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Thomas A. Cropper Susan Hayman

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CONCURRENT SESSIONS Admiralty & Shipping Law Navigating Union Halls Networking that “Works”

Jeff Mudgett Jeremy Hope & Dave Nolan Anne McIntyre

Tech 106 Lab 114 Classroom 203

CONCURRENT SESSIONS Leadership Opportunities Are You My Mentor? The Job search Starts Now!

Negotiating the Human Minefield Reception and Dinner

Yvette Rivera ABS 101 Jerry Aspland Tech 146 Panel – Cameron Kianni, Devon Kincanon , Zach Patterson, Jennifer Ramos-Ortiz, Karen Davis (Moderator) Classroom 203 Betsy Strines Talent Act and Door Prizes

Peachman Dining Center 2nd Floor

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Jessica Sotuyo

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CONCURRENT SESSIONS Sustainable Design & Engineering First Years @ Sea Maritime Security Finding Your Niche

Ying Mei Deborah Dempsey & Alexys Nielsen Sidonie Sansome Tina Lyons & Maya H

Tech 102 Tech 104 Tech 106 ABS 101

1145 – 1230

CONCURRENT SESSIONS Green Engineering Dynamic Positioning Finding a Career, Finding a Life? Intern Advantage

Kevin Jackson & Lindsey Rowell Peter Hayes & Mike Noonan Donna Nincic Pascha McAlister & Marsha Shorts

Tech 102 Sim Building Tech 106 ABS101

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Friday, February 28 Welcome Thomas A. Cropper is the 14th president of The California Maritime Academy. He began his presidency on July 1, 2012 after a 31 year career in the United States Navy. Cropper is a graduate of Iowa State University and received his commission from the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps program in 1981. He went on to serve as the commanding officer of a F/A-18 strikefighter squadron and as commander of the air wing. Most recently, Cropper directed education and at-sea training for Navy ships and aviation squadrons deploying to the western Pacific and the Middle East. In his Navy career, Cropper embarked on eight extended deployments and flew nearly 5,000 hours in 43 different aircraft while logging over 1200 carrier arrested landings. Cropper graduated with distinction from the U.S. Naval War College earning a master’s degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. He holds additional master’s degrees from the University of Tennessee (Aviation Systems) and the Catholic University of America (World Politics). Cropper lives on the Cal Maritime campus in Vallejo, California with his wife Heather. Their two daughters attended CSU campuses and their son is a Class of 2012 alumnus of The California Maritime Academy.

Friday, February 28 Keynote Speaker Susan Hayman, Vice President, Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental, Foss Maritime A 1980 graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Susan holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Her career includes seagoing work for Exxon Shipping as well as railroad experience for CSX. She also served in domestic and international positions with American President Lines where she became operations vice president for Europe, area manager for Central Europe and global vice president for Port and Container Security. After being called to active duty in the United States Navy in 2002, Susan returned to APL as global vice president for Environmental Affairs. As Vice President, Health, Safety, Quality and Environment, Susan is responsible for strategic planning, including environmental initiatives. Susan spearheaded the development of the hybrid powered, low-emissions tug, which entered service early in 2009.

Friday, February 28 The Incredible Interconnection of the Maritime World with Admiralty and Shipping Law. Use it for your career‌ Maritime law, or admirality law, is one of the most unique and challenging niches within the legal profession. From becoming maritime lawyers to serving as expert witnesses, maritime academy graduates serve in a number of roles related to the maritime law field. Learn more about international career opportunities within maritime law, the origins of American maritime law, and what you can do now to embark on this exciting career path.

Speaker: Jeff Mudgett, Attorney & Author Jeff Mudgett is a 1979 CMA graduate. He holds an Unlimited Chief Mate and 10000 ton Masters License, and was an Honorably Discharged Commander in the US Naval Reserve. Jeff also earned a J.D. from the University of San Diego, and is currently a practicing trial attorney of Admiralty and Maritime Law at Meadows, Smith and Davis in San Francisco. Previous positions have included President of Links Marine, Inc., CEO of Marin Tug and Barge, and Vice President of Marketing for the Chemoil Corporation. He is also the editor of The Maritime Executive Magazine and author of Bloodstains.

