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A publication for the CCA community California College of the Arts San Francisco | Oakland Spring 2007 | Volume 15, No. 2

Centennial Campaign Assures the Future of Culture Dear Friends, This year California College of the Arts marks a historic achievement: 100 years of leadership in education through the arts. This is a time to bring together alumni, students, parents, faculty, trustees, staff, and friends of the college to celebrate our past, to reflect on the hard work and values that brought us to this moment, and to consider CCA’s tremendous potential for the future. Creativity plays an increasingly crucial role in our society, and CCA’s founding ideals have never been more relevant. Artists, architects, and designers have become leaders in a culture that relies on an expansion of both technological innovation and creative content. The San Francisco Bay Area is the locus for much of this development, and CCA’s impressive enrollment growth, influential faculty, and outstanding alumni have made it a leading educational resource in the region. CCA is celebrating its 100th anniversary with its most ambitious fundraising effort to date: the Centennial Campaign. This special $25 million campaign will meet the college’s pressing needs and assure its future. An infusion of contributions into facilities ($10 million), the financial aid endowment ($10 million), and academic programs ($5 million) will put us at the forefront of arts education, preparing our students to shape the future of our culture. As the college’s reputation grows, more of the brightest students nationwide are applying to the school. Since 2000 undergraduate applications have grown by 84 percent. Young people are drawn to CCA because of the quality of the faculty, the small class sizes, the focus on studio-based instruction, and the breadth of disciplines we offer. And it is these very elements of a CCA education that are the most costly. Thanks to the generosity of lead donors to the Centennial Campaign, CCA has raised, as of April 2007, $21.6 million of the $25 million we need. In the coming months, the trustees will continue the Centennial Campaign fundraising effort. We will be opening this special campaign to include all CCA friends and alumni, asking each of you to join in making an investment in the future of culture, in new generations of creative leaders, and in an educational institution that enriches creative practice worldwide. I would like to extend a special thanks to CCA trustee Judy Timken, chair of the Centennial Campaign. Her leadership has been central to our success. And many sincere thanks to the campaign donors who have become our partners in this pivotal moment in the 100-year history of one of the best art schools in the country.

ann hatch Chair, Board of Trustees

B U I LDI NG A T R A D IT I O N Le g aci e s of Teachin g by vicky elliott

Great teachers live on through their students, as artistic traditions are kindled and kept alive. CCA is full of rich connections with its past, and on the occasion of our centennial, we trace the lines of influence of two important figures in the history of the college who are fondly remembered by current faculty members. Pillars of design and the fine arts, respectively, and very different in both temperament and teaching style, Wolfgang Lederer and Jason Schoener worked closely together for decades. Lederer, a graphic designer and illustrator of elegant and impeccably proportioned books, was classically trained in Leipzig, Paris, and Prague—-“more Bach than Mozart,” as one of his colleagues puts it—-and was a man of broad artistic interests. Schoener, a painter with a practical bent and a love of sumptuous color, was always there to encourage his students and make things possible, helping them discover their own paths. Each in his own way shared the aesthetic grounding and commitment to practical skills that is at the heart of a CCA education.

Wolfgang Lederer, a member of CCA’s design faculty from 1941 until 1980 and long the doyen of the department, was an exacting taskmaster. His students learned from him that art was serious work, and if they weren’t in their seats by 8 a.m. he would lock the latecomers out. “He always pushed me beyond what was comfortable,” the San Francisco designer Michael Vanderbyl recalls. Vanderbyl effortlessly made As and graduated with distinction in 1968, but Lederer refused to let him slide by on his talent alone.   He knew Vanderbyl had studied the Swiss typographers and had an affinity for them, so to test his star pupil, “he would pick the absolute ugliest typeface for me to work with.” Yet Lederer was caring as well as supremely knowledgeable. “You just felt the   wisdom there, and the skill and the grace in the way he taught,” Vanderbyl remembers. After Vanderbyl began working in San Francisco, Lederer had him come back every year for a show-and-tell with his students. And in 1973, after Vanderbyl had started his own business, Lederer offered to have him teach a beginning class in graphic design. The rest, as they say, is history. With a rigor and sense of artistic integrity that are as strong as his mentor’s, Vanderbyl has inspired generations of students. Vanderbyl says he likes the “unbridled enthusiasm and fear and excitement” of his novice pupils. “Designers get bogged down in what it takes day to day to perform this task.” Teaching at his alma mater once a week is a salutary reminder of why he loves what he does so much. “People ask me if I get my best ideas from my students, and I say, ‘Never.’” But teaching gives him new insights. “You talk in great detail about things that you do intuitively, and it helps you find out more about yourself. It makes me a better designer.” At a panel in Los Angeles last fall, Vanderbyl found himself discussing the profession with a former student and now CCA colleague, Eric Heiman (Graphic Design 1996). Heiman, who spent a productive semester in Vanderbyl’s thesis class, says he has always been impressed at how down-to-earth and open Vanderbyl is in person, despite his formidable reputation, and how the energy he puts into teaching has never waned. Heiman’s thesis project was a circuitous journey that took the single word play as its point of departure. It started at a bar where he liked to hang out, and with the

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reflection that while he was there enjoying himself, someone else was at work. So he sought out the bartender and asked him where he went to unwind, photographing him at work and then at play, which led to companion portraits of a string of other people. Previous page, left to right: Jason Schoener (center) consults with students Frank Lilef and Herbert Simon in his evening painting class, 1968; Wolfgang Lederer, illustration for Sonnet on Chillon by Lord Byron This page, left to right: Michael Vanderbyl, Exhibitor Show poster, 2005; G. Dan Covert, Eric Heiman, and Andre Andreev, 2007 Opposite page, clockwise from top left: Eric Heiman, Uneasy Nature exhibition catalog, 2006; David Huffman, Steppin’ Stone, 2006; dress code (Andre Andreev and G. Dan Covert), Never Sleep, 2007

He had started out wanting to make a film; Vanderbyl insisted, however, that he should make a book and came up with the accordion format that Heiman eventually employed to present the material. Sometimes Heiman wanted to challenge his professor, but he was always forced to concede that Vanderbyl was right. He says he came away with a sense of critical scrutiny that guides him in both his work and his teaching. “I hated it in the moment, when I put my hand to the fire, but that was the stuff that I remember the most. I do it with my own students, too,” he says. A case in point is Andre Andreev (Graphic Design 2005), “a great form maker,” says Heiman, “who could have coasted along on his talent.” Andreev snagged a job with MTV right out of college and now works in its On Air department, and he says he is grateful Heiman expected so much of him. He marvels at how thoroughly Heiman conceptualizes his work, carrying his overall message down to the tiniest, barely visible element. “Making things look pretty is definitely not enough,” says Andreev. “He digs deeper. He’ll take a concept and execute it on a macro and   micro level.” In his classes with both Heiman and Vanderbyl, Andreev absorbed that “design is a way of thinking, as opposed to a way of making. With the thinking that we acquired at CCA, we can make whatever we want. The medium is subservient to the idea.” Andreev moonlights on evenings and weekends with his friend G. Dan Covert (Graphic Design 2004) on dress code, the design company they cofounded, and they are also putting together a book titled Never Sleep about the transition between student and professional life. True to their billing, the two tireless friends are now team teaching at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and continuing to spread the ideas they first discovered at CCA. Andreev sums up succinctly what he owes to Heiman: “He taught us that no detail is small enough to overlook.” And perhaps it is not surprising that Vanderbyl describes his debt to Lederer in almost the same words. It may take inventive new forms, but a tradition of excellence will inevitably reproduce itself.

[ 4 ] glance spring 2007

From 1953, when he first arrived from Ohio, until 1996, when he taught his last class, Jason Schoener was a warm and comforting presence and a constant source of strength and support on CCA’s fine arts faculty. Charles Gill (Painting 1955), a painter and printmaker whose own history with CCA spans 60 years, dating back to the Saturday classes he took as a teenager, happened to be there on the balmy afternoon when Schoener first drove onto the Oakland campus with his wife, Virginia, and “at least one cat in the back of their station wagon.” As Gill remembers it, he was hanging out with his friends Robert Bechtle and Bob and Penny Dhaemers (who would also make their mark on the Bay Area art scene), and they gave the Schoeners some pointers on finding a place to live. In 1966 Schoener hired Mary Snowden, who is now chair of CCA’s Painting /   Drawing Program, and she still remembers how welcomed she felt as a junior member of the faculty. She had left a much better paying job at UC Berkeley, where as a recent graduate she was at the bottom of the hierarchy and didn’t even rate a mailbox. At CCA she was treated as an equal, and both Schoener and Lederer took the time to sit down with her and give her helpful advice on what she should be including in her classes. One cardinal principle she took from Lederer, she recalls, was always to tell students the purpose of an assignment and why they would find it useful later. From Schoener she learned that the students came first. Schoener would set up a series of rules for procedure, but then, as the situation called for it, he would bend and twist them to best serve the case at hand. “Jason was a stand-up guy,” remembers Gill, who became Schoener’s colleague when Schoener invited him to teach printmaking in 1959. “He went to bat for all of us. He helped us do what we wanted to do.” If anyone had a good idea, Schoener was willing to facilitate it, and he also had a lot of good ideas of his own. He instituted the Methods and Materials course, which covered the fundamentals of the artist’s craft, and he invented a course called Artists’ Business and Practice, where

[ 5 ]

students learned how to organize an exhibition of their own work, including finding a space and managing the installation. “If you had a new idea, he was very receptive to it,” says Snowden, who remembers Schoener acquiring equipment for spray painting and airbrushing well before graffiti became a recognized art form. “He would say, ‘Add that to the curriculum, and let’s try that.’”

Clockwise from top left: Mary Snowden, Katrina, 2005; Charles Gill with a student in the printmaking studio, 1986; David Huffman, 2006

Thanks to the steady influence of Schoener and Lederer as well as its other eminent faculty, CCA maintained a reputation for imparting concrete skills to its students. In the laissez-faire atmosphere of the countercultural 1960s, when academic standards often fell by the wayside, students here could be sure they were getting something for their money. “We were known for having really solid classes,” Snowden says. “Instructors would insist that the students learn about color, composition . . . how to use your materials. When you left, you really knew how to draw.” And when the school ran into financial straits in the late 1960s, it was dedicated professors such as Schoener, Lederer, and Marty Streich (an able administrator and a leading light in the Metal Arts Program) who kept CCA going, sometimes by teaching two classes at once in adjoining rooms. David Huffman (Painting / Drawing 1998) says Schoener helped him take a pivotal step in his career—a semester in New York in 1984—during his undergraduate years at CCA. Schoener suggested that Huffman should apply to a studio program in Manhattan, made sure he got on the short list, and even came to visit him after he was accepted. The art scene there was electric. He met Jean-Michel Basquiat and Frank Zappa, and he once wandered into a Keith Haring show where Andy Warhol was in attendance “with his pretty white pants and pale skin and strange gaze.” “Jason opened me up to painting,” Huffman recalls. “I was going in a different direction and he really pushed me.” Huffman’s style wasn’t one that Schoener himself espoused, but he recognized and encouraged it. “He would just ground you—he wasn’t ever anxious. He was like a rock.” And now, as part of the   Painting / Drawing faculty at CCA, Huffman can pass the torch along, providing   the same kind of support and encouragement to the next generation of artists.

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Michael McClure, Bob Dylan, and Allen Ginsberg, North Beach, San Francisco, 1965

michael mcclure The poet and playwright Michael McClure began teaching in the Writing and Literature Program in 1963, and his tenure at CCA is the longest of any faculty member. Michael received his BA from San Francisco State University. He burst onto the literary scene at the age of 23   during the infamous Six Gallery reading of 1955, in which he read alongside Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder. He has written more than 30 volumes of poetry and 20 plays; his books include Scratching the Beat Surface: Essays on New Vision from Blake to Kerouac (Penguin, 1994), Huge Dreams: San Francisco and Beat Poems (Penguin, 1999), and Touching the Edge (Shambhala, 1999). He has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Poetry Association and two Village Voice obie Awards for playwriting, and he has earned grants and fellowships from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Recently he has been performing and recording with Ray Manzarek, former keyboardist for the Doors. In 2004 UC Berkeley’s Bancroft Library acquired Michael’s journals from the years 1956–2002. His last term at CCA was winter 2006. 

Huge Dreams, 1999

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betsy davids

margaret mackenzie

Betsy Davids began her career at CCA in 1968 after receiving her undergraduate and graduate degrees from UC Berkeley. During her nearly 40 years at the college she has taught in both the Printmaking Program and the MFA Program in Writing. She is a book artist and writer—her publications include Dreaming Aloud, Book One (1986) and Dreaming Aloud, Book Two (1989)— and she is also the owner of Rebis Press in Berkeley. Betsy is known in the book arts movement as one of the first artists to switch from letterpress to computers. Her work has been exhibited at both the San Francisco Center for the Book (where she recently cocurated a retrospective of artists’ books) and the Center for Book Arts, New York. Betsy’s work is featured in The Century of Artists’ Books (Granary Books, 2004) and other publications. She will retire following the spring 2007 semester.

Margaret Mackenzie retired after the spring 2006 semester, having taught at the college for 20 years in what is now the Critical Studies Program. She received her PhD in anthropology from the University of Chicago and her undergraduate degree from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. In her teaching, Mackenzie combined her interest in both sacred and secular rituals with a practice of performance and installation art in order to illustrate how social scientists might both view and receive the rituals they study. For her own work in performance art, Margaret won residencies in Europe and addressed controversial topics of war and death. Collateral Damage, one of her installations, displayed dead animals that she had found on the roads of Marin in order to make visible the destruction that we either ignore or are blinded from. She is a registered nurse as well as a medical anthropologist, and her latest research interests address the issue of health education in America, which, she says, wrongly   focuses on the shortcomings of individuals. “It may be time for kindness to replace some of the blaming,” she writes. Margaret’s own kindness is fierce and   will be greatly missed.

Images of the Storm, 2005

Unfoldings, 2004

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vince perez

John Raeber

Vince Perez completed his MFA at CCA in 1964, after starting his degree at the Universidad de las Américas in Mexico City. He received his BFA from Pratt Institute. He has taught in the Painting/Drawing Program since 1967, serving as chair for a period of time. He works in a wide range of media and formats, from painting to woodcuts, science fiction illustration to medical illustration. His work is in the collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, and the Oakland Museum of California, among other important institutions. Spring 2007 will be his last semester at the college.  

John Raeber has juggled his schedule to be in the Bay   Area for his class every Thursday morning since the inception of the Architecture Program more than 20   years ago—not an easy feat for someone with a national consulting practice. Because of his expertise with both   the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Uniform Building Code, his students have been known to see him on c-span testifying before a congressional committee   on a Tuesday and then encounter him in class two days later on Thursday. At one point during his CCA teaching career he was a contributing expert writer to almost two dozen professional publications. He has earned numerous honors, including an unusual dual elevation to fellowship in the American Institute of Architects and the Construction Specifications Institute.   In many ways John’s superb teaching and national stature gave the nascent CCA Architecture Program the technical legitimacy with the accrediting and licens-  ing agencies that allowed it to become the experimental program it is today. Perhaps his greatest legacy is the fact that CCA graduates have a higher pass rate than those of any other accredited school in California on the Architectural Registration Exam. His final term was the spring 2006 semester.

Building Design / Materials & Methods (with Caleb Hornbostel), 2007

Untitled, 1995

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MICHAEL S. ROTH Reflections on the Presidency

We are sad to announce the departure of President Michael S. Roth in   August of this year. He has accepted the position of president at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, his undergraduate alma mater. “That Michael has been offered this prestigious position at Wesleyan is a   tribute to the strength of CCA and what has been achieved in the past seven years,” says Ann Hatch, chair of the Board of Trustees. “His tenure at CCA   has been distinguished by decisive, inspiring leadership and remarkable   achievement. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Michael, and I   wish him all the best.” Highlights of Roth’s tenure include the creation and implementation of a five-year comprehensive strategic plan, expansion of the San Francisco campus, a 38 percent increase in enrollment, and several new academic programs. He will leave the college in a very strong financial position; since 2000 he and the Board of Trustees have raised $15 million in funds for core operations and an additional $21.6 million for new facilities, programs, and endowment. This is three times CCA’s previous fundraising record, which was set in the late 1990s. Roth was a member of Wesleyan’s class of 1978, graduating summa cum   laude and Phi Beta Kappa. He went on to earn his doctorate in history at   Princeton University in 1984 and began his teaching career at Scripps College   and Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. In 1987 he   became founding director of the Scripps College Humanities Institute, a   center for intellectual exchange across disciplines, and in 1997 he became   associate director of the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles. Although he will officially leave us in August, we will see Michael Roth at centennial events in the fall. Here he reflects on some of the most memorable moments of the past seven years.

[ 10 ] glance spring 2007

What event or decision do you think has been the most important for the school during your presidency?

There have been two: reorganizing the college to promote  cross-college and interdisciplinary work. There are no more  schools of Fine Arts, Architecture, and Design at CCA, and this has helped to facilitate work on a collegewide curriculum. The second is the change of the name to California College of the Arts, which has allowed us to clarify our mission and identity to a broader public, particularly beyond the Bay Area.  What is the biggest challenge you faced as president?

