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2015-16 Annual Report

Foundation Board

Thomas C. Edwards Board Chair Thomas A. Cropper President, CSU Maritime Academy Robert S. Arp Executive Director, CMAF Ken Glidewell Douglas E. Holm PJ Jacquelin (01) Frances L. Keeler Stephen Kreta (79) Cameron J. Leahy (18) Franz Lozano Pascha McAlister (07) James M. Morgan (76) Lawrence Northrop (18) Susan Opp Jack Orme (70) Todd Roberts (95) Michael P. Rodgers Paul E. Stevens Cynthia Trevisan Richard West


Message from the Board Chair

I am pleased to present to you the Cal Maritime Annual Giving Report for the 2015-16 academic year. As the chairman of the California Maritime Academy Foundation Board, I witness firsthand the global community of support that Cal Maritime enjoys. The positive benefits of alumni, industry, and community support is palpable on the campus. Within these pages, you will find a record of support by individuals, families, and organizations with a vested interest in the continuing success of Cal Maritime and its enduring mission to educate leaders for the global maritime industry and beyond. To the alumni, industry partners, friends, faculty, and staff, I offer the thanks of the Foundation Board and the many beneficiaries of your generosity and your work on the behalf of our cadets. With all of our achievements, there is still work to do. I look forward to even greater successes in the years to come.


Thomas C. Edwards, Chairman California Maritime Academy Foundation

PROUDLY WEAR your commitment to Cal Maritime and the education of tomorrow’s leaders of the maritime industry. Join the Golden Bear Society by providing for Cal Maritime in your estate plan. Friends of Cal Maritime who make legacy gifts of $25,000 or more become members of the Society.

THE GOLDEN BEAR SOCIETY Captain and Mrs. Jerry A. Aspland (62) Mr. & Mrs. John Atwood Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Behm (42) Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Bradfield (67) Mr. James W. Bryant (56) Captain and Mrs. John W. Cade, Sr. (54) Dr. and Mrs. Jay Christofferson Ann and Walter R. Cochran (50) Mr. Eric S. Cooper (05) Mr. and Mrs. John W. Creech, Jr. (54) Captain and Mrs. James L. Dafoe, USN (Ret.) (58) Mrs. Olive R. Drahos James ‘63 and Patricia Duncan Captain and Mrs. Miklos Endrody (61) Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Esteves Kenneth and Marilynn Fisher (62) Mr. Brian H. Goldman (95) Mrs. Giuliana Gorlei-Pittsey Mr. Lowell M. Gorman (61) Mr. Dean M. Gridley (70) Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Hill (55) Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Holmgren (47) Mrs. Dorothy C. Holmstrom

Captain and Mrs. Harold D. Huycke, Jr. (44) Lawrence and Adele Ingraham Captain and Mrs. Bruce T. Johnston, USN (48) Captain Anton R. and Lynnet Keihl (62) Mrs. Myrna A. Kingsbury Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Lytle, Esq. (56) Mr. Terrance Mancilla Margaret Martin Trust Captain Robert W. McAllister (42) Captain and Mrs. James M. Morgan (76) Mr. and Mrs. Don F. Mrla, Jr. (92) Estate of Ralph R. Peachman Captain John C. Porter (65) Billy Prior RADM Joseph P. Rizza Captain and Mrs. Harold G. Robinson (62) Captain Herbert P. Rosen (50) Captain. and Mrs. Michael Rubino (76) Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Semans (55) Captain William E. Strain, USN (Ret.) (50) Captain Ralph M. Swany (33) Captain Gregory G. Turner (72) Captain Oliver F. Williams (54)

Italics - deceased

For information please contact: Melissa Cohea Senior Development Officer (707) 654-1789

Contributions & Endowments

2015-16 GIVING

Excluding Vessel Donations (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016)

ALUMNI $277,057.00 PARENTS $51,667.00 COMPANIES $560,249.00 FACULTY, STAFF & FRIENDS $443,822.00 TOTAL $1,332,795.00

NEW ENDOWMENTS Class of 1965 Endowed Veterans Scholarship Fund Donavon B. Baker Scholarship Endowment Captain Miklos and Barbara Endrody Endowment for Cadet Enrichment

THE CALIFORNIA MARITIME ACADEMY FOUNDATION ENDOWMENT At the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2016, the California Maritime Academy Foundation's endowment was valued at $7,113,900.

