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Volume 46, Issue 1 Summer 2021

California Holstein Association Office Manager / Secretary - Kate Teixeira

PO Box 507, Keyes, CA 95328 805-801-0463 | californiaholstein@yahoo.com www.caholstein.com

California Junior Advisor - Kirsten Areias 13315 South Baker, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-826-6242 | denk@elite.net




Holstein USA National Director - Bill Genasci 6555 Blue Gum Avenue, Modesto, CA 95358 209-545-0685 | genace1@aol.com

Holstein USA Field Representatives

Lacee Paulo - Northern California 559-212-1937 | lpaulo@holstein.com Katharine Correia - Southern California 559-556-1410 | kcorreia@holstein.com

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Julie Ashton & Kathleen O’Keefe 866 161st Street, Hammond, WI 54015 Julie · 815-766-0045 · julie@cowsmo.com Kathleen · 715-563-1869 · kathleen@cowsmo.com The California Holstein News is produced with careful attention to detail. However, we assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. In case of error, the New is responsible only for the value of the advertisement. The California News is published once a year. No reproduction of material is allowed in any form unless with the express permission of the California Holstein Association.



On the Cover

This year’s cover features Ruann Doorman Jean-55162, Grand Champion of the California State Holstein Show and Western Spring National Holstein Show. She is owned by Pat and Steve Maddox, Riverdale, CA.


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Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder

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President’s Message

By Hank Van Exel

Hello, everyone! It was in my mind the beginning of normalcy. Every evening there was a huge number of people out visiting. I would like to take a moment to thank all those people who donated there time and money to our We as a country and a world have gone through quite a ride of emotions association for this event. and way of life. I don’t think that anyone ever envisioned this last year In closing, I would like to thank my board for their continued hard work and a half. and especially a big thank you to Kate Texiera, our Office Manager on That being said, California Holstein is doing well. Our membership is her great work through these tough times. We are looking forward to a growing, especially growing with the youth. Our state show was our great year and bright future. Thanks and see you around the events this first event of the year and boy was it a tremendous turnout. We had summer and fall! over 450 head at the fairgrounds between the Holsteins and Jerseys Hank van Exel, CHA President and the quality in both breeds rival any state show in the country. Congratulations to all the winners. But most of all to all the people that attended. My presidents message will be short and sweet since it is the second one this year. And what a year it has been!

Back ltor: Larry Gerber, Frank Gambonioni, Graisson Schmidt, Robert Teixeira, John Cunningham Front ltor: Carol Borba, Hank Van Exel, Stan Henderson. Not pictured: Curtis Vandenberge, Adam Van Exel.

From the Editors Welcome to the 2021 Edition of the California Holstein News! It was great to see everyone back at the Gil-Tex Sale, California State Show and Western Spring National Show this year. 2020 certainly presented challenges, but hopefully the tides have changed and we are approaching the new normal! Kathleen and I would like to thank all of the advertisers and those who assisted with this year’s Annual, especially Kate Teixeira for all that she does to help organize and proof pages! Enjoy!

Julie Ashton & Kathleen O’Keefe, Owners of Cowsmopolitan, Inc ., and Editors of the California Holstein Annual News . 10 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021

2021-2022 Board of Directors President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hank Van Exel 20002 N Thornton Rd ., Lodi, CA 95242 hvanexel@hotmail .com; 209-810-0880

Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carol Borba 25381 E Dodds Rd ., Escalon, CA 95320 fdbhol@aol .com; 209-383-3483

At-Large . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .John Cunningham 4338 Lichau Rd, Penngrove, CA 94951 haysource@aol .com; 707-974-8700 At-Large . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Frank Gambonini 7149 Lakeville Hwy, Petaluma, CA 94954 gamlakedairy@gmail .com; 707-338-0220 At-Large . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Curtis VandenBerge 11701 Old River Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93311 vbdairy@aol .com; 661-340-6448 At-Large . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David VanderEyk PO Box 957, Tipton, CA 93272 vandereykdairy@gmail .com; 6559-804-7500 Central Valley . . . . . . . . . . . . .Adam Van Exel 19919 Van Exel Rd ., Lodi, CA 95242 ajvanexel@yahoo .com; 209-366-3610

Stanislaus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Larry Gerber

11706 Blue Oak Dr ., Oakdale, CA 95361 larrygrandslam@comcast .net; 209-484-0651 At-Large . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Robert Teixeira PO Box 507, Keyes, CA 95328 rjtex@att .net; 209-495-0367 Fresno-Madera . . . . . . . . . Graisson Schmidt PO Box 245, Tomales, CA 94971 schmidt_graisson@yahoo .com; 608-797-2855 South San Joaquin . . . . . . .Stan Henderson 1504 Las Brisas, Paso Robles, CA 93446 shenders@calpoly .edu; 805-748-2863 Office Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kate Teixeira P .O . Box 507, Keyes, CA 95328 californiaholstein@yahoo .com; 805-801-0463

50 YEARS STRONG. The slogan for our 50th Anniversary is HERE FOR YOU. To continue our celebration, we want to recognize all of the California dairy farmers who have hosted our international guests on your farms for the last five decades – you have always been HERE FOR US and we greatly appreciate it!




www.wwsires.com • Email: info@wwsires.com Tel: 559.622.2222 • Fax: 559.741.2828

5545 Avenida de los Robles • Visalia, CA 93291

WWS represents the largest global A.I. cooperative, Select Sires, Inc., and its product lines, Accelerated Genetics, GenerVations and Select Sires.

National Director’s Message

By Bill Genasci

It appears we are FINALLY on the road to normalcy in our world of Holstein activities, starting with the Gil-Tex Stampede, through the California State Holstein Show and the Western Spring National Show in Richmond, Utah. The Stampede was a class-act from beginning to end. Great cattle from all across the country were presented in a beautiful catalog, managed excellently with active buyers present and on the internet. What a great way to start off 2021! The State Show, which included a separate Junior Show this year, showcased the tremendous quality of California cattle. The number of both Junior and Senior exhibitors along with total entries was amazing. What these events offered was the chance to get together and socialize with fellow Holstein enthusiasts, and boy, was it about time. The smiles, laughs, and hugs were in abundant supply. Thank you to the Teixeira family, the California Holstein Association and all the individuals who helped bring us together. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Holstein Association USA has faced many issues due to Covid-19. The headquarters was essentially shut down for many months, and travel was greatly restricted. Despite these obstacles, registrations, transfers and other basic activities continued as many employees worked from home. The regional representatives, after being grounded for a while, are now back on the road helping customers. Classification numbers are actually up, AgriTech is the only processing center showing any

growth, and Project Elevation (a complete computer rewrite) is progressing. Members should see significant improvements in online ordering during the second half of 2021. I would encourage you to check out the Marketplace Sires at www.holsteinusa.com. There are currently 10 sires available, and HAUSA is continually searching for more that meet the requirements. All of these sires are from deep maternal lines, and have very balanced profiles. From extreme type to high TPI, you will find something that fits your breeding program. The breeders retain ownership of these bulls, and they are marketed by Holstein Marketplace Sires. You can get more information by contacting Lacee Paulo (559-212-1937) or Katharine Correia (559-556-1410). The 2021 National Convention is scheduled from June 21-24 in Lancaster, PA. I’m sure many members from across the nation are excited for the chance to gather together. Congratulations to Haley Fernandes on being a Distinguished Junior Member Semifinalist. We wish her and all the other California Junior members the best of luck in their different competitions. If you have any questions or comments I can be reached at 209-7657111 or genace1@aol.com.

Providing Tools To Improve Your Bottom Line

Travis Kamper Mt. Whitney Dairy, Riverdale, CA

“We believe the benefits of processing with AgriTech out weigh the costs. Having our monthly data from AgriTech has helped us pick and choose what avenues we take to be the best stewards of what we have here.”

Call us today to see how you can receive genetic information to help better manage your herd.

General Manager

Bill VerBoort • 559.285.3520

Field Representative

Katharine Correia • 559.556.1410

800.532.0900 • www.agritech.com AgriTech Analytics is a division of Holstein Association USA, Inc. 12 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021

Holstein Association USA Field Representatives By Emily Annexstad, Marketing & Communications Manager HAUSA

A Bright Future Ahead

New Junior Transfer Deadline

The first half of 2021 has flown by, and things are slowly starting to turn back to normal after the challenges of 2020. An in person National Holstein Convention and a more normal show season are examples of this progress. Thankfully, things look different today than they did a year ago! One thing has remained the same, however, is the continued enthusiasm our members have for Registered Holsteins®. Because of our members’ hard work, Holsteins are constantly improving and even making history.

Last year, the Junior transfer “received by” deadline was extended to July 15 for both heifers and cows. This new deadline for juniors will remain in place for the 2021 show season and beyond. The decision to extend the transfer deadline to July 15 was made because it aligns more closely with most other dairy breed associations. The extended deadline also allows Juniors an extra month and a half to purchase their show calves and provides additional marketing opportunities for breeders.

Bulls by Breeders, For Breeders

This is a “received by” deadline, which means that any ownership transfer not received by the Holstein Association USA office on or before July 15 will not be eligible for Junior Holstein Shows. Adding or dropping any owner after the deadline will disqualify an animal for Junior recognition. If you have a question as to whether a Junior ownership transfer has been completed, do not hesitate to reach out to Holstein Association USA customer service. You can also visit www.holsteinusa.com to check the ownership status of an animal or ensure the transfer was received by the deadline.

Behind every good bull, there’s a story. Whether it involves a favorite cow family, a team of people, time spent analyzing pedigrees and genetic test results, or even a little bit of luck, we know much hard work goes into breeding successful bulls. That’s why Holstein Marketplace Sires was launched in January of 2019. Under this program, bull owners retain ownership of the bulls, and Holstein Marketplace Sires coordinates marketing and sales of the bull’s semen. Holstein Marketplace Sires currently has a wide variety of bulls available, no matter what you are looking for. All the bulls in the program are deep pedigreed and come from time-tested family lines. Genetic information, pedigrees, pictures from the bulls’ maternal lines, and commentary from the bull owners can be found on Holstein Association USA’s website under the Holstein Marketplace button on the home page. When you purchase from Holstein Marketplace Sires, you are supporting fellow Registered Holstein breeders and adding genetics from time-tested family lines to your herd. Ordering Holstein Marketplace Sires semen can be done through your Holstein Association USA Regional Sales Representative, over the phone, or online at www.holsteinusa.com/marketplacesires. Once you have placed your order, the semen will be shipped directly to your doorstep. Holsteins Make History For many years, Holsteins have been known as the most efficient producers of high-quality milk. One Registered Holstein cow recently took this potential to new heights. Stone-Front Leader Hilda set a record for the most Lifetime Milk produced by a Holstein cow with her 2020 lifetime total of 460,720 pounds of milk. Hilda is owned by Andy and Lyn Buttles at Stone-Front Farm in Lancaster, Wisconsin. With this new record, Hilda has surpassed the total of the previous Holstein record holder that was set in 2003 by KOEPKE K00172291660. Known as the “Granny” cow, her lifetime milk total was 458,616. Twenty-five years prior to that, the record was established in 1978 by Breezewood Patsy Bar Pontiac. Her final lifetime total was 425,769. Andy Buttles says Hilda’s combination of production and type enabled her to achieve this record. Her success underscores the advances Holsteins continue to make in terms of production and longevity. Registered Holsteins truly offer breeders the complete package and will continue to make history in years to come.

Stay in Touch As the summer continues, we look forward to continuing to work with each of you. We are always here to answer any questions about Holstein Association USA’s products and services. Katharine also serves as the field representative for AgriTech Analytics (ATA), the second largest dairy processing center in the United States. Based out of Visalia, California, ATA is a division of Holstein Association USA and part of the U.S. DHIA system. Get in touch with Katharine or visit www.agritech.com if you are interested in learning more about how ATA can help improve your herds profitability. To stay up to date with the latest Holstein Association news and announcements, follow along with our social media channels or the website. You can find Holstein Association USA on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube at HolsteinUSA. With members like you leading the way, we know U.S. Registered Holsteins have a bright future ahead!

Katharine Correia Southern CA Area Representative 559-556-1410 kcorreia@holstein.com

Lacee Paulo Northern CA Area Representative 559-212-1937 lpaulo@holstein.com


From the Office Manager By Kate Teixeira Although it’s now well into the 6th month of 2021, I still feel that a resounding Happy New Year! is still appropriate! We have come out the other side of a global pandemic, and found light at the end of a long and trying tunnel that was the last 15 months with COVID. As life slowly gets back to some normalcy, it sure is exciting to see people in person and enjoy activities together again!

I look forward to working with membership alongside our Board of Directors. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about our organization, or wish to get involved further. Follow the California Holstein Association on our Already, this spring’s events have proven that the California Holstein website, Facebook and Instagram to stay industry remains vibrant as ever. The Giltex Stampede Sale kicked current on events and news, and in turn- feel things off in February showcasing some of the best in both pedigree free to share your Holstein news with us! & type from CA and beyond. Consignors and buyers were eager to Please enjoy this 2021 edition of the participate, invest, and enjoy the camaraderie that had been sorely California Holstein News annual magazine. missed the past year. A huge crowd again gathered to support the sale These pages showcase the excellence and diversity of Holstein genetics of one of California’s greatest breeder herds- at the Gen-Ace Dispersal. in our state, and the people behind the far-reaching success. Our There were record number of cattle and exhibitors at the State Show, Junior program includes some of agriculture’s brightest future leaders. aided by fantastic industry support. The new separate Junior Show These kids have persevered through the virtual world of recent, and created an opportunity to encourage young exhibitors in giving them stayed active and involved in growing their dairy knowledge and the spotlight, and resulted in great experiences and positive feedback. projects. This magazine is always available digitally on our website Congratulations to all of the exhibitors who joined the successful www.caholstein.com and will be distributed in print throughout event. the year nationwide. Additional copies are available from the office Over the summer, members are looking forward to National Holstein upon request if you have the chance to share our publication with Convention and youth Cow Camp being held again ‘as usual’. Looking visitors. Thank you to Julie Ashton & Kathleen O’Keefe and their team beyond that, I would like to personally invite you to attend the annual at Cowsmopolitan as editors and designers of this year’s premium Planning Conference which will be held in October to discuss and magazine. plan activities; and the State Convention in late January. The California Holstein Association’s goal continues to be to advertise and promote our members’ Registered Holsteins to enthusiasts locally, around the country and internationally. We aim to help members capitalize on the consistent added value Registered Holsteins provide in this always evolving industry.

The ups and down, twists and turns of the past year have undoubtedly given us occasion to reflect. Many reminders to live life to the fullest and never take for granted our health, freedom and ability to pursue dreams. Please continue to do just that! Stay well and stay positive, best wishes for a great year ahead,

AUGUST 12-15, 2021 · TURLOCK FAIRGROUNDS Judge: Nathan Thomas, OH Open to all junior exhibitors age 9-21 Registered Holstein, Registered AOB and Grade Divisions Follow Facebook page or visit www.westerndairyshowcase.com for more information! 14 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021

Kate Teixeira


Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder of the Year Dwayne and Irene Nelson of Ceres, California are the recipients of the 2021 Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder Award, the most prestigious honor a California Holstein Association member can receive. Dwayne and Irene were both very involved in 4-H and FFA. It was actually at their county fair in 1978 where they met and started their relationship. In September of 1979, they were married and Dwayne joined Irene’s family dairy, Duarte-Acres Holsteins with Joe and Mary Duarte. In 1985, they started a partnership with Duarte-Acres Holsteins. In 1995, Dwayne and Irene had an opportunity to purchase land from Joe and Mary and to start their own business. They wanted to give their children, Michelle, Brian and Brent, a more hands on opportunity and to learn the fundamentals of running a dairy operation. Nelson Farms was developed starting with 180 cows, with 75% of those cows being Registered Holsteins. Two years later, Irene and Michelle made a trip, along with Joe and Mary Duarte, to visit one of the most prestigious cow shows in the world, World Dairy Expo. It was on that trip that Irene and Michelle got inspired to develop their herd and to breed for show and type in hopes that someday they might be able to exhibit an animal at World Dairy Expo. Nelson Farms had already started with a great foundation herd from Duarte-Acres Holsteins, with dairy strength and tremendous udders that had a will to milk. As part of their journey to continue developing their herd, they purchased Ms R-Pine Milan Josie who was All-Canadian and Reserve All-American Winter Calf. That same year they also purchased a small calf from the Day Family, Tri-Day Jewel Adeen. She was eventually nominated Junior All-American Spring Yearling. It was in 2001 that Nelson Farms exhibited their first homebred heifer, Nelsons Estimate Liz. She was High Honorable Mention All-American and Junior All-American Winter Yearling and also Junior Champion of the Junior Show at World Dairy Expo. During that time at Expo, there was a cloning special and they decided to take the risk and clone Liz. Two years later and out of 18 embryos, one live March calf was born, Nelsons Estimate Liz 2-ETN. Liz 2 was Unanimous All-American Spring Calf in 2003. As a spring calf, Liz 2 was pulled out for Junior Champion line-up at World Dairy Expo. The following year was quite the year for Liz 2. She was undefeated at every show on the tanbark trail that year. In 2004, Liz 2 was Junior Champion heifer at World Dairy Expo,

The 2021 Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder of the Year is the Nelson Family!

homebred to Dwayne and Irene Nelson & family. Liz 2 was Unanimous All-American Spring Yearling as well as the People’s Choice Heifer. Nelson Farms has had 20 All-American and Junior All-American Nominations. They have now grown to 650 milk cows with a BAA of 105.4, for their herd size they were a top BAA herd in 2019. To date, Nelson Farms has developed 108 Excellent and 772 Very Good cows. Herd Average is 29,938M 3.9% 1097F 3.1% 871P. Dwayne and Irene are the day-to-day managers at the farm, and they have eight full-time employees. Their children are all grown, married and have children of their own. Each of them have their own careers. Michelle Nelson Pedretti takes care of all the Dairy Comp 305 record keeping, as well as registrations and Dairy Compliance Water Records for Nelson Farms. In addition, Michelle also does some water and feed records for her husband’s farm. Michelle is married to Gino Pedretti, who is in a corporation with his family farm, Pedretti Ranches in El Nido. Brian Nelson, married to Erin, works for Select Sires as a Dairy Programs Specialists. Brian is in charge of the mating program at Nelson Farms and he also assists with record keeping. Brent Nelson, married to Caitlyn, works for Don Pedro Pumps. Brent assists at Nelson Farms when needed working on equipment and maintenance welding. Dwayne and Irene have retired from the show circuit for now. They still enjoy breeding a high-quality Holstein herd using bulls from Select Sires and Semex, with Michelle and Brian in charge of bull selection. Dwayne and Irene would like to extend a sincere thank you to all who have nominated them for this award. A special thank you to Joe and Mary Duarte for all of their love, support and for always attending all of the shows and events. Thank you to Joe and Mary for always believing in us. Congratulations to Dwayne and Irene Nelson for being recognized as the 2021 recipient of the Doug Maddox Memorial Senior Breeder Award!

