoshop. 5 x 3hr Workshops. Cost is $45 Understanding the Internet Wednesday 29th February 1pm - 5pm - 1 x 4hr workshop. Cost is $10 Email for Dummies Wednesday 7th March 1pm - 5pm - setting up and using email. 1 x 4hr workshop. Cost is $10 Buying and Selling on the Internet Wednesday 14th & 21st March 1pm - 4pm - 2 x 3hr workshops. Cost is $12 Microsoft Office Begins Wednesday February 29th at 1pm - learn Excel, Power Point, Publisher and more. Individual 3hr workshops; your choice! Cost is $6 per session Using Social Media Register your interest now! - it’s about facebook, youtube and lots more! Creative Cooking Register your interest now! - new and exciting cooking ideas! St Johns First Aid Starting dates and times available soon - Senior Certificate and also CPR update.  8569 2129 or visit MMSS 71 Randell Street for more information, a brochure and enrolment form

Mannum Mag

Issue Number 65

Time to Start Walking!


he New Year has arrived and what better opportunity to get outdoors and be active. Walking is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to keep active, and the best part - it doesn’t cost a thing! Mannum is rich with history and has some of the most picturesque scenery in the Murraylands, so why not make the most of your beautiful riverside town? With a selection of walking trails including the Arnold Walk, Mannum Waterfalls Scenic Walk and the Randell Walk, not to mention the magnificent River Murray, there are many great places to go walking. For more information on these trails contact the Mannum Information Centre on 8569 1303. Heart Foundation Walking Or why not start up a Heart Foundation Walking group? Heart Foundation Walking is one of the ways the new Healthy Murraylands

International Volunteers Day

program is encouraging residents to be active in a fun and social environment. Healthy Murraylandsis coordinating the establishment of new walking groups in the region and is looking for interested residents to be group organisers to register local groups. Each individual’s walk is registered, and the Heart Foundation Walking group then provides incentives for milestones of 25, 50, 100 walks and so on, via their recognition scheme in their local area providing further motivation for local residents. Further information about Heart Foundation Walking groups in the Murraylands can be found online at or by calling the Healthy Murraylands office on 8569 0182.


id Murray Support Services celebrated International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2011 on Monday 5 December with the opening of the new offices at 71 Randell Street, Mannum. This was followed by a “thank you” luncheon with entertainment for volunteers at the Mannum Rowing Club. IVD was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985 and is now celebrated worldwide with thousands of volunteers involved in a range of IVD initiatives including clean-up campaigns, conferences, exhibitions, morning teas and many other activities all aimed to highlight the role of volunteers in their

communities. Mid Murray Support Services have more than sixty active volunteers providing cleaning, gardening, home maintenance, administration, shop sales and transport services to over 300 aged and disadvantaged clients in the Mid Murray Council region. Coordinator of Mid Murray Support Services, Tim Clemow said, “Without the wonderful work of volunteers in our organisation we would not be able to provide the services to help keep hundreds of elderly and disadvantaged people in our community safe and well in their homes”.

Kim Smithson

Chairman Mid Murray Support Service, Mike McDowell; Coordinator Mid Murray Support Service, Tim Clemow; Mid Murray Council Mayor Dave Burgess; Member for Schubert, Ivan Venning

AIR CONDITIONING & ELECTRICAL For all sales, installations, quotes or enquiries Phone:

0408075440 DARREN JENKINS Qualified installer *FUJITSU




Mannum Mag

ARC LICENCE: LO55815 Page 17

OPAL Receives EPODE Medallion he French founder of the EPODE program, from which the Mid Murray OPAL program is based, visited the region recently to talk to stakeholders from the Mid Murray and Murray Bridge districts.


Dr Jean Michel-Borys delivered a presentation to more than 80 local people during November where he discussed the need for community, business and political support to encourage local children and families to make healthy choices around physical activity and healthy eating. At the end of the presentation, Dr Borys presented EPODE International Network medallions to representatives from both councils, signifying our local dedication to the fight against childhood obesity across the world.

annum Neighbourhood Watch meet bi-monthly on the second Monday of the month in the Senior Citizens Rooms at the Leisure Centre. All community members are encouraged to come along and be involved. It is an opportunity to hear what has been occurring in the district and to learn what role you can play in making Mannum and the district a safe place to live and work.


Next Meeting Monday February 13th 7:30 p.m. at the Senior Citizens’ Room Mannum Leisure Centre All welcome, especially new members. Tea and coffee provided after the meeting. Enquiries: 8569 2157 For Police assistance and/or attendance Phone: 13 14 44

Contacting Mannum Police Emergency 000 Police attendance 131 444 Mannum Station 8569 2211

Courtney Blacker

Cr Jeff Hall and Murray Bridge Mayor Allan Arbon receive their EPODE International Network Medallions from EPODE founder Dr Jean Michel-Borys

October's child is born for woe, And life's vicissitudes must know; But lay an Opal on her breast, And hope will lull those woes to rest. Author Unknown

If you need to contact us for matters other than emergency or police attendance either visit the station or call 8569 2211. This may be answered by the Murray Bridge station. They will contact us by radio and then we will contact you. Your police are available 24 hours a day.