Friday, February 28 Navigating the Union Halls The union hall experience remains mysterious to many cadets. What are the logistics of the union hall experience? What should you expect when you walk into a union hall looking for employment ­ and, how can you prepare? Mr. Hope & Mr. Nolan from Intl. Org. of Maters, Mates & Pilots, as veterans of the union hall hiring process will discuss these and other frequently asked questions, and offer guidance based upon their experiences.

Co-Presenter: Dave Nolan, Executive Vice President, Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association David Nolan is a 1980 graduate of the California Maritime Academy and has been actively sailing for over 30 years. He has worked on a variety of vessels throughout his maritime career and began sailing as a Chief Engineer at the age of 33. Dave was employed for over 10 years as a Chief Engineer for Matson Navigation Company on many of their vessels and as a Port engineer in their Oakland office. Most recently Dave was elected in December 2010 as the Executive Vice President of the Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association for a three-year term and after stepping down continues to work as a union representative in the Oakland Hiring hall.

Co-Presenter: Jeremy Hope , Coast Agent, Pacific Ports Jeremy Hope is a graduate of Kings Point. He began his career shipping off the board from Atlantic Ports Union Halls before moving to and shipping out of the West Coast. He currently serves as Coast Agent for Pacific Ports for Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P). He last served as chief mate of the Matsonia. He resides in the Bay Area.

Friday, February 28 Networking that “WORKS” The act of networking can feel inauthentic for many people; however, it can be a crucial element of developing one’s career path and professional reputation. This session will discuss how to use networking to build real, comfortable connections and grow your career, regardless of your personality type.

Speaker: Anne McIntyre, Vice President, Columbia River Bar Pilots Captain Anne McIntyre graduated from the California Maritime Academy in 1988 with a BS Degree in Nautical Industrial Technology. She spent 9 years with Chevron Shipping Co. in various sea-going and shore-side positions. In 1996, she was selected by the Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots to become the first woman to train as a pilot on the Columbia & Willamette Rivers and was the first woman graduate of CMA to receive a State Pilot License. For the past 6 years she has served as Commissioner on the Oregon Board of Maritime Pilots and also currently serves as the Vice President of the Columbia River Pilots. She holds an USCG Unlimited Masters License with pilotage endorsements for El Segundo, San Francisco and the Columbia & Willamette Rivers.

Friday, February 28 Women Rising: Leadership Opportunities for Females, and How to Pursue Them More American women than men now possess Bachelor’s degrees, yet women hold a strikingly low percentage of leadership positions in most industries. A plethora of sometimes contradictory advice for working women exists in popular culture and within the working world. What tools and resources exist for women who want to pursue leadership opportunities, whether at sea or shoreside? Hear from women about their own success stories, as well as from both men and women who have served as mentors to successful women in the maritime and related industries.

Presenter: Yvette Rivera, Associate Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Programs Division, Dept. of Transportation, Washington, DC Since receiving her J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law, Ms. Rivera has devoted her public service career to equity and justice. As a federal attorney, Ms. Rivera has developed a deep background in civil rights, concentrating most of her career to the enforcement of federal civil rights laws. She served the Department of Justice as a leader in the Civil Rights Division where she managed federal court litigation. Previously, Ms. Rivera served the Justice Department as an Honor Law graduate and an Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Prior to her time at the Department of Justice, Ms. Rivera held leadership positions at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. She was most recently named the Associate Director of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Programs Division within the Department of Transportation’s Departmental Office of Civil Rights.

Friday, February 28 Are you my Mentor? This session will discuss the benefits of mentorship, the ways in which a mentor can help your early career development, and advise on finding a mentor. This session will also address the following questions:  What is a mentor? Where can cadets find one?  How should you approach someone from whom you’d like to receive mentorship?  What are appropriate norms for a mentor/ mentee relationship?  How does mentorship hold specific importance within the maritime industry? Cadets often think that a mentor is someone who can get them a job, but a mentor is much more than that. What should a mentee expect from their mentor, and vice versa?