The economic and educational necessity of enrollment growth. We decided to become a more robust, two-campus school, and that meant we needed to increase the size of the student body and the number of programs. We’ve done both over the last seven years, and in coming years CCA will open programs in Design Strategy, Film, and Animation. What are some adjectives you would use to describe CCA during your time as president?

Nimble, innovative, inclusive, humane, ambitious.

The great highlight has been teaching the inspirational CCA students  each semester.

[ 11 ]

What is the achievement of which you are most proud?

I am most proud of our expanding applicant pool and of the internationally recognized work of our faculty, our alumni, the Center for Art and Public Life, and the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts. The development of residential life on the Oakland campus and the collaborative work of our First Year Program have been great additions to the college. In San Francisco, progressing from a building to a campus will ensure a great future to those who create and learn there. Tell us about something that you wanted to do but couldn’t implement and why.

Swim team and equestrian club. No pool. No horses. Convocation. We just couldn’t bring enough students and faculty together in a community event at the beginning of each term. Talk about some of the people you hired who have made a difference at the college.

Susan Avila has built a first-rate advancement department that has reinvigorated fundraising and alumni relations. Ralph Rugoff made an international reputation for the   Wattis Institute during his tenure as director. Larry  Rinder   is a first-rate academic leader, and it was a great boost to bring him back to CCA. Sonia Mañjon has put the Center for Art and Public Life on the map as one of the great commu-  nity arts organizations in the entire nation. And Yves Béhar   is an extraordinary designer, teacher, and departmental leader for Industrial Design.

[ 12 ] glance spring 2007

What advice would you give to students interested in art school?

Learn through the arts to follow your passion, to discover what you really love to do. When you make this discovery, you can acquire the skills to continue to pursue this work in   a way you can build on for the rest of your life. What will you remember as the highlights of your tenure?

Building a board of generous, thoughtful trustees who love CCA and work hard to advance its mission. Developing a   national reputation for the school that will benefit alumni and faculty as they continue to make work that will shape   the culture of the future. Creating partnerships with local arts and community organizations on both sides of the bay, and connecting nationally and internationally with schools   and companies that foster creativity. The great highlight has been teaching the inspirational   CCA students each semester. Any final thoughts on your time at CCA?

While it is difficult to leave, I am very proud of what we— trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and donors—  have accomplished during my time here. CCA’s position in arts education has never been stronger, and interest in   our academic programs, public programs, and exhibitions only continues to grow. I would like to thank the entire   CCA community for the support and collegiality they have shown me throughout my seven years at the college. I   hope that I can bring to Wesleyan the creative spirit and   care for community that I have experienced here.

What are some adjectives you would use to describe CCA during your time as president? Nimble, innovative, inclusive, humane, ambitious.

[ 13 ]

Program News

new animation program

new graduate program in film

CCA’s new undergraduate Animation Program will admit its first students in fall 2007. The curriculum explores timebased motion and form, combining traditional character animation with a more experimental, interdisciplinary   approach. Students will begin the program by studying   shifting weight, locomotion, characterization, timing, and emotional expression through courses in traditional character animation, drawing, and filmmaking and then later apply these skills to a wide variety of individual and collaborative cinematic experiments in film production, interactive media, motion graphics, narrative storytelling, in-depth character studies, and video. Students will complete numerous projects and, upon graduation, will have a reel of work that will help them succeed in either commercial or noncommercial venues.

Launching in fall 2008, this program will focus on documentary, fiction, and experimental forms, with narrative serving as the common foundation. It is designed and chaired by the Academy Award–winning filmmaker Rob Epstein. Epstein comments, “More than ever, there is crossover and interplay between the modes and methods of narrative documentary filmmaking and those of narrative fiction filmmaking. We will be preparing students to be well versed in both, making the CCA Graduate Program in Film unique. As cinema becomes revolutionized, with the future suggesting interactivity—watching films on cell phones, iPods, HDTV monitors, and movie screens—one thing will remain constant: People still need to know how to tell a story. This will be our primary focus. Also, we will be one of the very few all-digital programs in the country.”

San Francisco is an ideal location for the Animation Program, since the Bay Area is home to many of the world’s best animation studios as well as film studios, 3D effects firms, and advertising houses that work with motion graphics and web animation. Faculty and visiting artists are drawn from many of these companies; program chair Andrew Lyndon and at least one other faculty member come from Pixar Animation Studios. Additional collaborations and internships are being established with several other institutions, many of which will also be working closely with the new Graduate Program in Film.

Epstein will be joined by CCA Media Arts professors Jeanne Finley, Lynn Kirby, and Kota Ezawa along with Visual Studies scholar Federico Windhausen. Other talented industry professionals will teach fiction directing, producing, screenwriting, digital cinematography, editing, and the actor’s craft. Graduates will emerge having created at least four films at a professional level, suitable for submission to major film festivals, museums, and galleries as well as broadcast on television or the Internet. Students will enjoy the benefit of close connections with the San Francisco International Film Festival, Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm / Industrial Light & Magic, the American Conservatory Theater, the Magic Theatre, Apple, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco Cinematheque, the documentary studies program at Stanford University, and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

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Awards and Accolades

staff appointments Stacen Berg

assistant curator, Wattis Institute fred dolan

associate dean of graduate studies claire fitzsimmons

deputy director, Wattis Institute jens hoffmann

director, Wattis Institute michele rabin

director of international   student affairs Larry Rinder

dean of the college george sedano

director of services for students   with disabilities noki seekao

associate dean of students, student activities and leadership development

matthew gale (Industrial Design 2006) has won the third annual Eye for Why student design competition, sponsored by Dyson and the Industrial Designers Society of America. Gale’s winning design was for the Excubo jacket, which helps commuters comfortably sleep on public transportation via a system of cords and polystyrene foam padding that can be tightened to transform the jacket into a sleeping cocoon. Gale will now represent the United States in the international James Dyson Award competition. Architecture Program faculty members peter anderson and charles dilworth were recently elected into the fellowship program of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The program recognizes architects who have made significant contributions to architecture and society and who have achieved a standard of excellence in the profession. This is the highest honor the AIA gives nationally, and only 76 out of 80,000 members received it this year. For the second time in recent years, the Architectural League of New York has selected two CCA faculty mem-  bers, Peter Anderson (of Anderson Anderson Architecture) and craig scott (of IwamotoScott Architecture), for its Emerging Voices

lecture series, which recognizes eight architects per year and reflects the geographic, stylistic, and ideological diversity of contemporary practice. Craig Scott has also been named one of five finalists in the eighth annual Young Architects Program, sponsored by P.S.1 and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The finalists produce design concepts for a pavilion that will be installed in P.S.1’s courtyard for the summer. And Peter Anderson, along with fellow Architecture Program faculty member neal schwartz, was selected to present work at the annual meeting of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) in Philadelphia in March. The work of faculty members lia cook (Textiles, Fine Arts) and eric heiman (Graphic Design) is included in Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006, on view through July 29 at the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York. Design Life Now features 87 designers and firms in the fields of animation, architecture, fashion, film, graphic design, robotics, textiles, and web design. Cook has taught at CCA for 31 years and works in a variety of media, often combining weaving with painting, photography, and digital technology. Heiman graduated from CCA in 1996 and has taught here since 1999. He is a cofounder of Volume Inc., a design consultancy whose work ranges from books to environmental design, identity programs, and film. Four out of the five recipients of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s 2006 SECA Art Award had a CCA affiliation: faculty members kota ezawa (Media Arts, Fine Arts) and

Craig Scott (and Lisa Iwamoto), Jellyfish House, 2005–6

[ 15 ]

amy franceschini (Design, Fine Arts) and alumni mitzi pederson (Painting/Drawing 2004) and leslie shows   (Painting/Drawing 2006). The SECA Art Award distinguishes artists working independently at a high level of artistic maturity who have not yet received substantial recognition. Animal Subjects, an interdisciplinary course designed to examine a wide range of stories, theories, and images of animals in history, is the 2006 winner of the Animals and Society Course Award from the Humane Society of the United States and the Center for Respect of Life and Environment. This award is granted each year to three undergraduate and graduate courses worldwide. The $1,500 prize will be used to expand CCA’s library with resources related to animal subjects. kari weil (Visual and Critical Studies, Writing and Literature) is   the instructor. Senior Fashion Design student leanne wierzba was recently awarded a three-month internship with Anne Valérie Hash in Paris. The internship was one of six grand prizes given at the 2006 Arts of Fashion Symposium, hosted by the University of North Texas School of Visual Arts and judged by internationally renowned fashion experts. Her three-month internship will begin after the end of the spring semester. The FOR-SITE Foundation, dedicated to the creation, understanding, and presentation of art about place, has awarded its first Educator Fellowship to faculty member donald fortescue (Wood/Furniture). Fortescue will organize a graduatelevel course at the FOR-SITE residency site near Nevada City in fall 2007.

michael palmer, CCA’s spring 2007 writer in residence, received the 2006 Wallace Stevens Award from the Academy of American Poets. The $100,000 prize recognizes proven mastery in the art of poetry. Palmer has lived in San Francisco for more than 30 years and is the author of numerous books. He has collaborated with the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, Gerhard Richter, Micaëla Henich, Sandro Chia, Jess Collins, and Augusta Talbot. Three alumni from the class of 2005 were recently honored in I.D. magazine’s Student Design Review 2006. The winning entries were published in the September–October 2006 issue of I.D. and may be viewed online at www.idonline.com/sdr06. wenhua hu (Graphic Design) won the top prize for her thesis project, Trans-sensing: Seeing Music, in which she developed a complex graphic system inspired by synesthesia, a rare neurological condition in which the senses cross. vivian barad (Industrial Design) received an honorable mention for her Bold Cane, a lightweight and stylish take on the traditional walking aid, and katherine wakid (Industrial Design) received an honorable mention for Stitchories,   a cozy cotton blanket with a built-  in computer.

Werkstätte, Claire McCardell, and above all the concepts of wearability and comfort.” Gallagher describes her style as “a comfortable twist on a classic look, with influences from Jackie Kennedy Onassis.”

carlos castillo (Writing 2004) was one of 10 artists honored as part of the SF Weekly’s 2006 Best of San Francisco celebration. kate colby (Writing 2004) won the 2007 Norma Farber First Book Award for Fruitlands, her MFA thesis. The award, established by the family and friends of the poet and children’s book author Norma Farber, is given by the Poetry Society of America for a first book of original poetry written by an American.

I.D. Student Design Review 2006 issue

Two Fashion Design alumni,  

amber clisura (2006) and hannah gallagher (2006), were selected out of hundreds of recent Bay Area graduates to present their designs at the Emerging Stars runway show during San Francisco Fashion Week in August 2006. Clisura, a native San Franciscan, says, “I’m influenced by the old ladies in   Chinatown, the old men in North Beach, the textiles of the Wiener Kate Colby, Fruitlands, 2006

[ 16 ] glance spring 2007

New Trustees susan cummins Susan Cummins is director of the Rotasa Foundation, which supports exhibitions and publications of the work of contemporary jewelry artists. She owned the Susan Cummins Gallery in Marin County for 18 years, and in 1997 she helped found Art Jewelry Forum, a national nonprofit organization. She was on the board of the Headlands Center for the Arts from 1996 until 2000 and served as chair in 1998 and 1999. She is still deeply involved in arts advocacy and arts education, serving on the boards of the Grabhorn Institute and the American Craft Council; at the latter she helped organize a recent conference titled “Shaping the Future of Craft.”

raoul d. kennedy Raoul D. Kennedy is a partner in the San Francisco office of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Flom, LLP. A renowned civil litigator with more than 37 years of experience at both the trial and appellate levels, he is also an author, teacher, and active lecturer. A debate champion in college and a graduate of UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall, Kennedy is a past president of the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers and a member of all four by-invitation-only trial lawyer organizations, including the American College of Trial Lawyers. In 2005 he was named Trial Lawyer of the Year by the State Bar of California. He is an art collector and an ardent Giants fan, and he serves on the board at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

kay kimpton walker Kay Kimpton Walker earned her degree from Vassar College and owned the   K Kimpton Contemporary Art Gallery (formerly Ivory/Kimpton) in San Francisco from 1980 to 2006. An active member of the San Francisco Art Dealers Association, Walker served as president of that organization in 1990 and 1991. Since closing her gallery last year she has focused her efforts on CCA’s exhibition and writing programs as well as issues of mental health. She currently serves on the board of Friends of Langley Porter and on the national council of McLean Hospital.

carlie wilmans Carlie Wilmans is executive director of the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, which   for decades has provided generous support to Bay Area arts organizations, including the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts. Wilmans studied art history   at Sonoma State University and at the University of Texas at Austin. She is very   active in local philanthropic and cultural organizations, including the San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary, and she is a trustee at both the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the American Conservatory Theater.

[ 17 ]







1 Janice W. Boyce, Cathy Nguyen, and Thomas A. Boyce at the scholarship dinner

4 C. Diane Christensen and Shasha Liu at the scholarship dinner

the Carrie Mae Weems kickoff lecture

2 David Potter and Patricia R. Walsh at

5 Norman Stone, Michael Roth, Norah

7 Jessica Russell, Christine Wong Yap,

the scholarship dinner

Stone, and curator Will Bradley at the Radical Software exhibition opening

and Gioia Fonda at the Alumni at the Centennial exhibition opening

3 Chris Loomis, Ronald Wornick, Anita Wornick, and Jeremy Kaplan at the Wornick reception

6 Carrie Mae Weems and Larry Rinder at




8 Eve M. Steccati-Tanovitz, Jonathan (J. P.) Obley, and Ron Tanovitz at the scholar- ship dinner Background: Crowd shot at the Carrie Mae Weems kickoff lecture

Honor Roll of Donors California College of the Arts thanks the following donors, whose new gifts and pledges to the college were recorded between January 1 and December 31, 2006. Alumni are identified by actual or expected year of graduation, when the date is known. Donors to the Centennial Campaign and the 2007 Centennial Gala and Threads Fashion Show will be thanked in an upcoming issue of Glance.

Individual Donors $10,000+ Simon and Kimberly Blattner Tim Brown Tecoah Bruce (1974, 1979) and   Thomas Bruce C. Diane Christensen and Jean M. Pierret Richard and Jean Coyne Family   Foundation Nancy and Pat Forster Ann Hatch and Paul Discoe Mrs. Charles H. Hine Timothy Howes and Nancy Howes (2005) Ms. Leigh Hudson Brenda Jewett and   George F. Jewett III (1996) Martha and Raoul Kennedy Byron D. Kuth and Elizabeth Ranieri Miranda Leonard Tony and Celeste Meier Lorna Meyer and Dennis Calas Nancy and Steven Oliver Peninsula Community Foundation F. Noel Perry Andrew and Mary Pilara Shepard Pollack and Paulette Long Rotasa Foundation Dorothy and George B. Saxe Mr. Phil Schlein Chara Schreyer and Gordon Freund Ruth and Alan Stein Judy and Bill Timken Christopher E. Vroom Ronald and Anita Wornick Dr. Janice H. Zakin and   Mr. Jonathan N. Zakin Mary and Harold Zlot Anonymous $5,000–$9,999 Susan and Bill Beech Ms. Frish Brandt (1979) and   Mr. Jeffrey Fraenkel Rena Bransten Leonore M. Bravo Trust

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Ms. Becky Draper Blanche and Steven Goldenberg Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Green Jane and Robert Kahan Lisa and John Miller Mrs. Sarajane Miller-Wheeler and   Dr. Calvin B. Wheeler Sally and Robert Nicholson (parents of Bobby Nicholson) Edna Reichmuth* (1939) Trust Mr. Michael Sasso, Sasso Memorial   Charitable Trust Norma Schlesinger Dr. and Mrs. Norman C. Stone Alta Tingle Charlotte and David Winton $1,000–$4,999 Robert A. Bechtle (1954, 1958) and   Whitney Chadwick John and Gretchen Berggruen Mr. Ron Berman (1976) Robert and Daphne Bransten John and Florence Bryan Rose Anne Critchfield (2005) and   Steve Cohn Gladys M. Eaton Ms. Judy B. Farris-Phares (1967) and   Mr. Ross G. Phares Carolyn Z. and Tim Ferris Richard and Lorrie Greene Ms. Mikae Hara (1986) Tracy and Maie Herrick Jeffrey and Lynn Horowitz Carol and Richard Hyman Dr. Thomas M. Jackson and   Dr. Kathleen Grant Wan Jou Family Foundation Ms. Susan Landor Keegin Ms. Elizabeth Jason Kibbey Ms. Kay Kimpton and Mr. Sandy Walker Ellen Klutznick Gyöngy Laky and Thomas Layton Brian Douglas Lee Mr. Mark D. Linnemann Ms. Jane Lurie David and Kathleen Martin