On My Bookshelf

Diary of A Young Man, Adelaide 1890 – March 11th - 21st Daniel continues his busy work and social life and receives an invitation to spend Easter in Mannum. MARCH 11TH TUESDAY 6.10. News, bath. walk, breakfast 8. Office 9.30. Busy till 4.45. Home, shaved, cup of tea. Away with Alfred 5.50, walked Bowden, per train to Grange, with Chas. Hall. Attended Grange Bap. Ch. tea meeting and public meeting - saw many friends. Chas Goode presided at latter meeting. Beside our family the Barkers, Hales, Inghams, Moodys, and Burdons of Nth Adelaide were represented. Returned per trap, calling at Hindmarsh - Alfred and I walked Hindmarsh to Nth Adelaide. Home 11.30 Bed 12. MARCH 12TH WEDNESDAY 7.45. Bath. Office as usual. Home 5.35. Read, dined, visited Bennett. Attended Prayer meeting. Mr C.H. Goode presided and called upon me to engage in prayer. Do not feel this quite so much as before but still suffer nervously. Prayers were earnestly offered for Bennett. Met Hendry, walked and chatted till 10. Supper. Bible. Bed 11. MARCH 13TH THURSDAY 7.15am. Bath. With Hendry at 8.50 inspected a Cottage in Ward St - Hendry wants such a place.... Annie’s birthday today - gave her a new dress. Office as usual. Read before dinner. Drove to Hindmarsh for chaff. Attended Gymnasium 8 till 9.30. Took home Misses Kemp (2) and Mason, who with several others had held a “Sewing meeting” Page 18

at our house in aid of Blind School Bazaar. Supper 10. Bible study. Bed before 11. Sleepless for some time - perhaps in consequence of Gymnast. exercise. MARCH 15TH SATURDAY 6am. “Register”. Bath. walk. Resumed Family Prayer (after long interval), voice not very clear. Busy in office till 12. Hot day. Woodville to dinner, Hindmarsh, City 2.30. Too late to see Eliza and Gracie off to McLaren Flat (Goodings) per coach. Home per car with Annie. Read “Family Physician” (Cassell) the first 6 nos. of which are just to hand, cleaned filter, watered garden. C.P. Moody came to say goodbye and stayed to tea. Wrote diary, cash a/cs. Visited Bennett, as usual. MARCH 17TH MONDAY Up 7.30 - overslept. Cold and cloudy. Half holiday. Home at 1.30. Per special train to Largs Bay, with White, Hayes, Whiting and Alfred and Misses Moody and Cook, accompanying Clarence P. Moody to S.S. “Liguria” on board of which he proceeds to England as reporter for “Melbourne Argus” with the Australian Eleven. Inspected the splendid equipment of the vessel and returned per 4.45 train. Home via Hindmarsh. Hayes to tea. Visited Bennett, thence Gymnasium. Supper 10. Bed abut 11. MARCH 18TH TUESDAY Up 7.30. Cool morning. Bath. Busy all day. Home to dinner 6. “Medical Essays” (Dr Allinson) have come from England, per Mannum Mag

W.C. Rigby - ordered by Cornish and me three months ago. Find them exceedingly interesting - Allinson is the first Dr. I have known to condemn drugs. Attended Y.M. Bible Class. Home 9. Alfred’s friends and he fiddling and making great noise. Bed about 11. MARCH 20TH THURSDAY 6.30. Bath, walk. Office 9.30. Busy all day. Walked home via O’Connell St. The good looking Miss Tasker passes looking very attractive. Called at Hales’ and ordered wholemeal. Home 5.45. Read, dined, called on Bennett. To Gymnasium feeling out of sorts, but much better for exercise. Home 10. Supper. Finished reading “Heart of Midlothian” (Scott) - Liked it very well and found it educating in some ways. Bed at 11. Nose stuffy (slight cold?) and sleep slow in coming. MARCH 21ST FRIDAY 6.15. Bath, exercise, walk, news. Prayers and breakfast 8 to 9. Called on Hendry. Office 9.35. Busy. To Mr Bussell with Hendry at 11.20 re microscopes for Bazaar. Busy till 12.30. Dined at Y.M.C.A. rooms with Hendry and Randell (from Mannum). Am invited to spend Easter at Mannum. Office till 5. Walked home, read, dined. To Blind School and read to Hendry (blind) leaflets for Young Men by Dr Allinson; also studied Christ and prayed. Brisk walk, home about 9.30. Supper, read. Bed about 10.30. Jo Kader To be continued

Issue Number 65

Musical Miscellany Sounds and Pictures

usic invokes different feelings, different reactions in each of us. Once the composer would write the music which he believed described the pictures in his head. Some music was written to accompany drama but much was abstract. Opera perhaps began the fashion for pictures and music to tell the story together. Burlesque, Minstrel Shows and Music Halls brought music and image to a wider audience. Today we have theatre, film, video and digital techniques all helping to present music and image as a whole. The question then becomes does it add to our musical experience or does it mean that we take less from the music because other senses are engaged and our imagination is at rest? And does it mean that the composers of the music do not have to try so hard to convey an image since the accompanying picture will do it for them? Obviously there is no simple answer. On many occasions I prefer to make my own images in my mind, particularly with improvised jazz and some of the great classical music such as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and The Messiah of Handel.


Yet there are some wonderful visual musical experiences to be had. I love the images produced by Walt Disney and his band of talented cartoonists for the film “Fantasia”. The conductor of the orchestra for the film is Leopold Stokowski. Music that evokes a visual and sound delight includes “Toccata and Fugue” by J S Bach which is presented as an abstract picture; parts of the “Nutcracker Suite” of P I Tchaikovsky; Stravinsky’s “Rites of Spring”. Beethoven’s “Pastoral Symphony” (Symphony No. 6) is given a treatment which is at odds with my imagined mental pictures; still it offers a challenge to which you can respond with your own ideas. My own particular favourite is “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from the poem by Goethe and music written by Paul Dukas. Ever since I first saw “Fantasia” as a young boy, whenever I hear that particular piece the images created by the film come immediately to mind. If you haven’t seen “Fantasia” do yourself a favour and do so. Perhaps it might offend your musical sensibilities, however it is a wonderful way in which to introduce what we call “classical” music to a wider audience and

perhaps instil a love of the music that might not otherwise have occurred. Much music today has been written for film and so dramatizes either the entire story or particular parts. Sometimes the music is given words and on other occasions is entirely self- contained. For example, “The James Bond Theme” by Monty Norman is without words and introduces many of the movies whereas “Goldfinger”, written by John Barry and sung so dramatically by Shirley Bassey has words. One of my favourites without words is the theme music written by Elmer Bernstein for the film “A Walk on the Wild Side”. The music is played over the opening credits which feature an alley cat walking along the rails of a wooden backyard fence; the cat’s slinking along the rails is perfectly timed with the pulse of the music. It is quite the best part of the film. With every year, the opportunities for other peoples’ images to colour our music increases. It is a crutch we should not lean too heavily on as it will, in the long term, diminish our appreciation of music. Peter Weir