Presenter: Jerry Aspland, President Emeritus, California Maritime Academy Captain Jerry A. Aspland is President Emeritus of the California Maritime Academy, a campus of the California State University. Captain Aspland served as the Academy’s President for five years beginning in 1996. He is currently the Chairman of the California Maritime Academy Foundation. The Academy is one of the six maritime colleges in the United States educating students to become part of the marine industry including becoming licensed officers for the merchant marine fleets of the world. In 1962 Captain Aspland graduated from the Academy to begin a distinguished career in the marine industry. His career began at sea as a third officer and ended in 1968 serving as Master of a US flag tanker. In 1971 he received his Masters of Business Administration degree from California State University, Long Beach with emphasis in general management and personnel. After assignments in the marine transportation fields of liquid bulk cargoes and liquefied natural gas, Captain Aspland joined the Atlantic Richfield Company in 1978 as the navigation and safety manager for ARCO’s marine tanker subsidiary. In 1985 he assumed the Presidency of ARCO Marine, Inc. and remained in that position until his retirement in 1995. During his tenure he not only made significant changes to the culture and management of the company but played a significant role in the development and implementation of safety and operation laws and regulations for the tanker industry in the United States. In 1995 the US Coast Guard recognized Captain Aspland’s contribution by presenting him with the U.S. Coast Guard’s Distinguished Public Service Award, the Coast Guard’s highest civilian award for advancing tanker safety. Since 1995 he has been active advising marine companies in management and safety.

Friday, February 28 Job Search Starts Now! A panel of current Cal Maritime seniors and recent graduates will share their experiences applying for their first job out of college. They will discuss email communication, social media, and how to use online resources to your advantage in developing your career, and will share information on how to use your time at Cal Maritime to your advantage in terms of nailing that future job opportunity.

Panelists: Cameron Kianni (ME)/Jennifer Ramos-Ortiz (Business)/Devon Kincanon (MT, Class of 2005)/ Zach Patterson (IBL, Class of 2013) / Captain Davis, Conoco Phillips (Moderator) Cameron Kianni is a Mechanical Engineering student at Cal Maritime from Castro Valley, California. He plans on graduating in 2015, and currently works for Cal Maritime Career Services an engineering company recruiter. He has held engineering internships at Stanford University and privately owned Bay Area companies. Jennifer Ramos Ortiz is a senior student currently enrolled at California Maritime Academy. She will be receiving a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration: International Business and Logistics upon graduation in the spring of 2014. In 2012, she graduated from Los Medanos College and received four Associate’s Degrees. One of the degrees is an Associate’s Degree of Science in Business Accounting, and the other three are Associate’s Degrees’ of Arts: Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Math and Science, Behavioral and Social Science, and Arts and Humanities. She was recently an intern with the California State Lands Commission and assisted Field Inspectors with their inspections aboard international vessels, which included the observation of the process of Ballast water procedures. She is interested in pursuing a career in Operations and Supply Chain Management. Originally from San Diego, Zach played rugby all four years at the California Maritime Academy. He recently graduated in the Spring of 2013 with an International Business and Logistics degree. Since graduation, Zach worked with Damco Distribution Services in their leadership development program as an operations supervisor overseeing cross-dock import operations on the Walmart, Home Depot, and Microsoft accounts. Devon Kincanon is a graduate from CMA in 2003 with a degree in Marine Transportation and her third mate’s license. After she graduated from CMA she went to work shore side dispatching tug boats with Starlight Marine in San Francisco. Shortly after Starlight she took a job as a vessel agent with Transmarine Service here in San Francisco. She would also work occasionally in Long Beach and in Bellingham Washington. After working at Transmarine for 5 years she took a job at Foss Maritime. At Foss Maritime she worked mainly as a tug boat dispatcher and filled in for the barge coordinator in San Francisco and Long Beach.