Ms. Maureen McClain Sheri S. McKenzie and Mark S. Bernstein George H. Mead III (1976, 1978),   The H. T. Mead Foundation James and Janice Meeder Dare and Themistocles G. Michos Carole and Fred Middleton John L. Milner (1972) George J. Miyasaki (1958) Mr. and Mrs. William E. Myslik Dr. Thomas L. Nelson and   Dr. Wylda H. Nelson Parker Family Foundation Mr. Jay Pidto and Ms. Lynne Baer Ms. Lucinda Reinold and   Mr. Ken Cochrane Kate and Max Rittmann Dr. Michael S. Roth and Dr. Kari Weil Douglas C. Sandberg (1978) and   Kristine Sandberg Andrea Schwartz and Steve Dolan Büldan Seka Mary Jo and Arthur Shartsis Deborah Simons Frank and Jayne Steuart Madeleine S. Sugimoto Kenneth W. Swenson (1953) and   Cherie Swenson Ms. Roselyne C. Swig Earlene and John Taylor Susan J. Threlkeld and Curtis Smith Tito & Sandra Tiberti Foundation Valerie Wade Mr. Peter B. Wiley and   Ms. Valerie M. Barth Mr. David W. Williams,   David W. Williams Design Mr. David Wilmot Anonymous (3) $500–$999 Christine Bliss and David Nitz Nina Chiappa (1976) Don Crewell and Mary Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Dilday II (1974) Lori and Peter J. Feibelman Mrs. Lucy Congdon Hanson (1995)

Michael S. Holmes (1972) David Meckel Ms. Jennifer Rankin and   Mr. Sandro Rossi Steve Reoutt (1961) Robert P. Smith III (1962) Ms. Patricia Walsh Mr. Lloyd A. Wasmuth (1937, 1954) Mr. James V. Waugh and   Mrs. Kate Meenan-Waugh Bobbi and Herb Wiltsek Thomas Wojak (1992) and   Misty Youmans (1996) Irina and Victor Yakovenko $250–$499 Clarellen Adams Joseph Arena (1956) and Tonni Arena Susan Avila and Stephen Gong Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Bergquist Douglas Bernhagen (1969) and   Cathy Bernhagen Jesse and Lenore Bernstein Lee Bousian (1935) and Clara Bousian Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Butcher Ms. Angela M. Cali (1974) Philip and Sally Chapman Betty W. Denebeim (1980) Ms. Cyndi Devereaux (1992) Mr. Don J. Donoughe,   donoughe_design Mr. Leroy Dutro (1941) Lori and Peter J. Feibelman John and Carol Field Mr. Dean Freeman (1959) Ms. Christina M. Gearin (2000) and   Mr. Andrew J. Mayo Mr. Ira Hirschfield Ms. Aimee Y. Iura (1997) Numo M. Jaeger (1977) Mr. Bill Jorgenson and   Mr. Brian Galloway Dr. Donald M. Kay and   Ms. Bonnie Levinson Mr. David D. Kennedy (1974) Kurt Kiefer (1992) and   Mary L. Williamson Ms. Roxanne Kupfer Biensien Lee (1968) and Marie Lee Mr. Robert P. Levenson (1974) and   Ms. Diane M. Kinnane Dr. Samella Lewis Jacqueline P. Little (1992) Mr. Frederick P. Loomis (2004) John and Diane Michalik Jack Mills (1964) Mr. Alan W. Myers Ruth P. Nash

Nadine O’Donovan (1951) and   Timothy O’Donovan Christopher and Angela Oliver Lori Owles Richard Plishker and   Bettyann Plishker (1978) Mrs. Helene Y-J Rice (1997) Ms. Sharon R. Robinson (1962, 1979) Mr. Charles A. Runyon (1960) Sallie E. Shawl Jane L. Sinton (1974) Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Smith (1972) Bruce and Dianne Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. James Terman (1982) Robert Tong (1953) and Helen Tong Georgia J. Truffini (1972) and   Terry Wallace Otto and Yvonne Tschudi David and Polly Van Horne Jan C. Walker (1974) Laurellee Westaway Suzanne Westaway Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wilson II (1964) Randy L. Wilson Stefanie Young (1995) and   Peter Young Anonymous $50–$249 Ms. Linda E. Adair William Adamo (1948) and   Mrs. Elizabeth Adamo Ms. Helaine M. Adams Erik Adigard (1987) Cecily E. Aegerter (1985) and   Paul Aegerter Tamlyn Akins (1980) Dan Akol (1978) Mia S. Alexander (1979) Ms. Rosemary A. Allen (1989) and   Mr. Howard W. Allen Juan A. Alvarez (1993) Salvatore and Josephine Amantea Cal Anderson (1946) Joanne and Juan Arauzo Jane L. Archer (1995) and   Timothy Williams Mr. David H. Asari (1989) and   Ms. Luz Marina Ruiz Carole A. Austin (1978) Robert Avery (1962) and Amanda Avery Ms. Jennifer J. Bain (1982) Matthew J. Baker (1996) Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Barlow Ms. Marian L. Barrows Ms. Mindy S. Barsky (1990) Mr. Todd Barton and Ms. Debra Hurt Mrs. Jacqueline Bassman (1982)

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Judith A. Carter (1967) and   Bruno J. Brania Beth Cary Mr. and Mrs. William M. Chambers (1964) Mr. George B. Chapman (1979) Carol Lee Chase (1993) Gail Chase-Bien (1970) Phil and Mrs. Mary Miok Cheung (1990) Marlene and John Childs Mr. John M. Christensen (1950) Darryl and Vivian Cirel Blanche C. Clark (1949) Rosemary Clark (1967) Mr. Paul Clarkson Ms. Ann D. Clemenza and   Mr. Andrew Clemenza Gershon and Kerry Cohen Ms. Kirsten E. Cole (1999) Mrs. Linda Colivas Ms. Joelle L. Colliard (2000) Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Collins Mrs. Marjorie Colvin Mr. and Mrs. John G. Condon (1956) Leslie Connor-Newbold (1996) Ms. Nancy T. Conzett (1956) Michael P. Cooley (1976) Jerrel Cooper (1955) and   Roberta Cooper Ms. Linda G. Corbett (1987) Mrs. Patricia A. Couch (1950) Karen Cox (1966) and Bill Cox Ms. Kathy Crawford and   Dr. Norman Yanofsky Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Dahl Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Dahlke (1978),   North Fork Woodworks Christopher L. N. DaMatta (1994) Robert E. Daskam (1949) Mr. and Mrs. George L. Davis Jr.,   Ultimate Progress Inc. Mr. Richard L. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Willie O. Davis (1957) Mr. Paul B. Deal Ms. Stephanie G. Dean (1998) Sergio de Araujo Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. DeBrosse Walt Denn (1975) and Pat Denn David and Lisa Dentoni Ms. Pamela M. Dernham (1998) and   Mr. Gregory Linden Ms. Nancy A. Derr (1957) Ms. Gail A. DeSpain (1986) Mr. and Mrs. Andre Dilan Ms. Melinda A. diSessa Mr. R. Arvi Dorsey (1965) Julie and Michael Douglas Mr. Robert V. Dowell and   Ms. Wange K. Wange

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Lorna and James Duff Paulo Dufour (1980) Mr. Marvin Dunn Gerald and Jane Dwyer Ms. Vivian Dwyer (1994) Shirley W. Emerson (1982) Julia L. Erickson (1994) Margaret L. Eriksen (1955) Eric Espinosa (1983) and   Felicia Espinosa Ms. Cynthia L. Estep (1973) Mr. Jorge A. Euan (1968) Donald Fay (1950) and Linda Fay Daniel H. Fitch (1960) Mr. Patrick G. Fitzwater and   Ms. Katrina Hexberg Gene D. Foard (1974) and Richard Foard Ms. Joan Folkmann (1982) and   Mr. Paul Wise Chloe E. Fonda (1969) and   James Fonda Jan Nordlund Fordyce (1975) Harold T. Foust Jr. (1972) Barbara G. Fracchia (1986) Nathan Fredenburg (1993) and   Kathy Stinus Fredenburg Mr. David J. Freeman (1979) Diane and Bruce Friend Ms. Helen Frierson Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Front Jean-Samuel and Renate Furter Kathleen Gadway (1983) and   Mr. Marcell Gadway David J. Garcia (1995) Ms. Marjorie J. Garner (1978) Rennain Garnes (1997) Mr. Alex Gartner and   Ms. Judith Dewey Ms. Joan M. Geiger (1975) Margaret Mary Geis (1981) Jean-Pierre L. and   Shelley M. Germain Ms. Camille J. Gerstel Mr. Rob T. Gibson (1990) Ralph and Antonette Giglio Bertha and Alex Gildelatorre Norval L. Gill (1937) Samuel Ginsburg (1995) Maryon W. Gledhill (1970) and   Kenneth Gledhill Ms. Kathryn A. Glover (1973) Sally Goble (1981) William Goodheart (1981) Ms. Lisa Toby Goodman (1979) Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gradinger Don and Ann Gralnek Aaron M. A. Grbich (1987) Michael N. Grbich (1962)

Thomas Greek (2002) and   Lesley Greek Ms. Dinia Caldwell Green and   Mr. Lloyd L. Green Ms. Laura E. Greenfield (1971) Mr. Kelly Greenwell and   Ms. Lou E. Lambert (1972) Mr. Steve Gretz (1976) Mr. Mark E. Gridley (1990) Mark Gross (1977) and   Christine Gross Lawrence Grossman and   Helen G. Grossman (1998) Dr. Robert Gryboski Dr. Madeleine Grynsztejn and   Mr. Tom Shapiro Mr. Clark L. Gussin (1975) Mr. Daniel Guzman Patricia L. Hagen (1994) and   David P. Kerr Ms. Judith Hamill (1974) and   Mr. Corwith Hamill Mr. William A. Hamilton (1968, 1975) Ms. Patience M. Hammond and   Mr. Lawrence Goldman Ms. Ramona Handleman Jean M. Hansen (1979) and   David C. Maglaty Ms. Mary E. Harden (1999) Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.   Harding (1957) Rosemarie H. Harness (1995) Valerie C. Harris (1974) Ms. L. Noel Harvey (1995) Richard and Pauline Hatt Carole A. Hawkes (1980) Ms. Lauren D. Hawkins (1975) Mr. Robert S. Heller (1981) Mr. Jose Hernandez Mr. Gregangelo J. Herrera (1989) Scott and Rebecca Heskes Tom and Jerry Hickey (1966) Ms. Judith A. Hildinger Mary Hinckley (1982) Ms. Lisa M. Ray Hobro (1990),   Lisa Hobro Design Eleonore F. Hockabout (1981),   Zwettlstein Productions Mr. Gerald R. Hoepfner (1967) and   Ms. Marcia B. Hall Laurie M. Hoey (1987) Mrs. Ann M. Hogle (1977, 1978) Ms. Laurel G. Hollis (1989) Dean and Trudy Holly Ms. Phyllis V. Holmes (2000) David E. Horper (1969) Mrs. Dulcie Horwitz (1997) Ms. Helen W. House (1987)

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Howard   (1958, 1959) Michael and Virginia Howden Margaret A. Hoy (1975) and   Patrick Hoy Mr. and Mrs. Yan-Tom Hu Mr. and Mrs. John Hubbard Ms. Carolyn M. Hubbs Mr. Michael P. Hubert Mr. Frank Hughes and   Ms. Marya Maddox J. A. Scott and Sandy Hughes (1975) Donna M. Hyland (1950) Gail and Chuck Isen Mr. Tag I. Iwai (1968) and   Ms. Barbara Moriguchi-Iwai Ms. Karen A. Jacobs (1988) Janet D. Jacques (1978) Kristina and William Jenkins Ms. Ea Jensen (1978) Mr. Merle C. Jensen (1951, 1961) and   Mr. William E. Kent Michelle and Alex Johnson Alison and Robert Johnston Ms. Barbara Jones Nathan P. Jucutan (1991) Howard, Rosie, and Sharon Jue Elizabeth Shari Kadar (1989) Jane E. Kahn (1973) Lisa J. Kasle (1972) Ms. Gigi P. Kast and Mr. Noah Parker Ms. Ruby Katayama (1962) Barry M. Katz and Deborah Trilling Marnie Kelley (1979) and Mr. Mark Kelley Kevin W. Kelly (1976) and Frances Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Kelly Robbins C. Kelly (1978) Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Kelly (1999) Mr. and Mrs. John W. Kenney Ms. Joan L. Kenny (1950, 1951) Laura Kersell, Laura Dower Studios Ms. Diane Ketelle Karen J. Kindblad (1991) Gordon King (1956) and Corky King Ms. Lisa Kitchen Donna K. Kleszcz (1969) Mark Knudsen and   Rita Marie Knudsen (1977) Mr. and Mrs. William P. Knuttel Karen E. Koblitz (1973) and  Alan P. Friedenberg Deborah J. Kogan (1988) and   David M. Lee Mr. G. Juri Komendant and   Ms. Linda Calvin Mr. Norman Kondy Mr. Stephen J. Kongsle (1988)

Mr. Ralph Kornahrens and   Mrs. Victoria Thor Kornahrens Katherine K. and John Kriken Vanessa Kuemmerle (1993) Ms. Szu-Min Kuo (1991) Ms. Casey Kurtti and Mr. Chris Silva Matthew Kusinitz (1974) and   Marilyn Geller (1974) Mrs. Carol Greiff Lagstein (1974) Andrew J. Laird (1940) Laureen M. Landau (1961) Mr. Ronald J. Larman, Sebastopol   Cleaners & Alterations Magdalene Larsen (1972, 1973) and   Christian Larsen Christie K. Lau (1996) Dan Lau (1995) Ms. Roccena B. Lawatch (1978) Ms. Sandra Lawrie Tina Streich Laxar (1984) Diane and Leslie Lee Dick Lee (1962) and Bev Lee Gregory D. Lee (1967) Ms. Julie P. Lee Ms. Sharon Shamiko Lee (1989) Ms. Lindsay A. Leggin (1976) Cookie and Paul Leiber Dennis R. Leinfelder (1987) Gail and Miller Lembke Mr. David C. Lemon (1979) Mr. James Leritz Mr. Marc A. Le Sueur Susan M. Lilly (1988, 1991) Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Lind (1952) Ms. Nora Lindahl Gale Lindstrom (1963) and   Marilyn Lindstrom Judith Y. Linhares (1963) Eva and John Lisle James R. Little (1966) Ronald F. Little and Ian C. W. Little Ms. Sally L. Lochridge (1979) Donald A. Logan (1950) Ms. Ashley Lomery Donald and Renee Lorenze Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Low Janet L. Lowe (1974) and James N. Carr Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Lowe (1958) Mr. Lex R. Lucius (1985) Ms. Lori Chan Luna (1973) and   Mr. Robert Luna Sylvia Lyons (1974) and Richard Lyons Patricia K. Macias (1995) Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Makowski Mr. and Mrs. Marco A. Maldonado Jane F. Malmgren (1939) William G. Malpas (1972) Mr. Kevin P. Maples (1994)

Mr. David Marchiori and Ms. Anne Unger Dr. Janice Marcin (1984) Ms. Anne N. Marino Fukiko Oguchi Marshall (1966) and   Orr Marshall Ms. Bunny Martin and   Mr. David Kurtzman Ms. Diane C. Martini Pauline Ma-Senturia (1986) Janet Mason (1963) and Jerry Mason Mr. Richard V. Matteson (1946) Dane and Margaret Mattson Liz Maxwell Ms. Sarah Mays-Salin (2002) Ms. Ruth McArthur Mr. Steven McCanne and   Ms. Tamara White Ms. Joan M. McClellan Ms. Lisa L. McClung (1997) Charles D. McDevitt (1966) Ms. Nancy A. McDevitt and   Mr. David N. Wolffs Timothy B. McDonald (1974) Maureen and Ed McElroy Ms. Donna McGlaughlin Ms. Jen McKay Ms. Katherine McKay (1987) Ms. Linda A. McKinlay Edward and Theresa McNamara John McNeil Jr. (1982) Anne W. McNerney (1975) Mary W. Mead, The H. T. Mead   Foundation Mr. Mike M. Mead James F. Meagher Mr. Joe L. Medina (1994) and   Mr. Gary DeVost Mr. Aaron S. Mejia Cecily A. Merrill (1966, 1967) and   Frank M. Friedlaender Paul and Denise Mersereau Ms. Deannie Meyer (1996) Margery Meyer (1952) and   Dr. L. Bruce Meyer Ms. Jane Miller Maralyn Miller (1952) Mr. John E. Miner (1974) Kathleen D. Mistry (1976) and   Nauzer H. Mistry Ms. Eileen S. Moderbacher (2004) Mr. Thomas A. Moeller Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Momchilov Letitia N. Momirov (1986) and   Milan Momirov Jose E. Montoya (1962) Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Moran Mr. Hiroki A. Morinoue (1973) Colin J. Mosher (1993)