Captain Harlan O. Hall Scholarship Endowment San Francisco Bar Pilots Association Endowment Thomas F. and Helene E. Lytle Scholarship Endowment Ralph Duncan Connell Scholarship Endowment

Vessel Donation Program

Four vessels with a combined appraised value of $3,457,000 were donated to Cal Maritime in FY 2015-2016.




Kindess to the World

Expedition Motor Yacht



43’ Tripp



Farr 40

MORGAN T. ININNS Midnight Express


Triple Screw Gas O/B Recreational: a Midnight Express 37’

Tyler Wolk, Cal Maritime Class of 2013, has been hired to serve as Cal Maritime’s director of marine development. He has 13 years of professional experience participating in yacht races around the world. He has coached Cal Maritime’s Offshore Sailing team for the past year. Todd Roberts, a 1995 graduate of Cal Maritime and president of Marine Group Boat Works, has been appointed the head of the Marine Development Committee. For more information about Cal Maritime’s Vessell Donation Program, visit:

Alumni Giving Challenge

2015-16 ALUMNI GIVING CHALLENGE WINNERS Thank you to all the alumni classes who support Cal Maritime.



Classes of 2011 & 2013


2015-16 Donor Honor Roll (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016)

Kirby Inland Marine

Bill and Kathryn Eisenhardt

Matson Navigation Co.

G and H Towing Company, Inc.

Bob and Maura Morey (Gift In Kind) Jim and Jill Morgan Jennifer Mosher Bob and Penny Piazza Puget Sound Pilots

$100,000.00 +

Jan and Kathleen Moehl

American Bureau of Shipping

Northrop Grumman (Gift In Kind)

Tom and Libby Edwards

San Francisco Bar Pilots

Compass Group, North America

Society of Port Engineers of Los Angeles and Long Beach

Thomas F. Lytle and Helene E. Lytle Family Trust

Society of Port Engineers of San Francisco Tug Valour Memorial Fund

$25,000.00 + Captain David Lyman Maritime Scholarship Fund Chevron Corporation Yvonne Connell Foss Maritime Company Marine Group Boat Works (Gift In Kind) Joe Scudlark (Gift In Kind)

$10,000.00 + Bruce Baker Chartwells College & University Dining Services Tom and Heather Cropper Crowley Maritime Corp. Harley Marine Services, Inc. Tom and Michelle Jacobsen Marsha Kempf Metropolitan Stevedore Company

John West (Gift In Kind)

Allen and Dottie Lay

Todd and Andrea Roberts

Marisolve, LLC

Mike and Liz Rubino

National Philanthropic Trust

Robert and Barbara Semans

Alex Osiadacz

Wells Fargo Capital Management

Pacific Transportation Association of San Francisco, Inc.

Wells Fargo Foundation Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

$2,500.00 + American Maritime Officers - Florida

Association of Marine Underwriters of San Francisco

Judith Anger

John Betz and Heidi Roberts

Bay City Boiler and Engineering Co., Inc.

Jacobsen Pilot Service, Inc.

Hornblower Cruises & Events

Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association

Bill and Sally Andrew

Captain and Mrs. William B. Doherty

Harbor Industrial Services

Romaine Purdy

$5,000.00 +

Board of Marine Underwriters of San Francisco, Inc.

General Steamship Agencies, Inc.

Baydelta Maritime, Inc.

Robert and Kathleen Papenhausen Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines Peterson Power Systems Phillips 66 Co. Steven Roberts Finn and Stacey Roden Mike and Tracy Rodgers Schwab Charitable Fund

Alan Bish

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

John Carlier

Jack Sullivan

Timothy and Laurie Coombs

Bill Strain Paula Tuziak Charlie and Katherine Walther Dave Winter and Ronni Painter Jim and Carol Wright Greg Zeligman

$500.00 + American Society of Mechanical Engineers – San Francisco Section Dirk Taylor