Friday, February 28 Negotiating the Human Minefield Whether you're at sea or shore side, you have to successfully work with others to get things done. In a field of infinitely diverse personalities, how do you maintain positive work relationships with people who drive you crazy? How do you maintain your professionalism in the midst of difficult work environments? What actions might you take to achieve the impacts you'd like to have on others? This session will apply Emotional Intelligence concepts to each of these questions. Further, participants will be encouraged to raise other interpersonal challenges, as desired, to be addressed during this session.

Speaker: Betsy Strines, Leadership Foundry/ Ret. United States Air Force Betsy is currently a senior instructor with the Leadership Foundry. Her first-hand experience in leading and overseeing aircraft mechanics and, ultimately, thousands of individuals in a wide variety of career fields and world-wide locations, gives her an authentic voice in the leadership arena--from building top-performing teams, to successfully managing change, to redesigning organizations to optimize effectiveness and morale, to communicating within and across cultures to achieve the best possible solutions. As a senior instructor, Betsy has delivered more than 100 leadership development programs to various groups. She is approved by the American Psychological Association and the Consulting Psychologists Press to consult and counsel using multiple psychological instruments. She received her bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; master of arts degree in management from Webster University; and master of arts degree in national security and strategic studies from the US Naval War College, graduating with highest distinction. As a National Defense Fellow, she studied international relations and policy with the US State Department's prestigious Senior Seminar. During twenty-five years in the U.S. Air Force, Betsy commanded at the squadron and group levels and retired with the rank of colonel. Her military service included tours as a senior aircraft maintenance leader at key military installations in the United States and overseas, as an international relations joint staff officer at the Pentagon where her duties spanned the globe, and as a senior logistics leader at the US Air Forces Europe Command, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. While serving overseas in Iceland, Korea, Germany, and Italy, she made and supported numerous international exchange visits and tours, including delivering a leadership seminar to the Bosnian military in Sarajevo and hosting the Polish Air Force’s first visits to US military facilities. Her military decorations include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal and the Legion of Merit.

Saturday, March 1 Sustainable Ship Design & Marine Engineering From the use of alternative fuel sources to the construction of more efficient vessels, sustainability is a quickly growing element of the maritime engineering industry. The panelists will discuss career opportunities and how to become a part of this emerging field.

Presenter: Ying Mei, SNAME Chair Mei works for Herbert Engineering Corp. in Alameda headquarter. She is primarily involved in the areas of general naval architecture and vessel design with experience in intact and damage stability analysis, ship structural design, and preparation of operating. During her schooling, Ms Mei had internships at Nantong COSCO shipyard, Jiangnan Shipyard, and Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai, as well as at Lloyds Register and at ABS Houston. Mei holds a B.S. degree in naval architecture and marine engineering from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2002) and an M.S. degree from the University of Michigan (2004). She is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Washington. She is the Chair of SNAME Northern California Section ’13-’14.

Saturday, March 1 What I Wish I knew then: First Years at Sea What’s it really like out there as a freshly minted Cal Maritime graduate at sea? Two accomplished mariners at different stages of their careers – one deck, and one engine - will share their experiences. This session will address the following questions:  What are some expectations that recent graduates have about life at sea that may not be entirely accurate? What are some hurdles that ALL new mariners must commonly overcome during their first few years at sea?  What are some of the specific challenges faced by young women at sea?  Presenters will share their personal stories and address the questions: “What (if anything) was especially difficult for you during your first years at sea? What (if anything) did you expect to be difficult that was not as challenging as you’d expected?”  Where can young mariners look for support while at sea? What, if anything, can cadets do now to prepare for life at sea?