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Mr. and Mrs. James L. Murphy (1974) Mrs. Agnes Murray (1980) and   Mr. Graham Walker Richard Murray (1949) Mr. Michael S. Muscato (1971) David B. Myers (1973) Tetsuo and Junko Nakamura Ms. Kathryn E. Namba Mr. Shigeru Namba Janis Eaton Newell (1982) Ms. Nancy D. Nickerson (1977) Ms. Andrea E. Niess (1998) Ms. Marianne N. Noland (1953) Nancy and Jerry Noloboff (1967) David and Victoria Norris Joan N. Norris (1990) Ms. Chandra Nuum (1979) Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Nyhus Mr. William D. B. Olafsen, ASID (1977) Dennis Oliveira (1982) and   Louise Oliveira (1982) David and Sharon Olsen Ms. Erica Olsen Mr. Harry H. Orenstein and   Ms. Ellen F. Tuchman (1976) Ms. Helene Orenstein Louis and Rachel Orimo Ms. Judith E. Oroshnik (1983) Lisa Orselli (1993) Raymond M. and Pearl Osecheck Charles Overton (1965) and   Nancy Overton (1965) Mrs. Miyako F. Overturf (1961) Jeffrey T. Padilla (1983) Ms. Lisa M. Palmer (1989) Dmitry Panich (1991) Pati Paolella (1978) and Landy Paolella Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Parks (1987) Ms. Alice Park-Spurr (1993, 1995) and   Mr. Edward J. L. Spurr Wendy J. Paull-David (1972) Nicholas F. Pavloff (1962) Ms. Holly Payne, One Pink   Hat Corporation Mr. Bill Pearl Charmaine M. Pearson, TTEE (1991) Marshall H. Peck III (1979) and   Beth Dunbar Mr. and Mrs. Les Pereira Vincent Perez (1966) Ms. Carolyn P. Perot (1990) and   Mr. George B. Jenson Mauree Jane and Mark Perry David E. Peterson (1971) Bernard and Susanne Peyton George and Brenda Phillips Ms. Laura Sue Phillips (1988) Lisa d.c. Pierce (1990)

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Ms. Doreen A. Pierson Ernie A. Pinata (1971, 1974) and   Anne Pinata (1973) Anne D. Pincus (1992) Sharon A. Pittman (1978) Ms. Mary Jo Pollack (1997) Ms. Louie L. Porte Patricia Prejza (1964) Rosalie Price (1961) and John Price Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Prigoff Mr. and Mrs. James Provenza Ms. Laureen Pryor (1988) Mr. Alton R. Raible (1948) Mr. Ronald R. Ramirez and   Mrs. Lola Quan-Ramirez Mr. Carlos Ramos (1970) Mr. Daniel L. Rascoe and   Mrs. Barbara L. Eurich-Rascoe Mr. Michael R. Reardon and   Ms. Jill Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reineck Sheri Remail (1975) and Mr. Bruce Remail Debra G. Rettman (1973) Carol Reynolds (1946) and   Thomas Reynolds Mr. David Richards (1966) Lawrence R. Rinder Ruth M. Rippon (1949, 1951) Barbara and Frederick Riser Mrs. Martha C. Riva Mr. Craig A. W. Roberts Mr. Donald P. Roberts (1953) Mr. Stephen M. Roecker (1969) Robert and Theresa Romano Mr. Timothy Rose Ms. Elizabeth R. Ross (1972) Mr. Nick Rudelich and   Ms. Susan Clark Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Russo John Rusting (1948) and Isabelle Rusting Leslie Ann Rutledge-Ullman (1975) and Henry E. Ullman Carolyn M. Salazar (1987) Ms. Nancy Sale (1973) Mr. Brian Sanderoff Mr. Vernon R. Sanders (1970) Mr. and Mrs. James Saturnio Sr. Earl W. Saunders (1953) Ms. Anjali Sawant (1981) Mr. Richard Schell Robert R. and Josefa Scholz Robert A. Schultz (1961) and   Carol Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Toby C. Schwartzburg Ann K. Schwiebinger-Mayer (1981) and D. J. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Scott (1999) Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Seeger

Dale H. Seibert (1961) Dr. Joanna F. Self (1984) Mr. Leslie M. Sennette (1981) and   Ms. Zelma F. James Judith Serin and Herbert Yee Sally L. Seymour Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Sherarts (1966) Susan M. Sherry (1970) Mr. and Mrs. Stanley O. Shinkawa (1952) Ms. Ethel W. Shipp (1950, 1951) Thomas D. Shiu (1951) and   Rosabel S. Shiu Barre Shlaes and Mario Taravelli Rachel and Marvin Siegel Mr. Alex Silbergleit Mr. Gene Simmons Christine Singer (1971) and Lester Singer Ms. Debra A. Singer (1995) Carol Skinger (1974) Dr. Kathleen O. Slobin (1980) Mrs. T. Rachel Slonicki Ms. Betty W. Smelser (1976) Bruce N. Smith (1961) Mr. Ronald J. Smoldt (1976, 1983) Jenny Smrekar Lois Wachner Solomon (1979) Ms. Lynn S. Sondag (1997) and   Mr. Rinko Ghosh Mrs. Young Duk-Nam Song (1973) and   Mr. Che-Moon Song Ms. Priscilla A. Spitler (1975) Mary T. Spivey (1952) Ms. Nancy Sox Sprague (1965) Mr. Philip L. Spross (1959) Gail and Jonathan Squires Rachel B. Stern (1972) Cathy E. Sternstein (1974) Ms. Mary I. Stevens (2001) Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Stine Ms. Mary G. Strickland Ms. Catherine S. Stricklin and   Mr. John L. Manferdelli Daniel and Laurie Svilar Mr. George A. Sweet (1955) Mr. Mark Takiguchi Ms. Asako Takusagawa (1942) Susan E. Talke (1987) Ms. Judith Gamboa Tan (1984) Philip S. K. Tang (1977) Leslie Taylor (1989) and Denise Taylor Ms. Shannon M. Terry (1981) and   Mr. Thomas A. Koelzer Mr. Philip A. Tice (1970) Mr. and Mrs. Phil A. Tippett Sandra Tofanelli Gordon,   Tofanelli Designs Inc. Joel and Patricia Tomei Ms. Elaine W. Tong (1999)

Catharine B. Trowbridge (1982) Ms. Susan Tully Mr. David A. Tussman Travis T. Van Brasch (1994) and   Eleanor M. Fong (1984) Ms. Helen Villa (1961) Roberto and Silvia Villa Mr. Caio Villela Gerd H. Von Glinski (1977) Mr. Robert L. Wait (1952) Dr. and Mrs. John F. Walkup Ms. Teresa Walsh (2002) Ms. Birte I. Walter (1983) Mr. Christopher J. Ward Ms. Elizabeth B. Ward (1981) Stan Washburn (1966, 1968) and   Andrea Washburn Frederick Wasser (1960) and   Linda Wasser Carole Rae Watanabe (1968) Susan E. Wear (1981) Mr. and Mrs. Doyle G. Wegner (1970) David Weinberger and   Bettina Weinberger (1985) Mr. Mel Weiner and   Ms. Pamela D. Cooke Ms. Rena A. Weinert Betsy R. Weis (1981) and Ron Weis Mr. Gerald G. Weisbach Mr. Larry Welker (1968) Ms. Susan S. Weller (1970) Mr. John L. Werbelow,   Werbelow Pottery Michael D. Westgate (1988) Ms. Mary M. White (1983) Ms. Penny Wigley (1968, 1969) Donald R. Wilcox (1962) Sharon Wilcox (1965) Tony and Carrie Willemse Ms. Ann J. Williams Charles E. Wilson (1959) and   Marion Wilson Mr. Jeffrey B. Wilson (1974) Marla D. Wilson (1974) Ms. Schirley Winter Joseph and Maureen Woelffer Mr. John F. Wong (1964) Linnea Wong (1976) and William Wong Doris Woodward (1976) and Geoffrey Woodward, Taft Design + Associates Ltd. O.I.N. Mr. Henry E. Woolbert (1991) and   Ms. Katherine Park Woolbert Ms. Nancy L. Worden and   Mr. William Reed Dr. Ruth Worthington George T. Wray (1969)

Elizabeth and Daniel Wright Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wright (1977) Jenny Wunderly (1991) Isabelle Wyatt (1984) and Bradley Wyatt Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Yasgoor Sally Yost (1968) and Michael Yost Ms. Annie N. Young Neysa Young Ms. Ruby E. Young (1952) Christina and Philip Zimbardo Mr. and Mrs. Aaron S. Zisman Naftali and Schirley Zisman Anonymous (12)

Organizational Donors $10,000+ The Clorox Company Foundation The Nathan Cummings Foundation East Bay Community Foundation Fleishhacker Foundation Flora Family Foundation The Fred Gellert Family Foundation Grants for the Arts / San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund Walter & Elise Haas Fund Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation The James Irvine Foundation LEF Foundation Miranda Lux Foundation MF Foundation / Tim Mott National Endowment for the Arts Nimoy Foundation Pierre and Pamela Omidyar Fund at the Peninsula Community Foundation PANTECH CO. LTD RMW architecture & interiors,   The Architectural Foundation of   San Francisco Ryan Associates General Contractors The San Francisco Foundation Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Washington Mutual Inc. Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation Yahoo! Anonymous (2) $5,000–$9,999 CEC ArtsLink Christie’s Fong & Chan Architects The Ken and Judith Joy Family   Foundation National Council of Architectural   Registration Boards Northern Trust Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

$1,000–$4,999 Alexander & Baldwin Foundation California Arts Council / National   Endowment for the Arts InterZinc Jensen & Macy Architects Kava Massih Architects Nelnet Foundation STUDIOS Architecture Timbuk2 Wells Fargo Zolla Family Foundation $500–$999 ARCH Drafting Supplies David Baker + Partners Architects BraytonHughes Design Studios CCS Architecture Heller Manus Architects VDK Architects $250–$499 Adaptive Path LLC Art League of the East Bay Joseph Butler Architect ELS Architecture and Urban Design Mark Horton / Architecture Los Angeles Glass Alliance Markus Lui & Associates Van T. Ly & Assoc., AIA Zendarski Studio

Gifts in Kind Carole A. Austin (1978) Ms. Janet Barton Susan and Bill Beech Bernhardt Furniture Agnes Bourne Mr. David Campbell and Mr. Keith Silva DUNA Handloomed Knitwear Emigre Mr. Jose M. Galindo General Motors Corporation Ms. Anne Harrigan Mr. Aaron Harvey Ms. Ana Lisa Headstrom Nina Jacobs (1992) Ms. Barbara Jones Ms. Laddawan P. Kaner (1992) Mr. and Mrs. William P. Knuttel,   William Knuttel Winery and   Dry Creek Vineyard Mrs. Hanni Lederer Ms. Bonnie G. Meyer Ms. Ellen Meyer and Ms. Kim Anno Michael Muscardini (1972) and Roby  Muscardini (1973), Muscardini Cellars

[ 25 ]

Mr. Bruce O’Leary Ms. Michaela Peters (1997) The Estate of Roy Rosellini Mr. Philip B. Seelinger Mr. Zaldy A. Serrano (2001) Starbucks Ms. Julie Stiller Ms. Julie Turjoman Ms. Patricia R. Walsh

Legacy Society Cal Anderson (1946) Carole A. Austin (1978) Simon and Kimberly Blattner Audrey Brown (1976) Claudia L. Bubeck (1979) Shirley Y. Christensen (1953) Mrs. Mary L. Correia (1967) Gladys M. Eaton Mrs. Phoebe Fisher-Wolters Koko Fujita (1970) and   Thomas E. Flowers Kenneth A. Goss Marian D. Keeler Mr. Jim Kidder Laureen M. Landau (1961) Mr. Robert P. Levenson (1974) and   Ms. Diane M. Kinnane Michael Lopez* (1963) and   Jeannette Lopez John J. Muscardini* Family Living Trust Dr. Thomas L. Nelson and   Dr. Wylda H. Nelson Gerald M. Ober (1956) Diane Oles (1984) Nancy and Steven Oliver Mildred N. Patterson Shepard Pollack and Paulette Long Estate of Edna M. Reichmuth (1939) Dorothy and George B. Saxe Norma Schlesinger Margi Sullivan Anonymous (5)

Gifts in Memory Karen L. Beecher Violet Y. Chew-MacLean (1963) Stella M. Epperson Judy Fellner Mr. Alan Herrick (1995) Donald Lamson (1991) Walter and Josephine Landor Mr. Wolfgang Lederer Mr. Walter J. Menrath Dale A. Miller John Minasian Mr. Lloyd H. Oliver Mr. Steve Renick Peter Samuelson (1961) Alfred Sasso Elizabeth M. Schaufel

Ms. Gertrude Schaufel  Mr. Louis Shawl Mr. Lundy Siegriest (1949) Ms. Alva Steccati (1938) Mr. Hugo J. Steccati (1938)

Mr. Henry Y. Sugimoto (1928)

Gifts in Honor

Allison Brinkley (2006) Brianne Cirel (2005) Peter Collier Don Crewell Heather DeBrosse (2006) Joe Hurwich Ian Nitta (2006) Steven H. Oliver Emily Phillips (2008) Lawrence Rinder George B. Saxe Reeves Sinnott (2007) Tiffany Turrill (2006) Osvaldo Villa (2006)

* Deceased

[ 26 ] glance spring 2007

Donor Philip and Sally Chapman Mr. Wyman Chew Mr. and Mrs. Gene K. Fong Philip and Sally Chapman Philip and Sally Chapman Tracy and Maie Herrick Ms. Jane Miller Ms. Susan Landor Keegin Jack Mills (1964) Steve Reoutt (1961) Thomas Wojak (1992) and   Misty Youmans (1996) Mr. and Mrs. Dwight F. Johns Mr. Vernon R. Sanders (1970) Barre Shlaes and Mario Taravelli Steve Reoutt (1961) Tom Hickey (1966) and Jerry Hickey Mr. Michael Sasso, Sasso Memorial   Charitable Trust Andrea S. and William Foley Diane and Bruce Friend Ms. Helen Frierson Judith Serin and Herbert Yee Sallie E. Shawl Laurellee Westaway Suzanne Westaway Ms. Judith A. Hildinger Ms. Marian L. Barrows Ms. Judith A. Hildinger Douglas C. Sandberg (1978) and   Kristine Sandberg Tofanelli Designs Inc. Madeleine S. Sugimoto

Donor Ms. Diane C. Martini Darryl and Vivian Cirel Mrs. Martha C. Riva Ms. Erica Olsen Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. DeBrosse Zolla Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Nitta Mr. Ira Hirschfield Raoul Kennedy George and Brenda Phillips Dr. Madeleine Grynsztejn and   Mr. Tom Shapiro Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gradinger Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Front Marlene and John Childs Roberto and Silvia Villa

Scholarship Gifts Touch Lives CCA is very grateful to the many alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends who contributed to scholarships in 2006. Some donors create named scholarship funds to honor family and loved ones, and some make gifts to pooled funds where the generosity of many donors is united to create scholarship awards. Last year, donors gave more than $73,000 to pooled funds. These are awarded by field to students in architectural studies, design, fine arts, and humanities; there is also a Collegewide Scholarship that is available to students in any major. Each gift you give to a pooled scholarship helps promising students pursue their dreams and strengthens the future of our communities.

Camellia M. George Graduate Program in Design Design Scholarship

Camellia chose CCA because “design here is not medium specific; the program fosters critical thinking, writing, and teaching.” Before enrolling, Camellia worked as creative director at Fastback Creative Books, a small Bay Area studio that helped launch the idea of personal publishing. Camellia enjoys the fact that at CCA “there are no concrete divisions between disciplines; people are very inviting and want to engage with anyone in the CCA community.” To scholarship donors, she says, “I couldn’t have attended CCA without the scholarship I was granted. It makes everything I’m doing here possible. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to study here—to pursue design in this fantastic environment. Thank you.”

Sean Canty Freshman, Architecture Program Architectural Studies Scholarship

Sean came to CCA from Philadelphia’s Charter High School for Architecture and Design (CHAD). He says, “Everyone here is so outgoing and creative. The faculty are so bright, and it’s obvious that they really care about every aspect of your development. Not just your design, but also your life.” Sean enjoys being able to take a variety of classes, including multimedia and computer design. He has a special interest in public architecture. “Two people sitting next to each other might not have much in common but still, in that shared space, they can connect in a real way. As architects, or future architects, we should be concerned about designing spaces that bridge cultural divides.”

[ 27 ]

David Berezin Senior, Media Arts Program Collegewide Scholarship

David says, “CCA has given me the opportunity to connect with some fantastic faculty—the freedom to seek them out and continue working with them—and the chance to shape my own approach.” With Media Arts senior Jeffery Harland, David opened the student-run Contemporary Gallery on the Oakland campus. After graduation he plans to remain in the Bay Area as an active member of the art community and apply to graduate school. “My scholarship has let me buy supplies and leave school with less debt. That means I can think about graduate school sooner. Scholarship gifts make a big difference in people’s lives; to some it’s the difference between going to school or not.”

Bianca Mondragon Sophomore, Photography Program Fine Arts Scholarship

Bianca always dreamed of art school, and she knew that CCA was the college for her. Here, she says, “art isn’t just a topic. It influences all the academic classes.” She enjoys the greenery and beauty of the Oakland campus. “The photography facilities are wonderful, and the faculty. I’m most interested in color darkroom work—it’s quite a privilege to have access to that. And I love being able to try other art forms here.” Without a scholarship, Bianca would not have been able to come to CCA. “A lot of people are really passionate about what they do. You need that to get through here. For people who have that, scholarships give them the   opportunity to maintain a higher quality of life because they can pursue what they love.”