MID - MURRAY SELF STORAGE Specialising in Container and Machinery Transport JOHN WHITE Postal Address: PO Box 491 Mannum SA 5238 Mobiles: 0417 938 828 0439 838 504 Email:

Suitable For Storing Boats/Caravans Ideal For Storing Furniture Etc. Individual Shed With Own Key Yard Storage Available Shed Size 7.5m × 3m Other Sizes Available

6 WALKER AVE. MANNUM PHONE 8569 1726 MOBILE 0408 813 726

* Recommended Insurance Repairer * Owner Operated and Servicing Mannum since 1985 Bake Oven for factory finish Chassis straightening All work Guaranteed

Windscreen replacement Private and Insurance work Local pickup and delivery available

24 Hour 7 Day TOWING PH 8569 1151 or A/H 0412 644 736 Issue Number 65

Mannum Mag

Page 19

My Story: A Reminiscence by Maureen McDiarmid that some people, but not all people, may be IItrust interested to read my story. was born in the town of Scunthorpe, home of our

latestX Factor winner,ReeceMastin,inLincolnshire England on 19th September 1945. My father was a blacksmith and worked atabig steel works company, my mother was a domestic worker at a school and also she worked for a Potato Chip factory – very handy for when freebies were sent home for us all to sample, I remember it well) I have one sister June, who is 6 years older than me. We lived in a two story house in a quiet neighbourhood. I remember the house very clearly, it always seemed like a huge house to me (but proved to be only an average size place when we went to visit it years later. It had lead patterned and stained glass windows at the front of the house. These frequently got washed with oranges, having been cut in half for my consumption. Unfortunately I did not acquire a taste for them but after several attempts by my Mum for me to eat them because “they were good for you”, she gave it away as a bad job. I guess she just got sick of washing the juice off the windows. I also remember giving the curtains on the upstairs landing window, a jolly fine haircut one day with some scissors, much to Mum’s horror. The only time I ever remember gettinga hiding was when my sister and I refused to go to sleep and kept on giggling and carrying on, even after numerous threats from Mum to go to sleep or we would get the hairbrush on our backsides. We never thought she would actually do it as she never had before. True to her word though she came in and did indeed give us a couple of whacks. We learnt many years later she actually sat on the top step outside the bedroom and felt so bad about doing it, it made her feel ill. I guess that’s why we never got another one. I never liked school and went under great sufferance, and many was the time I remember trying

to put it over Mum that I was too sick to go to school. I got away with it quite a bit, but once she said I didn’t seem too bad so she made me go. She then felt very guilty so went to the school at recess time to check on me and found me running around like a loonie having a grand old time. I was nearly 9 years old when my small world totallycollapsedaroundme whenmyDadcame home from work one day and said in a very excited voice that in 3 months time we would be going on a big ship across the sea to live in a place called AUSTRALIA. What? No that can’t be right I told him, why would we do that? Sure enough though, within the three months, we were sailing across the sea to our future home. In hindsight of course it was the best thing we ever did. That was in 1954. My Dad had already secured a job at David Shearers as a blacksmith in Adelaide before we made the move. So when we arrived at Port Adelaide we were hoarded into the Pennington Hostel to live in a very small place, very different to what we were used to. Mum got a job straightaway in the Hostel kitchen. Within 12 months Mum and Dad were able to buy a house at Rosewater and we settled in there to live for another year. Then Dad came home from work again and said that he would like to take a job at a place called MANNUM. For goodness sake I thought, it’s taken me 2 years to get used to Australia with it’s big spiders, scary sleepy lizards, snakes etc, and now we had to move again!!!. I remember going to the loo one day and on opening the door was confronted by a hissing open mouthed large sleepy lizard. Terrified I raced inside and told Dad that there was a crocodile in the toilet, which was duly removed by our neighbour as Dad wasn’t too sure about it either. Regardless of my feelings and outrage (sometimes no-one listens to 11 year old kids, what do they know anyhow?), we still made the move anyway.

Mannum Day Centre Mannum Day Centre is open from Mondays to Fridays except Public Holidays. The Day Centre is available for hire by community groups for a small donation. Please ring on 8569 0219 for more information. WEEKLY Monday


Knitting Group. Bring your craft along and join in! Tea/coffee provided. For $6, stay for a cooked lunch. Tuesday 9am-10:30am Mannum Weight Watchers.  Rhonda 8569 1123. Tuesday 10am-2:30pm Social Day. Bingo in morning and games in afternoon. Cost $6 for the day which includes cooked lunch. Thurs/Friday * 10:00am Scrabble Day. (*Alternating Thursday/Friday. Dates change so please ring to confirm times.) Come and enjoy a relaxed game of Scrabble. Cost $2 for the morning or $6 for a cooked lunch MONTHLY 2nd Monday 1:30pm Mannum Red Cross 1st Wednesday 7:00pm Wellbeing Nucleus Discussion Group. Evolved from Meditation, Pastoral Care, Enneagram, Art & Soul Groups. 2nd & 4th Wed 11am-2pm Men’s Group. Socialisation and companionship. $6 for centre based activities including a cooked lunch. Outings are held on a regular basis. Costs may vary on these days. 3rd Wednesday 1:30-3pm Card Afternoon. Bring your cards and participate in a friendly relaxed game of 500, Canasta, Bridge, Whist (the choice is yours!). Cost $2 (includes afternoon tea.) 4th Wed 6:30-9:30pm Men’s Discussion Group.  Mike McDowell 8569 2818.