Nelsons Estimate Liz (EX-94), right, and her clone, Nelsons Estimate Liz 2-ETN (EX-92). Liz was HHM All-American Winter Yearling in 2001 and Liz 2 went on to be Unanimous All-American Spring Calf and Spring Yearling, claiming Junior Champion honors at the 2004 World Dairy Expo. 16 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021

AJ Quist Memorial Young Breeder of the Year The A.J. Quist Memorial Young Breeder Award is given annually to member of the CA State Holstein Association who had been a successful breeder of Registered Holsteins and a productive member of our industry. Nominees are select and voted on by a committee that is made up of the 10 most recent honorees.

number of deep-pedigreed animals, one of which was a Guthrie daughter scored EX-90 at the time. She quickly became a herd favorite because of her high production and ease of doing so with a beautiful udder. Gen-Ace Guthrie Minnie 6804-ET would go on to score EX94 and so far, has produced 5 VG and EX daughters. One of which, Vanden-Berge Minnie 775, was consigned to a sale and has been classified EX-92 for her new owners.

This year’s honoree is Curtis Vanden Berge of Bakersfield. Curtis began adding registered Holsteins to his family’s 3,000 cow Holstein herd about 10 years ago with the hope of advancing the genetic Curtis purchased Midas-Touch Hot potential for the herd as a whole. His Matthew Evangelo, center, presents Curtis Vanden Berge, left, the AJ Quist Harper-ET as a young calf in an online ancestors started dairying in the 1950’s in Memorial Young Breeder of the Year Award. auction in December 2017. She is a Hotline Southern California. By 2004, his parents out of a VG-85 Rubicon then Cookiecutter had built the herd up to milking 1,500 Ssire Has-ET VG-87. At the time, she was cows at two locations. It was at this time they relocated their dairy +2742G +2.77T. Curtis flushed her and to date, all of her offspring are operation and family to the current location in Bakersfield and had over +2700G and up to +2.56T. Vanden-Berge Nows Harper-ET was the opportunity to double their herd size to 3,000 cows. Although released by Select Sires in December 2020 and has been a popular registered Holsteins have not been a part of their operation for a long choice for breeders in the last few months. Harper is +2930G with period of time, use of top genetics and appreciation for quality dairy a whopping +119 pound of fat. His Renegade A2A2 full brother, cows was one thing that had been passed down from his predecessors. Harpoon, is at Revolution Genetics and has a very complete profile at +2772G +600NM +2.23T. One of his earliest and possible most prolific investment came in February 2015 at the Airosa Dairy Extravaganza Sale, a Halogen By paying close attention to detail, IVF and embryo transfer has daughter bred by Seagull Bay Dairy in Idaho. Seagull-Bay Halogen 516- been used successfully to expand the Vanden Berge registered herd ET was 9 months old at the time of the sale and almost exactly a year to and produce genetics that have been productive and extremely the date of that sale her first of 24 offspring was born. It was this first marketable. daughter Vanden-Berge Drsopn 431-ET that would lead to the most Other accomplishments include: consigning the high seller at the exciting of over 100 descendants to date of this purchase. Doorsopen California State Convention, breeding and developing over 50 431 went on to score VG-85 and her first daughter born was Vandenfemales that trace back to the famous Lindy Sheen’s of Ocean-View, Berge Lmda Daphne-ET VG-87. It is her daughter Vanden-Berge Trpc and breeding or owing 13 Excellent and 100 VG cows. In 2020 his Daphne-ET that is currently one of only four females in the breed at herd was honored with the Progressive Genetics Herd Award by 2866 GTPI and greater then 2.98 PTAT. She has garnered a lot of AI and HAUSA with an average CTPI of 2460, which ranked 3rd in California. embryo interests along with IVF Sessions being sold from her. The most recent milestone has been having a top 50 GTPI Female in Another way that Curtis would add registered cows to the herd was the Breed born at his farm, from an embryo that was purchased. She by attending herd sales or dispersals of registered breeders and is Ms BGP Captain McEnroe-ET. She is +3056 GTPI and 915 NM$ and purchasing individual or group lots. He used these opportunities to traces back to the View-Home Mrdian Iowa-ET (VG-86 DOM) family select individuals with deep pedigrees that had high production and that has produced numerous high GTPI males and females. attention was always given to confirmation of the cows themselves. He attended the Gen-Ace Milking Herd Dispersal in 2016 and selected a With Curtis, every investment, every mating, every decision is made with advancement in mind. Improvement is always at the forefront and always the goal. It is because of these principles that this high ranking calf will certainly be used to advance not only their herd but continue to put the Vanden-Berge prefix on the map as an elite genetic herd of registered Holsteins. In addition to Curtis’ success with his own herd, he also shares his passion for breeding Holsteins with young dairy enthusiasts in his community by providing numerous project heifers for junior to exhibit at the Kern County Fair each year. Curtis married his wife Stacey in 2012 and they have 3 children – Case, Tessa and Payton - that he also enjoys sharing is love of cows with. Case and Tessa are made their showring debut at the 2021 State Show’s PeeWee Showmanship contest. Curtis also serves as an At-Large Director for the California Holstein Association. Picutred is Vanden-Berge Lmda Daphne-ET (VG-87) who is the dam of Trpc DaphneET, who has quickly become an elite individual for Curtis, being one of only four cows in the breed that is +2866G and over +2.98T!

Congratulations to Curtis Vanden Berge, the 2021 AJ Quist Memorial Young Breeder! CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021 » 17

Past Senior Breeder Award Winners

1958 Chris Rasmussen 1959 E.E. Freeman 1960 Frank L. Pellissiar 1961 Earl & Marguarite Graham 1962 Hubert Kidd 1963 Frank & Adelia Hopkins 1964 Mark L. Borrer 1965 Max Herzog 1966 Frank S. Corda 1967 Wesley N. Sawyer 1968 James Reed 1969 Joe Trindade, Jr. 1970 Leo Hedegard

1971 Harold Schmidt 1972 Wallace Lindskoog 1973 Walter D. Ranney 1974 Henry Sterk 1975 Alvin Quist 1976 Hugh D. Good 1977 Harmon B. Toone 1978 Robert Selkirk 1979 Roy Boone 1980 Allen Johnson 1981 Frank Muthner 1982 Tom A. Nunes, Jr. 1983 Amelio Curti

Past Junior Breeder Award Winners 1957 Melvin George 1957 Alvin Quist 1958 Maurice & Lindsey Ketscher 1959 Wackerman Brothers 1960 Bill & Libby Clark 1961 Norman & Freda Lucas 1962 Louis Aufdermaur, Jr. 1963 Bernard Souza, Jr. 1964 Doug Maddoz 1965 Tom Nunes 1966 Art Avrit 1967 Tom Sawyer 1968 Paul Rollin


1969 Kip Herzog 1970 Louis Calcagno 1971 George Nunes 1972 Stanley Gomes 1973 Andy Hurtgen 1974 Mike Martin 1975 Vic Gouveia, Jr. 1976 Tony Bos 1977 Gilbert Teixeira 1978 Dino Ortega 1979 Joe Viera 1980 Dan Ranney 1981 Louie Jr. & Leo Durrer

1984 Kip Herzog 1985 Doug Maddox 1986 Joe Duarte 1987 Wilbur E. Gomes 1988 John Wackerman 1989 Anton Betschart 1990 Marvin Nunes 1991 Tom Sawyer 1992 Paul Rollin 1993 Emilio & Alvin Groppetti 1994 Frank Santos 1995 Dan Ranney 1996 Joe Airosa

1997 Paulo Bro Holsteins 1998 George & Mimi Nunes 1999 Bill & Giovanna Zinn 2000 Louis Aufdemaur 2001 Art & Connie Avrit 2002 Ed & Bettie Bracco 2003 Bernard & Frieda Souza 2004 Gilbert & Linda Teixeira 2005 Bill & Libby Clark 2006 Leo & Louie Durrer 2007 Hank & Carolyn Van Exel 2008 Ed, Bill & Jim Genasci 2009 Jack Lerch & Larry Gerber

2010 Dennis & Kirsten Areias 2011 George & Dora McClelland 2012 Joey Airosa 2014 Ron Pietersma 2015 Frank & Carol Borba 2016 Pat & Steve Maddox 2017 Dino & Dante Migliazzo 2018 Mike & Denise Mulas 2019 Ken Melvold 2020 Duane & Dale Matheron

1982 Ralph Grossi 1983 Bill Genasci 1984 James Quist 1985 John Honnette 1986 Frank Borba 1987 George McClelland 1988 Hank Van Exel 1989 Ken & Kathy Elliot 1990 Leo Langerwerf 1991 Dennis Areias 1992 Leroy Rocha 1993 Chris Hellwinkel 1994 George & Kelly Morasci

1995 Dino Migliazzo 1996 Joey Airosa 1997 Patrick Maddox 1998 Mike Mulas 1999 Joey Fernandes 2000 Chris & Agnes Sawyer 2001 Donald Rollin 2002 Tony DeMello 2003 Tony Borba 2004 Bill & Jennifer Silva 2005 Chris & Ellen Durrer 2006 Tara Davis 2007 Ryan Matheron

2008 Jon & Tami Tollenaar 2009 Robert Teixeira 2010 Lucas Deniz 2011 Jana McClelland 2012 Natalie Silva 2013 Matthew & Lauren Evangelo 2014 Stephen Mast 2015 Lindsey Nunes 2016 Manuel Silveira III 2017 Adam & Lacey Van Exel 2018 Aaron Matheron 2019 Mike Santos 2020 Vincent Migliazzo


56th Annual California State Holstein Show April 24, 2021 | Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Turlock | Judge Ryan Krohlow, WI

Grand Champion

Reserve Grand Champion



1st 5-Year-Old Cow Exhibitor: Stephen & Patrick Maddox


2nd 5-Year-Old Cow Exhibitor: Exels Holsteins

Intermediate Champion: COBEQUID DOORMAN SOLO

Res. Intermediate Champion: AIR-OSA UNION 24390



Exhibitor: Mitchell Coleman and Kestin & Kinley Martin

Exhibitor: Arizona Dairy Company

Exhibitor: Air-Osa Dairy

Exhibitor: Almeida, Branco, Borba & Borba


Fall calf

winter calf

All-California Winners


All-California: AIR-OSA WARRIOR 28763

Res. All-California: PACH-HOL BNTLY MARCY







All-California: HATH BEEMER SELENA 5631


Res. All-California: RUANN DOORMAN JEAN-94558-ET

Exhibitor: Arizona Dairy Company

Exhibitor: Joey Airoso & Hank Van Exel

spring yearling

summer yearling

Exhibitor: Emma Miguel

Exhibitor: Kyleigh Forster

Exhibitor: Arizona Dairy Company

Exhibitor: Summer Parreira

fall yearling

winter yearling

Exhibitor: Cranehill Genetics

Exhibitor: Almeida, Branco, Borba & Borba

Exhibitor: C,B,T, Correia & B Martinho Exhibitor: Arizona Dairy Company


Exhibitor: Trevor Hath

Exhibitor: Arizona Dairy Company

Junior 2-year-old

Senior 2-year-old

All-California: AIR-OSA DENVER 25955




Exhibitor: J, D, L, A, H, M, F &G Fernandes Exhibitor: Cranehill Genetics

Exhibitor: Xavier Silveria

Exhibitor: Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba

Junior 3-year-old

Senior 3-year-old

All-California: AIR-OSA UNION 24390


Exhibitor: Air-Osa Dairy

Exhibitor: Mitchell Coleman and Kestin & Kinley Martin

Res. All-California: RUANN DOC-APPLE-80503-ET



All-California: RUANN DOORMAN JEAN-55162-ET


Res. All-California: DEN-K MONTEREY DELLE 15

Exhibitor: Emori Machado



Exhibitor: Stephen & Patrick Maddox

Exhibitor: Frank & Carol Borba & Frank & Diane Borba Exhibitor: Frank & Carol Borba & Frank & Diane Borba

Exhibitor: Stephen & Patrick Maddox Exhibitor: Exels Holsteins


Aged Cow

Production Cow


All-California: AIR-OSA MCCUTCHEN 19655



Exhibitor: Gilbert Teixeira & Double D Dairy

Exhibitor: Frank & Carol Borba & Frank & Diane Borba

Junior Best 3 Females All-California: R-JOHN HOLSTEINS Res. All-California: TREVOR HATH


Exhibitor: R-John Holsteins

Senior Best 3 Females

premier breeder AIR-OSA DAIRY

Exhibitor: Air-Osa Dairy

All-California: AIR-OSA DAIRY Res. All-California:


Produce of Dam All-California:


premier Exhibitor


47th Annual California Holstein Futurity

1. BBM Favorite Marla 4694-Red

Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba

2. Exels Callen Belle 22419 Exels Holsteins

Previous Winners . . . 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008

Ruann King Glory-61555-ET; Steve & Pat Maddox Lazy-A Goldchip Eva-3-ET; Exels Holsteins Sunspark Brokaw Evangeline; Brandon Almeida BBM Atwood Lizzie; Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba Air-Osa Guthrie 15494; Airosa Dairy Air-Osa Jeeves 14414; Airosa Dairy Den-K Goldwyn Bindi Bree-ET; Den-K Holsteins Will Tattoo Lacey-ET; Adam & Lacey Van Exel & Amy & Will Iager Lookout Dundee Vintage; FDB Holsteins & Frank & Diane Borba MS MCR RN Ladybug-Red-ET; Joseph Azevedo Den-K Roy Lynn Breeze; Den-K Holsteins Ruann Accent K-Hope 40822; Ruann Dairy

2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993

3. Calori-D CRS Crush Ryle-ET Calori-D Holsteins 4. Ruann Drive Kiddy-82363 Steve & Pat Maddox 5. Star-Tex Byway Tiana Lindsey Nunes

Star-Tex Montana Tiffany; Lindsey Teixeira FDB Derry Sarra-ET; FDB Holsteins Air-Osa Kingadeen 7278; Airosa Dairy Den-K Treg Durham Time; Den-K Holsteins Ocean-View Durham Zandra-ET; Ocean-View Farms Wendon Lee Wilma; John Kisst, Jr. Jay-Ess Charles Vickie; Andrew Kisst Nunesdale Jed Joey; Airosa Dairy C Cavanaleck Lindy Pearl-ET; Case Kasbergen Rocky-Terrace Flip Martha; Chris Durrer Cal-Crest Leadman Zanda-ET; Denny & Stephanie Murphy Poly Leadman Roxy; Cal Poly Den-K Tidy Thor Elsie; Carl Perry Easter Lil-ET; Whitney Oaks Holsteins Exranco Eagle Love; Excelsior Farms

1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979 1978 1977 1976

Hagemans Starbuck Isadora; Gil Teixeira Air-Osa Boom Boom Bell; Airosa Dairy Poly Mark Clarissa; Cal Poly Exranco Mark Coral; Excelsior Farms Air-Osa Boom Boom Babe; Airosa Dairy Golden Genes Valiant Laura; Golden Genes Willomonte East Star Margarita; Willomonte Holsteins Marcrest Tempo Avalon; George Nunes Cal-Chris Tony Mavis; Cal Chris Holsteins CBS Petes Tracy-ET; CBS Holsteins Marcrest Elevation Avon; George Nunes Exranco Kirk Thelma; Excelsior Farms Marcrest Comet Priority; George Nunes Aufdermauer Tippy Dawn; Joe Macedo Jr. Gen-Ace Astro Valentine; Genasci Holsteins Cal-Clark Merry Monitor; Cal-Clark Dairy Buena-Oaks Fond; Joe Macedo Jr.