Kathy and Robert Arnold

Greg Turner

Del Gavio Hydraulics and Ship Repair

Richard and Cathy West

Alan Dougall Dennis and Drew Duke

Kim and Dale Arrivee Michael Louie and Anne Carr

Jared Atkins

Maeva Manciet

Gil and Anny Balaoing

K.H. and Diana Mao

John and Patricia Ball Ed Barnes

$1,000.00 +

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Jerry and Carol Aspland

Ronald Fischer

Marine Exchange of the San Francisco Bay Region

Association of Ship Brokers & Agents

Roxanne Fritsch

Shelton and Cheryl Matthews

Bill and Juanita Froelich

Scott and Kristin Merritt

Jack and Billie Going

Terry and Eileen Nelson

Dennis and Lynda Gregor

Susan Opp and John Bonsignore

Bill and Paula Atthowe BAE Systems Barry Barrett and Vickie Miner-Barrett

Peter and Betty Heintz

Dick and Donna Branch

Gilbert and Linda Hensley

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Wayne and Melanie Herman

Jim and Joyce Brown James Callahan Eric Cooper Chas. Kurz & Co., Inc. Adam and Christina Christodoulou Jay and Jeanne Christofferson Coliseum Lexus of California Containerization & Intermodal Institute Dan and Cyndie Curry

Jim and Dorothy Hodges Douglas and Laurel Holm Jim and Jackie Jenkins Alan Johnson

Jack and Stacey Orme Other Lab, Inc. Otto Construction Fay Plummer Billy Prior Propeller Club of Port Everglades Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Braemar Robert and Joanne Bullard Community Bank John and Nancy Creech Robert Creps and Debra Pfaltzgraff James and Sandra Dafoe Lynden Davis Rick Dooley Jim and Patricia Duncan Bob and Kelly Exner Sandra Franco

Alan and Joanna Reid

Holly Fuerstenberg-Osen and Eric Osen

Frances Keeler

David and Patrice Rietmann

George and Sigrid Green

Kiwanis Club of American Canyon

Bob Roth

Kyle Hamill

Macklin Sandison

Ned and JoAnn Hastings

Steve and Angela Kreta

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Edward and Janet Higgins

Ralph Levin

Paul Stevens

David Kahm and Shannon Bekins

Larry and Lynn Korwatch

Glenn Hong Bruce and Joan Hope

Justin Johnson

Jo Swerling

Nicholas Balestra

Larry and Paige Carr

The Jones-Smith Foundation

Arthur and Eileen Thomas

Joe and Bernie Ban

Itzel Carranza

John and Lindy Keever

Don and Julie Watters

John and Della Barrett

Jack and Cheryl Carter

KC Korwatch

James and Constance Weichert

Marc and Marya Bayer

Diana and Norbert Chaudhary

David Behr

Eric and Heather Christensen

Walt Bell

Carl and Adrienne Clark

Mark and Irmgard Bernhard

Don and Julie Clarkson

Norman and Linda Benedict

Kathy Cleveland

Varun and Sandeep Bhalla

Melissa and Chris Cohea

Martin and Sandy Block


Michael and Janet Bobinecz

John D. Comyns

Gary and Bonnie Boehnke

Richard and Sandra Conant

Tim Bolger and Pamela Kimmel

Joseph Conway

Jude and Eileen Laspa Franz and Brigitte Lozano

Razor and Judith Werner

John and Linda Lunkes

West Coast Consulting Co., Inc.

Dennis Magri and Linda Di Matteo

Thomas and Cheryl Wilson

James Major and Debbie Fischer

$100.00 +

Bob and Julie Malm

Aetna Foundation, Inc.

Carl and Nancy Mampaey

AmNav Maritime Services

Louis and Irene Matta

Blake and Masie Amon

Fletcher McCue

Rolf Anderson

Kate McCue

Anonymous (4)

Bruce and Marian McNulty


M.E.R.I. Enterprises

Tom Armstrong

Matthew and Michelle Morgan

Bob Arp

Harry Morley and Laura Long David Owen Pacific Gas & Electric Samuel and Rosemarie Pecota Ralph Pesqueira John Porter Alexandre Racine Liz Rogers Nicholas and Roberta Rogers Steven and Benigna Rose Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Northern California Section Jeff and Rachel Spagg Mary Stagnaro Jim and Betsy Stilwell Warren and Ana Strayham Lyll and Rose Surtees