Co-Presenter: Alexys Neilsen Co-Presenter: Deborah Dempsey Author, The Captain’s a Woman Captain Deborah Dempsey has salt water in her veins and is definitely more comfortable afloat than ashore. She was among the first women to attend and graduate from a state maritime academy. A 1976 graduate of Maine Maritime Academy, she was one of the first women to serve as Commanding Officer of a cargo ship on international waters. She writes about her experiences working in a traditionally male environment in her book The Captain's a Woman, which she co-wrote with Joanne Foster. Debbie comes from community sailing programs on the mouth of the Connecticut River. She is a lifelong professional mariner whose non-traditional career has been documented in film, books, and in numerous articles. Debbie has also received numerous awards. She now works as a pilot on the notorious Columbia River. Her passion lies in helping at the Community Boating Center, a non-profit, she helped found in 2006 in Bellingham, Washington

She was born and raised in Northern California. She attended the California Maritime Academy, graduating in 2005. Since graduation she has worked for Polar Tankers as a Third Assistant, Materials Coordinator, Second Assistant, and sail up First Assistant Engineer. Currently she resides in Reno, NV.

Friday, February 28 Maritime Security: 30,000 Foot View What is it really like to work in the field of maritime security? An experienced maritime security professional, will discuss the ins and outs of this exciting career path, as well as what it takes to succeed as a woman in this male-dominated field.

Presenter: Sidonie Sansome, Director of Homeland Security, Port of San Francisco Sidonie Sansom joined the Port of San Francisco as Director of Homeland Security in July 2005. Her responsibilities include development, implementation and oversight of comprehensive security and emergency management programs. Through her leadership, the Port has received over $30 million in federal and state port security grant funds to further the Port’s goals of increasing security, improving all-hazards response and building port resiliency. Major grant funded projects include design and construction of the Joint Operations and Security Center, installation of security fencing, lighting, fiber optics and sensor systems throughout the 7-1/2 mile long port, and funding for security systems at the Port’s newest cruise ship terminal. In addition, she designed and implemented the Port’s emergency response and physical security programs. Ms. Sansom served as an active duty Coast Guard officer for 20 years. The majority of her career was spent as a helicopter pilot at Brooklyn, NY, San Francisco, CA and Mobile, AL, flying a variety of missions including search and rescue, law enforcement, pollution response and high-latitude science, as well as leading aviation detachments aboard Coast Guard cutters in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. She also completed an out-of-specialty assignment at the Pacific Area Command Center, managing Coast Guard response to long range Search & Rescue, Migrant Interdiction, Illegal Fisheries and Marine Pollution cases. While assigned to the Coast Guard’s Polar Operations Division in Mobile, AL, Ms. Sansom led aviation detachments aboard the Coast Guard’s ice breaker Polar Sea, and spent two seasons in McMurdo Station, Antarctica, supporting the Coast Guard’s ice breakers and flying scientific support flights for the National Science Foundation. In 2003, during the 100th anniversary of flight celebration in Kitty Hawk, NC, she was honored as one of the “100 Heroes of Aviation”. In 2012 she received the Rhodes College Distinguished Alumnus award. Ms. Sansom is a member of the Stevens Institute of Technology’s Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce Science and Education Advisory Committee, chair of the California Maritime Security Council Grants and Legislation subcommittee, and member of the Northern California Area Maritime Security Committee, the American Association of Port Authorities Security Committee, and the Port Security Caucus. Ms. Sansom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee. She also attended the University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, Scotland and Saint Mary’s College of California, Moraga, CA.

Saturday, March 1 Finding Your Niche From port management, to maritime policy, to admiralty law, to the logistics world, shoreside job opportunities for maritime graduates abound. This session will expand your thinking about career possibilities and how to take charge of your career as you find your niche in the maritime world.

Co-Presenter: Tina Lyons, Double River Forwarding Tina Lyons founded Double River Forwarding LLC in 2008 after a 16 year career in the commodity trading/freight forwarding industry. In her career she has held positions at a waste paper trading company, freight forwarder, and commodity/feed industry trading company. At Double River Forwarding, Tina now employs a staff of 6 and has earned an excellent reputation in the industry. Double River’s name comes from the two rivers that converge at their Portland, Oregon base; The Willamette River, and the Mighty Columbia. Double River produces the paperwork that transfers their customer’s international product from the United States to foreign countries. This supports movement of bulk agriculture product primarily transported by ocean container. Tina is a two time president of the Women’s Shipping Club of Portland after holding most of the other club port positions. She also served on their scholarship committee, many of which have been awarded to California Maritime Academy Students. Tina also serves on the Portland Business Alliance Small Business Council and the Education Committee. She is active in the Mid West Shipper’s Association, The US Pea and Lentil Association, as well as the Agriculture Transportation Coalition. Tina holds Bachelor’s Degree in French, with a Business minor from University of Oregon.