California Holstein Futurity #48 will show at the 2022 State Show Entry renewal forms will be mailed to all members with currently nominated heifers, with the second payment of $15 due 7/1/21, and the final payment of $20 due 4/15/22. California Holstein Futurity #49 All heifers born Sept 1, 2019 through Aug 31, 2020 are eligible. Entry forms will be available online, with the first payment due 7/1/21. Futurity Payout: Winner receives 50% of entry fee earnings; 2nd place 25%; 3rd place 12.5%; 4th place 7.5%; 5th place 5%. Sponsored CASH PRIZES of $1000 - $750 - $500 for 1st - 2nd - 3rd placings! CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021 » 25

photos © Jenny Thomas - ring shot & crew photo Cowsmo • design © Ella Wright

Agresti Absolute Pure-red-et p ure is NOW ex - 9 5 ! Grand Champion CA State R&W Show ‘21 HM Grand Champion CA State B&W show ‘21 All-CA Aged Cow 4-9 365 34240 4.4 1501 3.4 1192 OW Ne d W it H d o ub le- d da ir y

Gil-Tex STampede 2021

120 lots averaged $6555 and sold to 10 states plus France



Gilbert & Linda Teixeira & Family

5601 Mt. View Rd., turlock, CA 95382 Gilbert 209.985.2400 • Robert 209.495.0367 • rjtex@att.net

Follow Gil-Tex Holsteins on Facebook

California State Red & White Holstein Show April 24, 2021 | Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Turlock | Judge Ryan Krohlow, WI

Grand Champion


Reserve Grand Champion


Exhibitor: Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba



Res. Sr. Champion

Intermediate Champion

Exhibitor: Gilbert Teixeira & Double D Dairy

Exhibitor: Carter Muir

Exhibitor: Exels Holsteins

Junior Champion

Res. Junior Champion


Exhibitor: Arizona Dairy Company


Exhibitor: C,B,T, Correia & B Martinho CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021 » 27

Fall calf

winter calf

All-California R&W Winners



Res. All-California: STJOR UNST ROSE 8498-RED-ET



All-California: RUANN WARRIOR AMA-2278-RED-ET

Res. All-California: RUANN BONNIE-3547-RED-ET

Res. All-California: AIR-OSA-E-M LOVELY 27747-RED



Exhibitor: Arizona Dairy Company

Exhibitor: Lauren Silveira

spring yearling

summer yearling

Exhibitor: Richard Denier

Exhibitor: Kaelyn Machado

Exhibitor: Arizona Dairy Company

Exhibitor: Air-Osa & Van Exel

fall yearling

winter yearling

Exhibitor: Stephen & Patrick Maddox

Exhibitor: Stephen & Patrick Maddox

Exhibitor: C,B,T, Correia & B Martinho


Exhibitor: Arizona Dairy Company


Exhibitor: H & H McIsaac, and M, M, M Price

Res. All-California: APPLE-PTS ABELLA-RED-ET

Exhibitor: Stephen & Parick Maddox and Carisma Holsteins

Junior 2-year-old

Senior 2-year-old


All-California: D-MAN D BACK ROSE-RED-ET

All-California: JO-COSTA JORDY 6835-RED

All-California: JO-COSTA ADDICTION 65622-RED

Exhibitor: Donavan Miguel


Junior 3-year-old

Exhibitor: Hayden & Hunter McIsaac

Exhibitor: Carter Muir

Exhibitor: Blake Zimmer

Res. All-California: EXELS DEFIANT FANTA 23435-RED

Exhibitor: Exels Holsteins

Aged Cow

Production cow


Exhibitor: Gilbert Teixeira & Double D Dairy


Exhibitor: Gilbert Teixiera & MB Luckylady


Exhibitor: Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba



California State Junior Show April 22, 2022 | Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Turlock | Judge Graisson Schmidt, Petaluma, CA

Senior & Grand Champion


Intermediate & Res. Grand Champion


Exhibitor: J, D, L, A, H, M, F &G Fernandes





Res. Int. Champion

Res. Senior Champion

Exhibitor: Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk

Exhibitor: Aidan Azevedo & Weston Silva

Exhibitor: Carter Muir

Junior Champion

Res. Junior Champion

Exhibitor: C,B,T Correia & B Martinho

Exhibitor: Summer Parreira


Fall calf

winter calf

Junior All-California Winners










All-California: HATH BEEMER SELENA 5631

Res. All-California: EYKS UNSTBLE DIVA-RED

Res. All-California: RUANN A FANCY 94721 RED-ET

Exhibitor: Emma, Erik, Elsi, & Evelyn Mast

Exhibitor: Lauren Silveira

spring yearling

summer yearling

Exhibitor: Carsyn Vlot

Exhibitor: Kaelyn Machado

Exhibitor: Logan Silveira

Exhibitor: Hayden & Hunter McIsaac

fall yearling

winter yearling

Exhibitor: Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk

Exhibitor: Summer Parreira

Exhibitor: C,B,T Correia & B Martinho Exhibitor: Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk


Exhibitor: Trevor Hath

Exhibitor: Aidan Azevedo & Max Silva

Jr best 3 females

Unfresh 2-Year-Old

All-California: TREVOR HATH Res. All-California: CAYDEE WEESE

All-California: RUANN ARTI ROSALYN-9344-ET

All-California: AIR-OSA DENVER 25955


Res. All-California: EYKS IMAC LISA


All-California: JO-COSTA JORDY 6835-RED




Exhibitor: Kolbi Adams

Junior 2-year-old

Senior 2-year-old

Exhibitor: J, D, L, A, H, M, F &G Fernandes Exhibitor: Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk

Exhibitor: Xavier Silveira

Exhibitor: Fernandes Kids/Santos Kids

Junior 3-year-old

Senior 3-year-old

Exhibitor: Carter Muir

Exhibitor: Emori Machado

Exhibitor: Emori Machado Exhibitor: Xavier Silveira





All-California: KEN-AM GC SNOWBEL

Res. All-California: RUANN BWAY DORINDA- 60849-ET


Exhibitor: Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk Exhibitor: Greyden Maddox

Exhibitor: Aidan Azevedo & Weston Silva Exhibitor: Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk

Aged Cow

Production Cow



Exhibitor: Adison Machado

Exhibitor: Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk


Exhibitor: Sammantha Gambonini & Emma Miguel

premier breeder & exhibitor CHLOE & CHASE VANDER EYK



California State Showmanship April 22, 2021 | Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, Turlock | Judge Rocco Cunningham, Penngrove, CA

Novice Division

1. Kamryn Kasbergen 2. Caroline Vieira 3. Brody Rosa

4. Brayden Husk 5. Jaelyn Wilson

Intermediate Showmanship

1. Xavier Silveira 2. Makenna Vlot 3. Connor Correia

4. Jon Chapman 5. Logan Silveira

Junior Division

1. Matthew Pacheco 2. Lauren Silveira 3. Chloe Chapman

4. Gino Wilson 5. Madilyn Parson

Advanced Showmanship

1. Kyleigh Forster 2. Xander Harris 3. Henry Pareira

4. Caydee Weese 5. Kylie Konyn

Advanced Fitting

1. Kylie Konyn 2. Xander Harris 36 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021

3. Henry Pareira 4. Kyleigh Forster

Memorial Awards Cortney Borba Memorial Award Chloe & Chase VanderEyk are the winners of the 2021 Cortney Borba Memorial Award. The Borba family honors the memory of their daughter Cortney each year by recognizing the Junior Show Grand Champion exhibitor. Congratulations to this year’s winners! Chloe, 20, was a member of the Tulare FFA and participated on the Dairy Judging Team. Chase, 13, is active in the Pleasant View 4-H club, where he also participates in Dairy Judging. Both enjoying showing and are active on their family’s dairy farm, Eyks Holsteins in Tipton.

Brock Jarrett Toledo California Fitting & Showing Award The winner of the 2021 Brock Jarrett Toledo California Fitting & Showing Award is Xander Harris, who placed second in both the showing and fitting competitions held at the California State Holstein Show. Xander received the perpetual trophy donated by the Toledo family in memory of young Brock Toledo, son of Ron and Loreta, who passed away as a young man in 1996. Xander, 17, is from Richmond, UT and attends Skyview High School. He works on his family’s farm, Harris Dairyland and is active in 4-H, FFA and Junior Holstein. He loves participating in dairy judging and showing. “I hope to always be involved in the dairy industry and grow an elite show string. I also hope to do judging in the future, with the ultimate goal of judging at WDE,” Xander commented.

California Junior Holstein Show Contest This contest was started 3 years ago by the Holstein Association Board of Directors, in an effort to recognize and encourage junior members in their work with show project animals. Preparing, growing and training cattle is a year-round commitment! This year, the contest was a little different, as there were very few shows to attend. Contestants were asked to submit a picture taken during the month of November of an animal they were currently working with. Congratulations to all of these winners, AND to all of the youth who are putting in the work on a regular basis to keep their Holsteins looking and doing their best.


1. Stardom Unstopabull Tess, Jacob Cornish 2. Ms Altitude Bringit Betty, Hunter McIsaac


1. Ms Ruann WR Aria 314, Hadley Ross 2. Two Rock Miss Richelle, Hayden McIsaac


1. Arizona Warrior 32398, Hadley Ross



1. OCD Solomon Sable, Madison Blount


1. Cranehill Delight Lucy, Summer Parreira


1. Gensource Dback Lusty, Jon Chapman


1. Hol-Star Malo Roz-Red, Connor Correia

1. GChampi’s Frazzled Diesel, Julietta Champi Sponsored by the California Holstein Association to encourage youth with their project animals. Our goal is to recognize these young exhibitors and their hard work and dedication to Holstein genetics! Contest is open to all California Junior Holstein Association members exhibiting Registered Holstein in CA at their respective county fairs or local shows. Open to ages 7-21 as of January 1. Criteria for judging is a non-professional side profile picture of animal with exhibitor, and an entry form listing show placings. Winners are selected by an impartial panel of trained judges. Contact Kate Teixeira with any questions: 805-801-0463, californiaholstein@yahoo.com. CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021 » 37

Thank you to our State Show Sponsors!

Thank you t

Thank you to our generous show sponsors! Thankyou youtotoour ourgenerous generousshow showsponsors! sponsors! Thank

Thank you to our generous show sponsors!


u to our generous show sponsors!


BARLAS AHV Jefo AHV Jefo AHV GRAND CHAMPION Jefo LEVEL Connor Agriscience JLG/Revolution FEEDS Connor Agriscience JLG/Revolution AHV Jefo Lander Vet

AHV Connor Agriscience Elanco FDB Holsteins Hilmar Holsteins

Nutrius Nutrius PareiraNutrius Dairy Pareira Dairy Ruann Genetics Connor Agriscience JLG/Revolution Pareira Dairy Progressive Dairy Solutions Elanco Joe Aguiar AHV Jefo Nutrius Baker Commodities Progressive Dairy Solutions Elanco Joe Aguiar Connor Agriscience FDB Holsteins JLG/Revolution Nutrius VSI Progressive Dairy Solutions Elanco Joe Aguiar Ruann Genetics Kirby Connor JLG/Revolution Pareira Dairy California Dairies RuannGenetics Genetics FDBJoe Holsteins Kirby ElancoAgriscience Aguiar Pareira Zoetis FDB Holsteins Hilmar Holsteins LanderKirby Vet Dairy VSI Ruann Zoetis Progressive Dairy Solutions Elanco Joe Aguiar Calori-D Hilmar Holsteins Lander Vet VSI Zoetis Holsteins FDB Kirby Progressive Hilmar Holsteins Lander Vet Dairy VSI JefoHolsteins Nutrius Zoetis Ruann Genetics Holsteins Kirby Diamond J Dairy HilmarFDB Holsteins Solutions e JLG/Revolution Pareira Dairy Denier Genetics Hilmar Holsteins Lander Vet VSI Zoetis Progressive Dairy Solutions Joe Aguiar Stan Henderson Baker Commodities Hilmar Cheese Edwards, DIVISION CHAMPION LEVEL StanSupply Henderson Lien & Toso Baker Commodities Hilmar Cheese Ruann Genetics Kirby Stan Henderson Baker Commodities Hilmar Cheese Sullivan California Dairies in memory of Luis Aufdermaur Farmers Livestock Market Baker Commodities Gold StarDairies Cattle MillofWheel Show Clinics Turlock Feed Sullivan Supply California in memory LuisAufdermaur Aufdermaur Lander Vet VSIHighSierra Zoetis Sullivan Supply California Dairies in memory of Luis Turlock Feed Calori-D Holsteins Matt & Lauren Evangelo California Dairies Bio Distributing Penny Newman Tulare DHIA Gold Star Cattle Stan Henderson Baker Commodities Calori-D Hilmar Cheese Matt& &Lauren Turlock Feed Calori-D Holsteins Lauren Evangelo Calori-D Holsteins Hilmar Cheese MBMatt Semex USA Two Rock Holsteins Turlock Feed Holsteins Evangelo Tulare DHIA Diamond J Dairy LuckyLady Farms HighSierra Bio Distributing Sullivan Supply California in in memory ofJLuis Aufdermaur Tulare DHIA Diamond Dairy MB LuckyLady Farms Diamond J Dairy DairiesDenier memory of Luis Ross Lee VanderEyk Tulare DHIA Dairy Diamond J Dairy Mill Wheel MB LuckyLady Farms Two Rock Holsteins Genetics Show Clinics Denier Genetics Aufdermaur Sleepy Hollow Virtus Nutrition Turlock Feed Two Calori-D Holsteins Denier Matt &Genetics Lauren Evangelo TwoRock Rock Holsteins Denier MillWheel Wheel Show Clinics Holsteins Genetics Mill Show Clinics VanderEyk Dairy Edwards, Lien & Toso Penny Newman StanMatt Henderson Hilmar Cheese Edwards, Lien & Toso & Lauren Evangelo Stan Henderson Western Milling Tulare DHIA Diamond J Dairy Edwards, MB Lien LuckyLady Farms Penny VanderEyk Dairy Edwards, Lien Toso Penny Newman VanderEyk & &Toso Newman Arizona Virtus Nutrition Farmers Livestock Market Semex USA Sullivan Supply in memory of Luis Aufdermaur Farmers Livestock Market MB LuckyLady Farms Sullivan Supply WorldDairy Wide SiresDairy (3) Two Rock Denier GeneticsFarmers Mill Wheel Show Clinics Semex Virtus Nutrition Farmers Livestock Market Semex USAHolsteins Frank Gregorio (3) Virtus Nutrition Livestock Market USA Western Milling Gold Star Cattle Ross Lee Turlock Feed Matt & Lauren Evangelo VanderEyk Dairy Edwards, Lien & Toso Gold Penny Newman Western Milling Gold Star Cattle Ross Lee CLASS SPONSORS Parreira’s Breeding Service (3) Milling Cattle Lee WorldWestern Wide Sires SleepyRoss Hollow BioStar Distributing Tulare DHIA MB LuckyLady Farms HighSierra Virtus Nutrition Farmers Livestock Market Semex Airosa Dairy (2) Henry World Wide Sires Sleepy Hollow HighSierra Distributing Arizona Dairy (3) IvanBio Simar (2) USA Den-K Holsteins Rosa Bros Milk World Wide Sires Sleepy Joe Hollow HighSierra Bio Distributing Two RockKen Holsteins Mill Wheel Show Clinics Frank Gregorio (3) Cattle Melvold DuarteMilling SierraGrossi Omlin Dairy (2) Western Gold Star Ross(2)Lee Parreira’sNewman Breeding Service (3) Migliazzo Dairy & Sons Dairy (2) Johnny Machado Silver-EliteIvan Holsteins VanderEyk o Penny Simar (2) World Wide Sleepy HighSierra Bio Distributing Arizona Dairy (3) Hollow Dairy (2) Sires Morris DairyTom Dutra Airosa Dairy Valley Nutrition (2) Migliazzo & Sons Josh Fernandes Virtus Nutrition ket Semex USA(2) Henry Ken Melvold (2) Arizona Dairy (3) Migliazzo & Sons Dairy (2) Morris Dairy Grossi Dairy (2) Al Warmerdam Morris Dairy (2) Tony Garcia FrankArizona Gregorio (3) (3) Valley Nutrition (2)Dairy Rosa Morris Bros Milk Dairy Migliazzo & Sons Dairy Western Milling Ross Lee FrankGregorio Gregorio (3) ValleyNutrition Nutrition(2)(2) Rosa BrosMilk Milk Parreira’sFrank Breeding Service(3) (3) Al Valley Warmerdam Sierra Omlin Rosa Bros 38 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021 Parreira’s Breeding Service (3) Al Warmerdam Sierra Omlin World Wide Sires Sleepy Hollow ing Arizona Dairy Airosa (3) Migliazzo & Sons (3) Dairy (2) Al Holsteins Morris Dairy Silver-Elite Dairy (2) Henry Den-K Holsteins Parreira’s Breeding Service Warmerdam Sierra Omlin Airosa Dairy (2) Henry

Den-K Holsteins

Silver-Elite Holsteins




Western National Holstein Show

Richmond, UT • May 13-14, 2021 • Judge Eddie Bue, WI

Senior & Grand Champion:



Reserve Senior & Grand Champion and Best Udder of Show: DEN-K MONTEREY DELLE 15 2ND 5-YEAR-OLD

Stephen & Patrick Maddox

Henry & Carolyn Van Exel

HM Senior & Grand Champion: MUSTHAVEN GOLDWYN JAELYN P 1ST PRODUCTION COW, Rocco Cunningham Reserve Senior Champion: CLELAND RB ADMIRNGLY-RED-ET 1ST 5-YEAR-OLD Frank & Carol and Frank & Diane Borba Junior Champion: CHEERS AVALANCHE CHARLEY-ET 1ST SPRING YEARLING Rocco Cunningham Reserve Junior Champion: KRESS-HILL SMOKE-RED-ET 1ST SUMMER YEARLING Hadley Ross HM Junior Champion: AIR-OSA EM LOVELY 27747-RED 2ND SPRING YEARLING Joey Airoso Overall Premier Breeder & Exhibitior: AIR-OSA DAIRY

Additional Top 3 Placings Winter Calf 1. Opsal Solomon Celebrity-ET, Ryan Matheron 3. Pach-Hol Bntley Marcy, Emma Miguel Fall Calf 1. Pappys Avalanche Riddle-ET, Rocco Cunningham 2. (1st Jr) Air-Osa Warrior 28763, Kylie Forester 3. (B&O) Vela Novagen Dempsey Savage, Lourenco Pires Summer Yearling 2. (2nd Jr) Heritage Readmylips-ET, Logan Silveira Winter Yearling 2. (2nd Jr) Apple-Pts Aubria-Red-ET, Connor, Bristol & Teegan Correia and Brixton Martinho Fall Yearling 2. (1st Jr, B&O) Valley-Gem Last Chance, Mitchell Coleman 3. Ruann Doorman Jean-94558-ET, Graisson & Mandy Schmidt and Arizona Dairy

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old 1. (BU, B&O) Ruann Alt Shar-93679-Red-ET (Altitude), Stephen & Patrick Maddox Junior 2-Year-Old 1. (BU) Duckett Doorman Ona-ET, Ryan Matheron, 2. Hilrose Doc Pacific-ET, Stephen & Patrick Maddox 3. (B&O) Air-Osa Denver 25955, Airosa Dairy & Fernandes Kids Senior 2-Year-Old 2. Sheeknoll G-Chip Charlene, Stephen & Patrick Maddox

Junior 3-Year-Old 3. (2nd Jr) Jo-Costa Jordy 68335-Red, Carter Muir Senior 3-Year-Old 2. Duckett Doorman Gena-ET, Johnny Machado Aged Cow 1. (BU, B&O) Air-Osa Divo 20129, Joey Airoso Production Cow 3. (B&O) Air-Osa McCutchen 19655, Joey Airoso Senior Best Three Females 2. Stephen & Patrick Maddox Breeder’d Herd 3. Airosa Dairy