Manny and Floy Ann Aschemeyer AT&T Byron Bader Benjamin Ball

Michael Bosserman Harold Botkins Eric and Catherine Brady Steve and Lani Britton Bill and Meredith Burrell Emily and Dean Busquaert Simon Cail Miguel Camacho

George and Linda Coppo Douglas Cort Richard and Carolyn Crane Danielle Crapanzano Tommy Cropper Marjo Crowley James and Lyndsay Dalske Dennis Deisinger

John Carey

John Demers and Rachel Hildebrandt

Elisabeth Carmichael

Anthony DePaolo Gideon Duran

Jeanne Eber

Dan and Chris Gleason

Mickey Hawke

Devon Kincanon

Brian and Lisa Ellis

Diana Goebel

George and Denise Heeg

William Koren

Roger and Jane Emanuel

Jose Gonzalez

Dave and Lora Herman

Jim and Lynn Lackey

Enstrom Helicopter

Donny Gordon

Karen Herrick (Gift In Kind)

Charles Lampman

Jeff and Koo Rye Fantazia

Beau Gouig

Jason Herring

James and Lauren Fasciano

Matt Greely

Hyacinth Hewan

Phil Laudenschlager and Marlene Ehresman

Steve Fedornak and Julie Higashi

William George and Joanne Gribble

Pat and Kim Hickey

Michael Ferguson

Norma Griffin

Christopher Flannery

Danielle Grimsby

Susan and Richard Foft

Gnat Gnatkowski

Dolores Homisak (Gift In Kind)

Erik Forsberg

Reta Gudmundson

James Howard

Steve Francone

Vincent and Maureen Guinnane

Mike and Barbara Hoyne

Jim and TrĂŠ Frane Gerald Frank Jon Furukawa

Donald and Margery Gurke Manjesh Gurusiddaiah

Carl Holmes Dick and Eve Holmgren

Darryl Hunt Jack and Susan Hutchison Peter Hyams

Sean and Jan Gabe

Jack and Mary Jane Hammerland

GAC Shipping (USA), Inc.

Walter and Amy Hansell

Kamuela Johnson

Kuulei and John Galatioto

Alan Harp

George and Darlene Garcia

Lawrence Harrison

Charles and Penelope Johnson

Joseph Gaspers

Sam and Mary Hartshorn

Gilbane Building Co.

Hans Hasche-Kluender

David Ginilo

John and Marisa Hash

Lou and Lois Gladser

Kevin Hawke

John and Deanna Jacobsen

Marlies Lenigk Kyle Lewis Stephen and Mary Licata Julianne Lindars Jack and Kathy Lindley Local Independent Charities of America Ryan Lynch Adriana Machuca John and Heidi Mackenbach Patrick Maher Russell and Bertha Marquard Loretta Masnada Richard and Sara Mathis

Morgan Juric

Pascha McAlister

Michael Kazek

Michelle McCoy and Melissa Kiernan

Larry Keen Keesal, Young & Logan

John and Mary Jean McDermott

Jeffrey and Heidi Keihl

Anne McIntyre

Mike Keihl

Don and Nancy McMickle Edison and Maria Medina Pat Mellier Tony and Genie Merlonghi John and Bobbie Mikesell Douglas and Katy Miller Michael and Patricia Miller Kirk Moehle and Mary Ellen Kapalo David and Laurel Monahan Monty Montague Kenneth Moore

of Santa Fe County Cole and Holly Van Gundy Piet and Frances Van Os Thomas Vilas and Judi Miller Tiovo and Sharon Villman Dave and Sue Wainwright Howard Waldvogel Amanda Wallace Wendy Walsh Lonnie and Patricia Walter Charles “Bud” Morley