Naema Ray Sophomore, Community Arts Program / Painting Program Humanities Scholarship

Naema chose CCA for its Community Arts Program. “A friend emailed me the website for the Center for Art and Public Life,” she says, “and I made my decision to attend in a few hours. I love being surrounded by those who share my vision. In Community Arts I have been presented with so many opportunities and experienced so much in only two years.” She has cofounded Through a Child’s Eyes, a nonprofit that brings art and opportunity to young people in Africa. After graduation she will pursue a career in art education. “It is a fact that I would not be here without these scholarships. I appreciate so much what these gifts have allowed me to do. Those who give to scholarships really are allowing me and others to fulfill our aspirations.”

More than 80 percent of CCA students qualify for financial aid; the profiles above represent just a few of the individuals who benefit from scholarship gifts. As the college’s reputation grows, so does enrollment, and CCA needs your help to ensure that all students who qualify for aid receive it. In addition to pooled scholarship funds, CCA offers opportunities to create named scholarships. To make a gift or to learn more about scholarships at CCA, please contact Camille Gerstel, individual giving director, at 510.594.3787 or cgerstel@cca.edu, or use the gift envelope enclosed in this issue of Glance.

[ 28 ] glance spring 2007



One of CCA’s greatest resources is our dedicated faculty—-highly regarded professionals and leaders in their fields. In the past 100 years, thousands of faculty members have enriched this institution immeasurably by generously giving their time, expertise, and passion to educate the next generation of artists, architects, designers, and writers. This list offers a very small sampling of the college’s illustrious faculty of the past and present.

Jack Ford, printmaking mark fox, graphic design linda geary, painting/drawing, fine arts james gobel, painting/drawing, fine arts jim goldberg, photography, fine arts lynda grose, fashion design todd hido, photography steven skov holt, industrial design david huffman, painting/drawing, fine arts chris johnson, photography, fine arts opal palmer adisa, community arts, writing

jordan kantor, painting/drawing, fine arts

kim anno, painting/drawing, community arts, fine arts

Barry Katz, design, fine arts, visual criticism

jay baldwin, industrial design

lynn kirby, media arts, fine arts

tom barbash, writing and literature yves béhar, industrial design christopher brown, painting/drawing tammy rae carland, photography, fine arts


Susan Ciriclio, photography, fine arts lia cook, textiles, fine arts marilyn da silva, jewelry / metal arts rob epstein, media arts kota ezawa, media arts, fine arts thom faulders, architecture lisa findley, architecture jeanne finley, media arts, fine arts linda fleming, sculpture, fine arts

[ 29 ]

brenda laurel, design jack mendenhall, painting/drawing nance o’banion, printmaking peter pfau, architecture clifford rainey, glass larry rinder, dean of the college raymond saunders, painting/drawing mitchell schwarzer, visual studies, visual criticism craig scott, architecture elizabeth sher, painting/drawing mary snowden, painting/drawing, fine arts dugald stermer, illustration barron storey, illustration larry sultan, photography, fine arts tina takemoto, visual studies, fine arts, visual criticism mark thompson, sculpture, fine arts bruce tomb, sculpture, architecture michael vanderbyl, graphic design Mabel Wilson, architecture, visual criticism john zurier, painting/drawing, fine arts

Previous page, from top: Yves Béhar / fuseproject, Inner Light, 2004; Lynn Kirby, Chapel of the Bells Wedding Chapel Exposure: To Have and to Hold (digital video still), 2004; Elizabeth Sher, Alma’s Jazzy Marriage (film still), 2004; Linda Fleming, Ex-Halations, 2005 This page, from top: Linda Geary, untitled for now, 2006; Mary Snowden, Party Planners, 2006; Rob Epstein, The Celluloid Closet, 1995; Tom Barbash, The Last Good Chance, 2003; Larry Sultan, Suburban Street, West Valley Studio, 1999 Opposite page, from top: Bella Feldman, Untitled, 2006; Florence Resnikoff, Chicago Cream Pitcher, 2003; Richard Diebenkorn, Coffee, 1959; Viola Frey, World Civilization, 2002

marvin lipofsky, glass, crafts maurice logan, drawing eric spencer macky, painting/drawing Michael Manwaring, graphic design xavier martinez, painting jacomena maybeck, ceramics, crafts Michael McClure, writing and literature walter menrath, humanities philip morsberger,* painting/drawing marie murelius,* design, fine arts andy addkison, design ralph borge,* painting/drawing, fine arts ruth boyer,* crafts, textiles, humanities victor carrasco, architecture, design, wood/furniture vernon coykendall,* sculpture, crafts Michael Cronan, graphic design eleanor dickinson,* drawing richard diebenkorn, painting/drawing john dunbar,* humanities bella feldman,* sculpture, crafts charles fiske, ceramics viola frey,* ceramics richard gayton,* drawing, fine arts charles gill,* printmaking, fine arts paul harris, sculpture, fine arts elah hale hays,* sculpture, fine arts edith heath, ceramics

perham nahl, drawing arthur okamura,* painting/drawing gertrude piatkowski,* humanities Clayton Pinkerton, painting carol purdie,* design, fashion steve renick, graphic design florence resnikoff,* metal arts kenneth rignall, printmaking, design, drawing paul schmidt,* humanities jason schoener,* painting/drawing, fine arts peter shoemaker,* painting/drawing dean snyder, design marty streich,* metal arts, crafts, design patricia walsh,* painting/drawing, fine arts carrie mae weems, photography isabelle percy west,* composition, design malcolm wood,* humanities


wallace jonason,* environmental design harry krell,* painting, fine arts vilem kriz, photography, film arts suzanne lacy, fine arts walter landor, design wolfgang lederer,* design dennis leon,* sculpture

*professors emeriti

[ 31 ]

Faculty Notes scott arford solo performances: Observatori Festival, Valencia, Spain; APO33, Nantes, France; University of Houston; San Francisco Cinematheque, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts; Cave 12, Geneva; DP Studio, Zurich; Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival, Switzerland; infrasound performances: Gantner Center, Bourgogne, France; Agnes B Skyline, Paris; installations: Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Plymouth, New Zealand; Center for Visual Art, Denver; Center for Art and Visual Culture, University of Maryland; CDs: Radio Station (Antifrost); Hogsweat (P-Tapes); Solid State Flesh / Solid State Sex (with Francisco Lopez, LoZ); DVDs: Reline 2 (Blackchair); video: SloMo.

lesley baker curator: Watershed and Friends: Collaborations, Snyderman-Works Gallery, Philadelphia, Jan. 2007; The Dirty Dozen, Richmond Art Center, California, Apr.–May 2007; featured: The Yixing Effect: Echoes of the Chinese Scholar (Foreign Languages Press, 2006).

brendon beazley semifinalist: Global Green Competition to design sustainable housing in New Orleans, 2006, with Adele Salierno.

yves béhar featured participant: introduced new Swarovski chandeliers, Art Basel Miami Beach 2006; award: Business Week’s Best of 2006 Award for the Fleurville Calla Chair; host, speaker: Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards; speaker: Business Week Best Brands Forum; award: Gold Award at

NeoCon for Herman Miller leaf LED light; work featured: Second Skin, Entry 2006 Expo, Essen, Germany.

hugh behm-steinberg

matthew coolidge award: 2006 Lucelia Art Award, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.; publication: coeditor of Overlook: Exploring the Internal Fringes of America with the Center for Land Use Interpretation (Metropolis Books, 2006).

publications: first book of poetry, Shy Green Fields (No Tell Books, 2007); individual poems in Iowa Review, La Petite Zine, Bedazzler, Potion, Parthenon West, Boston Review, Quarter After Eight, Epoch, Sonora Review, Diagram, Dusie, Pip Lit, Conduit, and Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel, 2006; finalist: Poets & Writers California Writers Exchange contest, 2006; research: CCA faculty development grant to study Ian Hamilton Finlay, Aug. 2006.

work featured: PRINT Regional Design Annual, Nov.–Dec. 2006.

rebekah bloyd

melinda luisa de jesús

publications: translation, Miroslav Holub: Poems Before and After (Bloodaxe Books, 2006); “Sounds and Silences in the Jamaican Household: Michelle Cliff’s Columba” in Brno Studies in English, 2006; three poems translated into Czech in Rozrazil, Feb. 2006; presentation: “What Czech Students Make of Ethnic American Literature,” Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature Conference, Boca Raton, Florida, Apr. 2006; workshop leader: Fir Acres Workshop in Writing and Thinking, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon, 2006; expert reviewer: J. W. Fulbright Commission, Czech Republic, Sept. 2006.

lia cook group shows: Reminiscence, Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey, May 2007; Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York, Dec. 2006–July 2007; installation: Federal Courthouse, Pittsburgh, for the GSA Art in Architecture Program, 2006.

sekou g. cooke group show: Drawn In, August Wilson Center for African American Culture, Pittsburgh, Jan.–Apr. 2007.

jean craig-teerlink

tim culvahouse appointment: Friedman Visiting Professor of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, spring 2007.

publication: “The Challenge of the White Male Heterosexual: Dealing with Resistance to Queer Studies in the Ethnic Studies Classroom” in Challenging Homophobia: Teaching about Sexual Diversity (Trentham Books, 2007); nominated: 2006 Association for Asian American Studies Book Award for Pinay Power: Peminist Critical Theory, Theorizing the Filipina/American Experience (Routledge, 2005); elected: president of the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States, 2006–9.

marcel diallo group show: Oakland: East Side Story, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Oct.–Dec. 2006.

charles dilworth award: BusinessWeek / Architectural Record Award for design of the State of California Department of Health Services building, Richmond, Nov. 2006.

mark eanes group show: Just Charcoal, SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Feb.–Mar. 2007.

richard elliott juror: Innovations in Fiberart III exhibition, Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Caifornia, Nov.–Dec. 2006; leader:

private textile-torturing workshop for the costume crew of the television series Lost, Honolulu, summer 2006; group show: Beyond the Weave: New Directions in Fiber Art, Oakland International Airport (with Oakland Museum of California), Oct. 2005–Jan. 2006.

rob epstein elected: board of governors, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; executive producer: feature film Save Me (premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Jan. 2007); guest curator: Wide Lens: Oscar Documentaries, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Feb. 2007.

thom faulders lecturer: “Anomalies and Reciprocities,” International Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture, Louisville, Kentucky, Oct. 2006; “Mutable Dynamics,” Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana; “Action Packed,” Columbia University, New York, July 2006; work featured: Dwell, Jan. 2007; Metropolis, June 2006; ARCA Italy, no. 213 (2006); Casa Mica Italy, no. 4 (2006); group shows: California College of the Arts at 100: Innovation by Design, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Mar.–Aug. 2007; Deform House, Digital Wood Fabrication Conference, University of British Columbia, Canada; Synthetic Landscapes, acadia International Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, Oct. 2006.

chris finley

Mie Preckler, Mother’s Day, 2006

Arts at 100: Innovation by Design, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Mar.–Aug. 2007; Integration, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, Mar.– Apr. 2007; award: first Educator Fellowship from the for-site Foundation.

gregory gavin award: National Endowment for the Arts Challenge America Award, 2006; installation: Universal Solvent, de Young Museum, San Francisco, 2006; public art project: Riveropolis at Swan’s Market in collaboration with the Museum of Children’s Art, Oakland, 2006.

linda geary

work featured: Art in America, Nov. 2006; Los Angeles Times, Feb. 2006; ArtUS, May–June 2006; solo show: The Friggin’ Curve, Acme, Los Angeles, Feb.–Mar. 2006; group shows: Particulate Matter, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, Sept.–Dec. 2006; Image Processor, Lombard-Freid Projects, New York, Apr.–May 2007.

group show: Rose Burlingham Contemporary Watercolor, New York, Oct. 2006; solo show: New Drawings and Paintings, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, Nov. 2006–Jan. 2007; curator: We and Us, playspace, San Francisco, and (FAB) Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Jan. 2007; work featured: Artforum, Feb. 2007.

karen fiss

jim goldberg

publications: “Eating the Other,” Print, Jan.–Feb. 2006; “Design on a Global Level,” Metropolis, Nov. 2006; “Design for the Other 90 Percent” and “Radical Craft,” CMYK, 2006.

donald fortescue group shows: CCA: Sculpture Selections, Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco, Jan.–Apr. 2007; California College of the

awards: Open Society Institute Documentary Project Award, 2007; Magnum Aftermath Award; group show: Turkey by Magnum, Istanbul Modern, Feb.–Mar. 2007.

alisa golden presentation: “Letterpress and Lightning,” Book Arts Center, San Francisco Main Library, Dec. 2006; group shows:

Alumni at the Centennial, Oliver Art Center, Oakland, Jan.–Feb. 2007; California Printers in the Fine Press Tradition, 1975–2006, Peterson Gallery, Stanford University, Feb.–June 2007; The Art of the Book, Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, California, Feb.–Mar. 2007; solo show: Fifteen Books: Painted, Printed, Pressed, Hunt + Gather Bookshop, Santa Fe.

arthur gonzalez group show: Six California Sculptors, Hoffman Gallery, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Portland, Mar. 2006.

lynda grose design consultant: sustainable fabric guidelines for the Gap team designing sweaters to be made by indigenous Peruvian artisans, fall 2007; marketing consultant: developed communication materials for the Sustainable Cotton Project, Davis, California.

barney haynes group show: Oakland: East Side Story, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Oct.–Dec. 2006.

eric heiman group shows: Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York, Dec. 2006 –July 2007; 50 Books / 50 Covers, aiga National Gallery, New York, Sept. 2006, and San Francisco Center for the Book, Nov. 2006; TDC52, Type Directors Club, New York, June 2006; Sputnik X: Graphic Design

[ 33 ]

Program Exhibition, CCA, San Francisco, Feb. 2006; group installation: The Urban Forest Project, New York, Sept.– Nov. 2006; work featured: 365: AIGA Year in Design 27, 2006; Fingerprint: The Art of Using Handmade Elements in Graphic Design (How Books, 2006); Coupe: The 2006 Annual Design+Image Awards Issue, 2006; HOW: Perfect 10 Design Awards, Dec. 2006; PRINT Regional Design Annual, Nov.–Dec. 2006; Communication Arts: Design Annual 27, Nov. 2006; I.D.: 52nd Annual Design Review, Aug. 2006; The New Big Book of Color (Harper Design, 2006); Eye, spring 2005; “I Can’t Believe It’s Been 10 F---ing Years,” Sputnik X lecture series, CCA, San Francisco, Jan. 2006; “I Believe in the Gospel of Design,” aiga Nebraska, Oct. 2005; juror: Mohawk Show 7 competition, Sedona, Arizona, June 2006; aiga Nebraska Design Show, Oct. 2005.

glen helfand curator: Particulate Matter, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, Sept.–Dec. 2006.

taraneh hemami solo show: Most Wanted, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, May– June 2007; installations: Homes, CrossConnections project at ZeroOne Global Festival of Art on the Edge, San Jose, Aug. 2006; We Are Here, CrossConnections project at Oliver Art Center, CCA, Oakland, June 2006.

todd hido solo shows: Between the Two, Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, Jan.– Feb. 2007; Todd Hido, Rose Gallery, Santa Monica, Dec. 2006–Feb. 2007; group shows: Spectacular City, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam, and NRW Forum, Düsseldorf, Germany, Sept. 2006–Jan. 2007; Suburban Escape, San Jose Museum of Art, Sept. 2006–Mar. 2007; POV: Photography Now and the Next Thirty Years, Photographic Resource Center, Boston, Nov. 2006–Jan. 2007; publication: Between the Two (monograph, Nazraeli Press, 2007).

steven skov holt group show: We Are Family, San Jose Museum of Art, Oct. 2006–Jan. 2007; publications: lead essay with Mara

[ 34 ] glance spring 2007

group show: Alien Nation, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Nov. 2006–Jan. 2007.