Anyway that was how we came to move to Mannum, at the peak of the River Murray Flood in 1956. I was a bit slow to make friends at first but after just a few weeks I found it wasn’t so bad and figured we were staying there so had to just make the most of it. As I grew up I realised that we had come to a pretty special place and I still think of Mannum as home, and don’t even think of myself as a Pom, I am Australian through and through and proud of it. The yearswentbypleasantlyenoughbutschoolwas never my favourite place to be and so at the grand old age of 15 I was offered a job at what used to be Eudunda Farmers, and I was thrilled to take it up. So I worked there on the grocery counter for about 3 years and then got a transfer to work at Head Office in Adelaide, which I really enjoyed. One of the enticements was the fact that my future husband John was living and working there. I eventually came back to Mannum to live and work when my Mum got very sick and needed some help at home and I was very lucky to get a job back with Eudundas on the Drapery counter. After another year or so I was offered a job at David Shearers doing office work which I loved. John and I eventually got married in 1966 and had two sons, Shaun and Dale, who in turn produced 3 grandchildren for us. We have now been happily married for 45 years. In 1981 we left Mannum when John got a promotion with ETSA and we moved to Clare. We stayed 7 years there and then we moved to Gladstone with John’sjobandstayedfor 6 years. John then took a package from work and we built a house at Kadina and enjoyed fishing a great deal there but never really settled so in 1999 we decided to make the move back to Mannum. It wasthe bestdecisionwe ever made and we reckon living here for the rest of our lives will do us very nicely, thank you very much!!! Maureen McDiarmid

Mannum Hospital Programs  8569 0200 Audio Clinic: for appointments  1800 057 220. Child & Youth Health Services:  1300 733 606 for appointment. Community Nursing Service: Murray Mallee Community Health Service  8535 6800. Purchase of Crutches: visit the hospital or  8569 0200. Mannum Domiciliary Care Services:  8569 0240 or through the hospital  8569 0200. Meals on Wheels: Doctor’s referral necessary. Optometrist: For an appointment  8569 0200. Physiotherapy (Private): Consulting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Appointments  8569 0200. Private Podiatry: Appointment to be made at the Domiciliary Care Office  8569 0240.

Mannum Medical Centre –  8569 0222 Immunisation / * IMVS Collection Centre.

Lester Howie Clinic

* Asthma Clinic / Cardiologist / Continence Clinic / Diabetic Clinic / Dietitian / * Echocardiograms / Hypertension clinic / Mental Health Clinician / Psychologists / * Physiotherapist (Public) / If you would like further information or would like to attend the Day Centre for Women’s Health Clinic activities and need transport, please contact Louise Haby, Mannum Day * Doctor’s referral required Centre Coordinator (8569 0219) Page 20 Mannum Mag Issue Number 65

Fun Run and Walk

Mid Murray MoveIt Moves More Minors

Healthy Murraylands in Mannum

Now Reaching More Than 220 Kids

he first day of summer was celebrated with the official launch o f the Healthy Murraylands project, where over 160 people participated in a five-kilometre fun run and walk in Mannum. Healthy Murraylands celebrity ambassador Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello hosted the event. People of all ages assembled at Mary Ann Reserve and completed the five kilometre walk or run, which headed to the showgrounds and back to the


reserve. Showbags were handed out to participants and official celebrations kicked off with a healthy barbecue after the fun run. Participants were encouraged to sign up to become a group organiser of a Heart Foundation Walking group - just one of the ways the Healthy Murraylands program is encouraging residents to be active beyond the Fun Run and Walk.

ocal Mid Murray kids flocked from across the district to take part in the Mid Murray MoveIt program - which was brought together by Council’s Fun 4 Youth program in partnership with Country Arts SA and OPAL. The program was aimed at giving kids across the region a chance to have professional dance workshops delivered in


Kim Smithson, Project Officer Healthy Murraylands

Local kids pose with two Move IT program dance teachers

their own towns through the Fun 4 YOUth program schedule. It was a huge hit, attracting more than 220 kids overall and boosting the numbers of the ever growing youth program. The numbers of kids participating sky-rocketed at Mannum, where more than 70 kids took part in learning some hip-hop and break dancing moves from professional teachers provided by Country Arts SA. Fun 4 YOUth coordinator Amy Loechel said she had been overwhelmed by the popularity of the program, and was going to continue to try to link-up local kids with the dance programs currently being delivered in Mannum at the Leisure Centre. “The feedback from kids and parents have been great, and you couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces during the dance sessions. Hopefully, this program has created a new interest in dance, and provides another avenue for local kids to be active and have fun locally,” said Ms Loechel. Courtney Blacker

MARION’S BOUTIQUE PTY LTD 63-65 Randell Street, Mannum SA 5238, Ph: 8569 2261








Mannum Mag

Page 21

The Hall - In Focus


ecember at The Hall ended on a high note with 58 people attending the COTA lunch with guest speaker Michael Roberts who talked about depression and how to maintain mental wellbeing. The function, which was also The Hall’s Christmas lunch, was catered for by Rebecca Phillips and was a gastronomic delight. Bec will be doing a healthy eating cooking class on Wednesday 1st February and will be focussing on cooking for diabetics. To attend the class bookings are required. The cost of lunch will be $5 if you wish to stay for lunch. Christmas for many is a time of isolation and loneliness and not a time of celebration so on December 25th The Hall hosted its first Christmas lunch, for 25 people who were unable to celebrate with loved ones or who would otherwise have spent the day alone. The New Year is off to a great start; lunches continue to be popular and attendees appear to have embraced the healthy options they are being offered. Some of the activities offered last year continue to be a success. From February, Computing will be offered in two sessions on a Monday. The first will be from 10:00 am to 12 noon and the second session will run from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm. Chris Cocker, the computer teacher, is multi skilled and is able to offer instruction to individuals from beginners to advanced in the one class, which is a great advantage. Aromatherapy with Judy Schmuki is very popular. The next session on 23rd March will be an aromatherapy facial at a cost of $10 to cover materials. The Sukin natural products Judy uses contain no harsh chemicals or nasty additives. The old venue for the passive exercise class is now