JUNIOR SHOW Senior & Grand Champion: CANYON-BREEZE U ARLETTE-ET 2ND PRODUCTION COW Hadley Ross Reserve Senior & Grand Champion: HOL-STAR MALO ROZ-RED-ET 2ND AGED COW, Connor Correia HM Intermediate Champion: EYKS JACOBY ALEXA 1ST SR 2-YEAR-OLD Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk Junior Champion: KRESS-HILL SMOKE-RED-ET 1ST SUMMER YEARLING Hadley Ross Reserve Junior Champion: AIR-OSA WAR ASPIRE-RED 3RD SPRING YEARLING Phillip Airoso HM Junior Champion: ARIZONA WAR BANDANNA-RED-ET 1ST WINTER YEARLING Hadley Ross


Western National Red & White Show Richmond, UT • May 13-14, 2021 • Judge Eddie Bue, WI

Senior & Grand Champion - Open & Junior:


Intermediate & HM Grand Champion:


Connor Correia



Carter Muir

HM Senior Champion: MS GIL-TEX DB DIZZY-RED-ET 2ND 5-YEAR-OLD Emma Miguel Reserve Intermediate Champion: BLACKCHERRY ADAEZE-RED-ET 1ST SENIOR 2-YEAR-OLD Stephen & Patrick Maddox HM Intermediate Champion: RUANN ALT SHAR-93679-RED-ET 1ST SUMMER JUNIOR 2-YEAR-OLD Stephen & Patrick Maddox Junior Champion: KRESS-HILL SMOKE-RED-ET 1ST SUMMER YEARLING Hadley Ross Reserve Junior Champion: AIR-OSA EM LOVELY 27747-RED 2ND SPRING YEARLING Joey Airoso HM Junior Champion: AIR-OSA WAR ASPIRE-RED 2ND SPRING YEARLING Phillip Airoso

Additional Top 3 Placings Winter Calf 3. (2nd Jr) Kress-Hill Spicy-Red-ET, Hadley Ross Fall Calf 1. Cache-Valley Jilly-Red-ET, Emma Miguel Spring Yearling 3. Ruann Warrior Ama-2278-Red-ET, Stephen & Patrick Maddox

Winter Yearling Heifer 2. (2nd Jr) Apple-Pts Aubria-Red-ET, Connor, Bristol & Teegan Correia and Brixton Martinho 3. Eyks Unstble Diva-Red, Chloe & Chase VanderEyk Junior Best Three Females 1. Chloe & Chase VanderEyk

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old 1. Ruann Alt Shar-93679-Red-ET, Stephen & Patrick Maddox Senior 2-Year-Old 2. (B&O) D-Man D Back Rose-Red-ET, Donavan Miguel Junior 3-Year-Old 2. Excels Defin Fanta 23435, Henry & Carol Van Exel

JUNIOR SHOW Senior & Grand Champion: HOL-STAR MALO ROZ-RED-ET 1ST AGED COW Connor Correia Intermediate & Res. Grand Champion: JO-COSTA JORDY 68335-RED 1ST JUNIOR 3-YEAR-OLD Carter Muir Junior Champion: KRESS-HILL SMOKE-RED-ET 1ST SUMMER YEARLING Hadley Ross Reserve Junior Champion: AIR-OSA WAR ASPIRE-RED 3RD SPRING YEARLING Phillip Airoso HM Junior Champion: ARIZONA WAR BANDANNA-RED-ET 1ST WINTER YEARLING Hadley Ross

Junior Champion:




Junior President’s Message Hello, my name is Kylie Konyn and I have enjoyed serving as your 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 California Junior Holstein Association President. I am 18 years old, and a third-generation dairy farmer, from San Diego, CA. My parents, Frank and Stacy Konyn, are the owners of Frank Konyn Dairy, one of two remaining dairy farms in our county. My sister and I are partners in Aspire Holsteins and Jerseys, where we manage over 150 registered Holsteins and Jerseys. I have been an active member of the CA Junior Holstein Association for ten years, competing in Dairy Bowl and Speech competitions, attending the Annual Cow Camp, and attending numerous Holsteins shows throughout the Nation. I have also been a four-time participant at the National Holstein Conventions, where I was fortunate to work with other exceptional Holstein enthusiasts from California. As mentioned in last year’s California Holstein Annual, 2020 threw us many curve balls. This past year has taught us to cherish memories such as those and look forward with hope to a brighter future. This past fall provided the first opportunity for Holstein enthusiasts to exhibit their show cattle in nearly a year. Locally, some members exhibited their cattle at the Western Fall National Show was held in Richmond, Utah. A few members also took their cattle to compete at the North American Open Dairy Cattle Show occurred in Circleville, Ohio and the Midwest Fall National was held in Louisville, Kentucky. For those not involved in the show cattle world, the California Junior Holstein Association resumed the learning experience of the Dairy Daily Five and preparation for various competitions. Along with our annual All-California photo contest, the association found new ways to engage junior Holstein enthusiasts. If other juniors were like me and my teammates, we just channeled our dairy enthusiasm towards these other activities. The photo contests, creative milk jug contest, and judging activities allowed us to grow in new, creative, and innovative ways. It also gave some of us who may not have had these opportunities the chance to compete

and win some great prizes. Thank you to all the sponsors and donors for these new competitions. Unfortunately, we were unable to host a convention in person this past January, however, this did not prevent our junior board from spending endless months to prepare for a virtual convention. As we were unable to host our normal contest, the board was able to present new and engaging ideas for contests. New to this year’s virtual convention was a resume and interview contest and a virtual meet and greet. We were also able to host our normal folding display contest, cow awards, written exam, Breeder of the Future contest, and scholarships. We concluded our virtual convention with a zoom award ceremony. This spring our state Holstein show returned to the Turlock County Fairgrounds. New to this year’s show was a separate junior Holstein show. The California state junior Holstein show was judged by Graisson Schmidt of California. The Grand Champion of the show was Ryan-Crest Hnotic Elanah-ET, the winning 4-Year-Old, exhibited by Chloe and Chase Vander Eyk. The California State Holstein Show was judged by Ryan Krohlow of Wisconsin. Grand Champion wen to Ruann Doorman Jean-55162-ET. Doorman Jean also went on to win Grand Champion Honors at the Western Spring National Holstein Show in Richmond, Utah. There is a lot to look forward to this coming summer and fall. In June, a select group of California Junior Holstein Association members will travel to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the 2021 National Holstein Convention. Representing California in junior jeopardy will be Layne Mull. The senior division will be represented by Hayley Fernandes and Jacob Fernandes. The California Junior Dairy Bowl Team will consist of Karley Rocha, Chloe Chapman, Mary Fumasi, and Sophie van Loben Sels. The senior team is comprised of Mykel Mull, Rachel Mancebo, Emma van Loben Sels, and Vicki Paolini. This fall will also provide new show opportunities such as the California Youth Ag Expo August 4-8, 2021 at the World Ag Expo Fairgrounds in Tulare and the Western Dairy Showcase set to be held August 12-15, 2021 at the Turlock County Fairgrounds. It has been an honor to serve the California Junior Holstein Association as your Junior President. I am extremely excited to see what our California juniors achieve this coming year.

Kylie Konyn 46 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021


National Convention Contestants Junior Dairy Bowl


Karley Rocha, Sophie van Loben Sels, Mary Fumasi, Chloe Chapman

Jacob Fernandes, Chloe Chapman Emma van Loben Sels

Senior Dairy Bowl


Victoria Paolini, Emma van Loben Sels, Mykel Mull, Rachel Mancebo

Layne Mull, Jacob Fernandes, Kylie Konyn, Hayley Fernandes

Dairy Bowl Written Exam High Scores NOVICE

1. Andrew Goins 2. Julietta Champi


1. Karley Rocha 2. Mykel Mull 3. Mary Fumasi 4. Chloe Chapman 5. Jon Chapman


1. Victoria Paolini 2. Rachel Mancebo 3. Kylie Konyn 4. Emma van Loben Sels 5. Giovanna Champi

Cow and Herd Recognitions 30,000 LB COW

Logan & Lauren Silveira - VandenBerge Minnie 775 - Silver-Elite Mandate Mindy - Silver-Elite Littleton Jean

Logan Silveira


4 Star: Logan & Lauren Silveira - Silver-Elite Speaker Sandy - Silver-Elite Kane Shelby - Silver-Elite Annie - Silver-Elite Bustop Rey 1 Star: Summer Parreira - Summerlie Bryant Shenna 1 Star: Kiara Konyn - Aspire Jettie Bailey 1 Star: Kylie Konyn - Aspire Silver Heir 48 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021

Kylie Konyn - Aspire Silver Heir - Aspire Jettie Bailey Summer Parreira - Ruann Mccut Shenna 51763 - Summerlie Bryant Shenna Aspen Silva - Goldcrest Atwood Giggles Logan Silveira - Cranehill DBack Rylin

200,000 LB LIFETIME PRODUCTION Aspen Silva - Goldcrest Atwood Giggles

150,000 LB LIFETIME PRODUCTION Kiara Konyn - Konyns Garrett Gracie

Kylie Konyn - Konyns Jewel Of The Orient

Virtual Resume and Interview Contest

Lauren Silveira


1. Lauren Silveira 2. Chloe Chapman 3. Sophie van Loben Sels 4. Layne Mull

Folding Display Junior Scientific

1. Julietta Champi

Junior Creative

1. Andrew Goins

Intermediate Scientific

1. Emma van loben Sels 2. Giovanni Champi

Intermediate Creative 1. Trevor Hath 2. Ryan Hath

Samantha Gambonini

Mykel Mull


1. Mykel Mull 2. Jon Chapman 3. Logan Silveira 4. Emma Van loben Sels


1. Samantha Gambonini 2. Kylie Konyn 3. Aspen Silva

Junior Officers PRESIDENT : Kylie Konyn VICE PRESIDENT : Emma van Loben Sels SECRETARY : Vicki Paolini TREASURER : Mykel Mull REPORTERS : Jon Chapman & Kiara Konyn HISTORIAN : Jacob Fernandes

Senior Scientific 1. Aspen Silva




The 2021 Marilyn Herzog Breeder of the Future Girl recipient is Kiara Konyn, Escondido. “I was selected as Young Breeder of the Future in 2017 and I believe that I have continued to develop my education, skills, and passion that would make me an excellent candidate for the 2021 California Junior Holstein Breeder of the Future.”

Travor Hath of El Nido is the 2021 Breeder of the Future Boy winner. He is a 5-year member of the El Nido 4-H Club and first year member of the Golden Valley FFA Chapter. In 2018, he was the 4-H Registered Dairy Outstanding Exhibitor at the Merced County Fair.

Kiara recently graduated from 8th grade and is a 7-year member of 4-H and the California Junior Holstein Association. She has attended every Junior Convention since she became involved, participating in Dairy Bowl, Dairy Jeopardy, Speech and Folding Display. She is also the current co-reporter of the Junior Association. She owned 59 Registered Holsteins; 29 are solely owned, with the other 30 owned in partnership with her sister. All but 5 carry the Aspire prefix. The herd is also recognized as a Progressive Dairy Herd with numerous cows in the top 10,000 cow list. Kiara has personally received the Junior Progressive Breeder Award from CJHA. “I believe that I am a very hard working, determined young dairyman. I have strived to excel with my herd of registered Holsteins. My entire life, I have been involved with my family at our dairy, which is one of only two remaining dairies within our county. I have had excellent mentors which have helped me to expand my involvement and encouraged me to be successful within the dairy industry.” “Participation in the Holstein youth activities has allowed me to further my public speaking skills. I have used these skills in many of my 4-H projects, not only in the show ring, but also in my monthly community meetings, participation days, project meetings, and in all of the organizations which I belong to. I have also had the opportunity to participate in many team building activities, such as dairy judging. All of these experiences have allowed me to grow personally, as well as increase my knowledge in not only the Holstein breed, but in all of the activities that I participate in.”

He is also a member of the CJHA and has attended Cow Camp and the Junior Convention, where he was a member of the Merced Dairy Bowl team and he competed in Jeopardy. He has also participated in numerous Dairy Judging contests. Trevor owns 16 Registered Holsteins, of which 10 he bred. Of the 7 classified cows, one is EX and four are VG. “I plan on continuing and improving the genetics of my herd. I have learned to work with my dad on looking at different bulls and mating them to my show animals. I also have spent a lot of time in learning to care for animals, feed them properly and get them ready for the show ring.” He has competed in showmanship at the Western Dairy Classic, Merced County Fair and California State Fair. He has also exhibited at those shows, along with the Western National Spring Show and California State Show. In 2020, Hath Beemer Selena was named Reserve Junior Champion of the Western Dairy Classic and was 2nd Junior, 3rd Open at the Western National Show in Utah. “I was ready to go into the 2020 show season strong, but many shows got cancelled by COVID. I used much of 2020 as an opportunity to prepare for future shows by continuing to produce high quality show animals. I have concentrated my time in improving my herd by continuing to mate my animals to high quality bulls and performing ET work on my animals. Some of my future goals with my herd is to win a California State Show and continue to compete highly at national shows across the country.”

YOUNG BREEDER OF THE FUTURE GIRL - SOPHIE VAN LOBEN SELS YOUNG BREEDER OF THE FUTURE BOY - HAYDEN MCISAAC Sophie van Loben Sels, Los Banos, is the 2021 winner of the Young Breeder of the Future Girl Award. She is a 5-year member of the Merced County Junior Holstein Club and currently owns 5 Registered Holsteins. She has attended 6 Cow Camps and competed in 4 Junior Conventions, earning numerous recognitions in Speed, Jeopardy and Dairy Bowl. She will compete for the first time at National Convention in 2021 on the Junior Dairy Bowl team. She received her first calf from her grandparents in 2017. She is the breeder of two animals, with her first cows calving in December 2020. She helps take care of them, along with the other animals at the dairy when she can, and looks forward to when she can exhibit at the shows again. She enjoys making breeding decisions with the help of her Papa, and looks forward to learning how to pick which bulls to use to make improvements and develop future offspring from her cows. She is very active in 4-H, and was named the Outstanding 2nd Year Dairy Exhibitor in 2019, her greatest achievement to date. She has participated in showmanship as well as speech and competed in the Hoard’s Dairyman Judging Contest since 2018. 50 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021

Hayden McIsaac, 11, is the 2021 winner of the Young Breeder of the Future Boy Award. He is from Petaluma and a 2nd year 4-H member. He works every day with his parents on his family’s farm. He received his first calf when he was two years old and she produced his first homebred Excellent cow, Two-Rock Rager 5679-Red, who is now EX-91. She was Best Bred & Owned R&W at the 2019 Western Fall National and her daughter, 6103 is VG-86 at 2Y. Hayden has flushed both 5679 and 6103 in order to grow his herd of 33 dairy animals, of which 15 are milking. Hayden has exhibited at the California State Show and Western Fall National in Oregon. Animals he has owned have been exhibited at Western Spring National, World Dairy Expo, Eastern National and Mid-East Fall National. Hayden has attended Cow Camp three times and attended his first California Junior Convention in 2019. He placed third in the Speech contest and was first with his Folding Display. He was a 1st time 4-H member in 2020 and virtually competed at his county fair, earning Premier Breeder and Exhibitor in the Registered Holstein division. He also had Supreme Heifer, who is from the same family as his favorite cow, 5679.

Convention Scholarship Winners

Hayley Fernandes

Jacob Fernandes

Hannah Mancebo




BILL ROWLEY MEMORIAL Samantha Gambonini Kylie Konyn

FOUNDERS’ SCHOLARSHIP Hayley Fernandes Hannah Mancebo

Samantha Gambonini

Billy Marchy

Kylie Konyn

Aspen Silva

WORLD WIDE SIRES SCHOLARSHIPS Samantha Gambonini Jacob Fernandes Kylie Konyn Rachel Mancebo



DAIRY BOWL SCHOLARSHIPS Kylie Konyn Rachel Mancebo Samantaha Gambonini Hannah Mancebo


National Distinguished Junior Member Semi-Finalists My name is Hayley Fernandes. I am the oldest child of Frank and Diane Fernandes, with two younger siblings, and land smack dab in the middle of twenty-three grandchildren, who keep our grandparent’s dairy legacy alive. I am currently a third year at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly), majoring in Dairy Science with minors in Law & Society and Agribusiness. My dad and his four brothers owned and operated three dairies in Woodville and Pixley, California since being passed down from their father. They cared for over 12,000 Holsteins and Jerseys, along with 3,600 acres of farmland for growing feedstuffs for the dairy. Five years ago, the brothers decided to split up the responsibilities as the next generation came back to the farm, and thus my dad and his two younger brothers took to managing the two smaller dairies in Pixley, and its surrounding farmland. On these two dairies, Legacy Ranches #1 and #2, we milk about 4,800 cows, a mix of Holsteins and Jerseys, both registered and grade, with my dad managing the 1,800 acres of farmland where we grow corn, wheat, oats, alfalfa and pistachios.

I continued working towards my goal of following one of my role models, Tony Lopes, in winning every division of the dairy bowl and jeopardy competitions and have nearly met that goal. The desire to succeed in these competitions has created in me the drive to be successful in my future. Reflecting back on the last ten years of my life, attending all of these conventions stands out as one of the most prominent highlights. I have continued showing, transitioning from 4-H to my high school’s FFA chapter. While my father may exclusively manage the crops for our operation, showing has allowed me to stay connected to our herd. As I became more involved in the Holstein Association, my herd grew from just replacement heifers to now consisting of eight bred and owned registered Holsteins and fiftyeight registered Holsteins that are owned in a partnership with five of my cousins, and my two siblings. In 4-H, I participated in dairy judging, but in high school, I decided to try the dairy product evaluation contest. Since coming to college, I have been able to join both the dairy products and cattle judging teams. My freshmen year, I was selected to join the national team for dairy products, and competed in Madison, Wisconsin. Our team placed 5th at the Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation Contest, and I look forward to helping coach future teams. Because of Covid-19, I have only been able to attend a few collegiate dairy judging contests, including the Western Spring National Holstein Show in Richmond, Utah, where my freshmen team took 2nd place to Cal Poly’s senior team. I cannot wait for national shows to resume again so that I can get back to dairy judging before I graduate.