Valley Design,” Society for the History of Technology Conference, Las Vegas, Oct. 2006; award: International Forum Communication Design Award, with IDEO Munich, 2006; fellow: IDEO Inc., 2006–7; scholar in residence: Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine, July 2007.

chris johnson

katherine lambert

Holt Skov, I.D., Mar.–Apr. 2007; two essays in Heath Ceramics: The Complexity of Simplicity (Chronicle Books, 2006).

david huffman

elected: vice president, CCA faculty senate, 2003–6; chair, City of Oakland Cultural Affairs Commission, 1999– 2005; member: Public Art Management Team, Port of Oakland; publication: The Practical Zone System for Film and Digital Photography, fourth edition.

steve jones work featured: International Review of African American Art, summer 2006; DPI, July 2006; installation: Room for Big Ideas, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; graphic design: collateral and identity for Communities of Opportunity (organized by San Francisco in collaboration with the philanthropic community).

principal collaborator: I-5 Passing, ZeroOne Global Festival of Art on the Edge, San Jose, Aug. 2006; group shows: Edge Conditions, San Jose Museum of Art, July–Nov. 2006; technoSpheres: FutureS of Thinking, University of California Humanities Research Institute, Irvine, Aug. 2006.

christina la sala copresident: board of directors, the LAB, San Francisco, July 2006; visual and performing arts programmer: the LAB, 2005–present; group show: Home Ec, Michelle O’Connor Gallery, San Francisco, Sept. 2006.

elizabeth leger

eugenie joo

group show: Just Charcoal, SFMOMA Artists Gallery, Feb.–Mar. 2007.

award: Walter Hopps Award for Curatorial Achievement, from the Menil Collection, Dec. 2006.

ben lerner

carolyn kastner curator: CCA: A Legacy in Studio Glass, San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design, Jan.–Apr. 2007.

barry katz publications: “Intelligent Design” in Technology and Culture, Apr. 2006; “New Design for the New Deal” in The Tennessee Valley Authority: Design and Persuasion (Princeton Architectural Press, 2007); “1927: Bucky’s annus mirabilis” in New Views on R. Buckminster Fuller (Stanford University Press, 2007); “Movements and Manifestoes,” Dwell, Apr. 2007; “The Affordability of the Modern,” Dwell, Mar. 2007; “Mapping Modernism,” Dwell, July–Aug. 2006; “Multipurpose Design for Multipurpose Times,” Arcade, Mar. 2007; presenter: “The Shape of Things to Come: Toward a History of Silicon Valley Design, 1980–2010,” Design Research Society, Lisbon, Nov. 2006; “Prolegomena to a History of Silicon

finalist: 2006 National Book Award for Angle of Yaw; cofounder and coeditor: NO: A Journal of the Arts.

maria makela presenter: “Necessity as the Mother of Invention: Rayon in Germany,” Society for the History of Technology Conference, Las Vegas, Oct. 2006; “Artificial Silk Girls: Cloth and Culture in Weimar Berlin,” University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Sept. 2006; “Munch’s Women, Misused and MuchAbused,” Stanford University, Apr. 2006 (to be published in the Cantor Arts Center Journal, forthcoming 2007); publications: “Politicizing Painting: The Case of New Objectivity” in Northern Light / Northern Darkness? Rethinking Modernism, Art and Politics in Northern Europe, 1890–1950 (Palgrave, 2007).

f. javier manrique group show: Curator’s Incubator: The Photograph as Representation and Reflection of Cultural Objects, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, Sept.–Oct. 2006.

robert a. marcial promotion: director of PG&E Pacific Energy Center, San Francisco, 2007.

lydia matthews

(Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, 2007); group show: Selections from the Collection, Berkeley Art Museum, Mar. 2006–June 2007.

publications: “Yoon Lee: The 2006 Tournesol Award” in Yoon Lee (Luggage Store, San Francisco, 2006); “On Fact and Fiction: Larry Sultan’s Nature Is Strange in the Valley,” loop’A: international art magazine, spring 2006; curator: One Stop: Urban Interventions, with the artist collective TRAM, 2007 Art Caucasus International Biennale, Tbilisi, Georgia; appointed: associate dean of educational programs / associate professor, Parsons New School for Design, New York, July 2007.

mie preckler

thomas a. mckeag

marianne rogoff

collaboration: with CCA faculty member Jeremy Eddy to develop biomimicry curriculum for K–12 education; teaching: Gifted and Talented Education class in Marin County public schools; award: Juror’s Award for Yellow Ribbon at Arts on Fire X, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, California, Apr.–June 2006.

kiersten muenchinger seminar leader: “Material about Materials (Mtrl): Metals,” ASM International, Materials Information Society, Cleveland, Nov. 2006.

maria porges publication: “What goes around comes around: time’s cycle” in Measure of Time

installation: Peis (also the performance Mother’s Day), Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, California, May 2006; site-specific intervention: Conflux, Edited Landscape, Natuurkunst Drenthe, Coevoorden, the Netherlands, June 2006.

larry rinder guest curator: Seeing Memory, Creativity Explored, San Francisco, Mar.–Apr. 2007.

publications: “Emporio Rulli,” Redbridge Review, Aug. 2006; “Human Nature,” Travelers’ Tales, Mar. 2006; “La Gruta,” Boston Literary Magazine, fall 2006; “What Was He Thinking?,” Enter, no. 10; “Love Is Blind in One Eye,” Chick Lit Review, Jan.–Feb. 2007.

karen ruenitz group show: Breaking Ice: Bay Area Artists Consider the African Diaspora, San Francisco International Arts Festival, May 2007.

jovi schnell group shows: TRANSFORMERS!, Donna Beam Gallery, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nov.–Dec. 2006; Otherworld, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, San

Francisco; West Coast Windows, Samson Projects, Boston, June–July 2006; Variegated Radiant Dream Plot, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, Jan.– Feb. 2006; publication: “New American Paintings,” Pacific Coast Painters, no. 67.

anne-catrin schultz coconductor: “Housing the Virtual” with Jon Winet, an interdisciplinary workshop on the dialectics of real and virtual space, University of Stuttgart, Germany, June 2006; publication: Carlo Scarpa: Layers (Edition Axel Menges, 2007).

neal schwartz award: AIA SF Design Award for Lightbox | Darkbox: RayKo Photo Center, 2006; work featured: Dwell, Apr. 2007; San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 2007; Western Interiors and Design, Apr.–May 2007; Architectural Lighting, Jan.–Feb. 2007.

craig scott finalist: P.S.1 Young Architects Program design competition, with IwamotoScott Architecture; award: Architectural League of New York’s Emerging Voices Award, with Lisa Iwamoto; lecturer: Architectural League of New York, Mar. 2007; group shows: California College of the Arts at 100: Innovation by Design, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Mar.– Aug. 2007; Open House: Architecture and Technology for Intelligent Living, curated by Vitra Design Museum and Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, Aug. 2006–July 2007.

christina seely group show: Beyond Words: 101 Artist Books, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenessee, Nov. 2006– Feb. 2007; award: Metropolis 2007 Next Generation Design Competition Award, with the collective Civil Twilight (featured in May 2007 issue).

elizabeth sher presentation: the documentary short Alma’s Jazzy Marriage (2004), KCSM, Jan. 2007; group show: The Art of the Book, Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, California, Feb.–Mar. 2007.

Neal Schwartz, RayKo Photo Center, 2006

[ 35 ]

publications: New Yorker cover illustrations on the five-year anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, and four fiction issues.

Jan. 2007; curator: “Object Agents: Contemporary Sculpture and the Social Life of Objects” lecture series, CCA, spring 2007.

raphael sperry

tina takemoto

owen smith

president: Architects/Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (also director of the organization’s Prison Design Boycott campaign); presenter: Sustainable Landscapes Conference, Utah State University, Logan, Apr. 2007.

larry sultan group shows: 4th Berlin Biennial, 2006; Click Doubleclick: The Documentary Factor, Haus der Kunst, Munich, and Palace of Fine Arts, Brussels, 2006; So the Story Goes, Art Institute of Chicago, 2006; Culture and Continuity, Jewish Museum, New York, 2006; Dreaming California, Berkeley Art Museum, 2006; Middle Ground: Photographs from the Whitney Museum of American Art, Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York, 2006; Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel: Evidence Revisited, Photographers’ Gallery, London, 2005.

stephanie syjuco group shows: Altered, Stitched, and Gathered, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, New York, Dec. 2006–Jan. 2007; Take 2: Women Revisiting Art History, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, Jan.–Feb. 2007; It’s a Small World, San Jose Museum of Art, Sept. 2006–Jan. 2007; NextNew 2006: Art and Technology, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Aug.–Sept. 2006; residency and fellowship: Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, 2006–7; residency: Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento,

BlackDog Design (Mark Fox, Angie Wang), identity for a Mediterranean restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, 2007

[ 36 ] glance spring 2007

visiting lecturer: “Intervention,” Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, Feb. 2007; “Collaboration in Art,” University of California, Berkeley, Nov. 2006; “Drawing Complaint: Memoirs of Björk-Geisha,” University of California, Berkeley, Nov. 2006; “Mourning, Malady, Memoirs of Björk-Geisha,” Reni Celeste Memorial Lecture, University of Rochester, New York, Sept. 2006; presenter and cochair: “Love/Sick,” College Art Association Conference, New York, Feb. 2007; presenter: Visual Studies Program Pedagogy Workshop, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Oct. 2006; performance: Love, Sex, Death, and Art,

with Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stevens, New Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco, Aug. 2006.

pamina traylor group shows: Glass Weekend, Snyderman Gallery, Millville, New Jersey, July 2007; CCA: A Legacy in Studio Glass, San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design, Jan.–Apr. 2007; CCA: Sculpture Selections, Sculpturesite, San Francisco, Jan.–Apr. 2007; Oakland Museum Presents Bay Area Contemporary Glass Sculpture, Oakland International Airport, May–Sept. 2006; work featured: Guide to the Speed Art Museum Collection (Merrill Publishing, 2007); award: Bay Area Glass Institute Jurors’ Choice Award, 2007; visiting instructor: Osaka University of Art, Sept. 2007; Glass Furnace School, Istanbul, July 2007; Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, New York, July 2006.

michael s. roth, president published: “Nietzsche in France” and “Jean Hyppolite” in The Columbia History of Twentieth-Century French Thought (Columbia University Press, 2006); “Vidal Spins on People, Prose, Politics,” review of Point to Point Navigation by Gore Vidal, San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 2006; “A Different Kind of Believer,” review of Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death by Deborah Blum, Los Angeles Times, Aug. 2006; “Timothy Bleary,” review of Timothy Leary: An Experimental Life by Robert Greenfield, Los Angeles Times, July 2006; “Being and Nothingness—Far Into the Future,” review of The Possibility of an Island by Michel Houellebecq, San Francisco Chronicle, June 2006; “Word on Terror,” review of The Flowers of Tarbes: Or, Terror in Literature by Jean Paulhan, Bookforum, summer 2006; “Orphan Antics,” review of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Restless Genius by Leo Damrosch, Bookforum, Apr.–May 2006; “What Film Critics Add to Literature,” review of American Movie Critics: An Anthology from the Silents until Now edited by Phillip Lopate, San Francisco Chronicle, Mar. 2006; “The Good European,” review of American Vertigo: Traveling America in the Footsteps of Tocqueville by Bernard-Henri Levy, Bookforum, Feb.–Mar. 2006; “Getty Spends Too Little? He’s Not Buying It,” Los Angeles Times, Feb. 2006; “Celluloid Dreams and the Mind’s Eye,” review of The Power of Movies: How Screen and Mind Interact by Colin McGinn, Los Angeles Times, Jan. 2006; member: National Book Critics Circle; host committee for California Creative Capital’s celebration of grantees, Apr. 2006; lectures and presentations: “The Gray Area,” Sonoma County Museum, Dec. 2006; “Why Freud Haunts Us,” Pacific-Union Club, Oct. 2006; “How We Pay Our Respects to the Past: Facts, Deeds, Piety,” Center for the Arts in Society, Carnegie Mellon University, Mar. 2006; keynote address, Pomona College Trustee-Faculty Retreat, Feb. 2006; “The Role of the Art School in the Local Art Ecosystem,” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art SECA auxiliary, Feb. 2006; interview: with Sam Harris on the publication of his book Letter to a Christian Nation as part of the 150th anniversary celebration of the Atlantic Monthly, Oct. 2006; panel moderator: “Critical Writing and Scholarship,” American Craft Council National Leadership Conference, Oct. 2006; panel participant: “Forum: 100 Families Oakland,” KQED, Apr. 2006.

ignacio valero

tom white

presentation: “Queer Attractors: A Quantum Perspective,” Sonoma State University Art Department Artist Lecture Series, spring 2006.

video presentations: Graduate Student Forum in Media Arts, California State University, Hayward, Feb. 2007; Artists Love Barcelona, Jan. 2007.

deborah valoma

ann joslin williams

research: the use of cloth as a signifier of Afro-Brazilian identity in Bahia, Brazil (partial funding from CCA faculty development grant); publication: “Fabric from the House of Life: The Use of Cloth in the Social and Political Revitalization of African Identity in Bahia, Brazil” in The Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion (Berg Publishers, forthcoming).

residencies: Jentel Artist, Banner, Wyoming; Artcroft, Carlisle, Kentucky; Millay Colony, Austerlitz, New York; award: Spokane Prize for Short Fiction for The Woman in the Woods (Eastern Washington University Press, 2007); featured writer: Eastern Washington University Literary Festival, Spokane, Apr. 2007; Emerging Writers’ Festival, University of San Francisco, Apr. 2007.

michael vanderbyl

sarah willmer

solo show: Leaders of Design, College of Visual Arts Gallery, Saint Paul, Oct.–Nov. 2006.

residency: European Ceramic Work Centre, with Carol Koffel, Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 2007.

victoria wagner

mabel wilson

current project: writing a book on the life and accomplishments of a littleknown nineteenth-century botanical illustrator; group shows: Winter Group Show II, Don Soker Contemporary Art Gallery, San Francisco, Feb.–Mar. 2007; From Nature, Gwenda Jay / Addington Fine Art, Chicago, 2006; curator: Microcosm, Richmond Art Center, California, summer 2006.

juror: two architectural competitions in New Orleans, initiated by Architectural Record in partnership with the Tulane University School of Architecture, June 2006.

kari weil award: 2006 Best Established Course in Animals and Society Award, from the Humane Society of the United States and the Center for Respect of Life and Environment, for Animal Subjects course at CCA; lecturer: “Unnatural Selection: Animal Death and the Struggle for Ethics,” Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts conference, New York, Nov. 2006; “Killing Them Softly,” Kindred Spirits conference, Indiana University, Bloomington, Sept. 2006.

Fiction Studies, winter 2006; review of Exploding the Western: Myths of Empire on the Postmodern Frontier by Sarah Spurgeon, Western Historical Quarterly, fall 2006; presentations: “Booze, Bravado, and Bullfights: Masculinity in Ernest Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon,” Modern Language Association annual convention, Philadelphia, Dec. 2006; “Neoliberalism, Sovereignty, and Circulation in HBO’s Deadwood,” University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Oct. 2006.

caveh zahedi DVD: I Am a Sex Addict (2005).

thomas wojak group shows: The Art of a Community, Arts Benicia, California, Jan.– Feb. 2007; Kala Artists’ Annual Exhibition, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, Dec. 2006–Jan. 2007; Small Works, Fetterly Gallery, Vallejo, California, Dec. 2006–Jan. 2007; appointment: Percent for Art Advisory Group, Vallejo, California, Nov. 2006.

daniel worden publications: “‘I Like to Be Like a Man’: Female Masculinity in O Pioneers! and My Antonia” in Violence, the Arts, and Willa Cather (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2007); “The Shameful Art: McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, Comics, and the Politics of Affect,” Modern

Owen Smith and John Mavroudis, New Yorker cover illustrations, 2006

[ 37 ]

Alumni Notes 1928

henry y. sugimoto

john a. helgeson


solo shows: Digital Paintings, College   of the Redwoods, Crescent City,   California, 2005; Kinetic Sculpture and Digital Paintings, Curry County Public Library, Brookings, Oregon, 2005;   award: best of show for Ruby, Azalea Festival, Brookings, Oregon.

mary d. henry


award: Twining Humber Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, 2006.

jack mills

solo show (posthumous): World War II Internment Camp Woodcuts, Dayton, Jan.–Dec. 2006; work featured:   Yosemite: Art of an American Icon   (UC Press, 2006).


paul j. wonner group show: Posed at Midcentury: Master Drawings by Bay Area Figuratives, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, June–Sept. 2006.

group show: Benicia Artists Open Studios, Arts Benecia Gallery, California, May–June 2006.


peter m. kimmel


group show: Some Assembly Required, The LAB, San Francisco, Sept. 2006.

kay k. sekimachi


award: James Renwick Alliance 2007 Masters of the Medium Award.

deborah corsini

award: 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award, International Sculpture   Center, Hamilton, New Jersey. 1961

edward e. bohon group show: Sarasota Artists, Federal Building, Sarasota, Florida,   Sept. 2006–Jan. 2007.