too small for the group. From Monday 23rd February, those not attending the class have been asked to come in at 10:15 so The Hall can be used. If you have an interest in staying flexible and healthy come along and join the group for just a gold coin donation. You can bring your own exercise mat, or there are some mats available for use. Swimming recommences on Friday 3rd February, 2:15 pm to 3:15 pm. The bus is available to take participants to the Heated Pool and Spa Centre on Swanport Road Murray Bridge. A fortnightly visit costs $5 for the bus trip. Financial members of The Hall may attend the sessions weekly if they arrange their own transport. There is no charge to Hall members for the use of the pool. Ten pin bowling will continue in Murray Bridge fortnightly on Mondays, 11am till 1pm at a cost of $5 for the bus trip. This activity will run until the grant money runs out later in the year. All community members are encouraged to join in; all that is required in order to participate is a $5 yearly Hall membership. Benita, who has catered for The Hall on numerous occasions, will run a healthy Asian cooking class on February 15th at 10:00 am. Bookings are essential. The cost of the meal will be the usual $5. Social inclusion excursions are still popular; the visit to Mulga Wildlife Sanctuary on January 13th and lunch at the new Murray Bridge shopping complex was enjoyed by those who attended. The Hall has come up with some interesting ways to raise money. It is hoped the recently implemented Bargain Corner and Old Style Dance will raise funds to support the wide variety of activities which are being offered. The first Old Style Dance was

held in the Lutheran Hall on Saturday 21st January and will be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month. 74 people attended the first dance with music provided by the well known Len’s Music. The dance commences at 8pm and finishes at 12:00 o’clock. The entry fee is $7 and those attending are asked to bring a plate of food for a shared supper which is served at 10:00 pm. The Hall would like to thank the Lutheran Church for the use of their hall and Mannum Ice for the donation of 4 bags of ice which were needed to keep the soft drinks cold. The Hall would also like to thank Murray Bridge News agency and Toy World for their donation of the raffle tickets and a raffle prize, and the numerous people who generously donated raffle prizes. Bargain Corner, the other recent innovation is proving popular. Hall participants bring in unwanted goods that are then made available for purchase by Hall members and the public. If anyone wishes to donate goods or would like to come and browse or have a coffee and chat they would be most welcome. If anyone has items they wish to donate for the next Old Style Dance raffle or goods for Bargain Corner they can be dropped off at The Hall Monday 10:15am to 4pm or Wednesday and Friday 9am to 4pm. As usual The Hall is reliant on the wonderful volunteers and participants who assist staff to keep The Hall afloat. The anonymous members of the public who leave fruit and vegetables by our doors are appreciated for their generous donations and kind hearts and the produce they provide is used to help make a nutritious lunch for Hall participants 3 times a week. Thank you. Jillian Telford Senior Co-ordinator

Teeth for life Dr. Graham Parry Dr. Lisa Brownfoot Dr. Vyla Ellis Dental Surgeons Melissa Prosser Dental Hygienist


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Issue Number 65

Homo San Frontieres

A Southern English Rose

People Without Borders “ have a dream” as Dr Martin Luther King succinctly put it. In my improbable dream, people are moving freely from one location to another across an invisible line. The line cannot be seen because long, long ago it was simply erased from every map and atlas on our planet. No-one remembers exactly where that line was drawn, or cares that it once existed. As the people move along there is no guard stopping them, requesting to see documentation. Yes, there are some delays in their progress, caused by sheer physical numbers moving to and fro. But the people are patient and accepting of this. Around the world, my dream-scene is being played out 24/7 at every other erased old-border place.


Audrey Ponsford is a real person. I became acquainted with her in 1995 when she was already in her eighties. During the previous twelve years she had prepared her garden in Kent for each Spring, when she opened it to the public on entrance-donation, to raise money for a Goodwill orphanage in India.

Audrey Ponsford checks the clock and reaches for her torch; she slips into a macintosh residing on her porch. Between the beds and hedges holding stoutly in the chill, the faint and vagrant lance of light directs her down the hill along the path of pavingstone that weaves a merry trail, like one retracing nightly steps from quaffing skins of ale, beyond the dormant roses and their prunings lying spent in Audrey’s picture garden, in the garden county Kent. Audrey Ponsford helps her torch locate the greenhouse knob and stepping in, with mittened hands, she sets about the job. Thermometers are plucked and read with cool, efficient eye and seedling leaves are flipped and checked for slugs about to die. The temperature of winter beds is raised a half degree, by thermal underlays controlled with switches near her knee. Then, satisfied that all is well, she locks the greenhouse door and unlocks thoughts within her head, which fleet beyond the shore. Audrey Ponsford hasn’t time to dwell upon her years and homeless kids of India demand her store of tears. She’s busy planning Spring displays to catch approving eyes, as funds she’ll raise go overseas to pay for some supplies. And looking back a dozen years with twinges of regret, she knows there’s more she could have done, and should have done, and yet this legacy of love the grand old lady passes on, shall go on blooming in the lives of others when she’s gone. Max Merckenschlager

“I am the kind of person who doesn’t recognize borders. I don’t understand why we think it is okay to keep someone within one border when they are unable to feed their family when they could be getting help somewhere else. I don’t see people as different so I don’t understand the idea of borders in this world.” Angelina Jolie