Walther Engineering Services

William Morris

Joe Porambo

Art Morrison

Paul Post

Randy Morton

Larry and Joyce Powell

Suzanne Moser

Lawrence and Karyn Pulley

Don and Maya Mrla

William and Amy Ransford

Kirk Mueller

Hugh and Susan Rathbun

Philip and Tabitha Munsch

Beatriz Rebollar

National Pi Tau Sigma Society

Denny and Kathy Rement

Bill Nickson

Irene Revelant

David and Sandra Nolan

Susan Reynolds

NorCal Collegiate Rugby Conference

Bill and Frances Rider

Tom Nordenholz and Kristin Kelly Dianne Obeso

David and Rita Ridge Jack Rockafellow and Harriet Kohn

Jeff Olmstead

Rich Rockwood and Pattie Dunham

James and Sue O’Reilly

John Rodgers

Richard and Barbara Oravetz

Peter Roh

George Osha

Michael Sablich

Steven Ouimet

Jeff and Linda Salfen

Andrea Ouse

Bill and Paula Schopp

Rob and Magaret Waterman

Herbert Schreier

Doug Ware

Daniel Schwarzbach

Andrew Warren

Douglas and Tina Scott

Waters Moving & Storage

Harold Simmons

Paulette and Kenneth Waters

Kevin and Antoinette Smith

Victor and Kathleen Waters

Darryl and Janice Smith

West Coast Rugby Conference

William and Marielle Snyder John and Dee Soltes Jim and Pat Spotts Paul Stetson Rich and Carla Stevenson Rich and Susan Stoakes Gary and Patricia Stoffels Roger and Nancy Sylvester Douglas and Susan Taylor Steve and Heather Teague Mary Kate Terwedow

William and Diane Weston Frank and Mary Whipple Ingrid Williams Kurt and Dee Wood Kimberly Wrenn WRNS Studio David and Patricia York Christian Yuhas Brett Zimmer John and Jane Zimmer

Henry Scharf

Christopher and Deirdre Thomas

(up to $99)

Zachary Patterson

Cindy Scheidemantle

Bill and Dolores Thomson

Josie Alexander

Leonard and Charlotte Peck Estate (Gift In Kind)

Mike Schindler

Dennis Tipton


Robert and Joan Schisler

Marv and Jeanette Tripp

Anonymous (3)

Joey Schlosser

United Way California Capital Region

Kenneth and Ann Antell

Tomas Pierson Perez Robert and Mary Polito

Michael and Deborah Schlosser

United Way

Nader Bagheri

Kathy and W. John Baird Samaro Bannister Graham Benton Cliff and Nancy Berens Palin Berkana-Wycoff Richard and Joanne Brown Jim Burns Beverly Byl Bill and Monica Calvet Stephen and Lacey Chasseur Kristine Cimmy

Samantha Hanchey

Jay and Laurie Clark

Thomas J. Hart

Jim and Hiroko Cozine

Nicholas Hathaway

Kris Cranford

Wendy Higgins

Sharon Culpepper

Eugenio and Lualhati Hinayhinay

Chuck Morrison and Robbie Jones-Morrison Darrell Mortensen and Barbara Rivara

Thomas and Martha Stapleton

Priscilla Muha

Roger and Margaret Steadman

Stephen and Irene Myers

Larry Stevens

Jason Holder

JoEllen Myslik

Ryan Storz

Flynn and Mary Hudson

Donna Nincic

Paul and Connie Sunnergren

Keith and Regine Jarett

Chris Ping

Matthew Tener

Art and Marie Johnson

Taylor Price

Randy Thomas

Joanne Johnston

Diane Rawicz

Brig Timpson

Michael and Alma Joia

Roseann Richard

Louis Torche

Alexander Jones

Mickey Ricketts

Aubrey and Matt Trujillo

Mark Keuning

Ronald and Anstell Ricossa

John and Pei-San Tsai

Bobby and Brooke King

Fatima Rios

Bob and Kay Tucker

Elaine Kociolek

Bryan Rooney

Lenny Van Gundy

Terri Lancaster

Rugby Ethos

Michele Van Hoeck

Charles Ford

Jacqueline LavariegaMartinez

John and Louise Ryan

Robin Viso

Mark Glissmeyer

Tom Leggio

Jelayn Sansone

Monique Watanabe

Amy Grat

Grace Malloy

Bernard Sarachek

Eric and Christiane Weber

Daman Grewal

John Manning

Robert and Pamela Shortridge

Bruce Wilbur

Ruby Grover

Chelsea McClain

Jennifer Sinex

Phil and Susan Grover

Maureen McDevitt

Philip and Mary Beth Smith

Garland and Sharon Hagen

Marc McGee

Peg Solveson

Chris and Christina Hammond

Laddie Meairs

Andrew Som

David and Valerie Mighetto

Jessica Sotuyo

Ian and Susan Cuthbertson Mike and Suzan Desing Sherwood and Julie DeWees Vineeta Dhillon Michael Dockter Geoff Doerfler Bill and Annette Dullea Britt Elliott Edward Engemann David Fleischman Bill and Jacquline Fleming Douglas and Tracy Foote

