California Broker Magazine December 2021

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Gen Z Wants Hybrid Work and Free Health Coverage Make Time for AHU Holiday Parties! LAAHU sent us a note saying their annual holiday party is Dec. 9, 5pm, at Ceremony Bar in Studio City. Don’t forget to check with your AHU chapter for other holiday events!

Self-Insurance Directory Now Available

The Self-Insurers' Publishing partnership with the Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA), recently released The Self-Insurance Directory 2022. The directory connects self-funded employers and industry service providers. Go to SIIA. org for a link to the directory.

N ew Software Makes An n uity Shoppi ng Easi e r Annuities Genius, a developer of annuity point-of-sale software that helps financial pros find suitable products and meet compliance requirements, announced a partnership with CANNEX to use its data for their new SPIA and DIA comparison tools. With the addition of SPIA and DIA data, financial professionals can use Annuities Genius to review with clients the full range of annuity options from major carriers, compare product benefits, pricing and performance illustrations, and select the appropriate annuities. 10 | CALIFORNIA BROKER

New research from PromoLeaf aims to help businesses better understand workplace preferences amongst Gen Z, the newest generation. Check out some of the key findings: ● Almost one in four Gen Zers believe that free healthcare increases job retention. ● The median time Gen Z wants to spend in one job is 3.72 years. However, just over 25% of Gen Z would stay in a job only 1-2 years before looking for another one. ● Just under 15% of respondents would want to work in an office full time, and under 11% would like to work remotely full time. While another 15% had no preference, the remainder of respondents would prefer some kind of hybrid mix of time in the office and time spent working remotely. ● Nearly 50% of respondents aged 18-23 years said they would take less pay for a more desirable working environment. ● Transparency also matters to Gen Z when it comes to both perks and salary. Just over 43% believe companies should be clear about which perks they offer employees, and 30% would not even pursue a job if the perks offered were not clear ahead of time.