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Learning to Swim

‘Don’t go Breaking our heart’ Campaign Success



n December 18 I attended a Community Sector meeting at Community Centres SA which the Treasurer Jack Snelling and Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion, Ian Hunter, requested. Julie Metcalfe, Mid Murray Support ServicesBoard Secretary accompanied me. The agenda was to provide to the Treasurer and Minister an account of what community centres do and the needs of the communities we assist at the ‘coal face’. There were approximately 150 Community Sector workers present representing many regions of South Australia. The meeting began with a song, the campaign song, a rewritten version of ‘Don’t go breaking our heart’. Those present were seriously relieved it did not have to be sung for 1½ hours as on ‘Rally Day’! The Honourable Jack Snelling spoke of the Centre in his neighbourhood and the important role it plays in his community. Recent events were then recounted including a directive from the Premier, JayWetherill, to find a way to reinstate the funding cut to the Community Development Program. The Hon. Jack Snelling then announced that he was able to do this, and the $2M funding cut has been reversed. This news was met with a standing ovation, cheering, chanting, tears and joy. The Treasurer then added that the government will be conducting an overdue review of the Community Development Program. I was then lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with the Hon. Ian Hunter, presenting him with

an information booklet about Mid Murray Support Services. This booklet covered strategic plan alignment, what we do, who does it and how this related to individual job roles within the organisation. The Minister thanked me for the booklet and commented that he appreciated having this information at hand, adding that he will soon be in contact as he would very much like to pay us a visit in the near future to gain an understanding of our community. I told him our door is always open and we would welcome him for a visit. I am absolutely ecstatic that a group of dedicated and passionate people can make a difference. I am very proud to have been a part of the campaign and honoured to be part of a sector that consistently keeps to a positive and respectful message which is really what centres are all about - nurturing and developing individual and community strengths and what they bring rather than focussing on the negative. What it comes down to is that we believe in people. These outcomes will benefit all communities in South Australia because we have now found our voice and we can be heard. I would like to sincerely thank Mid Murray Support Services management for supporting this campaign and my efforts associated with it. The results are evidence that this was a truly worthwhile endeavour. Angela Roesler, MMSS Training and Community Development Officer


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Then I found out Bad Guys could win And enjoy it Good Guys could lose - often I got so angry I wanted to be an avenger A good guy - with power And a lot of scores to settle It took awhile to see “Good” doesn’t mean much No one is - fully And “bad” is a sometimes thing No one is - totally Life is a soup and you swim in the mix Or drown Vivian Garner

A diver was shipwrecked and swam ashore onto a lonely, tropical island. As he stood up he noticed his hands were a muddy red colour. He looked at his feet and they too were muddy red. Worriedly he unzipped his wetsuit and his chest and stomach were the same colour. With his head in his hands he cried, “Oh my God!, I’ve been marooned!”

MANNUM AUTO CENTRE DIAGNOSTIC TESTING WITH LATEST SCAN TOOL & EQUIPMENT Servicing all vehicles including Log Book Servicing and European Vehicles Mechanical Repairs, Brakes, Suspension, Radiators, 4WD Improvements, Exhausts Auto Electrical, Spot Lights, Second Battery, Starter Motors, Alternators, LED Lights, Exide Batteries Tyres for cars & 4WD’s– Maxxis Roadstone Bridgestone GT Radial Toyo Michelin Pirelli. Wheel Alignment & Balancing Air Con Servicing & Repairs



When I was little Life was a cowboy movie Good Guys and Bad Guys And Good guys always won

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Sponsors of Element Off Road, Mannum Football, Netball & Bowling Clubs Issue Number 65

Castle in The Sky

‘Monarto Pastoral’

Built in Four Parts - 1 Location

Joan Kreiser Presents the Hidden Talent of Andrew Murrell

came to The Sky for my health. The choice was really made for me by the husband of my girl friend. He pointed out that it would be far healthier for me if I left town and settled in some little place where I was not known and where his wife was unlikely to find me. So I found The Sky. It made little difference to me from a work perspective. My main source of income was as an illustrator of children’s books. I also did some cartoon work for regional papers. I could do that almost anywhere and submit my work by post. The Internet was some years away. The real name of The Sky was Neldners Rest. In the political correctness of the late sixties it lost the ‘s’ since it was incorrect for places to belong to people. The name came originally from that of a German settler who was not over industrious and not particularly into grapes but certainly into making money. He built an inn about a day’s journey by ox cart from a thriving copper mine. The inn provided a meal and ale to thirsty wagon drivers. At times, when they were available he also provided other delights. This included discerning young women, always willing to share the wage packet of the hard working miners who were out for some fun after a week’s work in the mine. At times too there was entertainment provided by travelling acting troupes and itinerant musicians. Mr Neldner was the early equivalent of what we now might call an entrepreneur. When the miners received their pay packets they would often say “I am going up to see The Sky” meaning that they were going to get out of the darkness of the mine and visit the pleasures of the inn at Neldners Rest. The owners of the mine were not altogether happy with the delights provided by Mr Neldner. It often happened that after sampling these delights the miners moved on to the bright lights of the big city. This left


Issue Number 65

the mine owners with a continuing e mployment problem. At various times and in various ways they tried to discourage Mr Neldner. He was made of stern stuff. Despite several unexplained fires and roofs which disappeared in strong winds he remained there, loyal to his clientele. In due time, Neldners Rest became a town with streets laid out and various public facilities identified, if not actually provided. It had not yet become part of some larger local government body, so building standards were a little lax. Some enterprising families came to the town because the land was cheap and erecting a residence called only for ingenuity. In addition casual work was plentiful as various farming activities began. There was fence building and pruning and picking and general roustabout work when shearing and crutching were being done. Others found abandoned structures where they squattered and scavenged. In its own individual way The Sky survived and even prospered. The cosmopolitan nature of the town was greatly enhanced after the end of the World War when many displaced persons, often skilful persons, came to the country. Some found their way to The Sky since most often they were only allowed to do labouring work and could not pursue their trade or profession as their qualifications were not recognised. The town grew and a variety of strange structures grew with it. To this highly individual country town came two happenings as the century grew older. The first was the incorporation of Neldners Rest into a faraway local council. The councillors who all came from other larger, better known and better considered local towns, were not able to find little Neldners Rest since the GPS navigation unit was not yet reality. The second happening was the arrival of Django.


t was a beautiful summer’s day as fifty guests gathered at the Mannum Club to celebrate the 89th birthday of Joan Kreiser OAM. Joan wished to present the light opera ‘Monarto Pastoral’ by our local maestro Andrew Murrell from Punthari. This was her birthday present to her friends and all the guests at her luncheon. A delicious mouth watering à la carte meal was served to the guests in a very short time. This was much appreciated, as there was very little waiting between the first person being served and the last person to receive their meal. Joan thanked the staff who served the meal so pleasantly and with such decorum. Following the meal everyone descended to the mezzanine floor of the Club where the staff had set out the room to look like a miniature theatre. There was a wonderful anticipatory atmosphere as Jack Pitcher presented Act Two of Andrew Murrell’s light opera, which Andrew had kept hidden in a shed for more than thirty years. He seemed embarrassed with the attention he was receiving but had no reason to be so.