Co-Presenter: Maya H, CIA

Saturday, March 1 Green Engineering: Wind; Solar & Building Design “Going green” is more than a catchphrase in engineering today. Reports estimate that there will be 37 million renewable energy jobs in the U.S. by the year 2030, with the potential for green engineering applications spanning nearly every industry. Presenters will discuss their forays into their fields and why now is the time to consider a career in green engineering. This session will address the following questions: What experiences have the panelists had working with green engineering? How was each panelist introduced to his/ her field? What makes a technology or engineering project “green”? | How are green engineering applications being applied within the maritime industry? What can students do now to prepare for green engineering jobs? Is this a career track in which they need to engage immediately as undergraduates – or, can they specialize later? What are some green engineering innovations that are underway right now? What next big things do the panelists see coming down the line?

Co-Presenter: Lindsey Rowell, CSU Energy Program Manager. CO

Co-Presenter: Kevin Jackson, Ph.D. President, Pacificos Energy

Previously, Lindsey served as the Renewable Energy Program Manager for the California Department of General Services where she oversaw the procurement, contract negotiations and project installation for renewable energy technology at state-owned property across California. She was responsible for the management of 32 megawatts and $125 million in solar projects. Additionally, she expanded the program to include wind, solar thermal and combined heat and power applications across state property. Over the course of 5 years with the Department of Corrections Lindsey oversaw the management of more than 20 megawatts and 60 million dollars in solar photovoltaic system installations with expected energy savings of more than $50 million over the contract terms. She left CDCR to manage the renewable energy efforts for the Department of General Services in early 2012. Lindsey’s completed degree and advanced degree work in neurobiology and is currently completing her Master of Business Administration.

Kevin Jackson’s career has been focused toward energy systems. He brings over twenty-five years experience in design, testing, and operation of wind turbines to the Pacifos Energy team. Dr. Jackson provides considerable project management expertise obtained through technology development projects with NREL, Sandia, and commercial clients. He has worked with an extensive range of wind turbines types and technologies. Dr. Jackson attended the University of California at Davis, where he completed a course of study in mechanical engineering (B.S. 1982, M.S. 1984, Ph.D. 1989) focused on utility scale wind turbine technology. His doctoral dissertation focused on estimation of wind turbine operating loads and advanced windblade design concepts.

Saturday, March 1 Dynamic Positioning: Is it for me?       

Dynamic positioning utilizes integrated satellite systems for the purpose of automated ship navigation. Representatives from Transas will be demonstrating this technology and describing both current and future applications within the maritime industry. The session will address the following questions: When and how is dynamic positioning utilized? What are its possibilities and limitations? How do I go about obtaining dynamic positioning certification? If I go the dynamic positioning route, do I get to carry my license time upgrade? What is the role of older, manual technologies and systems within the world of dynamic positioning? Resources on dynamic positioning:

Co-Presenter: Mike Noonan

Co-Presenter: Peter Hayes

Saturday, March 1 Finding a career, Finding a Life? Many college students struggle with identifying how to use their degree to pursue a fulfilling long-term career path. The good news is that 21st century career paths wind and bend. Dr. Donna Nincic will speak about setting goals for professional success while maintaining the flexibility necessary to grow into a rewarding career.

Presenter: Donna Nincic, Professor & Director of the ABS School of Maritime Policy and Management, California Maritime Academy Dr. Donna J. Nincic is Professor and Director of the ABS School of Maritime Policy and Management at the California Maritime Academy, California State University. She received her doctorate in Political Science/International Relations from New York University, and has held previous positions at the University of California, Davis; the Hoover Institution; and the US Department of Defense. Her research focuses on maritime security, particularly piracy and terrorism. Her current research focuses on maritime piracy in Africa, and maritime resource conflict issues.