Craig and Anne Wilson Tyler Wolk Helen Yee

Honorariums & Memorials HONORARIUMS

Captain Lynn Korwatch (76)

Jerry Aspland (62)

Marc and Marya Bayer

John Comyns

Jeremy Petru (14)

Foss Maritime Company

Kathy Cleveland

Kyle Hamill

John and Lindy Keever Donald McMickle Jim and Jill Morgan Romaine Purdy Mike and Liz Rubino Paul Stevens Richard and Cathy West Dee and Kurt Wood

Class of E (46) Ralph Levin

Class of (47) Bill and Juanita Froelich

Ann Cochran

Jerry and Carol Aspland

Jerry and Carol Aspland

Donavon B. Baker (93)

Ralph Duncan Connell (42)

Bruce Baker

Yvonne Connell

Eric and Catherine Brady

Roxanne Fritsch

Diana Goebel Wayne Herman

Captain Ed Creasey (63)

Marsha Kempf

Art and Marie Johnson

George Osha Ken Fisher (62) Donald A. Barrett

Marjo Crowley

The Jones-Smith Foundation

Lee Allen

Haley Scheidemantle (15) and Ryan Scheidmantle (17)

Barry Barrett and Vickie Miner-Barrett

John Basilone Kristine Cimmy

Cindy Scheidemantle Herb Bodnar (64) Larry Stevens

Edward Engemann

Roxanne Fritsch Jerry Borak Christopher Vilicich (16)

Cliff and Nancy Berens

Grace Malloy Dick Brannon (38) Dr. Bruce Wilbur

Kenneth Moore

Ronald Fischer

Brett T. Zimmer (13) John and Jane Zimmer

All Cal Maritime Academy Alumni


Bill and Jacquline Fleming

Captain William Aguilar (34) Gregory Turner

Chaplain Vincent Capodanno Kristine Cimmy

Friends of Ken Fisher

Thomas A Jensen (71) David Owen

Tony Keihl (62) Jerry and Carol Aspland Richard and Joanne Brown Beverly Byl Roger and Jane Emanuel Jim and TrĂŠ Frane Norma Griffin Phil and Susan Grover Manjesh Gurusiddaiah George and Denise Heeg Joanne Johnston Jeffrey and Heidi Keihl Mike Keihl Jude and Eileen Laspa

Frank Cieri E (55)

Julianne Lindars

Rich and Carla Stevenson

Maureen McDevitt

Fred R. and Anna R Cimmy Kristine Cimmy

Darrell Mortensen and Barbara Rivara Irene Revelant Bernard Sarachek

Larry Stevens

Bill Rogers

Rich and Susan Stoakes

Liz Rogers

William and Diane Weston Jim and Carol Wright

Marilyn Roth Bob Roth

James Lambert (38) Jim and Patricia Duncan

Leroy Lester (57) Harold Botkins

Thomas D. Lewis (44)

Randy Sautner (64) James and Constance Weichert

Ira Delos Smith, Jr. Barry Barrett and Vickie Miner-Barrett

Kimberly Wrenn Joe Thomas (00) Baldomero Lopez

Kate McCue

Kristine Cimmy Bryant Jude Torregano Ralph Moore (43)

Jennifer Mosher

Ronald and Anstell Ricossa Captain Steve Wallace (68) Reva & Julie Morrison

Thomas Vilas and Judi Miller

Art Morrison

Captain Bob Mulhall Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA)

Robert (47) and Nancy Whalen Mary Stagnaro

Enstrom Helicopter

John R. Wunderlich (64)

Daniel Schwarzbach

Wendy Walsh

Eric Purser (75)

Robert A. Yoder (86)

Jim and Jill Morgan

John and Mary Jean McDermott

Commander Jeff Quinn (63) Dianne Obeso

California Maritime Academy Foundation 2015-16 Annual Report  

California Maritime Academy Foundation 2015-16 Annual Report

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