The opera begins its River Murray story before life began. It then depicts the arrival of the first settlers, the Ngarrindjeri tribe who settled together with the fish and bird life that existed at that time. Later the British arrived and Andrew evokes a dramatic picture of the British and Aborigines. The British were the “invaders.” Later Germans settlers arrived before World War One and many, like the British, were to become Australian citizens. World War One is declared and the “new” Australians (i.e. British and Germans) turned on the unnaturalised Germans, putting them in camps and closing their schools for the duration of the first World War. We were not very friendly people! The opera concludes when peace is then ostensibly declared. This opera is a brilliant portrayal of our early history. It is hoped that this work can be developed from its embryonic and draft state to a full stage production showing our heritage and early history. We wonder what other literature Andrew has hidden away and hope he will make it public.

The Diarist

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Giant Pumpkin Competition Cadell 2012

Bio-diverse Gardens


o you have a bio-diverse garden? If not, it is not difficult to create one using simple and inexpensive methods. 1. Use native species of plants local to your area. They can survive the harsh extremes of climate in this region and require little water once established. They also provide local bush birds with a food source when they are in fruit or seeding. Plants purchased for their pretty looks and flowers don’t always like living in semi-arid zones; many that do are classed as weeds. 2. Create a small pond if practical for frogs: they even live in dry areas waiting for a big rain to emerge. 3. Compost and mulch with your green waste cuttings, recyclable paper and food scraps. 4. Provide nest boxes for birds and bats. There are many designs on the net for making these, or ask your local Landcare group for advice. 5. Create habitat and homes for lizards and insects by using small logs, piles of bricks or materials laid out for a small lizard to shelter under. It doesn’t have to look messy, just practical. Remember snakes love to enter plain non-diverse gardens too for a sun bake and a feed. 6. Plant local native grasses in a bare spot to provide local grass-seed eating birds a spot where they can have a feed regularly. Trim seed heads onto the ground yearly. 7. Avoid using harsh fertilisers and herbicides. A Bio-diverse garden will have a self maintenance quality with birds, lizards and insects keeping the system in check. If chemicals are sprayed all around the garden the good bugs will be killed along with the bad. There are many recipes for safe natural insect repellents available if things are out of control.

We have used most of the above ideas in our Mannum garden over the last 5 years. Started from a bare patch, it is not a show home garden, but it is definitely a living entity that provides birds, lizards and bats (4 species detected to date) a place to rest and pick up some “fast food” in areas where they can no longer do so on cleared roadsides and amongst remnant sites cleared of under-story by grazing. Smart commercial veggie growers are now planting native bushes that attract insects to repel the bad insects from their crops, this is a permaculture technique and a story for another time. Gavin Smith

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Will SA Take Back the Giant Pumpkin Crown?


t is now planting time to ensure you have the chance of winning a trip to the USA for the heaviest pumpkin at the 2012 Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition at Cadell on Easter Saturday. Byron Bay pumpkin enthusiast Dale Oliver took out the 2011 title with his pumpkin weighing in at 394kg. Dale won the inaugural trip to the USA and visited the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin and Art Festival near San Francisco in October. “It was amazing. Thousands of people attend the annual event and the township is not much bigger than Cadell,” said Dale. “Streets were closed down to traffic and Half Moon Bay became all things pumpkin. It was truly one of the best experiences.” “Footpaths were filled with art works; pumpkin carvers and I had to wait over an hour in a queue to have my picture taken with the winning pumpkin, which was about 1704 pounds or 773kg. I even got charged $14.00 for a front view photo and if I wanted a side view it was going to be an extra $25.00. At least Cadell kids can crawl all over the pumpkins and you can have as many photos as you like for free.” “The 2011 event was a great success and MGA Insurance Brokers are pleased to once again be involved as a sponsor”, said Paul George, General Manager MGA Insurance Brokers. “Dale was a worthy winner after travelling the many kilometres from New South Wales to take part in the event. He was very generous with providing seeds to many entrants

from his winning pumpkin and we are thrilled his trip to the USA was a great experience.” “Let’s hope a home grower from SA takes back the crown this year”, Mid Murray Council Mayor Dave Burgess said, “Cadell’s event is becoming bigger each year and the national and international interest is amazing. I am sure Cadell’s Harvest Festival and Giant Pumpkin Competition will reach the same levels as Half Moon Bay in the States in the years to come, with the dedicated community support and of course the growing interest in the giant pumpkins.” “The Cadell community is keen to bring new pumpkin themes each year to the event and you never know we too might have a song dedicated to the event like Half Moon Bay or a pumpkin pie competition,” said Danny McGurgan, President of the Cadell Tourist and Community Association. “Everyone is a winner on the day with their pumpkins on display and the visitors can get close and personal and take as many photos as they like at no charge.” 2012 will see two new categories with the “Biggest Squash” and “Best Fancy Dressed Pumpkin.” With so many categories, your pumpkin does not have to be the heaviest to win a prize; there is a ‘Best Looking’ prize and even the ‘Ugliest’ wins a prize. Categories for the 2012 Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition are:

Pumpkins at Cadell in 2011

Will George at Cadell in 2011

Second: $500.00 Donor: Cadell Community Club Third: $300.00 Donor: CRUSTA Fourth: $200.00 Donor: Discover Murray Fifth: $100.00 Donor: Cadell Community and Tourist Association Sixth: $50.00 Donor: Morgan Riverview Café