My showing career first started with our local 4-H in the summer of 2010. Following in the footsteps of my father and uncles, anywhere from seven to fifteen of us grandchildren would enter the showing cycle at the Tulare County Fair. Our parents made a general agreement that each of us would be gifted a replacement heifer annually to show and sell at the fair in order to save for college. My first heifer was a grade fall yearling Holstein I named Jenny and created a strong bond with that planted the seeds for my passion for the dairy industry. About three weeks into the summer, my family received some awful news; my brother had just been diagnosed with an abnormally rare brain tumor. I had to turn Jenny loose and realized I was not going to be able to see her daily as I had been. However, I believe that my longing to get to work with Jenny made our connection greater every time I did get to see her. Thankfully, I had very supportive uncles, and a caring Papa, who would bring me down to the dairy. It wasn’t always the same not getting to learn from my dad, but I think the experience made me stronger, more independent, and ultimately, strengthened my passion for the Holstein breed. Upon earning my bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly, I plan to attend law About six months after I took Jenny to my first fair, I received my first school in order to obtain my law degree and become an agriculture registered heifer, Fern-Oak Atlantic, to show at the Great Western lobbyist. I believe this job will successfully combine my passion for public Livestock Exposition in Tulare, California. This time around, my dad was speaking and debate and my goal of providing a voice for agriculture in able to resume teaching me showmanship skills and watch me show for politics. By working as a lobbyist, I plan to help agriculture by influencing the first time. I also brought Jenny to compete in showmanship, where policy and legislation that would positively impact the industry. I we again placed 3rd. To this day, I still have the mud-splotched, white firmly believe that agriculture needs more representation in politics, ribbon that my 11-year-old self proudly showed off, hanging out of my especially with fewer lawmakers having ties to agriculture. I hope to use my agriculture background and college experience to make a positive back pocket for everyone to see. difference on agriculture. In the future, I plan to consider running for With my interest in showing Holsteins, I was soon introduced to our local political office on the state or national level, to serve my community, and Holstein Club and the dairy bowl contests in fall of 2012. I instantly fell in again provide a louder voice for agriculture in politics. love, realizing all I had to do was memorize some facts, and I could soon be faster than the older kids. I will never forget the amount of fun I had at For personal goals, I hope to maintain my involvement in the National my first State Holstein Convention; I made so many new friends who loved Holstein Association, as I age out of the Junior Association. I know that cows as much as I did, and I was faster than anyone else on the buzzer. a great deal of hard work and responsibility is obtained through raising Soon after, I was counting down the days to attend my first national show cattle, and I plan to pass along those experiences to my future convention. It was my entire team’s first time competing on the national children. I also hope to follow the footsteps of my greatest mentor, Kirsten stage. During the contest, my team fought hard, but in the end suffered Areias, and help promote the junior association to dairy enthusiasts, and two losses and we became runner-up national champions. I think it’s safe help cultivate the next generation of future dairy leaders. to say, that anyone else who had studied relentlessly for nine months, I truly am lucky to have found the industry where I belong and am grateful made hundreds of flashcards and lost by a few points would have quit. If for the opportunities I was provided. I am so thankful I said yes to joining they hadn’t then, they probably would have when they came back again, our local Holstein club, because it has brought me some of my greatest after winning junior jeopardy the next year, to getting knocked out of the memories and friends, and I look forward to helping make that possible junior dairy bowl contest in two rounds the following year. But I did not. I for other youth in the future. let my past trials fuel me to come back and finally win the national dairy Excerpts taken from “My Story of Junior Holstein Work” bowl contest on my third attempt, and it was the greatest feeling ever. 52 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021


2020 California All-Americans & Junior All-Americans SPRING YEARLING






BHHD Claim To Fame-Red Miles, Mcray & Madison Price and Hayden & Hunter McIsaac

Blexys Crush Budweiser-ET John Cunningham and Ross Risner

Ruann Doorman Gay-91519-ET Graisson & Mandy Schmidt and Tyler Dickerhoof






ZBW M KD Lori Siemers Holstein Farms and Arizona Dairy Company

Alfinch Zelgodis Taci Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba


Oakfield GC Darby-ET Frank & Carol Borba, Frank & Diane Borba, and Duckett Holsteins

2021 ALL-AMERICAN CONTESTS Open & Junior Holstein and Jerseys 2021

Entry Forms available September 1 on cowsmo.com All Entries due by November 15!


2020 California R&W All-Americans & Junior R&W All-Americans SPRING YEARLING






BHHD Claim To Fame-Red Miles, Mcray & Madison Price and Hayden & Hunter McIsaac

Ms Unstopabul Beauty-In-Red Graisson & Mandy Schmidt and Arizona Dairy Company

MD-Hillbrook Instagram-Red Phil Topp, Chris & Jen Hill, Chad Umbel, and Frank & Diane Borba






Arb-Flo-Spr Honeybun-Red-ET Jacey & Hadley Ross

Flower-Brook Corena-Red Miles, Mcray & Madison Price and Hayden & Hunter McIsaac


Meadow Green Ferocity-Red Triple T, Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba

Congratulations to Everyone!


California All-American & Junior All-American Nominations B&W and R&W


NOM. ALL-AMERICAN SPRING YEARLING Ms SidBeauty Blk Diamond-ET Eaton Holsteins, Brad & Cindy Murphy, and Frank & Diane Borba

MD-Hillbrook Instagram-Red Phil Topp, Chris & Jen Hill, Chad Umbel, and Frank & Diane Borba




Cheers Avalanche Charley-ET Rocco Cunningham

APGambo Atwood Keenan Alexandra Gambonini, and Stephen & Patrick Maddox

Jacobs Doorman Mikelle-ET Xavier Silveira


Ms PG PV Beemer Magical Hayden & Hunter McIsaac and Kylie Konyn


Claquato Apple Cider-Red Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk

KW-BHL U Dewberry-Red-ET Chloe & Chase Vander Eyk




Roll-N-View 1MoreTime-Red Stephen & Patrick Maddox and Arizona Dairy Company


St-Jacobs Destry Lava-Red Graisson & Mandy Schmidt and Arizona Dairy Company

Ms Barb Act Beauty-Red-ET Maple-Leigh, T&L Cattle, Graisson & Mandy Schmidt and Mike Berry


Ms Exels Doorman Bella-ET Hank & Carolyn Van Exel


T&R Azevedo Nikita Jenkins Aidan Azevedo


MD-Hillbrook Indablue-Red Phil Topp, Chris & Jen Hill, Chad Umbel and Frank & DIane Borba

Kathy Kathy Robinson Robinson B E N E F I T




July 24, 2021

Durrer Barn | 3501 Dunn Rd. | Modesto, CA Please join us to support Frank and Kathy Robinson as Kathy battles Guillain Barre Syndrome.

On September 17, 2020, Kathy was hospitalized after being found in her bed unable to move from the neck down. Her condition deteriorated quickly as she became unresponsive and lapsed into a coma that lasted for six weeks. Kathy remains on a ventilator today, but is alert and able to communicate using an alphabet board. Your support in the way of a donation, healing thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement are all greatly appreciated by the Robinson family as Kathy continues to fight a daunting physical and emotional battle.




4:00 PM Drive Thru Pick Up | 6:00 PM No-Host Cocktails | 6:30 PM Sit Down Dinner With a $50 donation, your ticket includes a BBQ Tri-Tip and Chicken dinner, prepared by "Chopper Frank".

Tickets can be purchased by contacting any of the committee members below: Linda Teixeira (209) 402-8305 Hank Van Exel (209) 810-0880 Joey Airoso (559) 967-5258 Ken Melvold (559) 906-1714 Kelley Gregorio (209) 663-3772 Geneva McCall (209) 602-5101

This event is proudly sponsored by the California Holstein Association. All proceeds will be donated to the Robinson family to cover Kathy's health care needs and the costs associated with treatment.


SALES IN REVIEW The Gil-Tex Stampede Sale 2021 was of the Breed) from the Muranda Oscar held February 13 in Turlock with an Lucinda (VG-86 GMD DOM). incredible average of $6665 on 120 lots. High Selling Holstein Choice was Lot A, High selling Live Lot was Lot J1, Seacord First Choice Thunder Storm or Alligator Howacres Tesla (EX-93), All-American from Idee Windbrook Lynzi-ET (EX-95), Senior 3-Year-Old 2020, who sold for All-Canadian 5-Year-Old ‘19 and Reserve $66,000 to River Valley Dairy, IL. She was Grand Champion, Ontario Summer Show consigned by The Jordan Group, The ‘20. The choice was consigned by JM Franchise, River Valley & FTA Syndicate. Valley, Allyn, Gendreau and Borb and Lot G2, an IVF Session from Ms T-Spruce purchased for $19,000 by JLD Genetics, Legacy 13312-ET was consigned by France.

was managed by Cattle Exchange and Ken Melvold Sales and grossed $2,814,800. Topping the sale was Butlerview Door AK 9312-ET, and Excellent Doorman granddaughter of BVK Atwood AbriannaET (EX-92). She was purchased by Fresno State for $3900.

Also selling to Fresno State was Cal-Ticino A Lilly 2557-Red, an Archangel from VG86 Absolute full sister to Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-Red (EX-94 2E). She was backed T-Spruce Farm, MN, and purchase by The Gen-Ace Holsteins Complete by 8 more VG/EX dams back to A Tora Peak Genetics for $72,000. The dam was Dispersal was held March 18. The sale Triple Threat Lulu (EX-96 GMD DOM). +2991G A2A2 Legacy (#7 DWP$ Heifer

Congrats to the Gil-Tex Stampede Sale crew on an outstanding sale!


Cal-Ticino A Lilly 2557-Red sold fo $3700 to Fresno State.


Remembering Friends JAMES “JIM” CARVALHO

eventually moved to southern California and settled in Corona where he continued to work in the dairy industry. While working he started to James “Jim” Carvalho was born on February 8, 1951 to proud parents, purchase and raise heifers. Joe and Adeline Carvalho, in Turlock, CA. He was the youngest in the Tony met his former wife and married in 1959 and they had three family and had two older brothers, John and Joe Carvalho. Jim was children. In August of 1968 he packed his small family and moved to raised with his siblings on the family dairy farm in Crows Landing, CA. Turlock, California to fulfill his dream of owning his own dairy. It was He learned the family business at a young age and developed a love a family affair with the children having their own duties. Tony was in for agriculture. Jim attended the local Mountain View Elementary and the dairy business for many years. After the dairy he remained active in Junior High School. He went on to graduate from Turlock High School in the agriculture industry with various jobs. The latest was selling hay & 1969 and attended Modesto Junior College. Jim enlisted in the National commodities to local dairies until just weeks before his death. Guard and served from 1970-1976. Jim married the love of his life, Fran Drake, on October 26, 1974 in Fremont, CA. He continued to work and Tony loved his trips to the coast, whether it be Pismo Beach, Monterey or dairy at his family’s farm and later bought the business with Fran. After any other coastal destination. Along with that came his love for seafood they were married, they moved to Crows Landing and lived on his and a glass of wine. He loved going out to eat and enjoyed good home family’s dairy farm where they started their own family. They welcomed cooked meals as well. One thing his children learned over the years was their son Michael, and two years later their daughter Melissa followed. not to call while he was eating. If he did answer, it was to say he was Jim was a dairy and almond farmer throughout his entire career in agriculture. His business grew over the years as he was blessed to be able to work alongside his wife, Fran and son, Michael. Family was always very important to Jim as he loved taking trips with Fran to visit all of his cousins and extended family over the years. In February 2012, his first granddaughter Mallory was born and in September 2014, his second granddaughter Audrey joined the family. He was a doting grandfather and never missed a sports game, dance recital, or school performance. Jim loved camping with family and friends, going to car shows in his 1965 Pontiac GTO, hanging out with the “Mountain View” crew at Pismo Beach - where he was the “Music Man” - and dancing the night away anywhere there was music and fun to be had! He also enjoyed going to concerts, traveling and shooting a game or two of pool in his basement. He belonged to the Westside Auto Club, Telco Bowling League, PFSA, Turlock Pentecost Association past president, Our Lady of Miracles and Sacred Heart Church. Jim was an active community member and was always there to help a neighbor or friend. Jim passed away on April 2, 2021 at his residence after being diagnosed with lung cancer in October. Jim is survived by his wife, Fran Carvalho; son Michael (Alison) Carvalho; daughter Melissa (Nathan) CarvalhoUbl; his brothers John (Nancy) Carvalho and Joe E. Carvalho; and grandchildren Mallory and Audrey Carvalho. He is also being mourned by many nephews, great-nephews, nieces, great-nieces, great-great niece, brothers- in-law, sisters- in-law, aunt, uncles and cousins. Jim was preceded in death by his parents Joe and Adeline Carvalho and nephew Andy Carvalho. Jim will be missed and never forgotten. He was a wonderful man who loved life and his family. Our love for him will live on in our memories and be carried on through our shared stories..

eating “I call you later”.

Tony loved his family and many good friends over the years. His children, grandchildren and great grandchildren meant the world to him. He always did his best for them. Tony instilled a strong work ethic, love of family and friends, caring for others and a love of good food in his children and great grandchildren. His children and grandchildren will pass these traits on to Tony’s great grandchildren with love. Tony is survived by: daughter Annette Cozzitorto (Louie) of Gustine; son Tony De Mello Jr. (Uriel) of Turlock; and daughter Lisa Bettencourt of Tulare; sister Mary Galloway (Sam) of Chino and brother Ricky De Mello (Loraine) of Chino; grandson Louie Cozzitorto III (Jennifer); grandson Martin Cozzitorto (Ashley); grandson Tony Bettencourt (Liz); granddaughter Jennifer Miguel (Hunter); great granddaughter Kerrington Cozzitorto; great granddaughter Kensington Cozzitorto; and great grandson Ezra Miguel. Tony is also survived by Velma De Mello of Newman Tony was preceded in death by his son-in-law Tony Bettencourt and his parents Antonio and Amelia. Tony was a member of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Hilmar. He was also Director for Turlock Pentecost. Tony served as President of St. Anthony’s, Patterson from 1970-1971, President of Our Lady of Fatima, Turlock from 1982-1983 and President of Our Lady of Miracles, Gustine from 1984-1985.

The Family would like to thank Alexander Cohen Hospice for the care and compassion they showed Tony while he was in their care. Donations can be made in memory of Tony, to Alexander Cohen Hospice 2201 In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Jim Carvalho Euclid Avenue, Hughson, CA, 95326. Scholarship Fund for agriculture students at Chase bank.



Henry Massaro went home to our lord at the age of 94 on February 20, Antonio (Tony) Dutra De Mello, age 84, of Hilmar, California entered 2021. peacefully into rest on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 with his children by his side. Tony was born April 2, 1937 in Porto Judeu, Terceira, Azores to He was a hardworking man with a quiet, strong spirit. The family he made with Dorothy, his wife of 65 years, meant the world to him; and was Antonio Fraga De Mello and Amelia Dutra De Mello. the foundation in which he grounded his life. He loved hosting family In 1956 as a teenager, he immigrated with his parents and siblings to dinners and gatherings, especially those that featured his homemade California. The family settled in Lemoore California, where Tony began gnocchi and where he could frequently be heard yelling out “Mangia!” working along, side his father at a dairy milking cows. The family 60 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021

Henry was born to Clara Natalina Griollone Massaro (Azzano d’Asti, Italy) and Giuseppe (Joe) Massaro (Montaldo Scarampi, Italy) in Chowchilla, CA in 1926 where he grew up. Following his graduation from Chowchilla High School, he worked on the family farm until 1950 when he left to serve in the United States Army and Reserves until 1952. Upon his return from military service, Henry’s passion for dairy life grew, as well as his herd of registered Holsteins. Henry met the love of his life on a trip with friends to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: which is where Dorothy DiSalvo caught his eye. The story goes that friends coaxed him to call out her name, which he did, and the rest was history. Henry and Dorothy (Hank and Dot) were married on June 5, 1955. Exactly one year later, to the date, their first child Stephen was born. Four years later they welcomed their daughter Teresa, and four years after that, Linda.

Henry always felt that one should give back to those that helped you succeed. In doing so, he was very active within the local FFA & 4-H organizations. He would hold annual field days for youth to come out to his dairy and experience a day on the farm. That involvement developed into a 12-year seat on the Chowchilla High School Board of Trustees. It was at that time that he spearheaded the drive to build a football stadium, which is now dedicated in his name; one of his proudest honors. Henry had a deep sense of faith that he passed on to his children. He attended St. Columba Catholic Church in Chowchilla and was a member of the St. Columba YMI.

It was once said that Henry was a quiet man, but when he spoke, you should probably listen. He will be remembered as a stable and strong patriarch, a hardworking dairyman, a humble gentleman, a generous Through determination and a lot of hard work, Henry and Dorothy and loyal friend, and a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather. built a new home and dairy facility in Chowchilla. His passion for the registered Holstein business would go on for more than six decades, Henry is preceded in death by his mother, father, and older brother during which time he developed close relationships with many dairy Johnny Massaro. families that he cherished all his life. He lives through, and is survived by, his wife Dorothy Massaro; brother Henry was very involved within all aspects of the dairy industry, local Peter Massaro and his wife Etta; sister-in-law Edna Massaro; son Stephen agriculture, and in his community over the years. He was a proud Massaro and his wife Kathryn; daughter Teresa Massaro; daughter Linda member of the Madera/Fresno DHIA, Madera County Farm Bureau, Prieto and her husband Harold; four grandchildren, Nicole Massaro, California Holstein Association and served on the Danish Creamery’s David Massaro (Julie Lundy), Claire Prieto, Grace Prieto; and many more Board of Directors. He was part of a group of dairymen that started the family members. county’s Springer Heifer Show and Sale at the Chowchilla Fair, was a founding member of the Merced Mill Co., served on the Madera County Grand Jury and was awarded Madera County Farmer of the Year in 1996.