[ 38 ] glance spring 2007

eva vincent bovenzi solo show: Messenger, Toomey Tourell Gallery, San Francisco, Mar. 2007.

marc h. katano

cary matthews nowell

solo show: Retrospective, Sun Gallery, Hayward, California, Oct.–Nov. 2006.

manuel neri


harry weisburd

stanley h. cohen

solo show: Earth Layers in Time, James Ratliff Gallery, Sedona, Arizona,   May 2006.

award: Libensky Award, for contributions to the American studio glass movement and the Pilchuck Glass School, 2006.



stanley g. grosse

benjamin p. moore

group show: Inaugural Exhibition, Costello Childs Contemporary Gallery, Phoenix, Jan. 2006.

new representation: British Museum of Erotic Art; group show: 6th Annual Florence Biennale, Italy, 2006.



group show: Fondation Florence / Espaces Commines, Paris, Nov. 2006; work   featured: Country Home, Mar. 2007.

gary m. ruddell solo show: Small Changes, Dolby   Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco,   Oct. 2006; group show: 40 Years: A Dealer’s Collection, Gallery Henoch,   New York, Apr.–May 2006.

solo show: Byline: Linear Expression, Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, California, April–May 2007; appointed: curator of the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

ryan l. weideman

alan b. scarritt

mark p. bowles

solo show: Echo and Narcissus (Ain’t It Just Like the Night), Cynthia Broan   Gallery, New York, June–July, 2006; group shows: Neuroculture: Visual Art and the Brain, Westport Arts Center,   Connecticut, 2006; War Is Over, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, 2006. 1973

dale wilhite group show: Infusion Gallery, Los Angeles, May 2007.

solo show: Patrons, Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, Nov. 2006–  Jan. 2007. 1976

solo show: New Landscapes: Expanding the View, Art Foundry Gallery, Sacramento, Sept.–Oct. 2006.

jill hoffman-kowal appointed: director of the education program at Art Center Sarasota.

linda naiman work featured: Artbased Approaches: A Practical Handbook to Creativity at Work by Tatiana Chemi, 2006; Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over: How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results, edited by Lori L.   Silverman, 2006.

sheila m. o’hara solo show: Lake Effect, Lobby Gallery, San Francisco, Aug.–Oct. 2006. 1977

squeak carnwath solo shows: Squeak Carnwath What Goes Around, Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, Mar.–May 2006; Squeak Carnwath, Byron C. Cohen Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, Apr.–May 2006; Squeak Carnwath, Muse Gallery, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Aug. 2006. 1978

foon v. sham solo shows: Sculpture and Installation, University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, Aug.–Sept. 2006;   In-Exterior, Scott White Contemporary   Art, San Diego, Apr.–June 2006. 1979

shelley r. gardner group show: Alone in Nature, Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael,   California, Sept.–Oct. 2006. 1981

jan c. watten

Daniel Gottsegen, I Can Not Stop the Romance, 2006

group show: Black-and-White Portraits, Frank Bette Center for the Arts,   Alameda, California, Oct. 2006.



jennie barrett gisslow

lynda g. rymond

award: International Gallery of   Superb Printing and Design Award, 2001; Sunset ASID Western Interior Design Award, 2000–1; work featured: Sunset, Renovation Style, and Taunton Press.

publications: Oscar and the Mooncats (2007); The Village of Basketeers (Houghton Mifflin, 2005).


jennifer j. bain solo show: Observations in the Flowering Stage, Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery, San Francisco, Jan.–Feb. 2007, and Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, New York, Oct.–Nov. 2006; group shows: Alone in Nature, Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, California, Sept.–Oct. 2006; A Rose Is a Rose, Inspiration from the Garden, Erickson Fine Art Gallery, Healdsburg, California, July–Aug. 2006.

david h. peniston publication: interview with the Dutch cartoonist Joost Swarte, Comics Journal, Nov. 2006.

june k. yokell group show: Alone in Nature, Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael,   California, Sept.–Oct. 2006.

daniel a. gottsegen named: juried artist of the Vermont Arts Council (2005–11); solo shows: Feick Art Center, Poultney, Vermont, 2007; Karpeles Museum, Santa   Barbara, California, 2006; Spotlight Gallery, Vermont Arts Council, Montpelier, 2006; Pastoral Suite: New Paintings, Sylvia White Gallery, Santa Monica, 2006; Perkins Gallery, Stoughton, Massachusetts, 2006; group shows: Not to Scale, Target Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia, 2006; From the Landscape, Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery, Fall River, Massachusetts, 2006; Alameda Art Center, California, 2006; V Gallery, Woodstock, Vermont, 2006; Topanga Canyon Gallery, California, 2006.


charles m. browning group shows: Don’t Know Much About History, Artspace, New Haven,   Connecticut, Nov. 2006–Jan. 2007; Biannual Faculty Show, Hicks Art   Gallery, Newtown, Pennsylvania,   Dec. 2006–Jan. 2007.

katherine mckay solo show: California Plants and Scenes, City Hall, Mill Valley, California,   May 2006; group show: Fronds, Spines and Petals, San Pablo Arts Gallery, California, June–July 2006; workshop instructor: Pacific Art League, Palo Alto Art Center, Richmond Art Center, and Las Positas Community Education Program, 2006.

diane l. menzies group show: Delavan Art Gallery,   Syracuse, New York, Nov. 2006.

[ 39 ]

yoshitomo saito solo show: 108 Blue Cranes, Rule Gallery, Denver, Feb.–Mar. 2007.

ann b. weber solo show: Re:form, Dominican   University, San Rafael, California, Sept.–Oct. 2006; public commission: Promenade, Denver, 2006; group shows: CCA Alumni at the Centennial, Oliver Art Center, Oakland, Jan.–Feb. 2007; Paper, Traywick Contemporary, Berkeley, Sept.–Dec. 2006; instructor: ceramics, CCA, spring 2006; visiting artist: MFA Program, Michigan State University, Oct. 2006. 1988

wendy r. bell solo show: Sehenswert, Galerie K,   Berlin, Dec. 2006; murals: Smetterlinge im Bauch, Sayn, Germany, Oct. 2006; elementary school, Falkplatz, Berlin, Nov. 2006; group show: Tercera Luna, Berlin, July 2006.

Desiree Holman, Something Ain’t Right, 2005

lampo leong


solo show: Spirit of the Sublime, Boone County National Bank, Columbia, Missouri, Nov. 2006 (traveled to Berkeley, San Antonio, Minneapolis, and Macao); group shows: Towson University, Maryland, 2006; Asian Fusion Gallery, New York, 2006; Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, 2006; Han Zi Reinvented, Grand Central Art Center, Fullerton, 2006; Across the Divide, Reed Whipple Cultural Center, Las Vegas, 2006; Lycoming College, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 2006; Artistas de Macau em Pequim, China Resources Building, Beijing, 2006; XXII Exposicao Colectiva dos Artistas de Macau, Camara Municipal de Macau Provisoria, Macao, 2006; Chinese Contemporary Painting Exchanges, Changfugong Center, Beijing, 2006.

susan y. danis

ritu sarin


screenings: Dreaming Lhasa at Bangkok International Film Festival; San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival; Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley; and Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, London, 2006.

[ 40 ] glance spring 2007

gabrielle thormann

cynthia l. harper

group show: Forming ArtSeed, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, San   Francisco, June–Aug. 2006.

award: Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grant, 2006; solo show: Applied Landscape, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Williamsport, Apr.–  May 2007; group show: Sculpture in the Park, Catherine Konner Sculpture Park, West Nyack, New York,   Oct. 2006–May 2007.

group show: Hybrids: The New Surrealists, Peninsula Museum of Art, Belmont, California, Oct. 2006–Jan. 2007.

suzanne k. onodera solo shows: Reflections on Landscape, Maturango Museum of Natural   History, Ridgecrest, California,   Sept. 2006; New Works, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland, Jan.–Feb. 2006; group shows: Virology, LoBot Gallery, Oakland, July 2006; AAF NYC, Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco,   June 2006; Incantations, Encantada   Gallery, San Francisco, June 2006;   Sunset Idea House, Sunset Corporate   Offices, Menlo Park, California,   May 2006.

marlene s. angeja solo show: Paintings, Stephen Wirtz   Gallery, San Francisco, June–  July 2006.

ana maria hernando solo shows: Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Jan.–Mar. 2006; Works on Paper, Robischon Gallery, Denver, Jan.–  Feb. 2006; Sueño con Despertarme, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colorado, Sept.–Dec. 2005; group shows: Best of Colorado, Denver International Airport, 2006; Extended Remix: The Influence of Decades, Museum of   Contemporary Art, Denver, 2006; residency: University of Minnesota, Duluth, 2006.

michele pred solo show: Predilections, Nancy   Hoffman Gallery, New York, Feb.–  Mar. 2007; group show: Who’s Afraid of San Francisco?, Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, Oct.–Nov. 2006.


marlene b. aron group show: Crossing Boundaries: Visual Art by Writers, Paterson Art Museum, New Jersey, Apr.–May 2006; lectures: “Working Class Hero and Spiritual Mystic: The Life and Work of Vincent Van Gogh,” Mendocino Art Center, California, Apr. 2006, and City College of San Francisco, Mar. 2006.

jianwei fong solo show: Stir Art Gallery, Shanghai, Nov.–Dec. 2006.

susan goldsmith solo show: Paintings, Shasta College   Art Gallery, Redding, California, Jan.–Feb. 2007.

erik m. schmitt

karin m. lusnak

sian m. oblak

group shows: California Art Quilts, California Heritage Museum, Santa Monica, April–Aug. 2006; Pacific Rim Sculptors Group Exhibition, San Francisco, June–July 2006.

three-person show: Pulliam   Deffenbaugh Gallery, Portland,   Oregon, Apr. 2006.

tara a. tucker solo show: Drawings, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, Apr.–May 2007. 1995

nicholas r. lampert


geoff chadsey solo show: Boys in the Band: Geoff Chadsey Drawings 1998–2006, Contemporary   Museum, Honolulu, Dec. 2006–  Mar. 2007.

douglas schneider

melanie j. hofmann

maureen p. wong featured: annual conference,   Acoustical Society of America,   Rhode Island, June 2006. 1993

lauren d. ari group shows: Clay, Kirkland Arts   Center Gallery, Washington, June–  July 2006; Tomorrow’s Drawing Today, Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe, April–May 2006.

group show: New Beginnings, Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, Jan.–Feb. 2007.

joan margolies-kiernan solo show: Inbetween Time, Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto, June 2006.

rosalyn k. myles solo show: Circus of Fever, The Armory Northwest, Pasadena, Jan. 2007.

laurie reid solo show: Laurie Reid Recent Paintings, OSP Gallery, Boston, Dec. 2006–  Jan. 2007.

janet g. riehl

residency: de Young Museum, San Francisco, April 2006.

publications: Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary (iUniverse, 2006); poems in Folio and The International Poetry Review.

jonathan w. rubin

c. ross van horn

gregory m. gavin

solo shows and public projects: Frontier Village, San Jose, 2007; The Pitch, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 2005. 1994

group shows: Material-ism: The Art of Found Objects, Dorothy Herger Gallery, Fairfield, California, 2006; Richmond Art Center, California, 2006; Nostalgia, Aftermodern Gallery, San Francisco, Sept.–Oct. 2006.

group shows: The Idea of the Animal, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2006; Paper Politics: Socially Engaged Printmaking, 5x5 Gallery, Brooklyn, 2006.

group show: Notations, Cecile   Moochnek Gallery, Berkeley,   May–July 2006. group show: Who’s Afraid of San Francisco?, Frey Norris Gallery,   San Francisco, Oct.–Nov. 2006.

andrew j. phares

presentation: represented civil society organizations from North America at the 8th UNEP Global Civil Society Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, Feb. 2007.

hizam m. haron

misty l. youmans

design: catalog, signage, and museum products for the de Young and Legion of Honor museum stores, San Francisco; award: I.D. Distinction Award, Annual Design Review, 2006.


John Helgeson, Flip My Lid, 2006

appointed: board of directors, Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum.

kirk k. kurokawa award: Juror’s Choice Award, Schaefer Portrait Challenge, Maui Arts and   Cultural Center, Hawaii, Jan.–  Feb. 2006.

[ 41 ]

lynn s. sondag

pamela m. dernham

jon-paul villegas

solo show: Watercolors and Drawings, San Marco Gallery, Dominican University, San Rafael, California, Jan.–Mar. 2007; group show: Fog Bay Tree, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, San Francisco, Nov. 2006–Jan. 2007.

group show: InSights, St. Supery   Winery, Rutherford, California, Apr.–May 2006.

solo show: the paradox of material flowing backwards toward itself, Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, Los Angeles, Jan.–Apr. 2006.

david m. huffman



sergio de la torre coproducer and codirector:   MAQUILAPOLIS (city of factories), documentary premiering at the   35th International Film Festival   in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Feb. 2006, also shown in Seoul, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Tijuana, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, and in the Bay Area in Sept. 2006 at the MadCat 10 International Film Festival; group show: 2006 California Biennial, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, California,   Oct.–Dec. 2006; award: Alliance of Artists Communities, Visions from   the New California, 2007.

solo show: Pyramid Dreams, Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San Francisco, Sept.–Oct. 2006; group show: Regarding Truth: An Exhibition of Work by Artadia Award Winners, CCA Logan Galleries, San Francisco, June–Aug. 2006.

jennifer n. kaufman two-person show: No Way of Knowing When This Song Began, Ampersand International Arts, San Francisco, Mar. 2006.

abner e. nolan solo show: Before and After the Earthquake, San Francisco Arts Commission Art on Market Street kiosk poster series, San Francisco, Feb.–May 2006.

aaron c. petersen solo show: Inhabited, Braunstein/  Quay Gallery, San Francisco, Feb.–  Mar. 2006.

Lily Cox-Richard, Bobbing in Baghdad (detail), 2006

brooke l. fletcher two-person show: Brooke Fletcher and Michael Rosenthal, Crockett Contemporary Art, California, June–July 2006.

desiree a. holman solo shows: Lisa Boyle Gallery,   Chicago, 2006; YYZ Artists’ Outlet, Toronto, 2006; All Systems Go!, Scope New York, 2006; curator: Marisa Olsen, Rhizome, New York, 2006; Close Calls: 2006, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, California, 2006.

rajkamal kahlon solo show: Measured Bondage (Vermessenes Fesseln): Medicine and Sadism under the Magnifying Glass, Arttransponder, Project Space, Berlin, Sept.–Oct. 2006; two-person show: Anti-Handshake: Contemporary Works, Untimely Gestures, Thirtyninehotel, Honolulu, Aug.–  Sept. 2006; group show: Tropicalisms: Subversions of Paradise, Jersey City   Museum, New Jersey, Sept. 2006–  Jan. 2007.

narangkar k. khalsa owner: with husband Peter Glover (Film/Video 2000), Rowan Morrison Gallery, 330 40th Street, Oakland, opened Mar. 2006, bimonthly solo shows featuring work by many CCA alumni (www.rowanmorrison.com). 2000

marcy sue freedman solo show: The Rock of the World Was Founded Securely on a Fairy’s Wing, See Line Gallery, Santa Monica, Feb.–  Mar. 2007; two-person show: Marcy and Marcy: Working with Issues Around Artistic Identity: Marcy Sue Freedman and Marcy B. Freedman, Cuchifritos Art Gallery, Essex Market, New York, Feb.–Mar. 2007.

alexandra a. grant solo show: MOCA Focus: Alexandra Grant, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Apr.–Aug. 2007.

dana harel

jeanette bokhour

group show: Emerge! Gen Art’s 9th Annual Juried Exhibition, Warfield Building,   San Francisco, Nov. 2006.

group shows: Art, Technology and Society, Digital Media Center, Santa Ana, California, 2006; Third Biennial National Print Exhibition, Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff, 2006; Harnett Biennial of American Prints, University of Richmond Museum, Virginia, 2006; SDAI/SONY Digital Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute, 2006.

ezra johnson solo shows: What Visions Burn and What Birds Remember If They Do Remember, Nicole Klasbrun Gallery, New York, Dec. 2006–Jan. 2007; What Visions Burn, UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, Jan.–May 2007.

john p. long solo show: Form, Mass, Movement,   Habatat Galleries, Chicago, Mar.–  Apr. 2006.

elizabeth n. orleans group shows: Winter Bright, Community Art Gallery at Alta Bates Summit   Medical Center, Berkeley, Nov. 2006– Jan. 2007; 3 to the Third, Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco, Apr.–June 2006.

anna von mertens solo shows: Burned Out by the Rising Sun, University Art Museum, Long Beach, Feb.–Apr. 2007; As the Stars Go By, Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco, Aug.– Sept. 2006; group shows: The Searchers, White Box, New York, Sept.–Oct. 2006; Prevailing Climate, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, July–Aug. 2006; Juxtapositions (2): View-Vista-Perspective, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, May–  July 2006.

e. banker white award: World Documentary Competition Audience Award at the Miami Film Festival for Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars (was director/producer/  writer); also nominated for best documentary 2006 by the International Documentary Association. The Oprah Winfrey Show featured a segment and a live performance by the band Dec. 4, 2006; www.refugeeallstars.org. 2001

thomas l. becker group show: Too Much Freedom?, Freewaves 10th Biennial Festival of Film, Video, and New Media, Los Angeles, Nov.–Dec. 2006.

lillian j. cox-richard solo show: PRE-Fabulous, Archinofsky Gallery, Las Vegas, Mar.–Apr. 2006; group shows: Civilian Art Projects, G Fine Art, Washington, D.C., Jan.–  Feb. 2007, Space-Domestic, McLean   Project for the Arts, Virginia, June–July 2006; graduate fellowships: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts;   Virginia Commonwealth University.

arthur j. krakower solo shows: A Sidelong Glance, Smith   Andersen Editions, Palo Alto, Sept. 2006; Tears of Joy, City Picture Frame Gallery, San Francisco, Apr.–May 2006; group show: Bau Institute Gallery, Hudson, New York, Dec. 2006;   residency: Otranto, Italy, June 2006.

jose d. mar solo show: My Mirrors, David   Castillo Gallery, Miami, Florida,   Dec. 2006–Jan. 2007.

naomi r. muirhead group show: SACI Faculty Exhibition (traveling to seven American universities), Aug. 2006–June 2007.

katherine a. pocrass group show: 2006 California Biennial,   Orange County Museum of Art,   Newport Beach, California, Oct.–  Dec. 2006.

donald r. porcella group show: Archeofacts, Michael   Martin Galleries, San Francisco, Jan.–Mar. 2007. 2002

william b. cravis appointed: adjunct faculty, Carnegie Mellon University, 2006–7; award: Joan T. Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant, 2006.

teri claude dowling solo show: Iconic, Lexington Club,   San Francisco, May–June 2006.