7: Biggest Giant Squash, $200 8: Mystery Weight, $200 Donor: Morgan Highway Servo 9: Best Looking Pumpkin $100 Voucher Donor: Cadell Hardware 10: Ugliest Pumpkin $100 Voucher Donor: Spook Hill 11: Best Fancy Dressed Pumpkin $100 This will bring some humour to the event and opportunities for other enthusiasts and children to dress up a Queensland Blue for fun. 12: Under 14 year old grower’s prize $100 Think Water Voucher

Giant pumpkin competition winners in the United States reach superstar status, so now is the time to get your seeds in the ground with lots of fertilizer, water and tender loving care. You too have the chance to become South Australia’s giant pumpkin grower superstar and take out the major prize of a trip to the United States, courtesy of MGA Insurance Brokers. Giant pumpkin seeds are available now at outlets across the Riverland, Murraylands and Adelaide Hills. The special seeds can be posted to you or for competition registration on line visit For further information on the competition contact Kevin Myers on 0428 518 994 or visit facebook. The 2012 Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition, proudly sponsored by MGA Insurance Brokers, is set to be the biggest one yet so keep the date free in your diary to attend on Easter Saturday at the Cadell Oval for some family and

2011 Cadell winner Dale Oliver

John, a city slicker, bought a pumpkin patch. He thought that he could make more money from chickens than the previous owner made from pumpkins, so he went to a poultry farm and bought 50 chickens. “50 is a lot of chickens for that little pumpkin patch,” commented the proprietor. “I am used to big business” John replied. A week later John was back at the farm. “I need another 50 chickens,” he said. “Boy, you are serious about this chicken farming,” the poultry farmer told him. “Oh yes,” John replied. “It will be OK if I can just iron out a few problems.” “Problems?”, asked the farmer. “Yeah,” replied the John, “I think I planted that first batch too close together.”

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Phone: Stuart 0433 961 023 Mannum Golf Club – Competition Results 03/12/2011 Sponsor: Mannum Slipway and Moorings Winner of the Day D Jericho Score 49 Runner Up S Theile 39 R Burt 38 N Warhurst 37 T Johnson 37 Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 S Theile 6 and 15 S Theile 10/12/2011 Sponsor: Rob Clark Constructions Winner of the day M Morrissy Runner Up P Kroehn B Fisher B Logan R Burt Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 R Burt 6 and 15 K Dohnt 17/12/2011 Sponsor: Mannum Ice Winner of the Day P Joyner Score 33 Runner Up D Jericho 32 G Bormann 29 R Key C Vigar 24/12/2011 Sponsor: Leith Kahl Cabinetmakers Competition: Stableford Winner of the Day D Wilson Score 40 Runner Up R Burt 40 M Morrissey 39 C Vigar 36 G Bormann 36 D Jericho 35 W Fisher 35 31/12/2011 Sponsor: Neil Warhurst Automotive Winner of the Day M Bormann Score 40 Runner Up

Issue Number 65

T Johnston 38 R Whittenbury D Gaskell 37 N Bottroff B Fisher 36 S Eichler Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 T Johnston 6 and 15 T Johnston 07/01/2012 Competition: Stableford Winner of the Day Richard Scriven Score Runner Up R Burt 40 R Whittenbury S Gregory 38 B Banks B Fisher 37 J Applebee C Vigar 34 Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 J Applebee 6 and 15 T Miller 14/01/2012 Competition: Stableford Winner of the Day B Banks Score Runner Up C Vigar 40 P Kroehn B Logan 39 M Bormann N Warhurst 38 D Wilson R Key 37 N Dalton Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 T Miller 6 and 15 B Banks 21/01/2012 Competition: Stableford Winner of the Day J Applebee Score Runner Up R Wirth 7 D Jericho D Gaskell 37 R Burt G Bormann 36 Nearest the Pin 4 and 13 B Banks

37 37 36

40 39 38 36

41 40 38 38 37

40 37 37

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February 7th Blokes Breakfast 9am. River Bar, Mannum Community Club March 6th Men’s Breakfast 8:30am–10am. River Bar, Mannum Community Club - Friendship Luncheon. What this space for a date and venue!

Weekly Passenger Service Mannum to Murray Bridge For information or bookings: 18 Alma Avenue, Murray Bridge SA 5253 Ph: 08 8532 2633

Karoonda Farm Fair Friday 30th - Saturday 31st Friday: 9:00am - late Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm Cost: Adult $12.00 Family $30.00 Children under 16: Free Friday, $3.00 Saturday Contact: Ray Bald Phone: 8538 2860

Mannum Leisure Centre Opening Hours Mornings Mon to Fri: 8:00 am - 12 noon Sat: 9:00 am - 11:00 am Afternoons Reopeningat3:00pm,closingatthe end of the sporting program or activity. Squash courts, gym, and cardio room available at all opening times. Stadium, Clubroom and Meeting room are available for hire. Further information: 8569 0185 Pam Cutjar, Centre Manager

Activities: Basketball, netball carpet bowls, card games, gym, tai chi, squash, tennis, soccer, roller disco, Mannum Movers exercise for the 50+ and Zumba. Mon: 5pm to 6pm Drama Class 6pm to 9pm Mixed Netball 6:30pm Zumba Tues: 5:45pm Aerobic & Fitness Instructor Wed: 6pm to 7pm Mixed Soccer Thur: 9:30am Mannum Movers 5:45pm Aerobics 6pm to 7pm Mixed Vollyball Fri: 6pm to 8pm Roller Disco or Family Fun Night in alternate weeks

Every Thursday: Mannum Information Centre  Pine Park Murray Bridge Depart Arrive Depart Return Mannum 10.00am Murray Bridge 10.45am Murray Bridge 2.30pm Mannum 3.10pm 1st and 3rd Tuesday: Mannum Information Centre  Pine Park Murray Bridge Mannum 10.00am Murray Bridge 10.30am Murray Bridge 1.30pm Mannum 2.00pm

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Mannum Mag

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Mannum Mag Issue 65 February 2012  
Mannum Mag Issue 65 February 2012  

Local community news magazine for Mannum, South Australia, and surrounding district.