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California Genomic Leaders Top 10 GTPI Marketed Males Rank


Animal Name




Short Name

Marketed By

Sire Stack



Ruann Ace-95949-ET






Hilmar-D Legacy Warner-ET





JLG Enterprises

Brass x Battle x Denver


Select Sires, Inc.

Legacy x Imax x Delta



Hilmar Bosa-ET





Semex Alliance

Timberlake x Achiever x Delta



Hilmar-D B Rascal-ET





Alta Genetics

Bundle x Resolve x Rubicon



Vanden-Berge Nows Harper





Select Sires, Inc.

Renegade x Hotline x Rubicon



Slo-Train Piper-ET





RuAnn Genetics

Petro x King Royla x Silver



Hilmar-D Riveting Caviar-ET





Select Sires GenerVations Riveting x Imax x Delta



Terra-Linda Rome 10384-ET





Global Ag Alliance

Rome x AltaAmulet x Supershot



Ruann Mor Titan-276





RuAnn Genetics

AltaMorris x Brennan x Kingboy



Jett-Fuel C Rocketeer-ET





JLG Enterprises

Crimson x Modesty x Rodgers

Top 9 GTPI Heifers

Top 9 PTAT Heifers Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Animal Name RUANN MOOVIN APPLE-3223-ET Stephen & Patrick Maddox AGRESTI ARTIST DYMOND-ET Hil-Port Holsteins RUANN MOOVIN GLORY-1403-ET Stephen & Patrick Maddox RUANN WAR APPLE-1017-RED Stephen & Patrick Maddox RUANN W APPLE-96116-RED-ET Stephen & Patrick Maddox RUANN UPGRAD GLORY-11764-ET Stephen & Patrick Maddox RUANN MOOVIN JEAN-1142-ET Stephen & Patrick Maddox TERRA-LINDA HANCOK 10626-ET Terra Linda Dairy RUANN MOOVIN JEAN-4160-ET Stephen & Patrick Maddox

PTAT 4.20 4.13 4.06 4.06 4.00 3.96 3.90 3.87 3.84


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Animal Name CAL-ROY-AL SWEETS 4857-ET Kevin Leroy Ornellas VISTA-LC CAPTAIN 5899-ET Sierra Vista Dairy, LP TRIFECTA H 18295-ET Trifecta Genetics SILVER-ELITE CAPT HONOR-ET Silveira Dairy RUANN POSI NORAIN-5577-ET Stephen & Patrick Maddox TERRA-LINDA ZAZZLE DAWN-ET Terra Linda Dairy VISTA-LC CAPTAIN 5910-ET Sierra Vista Dairy, LP RUANN ALPHA NORAIN-5784-ET Stephen & Patrick Maddox TERRA-LINDA ZSBR CHELSEA-ET Terra Linda Dairy TRIFECTA H 18249-ET Trifecta Genetics TERRA-CALROY ZAZ DELIGHT-ET Terra Linda Dairy & Cal-Roy-Al Partners TERRA-LINDA ZAZL DESTINY-ET Terra Linda Dairy

GTPI 3070 3048 3026 3026 3025 3009 3004 3002 2995 2993 2993 2993

Dinomi Holsteins The Migliazzo Family, Atwater, Calif. 865 cows • 97.2% Homebred Average Age-Adjusted Classification Score - 83.0 economic standpoint to be sustainable in the dairy industry,” Milk: 33,302 Fat: 1,267 Protein: 1,071 Dino shared. He says programs such as Holstein COMPLETE and Four-Year Honoree TriStar have been especially beneficial for the herd of 860 cows. Because of their herd size, the Migliazzo family is involved in the farm from both a labor and a management standpoint. Attention to detail and consistently doing things right is the Their goal is to breed functional, high-producing cows. “We really foundation for success at Migliazzo and Sons Dairy in Atwater, focused on high quality milk that exceeds components above California. “You can’t really slip in any area and expect to have and beyond what you would get from an average Registered excellence if you’re not giving your 100%,” Dino Migliazzo said. Holstein,” Dino said. Milk from Migliazzo and Sons Dairy is made Dino farms along with his brother, Dante, and his son, Loren, into cheese, and they recently received the top-quality award who plays an important role as the farm manager. from Hilmar Cheese Company, a testament to their attention to “Holstein has helped us focus on what’s important from an detail year in and year out. 62 « CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021

Breeder Advertiser Directory 1. AIR-OSA DAIRY 11275 Road 96, Pixley, CA 93256; 559-967-5258; apanamajoe@aol.com 2. CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY San Luis Obispo, CA 93407; 805-756-2560 3. CALORI-D HOLSTEINS 2621 Hall Rd., Denair, CA 95316; 219-667-7783; stelynm2012@gmail.com 4. CRANEHILL GENETICS 21859 Crane Ave., Hilmar, CA 95324; 209-596-7532 5. DENIER GENETICS 10715 Arno Rd., Galt, CA 95632; 209-745-4982; rjd.denier@gmail.com 6. EXEL’S HOLSTEINS & JERSEYS 20002 N. Thornton Road, Lodi, CA 95242; 209-334-3292; hvanexel@hotmail.com 7. EYK’S HOLSTEINS 10279 Road 80, Pixley, CA 93256; 559-757-7104 8. FDB HOLSTEINS 25381 E. Dodds Road, Escalon, CA 95320; 209-838-3483; fdbhol@aol.com 9. FIRE LAKE JERSEYS PO Box 1024, Hilmar CA 95324; 209-678-3261; natalie.sanders@hotmail.com 10. GEN-ACE HOLSTEINS 6555 Blue Gum Ave., Modesto, CA 95358; 209-545-0685; genace1@aol.com 5 6 8 10,1 11,1 32,13, 1 5 9 4, 9, 17

11. GIL-TEX HOLSTEINS 5601 Mt. View Rd., Turlock, CA 95382; 209-985-2400 12. MB LUCKY LADY FARMS 2323 W. Keyes Road, Modesto, CA 95358; 209-531-0202; smb1982@aol.com 13. MODESTO JUNIOR COLLEGE 435 College Ave., Modesto, CA 95358; 209-575-6053 hobbyb@mjc.edu 14. MUIR IMAGE HOLSTEINS 242 Star Dr, Hanford, CA 93230; 559-816-2860; rontoledo@comcast.net 15. NELSON FARMS 5931 W Tuolumne Rd, Ceres, CA 95307; 209-613-3288; nelsondarmsca@aol.com 16. RUANN GENETICS 7285 W. Davis Ave., Riverdale, CA 93656; 559-867-4457; ruannpat@aol.com


17. VALLEY GEM 19566 Portofino Ct, Hilmar, CA 95324; 209-634-9964; cubs@um.att.com

14 2

18. VANDEN BERGE DAIRY 11701 Old River Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93311; 661-340-6448; vbdairy@aol.com


19. WEST-ADUB HOLSTEINS 2760 Jubilee Ave, Turlock, CA 95380; 209-595-0055; jsilva@altagenetics.com



Index to Advertisers Airosa Dairy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 All-West Select Sires. . . . . . . . . . . . IFC Arizona Dairy Company. . . . . . . . . 45 ATA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 FDB Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Cal Poly. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Calori-D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39

Connor AgriScience. . . . . . . . . . . . . IBC Cranehill Genetics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Denier Genetics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Exels Holsteins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Eyks Holsteins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Farm Credit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 FDB Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

Fire Lake Jerseys. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Garton Tractor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 Gen-Ace. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Gil-Tex. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Golden Link. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Hilmar Cheese. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 MB Lucky Lady. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

Modesto Junior College. . . . . . . . . 53 Muir Image Holsteins. . . . . . . . . . . 44 Nelson Farms. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Paule-View Transport. . . . . . . . . . . 68 Pioneer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Revolution Genetics. . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Ross Lee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49

Ruann Genetics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9 Trans Ova Genetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Valley Gem. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Vanden Berge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 West-Adub Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . 40 World Wide Sires. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021 » 63

Membership Directory A.L. GILBERT COMPANY P.O. Box 38, 304 N Yosemite, Oakdale, CA 95361 209-847-1721

BARCELLOS, Tom & Felomena T-Bar Dairy 14851 Rd. 168, Porterville, CA 93257 559-784-5160; tbardairy@barcellosfarms.com

*ACUNA, William 946 Apple Ave, Greenfield, CA 93927 831-297-2782 williamacuna1230@yahoo.com

*BARRETT, Siana 3600 Hwy 152, Dos Palos, CA 93620 408-813-3345; sjsisi@aol.com

ADAMS, Lantz * Kolbi, Rikki PO Box 714, Laton, CA 93242 559-896-0909; adamscows@msn.com AGRESTI-ASSALI, Dominic Double D Dairy 1441 E Monte Vista Ave, Ceres, CA 95307 209-592-0281 doubledholsteins@yahoo.com AIROSO, Joe & Diane Joey & Laurie; Joseph & Kelci *Phillip, Ruby Airosa Dairy P.O. Box 1087, Tipton, CA 93272 ALAMO, Joe * John, Michael Alamo Dairy PO Box 99, Keyes, CA 95328 209-537-2939; dairyalam@aol.com ALMEIDA, Brandon Brand-O Holsteins PO Box 296, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-620-1432; brandonalmeida@me.com ALMEIDA, Anne & John PO Box 296, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-595-3499; annealmeida@me.com *AMABILE, Taylor & Jaelyn 2127 Arroyo Ct, Los Banos, CA 93635 AMARANTE, Patrick Lazy-A Holsteins 1307 Costa Del Sol, Shell Beach, CA 93449 209-605-1971; lazya241954@gmail.com ANDERSON, Constance 2208 Forest Lane, Ceres, CA 95307 209-247-5616, 209-380-9647 pixieknoll@charter.net AREIAS, Dennis A & Kirsten Den-K Holsteins, Inc 13315 Baker Rd, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-826-6242; denk@elite.net AREIAS, Jim Jr. 15688 W Henry Miller, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-604-7837; jareiasjr@gmail.com *ARNTZ, Clayton, Audrey, Macy 8939 Poplar Ave, Cotati, CA 94931 707-779-9221; arntzclayton@yahoo.com aarntz20@petk12.org, karntzphs@yahoo.com

BEGLINGER, Nick, Diane, Nick Jr., Heidi 7329 County Rd 16, Orland, CA 95963 503-865-8031 BERETTA, Jennifer 3233 Llano Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 707-695-2977; jens4x4@comcast.net *BERGLAND, Karinna, Tanner 2287 Catania Ct, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-743-4297; suzieberg1@gmail.com BETTENCOURT, David, Margaret, Austin *Gavin, Tristin, Kaiya DayMar6 Ranch 13132 W Linwood Ave, Turlock, CA 95380 209-277-3542; daymar6@aol.com abettencourt1995@gmail.com *BETTENCOURT, Jaxon PO Box 942, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-262-4019; krstn703@aol.com *BETTENCOURT, Ally 13799 East Ave, Turlock, CA 95380 209-678-2203 bettencourtmonica@yahoo.com BLAGG, Tyler * Nathan 12630 Atkinson Rd, Lodi, CA 95240 209-747-8118; tyler@agland.org *BLANCHARD, Presley & Jamison 28459 Rd 56, Visalia, CA 93277 559-799-7473; sissyl1980@aolcom *BLOUNT, Madison 5530 Ehrlich Rd, Turlock, CA 95380 209-678-0558; kathyblount3@gmail.com BORBA, Clarence * Emma 10695 Escalon Bellota Rd, Escalon, CA 95320 209-480-4416; rockincbulls@aol.com BORBA, Frank & Carol FDB Holsteins 25381 E Dodds Rd, Escalon, CA 95320 209-838-3483; FDBHol@aol.com BORBA, Frank & Diane * Frank Jr. MB Lucky Lady Farms 2323 W Keyes Rd, Modesto, CA 95358 209-531-0202; mbluckylady@gmail.com

*AZEVEDO, Aidan 21480 August Ave, Hilmar, CA 95324 azevedodairy@gmail.com

BORBA, Louie Lumar Dairy Farms 7215 S Prairie Flower Rd, Turlock, CA 95380 209-495-8438; lumardairy@gmail.com

BALISTRERI, Dominic 555 Chileno Valley Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-326-3032; dbalistreri1123@gmail.com

BORGES, Manuel & Jeannette 18355 E. Munro Ave, Stockton, CA 95215 209-466-1828


BORGES, Justin & Breanne 10408 S Van Allen Rd, Stockton, CA 95215 209-620-3454; bfilippini2@gmail.com *BORGES, Haylee 14588 Houston Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-772-9007; hayleeborges@gmail.com BRACCO, Ed & Bettie * Emma, Gracie Rocky Terrace Holsteins 30071 E Sonora, Farmington, CA 95230 209-886-1094; febracco45@aol.com *BRANCO, Jax PO Box 364, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-495-8075; jlbdairy@gmail.com *BRASIL, Tyler 6524 Perrin Rd, Manteca, CA 95337 209-629-6305; fsbrasil_dairy@yahoo.com BRAZIL RANCHES PO Box 750115, Petaluma, CA 94975 707-878-2217; jbr1097@aol.com BRAZIL, Robert 555 Fair Ave, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-765-2235 BRAZIL-RAMIREZ, Kristy 7560 Blair Ave, Rohnert Park, CA 94928 707-765-2235 BURROUGHS, James Sierra Vista Dairy LP 22426 E Monte Vista Ave, Denair, CA 95316 209-874-9446; sierravistacows@gmail.com CABRAL, Tony & Vonnie Cal-Cab Holsteins 765 Alta Vista Ct, Galt, CA 95632 209-744-6932; youngelise@yahoo.com squirrelskinner@live.com CARVALHO, Michael * Mallory, Audrey Carvalho Farms 11443 Crows Landing Rd, Crows Landing, CA 95313 Michael 209-765-7354, Jim 209-765-4355 michael@carvalhodairy.com J4cow@yahoo.com CASTELANELLI, Larry Castelanelli Bros. 401 W. Armstrong Rd., Lodi, CA 95242 209-369-9218 *CHAMPI, Giovanna, Julietta 4670 N 11th Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-816-1464 legacyofmemory@yahoo.com *CHAPMAN, Jon, Chloe Gil-Tex Holsteins PO Box 507, Keyes, CA 95328 805-801-0463 californiaholstein@yahoo.com CHEDA, Larry Cheda-Hills 3272 Old Adobe Rd, Petaluma, CA 94954 707-762-3854 *CHEVALIER, Rylee & Caden Zendi Farms 421 Sonoma Mtn Road, Petaluma, CA 94954 707-478-8256; zendifarms@aol.com

*CINCERA, Clayton, Kelsey Jean 4270 Concord Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 707-953-7244 emmy.eichner@shorelineunified.org *CLAFLIN, William 1043 Woodlawn Ave, Devore, CA 92407 909-454-8106 william.b.claflin@gmail.com CODERNIZ, Frank & Betty, Alison, Diane Coderview Holsteins 40396 W Valeria Ave, Dos Palos, CA 93620 209-392-6735; coderview_cows@yahoo.com COEHLO, Tim Rabbit Patch 24212 Rd 5 1/2, Chowchilla, CA 93610 559-706-1660 ; TNT313@thegrid.net COLEMAN, Marc *Mitchell 19566 Portofino Ct, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-634-9964; ,cubs@um.att.com CORREIA, Katharine * Connor, Bristol 181 Andrews Circle, Tulare, CA 93274 559-303-5481 katharinecorreia@yahoo.com COSTA VIEW FARMS 16800 Rd 15, Madera, CA 93637 559-675-3131 ginam.costaviewfarms@gmail.com

DEGROOT, Tony Anthony De Groot Dairy 3012 Grangeville Blvd, Hanford, CA 93230 559-584-9363 brianwaymire087@gmail.com DEMELLO, Tony Chairein Holsteins PO Box 3836, Turlock, CA 95381 209-404-9540; tddemello@earthlink.net DENIER, Fred & Richard Cal-Denier Dairy, LLC 10715 Arno Rd, Galt, CA 95632 209-745-4982; fdenier@softcom.net DENIER GENETICS PO Box 221753, Carmel, CA 93922 831-626-0451; rjd.denier@gmail.com *DENIZ, Darren, Shelby, Andrew Zendi Farms 421 Sonoma Mtn Road, Petaluma, CA 94954 707-478-8256; zendifarms@aol.com DENIZ, Lucas & Lisa, Ernie, Eddy Deniz, Vicky Prior & Becky Chevalier Zendi Farms 344 Lynch Rd, Petaluma, CA 94954 707-484-3798; ,zendifarms@aol.com DERAADT, Jake Eden-Vale Dairy 6944 21 1/2 Ave., Lemoore, CA 93245 559-904-3760; jakederaadt@gmail.com

*COZZI, Justin 16501 State Hwy 33, Dos Palos, CA 93620 209-769-4665; jtcozzi@icloud.com

DESNAYER, Paula DeSnayer Dairy 23243 N Rond Rd, Lodi, CA 95242 209-327-6140; desnayer@gmail.com

CRANEHILL GENETICS 21859 Crane Ave, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-652-3511; cranehillgenetics@aol.com

DEVISSER, Adam 383 Farinelli Parkway, Escalon, CA 95320 209-604-7383; whtgld4u@aol.com

CSUF AG FOUNDATION Kyle Thompson - CSUF Dairy 2415 E San Ramon Ave M/S AS 75, Fresno, CA 93740 559-278-2873; kthompson@csufresno.edu

DEVISSER, Peter 21268 E Avena Rd, Escalon, CA 93706 209-838-7383; PRdeVisser@aol.com

CUNNINGHAM, John & Lynn R John Holsteins 4338 Lichau Rd, Penngrove, CA 94951 707-974-8700; haysource@aol.com CUNNINGHAM, Rocco 4338 Lichau Rd, Penngrove, CA 94951 roccopenngrove@aol.com * DANBOM, Collin 5831 S Tegner Rd, Turlock CA 95380 209-277-1271; bddairyfarms@gmail.com DAVIS, Les & Bernadette * Madeline, Melissa 1308 W Mt Whitney, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-816-1616; bellarosabernie@aol.com DAVIS, Michael 1308 W Mt Whitney, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-707-9377 DAVIS, James & Tara * Ava, Jaxon TA-RO-LEE Holsteins 301 Robertson Blvd, Chowchilla, CA 93610 559-665-3068 tara.davis.r8bu@statefarm.com