William Cravis, Plenty Scarce (detail), 2005

mike m. farruggia solo show: DYNOMITE, Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, July–Aug. 2006.

jesse hayward installation: Large Pod Project, Portland Art Museum, Oregon Biennial, July–Oct. 2006; solo show: Window Box Collective, Chambers Art Gallery,   Portland, Oregon, Sept.–Oct. 2006.

david a. hevel solo shows: Byron C. Cohen Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 2007; Peeler   Art Center, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, 2007; Fierce, Heather Marx Gallery, San Francisco, Sept.–Oct. 2006.

lisa n. levine featured: Elle and In Style, as worn by R&B singer Cassie at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards.

katherin e. mcinnis solo show: As Is, Mission 17, San Francisco, Mar. 2006; group shows: Cultivating Creativity: In Residence at Kala, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Jan.–Apr. 2007; screenings: spookspeak and Open at the San Francisco International Film Festival, Apr. 2006.

[ 43 ]


claudia alvarez group shows: Santa Fe Clay, Earthenware, Santa Fe, 2006; The Family of Clay 1950–2005, CCA, Oakland, 2006; instructor: California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, 2006.

elizabeth r. block publications: A Gesture Through Time, first novel, 2005; new fiction, articles, and poetry in Chain, The Brooklyn Rail, Book Slut, Drunken Boat, Fiction International, and Black Ice, 2005–6; multi-  media writing performed: &Now 2006: A Festival of Innovative Literature and Art; broadcast appearances: KSFR National Public Radio and PEN Women Presents cable TV; film screenings: Museum   of Contemporary Art Denver; San Francisco Cinematheque; podcast: KQED author reading of The Writers’ Block; award: 2006–7 Christopher   Isherwood Fellowship.

g. dan covert group show: Young Guns 5, Art   Directors Club, New York, Nov. 2006; work featured: CMYK, no. 34, 2006.

adele l. crawford group show: Voxumenta, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, May 2006.

kimberly d. curtisrandolph solo show: Kasia Kay Art Projects   Gallery, Chicago, Mar.–Apr. 2006.

christopher r. duncan Cristina L. Rodriguez, Let It All Go (It Is Too Late Now), 2006

cristina l. rodriguez

joseph tran

solo show: Endless Autumn, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Miami, Florida, 2006; group shows: Uncertain States of America (traveling to Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris; Herning Art Museum, Denmark; Reykjavik Art Museum; and Serpentine Gallery, London), 2006; Constant Disturbance, Centro Cultural Español, Coral Gables, Florida; The Garden Party, Deitch Projects, New York, 2006; Heartbreaker, Mary Boone Gallery, New York, 2006; Contamination, Centro Cultural Español, Miami, Florida, 2006; residencies: International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York, 2007; Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami,   Florida, 2007.

award: honorable mention in the Architecture for Humanity Chicago newSTAND competition, with LyT Design, 2006; currently with Aleks Istanbullu Architects.

[ 44 ] glance spring 2007

kelly l. tunstall group shows: Sinners and Saints, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco,   Jan. 2007; Fragile: Handle with Care, Museum Works Galleries, New York, Dec. 2005, and Los Angeles, Feb. 2006.

solo show: Dark Times, Motel Gallery, Portland, Oregon, Sept. 2006; group show: Playing Fields, Nakaochiai Gallery, Tokyo, Oct.–Nov. 2006.

mechele manno group show: Mind Over Matter, Bronx River Art Center, New York, Jan.–  Feb. 2007.

hank w. thomas solo show: Unbranded: Reflections in Black by Corporate America, Lisa Dent   Gallery, San Francisco, Mar.–Apr. 2006; group show: 2006 California Biennial, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, California,   Oct.–Dec. 2006.

marie p. van elder

sean p. mcfarland

group show: Finding the Figure, SFMOMA Artists Gallery, San   Francisco, Mar.–Apr. 2006.

group show: It’s a Small World: Scale in Contemporary Photography, San Jose   Museum of Art, Sept. 2006–Jan. 2007.


benjamine m. morrison

john chiara solo show: Landscapes, Crown Point Press, San Francisco, Nov.–Dec. 2006.

work featured: Step Annual Report trends issue, 2006; The Best of Brochure Design 9 (Rockport Publishers, 2006).

edith garcia

mitzi e. pederson

solo show: Contemporary Monsters I, Barbican Library, London, Feb. 2007; group show: Six McKnight Artists, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, 2006; publications: “The End of the Otra Vez Series,” in Ceramics Art and Perception, no. 65, 2006; editor: A/V – Vjing + Audio-Visual Art Book.

group shows: 2006 SECA Art Award, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Jan.–Apr. 2007; Pure Land, Ratio 3,   San Francisco, June–Aug. 2006.

mayumi hamanaka two-person show: Somewhere in Space, Swarm Studios, Oakland, June–  July 2006; group show: Cultivating Creativity: In Residence at Kala, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San   Francisco, Jan.–Apr. 2007.

eric a. larson two-person show: Somewhere in Space, Swarm Studios, Oakland, June–  July 2006.

reddy c. lieb award: San Francisco Arts Commission Public Art Project at Glen Park Public Library, with Linda Raynsford.

frederick p. loomis group shows: Who’s Afraid of San Francisco?, Frey Norris Gallery, San Francisco, Oct.–Nov. 2006; The Dream of Reason, temporarycontemporary, Deptford, South London, June–July 2006; award: honorable mention, Annual Members’ 2006 Showcase, Berkeley Art Center, Jan.–Feb. 2006; work featured: LEONARDO magazine, Feb. 2007; acquisition: Third Testament Domain, by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

charleston l. ray solo show: New Works, Micaela Gallery, San Francisco, June 2007.

michele theberge solo show: Breathing Room, Works /   San Jose, July–Aug. 2006; group shows: Sisters, Sakai–Berkeley Art Exchange, Sakai City Cultural Hall, Osaka   Prefecture, Japan, Apr. 2006; Postcards, Lisa Coscino Gallery, Pacific Grove, California, June–Aug. 2006; Monotype Marathon 2006, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, June–July 2006.

mary m. younkin group show: Through the Eye of the Artist, Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, Sept. 2006. 2005

carl t. auge solo show: New Paintings, Santa Clara University, California, Sept.–  Nov. 2006.

vivian barad award: honorable mention,   I.D. Student Design Review 2006.

priscilla bernikowicz featured: Connection Glass thesis project, in Quo and www.gizmag.com.

Wendy Bell, Wie würdest du sein 4, 2006

charles e. beronio two-person show: Blackout, DiverseWorks, Houston, 2006; group shows: Terror?, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, 2006; Chain Letter, High Energy Constructs, Los Angeles, 2006; Capser, A+B Gallery, Berlin, 2006.

elizabeth a. cook solo show: Annual Report, Richmond Art Center, California, Apr.–June 2006.

sasha dela award: Core Program, Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 2006; fellowship: Sculpture I, Rice University, 2006.

eleanor harwood owner: Eleanor Harwood Gallery,   San Francisco.

vanessa marsh

sean horchy

group shows: Emerge! Gen Art’s 9th Annual Juried Exhibition, Warfield Building, San Francisco, Nov. 2006; It’s a Small World: Scale in Contemporary Photography, San Jose Museum of Art, Sept. 2006–Jan. 2007.

wen-hua s. hu

group show: Lisa Dent Gallery,   San Francisco, June–July 2006. award: best of category, I.D. Student Design Review 2006.

Naomi Muirhead, Fig. 35, 2006

[ 45 ]

melissa r. kaseman

hannah m. gallagher

group show: Family Geography, Rayko Photography Center, San Francisco, Apr.–May 2007.

participant: San Francisco Fashion Week’s Emerging Stars runway   show, 2006.

mung l. lam

bronwyn hughes

solo show: between something and something else, Works / San Jose, May–June 2006.

group show: Family Geography, Rayko Photography Center, San Francisco, Apr.–May 2007.

isaac t. lin

elise irving

solo show: New Dawn Fades, Queen’s Nails Annex, San Francisco, May–  June 2006; group shows: Sibling Revelry by the Space 1026 Collective, Aftermodern, San Francisco, Oct.–Nov. 2006; The California Calligraphy Summit: Cali/Graffi, San Francisco State University Fine Arts Gallery, Sept.–Oct. 2006.

solo show: KR-3, Mills College Art   Museum, Oakland, Oct.–Nov. 2006; group shows: Phantasmagories, Aftermodern Gallery, San Francisco, Jan.–Feb. 2007; Particulate Matter, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, Sept.–Dec. 2006; NextNew 2006: Art and Technology, San Jose Institute of   Contemporary Art, Aug.–Sept. 2006.

john p. longstreth two-person show: Paintings from Pluto, Gallery of Urban Art, Emeryville, California, Sept.–Oct. 2006.

scott oliver group show: Furnishing Assumptions, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, July–Aug. 2006.

katie lewis group show: Peripheries of Narrative, Patricia Sweetow Gallery, San   Francisco, June–July 2006.

david c. maisel

group show: Furnishing Assumptions, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, July–Aug. 2006.

solo shows: Library of Dust, Haines Gallery, San Francisco, Oct.–Nov. 2007; Black Maps, Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, Mar.–July 2007; Oblivion, Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, Oct.–Nov. 2006, and Von Lintel Gallery, New York, Nov. 2006–Jan. 2007; The Lake Project, Fotografie Forum   International, Frankfurt, Germany, Apr. 2006; group shows: Who’s Nature? What’s Nature?, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Idaho, Oct. 2006–Jan. 2007; Ecotopia: the Second ICP Photography Triennial, International Center of   Photography, New York, Sept. 2006–  Jan. 2007; Intrinsic Artifice, Light   Factory, Charlotte, North Carolina, Nov. 2006–Feb. 2007.

amber s. clisura

leslie shows

katherine n. wakid award: honorable mention, I.D. Student Design Review 2006.

kristen e. yawitz appointed: professor of writing a  nd media studies at Notre Dame de Namur University, Belmont, California; work featured: Mississippi Review, winter 2006; online journals SHAMPOO and Can We Have Our Ball Back?, 2006. 2006

alexander r. clausen

participant: San Francisco Fashion Week’s Emerging Stars runway   show, 2006.

alika b. cooper solo show: Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art, San Francisco, July 2007.

[ 46 ] glance spring 2007

award: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 2006 SECA Art Award; Headlands Center for the Arts 2006–7 Tournesol Award; solo show: Carbon Freeze, Jack Hanley Gallery, Los   Angeles, Aug.–Sept. 2006; group show: 2006 California Biennial, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach,   California, Oct.–Dec. 2006.

CCA Bookshelf fruitlands by kate colby

cloud boy by rhode montijo

Litmus Press, 2006 Paperback, 80 pages, $12.00

Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, 2006 Hardcover, 32 pages, $12.95

Kate Colby (Writing 2004) addresses utopian communities, contemporary life, and identity in this book of   poems. Winner of the prestigious Norma Farber First Book Award.

Rhode Montijo (Illustration 1995) writes and illustrates this children’s book about a boy who lives in the sky and shapes clouds into rabbits, birds, and flowers for children on the ground to enjoy.

the american war by harrell fletcher J&L Books, 2006 Hardcover, 96 pages, $15.00 Harrell Fletcher’s (Fine Arts 1994) photographs from the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, re-present the exhibits and accompanying text descriptions.

broken world by joseph lease Coffee House Press, 2007 Paperback, 70 pages, $15.00 Faculty member Joseph Lease   (Writing, Writing and Literature)  grapples with the contradictions   between freedom and a capitalist society in this book of poetry.

angle of yaw by ben lerner Copper Canyon Press, 2006 Paperback, 80 pages, $15.00 Ben Lerner, faculty lecturer (Writing, Writing and Literature), addresses the commercialization of public space and the effects of technologies of viewing in this volume of experimental poetry. National Book Award finalist in the poetry category.

5 x  2 : research and the making of architecture edited by balz mueller and mark donohue CCA and UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, 2006 Paperback, 176 pages, $30.00 Leading architects from Switzerland and the United States discuss research and the role it plays in the building process. This book documents their   international exchange of ideas, touching on salient issues in contemporary practice.

sew subversive: down and dirty diy for the fabulous fashionista by melissa rannels, melissa alvarado, and hope meng Taunton Press, 2006 Paperback, 192 pages, $14.95 Hope Meng, a self-taught seamstress and a current Graphic Design student, has designed and coauthored this fun and easy-to-use book of sewing suggestions. The three authors co-own the Stitch Lounge, a drop-in urban sewing studio in San Francisco.

estar grávida é estar de esperanças by marianne rogoff Gradiva, 2006 Paperback, 184 pages, ¤12.00 Silvie’s Life (1995) by faculty member Marianne Rogoff (Writing and Literature) has been reprinted in Portuguese as Estar Grávida é Estar de Esperanças (Being Pregnant Is Called Expecting). The story is about a newborn who is unable to eat, grow, or make a sound, and whose unexpected survival beyond a few days raises questions about what constitutes a life.

architecture of the san francisco bay area: a history & guide by mitchell schwarzer William Stout Publishers, 2006 Paperback, 184 pages, $29.95 Faculty member Mitchell Schwarzer (Visual Studies, Visual and Critical Studies) leads the reader through San Francisco’s many neighborhoods and selected sites in the greater Bay Area, pointing out noteworthy buildings dating from the 1800s through the present day.

wild wild urbanism: redesigning california edited by studio (n-1) CCA, 2006 Paperback, 176 pages, $19.95 By the end of this century, California’s population is projected to increase from the current 37 million to 95 million. This book presents a collection of provocative hypotheses for the future of the West Coast—long stigmatized by sprawl—based on a multiplicity of high-speed infrastructures and their ability to densify space.

[ 47 ]

in memoriam faculty gordon ashworth Architecture Sausalito, California January 31, 2007

dan tuttle Architecture San Francisco, California September 11, 2006

Professor emerita dr. ruth boyer died on June 20, 2006, in Ukiah, California, after an extended illness. She taught at CCA for 14 years in the Textiles Program, beginning as a lecturer in 1973, becoming a professor in 1976, and serving as chair from 1981 to 1985. She was a unique teacher, one of the school’s few PhDs at the time, and CCA benefited greatly from her emphasis on both academic and studio work. Her best-known study, on the Mescalero Apache Indian reservation, resulted in the award-winning book Apache Mothers and Daughters.

susan wood, adjunct professor in the Jewelry / Metal Arts   Program, died December 29, 2006, in Oakland after a long bout with cancer. With an exacting work ethic and a rigorous artistic standard, she excelled at all aspects of her craft and instructed at numerous schools and art centers throughout the United States. She taught at CCA for four years until illness forced her resignation in September 2006. She will be remembered for her talents as well as for her   courage, grace, and sense of humor.

alumni violet chew-maclean

fredericka marsh

susan spalding

BAEd, Art Education (1956) MFA, Painting (1963) Concord, California May 1, 2006

BFA, Interdisciplinary Fine   Arts (1972) Alameda, California 2006

BFA, Textiles (1973) Oakland, California February 20, 2006

donald dudley

ted potter

BFA (1956) Petaluma, California 2006

MFA, Painting (1961) Richmond, Virginia November 2, 2006

BFA (1965) Oakland, California May 6, 2006

jack hopkins

jason rhoades

BAEd, Art Education (1950) Alpine, California March 30, 2006

(1986) Los Angeles, California August 1, 2006

william c. macarthur

keith rice

BAEd, Art Education (1940) MFA, Interdisciplinary Fine Arts Gold River, California March 17, 2006

BAEd, Art Education (1964) Oakland, California January 19, 2006

charlotte tall mountain

morris yarowsky MFA, Painting (1964) Towson, Maryland March 20, 2006

Please let us know of deaths of alumni by sending information, including newspaper obituaries, to Glance, CCA Communications Department, 1111 Eighth Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 or glance@cca.edu.

[ 48 ] glance spring 2007

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Backward Glance

Harold Rosenberg, John Coplans, George Miyasaki, and Wilfrid Zogbaum at a CCA panel discussion event, 1962. At that time Rosenberg was one of the most important art critics in New York; he had been an early champion of Abstract Expressionism and was a close friend of Willem de Kooning. He was in town for an event at UC Berkeley and Miyasaki, the organizer of the CCA panel, convinced him to speak here and waive his usual fee. Miyasaki received his MFA in painting from CCA in 1958 and taught fine arts from 1959 until 1966. Coplans, a prominent painter and photographer, taught briefly at CCA and was one of the founding editors of Artforum magazine, which was inaugurated in San Francisco the same year this picture was taken. Zogbaum, a painter and sculptor, was teaching at this time at UC Berkeley; he died just three years later, in 1965.

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