Saturday, March 1 Intern Advantage – making the most your experience This session will focus on how business and policy students can make the most of an internship opportunity. When students are asked what they hope to get from an internship, the answer is often “a job offer”. Instead, this session will challenge students to… ask not what your internship can do for you, ask what you can do for your internship. What and where are the opportunities during an internship that will set you apart from your peers and increase your chances of future employment? When is an unpaid internship a better choice than a paid internship? Hear from panelists about the essential skills employers are looking for that you can cultivate during an internship. The session will touch on topics including interpersonal skills, communicating in a hierarchy, netiquette and social media, Millennials in the workplace and generation gaps, and many other examples of workplace professionalism.

Co-Presenter: Pascha McAlister, Environmental Specialist, Chevron Pascha McAlister graduated from Cal Maritime with a B.S in Mechanical Engineering. Pascha has worked as a projects engineer, plant support engineer, and as an environmental specialist at the Chevron Richmond Refinery. She has also served as a recruiter for Chevron, a refinery tour guide, and on the Cal Maritime Alumni Board for several years. Pascha is the current President-Elect and plans on following Ken Passe's footsteps as the Alumni Association Board President in the fall of 2014.

Co-Presenter; Marsha Shorts, Fleet Manning Advisor/ Recruiting Coordinator – Seariver Maritime, Inc. Marsha Shorts is employed by SeaRiver Maritime, Inc. SeaRiver is a wholly-owned affiliate of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Marsha currently serves as the Fleet Manning Advisor and Recruiting Coordinator for SeaRiver’s owned and operated vessels. Her responsibility as the Fleet Manning Advisor is to act as liaison between the fleet and sources within the corporation as needed. Additional responsibilies include managing the annual forecasted company plan for the fleet. As the Recruiting Coordinator, Marsha’s responsibly include ensuring adequate manpower staffing needs are met through the coordination of recruiting the most qualified candidate for the SeaRiver Maritime Fleet. During the course of her career with SeaRiver and its predecessor companies, Marsha has also enjoyed assignments in commercial, operations and human resources. Marsha has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. She is an active member of her church. For the last 15 years, Marsha has also been a strong supporter of the Order of Eastern Stars. Marsha and her family reside in Houston, Texas.

Saturday, March 1 Closing Keynote Frances Keeler is Of Counsel in the Keesal, Young & Logan’s Long Beach office, where she specializes in environmental law. She has extensive experience in state and federal Clean Air Acts; district, state and federal regulatory development; Title V and equipment permitting, credit trading, global climate change. Ms. Keeler regularly represents clients before various regulatory entities including USEPA, California Air Resources Board and the local air pollution agencies on rule development and compliance issues and appears before district hearing boards on variances, Title V alternative operating conditions and permit appeals. Ms. Keeler is part of KYL’s criminal environmental defense team. She advises clients planning development projects on permitting and compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and conducts facility environmental compliance audits. Ms. Keeler is a frequent speaker at national and international air pollution seminars. Prior to joining Keesal, Young & Logan, Ms. Keeler was a Senior Deputy District Counsel with the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the air pollution control agency for the Los Angeles air basin. She has over 23 years of experience with the agency. Ms. Keeler has been involved in the development of air quality management plans and rules that implement the plan and has extensive experience in Permitting and compliance issues. Ms. Keeler represented the District in the development of credit trading programs and has been actively involved in the state and federal programs to regulate non-road sources such as locomotives, marine vessels and ground support equipment. Key programs include RECLAIM, new source review, CEQA; credit pilot programs and mobile sources. Ms. Keeler’s litigation experience in both state and federal courts has primarily focused on the Clean Air Act and CEQA. Prior to joining District Counsel’s Office, Ms. Keeler worked for eight years in the Operations Management and Enforcement Divisions of the District as an industrial operations inspector and staff specialist. Her undergraduate degree is in chemistry. Ms. Keeler serves as President of the Board of FuturePorts.


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