*DEVRIES, Jennifer 17215 Wild Rd, Helendale, CA 92342 760-881-6784; rixt.jennifer2003@hotmail.com *DIGIOVANI, Taciana 5400 S Quincy Rd, Denair, CA 95316 209-678-3772; cowdoc2005@yahoo.ca *DONALDSON, Megan PO Box 156, Tomales, CA 94971 707-292-3277; jenn.crayne@yahoo.com *DOOLEY, Eva PO Box 1347, Hanford, CA 93232 559-904-4410; kepenyes@me.com *DOOLEY, Owen & Shane 4985 Ave 272, Visalia, CA 93277 559-799-7996; thedooleys@yahoo.com DORES, Michael & Brittney PO Box 874, Hughson, CA 95326 209-678-0553; bespindula22@yahoo.com DOTINGA, Michael Hilltop Holsteins 4900 Dodds Rd, Oakdale, CA 95361 209-605-5111

DOUGLASS, Heath 6254 Co. Rd. 17, Orland, CA 95963 530-680-4545; cafarmerhd@gmail.com DUARTE, Joe Duarte Acres 8413 Faith Home Rd, Ceres, CA 95307 209-632-1987 DURRER, Chris & Leo Durrer Dairy/Lorita Holsteins 8461 Beckwith Rd, Modesto, CA 95358 Chris 209-595-5315, 209-765-1859 Leo; loritahols@aol.com DUTRA, Tom Nutrius 2120 W Vine St, Lodi, CA 95242 209-969-6399; tdutra@nutrius.com DYKSTRA, Johnny Dykstra Dairy 6801 Ave 176, Tulare, CA 93274 559-967-0961; dykstra036@aol.com *DYT, Callista, Doreen, Anneke, Ellie 22748 Kilburn Rd, Crowslanding, CA 95313 209-837-4391; jacquiedyt@gmail.com EDLUND, Dennis Slice O’Heaven Ranch 13525 Montfort Rd, Herald, CA 95638 916-207-4796 sliceofheavenranch@gmail.com www.sliceofheaven.com

FERNANDES, Gary, Garrison, Peyton, Angelica FernOak Farms 10002 Ave 144, Tipton, CA 93272 559-684-8220 FERNANDES, Jared * Delainee, Jacob Legacy Ranch 1910 Bordeaux Ct., Tulare, CA 93274 559-308-6241; FernandesJared@gmail.com fernoak@unwiredbb.com *FERNANDES, Jillian 1443 Windsong Dr, Tulare, CA 93274 559-972-4024; race_chic77@yahoo.com FERNANDES, Joey Fernjo Farms 22601 Rd 148, Tulare, CA 93274 559-688-1842; fernjo@juno.com FERNANDES, Josh *Luke, Gianna, Ava Legacy Ranch 2450 La Paloma Dr, Tulare, CA 93274 559-684-8220 FERNANDES, Landon, Collin, Preston Fernjo Farms 22601 Rd 148, Tulare, CA 93274 559-280-1850; fernjofarms@gmail.com *FERREL, Kaitlyn 2311 Henry Miller, Los Banos, CA 93635

*EDMAN, Emmett 3955 Canal Ln, Winters, CA 95694 530-304-4724; jedman@ucdavis.edu

FIRE-LAKE HOLSTEINS PO Box 1024, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-678-2670

*ELMER, Mackenzie, Lindsay, Timothy 1216 Birch Ave, Escondido, CA 92027 760-999-0406; elmerTimH@gmail.com, lindsayelmer@gmail.com cowgirl.kenzie99@gmail.com

FISCALINI, Brian Fiscalini Farms 7206 Kiernan Ave, Modesto, CA 95358 209-346-0384; bfiscalini@gmail.com

ERICKSON, Suzy 3511 W Sandy Mush Rd, Merced, CA 95341 EVANGELO, Jason Evangelo Holsteins 6970 Corona Ave, Kingsburg, CA 93631 559-816-0321; jasonevangelo@hotmail.com EVANGELO, Matthew & Lauren Evangelo Holsteins 6970 Corona Ave, Kingsburg, CA 93631 559-816-4224; mevangelo@hotmail.com EVANGELO, Terrie Evangelo Holsteins 6926 6th Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-816-8660; evangelo@hughes.net EVANGELO, Tony & Carolina 5324 W Prospect Ct, Visalia, CA 93291 559-741-9646; tevangelo@gmail.com FARIA, Frank & Patti Golden State Breeders 13182 S. Robinson Rd, Escalon, CA 95320 209-838-2342; FrankFariaFDI@aol.com FERNANDES, Austin, Greg, Gregory * Rhegan FernOak Farms 22800 Rd 148, Tulare, CA 93272 559-688-5695 Austin FERNANDES, Frank * Hayley, Maddie, Frankie Legacy Ranch 14690 Ave 232, Tulare, CA 93274 559-684-8220

*FORSTER, Kyleigh 1060 Calamity Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93314 661-619-8023; cforster78@aol.com *FREITAS, Joey 13799 East Ave, Turlock, CA 95380 *FUMASI, Ava, Mary 6142 W Seeger Ct, Visalia, CA 93277 559-623-9202; fumasitx@gmail.com GAMBONINI, Frank, Stacey, Alex * Sammi Gamlake Dairy 7149 Lakeville Hwy, Petaluma, CA 94954 707-762-2581; gamlakedairy@gmail.com apgambo@gmail.com, calpenney@gmail.com frankiegambonini@gmail.com sgambonini@gmail.com www.gamlakedairy.com

GENASCI DAIRY 6555 Bluegum Ave, Modesto, CA 95358 209-765-7111; genace1@aol.com GENASCI, Andrew, Kevin, Matthew, Grant Genasci Dairy 6555 Bluegum Ave, Modesto, CA 95358 209-765-7111; genace1@aol.com GENASCI, Steve, Tom Genasci Dairy 3213 Jackson Rd, Modesto, CA 95358 GERBER, Larry 11706 Blue Oak Dr., Oakdale, CA 95361 209-846-5535, 209-484-0651 larrygrandslam@comcast.net GH DAIRY 14651 S. Grove Ave, Ontario, CA 91762 909-806-6455; ghd123@earthlink.net GIPE, Alpha & Sherri 6885 W Oak Ave, Merced, CA 95341 209-358-9377; AWGipe@aol.com *GLASS, Hunter, Ashley 201 Pleasant Ave, Auburn, CA 95603 916-343-2743 *GOMES, Allyson 2343 Cool Springs Ct, Los Banos, CA 93635 559-493-1216; yankeesnik73@gmail.com *GOMES, Colby 3370 Hwy 33, Gustine, CA 95322 209-854-2831; dmgomes@att.net *GOMES JR., Daniel 1373 Merganser Ct, Newman, CA 95360 209-602-2472; dhdgomes@yahoo.com GOMES, Stan Tulare High School Farm 591 W Bardsley, Tulare, CA 93274 559-687-7390 mike.mederos@tulare.k12.ca.us GORDON, Laura 3554 W Oakridge Ave, Visalia, CA 93291 559-750-7640; gordon494@gmail.com GOYENETCHE, Michael G3 Dairy 5829 East Panama Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93307 661-845-4564; G3Dairy@aol.com GRAI-ROSE CATTLE CO. PO Box 245, Tomales, CA 94971 608-797-2855; grairosecattle@gmail.com grairosecattle.com *GREGORIO, Gabbie 10950 E Jahant Rd., Acampo, CA 95220 209-663-3976; doubleg1221@gmail.com

*GARCIA, Kendall 4316 Savoie Ct, Modesto, CA 95356 209-409-2340; garciafam4316@gmail.com

*GREIDANUS, Shae 15887 Ave 264, Visalia, CA 93292 sgreidanus1@gmail.com

*GARCIA, Dylan, Evan 1836 Marroneto Ct, Tulare, CA 93274 559-686-1864; wegotmilk@aol.com

GROSSI, Annette 3550 Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 94947 415-897-6762

GARCIA, JR., Tony 6455 California Ave, Modesto, CA 95358 209-818-9696; GarciaDairy@hotmail.com

GROSSI, Dominic S. * Bryce, Paige 3666 Novato Blvd, Novato, CA 94947 415-897-8461; nancygrossi@gmail.com

GASPAR, Steve Parreira-Gaspar Dairy 15997 Ave 188, Strathmore, CA 93267 559-381-0947; sagaspar03@gmail.com

GROSSI, Henry M. PO Box 398, Valley Ford, CA 94972 707-776-7826; hmg82350@gmail.com

GROVE, Jordan Jaye-Be Holsteins 2218 Old Ranch Pl, Santa Rosa, CA 95405 707-538-0524; r-dgrove@sonic.net

*JEFFRIES, Peyton 25951 Red Pony Ln 831-455-6707 peytontortoise@gmail.com

HAKKER, Roger & Cheryl Hakker Dairy 12499 Idaho Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-816-9084; RAHakker@yahoo.com

*JIMENEZ, Jacqueline 10815 Arno Rd, Galt, CA 95632 209-745-4982; elisagomezdeJ@hotmail.com

HAMM, Jack & Pati Lima Ranch 13438 N Thornton Rd, Lodi, CA 95242 209-334-5422; mooovers@aol.com HASTINGS, Joel DairyBusiness 1625 Howard Rd #313, Madera, CA 93637 315-430-7378; jhastings@dairybusiness.com www.dairybusiness.com HATH, Leon & Amy * Ryan, Trevor Hath Dairy PO Box 69, El Nido, CA 95317 209-756-2266; hathdairy@sbcglobal.net HAY, Mike 375 Apricot St, Nipomo, CA 93444 805-448-3661; mikenjenniehay@aol.com *HAYLEE, Borges 14588 Houston Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-772-9007 HENDERSON, Stan 1504 Las Brisas, Paso Robles, CA 93446 805-748-2863; shenders@calpoly.edu HERZOG, Max K & Marilyn Sleepy Hollow Dairy 7689 Lakeville Hwy, Petaluma, CA 94954 707-762-2870; maxh@webperception.com HILLCREST DAIRY 1901 N Hayden Rd, Le Grand, CA 95333 209-382-0669 *HODGES, Heather PO Box 164, Kerman, CA 93630 209-398-0329 hodgescowgirl2005@gmail.com HOMEN, Johnny * Jaden Homen Dairy 7498 S Combs Rd, Merced, CA 95341 209-564-1443; jshomen75@icloud.com HORICK, Carol Drakes Bay Holsteins & Ayrshires P.O. Box 333, Point Reyes, CA 94956 415-663-9268; missckowz@att.net

JLG ENTERPRISES P.O. Box 1375, Oakdale, CA 95361 209-847-4797; info@jlgenterprises.com www.jlgenterprises.com JOHN DE GROOT & SONS DAIRY 6105 W Lincoln Ave, Fresno, CA 93706 559-233-3594; jdgdairy@aol.com charlie_dg@hotmail.com JONES, Rick Jones Farms Dairy 19133 W Sixth Ave, Stevinson, CA 95374 209-634-4754 *JONES, Charlie, Lucas 1843 N Hart Rd, Modesto, CA 95358 209-380-2695 KAMPER, Rodney Glenn Mt Whitney Dairy 20784 S Marks Ave, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-867-4204 KAMPER, Travis 2836 W Mt Whitney Ave, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-288-1791; tkamper@yahoo.com KASBERGEN, Cornell Rancho Teresita Dairy 21744 Rd 152, Tulare, CA 93274 559-804-7393; ckasbergen@aol.com KASBERGEN, Cornell Rancho Teresita Dairy 21744 Rd 152, Tulare, CA 93274 559-804-7393; ckasbergen@aol.com *KASBERGEN, Kate, Camryn, Colt Kash-In Holsteins & Jerseys 21744 Rd 152 Tulare, CA 93274 559-469-6675; kasbergens@gmail.com KENNEDY, Angie All-West Select Sires 1374 Burlwood Ct, Tulare, CA 93274 559-909-2220; ranchobanos@yahoo.com KIDDER, Matt & Bridget T-Bar Dairy 14851 Rd. 168, Porterville, CA 93257 559-784-5160; bridgetk@barcellosfarms.com

HORICK, Danielle 1939 Aodbe Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-787-7416; dehorick@gmail.com

KISST, John & Tamela, John Jr., Andrew, Alayna, Jenavieve & Jaqueline Kisst Dairies P.O. Box 300, Ripon, CA 95366 209-832-3077; kisstdairy@aol.com

HUMPHREYS, Lisa * Allie 704 Waltz Ave Gerber, CA 96035 530-526-0611; lhumphreys09@gmail.com

KOETSIER, Edwin Oakview Dairy 6626 Ave 228, Tulare, CA 93274 559-972-0107; cowsforus@aol.com

*HUSK, Brayden 3233 Llano Rd Santa Rosa, CA 95407 707-695-2977 cosmobeauty2282@yahoo.com

*KONYN, Kylie, Kiara Aspire Holsteins 2165 Oro Verde Rd, Escondido, CA 92027 760-644-3401; kylie@konyndairy.com stacy@konyndairy.com

JACOBI, Siebren Rocking S Dairy 3301 Ladd Rd, Modesto, CA 95356 209-556-7002; siebrenjacobi@gmail.com

KUBER, Ron & Connie Connor Agriscience 13428 E Herndon Ave, Clovis, CA 93619 559-779-5961; ron@connoragriscience.com www.connoragriscience.com CALIFORNIA ANNUAL 2021 » 65

*LABNO, Johnny 20471 Palm Ct, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-226-3806; labnojohn3@gmail.com *LAGE, Mia, Jenna 1287 Santa Ines Ct, Petaluma, CA 94954 707-696-7850; kspaletta@comcast.net LANGUM, Dan & Denise, Matt, Melissa 16048 Sexton Rd, Escalon, CA 95320 209-324-4462 LANGUM, Tina 1521 Pioneer St, Escalon, CA 95320 209-838-2011; jrsygrl99@hotmail.com LASALLE, Amber Slo-Train Holsteins 1855 Westminster Ln, Turlock, CA 95382 559-260-8310; amber.1@allw LASALLE, Robert 10663 Ave 7 1/2, Firebaugh, CA 93622 559-659-1944; boblasalle@aol.com LAWRENCE, Matt Your Legacy Genetics 13610 Ave 208, Tulare, CA 93274 LEAL, Jace Leal Dairy 7027 Ave 208, Tulare, CA 93274 559-799-9540; lealdairy@gmail.com LEE, Ross & Gina Leemode Holsteins PO Box 581497, Modesto, CA 95358 209-606-8237; Rlee@leemodelaw.com LEGACY RANCH PO Box 1149, Tipton, CA 93274 559-757-3754; fernandesjared@gmail.com *LEONARDO, JT, Destinee 5601 E Clarkson Ave, Selma, CA 93662 559-904-2246; didialeonardo@yahoo.com *LEWIS, Cole PO Box 4, El Nido, CA 95317 209-564-7587; lewisn@helenachemical.com *LIGHTFOOT, Annika, Natalia 4165 Pathway Lane, Turlock, CA 95382 alilite@att.net *LINDAHL, Jamee 32446 Rd 144, Visalia, CA 93292 559-737-0515; dlindahl@ul-tra-tech.com LOCKE, Jacob P.O. Box 1087, Tipton, CA 93272

MACHADO, Johnny * Emori, Adison, Kenadie, Kaelyn 7413 S Mitchell Rd, Turlock, CA 95380 209-652-6929; machadodairy209@live.com *MACIEL, Collin, Colby, Carlee 1175 Plymouth Ave, Atwater, CA 95301 209-777-0911; armdeep4u@aol.com MADDOX, Patrick Ruann Dairy 6805 W Davis Ave, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-867-3442; ruannpat@aol.com MADDOX, Stephen Jr. & Haley Maddox Dairy 12883 W. Kamm Ave, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-866-5624; smaddoxjr@hotmail.com MADDOX, Steve & Brenda Maddox Dairy 12877 W. Kamm Ave, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-866-5308; sdmaddox@yahoo.com *MANCEBO, Hannah, Rachel 21480 Rd 16, Chowchilla, CA 93610 559-908-8083; cmancebo2@hotmail.com *MANCEBO, Sarah 14999 Ave 232, Tulare, CA 93274 559-759-2131; sarahmancebo@yahoo.com MARCHY, Bob & Lori * Bobby, Cole, Billy Marchy Dairy 5049 Morgan Rd, Ceres, CA 95307 209-678-1265; lmarchy@aol.com MARTIN, Daniel & Jill *Kestin & Kinley 2599 Doral Ct, Tulare, CA 93274 559-280-7020 dmartin@westernmilling.com MARTIN, Karen Edystar Farms 12948 Welch St., Waterford, CA 95386 209-874-2026, 209-606-5066 Cell edystarfarms@att.net MAST, Calvin & Lorraine Calori-D Holsteins 2625 Hall Rd, Denair, CA 95316 209-535-0524; callorim@yahoo.com MAST, Stephen Calori-D Holsteins 2621 Hall Rd, Denair, CA 95316 209-613-8872; stelynm2012@gmail.com

*LOPES, Alexandria, Selina, Joseph 9270 S Whitworth, Gustine, CA 95322 209-854-1665; pandd95@gmail.com

MAST, Rebekah Calori-D Holsteins 504 Sunday Dr, Turlock, CA 95382 209-484-6682; rebekahmast34@gmail.com

LOPES, Caitlin * Celeste 17381 Cotton Gin Rd, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-826-0479; caitlinlopes96@gmail.com

MATHERON, Duane, Dale, Ryan, Aaron Hilmar Holsteins 21859 Crane Ave, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-634-7523; hilmarholsteins@aol.com

*LOPES, Jaedyn PO Box 683, Denair, CA 95316 209-535-0929; kalee.lopes26@gmail.com

MCCLELLAND, George, Dora, Jana McClelland’s Dairy 6475 Bodega Ave, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-664-0452; ,info@mcclellandsdairy. com www.mcclellandsdairy.com

*LOPES, Landon 415 Somerset, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-675-0250; llandon1212@gmail.com LUPO, Bill 4861 N Warren, Fresno, CA 93705 559-224-2881; williamlupo@comcast.net


MCCLELLAND, Robert & Jolynn *Collin, Luke Robert McClelland Dairy 13200 Valley Ford Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-876-3292; jemcows@yahoo.com

MCISAAC, Neil, Jessica *Hunter, Hayden, Hettie Two-Rock Holsteins PO Box 76, Tomales, CA 94971 707-763-0334; nmcisaac3@gotsky.com MEDEIROS, Cathy 1299 Lloyd Thayer Circle, Stockton, CA 95206 209-406-9239; marcat1299@aol.com MEDEIROS, Kyle Medeiros Holsteins 632 Riverdale Ave, Laton, CA 93242 559-923-4031; kylekylem13@aol.com MEDEIROS, Melvin, Christina, Keegan Mel-Tina Holsteins 808 E. Coleman Ave, Laton, CA 93242 559-816-1121 mel_tinamedeiros@yahoo.com MELLO, Joe 625 Monroe Ave, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-826-0490 *MELLO, John, Bailey 9635 16th Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-469-7038; ondriamello@yahoo.com MELVOLD, Ken Ken Melvold Sales & Service 6178 N Blosser, Fresno, CA 93711 559-906-1714 *MENDES, Caitlin 3790 Hwy 198, Hanford, CA 93230 559-707-3768; mendesm99@gmail.com *MENDES, Mason 12499 Idaho Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-381-2762; mendescowmen@gmail.com MIGLIAZZO, Dino & Dante Migliazzo Dairy 3645 W Bradshaw, Atwater, CA 95301 209-756-5588 Dino, 209-769-9525 Dante, 209-658-5438 Vincent; migdairy@elite.net MIGUEL, Dennis & Melissa Miguel Family Dairy 8413 Bridgeport Dr., Hilmar, CA 95324 209-216-7730; dmanhlstns@hotmail.com *MIGUEL, Donavan 19526 Gibraltar Ct, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-534-9135; dennis19526@charter.net *MOITOZO, Christina 9786 Whitworth Rd, Gustine, CA 95320 209-620-3593; scandmo@gmailcom MONTEIRO, David Monteiro Bros Dairy 19850 S Polk, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-867-4987; dmonteiro_24@yahoo.com MONTIERO, Sandi Hurtgen 3300 63rd St., Sacramento, CA 95820 209-404-9260; 924wedding@gmail.com MORASCI, George 4601 Vivian Rd, Modesto, CA 95358 209-652-7151; westportcadream@aol.com MORETTI, Linda 1240 Dutch Lane, Penngrove, CA 94951 707-795-3451; boballinda@gmail.com MORETTI, Mike & Monique, Amanda, Danny Moretti Family Dairy 3000 Whitaker Bluff Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-878-2010; 2m.dairy@gmail.com, morettifamilydairy@gmail.com

MT WHITNEY DAIRY 20784 S Marks Ave, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-867-4204 *MUIR, Carter 242 Star Dr, Hanford, CA 93230 559-816-2860; rontoledo@comcast.net MULAS, Michael Arroyo-Vista Holsteins 2034 Fremont Dr, Sonoma, CA 95476 707-695-8930; mulas@vom.com *MULL, Mykel, Layne PO Box 846, Chowchilla, CA 93610 559-975-5366; randimull@gmail.com MURPHY, Denny & Stephanie Cal-Crest Holsteins 7387 S Kenneth, Fowler, CA 93625 559-905-3720

NYLUND, Rodney V. Nylund Dairy PO Box 250, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-634-7520; nylunddairy@gmail.com OLIVEIRA, Freddy Anchor-Vue 3993 Lander Ave, Stevinson, CA 95374 209-652-3501; anchorvue@gmail.com OLIVEIRA, Joe 20635 American Ave, Hilmar, CA 95324 *OLIVEIRA, Morgan, Joseph, Madison 20635 American Ave, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-652-5397 marilena_cabral@yahoo.com OLUFS, Carly 651 Fairview Ct, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-762-4374; carlyojerseys@yahoo.com

*MYERS, Logan 832 E Lyndale, Tulare, CA 93274 559-991-5718 christinareneeakins@gmail.com

OMLIN, Heidi * Jody, Sierra 6400 S Mitchell Rd, Turlock, CA 95380 209-402-2249; cowcrazychic@aol.com

NASCIMENTO, Daniel, Kristen, Matt J&M Nascimento Dairy PO Box 10, Snelling, CA 95369 209-769-6535; JMNAS@aol.com

*ONSUREZ, Jennifer 14300 Ave 228, Tulare, CA 93274 559-467-6811; onsurez8@outlook.com

NELES, Anthony *Annie, Ross Cal-Nel Holsteins 22030 Bonness Rd, Sonoma, CA 95476 707-938-3387 NELSON, Brent Nelson Farms 3004 Salluce Dr, Denair, CA 95316 209-632-6197, 209-613-3288 nelsonfarmca@.com NELSON, Brian Nelson Farms 1012 Bennington, Turlock, CA 95382 209-632-6197, 209-613-3288 nelsonfarmca@.com NELSON, Dwayne & Irene Nelson Farms 5931 W Tuolumne, Ceres, CA 95307 209-632-6197, 209-613-3288 nelsonfarmca@.com *NEVES, Elizabete 19595 Sanford Dr, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-667-8617; elizabete7neves@gmail.com NISSEN, Kat E7187 County Rd W, Rock Springs, WI 53961 209-639-1715; katsholsteins@gmail.com NUNES, George Marcrest Holsteins 3105 N. Trindade, Atwater, CA 95301 209-722-1326 gmnunes43@gmail.com NUNES, Tom Nunesdale Farm 8933 Oakmont Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95409 707-484-6304; nunesdale@aol.com www.tnunes.com NUNES, Tom & Lindsey 4379 South Sperry Rd, Denair, CA 95316 209-678-2540; mzdairygrl@att.net *NUNES, Allison, Alfred Jr., Morgan 342 N Mitchell Rd, Turlock, CA 95380 209-678-2401; tinarnunes@gmail.com

*OPPEDYK, Jon PO Box 98, Corcoran, CA 93212 559-288-5665; soppedyk@gmail.com ORNELLAS, Kevin, Leroy Ornellas Dairy 20749 Lammers Rd, Tracy, CA 95304 209-835-5204, Kevin cell 209-649-8626; ,lornellas@caldsl.net *PACHECO, Elijah 2363 Silver Leaf Lane, Turlock, CA 95382 PACHECO, Jerry, Arlene & Brian * Matthew Pacheco Dairy 19950 W Belmont, Kerman, CA 93630 559-846-9686; bpacheco@kermantel.net *PACHECO, Olivia, Ethan, Matthew 22890 Ingomar Grade, Los Banos, CA 93653 209-827-6877 rosiepacheco0919@gmail.com *PAOLINI, Victoria 1161 Bellflower Way, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-201-6786; ,mpascuet@gmail.com *PAREIRA, Henry, Jack 2489 Turlock Rd, Snelling, CA 95369 209-563-6342; jmpareira@yahoo.com PARREIRA, Mike & Danielle * Summer 1442 Clarete Ave, Tulare, CA 93274 209-499-8477; mikeparr76@aol.com *PARSON, Madilyn Hilmar Holsteins 20454 3rd St, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-652-3540; heromatheron@yahoo.com PAULO, Lacee Paulo-Bro/ Designer Genes 388 W Harold Griswold Way, Hanford, CA 93230 559-212-1937; lpaulo@holstein.com PAULO, Rodney Paulo-Bro 388 W Harold Griswold Way, Hanford, CA 93230 559-362-4008; rodp@yahoo.com

PEDROTTI, Don, Kelly * Kyle 5396 Elk River Rd, Eureka, CA 95503 707-498-1022 PEDRETTI, Gino III & Michelle Pedretti Ranches 235 E. Roosevelt Rd, El Nido, CA 95317 209-756-1612; ginoiii@sbcglobal.net PEREIRA, Richard *Taylor, Jordan, April Pure-Pride Holsteins 27205 E Carter Rd, Escalon, CA 95320 209-470-3946; 209-838-8234 pureprideholsteins@yahoo.com, esclmama@aol.com PERRY, Carl & Julie Clover Prairie Farm 22682 Williams Ave, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-632-9100; hayloftpigeon@aol.com PIETERSMA, Ronald C. Legend Dairy Farms P.O.Box 2500, Chino, CA 91708 909-627-2100; legenddf@aol.com PIMENTEL, Luis A 11375 Bruceville, Elk Grove, CA 95624 916-870-0452 PIRES, Lourence L&L Pires Dairy PO Box 581973, Modesto, CA 95358 PLOCHER, Rick Cache-Acres Holsteins 36021 Co Rd 18A, Woodland, CA 95695 530-661-0268; rickplocher@gmail.com

*RENATI, Reese 5560 Carroll Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-477-7352; renee@asbagent.com RIEBLI, Jim * Emma Jim Riebli Dairy 295 Rainsville Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-953-8962; jimrieblidairy@gmail.com RIEBLI, Marie P.O. Box 1075, Penngrove, CA 94951 707-484-5287; riemar@aol.com *RIESENBECK, Wyatt PO Box 506, Escalon, CA 95320 209-985-2926; mzriesey@att.net ROCHA, Joey 4211 Riopel Ave, Denair, CA 95316 209-678-5189; joey.rocha@algilbert.com *ROCHA, Karley 405 San Fernando St, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-564-1072; karley.me2008@gmail.com ROCHA, Manuel 13967 Alta Mesa Rd, Galt, CA 95632 209-712-2761; rocha.manuel.1952@gmail.com *ROEST, Alexis 5621 Sun Glen Dr, Salida, CA 95368 209-648-2607; bulltastic@hotmail.com ROEST FAMILY DAIRY 3812 S. Morgan Rd, Turlock, CA 95380 209-632-6464 *ROSA, Mary, John, Thomas 10074 2ND Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-362-1147; hollydrosa@yahoo.com

PORTER, Herman 2608 Cameo Ct, Bakersfield, CA 93304 661-832-4498; porter2608@yahoo.com

*ROSS, Jacey, Hadley 19135 E Elliot Rd, Mesa, AZ 85212 602-300-8552; az-farmgirl@hotmail.com

PRATHER, Jason & Theresa T-Bar Dairy 14851 Rd. 168, Porterville, CA 93257 559-784-5160

*ROWLEY, Cort James 32592 Rd 144, Visalia, CA 93292 559-798-0322; cowboycort@sbcglobal.net

*PRINS, Abbigail, Arie 2289 Kaiser Creek, Tulare, CA 93274 559-688-1807; jprins950@aol.com *PRIOR, Abby Zendi Farms 421 Sonoma Mtn Road, Petaluma, CA 94954 707-478-8256; zendifarms@aol.com QUARESMA, Raymond & Sue 5300 E Perrin Rd, Manteca, CA 95337 209-825-7774, 918-7774 Cell quaresmadairy@aol.com QUIST, Jim Conquistador Holsteins 5500 W Jensen Ave, Fresno, CA 93706 559-647-1284; pk1jq@hotmail.com REBIERO, Jon * Rebiero Kids Trinkler Dairy Farms 3351 W Keyes Rd, Modesto, CA 95358 209-652-5343; jrebiero@trinklerfarms.com *REIDMAN, Evie, Konrad 3237 Pacer Dr Norco, CA 92860 714-315-9110; agrox98@gmail.com RELVAS, Stephen, Beverly, Kris, Kristine & Kimberly Rel-Vista, Inc. 8448 S Carpenter Rd, Modesto, CA 95358 209-538-1875

RUANN DAIRY 7285 W Davis Ave, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-867-4457; ruanndm@aol.com RYNSBURGER, Andy 18591 Ave 192, Strathmore, CA 93267 SA, Jeffrey Valley Tech Ag Services 2120 K St., Tulare, CA 93274 559-688-5684; jeff@vtaglab.com SAGARIA, Ray & Diane 631 Rainsville Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-287-2320; diane.sagaria@zeiss.com SALCIDO, Joe H 12215 Rushville Ct, Bakersfield, CA 93312 661-477-2015; joe.salcido@yahoo.com *SANCHEZ, Logan 11735 Houston Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-381-0893; megansanchez04@yahoo.com *SANDERS, Joshua PO Box 1024, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-678-2670; nicolesanders0014@gmail.com SANDERS, Natalie PO Box 1024, Hilmar, CA 95324 209-678-3261; natalie.sanders@hotmail.com SANTOS, Carl 1769 Pinto St, Tulare, CA 93274 559-802-2375 csantos@westernmilling.com

SANTOS, Mike Terra Linda Dairy 4433 Ave 232, Tulare, CA 93274 559-358-5345 terralindagenetics@gmail.com SAWYER, Chris Diamond S Ranch 600 Roberts Ferry Rd, Waterford, CA 95386 209-874-2312; chris.sawyer61@gmail.com SCALA, Caralee, Tracy 8233 Hwy A-12, Montague, CA 96064 530-459-5788 SCHALLBERGER, John Schall-B Holsteins 10799 N Alpine Rd, Stockton, CA 95212 209-369-2546; m.schallberger@yahoo.com SCHEENSTRA, Steve S & S Dairy 5311 Ave 272, Visalia, CA 93277 559-687-2620 *SCHOHR, Joe 765 Berry Patch Ct, Gridley, CA 95948 707-481-5654; mmschorhr@gmail.com *SCIALO, Blake & Chloe 2011 Idaho Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-730-1921; vincescbfarms@yahoo.com SILACCI, Ben & Jessica Silacci Dairy 4349 Lakeville Hwy, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-338-5950; jessbefarm@aol.com SILVA, Billy & Jennifer *Aspen, Hartley, Barrett Silvamoon 2313 Bancroft Rd, Modesto, CA 95358 209-548-9312; silvamoon3@yahoo.com thislittlepiggy3@yahoo.com SILVA, Brett & Celeste * Braden, Brooklyn 20508 W Cotton Rd, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-829-9117, 209-704-9118 bcsilva3113@gmail.com SILVA, Greg 756 W Encore Dr, Hanford, CA 93230 559-250-0138; gregsms@sbcglobal.net *SILVA, JonMichael & MarcAnthony 6113 Jackson Ave, Hanford, CA 93230 559-731-2317; jesseloisasilva@yahoo.com SILVA, Joseph West-In Holsteins 2760 Jubilee Ave, Turlock, CA 95380 209-595-0055; jsilva@altagenetics.com SILVA, Pat 2101 Cherrywood Ct, Hanford, CA 93230 SILVA, Robert L. 20565 W Cotton Rd, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-826-2074 SILVA, Robert & Natalie * Robert, Tyler, Matthew Double S Ranch 1000 E Critchett Ave, Tracy, CA 95304 209-832-2483; ninap99@aol.com SILVEIRA, Johnny & Terianne * Logan, Lauren Silveira Dairy 11380 Ave 22, Chowchilla, CA 93610 559-967-3921; silveira.dairy@yahoo.com

SILVEIRA, Lester Bella-Boo Farms 3337 Baker Way, Live Oak, CA 95953 530-870-1551; ,lesters305@gmail.com *SILVEIRA, Madison 7701 White Crane Rd, Atwater, CA 95301 209-206-2662; SilveiraBrit@gmail.com SILVEIRA, Manuel III 23356 W Short Ave, Hilmar, CA 95324 *SILVEIRA, Xavier 23376 Short Ave, Hilmar, CA 95324 mdsilveira3@yahoo.com SIMAR, Ivan, Sr. 3955 Coffee Rd, Sp 97, Modesto, CA 95355 209-604-9450; simarivan@gmail.com *SOARES, Cody, Wyatt, Shane 19230 Spruce Rd, Los Banos, CA 93635 209-509-8603; piper9507@gmail.com SOARES DAIRIES LP 9201 Hilmar Rd, Turlock, CA 95380 209-613-5977 *SOUSA, Ethan & Ryan 7857 Nelson Rd, Stockton, CA 95215 SOUZA, Anthony & Leaine *Brayden, Alissa, Colin Ace-High Holsteins 13573 Liberty Lane, Hanford, CA 93230 559-805-5469; dairyjock98@hotmail.com SOUZA BRO. DAIRY *Breanna 3325 McCullagh Rd, Stevinson, CA 95374 209-652-5288; danjsouza@hotmail.com SOUZA, Daniel Big De Farms 8415 S Valentine Ave, Fresno, CA 93706 559-497-5142 *SOUZA, Jiselle, Jax, Kennedy 330 S Vincent Rd, Turlock, CA 95380 209-535-6067; bb16bayou@sbcglobal. net, love4jerseycows@gmail.com SOUZA, Tim Pietersma & Company 1830 W Manor Dr, Visalia, CA 93291 559-738-3717; timsouza@aol.com SPALETTA, Ernie & Nichola, Rebecca, Ernest Jr. Spaletta Dairy 22000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Point Reyes, CA 94956 415-699-8836; nspaletta@gmail.com SPALETTA, John, Paul, Samantha, Jeremy Spaletta Ranch 837 Chileno Valley Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-763-4002 *SPOTSWOOD, Arielle PO Box 2654, Aptos, CA 95001 831-234-2553; arilee_spotswood@aol.com *STAFFORD, Emma 3535 Skillman Lane, Petaluma, CA 94952 707-762-8772; DMSGrossi@gmail.com SWEENEY, Pat 4075 Santa Maria Pl., Turlock, CA 95382 209-667-5075 SWEET HAVEN DAIRY 10467 W Kamm Ave, Riverdale, CA 93656 559-866-5414

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HILMAR CHEESE COMPANY, INC. 8901 North Lander Avenue, P.O. Box 910, Hilmar, CA 95324 209.667.6076 hilmarcheese.com


FARMING FOR OUR FUTURE The future comes fast. You plan, you adapt,


you innovate, because that’s what keeps you in business and what keeps this country fed. And we’re here to help — for all the tomorrows to come.

A nationwide network of customer-owned associations supporting rural communities and agriculture with reliable, consistent credit and financial services.

FarmCreditAlliance.com (855) 611-4110 toll free


American AgCredit


Farm Credit West



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